#and i totally relate to that which is sad
sitaarein · 2 days ago
You should totally tell me later! There were a couple moment where I was like “I don’t know Pakistani or Muslim traditions but that seems inaccurate” but overall I’ve loved watching and they’re doing better than I thought they would
I have started typing out an answer to this three times and lost it three times 😭 anyways:
Things I liked:
-The partition: I figure this is the most important to touch upon. While I have some things I didn't like that much about it, on the whole I agree with how they portrayed it: it was an extremely bloody affair and the British after creating problems for several centuries decided to fuck off which wasn't very nice of them
-The Muslim rep: the bathroom scene with Nakia where she talks about how the hijab was her her choice and makes her feel herself YES YES EXACTLY I absolutely adored that. I adore Nakia in general. And even more lighthearted moments: Aamir reminding Kamala to say Bismillah before her driving test, the shoe stealing at the mosque (can confirm it's very real), the wuddhu area's sinks being broken (also very real). I loved how the Eid celebrations were portrayed. I also REALLLYYY loved the Sheikh. Overall, kudos for all that they did you can tell it's written by Muslims
-the familial relations: Mainly Muneeba, to be honest. I liked how they show her and Kamala's bond, and how it's obvious that the trauma Muneeba has gone through impacts her parental decisions with Kamala. Mother-daughter bonds and generational trauma generally go hand in hand in Pakistani culture, and I like that it's being explored in a (hopefully) not too negative manner. Also I just really like her dad he's so sweet and Aamir's so cool.
-Kamran's pack of parents: this isn't even a cultural thing I just love found family and how like five people got together to raise one child imagine the chaos. Other than that I'm somewhat eh on Kamran so far I feel like he's woefully underdeveloped and mainly serves as a plotpoint in the scenes he's in. Pity even the parents turned out to be evil rip now there's basically nothing redeeming about his character
-Islamophobia: specifically that department of damage control and their blatant disrespect and how the Muslims were "already on the FBI's watchlist". Its not too in your face, but it's just obvious enough for people who haven't been aware of this before to feel uncomfortable- as they should.
-The soundtrack: it's quintessential Pakistani music, and so many of the pop songs used were ones I recognized just because of how popular they are here and I loved that. Also I just think they've used music well in general to reflect to the mood.
Things I didn't like:
Honestly there isn't as much of this as I expected there to be
-Not going more into the Partition and it's effects on Kamala's family was a bummer for me I think it would have made for more context and also just a better origin story
-I really wish Kamran had more personality I'd love to like him instead of feeling so eh about him
-Like I've already said, I wish they'd cast a fully Turkish Muslim woman for Nakia instead of a half white Christian. Its a now missed opportunity for those who deserved it. They also made Nakia's hijab a turban instead which they didn't really have to
-I am really really hoping they don't make it a "Kamala vs her family" storyline please please no more Asian stereotypes I want supportive parents don't make her "rebellious" by being more western or something
-I'm sad they didn't incorporate more Urdu. I understand Kamala doesn't speak it too well or read it (which is often the case for American Pakistanis) but I wish they included her parents having conversations in Urdu because that's a huge part of Pakistani identity- language
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catmat · 3 months ago
When someone asks me how bad my headache is at its worse, I tell them that if someone offered me $1,000,000 to have this headache, even just for a few hours, I wouldn't take the money. That's how bad it is.
And they'll reply, "Oh, you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad."
Yes it can, and it is.
Believe people's pain.
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doodlebloo · 11 months ago
Also I get that the point of streaming is to see people react to things but do you guys ever feel like it gets a little weird sometimes?
Like obviously people desperately wanting a "bigger" reaction out of this teenage boy when he sees two girls kiss in a video game is like, meh, right, but also
Do y'all remember that stream when Ranboo got that HUGE dono to help pay for the UK trip, and he started tearing up but Tubbo started cracking jokes to lighten him up and Ranboo said that he couldn't cry with Tubbo there cheering him up? Cool, now do you remember Ranboo's chat telling Tubbo to stop "ruining the moment" and spamming at Ranboo to cry? Over money they didn't give him? And getting upset when he didn't cry?
Because I think about that a lot. I get that it's part of content creation to play up reactions to things and I'm sure a lot of creators want to do that, and I'm sure a lot of the fans don't have bad intentions by trying to get these Big reactions from streamers, but... They're human beings, too. They shouldn't have to cry or get scared and scream or make a thumbnail face all surprised at something if they don't want to, and we shouldn't be disappointed in them if they don't?
Idk what point I'm making other than holy shit does it make me feel weird when people get upset over a streamer not "reacting" to something the way they want.
#idk idk but i also feel like#ranboos chat has taken over tubbos chat. which is awful#1. because they will spam shit at ranboo if hes even HINTED at being nearby with no regard for the fact that its tubbos channel#(i know that during the lis playthrough only ranboo could see chat to avoid spoilers but theres a difference between sending a message thats#related to the stream and asking Ranboo to say happy birthday or gay rights on TUBBOS stream)#and 2. because they literally treat Tubbo like Ranboo when he isnt.#''why isnt he crying'' Tubbo doesnt cry onstream. ''why isnt he getting invested!'' he doesnt do that very often either.#''why isnt he scared at this horror game!'' he has been very vocal about horror games other than fnaf not having much if an effect in him#'"he doesn't know theyre gay!!'' yes he probably does and doesnt care but even if he didnt so what.#i dunno its just like. ranboo is always super extra mefa careful about Reacting the Right way to things right#like when a sad scene is hapoening in a video ame hes always Somber and Quiet and all of that#which is fine! that works for him and thats what you can expect during a Ranboo stream.#but Tubbo doesnt do that. Tuvbo cracks jokes and makes light of the situation and reminds everyone its Just A Video Game#so when Ranboo viewers show ip expecting 45 minutes if crying and get a thirty secind decision bc the tornado looked cool.#i feel like it should click that maybe Tubbo's content is... different from Ranboos.#hot take maybe Tubbo is his own content creator with his own style of doing things and his own fanbase#and not just TommyInnit's Friend or Ranboo's Quirky Roommate. Hard to swallow pill i know#idk idk! just putting my thoughts on my blog ^_^#im /nm. annoyed sure but not mad enough to like Start something yk. if you disagree thats totally fine#i am just putting my own thoughts on my blog :) this isnt /neg for tubbo OR ranboo just to be clear#doodle.txt
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rabble-dabble · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*big inhale* aw man wonder whats gonna happen when he gets that enchantment off
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inkykeiji · 19 days ago
do u listen to mitski? i feel like you’d like her :)
i don’t listen to her, actually!! i’ve heard some of her music (only her most popular songs sent to me by you guys!) and while i think she’s a fabulous artist, her work isn’t for me :(
that being said, if you have any song recs that you think might change my mind please don’t hesitate to send them over (along with any trigger warnings, pretty please) <3
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ladyauroraborealis · 6 months ago
thanks to everyone who gave me so much love for my gåsmamman post 💕
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unproduciblesmackdown · 2 months ago
winston billions autistic character validation!
1) rian refers to their not directly interacting as “parallel play”!
2) the writers let winston be obsessed with analyzing a movie that the showrunners consider as worth being obsessed with analyzing, but they make sure to have a more serious character, who has also been more earnestly & more often credited as smart & talented by other serious characters than winston has (despite that in his introduction taylor says he has “a genius level iq,” which may in turn be deliberately more indirect than stating “you may be a genius”, and thus potentially avoids acknowledging that winston as a person truly possesses genius by attributing it directly to him, & rather cites that claim of geniushood via a quantization / external source, while they would not themself necessarily support the conclusion), assert that winston is bad at analyzing / understanding the movie though!
#this post itself is not in earnest except for that i do think things like this correlate with [oops; writers have Unknowingly written about#irl autistic people who they didn't know were autistic / drawn from this Character Archetype which is itself born of people drawing from#real life people nd ppl that nt ppl unknowingly encounter all the time & regard as inferior / unlikable/unsympathetic / acting incorrectly]#winston billions#us joking that the textual confirmation we'd get from this series that Winston's Autistic is someone like dollar bill calling him r worded#cue the awards handed to us when s5 ep two has dollar bill stomp over & scream at winston that his Algorithm is r worded :)#that so far winston is a nonentity for romance; sex; maybe even friendship though rian may Approximate that (i.e. poss be as close as they#would be willing to right when he can't have ''real'' friends if it's a more Normal / Serious Character)#related to that point: that Any material w/winston that a serious character has will 95% of the time be a joke or Exposition for their own#material at the most serious and will Never lead to their existing relationship with winston becoming prominent or even seriously relevant#that all acknowledgment of his Smartness / Talent / Ability is rare; begrudging; backhanded; disclaimered; & may also be seen as actually#worthy of disdain (''total control of the instrument'' / ''sad.'' / [???]) & due to him cheating by being a Savant; doesn't even count :)#that we have at least one textual instance that *the doylean writing itself* regards winston as more inherently worthy of disdain & lacking#dignity than other characters; that his feelings also seem to be frivolous / a joke / Inconsequential as the fact that other people#deliberately bullying (to harassing / threatening / essentially physically attacking (thanks dollar bill)) & insulting & shutting down &#criticizing / discouraging winston on purpose over anything or nothing is not only something both sides Deserve but; despite our virtually#always being shown that winston is disheartened &/or hurt &/or distressed; this is never addressed as an issue save by him (like saying he's#Been hurt by rian needling him after she does it again out of absolutely nowhere) and is never anything with lasting impact that anyone else#has to deal with or acknowledge or consider.....and so much more#and of course i have reasons i've immediately gone (oh my god this is the most relatably He's Autistic moment of my life) from the start#i.e. back when watching the season three clips for the first time; and continued to feel that way since; that have nothing to do with the#way the writers & thus by extension ''serious'' characters in the show seem to regard / judge / treat him#but this post is from the other angle lol#also this makes me think of an [actual parallel play] instance from my life where ppl were incredibly mean to me afterwards but i didn't#even quite catch on that it involved that contempt until like months later. not Just a friendlily ribbing nickname ;0
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rjwrites22 · a year ago
So I'm basically being forced to play DND with my younger siblings over the summer. Thank god for part of my sanity, my little brother is the DM this time, not me. I wonder if my mother realizes that the fastest and most effective way to turn someone off something, even something they really enjoy, is to fucking force them to do it?!
First session is today and I'm already dreading it, partly because it's at one pm and I'm rarely up before like 3. Partly because I only found out about the thing yesterday evening and I wanted the kid to record a few goddamn details of his campaign before starting even though Mother argued that he can't because his handwriting is awful. (In her defense, it is, but that's completely beside the point.) Gonna have to do a disorganized campaign with a 10-year-old for a DM, and I can't fucking say anything because I don't want to DM myself. Maybe it'll be fun?
Also I'm already in a bad mood because for some damn reason I got to thinking about band and reminded myself that nobody in my section's groupchat said happy birthday to me last week which made me VERY sad but I can't fucking tell them because I just can't, that's not something I do. I'm terrified I'd come across as either passive aggressive or just looking for attention, especially seeing as my birthday was on Sunday and it's fucking Friday now. And it's summer so there's no reason for them to think about it in the first place, plus only like three of them are friends with me on Facebook, etc etc I'm an idiot.
There's also some other things upsetting me right now, I'm just not in the best mood overall and it's not anything I could ever talk to anyone but myself about. Especially because the biggest thing is fucking ridiculous for me to be upset over.
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king-ofthe-ruckus · a year ago
you've probably heard it but the stand by mother mother is good!
the stand - i relate a lot of Edward tbh, and this actually gives me really strong Edward Nygma vibes. In my head he’s extremely prone to overstimulation and this song just reminds me of being overstimulated [ i.e. within the song there’s a lot of sounds at once and the lyrics are talking about there being too many people and the chorus is talking about “i can hardly stand the [sense]” ] this song is creating a very vivid story in my head so your basically going to get that story, but this song is like the process of Edward getting overstimulated at an event, and Oswald noticing how he’s tense, and glancing at the doors, and going eerily stiff one moment, and the next unable to stop moving. “Tell me your fears./Okay, it's everyone here./You mean just all of the people?/Yeah, and all of their peers,” reminds me of an exchange between Oswald and Edward as he gently pulls him into a side room. Oswald is trying to figure what’s happening cans Edward has ready eyes but an angry face because it’s been so long since he’s been overstimulated and he’s mad that he let it happen again. AND the line “everyone’s fucked and they don’t even know” i see is being a thing Edward muttering as he looked through the slight crack of the door seeing everyone on the other side just mingling, and he just thinking about how close he is to going up there and breaking the drums, or screaming until the only sound echoing in his head is that, he wants to change into his normal clothes, not this new suit that the tailor messed up, but it was too late to fix. He wants to kick everyone out!
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iiasha-archived · a year ago
hope everyone is having a very happy holidays ❤️❤️❤️
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annamiasworld · a year ago
Tumblr media
Which are yours?
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olliedollie1204 · a year ago
if you want the rewards of notes you have to sumbit to the mortifying ordeal of posting
#related note how to get over just totally unnecessary self deprecation when i post certain fics#or additionally how can i share these honest thoughts of insecurity without people responding with (what my brain tells me are) ingenuine co#*compliments#like that's lowkey a big issue for me irl as well#bc i feel like when others give me reassurance in response to seeing a moment of self doubt#it feels like. not untrue or that they're lying but it feels like they're specfically only saying that to make me feel better?#which. i guess is like a kind thing to do but also to be the recipient of that kind of compliment is. utterly humiliating#case in point: the last play i was in i was having a moment where i was even like actually being super critical of myself#*wasn't even#i was just kinda staring into space as i tried to visualize what my actions were looking like from the audience#and one of the ASMs came over and told me i was doing a good job#like it was completely out of the blue and i 'know' she only did it bc i looked sad#and it genuinely was nice so i wasn;t angry but i also felt super super embarrased#in the moment it was more embarrassment re: 'oh people can see me when im not actively ready for them to that sucks'#but it was also a fair share of 'ok so this compliment was in response to them thinking i'm about to lose it good to know'#and just like any time i feel a compliment is coming as a direct response to my own insecurity it makes me super uncomfortable#and yeah i guess it's not good that it's hard for me to accept compliments if i feel there are ulterior motives to someone complimenting me#(ie trying to comfort me in a moment of low self esteem)#so. yeah. anyways.#also i've eaten almost a whole bag of white cheddar cheese puffs in the last 8 hours to suffice to say i'm living#my posts#long post#accidentally ajdgshjhg my bad
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mcmactictac · 15 days ago
My urge to make a live action version of a SAD-ist animatic is so high. Like I don’t know enough people who’d be willing to do it to pull it off properly but if I could? It would be my pride and joy. I think that would be so cool. Most of the stuff in them is easily achievable to do and the rest seems easy enough to edit. But NOOO I have to be hyper fixated on a minecraft server that the general population deems “socially unacceptable”.
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hauntedwafflez · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
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tkdrawz · 5 months ago
Defending Abuela's Apology and Mirabel's Forgiveness (⚠️ spoilers ahead!)
Tumblr media
This whole scene and "Dos Oruguitas" was so beautiful and soul tearing!!! People don't have to like Abuela Alma, but I don't understand why they act as if Abuela was completely irredeemable. People give Abuela Alma so much backlash and villanize her and I'm sitting here like: "Did we not watch the same movie???"
And before y'all come at me, I want to clarify that NONE👏🏾 OF 👏🏾THIS 👏🏾DISSERTATION 👏🏾EXCUSES 👏🏾ABUELA'S 👏🏾TRAUMA 👏🏾SHE 👏🏾UNINTENTIONALLY 👏🏾INFLICTED 👏🏾ON 👏🏾THE 👏🏾FAMILY. I KNOW! I KNOW!
There's a reason why Abuela was the one who found Mirabel by the river and not her parents, sisters, aunt/uncles, or cousins. It was to set the scene for this powerful moment to transpire.
To be clear, Mirabel did apologize first because she felt she destroyed Casita, the town, and the miracle candle. However, Abuela said something Maribel did not expect to hear out of her mouth. Abuela took out the Uno reverse card and apologized right back to her. And it takes A LOT for an adult to apologize to a child. (Especially in the POC community...😓)
Abuela literally admitted fault to everything and she apologized to Mirabel. Granted it wasn't a fully-fledged 100 word essay that we expected, but we didn't need that. (It would have been nice, but this is a movie and it will be on a time constraint.) The apology itself was deeply sincere and emotional. It came from a place of vulnerability. It provided transparency for Mirabel to understand and sympathize with Abuela's pain that she has been repressing for 50 years.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She wasn't able to process her emotions and greif properly. She lost the love of her life in front of her eyes, became a single mother to her baby triplets, and became responsible for a whole town of people and families practically overnight. Moreso, she had to learn about the miracle and how to use it to help those around her starting with her children who would soon get their own superpowers at a young age.
From the start, Encanto's strongest storytelling element was in its colors. Notice how the lake and the scenery was dull and unsaturated, signifying not only Mirabel's guilt and sadness in the moment, but the start of Abuela's trauma that took place in that very spot.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It wasn't until Mirabel forgave Abuela and Abuela's realization about Mirabel being the true miracle that the lighting and background gradually changes into a beautiful, colorful and enriched environment filled with beautiful yellow butterflies, which are strong symbols in Columbian culture for love, hope, transformation, and new beginnings. And that's the thing: Forgiveness is a gradual process and depending on the person, it does not require physical reconnection. (Speaking from experience with a toxic family member. I cut them off by the way and I'm doing just fine.😎👍🏽)
And some of us who suffer in silence by holding in our own pain and deep dark truths everyday could totally relate to Abuela Alma. We might even take it out on our loved ones unknowingly. But that's when self-reflection and emotional intelligence comes in. And sometimes it takes the right person to bring that out of us. That's what Mirabel was for. Real talk, none of her children or other grandchildren would have called her out on her actions. (Probably except Bruno. Wouldn't it be dope if he did that?)
Also, people wanted accountability for Abuela. While I strongly agree on that standpoint, I believe she's been through enough. In fact, I believe the candle going out and Casita being destoyed was already consequences of her actions. Besides, wtf did y'all expect Mirabel to do? Burn her at the stake? Drown her in the lake? Push her out the window? (Even though Casita would have saved her.) Vengance is simply not in Mirabel's character.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ever since her gift ceremony, Mirabel had no choice but to come to terms with the fact that she won't have superpowers like the rest of the Madrigal family (excluding the fathers, Abuela Amla and Abuelo Pedro) and being the odd one out. At 5 years old, I can only imagine how embarassed, confused, and scared she was that night. Her parents wiping her tears trying to reassure her. Louisa trying to give her as many soft hugs as she can. Camilo trying his best to make her laugh. Delores trying to listen around for any possible answers. Pépa creating rainbows endlessly. Felix trying to dance with her. (I'm gonna stop listing hypotheticals I'm gonna freaking cry!🥺🥺🥺) But somehow, she was able to overcome those emotions and does her best to help her family and the village. And while she has such a bright and cheery disposition, she has been longingly wanting to be of use in the way that all the other grandkids were.
Tumblr media
While Mirabel's backstory has all the makings of becoming arguably the hardest villain arc in history, she chooses not to go down that route. She loves her family unconditionally and because of her love, she sees both Abuela Alma and Isabela in a whole new light and improved their once strained relationships. And she also resonates with Isabela and Louisa's long-standing pressure, expectations, and burdens that came with their gifts. If it wasn't for Mirabel, the whole family and Casita itself would have imploded eventually.
Tumblr media
All I'm saying is, there are no villains in this movie. Just hurt people. And hurt people hurt people. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie. And y'all already know that it does not happen like this in real life. Forgiveness was necessary for Abuela, Mirabel, and restoring the miracle as well as Casita. Obviously rushed, but it got the point across.
That being said, Mirabel Madrigal has to be arguably THE BEST protagonist I've seen from modern-day Disney animated movies so far next to Moana. (And my new favorite!) If you have not seen Encanto yet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it! Then watch it again! It's so good, I often forget it's a Disney movie!
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anangelwhodidntfall · 13 days ago
Just The Way You Are: Eddie Munson
Stranger Things Masterlist
word count: 820
Request:  Absolutely no pressure but I would love it if you could write one about a reader who is Dustin's sister and a total tomboy and doesn't really dress up ever, maybe she has a massive crush on Eddie but agrees to go on a date with someone to try and get over him so Nancy and Robin dress her up all grungy and pretty (Leather skirt, fishnets and doc martens, the whole works) and Eddie freaks out because he thinks she's worried she has to change herself for some guy when he already thinks she's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. romantic shenanigans ensue.
Tumblr media
Serafina Henderson was a total tomboy at heart falling in love with style once she started middle school, it was extremely rare to see the girl dressed in something other than her band t-shirt, jeans, and her vans which she always wore until she couldn't, she didn't dress for anyone but herself well that was until she developed a crush on none other than Eddie Munson. I mean how could she not, especially when he had those beautiful brown eyes, excellent music taste, a dazzling smile, and was a total sweetheart. But atlas she knew that she wasn't his type by a long shot since he preferred cheerleaders and girls who wear dresses or skirts, while she preferred to wear jeans.
Serafina had been at her locker grabbing her books for her classes today while talking with Robin and Nancy when she saw Drew a boy from her art class that was pretty nice to her approach her locker. Her friends said they meet her in class so they could have some privacy, but really they just went down the hall in case she needed to be rescued.
"Hi, Drew." She said looking at him.
"Hi Serafina, I was wondering if I could ask you something and it's totally fine if you say no." He said to her as she nodded her head for him to continue.
"So I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out on a date with me?" He asked her nervously.
Serafina thought about saying no because she did have feelings for Eddie still but then she made eye contact with her friends who were nodding their heads for her to say yes and she figured why not.
"I would love too, what day were you thinking?" She asked him with a small smile.
"Maybe Saturday around 7, if you are free." He asked her.
"Yeah Saturday works, so I'll see you then." She said hugging him unaware that her crush Eddie had been watching the whole scene with a sad look in his eyes because he did like the girl.
Saturday came around and the girls insisted on you coming to Nancy's place so that they could help you get ready no matter how much you protested so you called Drew to let him know to pick you up at Nancy's instead of your place.
"Nancy I'm not sure about this." She said looking herself over in Nancy's mirror.
"What are you talking about? You look amazing, a little change never hurt anyone." She said fixing her hair as Serafina played with the hole in her fishnets.
Eddie had been in the living room with Mike talking about something related to D&D when he saw Serafina walking into the living room dressed completely differently than she normally did and while he thought she looked hot with her doc martens, fishnets, and leather skirt, he worried that she was changing herself to impress some guy.
"Eddie close your mouth before catch flies." Robin teased him.
"That bad huh?" She asked him nervously.
"NO! I mean no you look hot but is there any reason why you are dressed like this?" He asked her.
"What do you mean?" She asked him.
"I mean why aren't you dressed like how you normally do all tomboyish. All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't have to change yourself to be with someone." He said reaching for her hands.
"Why not? I thought this was what guys liked." She said to him.
"Well me personally I've always liked you the way you were before, and if it was me taking you on that date, I wouldn't want you to change. Because you are just perfect." He said making her smile as her friends watched the scene unfold in front of them.
"Wish it was you." She mumbled grabbing her bag not even wanting to go on the date anymore not realizing Eddie heard her.
"Then let it be me." He said walking over to where she stood as she looked at him with wide eyes not believing what she heard.
"Cancel your date with Drew, then get changed, and let me take you out on a date I know you would enjoy." He said making her smile.
So that's what she did, she called Drew explaining how she was feeling and it turns out he was feeling the same way and got changed into something more comfortable while Nancy and Robin were so excited for her since they both knew how much she liked Eddie. The three of them made their way down the hall, where Eddie sat on the arm of his couch waiting for her
"You look, beautiful sweetheart." He said standing up and grabbing her hand loving the smile that spread across her face.
"Have her back by midnight!" Nancy called out as her and Eddie left for what would be the best of their lives.
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imperceivablysexy · 6 months ago
i see all of us freaking out about toby and andrew and the memory eraser spell, so i would like to take the time to talk about the other details and insane reveals of the movie that we’re forgetting about because of the focus on the big stuff. mainly making this because it’s 6 hours past the time i watched the movie and everything else is JUST NOW processing so i need to scream at someone
peter is so powerful that he is able to control his physical body while in his astral projected form. doctor strange himself literally said that it shouldn’t be possible WHAT THE FUCK
ned has actual power within him. you can argue that the only reason he was able to open the portals were the rings, but i raise you: every sorcerer had to train for months or YEARS to be able to get to the point that ned had gotten to not only in one night, but UNINTENTIONALLY in ONE MINUTE. NOT ONLY THAT. BUT HE LITERALLY OPENED A PORTAL TO ANOTHER U N I V E R S E. SOMETHING WE HAVENT EVEN SEEN STRANGE DO (unless you count the mirror dimension, which i am not) you can also argue that because of the events of loki and wanda vision, the multiverse is unstable so hes able to do it easily, but even with the fragility of the multiverse ned shouldn’t have been able to open a portal just by saying the words “i wish we could see peter”. (edit: wrote this at 2am, ned did not open a portal to another dimension i was just sleep deprived)
DAREDEVIL WAS LITERALLY CONFIRMED?? AND ON SCREEN??? AND TALKED ABOUT BY N A M E?????? AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. we had him hinted at during hawkeye with kingpin, but now we’ve had our first actual interaction with him and OF COURSE one of his only lines was “i’m just a really good lawyer” in relates to him catching an actual brick with his bare hands without looking. that’s fucking insane.
depending on which version of them you’re looking at, every single member of the sinister six has officially become canon to the mcu
venom??? is now apart of the mcu????? hello?????????
mini theory just because: i genuinely think that marvel is just crazy enough to make ned the next host for venom if they don’t go the “sorcerer ned” route, mainly because of how badly it would hurt peter to have to fight him (and because they probably won’t be able to turn him into hob goblin at this point so they have to find someway to make him fight peter. ESPECIALLY after the “i promise i’ll never turn evil and fight you” line) imagine peter fighting venom!ned who has NO memories with this kid and will show absolutely no mercy because even his human self is disconnected from peter, and peter tries to reason with him, bring him back to reality by telling him he’s his best friend and spewing all these memories of their childhood and their handshake, only for ned to have a blank look in his eyes and continue pummeling peter, telling him that none of that is true
speaking of handshakes, that was the last handshake we might ever see peter and ned do. and it ended in them hugging instead of doing the finger guns. and they both went in for that hug with ZERO hesitation. and i am so sad.
they are so totally definitely setting up for live action miles morales. not only with prowler being in homecoming but with the foreshadowing that max had done with andrew!peter after he was cured
this is me nitpicking but i would genuinely love an answer if anyone knows- maybe i’m just being stupid- but how would eddy??? end up in that world??? if he didn’t know peters identity?? maybe i’m just forgetting but during the actual post credit scene, he literally says “maybe i should go find this ‘spiderman’” so it doesn’t SEEM like he actually knows who he is? bc venom and toby venom are from different universes (right?) so i don’t think he should be there, and even if they were the same surely ed would have heard about peter by that point in his own universe.
peter beat doctor strange, in a dimension where strange literally had all the control, because of MATH. also please someone figure out if the random equations and numbers he was spitting out actually made sense for what he was trying to accomplish because it would be SO FUNNY if it was actually just tom saying random things he could remember from sophomore math class (“divide by like carry the 2”)
okay that’s all i can remember right now i will also reblog with more if i can think of ANY
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forever-rogue · 4 months ago
Similar to your “who did this to you” but instead, reader is just straight up clumsy. Strapped in a chair full of bubble wrap? Expect a bruise. Fell over a feather? Happened. 2 times. Din got scared the first time. Second time he laughed.
Tumblr media
AN | Din and reader in which reader is a total klutz! I relate way too much to reader in this scenario! Enjoy 😀
Warnings | Descriptions of non-graphic injury
Pairing | Din x Fem!Reader
Word Count | 1.9k
Masterlist | Din, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“You’re limping,” you stopped dead in your tracks as his large presence loomed over you. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you turned on your heel, making sure to put most of your weight onto the ankle that wasn’t currently throbbing in pain. Offering the Mandalorian a tight lipped smile, you made a vague gesture and lightly shook your head.
“No,” you lied, pain coating the singular word as it came out between gritted teeth, “I’m not. You’re seeing things, Mando.”
“Now you’re lying to me?” he tilted his head to the side, silver beskar glinting in the low light of the ship. Huffing you, you brushed him off as you tried to shuffle away, “the only thing I’m seeing is you trying to hobble away without making it look like you’re hurt.”
“Yeah?” you asked, attempting to push past him…but failing desperately and almost collapsing against him as you both sighed. You looked at him, eyes wide with worry as you stared into the black T of his visor, “fine.”
“So you admit you’re hurt?” an arm snaked around your waist protectively as you just huffed at him, “what happened? Why were you trying to hide it?”
“Nothing happened,” you insisted with a deeply etched frown on your features as he helped to right you and keep the weight off of your ankle. You couldn’t see his face but you just imagined he was raising an eyebrow in question. After a few moments you finally gave in and stared at your feet, “I was in town earlier and I might have tripped over my own foot and rolled my ankle.”
The last part of your sentence was said so quickly, coming out in almost one word so that it took him a moment to decipher. Your cheeks warmed up under his watchful gaze before he realized what you said. He made a sound in the back of his throat somewhere between amusement and annoyance as he looked at the swollen joint, “you just…okay. I shouldn’t be surprised, should I?”
You shook your head before offering him a meek little smile.
“Why weren’t you going to tell me?” he asked as you shrugged innocently. You knew why; one - he still managed to intimidate you despite having been your employer for several months, and two - you knew he would overreact and didn’t want him to make a big deal of something so minute. It was just a rolled ankle but with him you’d think you’d lost the leg.
“I, ummm….dunno,” avoiding his gaze, you looked away as you tried to slowly make off for the cabinet brimming with medical supplies (bounty hunting was no easy feat after all). The Mandalorian put a gloved finger under your chin as he turned your gaze back to his, “didn’t want you to worry is all.”
“It’s my job to worry - gotta keep my partner safe after all. You’re no good to me - or yourself - injured.”
“I’ll slap some bacta salve on it and it’ll be fine,” you insisted, “if you hadn’t caught me I could be almost done and healed by now and you wouldn’t have noticed!”
“You should always tell me if something happens," he insisted as you dramatically rolled your eyes, "why wouldn't you tell me?"
"Because this is what I was trying to avoid," you slowly pulled back from him; an immediate silence had fallen over the two of you. It wasn't that you didn't trust or like him; your relationship - strictly professional of course - was still fairly new and you weren't really trying to push any boundaries, "I-I didn't want you to make a big deal out of it and I also didn't want to worry you."
"I only want to make sure you're okay," was that a hint of...sadness in his voice? You hadn't meant to hurt his feelings, you just wanted to keep things businesslike and for you that meant keeping somewhat of a distance from him.
"I know and I...thank you," you gave him a little half smile, "really. It's nothing to worry about because I happen to be very clumsy and am more or less injury prone. You'll learn that in time, Mando."
"Can it really be that bad?" he asked with an amused lilt to his voice.
"I guess you'll just have to wait and see."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"We're not going to tell him a thing about this, okay buddy?" you turned to find Grogu still sitting on the floor next to you. He was busy playing with his metal ball and barely paying any attention to you, "Din has enough to worry about without me making it worse."
Your reflection stared back at you just as normally would, save for the large blossoming blue and purple bruise around your eye and cheek. All you had wanted to do was turn on the tap that seemed to have gotten stuck and then...whack. Your hand had slipped from the handle and smacked you right in the eye. The pain - and bruising - had been immediate. It wasn’t the first time you'd done and probably wouldn't have been the last but this just wasn't it.
"Fantastic," you sighed as you grabbed a tube of concealer from the cabinet. You almost never wore makeup or had the need to, but for once you were glad you owned some. It only took a few minutes to dab the concealer everywhere; the result wasn't the best but it was better than nothing. If you could just manage to stay in low enough light for a while, Din might not even notice.
Doubtful, but it was worth a shot.
Once you were satisfied with your little handiwork, you scooped Grogu up and headed back to the small garden of the house that now served as your home. You set him down to play in the patch of dirt with his ball and whatever else amused him while you finished tending to your fruits and vegetables. Having a more stable and permanent home had led to a lot more time for such hobbies. You never thought you'd like such things, but domestic life hadn't taken long to get used to. Especially not with Din and Grogu. It was almost funny to think at one point you didn't even know their names; now they were your home and heart - everything.
You sang quietly under your breath while you worked and he played, wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn't hear the arrival of a certain Mandalorian.
"Hello there," you almost jumped out of your skin at the sound of his voice as he came strolling into the backyard. He had the audacity to chuckle as you clutched your rapidly beating heart, "sorry, cyar'ika."
"Din," he laughed as you stuck your tongue out at him. Grogu had wasted no time in waddling over to Din and tugged on his pant leg to be picked up. The Mandalorian had eagerly obliged, taking off his helmet to press his forehead against Grogu's, "you bantha fodder! You can't just sneak up like that!"
"Such language in front of a child," he laughed as you stood up and brushed yourself off.
"He's older than us...technically," you reminded him before you both laughed.
"I wasn't sneaking," Din insisted, "just because you didn't hear me."
"Yeah, yeah," you bounced over to him, practically beaming as he reached over and tenderly touched your cheek, "'missed you."
"I've only been gone since this morning," he laughed as you shrugged and leaned over and stole a quick kiss. You could feel him leaning into your touch as you grinned at him, "I missed you too."
Grogu babbled happily as he looked between the two of you, prompting you to kiss the top of his fuzzy little head. You couldn't leave the little one feeling left out, naturally.
You were about to say something else, but Din quickly stopped you as he reached up and put his hand under chin, angling your face towards his.
"What happened?"
Dank Farrik. In your excitement and surprise of seeing Din, you'd forgotten all about your face. Oops.
"Umm, nothing?"
"Just tell me, little klutz," he'd definitely gotten used to your clumsy tendencies over the last couple of years.
"Don't laugh," you pouted as he tried to put on a serious face which just caused his lips to twitch as he fought a smile, "I was trying to run a bath for him earlier and the tap got stuck and I tried to pull it and used too much force o-or something and got it loose and then smacked myself in the face."
"You did this to yourself," he asked as you just nodded sheepishly. Din couldn't help but laugh, the sweet sounds winning you over as you joined him in laughing, "well, I'm sure I can make it better."
"Yeah?" you asked sweetly as he nodded before pressing his forehead against yours.
"Yeah," he promised softly, "always."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
A hiss escaped your lips as Din wiped away the makeup you had applied to cover the bruise and slight swelling. He murmured an apology under his breath as he looked at the injury in the light. It wasn’t too bad - superficial luckily and probably looked worse than it was due to the bruising.
“What’s the verdict, Dr. Djarin?”
“You’ll be fine,” he promised as he grabbed a warm washcloth and held it against the worst of swelling, “we’ll get some bacta salve on it and it should be fine in a day or so. The bruising might take a bit but the pain will be gone soon. The only thing I’m worried about is you.”
“Me?” you asked as he nodded, pulling out a jar of the salve that had become your good friend over the years, “why me?”
“Because you are a danger to yourself,” a smile tugged on his lips, “I’ve never met anyone that manages to hurt themselves as much as you.”
“But that’s why you love me,” you teased as he tenderly applied the cooling gel, which immediately made you feel better, “I always manage to keep you busy. Well, me and Grogu.”
“And to think the first time you hurt yourself, when you rolled your ankle, you didn’t want to tell me,” he reminded you as you laughed lightly, “isn’t this better?”
“Because you’re always dramatic,” you gently grabbed his hand when he was done and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, “but I love you either way.”
“I love you too,” he whispered as he swiped his thumb over the apple of your cheek, “look at you, cyar’ika, much better already. How about some tea and then we go to bed?”
“Thank you, Din,” you whispered, “for everything.”
“There’s nothing to thank me for,” he insisted as he pressed a kiss to your forehead, “although you could try being less of a danger to yourself!”
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changbinsgirlfriend · 9 months ago
hand holding makes my heart 🥺🥺 so this is how i think different members of stray kids would hold their s/o’s hand.
( by the way i try and make all of these gender neutral because one i personally go by she/they pronouns and i also much prefer to read neutral fic so yea, i hope you guys don’t mind that <33 you can always request gender specific fics’s though <33 )
chan — he doesn’t grab your hand a lot i’m not gonna lie, he gets a bit shy tbh. like is he annoying you? do you wanna hold his hand? does it make you uncomfy etc (i can relate to this 😀) so it does have to be you who initiates the hold first but after that he will cling to your hand like a life line. l o v e s holding your hand it literally makes him so giddy so eventually he will sweetly ask you if you mind him grabbing your hand and when you tell him of course not, your hand is always gonna in his. walking down the street, holding hands, eating dinner, holding hands, in bed watching tv, holding hands. trying to tie your shoes, holding hands. what i’m trying to say is don’t let go of this mans hand he loves the contact sm. but i mean have you seen his hands, i would literally be clinging to them 24/7 if i could tbh. running your fingers over his veins while you sit beside each other. playing with his fingers when talking. yea.
lee know — an annoying whore. always pulls his hand out of your hold. but when you stop taking his hand he only gets worse, he will complain that you don’t love him anymore, throwing his arms about until you just grab his hands to shut him up. he tried to pretend that he hated it, but then when you gave him space it broke his heart. he loved having your hands in his. the way your face would light up and you would bring his hands to your lips and kiss his knuckles. he also likes to tease you about how much smaller your hands are than his. i feel like when you walk together he would obnoxiously throw your hands about, swinging them realky high to the point where you are nearly hitting people and he finds it hilarious. but there is also soft moments, like when he notices that you look anxious or sad and he will silently slip beside you and take your hand, holding it gently, showing that he is there for you and supporting you even if he doesn’t say the words.
changbin — i need to stop making everything i write about this man soft but,,, he loves holding hands okay 😔 it literally makes his face light up and he would literally cut off his own arm if it meant using the other to hold you for the rest of his life. he adores when you do it, rushing up to him and taking his hand, but he also always clings to your hand, it’s like a way of greeting. he just takes your hand, and drifts to your side. i feel like changbin is big on pda, and handholding is a very respectable way of doing that because he can’t exactly hug you walking down the street, or have you in his lap in a restaurant. so hand holding for you guys is reassurance and closeness. it also maybe is a way of showing to other people that you are his s/o,,, protective changbin movement rise. another thing, when he is shy, his hands are on you instantly. i also feel like you guys have a code, like you just say a word and the other knows to take their hand, yes you are that couple. i feel like i’ve spoken about hand holding while you sleep a lot in this post but i love holding hands when i sleep so, you two cuddling while holding hands at night, i think absolutely yes it makes me so happy.
hyunjin — i have SO much to say about me hwang hyunjin. because one after changbin this man is my fav/ bias wrecker/ kinda just shared bias at this point (this is reminding me i need to write a one shot about him but n e ways) yea, holding his hands. his rings. my head is S P I N N I NG. he seems like the kind of person who would slip his hand into yours like so mf smooth like he’s in a room com and like lace your fingers together and just look at you and grin. i’m gonna sob why am i so into this. but like, yea holding your hand like this. hyunjin always has your heart racing tbh <33 as i was saying, subtle hand touches are so his thing. slowly drifting his fingers over the back of your hand, gently caressing it until you grab it or he gives in, wanting to hold it. will get pouty if you ever take your hand out of his when he isn’t ready. classic side eye material so watch out. also fucking adores you playing with his rings, will literally be close to jumping up and down watching you twist them on his fingers and will demand you do it all the time. puts on his rings even on days where you stay indoors just so you do it. also loves to put them on you, giggling at how big they are. he also seems the kind of person who likes to sleep holding hands, like he doesn’t need to cling to you, but if your are laying face to face, lands locked and on the pillow between you. his heart will literally melt. bonus point if you would let kkami on the bed with you guys but dogs make me so anxious so 🚶‍♂️
han — prefers to cuddle tbh, but would happily hold your hand if that is not an option. def will hug you in really weird places and you just have to accept it, but that is not what this post is about SO. he gives me soft hand vibes idk why, so holding his hand is a treat if i’m being honest. i feel like he holds your hand really tight, like especially in social settings he will be grasping you like you are gonna disappear which ends in big apologies when he notices later how red your hand is. kind of person who likes to hold both hands, sitting together and facing each other while booth of your hands are clasped while you chat is his all time favourite thing to do, it makes him feel so close to you without having to be extremely intimate because i mean come on he lives in a busy dorm. likes holding your hand when he’s tired, like you could be doing something and he will come up behind you and take your hand and rest his head on your shoulder, leaning heavily into you while using you hand to ground himself. bye he’s so cute.
felix — ahhh, our very own tiny hands. tbh, pretty sure his hands are still bigger than mine so that’s how i’m gonna write it but we move. so he loves holding your hand because he finally had bigger hands than someone, and you love holding his hand because he always gets so happy when he sees your hand completely dwarfed by his. so are you feeding into his ego just a tad? definitely. do you mind? absolutely not he looks so happy. felix is a sweetheart so he would love to go on walks with you around the park while holding hands, swinging them gently as you do so. having picnics and laying side by side holding each other’s hands, it’s like a ritual for you two, same goes for star gazing. also not to be a bits nsfw but hand holding during sex is a must for him. you two also so paint your nails matching and always take cute pictures of you holding hands being absolute goals omg i need this. i just feel like felix loves holding your hand, like he will just drag you about by your linked hands while you are grocery shopping, literally running from isle to isle while you are giggling. lee felix would be the best boyfriend tbh,,, headcanons of felix as a boyfriend anyone? <3
seungmin — okay so i never realised how sweet seungmin was until i got his bubble, like i know he’s a cutie but he’s actually so sweet and caring and it makes my heart hurt omg. like the other day he was talking about how he wishes he could give back more to stay and i was in tears. so anyways so off topic, but i feel like in a lot of fics seungmin is described as kind of cold and closed off. but i feel like with a s/o he would be the sweetest angels and i will not take constructive criticism. at all. he loves holding your hand okay, pressing kisses on the backs of your hand and on each knuckle. holding it close to his chest like right over his heart. smiling so big whenever you take his hand into yours, like i mean that beautiful wide smile he has. i feel like his favourite way to sleep is him spooning you while your hands are linked in front of you, it just, yea it’s so cute. i feel like people would try and tease him for being an absolute sap and literally dropping his own phone if it meant holding your hand but he does not care, that’s the love of his life and he loves it. literally has to has you back stage at performances so you guys can hold hands before to help with his anxiety, will lay on your lap with your hands together resting on his chest while you talk to him, maybe even humming to him as he gets prepared. mmm i need a seungmin one shot now. anyone wanna see this scenario of you calming seungmin down before a show? <3
jeongin — like chan, he is very shy to take your hands at first, screams and shouts and giggles when you do it. but after a while he begins craving that affection and starts coming to you instead. he seems like the kind of guy who tries to be sly about it and gently brushes his hand against yours, using one finger at a time until you are finally holding hands. he’s just so,,, i love him. has definitely asked the other members for advice on how to hold a girls hand and they showed him some chick flick but we move. anyways, so idk how into pda i.n would be tbh, i think it depends on his mood but holding hands is definitely what he is most comfortable with. will hold your hand at totally random times when he needs some physical contact, like you could just be drinking some water and he will come over and take your other hand and hold it but say nothing about it. you just let him do it, finding the whole thing really sweet tbh.
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bellovebug · a year ago
/rp /dsmp
Okay I've been seeing a lot of posts about tommy's recent semi-lore stream, and about bench trio and everything, and like i agree that the people claiming ranboo is replacing tommy in Tubbo's life are wrong, because the dynamics are completely different and neither of them could replace the other, not to mention tubbo can have more than one important person in his life. He can have multiple friends.
However, that being said, while i don't believe Ranboo is replacing Tommy, i do believe that tommy and tubbo have been growing apart, and I also believe that Tommy is still as ride or die for Tubbo as he's always been. And that's why it hurts, because Tubbo isn't anymore. Ranboo hasn't replaced tommy in the sense that he's taking Tommy's place, but he's started taking priority in Tubbo's life, which leaves Tubbo with less to give Tommy.
Currently, to Tubbo, Beeduo takes priority over both Benchtrio and Clingyduo, but Tommy prioritizes Tubbo and Ranboo over everything. I genuinely believe that Tommy feels stronger for Tubbo and Ranboo than they do for him- throwback to that period of time when Tubbo's relation to Tommy on the wiki was just "positive" but Tommy's relation to Tubbo was "very positive", huh?
But i think the reason for this is tommy's total lack of stability in his life, and it's not ranboo or Tubbo's responsibility to provide it for him. Like they said, they have their own things going on- but Tommy even offered to "go see their endeavors", and Ranboo turned him down. Tommy would drop anything to help them, even building his railway to appease wilbur.
So Tubbo isn't replacing tommy with ranboo at all, but that doesn't mean they're not growing apart. That doesn't mean that Tubbo doesn't care about other things more, now.
That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to see Tommy scramble to please Wilbur (the only person who's ever unconditionally cared about tommy, even when it was in a possessive and harmful way) and expecting his friends to help him only for both of them to turn away. It hurt to hear Tubbo hesitate and then say "....he has his own thing going on, but we can still be friends", as if they haven't always been friends? Especially in contrast to the way Tommy immediately said, "Tubbo and Ranboo? They're my friends." It hurt to see Ranboo immediately drop all association to Tommy once Quackity joined vc- it's understandable, for sure, but it still hurt because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Tommy would've thrown hands for Ranboo had the situation been reversed. It really hurt to hear Ranboo leap to Tubbo's defense against Quackity but stay completely silent when Quackity turned the subject to Tommy.
Ranboo isn't replacing Tommy, but that doesn't mean Tubbo and Tommy are doing well, and it certainly doesn't mean that the imbalance in all of their views of each other doesn't hurt like hell dude
It's not tubbo or ranboo's fault- it's understandable to want to stay out of Tommy's conflicts. But literally the only reason he's causing problems right now is for Wilbur and he straight up told Beeduo that and neither of them thought it was objectionable?? Literally ALL I WANT is for somebody to be there for Tommy even when he starts doing stupid shit. And so far, not a single person has actually stuck by his side (at least, not in a healthy way- I'm looking at you, wilbur soot). It makes me so sad
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