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#and i'm nervous
mayakuro is my otp but please please let the karen/hikari pair shine. they were awesome in the musical(hello they were practically singing love songs to each other) but somewhat overshadowed by the rest in the anime so please let them have the stage they deserved.

god I know right. I just want Karen to be happy and to be able to be with Hikari and to smile and to not cry in the hallway cause I don’t like that. Like just imaging Karen having to keep going to class and practice starlight but Hikari isn’t there so there’s no way she’s shinning as bright and she’s probably lost so much motivation to act is fucking me up man. The trailer for the next episode is only like 15 seconds long but Mahiru is desperately trying to play damage control in so many of those clips because you know she’s probably super fucked up too because now she’s close to both Hikari and Karen and she’s lost Hikari and Karen is breaking down and like fuck man.  

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I guess they're resolving the banana issue first and then having a karen/hikari final showdown. perhaps with a kuromaya makeout session in between pretty please?

lol maybe someday, I’m so fucking nervous for this next episode though, the second that Banana starts crying I’m gonna start crying, I’m already tearing up just thinking about it. But bad shit is definitely gonna happen to Karen at the end too, they’ve been hinting at since the first episode and I’m nervous for that shit too, save me. 

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I am starting this new fic in ‘The Magicians’ fandom and … I’m absolutely terrified.  There is so much world building and little bits of information I want to include but I don’t want to overwhelm the reader so it’s knowing when to do exposition and when to do dialogue but I love this idea so much …

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