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the moon "that's rough, buddy" :D?

the moon: emotion, fantasy, confusion;
“That’s rough, buddy.”

(you didn’t go with an au or ship so I went with supernatural and jeremwood. Just cause. also this is pretty short so i apologize now.)

When Jeremy comes to, he’s lying on the forest floor. The scratch of dirt and leaves, the faint chirping of birds, and the stench of a burning cigarette fill his senses. He really wishes he wasn’t at a point in his life where waking up in the middle of a forest wasn’t surprising. Jeremy groans, turning to his side and feeling like every muscle in his body was on fire. He always is sore after a forced-shift.

He pushes himself up despite the pain, trying to rack his brain to figure out just what the Wolf has done through this night. The memories are just shapes though, blurs of motion and sound. Just like they always are.

“How’re you feeling?” a voice calls besides him and as Jeremy looks over also holds the source of the cigarette smoke surrounding him. The man smiles, sharp teeth peeking out behind his lips as he rolls the cigarette between his fingers.

“Like shit, Ryan,” Jeremy whines, flopping back down onto the floor.

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feeling so very validated by one of my friends lol 🥺 i haven’t seen her in ages and we hung out last night and she was saying like ohh we need to reinstate our hang outs every weekend bc i miss seeing and i was like 😎😭🥰 AND she said i should just keep a toothbrush at her place so i can crash there whenever i want and if i want to come hang out after work i can and ugh it was just so nice like it really made me feel like she wants to hang out with me

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lets talk about the pros and cons of being a dancer:

pros: its one of the most expressive experiences ever, the dance studio community is wonderful (most of the time), it is So Satisfying in terms of performing stuff youve been working on as well as finally getting difficult moves, it is So Much Fun

cons: unrealistic expectations of body standards, eating disorders, comparing yourself to people, competitive atmosphere, feeling like youre never good enough, self doubt, self loathing, and so many more.

i have been dancing for 14 years. im not a professional. i dont plan on being a professional. but it has impacted the way i have grown up and the way i see the world in so many ways.

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this has been said before, but I’ll say it again: your anime boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t care about your tummy rolls, your love handles, your stretch marks, your acne scars, your crooked teeth, or anything that society made you insecure about.they don’t love you despite all of that, but because of that too. they love it because it’s you. you’re gorgeous just the way you are. GOODNIGHT.

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i don’t think about the past / it’s always there anyway

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everyone w their p2 fave: *83 pages of character analysis*

me, a lisa stan: she funny :)

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POV: You bet Solomon couldn’t summon more than 2 demons at the same time. You were wrong. 

Aka. I wanted to draw my ocs and the Solo-pact squad.

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I’d say I’m sorry, but I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since I mentioned it, too, so 😂

You’re welcome, anon! At least it’s a good song.

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also im working on a SECOND masked troll whos a revamp of a super old troll but this time hes a mutant and old and terrible

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I found something my grandma said to me very sweet.

We don’t really have a word for anxiety in my native language, let alone any well-known knowledge. It’s the kind of topic you don’t talk about all too often, especially the more serious forms. Because anxiety is complex and different for everyone. So anyway, I tried to explain why I needed something to fidget with, even when going on a relaxing walk all by myself. It was not easy to explain it, but my grandma (bless her, if anyone deserved immortality, it would be her) simply nodded and said “you’re nervous”. And I don’t know why, but it’s just so pure. Like, yeah, granny, I’m nervous. I’m very nervous, not always emotionally or mentally, but sometimes just physically. And now this won’t leave my mind. There are many words in my language that come close to anxiety, but only ever one form of it. But what I experience every now and then is really just that: nervousness. And it fits so well.

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mello leaving the wammy house at 15 and presumably joining the mafia like right away. king shit

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dadneto, tony and yondu: i love peter, peter and peter.

mj: peter parker, the cutest peter you will ever meet

rocket: peter quill, the intergalactic idiot

wanda: and peter maximoff he is a mythic bitch

*aaaah, peter, peter and peter*

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