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#and how toxic professional fandom is
asmo-ds · 7 months ago
Friendly Reminder For the Obey Me Fandom:
no matter how much you love these boys and the way they act please PLEASE remember to watch out for toxic traits if you meet someone who acts like them because these boys are meant to be literal demons with no morals
i know Lucifer is hot sexy big sex dominant professional daddy master man BUT please remember he shows his love via punishment and cruelty towards his family
i know Mammon is an adorable tsundere with a chaotic streak BUT please remember he also insults MC in order to keep up his own self image of being a “tough demon” even if he loves MC underneath the mask
i know Levi is a cute blushy otaku recluse that we all want to top BUT he also gets jealous very easily which leads to him often getting violent or guilt tripping MC by insulting himself until they feel guilty and stay with him to make him feel better despite their own wishes
i know Satan is an intelligent man who is trying his best to keep his anger in check at all times BUT if you are in a relationship where someone is getting mad at you constantly despite their efforts pls look out for yourself and let yourself be selfish and avoid the person no matter how bad it may hurt them because your own happiness should come first
i know Asmodeus is a cute feminine boy with a love for self care and pampering and fashion BUT he always be littles others for not being as good or pretty as him and is super gossipy
i know Beelzebub is a gentle giant who cares for his entire family BUT he also throws tantrums that hurt people when he gets hungry and isn’t given food asap
i know Belphegor is a sleepy baby with a love for pranks and mischief BUT he literally killed MC but as soon as he found out they were a defendant of his little sister he suddenly just flipped a switch and didn’t even really apologize
Enjoy them as fictional characters and love them all you want, i do the same wayyyy too much 💀 but please PLEASE look out for yourself irl and don’t put your own irl happiness at risk because someone acts like one of the boys <3
i love you all so much happy holidays and stay happy and safe and wear your damn masks ❤️
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sirinthebird · 2 years ago
So while my next prompt is in the making I decided to delve into something which I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about too much. This is no shaded to any fandom content creators, especially fanfiction writers, but I personally do not see KiriBaku (as a couple) work with how their mental states are currently in canon. Especially on Bakugou’s side. Their relationship is not quite as toxic as some people tend to portray, but it is not healthy either, and it has a good chance of becoming extremely toxic if they just dive in a romantic relationship right away. I do firmly believe that Bakugou does need professional help with his mental health issues, so since there is not a great chance that we’ll have it happening in canon, I decided to throw some Bakugou in therapy headcanons out there. 
Hope you enjoy!
Bakugou in therapy headcanons:
★ He started dating Kirishima in the beginning of their second year in UA, but their relationship became rocky right away and they would butt heads on anything and everything so it all very soon ended up in a huge fight. They talked for hours and as a result of that Kirishima persuaded Bakugou to get into therapy. 
★ Bakugou was very resistant to therapy and his therapist in particular for quite a while. On his first therapy session he kept staring at the wall and didn’t say a word. He categorically refused Kirishima to even step foot in the clinic, not to mention come with him for support. Only a year in Bakugou did ask Kirishima whether he still wanted to come and meet him outside right after his session. Kirishima was ecstatic. 
★ Bakugou is never the person to break down in therapy, but he did two times: once when he was working on his childhood trauma and addressing the resentment towards his mother, and once when his therapist painted a picture of how his and Kirishima’s relationship would be if he kept on with his toxic ways. 
★ Bakugou secretly had body dysmorphia. Since he hit teenage years he became oddly fixated on his waist, particularly how small it is. To him it just looked too small for his body and made his figure look disproportionate. The bakusquad making comments and joking about it, no matter how lighthearted, did not help at all. That took a while to overcome too. Something that helped a lot is that he learned to trust Kirishima much earlier, and Kirishima not only found that particular part of his body unique, beautiful and very sexy, but he also never seized an opportunity to tell this to Bakugou. The blond had no other option then to believe him. 
★ Bakugou’s therapist suggests several ways to do “self-therapy” when he needs it, so Bakugou chooses journaling. He started his first diary somewhere in the second half of his second year in UA and kept on making daily notes for a long time. 
★ Bakugou struggled a lot with not making every single activity he took up a competition. If he went hiking – he had to get to the top of the trail no matter what, if he was doing homework – it had to be done flawlessly. But there were also little things, like if he and another person were in the kitchen cooking, he had to finish first, or do the dishes first. If he wanted to travel, he wanted to see each and every country there is. He did, with a lot of trial and error, learn to enjoy little things in life, but with bigger things, he ended up thinking that he will forever struggle with his over the top competitiveness. It’s so much a part of his personality that he will never get rid of it, not that he wants to anyway. 
★ Kirishima, bless him, is very supportive. That doesn’t mean that he takes all of Bakugou’s bullshit all the time, but he tries to guide and reason him as best as he can. They both notice how over time it’s becoming easier and easier to be in a relationship together and how the tension fades. 
★ Bakugou teaches Kirishima some of the techniques to boost his self-esteem. Kirishima need a stable partner to feel comfortable and safe, and Bakugou needs a confident partner who wouldn’t stand his occasional bullshit behaviour and would call him out on that.
Please consider giving it a reblog if you can because tumblr doesn’t want to show my works under any tagsヾ(^ヮ^)ノ
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addigni · 3 years ago
2 things:
If other Sherlock fans, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Loo Brealey, and even other johnlockers in the fandom are calling your behaviour extremely toxic, self entitled, abusive, harassment and harmful and expressed how sick they are of your salty petty attitude; have you ever considered that maybe....It's because you are extremely toxic and should probably back off and go find a new hobby??
If you are honestly think that "Martin is sick of Sherlock because he's sick of Benedict/Amanda/the script", you're basically taking on the assumption that Martin is a petty, unprofessional, self-entitled diva who is incapable of separating the personal from the professional. You've basically insulted Martin Freeman and if he truly is that type of person, then that's incredibly unfortunate and it'd be better to have the show without him. However, I don't believe he's that petty and unprofessional. So have you considered that maybe, it's not Martin Freeman who's petty, but actually it's just you and you're projecting it on to Martin you absolve yourself from accountability of your toxic behaviour? If so, may I suggest again, get a new hobby and go to a different fandom instead of poisoning this one? Lots of us actually love it for what it is, and hate you for your toxicity. It's good for everyone, even Martin Freeman and the rest of Sherlock cast and crew, that you go to a different fandom and stop harassing everyone involved in bbc Sherlock
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achromant · 5 days ago
I'm glad they didn't take your stuff! There are other content creators out there too. Get down from your high horse, ma'am! Also there's a bunch of people who create gw2 content who aren't partnered and very underappreciated by the whole community because they don't use shitty digital programs that are way too expensive and actually draw shit by hand. Some of them I know haven't done anything in years because they get little to no attention or support while people like you are swarmed with it daily and simply given up on what they loved because lack of motivation because nobody's going to like it anyway. Fuck this whole toxic fandom!
im not partnered with anet, im not doing this professionally. I'm using a free and open source program, and am drawing on a 10y old tablet. i can draw by hand, or, as some call it traditional art, which is how i started. this is the first time in years that people start noticing my art. there's nothing toxic about me or this community, that's all you.
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