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#and i hate myself!

SO someone decided “oh lets leave this dumbass alone for extended periods of time yes that is a fantastic idea” HOWEVER i am not good at being alone for extended periods of time and I’ve run out of things to do and therefore am slowly going insane. One of the ways that I combat this excruciating boredom is by going out to my backyard and walking around my pool a bunch. The issue with this is that my pool is surrounded by pavement. Pavement that gets very hot. And I don’t wear shoes. This has the incredible effect of burning the fuck out of my feet so much that it is painful to walk.

This is a very easy problem to solve, luckily. All I gotta do is put on some fucking shoes, right? Nope, fuck you! Instead of putting on some goddamn shoes like a normal human being, I continue to destroy the soles of my feet for a reason inconceivable to both myself and god! I have been doing this for like a week! Send help!

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I’m fairly confident no matter how fucking much I love and adore something or someone, it will never be enough to make me not want to die. To live in my mind and body are a special kind of hell with only one escape despite my immense desire for it to be otherwise.

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The worst thing about the chest window was that it clearly got bigger when the game came out. Like Madoka, you are 14 and you have nothing there. Stop it.

I KNOW RIGHT. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING CRAZY WHEN I SAW THAT HER CHEST WAS BIGGER. But man this game’s artists really don’t hide their thirstiness over teenage girls.

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I’m debating on wether I should really spend 200$ worth on albums because I’m sad and I need some light in my life, the gag is that I’m not even working right now haven’t been for almost a month now. (Because of the quarantined the store is closed at the moment) so could I really afford to spend 200$ on albums? Hmm.. where do my priorities lies? Where, where?

Should I use credit card? Like I just got my score to a very good number and I don’t really want to mess it up. But I am soooo sad 😂 that I need some sort of happiness.

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