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milesdadworth · 3 days ago
feral over thinking abt phoenix and franziska being reluctant family and caring about each other so much
somehow they go from court rivals to antagonistic weird siblings-in-law to having fun snarking at each other to being competitive with each other during family game nights
to phoenix calling her up to bitch about something that he would normally bitch to maya or miles about but they’re not around/busy and he has to talk to someone about how stupid the PTO committee at trucy’s school is and franziska offers to come back and whip them for him before offering real advice on dealing with it
to franziska reluctantly asking phoenix for advice on a case she’s on for interpol because she just can’t seem to connect the evidence and she can’t go to miles for help and somehow its less embarrassing to ask phoenix but also 10x worse BUT phoenix is also the king of finding the threads of truth in a bunch of miscellaneous evidence and she trusts him to help her figure it out and yes of course he gloats about having to help miss perfect von karma but is secretly really touched that she sought him out and trusts him enough to help her
they get to a point where they’re close but they would never admit it to anyone and they swear it’s just peripheral caring that it’s just “you’re my brother’s partner” “you’re my partner’s little sister” “you’re my girlfriend’s dorky older brother” “you’re my little sister’s girlfriend and if anything happened to her i would kill everyone in this room and then myself and somehow you make her happy despite you nearly whipping me to death in a courtroom while I was trying to get her a not guilty verdict after she was accused of murder for the 2nd time that year so i guess i care about you”
but in reality they love each other so much THEY ARE FAMILY
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roadkillbuffet · 5 months ago
just going to be 100 percent clear on this. If youre on here arguing why people should pirate maus then I do not want you associating with me. Like no one is going to stop you from pirating it if you are so desperate to read about jewish suffering for free then by all means go ahead. But I do not want you interacting with me if youre going to be arguing for it. Especially since its almost entirely goyim saying this shit. 
Think carefully on why you being entertained by jewish suffering is more important than our feelings. Think carefully on why youre fighting so hard for the right to not compensate a once removed holocaust survivor. 
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annyaforger · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
make me choose:
@jinxichens​ asked: Haruhi Fujioka or Izuku Midorya
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harringtonera · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Under the Silver Lake (2018), dir. David Robert Mitchell
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kamillahn · 9 months ago
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bugababe · a year ago
remember when miraculous was on full blown hiatus for over a year and in the middle of it, out of absolutely nowhere, Gabriel dropped the sickest beat of 2020
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avalypuff · 5 months ago
Hmmm. I just remembered something that’s gonna make me rethink my headcanon for Adaman and Irida’s ages.
Well, not Irida… I still think of her as being around 20 at minumum. It’s just the matter of WHEN they were made leaders of their respective clans
We can assume Adaman’s been leading the Diamond Clan longer than Irida the Pearl Clan, but in regards to multiple NPCs talking about how she’s so young… well, I don’t believe they’d make anyone under 20 a leader. Few can disagree on 20 as a standard “coming of age” safe zone, but that is still very young to become the leader of an entire clan. Adaman might have filled his role a bit older. In fact, I think that maybe he took over for his grandfather, as he mentions him several times, but as for Irida we learn from talking to NPCs in the Pearl Settlement that she’s been indoctrinated since she was a literal baby. She never got to be a normal kid growing up. Maybe the clan was without a leader for some time, hence her being appointed as soon as she reached adulthood???
Taking that into account, Adaman got to have a fairly normal childhood. He got to listen to his grandpa’s stories, and play with his sister and their pokemon. There might be scarcely any time at all between his and Irida’s experience as leaders, but their vastly different upbringings make all the difference!
Yea. I’m gonna go with that… In fact, maybe Adaman’s coronation was what kicked the Pearl Clan in to gear, like “shit! The Diamond Clan already named a new leader! We need to get ours ready stat!” hence putting Irida in the position before she felt like she was ready.
Yes, it’s all coming together! I’m still gonna say their ages are around 20-21 (Irida) and 25-26 (Adaman) because those are comfortable numbers to me, that match their appearances and behaviors reasonably well (this is a 30-something who remembers how immature she was at 20-something and relates probably a little too much to their childish quarreling) so until Gamefreak give us canon ages, which probably will not happen as they love to keep things vague, that’s what I’m gonna see our lovely clan leaders as.
Boy it feels good to do an analysis post like this again! I haven’t done this since Team Skull was the hottest thing in Pokemon!
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magneticghouls · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
went somewhere special todayy…
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the-unhinged-fanwing · 4 months ago
So do we all accept that @sketchnwhatevr is secretly one of the storyboard animators for Encanto or
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flamedork · a month ago
did I ever tell you the story about when a lady from my work did not believe me when I mentioned that pen and colin were the mains for next season
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mrcspectr · a month ago
How and why do you think Marc and Khonshu made the agreement about letting Marc go? Khoshu didn't have to ever let him go, Marc had basically sold his soul to him. And Khonshu never intended to free him anyway (and tried to convince him to not go several times) so why did he agree to the deal? 
Okay but the crazy thing is, that part of the agreement was an amendment. It most certainly wasn't what Marc originally said yes to.
To be my hands, my eyes, my vengeance. To be my final word against the evildoers. To bind your very being to me and eradicate only the worst, those who deserve it. Do you want death, or do you want life?
I don't know.
Your mind, I feel it. Fractured. Broken. Most fascinating. You are a worthy candidate to serve me during this time. In exchange for your life, do you swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring my vengeance to those who would do them harm?
There's no finality in this, no end point. This is Marc's life, and he's giving it away. Hell, he was moments away from taking it himself. Khonshu took a man at his absolute lowest, at the brink of death itself, and molded him into a weapon. So why would he let Marc, however many years after their agreement, alter the terms?
Because he doesn't want the end product, the warrior, the perfect servant. Khonshu doesn't care about that. He prefers the act of shaping him.
You're right, he doesn't intend to free him, what he likes about Marc is that he sees him as malleable. (Unlike Harrow, who was more determined and difficult to control.) He's broken parts, "pieces" that the god can pull apart and put back together again. He can make him whatever he wants, and making him believe he has options, that he has an out, is just another way of pulling the strings. He's had his fun with Marc and Steven for now, he'd like to see what Jake can do.
Eventually Jake will bore him again, or he'll backtalk just a little too much, and the cycle repeats.
He was manipulating you from the start.
(Alsooo I did write awhile back about how I think they're setting them up for the "Khonshu has been pulling Marc towards him since childhood" plot if anyone wants to read that. Because I still think that's the direction we're headed towards.)
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kimbapisnotsushi · 2 months ago
it’s not like osamu stayed because he loved volleyball.
he didn’t love volleyball the way his brother did. he didn’t ache for it in the way he knew atsumu, aran, and even suna did. he didn’t have the hunger that drove the greatest players to the top, the fire and ferocity that people expected them to have together.
never mind that osamu was always hungry. but that was a hunger for something else.
osamu didn’t stay because he loved volleyball, but he did love atsumu (and, okay, maybe the rest of the team had to do with it, too).
but so what? you might ask. what does love have to do with this?
when you spend your entire life loving something you can’t back out of, you tell me - what’s the point of no return?
osamu had known since long ago that he couldn’t cross that point. couldn’t follow atsumu over the river. osamu spent every moment that mattered thinking he wouldn’t back out, that he would play for just a little bit longer, that it was fine as long as he and atsumu had time before growing up grabbed them in a chokehold.
so he stayed. not because he loved volleyball, but because he loved what volleyball gave him.
whispers late into the night over a dimmed laptop screen. post-practice stops at the noodle shop just past the corner. stories and snacks passed around long bus rides. shoulders for him to lean on and throw his arms around. a sense of the person he will become, even if it meant telling atsumu what he really needed.
volleyball gave him all of this, with the team. with atsumu.
osamu didn’t stay because he loved volleyball, but it was a damn close thing
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serratedpens · a year ago
But it just happens, every so often, that something very ordinary seems beautiful to me and I’d like it to be eternal. I’d like this bistro, and that dusty light bulb, and that dog dreaming on the marble, and even this night—to be eternal. And their essential quality is precisely that they aren’t.
Raymond Queneau, Witch Grass
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seredhiel · 6 months ago
Me: *wrapping my hands to go boxing just like I’ve been doing every other day for the past three fkn years*
Absolutely nobody:
Me: *whispers* I’m Matt Murdock
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starkcapaccinos63 · 3 months ago
All I want in life is for Oscar Isaac to say “oh baby” IN THAT TONE to me just once. Is that too much to ask?!
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kithtaehyung · 3 months ago
ok please hear me out… seokjin singing suraj hua maddham
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evandiaz · 5 months ago
I thought December - February was bad, but this is going to be agony.
Tumblr media
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