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#and i LIKE freddie. but he WAS creepy to her
mycrofts-gunbrella · 8 months ago
Fred Weasley x Reader- The Worry of Wealth (Part One of Three)
Tumblr media
Hey! As promised, I will be posting my three part Fred story in celebration of reaching 100 followers so quickly! Feedback is always welcome!
"Fred? Fred? Freddie? Hellooo? You're staring again." Fred was snapped out of his thoughts by his twin clicking his fingers in front of his face.
"Y/N. You're staring at her again, it's getting a bit creepy if you ask me." George tugged his brother's arm out to the courtyard.
"Yeah well I didn't ask you." Fred quipped back, slumping on the wall. George raised an eyebrow at Fred's tone and nudged him. "It's just so bloody frustrating Georgie. I like her. Like I REALLY like her." He groaned, hitting his head back on the bricks and closing his eyes in annoyance as you walked past him and gave him a small smile.
Y/N L/N- the most gorgeous girl to ever grace the grounds of Hogwarts. You were clever, beautiful and one of the funniest people Fred had ever met- some of your pranks even leaving him in awe. If that all didn't already make it hard enough for Fred to catch your attention you were part of the L/N family. The one family that was even more wealthy than the Malfoys. You could have anybody you wanted. Poor old Fred fell for you hard the moment he was paired with you in second year potions and you kept catapulting random ingredients into everyone else's cauldrons so you and him had the luxury of being the first to finish and escape Snape's words of wrath, all while enjoying the confused looks of the other students who were adament they had followed the recipe step by step. That was 4 years ago. He'd always noticed you before then but never really paid you too much attention, knowing from the get-go you'd never be interested in a Weasley. He opened his eyes and looked down at his clothes. His shoes were his dad's old ones, the soles tearing from the leather and scuffing at the front. His robes were fraying and his jumper sleeves both had holes in after being both Bill's and Charlie's before he got given them and grimaced.
George just looked at his brother and frowned. Y/N was genuinely one of the nicest people he had ever met but he'd be lying if he didn't think his family's financial situation would stop her from seeing Fred in any way more than just a friend rather than embarrassing herself by dating the guy from the poorest family at Hogwarts. Still, he'd always try anything to help his brother get what he wants.
"Come on Freddie, we've got quidditch practice next. That'll take your mind off her for at least a little bit." Fred still sulked and wouldn't move. "Oi." George slapped Fred's arm. "I'll race you. Last one there is a soggy mandrake." And with that George started to run. Fred rolled his eyes and jogged behind him. All of a sudden a huge crash was heard as George tripped and fell straight into the group of you and your friends, sending the books and papers you had stacked in your hands flying through the air and landing on the ground. "Ooopppss." George spoke childishly. "Sorry Y/N, gotta run. I’ve got a race to win." George finished continuing to run to the quidditch grounds after shooting a wink in his brother's direction. Fred immediately went to help you.
"Sorry my brother is such a bloody idiot. If you think this is bad, imagine living with him." He attempted to joke as his piled your discarded papers in his arms. He offered his hand out to you to help you up and felt his face flush as your skin came into contact with his. You just laughed it off and stood.
"It's fine honestly. I have 3 sisters, I'm used to it." You grinned, taking the pile of books and papers from him. He nodded in response and wiped his hands on his trousers, noticing they had become clammy. "Thanks Fred." You smiled, leaning up to kiss his pale cheek, trying to hide your amusement as you watched his face become redder than his hair. Fred zoned back in from his little daydream and opened his mouth to speak.
"Uh do you want a hand? With the books I mean. Not that I'd give you a hand with anything else. Obviously. Unless you wanted me to. Then I-" Your giggling cut him off.
"I'm actually free next period. Do you want to help me carry these back to my dorm? We could hang out for a bit after if you wanted as a thank you?" You asked, feeling your own heart beat a little rapidly for finally asking out the boy you'd been fawning over since you were 14. You watched as his face dropped and panicked. "You don't have to don't worry.."
"NO! Uh I mean.. I'd love to... but I can't. I can help you carry your stuff but there's quidditch practice I've got to go to since we have that big game against Slytherin in a couple days." Fred shouted inwardly at himself. The one bloody time he had an opportunity to be with you for a bit and he couldn't go. Although he was tempted to drop everything then and there for you.
"No worries! How about you sneak me into practice and then we can go grab a butterbeer afterwards?" You tried again, mentally crossing your fingers for luck. Fred nodded, for once in his life being completely speechless. He knew he shouldn't get his hopes up and that this was just going to be an innocent drink among friends but he was still excited. He took all of your stuff from your hands, despite you saying you could carry a little bit before thinking through what you had said earlier and turning his head towards you.
"Hey Y/N?" You hummed in response. "How did you know I was Fred anyway? I'm pretty sure no one said our names when George rugby tackled you." You grinned and felt your cheeks warm a little. After having a soft spot for Fred the last four years you could tell the difference between him and his brother in a heartbeat.
"You're my favourite." You answered innocently.
"Right. Yeah okay. Makes sense." Fred swallowed deeply and carried on walking beside you.
In the distance George watched on and grinned to himself.
"Oh George Weasley you genius. 10 points for supreme wingmanery." He grinned to himself, actually making his way to the quidditch pitch now.
Barely 10 minutes had passed before Fred came sauntering out onto the quidditch pitch.
"Oi what took you so bloody long? Do you want us to lose?" Ron shouted at his brother. Fred said nothing and instead turned to face the stalls, giving you a quick wave and kicking up on his broom. "Bloody hell is that Y/N? As in THE Y/N L/N?" Ron's eyes widened as seeing your face in the distance.
"Freddie here is just a boy in love." George teased, making kissing noises as he flew around his twin.
"No way. Sorry Fred but it won't happen." Ron quipped, tightening his grip on his broom. "Have you seen her? She's gorgeous." He trailed off. "Not to mention stinking rich."
"Well rumour has it that Fred is going to Hogsmeade with her after practice for some butterbeer as 'friends'" George grinned.
"How did yo-"
"Eyes and ears everywhere Fred." Before anyone else could say a word Madame Hooch came out to begin training.
Spending 60 minutes ogling Fred Weasley was definitely one of your best choices of time wasting. You hadn't even realised they had finished until Fred came flying over to you, red faced and sweating slightly.
"Could you give me like 10 minutes to get cleaned up then I'll be ready to go if you're still up for it?"
"Of course I'm still up for it. It was my idea after all." You grinned.
"Wicked." He turned to fly back down when you called him back.
"Fancy giving me a lift down there? The stairs are a killer, I'll look like I've played 12 rounds of quidditch by the time I reach the bottom." You joked, slinging your small bag over your shoulder.
"You'd still look gorgeous." Fred muttered; realising quickly he said his thoughts out loud and coughed, hoping you didn't hear. "Uh I mean yeah. If you want. I'm a bit sweaty, mind and my broom's not the best but I reckon it could take your weight too.." He stopped and groaned. "Bollocks that's not what I meant. Obviously it would take your weight, you're perfect.. I mean, not perfect. Nobody's perfect. Not that you're NOT perfe-"
"Fred you're all good." You blushed a little at his words and his nervousness. He nodded and turned around and shuffling forward a little.
"Your chariot awaits Madame."
Fred stiffened as you used his shoulders for balance to climb behind him on the broom. You wrapped your arms around his frame and squeezed a little, both faces burning from the close proximity as you made your journey to the bottom of the pitch near the other players.
"I'll see you in a minute?" Fred asked more than anything, still not quite sure if you were going to go through with going out with him. You nodded and smiled, taking a seat on the bench there as the team walked through to the changing rooms.
"Not even been on a date yet and she's already ridden your broom."
"Bugger off George."
The journey to The Hogshead was silent. Not awkard but equally not NOT awkward. It was unlike either of you to have nothing to say so this was definitely a new experience; you just hoped the conversation would pick up when you sat down with your drinks. Thankfully, it did.
"You know, I'm kind of glad your brother launched me in the courtyard. I've been wanting a good enough excuse to talk to you outside of class for a while." You admitted, awkwardly wiping away the condensation from the side of your butterbeer glass. Fred's cheeks dusted pink a little and he smiled.
"You didn't need an excuse; I'd have said yes anyway. Unless of course you like getting thrown to the ground before every date." OhshitFredsheneversaiditwasadate. "Not that this is a date. Is it? I wouldn't not like it to be. I get if it-"
"I've never heard you stumble over any of your words before. To be fair, I don't think I've heard you finish your own sentence for a while. It's cute." You grinned. "This can be whatever you want it to be." You finished. Fred tested the waters by reaching his hand over the table to hold yours, rubbing his thumb along your knuckle.
"Thank Merlin for that. That could have been bloody awkward." With that interaction dealt with, the two of you spent the next hour chatting about anything and everything, neither of you having laughed so much before. Why hadn't he just manned up and asked you out sooner? You were just so amazing it enchanted Fred; enchanted him enough the past 60 minutes that he forgot he only had enough money for one butterbeer until the waitress came over with the bill; he had just finished his third but now he was sure he was going to throw it all back up. What was he going to do? Fred felt his hands sweat and his cheeks burn.
"Fred? Hey, are you okay?" You asked, placing the money for your drinks on the receipt.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Fred croaked, pulling his hand out his pocket to show his few measly coins that he had. Mixed in it was 2 buttons and a piece of gum, none of which Fred was sure would work as accepted currency.
"Don't worry about it, I got it." You smiled, taking out some more money and setting your purse back in your bag. The waitress gave Fred a look and smiled at you before walking away. Fred had never felt so embarrassed- now he remembered why he didn't ask you out before. Then he felt himself doing something he hadn't done in years- his eyes started to water and he had to get out of there.
"Sorry I've uh. I've got to go. Thank you for the drinks." And with that he all but ran out of there, turning multiple corners until he found the side street next to Zonko's that led to a small seating area he could be alone for a while. What was he thinking? Did he honestly think going out with the richest, most popular girl in school was going to work in his favour? Stupid, even for you Freddie. He hung his head in his hands and groaned, so lost in thought that he didn't hear someone walking up to him, only startling when he felt a small hand on his shoulder.
"Fred?" Oh god, it was you. Let's play a game called 'How Many More Times Can Fred Make Himself Look A Complete Moron'.
"Hey. I should be able to pay you back in a few months after my birthday. Sorry again." He muttered, standing up to get ready to leave again. You tugged him back by his sleeve.
"Don't be silly Fred, you don't have to pay me back at all. You paid me enough just by agreeing to come with me." You smiled, slipping your hand from his sleeve to his hand, lacing your fingers with his. Fred sighed again and gave you a weak smile.
"You could literally have anyone el-"
"What if I don't want anyone else?"
"Then you're weird."
"You're weird too."
"Kiss me."
"Kiss me." Fred still just stood there dumbfounded so you rolled your eyes and pulled him towards you, wrapping your arms round his neck and kissing him. After the shock settled Fred kissed back, bits of confidence coming back to him as he placed his hands on your waist, pulling your body as close to his as he could. Eventually the need to breathe called and you pulled away, resting your foreheads together.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." You both said at the same time and started to laugh. "Second year potions?" You laughed again and pecked each other's lips once more.
"You know I can't take you out to fancy restaurants and buy you expensive gifts right?" Fred breathed, still trying to recover mentally from what just happened. Christ George wouldn't believe it.
"Fred you could take me to a junkyard bin diving and as long as you called it a date I'd love it because you'd be there."
"You're giving me some good ideas here. Hold on a sec, just need to grab my quill." He laughed, taking a step back from you but reaching for your hand to still keep you close. You slapped his chest with your free hand and laughed. "So it really doesn't bother you? Genuinely? I won't be offended. Although after that kiss I might cry a bit." You smiled as you made your journey back to Hogwarts hand-in-hand.
"Not even a little bit."
"No way. Harry, give me your glasses." Ron slapped his best friend's arm as he watched you and Fred walk through the courtyard holding hands.
"Jammy git he is. Look. Fred and Y/N. Holding hands." Ron stated, pointing obviously towards you two. Harry stared too, equally surprised.
"That, Ronald, was the creation of yours truly." George appeared from nowhere. "This morning I ran into Y/N, knowing little lover boy would help her. She asked him out as a thank you. I'm practically Cupid." George beamed, genuinely happy his plan worked for Fred's sake (and for his own bragging rights).
"Bloody hell. We've got divinations next, fancy tripping Hermione down the stairs?"
"Ron!" Harry exclaimed.
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imaginesmai · 2 years ago
Roger Taylor-To let you inside my heart (1)
Tumblr media
This is the first part of some Ben Hardy!Roger Taylor. In this one, there is no kiss or smut yet; they just meet. I hope you like it!
Plot: when you have your heart broken, you build walls so high that no one can climb them. Roger Taylor’s purpose is to show you no walls can stop a loving heart.
At nights, London was beautiful. The streets were filled with lights and people going from one side to another. In the big city, people always were in a hurry; to catch the bus, to find a place to eat or to meet some friends. But you had grown to love it. Between your studies and your half-time job, you didn’t have much time to enjoy the city lately. The degree in law you started three years ago was slowly making you a hermit, and that left your wonderful friends to take you out.
They broke (quiet literally) into your apartment that afternoon, and while Alice raided your closet, the girls said that it was time for you to see the sun again; or the moon, whatever it was needed to get you out of your cave. You decided to go to a pub where, according to your friend Mary, was playing a new band. All of you knew that she wanted to go because of a guy, who she couldn’t stop talking about.
-          And you met him when? -you asked her, as you walked towards the pub. -I have heard a lot about this boy yet I know nothing about him!
-          I met him a few weeks ago in the pub. -Mary smiled. -He said he liked my coat, and Beth told him I worked in Biba. He showed up the next day.
-          Isn’t it romantic. -you faked a faint. -Boy meets girl and chases her until he sees her again.
-          It is! -Alice said, appearing right beside you. -Come on, the guy went to the shop just to see her.
-          He probably got lost looking for it. -Beth laughed. -I wish I had a man like that.
-          First of all, that’s creepy Alice. -you said. -And second, what’s the romantic part about saying I like your coat?
-          Come on, Y/N, don’t be like that! -Mary hit you on the side. -Freddie is cute.
-          So now he has a name? Wow, I’m so impressed. -you smiled.
-          You’re, literally, the worst person Y/N. -Beth ran towards you three with her little legs. -One day you’re going to fall in love and you’re never going to hear the end of it.
You scoffed at her words. It was true that you were a little pessimistic, yet you had your reasons. When you started college, you were a studious girl. One day you met a wonderful guy; funny, handsome, kind and selfless. He was everything a girl could dream about, and that was what happened. Not only you were dreaming and dating him for nearly a year, but also two other girls. At that time, you were so in love that you tried to give him another chance; if he left those girls, he could stay with you. But he left next morning without saying anything else. Your friends were there for you, and helped you through the bad times. Again, you focused on your studies, and only on your studies. Two years later, you had nearly finished your degree in law and you were happy again. Your secret? Keeping boys out of your life. Sure, sometimes you had had a quick one night stand with some cute boy of your college or from a party. But no attachment.
-          I’m praying for that day. -Alice looked at the sky. -Oh, God, if you’re there, hear our prays! Give her a good fuck!
-          Alice! -you half screamed-laughed. -People are looking at us!
-          Let them look, Y/N. -Mary said. -This is our night, and there is nothing holding us back.
-          Well there can be a-
-          Shut up. -the three of them said at the same time, pushing you faster towards the pub.
The pub was big, famous you could say. There were a lot of people in there, from mean-looking teenagers to middle-age men, and they were all drinking and having a good time. As soon as you entered there, you enjoyed the environment; it was nice, because the music wasn’t too loud and the people weren’t too nasty. It was nearly comfortable. After feeling like a packed sardine for a few minutes, you finally found a place in the bar for all of you. Alice ordered your drinks as you looked around, trying to find Mary. She disappeared just when you entered the pub, not saying where she was going. You found her in a corner, talking to a security guard until a tall brown-haired guy came out and, after a quick hug, let her in. Did he have more teeth or was it just your imagination?
The night went well. Mary came back shortly and said that she was talking to Freddie; it seemed that they weren’t playing yet, there was another band before them. You drank and talked, having a good time and listening to the music. It wasn’t really good, you thought; something you could listen in the background and not pay attention to it. When the band finished, people started clapping and shouting like crazy; you even had to move a little towards Beth because they were getting wild. You could make out a few names, but the most screamed was this guy Roger, who must had all the girls crazy.
Smile went out and presented themselves; and you understood why so many girls were shouting. The drummer, Roger, was beautiful. Not handsome like the guy you find in a gym or cute like that guy in the coffee shop. He had deep blue eyes, the type of eyes where you could get lost for hours. It reminded you to the innocence of a baby mixed with the mischievous of a horny teenager. His hair, god bless his blond hair. Roger Taylor had his hair cut long, with a little bang that made his face even more perfect. But if there was something that completed your fantasy, it was his smile. Looking at some fans, he smiled and waved a little, showing his pearly white teeth. You got lost in his appearance until you felt a napkin at your chin.
-          Wh-what the doing? -you frowned at Beth.
-          Just making sure you weren’t drooling. -she laughed, as the band started playing. -Who is it? Brian? John? Or are you trying to steal Freddie from Mary?
-          She was looking at Roger. -Alice answered. -Well, harassing him.
-          I wasn’t doing anything!
-          Does anyone else hear the birds singing? -Beth smiled. -Or are they weeding bells?
-          We’ve lost her again, girls. -Mary laughed softly, watching you looking at Roger as he played the drums.
Smile was… amazing. It sounded right, the instruments played at the exact moment and Freddie singed like an angel. The crowd got crazy at their songs, and you understood why there was so much people in there. Mary was smiling at Freddie everytime he looked at her, and mid-way the third song Alice disappeared, probably with a guy.
You were talking to Beth the first time it happened. It was a slower song, as good as the rest, so Roger could be a little less focused on his drums. He used that time to look at the crowd; winked to a few girls, smiled to some mates and then your eyes crossed. You looked down immediately, blushing, but Roger had already saw you. And the only thing he could thought, was wow. You were not an usual in the pub, because he would have noticed you before. Your shy eyes tried stay away from his, but he kept looking at them; it was like looking into heaven, because he was sure you were an angel. Roger almost missed his first hit to the drums, but he regained the focus. And started playing this game with you, where he was trying to catch your eyes.
-          He’s looking again. -your friend whispered in your ear. -Oh God, Y/N, he’s looking this way right now.
-          Beth, he’s going to see you! -you smacked her arm, blushing like crazy.
You tried not to look at him again, but after a few seconds you looked up again. And like the last five times, you found his blue eyes looking at you. Maybe the first two times were coincidences, but then even you knew it wasn’t true. Smile finished their songs and said goodbye to the crowd. Not even a bomb could prevent your friends noticing the wink Roger sent your way.
-          Did he just-
-          I’m going to introduce you to the band. -Mary said, interrupting Alice and dragging you along. -Like, right now.
-          I should go home; I have things to do Mary. -you laughed awkwardly.
-          I can tie you Y/N, don’t tempt me. -Beth said. -He has been looking at you the whole night, you better meet him now.
The backstage wasn’t as big as the pub, just a small corridor with a lot of doors. The first band passed by your side, and when the singer touched Alice’s ass, you knew where had she been during the show. Finally, you arrived to a door. It seemed that the guys were nowhere to be seen, and Mary said that they used to go outside for a smoke. The guard let you pass because of Mary, who he recognised as Freddie’s girl. She was right, the boys of Smile were there; and just like in their show, Roger was looking at you.
-          Mary, darling! -Freddie said when you arrived to their side. -I’m so glad you could come.
-          Well, you asked me to. -she blushed. -I’m glad you did, it was amazing.
-          Thank you, but if someone is amazing tonight it’s you. -he said, and you almost puked at Mary’s loving eyes.
-          Oh, Freddie. -she giggled, and then remembered you were there too. -Oh, this are my friends. Alice, Y/N and Beth
-          It’s so nice of you to bring your friends, Mary. -Brian smiled softly.- The more people the better.
-          You say it as if we had a choice. -Alice scoffed. -She literally dragged us here.
-          Besides, we wanted to meet the Biba’s guy.
Soon, all of you started a conversation where Mary got red as a tomato and Freddie just showed himself off. The guys were funny and nice, and time passed by without really noticing it. Roger was still sneaking glances at you every now and then, and flirted with you a few times when the conversation was between the both of you. But you didn’t have time to really talk to him until you were leaving. It was getting cold and John proposed to get drinks for all of you. He entered with Brian and Alice; then, Beth and Mary and finally Freddie, who was telling you something about his country. You were going to answer when a hand gripped your arm and pushed you back, closing the door after you. There stood Roger, with a smirk on his face and his hand on the door.
-          I was thinking about kidnapping you, but it seemed a little violent. -he said, still with his hand on your arm.
-          It’s not the best impression you can give me, yeah. -you laughed. -That’s why you want to be alone with me? You’re an assassin?
-          And here I thought I was doing well. -he said. -Now I will just have to kill you Y/N, you’ve ruined everything.
-          I promise I won’t say anything about your hobby. -you smiled. -That’s why you wanted to be a dentist? To have better access to anesthesia?
-          If I say it was because of the money it could give me will you run away?
-          I’m doing a degree in law, I don’t have a say in the matter. -you said.
-          And besides studying, do you have any other hobbies? Like staring at drummer boys?
-          Don’t feel so flattered, I was looking at the assistant behind you. -you teased, feeling as his hand moved up and down your arm.
-          I’m sure about that. -he chuckled. -Is the first time I’ve seen you here. I would have remembered such a beautiful face.
-          I don’t really go out that much lately. -you shrugged. -I bet you do see a lot of beautiful girls. There were a lot, mh, interesting, yeah, interesting girls out there.
-          I prefer to call them crazy obsessed girls. -he said, smiling again.
-          Wow, I see you’re ready for fame. -you said, arching a brow.
-          That means you’ve liked our show? -Roger asked.
-          Not bad. I still prefer the first band.
-          Come on, I know you’re lying. -he laughed. -I saw the drums boy literally sleeping on the stool.
You hadn’t had such a nice time since forever. You laughed until your stomach hurt and you had tears in your eyes. Roger was not only handsome, but also funny and kind. And you two connected like no other. It was new for Roger, spending so much time talking to a girl and not taking her clothes off. Everytime some sassy remark came out of your mouth, his smiled spread and his cheeks hurt. Time flew by his side and when you realised, it must had been nearly three a.m.
-          We have been here for three hours. -you laughed. His jacket was over your shoulders, and you were sitting on the sidewalk, shoulder by shoulder while he was trying to “read your future in your hand”. Anything to make you smile. -I should get going, the girls must be worried about me.
-          Maybe they have left you. -he gave you a side smile.
-          Oh, I better hope they haven’t. -you said. -They have their things at my house.
-          Pyjama party? Can I join?
-          Only if I can braid your hair.
-          If it makes you stay. -he said, looking at you with bright eyes. Before anything else could happen, you got up.
-          I should go. -you said.
-          When will I see you again? -he asked, getting up with you. -We could have dinner.
-          Roger, I d-
-          Or you could come to our next show. -he interrupted to again. -Next Friday, same time same place. I would love to see you there, Y/N.
His hopeful eyes made you feel bad. You wanted to say yes, to have dinner with him and let him have you for dessert. But you knew it would only hurt you more. You had been hurt before, you knew what it was to have your dreams and hopes crushed by someone else. That didn’t mean you were going to say no to the handsome and kind guy; so with a soft nod, you agreed to meet him again. Even if you had to fail an exam for him; his baby face and curious sense of humour would make it worthy. You could feel the relief radiating off his body when you nodded, and you said goodbye to him with a soft kiss on the cheek. Giving him his jacket, you turned to leave.
-          Roger? -you asked with your hand in the knob.
-          Yeah? -he looked at you.
-          Roger, you idiot! -you shouted. -You can’t open the door from the outside!
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