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#and im very down with that and how it feels like a sigh of relief
moonlit-jeno · a year ago
first time + mark
“Okay.” Mark says, staring at his dick like it holds all the answers to the universe. His other hand is on your thigh, the way he squeezes the flesh giving away his nerves. “Okay, I can do this. Are you ready?” You nod, spreading your legs a little wider. Mark exhales deeply before leaning forward to kiss you. The tip of his cock slips through your folds and you whimper, shifting a little bit.
“God, you’re so wet.” Mark mumbles against your lips. “Gonna put it in now.” “Okay.” You breathe out, heart pounding in anticipation. Neither of you have had sex before, and the thought of having something so intimate with Mark- your boyfriend of two years who is very much the love of your life- makes you feel warm all over.
There’s more kissing, but his dick is very much still not inside of you. His lips twitch against your mouth, and then he’s pulling away and laughing. “Alright, hold up, hold up.” You raise your eyebrows. “You good?”
“Yeah, just a sec.” He gives you a sheepish smile, laughing lightly. “Okay, I’m good.” The initial stretch isn’t as painful as it is weird. It’s also not particularly pleasant. Mark seems to think differently, a low curse leaving him as he drops his head to rest on your chest. “Fuck.” He moans, his voice a little deeper than normal. “God, this feels good. Does it feel good for you?” You shrug. “Not really. It doesn’t feel bad, it’s just. There.” “Right, right. Yeah, me too.” Mark says, clearly lying. You can’t help but laugh, and he immediately bursts into giggles. “Shut up.” He laughs, lifting his head to kiss you. “Tell me when I can move.”
His hair is soft under your hand and you run your fingers through it, holding him close so that you can kiss him harder, deeper. He sucks on your tongue when you slip it into his mouth and you moan, clenching your walls. Mark groans and gives a tiny thrust, sending sparks up your spine.
“Shit, sorry. I couldn’t help it.” His face is flushed, sweat brimming on his forehead. You wonder how hard it must be for him to hold still for so long.
“Felt nice.” You say, giving him a lingering kiss. “Do it again.” Mark starts with timid thrusts, gradually picking up speed and depth when you don’t scream in pain. His eyes fall shut with the pleasure, jaw hanging slack. Your hands grapple for his shoulders, pulling him close to you. There’s something about feeling his cock dragging against your walls, about having him so close to you, that’s driving you crazy.
“Don’t stop.” You moan, kissing down his neck. “Please, Mark.” “God that’s hot.” He groans, fucking into you fluidly. “Do you feel good?” One hand squeezes at your breast and you whine, arching into the touch. “So good.” It’s quiet for a few moments, just the two of you being in each other’s presence. There’s a lot of soft kissing, a lot of soft touching. Mark grabs your hand and threads your fingers together at one point.
There’s a pleasure twisting and tightening your gut and you rut against Mark, your body desperate to feel that relief. “I think I’m gonna come.” Mark moans at that, hips stuttering. “Do it baby, come for me.” He kisses you during your orgasm, fucking you through it before coming as well. And Mark usually has a nice voice, but you’ve never heard it like this, never heard him make sounds as sinful as this. It’s painfully hot.
As loving and caring as your boyfriend is, he has no issues with crushing you with his entire body weight when he collapses on top of you. You groan, pushing at his chest, before eventually giving up and welcoming the suffocation.
“I love you.” He sighs, a little dreamy as he plays with a strand of your hair. You smile softly. “I love you too, Mark. Now please let me breathe.” He complies. It’s easier to cuddle you from this position, anyways.
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animexreaders · a year ago
todoroki x female reader?
How I Met Your Father
Shouto Todoroki x Female Reader
Warnings- NSFW (in general)
Tag List (let me know if you want on!) @tooloudarts @redeyeddemonbl @mikuchuwara @burnedbyshoto ( @rintomoj )
A/N- So, I'm sorry anon who requested this but like my Villain Deku one, Im not sure how confident i feel on this one but no matter what i tried it always felt like this was the best i could do so I’m really sorry if its trash-
It started out innocently enough. As a matter of fact, only a few hours ago you’d been scared and nervous out of your mind. Meeting a s/o’s parents was scary enough on its own, but when the parents happened to be Rei and Enji Todoroki, well, the stakes were higher. Shouto had insisted on taking you to meet his mother first, you were no stranger to how he felt about his father. 
And after about an hour of stressing over what to wear, Shouto had dragged you out the door, reassuring you that his mother wouldn’t care what you wore, she was going to love you.
As it turned out, you were worried over nothing. Rei was a sweetheart and when you entered the room, the smile that stretched across her face let you know just how much she loved her son.
Unfortunately, the relief you experienced after meeting Rei was replaced by a stomach wrenching dread.
It was time to meet the Number 1 Hero, Endeavor.
Lucky for you, when you and Shouto arrived at his house, Enji wasn’ there. Apparently he wasn’t expected to arrive for about an hour having been held up at the office.
You breathe a sigh of relief as Shout grabs your hand.
“Would you like the official tour?” he asks, half jokingly.
You nod and let him lead you from the front entrance down the long hallway. Only half listening as he describes each room’s purpose, you focus more on him than the house. As soon as his father was mentioned, his body turned stiff and cold and he was still acting tense. You knew all his father had done, all he’d put his whole family through in order to achieve his goal of being the top hero. It made you sick and as many times as you’d told Shouto you’d be willing to skip the introduction all together, he’d insisted, wanting to try and be as normal for you as possible. 
As you turned a corner, you gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, letting him know you were here. He pauses in his running commentary and smiles sideways at you, looking a bit forced on his pursed lips. Seizing your chance, you tilt your head up and gently kiss him on the lips. After only a moment of hesitation, he kissed you back, hands going to your waist and pulling you closer. You hum a against him, threading your fingers through his soft, two toned hair. A small gasp escapes you as he takes a few long strides, backing you into the nearest open door. He spins you around and presses you against the inner wall, kissing you harder, channeling all his frustrations. You don’t mind, in fact, you are overjoyed. Normally he’s so closed off about his feelings and the more you ask him about it, the more he refuses to talk about it. He lets out a strangled moan, hands going from your waist to your cheeks, pulling you closer to him. He sweeps his tongue over your lips then into your mouth, unable to get enough of you. You let out a whimper as his erection rubs your thigh, your core flaring, suddenly very hot and very sensitive.
But then- then a part of your brain mentally prepares you for what you are sure will come next. Right when things get hot-
Shouto’ll pull away.
Apologize for his behavior.
No amount of protesting of begging will change his mind. He claims to like complete privacy, not even your room will do. 
You try not to complain, you don’t want to pressure him…
But as a few minutes pass and he still hasn’t stopped, you decide to take advantage of the situation. 
You fumble for the hem of his shirt, tugging it up as quickly as you can. And to your surprise, he lets you remove it, revealing his toned stomach in all its glory.
God, he’s amazing. You feel as though years could pass and you would still never be able to get enough of him. 
Tongues still aggressively dancing together, you only pull apart as he removes your own shirt, throwing it aside along with your bra in a pile on the floor. He lifts you up, prompting you to hook your legs around his waist to prevent him from collapsing.
Kicking the door shut with unnecessary force, he walks over to the large futon in the corner and throws you down, so caught up in the heat of the moment to worry about being gentle. You bounce slightly from the force and before you can process your surroundings, he crawls on top of you, face red and chest heaving. He leans down, nibbling on your neck and causing you to whimper louder and rub your thighs together to relieve some of the growing itch. As he marks you, leaving hickies that will be hard to cover up, you feel your heartbeat and overwhelming hunger for him increase rapidly.
“Come on Shouto- Please?”
He doesn’t answer your needy whine, instead he goes for your bottoms, dragging them down your legs hurriedly. You let him, glad to be free of the restricting clothing. As he rips away your underwear, you can’t help but marvel up at him, the beautiful male above you, with what can only be described as pure lust on his face.
For you.
Suddenly distracted by Shouto’s calloused hands grabbing your heavy breasts, you let all thoughts escape you expect the present. 
He rubs and gropes them in all the right places, smiling when you let out mewls of pleasure below him. Not one to be outdone, you lift your knee up, rubbing it against his clothed tent. He starts panting heavily, letting out a deep groan as you push harder. After you’re satisfied with his reaction, you replace your knee with your hands, unbuttoning his jeans then taking them off along with his boxers. As you free him, you swallow hard as your head spins with lust.
“D-damnit Y/N… Youre so… You look…f-fuck~”
He can’t speak as he breathily groans your name. He gathers himself and grabs your wrists, pinning them above your head, heterochromatic eyes glittering with intent. You bite your bottom lip and look uo at him desperately, wanting to call his name at the top of your lungs. As he opens his mouth to say something, a series of noises coming from down the hallway stops you both in your tracks.
The booming voice of Enji Todoroki echoes through the house, curdling your blood in horror.
You whip your head around, half expecting Shouto to jump up- but definitely not expecting him to!
You throw your head back against the pillows as he pushes into your wet hole, swollen head and veins scrapping your inner walls perfectly. As your fist turns white from the force you clench the blankets with, you fight the urge to scream. The noise catched in your throat as you see something that makes your heart stop dead.
Something you hadn’t paid that much attention to, what with everything else happening… something hung on the back of the door… 
A dark blue and orange bodysuit, recognizable at once.
You look around the room frantically and come to a terrifying conclusion.
You now know where you are.
Endevor’s room.
You are currently being FUCKED by Enji Todoroki’s son, in his own room.
You’re having SEX in a Pro’s bed, with the Pro’s SON.
You try to communicate this disturbing development to Shouto, but anytime you open your mouth, a lewd noise works its way out as Shouto continues to pump into you, determined despite the circumstances. He’s hitting you so well, it feels so amazing… it’s almost as if he’s trying to get you to shout out…
Wouldn’t that be an awkward way to meet his father….
Does he know… of course he must!
But you can’t dwell on it much longer as you seem to be a bit preoccupied. 
Shouto continued to rutt you, letting out a  moan of his own at the blissful expression on your face. Your brain was overcome, and by the time he hit your spot and your walls closed around him, you were already out of it. He had completely overloaded your brain and all you could think of was how good he felt and how much you loved him. And that’s all that was important.
Only moments after he finished, following you down from your high, he pulled out, wet from your mixed release.
He leans down and kisses your swollen lips, his comforting embrace soothing your shaking body.
“Mm- Shouto?”
“Yes, love?”
“Did- did you know that- that we-?”
He nods into you, a bit sheepish, a bit sly.
You smile weakly, purposely snagging your bottom lip with your teeth as you look into his clouded eyes.
“Hes home, isn’t he?”
He looks over at the door as if half expecting to see him standing there.
Thankfully, he’s not, but your window of time is getting considerably shorter.
“We should- I probably….”
You stutter over your words awkwardly, suddenly very anxious and embarrassed.
“Let’s just stay here, Y/N.”
Shouto says, completely serious and relaxed.
“No way! What if he comes looking for us? He must know we’re here!”
Signing heavily, he rolls off you and grabs your hand, kissing the back of it.
“Fine. But after this, me and you- We’re going out. And having fun. And my stupid bastard of a father isnt going to ruin it.”
You laugh at how serious he sounds and sit up, looking for your discarded clothes.
Then, as if thought into existence, a booming voice calls out and Shouto looks as though he’s just swallowed a lemon. You jolt in terror and frantically get dressed. As soon as you both can pass for presentable, Shouto grabs your hand and tugs you out the door, with the attitude of someone wanting to get a terrible task over with.
As you prepare to meet his father officially, you try to keep your blush in cheek and resist the urge to tell him he may want to wash his sheets.
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younghobaby · 3 years ago
Dating Hanbin- IKON
B.I/ Hanbin
Tumblr media
-bro FUCK hanbin is so cute 
-would be the best boyfriend ever no one can tell me otherwise 
-im so excited to write this i don’t know where to start 
-AHHHH okay
-when you two first met each other he was so blushy and he didn’t know how to handle it but sometimes he would get random bursts of confidence that would leave you very ??????
-this went on for months everyone knew he liked you and you liked him but neither of you were making a move jesus 
-when he did ask you out everyone let out a collective sigh of relief 
-you two were FINALLY going out thank u god 
-he’s so sweet:((((
-if you two go out when he it’s cold he makes sure that you’re warm 
-if you forget a jacket he gives you his and then he’ll out his hands in the coat pockets 
-it’s so cute oh my GOD 
-it took him forever to finally kiss you 
-it wasn’t even him who kissed you, you kissed him 
-after every date he would walk you to your front door and before he could work up the nerve to kiss you he hug you really quickly and then practically scramble back to his car 
-after one date you had enough of this and when he leaned down to hug you, you grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him 
-he didn’t know how to act for a good five seconds before he finally kissed you back 
-it wasn’t long after that that he started becoming more laid back and more comfortable with you 
-once he gets comfortable with you he gets 1000x funnier 
-he loves staying at your place 
-doesn’t like leaving the guys at the dorm by themselves but will if you ask him to come over 
-all of the guys love you and if it weren’t for them hanbin would be a blubbering mess around you 
-he loves to cook for you 
-if you work late or you have a late class and he knew about it he would go over to your place and cook for you 
-you get so happy when you come home from a long day and you see him cooking for you 
-he usually doesn’t hear you come into the apartment but when he feels you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his back he feels at home 
-but really though he loves you so much 
-speaking of love 
-he tells you he loves you on yalls eight month anniversary 
-it took him like twelve tries to get it out 
-when he told you, you two were walking back to your apartment and he just blurted it out
-he tried to tell you when he picked you up, on the way to the restaurant, when you two sat down to eat, and when you two got dessert 
-he finally “said” it 
-he yelled it when you two were walking and it scared the shit out of you 
-when you got over the shock of him screaming it registered that he said he loved you and you laughed 
-he liked ??? wtf why are they laughing this is serious 
-and then you stopped and told him you loved him too
-and for once he kissed you 
-after dating for about a year and a half he moved in with you 
-and with that came a dog 
-he named the dog toast 
-we don’t know why but he loves toast 
-you come home a lot to hanbin passed out on the couch with toast on his chest 
-it’s so cute :(((((
-i feel like he’s pretty clean 
-like he won’t lose his mind over a dirty dish but he would rather there be no dishes ya know 
-thinks cleaning together is a bonding experience 
-will set aside a whole day a month so you two can clean together 
-has a playlist that he will NOT turn off while you two are cleaning 
-sometimes he goes too hard and you’ll find him passed out half way through the day 
-when you find him like that you get on the couch or the bed and you cuddle up to him 
-best naps ever dude 
-bro he loves crime shows 
-lives by the quote “ In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. DUN DUN”
-will stay up all night watching criminal minds and law and order 
-he really likes milkshakes but he can never finish one by himself so you two always share one 
-one time he did the cute thing where he puts two straws in the cup and then you two drink out of it together but seeing your face that close to him made him laugh and he blew a fat bubble into your face 
-he tries he really does 
-this man LOVES to sleep 
-will pull you into bed the very early time of eight pm and yall just chill 
-when you wake him up he acts like a child 
-he’s so pouty 
-his hair is everywhere 
-will not kiss you until he brushes his teeth 
-does not want you to leave the bed and will whine every time you move
-this man would die to go to disney world 
-so for yalls two year anniversary he bought yall tickets !!!!
-he looks so cute in Mickey ears 
-bro he wants to meet Tiana so bad 
-you swear he cried a little when he met her 
-bro nuh uh i can’t believe im about to write this 
-he proposes in the line for space mountain 
-he bought the ring a few months after your one year anniversary 
-he just knew he was gonna marry you 
-you’re sitting on the railing waiting in this long ass line 
-hanbin is standing in between your legs playing with the holes in your jeans and he can feel the box burning in his jean pocket 
-suddenly he just drops to one knee and you’re like ?? is this man hurt 
-but then you see he’s on one knee and everyone around you lets out a fat ass gasp 
-he doesn’t have a long as speech he just smiles up at you and asks you to marry him 
-of course you say yes because like ??? why wouldn’t you 
-and then you two finally ride space mountain and live happily ever after 
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ventismommy · 5 months ago
Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s thought of fucking Catboy!Venti and Catboy!Xiao in heat
As soon as you’d come home, Venti had been on you, nuzzling you and making happy little purrs. “I’ve missed you, ehehe!” He said as he climbed into your lap and immediately presented his ears for you to pet.
But then, the moment you touched them, he let out a soft moan and jerked in your lap, and you realized what was going on. You stopped touching him to throw him a smirk, and he squirmed. “P-please, mommy, it’s hot, it’s too h-hot,” he whined, pathetically trying to grab your hand and make you touch him where he needed it the most.
Which led to you, bent over his petite frame, steadying his hips while you fucked him for the second time that night.
Every thrust tore a tiny mewl from his mouth and he arched his back languidly, pushing back into the pleasure. His ears twitched as he moaned. “Does that feel better, songbird?” You asked as you reached around to stroke his cock, paying special attention to the tip the way he loved. He could only respond with a desperate mewl as his hips shook, unsure whether to push back against your strap or buck into your hand. “M-mm, ‘s good, so good, please m-more, please!” He whimpered, and you saw in the way his legs wobbled that he was close. Not wanting to make him support himself on shaky legs, you gently shifted him until he was sitting in your lap, back to your chest, and helped him lift his hips up and down. He seemed to like the new angle; it made him squirm even more and let out even more desperate whines. You kept stroking him as you planted comforting kisses all along his neck and shoulders before gently pressing one to his ears, which made him shake.
“M close, ‘m so close, please please please don’t st-stop!” He whimpered, and of course you obliged, only picking up your pace. You felt him tense up, and then a overwhelmed whimper left his mouth as he came.
Gently, you lifted him off of you and unbuckled the strap, sliding it off. “Better, sweetheart?”
Then you felt a strong gust of wind knock you down til you were laying down, and Venti scrambled to settle himself in between your legs. “I’m sorry, I’m s-sorry, I just can’t, I need m-more, I’m sorry!” He stuttered as he desperately began to rut against you, clearly still feeling the effects of his heat. You only chuckled, reaching out to stroke his face. “It’s alright, songbird, go ahead.” He let out a whine of relief and buried himself in you, causing you to let out a soft sigh as you stroked his ears. “Mm...good boy...”
Xiao was...very obvious about his heat.
He jumped you almost as soon as you got home, kissing you forcefully and grumbling when you pulled away to laugh and ask what was going on.
“I just...want you...please?”
You had to reward him, of course; he usually took forever to say please. You pretended to ignore him as you walked into the bedroom and shut the door, stripping off your clothes and pulling on your strap. You could hear him waiting outside the door as you opened it, and when he rushed in, you grabbed him and pinned him to the wall. He mewled softly as his back hit the wall, and again a bit louder when you helped him out of his clothes. Then you led him over to the bed, lubing up your fingers and kissing his ears gently before sliding your fingers into him, carefully stretching him. He squirmed and whined, and it was just too cute, so of course you had to make sure to find that one perfect spot inside him that made him yelp and arch his back. You leaned up to his ear, kissing and biting his neck as you fingered him, and whispered, “How do you want it tonight, darling? Rough? Gentle?” You made sure to ask because sometimes he wanted to be spoiled, and other times he wanted you to shove his face into the bed and fuck him til he couldn’t hold himself up.
And with his mewl of an answer, it seemed to be the former.
So you roughly grabbed his hips and flipped him so he was face down, ass up. He let out a choked moan when you slapped his ass before sliding in, growing rougher with each thrust. You pushed a hand onto the small of his back, pressing it down, and the new angle made him let out a high-pitched, drawn out whine. “Aww, does that feel good? Does it feel good getting fucked like a bitch in heat?” You asked, your tone mocking. He couldn’t answer, too busy panting and moaning. So you landed another smack to his ass, and he cried out. “Answer me,” you said, leaving no room for debate.
“Y-yes, mommy, it feels g-good, getting f-fucked like a b-bitch in heat- ah!~”
His sentence was cut off as you reached around, stroking his cock to reward him for saying it out loud. “Such a desperate little thing,” you said as you watched him squirm under your touch. You could read him well enough to know he was close already- his heat must have really affected him.
Sure enough, after a few thrusts, his ears flattened against his head, and he whined for you. “Please, m-mommy, I’m close, I w-wanna cum, please can I c-cum?” He managed to whimper, and of course, since he was so polite and asked like a good boy...
“Go ahead, darling, cum for me.”
A shudder racked his whole body as he came, breathing hard. You slowed your pace for a moment, but then you gently grabbed his hair and tugged to make him meet your eyes as you leaned forward.
“I’m not done with you yet.”
Xiao shivered.
Endings ahaha
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nancybycrs · 2 years ago
Love or Lust? (one)
Dick Grayson x Reader
summary: Dick x reader have lots of sexual tension and feelings mixed in their lives of crime fighting.
words: 2114
warnings: smut, language ?
A/N: im not really sure where im going with this, it will most likely be a mini series, i just have a few ideas and im going with it.
also might be important to note that this is sort of part of the Titans universe (edit: not really), it takes places after the events of episode 2 but other than that im kind of just going with my own storyline..
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
Brows furrowed, you searched your desk for a pen. You shoved a few papers around, praying they weren't that important, tipped over an empty cup, and knocked a stapler off your desk in the process. An entire desk and you couldn't find a damn pen.
You lifted your head and huffed, taking a brief moment to search the desk with your eyes instead of your hands.
Dick passed by, glancing at you with a confused
expression. Watching for a moment, he smirked when he realized you were searching for your pen. He knew this because it was the fifth time this week, you always left your pens at his desk when you went to show him something and never took them back to your own desk.
He made a quick whistle to grab your attention, once you looked up, he gave you a small smile and tossed a pen on your desk.
Your face relaxed, one corner of your mouth raising in a small, tight lipped smile, "Thanks, Dick."
Dick nodded and continued his path to wherever he was going in the first place. You grabbed the pen he had tossed you and began your next pile of work.
You liked working as a detective, it was a good way to continue your actions of doing good while not fighting crime, in a costume, during the night.
You and Dick met a few months ago when you became a detective, you weren't partners, but you spent a lot of time together. Eventually, considering you used all the same tricks to hide your identity, you found out about your crime fighting personas and swore each other to secrecy.
When Rachel Roth came to town, Dick asked for your help in protecting her and the three of you went on a road trip to visit two of Dick's old friends. After that, you both returned to your "normal" lives.
A smack of paper on your desk startled you, your eyes widened, scanning the first page of many sitting in front of you. Sighing, you rolled your eyes and grabbed your pen to write, beginning the long journey ahead of paperwork and hand cramps.
Glancing at the clock after about an hour or so, you released a breath of contempt and relief at the sight. Finally, time to go home.
Gathering a fraction of the large stack of papers still yet to be filled out, you placed them neatly into your bag, along with a few other essentials to finish the work in the comfort of your own home.
A tan hand was placed on the edge of your desk, grabbing your attention. You immediately knew who it was and raised your gaze to face Dick.
"Leaving so soon?" Dick tilted his head and crossed his arms over his chest.
You mockingly laughed, "Very funny, Grayson," you lowered your voice slightly, "but no, not tonight."
"What you're just gonna leave me alone out there?" He joked.
"Sorry," You shrugged, "Unless you wanna keep me company while I fill out an hour's worth of paper work." You sarcastically smiled, secretly hoping he would agree.
Dick remained quiet, only pursing his lips.
You pursed your lips, mirroring him, and looked back down to finish packing your bag.
You stopped, furrowed your brows, and looked back up to Dick, "Wait — really?" You chuckled lightly, "I was joking but I mean—"
"Do you want me to come or no?" Dick cut you off, looking at you with a quirked brow and a light grin.
You playfully scoffed and nodded your head, packing up your bag and following Dick out to the parking lot.
"How come you never have to do as much paper work as I do." You groaned, rolling your wrist attempting to rid of the painful cramp.
"I do, I just do it quicker." Dick raised his brows, pointing the end of his pen at you.
You playfully rolled your eyes, lightly shoving Dick's shoulder.
You both sat in a comfortable silence for a long amount of time. You were finishing your stack of papers while Dick finished up any extra work he had. By the time you both finished, it was almost midnight.
You dramatically tossed your pen down as you finished the last word, sighing contently afterward.
Dick glanced at you and grinned, neatly placing his own belongings back into his own bag. You caught his gaze and held it for a moment too long.
You always liked Dick, you admired him for his work ethic and his need to do good. You didn't know much about his Gotham past but you didn't need to. You never let your feelings venture much farther than that. Knowing Dick's mindset was far from wanting any romantic relationship, you saved yourself from the embarrassment. But you knew, deep down if you let yourself indulge in those feelings you'd fall head over heels.
Coughing once, you stood up from your small kitchen table and went to the kitchen a few feet away.
"You want anything to drink?" You called, hoping the awkward moment would pass with your offer.
"I'm good, thanks." Dick replied.
Dick relaxed into his chair and watched as you got yourself a glass of water. You had let your hair down the second you both entered your apartment. It was now laying softly against your back, shining in contrast to your skin color. Your denim jeans hugged your legs perfectly in alliance with the spaghetti strap tank top you put on, which also flattered you. There was a sliver of your bare back where your jeans met your top, shirt rising just the slightest on accident.
Dick cleared his throat once he realized he was staring. He swallowed and sat up as you continued walking around your kitchen. When he tried to focus his attention on anything else, he found his eyes going straight back to you and the clothes that hugged your body perfectly.
He stood up, slowly walking into the kitchen where you stood. He leaned against the counter behind you as you downed the last of your glass of water. Once you turned around, you leaned against the counter across from Dick, a few feet from him.
"So," You tilted your head, "What do you wanna do now?"
You walked towards Dick, now leaning on the counter he was against. Dick had his back to the counter while you faced it.
Dick hummed, "Whatever you wanna do." He shrugged.
You chuckled knowing if it were up to you, things would be different.
You only shrugged in reply, and turned yourself to the side. Now, your hip rest against the counter and you faced Dick, mere inches away at this point.
Neither of you noticed the space between you, or lack thereof, but you held each other's gaze waiting for the other to speak first.
Dick's gaze wandered from your eyes to the rest of your face, your hair that shaped your face and down to your lips. Once his gaze reached your lips he instantly regretted his action, this time it wasn't so easy to look away.
You subconsciously lifted yourself onto your toes and closer to Dick's face.
Dick noticed this subtle action and turned himself to face you. His hand rested against the cool countertop, right next to your hip.
Your lips stopped a few inches before Dick's, "You still wanna go out tonight, Boy Wonder?" You teased without cracking a smile.
The corner of Dick's mouth raised into a smirk, his eyes left yours for a brief second to glance down at his hand beside your hip. He lightly chuckled and hooked his thumb in the belt loop of your jeans.
“Only if you want to." He replied with a smirk still evident on his face, but he knew he'd do whatever you wanted him to.
You tugged your bottom lip between your teeth as your eyes flitted between both of his. Dick's breathing picked up as he watched you, resulting in yours picking up as well. You both struggled to hold yourselves back at this point.
Dick exhaled, "Fuck it."
Your lips collided in an instant, hands roaming each other's bodies directly after. Your hands found there way around Dick's neck, while his held your waist.
You tugged your shirt off in seconds, tossing it somewhere across the room. Dick gripped your thighs and lifted you onto the counter. Your hands went to his top, unbuttoning in as quickly as possible while Dick tossed it away as you had just done to your own shirt.
Sliding off the counter, you kept your lips together and stumbled towards your bed, pinning each other against walls on the way there.
Once you reached the bed you fell back with Dick on top of you. His lips left your own to trail along your jawline and below your ear. Tilting your head to the side, you moaned as Dick kissed sloppily down your neck.
His mouth kissed down to the valley of your breasts while his hands quickly rid of your jeans along with his own. You moaned again once his lips reached your stomach. Leaning upward, you grabbed a condom from your nightstand and immediately tore the package open before handing it to Dick.
Taking the opportunity, you switched your positions and placed yourself on top. It took Dick by surprise, but the view of you straddling him pulled a satisfied groan from his lips.
You kissed his neck as he did to you while grinding yourself onto him. He moaned as your teeth hit his jawline, you smiled at the sound. His hands went to your back and unhooked your bra followed by you tossing it behind you.
Dick reveled in the moment, enjoying the feeling of your lips wander his body.
You traveled back up to Dick’s lips, catching his bottom lip between your teeth for a second before fully indulging in each other once again.
Dick wrapped one arm around your waist, flipping you over so you were on the bottom again. A light squeal left your lips at the quick action earning a smirk from Dick.
His lips went back to your neck as his hand traveled down your side, heavily yet slowly, and reached the hem of your panties. He tugged them down painfully slow, which drew a long moan from your lips at the feeling of his hands along your skin.
Now that your last item of clothing was discarded, you tugged off Dick’s rather quickly.
Slipping on the condom, Dick lined himself up with your core. You inhaled sharply as his tip grazed your heat. He pushed himself in, pausing for a moment until you adjusted. Once a moan left your lips, he began thrusting into you.
Dick’s hand ran along your leg, from your ass to your knee and tugged your leg to wrap around his back. You moaned his name loudly while his hands grazed your legs again.
Soft kisses peppered your neck as his hand now traveled along your arm and reached your hand, intertwining it with his own against the grey sheets. You closed your eyes after that, moaning and squeezing Dick’s hand as he pulled out and thrust into you again.
You used your other hand to lift Dick’s lips back to yours. You sloppily made out until Dick paused as you smiled onto his lips, it only lasted for a moment before disappearing as your lips collided again.
With a little assistance from Dick, you flipped yourself on top and took control. You began to grind your hips onto his and kissed along his jawline and back to his lips. Dick moaned your name into your mouth, your hands rested on his chest as his guided your hips.
Once Dick noticed you both were about to reach your high, he flipped you over once again to finish off.
Dick buried his face in your neck as a symphony of moans, names, and curses escaped both your lips as you rode out your highs.
Dick pulled out and collapsed beside you. You both lay on your backs, panting to catch your breaths.
“Damn.” You exhaled, unaware of what else to say to fit the situation.
Dick chuckled and stood up to dispose of the condom. He pulled on his boxers and tossed you a tee shirt you asked for.
He returned to the bed and lay back in his previous position. You pulled the shirt over your head and did the same.
You turned over to the side, your back facing Dick. Dick remained on his back. Neither of you spoke another word, but instead dozed off beside each other.
part two
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angrylizardjacket · 2 years ago
take comfort {Roger Taylor/Reader/Ben Hardy}
A/N: 1807 words. It’s been a long day. 
You hadn’t come to bed last night, at least, not until the very early hours of the morning, and you’d been grinning as you sat in the living room over your latest project, with that gleam in your eyes that meant you were going to work through this obsession until you tired yourself out. It had been a few nights like that, despite both Ben’s best effort’s and Roger’s dirtiest, you hadn’t budged. It did, however, mean that there were some days where you’d wake up sprawled out on the sofa with a blanket over you, and too little time to get ready for work, and if you were being honest, you could feel yourself becoming overwrought. 
“I’m working, I’m working.” You’d grumbled when Ben had asked if you were okay, when he found you at three in the morning with the television still on, staring off into space, when he’d just come out to grab a glass of water.
“Love, you need to sleep, please, you’ve got work in the morning, come to bed.” He asked, holding out a hand to you. Regarding it for a moment, you frowned, before waving it away.
“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec, just-” and you trailed off, going back to your work. He sighed, but he didn’t press you about it.
When you wake the next morning on the sofa - which is not where you’re pretty sure you fell asleep, since you remember thinking the carpet had such a nice texture in your bleary, exhausted state - there’s a glass of water on the coffee table. Something warms in your heart at the sight, and you feel a little bit of guilt for being so dismissive last night. Despite just waking up, there’s exhaustion settling into your bones when you look at the clock and realise you’re almost late for work.
You spill the water when you try and drink it as you’re scrambling about the now-empty flat looking for your uniform, you close the door on your finger when you leave, and you’re only at work for fifteen minutes before you drop a glass, and manage to cut your hand pretty badly cleaning it up. Your manager takes one look at your exhausted, dishevelled state, and tells you to go home.
And so, gently gauzed, and running on about four hours of sleep, you trek back to your flat. 
Okay, so maybe, finally, you can admit that you’ve overworked yourself, that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and that it hasn’t been good for you. Not that you’d actually admit that out loud, but when you enter the flat and feel your heart swell so much with love and relief at the sound of Roger and Ben chatting in the living room that you feel yourself starting to cry, it’s close enough to an admission as you were probably going to get.
“You’re home early.” Roger smirks at the sound of the door closing, but then he turns to look through the doorway into the kitchen where you’re standing, and he sees the way you’re holding your hand and how you’re so close to tears, and he’s on his feet in an instant. “What’s wrong, love?” He asks, and the concern in his voice is enough to have Ben by his side, and the two of them are with you in an instant. The moment they both wrap you up in a hug, you feel yourself start to buckle as sobs begin to escape you.
“It’s okay, love, okay? You’re alright.” Ben murmurs, looking up to catch Roger’s eye, the two of them nodding to each other before they guide you to the bedroom, sitting you down on the edge as you sobbed into your non-injured hand.
“What happened here?” Roger asks gently, taking your injured hand as Ben had already headed to the bathroom to find the medical kit. You couldn’t even answer, just curled up against him, taking comfort in the way he was rubbing your back. 
Ben knelt in front of you, carefully taking care of the cut on your hand, as Roger pressed a kiss to your jaw and murmured that it was going to be okay. As soon as it’s bandaged up, your injured hand joins your other one, holding your face as you sniffle and sob. Ben doesn’t move, just rests his hands on your knees, looking up at you.
“I’m so sorry I snapped at you.” You manage, voice watery, and his answering smile is so sweet and understanding it almost makes you feel worse in your current state.
“It’s okay, love, you’re tired.” He tells you gently, and you nod weakly., lip trembling when you drop your hands, and he feels his heart melt at the sight of your teary, exhausted face.
“I’m so tired.” You agree, and it’s as if you’ve spoken the magic word, because the boys start moving gently, Roger unbuttoning your work shirt as Ben went to fetch one of his shirts for you.
“Come on, sweetheart, let’s get you comfortable.” And even Roger’s mention of the word comfortable has you still crying with relief and exhaustion in equal measure. With your shirt off, Roger deftly undoes your bra, throwing it to the side. He takes a moment, pressing a kiss to your collar near your shoulder, before he takes the shirt from Ben and helps your pull it on. With the shirt on, Roger gently takes your face in his hands, kissing you sweetly despite the fact that you were still teary. Ben kneels in front of you again, helping you shimmy out of your pants. You’ve got one leg free, legs parted just a little, and he presses a reverential kiss to your inner thigh, before freeing your other leg. Once you’re comfortable, they maneuver so that all three of you are sitting side by side on the bed, back against the headboard, you in the middle, wrapped up in them.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been...” you sniffle, reaching out almost from muscle memory alone, and you tuck your arm into Roger’s as he rests a hand on your thigh, and Ben links your fingers with his, giving your hand a squeeze. You can’t bring yourself to finish the sentence, but they get the gist.
“You’ll have to stay in bed for a week with us to make up for it.” Roger chuckled, and you let out a watery laugh, resting your head on his shoulder. He gives your thigh a gentle squeeze.
“I’m not opposed to that.” Ben’s smirk is clear in his words, and when you turn to him, a little, disbelieving smile on your face, his expression melts into something fond, and he uses his free hand to gently wipe the tears from your cheeks. “You need to get some rest, love.” And he kisses you so gently. You lose yourself in the feeling, the warmth and calmness he radiates, before pulling back.
“But my project-” you try weakly, despite the fact that you already know their answers.
“Not until you’re well rested.” Roger says firmly, sitting forward to pull at the duvet at the end of the bed. You went to protest but Ben’s eyebrows rose as he looked over your shoulder at Roger.
“You know he’ll chuck it out the window if you try anything.” He warned, and you hear Roger hum in agreement. Turning to look at him, he seems very adamant in his nodding.
“Right out the window.” He agreed. “It should be glad I don’t do it now, considering how much pain it’s cause you.” 
“No, it’s, it’s-” Honestly it’s getting past the point of being fun anymore, you’ve stopped enjoying it and sort of start loathing the time of night that you’ve dedicated to working on it.
“Come on, sweetheart,” and by the time you’ve snapped out of your own thoughts, the duvet has been pulled up your legs and Roger’s trying to shift you to lying down.
“It’s the middle of the day.” You say softly, still a little sniffly, and you see Ben and Roger share a look.
“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you need to sleep in a bed; but you look like your dying.” Roger told you after a beat of hesitation and Ben added.
“You look exhausted, love.” He agrees, quickly, and you feel your lip beginning to tremble again as a wave of tiredness hits you, and you wriggle down beneath the covers, heels of your hands pressed to your eyes as tears threaten to escape again.
“You guys don’t have to do this.” You swallowed thickly, and there was a beat of silence before each of them had wrapped an arm around you, pressing themselves close to you.
“This is what this means,” Roger said, his voice uncharacteristically soft, and his expression is so gentle where he’s looking resting his chin on your upper arm. His gaze flicks to Ben, his smile turning cheeky and fond. “Well, it’s part of what this means.” And this time he gestured between the three of you before his hand slips beneath the duvet to pinch your hip. You yelp, laughing out of shock, shifting to your side, your back to Roger, who just rests his chin on your shoulder.
Ben’s amused, it’s clear by his smile, but there’s so much love and affection in his gaze that it almost overwhelms you. He’s sitting up, and he gently reaches out to brushes a thumb over Roger’s cheek, before doing the same to you, his gentle touch lingering.
“He’s right.” He says gently, and you know without even looking that Roger’s entire face has lit up.
“Of course I am.” He agrees easily, his hand reaching beneath your shirt to gently cup one of your boobs, in a gesture that was surprisingly reassuring, and you find yourself giggling.
“Yeah, okay, he is right about that,” Ben snorted, but then he’s back to being fond, “but love, this? Us? Of course we’re going to be here; really, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.” His smile is bright and genuine, and it warms your heart.
“You’re gonna make me blush, come here.” Roger laughs, and Ben leans over you to press a kiss to his lips, Roger’s hand gently squeezing your boob where he was still holding it, causing you to blush. You smack his arm. Both he and Ben break apart laughing, but Ben leans in to kiss you too.
“Come on, you need your rest, love.” Ben shimmied down to lay beside you, taking one of your hands while Roger had a hand resting on your hip. Roger pressed a kiss to your shoulder blade and you let yourself relax, finally let yourself catch up on the sleep your so desperately needed in the arms of your two favourite people.
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rainbowloliredux · 2 years ago
Some of my RL friends asked why I don’t care about what ships, fiction, etc. people have or download onto their computer regardless of whether it is some weird ass shit is because honest to god, I am too tired to care. 
I’m too exhausted to care whether or not someone likes hyperinflated balls and tits. 
I’m too exhausted to care whether someone faps to Sailor Moon porn. 
I am too exhausted care whether someone has some weird fetish I think is abhorrent or disgusting. 
It’s funny really because I used to care... 
I used to think that what someone fapped or what weird hentai someone collected as a sign to stay away from them and that they were a bad person. 
I used to think I should tear into people for liking certain things.
But between growing up, getting abused by people who had “good” tastes in fiction (I.e non-problematic or non-gross), seeing abuse in people who constantly cared about this type of thing and tore into or tore down other people who did, rallying behind people who called out others for having problematic tastes in fiction only to see that those very same people who called out others were abusers and predators themselves, etc. 
I lost the ability to care. It’s nothing but pure apathy at this point.
I really honest to god don’t care anymore. Like I just... I just don’t care anymore. 
It’s draining... It is emotionally exhausting... It’s so easy to walk away, close the tab, go watch some cat videos, etc. as opposed to scrolling through morbid fantasy or bile fascination with something that makes me feel gross or uncomfortable. I don’t know whether it’s sad and heartbreaking or a melancholic relief but
I honest to god don’t have it in me to care. I don’t care if someone has a weird ass kink. I don’t care if someone has a gross fetish. I don’t care anymore. 
As long as they aren’t out there hurting actual people, endangering themselves and others, committing illegal activities, etc. I just
really don’t care. It just ain’t in me anymore.
#redux things#i mostly needed to vent about this cause#i can't fuckin do it anymore#or at least that's what i wanted to say#like whenever someone comes to me about how someone likes some weird ass or gross as thing#im just like#man i don't care and i don't have it in me TO care#are they doing anything to real people? if the answer is no then I don't care#the ability to care about this type of thing has honest to god been burned out#and honestly i'm kkinda glad it is#it's too emotionally exhausting and draining to actually DEAL with caring about what someone else likes#if i don't like it it's easy for me to just unfollow and block or blacklist something so i don't have to see it#if i stumble upon it and it makes me uncomfortable or something then#i stop and close the tab and go do something else#i don't stick around and make myself more uncomfortable by constantly talking about it or bringing it up#or dragging the issue out#esp if the person didn't actually DO anything to me or they were trying to force or talk me into something#and i just happened to stumble across it like#it isn't their fault i found it so I shouldn't stick around if i don't want to#and it's just sigh inducing and eyerolling at best to have to listen to them or#be around them when they start on that cause it's just like#exhausting mentally and emotionally#esp given some of these people have done some kinda fucked up shit to me in real life#and they just idk#either way it just ain't in me to care about it anymore#and i hope it stays that way bc i got too much other shit going on TO actually care#or judge morality or something based on fiction
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bisougi · 2 years ago
“Eager, sweetheart?”
Tumblr media
→ pairing: min yoongi x reader → genre: dom!yoongi, vampire!yoongi — smut, suggested angst → warnings: cussing, blood, double orgasm, mild degradation, semi dub!con, stockholm syndrome vibes, oc is damaged, idek → word count: 4.5k
note: this is ridiculous and just an excuse for me to write vampire yoongi smut. its been sitting in my drafts collecting webs (haha) for months now, so hopefully you can at least try to enjoy it. all i know is that im sick of editing it in attempt to make it better, so you guys can have it.
With a dramatic and exasperated sigh, you swing your coat off and carelessly throw it aside. No matter how many times you thank the universe for your stable job at the local bar, your shift seems to drag on for a couple hours too long every night.
There’s a dull ache that has settled deep within the bones of your legs, so you plonk yourself down on the leather couch and kick your feet up on the coffee table. If your father was present, he would’ve scolded you for the disrespectful action; luckily for you, you live solitary in a mansion built for six.
The miserable emptiness you feel will always be there, but over time, you’ve learnt to accept the fact that your father put you—the youngest in the family—in charge of maintaining the mansion.
As if by routine, your eyes catch the shelf that holds all of your family photographs. A soft smile tugs at your lips as you reminisce about the memories displayed in stills until your gaze shifts to the pitifully familiar photograph of your mother.
You shut your eyes, now cowering away from the memories as your bottom lip quivers in attempt to keep your tears at bay. You didn’t even get to say goodbye.
You shoot up from the couch, unwilling to torture yourself further by staring at the photo of your beautiful mother who was faced with her tragic demise far too soon. You make your way to the profligate staircase, the matured wood creaking under your feet, reminding you of something directly out of an old horror film. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to reach your favourite room in the entire estate.
Whenever you enter through the large ebony door, the most significant moments of your childhood come flooding back to you. The pleasant scent of aged wood pervades your every sense as you scan over the towering bookcases; neglected, dusty shelves hold novels you’ve read at least four times and novels you’ve never even picked up, however, the most vital aspect of the room sits alone in the centre, the lustrous shine of the moon illuminating the object through the sizeable skylight.
The grand piano.
You skim your fingertips over the polished black exterior. Fluttering your eyes closed, you deeply inhale and gently lower yourself to sit on the bench. After a couple of hand stretches, your feathery light fingers innately find the correct keys when you decide upon playing Für Elise. It’s a classic piece; you don’t need to keep your eyes open, let alone read any sheet music. You know it like the back of your hand.
With a final breath, you allow your hands to take over, your fingers gliding across the piano keys as if you were born to play the instrument. Over a decade of intense practice has certainly paid off.
Every last knot of tension in your body loosens at the sound, allowing you to sway to the music emitting from the very pads of your digits. Your breathing gradually shallows, and soon, your hands are overpowering your mind. The piano is the conductor of the trance you fall into when you play; it’s better than any drug, its ability to rid bodily tensions astonishing. Those who don’t play will never understand such relief.
The tempo picks up, flipping the entire sound of the song on its back. Your mood shifts alongside it, leaving a focused crease between your brows as the music advances from gentle, to frantic, to sombre, to aggressive, so on and so forth. The versatility is one of the things you adore about this piece.
The song approaches its closing and a sweat droplet trickles down the curve of your face. Your breathing is heavy when your fingers release the keys for the last time, almost as if you’ve completed a workout. You can’t remember Für Elise ever making you so exhausted and emotional.
A few moments pass and you slide your hands down the expanse of your thighs, taking your time to steady your breathing and relax the muscles in your face. Without the sound of the piano filling the room, it’s eerily silent. The only sounds that can be heard are the puffs of air being released unevenly through your mouth—
Clap, clap, clap.
You freeze, eyes widening as you sharply inhale for the last time and lock your jaw, refusing to exhale in fear of making a noise.
It’s in my head.
Your heart is pulsing violently in your ears, so loud that it makes it difficult to focus on anything else. You’re washed over with a feeling of sickness, the unalloyed panic roiling the bile in your stomach as you challenge the urge to vomit all over your instrument.
You remain still, listening to the echoing applause mingling with the continuous thrumming in your ears. The sound is amplified with every passing second you allow it to near. A shiver shoots straight down your spine and goosebumps rise on the surface of your skin in its tracks, the small hairs coating your body standing on end in cold fear.
The clapping halts and after a few seconds, you shakily exhale. You still can’t find it in you to blink, your fixed stare refusing to leave the piano keys.
What feels like an eternity passes before you muster up the courage to redirect your gaze. You gingerly reach for your phone in your pocket, drawing it out with a trembling hand and keeping it prepared to make an emergency call.
With a tilt of your head, your comically wide eyes catch movement behind you in the reflective surface of the piano. You can’t decipher what the movement is, you just know there’s something—or someone—behind you.
Your whole body is aquiver as your finger swipes over the emergency dial, missing it amidst your fit of terror. Before you can attempt to hit it again, a large hand inches into your peripheral vision and a violent gasp tears through your throat followed by a bloodcurdling scream—but nothing comes out.
The hand is tight over your nose and mouth and tears erupt from your sockets, streaming down your cheeks like a ruptured dam. You kick and writhe in the stranger’s grip, desperately trying to pry their hand away from your face. During the weak attempts of fighting for your life, your phone crashes to the ground in the heat of your trepidation, but just as your vision begins to soften, a deep voice emits from behind you and slices through the sound of your thrashing.
“Hey,” he sighs, “stop kicking.”
Instinctively, you stiffen at his command and he chuckles lowly at your movement. “Docile.”
You fight to keep your eyes open and struggle even harder to keep them in focus while you threaten to lose consciousness.
“My apologies, I forgot.”
He releases you and you gulp down oxygen so harshly that it scratches raw at your throat, leaving you spluttering and scrambling around on the floor to fetch your phone so you can call the police, but it’s nowhere to be found.
You stand upright as you make eye contact with the intruder, continuously moving backwards to get as far away from him as possible until you see your phone in his hand. Upon impulse, you lunge forward to snatch it from his grip, but his reflexes are borderline unearthly. He moves quickly, the phone now behind his back and entirely out of your reach. At this point, you’re heaving, backing up so quickly that the hefty piano shifts on its feet.
“You’re very talented, darling.” He plods forward, a smirk decorating his.. deceptively handsome face. His hair is black and tousled, eyes sharp and catlike, skin sickly porcelain and pale pink lips naturally in a pout that makes him look younger than he likely is.
You disregard his compliment, your chest rising and falling unnaturally fast as he languidly moves closer by taking one more step. You don’t trust yourself to form coherent sentences, but you dared to make an attempt.
“H-How did y-you—“
“Ah, she speaks.”
“I don’t.. I don’t have much money—“
The man chuckles again—this time, it’s more of a scoff. He bows slightly to become eye-level with you, “relax, sweetheart. Do I look like I need your money?”
Your eyes dart down to his attire; he’s wearing a silk button-down shirt, the first two buttons undone to reveal more of his porcelain skin. It appears to be on the expensive side.
“Then.. w-why are you here? I’ll call.. I’ll call the police—“ You stammer, wedging the small of your back further into the piano when he takes yet another step. “Don’t come closer.”
He cants his head, his potent smirk widening as he nears again and shows you he’s not going to quake at the hands of your meaningless threats. There’s mere inches between you now, and you can’t retreat further without tremendous pain or tipping the piano over.
He’s stepped further into the light now. You take the time to scan his features over and over again so you’re able to describe him when the police show up, but when your eyes reach his, you notice something bizarre.
“Your eyes..” you mutter, leaning forward to get a better look, “they’re—“
“Red? I’ve been told.”
You swallow thickly and your cluttered mind spirals. Red?
He raises his free hand and you wince, shying away from the unknown man. He holds it in the air to silently inform you of his unthreatening intentions, but your eyes screw themselves shut when he steadily moves it towards your face and allows his knuckles to lightly graze your warm cheek.
“Now, _____, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. You’re a smart girl; maybe you’ll make the connection with a touch more information.”
You nod, incapable of doing anything different.
“Good girl.” He praises your compliance, although, the lump in your throat suggests you’re not prepared for whatever this stranger has to say to you.
“Every novel in this library,” he waves his index finger around for emphasis, “I’ve read at least several times.”
You don’t say a word.
“I’ve been around since you were just a girl, and yet, I haven’t aged a day.”
“I can smell you, and not just by that flowery perfume you wear; I can smell the mouthwatering pheromones that radiate off of you in plentiful waves. You can’t even smell those yourself.”
A tangible tension occupies the space amongst the two of you when he takes one final step, your chest colliding with his and your faces remaining barely an inch apart. His voice has lowered to a hushed whisper as he watches your trembling lips.
“I can hear your heart hammering in your chest, I can hear the blood travelling through your veins at this very moment, and,” he darts his pink tongue out and dampens his bottom lip as he inches closer, “if you were to bleed right now, I’d drain you of your sweet ambrosia faster than you could scream for me to stop.”
He closes the space between you, his soft, cold lips clicking with yours like a puzzle piece. You become rigid, unable to reciprocate, but you can’t bring yourself to push him away. The voices of your conscience are scolding and yelling at you to push the man away and run for the hills, but you can’t. He’s got you under a spell you can’t escape, much like your piano.
Finally, you move your lips and flutter your eyes closed, sighing deeply into his disturbing eroticism. His kiss is that of something beyond what could ever be considered human, his tongue forcing its way past your lips and his hand moving to cradle your lower back, pulling your body against his with a strength that quite literally knocks you off your feet. You stumble, arms shooting up to hold onto his shoulders for leverage but he balances you upright all on his own, deepening the kiss and reducing you to nothing but liquid in his hold.
He slides his wandering hand down further and runs it over your ass, groping and clawing at the soft flesh. The gesture elicits a whimper into his mouth and he cancels it out with a guttural groan you never thought you’d ever have the privilege of hearing.
The enigmatic man wraps his arms around your waist and hoists you up onto the piano, separating your legs and lodging himself between them, his cold lips still locked with yours and his tongue continuing to tease your own. It’s better than anything you’ve felt for a long time considering your amplified desire for affection, a direct result of the forlorn void in your chest.
But you frown into the kiss. If this is going to happen—and only God knows why it is—you want to make him feel good, too.
Your hands move to his hair, dainty fingers subconsciously tugging on the short strands at his nape. He tips his head backwards for you, exposing the cold flesh of his neck and offering more canvas for you to assault; no time is spared as your mouth gets to work, nipping, biting, licking and sucking at one area in particular and pulling away, anticipating a red bruise. The total lack of one frightens you, but just as before, you can’t bring yourself to stop when a deep moan that morphs into a breathy titter emits from him. You draw your mouth away from his neck and give him a timorous yet triumphant look through your lashes.
“You’re very lucky I have self control.” His lips quirk at the sides as he tilts his head back down. “My first instinct certainly isn’t to tend to your rather pathetic level of arousal.”
You gasp when his icy cold hand makes contact with your clad crotch. The temperature of his skin is glacial enough to seep through the protection of your clothing and the sensation is foreign, but good enough to have you bucking against his motionless hand and shying away from his half-lidded gaze.
“Eager, sweetheart?”
Your shameless grinding loses pace as you nod, struggling to get any words out. It feels nice, but it’s not enough. Your body reacts to his every word which is doing nothing but doubling your thirst.
Before you can register what’s happening, he has pulled your shirt up and over your head, leaving you exposed in your underwhelming white bra and wishing you’d pampered yourself this morning. His doll-like lips trail wet kisses from your jawline all the way down the valley of your breasts, eliciting yet another breathy whine that echoes in the spacious room.
You impatiently curl your finger underneath his chin to catch his lips again, refusing to stop for too long. He happily hums into your mouth, the sound reverberating throughout your body as he latches his fingers beneath the waistband of your black jeans, tugging them down leisurely and with utmost ease. Breaking the kiss again, he looks down at your panties that are already completely soaked through.
“I’ve barely touched you.” He pouts with faux-innocence, eyes boring into your finely dressed lower region which is when you realise he’s still fully clothed, dress shoes and all. Without a second thought, you make a bold move and reach for the buttons of his shirt, but he speedily catches your wrist before you can lay a finger on him.
“Do you want to undress me?” He husks, voice an octave lower than before. You nod once more, but he he shakes his head in response, fed up with your lack of speech. “Tell me what you want. Verbally.”
You clear your throat before speaking, “yes, I want to.”
“You want to what?”
“I.. I want to undress you.”
He offers a content sigh, running his tongue along the underside of his bottom teeth — that’s when you catch a glimpse of two mirroring fangs in his mouth. His eyes darken when he notices your discovery and your mind is sent into a whirlwind, finally connecting the dots.
“You’re a va—“
He tears the weak material of your panties and finds your swollen clit in one swift motion, rubbing fast circles over the bundle of nerves and cutting your statement short. You can’t suppress the salacious moan that tumbles from your throat and you grind on his cold fingers as you did before, only it’s a million times better when it’s skin-to-skin.
“Well done, doll.”
He teases your entrance with the tip of his finger as he abuses your clit, never fully plunging a digit in regardless of how you hopelessly chase his touch. You’d do anything to have his fingers inside you right now, panting as the strength of your craving causes your walls to contract around nothing.
Your orgasm approaches faster than you’ve ever known it to, lower stomach knotting with every short circle he creates with his finger. It becomes pleasingly painful and within a couple of laughable minutes, your heart is rattling against your ribcage, your vision blurring until your climax can be felt on the very tip of your tongue.
“I’m Yoongi.” You hear his faint, honeyed voice whisper into your ear amidst your pleasure.
“Y-Yoongi—” You repeat, shamelessly moaning his name like a mantra until your throat runs dry.
Your entire being is overcome with an explosion of relief, leaving you but a moaning, trembling mess draped over the vampire’s shoulders. He removes his fingers from the sensitive nub and cups your heat, cooling you down and massaging you through your orgasm.
But before you can make mild recovery, he grabs you by the hips and thrusts you further onto the flat lid, compelling you to lay down with a single hand on your chest. Your back hits the surface unceremoniously, the blow knocking the air straight from your lungs and leaving you breathless.
Yoongi is quick to snatch your jaw in his hand, forcing you to look him in the eyes as he straddles your waist. The glint of lust laced within his irises is so blinding that it could easily be mistaken for malevolence. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this, _____.” He drawls, edging his face closer to yours. “You want me, don’t you?”
His words make you completely disregard his claims and a string of distorted admissions escape your puckered lips before you can make any effort to stop yourself. The vice-like grip he has on your jaw leaves an ache in your bones, but it feels too good to warrant any complaints.
“Undress me.” He demands, releasing your face and using his hand to guide yours to the buttons of his silk shirt to which you hastily pop. You’re careful not to crease or tear the shirt that you assume is worth thousands of dollars, and a gentle tug of the material leaves Yoongi’s entire torso exposed. He’s lean, petite and—unsurprisingly—sickly pale skinned all over. Despite that, there’s not a single flaw on him; his skin is smooth, similar to ceramic and smoothened with utmost precision.
As you pop his last button, you remove your hands from his clothing and rest them either side of your head. He smirks down at you, undoing the button on his fitted slacks and tugging them down the slightest bit, just enough to reach into his briefs and pull himself out. The mere sight of his length is enough to send your mind into a frenzy, a fresh warmth growing in your core as you make note of the thick blue vein travelling upwards from the bottom of his shaft. He’s not fully erect yet, so he wraps his hand around himself and offers a few quick pumps for good measure, shifting his weight on his knees. As much as you’d like to take the lead, your body hasn’t yet ceased its spasmodic aftershocks from your first climax.
When you’re within close proximity of someone, you can usually feel the heat of their body, but with Yoongi, it’s the polar opposite. He’s cold, the temperature hitting your bare skin even through his slacks. With every passing second that he’s not inside you, you become more and more impatient. You huff, writhing around on the reflective surface and rubbing your thighs together in attempt to grant yourself even the most minor relief. You’re humiliated to say you’ve never felt so empty and desperate before.
Yoongi hums, watching you with curiosity evident in his features. “I forgot what it was like to desire sex so much. You humans are like the werewolves,” he chuckles to himself, “always desperate for a fuck, oozing arousal over the smallest things. Your scent is much more pleasant, though.”
“T-The werewolves?” You stutter out, suddenly realising that the entire world you thought you knew was falling apart around you and becoming something you thought could only be true in films and television shows.
“Ignorance is bliss, sweetheart.”
With that, the head of his cock presses lightly against your burning entrance. For a short second, you think he may allow you to adjust to the intrusion, but you stand corrected when he pulls back and snaps his hips forward with the entire weight of his body, winding you for the second time.
His breath hitches in his throat as he splits you open, hunching over and allowing himself to hold his weight with his arms as you cry out in a strangled moan. You feel sick with pleasure, the sensation of being filled up coursing through your every vein in the form of powerful blows.
Deciding to have a little fun, his following thrust is not as merciless as the first. He works up a painfully slow and consistent pace, observing the way you react as you whimper through attempts to even out your breathing.
“Please, Yoongi.” You beg him, screwing your eyes shut and running your hands down the length of his back. Your fingers dip into every ridge in his spine until you reach his waist, applying pressure with your greedy hands and motioning him to move faster.
“Too slow?” He hums, basking in the sheer amount of your desperation. “How about this?” Yoongi growls, pulling his cock all the way out and slamming back into you so hard you feel your body jerk upwards.
“Fuck, fuck, yes,” you groan, your thighs stuttering as you claw at him, “again!”
“Manners, darling.”
Before you can finish sobbing out a prayer of pleas, he repeats his actions and hits your sweet spot for the second time, third time and fourth time. He relentlessly fucks into you, holding your waist with one of his large hands to assure you don’t shift too far up. The sound of his hips making contact with your pelvis is something you’ve never heard before, and God, is it the best type of filthy.
Aside from his locked jaw and fixed stare, the only other thing that suggests he’s having sex is an almost inaudible grunt he releases every time he hits balls-deep inside of you. You’re keen to evoke more of a reaction from him, but you can’t pinpoint exactly how until you shakily run your hands from his navel to his chest, feeling his grip on your side tighten and his gaze falter when your finger skims over his nipple.
A flame ignites within you and you return your finger to the peculiarly sensitive bud, watching him as carefully as you can when his jaw slacks and locks again after a sound threatens to escape.
Before he can huff and angrily demand that you stop, you surprise yourself and pinch him with shaky hands. Yoongi’s arm supporting his weight stutters and his jaw slacks entirely, mouth falling agape in a wonderfully lewd groan that mingles with yours in the atmosphere.
“How bold of you.” He scoffs, ramming into you especially hard and earning himself an obscene whine and another cry of pleas.
“I-I’m so close—”
“You know, _____,” he breathes, releasing his grip on your side and moving his hand to caress your cheek, “I’ve always had other plans for you.”
Before you can question what he means, he closes the space between your mouths in an intoxicating kiss. His tongue works magic as he swallows down the filthy sounds of your approaching climax, thrusting in and out of your throbbing heat as hard as he pleases.
After a moment of frantically chasing each other’s mouths, Yoongi pulls away from your swollen lips and redirects his attention elsewhere; your neck.
“The perfect target.” He whispers, moving your hair aside and running his finger down the delicate skin where your carotid artery lies beneath, goosebumps trailing his touch. Before the situation can dawn on you, Yoongi lurches forward and his fangs pierce straight through the papery skin at the crook of your neck, launching you headfirst into an earth-shattering orgasm that reverberates from the crown of your head to the very tips of your toes and back again.
Your fingers tangle themselves within Yoongi’s hair as the strangely erotic sting of his mouth draining every ounce of life from your body settles in your clouded mind. The colours in your world progressively desaturate and you can only imagine the blanching of your face when your ears tune in to the guttural sound of Yoongi swallowing down mouthfuls of your berry red blood, although you struggle to hear it over your own whining as you unravel atop the instrument.
“You taste fucking divine.” He moans deeply into your supple skin, licking a stripe up your neck to collect the trickle of blood that spills from the clean wounds he created. “You’re even sweeter than I imagined.”
You mewl weakly in response to his vulgar praise, your grip on his hair loosening as your body begins to shut down. The last string you have connected to consciousness threatens to snap but the rush of your orgasm keeps your eyes in obscured slits just long enough to see Yoongi appear back in your direct line of sight.
“Stoic little thing, aren’t you?” He smirks and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, smearing your blood into the corners of his lips. His breathless, husked voice is the last thing you hear before your eyelids become heavy, your tired eyes glazing over and your vision fading to pitch black.
You’re floating in thin air and feeling more at peace than you’ve ever felt in your entire life, but it’s terribly short-lived when you feel an inexplicable rush of electricity course through your body. You can hear the thud of your heart increase to a pace that should be sending you into cardiac arrest, the sound morphing into a blaring ring in your ears until you promptly regain all of your senses, your body violently convulsing until you’re coughing and spluttering, gasping for air and fully awake again.
Colours are brighter, sounds are louder and everything is moving slower.
note: me, queen of leaving my oneshots on cliffhangers even though i most likely won’t write a sequel
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ritualmichael · 2 years ago
Leave - Michael Langdon x Reader
Part 3
so this literally took me an entire week to write and i’m sorry it took that long. ive been very hard on myself about writing it as vividly as i imagined it. i wanted to add more about their day together but that’ll just come next time, this is already so long. update: i never wrote a part four, sorry im trash. 
warning: smut. and remember, always wear a condom kids. (no, the reader wont get pregnant).
Tumblr media
Waking up, you felt lost for a moment. The sun wasn’t shining through your windows and the bed felt cold. Rubbing your eyes, you blinked a few times and realized where you were. The motel room was still dark but you could see the sunshine peaking around the edges of the blackout curtains. Turning over, you looked to Michael’s side of the bed to find it empty and panic started to settle in. Sitting up, you looked around to see that all of his stuff was where he left it. But, there was no note by the bed like normal. 
Before you could overthink his absence, Michael walked out of the bathroom with dripping wet hair. He was dressed for the day and you could see the water droplets that had darkened his grey t-shirt. Letting out a big sigh of relief, you flopped back down on the pillows. 
“Don’t do that to me,” you said, feeling your heart racing in your chest. You relaxed, knowing that he was still there with you. 
“You think I’d runaway from where I ran to?” he laughed, clearly noticing your panic. He ruffled his wet hair in the towel he was holding, making the blonde locks, that looked darker when they were wet, a curly mess. 
You answered his question with a shrug, climbing out of the creaking bed with a yawn. Grabbing your toothbrush from your bag, you padded over to the sink and Michael joined you. You both began to brush your teeth, making faces at each other through the mirror. For the first time in a long time, Michael actually looked more awake and energized than you. 
“How’d you sleep?” you asked, your mouth crowded by your toothbrush and toothpaste but Michael didn’t mind, answering you in the same way. 
“Better than I have in a while,” he replied and you couldn’t help the grin that spread over your face, making him playfully roll his eyes out of shyness. He bumped his hip against you, pushing you out of his way and he leaned down, rinsing out his mouth.
You both spent the day exploring part of the city, finding delicious cafes and quiet used bookstores. Michael insisted that you both go inside and search for your favorite books. There were many nights or days at the park where you would read to each other, getting lost in those little worlds together.
So, you did it again. Settling in a corner of the cozy store, your back against one of the shelves and Michael’s head in your lap, you had nearly read him a whole book. It surprised you that this was how he wanted to spend his first day away from home but you weren’t going to argue about it because you loved every second. He ended up buying the book you read to him and insisted that you finish it when you settled in bed, both already sleepily yawning. 
You read to him as he cuddled up to your chest, his hand under your shirt and his fingers tracing along with your words. It didn’t take Michael long to drift to sleep to the sound of your voice, his face buried in your chest. The first day here had left you feeling exceptionally happy, the thought of many more to come being one of comfort.
You didn’t know how long you had been asleep when you were woken up by the sound of those familiar, quiet sobs. You weren’t tangled up with Michael anymore, instead he was sitting up with his back to you. Turning over, you reached out and switched on the lamp, the sudden light making you flinch as you sat up. Michael turned to look at you, quickly trying to wipe away his tears but you gently grabbed his hands, scooting closer to him. You didn’t even need to ask what was wrong for him to begin pouring out all of his troubles. 
“I-I thought it would be better here but even when I’m gone I still h-have bad dreams,” he said as he tried to hold back his sobs, hanging his head down with his messy, blonde waves covering his face from your view. You moved even closer to him, letting out a sad sigh as you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into you. He nearly collapsed into your arms, his head against your chest and his arms wrapped around your waist. He continued to choke out breathless sobs and you could already feel his tears through your shirt.
“It was just a dream. You’re here... with me, remember?” you whispered smoothly, one of your hands brushing through his bedhead and the other running up and down his shirtless back. You could feel him nod against you, his arms wrapping a little tighter around your waist but his sobs didn’t slow down. 
Foolishly, you had figured that he would be okay now but leaving his house and his grandmother was proving to be a lot more difficult for him than you thought. You didn’t know the entirety of the things he went through in that home but you knew that his bad dreams weren’t unwarranted. 
Gently pulling him away from you, with a little bit of a fight from his firm hold on your waist, you saw how exhausted and broken he looked. His eyes were tired and red, tears streaming down his cheeks and his chest heaving with his sobs. The broken sounds that left his lips made you want to crumble, but you knew that it would only make it worse. Gently placing your hands on his wet cheeks, you guided his forehead against yours. 
“It’s okay. We’re right here. It’s just us, you and I,” you said softly, thumbs brushing away the steady flow of tears down his warm cheeks. He was shaking with every breath and you felt his fumbling hands go to your hips beneath your shirt, his fingers pressing into your skin. Physically touching you had always seemed to help him calm down. 
“Breathe with me, c’mon,” you gently urged him, taking in a slow breath and watching as he did the same, choking up a few times. After a few seconds, you slowly let it out and he followed suit. It never failed to work when he was upset, just allowing himself to relax and follow the sound of your breathing. 
“You’re doing so good,” you praised, wiping away more fallen tears with your thumbs and pulling away briefly to press a kiss to his forehead. He kept slowly breathing until he was only left with a few stray tears rolling down his cheeks and a calmer chest. Nudging your nose against his, you began to press soft kisses to his face. To his wet cheeks, his closed eyes, the corners of his mouth that were pulled down in a sad frown. 
“I’m sorry for waking you up,” he sadly mumbled, his eyes fluttering at your soft kisses to his flushed face.
“Don’t be,” you said, shaking your head and letting your hands move from his face to rest at the back of his neck, gently twirling his hair around your finger. Resting your forehead against his again, you listened to the sounds of him slowly drawing his breath in and out, staying like that for a few minutes and feeling Michael’s body slowly releasing the tension it had been building up.
Michael began nudging his nose slowly against yours, his hands that rested comfortably on your hips pulling you closer until you ended up on his lap. With your legs on both sides of his hips, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled yourself as close to him as you could get, his hands going to your back and pressing you against him. 
You could feel his chest rise and fall with each breath, unconsciously starting to pick up on the same pattern as you breathed. Being so close to him always made you feel so secure and warm like you had never felt before. His arms around you felt like a protective shield even when it felt like you were doing most of the protecting. It was his silent thank you. 
Burying your face in his neck, you inhaled his familiar scent and shivered as his hands slipped under your shirt this time, his warm hands on your skin as they roamed up and down. He sniffled quietly, reminding you of the tears he had shed minutes ago and your automatic habit to comfort him kicked in after getting so lost in him for a moment. 
You started to pressing gentle kisses to his neck, slipping your fingers into his hair like you know he loved. The kisses were gentle and delicate, your way of showing him the affection that you couldn’t put into words. He tilted his head, revealing more of his neck to you and you got goosebumps at the sound of his soft exhale leaving his lips. 
Slowly peppering kisses over his jaw, you felt him pull you impossibly close as his hands pressed you to him. You could tell that he just wanted you as close as he could get you, your body against his always being a relief to him. His fingers pressed into your back when you reached his face, leaving slow, lingering kisses to the corners of his mouth again. 
He let out a shaky sigh from his slightly parted lips, his breath fanning against your cheek. 
“Can I ask you something?” he whispered as you left more kisses on his cheeks, nudging your nose against his soft skin. 
“Always,” you said, pulling back just enough to look at him, his eyes opening and you were met with that blue that you could get lost in. 
“Kiss me? I need it,” he breathed out, his eyes glancing down to your lips and you noticed his cheeks growing pink at his brave words.
Without any hesitation, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his, your hands delicately holding his head. He instantly melted into the kiss, moving his mouth with yours in a rhythm you both easily picked up on. It felt natural even though you had only kissed him a handful of times. He would always be the one to nervously break it off, not speaking about it afterwards. Now, he seemed to truly yearn for it in attempts to find more comfort for the ache in his chest. 
The kiss was slow as if you were both exploring the feeling of your mouths against each others. Parting your lips, you dipped your tongue out and Michael met it with his, causing you to softly hum into the kiss. Tongues tasted each other, teeth clumsily bumped, soft sounds were mixing. Neither of you knew what you were doing yet it felt so right. 
The kisses seemed to last forever but you pulled away gently, trying to catch your breath and climbing off of his lap, pulling him on top of you as you laid down on the bed. He easily found his place laying between your legs, holding himself up above you with his bare chest brushing against your shirt. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you leaned up and met his lips with yours again, already craving him after a few short seconds. 
One of his arms held him up above you but his free hand began to wander, fumbling with your shirt hesitantly before slipping it beneath the fabric and running his fingers along your side. You squirmed beneath him, fighting back laughter as you smiled against his lips. 
“That tickles and you know it,” you mumbled into the kiss, one of your hands gently grabbing his wrist. He knew where all of your weak spots were, ones that would have you squirming and giggling until you couldn’t breathe. 
“Sorry,” he apologized, cheeks coated in a red blush as he withdrew his hand sheepishly, only for you to lead it to your hip. He rested it there, his thumb running back and forth against your skin. 
You shook your head, mumbling “s’okay” against his lips and kissing him even more passionately than before to show him that he hadn’t done anything wrong. The kisses slowly got deeper, your back arching up to press yourself closer to him and your fingers running through his hair, earning soft sounds from his throat. 
His hand began to wander again, slightly shaking from nerves and all of the adrenaline from kissing you. Pushing your tshirt up your torso, his hand spread out over your stomach with his fingertips just barely brushing against the swell of your breasts. Your breathing hitched in your throat at the foreign touch and you felt a rush of warmth through your body. 
“You can take it off,” you said between kisses. Michael nodded but he only began to fumble with the fabric again. “Want me to do it?” you asked.
“Please,” he answered shyly, pulling away to give you room as you tugged the shirt off, discarding it onto the bed somewhere. You fought back the urge to cross your arms over your bare chest, to shield yourself from him. Instead, you took a deep breath, remembering that you were with the one person you trusted the most in the world. There was no reason to hide from Michael. 
His eyes took in your chest for a moment before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours again, the feeling of your bare chests against each other making you both let out the softest of moans. His hand shook as it ran up your side, his thumb brushing over the swell of your breast and you could feel him holding in his breath. 
“Breathe,” you whispered as you pulled away from the kiss, Michael resting his forehead against yours with his eyes closed as he tried to calm his nerves. You gently stroked his cheek, your thumb brushing over his swollen bottom lip. 
He kept his forehead against yours as he cupped your breast in his hand, both of you letting out shaky breaths at the touch. You arched into his touch, encouraging him to keep going. His hand began to massage your chest and his thumb brushed over your sensitive nipple, a feeling of shock running through you for a split second as you gasped. Michael seemed to enjoy your reaction, him thumb grazing your nipple a few more times, making you squirm and let out a broken moan.
Wrapping your legs around his waist, you pulled him down against you and felt him growing hard in his boxers. He blushed deeply as he groaned, pulling his hand away from your chest and covering his face with it in embarrassment.
“I’m sorry, we don’t have to do this,” he mumbled into his hand, shaking his head. You couldn’t help but smile at how sheepish he was, grabbing his hand and pulling it away from his face. He met your eyes, cheeks still tinted pink and you thought he looked beautiful. Tired, eyes still red from his earlier upset, cheeks flushed and so beautiful. 
“We don’t have to do anything. But, if we want to that’s okay,” you said, brushing his hair out of his face and gently guiding him back down to kiss you. 
“Do you want to?” he asked against your lips, his curls falling in his face and tickling yours. You wrapped your legs around his hips again, your hands cupping his cheeks as you gave him a few short kisses.
“I want as much of you as I can get,” you said as you nodded, tightening your legs around him and feeling him pressing against you. Only a few layers of thin clothing separated you both, this being the closest you had ever been and it still wasn’t enough. 
Michael’s plump lips parted as he let out soft moan from your legs holding him down against you. Your hands moved to his bare back, dragging your fingers down the expanse of his skin. He leaned down, burying his face in your neck as he gently rocked his clothed hips against yours, making him sputter out a moan against your skin. Running your fingers through his hair and wrapping your other arm around his back, you softly breathed out his name. 
Your body felt electric and all you wanted to do was pull Michael even closer, but there was hardly any barriers left until you were as close as you could get. 
“I-I want you,” he spoke against your neck, his nose dragging along your skin and he sighed. “But, I have no clue what I’m doing.”
“That’s okay,” you breathlessly laughed, your eyes fluttering as he pressed kisses to your neck. You gently pressed on his chest, guiding him off of you and onto his side. You reached for the blanket beneath you both, climbing underneath and holding it open for him. 
Michael slipped under the blanket too, following your lead as you slipped your sweatpants and underwear off, feeling less shy since you were covered by the blanket. He discarded his boxers, shaking his head as he blushed deeply once more and fought back a smile. 
“What?” you said, smirking at him as you laughed. You were so relieved that the atmosphere wasn’t tense and serious, that wasn’t like you both. Instead, it was lighthearted and playful, making you feel more relaxed.
“I just can’t believe you want to do this with me when I’m the most inexperienced guy you will ever meet,” he said, climbing on top of you and slotting himself between your legs again. You rolled your eyes, leaning up and pressing a long kiss to his lips.
“Good thing I don’t plan on meeting anyone else then,” you mumbled against his lips. Your words seemed to set him off as he began to kiss you harder, his tongue running along your bottom lip and meeting yours with a low moan. Wrapping your legs around his hips again, you pulled him down and felt his hardened cock against your core, whimpering into the kiss. 
Michael couldn’t help himself from rocking his hips, sliding himself through your folds and you both let out sounds at the surprising sensation. Lifting your hips to meet his, soft whimpers fell from your lips every time you felt him brush against your clit. Michael’s lips were parted and his nose was brushing with yours, low groans coming from the back of his throat. Just listening to his sounds made your stomach tighten, pleasure building up in your body. 
“M-Michael,” you whined, your back arching as he kept rocking his hips against you. The friction between your thighs was driving you crazy and you began to squirm beneath him, one of your hands squeezing his forearm. 
He looked down at you, admiring you as your eyes fluttered and your lips parted as you gasped softly. He whispered a soft “show me”, grabbing your hand and guiding it down between your hips. You nodded, blushing as you wrapped your hand around his aching cock, making him suck in a sharp breath at your touch. He dropped his head down to your shoulder, already breathing heavily. You guided his tip to your wet entrance, trying your hardest to hold back your obscene sounds.
“Just go slow,” you whispered, feeling him beginning to sink into you. Trying to stay  relaxed, your free hand gripped his arm to relieve some of the tension in your body. The feeling was foreign and a little uncomfortable, making you let out a strained whimper. Michael quickly looked down at you, his brows furrowed worriedly and he stopped moving his hips, his hand going to your cheek. 
“Are you okay?” he asked, already breathing heavily. You nodded, your eyes screwed shut and your grip unforgivingly tight on his arm. 
“Mhm,” you hummed, lifting your hips a little to adjust to the full feeling. “Slower.” 
He did as you said, moving even slower than before and you bit down hard on your lip, the mixed feeling of pain and pleasure overwhelming your body. When he completely buried himself in you, he brought his lips to yours and gently kissed you, helping you to relax. You wrapped your arm around his back and ran your other hand through his hair slowly, kissing him as you began to get used to the feelings between your thighs. 
Mumbling “move” against his lips, Michael nodded at your words and slowly pulled his hips back, pausing to let you adjust before easing back into you. He moaned into the kiss, your mouths moving against each others between moans and heavy pants of breath. He kept at the same, slow pace, the uncomfortable stretch starting to turn into a new kind of pleasure you had never experienced before. 
You were practically clinging to Michael, your arms around him and his body pressed to yours as you buried your face in his shoulder. He was breathing heavily, grunting lowly every time he fully pressed his hips to yours and pressed kisses to the side of your head. He kept asking if you were okay, making you weakly reassure him to keep going.
After telling him to go a little faster, you couldn’t help but drop your head back against the pillows, cursing breathlessly as you felt him reach a spot inside of you that sent waves of pleasure through your veins. You were so completely immersed in him. The feeling of him filling you up, his moans in your ear, the feeling of his heavy breaths fanning over your skin, his frequent kisses to make sure you were still okay. Everything felt right and you forgot about the entire world. You could only think about how much you loved the boy that was trailing kisses along your neck and how he softly moaned your name. 
You could tell that Michael wouldn’t last long, his breathing uneven and heavy, grunts falling from his lips more frequently. Your stomach tightened when he felt him hit that spot in you again, moaning to him to keep doing that. Reaching down between your bodies, your fingers found your clit and you started to circle them around it, wanting more of that euphoric feeling. 
“Let me,” Michael said, reaching down and gently pushing your hand away, replacing your fingers with his own. The feeling of a touch that wasn’t yours for once was overwhelming but in such a good way. You admired how quick Michael was to be the one to pleasure you instead of you having to do it yourself. 
The combination of Michael’s deep, but gentle, thrusts and his warm fingers made you unhinge. Whimpers fell from your lips repeatedly, your fingers buried in his hair as you clung to him as your body was being rocked into the squeaky mattress. It only took a few quick moments of him moving his fingers for you to be entirely engulfed in the pleasure of your orgasm. You legs tightened around Michael’s hips, pinning them to yours and burying him even deeper into you. It was as if all of the air had been knocked out of you, making it nearly impossible to utter a single moan.
Michael hid his face in your neck, brokenly moaning your name as he gasped, the feeling of you tightening around him setting him off. You could feel the warmth as he spilled into you, breathless sounds leaving his lips. His body shook from all of the sudden pleasures and he desperately tried to catch his breath.
Both of you laid there, still clinging to each other and letting the pleasure just course through your bodies a little longer, the sounds of both of your heavy breathing filling the room. As you laid there with your eyes closed, you felt Michael leave a gentle, wet kiss to your jaw and you couldn’t stop the smile from forming on your face. 
“You’re amazing,” Michael said, still catching his breath and you could feel the sheer layer of sweat coating his forehead as he nudged his face into your neck. 
“I guess this really is our honeymoon, huh?” you laughed as you referenced Michael’s joke when you had first arrived to the city, running your fingers through his hair and just relishing in the feeling of his bare body on top of yours. You were finally as close to him as you could get and it felt perfect. 
He pulled away from your neck with a tired smile and you admired him for a moment before your lips met in the most delicate kiss yet. You both poured all of the feelings out through the kiss, feelings that seemed too intimidating to say out loud. 
“My dream girl,” he mumbled against your lips with a smile, making you break out into an even bigger grin, shaking your head in disbelief. You would’ve never believed this night would happen a year ago, but you were so glad that it did. 
tags: @dudesorriso @silkyhoneybaby @avesatanaslangdon @moonagecordelia @lucifer-owns-this-pussy @sodanova @romanoffkittens @heelsamizayn @kaigitana @lovely-langdon @langdonpilots @cryptid-coalition @cherryberryann @omnipotentdemoness @marzipan-romanoff @featherpool-852 @langdonsdemon @slasherloversposts @lxngdonscoven @01-800-mary @mcenziehughes @yikeszoinksjinkies @23cw @langdonfern @queenie435   @danosaurushowell @asstichrist
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angrylizardjacket · 2 years ago
of comfort and joy {Ben Hardy}
Anons asked: can you write Ben as a dad / imagine staying up late to wrap presents for yours and Ben’s kids (the original prompts have been lost i’m sorry, but this goes out to you guys)
A/N: 1562 words. So this is my second attempt at this. I lost both the prompts but they weren’t super complicated, and this fills both very nicely. 
Ben’s so careful as he slides the door shut to the kids’ bedroom, the hour just edging past eleven. He winces at the sound of the door latching closed, and he waits for a few moments, listening for the telltale sounds of laughter or the thump of little feet, but all was quiet on the other side of the door, and he let out a sigh of relief, coming to join you where you’d surrounded yourself with gifts that needed to be wrapped at the last minute.
“They’re asleep.” His voice was soft as he rested his head on your shoulder, sitting beside you on the floor with the sofa at your back, legs kicked out in front of him and resting on a stack of assorted labels and gift tags. 
“My hero; how’d you manage that?” You asked wryly, concentrating on where you’re writing ‘To Abby, From Santa’ on a soft package that contained a Harry Potter robe and wand for your eldest daughter; Ben had been reading them the series as a bedtime story for the past few weeks, and Abby, who was always in awe of her dad, was adamant that she was a Slytherin, just like him.
“Bribery.” Ben yawned, looping one of his arms through yours, tucking himself closer to you. “The boys were okay, I mean, they’re too young to really know what’s going on, but I had to tell Abs that Santa would only write her a letter if she goes to bed on time.” And you laughed softly at that, putting the finishing touches on the label before putting the present onto the pile of wrapped gifts sitting neatly beside you.
“So how many chapters did you end up reading?” You asked, letting yourself relax for the moment, leaning against him, your head resting against his. The light from the Christmas tree showered the whole room in a warm, multi-coloured light, shining off of ornaments and the screen of the TV which was muted, playing an old black and white Christmas movie. 
“Only two; we got up to the Death Day party and she was out.” He sounds so fond when he says it, warm and kind, and he yawns again, letting out a low hum of contentment. He relaxes further against you.
“Honey, there’s still so much wrapping to do, you can’t fall asleep yet.” You say, gently shaking him, and he groans, before he moves to actually turn his head and look at you.
“You’ve been working so hard to get all this ready, can we just relax for a little bit?” He asked, so wide and bright you can see the lights from the tree reflect off of them. 
“Just for a bit.” You could never say no to him.
He wraps an arm around you, pulling you close to him, and you rest your head on his shoulder, letting yourself relax in his arms. You turn up the volume on the TV enough to be able to hear the end of the movie, but not enough to wake the kids. The heater in the corner of the room has you feeling warm and blissful, even as you watch snow flutter down onto the town outside through the window behind the television. It’s hard to find in the holiday season, but you’re going to hold onto this moment of peace and love with everything you’ve got. 
When the movie ends, Ben gently untangles himself from you, standing, stretched, and turning the TV off.
“I’m gonna make us some hot chocolate, give us a boost to wrap the last of these presents before we head to bed, okay?” He says, and you reach out, taking his hand and squeezing it in wordless thanks. When he squeezes your hand back, smiling fondly, you can feel your heart flutter like it did when you’d first started dating all those years ago.
“You’re so good to me.” You murmur over the lip of your mug, eyes falling closed as you bring the warm drink close to your chest, inhaling the aroma of chocolate that rose from it. Ben pets your knee softly, and when you open your eyes, he’s sitting across from you, legs crossed, one hand on your knee and the other holding his own mug. He’s looking at you like you’re the only thing that matters in the world, haloed by the tree, expression so full of unbridled love and affection it’s almost overwhelming. 
“’cos I know how lucky I am to have you.” He says, and it’s moments like this that remind you why you married him in the first place. Gently, you take his hand and press a kiss to his knuckles.
By the light of the Christmas tree, the two of you go about wrapping presents for your friends and family. The majority, of course, are for your kids; wrapping them at the last minute was easier than worrying that they’d tear into them before Christmas, or try and sneak a peak. Abby, the oldest, almost seven and forever a daddy’s girl, loved anything Ben did, also Frozen; Micha was four and has never met a robot he didn’t want to marry, though he didn’t understand what the word meant when he announced it on a daily basis while holding hands with a transformer action figure; Roan had just turned two and liked the colour red.
“Do you think Abs is old enough for a present hunt?” Ben asks where he’s sorting stocking stuffers. Looking up, you’re confused, and he looks a little shocked, “you’ve never had a present hunt?” When you shook your head, his mouth split into a nostalgic grin. “We had them when I was a kid; you hide a series of clues around the house and the kids follow the clues to find a hidden present.” His laugh was fond, which turned to a thoughtful hum as he reminisced, “I rode my bike all around the neighbourhood one year, dad really went all out.” 
“Maybe not around the neighbourhood.” You grinned, and his whole face lit up when he met your gaze. He’s up after that, so giddy he’s practically bouncing as he swans around the house with the sticky tape, writing and hiding clues as he went, ending up with Abby’s gift stashed in the back of the pots and pans cupboard next to the oven. When he comes back, he tapes one last clue to a bauble, hanging it at the back of the Christmas tree, proclaiming it to be the starting point. After that, he settles back in, filling the stockings that hung over the mantle, and helping you wrap the last of the presents.
When everything’s done, you feel the exhaustion settling into your bones, and you take a long moment to stretch. All the presents are wrapped, sitting neatly beneath the tree, and the heater’s been turned off, and all that’s left to do is put all the wrapping paper, tape, and labels that you’d commandeered for the occasion.
“You head on to bed, I’m just writing this letter for Abby.” He said, looking up from where he was leaning over a notebook, to see you waiting for him in the door. With a soft smile, you nod, and head to your bedroom, quickly getting changed into your pyjamas and sliding into bed. He follows not long after, but instead of getting changed, he sits onto the bed beside you, grinning and holding out a neatly wrapped box with your name on it.
“Merry Christmas, love.” He says gently, and you look from the box to where he’s smiling at you, nervous and excited. You’re lost for words, heart overwhelmed with love as you start to unwrap the present.
It’s a photo frame, silver, with metal vines decorating the outside, and space enough for two photos. The photo on the left is from when you first visited him on the set of X-Men Apocalypse, probably taken by a crew member. You’d never seen the photo before, but you know it’s the two of you; he’s got his arms around you, the two of you all but nose to nose and so blindingly happy. He’s in costume, wearing a leather jacket with his hair long, curled and teased, and you’re pushing a small strand behind his ear. The two of you are so wrapped up in each other, and he’s grinning at you like there’s literally nowhere in the world he’d rather be than in your arms.
The photo on the right is from your wedding day, in the same position as the other photo, his arm around you, you with a hand holding his cheek. It’s as if you’re not even aware of the photographer, blissful and elated and in love. 
“This was so long ago.” Voice soft and awed, you look up from the wedding photo to see him looking at you with that exact same smile you remember so clearly from when the two photos were taken; the smile that made you feel like the only person in the world. “I love you, Ben.”
“I love you too; there’s no-one else I’d rather by my side to raise our family with.” He says, and you think you’re about to cry, so overwhelmed at the sincerity and sweetness that it’s all you can do to lean forward and kiss him.
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yeonkiminfan · a month ago
Tumblr media
Genshin characters being bathed by you? gn! Reader
Includes: Zhongli, Razor, Jean, Kaeya and Diluc
Warnings: suggestive? Dirty jokes, light mention of seggs, light groping (for the adult characters ^^^)
Note: Razor and reader is in an established relationship aswell as the other characters , none of the warnings happen in his part
Zhongli °•¤ ||
He's a very busy man tending to go home late at your shared home, Zhongli appreciates the fact that even if you had work to do in the morning you still wait for him to come home.
"[Name]? My beloved?" You mutter a quiet 'yes?' Which he heard from the kitchen. You were drinking tea/coffee late in the night while reading a book you have greatly were fond off. "you're still awake? You should've slept" you shook your head with a smile.
You stand up and drag him to the bathroom, "im not gonna sleep with you until you shower Zhongli, And this time I'll be pampering you because i know you're tired!" He blushes a faint tint of red on his cheeks. You never fail to make him blush really do you? "Sure, my love" he kisses your forehead and gone to the bathroom to change first.
You head to the bathroom once you waited for a couple of minutes and see him on the bathtub content with the waters temperature. Getting to work you put shampoo on his hair and started relaxing the knots on his smoot brown hair. "I can do this everyday, darling" you laugh at him as you rinse off the shampoo "I'll make sure to do it more of it often then" you kiss his damp forehead. He smiles at you and carress your arm that has been pampering him for the last 10 minutes, he mutters a small 'i love you' and relaxes on your touch.
Razor °•¤ ||
"Why do Razor need bath?-" You shush him and you sat him down your bathtub, "you need to bathe, Razor. I love you but you stink" He nods and lets the water flow.
"Lupical wish, I do" You smile at his cuteness, and proceed to let the bath water go to the half of his torso. You grab and take some bath bombs to see him cutely looking around the bathroom waiting for your demand.
Putting the bath bomb down on the water, His eyes shine in amusement and amazement. "What this thing! Smell good! Will razor smell good?" You hum, nodding to him "Razor will definetly smell good!" Putting shampoo on his soft hair. Razor relaxes under your touch letting himself vulnerable, "Razor likes scratches, especially from lupical!" He smiles and grins at you.
"AH- RAZOR CLOSE YOUR EYES THE SHAMPOO-" He closed his eyes in time for the shampoo not to get in his eyes, "razor eyes closed, Lupical happy?" You sighed and pecked his rough calloused hands. "I am happy, I love you Razor" he squeezes your hands in habit and licked the back of your hand. You were surprised at first but you were used to it, He was taught that affection was like this so you let it go.
Jean °•¤ ||
She blushes as you demanded for her to strip so you can bathe her, Poor Jean was overworking again so as your duty of being her S/o you're here to take care of her.
"Could you atleast... look away" you huff, "we had sex before darling, Why shy now" Her face becomes red. "Just look away ok [name]?" You comply and look away hearing a splash of water as your confirmation of her naked and vulnerable in the bath tub.
"Darling, This is quite embarrassing" you coo at her that its fine and removed her hands away from her chest. "Relax for me ok? Jean?" She hums and lets you put shampoo on her hair.
"This is quite comforting" she lets out a sigh of relief, the silence and the right temperature making her muscles relax. "If you want, We can make a schedule were we bathe together?" She widens her eyes and looks away. "Im... Im ok with that idea, It feels very intimate and im hapoy to share it with you." You laugh and kiss her cheek making the usual stoic Jean crumble in pieces and let herself calm down at your touch.
Kaeya °•¤ ||
"Oh my, you want to bathe me? How bol-" you slapped his head making him let out a sound of pain. "Fine" you huff, He grabs your arm and whines "it was a joke, hunny" You roll your eyes in annoyance.
He hums and sinks in the tub as you put the bath bomb on the water, He smiles and lays his head on your hands "well, Get onto it darling~ show me what your hands can do" You pinched his nose in a teasing matter and began to scrub his hair. His usual patched eye was shown to you and you only, Kaeya may seem like he's always so flirty and stuff but this hits different.
He relaxes on your hold and lets you take care of him in a vulnerable state making both of your hearts flutter. Kaeya hasn't even shown this side of him to anyone except for you, "say [name]....?, I love you"
You froze and looked down his face as he stares at yours, You looked away in a flushed state "i... love you too idiot" he chuckles. Your hands went to his pecs and squeezed them "this is my favorite part of you <3" you grin as his face shows a shock expression. Kaeya then says, "Why do you have to ruin the moment [name] it was getting romantic! You're hanging out with Diluc too much!" You retorted back, "Shut up mr knight, or else you'll get shampoo in your eye"
Diluc °•¤ ||
"[Name], I-, You-" His pale skin shows a hint of red as you force him to sit down on the tub. "Today is pampering Diluc day!" You declared, Making him sigh and think about why he agreed to it in the first place.
You remove his hair tie and let his red hair down making your eyes shimmer in delight, "may I?" You ask to out shampoo and he nodded as he relaxes more onto your touch. Thoroughly spreading the shampoo so that his hair will smell great.
"This is quite relaxing, Even lighting a candle with a scent I like. Did you plan this, my love?" You grinned and said "yeah, Elzer told me you were overworking again and sometimes he told me you don't sleep at night" He apologetically nudges your hand with his head on your palm.
"Im sorry for worrying you, my darling" you laugh and patted his hair, " i don't mind, Diluc. Pampering you is like a dream, who knows when will you allow me to do this ever again" He rolls his eyes at your statement. As he thanks you in his mind of how nice and considerate for him.
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tripleyeeet · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Reader likes taking naps on the floor. Bucky doesn’t understand why.
PROMPT: “How long have you been standing there?”
PAIRINGS: Bucky Barnes x Reader
A/N: This is a Drabble request from @nancbyers from this prompt list! I want to do more so feel free to submit a number and a Marvel character pairing! :)
The feeling of sleep always threatened to take you after your missions. It crept slowly through your mind, coating your face with tired eyes and hazy thoughts.
Every time you made it back to the compound the feeling would quickly make itself known, starting at the base of your legs as you wandered off the jet. Your feet would begin to drag and you’d fall behind the rest of the team, yawning and rubbing your eyes as you struggled to follow.
At first nobody seemed to notice. They were too tired themselves to really pick on the sudden onslaught of fatigue that seemed to pull you further and further away, but honestly you didn’t really mind.
You always welcomed the comfortable silence. It gave you a chance to go blank for a bit. To not have to think about mission tactics or training sessions or how’d you inevitably spend your days off. You could go on autopilot and nobody would bat an eye.
Somewhere along the line it had become a routine for your body to just give up on the task of making it to your room, prompting you to instead take space on the floor of whenever you ended up.
Nat and Clint would always chuckle to themselves whenever they saw you, back against the hardwood, arms placed carefully across your chest, while Steve would merely shake his head.
In response, you’d always smirk and stick out your tongue whenever they passed, waving them off as you settled into your nap spot.
For some odd reason nothing could compare to this feeling. It was weirdly comfortable despite what everyone else thought; giving your back a way to realign itself after the inevitable stress.
Because of this you continued to do it, becoming so comfortable in the habit that when Bucky eventually joined the team you barely registered his confusion the first time it happened.
“What are you doing?” He’d asked, scrunching up his face as he watched you practically drop to the floor, eyes already closed and ready to go.
“Napping.” You said it like it was obvious, even though to him it was very much not.
“On the floor?”
You nodded silently, readjusting your hips against the hardwood with a sigh, feeling them crack as you pushed down. As soon as you did a rush of relief radiated throughout your spine, flowing through you like a wave of bliss, causing your body to grow almost limp as you steadied your breathing.
After that it didn’t take long for your usual exhaustion to take over and quickly you were lulled to sleep, your chest rising and falling ever so slowly as Bucky continued to stare.
He wasn’t entirely sure what you were doing. You had a perfectly good bed with pillows and blankets just down the hall, yet here you were, lying on the dingy floor like some dog.
It immediately made him wonder if somehow your crazy nap spot might help the pain he could feel coursing through the expanse of his shoulder.
The mission had really done a number on him, leaving him more sore than usual. At some point he’d had some guy in a headlock who still had a little too much fight in him, resulting in his body being thrown around like a pinball.
Just the thought made him groan and reach for the wound, digging his fingers into the muscle in an attempt to calm the pain as he watched you silently shift into a new position, inhaling roughly as your eyes fluttered open.  
“How long have you been standing there?” You asked, moving to sit up.
He merely replied with a shrug, unsure how to respond.
“Was I out for long?” You rubbed your eyes and let out a long yawn as you raised your hands to the ceiling, feeling your shoulder pop.
“Maybe a minute or two,” he mumbled awkwardly.
Nodding your head, you dropped your arms again and leaned forward, reaching to touch your toes with a groan before once again laying back down.
“Not done yet?” He found himself questioning, a small smirk creeping across his lips.
You shook your head and rolled your shoulders, mirroring the placement of his lips as you patted the empty space next to you. “Wanna join?”
At first he merely shook his head, muttering a quick set of no’s as he watched you narrow your eyes and continue to tap the floor. The last thing he wanted to do was impose.
“It’s more comfortable than it looks, Buck, I promise,” you said.
At that point he figured you probably wouldn’t stop until he at least tried so rolling his eyes he merely dropped his bag and settled down next to you, groaning as he descended to the floor.
As soon as his back hit the floor he felt a pull throughout his shoulder, causing him to let out a long breath as he awkwardly turned to face you, noticing the sudden smile present across your lips.
“What?” He asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Feels good, right?”
“I guess.” He wasn’t sure if that was necessarily the right word. Sure, it felt fine, but it wasn’t good or bad just… different.  
Laughing at the lack of excitement in his voice, you reached out and playfully smacked his side, causing him to look away sheepishly. “It’ll get better with time. Promise.”
“With time?”
“Yeah, the more you do it the better it feels.”
Upon realizing that this probably wouldn’t end up being a one time thing, Bucky let out a small snort, wondering whether or not he’d made a mistake in giving in.  
TAGLIST: @divine-mistake (message me to be added)
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jawritter · a year ago
Chapter 2
Series Warings: Smut, unprotected sex, ABO dynamics, knotting, claiming, and all the other fun stuff that comes with ABO! Feral Alpha, Angst, Some fluff in there somewhere, language  im sure because its me! Warnings will be placed over individual chapters!
Summary: True mates don't exist, at least that's what everyone tells you. It's nothing but a childish, fairytale notion to believe that such a person exists. Someone that is made just for you, your person. Who knew they were so wrong…
Chapter Warnings: Angst, feral alpha, metions of mating, mentions or rut, sick dean I guess? feral dean, language, I think that’s it..
Pairing: Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader
Word Count: 2546
A/N: Tag List for this series is now closed!! Feedback is golden! Hope you all enjoy this one, it’s been sitting in my drafts for forever unfinished, and I finally decided to do something with it lol. Hope you all enjoy this one!
Series Beta’d by @deanwanddamons​ Thanks so much hun!!
Want More? Check out my masterlist!!
***Series Masterlist***
Tumblr media
Pulling up to your house, you breathe a sigh of relief that you actually made it. 
The Alpha in your backseat, considering he was feral, had been surprisingly well behaved. He had been growling and making menacing sounds the whole way, but other than that he stayed curled up in his little ball. 
Getting out of the car, you ran and unlocked your front door, and then back to the car to try and get him out of it. 
"Alpha? Come on we're here. Let's get you cleaned up, and a nest fixed." A deep growl  met you, but nothing else. 
He didn't move. 
Reaching out carefully you placed your hand on his shoulder. He gave a warning growl, low in his throat. 
"Alpha, you don't want me to call an ambulance on you. You know they’d sedate you, and God knows what else. Now remember our little agreement?  I'd bring you here and help you, but you have to behave yourself.”
Very slowly he sat up, his glowing eyes darting around his surroundings outside the car, before landing on you. 
Some instinct deep inside of him must have told him he needed you, because once he caught sight of you, he started awkwardly working his way out of the car, staggering toward you. 
You practically  caught him as he fell forward towards you out of the car. His body was tired. The gritting of his teeth and the drooling was worse. You were starting to worry about brain damage. You didn't know exactly how high it was, but you knew he definitely had a fever. You needed to get him cleaned up and settled down in a nest. If you could make him feel safe, it might be  a little easier to get him to cooperate with you.
Dragging the whimpering, growling Alpha toward your house, you opened your front door and pulled the two of you inside , lowering down into the chair closest to your front door. As soon as you let go of him, he started to crawl toward the corner of the living room growling,and trying to ball up around himself again like he had been outside the dumpster. 
"No Alpha! You can't hide here. We're going to get you a nest, but first we need to get you clean. Come on. You can't stay in those wet clothes." 
Reaching for him, he nipped at your hand, but didn't bite you, his eyes glowing heavier. 
You had no idea why he hadn’t attacked you yet. All the stories that you had heard about feral alpha's told that they were extremely aggressive. It made you wonder if it was because this man was possibly your true mate, and that’s why he didn’t attack you.
Pulling him until he stood up and followed you, you made your way towards the bathroom and turned the shower on with him sitting on the floor behind you, eyes darting madly around the room, looking for the source of the new sounds and smells. 
Getting the water to the right temperature you stood him up and started to undress him. He growled, and shot back away from you.
"Alpha come on. We need to get you out of those wet clothes and clean you up. Now, you can either do it yourself, or I can do it for you, but either way this is happening." 
This time he snarled at you, showing you his teeth.
"Please Alpha" you said, crossing the floor as slowly as you could, putting your hand on the side of his face, feeling his stubble brush the skin on your palm. For some reason, it made your stomach clinch. 
For just a moment his eyes flashed to their normal color. It was the most beautiful shade of green that you'd ever seen, and for just a moment you wanted to cry. This poor Alpha had obviously been through a lot. 
"Alpha, I don't want to have to make you leave, but you have to work with me, and not against me." 
Even though his eyes were glowing again, the physical contact seemed to ground him somehow. He started to strip his shirt off over his head and worked to get the rest of his clothes off of himself. 
God. He was a sight. 
Strong, thick, broad shoulders. Soft stomach. 
Freckles scattered over his skin. 
 Thick thighs, turning into beautiful bowed legs. 
To say he was well endowed wouldn't be an exaggeration either.
Once he was bare in front of you, you grabbed  his hand, and slid the shower doors back for him to step in. He pulled you close to him suddenly, whimpering. His face buried in your neck. 
"Alpha."  you warned, but he didn’t  move. He just stood there, unsure and scenting you deeply with every breath, a high pitched whine pulling out of him as he tried to wrap you closer to him.
"Do you want me to get in there with you?" You ask him, and he made this strange noise that may have been an answer, but you there was no way to be sure. 
"Do you promise to behave?" 
He didn't answer, just growled low in his throat, and nuzzled deeper into your  mateing gland.
"Okay, but you better behave or you're out of here." you threaten him, his body shaking as he clung to you as tightly as he could. Looking at you, his eyes were momentarily green again. 
"N... Ne... Need ... You... Please.."  He looked so weak, and vulnerable in that moment, that there was no way you could have kicked him out even if you wanted to. 
You knew that you should have been afraid of him, that you should have just left him in the alley to die, but you weren't afraid of him, even though he was feral. He was scared, and he needed you.
No one had ever said that to you before.
Stripping off your clothing, you stepped back into the shower, and he followed closely behind you, letting you  guide him under the warm spray. 
Reaching for the shampoo, you started to scrub at his hair. He leaned into your every touch. The more physical contact you had with him, the more he seemed to have little flashes of himself. 
His left hand made its  way to your hips in an effort to hold you closer to him, while you worked on him. His scent was getting thicker and thicker in the small space of the shower. 
He was intoxicating, and it took all the concentration you had to keep working on getting him clean.
When you rinsed the soap away from his light brown hair and washed all the dirt and smudges away from his face, you saw just how beautiful he really was. 
Man he was absolutely gorgeous. 
Strong jaw, light stubble, that was  almost a beard now that you could get a better look at him, speckling along his jaw. His features were strong, as strong as his body. He was everything you dreamed of. His scent filled the room even more, clouding your judgement, until a deep whine and hard shiver told you that you needed to work faster. 
He obviously had a very high fever and was starting to become pained judging by the whining and holding on the wall as you scrubbed him.
You had heard of rut fevers in Alpha’s before, but they were rare and it made you wonder if that’s what had thrown him into the feral state that he was in. It would also explain why his scent was so strong. 
Once you were done, you got out quickly and wrapped your bathrobe around yourself before towel drying him, wrapping a towel around his waist. He didn't seem to mind being naked and you had no clothes that would fit him.
So you just lead him to the bedroom as he was, deciding you’d wash and dry his clothes later once he’d settled down some. 
The Alpha climbed onto the bed and started to move pillows and covers around, low growls leaving his lips as he twisted things around, making a nest for himself. 
You took the opportunity to sneak out of the room, and get the fever and pain medication for him along with a glass of water with a straw. It was obvious with just him trying to walk around and make his nest, his hand eye coordination had started to become compromised. 
When you walked back in the room, he was laying in a ball in the center of his nest shaking and snarling, looking around the room wildly. 
You made your way over to him slowly before speaking to him, getting his attention to settle on you.
"Here Alpha, take these, they will help you feel better." 
Leaning over he sniffed at the pills you had in your hand. He  whimpered and started trying to pull you into his nest with him. 
"I'll lay here with you Alpha, but you need to take these first." 
Reaching for you, he missed, a high pitched whine leaving his throat, making your heart feel like it wanted to shatter at your feet.
"M..M.Mega..Pl.. Please...Hurts..."
"I know Alpha. If you just take these you will feel better." you tell him. He makes another pull towards you and misses before opening his mouth for you to drop the medication into it, giving up completely on trying to take it from you.
You held the water to his lips and he pulled at the straw greedily. 
You mentally slapped yourself. You didn't even think about him being thirsty or hungry. Once he'd finished the whole glass of water he was reaching for you again, growling lower this time. 
"Why don't you let me go into the kitchen, and fix you something to ea...." 
"NO!" He got out with a harsh grawl, grabbing you, and pulling you into his nest, wrapping himself around you like you were his favorite pillow,  burying his face in your neck scenting you deeply. 
His own scent surrounded  you. A purr left your lips as you brushed your fingers through his soft hair. You could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest through his skin. 
You didn't know if it was the fact that he'd gone feral, or the fever, or both, but you knew you had to get him calmed down soon, or else he was going to have a heart attack. So you let him do whatever he felt like his instincts where telling him he needed to do in order to feel safe. 
He started rutting his body against yours. Trying to layer you with his scent. His mind was clouded, his movements staggered, but after a few minutes he seemed to be satisfied that you smelled enough like him, and settled the two of you into his strong hold. 
He laid there, growling, until his breathing evened out, and sleep seemed to take him. He was feeling a little cooler to the touch, but his skin was still pale and chalky, making the dusting of freckles stand out on his skin even more. 
He was very handsome. The more you stared at his face, the more you could see it. Even though he was snarling in his sleep and still drooling a little, he was still gorgeous.
What happened to him? 
How did he end up this way? 
What the hell were you going to do? 
What if you couldn't get him back and this killed him. 
He was so far gone that you didn't even know what you were going to do to get him back. 
This just got a whole lot harder....
Reaching up as lightly as you could, you place your hand on the side of his face, trying to check if  his temperature had gone down. All of the sudden he snarled and sat straight up were he was laying. He looked at you with wild, glowing eyes for a moment, before blinking rapidly like he was trying to get control of his thought process for a moment. 
When he looked at you, his eyes were changing from that green color that you were sure was going to haunt you for the rest of your life, and that feral, Alpha, glowing color that made most people uneasy. 
"Hey.” you said, reaching up carefully to card your hand through his tousled hair. His breathing was still erratic, and his heart still pounding, but he seemed content with the knowledge that it was just you that had startled him, and not some threat. 
"What happened to you?" you asked him, still playing with his hair. He seemed to really like that, seemed almost touch starved, which just made all of this that much more heartbreaking.
"I .... don't... rut...hurts...." 
With that he buried his head in your neck and whimpered to himself.His eyes glowed again as he licked lightly at your mating gland, sending an electric shock through your body, that hit you straight in your core. You fought not to give into him.  Every cell and every fiber of your being wanted to. 
"Are you trying to tell me that a rut caused you to go feral?" you asked him, trying to keep your voice even as possible as to not alarm him or send him even further off the edge than he already was.
“What’s your name Alpha?” 
His voice became more and more clear. Thank God. It gave you a little hope that you could save this man after all.
“Ok, I’m Y/n.”
He nibbled lightly at your neck. Your heart stilled for a moment in your chest. This was a dangerous situation, whether you wanted to admit it or not. 
“Alpha, you need to rest.”
"Mine." He growled against your skin You couldn't deny that you wanted nothing more than to be his, but not like this, not in some feral claim that he had no control over.Once he was better, he'd leave you for some omega that was prettier and what you would consider more his league.
"Alpha, please, you need to rest." 
"Don't want to..... Want to knot you....."
You tried to keep yourself calm. You didn't want to anger him, or alarm him , but you also didn't want to be knotted to a feral Alpha either. 
"Alpha you're not well enough to knot me. I don't want you to get worse, or hurt yourself, or me. Sleep, and we will try tomorrow okay?" 
For a moment he did and said nothing, just laid there breathing heavily with his head in your neck. 
"Mine... True Mate..  Need you to get better..."
Those words made you hold your breath. Were you his true mate? There was definitely a draw there. You felt it. You knew there was something there, or else you wouldn't have him laying in your bed right now, feral or not. 
You weren't the kind of girl just to bring an Alpha home. Could this be what you were waiting for and this is fate bringing you together right now?
Were you willing to take that chance?
"Yours Alpha, now rest." You whisper to him as he falls back into an uneasy sleep.
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blueberrryeyes · 2 years ago
Mark Tuan
You were just finishing getting ready to go out. Mark invited you out, and the place was a bit fancy so you were worried. You wondered if you would fit in somewhere like that. You couldn't help thinking that you weren't very attractive as you stared at yourself in the mirror.
Mark stepped into the room quietly, watching you look at yourself in the mirror. He stepped up behind you and rested his head on your shoulder. "You look really good. Maybe I should take you to a five star instead." he smiled softly and you turned around to face him.
"Are you sure?" You asked. He nodded without hesitation.
"You always look great. I'm lucky to be seen with you."
Im Jaebum
"Ugh, I can't wear this." You said, ready to the pull the article of clothing over your head. "I look way too gross like this."
"Whoa, what?" JB jumped off the couch and pulled the clothing back down onto your body. "What are you seeing right now?" he suddenly turned and walked up to the mirror. "Are we going to have to have a talk, mirror? You telling my babe they look ugly?"
You burst into giggles as he started yelling with the mirror and hugged his arm. "Okay okay. Point taken, don't fight the mirror."
Jackson Wang
Jackson lifted you up and over his shoulder. He began walking with you over him and you pouted. "Jackson! Put me down, I just-"
"I won't stand you calling yourself hideous." he dropped you onto his bed and stood over you. "I'm going to give a kiss to every spot of you that's beautiful, so get ready to be here a while."
"Wait!" You covered your blushing face with your hands. "Please. We paid a lot for that reservation, so let's go.. I won't call myself hideous."
"Good. You can still expect those kisses later though. It's your punishment for lying to yourself."
Park Jinyoung
You put your hairbrush down and let out a loud sigh. No matter how you styled your hair, it just wasn't looking right to you. You though that you looked good, but something just wasn't good enough. Jinyoung entered the room, adjusting his tie.
"Y/N? Why are you still working on your hair? We have to leave in a few minutes."
"I'm sorry, it's just not turning out right.." You muttered, sighing again. He moved and stood behind you, looking at you in the mirror.
"We'll get you into the eye doctor soon." He stated, moving to sit on the bed to put on his shoes.
"Wait, what? Why? My eyes are fine...?" You stood up, sitting beside him.
"No, there's something wrong with them..." He looked away from you, feeling a bit shy after what he implied.
"What- Oh..."
Choi Youngjae
"Come back here Y/N!" Youngjae started chasing you through the house, and you ran, trying to hide.
"No, please! I look awful!" You whined, escaping into the bathroom. Youngjae knocked on the door, desperately trying to get inside.
"Please Y/N, let me see you!"
"No!" After you yelled back, he got silent. You let out a sigh of relief, thinking he finally gave up. You had a big crush on him, and you thought you looked ugly. You didn't want him to see you like that.
"I knew you looked amazing." You suddenly heard Youngjae say. You gasped in surprise and followed the voice. He was poking his head in through the open bathroom window. You whined loudly in defeat and covered your face.
"I don't!"
"Y/N..." Youngjae climbed in through the window, standing beside you. He spoke to you with a gentle voice, putting a hand on your shoulder. "Please believe me. I'm not lying, you're the most attractive person I've ever seen. I promise."
"What? Did I just hear that right? Did you just call yourself an ugly beast? What the heck Y/N?" BamBam walked over to you, pinning you against the wall. "You better take that back, I'm offended! You know I always go around telling everyone that you're ten times hotter than me? If you look like an ugly beast then what the heck am I?!"
You were stunned silent, sort of regretting calling yourself that. If BamBam thought you were hotter than him then... You started giggling,"I'm not hotter than you, but thank you.. I feel a little more confident now."
"You're too pure Y/N." BamBam sighed softly and pulled you into his arms.
Kim Yugyeom
"Ugh, I bet I look so gross right now." You sighed as you walked beside Yugyeom, the both of you heading home. He glanced at you, before grabbing your wrist and walking a bit faster. "Yugyeom?" You asked, confused. He just continued walking until the two of you were home. He brought you to the mirror and pointed at you in it.
"What do you think?" he asked. You looked in the mirror.
"Uhh, I don't look as bad as I thought, I guess."
"Wrong answer. Look into my eyes instead." he said, staring intensely at you. You blushed under his gaze and tried to look into his eyes. "You should see how amazing you look to me."
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empress-simps · 4 months ago
Strangers (two)
Tumblr media
▪︎Pairing: Kuroo Tetsuroo x Reader, Bokuto Koutaro x Reader, Bokuto Koutaro x Akaashi Keiji and Hinata Shoyo x Kageyama Tobio
▪︎Pronouns: She/Her [Fem! Reader]
▪︎Alternate Universe: Soulmate Au!
▪︎Genre: Angst and a little bit of comedic relief
▪︎Synopsis: Finding out your soulmate rejected the bond to be with someone else feels terrible.
Note: Seems like the two part plan I made is going to be probably stretched by a few chapters HAHAH, I don't wanna rush things since I think it won't be good.. also I have rewritten this so many times since i wasn't satisfied sooo, enjoy reading! Btw taglist is still open just send an ask!
》Strangers Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Hey hey hey!"
Bokuto cheered as they scored another point against Karasuno, with the help of his team mates.
You couldn't help but wince.
Either from another point loss for your team or from him. You'll never know.
Looking at the scoreboard, you jotted down the scores on your notebook and pointed out some of the Karasuno team seems to be doing. You willed yourself to drown in the role of being a manager just to prevent yourself from thinking of Bokuto and his lover, the one he replaced you with; Akaashi Keiji.
You need to occupy yourself, if you haven't then you surely already confronted them both. But who are you kidding, you can't. You're too weak to do that.
Akaashi's mouth tilted upwards as he watched his hyperactive boyfriend being more hyped up. His gunmetal eyed made it's way to your unsuspecting form. The faint smile he had slowly dissappearing.
Mixed emotions swirl inside him creating a one big giant mess. He felt conflicted, disappointed and guilty.
Should he apprach and talk things with you or just let it be? After all, you haven't made a move to talk to him or Koutaro.
And to be honest, Akaashi is very grateful for that. There's less chances for Bokuto leaving him for you.
Akaashi can feel his insecurity and guilt eating at him day by day the longer you stayed here.He knows he's being selfish but he just can't lose Koutaro, even for his destined soulmate.
He was pulled from his inner turmoil as Bokuto jumped up and down infront of him.
"Akaaashi! Did you see my spike? Did you?! did you!?" Bokuto asked his lover, golden eyes twinkling with delight, Akaashi smiled and nodded.
Now he remembers why he's being selfish; he remembers why he won't be able to give the love of his life away.
It's because of the way how those golden eyes stare at him.
Even though the guilt slowly starts to creep up to him, he just can't loose Bokuto. And he won't.
He would make sure of it.
A few days past by and it was the last day of training camp. Everything went by smoothly for you and the team. You could've almost sighed in relief.
If it weren't for the fact that you noticed that someone has been eyeing you a bit in the Fukurodani team for the whole day which made you a bit on edge. Maybe you were just being paranoid but who knows? Kiyoko, who noticed your uneasiness stood by your side the whole day so you wouldn't feel alone.
You sighed as you grabbed pieces of meat to put on your plate since thr coaches decided to treat their students after a long training camp.
"L/n! Look out!"
You whipped your head and saw an incoming meat getting dangerously close to you, luckily for your fast reflexes, you managed to evade it.
However, you couldn't say the same for the poor guy behind you.
"Come here right now so I could kill you."
All the color from your face drained completely, you were terrified.
Tsukishima snickered, "She really attratcs trouble." Meanwhile his friend shot him a warning glare.
At this point, everyone is looking towards you and the male who still had the barbecue meat plastered on the square of his face.
"I-im sorry!" You squeaked, carefully peeling off the meat from his face. The guy sighed, "I wasn't talking about you. I was referring to Bokuto, he was the one who carelessly catapulted the meat anyways. I'm not mad at you. Don't worry." He assured you, patting your back.
He took a closer look at you, and you swear you thought that he probably suspected you to be Bokuto's soulmate. "You're cute.. If I wasn't covered in barbecue sauce and have most of my dignity left in me I would've asked you out-"
"Heeey! Leave the poor girl alone! You're scaring her!" Bokuto shoved Tetsuroo aside and smiled at you. Once you've held eye contact you knew.
You knew that you can't hide from him anymore.
Tumblr media
Taglist[Closed]: @decaffeinatedtealover @lulu-102 @whateverfeelz @ginsan-eyes @pluviophilefangirl @bakuhoesbro @aonenthusiast @amecchii @jadasz @random-734 @sleep3deprived @snflwrkenma @archishaya
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themusicplayedherlife · 6 months ago
Missy’s Lesson Plan
Lesson #1 Listen to Her Worries
Tumblr media
pairing: marcus moreno x f!teacher!reader characters: f!reader, marcus word count: 3.6k+ warnings: fluff, awkwardness, bonding, summary: dating is hard; dating after losing a significant other is even harder, but Missy is sure she has a foolproof plan that will help her dad and her teacher finally confess their feelings and get the happily ever after that they deserve! a/n: sorry for the wait! since so many people liked it i wanted to make sure everything about this chapter was decent to post, so ya’ll have @forevans​ to thank or else this would’ve been stuck in limbo for a long time lol--also, im about to dub reader and marcus the thank-you-couple lmfao--you’ll see why
Tumblr media
There are three things you are absolutely sure about in your life.
1. Your name. 2. You love your family. And 3. Missy Moreno is your favorite student.
“Turns out she was just testing us!” She moves around your classroom, picking up scraps of paper and throwing them into the black, durable trash bag she’s hauling around with her, recounting her heroic tale of saving her dad and the other Heroics with her new super powered friends. “A transfer of power or something. Can you believe it?”
Yes and no.
Your heart had literally jumped out of your throat and blood turned cold when Missy was plucked from school during recess—“taken somewhere safer,” the principal had informed you after you stormed into her office wanting to know where your student was and why you weren’t informed.
School was released an hour after that, a way to prepare citizens for the inevitable destruction the Heroics tend to cause in the heavily, populated metropolitan areas, and after making sure every single one of your students had been picked up by a family member, you hurriedly headed home.
You had sat yourself down in front of the television with your mom, worried for Mr. Moreno and the rest of the Heroics (more so for Missy’s dad), feeling completely and utterly helpless.
It only got worse when agents suited in black and white showed up at your doorstep, demanding to know where Missy Moreno and the other super powered children were hiding.
“You lost them?” You had balked—your worry rising to new heights—first Mr. Moreno and now Missy? You didn’t know what to do other than demand how a bunch of agents could have lost a group of untrained children during an alien invasion!
None of them answered you, remaining stoic, and if it weren’t for your mom, you would’ve pounced and clawed the closest agent out of desperation.
The agents only left after turning your house upside down in their search for the children.
And then, after hours of waiting, the news showed the Heroics, Anita Moreno, and the children landing in front of the White House, safe and sound. You almost cried from relief in your mother’s arms.
So, no, you can’t believe it; but seeing her here, this special girl, that has somehow worked her way into your heart from the moment she walked into your life, safe and sound in your classroom, you do believe it.
But you can’t tell Missy all of that when she’s practically bouncing on the heels of her feet, beaming up at you every few seconds to watch your reactions to her story. Instead, you widen your eyes for good measure and your mouth hangs open. It’s a little exaggerated, but you really are impressed with Missy—very much worried, but impressed. “Woah! I’m so proud of you!”
Her grin is so bright and proud, it makes you chuckle under your breath, your shoulders finally relaxing at the rare, childlike mirth dancing in her eyes.
“Are you going to write about it for your report?”
She shrugs. “Maybe.”
Now that stops you from sorting through the craft supplies, eyebrow raising in surprise. “Maybe?”
“It’s stupid,” she murmurs, focusing a little too much on one area.
“Missy,” you start, patient, “why do you think it’s stupid?”
“It’s just—” she shuffles on her feet and then sighs heavily, looking up at you with dark eyes full of doubt—“what if no one believes me?”
It takes you no time to close the distance between you. You coax the bag out of her hands and set it down on the floor, motioning for her to sit at the desk she had just been pretending to clean. “Why do you think no one would believe you?”
“Because I don’t have super powers.” Her nose wrinkles, looking away from you and to the whiteboard.
“I know, I know!” she exasperates, having heard this spiel from you many times before. “It doesn’t matter, it’s never mattered, I get it!” You stare at her incredulously, and she is quick to assure you, leaning forward on the edge of the chair. “I do, really! But I—it would be useful, you know?” She slumps back, finger rubbing at a spot on the table. “Proof, I guess.”
“Powers could always be useful,” you agree with a soft laugh. “But not always necessary.” She still doesn’t look at you, and you sigh softly, a small amused smile forming on your lips. “I know you know some of the most amazing, most brave people are the ones without powers.”
She looks up at you, head tilting and waiting for you to elaborate.
“You once told me that aside from your dad, your mom was your absolute favorite hero, remember that?”
She nods, a smile finally appearing on her cherubic face.
“Don’t underestimate yourself, Missy.” You crouch down to her level. “You not having powers doesn’t mean the rest of the class won’t believe you. They know you’re a leader, they look to you not just because you’re Marcus Moreno’s kid but because they believe in you.”
“I knew it was stupid,” she murmurs bashfully, tanned skin brightening as she huffs and folds her arms over her chest.
“Hey, no, none of that. Having doubts or being scared or even jealous is never stupid. It’s perfectly human,” you assure her, her brown eyes searching yours. “In fact, I sometimes feel that way too!”
“Really?” She drops her arms and her pout softens. “You?”
“Of course! Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes doubt myself or feel a little insecure.”
“Like what?” she asks, dark eyes curious and wide.
“Oof, a lot!” Your eyes roll to the ceiling as you think. “I think… one of my biggest doubts and fears is not being a good enough teacher.”
“What?” She gasps, jumping in her seat and eyes narrowing with scary determination to get you to believe that: “You’re an amazing teacher!”
Warmth fills your chest at the sincerity in her voice and eyes. “See!” You cross your arms over your knees, but Missy takes your hand in hers, and you let her, squeezing her smaller hand in yours. “Sometimes, we don’t see ourselves in the same light as others do, and that’s okay. We just need a little reminder every once in a while.”
“Yeah,” she drawls, playing with one of your fingers, “I guess you’re right.”
“I know I’m right.” You nudge her nose gently with a hooked finger and she wrinkles her nose in response. “And this is my reminder for you today: I truly believe you’re capable of doing extraordinary things, Missy. Powers or no powers.”
She grins, nudging your nose just as you had. “And I truly believe you’re the most amazing teacher ever.”
Yeah. Missy Moreno is definitely your favorite student.
“I know.” You ruffle her hair and she grabs your wrist to push you away, laughing.
A loud thud by the entrance of the class brings you to your feet, spinning in place and firmly placing yourself in front of Missy and the sudden intruder—only to find a sheepish Marcus Moreno mid trip and hand raised sheepishly.
“I—ah—sorry, I was going to knock, but the door was opened—” he says, quickly crouching down to pick up the empty rack you set up for the kids to place their backpacks and lunch on. “Sorry.”
Missy lets out an exasperated, “Dad!” while your form relaxes (replaced by a new tension squeezing your chest).
Clearing his throat, he straightens up, raising a hand in greeting and an apology. “Sorry,” he murmurs again.
“It’s fine, Mr. Moreno.” You offer him a warm smile, ignoring the little butterflies in your tummy. Turning to Missy, you catch a very much exasperated eye roll that only makes you stifle your laughter behind your hand. “Come on, Missy, get your things.”
She eyes her dad for a moment longer before nodding and hurrying to her table shared with Karina at the front of the classroom, a table away from your desk.
“Thanks for letting Missy stay.” He scratches the back of his head, his other hand resting on his hip as he shifts his weight. “Paperwork took me longer than I would have liked.”
“A hero’s work is never done, huh?” you joke, keeping your voice light.
He cracks a charming smile, the one that always seems to melt your insides into a pile of goo. “Unfortunately.”
Your eyes move to Missy, who is slowly putting her things away, organizing them and reorganizing. Her head tilts slightly when the conversation between you and Marcus pauses, dark eyes trying to inconspicuously look over her shoulder to get a glimpse of you and her father. Her eyes catch yours and widen in surprise before she snaps her head forward, pretending to be busy but not hurrying her movements, either—much to your amusement. What is she doing?
Shaking your head and returning your gaze to Marcus, you’re met by brown eyes full of exasperated fondness, an apologetic smile on his handsome features.
“I heard about what happened,” he suddenly says. “About some of our agents raiding your home.”
“Oh!” You blink owlishly, embarrassment crawling under your skin—what else did he know? “You heard about that?”
“Read about it in the report, actually.” He tilts his head, scratching the stubble on his cheek, and you press your lips together to keep from questioning what else he read in case they didn’t add the part about you losing your cool. “I have agents on their way to help clean up any mess they might’ve made and to replace anything they might’ve broken.”
This man is truly a god sent, isn’t he? “Mr. Moreno, I appreciate it, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.”
“I wanted to,” he assures you, firm and kind. “It’s our fault you got caught in the cross hairs.” His eyes fall away from yours, and again, he shifts his weight on his feet as he pushes his glasses back up over the bridge of his nose.
You wait for a moment, but when he doesn’t look back up at you, you let out a little defeated sigh, disappointed that the conversation is over. Not that you want to keep talking about agents ruining your home, but you like listening to Mr. Moreno speak. He has the softest, most reassuring voice that makes you feel safe in his presence; like he trusts you.
“Well, again, thank you,” you start as you make your way over to the plastic bin full of craft supplies on your desk and are about to take them to the closet you store them in when warm fingers brush against yours, taking the box from your hands. “Oh!”
“Let me help you with that,” he says, soft and rich, warm eyes full of kindness staring into yours.
“Thank you,” you murmur—and he’s close, not like when he was sitting across from you as you introduced yourself to him and showed him the first progress report of the year, but close enough that you can see the glints of black and umber in his eyes, tips of his shoes barely touching yours, and a small box keeping your chests from brushing against each other.
“It’s no trouble. Least I could do.” He flashes another smile, and again, your heart melts and you have to physically keep yourself from biting your lips by swiping your twitching fingers over your mouth, eyes darting away from him.
Clearing your throat, you say, “Let me show you where I need them.”
He nods and follows after you, keeping a fair distance even after you point at the empty space the bin was in earlier that day.
“Thank you,” you say—again! all you do is thank the man!—as he puts away the bin and closes the closet doors for you.
“Of course.”
“Okay, I’m finally ready!” Missy announces, a little too loud for it to not to be intentional.
“We should start heading out, then.” His hand settles on Missy’s head, steering her towards the door. “Again, thank you for letting Missy stay—really saved me.”
“It was no trouble at all.” You wave him away, following after them to walk them out.
“That was painful to watch,” you swear you hear her whisper to her dad, and he shushes her.
Did you imagine it?
“Ah, actually, Mr. Moreno, may I speak to you for a moment?”
“Of course!” He pats Missy’s shoulder. “Go on ahead, I’ll meet you down the hall.”
She narrows her eyes at him, as if trying to communicate something to him before nodding and walking off. “See you Monday, teach!”
“Bye, Missy! Have a good weekend!” You wait until she’s completely out of ear shot, or at least on the other side of the hall to address your worries to Mr. Moreno. “Missy told me about what happened on that spaceship and I—I’m worried. I know what Missy is capable of, trust me, I know. She’s—extraordinary. A good kid.” You bite your lip, wrapping your cardigan tighter around your frame, the cold wind brushing against your exposed skin. “But I—I can’t help but worry either way. I know it’s not my place—”
“No, no!” He steps forward and a little to the side, blocking the wind from hitting you. “Thank you for caring so much about Missy. I—I always feel grateful knowing you care about her and that she’s in capable hands at school.”
You release a breath you didn’t know you had been holding, a huge weight off your shoulder now that you know you’re not stepping on his toes.
“I’m worried too, if I’m being honest.” His eyes slide to Missy waiting for him at the end of the hall where she’s rocking on her feet, and you follow his gaze, both of you smiling when she glances up and waves. “She’s headstrong. Once her mind is made up, you can’t stop her.” He chuckles, the sound low and a little self-deprecating.
“I would never ask you to change her mind,” you affirm gently. “All I ask, is that you look after her—not that you don’t already do, because I know you do, but it’s… different out there.”
He nods resolutely. “I promise.”
“You need to stay safe out there, too, Mr. Moreno. I can’t keep having two heart attacks in one day,” you tease, leaning against the metal doorframe.
“I promise you, we’ll stay safe,” he says it so seriously, eyes locked on yours that it practically steals your breath away. “Missy and I—we’ll protect each other.”
“Like you always do,” you hum into the space between you.
“Like we always do,” he reaffirms, just as soft.
“Good.” You stare at one another for a beat longer than necessary, but you look away first, straightening up. “Have a good evening, Mr. Moreno. Drive safe.”
“You too.”
You watch him walk away, waving each time he looks back until he reaches Missy. They wrap an arm around each other and with one final wave, they disappear into the stairwell.
Smiling, you head back inside to get your things.
Tumblr media
“So,” Missy starts as they climb down the stairs, “did you ask?”
“No.” He sighs, bracing himself for the ten year old judgement (he can’t wait to see what her pre-teen and teenage judgement looks like, probably even more brutal).
“What?” She pulls away from him as they reach the final step. “No? What do you mean ‘no’? That was the perfect timing!”
He knows it was perfect timing! There were many perfect moments that he could’ve asked if you were doing anything this Saturday, but no! He just had to get distracted by the curves of your lashes and the way your eyes glinted under the setting sun and how your nose wrinkled when the cold air kissed your nose and—“Next time.”
“A deal is a deal, dad!” She reminds him, staring up at him with those eyes that used to remind him so much of her mother, but now they’re becoming less and less like hers and more her own. “You said you would!”
“I know, I know,” he whines in mock defeat. “I just… what if she doesn’t like me?” It’s a legitimate worry, one that has only grown since Missy started encouraging him to ask you out.
“Seriously, dad?” Her hand connects with her forehead. “It’s so obvious! And besides, how will you ever know if you don’t ask?”
“I guess you’re right. Any ideas?”
She cups her chin, thinking. Her eyes brighten. “I do have a plan!”
“And what exactly is this plan?” he asks, a little wary of what his precocious ten year old could possibly come up with.
“Just trust me!” She grins up at him and wraps her arm around his waist, tugging him along with her towards the car. “With my plan we’ll win her over completely!”
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Imagine the decepticons helping you through a breakup
“Im gonna kill that son of a bitch!” Knockout punched Breakdown’s shoulder at his outburst, warning him to tone it down. After all, the isn’t about him.
You shook your head and sighed. “No. Don’t. It will just make things worse and I just want to leave this whole crisis behind me.” Of course you appreciate their concern, it’s not like a human’s romantic life is an important  issue to an alien cybertronian. However, you are more than just some weak human. You are their Y/N. Nothing bad should be happening to you or be any where near you. 
Opening your emails on your computer while sitting on Shockwave’s shoulder is an every day thing by now, however, you dint expect the hundreds of ‘Im sorry’ emails, Im ‘sorry text’ messages, and ‘Im sorry’ voice messages. You knew your ex better than what he’s advertising to be on your desktop: All of those sorry’s are just manipulative lies to make you crawl back to him. After all, he was the one who cheated on you. Not the other way around. 
“Whats wrong?” hearing Dreadwings voice as he walks into the room was a relief to you. He’s always been very insightful of your feelings. “Nothings. It’s just, he wont leave me alone. I really don’t want to hear from him any more.” Then you got an idea. “Hey Soundwave?” The Mech in question immediately turned around to look at you. “Isn’t there some cyber-space-place area sort of thing that makes sure that I don’t ever have to hear form him again?” He nodded his head. “Can you do that for me, please?” he nodded again and started typing on his cybertronian keys, immediately getting to work. 
“Are you sure you want to break up all communication with him?” Starscream has always second guessed your decisions. Not because he isn’t on your side, but to make sure you don’t do anything stupid that you will regret later. Its one of his quirks only you welcomed and understood. “Yes.” Starscream nodded in agreement. “Are you in emotional pain?” Shockwave’s question perked up from below you. Closing your computer you thought of his question. You thought you’d be in immense pain by now. But still, you feel nothing. “No. In fact I don’t feel any different from when I still was in the relationship.” “That Indicates that the relationship lacked emotional connection and bonding from the beginning. In the future, please refrain from indulging yourself in negative relationships like this one.” You smiled at his concern. Even though it’s Shockwave, he still has had a caring soft spot for you. “Yeah.”
Megatron’s voice showed up on the intercom. “I for one, am pleased that this embarrassment of a romantic involvement is no longer a part of your life. This prevents further trouble the humans could cause us if this connection where to continue.” You nodded in agreement. Doesn’t matter if Megatron can’t see you, he knows that you understood him. A bond like this is something you share with all of the decepticons. That thought made you smile to yourself. 
“Don’t worry, Y/N. You don’t need trash like him.” You didn’t like the way Knockout just spoke about your ex. Even though he fucked up big time and treated you like shit, you’ve never enjoyed talking bad about people - especially behind their backs. No matter how awful they choose to act in their lives. “Hey. Why don’t I take you to that new place you like? Would that cheer you up?” “Sure.”  Smiling up at Knockout while he talks to you has never been difficult. He always wants the best for you no matter what. 
All of them do.
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knifeshoeoreofight · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
When Sid wakes up the next morning, he just lies there, curled up on top of the covers, still in his clothes from last night. He stares at the ceiling. It’s Saturday. Normally, he’d shower, and eat a leisurely breakfast, Scout twining around his ankles. He and Scout would go on their walk, maybe stop by and see Ludmilla at the bakery, or say hi to Jax at the bookstore. Maybe they’d hang out at the park, then stop by Taco del Sol on the way home.
That’s not going to be happening anymore. He’s… he’s glad for Evgeni’s sake that he’s human again. But Sid takes a moment to let sadness wash over him. Scout had been a cat, sure, but he’s Sid’s closest friend. Was. Whatever.
There’s a soft knock on Sid’s door.
“Sid?” Flower says. “You awake? I’m gonna take Evgeni to some friends of his, see what happened to his apartment and his stuff. Can he borrow some clothes?”
“One sec,” Sid croaks, and swings his feet to the floor. He digs through his drawers to find a t shirt and a pair of pants that have a prayer of fitting Evgeni’s vastly different body-type. One thing at a time.
Evgeni’s friends are a couple named Sergei and Ksenia Gonchar and there are a lot of hugs and tears and frantic diatribes in Russian when Sid and Flower bring Evgeni by. Sid and Flower sit awkwardly on the couch with cups of tea, while Evgeni apparently tries to come up with a reason why he dropped off of the face of the earth for over six months. A reason besides “I’ve been a cat.” Sid doesn’t envy him the task.
At a lull, when Ksenia has to get up to start lunch and Sergei needs to help one of his daughters find a bandaid for a scraped knee, Evgeni finally turns to Sid and Flower and explains what’s been discussed.
“Lost apartment, of course. They put my things in storage.” He sighs, and scrubs his hands through his hair. “At least, can cancel missing persons report.”
Sid looks around at the homey but very tiny apartment. The Gonchars have two little girls, and the place is already cramped feeling.
“You can stay with me,” is what Sid suddenly finds coming out of his mouth. “Until you find a new place.” Because Sid is, apparently, a masochist.
Evgeni’s face lights up and his shoulders slump in relief. “Thanks, Sid,” he says, voice warm. Sid has to look down at his phone for a second.
Flower has to go home after helping Evgeni dig some clothes and personal belongings out of the storage unit. He gives a Sid a long look and asks him if everything is alright before he leaves.
“It’s fine,” Sid says. “No worries.” Flower gives him another look, this one the “you’re full of shit” one, but he needs to go back home to his family, and so he leaves.
It’s weird, and it’s weirdly...not. Evgeni knows how to move around in Sid’s space. Sid doesn’t have to show him where the bathroom is or where the extra linens are like he would a normal new houseguest.
Evgeni goes out on the apartment’s little balcony to call his family once his phone charges, and Sid, not knowing what else to do, sits down to stare at a Coyotes/Jets game without seeing it.
Evgeni eventually comes back inside, and his eyes are red. He looks so, so tired. Sid feels a rush of sympathy,
“Hey,” he says, making Evgeni look up. “You, uh…” he trails off, because duh, he’s obviously not okay. “Things go...ok?”
Evgeni sits on the other side of the sectional and gives a bone-weary sigh. “They keep ask, what happen, where I go. I’m have to make up something. Had to lie. Lie to my own mother” He looks devastated.
“I’m sorry,” Sid says quietly. Evgeni gives him a sad smile. Sid aches to do something, say something, to help him feel better about losing such a big chunk of his life and putting his friends and family through everything.
“At have thumbs again?” he says, because not only is he a masochist, as previously established, he is also a dumbass.
Evgeni throws his head back, and laughs. Long, and loud, and cathartically. He ends up sprawled across Sid’s sofa like he used to do before. He just takes up a lot more of it.
Sid can’t help but smile in response.
“Yes, Sid,” Evgeni says sounding fond. “Have thumbs. Can talk. Is good. Rest of things, family, new job, will happen.”
He sighs. “New job, fuck.” He rolls his head over to look at Sid. “We both need.”
Sid makes a noise in protest, but Evgeni slashes at the air emphatically. “Sid. Need to quit that fucking job. Killing you.”
Sid’s shoulders slump. “Right, yeah. Well, you’d know better than anyone, wouldn’t you.”
Evgeni flinches. “Know it’s not fair, that I’m know so much about you, Sid.”
Sid leans his head back against the couch and closes his eyes. “I know some things about you. You hate mornings. You’re impossible to wake up from naps. You love the Russian bakery on 12th, and you…” Sid opens his eyes. “You like hockey, don’t you? You didn’t give a shit if a sitcom or something was on but it always seemed as if you were watching too when it was hockey.”
“Also, Animal Planet,” Evgeni says sheepishly. “I’m like animals, lots. And house show, especially when Sid get annoyed with people on show and bitch about tile colors.”
“Beige and grey are so overus— ”  Sid protests, before catching himself and laughing.
“’re a really good friend,” he says to Evgeni, when they’re done laughing at Sid for his judgey HGTV habit.
Evgeni sucks in a breath and his eyes go a little suspiciously bright. “Thanks, Sid,” he says. His gaze is warm, and ferevent, and Sid can’t meet it straight on. He doesn’t know what his emotions are doing.
“I’m gonna turn in, I think,” he says, and Evgeni nods.”
“Sleep good, Sid.”
“You too,” Sid says, and goes to bed.
Sunday, Sid goes for a walk to try and clear his head.
He finds himself in front of the Russian bakery, at a loss. This has been a bad idea. Before he can turn to leave, Ludmilla spots him through the window.
“Sidney!” She says waving him in. “Sit down, have some tea.” She notices that he’s alone. “Where is Scout today?”
“He uh,” Sid’s throat is suddenly tight and his voice cracks embarrassingly. “He...left.”
“Oh, Sidney,” Ludmilla says, laying a hand on his cheek. “He will come back. He loves you.”
“I don’t—no, he doesn’t, it’s. It’s complicated”
Ludmilla smiles at him, eyes knowing. “Miracles, malchiishka, are often so much more complicated then you imagined them to be.”
Sidney starts at her words, and stares at her. She just smiles at him and pats his face, before bustling off to get him some tea.
It’s different, having someone else in the house. At night, Sid curls up and doesn’t miss Scout as much, knowing that Evgeni is asleep on the couch in the living room.
Monday when he leaves for work, Evgeni predictably is still asleep, but he wake up enough to sleepily wish Sid a good day at work as Sid prepares to go out the door. He pauses, keys in hand, a little struck by how nice it is, to have someone see you off like this. Well, sort of  see you off. All he can see of Evgeni is a tuft of brown curls poking out of the duvet he’s burrowed under on the couch.
The sight makes him smile.
He comes home that night, exhausted, to find the house filled with delicious cooking smells and Evgeni singing along to the the radio in the kitchen. He has a terrible voice.
Sid works at the knot in his tie and hesitantly pokes his head in to see what Evgeni’s doing.
“Hey, Sid,” Evgeni says, and smiles at him. Sid wonders if he smiles like that at everyone. He couldn’t possibly, could he? “How was work?”
Sid groans and sits at one of the stools at the counter. He finally gets his tie undone and lets it slide to the floor next to his briefcase.
“So good, huh?” Evgeni says sympathetically. “I hope you don’t mind, I’m go to store and get food, think maybe nice to make dinner.”
“It smells amazing,” Sid says, and Evgeni beams.
“Taste,” he commands, and leans forward with a spoonful of soup. Sid leans forward too and lets Evgeni feed it to him. When he glances up, their faces are suddenly very close, and Evgeni’s dark eyes are boring into him, and his hand is just dwarfing that fucking spoon and—
“Is okay?” Evgeni says worriedly, and Sid recovers as best he can. The soup is good, spicy, and sour somehow. Different, but delicious.
“Amazing,” he breathes, and he’s not sure he’s only talking about the soup. Evgeni blinks at him a moment, then beams, before going back to chopping a veritable mountain of dill.
“My mama’s solyanka,” he says proudly, and Sid continues to sit at the counter,  watching him cook and murmur along to the radio now under his breath. He can’t remember the last time he felt this… warm.
They settle into a routine that feels almost too comfortable. Until Sid reminds himself that it makes sense. They’ve lived together for a while, after all.
Evgeni asks Sid to call him Zhenya, which he explains is the familiar diminutive of his name. The first time Sid does, he blushes, to his ears.
Sid’s asshole of a boss fires him without warning on a Tuesday. Sid makes his way home with his cardboard box of personal belongings in the front seat next to him, feeling by turns sick and numb, then sick again.
The instant he’s through the door, Zhenya picks up that something’s wrong. He’s working again, but his hours have him typically getting home before Sid does.
“Sid,” he says worriedly, before his eyes catch on the box of stuff Sid’s holding.
“He fired me,” Sid says woodenly. “After everything, he fired me, point blank.”
Zhenya swears violently in Russian. The sound of it is angry and satisfying. “Piece of shit! After everything you do, after how hard you work?”
Sid carefully sets down his box. He feels like glass, like he’s moments away from shattering into pieces.
“Sid,” Zhenya says. “Sid, look at me.”
Slowly, Sid does as he asks.
“Something I’m want to do for a long time,” Zhenya says softly.
“Oh?” Sid replies, not sure where he’s going with this. Zhenya takes a deep breath. Then opens his arms.
“Ok, Sid?” he asks. “Can...touch you?”
Oh. Oh. Sid suddenly aches for it. He nods, and Zhenya folds him into his arms.
It’s not some perfunctory bro-hug. Zhenya pulls Sid tightly into him with a gentle hand on the back of Sid’s head. He rests his cheek on Sid’s hair, and Sid feels him give a deep, shuddering sigh.
“Sid,” he says, and how, how is he able to put that much tenderness and yearning into a single syllable? Sid melts into him. He’d been starving, he realizes. His body craving touch like this.
“God,” Sid says, and buries his face in Zhenya’s neck. Zhenya sways them a little, soothing a hand up and down Sid’s back.
Sid isn’t sure how long they stay like that, he only knows that when they draw back, he’s swiping at his damp eyes, and having trouble looking away from the plush fullness of Zhenya’s lips. He’s never wanted so desperately to kiss someone before.
He flicks his eyes up to Zhenya’s. “What would you do,” he asks, voice barely more than a whisper. “If I kissed you?”
“Die happy,” Zhenya says, and so Sid surges up to press his mouth to Zhenya’s.
Sid loses himself in the wet heat of him, the slide of their hands over each other’s bodies.
Evgeni’s hands come up to cup Sid’s face, then wind through his hair. He puts his mouth to Sid’s neck, and the hinge of his jaw. When he moves to the hollow between Sid’s collarbones, Sid tilts back his neck with a helpless sigh of Zhenya’s name. He feels Zhenya shudder in response.
Sid loses all track of time, is only away of the places where their bodies touch, arching trails of heat following Zhenya’s hands on him.
Eventually, he has to rest his head against Zhenya’s chest, to catch his breath and try to calm his racing heart. Underneath his ear, he can hear Zhenya’s beating just as fast.
“All this time,” Zhenya sighs into Sid’s hair. He’s just holding him now, wrapped up like he never wants to let go. “ Every day, with you. So beautiful, so sweet. Wanted to hold you like this”
“Not sweet,” Sid grumbles into Zhenya’s chest, cheeks flaming, because he doesn’t know what else to say to something so lovely.
“Sweetest,” Zhenya says affectionately. “First time I’m ever see you, in window, I can’t stop looking. And then you come and take me home with you. Wanted to make you happy, any way I could.”
“Do you still want that?”  Sid finds the courage to ask.
“Aways,” Zhenya answers, voice rough.
“Then stay. Please,” Sid’s voice cracks alarmingly. “Please stay. Don’t leave me alone again.”
“Of course, Sid. Promise.” And he kisses Sid again, lush, and deep.
That night, Sid’s bed isn’t cold, and it is the furthest thing from lonely.
(Epilogue to come!) 
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moistmailman · a year ago
*In the cafeteria*
Sun, sitting at a round: Brothers, I will like to thank you all for showing up to this meeting at just a short time notice. I really appreciate it.
Neptune: Yeah man, no problem.
Jaune: You sounded very urgent with the phone call. What’s going on?
Sun: Well as you may already know we are five days into No Nut November and non of us here have broken our vows yet, which is very good.....but you may also have noticed that one of the seats are currently empty.
Neptune: Yeah, now that you mention it, you’re right.
Jaune: Where’s Ren?
Sun: I didn’t invite him to the meeting, because it came to my knowledge that Brother Ren has recently.....broken his vows.
Neptune: No, not Ren.
Jaune: He wouldn’t.
Sun, shaking his head: I’m afraid he would. Yesterday he and Nora were found....breaking his vow in the showers.
Jaune: Oh no. You gotta be kidding me.
Sun: I’m not, man.
Neptune: I can’t believe this! This is bad! Really bad! Ren was the best of us all, and even he couldn’t survive until December! If he can’t do it then what kinda chance do WE have?! We’re fucked man! We’re absolutely fucked! It’s over! It’s all over—
Sun, slapping Neptune: GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN!
Neptune, rubbing his cheek: Ow.
Sun: Look, Brother Ren may no longer be with us, but that doesn’t mean we should just give up hope immediately. We are strong! Stronger than him! We already survived one day more than him! We don’t need to follow in his footsteps! We can prevail!
Neptune: Y-you’re right!
Sun, banging the table: Of course I’m right! We! Can! Do! This!
Jaune, standing: YOU'RE RIGHT! IT'S NOT OVER YET!
Neptune, standing: I AM!
Jaune: ME TOO!
Neptune/Jaune: WE GOT THIS!
Neptune/Jaune: WE DO!!!!!!!
Neptune/Jaune, cheering: YEEEAAAA!
Neptune/Jaune, cheering: YEEEAAAA!
Pyrrha, walking up: Hey babe.
Jaune, turning: Yes hone— *gasp*
*Jaune turns around to see Pyrrha wearing short shorts that were squeezing at her thighs*
Jaune, mind being corrupted with lewd thoughts:........
Sun, mumbling: Come on man. Stay strong.
Neptune, mumbling: Stay strong.
Pyrrha: Babe, are you alright?
Jaune, voice uneven: Y-yeah. I'm good. Can I help you?
Sun/Neptune: *Sighs in relief*
Pyrrha, rubbing his neck: Yeah. Do you think you could give me a massage again? It's been a long time since you gave me one. My neck has been killing lately. And so has my back.
Sun/Neptune: Oh no.
Jaune, blushing: W-what?
Pyrrha: My neck and back has been feeling stiff lately, and I think I could use your touch, since you know how much I love it. Plus, if you do a good job then I might just have to reward you~ *winks*
Jaune, mind being corrupted with lewd thoughts: R-reward m-m-me?
Pyrrha, smiling: Hmm hmm.
Jaune, face on fire: *Will slowly breaking*
Neptune: Oh no!
Sun: DONT DO IT! *Tackles Jaune onto the ground*
Neptune: *Jumps on Jaune too*
Pyrrha: What the?!
Jaune, trying to break free: GIVE OFF OF ME DAMNIT! GET OFF!
Neptune, holding him down: YOURE STRONGER THAN THIS! STAY STRONG!
Jaune: FUCK YOU!
Pyrrha:......What is going on?!
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