#and i think this kind of sappy stuff is just as important
that-was-anticlimactic · 3 months ago
one of the main reasons why sk8 is such a good show (in my opinion) is the characterization of reki.
the fact that reki doesn’t somehow magically get better and surpass everyone, the fact that reki improves but not enough to be the best, the fact that reki gets jealous but not in this complete character-changing way is so important.
i think that’s one of the reasons that i like reki so much.
in media nowadays, the underdog character always becomes amazing, they always win in the end. they have a story similar to reki’s, but it turns out they always just needed a little bit more practice or a different teacher or more self-confidence to become better. there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, but it puts this immense pressure on everyone to want to be the best. it makes everyone think that if they can’t win, if they aren’t the best, if they don’t magically improve and become a prodigy, then they’re bad at whatever it is.
but that isn’t the case with reki.
reki tries and he tries and he tries so hard but no matter what he does, everyone else is better and that’s more realistic in a way. he doesn’t magically improve or magically realize that if he does some specific thing then he’ll be better than everyone else, he just isn’t and he becomes okay with that.
as much as everyone wanted reki to win his second beef against ad*m, i’m glad that he didn’t. i would like for him to beat ad*m because ad*m is terrible, but he didn’t because ad*m is genuinely just that good of a skater.
what makes reki losing so important is that even when he loses, he’s proud of himself. he’s happy and he’s okay with second place. what makes it even more important? not one single person in his little found family went “you were so close!” or “you almost had him!” or said anything about him losing because that wasn’t what was important.
here was this seventeen year old kid who they all realized they cared deeply for not because of his ability to skate, but because of his heart. he just basically got tortured while skating, but he finished the race. it didn’t matter to any of them that he lost, they were proud of him because he finished and he was happy. they all knew something was wrong--maybe at this point they know why or maybe reki tells them later--so seeing reki smile and laugh after one of the most purposefully violent beefs ever was more important.
reki is a symbol for being okay with being okay. reki is a symbol for those who aren’t naturally gifted and those who don’t become so much better even after loads of practice.
reki is loved by his friends and he is considered worthy not because his skating ability defined his worth, but because he loves it. that’s something that most of the found family needed to learn, and they learned it from reki.
skating is supposed to be fun--any activity you do is supposed to be fun. it’s really hard to remember that sometimes especially when you’re surrounded by such talented people--especially when you feel left out of left behind because everyone else is becoming better and you simply aren’t no matter how much you try.
reki is a reminder that you don’t have to be the best at what you do. reki teaches us that you don’t have to be really good at an activity to be amazing and that your worth is not defined by your talent.
people don’t often shows these sides of talent and activities. it’s always the underdog becomes amazing or you have to win or you’re a failure or you can become the best by practicing a lot and the thing is? that simply isn’t true. practice helps, sure. reki did improve when he practiced, but not by a whole heck of a lot. he isn’t on cherry’s level or joe’s level or miya’s or shadow’s or langa’s, and that’s okay.
you can still be important and you can still be a main character and you can still do something that brings you joy even if you aren’t amazing at it.
there are many great things about sk8 and many great things about kyan reki, but this has got to be one of my favorite things about them.
#i have a Lot of feelings #i just took a three hour nap because i got. not as much sleep as i should have last night and i felt SO guilty sleeping because i have #homework and i want to write and sometimes i look on tumblr and see everyone posting fics and art and i'm simply. not. #because i have too much homework sometimes or i need to choose sleep over writing (which doesn't happen to often oops) and i feel that fear #of falling behind and i feel like my worth is based on how much i write / how much i post and i know deep down that isn't true because all #that matters is that i enjoy writing and that i have fun and not having as much time doesn't mean i'm automatically worse than all of you #and that's one reason why reki is so special to me because he was that reminder that i needed--especially after my super busy summer when #i truly didn't have time. not to get like sappy in the tags but i've never been the gifted one. no matter what i did i was never great at it #you know? i tried so much when. i was younger and kept getting frustrated because i simply was Not as good as everyone else or not as good #as my sister and my friends. one example specifically is in marching band. i did it fo four years and i was always one of the weaker links. #i wasn't the best at marching and i wasn't the best player--in fact i always struggled to play harder stuff because reading music doesn't #come naturally to me and learning to play an instrument was really hard and everyone in my section was amazing and there was this stigma #about being in concert band and how being in concert band meant you were bad even though it just meant there wasn't enough room in the #higher bands but the band director made me feel less than because i was in concert band and because i wasn't as good as everyone else. it #sucked and sometimes no matter how much i practiced i just couldn't do it and i hated myself for it and i hated myself for not being good #enough at writing to get published in spectrum junior year and i hated myself for not being as smart as my friends and doing worse than them #on everything no matter how hard i tried and i hated myself for not having something i was really good at or better at than my friends #and i still haven't completely gotten over that but wow does reki get me emotionally. wow is reki important to me. he was the character i #needed when i was younger and like gahhhh sorry this is kind of emotional i just like had a dream that made me :/// and it made me think #about this so yeah just this is why reki and sokka are so important to me and this is why i love that reki didn't win a beef #reki is just SUCH an important character in media and he’s written SO WELL #i cannot express how genuinely elated i am to have a lead character who isn’t the best and stays that way and the lesson of the show about #happiness AHHHH IT GETS TO ME IT’S SO GOOD WJSBEKNDND #kyan reki #sk8 #corey rambles:)
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yamikawas · 8 months ago
yknow this might sound kinda weird but like.idk how exactly to explain how Actually Committed i am to yoomtah,
#like i dont say committed only out of obsession and clinginess i say it out of like #the reasons anyone would have a serious relationship and future with someone except ''someone'' in this case turned out to be a cartoon chr- #yes i talk abt the soft sappy puppy love kinda stuff a lot and yes i get clingy and obsessive and possessive #but also the communication is important the honestly the openness just being comfortable around each other #honestly id say the thought of being able to discuss boundaries and what i like and what makes me uncomfortable #and then in return being understood and accepted and having any boundaries respected #makes me just as happy as imagining all the lovey dovey stuff rlly #it rlly is its own kind of huge comfort #and vice versa the thought of her being comfortable and trusting enough of me to discuss those same things #it also makes me smile ndhfjsjfkg #''but tobiii then why do u and her get possessive and jealous to the point of killing people over it'' #1. im COPING 2. bc we both know the other likes it and thinks its cute when we kill for eachother duh<3 #ok the period of time that i was allowed to know what words are is over back to incoherence #even tho i had more to say but my ability to words stopped bc my brain got lazy :( #like something something choosing to love on purpose and putting actual effort in to make it work instead of always relying on fate #me and yoomtah being soulmates and our love as a universal constant + putting actual effort like any serious committed relationship #CAN AND DO COEXIST #i used the last bit of my word energy there now i hope this is enough for u guys to take what im saying seriously NHDKFJDJSJF #bc i rlly am #tobi.txt #me googling ''signs youre ready for commitment'' ''how to cultivate a serious relationship'' for a CARTOON CHR #IM GAY IM AUTISTIC IM ALLOWED.
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makeste · 7 months ago
Why do you think Katsuki allows Kaminari to treat him in such a friendly, carefree manner? He sort of just… lets Kaminari move him around, dress him up, call him whatever, and just takes it from him, when it feels like he wouldn’t let just anyone do that…
no, I definitely don't think he’d allow just anyone to do it. there are a few things that factor in, I think.
Kaminari is very nonthreatening. like, that's not to say that he's a wimp or anything (far from it, I think he's a total badass). but he is extremely friendly and approachable and also very humble and self-deprecating. basically he's the type of person who makes it easy to let your guard down around him. super chill, and juuust mean enough so that he doesn't come off as fake or super-sensitive, but otherwise he's incredibly kind and accepting. and all of this is very important when you're dealing with someone as paranoid as Kacchan.
Kaminari is also just a naturally touchy person. he's like this with everyone, not just Kacchan -- the scene where he's sitting in the classroom absentmindedly playing with Ojiro's tail immediately comes to mind. and so after a while you kind of get desensitized to it when you're hanging out around someone like that.
Katsuki secretly doesn't mind it. he is introverted, but I don't think he's necessarily touch-averse. it's just that he's constantly trying to maintain his tough guy image, and so letting people get all touchy-feely with him all the time is counterproductive to that. and he also has issues with letting himself be vulnerable around others, so if there's a risk that the physical contact is actually going to make him Feel Emotions, he's usually quick to shut it down (this has happened several times with All Might for instance). but all of Kaminari's friendly touches are extremely casual, so there's no real risk of emotions getting involved. and because Kaminari is like this with everyone, it doesn't make Katsuki look any less manly by comparison, so he's basically cool with it.
lastly, Kaminari is extremely talented at finding ways to give Katsuki an excuse to participate in something without compromising his reputation. the thing is that Katsuki actually does care about his classmates, and enjoys hanging out with them (within reason) and taking part in stuff like the band performance and the Christmas party. but because he doesn't want to seem like a sappy loser, he can never just agree to anything without first putting up a fight. and Kaminari, with all of his friendly obstinance and persistence, has basically mastered the art of putting on just enough of a show to allow Katsuki to give in while still preserving his dignity. sneaking up on him to "trick" him into wearing the band t-shirt and Santa outfit, "goading" him into helping with the New Year's preparations by threatening to withhold his portion of the meat, and so forth. the other kids have all gotten pretty adept at this too, but Kaminari is exceptional at it.
so yeah, basically Kaminari is just elite at wearing down prickly bastards until they finally give in and accept his friendship lol. that, and Katsuki actually enjoys the friendship. deep down he really does have a warm gooey center, and Kaminari is fully aware of this forbidden knowledge, and just enough of a bastard to take full advantage of it, god bless him.
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erwinsvow · 9 months ago
𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐬 | 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧
author's note: sorry i just cannot stop writing headcanons! it's my favorite thing to write. i really hope everyone enjoys these, they include things from these two works of mine as well :) -shea
𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐢𝐧
very much the involved boyfriend
once you guys finally start dating, he just immediately wants you guys to merge lives and share friends, even though that’s not a simple process
but it’s really because he cares about you so deeply he doesn’t want there to be a part of his life that you’re just not involved in
therefore; very involved
you guys manage your schedules together and plan out dinners and dates in advance
he mostly really likes having something to look forward too, like time with you
the kind of boyfriend that remembers little stuff you say here and there
like if you mention your mom’s birthday is coming up, he’ll ask later what you’re getting her and suggest some ideas. probably would send your mom flowers too to earn brownie points
or if you have a stressful week with exams and papers, he’ll stop by randomly with coffee and a snack and a hug
i honestly don’t see jean as the kind of boyfriend to start/carry on a fight, because he would hate knowing that you two are upset with each other. so i think any fights would be resolved pretty quickly
if one did happen to go over night or last a few days, he would definitely apologize first and bring you flowers, even if you were the one who started it
honestly though, with a guy like jean, what is there to fight about
overall, just a super caring boyfriend that makes the little stuff the memorable stuff
𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐭
the! best! boyfriend! ever!
i see armin as the ideal caring boyfriend
he just really likes to have someone to take care of, and he is also really touched that someone trusts him enough to ensure their heart to him
so he takes every measure to make sure he’s being the best partner he can be
a lot of emotional sharing, and i feel like would happen pretty early on as well
only because he is so trustworthy and you know you can tell him everything on your mind, even stuff that you maybe haven’t told anyone else
this just makes your relationship progress even further. you two are the couple that has been dating for a month but knows they are going to be together for a long time
speaking of, you are the mom and the dad of the friend group, which is so adorable but calls for a lot of teasing from your friends
but armin knows he’s going to marry you one day, so he just laughs when eren cracks another joke about it
𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐧
i’ll be real, this relationship is definitely not the easiest
reiner definitely loves you, don’t get me wrong, but a big part of him probably thinks he doesn’t deserve someone like you to care about him
which isn’t easy in a relationship because i feel like he would try and distance himself from getting too attached in the beginning
maybe he just thinks you’re going to see through him and realize you don’t want this anymore (which is not true at all, but just his intrusive thoughts)
i think you would try to reassure him about your feelings and how much you want this relationship, but then he feels like you shouldn’t have to reassure him, and that you shouldn’t be in the kind of relationship where you have to reassure the person. basically he thinks you deserve someone better, and you know that there is no one better for you
eventually i think this reaches a breaking point. through a lot of angst and honesty and tears, you two finally work it out
i think after clearing things up, things take a huge turn for the better
he definitely learns that there’s nothing wrong with being a relationship where you have to take care of each other, and he’s definitely thankful that you continued to stand by him
so sorry about this angst, but on the bright side, this man would be such a devoted boyfriend
his friends definitely make fun of him for looking at you like you hung the stars and moon in the sky
i also think all this angst would lead to you two being really open and vulnerable with each other, which is really important to him
also definitely a mama’s boy and can’t wait to introduce you to her
just like armin, he knows you’re gonna be his wife someday
𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫
even though i think it would take eren a long time to settle down and commit to a healthy, long-term relationship, once he does, he would be a great boyfriend
he is a really caring guy, and i feel like part of his hesitance is about opening up to someone if they’re just gonna leave
but i think he can tell early on that this would be different
i have a feeling his love language is quality time, and so you two are always planning little things together
he especially loves last-minute, impromptu dates that arise from a random thought
like he’ll grab two sandwiches and take you to the beach at sunset, even if you just got home or had something to get done
or knock on your door at midnight and take you to the nearest roof to stargaze together
i feel like eren is the boyfriend who becomes your closest friend over time
you guys go to each other first when you need to rant or talk or babble endlessly
it’s an interesting dynamic but it works well for you guys
the kind of bf that people assume he’s a single bachelor and will stay that way forever, or people don’t believe that he’s settled down, and then when they see you two together they’re shocked
𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐨 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐭
you and marco have the most wholesome relationship
if i had to picture anyone whose relationship feels like the honeymoon phase even after a whole year, it is marco
he has a habit of making every small date, every meeting or interaction just feel so special, like every day is a special occasion
the kind of boyfriend who gets you a promise ring early on with every intention of replacing it with an engagement ring and wedding band one day
a big moment for him is introducing you to his friends! he knows they’ll love you, and he just wants you to meet the other most important people in his life
especially you and jean, this boy would be on cloud nine seeing you two get along so well. makes him super happy and teary-eyed
the responsible bf who takes care of everything for you, even little, everyday things so you don’t have to worry about it
like making sure there’s a cup of water on the nightstand when you go to bed, or setting an extra alarm to make sure you don’t oversleep, or reminding you about a deadline
overall just <3 boyfriend marco
𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐢 𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧
the nonchalant, cool boyfriend who has to hide how sappy he actually is
pretends like he’s not nervous as all hell on your first date. acts like you leaning into him on the walk back home, or kissing his cheek at your doorstep before you say good night isn’t giving him heart palpitations.
also majorly touch-starved. after you two really open up to each other, which happens way sooner than he expected, it’s hard for him to keep his hands away from you.
he’s reserved in public, a simple arm around you waist or hands interlaced while you guys are out
but when you’re in the privacy of your home, it’s almost instinctual for him to pull you close
he loves when you lay your head on his chest, but nothing compares to when you let him lay his head on yours.
you stroke his hair and sit in silence, appreciating the quiet mumble of the television and the sound of each other breathing
always falls asleep like this, and he’s never been much of a nap guy, but ever since he met you, he’s reformed
not to mention your skin is always so warm and soft, and his is always on the colder side, so he’s just drawn to you
also i see him as the kind of guy who proposes out of nowhere, like you aren’t expecting it at all after a quiet dinner together at home, you’re getting up to grab dessert and he pulls out a ring
“how about dessert and naps for as long as we both shall live?”
𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐨 𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐝
once again, pock tries to put on a tough facade but we all know he’s just a softie on the inside
in fact, it’s a little while into your relationship that you notice him softening up with you, trying less hard to seem like someone else and getting more comfortable around you
you definitely don’t mention it, because you don’t want him to realize how you’ve been noticing it lately, but it definitely makes your chest feel warm and fuzzy at the thought of him being more himself
it’s not long at all before you can’t even see any semblance of that tough guy you met for the first time
the kind of whipped boyfriend that carries your bags when you go shopping, grabs your coffee order on the way to visit you, and likes to have quiet nights in more than going out
your favorite memories with him include watching rom-coms and munching on popcorn in his apartment, everyone else out and about on a saturday night
the leftover pizza is sitting on the counter, and you turn to go put it away when you notice pock teary-eyed at the movie!
yes, this boy cries at sappy romantic movies and you regret ever putting on the notebook that one night because you wanted to get laid after and that just did not happen because he was crying too much
but also just treats you so right and has every intention of being the best boyfriend he can, doesn’t ever want to do anything to hurt you and is highkey very glad he met you and has someone to be so open and comfortable with!
𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐭 𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫
can you spell boyfriend material.
the most comforting, wholesome boyfriend in the world. you actually can’t believe he’s single when you guys meet for the first time, because there’s just no way.
this is the take him home to meet your parents guy, introduce him to your friends right away guy because you know it’s serious
i talked about how bertholdt is the bf who just listens to your talks and rambles for as long as you need to, and always offers advice and sweet words, but he really does take it to the next level
lets you cry it out when you need to, rubbing your back and hair softly and not minding when his shirt is covered in tears
or alternatively lets you rant about your annoying professor or a terribly rude stranger or whatever else is plaguing your mind today
texts you every day asking how you’re doing, always calls you before bed if you guys aren’t together
he just has the ability to make you feel so heard and seen
and of course you never forget to take care of him, as well. it makes for a really comfortable dynamic.
very easy to imagine spending the rest of your life with him despite the fact that he has kicked you off the bed multiple times in his sleep
𝐞𝐫𝐰𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐡
alternatively, husband material
takes all of five minutes into having a conversation with him to realize this is a responsible, mature guy
which are usually far and few between
i’d like to think he’s similar to marco in the way that he likes to make sure things are taken care for you, he likes to get things off of your shoulders even though you feel like you should be doing it for him instead
this translates to a lot of checking in phone calls, making sure you’ve eaten dinner and haven’t skipped meals because of your busy schedule
always makes time for you and especially loves having date nights every saturday, it’s wonderful when you haven’t been able to see him all week
anyways, you get engaged and married so fast bc you just had to snatch him up
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aitaikimochi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Exhibition Master Thread + Audio Guide Summary Translation!
1) All My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Tweets and Info 2) Horikoshi’s Interview about the Exhibition 3) Pre-Order MHA Exhibition Merchandise
FULL AUDIO GUIDE SUMMARY TRANSLATION: 1) Welcome Message 2) Roaring Sports Festival 3) The Test 4) My Hero Academia School Briefs 5) ULTRA HEROES 6) WANTED VILLAINS 7) ONE FOR ALL 8) ONE’S JUSTICE 9) Ending Credits
All Might introduces and welcomes us to the My Hero Academia DRAWING SMASH Exhibition. Deku is also there and says that while listening to this audio guide, please don’t stop movnig as you will hold up the line and flow of traffic. He explains that the Exhibition is split into many different areas, and there’s tons of hand-drawn panels by Horikoshi-sensei on display too. There is also a section in the Exhibition that focuses on the anime too! All Might tells Deku that there’s a section dedicated to All Might himself, and Deku gets super excited and turns to Bakugou and says, “Kacchan, did you hear that? Uh Kacchan? Where are you?” Deku tries looking for Bakugou, but Aizawa comes and tells Deku to move along the line.
Ochako waves at Deku and says, “over here, Deku!” Deku goes to where she’s standing and looks at the different manga panels from the Sports Festival. He says thanks to Ochako, Tokoyami, and Hatsume, they were able to win that fight in the Sports Festival. Ochako sees her fight with Bakugou and says he was too strong, but she really wanted to win that fight for her Mom and Dad. Deku tells her it’s okay because she definitely tried her best. Ochako gets a bit flustered at this. Bakugou then passes by and asks, “Who did their best? No matter how many times I fight Deku, I’d obviously always win. But if Deku maybe was a bit more buff, he could PERHAPS put up a fight.” Ochako exclaims, “WOAH! Bakugou praised him! It’s definitely going to snow tomorrow.” Bakugou tells her to shut up.
Deku sees the next panel, which is the fight between himself and Todoroki. Ochako excitedly recites the line Deku said to Todoroki, which was the “It’s your power isn’t it!?” line. Deku gets embarrassed and tells her to stop. Todoroki thanks Deku and says it’s because of him that he remembered why exactly he wanted to be a hero in the first place. Bakugou yells at them for being sappy and gross. They then turn their attention to the panels featuring the fight between Todoroki and Bakugou. Deku said Todoroki performed really well, but Bakugou’s Howitzer Impact move was super strong. Bakugou yells that he doesn’t want to be reminded of his unwarranted victory from that fight. Todoroki apologizes.
Ochako says that Bakugou’s poor performance made his image look really bad since it was broadcasted on national television, but Bakugou says he could care less. Todoroki says he’s sorry he didn’t fight his best as he was troubled during that fight, but his head is clear now. Todoroki says he will be a proper hero. Deku says he wants to be like All Might. Bakugou says he wants to surpass All Might. Aizawa then comes and tells the group to move along as they are holding up the line.
Deku explains that after the Sports Festival, the Hero Class went on internships with Pro Heroes. Todoroki mentions that during this time, the villains started to make moves in society, such as when they encountered Stain. Deku then goes on to say that after the Stain encounter, their class went to do the Forest Training during the Summer. Ochako remarks that Bakugou got kidnapped during this training period, and Bakugou tells her to shut up. Todoroki then explains that he, Iida, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, and Midoriya went to save him. Bakugou continues to tell everyone to shut up. Deku then says he’s glad they were successful in saving Bakugou, all thanks to Kirishima. Bakugou says, “I told you guys to stop talking about this!”
Deku then talks about the next moment in the timeline, which was the Provisional License Exam. Ochako said she trained so hard using her Zero Gravity quirk that just thinking about it now makes her want to throw up. Deku says that even though it was really difficult to train for the exam, the training did help him master using the Shoot Style with his legs as well. Todoroki mentions that the move Midoriya came up with using his feet was very strong, and Deku said that he also got used to it. Deku thanks Hatsume for making the costume and shoes for him.
Ochako says the Provisional License Exam this year in particular was difficult as the passing rate was abysmally low. She asks Bakugou if the Provisional License Exam was difficult, and Bakugou says “shut up don’t remind me.” Todoroki then says, “Yeah, it must have sucked to fail the Provisional License Exam” and Bakugou says, “What the hell- you failed too!” Deku tells them all to calm down. He says that Bakugou’s team did well in the first exam thanks to Kaminari’s new technique made possible by the point shooter gear he got from Hatsume. Bakugou once again tells everyone to shut up.
Todoroki recalls that their entire class did well in the first round, but he personally messed up in the second round, which caused him to fail the exam. Bakugou mocks him and says “what a loser, failing the exam” and Ochako says “but you failed too.” Bakugou yells “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!”
This entire track is a recap of various events that happened at U.A. Academy on campus. Deku starts off by saying he was so nervous when he first started school at U.A. but was thankful that he was able to make friends with Iida and Ochako so quickly. Bakugou scoffs and says, “isn’t it because you just didn’t have any friends in middle school?” Deku nervously says, “I think I had a few friends…!” Todoroki asks Deku why he didn’t deny it though.
Ochako remembers that Aizawa first asked the class to test their quirks, and Aizawa comes in and says he did that because he wanted to see their potential. Deku gets nervous and wonders if Aizawa came up to them because they were holding up the line, but Aizawa said he didn’t even say anything.
Todoroki said being part of the Hero Class meant that they had tons of different types of classes, and it was sometimes quite confusing. Ochako says even though it was difficult, it was still fun, such as when they had to decide on their hero names. Bakugou scoffs and says, “Stupid Deku actually chose his Hero Name as ‘Deku’ the hell? Did he finally lose it?” Deku rebutts and says, “But I actually like that as my Hero name!” Bakugou asks Deku, “What’s so good about that name?” Deku then asks Bakugou if he had decided on a hero name yet, and Bakugou says, “Nah, I’m not gonna tell you.” Deku replies, “What, why not?”
Aizawa reminisces and says that Deku and Bakugou fought really well against All Might during the Final Exam. Bakugou said he did that so he could win against All Might. If it wasn’t for that why would he team up with Deku? Bakugou then yells, “Stupid Deku! I’m gonna Kill you!” and Deku gets confused as to why he’s saying this. Ochako mentions that saying stuff like that would definitely get them cut from all Hero interviews, and Todoroki mentions that they should be careful about what they say.
Bakugou gets mad and says he’s going to kill all three of them, and Deku asks, “so now you’re targeting 3 people!?”
Aizawa reprimands them and Deku apologizes, promising that he won’t argue anymore. Aizawa keeps a firm stance to Bakugou too. He tells Bakugou that heroes need to use their quirks to save people, not kill them. Bakugou says it wasn’t like he was actually going to do that, he’s not that kind of person.
All Might steps in and says they should put this behind them. He suggests that they should just go and see the other stuff in the Exhibition together in the U.A. area. He sees that there’s a section made just for Mineta. Deku says, “Wow it’s full of Mineta scenes!” Ochako looks at it and says, “Oh, how nice” and Bakugou says, “hmph, it’s just a place to show off an animal.” Todoroki asks Bakugou if he’s jealous that Mineta has the spotlight, and Bakugou says, “Ha! As if!!”
All might sees the Cultural Festival area and says, “Oh! This is the time when U.A. Academy held the Cultural Festival!” Ochako mentions that it was really fun. All might says Class A performed with both a band and a dance team. Deku mentions that during the Cultural Festival, the whole school gets together to create activities and open stands around the campus, and it’s not just the Hero Class but the General and Economics classes also join in too. All Might asks who’s idea was it to do the dance for Class A? Deku says it was Todoroki’s idea. Todoroki said he just thought it would be nice to have something that everyone can participate and have fun, and Deku says it was a great idea.
Ochako says everyone was able to participate in it too. Deku mentions Jirou was the one in charge of leading the band, Ashido was in charge of the dance team. Todoroki said they did well using their quirks to create a great performance. Ochako says she didn’t expect Bakugou to actually participate and play the drums for them, and she recites his line, “Let’s kill ‘em with sound!” Bakugou scoffs at her and Todoroki asks Bakugou, “why do you get angry when people praise you?” Bakugou replies, “What the hell are you even talking about!?”
Todoroki goes on to say that Jirou’s performance during the song was really great. Bakugou yells at hiim to stop changing the subject!
All Might asks if Deku enjoyed the Cultural Festival. He answers that it was really fun, and seeing people outside of their class was awesome, such as Eri as well. Deku mentions that they were able to finally let her smile, and that made him so happy. Aizawa also agrees.
All Might says it’s important for heroes to bring smiles to people’s faces. He tells them to never forget that. Deku says, “Of course, All Might!” Aizawa says to Deku that he’s stopping in line again. Deku apologizes, and All Might asks them to hurry along down the line.
This track plays in the area where you see all the Hero panels. The heroes on display are Mirko, Bakugou, Ochako, Deku, Todoroki, Hawks, Endeavor, Amajiki, Kirishima, Mirio, and Nejire. Ochako says, “woah, there’s so many heroes!” Deku gets excited and sees the first Hero, Mirko. He goes on a ramble saying she’s ranked #5 in the Hero Ranking, her quirk is using her bunny abilities. He says that Mirko has not only a ton of male fans, but female fans as well. Bakugou snickers at Deku and exclaims, “you’re such a Hero nerd!”
Ochako mentions that the next Hero after Mirko is Bakugou. Deku introduces Bakugou, saying “This is Bakugou Katsuki. He’s enrolled in U.A. Academy and sits in Seat #17 in Class A. He has a hero name, but he won’t tell him…”
Bakugou gets angry. Todoroki then continues and says, “His quirk is explosions by using nitroglycerin that he emits from his hands.”
Bakugou tells them to shut up.
Todoroki ignores Bakugou and continues with, “His personality is…”
Bakugou screams, “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!”
And Todoroki finishes with, “…like that.”
Ochako then sees herself and says, “Oh it’s me!!” She explains her quirk and how she can cause anything to float if she touches then, but if she puts her fingers together, she can release the zero gravity as well. Bakugou then mentions that she also throws up if she uses her quirk too much. Ochako gets embarrassed and says that he really did not need to say that!
Deku says they should go on to the next person, which is him. He introduces himself as Midoriya Izuku, and his hero name is Deku. He whispers, “My quirk is…One For All…Please read the manga to find out more about it…” Todoroki asks Deku why he’s whispering, and Deku gets nervous and says, “Oh, it’s nothing at all!”
Deku sees that next up is Todoroki. Ochako introduces Todoroki and says “his full name is Todoroki Shouto, anad his hero name is just like his first name, Shouto!” Todoroki explains his quirk, and Deku says he has a truly impressive quirk since he can combine them together to create awesome attacks. Todoroki says he still needs to polish his quirk, and Ochako mentions he’s a very stoic person.
The next hero is Hawks, and Deku gets excited, saying “Oh it’s the winged hero Hawks!” Deku goes on to ramble details about Hawks, such as him being Rank #2 on the Hero Ranking Billboard, his quirk is using his feathers, but he keeps going on and Ochako says, “Ahh, maybe we should move on to the next one!”
Next up is Endeavor. Todoroki explains that Endeavor’s Quirk is called “Hell Flame.” He can emit fire at extremely high temperatures, but if he overuses his quirk, he gets burned instead. Deku says on that note, Todoroki’s quirk is better than his father’s since he can use the ice part to cool himself down. Todoroki muses that perhaps he does have an advantage over his Father.
The next Hero in line is Amajiki Tamaki. Deku introduces him as part of U.A. Academy’s Big 3. His hero name is Sun Eater. His quirk is transforming parts of his body into animals, and he can do this by eating food of that animal. Ochako explains further that if he eats takoyaki, he can use octopus arms, if he eats fried chicken, he can use the chickens legs. She then goes off saying, “tuna, beef, fish roe, mochi…” Todoroki asks if she just suddenly started rambling on about food because she just wants to eat those food, and Ochako says “I’m hungry…”
Deku sees that the next hero is Kirishima. He asks Bakugou to introduce Kirishima since they’re friends. Bakugou says, “What do you mean friends? He’s just my lackey!” Deku says, “Err…okay, Kirishima Eijirou, Hero name Red Riot. His quirk is Hardening.” Bakugou then scoffs saying, “He’s just an idiot who gets hard, that’s all!” Ochako comments, saying, “Well, you don’t need to be shy about it!” Bakugou then yells, “I’m not being shy!”
Todoroki moves the conversation along and mentions that the next Hero is Mirio-senpai. Deku introduces Mirio’s hero name as Lemillion and mentions his quirk allows him to go through things. Ochako says that according to Aizawa-sensei, Mirio is the closest to being the same rank as the Number 1 Hero. Bakugou grumbles and says, “No, I’M the one who’s going to be Number 1!” Ochako says, “Right…of course you are…” and Bakugou gets furious, saying, “YOU DARE MAKE FUN OF ME!?”
Ochako notices that the next Hero is Nejire Hado. She introduces her and says her Hero name is Nejire-chan. Ochako explains how her quirk works, and Deku remarks that Nejire can also use it to fly. Ochako adds that Nejire also won the U.A. Beauty Contest during the Cultural Festival.
Todoroki says after seeing all the Heroes lined up like this, everyone truly has amazing quirks. Bakugou says they’re all underlings compared to him though. Ochako says, “Right…of course…” and Bakugou explodes once again, asking,  “What the hell, are you making fun of me?” and Ochako repeats, “right…of course” to which Bakugou curses. Deku says to the group, “We really should be moving down the line now…”
Aizawa asks All Might to look at the new data he pulled up on the computer about the League of Villains. The first villain they look at is the various Nomu. The file says that the Nomus are injected with quirks that are stolen or enhanced from either themselves or other people. The next villain is Stain, who Aizawa mentions killed many heroes that he deemed unfit to be a Hero. His quirk is being able to control people by drinking their blood. All Might says the next villain in the file is Gigantomachia. Aizawa mentions that aside from being able to make his body gigantic, not much is known about Gigantomachia’s quirk. What they do know is that he works for All For One.
The villain after that is Twice with a quirk that allows him to multiply hiimself.
All Might mentions that the next villain file is Shigaraki. Aizawa says he’s the current leader for the League of Villains. His quirk is the formidable disintegration quirk that can disintegrate anything that he touches with five fingers. Next up is Dabi. Aizawa mentions that his quirk is unknown but he has been seen using blue fire. Aizawa remembers fighting against Dabi during the Forest Training, and he saw that blue fire.
All Might pulls up Toga’s file afterwards. Aizawa mentions that she can turn into anyone if she has even just a sip of their blood. The villain after her is Mr. Compress, who is able to compress and decompress things or people. He can also use it on multiple objects at the same time.
The villain after Twice is Re Destro, who is the leader of the Meta Liberation Army. Aizawa says that his quirk is stress, which he builds up to release immense power.
All Might then opens All For One’s file. Aizawa says that they really don’t know anything about his quirk. The villain after him is the Doctor, who also has an unknown quirk. They do have information that the Doctor is the one in charge of creating the gruesome Nomu and High End Nomu too.
All Might mentions the League of Villains is probably plotting something even though he fought All For One and sent many of them to Tartarus. Aizawa said they must be scheming something since if the incident with the High End nomu is any indication. All Might says even if the League of Villains is on the move, the Heroes will not lose to them.
Track 7 is a monologue by All Might. It plays in the All Might section of the Exhibition where manga panels of All Might are on display as well as a ton of decoration with All Might on the walls as well.
All might says that in order to create a society where people can freely smile and feel safe, it was necessary to have a Symbol of Peace. He wanted to be a pillar where people can depend on and smile when they see him. All Might says he inherited One For All to do just that. He is the 8th successor of One For All, and all previous One For All holders and he worked together to try to defeat All For One. However, even if they lose their lives in the fight against All For One, their hope still passes onto their successors.
They need to be Symbols of Peace for the people. All Might says he wants to be the person who can bring smiles to people’s faces. No matter what happens, he needs to keep on smiling. Those who are able to keep smiling are the strongest. That’s why he smiles.
He says that Young Midoriya and he were both quirkless. But after meeting Midoriya and seeing the strong willpower that he possessed, he knew that he had to mentor him to be his successor. All Might says to Midoriya, “Everything, from One For All to my own feelings in my heart, I entrust them all to you. Young Midoriya, you’re next.”
Track 8 plays in the room where there’s panels leading up to the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. All Might starts off the audio track by explaining the big war between the Villains and the Pro-Heroes, which the U.A. Academy heroes in training also participated in. Endeavor, Miruko, and Eraserhead were dispatched to the lair of the Villains where Shigaraki unfortunately awoken as well. Once he woke up, he began destroying people and things one after another. However, the Heroes did not waver and fought back to villains while protecting the civilians.
What the villains want is to create a new world without heroes.
What Shigaraki wants is to destroy everything.
What Midoriya wants is to protect everyone with a smile.
What Bakugou wants is to be the best hero and not lose to anyone.
What All Might wishes is if Young Midoriya and Young Bakugou can work together and acknowledge each other, they can both become who they want to be.
To save and win, to win and save.
All Might says if they are able to do this, they can become the Strongest Heroes.
Deku then exclaims, “Go forward, Midoriya Izuku! Use the power All Might entrusted in you to save people. I will save and win!”
Bakugou then says, “I will win and save! That’s Bakugou Katsukis’ way of life on the path to become the Number One Hero!”
All Might ends the track with the line, “To destroy the word or to save it. One For All’s successor Midoriya Izuku fights head on with All For One’s successor, Shigaraki Tomura.”
All Might says he’s come to send us off and thank us for visiting the exhibition! Deku also says thanks for coming. Ochako asks if we had fun? Todoroki says they were able to relive a bunch of different moments at this exhibition. He says he is thankful for it, and Deku agrees. Ochako asks Bakugou how was the exhibition? Bakugou says screw this- they should all go back inside and just focus on everything Bakugou related, forget about the Villains or anyone else. Todoroki says, “Well, if we do that we’ll need to reserve tickets again so…”
Aizawa asks All Might to do the closing message. All Might thanks us again for visiting, but things don’t just end here! The world of My Hero Academia will only keep getting bigger and bigger! Deku hopes that we can always cheer them on.
All Might then leads everyone in saying “GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!”
Deku says to us, “Let’s meet again soon, everyone!” He then turns to All Might saying, “That’s good right? Oh, oh crap I still need to get in line to buy the limited edition goods only sold at the Exhibition! Wait let me go line up ahhh!” and scurries off.
All Might then laughs and says “as expected of the headstrong Young Midoriya!”
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joelsgeetar · 20 days ago
Anon with the lockscreen and domestic stuff here! I JUST GOTTA SAY I LOVED YOUR DOMESTIC HEADCANONS 😩Thank you so much for answering!!! Peepaw imitating you when you eat 🥺let me have all the soft crumbs pls- NAP DATES??? YES 🙌
He’s so obsessive and possessive?? YES PLEASE 🥺Have you ever written about how Peepaw acts when he gets jealous? how clingy is he???? is he that obviously jealous??
Michael Myers (Peepaw) - Dating HC's
Tumblr media
Tags: @andvys @rakeandcrash @wanderbreadsworld @crybaby-cryptids @max-x666 @michaelslover @creamymilkk @eldaryan (lmk if you want added!)
Michael is known to be uh.. dedicated to say the least whenever he wants something. And once he has you it doesn't stop or slow down. In fact it only grows more intense because he's thirsty to know every little thing - think of it like a vampire, always feeling that burn in their throat and constantly craving anything in sight with a pulse. Michael is obsessed with learning who you are, who you were, and he likes to picture who you will be in the future from all the pieces he glued together in his mind. Of course you have no fucking idea he's doing this lol he doesn't learn about you by asking questions. Oh no, this plays into his stalking tendencies. And that's another story..
This is probably his most toxic trait in a relationship, no joke. I am not trying to sugarcoat this so.. You want a social life after he's around and officially dating you? Good luck. That's not going to happen smoothly, if not at all— the life you had before him will disappear due to this behavior. Michael would never physically hold you hostage or beat you but his stalking is taken to another level. He treats you like a favorite toy without realizing how dehumanizing it can be, please speak up and don't let him continue this if it's something you cannot handle. It won't be easy but he will slowly start to calm down enough to prove he trusts you. Other people from the outside is what triggers him. Michael is dangerously attached to you so if anyone feels like a threat he won't hesitate to hunt them down.
His jealousy ties in with the possessive behavior! And he does trust you— deep down he knows you'd never be stupid enough to leave him in a way that would cause a horrible reaction. Like if he was cheated on? Turned in to the police? Honestly his instincts would take over.. Anyways! Michael is extremely jealous and often feels a knot in his gut whenever he finds you talking to anyone else, it doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man. Hell.. even family he gets annoyed with! Of course it's not about you cheating when it comes to family he's just.. very difficult to please when this becomes an issue.
Michael suffers from separation anxiety and I will die with this hc.. this man needs to be around you every day and night when he's not out satisfying The Shape- the thirst for blood and fear to feast on like an animal. So when he's simply Michael you can expect him to pop up everywhere. Closing the fridge? He's there and you jump. Washing dishes? He's behind you. In bed? Always having some kind of skin to skin contact. Out in public? If you look close enough in the bushes or shadows you'll be able to find Michael staring into your soul with those hauntingly beautiful eyes of his. Don't worry, he's not angry! Michael is weird and feels like if he stares hard enough you'll be protected lol Lastly, he is extremely touch starved and every second of affection you give him is going to chip away at the defensive walls he's built all his life. But he can be confusing.. one day he's following you like a puppy then the next day he huffs when you won't leave him alone. (Don't take it too seriously. He literally acts like this because he feels all warm and fuzzy inside & wants to avoid those sappy moments because vulnerability genuinely scares him.)
Bonus: Love languages
Quality time - This is important in the beginning of the relationship. He's testing out your motives.. without you realizing he is standing so close lol but after more trust is built he spends time with you face to face, in the same room doing nothing or he watches you do everything around the house/personal hobbies.
Physical touch - Michael doesn't remember what a loving touch feels like- so after he gets a taste of it he will crave more from you. Honestly it can get overwhelming if you don't set boundries out loud. (Idc what y'all say, Michael respects who he cares about.)
Acts of service - Michael honestly loves feeling needed, he will do so much for you! All you have to do is ask or complain that you're tired. He never gets an attitude with this and will get straight to work.
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genesisrose74 · a year ago
Hiii!!! I loved your dream fic (I didn’t realize you loved him too ahh)! I have a request (that you totally don’t have to do if you don’t want to!) where sapnap (or George) and reader go to set something on fire or cause some chaos, and then reader gets hurt or burned or something (not severe) and tries to hide it from dream. Then when he finds out he like aggressively takes care of her and is protective and stuff (I’m sorry I am such a simp). I love your writing !!! ❤️
A/n: This prompt made me SO GIDDY, like don’t even ask me why I just love it my goodness; also I am a massive simp as well so don’t even apologize lovely <3 anyways here you are and I hope you like it!
Soothing the Burn
Pairing: Dream x Reader (SMP War)
Words: 3427
It was supposed to be another basic, run-of-the-mill errand. One involving setting things on fire, but an errand nonetheless. Sapnap was on his way to clear out some forest space to make room for new construction, a plan created to accommodate for the rising number of newcomers settling in the region.
Being Sapnap, the most efficient manner of clearing said spaces was through the utilization of flame. A whole bunch of flames. And as much as he loved getting to stir up all the chaos himself, today’s agenda was a bit larger than he could finish by alone in one go.
After George stated that he was too busy to join his friend on the outing, and with the knowledge that Dream had more important things to take care of regarding relations with certain rebels, Sapnap found himself leaning in your bedroom’s door frame with an inquisitive gleam in his eyes.
“What’re you doing today?” he began, pulling your attention from the many maps laid out on your floor. You gestured to the aforementioned mess of papers, illustrations and messy writing scrawled across each one.
“Drawing out some building plans, along with some other things,” you sighed, “if it wasn’t obvious.”
“Sounds boring.”
“You’ve got no idea.”
He chuckled, gaze flickering to the multiple sketches you’ve most definitely been working on for the entire afternoon. “I have a proposition that might just get you a break.”
You tapped the pencil in your hand against your knee as your head tilts curiously. “What kind of proposition?”
“I remember you saying something about maybe…” he trailed off for a moment, watching your interest grow, “wanting to commit some arson with me sometime?”
Eyes light up like a Christmas tree as soon as the word arson is out of his mouth. You shoved the work at which you’d been monotonously chipping away to the side of the room, hopping up from your previously occupied spot on the floor. “Is that time today, like right now?”
His lips twitched upwards in amusement at the excitement sparkling in your irises. “If you’ve got the time, then yeah.”
You were already eagerly pushing him out the door with the confirmation.
“I am nearly done with these layout plans, I promise,” you assured him. “I’ll just finish when we get back, easy peasy.”
And that’s how you found yourself at the edge of a forest clearing with your pyromaniac of a comrade, flint and steel clutched within your grasp as he showed you the ropes to culminating absolute chaos.
It was a pretty basic process when it came to starting up a blaze. All you really needed to do was scrape the steel against the flint with enough pace and force to cause a spark, and then nurse the budding flame from there if need be. Eventually, an unruly trail of fiery destruction began to spread around the area, yours and Sapnap’s combined efforts fueling the speed at which the space was cleared.
Although it was your first time working on such a task, the work that was usually your friend’s expertise had always seemed intriguing in your mind. Now that you were finally participating out on the scene, you understood why he always took so much joy out of his efforts.
The chaotic scenery unfolding in front of your eyes, one created by your own hand, spurred quite an exhilarating feeling in your chest.
“Hey, you mind starting one over by that grouping?” Sapnap requested, pointing over to a handful of trees left unaffected by the wildfire.
“You say that as if I wasn’t looking for another reason to spark one,” you laugh, narrowly avoiding the current surge of red and orange licking at the surrounding flora as you trek near the instructed grouping.
A substantial divot in the ground hinders your movements with an unceremonious fumble, however, and you let out a hiss of pain when something sharp cuts across your right hand. You gingerly bring your palm to eye-level, mumbling a soft curse under your breath at the large slice across your skin. Red resembling the shade of the flames around you starts to seep slowly from the cut, the flint once held for your own usage now betraying you with its edges.
Sapnap is beside you in a moment, growing concerned at your unmoving figure amidst the smoky atmosphere. His own hands come up to hold your arm as he examines the evident gash caused by your stumble. Ushering you out of the blaze with a gentle pull, he sends you a reassuring half-smile from over his shoulder. “Guess I should’ve thought of bringing gloves for you,” he jokes awkwardly, although your face doesn’t hold much amusement at his attempt.
When he finally stops at a good enough distance from the fire, he pulls a small roll of bandages from his pocket. “Good think I’ve accidentally cut myself on the flint a few times, which means I came prepared.”
A wince leaves your lips when he starts to wrap the white covering around your hand, at which he smiles apologetically. You wave it off with your other hand, although a moment later another grimace comes to your face when a realization hits you. Except this time, it’s not a result of the stinging pain in your palm.
“What do I tell Dream?”
Sapnap falters for a moment, eyes glancing upwards from his task to see your expression.
“Good luck with that one,” he whistles, “as long as he doesn’t try to kill me it’s not my issue.”
You huff, “Sap, come on. What if he gets mad at me since I didn’t finish the maps beforehand, and now it’s gonna take forever?”
“I’m not getting involved with that, no offense. Especially since I’m partly at fault here for not thinking ahead.”
When he straightens up after finishing dressing the shallow laceration, you gently flick him in the forehead with your good hand. “You big jerk.”
“Hey, I just wrapped up your injury! Be nice!”
“I’ll be nice when you give me some ideas on how to hide this thing on my palm!”
“How about we get back to base first and clean it up properly before we start brainstorming?”
His expression turns a bit softer when you spare a guilty look at the man-made fire behind you, now dying down after being left to its own devices in the smaller space.
“I can handle removing those remaining tree stumps on my own tomorrow,” he reassures. “For now, let’s head back.”
You nod, gingerly supporting your hand to prevent unnecessary discomfort as Sapnap guides you on the path home.
Just to your luck, you can see movement coming from inside the base as you near ever closer, and the flash of light green clothing that crosses your vision indicates that said inhabitant is not George. Frantically shoving your bandaged hand in your pocket with as much caution as you could in the moment, you and Sapnap cross the walkway leading towards the entrance. He opens the door for you, at which you smile gratefully - although a bit of nervousness seeps through your upturned lips.
It’s not like he would get overly pissed about the whole situation, but you’d rather not give Dream the opportunity to get upset with you for not taking care of your tasks, or allowing him to think that Sapnap wasn’t looking out for you.
“Back already?” Sapnap starts up conversation as you enter, turning the male’s attention towards your dual appearances. He offers his friend a small grin in greeting before his gaze flicks to your figure in the entryway.
“There wasn’t much to handle today, so I was able to head back early,” he answers. When his focus falls momentarily on your stuffed pocket, your breathing stutters, but he looks away a split second later. “What were you both up to today?”
“Sappy here let me help him out with burning the big chunk of forest that we’re clearing for construction,” you explain, nudging your acquaintance playfully.
Dream nods in understanding, crossing the room in a few steps. “Sounds like fun,” he notes, before clapping Sapnap on the shoulder with an easy smile. “Speaking of which, would you mind setting one up in the fireplace to heat up the room, Sap?”
“Sure thing,” he nods, heading outside to find some firewood.
And just like that, you’re left one on one with the dirty blond, and your gaze refuses to meet his own as you attempt to shuffle towards the staircase in the room’s center. “Well, I’m going to change out of these ash-covered clothes, so…” you clear your throat awkwardly, but before you can make ground, a hand is around your arm, a sharp intake of breath giving away your pain when he pulls it towards him.
“Shit, be careful,” you hiss, nervousness giving way to irritation with his abrasive outing of your injury. You instantly fall quiet, however, when he declines to say anything in reaction, expression impassive while he examines your red-stained bandages.
He doesn’t make eye contact with you the entire duration of his appraisal, but you can tell he’s looking for an explanation. With a sigh, you begrudgingly murmur out, “Tripped in a divot and got cut by the flint.”
Dream gingerly unwinds the strips of cloth, a quiet grumble of incomprehensible words leaving his lips at the sight of the straight cut across your palm. He nudges you over to a chair in the corner of the room, pushing your shoulders down until you’re sitting on the plush cushion. “Stay.”
You can’t help but scoff as he walks off to an upstairs room out of earshot. “Woof.”
When he returns back down the staircase, a small bucket of water is in his grasp, along with a box of what you can only assume to be extra first aid supplies tucked under his arm. He kneels beside you, already bringing your injured hand closer to him.
As you watch Dream clean your injury, you observe how his face still hints at upset undertones in reaction to your apparent carelessness earlier. Despite that, his touches are light, fingers just briefly grazing against the skin of your hand as he works. The conflicting emotions dancing across his otherwise focused expression has you a bit distracted as you think of ways to have him speak up - that is until your body shifts at the feeling of a soaked gauze against your skin.
“Stay still,” he reprimands, at which you can’t help but huff, words clipped with slight irritation at his tone. “Sorry.”
It wasn’t uncommon for you or anyone else on Dream’s close squad to obtain a scrape or two during outings, but the team’s leader seemed a bit different today. It was making you wary of getting in trouble, feeling like he already knew about the unfinished tasks sitting in your room upstairs, one that was going to be impossibly harder with the pain currently in your dominant hand.
He helps you to your feet, green eyes scanning your figure for anything else to which he could attend. Not finding anything of concern, he finally speaks up.
“I’ll change out the bandages in a few hours,” he notes, turning away and heading towards the kitchen. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
You take a seat over by the fireplace. “No, I’ll just be over here, stabbing my hand with the fire iron.”
He shoots a firm look over his shoulder, which successfully quiets your sarcasm.
Sapnap is back in the room a few minutes later, set to work on sparking a light in the wood he carried indoors. His eyes flash with amusement at your evidently upset expression, arms crossed and light pout on your lips.
“I take it your plan didn’t go well?” he chuckles.
“Quiet, you,” comes your halfhearted retort, and the male’s faint smile only widens.
“Oh, someone’s salty.”
The fire starts with a quick flash, one that is easily nursed to life by your acquaintance. He dusts off his clothes before approaching you with a cheeky grin.
“Don’t be all grumpy now, we’ve already got enough of that with Dream around,” he jokes, crouching down to pull your shoulders into a hug from behind. You can’t hide the sharp laugh that rings through the space when he pokes your side, body jolting from its spot in surprise.
“Sap!” you gasp, urgently swatting him away - although the upturn of your lips reveals newfound cheerfulness. “Be careful!”
“Promise not to be all moody and I’ll think about it!”
He prods again, effectively stealing your breath and any opportunity to speak, voice instead letting out a squeak of surprise that bubbles into laughter as he continues his assault on your stomach.
“Sa-AH! I’m Tuh-ticklish!!” you manage to wheeze, at which the male giggles childishly as you dramatically fall onto your back.
“I know, dummy. Why else would I have-“
The call of his name from a voice across the room causes his hands to freeze, granting you the ability to take some much needed air. However, your main concern is no longer about your friend’s antics, and your gaze shifts to the figure standing a few yards away to discover a new one.
Dream’s mouth is a thin line as he looks to his long time acquaintance - who you can see slightly straightening up in your peripheral view. Nothing is said, but Sapnap quickly retracts himself and scoots backwards at the cold stare aimed in his direction.
“My bad. I’ll be careful.”
Before you could say anything to try easing the awkwardness in the atmosphere, Dream crosses the room and is already hoisting you upwards by the arms, pulling you with him to the kitchen.
“Food is done,” he announces, hand now resting at the small of your back. You turn your head to the side, offering Sapnap a partially confused expression, at which he only shakes his head with a shrug as he trails behind you both.
You couldn’t tell if this was better or worse than earlier.
The entire dinner Dream sat there, gaze lingering on your seat beside him to see if you’d need help.
Water? He’s got it already, sliding it your way without a word. Fork? Have his. If you weren’t as good with using your non-dominant hand, he very possibly would have fed you considering how attentive he was acting. Just like that throughout the entirety of dinner. Even Sapnap was ready to excuse himself as soon as possible.
Currently, Dream was saying a hello to George, who had just arrived in the doorway, obviously quite eager to discuss a couple urgent points brought up in his weekly meeting with Punz. And finally, after after a long and quite awkward time eating, you could slip away from the dinner table and get your earlier tasks finished - although you silently dreaded the snail's pace at which it would take you to complete those maps awaiting your presence upstairs.
You manage to push your door open with your shoulder, not having closed it completely before leaving on the earlier excursion with Sapnap. The pile of partially incomplete illustrations at the opposite end of the room practically taunts you, knowing full well that you couldn’t ask for help finishing them without the embarrassment, or without having to admit that you tossed the task aside for something more entertaining.
Gosh, today was already turning out to be enough for your senses.
Mustering the willpower to get things started on their monotonous track, you plop down in the middle of your floor and splay out the stack of papers once again. Finding a rhythm for figuring things out on each map’s layout is quite easy once you get your footing, but unfortunately it becomes much more difficult to settle into that previous groove with the introduction of your bandaged hand.
Despite picking constantly at the strips winding around your palm, and constantly having to adjust your grip to prevent discomforting pain, you work with the changes and start figuring ways to manage.
Eventually, your remaining work is cut in half as the lingering light of the early evening gives way to a more ink-stained night, and you don’t take much notice of the soft padding of footsteps in the halls. Without much prior indication of entrance, the door creaks open, giving way to the cozy hues of orange and red that the bedroom lacked in the dusk.
Dirty blond hair peeks in the door, face illuminated by the small lantern he has in his grasp. Despite your scramble to shove away your current workload, it’s clear the unannounced figure has already seen the amount still requiring completion by the way his gaze sweeps over the room. Then he settles on you, your own expression reflective of a child ready to be scolded for not doing chores.
“Um, hey.”
Dream doesn’t say much at your sorry excuse for a conversation starter, instead fully entering the room and kneeling down, placing the lantern he held beside the maps on the floor. Looking back to you again, the small shake of his head prompts a pout to appear on your lips.
“You’re impossible,” he sighs as he scans your progress up close.
“I am not,” you defend, picking up the discarded pencil with your fingertips. To your chagrin, the writing utensil is plucked easily from your weaker grasp. “Don’t you want me to finish these?”
“You won’t be able to do them well with your hand cut up like that.”
“Then what do you propose instead? They can’t go undone.”
He gently places the end of the pencil against your forehead, mouth twitching into a hinted grin at your unimpressed stature. “Why else do you think I took this?”
Pulling the map you had been working on prior to his entrance towards his body, Dream gets comfortable in a sitting position beside you. When you don’t say anything in reaction, he gives you a side glance, eyes expecting you to speak up.
“What are you doing?” you eventually question with raised brows.
“You tell me where things go, and I’ll sketch them out on the map.” he explains, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
“Dream, I’m not making you do that. You have enough work to handle already.”
He hums in mock thought, tapping his own chin with the eraser end of the pencil now. “Since when have I not been able to handle everything?”
“It’s not like I can’t finish them. It’ll take longer than it would have earlier, but I can do it myself.”
“You realize you’re bleeding from your hand right now, don’t you?”
Eyes widen in shock when you finally notice your red-stained bandages, not even paying mind to their coloration while you were zoned in on working. “Oh.”
“I don’t want you getting gross blood all over these, so could you work with me here?” the male implores.
After a moment of consideration, you finally concur with his reasoning and accept the offer. “Okay then.”
Dream gives a content, slanted smile, satisfied with your answer as he lowers the pencil to the ground. “Good.”
As you start naming the next place on the map that needs to be sketched down, ready to get everything finished speedily, you are quickly quieted by the feeling of a light weight on your dominant hand. Warmth floods to your face when you register the surprisingly affectionate gesture that the figure beside you has pulled, turning your palm upward and just barely grazing a thumb over the protected skin.
“Do you want me to wrap a new bandage first?” he inquires, tone soft. He either doesn’t notice your stuttering, or simply chose to watch you become flustered for enjoyment purposes.
“You don’t have to,” comes your response.
He delicately raises your hand to his lips, pressing a ghost of a kiss to your knuckles. “But I’d like to do that for you.”
Dream is already out the door as soon as you nod okay, and it takes more than a moment for you to recover from the sudden sentimental instance. A ruthless leader one second and a protective softie the next - the whiplash might be more painful than your cut hand, but for some reason you find it more than welcome.
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kokichixreaderthings · 3 months ago
I love your blog so much <33 Can you do kokichi with a male s/o who plays electric guitar? It's ok if not (´∀`)
kokichi x s/o who plays electric guitar <3
Tumblr media
thank you so much!!! <3 and this is such a cool request! i want to play electric guitar, i wish i was that talented 😔😔 also i usually make my posts gender neutral since there isn’t many gender defining things in my posts! anyways i hope you enjoy!!!
okay kokichi thinks you are so cool when he finds out you play electric guitar (and so do i!)
“woah. y/n, you have a secret talent?! why did you hide something like this from me?!
you weren’t even hiding it...
he immediately begs you to play something for him!
and won’t stop until you actually do!
“c’mon, pweety please y/n, i want to hear my beloved playyyy! you’ll be amazing, i’m super sure of it!”
when you play a song, his eyes are glowing in adoration
he just looks so proud to be your boyfriend <3
he knew his s/o was amazing, but this is so cool!
“y/n, you’re so talented! *mwah* !”
and from then on he supports you in everything to do with this!
like if you perform anywhere, he’ll be right there cheering you on!
like cheering, cheering you on
like he makes posters and shirts that say “y/n’s #1 fan” on them
and he claps the loudest out of everyone and he cheers your name too!
and tells everyone around him that he’s dating you
“yup! that’s my beloved. they’re amazing riight?”
if they say no he’s starting an argument and using being a supreme leader as leverage
and if you get embarassed easily by all of this he kind of enjoys it! seeing you blush is amazing to him
but if you get even more confident because of his actions, he’s really happy with that as well!!
either way he just wants to make you smile
oh and if you dont perform for crowds hes still acting similarily if you perform just for him
those “y/n’s #1 fan” t shirts dont go away
he’s sitting in front of you and clapping and cheering for you
“whoo!!! go y/n!”
he really is your number one fan
and if possible, you should write a little song or tune or riff like thing for him!
just a simple little thing, whatever you want! it doesn’t have to be long or anything
kokichi will just love that you made something you can perform for him, no matter what it is
“awww, you made me that? that’s soooo sappy of you, i hate stuff like that y’know?...nishishi, that’s a lie! i love it!”
he’ll record the sound and put it as his ringtone :)
he loves you a lot, so anything you do he loves too!
and he’d ask for guitar lessons from you too! just for you!
but he doesn’t have enough attention span to really pay attention to your instruction..
and he’s too energetic..
and he doesn’t do well on strumming either, he just wants to slam on the strings over and over again without any sort of rhtym or anything..
so really, when you teach him, he’s more paying attention to how good you play!
“y/n, you’re too good at this! i’m no match for your amazing skills!!!  aw man, even a supreme leader can’t do this...”
actually teaching him how to play might be hard
but again he does love you so he’ll probably be secretly trying his best to learn for you
especially if you really want him to!
would steal buy a guitar just so he can practice
he decides he wants to learn a sappy love song for you!
supreme leaders can be sappy too! especially him
he didnt think anyone would see past his annoying exterior and love him! especially not someone cool who plays the electric guitar!
so the least he could do is play a sappy love song for you!
plus, it’s on electric guitar, so it’ll sound even cooler than usual
but it will take him a while to learn it
and he’s set on not telling you until he’s done
he wants it to be a surprise!
but it will take him a lot of time
he’s pretty determined and stubborn, so he won’t really give up
D.I.C.E. keeps asking if he’s done yet and telling him to stop playing so much so he can go to their meetings...
“nope! i have to do this for y/n, y’know? its really important!”
so like, don’t break up with him yet (or ever in my opinion-)
until finally, finally, he manages to learn the song!
he has D.I.C.E. figure out how to have a little stage and lights and all that so he can perform for you!
and he invites you by lying and saying it’s just a date
when you meet up with him its obviously not just a regular date though
a regular date doesn’t have a stage and lights and kokichi in an incredibly extra outfit
it’s pretty incredible
you? hearing his singing voice? seeing him play the electric guitar? for you? wow.
and he’s looking at you with heart eyes the whole time too
he’s really cute
“soooo did you like it? i did it because i love you a lot! y’know?”
he put a lot of work into doing this for you so make sure you tell him that you loved it <3
and if you two date for a while, his anniversary gift for you one day will be a new electric guitar
so again, don’t break up with him lol-
it wouldn’t be too expensive, but definitely cool looking
only the best for his beloved <3
“happy anniversary, sweetheart! you make me super happy y’know? sooo i wanted to make you super happy too!”
basically, he just really loves you and your electric guitar playing a lot! <3
thank you so much for reading!! and always remember kokichi ouma loves you! 💜💜💜
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chocolvte · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
. . what they would be like as your younger brothers
req — would you be willing to do one for stray kids? (if not then it’s completely fine too! <3)
listen to shoot! by itzy
Tumblr media
「 bang chan 」
i think chan would be a really independent brother, so he’s not going to come to you complaining about work and other stuff like some of the younger members might (looking at you, jisung)
but he definitely confides in you when he really needs someone to talk to
and he’s really good at keeping secrets. even as kids, he never ever rat you out to your parents whenever something happened.
in a similar vein, he’s very loyal. he would, has, and can fight for you if anyone tries you lol
「 minho 」
he would be SO annoying but in a kind of sweet way lol like he loves you but he shows it by constantly pushing your buttons
truthfully, he looks up to you a lot
and he loves being around you. like you’re his role model and he loves hanging out with you
but you can never KNOW that
he’d rather die
but he is always the first to defend you if anyone else ever says anything even remotely negative about you smh
「 changbin 」
this man might be your little brother but he kind of acts like an older one
he takes care of you a lot, but he also has a tendency to act like a little kid around you
you guys have a really good, balanced relationship
he knows he can come to you for help or advice whenever he needs to
and in turn he is really protective of you <3
「 hyunjin 」
annoying menace, part 2.
he would just NEVER leave you alone. big “you got games on your phone?” energy LMAO
if he was being honest he would be able to just admit that he likes you and thinks you’re cool and that’s why he’s always being so clingy
but he can’t because that would be lame
so instead he just pretends that he likes getting on your nerves.
all bets are off when he’s drunk though. he gets so sappy and starts talking about how much you mean to him and how he’d be lost without you lol it’s cute
「 jisung 」
you’d think he’d be irritating, but he actually does have his moments
he seems like he’d be annoying on the surface but in reality he’d do anything for you
like as kids if you wanted a drink or the remote to the tv he’d get up and get it for you immediately, no questions asked
he’s always looked up to you, and that hasn’t changed now. he still thinks you’re super cool
and tbh he brags about you to everyone he knows
「 felix 」
he’s such a sweet brother to you!
you guys have lots of matching stuff since felix thinks it’s cute and fun to match with you <3
and you guys go out for coffee and just go on grocery store runs with each other
you’re like best friends mostly
you know everything that’s going on in each other’s lives, good and bad
there are very few secrets between you too
「 seungmin 」
he’s the little brother that you tell everything to because he has no one important to tell
and so he low key doesn’t like some of your friends
whenever they come over he’s side eyeing them like: i know about that little comment that made y/n cry last week 😒
but at the end of the day he minds his business like a good little brother should
but of course he’s always got your back when you need him, don’t get it twisted
「 jeongin 」
y’all are the ones at the family bbq who sit in your own little corner with your plates and just sit back and watch the drama that goes on between everyone else
no one is more well versed in the family tea than the two of y’all
jeongin is the type of younger brother who’s just always got you
you might not interact THAT much, but your personalities click perfectly
y’all have the kind of relationship where you can have a whole conversation just by looking at each other
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saturnznct · 3 months ago
sungchan’s family | jsc
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank u for ur request anon!! i may have gone slightly overboard so i hope you like this!
nct masterlist
Jung Mira
Sungchan is always the absolute sweetest with children
If you have siblings/cousins etc with children he’s so kind and so doting, they have him wrapped around their little fingers
So finally when you’re married and ready you mutually decide that you want to start having the children you both wanted
Not long after you start trying you fall pregnant and he’s so excited 
comes home the next day after finding out from work with a baby grow and like blankets and stuff and you’re like woah I’m only like two weeks gone
Sorts literally everything for you
Books like three months worth of appointments as soon as possible
He just claims its because he’s so excited but bless him he is slightly excessive in a cute way
Scan picture is everywhere
It’s Sungchan’s lock screen, it’s in Sungchan’s wallet, he frames it, he probably has a little keyring of it for some reason 
Everyone on planet earth has seen your scan photo
You’re not actually too sick, but he still treats you as if you’ll break in half if he were to touch you
One day he like properly scolds you because he sees you carrying a heavy amazon package and when he opens it its full of books about pregnancy and parenting which he studies religiously as if he has an exam coming up
Highlights things he thinks are important
He buys you a rather expensive pregnancy pillow which you kind of accidentally replace him with 
He doesn’t mind because you look so cute and comfortable and that’s all he wants
You get a lot of hot flushes at night so you sleep with the covers down at your hips so if Sungchan is watching you while you’re asleep he can see the baby kicking and moving and its so incredible to him
You decide not to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl just for funsies tbh
Sungchan secretly hopes its a girl… he can picture himself as a girl dad 
Two words. Baby. Moon. 
Think jeju island or like just somewhere along the coast 
It’s like September and he’s covering you in suncream lmao
Tells you how much he loves and admires you every ten seconds
Big on loving on your bump and you of course
Cuddles, kissing, sappy pet names, never leaves your side, very handsy, attentive but its sweet
Waits on you hand and foot, which at times you slightly take advantage of but he does not mind
Foot rubs and shoulder massages all day whenever you ask
He books you a prenatal massage and its just absolute heaven, the first time you lay on your front in so long
Sends you off on a little spa day trip with your best friend(s) while him and a few of the members paint the nursery, so you can avoid the paint fumes and stress
as you decided not to find out the gender, the nursery is painted lilac (your choice)
You glow throughout your pregnancy, Sungchan loves it you look so healthy
Talks about random shit to your bump all day
Songs he’s recording, comebacks he’s working on, random memories from inkigayo days
Speaking of Jihoon and Yujin send cards and flowers and stuff bless 
Will do a gentle rap occasionally (mainly to make you laugh when you feel a bit crap)
I feel like Sungchan is like the ‘you can’t name the baby until you’ve seen them’ so names aren’t hugely discussed
Every time you bring it up he’s like ‘relaaaax, we have ages’
You’re not even sure of any names that he likes
Your baby is overall really healthy over the pregnancy
Always doing cute things during scans like rolling over and sucking their thumb
You go into labour during the night
You have cramps and stuff in the evening but you kind of brush them off, and eventually go to sleep
But then you wake up in the middle of the night by an intense stabbing cramp and ur like no.  not braxtons definitely not 
Honestly ur already sleep deprived from all the kicking and general discomfort so in a questionable moment of judgement ur just like. This is fine. Ill go back to sleep now
So for like five minutes you lay there just like dropping off and then you feel like you’re being stabbed yet again and ur just like yeah no that’s not ok
You wake up Sungchan who basically has like you know the panic the male sims have when a sim goes into labour that is him
You literally have to coach him through driving to the hospital 
Eventually you make it and you’re admitted straight away
Sungchan is super supportive the whole time, holds you and lets you squeeze the life out of his hands and just takes it when you swear and shout and cry
Holds your hands through an epidural
Which calms you down quite a lot
After something like eleven hours you’re allowed to push
About an hour later your baby is born
‘It’s a girl!’ The midwife announces, and your heart basically melts to liquid
You just love her so much
Sungchan is like sobbing in your ear when they lay her on your chest
He is obsessed straight away
Skin to skin all the way
He loves the feeling of bonding with her
She loves it too, when she’s a bit distressed he just holds her and she calms straight down
‘I think she looks like a Mira,’ Sungchan murmurs later that evening
‘I like it,’ you stroke her cheek with the back of your index finger 
She was also born on a leap year?? 
29th of February baby
So you can only imagine the jokes she’ll have to endure
Things are pretty hard when you get home
Mira cries a lot and incessantly 
You and Sungchan try your best to support each other through all the sleepless nights and confusing new experiences
Sungchan is incredibly patient I think
If she’s up late at night and he’s tired I don’t think he would be annoyed, he would just accept it and stay awake with her
He loves being close to her, feeding her with her bottle and cuddling her
Her first bath is actually so wholesome, Sungchan holds her and you clean her with the warm soapy water
It’s a nice memory that you’ll never forget
Anyway Shotaro is her godfather you cannot change my mind 
The members love her she’s so cute and friendly and just likes to be cuddled by anyone
Which makes Sungchan worry about her sense of stranger danger but we move
She grows up far too quickly for Sungchan’s liking
She was just his little baby but she can suddenly sit up by herself and roll over and everything 
When she teethes Sungchan is your hero 
Neither of you can stand seeing her in so much pain and discomfort but Sungchan is just an absolute trooper, buys the best teething toys around and lets her chew at his hand if there’s nothing else
Will try and keep a straight face if she nibbles his shoulder or neck
Her first birthday is very confusing
Should you celebrate on the 28th February? 1st March?
You decide 1st March lol
You have such a fun day, she eats her cake well and you have the doljabi
She’s a fun toddler
Has her fair share of random and pointless tantrums and destructive moments, but she’s playful and curious and has the cutest shrieking laugh
Sungchan’s favourite concert attendee
Loves performing in front of her, looking for her and pointing at her in the crowd which makes her shy
Such a sweet girl, charms every adult she meets, makes friends easily
Adapts to learning and new things well, and generally without a fight
The day she leaves for nursery Sungchan is a WRECK
His little baby doesn’t need him anymore 
Hes so dramatic takes a photo of her like everywhere he goes as if he’ll like never see her again
Although it does make him feel better that she goes with Shotaro’s middle child, Sakura who is only a month younger than her (and her bestie)
Nursery is actually kind of fun for him in the end, Mira brings home like kind of weirdly abstract artwork, telling Sungchan about the toys that she played with that day and the friends she made or played with and Sungchan is like o.0 this baby I made is now like a little human with experiences and will have a life of her own some day 
He doesn’t really know what to do with his day when she’s at nursery
He helps you with housework and you get to spend some quality time together but something is missing from his day
‘Y/N, what do you think about having another little one?’ He asks one night when you’re laying in bed, head on his chest while he strokes your hair.
‘Another baby?’
‘Is if because you miss Mira?’
‘I mean, we always agreed on two kids. I’ve just started to have the same feeling as I did before we had Mira.’
‘I must admit, I also do feel ready. Maybe we should give it a little more thought? Go through the next few days imagining as though we had a baby with us and then regroup?’
If that’s what it takes.
Sungchan spends the next few days daydreaming about having another baby, re-experiencing the baby smell, having another tiny human in his likeness as well as seeing Mira interact with a baby sibling
Eventually you warm up completely to the idea and you begin trying for another baby
Jung Nayoung
About six months after you start trying you fall pregnant
Your second pregnancy is really very similar to the first, you experience a lot of sickness and are pretty bed bound for a couple of weeks at first
Sungchan is absolutely ecstatic that you’re going to have another baby
Mira is unsurprisingly worried about you, so you try your best to keep a brave face for her 
Once you safely move past the twelve week mark you feel comfortable telling Mira
You’re like ‘how would you feel about having a little brother or sister? Just like Sakura?’
And at first she really questions what you mean but you manage to get through to her
She seems kind of apprehensive but the second Sungchan mentions the word ‘play’ she got super excited and decided she thought it was the greatest idea in the world
Of course she’s only four, so she doesn’t really understand fully
When you get your little bump you do show her
She is quite concerned I mean ‘mummy/mommy what do you mean there’s a baby in your tummy?’
Pregnancy is not always smooth sailing, again you struggle a lot with sickness and headaches again
At five months you decide to find out the gender this time just because Mira was constantly asking whether she was getting a brother or sister so you just kind of gave up and bent to her will
Sungchan couldn’t believe you were having another daughter
Honestly he is such a girl dad by nature, he just wants to take care of all of his girls 
Mira feels slightly threatened by the idea of a sister, the same as her
But she does start to get excited, especially when she sees the baby move around and you encourage her to talk to her
For the most part, your pregnancy is healthy and there are no signs of anything wrong
Until your final scan, at about 34 weeks
The nurse doing your scan looks a bit concerned, as she does feel around at the bottom of your bump
‘I’m not sure how to say this, but your baby is in a breech position, so instead of being head down, she’s laying bottom first’
‘What?’ Sungchan looks terrified, ‘what does that mean for the baby?’
’To clarify, there isn’t always a reason  why this happens. It could be the position of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid, anything. In terms of what we’ll need to do now, I would recommend having to schedule a C-section for a certain date.’
Sungchan immediately glances at you, ‘how does that make you feel?’
’She’s ok, right?’ You check with the nurse.
‘There really rarely is much to worry about in these cases. It just means giving birth naturally would not be an option. She’ll be ok.’
‘I’m fine with the section,’ you assure Sungchan, squeezing his hand lightly, which he reciprocates, ‘it’s the best thing for the baby.’
Sungchan brings your hand up to his lips and kisses it, ‘I just want you to feel confident going into it.’
‘I’ll be in good hands,’ you smile, ‘I’m sure you’ll be there the whole time.’
‘If anything, you’ll be able to choose her birthday,’ the nurse quips, holding up a desk calendar from the space next to her computer.
You decide on December 18th, exactly a week before Christmas, because you will be pretty much full-term then
You wanted to keep her in for as long as possible
‘Do you not think having a birthday before Christmas is a bit of an issue?’ Sungchan randomly asks when you’re laying in bed one night
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well I mean it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare, with you know, Christmas and-‘
’Sungchan, our other daughter’s birthday is on a leap year. I think this will be much easier than that.’
Eventually the day comes and Sungchan finds himself in scrubs in the operating room, hand threaded through your hair to help you feel calm
‘Will you hold my hand?’ You murmur, a mixture of tiredness and medication taking over.
‘The whole time,’ he nods, ‘Y/N, I love you. And Mira, and whoever this one turns out to be. Everything will be fine. Just relax, I’m right here next to you.’
The surgery doesn’t take very long
Neither of you can see anything due to the sheet blocking your views, but a surgeon does narrate the process for you
You don’t feel much, just a slight tugging and Sungchan’s hand in your own
After a short while, you hear a shrill cry fill the room, followed by a ‘here’s your daughter’
She’s on your chest a few moments later, Sungchan letting go of your hand to cut the cord
Sungchan is so relieved that you’re all ok and safe 
once you are wheeled back to your room and you’ve spent some time alone with the baby, you begin bouncing names off each other
‘What about Nayoung?’ you suggest, ‘I like it. it’s so pretty.’
Sungchan nods, ‘I like it. Hi Nayoung. You have a family and a big sister who all love you so much.’ 
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dragon-baron · 8 months ago
Dangerous | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
AU! Race car driver Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Collage by @realremyd
[Previous chapter] - [Next chapter]
Part 7
You did not, in fact, spend the night in the lovely room Zemo had made up for you. No, you had spent it with him. You woke up with his arm around you. He greeted you with a smile as you turned over to look at him. Then he kisses your forehead before pulling you into his chest.
Last night was amazing. Eventually you stopped making out outside his locker room and he got changed. You went out on your date, as he promised he would do. He took you to a reply nice bar. You both stayed there for hours, drinking and chatting.
You had to get a cab back to his house, neither of you fit to drive. It was good fun though.
You smiled softly. He was so warm.
"Good morning," he whispers, kissing the top of your head. His voice is all deep and thick from sleep. It makes his accent all the more pronounced... and sexy.
"Good morning."
He chuckles, the sound vibrating through his chest. Right now, in this very moment, he felt like the luckiest man alive.
"My handsome pro racer," you mutter, fingers caressing his jaw softly. He leans into your touch ever so slightly, the softest smile tugging at his lips.
"Your handsome pro racer?" He asks, still whispering.
"I think we're at that stage, no?"
He chuckles again, pulling you in to kiss you properly. You fit against him perfectly. Everything in this moment perfect, serene, and as it should be.
"Do I get breakfast?" You asks, cheeky grin on your face.
"Yes. I'll cook for you."
You kiss him once more before he slides out of bed and puts some clothes on. You laugh as he dresses. You had quite the night last night.
You stay in bed a little longer before you get up. You feel so at home here. Eventually you just miss him and get up. You grab some clothes, go into the bathroom, and get ready.
Zemo cooks up a delicious breakfast for you both. He serves it with some tea. He smiles as you enter the room, looking just as amazing as always.
"Breakfast is served."
You sit down with a smile and tuck in. It just feels so domestic and homey having breakfast with Helmut. As you sat there eating what he had made for you, a thought comes to mind.
Is this the start of something incredible?
You had hope that was the case. You didn't think you could go back to your lifestyle after being a part of his. This was where you wanted to be, you were sure of it.
"I'm going to hand in my notice soon," you say, glancing up at him.
The smile on his face was one of the most wonderful sights you has ever seen.
"I'll have things organised for you when you're ready to take over as my manager."
You grin.
"I have a lot to learn, but I won't let you down. We're a team now."
"Yes, we are."
After breakfast, you help clean up, you jump in the shower, and then you grab your phone. You give your boss a ring and alert him of what you wanted to do. When he asked why you were leaving, you told him about the offer you had received, trying to sound as casual about it as possible.
He freaked out when he heard you were going into the racing industry. After all, he was a fan of Zemo.
Everything felt like it was working out and coming together.
You hung up and turned to Zemo who had been waiting for you. You smiled as you wrapped your arms around him. He hugged you back, grinning.
"Well?" Though he didn't really have to ask.
"It's a done deal. He wants me to do one more shift, so he can give me a proper farewell, but then I'm all yours!"
He kisses you.
He had never felt this happy before. He held you to him, burying his nose into the crook of your neck. It was here as he hugged you that he felt like he could do anything. He just needed to win these next two races.
Your phone rang.
You sighed as you pulled away from Zemo, giving him a sad smile as you went to pick it up. Zemo leaves so you can have some privacy, already missing you.
It was 'your friend.'
"What can I do for you?" You ask, keeping your guard up. After her little tantrum, you didn't exactly trust her any more.
"We need to talk."
"Do we?" You keep your voice curt and clipped.
"Yes. There is something you need to know. I could tell you over the phone, but I think it's best we talk in person. You may not believe me if we don't, and I have evidence."
"What are you going on about?"
"Your boyfriend isn't being honest with you."
"My boyfriend? What about yours?" You ask, sharply. "What was all that shit you pulled at the race?"
"What? Jealous because he loves me?"
"No. What have I got to be jealous of?"
"I don't have to explain myself to you. Meet me at The Alpine bar tonight. Come alone."
She hangs up.
You stare at your phone, glaring at it.
No longer hearing your voice, Zemo returns. He sees you looking at your phone.
"Something the matter?"
You look up at him quickly.
"Uh, a certain someone wants to meet with me."
Zemo comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. You lean back into his chest and sigh.
"What does she want?"
"I don't know. She wants to meet me at The Alpine bar."
"That's in town. I'll drop you off if you would like."
"Alright. She wants to meet tonight."
He turns you around so he can look at you. Softly, he caresses your cheek with the back of his long fingers. You lean into his touch the same way he did to you this morning.
"Something is troubling you."
"She troubles me."
He kisses your forehead lightly. A great sense of pride and achievement washes over him. He can do this whenever he wants. You have given him the permission he needed. His lips longer there.
"Whatever it is, we can deal with it."
You nod subtly.
He steps back and look at you, smiling handsomely at you.
"I have an idea."
"I want to show you something. Grab some shoes and your jacket, we are going out," he says, leaving your side in favour of finding his coat.
You do as he said and wait for him by the door.
Zemo returns to your side wearing a long dark coat, fur embedded at the collar. So extra, yet so him.
He grabs your hand as you leave the house.
Zemo keeps a hold of your hand as he leads you away from the house. You walk together toward a huge garage sitting up ahead from his house. You hadn't noticed it yesterday as you were blown away by the house itself.
You had a pretty good idea on what was in there. You smile at him as you approach the building.
Zemo has you stop stop at the large double doors. You grin excitedly at him as he unlocks the doors. He winks at you before pulling the door open.
The lights turn on as he flicks a switch off to the side and before you is a beautiful sight. Dozens and dozens of cars. All kinds of makes and models. Lots of different colours. Many of them were in perfect condition. There were a few really old ones that had early seen better days, but still looked amazing. They were all lined up in rows.
Zemo watches as you approach the first set of cars in front of you. You look at them in awe. Glancing behind you, he nods at you. You walk along the line.
"They're all yours?"
"Every single one. Passed down through generations of my family," he says, looking at them with nostalgia.
"Helmut, this is so cool!" You touch one carefully. This feels like such a special and important moment. This is a peek at another part of his life. Looking around, you spot a few familiar cars, ones he has picked you up in before.
"That reminds me, you'll need to get your car from the bar."
"Ah yes, we took a cab home, didn't we? I'll sort that out tonight while you meet with... you know."
You nod and walk along some more.
You took secret glanced at the man following you around his collection. You trusted him. You did! Yet, there was something settling in the back of your mind. A nagging feeling that whatever it was she was going to tell you, was bad.
She spoke about him as if he had some dark secret to hide. You worried that this wasn't some little misdeed just because she was upset with you.
You couldn't ask him, could you?
Maybe it was best to see what she had to say before bringing anything up.
Zemo came to stand beside you, arm snaking around you. You were standing in front of the first car he had picked you up in, the convertible.
"It was in this car fate decided to bring us together," he says, trying to make it sound as cheesy as he could.
"How sappy." You roll you eyes.
He kisses your cheek.
"It's true, no?"
You turn your head to smile and kiss him properly.
"Yeah, it's true."
Negative thoughts melt into nothing when he has you like this. He's safe and warm. He's home. Your home. He could be.
"Shall we drive?"
You nod.
"Pick a car. Your choice," he whispers.
You smile as you turn around and look at the collection. One if the back catches your eye. It's purple. His colour.
"That one."
He says nothing as he walks over to the back, opens a cabinet on the back wall, plucks a key from within, and then beckons you over.
"Let's go."
You're grinning as you climb in the car. You'll worry about the meet up later. For now, you wanted to feel free again with Zemo.
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crimsonkenjii-writes · 11 months ago
KNY Pillars and Their Love Languages
Just thought this would be a cute thing to write so here you go! Hope you enjoy :)
My requests are open at the moment so go ahead and read my rules and request some stuff! ♡
Spoiler Free!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Giyuu: words of affirmation, gift giving, acts of service
He’d be very shy at first but I feel like the longer he spends time with you, the more comfortable he gets and starts showering you with lots of lovely words. He’d struggle saying “I love you” I think, but I feel with time, he’d being able to tell you how beautiful you are everyday. He’d also say you’re very important to him and how he never wants to lose you or leave your side. And that’s his way of saying “I love you” instead.
He’d definitely start out with lots of gifts and acts of service since they didn’t involve words and touch. Give him some time, he’ll open up and you won’t regret it :)
He’d definitely buy you things he sees on his missions that remind him of you and buy you a lot of pretty things as well. I can see him getting you quiet a bit of clothing and jewelry/accessories and stuff because he’d just imagine you in them and blush so much that he’d just have to get them to see you in it
Shinobu: acts of service, words of affirmation
She’d definitely act very caring and motherly so she’d do lots of acts of service for you. She’d make you food, tidy up a lot, do chores when you’re feeling a bit lazy that day, and she’d probably open up more and start showing lots of physical touch
I feel her words of affirmation would be a lot of encouragement. She’d always remind you how amazing you are, how great you did that day and how proud she is of you. She’d also probably tease you a lot but in a very endearing way lolol
Mitsuri: physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving
My lady, the LOVE pillar!! She’d drown you in so much love! She’d hug you, kiss you, touch you and hold you in anyway she can whenever and wherever! You will not be able to escape her grasp. She’d definitely hype you up a lot and give you so many loving nicknames. She’d cook for you a lot and buy you so many things
“I saw this when I was on a mission and it reminded me so much of you I just had to get it!! I love you!!!”
“Look at this really cute kimono I found!! You’d lot so cute in it, my love! Get in it now! I have to seeeee!!!”
You will definitely feel very loved in a relationship with Mitsuri
Obanai: gift giving, words of affirmation
He’d be very shy and start off with buying you a lot of things lol. He’d be like Mitsuri and buy you things when he’s out and about and something catches his eye that reminds him of you. He’d also get you stuff he thinks you’d look nice in. Most of the gifts he gets you he probably went out seeking, already having something in mind of what it is. Once you guys get more comfortable around each other, he’d definitely start showering you more in words of affirmation. He’d probably never call you by your name and only by endearing nicknames once you reach that point with him
“Here... take this...” as he looks away blushing. “Oh, Obanai! It’s beautiful... thank you so much~!” You’d take his gift and give him a peck on the cheek. His face would be so red and he’d be so flustered he’d have to walk away to cool down lolol
Kyojuro: acts of service, words of affirmation
I feel that Kyo would definitely do lots of acts of service to show you that he’s very reliable and that you can always depend on him. He wants to make sure that you know that he will always be there for you. He’d most definitely have so many nicknames for you and constantly tell you that he loves you. He’d always comment on how stunning you look everyday and brag so much about how proud and in love he is with you. He’d also be pretty touchy but I feel that he likes giving out acts of service and words of affirmation better. He’d definitely be touchy if you tell him to and would love receiving it from you as well.
“Haha! My beautiful Y/N! They looked absolutely stunning today!! Absolutely ravenous! Spectacular!! HAHA!!”
You’d blush and hide your face from embarrassment in his chest as he continues to boast and beam about you to the other pillars. The others have heard enough of his constant bragging. They get it. He loves you!!
Sanemi: acts of service, gift giving
This man is going to be so shy and tsundere omg. He’d get you gifts that he thinks would make you look pretty like hair pins/ties, cute kimonos, nice shoes, jewelry, you name it. He’d also most definitely do so much acts of service.
“Hmm... I meant to do the dishes today but I’m too lazy to get up right now...”
“Stay there, I’ll do it.”
“Nemi! You don’t have to-“
“I’m doing the dishes!!”
Man would be blushing so much around you aaaahhhh! If you’re patient with him, he’ll definitely open up a lot more and start being real touchy and probably not let you go at one point
If he’s every away for a long time, hooooo boyy he’s gonna come back and lock onto you like a koala and not let go for a long time. He might fuck around and get a lil sappy and tell you he loves you so much and that he never wants to lose you and would do anything to keep you his forever and ever
Muichiro: gift giving, physical touch
Feel like little Mui would look really spaced out when he’s out on mission and stuff then a random item he sees that reminds him of you will snap him back to reality so fast and he’d buy it and be really excited to give it you when he’s finally back home. I can also see him being really happy holding your hand or any other kind of subtle holding/touch to remind him that your his special person.
He’d be so happy holding your hand around the other pillars and just think to himself “hell yeah, I’m holding Y/N’s hand! They’re mine and only mine”
He believes he was born to be happy and strives to find and keep this happiness. You are definitely his happiness and will hold on to you so damn much
Himejima: physical touch, words of affirmation
I can imagine him hugging the heck out of you. He’s a giant teddy bear! You’d be smothered by hugs, cuddles and kisses. I feel like because he’s blind, holding you makes me feel so much more calm and happy. Because then he knows that you’re right there and not leaving his side. He’d also definitely tell you he loves you everyday. There won’t be a day where he doesn’t get you all sappy and spill his heart out to you
He’d probably wanna be the small spoon sometimes and it’d probably be a bit awkard if you’re smaller than him but you’d both just melt into it and fall alseep like that.
Being with Himejima is a guarantee of endless hugs, cuddles, kisses, hand holding, koala hugs, etc etc
Also, I feel like if you wiped away his tears after he got emotional over something, it’d melt him into a puddle and he’d be absolute putty in your hands akfozkaokcie hold the maaannnn
Uzui: words of affirmation, physical touch
Uzui would definitely tell you how special you are to him and how much he loves you. He’d always call you and his other wives his top priorities and that nothing will come in the way of you five. He’d also hold, hug and kiss you a lot. He has a lot of partners so I feel like he’d have a lot of love to give out. I also can see him feeling guilty for not seeing you and his wives a lot since he’s away on mission and will definitely come back home with lots of gifts for the four of you. And he’d probably go all out and get all the flamboyant, expensive and shiny stuff too.
“I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long my lovelies. As an apology I have flamboyantly bought you these extravagant gifts!”
After all the gift exchanges and sappiness he’s definitely gonna spend a lot of quality time with each of you and make sure you’ve gotten your love and affection meter filled to the max
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worldtreeason · 11 months ago
Black Clover: 5 Love Languages [Black Bulls pt. 1]
After having written these for the Golden Dawn members, here's the first part of the Black Bulls! The girls and the other guys will be in pt. 2! Repost because the original somehow didn't show up in the Black Clover tags
Tumblr media
Yami Sukehiro
Giving Quality Time: When it comes to personal relationships, Yami may seem a bit emotionally unavailable. He's not the type to bring you gifts, cling to you or confess his love in a very descriptive way. But how you will notice his love for you once you started dating is the amount of time he spends around you. Yami won't mind just being in your presence a lot. The other Black Bulls will often find him hanging out with you in the evening, going on missions with you or just comfortably resting his head on your lap while he's reading a newspaper or has his eyes closed after a stressful day. Yami is someone who gets annoyed at people and events around him fairly easily so spending time with you as someone he loves helps him unwind and relax. When he does so, he doesn't really talk much but he'll gladly listen to you ramble about whatever you want to discuss with him. Yami isn't big on romantic gestures and he knows it, so he wants you to know that he likes being with you and shows his love through giving you his time.
Receiving Gifts: This one may come as a surprise but Yami actually enjoys receiving gifts from you, especially if it's useful stuff that he actually needs. He's grateful that you're paying attention to him and he thinks your gifts are a great help to his daily life. He'll thank you for it and give you a pat on your head, as well as a quick kiss on your lips. If you give him something more symbolic or something you brought back from a trip or a mission for him, he'll be confused and ask you why you would give him that, seeming rather dismissive at first, but he keeps the item around and when he misses you or is worried about you, he can be found staring at it or holding it in his hands, reminiscing about the times you spent together.
Tumblr media
Nacht Faust
Giving Gifts: Is this just my inner Faust nerd coming out? Definitely. I mean Goethe's Faust has this whole subplot going on about Faust getting Margaret / Gretchen expensive jewelry to court her but yeah, Nacht likes to spoil you with fancy gifts. They're most likely acquired in a legal way from rich people he doesn't like by winning against them in poker or something. Some of them he also buys or brings back from missions or expeditions. He doesn't really care whether they were expensive or not, he just wants to give you something of good quality he thinks you'll like. He's pretty good at telling what you'd be happy about and his gifts can be personal / symbolic and usually fit you pretty well. You recognize from his smile that he's proud of what he got you and he'll wrap his arms around your waist as you open it, placing a kiss onto your cheek and telling you he loves you after you thank him for the gift.
Receiving Acts of Service: Nacht favors actions over words and his relationship with you is no exception. He appreciates the things you do for him and he values selfless actions you don’t necessarily benefit from. It shows him that you really do care about him and want him to be happy. Nacht has seen a lot of selfish people who only care about what they can gain from a situation so witnessing you spend your time doing something altruistic for him specifically makes him feel loved. He knows that good actions aren’t always rewarded but he wants them to be, so he’ll take you out for dinner afterwards or spoils you with hugs and kisses.
Tumblr media
Zora Ideale
Giving Physical Touch: Zora might not look like the most affectionate person and he’s kind of a loner, but once he really gets attached to someone, he’s not above showing his love for you through his touch. He’s not big on PDA but when the two of you are alone, he’ll often rest his head on your shoulder or hug you from behind and buries his face in your hair. Zora also is really intelligent and pretty much has an opinion on everything, so after a long day or when coming back from a mission, especially after interacting with some prejudiced nobles, he might just cuddle in bed with you and voice his thoughts and views about what happened to you. He’ll quietly talk to you while running his fingers across your back, leaning his cheek against your forehead and holding you close.
Receiving Words of Affirmation: Zora doesn’t place too much importance on words usually. People say a lot of things and then may talk completely different behind someone’s back. There are a lot of lies and false promises circulating out there, so it takes actions for Zora to actually fall in love with you and to understand you’re serious about him. But once he does; once he trusts in the sincerity of your words, they become special to him. He enjoys hearing how you feel about him and he treasures the things you say to him. He believes you when you tell him that you love him or that he’s beautiful to you or that you appreciate his actions and he relies on your honesty for the future of your relationship. Zora makes sure to return compliments and express his honest thoughts about you as well and when it’s 2am at night and he’s close to falling asleep he might actually get a bit sappy with his words once in a while.
Tumblr media
Magna Swing
Giving Words of Affirmation: Magna is pretty much an open book canonically, you can usually see exactly what he’s thinking and feeling and he often voices his thoughts almost immediately as they come up. Talking to you is no different, especially after getting together with you. Before that, he may have been a bit nervous about confessing his feelings to you and his confession itself was pretty awkward (but cute), but once he’s actually reassured that you feel the same, there’s no stopping him in telling you how happy you make him. Seriously, Magna is that one character who will nudge the rest of the Black Bulls and say “Look at how awesome y/n is” when you do literally anything he considers cool. He just loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t mind if everyone knows. He’s ready to shower you in compliments and Vanessa can be seen teasing him about how cheesy he can get. Most people secretly think it’s really adorable. After a dangerous battle or something similar, Magna is so relieved you’re okay, he will just grab your hands and confess the full extent of his love for you even if he’s done so a thousand times before (he’s totally not crying or anything, no). According to his words, a real man doesn’t hide his feelings so be ready to know about them. Magna’s definitely your guy when you need reassurance or feel insecure sometimes, because he’s ready to convince you that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
Receiving Quality Time: Magna loves when you give him your attention and your time, he enjoys being around you and taking you on rides on the Crazy Cyclone. He looks forward to your time together and he’s having the time of his life, whether the two of you are alone or hanging out with the rest of the Black Bulls.
Tumblr media
Luck Voltia
Giving Physical Touch: I mean, come on, the guy’s pretty much the human version of a Golden Retriever, of course he’s a hugger. Luck “Distraction” Voltia can be clingy when he wants your attention but how could you say no to that smile after all? He’ll just excitedly wrap his arms around your shoulders from behind when he greets you or wants to challenge you into a fight. He’s also absolutely that one guy who will just tackle hug you when he missed you. He’ll just call out your name when you come back from a mission and charge at you with full speed, throwing himself into your arms. He’s also not afraid to put kisses all over your face. He loves you and he’s happy to see you, so why wouldn’t he? Luck is a ball of energy, so when he does get tired by the end of the day and falls asleep in your arms, resting his head on your shoulder and wrapping his arms and legs around you, he’s barely recognizeable considering how quiet and peaceful he is. And when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see is his smile right before he gives you a good morning kiss and pulls you closer to him, squeezing you in his hug to express his love for you.
Receiving Quality Time: Luck loves to receive your undivided attention, especially when he gets to fight you or gets to go out with you to fight someone else. Take him to a place where people have magic battles for fun, if something like this exists, and you have the perfect date for him. He’ll happily share all his victories with you, it makes them an even better experience for him. He’s also the type to just get snacks or something when you two go out and share them with you. After winning a fight, he’ll often let himself fall into your embrace. Luck loves making memories with you.
Tumblr media
Final Roulacase
Giving Quality Time: Finral does a lot to impress people he is attracted to, he’d get you gifts before you start dating him, he’d try to win you over with cheesy pickup lines, he’d do things in your favor to impress you but once he’s actually serious about you and in a relationship with you, his love really comes through in the time he spends with you. Before that it’s all about impressing you but once you’re actually dating, hanging out with Finral is honestly so much fun. There’ll be a lot of moments of you two laughing together, exploring new activities and hobbies, and just generally having a great time being with each other. Finral wants you to know you’re a priority in his life and he’ll gladly spend his time with you, both because he loves it and because it makes you realize how much you mean to him. He expresses interest in the things you’re passionate about and he genuinely wants to get to know you better once he realizes he has fallen in love with you.
Receiving Words of Affirmation: Finral has been in Langris’ shadow for all of his life and has been rejected by people he tried to flirt with plenty of times; so actually hearing from you that you love him and getting positive feedback about his actions and some of his traits means more to him than he initially thought it would. Finral is very happy to receive compliments and will often remember them when times are tough and use them as motivation to keep going. You mean a lot to him, so he’s relieved when he actually gets confirmation from you that he’s being a good partner and that you feel the same way about him. Finral has probably seen a lot of mixed signals in his dating life, so being told these things to his face directly will give him the reassurance he needs
Tumblr media
Henry Legolant
Giving Words of Affirmation: Henry cherishes the people close to him a lot and he’s glad to have found someone who loves him despite the restrictions he has. Henry has no problem expressing his attachments to people through his words. If you patiently listen to him, he’ll be very caring and loving with his words. He’ll always be there to support you when you need reassurance.
Receiving Quality Time: Henry has been alone for a long time in his life, so of course your company is what he appreciates most about your relationship. He cherishes every minute of the time you two spend together and remembering how close he is with you helps him to cope with any loneliness he may have when you’re not around, He loves to spend time around the hideout with you; playing card or board games, listening to music or just talking with you. Of course dating Henry means there’ll be a lot of things you can’t do with him and a lot of places you can’t take him with you to, but he’ll be so happy to hear about all the places you have been to, the things you have seen there and what happened. Even better if you bring photos or items with you. He’ll spend hours just listening to you talk about your latest mission or a place he has never seen before, such as the underwater temple. Hearing your stories about those things makes him almost feel like he was there too.
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takemichihanagaki · 10 months ago
What about some cute headcanons on how it’s be to date Chifuyu 🥰? I mean, after what happened in chapter 191, how can you not crave boyfriend Chifuyu content?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
omg your brain... so large.... chapter 191 warmed my heart ♡ its so refreshing to see the boys just doing normal stupid teenager things 
thank you for requesting !!
Tumblr media
chifuyu as your boyfriend ♡
➳ secretly LOVES all that sappy and cheesy love stuff, but would probably never tell you hehe
➳ easily flustered. used to stumble over his words if you complimented him or flirted back 
➳ 100% a hopeless romantic. probably sees you n thinks its love at first sight :’))
➳ absolutely GUSHES about you to anyone and everyone who will listen. shows you off. you probably get told all the time “he really likes you, you know?”
➳ expect going all-out for anniversaries, valentine’s day, birthdays, etc. basically any holiday or occasion that he can 
➳ thoughtful gifts !!! never the type to just pick up something up at the store as a gift. he’s making photo collages,,, writing love letters,, basically anything he can pour his heart and soul into, you’re gettin’ it 
➳ a softie, very kind n gentle. protective of you but never in an overbearing or controlling way. just wants to make sure you’re never involved w any of toman’s antics. lowkey downplays what the gang’s up to just so you don’t worry hh  
➳ calls you the CUTEST nicknames ,,,, like honey and sweetheart 🥺 
➳ talks a lot about yalls future together and all the dog n cats he’s planning on adopting with you
➳ swings your hands in sync when you guys are holding hands
➳ chifuyu LOOOVES quality time. he loves feeling so important n special when its just the two of you spending the day together. he’ll go out of his way to plan elaborate dates for the two of you and thinking of ways he can make you even happier :’’)
➳ basically, chifuyu’s an absolute angel of a boyfriend ^^ expect to be totally taken care of and have everything you want and more. he values you immensely and will go out of his way to show it !!! 
Tumblr media
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star-dew-farmer · 10 months ago
hiii!! would love some cute elliott HCs (and maybe some wholesome nsfw ones if you want?? :))
kinda short, this is my first nsfw ask so I was nervous (nsfw under the cut) 
Tumblr media
He's actually kinda shy despite his demeanor!  
While at first he tries to show himself off as this nice, kind and confident writer he really doesn’t know what he’s doing
Tbh it’s the excitement that keeps him going (with writing or with new people)
He's an introvert acting as an extrovert and it honestly exhausts him so much
Coming to this new place he wanted to show himself as a new person, a better person but he realized to late the front that he put up wasn’t what he wanted and he couldn’t change it.  
I’m not saying in somethings he isn’t extroverted; he can be very outgoing but typically I see him as wanting more time with people in smaller settings
more into one on one interaction
Like with Leah at the saloon, if he focuses on her then he feels calmer. He doesn’t have to think about everyone else.  
Or talking with Willy about his adventures
He took a risk moving away and deciding to write his book and he often wonders late at night if what he did was worth it
So you cheering him on means so much more to him than any words could say
Probably cries about someone so important to him supporting him
He’s actually proud of his looks! But also kinda insecure,,
If you walk into his house before he goes out in the morning you will catch him combing through his hair with his fingers and trying his best to frame his face perfectly
Especially with his own writing and his room. He may not have a lot of stuff but he’ll be damned if it isn’t perfect.
His writing?? 10 drafts and rewrites MINIMUM
and maybe 5 more when he rereads it
He wants everyone to get his best work!
Gets super excited when his creative juices get flowin! He has this big bright smile glued on his face as he races to write page after page
when you first called him your friend he probably got SO happy
like,,he thought about it all day with this goofy smile on his face
please come visit his cabin just to say hi
it’ll make him feel sooo loved and cared for
when its cloudy (particularly in spring or fall) he’ll sit out in the woods near Leah's house and just,,,watch the trees
it makes him calm
he doesn’t have to worry about his book or how lonely he really is 
not that Leah and Willy aren’t enough for him but moreso romantically and in general, he isolates himself in his house a lot
I personally hc Elliott as a switch, he can either fuck you up with the softest words or beg for you to let him cum
Just a tiny bit of an exhibitionist  
Loves fucking you in his cabin when there are people on the beach
During the luau he’ll fuck you against the door, telling you to be quiet or else everyone will hear you
Or even, edge him over and over as he’s tied to a chair next to the window and tell him he can’t cum
PLEASE make him read you a book while you tease him
He pretends he doesn’t like it but every time you demand for him to keep reading, he gets harder
He can be sooooo sappy when he’s fucking you
Whispering how much he loves you as he softly thrusts his hips into you
Kissing you so tenderly, HOLDING YOUR HANDS
He'll outright MOAN if you do
He’s a lil tender-headed but that’s okay cause that means he feels it even more
Tease him with a duck feather, running it up and down his body, tickling his chest and touching him so lightly at the underside of his cock
Praise him or degrade him he’ll love it
Praise him and he’ll want to please you so bad. He wants to make sure that you mean those words, wants to work for your praise.
Degrade him and he’ll whine, bucking his hips and pressing closer to you.
Please call him your little slut
he loves how your words make him feel, how dirty it makes him feel 
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whoreiaki-kakyoin · 2 months ago
Hellooooo!! Can I request some Kak n Joot fluff together or separate (they/them, if u would) thanks! 💖💖💖
Hello, my dear! I offer you some fluffy dating headcanons for the boys 💖
Kakyoin 🍒
Now, granted, a romantic relationship is all kind of new for Kakyoin, so be patient with him! He may sometimes want some verbal reassurance, or might take a bit to get used to making known just how deeply he loves you, but he truly adores you.
He's just about gotten used to having such close friendships and not having to be so lonely... and now he finds out that the person he loves returns his affections? Believe me when I say our cherry boy is on cloud nine!
He settles into the relationship fairly well, though. If this is your first relationship, too, and if you express any nervousness about never having dated? Kakyoin will assure you that he's right there to figure out with you, together.
Kakyoin is nothing if not loyal, and he's just as dedicated in his romantic relationships. Once he gets past any initial hesitation about expressing his feelings? He always makes sure to let you know that you're important to him and he cares about you, whether it's by outright telling you he loves you, or through small gestures and words.
He remembers so many little details about you that you half forget you've even mentioned! He just finds everything about you so endearing that he loves learning all the little things, and you'll find your heart fluttering over the little ways he finds to be so thoughtful.
And by that I mean? You mention offhand that you like a certain flower? You'll be touched to find he remembers when he surprises you with a bouquet. You get sick? Well, you mentioned that this home remedy/this favorite snack/this movie was always a source of comfort when you got sick as a kid, so of course he remembered! He remembers stories you tell him, your favorite books, your favorite songs, the things that make you laugh... and you both find it's so comforting to have another person know you inside and out like that.
He's perceptive as hell, so there are times he'll know what you're thinking or feeling before you do. He'll always know when you're having a bad day or you're feeling down about something and can use some extra love or comfort.
Touch starved bastard (affectionate). If you cuddle up against him, this man will melt completely for you. Tuck your feet under his legs on the sofa to keep warm, and he's blushing as he gives you a little smile. It makes him so happy.
Often shows his affection and comfort with you through playful banter. Kakyoin has a sharp wit and likes to show it, but it's never mean-spirited. You two end up having a lot of running jokes about the most random things. Sometimes all it takes is a word or a look for the two of you to dissolve into laughter
He'll look at you so fondly when you're talking about your interests or honestly just talking in general. Sometimes you catch him giving you this sappy, lovestruck look when he thinks that you aren't looking and it's very sweet.
Jotaro 🌟
Jotaro is almost surprised at how hard he falls for you. He's seen the way his grandparents are so lovey dovey with each other or the way his mom talks about his dad, but he always found all that sappy stuff annoying and embarrassing. Besides, who would he even have as romantic prospects? Those annoying girls from school? No thank you. But, then you come along, and, even if he'd be embarrassed to voice it out loud, he finds a lot of those sappier things he hears people say about love start to make sense
His feelings likely grow slowly out of general admiration, and he finds his heart fluttering at the everyday things: how you write your name, the way you smile, the face you make when you're thinking.
He's very introspective, but that doesn't mean he won't tell you how he feels! The first time he says he loves you, he probably blurts it out when you're in the middle of doing something because it hits him so hard. You might be cooking dinner together, or you're listening as he tells you about his research, or maybe you're just sitting together and enjoying each other's company. His cheeks flush when he realizes what he said, but once you grin and say it back, he's smiling.
Overall, though? There's a lot of unspoken I-love-you's in everyday things he does and says. He has Holly teach him some of his favorite family recipes so he can make them for you. He tells you he saw something at work that made him think of you. He kisses your forehead softly when he wakes up before you, and often tucks the blankets back around you before he leaves.
There may be times that he wonders if he's too cold or stoic. He might ask, "You know how much you mean to me, right?" He just needs the occasional reassurance, because he wants you to know just how much you're appreciated and loved.
He's a big fan of quality time. It means the world to him when you sit in his office with him while he works, even if you're reading or doing your own work or on your phone. If you're both students, he might even like study dates when you're both busy! Sure, you're both doing work, but you can at least be together. He might even look over your papers if you need.
He absolutely has pictures of you on his desk. (Probably one or two in his wallet, too. He's just very smitten with you!) If anyone asks about it, he often blushes slightly as he tells them, "Ah, they're my partner." Just saying it out loud reminds him that he's lucky enough to have you love him!
Jotaro has lost/almost lost plenty of people, so he might be rather protective of you. He's reluctant at times to let you tag along if he's going somewhere dangerous, and he'd always insist you stick close to him if you do. You can tell by the way he squeezes your hand and the way he holds you tight at night that your presence in his life is really important to him.
I get the feeling Jotaro might be into some classic old movies. He doesn't mind going out for a date night, but he loves staying in with you, curled up together to watch a good movie.
For as much as he can complain about his family, it will make him really happy to see them take you in like one of their own and to see you get along with them so well. Holly and Joseph and Suzie will treat you like you’re family, because to them, you are! Anyone who makes Jotaro so happy is okay by them 🥰
If you're in a relationship with both of them:
Cuddle piles on movie nights. You get to sit sandwiched between two doting boyfriends who adore you 🥰 It’s very nice
Same goes in bed— the three of you all tangled up together nice and cozy at the end of a long day
Kakyoin loves to sketch you and Jotaro. You’re his two favorite people, so if he comes in and the two of you are cuddling or doing work together or anything, he’ll smile to himself and grab a sketchbook. His partners are just so pretty and he’s very lucky! (Jotaro gets flustered when Nori shows you both the art he does of you, but you both love it. Your Noriaki is so talented!)
Aquarium dates! Please imagine getting to go and look at all the different sea creatures together. Jotaro and Kakyoin trade facts about different ocean life, and Jotaro might tell you both about certain things he’s been thinking of looking into for his research.
You and Kakyoin sometimes plot ways to look after Jotaro or do nice things for him when he’s working too hard. Sometimes you both pop into his office with some coffee or food to persuade him to take a break because he doesn’t always realize how tired he is until he lets himself pause. He’s grateful to both of you for caring about him so much ❤️
Same goes with Kakyoin if he’s been pushing himself too hard and same goes with you! If you’re running yourself ragged, that simply won’t do, so don’t be surprised when your boyfriends coax you to get some rest and take better care of yourself. You’re all very proud of each other always, but you also just need to remind each other sometimes to go easy on yourselves.
If you’re ever having a rough time with your mental or your physical health, they’ll be there. They’ve experienced their fair share of trauma and injuries, so they won’t push you too hard if they see that you’re hurting, and they’ll encourage you to talk when you need or to even just tell them if you need to be held.
They have different ways of expressing their affection sometimes, but it’s so clear to you how much they care. Kakyoin may hold you and listen as he rubs your back soothingly, then makes you a cup of tea. Jotaro will get frustrated if he thinks you’re being too hard on yourself. He’ll remind you that you’re tough as hell for overcoming everything you have this far, but that you don’t always have to fight so hard. Sometimes you can let go a bit and let them be there for you.
Next to the Egypt picture on Jotaro’s desk is a framed picture of the three of you. Maybe it’s a holiday photo that Holly insisted on, with the three of you wearing cozy sweaters under the mistletoe? 👀 Or maybe it’s a picture of you all at the beach or when you moved in to your first apartment together. Whatever the case, it always lifts Jotaro’s spirits on a long day to glance up and see his two favorite people smiling back at him. You’ll both have to get a kiss when he gets home 😘
Safe to say, you’ve hit the jackpot on boyfriends!
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heichoe · 8 months ago
under the moonlight
canon verse!, friends to lovers! armin x reader
I am soft for armin, angel baby boi
word count: 2.2k
warnings: skinny dipping! (heh), slights mentions of nudity but nothing sexual, a minuscule spec of angst,, but overall this is fluff, and a dash of crack as well
a/n: you know, this was supposed to be a silly little skinny dipping, under 1k armin drabble but here we are, at 2.2k words. the absolute clownery🤡
You hummed contently as you watched Armin’s sleeping figure. The boy was curled up into himself on his side, blanket covering only one of his legs, and gripping a pillow close to his chest. Soft snores filled the room, following the pace of his rising and falling chest. He had recently cut off his hair, the undercut making him seem older; he was still as innocent as ever, though. Your sweet angel. 
Gently, you placed a hand on his shoulder, shaking him lightly, “Armin,” you whispered, “wake up.” After a couple more pats to his shoulder, he sucked in a breath, finally awake. 
Softly, as to not startle him, you move your hand from his shoulder to lightly drag your fingers along his scalp, “hi.”
Armin is still too out of it to speak, but he knows you’re somehow next to him, in his room (which he thought he had locked the door to), running your fingers through his hair,, there’s worse things to wake up to, he thinks.
Your fingers work his hair for a couple more minutes, waiting for him to finish waking up, you bring your hand to graze his cheek. As much as Armin doesn’t want this moment to end, he clears his throat to speak, “____? wha-what are you doing here?” 
You bite your lip to hide the smile edging on your lips at how cute and disoriented he sounds, “let myself in,” you muse, “Sorry to wake you, but i want you to see something.”
He’s now fully awake, as he sits himself up on his bed, words peaking his interest, “what’s so important that you had to break into my room in the middle of the night and wake me up for?” Even though his words seem blunt, there’s no bite behind them. he knows by this point that you like teasing him, he’s just doing it back.
“c’mon, aren’t i a great sight to wake up to ‘min?” 
He should be used to your cheeky comments by now, but he can never fight the blush that ensues after, whenever you say stuff like this, stuff that is true, but he can’t bring himself to admit. 
“s-shut up. if bothering me is all you want, let me go back to sleep.”
You grin at that, “promise i’ll make it worth your time, ‘Min.” you wink for added effect. 
Armin sighs, because he knows he can’t win against you, doesn’t want to win; if it’ll make you happy, he’d gladly walk to the ends of the earth for you. He doesn’t need to tell you that for you to know, though. It’s the way he can’t say no to you that has your heart beating for the man in front of you, because you’d do the same for him. 
You smile and cheer and even do a little wiggle dance that Armin is sure you’re not even aware of that you do, but he finds it so fucking endearing, it makes whatever this is worth it, you’re always worth it. 
Standing up from the side of his bed, a flurry of excited words spills from your lips, ones that Armin is too busy admiring to fully listen to, “Get changed and meet me at the stables-“
The boy chuckles and sighs again, pretending to be irritated instead of enamored, “fine, fine; this better be good.”
Grinning, you plant a quick kiss to his cheek, leaving as fast as it happened with a fleeting, “hurry!” and “it will!” and you’re off.
A stupid smile is on Armins lips; you haven’t even taken him to wherever you were going to yet and he was already having the time of his life.
Almost an hour later, you and Armin find yourselves at the beach. And Armin then understands why you were so eager to go: there’s a full moon tonight. You’re able to see it above the ocean, being haphazardly reflected across the waves, with the stars shining just as brightly around it. Armin thinks the sight is almost as beautiful as you are admiring it. 
Gently, as if to not break you away from the moon’s spell, he takes a hold of your hand, soothingly rubbing his thumb along your skin. 
You had been coming to this spot ever since you and the scouts had been able to kill off most of the titans on the island. It was your reward, you thought, to be able to freely gaze at the expanse of blue under the moonlight, with not a trouble or care on your mind but the boy next to you. 
You grip Armin’s hand a little tighter as you inch your way closer to the shore, cool saltwater meeting your bare feet. Who would have thought something like this could exist? You had never known the freedom and exhilaration of the ocean waves, and yet, the moment your squad had stumbled upon it, you knew it felt familiar, it felt like Armin. 
Not only were his eyes the same startling blue of the ocean, but the glee you felt when met with a cool wave was the same kind of delight you felt when teasing Armin, when playfully kissing his cheek, and when you caught him starting at you from across the room and you gave him a wink and a smile. He was the ocean in the way that its waves could gently, steadily, sway you from your feet, letting yourself be carried to wherever it was, as long as it was with him, and knowing that you’d be safe, that you’d be lightheaded and giddy for whatever it was that came next. It was as if his heart beat matched the steadiness of the waves; the initial inward pull of them, only to then be brought back to yourself smiling, that’s what Armin felt like. 
You smile at your interlocked hands, looking up after to see that the man in question was already smiling at you. 
As much as you make Armin shy, he makes you feel just as nervous; you’re just better at hiding it. You cheekily swing you hip towards his, earning a laugh from the boy, as you inch closer to him, burrowing at his side. You both remain silent for a couple of more minutes, basking in each other’s presence and the moon, the cool waves at your feet seem to soothe your nerves at being so close to him. Because that’s how you and Armin worked: he was the soothing to your little spitfire, you were the flame that sent tingles all through his body, by a single touch. You were each other’s breaths of fresh air. 
“it looks really beautiful,” you hear him mutter beside you, giving your shoulders a gentle squeeze. 
“i knew you’d like it, ‘Min.”
Armin chuckles again, “i definitely do, more so with you,” he lets his words hang in the air before turning back to regard the scene in front of him, “thank you; this was definitely worth losing sleep over.” 
You smile at his words. 
There was still one more thing you had brought Armin to do tonight, which just so happened to be the basis of this whole spontaneous adventure begin with. Letting go of his hand, you shyly step away from him, “t-turn around, and don’t look until I say so,” you instruct. Armin lifts an eyebrow at you as he complies to your requests. 
“and close your eyes, too!” You hastily add as you begin to strip yourself of your clothing. You see, the main reason you had brought Armin to the ocean.. was to skinny dip. You figured, not only would you be crossing it off of your bucket list, but Armin’s flustered state and flushed cheeks would be so worth it. Or, at least you thought it would be; it seemed like a good idea a couple of hours ago, when you were first waking the boy up; now, you felt as if you were about to combust.
Leaving your clothes in a pile on the dry sand, you waddle into the icy water. Unlike Armin, you think, the ocean can sometimes be cold and harsh. You’re shivering, and you’re halfway into being fully covered by the water when Armin calls out your name, his eyes are still closed, his hands covering them, “are you going in the water!?” 
You’re giddy and keep going further out until the waves are up to your collarbones. Suddenly, you’re laughing and Armin removes his hands from his eyes and GAWKS at your clothes on the sand, then he finds your figure in the water and the look on his face, eyes wide as saucers and mouth agape, makes your initial nerves, everything, worth it: It’s Armin and the sea, of course its worth it. 
Armin calls out your full name, “Are you NAKED.” 
You can’t stop laughing, you’re having the time of your life, tormenting poor Armin. You can see his flustered state from where you are, he is having an internal crisis, and you’re laughing your ass off because you love this fool. 
“Come on in, Armin! No clothes allowed, though!!” You manage to breathe out in between laughs, “dont leave me all alone” 
You are such a little shit, Armin thinks. He is sure he will die tonight, set aflame by you and your self-entitled ass thinking you’re hilarious being out NAKED at SEA and wanting HIM to JOIN YOU. 
His brain is mush and he can’t fully register what he is doing until he yells out at you, “cover your eyes, and DONT look.” You have him wrapped around your finger; you cheer. 
It’s only moments later that you hear Armin waddling towards you, feeling his presence close to you, you turn to him, eyes still closed, “ya decent?”
You just know Armin is giving you the most exasperated look ever to be recorded in history. He sighs as you crack open an eye, seeing the water coming up to his chest. At this, Armin flicks your forehead, “so this was your plan all along?”
You have the biggest grin he’s seen on you as you nod, “for the most part, yeah”
As much as Armin wants to be annoyed at you, your smile is too contagious to him, and soon, he’s grinning right along with you. 
He has to get back at you somehow, so he flicks some water at you, you easily block it, though, and he’s too busy looking at you and your pretty wet hair to care, “I can’t believe you woke me up to go skinny dipping.”
“hEY! You were just getting all sappy earlier about just how great and worth it this all was,” you swim closer, poking him in the chest. 
He swiftly takes a hold of your finger, pulling your body closer to his, but not touching, “that was BEFORE we got naked.”
You can’t help but laugh again, he had a blush that went along his cheeks, nose and ears, even tinging some of his neck pink, “it’s a once in a life time experience, ‘Min, not many can say they went skinny dipping with me, at night, in the ocean, on a full moon.”
“not many?” Armin repeats, his initial mock annoyance turning into slight self-consciousness. 
You want to hit yourself upside the head for making him upset, even though he doesn’t really show it, you know he is starting to second guess this whole thing. 
Gently, you inch your way closer to him, the ocean waves working in your favor, as they seem to bring you two together, pushing you closer, “hey,” you softly cup his rosy cheek, “it’s just you, 'Min, you’re the only one i’d want to do this with, the only one I ever will.” 
As you say this, the ocean seems to adjust itself to fit the both of you together: there’s a particularly sturdy wave that rolls onto your back, pushing you onto Armin, chest to chest. You freeze as you let Armin decide what happens next; if he’s too uncomfortable he’ll probably (gently) push you away, but it’s a second, alternate route that the blonde takes. Softly, timidly, he brings his hands to your naked waist, resting them there, as he buts his forehead against yours. “you're the only one i’d do this with too, ___,” he brings you closer against his body, the warmth of his chest and limbs a sharp contrast to the cool ocean water, “also, you’re kind of the only one crazy enough to come up with this.” He gives you a toothy grin, and you know your Armin is back. 
It happens all to quickly, and there are too many sensations for your brain to keep track of them all, but you feel Armin’s soft lips on yours, his warm hands tracing patterns onto your skin, and the rough waves crashing around you. The kiss is shy but steady, just like Armin is, and your head is spinning from it all. There’s a soft smile gracing his lips. 
In this moment, the world seems perfect: it’s just you and Armin, under the moonlight. 
a/n: id love to hear your thoughts!! 
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mkakki · 7 months ago
I've got a thing for the quiet introverted boys o(╥﹏╥)o
At least I don't have to suffer alone in this hell
Choso, your sweet pigtails make me happy.
Disclaimer: manga spoilers, maybe some swearing I dunno. I'm feelin sappy and I need comfort.
He knew you were still reeling, still trying to wipe the devastation clear of your mind, but he couldn't help it. It wasn't like humans, let alone a Jujutsu Sorcerer, showed him any form of kindness. He was a curse, so it was natural that his thoughts remained selfish, right? It was normal for him to watch you with hooded eyes, jaw clenched, while you tried to make everyone believe that you were okay. While he wanted to commend you for your strength and mental fortitude, it left a rather bitter taste in his mouth. Maybe that was the curse within his soul speaking.
You had lost nearly everything in Shibuya.
He never knew much about Nanami Kento, just that the man was someone important to you. Yuji had explained that Nanami was his mentor, but before that he was yours. Even if the man was rather distant and indifferent, there had been a repertoire built up between the two of you. If anything, Yuji had been a tad bit envious that you had been able to earn high praise from the older man. Apparently you had been orphaned as a child, and taken in by the Tokyo branch of Jujutsu High, raised and immersed in a culture Choso couldn't help but think didn't fit you so well.
Watching the way you were so close to crumbling now made that apparent. It was subtle, and if he wasn't watching so closely he probably would have missed it, but there were shadows clinging to the edge of your facial expressions. The redness around your eyes just barely noticeable in the mornings, the slight rasp in your voice for the first morning greeting. Your slim fingers would shake slightly, and you would pause. Almost as if you were waiting for someone to open the door, but no one would come.
Not only had you lost your mentor, but many of your dear friends. While he might not completely understand human emotions, he knew what it meant to mourn. The raw pain of losing two of his brothers still fresh and threatening to swallow him whole from time to time.
"Yuji, tell me more about Y/n." He dared not ask while others were around, while he might be a turncoat now, there were still people who didn't trust him entirely. The young man hemmed and hawed a bit, brows furrowed in thought. It was the most thought he saw his younger brother put into something, and it made the notion of this being a delicate subject even more apparent.
"Well, Y/n is a crazy strong sorcerer. Like insanely strong, even Nanamin use to say so, and he never said stuff like that. I've been worried lately, she isn't the same since, you know." Yuji chuckled nervously, was it to hide his guilt?
In truth, Choso didn't learn more than what he had already gathered. It was easy for him to sit back and observe, quietly taking notes in his head about your likes and dislikes, what made the corners of your mouth begin to twitch into a half-hearted smile. He silently began to take it upon himself to try and ease your burden.
The boldest he got was leaving a few wild flowers in front of your door.
That morning you came to breakfast holding them, which sent his heart into a frenzy. It plummeted once you sat next to the shikigami user, asking if he was the one who left them.
"Wasn't me." You cocked a brow, eyes sweeping across the room in a smooth motion. Choso pointedly caught your eye, maintaining contact for a brief moment before turning to Yuji.
It didn't stop him from seeing the slight flush to your cheeks out of the corner of his eye.
There were some nights he could hear your sobs. For the most part, you did well to conceal them, and if anyone were aware they never mentioned it. It opened up a gaping wound in his chest, to hear the desolate place your cries came from. He thought he could ignore it and allow you to deal with it yourself, to work through your grief in the way you knew how.
Tonight he couldn't.
He drifted to your door silently, and held his breath. Never before had a door looked so intimidating, but it was the barrier helping to muffle your quiet cries. He pressed the pads of his fingers against the worn wood, wondering how many times you had trudged your way here after a hard battle. If that shikigami user had ever done what he did, but with more confidence.
He surprised himself when he knocked softly, as if he could scare away the aura that the silvery moon granted. It surprised him even more to hear shuffling behind the door, no doubt you were collecting yourself, before the latch popped open.
"Choso-San? Is everything alright?" There it was, the rasp in your voice, the redness around your eyes slightly more apparent.
"It hurts, doesn't it?" He shifted uncomfortably, unsure of how to proceed. " When I lost my brothers, I didn't know how to continue, all that pushed me to continue was the thought of revenge."
The way your lips parted, eyes wide and trained on him, was quickly derailing his train of thought.
"You can try to bury the feelings, but they're still there, no matter what you do." His fingers twitched, a sigh leaving his lips. It was unfair that you looked so tragically beautiful, even now.
"I'm not sure-"
"You might be able to put on a brave face for the others, but you can't really think that your mask will work on me."
He was a curse, a tainted being who shouldn't be feeling like this. It shouldn't be natural to place a hand on your shoulder and pull you against his chest. Why was it as easy as breathing to allow his eyes to fall shut, basking in the scent of your shampoo? Why weren't you pulling away?
"You don't have to bear this burden alone," he whispered. Your entire body shuddered, and he could feel your hands grasp at the front of his shirt. It was reminiscent of someone drowning desperately holding onto their salvation.
He wasn't surprised when the first sob racked your body, your face pressed against his collar bone as if that would shield you from the world. You were unaware of the fact that he would do just that, shield you. The you who kindly included him in conversation, poured his tea, offered to let him try sweets that you had gotten as an offering from someone who knew you were in mourning. The you who, despite all of your injuries, had stood tall and vouched for him when he came to the realization that Itadori Yuji was his long lost little brother. He would never forget the fierceness in your face, and the way it had sent heat rushing to his face.
"I won't allow you to bear this burden alone." He carefully allowed his cheek to rest against the top of your head, arms awkwardly wrapping around your shaking frame. He kept waiting for you to push him away, to tell him that you didn't need him to coddle you.
"Please, please just stay" It was gasped between sobs, and barely comprehensible, but there wasn't a chance his ears would deceive him now.
He might be a wretched curse, but he would be damned if he would allow anything to happen to you ever again.
Your tear stained face was dusted with a tender shade of pink, eyes shining brightly in the dim light. He didn't dare push his luck and try anything that might offend you, he simply waited with bated breath as you gathered your thoughts.
"Please Choso, don't leave too."
It quickly became habitual. At night when he couldn't sleep, he would inconspicuously wander his way to your room, which would be unlocked just for him. Some nights you would be caught in a troubled sleep, blankets tangled around your legs as you whimpered quietly. Some nights would bring fresh waves of grief, and he would help you tread them without a word. He was able to marvel at how soft your hair was as he fumbled his way around trying to comfort you, or how it felt like you fit in his arms like a missing piece of himself. It wasn't until you pressed a brief kiss to his cheek that it began to bleed into your day to day tasks.
While he still didn't risk doing anything that might offend you, he began to grow bold. Brushing fingers across your cheek with a small smile on his face, which sent a chaotic blush to the tips of your ears, daring to place a hand at your waist when you were relatively alone. These stolen moments helped to not only ease his own grief, but you began to flourish.
He would stay, for as long as you wanted him too. Your silent protector.
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averykedavra · 9 months ago
Present Tense
Uh, hi. It has been a. While. But I'm not dead and I'm here now and I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things. So Analogical Week seemed a pretty good place to start. This story took forever to finish and I have no idea why, but yeah, it's for the "Anniversary" prompt from @analogicalweek on tumblr! I don't have a full AU for this, but it's pretty open-ended, so I might come back to this universe at some point!
(This fic is on ao3 here!)
Prompt: Day 1, Debate/Anniversary
Pairing: Romantic Analogical
Words: 8562
Warnings: anxiety and panic attacks, kissing, crying, some symptoms of disassociation, lots of discussions of time like that’s a big thing in here, swearing, food mentions, grief, angst with a kinda-bittersweet ending, the others get a little cameo but they aren’t there for long
Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time. It probably comes with the territory of being stuck in it.
He doesn’t have any clocks to work off of. Logan swears he can guess how many hours it’s been based on vibes or something weird like that, but Logan’s full of it sometimes. Virgil just does whatever. Maybe it’s been one hour, maybe three--it doesn’t matter, he can’t be late for anything, so he just. Exists.
It’s kind of relaxing, if he doesn’t think too hard about it.
If he just wakes up again and again.
No alarm, of course, so he just opens his eyes whenever he feels like it. The sun streams through the window and lands in a patch right next to his face. The alarm clock reads 11:32. In one minute, it will read 11:32. In one year, it will read 11:32. He’s tried to turn it off, but it always blinks back on the minute his hand moves away.
This morning, he slaps it, just to pretend that would do anything. Since it wasn’t ringing, it remains silent. Virgil slaps it again. Small acts of violence are what get him through the day.
Especially when the day is this bright. Virgil covers his face to keep the sun from poking at his eyes. The worst part, he arbitrarily decides, is having to sleep while it’s so sunny outside. It’s heinous. He doesn’t know how Logan does it.
Just to make Logan suffer with him, Virgil rolls over and pokes his boyfriend. Logan’s curled up on the pillow, and one corner keeps trying to bend up into the position it started out in. His hair covers his face and there’s a bit of drool on his chin. When Virgil pokes him again, he makes a complaining noise and pulls the blankets tighter around him.
“Hey,” Virgil says, his voice rough from sleep. He coughs and tries again. “Hey, L, get up.”
“What?” Logan asks.
“Get up.”
“I want you to.”
“Mmph.” Logan’s voice is muffled by his pillow. Virgil thinks it’s really cute, in the irritating way that Logan’s always cute. Virgil can think he’s completely adorable and also want to annoy him forever. It’s called love. “You’re not the boss of me.”
“And neither are you.” Virgil flops across Logan’s chest and flicks his forehead. “Compromise or whatever. You’re supposed to register my concerns.”
“And your concerns are?”
“I want attention.”
Logan sighs loudly and turns over, blinking the sleep from his eyes and rubbing at his hair. Cowlicks poke up around his forehead. Virgil reaches out and pokes one, and Logan sighs again.
“I swear,” Logan says, staring at the ceiling, “for someone who’s supposedly an introvert, you spend so much time forcing me into socializing with you.”
“Who else is gonna do it?” Virgil turned to the alarm clock. “Hi, alarm clock, do you wanna hang out and stick tongues down our throats? No?”
“Stop.” Logan runs a hand down his face and eases himself into a sitting position. Virgil swears Logan’s only gotten slower over the past months--he moves every joint methodically, as if he’s calculating the turn of his wrists and the bend of his elbows. Virgil sits up again as well, and he does it in a rush, in case something stops him before he’s done. “Why are you in such a hurry? I missed you too, but where’s the figurative fire?”
Virgil snorts and opens his mouth to keep teasing. Maybe he’ll pretend that Logan was snoring again--Logan does snore, even if he won’t admit it--or turn this into another banter session. Maybe if he plays his cards right, they’ll spend the whole day in bed, debating with each other as the sun hovers in the sky. Logan says it’s unhealthy to spend the whole day in one place, but one day won’t hurt them, and a day is whatever they decide to call it.
And Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time.
But he knows he’s supposed to remember important dates. And yes, it’s technically still March 17th, but it’s also--a year. A year from the time they first met.
Does that count as an anniversary? Well, it’s the only one they’ve got. They didn’t really get together on one day, they just orbited closer and closer to each other, and by mutual agreement decided not to drift back apart.
It’s their anniversary.
Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, because time is stopped and dates are meaningless. Maybe Virgil’s counted it up all wrong. Maybe Logan doesn’t care.
But Virgil says it anyway.
“It’s our anniversary, dumbass.” He smirks and shoves Logan in the shoulder. “Did you really forget the first time you saw this pretty face?”
“Our--what?” Logan blinks at him. “Our--”
“Anniversary?” And here comes the anxiety, right on schedule. Virgil reaches for his sleeve and tugs on it. “Like--I didn’t miscount, right? We met a year ago.”
“We met a year ago,” Logan repeats. He sounds--quiet. “I suppose you’re correct.”
“Yeah,” Virgil says, his stomach twisting in all sorts of fun new directions. “I--forget it.”
Logan stares at him for a moment, or maybe longer or maybe shorter. Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time. “I’d lost count.”
“I wanted to remember.” Virgil shifts. “That’s what people do, right? Remember anniversaries?”
“I…” And something in Logan’s expression softens, unbearably. “Yes, that’s what people do.”
“Yeah.” Virgil chews on his lip. “Yeah, I--”
Then soft lips are pressed to his own, and Virgil successfully stops thinking for about three seconds. Why is it that instead of ignoring time, it always seems to exist more when Logan’s close? They kiss, and Virgil can feel Logan’s heartbeat, and it is three seconds.
And then they pull apart, and there are no more seconds left.
“I love you,” Logan says. “Happy anniversary.”
Goddammit, he can’t just do that! Virgil hisses at him and tries frantically to think of a comeuppance. Logan can’t leave him all sappy and flustered like this, it isn’t fair, Virgil has an image to keep up. An image nobody but Logan is around to see, but an image nonetheless!
“What’s wrong?” Logan asks in a lilting tone. Virgil knows he’s teasing--when something’s really wrong, Logan just says his name--but he still flushes even further. “Is there something amiss?”
Your face is amiss, Virgil doesn’t say, because he’s twenty-one, not eight.
“Your face is amiss,” Virgil says, because he is a disappointment to himself.
Logan, predictably, rolls his eyes. And that gives Virgil just enough time to buffer, frantically scramble through several thoughts, and attempt to come up with a retaliation. He needs to fluster Logan. For real. He needs to get the upper hand and he needs--he needs--
He loves Logan to death. And he’d be perfectly happy to spend the day together. It’s all he could ask for.
But...anniversaries are supposed to be special. Virgil doesn’t like spectacle. He doesn’t like surprises. He likes special, though, and he likes Logan, and god, if another day goes by the exact same he’s going to lose his mind. This is an excuse to change things.
This is an excuse to wipe the smirk off Logan’s face.
“Date me,” Virgil blurts out, and decides actually, he’s going to spend this entire day burying himself into the dirt.
“What?” Logan blinks at him again like a bewildered owl. It’s cute. It’s irritating. “We are dating.”
“I know! It came out wrong!” Virgil groans. “I meant. Go on a date. Like--outside. Together. Date.”
“You--” Logan laughs a bit. “Virgil, we do that. Every day.”
“Not officially!” Virgil runs a hand on his arm. “Besides, we usually just wander around. We could do stuff. Like, on purpose.” His voice catches a bit. “Like we would if things were--normal. I guess.”
“Oh,” Logan says. Quietly. Why is he so quiet this morning?
“Fuck,” Virgil says, and flops onto the bed. He stares at the ceiling and counts the cracks. “I’m sappy for once and this is where it gets me. Fine, it was a bad idea.”
“I don’t know about that,” Logan offers.
“Where could we even go? Lurk around Starbucks and take a sip of a latte?” Virgil wrinkles his nose. “Eat the same grocery store apples as usual, but we draw smiley faces on them afterwards?”
“We could go anywhere,” Logan says. “We have no obligation to be anywhere, of course--”
“The one silver lining--”
“So we could, feasibly, go anywhere.” Logan shrugs. “Paris. London.”
“We’d have to walk there, genius.” Virgil snickers. “And swim there. And it’d be way past our anniversary.”
Logan looks a bit ashamed. “That is a fair point.”
“And you don’t wanna, do you?” Virgil traces the cracks in the ceiling with his eyes--he knows them too well by this point. He knows every place they start and end, and every bend between them. It’s all the same. He doesn’t know why he bothers. “You never want to. You talk a big game, but the moment we leave the house--”
“I enjoy consistency!” Logan protests. “It wouldn’t be wise to push the limits--”
“Look, so do I, I’m not judging.” Virgil turns to the side and looks up at Logan with a lopsided smile. “But maybe we could actually do something today? Go somewhere? Even if it’s just in town?”
Logan huffs.
“You’re always saying we should get some fresh air.”
Logan huffs again.
“We’ve just wandered in the park for the past week.”
Logan huffs a third time.
“It’s not very romantic to just eat cheese samples in the mall for the third time--”
“Okay, okay, I get it!” In a spectacular display of pettiness, Logan shoves the pillow at Virgil’s face. Virgil swats at it, and it happily bounces back into position. “I get your point, Virgil. Fine. If this is so important to you, fine. We will do something.”
Virgil looks up at him triumphantly, but he lets his eyebrow raise. A silent little question. Do you mean it?
He gets an eyebrow raise in return. Do you?
And that’s tough. Virgil isn’t usually the sociable one. He doesn’t push boundaries. He wouldn’t leave the block if Logan didn’t drag him, sometimes--but he wants this. Logan wants this. It feels wrong to let this be just another day.
Maybe if he marks this one clearly in his mind, the days that follow will feel less empty.
“We’ll play it by ear,” Virgil decides, knowing how out of character he sounds and not really caring. “We’ll do whatever. Does that work?”
“Do whatever. Very purposeful.” But Logan seems to understand that they do have a purpose--and it’s to do something. Whatever that something is. Today is going to be a day where something happens.
Virgil’s terrified, of course, but Logan’s cute enough to make things worth it.
“Let’s go?” he asks.
“After you.”
Virgil slides out of bed and pulls on his hoodie. His purple shirt is rumpled--it isn’t really meant to be pajamas, but Virgil’s worn it soft and thin over the months. He slips on his shoes and ties the laces, rubs at his face until he feels a bit more fully awake, and promptly yawns in Logan’s face when Logan presses a kiss to his forehead. Logan huffs in the teasing way he usually does, Virgil shoves him, and they bump their way downstairs.
Fortunately for all parties, on March 17th, 11:32, Virgil’s house is empty. His parents are at work, Remy is in class, and the doors all list open slightly in the sunlight. Sometimes he purposely thumps down the stairs, just because no one can tell him not to, but that feels kind of bad.
So Virgil steps carefully down the stairs, his footprints disappearing from the rug as soon as he makes them. Sunlight streams through the kitchen windows and lights the tiles in white. Dust hangs around the sofa, motionless.
As always, Virgil makes a detour to check on the one living thing in the house. On the coffee table, Cookie’s curled up for her mid-morning nap, her tail tucked behind her legs. A slice of sun illuminates her pale fur. Virgil reaches out and scratches her behind the ears, and he can almost imagine that she huffs and sinks deeper into sleep.
He must stand in the living room--feet on the edge of the carpet, like he’s afraid to track dirt, a hand on a dog who doesn’t know he’s there--for longer than he realizes, because a clatter of mugs makes him jump.
“Virgil,” Logan calls from the kitchen, “do you want coffee here or to go?”
“Which will take more effort?” Virgil asks, already knowing the answer.
“The beans keep un-crushing themselves.”
“To-go works for me.” Virgil lurks in the corner of the room like a wayward shadow until Logan joins him. He wonders, not for the first time, what everyone else would see--in a split second wedged in 11:32, was anyone looking in the right direction?
“We continue to support chain foods instead of making our own,” Logan says, adjusting his jacket and walking into the front hallway. Virgil tiptoes over to join him. “Truly reminiscent of the decline of this generation.”
“Shut up, you’re full of shit.” Virgil’s rewarded with a laugh. “I am not holding the coffee machine together so the water doesn’t fly out.”
“Then why did you even allow the possibility?”
“To give you fleeting, frail hope.”
Logan rolls his eyes. If he could, Virgil knows, he’d storm into that kitchen and make coffee for himself. But he can’t, and he won’t, and they both make little sacrifices.
“This is our anniversary,” Logan says, pushing open the door with no little effort. Virgil steps in to help. “Be nice.”
“Since when was that part of the deal?” But Virgil smirks at him, because of course he’s gonna be nice. “After you.”
The door finally creaks open, and they slip through right before it slams.
The street is sunny, like always. Someone is getting a newspaper, someone with a suit bustles past them on the sidewalk, and the nearest traffic light is on red. Virgil takes the steps two at a time, turning back to glance at his house. Or apartment, maybe--no one was ever able to decide, since it’s house height but not house width, wedged in a row of brick houses and dappled by the only tree on the sidewalk.
Logan double-checks the lock, like he always does, even though of course it’s locked, and if it wasn’t, he couldn’t change that. Logan says he wants to keep up the habit for when things get back to normal. Virgil’s not gonna judge him for that. Or not very much, at least.
When Logan finally rejoins Virgil, Virgil grabs his hand and tugs him along. They walk into the middle of the road, pushing off bumpers and headed for the opposite street. Virgil glances into a car as they pass. Oh, yeah, this is the one with the girl who’s texting while driving. Logan kept swatting the phone out of her hand for a solid three weeks before giving up. And that’s the one with the dangling dice, and there’s the mom twisted around to yell at her kids.
Virgil grins and bumps Logan’s shoulder. “All around me are familiar faces, worn out places…”
“Stop it.” Logan looks at him with exasperation. “You do this every day.”
“And it’s still funny!”
“Your face is funny when I say it,” Virgil says, reaching up to tap Logan on the nose. “You wrinkle your nose at me.”
Logan swats his hand. “Anniversary!”
“So what, I’m not allowed to tease you? What kind of mutual commemoration is that?” Virgil swings their hands back and forth, and is rewarded with Logan’s hand still firm in his. They hop onto the curb and head around the corner. “This should be fun for both of us. And look, you spent our whole first meeting annoying me, right? I’m celebrating it.”
“As I recall,” Logan says, “it was the other way around.”
“Your memory’s shit, then.”
“Oh?” Logan pulls open the cafe door. It slams before they can enter. Logan huffs and tries again, and this time, they escape into the cafe before the door shuts behind them. “Is it so hard to believe you could ever get on my nerves?”
“You love me,” Virgil says.
“And the more fool I.”
Virgil bumps his shoulder, Logan bumps back, and they’re both laughing by the time they reach the counter.
“So,” Virgil says, hopping up onto the counter and sitting with his legs kicking the floor, “who gets which?”
“What are you up for?” Logan examines the four coffee cups on the counter, as if they’d somehow changed from yesterday. “I can take whichever.”
Virgil scoots closer and eyes them. Logan never likes to take someone else’s coffee if they’re already drinking it--germs, he says, and Virgil asks whether germs would work while time is frozen, and Logan says he’d rather not find out. He drums his hand on the counter, thinking. “I’ll take the latte.”
Logan nods and slides it over to him. The cup slides back like a boomerang, and Logan huffs in frustration.
“You gotta be quick with it,” Virgil says for the umpteenth time, snatching the cup and downing a few swallows before it yanks its way out of his hands. The liquid fills to the brim again before he’s even finished. “Go ahead.”
Logan nods again, taking quick sips of espresso. Virgil grabs the latte again and surveys the cafe between sips. It’s the usual crowd of bored college students and wayward office workers. Behind him, one barista is tapping at a cash register, and another has two feet firmly planted as they blend a milkshake. The windows show a lovely panorama of the empty street--not empty of cars or people, of course. Just empty of movement.
Virgil sighs and leans back on the counter. A few more sips of latte, and it starts tasting a bit like sawdust and despair, so he decides he’s had enough. He tossed the latte, just for fun. It makes a wide arc, the coffee spills over the sides, and then the momentum twists. It flies back to the counter and the lid wobbles into place. Not a single drop spilled.
Logan, when he finishes his espresso, just slides it back into place. Boring.
“So,” Logan says. “What now?”
Virgil chews on his lip as he thinks about it. Normally, he’d say back to bed. Or he’d suggest the mall--always fun to sneak into one of the higher-end stores and make fun of the clothes--or maybe the movie theater, if they want to grab some popcorn and talk in the darkness in front of a still screen from some Disney movie. Both would be fun. Hell, anything with Logan is always fun.
But--anniversary. What’s something special to do?
As Virgil’s mind wanders, he thinks back to when they first met. A year ago--hard to believe it, time flies, but Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time. College class. Virgil wants to say math. Only a few months into the spring semester, their first major test. Virgil had been frantically graphing a sine wave--okay, yeah, definitely math--when something prickled at the back of his neck.
He looked up, and everything had slowed down.
Maybe he wouldn’t have been sure, if he’d just seen the clock stuttering between seconds, or the pencils slowing next to him. Maybe he would have missed the bird mid-flap outside the window. But he couldn’t miss the prickling sensation on the back of his spine, like his blood was clotting in his veins, like he was under a microscope.
Someone had slowed time.
And what the fuck, because it hadn’t been him.
He had looked around like someone was going to reach out and grab him. And that’s when he’d seen Logan for the first time--the only one moving at a normal speed, and the one pulling out his phone.
And Virgil, like any red-blooded college student would do, yelled “What the fuck, are you cheating?”
The look on Logan’s face was priceless. To this day, Virgil still hadn’t been able to top that wide-eyed horror as he spun around in his chair. Logan stared at Virgil, at his phone, and at the clock, which ticked ever closer to one full second.
“What the fuck,” Logan apparently decided to respond. “What the actual--”
“You’re cheating,” Virgil said, almost gleefully.
“I’m not cheating!” Logan slammed his phone on the desk. “I am simply--checking my answers.”
“Let me see that.” Virgil hopped down the levels and plunked himself onto Logan’s desk. Time being slowed always gave him more courage. He checked Logan’s paper. “Oh, that’s cheating alright. Slowing time to cheat on a math test? That’s so unethical.”
“Leave me alone,” Logan said, with his nose scrunched up in the way Virgil would grow to love.
“Do you do this for all your classes?” Virgil continued, almost entirely without shame. “Do you pause time to beat everyone at raising their hands?”
“Leave me alone,” Logan had repeated. “You’re distracting me, and I don’t want to slow time for too long.”
Virgil shrugged. Fair enough, but this was interesting and something that was not math.
“And no,” Logan added, “I only do this for math class. I’m not very good at math.”
“Is it because you’re gay?”
“I am gay, but I don’t see how that’s relevant--”
It wasn’t, but it made for a good joke and an easy way to get good information. Not that Virgil was considering asking Logan out at the time, nope, not a bit. Even if Virgil did distinctly recall a few early classes of idly admiring Logan from behind.
“Look, I’m bad at math too,” Virgil said. “Super bad. Not gonna judge. But like, dude--this seems way out of character. I thought you were the upstanding nerd type.”
And Logan had smirked at him, the asshole. “Is it a good surprise or bad?”
“Uh,” Virgil said, “haven’t decided yet.”
But that was a lie. He’d absolutely decided, and that was the reason he trailed Logan after class ended, swapping stories about time travel and grabbing coffees during breaks. Virgil pretended it was just to get to know him, that people with time abilities should stick together, because where else would they find comradery?
Logan was smart, though, even if he was bad at math. And he knew better. And deep down, Virgil did, too.
How would things have gone if he’d just left Logan be? Turned a blind eye? Or missed that class, or never been able to slow time in the first place, never woken up with the ability to pause the drops falling outside his window.
Maybe he’d be in college, running to a class, waking up with a textbook jammed into his ribs and three missed deadlines and a pounding headache.
Without Logan.
That’s not a world he wants. Or it is--fuck, it really is--but it isn’t the one he’s got. He’s here, right now, with Logan. In the space between seconds.
Even if they can’t do what normal couples would do--go on a date, a boardwalk visit, a picnic, a visit to the college planetarium Logan likes, ice cream--
Hold up.
Bad, shitty, there’s-a-reason-they-haven’t-done-this idea. But an idea.
“Hey,” Virgil says, and it must show in his voice, because Logan turns his head quickly to look at him. “Do you want to go to the planetarium?”
“The what?” Logan reaches for something--Virgil’s not sure what--but pulls his hand back to his chest. “Oh. You mean the one in the science building?”
“Is it open?”
“I dunno,” Virgil says. “It’s eleven, I think there’d be a class in there, right?”
“We’re not allowed to--”
Virgil raises an eyebrow and points at the frozen cafe customers around them.
Logan huffs. “Still, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. There are plenty of other things we could do for our anniversary.”
“Do you want to go?” And Virgil barely needs to ask the question. He knows Logan does. He knows Logan would have the time of his life even being near that building, much less getting the chance to sit in that planetarium.
“Do you want to?” Logan asks, though, because relationships are about compromise or whatever. “It’s both our anniversaries, we should do something you’d like--”
“I’m not gonna drag you to Hot Topic on our anniversary,” Virgil says. “I’m more than fine with hanging out at the planetarium for a bit.”
Logan gives him a long look. “Are you sure?”
Virgil doesn’t like it when Logan looks at him like that. Like Logan sees exactly what’s going through his mind.
Because yeah, no shit, Virgil isn’t sure. They haven’t gone near that college for months, and that’s mostly been Virgil--Virgil refusing to travel far, Virgil avoiding bigger plans, Virgil just not wanting to go back there. Not wanting to think about it.
And here he is, desperately shoving himself out of his comfort zone, just to give them something to do.
Just to give Logan something.
“It probably wouldn’t work out,” Logan adds, giving Virgil a look that’s meant to be reassuring. But Virgil can see his disappointment. “There isn’t as much to see if nothing is moving.”
It’ll still be stars, though.
Neither of them have seen the stars in almost a year.
It’s just been sun, day after day after day.
Virgil slips off the counter. “Let’s go.”
“It’s only a few miles from here, right?” Virgil shoots Logan a lopsided smile, which he hopes hides his anxiety. “Should be fun.”
“I--” Logan’s mouth moves in ways that imply he still has things to say. Questions to ask. Virgil doesn’t give him the chance--Logan needs to stop overthinking sometimes--and grabs his hand to pull him out of the cafe.
The sun warms the sidewalk and glints off the windshields of the cars. Logan still holds Virgil’s hand, guiding him around pedestrians and still glancing at crosswalks, even after all this time. Virgil, to fend off his nerves, asked Logan a specific question about astrophysics. Logan has been passionately explaining ever since. It makes no sense to Virgil, but watching his boyfriend ramble is always great, and it’s better than thinking too hard about where they’re going.
He isn’t sure how long their walk takes--Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time--but they wander through town long enough for Virgil’s latte to transform into a weight in his stomach. Virgil half-worried, half-hoped that they’d forget the way. But Logan leads confidently, and when they stride past a crosswalk, he sees the telltale green of the campus lawns.
Virgil’s always felt a kinship with their college. It’s wedged awkwardly like a pie slice on the edge of town, like the victim of a city-planning Jenga game. There are slightly too many buildings and none of them are arranged in quite the right way, so they always seem too near and too far away. The walking paths trail aimlessly over the hills and never lead to where you need to go, and the bristly lawns are capped with occasional “modern art” that makes Virgil consider the merit of defunding school art programs.
It’s not the kind of place he ever thought he’d miss.
Yet here he is, crossing the road and staring at the East Quad, swallowing the lump in his throat.
11:32, March 17th. Some students are in class, but some mill about on the lawn, backpacks making them look like colorful beetles. Virgil feels the twisting urge to wave hello, or to sink his hands deep in his pockets and avoid eye contact. Like it matters what he does. Like they’ll see it.
“So,” Virgil says, hoping that talking will make his throat feel less tight. It just makes the word come out weird. “Which way is the science building? Physics and Astrology?”
“Astronomy,” Logan snaps. “Not astrology.”
Virgil smirks. This is safe territory. “You’re sure?”
“Astronomy is a science.” Logan strides across the lawn, and Virgil follows. “Astrology is guesswork and ridiculousness. It’s not a concrete method of understanding.”
“Says the guy who can stop time.”
“Abilities are scientific!” Logan rolls his eyes. “I’m tired of people mixing legitimate science with foolishness.”
“You’re such an Aries,” Virgil says.
“What does that mean?”
“No idea, that’s the only sign I know.”
Logan bumps Virgil’s shoulder. Virgil bumps back.
They keep walking. Logan’s leading them to the building, and Virgil should probably interfere, because he’s not exactly sure about this route. Being on the campus is one thing. Going too close to--
“L,” Virgil says, stepping so firmly that he leaves muddy scars in the grass. They grow back whenever he lifts his foot. “Shouldn’t we take a different way around?”
Logan looks back. “This is the quickest route.”
“I know.” Virgil stuffs his hands further into his hoodie. “Maybe we can just. Walk around the street? And then sneak in the back door or something?”
“We could,” Logan says, frowning. “Is everything--”
“Fine!” Virgil blurts out. “Fine. Yeah. Carry on, I guess.”
Which works, since Logan keeps walking, but fails, since now they’re taking the short route across campus. They walk past the art building, with the wide glassy windows, and the patio near the food court. Virgil has to keep from bumping into people, so he gives them a wide berth, keeping to the emptiest areas. He feels like an intruder. Like he’s in a museum--look, don’t touch.
He goes to grip at the straps of his backpack. Then he remembers he’s not wearing a backpack.
Today, he’d told himself, would be a day where something happened.
Something is happening now. He’s just not sure if he likes it.
Logan seems fine. Logan seems fine, and maybe that’s a facade, or maybe he’s just genuinely excited. Maybe he knows what Virgil’s trying to remind himself--that this isn’t a big deal. They’re just going for a visit. A date.
And Virgil woke up today telling himself he’d go for it. He told himself they’d celebrate. They’d make this special. It’s the least Virgil could do.
The sun warms the back of his neck, the grass is still, and Logan is holding his hand.
They’re near the math building now, aren’t they? And down that direction is the library, where they’d study together. Around the corner is the food court, and that old tree that made a good shade on the few warm days, and Virgil’s dorm--
Sometimes Virgil doesn’t realize how much he doesn’t think. Because it feels like he thinks too much, and he does, he overthinks coffee and making the bed and every sentence he arranges in his mouth. He thinks about every day--but only every day. It’s always one day at a time. One March 17th. He goes to sleep and he wakes up and he takes it day by day. Maybe that’s the only way to get through it.
But there’s stuff he doesn’t think about, and that stuff is bubbling to the surface, and Virgil feels clearer than ever. Like a fog is lifting. Like a fog is lifting and he is standing on the edge of a cliff and seeing just exactly how far he could fall.
It’s their anniversary.
He hasn’t even thought about how they met, not before today. He can’t remember a single time. He’s just--turned a blind eye to everything but sun and pavement and coffee in the morning.
It’s their anniversary.
It has been one year.
What does that even mean?
And Logan’s still holding his hand, and Virgil ought to let him know that he thinks he’s going to be sick.
It’s sunny. He tries to focus on the details, while simultaneously trying not to look too hard. It feels like a video game simulation--things render when he turns his back. People are frozen in mid-laugh. Someone is on a collision course with a trash can. A squirrel curls up by an abandoned chip bag.
And in the next second, everything will move.
And it hasn’t happened yet.
Or maybe it already has, and Virgil’s just a second behind, and it’s terrifying to think of the world moving on without them. To think about the future occurring right now, in the present, in some alternate world on the other side of the sun.
Or maybe not. Because time is just--stopped. Has it felt like months for them, too? Have they stood there for months, gathering dust--
Except it’s just been a second.
It’s been no time at all.
Logan is holding Virgil’s hand, but Virgil can’t feel it. How long has he been zoned out? It’s only been a few seconds, but what does he know? Virgil isn’t good at keeping track of time.
The sun disappears.
Logan’s tugged him into the shadow of a building. It takes Virgil a second to realize that Logan’s talking to him.
“What?” Virgil finally manages, trying to shake himself out of the haze.
“Virgil?” Logan reaches forward and brushes a bit of his hair from his eyes. “Should I count for you?”
Virgil opens his mouth to say he’s fine, but thinks better of it. “Sure.”
So Logan counts. And Virgil does his best to breathe, in and out, staring at his hands until he can feel the way Logan’s holding them. Gently. Carefully. Like Virgil is something he doesn’t want to break.
It’s cool in the shadows of the building, almost cold enough for Virgil to shiver. Nearby, someone’s on their phone. Virgil wonders what they’re saying.
Logan keeps counting.
Virgil keeps breathing.
The sun is still shining, even if he can’t feel it.
“Sorry,” Virgil finally says. “I didn’t--”
Logan waits until it’s clear Virgil’s run out of words. “It’s perfectly alright,” he says. “How do you feel?”
“Better,” Virgil says. “Less shit.”
Virgil feels a slight tug on his wrist. An invitation. And he steps forward, and Logan wraps an arm around him in a half-hug--nothing too overwhelming. Just to remind Virgil he’s there.
When Virgil’s this close, he can hear Logan’s heartbeat.
He wonders if Logan can hear Virgil’s, too.
“We can go home,” Logan finally murmurs. “Or anywhere you’d like.”
“No, I--” Virgil shakes his head. “I’m not gonna ruin this for you.”
“You didn’t ruin anything.”
Virgil huffs a bit. “Just our literal anniversary.”
“An anniversary doesn’t mean much.” Logan runs a hand gently down Virgil’s side, and Virgil leans into him, just a bit. “It really doesn’t, Virgil. I don’t put much stock in dates myself. Your company is more than enough.”
“Yeah, but--” Virgil can’t even begin to untangle the mess of thoughts in his head. He woke up with that mess, and he ignored it, and that’s all he does, isn’t it? Ignore it? Pretend he’s acting on instinct, even when each word runs deeper and darker than he means? He woke up this morning and he chose to tease Logan and celebrate their anniversary and drag him out to do something, and those actions came from thoughts. Thoughts he barely dwells on. Fuck, how does Virgil manage to overthink and not think? How does he manage to worry too much and worry too little?
He’s an alarm clock. But he doesn’t know why he’s raising the alarm. And he doesn’t even know if he’ll go off like he’s supposed to--or if he’ll wait there, quiet, stuck in the seconds before calamity.
How does he plan for the future when there isn’t one?
How does he make this day matter, when tomorrow will look exactly the same?
How does he tell Logan any of this?
“We can go home,” Logan says again after a moment of silence. “We really can, Virgil. It’s alright.”
“I--” Virgil swallows. “You wanted to see the planetarium, though. I know you did.”
“Maybe I did.” Logan leans over and presses a kiss to Virgil’s forehead. “But I’d much rather have you comfortable than panicked.”
“I didn’t--” Virgil focuses on the warmth of Logan’s arm around him. “I’m at home all the time. It’s not like I’ve avoided every familiar place. This shouldn’t--”
Logan doesn’t respond. Maybe he wants Virgil to answer his own question.
Maybe he knows this isn’t the point. It doesn’t really matter why Virgil freaked out, because he did. That’s what they have to work with.
“There’s nobody there,” Virgil finally whispers. “At home. And here, it’s--” He hasn’t looked too hard at faces, but he knows, he knows people here. “It’s busy,” he finally says, weakly.
But Logan seems to understand. “I know. You seemed stressed on the walk here, and even back in the shop. I assumed this wouldn't be a pleasant experience for you.”
“Yeah.” Virgil groans. “Ugh, I just wanted to--to have one nice day. One nice day, you know? Go do something you like, and be a stupid happy couple or whatever. But I can’t even have that! We don’t even get one day--” He rubs at his eyes. “I just. Anniversaries are...people are supposed to give things to each other. I wanted to give you--something.”
Logan hums. “The planetarium?”
“Yeah, but--something!” Virgil waves a hand. “Something, ‘cause you spend all your time stuck with me, and it’s always sunny and it’s always the same and I wanted to give you something, I wanted to make you smile and pretend things were normal and not waste this.” Tears are gathering in his eyes. He does his best to scrub them away. “Shit, L, we’re never gonna have this again. It’s never gonna be our one-year anniversary again, and I--I didn’t want us to lose anything else.”
“And now here we are,” Virgil says, the tears finally slipping down his cheeks. “Right in the fucking middle of everything we’ve lost.”
It’s still so quiet.
It’s always quiet. It’s always quiet and Virgil makes as much noise as he can, because it’s achingly quiet, the world frozen in the middle of space.
Thinking too hard makes Virgil feel like he’s being ripped open. Because fuck, there’s so much, there’s so much they’ve missed--
“Virgil,” Logan says. “Virgil, breathe.”
Virgil breathes. How does that work? Do the atoms just replenish themselves, does the air fill in the gaps behind him? He should ask Logan. Would Logan know?
“It’s okay,” Logan says, rubbing his shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
“It’s really not.”
“We’re okay.” Logan pulls back a bit and looks at him. “Of course I miss everything. Of course it hurts to be here. But, to use your phrasing, even if we’re surrounded by everything we’ve lost, I’m still with the person I haven’t.”
Virgil almost laughs. “Seriously, though, how are you so calm about this? We’re--”
“I spent the first week an absolute mess!” Logan does laugh a bit. “You remember that, don’t you? I’ve had horrible days. Today just happened to be a good one.”
Okay, that’s fair. There are days like that, and Virgil’s learned how to help--just let them both ride it out. Let them sit together for as long as he needs.
“I don’t feel any better about anything than you do,” Logan continues, brushing a thumb under Virgil’s eye. “I just--let myself feel horrible about it sometimes. I choose to let myself feel shitty. To--I wouldn’t say process, because it’s hardly processed, but to...grieve. It’s less overwhelming if it feels less out of control.” Logan’s still holding Virgil, so softly, and it aches. “Quite obviously, it’s not at all fun in the moment, but it does help keep me from unexpected breakdowns on college campuses. You can’t just power through and ignore all the bad parts--you’re allowed to be upset, Virgil.”
“I don’t--” Virgil takes a shuddering breath. He’s gonna cry again, isn’t he? “I don’t wanna--fuck, if I just let myself panic over the whole situation, I’d never have a good day again.”
“I don’t know about that.” Logan brushes under Virgil’s other eye, then leaves his hand on Virgil’s cheek. “It can feel overwhelming, but it’s necessary. Crying, for instance, causes a chemical release that makes you feel better afterwards. It gives you catharsis, instead of bottling everything up.”
“I’d be a fucking mess,” Virgil blurts out. “Shit, L, do you really wanna let me ruin your day?”
Logan raises an eyebrow. “Do I ruin your day when you’re upset?”
“No, but--”
Logan raises the eyebrow higher.
And of course, Virgil could argue. He’s already thought of six or seven comebacks. But--maybe he doesn’t want to. Maybe he wants to try and believe Logan, just this once.
“Can I--” Virgil tugs at his sleeve. “Can I have a hug?”
Logan’s arms are around him before he finishes the sentence.
They stand like that for a long time. Logan rests his chin on the top of Virgil’s head--because he can do that, the tall asshole--and Virgil tucks himself against Logan’s chest. He can hear Logan’s heartbeat, like always, and he counts the rhythms. He breathes.
“This sucks,” he finally says. Maybe it’s the first time he’s ever said it.
“It absolutely fucking does,” Logan agrees, and that forces a laugh out of Virgil. “I knew I chose a smart boyfriend.”
“That was your qualification?”
“That and coffee.”
“Glad I fit the bill,” Virgil says, finally stepping away. Logan’s hand lingers in his, like he doesn’t want Virgil to fall entirely away from his orbit. “So. Uh--what now?”
“Go home?” Logan suggests. “We’ve had a rough day.”
And yeah, Virgil does feel like shit. Like a wrung out rag. But--maybe Logan has a bit of a point. He feels steady. He feels more okay than he has for--he doesn’t even know. He feels like if he could reach up, he’d feel his own heartbeat, too. Logan’s alive, and so is he.
Virgil touches his chest, just to see.
Yeah, he can feel it. Still beating. The world may be frozen, but he’s not.
Everything’s just on hold. Everything’s just--paused. Maybe they’ll figure out, one day, how to fix it. They haven’t thought much about that. They’ve just focused on getting through.
His heartbeat thrums against his fingers.
And fuck, after everything, they’re still here.
It’s been a year.
They made it to their anniversary.
“I think we should head to the planetarium,” Virgil says. “I want to see it.”
“You’re sure?”
“Yeah.” Virgil laughs. “For real this time.”
“You don’t need to,” Logan presses, looking at Virgil with an unspoken question in his eyes. “We can do it another day, or not at all.”
“Wouldn’t be our anniversary then, would it?” Virgil laughs again. It’s as easy as crying. “Although I probably did miscount. It might not even be our anniversary today.”
“But I guess today’s what we make of it?” Virgil shrugs. “It sounds cool for it to be our anniversary. Sounds special. I like it. Nobody’s around to tell us it’s not.”
“Also true.” Logan looks softly at him. It’s cute. It’s irritating. It’s Logan. “If you’re sure--”
“I am.” Virgil squeezes his hand. “I feel like shit and I wanna go on a date with my boyfriend.”
“Very reasonable.”
“And I want to spend time with you.” Virgil huffs. “Even though we have literally unlimited amounts of it to spend.”
And Logan smiles at him, the asshole. “I love you too.”
Virgil makes a strangled noise of protest, and tugs Logan away from the building before he can make Virgil’s face turn any redder. Logan follows easily, laughing, his eyes gleaming in the sun.
It’s a short walk to the planetarium. They amble along one of the winding paths, which Logan swears is the right one, and Virgil disagrees with just for kicks. Looking around him still makes his stomach drop. But he lets it. He lets himself fall into this moment and feel the little kicks in the chest, one at a time.
It’s hard. It’s really hard. He just wants to go back home and hide in bed, or crack a smile and ignore the people around them, lose himself somewhere that none of this matters.
But he promised himself he’d do something.
He promised that today would be something.
Not as proof that him and Logan are something--he knows that--but as a reminder. That they can make each day a little different.
Nobody else will notice, but they will. And Virgil thinks he gets it now.
And it’s hard, and it’s so hard, and the moment they turn one final corner, it suddenly becomes much harder.
Because this is exactly what he was afraid of. Outside the science building and next to the theater, he glimpses familiar faces, a familiar pose lounging on the railing, a familiar smile.
He’s supposed to look away. He tries to. And Logan squeezes his hand and bumps his shoulder, and Virgil lets himself look.
They’re probably meeting up before their next class. If Logan and Virgil had been there, they’d be crammed into the group as well, but for now it’s just the others. Roman’s probably said something stupid--Janus has his particular are you a fucking idiot look on his face right now. With the raised eyebrow and the slight smirk. Patton’s drumming a hand on his jeans as he talks. Remus is nowhere to be found, Virgil notes, but he’s often late. Maybe Roman’s been texting him, judging by the way his phone is a millisecond from dropping out of his pocket.
And Virgil aches, but he lets himself look. He lets himself want. Because he wants to be there, poking fun at whatever stupid thing Roman decided to talk about, tossing paper straws at Janus and pouting whenever Patton levitates them before they hit their target. He wants to sit in the sun and steal a moment before their next classes--he misses when they never had enough time, because it made every second feel more special.
He hasn’t even thought about them in months.
Maybe that’s cruel. Maybe that’s just how he coped.
But he lets himself think about them, right now, and he lets himself walk past with a brush of Patton’s shoulders.
Logan’s face is mostly blank. When he passes, though, he pushes Roman’s phone further into his pocket. “He’ll break that thing if he’s not careful.”
Virgil squeezes his hand. Logan takes a deep breath and squeezes back.
When Virgil looks back, the phone is leaning again, a second from falling to the ground. They could stand there all day, unable to keep it from tumbling, unable to wait for the crash.
Or they could just do what they can.
Virgil looks away, and doesn’t turn around again.
It’s dark inside the science building. Their feet clack on the tiles. The red clocks read 11:32, and when Virgil walks past the classrooms, he glimpses lectures in full swing. They can’t take the elevator, so they climb the stairs, Logan using his long legs to gain an unfair advantage. He waits at every landing for Virgil to catch up, and Virgil flips him off every time he does.
It’s even darker when they slip into the planetarium. Fortunately, it’s not locked, and a teacher is giving a demonstration at the front. Virgil feels awkward squeezing his way down the aisle, but all the students can’t judge him, and soon he’s nestled in one corner. The people in front of them are whispering to each other. Behind them is someone on their phone. Next to him is Logan, already looking up.
Virgil looks up.
He knows this is more accurate than any usual view, especially in the city. Thousands more stars than he could ever pick out on his own. And it’s not moving, which is how it would usually look, but he can almost feel the stillness. The way the pinpricks of light hover in place.
But fuck, it’s still beautiful. The stars blanket the entire ceiling, casting the room in a soft white glow, and the sky is blue at the very edges, and Virgil spots a comet hovering between two splattered galaxies, and Logan is holding his hand and staring at the stars with wide eyes, and it is so quiet and so wide and the first time Virgil has seen anything but the sun. It’s not really night. But it’s still something.
It’s still here.
They’re still here. That counts for something.
“I wanted this too,” Virgil admits, whispering. “I wanted to come here too.”
“I figured.” Logan turns to him, his face almost invisible in the darkness. “You’re not very subtle.”
“I’m so subtle!”
“Disagree.” Logan lets out a breath. “But--thank you. This was a good idea.”
“‘Course it was, it was mine.”
Logan rolls his eyes. “Will you just let me have a soft moment with you?”
“We already did,” Virgil teases. “I’ve reached my limit. No more soft sappy talking.”
“Then what else?” Logan asks. “This is our anniversary.”
As an answer, Virgil leans forward and kisses him.
They’ve had so much practice. They’ve kissed each other good morning and good night, over coffee and in the mall and in places that would definitely consider this public indecency if anyone was able to see them. Virgil has learned Logan by heart--how he tilts his head, the texture of his hair, the bridge of his nose.
But every kiss is slightly different. Every time.
It’s dark, and they’re tangled together under the stars, and their heartbeats are chasing each other around. They’re racing and they’re falling, floating in the space between seconds, in the space between stars.
And when Virgil closes his eyes--or opens them--he can almost feel it. He can almost feel the tug of time around them, a current or a whirlpool, the center of a galaxy. It pulls at his clothes. It whips his hair. It sits snugly around them, biding its time, and Virgil is suddenly sure that it’ll catch them eventually. That they’ll wake up one day and things will make sense.
It sounds ridiculous that such a huge change would just--happen.
But something’s happening. Something’s changing, day by day by day.
And one day, the world will start spinning again. The sun will dim. The stars above them will cross the ceiling, and the grass below them will show their footprints. The rain will hover around them, and Virgil will watch each drop hit the ground.
One day.
And that can be their new anniversary.
Virgil closes his eyes again and kisses his boyfriend, and the world disappears, and they sit there for as long as they need. It’s okay. They can be here. Nobody’s stopping them, so if they want to, they can.
They kiss for a long while. They hold hands for a long while more. And they sit there until, together, they lose track of time.
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dizzydancingdreamer · 9 months ago
Idiot | Tony Stark
Hey lovelies— I wrote some flangst even though I have a billion other things that needed to be written. I really woke up and said “comfort character? I think you mean: Tony Stark” and then wrote a fic with no plot. It’s just sappy and sad and cuddly and kinda’ elusive as to the relationship. Might expand on this or might let it sit in the void like I am :) Enjoy
Description: Literally like zero plot, this was literally written today this morning because I am a heartbroken mess and I fucking hate real life men right now and I hate the military and I hate guys who tell you that you’re special when they don’t fucking mean it and I really need a Best Friend/Maybe More!Tony Stark cuddle
Pairing: Best Friend / Maybe More!Tony Stark x Female!Reader
Warnings: Like nothing, kinda angsty
Word count: 2.7k
Tags: Fluff, Angst, breakups LOL
Tumblr media
She wakes up screaming again. This is the ninth night in a row and she’s starting to think that the others are going to request to soundproof her room. She wouldn’t blame them. She would almost prefer they do that because at least then she won’t have to stop screaming when she wakes up. She can just keep going and finally run out of voice and then maybe— maybe— she won’t be able to say his name anymore.
She flips over, her hair plastered to the back of her neck, her stomach tossing like she’s on a roller coaster. She can’t tell if she wants to cry or throw up— she wants to scream at both choices. She wants to rip her hair out too but then she would be sad and bald and she can only do one of those things right now. She’s not deep enough in the spiral to chop it off yet— that’s a day twelve activity.
She settles on crying— like she even has a choice— and soon her room is filled with the sound of her heaving against a pillow that still smells too much like him. She tosses it— she whips it across the damn room and doesn’t flinch when she hears something shatter. It was nothing important, she knows that for a fact. She hopes it’s the picture of them.
She pulls her knees up, tucking them under her torso, praying the pressure will alleviate the bubbling in her stomach. It won’t— she’s only fooling herself. He’s not a cramp— it’s not food poisoning; it’s rage. It’s brain melting sadness. It’s every ‘Good morning beautiful’ and ‘I miss you’ and ‘I love—
No. Nope— not that one. She can’t think about that one. If she does then she might never stop— she might take a match to everything in this room, every piece of clothing in her closet, every mug in the kitchen that he ever touched. Where would she be then— stuff-less, clothes-less, and with every Avenger looking for a coffee mug pissed at her?
Yeah no— better to just not think about it. Better to just scream.
She squeezes her eyes closed— not like it matters, the room is pitch black anyway— and slams her fist against the mattress, letting the sting that rips up her arm ring louder than his name in her head. It only works for a moment before it’s back— louder and angrier than ever. Louder and angrier than her. His name in her head is a separate entity, haunting her skull like it’s a dilapidated mansion, trying to evict her from the endless halls of her own mind.
She bunches the blanket up, shoving it against her mouth and praying that it muffles the crazed roar that sheds from her lungs— like an animal being ripped apart, she can’t tell if she’s screaming for help or for something so much worse.
There’s a knock on the door and she freezes, her blood running ice cold. A few seconds tick by, her limbs and jaw glued into a tight position, tongue heavy and aching in her mouth. Her heart pounds hard in her chest— the entity knocking back to whoever’s at the door— there’s just no way.
“Would you open the door if I told you there are macaroons in my hand?” A collected, slightly sarcastic, familiar voice breaks through the wood barrier of her door.
Her shoulders drop, her throat closing slightly— it’s just Tony.
“I— erm—” she jumps off her bed quickly, stumbling in the dark until she finds the lamp on her desk, turning it on the the sight of her blasphemous pillow and the shattered remains of a purple mug— damn she overshot the pillow by an inch— “gimme’ a minute, ‘k?”
“You get five seconds — these walls are thick but Friday alerted me to the— and I quote— distressed wailing.”
Oh god of course she did— how could she forget about the damn AI? She presses her palms against her eyes, wicking away as much moisture as possible. She’s so tired— her bones feel like cement, her neck barely keeping her head screwed on let alone straight. She’s a mess and all she can do is chuck her pillow back on her bed and ignore the purple shards peeking out from behind her dresser. One thing at a time.
She pushes her lead bones to the door, trying not to wince as the light pours into her dim room. She blinks a few times, her eyelashes sticky and cheeks stiff, taking in the man in grey sweatpants and a worn MIT hoodie in front of her. She glances down and sure enough he has a mug of pistachio macaroons. A mug. How ironic.
She flicks her gaze to his face, blinking back another wave of tears when she sees the concern mingling with his coffee eyes. “Hey doll.”
She swallows, trying to clear her stinging throat. It doesn’t work, her voice still sounds like she’s been chain smoking since the ripe age of five years old. “Hey Tony.”
He raises a dark brow, eyes drawing down her front, and she shifts on her feet, wishing the hallway light would flicker out. She just knows her eyes are puffy and her hair a mess. Her t-shirt is definitely crumpled, hiding what she can only hope is shorts and not just a pair of panties, and she only has one sock on— she can feel it now, the hardwood like ice against her toes. Her face flushes with heat, fingers clasping awkwardly in front of her— she may as well have a sign flashing above her head. Heartbroken idiot.
For a moment they just stand there, eyes locked, daring the other to move or speak or do anything at all first. Finally Tony sighs, holding his arms out, shaking his head. “Are you waiting for an invitation? Get your butt over her— now.”
That’s all it takes for her to practically jump into his arms, throwing her weight against the man like a drowning woman would a life preserver. That’s kind of what he is. Her best friend— her life line. Any other time she would have been the one knocking on his door— kicking his door down is more like it— but he told her— he told her that he was no good and she didn’t listen. She wraps her arms around his neck, biting her lip hard enough to keep the tears from dripping down her face again. She missed him— she’s been missing him for months.
“He’s an idiot, doll.” Tony mumbles against her hair, arms circling her back and pressing her to him so tight that it feels like he’s trying to fuse their bodies together.
He smells like motor oil and coffee and her chest shakes from the contrast of the fire in her veins and the cool relief of finally going home. It feels like longer than months— it feels like years. She’s been walking on eggshells around him since she introduced her— now ex— boyfriend. They don’t fight— at least, they didn’t before. They’ve never had a reason to.
Not until him.
Warmth seeps from him, curling around her limbs. She presses her face into his shoulder, breathing in the scent ingrained in his hoodie. He’s been wearing it for a few days, she can tell. If things were normal she would be tugging at the pocket, slipping her hands in and tangling them with his, tracing his knuckles with her thumbs. She’ll settle for this though— she’ll take anything.
“I’m the idiot.” She mutters dejectedly, fingers tugging on his hood, trying desperately to distract herself from how much she wants to scream again. “I thought, Tony— I— god I’m so stupid.”
Tony stiffens, chest like marble and pressing against hers so hard she can feel his heart beating against her practically bare skin— deadly calm but beginning to pick up.
“Don’t you dare.” His voice is gravelly, grinding his words against her ear.
His hold on her loosens and she panics, her own heartbeat spiking rapidly in her chest— what is he doing? Is he leaving? No, no, no he can’t leave! She locks her arms around his shoulders as he bends down, shaking her head, the tears finally spilling over her cheeks, hot and angry and desperate. “No please— don’t go I’m sorry— I’m— please don’t leave me.”
She’s incoherent, not even sure that the words coming out of her mouth make any sense at all but she has to at least try. He can’t leave— not now. She can take a broken heart, she can take one stupid man, she can take having a sockless foot and a head that feels like its caving in— she can’t take her best friend walking away and leaving her in this obscenely bright hallway to fend the light off by herself. If she loses her home she’s done for. “Tony no you can’t— you can’t go.”
She’s sobbing, chest heaving, and she just barely registers the soft clink of the mug settling against the floor before one of his arms is slipping under her thighs, hauling her toes off the floor. His other arm remains anchored around her back, fingers digging into her side to keep her from falling. The sudden motion makes her gasp— a watery, broken noise— her legs pushing around his hips and clinging for dear life.
“Hey—” his jaw rubs against her temple, her cheek pressed against his shoulder, stubble scratchy enough to regain her attention— “I’m here, doll. Right here— you honestly might be an idiot if you think I’m leaving you.”
She chokes out a laugh. It sounds more like a whimper— like she’s scrounging for the last drops of happiness in her for his sake. Probably because she is. She tightens her legs around his waist, socked ankle crossing over bare ankle, sucking in a deep breath as his thumb rubs circles on her ribcage.
“I wouldn’t blame you if you did.” She sighs and his hand stills. “You were right.”
“Trust me— I wish I wasn’t.” His fingers crawl up her back, curling around the back of her neck, pushing the hair from her clammy skin.
The warmth of his skin on hers is like heaven and she tries to ignore the fact that he’s touching her while she’s a complete wreck. “You should hate me.”
His hand clamps harder around her skin, the sharp inhale he takes making his chest rise and push against hers. His fingers slip into her hair and he tugs gently, coaxing her to lift her head from shoulder. When she does she meets his determined, narrowed stare and his minute frown. Her heart clenches when she takes in the rest of his face, her gaze landing on the off purple bruises under his eyes, the tell tale sign that her best friend hasn’t been sleeping. It’s her fault— she knows it is.
He shakes his head, his brown hair ruffling slightly. “God, baby, you really are an idiot, aren’t you?”
Her lip trembles, her stomach squeezing— baby. “Tony—”
His forehead drops, his damp skin meeting her own, nose bumping against hers, drawing up the bridge and then back down— she can’t breathe. “You’re an idiot if you think for a second that I could hate you. For anything let alone something so damn ridiculous.”
He laughs a breathy, frenzied sound, nose drawing along her cheekbone. She must be dreaming. That's the only explanation as to the sudden lack of oxygen in the hallway— the only explanation to the way her veins are thrumming like guitar strings being plucked. This can’t be real. She feels like she’s going to wake up any minute now, throat raw and chest aching twice as much.
She opens mouth— she has to say something— but he keeps going. “An idiot if you think I wouldn’t follow you to the other end of the earth. Of the galaxy. Here you are thinking I hate you because you dated a moron? Because, what, I told you not to? Big deal— you tell me not to do things all the time. That’s what we do, baby. We tell eachother not to do stupid things and then we don’t listen.”
He pulls back enough to take in her face, eyes drawing over the curve of her nose and the slope of her cheeks before landing back on hers. His stare is intense— demanding, like him— she wouldn’t be able to look away if she wanted to. That’s impossible though; she could stare at this man all day and not get bored. She thinks back to all those days in his workshop, watching him fiddle with his suits. What she wouldn’t give to be there now, legs curled under her and his MIT hoodie— the same one on him now— pulled over her, singing along to their playlist and passing him screwdrivers. Her chest squeezes at the thought— she can’t remember the last time she did that.
His hand in her hair tugs again and she forces herself to stay in the moment, watching his lips form the words first and then letting her ears catch up. “He was a tool and you’re too good for that, alright? That has nothing to do with us. Point blank, whatever, he has no effect on us. Okay?”
She nods, her nose bumping against his again, and for the first time all night— all week— it feels like she can breathe. “Okay.”
His chest sags under her, the tension in his shoulders releasing under her fingers. “Good. Don’t say stupid things. That’s my job.”
“You’re right.” She cracks a smile, one that feels too foreign but entirely familiar. “You can have it back.”
Tony’s brows push together, head pulling back, his own smile beginning to carve over his lips. “Have what back?”
“The title of world’s biggest idiot.”
Just like that she’s giggling, throwing her head back and letting the laughter pour out of her. It’s cathartic— it’s natural. Like a dam breaking, it’s fast and dangerous and exhilarating. Before she knows it he’s laughing too, his forehead pressing against her shoulder, chest shaking, and she’s digging her fingers into his hoodie to keep herself steady. They’re definitely waking up everyone else in the compound but she doesn’t care. She only throws herself closer to him, hugging him so tight that she’s practically falling over his back, legs locked high around his stomach.
He turns his face against her neck, mumbling his words into her skin. “Missed you, doll.”
Her fingers slip into his hair, toying with the soft strands and sighing. “Missed you more.”
Groaning, he straightens, re-securing his arm around her. He passes her another smile, this one softer, more in control. She pulls at his hair in return, earning a half-hearted eye roll and the reward of him sinking his head against her hands. She scratches at his scalp lightly, scrunching her nose and trying not to giggle again. Now that she’s started she can’t stop— that’s his real super power; leaving her in stitches.
“You think you’re ready to sleep again?”
She sobers at his question, shrugging. She already knows she’s not. The thought of going back to her room and having to sleep without a pillow again, alone, makes her blanche. She would rather not sleep at all then do that. She may as well go make a pot of coffee if that’s her option. The answer bubbles in her mouth— no.
No she is not ready— but she has to be. She has to be a big girl. Even if it means sleeping with the window open so that she can’t smell her sheets, even if it means freezing because the windows are open and she can’t use her blankets, even if she would rather be tucked under the covers of Tony’s bed like the old days when things were normal and she was happy.
But she can’t say that— can she?
“I guess— you gotta’ put me down though,” is what she finally settles on, trying to keep the disappointment from her words. It definitely doesn’t work but for the sake of her sanity she pretends it does.
He frowns— fully this time— blinking at her like she’s grown another head. “Uh no I don’t.”
He says it sarcastically— like she’s crazy for even suggesting such a thing— his face incredulous. It makes her heart spike, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She’s missing something.
“Tony, what are you talking—“
And then he turns, starting down the hall, starting towards his room, and she shuts her mouth. She’s not going to protest— she’s not risking her chance.
She’s not an idiot.
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