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#and i think this is rad
myenterpriseisparked · 16 hours ago
i just read one of the worst written fics i have ever come across, can you give me a bat fact as brain bleach?
Hi!!! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was traveling this weekend. Hopefully I'm not too late with the brain bleach!
Let's talk about Honduran White Bats!!!!!
Tumblr media
These guys build tents. For real. They cut big leaves with their teeth and arrange them into little tents to chill in with their buddies. These tents serve to keep them dry, undetected by predators, and also they provide excellent temperature control for their babies.
Speaking of babies, these bats are somewhat unique for giving birth twice a year. Most bats only give birth once a year. This might be because they live in a place where it's pretty much the same temperature year-round and they don't have to hibernate, but no one is really sure because there's not a lot of research on it yet.
They also only eat basically one species of fig, which is pretty wild. Picky eaters, I guess. Like, they CAN eat other fruits, and they will in a pinch, but they just really freaking love that one fig and go nuts for it.
They are one of three species of bat with white fur like this. They still fly at night, but they don't need to camouflage as much because nothing really actively hunts them and their prey is unsuspecting figs, not insects, so they don't really need to hide. However, while their bodies are white, their wings are black, which means that, at night, they kinda just look like flying puffballs and I am eternally amused by this.
Tumblr media
Like, imagine walking around at night and all of a sudden you just see this angelic little white ball of fluff flying around, eating figs. Amazing. So pure.
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greatcheshire · 20 hours ago
Hey, I just wanted to say I think you're rad and your work is rad. Thank you!
Thank you, I appreciate that!!
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kidrat · 2 years ago
have some fucking tips for androgynous presentation that mixes femme and masc styles and isn’t just ‘be afab and wear trousers from the men’s section’
recently I wore some of those trousers with the wide non form fitting legs   and added small heeled boots. 10/10 would recommend I felt very high fashion. looked masc but was making the femme click clack heel sound.
basic loungy outfits can be made 100% more queer by adding colour. srsly jeans with a nice tshirt is queer as fuck if the jeans are orange.
wearing the femmest outfit possible, long skirt, cute blouse, etc. becomes a power move when you do so without a single shred of makeup. bonus if your hair is short. bonus if it’s not a pixie. bonus if your shoes are stompy
find all your Statement Pieces. wear them together. voila.
we all know about suspenders. now put them where they don’t belong. attach them to skirts. attach them to your trousers but leave them hanging
literally just wear stuff you think looks rad because if you enjoy both masculine and feminine clothing styles it naturally follows the stuff you think looks rad together will end up being genderfuck
embrace alternative fashion/weird charity shop finds/vintage/stuff that breaks fashion rules even if its ‘technically’ femme/masc. part of fitting into gender roles is wearing mainstream and current femme/masc clothes because gender roles and their associated accepted dress are always shifting so anything that differs from that is automatically subversive.
billowy shirts. undo them as much as you’re comfortable with. somewhat obvious but the howl’s moving castle vibes are v strong. am I a femme arts student or a dashing masc pirate type? who knows. 
floral patterns feel a billion times more masc if the colours are bold. 
personally after I stopped wearing makeup I felt I lot more able to just be like huh. that's my face. and feel kinda triumphant  in the ugly parts of it and just be unabashedly weird. and if that's not genderfuck idk what is. same w not shaving my legs tbh. I enjoy just existing.
that said if you do like makeup, using just (just. no foundation or shit) eyeshadow or just lipstick? also a power move. 
If you go for the classic dapper style of androgynous presentation but want something closer to androgynous than just weird masc, try adding a soft girly jumper to your manly trousers and etc.
adding an emphasis to your natural waist to a masc outfit (with a belt or something) is a good way to feminise it and vice versa with emphasising a dropped waist in a femme outfit to bring attention away from your smaller natural one (again with a belt or maybe low waisted trousers)
long coats are very good I feel my most formless and inexplicable when my outer layer goes straight past my knees.
obviously all this is gonna be slightly biased to my agab/personal style/body type/etc. but yeah. there’s my tips and hopefully none of them are weirdly unachievable or equate androgyny with masculinity 
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breekonofhope · a year ago
quarantine emoji ask meme!
because i like ask memes and i, like most people, don’t have a lot going on right now
😊: what makes you happy?
😇: do you believe in guardian angels?
😘: are you in love?
😭: what's the last thing you cried about?
😡: what makes you angry?
👻: do you believe in ghosts?
👽: do you believe in aliens?
☠️: what's your biggest fear?
👾: what's your favorite video game?
👁: what color are your eyes?
🧑‍🔧: what's your dream job?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: do you want to be a parent?
💍: do you want to get married?
🐶: do you have any pets?
🌹: what's your favorite flower?
🌎: where are you from?
🌤: what's your favorite type of weather?
🍏: what's your favorite fruit?
🥕: what's your favorite vegetable?
🍟: do you like fast food?
🍕: what pizza toppings do you like?
🍦: what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
🍬: do you like candy?
☕️: coffee or tea?
🍺: do you drink?
🏈: do you like sports?
🏆: tell a story about something you've won!
🎟: what was the last concert you went to?
🎬: what's your favorite movie?
🎤: what's your favorite song?
🎸: do you play any instruments?
🚗: do you like driving?
🚨: have you ever been arrested?
✈️: what's the last place you traveled to?
🏝: what 3 things would you bring to a deserted island?
🏫: if you've gone to college/university, what did you study? if not, what would you like to study?
⛪️: are you religious?
📱: show your home/lockscreen!
📷: post the last picture in your camera roll!
🚬: do you smoke?
🔮: do you believe in magic?
🛁: showers or baths?
🧸: do you still have any childhood toys?
🎈: when's your birthday?
📚: what's your favorite book?
📝: do you like writing?
✉️: do you write a lot of letters?
❤️: what's something that you love?
💔: what's something that you hate?
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agreyeyedgirl · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have a NEW FAVORITE THING and it’s this ballad! 
EDIT: Now as a bonus, here is some additional commentary addressing those who have reblogged or replied to this post to say things like ‘this is gross, if it were about a man doing this to a woman everyone would be up in arms’ or ‘forced marriage isn’t funny! this is NOT goals!’ (spoiler: it is in fact goals, as you will see).
So I’ve seen a handful of comments like this on this post, and people can have their own opinions etc etc but that also means that I get to have an opinion about your opinions! and my opinion is that you’re* completely wrong and I’m going to tell you why
*this is a generic you, not the above posters specifically, their nonsense just happens to be at the top of my activity page and has therefore been chosen as the default sample
OKAY so there are two main reasons why the above criticism is not the scalding tea you* seem to think it is (and is in fact powdered Crystal Light that’s only partially dissolved in lukewarm bathwater), and the first one is
1) the ‘omg this is problematic/abusive’ argument, which I’m going to call Reading Comprehension Failure, because, my good personages, did you read the fcking thing? at all? The Berkshire Lady does not in fact force this dude to do ANYTHING. She challenges him to a duel which he shows up for. Willingly! One might even say consensually. He came to the grove ready and WILLING to have a fight with someone! And when she made her counter offer she wasn’t holding her sturdy rapier to his throat? she didn’t have goons holding his arms?
All she did was say ‘either go through with the fight–the prearranged fight that you knowingly signed on for when you showed up–or marry me instead!’ and then she walked away for an hour to let him think about it! He could have chosen to fight. He could have gone home. He even had a buddy to back him up, while the Berkshire Lady doesn’t have any companion mentioned in the ballad at all. Gentle reader! this is not what coercion looks like!
2) Now I’m going to address the second argument, the ‘this isn’t actually progressive’/’just imagine if a MAN did this’, which I think of as Y’all Don’t Know Anything About Ballads. Because the POWER SWITCH IS WHY THIS BALLAD IS RAD AS FUCK. Flipping the power dynamics IS progressive, especially in this ballad from approximately 1709ish.
More than one person has tossed out the ‘imagine if this was about a man forcing himself on a woman! then you’d see!’ but my dear people, I don’t have to imagine because there is literally an entire extensive subgenre of ballads that are specifically about men coming across women alone and taking advantage of them. Often they steal a Symbolically Significant Piece of Clothing, or sometimes a Symbolically Significant Food/Crop Item, but we ALL KNOW WHAT IT REALLY MEANS except maybe the people who failed the reading comprehensive don’t so I’ll clarify, the theft of the whatever = rape. This is such a big subgenre of ballads that Terry Pratchett does a whole bit about it in Monstrous Regiment, because Sir Terry knew what was UP.
So yeah, I can compare, and now we’re getting to the really juicy bit, the really Fuck Yeah This is Subversive stuff, BECAUSE The Berkshire Lady’s Garland aka Wife or Knife is sung to the tune of another ballad, a ballad called The Royal Forester.
And The Royal Forester is a jolly little ditty that is LITERALLY about a guy meeting a woman in the woods, ‘robbing her of her maidenhead’, and then refusing to tell her his name before riding off and leaving her. She figures out who he is, takes her case to the king, the king says ‘oh oops, well we’ll find him and if he’s married, we’ll hang him! but if he’s single, he’ll marry you’. And the twist ending of that ballad is that the Earl’s daughter ends up married to the blacksmith’s son, ha ha what a good joke. ha ha.
I mean, fuck that, right? So yeah, you take the tune of THAT ballad and slap this new narrative on it, this story about a badass woman of wealth and independence choosing her own husband based on her own desire even though he’s significantly below her social station, proposing to him in the most ridiculously badass way, marrying him without revealing her beauty or wealth, and then trolling him as her first married act?
And bonus point 3) This ballad is about an independent woman acting on her own desires, including (VERY clearly if you read the actual ballad) her sexual desires! That’s a cool thing that we don’t see very often, women in control of their identities and tuned into their desires AND valuing those desires.
IN CONCLUSION the Berkshire Lady was a top and y’all can’t handle her
no I don’t accept constructive criticism
THANK YOU for coming to my ted talk
good DAY
Tumblr media
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fickes · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Disability Pride Month 07-23-20: villain?
(though a spider chair WOULD be pretty rad)
[ID: 2 digitally painted comic panels. /Image 1: Top text reads: "DISABLED PEOPLE IN MOVIES:" Panel depicts a bipedal crocodile without a left leg sitting in a robotic chair that has six spider-like legs. She grins and raises her hands in victory as she says: "I'm suffering all the time, so I'm going to make everyone else suffer! mwahahahaha" In the foreground is a bipedal dingo labeled "'hero,'" who cries and points at the crocodile. She says: "I think different bodies are scary!" /Image 2: Top text reads: "DISABLED PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE:" Panel depicts the same characters in a different scene. The crocodile uses crutches and makes a purchase in a store. The dingo is in the background, gaping and pointing at the crocodile's crutches. The crocodile says: "can u stop" /END ID]
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jassmine-teaa · a year ago
Katara: I’m so happy I could kiss you!
Aang: *nervous silence*
Aang: Ahhh..haha...rad.
**LATER**:Aang, lying face down on his bed:
Aang:I said “rad”, Zuko. Who says rad these days?! It’s not rad to say rad, but I said it anyway because I’m stupid and Katara is gonna think I'm weird and hate me forever-
Zuko,looking up from his phone:
Zuko: Don’t beat yourself up, Aang. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Sokka confessed to me?
Aang: Didn’t you thank him?
Zuko,staring at the ceiling :
Zuko: I thanked him.
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azurasstar · 2 years ago
AR: This is the fucking number TS: You can’t swear AR: Seggy said that I can not swear... Fuck I’ll try to not swear TS: You just did again AR: I said that- I said that- I didn’t know!
via Tyler’s Instagram Story
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sexymold · a month ago
Why I think LOKI isn't going to have Loki and Sylvie get together
The director is Kate Herron, who is also the director of Sex Education. Sex Education has a LOT of queer representation. In no way is this me saying bi people can't be interested in someone the opposite gender as themselves. This is me noting how Kate Herron is very much comfortable having mlm relationships and characters
Disney is getting gayer.
Marvel has had queer characters in the comics for a WHILE
I think Loki was going to hug Sylvie. That is an important connection for most people. Also noting where his hands were. If he was going to kiss her I would imagine his hands would be on her face.
Mobius' jealousy of Sylvie.
"Courtship" -Owen Wilson
Mobius asks Loki if he genuinely thinks he deserves to be alone. I think having this line come from Mobius says a lot. They could've had it come from Sylvie, by having her look in Loki's memories.
I'll make another post if I think of more. Stay rad fellow Loki fans!
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saintqueer · 9 days ago
It started when he wore the Umbro shirt one week after dwd being announced 😁 We are taking about Harry here, my dude didn’t accidentally put on a shirt from Louis that would become the biggest recent larriy proof. He’s been fighting a lot but nobody really gave it attention.
you know what, anon, yeah let's go there.
i was looking at tags and saw this little gem from @jayjeebee (sorry tried to tag you, but it isn't working) and i was like hmmm that's some tea:
Tumblr media
and honestly, looking back at it now i'm like how did we not see the build up of these very weird things. the timeline is kind of fucked.
so here is a timeline of the umbro shirt from our beloved @daisiesonafield-blog. harry goes out wearing a shirt that eleanor posted louis in during a time when we saw very little of louis on September 18th, 2020. this was right before he headed back to italy to film Golden. AND as anon says, one week after the Don't Worry Darling announcement! this makes it very clear that harry made this move after most negotiations had been made for the film (and who knows what other discussions were happening regarding his music at the time as well). you're right, harry just wouldn't accidentally grab that shirt, i can't even imagine how large their closets are.
then the next month harry films the the jingle ball performance of Golden with a lyric change that sounds a lot like "i'm hoping someday i'm open." then the slightly depressing Variety Hitmaker speech which was the very first appearance of the banana dick necklace. after that, some interesting clothing choices on set and then the backhanded brits acceptance speech.
i don't know if i have a big cumulative conclusion other than things are weird and have been for a while. harry seems more combative in his coding and everything feels a bit off.
there seems to be a fight going on behind the scenes. i never thought to link the umbro shirt debacle to the start of harry fighting back against this unknown *something* but now i'm definitely considering it.
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diary-of-a-slutxx · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why did I see this and think this is the cat version of thinspo
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bucketofchum · a year ago
Here is my BOILING HOT TAKE on fantasy languages
You know how All Fantasy Movies(TM) need to create their own Fantasy Languages for the Fantasy Worlds......?  why don’t movies just.... use extant languages????
Here’s the deal. We have hella fake languages, like, say Na'vi from Avatar which was inspired a lot by the sounds in Maori.  why don't they just use Maori??  few enough people speak it so it would still sound completely foreign to like... everyone except like 50k individuals in the entire world. And it would help encourage people to learn and otherwise dying language.
Tumblr media
Like imagine if they hired some Maori teachers to teach the actors a little-spoken extant language instead of paying some white guy from California to invent a language inspired by real dying languages to make up some words, a grammatical structure, and an alphabet for this fictional universe.
Or what about Game of Thrones, with High Valarian, which was inspired by Estonian and Swahili.
Tumblr media
CAN YOU IMAGINE if a wildly popular show like GoT hired Estonian or Swahili linguists and interpreters to teach actors a few phrases? It doesn’t matter if they don’t have perfect pronunciation. That’s fine???? Most people won’t know and tbh even for those who do understand Estonian or Swahili, the increase in interest in people learning their language is??? not a bad thing??? 
Wakanda uses isiXhosa as their fantasy language. The amount of cultural RICHNESS that comes from using an existing language is honestly unparalleled. And the coolest thing is, there are things in real language that you just can’t make up when a white man engineers a mde up language in his office. The amount of interest in Xhosa SPIKED after Black Panther’s release and SO MANY MORE people became aware of its existence. Do more people speak it? Who knows? Probably not rly? But at least now there is awareness of this language that only has some 8 mil speakers (that’s a little less than the population of NYC). 
And the thing is, even if there are not more speakers of it in the world in response to a movie, at least there is greater awareness of different parts of the world? Imagine using the power of popular media for good like this. People becoming aware of South African tribes, Maori tribes, small Baltic countries, Bantu languages, etc.
Like ??? few enough people are actually aware of the sounds that these languages make that would you actually know if Dothraki was actually a real language spoken by some people in the world??  It would be cool to actually help the cultures that you’re “drawing inspiration” from.
The wild popularity of Tolkien’s Elvish gets me GOING. Every now and then I’ll see that post going around showing how to form words from Elvish letters. You know what written Elvish looks like to me? It looks like Hindi. It looks like the Devanagari script (other people say it also looks like Tibetan, which I cannot attest to, but I can say for sure it DEFINITELY looks like Hindi’s Devanagari script). How consonants and vowels come together is IDENTICAL to the structure in Hindi and there are even a solid number of overlapping characters. Spoken Elvish sounds nothing like Hindi ofc but the written language sure resembles the structure with a fuckton of the same letters. Written Elvish is ostensibly stolen from Indian or Tibetan or other ‘Eastern’ written languages. Imagine if all the people who think Elvish is super sexy and cool and want to learn it actually commited themselves to learning Hindi, a language written and spoken by almost 20% of the world population? How fucking rad would that be?
Tumblr media
(look at this elvish Tengwar that is like... literally just Hindi vowels)
I just feel like ???????? movie producers could do a lot of good??? in this very small simple way?? but instead they pay one single person to invent a language and then teach people how to speak their made up language and they have to develop 1000-3000 invented words... when they could just .... use an extant little known language and bring some indigineous languages back from the brink of extinction !!!!!!!
this is my new hill to die on !!!
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