#and i was successfully dragged back into this hell
khaedis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Then Maedhros alone stood aside, but Fëanor caused fire to be set to the white ships of the Teleri.”
I’m experiencing Silmarillion feels again somebody help
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batz · a year ago
i LOVE the fact that coomer n bubby r Ancient(tm) bc that just means theyve been thru so any Fashion Eras and  anyway they meet when theyre both like early 30s so around the 70s 
best buds chillin around black mesa looking like polar opposites aesthetic wise im just,,,
Tumblr media
2 aesthetics only similar  bc looks Gay
#black mesa likely doesnt rlly let folks wear  casual clothes but maybe sometimes:)#ONLY so i can draw bubby and coomer bein gay n looking like absolute losers DKFJGDKJFDKJG#i love them...#im also wondering if i should add like#like to the hc i got going like i always  liked to think that late 20s early 30s bubby would successfully escape black mesa now n then#'successfully' in quotes.#hed get dragged back pretty fast and often went thru absolute hell#th punishments were pretty hefty considering he was. u kno. black mesa property. had to stay INSIDE black mesa#but hed still escape anyways#thing is he never went far. hed only frequent like a nearby town. VERY small town.#like u can walk from one side of the town to the other in like 20 minutes its a fuckn hamlet#but i love the idea of him running w some random punks there.. n thats how he gets the jackets n the aesthetic#His Rebellion Toward Black Mesa (or at least the start of it)#by the time hes 30 black mesa isnt too focused on him anymore which is why hes like. able to escape w some ease#but they still rough him up and throw him in the tube fr a bit when he gets caught dfgfdg#the tube being used more as a punishment at this point since it has no actual use fr bubby anymore#he doesnt rlly tell anyone where he goes when he goes on his little escapades but he eventually tells coomer and coomer is cool w it!!! obv!#anyway i just like 2 imagine bubby dragging coomer to this tiny rundown garage punk show and coomer stickin out like a sore thumb#rlly rlly cute tbh fdgdfg#bubby is still trapped in black mesa and he probably stops going out after a particularly shitty punishment frm the higher ups : (#but in the late 60s n 70s he had a little bit of freedom..!#BUT YEAH like the town was small as hell in hte middle of NOWHERE so like...when bubby does have actual freedom#he is 100% freaked the fUCK out by how big the world is still. that hc is still a Thing..#i just want to write punk bubby shenanigans ...hehehe#frank.txt#whoops accidentaly rambled there for a bit LOL anyway for todays stream im drawing buby coomer 70s aesthetic nerds ok BYE
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 3 months ago
Poppy Playtime! Maybe instead of the player going into the building, it's a young child reader who's been dragged into it by their jerk brother? After Huggy disappears when the power comes back on, the older brother gets freaked out and leaves them in the factory. However, they soon become lost and scared. How would the toys react to this? (Could you include Mommy Long Legs in this? I know she's not given a lot of characterization yet, but I would like to see her here.)
FYI the other characters besides Huggy and Poppy aren’t given much characterization either, so this may not be entirely accurate once their roles are revealed in-game.
Key: [B/N] = Brother Name
"C’mon, stop being a baby.”
“..I-I’m not! You’re just hurting me..”
“Because you won’t look! Just open your eyes for a second! See? It’s Huggy!”
Finally, you opened your eyes and followed your older brother’s gaze, looking up at the giant blue sock monkey displayed on the pedestal. He stood tall and proud with his hand raised up, the velcro holding some kind of key.
[B/n] just smirked as he let your wrist go. “Now watch this.” He pressed the trigger on the grabpack. One hand shot out to snatch the key, bringing it into his grasp. “Pretty cool, huh? You make yourself useful and hold this.”
You flinched as he shoved the key into your hands.
“Let’s go find the other arm. Can’t be too far from here. And we’ll get the power back on so you don’t piss yourself.” He sneered before walking away.
Reluctantly you followed him, trying to stay calm even though you felt Huggy’s eyes staring at you.
It wasn’t him that creeped you out, but rather how dark and eerie this place was. 
Not to mention all the ghost stories [B/n] shared right before he dragged you here on a “fun trip”. The one that scared you the most was when he said “I hear the toys come to life at night. If they find you, they’ll kill you and turn you into one of them.”
You hated this and hated him.
After a series of complex tasks, which you refused to help your brother with, he successfully found the missing arm and turned the building’s power back on.
As you both headed back to the main wing, you paused for a moment to look at all the toys scattered around, including a headless Cat-Bee. With a frown you picked it up. Part of you was sad to see these poor toys were just forgotten about, left to rot. 
If you could you’d take them all home in a heartbeat.
Then again..your stupid brother would probably make fun of you and kick them around.
Speaking of whom, you wondered where he went-
“What the hell?! Where is it?!”
Hearing his yell, you ran back to the main wing to find him standing there, paralyzed. It didn’t take you long to see that Huggy was completely missing now. The spotlights were on, shining on the pedestal where he once stood.
“H-Huggy? Where did he go?” Your mind began racing, though you couldn’t help but notice how absolutely terrified [B/n] looked. 
“I don’t fucking know! There’s nobody but us here..I-I think...oh my god I’m gonna be sick.”
You frowned slightly. "You said they were alive-”
“Th-That was just a dumb story that you fell for!!” Shrugging off the grabpack and throwing it to the ground, he ran out of the wing. “Fuck this shit I’m OUT.”
“Wait!!” You tried chasing after him, but he was a lot faster than you expected and soon enough...
He had completely vanished.
Oh no.
Once, you called out his name and got no reply. Then you wandered around a bit, trying to see if you could find that exit. But you ended up getting more and more lost as the rooms started to look unfamiliar. 
Tears of anger filled your eyes. ‘That jerk..I hate him.’
This was so unfair. He dragged you to a place that you didn’t wanna go to, expecting you to toughen up...only for him to abandon you when he got scared?!
He’s always been a jerk. But this was a new low.
You swear you’ll get back at him for this.
That is...if you can find your way out of here at all.
Suddenly you heard a noise and gasped, turning around as it grew louder and closer. It sounded like something it was coming around the corner.
It couldn’t have been him, unless he was really into this prank and only pretended to leave you here.
'No..he seemed really scared. He’s never acted like that before..’
Maybe it was one of those other toys? Or Huggy himself, even. You shivered a bit at the thought, although you had doubts he would hurt you.
Well, toy or not, you had to defend yourself somehow.
So you picked up a nearby letter block as a weapon, holding it tightly and preparing to throw it at whoever was lurking around the corner.
The mysterious entity finally appeared to you, revealing itself to be....
Huggy Wuggy
The infamous blue mascot who scared your brother shitless and made him leave you for dead.
Oddly enough, he spares you, making you a victim only to his irresistible hugs as he picks you up and squeezes you tightly.
When you realize he means no harm you hug him back. This is 100x better than your small Huggy doll at home.
"Huggy I..lost my brother...he left me behind--woah!”
Suddenly his pupils dilate as he sprints off, taking you deeper within the factory. 
Before you can question him, you hear the sounds of crying.
Turns out it’s your supposedly “tough” brother curled up in a vent, sobbing into his knees like a child. Apparently Huggy saw how he treated you and terrorized him.
You approach him, huffing like “who’s the baby now, jerk?” 
But he’s got no reply, except for mumbles about Huggy’s teeth.
Then you turn around and see the toy show off his gummy/toothy smile, acting totally innocent. 
You just smile back.
Mommy Long Legs
A rubber pink arm stretching around the corner, followed by a few more before the mascot makes herself known to you.
“Oooh a new playmate has come!” She coos, but immediately notices how frightened you look. 
You’ve never seen this one before, so you don’t know if you can trust her.
In her sweet sultry voice, she reassures you that, yes, you can.
She knows the other toys won’t welcome you as easily--especially Huggy. So she’ll be your guide, ensuring you learn how to survive on your own if need be.
She basically has the same vibes as Mother Gothel, telling you everything was dangerous and insisting that “mother will protect you”.
And she admits to seeing how your brother treats you and insists he “won’t bother you anymore.”
Whatever that meant had you worried. Even if he was a jerk..you’d rather be with him.
The small yellow kitty with broken wings. She looked better than most of her clones you’ve seen.
With a limp in her leg and trail of blood behind her, she manages to drag herself over to you, concerned about your safety.
“You are lost, aren’t you?” She croaks.
You nod and tell her everything that happened, and at the mention of Huggy she looks a bit fearful.
She tells you of how he’s destroyed a lot of her clones, tearing them apart like chew toys.
She’d mention how some of them were alive and felt everything but obviously didn’t wanna scare you with too many details.
Fortunately she knows the ins and outs of this place, so she’ll do her best to help you escape so you don’t end up like them.
Boogie Bot
The small green musical bot with flickering eyes.
Realizing he wasn’t threatening, you dropped the toy block.
He approached you, seeing that you were afraid and all alone. “Why are you here, beep-bop?”
You explained your situation, almost ready to cry.
BB hates seeing kids cry. It saddens him. Fortunately his solution for most problems is music! So he plays some just for you. 
Even though you might not be in the mood for dancing right now, it puts a smile on your face.
He’s equipped with good pathfinding so he can help you find your way out no problem!
Though..when he passes by scattered parts and bloody/damaged clones of himself, he dances. Not only to distract you, but also himself.
The red dinosaur who curled his neck around the corner to look at you.
His teeth and tongue looked unusually realistic, eyes soulless and empty. And he was chewing on old moss and weeds.
Suddenly his eyes widen and he sprints past you, revealing himself to be much bigger than expected as the ground shook.
And you see him eating something in the corner, desperate to reach his calorie count.
You felt a bit bad. Poor guy prob hasn’t had a good in meal in forever. Luckily he was a herbivore.
“Bron? Do you know the way out? I got lost and my brother left me behind..”
He ignores you until you mention the promise of food. And he turns to you.
“M-Maybe..there’s fresh grass outside you can eat.”
Bron nods and lets you hitch a ride on his back while you two search for the exit, avoiding Huggy along the way bc he doesn’t trust him.
Kissy Missy
Huggy’s pink-furred spouse. An experiment like him but not as hostile or inhuman.
She doesn’t care about how you got here. All that matters is getting you out and as far away from Huggy as possible. 
She knows he’s not gonna play nice once he smells fresh meat in the facility.
So she scoops you up and hugs you close, kissing the top of your head. Motherly instincts just take over and she runs, holding you tightly.
If Huggy should ever cross paths with you, Kissy will screech at him and protect you at all costs, fighting to the death if need be.
She’s tried to talk sense into him before and it never worked. His mind is too far gone with all the tortuous experiments.
So she’s left with no other choice.
Poppy Playtime
The famous doll who is now outshined by Huggy and the other toys.
“You should not be here,” she lightly chastises you. “Mommy doesn’t like guests.”
“I-I’m not a guest..my brother dragged me here and left me behind..I-I’m just scared. I don’t know where to go.”
Poppy’s tone then softens, understanding the situation better now, and decides to help guide you through the facility.
She urges you to take one of the discontinued child-sized grabpacks. You’ll need it for sure.
She’ll tell you how to avoid the other toys if they’re hostile, especially Huggy.
You have no idea if she’s leading you to an exit or somewhere deeper within the building, but you’ll place your trust in her.
Candy Cat
The plump blue kitty cat who was...dragging her tongue across the dirty floor. Gross.
But she seemed to be wheezing, looking dazed and starved of sugar.
You realized she wasn’t a threat and dropped the block, crouching down to pet her ears.
“Candy..you look sick. We should go find you some sweets in the café.” As much as you wanted to get out of here, you couldn’t just leave her all alone like this.
So you both venture to the café and find a vending machine. You noticed the scratch marks on the glass--probably from her previous attempts to get inside.
After finding some quarters scattered around you bought some candy to feed her. She’s still in pain but looks better, and in gratitude she’ll help you find the exit once you explain your situation.
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robynnnhooddd · 9 days ago
Last Chance
A/N: Heavily inspired by Eddie's line in Episode 7, Season 4 - "... but if I were you, I would get her back 'cause that was as unambiguous a sign of true love as these cynical eyes have ever seen."
Summary: Who knew it would take a near-death situation for Eddie to realize he has to get you back?
Pairing: Eddie Munson × fem!reader
Trope: Exes to Lovers
Warnings: mentions of blood and killing, some gore, minor swearing
Tumblr media
Y/N still couldn't fully understand what the hell was going on. All she knew was that Nancy and Robin followed Steve as he was violently pulled back down Lover's Lake by some unknown creature, and after bickering about it with Eddie, she decided to dive right in with them - the metalhead right on her tail.
Now here they were, in what seemed like an alternate reality of Hawkins, fighting some ominous-looking bats that had started to feast on Steve Harrington's torso with nothing but oars and some glass shards that were scattered conveniently on the ground.
"Kill it! Kill it!" Eddie shrieked, pointing at the creature that Nancy had trapped using her foot. With one hit of her oar, the bat whimpered and slowly died. Robin helped Steve fight off the other bats that had begun to join their party, while Y/N and Eddie surrounded the group in anticipation of any other carnivorous being coming to sneak up on them.
With all the noise and commotion going on, Eddie was oblivious to what looked like some sort of vein that was wrapping around his foot. In a single snap, the vein pulled hard and sent Eddie falling to the ground with a thump, making him groan in pain.
"Eddie!" Y/N yelled, hurrying over to where he was. The vein was dragging him somewhere, and its grip must've been pretty tight because he continued screaming and wailing.
Y/N successfully stabbed the creature with the sharp end of her now broken oar, causing it to retreat with haste. However, a bat suddenly landed on Eddie's head, resulting in more panicked screams.
"It's in my head! Get it off! Get it off!" Eddie's voice was cracking as he struggled to get the flesh-eating creature off him. Y/N couldn't hit it with her oar - she might knock Eddie out cold.
Without hesitation, she dropped her weapon and grabbed the bat on its wings using her bare hands as she screamed with anger in the process. Once it was off his head, she took it by the tail and jerked it around, slamming it on the ground like Steve did just a while ago.
Unfortunately, the bat suddenly curled upwards and bit Y/N on the arm. "SHIT!" Y/N yelped in immense pain, as blood started to pour down her forearm. She wasn't really squeamish when it came to blood, but when pints of it were dripping out of her own body - she felt like passing out.
Just then, the bat was being torn off her, but it had already taken some of her flesh. By the time the creature had its fangs out of her arm, a huge wound was already in place. Robin managed to end the bat's life by choking the life out of it with her foot.
"Y/N!" Eddie came running over to her as he saw her staring at her own arm drenched in blood. With wide eyes, Eddie searched for the bandana in his jeans pocket and tied it around her arm like a tourniquet. He immediately assisted her down when he noticed how woozy she was getting.
"We've got to get outta here!" Steve yelled as he gripped his torso which was full of bat bites.
"The woods! Let's go!" Nancy remarked, putting Steve's arm around her shoulder as she helped him run to the woods to hide from the creatures. Robin followed suit, a flashlight in her hands which lighted the way. Eddie never left Y/N's side, hugging her close as the group ran to safety.
"Everyone alright?" Steve panted once they reached what seemed like the alternate version of Skull Rock. Everyone nodded except Eddie, who was pulling on his hair and crouched down next to Y/N.
"Nah, m-man. Y/N here's h-hurt pretty b-badly." he uttered, his lips trembling and his eyes watering. Robin crouched down to look at Y/N's arm. "As soon as we get outta here, we're sending you both to a doctor, okay? You and Steve-"
"I'll be okay. Steve's the one that seems in bad shape." Y/N interjected, waving both of them off. Steve scoffed. "Speak for yourself, Y/N. I wasn't the captain of the swim team for nothing." he joked, gesturing his toned torso and earning an eye roll from Nancy, who was currently bandaging his wound with a piece of her shirt.
"Shut up and let me cover your wounds, you idiot." Nancy scolded, making Steve and Robin chuckle.
Y/N smiled at them - they appear to have shaken off what had been a near-death experience. Sighing content, she leaned her head back on the gigantic boulder behind her.
Eddie, on the other hand, looked more rattled than ever.
"Hey." Y/N whispered once she caught sight of him, tapping his shoulder. The self-proclaimed Dungeon Master snapped out of his trance and stared at her with utmost concern and worry. "Is it still bleeding? Hang on, let me just..."
He proceeded to take his denim vest and leather jacket off and was going to rip a piece of his Hellfire Club shirt off when she stopped him. "I don't think that's necessary, Eddie. The bleeding stopped... I think." Y/N replied with a soft smile.
Eddie, however, didn't reciprocate the smile. He just nodded and sat back down, wrapping his leather jacket around her as he stared at her arm.
"Eddie..." Y/N muttered, placing a hand on his own. It was a simple touch that made Eddie shut his eyes in an attempt to dry his tears.
"Do-don't do that again, Y/N, p-please." he breathed out, his voice still trembling. He placed another hand on top of hers and caressed it with his thumb.
Y/N's face contorted with confusion. After all they've been through for the past days, she hadn't seen Eddie this scared. "What's wrong?"
Eddie laughed dryly, leaving Y/N looking even more bewildered. "What's wro- you nearly got your arm bitten off by those things, Y/N! You should've just hit it with an oar!"
Y/N's eyebrows furrowed together. "If I did, I might've hit your head and made you lose consciousness, Munson." she explained matter-of-factly. Eddie shook his head, clasping his hands together.
"You shouldn't have grabbed that bat off my head, Y/N. There, look, you got hurt in the process!"
"I told you, Eddie. I'm fine now. The wound is gonna close soon-"
"Gosh, you don't get it, do you, Y/L/N?" Eddie exclaimed loud enough to get the others' attention. Nancy was about to stand up but she was stopped by both Robin and Steve. "They'll sort it out. Let's leave them be."
Eddie stood up as he ran his hands through his hair and buried his head in his hands, pacing back and forth. By then, Y/N was growing more and more irritated. She had just saved his life and now she was getting reprimanded for it? It didn't make sense.
"No, I don't. So why don't you sit down and explain it to me, Eddie?" Y/N demanded, staring straight at him.
Eddie took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, deciding to follow her orders. He didn't speak right away, allowing the silence settle in as their focus shifted to their gloomy surroundings.
After a few minutes, he finally responded. "You shouldn't have risked yourself like that just for me." he stated barely above a whisper. He couldn't meet her in the eye - he felt too guilty about what pain he had indirectly caused her.
Y/N scoffed. Before speaking, she shifted in her position to get a good look at him, lifting her index finger and forcing him to look at her back. "You don't get to tell me what I can or can't do, Munson. We've dated in the past - surely you know that by now."
Eddie didn't say anything, but his eyes were flowing with words - like a damn waterfall. Y/N could see the gloss in his brown eyes, how they screamed with longing, guilt, pain, and worry - for her. Little did she know that he could see right through her, too - he saw how passionate she was in protecting the ones she cared about but at the same time how frightened she was that something would go wrong, and this time, she won't be able to fix it.
There was something behind Y/N's actions; Eddie could sense it. He knew it wasn't just plain heroism on her part - deep down, he could feel that he still had a space in her heart, just like she had in his own.
He needed to get her back. This might his last chance to do so.
Seconds went by of them just staring at each other, trying to decipher what the other wanted to say by analyzing their eyes. Ultimately, Steve spoke up.
"Come on, we need to move. Nancy says she has some guns back in her house that we could use."
Eddie and Y/N both glanced at each other in disbelief, the tension between them dissipating. "Wheeler has guns, plural?" he remarked, garnering a chuckle from Y/N. It was always surreal to her how he can just tip the atmosphere just like that.
Nancy nodded. "I almost shot Steve with one of them." she stated, almost proudly. Robin snickered and grabbed their stuff while Steve rolled his eyes.
As the gang began their journey once more, Eddie's eyes kept flickering to Y/N, who was walking a few feet away from him. Memories of their relationship flashed in his head in an instant - most notably what had just happened less than an hour ago.
As if reading his mind, Steve, who was walking even further ahead from them with Nancy and Robin, turned to look at Eddie, then to Y/N, then back at Eddie - all while giving him a "you-know-what-I'm-talking-about" look with raised eyebrows.
With determination etched on his features, he muttered to himself. "You know what, screw this." he remarked, blowing a stray strand of hair off his face and walking briskly towards Y/N. Once he reached her side, he gently grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. The poor girl was obviously surprised at this gesture -  an eyebrow raised at him and a seemingly amused expression on her face.
Eddie stopped walking and so did Y/N. After a deep breath, he asked her what he was itching to ask since the moment Y/N and the gang found him in Reefer Rick's cabin. "Will you please be my girlfriend again?"
This was enough to make Y/N forget the stinging pain in her forearm and simply succumb to the butterflies in her stomach. With a downward smile, she bit her lip and replied, "I'd like that."
Eddie didn't waste any time and stooped down to capture her lips in his own. Very cautiously, one of his hands rested on the back of her head while the other was still firm on her waist. A little gasp escaped from Y/N's lips, but she wasn't complaining. She slowly brought her arms up to his head, wincing a bit when the stinging sensation of her wound came up. Both of them made small noises as they kissed, evidently displaying how they missed each other.
"Okay, okay, you guys. Save it for later when we go back to normal Hawkins, please." Steve groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. Nancy laughed and shook her head, while Robin shot them both with a thumbs-up and a wink.
Pulling away, Eddie and Y/N grinned at each other like stupid teenagers. With their fingers linked together, they walked side-by-side to the Wheelers' residence. "I'm never letting you go again, Y/L/N. Literally and figuratively."
Y/N gave him a light chuckle before smiling at him with tears brimming her eyes. "Same here, Eddie. Same here."
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eulaenthusiast · a month ago
i could help you, after all; han jisung
wc: 1881; 18+ - nsfw: guided masturbation, fingering, edging, voice kink, d/s if you squint; college au; crossposted on ao3; please forgive me for any spelling/grammatical mistakes or brevity!! i am not a native english speaker
notes: this has been in the making since SEPTEMBER. this isnt as good as my other works bc i am very rusty rn but here goes nothing also my finals are in 2 days i wrote this instead of revising; i'll write more for all of you when i finish everything i have to do!!
you see, it all started with that dammed game of truth or dare.
You were invited to a big party for some reason although you were kind of average when it came to popularity. Most people didn't feel anything about you at all and the ones that did usually liked you.
You and your best friend Jisung were more than unwilling to participate in the game, however, the seemingly desperate pleas of your friends convinced you to play just this once.
"Alright, fine" - you scoffed, replying to your mutual friend Minho.
"You sure?" - Jisung turned his head towards you, with a tentative expression on his face.
You didn't reply anything, but simply pulled his hand towards the group of people sitting in a circle and sat down with him.
The party host, unknown to you, spun the bottle and it landed on another person that you didn't recall seeing before.
"Truth" - she replied.
"Hm, what about, when was the last time you had sex?"
She looked over to the guy to your right, also a stranger to you.
"A week agooooooooo~" - she whined, voice impacted by alcohol. - "But kinda want to right now. let's go~" she informed the stranger, who was seemingly her boyfriend, and pulled his shirt for him to stand up.
"Man" - you turned and whispered to Jisung - "That's so embarrassing"  
He chuckled but didn't say anything.
"And they're off" - said Chan, another friend of yours...
The host spun the bottle and it landed on Jake this time.
Approximately 15 rounds in, you and Jisung were the only sober people in the room.
The questions and dares were getting more and more personal, and you were scared of getting asked one. But surely it couldn't be that bad?
Hyunjin, who took a dare last round, spun the earlier mentioned bottle, and fucking hell, it landed on you.
"Hehe, Y/n, the time had to come anyways. Truth or dare?"
You quietly answered "Truth" and it seemed like he's been planning it for a while now since he came out with one of the most embarrassing questions one could ask.
"Y/n, have you ever successfully brought yourself to orgasm?" - he smirked and you went speechless at the audacity to ask this.
Everyone was looking at you, clearly interested in your answer. You were widely known as pretty innocent, so a question like that directed to you surely made a lot of heads turn. Even Jisung’s.
This was not good news. This was too personal to answer in front of the guy that you've liked for ages who could friendzone you any minute because of one word.
"Uh-" - you stuttered - "Unsuccessfully. no matter how many times I tried and how hard I tried, I always did something wrong.
Hyunjin was known to you as the biggest fan of your and Jisung’s relationship. He told you so many times how he liked you back; however you never believed him.
He took on the opportunity to fluster you and started teasing you. 
"Hm, maybe you should ask your best friend since he is so knowledgeable?
You looked at Jisung for a second and your cheeks immediately went redder than strawberries.
He sensed you getting extremely uncomfortable, and he stood up, taking you with him.
"Look guys" - he started - "They answered the question and they're uncomfy with saying anything else, hence we will be taking our leave now."
He was your hero for the time being.
He dragged you towards the door and your phone beeped - it was a text from Jay.
"go get him!!!!!!" it said.
You scoffed and put away your phone. 
You decided to let Jisung stay over because it was one in the morning and you intended to leave in the early morning.
As you were slowly heading towards your apartment, he started talking.
"Are you having struggles with self-pleasure? I could help you, after all."
You looked at him, kind of shocked, and asked "How would you help me, though?"
"For example, you could be on the bed and I, on the floor, telling you what to do. Or I could be on the bed with you and tell you how to do everything. However you want it."
You stopped in your tracks. If you were drunk, that would've been a very appealing idea and could maybe lead to something else happening with your crush eventually; not to mention that it was also really embarrassing not knowing how to make yourself come, so after a little moment of hesitation you replied,
"Option 1 sounds good, deal. it's not like I'm tired anyways."
And little did you know how tired he would make you.
When you stepped into the apartment, Jisung ordered you to wait for him in your room. The command flustered you but you didn't want to admit it to yourself, so you did what he asked and headed towards your bedroom.
He returned a minute later, settling himself on the floor next to your bed with his back turned to you. He sat on the floor, and then announced;
"Look, we need to establish some ground rules. 1. Always listen to me and what I tell you, 2. If you need to stop, please tell me."
"Okay" - you answered him confidently.
You weren't confident, though. you were anything but confident. How does one even end up in a situation where their crush guides you through touching yourself?
Jisung cleared his throat, which pulled you out of your thoughts. "You have to undress.”
You hesitantly removed your shirt and pants, leaving you just in your bra and underwear. You could hear some shuffling from where your best friend was sitting.
“Done?” he asked, to which you nodded before you realized that his gaze was not on you at that moment. “Yep, what now”, you replied.
"Start slowly trailing your hand over your body, from your lower thigh to your hips and then to your chest,” he told you and you did exactly that, flinching a bit when you touched the more sensitive areas, closing your eyes and trying to visualize him doing it, not you.
“Now, let both of your hands tend to your chest -  circle your nipples, roll them between your fingers, or whatever you want. It’s a great way to get someone going.” and you did, sucking in a breath at the new feeling of stimulation until pleasure took over. 
"’sung, what now..," you breathed out his name as you felt impatient.
Jisung looked at his erection painfully strained against his pants but quickly got himself together.
“Slide your hand back in between your thighs, and gently trace circles over the inner side,” he told you. “Then you can see if you’re wet enough to start.”
You gasped at the feeling that overwhelmed you as a result of Jisung’s instruction. “sungie, that feels good."
You could hear the man beside you breathe in heavily. "That's great, Y/n. now, go and touch yourself directly to see if you’re wet. Tell me what it feels like" his voice was unnaturally husky.
You eagerly slipped a finger between your folds, just to find that it was easy for you to move it. “I think it’s wet enough”
“That’s great” could be heard while Jisung pressed a hand against his straining erection as he continued his efforts to help you., "Now, start touching yourself directly. Don't go straight to the clit, but around your entrance first"
As you started doing what you were told, you could feel the difference between this and the other times you had touched yourself. It felt amazing. you circled the sensitive bundle of nerves on and on until you felt something. “a-ah, shit-” you moaned loudly, and Jisung bit his lip to hide his.
“Push a finger in yourself now, baby. Don’t stop until I say so.” and so, your middle finger of your left hand slipped into you. you started curling it upwards in a “come here” motion, chasing the unfamiliar feeling building up in your stomach.
You were gradually getting louder, which Jisung rightfully took as a sign that you were close. He wanted to look at you so badly, how you were draped over the bed with your toes curled, back arched and eyes rolled back as you were touching yourself. But he couldn't, for that would be one step too far, so he decided he wanted to have his fun with you.
Just when you were so close, one thrust away from your high, Jisung demanded that you stop.
“You have to earn it, doll.” he said as you impatiently waited for his directions again. “Finger yourself, angel. two fingers this time.”
You reacted to the demand almost instantly, Jisung’s voice awakening a desire somewhere in you. Two fingers found your hole again and quickly pushed themselves in. Your thrusts were frantic now, almost desperate. 
You quickly got back what you lost last time, the obliging feeling of being so close to the edge. You were very vocal, almost screaming from the stimulation of both your hands. But then, a loud “stop” echoed through the room, and you were irritated, to say the least. The second time he’d done that.
"Whyyyyy” you whined out.
“Take a bit more for me, won’t you, cutie? I promise it’ll be worth it in the end”
Who were you to refuse to do what you were told?
And so, this cycle went on for a few edges. Start, stop. gas, break. Green light, red light.
When you were struggling to get to the third edge, he wanted to get up and help you so bad. He knew how short your fingers are and just the thought of his long, slim ones stretching you out while you cried and screamed from the mix of pain and pleasure made him aroused. He sure hoped it could happen one day.
"Jisung, i need to come please" you quietly cried out, tears welling up in your eyes.
"Hm? Speak up, Y/n"
"You heard me" - you were desperate for release but you'd lost track of how many orgasms he had cruelly taken away from you.
"You have to earn it. Beg for it, love"
“Please- oh god ‘sung, please. Please let me come. I need it. We’ve been at this for one and a half hours. I’ve been listening to everything you say. Just please, I need it right now” your pathetic whines were surely something you would see in porn.
“Good girl. Come for me, then.”
You didn’t need to be told twice to start moving your fingers and bucking into them, screaming while at it. Meanwhile, your friend was resisting the urge to take care of his own needs - your sounds alone were enough to drive him dangerously close to release. But again, that would be a step, no - two steps too far. 
When you finally came, you came hard. You were on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion, but before you could do that, Jisung’s voice brought you back to earth...
“How was it?” he asked.
“Amazing, thank you Jisung.”
And as he went to get something for you to clean yourself up with, you couldn’t help but wonder how many times better it would be if it was him and not yourself.
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viluvr · a month ago
may I request headcanons for rook, lilia, jade and ruggie falling in love like the process?
Tumblr media
Lilia , Jade , Rook , Azul .
Gn!reader, they're all whipped .
( a/n — the only warning here is wholesomeness, anon I'm sorry I took off ruggie </3 I'm not the best at writing him and Lilia . I ADDED AZUL ANON I'M SORRY MY BRAINROT CAN'T TAKE IT. )
Tumblr media
You must be one interesting being and of course a patient one, with Rook's behavior being like that someone would get fed up for sure.
"Y/n, dearest! I've been looking everywhere for you, it's been forever since we've seen each other!" "It has been 5 minutes since I've successfully escaped you."
Rook needs someone true to themselves and vocal about their feelings and passion, he's devoted to them as a whole with their life even more if they're like that.
Rook starts off by fixing your hair, brushing it, or pushing a strand back when it gets on your face, then he'd be more affectionate, then the poems start, the love letters, hell even songs!
He dedicates more time on you and takes the time to learn something new that he thinks is romantic for you. "My dear Y/n, I've come to serenade you with a song I wrote for you, I've poured my heart and soul into this song, I hope you'd like it." And then he's serenading to you at like 1 am.
Once Vil hears it and notices his vice house warden missing he's already going to Ramshackle, he knows Rook often visits there already, and by the time the Pomefiore Housewarden spots him, he's dragging him off by the collar and apologizing to you that Rook has ruined your night.
He takes you out on a date, and the date is practically him teaching you how to do archery. He hunts bunnies and he gives one of them to you, if perhaps he confesses, he leaves the bunny on your doorstep and the collar has a letter attached to it, (the collar is imprinted with an I love you.)
He gets all fuzzy and excited when someone mentions your name, he doesn't even bother hiding that he likes you. Mr. Hunt is shameless.
Tumblr media
He needs someone fun! Probably younger than him to introduce him to what's new these days, to get him to be lively and carefree.
"Sweetheart, deary, y/n, I've brought you these ancient fae accessories. I hope you like it! It's very rare to find those these days." He's a gift-giver to people he treasures, but when he falls for someone he practically melts into a puddle.
"Say aaah, good! Now how does that taste? Good, right?" He needs someone to take care of, and he also needs someone to take care of him, Lilia is used to being the one taking care of someone, it's surely a new feeling but he loves it. (He loves it with you)
We all know Lilia's not very talented at ... cooking. So whenever he asks you to taste test the food he made, Cue Silver rushes to you and takes away the old man's food, and Malleus tells him to stop cooking.
"You youngsters! You're lucky I'm cooking for you, yet you don't like it! It's not even bad!" "...not bad, huh" he's so convinced it's not bad that he ate it and nothing happened to him..
Maybe it's the fact that Lilia wasn't able to love someone before, because of his duties. That made him long for someone to love and for someone to love him, he also needs someone else to protect, no?
Tumblr media
Jade.. it's hard to picture him in a relationship, tho I see him wanting someone who's like him, who can keep up with him. Someone who can tolerate childish behavior and tames them (he finds it attractive) he loves a strong person who can protect themselves.
He loves being domestic, so expect tiny bits of help and some notes for you to take care of yourself. He's interested in what humans do, and one day Cater tells him it's cute to make someone a Playlist, I think he gets reminded of you when the song kay Ganda mo by Frank Ely or Sayo by Silent sanctuary, Hele by Zild plays (it's a filo song^^) also my kind of woman.
Jade looks at you in the eye, so intently, studying you like it's the most complicated subject ever. You have his heart, and he hates how he gets weak in the knees whenever he sees you, he gets so fuzzy and his attitude changes slowly.
He stares at you with literal heart eyes, while nodding at every sentence/word you say.
+he confesses with a Playlist.
Tumblr media
In denial, whipped, has big heart eyes and dreamy sigh whenever you're mentioned.
Coughs to hide his blush. He makes you sign contracts that make you spend more time with him like working at Mostro Lounge just to look at you, even the way you move is so graceful for him. Floyd calls him out and says he's salivating but he's just over exaggerating!
When Azul finally is sure he likes, wait no, loves you! He's already planning how to take you out, talk to you, how to propose.. wait, no! Don't think of that yet. You've yet a relationship to establish.
Maybe some cuddles and cheek/nose kisses as payments when you eat at mostro lounge. I see him and the tweels being like those elementary school girls who says "hey can you push me to my crush so he'd catch me." That. Except sometimes Azul doesn't say that often because of his shyness, then Floyd pushes him, (too hard than he expected.) He listens to Mr. Kupido probably.. and crush (filo song >:)) and bubble gum by Clairo.
Tumblr media
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hoetani · a month ago
In which you lick them!
Tumblr media
Characters: Ran Haitani, Rindou Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo
Warnings: fluff (17+ Blog)
A/n: *Sighs longingly* Oh to lick Rindou’s cheek 
Tumblr media
“You watched it without me?” Ran pouts up at you from his position on the bed. The betrayal in his tone is nerve wracking but you couldn’t resist it! You resolved to wait patiently for him to come home, but the new episode of the TV show you decided to binge together was calling your name like a seductive temptress.
Pouting back at him, you run a hand through his hair apologetically, “M’ sorry, forgive me?”
He grumbles under his breath but concedes as his eyes close under the magic touch of your fingers. His head sinks deeper into your lap as he lets out a long sigh of relief. Your thoughts are bubbling over the developments of the show, and now that your boyfriends finally home, you’re desperate to indulge them.
“It was really good though,” you muse, “like really good, I really thought the mph-”
Your eyes widen as a hand clamps over your mouth. Almost on instinct, your tongue swipes out, leaving a disgruntled Ran.
“What the hell?” He mutters, eyeing his retracted hand, “Why’d you lick me?”
He attempts to wipe it back on your face, but you manage to dodge him successfully. To your dismay, he settles for wiping it on your trousers.
“Why’d you shut me up?”
“I didn’t want any spoilers – duh,” he says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and to his credit, you were about to ruin the episode – unintentionally of course.
Snatching up the remote you put the show on and watch the episode again, a small apology for betraying him and licking his hand. With the way he’s practically purring in your lap from playing with his hair, you’d say you’re forgiven.
It took a while for you to build up a trust with Rindou, but over time and commitment, things clicked into place, the boundaries of personal space and physical affection blur as he lets you into his heart.
Lying on his chest as a movie plays in the background, you’re grateful for the amount of effort he’s put in to accommodating you in his little home for one.
His eyes are focused on the screen, but yours are plastered on his face. The way his mouth twitches in annoyance when the leading character does something stupid makes him look all the more adorable.
Your love for him bursts suddenly, filling your body up like a balloon, the intense emotion making you feel sky high. Suddenly, close isn’t close enough, you need more. Drawing in, his eyes flicker to you, widening slightly at the sudden proximity. The tension rises as you draw closer, closer, closer, his breath hitches as you lean down. With a small smile of satisfaction, your tongue rapidly pokes out, dragging up the side of his face.
He immediately ceases up before shoving you away in haste, causing you to unceremoniously roll off the couch.
“Ow Rin!” You whine like a sulky child, as your butt throbs from the ungraceful fall, “that hurt.”
His lips purse as he drags the sleeve of his jumper across his skin, nose scrunching at the feeling.
“Why are you so disgusted? We’ve done worse,” you wiggle your eyebrows suggestively and his skin flushes your favourite colour. He looks torn between wanting to collapse or let out an unappreciative groan.
Abruptly, he stands up and stalks away but not before breaking your heart with the meanest words known to man, “Your cuddle privileges are revoked.”
“Close your eyes,” you tell Sanzu immediately after he slips into bed. Without a second to catch his breath, he rolls over to face you, an eyebrow raised quizzically.
“Why?” He asks with an air of suspicion, he never knows what to expect with you, but he supposes that’s how he likes it.
“I have a surprise for you.”
With an exaggerated sigh he closes his eyes, the corners of his mouth tilt as he waits with incredible patience for an impatient man. It’s silent for a moment, then he hears you approach him, the rustling of the sheets giving you away. His heart quickens as a flurry of ideas of what you’ll do to him, run through his mind. He welcomes them all with open arms.
Then he feels it. A warm, wet trail being smeared across his right cheek. His eyes peak open in surprise just in time to see your tongue tuck back into your mouth. You lay back on your side of the bed casually, as if nothing happened.
“Did you just…lick me?”
Feigning nonchalance, your brows quirk as if he’s being absurd, “What are you talking about Haru?”
Stifling a smile at your terrible acting, he traps you in place before crawling over. The urge to kiss you senseless is overwhelming when you blink up at him with those eyes, sparkling with mischief, but right now, he has other, more pressing matters to deal with.
“I have a surprise for you too sweetheart,” he croons, dipping low, your faces barely inches apart.
“That’s nice of you, but I don’t need anything. Let’s just go to bed.”
Your attempts to deflect are thoroughly amusing, especially as you try to wiggle out of his grip. The dread of what’s coming is palpable, your desperation to escape grows stronger as you move more fervently. Without wasting any time he licks a messy trail across your forehead as you squeal in mock anguish. He doesn’t stop there however, his nimble fingers trail down your sides and brush against your sensitive skin eliciting a bushel of laughter.
As you dissolve into a fit of giggles under his ministration, an involuntary smile spreads across his own face. He thanks his lucky stars for being blessed with you, before losing himself in your contagious elation.
Tumblr media
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weepingvoidpenguin · a year ago
Unfortunately Yours
Summary: When you and Bucky successfully infiltrate a HYDRA auction, you’re told to stay another day due to max capacity on the jet. But how are you going to survive a night alone with this insufferable Super Soldier? Especially considering the miniscule size of the room and the obvious dilemma presented; who gets the bed?
Warning: S M U T , the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written, language, spit kink, daddy kink, ptsd symptoms, slight voyeurism, slight exhibitionism, hate-s e x, rough, more like enemies-to-lovers kind of thing, gagging, m!receiving, f!receiving, lots of receiving lol, 18+, M
Word Count: 10.6K (Whhhyyyyy)
Tumblr media
   Your body burned with exhaustion and the sheer weight of your extremities felt enough to drag you to the floor and mirror a coma with the length of your hibernation. You no longer had the minimal strength required to pick up your feet properly which resulted in the sound of shuffling to fill the small, and by small you meant miniscule, room you’d been assigned to. 
   Well, you and Bucky had been assigned to.
   You’d both played your parts well enough over the course of the last few hours. You’d sauntered into the ran-shacked looking bar with Bucky’s arm tossed lazily over your shoulder, his distaste for the assignment evident on his face, but he’d cleared it away the second his foot crossed the threshold. He pulled you in tighter to his body and raised his chin into the air, emitting the energy of a man not to be trifled with. You’d portrayed your role as a damsel just as, if not more, convincing as Barnes’ opposite. Your shoulders hunched over and your steps were small and quivering, the wig on your head a tool used to curtain the hair in your face. 
   You were the lamb to this White Wolf.
   Word had traveled through the dark and twisted grapevine that a certain showing of sorts took place tonight and a high-ranking target was rumored to be amongst its audience. You and Barnes were on the first flight to Germany within minutes.
   Bucky had pulled you through the crowd moving along to the thundering music in the background and halted at the edge of the bar. His grip on your shoulder tightened once he’d caught the man’s attention and you winced, his fingers digging a little too deep for your liking.
   The bartender scanned you over and took in your frame, making you feel smaller than you had already displayed yourself to be. It took him a while to conclude but when he took in Bucky’s domineering gaze, a look as if to say Deny me, I dare you, he nodded once and wrote something down on a napkin, sliding it over to Bucky.
   Scum. All of them. 
   You nearly blew your cover trying to throw Bucky a look but you refrained from the hellfire clawing its way out of you. You had to be perfectly in control, emotions and beliefs aside. You were a damsel and you had to make certain they believed that. You knew they were watching; they always were.
   “Relax,” Bucky hissed, pulling you under his arm and bringing his lips to your ear.
   “When you pretend you’re the one being put up for auction, then you can tell me to relax,” you muttered, never looking up from the ground.
   “I have been.” When you paused your movement, he pulled away to scan the room, “Nothing’s gonna happen to you. I promise.” He led you backstage and turned the corner to a dimly lit hallway, barren of any decoration in sharp contrast to every other section of the building, “Besides, once they realize how insufferable you are, they’ll be begging me to take you back,”
   He opened an iron door and pushed you into the room, sending you tumbling down onto the carpet. He tsked, stepping over you and not looking back after shutting the door behind himself. You counted thirteen pairs of feet and judging by the way some of them were turned towards you, they had to be watching. You observed your hands for a second, counting slowly until you figured you’d stalled long enough and sent your trembling gaze to the exit. Bucky let out a low chuckle and clasped his hand around your upper arm, launching you back onto your feet and twisting your body to face him.
   Oh, darling, German fluently escaped his tongue and you nearly rolled your eyes at the condescending tone settled in his words, You know better than that, don’t you?
   His hold tightened and you winced, holding back the whimper in your throat. If you saw any hint of a bruise forming on your arm, you would give him hell later . . . and possibly even if you didn’t.
   You bit your tongue and let him lead you towards a leather chair before he pulled you swiftly down onto his lap where his hand remained on your thigh, brushing the inside softly. Had you not been so annoyed, you’d have been humiliated at all the stares devouring the scene unfolding before them. 
   Good girl, he drawled and pressed your back flat up against his chest where he could put you on display.
   You knew you should’ve been annoyed, or at least settled so into your role as his temporary whore-for-sale that the sensation coming alive between your thighs shouldn’t have made an appearance. But sometimes, the way Bucky brought his voice down real low and cooed an insult or jest your way just had an affect that your body would not deny. It kept you awake a lot.
   Instead, you swallowed hard and let yourself be splayed against him. You ignored the scent of sandalwood in his cologne.
   Your body trembled from the cold breeze floating around in the room and you shifted in Bucky’s lap to block everyone’s sight from the way your chest reacted to the change in temperature.
   Don’t be shy, he murmured and removed your arms from your breasts, letting the thin, practically see-through fabric show you to the world.
   “Buc-” You started, your panic creeping through the cracks at the cheshire sneers sent your way, but at the first sign of your discomfort, he retracted his hands and twisted you around gently, throwing your legs over the side of the chair and spreading them but forcing your upper half to face him. Effectively, cutting your chest off from their line of sight.
   You trembled out a sigh and he grabbed your face tightly, drawing your eyes to his. He examined you, his hardened gaze shouting words he couldn’t currently say. But you understood. He could be a jerk, but he wasn’t a bad man.
   Your body instinctively leaned into him for warmth as another breeze engulfed you, resulting in a shiver that made its way up your spine. “Are they still looking?” you inquired and he gripped your neck with a ferocity that made you squirm in his lap. Fuck.
   He pulled your ear to his lips and licked the helix. You whimpered. “No,” he whispered, running his thumb along your jawline, “But if you don’t quit fucking squirming you’re gonna have a problem, Doll,”
   You opened your mouth in question when you felt a sudden twitch on your backside and you swallowed. Hard. He never broke eye contact with you, instead choosing to raise a brow in mocking. Your chest heaved up and down and how you could feel his breath grazing on your cheek almost had you rubbing your legs together for some form of desperate friction. No, you had to keep yourself composed, keep the act going. But he’d seen it. All of it.
   You nod your head and slowed your breathing down until he released his grip around your throat and turned his attention towards the dim stage. You leaned back into him and followed suit, making sure to keep your attention downcast and appear disheveled. 
   “There,” Bucky whispered after a few minutes and you lifted your head only to find the man you had come all this way for walking straight towards you.
   Like a moth to a flame.
   “How much?” The older man inquired, his grotesque gaze settled on your spread legs.
   Bucky looked up at the balding man as if this was the first time he’d noticed his presence, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?” 
   The man lifted his brow, or what would’ve been, and smiled wickedly, “I’ll give you double your price if you give her to me now,” he offered, his eyes slithering up to the apex of your thighs and this time you didn’t have to fake the shiver running up your spine. 
   A small smirk formed on Bucky’s face and he waved his hand dismissively at him, “Get in line,”
   The old man sneered but Bucky was right, most everyone had their attention fixated on what was happening currently and it was apparent there was, indeed, a line. 
   Bucky rested his gloved hand on your upper thigh and gripped tight, whether to refrain from hitting the guy or just to touch you, he wasn’t sure but he couldn’t keep you away when the man said, “I’ll give you four times the asking price but I want her now,” 
   Bucky’s grip on your thigh tightened and you squeaked at the pain, jumping slightly in his lap. “How about I give her to you for free for ten minutes and you tell me if you can handle her,”
   You jerked your head towards Bucky and furrowed your brows. Free? Dick. You nearly scoffed.
   The man gripped onto your calf and you shifted to kick his hand away when Bucky’s own shot out and and ripped his off of you, “Don’t touch my stuff,” he spit and the man let out a yell but that only spurred Bucky on and he tightened his fist, “Until terms are agreed upon, she remains mine to do with as I please. Understood?”
   The man nodded hastily and Bucky threw you off his lap when he stood up. “Anyone else?” Bucky shouted to the room, daring others to test his limits when it came to you. After a few moments of silence Bucky scoffed, “I didn’t fucking think so,”
   Bucky’s grip on the man remained and he stared down at the hunched figure, “Now, you,” he addressed and the room remained silent. This was allowed here. 
   Normally, merchandise couldn’t be touched until it was purchased. No buying before the auction, no discussing what you’re offering, no negotiating but most importantly don’t try to steal from anyone. These are criminals and that being said, they handle things amongst themselves. They know the rules and the risks they take breaking them.
   So, when Bucky drags the poor bastard away, you follow right behind him. Not a protest to be heard. Bucky throws open the door we entered through and finds the nearest room before chucking the HYDRA agent inside and locking the door behind you. 
   The room was brightly lit, with all four walls a dull cream color and dark brown couches strewn casually about. There’s no real order to this place. All cement corners and LED bulbs. Pure business. 
   “Let ‘em know,” Bucky orders and you turn around to argue only to find the man pulling a gun out of his jacket pocket.
   You jerk suddenly and kick Bucky square in the stomach, launching him towards one of the couches just as a shot rings out. You blanch at the sound, the noise filling your head and drowning everything else out. You hear yelling but you can’t make out the words, only the panic intermingled within them. Your hand reaches out around you and you grip the small button lined into your thin clothing, pressing it four times how you’d been instructed.
   Everything moved slowly and people began filing into the room. How did they get here so fast? No. It wasn’t possible, they were a quarter mile down the road, there was no way they were your backup. 
   Hands began flying in the air and you were picked up and dropped multiple times, each time landing harder than the last. You tried to blink back the spinning but the blows landing on your face and torso made it all the worse. 
   Instinctively, you threw your hands up to protect your face and fought to find some footing to help. Bucky was good but he wasn’t a God, he would need help. When the first blow met your forearms you reached out to grasp the hand and used your other to drive your fist right into the person’s nose. The bone crunched under your blow.
   You took a hit, then another when you managed to analyze the enemy’s fight pattern and waited until he left himself open before driving your knee into his rib cage. He bent over in pain and you grabbed him by the hair, hearing another crack when you shoved your elbow upwards against his nose. 
   You heard a shout and whipped your head over to see Bucky on his back, a looming figure with a gun aimed straight towards him. You galvanized towards them and threw yourself in the air, using your weight to kick him off of Bucky when another shot rang out. 
   Bucky shot up and crushed the gun with his metal arm. You scoured the room for the familiar HYDRA agent but found him nowhere. You shot out of the room, knocking into an opposing wall as you turned the corner and ducked when the sound of a bullet whizzed past you. 
   This is not going good. You had lost your target and rummaged through room after room until you’d become lost. Fuck. Where the hell did he run off to? You winced after breaking out into a sprint but pressed on, not allowing yourself to slow down. There was no way you were going to fail this mission, especially after coming so close to success.
   Sweat trailed down your face and your muscles screamed at you to halt, their exhaustion beginning to wear you down. Your breathing grew rapid and your vision blurred and just as you went to lean on a wall to rest, your shoulder exploded out in pain and you collapsed with a cry.
   “Dirty whore,” the HYDRA man seethed, a cane raised over his head. He brought it down and you spun to the side, feeling the air breeze past your ear.
   Your hand latched onto the cane and you shoved it into his gut, pushing him away. SHIELD wanted this guy alive, so alive they would receive him. That didn’t mean he had to come in one piece though. 
   You tore the walker out of his hand just as he tumbled onto his ass. You stood up, grunting along the way and hovered over his body, fear sprawled along his features. 
   “You can either stay still or get beat with your own cane, it’s your choice,” you offered, aching to bring the walker down onto his face. “Please test me. Please.” You begged.
   His gaze shifted between you and the weapon and he brought his trembling hands up in defeat. He must’ve been an agent of some Intelligence branch because his fighting abilities were evidently subpar at best.
   You sighed, sad to see the opportunity go but brought the cane down none the less. “That’s unfortunate,”
   You turned your attention to the sound of running coming around the corner and moved to drag and hide your captive in a nearby closet only to roll your eyes when Bucky came ‘round. You tossed the cane back and forth between your hands and smiled proudly towards the agent on the floor.
   “Look who I caught,” you toyed and were met with a grunt.
   “Only because you let him get away,” he retorted, pulling the balding man up to his feet.
   Everything began to slow and the hellfire you’d kept under mounds of ice had finally melted through its freezing cage. “What?”
   He turned his back towards you and trudged the hesitant man behind him towards the exit.
   “I said,” you hollered, not caring how the halls carried your echo, “What?”
   “I heard what you said,” he called back to you, not bothering to turn around.
   And there you were left, frozen and dumbfounded for five solid minutes before you could pull yourself together enough to stomp your way back towards the rendezvous point. You remained hazy for the most part while debriefing. You tried to recount everything but the way your anger engulfed you in its flame obscured your memory so you kept it short. 
   It was quickly brought up that SHIELD captured more HYDRA agents than expected and were gonna be at max capacity so you and Bucky had to stay at a base a few miles down the road. You grumbled in compliance but Bucky didn’t respond, not even a godforsaken grunt.
   What SHIELD had failed to mention though, was that this bunker was clearly meant for one. It barely counted as a room. There was a small bathroom in the corner just big enough for a shower and toilet. No sink. And a small counter with just enough space for a stove, microwave and radio. If you were to lay down vertically or horizontally you’d nearly be touching wall each way. Not to mention the singular bed.
   And that’s how you got to where you were now. Miniscule room. Exhausted body. Drained mind. Patience long gone. 
   You huffed and dropped your bag in front of the entrance before walking to the bathroom and turning to slam the door closed. You turned the faucet on and ripped the wig off, discarding your clothes in a pile before stepping into the shower. The warm water was nice and welcoming but your body already felt aflame so you twisted the knob and held your breath when the cold stream trickled down your body. It was difficult to breathe at first, but your body soon adjusted to the temperature and you began wiping the muck off your skin with the bar of soap supplied. But that’s all the was supplied. Clearly, this place was meant to be a quick pit stop. 
   You sat on the hard floor as the water streamed onto your body. You could nearly fall asleep to its rhythm; It was only when your head hit the wall that you realized you were so you begrudgingly stood up and shut off the water. You grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and pat yourself dry, noticing just then that you left your clothes outside.
   You let out a long sigh and twisted open the doorknob to find Bucky toying with the radio on the counter; not even purposefully, just looking for something to do while he waited. 
   You opened your mouth to ask him to hand you your bag but after what he said to you earlier you’d sooner eat hot coals than ask him to do anything for you. You stepped out of the bathroom, towel wrapped neatly around your chest and you bent over to open your bag. The shuffling on the radio stopped. 
   “You could’ve at least left me some warm water,” he grumbled and you rolled your eyes.
   You searched in your bag for the fresh clothes residing there only to turn around when you found them and have the bathroom door shut in your face. 
   “Are you fucking kidding me?” You shouted, pounding your fist against the door.
   You could hear the water running and you groaned, pounding harder. The door opened for a split second and you were hit in the face with the clothes you’d left inside only for it to instantly be slammed shut again.
   You punched the door with all the frustration built up over the past few hours and felt the wood crack with your force. Why did this man have to be incredibly baffling? You were not nearly paid enough to deal with such an unbearable partner. He would have you bald from stress before you knew it. 
   You spent the next few minutes grumbling to yourself after you changed and scribbled your frustration onto a small notebook you took with you everywhere. It was only when you heard the water shut off did you remember something. You still had the only towel. A villainous smirk tugged at your lips and you placed the folded towel on the edge of the bed, away from the door.
   Then you heard the creak. “I will walk out naked if you don’t give me the towel,” Bucky threatened.
   You shrugged despite him not being able to see you from your position on the bed, “I’ll just laugh at your dick,” 
   “You weren’t laughing earlier,” he shot back.
   Oh. So he did remember. Good. You thought he’d gotten amnesia within the past few hours, maybe he was just too ashamed to mention it.
   “Too disgusted to insult. Plus, I was playing a character,”
   “Fine,” he responded and quickly came into view, haughtily sauntering over to your side and you shouted.
   “Dear God!” You held the towel up to block your sight of his barren body. It was disgusting. He was all wet, hair dripping onto his muscled torso, water gleaming off his taut skin, 5 o’clock shadow drenched and straight out of a wet dream. Jesus.
   “Prude,” he commented, snatching the towel from your grasp and wrapping it around himself. 
   “Respectable,” you corrected, crossing your arms and shoving him away. “You get the floor,”
   He lifted his duffle off the ground and rummaged through it. “Then I get the blanket,”
   “You get fuck all,” you stated, flipping off the lamp beside you and snuggling into the warm cot.
   When the shuffling stopped and the bathroom light was shut off, you shut your eyes and let the wear of the day grab at you, lulling you into the beginning of slumber. That is, until the blanket was hauled from around you, damn near throwing you onto the floor. You shouted out and caught yourself last minute. 
   “Barnes!” You yelled, steadying yourself and reaching over the edge to grab the blanket back. Your hand fisted at the faux fur and you pulled with all your might to no avail. 
   He swatted you away as though you were a pesky fly and reached over to turn the light of the lamp on. You glowered at him and stood, wrapping the blanket around your arm and pulling upwards. Your arm strained to its capacity but the man on the floor didn’t budge. Only turned his back to you and shut his eyes. You reached over yourself and flipped the switch of the lamp, once again immersing yourself in the comforting darkness. 
   Bucky stiffened and opened his eyes then turned and froze you in your spot with his stare. He reached around and lit the lamp, slowly retracting his arm and daring you to turn it off again. So you did.
   He yanked the blanket from your grasp and threw you back onto the bed, bringing light into the room. “Light stays on,” he growled.
   “No! You’ve had your goddamn way since you stepped foot into this room. Light goes off and I get the blanket!” You shouted, not concerned about anyone else hearing considering the room was soundproof.
   “No. You get the bed so I get the blanket. Tell me how that doesn’t make sense,” he countered.
   You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of admitting that it did, in fact, make sense. The floor here was wooden and clearly uncomfortable, plus he hadn’t even argued about the bed situation. 
   You retreated, “Fine, light still goes off,”
   Silence fell between the two of you but you weren’t budging. Barnes had faced plenty of monsters, he could handle the dark. 
   “I need the noise to fall asleep,” he admitted and it was then you could hear the slight hum the bulb emitted.
   You didn’t speak for a while but reared back and pulled out your phone, “What do you want to listen to?” You scrolled through a few sounds you had stored on your phone, “We’ve got: nature sounds, frequencies, guided meditations, etc. You name it, but I’m not sleeping with this forsaken light on,”
   Bucky studied you, his expression changing a mile a minute but the one of indifference conquered, “Rain,” 
   You nodded once and selected the audio, placing the phone face up on the nightstand and turning the light off for the last time. Hopefully. You hunkered down into the thin mattress and reached down, grasping at the thick blanket. When you pulled, there was some give. He’d let you get just enough needed to cover your body if you laid at the very edge and your hand hovered in the air when you laid your arm over the side.
   Minutes flew by with your eyes shut and the exhaustion slithered over your body but your mind ran wild with the events from earlier. You tried not to get angry or sad or . . . bothered. Your breathing deepened when you began to succumb to your body’s fatigue and you drifted inch by inch into the welcoming void lulling your name.
   You didn’t hear when he shifted, only managed to register the faint tracing of his fingertips on your hand before finally giving out.
   You weren’t sure what time it was when you opened your eyes for the first time that night. This regularly happened. You’d wake up multiple times during the night to shift positions or throw off the sheets, no matter how insignificant the desire, your body always found a way to wake you for it.
   You opened your eyes slowly to a hazy vision and blinked at the sitting figure on the floor, “Bucky?” You croaked, bringing a hand up to wipe at your face, “What time is it?”
   “It’s almost one, go back to sleep,”
   “What are you doing?” You persisted, ignoring his demand and sitting up slowly, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”
   A heartbeat. Then another. And another. He didn’t care to elaborate.
   “Do you want the bed?” You offered, stretching yourself out and already placing yourself down on the floor, “It’s too hot up there, anyway,”
   His attention turned to you for the first time but you’d already began closing your eyes, not really having the energy to argue with him. You could hear shuffling from his spot and the ground disappeared below you, strong hands grasping your body and lifting you up to place you gently back onto the cot.
   “I prefer the floor,” he insisted, wrapping the blanket around you, “Besides, you’re a horrendous liar,”
   You didn’t hold back the singular chuckle, your haze still enveloping you. “Then why aren’t you sleeping?”
   He sat at the foot of the bed, his hand hovering over your leg in hesitation, “It’s complicated.” He dropped his hand to his side.
   “Isn’t the rain helping?” you mumbled, your sight now adjusting to the dark.
   “Then what?” 
   “I just . . . don’t want to wake you,”
   “Well, I’m already awake if that makes you feel better,” you jeered, a small smile forming on your lips.
   “It doesn’t,”
   “Nothing does,” you retorted, the inevitable annoyance you always felt when conversing with him already made its way up into your tone.
   He scoffed and stood from the bed, placing himself in the same spot on the floor with his head leaned up against the wall and his arm resting on his perched knee. 
   “Oh, so now you can’t handle a little attitude,” your tone came out incredulous, “You didn’t have any issues earlier when you blamed me for that guy’s escape. Which, he didn’t even get to do, might I add,”
   “I was projecting,” he replied, gaze still focused on the door opposite to him.
   You blinked, “Are you so tired that you’re actually admitting to being a dick?”
   “I know I can be a dick, but you threw yourself straight into the line of fire twice today. So I don’t really give a shit if I was mean to you,”
   “I only did that because you almost got shot twice today. Don’t take your anger out on me for your incompetence. Just say ‘thank you’ and move on already,”
   “Incompetence?” His head jerked in your direction. “What was incompetent was that you couldn’t keep yourself composed,”
   You sat up. “What in the hell are you talking about? My behavior is what got our target to basically give himself up to us! It was me that trapped him, not you!” His composure tensed and you crossed your arms over your chest, “You’re just mad your dick got hard so if anything you’re the one who couldn’t keep their compos-” His hand was wrapped around your throat and you were pinned to the mattress before you could finish your sentence.
   “Shut the fuck up,” he hissed at you, his face mere inches from yours.
   “Why?” You spoke hoarsely around his tightening grip, “Does the Big Bad Wolf not like that he was turned on? Who’s the prude now?”
   “Turned on?” He spat, his free hand resting by your head to cage you in, “You think what you did earlier turned me on?”
   You grasped at the hand around your throat and pried slightly to speak, “Fight me or fuck me, Barnes. But stop lying to yourself, it’s getting old,”
   The room seemed to freeze over and Bucky paused. His hesitation was enough to elicit the fire from earlier and your legs squirmed a little underneath him. God, you hoped he chose the latter.
   Then his lips crashed against yours. 
   You squeaked at the sudden onslaught but threw your arms around his shoulders and pulled him in tighter against you. He dropped when you intertwined your legs, his full weight pressing against you deliciously. You ground up against him, your core aching from the previous hours and the small friction elicited a moan from the both of you. 
   “So impatient,” he scolded, bringing the hand from around your throat down to your hips and pressing you into the bed. “What a whore,”
   His breath danced along your cheek and you mewled at his words. Gods, he was going to be the death of you. Or the beginning. 
   You breathed in deeply, his sandalwood scent intoxicating you in a manner that alcohol never could. When you drank, you were just drunk. But when you took a sip from the tall glass that was Bucky, it brought you to life. Your body sang melodies wherever you were plastered against each other and your skin burned with need.
   Touch me, your body screamed, touch me.
   “Fuck off,” you groaned and Bucky jerked your head to the side, exposing your neck for him to scavenge.
   The goosebumps that danced across your skin when he ran his warm tongue up from the curve of your neck to the bottom of your ear brought an arrogant smirk onto Bucky’s face. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged when he reached a particularly sensitive spot that had your legs shaking when he kissed it sloppily. 
   Your mouth hung open in silent pleasure and your breaths were short and rapid, your body betraying all forms of control you previously had over yourself. The hand that wasn’t residing in his hair trailed down his muscled arm and you gripped at the brawn this man possessed. His skin reminisced lightly of silk despite the rough texture of his hands. 
  The same hands that now made its way into your hair and tugged at the strands at the base of your neck, jolting your chin higher into the air. Your grip tightened around his biceps and the strength they emitted sent a pool rushing to your core. You continued hunting until you found the hem of his black, cotton shirt and you made your way up his taut abdomen. You let out a sigh and he jumped lightly at the sensation of your cool fingertips across his scorching skin. It was a nice contrast for him. 
   You gripped at the shirt and hastily ripped the cotton upward. Bucky broke away from his descent down to your chest to let you remove the fabric and you’d suddenly wished you’d turned the lights on first. He mimicked your action and tossed your shirt in a deserted corner of the room to potentially be abandoned. You gasped when the cold air of the room grazed upon the perked mounds of your breasts. 
   His lips returned to their spot on the dip of your neck and his tongue slithered down in between your breasts. Your breath hitched when his wet muscle made its way up to the apex of your chest. His right hand mirrored his tongue and swirled around your nipple, his teeth pulling eagerly every so often and you hissed at the delectable pain. Your eyes devoured the scene unfolding on your chest and you reached over to flick the light on, desperate for a clearer image.
   Bucky halted and his metal arm reached over to switch the light back off but you swatted his hand away and he backed up lightly, his irritation evident on his face.
   “I want to watch,” you grumbled and shifted up to bring your lips back up to his. He let you. He pushed back lightly with his own lips and leaned in sync with your movements. He parted his mouth slightly and you followed suit, letting him lead his way into yours with the same muscle he’d just had flicking across your breasts.
   The light went off.
   You pushed him away and shot towards the switch but metal met your wrist firmly enough to keep you in place. “Bucky.” You wrestled against his hold and turned your full attention back to the figure hovering above, “I want to see you,” 
   Despite the darkness, you noticed his mouth twitch but his grip on your wrist remained solid. You sprawled back onto the bed and wrapped your free hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down onto you, pressing his surprisingly soft lips onto yours. You broke apart, his lips a hair’s breadth away from your own. “I want to see you,” 
   He didn’t move, only scanned your face over a few times and you brought him back down into a kiss. This one wasn’t like before. This one was warm, soft, patient. A ballet compared to its previous mosh pit. He danced along with you, an admission hidden somewhere in his tenderness.
   You hadn’t realized you’d been freed of his hold until you were wrapping that arm over his shoulder and the sound of a light humming began.
   “Fucker,” you jeered and the previous gentleness dissipated.
   “Shut up,” he ordered, pinning you back onto the bed and resumed his ministration on your breasts.
   The moan slipped past your lips at the sight and your chest heaved upwards, desperate for more stimulation. You licked your lips at how his mouth encased your nipple, his tongue flicking against the perked skin and you dropped your head back, shutting your eyes. You centered all of your attention anywhere that his bare skin touched your body and rubbed your aching clit against his v-line. 
   Your chest was pressed against the mattress before you could register what happened and the hard smack that met your ass evoked a yelp. Bucky pressed fully against your backside and he ground his dick down into your ass. He groaned at the sensation and you raised your ass onto him. You yelped again when Bucky ripped your leggings down and smacked the exposed skin on your ass.
   “Try something like that again and I’ll gag you around my cock ‘til you’re crying,” he growled, “Understood?”
   You nodded, wide-eyed and a mewling mess from the threatening promise of this God. 
   “Good girl,” he cooed, rubbing at the raw skin. “Now stay still for Daddy,”
  Bucky’s hand lingered on your reddening ass and the mattress dipped when he shifted to your side. He traced gentle circles onto your backside and pressed his lips on your shoulder blade, the butterfly kisses making their way down towards your spine and then lower. Your breathing grew uneven from the sheer amount of restraint you displayed. Your grip on the edge of the bed tightened when his tongue dragged from the point where your thigh and ass met all the way up to the bottom of your spine.
   “Fuck,” You shuddered, white-knuckling the blanket beneath you.
   Your skin blazed when you were met with another harsh slap. You mewled at the sensation, loving the fire that spread across your flesh and relaxed when his metal hand cooled the area. 
   Then his teeth bit into the cooling flesh and you jerked away despite yourself. Bucky tsked lowly and you chuckled at the hint of fear sprouting in your chest; you did not want to see whatever sinister expression resided on his face. 
   A strong hand gripped the roots of your hair and hauled you up. You followed his direction and knelt onto the ground between Bucky’s sprawled out legs, settling in your new position.
   “Oh, Doll,” he chastised, “you were so close,”
   “That shouldn’t count,” you retorted while Bucky pulled the blanket off the bed and lifted you up with his metal arm, shoving the barrier between your knees and the hard ground.
   “But it does.” His hands dove into his underwear and sprung his cock out onto your lips. “Now get to work,”
   Your eyes widened at the sight before you and you had to physically hold back from gulping. You were ashamed to admit your mouth watered in anticipation. You lifted your hands from his sculpted thighs and wrapped them around his length, enveloping just the tip past your parted lips. Bucky sighed and twitched in your mouth.
   You welcomed him in fully, or as much as you could anyway, and got straight to work, not bothering to act abashed at your desire. Your tongue swirled around his tip and you leaned into him until he hit the back of your mouth but you continued on, gagging around him when he’d gotten inside your throat. Bucky groaned when your throat tightened around him and he threw his head back, using his flesh hand to guide you up and down his shaft, showing you what he liked and didn’t. 
   “Fuck, Doll,” he groaned, “Just how I imagined your mouth would feel,”
   You pulled off him to comment when he shoved you all the way down to the hilt and you threw your hands up onto his thighs to hold yourself back. He used his metal arm to hold himself up and thrusted up into your salivating mouth desperately. He continuously hit the back of your throat and thick saliva coated his cock. Just as he promised, tears prickled at the corners of your eyes and he didn’t stop until your cheeks were drenched in the liquid.
   You let your jaw hang open, your tongue no longer swiveling around meticulous spots that you knew would make his legs buckle. No, you let him have the reigns. Let him fuck your mouth ‘til your throat grew bruised and jaw ached with fatigue. You committed his cries of pleasure to memory, the sounds euphoric to your ears. 
   He lifted his head and stared down at you with half-closed eyes. He was in heaven and you knew it. He watched you, how the tears trailed down, how your hands gripped at his thighs, how you stuck out your tongue just as you’d made it to the base of his cock to lick his balls in the most intoxicating way. Fuck. You were the intoxicating one. You brought out this side of him. This carnal desire that became him until he’d had to step out of the room just to compose himself. And he didn’t like being out of control. That’s why he always kept you at an arm’s distance.
   But now, watching as you sat between him with your mouth agape like the good girl that you were for him, he knew he’d never deny himself this pleasure again. Especially since you were so fucking good at it.
   He groaned, pulling you off his cock and grabbed tightly at your cheeks, nearly pinching your mouth together. “Tongue out.” He growled, waiting for your compliance.
   Your jaw ached with exhaustion but you managed to stick out the wet muscle as he pulled you closer into him and watched when he parted his lips above you, letting the saliva trail down from his mouth into yours. 
   “Swallow,” he ordered.
   But it was already done, and you left your mouth hanging open for more.
   “Jesus fucking Christ,” Bucky grumbled, putting his face right up against yours and feeding you once again; this time with a sloppy kiss that coated both your mouths in saliva.
   He brought you up from the floor and tossed you onto the bed before settling between your legs. The excitement in your eyes grew and he indulged in every minute of it. Bucky’s hand trailed down from your lower abdomen right above your pubic bone and pressed his palm into your neglected clit. The cry you let out was the unholiest thing he’d ever heard. 
   He slid his finger under the waistband of your underwear and flitted his gaze back up to your eyes, “Can I?”
   You nodded eagerly, dumbfounded that he would even ask and fought the temptation to grab your phone from the nightstand and record everything that was about to unfold. 
   At the first nod, Bucky slid your underwear down your legs and made a show of bringing the material up to his face. Your own went red hot and you hid behind your hands, poking through every millisecond to shamefully watch. He threw the panties into his open duffel and you squirmed in anticipation.
   “Remember the rules?” Bucky asked, brow lifted and already descending to your inner thigh.
   You nodded again.
   “I need to hear it, Doll,” he mumbled, kissing the inner part of your thigh, each placement closer and closer to where you needed him most.
   “Yes,” you whimpered out, “I remember the rules,”
   Bucky wanted to dive right in, he really did, but the way you sprawled yourself out so vulnerable for him, it incited a new pace that he wanted to follow. So, he did. He looked at you for a few moments, watched how the anticipation danced in your eyes, how your legs shook in wait and how you were already so goddamn wet for him.
   “This all for me?” he teased, mesmerized at your desire for him.
   You dropped a hand down to your side, near where his hands were wrapped around your thighs to keep you in place - and against his face. He cocked his head to the side, waiting for your answer.
   You nodded sheepishly and when he lifted an eyebrow in mock confusion you said, “You. Just you,”
   Like music to his ears. Just him. You weren’t for anyone else. He thought he felt his heart palpitate.
   He lowered himself down to your core and kissed your lip, drawing a desperate plea from you. You couldn’t wait anymore, couldn’t deal with the teasing. You were wet enough, needy enough, ready enough to take him, all of him. You’d been ready damn near the moment you first laid eyes on his arrogant smirk.
   “Buck - please,” you cried, drawling out the final word.
   The first kiss placed upon your soaked cunt erupted a sigh of relief and you laid back on the pillow, your eyes closed and mind gone with the sensation of those sloppy kisses blessing your needs. He flattened his tongue on your lips and licked upwards, stopping when your hips twitched into his mouth.
   “Sorry!” You apologized, fighting the desire to grind into his wet muscle. He’d just gotten started and you certainly didn’t want it to end so soon.
   He lifted his gaze up to you and you bit into your fist at the view, using the extremity to hold back your moans. He flicked his attention down again and repeated his motion, lapping at your fluids ‘til his beard was soaked in it. He shook his head into your cunt and his nose rubbed along your clit. The mewling that left your mouth urged him on and when you felt his muscle prodding at your entrance you threw your head back.
   “Please, Bucky.” You begged, bringing a hand up to tease your nipple.
   He prodded some more, his tongue gliding up from your clit and back down to your entrance, poking through enough to frustrate you. He wanted you to break for him. To lose all composure and control and just let him. He wanted you to submit to him but it wasn’t just that, it was more that he wanted to destroy you for any future experience you may have without him. He wanted you to come back to him, to need him, to beg for him and leave you with the understanding that nothing - no one - could compare to him. He wanted you. To himself. 
   So, when he could no longer refrain and had to use his metal arm to hold your hips down from squirming beneath him, he slipped two thick, rough fingers into your begging cunt. And the sound you emitted caused that carnal instinct to claw at the barriers caging it in.
   Your hand shot down, tangling itself into his hair and pushing him harder against you. He allowed it. Your thighs held him in place, crushing him with your soft skin and he groaned at the warmth you gave off. You pulled your hand away from your mouth and grabbed at his metal one resting on your pubic bone, pulling it up to your chest and wrapping his fingers on the sensitive bud for him to tease. He slowly retracted from your chest and brought it back down onto your hips and you huffed in annoyance. You looked down at Bucky but his eyes were shut, completely engrossed in the feast before him. You bucked when his fingers glazed across that sensitive spot inside your velvety walls.
   “There!” You cried, your fist tightening in his hair when the all-too-familiar wave of ecstasy began to pool together, waiting for its release.
   Bucky complied, dragging the pads of his fingers up against that spot over and over again. Your legs caged him in tighter as his tongue swirled over the hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves and you cried out at the way your body tensed.
   “Fuck,” you cried, your hands desperately grasping onto Bucky’s metal wrist and tugging at the roots of his hair. Bucky’s groan of pleasure was what tipped you over the edge.
   You gasped when the pool building released, your body shaking with euphoria and the flood crashed down onto you. And apparently, onto Bucky as well. He pulled his mouth away but continued rubbing at your clit when warm liquid squirted onto his face and his expression of surprise mirrored your own.
   When Bucky looked up at you, your face burned with embarrassment and you threw your head back, using your hand to cover your countenance. Not to mention the sight of him with your juices all over his mouth was one of the hottest things you’d ever witnessed.
   Bucky chuckled at your sheepish apology and removed your hand from your face, bringing his soaked mouth up to yours and having you taste yourself. You devoured each other, your arms wrapped tightly around the other, pulling so fiercely at the innate desire to become one in shared pleasure. He could feel his pride swell at your hidden confession. You’d never squirted before and he was lucky enough to be the one to give you that experience for the first time. 
   You clawed at him, divulging in the warmth his body radiated and intoxicating yourself in everything that was Bucky. You couldn’t get enough of it, of him. It was nearly too much.
   His hand trailed up to your gaping mouth and he inserted his fingers, “Clean them,” he ordered.
   Your hand gripped his wrist and pulled his fingers deeper into your mouth, never breaking eye contact with him, loving the way he ate up everything he was seeing. You noticed the way he swallowed.
   He retracted his hand and wrapped it gently behind your head so you were resting on him. He brought his full weight down onto your body and a warmth emanated in your chest when he brought his lips up against your forehead, each kiss closer and closer to your lips until they met their destination. When you parted your mouth against his, it wasn’t merely an action of carnal desire, it was like you were exchanging life forces. Merging and meeting in a manner that had your body exploding and crying out for more of the faint familiarity. Like seeing an old friend for the first time in years.
   Bucky looked down between your bodies at where you were about to connect before staring back up at you, taking you in as if he would never have this opportunity again. His thumb brushed your cheek and came to a rest on your bottom lip. “Ready?”
   You chuckled, “Fuck me,”
   He shoved inside in one clean motion and a breath of pleasure slid past both of your lips.
   “Fuck,” he groaned, his hand tightening slightly around your neck and he pulled out slowly then shot back inside and you moaned.
   You were still so sensitive from your previous climax that every brush against your clit sent you into a whirlwind of pleasure, the sensations shooting through every nerve in your body. 
   “Bucky,” you whined when his pace quickened and the sheer force of his thrusts drove you deeper into euphoria.
   He filled you just right, his girth and length impressive and you wondered why you hadn’t tried to screw him earlier. He slid past your tight walls, each thrust causing the room to echo with the sounds of skin slapping and moans of ecstasy. 
   He kept his actions controlled, not wanting to build up to something so intense just for it to fall short and end fast. No. Despite how good you felt wrapped around his aching and swollen cock, despite how warm and welcoming you were, how you spread yourself out for him to consume, he had to leash himself. This was going to be just as good for you as it was for him. 
   He kissed you one last time before gripping the back of your knees and bringing your thighs up to your chest, a shout of praise falling off your lips. He was drunk on the sight of his cock going in and out of your cunt and he threw his head back with a groan.
   “What a fucking pretty pussy,” he breathed out and you whimpered, biting your lip at the welcome profanities.
   At this angle, he was fucking against your g-spot and using his pubic bone to rub against your clit and watching the thin layer of sweat sheen off his skin was all too much to keep yourself put together. His eyebrows scrunched together and you caught him taking in your form, watching how your pleasure displayed itself on your face for him to bear witness to. Only him.
   He growled at the intrusion of thoughts that came to him. He pictured someone else in his position, someone else witnessing you so vulnerable and open to them, someone else fucking you and making you beg for them. It disgusted him. He brought his torso down and latched his teeth to your neck, biting down hard enough to have you tearing up.
   “Mine,” he growled into your ear and lulled his head forward when you tightened around him.
   A sinister smirk came to his face and he licked the shell of your ear, your breathy moans feeding him, “You like that?” He asked, pistoling further into your cunt and you shouted at the increase of pace, “You like when I tell you who you belong to?”
   Your mouth hung agape and the one arm wrapped around his shoulder pulled him closer to you, your desperation for his warmth taking control. “Fuck . . . off,” you hissed between breaths.
   He pulled out and yanked you up by your hair, twisting you around and pressing your torso into the wall but keeping your ass propped up for him to admire. You hissed at the pain when a sharp smack met your ass and your hands gripped at the wall for any way to ground yourself and prevent from becoming putty in his hands.
   Another hard smack met your ass and you lurched forward to get away from the sting. Bucky kept your head pinned to the cement, his hand holding your cheek from scraping the wall but applying a pressure that had your tongue lolling out of your mouth. 
   You moaned at the intrusion in your pussy and he plummeted in and out, a mix of your grunts and groans bouncing around the room. His pace constantly changed. One second it was fast, the next it was slow but filling, going so far as to hit your cervix a few times and leave you a crying mess under his hold. Your shoulder scraped along the wall and you fought to push away only to have your chest slammed harder against the cement.
   You brought a hand out, reaching behind yourself and grasping for Bucky’s hip, pushing him deeper into you when he slowed. Your nails dug into his flesh and the sound of his hiss shot straight to your core. 
   “What a goddamn whore,” he spat, bringing his teeth down onto your neck and you gripped at his hair.
   You laughed at his statement, “You’re the one that can’t get enough of this pussy. Why so desperate to claim it? Afraid I'll fuck someone else?” Bucky pulled you back and slammed you against the wall with vigor, causing you to flinch
   He stopped his thrusts altogether, “My patience only goes so far, Doll,” he threatened, tugging at your hair and you bit back a cry, “Choose your words wisely,”
   You nodded hastily, the rough texture of the wall digging into your cheek and splitting skin. You wriggled up against him to continue moving but he retracted completely and flipped you over so he was laying on the bed and you were straddling him.
   “Move,” he ordered, his hands digging bruises into your waist.
   You leaned over, pressing your chest against his to lift your hips up and down on him but he pushed you back up and held your arms behind your back to keep you in place. You whimpered but the cry quieted when you rubbed your clit against him and your pussy clenched at the friction. You moaned out a breathy fuck and swiveled your hips around his, noting how much deeper he filled you in this position.
   “Buck-” you huffed, eyes glued to the glistening abs beneath you. “I’m gonna cum,”
   “Already?” He jeered, an eyebrow raised in amusement.
   You’d lost all energy to sneer at him, your focus solely on how the sensation grew and began pooling in your cunt. “Cock . . . so good,” you breathed out, barely able to keep yourself from melting into him.
   “What was that, Doll?” He stilled your movements and you groaned in annoyance.
   You wriggled in his hold and you could tell by the furrow of his brow that he was fighting to keep control as well. You leaned over him, your lips hovering over his, “Mine,”
   His grip flew to the back of your neck and he crashed your lips onto his, giving you full reign again. You bounced your hips on his dick, slamming down vigorously and rubbing your clit in effect. It didn’t take long for your climax to build again.
   “’M gonna . . .” you whispered and Bucky placed you back up, gripping your hips and swiveling you around how you were earlier.
   “Cum, Doll,” he allowed, “Cum all over this cock,”
   You cried out, your toes curling as the dam in your core snapped and your climax washed over you. You hadn’t realized your fingers were intertwined with Bucky's until you came back down from your high, your chest heaving for breath.
   He sat up slowly and pressed his lips against your neck. “You’re beautiful,”
   Your body tensed at his words and you pulled away to give him a look of confusion. But he didn’t take his statement back, only slipped his hands around your back and gently placed you onto the bed, hovering over you.
   He moved with caution, like his gentleness might scare you off if he touched you too tenderly or stared too long in admiration. But he couldn’t help it, he did admire you.
   He spread your legs open and nestled between them, pushing into you slowly until your hips met and you both breathed out. His movements weren’t nearly as brutal as they were earlier, these thrusts were slow and deep and full of intention. He brought his torso down onto yours and you wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him closer to you.
   He ran his hand, the only one he allowed himself to touch you affectionately with, through your hair and stared down at you, waiting. His gaze shifted between your lips to your eyes and he ran his thumb delicately along your mouth.
   You looked at him then, really looked at him with fresh eyes and your heart leapt into your throat at the realization. “Kiss me,” you whispered and he lowered himself onto your lips, setting off an explosion in your chest.
   “I’m yours,” he whispered, not able to bring himself to look at you, “I’ve been yours,”
   You opened your mouth to respond but he silenced you with a deep thrust and a moan erupted instead. He quickened his pace, watching where you connected and pushed deeper and harder, your cries of pleasure driving him. He had to fuck you, he couldn’t love you, he couldn’t make love to you, just fuck. That’s it. He couldn’t allow himself to replay your look of shock at his confession, though the scene would surely be on loop for the next few days until he could get over it. Just fuck. Nothing more. Not with that look of disbelief on your face.
   He held himself up with his forearms but you pressed him against you and wrapped your legs tighter around him. “Harder,” you whispered and he complied.
   He groaned when your tits bounced and brought his mouth to a nipple, the faint taste of sweat lingering on your skin. You brought his metal hand up to your chest and made him grip the flesh there but he pulled it back and placed it beside your head instead.
   “Bucky,” you whimpered and grabbed his hand again, bringing his open palm up to your lips and placing delicate kisses on the metal. “You can feel with it, right?”
   He nodded, hesitance sprawled on his face.
   “Then touch me,” you urged, bringing the hand down between your bodies and pressing the cold metal against your clit, “Feel me,”
   His brows furrowed slightly but the look of your certainty forced him to dismiss his own perceptions of his body; or rather, that arm. And when he began rubbing circles into your bundle of nerves the expression on your face made him hate it a little less. Only a little.
   You stared up at him, his pace growing erratic and sloppy and you knew he was close. “You wanna cum?” 
   He nodded, his hot breath coming out haggard and strained. You placed your hand on his cheek and brought him up to your kiss.
   “Then cum,” 
   He shook his head, “You first,” he swirled his finger around your swollen clit and you gasped at the force of his thrust.
   Your body tensed and you centered all your focus on his ministrations, “A little more pressure,” you directed and he quickly found a pressure that had you wobbling in the knees. “Close,” you murmured, gripping Bucky’s side and bringing your lips up to his neck to pepper the skin there.
   He groaned and judging by the way his dick twitched inside you, you knew he wasn’t far behind. 
   “Bucky,” you whispered, pulling his attention towards you and his gaze brought you closer to the edge, “I’m yours,”
   He blinked and his pace faltered for half a beat. He examined your facial expression, like he didn’t believe the words you’d spoken. Not like he couldn’t believe them, but like you’d said them just to appease him. 
   You placed your forehead against his, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath to center yourself in the haze of this fucking. “Yours,” you repeated, all the emotion residing in your chest poured into the singular word. 
   And then he was back to drilling you into the mattress, a new vigor fueling his thrusts. You cried out and Bucky pressed his sweaty torso flat against your own and it felt like the essence, the being, in your chest intermingled with his own and all the climaxes you’d previously experienced couldn’t hold a match to the flame, the intensity, the rawness of the one that washed over the both of you in that moment.
   Bucky moaned out, his hips bucking into yours and you rode out both of your highs. The sensation consuming and overwhelming and welcome on both ends as it flooded through your bodies, meeting at your point of contact.
   His arms flexed above you with the ferocity of his climax and the display had you writhing beneath him, already desperate for more.
   “Buck,” you whispered when his breathing evened out after he collapsed onto you.
   He didn’t respond, afraid it had all been a dream, a trick, despite still being inside you. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to shatter the perfection of this moment. What if you’d only said that to get him to finish faster? What if you’d only fed him what he wanted to hear? What if-
   “Buck,” you repeated, pulling him from his daze and he lifted his head only slightly. You gripped his chin lightly and forced him to look you in the eye. “You’re . . . mine?”
   He wanted to shake his head, to tell you that he got caught up in the moment but instead he said, “Yours,” because he knew anything else would be a lie and he was tired of lying.
   You studied him and nodded, “Yours,” you stated, already rolling your eyes from the smirk forming on his face, “Unfortunately,”
   He brought your face to his and planted a tender kiss on your lips. He started shifting his position and grabbed the underwear he’d been wearing earlier before pulling out and using the cloth to clean the mess pooling out of you. But not before taking a mental picture, of course. 
   After a few minutes of laying together, his hand playing with a few strands of hair, you felt the warm welcome of sleep beginning to drag you into its embrace. You opened your eyes groggily and looked up at Bucky who was already looking down at you, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
   “I know about your night terrors,” you whispered and his actions halted momentarily before returning to brush through your hair, “I hear you sometimes. And I understand why you don’t want to go to sleep but,” you sat up slowly and placed the thick blanket down on the floor, dragging the pillow down with you and patting the open space beside you, “you should rest. I’ll be here to calm you or stay up with you. Whichever one you need,”
   He didn’t move at first, his ears drowning out any thought he could have while processing what you’d said. He’d stayed silent so long you’d thought you’d crossed a line.
   “I can always sleep on the bed if you’d prefer, though,”
   Bucky shook himself from his thoughts and edged closer to the floor, slowly descending into the available space and wrapping the blanket around the both of you as much as he could. “No,” he said, “I want you here,”
   You hummed in response and snuggled into his waiting arms, lightly wrapping your own around him, making sure to kiss the part of himself he hated the most before fatigue swept you up into its clutches. Bucky followed soon after. 
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letterfromvienna · 28 days ago
I would love to see kisses to celebrate an engagement with Matt
so...I made myself cry writing this drabble, because I am a massive sap. I hope you enjoy <3
Kiss Prompts: Matt Murdock + To Celebrate an Engagement
~900 words, F!reader, rated T for Teen (but 18+ only anyway)*
*My blog and all my works are 18+ only. To follow/interact, you must be 18 or older and have your age in your bio.
You’ve always liked Central Park, but especially in the spring. After a long winter of frost and snow, the park finally comes back to life. It’s the only place in Manhattan where you can hear bird calls—other than pigeons, that is—and you love to see the flowers budding along the winding paths and hear the shouts of children playing after school.
Matt likes Central Park too, but you suspect he’s just indulging you every time you ask if he wants to go for a walk in the park. It used to be a hike to Central Park from your apartment across the river, but now that you live with Matt, it’s just a short walk from Hell’s Kitchen. Every time you drag him to the park, it reminds you of your first few dates with him, spent wandering down the streets of the city after dinner and just talking because neither of you wanted to go your separate ways yet. 
Today Matt is in an exceptionally good mood. Maybe it’s the fact that the weather finally hit seventy for the first time since October, or maybe it’s the case that Nelson, Murdock & Page successfully closed just yesterday. Whatever the cause, Matt is unusually chipper today, and he’s the one that asks you if you want to take a walk in the park.
You already have your sneakers on before he can finish the question. 
Hand in hand, you walk up to 59th and over to Eighth, eventually reaching the southwest corner of the park, and you let Matt pick which of the many meandering paths you could wander down. He chooses the one that eventually leads to your favorite gazebo: it’s a shady path dotted with fragrant flowers, finally starting to bloom after a long, cold winter. As you walk, you start your favorite tradition with Matt. Every time you walk past a bench with a little metal plaque on it, you read the dedication aloud. Some of them are familiar by now, memorials to lost loved ones or commemorations of important dates, and you could recite them from memory if you wanted. Others of them are new, the metal still shiny under the spring sun.
Matt keeps his arm looped with yours as you walk, even though you both know that he doesn’t really need you to guide him. You like that he wants to keep you close, anyway. You see your favorite gazebo up the path and pick up the pace, but Matt drags his feet and slows you down. 
You turn to study his face. “Everything okay?”
He nods. He does that funny thing with his mouth, when he’s smiling but trying to hide it. “I think there’s a new one up there,” he says. 
You laugh. “How can you possibly tell that, Matt? Can you like, smell the wood shavings or something?” 
He shrugs. “I just know.” 
You give him a look and squeeze his arm. He just smiles and keeps walking up the path beside you. When you’re almost at the gazebo, he stops and inclines his head to a bench on your left.
“This one. It smells new.” 
“Sure it does,” you tease. But you like this little tradition of yours, so you turn to read the dedication aloud. 
Your eyes land on the plaque. You freeze. 
“Matt,” you whisper. 
“Yeah?” he asks. 
“Matt,” you repeat, your voice getting thick. 
He wraps his left arm around your waist and pulls you to his side. “What does it say, sweetheart?” 
What it says is this: your name, followed by a question that you’ve been waiting to hear since you met Matt years ago.
Will you marry me?
Yours (forever),
Underneath, the inscription is repeated in braille. 
The words on the plaque start to blur as your eyes fill with tears. Matt turns to you and holds you by your hips, gently nudging you to face him. “What do you think?”
“Oh my god,” you sob. Your hands shake as you reach for him. “Yes, Matt, of course. Of course.”
His handsome face breaks into a wide grin. He steps closer and wraps his arms around you, feeling the way you shake with overwhelming emotion. “You always said you like Central Park proposals,” he says. 
At that, the tears well over and spill down your face. You nod, still crying, and hope that Matt can tell you’re nodding—your throat is simply too choked to talk. Matt brushes your tears away with his thumbs, so gentle it makes you cry even more. 
“So, when can I start calling you Mrs. Murdock?” he asks. His voice is all warmth and love, practically overflowing with it. 
“Right now,” you sob.
“Yeah?” His hand curls under your chin, tilting your face up. “Can I kiss you, Mrs. Murdock?” 
“Yes,” you repeat, and you want to keep saying yes to Matt until the end of time. 
Matt tucks his glasses into his pocket and pulls you in for a kiss. It tastes like the salt of your tears, and he cups your cheek so gently it feels like he’s holding your heart in his palms. You wrap your arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. He pulls you down to sit on the bench—your bench, now—and kisses you again, public park be damned. With your hands in his hair and his arms around your waist, you kiss him until your tears dry on your cheeks and your lips turn kiss-bitten and swollen. 
You don’t care that it’s broad daylight in Central Park. You just want Matt to feel all the love he’s given you and you want this kiss to be a promise that you’ll keep kissing him every day for the rest of your lives. 
And now you can. 
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tokyo-fukushu · 10 months ago
ok ok but reader being toman's girl bestfriend but toman replace them with a new girl 😳 angst bae bcs im lovin it
;; toman’s best friend feels as if she was replaced
🥛 — tokyo manji gang
🧾 — female reader, second pov (you/your), cursing, angst, hurt no comfort, au - everyone lives / nobody dies, au - middle school, platonic relationship, imagine
✉ — i can’t believe that we’re going back to angst but i’m happy about it
🔖 — references to traitor and happier, parts [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] 
Tumblr media
You weren’t officially a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang but it always felt so whenever you were dragged around with them; whenever you always find yourself at the usual meeting place because they want you to be there.
Being friends with gang members, with delinquents, was supposed to be dangerous and it was nonadvisable, like 0/5. But your time with Toman? Those were the best days of your life.
Running around, not caring if you were being a public disturbance, randomly bickering and starting a fight in the middle of a street, skipping classes and going to arcades and karaoke rooms. And being there for each other, no matter what. That was how it was with Toman. That was why you fell in love with Toman itself.
Because it was where you felt the most free while still being understood by the people you cared about and cared for you.
You stare at your phone, at the group chat that was sliding down too fast with the amount of messages typed all at once, Mikey having more typos than usual because of the speed.
Normally, you were a part of the flurry of texts, hell you were even the reason why those started. Today, you can only blankly stare as they all seem to shut up whenever one person is going to say something. That pretty girl in Mikey’s class that had successfully caught his attention after she punched a bully in the face at the very front of the classroom.
You would have supported her. You would have accepted and loved her so much. And you did! You welcomed her in the group warmly, jokingly giving little information about the boys that can be used as blackmail.
But this past week…
It’s as if I never existed at all.
The usual private messages that are only just memes rather than important topics, the group chat being filled with someone or two calling you out for something you did two years ago, Mikey randomly barging in your house and Draken following an hour later to see if his President was still alive and kicking… They were all just… gone.
It was silent.
You realize with mockery to yourself, you hated peacefulness. Before you got involved in a fight with Baji, your first meeting with Toman, all you ever wanted was silence. You wanted to just finish school, preferably alone.
But, you only realize how lonely you are when all the people you used to talk to were busy with something else.
A whole group of friends and not one of them remembered that you were supposed to hangout today, like you usually did before the girl came along.
You close your eyes, trying to block the noises of the city out, knowing that tears were gathering in your eyes and you hated it. You tried to ignore the fickle voice in your mind but it was futile, traitors, they’re traitors.
Toman isn’t yours. You aren’t a part of Toman.
And yet… And yet.
These boys were their own people, no one was supposed to own them. But sometimes, it felt as if it would forever be just you and them, laughing around and pulling another bullshit, roping the saner members with it. It felt as if you were theirs and they were yours, a whole group of strings inextricably knotted together, pieced into one huge puzzle.
You pushed yourself to get out of the bed, stumbling to your closet. You weren’t going to see them, it was never how you were. What’s the point of looking for people that have their backs to you?
She’s beautiful… She looks kind… Despite being strong enough to put smug assholes to their places.
You snort, wiping your face with the back of your hand. Isn’t that how you were as well? Weren’t you as kind as her? Weren’t you as strong as her? Weren’t you as prideful and yet sympathetic as her? So why? Why did they leave you behind? Why would they forget you?
You gazed at the mirror.
Because she’s beautiful.
The setting sun peeks at your window, shining you golden, but your look had already soured as you frustratedly grabbed a comb. Outside. Somewhere. You needed to go somewhere. Away from here, and hopefully, never look back.
Digging the comb to your hair, pulling so hard until it hurts, trying to fix the mess, trying to look as organized as her. You can’t change something that isn’t meant to be. It comes flying off to your bed, bouncing from the anger behind the force.
Toman wasn’t yours, not your exclusive friend and you weren’t theirs. And yet, they were still traitors.
The door closes behind you and you didn’t bring your keys.
(Your phone rang the moment the clock struck six, Mikey frowning as he waited for you to pick up, pacing around the room for a certain glance at the calendar reminded him of the day. But no one was there to answer. You were going to disappear, to figure out who you were before you met them, before they shaped the girl you currently are.)
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emeraldiis · 9 months ago
Pillow Talk
A/N: i will never apologize for being horny on main
AO3 Link
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 3.4k
Summary: After an entire day of staring at you in that bikini, Loki is left utterly desperate for release. Good thing he sleeps with a lot of pillows.
Tags: masturbation, phone sex, pillow humping, needy!Loki, pining
Loki shifted on the bed, mashing his face roughly into the satin pillow case. It was nearly dawn, and he hadn’t slept. Even the tiniest hint of sleep had evaded him, and he’d tossed and turned enough to make his muscles ache in protest. With a frustrated growl, he rolled onto his back and pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes until he saw stars. This was never going to work.
He had no one to blame but himself for his insomnia. Really, it was pathetic, the way his mind had latched onto one silly little human and made her the object of his obsession. You with your silky hair and soft eyes, keeping him up until the morning hours. Your melodic voice rang in his eardrums, and every time he closed his eyes, he’d see that perfect skin of yours and wish it was pressed up against--
With a gasp, Loki swiftly brought his hands down to grasp the sheets in agony. He wished he could blame it on the fact that he hadn’t bed anyone in at least a decade, but he knew himself. Celibacy had never been an issue for him in the past; he wasn’t a teenage boy, he could control his needs. But you had him feeling like one all over again. The way he gawked at you like it was his first time seeing a pair of breasts nearly spill out of a way-too-tight tank top, it was downright shameful. You were just so innocent, so pure, and he longed to see that smile collapse into a pout as you whimpered against his lips.
Despite his best efforts, Loki could feel his cock throb in renewed need. It had been begging for release nearly all night, and Loki had successfully ignored it so far. He held steady in his determination in not giving in, but his resolve was slipping. Today has been especially tortuous. Tony and his goddamn insistence that Loki participate in team bonding. A day at the beach, one which Loki spent lounging in the hot sand shielding his eyes from the blinding sun. You had splashed around in the waves with Natasha and bounced around in a bikini that seemed specifically designed to torture Loki. The bottoms had shifted themselves to ride up quite a few times, and Loki had taken pleasure in watching you reach back with slippery fingers to pull them out of your ass.
Loki’s cock throbbed again, almost violently this time. He moaned softly into the open air. The sound was pained, and Loki felt his hand begin to drift towards the string of his pajama bottoms. They were silk, and because Loki had chosen to forgo underwear, the soft material felt like heaven against his swollen erection. Before his fingers could slip inside to where he needed them most, Loki ripped them away in defiance and turned onto his side, tangling the blanket between his legs as he rolled. The pressure of the thick comforter into his crotch made Loki suck in a surprised breath. His hips twitched upward of their own accord and Loki’s eyes fluttered in pleasure.
Loki could feel his will dissolving with every jolt of pleasure that swam up his spin. His mind spun with images of you: you curled up against him, reaching back with your dainty hand to pull him closer to you, encouraging him to grind against your backside. As if he was in a daze, Loki grabbed one of the many pillows adorning his bed and shoved it between his legs. The firmness of the pillow was so much more satisfying than the blanket, and Loki groaned.
It was over, he had accepted defeat. Loki was about to hump his pillow like an animal and it was all your fault. He thought of that wet bikini sticking to your skin, your breasts bouncing as you jogged back up the beach to him and breathed out a “what’s up” like he wasn’t about to cum in his swim trunks just from watching you. As the memories danced through his head, Loki’s hips began to roll in more deliberate motions. With every thrust, his cock pressed up against the soft material of his pants. Loki could feel the pre-cum wetting the silk, but it only served to amplify his pleasure as the damp fabric clung to his skin.
The buzzing of his phone startled Loki out of his fantasies, and he nearly wanted to throw the thing against the wall. Tony would get him a new one, as he always did no matter how many times that Loki had insisted they were unnecessary devices. As much as he wanted to let it ring, Loki had learned that calls at this hour usually meant an unexpected mission, and he’d be back on house arrest if he didn’t answer. Loki reluctantly leaned over to his bedside table to grab the vibrating object, keeping the pillow between his legs. His heart came to a near stop as he saw your name illuminated on the screen.
A few moments passed as Loki stared dry-mouthed at the caller ID, wondering when he had fallen asleep. Because the only explanation for you calling him in the middle of the night was that he was dreaming. Sure, you had texted him the occasional internet video that you thought he’d enjoy, but had never called him. And certainly not at five in the morning. With a hard swallow, Loki hit the “accept call” button and waited.
“Hey, Loki?” Came your tired-sounding voice. It wasn’t as gorgeous when muffled by the phone static, but it gave Loki shivers nonetheless.
“What is this about?” Loki tried to sound as irritated as possible, figuring that would be the proper reaction to receiving a call this early. The truth was that he was elated to hear your voice, and was disgusted by himself. A mortal, making him this weak in the knees, it was absolutely pathetic.
You were silent for a moment. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t sleep. I-I’m not really sure why I called you, I’m sorry for waking you up. I’ll just--”
“Wait!” Loki burst out before you could end the call. His loud voice echoed back at him in the silent room and he cringed, hoping that no one had heard him. Loki bit his lip anxiously, uncertain of what to say to keep you on the line. “Um, I was awake. I couldn’t sleep either.”
“Oh, I guess that’s good. Well, not really good that you can’t sleep, I mean good that I didn’t wake you.”
Loki chuckled at your awkward ramblings. Norns, you were so cute. “Don’t worry, pet, I know what you meant.” As the words left his lips, Loki’s eyes widened as he realized what he’d just called you. Pet. It had been a slip of the tongue, but it brought forth a whole new round of fantasies. He couldn’t help but imagine about what it would be like to own you, to grab you by your pretty face and push his cock between your lips over and over. Absent-mindedly, Loki began to move his hips against the pillow again. He had to bite down on his tongue to keep from gasping. As quietly as he could manage, he put the call on speaker and set the phone down beside him so he could lie back on his side and resume his earlier activities. Loki knew it was so, so wrong to do this while you were none-the-wiser, but he couldn’t help it. He had been so worked up for so long and now it was like his body had taken over, hell bent on getting the relief it needed.
“So, why couldn’t you sleep?”
“Oh, just lost in my thoughts, I suppose,” Loki said as his eyes fell shut. His voice was the slightest bit strained, the soft drag of his pants against his cock making it hard to focus.
“Yeah, same here.” You sighed into the phone, and Loki heard a bit of rustling as you presumably got more comfortable. “I have trouble sleeping a lot, actually. I guess I just get lonely.”
A heavy weight of guilt sank into Loki’s chest. Here you were, opening yourself up to him, and he was trying to get off to the sound of your voice. He was truly depraved, that was for sure. But fuck, the tired rasp to your voice and the small sighs you let out were sending him sky high. His mind was running wild with fantasies of you under him, you in his lap, you up against the wall as he fucked you into it. Loki fought to sound normal as he responded to you. “I understand. Most beings are very social creatures, we need company to--ah!” A particularly rough thrust of his hips had caught Loki off guard as the mind-numbing pleasure rocketed through his body.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes, pet,” Loki said, panting as he forced his hips to still. “Just stretching.” It was a lame excuse, but Loki was too far gone to come up with anything better. His body quaked as he tried to keep still, like his own muscles were attempting to disobey his brain. Everything in him was screaming out for more. Cum, you need to cum. Once again, Loki was forced to give in as his hips resumed their grinding. The pillow itself was now damp with how much he was leaking, and it felt amazing.
The phone was quiet, and Loki could almost hear how hard you were thinking on the other end. And then: “Loki, are you...masturbating?” Your voice trailed off as you said that word. The sheer embarrassment was evident in your tone, and Loki was almost astounded at how bold you were. Not many humans had the nerve to just up and ask something like that.
Even through the shock of being caught, Loki could not find it in him to be surprised that you had caught on. You had always come across as intelligent to him, it was foolish to think he could fool you with a half-hearted excuse. Still, it was beyond humiliating to have been called out so brazenly. Loki saw no point in denying it; you would not have asked if you weren't sure. “Yes,” he replied, voice cracking as he froze in place for the second time. Despite the embarrassment, Loki’s erection did not not falter. In fact, it seemed that he only got harder. This mortal would be the death of him.
“O-oh!” You seemed surprised, like you hadn’t expected him to come right out with it. “I’m so sorry, I guess I interrupted you, huh? Shit, I’m sorry.” How absurd. Loki was the one shamelessly rubbing himself against a pillow while talking to you, and you were the one apologizing.
Loki found it intriguing that you hadn’t hung up immediately upon learning of his actions. You hadn’t seemed disgusted at all, just apologetic for interrupting his activities. Loki wasn’t sure if your lack of repulsion was what caused it, or if it was simply his need clouding his judgement, but his mouth began to move before he could stop it. “It’s excellent for sleep. I highly recommend it for nights like these.”
There was no sugar coating it; that was a proposition, no matter how poorly disguised it was as simple advice. “Um,” came your faint reply. Loki’s face burned as he pictured the look of horror you were probably wearing at the moment. And then he nearly swallowed his tongue as you spoke again. “Yeah, I tried earlier. Wasn’t really...working.”
A new gush of blood found its way into Loki’s cock at your admission. He couldn’t help but imagine you writhing on your bed, soaked in sweat and your own slick as you tried desperately to get to that crescendo of pleasure. His blush had somehow grown even stronger, and he couldn’t recall the last time he had even blushed at all. This mortal was killing him, you were his executioner and he was begging for you to pull the trigger.
“That’s quite unfortunate,” Loki managed through his reverie. He was still frozen, almost scared to begin his motions again for fear of cumming on the spot. His cock twitched in time with his racing heart, occasionally dripping precum into his pants. Loki was a mess, but he could not bring himself to care in the slightest. All that mattered was the arousal screaming under his skin and your intoxicating voice in his ears.
“Yeah. Sorry, should I go? And let you, y’know, finish?”
Loki racked his brain for an excuse to get you to stay. It was maddening, how quickly you had ruined him. Seduction was one of his many talents, as was manipulation. In the past, he would have had no trouble at all talking someone into his bed and onto his cock, but you were different. Every flirtation died on his lips the moment he was in your presence, and it was all he could do to form complete sentences as you turned his knees to jelly.
After an excruciating period of silence as Loki thought, he finally spoke. “It would be unfair of me to abandon you in favor of pleasuring myself when you cannot do the same.”
This time it was your turn to stay quiet. Loki waited anxiously, half-expecting you to just leave anyway. He had already come to terms with your disinterest in him, you were probably just being polite. But...you had called him. There must have been at least a slight attraction for Loki to have been on your mind after attempting to get yourself off.
“Maybe we could…” There was a tremble to your voice as you trailed off, and Loki held his breath as he waited for you to finish. Whatever your suggestion ended up being, he was ready to enthusiastically agree. Anything that involved you and pleasure was incredibly enticing. “Maybe we don’t have to hang up, then.”
Loki’s eyes went wide. Did you mean…? An involuntary moan fell from his lips as he shivered at the thought. “I would, mm, not be opposed to that idea.” Loki’s body had won over for the final time that night and his hips began to move again. After restraining himself for so long, feeling that delicious friction once again nearly overwhelmed him.
“I don’t really know how to do this,” you said. “I can’t really believe I actually asked you that.”
“Would you like instruction, pet?”
“That might help, yeah.”
Loki began to wonder if he was dead, and this was his version of Valhalla. Whatever the case, he was going to ride this high for as long as he could. Everything else seemed to fade into the distance: the chirping of birds outside as the sun rose, the hum of the traffic down below, all of it meant nothing. It meant nothing because you were on the other side of the phone asking for Loki to tell you how to touch yourself. Loki took a deep breath and tried to get a hold of himself; he needed to let you catch up before he could allow himself to lose control.
“I want you to get undressed, and get comfortable.” That was a simple enough command, Loki figured. If he started slow, maybe he could reign in his pathetic neediness and focus solely on your pleasure.
“Okay, I can do that.” The speaker went quiet as you presumably settled onto your bed and slipped out of your pajamas. “Now what?”
“Touch your breasts,” Loki said. His breathing was heavy, but even as he settled into the role of your instructor. “Rub your fingers across them, tell me how it feels.”
You sighed happily. “It feels really nice. Can you tell me what you’re doing?”
Loki was a bit ashamed to admit that he was currently grinding into a pillow, but figured there was no point in lying. “I’m, uh, I have a pillow between my legs, and I’m rubbing against it.”
A whimper burst from your lips. “Oh, that’s so hot.”
“Is it?” Loki asked hesitantly. He didn’t feel very attractive; slick trousers and sweat coated skin, fighting hard to hold it together.
“Yeah, fuck. Can I touch myself, please?”
Loki wanted to drag it out a bit longer, to tease you, but he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to that pretty voice. Especially when you asked so nicely. “Go ahead, pet. You’re such a good girl.”
There was a faint slick sound, then a drawn out moan. Loki groaned in response, the sound extracting a full body shiver from the god. He had never heard such alluring sounds of pleasure, you were just so far above any other being he had ever met. “That’s it,” he murmured in encouragement.
“Feels so good,” you said, voice growing high pitched. “Shit, I’m not gonna last too long. Ah, fuck. Been needing this all night.”
Loki sucked in a breath and began to thrust with more fervor. His eyes nearly rolled back at the pressure and his thighs squeezed around the pillow. “That’s okay, darling. I, oh--” Loki cut himself off with a strangled moan as his pleasure mounted. “I need to cum, too.”
For a moment, panting and whimpered moans were the only thing coming through the speaker. Loki prayed that you were as close as he was, because the coil tightening in his stomach threatened to snap at any moment. It was all he could do to keep from allowing his release to overtake him before you got yours. “Please, pet. I want to hear you cum,” he ground out as his eyes fell shut.
“So close,” you whined. “Loki, I’m gonna cum.”
He couldn’t help it. Loki’s control disintegrated as he began rutting into the pillow like a wild animal. His hips moved in sharp, quick thrusts, and quiet moans left his lips with every movement. ‘Cum--fuck, mm--cum for me, love.” He was going to cum, he couldn’t stop. He just needed you to finish first.
The phone crackled as you let out a sharp cry of pleasure. Loki listened in a trance, trying to memorize every noise that left your lips as you climaxed. Your sounds spurred him on, and he found himself tipping over the edge, cumming harder than he had in a long time. Pleasure whited out his vision, and Loki could faintly hear himself whining your name in a broken voice. He didn’t get the chance to be embarrassed about the noise; his cock pulsed in dizzying waves of euphoria, spurting out rope after rope of hot cum. It shot into his pants, soaking them all the way through and seeping into the pillow. It wasn’t until the last drop had left his body that he was finally able to stop the groans that had been bubbling up from his throat.
As the pleasure subsided, Loki sagged against the bed and took in the mess he had made. His pants were ruined, no doubt about that. And the pillow? Well, it would most likely need a few good washes. But he felt sated, too relaxed to even care about the cum drying to his thighs.
“Are you still there?”
Fuck, he had almost forgotten that you were still on the phone. “Yes,” he croaked out. “That was…”
“Amazing,” you finished for him. Though you couldn’t see him, Loki nodded in agreement.
The bed suddenly felt very large and very empty after the daze of Loki’s orgasm faded. He found himself wishing that you were here, so he could wrap his arms around that perfect waist and bury his nose in your hair. It was an incredibly foreign feeling; Loki had never been one to cuddle after sex. But then again, everything about you was different. You were special. Loki opened his mouth, ready to invite you to his room, but something stopped him. What if this had been just a spur of the moment thing for you? What if you only saw him as a tool to get yourself off?
“Would it be weird if I came down there?” You asked, startling Loki out of his thoughts. There you went again, calming his anxieties before he even had the chance to feel them.
A relieved grin broke out on his face, and his heart sped up again in excitement. “No, I would very much enjoy that.” And for the first time in a very long time, Loki felt wanted.
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lou-struck · a month ago
Mammon x reader
~ after insulting one of your favorite rides, Mammon needs to be taught a lesson.
Warnings: vomiting
This is yet another part of my 300 followers event which you could find HERE.
Here is the request that I received for this prompt, If you liked this feel free to make a request of your own.
"Can I add in Mammon and MC on the teacup ride? I have this image in my head where Mammon thinks it’ll be nice and easy since it’s not a thrill ride, but SOMEHOW MC achieved the strength of the gods."
Tumblr media
After doing a huge favor for lord Diavolo, you and Mammon received a trip to a certain mouse-themed amusement park on a trip to the human world. 
As soon as you walked down Mainstreet his eyes lit up with all the things to do, eat, and buy. Maybe this wasn't the best place for the avatar of greed. Not wanting to bankrupt the prince of hell, You make it your mission to keep you two under a certain budget.
The best way to do that is to put the demon on as many rides as possible. The excitement of the attractions may distract him enough to keep him away from the shops. 
“MC, this is so excitin,” the demon says looking at the complimentary park map that was given to him at the entrance. Walking through the castle and into the land of fantasy you hear the music of the mad tea party Pulling you forward.
In the distance, you spot one of your favorite attractions, the Teacups.
“ Mammon, we should go on this one, it’s my favorite.” You say with A doe-eyed look that the demon has yet to resist.
“Are ya sure you want to go on that one? It looks like a kiddy ride.” He says looking unimpressed at the seemingly slow-moving teacups filled to the brim with giggling children.
“Yes! Mammon I love this one, and the wait time is super short” you plead.
“Fine but only cuz it’s ur favorite.” he relents holding his hands up in surrender.
With a smile, you take his hand and drag him into the line. The queue is going by quickly, and it looks like you are about to board the next flight. But the description of ‘kiddy ride’ rings in your ears.
“I’ll show you a kiddy ride,” you mumble under your breath.
“What was that MC, did ya say somethin?” Mammon asks looking at you with his yellow blue eyes. 
“Nothing Mammon,” you say cheerfully, “Just thinking about how awesome you are.”
“I am pretty awesome,” he beams successfully sidetracked.
“You sure are,” you say with a tight grin. “Let's get to the ride you say leading him to a gold-crusted teacup fitting of the Avatar of greed.
As he slides into the cup you reach into your purse and pull out an enchanted ring you borrowed from Solomon, while wearing it your strength is increased tenfold. If Mammon wants a thrill ride you’ll give him a thrill ride.
With an evil little giggle, you place your hand on the mechanism that you use to spin the cup on its saucer. 
“Do I need t’pull that too?”  Mammon asks looking at the mechanism.
“No, it’s okay, I got it.” you smile sweetly “I want to show you how strong I am. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”
Mammon may not be the brightest bulb in the box as he nods and leans back against the seat, arms reaching behind his head. Not picking up on the sinister tone in your voice.
With Mammon unaware of your true intentions the cheerful music begins and the saucers being to rotate and your teacup begins to turn.
Unintentionally adding fuel to your fire mailman has the audacity to let out a sarcastic little yawn. any ounce of mercy or restraint flies out of your teacup as you grip the sides of the mechanism.
“ you better hold on Mammon,” you deadpan as you give the mechanism an experimental turn. With the added strength the ring gives you do you speed up to three times your normal speed. His eyes shoot wide-open and he struggles to grip the handlebars so he doesn’t lose his balance.
“W-what’s goin on?” He sputters out as you give him a truly evil grin.
“ I told you to hang on. So you better hang on.” You say giving another twist to the mechanism.
The gleeful cheers from around you are drowned out by Mammon’s scream of terror as you continue to twist and twist and twist the ride till a tiny bit of smoke comes from the mechanism.
The fun thing about the Teacup ride is that even if you’re going fast, onlookers are unaware of just how fast you were going from inside your cup. To the observing public and to those in line Mammon looks like a chicken while the vortex you are creating with your spin brings tears to his eyes.
after the ninty glorious seconds of tormenting the demon, the ride slows to a stop and you remove your hands from the wheel. 
Feeling dizzy Mammon shakily stands to his feet and stumbles to the nearest trashcan where he empties the contents of his stomach inside of it. Feeling guilty for maybe going a bit too far with your revenge you gently rub his back and offer him a sip from the water bottle in your bag.
Once he has caught his breath he looks up at you with big eyes, “that wasn't a kiddy ride.” he says taking a sip from the water.
“I may have gone a bit too far Mammon, I’m sorry,” you say apologetically.
“Ur strong for a human,” he says looking back at the cheerful deathtrap he just exited. “Can we go on again?”
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oranoyaora · 3 months ago
a promise is a promise
ft. timeskip!sakusa kiyoomi, msby four
warning(s): slightly suggestive, slight manhandling.
notes: you motivate omi for an upcoming game
Tumblr media
“Omi, we gotta go to the locker roo-”
Sakusa turned and scowled, “Shut it, Miya.”
You flicked Sakusa on his firm bicep, making him turn back to you.
“Don’t be so mean, Omi~” you teasingly chastised.
Sakusa scowled with a slight pout. You chuckled as you tugged his jersey, making Sakusa bend down toward you. You got up onto your tip toes and leaned up next to his ear.
“If you score the most out of everyone, tonight I’ll...” you whispered quietly so that only Sakusa could hear.
Sakusa’s scowl broke. His eyes widened just slightly. You leaned back onto the heels of your feet with a small smirk. You tugged him down toward you again before pulling his mask down and quickly pecked your lips onto his.
“I love you and good luck,” you smiled sweetly and pulled his mask back up.
You walked away towards the entrance of the gym, leaving Sakusa stoically stunned.
After the MSBY Jackals thoroughly destroyed their opponent, mainly thanks to Sakusa, they all returned to the locker room to change out of their uniforms. 
“Omi, you were on fire today,” Atsumu said aloud.
Hinata nodded, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you scored the most out of everyone today.”
Sakusa shrugged, as if not caring for his teammates’ praises. On the outside, Sakusa seemed indifferent, but on the inside, all he could think about was the reward you would give him tonight. Pride swelled in his chest as he successfully rose up to the challenge you had given him. 
“Omi Omi really gave the other team a hard time,” Bokuto grinned. 
Ok, maybe Sakusa was showing off a bit, but that was all because of you. Every time he scored he would look back to where you were seated. You grinned proudly at him. He was going to ruin that smile of yours tonight. 
Sakusa quickly put on his hoodie, a pair of sweatpants over his shorts, and a mask, before darting out of the locker room. The other three MSBY players raised an eyebrow at Sakusa’s actions.
You were waiting for Sakusa just outside of the building. He still had a stoic expression on his face as he grabbed your hand, dragging you to your car. 
You teasingly smiled, “Someone’s eager to get home.”
“A promise is a promise,” Sakusa deadpanned.
You gave him an unimpressed look, “I never actually promised anything.”
“I scored the most out of everyone,” Sakusa stated.
You stayed silent and stared at the masked man. 
“I practically won the game for the team,” Sakusa continued.
“Humble yourself, Omi,” you snickered. 
The said man glanced down at you, “I successfully completed the challenge you gave me.”
You waved lazily and dramatically sighed, “Yes, yes, and I’ll reward you for doing so.”
Suddenly, you were swept up and thrown over Sakusa’s should like a sack of potatoes. 
“K-Kiyoomi, what the hell?” You exclaimed.
“You were walking too slow,” Sakusa grumbled.  “No, I wasn’t! You just have longer legs, so you naturally walk faster than most people!”
“I’m gonna ruin your legs,” he muttered, shutting you up. 
You crossed your arms, attempting to wipe the grin on your face with a pout. You couldn’t wait to get home tonight either. Sakusa could feel your excitement. He slightly smiled. 
I’m gonna ruin every inch of you...
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brokenbellsgvf · 20 days ago
Imagine Josh asking u to let him practice eating p*ssy with u
(I made this into a full blurb I’m sorry)
Josh paused. “Can you teach me how to eat pussy?”
“What…?” You choked out.
“Well I-..I’ve always wanted to try it but I’ve never really had the chance. Sex has always been rushed for me but I want to try eating a girl out I’ve just never really had the chance and I know I’ll suck at it so I was wondering if you could help teach me what feels good for you.”
He looked up at you then. Cheeks flushed a crimson red, but searching your face.
You were rendered speechless, the color of your face easily matching his own.
“If you’re uncomf-…”
“No I uh…I can teach you I guess…”
“Okay uhh..okay cool so uhm…” he rubbed the back of his neck.
“Come her you idiot.” You grabbed his face in your hands and pulled him towards your lips. Both of your pillowy lips moved in synch with each other. Joshs hesitance melted away as you teased your tongue on his bottom lip and sucked it in between your own lips.
“Fuck Y/N” he groaned when you two pulled back from each other.
You let him push you onto your back, his lips making contact with the side of your neck as his fingers fumbled with the button on your jeans.
“Slow down cowboy.” You giggled, kissing his cheek.
“Sorry mama, I just really want to taste you. I bet you’re sweeter than cherry pie.”
“Ah fuck it what the hell, take me” you said, rolling your eyes and pushing down on his shoulders.
Josh smirked at you and shot you a wink as he successfully pulled your shorts and thong down your legs, throwing them behind him.
His hands gripped your knees and spread you wide. You watched his eyes take you in and you suddenly felt small, going to close your legs.
“No,” Josh said glancing up at your face. “You’re beautiful. So pretty and pink and ohh my god so fucking wet.” He groaned out, looking at your glistening core.
“All for you Joshy”
He groaned out again bringing his pointer and middle finger up to drag through your folds. The wetness cutting through the silence of the room minus your breathing. The feeling of his fingers dipping into your entrance making your eyes roll back.
“Does that feel good pretty girl?” Josh breathlessly whispered as you moaned out.
“So good, you stretch me so nice Josh”
You felt Josh curl his fingers as he slowly began to move in and out of you, his fingers finding that bump of your g spot that you can never reach, your back arching off the bed.
“There it is pretty girl. That’s the spot, hmm?”
“Yes Josh oh fuck yesss..” you moaned out.
“I think it’s time I taste you my sweet girl.”
You moaned out at his words watching as he adjusted himself to lay on his stomach with his head in between your legs, still slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you. He removed his fingers from you and you whined at the loss of contact.
“Don’t worry mama, I’m right here” He said as he kissed the inside of your thigh. He then licked a stripe up the center of your core, delving his tongue deep in between your folds to gather all of your sweetness and pausing just as he hit the bottom part of your clit. You whined and threw your head back.
“Just as I thought. The sweetest pussy I’ve ever encountered. Tell me what you want mama, I’ll give you anything.” He moaned into the mound of your pelvis.
“Lick me again. Suck me. Suck my clit. Please anything Josh, please, your fingers, I want all of it.” You moaned out desperately, looking at him in between your legs.
“Show me where your clit is, baby I’ll take good care of it.”
You moaned out as you moved your hand down to your core to circle around your clit.
“Right here” you moaned while looking him deep in his eyes.
“Such a fucking slut you are touching yourself. Move.” And at that Josh pushed your hand away and moved his mouth down to where your finger just was, sucking your clit into his pretty plush lips.
“Ohhhh fuck!” You exclaimed, your back arching off the bed at the tingling feeling of your clit moving in and out of his mouth as he switched up any patterns. Your legs began to shake around his head and he took note of it, abandoning your clit to dip his tongue in between your folds again.
You moaned out as he sucked each individual lip hard into his own mouth.
Josh pulled away for a moment, “oh my god honey, you’re so sweet. My sweet little slut. How am I doing mama?” His finger prodding your entrance again as he spoke these words.
“So good. You feel so good. Please suck on my clit again baby please it felt so so good” you moaned out.
Josh dive back in without question, entering his fingers into you, finding that sweet spot and sucking your swollen clit into his mouth.
Your orgasm building quickly at the sounds of your wet core, him sucking your clit into his mouth and the feeling of it all.
“Josh, you’re doing so good babe. I’m gonna cum holy fuck I’m gonna-…”
Your vision blurred, the beautiful tingling sensation taking over your body as you squeezed around Joshs fingers as your orgasm took over your body. You didn’t even know you were moaning out until a few moments later when your orgasm subsided a bit.
“Holy fuck Y/N…” Josh said, leaning his face against your left inner thigh, fingers still slowly moving in and out of you. “That was the hottest thing ive ever fucking seen,”
You giggled and looked down at him. “Baby listen, you can practice on me anytime because holy shit.”
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sunrisefairy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Paring: Remus Lupin x fem!reader Warning: NSFW! MDNI 18+ unprotected sex, swearing, mentions of oral sex. If I’ve forgotten anything let me know! Summary: Remus finds the reader so annoyingly distracting.  A/N: for the anon that wanted a mix of enemies to lovers and Remus losing control near the full moon. I hope I did it justice.  Requests are open!
tag list: if your name is crossed out i couldn’t tag you :( @theweasleyslut @anxiousblanketqueen @midnightgremlin @babyjordy @widowdays @inglourious-imagines @garbdump @star-sunshine-sage @weelittleweasley @starlightkell @omghufflepuff @weasleysprincess @harrysboo28 @j-amespotter @woodxweasley @gryffindorgirl @siriusbarnesslut @joytce397 @thegirllostinthelibrary @layaaaa @nuttytani @horrormoviebitch @j-weasley-lupin  @sunflowerdarlingx @touchdeprivedwh0re​ @melonoptimist @iamnibbsi  @thebiggestsimponearth​ @impulse-anchor​ @lilytheally​ @familydisappointed @alinor-padfoot
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Remus Lupin isn’t one to hate people, sure there is only a select few people that he actually likes spending time with and considers his good friends but that doesn’t mean that he dislikes everyone else, he just doesn’t have time for a lot of people, especially annoying people. And some people are just more annoying than others and most times those people don’t even realise they’re acting as such. Except for the girl who is basically in every one of his classes, you. Remus is certain you know how infuriating you are, especially when you shoot your hand up to beat Remus to answering a question or how a smile will stretch across your pretty lips when you finds out you scored higher than Remus on a test or how you always seems to giggle a little louder when you knows Remus is nearby. Remus finds it irritating how you seems to know exactly how to get on his nerves, you know precisely how to make his cheeks heat up in anger and make his blood boil and his cock hard, okay maybe you don’t realise you’re doing the last one but still. But the thing that annoys Remus the most is you don’t seem to care.
Being friends with James Potter and Sirius Black, Remus has learnt to obtain the patience of a saint. He finds no trouble in zoning out their constant chatter and ignoring their mindless bickering. However, as it gets closer to a full moon, Remus’ tolerance wears thin and the marauders quickly learnt to simmer down and be wary of Remus around a full moon, unless either one of them wanted a smack to the back of the head. As it gets closer to his transformations Remus’ senses are heightened tenfold, it’s as if he can hear every sound, smell every scent and everything he tastes is 10 times more intense.
His joints were aching more than usual last night so that combined with Peters constant snoring ensured minimal sleep which resulted in Remus being extra irritable today which would have been manageable if he didn’t have a class first thing with you. Beautiful, cute, annoying you.
Remus thought if he could just spend the lesson concentrating hard enough on the professors dull voice that you sitting in the same room as him wouldn’t be an issue, it wasn’t like he sat next to you anyway, James or Sirius always occupied the desk next to him eager to ‘share’ his notes. Expect this day was different, because Remus got little sleep last night he slept through his alarm and somehow even slept through the booming voices of the Marauders when they were getting ready this morning. Remus started off the day jumping out of bed and rushing to get ready, having no time for breakfast (which added to his already foul mood) and practically falling through the classroom door only to find his usual seat was pre-occupied by some girl Sirius was trying to woo and James was sitting next to Pete.
“Ah, Mr. Lupin. How fantastic to see you have finally decided to join us. Please find a seat so I can continue on with my lesson,” the Professor states before continuing his lifeless lesson.
Remus quickly scans the room for a free chair to rush to, he spots one in the far corner of the room but falters in his step when he notices who is seated next to the free space, you. Remus groans when he realises this was the only free chair and very obviously drags his feet before plopping down beside you, he can only hope you decided to not be annoyingly distracting today.
“How scandalous that Mr. prefect is late to class,” you whisper, chuckling when you see Remus roll his eyes, a usual reaction of his.
Remus comes to the conclusion that the best point of action is to just pretend you don’t exist, which goes according to plan until 3 quarters of the way through the lesson. The thing is, Remus hasn’t sat in such close proximity to you this close to a full moon before and he’s struggling to keep his focus on the jumble of words in front of him and not on the way you’re obnoxiously twirling your hair between your fingers. Whatever perfume you sprayed on yourself is suffocating Remus’ nostrils and he can’t get enough. Within no time Remus thoughts are straying away from his textbook to more filthy thoughts surrounding you. The main image that is burning a hole in his brain is the thought of burying his face in your neck and inhaling your scent and sinking his teeth into your perfect skin, he has to bite his lip to stop himself from groaning.
Remus manages to write 2 more messy sentences down before glancing in your direction and noticing the way your lip is pulled between your teeth and he can’t help but fantasise about biting your annoyingly pretty lips himself.
“Stop doing that,” Remus grits through his teeth as he speaks.
You meet his gaze confused, “stop doing what?”
“That!” Remus whisper yells, pointing at your lips as you once again pull your bottom lip in between your lip. “It’s distracting.”
You mumble an apology and go back to writing your notes. You’re so engrossed in reading the selected chapter you don’t even notice you’re bouncing your leg up and down rapidly until a rough hand stills your movements. You’re expecting Remus to remove his large hand once your movements stop, however to your surprise he keeps his hand resting firmly against your bare knee. Mouth agape and staring down at where Remus is touching you, the way his thumb is stroking at your skin seems innocent enough, so why is your stomach in knots?
Remus leans dangerously close to your ear, which thankfully goes unnoticed by the rest of the class given the fact the two of you are seated at the back of the room. “You are being very distracting right now bunny, it’s making me angry.”
A visible shudder runs through your body, feeling Remus’ hot breath fanning the side of your face makes your mouth dry. Remus’ low teasing voice makes you whimper immediately a heat rushes up your cheeks because even though your whimper was quiet Remus is so very close to you right now, you know he heard.
“Come with me,” Remus squeezes your knee and moves to rise from his seat.
You halt his movements by grabbing onto his bicep, “we can’t just leave, we’re in the middle of class.” Your eyes dart to the front of the room to see if your professor has witnessed Remus’ half standing and planning his escape.
“What’s life without a bit of risk bunny, now c’mon.” his tone demanding and firm. Without even a second glance Remus walks out of class, making you wonder if he’s done this before. The odds are high, given that he’s one fourth of the infamous marauders clan.
You look away from the door Remus just so carelessly walked out of and to the front of the class at your professor, he’s sitting at his desk reading over papers and very obviously trying to stay awake. The chances of him catching you are slim but that isn’t what you’re nervous about. You’re nervous about what will happen if you do make it out of the classroom unnoticed, you’re nervous about what Remus will do to you. The endless possibilities are both thrilling and exciting. There’s no way you could stay seated not when there’s a wetness pooling in your panties just from Remus’ hand on your knee.
Carefully you slip out from your seat and rush to the door, breathing a sigh of relief when you successfully make it out into the corridor. Looking around you notice the corridor is empty and there’s no sign of Remus, you begin walking down the hallway in search of the boy.
“Remus?” you’re met with nothing but silence. Just as you’re about to turn and head back to class you feel a strong arm grip yours and tug your harshly into a tiny room.
“Ooft,” your body slamming into someone’s hard chest; if only there was a light source in this closet? yes it’s definitely a closet, if only it wasn’t so dark in here you would be able to figure out who decided it a good idea to scare the shit out of you by pulling you in here with them.
“Took your fucking time,” the other person grunts, Remus you thought, you knew that voice.
“Remus, what the hell? Care to explain why your dragged me out of class and into this dark broom closet?” Although there is no light in the tiny closet you can vaguely see Remus’ outline towering over you, you gulp realising how close the both of you are standing to each other. Remus’ hot breath fans your face and you’re very aware that if you were to angle your head further upwards and stand on your tiptoes you could connects your lips. The thought itself has you shuddering.
“Couldn’t wait.” Remus replies, stepping closer, invading your personal space even more, not that you minded.
“Couldn’t wait for what?”
“Merlin you’re dumber than I thought if you don’t know.”
You scoff defensively, “I am not dumb, do I have to remind you I bet you on the last Charms essay? and on the transfigurations one so-”
The words die in your throat, Remus cutting you off by connecting your lips in a needy and desperate kiss. Immediately you wrap your arms around his neck and tug him closer by the hair. Remus rests his hands on your waist pulling your hips flush against his, you whimper feeling his hard cock pressing against your stomach.
Remus breaks away from your mouth and starts sucking and licking down your jaw and neck while his hands move to grope at your breasts over the top of your school shirt. “We don’t have much time before class ends.” Remus mumbles into your skin, his mouth is salivating when he breathes in deep, his nostrils filling with the sweet scent of you, it’s so intoxicating and immediately images of you are accompanying his mind, some more sinful than others. Remus wastes no time in sinking his teeth into the fleshy part of your shoulder, his cock twitching at the sound you make.
“Then you better hurry up and fuck me Remus,” you smirk, loving the way Remus groans and narrows his eyes at you. His pupils have seemingly expanded and darkened, his eyes are scanning over every inch of your face leaving you feeling vulnerable.
Your pussy has been throbbing since Remus firmly rested his hand on your leg back in the classroom and you know your panties are soaked by now with the way Remus is rutting his hips against yours but it’s not enough. It won’t be enough, not until you know what it’s like to have Remus’ skin against yours and his cock inside you but even then, you think you will always be wanting more of him.
Your hands are fumbling at Remus’ pants trying to get them unbuckled as quickly as possible, Remus understands the rush and helps you, skilfully undoing his pants and pushing them along with his boxers down his legs with only one hand, the other creeps under your shirt and rests delicately on the small of your back. Just the feeling of Remus’ skin on your back makes you melt further into him, your desire to have him fuck you hard and fast is becoming unbearable. Remus’ cock is sitting hard and angrily between your bodies, desperate for any sort of attention and Remus wishes you had more time because he would love to push you down to your knees and finally force you to shut up by pushing his cock into your sweet mouth and make you gag and choke around his length until you’re crying. But time isn’t on his side right now so instead Remus wraps his strong arms around your arse, silently signally you to jump which you do with no hesitation and lock your legs around his waist.
Remus reaches his hand down to flip your skirt up, he be damned if he couldn’t see the cunt he’s spent way to much time thinking about. Remus pull your panties to the side groaning when his fingers graze your wet dripping core, another thing he wishes he could do is to taste you. He just knows you taste sugary and sweet just like the sounds you’re making as he teases your entrance. He wants to bury his face deep in your cunt inhaling your scent while he licks and sucks until you’re screaming his name, maybe another time.
“You gotta be quiet for me kay bunny? Think you can do that?” Remus’ voice is thick with lust and a condescending tone is laced throughout it.
“You think that highly of yourself?” you retort trying to rile Remus up like you normally do, it seems to be working judging by the way Remus pinches the flesh of your arse.
Without breaking eye contact Remus lines up his cock and drags your hips down until he’s deep inside you, his balls pressed flush against your skin.
Remus isn’t sure if it’s because it’s close to the full moon but he hasn’t even started moving yet and the way the soft velvet walls of your cunt is gripping and hugging at his cock feels so intense and heavenly, he thinks he might cum right there.
Along with a lack of patience around this time of the month Remus also struggles to control himself and his urges. It takes every ounce of self-discipline in him to hold you against the rough wall of the broom closet and slowly rock his hips into yours, feeling the need to control the situation. Remus is very conscious of not gripping your hips too hard and not slamming his hips up into yours too roughly, he doesn’t want to let go mentally and hurt you.
You can tell Remus is holding back, the authoritative tone used in the classroom is vastly different to his actions right now. He’s supposed to be fucking you hard and fast and making you scream, not this.
Although the pleasure from Remus’ rocking into your cunt is great you know he can do better, can fuck you better. “Remus,” you whine, pulling his face away from your neck, forcing him to look you in the eyes. There’s clearly an internal struggle behind his eyes. “Remus, I need you to fuck me properly. I can take it, you won’t break me, promise.”
Remus does pick up the speed slightly, but you can clearly tell there’s still some hesitance on his behalf and you asking nicely didn’t seem break that. You’re desperate for Remus to let go. A smirk breaks out onto your face, an idea forming. Based on your previous interactions you know exactly how to get under Remus’ skin, what to say and do that would have him clenching his jaw in annoyance, after all it was a hobby of yours, annoying Remus Lupin. “Guess we don’t have to worry about me being quiet if you fuck like this. Pity, was kinda hoping you’d have me screaming.”
Something deep and primal in him snaps, blame it on the full moon or how you’re silently challenging him, he doesn’t care, all he cares about right now is proving you wrong, and he wasn’t going to stop until he had you trembling and shaking.
His grip on your hips tighten, nails threatening to break skin as Remus pushes your further into the wall behind you so hard for a second you think you might go tumbling right through it. You’re grateful for the material of your school top slightly soften the rough texture of the wall behind you. With no warning Remus starts slamming his hips harder and faster into yours, clearly set on making you squirm against him. Each thrust is harder than the last and his cock is poking your g-spot repeatedly. The sounds you were making were positively indecent and only fuelled Remus on. Neither of you cared that anyone walking by the broom closet could possibly hear the sound of skin slapping together or yours and Remus’ moans. None of that mattered, not when the two of you felt this good.
The vigour of Remus’ pace was unmatched and all you could do was hold on tight to Remus’ shoulders and take every powerful thrust. You were hypnotised with the feeling of Remus’ cock inside of you, you couldn’t help but wonder what other parts of his body like his fingers or tongue, would feel like when fucking you.
“Fuck Remus, so good. I-I” you weren’t even sure what you were trying to say, all your thoughts were jumbled and bouncing around in your brain, all you knew is you never wanted Remus to stop.
“You feel amazing,” Remus’ body was on fire, every inch of him alight and burning, his annoyance of how his day started was far from his mind. All he could think of was you and how you were clenching around him. He chokes out a strained sob when he hears you chanting his name in time with each rough snap of his hips, you sound both angelic and sinful at the same time, Remus’ wishes he had one of those muggle voice recording devices so he could record your whines and listen to them when he’s alone in his dorm room.
Using his free hand Remus reaches down to rub tight circles on your clit edging you closer and closer to your release. Your orgasm is fast approaching much like a freight train heading straight for you, sirens blaring but you can’t move, the pleasure is too intense and too powerful to do anything except take it.
Remus’ face is pressed back against your neck and he quickly decides it’s his favourite place to be, if someone offered him 1,000 Galleons to never bury his face in your neck, he wouldn’t take it. Remus can hear the squelching sounds of your soppy cunt as it helplessly takes his fat cock. He’s leaving sloppy kisses and hickeys wherever he can get his mouth. It’s right when Remus’ digs his teeth into your neck and bites down hard do you fall apart, your pussy clenching and spasming around him, right in this moment you’re thankful for Remus holding you up against the wall, your legs are shaking and tensing and you know if you were standing the intensity of the orgasm would have brought you to your knees. Remus’ name is the only word you seem capable of saying as the coil inside your stomach snaps and rapidly unravels as you come undone.
“Remus, Remus, Remus!”
You connect your lips with Remus’ in a lame attempt to shut yourself up, the kiss is rushed and your teeth clash together but you don’t give a fuck. Remus’ name is still spilling from your lips and into Remus’ mouth as your body begins to come down from the high.
The boy holding you up hasn’t faltered in his movements at all, determined to fuck you through your orgasm. There’s beads of sweat dripping from Remus’ forehead, his mind is whirling and thoughts of you are spiralling around his brain, he thinks he might pass out and he’s certain he does for a second when you whisper and bite his earlobe.
“Want you to cum inside me Remus, fill me up,” half a thrust later and Remus’ hips stutter and he’s spilling into your cunt groaning your name as he does so. His vision blurs around the edges before he closes his eyes and he lets out a moan so deep, primal and loud. Remus continues to rock his hips milking his own orgasm until the last drop is squeezed from his soften cock. He stills his movements but doesn’t dare pull out just yet, relishing in the warmth of your pussy and the way your hand is brushing the sweaty hair off his forehead. You rest your forehead against Remus’ sweaty one, pecking his lips, once, twice then three times.
“That was…” you drift off unable to find the right words to describe what just happened.
“Intense?” Remus offers breathlessly.
You nod, “in the best way.”
It wasn’t until you hear the sounds of students outside signalling the end of class do either of you move, Remus helping you clean yourself up. And it wasn’t until the two of you were certain the coast was clear did you exit the closet with the promise of doing that again very soon.
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mackenzielovee · 8 months ago
Hi, I loved crazy love. Literally I become obsessed, so I was wondering if you could write something about them when they are moving to their new apartment near to college and both of their families are helping them to have everything in order, but Rafe only want them to leave to be all alone with you in their new home. Maybe a little bit of smut?
a/n: this idea had my heart bc i'd really been wanting to write something like this ;) i hope you enjoy! thanks so much for the request!
Warnings: swearing, smut, mentions of planned pregnancy, discussion of sex
crazy love masterlist
my writing
our home: crazy love blurb - rafe cameron
"No, no a little to the left. Ward, are you listening to me?"
You sigh as you set the very last box down on the kitchen counter, stealing a glance at Rafe, who is sitting on your new couch. His head is in his hands as he listens to his parents bicker back and forth, trying to hang up the painting they had bought the two of you. Rose had gushed over it when she bought it, telling you it would match the rest of your decor perfectly.
"Of course, darling. You're talking loud enough," Ward gripes, shifting the painting to the left as Rose demands.
"Oh, come on, now. Back over to the right-"
"It's straight!" Rafe raises his voice, standing up from the couch.
You inhale sharply and step into the living room of your new apartment, wrapping an arm around him to try and calm him down. Ever since his parents and Wheezie arrived with the moving truck to help you both, he's been on edge. When your parents showed up with Macy, you thought he was about to go into cardiac arrest.
"Actually, I think it might just be straight," Rose nods, "Good eye, Rafe."
"Thanks so much," he remarks sarcastically.
"Hey," you whisper to him, trying to tell him to quit being mean to his step-mom, "They're here to help, remember?"
Rafe rolls his eyes, "I could do this shit myself."
"Because you're such a handy man?" you snort.
Rafe clenches his jaw as he looks down at you, but can't help the smirk on his face. He pulls you closer to him, leaving a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"Where did Macy and Wheezie go? They should start on those kitchen boxes," Rose tells Ward, stepping away from her husband to look for them.
"We can handle the kitchen boxes," Rafe tells her.
"Y/N?" Rose looks to you for a final answer.
You glance up at Rafe only for a second, noting the look on his face, then nod your head in agreement.
"I like the kitchen organized a certain way, anyway," you tell her with a smile.
She nods her head, "All right. Ward and I can start on your sheets-"
"Y/N's parents are taking care of that," Rafe informs her.
Wheezie and Macy come tumbling into the front door, running past all of you and into your bedroom with your parents.
"What the hell are those two up to?" Ward questions.
Wheezie and Macy have become as thick as thieves, the best of friends, over the summer. One day, you'd shown up at Rafe's only to find your sister in her kitchen with Wheezie, baking away. Ever since then, you and Rafe have had to be extra quiet upstairs.
Rose and Ward step toward your bedroom as well, which is down a small hallway just off the kitchen. Rafe grabs your hand and yanks you with him, following the crowd of people.
"Can everyone get out of our bedroom, please?" Rafe grumbles, standing behind his father and watching your parents finish up making your bed.
Your parents had not been crazy about you and Rafe living together right as you both make the transition to college. You had cried, begged, threatened to not go to school, and even dragged Rafe over for a family dinner so all of you could talk the situation out. You'd never seen Rafe's face so red as the night he had to sit at a dinner table and discuss with your father how the two of you would be sleeping in the same bed.
When your parents found out that the Camerons would be financing your rent bill, however, the living situation had changed. Your parents hadn't realized how expensive dorm living is, and the thought of not having to pay for housing on top of tuition sounded like a dream come true.
Which is how you land in your new, empty kitchen, trying to hold Rafe back from killing every family member the two of you currently have within arms reach.
"It's quarter to three," your dad tells your mother over your bed.
"Macy," your mom speaks, "Get your stuff, honey. We have to get going."
"Yeah," Rafe perks up, earning the attention of his parents, "You guys should get moving, too. Y'know, lots of traffic, and Wheezie's got that thing early in the morning."
Wheezie opens her mouth to speak, but stops suddenly when Rafe gives her the death stare. She looks to you, to which you just shrug, and then turns back to her parents.
"What thing?" Rose asks her. Ward's phone buzzes in his pocket, earning his attention.
"Uh," Wheezie hesitates, looking to Rafe once more.
"Girl scout meeting," Rafe blurts.
You cover your face with your free hand to try and prevent Rose from seeing your laughter. You truly have no idea where Rafe gets this idea that Wheezie is old enough to be in girl scouts. Wheezie narrows her eyes at him, shaking her head slightly.
"Girl scout?" Rose questions to herself, still trying to figure it out when Ward speaks up, eyes still glued to his phone.
"Wheezie, get your stuff. You won't want to be tired in the morning at your meeting."
Wheezie rolls her eyes but does as she's told, making her way out of your bedroom and down the hall to collect her things in the living room.
"Seriously, Rafe?" she hisses, "Girl scouts? I'm fourteen-"
"Shut up, Wheeze," Rafe says back to her through gritted teeth.
Wheezie turns to you, "He's your problem, now."
"Oh, boy, do I know it," you tease Rafe, smiling with Wheezie. She laughs, but it's short lived when Rafe shoves her away.
"Get your shit," he mutters.
"Stop it," you demand, stepping in front of him and holding onto his forearms as they are wrapped around your waist.
The one thing you love about Rafe more than anything is how he always shows affection to you, even if your parents or his parents are around. He just doesn't seem to care about anyone except you.
"I want them to go," he defends himself, keeping his voice quiet, "I just want to be alone with you. In our home. I didn't realize that was such a difficult request."
You smile up at your fussy boy, dragging one hand up to his face to stroke his cheek. You can faintly hear your families moving around the two of you, but you're too lost in your own little world to think too much about it.
"Be patient," you whisper to him.
He smirks, "Will you make it worth my while?"
You give him back the same look, loving the way he smirks at you and allows his eyes to rake over every inch of your face and torso. It takes everything in him not to just grab you by the throat and kiss the hell out of you, only controlling himself because your dad is ten feet away.
"Don't I always?"
Rafe groans, trying his best to keep his composure. He has to close his eyes as he continues to whine, knowing that if he keeps looking at you, he'll be hard in no time.
"All right," Rafe says loudly, tugging himself away from you, "Thanks for coming, everyone, but we have a lot to unpack here. Dad, Rose, Wheezie, I'll show you to the door."
You snicker as you watch him attempt to lead his confused family out the door. You turn to your own family, giving hugs and promising to call whenever you can. Rose refuses to leave without giving you a hug, which pisses Rafe off, as he's gotten Ward and Wheezie out successfully and only needs one more.
Rose promises to send flowers, one that match the color scheme of course, and tells you she'll call you to check on Rafe, since he doesn't bother to return her calls. You give Wheezie a hug and give Ward a polite smile and wave from the doorway.
The second they're all out the door, Rafe slams the door shut and locks it before any of them can decide they forgot something.
"Ah, free at last," you joke.
Rafe turns around, licking his lips as he thinks about how you two finally have an empty house and he has you all to himself. No distractions, no parents, no little sisters listening intently at the door for secrets and drama. He eyes you up and down once, and when he brings his blue orbs to meet yours again, you know what he's thinking.
"Come here," he demands, but he can't help himself.
That boy rushes over to you, pushing you up against the wall in the entryway of your new apartment, kissing you as if his life depends on it. You accept his kiss without a second thought, allowing your hands to wrap themselves around his neck.
"Up," he mutters against your lips, hands guiding themselves to your waist as you jump up and let him position himself in between your legs, wrapping them around his torso.
He moves his kisses to your cheek, then your jawline, then your neck, while his hands relentlessly roam your ass.
"Rafe," you say, tilting your neck to give him more space.
"Hmm," he hums against your skin, not stopping or slowing down for anything.
"I really do have to unpack the kitchen if you want to eat dinner tonight," you tell him, although you're fully aware he would never set you down for anything right now.
"Not hungry."
"I think," he stops you, wet kisses trailing your collarbone, "We should fuck everywhere. Y'know, break the place in."
Even though you two have been together for a while, him saying things like that to you always seems to send tingles through your whole body. He always knew what to say, what to do, to get you riled up in all the right ways.
"That would take us all night," you whisper, smirking because you already know what he's going to say.
"Fine with me, baby."
You smile, then reach down and grab ahold of his cheek with your hand. You lead his lips back to yours, kissing him harder than you had been before. He moans into your mouth and you know you have him right where you want him now.
"Kitchen first?" he questions, breathless, "Or should we mess up that pretty little bed your parents just made up?"
The raspiness in his voice gets you going, enough for him to notice you squirming in his grip. He grins, knowing exactly what it is you need.
"Kitchen," you tell him, watching as he barely nods before he kisses you again, carrying you over and setting you on the counter.
With ease, he removes your shorts and underwear, dropping his own shorts to the floor beneath him. He kicks all of the clothes away, knowing the two of you won't be needing them for a very long time.
"I can't wait, baby," he mumbles, excusing his lack of foreplay.
You shake your head, and he already knows you don't mind based on the way you're dripping onto the granite, "Please, Rafe."
He smirks and then grunts as he enters you, breathing out a sigh of relief that you two are finally home.
By the time you and Rafe even make it to your bedroom, he has to carry you because your legs can't physically function anymore. Rafe's proud of his work, but pretended to pout when he finished you off on the couch and you told him you needed a break.
He lays you down on your new, freshly made bed, moving the pillows out of your way and tucking you underneath the duvet. He climbs in beside you and molds you into his body almost instantly, inhaling your shampoo scent and perfume, thinking about how perfect this moment truly is.
"I can't believe it," he whispers.
"I know."
"Our home."
"Yes, it is."
You two lay there for a while, staring out at the tens of boxes that have each of your names written on them, just begging to be unpacked. You're sure Rafe's boxes will still be sitting there in two weeks, as he had packed a separate duffle bag of his 'essential' belongings.
"You know," he starts after a while, a devious smirk finding it's way to his cheeks, "The next big step is having a mini you. Or a mini me. But, I'd rather have a mini you."
"We just moved into our college apartment and you're talking about impregnating me," you laugh, as if to ask him if he's serious.
"She'll be so cute," he goes on, "A little girl that looks just like you. And she'd have your smarts, thank God, because she'd be screwed with mine. But she'd have my humor, of course."
"Of course?" you tease him.
"And then we'll have a boy."
"Wow, Rafe Cameron, you really just have this all figured out," you move your head up to look at him, noting the small, cheesy smile plastered across his face.
"I do, baby. He'll be a hellion, though. Never listening, always running away, but a total momma's boy. Never wants you to leave his side-"
"So, just like his dad, then?" you grin, watching Rafe clench his jaw and shake his head.
"Break's over," he grunts, rolling you on your back and climbing on top of you, "We're trying, now."
"No, we're not," you say forcefully.
Rafe rolls his eyes, "I'm joking. We'll wait until, like, junior year or something."
"Fine. But the second you walk across that stage with your diploma, I'm putting a baby in you."
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fineanddandy · a year ago
Can I Come Over?
Summary: Chris can’t come out public about your relationship, wanting to protect you, so he enters a fake relationship but you can’t handle it....
Relationship: Chris Evans x black!reader
Warnings: smut, fighting, brat/brat taming, cursing, alcohol, betrayal, oral (fem receiving) 18+ blah blah blah
A/N: Alright. It’s done! This is for my baby boo’s @afriendlyblackhottie 2K/birthday 💖BRAT💖 challenge I feel like I’ve been writing this story for WEEKS but it’s HERE. The song I chose for the fic was “Can I Come Over?” By Aaliyah because I gotta thing for her. Seems like a long one...but I hope you guys enjoy such foolishness! Yes, there are some honorable mentions character wise...I couldn’t resist it...
Tumblr media
In the back of your mind, you always thought this all could work out with him but the more you saw the two of them on mentioned on Twitter or in those shitty E! articles made you reconsider. No matter how many times he would reiterate, “it’s only you babe...only you...” you just couldn’t shake the paranoid feeling sitting in the middle of your chest. Rapidly they’re becoming the Hollywood couple while you sit in writer’s rooms and pitch meetings, pretending not to be losing your mind over it.
“What’s up with you?” Issa asks as you two walk out of the conference room. “You almost green lighted the dumbest script idea I’ve ever heard. You good?”
Hardly...but you aren’t allowed to mutter a word about your relationship with him. It only fuels your mental breakdown.
“Girl, just...dudes...you know how that shit goes.” You partially admit because let’s face it, you had to get just a little relief. Issa only knew so much, your only confidant, so hearing you say the words had her rolling her eyes so fast.
“Bitch I told you, you needed to stop fuckin with him already. Especially if he’s fuckin with your job.” She fusses at you as you guys walk down the hall to your individual offices. Leaning in with shifty eyes, she whispers, “ain’t no body tryna watch a show about a white boy walking through the forrest girl. It’s been done.”
Elbowing her away with a soft laugh, you sigh, “I know that’s my bad. Definitely wasn’t paying attention.” You had been so lost in your thoughts about the last headline you read about him and her during the whole meeting. Just then, your phone vibrates in your pocket. You didn’t even reach for it. You already know who it is.
“Just don’t let it happen again.” She points at you reaching the door to her office. “And girl, fuck him.” She smiles opening the door and slipping in as you wave bye, your other hand sliding your phone out of your back pocket.
Miss you pretty. I’m coming over tonight.
If you weren’t so deep in your feelings, you’d be excited but instead you just grimace and groan walking into your office.
You text back, dropping your depressed body in your desk chair and your phone on your desk, turning to look out the windows. Not your usual response to a text like that he’s probably sitting on set or wherever, freaking out about the tone of your text. For whatever reason, he refuses to let you go but also, for whatever reason, the two of you could never be public. It’s so fucking stupid and exhausting.
You met Chris at an All White party you didn’t even want to be at but Issa begged you to go with her. Free champagne all night also swayed you to join in on the fun. You didn’t even think he’d be at that kind of party. Not necessarily out of place but visible...he can’t help that. Sitting at your assigned seat, you sip your champagne and watch him look dumb cute in a cream linen shirt flowing around his waist and khaki shorts rolled up his muscular thighs. White Forces on his feet. Hair perfectly sculpted back and beard perfectly lined. Bobbing his head and moving his shoulder to the music. You tried to be less obvious about checking him out but your eyes kept meeting his over heads of the party. He didn’t properly speak until you were standing at a bar looking for another glass of champagne.
“Here.” He offered with that sweet grin of his. A shock of electricity burning your fingertips when they barely grazed his as you took the flute from him.
“Oh! Uh, thanks.”
“Never seen you around. What do you do?” Chris nibbled back a smirk as his vivid blue eyes fell down your white strapless sundress making your pretty milk chocolate skin really glow. It was the only white article of clothing in your closet and somehow, it’s lured an interested Chris Evans over. This dress will go down in history.
“I’m a writer. So really, I’m always hulled up in a hole in front of a laptop.” You returned a smirk back to him before tipping the flute back on your luscious bottom lip.
“Ah, well that explains it then.” Chris almost licked his own plump bottom lip as he watched you lick the champagne of yours. “You’re way too pretty to be held up in a room writing your life away.”
Your eyes roll on their own when any man is trying to put the moves on you. Whether it’s an absolute stranger or fuckin Chris Evans. Status or money doesn’t change the fact that dudes are full of shit.
“Isn’t there some A-list actress you should be feeding this energy too?” You muttered turning to walk away from that pretty ass face of his. You didn’t have time for this just for it to go absolutely nowhere.
“If there was then I’d be doing so.” He laughed following you across the room. Turning your head ever so slightly towards your left shoulder, you grinned, enjoying the fact that Chris Evans was chasing you down at a party.
“So, what, since I’m a nobody I’m the one?” You called back over your shoulder, leading him away from the party to some disclosed dimly lit hallway no one occupied.
“Can’t lie...it adds on to the intrigue.” Catching up to you, Chris grabbed you by the elbow and backed you into the darkness of a nearby wall, eyes shaded by his long lashes, “what, just because I’m famous you don’t want to talk to me?”
His warm cologne disoriented you but no matter how jarring his closeness was, you for sure felt his hardening dick against your thigh. And he knew you did, beating his lustful stare down on your burning face. Resting a hand on the wall, caging you in, Chris dipped his head down even closer. Tips of noses barely touched. His breaths gently falling on your parted lips. There’s too much power behind this one man. He had you ready to say yes to anything from this angle. But you didn’t want him to get it so easily even though he was so dangerously close.
“What? You’re famous?” You joked behind a confused frown but instead of Chris laughing, he kissed you. And it knocked your hard to get self on your ass.
Things were so dope the first seven months. Practically living in your lap, Chris was around as much as he could be but his fans almost figuring out a few times that he was seeing someone made him panic.
“I don’t want social media and gossip columns to ruin us.”
It was his wack publicist offered up the suggestion of him publicly dating someone to keep the crazies off his back. And you knew it was fucked from the moment it was mention.
“Seems like it’s too late for that Chris.”
So when he started dating a blonde hair, blue eyed counterpart for the cameras, all you could do was sit back and watch. He did everything he could to keep you pacified and happy; flowers, trips, and dinners at your place but within limits. He had an image to keep up after all. She’s supposed to only be around for red carpets, Hollywood parties, and whatever else while you sat on the sidelines. Can’t lie at first it didn’t bother you much; the idea of cameras flashing in your face like that turned you off but your jealousy grew with the hype. They indeed looked good together, you couldn’t deny that. And everyone was jumping on their bandwagon.
“Pretty...” Chris sings when he comes through the front door of your apartment, all grinning and warm as he walks up behind you pouring yourself a glass of wine. “How was your day?” He purrs burying his bearded chin into the nape of your neck with a pleasant smile. He’d been dying to smell you all day. He missed you, hell, you missed the shit out of him but you weren’t in the mood.
Setting the bottle back down on the counter you clip, “fine.”
His arms wrapping around your waist stop out of concern. “Doesn’t sound like it.”
“Well,” Shrugging indifferently, you turn to face him, resting the small of your back against the edge of the counter, “I don’t know what you want me to say to that.”
His eyebrows burrow but he doesn’t change his position. “Is everything okay?”
“Just another day.” Grabbing your wine off the counter you successfully push past him, colliding shoulders in the process. “How was your day?”
You don’t want to know. Hell, you already do, because you had already been on Instagram and saw the stupid pic of the two of them sitting side by side at a Dodgers game. Chris groans at the question, realizing he failed to mention to you that was on the agenda for the day.
“Oh fuck. Baby...”
You toss a dismissive hand walking into your living room drinking your wine. “Bro, fuck your ‘baby’.”
“YN, seriously, I’m sorry. I—I meant to text you but...”
“Mmm...let me guess, ‘I forgot’ or ‘we were too busy talking’ or ‘I got too caught up watching the game’ blah, blah, blah. Like I said,” before you sit on the couch, you turn to face him dragging his feet behind you, “just another day.”
Chris relinquishes another groan, this one longer as you plop down on your sofa. Leaning over the back of it, he goes to kiss your cheek. “Please don’t be mad at me. I hate when you’re mad at me.”
But you are two steps ahead of him dodging his advances. “Then stop giving me reasons to be mad at you stupid.”
Like the frat boy he is or was, Chris jumps over the back of the sofa and lands, somehow, softly beside you in the plush cushions. Ready to beg for your forgiveness.
“YN, honey, I swear I meant to—,”
Hand in his face, you cut him off. “A text isn’t hard.”
Chris exhales loudly through his nose. He really hated when you were mad at him. There’s no getting through to you, not when it comes to this situation. He didn’t know how else to deal with it, and he’s losing you. He sees it more on your face everyday with every headline or picture that gets plastered online. Watching you sip your wine, your eyes are tired, your eyebrows scrunched up and frustrated. Chris used to make you smile like crazy but as of lately...
Scooting closer to you, he drapes a muscular arm along the sofa. “I’m sorry babe. For real I am,” Chris whispers in your ear, soothing the beast raging inside of you, “I miss you. Don’t you miss me too?”
Eyes roll. Deep breath because damn Chris’ voice does something to your insides.
“Of course I do.” You say calmly, some of the edge removed from your tone. Another sip of wine to quiet your blooming warmth in the pit of your stomach. Chris aware it’s working he keeps trying to woo you.
“Don’t you, uh...” purring softly, he starts playing in your hair, fiddling with your strands between the pads of his fingers, pressing his weight against you. “Don’t you want me to show you how much I miss you?”
Sighing, you face Chris with a slightly annoyed smirk but your heart is pounding. That’s always his go to. “Let me touch you...c’mon baby let me show you how much I missed you...how much I love you...” Does he really deserve it? Your warming middle begs the question: does it matter? You should stop being so mean and take what you can get.
Raising a brow, you ask, “Really Chris?”
He shrugs with a silly grin sliding off the couch to fall on his knees. His eyebrows wiggling as he takes the wine glass from your hand, setting it down behind him. Then sliding his hands up your thighs, his fingers slipping under your shorts brush your bikini line. Your breath hitches just a bit. Fucker. Hearing you react has Chris smiling up at you smiling down at him. This is how he wins your over. He knows it’s the best way to get you to settle down. If he wasn’t so fuckin good at it...
“Yes baby. You deserve it.” He softly kisses your kneecap as he grips the waistband of your shorts. “I’m really sorry babe. Let me make you smile,” another kiss on your inner thigh has you slouching down some, ”make you happy,” Chris biting at your fleshy skin hitches your hips up with a gasp, using the moment to pull your shorts down, “Please let me show you how sorry I am.” Chris snatches your hips and yanks you down to the edge of the seat. You grin with a grunt behind his strength. His warm breath heating up your moistening folds.
“Don’t you think I’m tired of this being your way of apologizing?” You ask with a sigh, slotting your fingers through his hair. Can’t help but adore that handsome face nearing your exposed pussy. His eyelids fluttering close as his lips part with a inaudible sigh.
“No,” the tip of his tongue moisten his lips desperate to taste you. He’s missed it so much. “You love it just as much as I do.” He coos planting a dainty peck right on your tingling clit which makes you softly moan. The tip of his index finger barely grazing between your folds. “Besides, she betrays you every single time.” Chris kisses at your clit again, deepening his touch. Your fingers lock in his hair, your hips rock into his hand and mouth.
“Thought you were supposed to be apologizing...” a whimper breaks from your throat at the feeling of Chris lapping at your slit, “and not being a fuckin tease.”
A laugh hits your pussy as he dips his flat tongue down over your clit into your folds, wiggling it in between them for it to fit. Pulling on his hair, you moan out his name, deeply focused on the tip of his tongue tickling your dripping opening. Locking his whole wide mouth onto you, Chris gaudily sucks your juices up then smacks his lips once he pulls away.
“Oh I’m working on it baby.” He whispers circling a finger around your pulsating clit, enjoying the sounds of your mewls and sighs. “Don’t get mean...”
You buck and jerk and moan as he toys with you, gently stroking your pussy with his fingers and kissing and tonguing your sensitive clit. His favorite way of breaking you down and making you all soft and sweet. So determined to make you be nice to him but it’s not going to be that easy...not today.
You yank on his hair as a warning, tired of his mouth. If Chris really wanted to get on your good side, he better get to it.
“Shutup and get to work stupid...make me forget...”
It’s been a few days since you’d heard from him. Chris took his time apologizing to you that day, and spent several days living in your lap just to see you smile and giggle. The sound of your voice and your laughs always made his heart flutter. Those days were good to the two of you, reminded you of the early days. Which made it even harder when he had to say bye. Chris leaving just put you right back in your shitty mood, back to entertaining the idea of breaking things off with him. And he could feel it in your frigid hug and kiss before he left. Doing even more to keep you happy, keeping promises and updating you like he should.
Although you’re super busy dealing with scripts and meetings, the persistent gnawing that exists in the back of your mind is mildly humming. Time apart is now working against him. You wanted to forget him just so you could exist in peace, to get rid of all the shitty thoughts circulating. Issa was just about tired of your solemn face and was determined to get you out.
“Bitch, it’s time to get you a new nigga.”
Tapping your pen on a stack of scripts, you smirk hearing her while thinking about Chris smiling between your thighs. It’s your tenth time hearing her say it and you’re starting to believe it. Why are you the one who has to wait around for him?
“There’s a party tonight that I’m already on the list for. Be my plus one. Let’s hoe out tonight.”
Envisioning Chris walking away from you the last time has you saying some foreign words. “Yeah okay.”
Issa sits up startled in one of your office chairs. “Yes?!” She beams bouncing up and down in her seat as you chuckle, placing your pen down on your desk. “Did you just say yes?!” She shouts again.
Leaning back in your desk chair with a roll of your eyes you laugh, “Yes, yes Issa. Let’s do it.”
She shoots up from her chair, tapping away on her phone, heading for your door, ordering you over her shoulder, “wear your hottest outfit. And I mean hottest bitch. I’ll have a car come pick you up around nine. Maybe we should have pre-party drinks so never mind, I’ll just come through. Be ready for a dope ass night girl...”
You snicker watching Issa walk out, hyper-focused on preparing for the evening while you pondered about how you’d look for tonight. What kind of party could it be. Who would be there and who you could potentially hit on. All future scenarios on play in your brain’s got you biting back a flirty smirk. You’d love to get snapped with someone like Sebastian Stan, being all close and flirty just to make Chris be jealous for once. That’s definitely on the docket for the night.
After too many tequila shots and a joint with Issa, the two of you setting out for the night, cheeks buzzing with giggles. So feeling yourself and mad seductive in this black zipper dress and heeled booties, you couldn’t wait to catch someone’s eye tonight.
“You are clearly on a mission tonight and I am feeling it!” Issa squealed when you opened the door to present yourself.
“You said hottest outfit.” You smirk, kicking your foot up and posing along the door.
She couldn’t shut up about it. Hyping you up so much that when you two walked in, you strutted your ass off beside Issa. Flipping your silk pressed hair over your shoulder with a flirty smirk for the cameras. Your heart pounding as you notice certain celebs looking your way. Their stares and lingering eyes only fueled your ego.
“Okay, okay. So they peepin, they peepin!” Issa giggles and bites at her straw once you two get a drink at the bar. “Operation: Get You a New Nigga is right on track. Bet.”
All you can do laugh and shake your head at Issa’s excitement, scoping out the potential for the night. Catching the eyes of a few guys you never thought would check you out wow. Making eyes back with a few of them to let them know what’s up, out of nowhere, a familiar pair of vivid blue eyes invade your vision, causing you to jump and almost toss your drink out of your glass.
Chris couldn’t believe that you’re here, looking like that, making eyes at Seb for a moment there before he urgently stepped into your eye line with an annoyed glare. Fuck, you look dumb hot. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off your legs so long and smooth, stretched out in front of you and crossed at the ankles. Inviting all the men to gawk and stare at you. Especially his buddy Seb, who stepped to stand beside Chris, biting down on his lip at you.
“Shit, who is that? Do you know her?” Sebastian growls under his breath. Chris’ breath quickens, his skin flushing pink at the sound of his voice so low and raspy in his ear. He couldn’t be mad at Seb, he has no clue of you guys’ relationship but still, it stirs him the fuck up. You tear your eyes away from Chris to look back at Seb, flicking a nod in his direction with that curly smitten smirk Chris loves. His fists are tight at his sides.
Clearing his throat of the poison festering there, Chris snaps at Sebastian, “No, of course not.”
God the look on Chris’ face has you LIVING right now. But the look on Seb’s face really fuels you to act up even more. Issa peepin the vibe across the room between the two of you has her buzzin, murmuring in your ear,
“Yes bitch. Let’s go. I see it and I fuckin love it.”
Good lord Issa wasn’t helping, really winding you up with all her encouraging words. Could you get Sebastian to come over to you? The way his smoldering crystal blue eyes ate you up posted up on the bar convinces you. Chris’ glare burning a hole into the side of your face. It only makes your sleazy grin creep further over your cheeks.
“You sure you don’t know her? Because I’m not sure which one of us she’s looking at...but damn, she’s sexy as hell.” Seb croons over to Chris, smacking his lips after a sip of his drink. Chris’ bitterness motivated him to spill the beans to push his best friend off your scent but just as he’s about to open his mouth to be petty, his date for the evening appears on his left, locking her elbow with Chris’. Real shit, for a moment, he forgot she even came with him. The sight of you killin it in that dress, lookin so sexy and devious knocked any recollection of her being at the party. His heart stopped the moment you stood up straight off the edge of then bar, narrowing your eyes at the two of them. Shit.
And of course she’s here and, of course, the asshole didn’t even mention it to you. Looking all coupley in front of you puts your intentions on a thousand. Seb is yours for the taking. Fuck his feelings. You toss the rest of your drink back before slamming it down on the bar behind you, super determined to get Seb to come to you. He hasn’t stopped looking at you while talking over to Chris who is livid. You could see it from across the room.
“Alright. I got this.” You grumble over to Issa, trying to keep your focus on Seb’s sexy ass smile and not the two idiots beside him. “I got a plan but I need your eyes Iss. You got me?”
Issa smirks behind her champagne flute, keeping her eyes on Sebastian for you. “Oh yeah. I got you girl. Let’s fuckin go.”
If it wasn’t for her standing by your side, pumping you up, you would have marched right over to Chris and lost your shit. Let’s hope this works. First, you need to give him a little show. Biting your lip with a wink, you soothe your hands down over your curves as you turn to face the bar, poking your ass out as you lean over it acting like you’re waiting to order another drink. Your dress clinging so tight over your ass cheeks and hips. Issa snickers into her glass, watching Seb place a hand on his chest with a silent oof.
“Oh shit. He’s peepin hella hard now.” Issa narrates but you feel not only one pair of lusty blue eyes on your backside but two. “But damn, why is Chris Evans lookin so pissed off like that?! Oh! Wait! Shit, shit he’s heading this way. He coooomin biiiiitch,” she damn near sings shimmying her shoulders, “Damn! Sebastian is looking like he wants to eat your ass for a late night snack bitch. Want me to go?”
A bartender still hasn’t waited on you, which is perfect. Your blood pumping so hard in your veins, anticipating Seb’s warm voice in your ear soon. You could almost do a little dance yourself, knowing Chris is squirming watching his best bud come put the moves on his girl really revved you up.
“When he gets here, yeah.” You turn your chin a little towards her, your cheeks warming up feeling him approach.
“Shiiiiii, well I’m out then. Keep me posted.”
As Sebastian gets closer, Issa spins away and heads out into the party. His scent overwhelming you as he slips in beside you where Issa once stood.
“Need a refill gorgeous?” Sebastian’s voice is just...sinful. Slowly turning to face him, you smile and bat your eyelashes all innocently. Putting on for him, you lace your words with sugar and honey.
“Yes, please. Seems like a girl can’t get any attention tonight.”
A part of you wishes Chris could hear how sweet you are with Seb, a polar opposite of how you treated him the first time he approached you. It would positively make him sick with jealousy. Sebastian can’t wipe that curly smile off his handsome face or keep his devious eyes off your slim thick body as he motions for a bartender that magically appears the minute his finger is up in the air. Impressed you lift your eyebrow.
“Two of whatever the lady is drinking.” Sebastian calls over to the impatient bartender.
“Bulleit Rye. Neat.” You announce entirely hypnotized by his intense eyes drowning deep into yours. Your chest and cheeks so flustered you weren’t prepared for the level of sexiness he exudes in real life. You might be in over your head some but fuck it. Dressed in all black, standing near each other like this you both look up to no good.
“Damn...love me a girl who knows her whisky.” He compliments, the corners of his lips arching further up his scruffy cheek.
“I always know what I want...and I go for it with zero hesitation...”
Your drinks are placed between the two of you locked in an aroused stare off. How wrong would it be to kiss that long snarky grin of his? You couldn’t help but imagine. This was going better than you imagined in your office this morning. After a bit, Sebastian scoops up the drinks and signals for you to follow him with that dastardly smile no woman could resist. Your phone’s vibrating like crazy in your clutch resting beneath your folded arm. Almost snickering at how often it alerts a text or whatever it can only be him or maybe Issa. But you really hope it’s him somewhere losing his shit while you follow Seb and his cool ass walk to a private seating area just for the two of you. Adding extra umph to your strut, you’re begging for a fuming Chris Evans to be watching from a hidden spot in the crowd with his fake girlfriend concerned on his arm.
Indeed, Chris is panicked, freaking out when he lost sight of you and his best friend in the venue. He knows him. He definitely knows you. And the way you two were blatantly eye fucking each other across these room in front of him, anything was bound to happen. Twitching and fidgeting, he really wants to set out to look for you guys but he couldn’t with her with him. Tempted to shove her in an Uber so he could run interference. Of course you’re not going to look at your phone, out here proving an ultimate secret point that only he’s aware of.
“Chris, what’s wrong? You look like you’re going to throw up.” She asks him in a small worried voice, looking at him breaking his neck to find the two of you but Sebastian made sure you guys were tucked away no one could interrupt.
Lazily sweeping his fingertips up and down your exposed thigh crossed closely to his crossed legs towards you, Sebastian’s laying his charm on thick, drowning you in his sweet molasses tone, letting his accent slip on occasion. Your hand cradling your head you let Seb go on and on about whatever, giggling and drowning in his heat. Yeah you were definitely off the deep end, insanely swept away in every little thing about him. The way his dark blue eyes would dart all over your body when you talked. How your knee kept rubbing harder against his the more he teased your thigh with soft touches. The way you blushed and your smile stretched across your face the moment he hit you with some Romanian. Fuck. This plan’s starting to turn on you a bit. Breaths weighted, lips inching closer and closer the more he speaks about whatever the fuck he’s saying because let’s be honest, you stopped listening the second you felt his hot whisky riddled breath pat against parted lips just dying to taste him. Fuck...you really shouldn’t but...he’s right fuckin there...
And so is Chris, finally finding you two after he shoved her in an Uber like he knew he would the moment he saw you in that fuckin dress he’s never even seen before. The sight of you two almost kissing, Sebastian’s hand sliding up your ass cheek, knocks all the wind out of him. Now he might throw up. But like a bolt of lightning struck down your spine, you violently push yourself away, and snap your head to see Chris damn near doubled over, pale and distraught. Fuck.
Gasping, you stop Seb’s hand from grabbing a chunk, halting his advances with your fingers against his pouty lips.
“Um, shit, fuck, um...I gotta go to the bathroom right quick. Don’t move.” You flash the most awkward, busted smile at him before you throw yourself off the couch and fly towards Chris, burning red, discreetly motioning him to follow you. God fuck, did you wish that to happen because you sure felt like it and a part of you felt so shitty about it. But a larger part of you is still in your feelings about them. No telling where this fight’s going to go.
“Are you fuckin serious?!” Chris shout-whispers through clenched teeth, backing you into a wall of a empty hallway. “Sebastian. Really. Do you know how fucked up you’re being.”
You inhale sharply, keeping a stone cold look on your face, riding in on your own fury into this. Faces so close you two didn’t know whether to kiss or big face one another. “I don’t know what you’re talkin about Chris.”
Scoffing, damn near shouting fuck, Chris shoves himself away from you, fists clenched again, grunting to himself. “Don’t. Don’t YN.” He warns turning to face you again. “Don’t fuckin do that bullshit.”
Now you’re charging at his statuesque body. He looked damn good too in this cognac sweater hugging each ripple on his muscular frame. “Remember all that shit you just said a fuckin few days ago in my fuckin face? All those stupid shitty empty ass promises you just keep fuckin failing?! Hm?! ‘I’m gonna get better baby I promise. No more slip ups I got you baby.’” You mock in a whiny voice, flailing your arms around, shoving at those thick shoulders of his until he hit the adjacent wall. Shooting daggers down on you going off on him. “God you’re so fuckin full of shit. You’re here with her! And once again, you failed to tell me! What the fuck Evans?!”
Huffing silently to himself, Chris watches you pace back and forth in the dress he wanted to rip off you through anger fueled squinted eyes.
“You...just almost kissed...my fuckin...best friend YN WHAT THE FUCK.” He almost shouts but checks himself, quickly calming himself. Shrugging your shoulders with a defeated sigh, you know you’re going to regret the words as you say them,
“Almost. But, don’t worry your pretty little head babe.” Slowly approaching his still huffing body, you tap a nail under his chin. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t out do you.” You weren’t even going to go home with Sebastian so you don’t even know why you said the words but fuck it. If you were going to be done, let be done in a roaring blaze. Even though Chris knew you were full of shit, didn’t make the words hurt any less. He knew what you were doing...he just wish you didn’t let it go down like this. You could see the hurt in those crystal blue eyes, shattering as they watch you walk away and say over your shoulder, “better get back to your girl.”
You didn’t go back to Sebastian. You didn’t go back to Issa. You just went home and text her saying that you dipped out because you didn’t feel well. It wasn’t a lie. Your head’s swimming, unsure what the hell just happened. What did you just do? That question floated around your empty head for days until the announcement that you’ll be heading to NYC for a production meeting slammed you back into reality. Fine, you needed a distraction. You hadn’t heard from Chris since you left him there broken in that dark hallway. Yeah you were done but you didn’t want to be done like that. But it was too late for that. You made your bed. Besides diving into work was the only thing keeping your feet moving forward. If you stopped, there’s no telling what you might do. You couldn’t help but miss him but you burned that bridge. Even across the country the question still circled. What did you do? What did you do?
Brain on autopilot, you barely enjoyed being away. Your personal cell off the entire trip you only focus on the show and all the things that need to be done before you’re back on a plane heading home again. To no one. Not even him. Stepping out of LAX into the searing California sun, you dig your phone out, deciding to reconnect to a world you’ve been ignoring since you left.
Just as you’re about to drop it back in your bag, a slew of chimes has you urgently looking back at the screen stunned. Missed texts and calls from Issa. Over ten voicemails. But not one notification from Chris. As all the texts come in, your brain can’t even process what she’s trying to say. From “BITCH OMG WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?!” To “CALL ME ASAP!!!!” You couldn’t figure out the panic until you see a link, a headline she sent directly to you.
A lie?! When did this shit happen?! But then, the photo...you and Chris cozied up on the balcony of your apartment, made to look like a pap shot. Maybe it is a pap shot?! Fuck talkin to Issa. You had to talk to Chris.
For someone who just blew his very public Hollywood image for a no name writer, you thought he’d be a little more excited to hear from you. Where do you even start? Hey sorry I’m an asshole? Hey why did you wait until now to make our love a public statement?
“...hey. Um...I just got back into town and I’m...I’m seeing the things...”
“Mmmhmm...” Chris hums into the receiver but doesn’t say much else, leaving you standing awkwardly on the curb wondering one thing:
“Can I come over? I really want to see you. I need to see you...now...”
The uber ride to his place wrecked your nerves. You hadn’t been back there in quite some time now but this time going there seemed dire. Make or break. The image of him the last time you saw him filled the back of your eyes, sending a sharp pain through your chest as you nervously chewed at your nail. God you are an asshole. For him to do all of this...for you? For him? What does it mean? Your ride stops.
Opening the door, Chris takes your bags and you in his strong arms, holding you silently for a bit before releasing you and closing the door behind him.
“Dodger?” You didn’t know what else to say so might as well mention the cutest pup you’ve ever met. Chris sighs a chuckle as you follow him into the living room.
“With Scott. Come on. I’ll put your stuff in my room.”
Okay. So that’s a pretty good sign. Your stuff going into his room means he’s not necessarily putting you out any time soon. His flat screen on a baseball game, a few beer bottles sat on his coffee table. Typical Chris. Another decent sign. Rubbing your sweaty palms on your jeans you pick up the coolest bottle and take a swig to relieve your excessively dry throat.
“So,” he announces his return, startling you to face him looking all good considering the shit show the past week has been. Stopping behind his couch, leaving an ample amount of space between you two, Chris stares you down looking all anxious and cute. “You saw.”
Nervously you nod, bringing your nail back to your lips but retracting remembering Chris hates when you do that. “Uh yeah...but why?” You’re afraid to ask.
Chris looks down at his feet and shrugs. “Honestly? Sebastian hasn’t shut up about you since that night so...I had to do something.”
Damn, that’s insane to hear. Almost made you grin but now is clearly not the time. But to leave a lasting impression on Sebastian...? It didn’t matter anyway. You know your heart belongs to Evans. Couldn’t deny it even if a gun was pointed at your head.
“Even after everything I said? That I did?” You have to lock your fingers behind your back from anxiously gnawing on them, looking up at him with sheepish eyes. Chris barks a laugh, shaking his head walking to the sofa to stretch them long buff arms along it, staring at you with this look you’d never seen before.
“Oh no. No, it’s not gonna be that easy baby. I expect some apologizing...some graveling even.”
Never seen him look so sick but sexy before. Never heard him ask you to gravel but you’re willing to do anything to make up how much of a brat you had been that night you almost kissed Seb. Closing in on that sick smirk of his, you kneel on the couch cushion before him, ready to say just about anything for his forgiveness...that could lead up to your punishment. Chris doesn’t pull away from you lining your eyes with his, allowing his familiar smell to envelop you. You breathe it in so deeply into your lungs.
“I’m so sorry baby...” your words hushed but serious, “for pushing the line like that. I didn’t mean for it to go that far.”
“Mmm...I wanna believe you babe...” Chris croons, standing away from you. “But I know you’re lying.”
You twitch a frown up at his smirk. “What? That’s not true. I admit, I wanted to push your buttons, make you jealous but almost kissing Seb...” Listening to you Chris circles around the sofa and you follow, still pleading your case on your knees. His big firm hand dragging over the edge as he strut his way around. “...that was me being selfish and stupid. I knew that it was wrong but I didn’t care I was so mad at you. So tired of feeling left out.”
Tsking at you as he takes a seat next to you on the sofa, he snatches you by the jaw. “You were being impatient...and fuckin brat baby. Say it.”
You don’t even hesitate behind his hold, that cold glare, whimpering, “I was being impatient and a brat.” You echo and Chris releases his grip, grazes the edge of his thumb under your bottom lip.
“I know I was fucking up okay? And I meant every sorry I gave you, fucked into you.” Pinching your chin Chris draws you closer to his pretty pink lips. “It wasn’t a game. I was seriously struggling...all I ever wanted was you babe.”
“So you had all of this planned?” You whimper, caressing the tip of your nose against his. The tip of your tongue grazing the edge of his upper lip.
“Of course.” Chris pecks you sweetly while bracing your cheek, “I told you...I was going to handle it. I couldn’t do another day in that bullshit.”
Chris sounds so vulnerable you practically fall onto his mouth, slipping an eager tongue to taste him. You really miss the way he tastes. His big hands lift you into his warm lap, moaning into you, grinding you down onto his hard on.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry babe.” You pant against his lips, rocking your hips back and forth on him. Needing him so badly. All the feelings you’ve been suppressing taking over you. Roughly slotting your shaking hands through his soft hair. You and Chris sighing and whimpering, starving for one another.
“I’m sorry too YN. You’re my girl, fuck...I fuckin love you.”
It’s the first time he’s ever said it and it didn’t startle you. If anything, it made you want to cry.
“Chris.” But he stops you with another mind blowing kiss. Wrapping a tight hold around your waist he lifts you both off the couch to take you to his bed. Lip locked and moaning faintly. Locking your ankles around his right lower back. How dumb could you be to almost let him go like that?
“I mean it baby.” He sighs a breath looking so deep and longing into your eyes. “Forever. You and me.”
The words gutted you but in the best way. Your middle burning for him. Bottoming out your heart your lids well up. “Yeah,” you choke with a smile, “yeah of course Chris.”
Suddenly caught up in a whirlwind of needy sighs and breathy laughs, clothes practically slip off you like water and before you know it, Chris is shoving his hefty cock through your slippery folds with a shaky huff.
“Fuuuuck I missed you YN.” His voice shakes as he sighs his confession, filling you up so deep your back arches off the bed with a low whine. Can’t believe you’ve gone this long without him splitting you open like this. Taking his time with it like he always does but for whatever reason this time has more feeling. More sentiment. You always take every single inch of him with ease. His dick throbbing against your wet walls that suck him in.
“I missed you more Chris.” You desperately moan careening your head back on his covers. Obsessed with the way he makes you feel so full.
“God baby you look so good taking my dick, fuck.” Dragging his big strong hands over your tits down to your stomach to grab ahold of your hips. Admiring the way your pussy lips spread so perfectly around his girth, pulling him back in when he rolls his hips away. “I missed the way you feel, the way you smell. The way you look stretched out and weak beneath me.”
Your pathetic whimper’s your only response as Chris catches his rhythm, pounding the hilt of his cock into your squirting hole.
“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fu...” Chanting and gasping you fist his covers, losing yourself. Squirming and falling apart. He’s tearing into you like he’s in love with every bit of you. Holding you down into the mattress.
“Yeah that’s right babe. Don’t have shit to say now huh?”
You really don’t. And that’s okay. You’ve done enough, said enough. Besides the way he’s fuckin into you with such passion and gumption, you had no thoughts. Just the head of his dick nudging deep into your spot. You just shake your head no.
“That’s fuckin right. My dick driving you out of your fuckin mind.”
The more he talked to shit, the harder his thrusts got, bouncing you off his pelvis with each hit. Knocking silent moans from your chest.
“You love me baby? Huh?” But you have no voice. Chris huffs a laugh at your eyes rolling into the back of your head with a silent cry. “Love the way I’m fuckin you right now huh?”
“Fuck!” It’s all you could squeeze out of your wound up body, chest so tight you felt like you were going to pass out if you don’t cum soon but you’re so close, choking his dick out that he’s just about to bust with you. Roaring as he digs his fingers deeper into your hip bones, bruising your burnt caramel skin so good.
“Ugh fuckin...fuuuck meee.” He sputters, arms and legs spasming between your shuddering thighs and your heavy gasps. The two of you ready to bust all over each other. “I’m gonna cum—oh fuck...”
You’re the first to break, shouting out, “I fuckin love you Chris!” Crumbling and breaking down, crying as you finally say the words that you’d never thought you’d say to someone like him. And to mean it? Not in this reality...but then again, here you are, being held so close to his beefy body, screaming at the top of your lugs how much you love him as he growls into your clammy neck, stilling out inside of you. Chests heaving, rib cages crashing.
Wiping your tears away, Chris shushes your sobs, kissing at your damp cheeks with a soft smile as you regain consciousness. Your slender arms slack over his rippling shoulders.
“Baby...” he whispers into your round cheeks, nuzzling his sweet handsome face into you, “baby, hey, you okay? I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”
So lost in the haze of his affection, you nod, whispering back, “I know Chris. I know...please don’t...”
He holds you the rest of the evening, taking turns sleeping and conversing, still confessing your love for one another. Reconnecting and studying each other’s post sex, blissed out, smitten faces. This is all you ever wanted, without all the secrecy and now that it’s out, you guys felt airy and silly. But most of all, this felt right. You never want to leave his arms again.
“So do I live here now?” Sheepishly, you ask playing with the hairs on his forearms and he just laughs gently.
“Part time, sure. If that’s if you want.” He snuggles close pressing his luscious lips to your temple. You can’t bite back the grin stretching over your lips.
“Okay babe. Also...Seb completely off limits or...?”
Partially groaning and laughing, Chris playfully shoves you away before snatching you back, locking you in a grizzly bear hold as you laugh hysterically into his hairy flexed pecs. You couldn’t resist it even though you probably shouldn’t have...but he’s a champ about it.
“Don’t push your luck babe...you’re lucky you’re fuckin cute.”
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svftackerman · 9 months ago
Can you do Levi finding a Hickey on his daughter 😟
He would go ape shit😭.
She was sneaking out and Levi, being the light sleeper he is, woke up immediately to the sound of her window opening. He makes sure he doesn't wake you and gets up to see in her room. She isn't there, and after pulling the covers off the bed only to see a poor excuse of a “pillow body”, he waits there in her room for her to come back. When she eventually does, it's 3 in the morning and he is LIVID but he keeps calm. She doesn't notice him when she gets back through until he speaks, which scares the absolute SHIT out of her. “Where were you?” they'd both stay quiet until Levi noticed something on her neck. He’d get up from his seat on a stool and grab her jaw with a soft grip and turn her face to the side for a better look.
Let's just say he almost shit a cow when he saw it😭
anon this is probably the best request I've had, I'm dying at the thought of Levi losing his shit lmfao 😭
anyway anyways i enjoyed writing overprotective levi so enjoyyyyy lmao :3
Request from tumblr
It was a sudden thud that awoke Levi.
His body suddenly woke up to the noise and his breathing paused listening for any other sounds. He waited for any other sounds before finally exhaling thinking it might’ve been a dream, he cursed at himself for waking up as he only just got a chance to fall asleep.
Just as he was about to lay his head on his pillow another thud followed.
This time he knew he wasn’t going crazy, something or someone was in the house and he knew it.
He looked over at your sleeping figure and unlike him you were still sleeping silently. His mind recollected itself at the sight of you before looking across at the cot beside the bed with your 3 month old child sleeping silently just like her mother.
He slowly dragged his feet off the bed; being careful not to awake either of you. If there was someone in the house without a single thought he would take care of it.
He walked out of the shared bedroom and shut the door behind him gently. A rattle echoed in the corridor as he froze, floorboards creaking underneath him.
They came from Mikasa's room. His eyebrow raised. What was she doing up at this time?
He shuffled across to her room, stood in front of her shut door as he knocked softly.
He knocks again.
With silence answering him; he just had to make sure that she was asleep.
He twisted the knob carefully not to disturb, only peeping his head out to see the scene of the bedroom window wide open. He glanced at her bed, an abnormal bump underneath the covers.
It took him less than a split second to put two and two together. He walked over to her bed to see what was hidden underneath the covers. He pulled them back only to reveal a poorly made pillow body to disguise as her sleeping posture.
He clicked his teeth thinking about what to do next.
He didn’t want to wake you up and scare you as he knew exactly where she would’ve gone.
Your daughter had a particular crush on the boy that lived just down the road from you. You and Levi had met him a few times and he seemed polite and well-mannered but it was all too obvious that he liked your daughter as well.
You however were happy for them to meet and get to know each other but the same couldn’t be said for Levi.
Who attempted to banish her from seeing him.
So of course it was expected for her to run off and disobey her father to go meet up with him in the middle of the night.
But Levi could handle this himself.
He took the seat from Mikasa's study desk and sat down. He couldn’t go back to sleep, especially with the fact that Mikasa could be anywhere ringing in his head.
He would sit there and he would wait until morning if he had too.
He wouldn’t leave until she returned.
Around 2 hours had passed when the rustle of bushes sparked Levi's attention and he sat up crossing his arms prepared to confront her.
A hand appeared on the rim of the window and a soft grunt as she pulled herself up. Levi remained perfectly still, eyes watching her as she came through the window. He didn’t say a word when she finally came through. And after dusting herself off, she turned before sitting down on her bed ready to lay back and drift off as if she never left.
"Where have you been?"
She let out a small shriek, turning to see her father sitting beside the bed on her chair. Despite it being dark she could already picture his expression across his face before he turned on the night lamp beside Mikasa’s bed.
She hesitated, stuttering over her words, unable to get out a sentence, “Wha- what are you doing here?”
“No.” he cut off. “I asked you a question, where have you been?”
She sat silent, the pale moonlight glow washed over her face through the window. Levi too waited for an answer out of her.
A reasonable excuse to why she snuck off in the night to go out.
His eyes watched her expression carefully as she froze before his eyes caught on something he couldn’t miss.
His eyes squinted before he got up “The fuck is on-” he muttered, not watching his language.
Mikasa held her breath, unable to move as her hands collapsed together, it was too late. He knows.
His hand grabbed her chin softly and turned her to the side. The patch across her neck even more visible underneath the glow of the lamp.
Levi’s eyes widened as an indescribable blare left his mouth.
Your eyes opened abruptly in a slight shock, you turned over to quickly notice that Levi was no longer by your side. You heard the muffled sounds of his voice through the walls, you rubbed your eyes slipping out of bed with the cold air causing goosebumps across your skin.
Isabel stirred in her cot letting out a slight cry and immediately you rushed to her side soothing her with your voice and presence, a finger stroking her chubby cheek.
“Shhh it’s okay.” you whispered, realising that the sounds of Levi’s voice were toning down.
What the fuck was he doing shouting at 3am?
You slipped out into the empty, dark corridor; following the loud whispers between your husband and you soon realised your daughter too was awake.
You pushed the door open as the too of them adruptedly paused to stare at you, somehow shocked that you were awake. “What the hell is going on?” you whispered a bewildered expression across your face
They both remained silent for a moment, looking at each other competitively on who would get the chance to tell their side of the story first.
Levi successfully spoke up first, “Well, let’s ask Mikasa where she’s been? At what? At 3 am. I’ll tell you. She sneaked out in the middle of the night to go meet that Jaeger boy down the road and that’s not the worst thing...look at her neck.” he sputtered in one long whisper, indicating for you to come over and take a look.
You walked over slowly confused, your daughter’s head turned away in shame, “Let me look darling.”
Your eyes peered at small dark patch across her neck, it wasn’t big, yet it was noticeable. You sighed deeply, rubbing your head in exhaustion.
“You see. I’m going to kill that boy when I see him.” Levi muttered, chewing on his lip.
You sighed once more, “Go to bed sweetheart.” you rubbed her head softly “We’ll talk about it in the morning.”
“What?” Levi questioned, thinking he misheard you.
“But-” Mikasa began before you cut her off..
“Bed. Now.” you repeated.
“But-” Levi then began.
You turned to face him “You. bed. Now.” you said a little more sternly to him.
He looked away before following you out of the room “Oi this is not over, you hear me?”
He followed you out without another remark, muttering to himself like a scolded child.
“Shit Levi, you nearly woke Isabel.” you murmured, once the two of you were back in your shared bedroom.
“Shit-!? Shit?” he repeated with you shushing him immediately, the sounds of Isabel groaning a little in her sleep.
He continued in a whisper, sitting down on the bed next to you “Did you not see what was on her neck?”
“Yeah I did Levi, I have fucking eyes.”
“And that's all? You tell her to go to sleep like nothing happened.” he challenged.
“Yes that’s it. I’ll speak to her tomorrow about it. It's 3am.”
“You mean we.” he corrected.
“No I will, you're overreacting right now.” you corrected.
“Me!?” Me overreacting?”
“It's not that bad Levi.” you said, finally laying down onto your bed, pulling the covers over your body. The warmth made you let out a slight yawn as he too laid beside you.
“Not that bad?” he repeated again.
“You nearly woke the whole street.”
Good I hope that Jaeger boy hears me.”
Levi, look she’s not going to be your little girl forever. She’s a teenager of course.”
“Yeah but-”
“So you’re going to have to let her make her own decisions at some point. Remember when you left hickeys, my parents weren’t exactly over the moon with you.” you recalled.
Levi tutted, “That’s different.”
“Well we’re married now and they trusted me back then, how can I trust that Jaeger brat?” he muttered.
“Eren.” you yawned, “ His name is Eren.”
“We'll meet him when Mikasa wants us to meet him, you not letting her be with him will cause her to sneak out more. Is that what you want?”
Then…” you drifted off “You have Isabel to shield over if you’re really that upset.”
“I'm not.”
You hummed, finally shutting your eyes with a smirk across your face.
A few moments later Levi whispered out your name into the darkness, not knowing if he would get an answer.
“Yes?” you replied
“You’ll be my girl forever though?” He mumbled, hand reaching across your waist, tucking his face into the back of your neck.
You chuckled a little to yourself before reassuring him,
"Of course Levi."
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lacontroller1991 · 10 months ago
Burnt Skies (Rick Flag x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon: Saw this captain boomerang fanfic where he finds she's pregnant while they're on mission, I was wondering if you could maybe do something similar for Rick
Author's Note: He would be so protective of the reader fr fr, also this is gonna be angst angst angst so just beware
Warning: Death, pregnancy, language, blood, major character death, spoilers
“Hey (Y/N), you ready to go?” Rick’s voice echoed through the room before he halted, seeing you on the floor, head in the toilet.
“Yeah, give me a minute,” you replied weakly, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and flushing the toilet.
“Are you sure? Are you feeling alright?” He asked, rubbing your back as you looked up at him with a small smile.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you there,” nodding his head, he walked out the door with guns strapped to his body on his tac vest. Looking at your reflection, you noticed a slight greenish tint to your face. Ignoring the wave of nausea, you made your way out of the base and to the plane. Walking up the ramp, you took a seat next to Rick who looked at you with concern in his brown eyes.
“Baby, maybe you should sit this one out. You aren’t looking too hot,” he whispered in your ear as you brushed the notion off. After all, you did have a really bad gut feeling about this mission.
“I’m here. I’m going,” you stated firmly as he looked you over one more time before shrugging his shoulders, knowing it was of no use to argue with you.
The plane ride was hell. With the criminals being loud and Harley’s non stop chatter accompanying your periodic bouts of nausea, you were ready to get the hell off of the plane and right into combat.
“Alright guy, get ready to drop,” Rick shouted as the cargo door opened to reveal water beneath you. Once he gave the signal, you jumped into the cool water and began to swim your way to the mainland, waiting for the rest of the team to catch up to you. After everyone, save for the Weasel, had made it to the shore, you glanced over to your boyfriend who was laying next to Harley.
“Hey guys, it’s me. I’m the guy who called you and I brought my friends,” Blackguard shouted into the open, raising his hands while ignoring the shouts coming from the rest of the team and your boyfriend, Waller’s distant cursing ringing in your ear. Next thing you know, there was gunfire in every direction and things went to chaos. You quickly sought shelter behind a rock and shot off a few rounds into the woods, hoping to take down some of the Corto Maltese soldiers. “(Y/N), watch out,” Rick shouted at you as you turned to see what he was talking about, but it was too late before a large piece of debris from one of the trees knocked you out cold.
You woke up to machines attached to your body. Feeling the bile rise in your throat, you tried to get out of the restraints and look for a place to dump the contents of your stomach. Suddenly a pan was placed in front of you and that was all you needed to release the bile. Groaning at the light, you looked around the room and was surprised to see a cleanish room which plenty of nurses occupied.
“Ah good, you’re awake,” a voice commented as a rough hand pulled your head back, forcing you to look up at one of the generals you were tasked to take out.
“What the hell are you doing to me?” You asked, squirming your body against the bed, trying to loosen some of the restraints.
“Mi amore, we are treating you. Seems you have caught a parasite,” he replied before summoning the nurse over to you, carrying a plate of food and some juice, “you’re government must really be struggling if they’re sending pregnant women into the field,” he mentioned as your blood ran cold.
“That’s impossible,” muttering to yourself, your head went fuzzy at the concept of you being pregnant. With Rick’s kid.
“On the contrary, when we brought in your friend and you, we noticed certain things,” motioning down to your stomach only brought awareness to the fact that you were practically naked in a room full of the enemy.
“Let me go,” you pleaded, pulling your arms as much as you could.
“I think not,” he replied before nodding to one of the nurses who moved to turn on a machine and attach it to your head. Screams of agony soon left your lips, blocking out the sudden spurts of gunfire in the halls.
Harley laughed maniacally as she gunned down multiple soldiers, enjoying the way they were dropping to the floor. She needed to get out of there. She needed to find the others. After the last one dropped to the floor, she moved toward the door before hearing a piercing scream echo down the hallway.
“Sounds like someone’s having fun,” she ran her tongue against her teeth before skipping toward the scream. Slamming open the door, she raised the guns in her hand, ready to fire, until she saw you laying on the table surrounded by nurses.
“No one messes with Flag’s girl,” she muttered to herself before unloading the magazine in the room. All of the nurses slinked to the ground, covered in a pool of their own blood. Rushing over to you, Harley unstrapped the restraints and head piece before taking out the IV and looked for your clothes.
“Where the hell are ya clothes?” She asked, searching high and low before she found a bag filled with your bloody uniform. Helping you sit up, she noted the way you looked super frail but practically glowing at the same time.
“Harley,” you whispered out to her before passing out on her shoulder. “Awww, this would be really cute if not for the circumstances,” she stated out loud to herself, peering out of the window and seeing a guy in a helmet run across the street with Flag. Wait a minute, Flag! Running out the door, she ran around the corner before stopping in front of the two men.
“Hiya guys! What’s up?”
“We’re here to save you, is (Y/N) with you?” Rick asked with hope in his voice as Harley nodded, wrapping pale fingers around his wrist and dragging him back inside and through the pile of bodies she had claimed. At the sight of you, Rick ran to your side and hugged your limp body.
“What’s wrong with her?” He asked, fighting the tears that were beginning to surface.
“Don’t worry puddin’, she’s just asleep,” shrugging her shoulders, she left the room as you stirred, fluttering your eyes open.
“Rick?” You questioned as he rapidly nodded his head, placing kisses all along your face.
“Thank God you’re ok. I thought I lost you.”
“Rick, the doctors found something,” memories of the conversation you had moments ago replayed in your brain. You’re pregnant.
“I’m pregnant,” you whispered, mind still not comprehending the fact that you were pregnant. After all, you had been infertile most of your life. Avoiding his gaze, you waited for his response.
“I don’t know.”
“I’m going to be a dad,” he whispered, causing your head to snap up and see a smile play against his face.
“You want this? I don’t know if it’ll carry to term. You know that I’m infertile.” Placing his lips against yours, he pulled you into his arms, hugging you as close as he could to his body. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you kissed back before a throat clearing interrupted you.
“This is sweet and all, but we have a fucking monster to kill,” DuBois stated as you looked up at Rick who smiled.
“Stay here, I’ll come back and get you.”
“I’m not leaving your side,” you replied as he sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“You’re pregnant. No way in living hell am I gonna allow you to do this. You’ll stay here and that’s an order,” you and he both hated when he had to pull his rank, but you realized it was necessary in cases like this.
“Just come back to me,” pulling his lips down against yours for what feels like the last time, you encoded this moment into your brain, remembering the way he tasted.
“For you? Always.”
He should’ve known you were going to follow them into Jotunheim. Not only were you stubborn, but you still had that nagging feeling that something was going to happen. Sneaking past the military, you found a window and busted it open with your elbow before entering the building. Landing with a soft thud, you looked around the room and noticed Peacemaker going down a dark tunnel. Running after him, you made sure to stay hidden by the numerous pillars. Peering around the corner, you saw Ratcatcher standing next to Rick, however Peacemaker was pointing a gun at Rick.
“Nobody is saying what they did was right,” Peacemaker stated, hand unwavering.
“They experimented on children!” Rick yelled as more explosions went off in the distance.
“That information gets out and it causes an international incident. Keeping the peace is worth any price, including the life of a hero like yours, sir, so please. Don’t make me do this,” your stomach churned. You knew that Captain America wannabe was no good, and now your love might just pay the price. Suddenly, rocks collapsed all around you, obscuring your view of Rick and Peacemaker.
“No,” you whispered to yourself, picking up rocks and trying to make a hole for you to get your body through. Your efforts became faster the more you heard the two men grunting. After successfully digging a hole big enough for you, you crawled through as you heard something like porcelain shatter and choking.
“You mother fucker,” Rick stated through gritted teeth as you watched in slow motion, Peacemaker’s hand grasping a large shard.
“Rick!” You shouted out before tackling him off Christopher’s body, not getting out of the way soon enough as Peacemaker lodged the porcelain into your lower abdomen. “No!” Rick shouted as Peacemaker threw you off. In the distance somewhere, you heard a gun go off before hands wrapped around your body. “(Y/N)? (Y/N)?” Rick called to you but you couldn’t hear him, your mind venturing off.
The sun lit your face through the blinds, dancing in your eyes and creating a multitude of hues, a warm body pressed against you.
“Morning sweetheart,” voice deep from slumber, Rick rubbed his eyes as he let out a yawn. Stretching in bed before your 5 year old daughter came running into the room.
“Mommy, daddy. It’s Christmas!” She squealed excitedly, waking up the baby that was next door.
“Yeah it is baby, you excited for your presents?” You asked as she rapidly nodded while Rick slid out of the bed.
“I’ll go grab little Digger,” he commented, kissing your forehead and your daughter’s head. Getting up, you went to grab a coffee before the doorbell rang. Moving to open it, you saw Harley’s painted face waiting for you with Nanaue, Cleo, Robert and Abner carrying presents.
“Merry Christmas dollface,” she exclaimed, pulling you in for a hug before running off to see her god daughter.
“Come in guys,” you motioned for them to enter as Rick rounded the corner, your 10 month old in his arms.
“So this is the little guy, huh?” Cleo asked as Sebastian waved a hand at the newborn, earning giggles from the baby.
“Yep, Digger Anthony Flag, meet your family,” Rick lifted up the baby’s arm, making him wave to everyone.
“I’m proud of you guys,” Robert commented, slapping a hand on Rick’s back as everyone shuffled into the living room, Nanaue taking up most of the space.
“Thanks man, it wouldn't have happened without you.”
“Alright, everyone ready for presents?” You asked the room with Harley by your side, Harleen in her arms. Rick placed Digger in Cleo’s arms before walking up to you and bringing you into his side.
“I love you, Mrs. Flag.”
“And I you, Mr. Flag.”
Groaning, you felt an excruciating pain in your abdomen and a feeling of loss?
“(Y/N), baby, you’re awake,” his tired voice resonated in your ear as he leaned down to kiss your forehead, his hand not leaving yours.
“I feel like I got hit by a truck,” you commented as he sniffled, trying to suppress the tears that threatened to escape.
“You shouldn’t have done that,” he noted, petting your hair and placing another kiss on your forehead.
“And leave our kid without a father? I don’t think...”, realization dawned on you at that moment. The sudden feeling of loss and the pain in that general area washed over you as you began crying. “Oh God, the baby is gone, isn’t it?” You asked through tears as he let a couple slip down his face, nodding and trying to smile through the pain. Choking back a sob, you turned your face away from him as tears continued to fall.
“Hey, look at me,” he whispered, squeezing your hand. Shaking your head, you refused to meet his hazel eyes, “(Y/N), look at me.” Turning your head, your eyes locked onto his as he continued to smooth down your hair.
“We’re alive. We’re both alive. That’s all that matters,” he replied, crawling into the hospital bed with you and pulling you against his chest as you cried into his shirt.
“What if I never get pregnant again?”
“We will. I’ll make sure of it. I’m done with the fucking task force. Waller can find someone else to puppet. But I’m done. You’re done. We’re gonna get married and have a nice house. I’ll get a new job and we’ll figure it out. I promise.” Kissing the top of your head, he wrapped his arms around you as you calmed down.
“I love you,” you whispered against his chest as he hugged you closer.
“I love you too, sweetheart.”
Author’s Note: Well this was way longer than I intended it to be. But hope you enjoy!!
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4dtk · 8 months ago
hi!!! can I request mark hugging-12,20 kisses-14,26,34 touching-2 but s/o has long nails so theyre like, kinda scratching his scalp or smthn like that?
sorry anon i put in a small tickle fight, enjoy!!!!
hugs, 12 & 20: hugging while lying down together, cuddling
kisses, 14, 26, 34: kissing each other breathless, giggling while kissing, jaw kisses
touching, 2: running fingers through hair
“this new position doing good for you?” mark lets out a strained noise, stretching out his sore muscles before his back gave a satisfying pop!; you let out a whistle. “ouch. that either hurt really bad or felt really good.”
mark gives a half-hearted hum before settling back onto your chest, peeking out from under the confusing tangle of limbs and bedsheets to continue watching the movie and you can’t help but smile, wrapping your arms tighter around the man before the movie catches your attention, too, watching in silence apart from mark’s occasional commentary and surprised shriek at the plot twist.
convinced that your boyfriend was asleep, you brush through a hand through his hair softly, feeling the dry roots starting to thicken out since it’s been a while since he’s dyed his hair. they’re almost soft under your skin, the thick fragrance of his chamomile shampoo filling your nose along with the delicious scent of taeyong’s cooking outside. mark squeaks when your fingernails come in contact with his scalp. “feels s’good.”
“this?” experimentally, you drag one finger down again and you have to laugh at the surprised face when your finger creepily dragged down his skull like a poorly written horror movie. mark frowns, “you know what i mean.” rolling your eyes, you go back to work, carding your fingers through his locks and to make sure your nails prod lightly at the scalp. every part of his body freezes and relaxes, freezes and relaxes until you get into the general rhythm and you can tell he’s a sucker for it when he visibly relaxes, a content sigh escaping his lips.
“mark, baby,” you mumble, tilting his head to face you until you’re met with droopy eyelids and a mouth that looked like he was talking in his sleep. it was adorable, stopping yourself from cooing as he struggles to open his eyes. “you gotta eat dinner first before you knock out.”
he complains, body weight instantly dropping onto you with the goal of getting your lips to connect with his. he misses it so bad that you chuckle, but mark uses it to his advantage by placing his plump lips onto the bone of your jaw line. they soon successfully find your lips, lips moulding to fit the other’s in a game of who-needs-oxygen-first. it’s mark, usually, when he’s too eager to kiss you in a fit of affection and you think you can win when his body suddenly grains strength in order to hover over you.
he’s needy, kept away from you for too long in the recording studio until his throat feels sore and his mouth feels dry from the company’s snacks. all he wants is too relish in taeyong’s cooking and your arms for the rest of the night. mark turns his head to get deeper, swiping a tongue over your bottom lip as a cheat to get a bit of air and you squeal when he pushes himself onto you even more.
“mark…” you sigh, but his mouth moves against yours so perfectly you’d think it was illegal. it makes your skin flare up and goosebumps appear on your skin, heart racing a hundred miles per hour before he finally pulls away. the expression you wear is one full of love that mark wastes no time to kiss you again, softer this time that it has you grinning.
“what’re you smiling about?”
“no- no nothi- argh! what the hell?!” you shout in surprise when he pokes your side continuously and mark has this crazy idea to muffle your screams with kisses, like you already aren’t struggling for air in the fit of tickles he gives. your kisses are short-lived, interrupted by your giggles every few seconds before your boyfriend finally stops his attacks on you. “that’ll teach you to laugh at me.”
“i w-wasn’t laughing- at you, mark s-stop!” your laughs were like blessings and your voice, like honey and your heart was gold and full. full of the love that mark had no problem giving when he had someone as splendid as you
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