#and i live for making new fun outfits
ohsotragical · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“you’ve encountered [this spell] before” (forced truth) + dorian’s tendency to drink/make rash decisions when he shares more than he’d like = This
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kumiiko · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
drawing xingqiu makes me want to join the xingqiu victims alliance
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bmpmp3 · 2 months ago
love live sif had the right idea. draw a group of your OCs in thematically matching but individually unique outfits, its good for your health
#LIKE cohesive like theyre a boyband BUT with little things like shirt cuts and details tailored to the specific oc#its so fun#mostly talking about old sif sets but i mean they still do sets along with all stars#but like old sets were much more intensely themed so i kinda mean more that#(new sets are great but ive noticed a lot of the themes are vaguer? maybe its because its been going for like 5 years)#(early all stars had some really cool themes (vegetable alice in wonderland? fuck yes) but they only really do like)#(specific characters its less of a full group thing unless its an sr set)#and i mean im pretty sure most anime gacha mobile games do this but im most familiar with love live fkdsjfd#but yeah i mean like some of the older sets like stuff like the job set or the fairytale sets or even things like the fairy or mermaid sets#god the fairytale sets....SO good i need to draw my ocs in fairytale outfits that fit their personalities or characters#and some of the holiday sets are super cute like the valentines day ones and i really love some christmas ones#like especially the choir one its so cute both idolized and unidolized#and even though the 10000000 swimsuit sets in sif make me roll my eyes into the sun#drawing swimsuits for my own ocs sounds fun as hell...who wears a sporty one piece who wears a strappy bikini who wears a SPEEDO#the unidolized jrpg set was so cool like with all the different character classes#which of your ocs is the rogue and whos the bard and whos the healer#and OH.. OH i MUST draw my ocs in wedding clothes i am a SAP and i love LACE#stealing theme ideas from sif to draw my ocs in
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traumacure · 10 months ago
utena was onto something i too want to be a girl who is also a prince. ideal gender
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dontwanderoff · 11 months ago
i don’t play sims 4 enough to justify buying the cottage living expansion when it comes out but i kinda really want cottage living
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vdidvidvdkvdkv · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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willwoodwick · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
*designs dialogue sprites for a game i don’t know how to make*
#wip#i have so much work to do today i should not have spent so long working on this lmao#anyway yes it's my oc marian lol i need to draw more of the outfits i've designed for him bc i live vicariously thru his wardrobe#god he's such a fun character asfdjffgkl honestly one of my fave ocs#whoever sent me that ask saying that they loved everything about him has good taste#idk if they even follow me anymore but if you do i would like to say that he would be romanceable in the theoretical game i wanna make#it's not a dating sim lmao it's intended to be a narrative-heavy puzzle based rpg but i do have an optional romance system planned for it#however i have purposely designed it to be incredibly cryptic and frustrating and nearly impossible to figure out lmao#it depends on you making unmarked decisions throughout the game that add to invisible values representing a character's romantic feelings#though there are a few ways to get a very rough indication of how these values are progressing#you will NEVER get any indication of which choices and activities affect them#hell for that matter you won't even know which characters are romanceable until these values have been raised to a certain point#it's a terrible system that's designed so that even if you unlock a romance you'll have no idea how or why it became available to you#you'll just have to use your intuition and guess based on what you know about them :) just like a real relationship lol#however the system has a plus side#in that it allows me to write the romances so they play out much more plausibly than traditional mechanics would allow for#you'll be able to witness the characters gradually develop feelings reflected in various unmarked changes throughout the game#these include alterations to the protagonist's internal dialogue as well as character interactions & the appearance of new dialogue options#but you won't get any direct indication that these changes were triggered by raising the relevant invisible values#or that the content in question is even something that doesn't appear in every play through#okay wow sorry i rambled for so long about the mechanics of my theoretical game asjhdfsfkglkl#can you tell that the way romance routes are handled in most games has always been a huge disappointment to me#this system is meant to address the things that have always bothered me most about games with multiple romanceable characters lmao#namely that none of the romances end up feeling believable to me...#they all seem simplistic and forced to play out without any regard for the chemistry of the characters involved#so fuck it i would like to try and make a system that is all about building up chemistry#ok i'll shut up for real now asdfdjgfhkl but if you read this far nice job#i love rambling about my ideas but i don't get the feeling many people enjoy listening lol#bee babbles
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fuckingfinwions · 2 years ago
Successful escape in the future of the harem au
Gil-Galad knocked on the door.
“Yes?” said the woman who answered it.
“Is this the Lady Nerdanel’s house?”
“Who are you to ask?”
“I’m her grandson, Gil-Galad. The toddler is my brother Finnelach, and that’s my cousin Idril, and Fingon my - parent.”
“Fingon isn’t my son.”
Fingon spoke up, “No, but Maedhros is. You knew quite well what your husband did with my father. Is it really so surprising that I’ve borne two of Maedhros’s children?”
“Perhaps not. What’s the purpose of this family outing? I didn’t think Feanor approved of any of his children visiting me.”
“He doesn’t really. Can we come inside to discuss this?”
“The purpose is that Gil-Galad doesn’t want to have sex with Feanor, and once he’s of age he’ll have to. I’ve always lived in the palace and would have no idea how to keep house on my own, but I’m not going to force him. I remembered that you had opposed Feanor and Maedhros having sex even though Maedhros wanted it, and hoped you’d be a safe place for your grandchildren.”
“And did you have any plan for if I wasn’t willing to raise three more children after all of mine are grown?”
“Just two, Idril can go to her grandparents in Alqualonde. And if not,” Fingon spoke quickly, “could you watch them for two weeks or so, then send them all to the coast? Olwe might not raise them personally but he wouldn’t send them back, not once he hears how Feanor is treating his grandson.”
Nerdanel looked at the three children. A fourteen year old boy, a ten year old girl, and a one year old boy would not do well on their own. “They can stay, though if Olwe asks for his great-granddaughter I won’t stop him. At least you’ll be around to help.”
“About that...”
“Mom!” Gil-Galad said. “What are you saying?”
“You three are all children. Feanor might ignore your absence until you’re of age, by which point you’ll be well known in town and obvious if you went missing. But every day I’m gone is day Feanor can't use me - a full day in which I’m defying him. He won’t stand for that; it’s safer for everyone if I go back." Fingon gave Gil-Galad a hug. “And I love my brothers and father, and your father, and will miss them if I stay.”
“What about me?”
“I love you too, and Finnelach. I hope that I’ll see you some day again. Feanor will be angry, and I’d rather Turgon not take the blame for something he had no part in. Or Maedhros I suppose, though that wouldn’t be as bad of course.”
Nerdanel: “I’ll get started on setting up beds for tonight. Idril and I can sleep in one room, Gil-Galad and Fingon in the other. I don’t have a bassinet, but I can put some blankets in a basket and that might work for Finnelach.”
“No, those sleeping arrangements will not work!”
“You’re not in the palace anymore; I only have the two bedrooms.”
“You can’t have adults sleep in the same room as children! Idril and Gil-Galad can take one room, with Finnelach in a basket.”
“You expect to share my bed then?”
Fingon paused, as he had been wondering if Nerdanel would want to be thanked for her hospitality, but she didn’t seem pleased by the prospect. “I can sleep in the stable, or on a couch. It only has to be for one night anyway, then I’ll ride back.”
“I have never heard of adults and children being forbidden to share rooms. It is however highly inappropriate for a boy and a girl to share a room, once either of them has reached puberty.”
“But adults might wake up in the middle of the night filled with desire, and there’s a nice warm body in their bed. That would harm children.”
“I have more self control than to rape someone just because of a wet dream!”
“That would make you unique in my experience! If there’s no one in the room you might just jerk off, but if there’s someone in easy reach, they’re used.” And if there wasn’t someone in reach they might be used anyway. Fingon had been woken more times than he cared to count by one of the Princes walking into his room, pulling the sheets down, and starting without even a 'hello.’ He himself had woken up whoever was in his bed with a kiss or caress for another round scant hours after the first. But if Nerdanel thought sex without discussion was always beneath her, she wouldn’t take well the suggestion that she would disturb Gil-Galad if she came in and used Fingon while the two of them were in one room.
“Even if they’re children?!” Nerdanel asked, appalled.
“No, because the children are in separate rooms where they don’t have to watch their parents have sex. And Feanor is always the first one to get pleasure from our bodies; no one would disobey him on that. You don’t care what Feanor thinks, and are suggesting children sleep in the same rooms as adults.”
“You brought them here because you trusted me to keep them safe.”
“Because I hoped you wouldn’t use them - you never cared when Feanor fucked my father, just when he started on your own children. And Idril’s not your blood.”
“I am not going to harm her, or Gil-Galad or Finnelach, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up on standards of decency, and I simply don’t have three bedrooms.”
Gil-Galad spoke up, “It about being naked isn’t it?”
“Lady Nerdanel doesn’t think Idril and I should see each other changing into our night clothes, even though neither of us wants to touch. Adults aren’t supposed to see people of the opposite sex naked unless you’re planning to have sex with them, even if they’re related. Isn’t that right?”
“I thought it was obvious,” Nerdanel said.
“Well I’d never heard of it,” Fingon replied. “How did you know that?”
“I like hearing Grandpa’s stories about growing up, even if he sometimes gets sad telling them. And I asked him if Findis and Lalwen look much like Aunt Aredhel, and he said he couldn’t be sure because he hadn’t seen them in as much detail."
“But not at all? Even changing clothes, even children who need help dressing? How does that work?”
“Children so young they can’t bathe on their own are an exception. And it works well enough, men help their sons with inconvenient buttons and women help their daughters with the same.”
“Is men getting pregnant really so rare that works?”
“It is. I have heard of less than a dozen cases outside of Feanor’s... private life.”
“Huh. If the problem is nudity, would it be solved by a screen between Idril and Gil-Galad’s beds and dressers?”
“It could be, but I don’t have such a screen on hand for tonight.”
“We could hang up a curtain,” Gil-Galad suggested.
“That would be rather easily pushed aside; the point is to deter peeping even if someone thinks their child would never do that.”
“We could cover it in bells or beads, so you’d hear it,” Fingon suggested. “My necklace might work?” He pulled a necklace made of hanging strands of glittering crystals from under his shirt.
“That should work,” Nerdanel said, “But why are you wearing that for a secret escape?”
Fingon shrugged. “I normally wear jewelry, and leaving it in the middle of the library would look weird. But it clatters very annoyingly when I try to run, so I tucked it against my chest.”
#feanor's harem au#to be clear gil-galad hasn't seen aredhel naked on purpose#they don't put on shows in front of the kids but it is common for one of the Princes to have fun ruining someone's clothing#and that person to just walk naked through the living room on the way to their bedroom for a new outfit#Look gil galad has so many canon names I can borrow one for his little brother#Maedhros is in meetings for the day#Fingon suggested to maedhros that Fingon and Gil-Galad could have a one-on-one talk#Gil-Galad has been nervous about this for some time and has asked bothe his parents if there's anyway to stop it#Fingon tells Maedhros that reassurances from another Bastard would work better than from a Prince like Maedhros#so Maedhros told his brothers that they weren't allowed to bother (aka fuck) Fingon all day#he doesn't have like general authority over who gets to fuck Fingon or anything they're not married#but Maedhros does have nearly complete authority over how to parent Gil-Galad#Feanor could overrule him but as long as Maedhros doesn't teach Gil to be disobedient he won't#Finrod also escapes with this#Fingon told him to bring Idril to the library and that Finrod might want to visit their grandpa#because Finrod has somewhere to go - with approval from two kings even - if he gets out#Once Fingon was in the library with the kids they went out for walk in the park - a completely permitted activity#then fingon stole two horses from the stable and they left as sneakily as he could so they could get far before the alarm was raised#and did his best to make it look like they were heading straight to Alqualonde#unlike attempting to rescue Maeglin#and because if Gil-Galad objects that strongly maybe the next kid will too? Finellach can always come back if they want#Fingon has always considered his life unfair but compared it to the Princes rather than a life outside the palace#not archived yet
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ps-imelevating · 4 months ago
Romanticize The Life That You Have
Romanticizing your life is about appreciating life where you are. Doing the most and the best that you can with what you have, at the moment. It’s okay to aspire for better and to actively be working towards YOUR goals. Sometimes with social media, we get so caught up in viewing the lives of others being shared with us that we develop a taste for a life that isn’t our own. Watching other people live their Best Lives can be inspirational but don’t get sucked into a false reality thinking that you have to live their best lives to achieve yours. Here are a few tips to romanticize the life that you have right now.
1. Stop putting the lives of others on a pedestal.
When you begin to idolize the lives of others you begin to view your own life with discontent. You can do everything you want to do in life. If you have to live on a budget find a way to save to get what you want or find an alternative that is just as good for where you are right now.
Remember that social media is a show. Most influencers or people on these platforms show the things that they know will attract more attention to themselves, this is how they make their money and get their attention. Some things may not be what it seems, which means the glamour may not be all that it is shown to be.
Also, remember that everyone is at different stages of their lives. You may be watching someone living their “best life” traveling, going on all of the most extravagant vacations, eating at the most expensive restaurants, and buying all of the cars, clothes, shoes, and bags a lady could dream of. That is absolutely great for them but don't get down on yourself if you are not there yet. Notice I said YET! You have to realize what it is you want out of your life and what you want to do to achieve your best life. This takes time, attention to detail, planning, and smart moves.
Don't be so focused on the future that you forget how awesome your journey to the future is.
2. Be realistic with where you are in your life
Being realistic with yourself is so important because you only know what you are capable of. Romanticizing your life is not only about what you can afford. It's about you actually enjoying your life. You won't be able to enjoy your life if you are so focused on doing things that are not in your financial bracket. Go on vacations but be down on yourself if you cant go across the country this time. Save your money but don't be so focused on your financial situation that you are too afraid to spend some and live.
3. Do things that you enjoy.
Go out into your city and surrounding areas find new things to do. Take your time to explore your environment, try things you would typically not try. You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself in the process and how much you are enjoying your days.
4. Get off of social media.
Social media has a way of crumpling our minds and brainwashing us into thinking like all the other users on social media. You get trapped in a virtual world that has limited opportunities for you to grow. Your social media is only showing you what you are used to viewing, there's not much new peeking through.
There's an entire world out there to explore and there is so much about yourself left to learn.
Take yourself on dates, find new restaurants, and treat yourself. During this time you will begin to almost be detoxing but you will notice how much of yourself you are getting familiar with.
Ask yourself all of the questions.
What do you like, why? What don't you like, why? Do you have a favorite color? What do you like to wear? Try new styles for your hair, makeup, outfits. Start reading and open your mind.
Romanticizing your life is a fun time. You become more aware of your surroundings and begin to really love yourself and your life. Get out there, work on your mindset and love your life!
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jupitermelichios · a year ago
So I’ve been playing a lot of skyrim lately, because it’s video game comfort food, and I decided it was time for my Redguard Dovahkiin to settle down. (Actually I specifically just wanted to be able to adopt some of the random orphans you meet because I felt guilty about them, but you need to be married before you can do that so that there’s someone at home to take care of the kids while you’re off galivanting).
So I travelled around a bit, chatting up likely looking npcs until I found one I both liked and didn’t feel guilty about marrying (I feel bad if I marry one of the warrior adventurer types, making them be a stay at home mum) and settled on an obnoxiously cheerful argonian called Shavee because her life was frankly shit, and I thought she’d probably be good with kids.
So off I go to Riften to the Temple of Mara to arrange the wedding. I book it in for the next day, realise I didn’t bring anything nice to wear, and spend the night before the wedding robbing every house in the city in the search for something to wear. Eventually decide everyone in Riften has terrible fashion sense and break down everything I stole into raw materials and use them to craft myself an outfit and some jewellery that i’m pretty happy with. I even carefully pick out my fanciest looking sword to wear.
(don’t know why I bothered, frankly, shavee turned up wearing a shirt covered in suspicious stains and weilding a pickaxe, it’s like she doesn’t even care about this marriage)
(also for comedy purposes, bear in mind I play with survival mods that mean my character needs to eat and sleep to live, and I literally spent the entire ingame night on this and forgot to eat and drink anything either and then just downed four bowls of wolf stew right before entering the temple so I didn’t starve during the ceremony. also I discovered during the wedding that I am dying of rockjoint, which I contracted from sleeping in a pile of hay on the floor of a skeever infested cave, so even being six foot tall and jacked can’t make up for the fact that I am exhausted, running a fever, and probably covered in wolf which I spilled because my joints are slowly atrophying, and even the fanciest clothes in the world aren’t going to cover that up)
so I enter the temple, and my finance is there, and Lydia my housecarl, and some random NPCs the game thinks are my friends because I did fetch quests for them
One of the random NPCs is Lisbet. Atfter I did her fetch quest, I then did another quest in which I discovered Lisbet is secretly a cannibal and part of a demonic cult that worships the daedric prince of decay by kidnapping priests, sacrificing them, and then eating their corpses. Raw. I think the raw meat is the sticking point for me here honestly.
I ultimately decided not to sacrifice the random priest to a daedric prince in exchange for one magic ring and all the raw human I could eat, because frankly, that doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me. I was expecting there to be some kind of dialogue choice where I could nope out at the last minute, but it turns out there isn’t one, so after they drugged the priest and tied him to the altar, I just got out my sword and started swinging.
I killed most of the cult (including the town butcher, because I had brought meat from him before and was extremely pissed off that he might have been secretly feeding me humans) but a couple of them got away, which I figured was fine because they weren’t trying to kill me.
Except it turns out, if any of them escape, then every time you see them in the future there’s a random chance that they’ll fly into a violent rage and try and murder you.
Lisbet is at my wedding. Lisbet decides that clearly me marrying this random argonian woman with two lines of dialogue is the happiest day of my life, and she cannot allow me that happiness, when I’ve taken so much from her.
So she tries to kill me. Only she can’t, because I’m stuck in a pre-rendered wedding animation, and also she’s sitting next to Lydia, my faithful retainer and owner of a really big axe.
It also turns out that Lisbet is essential, meaning she can be knocked unconcious but not actually killed because she’s needed for some quest or other. And the minute she wakes up from unconciousness, she tries to kill me again, so Lydia knocks her unconcious again, and I’m stuck, I can’t move, because I’m supposed to be in the wedding animation.
Except Shavee has, not unreasonably, see all this and decided that she doesn’t like me enough to risk getting murdered, and has done a runner, leaving me at the altar, but more importantly, leaving me trapped in a broken pre-rendered animation, so all I can do is stand there at the altar, staring at the space where my fiance was supposed to be, listening to the sounds of Lydia trying and failing to beat a cannibal to death behind me.
Okay, I think, clearly this wedding isn’t going to happen, I’m going to go for the registry office option and complete the wedding using the dev commands. I do this. The priest gives me a wedding ring, and I can finally move again. I chase after Shavee, who has an impressive turn of speed on her, and eventually catch up right by the city gates. I try to talk to her.
Apparently using the console has completed the wedding for me, but not for her, because she still only has the same 2 lines of dialogue she usually has.
Clearly this is working, I can’t leave my kids with someone who can only say 2 things and doesn’t even know she’s their mum, that’s irresponsible.
I try loading from inside the temple. I get the same problem.
Eventually I figure out that I need to use the dev controls to disable Lisbet’s entire existence in the universe.
Shavee and me get married. As the priest reads the vows, I stare at Shavee and wonder why she couldn’t even be bothered to put on a clean shirt. I wonder what kind of mother she’ll be.
Once the ceremony is over, and I’m happily married to the dirty green lizard of my dreams, and we’ve agreed that until I can make her recognise my extremely nice modded house exists I will share her single bed in the unheated flophouse in Windhelm she calls home, I re-enable Lisbet, because I’m worried I’ll forget if I leave it too long.
Fun fact about skyrim, it loads in quite a lot of npcs and objects by dropping them from the sky. I have no idea why this is the case, but it’s objectively the funniest way to load in objects.
I re-enable Lisbet. She falls from the sky, clips through the roof of the temple, and lands in the pew beside Lydia, stands up, draws a knife, and is immedately beaten unconcious.
I no longer care, because Shavee now has all the exciting new spouse-only romantic dialogue options like “Could you cook something for me” and “have you made any money lately”, and I know she’ll be a great mother.
I limp to the door of the temple, while around me the guests not involved in the Lydia-Lisbet murder cycle scream and duck for cover.
I open the door to the temple, immediately collapse and ragdoll down the steps, which is how I discover I am dying of rockjoint.
I limp to the orphanage down the street, adopt two kids, and then finally remember that I’m carrying garlic bread, which as we all know, cures all known illnesses.
When I emerge back into the street, full of the joys of motherhood and garlic bread, I find the town in disaray. Lydia is chasing Lisbet through the streets with an axe and a dragon is circling overhead, burning npcs to death. People are running for shelter, screaming, while the guards try to take down an entire dragon using only the worst bows and arrows in the game.
I decide that as a parent, I have to think of my own safety first and leave them to it.
I head out of the city, intent on returning home and figuring out why Shavee refuses to move in with me. A man hanging around the stables challenges me to a boxing match. For want of anything better to do, I agree.
Halfway through the fight he dodges at the wrong moment and I punch one of his horses in the head.
Two guards attack me while I desperately try to surrender. My kids will miss me, but I’m prepared to go to jail for my horse crimes, I’m an honest citizen. Also my horse crimes seem somewhat less important than the dragon.
The guards refuse to accept my surrender. I am stabbed to death. As I collapse in front of the indifferent horse, Lisbet exits the city, followed by Lydia. The last thing I see before I die is Lydia swinging her axe at Lisbet’s face.
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loeycity · 21 days ago
sweet as whiskey | j.jh
Tumblr media
When you agree to have some fun with a whiskey-loving stranger at the club during a night out, you soon realize your newfound lover is less of an unknown than you’d believed. Haven’t figured it out yet? Try ‘economics professor’ for 200.
PAIRING: Jung Jaehyun x Reader GENRE: smut, fluff, angst, university!AU, professor!Jaehyun, strangers to lovers. WARNINGS: sexual content (fingering, oral sex, handjobs, orgasm denial, vaginal sex), alcohol/partying, swearing. WORD COUNT: 8.8k
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This has been sitting in my drafts for ages and gathering dust, so I thought it would be a good idea to come back to it and make some changes. I do want to note that both the reader and Jaehyun are close in age because I don’t feel comfortable with student/teacher relationships that have massive age gaps, so there will be no “balding geezer dates hot chick in her 20s” shenanigans happening here, thank you very much.
Masterlist / Be added to my general taglist!
Tumblr media
"Oh no," the man says immediately, placing his headphones back onto his ears when he notices your figure approaching him. "Whatever it is, I don’t want to do it."
"Oh, don’t be such a wuss," you scoff. "You haven’t even heard what I have to say yet."
"Exactly, that’s the point. Go away."
"Not until you hear me out."
"No thanks."
"You know you want to…"
"Not really."
"Kim Doyoung," you say sternly, pulling his headphones away. "Exams are over, okay? You don’t need to spend every minute locked up in your dorm anymore. Your notes won’t grow legs and run away, you know."
He pushes his glasses higher onto the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, but-"
"Nope, no ‘buts’," you interrupt. "We’re going out tonight and that’s final. Seriously, when was the last time you got laid?"
Doyoung opens his mouth to respond, but closes it just as quickly when he realizes he doesn’t have an answer. You grin, shooting him a knowing look as he mumbles "fuck off" under his breath.
"See what I mean?" you laugh, sitting on the edge of his desk. "Live a little, come on! There’s more to life than atomic fusions and periodic tables."
He sighs in exasperation. "Fine, what are we doing?"
"Yuta told me about this new club that opened up close to campus, so I was thinking we could go and check it out."
"A club? You know I don’t like those things."
"You never like anything that involves people," you snort. "Here, I’ll make you a deal. We go there for an hour and if you don’t like it, we’ll leave. Sound good?"
"I wish we didn’t have to go at all."
"Okay, okay," he grumbles. "When are we leaving?"
"Yes, now. Get your ass up and go change!"
"I really hate you," he complains, begrudgingly standing up from his desk and shuffling over to the closet in search of something to wear. Ever since you’d met Doyoung in first year, he’s been the exact same – always studying, always wearing headphones, barely talking to people and constantly living in his own little bubble of chemistry. How you became friends, you’re really not sure, but you’ve made it your mission to expose him to more of university life instead of letting him waste away what are supposed to be his prime years of fun. Last week, it was dragging him out of the library for a walk on one of the nearby trails. The week before, you’d convinced him to visit the cat café in the city. Every single time, he puts up a fight and comes up with various excuses to stay in, but you’re not letting him get away with it tonight.
"Hurry up!" you shout through the door, having stepped outside his dorm to allow him to change in peace.
"Shut up!" he yells back. Classic Doyoung, you think. Ever the hustler.
When he finally appears, you give him the quick once-over before adjusting parts of his outfit. It’s clear from the way he dresses that he’s never prepared to go out, but it’ll have to do for now.
"Take these off," you say, reaching for his glasses. "And go put your contacts in."
"But I hate my contacts!"
"I don’t care, go put them on."
"Why do I listen to you at all?" he tosses over his shoulder as he heads back into the dorm.
"Because I’m the only friend you have," you tease (which is a lie, but you’re starting to think it might be true).
Three minutes and one annoyed Kim Doyoung later, you pull him out of the residence building and head towards the main streets. Yuta wasn’t joking about the club being close to the university – less than ten minutes of walking and you’re already there, merging into the line of eager partygoers who wait for their turn to be let in.
"For the record, I think this is a shitty idea," he mutters as the queue slowly moves forward.
"Lighten up a bit," you scold him. "I guarantee you’ll be thanking me later."
He glares at you. "For what? Giving me alcohol poisoning and a headache?"
"No one’s forcing you to drink," you remind him. "Clubs exist for dancing too, remember?"
"I can’t dance."
"Yes, you can! There’s that funky wiggle you do that people love. Oh, and the worm too, right? You beat Taeyong that one time in a dance competition."
Doyoung blushes, dropping his head in embarrassment. "I wasn’t thinking straight that day, okay?"
You punch him lightly in the shoulder. "Doesn’t matter! Point is that you had fun, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing that here."
"Except the fact that there’ll be hundreds of people watching."
"Literally no one cares, Doie. You could be the worst dancer in history and someone would still love it."
He ponders your words in silence as the line moves and you approach the front. The bouncer, name tag reading Jeno, is a buff man whose smile contrasts everything about his body. When you nudge Doyoung to hand over his ID alongside yours, Jeno’s eyes flicker between the cards and your faces before they disappear into crescent-shaped forms.
"You’re all set," he grins, handing them back with a cheery expression. You thank him, tugging your friend inside the building while he attempts to shove his ID back into his wallet.
Everything about Club Atlantis is loud: the music, the people, the decorations, even the drinks as dry ice sends tendrils of smoke rising from their surfaces. The two of you are immediately pulled into the crowds as dancing bodies occupy every inch of personal space possible, partygoers too focused on having a good time to care who gets drawn into the rave-like chaos.
"I promise I won’t get too wasted!" you yell over the music to Doyoung, whose face does nothing to hide how lost he feels amongst the masses.
"You better not because I’m not carrying you home!" he shouts back.
"Gee, thanks, you’re such a gentleman!"
"I’m a chem major, not a fucking knight in shining armour!"
His comments make you laugh as you continue your journey towards the bar. At one point, you lose sight of Doyoung and try to search for him amidst the bodies on the dancefloor, but your efforts come to no avail as the calls of his name get drowned out by the music. He’ll be fine, you reassure yourself. It’s not like he’ll wander out of here and fall into a bush, right?
The impact of your body against that of a taller figure suddenly jerks you out of your thoughts, stumbling backwards as a hand shoots out to pull you back up. You’re met with a firm chest, covered by a tight dress shirt and held closed by a button that seems like it might pop open at any second.
"You okay?" a sultry voice asks in your ear.
Goosebumps run down your arms as you look up, coming face-to-face with your unknown saviour. Dark hair styled neatly with a strand falling across his forehead, the hint of a chain under the collar of his shirt, a pair of small hoops on his ears. His eyes are concerned yet amused, roaming your face as they wait for a response.
Whoever this man is, he’s fucking hot.
"Y-yeah, I’m fine," you respond, willing your racing heart to slow down before it jumps out of your chest. "Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going."
He smiles. "No worries, there’s a lot of people here anyways. Are you here alone?"
"I came with someone, but I’m not sure where he disappeared off to."
"We’re just friends, nothing more," you rush to tell him. Why does it matter, your brain questions, but you don’t have an answer. "Are you with anyone?"
The man shakes his head. "No, just here to enjoy a drink or two."
Your body gets jostled into his as a group of rowdy dancers push into you from behind. The grip on your lower back tightens as your hand finds a place on his bicep, feeling the hints of toned muscle under the fabric as you hold on for balance.
"Want to go somewhere quieter?" he asks, motioning towards an empty spot at the bar.
"That would be great," you smile, watching as he flashes his pearly whites in response.
He reaches for your hand and gently takes it, leading you through the crowds until you’re in an area where you can breathe easier. Leaning against the bar counter, he waves the bartender over.
"A whiskey on the rocks," he orders, turning to you. "What would you like?"
"Just a spritz, please."
The bartender flashes you a thumbs-up before going to serve another patron, while the man beside you tilts his head to the side in curiosity.
"You know, I’ve never seen you here before," he muses. "First time?"
"Somewhat," you reply. "Not new to the club scene, but I haven’t been in this one specifically. You?"
"Not my first time. A buddy of mine works in management, so I like to drop by occasionally and see what’s going on."
"It’s a nice club," you admit. "This area needed something new, if I’m being honest."
"Oh, are you from here?"
"Yeah, local."
"Nice, nice. I’m Jaehyun, by the way," he says. "Realized I didn’t introduce myself and here I am, asking where you live."
You giggle, offering your own name while he grins sheepishly. In the meantime, your drinks are placed on the counter by the bartender and you thank him, lifting your glass in a toast to your newfound friend.
"To strangers meeting at clubs," you say.
Jaehyun chuckles. "To strangers."
The glasses clink against each other as you take a sip from your spritz, enjoying the combined taste of Aperol, prosecco and club soda as it goes down smoothly. He sets down his whiskey, giving you a wink as you attempt to keep the flush of your face to a minimum.
"So, is that what you do on Friday nights?" you tease. "Come to the club and save damsels in distress from getting lost in the crowds?"
He laughs. "Were you asking to be saved?"
You shrug. "Maybe the universe was telling me I needed to be."
"Well, in that case, I’m honoured to have been your saviour, my lady," he jokes, pretending to bow while you shake your head in amusement.
From the corner of your eye, you spot Doyoung breaking away from the people on the dancefloor with his hair a mess and the top buttons of his shirt undone. On his arm is a woman, who whispers something into his ear that makes his eyes go wide. He says something back, inaudible over the music, but just loud enough for the woman to hear as they head in the direction of the washrooms. When they pass by the bar, you call out Doyoung’s name and raise your glass of alcohol to him in another toast, to which he responds with a nonchalant wave of his hand as his new companion pulls him away.
"Is that the friend?" Jaehyun asks. "He sure looks like he’s about to have a good time."
"Yup, that's him alright," you reply. "Kim Doyoung, the biggest chemistry nerd you’ll ever meet."
"Does he…?"
"Does he what?"
"You know, like you at all?"
"Oh, definitely not," you snort. "His type are the quiet, studious ones that he can geek out about neutrons and covalent bonds with. Me, on the other hand, I’m the furthest thing from a science expert."
"Does he work as a chemist or anything like that?" he questions.
"Not yet, but he probably will one day," you answer, taking a sip of your drink. "We’re both still finishing up our degrees actually."
"Grad school?"
"Undergrad, fourth year."
The man frowns, holding up a hand. "Wait, fourth year? You look like you’re older."
"Both Doyoung and I are," you explain. "I took a couple years off between high school and university, while he switched degrees partway through his first one. We’re almost the same age, just a couple of months apart."
"Oh, thank god," he sighs in relief. "I was worried I was hitting on someone too young by accident."
"How old did you think I was?"
"Definitely not under twenty, don’t worry."
You trail your fingers lightly against his arm, moving it down until you reach his hand and give him a sly smile. "You said you were hitting on me?"
Jaehyun leans in. "Do I need to make it more obvious?"
"Not at all," you chuckle. "You’re not dating anyone, are you?"
"Fortunately, no. You?"
"Single as a pringle."
"Lucky for me then," he smirks. "If you’re up for it, I have a few ideas on how we could make this night more fun."
"Really?" you reply, playing along. "And what are you offering, Mr. Jaehyun?"
"Well, for starters, we could finish up these drinks and hit the dance floor for a bit," he says. "And then if you’re up to it, I can take you on a scenic little drive to my place. What happens after is entirely up to you."
His words send a thrill of excitement coursing through your body, making your stomach flutter in anticipation. The alluring look in his eyes is hard to resist, combined with the charming way he smiles and the confidence with which he presents himself. You’ve never met this man before, but the voice in your head nags at you to figure out more about him, to find out what this whiskey-loving stranger is hiding. Maybe you’re making the biggest mistake of your life, who knows, but you might as well take the risk if it pays off in the way you think it might.
"Drink up then," you wink, lifting your glass to your lips. "You’ll need the energy."
Jaehyun mimics your actions, eyes never leaving yours as he drains the rest of his drink and sets it back down. He pulls out his wallet, handing over a nondescript black card to the bartender and tapping his fingers on the counter to the beat as the transaction goes through. You weren’t expecting him to pay, but he’s clearly got money and is willing to spend it, so you won’t complain. Once everything is processed, you thank the bartender and let Jaehyun lead you over to the dancefloor, his hands settling naturally on your hips as your bodies sway to the rhythm of the music. His chest is pressed against your back, taller form slotting nicely against yours as his lips brush a gentle kiss onto your shoulder. You can hear him singing along, sultry voice sending a chill down your spine as you close your eyes and let it fill your ears. The crowds are like a swell, moving back and forth and around while you lose yourself in your own little world with the man, the heat starting to make a bead of sweat appear on your forehead. His touch is like fire, flames dancing along your skin until they reach the master himself and erupt into a blaze. When you turn to face him, his eyes don’t leave your own.
Nearly an hour of nonstop dancing later, you find yourself no longer inside the club, but rather heading towards the front entrance with his arm around your waist and a flush on your cheeks from your rising body temperature. Jaehyun lifts an arm and waves to one of the valet members, who nods and says something to his colleague before heading out of sight. When he reappears, he’s holding a pair of keys in his hands and that’s when it clicks.
"Wait, are you a millionaire or something?" you ask, looking at Jaehyun in confusion.
He laughs. "I wish, but no. Why do you ask?"
"Oh, I don’t know," you shrug. "You’re friends with someone who runs this place, you have a black card, the valet is going to get your car."
"My family is well-off with money, that’s all," he replies simply. "Although I try to not make that my personality."
"So you are a millionaire!"
Before he has the chance to respond, the rumbling of a car engine gets louder and louder as a sporty-looking vehicle rolls out of the garage and over to where the two of you stand. Black and sleek on the exterior, but even more elegant on the inside as Jaehyun holds the door open and motions for you to have a seat. Holy shit, you think to yourself as you run your fingers against the leather console. Just who the hell is this guy?
He tips the valet generously before shaking his hand and settling into the driver’s seat, keys already in the ignition as the car purrs quietly in the background. When his seatbelt clicks into place, he looks over at you with a grin.
"You alright over there?" he asks. "You look like you’ve seen a ghost."
"Pinch me," is all you say. Jaehyun’s smile broadens as he sets the car into motion and pulls away from the club’s front, heading towards the streets.
"Can I?" he asks before placing his hand gently against your thigh, long fingers resting against your skin as his thumb traces patterns mindlessly. Once again, that same thrill of anticipation rushes through your mind, the gears starting to turn as you begin imagining scenarios where his hands are doing less than family-friendly things to your body. He smirks at your reaction, while you frantically will yourself to calm down and get your act together.
As the city buildings blur past, you suddenly remember about Doyoung. You feel guilty ditching him like this and leaving him at the club, but as long as he’s with his newfound friend, you have a feeling he’ll be okay. Regardless, you still pull out your phone to send him a quick text.
You (10:28 PM): doiee, i’m with a guy named jaehyun for the night. if i don’t come back tomorrow, call the police thank u mwah :)
There, at least you have a back-up plan in case things go wrong.
"Okay, so if you’re not a millionaire, then who are you?" you question Jaehyun curiously, putting your phone into your purse and turning your attention to him.
"Just a regular man," he says. "I drink coffee in the mornings, go to the gym to workout, play golf occasionally, that type of stuff."
You raise an eyebrow. "Regular men don’t go around driving sports cars to clubs."
He meets your gaze briefly before looking back at the road again. "Some do. You don’t have to be super rich to enjoy simple pleasures like a nice car. Besides, I already told you – my family has money and I happened to inherit some of that when I moved out."
"Then what do you do for a living?"
"I’m a professor of economics."
"Nice one," you snort. "Now tell me what your real job is, come on."
"What, don’t believe me?"
"Jaehyun," you sigh. "Why would a guy like you who has money bother teaching when he could be doing so many other things like owning a business or flying around the world in private jets?"
The car approaches a red light, slowing down to a stop as the opposite traffic gets the green. He looks at you with an amused expression, countering your own doubtful one.
"I enjoy teaching," he explains. "My mother was a teacher for a long time before she gave up her passion to follow my father into business, but I always admired how patient she was whenever I’d ask her for help. I knew trying for a job as a high school teacher would be tricky because of the supply list and everything, so I pushed for a master’s in economics and got lucky when a position opened up. Most people in the department are much older than me, but I don’t personally mind being younger. I have a feeling the students relate more to someone who’s gone through a similar education system than the profs who graduated forty years ago."
"Yeah, I agree with that," you nod. "I have this one professor who just assumes we know everything we’re about to be taught and then wonders why his class average is so low."
He chuckles. "I know someone like that too. I’ve seen a couple of students try to report him for it, but he’s on the faculty board and represents the department, so it’s not like he can be removed that easily."
"How long have you been teaching?"
"A couple years now. I was a part-time instructor for a little bit before someone left and they offered me the job, so I teach full-time now."
"I actually have a business elective during the second semester, but I can’t remember which one," you muse. "If it’s economics, I might bug you for help."
Jaehyun squeezes your thigh with a smile. "I’d be happy to."
The rest of the ride passes by with light conversations as you near his home, which appears in the form of a luxurious apartment building with remnants of Victorian-style décor on the exterior and the faint glimpse of a crystal chandelier hanging in the atrium. He pulls up to the curb and gets out first, moving to the other side to open the door for you before handing his keys over to the valet once more. His fingers intertwined with yours, you follow him into the building and note the way the staff seem to recognize him immediately, friendly smiles on their face as they greet you as well and direct you towards an available elevator. Everything about this seems opposite to what you know – in fact, you’re still having a hard time believing a professor could even afford such pleasures, but his word is the only explanation you have for now and you have no other choice but to trust it.
A voice announces your arrival on the eighteenth floor as the elevator comes to a smooth halt, opening its door as you step in a short hallway with a single door at the end. Jaehyun inputs a series of numbers into the keypad by the handle, a quiet beep sounding as it unlocks.
"After you," he says, stepping aside to let you pass.
The lights automatically turn on once they sense the motion of your figure stepping into the apartment, revealing a well-furnished and semi-industrial interior surrounded by tall windows that overlook the city. A pool table stands beside the couch and television in the middle, while a dark, marble-clad kitchen lays tucked into the corner. A pair of stairs lead up to a loft section, where you assume his bedroom is. The bookshelf that scales a large portion of the wall to your left is illuminated by overhead lights, shining upon volumes and volumes of literature and small decorations.
"You know, I’m starting to think you double as a mafioso," you joke, admiring the vast space. "The car was a lot already, but this is just…"
Jaehyun places his keys on the console by the door. "Like it? I moved in half a year ago, so I’m still uncovering secrets in random places."
"Don’t tell me how much it cost because I think I’ll pass out."
"Well, we can’t be having that happen, can we?" he laughs, motioning with a tilt of his head for you to follow him. "Come on, we’ll go upstairs."
Your footsteps mix with his as you walk towards the staircase and up the brushed metal stairs, holding onto the railing as you admire the paintings that line the wall. When you reach the top, he opens the door to the bedroom and lets you step inside first, feeling the way the atmosphere changes the second you cross the threshold. Like the rest of the apartment, the room is modernly styled with hints of Jaehyun scattered around – the small pile of clothes that lie on the chair in the corner, the half-finished book on the bedside table, a collection of rings on the dresser. Perhaps the most amusing thing is the small dragon plushie by the window, which you wander over to and examine curiously.
"A memory from home," he explains, coming over to look at the stuffed animal. "It used to be my favourite toy when I was a kid, but I couldn’t part with it when I moved out. A little childish in hindsight, I guess."
"I think it’s cute," you reassure him. "I still have a stuffed dog I sleep with sometimes, even though I’m no longer afraid of the monsters under my bed."
"There never were any, were there?"
"Sadly, no, but my parents were always good at convincing me there was something lurking under there."
While you put the plushie back in its spot, Jaehyun sits on the edge of his bed and watches you, eyes trained on your face as you move to stand in front of him. He takes your hand in his, brushing his lips against the top in the form of a kiss as your heart leaps in your chest, the gesture sending the heat rushing to your face.
"What do you want to do?" he asks, playing with the ring on your finger.
Using the moment to lean forward and place your lips on his, you answer his question with a kiss as his hand cups your cheek gently, pulling your body closer to his. He lets himself fall back onto the bed, with you situated over him as you move to straddle his waist comfortably. A teasing nibble against your bottom lip has you smiling, letting your tongues brush together as he deepens the kiss and presses your hips lower onto his own. You get to work on unbuttoning his shirt, popping the buttons slowly until his toned chest comes into view and you can pull away to admire his body. His abdominal muscles restrict slightly when you run your nails over them, forcing him to clear his throat to hide the groan that almost slips past his lips.
You allow him to help you pull your dress over your head, tossing it aside as you’re left in nothing but a pair of lingerie – not your absolute sexiest, but enough to show that you’d tried. His eyes travel down the expanse of your skin, hands running softly against your arms as he takes in your semi-naked figure. You’ve never been one to shy away from the idea of sex, but something about the way he seems to be analyzing-no, committing the curves of your body to his memory makes you suddenly want to cover up in embarrassment.
"Don’t hide," he says, moving your hands away from your chest when he senses you starting to feel nervous. "I’m not going to judge. I never do."
Instead of fighting, you let go of your resistances and take a deep breath as he makes quick work of undoing your bra and places it aside, hands immediately on your breasts as his thumbs linger over your nipples. You arch into his touch, a quiet whine filling the bedroom as he smirks in satisfaction at your reaction. The pleasure is there, but it’s not enough and you want more, rolling your hips against his in search of another form of friction.
"Fuck, sweetheart," he curses, pulling you in for a desperate kiss. "Keep doing that and I won’t get to fuck you."
"Jae, please," you beg. "I need more."
"Your wish is my command, beautiful."
Jaehyun rolls you onto your back as he moves to hover over your body, trailing his lips down your stomach and towards the waistband of your panties. With a quick look upwards to make sure you’re okay with him removing them, he pulls the fabric gently down your legs and places a kiss against your inner thigh. He moves closer with each brush of his mouth against your skin, eventually sending a rush of pleasure through your abdomen when he places his tongue flat against your slit, the slow licks making you moan in delight.
"I knew you’d taste fucking good," he growls, increasing the speed of his actions as you tug against his hair, hips bucking upwards when he sucks particularly hard against your clit. He holds them still as you squirm, the way he fucks his tongue into your cunt drawing you closer and close to an orgasm. Just as you’re about to tip over the edge into bliss, he pulls away and the pleasure dissipates like a puff of smoke. You whine in disappointment, shooting him a glare.
"Don’t be an asshole," you complain, reaching your hand between your legs to rub at your clit in the hopes that you’ll be able to work yourself up again. The man shakes his head and pushes your fingers away, pulling you closer by the back of your thighs before he begins to undo the belt on his pants. Pulling his hardened cock out of his boxers, he winks when he notices the way your jaw drops slightly at his size – how that’s going to fit, you don’t know.
"You’ll catch flies," he teases, tapping the bottom of your chin with a finger as you close your mouth in embarrassment. "Want it, sweetheart?"
You nod frantically, propping yourself up to reach for his length as you stroke it slowly, his eyes greedily taking in the way your hand moves and resisting the urge to buck his hips forwards. Nearing the tip, you tease the slit with your thumb as he throws his head back and groans in pleasure, the heavenly sound echoing throughout the room. Once he’s had enough, he gently removes your hand and spreads your legs further apart, teasing his cock through your folds until he’s lining himself up with your entrance and pushing in. You feel your walls stretch to accommodate his girth, but the initial pain ebbs away as he pulls out and thrusts carefully back in again, setting a slow rhythm until you give him the all-clear to go faster.
"Doing okay?" he checks in, kissing the top of your forehead in a way that feels oddly domestic.
"Yeah-fuck…" you moan out, scrunching your eyes up as he pushes deeper, filling your waiting cunt up with his cock. "J-Jae, oh my god-"
"I know, sweetheart. I know it feels good."
The faster his thrusts become, the more you inch closer and closer to the ripples of pleasure that threaten to burst, his name tumbling from your lips like a mantra as he murmurs praises in your ears and fuels your ego sky-high. Jaehyun links your fingers with his, the pressure of his weight against your arms going unnoticed as he shifts slightly and angles his cock slightly upward. The change of position hits a new spot, making you dizzy as your head goes fuzzy for a moment and you have to force your eyes to stare into his to remain conscious. Every snap of his hips stretches you wider, spreading your legs apart as your cunt takes the force of his thrusts.
"Cum for me, darling," he says, watching as your body spasms slightly under his hold and you cry out, your walls starting to pulse around his length. He’s so unbelievably close, but it seems seeing you orgasm is the one thing he needed to push him over the edge and into the world of bliss you’re still in. White streams of semen fill your cunt as his thrusts grow erratic, eventually slowing down to a gentler pace to ease you out of the sex-induced high while you catch your breath.
"Holy fuck," you curse, breaking out into a laugh when he finally pulls out and you feel cum starting to drip down your inner thigh.
He grins. "That good, huh?"
"Definitely the best in a while," you admit. "I wish my first time having sex could’ve been as good as this."
"How did you lose your virginity?"
"Back of someone’s car. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, but neither did the guy I was with."
Jaehyun reaches into one of the drawers on the bedside table to pull out a tissue, carefully cleaning you up while you make note of the way his brows furrow as he wipes away the mess he created. When he looks up and notices you staring, his ears go red and he smiles sheepishly.
"Take a picture," he teases. "It’ll last longer."
Throwing a pillow in his direction, he lets out a huff when it hits his chest, but makes no move to retaliate. Instead, he heads to the bathroom to clean himself up while you feel the exhaustion begin to creep in. Rolling over, you snuggle into the soft mattress and let your body rest as Jaehyun returns and slips under the covers behind you. His arm wraps around your middle, pulling your back flush against his chest and pressing a kiss to your naked shoulder.
"I’ll make breakfast tomorrow, so don’t worry about leaving early," he murmurs.
You nod sleepily. "Thank you."
And with that, you let yourself drift into a slumber, the warmth of your newfound lover’s body lulling you to sleep as the sounds of the city outside continue to roar into the night.
Tumblr media
Monday morning.
Your alarm sets off a frantic attempt to shut the god-awful noise up, fumbling with your phone as you groggily stare at the screen and wonder which button does what. It takes you a while until you’re sure that you’re not accidentally pressing snooze again, as you’d been doing every five minutes for the past half hour, but the sudden quiet after its screeching comes to an end is like heaven to your ears. Tossing the covers aside, you force yourself out of bed and head towards the bathroom to wash up.
By the time you’re showered and drying your hair off with a towel, you notice the missed message on your phone.
Johnny (7:42 AM): yo, coffee run today?
You (7:56 AM): yes please omg
You (7:56 AM): I hate mondays with a passion
Johnny (7:57 AM): meet at 8:30 in D wing then?
You (7:58 AM): deal :)
There’s still time until you have to head out, so you connect your phone to your speaker and select a playlist at random to fill the silence while you shrug off the towel and get dressed. A quick peek in the mirror and your eyes drift over to the marks on your neck, trailing your fingers gently against the darkened spots as you recall Jaehyun’s lips on your skin. The way his hands had roamed your body. The snap of his hips against yours. The charming smile that made you let down your guard. Before you know it, you’re slapping your hand against your cheek to focus on the present, pushing the memory of your passion-filled rendezvous of your mind. You’re not here to daydream about sex, you remind yourself. Get a grip, come on!
Oh, the things you would do to have just one more night with a man like that.
The overcast weather puts a damper on your mood as you step out of your residence building and head towards your meeting spot with Johnny, feeling a slight drizzle against your hair. Rain on a Monday morning, what else did you expect? Maybe you should’ve slept in and not bothered with this early lecture, but then you’d feel guilty about skipping. Luckily, the sight of your friend leaning against a pillar with his phone in his hands and a pair of headphones in his ears brings a smile to your face as you approach him.
"Thank god you suggested coffee," you joke, poking his arm to get his attention.
Johnny sighs, taking out an earbud. "I definitely need one after the lady next door wouldn’t stop having sex for hours. I fucking hate the thin walls, but the landlord won’t let me install soundproof ones."
"This might sound dumb, but have you tried telling her to keep it down?"
"Already did that. You want to know what her answer was? She told me to ‘just put on headphones’ or ‘go somewhere else’ because apparently she wants the entire floor to know she’s getting her back blown out."
"I’m sure that’s lovely," you roll your eyes. "Come on, caffeine time."
Johnny’s complaints continue as you wait in line together, but you patiently listen to him rant away while you ponder over your order - it’s only fair that you return the favour after he’s heard you venting about your own issues multiple times in the past. Two coffees, a bagel and a croissant later, it seems he’s forgotten about his neighbourly woes in favour of his drink, the conversation changing topics to your schedules for the term while you wander through the campus buildings.
"We should probably start heading over for our class," you remind him, noticing the time on a nearby clock. "Where was it again?"
Johnny pauses for a moment. "The Kainnes building, I think? Hold on, let me check… yeah, it’s room K237."
"That’s not too far from here. Come on, we’ll go this way."
He nods, following you as you head in the direction of the lecture hall. The corridors are full of students scrambling to and fro, the younger ones running around in search of their rooms while the older veterans walk at a leisurely pace. You have fond memories of first year, fresh into the world of university with nothing but your student ID and a backpack full of empty notebooks. Now, you just bring your laptop and whatever else happens to be in front of you at the moment, not even bothering with silly things like binders and pencil cases. Those textbooks you had to buy at the start of each year? They just gather dust in your room.
"I think this is it," Johnny says as you near a door with an overhead sign that reads K237. Pulling the heavy door open, he steps aside to let you pass first and the two of you head towards a pair of empty seats towards the back, claiming your spots before the rest of the students arrive. Dropping your bag onto the ground beside your feet, you lean back into the chair and drink your coffee calmly.
"So, Taeil told me you were at Atlantis on Friday," he begins, turning to you with a curious look. "Who’s that guy you were with?"
You blink in confusion. "Wait, how does Taeil know I was there?"
"He said he saw you at the bar with some tall dude."
"Taeil, as in Moon Taeil? Our Taeil?"
"I know, right? The guy never goes out to clubs."
"Weird," you frown. "But yeah, I was there with Doyoung. He ended up getting laid actually, if you can believe it."
Johnny laughs. "What, is he not a chick magnet or something?"
"He’s…" you trail off. "How do I put this… Doyoung’s not exactly the type to talk to women unless he happens to be in a group project with one, so I had to force him out of his dorm. He was studying even after exams were over."
"I still don’t get how you two are friends," he says, shaking his head. "You’re the complete opposite to each other."
"He’s fun to be around," you shrug. "You just have to get him to relax a bit and then he doesn’t shut up."
"What about that guy Taeil saw you with?"
The mention of Jaehyun brings a slight smile to your face, which Johnny picks up on immediately as his eyes go wide.
"Okay, you have to tell me everything now," he grins. "Spill, let’s go."
"There’s not much to say," you reply, trying to stop your facial expressions from giving away how giddy the thought of your mystery lover makes you feel. "He saved me from falling when I got lost in the crowds, we had a drink together and that was it."
"Is that why you have hickeys on your neck?"
Your hand flies up to the concealed marks. "Shit, are they that visible?"
"Just a little," he admits. "Was the sex good at least?"
"What sex?" you lie.
"Don’t give me that bullshit," Johnny scoffs. "I know you two fucked, it’s obvious as hell."
"Alright, fine," you sigh, knowing he won’t drop the subject anytime soon. "Yes, we had sex… and it was great. There, happy?"
"Nope, I know there’s more."
"Johnny, I’m not going to-"
"Good morning, everyone."
A new voice interrupts your attempt at fending off your friend’s curious questions – one that sounds far too familiar as it registers in your brain and you turn your head to look at the newcomer. In all of his suited glory, with a briefcase in his hand and a charming smile on his lips, stands the one man you’d been thinking about all weekend, your heart dropping to the pit of your stomach as the realization kicks in.
"I’m Jung Jaehyun, your professor for the semester."
No. Fucking. Way.
You immediately slink lower into your seat, ducking your head as your mind reels and you try to make sense of the situation. This was your business elective, economics to be exact. The syllabus only said ‘J. Jung’ for the professor’s name and nothing else. You knew Jaehyun was an economics professor, but you’d never thought to ask him where he taught. Hell, you hadn’t even remembered to get his number during breakfast the next morning, so you’d wholeheartedly believed that would be the last time you’d ever see him.
J. Jung.
The ‘J’ stands for Jaehyun.
You’d just fucked your economics professor.
"Holy shit!" you whisper aloud as Johnny stares at you.
"What? Are you okay?" he asks, trying to keep his voice down as Jaehyun begins introducing himself.
"Does it look like I’m fucking okay?" you snap back. "Johnny, I have to go."
"Wait, why?"
"Why?! I slept with my professor, that’s why!"
"You slept-hold on, what are you talking about?"
At that exact moment, Jaehyun looks towards the back of the lecture hall and his eyes land on yours, lips parting slightly as he recognizes your face. The hairs on your arms prick up, embarrassment flooding into your chest as your heart beats agonizingly fast.
For a brief second, the two of you stare at each other, motionless as your combined romping under the sheets comes to mind again.
I know, sweetheart. I know it feels good.
His words play in your ears, looping round and round again until you can no longer take it and excuse yourself, telling Johnny to text you when the class is over. Standing up and grabbing your bag, you move towards the doors and hope you’re drawing less attention to yourself than necessary as you push them open, stepping into the oddly-quiet hallway. It shuts with a loud click behind you, while you simply stand there and try to wrap your head around what the hell just happened.
"I fucked Jaehyun," you mumble to yourself in shock. "And he’s my professor…"
Why hadn’t he told you anything? Or even better, why had you been stupid enough to not ask where he worked? If you’d known, you could’ve put an end to anything before it’d even started and saved yourself the trouble of realizing you’d slept with a faculty member. There’s no way you can take that class anymore, not with him teaching it. Mortified, you slump down on a bench and lean your head back against the glass window, closing your eyes.
In your attempts to convince yourself the whole ordeal is nothing but a bad dream, you must’ve drifted off because you don’t wake up until a hand gently shakes your shoulder.
"Hey, you alright?"
You find yourself face to face with Jaehyun, who peers at you with a worried expression. Immediately, your breath hitches and you twist your body away, feeling the panic start to rise as you wonder what to do. Should you run? No, he’ll definitely know something’s up. Maybe you can pretend you have another class and he’ll let you go… yeah, okay, that sounds like a plan.
Unfortunately, you don’t manage to get far with your impromptu excuse when he suddenly says your name, the stern tone jerking you back to reality. You watch as he motions to the now-empty lecture hall with a slight tilt of his head.
"Come, we’ll talk in there."
But I don’t want to!
"Yes, Mr. Jung," you mutter, following the man as he holds the door open for you. The sound of your footsteps echoes loudly in the chamber as you walk down the stairs and towards the front, where his briefcase and laptop still rest on the desk. You feel his hand brush against the curve of your lower back gently as he steps around you and sits on the edge, crossing his arms.
"So…" he says. "We meet again, huh?"
You avert your eyes, unable to meet his gaze.
"I didn’t know you’d be in this class," he continues. "Why didn’t you tell me?"
"How was I supposed to know you worked here?" you reply quietly. "You never told me your last name or anything."
Jaehyun runs a hand through his hair. "Fuck… I’m sorry, this is all my fault and-"
"No, it’s not!" you interrupt, grabbing his hand instinctively. His eyes drop down, yours doing the same as you realize what you’ve just done and snatch your arm away. "I, um, should be the one apologizing, not you."
Your heart thuds loudly in your chest as you wait for a response, but it doesn’t come. Instead, you feel his fingers caress your cheek gently before he places his lips on yours, gently kissing you. Every single alarm goes off in your head, knowing you’d be screwed if anyone were to walk in at that exact moment, but you can’t force yourself to pull away.
"I’m sorry," he murmurs against your lips. "I just couldn’t help it."
"I know, I know."
Sighing defeatedly, he moves his hand away from your face, sadness in his gaze as he tries to mask it with a smile. Reaching to pull a pen from his briefcase, he rips the corner from a scrap piece of paper and scribbles something before handing it over to you.
"It’s my number," he explains as the paper passes from his fingers to yours. "In case you ever, you know, reconsider."
And with that, he gives your lips one final glance before standing up to pack his belongings. You remain frozen in place, staring without a word at the string of numbers before you eventually realize he’s already walked out and left you alone in the lecture hall, surrounded by empty seats and what you think might be a broken heart.
Needless to say, the rest of your day goes by far slower than you would’ve wished. Doyoung tries to cheer you up during a quick lunch break between classes, but even he seems to sense that you’re not really up for the usual banter. You find it hard to concentrate, feeling the weight of the small piece of paper in your pocket as your mind runs around in circles, conflicted. In case you ever reconsider, Jaehyun had said, but reconsider what exactly? Was this his way of telling you that he’d be willing to give an actual relationship a shot if you wanted it too? Or was it all just sex to him?
By the time you’re back home, your fingers itch to pull out your phone and dial his number, even though you know you shouldn’t. You know what happens to students who fuck professors and then get caught. You know the shame it would bring if the faculty head even considered that Jaehyun could be boosting your grade solely because you were seeing him. Doyoung would never look at you the same. Johnny would probably ghost you and stop wanting to hang out. Everything you’d worked to build in terms of friendships would be gone if the news ever broke out that Jung Jaehyun, the hot economics professor, was having sex with one his students. There’s no way you can run that risk, so you tell yourself to forget him and move on.
For the next month, you do just that. Sit in the back of the lecture hall and keep your head down. Find reasons to be the first one out the door and the last one to enter. Avoid any chances of one-on-one interactions. When he passes by your group during a discussion period, you pretend to be busy with something else until he’s gone. Eye contact? Forget it.
But you can’t forget the way he’d pleasured you that night, how his lips had felt against yours, the touch of his hands where you’d wanted him most, the endearing pet names that’d rolled off his tongue so smoothly. No matter how hard you try, you can’t forget Jung Jaehyun.
After the fourth time he shows up in your dreams, repeating the events of your sexscapade together, you cave in.
The room feels too hot as you kick your sheets aside, hair plastered to your forehead as you reach over for the light switch and flip it on. Grabbing your phone and the paper, you dial his number and wait… and wait… and wait until the dialing tone stops.
"Jae, it’s me."
"… hey."
There’s an awkward pause before you speak up again. "Did I wake you up?"
"Not really, I was having trouble sleeping actually."
You fiddle with the drawstring of your shorts, hearing a faint rustle from his end of the line.
"I didn’t think you’d ever call," he says. "Avoiding me in class seemed to make it pretty clear you wanted nothing to do with me."
"I had no other choice," you reply. "I’m sorry."
"I know."
"Would you… would you be interested in seeing me again?"
"Yeah, I’m here."
"Did you hear what I said?"
"I heard."
The call suddenly ends, followed by the view of your lockscreen as you stare at the device in shock.
He just hung up on you.
Frustrated, you throw your phone angrily against the bed, feeling tears prickle at the corner of your eyes before they roll down your cheeks and you let yourself cry. Why the hell had you thought this would be a good idea? Were you expecting him to just take you back like it was nothing?
Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m such an idiot!
Ten minutes later, your phone chimes with a text from an unknown number. You wipe at your eyes with a hand, sniffling quietly as you unlock the screen.
Unknown Contact (1:03 AM): The pond. Meet me there in five.
It has to be Jaehyun – there’s literally no one else it could be. Hope spurs you into motion as you switch out your shorts for a pair of sweatpants and throw a hoodie over your tee, grabbing your dorm keys and phone before slipping on a pair of sneakers haphazardly and hobbling over to the door. Druer’s Cove, or ‘the pond’ as it’s called by students, is a tucked-away part of campus where there’s nothing but a small waterfall and greenery on the edges of the university grounds. You’ve been there enough times to know the route by heart, as well as the fact that there are no security cameras and no one ever goes there at night. It’s the perfect meeting place for anyone who doesn’t want to be seen, which is why you break out into a jog as the anticipation builds.
Your hunch proves to be right as you round the line of trees and see a figure standing with his hands tucked into his pockets, turning to face you as you slow down to a stop. Jaehyun walks over, messy hair illuminated by the faint glow of the path lights and a gentle smile on his face as he nears. When he’s finally standing in front of you, he runs his thumb against your bottom lip, mouth parting as you catch your breath.
"Can I kiss you?"
You waste no time in giving him an answer, crashing your lips against his as you feel his arm wrap around your lower back and pull you closer to his body. Each time you kiss Jaehyun, it’s like you’re discovering a new side to him. At his apartment, it was the side that wanted to worship you. In the lecture hall, it was forlorn longing. Here, it’s nothing but happiness as he smiles against your mouth, your breasts pressed hard against his chest as he holds you like you might disappear from his grasp if he lets go.
"Will you give me another chance?" you ask with hope in your voice.
His grin has never been wider as he kisses you once more, cupping your cheeks with both hands.
"Anything for you, sweetheart."
Tumblr media
© LOEYCITY 2022. All Rights Reserved. Plagiarizing, copying, re-posting, translating or stealing my work in any way, shape or form is not allowed. Anyone who is caught having violated my copyright rules will be reported.
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0256 · a year ago
Post rise I will never see my family in person again because they can't be trusted. If they visit my apartment they will not leave unless I call cops. If I visit their house, I'll be trapped until I'm "allowed" to leave, and they'll insist on following me home to get my address. They will be insensitive. They will say and do things that make me uncomfortable at best or triggered at worst. I've went years without dissociating or getting flashbacks of abuse and spending time with them post rise will undo this progress.
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knowlesian · a month ago
i was asked about my second favorite joke and i have finally decided: it’s the exchange about the the orange, because holy shit is that a textbook example of a slyer, more character-informing sort of joke construction than the set-up/escalation of the crystals.
(no shade to the crystals, which i wrote about here: it is my favorite for a reason. it is maybe The Perfect Joke.)
that said, tiiiiiiiiime to over-analyze.
shoutout to the leadup, which lampshades lucius pulling absolutely acres of emotional weight for the people around him (and then makes it even better by stede just jumping in to do it himself and lucius not actually having to lift a finger, wooden or not) and the deadpan chorus of ‘it’s a rock’ in response to stede’s delusional glee.
secondary shoutout to how ed starts to clean off the orange despite verbally letting down stede easy— if stede’s superpower is being oblivious to reality and sometimes that makes him do things like run the fuck off without fully explaining himself, it’s also what makes him beautiful and so fucking ready to evolve.
stede is A Lot, but he’s family. his ability to look at the world and say ‘actually, i think it would be more fun if we did it this way and as such: i will be dragging those around me into my delusions that life and the world can be better than it currently is’ is fucking... i mean. what a gem, you know?
so ed says: it’s a rock, it’s a piece of shit, and he still rinses it off carefully anyway to answer this irrepressible ‘but what IF’ because just being around stede seems to allow people to assume these emotional risks, either through proximity to his privilege or his open-bedroom door management style (in a way stede can’t quite seem do for himself until he goes back to fix things with mary the writing on this SHOW my god) and then ed makes the best face when he realizes that once again, stede’s delusional belief in his ability to make things work has panned out: the rock is an orange.
like jim says: the old tree still had some fruit to give after all.
(sustenance frozen in time? a family legacy? jesus fuck if i start asking myself what is the orange, really, in specific relation to the tree itself i will not GET TO THE JOKE JESUS FUCK I HAVE NOT EVEN GOTTEN TO THE FUCKING THING YET. okay: the orange. like nana and stede and everybody else on this show, it’s a lot, but also it means a lot and i love it.
i cannot speak of the tree. the tree is this whole other insane post in the making. everything on this show means like six things at once on TOP of the actual plot and i’m mad at it. all the time, mad at it.)
finally: the actual joke.
I suppose you should have it. It’s your land.
It’s cool. Finders keepers.
Oh thank god! I didn’t want to give it to you. I think this is my new favorite thing!
jesus christ they do so much heavy fucking lifting with so few words on this show. all the time forever, they pack a whole essay into the words they use and how they use them.
okay: i’ll start on the surface, where it’s not even about words. stede is dressed for a cartoon safari. that outfit is calling up some very purposeful imagery, and it’s about one pit stop shy of him having on a literal pith helmet for no reason. 
so just visually, we have stede looking like he’s ready to go discover someplace people have lived for centuries, literally digging shit up on jim’s ancestral land, and wanting to take it home with him.
stede: the new face of the british museum!!!! 
(don’t @ me, i know i know be accurately mad. ‘the new face of the new zealand museum’ just didn’t have the right ring.)
because they’re really good at this shit they take that obvious visual gag and use it to show stede’s grown as a person since the party; he immediately sighs and tosses the orange off to jim. he knows the right thing to do here.
then we get jim getting to solidify/close a character arc chapter with tossing it back: they’re all good. they’ve got olu, they’ve got nana, and family isn’t something they need concrete evidence can exist for them anymore.
(plus: it’s very obvious stede wants it.)
this last part is where it gets very, very cool: stede’s response.
one of the rules for writing comedy (if you want to maximize storytelling alongside the jokes) is that your jokes need to inform character. ofmd is a fucking masterclass on that.
level one: stede is saying the quiet part loud. someone telling the truth in a socially inappropriate way is a staple in comedy: always has been, always will be. it’s just funny that he’s brightly like oh good!!!! i never wanted to share at all!!!! fuck you guys i want this orange, come to orange papa!!!!! 
comedy math is comedy math.
it’s reminding us that stede is evolving, but he’s still stede: he pulled back the impulse to go full main character syndrome and ignore the part of his miraculous orange discovery where the orange didn’t belong to him just because he dug it up while jim asked him what the fuck he was doing, but he really goddamn wanted that orange!!!!
which takes me down to the next level: stede doesn’t just love nice things, he defines himself by his love for/ownership of them. the first part’s fine and good with the narrative, while it seems pretty solidly against the second. 
sidenote: ed chucking stede’s generational wealth overboard is also ed giving them a space free of stede’s old life where they can figure their shit out together under the gaze of mary’s lighthouse, one day. i’m mad at the writers. VERY MAD.
if i had to guess where the show is going with this stede still loving/one day re-obtaining fancy pants and having plans to match won’t be an issue, so long as he knows who the fuck he is without those pants.
(...i did not intend that to be a sex thing but i stand by it now that i have made it so, your honor. tits AND ass, your honor: we want them both.)
stupid sex jokes aside, here’s where it gets really cool: this fucking miracle of a metaphor of an orange is now stede’s favorite thing.
not his riches; not his fancy pants. not something he bought with money he lucked into and inherited from his shitty father, not a symbol of wealth or class or status.
a humble orange. (consider: the humble lighthouse orange. fuuuuuck this show.)
a humble orange he obtained through honest means: jim gave it to him because stede’s a lot, but he’s family, and because stede’s fuckup with the oranges gave jim their family back in the form of nana knowing who they really are and accepting them in, cake and all, but also in the form of olu basically professing eternal love in the most wonderful way possible.
if stede wasn’t a dumbass with a fancy ship who picked jim up and didn’t know why oranges were crucial and wasn’t desperate to impress ed and the treasure map didn’t burn up because lucius was busy watching his dads fall in love right in front of his snake, does jim ever get this closure (or stede this orange)?
probably not. they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the shore party, they did NOT think they’d find a welcome here.
and then: they did. nana had cake waiting, nana is more concerned about murder stats than pronouns, and nana absolutely loves olu. without this day trip, jim might have spent the rest of their life wondering if family was unconditional, or if family ends where honesty begins.
that orange is a gift; that orange is a thank you.
and now thanks to all those dominoes stede has this orange, granted to him because of the two sides of his habit of forgetting reality exists, not in spite of one of them, and because a lot of the time stede forgets the rules the world tells him he should care about are actually supposed to matter to him.
stede defines himself by things: he is entering the next part of this story with the orange that means family and love that embraces nuance instead of wanting to hide or smooth it over as his favorite thing.
i mean. i M E A N.
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angrythingstarlight · 25 days ago
Bucky for Bumblebee 🤔🥰
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia!Bucky x Reader
A/N: Part of the Bumblebee series
Tumblr media
She tips her head back, studying Bucky with her hands on her hips. Silence settles around the living room as your daughter judges his outfit. Her brows scrunch, a wrinkle forming on her forehead. Bucky has a similar expression, hes anxiously awaiting her opinion. You're trying to hold in your laughter, your shoulders shaking.
"I wike it," she declares, holding her tiny hand out. "Pwetty papa."
"Thank you Bumblebee," he replies.
Bucky takes her hands in his larger, tattooed ones while giving you a pointed look. The see I told ya is written all over his smug expression. You're never going to hear the end of this. Although you have to admit he does look good.
"Do you want mommy to wear the special Bumblebee shirt too?" Bucky asks with a teasing glint to his tone, picking her up.
She shouts an excited yes and Bucky smirks. "You heard her, Malyshka."
You glance over your shoulder at the black and yellow striped shirt flung over the back of the couch. You hear Bumblebee whisper to Bucky that you're going to look so pwetty and you find yourself smiling as you ruefully pick it up.
They both gaze at you with matching grins. This is what happens when you make fun of your husband's new clothes. You're going to get him back for this and you'll do it in this shirt.
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nappingwithyuuji · 3 months ago
PRESSURE FLIP || kirishima x bakugou x fem!reader skater!au. +18 MDNI
about: all your friends had ditched you, forcing you to stand around alone in one of your friend Jirou's party. Boredom left you in seach for some alcohol to drink but as you took your first sip, you heard a teasing chuckle directed at you.
tags: skater!bakugou, skater!kirishima, fem!reader, smut, oral, fingering, hand job, threesome, alcohol consumption, concensual sex, all characters are aged up.
|| This is part I of my "Pressure Flip" series! ||
masterlist - taglist
Jirou’s apartment was packed with people that night. It wasn’t an unusual occurrence seeing that your best friend had made quite a name for herself in the music scene you both hung around in. However, this night would be remembered by you as the first time you saw none other than Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou.
People filled every nook and cranny of the dingy apartment, some dancing to the perfectly curated playlist, others mingling and drinking with their respective friends, all while you had been left to follow your friend around as she made her rounds. All of your friends had made their excuses for tonight, which left you all alone, tipsily trailing behind Jirou in the hopes of recognizing someone.
Tonight was a special occasion; Jirou had invited all the new friends she had made whilst working on the music for a few videos for Thrasher Magazine. That meant that most of the usual people that loitered these rooms were replaced by people carrying skateboards, or even people skating down the hall and jumping above the coffee tables with their boards.
You excused yourself from the fast conversation Jirou was having with a guy with Pikachu yellow hair and lightning bolts tattooed on his neck, and went in search of something to drink. Maybe getting a bit more drunk would help you actually become part of any conversation.
Seeing as this was a “bring what you can” kind of party, the table of drinks was almost empty by that point in the night. You mixed the last of the Sprite, some orange juice and what looked like a weird off-brand grape soda into your cup, topping it with a decent amount of raspberry vodka.
You sat on the green couch next to the table to taste your alcoholic concoction. Said couch looked to have lived better days, covered with mysterious dark stains and a crochet blanket you had made, hid one of the springs that had popped up from the cushions.
You winced as the liquid burned down your throat, and you couldn't help but make a face and stick out your tongue at the sour after taste, probably thanks to the grape soda. A small chuckle coming from someone standing near the table made you snap your face in that direction.
A guy with bright crimson hair seemed to be the source of the noise, his teasing smile reached his red eyes as they looked at you. “I thought you wouldn’t do it.” Even though he had to raise his voice thanks to the volume of the music, you sensed that his laugh and comment were playful, and that he was not making fun of you in a mean way. The power of the alcohol you had just consumed made you chuckle, which made him walk towards you.
Once he reached the couch, his features became more noticeable. His red hair was sticking upwards in all directions as it was being held by a black elastic headband. His outfit followed what you had noticed to be the “skater dress code” as he wore a white baggy long-sleeved shirt underneath another oversized black shirt that had a real spray painted design in red and orange tones, along with a pair of black jeans that hung dangerously low in his hips. Colorful bracelets littered his wrists and slim golden chains decorated his neck and hung on his jeans.
You were not going to lie, he had spoken less than ten words to you, but there was something about his boyish look and the way he carried himself almost carefree that definitely piqued your interest. “When I saw you finish up that grape soda I really thought that you wouldn’t end up drinking it.” He held out a hand, gesturing to help you get up. “C’mon, let's get you something better.” You accepted the hand and he pulled you up. You didn’t know if you got dizzy from standing up, the alcohol, or the calloused, warm skin of the guy’s hand.
Still pulling you by your hand, he led you towards Jirou’s kitchen, making sure you were not being crushed or hit by the maze of people. You felt a blush creep up your neck as your dumb brain thought that this could be seen as you being led into a bedroom by a handsome stranger, but you were quickly snapped out of your thought when you both entered the somehow empty kitchen. “I’m Kirishima by the way,” He flashed you a smile as he turned to close the door of the room, effectively muffling the noise from the party. You introduced yourself as you toyed with a strand of your hair, cursing how shy you were being.
Kirishima must have realized that he was still holding onto your hand, a blush having formed on the top of his cheeks and nose once he let go. He instantly started rummaging through the cupboards of the kitchen, trying to cover up the feelings on his face. Kirishima’s confident and cool demeanor started wearing off the second he entered the kitchen and was able to properly take a glance at you. He was used to hanging out and skating with new people every day in the skate parks, but this? This was different. He didn’t really go to parties, preferring to skate until the a.m’s with his friends or even alone, so he blamed the alcohol he had consumed for making him bold enough to take charge and leading you here.
You awkwardly stood in the center of the room while you waited for Kirishima to find whatever he was looking for, “Do you need some help?” You muttered as you walked towards one of the counters, lifting yourself up by the cold stone and hissing when the material met the warm skin of your thighs, your skirt having ridden up.
“I’m just looking for- Oh wait! Here it is!” He exclaimed, turning around to face you, his face illuminated by the bright, white light of the refrigerator. You lost yourself for a millisecond when you caught the reflection of the many golden piercings in his ears, along with a glimpse of what looks like a pair of perfect, sharp, pure white fangs. For some reason that little glimpse made your pulse accelerate a few heartbeats and you let out a short, gasped breath, suddenly feeling hot. “Me and Bakugou brought our own shit ‘cause we are kinda picky about what we drink,” He chuckled at that last part, feeling kind of dumb about his confession, “Here, throw that drink on the sink and let me pour you a real drink.”
You did as he suggested, washing out the awfully colored “drink” with a slash of water from the tap and passing him your cup. You met his smile as he made sure to show you that the bottle of both tonic and gin were unopened for your safety. Kirishima added a few ice cubes on your cup and poured himself his own drink, sneakily adding a few extra splashes of alcohol, hoping it would help with his social ability.
After that first drink, the conversation rolled out much more easily. You sat there on the countertop while you both chatted about everything and anything. At one point, between the second and third cup of his excellent gin and tonics, he started dancing to the song playing in the other room exclaiming, “I love this song! I thought Bakugou would leave me after I started playing this album non-stop for a week after it came out!” At what was the tenth or eleventh mention of this person called “Bakugou” you started to feel embarrassed about the teenage crush you had started developing for this handsome, sweet stranger. You mentally beat yourself up for assuming he was interested in you.
Instead of living with the doubt, you decided to embrace your inebriated state and asked, “Who’s this Bakugou person you keep talking about?” He slowly stopped dancing, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Maybe he had noticed a tinge of uncertainty in your wording.
“You said you were friends with Jirou, right?” You nodded, not really sure what this had to do with the mysterious Bakugou, “So you know about the videos she helped us out with then.”
“Us?” You started fidgeting with the hem of your skirt, feeling really dumb about not knowing anything about the party you were hanging out in. Kirishima’s chuckle made you blush in embarrassment. He brought one of his hands to the back of his neck, gently scratching as the hair on the nape of his head that was stuck beneath the black headband,
“Yeah, me and Baku wanted to make some skating videos and Jirou offered to lend us her music for them.” Oh, you thought. You brought both hands to your lap and tried to iron any crease you discovered in your skirt. “Don’t worry though! We are not big shots or anything. In fact, it was super nice of Jirou to lend us her music for our silly project.”
Kirishima was amused by your embarrassment, along with feeling a boost of confidence at the possibility of you thinking he was famous or something. Walking towards where you were sitting, he reached with one of his hands for the red solo cup containing alcohol that you had offered to place right beside your body. His warm hands brushed the naked skin of your thighs for a minuscule second, making a shiver course down your spine.
Your head snapped up and your eyes locked with his. His smile emanated a calming, carefree attitude you had begun to associate with the redhead. The boy was practically standing in the middle of your thighs, and when he brought his cup to his lips, a small, clear droplet escaped his mouth and ran down his chin. You had to fight the sudden itch to bring your hand to his jawline and wipe the liquid with your thumb by pressing harder on the material of your skirt. You would have gently caressed the visible stubble that littered his face, you would have caught the alcohol with the soft pad of your thumb, smearing it against his skin, and you would have definitely let that thumb trace along his lower lip.
And Kirishima would have let you. The simple touch of your skin on his would have made him suck in a sharp breath. The hand laying on his side would come to finally reach out and touch the space on your waist in which your crop top ended, and your skirt began. He would have closed the distance between your bodies and mashed his drunken lips against yours. It would have been messy, intoxicating, excited nipping on your lip with his sharp teeth. Tongues would have battled in the heated kiss, hands would have started to roam as you both started to feel each other, craving for more than just lips.
Suddenly, your mouth felt dry as you swallowed loudly, snapping out of your imagination. The space between the skater and you seemed to be of a different temperature than the rest of the room. Kirishima set his cup on the counter once again. He really hoped he had read the room well enough, cause this time after the cup left his hand, his fingers moved to touch the hem of your skirt. Both of your eyes were still locked with each other, a silent question written on his face.
Your heated breath tickled his face, the distance between your faces growing closer. Nerves coursed through your body as you brought your hand to lay against the calloused one on your lap. You guided it to touch more of the naked skin, causing goosebumps to rise on the surface. “Can I kiss you?” He whispered, his voice low and rough like gravel.
You were about to answer when the kitchen door suddenly slammed open, making you jump. Kirishima’s head snapped towards the entrance, his hand still touching your thighs. An angry-looking blonde guy had entered the room, another pair of vermillion eyes started what felt like a heat detector scan of the situation. A harsh shock shoots through your spine, suddenly feeling naked by the stranger’s eyes.
“Oi, there you are, dumbass!” The annoyed words seemed to be directed to Kirishima. They must know each other, you thought. The red head’s hand gave your thigh a reassuring squeeze before it left your body, stepping backward to face the angry stranger. “I thought you had ditched me, asshole.” The blonde’s brows furrowed, giving him a confused child look, “Who’s that?” He asked, a black nail polished finger rudely pointed in your direction.
“Suki, this is y/n. Y/n, this dickhead who slammed a door in an apartment that’s not his, is Bakugou.” Kirishima's calm voice explained. After finally having put an image to the name Kirishima had mentioned so many times, the first thing that popped into your head was; How does Kirishima have such an asshole for a friend?
However, as your eyes lingered on the boy, your second thought was of different nature. Bakugou walked towards you both, letting you catch a better look at him. He was wearing a tight-fitted, dark green shirt that accentuated both his biceps and chest. You could hear how his black cargo pants rustled as he took each step, making his presence known. His blonde hair seemed ashier now that he was closer, and you spotted a golden hoop piercing on his left eyebrow, giving him a bad boy air.
Bakugou reached Kirishima, placed a hand around his shoulders and his eyes settled on yours. What you thought was a menacing, territorial glance, in reality, was Bakugou admiring your body. His eyes turned heated as they stopped at the place in which your skirt had almost completely ridden up. “Everything good, Suki?” Kirishima’s voice didn’t stop his lingering eyes. Instead, they continued to roam your figure, his face now displaying one of his classic wolfish smirks. The hand around the red head’s neck moved to finally wipe the still dripping liquid on Kirishima’s adam's apple, and his other hand moved to casually rest against the cool material of the counter, right beside your other thigh.
“Just dandy, Kiri,” His voice was playful as nudged Kirishima towards you. Both bodies now trapped you and you saw Kirishima’s eyes were as wide in surprise as yours, “What about you?”
One of his thighs stepped right in between yours as he inched his face closer. Bakugou’s warm breath tickled your sensitive neck, lighting a warmth on your lower abdomen. “ ‘M good.” You breathed out, making Bakugou chuckle at your dumb answer. Kirishima’s eyes now had a playful spark in them, and he was about to move his hand to the back of your neck but Bakugou seemed to read his mind and beat him to it. His heavy ring-clad fingers tangled into the nape of your hair and pulled your face towards him roughly.
Chapped lips met yours and you whimpered at all the differences he had with Kirishima; it was quick, harsh, teeth clicking together as he sneaked his warm tongue inside your wet mouth. Kirishima’s touch had been more gentle, guiding, and curious. This was pure assertiveness. Bakugou growled into your mouth as one of your hands traveled to grab at his hair and tugged hard, bringing his lips even closer. The thick, muscular thigh in the middle of your body felt amazing as you unconsciously began trying to rut against it.
Kirishima whined at the sight of you and his best friend making out so desperately. He quickly grabbed the cup still sitting right beside you and drowned all its contents, tossing it to the sink. Not being able to take not getting any action, he pushed one of his hands on your thigh and completely bunched up the material. The sight of your lacey, black thong made him shiver in anticipation. He traced featherlight touches against the already wet spot in the fabric, letting one of his fingers start rubbing pleasurable circles against your clit.
Bakugou broke the searing kiss after a loud moan coming from your lips filled his throat. “Wish we could continue this elsewhere, but I think this kitchen will have to do,” Bakugou said, taking a step back to let his eager best friend step in closer to you. Kirishima wasted no time, forcefully crashing his lips onto yours. A loud moan escaped his lips when he realized that the foreign taste on your lips was the blonde’s spit. That realization made his cock twitch in his underwear so he sought some form of release as he started rutting against one of your naked legs.
The sound of a heavy zipper opening and chains clinking made your eyes snap open. Your kiss with Kirishima was so addictive you couldn’t bring yourself to break it, but as your heavy-lidded eyes opened, you saw how the attractive blonde had set free his manhood without any shame at all. He had a firm hold on the base of his cock, letting you get a perfect glimpse of the exposed, angry red tip already leaking precum. It wasn’t the presence of the salty juices on his cock which made you gasp in Kirishima’s mouth. It was the sheer girth of the member. You had never seen a dick that big, not in width or length, but the image alone made you involuntarily thrust your hips into the redhead’s thigh.
“You want this dick, heh?” His eyes were locked onto you, and his cocky tone made Kirishima’s mouth leave yours with an echoing pop, only for it to start leaving wet kisses up your neck, gently nibbling at the lobe of your ear. The hand still tracing featherlight circles around your clit moved to pull your soaked underwear to the side, revealing your puffy folds to his friend as he also stepped to the side. “Fuck, Kiri, she’s so wet, isn’t she?” Bakugou chuckled, his ego clearly getting a decent boost.
The attention you were getting from both men had you in some sort of daze, not really knowing when you had gotten so lucky that you’d ended up in this position. Kirishima’s sharp teeth grazed your neck and moved to leave dark, splotchy hickeys on your collarbone while the ashy blonde let his knees hit the cold tiled kitchen floor. A shiver ran down your spine as you felt his warm breath against your glistening folds. “Gonna get her ready for us, Suki?” Kirishima breathed out through ragged breaths, the Bakugou’s nickname rolling so casually out of his mouth in this context that you wondered if they had done stuff like this before.
Bakugou’s response was simply to flatten his tongue against your parted lips and sexily start slurping at your juices. His nose hit your clit perfectly every time he moved and you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. Kirishima let out a fond chuckle at the high-pitched, breathy sounds now leaving your mouth. Your hands were clutching the edge of the counter, your knuckles turning white. The pleasure was already overpowering, making you feel stupid as you only gasped and moaned at their ministrations.
Kirishima decided he couldn’t take the pressure of his clothing any longer, so he hurriedly brought one of your hands to the zipper of his pants. Getting his gesture, you made quick but messy work of his belt until you had freed his flushed cock. You looked down as you wrapped your hand around his base and moaned at the sight. He was thinner than Bakugou, with a thick patch of dark hair around him, but his dick seemed longer, with a perfect curve towards the uncircumcised tip.
For a second you forgot about the building pleasure in your lower abdomen and wished you would drop down to your knees and taste him. You imagined how it would taste, how it would feel as it hit the back of your throat, and questioned if it would even fit all the way inside. Would the gentler redhead grab the back of your head and force it all the way in, not caring if you gagged and spit ran down your cheeks.
A loud knock on the door snapped you out of your trance. Kirishima froze at the sound and lifted his head from where it was nestled in your collarbones. Your hand was still wrapped around his throbbing cock but you didn’t dare to move or even breathe, having completely forgotten about your surroundings ever since the blonde had entered the room. A dark flush began creeping upwards from your chest towards your cheeks as Bakugou’s tongue started lapping quick and gentle strokes at your clit, clearly not bothered by the sound of someone on the other side of the door.
“Bakugou? I saw you come in here after you said you were going to check on Kirishima! We’re about to play the videos you both made so could you come in and show your faces?” Jirou’s annoyed voice traveled through the music outside, crossing the door and reaching your ears. Kirishima let out an annoyed growl and disconnected his lips from your sensitive nub, a sticky thread of your wetness still connecting the two of you.
“Stop shouting! Just give us five fucking minutes, okay?” You awed at the booming sound of Bakugou’s voice as he made sure he wouldn't be bothered anymore. A few seconds passed in which both Kirishima and you seemed to await any clue on whether to stop or continue, but once Jirou seemed to have left the three of you alone, Bakugou didn’t waste one single moment more before he started giving orders. “C’mon you, don’t stop now. You’re going to make Eijirou come on your pretty thighs,” His voice seemed teasing, it was also the longest he had talked to you.
Wanting to please the snappy blonde, your hand started moving along the length of Kirishima’s still hard cock. He let out a small hiss after he felt that even as you spread around the leaking clear liquid in his tip wasn’t enough, making you stop in your tracks. “He just needs more lubrication, dumbass,” the meanness in his voice made you whimper in embarrassment and you were about to unwrap your fingers from his dick but Bakugou was faster. He stopped your hand with his and inched his head closer to his friend’s cock and simply let his spit drip down his tongue, along with some of your own juices that had collected in his chin and mouth. “There. Now get to it, I want to see you come on my mouth.”
You were still in awe at his actions but quickly spread the new sticky wetness around Kirishima’s cock, feeling it twitch in your hands. The redhead shot you a smirk and you saw a deep crimson blush bloom against his cheekbones as he tangled one of his hands on the blonde’s hair, pushing Bakugou’s head towards your neglected pussy.
The three of you moaned and gasped in unison as Bakugou started flicking his tongue against your clit, making you start pumping quicker at Kirishima’s cock. You felt two fingers prod at your entrance, “C’mon, c’mon, come for us already.” Bakugou hissed against your skin.
Kirishima moaned as you did a twist of your hand towards his tip, pulling on his foreskin. He was going dizzy with pleasure, his knees almost buckling as he felt himself getting closer to an orgasm. The desire had him clashing his lips against yours and moaning needly against your lips. You welcomed his enthusiasm and when you started sucking his lower lip into your mouth, he unconsciously tugged at the hair in the back of Bakugou’s head. The blonde groaned at the sudden pleasurable pain in his scalp and started fucking your pussy harsher, sloppy wet sounds becoming louder thanks to his movements.
You let Bakugou know you were close, and as soon as he heard your needy voice, his fingers started curving upwards, hitting you in a spot that made you start feeling like you were going to faint from the pleasure. He was full-on finger fucking your wet pussy, your moans getting higher and higher, but what made the tight coil in your insides unravel was the steady kitten licks against your little bundle of nerves.
“Don’t stop, please! Please, please, oh-” You were sure you were almost shouting, but your orgasm had hit you already. Kirishima opened his eyes to see you come undone and the sight of your squirming and shivering body made him start thrusting against your hand seeking his own close release. You tightened your hand and after a few thrusts, you felt how hot ribbons of his cum started to spill down your thigh.
Once you had come down from your orgasm, Bakugou’s fingers were replaced by his tongue which started hungrily lapping at your flowing juices, trying to clean the mess that had dripped down from your core. When he stood up, you saw his cock was still hard but as you were about to say something about that, he simply tugged it back into his underwear.
“Fuck, Suki, she was so good, wasn’t she?” Kirishima breathed out, letting a satisfied chuckle as he also put his clothes back on. “Let’s help you up, baby.” A gentle hand tugged your panties back on correctly, carefully trying to not overstimulate you, and he then brought that arm to wrap underneath your armpits as he helped you steadily get down from the counter.
Bakugou’s arm settled around your waist and you let your body sag against his muscular form. “She really was, Kiri. You should have tasted her, you could have gotten drunk on her pretty pussy.” His lewd comments made you hide your face on the blonde’s chest in embarrassment.
“I was sure you were going to eat my head off if I dared to ask.” Kirishima laughed off as the two boys helped your wobbly legs walk towards the door. You were about to reach the door and open it when a big, heavy hand stopped you by keeping it closed.
Bakugou leaned against the door and brought the hand that wasn’t still holding onto you to the redhead’s neck. With a soft smirk on his face, he leaned down and slotted his lips against the shocked Kirishima.
The initial shock seemed to wear off as soon as Bakugou parted his lips, inviting Kirishima’s tongue into his mouth, deepening the kiss. They both moaned and chased each other’s tongues and although they would both play it off cool afterward and later you would find out you had witnessed their first kiss.
Bakugou ended the kiss but let his forehead rest against the top of Kirishima’s headband as their chests heaved, regaining their breaths. “See what I mean?”
Kirishima had a hard time even blinking in confusion after the passionate kiss, “Huh?” was the only sound he could muster.
“She tastes heavenly.” At the clarification, both you and Kirishima blushed deeply, although for different reasons. Kirishima stood up, losing contact with his friend and suddenly he was his usual relaxed self, even though he was freaking the fuck out on the inside.
His carefree demeanor wavered once he agreed, but his friend didn’t seem to notice because he had already opened the door. “Yeah, next time I get to be the one that will make you come like that, baby.” He assured, earning a confident laugh from Bakugou.
“Yeah, sure.” He scoffed, lacing each other’s fingers behind your back, “Next time we’ll have more time, and we’ll all have our fun, not just you two assholes.”
thanks to @craftycheetah for proof reading this btw! you're an absolute mvp!
taglist: @mhaanimelover, @shibuyawardnetwork, @planetonet
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peejsocks · a month ago
beach party
johnny knoxville x f!reader
Tumblr media
a/n: this turned out more romantic than i anticipated? oh and we're pretending sand isn't annoying
disclaimers/tags: nsfw. nsfk. public sex. unprotected sex.
dedicated to the angelic albeit unhinged (affectionate) @boobimagejpg who is my favorite foxville enthusiast
Feet buried in the cold sand, you're pestering Jeff while the cast changes into their attire for the opening of four-point-five.
"We need to go on a vacation together. Like Hawaii or something. I love the beach so much."
"Yeah, you said that thirty times today."
You call him a dick, punching hard at his shoulder. So maybe you had too many fruity drinks from the kiosk, infamously blabbering when tipsy, but it's a nice day and vodka goes so well with strawberries. Can you really be blamed?
"Oh oh, what did he do now?"
With blurred vision, a distorted Johnny draws your attention. Now donning the mandated colorful jumpsuit, his hand gently holds your waist and lips brush your temple.
The pressure in your head caused by elevated alcohol levels in your blood make it uncomfortable when your eyes drink in the sight of your boyfriend, but not enough to force you to stop. The outfit is slightly open on top, providing a perfect view of his neck and a tease of his collarbones. The sleeves are pulled up unevenly, unveiling lean arms, and you're probably hallucinating the drops of sweat that seem to glisten in his skin. Pink really is a nice color.
Johnny obeys Jeff and adjusts the sleeves, breaking your trance. "You alright, sweetheart?"
Blinking away your thoughts, you pat him on the back and step to the side, feeling embarrassed over the heat creeping up on your neck.
Trying to focus on the incredible visual of the old and new cast in their rainbow arrangement is fruitless. Zach is getting his nose painfully violated by a crab, and all you can look at is Johnny's profile. The lines that formed on his face when he smiled, masculine jawline moving as he speaks. There's no sound except for his accent drenching the words, context of the sentence brushed off by your brain.
It should be disturbing that the rotten thoughts of his hands storming your mind are happening while he holds a live crab.
That delicious laugh ignites a flurry of butterflies in your stomach, silver hair reflecting rays of sunlight and eyes protected by those trusty RayBans. It is all so him, and you love him. How could you avoid succumbing to vulnerable and needy feelings when he's the only thing your eyes see?
Back turned, a desperate attempt to sober up fast leads to chugging two bottles of water. Not before downing the rest of what was in the plastic cup, you did pay for it.
It takes a couple of hours for Tremaine to be satisfied, capturing scripted and candid moments of the crew having fun. You're keeping a distance, dramatically running through all the water these people had and trying to think of non-sexy things.
A woman with the crew asks if you need something, because you look constipated. You thank her, gathering it's very sweet of her to ask and a lot better than visibly horny.
Your eyes are pulled away from a gripping Twitter thread when Jeff confirms it's a wrap.
Clapping with everyone, Rachel's enthusiastic begging to go back to the kiosk and continue the party reaches your ears. Johnny's head turns in your direction, waiting for you to determine whether or not you'd be joining, and he is met with a discreet head shake.
Of course everyone laments his early leave, but thankfully he does not put it on you, instead claiming to be tired.
You waive as the band of loud troublemakers walk up the beach, catching the shadow of your boyfriend slowly getting closer.
"Are you okay? You look really serious."
It stings just a little, feeling bad for making him think you're mad or unwell.
To make yourself clear, you step into his personal space. Hands dragging around his hips and running up his back, your bodies are flushed together. With an audible sigh, you look up with what could only be described as lust.
Your chests graze when you get on your tippy toes to kiss him. It's slow, calculating every move of your tongue to showcase precisely how you feel. It ends with a hum, fingernails scratching his triceps up and down, gently.
"I'm doing pretty good. How are you?"
His fingers digging into the small of your back is immensely satisfying.
"Over the moon. Do you always kiss stray men on the beach?"
"Only the ones that look irresistible in bright pink." Biting your lip works as bait for him to lean in and continue what you had started.
You're nothing if not ambitious, quietly moaning his name and tugging on the collar of the jumpsuit.
Never in a million years would you consider sex on the beach, it would disturb the calming and soulful environment. But with Johnny, there's a high chance it will only add to those qualities, so your heart pounds with a new wish.
Breaking off, eyes locked on his, you nod for your boyfriend to follow, pulling him along by his hand. It's sweaty and big, enveloping your smaller one, the familiarity of the feel of his rough skin enough to stir your desire further.
Although the beach was relatively deserted, you have no interest in being caught, so you take Johnny to a spot surrounded by tall rocks and sort of hidden by a seemingly abandoned wooden house. You had noticed it during one of your 'laps' in the midst of shooting, to 'concentrate'. Clearly, it hadn't worked.
"I'm a little old for this, don't you think?"
Starting to unbutton him, your index hooks on the pink fabric and you take a peek inside to gladly verify he's only wearing boxer briefs underneath it. "Doesn't look like it to me."
A genuine chuckle vibrates through his chest only to be abruptly cut off when you kiss his sternum, trailing up to a sharp jaw and rejoicing in the fast pace of his heartbeat.
Long fingers burn the skin of your neck, guiding your attention to Johnny. "How much do you want it?"
"Let me show you." Teasing his lips with the tip of your tongue, you match his low voice.
Pulling you in, his teeth clash into yours, foreshadowing how messy this is about to get. You fumble with the last buttons of the suit, begging Johnny to not take it off.
He laughs into your mouth. "Yes, ma'am."
Favoring the sandy ground in hopes of being completely out of sight, he's now on top of you, inevitably pushing his boner on your thigh. You need to feel him in any way you can.
Rubbing your hand on your dress to warm it up, it quickly slides down his stomach, taking the opportunity to trace his abs with your thumb before wrapping around his semi.
"Shit, honey." His breathing is raggedy. "Don't- Don't go too fast."
Heedful, you slow the pumps down and try to neutralize your eagerness.
Johnny's grunts are being contained down your throat until calloused fingers close around your breasts. Simultaneously, you arch your back and he thrusts into your hand, both moaning.
Suddenly sitting up, inevitably pulling your hand away, Johnny yanks your underwear and you feel like a ragdoll for a second. A primitive craving inside of you grows in fulfillment.
On his knees, he dives down, head between your legs. Pushing the delicate fabric of your dress just enough to uncover your nakedness, he bruises the soft skin of your thighs with tiny bites. Everything feels warm and dizzying.
The hand on your stomach caresses your skin and Johnny is getting closer when you pull on the back of his clothes, halting any plans he had in mind. You really wish you could let him go ahead, but this is not sex in your comfortable king size bed. There's a sense of urgency to the situation.
Your words are aggresive. "We're skipping that, I need you to fuck me. Right now."
The cocky smile adorning his features is a glimpse of a younger Johnny. Admiration and loyalty overflow from your chest and break out of your throat as a whimper, and his tongue swallows your 'I love you' before it can be fully uttered.
Aligning himself first, you take the time to hold onto his shoulders. Uncharacteristically, Johnny gives you no warning, and biting down on your tongue is the only way to interrup a noise too loud for public sex.
"Move." Your boyfriend tends to your orders quickly.
This is not a tender and devoted experience you're sharing. It's unsynchronized and brisk, all over the place. It doesn't mean it isn't worship.
"Is this what you needed? Is it?"
"It's all I need, baby, please."
Johnny's pace picks up, influenced by your supplication. He's going a lot faster, your shoulder is scratching against the side of a rock and so much will be sore tomorrow, but nothing could pull you away from the moment.
Overly sensitive, having daydreamed about this all day, you feel close to the edge. Hand tangling in silver hair, you pull his body closer.
"You're so good, sweetheart, all the time. So fucking good."
Words of praise push you over, powerless under your boyfriend's sweet talking.
Shuddering, it's obvious to Johnny what has happened. Initially, he's cooing in your ear, telling you it's okay and to keep quiet. Back in your body after a few seconds, you realize he stopped moving.
Tsking, Johnny slides out of you, extracting a strained groan from your tired vocal chords. "I'm afraid you finished too fast, darling. Open your mouth."
Straddling your worn body, he's calmly stroking his hard cock over you. You could be staring at the obvious, but it's difficult to stray away from the veiny hand working slowly.
"It won't take long."
Accent thickening on the last word, it takes you a second to understand.
The sand caves under your propped elbows. Johnny's jaw clenches once you look up, hopefully doe-eyed, mouth agape. One more stroke and warm fluid coats your tongue quickly, some spilling down your chin and neck, causing you to jump slightly.
Swallowing it down, what wasn't captured by you is wiped off by the sleeves of the pink suit. "Oh no, now it's ruined."
Laughing, your boyfriend kisses your pouting lips, brushing the hair out of your face and smoothing it down. "Put it in the wash, it'll be fine. Sorry I startled you a little. Are you alright?"
Nodding, you help him dust off some of the sand inside his clothes. There's no hope for your panties, completely caked in the tiny grains. Johnny puts it in the pocket of his jumpsuit even if you tell him you won't be wearing it again, it's disgusting.
Leaning back on the rocks, the two of you opt to watch the sunset before leaving.
While you wait, every possible topic is discussed, tangentially related to one another. It's just you and him, talking quietly, listening to each other. Not worried about anything in the world.
At some point, ruffling leaves drag your attention, revealing a smaller iguana lurking. You watch it for a while, Johnny going off about a WildBoyz episode where he found out what a chameleon's tongue feels like.
Before the orange light gives way to the evening, you tell Johnny you're really glad you met. He agrees.
Walking back to the car, you squeeze his hand. "How are we gonna walk by the kiosk unnoticed? I don't feel like being dragged in there, you know, commando."
Adjusting the sunglasses on his nose, Johnny stops and sighs. "Well, I guess we better run really fast then."
Dropping your hand, the bastard gets a significant headstart on you. No one talks about how hard it is to run and laugh at the same time.
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finelinevogue · a month ago
Blurb idea!!! (Totally ignore if you don't want to do this) So what if y/n does a video where she rates all of the outfits Harry has worn for the 3rd album (like Coachella, interview outfits, any casuals too, etc etc) and maybe she doesn't really like an outfit as much but then H pops his head in and claims that she actually really liked the fabric or smth and wanted to keep it (and he obviously got it for here) but she's like it didn't look as good on you (clearly joking) and he's like you're mean with a pouty face >:( and we see them being really cute on camera (or it could be released as a bts) So yeah! Idk why but I can totally imagine y/n and Harry from your Harry's House universe doing this!!
Also, the stuff you put out so far is AMAZING! Just like I knew it would be, but you definitely exceeded my expectations and I'm already in love with this universe! <3
-cool reader anon
(stop it right now you know im so bad at taking compliments💔ur too kind)
May 20th 2022
“Hello my lovelies and welcome back for another video of me basically bashing H.”
The camera was set up on your usual tripod, only this time you weren’t in your bedroom but rather the living room. You thought it might be nice to show people a different view; something interesting and new. Also it was a sneaky way of showing people Harry’s living room, which certain furniture would feature on his new album cover.
Harry was sat next to you, because no matter how hard he persuaded you to you were not going to sit on his lap. Everyone knew you were a couple, in fact ‘Glamour’ had labelled you both as the “It” couple of 2022, but you didn’t want to overdo it on the PDA. Plus this was your channel through your own hard work and success, not Harry’s.
“You know someone’s made a complication of all the moments in your videos where you’re mean to me?” Harry said, getting out his phone to pull up the moment he was talking about.
“No way! Really?”
“Yeah, here.” Harry showed you and you made a mental note to add a screenshot of the account when you edited later.
“That makes me look so bad.”
“Good. Y’so mean to me. I’m glad it’s picked up on.”
“You’re just mean to me off camera though, that’s why there’s no video compilation of you being mean to me.”
Harry just evilly smirked and you knew in your head that would be a good place to cut and roll your channels titles. The jingle for your channel was courtesy of Harry playing the piano, which he did without hesitation when you had asked him years ago.
“So, today we will be rating Harry’s outfits from the HS3 era so far. I thought it would be a fun idea, considering I am uploading this on the albums release day.”
“Oh, and we should probably mention that pictures that we’re looking through are coming from costume fittings.”
“So I’m very deeply sorry if you end up seeing H’s bare chest.”
Harry laughed, pretending to lift the bottom of his jumper up and reveal his chest. You got too jealous of your audience seeing his chest though, so you slapped his hands down and told him to behave himself.
You knew it was all banter and Harry’s relationship with his fans was very close and intimate, but sometimes you liked keeping little moments of him to yourself. You were a huge fan of him before this relationship so you totally understood what it was like to be a fan like that, but now you’ve learnt how to respect him and in turn respect yourself.
Harry knew that you got jealous, so tried as much as possible to keep himself and his body reversed just for you. Sometimes though, when you’re pissing him off he will go shirtless just because he knows it will rile you up.
“I’m actually excited for this, y’know?” Harry said, sitting closer to you. You shifted the camera so there would be a space to the left side of the screen for you to edit in a picture of the outfit you were talking about.
“What and you weren’t excited when we filmed all our other videos?”
“I liked the one we did when we did the fake Wired Autocomplete interview.”
“That was funny. I also liked the one where we were handcuffed to each other for 24 hours.”
“I got so mad at you and I really did not like it one bit. You were so upset. Plus I hurt your wrists that day.”
He pouted and you allowed him to swallow you in a huge bear hug. He always felt the need to apologise for those 24 hours, because of his tense it got. You constantly reminded him you still loved him and you were okay now. He would take any opportunity to hug you though for it.
“I’m okay.”
“I know.”
“Y’want to hold me for the rest of this video?” You asked, knowing he wouldn’t really want to let you go now his mind was whirring with bad thoughts over that video.
Harry moved behind you and allowed his legs to spread so you could slide and sit in between them. His arms caged around your waist and squeezed gently, turning you into his person human-sized teddy bear. You let him nuzzle his face into your neck briefly, knowing your scent calmed him down. Once you were comfortable and Harry could nicely peer over your shoulder at your phone, you began.
“Okay. First of all is your ‘As It Was’ red jumpsuit.”
“It was so comfortable, that.” Harry added.
“I really liked it. I thought it was a perfect outfit to celebrate a new single.”
“You’re just being biased.” He teased, pinching your side in a way that tickled.
“Why? Because m’mum made it for you?” You asked and he nodded.
Your mum was always looking for an in to assist Harry’s life in some way. She loved being creative and was a brilliant seamstress, after owning her own dress repair shop for years. You remember her bursting into tears when you and Harry face-timed her to ask her to make the ‘As It Was’ music video outfits. She was told they had to be red and blue, but other than that she had a free hand.
Harry had told her that they were the best costumes that he’d ever worn for a video. You still don’t know whether he was just being polite or actually meant it, but either way it made your mum infinitely smile.
“Honestly, y’mums a bloody legend.” He added, making you blush. You loved how much he loved your mum and family.
“So the outfit out of 10?”
“10.” He spoke very quickly.
“I’ll give you a 10 also mum. Y’d did such a good job.” You looked to the camera when you said that, holding up your hands to create a little heart with them.
Out of all the outfits you’d be showing today the ‘As It Was’ was definitely not your favourite, but it was still worth the 10 points. Your mum was a great seamstress, but you just liked the colours of some other outfits on him better than the red - which was out of your mums control.
“Off to a good start then.” He shuffled a bit to sit up right on the sofa after slouching down.
“Y’okay? Sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable.” You turned your head to see whether there were any signs of discomfort on his face.
“Y’not, shut up you.” He leant in to kiss your lips. He tasted so good and he felt even better.
Unfortunately for the fans you’d have to cut that out because it wasn’t very censored. Harry can get carried away a lot of the time because of how much he likes kissing you and so a sweet kiss can turn into a groping make out session. Like now. You had to pull away as he started kissing down your neck and dangerously close to the place he loved giving you hickeys.
“Oi. Stop it.”
“Y/N!” He whined like a baby, but you weren’t arguing.
“H I can’t be battered and bruised when we’re filming, y’know this.”
“Can’t help myself. You’re too pretty.” You leant in to give him another kiss for his kind compliment and then turned your face around to lessen temptation.
“Okay outfit two. Coachella night one.” You giggled excitedly, because the Coachella outfits were your ultimate favourites.
“I loved how they designed it based off y’mum’s design.” Harry started and it made your heart swoon that he was still finding ways to compliment your mum.
“You looked like a rockstar rainbow dream.”
“I felt like a rockstar actually. I can’t get over that crowd.” He blew out a breathe of air.
“What was it like?” You asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to give your viewers a chance to know too.
“Electrifying. Huge. Exhilarating. I never thought I’d ever be able to achieve something like that. Ever. So to actually to sit here and say that I have done it feels like a dream.”
You smiled at him and leaned in to give him a kiss on his cheek. He deserved so much more, but you were filming right now and you’d give him all the love after.
“So what would you rate your night one outfit?”
“Wait, lets talk about night twos outfit and then compare them.”
“So we get to talk about what we think of night twos outfit now?”
Before Harry had finished the word, you dramatically moaned and loosened your body to slide off Harry and the sofa and onto the floor. Harry caught your armpits before you could fully slide, worried that you’d bash your head on the coffee table or something.
“That’s how I feel about night two.”
“Oh is it now?” Harry asked, but he already knew.
He knew because as soon as he walked off that stage, on night two, you jumped his bones and wouldn’t let him leave the premises before you fucked him in his pink, leather, Cowboy suit. He looked so good to the point where you were wet the entire of the set, since you hadn’t seen the outfit before he went on stage. You two had nearly been the last ones in the park, because once you’d done one thing to Harry he decided to return to the favour. You fucked, you gave each other head and you came so many times that Harry asked to keep the suit so he could relive that night over and over again.
Harry pulled your back up easily to sit back on his lap, twisting you sideways slightly so he could get a better view of you.
“It’s like my favourite thing you’ve ever worn.”
“Wow. Big claim.” Harry whistled.
“Okay maybe my favourite concert outfit you’ve ever worn.” You adjusted your statement.
“So it was better than night one?”
“Yes.” You said a bit too quickly, feeling slightly bad for the designer of night one. “I still adored night one, but there was something about night two that really… gagged me?”
Harry choked on air when you said that and you couldn’t help but laugh. You patted his back as if that was going to do anything, before he settled.
“How about I wear it tonight?” He leant in to whisper in your ear. All you could do was whimper in return and he used the opportunity to kiss your lips. You let him have you for a few minutes, think that at this rate it will look like you’re filming for OnlyFans rathe than YouTube.
“So rating them both out of 10.” You suggested.
“Night one was an 8 for me. Night two was a 10.”
“I’d say night one was also an 8. Night two was a fucking 11 though.” You claimed and Harry just smirked, knowing he was in for a pretty great evening.
Harry cuddled into you, giving you a big squeeze when all he really wanted to do was take you upstairs and love on you all afternoon.
“Ow you just squashed my boob, y’dickhead.” You shouted as Harry’s hand jabbed into your boob as you two were messing around.
“Shit, m’sorry baby. Harry reached for your boob and cupped his hand over it as his fork of apology.
���I’m fine.”
“Promise?” He asked, kissing your cheek.
“Promise.” You nodded, kissing him on his cheek in return. “Next outfit?”
“Go for it.”
He returned you back to your original positions and you took your phone to look at the next outfits.
You had a look at some street style ones and Harry laughed at how crazy some of the paparazzi were. There were some really odd angles and one that was a really unflattering angle of you. You could’ve cried but Harry reminded you of how beautiful he saw you as and that every one else did too. It didn’t matter that you had double chins or an extra chub roll on your stomach, you were absolutely perfect the way you are.
You even added a few outfits where you and Harry bad spent the day together and he had a good outfit. You loved feeding the fans with unreleased content and they loved you for it. You had such a special bond with the fans, something that no other celebrities partner really had. There was one where he was wearing a kitchen apron and a pair of pink boxers, because you two had been baking a cake together, and you both had a good laugh about how bad a photo it was.
“Baby stop!” Harry laughed some more, hand over his stomach because he couldn’t control himself very well.
“Sorry! It’s just you honestly look like you’re a housewife.” You giggled, stroking his cheek with your hand. “My little bitch.”
“Excuse you!” He gasped, using his free hand to slap your arse. The sound made such a loud noise and you gasped with how hard he hit you.
“Ow y’fucking twat!”
“You have such a bad potty mouth, you.”
You weren’t worried about the swearing, because you always put a disclaimer at the start of your videos that there could be strong language so you should watch at your own risk. You weren’t bothered about profiting off your videos either, so you weren’t worried if the swearing caused YouTube to demonetise your content.
“Yeah. I do when you slap me.”
“Don’t call me y’bitch then.” He argued and you rolled your eyes at him. He knew he was your bitch. He was absolutely whipped for you and there was no denying that, even if he tried.
It took you another few moments of banter before you were back on track.
“So let’s do the Today show outfits?” You suggested.
“Yes let’s.”
“I absolutely love the denim on denim.” You started, “But I don’t like the curly twirly baby grow.”
“Honey!” He exclaimed, sitting up right with shock.
“What? We have to be honest.” You explained.
“Not when it offends me. Can’t believe you’d treat me like this.”
“But I love your denim one. Is that not enough?” You pouted, not wanting him to be actually mad with you.
“Fine. But you owe me a fuck tonne of kisses.”
You leant in to kiss him on his lips, clearing any sadness out of his system. You could feel his lips smiling against yours and it made you pull away to see the beautiful sight.
“Done deal.”
“Can we wrap this up so I can kiss y’now?” He tucked his head into your neck so that he could breathe you in.
You both finished up the video, using your normal exit as a way to wrap everything up. You fell into Harry, happy knowing that the video was going to be a success because of how in love you both were with each other.
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pen-observing · 9 months ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems slightly...like vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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deardragonbook · 6 months ago
Some slightly different wordlbuilding activities
Ones I haven’t seen as often but apply myself. 
1.- Bedtimes stories you tell to children, or lullabies. They can be based in location or species. They can tell us about the world, history, beliefs or something specific about a creature. It can be fun to think of their origin, how they’ve changed over the years and both the meaning that was lost and the meaning that was added. 
2.- Fashion choices. I often let fashion be different for different creatures. I usually create a practical outfit that makes sense historically within the context of my world and then evolve it until I get to the present day of my story. Preferably splitting of into branches and allowing more options. It can tell us about a specific species, about their history and about how the climate has changed, or how they moved locations at some point and had to adapt their clothing to a new climate. 
A very simple example of this from my own book would be the mage’s cloak! Link to a longer post about it. Basically, mages would wear a simple one piece fabric that was easy to then set an illusion over, no wasting time mixing trousers and tops. Over time some mages stopped using illusions, seeing the outfit as acceptable. It became a staple, you saw the cloak, that wasn’t a human but a mage. And then younger generations began personalising the material, instead of boring black, white or brown they started using floral patterns, adding in cool sleeves or hoods! 
Initially, it was practicality, but it evolved. 
3.- Think about what each species does for fun! I often read YA fantasy where the stakes are so high there is no leisure, no downtown, no fun, no hobbies. But this is a great opportunity! What’s popular in your world? Books, plays, board games, long walks, playing sport? Seeing characters just chill can be a great change of pace and allow for some insight into their lives and the world they live in. 
4.- What is imported? And why? Sometimes imports are just practical, we don’t have wool here (unlikely, sheep are literally everywhere, but you get the point), wool is good for clothes, we import it. But other times it’s more complicated. 
Perhaps a species moved across the country at some point, but they were accustomed to a certain type of tea, fruit for certain festivities, so on, so on, and habit dies hard, so, importation becomes a thing. 
So those are my four world-building tips for today. I’ve said it before and will say it again, there is no master list, not check list, world-building is something you can figure out as you go in most genres (some epics may requiere more prep time). What’s important is to keep track of what you’ve said and stay consistent, but you don’t need to know everything before going in. 
As usual,  check out my book, stories I’ve written plus other social medias: here.
How’s your world coming along? 
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hakkais-hoe · a month ago
I want a bimbo reader x tenjiku fluff where the reader is just adorably stupid yet somewhat makes everyone love them :) idk why I'm so into bimbo nowadays💀
um yes those men would obsess over a little bimbo reader even platonically!! n who tf doesn't love a bimbo
So bimbo!r is more cute and stupid in this rather than overly seductive, ofc she still likes her tiny skirts n very cleavage showin tops 😩
age warning:16+
warnings: female reader!! pure sweet fluff, lots of bimbo use, slightly dumb n oblievious reader, simping men, swearing, poly, separate how they feel scenarios, reader sits and decorates their hair with random clips and bobbles, boobs are mentioned a lot!, light mentions of violence n fighting.
Characters: Izana, Haitani's, Mucho, Kakucho, Shion.
Look as a whole they absolutely adore their little bimbo to the point of obsession
Izana is pretty subtle about it until he hears someone saying shit about you then he goes full blown feral
Ran litterally fawns over you 24/7, kinda eggs on the dumb part of you so he can baby you
Rindou is kind of like a feral guard dog, will stand over your shoulder and shout at anyone who bothers you
Kaku is so sweet about it, will explain things to you or just simply spoil you rotten with affection
Mucho is pretty silent still, really likes when you wear pretty clothes and flaunt them to him. Also buys you lost of outfits. Lives for when you plonk yourself down in his lap mindlessly
Shion and you are literally the same. He’s just as much of a bimbo but he’s a loud dumb blonde bimbo. Needs things explaining to him too
“Zana! Kaku! Look what me an Shi got!!” Your bubbly loud voice has all of your other partners turning to glance at the two loud bubbly bimbos practically skipping their way. Proud looks are plastered on the two of yous faces, on your right is your dumb blond boyfriend holding up two matching shopping bags.
Grins and knowing smiles form on the other five men’s faces, Ran elbows Mucho and tilts his head in the direction of two men that followed the two of you in, taking note of the two. Instead of saying anything they turn back to the two of you to see what is in the two bags.
“Okay, okay what ya got pretties? Is it food? I’m starving now.” Ran hums waltzing forwards to meet the rest of the group at the place Izana and Kakucho are stood.
“Noooo babyyyy don’t guess just wait for yous to show you~” You coo wrapping your arms around Muchos neck to hang off the hulking figure. He effortlessly supports your weight with one arm while he ruffles Shions messsy hair with the other. Shion sports a sweet smile before he grins back at the bags cockily looking back at you.
When everyone is stood around the bags you and Shion move to open them. Bright silly grins rest on your faces.
“C’mon love just show us! Rans made me fuckin hungry now… dickhead.” Rindou grumbles from the corner before smacking his brother in the head grumpily. You pout at the impatient men before pulling out the new mochi and random assortment of hair ties and fun clips/accessories you found.
“Lookkkkk!!! How cute are these!? We wanna sit nd do everyone’s hair so you look cute!!” You’re ditzy glee filled grin sends all of them reeling into simp central.
“That’s not food… we should order food while they do our hair…” Rindou mutters already taking a seat before yoru seating hands, his head resting just below the swell of your tits.
“Heyyy! No fair I wanted y/n to do mine first it’ll take the longest!” Ran protests in a loud whine already trying to move his brother and failing, instead he settles for resting his chin on your shoulder where he can easily sneak glances at the bright pink bra you have poking out of the plunge neckline shirt.
Grumbles and complaints are thrown from the others before they set about either letting Shion do their hair or going out to get food for the others.
Wholeheartedly adores when you do stupid shit like this
Will never show it tho
Sits facing you when you get around to his hair
Shamelessly rests his head between your tits without a warning
Will kill anyone who upsets you :)
Gets pissed off when anyone other than the other 5 look at you too long
Loves your scent
Acts unbothered by everting cute that you do or your random stupid questions but inside he’s like dying n screaming
Very patient and acts like a gentleman
Doesn’t stick his head in ya cleavage like most of the others
Blushes n sweats like a sinner in church when you’re boobs bounce in his eyeline
Scary dog privilege when he’s around
Once out a guy in hospital for catcalling you
Always walks you places because you somehow always attract the wrong attention
Answers your dumb questions honestly even if it’s a really obvious answer
Is flushed every time he catches a glimpse of ur underwear or bra
Openly dotes on you
Best believe it was his money you and shion spent on those clips
Let’s you stick one or two in his hair
Insists on you standing between his legs throughout
Holds your waist so gently
Rich boy spends so much money on you and loves it
You saw a cute tiny dress in a window, it’s wrapped in a pretty box with a bow just waiting for you a day later
Glares at people over your shoulder
Violent intent 24/7
Very calm about everything apart form you
Can and will snap anyone’s bones when they comment on your clothes
Spoils you rotten like any thing you want it’s yours
Look this bitch is 100% a bimbo too
He’s like a male carbon copy of you in the way he acts only he’s highly aggressive
Like a chihuahua
Helps with everyone’s hair then sits bouncing in his chair so you can do his
Another guy that rests his head on your tits
Tends to bite tho
Adores you so much, likes to brag about how pretty his baby is
Probably tries to fight anyone who even glances your way even if they weren’t looking at you
Likes to play with your hair too
Menace to society ♡
Best believe if you plan to touch his beloved hair you better be prepared for him to use you as a pillow
Makes you sit on a couch so he can lay on your lap so he can sleep while you do his hair
Loves the feeling of sleeping on your thighs
Falls asleep so fast if you massage his head or gently brush your fingers through his hair
You hen to re braid it after tho
Wants all of your attention if he’s on your lap
Can and will gaslight anyone who speaks to you
Whips his batton out at the slightest inconvenience
Only lets you and rin touch his hair
Absolutely indulges in your oblivious and slightly dumb questions
Teases you to no end till your pouting and tearing up before he brakes and apologises
Could not live without you now
10000% tsundere
Acts like he kind of doesn’t like you but is the first to go along with your weird things
Either acts like he doesn’t care or acts tired 24/7
When he’s tired he’ll just go along with it anyway without a word
Another scary dog privilege but only cos he’s a bit feral
Acts really cold untill you utter anything about being insulted or upset then he’s worried af
Will hunt down anyone who upset you and dislocate all their limbs violently
Gets sweeter the longer your there
Enjoys just holding your hand and playing with your fingers or acrylic nails
Dies for the way false/acrylic nails feel against his scalp
All in all these men are all the “wear what you want I can fight” type of boyfriends ♡
Not sure how I feel bout this one but it is what it is :|
Taglist: @coldcoffeeholic @honeybachira @loonashadow @reiners-milkbiddies @sunahyejin @soushswag @bontensbabygirl @wakasagurl @haitink
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