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erualthewild · 7 months ago
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Joey Batey at
The Witcher Interview. Lucca Comics and Games Festival (2021)
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thornescratch · 27 days ago
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Today’s Soft Dad Moment is various Carlsons in a swimming pool (minus Andre Burakovsky)
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lonelier-version-of-you · 5 months ago
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s20e45 | s23e38
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lunaferrous · 2 months ago
          /Lays a starter call here! My drafts, save for asks, are empty and I see I have some new folks. I’m not going to specify length because I always overcompensate; so if you’re mentally prepared for that, hit that like.
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happyendingmp3 · 8 months ago
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Lucca time Vex time
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italeean · 2 months ago
This morning, while visiting Lucca, we bumped into a group of English tourists. I smiled at one of them who was looking at me as a way to say hi. She smiled back and said "aaaaww you're so cute"
Also have a look at some details of the cities I visited
A stand from Lucca's Flower Festival
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And the Tower of Pisa
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A big hug from Lucca and Pisa 💚🤍❤️
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lunafaeris-archive · 8 months ago
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          /Just a casual reminder that because my demons have an increase in body temperature on account of their fire affinity/pyrokinesis, they’re essentially walking space heaters. Very useful for this time of year if you’re cold blooded or just so happen to have poor circulation. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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chrono trigger gals
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seffora-merryweather · 5 months ago
Ⓐ ( from lucca )
ATTRACTIVENESS:     repulsive ― hideous ― ugly ― not attractive ― unappealing ― not unattractive ― meh ― no preference ― ok ― mildly attractive ― nice looking ― cute ― adorable ― attractive ― pleasant on the eyes ― good looking ― hot ― sexy ― beautiful ― gorgeous ― hot damn ― would tap that ― perfect ― godlike ― holy fuck there are no words
PERSONALITY:     grating ― irritating ― frustrating ― boring ― confusing at best ― awkward ― unreasonable ― psychotic ― disturbing ― interesting ― engaging ― affectionate ― aggressive ― ambitious ― anxious ― artistic ― bad tempered ― bossy ― charismatic ― appealing ― unappealing ― creative ― courageous ― dependable ― unreliable ― unpredictable ― predictable ― devious ― dim ― extroverted ― introverted ― egotistical ― gregarious ― fabulous ― impulsive ― intelligent ― sympathetic ― talkative ― up beat ― peaceful ― calming ― badass ― flexible
HOW LIKELY THEY WOULD BE TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.     not if they were the last person on earth and the world was ending ― fuck no! ― never ― no way ― not likely ― not sure ― indifferent ― i’m asexual ― maybe ― probably ― it depends ― fairly likely ― likely ― yeah sure ― yes ― would tap that ― hell yes ― fuck yes! ― wishing that could happen right now ― as many times as possible ― we are already having sex
LEVEL OF FRIENDSHIP:     never in a million years ― worst of enemies ― enemies ― rivals ― indifferent ― neutral ― acquaintance ― friendly toward each other ― casual friends ― friends ― good friends ― best friends ― fuck buddies ― bosom buddies ― practically the same person ― would die for them ― true friends ― my only friend
FIRST IMPRESSION OF THEM:     i hate them so much ― i don’t like them ― i don’t trust them ― they annoy me ― they’re weird ― i’m indifferent ― meh ― they seem alright ― they’re growing on me ― truce ― i think i like them ― i like them ― i’m not sure if i trust them ― i trust them ― they’re cool ― they’re genuine ― i think we’re going to get along ― i really like them ― i think i’m in love ― oh fuck they’re hot ― i love them
CURRENT IMPRESSION OF THEM:     i hate them so much ― i don’t like them ― i don’t trust them ― they annoy me ― they’re weird ― i’m indifferent ― meh ― they seem alright ― they’re growing on me ― truce ― i think i like them ― i like them ― i’m not sure if i trust them ― i trust them ― they’re cool ― they’re genuine ― i think we’re going to get along ― i really like them ― i think i’m in love ― oh fuck they’re hot ― i love them
HOW GOOD OF A KISSER:     worst kisser ever ― terrible ― bad ― awkward ― just okay ― alright ― pretty good ― good ― makes me moan ― excellent ― exciting ― oh god they’re good ― i dream about it ― fucking amazing ― absolute perfection ― we haven’t kissed
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chrono-the-babe · a year ago
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I think it's time for this to make the rounds again
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radellama · 9 months ago
Love how I was like 'I've been really tired and feeling a bit burnt out so I'm going to try and keep a sleep schedule this holidays so it's not a rude shock when I go back to uni'
And to be fair, I was sticking to a reasonable schedule for a couple of weeks but now it is the day of my first class and it's almost 6 am cause I fucked it up
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azureliongoddess · a year ago
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Actually really happy with how this turned out for once. Not sure why I’m getting sketches done for characters that haven’t appeared, but I can’t seem to nail down River yet. XD Anyway, this Valentine (or Val) from @a-charm-of-witches​, my CoG WIP, one of the main characters and ROs in their feminine variant.
To quote their write-up over at the forum:
“Val,” as they prefer, is the local socialite, captain of the cheer squad, and all around fashionista of Summerset Valley. Their vivacious personality has won them no few admirers and friends, as has their penchant for generous flattery and tendency to build the confidence of everyone around them – so long as everyone remembers who the real monarch is. Is there something more going on behind that over-blown facade, or are they every inch the egomaniac they appear to be?
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madradiohead · 2 years ago
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various things
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filthyfirth · 2 years ago
Sometimes I remember that I'm the same age as Colin's kids and im like "wow, I have a problem" and then immediately stop giving a shit and spam reblog photos of him lol
tbh same
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glemashblued · 2 years ago
When I was little and I first played Chrono Trigger, I forgot to confirm the option to see the cutscenes before playing, so I never got to see them in game the first time.
I'm the kind of person who loves to imagine how this or that character could look like, so I tried, when I was something like 8 or 9. And I just found my old drawings again ! And I decided to redraw some of them :)
Tumblr media
This is how I imagined Marle ! I must admit, she's looking like Toriyama's but I used to think her hair were this way, because of her sprite. Also, for me, she just had her pendant as a necklace, and her top had straps !
Tumblr media
This is how I imagined Ayla ! She's pretty similar to Toriyama's too, but when I was little, I thought she had dimples and earrings, don't ask me why. Her hair are less fluffy too, and I thought her furs were like a sort of vest ? I don't know how to explain the idea.
Tumblr media
Next, Schala ! My, my, when I first saw Toriyama's version, I was... A bit disappointed ? For me, Schala looked like a real goddess, soft, sweet, mysterious, calm, with a long cloak and a lot of shiny jewelry... Also, she had her hair in her face, I don't know why I was imagining her that way ! Well, I'll maybe do a complete version of the way I imagined her when I was little...
Tumblr media
Finally, Lucca ! I must admit, she's really looking like the original version. In fact, it's her clothes I didn't imagine like this... I guess I'll also do a complete version later !
Oh and every time I'm drawing her, I just realize that I'm always transposing my face on hers. Well, we have the same glasses, almost the same hair... I guess I can't restrain myself ! X)
I hope you'll like those little experiments~
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mum-duck · a year ago
You stupid! | VAL
Selective mutism- Viktor
Anxiety- Andrew
Amnesia, Schizophrenia- Lucca
"Well here's this bullshit! I'm ready to surrender already!" Lucca yelled angrily seeing the butler walking circles around their chair as the survivors ate breakfast.
Andrew gave a stiff nod knowing what was coming when there was a Butler. He hated them just as much as Lucca did but for the Prisoner, they were at a higher degree of hate.
Viktor held a hand to his heart as if it were already pounding at the annoying being on the opposite side of the table. He raised his hands and began to sign at the table.
"Vik now isn't the time to discuss religion."
Lucca facepalmed and shut his eyes for a moment, there was always something that made his brain shatter at the simplest of thoughts.
"What did he say?"
The unknown survivor at the end of their table pipped up peeking over the tall postman at the pained Prisoner stabbing the table with his stale bread.
Lucca looked up from his hands and gave a soft snort at the sight of the enchantress scowling at him.
"He's prayin' he said everybody minus well gets a prayer done and good luck!"
The survivors looked over to the postman who now kicked his legs under the table and covered his mouth with a letter in hand.
"I think you altered some of what he said, what'd he say?!"
Lucca rolled his eyes and sucked his fangs. He slammed his hands on the table and hissed at the Enchantress
"Well you assed me, didn't you? At least I got the message across!"
The enchantress lifted her monkey and stunned him. Her expression changes from an awkward smile to a cocky grin quickly.
"Watch your mouth Rat man"
Lucca looked away from the woman like she was medusa waiting to turn him into stone. He didn't have time for teammates like this. All he needed was to scrape a little for rank and he could go back to the comfort of his cell ..bedroom. It's been a while since he said that huh?
"Whatever you say Calypso"
He does a playful bow, ignoring the striking headache from the stun he just received. He couldn't help but smile at the annoyance on her face. It was a talent of his to leave people annoyed with him, and that was fine. He liked things to be that way. People would leave him alone and let him be if they hated him so much.
Viktor waved his arms wildly and pointed at the prisoner with wide eyes. Lucca nearly screamed when Andrew followed the Postman's stare.
"What is it Viktor?"
Viktor pointed towards the corners of his mouth. Giving a small smile and constantly poking that specific spot. A confused Andrew turned to Lucca seeing his smile was gone. He was now standing on his chair pointing down at the postman.
"No! No, I don't!"
Viktor's eyebrows shifted downwards as he smirked and stood looking down at the Prisoner on the stool. Shit. Lucca forgot he was taller than the two of them. Viktor pointed down at the prisoner and punched his first into the palm of his hand. Appearing to be screaming back at him
". .Seems the hunter is ready. Is everyone prepared!?"
Andrew quickly shouted to his arguing teammates. The sound of his voice left the waiting room in silence.
Lucca cleared his throat and jumped down. Sitting back in his seat beginning to dwindle his thumbs
"Yeah Yeah! Good luck!"
The lights went out and the survivors could no longer bicker. When they awakened they found themselves in the red church. Instantly Lucca groaned and stomped over to a cipher connecting it to the one across the map.
He already knew what was coming for him. Now even a second later he saw the cipher jolt to a stop and a mirror glittered behind his head.
"Here we go..."
He starts to throw down a pallet but there Bloody queen stood somehow hitting him even though she hadn't passed from the tree yet. Lucca brushes it off as his own mistake and slips past her.
"Thank you!"
A voice he wished not to hear was the voice of the enchantress who stood at the cipher inside the church dancing.
If Lucca was just a bit closer he would stun that stuck up pain. He passed through the graveyard and stunned the queen taking a sprint to the opposite side of the match.
"Three ciphers left? Wow, I wasn't even trying."
"Neither was I"
Terror shock sounds echoed throughout the map startling Andrew who was just three meters away.
"Thank you!"
The prisoner kicked and complied as Mary and her mirror walked him to the basement.
"Focus on decoding!"
Patricia stood right above where he was in the basement continuing to decode instead of stunning to save him. What'd she need a five stack for anyways?
He relaxed his chair watching mary dance and hit his chair. Obviously enjoying the fact she didn't have to look far for survivors.
"You lazy Fu-"
Before he knew it he was rescued and being forced up the stairs. He looked back at his hero seeing Andrew scowling facing ahead at nothing in particular.
"Holy Shizz Andrew! You scared me!"
Andrew laughs a bit and goes underground body blocking for the prisoner as he found a safer place for them to heal.
They took note of silence and glanced up at the board above them.
'The postman has contained the hunter for 180 seconds'
"Pfft keep it up, Vik!".
The postman raced past them scribbling a letter as he slapped the queen directly in the face with a pallet.
He was smiling even though his body was obviously shaking at how long he had been running from the crazy beheaded woman.
Andrew hummed sounding surprised that it was Viktor who was keeping them alive and not the Enchantress who was missing most of the match.
Just as Andrew began to patch his wounds he saw the woman run behind the Queen and stun. Blinded for a second she swung her glass shard and caught Viktor as he vaulted.
The postman gave a silent hiss at his bleeding fingers and whistled for Wik to leave him.
Lucca moved to get up but Andrew kept his hand tight around him not letting him leave without being fully tended to. Wik came running and gave a letter to the prisoner sensing his eyes wide.
" Wait Vik is this a mistake? I can't kite for shizz!"
Andrew hating to admit it had agreed and started to decipher a code above the prisoner as he started to run over to where the postman was being face camped.
Lucca felt his spaghetti legs drag him over an arch and push him with great speed to Viktor's chair. Once there he struggled to remember how to cut the wires to open the chair. Was it this one or this one?
He started at the bard wire as the postman kicked his legs and suggestively looked at one cord on top. Lucca snapped his fingers and kept that noted as he stunned the queen and rescued the postman.
"That was some wicked shizz you pulled Vik!"
Lucca was once again the queen's target. The postman honey-colored eyes looked sorry as he sent a letter to him.
Lucca fumbled for the letter Wik held and gave it a quick read as he received a nice cut to the back. He rushed into the church and ducked behind the balcony.
'You can do it, Lucca. I believe in you!'
Lucca chuckled to himself and jumped over the top of the wall. He wasn't sure what to do but he happened to last until
"What the hell! Who busted the cipher?!"
"Focus on decoding!"
The enchantress raced past him not bothering to help him get to the gate.
Not too long after a mirror appeared behind them as Andrew opened the gate
Andrew dug underground and followed behind Viktor so he could open the gate. Lucca tilted his head watching the enchantress get close to where the doors of the gate finally open
"Hurry out!"
Andrew peeked out his hole and side-eyed the queen who stepped over him for the injured Prisoner. Of course, the enchantress brought her to him and begun dance emoting.
Andrew peeks out and shot a flare gun pushing the Prisoner out the gate. He comes out his hole as the enchantress runs towards him. He stood still and shoved his Shovel into the ground stopping her from moving any further
"Out of the way Andrew!"
He shook his head with a glint in his eyes and dug into his hole dragging her in the gate by her feet.
Outside the gate Viktor and lucca wheezed fanning eachother. "What the hell were you doing Andrew!? You could have got me killed!"
"I tried to help you the best way I could..the only way to do that would be death."
"Heh.." Lucca turned away
The postman squinted down at the Prisoner dying of laughter at his feet and waved hus arms wildly in Andrew's direction.
"What is it now Viktor?"
The grave keeper frowned giving his attention to the postman poking the sides of his face. Holding the prisoner by his shirt collar.
The prisoner had no choice but to drop his arms and wheeze in laughter. The grave keepers expression quickly changed to a calmer one as he gave an awkward smile
"Haha..Dimples. How cute?"
Bonus: "Nooo my secret is exposed!"
Lucca stands in another chair screaming at the postman. Viktor stands up pointing down at him making rather violent hand gestures
"Sit down Vik! Sit down!"
I will never update. Ever. The end.
Just noticed I put this as a quote. I really am stupid. It's a story guys!
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lunafaeris-archive · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
          /What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by giving Luna a Goddess AU?
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sothischickshe · 2 years ago
Luca and Colin. “ the good fight “ 🙃☺️
Ooooh!!! OK I REALLY enjoyed lucca and Colin TBH!! I dunno that I exactly shipped them but maybe I wouldve if they weren't boning?? 😂
But the main thing to keep me invested would have been to keep Colin on the show
(Send me two characters, and I’ll tell you what the show/movie/book could have done to get me to ship them)
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nikkaphon · 2 years ago
The Good (Wife/Fight) Universe Quarantine House Meme
all right, in honor of the return of The Good Fight to our screens today, let’s have the obligatory quarantine house meme for the good verse:
House 1:
Kurt McVeigh Judge Charles Abernathy Ruth Eastman Geneva Pine
House 2: 
Liz Reddick Francesca Lovatelli Peter Florrick Louis Canning
House 3: 
Diane Lockhart Eli Gold Lemond Bishop David Lee
House 4:
my wife Barbara Kolstad Neil Gross Matan Brody Kalinda Sharma
House 5:
Lucca Quinn and baby Joseph (old enough to sleep through the night) two of the NSA guys Patti Nyholm
House 6:
Elsbeth Tascioni balloons
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chrono-the-babe · 2 years ago
straight friend groups be like: *blonde girl* *chad* *the funny one* *kyle* *brunette girl* *frat boy* 
gay friend groups be like: *mute redhead* *science chick* *tomboy princess* *sad anthropomorphic frog* *robot that's cooler than you* *big buff lady* *angsty gremlin man who cries about his sister*
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