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#and i put off doing things i want to do!!! it's incredible really
outsideratheart · 2 days ago
Have Faith In Me - Part 2 (Christen Press x reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: I cannot believe how much of you loved Have Faith In Me and the amount of people who reached out and asked for part 2 is insane. I hope you guys enjoy part 2 as much are part 1
See part 1 here
You left the hotel as soon as you got back, it was the right thing to do. If you didn’t you knew that things were going to get heated not just between you and Christen but between the entire team.
You managed to get the airport before realising that you had no idea where you were going. You needed space so going home wasn’t an option, Ash would be at you door first thing in the morning. You looked at the departure board, there was a flight to London leaving in a couple of hours. Perfect, you could take a few days off exploring the English capital and then get on a short flight to Amsterdam.
Should you let someone know where you are? Normally Christen would be your first port of call but not this time. You couldn’t tell Alex, you had already put her in the middle of all of this. You decide to let you manager know where you are heading and tell them not to tell anyone, this is strictly need to know.
The tannoy tells you that you are boarding in half an hour and you decide to switch your phone off. You now had 7 hours to process what the hell happened and what is going to happen next.
Christen barely slept the night you left. She was still sharing with Tobin but it wasn’t by her choice, she asked to be left alone but her best friend refused.
The next morning everyone was searching social media for some clue as to where you went.
“Maybe she never left the city” Pinoe says, even she didn’t believe what she was saying.
“No, she left” Christen didn’t hide her hurt expression.
“You don’t know that for sure” Tobin tried to reassure her friend but to no avail.
Christen doesn’t respond. She knew how you thought, she knew you had left for sure.
“Do you know where she is?” Ash asks Alex. The tone doesn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the table.
You knew that when you asked Alex to keep your secret it mean’t her lying to her friends. It was selfish of you to ask that of her and you made a mental note to apologise to her for putting her in the position in the first place.
“No” Alex says. The rest of the team give her a look as if to say ‘are you telling us the truth this time’.
“I really don’t, but I do know where she will be this weekend” the team look at her, waiting for her to tell them.
“Amsterdam” Christen says when she remembers the charity match.
“Then we will go there” Ash says.
“I don’t think that is a good idea” Tobin says much the the surprise of the rest of the team.
“You should be the one to go” She says putting her arm around Christen.
London was exactly what you needed. The hustle and bustle of the London streets was a welcome distraction but when you got back to your hotel on the night your thoughts are consumed by your green eyed beauty.
You wanted to text Christen and tell her about the old couple you saw at the restaurant or how beautiful Hyde park was but you knew that you both needed to space. That didn’t mean that it was easy, Christen was your person and not having her was torture.
A few days later you were on your way to Amsterdam, at least now you had the soccer match to focus on.
You arrived at the venue where the soccer game was being held and the support was incredible. For a moment you had forgotten about your impending transfer but the fans soon reminded you. You kept repeating the same thing ‘you will find out at the end of the season’.
The match itself was everything you thought it would be. There was no pressure to perform, it was like game between friends. It was the most fun you had in a long while.
77 minutes in and you finally score. You were running towards the fans when you saw her, cheering you on wearing a hoodie and hat clearly trying her best to go unnoticed by the fans surrounding her. You can’t help but smile when your eyes connect, you kiss the tattoo on your wrist, the one Christen designed.
Before you wasn’t sure if you wanted to see her but now you didn’t want to look away. You stand there staring at her forgetting that you are in the middle of a game.
“You are going to blow her cover” Jill whispers into your ear.
“You knew?” you replied.
You felt someone drape their arm around your shoulder, turning around you see it’s owner, Vivianne Miedema.
“She dm’d asking if I could get her a ticket” Viv explains.
You don’t know whether to be grateful or angry. Why didn’t she ask you? Would you have even replied? You were confused but seeing her made one thing clear, you had to talk to her.
The rest of the game you play with a little more pep in your step. You wanted to show off for your girlfriend. It worked, you managed to get another goal and set one up for Viv.
Fans were shouting your name at full time so you went and took some photos but not before getting your phone and texting Christen asking for her meet you at your hotel.
When you arrive at your hotel she isn’t there. Perhaps you read this all wrong, maybe she was here to break up with you not reconcile.
Still you do as agreed, you sit outside your hotel waiting for Christen.
“I am so sorry I am late. Did you know there are two hotels by this name?” Christen explains.
All of a sudden you felt nervous.
“Are you mad?” She says taking your silence as anger.
“No, not at all” You pause, looking down fiddling with your fingers “I didn’t think you were coming”
Christen grabs your hands forcing you to stop playing with your fingers.
“I should have trusted you Y/N” Christen says.
You look around noticing that a few fans had followed some of the other players back to the hotel. This wasn’t a conversation that you wanted plastered all of twitter.
“Not here, let’s go”
You walk the streets of Amsterdam, grateful for the anonymity you had here.
No words are said as you take in the sights around you. Neither of you want to disrupt the peace that you both felt in this moment.
“I’m sorry” You say.
“You don’t have to apologise. I reacted badly, very badly” Christen admits.
“I should have told you that I was leaving Orlando. We had this plan, my departure would be kept a secret until the end of the season then it would be announced that I have signed for” You stop before finishing your sentence. You still hadn’t told her what team you were signing for.
“Angel City” Christen finishes your sentence.
You look at her confused. She sounded so confident in her answer but you hadn’t told her which meant only one thing.
“Alex told you” you say slight irritated.
Christen shakes her head.
“Tobin read your letter and figured it out. Then she dropped hints for the rest of the team, in the end Ash told everyone”
You were a little shocked that Tobin figured it out first. You thought that Christen would put two and two together after reading your letter.
“Alex just told us that you weren’t interested in any other team”
“I wasn’t. As soon I got the ACFC offer I knew that was it, it was meant be” you explain.
“Thank you” Christen says which causes you to furrow your brows.
“For letting me have my moment” Christen stops which causes you to do the same.
“I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from you” you say and you instantly regretted it, it made you sound very cocky.
“The city of Los Angeles are going to lose it when they find out. The Y/N L/N leaving Orlando to come to the city of angels” christen says making you laugh, she was your biggest fan and you were hers.
A month had passed and you had played your last game with Orlando Pride. It was very bitter sweet, you loved this club but you looked forward to your future with Christen in LA.
The team threw you a going away party the same night and then next day you were flying to your new home.
You and Christen arrived in LA and went straight to her parents house. You heard you phone go off and you read the message your manager had sent you.
“Angel City are revealing their new signing tomorrow which means we have less than 24 hours before the madness begins” you tell Christen and her dad.
You and Christen has been booked to do media, several appearances and so much more. It was going to be hectic but at least you had your girlfriend by you side.
“Cody, do you mind if I steal your daughter for the afternoon” You ask Christen’s father.
“Not at all” He says grinning. He knew exactly where you were taking her.
You and Christen had been looking at houses in LA for the past couple of weeks but what Christen wasn’t aware of is that you had been thinking about houses for a lot longer.
“Where are we going?” Christen asks as you pull out of her dad’s driveway.
“I can’t tell you” You say
You pause for a moment, you mind flooding with flashbacks of the last time you told Chris that. Hopefully this time will have a better ending.
Christen picks up on the change of mood.
“Don’t worry, I have faith in you” Christen says sending you a wink.
You drove the rest of the way in comfortable silence. One hand of the wheel the other on Christen’s thigh.
You pull over on the side of the road not too far from your final destination.
“Put this on” you say handing her a blindfold.
Her eyes light up playfully and you shake your head.
“Get your head out of the gutter Press”.
A couple of minutes later you arrive.
You get out of the car first and go to Christen’s side helping her out of the car. You put both hands on her shoulders and lead her to the surprise.
“You can take it off now” you tell her.
She takes it off and gasps at the sight around her. You were in the Hollywood hills.
You move in front of her so that you can open the front door.
Christen’s eyes light up at the sight in front of her. The kitchen, the living area, it was everything she dreamt off.
“Go look around I’m right behind you” you say following her as she explores the house.
The upstairs is better than the downstairs. You stop her as she gets to the last door.
“Are you ready?” You say playfully.
Christen nods her head in excitement.
You open the door revealing the master bedroom.
“This is” Christen struggles to find the words to describe how she is feeling.
As Christen looks around she see the balcony which was your favourite part of the house.
You stand back watching your girlfriend take in the view.
“It’s beautiful” she says resting her arms on the railing.
“You have no idea” You say looking at the girlfriend, no view could complete with her beauty.
You walk over to Christen so that you are by her side.
“Do you like it?” You ask nervously.
“It is everything I have ever dreamt off” she admits “How did you find a house that met all of our wants and needs”
“I didn’t find it” you confess
Christen is about to speak but you cut her off.
“I built it”
Your girlfriend is speechless.
“So can you see us living here?” She nods as tears appear in her eyes.
“We could get a dog” she says and this time you nod.
“There is even room for a nursery” Christen’s eyes widen at your sentence.
“What do you say Christen. Our future starts now, are you ready?”
“I am” She says.
Christen wraps her arms around your waist, looking up at you. She begins to lean in and you meet her half way. Your lips touch, a feeling you will never grow old of.
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scarlettriot · 2 days ago
Along for the Ride PT 3
Pairing: KirishimaxF!Reader
Summary: The cat is out of the bag and the plane hasn't even taken off yet! How long until things boil over?
Contains: Kirishima and Reader both come from very well-off families. Plus-Sized Reader. Fluff. Hurt/Comfort. Angst. Struggles with not feeling good enough ((there's a fair amount of self-doubt struggles this time around))
Warnings: TW: Manipulative Family Relationships. TW: Body Image Issues. TW: Anxiety Problems & Self-Doubt. Mild depression.
A/N: This was a lot harder to write out than I thought it would be! I didn't really know where these two crazy kids wanted to go! This was kinda a shit show, I should probably wait to post this but I'm excited and here we are. And yeah, the plane actually takes off this time. Crazy ass wedding, here we come!
Part One | Part Two
Tags: @lastroseofspring @black-bhabie-2000 @meadow-arts @sarahschance - thank you for following still <3
Word Count: 3,883
Your brain reeled, it was like time had slowed while your heart managed to speed up somehow.
He knew. Eijiro remembered. He said again. He believed he made you uncomfortable?
No no no no no...
You couldn't take your eyes from his back, stuck in shock only able to watch as he got further and further away. You could pretend you didn't hear him, didn't understand what he was implying but then this fissure you felt beginning in your friendship would only expand.
Ignoring it when you thought he didn't know, that was one thing. He put it in the open. Kicked the ball into your court and... what? What did he expect you to do with it? Did he want you to do anything with it? Obviously, Eijiro wanted something done or he would have just kept the whole thing to himself!
Then again, what if he just remembered? What if it hadn't been this whole time? What if this was his way of trying to start the conversation? You couldn't really fault him if that was the case. But, if he'd always remembered, always knew, then why now? What changed? Why would he let you think he didn't remember all this time? Was he embarrassed about it, fuck, did he regret it?
Your brain ran through about a hundred different what-ifs and whys in the time it took him to cross the living area. The moment he was out of sight, something in you snapped.
Damn the neatly tucked blanket, you sped after him nearly tripping over a footrest and most definitely banging your thigh on an end table but you made it to the conference room before he crossed into the bedroom. Your fist slamming the button on the wall causing both sets of doors to slide shut, effectively keeping you both inside because there was only one way you were going to get answers.
"You remember?"
"Yeah, I eh, never forgot in the first place."
"The whole night? All of it?"
Eijiro kept his back to you, hands still in his pockets, the toe of his shoe lightly tapping the closed door in front of him. "Listen, we don't have to talk about it. I know you don't want to. I-I didn't mean to bring it up or make this a- wha!"
You crossed the room and tugged his arm hard enough to make him whirl around so you could jam a finger into his broad chest. "We should have talked about this months ago. You shouldn't have kept it from me!"
"Well, you didn't say anything either. You snuck off in the middle of the night."
You swallowed trying to wet your suddenly dry throat because he was completely correct, that was exactly what you'd done. The realization that you were both at fault in your own ways settled over you and, man, did it suck!
Could you really be mad at him when it was you who walked away? Didn't face it? Crap, if he'd known this whole time, if he saw you leaving that night... you didn't even want to imagine what that looked like to him.
His voice sounded so incredibly small, ripping you away from your spiraling thoughts, "Ya coulda stayed, yknow?" It dissipated your anger, replacing it with guilt. You couldn't even bring yourself to look into those ruby eyes of his, only fold your arms around yourself and stare at your feet beside his. The fear and doubt awakening yet again.
That little voice reminding you wouldn't really be enough. You weren't who he really wanted to be with. Nails dug into the heel of your palm deeper and deeper until you could finally get the words out. He'd just want an explanation, nothing more.
"Yeah, Eiji, I don't think I could have."
"So... so you do regret it then?"
Five in the morning was such a shit time to be vulnerable. Although, the upside was your filter was damn near shot. You needed at least a solid five hours of sleep to get it back in working order so everything that fell out of your mouth was as honest as you could get. For as terrified as you were, you couldn't let him think you didn't like what happened between the two of you. That you didn't enjoy yourself. And before you knew it, one truth was leading to another.
"I sure as hell didn't say that, ya big dummy. It's just, a lot to wrap my head around. I don't know what came over me that night. I didn't- I don't wanna mess up our friendship over some drunken random happenstance."
He took a long and steady breath before closing his eyes and nodding in agreement.
"Yeah. Guess I didn't want to either. It's why I didn't tell you I was awake." You let him burrow his fingers inside the sleeve of your hoodie, brush against yours until he wove them together because despite the pain in your chest you still relished the feel of him.
"But, I don't think anything's been messed up and you sure as hell aren't gonna lose me! Maybe things are a little more complicated but nothing too bad. We could, yknow, talk about it though? Unless... you'd rather we just forget it happened."
He'd never been great at hiding his emotions when he wanted something. The twitch of his fingers in yours and the way he chewed on the inside of his cheek, they were more than enough indication of what he'd hope you'd say.
Why now? Why when your brain was a jumbled mess? He actually wanted to talk, possibly consider what happened?
You wanted to ask him, pour out all your questions but couldn't find the words so instead your head fell against his chest with a sigh, "Ei, I'm just scared."
Eijiro wasted no time before offering reassurance, "You don't have to be. 'M not goin' anywhere." Luckily, as easily as you could read him, he could read you in return. "You've got a lot on your plate right now." He wound his free arm around, over your shoulders, and held you near. "Why don't we get you through this wedding thing and then we can figure out things between us without other distractions? Okay?"
You nodded your head against him, ruffling your hair in the process, and stole a moment.
For now, he was still your best friend, even if you couldn't deny there was something different about the way you fit in his arms. So familiar that you were able to find solace in it and yet his heart was clearly drumming faster than you were used to hearing; like he'd held a small army back all on his own.
His hugs always lasted the perfect amount of time; exactly how long you needed them to, always waiting for you to pull away. But, something about the way he held you brought you back to that night without you even realizing it.
Fingers coiled in the grey fabric of his hoodie and you tugged downward twice.
"Yes?" Eijiro snickered, stooping down to your level.
All the worries in your head, everything that piled up within your mind, everything that could go wrong, all that you could lose, it didn't change your silly heart.
You tilted your head to the side and it was easy to catch him off guard. Just a quick peck of your lips against his while you still had to nerve to do so. You were met with wide, unblinking eyes, his mouth just barely hanging open.
"'M scared." You whispered, bringing him back to life, "Ei, I dun-"
His hand moved to the back of your neck, bringing you forward until you clashed together again effectively cutting you off. His tongue sliding into your mouth with a lot more grace than it'd been on that night.
The scratch of his stubble was welcomed with the way you moved against each other. "I told you not to be." His hand squeezing yours as he brought it around his back, letting you hold on before he wound his around your waist to pull you up on tiptoes, so high it felt like he was going to lift you right off the ground.
When your hands traveled upward, holding his face to yours, he deepened the kiss further, a noise so small and desperate escaping your lips had him breathless. Setting you back on the ground while you brought him down to your level, strong arms snaked around you, bending you backward ever so slightly before those hands began to roam.
There was a chance Eijiro was going to pick you up like he had that night in America, let you wrap your legs about his torso, and carry you off to bed. Or maybe he would have just backed you up against the shiny black conference table. Your mind shoved all the fears down and used them to jump from one dirty thought to the next.
"Mr. Kirishima Ms. Y/N! I'm so sorry! I just had to put these away before we began taxiing! I assumed you were in the bedroom!" Poor Luce. She set down the small box she was holding and quickly backed out of the room, closing the door again. "We are about ready to go." She called from the other side, "We'll need to have the doors open and both of you buckled in seats for that. Sorry!"
"Yeah, not a problem! We'll be there in a sec!"
You hid your heated face in Eijiro's chest, burrowing further as if he could shelter you from the world while he laughed and kept you close. "'Member, they can't say anything."
"Yeah, I know."
"And, and what happened to waiting until after the wedding and talking this out!"
"Hey! You started it!"
"Well you, you, yo-" He kissed away your stammer. There was a lack of tongue this time. Just a slow kiss that had you damn near melting in his arms.
"Sorry." He pecked another time, "But, you're really cute when you get flustered. Did you know I've always thought that?" And one more while your heart hammered, "I did say I wouldn't be a distraction though, so, I'll behave."
You raised a brow, "Will you?"
"Unless you'd like me not to."
That small part of your brain that had a minuscule thread of common sense remaining, you clung to it for dear life. It would only complicate things, more to worry about than you needed.
"Sunday?" You asked.
"We will sort it all out on Sunday, yes, ma'am. I'm gonna change clothes real quick before we get moving. Are you tired?"
"Well, not anymore."
He smirked. "I packed some movies. Why dontcha head out there and I'll meet you in a sec."
Tali was already grinning like a cat when she asked if you needed anything prior to taking off, making it all too obvious that Luce had mentioned what she'd witnessed. They might not be able to tell anyone publicly but that didn't stop them from talking amongst themselves.
All the windows had their shades up leaving only dim light in the cabin, which, you were thankful for assuming the sun was already starting to breach in the sky. It might have even been a lovely site to see if it wasn't for the fact you were exhausted. You couldn't go to sleep, you were pretty sure of that, but that didn't mean you weren't tired.
Eijiro joined you shortly. Bag of snacks and movies in hand. Mostly animated, some action, and a couple black and whites that he knew were among your favorites and thus had a permanent place in his personal collection.
He had Treasure Planet playing by the time the plane began moving. And when the pilot announced you were cleared for takeoff, he plopped his hand palm up, in the space between you. You took it without even thinking. A habit from the first time you flew together. A rocky takeoff had you clinging onto both him and Mina absolutely terrified and ever since Eijiro made a habit of making his hand available to you for both takeoff and landing, just in case.
Luckily, you didn't actually need it this time around, but that didn't stop you from keeping hold of him though. One habit led to another as you reclined in your seat and soon enough, Eijiro's head was in your lap, your fingers combing out his hair.
You told yourself it was fine though, this was the way you usually ended up when watching movies, both before and after what happened in America.
But when his soft snores began a little over halfway through the movie and Luce came around to offer you another blanket and turn off the already dim lights, which you thanked her for doing. As the soft blue lights came on to illuminate walkways, your heart tugged.
The dread of dealing with your family was starting to weigh on you more and more. You couldn't help but feel like Eijiro was going to never want to speak with you again after having to endure them let alone actually possibly get into a relationship with you. And that thought had your heart racing.
So much could happen before Sunday. So, many things could go wrong. Dealing with your family as a friend would be one thing but, man, you couldn't think of anyone who'd willing want to put up with them for the foreseeable future.
Keep your expectations low you'd been reminding yourself since that little makeout session. He can always change his mind. You're no Katsuki Bakugo...
Eijiro grumbled something inaudible in his sleep before rolling over, his long legs now off the side of the sofa and face up against your tummy.
You continued to card fingers through his hair, unable to turn off your brain. You weren't able to stop it from taking a turn for the worst. Listening to that damn hissing voice in the back of your mind reminding you to keep your expectations low, something you'd been reminding yourself since that little makeout session. He can always change his mind. You're no Katsuki Bakugo...
You hadn't realized you were crying, only that his hand had moved and now rested on your cheek, thumb whisking away a tear. "Aw cutie," He cleared his throat, "I know the movie's a lil emotional but tears?"
"Sorry, Eiji. G'back to sleep."
"Not without you." He sat up, gathering the blanket in his arms, "C'mon, I promised I'd be a good boy. Plus, we both know you sleep better when you cling to somethin'."
Sometimes it really sucked how right he could be.
You left the movie on, nearly over now, letting Eijiro pull you back to the bedroom without complaint.
Ducking in the bathroom to change into sleep shorts, knowing full well you'd kick the sweats off in the middle of the night if you didn't, and something told you waking up in your panties with Eijiro in your bed would make you an unintentional tease and you weren't gonna be that person.
When you stepped out, he was already in the bed, sheets pulled back awaiting your arrival. His shirt was off. Much like you could sleep in sweats, Eijiro wasn't capable of sleeping with a shirt on and not sweating worse than Katsuki.
You cuddled in beside him, not saying a word. Even in the low light of the room, you were able to see the faint remains of the tan lines his hero costume left across his arms and shoulders. The ones from his face guard had long since faded.
"Gonna tell me why you were crying?"
He scowled, such a rare thing to see. He'd want to fix things, make them all better, and while he could help with some things, certain others were just out of his control.
Eijiro propped his head in his hand so he was looking down at you laying beside him. "I really don't wanna add to your troubles. I'm supposed to be here to make you feel more at ease, not cause more stress. So, tell me what I gotta do."
"Just get back down here and hold me." He obliged.
"'N what else?"
You tangled your legs with his. "Can you answer me a question?"
"Always. Or, I'll give it my best shot."
The words fell from your lips before you had the chance to rethink them. "If Katsuki asked you to take him back, would you?"
"You really wanna talk about this now?"
"I just need the honest answer to this one question, Eiji, everything else can happen later."
If he could put your mind at ease about this one thing, maybe you could get through this weekend. Maybe you could put everything else aside and see that there was a possibility of happiness if all the other stars aligned.
He shifted before answering, rolling onto his back and pulling you up onto his torso. "To be honest, it depends. In this scenario am I with a particular person who's happened to change my entire world in the best way possible?"
"Sure." You rolled your eyes.
"Then not a chance." He didn't even hesitate, "Katsuki, he made his choice, and now I'm free to make mine. I'm able to see things more clearly thanks to him, able to know what I want and have the chance to go after it." He arched his hips making you slid up towards his face with a squeak, "And, yeah, what I want is you." Your cheeks burned when he kissed them but, true to his word, he didn't take things further. "Does that relax that busy brain of yours for now?"
You slid into his side, "Yeah. But, 'm gonna have more."
"Don't worry. I'll answer 'em all as long as you answer the few I've got. But for now, try and sleep. If you can't, wake me up. Okay?"
You listened to his instructions but with his arms secured around you, the steady drumming of his heart, and the rise and fall of his chest, it all had you drifting to sleep quicker than you would have expected.
What time was it when you woke, hell if you knew!
It took you a solid minute to even remember where you were!
A plane. Right. A private plane. One that belonged to Eijiro's family-
You flipped over in bed only to find it empty, the blankets haphazardly tucked in. The lights were still off and you had to feel around for your phone just to find a light switch. The room was in fact empty. The light off in the bathroom.
Sliding out of the bed you pulled your sweats back on over the sleep shorts to go find Eijiro.
Not in the conference room, and he didn't appear to be in the main cabin either. You were able to follow the sounds of laughter though, growing louder into chatter. Behind a door was the tiniest kitchen you'd ever seen, though, that could have just been because Eijiro was inside with Tali.
Her hair wasn't as perfect as it'd been last night, the sleeves of her white dress shirt rolled up, and an apron covered the rest of her uniform. "I can't believe you like it this burnt!" She was laughing, poking at something sizzling in the pan, bacon by the smell of it.
"I can't believe you ate it when it was still oinking!"
She smacked his arm at the same time, catching your eye. A mischievous smile bloomed across her face and Eijiro quickly whirled around.
"Your up! I was gonna let you sleep a bit longer! Wake you with some breakfast." He held up the tray of food Tali was apparently preparing. Fruits, eggs, toast, and some of the omelets she'd spoken so fondly of the night before.
With her shoulder, Tali nudged Eijiro forward a step, "Go." You barely heard her whisper, "I'll bring your bacon when it's charred to your liking."
"How'd you sleep?" He asked once back in the bedroom. You could have eaten in the cabin, it probably would have been less of a mess but Eijiro insisted the bed was more comfortable and, well, he wasn't wrong.
"Honestly, that's the best sleep I've had in a while. I might need to invest in a new mattress. I'm being spoiled."
He popped a piece of fruit in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully before adding. "Right, because it had nothing to do with the company."
You flicked a blueberry at him. "I'm just sayin'! You did sleep pretty much on me the entire night so..."
"No. No, I didn't."
He nodded. "I felt like a turtle. You held on like a little shell." You knew you liked to sleep cuddle, you'd always cuddled with people regardless of your relationship! But never physically on top of someone! "Don't look so scared! Damn! It's not like I minded! Not like it's the first time you've done it either!"
"Excuse me!"
"Well, there was the time in the sleeping bag. I kinda expected that though since there wasn't a lot of room. You also did it when Denki fucked up the room reservations third year at the expo, oh! And I can't forget about all those movie nights on the sofa too when you'd fall asleep."
Your face was burning up. You'd been climbing on him in your damn sleep and he said nothing! Who else had you done this to? You furiously texted Mina, needing to know, while Eijiro nearly choked on a piece of toast while laughing.
My Queen: Yeah babe, all the time! It's sweet though, you wiggle your little nose and-
You stopped reading, ready to throw the blankets over your head and hide. In fact, that was exactly what you did. Breakfast forgotten. You didn't need to eat. Too full of embarrassment.
Eijiro, still laughing, flipped the blanket up by your feet and dove in beside you, making you squeal, "It's adorable! Don't hide from it! I like it!" To prove his point he scooped you up and set you on top of him much like he'd done the night before.
His hair fanned out against the white sheets like a fiery mane while he continued to roar with laughter with you wiggling in his arms until you both settled and he was able to free you from the sheet cacoon you'd created.
"I love having you in my bed. I love having you so close to me. I love that you trust me so much. Y/N, it's a great feeling." He pulled the bowl of fruit onto the bed. "Seriously, I'd stay like this all day if I could."
"Well, I don't know if that'll be possible today. I mean, we're landing at some point."
"Still have a few hours at least."
"But you don't have your bacon."
He pondered. "It'd be tough without bacon... but worth it if I got you."
As if on cue, Tali knocked on the door, "Why have one when you could have both?"
You sprung up to get it, thanking the woman with a smile before Eijiro demanded you join him back in bed.
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katzkinder · 15 hours ago
You are so right about the emotional impact of kuro and gear's relationship. The pain and bitterness between the both of them is what defines their relationship, and the knowledge that they just could not work. But was gear really violent to kuro after they got to know each other as friends? We only see him hit kuro when they first met and then later, after kuro leaves and comes back out of nowhere. I feel like that makes it most impactful: Gear trusted Kuro, and Kuro abandoned him.
Honestly? I think he was, as unfortunate as it is. But this is just my own interpretation based off a number of lines and some dialogue from Gear's Valentine's route. (I also don't think Gear ever actually realized that his method of discipline is something you can do to a human-aligned person jfgjd. Not while they were together)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first glimpse we get of Kuro's opinion of Gear are these lines. The little sweat marks on his speech bubbles in the second shot indicate that he's nervous while speaking, which indicates, to me, that this is something Kuro dealt with regularly enough that it left a lasting impression on him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here, Gear admits that he doesn't care any apology, excuse, or reason Kuro has for his actions. He simply wants to vent his anger, and he carries through with this threat, with his final words before doing so being "And besides, it's not like you're going to die anyway."
That is. Laughs, it sure is a thing to say, isn't it! Maybe he was joking, but it's a shitty joke considering he then proceeded to beat Kuro to a pulp, and only stopped because Youtarou, someone he is very close to and is remarkably more fragile than Kuro, grabbed hold of him to stop him.
Tumblr media
There's also this moment here, where Kuro VERY clearly touched a livewire nerve, and Gear's reaction was to throw him so hard he knocked the couch over. (Also, I'd just like to mention how, frankly, based on what Kuro might have been about to say, Gear's reaction here is semi-justified. The panel before this, Kuro was admonishing Gear for giving him unreasonable advice because Mahiru is only "an ordinary human" and Gear has "no shred of morality." Putting that together, Kuro... Probably was going to say something awful to Gear.
Something about him not being able to care about or understand others, if I had to guess, which. Knowing what we do? Fucking terrible thing to say to anyone, but especially to Gear in this situation because, well. You don't go as far as he did, search as much or as long as he did, if you don't care.
Finally, there's this moment from Valentine's (thank you to Kanasmusings for the translation!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Kuro's reaction to the player wanting to give Gear chocolate (I love Gear's route btw, you just get cucked IMMEDIATELY upon meeting him lol)
He is INCREDIBLY nervous about the player wanting to give Gear a Valentine's gift, and that says a lot to me.
These are all just my own personal interpretations of the scraps we've been given, though! Thanks for the ask, I had fun putting this together! Aaaand it gave me an excuse to reread Gear's route. I'm gonna end up gushing about it in another post i swear fjghdfjk
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datawyrms · 2 days ago
Ectober 18 Flytrap
On Ao3
Another day, another set of worries, mostly in how they should deal with Gregor. Tucker wanted to just ignore him and hoped he just stayed away if they didn’t get seen near any other demon business. He was only one guy, it couldn’t be that hard to avoid him.
To Sam, that would just make sure he always had the upper hand if they came across one another. Maybe he wasn’t trying to hurt them, but she didn’t want anything to do with someone who thought basically lobotomizing a sapient person was okay. Even if Phantom was a complete unholy terror (and recently, even she couldn’t put him above an over-energetic kitten), that would be reprehensible. She would rather deal with the exchange student on her terms, figure out what his angle was.
“We’ll just talk, but Phantom should stick around you. I don’t want Gregor spotting him and ‘trying to help’.”
“Tucker shifted uncomfortably, but nodded. “Well I can’t stop you, but I’ll feel better about it if he’s not around that guy.”
“I’m not afraid of some human.” Tucker’s shadow moved without him, crossing his arms.
“Yes you are.”
“If you aren’t going to be careful, you could always just go back home. Or stay in the thermos while we’re at school.” Sam crossed her own arms in response, even if it felt absurd to be arguing with her friend’s shadow.
“No, I want to go with you guys. Do I really have to stay in your shadow all day? It’s not like anyone can tell I’m a demon.” Phantom asked, eyes appearing and looking at Tucker. It was good that the demon had...mostly recovered from his fear freak out, but the fact he wanted to be around more often was a bit of a problem when trying to keep him a secret.
“It’s kinda hard to explain you being around at school, dude.”
“How can it? There’s so many of you crammed in that place! They probably lose five of you every day and don’t care.”
“Yeahhhh, no. That’s what attendance is for.”
“What, is it normal to lose a bunch of demons without noticing?” Sam asked, unsure if this was a Phantom being weird thing or a ‘demons are weird’ thing.
The shadow shrugged. “Weak and mindless demons don’t last long.”
Further evidence for the ‘demons make terrible parents’ theory. “Just don’t give Tucker trouble”
“Or you‘ll put me in the stupid thermos.” He made a terrible impression of her voice before grumbling, “I got it the first seven times you said it.”
“We’ll be fine. I’m more worried about you.” Tucker adjusted his backpack “He kinda just gives me the creeps and knows more than we do.”
“Dealing with creeps is my specialty.” She sounded more confident than she felt, but she wasn’t going to let Tucker down by chickening out. She can face down a literal demon, she can handle someone who knows some magic tricks.
One of his magic tricks turned out to be that he was incredibly difficult to track down. You’d think someone who stuck out so much would be easy to spot in a crowd, but she completely failed to spot him in the crowded hallways. Some people had seen him, but she wasn’t going to ask for an exact schedule. It was bad enough that some people gave a ‘knowing’ look when she asked about him. Great. Now everyone would think she was dating two people, instead of zero.
It actually took all day, which was incredibly frustrating. School was even more boring when she couldn’t gripe about it to her friend in the time between classes. That, and she could only hope Phantom wasn’t being a complete disaster with Tucker. There were whispers of people tripping a lot...which might not be demon related, but she had a bad feeling it was.
He was still wearing those sunglasses inside, loitering near the gym when she caught him. “Hey, you have a minute?”
“Ah, were you looking for me? I have time, but not much.” Gregor seemed unsurprised, pushing a phone in his pocket. “Unless you might want to help?”
Dang it. She wanted to be the one catching him off guard, but now he was already going on about things he might want ‘help’ with. The point was to get him to lower his guard, then get to the more incriminating questions when he’d said too much to back away. Like a flytrap eventually closing over it’s meal. “I probably wouldn’t be much help. I was just wondering about what you said the other day, about there being ‘a lot’ of entities around?”
He nodded, still frustratingly unruffled. The fact the school was emptying probably helped, fewer people to overhear them talking about absolute nonsense. “Actually, that has to do with what I am doing. There is something that is poisoning the lunch room, I was going to deal with it, if you want to see?”
“Wait, something here? Seriously?” Not that she’d admit something had felt off ever since Phantom ‘joined’ their group.
“Yes. Nothing too dangerous. Just something gluttonous, I  should think.” He didn’t wait for her to answer, walking off towards the lunchroom.
So the plan wasn’t working at all. It felt more like she was the fly in this scenario instead of the predatory plant. She couldn’t just...not check it out if there was another demon though.
It didn’t look any different, beyond being disturbingly empty. “So why do you think there’s something here?”
“Oh, I guess I do not know. My familiar told me.” he chuckled, removing the pen from before. “You are not easily startled, yes? He is quite tame.”
“Try me.” She kept her face neutral, but the mention of the word familiar made her curious. The demon at the mall thought Phantom was one of those at first, right? 
He turned the pen lid, a flicker of light on the cap the only warning before a massive black wolf was sitting in the room, sniffing the air. If it wasn’t so large, maybe you could think it was a regular wolf, but the weird green claws were far too long, and the flat green eyes clearly didn’t belong to a normal animal. Half hidden under the thick black fur was a bright silver collar, covered in lines she couldn’t quite make out.
“He can help locate the monster. Then, we simply get rid of it.” He gave the wolf a scratch behind the ear, who whined and nudged the boy before padding off towards the kitchen, tail half wagging.
“You’ve got a whole wolf in your pen.”
Gregor grinned. “I like having him close for emergencies. He is not exactly easy to hide!”
So familiars were more like animal demons? The wolf didn’t seem inclined to talk, at any rate. “I can see that.” Good thing Phantom wasn’t so difficult to disguise. “So you just have your pen-wolf bark when it smells a demon or something?”
“Basically. He’s a good tracker. Sometimes gets fixated on food, but nothing is perfect.”
A low growl rumbled through the room, getting their attention as the wolf started pawing at one of the ovens. The oven almost sounded like it was...growling back?
“See? He’s good.” he paused to whistle, the wolf going silent at once and trotting back to Gregor’s side. “I usually let him deal with small things, but you do not have a familiar. So is best if I show you how to do it.”
It was difficult not to scowl. She hadn’t asked for demon vanquishing help, just how he apparently knew about where they were. And the answer was the collared wolf sitting beside him. Which didn’t help at all, really.
“Something bothering you?”
“Not really.” A lie, since she doubted asking ‘well if there’s a demon here they don’t seem to be causing problems, why do anything to it’. “So what are you going to do?”
“Not much. Make a menace useful for a change.”
The wolf snorted, still watching the oven. Or more accurately, the paper Gregor was putting on it.
The oven screamed. There was no other word for it. There was only a hint of an outline, a whisper something was there before it flickered out, sound gone as well.
The wolf’s ears flattened, and Sam felt a terrible urge to pat the beast and reassure it, but those claws managed to put some sense back into her. Yet something about those paws bothered her. Like it had too many fingers. Paw pads? No, it was almost like a twisted thumb.
“Don’t worry about him, he is too kind for own good.”
“So you just killed it?” Sam asked, no longer caring if she sounded rude. “It sure sounded like that.”
“Kill? No. Demons are simply dramatic.” He held up a ring. “Just put it in here, for now. So it cannot hurt anyone. Unless you wanted something to test spells with?”
Could she let it go if she took the ring? Or it was a trap, the demon long dead? The wolf sure didn’t seem thrilled about it. Right now? She trusted it more than the one who summoned it. “No, I’m good. I’m not really planning on going too into this stuff.”
“Probably for the best, they are dangerous. However, you are close with Tucker, yes?” Gregor paused, looking uneasy. “I have concern.”
Oh she so didn’t care what this guy thought about Tucker. Unless he planned to ‘help’. “What about?”
“There is something...on him as of late. Something dangerous. I am worried it plans to replace him.”
“Something? I think I’d notice if someone replaced my friend.”
“You would think. Yet some demons are much, much more dangerous than this one here.” He pocketed the riing and went back to patting the wolf. “Some can mimic humans near perfectly, and learn quickly. Tucker is a good person. But a demon would easily know how to take advantage of that. Most people who call these things...are not nearly so nice, you understand.”
“Well I can keep an eye on Tuck. He’s not easily tricked.”
“That is what everyone thinks. They are insidious monsters, may even try to be your ‘friend’. Then they devour you from the inside to use as a human skin.” His glasses slipped down, a strange look of fear in his eyes. “They always have excuse. Please, keep him safe.”
“Any idea what it is?” The description seemed...very specific. 
“I am hoping I am wrong. Yet the demons have been hissing about one of Leviathan's children lurking around. Arch-demons, murderers all. If Tucker has a ‘new friend’, it might already have him.”
Okay, yeah, that sounded like their shadowy little friend. If you made him out to be some master manipulator. “Doesn’t sound like anything he would mess with.”
“Good. Yet, if he does, and starts acting strange, I would help you. I would not want you to lose your friend in such a way.” He gave the wolf a final pat before it faded away, presumably back in the pen. “He did not use the charm I offered you, did he?”
“No idea.”
“If it has him, it would not let him use it. If you see the monster, try to make him see reason, yes?”
It felt so much like a trap. Yet now she couldn't tell if it was Gregor’s evil plot, or Phantom’s. They could both have evil plots, surely? No...Phantom had backed off in the end. Yet that Leviathan name again. Urgh. She’d have a lot to think about on the walk back home.
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specialagentlokitty · a day ago
Avengers x reader - Chakra
Tumblr media
I was wondering if your requests were open and if they are, could I get some headcanons of how the Avengers plus Nick Fury and Maria Hill would react to the Reader having the power of a celestial chakra/discus that can behead someone but she needs to utter a chant before she says it. Tbh I got this from reading mythology lol and reader is more of a vigilante type - Anon 💜
A/N: so I tried looking for it but google wasn’t really telling me much, so I decided to just make some stuff up ahah
Sitting in front of the briefing room, arms behind your head, you carefully watched as the avengers walked in.
“Stop marking them.” Maria whispered.
“Just putting them in order of easiest to hardest to take down.” You shrugged.
She rolled her eyes and gave you a small smirk, she was the whole reason you were here. She managed to encourage you to come back and work with them.
Usually team work wasn’t something you did, but you were all after a common enemy so it would help to know what they knew and you could share your information in return.
You knew the avengers well, and they happened to know you too.
“Why’s She here?” Steve asked, unimpressed.
“Now that’s just hurtful! You shoot someone in the leg one time!” You mocked.
Fury shot you a warning look and you gave him a sweet smile in return.
“(Y/N) has information on the group you’re chasing, she’s also been after them for some time now.” Maria replies.
“Like what?” Natasha asked.
“Some names, some hidden locations. I haven’t gone to them because they’re too large for one person to take down. I also have a hard drive with some files.” You replied.
Everyone nodded, and Fury gestured for you to stand up so you did.
“Can we ask how you find the locations?” Bruce asked.
“I used some celestial chakra it wasn’t that hard.” You shrugged.
“Celestal chakra?” Clint asked.
“Yeah, it’s a thing that runs in my family. Long ago we used to be protectors of villages and such, so we needed a way in order to do it. We made a plea with the gods, and they granted us this power in return for until the bloodline ends we always serve to protect.”
Everyone took a moment to process this, even Maria and Fury we’re hearing about it for the first time.
“What can you do?” Fury finally asked.
“Well, different points of chakra have different effects. I can use it for enhanced speed, strength, senses, healing. I can use it to decapatate people too, each one needs a chant.”
“You.. you can take peoples heads off?” Tony spluttered.
“If I really wanted too, I haven’t done that. Requires a lot of energy.”
Everyone was speechless, first they just thought you were a standered vigilante, now knowing this, they knew you were much more than that.
You strong, which would be why even they struggled to take you down at the best of times.
“That’s incredible! You have to show us!” Tony pleaded.
“Let’s not.” Maria sighed, “we’ll have to see your powers at some point though.”
“Yeah, Whatever it’s fine.”
They couldn’t help but stare at you, you were definitely badass for sure, but everyone was eager to see you in action, and see what you could really do
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jadelynlace · 2 days ago
Non-Verbal Ways To Say I Love You⎮Ink Drinker Modern Vikings AU “Talks” [Ivar x F!Reader]
☞ catch up on the series here!
☞ currently, requests are closed
☞ requested by: @quantumlocked310​
author’s note: I have a few requests from this prompt list, but most of them seem to fall under the category of explanation, verses writing an actual one-shot. So, take my hand and we will go on this journey together! The divider is by @firefly-graphics​
content warnings: Gore mentions with that of emergency medical situations. Mentions of past relationships and toxic women, who get their karma returned to them.
“Getting them out of an uncomfortable situation.”
Tumblr media
You exist in situations that would be considered “uncomfortable” to the every day on looker. Car wreck? Bowels hanging out? Burning building? Ivar’s car crash? Yeah, you throw yourself into them because when those tones drop, you answer.
But that doesn’t mean you’re accustomed to them.
Ivar has a pretty incredible concept of spacial awareness, and an even greater ability when it comes to reading a room or a crowd. And unfortunately, when you look like Ivar and you’re covered in tattoos, people notice. Sometimes, it’s a good thing, other tattooed-folk coming up to him and chatting. Kids asking what they mean. People complimenting things. Other times, it’s not so nice. 
“Those are permanent you know,” Someone will say. “Fuck, they are? I was hoping they would wash off,” Ivar will groan back. It all depends on his mood.
The man has a dark sense of humor, he doesn’t miss a moment to use sarcasm, to snap back, and while that helps him, it can also hinder him. He can talk his way into Area 51 if he so needs to, but those same words can be used against him, on himself by himself. But if someone says the wrong thing to him, he also shuts down.
“No one is going to love you with your skin like that.”
That’s the one that hurts him. Because although Ivar loves his tattoos, he put them on there for him. And before you two met, he had thought about that. Maybe they’re too much, but it’s his body, but maybe someone won’t like them, but he loves them. You see the tornado that starts in his head?
It happened once when you were in an ear shot of the conversation, out with him on his crutches, finally able to leave the rehabilitation center for a few hours. And, it was a woman Ivar knew, a failed relationship where he felt less of a man because he would never formally fuck her. He couldn’t fake attraction. And as soon as you caught the expression take up Ivar’s face, the realization set in and you knew who this woman was. This was his ex. The ex. The one who dragged him through hell, who tore him down to nothing even though Ivar poured all of his love into her. This was the woman that almost made Ivar give up on love. This was the female version of the man you had dated and you saw red. Nothing but red. Despite Ivar’s ability to ignore her, he still saw her in the aisle at the store. And he paid no attention to her, which made her mad.
“Ivar?” She says, surprised in a sense and it’s fake, so clearly evident through her voice.
“What do you want?” Ivar mumbles back, shifting his weight between the crutches and filling his lips with the rim of his Red Bull. Now he can’t remember what you had asked him to pick up in this aisle, but he prays suddenly that you’ll be back any second.
“Nothing, really. I can’t say hello to an old friend?” She hums, leaning against the shelf as she tries to trail eyes over him.
“We’re not friends,” Ivar spits back.
“You have even more tattoos now! That one is new,” She remarks, manicured nail touching the one on his right wrist. It causes him to flinch, as if she poked him with a hot coal. “You just keep covering yourself with them, huh?” She then says in a tone that makes Ivar’s stomach churn, and it makes your anger soar. “How come you’re on crutches?”
“Aren’t they beautiful?” You say from behind her and the woman turns to find a lethal expression on your face, hidden behind a smile.
“Well...I personally never liked tattoos,” She says, unimpressed.
“Good thing you never have to look at them! Have we met?”
“I was Ivar’s first girlfriend. And you are?”
“I was his last,” You start. “I’m his wife, Y/N,” Even though it’s a lie, she doesn’t need to know that, and one day, you know it’ll be true.
“Oh...” She sighs. “It’s sad to see that he’s hit rock bottom,” And that makes Ivar see red.
“Bottoming out every night, yeah,” You reply without missing a beat and Ivar nearly wheezes with the tone of your voice, and just how perfect your timing was. “Did you find what you wanted?” You say to Ivar and the dopey, love sick smile takes over his face. One she never got to see.
“Yes, I did,” He hums back. And there’s a way that he looks at you, soley a “find someone who looks at you like Ivar looks at Y/N” type of gaze.
“A shame you’re physically crippled now, too,” The woman speaks up and you have a fist curled, but this isn’t the time or the place. Even if you know a hundred different ways to make it look like an accident. And a hundred different ways, and places, to get rid of her body.
“And he’ll heal. Too bad you can’t heal from being a cunt,” You say back. “I would say it was nice meeting you but it wasn’t,” You bluntly add. “What was your name again?” You ask and before the woman can even reply, Ivar speaks:
“Rock Bottom,”
Her words sting. God her words fucking sting the poor man and he hates that they do. When you return that night to the center to see him, he’s not in his room. He’s not in the recreational room, and he’s not stalking through the halls to work up strength. The nurses point you to the outdoor smoking area and you shudder to think he’s smoking again just because of that interaction.
When you get peek there, he’s in the chair, looking at the stars. Nothing else. Grabbing the blanket from his room, the bottle of whiskey you hid in your purse, you slip out there and sit next to him, curling the fabric around you both.
“Do you want to talk about it?” You ask softly, and Ivar feels the bottle against his hand. Looking down, there’s a sad smile that covers his lips as he unscrews the top.
“Not really,” He remarks back after a sip.
“I’ll be here when you do,” You say, and you lean your head on his shoulder, lacing his free fingers with yours. “What are you thinking about?”
“After everything that woman did to me, she’s always going to know how to piss me off,” Ivar mumbles.
“It only pisses you off if you let it, Ivar,” You whisper. “She wants the reaction, most narcissists do,” 
“You’re not rock bottom,” Ivar says suddenly.
“I know I’m not Ivar. She’s jealous. For her, you’re the one who got away. You don’t even realize how well you love, Ivar. God, you love like no one else can and she’ll never get that because she decided to be that way to you. And that’s her loss, and our gain,”
“I almost gave up on love after her,” Ivar says.
“I almost did too, after him,” You admit. “Do you believe in soul mates?” You ask, lifting your head to look at him.
“I didn’t, until I found you,”
Tumblr media
Ink Drinker Tags:
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*please message me to let me know if you would like to be added or removed from my tag list. specifications for series/etc. are also welcomed, as well as feedback.*
full masterlist can be found here.
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multi-fandomfuckboy · 15 hours ago
Hi I thought the tom Holland imagine was great! I appreciate you did research. If it's not too much to ask can you please do another tom Holland reader one but the reader has Chrons disease please?
Request #2: Hey I love the tom Holland chronic illness imagine. I app0that you did research for it. If it is not too much trouble can you do one where the reader has Chrons disease please? I greatly appreciate it!
Tumblr media
Full of Surprises
Warnings: mentions of pain, mentions of anxiety
Word Count: 1,479
A/N: Hey guys! Thank you so much for the requests! I thought it was so crazy that two people basically requested the same thing! And I have another one in my inbox for a Peter Parker x Reader, where the reader has Crohn’s. I tried to put a lot of research into this one as well, but please let me know if I have something wrong and I will correct it immediately! I hope this is what you wanted!!
This was practically one of the worst days of your life. But before we get into that, some backstory.
You had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when you were 12. You were plagued by stomach aches and pain from a very young age. Trying to figure out what was wrong, you spent most of your childhood in and out of the hospital, having a battery of tests done. When they finally did determine what it was, you would spend the rest of your life managing your illness. It wasn’t easy, and learning to accept yourself took time. But, it was always hard for you to maintain friendships and relationships. Having to explain your illness, explaining that it was more than just a stomach ache and that when you had a flare up, sometimes you could hardly get out of bed.
You had managed to get incredibly lucky when it came to your current boyfriend, Tom. You had met him at the gym. He had approached you, which you would normally hate, but he was very charming. He asked for your help learning how to use some of the machines. You wouldn't learn until much later that he had actually been working out for years and didn't really need help, he just needed an excuse to talk to you. The two of you had an instant connection and started dating a few weeks after that.
You were hesitant at first, not knowing how he would react to your illness. But after you first told him, you knew he was different. He was so understanding and interested in learning everything about it. When you had a flare up you tried to keep your distance, thinking that understanding an illness and seeing it in full swing were two different things. But again he surprised you, he showed up at your door. He stayed with you the whole time, making sure you were staying hydrated and getting you anything you needed. After that, you knew that you were hopelessly in love with him.
When his acting career took off, you were worried that you would slow him down or that he would lose interest in you. But, once again, he surprised you. The two of you grew even closer and eventually moved in together. You were his date to all of his movie premiers and even got to go with him to the Oscars.
But now, your worst nightmare is becoming a reality. The day had started off so well. You and Tom had been invited to some party, you can’t remember who, some singer. You spent the day together and then when 7:30 pm rolled around the two of you started to get ready. You showered, did your make-up, fixed your hair, and finally slipped on the short black satin dress you knew Tom loved on you. When he had seen you standing in your kitchen, the two of you almost didn't make it out of the apartment.
Tom drove you, like always, and you arrived at a huge house illuminated by vibrant lights. The music could be heard from where Tom had parked down the street. Hopping out of the car, he came to your side to open the door. He took your hand to help you out. As you stood, a small pain twisted in your stomach causing you to wince slightly. Noticing immediately, Tom paused.
“Are you okay (Y/N)?” he asked, watching your face closely. Seeing the concern in his eyes, your heart melted. You wanted him to have fun, not worry about you. Pushing past the slight pain you smiled.
“Yes, I’m fine. It’s just your driving. I think I might have whiplash!” you joked, squeezing his hand. He laughed, shaking his head before closing the car door and turning to walk towards the large house.
“Maybe I would drive slower if I wasn't in such a hurry to get away from your ‘pre-party playlist’, dear.” he shot back, causing you both to chuckle.
“Well, that's what you get for letting me pick the music.” you responded. He smiled brightly at you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close to his side. Being this close to him always puts you at ease. It was just a slight pain, you could stick it out for a few hours. Or so you thought.
Upon entering, Tom was surrounded by a group of fellow actors and colleagues. You said hello to the ones you had met, and let him introduce you to the ones you hadn’t. Tom always stayed close to you, either holding your hand or having his arm around you. This was nothing new. No one would have been able to tell, but Tom hated people crowding him. He always smiled and laughed, putting on a very flamboyant persona, but inside he was anxious. He told you that he loved when you came with him to events because when he was close to you he felt calm inside.
The two of you steadily made your way through the crowded house. It seemed like everyone wanted to either meet or catch up with Tom. Meanwhile, the pain in your gut steadily began to grow. You tried to push past your discomfort and remained standing beside him smiling.
“Would you like something to drink, love?” he asked, leaning in close to whisper in your ear over the noise of the party. His breath tickled your ear, sending a chill down your spine. You smiled and nodded. He gave you a quick kiss before leaving your side to head to the kitchen.
And then it happened.
As soon as he left your line of sight, the pain hit you all at once. It made your head spin. Feeling sick, you pushed yourself off the wall and stumbled towards the bathroom you had seen in the hallway coming in. You rushed in and closed the door behind you managing to lock it before falling to your knees.
You had been doing so well. It was so unfair. Why now? All of these thoughts rushed through your mind. Unable to stop them, tears welled up in your eyes and spilled down your cheeks. You were in so much pain and to make it worse, a more sinister voice broke through in your mind.
He is going to leave you. You are so embarrassing. You are not worth all this. He hates you.
A knock shakes you from your thoughts.
“(Y/N), it’s me. Can you unlock the door for me?” Tom asks gently, from the other side. Reaching up, you unlock the door while trying to wipe the tears from your eyes. You slide back down against the wall pulling your knees to your chest. Tom enters and quickly pulls the door closed behind him. You feel him sit next to you.
“(Y/N), are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asks, looking you over. You try to answer but all that comes out is a choked sob. Tom quickly wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his lap. You hide your face in his neck feeling more tears racing down your face.
“I’m sorry Tom, I thought that the pain wasn’t that bad, and that I could push through it.” You mumble into his shoulder.
“You have nothing to be sorry about. I should have noticed when you got out of the car that you weren't feeling well.” He says, rubbing you back gently. “I love you so much (Y/N).” he whispers, kissing the top of your head. You sniffled slightly, lifting your head from his shoulder.
“I feel so bad that I ruined tonight-” you admit before Tom quickly pulls back looking directly into your eyes.
“Hey! Stop with all that! You didn’t do anything wrong (Y/N).” he says firmly, looking into your eyes that are filled with tears for an entirely different reason. “I love you more than anything, you should never put your health over something like this.” he lectures you pulling you back down to his chest and hugging you tightly. “I wasn’t having any fun anyway. I always forget how much I hate going to these things.” he mumbles into your hair. That manages to get a chuckle out of you.
“Alright then love, I think it’s time we made our exit.” He said, standing with you still wrapped in his arms.
“Tom, you can’t just carry me out of here.” you try to protest.
“I don't see why not.” he smiles triumphantly down at you before unlocking the door and walking out. He would never stop surprising you.
You hid your face in his neck, but no one stopped him this time. And if they had tried to, he would have fully ignored them. Nothing mattered more to him in that moment than keeping you safe and doing everything he could to help you.
A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for! Thank you so much!!
Requests are OPEN!
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zannolin · 4 hours ago
why don’t you like she/her wilbur?? :o /gen
apparently it is highly controversial to be uncomfortable with queer headcanons for dsmp characters who the ccs have not enthusiastically consented to said headcanons so let me just start this off by saying this rly isn't discourse this is me and my personal thoughts/feelings, and i am decidedly not cis or het, in case anyone somehow missed my blatant queerness.
i have a lot of very complicated feelings i really can't put into words and i Know people will get mad about it but basically like. there's no basis in canon (and i know it's a headcanon but some people try to push their agenda of it being canon and get angry if you don't like it, which makes it difficult to block and ignore and it's not fun!!) yes cc!wilbur said he didn't play c!wilbur as anything in particular (but i think people really took that to mean "i can do whatever i want because he didn't play him as straight" not just "he didn't play him as queer either because c!wilbur's sexuality has had almost no impact on canon tbh" but *waves hand* i wont get into it) but like. speaking canonically since i've seen a lot of people trying to push it past the bounds of being a headcanon. c!wilbur has only ever used he/him, he's only ever been referred to as such, cc!wilbur has only ever referred to c!wilbur as he/him, again queer headcanons are a very questionable territory for characters who are incredibly difficult to separate from the ccs (someday i will make a proper post explaining that in full....) and it just feels strange to me that people would latch onto a cishet content creator for "rep" or whatever (they are real people not rep first off). like if you want a genderqueer character there are several people who either are genderqueer or are playing genderqueer characters or have encouraged/affirmed headcanons of that nature about their characters. c!wilbur is not one of those lmao cc!wilbur basically said "i literally didn't think about it".
also to me personally (personally, this is not applicable to everyone) it just has a very uncomfortably similar flavor to purposeful misgendering. like i know it isn't and i know people doing it don't intend that but again for me because they are so closely tied to real people and heavily based off them it feels very very similar to like, purposefully using the wrong pronouns. just. feels like some things i have had to live with and i dislike it a lot.
it's like, if people are going to (rightfully btw) get uncomfortable and upset about people headcanoning or making jokes about "c!techno is homophobic" "c!tubbo is transphobic" etc because "that's based on a real person" then why don't you feel the same way about queer headcanons, because it's the same thing just opposite direction.
idk. it's never sat right with me that people pass over the actual queer ccs and characters on the dsmp in order to headcanon things about cishet ccs' characters. it's a big controversy, so like let me specify i'm not vaguing people i don't hate people i don't think people are intending for it to be weird. but to me, personally, it is incredibly uncomfortable due to a lot of reasons.
obligatory reminder this is my personal opinion, please don't send hate to anyone, and no i really don't want to talk about this further because it's an overall uncomfortable topic for me.
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chilwell-my-beloved · 22 hours ago
Hi love !! Can you do one where mason always spoils y/n by buying her designer and expensive things . She told him numerous times to stop buying her stuff especially expensive ones and just to take them back and get his money back . He doesn’t understand why she is not accepting his gifts. Y/n stays with him bc she truly loves him and not for his money . He doesn’t stop with the gifts and then y/n cant do it anymore and they start to fight about it a little . When he realised that he could lose her over a small and stupid thing he stopped with it , agreeing that mason can only spoil her on birthday , anniversary and christmas . You can go from here . Thank you so much !! Sending lots of love and stay safe !!❤️😊🌺
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mason Mount x Reader
Warnings: Angst-ish? Fluffy Ending Obvi
WC: 910
A/N: omg hi!!! sorry this took so long!! not sure if any of you go to American Uni's but it's midterm season and they are kicking my ass so my brain is not all there!! thank u for the request, hope you like it! (also sorry it is so short, due to reasons previously stated!!)
REQUESTS OPEN AND FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED!! (read rules in my pinned post before submitting requests though, please!)
You consider yourself an incredibly lucky person. Your life was going to plan in multiple ways, but one part of your life that was absolutely flourishing was your relationship. Your boyfriend, Mason, was the love of your life, and you were his. He traveled a lot, sure, but you knew whenever he was free he would be by your side. He supported you in every aspect of your life. Sad? He was there with a shoulder to cry on. Struggling? He was there to work out the issue with you. You could not imagine your life without him, it was apparent that he felt similarly, because he was always trying to win you over. To you, there was no one else besides Mason, so it confused you as to why he felt like he needed to fight to keep you. You had lightly confronted him about it before, but he always brushed you off saying ‘you were seeing signs that weren’t there’. You were content with that answer, up until recently when you came home to a stack of packages on your doorstep.
“Mason, did you do some shopping?” you shouted out to Mason.
“Yes, love. Had to celebrate the England call up somehow!” He shouted out back to you before leaving the room he was in, walking toward the front door where you were bringing the packages inside. Once they were all inside you went and grabbed an opener and started opening the packages. It only took opening one package to realize what Mason had done.
“Mase…I love it but this is a £11,000 purse, you know how I feel about this” you said, trying to sound grateful and annoyed at the same time.
“Love, you know as well as I do that I have the money, just let me spoil you,” he said as he watched you staring at the expensive bag.
“Mason, I’ve told you time and time again how I feel about this. I get where you are coming from but I love you for you, not for your money. I would value spending time with you more than some purse...I just, I really can’t accept this stuff” you said softly, hoping he would see where you’re coming from.
“I don’t know what you want from me y/n, I’m just trying to do something nice for you” he snaps back.
“I understand that Mase, but I don’t need designer clothes for you to show that, I just want you for you” you said back quietly again, hoping to change the tone back from anger.
“You know what y/n, I just...I don’t know what to say or do to appease you” he said before walking out. You know you could have been more grateful, but you just needed him to know how you felt. You try to put what just happened behind you and continue on with your day, slowly feeling guilty.
Hours later you hear Mason quietly entering the house. You look up and him, not know where to start the conversation
“Love, I…”
“Mason…” You both say at the same time. You take over before he can start again. “Mason, I’m sorry, I know you were trying to show you love me. I really appreciate it and I value what you wanted me to feel. I just...I can’t make you feel at all like I’m using you for your money, I would feel to guilty” you said.
“Love, no, I was...I wasn’t thinking. You’ve told me before how you felt and I ignored it to try and make you feel loved, when instead I should have just spent time with you before international training camp. I’m so sorry, I really hope you’ll forgive me” Mason said quietly.
“Of course Mason, we both were guilty, at least we have boundaries going forward,” you said, smiling and getting up to hug him.
He pulled you into the hug before looking into your eyes, “I’ll love you no matter what, even if you are the craziest person on the planet for not accepting designer clothes and expensive makeup…” he said before lightly kissing you.
“Well you never mentioned that there was makeup in those boxes…” you said laughing. “Maybe we could save those boxes for my birthday?” you said, kissing him again.
“I knew you could only hold off so long, I love you so much” he said, laughing before grabbing your hand to drag the two of you onto you couch to spend a chill night together to relax before Mason leaves for camp.
“I’m going to miss you so much when you leave, but if any more packages show up while you’re gone, I will kill you,” you said. He just laughed back, “I love you too, and I’m not even going to threaten you, I just love you.”
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captnjacksparrow · 2 hours ago
I really love your analysis, Sparrow!! Honestly, I read your post every day to see new things about SNS these days, your skills are incredible. That’s why I think you are the best person to ask this: It had been a very long time since I watch and read Naruto but I remember that Sasuke had never put Naruto in a genjutsu before not even when he was dead set on killing him. I don’t really understand this though, like isn’t genjutsu one of the best aspects about Sharingan and one of the skills that Uchiha are famous for? is it because deep down he doesn’t want to kill him or something similar? Or there is something more to it? Or maybe i remember it wrong? Anyways, thanks for reading this and please forgive me if I really remembered it wrong.
Thank you for this Ask, Anon!!!! 
Sasuke had never put Naruto in a genjutsu before not even when he was dead set on killing him.
I always thought about this.... Like why??? 
Atleast in Part 1, we know that Sasuke don’t know how to cast Genjutsu. But in part 2, he could’ve easily used it in Orochimaru Lair or in VoTE2... 
And I find this to be peculiar with Naruto as well.... He was always wary of Itachi’s Sharingan... 
Tumblr media
Naruto was shuddering on seeing someone else was having Sharingan who is not Sasuke.
Tumblr media
This is when he met Itachi in the Gaara retrieval Arc.
Tumblr media
LOL.... Poor Naruto..... 
Tumblr media
“Watch yourself!.......He’s got Mangekyou Sharingan”
If he was wary of Itachi’s Sharingan... Why couldn’t he be wary of Sasuke??? He clearly knew that, “When you face Sharingan by yourself, your only hope is to escape”..... And yet towards Sasuke, I’ve never seen him getting afraid or shudders. I think Naruto is just comfortable with Sasuke in this aspect. 
Since we already know that Sasuke was very capable of casting a powerful Genjutsu to control 9 tailed Beasts using his Rinnegan, putting one more to Naruto wouldn’t have been a problem. Hell, he even put a Genjutsu for Sakura as well... LOL.... 
So, Why couldn’t he???
We all know that Sasuke personally wanted to kill Naruto with his own two hands by looking at him face to face because of the way he protected Naruto during the War Arc like a Delicate Egg Shell. I mean, putting Naruto in a Genjutsu would give him an opening which he can make use of to kill him off in a single blow. And yet he never once attempted to cast it....
So I believe, this was heavily related to the fact that the Pain he intentionally want to endure while trying to kill Naruto. Killing him with such a simple thing would make it really easy and render his resolve to kill Naruto useless... I mean, if he truly wanted to kill him that easily, then he could’ve let Obito do the Job for him.... Or he could’ve left him to die along with others when those Bijuu Bombs were about to explode.... This would save him a lot of pain.
Sasuke’s resolve was to do it by himself even though it would pain him a lot.... He doesn’t want it to be easy.... It’s more like, “If killing him is going to hurt me... Let it hurt me even more. Let me endure more pain in the process of trying to kill him. At the end of the day, he is the only bond left in this world. If I can’t even suffer a little, then what’s the meaning of my Feelings I had for this person...?”
It must be related to the fact of being completely honest with each other. Naruto is known to be Unpredictable.... Sasuke could use Genjutsu... But neither of them had attempted such tricks on the other at any point of time. So, Sasuke was just trying to be honest and respectful to his opponent. 
It maybe both of the above said reasons. 
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hacked-by-jake · a day ago
Who is your least favorite character in the group by the way? Mine used to be Lily but now it's Thomas. I find him so annoying 😑 I haven't finished e9 yet but when he tampered with the phone and rt now I'm playing the part where he explains why he did it. He is getting on my last nerve...
⬆️⚠️Episode 9 Spoiler!⚠️⬇️
Oh, now this question is harder for me than it was then. It used to be Lilly with me too, for obvious reasons, but now I actually like her.
I must say, I think it is unfortunately also Thomas with me. And I’m sorry to say that because I really feel sorry for him and he’s also in a very bad situation. I mean, I could understand him before, but still, his behavior sometimes... Argh!😫
First he turns on Hannah’s phone, although he should keep his hands off it, and later he just tries it again, and fiddles with it.
I know he’s not well, and I fully understand, really. But some things, I just wonder "WHY?"
He wants to help, and he’s very hurt and confused. But I think that if he continues to pull off such actions for whatever reason, then we should keep him out of the investigation!
He can rest and we’ll find Hannah...
It must be incredibly hard for him, but he’s putting our investigation at extreme risk. He must have understood how bad it would be if we lost contact with Hannah’s phone, and yet he does. Even if he didn’t mean it, "don’t touch the phone" means, "DON'T TOUCH THE PHONE!"
Unfortunately, Thomas has brought most of the stupidest actions of all the group, in my eyes. -.-
I really understand him, but if he doesn’t finally start to understand the consequences of his actions, he can’t go along with it..
He wants to find Hannah, whether he thinks she’s dead or not, but not like that.
I was really mad at him after he touched Hannah’s phone, but in the conversation with him, I just felt sorry for him and worried that he could do something stupid alone in the woods.
I felt really sorry for him, but I have to differentiate a little, because his actions are still dangerous. And for everyone in the group, not just him, and for Hannah, too, it’s dangerous if he can’t pull himself together.
I know he would never be excluded from the investigation, but what he did now could have been fatal. And if he doesn’t understand that, it would simply be the best.
And all the things he’s done in the past. He just disappears, breaks into Hannah’s apartment and he had a key made specially. He’s hiding an argument with Hannah. The thing with the bracelet. On the way to his mother’s, he meets Cleo, and then he thinks, "Break-in? I’m in" lol And all this stuff.
I mean, yes, we are in an extreme situation, and I also understand extreme actions. But short circuits in the head are not an action that should really be done.
I don’t know, actually I don’t want to say that Thomas is my least favorite character, but at the moment it’s still like that. So, yeah, I understand you..
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Now I could get a little upset about Thomas again. xD I hope you will have a great day/evening/night. 💚🎭🌹
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palettes-and-prompts · 2 days ago
hey! could you do some prompts based on "dress" by charlotte sands? thanks :)
Sure thing!
1) "Why are you with Person A if you don't like them?" "They're hot."
2) "You look good wearing that." "I look even better when I'm not wearing it."
3) "Don't wear that tonight, I wont be able to keep my hands off you." "What do I need to wear for you to skip tonight entirely and come put your hands on me now?"
4) "I like this outfit of yours, but I have to ask, are you that attached to it?" "No. Why?" "Because I want to tear it off you the moment I get you alone."
5) "Shut up and put your hands on me." "You could wait until we're somewhere more private." "No, I really can't."
6) "I like it when you touch me there." "I like it better when you guide my hand to show me how you like it."
7) "If anyone hears you they'll know exactly what we're doing." "What exactly are we doing?" "Stop talking and put your legs around me."
8) "Do you think anyone heard us?" "Even if they didn't I'm going to have to say I was mauled by a raccoon to explain the scratches all over my back."
9) "Take that off." "What? You bought it for me. You don't like it?" "I do like it. That's why I don't want to ruin it with the things I want to do to you right now."
10) "You kissed me, I thought you said you didn't want to go on another date with me?" "I don't. But I don't mind sleeping with you."
1) Person A is dumped by B in a very public way. When Person C comes to town they're enamored by Person A. Even though everyone seems to be interested in getting to know C, C's only got eyes for A. A eventually lets C take them on a date when they see B's moved on. A ends up having fun and finds C nice to be around. They have fun going to parties and fancy dinners together and when they shop, C's always spoiling them. When Person B shows up wanting A back, C looks as if they're about to say something but instead tells A that it's ultimately their choice.
2) Person A is hopelessly single fashion designer who can't find anyone they want to date. Person B is a narcissistic model they're forced to work with who doesn't do relationships. Despite finding each other annoying Person A sleeps with them and the two agree to a sexual relationship but nothing more than that. It's good and it brings them closer, making each other know what the other needs and how they like certain things. They're completely in sync until Person A meets Person C, who's a designer A's always been inspired by. Person C falls for A the moment they meet and B finds that by spending unnecessary time with C it's throwing everything off completely. The two argue about it but split off and begin working other jobs separately. They start realizing not being around each other as much is throwing both of them off completely. Person B doesn't like seeing A with anyone and realizes they've never felt anything like what they feel for A. Person A realizes Person C doesn’t meet everything on their checklist while Person B surprisingly does.
3) Person A is a professional dancer and Person B is a comic book artist who can't dance. B falls in love with the way Person A dances the first time they see them at a talent show when they were kids. B's been drawing A ever since they can remember, using the way they move as reference images for comics they work on under a different name. Person A, unknowingly, is a huge fan of theirs. When Person A starts seeing B pop up at every event they attend they ask if B is stalking them. B is incredibly embarrassed, especially when A has no clue who they are. The apologize and leave but A finds a drawing they did of them on the back of a flyer for an art exhibit. After recognizing the art style as the exact style their favorite artist uses they put together that the character in the story B writes is them. Deciding they have to meet them, Person A goes to the art exhibit. After embarrassing themselves in front of a group of people when they knock over a sculpture, Person B helps them up and asks if A’s stalking them. They share a laugh and A admits they’ve been wanting to meet them for a while before handing their drawing back. The two decide to get dinner after the exhibit.
4) Person A is a wealthy interior designer who's always using their good looks to get what they want. They're usually snotty and rude to everyone but they don't act that way around Person B when they enter their life. Person B is indifferent to A's appearance and A takes it as a challenge. Person B fixes motorcycles and Person A finds themselves weak around Person B. They flirt with them hard and even buy a busted up motorcycle for B to fix for them. B decides to fix it since it's the exact one they've always wanted to work on. A spends more time around B and finds everything they do turns them on. Person B doesn't get why A's so interested in them but they decide to be friendly to keep working on their dream bike. The two bond over the time A spends hanging around their shop. Even though B still finds them slightly annoying they offer to sleep with them on the off chance it'll get A to lose interest and leave their shop. The two end up enjoying sleeping together way more than they thought they would. When A still wants B they can't figure out why but when their heart flutters when B smiles at them over lunch they realize why. Person B finishes fixing the bike and takes A for a ride. A confesses on the back of the bike to B, admitting that once the ride is over they'll let them have the bike and leave B's life for good. Person B confesses that they'll just have to keep riding with A forever to prevent that from happening.
5) Person A is a photographer who's always been interested in Person B. Person B is a model who's always been interested in Person A's skills as a photographer. Both are big names but have always been nervous about the possibility of the other asking to work with them. When their assistants make the arrangements for them to work together they both meet at one of A's studios. B gets incredibly nervous and feels like they're being too stiff while A lies about the lighting being bad and asks to reschedule when B's not as busy. The next time B shows up A's asking B to try a million different poses in different outfits. After the shoot is over the two grab dinner where, after bonding a little more, A admits that the first shoot was fine and that they just wanted to see B again. B admits that they've always wanted to work with them because they've admired them for so long. The two end up drinking a little too much and decide to do a less serious photo shoot. The two have fun all night only to end up naked together the next morning. After seeing the scandalous photos A took of the both of them while they were drunk A is embarrassed while B tells A they want them as their personal photographer for the rest of their career. Person A agrees on the spot.
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Amy Lee Of Evanescence Talks About The Band‘s Acclaimed New Album The Bitter Truth, Their Songwriting, And New Tour
We are pleased to do this new Q&A interview with Amy Lee. She discusses the making of their album The Bitter Truth, and what inspired her and the band to write the songs “Use My Voice,” “Wasted On You,” “The Game Is Over” and “Broken Pieces Shine.”
DK: Your new album, The Bitter Truth, is Evanescence’s first album of all new songs in a decade. Can you talk about the past 10 years, leading up to your new album?
Amy Lee: Gosh, it’s just so much. Starting from 2011, we had life. We were all living our lives. I became a mother in 2014; that’s a really big life event. And after going through that big life change, it was like…Oh Yeah, this is still who I am. I’m not just Mom now. I’m still Amy Lee from Evanescence, and this is still my passion.
In 2015, we picked touring back up, right when we got Jen (Majura). Jen was this beautiful new light and energy in the band. It was the first time having another woman besides me in my band, which has been a cool dynamic change. We’re a little more balanced family in some ways now (laughs).
Then for the Synthesis album, revisiting our older songs, and really pulling it apart by making Synthesis (with new orchestral arrangements) as a group, I feel was an important step towards getting to where we are now and in the new music, because it had to do with diving into the past and feeling it and knowing it and loving it, and pouring new life into it. We were like…Okay, we now know everything about where we’ve been and we know who we are. Let’s take that and put it into new music.
DK: When did you decide you wanted to make the new album?
Lee: By the end of 2018, we knew we wanted to make a new album, and we started the writing process. By that time, I learned how to multitask better than I used to be able to. What I mean is, I’ve learned to build our tours in a way that give us time to breathe and live in-between the tours more than the early days. And when we’re together touring, let’s set aside a week, usually after we’re done with that tour, to find a place where we can write. Let’s go get an Airbnb in the woods some place, and see what comes out of us. And we got some great stuff out of those sessions. We spent one week that was really cool, in Montreal. We were in the woods in the summertime…it was off season at a ski resort.
So it was just us and nature, and we came up with the beginnings for “Broken Pieces Shine” and “Part Of Me,” We had productive sessions where we started to feel the sound of the new album happening.
Another time, we had everybody come to my house (in Nashville) and stay here for awhile and work. So that’s how our writing sessions started. And I thought, instead of waiting until we had all the songs, let’s go in with our producer, Nick Raskulinecz, and just record a couple of songs that we have, before we go on tour. We went in with Nick and we did four songs that we were excited about.
Then we had the lockdown, and 2020 turned into a year of creating the album and writing remotely, until we could eventually get together again in the fall except for Jen, who we had to work with virtually. Then we made the album together and finished it by the end of 2020.
DK: One of my favorite songs on your new album is “Use My Voice,” which is a strong song about empowerment, and speaking out. What inspired you to write this song?
Lee: That’s a song that has been brewing for awhile. I began the writing of that song after reading this incredible impact statement written by a young woman named Chanel Miller. She was sexually assaulted on the Stanford campus, and she was unconscious. It was this big horrible thing, but the attacker got off with a really light sentence. It was awful, but [Miller] turned out to be this incredibly articulate, smart, strong young woman. And at the end of the trial, she stood up and read this statement to her attacker. It was so incredibly powerful, and it hit me. I was crying…it was beautiful. She stood up and shared her truth in a way that made me see that there was nothing they could do, no weapon could be stronger than her voice…standing up, speaking her truth and telling her experience. And I was so impacted by her story and her statement. That was the first thing that inspired me about the song.
That was a couple years ago, and over the past couple years we’ve seen so much in our government, and in our world around us…things that are so wrong, blatant lies, horrible injustice, and the words [for this song] kept coming out, one line at a time. Yeah, with “Use My Voice”, it was very satisfying to get to the end of the writing journey on that one, because it had a long life before it was finished. I couldn’t be more proud of it.
DK: Two of my other favorite songs on your album is “The Game Is Over” and “’Wasted On You.” Can you talk about writing those two songs?
Lee: First, I’d like to say that the writing process for a lot of these songs…they’re coming from everywhere on this album. Everyone had a different genesis. I like to break my rules and open my mind, and let music come from anywhere. Sometimes it starts with the melody, or it starts with the guitar, or with a sampled loop. With “Wasted On You,” it came from lyrics and melody first. I was challenging myself, because I had been stuck in my writing. It was at the end of 2019, and I was feeling…I’m going to challenge myself to not get deep into my home production before finishing a thought. Because I’ll get an idea and I’ll start tracking. I run Pro Tools in here, and I’ve got a lot of fun keyboards and sounds, and plenty of capabilities. So I get in here by myself late at night, and I start going down the road, and then you start to get glued to things, and it becomes less loose because you’ve already locked it in and you like the sound of something. So my challenge to myself was…I have this idea in my head…this melody line and chorus. I’m going to sit here on my back porch and sing it and finish the lyrics, and get it to where I’ve got the lyrics and everything. I’ve got this chorus in my head before I touch the computer. And that’s why I think the song starts with the chorus like it does. Because that’s what I did in my head, and the rest of it was able to take off.
DK: And how did you write “The Game Is Over”?
Lee: That was a very collaborative effort. I was sitting in a circle with the guys in our rehearsal space, and we said, “Hey, let’s try to write some songs.” We were sitting there, vibing and jamming. It was just the bass, the guitars, singing and drums. Everyone was just tapping their feet with our eyes closed, and it was coming to life together. It’s so special when that happens…it feels like catching lightning in a bottle. I remember opening my eyes and seeing that everyone else’s eyes were closed, and we were all feeling the same thing. We were excited about the new album sound that was starting to develop.
DK: Besides the songs we’ve talked about, what are your other favorite songs on the album?
Lee: I’m proud of all of them. “Broken Pieces Shine” has been a favorite for the band. I’m proud of what it became and what the lyrics ended up being about, because it’s so true to my heart. Another song we haven’t mentioned is “Part Of Me’…I love the feeling of that song and I can’t wait to play it live. Another favorite is the ballad, “Far From Heaven.” We wrote it towards the end of our writing sessions. I kept coming back to this same feeling and thought that I needed to get off my chest, about grief and about coming out of it. You know, sometimes you’re not ever going to be the same, and accepting and processing that, and getting it out there. It’s a purifying thing to get it out of me, and it’s satisfying to hear its place on the album.
Overall about songwriting, I have come to believe that an open heart is the most important ingredient. There is no recipe…there is no real map. It’s good to know all of those rules (of songwriting craft), but the heart is the most important ingredient.
DK: Currently, you’re about to launch a U.S. tour with Halestorm. You and Lzzy Hale are two of the leading female rock artists. How did you decide to do a headlining tour together?
Lee: I’m really excited…it’s been so long.  Especially going back out with our friends, it’s like a cool homecoming. It is a new era though; it’s not going be the same…we’re not going to be partying. We’re going to be more locked down because of Covid, and we’ll do everything we can to be safe and keep the tour going. I think Lzzy and I, we’ve had to face this idea of…Wow, seize the day. Life is precious. Getting to tour is a precious gift. When we go back out there, let’s make it the best thing we’ve ever done. Let’s make it with people that we absolutely love and make it the best show ever. So I’ve been pulling out all the stops on the production. We chose Halestorm because we love them. We know our fans are a great combo together. And I think it’s cool to show women supporting women. It makes me happy to see so many more women in the hard rock and metal scene in particular. There are more now than when we entered the scene. It’s awesome. And we’re excited about Plush and Lilith Czar joining our tour as well.
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vanmccantfish · 4 months ago
Tbh you seem like the coolest chick ever. But the best kind of cool chick who like, secretly you can squeal in the corner with about a boy without changing facial expressions which is basically what I do to you by flooding your ask box with ridiculous rantings about Van McCann
akskdjhfvsjsj anon i love this!! yes i will happily squeal about b*ys in the corner with you any day with the blankest face imaginable because their goddamn ego's don't require any more inflation
anonymously tell me what kind of vibe/energy you get from me
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baldmanautumn · 2 years ago
me, a fool, submitting myself yet again to the mortifying ordeal of being known: maybe this time i'll receive the rewards of being loved :)
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rat-nest · a year ago
I hate the holidays bc im marrying into a family of fucking extroverts that need to have a celebration at everyone's house every year
#im so stressed im gonna vomit#not 2 mention theyre all food centered gatherings!!! not like i can eat anything!!! im just gonna look like a freak#why not just have one celebration and be done with it?#maybe i just dont understand bc i only have 2 uncles their wives and children and 1 surviving grandparent?#but bryces mother doesnt understand that i cant just turn whatever is wrong with me off just bc its important#that actually makes it worse bc its more pressure!!! i dont want to go!!!#and shes gonna be mad if we dont go to both but they didnt leave any time for me to see my family on Christmas ...#bc we're going over bright an early to bring gifts over even though Christmas mornings with my siblings is a tradition i gaurd jealously#and then immediately going to one of the grandparents ive met like. once. im really gonna puke#and two different gatherings back to back like that (bc theres an ENORMOUS gathering xmas eve in a TINY house) i have to make two different#dishes i can eat but other people will like and i have to bring enough for everyone even though no one will bother to try ~vegan food~#bc its incredibly rude if i only bring a enough for a few people even tho its probably the only thing ill be able to eat!!!#and at least one of the grandparents won't stop hugging me even tho bryces mom has told her i dont really like it and aahhh#theres not enough room for that many people in that literally panicking at the thought of spending 6 hours there#im already a disappointment thats not good enough for their son i should just not go bc thats exactly what they expect me to do#o look theres Kendra not putting herself in panic inducing situations for people she doesnt even know!#im awful and selfish i guess!!!!!#i dont want big celebrations i just want to drink hot chocolate while i watch my family open up the gifts i got for them
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mapleshmaple · a year ago
#so! little cousins that we rarely see came over. the littler brother was. Incredibly demanding and pitched a fit when i#wouldnt restart sheild for him to play. bc. yknow. however many hours in and however many dex entries left to do that makes sense#his line of logic was 'oh so you'll know where to find them later after you delete everything so i can play' aND I. HM.#I HM'D VERY VERY HARD AT THAT. AND WHEN I TOOK A BREAK BC IT WAS GETTIN REALLY OVERWHELMING CUZ WE HAD LIKE#TWELVE??? PEOPLE OVER??? IN A VERY SMALL APPARTMENT??? AND I TOOK A BREAK TO DO A TRASH RUN#AND CAME BACK AND HE WAS WAITIN' NSTUFFS HE GOT ALL. GUILT TRIPPY OUTTA NOWHERE. LIKE HAD THE LANGUAGE AND WORDING#ALMOST DOWN PAT??? ND ITS LIKE. OK. WWHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING AND WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU SINCE YOUR LAST VISIT#WHO HURT YOU????? LIKE HE WAS BASICALLY RECITING EDGEY ASS YOUTUBER LINES AND IT JUST THREW ME OFF SO HARD#CUZ HES LIKE. FIVE??? NOT EXACTLY BTU HES NOT EVEN TEN YET I THINK BUT HOLY SHIT#and i was tryna bounce between him and his sister and try to eat while all that was going on and i got. burtn out real fast#cuz its been a longass week and i cant do anything right this week thus far and hgjgnkgmg and him like#purposfully laying on the guilt??? and actively tryna make me feel like shit??#purposefully- pardon- but it was the nail in hte coffin and like. fuck. i kept tryna suggest stuff to do and he just#wasnt having it or anything i suggested and wanted things exactly his way and just. took over my switch for a few hours and just. hnjgkkmhkm#like i love him but that. was a lot. his mom and dad were even like 'no- hes being rude- you're in the right here'#and made him apologize adn he did the whole 'im sorry??' bit and its just. like seeing my inner monologue in person#and that just. scared the absolute hell outta me. hes got autism and depression and hes in the same boat im in/in a similar one and its just#hes! very. fact/logic driven. i tried to put on a show about puppies and when it got to a runt of one of the litters he was like#'they're just dogs- the runt of the litters not likely to survive anyway' aDN LIKE. JESUS????? JESSUS#HIS SISTER MIND YOU WAS SWEET AS A PEACH- SHES OLDER AND HAS A GOOD HEAD ON HER SHOULDERS#AND SHES SAME BOAT AS HIM TOO AND THEYRE. NIGHT AND DAY- IT WAS REALLY JARRING AND HGJKGMDSMG#dad also apparently had an epiphany or something while he was down out of state and grandmoms funeral#and- at some point- is gonna fill us in on what; pray tell; the fuck happened with All That bc nobodies giving us answers and its major sus#so! needless to say this wekes. sucked and been interesting. to say the very least.
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uniformbravo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dimitri actively sabotaging suzy’s attempts to eavesdrop on the activity club is 1) hilarious, obviously, but also 2) actually really uhhh Really Good?? his reasons for leaving the club may have been complicated but he’s still loyal enough to them to care about upholding their confidentiality, even if he evidently doesn’t even talk to any of them anymore? it kinda makes me wonder if maybe the whole reason he even joined the journalism club was specifically to stop suzy from learning and publishing any of their secrets ??
#retag later#pn blogging#talkin bout pnat#tag ref#actually dimitri's whole entire thing in ch5 is really really interesting#it's implied that he has some kind of struggle with fear relating to all the like spirits & stuff involved w/ being in the activity club#which probably played a part in why he left (im assuming the incident w/ isaac was like a ''last straw'' kind of deal)#but then he gets carried away in the hitball game & like actually gets really into it w/ the strategy & trying to stop hijack#bc obviously he must have recognized that smth supernatural was going on like. he coulda just been like ''not my business'' & let#isabel & the gang handle it but instead he gets involved & properly invested???#And Then he gets rly into the eavesdropping thing too??? his face when he puts down the headset after hearing the situation & their plan#it's literally like in the 1st incredibles movie when bob (bob? bob) is listening in to the police radio bc he misses being a hero & wants#the rush of those glory days back??? it's like dimitri has all these hangups abt why he can't be in the club anymore but there's something#inside him that still wants it like listening in on the radio is feeding that thing while also keeping him on the sidelines where he's safe#maybe joining the journalism club was his meager attempt at still contributing#bc the activity club is something he really does care about and while being in it was too overwhelming maybe this is something he can do#or who knows maybe im just over speculating or i could be way off base!! //obligatory disclaimer in case im wrong LMAO#either way im v curious to know how suzy doesn't know dimitri was in the activity club or if she does how in the world did he#convince her that he doesn't know anything. exactly how long ago did dimitri leave the club. i need answers#in conclusion dimitri is a Mysterious and Good boy and i love him. the end
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burr-ell · 3 years ago
hot take: portraying one person being Your Everything as a romantic ideal isn’t any more healthy and mature than thinking ‘he’s mean to you because he likes you’ is Love™ at its finest and people are allowed to like one or both of those tropes regardless
#every time you say 'kl is the dumb relationship you have as a teenager uwu sk is the Mature™ one you have as an Adult'#another animator headdesks so hard they break their cintiq in half#sk shippers mostly like the ship because k is so devoted to s and they perceive that s is k's everything and call it romantic#that's...really...not romantic#having one human being be your everything is incredibly unhealthy#making one person the center of your universe and the source of your happiness without whom you're a shell of yourself#yikes#that puts way too much on both your mental health and the shoulders of a flawed human being who will inevitably fail you#because that's what people are like#and i'm not even convinced that's the dynamic in the show#i also don't see where s is uniquely attached to k beyond 'i'm so proud of the person you grew into that i always knew you could be'#so to me that devotion comes off as one-sided#which is great for the mentor-protégé relationship#for a romance ? not so much my good dudes#'if one of them was a girl everyone would ship it!' they wouldn't.#y'know why?#because twilight exists#even without edward being edward people called out how bella turning into a vegetable when he left shows way too much investment in him#look saying 'ship what you want' probably sounds like a backhanded platitude after a rant like this but i really do mean that#everyone has different preferences and ways of looking at things#but if i already didn't care for something#then getting on your high horse about how Your Thing Is The Paragon Of Maturity And Goodness#isn't going to change my mind#and it's just going to make what i didn't care for about Your Thing more pronounced#anyway. most sk shippers don't do this and just want to ship their thing and be left alone and they are Valid#but this is an undercurrent on many sides and it's really annoying and sanctimonious#sheith critical#voltron discourse#crit tag
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