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— out of reach | gojo x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
request: Girllllll I just read your jealous gojo fic and my heart went 📈📈📈📈💥💥💥 youre now one of my fav writers 🙏🧎‍♀️And the spicy parts 😫😫😫 💖 If your asks are still open, could I please request a fic where GOJO has a size kink 🥺🥺🥺 my 5’1 ass is obsessed with that shizzzz 
pov: you’re gojo’s childhood friend and roommate – which leads to utter chaos – or perhaps utter bliss?
warnings: size kink, lots of teasing, lots of cursing, dirty talk, choking (probably not in the way you think), body worship, lots of size difference scenes, slight manhandling, overstimulation, thigh fucking, vaginal sex, unprotected sex (don’t do this irl guys) + unedited fic :D
notes: idk what happened here LMAOOO but i loved writing this one because i’m short as hell too lol. thanks for this request anon, i hope you like it! <3
word count: 10.5k
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Tumblr media
If you’re going to be honest, having Gojo as a roommate is something completely unexpected.
Not only are you two from entirely different worlds – him as a jujutsu sorcerer and you as an average human who can’t see curses – but he’s also just someone who is entirely out of your league. He’s respected and looked up to in his field of work, while half of your co-workers don’t even know your name, much less notice you in function parties where you mostly just nibble on sushi before calling it a day and turning back home.
You and Gojo met in elementary school. You could tell from the way he’s surrounded by servants and stern looking adults, firm hands on his small shoulders, that he was different from everyone else.
Apparently, he comes from one of the three big clans in the jujutsu world or whatever. You honestly don’t care about any of that, because Gojo refuses to act maturely about his role in the clan. You still remember how quiet he was on the first day of school, never smiling and keeping to himself despite your persuasion to eat lunch with him or play with him after school in the courtyard.
You miss that Gojo Satoru – the quiet, serious kid who was far too gentle in his actions yet firm in his words and beliefs. When you were still a little girl, you admired how he seemed older than his age, a wistful look in those azure blue eyes of his that you’ve always loved.
To you, Gojo Satoru was your hero. You’ve always been one of the shortest kids in class, and it didn’t help that you really loved pigtails all the way until middle school that made you an easy target from immature people who’s being hit way too fast by puberty and growing each passing day. You never minded your short stature because really, it’s just height, but you couldn’t ignore how your confidence dwindled each day when they called you several array of nicknames.
Too shy to fight back, you’d laugh it off or force a smile.
Gojo wasn’t having any of it. He’d break his silence and immediately pull you to his side (which only made things worse because Gojo was one of the tallest kids in class, further emphasizing how small you are right next to him) before threatening to smack the kids right in the face.
The threat should be enough to land him detention, but because he’s Gojo Satoru, the golden kid everyone loved, they took his word seriously.
At the age of eleven, you started seeing your best friend as your knight in shining armour. Gojo basked in this, growing protective and always glaring at whoever snickered when you walked past them. Sometimes he even bared his teeth to hiss at them, which was honestly so ridiculous now that you think about, though the message – the threat – always came across loud and clear.
So yeah, you love Gojo, you still do.
Years flew by and the two of you grew apart due to work and also as a part of growing up. You still kept in contact, messaging each other once a month to ask the other how they’re doing. His work kept him extremely busy though, and Gojo didn’t want you involved in the dangers of what he’s doing, so he makes sure to keep a safe distance.
Until six months ago, you hear a banging on your door. You’re just about ready to throw hands because your former roommate moved out to live with her stoner boyfriend, leaving you to shoulder all the bills and responsibilities of maintaining a two man apartment.
A sneer forms on your lips as you swing the door open, a scowl already on your face. You assumed it was your roommate who returned to get the pair of lace panties they left in their room, but instead, your childhood friend stands before you, taller (seriously, how has he not stopped growing?) and definitely a lot hotter than the last time you saw him.
One thing leads to another, and now it feels like there was never such distance between the two of you with how easily you both fell back into a comfortable – yet chaotic – rhythm and routine of being each other’s roommate.
Not that you mind, of course. Gojo’s definitely changed a lot from when you were kids. He’s no longer that stiff or sensitive when it comes to others. In fact, it seems like he loosens up a lot more with age, because you can barely recognize the man living under the same roof with you now.
For one thing, Gojo is loud. Like really talkative, won’t shut the fuck up and speaks like he’s in a screaming contest with someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking an important phone call or sleepwalking at three in the morning to pee, Gojo is always creating some sort of ruckus.
You’d never admit it out loud, but you loved it. You love him.
He’s definitely a lot more enthusiastic and fun to be with now that both of you have grown up, or in Gojo’s case, simply aged. His maturity reversed backwards because it feels like you’re taking care of a little kid.
Not only does his body clock is practically non-existent, he’s also horrible when it comes to taking care of himself and being punctual with work.
Fortunately for him, you love him, and you both leave for work at the same time. You always wake up earlier to prepare breakfast so you’d both have energy to start the day – although you highly doubt there’s really anything that depletes his endless source of one.
Sleepily walking through the kitchen with your fist rubbing at your eyes, you rummage through the refrigerator for some eggs when you realize there’s none.
Huh, you think to yourself, scratching your scalp. You’re sure that Gojo went grocery shopping last week since it’s his chore to do the outside stuff like buying groceries and throwing thrash, so where did it go?
You open shelf by shelf, checking each corner and shoving cans aside to look for the tray. With a glare, you stand on your tiptoes to pull the pantry open, only to have your mouth fall aghast because it’s all there – right at the back where you can’t reach it!
Fucking Satoru, you grit your teeth while heaving your body up onto the counter. It’s a struggle because not only are your muscles still half asleep, but because the shelf is right in your face, and if you’re not careful enough, you could hit it right with your face and fall over. Of fucking course you know Satoru did this to make fun of you – and now you retract your statement over your best friend.
It’s all a lie.
He’s a pain in the ass. Why do you even bother cooking for him and letting him live literally just a room away when you know he won’t stop pulling shit like this?
Because, the nagging voice in your head tries to mock, he’s your best friend and you can’t really say no to him. This makes you huff as you carefully pull the tray towards you, hooking two fingers at the edge while your other palm grips at the end of the counter for support. No thanks to your short limbs, you’re practically hogging the shelf by now in an attempt to reach it. You look ridiculous, that’s for sure, and you make a mental note to keep Satoru’s windows open tonight so he freezes to death –
“Aw, cupcake,” a sing-song voice emerges from the other side of the room. “You look so adorable. You should’ve woke me up if you need my help.”
“Fuck off, Satoru,” you flip him off. The man only laughs, the rambunctious sound echoing off the walls. It’s way too early in the morning and he’s already so damn loud; something builds up at the back of your head out of frustration already. His grin only gets wider when you finally got the eggs and clutch it your chest, setting it down on the counter while wiping your sweat away from your face. “Freeloader,” you mutter under your breath, ignoring him when he happily skips over to you.
“Ouch,” he places a palm over his chest, although you both know he’s never really affected by anything. “So what’s for breakfast today? You?”
“You know, I can kick you out anytime I want. I’m being extremely nice even going as far to cook you breakfast before you leave for work, so don’t test my patience.”
“Exactly, my best friend is so kind,” Satoru grows the audacity to rest his arm on your head. This triggers a reflexive response from you; shoulders tensing up and hands curling into fists beside you. “I would totally date her if she wasn’t such a temperamental little devil,” you nearly stab him with a fork with his statement, which he thinks he’s being so sly for but you heard it, and you’re most definitely not pleased with it. “Okay, I’m kidding! I’m going to go shower now!”
You roll your eyes at him and heat the pan over with some oil, muttering under your breath that you’re really going to kick him out soon. As if things couldn’t get worse – as if Satoru couldn’t get any worse – he smacks your backside in the process before darting to the showers.
“Gojo Satoru!”
“Morning, best friend, love ya!”
You were right. He is a pain in the ass.
Tumblr media
“You don’t always have to walk me to work.”
“I know.”
“So why’re you still here? I’m not a little kid anymore,” Contrary to your words, you stick closer to Satoru when the morning rush of workers and students begin to crowd the streets. Your best friend notices this with a small smile, his hand resting on the small of your back. “Don’t even try, Satoru.”
“I wasn’t saying anything.”
“I know that look on your face,” you fiddle with the buttons of your uniform, sighing when Satoru follows you inside the bus after tapping your phone for two seats. It’s not a surprise to you anymore that most of your expenses are spent by him, for him, and he lazily sprawls his long limbs across the seat before you pulling you down right next to him.
As much as you hate this man, especially because he smirks at the attention he’s receiving from women – even men – in the bus, you have to admit he’s warm and smells damn good. You bite the inside of your cheeks, looking around in slight self-consciousness before inching a little closer, just to feel his warmth. He’s comforting – irrationally so – so you set your bag between the both of you to keep your sanity. “If you keep doing this, Principal Yaga might fire your ass because you’re never on time.”
“Trust me, cupcake, he won’t. I’m too valuable for that.”
How you saw that coming – you can’t tell anymore. The bus ride is relatively quiet and eventless, with you dozing off every now and then because you’re never a morning person. Thankfully, Satoru is more respectful this time around, lolling your head until it drops to his shoulder. After that, he snakes his arm around your waist before resting it on your thigh as a way to say you don’t have to head bang every damn second and just sleep.
On any other occasion, you would’ve hated it. You always look so small whenever you’re in Satoru’s presence. It doesn’t help that he’s long and lanky, either, his slender fingers effortlessly caressing your thigh while almost your entire body is flushed next to him. But right now, he’s too warm, too soft, and you’re too tired that for just a little bit, you allow yourself to relax.
A beeping wakes you up a moment later. Opening your eyes, you push yourself off Satoru when you see an old lady reaching for the handles. No one gave up their seats for her even as the bus driver asked her to find a seat lest she’d fall.
“Grandma, here, take my seat—” You’re about to stand up and offer it to her when Satoru tugs you by the wrist. Because of your small, wobbly composure, pulling you to him takes little to no effort. You end up on his lap, sitting on him as if you’re nothing but a small, dainty schoolbag. Satoru is clearly enjoying this because you feel him breathily laugh on the back of your neck, charming – annoyingly so – as he gestures to the now empty spot beside him.
“It’s no worries, Grandma. She’ll be fine,” he gestures to you, patting your head like you’re some puppy. “Please, take a seat. The bus is already moving.”
“Satoru, get off me,” You wriggle yourself from his hold, which only ends up in wasted effort because this big oaf doesn’t even budge. He even bounces you on one of his thighs, and you dig your nails into his arms as a silent plead for him to stop. He ignores this, ignores your small whines and the apparent embarrassment that has you debating whether to punch him or hide yourself in the safety of his uniform.
“She’s a feisty little one, isn’t she?”
The old lady watches the two of you banter, giggling behind her wrinkled hands. “You’re an adorable couple.”
“I think so too!”
“You’re so going to pay for this, Satoru,” you grumble, face planted onto your palms. This is it – the worst day of your life. It’s even worse because despite your protests, you have to admit his lap is actually comfortable. You’ve already known this before after countless times of cuddling with Satoru during movie nights, but its different when you’re both out in public. It feels...oddly intimate and maybe even romantic when he rubs soothing circles at your back, almost as if apologizing for this event. Most of all, you just hate the way something pools beneath your stomach at having him so close to you like this. “This is so embarrassing. I’m practically crushing you with my weight.”
“Please, cupcake, you barely weigh anything. I could easily lift you off with just my finger,” when you elbow him in the chest, Satoru only laughs, raising both hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop teasing.”
You give up. No one seems to be paying much attention to any of you anyway, so you sigh, letting yourself hide in the crook of his neck as you watch the city pass through the windows. Your body moves as his chest rises and falls from his breathing, the movement oddly comforting. It’s embarrassing – it really is – but at least the grandma was comfortable until Satoru drops you off near your building.
“You don’t have to walk me all the way there.”
“Why not? You don’t want people to see us together or something?”
“No,” you stare at him from the corner of your eye. It’s no secret Satoru is attractive. This bastard knows it too, judging from the way he confidently and arrogantly swaggers next to you, hands shoved deep in his pockets as he walked with no care in the world. “My co-workers keep asking me for your number every time I tell them we’re not dating. It’s getting annoying at this point how they go Satoru this and Satoru that.”
“Am I hearing it right? Is cupcake jealous?”
“I’m not jealous, I’m disgusted,” you correct, “They don’t know how much of a pain you are to have around. They’re so focused with your looks that they completely overlook the fact you can’t even wash your dirty underwear!”
Satoru frowns at this, pointing his finger to you as if you’ve accused him of a huge crime. “Hey, I wash my underwear.”
“Yeah and last time you did, you mixed it with whites! My work uniform turned a stupid shade of blue! Now I can’t picture the colour of your boxers out of my head and it’s giving me a headache!”
“Wow, Y/N,” the smirk on his face and the sudden drop of nicknames lets you know you’ve said something wrong. Even behind his blindfold, you could tell his eyes are just sparkling with amusement. He’s enjoying this way too much. “I never thought you’d ever picture my boxers. I mean, I don’t mind showing it to you if you ask nicely—”
“Ugh, you’re so hopeless. I’m going to work.”
Gojo laughs when you jog away from him. He catches up with you in a matter of seconds, only having to take a few steps forward before he’s right beside you again. You’re unsure if you should be annoyed it’s so easy for him to always be right next to you, and how he almost always is right next to you while you prefer running away. It muddles with your heart and mind so much you pinch the bridge of your nose, trying not to be swayed by the sickeningly sweet sound of his laughter. “I can’t pick you up later, okay? I might work overtime!” (that’s a lie since Gojo prefers shopping and sightseeing)
Both of you know that’s a lie. Gojo never works overtime. He’s going to work for a few hours and so and call playing around with his students as “on-hand learning” before he goes shopping for stupid souvenirs and wild-flavoured mochis, then end his day by sightseeing and coming back home.
“Wasn’t expecting you to,” you mumble, waving goodbye to him as the office doors close. Slowly, Satoru’s grin and enthusiastic farewell fades into view until nothing but the pale, silver walls of your office greets you.
Funny how you claim to hate this man so much, yet the moment he’s out of sight, everything becomes dull and pointless.
Tumblr media
It’s an absolutely shitty day. Your equally shitty boss blames you for something you didn’t even do, all because his incompetent secretary – who you’re sure he’s sleeping with – lost this month’s report and claimed she handed it to you last week when you’re not involved in that kind of work. Logic doesn’t come by them because your boss publicly humiliates and scolds you, calling you all kinds of names until tears are streaming down your face.
You slam the door shut the moment you get home, kicking your shoes off as you head straight to your room. You don’t bother taking your makeup off anymore as you change into a loose shirt and floral cotton shirts, padding to the kitchen after seeing Satoru is well nestled into the couch.
At least someone’s had a good day.
Seeing as the sink is empty, he probably hasn’t eaten dinner. This makes you sigh, because when will he ever learn to look after himself? He’s literally like a child.
Satoru pauses whatever he’s watching before he hovers over you, head tilted to the side as he gazes at you with curiosity. You ignore him and begin to set down some bowls and chopsticks for dinner, all the while Satoru is studying every inch of your tightly pulled face. “Bad day?” he concludes.
“Bad day it is then,” he nods to himself. “I can cook dinner, if you want.”
“And have you burn my apartment? No thanks,” you scoff, pushing him aside to retrieve the pans when you see that he’s placed them above again, even after you’ve reminded countless times to just leave it near the holders in the sink. “Ugh, why do you keep putting the pans in this shelf? You know I can’t reach this. I’ve had enough with you pulling pranks on me, and don’t think I’ve forgotten you placed my shampoo above the shower head today, you idiot,” you snarl and hop over the counter again to get the pans, trying your best to fight back the tears that are threatening to fall. “You’re really bothersome, you know that?”
“Then why don’t you kick me out?” he challenges, completely oblivious to how you’re struggling – both physically and emotionally. “You always complain about me being a nuisance here, but you’re not really doing anything to keep me out.”
“Because where else would you go?”
“Technically, I have a room back at the Institute.”
“Yeah, but because you’re so stupid and reckless that you got kicked out of your own home,” you spat out, and you watch as Satoru raises a brow at your statement. Banter is common between the both of you, but something about the intensity of your gaze lets him know you’re serious this time around. “I don’t even know how Yuuji puts up with you. That poor Megumi is right when he says you’re insufferable. You’re good for nothing!”
Satoru scoffs, “Fine, if you hate me that much, why didn’t you just say so earlier? I could easily pack my bags and go since I’m just making everything harder—” Satoru doesn’t get to finish what he’s saying when your hand over the counter that acts as support slips under you, and you fall, legs bent awkwardly while you scream, preparing yourself for the impact. The pan is long forgotten, your only thought was oh my god, so this is how I die.
But it never came, and you keep your eyes shut tight even as warm hands cup your ass. Satoru is breathing hard under you. Finally gaining the courage to crack an eye open, your breath halts when you see that he’s sitting on the floor, with you safely nestled between him.
Satoru has always had pretty eyes, but it’s rare he takes off his blindfold off even when he’s home. This is one of those rare occurrences that he seems like a normal human, dressed in a gray sweatshirt that hands low from his collarbones and magnetic blue eyes staring right back at you. His touch is gentle, almost as if he’s afraid to hurt you, and his voice that is usually loud and teasing comes out breathy and hesitant.
“Are you okay?”
Your gaze drops down to his lips. He’s close, so close, that if you just lean a little closer you could – you snap out of your daze. “Get off me.”
“Cupcake, you’re the one who’s on top of me,” his voice falls an octave lower, eyes flitting down to your clothing – or rather the lack of it – before Satoru takes a deep breath. “Did you really have to wear that?”
“I have the right to wear whatever I want in the comfort of my own home.”
“I wasn’t complaining,” he raised a brow, this time completely in control of himself as he gazes back up at you with a burning gaze. You see nothing but the way one corner of his lips tilt up, almost teasing, and he looks so much like a shit-eater that you feel heat crawl down your spine.
You push yourself off him but your bent foot behind you slips, and you fall forward with your hands clutching his strong shoulders. Satoru catches your leg behind you, drags it forward until your knee is pressed in between one of your warmth, very much still enjoying the way you wriggle away from his hold. He knows his effect on you – but you deny this wholeheartedly.
“Careful, cupcake. This isn’t a slip and slide.”
“I hate you so much,” you bare your teeth at him, slapping his chest until he finally lets go of you. Turning your back to him, you pick up the pan and begin preparing your dinner, muttering curses under your breath as you heat up the stove. “I’m kicking you out tomorrow.”
“Why not now?”
“Eat your damn dinner first.”
Tumblr media
Dinner after that is awkward. Although Gojo is someone who can wolf down his meal in three seconds, he takes his time in eating to start conversation with you. Sometimes he asks decent questions like how your day was or he’d talk about something stupid, but he’s quiet the whole time. He even volunteers to do the dishes before retreating to his room, coating the house in silence.
It almost feels like you’re all alone over again.
You’ve gotten so used to him being an utter mess everywhere that when he’s not trying to piss you off and actually giving you the much needed peace, you begin to hate it. Memories of the rude things you’ve said to him a while ago play and in your head, and you bang your head against the wall repeatedly.
How are you supposed to apologize to Satoru now?
The answer doesn’t come until you stare at your walls, wide awake at midnight. The house is still eerily silent and you don’t stop shuffling around your bed in discomfort. Many times, you wished that Satoru would shut up and leave you alone, but now that he’s actually done that, it feels weird. Uncomfortable. It feels wrong.
With a grunt, you kick off the sheets and carefully tread to his room, knocking lightly in case he’s already sleeping. “Satoru?” you call out, fidgeting with the hem of your shirt. “Are you awake?”
You’ve seen Satoru angry as kids before, but what would he be like now? Would he still want to be your friend? Would he still annoy you by hiding your things somewhere you can’t reach? Or would he be the who is now out of reach? If he leaves...who’s going to walk you to work? Who’s going to complain he doesn’t want to do groceries but buys you things you don’t ask for but want anyway? Who’s going to keep teasing the living daylights out of you if not him?
All these thoughts claw at the back of your mind until your bottom lip trembles. You hate how weak you feel; how you’re never careful with your words.
You never meant it when you said all that.
Your train of thought is cut off when the door swings open, revealing an equally tired-looking Satoru. At the sight of you peering up at him with glossy eyes, he pushes the door wider and steps closer to you, his large hands cupping your face as he leans down in worry. “Cupcake,” his brows pinch together, “Did something happen? Is something wrong?”
“I just wanted to apologize for everything I said,” you blurt out, “I was just tired from work and my boss was being shitty, so I wasn’t totally myself that time and I’m really sorry I took my anger out on you. I didn’t mean it when I said you’re insufferable and that I’m kicking you out so – yeah,” you breathe out, trailing your gaze downwards to stare at your feet instead. It’s difficult to look him in the eye right now. When you finally gain courage to speak again, it barely comes out as a whimper, your hands delicately tugging at his shirt. “Please stay. I like having my best friend around here.”
Satoru doesn’t answer.
You’re about to look up at him just in case you’ve said something wrong, or worse, he refuses to forgive you, but then – “Yeah, I know you wouldn’t kick me out. You’re too much of a darling to say no to me.”
Sigh. Satoru laughs when he sees your shoulders deflate, absolutely shattered in exhaustion. Hiding your smile to now show him you’re relieved, you punch his chest that really feels like a fly had accidentally flew into him. “Way to ruin the mood, Satoru. And here I thought I could have a serious conversation with you for once.”
“Apology accepted,” he beams, tilting your chin upwards so you could look at him. Even in the darkness of his room, his eyes glow, leaving you hypnotized in its beauty. “Plus, I think I’m the one who should apologize. You’re right; I haven’t been the best roommate and I am a freeloader,” he scratches the side of his head in thought. “But I do buy you food all the time though.”
“Yeah, with my money,” you counter, but you don’t really care anymore at this point. You’re beyond elated you’re both fine now, and you shyly gesture to his big, warm bed that suddenly looks so comfortable. “Can I stay here for tonight?”
“You want Satoru’s bear hug?”
“Yes, I do.” There’s no hesitation in your words and you don’t complain anymore when he easily picks you up like a ragdoll using only one arm. He’s surprisingly gentle when he places you both down on the bed, sheets warm and soft as it blankets over you.
It would be perfect – except it’s so damn awkward.
Gojo’s long limbs are everywhere. Your face is pressed into his chest, both your legs tangled together. His arm is sprawled over the curve of your hip, his hand nearly grazing your ass that’s barely covered by the thin material of your shorts, but if he shifts, he’ll end up cupping the back of your thighs which is equally uncomfortable.
He seems to be stuck in the same position because you’re so small, and your knees are grazing his groin. Had he known you’re going to sleep with him, he would’ve worn underwear or even boxers under his sweatpants.
He’s never told you before, but he prefers to sleep in the nude. Satoru only picked up the nearest pair of pants when he heard you knock, and even then, he didn’t have the time to wear a shirt.
Your breath is hot on his skin and he’s so sensitive and aware of all your movements. Satoru clears his throat awkwardly, shifting until his arm lightly holds your back instead, but then he pulls away as if he’s touched fire when he’d unknowingly fiddled with your bra clasp instead. It’s so painfully awkward that Satoru chuckles above you, while you scrunch your nose, silently praying to the heavens above that he won’t hear how loud your heart is beating right now.
“Why is it so hot in your own room?”
“Maybe it’s time you get me an AC.”
“You wish, Satoru,” you mumble beneath him, making yourself as comfortable as you can with your cheek resting on his bicep. It’s not the softest pillow considering he’s pretty muscular, but he’s warm and smells like mint spice nevertheless. “You’re really not going to put on a shirt?”
Satoru sighs, a long and loud one that is extended for dramatic purposes. Suddenly, he pushes your knee off of him, grimacing and thanking the darkness that you can’t see how much he’s struggling right now. “Cupcake, this is hard for me as much as it is for you. You’re barely wearing anything.”
“Since when have you cared about what I wear?”
“I’m a man, Y/N,” is what he reasons with, “You’re lucky it’s me. Had it been someone else and you crawled into their bed wearing these—” Satoru pinches the waistband of your shorts, and you squeal in protest, only making him laugh afterwards before he lets it go and the material snaps back at your skin, “—poor excuse of what you call shorts, I can’t guarantee they’ll give you a peaceful night.”
You know exactly what he’s trying to hint at. Still, it’s hard to believe that Satoru is capable of seeing you that way.
It’s not that you feel you’re unattractive. You know you’re pretty and have been out on many dates, but it’s easy to feel that you’re not sexy when you have the height of a thirteen year old and you’ve been constantly chastised about it.
Satoru’s not-compliment compliment has your heart skipping a beat, and you scoff in response. “Shut up,” you warn lamely, “I want to sleep.”
“Then let’s sleep, cupcake.” You don’t know if it’s because you’re utterly exhausted that you doze off seconds later or if Satoru’s words just held power in them, but soon all thoughts of anything unwanted drifts out the window, his arms keeping you close, completely safe and sound until the worst nightmares couldn’t even come close.
Tumblr media
Hot. It’s extremely hot.
You crack an eye open to try and find the source of this uncomfortable heat, but you freeze when you realize you can’t feel your muscles from the chin down. Panic rises in your throat once you see the current predicament you’re in, and a scream rips through your throat so loud that the birds outside scurry away in a flurry.
You’re wrapped in Satoru’s blanket and comforter, rendering you unable to move because of how he’d treated you like a burrito wrap. Even your toes are captured inside this hell, and only your head is able to wriggle side to side.
The culprit comes out of the shower a split second later, his hair dripping wet and only a towel hanging low from his lips. If you weren’t so hell-bent on killing him, you would’ve been speechless at the way water drips from his hair down to the curves of his abs, going down down down into a place only your darkest imaginations could take you.
Satoru bends over in laughter as he whips out his phone, jumping from angle to angle and side to side to take photos of you. “Fuck,” he howls, slapping his thigh while you snarl in an attempt to break free. “You’re a lot cuter than I thought you’d be.”
“Satoru! Get me out of here!”
“No, this is way too gold. I’m sending these to my students.”
“Satoru, I’m serious!” The devil incarnate himself falls deaf to your please.
Maybe it’s because the violent intent has coursed through your veins so strongly that a surge of energy and strength overcomes you, and soon, you’ve rolled out of the blanket. The fresh air nipping at your heated skin is most welcomed, but right now, you had a mission to fulfil: obliterate Gojo Satoru.
The platinum haired man is still laughing to himself, too distracted in scrolling through the best photos to send to his students that he doesn’t notice you escaping and zooming straight right at him.
The momentum is enough to catch him off guard until you end up on top of him, short arms clawing your way through to snatch his phone. Satoru yelps when his phone lands out into the living room and your hands come down to choke him. You don’t have plans to kill him, but you want to hurt him enough to remind him you’re not someone he can fuck with.
You’ve just about had enough of this man and you’re so sick of him!
Satoru yells out a “Hey!” when you let out a battle cry, using your legs to kick him back when he tries to sit up. Your plan backfires when your hands slip down his wet skin and you fall face forwards, hands barely touching the ground for support when your lips come crashing down on his.
He stills underneath you. It takes a moment for you to realize that holy shit, you’re kissing him and his lips are so soft that has you scrambling back, but Satoru doesn’t let you.
His large hand comes up at the back of your neck to pull you forward. The sudden movement makes you gasp, and Satoru slips his tongue inside when you do so. You no longer remember how you got here or try to make sense of what’s going on, because he feels so good, tastes so good that you bury your nails in his hair while he ravishes your mouth.
You’re so tiny that his hand cups your entire buttcheek almost possessively, a low growl emanating deep in his throat when your tongue eagerly intertwines with his. Satoru tastes like heaven and everything about the kiss is sloppy – tongue clashing with one another and teeth nibbling at the other’s lips. It’s clear both of you can’t get enough of one another as you moan in his mouth, shamelessly grinding on his crotch, suddenly thankful that you’re always wearing thin clothes when you feel him harden underneath you.
“Fuck, baby,” he pulls away to breathe, a string of saliva connecting the both of you. “Yeah, just like that,” There’s something empowering about the way he pants at your ministrations, especially when you roll your hips faster across his erection. “Keep going, baby, you’re doing – fuck – so well.”
You smirk at his praises, latching your teeth on his neck to suck marks on them. Satoru groans at the same time you muffle your moans through his skin, his hands sliding under your shirt to tug the cups of your bra down. You nearly lose it when he pinches your nipple, bolts of electricity running down your spine at the contact. A moan breaks through your lips just as you come right there and then, the wetness of your sudden orgasm barely hidden in your flimsy underwear.
“Feel good?” he teases and drags your shirt down to the other side, but the post-nut clarity hits. And when it does, it hits hard.
Fuck. You just came from Satoru’s simple touches, and he’s so unsatisfied, still painfully hard underneath you but nothing but panic and regret washes over you like a strong tidal wave. Suddenly, you grow lightheaded as you push yourself off him, fixing your bra while ignoring the confused and hurt look on his face.
“I gotta go to work,” you run out the room, feeling your body tremble as Satoru runs after you. “Make yourself breakfast. I’ll eat on the way out.”
“Y/N, wait!”
You know you’ve just ruined everything – that nothing will ever be the same after that – but you’re scared, utterly and remorsefully so, that you slam the door right in his face as if you don’t have any idea how much you broke him.
You’ll never forget the way Satoru’s face fell when you left.
Tumblr media
Just as you thought, nothing is the same after that. The tension is so thick around the apartment you make an effort and go out of your way just to avoid him and the apartment completely.
It’s cowardly – you know this much – but do you ever try to fix the friendship you cherish but shattered completely? You don’t. You don’t because it only crashes down onto you now that maybe your feelings for him aren’t just platonic, after all. It’s even worse because you touch yourself at the thought of him filling you up when he’s asleep, all because you want him so bad and the mere presence of him has your brain malfunctioning.
It isn’t entirely sexual either. Yes, you want to fuck him badly, but it scares you down to the core even more because you want so much more than that.
Now you understand why you always say he’s a bother but never asked him to leave. It’s because you like him, actually romantically interested in him. It makes sense now why you always felt so annoyed whenever your co-workers asked for his number, or how you’re immediately pissed off when Satoru talks about this hot woman he saw at work. You always chalk it up to an excuse you just hate how he can’t keep in his pants, but it isn’t true at all.
It’s because you actually like him – and you’re at a loss on what to do or how to deal with it.
The next few days feels like hell. Satoru isn’t stupid; he knows you’re avoiding him. He stops teasing you eventually and even buys takeout all the time when you lock yourself up in your room right after work, refusing to cook dinner or even eat all so you’d be spared the torture of looking at him.
He’d knock at your door and ask you to eat, but other than that, he’s respected your distance.
You feel like the most terrible person on earth. You don’t miss the way dark circles line under his eyes or how he’s lost his spark, barely even speaking to you when you’ve come or about to leave for work.
You’re alone the whole ride, as well, and it only dawns on you how lonely you are when Satoru isn’t always annoying you all the time.
But it doesn’t make sense. Why is he so bothered by it? Didn’t he regret it? It’s painfully clear you’re not Satoru’s type. You’ve seen the women he dated before, and you’re not close to them so why does he seem like he’s struggling with this as well? Or maybe...he’s just sad that his friend is avoiding him.
Yeah, that has to be it.
Satoru is a man. He was probably turned on at that time, but after giving some thought about it, he probably wants to keep his distance too. He’d be insane if he ever actually wants to date you – his best friend out of all people – because he’s Gojo Satoru and he could literally have everyone else.
You don’t care that you’re a coward.
You don’t care that Satoru is sad to see you this way.
You don’t care because you know he’ll reject you, you know he’ll be weirded if you admit your feelings for him. To him, you’re like his little sister. There’s just no way you two would work out. For now, you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You just need some time to get over your feelings for him, and when you’re confident you won’t fall for him again, you’ll mend your friendship.
You just need time.
“So, Y/N, you still don’t want to give us your friend’s number?”
“Yeah, Y/N, you should share it,” your co-worker encourages by jabbing her shoulder to yours. It’s a lazy Friday night and the staff went out for dinner. You don’t usually come to these hangouts since dinner with Satoru is always much more fun, but he’s the last person you want to think about now, so you happily join them. Now, though, you’re starting to regret ever coming here. “If he’s really single like you said, then it shouldn’t be a big deal to ask for it.”
“Well, since you want it so badly, why don’t you ask him directly for it instead?” you snap, feeling anger begin to trickle. All you wanted was just one day where you don’t have to think of him, but of course they had to bring him up. It’s also annoying how they can never seem to get the message across that you don’t want them dating him. “Why do I have to be the messenger?”
“We haven’t seen him much. Doesn’t he always walk you to work?”
“He’s been busy with his job, that’s all.” And also because I’m avoiding him – so now he’s avoiding me too.
“He’s a teacher, right?”
“Oh, come on, guys, don’t be so dense,” your senpai chugged her drink rather loudly, catching the attention of your nosy co-workers who wouldn’t stop pestering you for his number. “Look at how uncomfortable she looks. It’s obvious she doesn’t want you guys to be involved with her friend for a reason. Think of how weird it is for her too if ever her co-worker and best friend dated. She’s going to feel like a third wheel.”
“I’m not—”
“That makes sense,” your co-worker nodded beside you, “Are you sure you just don’t like him though?”
“Ew, why would I?” the food began to taste bitter through your lies, “He may be tall and attractive, but as his roommate, I’ve seen his ugly side. Satoru is a complete slob and can’t even cook to save his life.”
“I don’t mind cooking for him all the time if I were to be his little housewife.”
“That’s never gonna happen,” your words came out harsher than it was, and you laugh it off with a wave of your hand when your co-workers’ eyes widened. “I’ve been living with him for six months and he’s never brought anyone home or told me he’s going on a date. I told you already, he’s a no strings attached kind of guy. He’s nothing but a one night stand.”
“You have to admit he’s still sexy though.”
Right. You hide your groan through another shot because there’s no way of convincing them otherwise. As much as you hate to admit, you’re actually jealous on how freely they could talk about him like that, but then again, it’s not like you and Satoru were dating – or would ever date, for that matter.
They start to leave one by one when it starts to get late, leaving only you who’s still desperate to avoid Satoru. Nothing prepares you for when the sky darkens and a storm comes pouring just as you’ve left the closing shop, the rain drenching and soaking your clothes through and through. Running under the nearest tree for shelter, you shiver. It’s cold – way too cold – and curse yourself for not bringing a darned umbrella.
The nearest bus stop is like what, fifteen to twenty minutes away? Your teeth are chattering and your legs are shaking, and you fumble through your phone as you dial a number you know by heart before you even realize what you’re doing. “S-Satoru?”
“Y/N,” the surprise is unmasked in his voice, something shuffling in the background before it falls silent. “Is everything okay?”
“Uhm, are you busy right now? It’s fine if you are, I’m just—”
“I’m training with Yuuji, but what is it?”
“Listen, I,” you inhale sharply when coldness bursts through your body, making you shiver and press yourself closer to tree to get away from the rain. Above you, thunder crackles before the rain grows heavier and angrier. “I forgot to bring an umbrella and I’m absolutely soaked right now. The nearest bus stop is fifteen minutes away and all the buildings here look so shady—”
“I’ll be on my way. Text me where you are,” You nod and thank him, too cold and numb to realize you’ve just broken days of silence. You lose track of time under there, hugging yourself until your lips turn blue. It doesn’t take long before Satoru shows up minutes later, his hair equally drenched and sticking flat to his eyes free from his blindfold while he pants, hand on his knees. “Thank goodness you’re safe. I rushed here so fast I forgot to bring an umbrella.”
After seeing Satoru drenched like that, something snaps within you. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact the rain is unforgiving as it slaps the pavement, and your heart breaks when you see that he’s more concerned for you – even after you’ve given him the silent treatment. “You idiot! Now you’re soaking wet too, you’re going to get sick!”
“Highly unlikely,” he shrugs. “Come on, let’s get you home.”
“But what about—” Satoru suddenly carries you before draping his coat over your head, running until he found a cab to hail. He immediately asks the driver to turn up the heater while you tremble on top of him, not caring anymore that you’re sticking so close to him for heat.
Satoru doesn’t let you go all the way inside the apartment. He sets you down on the couch where you take off your wet clothes in haste, too cold with teeth chattering that you silently take the hoodie and boxers Satoru offers you, making sure to keep his gaze averted the whole time. Once fully dressed, you snuggle back into the sofa’s comfort, stiffening when the couch dips beside you.
Not a moment later, Satoru towel-dries your hair, leaving your mouth and throat dry with guilt. Even after you’ve unnecessarily been a bitch to him, he’s still so kind with you.
“Thank you for coming.”
“Don’t mention it.”
“Satoru...” you twiddle with your thumbs just as he starts to ruffle the towel in your hair, making sure to squeeze water out of the strands as he dries it. “About what happened the other day—”
“It didn’t happen if you don’t want it to,” his voice is cold’ monotonous and so emotionless you’re rendered speechless. “You can forget about it.”
“You regret it, right?” he’s done with drying your hair, and he stands up to place the wet towels in the sink as you watch him stride all the way there. He’s changed his clothes too; looking comfortable in a plain white shirt and some grey sweatpants, looking every bit the domestic boyfriend you’ve always wanted but can never have. “It’s fine. We can forget about it and go back to normal,” to emphasize his point, Satoru winks at you, though it does nothing but make your heart sink.
“What if I don’t want to forget it?” your voice is small; hesitant and wavering with fear. “What if...the only reason I pulled away is because I wanted more of you?”
Satoru’s back freezes as he sets the towel aside. At this point, your heart is pulsing on your tongue, and you dig your nails onto your thighs when Satoru sits down next to you, right next to you. He’s silent the whole time; eyes calculatedly piercing through yours. Your breath hitches when his hands that are burning hot against your cold skin cups your jaw before his thumb runs across your lips, his eyes turning dark at your reactions.
“And what if I said I felt the same way?”
“I,” you gasp, closing your eyes because it all feels so surreal. “I like you, Satoru. I like you a lot and I—” he doesn’t let you finish. Soon, you find yourself in his lap with his hands cupping your cheeks while he smashes his lips onto yours.
Satoru is absolutely feral. He’s breathing hard and almost angry, even, with the way his teeth are biting down to nibble on your lips. You moan when he drags you closer, your clothed centre rubbing on his thigh with delicious friction. “You have no idea,” he rasps down on your lips, “how much I’ve fucking liked you ever since we were kids,” Satoru pushes his hoodie aside, revealing your sweet neck to him, and he doesn’t waste his time in sucking and abusing the poor flesh so he can mark you as his. “I’ve always wanted you, Y/N, it’s always you, always you.”
You fist his hoodie when Satoru sinks his teeth down into the juncture of your neck, his hands curious and exploring every inch of your body. He knows you’re naked underneath his clothes, but it’s a different thing when he actually feels your breasts right on his palm. Satoru tweaks the hardened bud in his fingers, growling when you moan at the contact and use his thigh to get off.
“You—” you gasp as you expose your neck to him, wild and needy as you keep rubbing your heat over his thigh. “—talk way too fucking much,” you scold, finally pushing his lips away from your neck. Satoru chuckles at your eagerness but you silence him by flinging his boxers off of your body and somewhere far away, exposing your heat slick with arousal right in front of him. His pupils blow in excitement, hands coming up to grab at your hips, but his attention is taken away when you nibble on his ear to whisper, “Shut up and fuck me.”
The simple command is enough to make his patience snap. In a flash, you’re pinned underneath him, whining and moaning when his finger meets no resistance as he slips it inside. “You’re that needy, huh?” he laughs even louder when you lose it, humping yourself on his finger because it’s not enough.
“Satoru,” you beg, clutching his bicep when he adds another finger in. “More.”
His fingers are so long, hitting places that your small ones could never reach. He begins to scissor his way in, his fingers deliciously rubbing against your velvety walls while pumping them inside and out in a speed that causes you to squelch around him.
It’s absolutely lewd how you’re eagerly spread out before him, but your head is clouded with lust, no longer hindered by shyness out of your need to cum. Your chest is rising heavily, his thumb now rubbing against your clit as he coaxes you to cum. “Tell me what you want, baby,” he kisses your cheeks, eyelids, nose, anywhere but your lips, his voice so gentle and innocent as if he’s not knuckle deep inside you. “Tell me how you want me.”
“Inside,” you whine, gasping when he brushes against a really sensitive spot that has you clamping down on him. “‘Toru, fuck, just fuck me.”
“Beg for it,” he smiles against your skin, relentless and harsh as he keeps pushing inside you. You feel him everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Another finger adds in until you’re dripping enough on his palm and staining the couch, but neither of you care. “I said, beg for it.”
“No,” you hold back, nearly crying out when he pulls your fingers out of you. That sudden emptiness is back again, but you don’t want to beg. You’ve never begged another man before, and this won’t be the first time you’ll be doing so either. You refuse to let him have the upper hand despite the crystal clear fact you’re already soaking wet for him, but because you’re stubborn, you only fumble with his sweatpants to spring his cock free.
He’s already dripping with pre-cum from the slit, his cock hard and angry. Despite his arousal, Satoru stops you from going further, using only one hand to trap both your wrists. “Beg for it,” he demands again, his other fist already pumping down on his shaft.
You nearly cry at the sight. Both of you are aware that Satoru is capable of pleasuring himself, but it’s not that easy for you. Your small, dainty fingers will never be parallel to the pleasure his long cock could give you. All you had to do was beg for it. He’s right there, within reach, if only you’d just –
Impatient for your answer, Satoru takes you by the hips and discards your hoodie in the process, sinking you down his cock, inch by delicious inch. You don’t hold back from the sensual and high-pitched moan that leaves your lips. He’s long, and the tip of his cock just about brushes your cervix when he bottoms out. He feels so good, so warm and huge and filling you up right where you want him to be. Your head falls down on his shoulder as you begin to roll your hips, but Satoru has had enough.
“Fuck, look at you,” he presses on the bulge of his cock visible through your abdomen. “You’re so fucking small – how do you take me so well? I could ruin you. Do you want that? Do you want me to ruin you?”
“Yes, yes, fuck.”
“You think you can just leave me hanging like that, huh?” he slaps your ass, eliciting another moan from you and making you clench around his cock. Satoru falters for a moment. Before you can react, he stands up, your legs wrapped around his waist with nothing but his tip hitting inside you. “You’ve been so fucking mean – leaving me wanting you like that and ignoring me for days. Do you think you deserve this, huh?” Satoru kicks his door open at the same time he loosens his hold around your ass, making you slide down his length the next second.
“Oh, fuck,” you cry out just as Satoru begins to bounce you, your breasts following the motion of him fucking deep into you. “Fuck, Toru, that’s too—”
He’s so eager to fuck you, to make a mess out of you and have you losing your mind over his cock that he doesn’t even wait until you’re both on the bed. You no longer register when your back hits the pillow, or how your arms are frozen when he pins it above your head.
“You’re so beautiful,” he praises as he watches you clench around him. You’re so small and his eyes zero in on the way your abdomen bulges then flattens again every time he pounds into you, rolling his hips in a way that has you screaming and thighs quaking. “Beautiful, beautiful, perfect,” the moment his hands grip at your hips to pin you down, you know he’s not going to stop. And you don’t want him to.
Satoru latches his lips around your right breast, gently grazing his teeth over it while his other hand pinches and rolls the pebbled nipple between his fingers. He feels so good – and you’re crying already by the time you wrap your legs around him to pull him closer.
The room is filled with the smell of sex, the sound of skin slapping against skin combined with his breathy grunts and your moans like heaven on his ears. Satoru wants you to feel how much he loves you – how much he adores you – and the pace he sets is torturous. He snaps his hips against yours and presses down on the bulge of his cock through your belly, chuckling when you tighten more around him.
Your head lols to the side, tears falling down your pretty face because of how rough he’s being. But you don’t complain, not when he’s filling you in so deep and he’s kissing you everywhere, touching you everywhere, making you feel nothing else and nobody else but him.
“You’re amazing,” he rasps, watching the way your tight cunt sucks him in greedily as if you don’t want him to go anywhere else. “You take me in so well – you really want me to destroy you, huh?”
“Satoru, please,” you finally plead, “I-I’m cumming, I want you, I need you, oh,” you squeal when he finally lets your arms free. You look so precious, so innocent, and he doesn’t let up his pace. He plants his feet into the ground and his strokes begin to grow sloppy, your tight walls encouraging him to go faster, go deeper.
If possible, Satoru is only even more fuelled with the way you look so precious and innocent in that moment. His touch is gentle in comparison to the way he’s mercilessly plowing into you, using his thumb to wipe away the tears streaming down your cheeks. He knows he’s too big for you, that much is obvious from how much you’re already overstimulated just by his size, but your nails sink down on the flesh of his ass as a silent plead for more.
“Fuuuuck, I’m so close!”
“Yeah?” He fondled your clit, loving the sight of your small body creaming down on his cock. “Come for me, sweet girl. I want to feel you coming on my cock. Come on, tell me you’re mine. You’re made me for aren’t you?”
“Yes, Satoru, fuck,” you squeal, throwing your head back for a second when he keeps hitting your g-spot that has you seeing stars. Your toes curl and your hands fist the sheets behind you as he keeps impaling you with his cock right then and there.
You looked perfect; so perfect to him that he’s basically using you for his own pleasure at this moment. Your orgasm hits you like a tidal wave, back arching and nipples brushing against his chest.
In that moment, you grow needy to have him even closer, tilting up to blindly search for his lips. Satoru complies; leaning down and leaving open mouthed breathy kisses that’s a mix of you moaning and crying around him, while he struggles to do so when he’s cursing at the feeling of you coating his cock with your juices. Satoru looks down at your tiny frame trapped in his arms, his voice husky as he groans once he saw both of your arousal absolutely leaking out of your wet cunt.
He’s so close but you’re already over the edge, scratching at his back at the overstimulation. You’re still so sensitive from when you came and Satoru doesn’t slow one down one bit. He loses his rhythm as his thrusts go sloppy, and Satoru buries his face in your neck as his cock twitches inside you until he bursts with his cum leaking out of your hole.
Satoru’s arms give out beneath you, his chest colliding with yours but not enough that he’s crushing you with his weight. You’re both breathing hard and panting, his dick softening inside you.
He pulls back a moment later to slide out his sensitive cock, wincing while he watches pools of cum gather in your pussy before it drips out. It isn’t until he’s witnessing the mess he’s made he realizes how you’ve been so good for him; taking him all the way in despite your quivering frame. It dawns on him now just how tiny you are when he pulls you close to him; you’re practically hanging off his chest with how small your body is.
He wonders how you’re able to fit all of him, but he’s grateful nevertheless. Satoru shows his appreciation by peppering kisses all over your face, his hand snaking down to caress your inner thighs.
“Hmm,” you moan into the kiss, jolting when his knuckles brush against your sensitive clit. “Satoru, no,” you whine while pushing his hand away, and he shushes you with another kiss. “’M too sensitive, please...”
“It’s fine, cupcake, it’s fine,” his nickname for you is back again, and you lean closer to him just as he begins to massage your sore legs. “You did so well for me, cupcake, you know that? You’re such a good girl for me,” too fucked out to have a comprehensive answer, you only nod in response, spreading your legs open again and ignoring the warm stickiness between your thighs as Satoru kneads your abused flesh. You feel him kiss your temple before he leaves to get a towel and cleans you up. Meanwhile, you’re so tired you’re about to doze out in his bed.
“Hey,” he soothes, bundling you up in his arms until you’re tucked in the safety of his body. So small, he coos inside his head, watching as you fold yourself even smaller while your eyes flutter. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you sigh into his shoulder, “I feel good. Thank you.”
Satoru doesn’t really know what you’re thanking him for. He feels like he’s the one who’s mostly indebted to you after everything you’ve done for him. You’ve already fallen asleep before he gets the chance to tell you how he feels, so Satoru only covers you both under his blanket, making sure there’s no more space between you out of fear you’ll distance yourself from him again.
But he doesn’t have to worry about that because you’re right next to him, and you’re never out of reach.
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nfswmykayla · 10 months ago
Technoblade x Reader
Description:You and Wilbur have been bestfriends since childhood. His twin, Technoblade, has intrigued you. One night, he finds you alone in the kitchen and takes his chance.
WARNINGS: 18+, NSFW, smut, oral sex, rough sex, degrading, sir kink, unwrapped, choking, penetration
Tumblr media
Wilbur Soot and you had been best friends for as long as you could remember. 
You lived close by to him and had met on the community playground. The two of you instantly joined together in a game of pretend. You had grabbed big sticks, using them as swords. The two of you were knights, fighting each other for your nations. The daunting battle happened over the entire playground and lasted until his father, Phil, had called him to take him home.
Your parents had seen the two of you playing and had approached Phil to exchange contact information for future playdates. It was then that you discovered Will had a twin. A pale, pink haired boy. His hair was short and he seemed attached to Phil’s side. 
Since Phil was occupied, you tried approaching him. You walked up to the boy and held out a hand for him. “Hello, I like your crown.”
The boy, now reaching up to adjust the crown nestled in his short hair, seemed uninterested. He squinted at you until you decided that hanging out with Wilbur was the better option.
Techno assumed you were gonna be another kid he would never see again. Until you showed up at his house, yelling with his brother as the two of you played in the backyard. And then you kept showing up after that over and over.
You also didn’t stop trying to get him to talk to you.
One day you had caught him sitting in the living room. You crossed to stand in front of him on the couch. “You know you have to talk to me eventually, right.”
He didn’t respond, turning his head to try to continue watching TV. You weren’t giving up yet.
“Will told me your name is Technoblade and that you are his older twin.” You said, plopping down on the couch next to him. “I also met Tommy, he’s a cute baby.”
He didn’t even blink at your words. You huffed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“If you ever want to play with me and Wilbur, just remember you’re invited.” You said, standing back up to try to find Will again.
You continued to stay over their house, getting more frequent as you grew up. It started as play dates every week to sleepovers almost everyday. You were lucky Phil liked you enough, since you practically lived with them. Soon enough, you were no longer coming over for playdates, instead studying together, gossiping about school, or simply watching movies or tv shows together. 
You never gained any feelings for Wilbur, the same for him. The two of you would talk about crushes you had although there was one you never told him about. The fact you kept eyeing his older twin everytime you got a glimpse of him at school or in the house. You wished he would talk to you.
Techno wished he could talk to you. He never could get you alone to actually talk to you, and he definitely didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Will. So instead he would watch you from afar.
Now all of you were older. Will and Techno had turned 18 six months ago, you turned 18 two months ago. You continued to stay over their house, seeming a permanent resident on Wilbur’s floor. Almost all of your clothes were there anyway.
The two of you had chosen the same college, although different majors. You chose to stay and study most nights and pass out on his floor. And this night was no different than the rest.
You had finished your essay, passing your laptop to a tired Wilbur to proof read. You left the room to change into your pajamas, a tank top and soft pajama pants. You returned to the room and Will passed the laptop back.
“Looks good.” He commented. “But i’m going to pass out so please turn off the light.
You nodded, flicking off the light. You walked to your spot on the floor. You had a blanket layed down, a pillow, and a blanket to keep on top of you. Laying down, you got comfortable before falling quickly asleep.
You woke up in a cold sweat. Wilbur’s room was unbearably hot and there was a layer of sweat on your body. You tossed the comforter off, hoping to get some relief but it was fruitless. The floor was making you uncomfortable and you had to move.
You quietly rose to your feet, walking to the door, hoping to avoid any creaking in the floors. The last thing you wanted to do was wake Wilbur up, although the darkness was making it hard to maneuver over the blankets on the ground.
The door creaked as you inched it open. Your heart sped up, glancing at Wilbur, finding him still asleep. You slid through the crack in the door and hurried down the hallway and down the stairs. 
You knew your way around their kitchen, probably more than your own. You grabbed a glass from the cupboard and made your way to the fridge, mentally thanking Phil for buying an expensive modern fridge. He didn’t update any of the other appliances, you wondered why.
The sound of the ice machine distracted you from Techno entering the kitchen. He was always silent on his feet. His pink hair reaches his shoulders now, pulled up into a half ponytail. He was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt. He watched you fill the glass with water and chug it down in gulps. “Thirsty?”
He chuckled to himself, watching you jump and spill water on your chin, your other hand coming up to wipe the water off.
“Fuck!” You exclaimed, tilting over, avoiding getting water on your pajamas. “Yeah, a bit. Wilbur’s room is a goddamn furnace.”
“Yet, you’re always in there.” He commented, leaning on the kitchen island. “And I never see you.”
“Well, Wilburs my best friend.” You said, pausing to take another drink. His eyes watched your neck and exposed chest as you swallowed. “And you never want to talk to me anyway.”
“I’m talking to you right now.”
“Is it because I'm alone?” You asked.
“Well, it’s hard to talk to you when my brother is attached to your side. Plus he never wanted to share you.”
You were taken back by his comment. “Share?”
“Well, He can keep you as his best friend.” Techno walked forward until he was right in front of you. You leaned back onto the countertop. “I was thinking something else for us.”
“Techno, where is this coming from?” You looked at him in confusion. “All these years, you’ve barely said like 5 sentences to me. I thought you hated me.”
“I’ll be honest with ya, I was scared to ruin your guy’s thing.” He seemed a bit shy now after his confession. He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck before recollecting himself. “But, god, did I wanna get to know you.”
You set your glass down on the counter, leaving your hands free to grip the edge and lift yourself up, now sitting on the countertop. Your legs were dangling off the edge and Techno quickly put himself between them. “I’m willing to make up for lost time.”
Techno put his hands on the counter next to your hips, effectively trapping you in. “hmm” Techno hummed before leaning in, connecting your lips.
It was a gentle kiss. Your eyes closed and your arms wrapped around his neck. His lips felt amazing on your’s, his lips were smooth. His hands moved to your thighs to press down as he nibbled on your bottom lip. You gladly opened for him as his tongue took control, searching your mouth. 
He pulled away, the two of you panting. He moved his mouth next to your ear. One of his hands moved onto your clothed warmth, pressing down causing you to wiggle your hips in response. “Want me to fuck you here, baby?”
You whined in response, nodding your head. You were willing to let him take you anywhere.
He chuckled quietly. “So naughty. Anyone could walk in on us.” He left a few kisses on your jawline, starting to rub your pussy through your clothes. “I bet you would like that, slut.”
“Please, Techno.” Your hands were gripping onto his shoulders. He pulled you off of the counter, you’re feet thudding onto the floor. He pulled down your pajama pants and underwear in one go because grabbing your hips and lifting you back up.
His lips instantly reconnected with yours. This kiss was much more rushed, deeper than the first one. He pushed your thighs apart, his hand finding its place on your heat. He rubbed his fingers over it, swallowing your whines into the kiss.
Techno entered a finger inside, your hips tilted forward to allow him more access. You gasped into the kiss allowing him back into searching your mouth. His finger curled, searching the inside of your pussy. It thrusted quickly, lubed up by your wetness. His other hand moved to cup your cheek as he inserted a second finger.
He pulled away from the kiss, leaning his forehead on yours. “I need you to stay quiet, princess, think you can do that for me?”
You nodded quickly and he smirked. His fingers continued their fast pace inside of you and he knelt down to be face level with your pussy. One of your arms went behind you to support your weight on the countertop. The other bent up as you bit into your finger to keep quiet.
His warm mouth met your clit, sucking hard and your hips almost thrust up into him. Being quiet was going to be a lot harder. His hand that wasn’t currently fingering you moved to keep your thighs open as you subconsciously tried to close them.  He moved his mouth so his tongue could trust inside of you. Your whines were getting louder.
His two fingers still quickly thrusting in and out of you curled and hit your sweet spot. He thrusted into it and a gaspy moan left your lips. He instantly pulled away, his fingers leaving you feeling empty. His hands gripped your thighs as he lifted himself up a bit. “What did I tell you about staying quiet? Why do you have to be so bad, hmm?”
Your mouth gaped open like a fish, trying to find the right thing to say. “I-I’m sorry.”
“I’ll make you sorry.” He said, quickly rising and pulling his own pants down. “I hope you’re ready for me because you’ve lost your prep privileges, slut.”
His underwear followed quickly after, joining the pile of clothes under the two of you. You gulped, you definitely weren’t prepared enough but god did you want him inside of you.
He went back to standing between your legs, pulling your tank top off you and throwing it onto the ground. “Stay quiet or I will make you this time, understood?”
“Yes,” You panted out, watching as he lined himself up. He made no comment as he started to push inside at a steady, slow pace. Your teeth gritted and your head flew back, trying to keep quiet. His mouth connected with your exposed neck, sucking and nibbling hard to leave bruises. He wasted no time after becoming fully sheathed inside to begin his thrusts. The burning was uncomfortable but the pleasure over took it quickly. 
It was an almost impossible task to stay quiet. Luckily, his cock thrusting quickly inside of you left your brain dumb, your mouth open but only releasing gasps for air. His head was by your ear, allowing you to hear all of his breathy moans. Your hand that wasn’t supporting your weight went to grab his hair, pulling it in his fist. 
“Fuck, Tech, please, don’t stop.” You moaned out.
  One of his hands moved to wrap itself around your neck, squeezing enough to allow you to get air but every noise was trapped in your throat. He looked you dead in the eyes. 
“Shut up, whore.” He released through gritted teeth. He bent one of your legs onto the counter, the new position allowing him to hit deeper. His other hand moved to put pressure on your sensitive, swollen clit. His thrusts became harsher, almost pushing you back further on the counter due to the force. “I want you to cum right now on my cock. Do it, princess.” 
Your hand circled around the wrist of the hand choking you. The muscles in your legs were clenching, and the heat inside you felt incredible. He rubbed harsh circles into your clit and your mouth gaped open. 
He watched the way your eyes rolled back into your head as your orgasm ran through your body, He worked you through your climax, enjoying the way you gasped as you shook.
“So fucking beautiful, so good for me.” He whispered to you. He released your throat and pulled out of you. Looking at your red pussy.
“Oh my god.” You said, rubbing your hand over your face. He chuckled, clearly having more plans. His cock was still throbbing, wanting to be back inside of you.
“Listen to me.” He said, catching your attention. “Pick up your clothes and go up to my room. You;re not done yet.”
“Okay, sir.” You responded, nodding. Techno cocked an eyebrow at the name, remembering to punish you for it later.
You pushed yourself off of the counter onto your shaky legs. The inside of your thighs were slick. You decided to pick up the clothes and walk naked to Techno’s room, no way anyone was still awake, they would have heard the two of you.
You rushed into Techno’s room, looking around. It was the first time you had truly been inside. He had shelves stuffed to the brim with books and an entire chess table.
He pushed you onto his bed, wasting no time pulling you back into a kiss. Both his hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you into him. He pulled away smiling.
“This is the real test for you.” He revealed. “You're gonna cum one more time around my cock but you have to be quiet or your little bestie will find out you're a whore for his twin. You don’t want that, do you?”
“No.” You whispered out.
“No, who?”
“No, sir.” You corrected yourself.
“That’s better, princess.” He said before connecting your lips again. He grinded his hips against yours a couple times because pulling away. Techno filled you over, positioning you with your ass in the air. “You look so perfect for me. You ready for my cock again?”
You nodded, your head practically resting against his bed.
“Verbal response, baby.”
“Yes,” You gasped out. “Please fuck me, sir.”
“That’s more like it.” He chuckled. He positioned himself at your entrance, sliding in much quicker this time. He gripped your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The position and the oversensitivity made it hard to focus on being quiet. You bit your lip trying to keep the moans in, causing it to bleed.
“Get on your elbows.” He commanded, pulling your shoulders up from resting on the bed. “Arch your back, that’s it.”
You listened to his commands, supporting yourself on your shaky forearms, arching your back for him. You groaned quietly to yourself at the new position. Your head dropped down, he felt so good while destroying your walls. He let out deep grows at how tight and hot your pussy felt around his cock. He was closer than he wanted to be after not finishing in the kitchen.
“God, get up here.” He groaned out, pulling you up until you were sitting up on your knees. Your back was pressed up against his chest. One of his hands left your hips to find its spot on your neck again, applying a slight pressure. His mouth was next to your ear, and he took advantage of it.
“You’re such a slut, aren't you. Letting me fuck you while your best friend is sleeping in the next room over, hmm. How embarrassed would you be if he found you like this, my little whore desperate for my cock.” He whispered deeply into your ear. Your mouth was open, his words going straight to your heat. You were still overly sensitive and close to your climax. “You take me so good, I wanna use you as my cum dump every time you sleep over here. Fill you up while everyone else is sleeping. You want that right?”
“Yes, fill me up, sir,” You whispered out, gasping. The burning in between your legs was becoming too much. He felt too good inside of you. “I want your cum, Techno, please.”
His thrusts became much harsher, losing their rhythm. He attached his mouth to your neck, sucking and biting. You wrapped your arm around his neck, looking for support as your orgasm caused you legs clench and spasm. Your mouth gasped out, letting out gasps as tingles ran through your body.
Your climax caused your pussy to clench around Techno’s cock enough that he thrusted two more times before stopping. He stayed sheathed inside of you as his cock flushed your walls with his cum. He hugged you close to him as he climaxed, releasing gasps over your shoulder. 
You stayed together as the two of you panted, catching your breath. Techno’s cock finally softed and he pulled out of you. As soon as he let go of you, you collapsed onto his bed, rolling over onto your back. He thudded down next to you, turning his head to look at you.
“I can’t believe this is what i’ve been missing out on.” You joked. Your hand went to feel your heart racing through your chest, staring at the ceiling.
Techno released a bit of air, turning over so he could look you in the eyes. “I’m going to take you out on a date. We’ll just lie to Wilbur or something but I need to take you out.”
“Yeah,” You smiled at him. “I’d like that very much.”
Techno then stood up, stretching and pulling on his pajama pants from earlier. He grabs your hands and forces you up as well, tossing you your tank top and pants. “Let’s go get you cleaned up so you can go back to Will’s room, yeah?”
You woke up back on Wilbur’s floor. He was awake, nudging your side with his foot.
“Hey, sleepyhead.” He joked. “It’s like 11:30, I actually wanted to do stuff today.”
You almost rolled over, wanting to grumble and go back to sleep, but he kept nudging you until you threw the blanket off of you. “Alright, i’m up.
“Phil made lunch,” Wilbur said as you stretched. “We can eat and then you can get ready.”
You nodded, following Will out of his room into the dining room. Phil and Tommy were already there, setting up to serve the lunch. You sat down at the table next to Wilbur, Tommy taking the place in front of him.
“Ah, Techno,” Phil exclaimed, “How nice of you to actually join us for once.”
Everyone turned their head to see a sleepy Techno enter and sit down in the seat in front of you. You looked down at your lap blushing.
“Am I not allowed to eat with my family?” Techno asked. Phil shrugged and started to portion out the salad and sandwiches.
“I’m just happy to see you here,” Phil said. “Also it’s a bit funny to see two late risers in the house.”
You and Techno made eye contact, the two of you obviously just rolling out of bed.
“Yeah,” Tommy said, mouth very full. Pointing his fork at you. “You never sleep in, what happened there?”
Your cheeks were very red and you were trying to come up with a lie on the spot. 
“Oh, you know,” You started. “College assignments keeping me up, I didn’t realize how much sleep I needed.”
“Well, that’s important but don’t overwork yourself.” Phil commented before moving on. Tommy and Will continued eating, uninterested anymore.
You looked up at Techno and met his eyes. He smirked and winked at you.
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spenciegoob · 11 months ago
Dethroned (Requested)
Tumblr media
A/N: I know the request said the relationship between Reader and Luke is platonic, but I kinda dropped subtle hints that Luke is slightly pining for Reader... oop.
Request: smutty post-prison Reid being jealous. Like him just being absolutely in love with reader, like he had been since she joined the BAU but was too nervous to say anything so settled for being mega close best friends. Then when he returns from prison he finds out that her and Luke have become close friends whilst he’s been gone (its simply platonic though) and he ends up snapping and just absolutely annihilating the reader over her desk in the office after everyone else has left
Pairing: Post Prison!Spencer x Fem!Reader
Category: Smut
Content Warning: jealous!spencer, exhibition, hair pulling, degradation/praise, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, breeding kink
Word Count: 3.9K
It was a gradual realization on his part. Spencer was so overwhelmed with coming home, his mom and Cat to even really take notice in the shift of your attention from him to Luke Alvez.
It wasn’t like you completely ignored him since his return. You were Spencer’s best friend, the title he settled on all those years ago when you all but skipped into the BAU and into his life.
And it wasn’t like you didn’t have other male friends. Before his leave, Derek and you had gotten along pretty well right off the bat, and Spencer never thought about it twice. If anything, he was ecstatic that two people that were so important in his life were also important to each other.
But when Spencer was stuck behind physical bars that represented every feeling for you he’s tried to keep at bay, you found comfort in Luke. He couldn’t blame you for that either, especially when the first time you visited him all he could see was hurt in your eyes, and all he could do was stare back with the same expression.
The first time he noticed the shift was after everything had settled, and the groove of life, for the team at least, was back in motion. You all had decided to go out and grab a drink, and the second you agreed, Spencer was also on board. He would follow you just about anywhere if it meant the smile on your face when he said yes stayed forever.
Luke had whispered something in your ear, the music in the bar too loud for Spencer to catch what it was. It had to be hilarious by the way you threw your head back in laughter, Luke’s eyes immediately dropping to the newly exposed skin, before nudging his shoulder with yours. 
Spencer couldn't keep his eyes off the conversation in front of him. He should have when the grip on his glass was so hard it could’ve shattered. 
“You know, kid, if you talked to her, she’d know how you feel,” Rossi had told him that night.
“That’s exactly why I can’t,” Spencer thought in his head, but merely gave Rossi a whatever, and walked away to the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror that night, hoping the disgust he felt for how angry he got whenever he saw you with Luke was enough to make it disappear.
It never did.
Like right now, Spencer sat at his desk, a rubber band ball being suffocated in his hand as he watched you perch yourself on top of Luke’s desk. It was an innocent act on you part, but the way Luke leaned back in his chair, opening himself up to you, and allowed his eyes to flicker to your bare legs that were swinging back and forth softly was definitely not innocent... not in Spencer’s book anyway.
It came as no surprise to Spencer that Luke would at the very least find you attractive. You were, in every aspect. Spencer could stare at your for hours, and sometimes, he did.
He would look at the way your skirt hugged your curves in the best possible way, or he would stare at your neck when you leaned back to stretch out. He would watch the way you crossed and uncrossed your legs, a nervous habit you’ve always had. Spencer would think about how soft they probably were, like silk rubbing against each other.
But now Luke was also looking at you like that while you talked about what you were going to do this weekend. 
“If you’re not busy, you should totally come,” you told him, obviously excited with the idea of Luke tagging along to wherever you planned on going.
“Yeah, I think I can make that work,” he agreed, and when he did, you jumped up off his desk, enthusiasm practically dripping from you.
“Yes! It’ll be so much fun, I promise!” And then you did the one thing Spencer silently begged you would never. You kissed Luke on the cheek before scurrying back to your desk.
Of course you would kiss him on the cheek. To you, that was a seemingly innocent and friendly action, one that Spencer had been on the receiving end of for the past 10 years. 
But now, Luke stole his crown and was flaunting it in front of Spencer’s face like an older brother who just got an XBOX for Christmas. Okay, maybe Spencer was a tad on the dramatic side, but how could he not be when Luke all but physically railed you over his desk when his eyes unashamedly did?
There were many things Spencer could take and get back up like nothing had happened. He’s been shot, punched, kicked, framed for murder and hell, he even stabbed himself, but none of that compared to the deep rooted anger that blossomed in his chest like a flame to gasoline when the thought of Luke touching you swarmed his brain.
Enough was enough.
“Alright, you’ve all worked enough today. Please, go home and get some rest,” Emily’s voice traveled from outside her office door to the agents that still inhabited the bullpen like a second home. Most, including Emily in its rarity, gathered their stuff to finally call it a night.
“So, you’ll text me the information?” Luke asked you as he was putting his jacket on. You had yet to move from your slouched position over whatever paperwork you insisted on finishing before leaving. 
“Yeah, definitely!” You beamed up at him before returning back to your case file immediately. Luke walked away with a little more pep in his step than usual per Spencer’s analysis. 
“Hey, Spence. Do you think you can hang back a second and look over this for me?” You asked him, catching the attention of the stumbling genius as he tried to get back to his apartment as fast as possible and deal with his... issues with you and SSA Luke Alvez.
He was going to say no, really he tried, but when he looked up to your puppy dog eyes and slight pout, how could he? Spencer knew you were giving him that face on purpose, he had told you in the past that if you were to ever give him your best puppy dog eyes, he could never refuse.
Now it was coming back to bite him in the...
“Uh, yeah, sure.” Spencer made his way over to your desk that was piled high in paperwork more than anyone else’s.
“I took a bunch of work home, and I accidentally dropped all my files and they scattered every where. So now, all the paperwork is mixed up and Emily needs these by tonight. Basically I’m screwed, but I just wanted to make sure the arsonist in Kentu-”
“I’ll help you,” Spencer interrupted your rambling once he got a grip on himself after adjusting to being so close to you. The smell of your perfume wafted into Spencer’s nose and got him drunk faster than any alcohol could ever. 
“Oh no, Spence. Don’t worry I can handle this,” you immediately shut him down, but Spencer was not easy to convince, and once his mind is set to something, there’s no changing it.
“I want to, trust me.” Spencer had started to roll his desk chair over to you. You sat there momentarily stunned for two reasons:
1. He had dropped everything to help you.
2. He wasn’t affected by the close proximity of you two the same way you were, or at least knew how to hide it really well.
The buzzing of your phone on your desk pulled you from your trance as Spencer settled next to you and went to pull a new file from your overgrowing pile. 
You picked it up to find a text from Luke, opening your phone to a picture of Roxy enjoying the toy you got her last week.
Spencer turned to you to find you smiling and letting out a breathy laugh at your phone.
“What?” He asked, more sarcasm dripping from his tone than expected. If you noticed, you didn’t say anything.
“Just Luke and Roxy. I love that dog so much,” you said while putting your phone on silent and setting it face down. You didn’t look up at Spencer, but if you did you’d find him beet red with anger, and holding the armrests of his chair a little tighter than necessary. 
“Hm,” was all he mumbled in response. This, you didn’t ignore.
“Is something wrong? You really don't have to do this with me,” you fumbled over your words, worried that your clumsiness and disorganization was what was annoying Spencer.
“No no, it’s not this. I like paperwork, actually.” You finally looked over at Spencer to find him already staring at you. His gaze bore into you like a blade to the gut, his intensity something you had never been on the receiving end of. It would be a lie if you were to say it wasn’t making you nervous.
“Then what is it.” Your words were not meant to come out as a whisper, but with Spencer’s intimidation and the way it made your stomach flip, you were overwhelmed already.
“Nothing, just, uh,” his confident persona was gone just as quickly as it came. “You and Luke, huh?”
Now it makes sense. You couldn’t help the small smile that etched across your features at his unknowing admission. Spencer Reid was jealous, actually jealous.
“Yeah, he’s a great friend.” Your emphasis on the word friend did not go unnoticed by Spencer, but he couldn’t stop himself from letting the words crawling up his throat out.
“I’m sure he thinks the same about you. The profile in this case fi-”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Two can play at this game, and if it was going to end the way the two of you were unknowingly both hoping, you would have to succumb to the rules.
“Hm? Oh! So you’re oblivious to the way he looks at you?” Spencer spat back, jealous intimidation turning to full anger now.
“Jesus, Spencer. Of course I’m not oblivious, but that doesn’t mean I look at him like that.” At this point, you stood up from your chair, Spencer’s approach throwing you off and getting you more worked up than you cared to admit.
“Besides, I have eyes for someone else,” you mumbled quietly under your breath, but Spencer caught it. “I’m calling the night. I suggest you do the same.”
You picked up as many files you could, not wanting to reach over Spencer before turning around to make you descent home.
Before you could get far, though, Spencer grabbed your elbow and spun you back to crash into his hard chest. You gasped, not making eye contact and instead opting for staring at his lips.
“Who?” Spencer asked, also not looking up from your lips. Both of your minds swarmed with the desperation to feel each other’s against your own.
“You.” And that was all he needed to finally succumb to his mind’s wishes. Your lips moved together like a violin bow to a string, creating a perfectly conducted symphony of files falling from your arms and deep inhales of each other.
Spencer reached out behind you, never taking his lips off yours and pushed anything that was on your desk with a deafening crash. Pens, papers and tape now littered the bullpen floor, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care when all you could feel were Spencer’s hands gripping your waist as he hoisted you up to sit you on your now clear desk.
His lips finally detached from yours, the need for oxygen getting in the way of a kiss you wish could last for eternity. They didn’t go very far, Spencer attacking your neck with little nips, surely to leave incriminating bruises. Your hips started to involuntarily roll forward, searching for friction from his hardening member still constrained by his work slacks.
“Spencer, please,” you begged, needing to feel him, all of him at this moment. His lips abandoned your neck to slowly pull back and scan your body like a predator indulging in his final prey one last time before he answered.
“Please what, Princess,” Spencer whispered, his hands moving down to grip your thighs that were attempting to squeeze together at your new pet name.
“Please, fuck me,” you whimpered back. His deep chuckle resonated through you as he leaned closer until he was directly next to your ear, his hot breath fanning down your neck causing you to arch your back slightly.
“Right here on your desk like a little whore,” he whispered against you, his lips grazing the shell of your ear. Spencer shook his head slightly as he pulled back to grab your chin lightly with two fingers, forcing your head back.
He leaned in as close as possible to whisper against your lips one last time. “Only for you.”
Time stopped as hands sped up in a frenzy to rip each other’s clothes off, lips molding together like a lock and key never wanting to separate, and hips involuntarily grinding against each other in search for some friction in an overwhelming search for release.
Only when Spencer gave up on your shirt buttons and ripped the fabric apart, adding drums in the form of buttons hitting the desk and floor to the song you two collectively decided to dance to tonight, did he allow his lips to leave yours. Slowly, he nipped his way back down your neck, pushing you back softly until your body fully rolled down on the cool wood underneath you. 
Spencer’s eyes found yours again as his hands inched behind you, silently asking for permission to break down yet another barrier between your two bodies. After a pleading whimper from you, he unclasped your bra and slowly pulled it down your arms. 
Spencer maintained eye contact as he wrapped his mouth around your nipple, swirling his tongue around the peak before sinking his teeth in teasingly. Your back arched into him, a strangled whimper leaving your body as the heat between your thighs increased significantly.
“Spencer please hurry. I need you,” you whimpered softly, pulling his hair back from the top of his head in hopes of getting him in an area far more dire in need of attention. 
“Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” Spencer mumbles in between kisses inching back up your body. His hands make their way under your skirt as he continues. “I want to take my time with you, but given our circumstances,” he paused to take a look at the deserted bullpen. “I’ll give you what you want, and fuck you like a whore.”
There was no other way to explain the way Spencer ripped your panties off so hard the lace snapped under his force than animalistic. He wasted no time stuffing them into his back pocket, and fully separating from you to stand straight and unbuckle his belt. Spencer’s eyes stared down at you, taking in every part of your body to file away in his brain in case he ever needs it. His once honey brown orbs were now absorbed with black, his pupils full and his eyes displaying a kind of fire only lust can fuel.
Once his belt was fully off, he smirked and folded it in his hands. Staring at the new object of his desire, he tantalizingly shook it back and forth slowly, watching the way it bounced with his movements.
“Should I gag you with this so you don't alert the whole goddamn building of how desperate you are?” Spencer looked back at you to find your cheeks a deep shade of red, partially at his degrading tone, but mostly at the idea of being gagged.
“No, sir. I wanna feel you.” The title slipped past your lips with no control or hesitation. Your cheeks burned further as Spencer’s movements stopped, his eyes widening slightly. 
“Fuck it,” he whispered before throwing the belt on the floor and unzipping his pants with more speed than you've ever seen him move. 
Spencer gave you zero time to even register his size before he was stepping in between your legs, lining himself up and slamming into you to the hilt with one hand, the other grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling back hard, all while never taking his eyes off you.
You couldn’t stop the loud gasp leaving your body as Spencer groaned at the feeling of you around him.
“God, you’re so fucking tight, Princess,” he grounded out, the soft growl in his tone causing you to whimper and clench around him.
When he felt you start to squirm underneath him after adjusting to his size, Spencer started to move, setting a brutal pace immediately. Your entire body felt like it became engulfed in flames, the feeling of Spencer repeatedly hitting the sweetest spot inside you over and over with a force unmatched was too much to handle.
Tears started to well in your eyes as the soft whimpers and pleads left your lips. Spencer pulled himself from his position tucked neatly into your neck to stare down at you, never relenting on his pace.
“What’s wrong, Princess,” he teased, a smirk growing across his features at your tears. “Is it too much for your little cunt? What happened to the girl that begged to be fucked like a whore?”
Spencer let go of his grip on your hair to wipe the tears blackened with mascara that were running down your face. 
“So good, sir. Please don’t stop,” you mumbled, only half coherent. The only thing you could focus on was the feeling of Spencer filling you completely. His dark eyes flickered down from your face only for a second, but when he looked back up at you, excitement joined the lust in them, a swirl of emotions destined to destroy you in the end.
Spencer grabbed one of your hands that was gripping his shoulder, nails digging into the skin and leaving marks he wished would last forever. He placed in on your stomach, and confusion filled your mind for a moment until you felt the tip of his cock hit your hand.
“You feel that, Princess? You feel how deep I am? I’m gonna fill you up.” Your back arched, and you finally released a loud, wanton moan at his words. Spencer didn’t miss the way you clenched around him tighter at the thought. “God, I’m gonna fill you up with my cum, make you - fuck- carry my child. Make sure everyone knows who you belong to.”
You felt the knot in your stomach growing tighter with each word, and when Spencer lifted one of your legs into the crook of his elbow, hitting you impossibly deeper, you knew you weren't going to last much longer.
“Oh G-god, Spence. I- I’m gonna....”
“It’s okay, Princess. I’ve got you,” he groaned back, lifting two fingers to your lips before forcing them into your mouth. Instinctively, you hollowed out your cheeks and sucked on his digits. “Let go, Princess.”
All you needed was his permission before letting your orgasm rock through you, the muscles in your body seemingly losing and gaining all the tension in the world at once, your vision going white, and your mind blank except for one thought; Spencer.
Your loud moans were blocked by his fingers pushing deeper down your throat, catching them before any unwanted guests could hear. 
Your moans started to turn to whimpers around his fingers as the overstimulation kicked in. Spencer could sense it by the way you still clung to him as tightly as possible.
“Fuck that’s it. You’re doing so well, Princess, taking all of me,” he growled out, his hips losing their rhythm, signaling his own impending orgasm. Spencer leaned down further, pushing your leg farther up in the process, and again, hitting you deeper than imaginable.
Two more sloppy thrusts in that position, and Spencer was coming deep in you with your name and different praises being groaned in your ear. He bottomed out once more, coming to a stop buried deep, both of you trying your hardest to catch your breath.
When he started to pull out, you whimpered immediately at the feeling.
“I know, sweetheart. I’m almost done,” Spencer whispered, caressing your cheek as he fully unsheathed himself. The abandoned weight of him on top of you, and the loss of his cock filling you up left you cold as he went to rummage through your drawers for tissues, but all you could do was stare up at the lights hanging from the ceiling, your body still slightly twitching.
When Spencer returned to you, he sat you up and kissed your forehead before reaching in between your legs to clean you up. The second the tissue hit your sensitive cunt, you winced.
Spencer looked back up at you but before he could say anything, you cut him off.
“It’s okay. I’m okay,” you reassured him, smiling softly as you reached up to caress his cheek. Upon your approval, he went back to cleaning you up. “Actually, I’m more than okay. That was.. That was-”
“Yeah,” he said, chuckling slightly and shaking his head. “I know, right?”
“Maybe we should thank Luke,” you teased him. Immediately, his smile faded and he looked up at you with an expression that can only read “Seriously?”
You let out a full laugh now, obviously still entertained with the idea that the Dr. Spencer Reid was jealous of Luke Alvez.
“I’m joking,” you said, your smile turning from one of hilarity to adoration as Spencer straightened back up to stand between your legs and wrap his arms around your waist. “And Spence, it’s always been you. Not Luke, not anyone else. You.” You emphasized your point by jabbing a finger into his chest.
“Good, because that would make this really awkward,” he said back. You tilted your head in confusion to which he laughed at before continuing. “Do you want to go grab dinner?”
Your cheeks blushed profusely as he asked you out as if you didn’t just let him take you over your own desk at work. 
“I would love to say yes, but I still have to finis-” When you turned around to look at the pile of paperwork you had yet to complete, it was no longer on your desk, but scattered around it. During the rush of trying to feel each other completely, the two of you failed to notice the stack of files that started this whole thing had fallen all over the bullpen floor.
“Emily is going to kill me,” you said, turning back to Spencer who was still staring at the now empty spot on your desk.
“Actually, she has two reasons to kill us now.” You threw you head back in laughter, Spencer joining you at the thought of Emily finding out about the last 30 minutes. “But seriously, you go deal with the security footage, and I’ll deal with the paperwork.”
“Hmmmm...” You pretended to ponder the thought of not having to do all of that paperwork by yourself anymore. “Deal.”
“Deal,” Spencer repeated back, smiling softly before kissing you one more time.
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guardianspirits13 · a year ago
Okay so with everything going on right now and all the exciting new information, there is one thing I see being overlooked a lot, and that is something I want to talk about: Natsuo Todoroki.
Tumblr media
In almost every scene he appears in during the manga, he mentions Touya, and I really want to try to imagine the sort of effect this new information will have on him.
Natsuo and Touya have a clearly established relationship as kids, and while Fuyumi says they played together a lot, in one translation of a the scene in 253 Natsuo says that Touya used to tell him everything, implying that they also talked openly about what Endeavor was doing to their family and how they felt about it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natsuo was entirely ignored by Endeavor as a kid to the point where his existence was hardly acknowledged, and with information from the new light novel we know that Rei hardly took care of him either after Shouto was born. Natsuo would have been about four, not nearly old enough to do things on his own and was likely raised mostly by his older siblings.
Tumblr media
Now imagine what it was like for Natsuo when Touya died. He would have been 10 at the most, and however Touya died (and I say died because it was considered a hard fact to the Todoroki family for almost a decade) and wether or not he witnessed it does not change the fact that it has been one of the most traumatic, defining events of his life so far. Not only was he still very much a child, Touya was likely his best friend and the single person he could rely on. Touya and Natsuo helped each other through the trauma they were both experiencing, so I can’t even imagine how devastating it would have been for Natsuo to lose his sole support system so suddenly without any grief counseling in sight.
Tumblr media
If you think about it even now, at the core Dabi and Natsuo share strikingly similar viewpoints on hero society as a whole, and they both despise Endeavor for the same reasons. They also both seem to be very emotionally driven and have internalized their feelings that show only under stressful circumstances.
I am going to attribute the different outcomes in who they are now to Natsuo still having a stable home and Fuyumi to help him cope, and whatever happened to Touya he was almost definitely homeless and alone so it was easy for him to fall in with a group of loveable societal rejects (although I very much want to know exactly what he did for the years between ‘dying’ and joining the league).
Tumblr media
So now finally, I will try my best to predict how Natsuo might react to the information that his brother is alive, especially assuming he finds out through the same video that Rei does. Horikoshi went out of his way to establish a relationship between the two, so either way it will definitely be heartbreaking.
First off is knowing that Touya is alive. Even with that information alone and nothing about Dabi himself, it would not explicitly be joyful. A huge part of who Natsuo has become is because of how his past-e.g. losing Touya- has shaped him. A significant example being that in the new light novel we learn that he wanted to be in the medical field to help people in situations like his mother ‘whose hearts have been hurt’. I think before any sort of positive emotion this information will definitely rattle him to the core, as it has Shouto and Endeavor. This is not just about Touya being alive, but it’s about how much of Natsuo’s life has been shaped by his death. I’d imagine under normal circumstances some form of joy or excitement would set in after the initial shock, but judging by the content of the video I can’t imagine that.
Tumblr media
And finally we get to Touya’s status as a criminal, terrorist, and his admission to murdering over 30 people. I’m going to re-iterate what I said before, that Natsuo obviously looked up to his brother, and the image of teenaged Touya that he has been imagining and hearing in his head for the past decade is so drastically different from who he is now. **Now we have no reference point for how Touya was as a kid, wether or not he exhibited early antisocial tendencies or wether he was as kind and protective as the fandom seems to think of him. My point still stands that Natsuo looked up to him as a kid and immortalized him in his memory, so the cognitive dissonance between the Touya he knew and the Touya that we see now will also be destructive.
**Another side note, I wrote this before I saw the translation that Touya considered kiling Shouto while they were kids, which is certainly chilling and adds a whole nother level to this mess, so take that as you will
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I honestly have no idea how he will react based on this last point.
One one hand, Natsuo is known for his brutal honesty in expressing how he feels, and this could be no different. There is definitely the possibility that he could blame Touya for abandoning them and betraying them, along with the horror of knowing how many people he murdered.
There is also a much different response to anticipate, mainly because Natsuo is also a very sympathetic person with a particular soft spot for his older brother, and may choose to view him as more as a victim.
Horikoshi is an incredible writer and is very capable of portraying subtle and complex emotions in his characters, and he is also well known for uncanny parallels and coming full circle in his writing, so I have theorized for a while now that the sibling’s responses to Touya’s return might be opposite to their willingness to forgive Endeavor, based mostly on their relationships with both of them. I think it would be poetic if Natsuo (who again is very emotionally driven) would have an initial response of just wanting to reunite with his brother and willing to overlook his transgressions in the moment, Shouto would still walk a middle line of being very conflicted and unsure, and if Fuyumi would blame him the most, for abandoning her and inadvertently leaving her to sacrifice most of her childhood and getting a higher education to look after the house and her younger brothers, as that had been a shared responsibility previously.
If you made it this far in the post, thank you so much for reading! Most of this is just speculation, but it’s been on my mind for a while so with the final reveal out of the way I have long been prepared to rant about the significance of Touya in Natsuo’s life and how his return would affect him. I’d love if you’s be willing to share your thoughts on all this before the next chapter.
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swisssewingsoprano · 2 months ago
Okay, as much as my Arcane blogging has been focused on Vi and Cait, the show really does revolve around the sisters. And it's really interesting seeing the different takes people are sharing about the family dynamics and I just feel like everyone focuses on the Vander+Vi and Silco+Jinx parallels and i don't see much about the older-younger sibling dynamics.
I have seen a lot of people saying that Silco is better family to Jinx than Vi, and I really think that is doing a disservice to them. Firstly, Silco is a grown-ass adult who may have genuinely cared for Jinx and seen himself in her, but he also manipulated her and encouraged her tinkering because it also benefited him. Some people have accused Vi of being abusive or not caring about Jinx, and I think they're falling into the trap of assuming that the way Vander raised Vi was correct. Vander had good intentions, but the amount of responsibility he heaped on Vi's shoulders without REALLY explaining his philosophy about when to fight and when to hold back, and leaving her basically to raise the other kids was NOT healthy. Because Vander forced so much early maturity onto Vi, I'm afraid that people have forgotten she is just as much a traumatized teenager as Jinx was.
So here's where my feelings as a younger sister come in. Powder/Jinx felt insecure as a result of not being able to keep up with the others. I remember as a kid how often i wanted to tag along with my older sister and was told no. I remember feeling disappointed as a kid, but now as an adult i can barely remember what it was that i missed out on. It was just a fact of growing up and being two separate people. And i think honestly that the kindest thing Vi could have done for Powder was to say no to tagging along until she was truly ready. Instead, Powder was allowed into these situations that fed her insecurities until finally Vi DID say no. And because of all the previous failures, she couldn't see that it was out of love instead of out of resentment and that's when we see the first physical signs of her mental instability.
So that brings us to the warehouse. I understand 1000% the desire to prove that you're "worthy" of your place in the family, that you're not just a mistake or waste of space compared to your favored older sibling. And finally, her device worked! However, it didn't work as intended, and not in a minor way. Think of how often you get annoyed at your sibling for messing something up. Now imagine your sibling didn't just destroy your lego tower- they caused an accident that killed your only parent and the rest of your found family. Are you going to think rationally? So you lash out and then when you realize what you've done, you run away in shame because you are also a traumatized teenager. The thing is, i think Vi actually cooled off pretty quickly once she removed herself from the situation. But at that point it was too late. The people who had just captured your dad managed to survive the blast, and you don't have the power to do anything. You could try to run back for your sister, but it will definitely mean death for both of you. Before Vi can make that decision, Marcus knocks Vi out and drags her away.
So once Silco takes Powder in and she becomes Jinx, it gets a lot more complicated. Both sisters miss each other like hell, but they don't know what happened to each other. Vi spends the entire timeskip consumed with guilt over not being able to protect her sister, not know Jinx has fallen in with the very people who took everything from them. Jinx thinks her sister is dead, and is also tormented by how badly she fucked everything up. For someone who has been chasing her sister's shadow, I don't blame her for latching onto the first person who validated her, as unhealthy as that might have been. But this is where i get real upsetti spaghetti.
Jinx needs serious therapy. She needs help for her trauma. Silco telling her she's perfect and covering for all her mistakes is not healthy. She needs to learn how to deal with mistakes instead of having daddy swoop in to make them go away. That's not how you fix insecurity. Trust me, one of the hardest things I'm learning to do is to not hide from or rationalize away my mistakes, but to own up and face the consequences. If I had been taught when I was younger how to handle mistakes gracefully, I would be WAY less neurotic as an adult.
So once Vi and Jinx are reunited, Vi can't let go of the image of Powder in her head. That's part of changing and growing up! Jinx has never been able to let go or grow beyond her fear of being expendable, and so when she sees her sister show up with Cait, it feels like a confirmation that her sister doesn't need her. And that's painful. If she hadn't spent the last several years being manipulated by Silco, could she have possibly waited long enough to talk things through instead of immediately drawing the worst conclusion? We'll never know. If the two hadn't been separated, this would have turned out so differently. But because they were separated, trying to immediately reconcile the "new" Vi and Jinx to the "old" Vi and Powder would be jarring at least, if not completely impossible. And again, this is where i get upset.
Jinx decides that she needs to make an ultimatum. Either Vi can accept her exactly as she is now, like Silco does, and prove it by destroying anything (anyone) separating them. Or Vi can try to cling to the image of Powder in her head and therefore -in Jinx's mind- reject her. That deep thirst for her older sister's approval is there. If Silco had really been a good dad, he could have encouraged her to move forward without rejecting who she used to be, and maybe there could have been a reconciliation. But because she had been encouraged to kill that version of herself, there was no way that could happen. Because the really important thing that people are ignoring is that unconditional love doesn't mean unconditional approval. For Vi to unconditionally accept who Jinx is now, she is asking her to accept even the part that is a mass-murderer. Would you be able to do that for your younger sibling? Or would you love them while hoping that they can learn how to stop hurting themselves and others? Vi taking Jinx's side and killing Cait to prove that Jinx is her #1 would still not cure Jinx's insecurity. The only thing that can do that is getting some serious therapy, and maybe finding her place with a new group who is ideally less murdery and human experiment-y. I think if Jinx's mind had not spent so much time manipulated and warped, they could have a good relationship again. It would take a long time to relearn trust, but it's not impossible, especially for two people who wanted so badly to be together again. But it is important that while Vi would need to learn how to help her sister feel valued again, Jinx also needs to face up to the consequences of the things she did while in a dark place.
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skynikan · a year ago
Haikyuu dad headcanons Part 3 (final)
Part 3: Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Kita
Kuroo loves children, especially when they are still a baby. Their little round, squishy faces.. He wants one of those! He could build a whole team of his own children if he only acted on his instincts and the occasional baby fever whenever one of his friends or colleagues get kids of their own. But Kuroo is also a responsible person. Realistically speaking he knows he could probably handle two to three children, that's his aim. He truly wishes to have a big, functioning family, something he didn't grow up with. But if there is one thing I can tell you, it is that he learned how to take responsibility as a dad from his own father growing up. You will always be talking about who stays home, who takes them to the doctor, when to plan your days off work and holidays.. working with him in his job is not nearly as good and efficient as him working with his family.
He doesn't have a preference in gender and I can see him liking either of them. He is the kind of person who loves dressing people up and at the same time the kind of father who loves showing his kids off. Meaning? He has a ton of pictures in his phone and some in his office of his kids dressed up in little suits and dresses, amazing costumes and cosplays that he always has to show anybody who didn't ask.
He is also very supportive, reliable.... funny, god, he is the dad joke father. But it's okay, he drives them around where ever they want to go, he will attend the matches of his son if he plays any sports (of his daughter too of course), he will even print out embarrasing support posters and they will wish they didn't tell him about the game. If they are volleyball nerds and he takes them to work though.. He is the best!
He struggles with his children growing up and leaving the nest, he will even try to convince you to make a new one once your kids are older, but you guys are just too old to have another young and energetic Kuroo running around your house. But he will go all out once he gets grandchildren again!
10/10, he might be embarrasing sometimes, but your house will never be silent, always filled with laughter and no worries.
Kenma didn't have kids on the radar for a long time. He would have been fine if you didn't want some, he is content with the way his life was before them. But he also doesn't hate the idea. The child is either an unplanned pregnancy, or you decided to have a child and it happened. He has no preference in gender, but he doesn't want more than one or two. It's not like he wouldn't be willing to change his life for them, that inevitably is going to happen, but he doesn't want his whole life to be about them, that was never the plan. He will make sacrifices though, dividing his private life even more strictly from his working and streaming life.
Before you have a kid, you will definetly train with a cat. And your child will grow up with cats!
Kenma doesn't believe in gender stereotypes and will encourage your child to do what they like. You have a son who happens to like pink dresses and play with barbies? That's okay. You have a daughter who plays sports or Video games and wants short hair? That's just as good.
He is probably going to buy their love to a certain extend, making a lot of expanses to have fancy trips with them, especially because those are rare. They get s generous amount of pocket money and if their passion happens to be video games? Jackpot, they are in the best possible household for that, Kenma isn't a collector or stingy with his possesions, he will share them. That doesn't mean he won't take time or show affection, he will definetly try to teach them values, even if it's in a more unconventional way sometimes, and when he can make time, they know it's just for them.
8.5/10, he does his best, but isn't a natural at fatherhood.
He is such a calm father. I can see him with two children, definety one boy, the other either a girl or boy. The kids don't have a huge age difference, maybe 15 to 20 months. The first pregnancy may be an accident, but he definetly wanted kids, so it's no problem. The second one was planned, he wants his children to be close in age. They are quite the calm kids, I can see his son liking music, learning singing or the piano and practicing covers of his favourite songs with Akaashi smiling in the background as he watches him. Akaashi is a multitaksing talent and extremely reliable. He will cook breakfast, talk to his boss on the phone and at the same time style his daughter's hair. He is very much emotionally available and notices whenever something is off, it's years of training that prepared him for this. He is a great listener and will have a lot of car conversations with his kids after school. They can trust him with everything and in his house, nobody needs to be ashamed of something. There won't be any secrety because no one will be scolded for their mistakes, they know it was wrong and you will find solutions to everything together. He may be busy with his job, but his family is a priority. He will always be home for dinner and additionally try to help with homework. If things get rough for his kids, he will overthink stuff and you will have to help him out of that mindstate. It shows just how much he cares though.
He is an 11/10, I can't really imagine a better father than him.
Similar to Kuroo, he loves kids. But in contrast to Kuroo, he won't limit himself in the same way. You're going to have 4 or 5 kids, one pair of twins, three boys and two girls. He adores them. There is no day, even after the longest of practices, where he doesn't find a bit of leftover energy to take care of them and show them his love and adoration. He is super supportive! It hurts him seeing them grow up, but he will be there every step of the way in their life, even if he's crying.
He isn't the greatest help with homework and he doesn't know boundaries. When his teenage daughter asked him to not bring her to school anymore because he's embarrasing, it was the worst day of his life. You really had to explain puberty to him and he and his daughter had a serious talk about it in the evening. From that day on, he hates aging. He also hates how he can't keep up with his kids later on, not being able to throw himself of the court to practice with his oldest son due to a bad back. The happiest day of his life was (obviously besides the wedding and the birth of his children) the day where you all came to a big game of his to cheer him on and he played amazingly, winning the game as the MVP.
He has a showcase with all his medals and archievements displayed and the most important pieces are the selfmade trophies his kids made in kindergarten that say "best dad". When they all grew up and had jobs, his kids threw money together to make a collective high quality one to give to him and it is his most priced possesion, making him emotional whenever he looks at it.
He may be an airhead and not always responsible and act overly emotional at times, but there is no person on earth being able to love another human more than he loves his kids, 9/10.
Do you remember the bet he and Osamu made, about who will have a happier life in the end? Once he found out Osamu's wife was pregnant, he got a severe baby fever. I know, it sounds horrible that THAT'S the initial reason for him to want to start planning your family, but it is. He knew kids were part of the deal in the future, but an undefined future quickly became "right now".
He got twins. Just like Osamu, but two months later. It almost felt like loosing, but every bet or intention was gone when he looked into his daughter's eyes for the first time. It was the most precious thing he ever saw. And he got two pairs of those eyes!
Atsumu is a drama father. He loves to gossip with other moms from daycare and throw in a few things he picked up to make things more spicy. His daughters picked that up. Pure mischiev with pigtails. Daddy's little princesses. He spoils them. In his eyes, there are no more beautiful girls in the world. He buys them nice dresses and accessoires, but you really have to make him step on the break so they don't become arrogant.
His girls are unseperable and become an amazing team. He does everything to keep it that way.
He knows all the gossip from school, because his daughters open up to him a lot. Especially after he retires, they are his new profession. If they are into sports, he will coach them, drive them everywhere, go onto fancy trips. He thinks that if he keeps them close, he won't have a problem once they grow up, but seeing them with boyfriends throws him into the worst midlife crisis. At one point he becomes so dramatic he curses Osamu for making him get kids if they only bring him pain and boys. He doesn't mean it though. He loves them with everything he has and can't imagine being happier. He's convinced he won the bet they made in high school because how was a person supposed to be more content with their life?
8.5/10, maybe a 9.
Twin boys. He didn't plan that, I mean nobody plans twins, but he definitely wanted children. He didn't have a gender preference, so there's that.
His boys are quite quiet, they aren't the most outgoing or social. They like to play games and read, play an instrument and are quite smart for their age, always on top of their class. Osamu is very proud of them, because without scolding his sons took their parents as role models and work hard. He would love them if they were lazy too, his love and affection are unconditional, but it's great things worked out they way they did.
He understands that people have bad days sometimes and wants his kids to communicate that. He is very hard working himself, so he isn't always able to be there for them, but his doors and arms are always open, even at work. As he grew up with a twin himself, he knows things wouldn't always be sunshine. On the other hand he is glad his kids are more relaxed and less competitive than he and Atsumu were (and still are to a certain extend).
He tries to be there for them as much as possible, so once his business was doing well, he hired more people to take over some of the work so he had more time to focus on his family. He is very focussed on creating a warm and steady home, but sometimes his crackhead energy comes back to surface, especially when Atsumu is around. Game nights are always fun, with Atsumu and his girls being highly competitive and Osamu starting to feel on fire again, in a way he hasn't since his highschool days. His boys will be confused for a minute, but then they give it everything they have and start outsmarting Atsumu and his kids. It's thrilling, even though they won't show it.
You can bet that Osamu highly values family and always wants his kids and their cousins, who are just a little younger than them, to get along well with each other. Osamu doesn't like the thought of boys trying to interfere with a woman's life by acting protective, but secretly just being possesive and controlling, so he won't say "Protect your cousins" or something like that. He will tell them to look out for them and help if they need it though, because family comes first. He wouldn't have to say that, those 4 are great friends, going to the same school and having the same friends. This all changed a bit when Osamu got his youngest daughter once his sons were 8 years old. They look out for her amazingly, always drive her around when she got older. She brought a whole new dynamic to the Miya household, turning unspoken rules upside down. Once she became a teen, the grey hair started, much to his dismay. Atsumu made fun of him for that and tries to win her over every game night, but even though he thinks he's the girl/daughter whisperer, Osamu's daughter acts like she was born to roast him. She would never betray her daddy. It became a running gag in the family, but it's truly just fun and games. She has to be a little more feisty, she is way younger than anyone else and doesn't have anyone her age there.
A: "Come on d/n, why can't you be cooperative and tell your handsome uncle what cards your father has on his hand?"
D: "Sorry, I know my team."
A: "We're all a big family, this is the team."
D: "If you were a team player, you would have given me a cousin 2 months younger than me just like you did with my brothers so I wouldn't have to sit here alone as the youngest, but apparently you were satisfied with the way your team already looked?" *mic drop*
It reall is fun and games though. Osamu has well mannered kids who know what they want in life and how to get it. He couldn't have asked or given more.
9.5/10 for lack of time early on, he had a business to run.
He never really thought about kids but wasn't opposed to the idea, it's just something that happens at one point in life and in a relationship to him.
He ends up with a really tough daughter. What that means? One time she had problems with a boy at school, he just told her to defend herself, told her it's okay to hit back or say something unladylike. He isn't raising a princess. He won't always be there to protect her and she needs to be able to stand her ground in this world. When she got in trouble for not just sucking it up, he took the blame for her behaviour in front of the teacher and turned the tables, accusing them of not properly taking care of the kids and making sure they don't bully his child. It's safe to say that no one ever touched her again, him being a famous athlete, not really poor and able to send her to a fancy school if things didn't go the way he wants to.
He loves his child and doesn't want her to hide behind gender and society standards, a girl can be tough in his point of view. They are a great team by the way, he always took her to practice and games when she was younger. They just have a quiet understanding of each other. His phone is filled with pictures and videos of her. He often put her on his shoulders when they walked around the park or zoo so she could see more.
Also, he is always up to date with the latest trends and slang, but he won't act on it. He understands when she tells a story though.
Overall a really solid and good father, 9/10 would recommend, but fighting society may not always be the best tip for a child growing up🙈
We already know he is going to be the best dad ever. He is amazing at taking responsibility, he's not afraid to help around the house, he is an affectionate person who takes great care of others. Imagine him with a sick child, taking care of it, making some fresh soup and fruits so they get better soon... He will already be amazing during the pregnancy. He cried when he found out he was going to be a father.
I think he would definetly have a sweet daughter. Maybe another child, but he won't build his own volleyball team. He wants to be able to have enough personal resources to properly take care of them.
Don't get me wrong, while I do think he isn't the most openly enthusiastic person or father, I truly believe he cares and his family will know it. They will know through the little notes he leaves in his kids bento boxes every day, wishing them a great day. They get a kiss before they head off to school and in the evening before bed. He will cry whenever something big happens in their life just because he is so proud that his little beans grew up so fast and became independent human beings.
20/10 you can't fight me on this.
I hope you enjoyed the dad headcanons as much as I did! I'm sorry I didn't include other characters, but these are the only ones I felt comfortable writing for 😊
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alluringjae · 9 months ago
until dawn - ljn
Tumblr media
part I | part II
⤑ summary: basic number one rule of the museum is not to touch the art. but no one told jeno that falling for one of them isn’t allowed either.
⤑ pairing: jeno x female reader
⤑ word count: 14k
⤑ genre: fluff, humor, angst | broke architecture major!jeno, historical figure!reader, college!au
⤑ warnings: jaemin mentions onlyfans as a joke, references to actual historical figures (some try to flirt with jeno lol) and literature, explicit language
⤑ author’s note: wow, i’ve had this idea for almost two years! this one was inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, night at the museum. it definitely required a lot of research and brainstorming, and finally i brought it to life! it was so fun to play around with the characters, and even if majority of them are real people, this is all still fiction.
i also wanna mention one of my moots, marge for enlightening me about her life as an architecture major.
⤑ taglist: @renjunniehome​ (dm me if you want to be added) 
⤑ leave me some feedback, constructive criticism or hellos!
Tumblr media
Dormitory rent was another thing to worry about aside from the inflated university tuition per semester. Although he’s lucky to have his parents backing him up already on it, paying the monthly rent for his dorm was the remaining objective on Jeno’s list.
Plus, money for food. The man was a heavy eater, following the whole “gym is life” mantra.
Splitting it already with two of his dorm mates turned best friends, Renjun and Jaemin, his plate felt lighter. But the question still lies: where on earth was he going to get the money?
He’s practically checked out every available part-timing job in university and anywhere near campus. Barista at the same café Jaemin works at, teaching assistant for an art school for kids, convenience store cashier, library assistant, all taken in a heartbeat. The burden of his friends paying his debt these past months took a toll on him, almost to the point he almost considered making an Onlyfans.
“Yah, just find something else! Part-timers are in demand right now!” Renjun intensely closed his laptop before his older friend gets any suggestive thoughts.
“I mean, you didn’t work out your body to look the way it is for nothing.” Jaemin pitched otherwise, lifting the front back up. “When do you want to start filming? Loads of chicks would dig a piece of you!”
The contradicting opinions of his friends were like the devil and angel debating on his shoulders. Useless, he gave this worry a rest and returned to drawing new plates. A common thing when you’re an architecture major. Those deadlines were nearing. Looks like he’ll pull another all-nighter again.
Good thing most of his classes were late in the morning until 6 pm.
As if someone from above heard his petition, Jeno saw a help wanted sign posted on the bulletin board outside of the university museum. He initially went there to document some artwork and architecture models from Greek and Roman times, further analyzing how they’re still apparent in modern buildings.
The sign explained the need for one part-timer from any college to cover the night shift of the museum due to the current night guard’s full semester absence. He only had to come in 3x a week, choosing his days since he was still a student. Even the pay was above average, considering that most part-timers never go beyond midnight. Jeno would, on the other hand, always staying for his projects or gaming with the boys. Drinking sometimes during late-night Fridays with his entire college crew.
The pay would leave him a load of extra cash for himself, thus he sent an application to the museum office right before he left. A week later, while he was out with the boys, he got a text from the office that they wanted to meet him again for a final interview first thing on Monday.
Perhaps it was having architecture as his course and a healthy physique that landed him the part-timer position. Mainly, the latter because guards required strong endurance and fighting skills when worse comes to worst. It would start at 9 pm until 6 am the following day, and there was a designated uniform of it too. Blue blazer with matching trousers, white dress top, and loafers.
Aside from the typical museum etiquette the head director instructed him about, there was an unofficial list of tips written on paper given from the night guard on leave when the director handed you over his box of office-related things.
Only read at the night guard office once you’re the remaining staff left.
He did as he was told like an obedient son, flipping the succeeding page.
 To my temporary replacement,
This part-timing job is nothing regular than the other jobs. You’ll witness things as you’ve never imagined them to be, almost like witchcraft. You’ll be lost and maybe frightened, or that’s how I felt the first time because no one led me through it all those years ago. Lucky for you, I made this small guide on how to properly take care of the place that the other staff doesn’t know about.
Before you proceed, I request you take a 5-minute stroll around the lobby first to understand what I’m talking about. After such, go back to the office or somewhere quiet then browse through the guide as quickly as you could.
Art is timeless here, so they need to be taken care of.
Good luck!
 Park Sanghoon
Night Guard on Leave
 Nothing could’ve prepared Jeno for what’s to come once he unlocked the office door. They say that art brings so much color to our life, allowing us to feel all sorts of emotions in a glimpse. But no one ever interpreted art to be literally alive and walking in the halls.
Behold, random wax figures and marble sculptures that he’s seen in the past roamed the hallways, as well as the paintings were interacting with each other side by side. Even the standee of a puppy from the entrance played fetch with one of those sculptures. He swore he looked like Hermes the messenger god from his arrow headpiece and sandals.
It made more sense why the guard on leave explained his feelings during the first day because it resembled Jeno’s. But unlike that guard, Jeno sucked it up. No one ever does well on the first day, even if others say otherwise. The first day was a learning experience, so he collected his thoughts even though the goosebumps triggered his body during that one rotation.
There was an indoor garden, already locked by the day guard earlier. The only room without any art piece, where students lounge to study the plants or relax in nature.
The sculptures section ahead, showcasing various fictional figures specifically from Greek mythology, chattered away about family drama and beliefs. The sculptures of Hades and Zeus, according to their title plate, argued relentlessly about power while Athena always intervened by shouting or even throwing arrows or daggers to any of the lightbulbs there.
That was one rule in the guide, but Jeno didn’t know yet until he came inside the room and swerved the attention of the arguing duo.
“Well, what do we have here?” Zeus, in the center, straightened his posture on his throne to present himself in a more regal way. “Are you perhaps the temporary replacement of Sir Sanghoon?”
“Sir Sanghoon’s stand-in is rather good looking, don’t you think?” Hera mused, stepping down from her throne beside Zeus to take a closer look at the taller male. Her cold fingers trailed his jaw until his chest, where his heart was beating intensely. She even pinched his toned bicep, mouthing wow.
“Truly handsome you are, my dear. So full of life, please introduce yourself to us.”
While Jeno introduced himself to everyone in that room, he answered any sorts of questions they had for him too. From his age, educational background, hobbies, Aphrodite just had to ask him if he had a girlfriend because he was that handsome.
“Nope, I’m single. With my degree in architecture, the requirements are so heavy I can’t even try dating.”
Mentioning his degree excited the gods, telling him how their people created and designed all these temples to house them and perform rituals. They loved it so much. This was a copy-paste of what Jeno learned from his history classes, and for a first, he’s hearing the perspective of the Greek gods.
Mind-boggling that he hasn’t fully freaked out yet. That’s what Athena anticipated when Sanghoon told her about his short leave, putting her in charge of everyone for the meantime while the replacement settled down.
The college museum was built during the late 70s as a gift from one of the alumni. It was for the purpose to preserve history and educate college students outside the classroom. The Greek mythology exhibit was the oldest one, making Athena have more seniority. Over her stay, she’s seen every new guard lose their senses during the first night. Some not even returning for a second night. She got used to every outcome, and so far, only 8 people lasted after the first night. A couple of students in the 70s and 80s, Sanghoon in the 90s, and now Jeno was one of them.
“Jeno, aren’t you terrified by us? You just got a job in a museum that comes to life every night, and it’s not a normal thing.”
“Well, I’m still shaken up about it. But it’s my first night, and it’s when I learn everything about the place from head to toe. Plus, I really need the money.”
“Money for what? But you’re young, a student even!”
“Yes, I am. However, I do pay for the rent in my dorm. So, this job is like my first big responsibility, and I want to perform well.”
Athena commended his sense of authority, capable of leading himself. She noticed how well-spoken and poised he is, respecting and listening to everything the gods and goddesses said even if they were nonsense. She never liked to compromise with her power, taking a while to like Sanghoon back in the day. Though Jeno looked like a natural leader on his first night. If he could take care of himself well, he’s skilled to take care of the rest in the museum as well.
Plus she had full control on the nights he won’t be there, especially the weekend.
With his potential, Athena mentored him the entire night about the gist of the entire museum. Every upcoming leader needs an intelligent mentor, right? She was naturally gifted with worthy leadership skills, managing Jeno like her own child.
Athena explained how the museum came to life, which was through a royal golden plate from the Oriental room. It was a gift from a popular sorceress in China to an affluent family from the Han dynasty, who wished them a long life after she was saved from invaders due to them. The plate preserved over time, becoming an artifact. Its power remained immortal, mutating to bring life wherever it goes. In this case, the museum since its arrival in the late 70s as well.
“That’s why the Oriental room must be locked always so no one could touch or break the plate.”
After she ordered Jeno to lock the mentioned room, alongside the Foreign Art Exhibit Room which he checked out for his class, she led him to the best view of the entire museum. Center of the second floor, where stairs were on both sides. Jeno marveled at the vivacious atmosphere, witnessing actual art living, breathing, and enjoying themselves.
“Unreal, right?” She leaned in the railing, scanning through the chatty paintings.
Jeno also leaned down, deep in thought and wonder. “Absolutely, Athena. How come no one knows about this? Art coming to life? It’ll invite more students to the museum.”
“That goes against a golden rule as a night guard in this museum.” She replied bluntly. “The life that goes on inside this museum at night must remain a secret to the public.”
Jeno predicted this kind of response, having watched too many films where anything supernatural mustn’t be revealed. Although he liked the advantage of knowing something this powerful, he’d never abuse it.
Athena’s intellect was beyond the world, seamlessly reading Jeno’s expression and what he was thinking. He had good intentions even if he’s a bit mischievous. She needed to keep a keen eye on him, but for now, he needed to explore on his own.
“Anyways, Sanghoon still left out some other details. So if you have any questions, I’ll be at my exhibit trying to shut my father and my uncle up again.”
“Can you not use any weapons to do so?”
“Can’t make any promises, Jeno.” She slyly cracked her knuckles and neck as if she was fighting another battle.
Jeno was silently left with himself, finally browsing through Sanghoon’s guide while seated in one of the museum benches.
It consisted of 25 rules, wherein the first two rules consisted of locking up. One, for the doors and gates of the museum, so no art piece could escape. If they do, they will turn into dust when the sun is out according to Athena. Two, locking the Oriental and Foreign Art Rooms, which was already done.
Rule #5: Let Mochi the puppy from the lobby tag along with you; feed him treats if you have any.
On cue, the little guy barked from the corridor and raced to his side. Jeno carried him, babying him for a little and letting him lick his face a few times before putting him back down. He’s surely going to the pet store first thing in the morning with the museum allowance the director gave him.
Since he was on the second floor, he read and followed the rules that fit in before returning downstairs. On the other side of the floor were the wax figures exhibitions: one for prominent men in history while the other for prominent women. Well, more people to get acquainted with.
It’s the exchange of gasps and profanities he received when he chose the latter room. Seeing their faces, these were women he’s learned in school and online. Now in the (fake) flesh. Except for one girl he’s never heard of, unbothered in her corner sketching her life away in a sketchpad. But before he could check who she was, a suggestive touch on his arm distracted him.
“My, oh my, Hera wasn’t lying when she said that the new night guard was a fine specimen.” By her dark blue eyeshadow and eyeliner with the snake-like crown, Cleopatra studied him like he was one of the most renowned art pieces. Even patting his chest, abdomen, and arms with both her hand, Jeno caught a suggestive glint in her eyes and a smirk across her red lips.
Rule #13: Reject Cleopatra’s seductive advances at all costs.
“Goodness, Cleopatra. It’s only his first night, and you’re scaring him.” With her accent, round eyes, and a chic formal outfit, she carried a posh aura while unhesitatingly scolding the Queen of the Nile.
“Come on now, Diana. He’s stunning, who wouldn’t go after him?” If no one knew her, you’re not reading up on your world history. She’s said to have been a lovely and intelligent woman, gone so soon. Jeno definitely understood why after she detached Cleopatra’s raging hands off him.
Rule #14: Treat Princess Diana and Hera like your own parent.
“Your highness.” Jeno nodded at her out of respect, only making her chuckle uncontrollably.
“No need to address me like that, love. Now, come here.” She widened her arms for Jeno, hugging him amiably. He sensed her motherly warmth, accepting such a gesture. “You remind me so much of my youngest son, Harry. Welcome to the night shift of the museum, love.”
Similar to the Greek mythology exhibit, he introduced himself and responded to any questions that the women wax figures may have. Good for him, they weren’t crossing any borders and kept him at ease.
“A student like you working at night to pay rent?” Katherine Johnson, an African-American NASA mathematician whose calculations led to the success of a lot of famous spaceflights, cannot believe her ears. Students must only focus on school, nothing else. “What about your studies, boy?”
Rule #15: Engage in academic discussions with Katherine Johnson whenever you can.
“Most of my classes are in the afternoon, Miss Katherine. So I’ll sleep in the entire morning later and study during my breaks.”
“Mr. Jeno, what do you like to do outside of work?” Anne Frank, a German-Dutch teenager whose revolutionary diary that documented her life in hiding from the Nazis gained popularity worldwide after publication dreamily asked from her section of the exhibit. Her life was robbed of greatness merely because of her religion and war.
Rule #16: Bring delicious food or gifts to Anne Frank.
“Well, I like to bike with my friends, exercise, and draw whatever comes into mind!”
Everyone he’s met so far acquired pleasure in knowing about who he was and his passion for architecture, ridding the “freaking out” phase Athena assumed he had. Yet not everyone in this exhibit bothered to give him a shot.
Jeno’s attention from Anne talking about her crush towards Peter van Daan, a teenage boy who lived with her, switched to the section beside her, where an unacquainted figure was zealously sketching as if something was due to the following day. It reflected how he’d look when he’s cramming one of his plates due to first thing in the morning. While he properly excused himself, he quietly gazed at the way this woman scrunched her eyebrows when she erased something then drew it again. She was someone he’s never seen or heard before, reading the information plate in front of him about her.
 (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Explorer and Author. (1854-1900)
 Wealthy women in the Victorian Era only served one purpose in society: marry a man from a prestigious family, have his children and join whatever interests they have. However, for (Y/N), she wasn’t going to conform to those standards.
Born into the affluent house of (Y/L/N), she was the youngest of 8 children. She was said to be the kindest and sweetest sibling out of everyone, not capable of hurting anyone or anything. She said it herself that she can’t throw away a dying flower because it’s too painful. While 5 of her older brothers were sent to school, she stayed at home with her 2 older sisters Cecilia and Amelia where she learned how to play the piano and take voice lessons from impressive teachers. Due to the huge age gaps between them (12 and 8 respectively), she never felt close with them. She was only closest to the 6th and 7th siblings, her twin brothers Benjamin and Liam whom she only had a 2-year gap. She was also best friends with one of the scullery maids her age, Lily, because she found her amusing that than the boring rich girls her mother forced to interact with.
The moment it bothered her that she wanted to live a more meaningful life was when Amelia got married. She was 12 years old at the time, and it left her as the last unwed daughter in the family. Badly did she want to revolt, which she gradually did. Instead of practicing piano, she’d sneak in to read every book in her father’s office. She secretly studied the notes of her older brothers from school and even dressed as a boy numerously thanks to Benjamin and Liam to join their classes or field trips.
This was her routine up until the age of 18 when she stomped her foot down and expressed to her parents that she wasn’t going to let Victorian society dictate her. The night before her parents were bound to send her to her great aunt’s home down South to sort her out, she successfully snuck out her house thanks to Lily, Benjamin, and Liam. It’s another good thing that she saved a lot of money for that moment.
Off she went across Europe first, then sailed to America and even parts of Asia. Initially under the name Lilibe, coined from picking the first two letters of her brothers and best friend, she documented her days and nights through her journals and sketches. Over time, she sent them to her brothers for publication. It started the franchise, “The Adventures of the Young and Free Lilibe”. There are 10 books under it.
She learned French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean by herself as she made friends from those places. It was rare of someone like her to be fluent in Oriental languages, surprising locals every time she spoke to them. She was the only explorer to vividly describe life in different Asian lands in English, talking about their history and culture. With her accurate drawings of diverse citizens and their daily lives, it educated a lot of those living back home in Europe about them rather than speaking lowly of them.
In Seoul did she stayed the longest until her death from pneumonia at the young age of 46.
In her posthumous work, Finding Me, did she reveal her real identity, dedicating it to her parents whom she apologized and expressed her love for them despite everything that occurred between them. She talked about the last years of her life in Seoul, how locals were so nice and inviting to her, and how she adopted kids instead of having her own through the years.
“It’s not because I never found love in men. It’s more like I found love in doing things I’m passionate about. Traveling, learning new cultures, it outweighed the human need of romance.”
Due to her thrill in taking risks and embarking on wondrous adventures, it brought inspiration to a lot of young girls pressured to marry at that time to pursue what they really want.
 A remarkable background you had, Jeno contemplated. How come no one discussed her in his classes?
You kept brushing the bangs of your hair back as it fell repeatedly. But you got irritated instantly because it sabotaged your drive, you brought out a hairpin from her desk and attached it on both sides. But when you shifted your angle of focus, the corner of your eye locked with Jeno’s attentive gaze.
He didn’t flinch, even he should’ve. He wasn’t one to linger his look on anyone’s physical appearances, but your story and the passion on your face as you sketched mesmerized him. He was charmed, to say the least.
“Uhm, hello there?” You broke the silence due to your uneasiness about it. What’s his deal?
Jeno bowed, reintroducing himself to you. As soon as his presence settled in the room when Cleopatra attempted to hit on him, you could’ve cared less. Though this man was a first for you, a first in a long time as all guards would feel intimidated by you during the first night. Even your sharp tongue didn’t faze him. “Staring is rude, sir. Didn’t your mother teach you manners?”
“She did,” He wandered through the exterior of your section, by the fence that separated you and him. Not breaking eye contact, his eyes turned into moon crescents as he smirked with trouble. “Though she also told me to appreciate the art too.”
Snorts noisily exhaled from Cleopatra, who took the center section of the exhibit, succeeded by Princess Diana’s whispered gasps and Katherine’s side-eyeing Anne beside her while she taught her math. That was an odd way a guard conversed with you, but Jeno was merely doing what the rules stated. Partly, he was impressed with his cheesy pick-up line, partly embarrassed because he’s never spoken like this to anyone.
Rule #17: Act playfully around (Y/N) (Y/L/N) to break the tension; she’s a harsh one.
There was irony between the information he read about your life versus the wax model. Even when you faced sexism and ran away according to your history, never were you impolite to anyone in your life. You couldn’t even kill a lurking fly when it roams around your food! It showed Jeno a possibility that as much as you’re just a wax version of someone famous in the past, maybe the external environment around you had a heavy influence too.
“You fool!” His confidence exasperated you, urging you to persistently throw balls of paper with your failed sketches at him. No one dared to talk to you like that, most especially a night guard. “Take that for your comment!”
If you thought he’d scram away and act repentant, you were proven wrong. His reflexes were parallel to a spider, capturing every single paper ball without fail. Up and down his body went, one arm held on to them and no more were left on your part. Never a single defeat during the first meeting in years, but that seemed to alter now.
“Give up already, Ms. (Y/L/N)?” Jeno remarked vibrantly as he discarded your mess in the trash bin behind him. If he managed to get everyone to like him tonight, he wanted to make sure to have you onboard too.
Whatever agenda he had, you weren’t up for it. You’d treat him the same way you usually treated Sanghoon for the past 20 something years: cold and ignorant. From your stool, you left your comfortable position to come face to face with this man. He better be grateful for that barrier in between you, or else you would’ve caused mayhem.
“Never in your wildest dreams, Mr. Lee.” Your mouth gave a half-smile, clenching on the bars to liberate your annoyance. Before you could fend back, that’s when Princess Diana intervened between your heated dialogue.
“Oh heavens, children!” She stood by the barrier, mostly to protect the newbie Jeno with her body. “(Y/N), he just wanted to know you. Must you be so cross?”
This Princess Diana embodied all the traits the real one had: soft-spoken, intelligent, and protective. She’s gotten so used to your gradual temper, staying on standby whenever anyone tried to mess with you. Even if it was harmless, you could get so mean!
“Diana, he was mocking me! Saying such a sleazy phrase as if to amuse me, ha! Not a chance, I hate people like that.”
“Not us women though; you just despise men in general.”
“And you’re absolutely right!” With a smug smile, you greedily rejoiced. “Anyways, escort this disgrace out. I’m not in the mood to get angry when I have a lot of inspiration on mind right now.”
While you resumed your sketching to let go of that extra steam, Jeno was left with Diana who apologized on your behalf. Your pride was too high to do that, and as the motherly figure among them, she always took care of things in your exhibit.
“I’m so sorry for that, Jeno. She’s not really like this, but I know how much you tried your best. It was quite a fresh spectacle honestly.”
Whatever was responsible for your abrasiveness, Jeno yearned to know. He couldn’t understand who you were yet even knowing your life story. All he wanted was to get along with everyone. It was the key to successfully maintain his job for the next 6 months.
“How can I make her come around then?”
A demanding question that no one had a solid answer to. Diana recalled how much Sanghoon didn’t let your dislike for him get to him, maintaining a respectful boundary in between each other after his past attempts. Though with Jeno, observing how he riled you up and your focus entirely on him, she hasn’t seen anything like it since the 80s.
There was something in Jeno that may just get you to warm up and return to your kind nature.
“Aside from acting playful, as Sanghoon recommended, I can think of two ways, love.” By the doors of her exhibit, where Jeno was already waltzing the corridor to visit other rooms, she suggested smartly. “One, argue back to her opinions. She hates whenever anyone tries to get her way, but boy, you’re just as wise as her. No one was brave enough to peeve on her until you came.”
“How about the second way?”
“Do your research, love. Aside from libraries, you have those small technology devices that allow you to search up anything.” She tousled Jeno’s brown locks as if it were her actual son’s. Some habits just don’t die when you do.
“Brush up on your history, Jeno. Not only will it help you with (Y/N), but it’ll serve purposefully with the other art pieces here.”
Tumblr media
Boy, he was ready to crash in his bed for a few hours after all those interactions. His introverted nature required to be revitalized.
Towards the last hours of his shift, the art pieces who’ve strolled in the first floor lessened his plate by not leaving any major clutter behind. As if she listened to him, Athena didn’t break any lightbulbs too.
His main highlight would be meeting the men of the historical male section, who flaunted a more humorous ambiance. Freddie Mercury from Queen insisted he drink a glass of his wine and to bring more wine next time, which he denied since it would against Sanghoon’s rules. King Sejong the Great and Martin Luther King Jr. argued back and forth over the most random things (pineapple on pizza specifically), while Steve Jobs mediated whenever one crossed the line. Meanwhile, William Shakespeare was too preoccupied in his writing and speaking to himself about his books, wondering how to improve them.
During one of his breaks today, he multitasked drawing a new plate with his research on every art piece to know them better. He started with the exhibit of sculptures of the Greek gods and goddesses, which were Zeus, Hera, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Artemis, Dionysus, and Circe. They weren’t the complete roster because the rest were in other museums across the globe, as said by Athena before sunrise. The majority of them he knew what they were in charge of, but the rest were foggy to his knowledge. Typing away and jotting notes down, he started downloading his favorite jazz songs too.
Rule # 4: Play jazz music to the paintings on the first floor so they can relax and dance within their frames.
Circe is a minor goddess, the daughter of the sun god Helios. She’s recognized for her versatility in incantations and herbs, capable of transforming people into animals. From Jeno’s perspective, she’s mostly within her space with her journals and magic wand, trying new spells or combinations of herbs. For the latter, he had to keep a closer eye on.
Rule #9: Don’t let Circe, god of potions, into the Oriental Room to get plants and herbs.
He discovered that Dionysus is the god of wine, happiness, and theatre. That’s why every god in the exhibit had full wine glasses during their gathering. It also added up why Freddie Mercury always comes to him when his bottles run empty, though he mustn’t go overboard.
Rule #18: Make sure Freddie Mercury doesn’t get too drunk from the wine of Dionysus; he might make numerous scenes if he does.
After his lone studying session, he took a short trip to the pet and convenience stores to buy food. He got a dumbfounded look from Jaemin back in the dorm room, who was studying for one of his quizzes in Biology in a couple of hours.
“Woah what’s with this stash? Is it for yourself or something?”
“The museum surprisingly has a lot of tasks needed to be done at night. And no, not from my wallet but the allowance they gave me before you get a heart attack.” Jeno plopped on his solo bed, covering his face with a pillow.
“Thank God.” A relaxed sigh escaped Jaemin’s lips, taking back his balled-up fists meant for his roommate. “I think I would’ve stormed that boring museum if they made your broke ass spend a cent.”
“Boring?” Jeno removed the cushion hastily, eyeing his busy and coffee-high roommate. The scent of black coffee from his mug spread in the room, assuming that this upcoming test was testing his roommate’s patience again.
Not even trying to look at Jeno while reviewing his handwritten notes, Jaemin continued giving his opinion. “Museum culture is dead, Jeno. Not everyone has the time to roam around one, plus people can always look up the artifacts online these days.”
People were entitled to their own opinions on numerous things, though Jeno begged to differ with his roommate’s. Especially after witnessing the magic of the night shift, you shouldn’t merely judge a book by its cover. In this case, you shouldn’t judge an artwork or art piece merely on its history and legacy.
Maybe because his roommate was in the science department, he thought this way. A lot of art students regularly visit the museum both for fun and for their classes, and Jeno was one of them. Though he was too sleepy to explain his side, he let it slide for now and snoozed throughout the late afternoon.
An hour before the start of his shift, Jeno promenaded the emptying museum to inspect anything else he might’ve missed out on from last night. There were two areas according to his rotation, both in the first floor.
One was the Diorama Room. Divided into 4 sections, highlighting some of the well-known ancient civilizations in world history. Ancient Egypt and Ancient China to your left, Ancient Rome and Ancient Maya to your right. They acted as if they were the actual people during those times, giving Jeno a laugh when they cracked jokes in between. Such tiny figures, yet the rule for them said otherwise.
Rule # 7: The small figurines in the Diorama Room are feisty, so make sure they don’t fight with one another again.
The remaining room left was the Theater Room. He’s never been here, though his art friends have for film festivals held by the university.
The interior of it was set to look like an actual cinema place you’d see in a mall. There was a mini lobby with a few posters of iconic films over the years. Singin’ in the Rain, Back to the Future, Titanic, those were some framed and hung on the wall. There were two other doors there: one leading to the chairs and the other where the movie projector was. The latter room was pretty riveting, wherein you can choose to watch old short films through an 88mm film projector or switch to a cd player for the newer releases.
Back to those posters, they weren’t an exception to the magic and a simple rule was left for Jeno to do.
Rule # 10: Chatter with the movie posters in the lobby of the Theater Room; they love meeting new faces.
Since there wasn’t anyone checking out the Art Rooms on the second floor, he closed them. Though as he was about to lock the Oriental Room, the ravishing plants around the royal plant appealed his interest. Said to hold magical properties from his research, Jeno was reminded of another rule to keep in mind for later.
Rule # 3: The fake flowers in the Oriental Room come to life too at night, so when no one is lurking, water it diligently.
Instead of lounging at Sanghoon’s office first, he brought his important items to the front desk of the lobby and continued sketching his plate. He wanted to watch the art come back alive with his two eyes. Usually, he’d have coffee when he does his work, but due to another crucial rule in the guide, he’d rather not take the risk.
Rule # 6: The lobby room can get rowdy, so keep any drinks away from important items.
On the dot, the cries and yawns from the art pieces around him reverberated. Closing his sketchpad, his night guard mode was on. Connecting his laptop on the aux cord of the museum speakers, he tapped play on his playlist of jazz music that’ll last for the entire shift duration. As the first notes flooded the entire vicinity, sounds of joy left the lips of each painting. Some were humming, dancing, and even singing along.
“You can never go wrong with Frank Sinatra!”
“This Jeno lad really did the heavens’ work quick!”
Having the sense of accomplishment on his sleeve, the small barks of his fluffy pal reached closer to him. As he kneeled to find him, he was only taken by surprise as Mochi excitedly jumped on him. Tumbling over, Jeno chuckled innocently as Mochi licked his face numerously. This puppy was friendly, easily liking everyone at first sight. He wasn’t as choosy like Daegal, the puppy of his friend Chenle studying Business Management.
Once he composed himself and cradling the dog like his own, he fed him a dog treat from the desk.
“Good boy, Mochi!” He rubbed his fur while the puppy happily munched on it, ready to fulfill more of his duties.
He skipped the Greek mythology exhibit since Athena was doing a good job not letting anyone go overboard with their powers, though he’ll check in again in a few hours. He met the posters of the theater room, who were celebrities he grew up watching on tv. Sanghoon was right; they were the kinder group in the entire museum because they were more laidback.
On to the second floor, all the female wax figures lounged by the male section due to another lecture from Shakespeare. Although the guide informed him that most of the time it could get boring, this lecture was more stimulating. On his platform, he elaborated with conviction the lines of one of his famous books, Romeo and Juliet. A must-read book back in his high school days, there’s no way Jeno could’ve missed that out.
From the looks of it, Jeno perceived that Shakespeare was performing spoken word poetry due to him reading only Romeo’s lines while Cleopatra read Juliet’s beside him. This kind of show was one of the sources of entertainment to these figures, so Jeno leaned by the side of the door to listen. After all, the famous author of it was a few feet away. Cleopatra channeled such a naïve character to her ability, absentmindedly saying as she clutched her chest.
“O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet.”
“Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?”
“'Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. O, be some other name! What's in a name? That which we call a rose-”
The flow of an engaged Cleopatra was abrupted by the loud yell from Shakespeare in front, specifically to an amused Jeno. “Jeno, my boy! Welcome back!”
Such an announcement diverted everyone’s attention to the back, some running to Jeno to give their respective greetings. It’s rare for everyone to feel at ease with a new guard, taking them weeks to approach them due to the intimidation. Though Jeno’s bright presence felt welcoming, so they accepted it. Perhaps it’s because of his youth, it reminded them of theirs too.
Shakespeare highly requested (or forced) Jeno to take his part as Romeo, intrigued to watch someone younger read his lines. Since most of the male wax figures were aged, it never satisfied Shakespeare so he jumped on this opportunity as quickly as he could. With the roaring cheers from the other figures, Jeno might as well give it a try. It wasn’t like his friends were here to clown him like they usually would if he did something humiliating.
Jeno shockingly liked this activity as he wasn’t much of a performer on stage, but someone who does the behind-the-scenes of it. He realized as he read the lines from the book Shakespeare asked him to follow along with why people held university-wide spoken word shows a few times per semester. He was no actor, but it’s delightful to have tried it at least once in his life.
“O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” As if the edge of the platform was the balcony of Juliet (or Cleopatra rather), he knelt as he ardently spoke his lines. He’s emphasizing this rush of uncontrollable desire for her, rambling whatever he would do to get the girl.
“What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?” Cleopatra questioned from her chair, inching closer to the young boy. Even outside character will she attempt to charm Jeno, but Jeno was quick to catch it and kept his distance.
“The exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine.”
“I gave thee mine before thou didst request it, and yet I would it were to give again.”
“Wouldst thou withdraw it? For what purpose, love?”
“But to be frank, and give it thee again. And yet I wish but for the thing I have. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.”
Everyone was condensed by their top-notch acting, as if this was the actual play unfolding before them. Jeno wasn’t so sure how he got himself in character without preparation, yet he felt what his character felt. He comprehended the material a lot better now than when he was still in high school.
However, there was always that one killjoy to ruin the heartfelt mood.
“How dumb is it to say that you’re in love after the first glance?” You opposed, putting the spotlight on you. This book was said to be a classic in literature, but as you matured physically and mentally, you could no longer agree with it. “Isn’t love the same thing that killed Romeo and Juliet in the end?”
Remembering what Princess Diana told him, he wasn’t going to let this pass. He wanted to give a piece of his mind too, caring less if the show must be paused. “Love is an emotion we don’t ask to feel. It’ll come to us when we least expect it, even when the timing of it can be crucial.”
“Of all the people Juliet could’ve gone for, it just had to be the enemy.” In all the years you’ve been brought to life, no one dared to test your opinions because they were aware of your intelligence, from the streets to the books. When someone bark, you’d bite back. Hard. “With all due respect, I love your works, Shakespeare. Yet the fate you’ve given these two at a young age was grave, could’ve you given them a better outcome or another character to love instead?”
“Giving them extra characters to love won’t address the horrific life fact that love can be dangerous. Regardless of what status you’re in, you can’t stop the attraction towards someone. The heart wants what it wants.” Jeno pressed his hand to his chest, pumping it a bit. Unknown to you and him, the audience found more entertainment in your argument. Anne, who was munching on the popcorn Jeno gave her earlier, passed the snack to Katherine who just couldn’t stop watching.
If this man wanted a challenge, you’re all ears. Who was he to compete with you? Was he not intelligent to know who you are?
“So are you insinuating that we just go with the flow? Be a slave to our emotions too and let them dictate our next motives?”
“Slave is such a strong word to use, (Y/N). But it’s not like we can’t choose who want to love because we actually can. In this case, Romeo chose Juliet and vice versa.”
“But what happens if the person you choose doesn’t choose you in return?”
“At least you tried your best, right? It’ll hurt like hell though, but it won’t last forever.” From his kneeling position, Jeno strutted his way with confidence. Trying not to let it mess with you, your extreme stare at him as if they’ll shoot lasers. Inches away from you, Jeno declared. “Love always has risks, that’s a given. Romeo and Juliet still tried and followed their hearts despite the downfall. But it was a needed downfall to get the message across.”
“No one would be that foolish to risk their lives for love though, right? Life is so precious, why would they do such a thing?”
“Even if they knew what their lives were without each other, they still preferred living a life where they were both in the picture. Therefore, they tried all they could that time because the regret of not doing anything at all carries a heavier burden.”
Whenever anyone argued with you, their debating points they spat back would further piss you off because most of the time, it never made sense. Back when this rude man told you to go home and be a wife in your earlier years of exploring, you civilly told him to fuck off, kicking his balls because he cornered you in an alley. For the first time, a man who tried to challenge you actually made sense. Was it because he lived in a modern time, where minds were more open? Because of the amount of sexism you faced in the past, you’ve turned a blind eye to the current period.
But your high pride maintained, not submitting into anything he said. “I still think it’s stupid to risk your life for love. There’s no such thing as having only one true love anyways, and you have to be alive to see it.”
“Fair point, but again, the feeling of regret and carrying it your entire life doesn’t fade easily. It’ll make you reflect on the what-ifs, and it’s heart-wrenching.” Jeno digressed, walking around you in circles. He’s intentionally trying to drive you mad, but he could care less. He wanted someone to put you in your place and open your mindset. “The question stands: would you rather try and go for it even knowing its risks or regret not even trying for the rest of your existence? Quite ironic for me to ask you that, don’t you think?”
Past the information board, Jeno researched more of your life history online. Your whole life was grounded on risks, from breaking the standards of your society, leaving your family and home country, to fending yourself from disrespectful men. Rather than living the original life expected from you, you chose not to because it didn’t make you happy. Such a risktaker he knew you are, but with the topic of love, he wondered why you were on a fence with it. Though some records stated you’ve had rendezvouses with a few men in your journeys, love was never in the equation. The single life was what you chose and you were more than satisfied, plus your adopted kids filled that supposed void anyways.
This man may have studied your history, but so much he still doesn’t know. Information that never made the books because you chose not to write or tell anyone about it. Aside from the discomfort growing in your chest, everyone else felt the awkward tension when you were lost for words.
Never been defeated in an argument, until tonight. Your mind lost its drive and willpower.
“Touché, Lee Jeno.” Indeed, his name you’re acquainted with. Numerously passed around in your exhibit, mostly from the lips of Cleopatra, who’d fantasize all the graphic things she would do to him. Too much information, least of your interest. “Please excuse me. I’d like to work on my sketches to ease my mind.”
As you quietly exited the room, an all too familiar sculpture leaned against the railings overseeing one side of the museum. Just like you, she hated accepting defeat or compromises. She always rooted for you to win. With a faint chuckle, “Facing a loss for the first time, I see.”
“Don’t even lecture me about it, Athena. I’m still fired up, and I need to relax.”
“Jeno is a different breed, isn’t he?” She stuck to your side, strolling wherever your feet led you.
“Different as in he’s a man? Yes. What else is there to it?”
“Men these days aren’t as trashy as those back in the day though. Shouldn’t you give him a chance?”
“Last time I did, it destroyed my heart. I’m not allowing myself to let men in even as a friend, Athena.”
She knew exactly what you were referring to, not touching on it further. No way will you let heartbreak or disappointment from men bother you. Even Sanghoon’s sweet company took a while to tolerate. You really needed to sketch this out on your pad right now, excusing yourself from Athena’s presence. Isolation wasn’t new to you; it’s what’s protecting your entire being. Immortal as you are, you had to recover from the past pain so the next decades won’t feel as brash.
You hoped to return to your old self when you were a fresh new figure in the 70s. So naïve, only proud of your accomplishments, and purely happy.
While Jeno continued to finish his scene in respect to Shakespeare, he received a standing ovation for his mini-show. Cleopatra didn’t expect such talent from him, growing fonder of the younger male. Whether she seduces him or not, he was never afraid to try new things and she liked that about him.
“Bravo, love!” Princess Diana praised, clapping at him.
Although Jeno appreciated all this positive attention, his thoughts bounced back to your and your stance on love. The debate earlier was just out of being playful, interested to hear your opinions. Though, he’s worried that he might’ve offended you. It may have been time to finally witness something like that, but then again, he was sure he touched something personal to you. No matter how you tried to fight it off, your eyes can’t lie. Staring down at him, there was pain beneath it. Your eyebrows scrunched to the center, thinking deeply yet remained utterly speechless.
A win he didn’t feel good about.
“It’s time she encountered something new in the years she’s been here. Give her some space tonight, then try again to reach out to her. Kindly this time; I’m not in the mood for another brawl that could end up like the Greek gods’ past fights downstairs.”
These clever words shared by Katherine loitered his mind for the rest of the night, eventually going back to finishing his current plate since everyone was behaving well. As great it is to get the approval of the majority, he tried brainstorming ways to make you like him too.
He understood the whole “men are trash” concept in today’s modern society, but if he could prove it wrong to at least one person, it would be you. Whatever is holding you back, he only hoped that you’d let it go. Questionably unsure as to why he was so persevering, he concluded that it was so he could perform his job better as the night guard. Set higher standards than Sanghoon even.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed, and his attempts continued to be unsuccessful.
The capability for you to ignore his efforts remained strong, whether he was pestering you over small things or debating with you again about anything. Life, books, morals, the two of you always head butt each other. Anything good he did, you searched for a flaw in it. Whatever acts he’s tried and continued trying, not one flinch from you ever.
Even if that’s his state with you, his job no longer felt stressful nor strenuous. He’d try to sleep more on days he was off-duty. Although the fatigue of staying beyond his usual sleeping time was inevitable, he compromised to take a nap lasting an hour or two when the art pieces weren’t acting frisky.
Plus, there have been multiple times they adapted to any alterations so his physical well-being wouldn’t fall sick. Per order of Princess Diana and Hera, who by instinct became his motherly figures here, only wanting what’s best for the kids.
He became accustomed to everything that went on at night, discovering things on his own without Sanghoon’s guide. Anne talked about how much she missed biking in her neighborhood, so one night, Jeno snuck his bike inside and let her use it around the first floor. With proper monitoring so none of the paintings would be unbothered or pieces wouldn’t tumble.
Hermes the messenger god was fluent in every language possible, so every so often, Jeno would freely speak to him in Korean because sometimes he felt he could explode by the amount of English he used every night. Bilingual things, you know. He knew you were multilingual too, but for obvious reasons, he couldn’t converse with you.
Because Jeno was heavily favored, that should’ve been enough to push through his night shifts before the end of the semester. In addition to that, the hourly rate was above the average of whatever Jaemin or Renjun was earning. For the past 2 months, Jeno paid upfront first, even paying back all his debts. It almost made Renjun want to switch jobs with him.
“Trust me, Renjun. You don’t want it, being the lowkey scaredy cat you are.”
Work no longer felt like work, and that’s what everyone aspired to feel. Nevertheless, he tended to worry over you mid-shift, glancing at you from his side view. Sketching, reading, and writing were your default actions. No matter how many times he said to himself not to let your dislike for him affect him, it’d always backfire.
Why were you so cold?
What made you lose your fire from all the research he did about your lively personality?
When morning arrived and he gathered his stuff, you’d be the last thing he’ll check on. Frozen in your standing pose, smiling as you held a book and a pencil, he detected how fake it was. Bystanders would only assume your happiness was from your achievements, though Jeno’s gut firmly pried that something grand overpowered that happiness. And definitely, not in a good way.
Out of all the art pieces, he investigated on you the most. Skimming through every material in the library, endless searching on the net, even asking professors from the History department thanks to Renjun, he did whatever he could. People may already think he was obsessed with who you are, but only little did they know.
Another plate was done and submitted, and he promised himself to look you up one last time before surrendering. For someone who’s rarely given up on a challenge, this one was really out of his control. Maybe he should follow Sanghoon’s footsteps now.
You lived centuries before him, and there’s limited material of you left. Rather than learning of your adventures again, he dug through what things you liked over your life. Maybe by giving one of them, it’ll lessen the tension from a 100 to 99. Maybe you preferred gifts over words, he’ll never know until he tried.
According to one of your journal entries, there’s a fond liking you’ve acquired for lavender roses from Benjamin and Liam when they visited you in Paris in secret because of how much you missed them. It went both ways, praying your family ties could be recovered.
It’s a good thing he needed to refill his stock of items for the art pieces so he could pass by the flower store a few blocks away from his dorm. That night, without further words, he graciously offered you a fresh lavender rose in between your new sketching session.
“I may not know exactly why you’re spiritless around me, but with this rose, I hope we could work something out.”
Your frigid face of disdain, keeping your chin high and squinting your eyes with judgment, began to crumble down.  Of all things as a peace offering, he gave you that? Then again, it’s not like he knew that an item you liked so much became something you’ve grown to hate and why so. No history books could teach him that.
Vulnerability was a normal thing, yet feared by many. Once one uncovered your weak spot, they could harm you. You still couldn’t trust Jeno fully, not willing to show your helplessness nor were you ever going to tell him. Hidden from his knowledge, everyone else including Sanghoon were familiarized as to why this kind of flower tormented you.
You sprinted like thunder out the exhibit room to wherever it’s private to control your senses. You may not have a physical heart, but your emotions were just as actual as a human’s. You needed to regulate your panting breath. In the past decades, you’ve not shed a singular tear but the cycle broke when they streamed out your miserable eyes like a flowing river. Quiet sobs, an empty corner near the fire exit was where your wobbly legs faltered, the painful memories of the past replayed in your head. Once beautiful, but now an agonizing reminder of what could’ve been.
Katherine, Cleopatra, and Anne were swift on their feet to hunt you down, anxious of what you may do next. Seeing or the mention of these flowers still affected you despairingly. Sanghoon must’ve forgotten to write them down, or perhaps he didn’t know either about this fact during all the years he’s worked there.
It’s one of the biggest secrets of his museum. By the clueless face Jeno had with his eyebrows raised, mouth, and small eyes slightly open, he repeatedly asked what he did wrong and adding that he never meant to harm you. Indeed, they knew that yet what occurred involved a secret in the list of museum secrets. Confidential only between art pieces according to Athena, none of the male wax figures spoke a word, only pitying the boy.
“I wasn’t here yet that time, but they said that it was once beautiful, but now it’s a rough period.” With hesitation, Princess Diana chose to reveal it to rid Jeno’s misery. She didn’t mind having to argue about it with Athena later on, as this may further affect the two of you later on.
“A long time ago in the early ‘80s, there was a night guard around your age named Junmyeon. Also, a college student, trying to make ends meet. He did it for 3 years until he graduated. Though within his stay, not only was he such a delight to everyone, he broke a golden rule in the guide. I believe you do know the guide much more now, Jeno?”
“Yes, I do, Princess Diana. Memorized it even, but which one specifically?” Jeno’s desperate eyes pleaded, only hoping for the best and to fix what he messed up.
“You can form friendships with the art pieces, but nothing more.” Princess Diana replied bitterly. “Junmyeon was an aspiring painter, a different path from his business-oriented family. He was seen as the black sheep. She resonated with him, sharing the burden and lifting it by doing whatever fun they could in the museum. In time, they both fell in love with each other; they were each other’s first loves.”
“Why must something beautiful like love be broken? It’s not like you can control it. That golden rule makes no sense.”
“It does, unfortunately. Wax figures like me cannot age, while humans like you can. None of them could accept the reality, always pushing it away. Until Junmyeon’s last week in university, he broke it off with her unexpectedly. From there, (Y/N) was heartbroken for decades. With heartbreak, giving the cold shoulder and bitterness followed. Then with the lavender rose you gave that she used to love became a flower that she associated with Junmyeon too because he gave her one almost every night for those past 3 years.”
Things finally added up, and the guilt in Jeno’s gut expanded. His major lightbulb moment was a major failure.
“Has Junmyeon ever returned to try and win her back?”
“Well, there was one time he did come back for an art exhibition for his paintings in the 2000s. I was already here, then he had a woman around his shoulder with an adolescent boy holding his hand. He roamed around our exhibit and kept gawking at (Y/N). We may be asleep, but we remember the conversations exchanged in the room. So, his son then asked him if he knew who she was.”
“What did he respond?” Jeno attentively listened, on the edge of such a hurtful tale.
“He knew her name, praising her for historical achievements. However, nothing as a former friend or lover. From what I predict, he ingested one of Circe’s potions.”
“But I thought Circe isn’t allowed to make potions for actual consumption. She’s not even allowed to enter the Oriental Art Room.” Jeno pointed out, overwhelmed at the puzzling past. Princess Diana was mindful that she had to stop spreading too much information, so she had to end her discussion with the lost boy.
“There are a lot of secrets about this museum, Jeno. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal to you to protect our peace.”
With due respect, Jeno quit his follow-up questions and concerns. The only thing he wished to do was mend his relationship with you. As vague as to where you even stood in the first place, he unintentionally crossed a line due to his selfish intention to befriend you.
“What can I do now, Princess Diana? You know I’d never push her buttons like that, even if I’m a whimsical person.”
“Oh, my boy.” Princess Diana soothed, holding both her hand on his sweaty palm and cupping his cheek. “For the meantime, give her space. No taunting for a while, and just observe her from a distance. Though do not fret the slightest; I’m sure she’ll be okay again.”
During that interval, you were hunched on the wall, bawling and weeping like the wound was brand new again. While Katherine and Anne stood by your side, on the lookout for anyone who’d be spying on you, Cleopatra knelt in front of you as your infinite tears gushed down.
“My dear,” She tried to wipe some of them while holding your hand. “It’s been years, and Jeno didn’t know a single thing. He didn’t mean to do it.”
“I don’t care, Cleopatra! He should’ve stopped trying to socialize with me because I won’t ever live down my experience with Junmyeon.”
“As if crying like this will bring Junmyeon back to your life,” Cleopatra exclaimed, holding in her temper. Acquainted with heartbreak, it’s awful that it changed you entirely, but you should’ve found a way to heal. Throughout your attitude change, it’s mostly you in pain, not those you inflict it to. “My dear, I love you a lot. But this Jeno boy is different, and you know it.”
“He’s still a nightguard, for Christ’s sake, Cleopatra.”
“You shouldn’t generalize that all night guards are bad just because of one encounter that occurred at the wrong time.” Brushing some strands stuck by your wet visage, she professed to you bluntly. “You’re never going to know how good Jeno is unless you slowly open up again, (Y/N). Not forcing you the slightest, but healing started once you’ve acknowledged the past and move on from it.”
“But I’m scared, Cleopatra.” You restlessly admitted, hunching even more against the wall. Your poor, metaphorical heart could only take so much. You barely expressed sorrow towards others as you always held a strong exterior, only letting it out alone. Not holding back anymore, Cleopatra brought you in for a hug. The last time she did that was the first night after Junmyeon left, calming your intensified emotions so you wouldn’t do anything dumb that night. No violence, just pure sorrow.
“My dear, it’s alright.” She whispered while stroking your back upwards. “But you’re a risktaker; that’s how people remember you. Now, you must challenge yourself to move on from things that didn’t work out. Because once you do, it’ll put your heart and mind at ease.”
“Do you think I’ll be okay again?”
“Yes, you will be, my dear. You are not alone, and never will be.”
Tumblr media
Acting like the dutiful son he always was, Jeno distanced from you.
He still cracked jokes, chatted with the art pieces, and followed the rules, yet never did he utter anything to you. You’ve proudly anticipated it since day one, not wanting him up in your business or teasing you ever. But this time, it felt odd.
On nights he didn’t report, you’ve unconsciously wondered what he may have been up to. A job like this at his age was just as Sanghoon once said: nothing in the regular.
Was he with his friends?
Was he resting well?
From the moment you chose to let go of your limitations and old thoughts, it included your grudge against past guards. Asking for forgiveness to Sanghoon when he returns was on the top of your list, however, that’ll take a while to happen. In the start, you’re baffled as to why he no longer picked on you like every night he’s been present. Somehow, it became a habit you’ve gotten used to, having so many comebacks planned to fend yourself. But you didn’t want to concede to it, maintaining what was left of your pride since that breakdown.
While on the subject, you suspected if anyone told him anything that night because that also indicated the last time he reached out to you. By anything, it would be your unwritten past with Junmyeon. A part of yourself in the museum that you didn’t want to disperse like rapid-fire again. It would be the last thing you wanted Jeno to know.
To your misfortune, Princess Diana came clean due to your growing concern over it. Although your attitude changed and people got used to it, you could only blame yourself that you were responsible for Jeno’s change.
“All he wanted was to understand and enlighten us with his likable presence. Then with you, you were his challenge because of your high walls. Out of everyone, he tried to learn everything about you. From my observation, whenever he has a goal, he’s determined to achieve it.”
“But I’m trying to be better now, Diana. Why did he stop?”
“He may have determination, but he knows where the boundaries lie.” Princess Diana patted the side of your arm, giving you a half-grin. “It hurt him when he hurt you, even if it was accidental. So he opted to give you space; that way, you could catch a breather and he wouldn’t harm you anymore. It was what you wanted from the start anyways, right?”
A hard pill to swallow, though it was a fact. It’s just that now, you’re slowly willing to release yourself from the dark. It’s been decades, and more to come. Nothing can move on unless you do.
“Where is he, Princess Diana?”
Just as she predicted right on the edge, Diana completed the grin on her face and led you to the entrance of your exhibit. She may be younger than you, but you’re reverted in your twenties while she remained in her mid-thirties. Gaping the wide museum from the railing, starting from the painting exhibit in the lobby to across the other side of the museum, Diana spotted the black hair of the boy in the Foreign Art Room.
“Over there.”
Observing where her eyes focused, you caught a glimpse of a recognizable side profile. The owner’s eyes were completely taken by whatever he was drawing on the fold-up desk he brought out from the storage room. By the tedious action of his right hand going up and down, you’ve gotten so used to his part-time identity as the night guard to entirely dismiss his current status as a university student.
Architecture specifically as he first introduced himself to you. The same path your oldest brother, Christopher, worked in. The look of tenacity Jeno presented as his eyebrows continuously scrunched, his crescent orbs hastily spied his work for any unnecessary details and his veiny hands brushed his already messy hair, you were profoundly reminded of Christopher when he was designing his possible future house. You were 8 years old, and he was 22, who just got married. He explained how many floors it’ll have, what rooms to put and what extra furniture he’ll place to make it feel more at home.
Seeing how exceptional his art skills were, you started to sketch like him. With flowers first, it turned into bedrooms and sceneries of your neighborhood. You felt your shoulders rise in accomplishment when you were able to accurately draw people. As much as you credited Benjamin and Liam the most in your works, it’ll only be within yourself to know that you also held a soft spot for Christopher.
Excusing yourself to Princess Diana, you bravely yet quietly ventured into the Foreign Art Room. Hiding first from one of the cement columns, you resumed watching him sketch. Instead of a pencil, he used a black pen with a tip as thin as a pencil. Your assumptions would be it was for a class, basing it on him informing everybody earlier that he’ll be inactive for the remaining hours of his shift to focus on his midterm requirements. That must be difficult to balance, yet he still does everything expected from him. Maybe the second cup of iced coffee beside him stimulated his bones and mind, letting his imagination free.
Through the limited space, you tiptoed whilst holding the side of the column to make up his work. There were 2 and a half rectangular shapes stacked on top of each other, the third one he was still tracing. A sign encrypted with tiny written words you couldn’t decipher, the beauty and modernity of Jeno’s plate cannot go unappreciated.
“That’s absolutely beautiful.”
Sweet words you didn’t think would bounce back in the room, Jeno’s pace ceased whilst you hid again. Art pieces capable of walking weren’t allowed here, he locked the door even beforehand! Or he thought as he was rushing to get his work done because one of his terror professors moved up the deadline to tomorrow morning. Not even 25% finished, he petitioned for everyone’s cooperation just for tonight.
He used up his 2 days of not having the night shift for other projects, and not wanting to ruin his perfect attendance, he proceeded to show up.
The voices from the foreign paintings around him hushed for him out of respect. So possibly someone snuck in, his head looking around for intruders. But only did he quit it when he saw your blurry reflection leaning against the column. The glass windows slightly mirror back what it sees, without you knowing that.
Not to mention, the small bit of your lilac dress was left out. Of all people, it was you?
“Do my eyes deceive me or is Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N) inside when she’s not allowed so?”
To break the killing tension, he tested the waves with an innocent taunt. Never did you reach out to him, so least to say he was entertained whilst keeping his distance.
Fixing your proud stance, you responded in a low baritone voice you used to persuade numerous men in her adventures. “Uhm no, I don’t know who she is.”
As intelligent as you were, Jeno was a few steps farther than you this time. Educated about the risky ways you’d get around and one of them was changing the pitch of your voice, he heartily laughed at your unsuccessful attempt.
“Okay don’t lie, (Y/N). I can see a trail of your dress and your cloak. Oh, your reflection too.”
Damn, you peeked a little to realize that he was correct. Hauling your dress back in to readjust your outfit, you pushed your hair back before appearing to him. Though when you did such, you didn’t suppose that he was practically beside you the entire time. Bumping into his towering stance of 5’10 while the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up, your proud posture loosened up. He even discarded his blazer. A few more inches, he could’ve cornered you on the column if you didn’t take another step back.
Has he always been this tall or were you so used to your boots having high heels under? Oh wait, maybe because you wore flats this time because it’s making your toes sore. Your head bowed from struggling to maintain eye contact with him, your palms caressing your cheeks that suddenly heated up. Clearing your throat, you straightened your back again like nothing happened.
Jeno thought otherwise, shrugging his shoulders as he chuckled. He’s never seen you get shy, not that it was a bad thing either. The temptation to play around it more was there, but he was running out of time for his assignment.
“Come in. I’ll let you off the hook this time.” His arms opened up, allowing you access to such a wonderful exhibit. Paintings from different European periods, miniature versions of famous infrastructures inside glass containers, and replicas of Greek columns in the front entrance, no wonder it’s important to protect them all.
“Are you sure?” Watching him return to his spot, which was a bench in the center of the exhibit with a table in front, it didn’t process that you were gawking at his toned back. His broad shoulders and the evident muscles in his arms while he stretched, your eyes were speedy to look away when he tried to take a glance at you.
“I don’t think the paintings here and I mind.” Sitting down again, he tapped the vacant space beside him. “Feel free to watch me draw if you want to.”
Settling by his side, he recommenced where he left off. Now with a closer view of his piece, it did look like a building as you thought. He was sketching the remaining outline of the 3rd floor of this hypothetical place, continuously checking his ruler to monitor if the lines were consistent. Able to pick up on the words of the sign beside the building, you wowed with one hand on your lips.
“You’re redrawing Seoul National University Museum of Art?”
“One of my plate assignments was to visualize a renovation of a certain place, so I chose the museum.”
“Why so?”
“Well,” Jeno shook his pen so the ink could come out. “This entire place comes to life with the royal plate, so I think we should expand the space and bring in more art pieces to life if we add another extra floor. A rooftop area for visitors and events would be fun. And definitely, we should modernize the exterior and interior a bit because it looks outdated personally. That’s also what my friends think too.”
Noticing the minor details of his plate whilst removing any unnecessary pens so it wouldn’t smudge, “Huh, I quite agree with you.”
For the first time since his night shift, you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), came into an agreement with him. He became so accustomed to clashing opinions that now, you had no contrasting points to make at all. A good change perhaps was what he’s witnessing.
“Woah, who are you agreeing with me and where’s (Y/N)?” He creased his brows whilst locking eye contact with you. This time, you didn’t wince away and just nudged him on his shoulder to get back to work.
“Hush, Jeno. Isn’t that due later? Get to work, I’ll roam around here for the meantime.”
After decades in this museum, you’re enlightened with the foreign paintings in which some you’ve heard of in your younger years and some that were created beyond your time. The Birth of Venus, Liberty Leading the People, Girl with a Pearl Earring, there’s an advantage of learning about their stories that humans couldn’t interpret. Logical that this section must be off-limits because these pieces were extra special, yet there’s so much more than what meets the eye.
There’s peace in silence while you wandered around, though it doesn’t hinder only at the art. Jeno hasn’t uttered a word since he got back to drawing, and once you asked him what’s doing now, still no answer back. Odd, he’s constantly awa-
Oh, my. You must’ve jinxed it.
Your eyes laid on Jeno leaning forward on his desk with his arms serving as his pillow, resting his head sideways. Soft snores and minimal movement in his upper body to shake the growing cold temperature of the room, he was sleeping like a log.
Putting into perspective, he hasn’t acquired enough rest specifically this past 2 weeks. The endless number of plates due making him work extra during his shift rather than sleeping in the slightest, exhaustion must be an understatement. Coffee no longer pushed him to his maximum for this week even.
But this was the path he chose, and it’ll have its challenges. Still, if you could relieve the stress in any way, you would. This would be one of the ways to repay for all the rudeness you’ve passed on him. Scurrying to his side, placing the plate on the side with his other things. You returned the caps of his open pens so they don’t spill. They must be expensive, recalling how Jeno shared the cons of being an architecture major to Princess Diana. One was the pens needed for sketching, and any tiny damages to them meant buying them again.
With his watch on clear display, he only had 2 hours left until his shift was done. Then, 4 hours until his plate assignment was done, and his current plate was far from done.
The blunt impulse to wake him up slithered your mind, though his calm state deflected your duty. As if you were on board a ship again for your explorations, you paid attention to the view with a relaxed mindset.
Lee Jeno specifically was the view.
His coffee-stained lips were parted and his sharp nose breathing in and out at a relaxing pace, he must be dreaming a happy moment the way half his lips curved into a smile. If he’s resting well, then you too would be calm.
Because of your past disinterest in him, only at this moment did you observe how sharp his jawline was and the cuts on his arms he sought refuge in. No matter how many times you tried to deny Hera’s compliments of him on the side, you couldn’t.
Lee Jeno embodied attractive features; both physical and emotional.
Back to his plate, it’ll put him at a disadvantage if he submitted the way it looked before he passed out. But you remembered all those extra details he mentioned and wanted to add to this project. Being an explorer, you documented all your ventures through words or drawings. You’re fast to adjust to anything new too.
For all the good he’s done for everyone, he only deserved some help in return.
Your version of help was sketching the remaining details of this plate, using other pens for more emphasis. It’s a risk also, but no way could you turn a blind eye on Jeno this time.
Around 5:30 am, Jeno’s eyes blinked open due to a brightening light from the outside. Stretching his limbs, he finds a velvet cloak wrapped around him like a blanket. But before he could question it, he pulled his arm in to see the time on his watch.
“Fuck!” He cursed, realizing that his so-called 10-minute snooze break aborted.
“Oh my, you’re awake!” From his frazzled state, there you were. So put together yet active, some strands of your hair falling down your face even with your hair up in a ponytail. “How was your sleep?”
This whole time he could’ve been woken up, yet you chose not to. You’re aware of his deadline, yet you let him rest entirely. He could’ve burst out in stress, yet he didn’t. You and he may have started on the wrong foot, yet it’s impossible of you to do such an evil thing. He’ll just have to tolerate the outcome later today.
“Refreshing. I really needed it.” Packing his things in his bag and closing the table, you trailed along as he exited with you. Locking up, he has 30 minutes left to accomplish the cleaning. A long good morning indeed.
But his worry of that vanished when you admitted that you had it all covered.
“Everyone helped out in cleaning, plus there are no damages made either.” From your hand, you returned one of his keys that was on his guard blazer. “I double-checked the Oriental Room and locked the doors again.”
“Why are you suddenly so nice to me, (Y/N)?” He questioned with confusion, wearing his blazer again and patting away any creases. He placed your cloak over you again like a true gentleman.
Without a word, you simply invited him to walk you back to your exhibit as parts of the sun began to rise. As you returned to your section, your fellow figures readying themselves to pose again,
“It’s my way to apologize for my very rude first impression and the succeeding moments after. I was too cooped up in my past that I was too afraid to let humans in again, night guards in particular.” You admitted, removing your cloak and placing behind your chair like always. “I’m so sorry, Jeno. Everyone was right about you and your kind heart.”
“About time.” Cleopatra’s sultry voice cut in, laying on her day bed.
Before you had the chance to flip off, Jeno mediated swiftly. With a gentle smile, “No worries about it. I’m just happy you’re okay, after all you’ve been through.”
“Can we start over then?”
“Absolutely.” With his free hand, he brought it out. No matter what kind of introductions, shaking one’s hand was the best way to start a friendship. “Good evening. I’m Lee Jeno, the new museum night guard.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), explorer and author.” Sighing at his humor, you still replied by shaking his hand. “And I believe you’re mistaken, Lee Jeno. It’s a good morning.”
Seconds after, you imitated your typical pose and smile. Only now, the latter was more genuine. Finally, a fresh start to end your agony.
Once the sun fully revealed itself, every figure including yourself froze back to sleep. Something Jeno wished to catch up on if it weren’t for his damn plate. He was so screwed, already contemplating his next steps if he does fail this class. The possibility of getting delayed in all aspects, he dreaded it already.
Heading back to his dorm, where both his roommates completely passed out from soju on the couch, he sat by his work desk and turned on his night lamp for more light since the sun wasn’t strong enough yet.
With another cup of coffee, he cracked the joints of his knuckles and laid out his pens. He had 2 hours left to submit this plate, and at most he should accomplish 50% of his initial plan. However, he didn’t anticipate such a gorgeous outcome when he brought out his plate.
Picture perfect of every detail he desired, even adding a rooftop area with that he’d love to have if ever the museum does go under renovation one day. Rather than setting the plate during the day, it was at night as the skies were dark and bright specks of yellow inside the building symbolized light.
So much for wasting coffee, he’ll just give it to Jaemin when he wakes up later. Below the final product, a note written in cursive was stuck on it.
 I knew you wanted to get this specific plate done, but you mustn’t compromise your sleep for it. It’s your inhumane professor’s fault!
To make up for my faults, I wanted to help you out. I paid extra attention to the details you spoke highly about, so I only hoped that I interpreted it correctly. It’s risky, but as someone who researched so much about me, would you be surprised that I did such a thing?
PS: Get back to sleep. I’m quite sure your desk is laid out the same way in the Foreign Art Room.
 Turning off his lamp, Jeno jumped the covers of his bed to continue his lost sleep. Without an ounce of care that he hasn’t changed into cleaner clothes, he’s relieved that he won’t flunk his class.
Most of all, he’s relieved that you’ve melted the ice in you and allowed kindness to come in. Jeno may never understand how hard that must’ve been for you, yet he raved you for it.
“Oh, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Surprise is an understatement when it comes to you.”
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belphies-wife · 9 months ago
What Naps Are Like With Them (Everyone)
In celebration of my first post kinda blowing up, I wrote a little something for all the characters, including Luke! (platonically for him, of course)
Again, thank you guys for all the love on my Satan Reacting to Montero fic <3 I’ll be working on requests after this.
Also, no beta we die like Lilith.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ Never sleeps, e v e r
➼ His brothers would destroy the House of Lamentation in his sleep
➼Took a while to convince him to take a nap with you because of this
➼ His brothers listen to you more than they listen to their older brother, so you begged them to behave for a few hours so that their older brother can rest for once
➼ You will use your pact if you have to, just please let this man sleep
➼ You made sure to pick a day where you know Lucifer hadn’t slept the night before due to his workload
➼ Seriously, you had to talk to Diavolo about that
➼ You both got into your comfiest pajamas and played some soft classical music for ultimate relaxation
➼ You thought about taking a picture of hm while he slept
➼ He saw it coming and had you sleep facing away from him with his arms wrapped around you so you couldn’t turn around
➼ Smart bastard
➼  If you complain about it he’ll laugh at you
➼ Hey, at least you get cuddles
➼ Luci here looks so calm and peaceful while he sleeps, it’s adorable
➼ No wonder everyone tries to take a picture of him sleeping
➼ He’s a heavy sleeper, so you end up having to wake him up after a few hours
➼ He thanks you
➼ He’s well-rested and in a good mood for the rest of the day
➼ His brothers obviously take advantage of that
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ Unlike most of his brothers, he actually has a decent sleep schedule (most of the time)
➼ However, if you wanted to take a nap with him, he wouldn’t say no
➼ Well, he’d say no, but then say yes immediately after
➼ “Whaddya mean you wanna take a nap with me? Do I look like Belphie!?”
➼ Blushing like crazy while complaining, as usual
➼ “Fine, I’ll go nap with him, then.”
➼ “Oi! Come back here! I changed my mind, I wanna take a nap!”
➼ Tsundere baby
➼ Obviously, you tease him about it
➼ “Jealous, huh? I thought that was Levi’s thing.”
“Shut up! Are we gonna cuddle or not?”
“I said nap, not cuddle.”
➼ Cue the pout
➼ The definition of the 🥺 face
➼ Please love this child
➼ “I’m kidding, of course we’re gonna cuddle.”
➼ Usually a little spoon
➼ Unless he’s in a jealous mood
➼ If he is, he will hold on to you like his life depends on it.
➼ More teasing, obviously
➼ If you think about it, Greed and Envy are very similar
➼ Poor baby wants love
➼ New drinking game: take a shot every time I call Mammon a baby
➼ I shot of water, I know you’re dehydrated
➼ Anyways, naps with Mammon = cuddles
➼ Either you’re holding him to you or he’s holding you to him
➼ f o r e h e a d  k i s s e s
➼ Mammon gets nightmares about what happened with Belphie sometimes, so lots of comfort cuddles
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ “Levi, did you sleep at all last night?”
➼ Obviously not
➼ He was up all night binge watching the latest season of “The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demo Girl”’s  spin-off series
➼ Why would you even ask?
➼ “Levi, did you stay up all night?”
➼ He looked away, a little embarrassed. “Uh, yeah.”
➼ “Levi, honey. You need to sleep. It’s not good for your health to be staying up so late.”
➼ Leviathan.exe has stopped working
➼ You’re worrying about him?????
➼ And you’re calling him honey?????
➼ Are you trying to kill him?????
➼ “You must be exhausted. Wanna take a nap?”
“Oh, uh. Yeah. I guess I could use a nap.”
“Alright. We should go to my room, since there’s more room on my bed than in your tub.”
➼ Wait you meant a nap together????
➼ You’re really trying to kill him.
➼ Usually, he’d make fun of you and call you a normie.
➼ But he was currently too busy dying.
➼ If somehow you managed to resurrect him and get him to your room to nap, then you’d know this shy boi is a little spoon.
➼ Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? It shouldn’t.
➼ He’s blushing like crazy the whole time.
➼ “Levi, if you can't sleep with me here, I can leave.”
➼ He does sleep eventually.
➼ Sweet baby cuddles you in his sleep.
➼ Wholesome af
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ As the most responsible one in the family, he has a pretty good sleep schedule, so he doesn’t normally take naps.
➼ However, if you ask him to, he’ll agree. 
➼ If it makes you happy he’ll do it <3
➼ He’s not really touchy-feely and won’t initiate any cuddling.
➼ Dude that you asked to nap because you were tired and wanted to sleep.
➼ Nah bro, you just want cuddles.
➼ While he won’t initiate any cuddles, if you make it more obvious that you want some, he’ll give them to you.
➼ Big spoon
➼ If you want him to be the small spoon, he will, but he’ll be flustered af.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ “Asmo, wanna sleep together?”
➼ Could you have made a poorer word choice?
➼ No, you could not.
➼ This boy literally made the lenny face.
➼ “Asmo, I meant a nap.”
“Well, I suppose that’ll satisfy me for now.”
➼ You then proceeded to smack him with a pillow.
“Hey! Don’t mess up my hair!”
➼ You had to wait for him to take off his makeup and change his clothes and stuff.
➼ It’s a process.
➼ Cuddle’s tf out of you.
➼ He’ll be the big spoon or the little spoon. It doesn’t matter to him, so you can decide.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ Takes naps with Belphie a lot and thought it was cute that you also wanted to nap.
➼ Pre-nap snack first, though.
➼ Then he’s ready.
➼ Sweet boi will enjoy the nap whether he’s a big spoon or little spoon.
➼ If you’re happy, he’s happy <3
➼ You kiss his face a lot.
➼ He thinks you’re the cutest little human ever when you do that.
➼ I’d say soft Beel, but when is he ever not soft?
➼ Not counting the custard incident
➼ He Likes to kiss the top of your head while you sleep.
➼ He definitely snores.
➼ It takes some getting used to, but you’re not gonna let keep you from cuddling your big boi.
➼ It honestly feels really safe and comforting to just be wrapped up in his arms.
➼ Equally comforting to have his head resting against you.
➼ Overall just really soft.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ You don’t even need to ask. He’s the king of naps.
➼ Being around Belphie for an extended period of time makes you sleepy.
➼ You’re not sure if it’s because he’s sleep or if it’s because he has some sort of sleep-power.
➼ Any time you cuddle you end up taking a nap.
➼ Do I even have to say it?
➼ S m a l l  s p o o n
➼ The smallest spoon.
➼ As the youngest, he’s the most spoiled, so he’s really really clingy and just expects you to drop whatever you’re doing at any given time to nap with him.
➼ I mean, you’d probably do it even if he didn’t expect you to.
➼ He does this adorable thing when he’s sleepy and he sees you nearby where he’ll go up to you and wrap his arms around you and rest his head against your shoulder and just say “Sleep, please.”
➼ You will stop whatever you’re doing no matter what and go up to the attic to nap with him.
➼ Not an exaggeration. It’s happened while Lucifer was talking to you before he he was p i s s e d.
➼ It was obviously intentional
➼ But how can you say no to his cute face?
➼ He seems to be able to keep you from having nightmares and you sleep 100x better with him than on your own
➼ Softest boi
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ While he may dress like a stripper, this man is an angel and is pure™
➼ Anything you want, you’ll get. How can he ever deny you a thing?
➼ He can’t.
➼ You want naps? You get naps.
➼ You want cuddles? You get cuddles.
➼ You want sleepy kisses? You get sleepy kisses.
➼ Hotel? Trivago.
➼ But seriously, sleepy kisses are definitely a thing.
➼ Especially forehead kisses.
➼ Big spoon. He likes to hold you.
➼ Sweet boy loves you so much 🥺
»»————- ♔ ————-««
Luke (Platonically)
➼ Purgatory Hall has weekly movie nights, and they invite you over a lot to join them.
➼ You and Solomon have a very long list of human world movies you want Simeon to watch, but the poor man can’t figure out how Devilflix works for the life of him, so group movie nights are the only way.
➼ Not that any of you mind, of course.
➼ Luke begged Simeon to let him join you guys (he has a pretty strict bedtime)
➼ Simeon lets him occasionally if the movie is appropriate.
➼ Luke insisted on sitting next to you and sharing any treats he made that day.
➼ Poor baby ended up falling asleep not even halfway through the movie.
➼ Solomon obviously made fun of him.
➼ “Looks like it’s naptime for the little chihuahua.”
“Don’t tease him!” You say, defending Luke.
➼ At some point, Luke shifts so that he’s leaning against you in his sleep.
➼ You coo at how cute the ‘lil cherub looks.
➼ Aaaand then you proceed to fall asleep as well.
➼ You woke up the next day still on the couch. You were pretty confused since Simeon usually carries anyone who falls asleep to their bed (or the guest room, in your case).
➼ Then you realize Luke still asleep and wrapped around you.
➼ You assumed Simeon didn’t want to attempt moving one of you and risk waking the other so he just left you too
➼ Whatever it was, you went back to sleep with the little cherub snuggling you
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ Purgatory Hall sleepover!
➼ Everyone had already fallen asleep, so you asked Solomon if he’d be alright with you two sleeping together.
➼ Not a good idea.
➼ You’re both settled in his bed and you’re about to drift off to sleep when this silly little sorcerer decided to tickle you.
➼ You  s h r e i k
➼ “Solomon!”
➼ “Keep your voice down, dear. You wouldn’t want Simeon hearing and getting the wrong idea, now. Would you?”
➼ The  s m a c c  you gave him though-
➼ “Can I sleep now, or are you gonna keep bothering me?”
“You know you love me.” He grinned.
“Well, duh. But I also love sleep.”
➼ He does let you sleep after that.
➼ You fall asleep first, and one look at your sleeping face and he falls in love with you all over again.
➼ You’re so  p r e c i o u s.
➼ He held you close to him as you slept, pressing soft, featherlight kisses against our forehead and nose, careful not to wake you.
➼ He’s a bitch until you fall asleep, pretty much.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ It wasn’t intentional for you to fall asleep, really.
➼ You’d had a long day, and you had been sitting with the demon prince at his palace as he told you about his day over a cup of tea.
➼ It wasn’t like what he was saying was boring.
➼ No, it’s just that you were so tired, and the sofa you were sitting on was so comfy, and Diavolo was talking so much.
➼ It didn’t help that the tea that Barbatos had prepared was especially soothing.
➼ You couldn’t help yourself. You dozed off.
➼ Diavolo continued talking, and probably would’ve gone on for a long while without even noticing if Barbatos hadn’t cleared his throat and gestured towards your sleeping form.
➼ If it had been anyone else, he would have deemed it disrespectful. 
➼ But it was you, and he had realized a long time ago that he was incapable of being upset with you.
➼ “It seems they’ve had a tiring day, my Lord. I suggest you let them rest.” Said Barbatos.
“Of course. I wouldn’t dream of disturbing them.” Carefully, he made his way over to you and pried the teacup from our hands so that you didn’t move and break it in your sleep.
➼ Then, he removed his suit jacket and draped it over you like a blanket.
➼ Not gonna lie, even Barbatos was a bit shooketh. 
➼ He didn’t say anything, though.
➼ Diavolo kissed your forehead lightly and had Barbatos bring him the last of his paperwork for the day, which he finished quickly while remaining by your side.
➼ After that he picked up our still sleeping form and brought you to his room where he tucked you in.
➼ He sent Lucifer a text saying that you would be staying the night at the palace then went to sleep after answering a few emails.
➼ He snores loudly, but you somehow managed to sleep through it.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ Diavolo set up another palace retreat (because I said so)
➼ You had been assigned a room with Luke and Beelzebub that time.
➼ It went good at first, and everyone was sent off to sleep at around 10 p.m.
➼ At some point in the middle of the night, you awoke from a particularly nasty nightmare.
➼ You were more scared than usual when you woke up, since the room you were in was not your room at the House of Lamentation.
➼ It took a while for you to realize where you were and calm down, but even then you were to afraid to sleep.
➼ Slowly, you exited the room, careful not to disturb Luke and Beel.
➼ You made your way to Barbatos’ room and knocked softly.
➼ Briefly, you wondered if he was asleep, but then he opened the door.
➼ You silently panicked when you realized your hair was a mess and your clothing was rumpled from sleep, but your disheveled appearance didn’t seem to faze him.
➼ “Hello. I was just about to prepare for bed. Is something the matter?”
➼ Suddenly, you felt very, very silly to come to such an ancient, powerful being for help with a little nightmare.
➼ “Sorry, it’s nothing. I apologize for bothering you. I’ll leave.” You said, your cheeks flushing with embarrassment.
“You never bother me, my dear. Would you like to come in?” He asked, opening the door wider and stepping aside.
“Yes. I would like that.”
“Is something bothering you?”
You blushed. “I had a nightmare. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I know, it’s silly.”
“Of course it isn’t.”
“Can I... Can I stay here with you tonight?”
“If it would make you feel better, you may.”
➼ Barbatos tucked you in then sat next to you, gently running his hands through your hair. He began singing an old song in some ancient, forgotten language. His voice was soft and soothing as he sang, and you found yourself unable to stay awake even if you tried.
➼ “Goodnight, my dear.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
»»————- ♔ ————-««
Thank you so much for reading!
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quicksandblock · 9 months ago
MCYT Demographic Survey Part 2 RESULTS
Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated! 1,654 people total responded to this - about four and a half times as many respondents as the first survey. It’s honestly incredible. I’m so happy the rest of you are as interested as I am in this stuff :D
The increased turnout is also why these results are being posted two days later than I’d intended. I want to give a HUGE thank you to my friend @quincepastey​ and my sibling @orestes-swimming​ for helping me out, and by helping I do mean they did basically all of the technical stuff for me, because my knowledge of spreadsheets was not up to the task. So thank you to Cupid for organizing all the data from questions 3 and 4 into something comprehensible for me, and thank you to Kal for making the charts! They are absolutely the MVPs and everyone reading this should go check them out. Thank you guys so much <3
Reblogs of this post are very appreciated. It would be awesome if the info about the results could reach everyone who submitted a response, so if you reblogged my first post about this survey, please consider reblogging this one as well!
For your convenience, here’s a link to the results of the first survey I did six months ago. Now - on to the results!
Question 1: What is your age range?
Tumblr media
Compared to the results of the first survey, we can see that things have changed a bit! Specifically, the fandom has shifted just a little bit older. The solid majority of the fandom is still in the 15-17 year old range, but it’s gone down from almost half to closer to 40%. Almost a third of the fandom are ages 18-20, up from close to a fifth six months ago. 21-25 year olds have increased from about 10% to about 14%. And the youngest segment, 13-14 year olds, have gone from almost 20% of the fandom down to 12% - the sharpest change of all.
Finally, nearest and dearest to my own heart, there are now 26 whole people in the fandom aged 26-30 and 9 people aged 30+. Old Squad is growing, folks. We are... the 2% 😎 Special shoutout to the person who said their 15 year old kid got them into the fandom. I hope you know just how cool you are.
These results are interesting, but it’s also impossible to say how accurate the data is. This survey and the previous one were only posted on my blog, and they only reached a wider audience through the reblogs of my followers. So do these changes reflect actual changes in the demographics of the fandom as a whole, or is it just that my followers (and the people who follow them) have shifted older? To try to avoid this bias in the future, I may reach out to some well-known younger bloggers and ask them to reblog the next survey I do so that I can reach a more even audience.
Question 2: What is your gender?
Tumblr media
Apologies for the small text, but there were so many unique write-in answers that I wanted to include them all. You may want to open the image in a separate tab for better quality.
In contrast to the age question, the gender spread of the fandom has remained pretty much the same. About half the fandom is still female, the nonbinary crowd has increased from 20% to 25%, 7% of us are male, almost 7% are genderfluid, and about 5% are agender. Just like last time, most of the write-in responses fell into the vague categories of either genderqueer or questioning.
No surprises on this one! The fandom continues to be overwhelmingly female and queer. Next time I think I’ll include genderqueer and questioning as options to try to catch some of those people into a formal category. All y’all are so valid, especially the person who wrote in their gender as “soup” <3
The results for questions 3 and 4 will be under a cut, because I don’t want to completely destroy people’s dashes.
Before I get into the last two questions, a couple notes. First, I want to explain how I came up with the list of creators, since a lot of people were either excited or disappointed by the fact that a few different people were on there.
On the last survey, this question was a write-in, and I had to transcribe and collate all the answers by hand to come up with the actual number of people who followed each creator. For this survey, I simply took the list that came out of the previous one and pasted it in! I also added a few people who no one wrote in six months ago but who are much more prominent now (Ranboo being the biggest example). So if you were excited to see your favorite small creator listed as an option, they were there because someone wrote them in last time! And if you wrote in your favorite small creator here, they’ll be an option on the next survey. The list is entirely crowdsourced and it will expand with each survey.
That said, the same also applies for more controversial creators. Specifically, I’m talking about CallMeCarson. Several people questioned my decision to keep him on the list - and to be honest, I considered taking him out. But in the end I decided to leave him in as an option for the sake of completeness and consistency with the previous survey. I want to emphasize that this is not me condoning his actions. But for the sake of the data, I felt that it was best to leave him in.
That said, let’s move on to questions 3 and 4!
Question 3: What creator(s) do you primarily follow?
Tumblr media
So, it’s harder to compare with the previous survey on this one, and that’s purely because on the previous survey I didn’t have the help I did here. The chart I was able to make for the results back in October was frankly trash. Also, the fact that I split “followed creators” into two questions - primarily and casually followed - definitely throws things off. However, we can still do a certain amount of comparison!
The most obvious change is Ranboo. He straight up was not on the previous survey at all - I think he’d been streaming for less than a month at the time. Now, about 55% of respondents listed him as someone they primarily follow. The Dream SMP itself has also jumped dramatically. Previously, about 5% of people wrote in Dream SMP. That has increased to over half. Quackity has gone from less than 2% to about 30%. Karl has gone from 4% to 30%. Phil has gone from about 8% to a little under 50%. The SBI have jumped from 11% to over 40%.
Techno has gone from about 50% to over 60%. Tommy has gone from 45% to over 55%. Wilbur has jumped from 43% to 55%. Tubbo has remained steady at about 38%.
Dream has apparently dropped some of his following percentage-wise, falling from 50% to about 35%. However, George, Sapnap, and the Dream Team itself have all jumped from 10-12% to almost 30%.
I’m not going to go over the rest of the list, because that would just get way too long. However, I will drop a link to the spreadsheets of data for this survey and the previous one, so anyone who wants to can do some comparison of their own!
Question 4: What creators do you casually follow?
Tumblr media
I won’t do as detailed of a comparison on this question, because there’s nothing to compare it to - this question wasn’t on the previous survey. However, it’s interesting to see how many more people follow Fundy, Nihachu, BadBoyHalo, Captain Puffy, Eret, Awesamdude, and Jack Manifold casually rather than as a primary favorite. Out of the top twelve, Karl, Quackity, Phil, and Tubbo are the only ones who don’t have a major discrepancy between the amount of people who follow them casually versus primarily.
I would be curious to hear people’s thoughts on why that’s the case! Personally, I would guess it’s a combination of each of their approaches to lore on the Dream SMP, the frequency and times of day that they stream, and the people they tend to make content with and be associated with by the fandom. I may go into that more later, but this post is already very long, so I’ll hold off for now. Here’s a link to this question’s spreadsheet for anyone who wants to take a closer look!
...And that’s a wrap! Good grief, this got long. Kudos to anyone who actually read the whole thing because I know my attention span would be challenged. I’m already thinking about the next survey - a couple people suggested that I add in questions about orientation and nationality, and while I want to keep the survey pretty tight in its scope, I am considering it. It would be even more data to process but it would be interesting to know!
I would love to hear people’s thoughts on these results! I’m only one person, so I know there’s interesting stuff I must have missed. Please, please feel free to reblog with your thoughts and observations! A lot of work went into this (both from me and from Cupid and Kal! Thank you guys again!), so I’m really hoping to hear what people think about it :D
I plan to reblog this and reply to some of the things people wrote in at the end, so stay tuned for that. And once again: thank you all for your interest in this project of mine <3 See you with another one in six months!
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miiracleangel · 11 months ago
midnight moments
with the hot middle blocker squad
Suna, Tsukishima, Mattsun, Kuroo and Tendo
how i feel some midnight talks with some of our favorite middle blocker boys would go.
⚠︎︎ light nsfw and mentions of nsfw but it’s mainly fluff and chaos with tendo
Tumblr media
Your lift your head up from your boyfriends chest to look at the time.
“Fuck me” you whisper to yourself annoyed
“How can you think about fucking at a time like this” your boyfriend sleepily asks startling you. Moving his body from under you and flipping you both over with his body hovering over yours.
“ You scared me, i didn’t know you were up” you said while looking wide eyed at the ceiling while your boyfriend starts kissing at your neck and trailing down your chest before coming to a halt.
“Wait so you didn’t say that to me?”
“No Rin I was mostly talking to myself but please continue” you say quietly and amussed.
“Fuckkk thattt i’m going back to sleep” he says as a pout forms on your face watching him lay his head on your chest.
“Talk to me Rin”
“Alright well today Osamu “accidentally” rolled the ball cart into Astumu today and instead of apologizing Osamu punched Atsumu in the face”
“Apparently Atsumu ate Osamus breakfast instead of making his own and that was his revenge”
“which one is Atsumu and which one is Osamu again”
“I don’t know”
“Rin what” he lets out a breathy laughs at your response. “Osamu has the grey hair, Atsumu has the yellow hair” he answers
“When did you finally realize you can tell them both appear?”
“two days ago”
“oh my god Rin”
“I’m playing it’s been awhile, it’s not exactly hard to tell them apart.” he mumbles. His fatigue soon taking over.
“I keep mixing up their names” you tell your boyfriend as he reaches for his phone and starts scrolling through it and brings it to your face.
“You took a video instead of stopping them?”
“That requires me to actually do something about the situation instead of enjoy it”
“Alright Rin” you laugh as he lifts his body up to lay back next to you, laying on his stomach with a arm laid lazily across your chest. Soon sleep starts to creep upon you as well.
“Sleep hoe damn”
“You’re next to be punched” he laughs at your quick remark and scoots closer to you so now you’re face to face and he plants a kiss on your lips.
“sleep” *kiss* “sleep” *kiss* “sleep-“
“I love you” you interrupt as you turn on your side to face him. Eyes closed, sleep finally taking over.
Your boyfriend smiles at your sleeping form and kisses your lips
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
“Oh my god go to sleep it’s 3am”
“cuddle me”
“Because i can’t sleep and i’m asking nicely”
Your boyfriend huffs and turns around in your bed to face you and pulls you to his chest.
“Thank you” you mumble snuggling closer to him.
“I’m gonna move”
“Don’t you dare Kei”
“Too late i’m moving” he says as he moves to lay on his back. “Now i can’t fall back asleep” he huffs.
“Wanna talk about something?” you ask moving your head to his chest as he put a hand on your back.
“Sure how about we talk about the fact my needy baby woke me up for absolutely no reason”
“ I’m gonna pretend you weren’t trying to make me sound annoying because you called me baby” you remark at him.
“You’re a pain” he remarks back
“And yet here you are next to me” you spit back.
He always loved these kinds of talks with you just back and forth with each other always wanting the last word.
He won’t admit it though you’ll use that shit against him.
“I’m here because you wanted to date me” he continues.
“You asked me out”
“You said yes”
“I should’ve said no”
“You really should’ve” he says making you both laugh at your antics.
“Believe it or not i actually like you and enjoy your presence” you say lifting your head up from his chest and resting your chin on him instead. Seeing him smile to himself while looking up at the ceiling.
“Believe it or not” he says looking down at your face, rubbing the back of his hand on your cheek.
“I’m actually in love with you”
“That’s gross Kei” you say laughing as you scoot up to lay your head in the crook of his neck and start drifting to sleep. “I’m pretty sure i’m more in love with you though”
“That’s embarrassing” he adds
“I know” were your last mumbled words before you fell asleep leaving your boyfriend to cuddle with your sleeping form. Sleep creeping upon him as well.
“I definitely love you more” he whispers into your forehead before planting a kiss on it.
Tumblr media
“Issei...Issei” you repeat your boyfriends name while poking at his nose.
“Two more minutes mom” he says with a smile on his face, opening one eye to see your pouty face.
“Awww does my widdle babie have twouble sweeping” he jokingly says with a baby voice earning a eyeroll and a smile from you. He turns over so you both are facing each other.
“Did i wake you up”
“Yeah but i woke up to your dumb face so it’s okay”
“I hate you” he laughs at your reaction and starts kissing your nose between his words.
“i’m kidding i love your face” he says smiling at the end. “You wanna talk about something”
“Like what babe” you say, your big eyes staring at him through the dark room.
“let’s play 20 questions”
“Goodnight Issei”
“I’ll start, what’s your favorite color?”
You look at your boyfriend with dead eyes.
“Y/f/c, but you knew that right”
“of course i did baby” he says with a light giggle. “okay youre turn”
“What’s your favorite food”
“ those cheese filled burger steak things, but you knew that right?” he says making fun of your last remark.
you giggle “of course i did baby”
“Okay Issei next questi-“
“Are you a virgi-“
“you know the answer to that already Issei”
“shit you right” he laughs out at he goes to hover above you and starts kissing your lips.
he flips you both over so your straddling his hips, his hands roam over your ass. Fingers tracing along the hem of your underwear as you rub your clothed slit against his growing bulge
You break the kiss and sit up, stopping your movements
Mattsun let’s out a light groan “no baby keep goin-“
“My turn, if Makki was a girl would you fuck him?”
he looks at you surprised.
“If he has a fat ass then maybe but if he’s as flat as he is right now then no”
you look at your boyfriend dumbfounded
“unless i’m with you then obviously not unless...”
“unless what babe?” you ask moving your body to lay next to him with your head on his chest.
“good night Issei” you move to your side of the bed and face away from him as he has a laughing fit.
“no baby come back next question”
you huff “Last question” you say as he sees sleep is starting to take over your mind.
He smiles at your sleepy face “How much do you love me” he asks tracing your facial features with his fingers.
“Like THIS much” you say extending your arms as far as they go.
“Well i love you THISSS much” he says extending his longer arms the same way you did then he pulls you to lay on his chest as you soon drift to sleep.
“i love you” you mumble
“i love you too baby”
Tumblr media
You huff as you leave your room to go get a drink in the kitchen only to be met with the time on the stove
after your drink you slowly make your way back to your room to be met with your shirtless boyfriend sitting up on your bed.
“can’t sleep” he asks as he pulls you to lay your head on his lap as you shake your head at his question. “Talk to me”
“That’s what i’m doing right now”
“well keep talking”
he rubs his hand through his hair “What do you want to talk about?”
“I don’t know Tetsu tell me a joke” you say sarcasticlly just to get your boyfriend to say anythjng.
“I’d tell you a chemistry joke”
“But i know i wouldn’t get a reaction” he says belting out his cackling laugh as you turn your head to look at him.
“nerd” you said to yourself loud enough for him to hear.
“You tell me a joke then”
“What do you do to your chemistry nerd boyfriend who keeps saying bad chemistry jokes?”
“i don’t know y/n”
“you BARIUM alive”
Kuroo laughs even louder at your joke causing you to sit up and smile at his face.
“That was good babe” he says wiping tears from his eyes.
“ I learned from the best” you say planting a kiss on his cheek.
Kuroo lays back down opening his arms to invite you to lay on his shirtless chest. You’re slowly being lulled to sleep by his heartbeat and slow breathing.
“How often do you make chemistry jokes anyway?” you ask him wondering if he annoys his teammates with the same jokes until you were pushed out your thoughts by your boyfriends giggle.
“periodically” he lets out another laugh as you roll your eyes.
“not funny didnt laugh”
“you kids don’t understand good humor”
“Kuroo you’re a month older than me” you say as he gives you another laugh
“ You make me hotter then sulfur hydroxide mixed with ethyl acetate”
“you make me vomit” he laughs at your remark before kissing the top of your head.
You lift your head up to face him and he stares at you with an adoring face rubbing his thumb across your cheek. “don’t vomit on me” he says breaking your concentration, you roll your eyes and sit up on your elbows.
“Forget hydrogen, you’re my number one element” you say to your boyfriend before you kiss his lips to fall back asleep.
He just stares at you dumbfounded and a blushed mess.
“I love you”
“I love you too nerd”
Tumblr media
my widdle chaotic babie
You wake up to a soft sucking feeling on your nipple and stir away to look down and see what you HOPE was your boyfriend stuffed in your shirt
“mhm” he hums before releasing your nipple with a pop and wiggling his way through the top of your shirt.
“babe you’re going to stretch the shirt neckline stop” you mumble sleepiness still in your voice.
“I can’t sleep and this is my shirt anyways” he says now fully emerged so both your head and squished against each other.
you let out a breathy giggle as he kisses your cheeks “talk to me i’m boredddd” he whines.
“I can tell you a story” you said removing your arms from your shirt to hug your boyfriend who refuses to leave the comfort of inside your shared shirt.
“Make it good or i’ll bite your nipple” he threatnes scooting back down, emerging back into the shirt slowly.
“bite me nipp-AH”
he continues the light sucking on your nipples and waits for your story
“Okay fucker so Once upon a time” you started. “There was a little gremlin who woke up his master from their slumber when he SHOULD be fast asleep in his quarters.”
Tendo removes himself from under your shirt “This story sucks and it feels like an attack on my life”
He gets up and starts jumping on the bed.
“I. NEED. TO. SLEEP” he says between jumps.
“This isn’t the way Gizmo” you say laughing as he jumps down on his butt and laughs at the nickname.
“Gizmo wasn’t that cute when he was all angry and stuff” he pouts and you’re quick to comfort him.
“He was cute before all that and he is cute still now” you say not referring to the fictional movie character and Tendo smiles and plants a kiss on your lips.
“Come here my cute little gremlin” you continue and he takes his place cuddled next to you and gets attacked by your kisses.
“Emphasis on the cute right”he says letting you grab his face and plant kisses all around his cheeks and nose.
“of course” you say in between kisses.
He lets you continue the attack of kisses. Loving the attention from you.
“Do you love me?” he interrupts
“Of course Satori” he hums at your response and hugs you into his chest.
“Okay so that means you will stay with me forever?” he whispers back making it sound more like a demand than a question cuddling closer to you to fell back asleep.
“That was a little random but sure”
“Just cuddle me bitch”
“I am you cunt”
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violetrainbow412-blog · 9 months ago
A little bit older [S. B.]
Old!Sirius Black x reader
Word counts: 1.3k
Summary: Harry invites you to spend the holidays at his house, but there you meet a certain person. You fall in love instantly, but... Is it really love or is it just your need to run all the possible risks?
Warnings: It is an AU where Voldemort never existed and everyone is very happy. Sirius at that point was approximately 38 years old and the faceclaim for this OS is still Ben Barnes but today
N/A: I was thinking of doing more parts of this, what do you say? with a "yes" or "no" in the comments you would help me a lot, hehe. I’ll post more Sirius stuff, in case you want to follow me :)
Tumblr media
You laughed out loud, looking at Harry red with embarrassment. He had invited you to spend the vacation period at his house and after the insistence of the Mr. and Mrs. Potter you couldn’t refuse. You were very loved by the whole family, by the Weasleys, by the Grangers, even Luna Lovegood had invited you to join her on vacation. Maybe the universe was rewarding you a little for everything you lost, starting with your father.
He left when you were very little but the few years that he lived in your home was the worst. You were the product of an arranged marriage and your father couldn't bear the thought of having to be with your mother to maintain the "Good Family Name." For a long time she was mistreated by him and his actions also came to fall on you. He was an alcoholic and an idiot who couldn't even take responsibility for himself, so when he left home, on your sixth birthday, you couldn't do anything but thank for finally being free.
Your mother came from a wealthy family and very reluctantly they had to support you both. You grew up with a loving mother who didn't care that you were the spitting image of your father, a mother who always supported you and loved you with all of her heart. But your father's family always seemed to be determined to make life impossible for you, and even if you didn't want to, it affected you.
At the age of 11 you were fortunate to receive your letter from Hogwarts, a school that at that time you didn't even know.
And that's when, literally, magic came into your live.
The Grangers and your mom hit it off quickly as they both came from the muggle world and everything was new to them. Although Hermione was not to your liking, at first, it didn't take more than a year to realize that you had a lot of things in common and that this competition between you to see who was better was kind of silly. You soon became the smartest students of your generation, with Hermione surpassing you solely because of your rebellious spirit.
You loved going to all the parties you were invited to, organizing riots, breaking the rules. Perhaps that was the reason why the Weasley twins took you under their orange hair and considered you such an interesting and even brave girl because you did not mind confronting boys like Draco Malfoy despite the scandal that this generated.
Lily and James found out about you in your third year at Hogwarts, when you and your son got punished for defending their friends from school bullies in the middle of a Quidditch game. You ended up with a broken nose but you broke at least five more.
When James found out, he wanted to meet you and you were able to establish a friendship in no time. After all, you reminded him a bit of one of his best friends and it was funny to see that it wasn't difficult to get angry to the point of hitting one or the other, as he once did with his friend.
With Lily the matter was different because she secretly had always hoped that Harry and you would become more than friends. But when she saw you laugh and talk to each other, she realized that her son only saw a companion of adventures in you.
"Harry, that's bullshit."
"But I tell you, it’s true!" he replied, still a little flushed. You were in the backyard of his house, watching the snowflakes gently fall on the table between you. “Can we forget about that? I don't want you to embarrass me with the guests" he snorted, making you laugh again. Harry had told you that some friends of his parents were going to a party an
"Well, if you don't want me to embarrass you in front of visitors, I'll go take a shower. I'm ready to answer when they ask me if I'm your girlfriend” you joked, winking at him and making him roll his eyes.
You entered the house by going directly to the bathroom in your room, where you took a warm shower. You didn't lose much under the shower and you changed into a nice yellow sweater, pants, high black boots and a beanie to protect you from the cold that had a cute lion shape that Luna had given you on your last birthday.
You went out into the courtyard again hoping to find Harry, but instead you saw a man dressed in black who was on his back and seemed to enjoy the frosty afternoon. Your curiosity was present very quickly and you walked towards him trying not to make noise. But he was agile, so he noticed you almost immediately. When he turned and analyzed you for a moment you felt your legs tremble with nerves, as well as your cheeks flush.
He was gorgeous.
His long hair was slicked back, brown eyes staring at you deeply framed by his thick eyebrows, a bit of padlock beard around his pink lips that held a small grin of amusement.
"You're not Harry" he said. His hoarse voice with a more pronounced accent brought you out of your reverie.
"Obviously not, I'm prettier" you answered with a half-smile. The man didn't expect such a carefree response and for this he frowned. He was used to young ladies being embarrassed by his charms. “I'm sorry I'm not the one you were waiting for but I still think we can have fun” you expressed.
Is she flirting with me? he thought, watching you sit in the chair across from him.
“What is your name?” he asked softly, intrigued to meet the girl who had just left the house. She couldn't be James's daughter, of that he was sure.
"My name is Y/N but you can call me anytime" you murmured with a charming smile, extending your hand in his direction.
Yes, she is definitely flirting with me.
“What does that mean?” he asked laughing.
"I try to be nice to the guests" you said, keeping your smile. “This is where you tell me your name.”
The man looked at you for a moment trying to intimidate you somehow, but you held your chin up and held his gaze with a mischievous glint on it.
"Sirius Orion Black" he replied. The way he uttered the words captivated you and you wished he'd call you by his name.
"Sirius" you repeated, savoring the words in your mouth. “Pretty name” you complimented him with a smile. You were about to say something else when you heard some laughter coming from the stone path that led to your table.
"Sirius!, I see you already met Y/N.
"Yes, I am delighted to meet her" he answered, standing up. You mimicked him and the two of you shared a knowing look. “Family friend or...?”
"My best friend actually" Harry replied. Sirius looked at you again and this time there wasn't so much amusement in his gaze. “And Y/N he's my godfather, dad's best friend” he continued.
Sirius and you looked at each other for a second. Realizing that you were in such extreme places made you disappointed. You both hoped you were complete strangers that fate had decided to unite for a mutual friend, but reality hit them like a bucket of cold water.
“Your best friend?” you asked at the same time, looking at Harry and James respectively. Mr. Potter laughed out loud and then spoke in the direction of his son.
"You see? I told you." then he looked at you. "I was talking to Harry about how similar you guys are. Sometime in the past Sirius had already told you about her, she is the "five noses" girl. Remember?
Everyone chuckled and you focused your attention on the man next to you. Had he heard about you?
"I remember her well" he said, noticing your gaze. Instead of turning around, he just watched you out of the corner of his eye and you held back so as not to gasp for how sexy that action made him see.
"Well Y/N, I wanted you to meet Sirius because it's amazing how you remind me of him at your age. When we were at Hogwarts it was like seeing you and Harry right now. You're identical, well, except for the Sirius's bad reputation with girls.
"Bad reputation, huh?" Harry scoffed in the direction of his godfather. “Well, they are not very far away to say...”
"Harry, please. We already talked about not being embarrassed in front of visitors” you muttered. And it was true, a small part of you felt guilty for having been flirting with a man who was so attached to family and who was also twice your age, but the other wanted to feel the adrenaline of hooking up with a man who was forbidden.
He was handsome, disreputable, and much older than you. All the clichés that drove you crazy.
"But anyway we shouldn't be ashamed to be heartbreakers, after all not everyone can be this charming, can they?" Sirius teased.
And he was a damn narcissist too… God, he was perfect.
“And there it is! The usual Sirius” James laughed, hugging his friend. “Do you want us to move on at once? It seems to me that Remus just arrived and I think Hermione is talking to him about… books or something? I don't know, boring stuff” he said, you all smiled. “Come on, Lily made some delicious pudding and just for today I can let you have some fire whiskey, kids.”
“Mr. Potter, I'm of legal age” you laughed. You leaned a little closer in the direction of the black-haired man and spoke again, but now in a whisper. "If that makes any difference ..."
Sirius barely turned his gaze your way and it almost felt like a scolding look, but that only made you more excited. He was taller than you.
"You don't act like someone your age" Harry scoffed and you wrinkled your nose. "Let's go inside, the twins are coming and I'm sure that if you're not there to control them they will destroy the house"
"What makes you think I won't help them do it?" you asked with a raised eyebrow, earning an approving look from Sirius. "Anyway, my dear Harry here and I have to be hospitable and welcome our friends, so we'll see you later” you explained. Your gaze traveled again to Sirius and suddenly you felt that the air was missing when you noticed again how handsome he looked with his completely black outfit. Black, from now on that last name would make you shiver. “It was nice meeting you, Mr. Black..."
"Just tell me Sirius" he interrupted you.
"Sirius” you murmured gently, reaching out your hand in his direction again. "I hope we are good friends, you seems like a most interesting person. I wish we met more often" you said.
"Oh, Sirius will be joining us on vacation too. You'll have a long time to get to know each other” Harry said cheerfully.
"In that case I suppose so" you added. You showed him a captivating smile and he responded with the same gesture. It would be hard to hang out with him on vacation if he smiled at you like that.
It would be difficult to live with him without launching to kiss him in any way.
You let go of his hand, but not before making sure to gently stroke the back of it with your fingertips. Sirius felt his skin burn with the trail of your fingers.
Without letting him say anything else you turned around and Harry followed you. A smile adorned your face, in addition to the blush that you had fought to keep at bay but that you could justify with the cold of the environment.
"Why didn't you ever tell me about him?"
"I did, but you didn't hear me."
"Well no, because I thought he was some fat, gray-haired old man like Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic," you replied. Harry shook his head and laughed. "But he's really ..."
"Sexy" you completed on a sigh. Harry looked at your open mouth.
"Y/N! You are crazy? He could be your dad!”
"Correction. He could be my daddy” you murmured. The boy nudged you lightly with his shoulder and laughed.
"Have a little respect, he's like family," he warned you, but you just showed him that 'I'll do what I want' smile.
You turned a bit to look over your shoulder, out of curiosity, and Sirius caught you staring at him. When you looked back to the front a blush spread across your face, accompanied by emptiness in your stomach.
Without you noticing, Sirius followed you with a gaze until you got lost inside the house.
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hotchsbabygirl · 9 months ago
Love Delivered To Your Doorstep
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of cheating, break ups and killing/serial killers. (<in a joking context) 
Category: fluff for the most part. 
Word Count: 3.9k
Author’s Note: Doesn’t follow canon, it has a little of buck begins in there but it doesn't follow a strict timeline. It also is written like Buck moves to LA and has his apartment from the moment he moves there while trying to figure out what he wants to do. 
Texting and calling was never your choice method of communication. 
Letters had always been more of your thing. 
Truthfully, they hadn't been your thing until your boyfriend moved halfway across the country for university. The two of you met in high school, freshman year and became inseparable since. Growing together and promising to always love each other no matter what -you always knew that couldn't be true but it never stopped you from telling him. 
When he told you that he was going to be applying to UCLA during your senior year of high school, it came as a bit of a shock to you. The plan was always going to college together, get engaged when you were done school and then married with a house by 30. 
You held out the hope of that being possible until the day he showed you his acceptance letter. 
You were incredibly proud of him but it was real now, he was leaving. 
You watched him pack up his entire life and uproot himself from New York and moved across the country. You sent the first letter to him at what was supposed to be his apartment. 
September 30th.
‘Hi baby! 
Just writing to see how you're settling in. How’s UCLA ? Have you gotten a chance to go around and get to see the place ? I know you’re there for school but you've got to live a little too. Hope your neighbours are sweet, your mom told me it’s a pretty nice place and it’s got a good view, sounds like your type of place. Hopefully I can come visit you soon. 
I started my classes last week. My chem professor is a pain in my ass already, he expects us to read an entire textbook in a week - well not exactly an entire textbook but you get the point. My biology professor is a sweetheart, she showed us pictures of her kids and talked about them for an hour, I didn't realize being a mother was so interesting but she was cool. Also showed us a video of an appendectomy that one of her colleagues performed last week. How are your classes and professors ? 
Did I mention I bumped into Sam at the grocery store ? Yeah, he’s back and he’s not fine to tell you the truth. He seemed like he was ready to snap but that might just be my judgment. He said to tell you hello if I spoke to you so- hello :) 
I’m going to sign off here, I know this one is short but I don’t have much to update you on. Life’s been pretty dull without you. Hope you’re having fun out there, soaking up the sun for me.
Write me back soon, I love you. 
Yours always, y/n’
You mailed the letter the next day, a few weeks had passed before you received a letter back. Except this letter had a different sender name but the same address.
October 22nd. 
‘Hi y/n,
This isn't your boyfriend. (I'm assuming that’s who you're writing too based on the context of the letter) I’m Evan, I live in the apartment you thought belonged to your boyfriend or maybe you got the address wrong, I’m not sure.  I know you were waiting for an update on all these exciting things that are happening at UCLA. I do not go to UCLA nor can I update you in anything exciting that’s happening there, sorry.
Anyways, the reason I'm writing you back is because I figured you’d want to know that this isn't the correct address and the person you were looking for isn't here before you send another letter and get no response. I was debating if I should have even written you back, but here I am, writing you back. 
Your professor for chem seems like an ass to be honest (hope that’s not rude) and your biology professor sounds great, is she hot by the way ? because bonus points for that. Anyways, are you studying medicine ? I'm guessing yes because of the classes you're taking. I'm thinking of signing up to become a first responder but I haven’t decided yet on what yet or if I'm actually going to do it. Anyways, good luck on your classes and the shitty chem professor. 
Hope you find your boyfriend (again, assuming) 
Peace out, 
To say you were shocked would be an understatement. How could the letter you sent to your boyfriend’s apartment belong to someone else ? Why was there someone else living in his apartment ? You dug through your apartment, searching for the paper he left you with the address, you finally found it buried in a drawer.
The address on the paper was identical to the one that Evan sent to you and to the one you sent prior to that. Either your boyfriend was lying or you were losing your mind. 
November 4th. 
‘Dear Evan, 
I'm sorry that I sent the first letter to you and as you guessed, I was looking for my boyfriend who seems to be a bit MIA right now. His mother says that’s the right address and the place that she helped him move into. So I'm not really sure what’s happening there. Anyways, sorry for unloading all of that on you. 
To answer your question, yes, I am studying medicine and no, she isn't hot. My bio professor is a 65 year old woman who loves her college aged kids very much. If that’s your definition of hot, then yes - she's got milf status
Have you decided yet if you’re going to sign up to be a first responder ? That’d be pretty cool. Imagine all the girls swoon over you and how many girls you’d pick up just for being a paramedic or a firefighter. 
Wait, are you into girls ? Or guys ? You know, whoever you're into, just imagine how many of them you’d pick up. 
Also, you’re not a murderer or anything right ? because I rather not answer questions when the police come asking about why I've been sending letters to a serial killer. 
Anyways, signing off for now. 
Yours always, y/n. 
ps. if you do end up bumping into or meeting a guy that looks like my boyfriend, (tall, brown hair, brown eyes. he’s got a pierced ear and a little butterfly tattoo by his collarbone- though not sure why or how you'd see his collarbone) let me know or tell him that his girlfriend is looking for him.
Double ps, what size shirt do you wear ?’
Buck laughed at your absurd question. A person he didn’t even know was asking what size shirt he wore. The letter was set on the coffee table with the rest of the mail, getting buried under all of the stuff he had on there. It was almost the end of December when he realized that he hadn't written you back yet. 
December 21st. 
‘Hey y/n, 
Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. Things have been hectic over here. I’ve been doing some ‘soul-searching’ - I guess you could call it that and honestly, I don’t think if this whole first responders thing is for me. 
I tried out bartending or well, the technical term is mixologist and I’m liking it so far, I think i’m going to stick with it for now. 
How have you been ? How’s school ? Surely, you’re on break for the holidays right about now or at least when you get this letter. I hope that you're spending the break doing something fun. 
I’m not going to make this very long, I’m sure you’ve been busy with whatever you’re doing right now. 
Also, I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you located the mysteriously disappearing boyfriend yet ? I haven't seen anyone that fit your description. 
well, that’s not true- I did and just to be sure I asked to see his collarbone, he looked at me like I was a mad man so I guess it wasn't him ? 
Anyways, I hope you have a good holiday and you're probably gonna get this sometime between holidays, so merry belated (?) Christmas and happy New Years y/n. 
Peace out, 
ps. medium or large, depending on what it is. Hopefully that answers your question weirdo.’
January 13th. 
The morning of the 13th, he went down to check his mail. A box was there with his name on it, the return address was one he had only seen on an envelope. The box returned upstairs with him, setting it on the counter before opening it. 
Upon opening it, there was a letter and some colourful tissue paper with what seemed like a sweater under it. He opened the letter first.
‘Dear Evan, 
Happy New Years! How was your holiday going ? Did you do anything fun ? 
I’ve been good and school is good too, I'm almost done my first year, isn't that crazy ? Just a few more months to go. 
How’s your job as mr. mixologist going ? I'm sure you’ve met some wild people and heard some interesting stories. 
As for the boyfriend situation, that's over. I’m not surprised to tell you the truth but it still kinda sucks. Anyways, so what happened was that his older brother had come home from college last year and brought a friend with him. She went to the same school as his brother but transferred to UCLA- anyways long story short, they hooked up while he and I were still together and he moved in with her after his mom helped him move into the apartment I thought he had. 
But! I’m single and chilling now so it’s all good. (bonus, she cheated on him and left him so yeah) 
I got you a little something for Christmas and as a “sorry for unloading all my boyfriend drama on you” present. I was in the gift shop and it made me think of you. Do you celebrate Christmas? I forgot to check oops. If you don't, count it as a just a “sorry for unloading all my boyfriend drama on you” present? 
I got a large because I wasn't sure if it would fit. I hope you like it. That’s all for now.
Yours always, y/n.’
He unwrapped the tissue paper to see a blue sweater with the letters NYU on it. He smiled, he assumed that’s where you went. It was sweet that you took the time to get him something, even if it was a by the way thing. Not a lot of people would send something to a person they had been talking to via letters and halfway across the country. 
February 12th. 
2 days before Valentine's Day, your least favourite holiday of the year. You weren't looking forward to watching all your friends going on with their boyfriends and girlfriends. The mail had arrived while you were out, you picked it up and headed in. There were two envelopes with your name on it,  a plain white one and a red one. The red envelope was more squared than rectangular, you assumed it was a card- both had the same sender name. 
‘Hey y/n!
Thank you for the sweater, it was nice of you to think of me and get me something. I didn’t know we were doing gifts or I would have sent you something as well and yes, I do celebrate Christmas. 
My job as ‘mr. mixologist’ was going well until I quit. It just didn’t feel like the right fit for me you know ? I'm going to see what else is out there for me. 
Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, he seems like a douche. Who would cheat on you ? You seem great I mean at least you are on paper (did you get my joke, it’s hard to tell) 
Also, remember how I was thinking I might actually give that first responder thing a try? Imagine me as a firefighter, that’s pretty cool right ? 
So I kinda did a thing and signed up and then I got in. I started two weeks ago and it was kicking my ass at first but I've gotten a hang of it and things are going pretty well. There's three other Evans in my class so everyone calls me Buck-I kind of like it. 
The other envelope, hopefully you opened this one first, is a little something for you for valentines. Hope you like it. 
Peace out, 
The red envelope was on your lap, you pulled the edges carefully not wanting to rip it. Inside was a plain white card with bright red letters that made you laugh. The cover read ‘I’m not sick of you yet!” Opening the card, a $20 fell onto your lap. There was a little message inside that went along with the cash. 
‘Since we aren't together and can’t spend valentines together, there’s some cash to get yourself a box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Happy Valentines Day y/n
Love, Buck.’ 
You smile, this was the first time that Buck had signed with ‘love, buck’ it had always been ‘peace out, buck.’ You tucked the card into the drawer, one you didn’t use very often so you knew it’d be safe there. 
*4 years later*
A few weeks had passed since Buck had last heard from y/n. His last letter to her was at the end of June, telling her all about the day he had spent at Hen and Karen’s. He always described every little detail so vividly that it made her feel like she was there with him- but it was now July, end of actually and moving into August. 
4 years had blown like nothing.
It felt like just yesterday he got the first letter in the mail. 4 years and they still had no idea what each other looked like but they knew every intricate and intimate detail about each other, their lives and the people in it. 
Y/n and Buck had grown rather close over the last few months- more than they already were. Y/n just went through a pretty shitty break up and Buck wasn't exactly big on relationships as of right now. 
He had just gotten home from work, his keys set on the counter when he realized that he forgot to check his mail. Stepping back out, there was a woman in the hallway and boxes scattered across her, leading into the apartment down the hall. 
She must be his new neighbour.
He wanted to go over and introduce himself but she was busy telling the movers where to set her couch so he decided that he would check the mail and then introduce himself when he returned so he did just that. 
Except, she was still busy. 
She leaned against the wall, watching the movers move what looked like a coffee table. She glanced up to see Buck walking by, she smiled and he returned the smile. 
Buck reaches his apartment, the mail in hand and steps in. He sorts through the pile, bills, ads, coupons and no letter from y/n. 
Your new apartment was a mess. You decided it was time for a change. You applied to a few hospitals after your break up and the one in LA hired you. So you dropped everything and moved- no family, no ties. 
A fresh start. 
It was a nice neighbourhood and the building was quiet. The neighbours you met were pleasant and welcoming. When you were having the furniture moved in, there was a blonde man who smiled at you and you assumed he lived in the unit down the hall because that’s where he stepped into. 
It was almost 11pm when you finally sat down. You had been on your feet all day and just wanted to eat something. The box with the dishes was beside the couch, you pulled the tape off and opened it. There was an envelope sitting on top of the stack of plates. 
Buck’s last letter to you. 
You must have tossed it into the boxes while packing and you forgot to write him back. Tumbling through the boxes, you find a sheet of paper and a pen from your bag. Sitting on the floor, the paper resting on an unopened box, you begin writing. 
‘Dear Buck, 
I’m sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. I quit my job, and uprooted my entire life. The break up sucked major ass as you know, so I decided it was time for a change. 
Guess where I decided to go ? 
Did you guess yet? 
No, not Canada, why would you guess Canada ? 
Yeah, isn't that crazy that I ended up here of all places? Maybe we could get together one day (if you haven’t turned into a crazy serial killer that is.) 
Anyways, that’s why I've taken so long to write. I was packing when I got your letter and I tossed it in a box and just found it again. Anyways, I hope you’ve been good, how have things been at the station ? 
I promise I'll write again with more details soon, I just have to get settled in first. 
Yours always, y/n.’ 
Folding the paper, you slipped into an envelope. The address being scribbled into the back of the envelope. You were about to seal it when the building number caught your eye. 
It was the same number as the place you moved into. The same address, the building number, the same floor. 
The unit number was the only difference. 
There was no way you moved into the building that Buck lived in. 
You knew the address felt familiar when you saw the listing but you didn’t think anything of it nor did it occur to you that you knew the address. 
Stepping out of your apartment, looking at the number on the room and back down at the envelope in your hand. Buck’s apartment was down the hall. 
Part of you just wanted to mail it and keep things as it was but another part of you wanted to meet him, to see what he was really like in person. So there you were walking down the hallway at a quarter past 11 in the dead of the night to meet a man you had been sending letters to for the last 4 years. 
The end of the hallway, you stared at the black wooden door in front of you. Your brain weighing the options right now: he’s a sweetheart and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable or he’s a weird guy who’s been lying to you this whole time and you told him everything about you and now he’s going to kill you. 
Before you could register what you were doing, you knocked on the door. 
Glancing down at yourself, you were wearing a pair of old shorts and a t-shirt from high school that you found in a drawer while packing. Not an ideal outfit, maybe he’s sleeping and you can go home and change- the door opened, a man wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt stood there. He looked like he had just woken up. 
“Sorry, did I wake you?” 
“It's alright,” he yawned, his hand covering his mouth as he blinked away a few tears. “What can I do for you ?” he leaned against the door. 
“Um, this is an odd question-” you shifted, glancing down at the envelope in your hand. “Are you Buck ?” 
“I am, who are you ?” 
You had never seen a man wake up that fast, he seemed surprised, confused and concerned all in one. “How- uh, are you- What ?” he mumbled. 
“I found your letter in the box after I moved, I moved into the apartment down the hall” you point to your left, Buck sticks his head out of the doorway and looks at the door you were pointing to. You were the woman in the hallway that he saw earlier, he knew you looked familiar. 
“I just wrote your letter and I noticed that the addresses were the same, just a different unit number so I decided to come check. Sorry if I bothered you, we can talk another day- it’s late and you probably have work” “Would you like to come in?” he opens the door a bit more, looking to you for an answer. 
“Um, okay sure.” stepping in, you can’t help but glance around. The apartment was similar to yours, the layout was a bit different though. “Can I get you something to drink ? Coffee, water ? A beer ?” he rounded the kitchen counter, you took a seat on one of the chairs by the counter. 
“Water’s fine, thanks” 
He reached for a bottle from the fridge, sliding it over to you. You gave him a smile, he leaned against the counter and was now looking- studying you. 
“I know we’ve talked to each other for 4 years but this is kinda strange” you chuckled awkwardly, Buck can't help but smile. 
“Yeah, it is, isn't it? but can I ask why you moved to LA?” 
“Well all of that was in the letter” you slide the envelope across the counter and he picks it up, opening it. Giving him a few moments to read, you watch his expression like you were hoping for some insight as to how he was feeling or what he was thinking. He let out a laugh, “how’d you know I'd guess Canada ?” you smiled at him, a small wave of relief washing over you for some reason. “Lucky guess I suppose” 
“Do you-” “What are-” the sentences cutting each other off, the two of you awkwardly smiling at each other. “You first” looking at him, he hums. 
“Do you have work tomorrow or are you busy ?” His eyes meet yours, you found yourself leaning forwards towards the counter- towards him. He made you feel comfortable, you’d go as far as to say safe, in a way you’ve never felt before. 
“No, I don't start until the 21st. Why ?” 
“I was thinking - if you're not busy and if you want to, of course. Maybe I could take you out for breakfast and I could show you around ? Or lunch or dinner ? Whatever works for you actually” he rambles, fiddling with his fingers to avoid eye contact. 
A small laugh slips past your lips causing him to look up, his brows furrowed as he studies your face, looking for an answer. 
“Breakfast sounds good, what time should I be ready for ?” 
“Uh, is 10 okay ?” he asks, you nod. “I’ll be ready for 10 then.” 
“Okay, I'll pick you up” he smiles. 
“Buck, we live in the same building.” 
“Oh right,” he chuckles, “well I'll be by yours at 10 then” the two of you smiling at each other. 
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Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader 
Warning: Child neglect, swearing, angst, death 
Summary: After being kidnapped by Hydra, Y/N does some reflecting on her home life. Especially her relationship with her father
italics = past pov
Bold= thoughts
Italic bold= ghosts 
Tumblr media
You never thought your life would end like this. Alone, trapped in a Hydra cell, full of anger and resentment for the one man who was never supposed to break your heart. Of course, up until now you had been pretty optimistic your father would realize the error of his ways and miraculously spend years making up for years of missed recitals, ignored achievements, and multiple other offenses. You always forgave him because, hey the man was a member of the Avengers, what should you expect having Tony Stark as a father? 
But right now, as you lay on the cold, damp floor, writhing in pain from whatever glowey nuclear shit those assholes injected you with, you can’t help but remember the mistreatment and neglect bestowed upon you by your father. 
It was, it was September Winds blow, dead leaves fall
You’ll always remember that September day. The day your entire life had changed 
You were only eight when Loki tried to take over New York. You and your mom were coming home from the store when all of a sudden, people around you started to panic. Looking up, you saw a large portal in a once clear blue sky. Creatures appeared out of no where, destroying anything in their way. Your mother, terrified, took you by the hand and headed for a near by building. But, it seemed that others had that idea as well. Before you knew it, your vision was overwhelmed by the bodies of citizens trying to escape the chaos outside. After a few seconds, you found yourself in a crowed parking garage and no idea where your mother was.
You never saw her again after that.
After three days of searching, the police declared her dead and you were sent to live with your godmother, Pamela Isely. 
She was good to you. She held you through nightmares, told you stories about how your mother and her met, and even taught you how to take care of plants. The only complaint you had was that she would usually leave you alone every once in a while and come back with a lot of money, and occasionally, a loud blonde woman in a clown costume would come through the window and pinch your cheeks too hard. Other than that, you got adjusted to your new life quickly.
Four months passed and your life changed again. It was a cold September day, and you had just got home from school. As you walked into the apartment, you immediately felt a tension in the air, and you saw a man at the table with your Aunty Pam, who looked extremely uneasy and pale. They stared at you until your Aunt spoke.
“Y/N...you’re going back to New York.”
Those words alone made the floor fall from underneath you. You had just settled down. You finally felt comfortable without your mother in the world and now this?? Then the man cleared his throat, causing you to snap back into reality. 
“Y/n, my name is Tony Stark”
 You knew that name, he was the man in the metal suit who helped save New York. You didn’t care at the moment though, you just wanted to know why you were leaving your aunt.
Ignoring Tony, you looked at your aunt and whispered,
 “ Did...did I do something wrong?” 
Immediately, Pams eyes filled with tears as she quickly gathered you in her arms and responded with a loud, 
“Oh no, darling of course not”, She then proceeded to tell you the uncomfortable looking man at the table was in fact your father, who up till now you had never met. In fact, you never even fathomed the idea of having a father as your mom had always told you that you were a gift from some fairies she helped. You turned to the man who quietly sat at the table and looked over the man who was said to be your father.
He was definitely a handsome man. He wore a fancy looking suit and some tinted glasses even though he was inside. His hair was dark brown and messy, as if he was tugging or running his fingers through it. His skin looked to be am olive color but it was hard to tell as he looked kind of pale in the light of the small apartment you called home. You thought it was odd he hadn’t said anything other than introducing himself. 
“ Is it true? Are you really my dad?” You asked in a quiet voice.
He finally spoke, “Yeah kid, I’m your dad”
To you, I did surrender
Two weeks, you didn’t call
It’s been two weeks since you were taken by Hydra. Two weeks since you were injected with that mystery substance. You didn’t die, at least you don’t think you did. But you didn’t exactly feel alive either. You were colder than usual, like your body temperature lowered. You slept longer than normal especially the first three days after you were injected. The guards had to wake you up just to get you to eat. But the most worrying symptom of all is that your eyes were the same shade of neon blue as the liquid that was injected into your body. And everytime your eyes turned blue, something weird would happen. 
For example, the first time you noticed your eyes were blue, you woke up from the first long sleep.The second time, you thought you heard voices, screaming in agony and despair.This was odd because you were the only one in that cell block. As you came back to reality, you realized that you could see other ghostly figures in the once empty cells, and that you were floating three feet above your bed. 
Within the two weeks you were in that cell, you learned that that day you were injected, your heart did stop for an hour until you miraculously sprung back to life with a loud gasp, scaring the absolute shit out of the Hydra guards that were tasked with disposing your body. That would go through physical changes as well. Your once brown skin would change to a pale ghostly blue. And your black kinky hair would change to a shocking neon blue to match the color of your eyes.
For two weeks, you learned the ins and outs of your newfound powers. Two weeks of being pushed to your absolute limits by power hungry scientists. Two weeks of learning the names of the dead around you in those cells. 
It took two weeks, to realize that your father truly didn’t care about you.
And looking back on it, you should’ve known
Your life, goes on without me  My life, a losing game
It had been a year since you had moved into the Avengers Tower with your father. It had taken you a while to warm up to the team and for the team to get used to having a child around. But once you all got to know each other, it was like having multiple aunts and uncles. Especially because you were around them more than your own father. 
Unfortunately, once you had settled in and gotten to know everyone, Tony had locked himself away in his lab. Tinkering on a new project for weeks on end, ignoring his responsibilities as a new father.
Now, this didn’t really affect you till you started school. Tony had forgotten to pick you up multiple times, causing you to wait for hours on end till either Steve or Pepper realized that you hadn’t come home and rushed to the school , only to see you waiting on the front steps talking the ear off of the unlucky teacher who had to stay behind to wait with you.
Of course word got around that Y/N Stark was being forgotten at school everyday, thus prompting the kids at school to taunt you everyday after school.
“Where's your daddy Y/N??”
“I bet he leaves you here so you can get kidnapped so he doesn’t have to look at you”
“Your own dad doesn’t even love you”
Once you got to middle school, you joined as many after school clubs to hide the fact that there was no one to pick you up. And a small part hoped that it would be enough to gain your fathers attention. But it didn’t happen.
“Daddy! I made the volleyball team!”
“hmm, oh that's great kid, can you pass me that wrench”
“Dad! I’m in the robotics club”
“Y/N I’m really busy right now”
“ Hey dad...can you help me with--”
“Not now, go ask Pepper”
No matter what you did, you could never get his attention long enough. Nothing you did was good enough. You never got so much as a “welcome home” or a “ have a good day at school kiddo”. And you were fine with that. You were, because you knew that even though he didn’t show it, Tony Stark really did love you.
But you should, you should not doubt me You will remember my name.
After learning the extent of your powers, which included; flying,the ability to talk and see the dead, energy blasts, floating through walls, and the ability to shut off your powers at will. You decided it was time for you to make plans to escape. 
You’d like to think that you were really good at pretending. 
You did it on a daily basis, really. You pretended to be happy, not to notice Tony’s neglect, like you didn’t see the pity glances the rest of the team gave you. So convincing your captors that they finally broke you down wasn’t really a challenge. 
“....fine..i’ll help you” You said in a tired weak voice.
The two guards were startled at first, not expecting you to speak so suddenly
“You..what?” The younger of the two asked in a suspicious tone.
“I said I want to help you” you repeated a little louder. 
The first guard looked to the second, obviously confused at your sudden change of heart. They had a silent conversation with their eyes, as if debating on whether this was a trick or not. Finally, the older of the two turned to you and said,
“This better not be a trick, Stark.”
And with that, he started to unlock the door to your cell. 
“Okay, now I can either fight them now  and make a break for it, or I can wait till i get to the--” 
Your thoughts were cut off by a loud wailing, piecing your ears and automatically giving you a headache. Wincing in pain you look around the empty cell blocks and try to locate the spirit that’s making all that noise. When you see it, your heart breaks. It’s a young boy, around your age. The first thing you notice about him is that he had white hair, kinda Danny Phantom. As you continued to stare at the boy, his head suddenly turned and you both made eye contact, the movement startling you enough to make you jerk in the hold of the guards
“ HEY, eyes forward!” shouted the older guard. “There's no way out, if that's what you're looking for’ He said in a smug tone.
“I said I wanted to join you, why would I want to escape?” You reply, irritation dripping from your words.
“Just don’t pull any tricks kid.”
God does he have any other lines, you think to yourself mentally rolling your eyes. Sounds familiar.
Oh Ember, you will remember
Oh Ember, one thing remains
“Y/N I’m busy, go as--” “I know, go ask Pepper”
“Oh kid, I’m sorry I forgot” “ yeah, I know”
“You’re on the volleyball team” “ yes dad. For four years now”
“Y/N! I’m gonna be in the lab with Peter so try not to bother us.”
“Y/N me and Peter--”
“Good job, Peter”
“Hey Peter--”
God were you tired of that name. You never ever felt the feeling of envy and anger as much as you did when Peter came into your life. 
In fact, you were still healing from almost losing your family you found in the Avengers. Your dad didn’t want you around the “traitors” as he privately called them, so you were secluded. Watching them from afar and yearning for the comfort of hearing Steves pre-war stories, helping Clint pull off the most ridiculous pranks, helping Wanda teach Vision how to cook, and most of all you missed talking to Natasha. She reminded you of your aunt Pam, mainly because they both had red hair. You hoped that your father would understand this loss and step up now that you really needed a connection, but no. He decided that Peter Parker deserved all his attention. So you stopped trying as hard.
Oh Ember, So warm and tender You will remember my name
You walk into a room with a singular table and no windows. Sat at the table was a bald man writing in a notebook. The two guards lead you to the table and make you sit opposite of the bald man. He looks up at you and smiles.
“So, Ms. Stark has finally decided to comply?” He asks in a smug tone. You roll your eyes and answer back in a sarcastic tone,
“Yeah yeah, just cut the crap and tell me what you want me to do.”
The bald man just smiles and looks at you, as if trying to read your mind to figure out your motives. 
“Well”, he says, leaning back into his chair. “Lets get down to business.” He then proceeds to talk about the process of join his team and what you will be doing. But you don’t hear a word of it. Because you were going to escape this hell hole one way or another. 
“Well then, lets get you changed.” said the bald man. “Yeager, Jennings, take our guest to to her new room. 
“Huh so they do have names.” You think, as they pull you out of the chair and into the hallway. Walking back into the cell block, you make eye contact with that white haired boy again. He’s quiet as he watches you walk back to your room, then he disappears. 
You finally get back to your cell and notice a pair of black spandex, black halter top, grey boots and some black gloves on the floor. Changing into them, you take your hair into a pineapple with a hair tie they had given you. Looking into the piece of metal you used as a mirror, you changed into your ghost form. Suddenly, you hear a male voice behind you.
“Don’t let them know you can do that.” 
You startle and turn around, only to see none other than the white haired boy. He looked equally as startled as he realized you can see and hear him. 
“Why not?” you asked, changing back to your normal self.
“Because, they won’t ever let you leave.You’re already the first one to survive the injection. If they realize you can go ghost, they’ll do everything in their power to control you.”
Your mind flashed to Bucky. How Steve told you that they kept him. Brainwashing him over and over till he just became a weapon. You were not going to let them do that to you. You looked back at the boy.
“Can you help me get out of here?” you asked hopefully. The boy looked at you and said, 
“Well I’ve got nothing else to do.” You let go a sigh of relief. You were about to say something when you heard Yeager and Jennings walking down the hallway.
“They’re coming” You whisper, “ what do I do?”
“This base is small. All the people here are the only ones who know about it. They’re all going to be in the training room you’re being taken to. Wait till you get there, phase into the floor to the basement and blow up the heater. That should cause the whole building to cave in” 
You again don’t get to respond, as the two men finally get to your cell and unlock it. You walk out of the cell, head held high and allow them to lead you to the training room. Despite the look of confidence, you were dreading the next few moments. 
“So how come I’m the only one here?” you ask, even though you know the answer. The older guard looks at you and says
“You’re the only one who survived.” You fake a look of shock and look forward as if the news made you uneasy. And it did. It made you mad that these people didn’t care that they were murdering innocent people. They couldn’t hear the cries and the wails of agony these poor trapped souls emitted. In a way, it was ironic. Back at the tower, you were the poor soul nobody could see. And now you were surrounded by them.
Your heart, your heart is rendered Your loss, now bear the shame
This was the last straw. There was only so much you an take before you broke and this was it.
 Tony didn’t intend for you to hear it, but god did it hurt all the same. One phrase shattered your whole world. 
“You know Spiderling, your kinda like the kid I always wanted to have.”
An tense silence filled the common room. The first time in months you were able to see th eteam and they had to bear witness to this. Of course they did, who else would give you that stare full of sorrow and pity. You barely even noticed though. You were too busy looking at the “heartwarming scene.”
“that's such bullshit” Oh, how you wish you had a camera if only to capture the look of pure “oh shit” painted on Steve's face.
“What..what was that kid?” Asks your father. You turn to him, a fury in your eyes that nobody has ever seen.
Tony and Peter look at you in shock “Y/n..wha..what are you talking about?” Peter asks in a baffled voice.
“Oh eat shit Peter! You know exactly what I’m talking about! Do you not find it weird, that your new mentor spends every single second of free time he has on you and not with his daughter?? Or are you so needy for some sort of parental validation that you don’t even care??” 
Deep down you know it’s not Peters fault. Hell, you two probably could have been good friends if your dad wasn’t such a tool. 
“Hey kid, I don’t know what's gotten into you, but that was way over the line.” Said Tony in a stern voice. Your eyes harden.
“Oh, did I hurt your poor little spiders feelings?? I didn’t even know you cared about other peoples feelings Tony? Or is it just your daughters that you ignore ?”
“What are you talking about? I don’t ignore you, stop being so over dramatic.”
OVERDRAMATIC?? DO YOU REALIZE THE ONLY THING YOU KNOW ABOUT ME IS MY NAME??” You are now sobbing. “ Do you even know my favorite color? How old I am?” 
Tony looks at you, eyes wide.”Y/N...” You cut him off
“Just forget it. I understand now. I will never be important to you. Not like Peter apparently is. I just wish it didn't take me eight years to figure that out.” And with that, you run out of the room, tears running down your cheeks and ignoring the calls of your father, the team, and Peter. 
You run for a few blocks and cry in an alleyway. not the smartest idea but you were too upset to care. And as you cry, you don’t notice the dark shadow behind you before its too late and the world goes dark.
Like dead trees, in cold december  Nothing but ashes remain
The hydra base was now engulfed with flames.  Your body was tired from phasing through the walls, and your head hurts from those energy blasts. But one thing brings some happiness in your heart as you watch all the souls that were trapped there realize they are free. All but one, the white haired kid. He walks up to you. 
“So you did it.” He says with a smile. You smile back. 
“Yeah I did.  Thanks to you.”
“Blue suits you.” he says with a blush. You squint at him for a second and let out a chuckle. 
“Thanks” ,You’re both silent for a few seconds, watching the souls leave. You speak up again. 
“Why aren’t you leaving like them” You question him.
“I don’t know, I guess my time here isn’t up.” he says looking out at the horizon. You nod and look at around trying to figure out where you are. 
“So, what are you going to do next” he asks. Your body stiffens as you are filled with resentment.
“I’m going to visit my father.” You say, eyes glowing a neon blue.
You will remember my name.
A/N: HI!so this is my first ever fanfic! i hope anyone who reads this enjoys it!! Let me know what you think and what i can improve on!💕
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diavolosthots · 8 months ago
This got really long so i put it under a cut and I'm totally going backward with this series but i cant help myself. I HAVE to start with my husband. Most of these are my own headcanons but please read the warning.
Warning: some of these are confirmed in lessons/devilgrams. If you dont want spoilers, don't read the ones in red. (Also Note: I remember reading all of these either in the game or on the official wiki page but I could not find all the in-game sources if you asked me to. Still, they are tagged as spoilers.)
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾DIAVOLO Life Headcanons☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Diavolo’s dad, the Demon King (whom I Headcanon to be named Daemon. I could write headcanons on that guy too?? Lemme know what you guys want) loved Diavolo’s mom dearly and Diavolo was thus a product of pure love, not necessarily just to have an heir. That’s just a bonus. 
Sadly Diavolo’s mom died in childbirth, leaving only the Demon King and Barbatos to take care of him. 
This caused the King to begin resenting his son and Daemon grew cold. Barbatos was, more often than not, the one who took care of little Diavolo, although Diavolo tried desperately to win his dad’s affections, never truly understanding why his father would hate him. 
Diavolo was a rambunctious child and caused a lot of trouble, much to his father’s dismay, and he found himself in trouble a lot. 
On top of that, Diavolo is also highly emotional and it wasn’t until much later that he learned that tears won’t get him anywhere. Barbatos used to give him sweets and tea every time he cried, which was a lot thanks to his dad.
Although the butler did stop this at some point, that’s definitely where Diavolo’s love for tea came from
Barbatos is definitely, and has always been, someone he confided in, and he found it hard to view him as nothing but a ‘servant’, per his dad. It’s not even that his father hated Barbatos or thought of him as lesser than, he just didn’t like that Diavolo confided more in him than anyone else. 
Diavolo definitely had a rebellious phase as he grew up. The mixture of his absent-father’s non-existent love and the responsibilities put on his shoulders from a very young age got too much for him at some point and let’s just say…. Diavolo had a lot of ‘oopsies’ in his ‘teenage’ years. 
If you know, you know. They are no longer among the living. R.I.P. 
People used Diavolo a lot because of this, though. The lack of care and love at home caused a young Diavolo to be naive and trust too easily, getting hurt in the process
Which is why Barbatos now has a torture chamber for the enemies of Diavolo (or people who just want/use him for the wrong reasons)
When Diavolo didn’t try to escape the castle for some love, he found comfort in art and unbeknownst to both his father and anyone else working at the castle, Barbatos helped him build a mini art gallery up in one of the towers where Diavolo still goes for some relaxation or just to think. 
A lot of people backstabbed him as he grew up and even he himself backstabbed a lot of people as well. At some point he saw the hurt he caused and decided to never lie again, and now he’s always telling the truth, albeit he can beat around the bush a lot, and knows for certain when someone else is lying to him. 
At some point, his father forbade him to treat Barbatos as more than a trusted servant and that pretty much solidified his dislike, not hatred, for his father. 
As he grew up into the man he is now, he started to see his dad as more of an authoritarian ruler that works for his own political gain rather than the well being of everyone. The Devildom was never in shambles, or anything, but one could feel a clear hierarchy and there was definitely tension with the other two realms 
His father was actually the one is (somewhat, if not fully) started the war against heaven (not to be confused with the celestial war that the brothers were part of)
Now, he never hated his father, truly. To a certain extent, he actually understood why his father was the way he was. He lost his beloved wife for a son he had to grow a new relationship with. Diavolo never thought his father hated him, either, but one could tell that their relationship was filled with grief, heartache, and even a sense of regret. 
Diavolo never blamed his father, though, and as he grew older, he took certain aspects of his father’s character into his own: loyalty, ambition, and honesty. 
That’s why his father stepped down, but not fully since Diavolo hasn’t been crowned yet. The Demon King is tired; tired of pushing through the days, and Diavolo understands. 
The situation with his parents is also the reason why Diavolo refuses to settle down so easily. He’s scared of both A.) trusting the wrong people again, like he had many times before, and B.) of having the same fate as his father and mother. 
That and Barbatos is highly protective of him lol Good luck getting past the butler if you want to be with the future King. 
One of the main reasons Diavolo keeps up the naive and himbo attitude is also because he never got to be a kid. His father pushed him straight into royal life once he was old enough to comprehend things. 
This does not mean, though, that Diavolo is actually a himbo. He’s quite intelligent and there’s a reason for everything he does. 
Diavolo doesn’t believe in coincidences and is a firm believer in fate; that everything happens as it should and for a reason (A/N: homie is a determinist and that lowkey makes me happy lol)
That’s why he’s perfectly fine taking his time and doing his thing. He likes to have a certain sense of control, of course, but not to the extent that Lucifer does. He’s cool going with the flow as well. 
Speaking of Lucifer, the reason he views him as a best friend and even family is because Diavolo believes he can relate to the absence of a father that’s supposed to be there no matter what
That and because Lucifer is brutally honest. He doesn’t take Diavolo for granted and he certainly doesn’t want Diavolo around for the riches and fame. Diavolo appreciates that a lot. 
Diavolo gets along with pretty much everyone; he’s very adaptable because he has to be. However, that doesn’t necessarily make him an extrovert. As a matter of fact, he’s actually more of an introvert and likes to keep to himself or with a limited group of close friends
Speaking of friends, Diavolo doesn’t have a lot, if any, outside of the brothers and Barbatos. It’s hard to know who to trust when so many people just want to use him or rob him, even strip him of his title. 
Diavolo is very lonely, as a matter of fact, and he hopes, prays even, that he could find a bond with someone, anyone, like Lucifer shares with his brothers. In a sense, he may even be jealous of the seven. 
Although his life was less than peachy, even if he did have everything anyone could ever wish for, Diavolo craves true emotional connections, which is why he clings to Barbatos and Lucifer. 
This, however, doesn’t mean he is helpless. He’s very much an independent, intelligent, and ambitious man, and he is excited for the future, whatever it may hold. 
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bumblesimagines · 9 months ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
Ppl seemed to like the Imagine and nobody really said anything about it being a fic but I like that (Y/N) sooo. For anyone confused about the root things, (Y/N) has root bracelets on each wrist that he can control. He can't make roots come out of his hands or anything. (Y/N) isn't gender neutral ik I use second person for a gender neutral reader but I'm starting to rlly like second person view lmao. If people like this enough, I might keep this fic going to Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame.
You placed your hands on the sides of the pot, watching the dead flower slowly regain its color. You could hear the faint sound of chatting and music from the party Tony was holding. Parties were never your thing. Parties meant crowds of nosy people with nothing else better to do. You heard your bedroom door open, turning around and looking at Clint.
"Hey, why don't you come downstairs? The party's ending." Clint offered a small smile, holding his side. You looked back at the flower, standing and gently placing it back with the other flowers on your desk. You approached Clint, feeling him gently wrap an arm around your shoulder.
"How's Laura?" You asked softly. Clint grinned, licking his lips as he glanced at you. You liked Clint. He was like the father or older brother you never had.
"She misses you. She mentioned wanting you to move in once training was complete." Clint revealed, looking at you. You blinked, brows raising as you stared at his face, wondering if he was joking.
"Think it over." Clint gave your shoulder a small squeeze as you joined the others, nodding to Maria. She gave a nod in return, a small tight smile on her face. You didn't blame them for not trusting you. You had attempted to kill them a few times out of fear. You took a seat on the couch, watching the Avengers laugh and chat. You stayed silent, fingers gently tracing the root bracelets.
"You thought of those yourself?" Maria asked softly, tilting her head. You looked at her, nodding.
"Having them on me makes me feel safer." You replied quietly, looking back at the roots. You continued to trace them, watching them shift slightly at your touch. Dr. Cho leaned over, humming in fascination.
"It's incredible how responsive they are to you." She whispered softly, meeting your gaze briefly for permission. You nodded, watching her reach out and touch them.
"How much can you feel? Or is it just a control thing?" She asked.
"Uhm, I know when they're dying or are in need of something but they don't feel pain so.. Hurting them doesn't hurt me." You explained. Dr. Cho nodded in understanding, leaning back.
"I'd love to ask you more questions later, if you don't mind." She gave a kind smile. You looked up upon hearing grunts, watching Clint attempt to pick up Mjollnir while Thor watched on in amusement. He gave up, chuckling. Tony went next, the smug look on his face disappearing when he couldn't lift it. You chuckled softly, watching James try to help Tony but the hammer didn't even budge.
"(Y/N), why don't you give it a try?" Clint asked after Bruce went. You licked your lips, glancing at the Avengers when their gazes went to you.
"Go on, give it a try." Thor encouraged with a a big smile. You stood up, walking up to the table where the hammer sat. You grabbed the handle, roots slithering down your hands and wrapping around the hammer. You pulled, suprised to find it was definitely harder than it looked.
"Don't pull a muscle, kid." Clint called, chuckling as you huffed, letting go of it and retracting the roots. You took a seat beside Clint, gently leaning against him as Steve went next. He went at it but wasn't able to lift it.
"It's rigged." Tony called with a shrug as Clint stood, a chuckle leaving him.
"You bet your ass."
"Steve, he said a bad language word." Maria pointed out in playful seriousness. You chuckled softly. Clint had told you all about Steve and the bad language joke. You stood up, about to call it a day before a ringing noise stopped you in your tracks. You looked up, noticing a half built robot limping into the room, mumbling stuff.
"Clint?" You called out, frowning. Clint looked at you before turning around, standing up as everyone's attention shifted to the robot. Clint slowly backed up until you were within arms reach. He knew you could protect yourself but he cared about you too much to let you get hurt.
"How could you be worthy? You're all killers." The robot said, motioning at them with its broken arm.
"Stark?" Steve's gaze stayed locked on the robot. The robot continued to speak, stumbling about. He replayed a clip of Stark saying something. Maria took out her gun, slowly standing up. Clint immediately grabbed you when the robots bursted into the room, pulling you along and hiding.
"Stay here." Clint whispered, standing up. You frowned, watching him go. Your looked over the room, noticing Dr. Cho attempting to hide behind the piano. You stood, quickly going over to her as a robot rose up. You raised your hand, making a root shoot out at it and wrap around its neck, throwing the robot to the side and watching it break.
"Thank you." Dr. Cho whispered as things began to calm down. You helped her stand, making eye contact with Clint as Thor threw his hammer at 'Ultron', breaking him into pieces.
"(Y/N), go to your room." Clint breathed out.
"No, he deserves to know what happened here." Steve said, giving you a nod.
You licked your lips, glancing at Clint when he silently drew an arrow. You unclenched your fists, watching the root bracelets around your wrists grow and wrap around your fingers. You were surprised you had even been asked to tag along considering you were still new and young. You watched the Maximoff twins, stare at Tony with pure hatred. Not long ago, you were also an enemy of the Avengers. Clint had taken you under his wing, practically adopting you after everything. You assumed you were only allowed to tag along because of your powers. You had gained better control of them over time.
"Stay alert and stay close." Clint told you, shooting the arrow once the fight began. You watched the robots, nodding. You leaned forward, slightly over the railing, fingers moving. The roots wrapped around them shot out, wrapping around one of the robots that had lunged for Steve. You moved your arms back and apart, watching the robot be ripped apart. Steve looked up towards you, giving a greatful nod. Clint grinned, drawing another arrow. You noticed a flash of blue and white running below, keeping an eye on it. Another root shot out, successfully making the male Maximoff trip and stumble. You retracted the root, shifting your attention onto the men with guns.
"What a shitshow." You muttered, sighing softly. Clint glanced at you in amusement.
"Language." He called playfully, chuckling when he heard Steve groan. You let a small smile slip, roots wrapping around the necks of two of the gunmen. You slowly clenched your fists, making the roots strangle them. You heard Thor mention something about the Maximoff girl trying to mind control him.
"Drop 'em." Clint said, giving you a pointed look. "Only make them pass out, don't kill them."
"Fine." You huffed, dropping the men with a small scowl. Clint shot an arrow that knocked out a whole floor, giving a satisfied hum. You heard soft footsteps, spinning around and grabbing the girl Maximoff by the throat, grip tightening with each passing second. Her eyes were wide, caught off guard. Fear flashed in them briefly. Clint quickly planted an electrical arrow on her forehead. You removed your hands, glancing at Clint.
"You seriously need some freshing up on those people skills." Clint said, shaking his head. You scoffed, head tilting slightly.
"She's the enemy!"
"No killing-" You were suddenly shoved forward, bumping into Clint and crashing into what seemed like a control room. You grunted as pain struck up your back, turning your head and watching Pietro pick up his sister bridal style. You shot out your hand but he dodged the roots, using his superspeed to run off.
"Yeah, you better run." You heard Clint breath out. You turned towards him, roots retracting completely.
"Are you okay?" You asked softly, feeling glass digging into your hands as you slowly stood up, grunting softly. There was definitely gonna be a big bruise on your back when you checked later. You helped Clint stand, watching him attempt to contact the others. You leaned over the railing, seeing Steve laying on some stairs. You raised your hand, having the roots grab onto something sturdy before jumping over the railing and heading down to the floor he was at. You approached him, crouching down, cupping his face and seeing his red eyes and dazed look.
"The girl got to Steve." You said, sighing softly.
"Natasha as well." Clint replied. "Seems like the whole team is out of commission."
"Wonder what they're seeing." You muttered, standing and having the roots gently wrap around Steve's arms and waist. They were thin so dragging him along was the only choice.
"Having fun on your first mission yet?"
"Oh, fuck off, Clint." You called with a huff, trying to drag America's sweetheart across a ship, avoiding bodies and trying to keep his head from bumping into stuff.
"Sorry, buddy." You winced, watching Steve's head bump against some steps. Once outside, you were able to drag him along with more ease, getting him inside the step as Clint went to get Thor. Natasha had slowly come out of her daze, groaning softly and holding her head. You looked at him, gently slapping him. Steve gasped, panting softly as his blue eyes met your (E/C) ones.
"Welcome back." You muttered, standing up.
"What happened?" Natasha asked, looking at you with furrowed brows. She looked around the ship, standing.
"Where's Banner?" She asked with a frown. You rubbed the back of your neck, stepping aside so Steve could get up.
"He.. He and Stark are in the city. He hulked out." You told her, concern appearing on her features. Natasha cursed under her breath, though her mind seemed to be somewhere else. You turned towards the entrance, seeing Tony with Bruce. Clint returned with Thor, silence filling the air as Clint got the aircraft in the air. Clint motioned for you to get closer, a smile appearing on his face.
"You did amazing today." The praise made you smile, nodding as you glanced down at the ground. It had been your first real fight.
"Does that mean-"
"Not yet, we still need to work on some things. Soon enough, you'll be officially part of the team." Clint assured. You nodded, taking a seat nearby and sighing. Clint steered the ship to his home, landing it. The Avengers seemed confused at the unknown location but you happily got out of the aircraft. Clint chuckled, watching you head up to the house and enter.
"Honey? We've got company!" Clint called. Laura appeared from one of the rooms, smile widening.
"Hey, sweetie." Laura cooed, arms extending and wrapping around you. Both of you chuckled when the baby kicked.
"Someone's happy to see you too." Laura smiled, placing a hand on her belly before greeting Clint with a kiss.
"Gentlemen, this is Laura." Clint introduced her to the team. You enjoyed Laura's company. Her warmness was welcoming and she had been more than happy to take you in. Footsteps echoed lightly, preparing Clint to greet his kids. You smiled, watching them greet him. Natasha had been the only other one who knew about Clint's family. Lila gasped softly upon seeing you, quickly running towards you. You bent down, picking her up and chuckling.
"Miss me?" You asked, giving her a gentle hug. Laura looked over, smiling softly.
"Of course she missed they missed their cool big brother." Laura said, giggling softly when Lila noticed Natasha and happily went over to hug her. Cooper took Lila's spot, giving you a big grin. Thor suddenly left the house, Steve following.
"What have you been up to?" You asked, watching Coppers eyes light up. He grabbed your hand, pulling you along to his room. Laura and Clint hadn't officially adopted you but they were more than happy to do it. Once you were done with training, they were gonna get the papers and make you a Barton.
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hvnlyuzuha · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
gojo x black child! reader
fluff, angst kinda… maybe idk
summary: headcanons about gojo becoming a single father
word count: unknown/ too lazy to find out
warnings: ummm ig kinda child abandonment, implied mentions of comas, also unedited
notes: i might be make this a series but idk. it is also a fem! reader
pt 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gojo is canonically a whore
so i’m sorry to say you were most definitely the product of a one nightstand
probably the classic left on the doorstep bit. you were around four months old.
at first he’d deny it
“this can’t be my kid! i’m too lucky. i’m only 23 for god’s sake. this has to be some sort of prank.”
he paced around until he heard giggles. he saw you, with your white small Afro and crystal blue eyes staring at him
“of course ur laughing.”
you stuck your tongue out at him
he was like “yeah, she’s my kid.”
the next day after all the paperwork to make you his official daughter, he took you to see megumi
“what the hell is this?” was the first thing you heard from megumi
“you see, this is what we call a baby.”
but overall megumi looks at you like a baby sister
tsumiki adores you and definitely babysits you with megumi
she loves to do your hair in different styles like the classic puffs, or twist with beads at the end
so cute
you were very upset when tsumiki had to “go away for a while”
back to gojo
he’s not good with responsibility, and a child was a huge one
“alexa! how do i change a diaper?”
nanami was a huge help
“gojo you shouldn’t hold a child like that-“
“she’s five months old you can’t feed her solids!”
shoko is also a huge help and a mother figure
she’s loves to get you anything that she thinks you might like
but your a baby and babies like almost anything
she quit smoking to be a better example for you but she started again
when you got a bit older like four/five gojo would start really spoiling you
like you ask for something boom you get it
gojo tried to baby proof before... let’s say he had to rent a hotel room while his house got repaired
gojo isn’t the greatest cook. after all he grew up in a clan with maids and stuff so he never really cooked before. but when you came along he himself wanted to make you meals. he burned rice
“daddy, the rice taste nasty.”
“it taste fine, princess.” *cue him eating some and almost barfing*
“okay yeah. we’ll get take takeout.”
when you met nobara and itadori you were five
or ‘noba’ and ‘dori’ to you
can you imagine these two with a five year old?
pure chaos
a lot of sugar rushes
itadori probably had to get his stomach pumped
poor megumi is just trying to keep y’all alive
getting back on topic now
gojo often had to go on missions for long periods of time
so he often leaves you at the college or with Nanami or with the second years
you looked up to maki
you even have matching fake glasses
she taught you how to use a staff
you and toge have deep conversations about useless things
and panda gives you endless piggyback rides
when gojo comes back from his mission prepared to be extra spoiled
when it comes down to hair, he is surprisingly good at it
he has spent most of his free time watching YouTube videos to figure how to do your hair
now he can do puffs, braids, twists, and he can almost do cornrows
you are the best dressed baby ever
gojo gets clothes custom made and you can’t convince me otherwise
a lot of matching clothes
like those corny ass ones like “the greatest dad” and “the greatest daughter” type shit
overall gojo is a great father and is learning as he goes
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eyesofcrows · 9 months ago
Seriously, Take Me Seriously (Phic Phight Prompt!)
For @bubblegumbeech
“Aww, kid, you waiting for your brother or sister?” coos a pink-clad woman to Danny.
She’s unfairly tall and bending her knees to meet Danny’s smaller stature. They’re in the grassy area of the university, right outside the library and left of the clock tower. Danny had been working on his astrophysics work on a stone bench when the, what looks like, college freshman approached him.
She’s just concerned, Danny chants in his mind. Don’t get angry, don’t get angry.
Danny plasters a smile, knowing she’ll notice the fakeness—suppressing anger doesn’t mean he can’t be petty—and lowers his pencil from his notebook. “No, ma’am,” he says overly sugar-coated, “I’m a student here, third-year astrophysics major.”
The lady immediately straightens up, realizing how condescending her pose is, good. Her ponytail bounces as she jerks back and her eyes widen exponentially. Then she relaxes and punches his shoulder playfully, bringing a scowl onto his face. He swats it away, but she doesn’t seem to notice.
“You almost got me, kid,” she laughs breathily, readjusting her sliding knapsack as she does so.
Danny takes this moment to study his soon-to-be opponent—no, he can’t go making enemies at the first week of the Fall Semester, his counselor made that very clear. She clearly is a freshman; she had a sort of hopeful look and the most ‘I want to make a good first impression!’ clothes imaginable. Her hair is a glossy black and a small dash of freckles covers her cheeks. That youthful appearance is the only thing stopping Danny from blowing up.
“No, no, I really am a student. See, I’m doing my class’ homework right now.” He pushes on because he does want to settle this peacefully.
She peaks over to his wide-ruled notebook—which is super embarrassing that Walmart ran out of college-ruled since it made his kid-factor increase substantially—which had whole pages of the formula for light-years and parsecs. Sections entirely dedicated to complicated calculations and definition riddled it to the brink.
A surprised look crosses her and Danny couldn’t help but well up in pride.
“Whoa! You take advanced math?” She asks without a hint of malice, more of wow at meeting a ‘whiz kid.’
Danny screams on the inside while maintaining a tight-lipped smile.
No lady, this is the culmination of every semester I took to gain my degree. This is years of memorization and hard work, you flipping Business Major. Danny then groans internally as he realizes his unwillingness to curse even in his mind.
“But, seriously, why’re you here? Middle school ends at three, not twelve.”
That does it. It is one thing to mistake Danny to be a high schooler, but a completely demeaning thing to think middle school. He’s going to yell at this girl and probably earn a few rounds with a counselor for making another freshman cry. It’ll be worth it to wipe the patronizing smile off her face.
“Hey, Danny!” A voice from behind calls for him. The blond came trotting towards them with a few textbooks in hand, “Are you coming to Saturday move night? Tucker says he snagged some black and white films we can make fun of.”
Danny happily shifts his attention to his friend. Link is the RA of Danny’s dorm and had the habit of stopping Danny’s rage, even if they don't seem to realize it. They always had some supernatural ability to notice when Danny is in this mood.
However, the pink lady didn’t take this as an out. “Oh, do you know this boy, Link? Do you know who he’s waiting for?”
“Oh, uh.” Link’s hold on their books tightens as they realize the situation they walked into. With the way their eyes shift, probably thinking their next few words, Danny knows that Link didn’t want a repeat of last time.
They look at Danny with any hope that he could help, but Danny’s much too determined to shout if he has to say another thing out loud.
Link physically gulps, “Danny’s actually a junior here.”
She barks another laugh, “Wow, is this some new girl hazing? I didn’t… think that an… RA would..?” Her laughter dies down as her gaze switches between Link and Danny’s serious expressions. “You’re for real?”
They both grimly nod. Though Danny’s is much more enthusiastic.
It’s finally the woman’s turn to gulp. An instant look of regret crosses her and bites her lip a little. “God, I’m so sorry,” she says with the utmost sincerity. Danny giver her credit, she does sound sorry.
“It’s fine,” Danny replies, adding an edge to his voice. He forgives her, it’s an honest misunderstanding. Sue him if he holds a grudge.
The lady shifts her balance from one leg to the other, clearly guilty. Her grip on her bag’s strap tightens. “I, uh, have class starting soon. I have to go. Sorry again.” She quickly hightails out of there, unsurprising.
Link smiles sympathetically at Danny, “There’s some leftover pizza at the dorm, wanna snag a bit?”
Danny crosses his arms, glaring at the floor, “Why? Cuz I’m just a kid?”
They shake their head, “Nah, just know you like free food. Now let’s go, pizza’ll get cold.” The sentence made no sense because the pizza is tucked inside the communal refrigerator, but it made Danny smile nonetheless.
Link starts to walk off and Danny, of course, follows.
This always happens. It’s almost a daily occurrence at this point with how many people mistake him for either a really bright boy or a kid waiting on his sibling. He doesn’t even know if the other students even got past believing he’s actually twenty-one and not a whiz kid.
His dorm had mostly stopped making the mistake, but there’s always an influx when a new semester starts up. Usually, Tucker or Sam wait around to keep Danny from obliterating the new students, but Sam’s at a civil protest and Tucker’s robotics club has a lunch meeting.
“Danny!” Sam calls from a bean bag, she throws a pack of Doritos at him. He fumbles to catch it. “Glad to see you made it. Thought you’d bail like last time.”
It’s movie night now, and Danny carefully buried his interaction with the woman away. He’d spot her a few times on campus and she always had this embarrassed look when seeing Danny. That actually helps him get over it a lot.
They’re in a spare room in the dorms, carefully converted into a movie room. There’s an actual room where most dorm events happen, but the so-called ‘movie room’ became a tradition to watch in.
He falls into the red bean bag beside her. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
Tucker snorts from behind them. He’s fiddling with the projector and trying his best to get the old DVD player working. He always complains that he could fix it right up, but Link insists it is campus property and they shouldn’t mess with it unless it’s broken.
“Say that to the last party you missed, dude,” Tucker says from behind the large, metal contraption. “Link was so devastated that you weren’t able to come. They made it ghost-themed and everything.”
Danny rolls his eyes, sinking further into the bean bag. “Well, I’ll tell that to the Box Ghost next time he comes a-knocking. I’m sure he’ll understand if I got to stop the fight short to go to my college theme party.” He’d already apologized to the RA about it and would’ve gone if he really had a chance to. However, he isn’t going to go belly up when his friends are teasing him.
They share a small laugh.
In the dark of the room, Danny takes the time to appreciate how his friends look. They look older and more mature than when they were fourteen. Sam grew well taller than she was before. She still had the vaguely gothic look, but much subtler; A spider headband or spike collar on some occasions. Her hair’s curtain bangs now and she’d put in a small ponytail most of the time.
Tucker grew his hair a little at the top, still keeping the sides shaved. He switched the beret out for a beanie and the blocky glasses for thin frames. He’s grown a good few inches, slightly shorter than Sam. Of course, even with his new look, he’s still the nerdy tech geek he always is. He always has the latest Android in his pocket and his personal, self-made PDA in his other.
Sometimes it gets hard to look at them, even if they were his best friends.
“Danny,” Sam snaps him from his thoughts, “Do you have the notes for sociology? I spent the entire class catching up with my biology work to take any down.”
But they always manage to make him feel his age.
Danny breaks into a smile, “And I thought you were Missus Responsible. What was that about me paying attention in class?”
She laughs with amusement, slapping his shoulder with ease. “Shut up, man! Now c’mon, you know I’m a borderline C in this class.”
“Fine, fine, but you owe me,” Danny says, adding a tone of danger at the word ‘owe.’ Sam completely ignores it and thanks him. Damn—see? He can curse—he needs to work on his intimidation.
Other students funnel in, bringing their own blankets and pillows in tow. Sam and Danny always take the two best bean bags because they’re always early. As the people pass by, some of them ruffle his hair.
It’s a mild annoyance, but its instinctual to accept the ruffles. And he bets that those people also feel to ruffle whatever is smaller than them. It’s the order of the world, he guesses.
As their dorm mates gather and laugh at the crappy black and white, Danny’s small bunch of insecurities practically melt away.
Danny knows he’ll always be accepted despite his young looks, but sometimes it’s hard to think of himself as an adult. But then he remembers he’ll be an adult when he's ready. Right now, it’s college time and he gets to goof off as much as he can. He can flick Dorito chips at Tucker’s sleeping face—he always ends up sleeping through some of the movies—and still feel his age.
The incident is forgotten completely. Well, until Danny enters his newest class.
The professor takes a look at him. “Oh, what’re you doing here, little boy?”
And then Danny explodes.
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just4channie · 8 months ago
Idk i have this though about being Chan's girlfriend, and go to visit him at the studio after wearing a tight slutty dress in front of the kids, and being a little bratty to have his attention so Chan takes you to his studio for a little punishment.
aaaa anon i think i love you MWA MWA MWA
!! content warning: very jealous chan!, a wee bit of changbin in there cause i’m so weak for that man, light spanking, filthy filthy dirty talk, sub!reader, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex (always wear protection folks), light degradation, overstimuation, creampie kind of?
this is not proof-read btw so sorry for any mistakes LMFAO
((Ended up making this longer than I expected  OH WELL i couldn’t help myself I hope you enjoy smirk smirk)
Also errhmm it kind of switches between yours and Chan’s POV at one point but not for long)
Tumblr media
“How much longer do you need, babe?” Chan asked from the bedroom door, leaning against the frame with his arms crossed over his broad chest. “We don’t want to be late” he adds.
You set your brush on the bathroom counter, taking one last look at yourself in the mirror. You admired your body in your new dress, running your hands over your curves with a confident smile. While the dress wasn’t anything too risqué, it definitely hugged you in all the right places. 
“I’m done, I just need to grab a bag and put on some shoes. Can you get my tote bag out of the closet? The blue one?” you responded, turning the light off in the bathroom as you left. Chan didn’t get the chance to look at you yet, already rummaging through your shared closet space. It wasn’t hard to find your bag, since it stuck out like a sore thumb against Chan’s all black wardrobe. In the meantime, you picked out a pair of small black pumps, wanting to wear something classy but comfortable.  The silence in the room caught you off guard, no longer hearing Chan moving around. You turned to face him, letting out a breathy laugh as you caught him staring. You stood straight after putting on your shoes, waddling in a circle to show off your full outfit to your boyfriend
“What do you think? I bought it last week at the mall. I’m glad I was invited to the party with you, it finally gave me an exc-” you were cut off by Chan, his strong arms wrapping around your waste. He pulled you close to his chest, bending you back romantically. You laughed more, feeling his nose brush against yours.
“You look beautiful…” he mumbles with a smile, enclosing your lips with his. You cupped his face in your hands as you returned the kiss, humming softly. Chan kept a secure hold on you as he lifted you back up. As the two of you shared a passionate kiss, his hands gently roamed your body, reaching anywhere he could. You giggled after he gave your hips a squeeze, causing you to pull away from his lips. “Let’s get going. We don’t want to be late, right?” you asked, giving his chest a small shove as you repeated his own words from earlier. You took your bag from where Chan left it on the bed, offering your hand for him to take. Chan opted for slinking an arm around your waist, keeping you close to him as the two of you left your apartment. ----- The night went perfectly. Chan and the kids were holding a celebration on their recent kingdom wins, and of course, you were invited. It wasn’t a large party, mostly consisting of staff and a few friends. After stuffing yourself full with food, you and the boys all settled down on the large couch in one of the JYPE building’s lounge rooms. You initially sat down between Chan and Seungmin, the younger man respectfully keeping a small distance from you. You were comfortable with the boys at this point, but you did appreciate that they kept your personal space yours. Chan secretly appreciated it too. He wasn’t normally one to get possessive over you, but things often changed when he had a few drinks in his system. Tonight however, seemed to be going fine. Everyone was in a great mood. 
“Y/N, can you do me a favor?” Felix asked you sweetly from across the couch. You turned towards him, nodding your head
“Can you go back to the party and grab some plates and napkins? I want to dig into my cake already” he replies, holding up the plastic cake box he brought with him, a beautifully decorated cake inside. 
“Sure, I’ll be right back” you say, getting up from your spot on the couch. Chan’s hand that was wrapped around your waist this whole time, lingered. As you stood up, he let his hand brush over the curve of your ass. You shot him a look, swatting his hand away playfully. He chuckled in response, shrugging his shoulders innocently
“Want help, babe?” he asked, starting to stand from the couch. You stopped him before he could stand up, shaking your head
“That’s okay. It’s just some plates. Won’t take me long” you reply, walking down the hall to where the staff were still gathered. Chan let out a small puff, settling back into the couch. He couldn’t help but watch you walk away, his eyes glued to your form. That dress was driving him crazy. His mind began to wander for a moment, thoughts of previou nights flooding his brain. Your soft moans, the way you fit so perfectly in his lap, or the look on your face as you swallowed around hi-
“I’m getting a drink” Changbin announced, pulling Chan from his daydream. Chan cleared his throat, casually adjusting his position to hide the growing boner in his pants. His eyes followed Changbin as he left the room, heading in the same direction as you had. Normally, Chan wouldn’t think twice of this. He had no reason to be jealous, or to be suspicious, especially of his members. But, something about the smirk on Changbin’s face made his blood boil. Chan chewed his bottom lip, drumming his fingers on his leg.
She should be back by now he thought to himself. It had been nearly 5 minutes since you left. It didn’t take that long to grab a few plates and a handful of napkins. Chan grunted, getting up from the couch. Seungmin, scooted away from him, feeling the heat from his leader’s body. He glanced over at the others, Jisung concealing a snicker behind his hand. They all knew when Chan was jealous. 
Chan stalked through the hall, moving towards the main room again. He could hear some voices over the music playing, but most of the staff had left at this point. He couldn’t hear yours though, nor Changbin’s. He stopped in the doorway, his eyes darting around the room until they landed on your form. For a second, all he could see was you. How beautiful you looked in your dress, your thighs peeking out from underneath it. But he couldn’t ignore the arm around your waist. An arm that wasn’t his.
Changbin had approached you shortly after you made it to the main room. It didn’t take you long to find what you needed, but you had gotten distracted by all the food still leftover. You shuffled down the line, picking at a few things happily. That’s when you felt an arm snake around your waist. At first, you thought it was Chan, since he’d been practically glued to your side the whole night. But you were surprised to see it was Changbin. 
“You look really nice tonight, Y/N” he said quietly, his voice low in your ear. You tried to hold back the shiver that ran through your body, but you were weak to the way he spoke to you. He kept his hold on you light, though his hand began to roam, slowly sliding to your backside.
“Has Chan told you how good this dress looks on you yet? I hope he has..” he continues, his signature smirk plastered on his face. You respectfully smiled, taking baby steps in the opposite direction. You liked Changbin, but his flirtatious side became too intense when he was drunk. Luckily, you didn’t have to find a way to escape this time, your boyfriend coming just in time. 
“Excuse me” Chan interrupted, now standing behind the two of you. Changbin looked over his shoulder, tensing up as soon as he saw the older male. His hand retracted from your body, taking a step away from you. He blurted out an apology to Chan before quickly leaving the room, scurrying to the other room. 
“Ah, Channie. Don’t get mad at him, he didn’t do anything weird. You know how he gets” you say, turning to face your boyfriend. He looked at you, his expression unreadable. You couldn’t tell if he was mad or calm. It was a little intimidating. He smiled shortly afterwards though, taking hold of your hand. You blinked, surprised by his response
“Come with me real quick, I want to show you something” he says calmly, starting to lead you out of the room. You looked back at the stack of plates you left at the end of the table
“But I haven't brought back the plates yet” you say, following your boyfriend. Not that you really had a choice on where you were going, his grip on your hand getting stronger by the second.
“Forget that” was all he responded with, his tone firm. You knew this tone of voice, but were shocked he was using it here of all places. You didn’t have to look at his face to know his cute smile was gone by now. He was serious. You didn’t say anything else, keeping quiet as Chan led you through the building's halls and to his studio. You bit your lip, stepping into his dark studio after he opened the door. Within seconds of the door closing, Chan was crowding you until your back hit the wall, trapping you between him.
“What did Changbin say to you?” Chan growled, his eyes burning into yours. You shrunk down slightly, your thighs instinctively pressing together. Something about Chan’s behavior instantly turning you on. He only acted this way in the bedroom or upset. Chan kept one hand pressed against the wall, his free hand sliding down your side, stopping to firmly grasp your hips. 
“Nothing..he just gave me a compliment, that’s all” you reply with a whimper, your hands finding their way to his shoulders. You felt him relax slightly under your touch, but he didn’t let your delicate hands break his aura. 
He leaned down, his lips attaching to the skin just below your ear. He nibbled gently at first, enjoying the soft mewls that left your lips. His kisses got more rough as he moved down your neck. Meanwhile, the hand on your hip followed your arms to his chest. He took hold of one of your hands, guiding it down the expanse of his torso to his pants. He let out a deep groan as he pressed your hand against the growing bulge in his pants. 
“You’ve been driving me crazy all night...Maybe this dress was a bad idea” he sighs against your neck, his voice muffled between his lips against your neck. Your eyes fluttered closed as you slowly palmed him through his pants, his hips bucking against your hand. You didn’t have any intention of teasing Chan with your dress, but you knew it was a magnet for the other member’s gazes.  
Chan removed himself from your neck, licking his lips as he eyed you down. You opened your eyes, taking your hand away, waiting for his next move. This was a bad decision, however. The moment your hand stopped it’s movement, Chan hissed, grabbing hold of your wrist again.
“ Did I say you can stop?” he asks, lifting one of his furrowed brows. He placed his free hand on your shoulder, pushing you down until you sunk to your knees in front of him. You gasped softly at how rough he was being with you. Still, you complied. Chan let go of your wrist, undoing his belt. Your eyes followed his hands as he fiddled with his belt, unzipping his pants and pushing them down enough for his member to spring free from his briefs. Your mouth watered at the sight of his cock, the tip red and already oozing precum. Chan lazily stroked himself, staring down at you. “Open up, baby. Seems like I have to remind you who you belong to” 
You swallowed, looking up at Chan. You glanced at the door to his studio, but turned your attention back to your boyfriend as he pressed the tip of his cock against your lips. You poked your tongue out, running it over the swollen tip of his member. Then, you opened your mouth wide, letting Chan guide his dick past your lips, the weight of his cock on your tongue. You bobbed your head slowly, finding a steady rhythm as you sucked him off. You were surprised he wasn’t helping you. Normally he’d have a hand in your hair, moving you along his cock at a pace he liked. He didn’t touch you this time, hunched over you, his forearms supporting his body against the wall. You moaned as you took him in deeper, swallowing around him as his member reached far back into your throat. Still, you kept a slow pace, not wanting to push yourself. Chan groaned above you, small pants leaving his lips. Every so often,his hips would twitch, jolting forward. You knew he was holding himself back. You’ve noticed, with all the times you and Chan slept together, that he had the tendency to soften up with you. Your foreplay together was always sexy and rough, but when he was finally between your legs, you couldn’t keep up. It was cute, the way he couldn’t hold back the softie he was inside, but you knew there was a beast within him.
An idea came to your head as you pulled off of him, making sure to release his dick with a pop from your lips. Chan looked down at you, his eyes blown out from pleasure. You stroked his cock slowly, still inches away from your face. He was about to speak up, but you cut him off
“Actually...he did say I was sexy..” you teased, turning your head to leave sloppy kisses along his shaft.  He growled deep from his throat, his eyes narrowing at you. You ignored him, placing one last kiss against his tip before leaning back against the wall, peering back up at him “You haven't said that to me all night..” you finished with a pout. Chan rolled his eyes before bending down, picking you up quickly. You yelped, being carefully tossed onto the couch. You began to turn over, looking for Chan, but you were held in place, one of Chan’s hands gently pressing your face against the cushion of the couch while the other lifted your hips up. You felt the couch shift behind you as Chan positioned himself behind you. You whined, feeling your dress ride up your hips. Chan laughed quietly, his hand trailing down your back to join the other on your hips, the both of them working on lifting your dress up. 
“So, you were just going to keep that a secret from me, that Changbin called you sexy? I bet you’d think of that when you’re lonely at home without me” he grunts, his hands groping at your ass “When you’re wishing for my cock to stuff you full, do you think of him? You do know he’s nothing compared to me, right? No one can satisfy you like I can. You were made for me” Chan’s rough hand came down on your ass swiftly, leaving a sting. You moaned softly, burying your head into the cushion of the couch as he sweetly rubbed the spot before laying another spank down, another moan escaping you. “Aaah~ So my little slut likes to get her ass spanked? I’ll keep that in mind” he purrs, his hands spreading your legs further apart.
You shuddered, feeling Chan press his thumb against your soaked panties, rubbing small circles against your clothed clit. “So wet for me already...or did you get this way from Changbin? Did you really get this excited over him whispering in your ear?” he asked, his voice deep and smooth in your ears. 
Chan moved your panties aside, plunging two of his long fingers into your heat without warning. Not even the couch could muffle the cry that left you. You turned your head to the side, beginning to pant as Chan mercilessly pumped his digits in and out of you, his fingers sliding in and out of you effortlessly from how wet you were. The curl of his fingers sent jolts through your body, your high approaching much faster than you wanted it to. Chan noticed the way your walls clenched around his fingers and how desperate your moan of his name had become, so he slowed down, eventually taking his fingers out of you. You bit your lip, your hips twitching from the stimulation, now desperate for more. 
“Please Channie” you whined, turning your head enough so you could look at him over your shoulder. You shook your hips ro rile him up more, watching as his eyes followed your plump ass. “Unless...you don’t think you can fuck me like Changbin would” you breathed, biting your lip. 
Chan puffed up, grabbing hold of your panties with one hand and tugging them down, exposing your glistening folds to him. “Don’t fucking say his name anymore” he replied, taking his cock into his hand. He pumped himself a few times before pushing into you, barely giving you any time to adjust before he stuffed the rest of his length into you. You choked on your own moan, the burning pleasure of his cock stretching you out enough to silence you. Chan breathed heavily behind you, granting you a moment to catch up. His hands lovingly roamed over your hips and waist until you let out a small whimper, finally needing him to move. Without any warning, he began to thrust into you, pulling out almost entirely before pounding into you. He kept a steady pace, grunts and moans of your name flying out of his mouth. Your moans mixed with his, the pace and angle of his thrusts pushing you closer and closer to your edge. You clenched around Chan’s cock with each trust, your nails digging into the couch.
“Gonna cum baby? I know you want to..” he pants, not slowing down his relentless pace “Go ahead, babe. Cum all over my cock” he moans, his cock throbbing inside of you. His words alone sent you over, strings of moans leaving your lips as you came, shaking in his grasp. 
Chan surprised you again, his hips never ceasing to drill into you, even as you cried out from the overstimulation. It hurt, but you were so fucked out you couldn’t bother to say anything. Especially not with your boyfriend literally growling behind you like an animal. After a few more powerful thrusts, Chan pulled out of you, just in time to paint your folds with his cum, his seed dripping down your thighs afterwards. You groaned, your legs giving out finally as you laid flat down on the couch. Chan chuckled, fixing his clothes before carefully picking you up. He slid your panties back on, making sure to catch any of his cum with them. You winced at the feeling of your now even more soaked panties against your cunt. You looked at Chan, you lip quivering slightly. 
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll go home now” he says softly, peppering your face with kisses. You melted under him, standing up with a small wobble. Chan wrapped his arm around your waist like he had the whole night, keeping you steady. He leaned down, kissing the shell of your ear before whispering into it
“Of course, so I can fuck my cum back into you” 
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floralseokjin · a year ago
⤑ made-up love song iii.
Tumblr media
Your first encounter with Kim Seokjin doesn’t go so well, nor your second, or your third… and maybe that’s because it shouldn’t work on paper. You’re an elementary school teacher, never left the country despite hitting the third decade of your life not so long ago, and you’re unable to remember the last time you dated. He’s the dad of one of your students, nearly a decade older than you and divorced. Oh yes, and just another minor detail – he’s a multimillionaire. 
Your lives are lightyears apart, yet somehow, your paths having now crossed, things just seem to fall into place…
pairing; kim seokjin x reader  au/genre/warnings; strangers to lovers, romance, eventual smut, eventual angst, single dad! seokjin, ceo! seokjin, elementary school teacher! oc, age gap (oc is 30, seokjin is 37), seokjin is a dilf, lots of lasagne talk, flirting, kissing, fluff 🥰 words; 9,340
↪︎ chapter index
chapters; i • ii • iii • iv • v • vi • vii • viii • ix • x • epilogue (+ drabbles)
Tumblr media
After you had time to calm down, of course you ended up telling Soojung about what happened on the date. You kept some things to yourself, mainly about how giddy you had felt throughout the whole thing, but you were sure she could see that for herself – she kept looking at you knowingly, and for once she kept the teasing down to a minimum. You ended up staying awake quite late, Soojung opening a bottle of wine. You were still excited from the date and the thought of what was to come next, but somewhere along the line, you and your best friend started getting into your feelings. (Was it really a Saturday night until you and Soojung ended it with slightly drunk sappy heart to hearts and hugs? Obviously not…) 
For the first time in a while you felt comfortable enough to open up about your love life (or lack of one) and felt it easy to talk about the past and to even bring up Donghae. He was a forbidden topic for the most part, no matter how much you were over him, but tonight had changed something. You didn’t know how to explain it, and no, it wasn’t because Seokjin was somehow the man of your dreams who had magically made things better with just one date. That was dumb and only happened in cliché Hallmark movies. 
No, it was because tonight had shown you that life goes on. No matter what rock bottom you hit, or how long it took you to get over it, no hurt was forever. You’d been single for a long time, and happy at that – after you’d gotten over the heartbreak of Donghae cheating on you – but tonight you’d had fun. You’d enjoyed yourself, enjoyed Seokjin’s company. You didn’t know what would come of your second date, or if there would be a third, but you were okay with that. You were just living in the moment, and right now you really liked that infuriating-not-so-infuriating bastard. 
You were taking a chance, just like he was, and it was actually pretty exciting…
You woke up late the next morning, something you didn’t reprimand yourself for because it was summer break after all, but also, you had a raging wine headache that had needed all the shut eye it could get. Your head was still throbbing slightly as you reached for your phone on the bedside table but seeing a text from Seokjin waiting for you made it miraculously disappear. 
Seokjin (10:28am) Hi Y/N, Thank you for such a great time last night. I can’t wait until Saturday. Would it be alright with you if I kept in touch throughout the week?  Seokjin
You giggled to yourself at his insane formalities. Why was that so adorable? But most importantly how could he be both cute and sexy at the same time? He was hellbent on making you lose your mind. You thought about teasing him, asking him when he’d grown comfortable enough to drop the Regards from yesterday, but despite how well last night had gone, and despite how much you loved joking around with him in person, over the phone seemed different. You were still a little nervous – giddy nervous, but nervous, nevertheless. Your conversation from last night with Soojung came back to you, reminding you that this was all too real. You were potentially catching feelings for this man, and it was new, and exciting, but equal parts terrifying now that you’d woken up with a hangover. 
Everything you typed out in reply seemed way too stiff, so growing frustrated, you settled on an emoji to cut through the formalities. 
You (10:49am) I had such a lovely time too, Seokjin. Of course it’s fine to keep in touch. I’m looking forward to Saturday night! 😊
What did he mean exactly about keeping in touch?, you wondered as you got out of bed, padding your way down the stairs and into the kitchen for a much needed glass of ice cold water. A good morning text? A how are you? You knew he was busy with work all week, so you weren’t expecting too much, but just knowing he wanted to stay in contact until next Saturday made you smile to yourself as you waited for his response. 
You didn’t have to wait long. 
Seokjin (10:55am) Great! I’m so excited to try your World famous Italian lasagne 😁
Cute. He’d followed your lead, ditching the last of the formalities and even signing off with an emoji instead. You instantly felt more at ease, but – 
Oh no. 
Why did he have to bring that up and remind you of your humiliating blunder? You knew what would be taking up all of your time for the few days – you needed to perfect this goddamn dish. 
Soojung on the other hand was unbothered by your predicament. Mind in the gutter as always. “Do you think that’s a euphemism for something else?” She asked straight away once you’d shown her your messages a few hours later. 
“Soojung!” You exclaimed, feeling yourself get a little hot in the face. You wish she’d stop bringing up sex, it was stressing you out. You told her as much. 
“You’re the one who’s invited him to your house for a second date.” 
You stared at her, greatly unimpressed. “You know why I invited him here.” 
You’d told her last night. You’d been hit with a surge of confidence when you’d suggested it was your turn to decide on something. In truth though, you didn’t know the first thing about restaurants, you hardly ever ate out, and when you did it was either fast food or at the food court in the department store Soojung worked at. You knew he wouldn’t have minded any choice you’d made, but that didn’t stop the slight apprehension you felt. 
It was normal, given your difference in lifestyles, and whilst that seemed to be no issue thankfully, that difference was still there. However really, that’s why you’d chosen to cook for him. Seokjin had shown you something close to him last night – the restaurant he owned with his brother, and now you were to show him something close to your heart. Something that was you. You loved cooking and baking in your spare time and you wanted to share that with him however small. Granted it was things you were confident with, but lasagne couldn’t be that hard, right? A true perfectionist, you’d master it quickly enough…
Soojung rolled her eyes. “I’m sure you could suggest McDonald’s and Dilf would be insanely happy.” She nudged you, squealing like a kid. “He’s just so into you!”
You wouldn’t bite. She was making you nervous again. “Stop calling him Dilf, he has a name.”
“Geez, sorry.” She held up her hands in apology. “Didn’t mean to offend your man.” 
You pushed her shoulder, silently telling her to quit it.
Tumblr media
For the next few days it became your life’s goal to master the art of lasagne. Sunday night was spent googling recipes, trying to find the most authentic one. There seemed to be a lot of fuss on the right type of pasta. Flat edged would be fine, but the wavy edge was best. You made note of that. Next was the sauce. Two types. The tomato based one and then the white one – which you learned was called Bechamel. That seemed pretty easy to cook up, but the former seemed a little daunting. Every time you’d had pasta sauce in the past it had been premade, starting from scratch was giving you anxiety. Seokjin thought this was your expertise so you had to make it believable. What if you made it too salty? Too bland?
…Possibly you were thinking way too hard about this. Soojung thought the same. 
“Just buy it in a jar, Y/N, for Christ’s sake. You’re taking this way too seriously. You don’t need to learn fluent Italian to make your little white lie believable. It’s a goddamn lasagne.” 
She had a point. 
“He’d be happy with a sandwich. He’s coming over for you, not the shitty lasagne.” 
“Don’t call my non-existent lasagne shitty, you’re setting me up for failure.” You grumbled, looking at the ten tabs you had up on your laptop screen, all claiming to be the best most authentic recipe around.  
On Monday you went shopping for ingredients. You knew a small world foods store that was just outside of town, you’d been there a couple of times when you’d been baking with the children for class. With help from signposted aisles, you found what you were looking for in no time at all, so that night, you and Soojung both tucked into your first (sort of) homemade lasagne. Only the Bechamel sauces was harder to master than you’d first thought. 
“I think you added too much flour.” Soojung’s nose wrinkled as she spoke. “It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but the white stuff… I don’t know, maybe it’s supposed to taste like that?” 
Nope, she was definitely correct, too much flour, which was odd because you were pretty positive you’d followed the right measurements… 
Tuesday you had a day off from the sight, and even the word lasagne. You met for coffee with your mom but kept the date with Seokjin a secret. Not that she pressed about your love life anymore, she’d long given up on that topic. It was nice to catch up and you made plans for a trip soon. It was hard to find time to visit her when you were in work so you were always thankful for the summer and Christmas breaks. You were her only child, so it made your time together even more precious. She’d only remarried ten years ago, and while Jonathon had kids from his first marriage, they lived abroad. They were older than you and had families of their own. You weren’t particularly close for no other reason than the distance. You’d only met them a few times but they were lovely people. Your father had remarried while you were still in high school, having two more children (a son and daughter) with his wife. You were very close to them despite the age gap and saw them as regularly as you could. Your extended family had long been the norm and you wouldn’t change it for the world. 
Wednesday you were back on the lasagne. You purchased more pasta sauce and decided on the pre-made Bechamel sauce too, just to be safe. This time around everything went smoothly, Soojung had no complaints and neither did you, but you still invited Taehyung around on Thursday for a third go. He was way more enthusiastic than your best friend, singing your praises all night. 
“Y/N, that was amazing!” He exclaimed, leaning back in his chair to pat his belly. “Dilf dick – Uh, I mean, Seokjin, is going to love it.” 
“Guys, is that what you really call him when you’re alone together?” You whined. 
“Blame Soo,” Taehyung shrugged. “She’s rubbed off on me. But, I’m right,” he smirked. “He’s going to want to give you his DD once he tastes this, if you know what I mean.” 
Wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, you looked on unimpressed. Maybe if you gave them no reaction they’d stop? 
“Oooo. I wonder what his dick even looks like. I bet it’s as handsome as his face.” Soojung squealed, sat beside her boyfriend. 
“SOOJUNG!” He cried, mouth open in disbelief. 
“Can we just stop talking about his… y’know…” You sighed, unable to say the word aloud. “Imagine if it was the other way around and he was wondering about what I looked like naked.” Soojung wouldn’t be impressed, that was for sure. 
“Fine, you’re right,” your best friend sighed. “I’m just way too excited because you finally like someone!!” She was getting loud now, she always did when she was excited. “And I want it to work out because you deserve it!” 
You chuckled. “Soo, calm down.” But you had to admit her words were sweet. You reached for her hand across the tiny table, giving it a gentle squeeze of thanks. 
“What about Barman dick?” Taehyung asked randomly, totally oblivious that you and she were having a moment. “Huh? Soo? You want my Barman dick tonight?” He wiggled his eyebrows again, a playfulness to his voice as he nudged her. 
She giggled but wasn’t having any of it. “It doesn’t really have the same ring to it, babe.” 
Highly offended he pulled away, pursing his lips. “Whatever.”
“Okay guys, let’s not have a domestic at the dining table.” You laughed. Which was a mistake because now Taehyung’s attention was back on you. 
“So, Y/N, when are you going to invite Mr. Dilf to my bar?”
You sniggered. “How about never?”
“Hey, you ladies are being very mean tonight. I complimented your lasagne.” Hm. That was true, you guessed. “What’s wrong with my bar? I think he’d love it. What does he drink? I see him as a dark rum type of guy.” 
You shrugged. “He was drinking red wine on our date last week.” It still made you feel funny to say the word date. You’d gone on a date. You were dating. A flurry of excitement found its way to your stomach, your excitement for Saturday growing. 
“Interesting,” Taehyung mused.
Soojung stood up, starting to collect your plates. “Okay, I’m washing, who’s drying?”
“Not me,” you sang. “I’ve cooked nearly every night this week.” 
Soojung eyes were wide when you met them, as if she was silently begging you. For what? “Just please promise me there won’t be any lasagne waiting for me after work tomorrow night? I’m going to turn into one at this rate.” 
Tumblr media
Saturday arrived soon enough. You woke up the same time your phone went Bing and you knew exactly who it was. Seokjin had been texting you Good morning every day since Monday. He was no longer signing them off with his name, which was progress, and he was even adding more emojis, so you guessed you had rubbed off on him. 
Sometimes he’d drop a meme with the greeting. They were mostly to do with early mornings and workloads to which you’d tease him about because it was your summer vacation after all, you didn’t need to worry about work. But you always sent a Hope today runs smoothly his way too. You didn’t want to rub it in too much. 
Yesterday’s meme had been about dating, something about the guy trying to flirt but being garbage at it and asking if she liked cheese. You didn’t agree that was like Seokjin though – you were gradually learning that he was incredibly modest – but it had made you laugh. Only Seokjin could send you lame memes and you’d find it adorable… You were possibly whipped. 
Seokjin (8:01am)  Good morning. [Image sent] 
Today the meme was about lasagne, which made you question whether he was googling these every morning because no way had a lasagne meme popped up on his social media – if he used any at all. The realisation that he was searching for memes every day was even more endearing and your heart got a little gooey. You read the text on top of the image of lasagne. Dude, is that your new white shirt? Lemme just hop off this fork for a closer look. You genuinely laughed at that one, still wrapped up in your bed sheets. So incredibly lame, but equal levels funny. 
Seokjin (8:01am)  I will not be wearing white… I can’t wait to see you later. Just a reminder that I hope you omitted the garlic for tonight’s meal. I don’t want to embarrass myself by itching all night 😅😂
Immediately the smile dropped from your face and you shot forward, horror washing over you. Oh no. He was allergic to garlic. With the stress of perfecting the world’s best lasagne you’d totally forgotten. What were you going to do? Find a plain tomato sauce? Where the hell were you going to find one? Was that even a thing? You needed to leave now. Jumping out of bed you almost forgot to message Seokjin back. Looking at your phone again the image of the lasagne mocked you… 
Two hours later you were back at home, in need of a sit down after you’d rushed around town looking for a pasta sauce that didn’t contain garlic (very hard, by the way.) The stress had aged you about ten years. Soojung of course found it highly hilarious. 
“You’d have been in ER before 9pm,” she chortled, still in her pyjamas on the couch. She’d been still asleep when you’d dashed off, a woman on a lasagne mission. 
You ignored her. It wouldn’t have been that bad, right? He said himself he’d only be itching… Clawing off his own skin was probably better than his throat closing up… maybe… 
“How did you manage to forget?” She was still laughing. “AND you said you’d make a lasagne. Italian food always uses garlic. He must think you’re trying to kill him.” At this point you could hardly understand her, words blurring into one as she lost her shit. 
“We went over this. I wasn’t in my right mind when I said I’d cook lasagne.”
She stopped her laugher immediately.  “No way, you’re not blaming me again.” 
“Ugh.” You sighed, suddenly remembering something. “I was going to make my homemade garlic bread.” Now that was a speciality of yours. This night was going to be a disaster.
“Skip the garlic,” Soojung suggested. 
“So, just bread then.” 
She tried her best not to laugh again, not wanting to make it worse. “Yum.” 
It didn’t help. 
What did help though, was making her clean the entirety of the downstairs of the house. As the day went on you started to get more and more nervous, which was silly, but you couldn’t help it. You realised that your place was a shoe box in comparison to his, what the hell were you thinking when you’d invited him here?! It needed to be spotless, to distract him from the fact you would be eating dinner in the same place you would be cooking it… 
You knew there was no need to worry, it was just like last week when you’d grown self-conscious only to be fine once you’d set eyes on Seokjin. No doubt tonight would be just the same, he didn’t give a crap about stuff like that, so why would you even think he would? He’d probably be hurt if he knew… You just couldn’t help those little bubbles of insecurities from floating around inside your brain. You were a law unto yourself, and the garlic-less lasagne wasn’t helping. You’d had no time to prep for it. What if it tasted like cardboard? 
“Lasagne is lasagne,” Soojung reassured you, in the kitchen as you got all the ingredients together. “It’s not going to taste gross just because there’s no garlic in it. Put it this way, at least you can kiss without needing to pop a mint.” 
You whined, shaking your head, you couldn’t even dare thinking about kissing him right now. You’d spontaneously combust from anxiety. 
“Should we clean your room too?” She asked, picking up the jar of pasta sauce absentmindedly. You’d already read the label approximately fifteen times, double checking it was indeed garlic-less. 
“What? No,” you told her, voice all high-pitched. There would be no going upstairs besides from bathroom usage. “But hey,” you exclaimed, rounding on her with the spoon you were holding in your hand. “My room is always clean, bitch.”
She was the messy one.
Soojung left for Taehyung’s place at half 6, ready for Seokjin’s arrival at 7pm, a hug for good luck before you waved her off. You’d calmed greatly now, nothing like some table laying to ease some nerves. The lasagne was prepped and ready to oven cook, you had a fresh key lime pie in the fridge and you were dressed and presentable with ten minutes to spare. Wonderful. 
The doorbell rung not long after you’d made your way downstairs and you were quickly finding out that Seokjin was a very punctual man. Opening the door to reveal him stood at the porch your heart instantly warmed, skipping a beat when he gave you a dazzling smile and a soft Hey. You felt a little weak at the knees. Nope, you were not ready for tonight. 
In your tiny entryway he offered you a silver gift bag. “I didn’t know what to bring, so.” He said with a shrug as you pulled out a bottle of red wine. 
“Oh, thank you, Seokjin.” You hadn’t been expecting him to bring anything at all. It was a lovely surprise. 
“You probably have some waiting already. I’m sorry.”
“No, no, it’s fine,” you reassured him. “We’ll use this one.” You were going to use a bottle of white wine you had laying around, nothing special at all. Red wine seemed better, fancier, maybe it would go better with the lasagne?
“Are you sure?” He asked. “I was gonna get you flowers but I didn’t want to freak you out or anything.”
You laughed. What was he going on about? “Why would that freak me out?”
His smile was crooked as he chuckled quietly. “I don’t know. I’m new to this, I thought they would’ve been too forward.” 
You gave a small shrug, voice barely there when you replied. “I like flowers.”
He gazed at you, warm eyes softening as he stepped forward. “Next time.” He smiled. “Next time I’ll get you flowers.” 
You swallowed fairly loudly, averting your gaze as you outstretched your arms. “Let me take you coat.” Was it hot in here? You felt a little stuffy. 
He shrugged off the beige wool blend, revealing the tight fitting black shirt he had on underneath. It stretched over his shoulders, accentuating how broad they were, how hard his chest was and how much his waist curved inwards. The pants he was wearing didn’t help matters too. He looked effortlessly gorgeous, hair parted to the side, a piece curled above his left eye, softening the blow of his exposed forehead. You moved to hook his coat on the rack, realising you could’ve been gawping. Not that you could help it, the man was trying to kill you.
As you turned to face him again, he smiled. “You look really nice.” His voice was soft which just made it even more dangerous. “I think this may be the first time I’ve seen you in pants.” 
“Really?” You wondered. You were partial to a dress in the summer, so he was probably right. You’d chosen a pair of black skinny jeans and a patterned chiffon blouse. Nothing too fancy, but he looked at you with awe-filled eyes. Unless you were imagining it. You cleared your throat. “You look good too.”
He stepped back, arms outstretched as he looked down at himself. “Thanks. No white.” He chuckled. 
You forced yourself to laugh too, nerves creeping back just because of your stupid damn lasagne. “No white.” 
Moving forward again he took your hand. It was warm and soft, just as you remembered from last week. Who cared about the lasagne when you were this close to him? When he was looking down at you with those brown, twinkly eyes? Not you anymore. 
“I’ve been looking forward to this all week, Y/N.” 
You invited him inside the living room first, pouring him a small (and his only because he the car) glass of wine as you chit chatted for a few minutes. Sat next to him was RJ, who you’d taken from your bedroom to join you both for the night. He wanted to say Hi, had been your opening line and Seokjin had found it hilarious, cracking up instantly. Although his “I missed you buddy, how have you been?” went rudely ignored. Maybe the alpaca was nervous… 
Ever the gentleman, he complimented you on the house, noting the décor with a fond eye. That surprised you, maybe he had played a part with the interior of his home. Well, you’d only seen the cosy family room – but it suited him very well. You knew there had been no need to be nervous when it came to inviting him into your home. There wasn’t a judging bone in Seokjin’s body. 
You talked about your weeks, yours had been fine, but of course you left out all the stress over the lasagne. Seokjin’s week on the other hand had been quite demanding, but that was nothing new he told you with an accepting shake of his hand. He was used to it by now, but he had to admit tonight’s date had made it easier this time around. He was full of the charm, not that you were complaining…
Misook was babysitting Arin tonight, he told you when you asked how she was. It was his weekend this week, he and Nana took it in turns – when she didn’t cancel, he added as an afterthought – but he seemed a lot more relaxed talking about his ex-wife this time around seeing as last weekend she hadn’t broken any promises. He was happy if his daughter was happy, and that made you smile. You remembered Arin’s sorrowful face that day her mom had cancelled on her, so you were glad they’d found time to spend time together. You also remembered how irritated Seokjin had sounded when he was opening up to you on the bench at the school fate… You wondered just how often Nana cancelled plans, and couldn’t imagine how frustrating that was for both Arin and Seokjin… You hoped this marked the start of things being easier for them now. 
Soon after that, you served him your starter (“garlic – wait, no I mean, no-garlic bread.”), and you chatted some more over that and while the lasagne baked. It was surprising how little you’d touched the sides on your first date, so tonight you covered even more bases. Family mainly. You told him about your half and step siblings, your parents’ remarriages of course coming up too. He seemed interested in that, wondering about your views on it and if it had affected you as you grew up. As a divorcee you understood the relevance to him and because he was so easy to talk to you found yourself opening up freely. 
His parents were still married and Seokjin was the youngest out of their two sons, so it was quite unheard of for the second born to take over a family company. In fact, it was the first of its kind for his, which made it even harder for him. His older brother had been the rightful heir to LG Electronics but his passion had always been in culinary arts. His parents had been kind enough to let him follow his dreams, and thankfully, for Seokjin, that meant he could follow in his father’s footsteps. He’d been eager to prove himself but it had been hard in the beginning. His status as the youngest son meant that a lot of people set him up for failure, but with his family’s love and belief he’d managed to succeed and confirm himself as the rightful CEO. You didn’t doubt it. It seemed he’d worked hard to get where he was now. That was admirable. 
The influx of information was so interesting to you and it didn’t feel real. While you could imagine Seokjin taking charge, visualising him in that tailored houndstooth suit he’d worn when you’d first met him, it was strange to think the smiley and soft-spoken man sat in front of you was from a long line of power and wealth. He should be untouchable, yet here you were able to reach for his hand across the table. Able to feel his forefinger stroking delicate patterns into your palm as you opened up and got to know one another more and more… 
“So, if your family’s a big deal, what about things like arranged marriages? Are they still a thing?” You asked, maybe confusing fiction for fact. 
Seokjin laughed at your wording. “They used to be, not so much anymore. I met my ex-wife through a friend. They concentrate less on things like that these days.” He shrugged, adding as an afterthought, “As a divorced CEO I think I’m a great example of that.” 
That was true, you thought to yourself, wondering how the breakdown of his marriage had also played a part in the stress of his early years as CEO. 
“I know it all sounds pretty crazy, but I like to think my family is just like anyone else’s.” He continued, smiling bashfully when you met his gaze. “That I’m just like anyone else.” 
You wondered how many people had immediately judged him because of his status… You’d been one of them, right? Even if you hadn’t known any of the details, you’d written him off as some obnoxious, rich guy who flaunted his wealth… You felt guilty thinking back. He was the complete opposite.
You nodded in agreement before grinning. “I’d have liked to see what college Seokjin was like.” 
“A complete nerd, to tell you the truth.” 
He answered so seriously, you didn’t know how to react, and then he was laughing loudly, cracking up at himself. You couldn’t help but join in. That’s when your stove alarm went off, shrill and incessant, signalling the arrival of the dreaded lasagne…
It turned out he loved it though. 
“This is amazing,” Seokjin praised, mouth still half full as he chewed. You did have to admit it was good. It tasted just like the original, despite the lack of garlic. Seokjin quirked an eyebrow, smirking your way. “So, how lucky am I to be able to try this World famous Italian lasagne?” 
“Very lucky.” You kept your answer short. Hoping he’d just drop it. 
He didn’t. 
“How lucky?” He tried to pry from you. “How many people have tried it?” 
You gave him a small smile, hovering your fork over the plate. Technically he was the third, but you couldn’t tell him that, could you? “I can’t disclose that.” 
He emitted a short laugh. “What about the recipe? Care to share?” 
You brushed him off with a soft chuckle. “A chef never tells her secrets.”
“Not even me?” His bottom lip jutted out as he looked across at you. 
Your heart did a little dance. He was being unfair. “Don’t pout like that, it’s making me feel guilty.” 
Thankfully the lasagne topic fizzled out after a couple more minutes, your cold sweat having time to dissipate while you chatted and ate together comfortably. However a few minutes later you noticed Seokjin fidgeting slightly in his seat. You politely ignored it to begin with, unsure if you were just imagining it, but then he started itching the back of his neck. You put your fork down, a sick feeling washing over you. “Is anything wrong?” You asked, now watching him itch up his forearm. “Seokjin?”
He looked at you in mild confusion, eyebrows creasing together as he opened his mouth. “Are you sure there wasn’t any garlic in this?” 
You swallowed away the panic racing up your throat. “I’m sure.” You’d read the back of that jar and then read it some more. “I’m positive.” 
… Weren’t you? You watched him scoot his chair back, leaning down to start scratching the back of his calves. He made noises of discomfort as he did so. 
“Oh, no…” You were up before you could stop yourself, racing around him to start hunting in the recycling for the glass jar. 
“Wait, where are you going?” 
You could hear Seokjin’s voice behind you, sounding alarmed, but you were too panicked to really take it in. You needed to be sure. This was just your second date, you couldn’t ruin things already. Turning him into one giant itchy red blob had not been your intention.  
“I was only teasing you.” Still, his words didn’t sink in. That was until you felt a hand on your elbow, tugging gently for your attention. 
You spun around, worried eyes wide – even wider when you found him so close. He was on his feet too, bent a little to level with you, pretty much within kissing distance. His voice was soft when he spoke, you found yourself distracted by his mouth. “Y/N, I was just messing around.”
You blinked, not truly understanding with all those annoying distractions zooming around your mind, but slowly you pieced his words together. Oh. Despite the relief you felt, now you just felt silly. Plus, he was still so close to you… 
You took a step back, the small of your back pressing up against the counter. You needed a clear head. “Don’t freak me out like that.” You told him, but you still sighed in relief, hand against your chest. “I thought I’d poisoned you.” 
He looked a little concerned, but you could tell by his eyes he found your reaction amusing. “I’m sorry,” he apologised. “I just wanted to make you laugh.”
“Make me laugh? You nearly gave me heart failure.” However, you gave him what he wanted, a laugh that sounded weak and shaky, but it was something – you did see the funny side. 
He joined you, shoulders relaxing now that he knew you were okay. He looked behind you, eyes on the trashcan, a bemused smile on his face. “What were you looking for anyway?”
“The jar.” You answered, as if it wasn’t obvious. You turned, deciding to fish it out anyway. Holding it up to him, you were adamant. “See, no garlic. Check.” 
He chuckled. “I already said I was joking.” He took one look at your desperate expression and gave in, taking the jar from your hand. “But if it makes you feel better…” You watched him as he read the label, silently soaking in his handsome features. He looked softer tonight, the curve of his jaw rounding as he smiled. It took you a moment to realise he was done. He handed the jar back to you, and you prayed to God he hadn’t caught you staring at him all gooey-eyed. “It’s fine.” He confirmed. “I’ll be itch free tonight.” 
You smiled and plopped the glass back inside the can. “I looked around town for hour trying to find lasagne sauce sans garlic.” 
He looked guilty. “I’m sorry for being awkward.” Then he paused, eyes narrowing, the hint of a smirk itching at the corners of his mouth. “But… Y/N, are you a fraud?” Huh? What did he mean? You didn’t need to wait long for an explanation. “I thought a certified chef would cook up a batch of her own tomato sauce.”
Oh. You’d gone and put your foot in it, hadn’t you? It was probably time to explain yourself… “I have a confession,” you began, sounding wary. Seokjin looked interested albeit it mildly confused. “I… may have told a little white lie.”
He shook his head, a puff of laughter leaving him. “You’ve lost me.” 
You took a deep breath, knowing you were going to have to spell it out for him. “I’ve never made lasagne before. Ever. In my entire life.” 
He looked confused as silence spread out between you. He sounded it too when he spoke again. “Then why did you say it was your speciality?”
You groaned, dropping your face into your hands for one dramatic moment. “I panicked.” Peeking at him, you babbled on. “I know it sounds stupid but Soojung was curtain twitching and it was stressing me out and then you were asking me what I cooked and lasagne just popped into my head!”
Seokjin blinked, his mouth twitched and then he was laughing – loudly. 
“You find it funny?” You asked, relaxing a tad. 
“Very.” He laughed harder but seeing the look of bafflement on your face he tried is best to still it. 
“I’ve been practicing it like crazy,” you whined, happy you could finally tell him all about your lasagne struggles. “This is my fourth time eating it this week. Soojung nearly killed me.” You snorted at the memory. This started up Seokjin again. “And then I forgot you were allergic to garlic. Your text reminded me this morning and I had to rush out to the grocery store.” 
He was weak at the knees at that, and you were laughing just because he was. It was contagious. “Stop,” you wailed, attempting to get a hold of yourself. This week had actually been quite traumatic. “I’m glad you find it funny, I’ve been in constant stress ever since you drove off last week.” 
“I can’t help it.” He chuckled, although he did sound apologetic. “You’re just so adorable.” The air that settled around his effortless admission made your skin prickle. When he carried on, his tone was gentle. “You know I wouldn’t have minded if you changed the menu to something else, right?” 
You pouted ever so slightly. “But you were looking forward to it.” 
He gave a small shrug. “True, but… that was more so code for ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you again.’ The food was just a bonus. I’d be happy with a Big Mac.” 
You felt your cheeks burn and you tried to shake yourself out of it. “So embarrassing,” you murmured. You didn’t know what for… The lasagne mess or the fact he could have this much of an effect of you? You were inclined to go with the latter. 
“What about the no-garlic bread?” Seokjin asked, changing the subject a little. Maybe he’d sensed your embarrassment and didn’t want to make it worse. He was sweet. “Did you make that?”
“Yeah,” you nodded. “Well, I didn’t bake the bread. I just toasted it.” It was still a speciality of yours though. “It would’ve been much tastier with the garlic.” 
He gave you an apologetic smile. “Sorry about that. This body wants to turn me into a miserable old man.” 
Pfft. Old? Miserable? He was anything but. 
“Sit,” he prompted you, smiling as he motioned with his head to the table. “Finish your World famous Italian lasagne before it grows cold.” 
As you moved he delicately cupped his hand around the curve your waist, giving it a soft squeeze before he got to his chair first. Your stomach flipped, head dizzy as you sat and tucked your chair in. Last Saturday popped into your head, the way you’d loosely held hands outside and how you were sure he’d been leaning in to kiss you – properly. 
You knew one thing. You really wanted to kiss him tonight. 
Trying to get a hold of yourself, you glanced at him, catching his eyes. He was already tucking in again, and he grinned bashfully, as if embarrassed. “This really is great. All that practice paid off.” A pause. “You should show me how you cooked it sometime.” 
Your face lit up in surprise. “You cook?” In the back of your mind you were aware that he’d probably been hinting for a third date, but you were so shocked by the possibly of Seokjin cooking you couldn’t stop yourself from asking. 
He chuckled quietly. “I mean, when I have time and can be bothered. I like cooking but it’s just easier to go to a restaurant or get it delivered.” He looked sheepish before adding, “Or Misook does it for me.” 
There was no shame when it came to that. Seokjin probably worked all hours of the day, no one could expect him to tie on an apron when he got home and start pulling out pots and pans. 
“Do you cook a lot?” He asked. 
You nodded. “Soojung and I take it in turns.” 
“So what is your speciality?” He smiled. 
This time around you were in your right mind and able to answer properly. “Veggie tacos.” 
He raised his eyebrows, impressed. Then he tried again. “Can you make them for me sometime?”
He was persistent, you’d give him that. You shrugged, trying your best to sound impassive but the little smirk gave it away. “Maybe if you say please…” 
He laughed, leaning forward, a hand clasping yours as he tilted his head. The piece of curled hair falling into his left eye. “Please?”
Your heart did another little dance inside your chest. 
After dessert you both made your way back to the living room, settling on your couch with two pomegranate mocktails Taehyung had prepared for you yesterday. All you had to do was add the pomegranate juice and lemonade to the ice cubes and crushed lime segments and mint before serving, easy-peasy. Seokjin was highly impressed, but of course you couldn’t take the credit. It was all down to your best friend’s very helpful barman boyfriend. 
You were glad Seokjin wanted to stay as you didn’t want the night to be over yet. It had flown by so fast and you’d had so much fun. You already felt like you knew him better, even after only two dates. It was strange to you, how you could feel so relaxed in a stranger’s company, but then again, you guessed he wasn’t a stranger anymore… Plus, he was so easy to talk to, so interesting to get to know…. Everything between you two came easy. 
Like opening up to him, being a bit more vulnerable… 
“I’ve been slightly nervous all week,” you admitted, clutching your drink to you before chuckling softly. “– and not just about the lasagne faux pas…” 
“There was no need to be nervous. I thought we left all that behind on the first date,” Seokjin reassured, smiling warmly your way. 
You were sat together, turned to face one another. It was intimate and cosy. He had one leg lifted, the ankle resting on the knee of the other leg, and where his pants had ridden up, you could see an inch or so of his calf before it met the black cotton of his sock. For some reason, you found that very, very sexy. Maybe you had been single for far too long. 
“We did,” you agreed, hesitating slightly. “It’s just… I haven’t done anything like this in so long.” 
You didn’t even think you’d ever invited someone around for dinner before. You were still quite young when you found yourself in a relationship with Donghae so your dates before him had been very basic. Your dates with him hadn’t really classed as such just because you became official fairly quickly, and your dates after him, well, it was already known that they had been few and far between. 
“You already know we’re in the same boat,” he smiled before chuckling bashfully. “No, but really, when I asked you for dinner that day at the fate I was expecting you to turn me down.” 
“How come?”
He looked down at his drink, lifting a shoulder. “I thought you’d think that I was crossing a line… or maybe the spark I was feeling was all in my head and in reality you just found me really annoying.” 
That was cute. He’d been doubting himself. Human after all. Not that you’d ever thought he wasn’t. You still didn’t miss the opportunity to joke around though. “I mean, both can exist simultaneously.” He taking a sip of his mocktail when you replied so he ended up snorting into his glass, amused by your wit. 
A moment or so passed and Seokjin gazed at you, smiling softly. If he kept this up, you’d be a puddle on your parquet flooring. “So, tell me,” he hummed. “How did I luck out so good?” You raised an eyebrow, wondering what he meant. “How come an amazing person like you isn’t married or in a relationship?”
He must’ve seen the slight shock on your face and panicked instantly. “Is that a weird thing to ask? I feel like it is. I apologise.”
“No,” you insisted, sitting up a little straighter. He followed. “No, it’s not.” You wanted to open up to him. You really did. You just didn’t know where to start. Although, it was pretty simple. “I’ve been single for a while.” 
“How long?” Seokjin was instantly focused, attentive, noticing the change in your body language. 
“Three years. My last relationship didn’t end very well.” You paused, wondering if you should continue. But then… It had been a massive part of your life. No matter how much time had passed and no matter how okay you were now, it had still happened. And Seokjin, he had trusted you enough to open up about his divorce – even before you’d gone on your first date. You wanted to talk about it. You really did. 
“I found out my fiancé was cheating on me.”  
Seokjin’s eyes widened, unable to cloak his surprise. He hadn’t been expecting that. “I’m sorry to hear that,” he said sincerely. 
“It’s fine,” you smiled. “It was rough getting over it. Took me a while, but it is what it is. It’s in the past now.” 
“Did it put you off dating?” 
You were pleasantly surprised to find it was actually easy to talk to Seokjin about this. Your mouth was opening before you had to think about it. “I mean, at first. I was still very much in love with him, even after he broke my heart. But I got over him and I started dating again – briefly – It just didn’t feel right.” You stopped to smile. “It’s been over a year and I can’t say I missed it… but you…” Nerves growing, you pushed them away. “You’ve changed that. I’m having fun.” 
Seokjin’s face lit up and he chuckled. “I did hit second date status after all.” 
“You did…” 
“So,” he leaned closer, a small smirk on his face. “You could say, hitting your car that day wasn’t actually my fault because it was supposed to happen.” 
You snorted as you laughed, head falling against the back of the couch. “I wouldn’t go that far.” 
He made a sound. “But we wouldn’t have met otherwise.” 
“We would!” You exclaimed. “The parent-teacher meeting.” 
He blinked, feeling dumb. “Oh, yeah.” 
It wouldn’t have had the same effect, granted, but you would have become acquainted with one another regardless. “Would you have still liked me?” You asked without thinking, surprising yourself. 
“Yes,” he replied immediately. “I was instantly attracted to you after all, it’s just…” Instantly attracted? Definitely a charmer... “There would’ve been no way for me to get to know you like I did.”
You narrowed your eyes. “You’re really adamant that you had to reverse into my car to make this work, huh.”
He shrugged casually. “It was the only way.” 
You laughed quietly, finishing the last of your drink. Time was getting on, it was pretty late, Seokjin had already finished his, you watched him sit up to lean forward and place the glass on your coffee table. His shirt tightened across his shoulder blades and you could see his back muscles as he stretched. Oh.  
Settling back into the same position, he looked over at you and grinned. His teeth were perfect. Did this man have zero flaws? Why were you so whipped? It was embarrassing. 
“I had fun tonight,” you told him, trying to keep a lid on whatever was going on with you right now. 
He seemed pleased with that, nodding his head. “I’m happy to hear that you think I’m a fun person.” 
You scoffed, body falling closer to his. Your shoulders brushed together. Seokjin didn’t take his eyes off you. “Hm. I don’t think I said that.” 
“Hey, don’t be so mean.” He murmured, one side of his mouth quirking up. 
Like you couldn’t stop yourself, your hand reached for the collar of shirt. He had the top two buttons loose and your pinkie finger brushed against his collarbone. Sparks flew, but you tried to ignore them. “I thought you liked it when I was mean.” You teased, voice low. 
Seokjin hummed, his eyes still twinkled like they always did but there was something else to them, a depth that made you feel funny. He sunk closer to you. So close you could study the thick curve of his eyelashes, notice that both his eyelids were different. He really did have beautiful eyes. You could stare at them forever. 
Preoccupied, you slowly realised that he was watching you too, studying your features in the golden glow of the floor lamp that hovered over the couch. His lips parted, you heard them rather than saw it, but then your attention was on them again. Just like it had been earlier on in the night. He was staring at yours too as he spoke. “I wanted to kiss you last week.” 
You heartbeat quickened but you tried to keep cool. “You did kiss me.” You laughed. 
He sighed. “On the cheek.”  
You lightly tugged his collar, fingertips now brushing the skin of his chest. “Isn’t that what you said you wanted to do?”
You could feel his own heartbeat against your forearm that was pressed into him. It was definitely running a little faster than it was supposed to – stronger. “Yes, but…” He glanced up to your eyes. “I was just being polite. I wanted to kiss your lips.”
It felt like you were holding your breath. Maybe you were, you just couldn’t think straight. Time seemed to stretch out, but you knew what you wanted. So you went after it. Giving him a small smile, you replied. “Maybe I wanted that too.” 
He swallowed, voice so low now it was barely a murmur. “Is that an invitation?” His eyes bounced to your lips again, then back to your eyes as he asked permission. “Can I kiss you?”
You ever so slightly dragged your bottom lip beneath your teeth as you nodded, breath catching in your throat as Seokjin leaned forward and closed the distance between you. The hand in between your bodies moved to delicately hold the wrist of your arm against his chest, holding you there as his other hand reached for your jaw, angling your face to press a kiss to your mouth. His eyes were already closed so you followed. 
He hummed at the contact, his lips soft and warm and you let yourself sink. His actions were light at first, faint as he kept constant pressure, as if he was familiarising himself with the sensation. You couldn’t even let yourself think about how this was the first kiss you’d shared with someone for a very long time. All that was going through your mind was how good it felt to be touched like this by him. 
He readjusted the hand on your face, tucking some hair behind your ear to cup your cheek. You liked that. You liked it when he touched you, and he eased from your mouth completely before coming back with a firmer pressure. It was your turn to make a sound; a tiny gasp as your lips began to move together ever so slowly. He liked that, a hum of satisfaction vibrating against the soft skin of your lips. You clutched at his shirt, gathering the crisp cotton in your fist, that would surely turn it creased, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was too preoccupied with reaching for the glass you’d forgotten was hugged to your body by your free hand. 
He unclasped it from your fingers and had no choice but to break away from your mouth to put it next to his on the coffee table. You whined, attempting to tug him back to you, and he chuckled, taking a hold of one of your hands. “I’ll be back,” he whispered, leaning forward to place the cocktail glass down. 
And he was. 
This time he used both of his hands to grasp your face and dive back in. He was more confident this time, moving in such a way his lips pried yours open. You reached for his shoulders, grasping them to hold him closer and this time you both made noises – sweet, quiet ones that worked beautiful together as your lips moulded with gradual urgency. 
When your hands found the nape of his neck, fingers through his hair, he had to drag the tip of his tongue across your bottom lip, seeking entry. You met it with yours, tasting hints of pomegranate and lime with each wash of tongue. A hand of his slipped down to your side, stroking up and down the curve as if he couldn’t help but to touch you. He settled at your hip after a moment, the other splayed against the side of your neck, his thumb rolling small circles under your cheekbone. 
This was getting addictive. You could tell by the way you moaned softly against each warm, wet curl of his tongue. This was everything you’d imagined and more – because you had imagined it. Late and secretly at night when you were trying to drift off to sleep and thoughts of lasagne were banished… You were glad your first kiss was here, inside, on your couch, because this wasn’t something for the open, your knees wouldn’t have been able to hold you up. 
You could have kissed him forever, you mean, you definitely didn’t want it to stop but you pretty much had to. Breathing was a necessity, right? If you couldn’t breathe you wouldn’t be able to ever kiss Seokjin again and that would be absolutely awful… 
You did it the right way though – gradually. Seokjin slowed it right down, only hints of his tongue left as he hummed indulgently, like he was savouring your taste before he had to inevitably pull away. It made your insides jump around like crazy, hearing him enjoying himself, and you tried your best to come to when he started easing the pressure of his lips, pressing small, chaste kisses to them instead as you ultimately (but slowly) broke apart. 
You opened your eyes, blinking up at him, hands falling from his hair, aware you had become one with your cushions. You struggled to free yourself as he sat back and you watched him smile fondly at you. His breath was shaky – so was yours, and you were sure his hands trembled slightly as one reached up to scratch the back of his neck. His neck that was blotched with red, flushed, travelling to his cheeks. They were rosier than you’d ever seen them before. Your gut stirred. 
“I’ve been dreaming of that,” he told you, before making a face at himself. “Too cringey?” 
You giggled – it sounded foreign. “Just a bit.” But didn’t deter the fact you loved it. 
You warmed when you felt him squeeze your hip, realising his hand was still there and you reached for it, tangling your fingers with his. He pulled them to his mouth, kissing your knuckles softly. His expression was thoughtful when he lowered your hands. “In all seriousness, thank you for giving me a chance, after well, you know, everything.”
You smiled, touched by his earnestness, but it was hard to keep a sane mind when his lips were as kiss bitten as they were – deep pink and glistening. You wanted to kiss his face off. 
“It’s no problem,” you quipped, as if you were doing him a favour. 
He chuckled tenderly, and luckily for you he was unable to stop himself from kissing you again. He reached forward, hooking a finger under your chin to press his mouth to yours softly. “I’d really love if we could keep on doing… this.” He murmured. 
“The dating or the kissing,” you grinned, stealing another kiss in the process. 
“Hm,” he contemplated. “Both preferably.” 
And then you were on one another again, eager once more. 
Although, you did manage to pull away briefly to tell him something, his mouth moving to the side of your face to kiss there instead as your hands dragged down his back. You were somehow able to get the words out – ones that made him laugh against your wet jaw. 
“I’m so glad you hit my car.” 
Tumblr media
Written 2020 - 2021.  Please refrain from posting my work elsewhere. No translations allowed. © floralseokjin 2021
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darlingletshurttonight · 4 months ago
yohan and K
so i was thinking of yohan and K. we all agree that the boy, and the couple, deserved more. i watched the show again focusing on their parts, but i'm sure i still probably missed a few things. i'll keep adding more to this post (this is already so long tho, like really long).
there's a lot of spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched the show or are only a couple of episodes in.
incoming a very long stream of consciousness :’)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yohan obviously knows k's real name. he's probably the only one alive and meaningful to K who knew his name. K didn't seem to have many people around him, and to have only one person know and maybe sometimes call your actual name definitely means a lot. the code name K was probably given to him by yohan. of course this was done for security reasons but i can't help imagine this being a way for K to know that he is not entirely for yohan. i just know that there would have been moments they shared where yohan has called out his actual name, like the way he did with "gaon-ah"
can y'all imagine how K's burial/cremation must've been carried out? just yohan and the rest of the team. and i guess this happened before all the shit went down with the "quarantine rescue" trial and stuff. but there's no doubt that yohan halted things for just a bit and sent him away respectfully.
K was in middle school when his parents died and he could only depend on yohan. initially i'd think that yohan probably raised K on the fuel of anger and revenge, sort of like elijah. just that K didn't have any kind of protection from the truth. he was on his own in that sense and the only support he had in dealing with all that was yohan. he gave him the choice to join him for revenge. he promised that the lady who caused this would repent. and yes, yohan might have started out using K's vulnerabilities and volatile emotions solely to his advantage. 
but if that was the case, their relationship would've been very different from what we saw. if anything, middle schooler K would've been boiling with anger and yohan would've stopped him from doing something stupid and reckless. (yohan was K's soohyun to some extent in that sense, just that he was probably like "you should plan out your revenge bro" instead of "revenge is bad")
yohan has nurtured K to some extent. he has given him some sort of affection and a sense of reliability and safety for K to stick by his side and trust him even if he feels like he has ended up having nothing to lose. also many have pointed out that these two completely understood each other. they never spoke about their feelings but still knew what the other was thinking. they were each other's confidantes because they literally had no one else to lean on. yohan being the older one naturally took responsibility over this kid.
i can totally imagine yohan being K' s mentor of sorts too. i hate to make this comparison, but sort of like professor snake and gaon. atleast when yohan and K started working together, yohan must've taken him out for meals just to make sure he's eating, teaching him driving, buying him essentials, probably securing his family house and all that stuff. there's no way K would've stuck with yohan if he wasn't entirely devoted to him.
i also feel like yohan had given him that choice before, to leave. or let him take his own decisions like gaon. and K stayed. and wasn't it yohan who approached K? that's the biggest difference between gaon and K. gaon gatecrashes into all these walls built by yohan, whereas K was allowed to walk through all these walls, even if on the sidelines. but he didn't overstep, he didn't question, he didn't doubt yohan. there has to be a lot of trust and vulnerability from both sides there.
when gaon gets introduced to the team that's helping yohan, we don't hear K's backstory. all we know about his history is through yohan in a scene with kyunghee. it needed more weight and special attention because just a "kyunghee framed his parents" wouldn't have sufficed for the relationship they'd grown to have and the burden they'd grown to share. there's similarities between K's and gaon's backstories. they both lost their parents due to a corrupt system at a very young age. they both are pretty much under yohan's wing, and they grow to like him, initially for the revenge he's offering but eventually for the person he is.
also lets not forget that K was sun-ah's first target. 
"you have nothing you wish to protect? there's no such person"
she pretty much knew everything about yohans inner circle. gaon was not entirely there yet, and attacking elijah would be too risky. K was a sure shot victim. his oldest ally. and it broke yohan. she says that she wanted yohan to be lonely like her, while jae hee, her right hand woman, stood right next to her. so it is very clear that what yohan and K had was not just "business related" it was beyond that. and she could sense that.
one of the scenes where i felt the most for K was this scene.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(”take me home” y’all. i know the literal translation is more like “let’s go home” but either way)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
we all gush about the fact that elijah calls yohan home for dinner. and he is confused at first, but then he smiles. and then he goes home and has dinner with a loving set of people. 
but what about K? he went home and probably had a beer by himself, alone and cold. i'd like to think he wasn't lonely, but we don't know enough about him to even guess.
Tumblr media
y’all think he wouldn’t have noticed yohan smiling at the back? how many times must that have happened before? i’m not saying he would’ve wanted yohan to be as miserable as him or something. but rather, he’d probably never have imagined them having a light at the end of the tunnel. 
K was a young adult with his own thoughts when yohan met him. and i feel like one of the reasons yohan kept a distance was because he knew he was consciously moulding K into being his loyal sidekick, always in the background. he couldn't ask for more than that. K became increasingly aware of that as he grew up and chose to go along with it. also, being as emotionally repressed as they were, it affected the kind of relationship they had. so they ended up lingering around the boundaries of that distance, never crossing it.
okay, in episode 12, K and gaon have a conversation without yohan around. i feel like there's so many layers to what K is saying here.
K admits to gaon that despite cha kyunghee getting punished for her crimes, he doesn't feel anything. to me it seems like he's gotten this realization a while back. he probably realized at some point that revenge was futile and he wasn't really doing this for revenge. and technically after kyunghee's death he could've left because she was his enemy, not the foundation. yet, he stayed to simply honor his loyalty to yohan. we all know yohan would've let him go if he wanted to leave. he's not one to beg, and K was aware of that. deep down he probably felt that maybe yohan would try to stop him. but he would only be speculating and he didn't want to take a chance. he didn't want to be in a position where he'd have to watch yohan choose whether he wanted him to stay or not.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
then he tells gaon to not get too involved. 
"i have nothing to lose, but you're different. if you stay by yohan's side, you'll end up losing everything, including yourself"
it feels like K never had the opportunity to think about a future where revenge was not his aim. even if he did, he just decided to ignore it because he had become too comfortable with looking at the world through yohan's lenses. and he ended up being okay with it because that's how he grew up. he was aware that he was too deep into it to go back. that was his rational thought. but i can also see that this attachment with yohan was the only familiar thing that has stuck with him all this while. 
he couldn't imagine a world without yohan.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the way soohyun was gaon's anchor, his comfort zone, yohan was K's. just that their ideas of comfort and familiarity were different. 
there's so many ways the show makes parallels between yohan/k and gaon/soohyun where their roles kinda interchange sometimes too. 
this scene directly follows the part where soohyun asks yohan to leave gaon alone.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i think yohan watched as K grew to make him the center of his universe. and even if he knew this wouldn't be good, it was like candy to him. he could't resist it and let himself enjoy it because no one had ever done that before. not to mention, it was giving him a lot of advantage because K did all the snooping around. and then they both reached a point where they were both aware that while K did start out for revenge, he stayed for yohan. yohan was all he knew.
and K could feel how yohan was getting swayed, or affected, to say the least, because of gaon and that was messing with K's comfort zones. we see this scattered across some episodes. when yohan almost kills the furniture guy for planting a bomb in his office. we see it when yohan confesses that its weird to have someone understand and sympathize with him, with no negative connotation there. i think K was starting to question his sense of purpose when he saw gaon going on the same path as him, but the fact that yohan was so inviting despite gaon being a risk factor, slightly ticked him off.
there was an image of yohan he had in his mind, and he wasn't seeming like that anymore. he was so dependent on that image of yohan that he probably thought of questions like what happens after we do get revenge? would he leave K alone then? would K have anyone left after yohan has no use of him? what happens to him after this? i'm sure he thought of all these questions, and never got around to asking them, maybe to not cross the line, maybe because he was scared of the answers.
either he doesn't want anyone else to go through this, or he's let it consume himself too much and doesn't want to let go of yohan. i personally feel like it's a mix of both.
to me that scene between gaon and K was more of K self justifying/protecting his familiarity under the disguise of a warning to gaon. K did believe what he said about yohan, but he had accepted it for himself as long as he was the only one there in that equation.
it felt like the adult equivalent of elijah saying, "if you go to prison, this house will be mine" to yohan. her motive there was to scare yohan into staying with her for her own comfort, disguised as a threat.
the death scene.
it was so difficult to sit through this scene because i wasn't able to conjure up any way they could save this situation. unfortunately it’s K's death that really rubs it in your face that yohan and K had a much deeper relationship than what it looks like on the surface.
before i could even figure out that yohan was going to climb up, K was already pleading him to stop. they spoke so much through their eyes and body language. they knew what each other’s next step would be.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yohan wouldn't go up and down a flight of stairs with a gunshot to his stomach for many people (more like he would but not many people had bothered to reach that level with him). when K is hanging and yelling at yohan to not come closer, not go upstairs, i think that's when he realized that he did have someone to lose. yohan himself.
Tumblr media
this montage was just painful to the core. this scene screams loyalty and love.
Tumblr media
there's another reason i made the professor/gaon and yohan/K parallel. this scene is overlapped with gaon calling out for his professor who's apparently stuck in that messy "rescue" situation, similar to K calling out to yohan to leave him and save himself. K and gaon, both risked their lives to save their confidantes, they always readily plunged into dangerous situations for them. but yohan had K's back (or so he thought, his intentions were right)
which is why i can't help but conclude that K to yohan was what the professor and soohyun were to gaon.
Tumblr media
yohan is at his wit's end here. he has no solutions, no escapes, no ideas. he just never thought of a possibility that K would ever be in danger. the person he used to send to check up on everyone else who would be in danger. did he just never think anyone would try taking him away?
Tumblr media
K is shaking his head at yohan as yohan helplessly looks at him. was he saying it's the end of the line? it's time to let go?
y’all the pain on yohan’s face. he has to face the death of the first person he had any relationship with out of his bloodline. this boy who trusted him and devoted the rest of his life to him and his motives.
Tumblr media
then we hear the most gut wrenching scream accompanied with the crashing sound of K’s body and his skull or bones breaking. 
Tumblr media
yohan goes batshit crazy, not in a physical sense, but you can see the "monster awaken" as he threatens sunah and then fucking grins. i couldn't even look at sunah here without wanting to gently lay her in a pool of lava.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yohan lets out this bone chilling scream and his face is full of agony, pain, guilt and sorrow. he's leaning against the railing and watching K bleed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he reaches downstairs. with a bullet in his stomach, yohan bends down to be near K. he caresses his hair and we have a fleshed out confession from him. 
"it was almost over. you just had to live your own life, me and you"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he had plans for K. 
yohan is a man who bought a healthy food shopping mall for his house help. you think he wouldn't go above and beyond to give K a happy and fulfilling life too?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i just wonder what kind of plans he must've made though. they must've talked about this stuff. they couldn't have always been so stoic to not even indirectly talk about something that doesn't revolve around the foundation and schemes and paybacks. 
i want to see those lingering gazes as yohan figures out K's interests, the soft smiles to himself when he imagines K doing anything he actually enjoys in his life later on, thinking about the possibilities of K allowing him to keep in touch. you can't tell me this didn't happen. he absolutely thought of a future for and with K.
Tumblr media
when yohan regains consciousness and looks at K's body, he doesn't have the same kind of expression on his face anymore. its much more guarded. there's regret, anger and determination. his sorrow is hidden. i feel like if there weren't people around, we'd still see sorrow there. but they were extremely discreet about each other. and i don't mean romantically or sexually. even in a platonic sense they only ever showed any emotion or intimacy to each other when there was nobody watching them. it's like both of them had let the other person secretly creep into the cracks of all the walls they'd built between themselves and other people.
i dont need to make the soohyun and K death parallels because it's obvious and there’s much better written posts on that. but there’s some stuff i noticed.
firstly, about yohan not telling gaon about K's death. there was little opportunity to do so. and why should he? gaon had explicitly said that he was not going to be part of yohan's ways anymore. K was exactly that. so yohan probably didn't feel like gaon needed to know about that. then soohyun dies and gaon is grieving for her. not a time yohan would want to say "K died too" but i also do want to see how gaon would've reacted.
what i found interesting was, the way gaon slumps and kneels in front of yohans table, slamming his wrists and sobbing is so similar to yohan when he’s on the railing. the restlessness in their posture, uncertainty of their own reactions, the sheer anger and forcing themselves to come to terms with it. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
of course yohan was thinking of his brother too, but he was still recovering from K's death AND consoling gaon. he simply buried his pain of K's absence, like how he buried whatever relationship they had all this time. how do you explain a relationship like this? it wasn't like fate brought them together or something, they had tied themselves together and the knots kept tightening as time went by.
K’s death was on the forefront of his mind right now.
Tumblr media
before leaving, sunah showed him that gaon is in danger as well. she targeted two pillars at once. it seems like gaon and K were two sides that kept yohan balanced. but she was personally present to see his agony over losing K because the real gaon episode was yet to come. i think she just wanted to see how yohan would manage to save gaon. yohan knew that soohyun would drop everything to save gaon, the way yohan would've dropped everything to save K or vice versa.
killing off K and soohyun within one episode is the biggest parallel the writers gave us. their lives entirely revolved around yohan and gaon respectively. while yohan and gaon never reciprocated their feelings for them, they still absolutely needed them for their sanity and to keep themselves in check. however, soohyun got to live her dream of being with gaon as a lover, even if for a bit. 
the fact that we don't know K's exact feelings is the biggest tragedy. it doesn't have to be romantic, sexual, explicit or anything specific at all. relationships between people can be complicated and don't require labels, especially when they've shared their trauma and grown up together for a long time, sharing each others loss and burden. there was more to it than what we saw. 
yohan and K needed each other. how they gave each other those affirmations, if at all, is unknown to us. but they weren't content because they had grown to like each other as humans, rather than allies to destroy some people. they had devoted their entire existence to revenge and found it difficult to really see the other slog everyday for this cause. but they still stuck to it because they had promised each other that. it was revenge that brought them together and if that wasn't there anymore, why should they be in the same space? 
it’s safe to assume that K had let go of the whole revenge thing a long time back, and yohan definitely sensed it. but he also sensed that K still stayed for their sake. for whatever it was they both shared. 
to have gaon "confess" to soohyun, there had to be a tipping point. gaon's presence at kyunghee's suicide spot was that tipping point for soohyun to understand that she doesn't give a shit if gaon goes around contributing to people's death as long as he's safe and sound in front of her eyes. if K had survived that episode, that would be the tipping point for yohan and K. something would have come out of that. a confession of sorts, some display of concern that was beyond tears and a gentle stroke of comfort, something more. some love language being played out. it would've definitely shaken up what they had till now. 
like i mentioned earlier, yohan would have have gone above and beyond to make K's future as comfortable as possible. regardless of whether he was going to be a part of it or not. i think he was going to leave it up to K, whether he wanted yohan to be a part of his life after all this or not. 
there's no question about yohan not wanting to be a part of K's life. did he think he deserved to be there in K's future? no. but did he want to? definitely yes. but yohan would never impose his wishes, not anymore. he would let K choose. and whatever he chose, yohan would take his decision in stride.
unfortunately they just never got there.
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