#and i also think that this is why mirabel seems to have been the one who antonio spent most of his time with
technicallyawritersblog · 2 days ago
I’m Here (Luisa Madrigal x Reader)
Summary: Even when her whole world falls apart, there you are. 
A/N: I’m very gay for her and I figured she deserved a hug. So there. 
You haven’t seen your girlfriend all day. Normally you don’t like to consider yourself a clingy or needy person, but all day is a bit unusual. Luisa almost always stops by around lunch time to say hi and check in. And you do wish she would take a little more time for herself- and also for you- but the time you do get with her is more than enough to make up for it.
But today she hasn’t appeared at all. Even on her busiest days you at least get a ‘hi’ under the guise of offering your parents help with anything. If you didn’t want to avoid seeming needy you’d go straight to casita and ask where she is. But… well, it’s the day after Antonio’s gift ceremony, and Mariano and Isabela are supposed to be doing something. She’s probably just busy, and the last thing you want is to be in the way. 
Trying to put her out of your mind, you do a few minor little tasks around the house to keep busy. It’ll be fine, you tell yourself. Luisa’s fine, everything’s fine. Motivated purely by anxiety and some perplexing intuition, a thought occurs- something’s happened. Mirabel said something about the magic last night, what if that whole family is in crisis right now? No, that’s stupid. Why would something be happening to the magic? Luisa’s fine, the magic’s fine. You’re totally not nervous.
You can’t put it from your mind entirely, though. You don’t manage it, anyway. Throughout the day you catch yourself muttering about it, then quickly stop. Last thing I need is for Dolores to know how worried I am, she’ll let it slip to Luisa and then…
You don’t know what happens then but you don’t want to find out. Luisa doesn’t need to know you’re worried, she’ll just think it’s weird or unnecessary or that you don’t trust her to be strong enough to handle things and she’ll be hurt. The last thing you want is to hurt her. 
You’re reading, but the page hasn’t turned for around thirty minutes. It’s just another in a string of attempts to put Luisa from your mind and try to relax. It is, as the others have been, unsuccessful. Which is why you’re almost grateful when Mirabel bursts into your house, looking around frantically to see you. You’re in your room, but your dad is cleaning up after dinner when she crashes headlong into the kitchen counter. 
“Where’s (Y/N)? It’s really important, Luisa needs her really bad right now!” she says it all in one breath, skirt falling into place around her legs, hair looking a mess since she just ran down the whole encanto to find you. Your dad gestures toward your room and Mirabel nods. “Thanks!” 
She runs into your room. “(Y/N) we need- Luisa needs your help!” You toss your book aside, having heard her shout it all at your dad.
“Tell me what’s going on on the way,” you say. You start pulling on your shoes as you go, hopping along after Mirabel. She seems to be in a hurry, looking entirely too anxious for this not to be an emergency. As you sprint up the village and up the hill toward casita, Mirabel launches into her explanation. 
“Luisa’s losing her gift apparently, she burst in and she was already crying and she said that she fell behind schedule and tried to work twice as hard to compensate and instead she just lost it altogether and then she couldn’t even pick up a vase at Mariano and Isabela’s engagement dinner and now she’s sobbing in her room and she won’t open the door because she thinks she’s a loser!” The run-on sentence nearly made you stop cold in your tracks. So the magic’s not fine. Maybe you should’ve trusted your instincts and checked in as soon as something happened. 
Why didn’t they get you sooner? You’re Luisa’s girlfriend, you’re supposed to hear about these things. Really you’re supposed to hear about these things from her. You’d almost be mad if it weren’t for the circumstances being what they are, it being an emergency and all. Besides, you know she’d sooner die than make herself a ‘burden’ or the like. 
You reach casita panting, out of breath and a little panicked. You try and straighten up before you go in but it’s useless, and she’s gonna know you sprinted here anyway. “Mom!” Mirabel says. “I got (Y/N)!” Julieta, wringing her hands in the kitchen, looks back at you. 
“Oh, thank goodness,” she says. “She’s in her room, we were hoping you could help her… help her understand that this isn’t the end of the world.” Agustin nods next to her. To Luisa it kind of is the end of the world. You don’t know how to help. 
But this is your girlfriend. You have to help somehow. She needs you and you have to do something. You approach her door and knock twice, gently. 
“Go away!” Luisa calls. Her voice is thick and she sniffles after she speaks. A small twinge of guilt strums at your heart, rebuking your earlier anger. 
“You sure you want me to?” you ask. “I mean, I will if you want, but-” the door opens and you’re pulled in. It’s alarming, but not because you’re being pulled suddenly into a dark room- it’s alarming because she pulls you in more weakly than you’d have expected a normal person to, let alone Luisa. Her strength really is gone. 
You choose not to comment on it but for a moment you’re unsettled. This just makes it all so real, so impossible to deny. Luisa’s strength is gone. She’s nearly feeble as she wraps her arms around you and buries her face in your chest. “I’m a loser!” she sobs. You card your fingers through her curls and kiss the top of her head. 
“No you’re not,” you say. “You’re gonna be just fine, this is gonna sort itself out.” You can’t promise that. Why are you promising that? This isn’t right, this is little more than a lie. 
“I c-can’t stop crying,” Luisa says. “This is stupid, most people get along fine without gifts and I go o-one day without mine and I start s-sobbing and I can-n’t stop! I’m-m n-not strong en-nough to deal-” You guide her over to the bed with unsettling ease and help her lay down. You still think this bed is too hard, it’s little more than a slab. That can’t be comfortable for her.
“Anyone would be upset if they were losing an ability they cherished and depended on,” you say. “You can’t hold yourself to such high standards, you should be allowed to be sad about this, you hear me?” Luisa nods against your chest. “Cry all you need, I’m right here.” 
Luisa starts sobbing again in earnest and you realize she’s been trying to hold it all in up until now. Her shoulders shake and her breathing is so ragged that you worry she’ll hyperventilate.
“Wh-What’m I gonna do?” she asks. “I can’t h-help anyone, I’m completely useless, and what if the town or my f-family needs me and I can’t hel-help them an-nd they suffer because of me and I…” Her ramble lasts a long time. You stroke her hair and her upper arms and back as she talks, reminding her of your presence and trying to soothe her. She’s holding onto you almost too tightly. Not as tightly as she used to with her strength, though. You’re used to it by now, anyway, and it’s comforting in a way. 
You just listen while she talks, careful not to interrupt. You don’t agree with what she’s saying though. She isn’t useless and she isn’t responsible for everyone’s problems and you think it isn’t right that she feels so much pressure, but you don’t want to make her feel stupid or anything. You told her to feel her feelings and cry as much as she needed and that’s what she’s doing. You aren’t going to stop her. Not when she clearly needs this. 
Eventually she stops on her own though. You sense the time to respond. “You’re not useless,” you reassure her. She makes some kind of scoffing noise in the back of her throat. “Hey. You’re not useless. You’re not, okay? It’s gonna work out.” How, you don’t know. 
There’s so much you could say. You could ask how she thinks other towns, towns without miracles, manage to herd donkeys or mend construction work, or irrigate fields. But would that comfort her? Would she think that she’s failed the miracle? You could tell her that surely this was temporary, that her gift will return and that she’ll be back to normal. But how can you promise that? How can you hope to guarantee it? 
And her normal is unhealthy anyway, wearing her to the bone and putting so much pressure on her that she shatters at the slightest sign that her purpose is failing. It’s hardly a comfort to you to know that ‘normal’ might soon return. 
You can only hold her, and hope. Hope that your gentle touch is enough to soothe her, to help her in even the smallest way. “I love you,” you whisper. “It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay.” Luisa holds onto you tighter. 
No one tells her stuff like that. She’d have expected you to tell her that it had to be okay, that things will get better because it has to. Because you need her to get better. To be the strong one. But you don’t need her to be strong or to get better. You need her. And you’re here when she needs you, even when she has nothing to give you back.
And despite your doubts and worries, that’s the most comforting thing you could possibly give her. 
A/N: Hope you guys like it! I’m on an Encanto kick lately since I’ve been rewatching the movie constantly. Anyway I’m writing a lot of these and requests are definitely open! (For hcs at least, I am a student so imagines/oneshots might take a while or be hard to get the motivation for). 
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kinschi · 14 hours ago
Yo! Did you know that there are some AUs already out where Bruno took Mirabel with him when he left? I haven't seen the full thing yet. From what I have seen though is that He sees the rift that starts to grow between Her and the family and wants to protect her. That is all I know though. Have you seen this AU yet, if so what do you think?
Hey! Yes I've seen this AU but also haven't read it so I could be completely wrong with my assumptions
I kinda get where it's coming from but I personally am not really invested in it. I think it would actually form an even bigger rift because then the family might actually outcast Bruno and Mirabel, refusing to talk about them and no side would understand at all how they're feeling or what's actually causing the cracks. Also I don't think Mirabel as a 5 year old would want to leave her family to live inside the walls. And her family does love her, why take her away from her loving parents?? Imagine a five year old Mirabel at her failed gift ceremony, traumatised confused and scared, and then her tío comes to hide her away because she didn't get a gift. In the movie she feels like an outsider, but that AU would literally make her one, imagine growing up like this.
Idk, I think Bruno is a great uncle and I love his and Mirabel's dynamic. But I can't really imagine him raising Mirabel. And from the movie it doesn't seem like she had a miserable life, her family loves her, even if they don't understand her fully or really show it they way she needs. And yes Abuela is too harsh and makes Mirabel feel like she's to blame.. but that would only get worse if she literally hid away because of it.
Unless this is when she's 15. But still then nothing would've been learned, Abuela wouldn't see the hurt she causes and would continue to push these extremely high expectations on everyone so everyone would be miserabel (probably even more than before). Mirabel would also be miserabel because she'd basically outcast herself from the family (and my point still stands, she loves her family and they love her) and I mean.. Bruno wasn't exactly happy either, he literally says he never left because he loves his family. It's more understandable for her to want to run away after the house breaks down which she did but... idk this still doesn't sit right with me.
At least that's what I think but idk like I said I don't know much about this AU either I just have a lot of love for this movie
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majorxmaggiexboy · 2 days ago
on that note, since i still haven’t seen it and am Bitter
The Plot of Encanto, as i’ve been able to extrapolate from memes and like, three songs
Alma has like three kids and i think in order of age they’re Julietta, Pepa, and Bruno, or they might actually be triplets. Some guy murders her husband (murder to kick off the plot? finding nemo vibes) and, idk if it’s the power of love or just a random, accidental like tertiary terrestrial big bang or what but it’s like this almost kind of pocket universe is created like it sounds like some extra mountains and stuff spring up from the earth between Ms Alma and the murderer dude. 
I haven’t seen anything about why this murderer dude was after her but maybe he knew she was magic or smthn and was like “i need that in my life, world conqueration” and she and her husband were like “ew idk wtf youre talking about, we have three kids do you think we have time” so he just figured he’d murder them and now he’s probably calcified inside a mountain regretting his decisions
somehow Ms Alma gets a candle and, builds a house? With her kids? and the house is like Actually I’m Also Magic, Your Children Will Rise Up And Call You Blessed, Boom, and then her kids get magic abilities. Julietta gets cooking-activated healing powers, Pepa is Storm, and Bruno becomes a prophet.
Unfortunately though Bruno’s prophecy powers come with classic villain coding in the form of green lighting so everyone’s like “Oh my god, he’s Evil, right? Is your kid evil, Alma? Did you have an evil son?” 
I think they kind of shelve that for a while and just kind of side-eye the dude for like fifty years or so.
Oh and at least two of the kids seem to have anxiety bc it looks like Pepa tends to get super upset and cause major weather issues, and Bruno’s premonitions are at least mostly negative so most people see him coming and they have that kind of MoonMoon reaction. Anyway
So Julietta gets married and so does Pepa, just to a couple of normal dudes since nobody else has magic powers. Both great dudes. Bruno’s either Ace, Gay, or Just Can’t Get A Date. Or probably a combination. He messes up Pepa’s wedding by doing a weather forecast that upsets her. 
I’d think that’d be the catalyst to Not One Of Us over the loudspeakers and him slinking off into the walls but ????? I guess they kind of still tolerated him?
The couples start having kids and each couple happens to have three kids which makes me think the Magic has a thing about the number three
Also the kids get magic abilities and their own room when they turn five and wait a second just as an aside- the House is magic too right? So is it actually haunted? Is it the dead husband’s spirit? Was the husband a wizard? - so we’ve got
Luisa, my favorite, who has super strength and an anxiety/depression disorder Dolores, my favorite, who has super hearing and an anxiety disorder Isabella, who makes the flowers bloom again and is doing the best she can and has an anxiety disorder Ca(r?)milo, my favorite, who’s a shapeshifter and probably bi, very gender, love that funky lil dude. Mirabel, my favorite, probably also has an anxiety disorder. No gift because either the magic ran out of ideas for a minute when it was her turn or maybe the magic was like, “youre the designated next abuela” Antonio, whose voice makes me long for death but who’s otherwise quite cute, can talk to animals
So the actual plot of the movie is then that Mirabel’s like Damn Wow I Don’t Have Superpowers, This Is An Awkward And Uncomfortable Position To Be In
and wait actually, also, going back, i think around the time the magic was like “lol not u mirabel” that’s when everyone started looking at Bruno like “man what now? did you do this? Are you evil? Are you Maleficent from the original cartoon sleeping beauty? Did you put a curse on this kid? Are you gay?” and Bruno was like “Idk lemme go check wikipedia” and noped out to go live in the walls and collect rats
i don’t think anyone was particularly upset by that, i haven’t seen any implication of a missing person’s report being filed. Everyone was just kind of like “Oh damn he gone” 
anyway so Mirabel doesn’t have a magic power and she’s self-conscious about that but her little brother? cousin? Antonio gets a magic power of being able to talk to animals and so everybody’s having a party to celebrate.
Meanwhile Isabella has an arranged marriage situation with this guy and she’s going along with it to make grandma happy because she’s the favorite and is scared to not be the favorite but then actually Dolores likes the guy who’s engaged to Isabella 
And for some reason the magic starts wheezing and crumbling. Possibly due to the ghost or the magic or whatever being upset about how everyone’s side-eying Mirabel like “You don’t have powers,,,oh, are you Evil? Evil like your Uncle?” so naturally when the magic starts glitching people are like “Wow, Mirabel, you really did this, just like your evil uncle”
so Mirabel decides that that can’t be right and that she’s going to solve the mystery of why the house is haunted and magical and what’s glitching with the magic so she starts asking questions about her evil uncle in case he’s still alive and is why the magic is glitching, and literally the whole family and town are all unanimously like “we don’t talk about that dude, he’s Evil”
so she goes on a quest and somehow finds her way into the walls of the house and meets Bruno and finds out he’s not evil, he’s just Some Guy and she’s like Okay Prophet, What’s The Deal With The Magic, and he’s like Idk But You’re Involved, and she’s like Oh Sh**
and it’s a little bit of a Brave situation because she’s got these side quests to make things okay with her sister whom she can’t stand but also has to fight the grandma in the end and the whole house turns out to have just been crumbling due to domestic distress rather than a curse or anything, like the magic was just buckling under the tension of family gatherings which, aren’t we all,
so at some point Mirabel makes her sister angry enough to conjure up succulents and rediscover her life’s purpose so they’re cool again and then Mirabel gets to the final boss battle and is like, “Grandma, Grandpa is Dead. I don’t have magic powers but you don’t either so, if I Suck for not having powers, so do you. Also, stop making everyone enter the workforce at five years old. With great power comes great responsibility but sometimes even demigods need a nap” 
and Grandma is like, “oh. Okay, yeah, that sounds right”
and Bruno comes out of the wall on a horse and is like “Please do not kill Mirabel for my transgressions, I didn’t put a curse on her” and Grandma is like “Oh hey I did have a third kid” 
and the townspeople are like “We don’t have magical powers either but most of us have practical carpentry experience and know about building stuff” so they do an HGTV Rebuild and the family is like, “the real reason Mirabel doesn’t have powers is because god wanted to give everybody else a chance. If Mirabel didn’t get nerfed on the powers she’d be too much” 
And the donkeys were animated by furries.
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justfrogg · 27 days ago
I rewatched Encanto and here are some small details that I noticed.
Warning: spoilers, LOTS of spoilers.
During the scene where Antonio got his gift, Dolores covered her ears when a firework went off. She probably does get sensory overload and that’s kind of sad. Considering that she could literally hear Luisa’s eye twitching, I can’t imagine how painful loud noises are for her :(
Tumblr media
I saw someone else point this out, but now that I can see the film in HD I got to see it for myself. When Antonio is exploring his room, Camilo does this motor tic in excitement which could be a nod to ADHD or autism and I think that’s pretty neat. 
Update: I was informed that this is a cultural gesture, I wasn’t aware before, but now I know. It’s still a cute scene.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This shot makes me really sad. Everyone else is glowing and Mirabel is the only one upset. It’s also a part of Mirabels imagination, where she just wants her family to be proud of her. Abuela smiling in this shot is also very upsetting, because in every other shot (that’s not a flashback or the end of the movie) Abuelas and Mirabels interactions have been Abuela looking down on Mirabel. That can apply to Isabela too.
Also throughout the movie, whenever something bad happens in the house, Abuela immediately blames Mirabel, without any evidence that Mirabel was affecting the magic. It was one of the few things that geniuenly got on my nerves, but maybe that was the point
Tumblr media
I just thought it was cute :)) Look at Luisa hugging Mirabel and Camilo with Antonio.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love the detail of the hourglass symbol on the door, but I’m confused why that room was there in the first place.
Sure it’s so that nobody would find the prophecy, but why would the room fill up with sand and endanger anyone that enters especially if that person was a part of Brunos family.
Tumblr media
Again, I’m obsessed with the attention to detail.
I love that we can see the individual stitchings of her bag or the small grains of sand on her clothing/hands/hair.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anyways, I love that Dolores is whispering because she knows that he’s there and can literally hear him walking around.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also some shot’s from Camilo’s verse because I am genuinely obsessed with this boy. The gender envy is real.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also love the idea that the reason why Camilos perception of Bruno that of a 7 foot tall mythical rat man is because he only saw him when he was much younger and he just seemed taller and then currently they’re both like only 5′6. 
I also wonder if because of the towns completely warped sense of who Bruno actually was made Camilo think of him as more of a local legend than a part of his family.
Tumblr media
Mirabel looks so done with Isabelas shit.
Tumblr media
You can literally hear Dolores tapping on her nails on her glass, the sound effects are phenominal.
Tumblr media
This is the saddest shot in this entire film.
The fact that he still eats dinners with his family because he doesn’t want to be excluded, but nobody knows that he’s there (except Dolores). He doesn’t even have a plate, it’s just drawn on the wood D’:
Tumblr media
Abuela: ‘‘Pepa, Calm down!’’ Pepa: ‘‘I am doing my best.’’ Felix, being the supportive husband that he is: ‘‘Yes.’’ 🤨 Pepa: ‘‘You’re lucky that it’s not a hurricane.’’
My favourite piece of dialouge in this movie.
Tumblr media
I love the different colors on Isabelas dress. I can’t be the only one that headcanons her as a lesbian right?
Tumblr media
I’m sorry, but Bruno putting a bucket on his head to headbutt a way out of the casita was one of the funniest shots I’ve ever seen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘‘I knew he never left, I heard him every day’‘ 💀
Tumblr media
The doorknob that the family gives to Maribel at the end of the movie, is the same doorknob that was on the magical door when she was 5.
I also appreciate that Mirabel didn’t get a gift in this scene, even though for a second it seemed like she would. I like the idea that her gift is metaphorically being the glue that keeps her family together.
Tumblr media
How the hell did this table not topple over. What’s up with the physics here?
Tumblr media
AAAAND ending shot.
Tumblr media
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capri-fandomwriting · 18 days ago
Camilo x Male Reader - Boy in the Window (Part 2)
Tumblr media
(part 1)(part 3)(part 4)
Plot: A paranoid and lonely boy falls in love with a shapeshifting member of a family he’s scared of.
Triggers/Content Warnings: Enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, child neglect mentions, cursing.
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support! I’m surprised, to be honest, that my first post ever got so much love!
Forgot to mention this in Part 1, but both you and Camilo are 17 in this fic. Also this is the peak of the "enemies" phase, don’t worry, it gets better for them.
"Camilo! Time to get up!" Mirabel called out through the door of her younger cousin. Yet the boy didn’t respond.
Mirabel knocked on the door, only to hear a depressed groan. She slowly creaked the door open only to find the boy laying down with his face partially covered by the pillow he's resting his head on. His cheek puffed up slightly due to the pillow. He traced circles on the ground, kicking his feet in the air.
"Camilo?" Mirabel asked, which caused Camilo to hop to his feet.
"Mirabel! Uh…" Camilo stammered, "Good morning!" He weaved around her only to be met with the girl's hand wrapping around his wrist.
"Camilo, is there something wrong?" Mirabel asked. Camilo wormed his way out of the grip and backed into the guardrail, which pushed him back into Mirabel.
"Uh… I’m fine! I’m totally fine!" Camilo lied.
"Camilo, you know you can tell your family anything!"
"Yes, and that’s why I’m telling you everything's fine!"
"Oh, Camilo’s in love with a boy that lives in that house that everyone thinks is abandoned," Dolores said from across the way.
Mirabel looked like she had just had a revelation. Camilo looked like he wanted to die, which he actually did want to.
"Hm!" Dolores squeaked before running off.
You took a small piece of chalk and ran it across the wall, the lines coalescing together into a large drawing of a flower.
Your mind keeps fluttering back to yesterday. With Camilo. He was… well… you're ashamed to admit he was cute.
Your father always told you to never trust a Madrigal. He told you they always helped others but that was a front. In truth, they are lying and deceitful people, one of them being a shapeshifter is just proof of that in your eyes.
Luckily you had a defensive measure, never leave the house. That way, none of them can cross you.
Your drawing was complete. Unfortunately it failed to bring your mind off of that Camilo boy.
You moved over to the kitchen, pulling out some of your purchases from yesterday and cutting them up, making a small salad before carefully moving to the table. You shrank as you ate alone. You wanted someone to eat with you so badly…
The chair across from you has been empty for five years. Your father left when you were 12, and you had to fend for yourself. It bothers you sometimes but you've learned to suck it up, right? You can handle things well! No tears!
"Camilo, that boy you're in love with is crying," Dolores whispered to Camilo, who turned sharply towards his sister.
"I told you, I'm not in love, I just want to be friends with him,"
"That's… not what it seems like to me…" she said, before squeaking and running off.
It took a solid minute for him to register what Dolores said beyond "that boy you're in love with," and with that sudden realization he barreled out the door.
His feet ran faster than he could have imagined towards your house. Head filled with worry and panic.
He suddenly skidded to a stop as he noticed your window was open, approaching it with caution only to notice the interior walls of your house was filled with art, and that you were currently drawing on one of the only slots on the wall that had no art on it.
He watched with intensity as you worked the chalk on the walls into the shape of a person with no distinct features, just… a person.
Camilo couldn't help but marvel at your colorful walls.
"Wow…" he muttered.
But that was enough. You jumped a mile and dropped the chalk, running over and grabbing the sides of your window, attempting to close it on Camilo.
"H-hey wait! I'm sorry! I was in the area and I saw your drawings through the wi-"
"Bullshit!" you respond, "You're spying on me! You and your family!"
"Wha-… huh?" Camilo seemed confused.
"My dad told me to never trust a Madrigal. That they're skeevy liars who backstab when it's least expected,"
Camilo was stunned. Completely stunned.
"What's worse? Your powers? All of them! All fit for that kind of stuff! Hearing everything? Perfect for finding out if the town loves you or not. Weather control? Raining hell down upon the town!"
"What…?" Camilo had his heart broken three times over, and with every scathing comment against his family twisted the knife even further.
The boy found his family… evil?
"…and you?"
Camilo froze.
"You shapeshift. You freak me out, okay? Like, I’m not sure which person I’m talking to is actually you! And… and… I just…"
You were burnt out. All these years of anger and hatred that you had bottled up were unloaded onto Camilo.
"Please just… don't talk to me… ever…" you say, hurt becoming more apparent in your voice, "I don't want… little Mr. Perfect to take everything I've ever had… all I've built up… I don't want the Madrigals to take everything from me… again…"
With that, you closed the window, leading Camilo into a tragic state of confusion and sadness.
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pepa-madrigal · 28 days ago
fellow pepa stan respectfully I am looking for more mama pepa headcanons 🙏
Ok!! Thanks for the ask, I had fun thinking up some of these!!
Pepa was MAD when she found out about the prophecy Bruno gave Dolores. Yes, Pepa knows her brother doesn’t make things happen, but he didn’t have to tell her little girl such horrible news. She may have created a sandstorm in his room when she went to yell at him.
She and Félix have taught all of their kids how to dance.
I also have a headcanon that Pepa’s body can kinda regulate her body temperature depending on the weather she’s making. So like, if it’s so hot she gets cooler and doesn’t feel the effects as much, and the same goes for rain or snow, she’d feel much warmer. This way she doesn’t get sick from standing in her own weather. The thing though is that when she’s warmer, her kids love to cuddle with her and as much as she loves it, she struggles to get them off her because the last thing she wants is to make any of them sick.
She knows Antonio can talk to animals and all the animals love him, but sometimes when she sees that jaguar running at her son she gets a mini heart attack before remembering it’s fine.
Dolores gets overwhelmed by her gift at times, but even more so when she first got it. When it’s really bad Pepa will bring her to her own room and hold her and sing very quietly, so Dolores could focus on just one thing. It doesn’t happen as often now that Dolores is older and she’s worried it’d make her seem immature to ask for it, but sometimes Pepa can just tell and will hold her hand and lead her back to her room to do it, reminding her she’d do this everyday for her if she wanted.
Camilo is a mama’s boy and Pepa knows it. If anyone points it out her gets embarrassed but Pepa is absolutely unafraid to tease him about it if she’s there too, and bring up all the times he’s helped her or got her favorite tea, to everyone in the room. He gets even more embarrassed but she likes to share it because she actually thinks the way he helps her is amazing and she’s so thankful and proud to have such a caring son.
When Antonio was a just a baby sleeping in a crib in the nursery, Pepa was insistent that if anything happened in the night, Mirabel didn’t have to handle it and could just get her. But after the first few times observing her tía take care of him, she just kinda helped take care of him anyways? And almost never got Pepa. (This is why the two cousins are so close) Pepa was thankful for the extra sleep, but felt kinda guilty about it when she caught on to what Mirabel was doing for her, she made more of point to check on Antonio in the middle of the night and told Casita to get her up regardless of if Mirabel was helping already or not.
Pepa may struggle with calming herself down when her anxiety is bad, but she’s excellent at calming her own children down when they’re anxious. She’s tried so many different methods for herself throughout her life that she’s basically a walking resource of calming and soothing tactics for her children.
When Camilo was younger he would worry about his powers and have nightmares about it, that he’d get stuck in some other form, or that he wouldn’t remember his own form, and that people wouldn’t recognize him anymore. This would’ve been before Antonio was born, so Camilo’s room was the closest to Pepa at the time and she’d hear him during the night, and would go to calm him down and reassure him. He’d always ask if she’d stay during the night and Félix would find her in Camilo’s room the next morning, holding him in his bed while they both sleep.
Pepa is not a great cook, Julieta has been the one doing it all her life so she never really learned much, BUT on her kid’s birthdays she’ll either try to make them their favorite food or make a cake or some other dessert for them. It’s not great. It’s pretty bad honestly, but her kids still smile and try it out because they love the effort she put into it.
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somethinginthethunder · 18 days ago
just you (isabela x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: a quick story on how isabela realized she was in love with you.
notes: i wrote this at 3am please don't judge me also yes i will probably do this for some other characters (dolores is already being worked on)
warnings: none!
-isabela had a crush on you for a very long time
-she’d consider you her closest friend.
-honestly, it's more of a sad statement considering the closest interaction you've had is asking her to help you out with carrying some baked goods to your neighbor's.
-since her chores and image kept her from really being casual with anyone, her heart always jumped when you would still treat her as just a person and not some sort of goddess.
-despite not having too many real interactions, she still admired you from afar
-of course, being miss perfect she never told you. mariano was supposed to be her top priority.
-but after the casita’s destruction and rebuilding, she was determined to finally tell you her feelings!!
-at the moment you were helping mirabel with placing tiles on the floor. you were almost done so it seemed like the perfect time to step in.
-but she didn’t
-suddenly she was incredibly nervous, hesitating at the half-finished doorway
-what if you didn’t like how much she had changed? what if you didn’t like her at all? what if you hated her after this confession?
-she tried to shake it off as nerves and simply took a deep breath.
-”(y/n)? can i talk to you?” she calls out.
-you immediately place down the tile and tell mirabel you’ll be right back
-the tone of isabela’s voice concerned you. it was strained and nervous. honestly, you were half expecting her to tell you that she had just killed a man.
-she took you aside in the nearby greenery, away from everyone else.
-”something wrong, isa?” you ask worriedly.
-”no! no. not at all, i just…”
-she hesitated
-but a voice in her head told her screw it!
-”i like you. a lot. and i’ve liked you for a long time and i totally understand if you don’t like me back or think my new style is weird i just thought i should tell you because you’re just… really cool. and smart. and funny… and i appreciate that you were such a good friend even when i was kind of up tight.”
-as she continued to talk her eyes began to find the ground incredibly interesting.
-and suddenly you were laughing
-a feeling of embarrassment rose inside of her, her face getting hot.
-”you know what, nevermind. forget i said anything.”
-”why would i do that?”
-and for the first time since she started talking, she looked up at you. and you were smiling at her. it wasn’t a malicious smile, just one of kindness and care.
-”of course i like you back, silly. i don’t care if you’ve changed or not, you’re still you. and i mean, honestly, it makes me happy that you know you’re allowed to express yourself,” you continued.
-the madrigal felt like she had been hit by a truck. she never expected you to like her back.
-and, oh, when it finally sunk in that you were there for her, not just the image she had to put up, she suddenly changed her mind
-she didn’t like you
-she loved you.
-but she’d tell you that some other time.
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fics-a-plenty · 24 days ago
New territory
Luisa x female!reader
Word count: 2,271
A new family moves to town, and Luisa gets tossed into a new territory when she sees someone new. How will her family react?
A/N: I apologize those who don't read as a female insert. This was originally going to be a song-fic around "Ordinary" by Joriah Kwamé (though I wrote it to the cover by Annapantsu), and it read better to me like this than the original gender neutral version I had.
Also, apperantly I really like writing about the family finding out about Luisa's crushes.
While quite a few of the Madrigals were used to the stares, especially when new people moved to the village and experienced the miracles for the first time, most of them weren't bothered by them. Luisa has learned to just tune out the feeling of eyes on her as she moved and lifted things no ordinary human would be able to. For some reason, this was different.
She lifted the church to move for what felt like the millionth time this week, catching the eyes of a young woman that she didn't recognize. Time seemed to freeze as their eyes stayed locked together, and she began to hear the blood rushing behind her ears. She wasn't sure how long she stood in the slowed time until the muscles in one of her arms gave in a little, causing the building above her head to tilt.
"Luisa, honey, are you okay?" Julieta asked from a little ways away where she had set up to help anyone that needed healing. Concerned had washed over her when she saw her middle child fault with her gift. She wasn't convinced when Luisa assured her that everything was fine and went about finishing her chore, but she was brought back to her own job when the person waiting for her cleared their throat to get her attention back.
Panic swirled around heavily in Luisa's mind as she set the church down in it's new spot. While she heard the people around her giving her more tasks, their voices sounded like she was underwater. She didn't really get to process them, just agreeing like she normally would. She was on complete autopilot as her brain just kept replaying the view of the woman standing there. No matter how hard to she couldn't pull her eyes away from theirs.
Suddenly a tight hold wrapped around her wrists, quickly accompanied by the feeling of falling and her back hitting the ground. After a blink, her eyes opened to see her sisters standing over her on either side.
"I hate to say it, but you're right. She really wasn't all there." Isabela said reluctantly, releasing the vines from around Luisa's wrists.
"Luisa, are you alright?" Mirabel asked quickly, worry clearly written across her face. She tried to help her sister sit up, only to have the arm she grabbed pulled away.
"I'm fine. What would make you think somethings wrong? Other than you pulling me down." She said, trying not to sound irritated.
"I didn't pull you down. We've been following you around and trying to get your attention for twenty minutes now. I was trying to stop you, and you just kept walking." Isabela said with a huff.
"You have Mamá really worried. She said you also dropped the church earlier. She asked me to keep an eye on you, but I couldn't get your attention. I had to ask Isa for help." Mirabel said quietly, wringing her hands together. "If something is wrong, why don't you just tell us? Maybe we can help!"
"I told you. I'm fine nothing is wrong." Luisa argued, standing and doing her best to dust off her dress. "I don't need you two to babysit me and follow me around."
"Well apparently you do, if it took us this long to get through to you." Isabela snapped, crossing her arms over her chest.
The three sisters all quickly looked over when a throat cleared nearby. The blood all rushed to Luisa's face when she saw the woman from earlier standing there, obviously uncomfortable, "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. I was told to find Luisa Madrigal. My family needed some help moving building materials for our house. Someone pointed me in this direction." You said nervously, rubbing one of your arms awkwardly.
When Luisa didn't immediately answer and go to work, like she normally would, Isabela looked up at her younger sister, smirking slightly when the larger woman seemed to be completely shut down, red in the face and looking like she was face to face with a ghost. "Well, you're in the right place! She just finished up with a chore. I'm sure she can go help you right now!" She exclaimed happily. She wasn't sure why she thought pushing on Luisa's back would snap her out of it or actually move her.
Mirabel laughed awkwardly as her oldest sister struggled to get Luisa's attention. "Actually, sorry. We have to run back to our house really quick! I saw where they were building earlier. We'll get right on that when we get back into town!" She said, moving to send the woman away. Once they were alone again, Mirabel rushed back to her sisters with an excited squeal.
It took Isabela hitting a vine against the back of Luisa's head to bring her out of it. "Would you quit it with the vines today?!" She snapped, rubbing the now sore spot.
"You have a crush!" The two smaller woman squealed out, each grabbing one of her hands and bouncing excitedly.
"What?! No I don't! I don't know what you're talking about!" Luisa stuttered out, her face flushed red again.
"I knew it! I knew something was up with you!" Mirabel shouted.
"Why don't you talk to her?! Why do you keep shutting down?" Isabela questioned at the same time.
Luisa quickly shushed them both and covered their mouths. "Would you two keep quiet! I don't want the whole town to hear. I don't know why I keep shutting down, and I don't have a crush on her." She said before turning and walking away from them. "Now come on. We're gonna be late for lunch."
The two smaller sisters followed her back to the house, both bouncing with excitement and getting shushed each time they started talking about the situation. As they approached the house, Mirabel finally blurted out, "Mamá is gonna be happy to know something isn't wrong with you. I wonder what she's gonna say."
The two both smashed into the back of their larger sister when she suddenly stopped. "No. We are not telling Mom. We aren't telling anyone in the family. Nobody needs to know until I get this sorted out and figure out what is going on."
The three all tensed up when a familiar squeak came from in the house. Isabela and Mirabel looked around their sister to see Dolores passing by the open front door. They watched her shove the rest of her lunch into her mouth and rush up the stairs to hide in her room.
"That's it. I'm not hungry. I'll see you at dinner." Luisa said in a flat tone as she started walking away from the house.
"Luisa Madrigal! You get in this house and come eat your lunch!" Julieta called from in the dinning room, where she and her husband were setting out the lunch for the family.
Strangely, it only ended up being their family group that came in for lunch. Everyone else either eating out in town or having taken their lunch on the road. The five of them ate silently, Isabel and Mirabel shooting glances at each other and Luisa, who didn't raise her gaze from her plate.
"So tell us about this new girl in town." Agustín said harmlessly, obviously bothered by the tense air that he settled over his daughter's. When his wife shot him a look, he quickly stuttered out, "Sorry. Family. The new family in town." His correction was quickly followed by the sound of shattered glass.
Four pairs of eyes all shot to Luisa, as water dripped from her hand, slowly turning red when she released her grip to let the broken glass fall from her hand. "I'll get a towel." She said simply before standing from the table and walking into the kitchen.
Julieta quickly shooed the rest of her family out of the house before walking into the kitchen, pausing for a second to watch as Luisa rinsed off her hand. As she approached her daughter, she grabbed a spoon to take a scoop of the stew she had cooking for dinner. "You know that you don't have to hide anything from me." She said quietly, bringing the spoon to Luisa's mouth and waiting until she saw the cuts on her hand disappear. "But you also don't have to tell me anything. If you don't want to."
Luisa set her hands against the edge of the counter, leaning heavily against it as she let out a huge sigh. "I don't know what's going on. I saw her once and it's like I completely lost myself. I couldn't think. I couldn't function. I almost dropped the church." She muttered out, barely loud enough for her mom to hear.
"Have you tried talking to her?" Julieta asked carefully, raising her hand to rub small circles on her daughter's back. "Maybe once you introduce yourself and talk to her, it'll help your nerves."
"I can't. It's like I completely shut down when I even look at her." Luisa said, the irritation in her voice becoming more obvious, "I don't get it! I've never gotten this nervous. Just thinking about going out there and seeing her again makes me nauseous! And my palms keep sweating. I don't know how I'm supposed to work like this!"
Julieta couldn't help but let a laugh escape, "Well, you have two options then. You can go out there and pretend that she doesn't exist and go on with your life. Possibly shut down everytime you see her. Who knows, maybe you'll drop a house and get stuck rebuilding half the town." She jokes, smiling and reaching out when Luisa looked at her on horror, "Or, you can go and talk to her. Maybe you won't get along and find out that she's not someone you want to be around, or maybe you will get along really well and you'll gain a friend, or maybe more." She muttered out the last part much quieter than the rest.
"Mija, you're having your first serious crush. It's new territory to you. It's scary, but you'll be fine. You'll get through it." She could tell that there was still some doubt swirling around in her daughter's head. She let out a long breath before she grabbed both sides of Luisa's face, making her look at her. "I know you're worried about what the rest of the family will say. I promise you, I want you to be happy, and if this girl is what makes you happy, then you can leave Abuela to me." She said seriously before placing a kiss on Luisa's forehead.
"Or you can ignore everything I said. The rest is all up to you." She said, her tone like nothing had happened as she grabbed a towel and went to clean up the table. After she heard the back door to the house shut, she looked up to see her husband standing nearby, obviously wanting to know what happened. She simply gave him a shrug and went about her cleaning.
Quite a few of the townspeople had gathered to help the new family build their house up, trying to cut down on how long it would take. There were a couple if carts full of building materials around, having to transport it normally to keep the progress going.
You let out a groan as you lifted a few pieces of lumber out of the back of one of the wagons to take to the builders. A loud noise behind you caused you to turn, seeing the large woman from earlier drop a pallet full of the rest of the building materials. You had seen her working earlier from a distance, and you weren't sure how the town could be so unfazed by it. It was amazing what she could do.
You stood frozen, not realizing that you were staring until she walked up to you. You watched her mouth move as she rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly, but not a word of what she said got through to you. You broke out of it, when she looked down, her face flushing. "I'm sorry. That was so rude of me. I didn't hear anything you just said." You blurted out quickly, hoping that she didn't take any offense.
"Oh! It's okay. I was just apologizing for earlier. My sisters and I were on our way back to have lunch with my parents, but I'm here now." She said with a small smile. "I never got to really introduce myself. I'm Luisa Madrigal. Welcome to town." Your eyes fell to the hand that reached out to you. You hesitated for a second before telling her your name and shaking her hand. Your skin felt on fire when it met hers.
"Oh good! Luisa's here! Hey! We could use the hand." One of the builders called out, causing Luisa to pull her hand away, shouting back that she would be right there.
Your eyes stayed stuck on her hand, not ever realizing that she took the lumber you had. Her voice behind you made you quickly turn to look at her, shocked that she had all the lumber from the cart on one shoulder, "Maybe once you get settled in, I could show you around." She said with a shy smile.
"I... I would like that. Thank you." You replied nervously.
"It's a date then." She said happily before going to help the builders.
It may have just been your mind short circuiting, but you could have sworn that you heard a collection of high pitched squeals in the distance.
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andtheyweresiblings · 21 days ago
I saw a tag in an AO3 Mirabruno fic that said Mirabel and Bruno are coded as a couple, and this was definitely a thought I also had during my first watch of the movie. Especially considering that in an animated film, any potential chemistry between actors is not going to play a huge role in what’s happening on screen. Rather, any chemistry between characters is going to be due to the choices animators and writers made, which is fun to think about. So I thought I’d try my hand at analyzing what I think so many of us were picking up on.
Now I’m not saying all of these points support romantic coding alone, but I think when put together, we get something significant between Mirabel and Bruno. I would love to hear any possible additions or elaborations to this that I might be missing.
**use the numbered points as the TLDR**
1. Bruno estranged himself from his family to protect Mirabel.
There is a lot to be said about this move. On one hand, Bruno was motivated to do this because he had already developed a bad reputation amongst his family and the townsfolk that his prophecies were bad news and that he was somehow playing a role in them. It can probably be argued for this reason alone, he left to protect himself. But he was also protecting Mirabel because he knew that with this prophecy, she would be dragged down with him. When Mirabel meets/confronts him in Casita’s walls, Bruno says, “no one was supposed to see that prophecy.” Considering how superstitious/paranoid Bruno appears (to the point of probably meeting OCD criteria), I think it is a fair assumption that at some point, Bruno started internalizing that maybe just maybe he was part of the problem and was to blame for the outcomes of some of his prophecies. So, in addition to protecting Mirabel from his mother’s wrath, I think Bruno may also have been trying to protect her from some doomed fate he might have thought he brought upon her. I think his logic was, if no one else sees the prophecy, maybe it cannot come true. I got on a little tangent there, but ultimately, while I think Bruno had a couple motivators for leaving the family after making the prophecy about Mirabel, it seems the main motivator was to protect Mirabel. While not inherently romantic, it is definitely a decision with a lot of love behind it. 
2. They defend each other to the family matriarch.
In the final act of the film, both Mirabel and Bruno defend each other to Alma. While Mirabel is defending herself and her sisters against her abuela’s impossible standards, she also leaps to Bruno’s defense, stating that Alma always saw “the worst” in Bruno and that Bruno does in fact love the family.
Likewise, Bruno literally rides on a horse to Mirabel’s rescue to defend her against any wrath Alma may have against her. This is especially important when considering that Bruno previously expressed to Mirabel that he was afraid of facing Alma. In this scene, he shows he is willing to overcome this fear to once again protect Mirabel. He literally tells his mother, “I don’t care what you do to me.” I think the fact that he is riding on a horse just adds to the coding of a knight in shining armor rescuing his damsel in distress, even if Mirabel is perfectly capable of managing conflict.
3. Bruno comes across as younger than his age.
Bruno holds himself in a smaller posture. He appears shorter than his sisters. And frankly, he seems timid and unsure of himself. He often uses more informal language and catches himself and tries to use more formal language, and I think it’s to appear more mature than he feels he is. It doesn’t help that all of the Madrigal adults look much younger for their age, and he’s no exception. Now, I am going to refrain from going into why he may seem younger than his sisters (despite the graying hair). The point here is that Bruno acting and looking younger created a weird dissonance in my mind. On one hand, I knew he was Mirabel’s uncle and was the same age as her mother. On the other hand, his portrayed youth makes it a little easier to interpret their interactions as a little more romantic than familial. Because honestly, if the plot was just a little different and Bruno was just some seer that Mirabel was seeking out, then a lot of their interactions would read as very shippable to me. I’m sorry I cannot elaborate this more eloquently.
4. “After you save the miracle, come visit.” “After I save the miracle, I’m bringing you home.”
No elaboration for this. Just the way they look at each other during this exchange:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
5. Bruno is canonically interested in incest romances.
Ok. I know this has been a central point of discourse between us and antis, but I want to look at this within the context of the narrative. Which is to say, Bruno talking about an aunt/nephew romance plot comes across as a foreshadow when considering the fact that 1) it can be assumed Bruno came up with this plot by himself and enjoys it, 2) Bruno started talking about this plot basically unprompted to his niece who he hasn’t seen in a decade, and 3) this was right after he had saved said niece from what he had assumed was death. I think having one of the characters in a shipcest pairing being canonically interested in incest already gives us a lot of shipcest fuel, but more than that, Bruno’s interest in incest and how it is introduced within the narrative very easily reads as a foreshadow in the first viewing of the movie.
6. Bruno is starved for affection and love, while Mirabel is starved for respect.
I think this is what ultimately colors everything between these two as potentially romantic. Bruno has been isolated for ten years, so any positive regard and affection to him is going to be so meaningful. We can see it on his face when Mirabel is reassuring him that she doesn’t think he makes bad things happen and that he just got a bad rap. We can see it in countless other scenes of Bruno receiving affection from other characters in the movie. He is shocked and very clearly doesn’t know what to do with it:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Likewise, Mirabel rarely receives respect from the adults and even children of the family. Tía Pepe and Isabela tend to be annoyed with Mirabel at baseline. Abuela Alma at her kindest is still shutting down Mirabel and telling Mirabel she has very little value to offer the family. Meanwhile, her parents sometimes accidentally support Alma’s opinion of Mirabel in their reassurances that she has “nothing” to prove. From their first interaction, Bruno listens to Mirabel and talks to her like an equal, like an autonomous adult who matters. As the two work together, Bruno continues to demonstrate that he respects Mirabel. He doesn’t talk down to her, and he apologizes for raising his voice at her when she was spiraling about hugging Isabella to save the miracle and reemphasizes her autonomy (“it’s up to you”):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ultimately, these two unconditionally offer each other what they are both craving—what they each never properly received from the rest of the family—and this is a trope often used in a romantic narrative. Not to mention, they can also relate to each other; they are both misfits and both feel incredibly displaced from the rest of the family. Add to the fact that the two treat each other more like equals and less like uncle/niece, and suddenly, the couple coding seems more evident.
7. The blocking and imagery choices.
Honestly, most of the ship vibes I saw came from a lot of the blocking/imagery choices the animators made, so I’m just going to have to include some screenshots of the most damning ones because I don’t know how to make gifs. They are as follows.
The concern/desperation in Bruno’s eyes when he saves Mirabel from falling:
Tumblr media
All the hand holding during the prophecy scene:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene in which we see a lot of mirroring between the two, supporting the idea that they see each other as equals:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This scene in which her parents are singing, “and to watch our little girl grow.” Of all the things to pan to in order to demonstrate that Mirabel is growing up, they chose to show her interacting with Bruno. It’s an interesting choice to me:
Tumblr media
And then, of course, the last minute or so of the movie where we get a lot of mirabruno eye contact and shared smiles:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Casita literally brings them together into a pseudo-dance:
Tumblr media
Then there is the family picture. The way Bruno is holding/touching Mirabel does not come across as a typical uncle/niece interaction. Look at them. Regardless of the nature of their relationship, there is a high level of physical intimacy shown here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And of course, the end credits silhouette:
Tumblr media
So there you have it. These are the biggest reasons why I think these two are coded as a couple, but I’m sure there are many more that I’m not thinking of. I love these two so much, and I would love to hear other thoughts in support of their coding as a couple.
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myheartbloomsflowers · 27 days ago
Oh God. No no. No. Worst take I've seen is that the Abuela is homophobic cause she expected that Isabella was to get married to a man. Listen guys. This movie IS NOT about sexuality. It's NOT about being gay. See as a Hispanic, there comes a certain age when the females get older. That she is expected to get married and have children, and basically serve the husband for the rest of her life. Times have changed, now families mostly want their little girls to get an education first. But there comes a time when that's expected of her. Most of the time, the oldest daughter is expected to be perfect and set an example for the rest. I understand people want to see gayness and headcanon it in every media they see. But when Hispanics finally get a movie they relate too. Suddenly the themes are not about problems that Hispanics deal with. It's suddenly about which character is gay. Where in this movie was there queer romance? Absolutely nowhere in this movie. And here's the thing. I understand people saying Luca is queer coded cause it quite literally is. THAT'S a movie for sexuality themes. Okay? I am so disappointed that since the movie came out for free. It's been about. OH BRUNO AND CAMILO NEED MORE SCREENTIME! Or OH MY GOSH ISABELLA IS SO GAY! ALMA IS HORRIBLE!! MADRIGALCEST! Like really?
First of all. Tumblr begs and begs for complex female characters. We get several in this movie. And I hardly see any fanart of them? Everyone is saying how much more of Bruno and Camilo they want? It reminds me of how often Strong Hispanic women are overlooked and ignored in real life. Also why am I getting Bruno imagines when I look up Encanto? Like come on.
Speaking of complex female characters. Abuela.
I want to touch on how I find it funny that Tumblr will have people SIMP over males who do bad things out of trauma. And yet they demonize the fuck out of a woman who saw her husband die right in front of her eyes the DAY her children are born. And then having to live alone and raise those children herself, and out of fear that perhaps the miracle might run out and take away their safe haven. Maybe she wanted them to be perfect because she didn't want the candle to run out and for the mountains that shielded their village to disappear? She's traumatized. And she was not only the matriarch of her family but of an entire village. Alma carried a lot of weight on her shoulders. And she had no one to lean on and go to for comfort, ultimately it was Mirabel who helped her heal and learn her mistakes. Unlike most men in fiction who never redeem themselves or acknowledge their mistakes. ALMA DID. She became aware of what she was doing. And apologized and now she can truly appreciate her family without fear. Unlike non-Hispanics. Hispanics understand what having traumatized family members that don't know how to cope or express their love in healthy ways are like.
As progressive as you guys want to seem, You're undermining the themes and values that Encanto presents. There is a time and there is a place. Of course I believe in gay rights and gay rep. So don't come calling me homophobic. But as a Hispanic. I'm seriously annoyed that I get a movie made for my people and all people wanna talk about is sexuality??? And then they bash a female character for being complex? And then they ignore the main female characters and flood the tags with the male characters and demand more screen time for those males.
As a Hispanic. I'm tired. 🤚
Also. I see people shipping the family members together. So now this movie is being made about incest too. I don't think I need to explain why incest is wrong. But yes this whole thing is a mess.
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nael-opale · a month ago
If you like long analytic rants, here I go
☛ Everything I love about The Ultimate Vision scene :
The way Bruno says "you can't hurry the future" like it's an evidence, with a little laugh in his voice
How he stops and chuckles awkwardly when he arrives in front of the unphased capybara...then decides to include him in the ritual, because why the hell not ? The beast ain't gonna move and he will not fight against a capybara.
Bruno's rant about people thinking he is creepy and a goldfish killer...he heard that song about him, right ?
Mirabel reassuring her uncle 😭✨ I love how she tucks her hair behind her ear while saying "family weirdos", making it clear that she is talking from experience
Bruno staring at her in disbelief... This man is NOT used to encouragements and it shows.
Antonio handing him the jaguar plushie 💖 Bruno looking at him with confused puppy eyes VS Antonio being super confident when he explains "for the nerves" (which I realize now, he is also talking from experience...the plushie helped him feel better before his very stressful gift ceremony)
Bruno's soft smile, looking down at the handmade plushie... In that moment, you just know he his thinking that he has been blessed with the best niblings EVER
The entire preparation ritual... The music starts and it's just so mysterious and beautiful. Just like the audience, Mirabel does not know what he is doing or why, but she is very attentive to his every move. I saw people theorize here that this exact ritual is not mandatory for the visions to happen, but that it helps him to concentrate. I love the idea, because you can really see him shift from his unsure usual attitude, having to convince himself that "[he] can do it" by repeating it out loud, to a more focused and confident demeanor.
The door to his room lighting up... We saw that the light flickers when people can't use their gifts, it seems like it stops shining when people don't use their gifts at all for a long time. But no one in the family died since Pedro, which begs the question : what happens to the door if someone dies ? Did his family think Bruno was dead when they saw the door without a glow, because no one stopped using his gift willingly before him ?
The way he says "you might wanna hang on" while cracking his knuckles It is probably the most assured he has ever sounded the entire time he was on screen. He knows what he is doing, at least so far. I have a theory about that : I don't think it is necessary for them to hold hands for the vision ritual to work, they let go a few times while they do it, and it does not stop anything. I think Bruno offers to do that because he knows his visions can be impressive, especially the green glowing eyes and the sandstorm... I think the last thing he wants is scaring his niece. He takes her hands so gently... Maybe it's comforting for him too ? Dammit, I'm emotional now...
Tumblr media
Whatever this was...
Tumblr media
It was hot. Something was awaken in me. Glowing green eyes and locks twirling against a dark sky sure is a sight. And I love that it's not him being a villain, he still looks so soft...
The moment of doubt Bruno went through where he wanted to stop everything... It just breaks my heart. I cannot express it better than @littleghostythings in this post so please, read it !
Yellow butterflies. Great theme, great metaphor, great visuals, great reference... Gotta love the butterflies !
Mirabel helping her uncle up and keeping his hand in hers while walking through the sandstorm... He can only do this with her help. That's powerful.
Bruno being confused about wether it is a fight or a hug ! 😂 My poor boy is not used to positive visions and he hasn't been hugged in 10 years... Also the way he says "you fight her !" with his fists up : I think your inner telenovela writer is showing Bruno ! Mirabel's frustration is also very funny to me : I think it mirrors the way he yells at her later, when she is caught up in her rant about Isabela. Bruno is clearly very sensitive to that because he looks distraught for a moment when she yells at him, and when he does it himself, he quickly apologizes several times...
Bruno being so happy that he had a happy vision for once ! He looks so enthusiastic when he shouts "an embrace !"
Bruno protecting himself from falling sand with the glass plate VS Unphased capybara accepting his fate with no reaction like a boss
Bruno's reaction being like : "Yeah - you have to hug your sister, that's great, I wish I could hug my sisters ! :D" *Mirabel is not amused* " ...nevermind. :( " *instant defeat* No wonder poor Bruno doesn't want to use his gift : everytime ! They turn on him EVERYTIME !
☛ In conclusion : well, when I said everything... It's everything. I basically described the whole scene with comments !
I love this scene because it highlights the resemblance between Mirabel and Bruno and the great relationship they have as a result. They relate. They understand and encourage each other. They're so supportive and I think it's neat. They both...desperately needed that. Having each other's support was genuinely helpful, unlike the accidentally condescending words of reassurance Julieta gave her daughter... Their words were enough to give each other comfort and power. That's what helped them find the courage to stand up to Alma. Together, they got stronger.
That's what family is all about. ╱╲╱╳╲╱╲╱╲╱╳╲╱╲
Thanks to @vilmublue for uploading 8 minutes of Bruno Madrigal, it helped me a lot to observe everything
Screenshot from this video / a post by @jayzmultifand0m
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yumbees · a month ago
Telling their pronouns!
Abuela: *death stare* "take a guess". (she respects all pronouns she just doesn't understand why anyone would ask her)
Felix: "He him!" but you can hear the smile
Julieta: "She. Did you eat enough for lunch? You look hungry."
Pepa: "She. Why? Is something wrong?" Clouds form. she's suspicious.
Bruno: "I live with rats."
Agustin: "He/him" but he pronounces the slash
Isabela: "Gorgeous. But she."
Dolores: "The question isn't mine, it's yours. There's something you haven't told anyone yet but your parents will be supportive I promise"
Luisa: "she her" but it's so weird cause every time she says that she sneezes and everyone is so confused but really it just happened the first two times and she thought it was so funny she fakes it now
Camilo: *laughs really hard for a really long time*
Mirabel: "She and they. What's your hip size?" She's making you a dress
Antonio: "He. Ask me again in ten years."
To seeing the mona lisa
Abuela: "Beautiful." she buys a poster of it from the gift shop
Felix: "I don't see the appeal" takes a face swap selfie with it
Julieta: "Where are the statues?"
Pepa: "She seems like she needs a nap." *yawn*
Bruno: can't even see it cause he's too short and also the rats are misbehaving
Agustin: Makes that one face from that scene
Isabela: "I'm still prettier" *hair toss*
Dolores: She's not paying attention she's listening to the many gossipy convos around her
Luisa: takes a picture and covers it with emotes and stickers and puts it on instagram
Camilo: pretends to eat it
Mirabel: gets kicked out cause camilo was pretending to be her while pretending to eat it
Antonio: well behaved and respectful. the museum people were too scared to not let the leopard come in too but he's behaving as well
What were you hoping your gift would be?
Abuela: "My children"
Felix: "I've always wanted to dunk a basketball."
Julieta: "We didn't have any idea what was coming."
Pepa: "I just wanted to make the door glow."
Bruno: "Literally anything but this"
Agustin: *covered in bee stings* "I'm just glad Julieta has what she has."
Isabela: "I was happy when I got mine but I've always been jealous of Luisa's"
Dolores: "I didn't know what was happening, I thought i was gonna get flowers too..."
Luisa: "I really wanted to fly"
Camilo: "I'd have liked anything that let me perform. Luisa's or Isa's or Mama's... all good."
Mirabel: "I fully expected something with light. Like moving light or making light or glowing."
Antonio: *very very small shy voice* "I didn't think I would get one. I just didn't want Abuela to be mad at me."
As Vines
Abuela: "I'm sixteen. I'm a grandmutha"
Felix: "I love you bitch. i ain't neva gonna stop lovin you. bitch."
Julieta: "i'm just cooking pizza" BANG
Pepa: "Bats. It's frickin bats. I love halloween"
Bruno: the one where big bird kicks down the door
Agustin: The i'm just cooking pizza one bit hes the one that gets hit
Isabela: any vine with an elmo in it
Luisa: "i love myself. Even though i look like a burnt chicken nugget, i still love myself."
Mirabel: "Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does."
Antonio: "It's an avacado! Thanks."
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dancevidaniya · a month ago
Encanto needs to be a stage musical and here’s why
Someone’s probably already talked about this, but I feel the need to dump all my ideas here. 
General premise: there’s a lot going on in Encanto that could have used more screentime, and it’s a great story with lots of beautiful visuals and themes. 
Tumblr media
Further elaboration (with spoilers obviously):
There’s so many characters! And you know what that means: we need more solos. 
What about a song or songs detailing what Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio are going through? Dolores living with a power that she can’t really shut off (presumably), Camilo trying to find himself while presenting himself as a careless goofball, Antonio’s fears before and after he discovers his powers. He admires Mirabel SO MUCH, but he’s also scared of sharing her fate.
Also, weave in a little more about Dolores’s unrequited love. Make it the tiniest, cutest little subplot. Maurino and Dolores have the smallest exchange where he’s delivering something for the party and she stutters out a little, “Thanks.” And then she makes that little “eep” sound before pattering off. He glances over his shoulder at her, shrugs and smiles.
I think a huge missed opportunity was that we didn’t get to really address the fact that Abuela Alma doesn’t have magic powers herself? Maybe that’s another reason why she’s so hard on Mirabel, she can see her own perceived inadequacies in her. After all, after going through such chaos in fleeing her home and losing her husband, having magical kids was her way of taking back control. The only way she thought she could fix the world around her was through them.
Felix and Agustin having a more lighthearted song about how they married into this crazy, magical family and sometimes they don’t even know how to raise their own kids. Sprinkle in some details about how they met their wives. It doesn’t even have to be a song of its own, it could lead into the aforementioned Abuela song where the tune tapers off into something more somber.
That scene where Julieta is telling Mirabel that’s she just as special as the rest of the family? Song. Make it a song.
Tumblr media
Bruno!! Let’s talk about Bruno! This could have fit into the last category, but it’s just that important.
“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a straight up banger, I’ve listened to it a thousand times already, don’t change a thing.
Bruno himself needs more to sing though. We need a song from his perspective about what was going through his head when he ran away and the life he’s been living in the walls.
In the same song perhaps, talk about what it was like to grow up with a power that people progressively began to distrust and even revile. Mirabel and Bruno both grew up under a stigma, both feeling unwanted if for different reasons. And now Mirabel herself seems to be an instrument of doom, just like him.
Bruno and Mirabel could have an awesome musical number for the whole vision sequence. Build it up with discussion about their anxieties. Mirabel insisting on the vision because she has to know how she can fix the situation, Bruno flinching and trying to get out of it because he knows what happens when people hear his prophecies. The vision begins and the music builds and builds and the green lighting is going crazy until - “ISABELA?”
(Sidenote: later in the musical, make it more apparent that the Isabela thing is only the beginning of the healing-the-whole-family process).
Finally, Bruno needs more time to reconcile with the family and for them to apologize and promise to do better by him. That was one of my few complaints about the movie. They really ran out of time to organically welcome Bruno back, and a stage musical would have so much more time to do that in a satisfying way.
Tumblr media
And speaking of things that needed more screentime...
One of my other big complaints about the movie was that Isabela and Mirabel’s reconciliation feels really fast and in my opinion, pretty forced. Isabela was pretty harsh on Mirabel, and her song seems to still be tilted towards, “I’m pretty amazing. Oh yeah, thanks Mirabel.” And Mirabel herself has two seconds to change her mind about her sister. 
So what I would change is: the cactus can still appear in a fit of passion, but it needs to be Mirabel’s idea that Isabela make more. Isabela takes notice for the first time that Mirabel’s unique outlook on life expresses itself through compassion, even towards her. Make Mirabel forget about the hug, and make her suddenly interested in her own sister’s development. She wants to see what else Isabela can do, and Isabela wants more of Mirabel’s perspective. They come to really believe each other when they hear the message, “I’m struggling.” Then it leads into them having a blast like they were at the end of the song.
Tumblr media
On to visuals: Casita!! Magic house!!
Is there anything that screams "theater” like a story that revolves around a single location? And houses are right at the top. And a magic house that shifts and emotes and has magic rooms? That’s a theater dream come true!
You ever check out some of the behind scenes footage clips of the Beetlejuice musical? It’s ridiculous what they managed to do with the lighting of that house, using all the latest technologies. A Disney budget could really run with that.
Through animatronics and the unsung heroes of theater, the techie, you have all the power you need to have cabinets opening and closing, banners sagging and then lifting, cups vibrating on dancing tile counters, floors bouncing and moving people around the stage, flowers sprouting all over the place.
Turning the house set around and you got yourself Bruno’s hideout in the walls. Turn it again and hey look, it’s more of the family members’ rooms! Break the house apart to reveal Bruno’s crazy cavernous tower, and then break it again during the catastrophic climax. Sidenote: explain why the hell the family couldn’t build Mirabel a bigger room or let her share one of theirs. Like, Jesus lol
Tumblr media
Anyway, there’s just a lot to say. I’ll just go ahead and leave you with a final suggestion: everyone’s gotta apologize to Mirabel more than they did. HARD. Especially Abuela Alma.
Thank you for your time!
Tumblr media
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cheeseanonioncrisps · a month ago
So, random thought… how many of the Madrigals know that Bruno left of his own free will?
'Cause I'm just thinking about the reactions of Mirabel's parents. When Mirabel talks about seeing cracks in the walls, her mother at first tries to put it off as just stress or something. And maybe she really believes that.
But then, when Mirabel starts getting too insistent that she really saw the walls start to crack and the candle go out, what does Julieta do? She brings up Bruno. The family taboo. “My brother Bruno lost his way in this family. I don't want the same for you.”
Now, this is an odd thing to bring up. Mirabel literally can't say a word about Bruno without everyone in the vicinity loudly talking about how nobody talks about him. It is a big deal that Julieta is referencing him in casual conversation like this.
And I'm convinced that the reason she does, is because she's panicking.
The one kid who she thought didn't get a gift (and who failed to get a gift the same night that Bruno mysteriously left the family) has suddenly started having visions of terrible things that haven’t happened yet. Nobody in the family seems to really know how the candle magic works— and Mirabel's case is unprecedented even in that context— so I don't think it would be that unreasonable for Julieta to wonder if there hasn't been some sort of power transference/replacement going on.
In a family where keeping up appearances is everything— and where there's no real privacy, thanks to Dolores— bringing up her brother is Julieta's way of trying to tell Mirabel “please keep quiet about it if you've suddenly developed future vision, I don't want you to end up like Bruno!”
And sure, maybe this is just because she remembers how Bruno was treated when he was around. But then, she also knows how Mirabel is being treated now. She knows how insecure she is about not having a gift, and how Abuela and the townsfolk seem to look down on her for it.
And the Madrigals have all been raised to view their gifts as tools that they are obligated to use to help the townsfolk. For Julieta to hear even a suggestion that her daughter may have a gift, and immediately shut it down like this, suggests that she thinks the consequences for revealing will be dire.
And she specifically references the fact that Bruno was 'lost', even though she has no reason whatsoever to believe that Mirabel is going to choose to leave the family.
And then there's Agustín, who hears that Bruno had a vision of the Casita collapsing and Mirabel being at the centre of it— a vision that he knows is almost certainly going to come true— and immediately insists that she hide it and not tell anyone.
Again, weird. Why would you not want your family to be informed of an oncoming catastrophe? Even if you have reason to believe that your daughter will be at the epicentre of it all, isn't that all the more reason to let your super-powered in-laws know, so they have a better chance of protecting her? And yet he's clearly way more terrified by the thought of the family finding out, than he is by the thought of Bruno's vision coming true.
His reaction doesn't really make sense in the context of "Bruno had scary visions and then chose to move out one day and cut contact because of how people treated him". Or even "Bruno saw this and it was so scary that he ran off one day".
But both Agustín and Julieta's reactions make perfect sense if they personally believe that Bruno was forced out by Abuela.
I mean, think about it from their perspective. It's the night of your daughter's gifting ceremony, and it's all gone horribly wrong. The two of your have probably spent the night in the nursery comforting a sobbing five year old. You may be able to hear (or Dolores may later tell you) that Abuela is arguing with Bruno— the creepy relative that everyone blames when Bad Things happen— about his prophecies.
And then the next day Bruno has vanished, mysteriously, and Abuela is insisting that nobody is allowed to talk about him.
I feel like you would at least wonder about what had happened, even if Abuela openly said that he left on his own (and we don't know if she even gave that much of an explanation). Especially since Bruno doesn't seem the type you'd expect to take off on a solo journey through the mountains.
And you would never get to talk about these fears, because "we don't talk about Bruno". Even in private, you'd be constantly aware of your eleven year old niece who can't help but listen in to everything you're saying. And having no outlet for these thoughts would probably only make them worse.
So, maybe you'd end up subtly encouraging your gifted children to not upset Abuela too much— make sure Isabella understands how important it is that she go along with things 'for the family', and that Luisa knows to make herself useful— and your one, not-gifted child, to try not to draw too much attention to that fact.
After all, you don't want another Bruno.
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balsee · 25 days ago
seeing a lot of mariano hate lately and i just want to ramble about it for a second because i think it’s a little weird. mariano probably had at least four scenes total throughout the entire duration of the movie, so there’s not much to go off of, but what we do get gives us a small glimpse of who he is as a character. 
first, the dinner between the madrigal’s and the guzman’s: 
Tumblr media
here, the anticipated marriage between isabela and mariano is discussed in a way that sounds more like something of a business deal. it’s “the guzman’s and the madrigal’s together will be so good for the encanto.” not “the marriage between mariano and isabela will not only make them happy, but the family as well.” more importance is placed on the betterment of the encanto rather than isabela and mariano’s individual feelings about their marriage. mariano does look happy, but we soon discover that isabela is anything but.
Tumblr media
isabela gives so much for the sake of her family, so this scene is not only pretty heartbreaking, but it’s cathartic for her as well. she can finally admit, out loud, that she never had any interest in mariano but was willing to marry him if it made her family happy. since this is the case, it’s not that far of a stretch to assume that mariano most likely did the same thing for the sake of his own family. that could very well be the case, and he just happens to have a better poker face than isabela. mariano’s mom was probably concerned about her son’s future, the expansion of her own family if mariano ever decided to have kids, and who in particular he would be married to. what better family for her son to marry into than the one with magical powers who helps their village daily? and who better for mariano to spend his life with than isabela, who has been nothing but “perfect” in every way her entire life? in the case of a mother with only one son, (we don’t know if mariano has any other siblings), it only makes sense.
circling back to the proposal scene, there’s a brief moment in which mirabel hits her head on the dinner table:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
again, it’s short, but it shows that mariano genuinely cares about isabela’s family members (nobody else really bothered to ask if mirabel was alright, but granted, there was a lot going on at the time). he’s sweet, and i like how the movie took a little bit of time to show us this. 
also, let’s not forget that mariano was front and center when the rest of the village came to help rebuild the madrigal’s home. i can bet my bottom dollar that was his idea even though he ended up with a failed proposal and a broken nose.
then, finally, there’s this moment towards the end of the movie:
Tumblr media
this scene is where most of the mariano dislike stems from, and i can kind of see why. it looks like mariano only decided to end up with dolores because things sort of crashed between him and isabela. but when mirabel approaches him earlier and asks him why he looks so bummed out, mariano replies that he just has a lot of love inside. it’s clear that mariano wants to fall in love and have a family, which i think might be a first when it comes to male characters in disney movies. we’ve seen male disney characters fall for their love interests, but this is the first time we’ve seen a man so eager to find the love of his life and settle down. his intentions are good, he just directed them to the wrong person, mainly due to family expectation.
what makes dolores a good match for mariano is that she knows very specific things about him. “you talk so loud, you take care of your mother and you make her proud. you write your own poetry every night when you go to sleep...” we can juxtapose this to isabela who had no interest in him anyway and probably didn’t even know that much about mariano to begin with. on my second and third rewatch of this movie, mariano and dolores getting together at the end seems less like him “jumping” from isabela to dolores because he couldn’t have isabela, and more like mariano finally finding someone who liked him for him instead of doing so for family, and was just as enthusiastic about falling in love with the right person as he was, even if it was a bit rushed. that someone is dolores. 
TLDR; mariano guzman is a sweet, caring, romantic at heart who takes care of his mother and deserves more appreciation.
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gay-jesus-probably · 3 days ago
unpopular opinion: a lot of the LGBT encanto headcanons are bad actually (an accidental essay)
I've decided that actually y'know what I WILL talk about my thoughts on Camilo Madrigal, specifically the Encanto fandom's incredibly bad takes on him. I am so fucking sick of having to see people cheerfully talking about how 'well this shapeshifter turns into men AND women sooo obviously they must be genderfluid, and definitely can't use just the one set of gender pronouns they have in canon'.
I don't know how to explain this to you, but insisting that a character is genderfluid specifically because that character can become biologically male or female at will? Not the progressive statement you think it is. Actually taking us back a few steps there.
You know what's a lot more interesting? Camilo being a cis guy who has no problem shapeshifting into women, because gender is a lie and biology only means what we want it to. The world isn't divided into 'trans people' and 'people who are physically unable to examine their gender identity'. Why the fuck isn't anyone writing about Camilo as a boy that's been able to shapeshift since he was five, and has the perspective to see that his physical form changes nothing about his identity, and he is a boy because that's how we feels, not because he's AMAB? Am I the only enby person that actually WANTS cis people to examine their gender identity and decide that biological sex isn't very important and their assigned gender being correct was just a happy coincidence?
And again, cannot stress this enough, while I understand why the idea of being able to shapeshift away from your dysphoria is appealing, and you want to project that fantasy onto a shapeshifting character, declaring a character genderfluid because they are capable of shapeshifting into men and women has some incredibly fucked up implications, and you should probably put some more thought into that.
Look, if it was just Camilo, I'd give the fandom the benefit of the doubt, but I fucking see how Mirabel and Luisa are the only other characters getting trans/enby headcanons. Especially looking at you, people who saw a character that's very tall and muscular with a deep voice and decided she must be a trans woman, all of you are fucking banned from making gender headcanons until you get your heads out of your asses. And I've definitely noticed the suspicious absence of nonbinary Isabela headcanons, that's not a great look for y'all. The 'Mirabel is enby' team doesn't seem to have quite as much blatant transphobia behind it, but also I do kind of get the vibes that y'all latched on to her specifically because she doesn't qualify as beautiful by eurocentric standards, and I'm not super comfortable with how that ties into the idea that brown/black women don't get recognized as women unless they can perform femininity at a standard that white people deem acceptable, but that's. Not really something I'm qualified to talk about.
And of course all of this ends up coming back to the main problem, which is that this shit is being done by white people whose understanding of intersectionality is shaky at best. So I'm honestly not sure how much of the white Encanto fandom understands that the characters being latine means they will have a different relationship to their gender/sexuality, so things that are progressive in white characters might carry unfortunate implications in brown characters.
Being queer isn't just a white thing of course, and having queer headcanons for non-white characters is great. But a different culture is going to have a different queer culture as well. People aren't getting mad about LGBT Encanto headcanons to be homophobic, they're getting mad about it because white people aren't writing queer latine characters, they're writing characters who read as queer white Americans that happen to live in Colombia. The writers are projecting their own experiences and culture on to the characters, and completely ignore all but the superficial details of their actual racial identities. So yeah. That's why latine people keep yelling at you to stop headcanoning Encanto characters as queer and/or neurodivergent. It's not because they're homophobic/ableist. It's because you don't know what you're doing, and keep whitewashing the characters so you can project onto them.
Fuck, I've seen a genuinely disturbing amount of white fans who assumed a detail in the movie was about them, got informed it was actually a Colombian/latine culture thing, and decided to argue with them and appropriate it anyways. For example, the part in What Else Can I Do where the plant pollen Isabela's throwing around forms a Colombian flag on her dress, which white people have been outright arguing was actually just a messy take on the lesbian flag. The people arguing that like Isabela and can relate her to her exploring who she is and celebrating her sense of identity. It's just that those people can't relate to connecting to their race and culture and finding a defiant joy in celebrating that aspect of their identity. But instead of realizing and accepting that that specific detail isn't meant for them, they're just... twisting the moment to try and make it belong to them anyways. Because acknowledging that the experience of being a white lesbian and the experience of being a brown woman share some similarities, but are ultimately completely different? That's not super fun, and makes it hard to project onto Isabela. But ignoring and twisting the nuance to interpret the character as an extension of yourself, oh, that's both fun and easy, no uncomfortable feelings required! Or how white fans hold up Bruno's habits of knocking on wood, throwing salt over his shoulder, and holding his breath as evidence of him having OCD. But those aren't abnormal behaviours; they're common, socially accepted actions for bringing good luck in Latine culture. The only significance they have for Bruno's character is highlighting that he's very superstitious. He also has a habit of crossing his fingers and avoids stepping on cracks, but those are never brought up as proof of him being neurodivergent, because those aren't considered strange to the people making the headcanons, so they don't register; that just looks like a normal, harmless bit of superstition that just brings a little peace of mind. And again, these headcanons are from white people with OCD who saw a character performing strange rituals to ward off bad luck, and saw themselves in him. But they're missing the wider context, which is that Bruno's actions aren't personal, compulsive rituals that look strange and unnecessary to the people around him, he's just making casual gestures that other character see as being on the same level as crossing your fingers for good luck. They see a character doing things they consider weird, and feel a connection to him, without realizing that they're just projecting their own values onto a different culture.
Honestly, this sort of thing is an especially serious problem for white American fans; they're used to a very self absorbed culture that places America as the default option, the center of the world, so trying to understand another culture just... doesn't come naturally to them. Meanwhile literally everybody else has experience having to put up with stuff that assumes they're American, and therefor gets frequent reminders that other places exist and have different cultures. Like, if I'm writing a fanfic set in another country, I'll do a little bit of research about what their normal is, and I'll try to make sure that stuff I consider standard doesn't slip in unless it's a thing there too. Meanwhile I've seen Americans write fics where prom night is an important high school experience in South Korea, fics where a badly injured Canadian is terrified of the medical bills pilling up while he's in the hospital, fics where going from Denmark to Sweden involved passports and border checkpoints, fics where gun ownership was treated as normal for average civilians in Japan, and fics where Russians living in the city while also owning a second house for vacations in the country was only for crazy rich upper class people. There's just this sort of built in idea that Americans have where the every modern civilization must be just the USA with some cosmetic differences.
I mean, cultural blindness/appropriation is global problem, anywhere you go you'll find people who think their idea of normal is the universal standard. But it's especially common in Americans, and they're the most resistant to accepting that they can connect to the similarities they find in stories from/about other cultures while still acknowledging and respecting the differences.
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rosiefaeriee · 8 days ago
What Love Feels Like
Tumblr media
Camilo x gn! Reader (no specified gender but it's more towards female reader)
Summary: The Camilo Madrigal didn't know what love really felt like. It was ironic, really. However with your guidance, he knew how to love. With your guidance, he found out he was inlove with...
Camilo is a minor, 18+ people shoo
Tumblr media
You held a basket of empanadas as you and Camilo waited for his prima to finish getting ready. "Mirabelllll, huurryyyy" He dragged every syllable. "I'm done, I'm done!" She yelled back and bought Julieta's arepas.
"Let's go!" You exclaimed and you all went to go find a spot.
The three of you were eating arepas, talking about so many different things when Mirabel suddenly asked, "Do you guys have any crushes?" Huh? You looked up. "That's quite sudden." Camilo commented.
You've had a crush on Camilo since forever, but you weren't ready to confess. Plus, Camilo probably already had a lover. "I do" You just said. Mira was about to ask you who you had a crush on when Camilo—
"I don't know what having a crush feels like." He doesn't what?
Week 1 of journaling
Dear diary.. When me, Mira, and Cami went to have a small picnic earlier today Camilo told me he didn't know what it's like to romantically feel love. At first I thought he would have a novia/novio already, but I was wrong. Atleast I have a bigger chance to be with him?
Tumblr media
It's been a few days since Camilo admitted his small knowledge of crushes. You were selling some fish in town. "Hola Y/N, how are the fish selling?" Your neighbor senor Adrio asked. "It's quite well. By the way how is your family senor?" You replied. "We are doing just fine. Tell your parents I said hi."
"Sure sure, I will." You smiled and went back to your work. "By the way, that Madrigal boy was looking for you. He said he wanted to ask you something." He told you. Camilo? Why would he be looking for me? What was so important that he needed to ask you?
Week 2 of journaling
Dear diary.. I figured out journaling was actually pretty fun! I could get used to this.
Camilo seemed to be really curious about love. He asked what it felt like to be inlove. In my opinion, I think..
1. You feel happy and comfortable around that person.
2. You feel butterflies in your stomach when around that person.
3. You want to be with that person at all times.
4. Sometimes you can't find the right words to say when talking to that person.
5. And most importantly, you accept that person just the way they are.
Or atleast, that's just how I feel about Camilo. But anyway, I told him that and he only nodded.
Tumblr media
You heard your little sister Rosa and other children laugh as Camilo chased them. It seems like they were playing tag. "Gotcha!" The older boy touched a kid and immediately went for the others.
Going back to selling fish, you didn't realize that Camilo was running to your direction. Bumping into you, he accidentally shapeshifted into 5 different people. Both of you were wincing in pain as he apologized.
"I— Are you okay? I'm sorry Y/N, I didn't see where I was going.." He said. "Hermano/Hermana?" Your sister asked. A few other children also gathered around. "Don't worry Cami, Rosa, kids, I'm fine." You responded.
Week 5 of journaling
Dear diary.. I realized he was really friendly with children. My hermana really liked him too.
Also, Camilo continued his small research about love. He told me he asked his parents about their love story. But, he also said he couldn't stand listening to how cringe it sounded so he left. So he thinks romance is cringe now?
Tumblr media
It has been over 2 months ever since Mirabel ever bought up the topic of crushes. It was boring to her now that she found out Camilo didn't even have one.
"Y/N I know you're busy but since you're my favorite friend and everybody knows you're my favorite friend I figured I could ask you about some things and those some things are actually about Camilo." She blurted everything out in one sentence.
You blinked a few times, quite startled. "What? What do you mean?" Was the only thing you could say. Mirabel sighed as she told you to sit down.
"Camilo. I refuse to believe he doesn't understand crushes." You sat down. "Ooo.. kay?" Mira mentally facepalmed. "My question is, how are you fine with him never even falling inlove when he would flirt with so many boys and girls!"
"Well.. I- I've actually been.. Teaching him about love! Yes, that." You answered. "Teaching him? Ohhh you and my primo? Dating?" She nudged your shoulder. "W-what? No!"
Mirabel giggled at your reaction. "Don't worry, I'm not against it. Promise."
"It's not that Mira.." You told her everything about how Camilo asked for your help.
Week 8 of journaling
Dear diary.. Mirabel makes a point. Camilo could be inlove with anybody and he wouldn't even notice it. But, I must stay strong.
He also went to meet me earlier, just to say hi. No questions asked today.
Tumblr media
You heard a knock your bedroom door. "Comiingg" You yelled. When you opened the door, stood Rosa smiling. "Camilo Madrigal is outside looking for you." She said. "Oh?" The two of you went to the front door.
You sent Rosa back inside and turned to face the boy. "How can I help Cami?" You asked. "Oh- come with me to somewhere a bit more private." He told you.
Because of this, you instantly knew it was about his love thing again. "Sure, let's go~"
Week 10 of journaling
Me and Camilo went to the place we and Mirabel had our first picnic. The same one where he started to wonder about love.
He told me that he thinks he has a crush on somebody. He matched his feelings with my descriptions and with his parents, some neighbors, and my older brother (yes, he even asked my brother)'s stories. I guess I was wrong, maybe he did know he was inlove with them. Well atleast now he did.
It kind of hurts, finding out he had a crush on somebody else when I've loved him for some time now. But what else can I do? I can only hope it's me.
Tumblr media
"Camilo! Have you done your chores?" Abuela yelled from the first floor. "Don't worry abuela, I have this time." Camilo chuckled to her. "Good. The Ivan family are holding a small gathering today to celebrate their newest son. Tell your siblings and your cousins to get ready."
A new kid in town? Camilo couldn't wait to play with him when he gets older. "On it!" He went back upstairs.
Soon, his family was outside of the Ivan family's house. "Glad you could be here. Come inside. My son is at the back if you wanna see him." Adrio Ivan welcomed them in happily. Inside, the L/N family was already there. Some other families went too.
Food was served over 30 minutes ago, and now you're just walking around while drinking some fresh juice. You originally wanted to find Mirabel, but somehow you ended up walking into Camilo and Gabrielle, daughter of senor Ivan chatting together.
Camilo stared at Gabrielle in admiration as she talked, but you were so heartbroken you couldn't even focus on what she was talking about. You wanted to drop the glass of juice you were holding. You wanted to cry and run back home. But you couldn't. Atleast not now, not in front of them, not in this place. So you decided to just slowly slip away.
You stood on the balcony, deep in thought.
With your guidance, he knew how to love. With your guidance, he understood love. With your guidance, he realized his love. With your guidance, he found out he was inlove with Gabrielle Ivan.
Though it was still lively, some guests had already left the place. You almost fell alseep when you suddenly heard your name. "Y/N?" You turned around and saw Camilo. His family hasn't gone home yet? You only became more confused when you saw Gabrielle peeking from behind his back. Oh, they were going to break the news to you that they were dating.
"I've been looking all over this place for you." He was a bit concerned. "Oh haha, you don't need to worry about me. How'd you know I was here though?" You asked. "Dolores." Was the only thing he replied.
Camilo sat down next to you and to your surprise, hugged you. "W-what-" You were blushing, he knew. "Y/N, I think it's time I tell you who I have a crush on." He said. The blush on your face faded away, and you wanted to cry once again.
Still, you forced yourself to be always there for him, even if it meant to just be his friend. You looked back at him, and you saw it. The same face filled with admiration, but this time also with warmth, and also with love. Wait, love?
"It's you. I've always liked—no, loved you. I didn't even realize that until you actually taught me to. You taught me love Y/N, and I mean this in the most non-cliche way." You swore you saw Gabrielle holding up an akward thumbs up as she smiled to herself.
"You what?" You stood up almost immediately. He frowned, "It's okay if you don't—" You smashed your lips on his. He kissed you back, of course. Time seemed to stop for the both of you.
You pulled back and finally told him, "I love you too Camilo."
"Thank you for opening my eyes, mi vida."
Week 12 of journaling
I can't believe it! Camilo was inlove with me! He was looking into Gabrielle's eyes in admiration because he loved her, it was that he admired her bravery. He was asking her for advice to confess to me!
Tumblr media
Week 629 of journaling (13 years later!)
My Cami is so excited today. But who can blame him? I too am excited, for our little Matteo was recieving his gift today.
I'm so lucky to have Camilo by my side.
With my guidance, he knew how to love. With my guidance, he understood love. With my guidance, he realized his love. With my guidance, he found out he was inlove with Y/N Madrigal.
Tumblr media
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monetarymollusk · 25 days ago
first original post on here in a while because i’ve been watching encanto on a loop since it came out and i have THOTS.
my major one is how dolores’ verse in we don’t talk about bruno is so centered around bruno’s pain and struggle within the family- how no one ever understood him or his gift. she doesn’t demonize him, unlike some people (cough cough resident theater kid) and needs mirabel to understand that bruno is not and was never a bad guy. her desperation in the line “do you understand?” gets me every time
and why would she? even aside from knowing that he’s listening, dolores understands better than ANYONE how it feels to have knowledge you didn’t want and that people resent you for. dolores just has no way to turn it off.
there’s also the fact that we never see her really helping the town throughout the movie. abuela seems to have pretty limited ideas for what her family’s gifts can do for people, and i doubt she would have many ideas for how dolores gift would benefit the community, same with how she shows some trepidation with figuring out what to do with antonio’s gift, mostly just focusing on her relief that the encanto is working properly again.
it makes sense to me that after a while, abuela probably left dolores to her own devices. not trying to completely demonize abuela here, i have complicated thoughts on her character but i do NOT think she’s a monster, i just think that she would try to focus on more concrete and simple ways to help the community in day to day life, where dolores’ gift is pretty specialized. maybe every now and then she relays messages from the townspeople when there’s an emergency or someone doesn’t feel like coming all the way to the casita, but i doubt abuela would come up with anything else.
all this to say- i think dolores understands what bruno went through with his gift, being deemed either useless or actively malicious. dolores was probably terrified of people targeting her for knowing too much, the same as bruno being targeted for not always having happy visions. she knows what happens to people when their gift isn’t helpful enough, so she melted into the shadows.
i think bruno probably appreciated having someone in his corner even before mirabel came to him, someone who gets it like no one else in the madrigals can. though i bet it probably killed him that his niece had to go through what he did, especially after giving her the vision of mariano. i definitely agree with the hcs that dolores snuck him notes or food any chance she got, she probably misses the shit out of bruno and wishes he could sit with everyone at dinner for real.
anyways. bruno and dolores solidarity.
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fabricated-misslieness · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: platonic los primos madrigal x gn reader
req: no | wc: 1.1k
summary: The youngest Madrigals each held a heavy secret, which is unknowingly mutually shared. Now that he no longer lives within the walls, you’re free to share your secret about tío Bruno.
a/n: reader understands spanish. what does the fandom call Pepa and Julieta’s children, los primos or grandchildren? he/they pronouns for Camilo
Tumblr media
“Hey, Camilo, remember what you said about tío Bruno? “7 foot frame, rats along his back,”” Mirabel recalls, trying to hold back her laughter, “What was that all about? He’s barely even taller than me! And he’s just about your height!”
“Well-” The shapeshifter is about to begin, but Isabela cuts him off.
“Ah, don’t tell me you were scared of him, primito.” She snickers. Everyone in town was scared of him, actually; though Camilo was often one to be a little arrogant. If he was scared of him, he wouldn’t outright admit it. “When he calls your name, it all fades to black.”?”
Camilo’s face scrunches up in annoyance –at least that’s what you think– and says, “I-I’m not scared of him!” Through their stutter, you realize it was more than annoyance. He was trying to hide his former fear for his tío too, except he failed. They clear their throat, “I have my reasons. What I said was extremely reasonable!”
Isabela quirks both her eyebrow and her head to the side, “Really?”
“Yes, absolutely.” He takes a raggedy breath and recounts the story, “It was one gloomy night a long time ago,” Ever the dramatic, that Camilo, “I was hungry. So I snuck into the kitchen, whose butterfly tiles illuminated the counters with an eerie glow-”
“Get to the point already!” Antonio demands.
The older brother rolls their eyes, “Right there, in the middle of the kitchen, was tío Bruno. I was short and I was six, okay? Tío Bruno towered over little six year old me! And then he called out my name in surprise, “Camilo!” because he had left the house- er, begun to live in the walls the year before. I wasn’t supposed to see him, y’see? Anyway, I was so scared that I…”
He sighs, “...fainted.”
The group begins to laugh, and Camilo is left in the midst of it all with his lips smothered in a thin line. “I get it, I get it.” They continue to laugh. “It’s funny, I know.” Doesn’t seem like it’ll stop soon. “¡OKAY YA CALLENSE!” (OKAY SHUT UP ALREADY!)
“Wait, wait,” You wipe a tear from your eye that had fallen throughout your maniacal laughter, “so that’s why your house has always been a little scary? Haunted, I mean.”
Being the outsider here, you weren’t present during their little ‘So, we gonna talk about Bruno?’ family reunion. “I thought something was off every time I came over for dinner.”
“Oh,” Mirabel winces, “about that… There’s a little crack or something on the family tree painting by the dinner table, and… Bruno stares through it during dinner. It’s nothing creepy or stalkerish, I swear! He’s just always been rather lonely during his time away. He’s even got a little plate he painted for himself on the table beside the crack.”
“Oh…” This is quite the transition from all out laughter to sadness, you note. “Eso es…” (That's...)
“Muy triste.” Luisa finishes for you. “Hmm, wait, Camilo’s story got me thinking.” She begins, “I’ve also seen tío Bruno after he left. I just always assumed it was my little secret!” (Very sad.)
Realization flashes through the relatives’ minds. They all shared this one secret, they just didn’t know it. Choruses of agreeances chime throughout the room: “Same!”, “Me too!”, “I thought I was the only one!”
“I feel left out.” Antonio notes, “I knew about this too, the rats told me. I just haven’t been holding it for as long as you have!”
“You don’t want to keep such a secret for ten years.” Dolores remarks. She’s known the longest, of course, because she could hear through the walls, which meant she could hear within them too. Of all the secrets within the town, this was the one she was the most faithful in keeping. Dolores was quite the chismosa, actually; She recounted many town secrets to you often. It was surprising how she could keep this secret to herself. (quite the gossiper, actually)
Isabella nods along, “About that crack in the family portrait… I noticed it when I was younger, too. I was very interested in it, and I didn’t have full control over my powers I used too, so I spent quite some time trying to make vines small enough to fit.”
“And how much time was it?”
“Three… no, was it four? Five? It couldn’t have been a week.” She mutters to herself, then later remembers it didn’t quite matter, “Whatever. Practice takes time, so it definitely wasn’t within the day I found it.” Mirabel was delighted in the idea that Isabela wasn’t perfect from the start, but she didn’t show it.
“When I finally stuck a tiny vine through, I figured out I could make it grow bigger once it was inside. Long story short, I moved the vine from side to side and knocked over many things. I could hear them dropping, and I could also hear tío Bruno’s yelps. They were funny, but I was absolutely terrified back then. Who was this man in the walls? Then I heard him shout, “Salt!” and knew it was him.”
“Oh, that’s what that was.” Dolores giggles to herself, “I was very curious about it. Tía Julieta was very confused when I came into the kitchen asking if any pots had fallen.”
“Hmm,” Luisa rubs the back of her neck, “I feel like my story’s boring now. One time I was lifting weights, and I misjudged how light the weights would feel to carry, so I accidentally flung one past my shoulder.” She winces at the thought of it, “Huge hole in the wall, almost as big as me. Actually,” She laughs, “it wasn’t so bland. I found tío Bruno by that wall. It seemed he’d just about managed to duck before he got hit by a weight. His face,” She’s trying really hard not to laugh now, “I wish you could’ve seen it!”
“Can you imitate it?” Luisa imitates his face, and the relatives begin to laugh.
“So is the hole still there?”
She shakes her head, “No, sadly. Casita locked the door to that part of my room for a while, and then when it finally opened the hole had been patched up.”
“So you guys have been keeping your secrets for years now, and I just found out because of some stupid rats and a painting?” Mirabel’s face is painted with disbelief, and then quickly in apology when Antonio shakes his head at her. “Like, seriously, I just found out a couple days ago.”
“It was a hard secret to keep, Mirabel.” Camilo says, “Mamá and tía always get so sad on their birthday…”
“Mhm,” Dolores humms, “Los escucho después en sus cuartos, tu sabes, llorando…” Speaking of hearing people, she suddenly tilts her head as she hears something interesting. “You know what I just heard? Apparently papá y tío Agustín knew.” (I hear them afterwards in their rooms, you know, crying...)
Gasps of shock ring throughout the room. Dolores interrupts it all with, “They just called each other ‘bros’.”
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mychaoticmiraclecollection · 2 months ago
Okay, want to get this out before Encanto hits theaters tomorrow. It feels like cheating posting this before I post my other meta, but that one keeps making me too emotional and I can’t make it coherent enough to post, so I’ll do this one first.
So we know all the Madrigals have a gift except for Alma and Mirabel; Mirabel for unknown reasons and Alma because she keeps the candle. We know Bruno has disappeared by the start of the movie, I think 20 years, kicked out when the family had finally had too much of his self fulfilling prophecies. Grandkids ages are Isabela 22, Delores 19, Luisa 19, Camilo 15, Mirabel 15 and Antonio 5. So, Isabela was the only grandchild that really was around for Bruno, all others came after.
Everything else after this is kind of spoiler-y, so if you don’t want that, stop reading, go see the movie and come back and finish.
My thoughts: Julieta is the eldest, has healing abilities, Bruno is the middle child and could see the future, Pepa’s the youngest and can change the weather based on her mood. Now, I’m borrowing this from a different poster, I cannot remember the name so if they read this or if anyone knows, please let me no so I can give credit. “Julieta can heal the past, Bruno can tell the future and Pepa can influence the present.” Which is very clever writing. It all comes in a balance.
Now, we now Bruno’s been banished from Casita for 20 years before the movie starts, his room is all boarded up, the glow is gone. And we also know that the Madrigals got their gifts when they turn 5, so it was 3 years after that that Isabela got her gift. Another, Alma is terrified of losing the miracle magic so she tries to always make sure her family does good, as a way of earning the right to keep the miracle, she demands nothing but the best out of all her family’s gift. Bruno was apparently banned from the family when he ruined Pepa’s wedding, which most likely was attended by most of the towns people at least. So Alma was humiliated and punished Bruno for it in the most extreme way possible.
So now the grandchildren come in and they start getting their gifts: Isabela flowers, Luisa super strength, Delores super hearing, Camilo shape shifting. All lined up, this is a very bizarre array of powers, no real relation to the other. Why did the Casita give them these gifts? Answer:to influence Alma to welcome Bruno back.
“How?” You may ask; okay follow me because I think I have a good theory.
Isabela got her gift at 5, Bruno was gone 3 years already and his room already boarded up. Why was she given the gift to grow flowers? What if the Casita was trying to calm Alma down by given her first grandchild a relatively simple power? “Alma calm down, these gifts I give are just that, gifts. They are not all your children are and not all your family is. Something as simple as a flower can give help and I gift Isabela this.” In a sense, maybe Casita was trying to show Alma that the magic is not all she has. But Alma didn’t see it. (From the song “What Else Can I Do” it seems like she didn’t try making legit plants before then; everyone focused on the pretty but didn’t entertain the practical.)
So Casita tries something different: Delores and Luisa are the same age so they most likely got there gift very close together, 1 has super hearing and 1 has super strength. 1 can in theory hear a pin drop, can hear someone hiding in plan sight in a forbidden room? (“Yo, I knew he never left, I heard him everyday.”) The other has super strength, can move churches, can rip boards hammered into stone wall? What if Casita meant for Delores to figure out where Bruno was hiding and she and Luisa would venture in and find him, realize the story about him was overly darkened. And the 2 would help the family come back together. But again, it didn’t work.
So Camilo comes of age, he comes a shapeshifter. He can turn into people, relatively but himself in their shoes, and empathize with them. Casita may have meant for him to become an empath, he could hear the stories of Bruno and find a way to relate to him, sympathize/empathize with him, seek him out and learn about him. Bring the family back together. And from the previews, he didn’t really go that way.
So now Mirabel comes in, Alma and her whispering about the gift she will get. Casita at this point has decided “No, I will give no gift, you have lost sight of what your miracle is. Until you learn, I will gift no more.” And from we see, we know that once again Alma is missing the message, and that decision has backfired massively.
So years pass, the cracks form, under the surface where no one can see, but they grow, the magic starts to fade. And Antonio comes in; Bruno hangs out with rats. Casita gives the child the gift to speak to animals. “Okay, okay, youngest child talks to rats, rats tell small child about the strange man they are friends with, small child meets Bruno, the family comes back together! It’s fool proof!”
And now we’re at the movie.
So there you go, my theory. Casita has been trying for years to reconnect the family, by given the gifts the next generation but it kept getting muddled.
Any additional thoughts? Leave a comment! Thanks for sticking to the end.
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