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justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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tricktster · 6 months ago
my old mattress sucked so i bought a 14 inch memory foam mattress from Amazon because even though it’s a nightmare company there is literally no way to avoid getting fucked over by *someone* while mattress shopping and at least it’s convenient this way? I’m sharing this to explain that i didn’t like go to a showroom and try it out, I just did some googling and landed on this one.
Now, I went with 14 inch even though i knew objectively that is a lot of mattress because my old mattress was from 1994 and approximately 5 inches thin at this point and I was so fucking achy this seemed rational. And like, this was an online order, it’s a mattress in a box right, so it comes ultra vaccuum sealed and rolled up like a… you know, a fruit roll up or whatever. so when I unpacked it, it looked like a normal but thin mattress, but I wasn’t concerned because the package said it can take 48 hours to decompress. Sure enough by the time i went to bed, that night, it was a tall, comfy mattress. It must have fully decompressed already, I figured.
That was four days ago, and I am terrified that this mattress will smoosh me against the ceiling. It will be such a luxuriously cozy death. Each day, it gets taller by a number of inches that should not, per my understanding of physics, be possible. My nightstand is useless to me now, like looking at a tiny island from an airplane. It seems like it HAS to stop expanding soon, but I said that yesterday.
Tonight I needed to take a bit of a running jump to get on.
I’m typing this at 4:33 am because I had to go to the bathroom just now and when i came back I seriously considered whether I should bring a stepladder.
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arson-tm · a month ago
moon system x reader ≈ 2k words masterlist here
based on something @amchapel said that i couldnt get out of my head lmao. the boys each buy a pair of cute underwear and can’t resist showing you while you’re at work.
TW FOR: cute little underwear on a very attractive man, three very attractive men, phone sex, sexting
This fic is NSFW, mature audiences only. Please continue at your own risk. You are responsible for your own media consumption.
The white lace in the display had been staring Steven in the face the hundred times he’d walked past it in the mall. The panties were barely there, just a few strips of flowery lace and patches of satin near the bottom. He was fighting a war within himself, whether to go in and get them or regret not doing so for the rest of the night. The reflection in the glass tilted his head at him, mocking him slightly as he stopped to consider it again.
“Just go get them, Steven,” Marc’s voice rang out inside his head, laughing at his alter.
“It would look weird. A man, in a women’s store, buying lingerie.”
Marc scoffed, shaking his head in the reflection. “If anyone asks, say you’re buying them as a gift. Our girl sure wouldn’t make fun of you, and you know you’ll be thinking about them for the rest of time if you don’t.” Steven bit his lip, considering it, before he nodded. Building up his nerve, he walked inside the dark-lit store and made to find the panties. They ended up being in a small display near the back of the store, and on the journey there Jake had found a pair of purple-red ones that he convinced Steven to pick up for him, and Marc picked a pair, too. Marc’s pair were significantly less fabric, made of a similar sheer lace held together by a small string in the back. Those ones didn’t have a single square inch of opaque fabric on them. Jake’s were shiny and soft, and tied together on the sides in two little bows. It took a moment of serious guesswork and staring at a graph on the internet to figure out his size, but eventually he decided on a 14.
As Steven made his way to the front counter to purchase them, he felt his hands get shaky and heart start racing. He was about to let Marc front, but he decided that he would just have to do it himself, if he was going to wear them.
He set the panties on the counter, returning the pink-haired cashier’s friendly (obligatory) smile gratefully. “Find everything alright today, sir?” They asked politely in a heavy Welsh accent.
“Ah- yes, thank you,” He said initially, then, “I do wonder why they keep the things displayed on the mannequins out front so far in the back, though.”
They laughed, a small huff through their nose, and Steven’s heart clenched in fear that it was at him. “Well, you bought one thing that was on the mannequin and two that weren’t. That’s exactly why.”
He sighed, tilting his head and nodding maybe a few too many times. “Yes, yes, I suppose you’re right.” The cashier bagged the items he’d purchased and handed them to him with a smile.
“Thanks for shopping with us!” They said with a smile.
He nodded in acknowledgement. “Have a good day.”
“You too.”
As Steven walked from the store, he shoved the black plastic bag into the messenger bag you’d gifted him for his birthday, slipping it between the wall of the bag and one of his books. He hopped in a cab and gave the driver his address. When he arrived, he gave the driver his money and a hefty tip before heading inside and up the stairs to your shared flat. You were still at work, so the apartment was empty and silent when he walked through the door.
He set his bag down on the small table near the entry, pulling out the day’s purchases: a new pair of headphones, a book on ancient Egyptian solstice rituals, and the scrappy little things he’d bought from the lingerie store. His heart started racing, thoughts of how you’d react flowing through his mind. He placed the book on his desk haphazardly and put the box with the headphones in them on top of it. The black bag still rested on top of his leather one. He looked at it for only a moment while he considered what he was about to do before grabbing it and heading to his bed.
He cut off the tag and stripped down completely, pulling them on. He walked almost apprehensively to the bathroom with his phone in hand, still somewhat excited and nervous. As he opened the door, he peeked at himself. The panties fit very well, making him look big, and when he turned around, the lace hugged his ass, outlining every muscular dip of his lower back and tucking down into his well-formed butt.
His confidence soaring as Marc nodded with raised eyebrows in one of the mirrors, Steven realized suddenly that he had no idea how to take pictures of his own body. He’d never had any reason to, because you’d been his first lover except for the infamous steak date, and you’d met at the library and the only sexual acts you’d done had been in person.
Marc seemed to realize the issue without Steven saying anything, but before he could give him any advice, Jake decided to pitch in from the other side of the tri-fold mirror. “Take it from the side, weight to the hip closest to the mirror.” He said in a flat voice, sucking on his teeth as Steven moved into that position. Jake was right, it made his ass look bigger and showed off the muscles in his thighs and back. He played around with the position, deciding to relax the muscles in his rear while flexing his thighs and letting his hand relax on his leg.
He snapped a few different pictures, correcting something different after each time: first, tilting his head so his jawline was more prominent; second, moving his leg to prop his cock up more; third, flexing his abs slightly. Then, as he was about to take another, Marc rolled his eyes and said “Steven, you look great. Just send it to them.” Steven looked at his alter in the reflection, sucking on the roof of his mouth.
After long deliberation (like 45 seconds, but it felt long), he loaded the picture into his messages with you and hovered over the send button. “I don’t suppose you’d send it for me, would you?” He asked, eyes squinted in a wince as he saw Marc’s shoulders drop as he glared at him before nodding and taking control of the body. “Wait, wait, wait- don’t!” He tried to stop him, but Marc sent it with a smirk, giving a false apology with a shrug as he handed the body back to Steven. Steven sighed, typing out that Marc and Jake both got a pair, too, before asking them if they’d like to show their partner his.
Jake shrugged. “Sure, why not?” They switched again, Jake walking back to the bed to grab his pair and put them on, grabbing Marc’s too to bring them with him. He checked himself out in the mirror, thinking to himself that he was so glad that Layla hadn’t decided to stick by Marc and Steven as they found out about Jake, because he just knew she wouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as you would.
Tilting his head back, he placed his hips square with the mirror and twisted his shoulders, placing the hand not holding the phone on his stomach. He took the photo and sent it to you, giving the body to Marc. He put his pair on and put his body square to the mirror, flexing all of the muscles in his body and putting one hand in his hair. He took the picture just as your message popped up on his screen.
3:46pm: Jesus Christ, you two. Steven, I’m at work.
He laughed a little, sending you the picture.
3:47pm: Not Steven, but does that mean you don’t like them, baby?
3:49pm: Fuck, Marc. Quite the opposite. A small pause.
His hands shook and some blood rushed south as he typed.
3:51pm: I don’t understand what you mean. Enlighten me?
Steven, in the mirror, was blushing a deep red. “Hey now, Marc, I was the one who started all this. Give me back the body.”
Marc raised his eyebrow, declining. “Well you gave it to me.”
“Let them decide, then,” Jake pitched in, raising his chin in the direction of the phone.
Steven shrugged, so Marc texted you.
3:53pm: You rather talk to me or Stevie? He’s complaining because I won’t give him back the body to talk to you :(
3:53pm: I want to talk to you both, but sadly that doesn’t work. Let Stevie front, he did start it. I’ll give you extra attention when I get home tonight sweetie
3:54pm: Alr baby, if you say so. Marc reluctantly typed, making sure Steven would keep the conversation on the track it was headed before letting him front. He scurried to the bathroom and switched into his pair again.
3:54pm: Hello, love. So I take it you like them?
3:54pm: They show you off so well. How could I not? More blood rushed to his cock, making the panties tighten to an almost uncomfortable level.
3:55pm: If only you were here to see me without them, hmm? He laid down on the bed, tracing along the outline of himself through the white lace. After a few minutes of waiting and light touches, his tip was poking out of the top. He laid his thumb over the head of it, stroking lightly, feeling it grow significantly under his hand.
3:59pm: Darling, you can’t leave me hanging like that, I don’t know what to do with myself. He took a quick photo, sending it before he could back out.
4:01pm: Fuuuuuuck. It looks like you know exactly what to do with yourself. Why don’t you show me? As he was pulling it out of the top of the panties, you called him on video. He could see that you were in the bathroom, your dominant hand pulled down to where your crotch would be, though that was sadly offscreen. His, however, was directly on-screen. “Fuck, Steven.” You groaned, head falling back as your arm worked. “Got me so worked up, I should be at my desk right now.”
“You look gorgeous, love. Keep touching yourself for me.” He licked his hand before he continued to rub his thumb over the tip, collecting the precum dripping from him. His hand worked in slow circles as he started stroking up the length of himself, his cock painfully hard while he watched you bite your lip to contain the noises you wanted to make. He squeezed near his base and twisted as he went up, trying to mimic the feel of your mouth on him.
“Shit, Steven, hurry up, I want to see you come.” You whined quietly, eyes trained intently on the screen. He groaned loudly, hips bucking into his hand, before he obeyed your words and started stroking himself quickly.
“Fuck, love, I wish you were here. It’s always so much better when you do it.” His hand started moving even quicker as your phone started to shake. He wasn’t even touching the full length of himself, just the first two thirds in his haste to please you.
“Make yourself feel good, honey. I just don’t have much time.” You sighed into the phone, seemingly getting closer. “Together?”
“Of course, love,” he cried out quietly. His balls drew up, his cock twitching in his hand, as you bit your lips and jerked silently. After just one or two more pumps, he was coming all over his bare stomach, abs clenching as his orgasm took him hard. As he stroked himself through it, he saw you draw your hand up and put your fingers in your mouth, which made him groan and wipe his fingers through his cum in response, flipping the camera before putting it in his mouth.
You groaned and blew him a kiss before hanging up on him, then texted him an I love you, thanks for that. He responded with an I love you too before he looked down at himself with a giggle and walked back to the bathroom, taking his panties off again and hopping into the shower to wash away the evidence.
masterlist here
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rawringcrafts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New Dungeon Master’s Mimic!
This has been my on/off project for like a year. Working a bit on it whenever I had the time and energy left to do so. In the end, I really like how it turned out!
It’s made from White Pine and Baltic Birch and is lined with felt. It's dimensions are 14 x 11 x 10 inches.
I’ve been using my laser cutter a lot for this one. It made both cutting out the teeth and decorating the inserts a lot more precise and neater. I love measuring a space, telling the laser to cut something that size and it just perfectly fits.
The chest is designed so it has plenty of space for several full size game books. The back insert is a compartmentalized box to store dice, miniatures and pencils. Next to it is a convenient pen holder for commonly used and shared pens and pencils.
Would you like to own this bad boy? It’s for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1235089082/the-dungeon-masters-mimic-a
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phantomrose96 · a year ago
Fenton Fact
Danny leaned back against the red brick chimney of the Casper High roof, and he looked across the stretch of land rolling far off from the building top. For a place so off-limits, so hidden-away from the normal bustle of the school, the view really wasn’t anything special. Sure, the school was decently tall, but it overlooked the staff parking lot, and the empty Casper High tennis courts, and the back of a strip mall two blocks over with the recently-haunted laundromat.
Not that it mattered. It took more than tall-building-views to impress Danny anyway, even the nice ones. And he wasn’t up here for the view.
Danny let his eyes drift shut.
“Sup loner, room for one more?”
Danny startled, and it wasn’t Sam’s voice specifically that startled him. (He’d grown used to her bursting from his Fenton Phone earpiece during most nightly patrols.) He’d just lulled himself a bit too comfortably into the idea that no other human could follow him to the top of the locked rooftop of the Casper High building.
“Did I just surprise a ghost?” Sam asked. “Should I do it again with a ‘boo’?”
“Haha,” Danny answered with a fake chuckle. He blinked himself back to prickly awareness, drowsiness batted away like dust bunnies, and stared up at Sam. “I’m not surprised. I just wasn’t expecting anyone else to be on the roof. How did you even—”
Sam was a few steps ahead of him. In explanation, she waggled the Fenton-branded grappling hook gripped in hand.
Danny leaned back with a faux-exasperated sigh. “Since when do you even have a grappling hook?”
“Since I told your mom it would be a wildly cool line of gear to add to the Fenton brand.”
“Does this mean my mom now has a grappling hook too?”
“Yes. And your dad. And Jazz. And Tucker.”
“Great. When I go home and all the ceiling fans are torn down I’ll know why.”
A gentle silence lapsed over them, punctuated with the swell of fall wind.
“So…” Sam continued. “Can I sit here?”
“Huh?” Danny looked at her, anchoring his drifting thoughts once more. “Oh, yeah. I thought the ‘yeah’ was implied.” Danny shuffled a bit to the side, back still resting against the chimney. He patted the spot he cleared. “What am I gonna tell you? No?”
“Just making sure.” Sam stowed the grappling hook to the side of her belt and settled into the spot beside Danny, feet outstretched. “In case maybe you wanted some alone time.”
“’Alone time’ isn’t really something I get anymore. I’ve had about a hundred-too-many ghosts crash through my bedroom for that.”
“So why the roof?”
“Roof is more for uh…” Danny twirled his hand, “‘less adoring crowds’ time. ‘Less classmates ogling me’ time. You can stay so long as you don’t ask me to sign anything.”
“I was never interested in the parasocial or capitalistic value of celebrity signatures. Besides, you cross your ‘t’s weird.”
Danny replied with a half-hearted chuckle. His line of sight drifted into the middle-distance again, unfocused.
“Is it getting to be too much?” Sam asked.
“Hmm?” Danny answered, eyes shifting back to her.
Sam gestured broadly, hands and arms outstretched. “You know just. All this. Everything.”
Another small silence grew from the cracks in the concrete between them.
“Paulina and Star are looking for you. You know that, right?”
“Oh, are they?”
“Danny. You knew that.”
“…And you’re not interested in seeing what they want?”
“I figure Tucker is keeping them busy.”
“You’re unfortunately right.”
“Phantom Phacts?”
“Phantom Phacts.” Sam nodded. “I made him promise to leave out any embarrassing trivia from the trivia section.”
“Thanks for that,” Danny answered. “Is his presentation any good?”
“You think I’ve ever stuck around to hear it?”
Sam pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and set her chin to her knees, staring forward.
“You’re really not interested in sitting with Star and Paulina for lunch?”
“Not really. Why? Is that bad?”
“No, it’s absolutely great. But I’m…” Sam shrugged, “surprised, I guess. I feel like usually you’d jump at the opportunity. And I kinda don’t think you’re refusing because you’ve suddenly recognized the banality of A-lister status.”
“Maybe that is what happened, you don’t know that. Down with capitalism, Sam.”
“Danny.” Sam tilted a fraction to face him. “I’m worried that this is all too much for you, and you just won’t admit it.”
Danny sat with the silence that followed. “I don’t think it’s too much. I’m just—I dunno. I mean. I’m just not feeling it.”
“…You can admit if it’s overwhelming, Danny. I’ll be the first to shut down ‘Phantom Phacts’ if it is.”
“Nah, nah let Tucker have his fun. He’s not the problem. It’s… I dunno.” Danny pushed himself taller against the chimney, upright now and unslumped. “It’s a little bit overwhelming, I guess, maybe. But it’s kind of what I expected. Maybe even a little easier than I was expecting. I thought I’d be dealing with a lot of Phantom-hate once everyone knew but, I guess that kind of died down a long time before everyone knew.”
“Valerie holding you at gunpoint in the cafeteria wasn’t Phantom-hate?”
“We’ve had a lot of good talks since then, okay?”
Sam let out a quiet laugh. “So then… why aren’t you sitting with the popular kids right now?”
“I just didn’t want to, I guess?”
“And why didn’t you want to?”
“It just didn’t really feel right.”
“Is it because of me?” Sam asked, another side-long glance cast to Danny. “Because you can sit with them. I’ll still make fun of you if you do, but you don’t have to… not sit with them because of me.”
“What? Huh—no. Nah, nah I mean I do care what you think Sam. But I mean if I wanted to be sitting with them then I would so. I mean. You don’t have to worry that it’s you.”
“So then what is it?”
Danny took a moment to answer.
“It’s just… it’s a feeling. I dunno. Like.” Danny spread his arms out. “The invitation is wrong? Or the invitation isn’t actually for me?”
“…The invitation is for Phantom instead?”
Pensive indecision set into Danny’s eyes. “That’s not totally it. Because I mean I AM Phantom. I’m not not me when I’m Phantom. Maybe I trash-talk a little more in ghost form but I’m not… not me. That’s still just me. You know that.”
“Right, yeah, no Danny. It just sounded like that’s what you were saying.” Sam let her legs slide out a few inches. “So what are you saying?”
Danny sat with the question. “When the news first picked up on Phantom, way back when—Inviso-Bill?—that wasn’t really anyone, you know? They made up some spooky icon to make the news about. Which was just like, whatever, not me. I didn’t even take ‘Inviso-Bill’ too personally because that just wasn’t me. And even when I stopped being an enemy and started actually being ‘Danny Phantom’… no one actually got it right, you know? They kind of came up with a character for me. Just some hero. I listen to the news and how they talk about me and I think, even now, I think ‘That isn’t me.’”
Danny pulled his knees in, a mirror to Sam, and stared down into his tattered jean fabric. “And when everyone learned I’m Phantom I guess I kind of expected them to be like ‘Oh it’s Fenton’ and then that fake version of Phantom would go away.” Danny raised his eyes to Sam, far more bothered than before. “…I think the opposite happened. They don’t look at Phantom and think ‘oh it’s Fenton’. They look at Fenton and think ‘oh it’s Phantom.’ I think Danny Fenton got put away. I think the person I was for 14 years doesn’t exist to them anymore. Whoever they invited to lunch isn’t me. He doesn’t exist. But I’m suddenly responsible for him. And it’s not even me.”
Danny paused. “And now I’ve been wondering like… how long until I disappoint them? You know? How long until I do something that makes them angry because I’m not doing the thing they expect ‘Phantom’ to do? How long until they start seeing there’s too much ‘Fenton’ in me and they start to hate me for it all over again? For them to really like me, I don’t think I can be me, and I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to be someone who doesn’t just disappoint everyone in the end.”
A long gust of wind swept between them, stealing away the seconds.
“…So now you’re hiding on the roof.”
“It was the easiest solution to my problem.”
“But not a lasting one, if you ever want to get down.” The wind settled, and Sam swept a lock of hair behind her ear. “…Do you care if you disappoint them?”
Danny shrugged. “I. Yeah. I think. I don’t—I don’t think I totally know for certain, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone.”
“Well, you’re not going to disappoint me, or Jazz, or Tucker—and if Tucker does act disappointed over any lost Phantom Phacts ventures I’ll whap him over the head. But I mean, we know who you are. We’re not going to be disappointed realizing you’re not ‘Phantom.’ The worst you can do is land right back where you started.”
“And what if I started acting like ‘Phantom’ instead. Would that disappoint you guys?”
“Do you want to act like ‘Phantom’?”
Danny paused. “…No. Not at all.”
“Then don’t. It’s that simple.” Sam stood, and she stretched until her back popped. “It’s not your responsibility to uphold whatever delusions people project onto you. I won’t hesitate to call them out on it. You know I’m good at being direct, and you know I’m even better at making enemies.”
“I don’t wanna be mean to them though when they’re finally being nice.”
“They’re not being nice, they’re projecting. If their niceness to you is conditional on you fitting to the box they created for you, that’s not nice, that’s manipulation, and it’s exactly the root of my ever-frothing disdain for popularity. It’s always some element about popular people that people latch on to, and they can fit the box that people give them, or they can reject it and find themselves wallowing amongst us outcasts. Don’t do that to yourself, Danny. Don’t live in their chains.” Sam tilted her head to Danny. “You spend all day trapping ghosts into tight little boxes and you can’t even recognize when it’s happening to you. I think you’d be better at spotting this.”
“It’s a cylinder, really. The thermos. It’s a cylinder. And don’t say ‘box’ so much. You might summon company.”
“You just said ‘box’ though.”
“I did say ‘box’.”
Sam laughed, noise trailing light on her lips. “…Feeling any better?”
“A little, I think… I still… I still think I... it's not as easy to just say 'I don't care if I disappoint them.' It's still scary. I don’t want to end up proving them right that they were right to hate me all along.”
“Are the opinions of Dash Baxter really the ones to be holding on a pedestal? Is his opinion of you really more important than what you think of yourself? You’ve been through this with the A-listers already. Don’t torture yourself again just because the door is wide open. I promise you Danny, it won’t make you happy.”
“So I should just do whatever makes me happy?”
“Every time.” Sam nodded.
"Even if I'm a total disappointing loser?"
"All the better."
"Even if I blow any chance I have with Paulina out the window?"
“Wouldn't have it any other way. Got any idea what you intend to say to her when she finds you?”
Danny paused. He pushed himself standing. “Maybe I could talk her ear off about NASA until she gets bored of me?”
“Excellent. Can I join? I have a lot to say about SpaceX and private capital encroaching on space exploration.”
“Does that apply to me? I’ve been to space. Am I private capital?”
“You’re not private capital.”
“Then what am I?”
“Annoying.” Sam locked arms with Danny, and dragged him along forward, her combat boots clunking against the rooftop. “And my friend. Come on. I’ll brief you on everything wrong with privately-owned space exploration while we’re rappelling down the side of the building with my sick and cool as hell grappling hook.”
“I can fly.”
“And I have a sick grappling hook. What’s your point.”
“It’s probably called a ‘Fenton Hook.’”
“Is that a Phantom Phact?”
Danny shook his head, and a smile pulled on his lips. “Nah. I think it’s a Fenton Fact.”
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law-nerd · a month ago
Tumblr media
My month in review
* = 18+ Content ° = Personal Favourite A/N : I know this is super late, but I had to go wife-less for a while. Better late than never, I suppose.
Tumblr media
» James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes -  Nothing Sweeter*  -      After accidentally ruining your baker's cupcakes, he decides the only reasonable response is to have a taste of his favorite dessert instead. -  Naïve*  -      You’ve been naïve, naïve to your boss’ world who he’s been working for, what he’s done. When the Winter Soldier comes to clean up his mess, he finds you. -  Fallen Doves*  -      War between humans and orcs rages at the borderlands, but one night in the arms of their bloodthirsty leader could put an end to the chaos. -  Baby, It’s You  -      Who knew belting on Beyoncé songs would be helping him to meet his future mate? Not Bucky, that was for sure. -  Just a Taste*  -      You and Bucky have a nice routine down: he takes you out to dinner, some dancing, then you lure him upstairs to make you both cum in your pants. But this time, you want a little taste of something new. -  Going Down*  -      Getting stuck in an elevator with someone you're supposed to hate doesn't always go the way you might expect. - Your Teeth in My Neck*  -      The only perk to living in a tiny, hyper-religious town, is that you know everyone. But you’ve always been desperate to be alone, to stay out of the crowds and out of public eye. So, of course, out of all people, the man in town no one knows has set his sights on you. -  There’s Always One*  -      Every wedding has at least one couple that can't seem to keep their hands to themselves and with Tony's wedding a mere 18 hours away, Sam sets up a wager to see which unfortunate couple will fall into the trap. -  No Sweeter Innocence*  -      When you ask Bucky to help you with your research, you don’t expect things to escalate so quickly. -  All Mine*  -      You can’t expect Bucky to think rationally when it comes to you. - Good For Me*  - » Piotr ‘Colossus’ Rasputin -  Exercise Ball*  -      “Wade, seriously, what do you want?” You groaned, stretching your arms a bit. Wade closed his mouth and stared at you for a moment. “Is his dick metal too?” “Alright, get out.” - Tease  -     He had the shipping box open in a snap of tape, and you winked at Ellie as you opened the red and black shoebox inside it. “Check out my new workout shoes.” Unwrapping the paper, you lifted out a beautiful platform stiletto with an eight inch heel. -  Tease pt. 2*  -      Your breath hitched as you were rushed upward in his arms. He looked you deep in the eyes and asked, “Will you please put those shoes on?” -  First Time*  -       “Oh, I like this! I can reach your face!” Colossus sat on a sofa in the lounge - for once not standing. You had curled up on your knees right next to him and were enjoying the view - and the easy reach. You laced your fingers to rest your palms on his shoulder. Leaning into him, you pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek. -  Critical Levels*  -      The popular assumption around the mansion was that you and Colossus were having sex all the time. You wanted to strangle whoever popularized that assumption. -  Red Skies at Morning*  -      You and Piotr have to stop at a motel to wait for a nasty storm to blow over, and have some fun while you wait. » Steve Kemp -  Red Flags and Long Nights*  -      Spending three months with a stranger whom you shared a house with apparently was not enough to know them. Apparently it led you to ignore a lot of warnings that you should have seen before, but it was too late.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Legend Of Korra  -  Season 02      14 Episodes Ep. 10 - Ep. 14
Tumblr media
Death on the Nile°  [2022]     -     8.9 / 10      Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot's Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a picture-perfect couple's idyllic honeymoon is tragically cut short. The Wolf of Wall Street°  [2013]     -     10 / 10      Introduced to life in the fast lane through stockbroking, Jordan Belfort takes a hit after a Wall Street crash. He teams up with Donnie Azoff, cheating his way to the top as his relationships slide. Uncharted  [2022]     -     6.8 / 10      Treasure hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan recruits street-smart Nathan Drake to help him recover a 500-year-old lost fortune amassed by explorer Ferdinand Magellan. What starts out as a heist soon becomes a globe-trotting, white-knuckle race to reach the prize before the ruthless Santiago Moncada can get his hands on it. If Sully and Nate can decipher the clues and solve one of the world's oldest mysteries, they stand to find $5 billion in treasure -- but only if they can learn to work together. The Bad Guys  [2022]     -      6.4 / 10      After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull off their most challenging con yet -- becoming model citizens. Under the tutelage of their mentor, Professor Marmalade, the dubious gang sets out to fool the world that they're turning good. Dune  [2021]     -     7.6 / 10      Paul Atreides arrives on Arrakis after his father accepts the stewardship of the dangerous planet. However, chaos ensues after a betrayal as forces clash to control melange, a precious resource. Deadpool  [2016]     -     9.5 / 10      Ajax, a twisted scientist, experiments on Wade Wilson, a mercenary, to cure him of cancer and give him healing powers. However, the experiment leaves Wade disfigured and he decides to exact revenge. 1917  [2019]     -     8.4 / 10       Two soldiers, assigned the task of delivering a critical message to another battalion, risk their lives for the job in order to prevent them from stepping right into a deadly ambush. Deadpool 2  [2018]     -     9.3 / 10      Deadpool protects a young mutant Russell from the authorities and gets thrown in prison. However, he escapes and forms a team of mutants to prevent a time-travelling mercenary from killing Russell.
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stardewsoot · 12 months ago
okay it’s time for some stardew valley headcanons for the bachelor/ette(s) so let’s GOOOO
- he always awakes before his grandparents, and on warmer days he’ll go down to the beach to watch the sunrise.
- friends with elliot! the two of them sit on the side of the dock sometimes and just chat about life.
- knows how to make cookies, as evelyn taught him when he was a bit younger
- wary of the saloon, as he doesn’t really like the smell of alcohol and only goes into it if he’s forced to!
- if you marry him, he can and will pick you up randomly to surprise you while you’re working!
- if married, he will “bench press” your kids once they become toddlers, and it always makes them giggle
- hates the winter and gets cold really easily. on the first day of fall he’s already bundled up wanting it to be summer again.
- willy is like a father to him. the two of them sit on the docks and watch the fish swim by together
- sometimes he’ll braid his hair, and leah will bring flowers from the forest and weave them into his hair.
- has a rlly pretty singing voice, and likes to record piano covers in his spare time
- if you marry him and the two of u have kids, he’ll always braid their hair in the morning and tuck flowers behind their ears.
- he brings home fresh fish he caught and makes himself dinner every night. that’s why he’s an excellent cook.
- has actually caught a legendary fish before!
- his eyes change color, they can go from blue to green to brown in the same day. people call them the “prismatic shard of eyes”
- he’s so clumsy that sometimes he’ll even trip over air. due to this, he has little bruises all over his knees and elbows.
- his favorite animals are birds. sometimes he’ll go outside and just give them some bird seed. he loves watching them fly around.
- not only is he fascinated with planes, but he’s also fascinated with the weather. as a kid he used to watch the weather channel, and he dreamed of becoming a weatherman.
- when he needs to focus really hard, he’ll pull his hair back with a headband
- him and his mother were and still are very close, and he writes letters to her at least once a week
- he cannot cook to save his life, but he’s an incredible baker! will make you little treats if you’re friends or married
- he always wears a wristwatch, but the time is always 6 minutes behind. he likes it because it has a plane engraved into the side against his wrist.
- he had adhd, and his stims include flapping his hands, tapping his foot and strumming his guitar
- he has a beautiful singing voice, think like wilbur soot but a bit more high pitched?
- the reason he likes cactus fruit so much is because he just plants them and lets them grow. he loves succulents because they don’t give him an allergic reaction!
- cannot play video games for shit. sebastian and abigail have banned him from multi-player games because he just sucks so bad.
- love language is acts of service, simply because he likes singing for people he cares about and doing little things for them!
- if you marry him, he will bring his guitar into the coop and/or barn and sing to the animals. they have learned to run over a greet him, since they love his singing.
- his hair is actually curly, but you’re unable to tell due to how much he gels and straightens his hair.
- has mastered the art of the puppy dog eyes
- loves the hell out of halloween, but is scared of literally everything. he nearly cried watching a horror movie with sam and abigail.
- really good with a slingshot! so if he were to go into the mines, he would wreck some monsters shit with his slingshot skills
- he had glow in the dark stars on his ceiling, but removed them. he used to love the stars and space, but came to resent them because it was his sisters thing.
- he like…irl blushes. like an anime character. when he’s embarrassed, upset, flustered, his face will go all pink. everyone picks on him for it.
- has/had a crush on most of the towns singles. he is a bisexual disaster and secretly a romantic so….take from that what you will.
- a natural born ginger, but dyes his hair. he also has freckles on his nose! and he has an eyebrow slit because of a scar!!
- for some stupid reason, he takes really good care of his hands? like he always makes sure they don’t get calloused, and his nails are always painted black, despite using his hands all the time for work.
- he cannot cook. he burned pasta noodles because he didn’t know you had to put water in the pan.
- he still has a chicken plushie from when he was a baby, and it still sits on his bed. and if he cuddles with it at night? no one needs to know.
- has a huge birthmark on his side shaped like a heart
- really good at mixology, so i think that when joja gets shut down, shane works at the saloon and makes the drinks while gus cooks. he adds a whole new section on the menu!
- friends with sebastian. they paint each other’s nails from time to time, or sit in the rain together and just talk.
- kinda strong as hell? he lifts boxes in joja for work, as well as carrying around jas, so i’m assuming he could just….pick the farmer and his friends up?
- he has the most contagious laugh, it used to be a rare sound, but now that it’s a pretty common occurrence, shane makes people laugh all the time with his own laugh.
- buff. she is buff as hell. her and alex work out together sometimes, since she expressed a desire for adventure. she has picked up sam and sebastian with no warning and thrown them into the ocean
- can talk to animals due to her being the daughter of the wizard! so sometimes she’ll go to marnies farm and just chat with the cows or something
- if she sees a tree, she WILL climb it. she loves it so much, it’s just so adrenaline inducing for her.
- her and sebastian tried to go into the mines before but sam stopped them because it wouldn’t have been very safe. they were all 14.
- trying to learn to play the ukulele with a little help from sam. it’s frustrating, but she really likes the sound of it, and she’s determined as hell.
- absolutely cracked at any and all video games he plays. mario kart? she will kick your ass. animal crossing? her island has 5 stars. pokémon? she always wins. you can’t stop her, she’s too powerful.
- she has glasses, but prefers contacts, since glasses would get in the way of her adventuring.
- not only can she sew, but she also makes her own soaps and candles! any form of creation she adores.
- loves flowers, and has a lot of little potted ones in her room. she raises them, gives them little names and personalities, and then brings them to sandy and tells her all about each flower
- she can roller skate, and it’s her preferred method of transportation. she can do a bunch of fun tricks as well!
- has an eyebrow slit
- making cute little baskets of homemade gifts is her favorite thing to do for her friends. sometimes she’ll just leave them on their doorsteps for no reason other than she wants to!
- can SPRINT in heels. like even 6 inch heels she can just RUN and it scares everyone who sees it.
- she loves the sounds of birds chirping in the morning, and she’s able to identify the name of the bird by its chirping and calls
- is able to perfectly crack and drink from coconuts. that’s why she loves them so much.
- has the worst sense of direction. she’s lucky she lives in a small town, or she’d get lost all the time
- the spring is her favorite time of year, simply because she loves to capture life coming back in those spring months. baby animals, blooming flowers, her friends on the beach or just chilling in the sun, all of it
- her most prized possession is the very first picture her and emily took as kids on their parents polaroid. it’s taped to her mirror
- has a little beauty mark under her lip, but it normally isn’t visible due to being covered with makeup!
- she’s able to do her own nails! this is because she is ambidextrous, yet she doesn’t know, because it’s never been brought up
- she fucking LOVES learning about and identifying plants, trees and flowers. she knows so many it’s crazy. she has a great memory.
- resident true crime enthusiast and ghost hunter. she drags elliot with her around town to go hunting for ghosts. they also watch documentaries together!
- has a bunch of little scars on her hands from her artwork
- to get inspiration for works, she’ll go on walks at different times of the day, different seasons, different routes, and she’ll turn each walk into a work of art. depending on all the environment and those who she runs into, each piece is vastly different.
- animals love her, and will sometimes just follow her around for no reason. she doesn’t mind at all, she kinda loves it.
- friends with emily. they are currently teaching each other their own forms of art, since they love learning from each other!
- really good at dancing, she’ll dance while she’s working on projects and she’ll hum a song to herself
- her favorite statue was created after she went on a walk, ran into abigail, and the two of them went swimming in the ocean and stayed there as the sun set and the stars came out. she has a little crush on abigail.
- her hair is ALWAYS tied up, it’s impossible for her to work if her hair is in her eyes
- when she was a kid she wanted to be an astronaut, because she loves the stars, but she found she prefers the science and math behind it all
- she pierced her own ears, she has little star earrings!
- watches cartoons and geeks out about them with penny when they meet up in town!
- for some odd reason, she is terrified of butterflies. no one who knows her, or even maru herself have ANY idea why, but she will run away if she sees one.
- her favorite memory was the one night her and sebastian stayed up really late as kids and snuck outside to look at the stars (back when sebastian still loved them) and they ended up seeing a meteor shower
- she presses flowers as a hobby, and just keeps them in a little notebook alongside her ideas for projects and gadgets.
- while she’s cleaning her and pam’s home, she finds herself singing to herself. she has yet to be caught by anyone
- each day, her hair is done ever-so-slightly different. each morning, she likes to change it up, and sometimes jas or vincent will give her something to put in her hair
- also interested in ghosts, will occasionally join elliot and leah on their adventures
- she is naturally really warm, so she doesn’t have to bundle up as much during the winter. the kids cling to her because she’s like a human space heater
- has a bit of a geeky side, and she loves to watch cartoons a lot. when she can find the time, she always watches them. they being her lots of comfort.
- has a small scar on her side from when she tripped over as a child onto something sharp. she likes it because with two freckles, it makes a little smiley face
- loves the water and the feeling of sea wind in her hair. she secretly wants to learn to drive a boat, so she can feel that wind in her hair whenever she wants.
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belbeten · 23 days ago
Had a stupid idea and it turned out so silly, I lowkey kind of love it.
Tumblr media
[Image ID: photo of a cross stitch hoop taken from directly above. The hoop contains very light blue aida fabric, with a cartoon-style cloud stitched on it in white, medium blue, and navy blue thread. The cloud has googly eyes sewn on, and a small smile. The text stitched above the cloud reads “I just hate how everything is.” /.End ID]
Finished piece is 14 count aida in a four inch embroidery hoop. All the thread was leftovers in my thread box, and the fabric is dyed a very light blue. I was experimenting with using food coloring and didn't quite get the look I wanted, but didn't want to waste the fabric either. So I turned it into this silly piece. Cloud pattern is adapted from a picture I found online.
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blvnk-art · 6 months ago
Just saw your little lily wants a dragon post and imagine if
When they get home Harry dives into his old trunks searching for anything he might’ve kept from his school years. He goes to number 12 and scans through every inch of it. He goes first to his sister in-law who laughs and pushes a small velvet box into his hands. She gives him a new address and a few weeks later he gets another box from their joint friend far away.
Then comes the hardest part and he feels like he’s 14 and facing a dragon (something he won’t be telling he’s children about until they’re 11) and honestly he’d almost rather be doing that. But he owled before hand to set this up and it would be rather rude to not show up.
He sits by the fire tea in hand chatting with the old couple trying not to think of the last time he’d seen them. At last they ask why he’s here and taking a deep breath Harry tells them. He talks about his little girl who loves dragons and quidditch just like her uncle Charlie. The three parents smile at the girl’s ignorance wistfully praying she never learns what a horrible mix it really is.
And hours later Harry leaves but not without a small box and a promise to bring little Lily sometime after the holidays.
That Christmas Lily Potter is the envy of the family. All her cousins, both her brothers and godbrother beg their parents for what she got demanding she share. Heck even uncle Charlie is jealous
But little Lily is oblivious to it all as she plays with four tiny dragons that Daddy says she doesn’t have to share. She does but only a few weeks later when she and Daddy are visiting Amy and Amos Diggory.
Lily Luna grows up with two dragons on each shoulder who sleep on French velvet pillows.
Sorry this is so long I just love Lily so much sometimes I see her as the one with hearing loss. I always felt that Ginny’s last pregnancy had a lot of struggles and both she and Harry didn’t want to risk another one
Thank you so much for sharing your writing/headcanon with me/us, Anon. I can see how much thought you put into it, and it's really really lovely. It wouldn't be fair to keep it only in my inbox because it can be really inspiring for more people/creators :)
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fruitcoops · a year ago
Hello firstly I’d just like to say off of your recent fic angry loops is sexy loops and also if you feel up to it would you be willing to write a fic of loops loosing his temper on the ice like fully dropping his gloves and fighting I know you’ve done a couple before where he’s been defending James and the one with greyback but I think it’d be cool to see him loose his head because of what’s been done directly to him and not his team mates? Also I hope you’re taking care of yourself!
Yes, I love this prompt! It’s not a knock-down-drag-out fight, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ❤️ SW credit goes to @lumosinlove!
TW for homophobia, mentioned slur (not explicit), mild violence
They were still muttering behind him, laughing about some inside joke that was almost certainly at his expense. Just keep swimming, he thought as the refs reviewed a call.
“—not about to pussy out,” one of the guys snorted. “What, you think I can’t beat him?”
Remus ground his teeth.
Not two seconds later, something prodded the back of his shoulder. He ignored it. Not worth the penalty. A second poke nearly made him veer off course.
“Can I help you?” Remus asked as he finally turned. His annoyance bled into every word, but the two idiots only grinned. They were enforcers; big guys like Kuny, except without the kindness or intelligence in their eyes.
“How much did you have to pay to get your spot on this team?” one of them taunted, cocking an eyebrow. “Oh, sorry. How much did your boyfriend have to pay?”
“Less than your dad paid me last night,” he deadpanned. The refs would be done soon, and then he could find an excuse to drop the gloves. Deep breaths, his dad would say.
His mother would tell him to knock ‘em dead.
“Hey.” The next push was even harder; the bigger man’s voice was angry, now. Remus smiled to himself. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”
“Who are you, my mother?” he snorted, though he turned again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Finn nudge Talker with his elbow.
“I bet she’s real proud of you for sleeping your way to the top.”
“She is, actually.”
A gleam lit in his watery blue eyes, as if he had won something. “So you admit it?”
“What, that my mom’s proud of me and you’re an asshole? It’s not like it’s a secret.”
The shorter man—who had a good three inches on Remus but wasn’t nearly as fast—sneered. “My friend here bet me ten bucks you’d fight.”
“Ten bucks?” Remus widened his eyes. “Wow! You could buy yourself an ice cream with that! Good for you, buddy!”
Mauve colored his cheeks and tree-trunk neck as he skated right into Remus’ personal space. “I’m willing to lose that bet if it means knocking that smug look off your face,” he snarled.
Remus rolled his eyes and started heading back to his team. The review was clearly almost done. It was time to get his head off the schoolyard and into the game. “In your dreams, asshole.”
“Run along back home, you—“
The slur hung in the air like a swarm of bees. Remus stopped cold. Everyone within earshot went still.
Remus sighed, and slowly turned to face them again. “I really wish you didn’t just say that.”
A vicious glimmer crossed the shorter man’s beady eyes. “And what—“
The sickening snap of his nose beneath Remus’ knuckles and the ensuing shriek harmonized beautifully with the pulse pounding in his ears. Blood dripped through thick fingers. “Call me that again,” Remus said calmly, skating toward him despite the anger snarling inside his chest. “Do it.”
The taller man stepped in front of him. “Look, dude—“
“You wanted a fight, didn’t you?” Remus shoved him in the chest. “Ten bucks to get a rise out of the rookie? Your friend called me a slur and got exactly what he deserved for it, so either fight me like you wanted or stay the fuck out of my way.”
Talker’s hand was solid on his shoulder. “Loops—“
“What’s it gonna be?” Remus asked, making unblinking eye contact with the enforcer.
There was a pause, then a shake of the head. “You’re fuckin’ crazy, Lupin. Should’ve stayed on the bench where you belong.”
“Call me another slur and I’ll show you exactly where I belong, you second-rate coward. Now pull your head out of your ass and play the game with some dignity. Enjoy your ten bucks.”
Finn whistled lowly as he rejoined the group; Talker was still holding his shoulder, like he was afraid Remus was going to do something stupid. That was probably for the best. One of the refs raised a brow and blew his whistle. “Number six, two minutes for fighting. Number 14, five minutes for discrimination.”
“What?” The shorter enforcer spluttered around the fresh gauze in his hand. “He broke my fuckin’ nose!”
“Welcome to hockey,” the ref said drily. “Next time, read the rules about offensive language.”
“He played the gay card!”
Remus rounded on him, blood boiling. “I played the ‘get the fuck out of my face and don’t call me a slur’, you—“
“Okay,” James interrupted, skating between them with a palm on Remus’ chest. He lowered his voice, eyes softening in concern. “Two minutes is more than enough, yeah? We need you out here. You can kick his ass once you’re both out of the box.”
Remus clenched his jaw so hard his mouthguard squeaked, but he nodded and headed toward the box after a short pause. He already achieved his goal; those two minutes would be a goddamn victory lap.
Sirius’ proud smile and light shoulder check as he passed wasn’t half-bad, either.
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cas-kingdom · a year ago
Future Looks Good
A/N: Obviously set at the end of season 5 episode 14. A bit of a different take on Derek’s proposal-preparing. Reader is about 15.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Title: Future Looks Good
Summary: You, Derek and Mark set up the bedroom for the proposal to Meredith.
Words: 756
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You think Mer will let me keep the bear?” you asked. The bear – stuffed, of course – in question was lounging in front of the bed, his large head making him tilt a little every few minutes before someone righted him again.
“It’s Meredith’s bear,” Derek told you, scattering rose petals.
Mark glanced over his shoulder. He’d been busy lighting candles. “You think Meredith will wanna keep a giant stuffed bear in her room?”
Derek sighed and sent his best friend a tight-lipped smile. “Yes, I do. She kept a glowing kidney on her bedside table. Why not a bear?”
You and Mark synchronously turned wide eyes on each other, concern radiating from all four. The life of a surgeon, yousupposed, though glowing kidneys on bedside tables was taking that a little too far to the weird side. Not to mention there was quite a big difference between an organ and a stuffed animal.
“I’ll get you a bear, Y/N,” Mark said, turning back to his candles, and you smiled in triumph. You could always count on your Uncle Mark.
Your task was to stand guard by the door, and you were doing a damn good job of it. Meredith wasn’t due home for a while, but unannounced returns weren’t uncommon in this house. With so many people living there – not including the ‘strays’, as Derek affectionately called whoever wasn’t supposed to be at the breakfast table when he woke in the morning – the three of you couldn’t be sure that the front door opening wouldn’t be Meredith.
You could tell your dad was nervous. He had that look on his face. The look you saw on the faces of movie characters, when they feel like their heart’s about to jump out of their throat and their hands are so clammy with nerves upon nerves upon nerves. All in the face of love and proposals. You couldn’t help but smile at that. You’d gotten used to your parents being apart, and you were as close to Meredith as any future stepdaughter to her stepmother (or big sister, as you often joked about). You had Alex’s old room after he’d moved in with Izzie, and though you knew your dad wanted it to be just the three of you, everything was a pretty perfect set-up for a wedding at the moment.
“Does that look good?”
You turned from your post by the slight-cracked-open doorway. The guys were peering over a flower vase.
“No,” Derek said. “It looks wrong.”
“It’s a vase. How can it look wrong?”
“It just does.”
“You’re such an irritating perfectionist.”
“I am not. I just… want it to be perfect.”
Mark chuckled, shaking his head. “Hey, why don’t you write her a note? ‘Roses are red, get in my pants quick’-”
“’Mark Sloan broke his dick’,” you finished for him.
Derek snorted. Mark spun on his heels and pointed a finger at you, his face the picture of terror. “Who the hell told you?”
“Come on,” Derek said, shifting the vase over an inch, “no one needed to tell her. That’s the hospital’s ripe gossip at the moment.”
“Actually, Lexie told me.”
You did not account for being grabbed and tossed onto the rose-scattered bed. You screamed, petals all but smothering you and floating to the floor, and when you recovered, your dad was slapping Mark on the back of the head.
“God,” Derek ground out as Mark rubbed the new sore spot, “you’re both the reason I found a grey hair this morning.”
You and Mark paused, already stifling your laughter. “You found a grey hair?” you both mused, perfectly in sync, and Derek contemplated driving to pick Meredith up and taking her far, far away.
“Out,” he said simply, already bending to start the gruelling task of picking up all the rose petals, “get out. Or I’ll tell an intern your dick broke so much they had to cut it off, and then that intern will tell everyone else.”
You broke into contagious giggles and Mark made a face, grimacing. He grasped your hand and pulled you into the hallway. The sound of your bedroom door shutting and your laughter muffling was enough for Derek to take a deep breath and attempt to soothe his nerves. He pulled out the box and opened it. The ring was sitting there perfectly, a reminder that the future was going to be good. Even with two children laughing in the room next-door.
Especially with two children laughing in the room next-door.
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pogueit · 11 months ago
T.T: Sick Day
Pairing: Topper Thornton x reader
Summary: In the midst of Y/N and Topper's dating scheme Y/N happens to get sick and Topper can't help but be himself...
Warnings: None??? Maybe being sick??
WC: 1,047!
A/N: Hello!! I just had this cute lil idea abt fake dating with topper bc I love him... I might make this into a series... If you guys like it ofc.... ENJOY!!!
When you woke up this morning you knew it was going to be an awful day, even before hearing the tantalizing voice of the frat boy you were recently tangled with. The two of you were only excessively spending time with each other to keep up with the appearance that you two were "dating". It was pretty stupid, you weren't going to lie, but after Sarah Cameron, the royal kook herself, dumped Topper for a slight downgrade and you had been kicked to the curb by your own royalty adjacent shit eater boyfriend, both of your parents were desperate for you two to find someone else. The begging and crying had got so bad that you finally caved and asked Tops to be your boyfriend until you could find someone else. You expected him to turn you down immediately, wanting to reminisce in the heartbreak, but he was rather excited especially with the prospects of possibly making Sarah just a tad jealous. You and Sarah haven’t been on speaking terms since the 7th grade and your history had been messy since the start. It was a win for both sides of the party and a deal neither of you wanted to miss out on. It came with its consequences though, you had caught feelings for Topper and you caught them hard. The more time you spent with the frosted tip goalie the more you had to keep reminding yourself that this "relationship" wasn't real and you had started regretting ever doing this in the first place. On top of your emotional distress, you were now sick. The sickness that was milling around while you were asleep was now ravaging through your body. You should've started chugging Nyquil two days prior, but being an idiot you just ignored it, and now you’re sicker than shit. It was concentrated in your chest and nasal passages. You could feel the mucus slowly building in your chest. It sat heavily at the base of your throat as the access spilled out through your nose.
"Babe, you are not going to believe this!" He was loud, so much so that your alarm would be jealous. This vocal range was reserved for special occasions since he is known for exclusive using his indoor voice, so you knew something was up.
"Can we cut it out for today Box Tops?" You croaked from the nest of blankets and pillows that you created.
"Ew, oh my god, y/n, are you okay?" He was aghast at the sight in front of him. You were buried under multiple blankets, so much so that he could only tell that you were in there because of the used tissues that were scattered all over your bed.
"Why does your room look like a 14-year-old's room?" He continued not allowing you to gather enough air in your flooded lungs to hack out an answer. Topper left his shoes by your door which you had to train him to do.
"Because I'm sick, you asshole!" With all your might you could barely bring yourself to semi-yell and you immediately regretted it as it sent you into a coughing fit that only flamed your burning throat and lungs.
"Go home, Top, I don't want you to get sick" you added after you recovered and shimmied inside your cacoon to face him better. You swore that he got cuter from the last time you saw him which was about 28 hours ago. Topper took a few steps forward before you threw out your hands.
"Don't get any closer!"
"What why?" He teased inching forward, letting his backpack, which he let you embroider, slump against your bed frame.
"You already know why!" You stated sternly, yet he still ignored you. Topper immediately jumped onto your bed and engulfed you in a gator hug.
"What the fuck!" You were able to place your foot on his stomach and push yourself away from him, but that was short-lived as he wormed his way under the blankets.
"Just shut up and enjoy my company" he reached out and pulled you to him wrapping his arms around you comforting you.
"Topper James Thornton, you're going to get sick and then die!" You try to fight him off again but he doesn’t even budge.
"I accept my fate!" He proclaimed giving you a quick kiss on your forehead and lessened the grip he had around you. You were going to continue fighting him but instead, you let a sigh escape your lips and dropped your head onto his shoulder. There was nowhere else to place your arm except around his waist. You slowly walked your fingers across his middle until your arm was wrapped around his waist it was almost like second nature at this point. The both of you stayed like that for a while. It let you reminisce about his presence next to you holding you close. Something that might be over soon if either of you decides to get a legit partner. At this point, if someone asked you out you didn't know if you could bring yourself to say yes. You would rather lie to yourself about Topper being your actual boyfriend for just a little while longer. After a few minutes, Topper shifted underneath you and fished out his laptop.
"So, what does my girl want to watch?" The way "my girl" rolled off his tongue flooded your stomach with butterflies, even though he was only doing it in a joking way.
"Wait... Let me see...Tremors or Spice World?" he grabbed your face in his hands and felt around for a second. He squished your face every so often all the while making a thinking noise.
"Topper!" Your voice was muffled by how squished he had your face.
"Wait... Almost there...Got it!" He beamed down at you and finally let you go.
"Spice World, right?" He looked at you expectantly. You let out a chuckle as a grin overtakes your features.
"Yes, Box Tops, you are correct and your prize is having me narrate this entire movie" You snuggle in closer to his side.
"I wouldn't have it any other way" a shy smile tugs at the corner of his lips as he taps the space bar to begin the movie.
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ghost-postables · 8 months ago
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗
The ½ Truce
╚═══*.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Vlad looked up from the rather drab book he'd been reading, it wasn't his usual choice but he'd run out of new material and he'd neglected to go and retrieve more, having been swamped with menial business affairs all week. With the holiday season in full swing a lot of his… investments were shifting in priority and needed re-adjustments. But it was well past dusk now and he's been spending some much needed downtime reading. Yet just as he'd reached the midway mark of the thin and grossly misinformed book that spoke of the afterlife like some flowery dream, a sharp sound of knocking reverberated around the emptiness of his spacious home. Reminding him just how empty it was.
He turned his attention back to the novel, however boring it may be, dismissing it as simply hearing nonsense. But soon after he settled back into the words on the thin pages the sound jolted him again. Sharp but patient knocks, banging rhythmically against the finely carved wood of his front doors. Ghosts never knocked and no one he had business with would visit his estate at all, let alone at night. With a tired sigh and the thought that perhaps he should invest in guards of some sort, Vlad peeled himself from his chair and ventured from the warmth of the sitting room to the cold open space of the entry hall. The knock came again moments before he reached the doors, and he fought the urge to shout in irritation. Whoever had decided they simply must bother him at such a horrible time of night would just have to wait if seeing him was so important.
Finally before the massive doors, twice his height, heavy and honestly a bit much even for his ego, he realised another flaw in their design. No peephole to see who was knocking. It wasn't as if he could just stick his head out to check, for if the knocker was human they'd get a rather nasty shock. He supposed he could do so while invisible but the effort seemed more than the payoff. So he simply pulled the left door open and peered at the figure on his doorstep. 
First he saw a small pale hand raised to knock again, an arm clad in black material. And then a familiar flash of white and electric green. "Oh, it's you." He said flatly. 
The boy who floated an inch from the tiles of his front step gave him an offended look. "I fly all the way here and this is how you greet me?" Vlad closed the door in his face and began walking back to the sitting room fully aware that the ghostly child had phased through the wall and followed him in. Now perched unceremoniously upon his coffee table hugging a backpack to his chest with a sour expression. 
Vlad took a long sip of his quickly cooling tea, got comfortable in his seat, and then, and only then, addressed the presence of his unexpected visitor. "Daniel, how nice to see you." His voice was dry and dripping with sarcasm. The boy regarded the older man for a moment and Vlad expected a lecture or interrogation of some sort. Though he couldn't think why, he'd been so busy with mundane adult stuff lately that he'd had to put his schemes on hold. 
Silently Danny unzipped his backpack and Vlad instinctively tensed. Perhaps the brat was attempting some weird surprise attack. The older halfa began to rise from his seat in preparation for battle but was shocked back into sitting when a brightly coloured box was presented to him. Danny held a box, wrapped in green and red striped wrapping paper with a red bow. It was as big as his head, which wasn't that big since Danny was a rather diminutive child even for his young age. Vlad didn't remember being that small when he was 14. There was silence between the two and then Danny shook the box towards Vlad, indicating that the older male should take it. "It won't bite." He said calmly. Vlad hesitantly grasped the box, holding it at an arm's length, considering the possibilities of some kind of pipe bomb. "It won't explode either, if that's what you're thinking."
Vlad's eyes flickered to Danny's expression, which was unusually hard to read. 'Mind reader…' He thought idly.
"I'm not reading your mind, your distrust is just very easy to see." Danny drawled looking exasperated by Vlad's actions. Vlad now considered the possibility that Danny was practising witchcraft. "Open it. It's a gift." Danny insisted. 
"But... Why?" Vlad replied, still holding the box as if it would suddenly come to life and insult his mother. Knowing some of the gadgets the boy's parents could make, this was not that far out from the realm of possibilities. 
"Because it's Christmas, you fruitloop. Even a Scrooge like you should know that." Danny sighed, falling back into levitating and then floating up to the ceiling. 
Vlad rolled his eyes, resting the box upon his lap, now fairly sure the box wouldn't explode or melt his skin. "I'm well aware of the season, Daniel. And even if I didn't, your less than subtle decoration would have tipped me off. I mean why are you giving me a gift?" Danny instantly dropped from his height onto the floor, landing nimbly on his feet. 
The boy seemed to wrestle with his words for a moment before shrugging. "Look I just wanted to okay." He said finally. "The ghosts are giving me a break because of this whole Christmas truce thing they do-"
"I've heard about that." Vlad mumbled. He noted from Danny's expression that being interrupted wasn't exactly his favourite thing.
"-and I thought, why not extend that same courtesy to a fruitloop?" He finished bluntly. "I know you spend this time of year alone most of the time, and I figured… well even a Grinch like you might like some company." 
Vlad stared at Danny, waiting to hear "but psych, I lied, it was a bomb" but Danny just stood awkwardly shifting under the scrutiny of the older halfa. "Look man, if you don't want it I'll just take it back." Danny said hastily, reaching for the box. Vlad moved the box from the boy's reach.
"I'll open it." He decided. He carefully undid the bow and began to remove the paper without ripping it before slowly lifting the lid. Inside were a collection of small figures in green and yellow. As he inspected them further he realised they were figures of the current Greenbay Packers team. He looked at the child who'd been watching him unblinkingly the whole time. 
"It's the Packers!" He said nervously. "Well, little ones… until you manage to buy the real ones. You know?" 
Vlad didn't have any words. The gift was silly and inexpensive since he was sure you could get each figure for a few dollars online. But it was the most thoughtful thing anyone had done for him in a long time. And the fact it had been Danny who'd thought of it, who'd gone out of his way to purchase and bring Vlad any kind of gift at all, and yet somehow made it something so on theme for Vlad. It was instantly one of the most priceless objects in his possession. A gift for Christmas from a kid he'd once wished was his own son. Maybe even still wished. 
"It's stupid, I know, I didn't have a lot of money but I still wanted to at least visit, and I couldn't come empty handed but what do you get a guy who can buy everything he wants. Well almost everything which got me thinking abou-"
"Thank you." 
Danny paused in his ramblings, unsure if what he'd heard had been wishful thinking or if Vlad had actually thanked him. But seeing the expression on the man's face told him he hadn't misheard. Danny paced towards the fire burning in the fireplace, feeling the warmth seem to curl around the coolness of his ghostly form. One would think because if his ice core he'd dislike the heat, but it felt nice, comforting. 
"Dad wants you to come around for Christmas dinner. He even promised not to talk about Santa to Mom if she'd let you. He doesn't know why she didn't want you to. She never did mention the whole Dalv fiasco. He wore her down, you know. They're gonna call you tomorrow." Danny said watching small licks of flame split from the main bloom and quickly die. 
Vlad placed the box on the coffee table. "I don't think that's a good idea."
"Why not? I wouldn't mind. So long as you behave yourself. It might even be nice. I know Dad would be delighted. Though I suppose that's not really a selling point for you… But if a ghost who usually wants to skin me and keep my 'pelt' as a trophy, can be civil for the holidays I thought. Maybe so could all of us." Danny turned away from the fire and walked to the sitting room door. "Just something to think about. Merry Christmas, Vlad." 
And like that he was gone. On his way back to Amity. How he'd made it there or even intended to get back before dawn was a mystery. Vlad picked up the box and made his way to his main office, where he proceeded to place the figurines in an order he liked on a previously barren shelf. As he was about to discard the box he noticed a picture from a very long time ago. Back in college, of three young fools having an impromptu Christmas dinner in the on campus room he and Jack shared. 
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
(There may be a part 2 if I can muster up the energy.)
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mimisempai · 3 months ago
That's what we do
Mycroft reflects on the evolution of his friendship with Greg, until one evening when everything changes...
Mystrade Monday #14 « We'll figure this out »
On AO3 Rating G - 418 words
Tumblr media
When Mycroft thought about it, he didn't really know when things had changed between him and Greg. It had been gradual, he supposed. It wouldn't even be noticeable to some people but he definitely couldn't miss it. 
It had started with casual encounters at the pub from time to time and then from the pub they had moved on to the restaurant, the evenings often going on until closing time.
Recently, Greg would sometimes bring Mycroft a box lunch, claiming that he had overcooked the night before, but Mycroft knew very well that it was done with purpose. He even had to admit that he was secretly flattered to be the object of Greg's kindness.
Tonight, Mycroft had accepted his invitation and they were both sitting in Greg's living room after a most enjoyable dinner.
He asked softly, "Greg, why are you being so nice to me?"  
Greg turned to look at Mycroft. His mouth opened slightly, as if he was about to start, but he quickly closed it and frowned.
Then, seeming to finally make up his mind, under Mycroft's amused gaze, he leaned over and pressed his lips to his. It was only a brief brush of lips and Mycroft barely had time to feel the pressure of Greg's lips before he moved back. 
"You call that a kiss?" asked Mycroft with a lopsided smile.
"Just testing the water," Greg replied playfully.
Mycroft moved closer. They were inches apart again, "I think the water temperature is perfect." 
Greg moved closer and whispered, "Really?" 
Mycroft moved closer again. Their foreheads were now touching, and Greg could feel Mycroft's breath as he replied, "Just ideal."
It didn't take much for Greg to close the distance, pressing his lips to Mycroft's.
It was soft, and it was tender. 
No tongues dancing around each other. 
No biting of each other's lips. 
No moaning of the other's name. 
Not yet.
Just their lips gently touching and their hands reaching for the other. 
For both Greg and Mycroft, it was perfect.
After a moment, Mycroft moved away, but he kept his hands around Greg's neck. Greg buried his face in the crook of Mycroft's neck.
He buried his face in the crook of Mycroft's neck.
When their breathing had calmed, Greg whispered against his skin, "Mycroft?"
Mycroft hummed into his hair.
"Where do we go from here?"
Mycroft took Greg's face in his hands and said softly, "We'll figure this out along."
Greg nodded and smiled, "After all, that's what we do."
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story  🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
Mystrade masterlist here
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belbeten · 3 months ago
Happy International Eames Appreciation Day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: two photos of a cross stitch hoop. The first photo is taken from directly above; the second photo is a closeup taken from an angle. Both photos depict a casino poker chip that has been cross stitched in orange, red, and yellow thread. The text on the poker chip reads "100 Shillings Mombassa District Casino". /.End ID]
To celebrate our 2nd annual International Eames Appreciation Day, I decided to cross stitch his totem.
It was my first time designing a pattern this large, and my first time using stitch software. I really should've allowed myself more time for a full coverage piece, as I just finished it today! I based the design on an image I found online, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's a bit garish, but then again, so is our favorite forger!
The finished piece is 14 count aida in a six inch embroidery hoop. The orange thread is DMC 900, the red is DMC 816, and the yellow is a random leftover I had in my thread box *shrug*
Hope you all have a happy International Eames Appreciation Day! And don’t forget to dream a little bigger, my darlings 😘
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lonestarbattleship · 5 months ago
USS Texas (BB-35): 14 inch guns
Tumblr media
Designed in 1910, the 14 inch/45 caliber guns on USS Texas (BB-35) were the largest guns installed on a commissioned battleship in the world in 1914.
The 14-inch gun is 52 feet 6 inches long, weighs 63.4 tons, and fires a shell weighing 1,400 pounds. The muzzle velocity is 2,600 feet per second (fps) (792 meters per second (mps)) for AP rounds and 2,700 fps (823 mps) for HC rounds.
Tumblr media
The Mark 1 through X barrels consisted of a tube without liner, jacket, eight hoops and a screw box liner.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It used a horizontal opening Welin breech block and used a Smith-Asbury mechanism.
Originally, these guns were the Mark I, Mod I and the first guns installed on March 5, 1913. The Mark 1 liner had a life of 150 firings.
Her guns were replaced 3 times during her career.
In January 1921, the original barrels were swapped for Mark I, Mod 7 in Bremerton Navy Yard. See my other post on the swap: link
In January 1937, the barrels were swapped for seven Mark VIII and two Mark X guns in the Bremerton Navy Yard(?). The Mark VIII and X had an increased barrel life of 175 - 200 firings.
In October 1944, Mark XII in New York Navy Yard. See my other post on the swap: link. Note: 9 of Mark XII were her original Mark 1 Mod 1 barrels that were relined and upgraded. The Mark XII had chromium plating to increase barrel life to 250 firings.
The Mark VIII, X and XII muzzle velocity was increased to 2,735 fps (834 mps) for HC rounds due to the enlarged chamber volume.
Note: Caliber is calculated by the diameter times the length.
For information on the turrets (link), shells magazine (link), shells (link) and firing (link).
source, source, source, source, source
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