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#and if anyone wants any fic recs for any of these ships just ask
kyloren · 3 years ago
Saw on your blog that you ship Hermione and Draco! Got any fic recommendations for someone who hasn't read anything with that pairing before?
I’ve never been asked to give a Dramione fic rec list to anyone outside of DMs, so here’s hoping my list would actually be good. *fingers crossed*
* marks WIPs.
canon (ish?): 
lost and found by Anuna: “Draco Malfoy, a single father and a Curse Breaker employed at Ministry of Magic wants few things from his life. He mostly wants to be left alone. However, his work, his reputation and his mother’s schemes are to prevent him from being left alone as he wishes. Working with Hermione Granger doesn’t help much either.” post-Hogwarts, disregards Cursed Child. [you need an ao3 account to read this one.]
a primer for the small weird loves by unicornesque: “In the glow of the fires, her unkempt hair was a halo, her eyes were Baltic amber, and he was panicking.“ Born and raised in France, Draco Malfoy attends Beauxbatons and leads a privileged, well-ordered existence. He meets Hermione Granger for the first time at the Triwizard Tournament, and that’s when things get… strange. But kind of wonderful, too.” Wildly Canon Bending. [this is the one that makes me cry. every. single. time!]
gravity by luckei1: “It’s about arranging stacks of books, wall colours, and jumping off a cliff.”
the redemption of draco malfoy by luckei1: “Can Draco be saved from his Deathly Hallows fate of being a snivelling coward?” Alternative DH.
heavy lies the crown by luckei1: “For seven years, Draco has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and just when he thinks he’ll be released, something happens that will make him seek help from the last person he could have imagined.” Canon Divergence.
grey tuesdays by luckei1: “Hermione goes on holiday for three reasons. A calendar date, her mother, and spontaneity.”
++ just everything that luckei1 writes is solid gold. unfortunately, one of my favourite fanfics of hers — Elephant Walk — was published on and is now unavailable till further notice.
unexpected* by @avdubs & @hexrmionegranger (oeuvre24): “Hermione was not expecting Harry to outshine her in Potions, and she was certainly not expecting an unlikely friendship with Draco Malfoy to form because of it.” Alternate HBP.
clean by @olivieblake: “Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.”” Alternative HBP, first instalment of the This World or Any Other series.
red hands by Bex-chan: ““Comparatively, he was a wolf and she was a sparrow.” A story without an ending, but a story nonetheless. A story about Firewhiskey, tea, and murder.” Wartime one-shot. 
the disillusionment of draco malfoy* by Little Witch1: “…and His Accomplice Hermione Granger.” Canon Bending.
it is the cause, my soul by DrSallySparrow: “Having completed her N.E.W.T.s Hermione decides to pursue a niggling interest in muggle literature and study at Oxford. Little does she know, she isn’t the only Hogwarts alum looking for answers among the dreaming spires. When a performance of Othello brings her together with two former enemies, sparks can’t help but fly.” post-Hogwarts, disregards Cursed Child.
the unseen army* by meupclose: “It is not us to fear my dear; for we are the assassins built for a revolution within the very frame work of evil. Believe me love, this is the price of peace. I will be successful in my plans, in my leadership. I will help in the downfall of Voldemort.” Canon Bending. [for me, this is the fic that got away. it’s been WIP for years.]
for her favour by Captainraychill: “A man in love is always apprehensive.” Alternative HBP. [okay, so this fic was deleted, so I had to track it down to]
the sorting by KathSilver: “Dumbledore stated that sometimes he thought students were sorted too soon, Minerva McGonagall took this to heart and resubmitted 7th years to be sorted again. What will happen when their world is turned upside down, and where will they find comfort?” Eight Year AU.
shadows of ourselves by InkFairy: “Draco Malfoy has played both sides of the war for years, but when Voldemort gives him an ultimatum—bring him Hermione Granger or die—she surprisingly agrees to be handed over to the Dark Lord. Together, they take pureblood society by storm as Master and Madam Malfoy, all while trying to help the Order find and destroy the last Horcruxes and defeat Voldemort forever.” Wartime Canon Divergence. 
blind my eyes, sew them shut by Greenaleydis: “After a close brush with the Death Eaters, Hermione awakens blinded and on the run with a familiar snarky Slytherin. In hiding, Hermione and Draco must find a way to survive - and somehow thwart a plot that could alter their very world.” Wartime Canon Divergence. 
unforgiveable* by EStrunk: “Draco is part of the Dark Lord’s Inner Circle, but secretly using his post to bring the Dark Lord down. Hermione is his contact in the Order and he is soon going to discover that she means far more to him than that.” post-DH.
seven days in april by inadaze22: “They were still the same people with the same problems on either side of a bathroom door.” Canon Divergence. 
the gates of istanbul by pagan: “A Death Eater attack in Istanbul throws together two unlikely allies. As they unwillingly cooperate to reach safety, attraction and emotions flare up between them.” post-Hogwarts, canon bending.
god given solace by bluesuitharold: “Draco comes into his Veela heritage and must attempt to survive through all the trials that entails.” Alternative DH, veela!Draco.
a past erased by Ariel_Riddle: “His face contorted with a mixture of rage, indecision, and determination. Hermione did not care, she ran all the way up to him before flinging herself in his arms, wrapping herself tightly around him—she would never let go.” Alternative HPB & DH.
alternative universe:
fortuna major by @olivieblake: “She’s with Ron, he’s with Astoria, and nothing a cheap psychic on the Venice Boardwalk says is going to change that. Or will it?” Muggle AU.
a muggle-born magic by Musyc: “Physician’s daughter Hermione Granger finds herself in need of a way to pay off her father’s debts after his death. Draco Malfoy finds himself in need of a tutor for his son, Scorpius, who appears to be incapable of magic and must learn to survive in a world without it.” Regency AU.
time travel: 
once, maybe twice in a lifetime by Ally147: “It’s still. Placid. An unbroken sheet of glass rippling with low, late afternoon sunlight. Nothing at all to be afraid of, really. Stupid that she still is, after all these years.” Canon Bending, Time Travel
regrets collect like old friends by ScotlandEvander: “Traveling into the past, Draco Malfoy finds himself in his eleven-year-old body with all his memories from the past seventeen years. Using this knowledge, he sets out change time. His first mission: befriend Harry Potter.” Time Travel, first instalment in the Rewritten in Time series. [I talk a lot about my love for time travel fics and this is among my favourite ones! Dramione doesn’t happen until later instalments though, so mind that.] 
eternity in an hour by hiddenhibernian: “The doomsday prophets were right: the end is nigh. This time, having the right wand won’t be enough to save either wizards or Muggles. Hermione’s younger self would have been horrified by what she is planning to do, but she stopped caring about such things a long time ago.”
turn back this cursed clock* by @wingsofmercury: “As the Battle of Hogwarts rages around him, he curses the decisions that led to this moment. His wand is gone, his family ruined, and Harry Potter-the supposed savior-is dead. There is nothing left for him but ignominy and death, so Draco Malfoy heads to his sanctuary, the only safe place he’s ever known, and begs the Room of Requirement to grant one last request.” Time Travel. [so this is technically not Dramione, at least, not yet. It only has four chapters so far.]
I have read more, but either the stories have been deleted, or the links no longer work *cough* looking at you *cough* so it’s fruitless. I hope you enjoy these recommendations, whoever you are, nonster.
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florenceyelena · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i- i’m genuinely in shock rn!!! i only really became active and a writer on this account from late last year and i would have never even thought that i would reach this following - this is a huge milestone for me and i’m so grateful i could cry
thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, to anyone who has followed me, who has supported my work or interacted with me in anyway (anonymously or not). thank you to my mutuals and the wonderful friends i’ve made on here (you know who you are<3) i’m so grateful to connect with and to have befriended people who i can be unapologetically myself with and i just love you all
this is crazy and i just- i have no words, i’m just incredibly grateful for everyone even if il we’ve never spoken or you liked my fic or sent me an ask every little interaction means the world
Tumblr media
in honour of 1k i decided to do a little sleepover celebration with you all !!! this will probably span over the week so until next saturday maybe? i’ll update you guys! and so feel free to send in an ask for any of the things below!!
i’ve also created two little things as a thanks! a comfort poem you can assign to your favourite character and a list of fic recs
note- not all of my moots are on there and neither is all of my fave works because there’s just too many so pls check out all the moots i’ve tagged at the bottom (for sb but also appreciation) and check out their work because they’re all genuinely amazing!!!
Tumblr media
a poem for you - here is a poem that you can apply to your favourite character and get a little fluffy fix so if you’re ever feeling down or just want some comfort for a specific character you’ve always got this <3
fic recs! - a list of fics from some of my favourite writers, talented moots and some gems i happened to find <3
🍓fmk - ya’ll know the drill send in some characters and i’ll choose between them!
🧺mini drabbles - send in a character and a little soft thought or scenario and i’ll write a drabble on it!
🌱cast your mutuals - send in something like ‘cym as flowers’ or ‘cym as tfatws characters’ and i’ll cast my mutuals based on vibes alone!
🍄ships - send in a little description about yourself or a random fact and i’ll ship you with someone (specificy whether marvel or star wars)
🌻dating characters - send me a character and i’ll tell you whether i’d date them and why
🫖tfatws fics - send me a fic request for bucky barnes, sam wilson or joaquin torres based on the last 3 episodes of tfatws!
i’ll be limiting this to 3 fics per character (9 in total) as i have so many in my inbox to catch up on (i’m getting there dhdh) and so check back to see which characters are left as i’ll cross them out once 3 have come in for said character
bucky barnes
sam wilson
joaquin torres
🪞send me a fic title and a character and i’ll tell you what i’d write! - can be in my style of title, your own, quotes, one word, anything!! marvel or star wars characters welcome
☀️chat with me! - tell me about your day, something you thought about a character you just had to share, or any random thoughts you have about anything and i’d love to talk with you
Tumblr media
tagging some moots! also if i dont tag you i’m sorry my brain forgets everything when it needs to remember so just tell me and i’ll tag you - especially if you write fics cos i don’t want to miss you as i want people to read your work !!
@beskar-tano @sunflowergirl522 @etherealsanakin @xwing-baby @anakinswhore @anakinlove @amourtentiaa @sunsetkenobi @blackberrybucky @belladonnabarnes @rhubarb-barnes @itsapeterthing @artiza-n @cap-n-stuff @burninmatches @gcdric @simpforquicksilver @mayonnaise-and-anarchy @betweentwopines @buckybarnesdiaries @felicityparkers @mightyavngrs @extremelyblackandwhite @poe-djarin @kelieah @gryst @strawberry-tea @whothehellisbuckybarnes @marvelinsanity @starwarsflowers @mndalorians @patriotseli @no-mercy-bby @poestardust @pietrosgf @mollysolo @quickysilver @darthwheezely @dameronology @iorekbrynison @lovelyavengers @songofpatrochilless @wintersfilm @natasha-romxnoff @tom-holland-parker @stucky-on-spiderman @free-pool-trash @on-yourleft @stargazingcarol
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nikkigrand · a year ago
18+ Uncensored KakaSaku Discord Server!
Tumblr media
Hey guys! I tried joining a KakaSaku discord server floating around, but...well, lol.
SO I’ve created an inclusive KakaSaku server where anyone who ships KakaSaku can join. No one who likes the pairing and wants to talk about them freely will be excluded.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a new shipper or an old shipper - as long as you like the pairing, you’re more than welcome to join. 
This is a place where you can talk about ANYTHING related to fandom, but NOT where you shit talk any other content creator. I’m not saying your opinion doesn’t matter, but don't create conflict where there is none. 
This means: if someone’s content is your squick, ignore it. It doesn’t reflect the person’s character and squick fics are common ways to explore one’s creativity. 
The only things NOT ALLOWED are anything where Sakura is underage and Kakashi is a full grown adult. Paedophilic fantasies will not be tolerated. 
This is where you can talk about whatever fandom related stuff you’d like. You can upload art, pictures, videos, etc. Share your ideas, prompts, things you are currently excited about. Talk about fics you’re reading and what your favorites are. 
This is an uncensored chat, which means you can talk about literally anything you want. Understand that some people might bring up things that are dark or not your speed, and that is perfectly okay. 
Essentially, this chat is a free for all. Be good to each other. 
This channel is where you can have someone help you if you need assistance with grammar, spelling, or if it just doesn’t sound right to you and need a sound board. Anyone who needs help or wants to help can use this channel. 
The same as above, but for smut. 
This channel is to help brainstorm for your fics, prompts, etc. The place to run your story board by someone who can help if you're stuck! 
This is where you can discuss ideas, check for inconsistencies in character development, or receive any help you need in regards to whatever it is you’re writing for KakaSaku. 
Sometimes the best help for writer’s block is inspiration and someone telling you that your ideas sound great!
This is where you’d place any fic recommendations you’d like to share with those in the server. Or any links mentioned in the Main-Chat and want to easily find later. 
As of right now, I am the only admin for the server and you can only join by receiving an invite from me. I’ll be adding another admin once the server gets up and running. 
*EDIT* @moderndayportia​ is also an admin!! She can also give you a link!! 
This is a PRIVATE server so that I can prevent any haters from randomly entering and pulling a g.o.d on us, lol. 
Even though it is private, I will always send an invite to whoever asks for one. Just message me or send me an ask!   
Once you ask for an invite, you’re agreeing to the “terms and conditions” of the server. It goes unsaid that this server is NSFW, but I'll say it anyway lol.
Please remember that this is a community and we already get a lot of hate. Don’t hate on each other, too. If you ever feel that the server is not for you, please feel free to remove yourself if you’d like. No one will hold it against you. 
Also remember that if you, at any point, become toxic or a plain asshole to others, you will be removed.  
Fandom is supposed to be a fun escape, not a place that stresses you out. 
So, please, join me and let’s get funky over some KakaSaku! 
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marvelficrec · 2 years ago
Do you have any more de-aged Tony fics? (I've read the ones you've already recommended) I'd prefer gen but light shipping is fine too. Tysm!
I tried to pick out gen (either no relationships or peppertony) or very very light shipping. to anyone new, check out prev. lists!
deaged winteriron
deaged Tony
A.I.s and Lullabies - 21k - gen
Tony is suddenly a quiet, wary five year old boy. The rest of the team are less than completely sure about what to do about that.
I Hate to Say This - 32k - gen
After a hurtful argument with the other Avengers on top of the flu, Tony’s not feeling too charitable when the call to Assemble comes. Of course, the villain of the day has to prove that yes, in fact, his day can get worse.
(That Would Be) Enough - 164k - peppertony, stevetony
One phone call from Pepper Potts to Phil Coulson, and one seemingly misguided act of magical penance on Loki’s part alters the course of events in Iron Man 3. Already in the midst of a breakdown after the Battle of New York, Tony is de-aged, and the Avengers are faced with a choice: assemble themselves into a makeshift family, or risk losing Iron Man (and Tony).
A Little Odder - 3k - peppertony
De-aged Tony has the Avengers, and Pepper, wrapped around his little finger. It’s only going to be for a little while, so why not give in and give him whatever he wants? Seriously, you do not want to see him cry.
I Take My Children Everywhere (But They Always Find Their Way Home) - 3k - clintphil
“Oh my god,” Phil groans, smacking a hand over his face just as a tiny Tony Stark marches up to him and very determinedly and with great gusto, kicks him in the shin.
Just A Little Taste of Where I Came From - 20k - gen, clintphil
Steve stares at Thor. Then down at the children. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand what Thor is saying; it’s just that he’s sure that isn’t possible.
“Are you saying that those kids are Coulson and Stark?” Natasha demands. Steve is so glad that someone other than him asked that question.
Thor nods encouragingly. “I am. Is that not a relief?”
“Um,” Clint says. He sounds as though he’s going to freak out any second. “No?”
Stuffed Elephants and Cooking Lessons - 3k - gen
When Tony is de-aged by magic, he latches on to Clint. Clint wonders how he became the responsible adult in the Tower.
send more fic requests!
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ohmypreciousgirl · 3 years ago
time to talk responsiveness on kastle fandom
i’m not sure if i’m too used to olicity fandom and we’re overall a very loud and responsive fanbase or kastle fandom is just impassive/unresponsive
don’t get me wrong, but i’ve been here for around two months and like i don’t see and/or feel anyone communicating between themselves. i mean unless you’re part of the older fans group that already established their own name among kastle shippers, you don’t manage to mingle - especially ficwriting wise.
i mean i didn't manage to make any friends because of kastle??? and that's really weird because when i get into a fandom, i meet at least a couple of people and become good friends with them. the only kastle shippers i talk to are the ones i met through olicity because they were legit the only ones that came over to get excited with me about it. i just am finding really hard to socialize within the fandom and i'm sad about it because i'm really into the ship and creating stuff for them - but not having people who are responsive make it hard to do.
and talking about reponse, i also feel there’s a huge lack of responsiveness to fic and i’m not talking about comments per se, i’m saying stuff like kudos and likes and even reblogs (which is much more simple to do than leave a comment, let's be real - i never know what to say). i've seen great fics out here that just...don’t get any attention and they are really good or very promising if they’re multichapters/wip. i found that very sad???
even my own stories - which aren't nothing impressive, but i'm self-aware enough to know the stuff i write are between ok and good - got like way less attention than i’m used to get in olicity fandom for example.
it’s just, if i feel like that, i imagine that others can also feel like that too because they just got into kastle and know nobody. and having a fandom like this just harms the fandom itself cause no new people will feel wanted to stay and keep active the creation of stuff, you know? I’m not trying to be whiny or guilt trip people into doing things, i’m just offering a perspective about the reason the fandom seems a bit dead is kinda consequence of the fandom's attitude and you all could have more stuff cause people only enjoy participating and creating things if they have response??? and honestly don't come to me with that bullshit lie that creators only need themselves. i've been creating fandom stuff for 12 years and never felt that my wish to create was enough to keep me going. actually having response was the only thing that drove me to keep doing it cause I felt that it mattered. nobody wants to do stuff that don't matter - whoever sells this shit notion never went through creative process tbh lol
anyway, i'm really trying to reblog all the fic i enjoyed, leave kudos and make rec lists because i want to have more and more kastle stuff and i’m really trying to be active and participate. if there’s any shipper out there that feels the same way i do, my ask is open and I’ll be delighted to talk kastle, discuss fic ideas or know share the stuff we adore.
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snakeslide · 2 years ago
A “quick” & “simple” guide to finding old fic off of AO3
I wrote this in a fit of hyperfocus while looking for old LOTR fic for a friend, and figured I’d share it, for fandom posterity if nothing else. So much has changed just in the years I’ve been in fandom! This is how I started reading fic... though I had way fewer broken links to deal with back then.
Quick guide: If you are looking for unread/old fic from an older fandom, go to Part 1. If you know some vague info about a fic you once read but don’t remember the name/author, go to Part 2. If you have a broken link, go to Part 3.
Part 1: New Old Fandoms
1. Just got into an old fandom? Congratulations. Looking for fic for it? ….good luck. But I’m an old hand at this, and I’m pretty good at it. Step one: lower your expectations, and be prepared for disappointment. Lots of fics have been lost from zines, listservs, down archives, the loss of Geocities, deleted LJ’s and dead personal fansites. More than that, you can’t be picky: sometimes only the shit survives. Also, I’ve found that the quality of fic writing has gone up over the years. Stuff that people viewed as masterpieces years ago might look to be cliche or mediocre now. But it’s like Star Trek: they’re full of cliche tropes because they invented the tropes.
2. You’ve probably already looked at AO3, but take a closer look. For old fanworks that have moved onto AO3, sorting by kudos/bookmarks/hits doesn’t work. A work could be remembered as a masterpiece and only have 2 bookmarks on AO3 simply because no one’s thought to look for it there. Check by date: backdated works show when it was originally published. Summaries used to be shorter and vaguer, and most people don’t bother updating them or using descriptive tags other than the pairing when they post them, so sometimes the only way to tell what a fic is about is by opening them all and reading them. You’ll find plenty of shit, but sometimes you’ll strike gold. Now that AO3 lets you exclude by dates, this is even easier. Pick a range of time, perhaps the height of the fandom, and THEN sort by kudos/bookmarks. It’s not bulletproof, but it’s better.
3. For stuff that hasn’t been moved onto AO3 at all, my first step is always checking two places: the Fanlore page for the fandom + pairing(s), and the TV Tropes fanfic rec page. Fanlore often lists popular authors, archives, and even links famous fics. The TV Tropes recpage is just a handy place to start: always organized the same, sometimes amusing, and still updated. (Don’t be afraid to go to if you get linked there. There are gems there, no matter what anyone says.) If you find a fic or archive you want to read but the link is broken, go to Part 3.
4. Now, my fave: reclists. Personal reclists are easy enough to find: just google “(fandom) + fic + recs” and a bunch will pop up, on LJ, DW, and tumblr. There are rec communities out there too, posting old fics, or just with extensive archives that you can troll through at your leisure. If you find a fic you want to read but the link is broken, go to Part 3.
5. Depending on the fandom, any fic archives might be down or not. A simple “(fandom) + archive” google works, and you can add more specifics, such as “slash” or a specific ship. Some archives don’t allow anything above PG13, some don’t allow anything queer. Most don’t have any form of sorting other than by pairing, either. There’s a commonly-used website form that creates “Top Tens” reviewed, favorited, etc., that may or not exist on the archive, depending on its age.
6. If you’re more about talking to people than lonely googling, you should ask people in the fandom (if you can find them) what their favorite fics are and where you can get them. Sometimes older fans will have them stored in a harddrive and will give them to anyone who asks: but you have to ask.
7. That’s about it. It’s a lot of effort, but it can be worth it if you find what you’re looking for. And sometimes you make new friends along the way.
Part 2: Lost Fics
1. Knowing some vague info without any easily findable keywords is one of the hardest spots to be in. This is the time-sink: google the shit out of it. Any vague term you can think of, any random phrase you remember. Use search operators and quotes. Look through reclists to see if anything looks familiar.
2. Skim fics to see if the writing is similar - or identical. Sometimes what you remember is just a single paragraph in a 7 chapter fic, and if you’re not careful you could skip it entirely. If you still can’t find it, it’s time to get active: it’s time to ask other people.
3. Some fandom history: before archive search functions and AO3 bookmarks, if you lost track of a fic, you could go to a “fic finder” forum or community and make a post describing the fic you were thinking of, and people would comment with a link if they knew what it was. Some of these still exist, but they’re much less trafficked these days (especially since comments on tumblr are such a mess). If you can find a ficfinder LJ/DW community: Make an account, and post a description of everything you remember from the fic. If it’s on tumblr, send an ask/submission. 
4. On tumblr, a post in the general fandom tag might also work, though I’ve never tried it myself.
5. If you’re lucky, someone will know the fic you’re thinking of, and you’ll get the name/author, if not a link. If the link is broken, go to Part 3.
Part 3: Broken Links
1. If the website/link is broken, try googling the author’s name and/or the fic name to see if they uploaded it anywhere else. Try googling the username and fic name together and apart, plus and minus the fandom name - authors change usernames but fic names almost always stay.
2. Then try using the wayback machine (an internet archive that screenshots and saves old websites, if you haven’t heard of it. Very handy!) to see if there are any screenshots - sometimes there are saves of some chapters and not others, which is the absolute worst. Always check all the saved dates!
3. Go back to googling. It’s possible someone else has asked for a downloaded copy on some ficfinder forum, tumblr, or livejournal post somewhere. If they did, you can try commenting on the same post or DMing the person to see if they found it/still have it.
4. Wait and see if you get lucky.
If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, wait. Ask around. Sometimes archives come back up; sometimes you run into the right person in the comments or at a con who has it downloaded as a txt file or has a printed copy. And if you do find it, finally, and manage to get in contact with the author: ask the person to upload it and backdate it on AO3. AO3 even lets them orphan it if they don’t want their name attached to it. But if they say no, RESPECT IT. People don’t want their stuff online for many different reasons, and that’s fine. Ignoring someone’s wishes for your own personal gain is NOT.
Good luck, and happy hunting!
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nevermoredragon-main · 18 days ago
I dunno why but I was hit with major nostalgia for tmnt 2012 despite having not watched it since the end of season 3 (we stopped paying for cable after that, and then I just forgot to catch up after that), and I'm reading old fanfics and wishing I had more of the ones I like, so I wanted to ask for fic recs because I'm too lazy to find any of my own.
I guess anyone know of any good fics where Karai is the focus? Either nonship or maybe a bit of casey/karai. I don't know enough about shinigami to know if I ship her with karai yet. Though, really above all I want to see more of Karai simply being with her family and also her family's allies(like the mighty mutanimals, for example) or like a character study type thing. Basically, I have no fic ideas myself, but a scene I think would be appropriate is everyone getting righteously furious at Shredder for brainwashing her, because out of everything that is the most effed up thing ever.
Also, no sm*t please. Or, there has to be a plot to go with it. No p*rn without plot please.
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