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@flintsredhair tagged me, thank you!! here we go
rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better
1. nicknames: Joe, which is just the english version of my fist name but i go by my second name most of the time so: Lex, Ali or Fuckface
2. gender: male
3. star sign: Leo
4. height: 5′5″ (i know. puberty failed me)
5. time: 15:32 
6. birthday: 18th August
7. favorite bands: The Script, Green Day, Against me!
8. favorite solo artists: Bruce Springsteen
9. song stuck in my head: Legends never die by Against the current
10. last movie i watched: RocknRolla
11. last show i watched: Black Sails
12. when did i create my blog: This one? like…a couple of days ago :D
13. what do i post: Black Sails. I had to make a new blog bc my main was getting flooded with all my flinthamilton feelings
14. last thing i googled: Talon AD build 
15. do i have any other blogs: yes. only eight next to this one (i have a lot of obsessions ok)
16. do i get asks: nope i don’t think anyone has noticed my existence yet hehe
17. why i chose my url: because this is 99% screaming about flinthamilton and people should know that from the start
18. following: 111
19. followers: 35 (i just started this blog don’t hurt me)
21. average hours of sleep: currently? 2
22. lucky number: numbers are evil
23. instruments: piano and clarinet and a bunch of selftaught shit like guitar, bass, violin, tin whistle and saxophone
24. what am i wearing: jeans and a t-shirt 
26. dream job: i mean i’m going to be a teacher but if i could choose, actor.
27. dream trip: Scotland, Greece, New Zealand ofc, Rome..i’d also like to see SF once again but i’m not too keen to visit the USA while their president is orange
28. favorite food: Tuscan chicken Mac ‘n cheese
29. nationality: German
30. favorite song right now: Racing in the street or Streets of Philadelphia i can’t fuckin choose
tagging @bean-about-townn @sexonthebeachisadrink @wolfstarforever @thrandy-themajestic @hamiltonthomas @jack-rackhams-sunglasses (that ain’t 20 i know sue me)
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Thanks anon for those very nasty asks, really makes me want to remain a depressed hermit and not continue with a hobby I love
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Encanto headcanons:
-Mirabel is the only Madrigal grandchild who knows how to sew, knitt and do embroideries (Julieta taught her, Isabela tried to learn too but he just could NOT). People sometimes say making clothes must be Mirabel’s Gift; they mostly say it as a joke but Mirabel always feels very happy when she hears it. Camilo makes that “joke” a lot because he wants his primita to feel special.
-Isabela was always good at flirting with men because they didn’t make her nervous but, once she was out of the closet enough that she wanted to try flirting with girls, she found out she was a mess at it. She gets so nervous she can’t even talk. One time, she tried to ask out a girl but she got so scared she made a giant wave of red columbines and carnations.
-Luisa used to be a fat kid before she turned 5 and started to work out and get buff. This makes sense, I mean, her mom is such a great cook and she seems like someone who likes to spoil her children so Luisa probably ate lots of cakes and arepas and whatever Julieta wanted to make that day. To this day, Luisa still has a big apettite and a sweet tooth but, now, she just burns off all those calories by lifting burros.
-Dolores knows sign language (Colombian Spanish Sign Language, that is) and uses it sometimes when she doesn’t feel like speaking aloud. She makes friends with lots of HoH people and she’s great with HoH kids, they love her. Mariano quickly learns how to deal with Dolores having hearing overload and panic attacks and he starts talking to her in sign language when he sees she’s nervous (because Mariano is a himbo and he’s perfect)
-Camilo can make up new faces and voices to shape to out of his imagination if he REALLY concentrates. They started experimenting with this and now they’re trying to shift into a more feminine-looking and sounding version of his default form. They still haven’t thought of a name for her so Camila is a place holder for now.
-Antonio goes around freeing animals from circuses and zoos and bad owners. Eventually, his room just becomes a whole ass jungle. There’s just an elephant walking around and no one knows where he found it. The elephant’s name is Maya. Yes he names the animals and he always makes sure they like the name. 
-People interested in dating a Madrigal already know they can’t give them flowers... for obvious reasons (flowers are a terrible gift when your roommate is a flower machine). So anyone who wants to ask out a Madrigal needs to come up with more creative gifts than that. Mariano found out Dolores likes collecting jewelry and starts using that. Luisa will fall in love with anyone who gives her chocolates. Mirabel likes getting poems and songs dedicated to her. Camilo really likes receiving drawings, even if they’re badly done, he treasures them forever. Isa’s girlfriend once gave her a flower pot for her plants and it was the best gift she ever got; she really likes when people give her pots and vases and let her fill them with whatever plant comes to her.
-I can’t choose which I like more: ace/aro Bruno or gay Bruno. They’re both soooo good. If he’s gay, I can see his sobrinas trying to get him a date. But aromantic Bruno is good, too. 
-Julieta can heal sickness and injury, not dissability. She can’t heal Mirabel’s eyes or a person who can’t walk or hear. She can also ease pain with her food, which means all the Madrigal women ask Julieta for food to deal with shark week pain once a month. Julieta keeps some food to herself, stuffed away in some corners of her room for the rare day when she feels sick.
-Alma is very glad Casita is big enough to support all her adult children and their spouses and kids and Casita keeps getting bigger everytime a new family member comes around. She really doesn’t want the kids to move out, if they did, she’d probably get empty nest syndrome. She gets really bored when she’s alone which is why she’s so glad she has Casita with her always, she’s never alone. 
-Pepa is a horrible liar. The weather always gives her away. She hates it. Whenever she lies, it gets really foggy and every one knows. This made it super easy for Alma to catch her lying when she was a teenager. 
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Ok, just wanted to make sure! Can I get kissing, cuddling and general dating headcanons for Hunter? Thank you!
general dating hunter headcanons
Tumblr media
summary: @the-chaotic-ferret requested: “Can I get kissing, cuddling and general dating headcanons for Hunter? Thank you!”
a/n: i am so tired but !!!! requests as written by a hungover teenager
warning(s): none !!
general headcanons
- ohhhh boy 😨
- this kid.
- this so so whipped for you
- it takes his hard head a while to process it but once he knows it becomes too obvious
- and then everyone but you know !!!! wooo obliviousness !!!!
- but once y’all start dating. you’re the dry hands to his sweaty hands
- he DEMANDS to wear his gloves while holding your hand during the first few weeks bc of it
- “(y/n) i will not hold this lovely hand of yours without my glove. i will not allow it”
- insert you as that one video of the dog that swallowed a bee
- he brings you flowers a lot i imagine 🤔
- like
- he found the flowers on his walk to your house
- and was late because one, he got lost, and two, he wanted to make sure the flowers were absolutely perfect for you
- this boy. loves the way you hold him when the two of you hug
- one of his favorite things
- and your constant reassurance that he’s a good boyfriend brings him to tears a lot
- after the events of any sport in a storm he’d be at your doorstep
- knocking on the door in the most neurodivergent way (there is no way this kid is neurotypical - a neurodivergent person)
- and when you open the door all sleepy and in your pjs
- he lifts you over his shoulder and plops you on the couch and starts rambling about his new friends and you help him set up a penstagram
- you’re his first follower and it makes him so happy 🙁
- after the events of hollow mind however 😨
- he comes over and cries into your shoulder until he fully dozes off
- and you wish more than anything that you could take his pain away
- overall 11/10 sweet boy would kiss on the cheek
kissing headcanons
- i picture that he doesn’t like pda very much
- even in jealous scenarios
- so if you do kiss in public it’s very quick so people don’t really bat an eye
- but when you’re in private zoowee mama 😨
- this man will kiss every part of you (not those parts nastys 🤨 he’s 16)
- he loves to kiss your forehead soooo much
- and loves how you squish his face and smile at him so fondly before planting a kiss on his lips
- he loves how warm your lips are
- is a sucker for that “can i try some of your chapstick?” and then you just kiss him thing
- he got a little dizzy
- you initiated the first kiss 100%
- idk how it would go down but he’d probably ask then start apologizing profusely at your stunned silence
- and you just “damn okay” and grab his collar and drag him down or up to kiss you
- maybe he did that thing where he kicks the one leg up while kissing you
- he’s dramatic but we love him !!!!!
cuddling headcanons
- hunter big/little spoon switch truthers unite
- he prefers to be held so tightly
- it’s nice for him to know that he’s safe with you
- the first time y’all cuddled i’m picturing he just puffed his chest and “i’m a Man 🤨 big spoon is a job for me 👹”
- then you held him and just. “nvm i am a changed person”
- loves laying on your chest and listening to your heartbeat
- it soothes him and is one of his only ways of easily getting to sleep
- if you’re friends with anyone in the bad girl coven and you wear the shirt hunter will not sleep on you
- he just >:O traitor
- olivia rodrigo was played that night god bless 😟
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you are the only one
pairing: adrian chase x reader (gn pronouns, gn sex descriptions, wears a dress/long hair/jewelry/make-up)
rating: e+
word count: 8,791
one-sentence synopsis: you and adrian have to pretend to be in a relationship for a mission, but you're already in a secret relationship, and this would be a lot fucking easier if adrian didn't look this good in a suit.
author's note: this was just indulgent!! just very self-indulgent!! also i started rewatching peacemaker and i'm unhinged!! i want us to wear fancy clothes and go bonkers on each other!! and he's not even real!! that is all!! sorry i wasn't very active tonight i was determined to finish this and upload it!!!!! and again, for pre-emptive clarity: features reader with gender-neutral pronouns, and gender-neutral sex descriptions, but the reader is wearing a dress, long hair, jewelry, and make-up because that's what i'd want to be wearing and i'm nb and really this is so so soooo self-indulgent so!!
read on ao3!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s not often that you actually get to go out on a mission that could be considered fancy, but, tonight, that’s exactly what you’re doing.
The basic rundown of the mission isn’t all that difficult. It’s Emilia’s responsibility to get close to your target, a wealthy older Swiss fellow who apparently needs to be very covertly killed. She’s meant to get close enough to do the job— it was recommended they poison him but, knowing Emilia, she’ll probably end up luring him away to just shoot him in the face or something simpler— while Chris serves as her backup.
They work well enough, especially with Emilia with her hair done and makeup in place and a shockingly stunning gold dress on. She doesn’t like to dress up; you rarely ever see her in clothes that aren’t also tactical and/or practical. The effect, as a result, is a little overwhelming, because she is beautiful and she so rarely shows that off. Chris is meant to be playing the role of her bodyguard, but he keeps just— staring at her. Which, you figure, is fair enough, because she does look incredible, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for his character to be infatuated with hers, so nobody says anything.
It’s an open secret that they’re already essentially together, anyways. Not like with you and Adrian, whose relationship is still a secret secret, kept hidden under wraps. You worry often about what would happen if any of the higher-ups found out that you had started a relationship with somebody you weren’t even supposed to be working with in the first place.
They barely let Adrian join the team at all in the first place. You’re not about to go and fuck it all up for him just because you’re in stupid love with him.
Besides, he agrees with you that you should keep your relationship secret. Though, of course, he’s more worried about what he refers to as one of his “many, many, many evil nemeses” getting their hands on you.
“Babe, I’m a superhero,” he had said to you, like he was Superman or Captain America and not the masked instigator of half of Evergreen’s fights. To you, though, he’s a greater superhero than the rest combined, so you’d just nodded, unable to stop smiling. “There are so many people who would want to use you to get to me. Like, so many. I can’t let that happen.”
You both had your reasons, and, right now, those reasons were too important for the two of you to reveal your relationship. To you, it was enough that you were with each other at all. Eventually, you’ll have to do something— You’ve already told each other, “I love you,” eventually this is going to have to go somewhere.
Today, though, is luckily not that day.
However, a big part of you wishes it was, because you think you’re about to actually go insane otherwise.
Because John and Leota had opted to stay behind in your team’s new van and provide behind-the-scenes support, the tech and tactics John’s so good at and Leota wants to be better at, you and Adrian had been the ones assigned to monitor Emilia and Chris while you were all inside the lavish hotel ballroom together. The cover Emilia’s assigned to you is a married couple that’s visiting the city. You’ve been invited to this party— which isn’t really a party like parties you go to, but seems like more of a gala like you’d seen in movies— because a friend of a friend of “yours” is here. It’s all made up, but you’re used to going undercover. You can sell this.
It is the responsibility of you and Adrian to keep an eye on Emilia and Chris all night. Don’t let anyone get too close; keep track of any suspicious figures; make sure nobody gets hurt. Pretty basic. You could do a mission this easy in your sleep; you don’t even think you’re going to have to shoot anybody tonight. By the end of the night, you’re all supposed to go to the hotel rooms you’ve been assigned, sleep there, and regroup in the morning. When you’d asked why you all had to stay, Emilia said it was less suspicious than if someone checked later and saw you were the only guests who had neglected to stay afterwards.
So, really, it’s not that bad. You just have to have your friends’ backs, eat some nice food, and sleep in a fancy hotel room. Really, it’d be nice if all missions were like this.
The major problem here has nothing to do with the target, or the gala, or the mission itself. It has to do with your assignment, with Adrian’s assignment, with your roles together; it has to do with what you’ve been told to do, and what you’ve been dressed in—
—Which, you can’t be too mad about. Your clothes fit you perfectly, shimmering and ornate and just— fancy, much fancier than anything you’ve ever owned before, or even worn before. Even the fabric feels rich, so silkily textured beneath your fingertips. The material had practically slipped out of your fingers when you first lifted it out of the box Emilia had given to you. It was thin, nearly sheer; the material’s so dark blue that it nearly shimmers to black in some places, small drops of brightness beaded throughout. It drapes off your shoulders, hugs your frame tightly down your body. At your waist, the tight bodice of the dress flows into a looser skirt; a slit comes up the side of your right leg to stop shockingly high. The overall effect of the dress, when you put it on, is like stars in the night sky, or moonlight on water— light winking in and out of existence as you move, twisting in the mirror to examine it from all sides.
You’d protested the dress on instinct, telling her that you had no protection while wearing a dress like this, but she informed you that wearing a dress like this was your protection.
“You’re supposed to blend in,” she’d said, and then stepped in to adjust the front, checking the fit. “This is your armor. Now, turn around so I can button it and make sure it fits.”
It had fit you well enough, but Emilia had pinned it in a few places anyways, determined that it fit exactly right. It’s part of your costume, she told you; people as wealthy as you’re pretending to be would be wearing something bespoke, that fit them perfectly, so you have to, too.
The same had happened with Adrian, even if you hadn’t actually gotten to see his clothes yet. He’d been too embarrassed to show you then, even though you reminded him you’d see him in it eventually.
It’s not until you’re actually showing up at the coordinates Emilia gave you that you’ll get to see Adrian fully dressed.
You get there before he does, tragically, showing up in a parking lot you’ve all used as a pre-mission meeting spot before. It’s easy to find Chris, Emilia, Leota, and John already there. With your arrival, you’re all just waiting for Adrian.
When you get out of your car, already ready to go, John playfully whistles at you. You laugh, unable to stop yourself from actually blushing— partially because you’re not all that used to compliments on your appearance, and partially because you’re embarrassed, you never look like this in front of them. It feels strangely revealing, to be dressed so well in front of people who frequently see you at your worst; it’s like you feel like they’ll know it’s all fake, or something.
Chris and Emilia are dressed up, too, though, and they look incredible, and that doesn’t feel fake to you, so— maybe there is something real to their compliments of you. Emilia’s golden dress falls down her body like shimmering water, clinging tightly to each small dip and curve of her body. She has her hair straightened, sleek and shining and elegant; her makeup’s done even more beautifully and dramatic than normal, her eyes, just— stunning. She looks incredible. You’re not surprised seeing that Chris is having a hard time not looking at her. Even you’re having a hard time not looking at her.
For his part, Chris looks handsome, too. Emilia must have dressed him, because he actually looks muted, for once. She’s put him in all black, and he looks the perfect picture of an imposing bodyguard— even if he can’t stop looking at his supposed employer. You feel like you’re practically invisible next to them, even if you spent way longer than you would normally doing your hair and everything to make sure you looked as perfect as you could tonight.
For the mission. Obviously. Not for Adrian.
“You’re going to be taking this,” Emilia tells you, motioning you over to one of the two cars beside your team’s mission van. They’re impossibly nice, sleek and clean and new, a car you’ve never even seen before, let alone driven in. “Chase should probably drive.”
“What, don’t trust me?” you ask, examining the gleaming black exterior.
“No,” she says. “Because that’s not your role. He’s the head of the household, you’re—”
“The demure partner, I know,” you finish for her. “I read your whole bio you made up. You should be a playwright or something, it was pretty good.”
Emilia actually laughs, then says, “Glad you liked it,” and you can’t help smiling. It puts you at ease that she’s in a good mood. She’s relaxed, and you’re relaxing, and—
—And Adrian’s car is pulling up along the other side of the mission van. Your heart is instantly in your throat, the same way it usually ends up whenever you see him while there’s other people around. You always want so badly to go right to him, but you almost never can.
Tonight, the feeling is amplified, multiplied infinitely because of the way he looks. You have never seen him like this, never. Adrian’s usual wardrobe consists of one of only a few different options. He’s either in one of his favorite sweater-jeans combos; his Vigilante armor; shirts and shorts that are legally color atrocities; his work uniforms; or nothing at all, which seems to be his personal favorite when you’re alone at one of your places together.
You can count on one hand the amount of times you’ve seen him in actual formalwear. And this is more than just him wearing nice clothes because he’s trying to take you out to dinner somewhere he has to wear a tie. This is—
This is Adrian rounding his car in a suit. His clothes fit him so perfectly, and they’re so— so fucking nice, beautiful and dark. You can’t look away from him, from the broad spread of his shoulders in the well-fitting suit jacket, over his strong chest beneath the white dress shirt underneath, down his legs that feel impossibly fucking long in these pants, the way they’rethey’re fitted to his legs, tucked up around his body. His satiny-looking shirt is buttoned up to the top, a black bow tie in place at the center of his throat. He’s even combed his hair back, though the way his hair is curling can’t really be held back, already loosening in a couple places.
When you actually manage to focus on his face, he’s adjusting his glasses, a flush melting over his cheeks, spreading red up his ears. You linger over the dimples at the smiling corners of his mouth, the freckle by his eye, the tiny scars along his jaw. He’s cleaned the lenses of his glasses, you notice, and his eyes seem so bright through them.
His eyes don’t meet yours when you look at them, though. They’re below your eye level. They’re looking— right at you, burning over your body everywhere, moving from your throat down over your chest, your waist, your hips, your thighs, down and back up. You can’t stop yourself from blushing, too.
“Jesus, Adrian, put your eyes back in, you’re being a creep,” Chris says, and you snap back into yourself. You’re embarrassed, heart belatedly pounding. You hope nobody thinks too deeply about the way you were just fucking— eye-fucking each other in this parking lot.
“Sorry,” Adrian says. “I really— I wasn’t trying to be a creep, you just look stupid nice. Like, you should dress like that all the time, you look—” He huffs a little nervous laugh, says, “Ah, fuck, I’m being a little bit of a creep. I don’t mean to be. Uhh— This is— What if— Okay, so, this is me being normal and trying to be not creepy: you look really, really nice.”
You can’t help the smile that comes up at that. In the back of your mind, you wonder what Adrian would be saying if there weren’t people here and he could say anything he wanted. You wonder what he’d do, if he could do anything you wanted.
Your eyes flicker up to meet his again, and you make yourself be as normal as you can be, too, when you want to run and just— jump at him.
“You look really nice, too,” you tell him. “And you’re not being creepy, don’t worry. Not everyone has to be so distracted by Emilia that they can’t compliment anyone else.” You have to force yourself to smile at your own joke, to tear your eyes away from Adrian to look at Emilia instead. “Not that I blame him, obviously. You did a great job with all of us, thanks.”
“Don’t mention it,” Emilia replies. “Literally ever.” She tosses the keys to the sleek car you’re standing beside to Adrian. “The location’s already keyed into your car’s GPS. Remember, watch us until eleven, make sure you see my signal, and then go up to your room like you’re sick and going to bed early. There should be pajamas and toiletries— like, toothbrushes and all that shit— provided for you by the hotel, and I’ll have clothes for you to change into in the morning.” She hands you a hotel key in the form of a card, says, “Sorry, you’ll have to share a room tonight to keep up the act, but it’s got a huge bed so just— build a pillow wall so he doesn’t hump you while you’re sleeping.”
“Got it,” you reply, smiling up at Adrian as he draws closer, trying to make it clear to him— without making it obvious to everyone else— that that’s not necessarily unwelcome.
His eyes catch yours, blown mostly black; his movements are stiffer than normal, and you can’t help reaching out to catch him by the shoulders. He stiffens impossibly further, back straightening, shoulders spread. You slip the hotel key card and your phone into the inside pocket of his jacket to hold for you before fixing his lapel for him. Your fingertips reach for his collar next, straightening it out for him. Just to keep touching him, you continue moving to pick at the sleeves of his jacket, loosening them up a bit, giving him a little more movement.
When you reach up to fix the very top edge of his collar, you can feel his pulse rabbiting in his throat, impossibly fast. His skin is warm under your touch, and you exhale with a hint of a shake to your breath. When you glance up at him through your eyelashes, he’s already looking at you. This close up, it’s hard not to drag your palms flat down his chest and yank his hips into yours and just— beg him to do— something, anything, but you make yourself just smile, even as the backs of your knees sweat.
“There you go,” you tell him, taking your hands off him. He exhales, but doesn’t step away, leaving it to you to do it.
You separate, making to head for the passenger side door, but Emilia says, “Wait, hold on,” and you turn back, brow furrowed. She’s fishing through the tiny bag she’s carrying before she holds something out. Adrian reaches out automatically, and she drops whatever it is into his palms. “There’s your wedding rings.”
“Congrats,” Leota laughs. Your pulse jumps, even though it’s fake, even though there’s no way Leota actually knows anything. “Should I have gotten you something?”
“Haha,” Adrian says, out loud. You glance up at him, bewildered. “Yeah, because— it’s fake, so— There’s no real— Anything. That’s super funny, actually.”
There’s a beat of silence before you try to salvage his brief mental lapse, saying quickly, “So, are you going to give me mine, or are we already divorced?”
Adrian’s eyes snap to yours. His fingers briefly curl around the matching rings in his palm before he steps closer to you again, reaching for your right hand. He pauses, reconsiders, then reaches for your left.
“That was my left,” he comments, humor and anxiety lacing his tone. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you reply. He takes your hand in his, slips the ring onto your left ring finger.
For a moment, the two of you just stare at it.
Then, you say, “Okay, let me,” and take his to do the same for him. You slide it on, then turn his hand over, running the pad of your thumb over the band. “This is really nice.”
“And here,” Emilia says, fishing through her bag. She motions to you, says, “Come here.”
You step closer, and she gives you another ring. This one is less of a band, and you realize it’s meant to be an engagement ring.
“Almost forgot,” Emilia says, and you want to just— lay down and breathe, for a second, but you have to make yourself be normal.
You slip it on, avoiding looking at Adrian again as you do so, while Emilia busies herself fixing a heavy jeweled necklace around your throat. You shift it where it sits, readjusting the weight against your chest; Emilia moves to your ears next, slipping earrings in that probably cost more than your own fucking car. You should definitely be getting paid more than you are.
“There,” Emilia finally says. She sweeps your hair up and back. “Alright, perfect. You actually do look really nice.”
“Thanks,” you reply, “though I could do without the surprise,” and she laughs again.
“We ready to go?” John asks, hauling open the back door of the van so Leota can climb in.
“Yeah, c’mon,” Emilia says. She pushes her keys into Chris’ hand, says, “You’re driving me,” before she turns to you and— you think— fucking— winks at you.
You’re not sure you saw it, before you have to move and get into the car. You’re pretty sure you didn’t, actually, but— it would be funny if you did.
You climb into the passenger’s side of the sleek vehicle, slipping down into the low seat, the material of it soft and warm beneath you. When you’re sitting inside, you tug the door shut and turn only to find Adrian already beside you.
“When we get there,” Adrian says, “You should let me get out and get the door for you. It’s— It’s probably what Jack would do.”
Your characters for the night are Jack and Morgan Curtis, a newly-married couple; you are just supposed to be a trophy partner, whereas Adrian’s character is meant to be some wealthy media investor. His bio also said he was very shy, and prefers to spend time alone with only his partner— which you assume is Emilia’s way of trying to avoid letting Adrian talk too much and allowing something to slip by accident.
“Okay,” you agree. Adrian draws his driver’s side door closed behind him, then exhales.
Looking down at the wheel, he says, “I’m not gonna crash this. Right?”
“Right,” you agree. He takes another breath before actually moving to start the car. When the engine snarls, pushing a light little vibration through the car, you can’t help leaning back a bit, getting comfortable in your seat.
Adrian glances over at you, then forcibly looks away, eyes snapping violently forward.
“P— Do you think they can hear me?” Adrian asks abruptly, voice dropping down.
You glance backwards, then towards him again, shaking your head.
“I want to fuck you so bad right now,” Adrian tells you in a rush, his head still down. He’s staring hard at the car’s little screen; you can see his pulse throbbing in his throat, his face pinking again. “Oh, my God, I’m so fucking hard right now, I’m going to go insane, I don’t know how the fuck I’m gonna do this without cumming in my pants.” You huff a tiny laugh, heat throbbing between your own legs. “No, I mean it, I’m serious, I’m so fucking— See, here, feel— No, wait, don’t—”
“Adrian, goddamnit,” you laugh, a little breathless. “We still have three hours until eleven o’clock. Fuck, we still have to get there.”
“Good fucking luck with that,” Adrian replies. “Can I even drive like this? Wait, hold on—” He reaches down, readjusts his dick in his suit pants. You look down, then back up quickly. He wasn’t lying; he’s very hard, and it’s impossibly obvious, when he’s grabbing it in his own hand. “Okay, f— fuck, there.”
You close your eyes for a moment, then look out the window, just trying to breathe. You hear Adrian take another deep breath himself before he’s buckling himself in and moving to start driving.
“Buckle up,” Adrian tells you. “It’s the law.”
You smile to yourself again as you do as he says. “Would you kill me if I didn’t?”
He considers your question for a moment before replying, “No. But that’s not an invitation to break the law, just because I have a soft spot for you, alright? Because people are gonna figure me out if that happens.”
“Oh, yeah, sure,” you reply, still smiling. He nods, eyes fixed ahead on the road.
The air in the car is— impossibly warm, and thick, and charged. At least, to you, it is— and you think it is to Adrian, too, because his muscles are all still stiff as he drives. He’s keeping all of his focus on the road, which, for Adrian, means his mind is definitely somewhere else, because he can’t really ever do just one thing at a time.
Eventually, you can’t take it anymore, and you tell him, “I think you look— insanely good tonight. And it makes me feel kind of crazy that nobody knows about us because part of me wants to just— kiss you so fucking hard—” You bite your words back, say, “I’m sorry, that’s not helping—”
“No,” Adrian replies, a little strangled. You don’t know if that’s a, ‘No, it’s not helping,’ or a, ‘No, please, keep going,’ so you risk leaning over the center console between you a bit. There are low blue lights in the car, casting his handsome face in sharp shadows, defined by the angles of his jaw, his cheekbones, his nose, his brow. He glances at you, eyelashes casting a shadow down his cheek.
You can’t really resist him, especially not now that you’re alone. You chance another shift, leaning up to gently press your lips to his lower cheek, close to the line of his jaw.
Adrian’s grip tightens on the steering wheel until his knuckles are white, and he says, “We have a mission, we have a mission, we have a mission,” over and over on a loop, like he’s trying to remind himself of that fact.
You pull away from him, making yourself let him go. You practically have to push yourself against the passenger’s side door in the car, near the comparatively-cold glass of the window, just to cool yourself down. When you turn back to Adrian, you see him glancing down at the GPS screen, then starting to make a turn. He flicks on his fucking directional, then executes a madman’s turn, winging around the corner.
You reach over, letting your fingertips rest just inside his elbow. The fabric is silky-soft beneath your touch, and you glide upwards until your fingers are gliding over his on the wheel.
Adrian takes that one hand off the wheel so he can turn it over in yours. After a beat, he glances down, then draws the back of your hand up to his mouth. He presses his lips to the fine bones in the back of it. After a beat, the kiss pushes a little firmer. The throb of heat between your legs is pretty much impossible to ignore.
Adrian separates you, then, letting your fingers thread with his as he draws your hand away from his mouth. Tangled up, your hands rest between the two of you. You stroke your thumb over the strong back of his hand.
“I wish I could give you road head,” you comment, and Adrian accidentally flicks on the turn signal again. Face pink, he turns it back off, eyes fixed ahead.
“We’re going to be there in two minutes,” Adrian tells you.
“I think I could still get it done,” you reply,
Adrian makes a strangled noise. “Please, I think I’ll die, and we’ll crash, and then you’ll die, but—” You let your fingers drift up the soft skin inside his wrist for a moment. “—But, you know, I’m actually a pretty good driver, and you’re pretty good at sucking dick, so maybe we c—”
“You have reached your destination,” the tiny, robotic voice of the GPS says, and Adrian bangs his fist on the wheel.
“Motherfucker,” he curses. “You fucking— cockblock GPS, you’re a bag of fucking dicks—”
A valet waves Adrian up, and he instantly changes his entire demeanor, beaming at the guy. He rolls his window down, says, “What’s up?”
The valet hesitates, like he’s not sure he wants to say something. He chances it, though, and says, “You have to— step out of the vehicle, sir.”
Adrian blinks up at him, then says, “Oh, d— Yeah, right. Yes, of course.” And then actually parks the thing to get out. He practically sprints around the car to get to your side before you can get your hand on the handle, jerking it open for you.
He holds out his hand to you, and you take it. You are, actually, grateful for his help standing; you wobble for a second, climbing out of the low car, but he steadies you, keeping his hand in yours, reaching to balance you by the shoulder. When he offers you his arm instinctively, you take it, looping your own through his.
“I wish I had more guns,” Adrian whispers to you as he helps you up the hotel stairs. The entire place seems old as shit, like it’s from a hundred years ago, all huge cream columns and beautiful statues and rich, lush carpeting. There are incredibly strange and intriguing paintings on the walls that you examine as Adrian scopes out the other guests. He’s doing what he always does, you know that: automatically looking for every way he could kill everyone in your immediate vicinity.
“I have a knife strapped to my thigh,” you tell him, voice low. He glances down at you in a snap, then looks up again, eyes scanning the lavish hotel lobby.
After a beat, he says, “Oh, shit. We’re supposed to be married.”
You’re about to ask what he means by that phrasing, exactly, but then he’s ducking down to press a kiss to your cheek. It doesn’t have any finesse, just a quick, smushing press, his glasses digging into your temple before he withdraws.
That’s when you get what he means. The two of you can be as close as you want tonight. Everything you usually suppress— every kiss you want to give him, every touch, everything— can come up and out tonight, spilling right out of you. You’re allowed to do any of it, all of it. The others will just see it as you being good at your job, if you do.
You turn to look up at him, reaching to touch the side of his face. He looks briefly startled, for a moment, before his eyebrows lift and he’s smiling. You guide him down into a soft kiss— your first like this— and your heart leaps up into your throat. You’re glad that it would be too obvious for you to have an earpiece; only Chris has one tonight. If Leota or John needs to tell you anything, Chris will have to pass you the message. That means you can’t hear them— and they can’t hear you.
You shift into him slightly. When you twist up, you can see the light of the chandelier above your heads reflecting over his face, in his bright eyes. You hadn’t even noticed it before; you’ve been too distracted by Adrian.
It says a lot, you think, that this is one of the nicest places you’ve ever been invited to go to, let alone been, and you’re too focused on Adrian to notice any of the finer details. Instead, you’re just captivated by him as you lean up into him, reaching up to thread your hand through his soft curls, feeling the light product he’s combed through it under your fingers.
“That’s true,” you reply, heart racing. You lean in closer, adding, “Husband,” and his cheeks flush pink. You drag your touch along his face, your thumb pressing into the freckle beside his eye.
All his breath punches out of his lungs, and he says, “Oh, my God, I think you found a new kink for me. I kind of want to be married to you so fucking hard— Oh, shit, should we get each other pregnant?”
“Adrian,” you whisper softly.
Adrian makes a soft whining noise, then hisses to you quickly, “No, my name is Jack, remember?”
You kiss the line of his jaw before releasing him. He doesn’t let you go far, reaching down to snag you around the waist. He’s a little too jerky to be subtle, but that’s okay, if he’s supposed to be shy and newly married. You think he’s giving off the honeymoon phase vibe pretty well.
“Well, Jack,” you reply. “You have three hours to keep it together before we can go up to our room. Do you think you can handle it?”
Adrian shakes his head automatically. “But I’ll try,” he tells you, impossibly earnest.
You huff another laugh, not sure of your own abilities, either. You push up into him one last time, drawing him into a proper kiss. He smiles, briefly, before you deepen the kiss, parting your lips so he gets the hint.
His hands reach up, threading into the intricate weave of your hair as he draws in closer to you, licking into your mouth for a moment. You feel the fleeting press of his hard cock against your thigh before he’s withdrawing again, chest heaving, practically yanked backwards.
Actually yanked backwards, you realize, as Chris and Emilia pass you by, and Chris subtly grabs Adrian by the back of the jacket and jerks him away from you.
“Keep it subtle, dude, you’re gonna freak ‘em out,” Chris hisses to him on the way past. You don’t think you’re supposed to hear that; judging by the way Adrian’s eyes dart to yours, you think you definitely weren’t supposed to. You wonder how long Chris has been trying to set the two of you up, not knowing you’re already together.
“Okay,” Adrian breathes. He shakes himself out as Chris and Emilia leave, passing you by to continue onward into the ballroom. Exhaling, tilting his head so his neck cracks to one side, then the other, Adrian attempts to refocus on the mission. He starts guiding you to follow after Chris and Emilia into the ballroom, saying, “Alright. Let’s do this. We can do this, I can do this. I’m a professional. I am not going to cum in my pants—” as you laugh at him, hoping desperately he’s right— about the both of you, honestly.
— — — — —
There’s only about half an hour left to go, and you very deeply, sincerely, genuinely don’t think you and Adrian are going to make it.
The entire night, the two of you have only been getting— closer, and closer, and closer to the edge. It’s by the grace of some fucking god you don’t even believe in that the two of you make it through the dinner part of the evening without anything illegal happening in public. His hand does push your skirt up to trace along the bare inside of your thigh more than a few times, but you keep enough strength of will to keep pushing him away.
You’re weakening more every moment, though. As the night wears on, the two of you really start losing your handle on yourselves. You can’t keep your hands off each other. The fact that you’re not only allowed to be doing this with each other, but encouraged to, is making the both of you a little bit unhinged.
You’d had drinks next before music had started and you’d been encouraged to dance. The night was coming to a close, and Emilia was drawing nearer to your target. You and Adrian are both half-keeping an eye on her and Chris, half-focused on each other.
Adrian had held his hand out to you, and said, keeping his voice low, “I don’t really know how to dance, but I’m willing to try,” and you just couldn’t resist that.
You’d taken his hand, and Adrian had drawn you close, and then it didn’t matter if he didn’t know how to dance. Just being close was enough, and the music had gotten slow, and you just— how the fuck could you say no to something like this? You’re usually not allowed to touch him in front of your friends, and now you’re basically being told to dry-hump him in a ballroom, for your job. It feels like a dream come fucking true.
Adrian lifts his eyes, watching Emilia as she finally gets close enough to the mission target to strike up a conversation with him. Adrian spins you, just slightly, so you can both watch subtly, sideways.
You both see as Emilia drops something in his drink without anybody looking, Chris’ bulk covering the only camera with eyes on her from the angle they scouted previously. You’re experts, you’re good at this.
Emilia turns to you then and inclines her head, then signals to you with a glancing motion along her hip. You nod your head in return, returning your attention upwards to Adrian.
“All set,” you inform him, voice low.
“Mission accomplished,” Adrian says, throat tight.
“Well,” you reply. “First mission accomplished.”
Adrian’s eyes are dark, his face flushing as you slip a little closer to him. One of his hands drifts down, slipping just beneath the slit cutting up your dress, gliding up your thigh to find your hip beneath the material.
The juxtaposition of the Adrian you usually know and this Adrian is just— incredible. You love everything about him, and seeing him dressed up like this is so— so— so. He’s such a fun guy, and goofy, and he’s an excellent murderer, but so rarely do you see him dressed up. It’s impossible how handsome he is; you feel a little wild, knowing that anyone else can see him right now. You want him all to yourself.
With the way he’s looking at you, so hungry as to seem fucking starving, you think he might just be feeling the same way about you. The edge of that thought has your skin prickling in the darkness of the ballroom, beat pounding through you. Your skin is prickling with heat.
“Sorry I’m not so good at dancing,” Adrian says. “I’m good at, like, other kinds of dancing, though. If you ever wanted to go out. I could definitely take you. Or I could learn— Aah,” he bites off near your ear when you slip your arms up behind his head., winding to tangle your wrists at the nape of his neck. “Oh, fuck—”
“I think you’re pretty good at it,” you murmur upwards to him. You take his hips in your hands, helping him move along to the rhythm with you.
You can feel Adrian’s heart galloping where he’s pressed against you. Yours is paced to match, thundering in your chest, up into your throat. Every shift of his body against yours with the music has your blood pulsing madly through your body, surging down to your core, beating between your legs. You can barely breathe when he drops his head down, cheek dragging along yours. You don’t care if it does anything to your makeup; it’s about to very severely not matter anyways.
“Oh, shit, I’m going to lose it,” Adrian murmurs near your ear. “Please, please, please, are we done? I promise we can go dancing some other time, but, fuck, I’ve spent, like, three hours just getting harder and harder and I think I’m going to fucking die—”
“Okay, yeah,” you breathe. “We can be done, I can— I can— What am I doing?”
“Playing sick,” Adrian says, dropping into your throat. “Pretend you’re about to shit yourself or something so we can get out of here.”
You huff a laugh, then draw away from him. You drag your hands down, over your own stomach, then lean into him. If anyone were watching, they’d see you weakening, leaning into him. They probably don’t know why your face is flushed all red and your knees are nonexistent, so you use it to your advantage.
“Oh, no,” Adrian says loudly, in the affected little voice he’s adopted for this character. “You don’t look good, darling,” and the endearment rolls off his tongue so well that a bolt of lightning crackles down your spine. “I think you should lay down, you look awful.”
He drops down and scoops you up into his arms. Apparently, it doesn’t matter to him that people don’t just— do that, scoop their spouses up off of the floor in ballrooms when they’re wearing fucking gowns, and there’s something about that that’s even more endearing than you thought possible. And— fucking hotter than you ever thought possible.
“Let me take you to our room,” Adrian begs you. It’s not so much an instruction as it is a plea. Hopefully, nobody’s actually paying enough attention to notice the exact cadence of his tone. “Make you all— all better.”
You have to fight back a laugh. Instead, you turn your face into his chest. If he’s going to carry you, you’re going to play up needing to be carried, weak in his arms. You know you’re not supposed to want to feel weak— and you’re not, and you don’t, but— but there’s something really comforting about letting him take care of you, and something erotic about how badly he wants to do it, and you’re just— overwhelmed by how much you love him.
You’re also overwhelmed by how badly you want him to fuck you, but you’re so close now, you just have to— focus on getting there.
Adrian carries you to the elevators, pressing the up button with his elbow. He’s watching the numbers ticking above the doors, for a moment, before he glances down at you. When his eyes meet yours, you can see intent blazing there, hard, dark determination.
He exhales shakily, and looks up again. Staring straight ahead, he says, “I want to totally just— obliterate you. You make me feel crazy. Like I was born to climb inside you.”
You clutch at his suit jacket with your fingers. He gathers the skirt of your dress up so he doesn’t trip on it as he carries you into the elevator, your hands slipping the top buttons of his shirt free. You glide your palm along his heated skin beneath, seeking his chest, and he exhales in a punch.
“Please, we’re so close,” Adrian says. “Don’t make me cum in my pants here, I really think I’m gonna make it—”
As the elevator doors are dinging shut, you draw Adrian into a searing kiss. Away from eyes that are supposed to think you’re sick, you let Adrian dive into your mouth. He licks behind your teeth, pushing over to the wall of the elevator so he can use the railing there to balance your body. He kisses you so hard his teeth drag along the seam of your lips when he draws back; he makes a sharp little sound, strong muscles moving in his broad arms beneath you as he tries to keep his grip while losing his control.
The elevator dings again, the doors starting to open. Adrian nearly staggers before he remembers what he’s supposed to be doing, and then he’s hauling you down the hallway.
“Get the key card,” he tells you, and you reach inside his jacket to pull it out, as told. “What’s the—”
“1018,” you read the room number off the card. He’s reading the signs on the wall, then taking off. After a beat, he turns, realizing he’s supposed to be going in the opposite direction. He’s moving faster than you think you’ve ever seen him move, and you reach up, dragging his head down a bit so you can suck a kiss into the column of his throat.
Adrian groans, guttural and primal, as he finds the door and nearly slams into it. You reach to push the card into the slot in the door, and then Adrian’s kicking it in, the two of you fumbling with and at each other desperately, spilling through the doorway into the room.
You barely have time to notice anything about the room. Later, you’ll get to spend the rest of the night alternatively fucking each other in the suite’s enormous bathtub, and in the shower, and over the balcony edge, and on the long sofa in the little sitting area, but right now, Adrian doesn’t even stop to look at any of that. He heads right for the huge bed in the center of the suite’s bedroom, not hesitating, single-minded in his quest.
You have to agree with his methods, because you’re pretty much out of your mind yourself, by now. The bed is enormous, taking up most of the space in the bedroom, lavish, heavy curtains hung around the entire thing. He kicks open the curtain at the foot of the bed in dragging jerks before he’s throwing you down on the mattress.
The covers are so impossibly soft beneath you, just like the sheer, silken material of your dress, and the satiny glide of Adrian’s suit over your bare, hot skin. He shoves you up until your head is on plush pillows, dragging himself down between your legs.
“Fuck,” he groans, already pushing your dress up. He gathers the sheer material in his strong hands, trying his best not to rip it as he noses along the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. He finds the knife holster you told him about; smiling, he murmurs, “Gotcha, you little fucker,” before biting the clasp apart with his teeth.
The holster comes off, and he lifts it in his hand. Sitting up, he evaluates you, then removes the knife from the sheath.
He drops down over you, bringing the knife up to the hollow beneath your throat so he can drag the blade down. You keep it as sharp as you can, and so it easily parts the material of your dress, splitting it apart, exposing you like he’s unwrapping you, all your skin on display underneath. Your heart throbs beneath the glint of your blade in his hands. You’d opted to wear nothing underneath to avoid lines in your form-fitting clothes, and Adrian moans when he realizes, dropping down to bury his face in your belly.
“Holy fuck, oh, fuck,” Adrian curses into your skin. He drags down between your legs, his hand coming up to push your thigh slightly further apart. His eyes coast over your center, starving. “Please, can I—”
“Yeah,” you breathe, and he drops down over you, hungry, desperate to get his mouth on you. His tongue is— fucking insane, because all that talking he does is not for nothing. He knows how to use his mouth, his lips, his teeth, his tongue. He’s devouring you like he’s dying without you, like this is the only thing he actually wanted in his mouth tonight.
Adrian’s hand glides up over the fabric of your dress, dragging up roughly to your chest so he can thumb your nipple. You cry out, back arching; tilting your head down so you can see Adrian, you almost sob.
He’s still fully dressed in that fancy fucking suit, but he’s humping the mattress beneath him like he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. The unconscious movement just keeps— happening, his hips moving as his mouth works on you, lower lip dragging, and then his hand is dragging in closer, and you reach down to thread your hand through his thick hair. You can’t stop watching his dark head moving between your legs, and you can’t help it— You need to kiss him, now.
Watching him enjoy putting his mouth on you like this so much that he can’t fucking control himself, grinding down for friction because of how he feels giving you pleasure, you think you’re about to fucking pass out. You tug on his hair, and he lifts his eyes to you. Seeing the green shine of them meet you sends a jolt through you, and you say, “Pl— Adrian, please,” practically begging.
Adrian seems to get what you’re saying without you even saying it. He draws away from you so he can climb up between your legs, dropping down to brace himself on the bed beside you. He threads his fingers up through your hair, guiding you into a hard kiss; you can taste yourself in his mouth.
He makes a soft noise, then a harder one, reaching to push your dress further away so he can touch you anywhere, everywhere. His touch is practically tearing you apart; he is rending your dress in strips, destroyed where it lays in a pile along the edges of the bed. You hope Emilia won’t care, but you can’t bring yourself to care, right now. All you want is him.
Adrian guides himself to where he’s just had his mouth on you, where he’s just eaten you apart, sloppy and loose and wet. He almost seems to forget that he’s fully dressed himself.
“Fuck,” he curses, pushing back up onto his knees. He tears his jacket backwards off his arms, throwing it blindly backwards. His dress shirt joins it, bow tie practically ripped apart, buttons being torn off to fly and land in all random places across the hotel room. He practically breaks his pants opening them, but then, then he’s drawing his cock into his hand, melting with the relief of it. He groans, spine relaxing, wrapping his hand around it. “Oh, fuck, I’ve wanted this so fucking bad, oh, shit— I’m not gonna last—”
“I don’t need you to, just— Get in me,” you beg him, feeling so impossibly empty.
He doesn’t waste any more time. The mission was a success, and nothing else matters but the two of you, and you’ve been on the edge all night, and he’s finally, finally bringing his cock to your entrance and pushing in.
You swear, you fall apart around him. All your muscles start falling apart, and Adrian gathers you up in his arms, drawing you nearer. He fucks into you in a smooth slide.
Your name falls out of his mouth, and he falls over you, hand slamming down onto the soft sheets beside your head. His eyes find yours, and then he’s kissing you, finding a slamming rhythm with his thrusts into you. You grind up into him, grasping for him, grappling to get more friction. Mumbling his name into his mouth, you thread your fingers up through his hair, breath coming fast, faster. Heat and lust is gathering in your spine, pooling like lava, spreading like fire, and it’s all-consuming. It’s been building for so long that just feeling it is overwhelming.
When you look up at him above you again— at the strong lines of his face, at the dark sweep of his eyelashes above his light, bright eyes, at the shine of his this glasses still on his face so he can see you when he looks up at you, at the pink flush spreading across his handsome, sharp cheeks, over the freckle beside his eye, until you chase it up into his dark, sweat-slick hair— you’re falling apart. This is Adrian, the person you love more than anyone, and you just can’t fucking deal. He’s all you can think about, all you can feel, right now.
His hand comes up, dragging up your side, and you can feel the press of his wedding ring where it pulls along your skin. You’d forgotten about them, and it doesn’t matter if they’re fake; seeing it on your hand, feeling it on his, has you almost about to cum, just so close to the edge—
“Fuck, I love you,” Adrian says, like he knows. He drags you in for another kiss, says, “Oh, my God, you’re like— the hottest person ever, oh, God, I want to— I want to lock us in a room together until we die there, I just— I want— I want you forever, holy shit—”
The nonsense ramblings of his brain spill out of his mouth as he gets closer and closer to losing it. He’s falling apart, unable to keep his rhythm as his kisses along your throat grow sloppy, his grinds into your slick heat dragging and pulsing. He takes all of you, slams into you as fast as he can. He even pulls your leg up, hitches it so he can fuck deeper into you, and you drag him into another kiss.
It’s then that you tell him, “You have me forever,” and he cries out, kissing you with a loose jaw, unable to coordinate himself. He’s making out with you like he can’t breathe without you, his cock impossibly hard and thick inside you, taking you to pieces. “I’m yours, c’mon, Adrian, fuck—”
He yanks you back in for a half-biting kiss, your name falling off his lips in half-syllables down your throat as he cums inside you. He breaks off into gasping for breath, just trying to keep his mouth on you as he fucks you through his orgasm, unable to stop moving. It’s enough to drag your orgasm out of you, too; an explosion that sparks inside you, rocketing to blow a haze through your limbs and your mind until all there is is him.
As you come back into yourself, all you want is him, so you open your eyes to find him. He’s still keeping himself half-upright above you—
You realize it’s so he can look at you, his bright eyes fixed on you. He’s smiling, and you can’t help smiling back, automatic when you see him so happy.
“What is it?” you ask him.
“I kinda love you,” he tells you. It’s something you’ve said quite a few times to each other, now, but it still makes your stomach twist, your aftershocks rattling pleasantly through you. “I kinda wanna really marry you or something. Maybe we should— Maybe we should think about doing, like— relationship paperwork or something. Right? Like, something dumb like that, maybe? That says I’m yours and you’re— You’re mine, maybe—”
“Is that what you want?” you reply lazily, catching him. His red face goes even redder, caught, and you drag him in for a smiling kiss. He shifts slightly inside you; you both make soft sounds in response, broken off into each other. When you gather yourself, you ask, “You want me to say I’m yours? That I’m only yours, that—”
“Please,” he begs you, “give me, like— five minutes, babe, okay? I’ll get so hard, but right now— Oh, fuck, you have to stop looking so hot, you’re gonna make my dick explode—”
“Jesus fuck,” you laugh, and tug him into another kiss. He whines, dragging his hands along your sides, gripping you as tight as he can.
“Okay, two minutes, then,” he amends. Your next laugh disappears down his throat, and he’s already dragging you off the bed, intent on the bathtub he knows he saw on the way in here.
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yeostars · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
request: oooh hiiii!! i'm so happy to see you back!!! i would like to request seventeen reacting to their gf wearing tight clothes after only wearing baggy clothes for a long time, can be sfw or nsfw, whichever inspires you! :D
warnings: it’s not that nsfw… but it’s definitely spicy soooo this is me warning you
requests: they’re open but i’m really slow right now so bare with me.
Tumblr media
… JEONGHAN: his initial thought is to just stare without a care in the world. he would literally stop mid sentence and you could watch his eyes rake up and down your body, you’d probably have to click your fingers to get him back to reality. he would definitely show you how much he appreciated your body though physically touching you and kissing you, making you feel all pretty and such
… JOSHUA: he would notice straight away but he wouldn’t want to point it out in case you’d suddenly shy away and never wear clothes like that again because the last thing he wants is to make you feel uncomfortable. soon he would tell you how great you looked with a subtle blush across his cheeks that would go unnoticed if it wasn’t for the way he kept staring at you.
… WOOZI: whatever you wear this man will find you incredibly hot anyways, baggy clothes will not stop him from checking you out all the time. tight clothes only means that he’ll definitely have an arm wrapped around your waist more often because now he knows other people will check you out too, he definitely likes what he sees.
… SEOKMIN: number one hype man, the second he sees something tight on you hes whistling and asking you to give him a spin with a grin on his face. he knows that you have a gorgeous body and he loves when you feel confident to wear something tight so he’s dedicated to making you feel like the hottest mf on earth.
… SEUNGKWAN: person hypeman also, showering you in compliments but it’s nothing new because he always shows you affection no matter what you wear. eyes glued to your figure and growing shy whenever you smirk at him or call him out for it, but says you cant blame him
Tumblr media
… JUN: constant smirks and hand always brushing your waist when he so calls has to get past even though you both know he didn’t need to touch you to do that, but the shy smile on your lips is encouragement to keep going before soon enough he’s pressing against you telling you how great you look.
… MINGHAO: he’s kind of in awe at how much he loves you, will take pretty pictures of you to post while hyping you up from behind the screen. he’s a respectful man so he won’t stare too much, not unless you give him the green light if you know what i mean. then he’s all eyes on your body.
… HOSHI: wolf whistles all round, teases you about how you hide your perfect body under all those clothes away from his eyes, but keeps his teasing at bay because he enjoys when you show off your body because he does love it so much. constant kisses and holding you and next thing you know he wants the clothes off
… CHAN: he’s seen your body before but no matter how many times he’ll see it he will still stare like he never seen something so hot in his life. compliments roll off easily from his lips but they always end up sounding so dirty, just can’t help himself.
Tumblr media
… SEUNGCHEOL: he wouldn’t care what you like to wear or what your body is like but the second he’s exposed to the shape of you the man is weak in his knees to the point where he can’t keep it to himself and has to tell you how much you drive him crazy.
… WONWOO: he will use the excuse saying he doesn’t want anyone else to look at you as his way to cling onto your body the whole time, he will always have an arm around your waist but can’t help but let his fingertips wander around before you stop him.
… MINGYU: just imaging the tongue poking inside his cheek when he first sees you before a full blown smirk appears on his pretty lips because his mind betrayed him from staying innocent and he’s only thinking impure thoughts.
… VERNON: doesn’t think much of the tight clothes until you’re right next to him, then he can fully see how nicely the clothes hug your figure and he’s stumbling on his words as his cheeks redden.
Tumblr media
did you guys miss me ^^
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nakunakunomi · 3 months ago
Hazel hi! I see you added twst to your fandoms and your box is open soooo 👀 can I ask for some headcanons for Malleus. Azul and Vil where they get confessed to? Maybe while they were trying to figure out how to/when to/if they should confess? Idk I'm just here for fluff and laughs. Thanks if you do this! 💜 - Lisa
First twst Request! Keep em coming UwU, in the meantime I’ll just share my brainrot with y’all without anyone asking for it. These are becoming more and more broken up scenario’s than actual HC, and they are a little different from your request, you’ll see. Hope you dont mind! Sowwy! I Even left the bullet points away cause they just didn’t seem right. 
Confessing to Malleus, Azul, Vil 
2nd person, GN reader, no warnings, just fluff. Only warning is that these are LONG. Vil and Azul under the cut. 
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus had been spending a lot of time with you lately, even seeking you out at moments he felt like it had been too long since he last saw you. He wasn’t too sure of his feelings until Lilia pointed them out to them. It was a little strange, and he wasn’t too sure how to go about it. He’d never felt like this before. Sure, he wanted to be closer to other people, but like this? All new. 
You had been noticing him spending more time with you too. It was a welcome change of pace, as you had developed feelings for him pretty early on in your friendship. But with how socially awkward and out of touch Malleus sometimes could be, you didn’t want to ruin what you had by potentially pushing him away with too intense a feeling on your side.
But, lately, he had been seeking you out more often than the other way around. Even going to more public events at the school - you being the one to make sure an invitation got extended to him in the first place. 
It made your heart swell. All the little things that had changed ever since you met him for the first time. How he initially kept both physical and mental distance, but now allowed you close in both ways, sharing thoughts and conversations, but also sharing small touches. Nothing that could be interpreted as too romantic per se, but definitely different from the way he treated most other people.
He was noticing it too, on your side. The little smiles when you spent time with him, the way you closed your eyes when you listened to him telling about his hometown. The way you initially pulled away from accidental touches, as if a jolt of electricity just coursed through your body, but now you were actually leaning into him whenever it happened. And he found himself like it more and more whenever that happened.  
He had been picking up on signals for a while now, but it was only when Lidia helped him by actually putting it into words, that he realized just how long he might have been ignoring your true feelings. And he was now worrying that he might have sent you the wrong signals by never really reacting to your advances. If that’s what they truly were, really, even now he wasn’t 100% sure. 
And now he was seeking you out to finally put his feelings into words, preferably right after class, so no chores or duties or homework could be occupying you just yet. 
Little did he know that you were walking around campus as well, trying to find him to finally make it clear to him how you really felt. Subtelty and fear thrown out of the window. You weren’t sure just how much longer you could take it, and you were pretty sure that even if he were to reject you, he’d still have you around if you’d want that. You really considered yourself at least good friends by now. 
Malleus couldn’t find you in your dormroom, where he was expecting to find you. He started walking around campus, ears and eyes focused on trying to spot your figure. He was repeating the words he wanted to say over and over, a little louder than a whisper. Since most people kept their distance anyway, there was no danger of anyone that didn’t matter overhearing, unless- 
“Why are you repeating that you love me in that strange whisper-tone?”
Busted. Malleus turned around, seeing you with an amused smirk on your face. The smirk however was in sharp contrast with how your hands seemed to be shaking. Nerves. 
“Well, y/n, I was practising to say that to you. But I guess since you overheard, I no longer actually need to say it?” 
You laughed. “Well, I was actually about to say the same to you. So why don’t we find someplace now, and repeat ourselves? Just to get the message across?”
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Rook found himself in an annoying position. Sure, he was fine helping out his housewarden confess to the person he’d had his eyes on for quite some time. If anything, it could almost be considered one of his duties as a vice-housewarden.
What he was not prepared for, however, was you coming up to him to help him with the exact same thing. Two lonely hearts, both yearning to confess and asking for his help and advice? With the way things were looking right now, neither of you needed any assistance, just a little push in the right direction, and what more could he do than play a perfect undercover role. No one else but him would be able to play cupid that well, with his perfect aim to shoot arrows right through both your hearts. 
Helping Vil was easy, he was mostly requiring assistance in finding the right words. Rook and his elaborate knowledge of literature and poetry could help him pick the perfect metaphors to help Vil explain why the two of you would be a perfect match. 
Helping you proved to be a little harder. You see, you wanted to confess as fast as possible now that you had made up your mind. But Rook knew that Vil was trying to perfectly plan this all out, and he didn’t want to ruin that, thus he had to stall you a little, giving you all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t be alone with the man of your dreams right now. 
“He’s having a beauty sleep.” “He’s doing his hair.” “He has to prepare for an audition.” “He’s getting ready for a shoot.” 
You were getting sick of it. Ever since you told Rook you wanted help confessing to Vil, he had been sabotaging you it seemed, and you were almost regretting asking him for help at all. So far, none of the advice had even been useful, besides maybe the encouragement he seemed to give you initially. He gave you hope that you wouln’t be rejected, and honestly that was all you needed to get to it, before insecurities got the better of you and you started doubting again. 
You were making your way to the biggest room in the Pomifiore dorm, having spotted Rook going in with Vil, probably to assist with one thing or the other. But he wasn’t there to stop you from going in, and that’s all that mattered. The plan was simple enough. Knock, go in, demand to have Vil alone for a little while and then confess, hopefully be out within ten minutes with a date. 
You were determined not to let anyone stop you. Which is why both the blond-haired men were shocked when the door swung open rather violently, not even giving either of them time to say something after the brief knocking. 
“Vil, I need to talk to you. Alone” 
“Sure, y/n.” Vil was quick to regain composure, unlike Rook who was looking as if you’d just ruined a surprise. “Leave us alone for a while, will you?” 
Vil looked at Rook, expectantly, telling him to close the door behind him. As he did so, Vil focused all his attention on you. 
“It’s been a while since we’ve talked, y/n” 
“Exactly, Rook has been keeping you away from me ever since-” You closed your mouth just in time, cutting yourself off. This was not the words you wanted to use. But it was too late, curiosity was already piqued. 
“Ever since what, y/n?” Vil seemed interested. He himself had been thinking Rook was keeping you away so he could prepare an appropriate confession in peace, but if there was something going on on your side too, that could explain why he hadn’t seen you in almost two weeks, a presence sorely missed. 
You sighed. Everything was ruined anyway, so you might as well confess everything right there. 
“Ever since I’ve wanted to confess my feelings for you.” 
Long eyelashes fluttered, and a smile appeared on his lips. 
“Well that explains then, y/n”, Vil motioned you to sit next to him, so you’d be closer. A good sign that made you smile as well, “because he’s been doing the same to me, ever since I asked for help to confess my feelings for you.” 
“Looks like both our plans were ruined then.” You smiled up at him. 
“Maybe for the better. What’s all that preparation good for when you can move on straight to the good part? Y/n, when would you have time to go out with me?”
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
There is mutual care, there is mutual love. There are so many little hints that Azul cares for you more than just a friend (and big ones too, like the tweels’ endless teasing that leaves him a strange mix of flustered and frustrated whenever those two are around when you’re with him). 
And yet, nothing is really moving, and you figure out it is probably because he needs some more confirmation. 
And what more confirmation can you give him than actually confessing your feelings yourself? It’s a little nerve-wracking, sure, but the rewards outweigh the risk by a lot, especially since you are about 99% sure that Azul likes you back. 
There are so many ways to go about this, and you weren’t really sure how to go about it. In between the twins’ antics and the trouble Azul had with seeing himself as he really was, insecurity dragging him down even when he put up the bravest of faces, you wanted to make sure he didn’t see it as a joke. It had to be genuine, and private. Just the two of you. 
The best way to get Azul alone was to ask for a wish. But the moment you do so, you can already see the surprise, confusion, and reluctance in his eyes. Deals usually don’t turn out in the favor of those he’s making them with, and while he couldn’t possibly try to scam you, the mere fact that you’re still asking for it is making him feel uneasy in some type of way. 
The expression returns to normal as he regains composure, escorting you to his office, your heart beating wildly in anticipation. 
“What can I help you with?” the statement is very neutral, very businesslike, and your heart drops a little when you realize he probably has no idea what you’re here to do, disappointed that you’re resorting to this sort of contact with him, very well knowing what happens to people making deals. 
Nevertheless, you push on, knowing that this may only add to the surprise of what you’re really about to say. 
“Well,” you started off with a smile, stepping a little closer to him, seeing his gaze already soften behind his glasses, “what I’m asking for is a bit of a package deal, really.” 
He didn’t speak, letting you continue. 
“I wish to be closer to you.” You saw his brows furrow, confusion appearing on his face as it started to dawn on him -this was no regular deal.
“At the very least have a date. Maybe be more than friends?” You laughed a little at his shocked expression. “Of course, whatever terms and conditions you’d like to apply.” 
It was silent for a little while, so you decided to steal his usual words and use them against him. 
“Have we got a deal?” 
He stepped close, his cheeks a deep red color by now, disbelief apparent on his eyes, and carefully grabbed your hands. 
“Are you- is this a-?” You’d never seen him stumble on his words like that before, and laughed a little, kissing his cheek, effectively shutting him up. 
“No, it’s not a joke. And I am taking it as a yes.” 
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bratz-kitten · 9 months ago
— people with jupiter in the 8th may experience an “abundance” of traumatic experiences throughout life, often relating to death; these are the people who truly feel like everyone they love ends up dying. at their worst, they can become desensitized to death— jupiter is ruled by sagittarius, a sign known for being in denial when in difficult situations in favor of optimism. these natives can pretend like nothing actually happened, or minimize the situation in their head so that they don’t have to face it.
— okay this might be a weird one... like, you know in asoiaf when arya was walking through the streets and was always like “i’m as quiet as a shadow”? that’s literally the energy of someone with planets in the 12th house/chart ruler in the 12th house. these people are so stealthy. they’re able to move so quietly and without anyone noticing, both literally and figuratively. on one hand, they’re very quiet about their plans and ambitions to the point where other people only find out when they’re achieving success over it; on the other hand, they just. don’t like making noise while walking idk bitch you’ll only see me coming when i’m right beside you, i even get paranoid that i’m breathing too loud and that other people will hear 
— people with moon aspecting mars can be incredibly impulsive when they feel hurt or triggered. yall need to be careful with doing things in the heat of the moment that you know you’ll regret later... but in the moment, you feel so hurt that it clouds your rational side. please be more self-aware about this because you may make decisions that will directly affect you for the worse in the future 
— people with leo mars ft. constantly asking you for pictures... about anything. they just wanna SEE LMFAO THEY DON’T CARE WHAT IT IS THEY’RE SEEING. you just got ready to go out? “send pics of your makeup and your full outfit”. you’re waiting in a long boring line to get the covid vaccine? “send pics of the line”. your mom baked cake? “send pics of the cake”. plus they send so many random pictures while texting, it’s their special love language
— having moon conjunct moon/venus in synastry feels insane. you tell them something you’ve been through, and they’re immediately like “that happened with me as well.” it doesn’t even have to be something grand, sometimes just very specific things you thought were particular about you. the amount of understanding that comes with this aspect in synastry can feel very new and intense especially if you’re used to seeing yourself as the “odd one out”, used to feeling isolated in your experiences 
— people with pluto in the 1st house often feel the need to erase “traces” of their existence, for example deleting messages that they sent people, deleting all of their social media posts. they can feel anxious and paranoid about other people having access to their past self, even if the past self in question is from, like. a week ago 
— people with chiron in the water houses (4th/8th/12th) might’ve suffered bullying to the point where they repress their memories. a lot of their memories of their school years may feel foggy if they were bullied in those years
— also. people with chiron in the 8th house may feel as though they’ve been punished for wanting to experience intimacy. it’s like, the people who were supposed to be the closest to them – for example, their sibling or something – were the ones who hurt them the most. 
— people with mercury-neptune aspects and strong pisces/neptune energy in their birth chart might struggle with only remembering things when they’re right in front of them. you should keep things in your peripheral vision to remind you of reality, especially when it comes to feelings— so that you won’t start getting lost inside your own head. like... keep the letters your friends wrote you by your bedside table so you can read them every time your brain starts convincing you that you’re not loved. keep the gifts you’ve been sent on display in your bedroom wall, or sentimental material things that remind you of past happy experiences.
— earth placements and their thing for asmr... omfg. it’s like they’re always looking for things to up their sensory experience/sensitivity. like, earth signs are the ones most connected to worldly experiences so they feel so soothed with the whole asmr experience: just hearing someone gently whispering or tapping on/scratching things calms them down and helps them fall asleep. they love the tingles it’s heaven for them
— moon-saturn aspects might hold and caress themselves while they sleep because their parents never did. yes i woke up and chose violence <3 your secret is NOT safe with me 💋
— while we’re on the topic of sleeping, a majority of the pisces moons i know need to sleep while hugging something, at least a pillow. they can’t just not hug something while they sleep, it’s very instinctive for them. anyways if any pisces moon needs a pillow to hold, i volunteer as tribute 💋
— virgo placements feel sososo soothed by hearing their cats purr. thinking about how my virgo placement friends are always the ones who send me videos of them petting their cats... and then i get soothed by how soothed they feel. it’s a win win situation, if you have virgo placements it’s hereby your duty to send me a video of you petting your cat while they purr. right now. GO
— people with gemini in the 3rd house might have shaky movements of the hands when other people look at them doing things. very specific i know but the third house rules hands and gemini is a sign that has somewhat of an anxious, twitchy quality to it. on the other hand, people with capricorn in the 3rd house (scorpio risings, using whole signs) have the steadiest hands i’ve ever seen lol their movements ooze confidence, these bitches know how to make you feel as thought they know exactly what they’re doing
— people with venus in the 1st house ft. altering their pics with photoshop and hating posting selfies without filters because they never feel like their appearance is good enough. stop it. you don’t need to always look your best and especially not if your ‘best’ isn’t even what you actually look like. also... don’t even think about making self-deprecative jokes about your appearance. next time i find one of yall saying “ahaha im not bad for a 5 without talent” i’m squishing your head between 2 pieces of toast and calling you an idiot sandwich. you’re BEAUTIFUL 
— having venus in the 3rd house in composite with someone? do you mean calling each other the absolute ugliest nicknames in the most endearing way? 
— leo deals with themes of the ego, and it seems that leo placements often struggle with attracting narcissistic people into their life... leo suns/mercuries can be raised by loud, overbearing, narcissistic parents who see their kid as an extension of themselves and who teach the kid to always be very supportive and caring towards them or else they’ll deny them of words of affirmation-- either by insulting them to shatter their self-esteem or simply never complimenting the kid back. leo moons/mars/venus tend to attract narcissistic partners who only care about serving their own emotional needs and ignore the ones of their partner, and who feed off of their supportive and giving nature. which is why leo placements really need to watch out for being gullible, naïve and dismissing the red flags because my god, you be falling for some shady people. 
— people with personal planets in the 12th house/chart ruler in the 12th house might feel like they can’t let go of their past life— they may dream of memories, people or places from another life. it’s like they can’t detach from it, and even if they can’t directly remember their past life, it’s like they feel it in their bones. also, they might’ve felt... estranged from their family ever since childhood; there may have been feelings of being unable to emotionally connect to their (often, distant) parents, and they might’ve even wondered if they were adopted because of how different they felt to the rest of the family. 
— okay so, a thing that people with saturn in the 3rd house need to look out for is mentally checking out of conversations while they’re still happening. these people can detect when they’re being manipulated really fast and their way of dealing with it can be to immediately shut down, to grow cold and silent and not even bother answering when you’re expected to respond. and, like, that’s great when someone starts screaming at you or being insulting/trying to coerce you into shit, but take notice if you find yourself shutting your loved ones out as soon as they say anything that triggers you. don’t simply detach from them, communicate what’s wrong
— aries placements, ESPECIALLY aries suns and moons, value generosity so much and they get so turned off by stingy ppl who don’t share with others, especially when others need it. like.. if you’re hanging out in a group with them and someone asks for a bite of your food because they have no money and you say no... espect them to never respect you. ever. 
— people with libra placements use soooo many adjectives to describe things. something can’t just be beautiful, it has to be DIVINE and CELESTIAL and INTOXICATING. they can be so expressive god it’s so fcking funny 
— capricorn placements HATE asking others for advice because they think no one knows better than them (and they’re not wrong, lol). when they truly care for someone, they might ask the person for advice simply as a sign that they respect, trust and value their judgement. even if they don’t plan on taking it LMFAO 
— people with mars in a water sign can have this terrible habit of expecting other people to guess what they want. and then they get passive agressive when you don’t instinctively feel what it is they want... and when you ask them “do you want this?”, they go like “FINALLY. i thought you’d never get there”. stop it. i know that you want people to understand you in a way that transcends words, but you can’t expect people to read your mind and then get disappointed when they don’t, thinking “oh if they loved me that much then they would’ve known that i really want chipotle for dinner :(” GIRL WHAT. COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS  
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mountswhore · 3 months ago
The yacht picture had me thinking about this request (also bc I’m a sucker for friends to lovers): y/n being good friends with Mason and Declan and joining them and some other mates during their holidays. One of their friends gets a little too close for Masons comfort and he gets into protection mode, scaring the other guy off. Instead of letting her go, he pulls her into his lap (imagine him placing his hand on the bare skin of your hip), has his hands constantly on her (all that stuff) and I’d like them to finally end up together. Thanks xx (I really hope you haven’t written this before, I’ve been through you whole masterlist but because there’s soooo much, I’m not 100% sure this is this totally new. So apologies in case this doubles with something♥️)
𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐧𝐨 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 — mason mount
summary: mason invites you on a holiday to mykonos with some friends, and it goes a completely different direction than you thought.
notes: requests are OPEN.
"It's the law now. You have to join the friend's holidays, so get packing." Mason confirmed, reaching above your wardrobe and grabbing the black suitcase that sat comfortably on top. You rolled your eyes, settling further into your bed and trying to get back to sleep, which is exactly what you'd planned to do all day until Mason had arrived.
"I thought it was a lad's holiday," you commented, unable to sleep now this man was laying over the foot of your bed.
"Not anymore, you're invited. The boys want you to come as much as I do." It wasn't true. Sure, the boys were all okay with you going, but Mason was a bit too excited for you to join them. For a while now, Mason has fancied the pants off of you. His friends could all see it, but you were clueless. He'd never made a move, in fear of you not feeling the same way, and he decided to keep his feelings to himself.
"Are you really passing up the opportunity to go to Mykonos?" Mason questioned, sitting up to give you a bewildered look. And you smiled into your pillow, knowing just how bad you wanted to go. You hadn't been on holiday for well over a year, the last holiday being a trip to Amsterdam with your mum and sisters.
"Fine." You answered, standing up from your bed and stretching, preparing yourself to pack a fortnight's worth of clothes into a suitcase and a bag. Mason sighed in what seemed like relief, as you started sorting your bikinis out.
"I'm glad you said yes, otherwise the ticket was going to waste." Mason casually mentioned, and you felt like throwing up. It was notoriously known that you hated other people spending money on you. You always bought yourself tickets when going on holiday, paying for anything necessary, and now Mason had taken that job from you.
You stood up, turning to your handsome best friend in shock, and folding your arms. "Now, why would you do that?"
"Do what?"
"You know what you did."
"Do I?"
You huffed, lightly slapping his arm. "Why did you buy my ticket?"
"Because I needed you to say yes. I wasn't going to let the excuses stop you from joining me- us." Mason reasoned, holding your shoulders and spinning you in the direction of your suitcase, "now hurry up and pack. We leave tomorrow at 12."
You had joined everyone at the airport. Ben, Declan, his girlfriend Lauren, Jack, his girlfriend Sasha, and a few other mutual friends. And, of course, Mason. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see you, and you felt the same, you were good friends with Sasha and Lauren, especially.
Mason had given you your ticket, and you stared down at it, analyzing the row and seat number. You winced, hoping you weren't sat next to a stranger. You looked up at Mason to thank him for the millionth time that day, not only for buying your ticket, but picking you up, buying you breakfast, and even remembering to buy you travel sickness gummies.
He could see the nerves in your expression, and gave you a comforting smile. "Don't worry. You're sat next to me, I hope that's okay."
"More than okay."
It had just gone 7pm when you got to the villa you'd be living in for the next two weeks. It was gorgeous, thanks to the salaries of your footballer friends. Balconies for every bedroom, a large open living area and kitchen, as well as a pool outside. The villa was adorned with plants and shrubbery, to your liking.
The plan for the rest of the evening was to go to dinner, and you were excited. You hadn't eaten since the morning, even though it was technically 5pm back in the UK. You'd gotten out of your comfortable airport attire and swapped it for an outfit suitable for dinner in a hot country.
Mason was the first one ready, and the Lord knew Jack, Declan and Ben liked to take their time. You were the second one downstairs, and Mason was stunned out of his breathing pattern as he set his eyes on you. His phone was no longer a concern, subconsciously locking it and setting it down, whilst looking at you checking your hair again.
"You look lovely," Mason commented, and you blushed to yourself in the mirror.
"As do you, Mount. I'm so happy we're in a warm country. I was getting sick of turning my heating on full blast." The two of you giggled, and Mason had approached you to move a falling strand of hair from your face. The moment was so intimate, and disrupted by the clacking of Sasha's heels. And it was quickly forgotten as Sasha had taken your attention away from Mason, but he watched you with a smirk on his face, taking pictures with your best friend.
It was day three, and being on holiday with you was harder than expected. You'd spent most of your first and second day lounging by the pool, occasionally speaking to him as you passed him around the villa, and spending an awfully strange amount of time with Ben. It was hard having to watch Ben lay beside you by the pool, seeing you hunch over with laughter, and turn away from him bashfully. It put him off breakfast and lunch, and he wasn't going to let it ruin him any longer. So Mason had spent the day in town.
He had his google translate at the ready, searching different stores for something nice, and finally set off home to find you. You were still outside, this time in the pool with Jack, Sasha, and Ben. Mason hesitated before walking outside, grabbing your attention before anyone else's.
He gestured for you to follow him, and he appeared tortured as he watched you get out of the pool. It felt like you were moving in slow motion, like a baywatch model. He quickly turned away from you, letting you follow him inside. And here you were in front of him, a towel wrapped around your frame, your eyes glancing at the small paper bag in his hand.
"What's that?"
"A gift," he confessed, holding it out for you, "I thought you'd like it. Consider it a thank you for coming on holiday." You smiled, glancing up at your handsome best friend and bowing your head to look inside the bag. It was an assortment of souvenirs.
"I know how much you love to collect souvenirs. Your Heineken bottle collection is the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home," Mason laughed, and sat beside you as you admired each gift. He'd gotten you a homemade bracelet, a thin string covered in precious stones. He'd gotten you miniature figurines of the iconic Mykonos buildings. And a small bar of chocolate.
"The lady selling those said they were too good to leave without," Mason pointed out, and you giggled, shuffling forward to bring him into a hug. He didn't care that you were still damp from the pool, he was too wrapped up in the intimacy of your arms around him. He was reading into this hug a bit too much.
You pulled away, slipping the bracelet onto your wrist and smiled up at him hopefully. "Jack was mentioning a yacht day tomorrow, how does that sound?"
"Sounds great."
It wasn't so great. Mason was trapped on a yacht with two couples, his long-time crush, and his horny, painfully single friend trying to pursue his crush. Mason had grown tired of hearing you giggle at Ben's jokes, and decided to sit around the other side of the boat and treat himself to a few beers, enjoying the seat, the sun, and the landscape view.
You had gotten over your fun with Ben the moment he was becoming a bit too touchy. It wasn't entirely inappropriate, it was just the lingering hands on your skin that felt strange. Ben was a friend, a good one at that, you'd never seen him in any other way apart from that. You were praying to all of your lucky stars that Mason would reappear from wherever he had gone, as not only did you need saving, but you'd barely spent time with him today.
Mason had finished the two beers, decided to grab another two. The alcohol was the only thing keeping him company on this yacht, and he wished it were you instead. To be enjoying the view with you, to feel as close to you as he did yesterday. He could only dream.
He tried to avoid looking at you and Ben, but became concerned as you were no longer laughing. He couldn't help but glance up at you and see you were already staring at him. Ben had his arm around your waist, and you looked uncomfortable. You looked like you wanted the ground to swallow you up whole.
Mason forgot about his beers, and instead made a beeline for you. He grabbed your hand and led you off with no explanation, distracting Ben from his conversation with Declan.
"What was that for?" Ben asked, a light tone to his voice, and a chuckle had followed. Mason shrugged.
"I needed her help, bye now." Mason left with you, and you didn't look back. Instead, you giggled and gripped his hand just a little bit tighter as you followed him below the deck to find some more drinks. "I didn't actually need your help."
"I know, but thank you for saving me. I was one hand movement away from pushing him overboard." You admitted, grabbing yourself one of the miniature bottles of white wine. You had followed Mason back onto the deck and to the other side of the boat.
"So this is where you've been hiding?" You asked, making yourself comfortable beside him on the sofa and tipping the bottle of wine into a glass. Mason grinned, getting comfortable and lifting his feet to rest on the table opposite him.
There were a few minutes of comfortable silence — you taking in the nice view, and Mason taking in your presence next to him. He couldn't believe his best friend, and long-time crush was sat next to him, in barely anything, and enjoying the lovely views of Mykonos. It was too good to be true, and it was growing harder to keep his affections from you. He'd made a plan to take you back here alone next time, to enjoy a vacation romantically, instead of platonically.
"I'm glad I'm here," you admitted, looking over to Mason, who was already looking at you, "I'm glad you convinced me. I rarely see you, and when I do, you're so focused on your career. And I love that about you. But I also love seeing you so relaxed, I love seeing Mason Mount, but I love seeing my Mason more."
My Mason? Did you want him to get on one knee right now? Because he would in a heartbeat. Mason grabbed your hand, your words had given him the confidence boost he needed to finally show you how he feels. He had kissed you; firmly, confidently, passionately.
It caught you by surprise. But it felt so natural. Like you'd been doing this with him for years. Your handsome best friend, kissing you, just like you'd been dreaming of for months now. It was real, Mason was actually kissing you, holding your waist, wanting more. You had pulled away, fighting every instinct to lose everything in Mason.
"Wow." You let out, earning a laugh from Mason.
"Sorry, I've wanted to do that for so long. You have no idea." Mason replied, his breathing heavy and his hands resting on your thighs. You smiled at him, lips swollen and head muddled with thoughts. You did not wake up that morning thinking you were going to kiss your best friend.
"Believe me, I do have an idea." You remarked, Mason's hands tightening around your thigh gently. You had only wished nobody else was on this boat.
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stannienight · 6 months ago
hi hi!! i saw you didn’t have many asks so i took this as my chance😈
i haven’t rlly seen this anyway but hcs of saiki with an s/o who’s like just as pretty as teruhashi or hell even prettier if you will. (idk it’s rlly up to you) but instead she’s actually just as sweet as she is on the outside, in the inside. also bakes and brings him sweets bc that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do☹️
hi!!! i'm sooo sorry i'm late i got like two root canals and then had a migraine for three days straight- anyways, excuses aside, here are your hcs! i hope they're what you expected them to be i'm not really sure T_T
(sorta long because my brain runs at 100mph)
s/o uses she/her pronouns!
saiki's really beautiful s/o headcanons
- he unintentionally compares all of teruhashi's and his s/o's thoughts and LOVES the difference
- every time they meet someone new teruhashi thinks along the lines of "they're probably stunned by my beauty" but his s/o just thinks like a normal person "damn those are some nice shoes" "omg i have the same earrings" "their eyeliner is so on point ugh"
- of course teruhashi is very jealous, not only because of saiki dating but also because his s/o's prettier (her focus shifts from saiki to being even more beautiful which is an absolute win for saiki as well)
- saiki remembers his s/o whenever he listens to "what makes you beautiful" by one direction but he'd never tell her
- no because how does she have no idea that she's absolutely stunning people literally fall at her feet when she enters the room-
- whenever they're in public saiki can always sense the adoring thoughts people have over his girl so he makes it very blatant that they're dating (arm around the waist, forehead kisses, the works)
- she gets hit on SO often saiki is tired at this point
- superpowers aside he gets jealous sometimes too you know
- if he sees a man making her uncomfortable he will reflexively yeet them into the stratosphere
- "saiki that was a bit unecessary-" "are you okay?" "am i... yeah... thanks :]" "good :]"
- saiki feels like he doesn't deserve her a LOT because he's soOoo average (lol you wish saiki) and she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous
- also often thinks he's wrong for dating her because she deserves better and he's not really great at showing affection (he doesn't touch her much because he's afraid he might accidentally blow her up or something, and he's a tsundere in general)
- but when she bakes stuff for him he knows he has found The One™
- she brings him a present. he looks at her adorable, excited face. he looks at the present. it's sweets. he swears his soul leaves his body for a moment. wants to propose to her instantly
- is plagued with the thought "how did i get this lucky" every single time he sees her
- he loves listening to her thoughts because although she's so gorgeous she thinks about such MUNDANE things like what she wants to have for dinner???
- her mind is as beautiful as her, she has the most amazing creative ideas as well and saiki will fondly listen to her speak about them even though he already knows
- she's so kind too she basically changed saiki's perception of humanity
- he always had a thing against good-looking people because they get an ego about it but his s/o absolutely clueless about her beauty
- saiki sometimes tries to show her how beautiful she is but she puts it down to him being a sweet boyfriend
- that being said she isn't self-deprecating or anything, she just doesn't think much of appearances and saiki thinks that's wonderful
that's all, i hope it was okay! <3
send me more asks for hcs, oneshots, or anything in general!
(i have also joined the haikyu fandom so i will take asks for that as well, if anyone has to offer any <3)
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daenqyu · a year ago
— they walk in on their crush changing
includes: bakugou, kirishima, todoroki, midoriya, and tamaki
warnings: kinda suggestive?? swearing  
a/n: i saw multiple tiktoks about this and wanted to write something about it sooo yeah. some of them are a bit longer than others because i got carried away oops. hope you guys like it !!
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to @orbital-audio )
bakugou katsuki:
listen, i feel like bakugou would act like he doesn’t care at all
but he’s definitely blushing and can’t look at you straight in the eye 
he just wanted to let you know that since kaminari and mina forced him to help them study, you could come too 
so he made his way to your dorm room while looking at his phone
and he doesn’t even knock so you’re quite startled
although you don’t blame him because he’s always hanging out in your room and vice versa
“hey we’re gonna have a study session later tonight, in case you wanna come” his eyes are glued to his phone as he talks, but you still feel embarrassed that he’s in the same room as you while you’re changing 
after a few seconds go by with no response from you, he finally looks up from the device
“i’m talking to you-” the breath gets knocked out of him when he sees you’re in the middle of trying on different outfits 
and apparently you were about to try a new one because you’re just in your freaking underwear 
bakugou may be a lot of things, but he is not a pervert 
so he’s quick to turn around to face the door, his eyes tightly shut even tho he can’t see anything as it is since you’re behind him
“you dumbass, don’t you know how to lock a fucking door?! is not that hard for fuck’s sake” 
you almost want to laugh at the blonde’s state
you’ve never seen him like this before so you might as well tease him about it
“didn't your parents teach you it's impolite to enter a room without knocking first?”
oh he can hear the smirk on your face and he wants nothing more than to go up to you and wipe it off himself 
but he knows you’re still in your underwear 
and while it’s true he’s a gentleman, he’s also a man
seeing his crush in her underwear will most definitely get a reaction out of him
he curls his hands into fists by his side, jaw clenching because he knows you’re probably enjoying this
“just shut up and get dressed”
“is my room, i can stay like this if i want”
“put. something. on”
his tone annoys you
who the hell is he to tell you what to do?
“and what if i don’t want to?”
you’re just buffing of course, you’ve already put on one of bakugou’s shirt that you stole from him a week ago
his patience is running out 
and he’s mad at himself because fuck, why does he have to like you so much?
if it was any other girl he couldn’t have cared less and would’ve just walked out
but it’s you, his crush
you’re so different from everyone else and it makes his blood boil because feelings are stupid and he should be focusing on becoming the number one hero, not some silly high school crush
“okay i'm dressed”
a sigh of relief escapes his lips as he turns around, but it doesn’t take long before his eyes are wide open as he takes in your figure
you’re wearing his shirt
it ends just above your mid thigh and it falls around your figure loosely, obviously too big for you
bakugou can feel butterflies in his stomach at the sight 
why are you so pretty? 
“what was that you were saying when you walked in?”
you’re so calm and collected, walking around with only his shirt on 
normally he hates when people wear his clothes, but it looks so good on you he can’t even bring himself to be annoyed
“we’re having a study session tonight,” his voice is low and he fixes his gaze on the wall behind you. “and you can come too, if you want to that is”
“wait that’s a great idea, i’ve been falling behind on english recently”
he nods and you frown at his actions 
sure bakugou can be quiet, when he’s not mad, but he looks  rather…shy?
you smirk once again, knowing what this is all about
“don’t tell me the bakugou katsuki has never seen a girl naked before?”
“the fuck are you talking about?”
“well is either that or you like me because why else would you be so red right now?”
he groans when you say that
anyways he uhhh got tired of you not getting all the hints he’s been dropping and just straight up corners you against the wall
your heart is about to burst out of your chest at the close proximity and the feeling only intensifies when he smirks
he leans down, lips merely inches away from your own
“seeing as you’re not pushing me away right now, i say you like me too, dumbass”
well he’s not wrong soooo
you end up kissing after that✨
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
kirishima eijirou:
oh boy, this poor baby
he would be the type to apologize around 100 times and even when you told him it was fine and that you didn’t care, he would still feel guilty
ok so what happened was you were getting ready for your date with kirishima
because yes, he finally asked you out and you couldn’t be happier with life at the moment
and he wanted to know how much longer you were gonna take since he was already done
but you wouldn’t answer his texts
spoiler alert: you were just showering but he was too impatient and also he just wanted to see you again hehe he’s so cute
he makes his way to your room and knocks on the door 
it’s more of like a warning because he doesn’t even wait for a response, he just barges in
you had gotten out of the shower like 3 minutes ago and were in the process of drying your hair in the middle of the room, your back facing kirishima 
“hey y/n how much longer do you think- shit!”
his voice scares you, but you don’t move because you know it’ll be worse if you do 
so you stay frozen in your place
kirishima notices the droplets of water falling from your hair and down your spine before slowly falling down the curves of your-
he flushes completely, his face now matching his dyed hair perfectly, and he turns around with both of his hands covering his eyes
“i’m so so so sorry! that was so unmanly of me. i should’ve just waited until you texted me, but i missed you and wanted to see you so i came over and didn’t wait for an answer and then i saw you and oh god you’re naked and-”
he shuts up when he hears your soft voice calling his name
“calm down”
after that he just stays quiet, trying to calm the erratic beating of his heart and not let his imagination run wild
you should be the one that’s flustered because your best friend and crush just saw your bare ass
but if anything, kirishima’s the one who feels like he’s about to faint from seeing so much skin
he thinks it’s really unmanly of him to see you naked without your consent so he’s on the brink of an existential crisis
meanwhile, as kirishima rethinks all of his life choices, you finish drying your hair and continue to put on your outfit, knowing kirishima wouldn’t turn around any time soon
he’s still facing away from you even when you’ve finished dressing up
you giggle, thinking about how cute he is before tapping his shoulder 
“you can look now, kiri”
even with your permission, he’s still hesitant about his movements
he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything so that’s why he genuinely doesn’t know what to do
kirishima turns around slowly, eyes now focused on the floor
“i’m really sorry about that, y/n. i didn’t mean to i swear and i’m sorry if i made you uncomfortable but-”
“kiri, i’m not mad at you”
“you’re not?”
“of course not, i know it was an accident”
well thank god because he wouldn’t forgive himself if he made you upset 
“besides, you were eventually gonna see me naked”
it was a joke
supposed to be
but kirishima whips his head your way and his eyes almost pop out of their sockets 
a part of him is shy sure, but the other part wants to run laps after hearing you say that
“well yeah but that’s different…” he scratches the back of his neck nervously and your heart swells for the boy in front of you
he really is so sweet
he just wants you to be completely comfortable around him
how could you not be in love with him? 
“how about we forget this ever happened, i finish getting ready, and then we go on our date? hm?”
he nods eagerly after hearing you say that, if you’re happy then he’s absolutely content 
you smile at him before standing up on your tip toes and leaving a chaste kiss against his cheek
of course he blushes again
he’ll never get tired of your cuteness 
or you in general
but this time he’s more confident when he pulls you to his chest in a tight hug
“the view was really nice by the way”
“what? i'm just saying you should be proud”
“you’re so stupid”
“stupidly in love with you that is”
he’s got a dumb smile on his face after he says that
and it only widens when you take his hand in yours to sit him down on your bed 
yup, he’s head over heels for you
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
todoroki shouto:
out of the five of them, he’d DEFINITELY be the most chill about it
sure, he’d still feel embarrassed and what not
but he wouldn’t make such a big deal about it
simply because he doesn’t want to make things awkward between you two
so he decides it’s best if he just keeps acting like he normally would
you texted him to come over so you could watch some movies together 
and he had some homework to do but it’s not like he was gonna pass up on the opportunity of spending quality time with you 
unlike the other first years,
todoroki actually knocks and waits for your response
because he has manners, period.
“come on in!”
you said it was okay to come in
so why the hell are you in the middle of changing shirts?????
he wastes no time in closing his eyes
refusing to keep looking at you when you probably don’t even know he’s watching
“um y/n?”
“what are you doing?”
“i’m changing, isn’t it obvious?” your chuckle makes his cheeks heat up 
was this amusing to you?
because he was seconds away from having a heart attack 
however he doesn’t show it
instead, he just continues to keep his eyes closed while trying to think about literally anything else except your bare skin
key word: trying
because he can’t seem to get the image of your clothed breasts out of his mind and he thinks he’s about to go insane 
he also scolds himself because a gentleman shouldnt do that 
but you don’t seem to care at all and that confuses him so much (???
“why do you have your eyes closed?”
“are you done changing”
when he opens his eyes again you’re sitting down on your bed, laptop placed in front of you as you scroll down on netflix
now fully dressed
he lets out a sigh of relief before clearing his throat and sitting down next to you
and he thinks he’s being slick and smooth
but he’s not
he’s actually almost completely stiff 
and when you subconsciously brush your knee against his, he flinches
you frown at his reaction
“are you okay?”
“yeah, why do you ask?”
“because you’re acting weird”
“am not”
“you are”
the banter goes on for a while until you finally figure it out
the way his eyes occasionally look down on your chest only to quickly look away with a blush on his cheeks it's what gives him away
“wait, are you embarrassed just because you saw my boobs?”
cue todoroki wanting to get the hell out of your room
“i’m not embarrassed” 
“your blush says otherwise, todoroki”
he doesn’t know what to say afterwards so he just sits there with a pout on his pretty lips and his eyebrows furrowed
he’s so shy and cute🥺
“if you want to, you can take your shirt off so we’ll be tied”
your tone is teasing as you continue to scroll on your computer, not really giving much thought to what you said
except you forgot todoroki takes everything quite literally
the grin falls from your lips as soon as you see todoroki, indeed, taking off his shirt 
“w-what are you doing?!”
“you said we need to be tied”
“todoroki, that was a joke!”
the roles have been reversed because now you're the one who’s all flustered and looking away from him
he blinks once, then twice before smiling at you
“now who’s being shy?”
“i- shut up and watch the movie”
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
midoriya izuku:
he would die
not literally duh
but he’d want to disappear right then and there
you know that one scene where hatsume is pressed up against him and he blushes a shit ton and is just like “b-b-boobs”?
well yeah he’s like that
except he can barely talk because of how embarrassed he is 
he’d also, like kirishima, apologize a lot
he literally just feels like he committed a crime
and you’re like “midoriya, it’s not that deep”
but he’s just upset with himself 
you had told him earlier that you needed some help with your homework
and since he’s such a wonderful friend, he didn’t hesitate to tell you that he’d be more than happy to help
so now he’s happily walking to your room because he loves study dates with you
even tho they’re not dates at all
but still
he loves them
especially whenever you get a question right and you just look up at him with big puppy eyes, waiting for him to praise you
and he does
because you deserve it
you work so hard and he admires you for that
ok BAcK to the point,,,
(i’m sorry i just love this man so much, he makes me so soft)
here’s the deal
midoriya knocks on your door right?
but you don’t hear it because you’re blasting music on your speaker while singing your heart out
so he lets himself in
tho he wants to run back out when he sees your naked back is facing him
you’re changing; that’s the first thing he notices 
the second thing he notices is that you’re standing in front of a mirror
and you’re not wearing a bra
he yelps before turning around and you jump because you hadn’t noticed him 
“izuku? what are you-”
“i’m so sorry y/n! i didn’t mean to invade your privacy like this a-and i didn’t know you were changing and so i opened the door and then i saw you and oh god you’re not wearing a shirt which isn’t bad you know, i m-mean i'm not saying you look bad because ha believe me you don’t but-”
“oh my god dude, would you relax?”
you laugh as you finish putting on your hoodie 
he frowns, you’re laughing? in a situation like this?! are you okay???
“again, i’m sorry and it’s okay if you want me to go because it’s weird and i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable because of me so-”
“ok izuku, first of all stop talking,” he quickly shuts his mouth, still facing the closed door so you don’t see his tomato-like cheeks. “second, turn around,” you place your hands on his shoulders to make him look at you and he tenses at the touch, but turns around anyways 
you offer him a kind smile, the one that makes him fall harder for you everyday and that’s enough to ease his nerves a bit
“third, quit freaking out. it’s not like i’m gonna kill you or anything”
“b-but how are you so...calm?”
“uhh because i don’t really care?” 
he doesn’t know why, but his heart hurts a little after hearing you say that
is not like he expects you to actually reciprocate his feelings but,,
he didn’t have an effect on you whatsoever? not even a little bit?
“and besides, it’s you so i don’t mind”
“what do you mean?”
you shrug, smirking at the green haired boy, “well you like me, right?”
he almost stops breathing 
maybe he did for a few seconds
he looks at you, a mix of emotions flashing through his expression 
is he relieved? is he scared? is he happy?
he doesn’t  k n o w
neverthless, he nods shyly, looking away from your captivating gaze
“and i like you so it’s okay”
midoriya.exe has stopped working
someone PLEASE calm this boy down
he’s about to explode from feeling so much happiness 
“you do?!”
“of course” you smile at him one last time, before interlacing your fingers with his and sitting down on the rug next to your bed so you can study 
or maybe you got a little carried away and ended up cuddling all evening while eating ramen
but that’s besides the point
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
tamaki amajiki:
sweet little baby
he faints :D
no but seriously
he does.
are we surprised? 
nope, not at all
he can’t look at you for more than 5 seconds without getting nervous as it is,
but after he saw you half naked?!
yeah no, that’s too much for tamaki
his body shuts down because he cannot handle it
nejire told him to go check up on you because you seemed off at school
which tamaki also noticed because he’s very observant with people (especially you) but he preferred to not say anything 
of course his first response to nejire is straight up: no
he’s too shy 
and he’s scared because what if you get mad at him? or tell him to go away?
he thinks it’s better to give you your space and if you want to talk to him, then he’s more than ready to listen
but nejire wouldn’t shut up about it
then mirio butted in too and they were just whining a lot and he got tired of hearing them talk
now here he is, standing in front of your room with a shaky hand hovering against the wooden door
much like todoroki, he knocks and patiently waits for a response 
which he receives quickly 
“who is it?”
“ahh tama, let yourself in!”
he blushes at the nickname and finally opens the door
he’s about to go sit on your desk chair or something 
but then he sees you
you’re only in your underwear, struggling to put on a hoodie 
and then you jump to try and get it on
and that makes it worse because you’re wearing a  b r a 
long story short,
he falls to the floor :D
the big ‘thud’ startles you and even more so when you see tamaki’s unconscious body on the floor
“shit, tama are you okay?”
it takes him a good 5 minutes to open his eyes again 
he feels a cold towel pressed up against his forehead and he frowns at the feeling
when he turns his head around, he notices that he’s laying down on your bed
but you're nowhere to be seen 
“thank god you’re awake” 
your voice comes from behind him and that’s when he realizes he’s not only laying down on your bed, but also on your lap
“you really worried me!”
cue him blushing like there’s no tomorrow and stuttering 
“s-sorry. i was just s-surprised to see you c-changing and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you i was coming b-beforehand”
you shake your head, “that’s okay tama, i’m not mad at you”
he just nods because he’s afraid he’ll say something dumb if he talks
you brush your fingers through his indigo hair and he swears he can feel himself falling more in love with you in that precise moment 
you smile down at him
“what did you come here for anyway? not that i mind, but you know”
“nejire told me y-you seemed down today s-so i came to check up on you”
butterflies flutter in your stomach at his sweet words
“aww you’re so sweet, but i’m okay. i was just feeling sad”
he sits up to look at you better and he doesn’t miss the way you pout when his hair is no longer in between your fingers 
which makes his heart speed up 
“are you okay?”
his question is so genuine and he seems so concerned, it makes you want to keep him in your pocket forever
“i am now” 
he smiles at your response, happy that you feel better
“i’m glad”
“now come here, i wanna play with your hair”
and who is he to deny such request?
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a-shy-blueberry · 10 months ago
Springtime's a Bitch
Tumblr media
A/N: Soooo I know it's not spring anymore but I've been wanting to write this for forever especially since Hawks is one of my favorite characters. I sort of just put like a bunch kinks into one thing and it lost control. Please enjoy this smutty mess.
Pairing: Keigo Takami (Hawks) x F! Reader
Genre: Smut; Fluff
Summary: In which 1 shitty vibrator, and the season of spring get two extremely horny people together.
Warnings: No Beta, Swearing, Corruption Kink, Pre-Rut Keigo, Oral F!Receiving & M!Receiving, Pervy Keigo (in secret), Panty Stealing, Panty Sniffing, Masturbation, Some Mild Predator/Prey Dynamics, Cum Eating, Dacryphilia, Over-stimulation, Breeding Kink, Inappropriate Quirk Use, Creampie (wrap it before you tap it!!), discussions of Birth Control, discussions about Pregnancy, +18 only, Minors, Ageless Blogs, DNI!!
Word Count: 4.7k
Taglist: @katonshoko​; @silentnotifs​; @touyas-peach​
Want to be tagged in future works? Click here
Or if you prefer, read it on my ao3 here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You had always said you wanted a hot roommate.
You bemoaned about it, over and over as a line of shitty roommates made your life a living hell.
It'd be a dream, close quarters, building tensions, a budding friendship that turns romantic. Someone to fall for that sees you in your most comfortable environment and loves you anyways. You might've been reading too much but it sounded like the perfect fantasy.
Granted you were just asking for a hot roommate, not that it meant they'd reciprocate any attraction for you but at least if they were going to be terrible, they could be pretty to look at.
Reality ended up being far more disastrous.
Keigo had by all means been a pretty stand-up roommate, certainly league's away from anything you were used to. More than capable of covering his half of expenses, barely ever at the apartment due to his busy schedule, but personable enough that the two of you got along despite the limited time together. Really there was only one teeny… tiny… problem… You were completely down bad for your roommate.
Tumblr media
"Good morning chickadee, how'd ya sleep," Keigo asked, already fully conscious. That bastard.
"Shhhhh, no talking, only coffee," you whispered, eyes still barely open from sleep as you walked over to the coffee maker. Holding a finger up till you poured your coffee. Waiting until you had had two sips before you put it down. Keigo just watched you, a bemused smirk on his face as you squinted around, nose twitching at the smell of what he was cooking.
"Is that food I smell," your sleepy face already lighting up at the thought of breakfast.
"Why it is, my sleepy bird, go sit down and I'll serve us up some. You waddled over to the table, taking a seat as you watched him cook. Brain finally awake enough to process the scene before you.
How the fuck did he managed to look so nice rolling right out of bed? He was wearing nothing but a pair of sweats hung low on his hips, hair still half-wild from sleep. You started to imagine what it'd be like to wake up together, all cuddled up in each other's arms. Having lazy Sundays where you make breakfast together, the sweet gesture of this morning already twisting in your mind into your little daydream. He was just so easy to get along with, and the fucking definition of sex on a stick.
More than once you were sure he'd caught you drooling when he'd bum around the house in sweats. And today you were trying desperately to make your observations seem more like excitement for food than anything else. You were terrible. Thankfully your thoughts were drawn to the food.
Breakfast ended up being delicious, nothing too fancy as neither of you could cook for shit but it was a lovely moment, one you immensely enjoyed. Too bad when a certain season came by, everything changed dramatically.
Tumblr media
Springtime was usually awful for you. Everyone was out and about in love or finding new partners. Meet-cutes and storybook first dates seemed to invade your consciousness. But the absolute worst part was that you were horny as fuck. Your vibrator needed to be charged pretty much 24/7 now and you were honestly starting to worry you'd burn it out but you needed a fix and while there were other, chiseled, blonde, golden-eyed solutions you were eyeing they weren't exactly viable unless you desired melting into a puddle of goo the second you started muttering to him.
Not that you'd even have the chance to ask him, your roommate had been conveniently absent. You were starting to think he was avoiding you, conveniently missing each other in the morning, and he didn't come home until well after you were asleep. While this did allow a bit of ease to your mind during certain sessions you had, even for him this was a lot. Had he figured out your little crush, yeah you had stared some but other than that
It wasn't as though you were too obvious, or expected anything, you'd be fully prepared to keep this secret with you till your grave
Honestly, you were starting to miss him. It was all the little things, like when he would swing by and pick up fried chicken for the two of you, or chilling and watching a movie together, poking fun at cheesy moments or, laughing at silly dialogue. As of late, it felt like the two of you were getting closer, late-night chats while sprawled out in the living room as you talked about things that you didn't share with anybody. Things that made your infatuation, and your guilt grow.
It was getting to the point where just the scent of him calmed you down, you'd sleep in a hoodie he had loaned you one night, desperately clinging to the scent, spraying it with the cologne he kept in the bathroom to make it last longer. Little did you know your roommate was facing a similar problem.
Tumblr media
Springtime had never been a particularly enjoyable season for Keigo. Ever since puberty he'd spend several weeks so turned on he couldn't even think straight. Then the worst would hit. A week locked in his room pounding into his fist, desperate to release some of the tension to no relief. Desperate and thoughts stuck on baser instincts.
He'd heard of other mutant quirks developing hyper fixations. People they were close to, or that they had liked, suddenly switched to being an object of desire. They were hunted down, seduced, or in more desperate circumstances, begged and pleaded with. Their quirk convincing them that they couldn't get relief without them.
Hawks should've known better than to let you move in. The first time he'd met you, your soft smile and nervous energy just made you seem so cute. And when you finally grew comfortable with him, showing off the little sparks to your personality, your sense of humor, and your genuine heart. He fell hard. There was this soft innocence to you, the way you were so shy with him every time he went without a shirt or wore just his bodysuit. You wouldn't meet his eyes, hiding your face behind your hands, turning into a stumbling mess when you tried to talk to him. It made him want to corrupt you.
He wanted to watch as your eyes widened in surprise as he went down on that sweet pussy he knew you had, thighs trembling and legs jerking because you didn't know what to do when faced with such pleasure. Tasting your essence and drinking it straight from the source as you tighten your thighs around him. Circling your tender bud with his tongue over and over, taking soft gentle strokes as you curl your fingers in his hair to keep him there.  Then working open your tight hole with his finger till he could wedge himself in.
God, he felt like such a perv. You were a sweetheart, completely lost in a naive crush. Unaware of what he felt just on a regular day, but with his rut fast approaching, his thoughts were more and more drawn to you, getting dirtier as the date drew near. He was becoming obsessed. Waltzing into your room when you were gone to raid your dirty clothes hamper, desperate to have something that smelled like you. A white cotton panty being a particular favorite for the ever permanent visible wet patch, disgusted at himself but he couldn't help bringing them to his nose to smell, licking the little patch trying to get a taste of you before he wrapped them around his cock, imagining it was you instead. About how your panties got wet. Picturing you getting soaked when he teased you. Maybe humping the heel of your hand, desperate for some kind of friction on your neglected cunt. That always brought himself to completion embarrassingly fast. Shamefully rinsing out his cum in the bathtub, so you wouldn't find out when you washed them.
He wasn't sure how he would survive his rut without you realizing his feelings, he'd have to get a hotel. Somewhere just away from you, before it hit bad and he lost all pride and begged you. Even dodging interactions with you all week only seemed to make your effect more potent. Watching you curled up on the couch in his sweatshirt, the holes in the back cut out for his wings demonstrating the lack of clothing underneath. He almost woke you up then. Yes definitely a hotel, he still had time, before it started in earnest. Maybe get you and a friend tickets to somewhere fun and far far away. Though the idea of you being with someone else made the feral part of his brain irrationally angry.
Definitely needed a hotel.
Tumblr media
2 Days Later
In the end, unlike anything you'd ever expected, it had been your vibrator to betray you.
You had been extra tense, two days of near-constant contact with your roommate had put you on edge, he actually cuddled you, drawing you into his lap to hold while you watched a movie as if it was perfectly normal to cuddle with one's completely platonic roommate, whining every time you tried to move away. Calling you a wide array of bird-themed pet names (more than normal), bringing you food in bed, and insisting you rest when you felt absolutely fine. It was as though he'd gone into full protection mode. You couldn't make heads or tails of it.
Which led to your current situation: vibrator in hand circling your clit as you desperately tried to get off to anything other than the roommate occupying your mind. You tried a steamy book; still couldn't, guided audios; you just kept imagining what it'd be like to hear his voice saying those things to you instead, and finally just straight up porn but every video you clicked on caused you to wonder what he would look like, the faces he'd make. After an hour of edging yourself, you'd managed to get close, right when the bastard betrayed you.
It died.
At this point, you were tensed up, the last remnants of your build-up fading away but the tension was still there, desperately seeking an outlet. All in all you were pretty freaking determined to cum.
Which is how you ended up leaving your room in just a tee, looking for batteries that thankfully the device let you use as a backup power option… right when a rather wound-up birdie was making his way in.
Tumblr media
Keigo was going to be home late that night, one final shift before he locked himself away, a good 2 days earlier than necessary just as a precaution, but he was already suffering for it.
He hadn't been as careful as he should've, spending extra time with you before he had to leave, trying to drown himself in your scent, the way you felt, the weight of you on top of him, just absorbing as much of you as he could.
He knew it was feeding into his delusions but you were so soft. He just wanted to feel all of you, all around him, in his arms, underneath him, anything. He couldn't ruin someone so innocent with something as intense as a rut but dammit he was going to get to hold you if he could.
Keigo landed on the balcony of your guy's apartment, already removing most of his uniform, leaving just his pants unbuttoned and his bodysuit on, fully prepared to sneak to his room and finish up what little was left to pack before his rut. Maybe yank one out since he was already tense. What he had not expected was to find you bent over, rummaging in one of the bottom drawers and wearing nothing but a loose tee.
It was the smell of your arousal, combined with the view of your cunt all swollen with need that snapped all rational thought out of his brain.
Eyes narrowing and wings puffing up behind him. Keigo stepped silently to approach you, stalking his prey to ensure you couldn't escape. 
He waited till he was right behind you to speak."Whatcha doing my little chickadee," God the scent of you alone was killing him, he was still a few days out, and yet, you alone were enough to drive him mad.
When he spoke you jumped straight up only for him to grab you and spin you towards him. When you turned you could see him, eyes slit, breath ragged as he hunched over you. The dim lighting couldn't hide the way his feathers kept fluttering from the base to the tips of his wingspan. He looked half-crazed.
"Keigo? Are you okay?" His whole body shuddered when you said his name.
"Baby bird, what are you doing to me," his voice was deep and raspy, how could you use that sweet tone with him when you were completely bare to him. His hands trailed from your waist to play with the edge of your tee, making you squeeze your thighs. Suddenly you remembered your lack of bottoms, untangling yourself from his arms.
"Oh shit! I am so sorry," your apology pouring off of you, "It's just that I had to grab something and I didn't think you'd be home yet, especially since you're normally home so late. So I didn't bother putting anything on, and that's probably the last thing you want to see when you come home," Keigo interrupted your rambling.
"Last thing I want to see?" He started.
"Last thing, baby bird you don't know what I think of you, look at me!!," he gestured down to his crotch where a very obvious tent was forming.
"Last thing I want to see, do you know what I picture every single night, jacking off to my fist only to be presented with that sight right as I walk in through the door, already wet with need."
"I'm this close to kneeling before you and begging you,"
Your face felt like it was on fire, your thighs clenching so tightly together your knees were starting to feel numb. Your clit is throbbing already annoyed with the insufficient attention from earlier. The gears in your fuddled mind click together, and you sound quite unlike yourself when you start to speak. Voice still quiet from the shock of everything.
"Beg?" you question.
Keigo drops immediately, eyes blown wide with lust as he mewls out praises, begging and pleading with you. "Please baby bird, please let me, I wanna lick your cunt so bad, I want to make you feel so good please just let me fuck you, feel you all around me," You're dripping with need as you slowly make your way over to him.
You can't believe this is your Keigo, he was always so self-assured, so unattainable, and yet he's here, for you. Desiring you.
"I want you... t- to make me cum" you stutter out and like a flash, Keigo has you clear across the room, your back to the wall, one leg flung over his shoulder as he starts lapping at your cunt. Shallow strokes across your slit to prepare you before he starts in earnest. Circling your clit, moving down to your hole, and thrusting with his tongue. Shoving his whole face in so you can feel his nose rubbing perfectly against your clit.
God the taste of you was more than he had ever dreamed up, lapping up your essence. He flattens his tongue into a point, entering you, groaning into you as the tight ring of muscles around your hole tries to draw him in further.
You worry he's going to suffocate himself between your legs when he pulls back, smirking at you, your slick evident around his mouth and dripping down his chin, you go to clench your thighs again but he easily bats them away, lifting your other leg over his shoulder, allowing him to fully press his face to your core. Making you completely reliant on him and the wall for balance, diving in once more, adding a finger, carefully stretching you out and circling your clit before sucking it into his mouth, lightly grazing it with his teeth and his lips close around you and he sucks hard. You scream, hips bucking against his face as you curl your fingers in his hair, riding his face as you desperately use him for pleasure. Keigo moans into your cunt, as you chase your high, adding another finger and speeding up to time with your hips. He curls them, pressing into that deliciously gummy spot, and gives a hard suck to your clit sending your vision black as you fall apart on his tongue.
He continues to work you through your orgasm gently suckling on your clit still in his mouth, and fingers fully seated in your cunt and you flutter around them, pulling them in deeper.
Keigo gently removes both your legs, holding onto your hips to brace you on unsteady legs. He stood up himself and you loop your arms around his neck, still drunk from your orgasm. Pulling his head to years and kissing him deeply, tasting yourself from his mouth. Breaking your kiss, Keigo lifts you, putting his arm under your knees and carrying you to his room. Dropping you on his bed without ceremony. You giggle as you bounce on the mattress, limbs askew.
Staring at the sight of you, eyes blown wide and positively wrecked already, just from his tongue.
"Are you on anything?" He asked. You nodded and replied.
"I've got an IUD and I'm clean if you are and wanna...," you trail off, he groans at that and nodded. 
"Fuck," he breathes "Yeah I'm clean," Keigo dropping his pants to the floor, unzipping and removing his bodysuit.
When you see all of him, your mouth runs dry. Golden hair trailing down to the prettiest dick you'd ever laid eyes on, nothing too big or too long, in the perfect shade of pink, the tip already a little angry and red, pre pooling at the tip, and a singular vein running there to the base. The blonde hair around him, all trimmed and nicely maintained. But the most noticeable feature was how active it was, bobbing for attention, quite in character for the active hero. How could all of him just be insanely pretty?
"Close your mouth sweetheart," You snapped your mouth shut, crawling towards him on the bed, gently you reached out trailing the single vein from the base up to the tip, gathering up the precum and circling it around the head, playing with his slit, sliding down the shaft. Removing your hand you grabbed his hand tugging him onto the bed, and flipping him under you. You caged him in your arms. Letting your saliva pool, letting it drip all over his cock. You sit back for a moment to remove your shirt then bend down, curving your back and putting your ass on display as you blew lightly just on the tip.
Keigo took a sharp breath, hips thrusting upwards. You pin him down, cooing at him as you sit up and take him in hand, spreading the mess of pre and spit over his length. Working him up till he can't control the jerky movements any longer. You remove your hand and bend down, licking the base of cock. Bringing your hand back to fondle his balls as you work your way up.
"Hnng, fuck angel," Keigo moans as you begin to swallow, taking short thrusts at first till he's lubed up enough to deep throat. You immediately feel the burning stretch in your throat, gagging a little as you pull off, Keigo's hand threaded in your hair as he works you back down over his cock. Holding you as your nose tickles his happy trail and you gag once, releasing you after a moment so you can catch your breath. His breathing is sporadic, his movements getting more and more jerky.
"Fuck angel I'm so close, just a little more," you go down again and Keigo takes you with both hands, you relax your jaw and he starts thrusting up into your throat. When his hips begin to stutter he pulls you off sitting up and giving his dick a few tugs.
"Open your mouth," he commands and you comply, just as cum hits the back of your throat, spraying all over your face.
When he's done, you swallow what's in your mouth and lick off what is left on your face. You make a move to leave the bed to wipe off what's left on your tits when Keigo grabs you, leaning down to lick the remains of his cum off your chest. He begins moaning as he sucks your breast, fondling your ass already working himself and you up again.
"Gonna breed this pussy so good, Fill you up, stuff you full of my cum, make you mine, my little dove," he watched your pupils dilate, toes already curling.
“Hmm did you like that dove, like when I talk about filling you up when I call you mine?" You let out a breathy moan, he begins squeezing your asscheek, kneading it till he moves his hand, and a resounding smack lands against your cheek. You jump closer to him, falling into his arms. He scoots the two of you back so he's leaning with his back against the headboard and you're sitting in his lap, gripping onto his shoulders. When he lifts you, you hover yourself over his dick as he plays with the tip, circling your clit, and then swiping it up and down your slit, entering with just the tip in and then removing it and starting the whole process over again.
"Oh baby bird I can feel you trying to bring me in, you're so tight already," you moan at this as he pulls out yet again. Your hips are wriggling desperately now, trying to catch him.
"Kei, please," you beg "I need more,"
"Does my songbird want more? Do you want more cum? Wanna be my little breeding bitch? You're crying now, so close as he stimulates your clit, desperate for just a little more. Your cunt feels so empty as your clit pulses. Keigo just kisses your tears.
"Is my little sweetheart crying, do you need more," he asks, a sadistic smirk as he switches to agonizingly slow strokes through the lips of your pussy. You can feel it coming.
"Please Keigo!" You cry out, "I'm so close," you cant your hips, and this time he enters you, slamming your hips together bouncing you on his cock as he thrusts up into you.
"Shit angel, you feel so good," your cunt is like a vice grip on his dick, so warm and your inner muscles fluttering against him with how close you are.
"Baby bird, please tell me you're close," he begs, and you nodded sharply, little moans and gasps being the only thing escaping your mouth.
 He won't last long like this. He speeds up, using his grip on your hips as he speeds up his thrusts into you, you grind down, meeting him there, both of you growing close, your nails digging into his shoulders, as you chase your high. He brings one hand down circling your clit.
"Cum for me angel," you squeeze your inner muscles and let go right at that moment, falling, stars bursting behind your eyes. The feeling of you coming undone sends Keigo over the edge, hips sputtering, coating your inner walls with ropes of cum.
Immediately after Keigo pulls out, he flips you, laying with your back against the soft sheets of his bed and he goes to enter you again. You try to wriggle away, overstimulated but Keigo grips onto you.
"Gonna fuck you till I'm empty alright," he growls and you nod. Dissatisfied with your response he stops, "Are you okay with that?"
"Yes sir," God you were perfect. He enters you and begins trusting, pounding you into the mattress, the bed frame protesting. You could feel your whole body shaking with each thrust, fast and deep. Commanding a feather, Keigo places it at your clit, vibrating it against the oversensitive bud. You're sobbing at this point, everything is so much but you're so desperate for release, focusing on the sensations on your clit, feeling your relief hurdle towards the edge when you release all over the two of you without warning. Keigo getting lost in the feeling of you quivering around him, tears streaming down your face. He continues his brutal fast, till he's sputtering against you, filling you up again.
He stays there for a bit, as he comes down, dick finally softening as he lays against your chest. Whispering soft praises into your hair. You cuddle there, bodies still connected as you come back down to earth.
He waits till you're present to pull out and the sight of his cum dripping out of you has him captivated. He reaches two fingers out pushing it back in, over and over, hypnotized.
"Kei we need to go clean up" your voice is soft, trying to gently break the trance he seems to be in.
"So pretty, all full of my cum," he's mostly just talking to himself now, entranced with the way he feels his seed seeping in and out of your cunt.
His voice is unguarded, introspective as he tells you, "I've got to make sure it takes."
A jolt of fear runs through you but, when you look at him, you realize he's still out of it, eyes glassy as he continues his ministrations.
You're quiet for a bit considering your answer. He just seems so vulnerable right now, definitely different from before.
"Keigo, you know it probably won't, right?" You tell him softly he nods as if expecting this answer. His wings curl around him as sits back from you tucking his legs against his chest. You sit up, facing him.
"Come on, Kei, we'll go clean up together and cuddle up in my bed. Sound good?" You hold out your hand to him and he takes it. You walk with him to the bathroom, drawing a bath for the two of you. You guide him into the bath with you, careful of his wings in the custom tub you share, when he sits you settle into his arms. You take the washing, gently washing the both of you.
"Keigo," you start, "what's up, you seemed pretty out of it after, and before with your eyes," you pause, " And also during, with the insane refraction time, is that normal for you" He hummed.
"It's to do with my quirk," you wiggle closer to his chest, settling yourself in his lap.
"And…" you prompt.
"In the springtime, I… I sort of get more Hawk-like," he says. Very little of what you described felt particularly hawk-like to you so you press on.
"Hawk-like how" you question
"I go through… physical changes, I nest, and well you saw, I have this desire to mate or to well… breed, and some of those things are made… easier"
"Oh," you say, brain still absorbing the information "is it for all of the spring?"
"Not really, it doesn't really start for a few more days, the effects are starting up now, but it'll hit in full swing in a few days.
He explains a bit more about the process, what happens during it, and what's happened years prior. Your heart aches when he tells you how he's spent every year of it alone, and about the hotel, he'd gotten this year to avoid you.
"Would you… want help this year?" You offer.
He peers over your shoulder to look at you. "It's a lot to ask, worse than today, I can't ask that,"
"I want to help, and it isn’t entirely self-serving." Your face feels hot again, "I really like you, like this. Would you be okay with that," you feel nervous, waiting for him to respond.
Keigo breaks into a grin and presses his lips to your temple, giving you small pecks punctuating each word "You. Are. Amazing." Then he adds with a smirk "and I like you too chickadee."
"It's still going to suck for you isn't it?" You ask. He thinks about it and nods slowly.
"Yeah, springtime's a bitch." 
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!! Likes, comments, reblogs are greatly appreciated ♡
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zeldasnotes · 6 months ago
Astro Observations part.14🐚
Tumblr media
🐚People brag a lot infront of people with pluto 10th house because people feel like they have to one up them.
🐚People with both Neptune and Scorpio influence have insanely beautiful eyes and they have such a delicious look with that angelic look blended with that darkness😍
🐚People with Moon Square Saturn are so easily offended its crazy and if they have a Leo Moon its insane how sensitive their ego is.
🐚People with Saturn conjunct Ascendant cant admit when theyve made mistakes They get sooo ashamed. They will give you any excuse to make it seem like it wasnt their fault because they think they have to be perfect. The people I know with this looks soooo ashamed when you tell them they missed something or did something wrong.
🐚People with Mercury/Pluto needs to know everything. If your phone rings infront of them they will want to know who it is😂 They are the people who look at what the person next to them are doing on the phone
🐚The woman who used to do microneedling and other beauty treatments on me have her Jupiter conjunct my Venus and her Venus is in my 8th house. So she is beneficial(Jupiter) for my beauty and self esteem(Venus). And she also transform(8th house) my appearance. I just had to do her chart and I was shook when I saw it.
🐚Scorpio Rising in the Solar Return chart is usually a year when you go trough a transformation. When I had it I moved to a new apartment, got a new job and finally got control of my finances. I faced a lot of things I had been avoiding for years. My appearance changed a lot too.
🐚A lot of Scorpio and 8th house placements are secretive and refuse to share their secrets but ive also seen a lot of them who overshare because they just want to let it out and then they become ashamed because they lost their ”cool” and avoids the person they overshared to.
🐚People with Lilith in Virgo might feel guilty when masturbating
🐚Ive seen that the Venus in a mans chart can sometimes represent the women in the family and his experiences with them. I know two men with Scorpio Venus whos mothers and sisters are really mean, angry and rude. I even worked with the aunt to one of them and even she was extremely mean. Im honestly scared of them. Ive also noticed that the women in scorpio venuses families had hard lives and are very scorpionic.
🐚People with Moon conjunct Nessus in the Natal chart are so subtly emotionally abusive that you hardly notice that you are being abused or treated badly until its too late while Nessus conjunct Ascendant are more obvious in their abuse.
🐚Ive noticed that people with mercury in the 8th house are very naive and not good at spotting lies at all. They see themselves as smart tho. I had a friend with this and she always bragged about how sneaky and bad she was and she constantly was getting fooled and used by people and she never saw it comming. She also believed everything people told her.
🐚Its easy to hear when someone have mercury conjunct mars SO DAMN RUDE, and some of them have a raspy voice.
🐚Libra Moons are not as nice as they seem, ofc this goes for every Libra placement but ive noticed that Libra Moons can be somewhat ”cold”. Like they care too much about looks and politeness that they miss a lot of other stuff. For example a former friend of mine would find it rude and offensive when people cursed but she dated a man who had extremely conservative views and looked down on others. They care more about politeness than the actual personality
🐚Almost all the older women I know who hate on younger girls have either Moon Square Pluto or Venus Square Ascendant.
🐚If someone with venus in the 8th house are attracted to someone there is usually something ”dark” about that person.
🐚I have mercury in the 7th house and all my crushes have been younger than me.
🐚People with Mars Square Jupiter have so much energy they are the kind of people to go to the gym twice in one day
🐚A lot of people with pluto in the 1st house wants to come across as intimidating and its common for them to use clothes with camoflage prints or they might walk around with sunglasses and a pitbull and cigarette in their mouth, ive also seen them pick fights a lot for no reason other than to show how strong they are.
🐚Fixed Moons are the most loyal they will fight for you. Cancer Moons are also very loyal
🐚Libra placement when in a bad mood makes these passive aggressive immature comments especially if they have Cancer placements too, and when you confront them they panick and get afraid and pretend they didnt mean anything bad😂
🐚My friend have Venus in the 3rd house and she LOVES to talk. She is always on the phone if shes home alone.
🐚Placements that create a Madonna/Whore complex in a mans chart: Moon/Mars, Venus Square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, Moon Square Venus.
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royalsomar · a month ago
Edvin is a guest in todays episode of Ungdom, and it's really funny. Good luck translating 😆
- They had been filming nights that whole week (assuming the week of the “theme party” etc) and got home at 5 in the morning
- Edvin doesn’t want to watch playback / rough cuts during filming because he doesn’t want to “be taken out of it”, he wants to only watch it when it’s all done.
- They did watch some s2 scenes at the “Mittfest” (the middle of filming party we saw them have the other weekend), mostly bloopers and stuff, but
Felicia was like “you know the scene, you guys’ scene, it was soooo beautiful, incredible!
Everyone: ahhhhh yes omg
Nonni: I can imagine there are some beautiful scenes
Felicia: no but like season 2 is a step up, it’s even more -
Edvin: people will break (in a good way)
( 😭😭😭😭 I’m so excited now😭)
- They love their whole YR cast/crew so much and had fun at the Mittfest and said they’re all going to Gotland together this summer (lol)
- Felicia got in a “fight” when they were out because someone poured a drink on her. And Omar tried to get her to calm down, and Edvin’s reenactment of how Omar tried to play diplomate and repeated “kan ni softa”=can everyone chill over and over, and then in a stern voice “Felicia can you chill” was hilarious😂 And they say Felicia laughed in an evil laugh in frustration😂
- They had a loooot of extras on set that week👀
- Edvin tries to always stay positive on set even when they’re tired because he tries to be the person he wanted on set when he was younger (that’s sweet🥲)
- Edvin has new projects coming up but nothing that’s announced and finished, (except Gåsmamman which will be out in fall)
- They think Edvin is good at interviews and joke about both Edvin and Malte getting as many hours media training, and yet Edvin handles it so much better lol
- They do their usual improv bits to test if Edvin would still be nice in bizarre situations. (It was a mess lmao)
- About dating (Edvin doesn’t date a lot, but says he’s single). They think date situations are awkward and they don’t like tinder. Edvin says he won’t find his “future wife” on tinder lol
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okhotel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the people of my asks are so brilliant i love them, this is unfinished tho so i’m not gonna put all the warnings and stuff but it is smut i just needed a little feedback first <3
You could feel his eyes on the back of you, specifically staring at the tramp stamp on your lower back. You could feel him trying to stare holes into your low waisted Jeans, trying to see if he can picture your pretty pussy in your pink lace underwear. You know he's imagining his head in between your thick brown thighs, your fat pussy melting on his tongue, the pretty little moans that he would try to pull from you with his inexperienced tongue. Since the first day of UNI eren has always kept his eyes on you, always working around corners, always Sitting behind or next to you in class, always leaving lingering staves on your big tits,thick & soft stomach or fluffy thighs, though he never approached you in class or ever. Anytime you caught him staring ned blush and avert his gaze. You found interest in him, though he kept to himself and was kinda nerdy you found him cute, fuckable even…you wanted to ruin him.
You found the perfect opportunity to have alone time with him when you accidently failed the unit 2 history test. Even being a straight A student, and low key a teacher's pet led your history teacher to pair you with Eren to have him tutor you. After class that day your teacher asked you and Ren to stay behind. Your teacher asked Ren if he would be able to help you go over the test knowing he aced it, and obviously he didn't want to be a burden. So he quietly agreed, and wrote his number and room down on a piece of paper and nastily made his way out of the room, making you smirk at how shy he gets around you. Of course when he was told the news a slow build of panic rose knowing you were going to be in his dorm room, most likely sitting on the bed that he desperately came on multiple times to the thought of fucking you. It made him feel dirty inside thinking of you that way, but fuck he conduct control his thoughts or dick around you.
You went home to text Eren telling him you're coming over Saturday at 2, which gave you a day to come up with a plan. Saturday was the day you would finally taste Eren yeager, was the day you would slut him out.
It felt like it took forever for Saturday to roll around,all day even would ,avoid your eye contact and sat far away from you in class…aw he was nervous. Your classes ended at 1:30 giving you a little time to get refreshed. You took a quick shower to change into a cute white lacy set and a jean mini skirt that hugged the fat of your thighs perfectly, paired with a pink cropped velvet jacket zipped low to show off your cleavage, ,he was going to combust at the sight. You quickly apply some sparkly lip gloss, throw on your pink heeled sandals and make your way to your date.
You arrive at Rens dorm, you barely get to knock before Ren throws open the door staring down at the floor. He takes a quick glance at you and moves out the way to let you in. His room was really simple but it suited him. He had posters covering his walls of different bands, a gaming station in a corner connected to a worktop desk. His room was a dark contrast to your pink and fluffy room. He took a seat in the gaming chair right across from the bed pressed against the wall. You sat on the edge of the bed watching eren fidget in his chair, still not making eye contact.
Sitting in such close proximity was making Ren haywire, he could smell your fruity perfume from where he was sitting and if he scooted back a little he would be able to see a peak of the white lace.
"So what exactly were you confused about? " he mumbled, finally moving his gaze to look at you. He spoke so low you almost would have missed it." OH, I just didn't understand the stuff about Shakespeare, analyzing his poems is soooo confusing" you say with a pout, looking up at eren with your pretty big brown doe eyes. You lean in a little as you speak pushing your cleavage closer to eren, making him suck in a breath while clenching and unclenching his fists. "o-oh ok we can work on and study first, then review one part of the test you're stuck on." he pushes his glasses up with his index and middle finger, making you clench your thighs at the nasty thoughts that swim through your head. "Ok babes' ' You get comfortable on his bed, laying on your stomach with your books spread out in front of you.
A good hour and a half passes by before you get through the Study guide and review of the test. Not surprisingly Eren was a good tutor. He was patient with you and made the work super easy to understand. Throughout the hour he slowly grew more relaxed around you, cracking small jokes here and there and letting his store linger longer than normal. You were now sitting on the bed turned on your side staring at Ren,studying him, his hair was down but tucked behind his ears, his glasses were hanging low on his nose, he was wearing a black graphic tee with grey sweatpants. It was if he felt you staring at him, he turned to look at you, "what is it ", "have you ever eaten pussy before?" you blurt out. Ren chokes on his spit with a shocked expression on his face, making you bust out into a fit of giggles. "I'll take that as a no '' you say with a smirk, you move to stand in between his legs after he calmed down. He stares up at you with anxiety and lust in his eyes. His hands are practically glued to his thighs, you think you can hear his heart banging against his chest, you can see his breath picking up waiting for your next move. "Do you want to?" you say as you place your hands on his shoulders, gliding them across his neck and back. There was no hesitation, he quickly shakes his head yes, his expression changing from anxious to pleading.
With his permission you sit down to straddle his lap, he moves his arms to awkwardly place them on your ass. "you can touch me baby", though still cautious he pulls you closer to him moving his head to hide his face in your neck. You slowly begin to grind your hips on eren, which instantly makes him groan into your neck. The sounds he makes dampens your panties, making you grind against him harder. You move his head from your neck to feel his lips against yours. He's so sloppy with his kisses, so feverish as if he thinks you're gonna run away. "Ren baby you gotta slow down" You try to mumble against his lips, he barely heard you with how bunny-like he was moving. "m'sorry, just want you" he says as you peel him off your lips. "It's okay, Just follow me ", he nods his head okay and you move back in to kiss him. This time it's slower, he's still a little sloppy but he follows your lead. While kissing Ren you take one of his hands to bring it down between your skirt, he moans against you at the feel of the wet spot on you, a little pride builds in his chest at knowing this was because of him.
You make your way down with your kisses, leaving love marks and glossy kisses on his neck pulling more beautiful moans out of him. "mm need to taste you, please yln" he grunts out as you suck on his sweet spot behind his ear. He's so desperate to feel you, to taste you, to please you. You can't say no to that puppy dog face, you move off his lap with much distaste from eren until he feels you pull him with you to lay on the bed. You push him down to lay on his back as you stand at the end of the bed. You put on a show for him as you shimmy out of your skirt and jacket leaving you in just your white 2 piece set. Ren Sucks his bottom lip in to contain his moans,debating on palming himself or not only wanting to be good for you. Ren loses all resolve when he sees you ditched your underwear leaving your pretty pussy out on display, sitting cutely between your thick thighs. You crawl your way up to even stopping at his dick, letting him feel your wetness seep through his sweatpants. "I'm gonna sit on your face, okay baby, tap my leg if you need me to move," you say sweetly, wanting him to feel comfortable. He doesn't respond instead he takes his hands to grip your thighs and pull you up to his face, hes very impatient.
reblogs n comments appreciated<3
authors note: so this is def unfinished but how we rockin wit it so far im highkey not feelin in lmfao
tag(s) list: @moonchildpc @suspiriadesire @suikrem @artsyblkkid @ushijimasslut @purpleflamebluesparkles @jeansbabycake @marcelinecunt @shesoperfectt @cosmiclvsh @ghostycrybaby
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apompkwrites · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
reader impact || fan service scene: resting with you
series masterlist characters: diluc, xiao, zhongli genre: fluff summary: the creators of genshin impact have graciously gifted the players with a fan service scene featuring you! notes: i know dill's doesn't contain sleeping in your lap,,, i'm sorry but i hope you like what i provided :))
diluc -
diluc isn't one to have many sleep issues.
until the nightmares kick in.
whenever he can't sleep, he tends to just sit in his house.
it's always quiet.
not something you'd want after a nightmare, but he deals with it.
it's better than trying to expose himself to thousands or even millions of people.
but one night, after a particularly harsh nightmare, he remembers that the next day was supposed to be when he streams the newest genshin update.
but, he's already up...
he probably will try to take a nap later today anyway...
"i know it's a bit of an early, or late, stream but i was already awake."
his stream is definitely worried because this is the first time he streams at like 2:00 am.
he won't address it, though.
they don't need to know, anyway.
he pretty much tries to ignore any questions about his sleeping habits and opts to answer them very vaguely.
he is excited to play the update because he knows there's some more (name) content :))
he'll get everything done that he needs to do like commissions and events from them nice nice primogems.
and then here he is, ready to start the newest feature.
go to the angel's share.
ah yes, the place his character officially met you for the first time.
(he definitely has issues with interacting with patton before going inside)
the quest basically has diluc go around to collect more things needed for the winery.
pretty simple quest.
canonically, the quest takes the mc a few hours to complete because the materials are everywhere.
so a cutscene plays when he gets back to the dawn winery, which is where charles told him to bring the materials.
he walks inside and there you are.
greeting him with a brief nod and a wave of your hand.
mc drops the items on the table, ready to turn around and leave for another commission.
until you call out to him.
"ah, traveler."
mc turns back around and walks back to stand next to you.
you stand up from your chair and place a hand on their shoulder.
you stare at them for a moment.
"...i apologize. you must have been traveling for a long while to get the materials."
mc tries to wave you off.
"no, no. you'll hurt yourself. hm... come with me."
you literally CARRY MC TO A SPARE ROOM.
anyway, you pull up a chair next to the bed before placing the mc on the bed.
you simply sit in the chair, quietly stroking your thumb along the mc's arm.
"take a break. i'm sure the adventurer's guild will do just fine for now."
diluc is trying his hardest to hold back tears.
he just... really needed this.
xiao -
it's widely known amongst xiao's community that he has insomnia.
he talks about it a lot on how he has trouble sleeping and he even streams on the nights where it gets so bad he doesn't like being alone with his thoughts.
such is the case here where a new update drops and he's up and ready to play.
he greets everyone briefly as they enter the stream, rubbing his eyes and letting out small yawns every once in a while.
they always know when it's an especially hard night for him, so they come prepared with (name) emotes to try and cheer him up.
they don't have the heart to spoil him about the new update and what it includes.
of course, there will always be that one person who tries to spoil something.
the chat sees that and just spams (name) emotes to hide it.
and since xiao is pretty sleep deprived at this point, he doesn't notice.
now he's ready to actually play.
he'll complete his daily commissions and anything else he needs to get done before checking out the newest features.
he does know that there's a part in the update that features you :0
he doesn't know what the actual update is but he just knows that he'll be able to see you again :))
so he's going through the update, right?
just admiring you even if he's half asleep.
and here comes the part that actually almost put him to sleep right there.
his mc and you are walking down the streets of liyue and it's all dark.
there's a few lights here and there.
you two are walking down to the inn he had first met you at.
passing by the boss lady at the front counter.
walking up the stairs.
and there you two are, on the very balcony he ad first seen you on.
"...you seem tired."
his character doesn't say anything (as expected) but just rubs their eyes and nods.
pain is floating beside you two before going off towards the kitchen downstairs.
now it's just you two.
"you should take a rest."
your voice was so soft :))
you look around the balcony before sighing, taking a seat on the ground.
his character stares at you for a bit before you pat your legs.
"i told you to rest, didn't i?"
his character takes a bit before finally letting their head rest in your lap.
he's thanking whoever animated this part because it's a POV shot from the mc.
he's just staring up at you.
you're looking down at him with the softest expression he's ever seen.
"...rest now. i won't let anything harm you."
his chat is freaking out.
he's almost asleep at this point.
life is good.
zhongli -
zhongli doesn't have a lot of sleep issues either...
if he did, he'd probably just drink some tea and try to sleep again.
he isn't the type of stream late at night/early in the morning.
because of this, he plays the newest update for genshin at his scheduled time.
some people who watch him are going to bed though, so it's late at night/early in the morning for them :)
he knows this and tries to tell his viewers to get proper rest.
"it isn't good for you to stay up so late."
he really cares about them :))
he's happy to talk to them though.
(he definitely knows people like his voice so he's happy to help them sleep by talking to them)
his daily objectives take longer considering he's taking the time to read to his viewers.
of course, all of the things he's reading are genshin based.
more specifically you, but they don't mind.
anyway, he FINALLY gets his stuff done.
now he's finally ready to start the new (name) quest.
he's like... one or two hours into the stream already.
but he doesn't mind longer stream, especially when it concerns you.
go to third round knockout
ah yes, the little restaurant you go to for stories about yourself.
and, of course, there you are sitting at your usual chair and drinking tea.
you invite him over to sit down, which causes another cutscene to play, talking more about your adventures as a god/dess.
and, to zhongli's delight, the quest fully begins.
the quest follows you and mc going around lie, exploring different areas while you talk about what you've done there in the years you've been alive.
it's a more chill quest that features lore and character building :))
and then you get to a more secluded spot in lieu.
just the two of you.
the sun has already set and the stars are shining down on the two of you.
zhongli isn't saying anything, reveling in the silence as if he were actually there, standing next to you.
and then your character takes a seat in the grass.
and mc follows suit, sitting beside you.
it isn't long before zhongli's character begins to drift off to sleep.
and that's when it happens.
you reach over and pull mc into your lap, your storytelling continuing as if nothing happened.
"this may be awkward, but i noticed you were falling asleep. go on ahead. i'll be happy to share my stories to help you rest."
zhongli, once again, isn't saying anything. he simply lets the cutscene play.
you're still recalling tales of your past, calmly telling them to whoever was listening.
it's calm and quiet.
and zhongli now knows why people love hearing him tell stories as they sleep.
because he is definitely getting that same sensation hearing you recall your past.
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alwayskatsuki · a year ago
Some husband headcanons for Levi, Reiner and Zeke in a Modern AU please!
mmmmm you have good taste nonny, hope you enjoy these!
you guys have a joint checking account, but he’ll still take care of all the bills before you even see them
“Hey I don’t remember paying the phone bill this month”
“I already took care of it”
He’ll also fill your car with gas while you’re taking a nap or busy with something, buuut he won’t ever tell you he did, even if you don’t notice
Also genuinely enjoys doing the grocery shopping (and he uses reusable bags obvi)
Drives a black Tesla model S (I can’t get rich boy Levi out of my head pls)
If he can’t find your matching sock, he’ll throw the other one away (sorry)
But if it was a special sock he’ll go out and buy you a brand new pair
If he gets up to get himself a snack/drink he’ll come back with one for you too, somehow he always knows what you’re feeling without asking
Will let you do your skincare routine on him
And likes it
Remembers everything. From important dates to whether or not you locked the door.
Prefers watching movies from home, mostly for the privacy. Don’t worry, he’ll buy all the good snacks and hold you the whole time
Is NEVER on his cell phone when he’s with you
If you fall asleep on the couch he always carries you to bed and tries so hard not to wake you
You two have a roomba named Reginald Franklin the Third
He will never be caught calling him by name, but he does when he thinks you’re not listening
“You’re a little stuck here, huh reginald?”
Will leave little notes on his whereabouts so you don’t worry
“Went to the bank”
That’s it. That’s the whole note.
“Oh Levi, I didn’t see y/n at the party last weekend”
“Yeah, she wasn’t feeling well”
He knows damn well you just didn’t feel like going, plus he was with you last weekend
Texts you throughout the day
If the blanket slips off during your sleep he’ll pull it back up, making sure you’re covered and warm
Loves to drive you places, gotta go to the grocery store? Let’s go. You have a doctor appointment? You’ve got shotgun. Dinner plans? He’s driving and opening the door for you.
I stand by this with EVERY ounce of my being.. HANDYMAN!REINER
He will do ANYTHING you want, DIY KING
He takes care of any repair work around the house
He also remodeled the kitchen last summer
I think he’s also the most househusband out of all three of these men
Imagine him in a lil apron drying the dishes I’m flustered
He’ll always ask if there’s anything he can do to help too, especially if you’re stressed
“What can I do?” “How can I help?”
He leaves soooo many notes
If he has an errand to run and you aren’t there to see him leave, note. In fact, detailed note.
“Hi darling, I have to go make a few returns and then pick up some things for dinner. I should be back no later than 5:30, text me if you need anything. Love, R”
Mows. The. Damn. Lawn.
yeah I know that’s implied with handyman, but I had to put that picture in your head
Also!! Buys you products!! If he sees you’re running out of shampoo, there’s a new bottle in the cabinet the next day
He will put your towel/clothes in the dryer so that they’re warm when you’re done showering
He likes to try the things you like, for example, he’ll watch your favorite shows with you AND ask questions/discuss
Also full of compliments/praise for you
Tells anyone who will listen all about his lovely S/O
Dinner dates at least once a week
He always tells you to look pretty for him too ;)
And of course he looks sooo well put together, button up, sleeves rolled, black slacks and fancy watch oooooo
Makes playlists for everything, he has a driving at night playlist, a dinner date playlist, a taking a bath playlist, etc etc etc
Instead of doing it himself, he’ll pay for everything around the house to be done. You guys have an exterminator, cleaning people, repairman, landscaping, all of that.
He doesn’t want you to lift a finger if you don’t have to
He also pays for your nails/hair/clothes
And yes, we let him
Definitely gets up first with the kids, will 100% let you sleep while he cooks breakfast for and entertains the rugrats
He loves it too
He’ll meet you for your lunch breaks/him for his
Vacations are super important to zeke, he’ll be the one to plan them, but he always asks you where you want to go
“Oh what about this resort in Bali?” “Or we could stay in a hut on the shore?”
He also loves going off the grid a bit and visiting rural areas and meeting/befriending the natives
Loves trying new foods and he’s always pushing you to step out of your comfort zone
Always makes eye contact with you and he’s very good at communicating, so you’ll never fight about that
Talked you into taking salsa dancing classes with him
He’d rather order in than cook, but he definitely knows how to (and is quite good at it)
Leaves long voicemails, half of it includes him talking to himself
You accidentally spooked him (really badly) when you walked into the bathroom during his shower, so now you guys have a bit of a scare war going on
You’re winning
Kisses your hand a lot
Also cradles the back of your head during hugs (!!!!!)
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adorerdraco · a year ago
Not My Type (Like You) ✧ Draco x Reader
Request: you should like do a one shot or even another mini series about amortentia/love potions in general. i’d soooo read that
italics are for flashbacks <3 i love them if you couldn’t tell 
Warnings: mean!draco, cursing, more mature themes/ideas, little bit of spice towards the end teehee but not too much bc idk how to write smut to save my life
Words: 4.5K
A/N: I saw a tiktok that kinda inspired this and i couldn’t get the idea out of my heaaaad if anyone knows which one im talking ab send it my way so i can show !!!! ALSO I LOVE THIS ONESHOT I LOVE DRACO AND I AM IN MY FEELINGS this might be my new favoriteeeee
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy was insufferable.
The Prince of Slytherin was unbearable for many reasons, things you've been taking notice of since your first year at Hogwarts when you accidentally had the ”pleasure” of interacting with him when he called you stupid in a class for reciting a spell incorrectly. That day, a hostility blossomed. A hostility that ensued nothing but teasing, mocking, and criticizing that would sometimes go too far and you'd both have to be pulled away from each other by your friends’ before either of you said anything excessively harsh that had no return.
You often felt like Malfoy sought you out to bother you and only for that. You could be sitting in the Quad with friends, conversing and laughing like nothing in the world mattered, and a few minutes later you'd be hurling insults towards the blond across the courtyard after he would yell something infuriating to you with that smug smirk on his face and his goons laughing wildly beside him as if he just said the most hilarious thing they've ever heard. 
On the days you’d ignore him, not having the patience or the energy to deal with him, he would still somehow find a way to push your buttons. Little things here and there like passing you in the corridors and tugging at the ends of your hair gingerly like a child but enough to tick you off or sending you notes from across the class in the form a small fluttering bird with a lousy drawing of you usually with a message along the lines of, “Y/L/N, hopefully, this note finds itself in the nest of hair you have today xx DM.”
In all honesty, there wasn’t a day you didn’t encounter Draco and it’s been that way for seven long years. Neither of you ever gotten tired of mildly or spitefully bullying each other and neither of you ever dreamed of stopping. He was one of the few constants in your daily life, and you in his. It was like you both lived on annoying the other, and in the midst of all the chaos that you brought to one another; there was a small, teeny, tiny acquaintance - not that either of you would ever admit it. You may have noticed it the time you bet each other ten galleons for who would win in the Triwizard Tournament your fourth year and he bet on Viktor Krum while you on Cedric Diggory. (he’s very much alive i refuse to think otherwise.)
“So you’re telling me, your mother is the reason why you’re not at Durmstrang,” you scoffed. “This whole time I could have been saved four years of headaches.”
“You’re just jealous some of us have more opportunities than others,” he snarks back pompously. “Unlike you, I hardly believe you would be graceful enough to even be considered admission into Beauxbatons.”
You had gone to see the last task of the competition just like the rest of the schools, all packed tightly onto the stands and watching carefully the exit of the maze. Naturally, you had arrived with your own friend groups, but somewhere during the time of sitting there and even being a few rows behind the blond and his minions, the two of you had met in the middle bench after he was trying to prove something wrong to you. 
When Cedric appeared back in front of the stands with the glowing Triwizard cup held high over his head in victory and every Hogwarts student loudly celebrating, you had jumped up from your seat and shook wildly an irked Draco beside you. He roughly shrugged your hands off his stiff shoulder, looking up at you with a sneer that you met with a bright beaming smile.
“Pay up, Malfoy!” You held out your hand towards him, opening and closing your fingers to receive the bet money. “I believe it was ten galleons you owe me.”
He begrudgingly reached into his coat pocket and fished out the coins, counting them defeatedly before tossing them into your palm. “What a waste of galleons.”
“Hey, you made the bet,” you reminded him with a still very bright smile. You shoved the money into your pockets, keeping one of the gold coins in between your fingers, and gave him a small hair ruffle that he harshly recoiled from before you turned to jump back up towards the level of stands your friends were originally sitting at.
“Were you really sitting with Malfoy this whole time?” One of your friends questioned when you reached them, a goading smirk on his face.
“Ooooh, she definitely was,” another friend piped up, wiggling her eyebrows. “They’re obsessed with each other.”
“Shut up,” you smack her arm casually, showing the pair the one gold galleon you were holding. “We are not. I was only sitting with him to get my bet money.”
“Sure,” they drawled in unison, sniggering when you threw your head back in annoyance.
You looked down the rows to see the mop of white hair you just sent into disarray. He was slowly descending the stairs of the stands with Crabbe and Goyle following closely behind him. Almost as if he felt your eyes on his back, he turned back to look at you, his cold gray eyes gazing into yours. It was like everything around you went quiet, the only thing in your focus was him and all you could do was stare back. It wasn’t until your friends started stifling laughter and whispering “aww’s” that you snapped out of the short-lived and odd few second trance you were in. He waited for you to do something before he turned back around, and you did - by holding up both hands; the one golden galleon on your left and your middle finger on your right, grinning to yourself when he rolled his eyes throwing you the finger right back before he finally disappeared into the mob of people below.
You were briskly walking down the corridors, books held tightly to your chest with your friend at your side while you made your way to Advanced Potions with Slughorn after Snape finally made his way into the DADA position. It was an easy class, potions being something you had a knack for and it gave you enough leisure to mess with your “favorite” Slytherin who shared it with you. 
“Look there goes your boyfriend,” your friend teases, elbowing your upper arm roughly and nodding her head down towards the hall to the tall blond appearing around the corner and entering swiftly into the class.
“He’s not my boyfriend,” you hiss. “I’m tired of everyone saying that. I hate him and he hates me, end of story.”
“You know when you say you hate him, it just sounds like the opposite,” she says tauntingly. “Besides, hate is a strong word and very misplaced. Maybe, it’s just years of built-up tension that both of you have been too nervous to do anything about.”
“Tension? Yeah, I want to strangle him,” you laugh to yourself at the thought.
“Not that tension, idiot,” she shakes her head, “I mean sexual tension...clearly.”
You gave her a horrified look mixed between being disgusted and being offended. You held your hand over your mouth and pretended to gag as dramatically as you could. “I am appalled that you would even say that. I would rather be locked in a room with Filch and Peeves and hear them argue and fight all day than to be with Malfoy like that.”
“Come on, think about it,” she encourages, stopping the two of you a little ways away from the classroom. “You guys 'hate' each other?” She finger quotes the hate, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “When you hate someone, you don’t go out of your way to talk to them every day.”
“It’s not like that,” you wave a hand dismissively. “Also, this isn’t a cliche, this is real life. We hate each other, that is all there is to it.”
You picked up the walk again, your friend to following behind you while letting out a deep and exhausted sigh. You couldn’t help but think about what she said, sure, perhaps at one point you thought Draco was attractive with his bright silver hair, his glittering gray eyes, his little button nose that he would crinkle up every other word he spoke in his charming haughty voice, or the way he’d tower over you in the middle of a conversation gone wrong and he’d be talking lowly to you but all you’d be able to focus on was the sweet scent of apples and cologne that radiated off of him.
“No,” you whispered almost silently to yourself, forcing yourself out of your thoughts and shaking your head from side to side as if it was going to get the image out of your head. He was mean, disrespectful, arrogant, and insulted you daily - even if you both laughed about it or gave props for the perfect jabs.
The first thing your eyes landed on when you walked into the dingy Potions classroom was Draco, his focus trained on the ceiling as if he was deep in thought. Just as his eyes were about to flicker down towards you, and sensing that he was about to, you quickly avoided his gaze and concentrated onto Slughorn who was waiting patiently by his desk with a bubbling cauldron for you and your friend to join the crowd in front of him.
“Great! Now that we’re all here,” Slughorn began excitedly, fixing the sleeves of his robes as he grabbed the ladle in the cauldron and began stirring it while continuing his lecture. 
You were trying to listen, capturing only the professor’s last sentence as he called on someone who raised their hand. All attention was thrown out the window when you realized Draco was standing near said classmate, a look of annoyance suddenly clouding his features when his pale eyes met yours.
“What?” He mouthed. You ignored him, trying to turn your concentration back onto Slughorn but nothing he was saying made sense, and right as you caught a word you did understand, a shuffling and an abrupt arm knocking into yours threw you right back out of the loop.
“Watch it,” you snap hushedly when you notice who it is. “Why are you over here?”
“I can’t say hello to my number one fan?” He whispers back, snickering slightly when you scoffed quietly.
“Fan? Says the one who shoved his way through the crowd to come over here,” you grumble, crossing your arms. 
“I hardly shoved,” he mutters. “I only moved because I couldn’t see Slughorn from where I was standing. Not everything’s about you.”
“Really? Because to me, it seemed like you came over here for my attention.”
He let out a breathy chuckle, a patronizing smile making its way onto his face. The type of typical boy smile where his mouth is half agape with his tongue smoothing over his teeth as he stared off across the room with his fingertips rubbing thoughtfully against his jawline as he thought of what to say. You stood still as he bent down, nearing his mouth towards your ear and whispering hotly, “you wish, darling.”
Slughorn sent everyone to their paired tables, and as everyone began moving and Draco sauntered off away from you, you stood stuck there, shocked with the lingering chills that were sent down your spine from your archnemesis’ comment.
“I told you, you’re into each other,” your friend sang expectantly from behind you, grabbing onto your sleeve and directing the two of you towards your table. 
You were working peacefully at your workspace, cutting up, peeling, and crushing the ingredients that your friend was sliding across the surface to you. In the table behind you was where Draco was working annoyingly quiet, tossing the stripped stems of the roses at you that you had to peel, tiny thorns pricking at your ankles through your socks since the bigger thorns had been taken off for the potion. As payback, you would throw back loose extra pearl dust you ground up, giggling tauntingly when he would frown at you for getting the coarse white powder all over his Italian leather shoes and most definitely inside of them as well.
When you, and seemingly the rest of the class, had finally thrown in all the ingredients and the potion promptly finished brewing, beautiful clouds of white and pink smoke began rising from the cauldrons, each one having a lovely scent of first; freshly pressed high-priced linens, then a faint smell of a brand new racing broom out of a box with a freshly polished wood handle that then quickly transformed into a sweet harvest of apples, green specifically, and finally...
“Ugh, gross,” you pinched your nostrils closed, turning your body around and sending a scowl towards Draco’s way. “Malfoy, we get it, your cologne is expensive, now stop spraying it. I was smelling all these wonderful things and you ruined it.”
He arched an eyebrow at you, looking at you as if you were crazy. “Are you mad? I didn’t spray anything, I think you’ve finally lost it.”
“Well you laid it on too heavy this morning then, it reeks in here.”
“You’re one to talk, Y/L/N. Did you bathe yourself in that dreadful perfume you wear just now? And that ghastly lip shiner thing you use,” He sneers, crinkling up his nose. “I can’t even think straight, I might vomit.”
“Lip shiner? It’s called lip balm, you prat,” you retort, crossing your arms angrily. “Either way, I haven’t used or sprayed anything either so-”
“For Merlin’s sake!” Your friend suddenly exasperated loudly from beside you making you briskly whirl around to look at her, a look of pure annoyance etched onto her face. “Are you two really that daft? Honestly? Have you been paying attention to anything other than each other? For instance, the potion we just made?”
This gained the attention of your classmates around you in the surrounding tables, turning their heads slightly but not obviously with small knowing smirks on their faces while they snickered quietly and listened. It was soundless as you reached towards the book in front of your friend, pulling it painstakingly slow towards you in fear of the words that were written on the open page.
“Amortentia,” you muttered glumly as you read the page, pushing it away from you dejectedly as everything began to click.
“The reason you’re both smelling each other is because you’re what the other desires and is attracted to. Wow, what a revelation! As if the whole school didn’t already know.”
You were afraid to turn around. You could feel the cold and hard pair of eyes burning holes onto your back and the immediate amount of whispers and giggles of the people around you. Luckily, Slughorn was busy at the other end of the room, working diligently with another pair of students who managed to mess up their potion. 
“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Draco announces finally.
“What’s so ridiculous about it?” You questioned, your heart falling to the pit of your stomach when you turned again and took notice of the way his lips were curling upwards as if it was the most disgusting thing he could have ever heard.
“Think about it, Y/L/N,” he deadpans. “Why would I ever desire someone like you?”
There had been occasions over the years when you were in this situation. None as drastic and as revealing, but there would be times when friends and others would poke fun and say the exact same thing your friend told you earlier. The usual, “they got the hots for each other!” and you would always brush it off and joke about how you could never, and he’d do the same. It was always amongst laughs and jokes, but as you looked at the Slytherin in front of you - there wasn’t a hint of amusement on his hardened face.
“Piss off, Malfoy,” you seethed, biting down hard on your lip to refrain from lashing out either in tears or in insults, you couldn’t decide. “If I’m so revolting, leave me alone from now on, I mean it.”
“I never said that,” he argues. “You’re just simply not my type.”
For some eerie, awful reason, the words tore into you like a sharpened knife going easily through butter. You were used to his insults, his mocking, his comments about your appearances - but this hurt, and you couldn’t explain why. You thought, for a second, possibly, that maybe your friend was right. Maybe there was a hidden attraction you had for the platinum blond that you buried deep away and one that he had for you. There was no way that was the case now, not at all. 
And for the first time in your life, you couldn’t be more sure of a simple little fact.
You hated him.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
You don’t know how long you spent sitting in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, back against the cold tiled wall with your knees brought up to your chest. Your friends had tried to console you after the public rejection and humiliation, but their words only made you feel worse. You felt silly for being so bothered about being rejected by Malfoy, he wasn’t exactly someone you fancied, to begin with.
After dinner, you went off the grid and found yourself where you’re now sitting. The ghostly girl flew restlessly around you, popping out of her stall now and then to chat but then going back into her abyss of nothing when she learned you were still upset. You noticed it made her a little too pleased, considering the fact it was always her who was miserably wailing about her problems in the bathroom. She tried to hide it and let you talk to her about how you felt, but she gave terrible advice most of the time. 
“Well, if it was me, I would have never started fancying someone who was mean to me,” she mumbled. “Like when Paul Wighorn made fun of my hair for a whole year and laughed when I cried. I hated his guts then and I still do now.”
She had a point, but she was also Myrtle. Nothing about the overly dramatic ghost made sense.
“I don’t fancy him, It’s just weird,” you trail off. “I can’t imagine a day without him, even if he is a complete arse. We always joked about how we hated each other, but I didn’t think he actually meant it, I guess.”
“I think you do fancy him, though,” she whispers knowingly in your ear, making you flinch from her cold draft. “Stop denying it, it’ll only keep making you feel worse. Amortentia doesn’t lie, silly. Maybe when you drink it, but before that, all real feelings are there, whether you know it or not.”
You sat quietly, taking in her words before something came crashing down onto you like a wall of bricks.
“I suppose that means he’ll have to stop denying it too,” she adds thoughtfully. 
“Myrtle,” you rush to get up, smoothing your hair down profusely and fixing the wrinkles in your clothes. “You’re a genius.”
“I am?” She asks excitedly. “What did I say?”
You waved her off, giving her another thank you before rushing out of the bathroom and into the empty corridors. You were trying to go back to your dorm to sleep, hoping that when tomorrow came you would be bold enough to confront the Slytherin Prince but it was thirty minutes past curfew, something you didn’t notice until you were bustling down the steps in a rush and came face to face with the man of the hour himself doing his Prefect patrolling duties.
“Go to your dorm, Y/L/N,” he sneers. “I’ll take away house points, don’t test me,”
“I don’t believe you.”
“That I’ll take away house points? Watch me. Five-”
“No, you twat,” you groan, swatting his arm with your hand. “I don’t believe that I’m not your type.”
He stayed wordless for a moment, biting the inside of his cheeks and clenching his jaw as he peered down at you from his lanky height. “Why not?”
“Because I didn’t think you were my type until the amortentia made me aware of it,” you answer quietly. “Actually, my friend had a hand in it, but it was mostly the potion.”
Silence, again. Still and deadly. You could hear the large clocks around the school tick and tock, the hundreds of paintings snoring peacefully or chattering quietly. You avoided looking up at the boy in front of you, all of a sudden feeling small under his gaze until you felt cold fingers brush against your cheekbone and then softly through your hair causing you to finally look up into the soft wandering almost blue eyes. 
“I didn’t find out with the amortentia,” he muttered almost reluctantly as if it was the most difficult thing he had to reveal. “I’ve known I’ve liked you for a while.”
“How long is a while?” You curiously wonder aloud.
“I’m not telling,” he smirks. “Perhaps you’ll figure it out one day.”
Both hands came up to rest on your cheeks, slightly cold but soft and tender. It sent chills throughout your body as he took a step closer to you and then closer, backing you carefully into the diagonally ascending stone wall that went in the direction of the stairs. Your breathing was getting uneven, you noticed the way you accidentally switched to manually forcing yourself to inhale and exhale normally when he leaned down with his face now being mere centimeters from yours. It was torture, having your eyes closed and feeling the way his nose was brushing against yours, minty breath warm against your lips as he ghosted over them with his. He was so close, you smelt everything that was in the damn potion that got you here. It sent flutters of warmth down your body, trickling down and seeping deeply into every bone in your body as if this is was the remedy its been needing. This is what you’ve been missing.
When you finally felt a soft pair of lips being pressed into yours, it felt almost unreal that you were there. It was awkward the first couple of seconds, both of you wondering how in the world had you gotten yourselves in this position, but after you relaxed and he found his Prince of Slytherin confidence - it was magic. His lips moved languidly against yours, affectionately and full of longing. He kept his hands on your cheeks, still timid to move anywhere else while you kept yours resting lightly on his sides. It scared you a little, how fast and how easily you melted into each other, like if this was something you’ve been doing with him for years rather than torment the other for laughs. 
You hated the feeling when he pulled away, a gust of freezing castle air passing through the space between you and cooling your lips and face from his contact. His hands dropped down to his sides and he looked down at you with a small smile, a teeny bit smug, but happy. You wanted to feel the same way, but a question still loomed over your head, overpowering the giddiness you were vividly feeling.
“Why did you lie earlier?” You question softly, directing your gaze to the floor. “In class, I mean.”
He thought about his answer for a second, sighing deeply when he realized he had to uncover more truths about himself to you. You took a mental observation at that, he didn’t like to talk about feelings. “You didn’t say anything. Didn’t even look at me. I thought I’d beat you to it and reject you before you could reject me.”
“What made you think I’d reject you?” You coaxed. “Other than the fact that I made you a sworn enemy at eleven.”
“Exactly that,” he laughed lightly. “You’re unpredictable, Y/N.”
You smiled to yourself at the realization that he finally used your first name. “So are you, Draco.”
“Not really,” he grins. “Like in just a few moments, for example, I’m going to start snogging you.”
You opened your mouth to encourage him but shut it quickly when he closed the space between the two of you again, this time much closer than he was before. He was flush against you, and when you say you could feel everything; you could feel everything. You were almost begging for him to lean down and kiss you again by the time you felt his hands on you again, running delicately around the exposed skin of your hips when your shirt hiked up an inch on accident. He leaned down again, and with the advantage of his lowered height, you let your hands slide up his arms, biceps, and ultimately the nape of his neck where your fingers continued up into his hair. The breathiest gasp escaped his throat as you tugged at the ends gently, smirking to yourself when he closed his eyes in delight at the touch.
His lips came down onto your fast this time and hastily, pressing himself impossibly closer into you. You could feel his grip tighten against your hips, his hold moving upwards onto your waist as he continued to kiss you fervently. His teeth bit down softly on your bottom lip and you wasted no time in parting them slightly for his tongue to meet yours. You tugged at the platinum strands of hair again, feeling triumphant when a low groaning sound emitted from his throat at the sensation as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss further.
You knew you were done for when one of his hands slowly slid up your upper body, stopping first at your collarbones with warm fingertips fluttering over the skin, before he moved it upwards completely and he now had his large hand wrapped comfortably around your neck. You gasped in delight into the kiss, a swarm of butterflies going directly to your lower stomach as he squeezed against the artery in your neck meticulously, the coldness from his Malfoy family crest ring only adding fuel to the fire. He tore his mouth away from yours with his hand still clutched firmly around your throat and you were almost sent into orbit with the look he was giving you. A look filled with desire, adoration, and intensity - his pale gray eyes were much darker, almost a dark blue that resembled the starry night sky on a summer night.
Lips reattached themselves roughly and feverishly against your jawline, peppering long and tender kisses all the way towards your ear and then down towards your collarbones where he was beginning to undo the rest of the top buttons of your school dress shirt. You felt him smile against your hot skin when you’d writhe underneath him, emitting weak whimpers that you couldn’t hold back that he ended up having to clasp a free hand over your mouth as he whispered into your ear to stay quiet.
It didn’t matter that you were in the middle of a poorly lit corridor where anyone could walk past and see the frenzy that was unfolding, nor did it matter to Draco that his Prefect duties were long forgotten. Your friend was right, and everyone else for that matter; it wasn’t hate you felt for the blond at all, it was years and years of a craving and a hidden yearning packed with displaced tension.
And now, you were both exactly where you wanted to be; together.
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just-a-poor-boy-queen · 5 months ago
Freddie Mercury: The Final Act
Some highlights.
Kash said Freddie denied that he had AIDS. She said her mum called her up and said, "call your brother, he is very ill." Kash did, and asked, "it's not AIDS is it," and he denied it.
Roger called him his best friend 2 minutes into the show.
Brian acknowledged Freddie's struggle with sexuality.
"What I am is all in the songs." - David Wigg about Freddie.
God, the white house coverage of AIDS is soooo infuriating.
Brian and Roger talking about IWTBF video and America's response was funny lmao.
Brian acknowledged that Freddie was gay yayayy. He quoted the daffodil interview and said, "that's not a man denying his sexuality."
Phoebe said Rock Hudson's death made Freddie realise that "I won't get it" attitude is not true.
Anita said of the Kensington Roof Party, "Come and meet my Jim." She said Freddie was very proud of Jim😭😭
Kash talked about Jim. "It was decided that Jim would be introduced as the gardener, but I wondered that he must be a very good gardener because he is always there. Then I put two and two together."😭😭😭
Freddie revealed to David Wigg after the Ibiza '87 that he had AIDS. He said "I'm going to fight it, there will be a cure."😭
God I fucking hate Margaret Thatcher.
The band didn't know about Freddie's diagnosis while they were recording The Miracle.
He told them in Montreux. But they had already guessed.
They agreed to deny everything about his diagnosis and lie through their teeth to protect Freddie.
He told Kash that he had an incurable blood disease. She said, "it's not AIDS is it?" He denied but she knew.
Freddie asked Kash, "I was handsome, wasn't I?" while watching his old videos. She said that was hopeful but sad. She believes that her brother very handsome.
Brian never told Freddie that TSMGO was written about him, but it was understood.
People who had not seen Freddie for a while were visibly shocked on set of These Are The Days on seeing him.
"When I can't sing anymore I'll die." - Freddie once told Anita.
The doc also has other people talking about their diagnosis/people they knew who died of aids. It was very emotional.
Roger tried to run over a reporter once and failed.
Bomi couldn't see him because he looked like a skeleton. He said, "this should've been me instead of Freddie," while reading a newspaper and crying.
John, Brian and Roger stayed at Roger's house all night after Freddie died. When they saw the news, Freddie's death finally sunk in.
Anita said Jim didn't want any limelight so he withdrew.
Roger singled out The Sun and said they were very shitty.
Roger got fixated on the tribute concert and wanted to give Freddie "one hell of a send off," and at the same time raise awareness for AIDS.
The first person to be called was Elton for the concert.
George really wanted to sing Somebody to Love. His cousin that was reflective of his personal life. He was the only one who rehearsed it for days.
Anita said the concert was like a catharsis for the boys.
Elton was very sombre during the rehearsals.
The band didn't know if Axl would turn up at the concert because he never came to the rehearsals.
Brian said that it was difficult to do the concert because they were raising awareness but it was very hard to do it without Freddie.
A treat for George fans as well because the doc talks about his life and relationships a bit as well.
Damn, that intro to StL, George🥺
Brian said Liza was very emotional about the performance. She loved Freddie a lot.
The end killed me. They cut from Liza's We Are The Champions to the band recording the song in 1977. The last note was by Freddie during the Magic Tour.
Kash sings a bit of The Winter's Tale at the end😭😭😭😭
I am crying. This was a very good documentary. 1000/10 recommend.
Tumblr media
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