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#and i hate myself

love to spend the afternoon playing boardgames and having lots of fun, and then my brother ruining my mood bc he does something stupid, and THEN STAYING fURIOUS BECAUSE I CANT KEEP MY EMOTIONS IN CHECK AND GETTING WORKED UP BECAUSE I KNOW IT’S STUPID AND I SHOULD STOP BEING AGRY BUT I CAAAAANT

i’m that bitch

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alright folks

First Official Writing Giveaway!!!

thingy… competition…. i’m bad at names.

anyway, here is the post that i mentioned a few day prior. for my birthday, to save myself the loneliness, i want to instead give to you! but a warning first;

it has come to my attention that there are a few minors (under 18′s) who read my stuff and follow my blog. And though i am grateful for your support, i do not feel comfortable sharing such taboo topics with minors and with how i wish to continue this blog (introducing more nsfw themes) i regrettably say that you must unfollow. I am sorry and i thank you for understanding <3

With that out the way, on with the post. The rules are simple, like this post to be entered and in a few days i will randomly choose a name/blog from the list. the winner will then get to choose to have a short fic with a character/s (survivor or killer) of their choice in one of the following scenarios:

  • fluffy stuff (cuddles and gentle words and such - i will give you diabetes)
  • angst stuff (gonna make you, the character and God herself cry from hurt)
  • and finally, but certainly not least, a nsfw scenario! something vanilla obvs to start us off with and because i am baby (please be aware that i practically know nothing and if this option is chosen it will be bad)

The fic will be short and reader insert, preferably gender neutral but if the subject calls for gendered-terms then i will use them. The max characters allowed in a fic will be 2. All characters from Dead By Daylight are up for grabs (except blight, demo and legion for the nsfw stuff) however, since it is a special event, i will include a few other slashers (mainly Jason Voorhees and Brahms Heelshire). 

ok then, i think that is it! Thank you to everyone who participates is this rather awkward and weird endeavor! I understand it is odd but i cannot express my thankfulness to yall for giving it a chance! 

Also also, to make the shit pie even worse, i want to say a huge and deep thank you to every and any one who has interacted with me and this blog. I have meet so many wonderful people and have grown in my writing in such marvelous ways that i am extremely grateful to the readers who encourage and help me. the world was a lonely place before i started this blog and with yall, its just that little bit less horrible. i really am grateful. 


heres a pic of snoop. ily and i hope to hear from yall soon!

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Me: I already have a Daniel hoodie

*sees him wear a new one that is basically the same*


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Get to know my new OC- Killian


the basics:

name: Killian O’Dálaigh (Gaelic, pronounced Dah-lie)
age: 24
zodiac sign: Gemini
one good trait: He’s a fiercely loyal friend
one bad trait: He’s stubborn as hell


one bad habit: Hitting on taken girls
one good habit: Giving buskers a tenner each time
one habit they can’t break: Smoking
one they’ve broken: Get drunk before midday
what they’re afraid of: Becoming an alcoholic like his father


their parents names: Oscar and Lily, adoptive parents. 
their siblings names: Declan O’Connor (twin brother) and Connor Walsh (half sibling)
favorite childhood memory: A family trip to Howth castle before his mother left
favorite childhood toy: A tiny wooden sheep 
embarrassing story: The first time he got drunk at the local dub, wandered into the neighbouring farm and puked in the pig pen. A very angry farmer chased him out with a pitchfork and he fell asleep in the apple orchard
favorite family member: His cousin Sarah, who is two months older than him
a story about that family member: She taught him how to make daisy chains, and one day after Thanksgiving when he was ten they made one for the family dog Kevin and chased him around for ages trying to get him to wear it.

what they prefer:

coffee or tea? Coffee
showering in the day or night? Night
taking baths or taking showers? Showers
tv or movies? writing or reading? TV and reading
platonic or romantic love? Platonic
iced tea or lemonade? Lemonade, but only the homemade stuff
ice cream or smoothies? Ice cream
cupcakes or cake? Cake
beach or mountains? Beach


song: Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
band: AC/DC
outfit: Jeans and a leather jacket
place: Dublin, Ireland
memory: Christmas Eve, 2002. 
person: His cousin Sarah
movie: The Godfather
show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Source: pirncessleia

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I am so tired. It’s 7pm. I want to sleep for a week or a month or forever and wake up when thing are better. I haven’t studied today.

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Alright i lied its been 2 days of me having this blog and im gonna switch it up to a bias account

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depressed as hell and this weather sucks!!! i want fall!!!!

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I keep seeing posts about diavalo having big titties and in some cases there is tity milk involved and this is all I can think about when I see them.

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I just realized that six years ago today was the best day of my life. I was so happy, and everything was good. …Now everything is the opposite.

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