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#and i accidentally clicked on it

thanks for letting me know! upon checking there is a bunch of rf/swerf shit there :knife:

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If your blog is focused on romanticizing suicide and eating disorders and such don’t fucking follow me omfg!

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1. first impression: this is VERY hazy because it’s been like seven! years! oh my god but i was so so in awe of you and your writing, and VERY scared when you started talking to me! i remember like typing out a joke to send to you on messages for the first time and being like “i CANNOT fuck this up!! fuck!!”

2. truth is: We Are The Same Person…..  Whatever Souls Are Made Of, Yours And Mine Are The Same…..  I Would Die For You…. you’re a nerd but a very talented one and also very funny

3. how old do you look: like 12

4. have you ever made me laugh: do i even have to answer this question??? you’ve seen it happen so many times

5. have you ever made me mad: ya cos ur too hot n sexy :(

6. best feature: legally, i’m required to say your boobs. you know this. also like you’re just so kind and lovely and talented and i can’t pick one feature because i get all teary thinkin about you. you’ve helped me through so much and like i almost definitely would commit murder on your behalf

7. have I ever had a crush on you: yes it’s the aforementioned boobs

8. you’re my: big sister and twin and writing inspiration and all the lovely things

mutuals come send me one of these!

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First Interactions / Break the Ice || Accepting

@more-than-a-princess​ sent:  ❝ Oh! Can I have one of those? ❞

Now this had been a rare offer to receive, especially someone in his line of work. Never in his life did Minato ever think he would be asked by a local college in Japan to show up as a guest speaker. With something as rare as this, there was no way he’d turn it down — especially if it gave him the chance to potentially inspire others who would possibly want to follow in his career path. And whenever he got the opportunity to share the excitement and passion in being a Paranormal Investigator, he’d gladly do it. He was booked to speak for about two hours to a science class. Now considering this was a college, he assumed there may be a few fans of his show attending his lecture and if there would be, they would be in for quite the treat.

Along with the captured footage he had planned to present to the class comprised of a few moments from his show, he was also bringing special never before seen captured footage that he had caught on a few off-camera investigations outside of his show. He had already faced many difficult, intense and even dangerous situations in some investigations – something which he would be using as a way of explaining the types of hauntings and the severity level and frequency of them. With everything all packed and ready, he got in his car and made his way to the college. About fifteen minutes after he would arrive.

This would be quite the experience, he only hoped everyone in attendance were believers. Not that he had a problem with skeptics, in fact, he very much enjoyed proving them wrong. But some had the tendency to interrupt and call his bluff on everything, and that would be pretty annoying. Parking and locking his car, he braced himself for the class, he entered the school and got directions to where he needed to go. The school theater. Upon entering the theater, he was surprised to see more of a crowd than he had originally expected – but he was glad to see such a big interest. From the moment he walked in, he recognized the looks of several of the students here, a majority of them did seem to recognize him. Good, he hoped they would enjoy his speech.


He wasted no time getting started and introduced himself. After inserting a USB drive into the school laptop on the podium, all his evidence and captured footage he wanted to show was all on here. The speech started off great and ended up being much more successful than he had expected.

Surprisingly, a lot of the students attending seemed to show genuine interest and were very back and forth with questions. But out of everyone in this room, there was one student in particular that was much more interactive and verbal with him than anyone else there. A young lady that looked to be about his age, she was very pretty, with light blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She seemed to stand out easily from the rest of the crowd – likely a foreigner – but he found her willingness to interact with his lecture motivating, he was glad to see someone that had a lot if interest into the Paranormal, it was almost like she loved it as much as he did, it was always something he enjoyed seeing. Her passion she seemed to have for it was admirable.

After the end of his presentation, Minato ended the lecture by showing the never before seen footage. From a family home that had several objects being flung at him and his crew – all the way to a demon entity who dwelled in a basement and tried to create an angry evil energy within the atmosphere which affected him and his fellow investigators often causing them to blow up and become a lot more easily irritable from the spirits influence followed by whole mix of shocking moments and terrifying experiences, the students seemed to love it.

Once his video ended, he handed everyone a paper slip containing everything they went over in his lecture with an area that asked for what the students attending thought as well as questions on the papers about their beliefs, it would only take a few minutes to fill out then they would be on their way. Not long after, they all finished and handed the paper in.  After signing a few autographs and taking a few quick selfies with some students, they began to clear out, thankfully for the students, his lecture was scheduled for the last class of the day, so all the students were likely going home now. Though Minato would be sticking around just a little longer, only remaining in the theater as he read through the papers going over each students responses and adding his own answers to them. That would take him about twenty minutes. Once done, he left them neatly in a pile on the desk for the teacher tomorrow. With his feedback written, he began to pack up his things which didn’t take him long.

With his things all packed up, he was just pocketing his USB drive, while doing so, a small pile of his business cards would fall out on the ground. Reaching down, he picked it up and before he could return his attention to packing, footsteps echoing throughout the room and stopping behind him would catch his attention. 

Turning to face whoever it was, he saw it was the girl who had been more vocal in his lecture. When she asked him for a copy of his business card, he wasn’t too surprised and gladly handed one over to her.


[{ 🦋 }] - “Hm? Oh! Sure you can.” 


[{ 🦋 }] - “Hey, since you’re here. I wanted to thank you for so actively taking part in my presentation earlier. I can tell you really like the occult and all things Paranormal. And to be honest, it’s pretty refreshing seeing someone else so fired up about it like you were today.

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Using Sims for fluffy comfort is ignoring the fact most animations aren’t really suitable for more custum body types and maneuvering among risk shit, since almost everything is based on wicked whims engine… You either get cute cuddles or hardcore p0rn - and you can’t never tell from the name of the animation xD

… Tho some spice might be comforting too (suggestive selfship images under the cut):

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So I came across this website that I accidentally clicked on and holy fuck it was so good to look at; white blocks on a neon green background, well spaced out an uncluttered—wide-screen ultra HD! And then they decided to hit me with the “subscribe to our newsletter” schtick and I just stared at my screen surprised because… no? I don’t want you to condense all this into an ugly email, let me keep visiting your site in all its desktop glory

(For those curious, look at it!)


The only time I’ll use light mode. The website is

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