#and it isnt like that not exactly. but he feels her start to poke around the edges of his mind since he's being so reticent
roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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peachesnscream · 6 months ago
A/N: REPOST from my old blog!
Warnings: noona/mommy usage, dom!reader, sub!chan, overstimulation, face sitting, slight exhibitionism
summary: chris has the dorm to himself for the night so he decides to indulge in some risky perversions, or atleast he /thought/ he’d be home alone all night.
PT.2 is here
Tumblr media
Everyones gone. Finally Chris had the dorm to himself. He had planned for this moment since he found out his manager’s big secret, she used to model lingerie. ever since his discovery he hasn’t been able to see her as just his caretaker, just a woman that he lives with. she's more than that now... she's his mommy. chris never imagined he'd have a mommy kink but one time, while masturbating to pictures of her, he moaned the word on accident and it felt so, so right. taking advantage of his alone time he snuck into her room and got undressed, nobody should be home for some time so he wasn't worried about getting caught... altho the thought was a turn on. he searched through her wardrobe while mumbling to himself “where is it... where is it...” until he found what he wanted, a majorly oversized sweater that she uses as a robe on her lazy days. draping the sweater over himself he props his phone up against a book in her desk chair and gets comfy with his back against her bed. he plays a video of one of his favorite photoshoot and starts to tease the tip of his cock, his pointer finger poking and rubbing at his slit, making his dick jump with every touch, slowly he starts massaging the head and brings a sweater paw up to his face to breathe in her scent. “f-fuck...” he breathes as he moves his hand faster, rubbing and squeezing more of his dick as he speeds up “m-mommy...” his shaky breath hot on his hand “fuck me... mommy...” in his ecstasy he doesnt hear the front door open “mommy please...” he doesnt hear the foortsteps over his own begging “mommy...” he doesnt notice the door open a mere two feet away from him.
“chris...?” her voice is gentle with a hint of shock “what is this...?” 
“mom— noona!” chris scrambles to cover himself with her sweater, feeling his face flush “i-it’s not— this isnt— I just—“ he looks everywhere but at her face, terrified of seeing disappointment, or disgust “i...im sorry” he mumbles, she examines the situation for a moment and makes a decision on how to handle it. 
“so u found me out huh?” she takes his phone off the chair and watches some of the photoshoot. now that her eyes weren't on him chris couldn't help but stare at her. she went to the gym earlier than usual, he guesses, the sweat still shining on her face a telling sign she worked hard, his eyes wander over her body, her tank and shorts doing unholy things to his already clouded mind. “I guess, to be fair, it's not like i was exactly hiding it” she chuckles and turns off his phone, laying it on her desk “can't really blame u either, i was a real looker” she winks at chris, who quickly looks at the floor
“you still are...” he mumbles
“hmmm~?” she teases “what was that~?” her sing-song voice dancing around him
“y-you s-still...” 
“u gotta speak up baby” she interrupts and kneels next to him “mommy can't hear you if you keep mumbling like that” she talks directly into his ear, her voice still teasing but the command is all too clear to ignore. chris turns to finally look into her eyes only to be met with a lustful look, like in the photoshoots, but different... she isn't acting for a camera, she wants him and shes making it as clear as day how she wants him.
as if her words put him in a trance he speaks clearly “you’re still beautiful...” he swallows around nothing as she takes his jaw in between her thumb and pointer finger and just barely brushes her lips against his
“thank you” she whispers and smiles at his needy expression. leaning back she tilts her head and pretends to be deep in thought, having already decided what to do with him. “now... you break into my room, and touch yourself while wearing my clothes...” she partially moves the sweater so more of his skin is exposed “what do we do about this...? hm?” she reaches over and gently caresses his thigh causing him to whimper, she smiles, loving how her lightest touch can elicit such a reaction. continuing her caress, she uses her other hand to brush hair out of his face “you’re beautiful too” she kisses his forehead “but before I do anything with you” she gets up and walks over to her wardrobe “i need to shower”
grabbing a towel she moves towards the doorway but pauses and side eyes chris’ pouty face “come along, i'll let u watch” excitedly, he gets up but makes sure to cover himself with the sweater when he sees her look down and smirk before leading him to the bathroom. once there she makes him stand in the hall and watch through the cracked door as she slowly undresses while humming to herself, the shower is agonizingly long and tedious as she takes her time to scrub every little inch of her body while occasionally checking to make sure he isn't touching himself without her permission “you're already going to get punished baby, don't wanna make things worse for yourself do you~?” she taunts
“im not!” he reassures her
“enjoying the view?”
soon the water turns off and she steps out into the steamy air, he's never seen her look so radiant, so heavenly “noona...” he starts but the look on her face says ‘no’ so he tries again “m...mommy...?” she smiles “can i...come in...?” she nods and he steps inside, closing the door behind him, he had wanted to ask for something else but got too nervous, now he's in a thick steamy cloud with the woman he’s fantasized about for months and he has no idea where to go from here. 
“its ok to be nervous chris” she finishes drying her body “take off my sweater” he does as she asks as she dries her hair and walks over to him, gently moving his chin so he's facing her “how long have you felt like this about me?” she caresses his arm affectionately
“uh...3...months...” his voice gets quieter with each word, scared she'll think the worst of him for perving over her in silence like he has
“Oh you poor dear...” sympathy mixing with lust in her eyes “let me help you” she leans in and presses a firm kiss to chris’ lips, a kiss he's longed for during these 3 excruciating months, he wants to memorize the way her lips feel against his, the way they move, he wants the kiss to last forever but she pulls away and giggles when his mouth tries to follow hers
“patience, baby” she puts a finger against his lips and massages it around before sticking inside his mouth, watching him suck on it as if it were his favorite flavor. pressing another kiss to his forehead she leads him back to her bedroom and lays him down on his back with plenty of pillows surrounding him “comfy?” she  asks from the floor, both hands on his thigh closest to her
“y-yeah” he stutters, anxiously wondering what she has planned for him
“relax, if u ever want me to stop just say ‘red’ ok?” he nods “use yellow if ur unsure, and green if ur ok” he nods again, relaxing a little. as soon as a hand starts massaging his thigh his body tenses up, feeling as if he could burst right there from the simple act, but he resists as he doesn't want to disappoint her. she hums to him for a bit, a familiar song that he can't quite place with his mind all fogged up and scattered the way it is, her touch so gentle and voice so sweet mixed with an intoxicating floral soap she recently used, he couldn't take it, he wanted to make her proud of him but he just couldn't take it any longer
“m-mommy im g-“ his pleas cut off by his own groans as he cums all over his stomach, its way more than any other time he's came, it's almost overwhelming “mommy—!” his hands claw at the bed sheets as she smiles down at him, her face angelic but her eyes almost sadistic
“go on baby, cum for me” her hands roam his body, smearing his cum over his stomach to use as lube on his dick “cum for mommy again” he moans out her name repeatedly as he watches her hand slide up and down his shaft, speeding up ever so slightly until his grip  threatens to tear holes in the sheet 
“mommy please... it, it hurts” he whines
“hmmmm~? I didn't hear a color~ do you want more~?” she looks at him, almost through him, searching for a sign of actual struggle, but only finds pleasure and need as he whines for her to slow down and stop but to no avail as she brings him to another intense orgasm, his cries of pleasure being heard from down the hall.
“good boy, chris” she kiss him gently “you've been very good” his heavy breathing slowly stabilized as he relaxed his hands
“but what...” he swallows “what about you...?” his eyes show a glint of innocence “dont u wanna cum too?” she smiles down at him 
“of course i do sweetheart” the pet name sending chills down his spine more so than usual “but you've had enough for now, mommy can take care of herself” she smooths his hair back with her clean hand 
“no! i- i mean i—“ his sudden outburst surprising both of them,''I want to do it...” his voice quiet again as he returns to his shy state from before “i wanna help mommy...please...?” his adorable, pleading eyes are nearly impossible to say no to. she bites her lip and thinks over her options, sitting on this sweet face would surely be heavenly but could pose a struggle for him, riding him would be delicious but he just came aggressively, twice, not too long ago, and heaven forbid she make him move when he's still recovering from them... she just can't decide. 
“what would you like to do baby?” she settles for letting him make the decision
“I want...” he thinks it over for a moment “I want you to sit on my face” he swallows his nerves and tries to look as certain as possible, hes thought of this so many times he couldn't possibly pass up what could be his only chance to actually taste her
“you sure?” her fingers still grazing through his hair
“yes, im sure” with that she stands up and places a knee on either side of his head, he gasps at her beauty, slick folds nearly dripping onto him already
“ready hun?”
chris nods as his hands find themselves on her hips, hoping to encourage her to take her place. as she lowers herself chris struggles to fight back his impatience and leans up to taste her, his brain finally processing that this is actually happening sends his senses into overdrive as hes taken over entirely by her. her scent, her sounds, her taste, her touch, he can't think about anything else in this moment but her. his tongue and lips are skilled enough to make her think hes done this a million times before, a hand holding onto his head helps her steady herself as she nears her own orgasm, already so close from hearing him whimper for her this whole time she doubts she can hold out much longer. with a final harsh suck on her clit she comes undone all over his face, riding out her orgasm on his tongue, relishing in the feeling of his fingers digging into her hip, she slows to a stop and returns to the floor in order to catch her breathe without suffocating him. 
“thank you baby” she kisses him deeply “you did so good today” she kisses him again and again as he drifts off to sleep.
the blaring alarm wakes chris up with a start, his hand frantically searching for his phone, only to find it on a desk... not his desk... his managers desk, but she's nowhere to be seen. where could she be? was it all a dream? he's totally clean, fully dressed and the sheets smell new... did he just masturbate and fall asleep in her bed last night? (of course he did.) he thought to himself (a night like that could never happen in reality...) he slumped in her chair and ran his hands through his hair, trying to calm himself down so he doesn't have to lie about why he'd been crying in her room at this hour when suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders and a gentle kiss is placed on his temple
“good morning sweetheart” her voice as sweet as honey drips into his ears “did you sleep ok? I hope I didn't disturb you while cleaning up last night” 
chris looks at her with shock in his eyes and his mouth partially open, as if he can't quite wrap his still tired mind around something “noona....did we...?” the unfinished question lingers in the air as she tries to figure out what he could mean
“have sex?” she states bluntly, making him blush “yes. we did.” she smiles and leans in to kiss him just as gently as she had last night, washing away all his worries and doubts. 
“thank you...” chris says with glossy eyes that could make anyone's heart skip a beat
“for what?” she chuckles and blushes at his sudden sincerity 
“for everything” his turn to be blunt; he truly means it too, not only because she indulged him in the best ways possible last night but also because she's his manager and has always been trustworthy to keep his best interests in mind. he’ll always be thankful to her for that.
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sweettodo · a year ago
beggars can’t be choosers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
levi ackerman x reader x eren jaeger.
includes : threesome, cockwarming, edging/denied orgasm, oral, swearing. whole lotta smut, not a lotta plot.
wc : 4k.
synopsis : a promiscuous sequel. eren knows you’re missing levi and him, and he’s gonna help out his desperate little friend to get the captains attention.
✰ a / n ,, thank you for almost 1,000 followers, i love you all ! <33.
The night after it all transpired- you were like a new woman, the unusual smile on your face made the others query your motives when you appeared at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even on missions.
'What has her so lively?'
You were fulfilled, there was nothing that could top that night- that night was the embodiment of your fantasies. Both your Captain and long time friend, with you right in the middle.
For the most part, your affairs with the two dwelled to be the same, your comrades still unable to tell something had gone down between the three of you. Eren invariably sat next to you; you teased each other just like always and your Captain still treated you like a peon.
Though not even you could disagree to the fact that you were like an addict, just itching to be touched like a pervert, you longed for the littlest bit of attention- per usual. And it was more painful when Eren purposely chose to torment you, little pokes and prods, long hugs and squeezes sent you over the moon, this was a game to him, and he played it good.
You didn't concede this to Eren, but he could tell you had these twisted ideas in your mind without a word needing to be spoken, watching you doze off into space. Whilst your mind was filled with vile notions of that night- at every waking moment of the day- Eren much less thought about that evening with Captain Levi involved, he would rather make his own remembrances with you.
Giving your feelings the time to fester meant nearly dropping to your knees if anyone so little as gave you a high five.
And Eren loves to use this to further his objective, he finds it a good source of entertainment to watch you shiver, or whine because, ‘she doesn’t even hide it, she wants me so bad.’
On one end, Captan Levi was his usual cold self, and you still flirted with him... For the joke.
While on the other end, he liked it- of course, he did, he liked the chivalry enough to drag you into his office and show you how much he liked your trifling behavior.
Whether he liked it or not, he found himself thinking about it too. Not enough to divert his attention on more crucial aspects of his life and job of course, nor did he act on his thoughts.
It was so pitiful, laying in bed looking at your ceiling as you touched yourself- for what felt like hours- feeling both of them filling you up and giving you what you yearned for. The feeling almost too real, and you yearned to feel it again. You needed it again, no matter the cost.
Your mind filled with only Levi Ackerman and Eren Jaeger.
"What are you thinking about?"
Breaking out of your reverie, seeing Connie parking his rear in the dining halls bench, "oh, nothin' just tired." He hums in response, slowly nodding.
"Dreamin’ about me, I hope."
"Only in your wildest dreams, Springer."
Jean, who's sitting beside his friend and throwing a loose arm over his shoulder, "who'd be daydreaming about you?" he cackles, Connie shoving his best friends’ arm off of him and frowning.
"Don't worry Jean, I have enough love for the both of you."
"I don't-"
"You love it though, right, horse face?" peeking a look to your side, the familiar brunette is claiming his seat next to you, grinning at his friend who's flustered and kicking Eren under the table.
Jean struggles to play it cool, rolling his eyes and tossing his hands behind his head, "I already have someone on my mind."
"Shucks, I can't play around with you anymore?" wriggling your eyebrows, devilish smile growing on your face, Jean shakes his head.
"Nope, doesn't work on me anymore."
Connie interjects, "don't listen to em', he's always gonna be a slave for your little flirts."
"Am not!"
"Yeah, you are, everyone knows it."
Armin and Mikasa walk into the arguing, giving each other a side-eye before hesitantly settling at the table, hearing Jean try to defend himself against his friends, "guys, no need to yell so early in the morning." Armin hushes, sighing.
"Jean, you know you love it."
"Even Armin likes it!" Eren laughs, pointing at his best friend, "he won't deny it either!"
Armin smiles cheekily, scratching the back of his head, "we're not talking about myself right now."
You had a skill, almost like it was an art- reeling any man in as you pleased, and they loved it, who wouldn't?
You suck in a corner of your bottom lip, looking down at your lap.
"Why are you be so loud, Eren?"
The table instantly falls mute, heads darting to face the man in charge, "sorry Cap."
"I want you all outside in ten minutes, be on time."
As quick as he comes, he's gone, not looking at you indifferently. 'This was seriously going to be a one-time thing?'
"You look antsy, y/n." Eren leans over to your ear, "what's on your mind?" he asks, you look at him, he knew exactly what was on your mind.
"You know what's on my mind, Eren,” smug look on his lips, patting your knee, giving it a gentle squeeze, "don't tease me, Jaeger." You mutter, placing your hand on top of his own to remove it from your leg.
"Y'know, now all of a sudden you don't like it when I touch you because it makes you think of that night, it's obvious."
Your eyes squinting to scowl at him, glancing around to see if anyone had heard what he said; they didn't, all of them either throwing away garbage or talking amongst themselves, "why don't you just stir things up again? You want to, I can tell."
You sit there silently, allowing him to rev up your engine, this was something you craved to feel, he wanted to see you act up, enticing him and his friends, "do what you did before, Captain is bound to give you what you want."
You listened to every word he said, his hand still on your thigh as you closed your legs, squeezing them together as your body throbbed, he was right, and you were desperate, "why don't you go tell him how much you want it?"
You lick your chapped lips, throat bone dry as you're uncomfortably struggling to find words, "Eren," he flashes you a smile, 'she's falling apart with just me looking at her.'
"I can't tell him anything, and you better not either," you grit, eventually gaining some self-control, standing from your seat as he remains in his, "shouldn't we go? Everyone else is gone."
Eren stands, stepping over the bench as he takes a look around, the room was nearly empty, "Levi's gonna be mad at us, maybe he'll even punish you if you're lucky."
You shake your head, "just let me help you," you gaze up at him whilst the two of you follow behind your friends, "I can help you get what you want."
You pondered the offer, "yeah?"
He smiles, "of course," Eren tried to contain himself, even the idea of having you under him made his dick twitch under his belt.
"What do you have in mind?" you spoke, he hummed quietly, "wanna' get me in trouble?"
The tension between the two of you rose, holding your breath as you reached the empty field for sparring, he nodded his head, "of course I do."
You brainstormed, how to get attention from your Captain, but what you didn't know was Eren was already putting his plan into motion, already telling your friends what would land you right in his bed.
Hours later, the time dinner came around, the table was just like the ordinary, chatting and eating after a long day of activities; but unbeknownst to you, Eren was counting the seconds before the Captain would come storming into the room.
During the day, while you sparred with Jean, Eren found himself talking to Connie right in front of the men in charge- both Erwin and Levi listened in as Eren purposely filled Connie's ear with intentions you had. Vile thoughts, Levi and Erwin looking at each other, the Commander blown away, 'yeah, she said to me she wanted Captain to chain her up and everything, torture her, even,’
'Are you serious?' Eren nodded slyly.
‘That’s y/n for you, kinky, isnt she?’ crossing his arms.
'She is one freaky bastard- better not let Captain find out.'
But- to no avail, it was a little too late for that.
His voice split through the talkative room in an instant, voice booming as you quickly looked up, swallowing your food, "Eren, Y/n, my office- now."
Connie and Eren exchanged looks and you caught them, "what's that look for?"
"Don't worry about it lets just go."
Levi had already left the dining hall, you walked beside Eren, "what did you do, Eren?"
"Nothing." He defends, shrugging as you inched closer to the familiar wooden door.
Eren stopped in front of the door, he wasted no time, knuckles knocking on the old wood, "calm down, it's all fine."
Letting out a sigh, hearing his voice on the other side of the entrance, the two of you slipping past the doorframe and right into his office, he sat there, arms crossed in his chair, "do you have anything you'd like to say for yourself?"
Before you get the chance to speak, Eren perks up, "what do you mean, Captain?"
You choked, throat dry from the awkwardness in the room, "I'm confused on what you mean, sir." Levi scoffed, shaking his head. He was angry, nearly incensed as he watched you shuffle around, your eyes stuck on your feet.
The sound of his chair pushing backward sends shivers up your spine, he stands, "I don't know where to start with either of you."
"Tell him why you did it, y/n."
Your head practically spinning off your shoulders to face the man who stood beside you, "what do you mean, Jaeger?"
Your eyes bulging out of your head, squeezing your fists as you glared at Eren, "say it, cadet."
You looked at Levi in dismay, "I don't know what he's talking about, sir."
"I should've brought Connie in here too for listening to the bullshit you were spewing."
'Bullshit I was spewing?'
"All I was saying was what she told me, Cap."
"Yeah, apparently, y/n."
You meet eyes with your Captain as he's rounding his table, "you want it that bad?"
Avoiding his question, praying for him to step back, feeling weak from his intense glare, sending you into a nervous turmoil.
"Answer me."
You defended yourself, unable to give the boss an answer. Levi was mad, he was beyond humiliated at not only did Erwin hear your perverse ideas, but now big-mouth Connie. And he was fed up- once again- with your behavior.
He’s angrily stepping away from you and opening his bedroom door, "bring her, Jaeger."
Grabbing your wrist, Eren is nearly flinging you into the dimly lit bedroom, stumbling over your feet as the door is clicking shut. You rubbed your wrist, looking at Levi who stands before you, looking up at him.
His strong hands sitting you on the edge of his bed, his finger meeting under your chin and tilting your head up as you stared at him breathlessly, "you want things to be your way, right?"
You nodded, Eren standing next to your Captain, "things won't always go your way, cadet."
You gulped, the restriction growing under his grasp as he slid his hand down your neck, squeezing, "you're lucky I'm even doing this for you, you should be locked up."
Glancing at Eren, who's gradually unhooking his belt, "use this, Captain."
The leather belt being pulled from around Eren's waist and being placed in Levi's hand, he graciously seizes it and pushes you to get up, "lie down and be quiet, understood?"
Before reaching the other side of the bed, your captain is linking the material around your wrists behind your back and using his knee to push you on the bed, your body vulnerable as you can't catch your fall. Knees just barely hanging over the edge of the bed, someone's feet kicking your legs open.
"So I've been on your mind? because it sure seems it."
Digging your head into the sheets, you're nodding, "disgusting."
The weight of the bed plunges in front of your head, fingers entering your hair and pulling you up by the roots, "you think I'll be easy on you this time around?"
You shake your head, "no sir."
With Levi in front of you, Eren is using his foot to slip off your shoes, his hands crawling below your waist, blindly unbuttoning your jeans and tugging them down your thighs.
Pushing you onto your back, Levi is sliding off the bed and you're trying to blow your hair out of your face, Eren steps out of the Captains' way, Levi pushing your knees up and placing your feet on the bed, "you've been acting up again, misbehaving won't get you what you want, y/n."
"She probably wanted this to happen again."
You did, you prayed for it to happen again, but you didn't intend to be tied up, unable to do anything, "I didn't ask to be tied up, though," you muttered under your breath, pulling against the material.
Eren laughs, unbuttoning your blouse while your Captain pinned your legs against your stomach, squirming around under his tight grasp.
“You go around and tell everyone how desperate you are,” you feel his thumb slowly press against the sensitive nub concealed by only your thin underwear, “have you been thinking about us fucking you again, y/n?” calculatedly pushing his thumb up and down, applying more pressure while he keeps your leg in a firm grasp against your body.
“It’s disgusting, really.”
He knows you you hate to be teased, Levi knew if he had even given you a taste of what you begged for, you'd become greedy. Eren on the other hand was sadistic, he would tease and tease and tease, that's how he would get off.
You're caught up in the painstaking abuse of his thumb, not giving any thought to the question he had asked you. He stops, looking at you with a bitter glare, “didn't I ask you a question?” you whine, pressing your head deeper into the mattress.
“Yes, Captain- I've been thinking about you fucking me.”
He's gratified by your answer, knowing that the inquiry would humiliate you.
“Dirty- fuckin’ dirty.” He taunts, picking up where he left off. Levi stands beside his subordinate, Eren pressing your other leg up and finding his fingers hooking around the wet fabric, and trying to get a look at your cunt.
Eren moves out of the way, allowing Levi to push your body back farther, he lowers to his knees, leaning against the edge of the bed, “do you enjoy giving me a hard time?”
They never failed to get you under their complete control, your heart beating out of your chest whenever either of them gave you as little as a glance with their lust-filled eyes. It was so incredibly wrong, so immoral, but it was your guys’ thing, this was your little secret.
“You’ve always been such a troublesome girl.”
Weakly, you're shaking your head, trying to keep your breathing under control as his fingers are raking between your sopping folds, spreading them apart with his calloused index and middle finger, admiring your beautiful body. ‘God- if you weren't such a pest.’ Levi pushed those thoughts to the back of his head, you'd always be his little annoying flirt, nothing more- nothing less.
Though both Eren and Levi seemed to enjoy pleasuring you until numb, your captain knew he needed to instill some discipline, he couldn't let himself be seen as a push-over just because he couldn't stop thinking about how you squeezed his cock so perfectly.
The thought of his fingers being knuckle deep inside your pussy brought him close to reaching bliss in his jeans, you didn't even have to touch him.
Curving his fingers up into your tight, textured walls, feeling your heartbeat throb around his two fingers as he made sure to send shock waves throughout your body. The pad of his thumb rubbing deep and slow circles around your clit, each time he hit a nerve your legs twitching, he hit every spot.
Eren stood beside you, loosely pumping his cock in his fist, watching you squirm and cry out, trying to free yourself as your wrists were falling asleep from the weight of your body, “l-let me go, please.”
Levi and Eren dismissed your pleas, trying so desperately to close your legs from the strong thrusts of his fingers, the overstimulation making your back arch, sucking his fingers in for more, and more.
That coil tightening in your stomach was unmistakable, head spinning, moaning out blubbers of swears and incoherent words, “go on, cum.” They know how bad you've been waiting for this, both men knew it needed to happen again, it was sad seeing you feral like a dog looking for any sort of notoriety.
That's all you wanted to hear, selfishly pushing your quivering hips onto his fingers, he knew this would make you furious, Levi was ready to make your night hell.
All of it stopped. His digits pulling out of your clenching hole as he smirked, standing up onto his feet, pulling you farther and farther away from the peak of your climax.
Gasping like a fish out of water, lifting your head to see Levi on his feet, you sobbed, pain filling your body as you were so prepared, so close to releasing, “Captain,” crying, your foot shaking from the awful tension erected in your lower stomach, your pussy mindlessly twitching, trying to make up for lost touch.
He leans towards your face, gripping your jaw, slipping his slick-covered fingers down your tongue, “that's what happens when you aren't good, I'm sure you understand that, right?”
“Yes- sir.”
He pitties you, almost feeling bad for leaving you a mess in your tears and exertion, but Eren, on the other hand, loved it. “If you take good care of Eren, you might get what you want.”
Eren helps you up, keeping your wrists bound as he can now take advantage of your wet throat, “she knows how to take good care of us.” Eren praises, petting your head and peeling the stranded hairs out of your face, “you’ve always been so good to me.”
Levi scoffs, “besides when she's being a tease.”
Your captain unzips his pants, pushing them past his thighs.
Sitting on the bed and leaning his bare back against the bed frame, “come over here.”
Like a feeble idiot, you're bringing your body closer to his, he grabs you by your waist, lifting one leg and yanking you over his lap, Eren gets on the bed, his tip spilling precum, “you're gonna sit still while you help your friend out, yeah?”
Levi prepares his cock by stealing some of your slick and lubricating hmself with it, lifting your hips so he can ease you onto his cock.
Pushing yourself onto his hips only made him annoyed, “don't you dare,” you groan, he keeps you somewhat upright by keeping a hold on Erens belt.
Eren gripping the back of your head, directing your mouth onto his cock, your lips wrapping around his tip whilst looking in his pretty eyes, his thick eyebrows furrowed and twisted from the satisfaction your mouth is endowing his needy cock with.
Your tongue licking the bottom side of his cock as you pressed your throat until it was filled.
He just wants to hear you gag, messy face while your throat tightens around him, adjusting to his size.
Your pussy crying and burning from the lack of movement, your Captain torturing you, whining on Eren’s cock, hoping Levi would just move a little, although you knew better than to attempt anything.
Eren rocking his hips against your throat, spit spilling from your chin as he throat fucks you, Levi sees how good of a job you're doing, rutting his hips into your dripping cunt only once to keep you going- cueing you to hurry and swallow Erens load so you can convince them to fuck you.
Pulling out of your throat, strings of spit connecting to his cock as he stops himself from releasing down your throat.
Levi’s pleased with you, so he wants to reward you, ‘she’s suffered enough,’ he says to himself, fucking you on his cock just how you like it. Letting out whimpers of relief; by the time your Captain had decided to fuck you, the base of his cock had already been soaking from your slick trickling down and onto his pubic bone. Erens hand palming your perky tits, watching them bounce at the hands of you riding him.
Reversing on Levi’s cock meant Eren could see your pretty little face twist up, your mouth stuck open as you looked at the man in front of you, you were so precious- if anything- you deserved him, you deserved his affection, and he wanted to give it to you.
“Cap’ gonna cum,” you're body trying to curl up in a ball as he holds you from plunging forward, the movement of your hips bouncing back and forth on him, your ass slapping on his cock, the sound of skin loud, which he used as encouragement to plant his seed in you. Such a vicious noise as Levi keeps you still, rutting his hips into yours as he's pulling your head back by a handful of your hair. Your body left with shockwaves as he fucks any sort of knowledge, words, and sounds out of you; you're silent, mouth ajar as you're eventually worthy enough to reach your high.
Your head spinning, eyes being surrounded by a warm white as you're clenching around him to suck him in deeper, your holes twitching as you're frozen still from the orgasm erupting from your body.
Levi grunting as he fills you up with his load, thrusting his hips into you to plant his seed as deep as possible into your beaten little cunt.
“That's right, so pretty- I bet that felt good, didn't it?”
“It did- ‘need more, Eren.”
Eren smirks, face glowing with pride, so vulnerable you were, a girl with needs- his girl, and he had all the antidotes for your selfish little troubles. You were always so willing, truly, you were the perfect participant.
“I think I should untie her, what do you think?”
“Go on and do it, I think she deserves it.” a sigh of relief leaving your lungs as you're set free, rubbing your raw wrists while Eren is easing you on your back, his hands caressing every inch of your sore body, gently squeezing when he gets a good handful of your soft flesh. Up your thighs, under, your perfect waist and sides, he wanted it all-and he wanted you at his disposal.
And thankfully, you wanted them all to yourself too.
Eren knew he wouldn't last long, he's been waiting too long for you, so he doesn't spare any seconds, kneading your tits; giving each of them the right amount of attention, rolling your nipple between his fingers, lightly tugging as he's pushing past your little hole, “filled with so much cum already, you like bein’ a cocksleeve? You like being stuffed, huh?”
Nodding, “yes- I love it s’much, love it!”
Levi holds your wrists above your head.
Eyes rolling back, Erens cock drilling into you, your body shaking as he tears another orgasm out of you, you cried and screamed, Levi inserting his two fingers down your throat to shut you up as Hanges room was no more than ten feet away.
You loved it, you loved it so much- you loved being the center of their attention, you adored being their little ragdoll, how they could fuck you into oblivion so mercilessly, yet make sure you get your fix.
His cock knocking into you, hitting your cervix, which sent moans flying out of your throat, gripping his wrist tightly while he held your thigh up around his waist.
You deemed it your job to please them, to take care of them, and they felt the same- it was the implicit rule of this situationship.
Erens trying to instill as much self-control as he can bear to keep, but it's merely no use, he’s slipping, and fast. His cock constantly slamming into your nerves sent you into a spiral, every thrust fucked your eyes to the back of your head, “fuckin’ you stupid huh- I missed this tight cunt.” Eren spits, the sweat from his body dripping onto your sticky body as your pussy goes numb.
“I love your cock- love it s’much Eren,” your beautiful voice could alone bring both men to climax, he uses it as motivation to cum deep into your pussy. Levi wiped the drool from the side of your lip, along with your tears as he watched you.
Eren pulled out, light moans as he shivered, spilling his seed on your stomach, a mantra of your name falling from his tongue as he tried to regain control.
With you left fucked out on the bed as they got dressed, almost like a routine- you're left struggling to put your clothes on as Levi is trying to rush the two of you out of his room so he can strip his sheets.
“Don't get caught.” He's warning, seeing the two of you out, you're practically trudging through the corridors with Eren at your side as you feel more of a mixture of your cum soak through your underwear and legs, your jeans getting damp with each step you took.
Right as you neared the bedroom door, thankful to be able to strip yourself of your clothing in only a few minutes, Eren ensures you get to your room safely, but no one is that lucky- are they?
“Whatcha’ guys up to?”
Before catching a glimpse of your face, you're gasping and looking away, Eren turning around to see Connie and Jean, “busy?”
Eren laughs, casually speaking, “does it look like it?” he looks more or less as disheveled as you did, his hair falling from the hair tie, while you looked a mess.
“She looks like she just got hit by a bus.”
Your body barreling over in embarrassment, you find it hard to look at them, Jeans’ eyes doubling in size as he sees the unfamiliar piece of fabric in your hand.
“Is that- your bra?”
Tumblr media
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avintagekiss24 · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Escort!Steve Rogers x bisexual!black!reader ; minor pairing: escort! steve rogers x bisexual!black!reader x bisexual!natasha romanov || word count: 14,446 || warnings: smut, sex, rough sex, ass eating, butt stuff, oral sex (male & female receiving), rough oral sex (male receiving), vaginal fingering, face sitting/riding, 69, cockwarming, nipple play, consensual voyeurism, prostitution, daddy kink
authors note: right under the buzzer! this is for @allaboardthereadingrailroad​ marvel diversity challenge! my prompt was Pretty Woman AU. this is a pretty loose interpretation of the movie, but there are some similarities threaded throughout if you’re familiar with it. once again, a lot was inspired by @honeychicanawrites​ headcanons here, here, and here. there was also a black and white gif floating around of an animated woman, rubbing, sucking, and fucking her dude, but i lost the link! (i was gonna embed it, but i don’t want my post flagged). also, daily convos with @tropicalcap​ led to some of the filth. enjoy!
line divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
The wine glass clinks against the porcelain of the bathroom counter as you set it down gently, backing up to eye yourself in the mirror. You push your box braids off your shoulders and twist your body, smoothing your manicured hands down your hips as you primp. Sliding your fingers underneath the thin band of your thong, you adjust it slightly, pulling them up on your hips before letting the material snap back to your body, cutting into your flesh. The Zodiac tights come next, wiggling your hips to pull the crystal embedded fishnets up your smooth legs and up over your behind.
You dig your hands into your bra, pushing your tits up so they sit a little higher in it and pucker your lips, adding a little more gloss. A deep buzz sounds throughout the bathroom, your phone illuminating as a text slides through.
In the lobby
A smile spreads across your face. You grab the fluffy, white hotel robe and shrug into it, tying a tight bow at your waist before arranging your hair again and bringing the glass of white wine to your lips to finish it off. The small bottle of Baccarat Rouge 540 is the last accessory you reach for— spritzing your neck and wrist, rubbing them together slowly to spread the sweet, floral aroma. Grabbing your phone, and the now empty wine glass, you move out of the bathroom and hit the light switch to cover the lavish room in darkness.
You’re wet already— tight muscles clamping around nothing as you pad back into your Presidential suite. Blood starts to race, skin heats up as your heart beat grows harder. You’re so fucking horny it hurts. Stomach is tight and knotted, your clit achy and sore— fingers not enough to quell the need. So you went out one night, found a sex shop, which isnt hard in the heart of L.A.; bought a pretty glass dildo and a diamond studed butt plug— even a pocket vibrator, but it wasn’t enough. You need the real thing, a big, hard, dripping, warm cock to put you out of your misery so you can focus on the reason you’re in L.A. in the first place.
“Oh girl,” Natasha winked, handing over an off white business card, “Having dick on retainer is a must.”
You flipped it over in your hand, your dark eyes skimming over the telephone number printed in the middle of the card, the initials S.G.R. scrawled out just underneath it, “Give him a call,” she winked, “He’ll keep you plenty occupied while you’re here.”
That was two days ago— over a business lunch when the VP of Operations and CEO of the company you’re trying to acquire stepped away from the table. You’d known Natasha Romanov for exactly one week at that point, but she knew the desperation of a woman going without— you're convinced she smelled it on you as soon as you walked into her office. It took her a few days to pry it out of you, but once she caught you discreetly making eyes at the waiter, she grabbed your wrist and pulled you in close.
You’re a woman of the world, you both realize and understand sex work is a valuable commodity, and champion it, for men and women alike. But you never honestly had to give it a second thought, you’ve always had options. A cute little black book that sits just inside of your nightstand, full of names that can satisfy your every mood.
Tony for a quickie when you’re buzzed and on the way to an event, Sam for a back breaking, fingers in your mouth, ‘call me daddy’ romp, sweet Bruce when you want it real nice and slow— somebody to love you just for the night. That little black book doesn’t help you in L.A., and you aren’t about to fly somebody out for a four hour layover.
There’s a rap at the door, three quick knocks, “Just one second.” you call sweetly, slipping into a pair of Giuseppe heels— your favorite Giuseppe heels.
You untie the belt around your waist and throw the robe over the back of the couch as you click towards the door, leaving you in your black, strapless bra, thin thong, and waist high tights. There’s really no need to be modest— you’re both adults. Turning the square, stainless steel door handle, you pull gently, throwing it open for the tall, blonde man leaning against the far wall. He stands up straight, blue eyes going wide as they drop down your body, pink lips quirking into a lopsided grin.
You spin on your heels and retreat back into the room slowly, hearing the door as it hitches when he catches it with his palm. Eyes are on your body as you switch your hips seductively, moving towards the minibar. You can’t help the smile that curls onto your lips.
“Would you like a drink, Mr. Rogers?” You purr, voice low and smooth.
“Steve’s fine,” his voice equally low, equally smooth, “What do you have?”
You hum, opening the small fridge and bending just slightly, poking out your ass, “Looks like Modelo, Vodka, Rum,” you point towards the ice bucket, a bottle of Dom Perignon resting in the chips, “Champagne. I also have some white wine.”
You glance back at him, your braids dangling over your shoulder, swinging gently with each little movement you make. Steven Grant Rogers is a sight for sore eyes— and a sore pussy. He’s tall and lean, chest and shoulders wide and broad, biceps thick. His waist is small, but it adds a little allure to his frame, giving him a little shape. He has a sense of style about him too, another tick in the ‘pro’ column for him. His suit is a simple one but it reeks of great expense. Black, slim fit, no tie. Crisp, white button down with the first couple of buttons undone. Black red bottoms, and a titanium, black faced Hublot watch.
Creed Aventus fills your nostrils as you breathe in and your muscles clench again. You like a man with lavish taste.
“Champagne, please. Not too much though, I don’t like to drink when I’m with a client.” Curious eyes follow you as you move towards the ice bucket, staying on you as you pour two flutes, “I don’t want any misunderstandings.”
His thick fingers brush along yours as you step close, handing him the tall, thin flute. They’re soft, his fingers. He nods gently, clinking the rim of his glass with yours before he lifts it to his pink lips, licking them slowly, “Gotta keep a clear head.”
A sharp inhale of air fills your lungs; a sly smile tugs at your lips. Through hooded eyes, the two of you keep watch of the other as you both down the bubbly champagne. Your lips tingle as you rub the glass along your bottom lip, your eyes bouncing around his handsome, heavily bearded face. His eyes twinkle underneath the lights as they roam— down your chest and stomach, down your long legs— slowly. Drinking you in. Taking stock of each curve, each dip, each line.
His eyes snap back to yours suddenly, but they’re different. Hungry. Aggressive. You take another breath, holding it in your chest for a tick before you exhale and cross your legs, squeezing them tight.
He takes a step forward, closing the already small distance between the two of you to a mere inch, maybe even less than that. He drops his eyes again, his eyelids closing to slits, the dark, delicate, long eyelashes lining them splash out on his cheeks. He inhales deep, a small, thin hum vibrating in his throat as he’s filled with the sweetness of your perfume.
The word greets your ears softly, just as it left his pretty mouth. You lick your bottom lip and pull it between your teeth, chewing as your eyes bounce between his. He smiles, pushing his face closer so the tips of your noses touch. He rubs your noses together slowly, up along your bridge, and then the tips again, his smile growing.
“There’s no need to be nervous. We’ll take it real nice and slow, okay?” his voice steady and smooth, low and soft, “You’ve never done this before?”
Two mammoth hands push along your hips, slowly dragging up and down, up and down, up and down. You swallow, a pathetic tremble sounding in your throat that gets him to smile again, “It’s that obvious?”
He chuckles, “It’s okay, honey.” he answers, hands pushing over your ass, “I’ll get you warmed up.”
He squeezes your behind; you inhale again, your hands settling on his chest. Your body is moving, swaying gently back and forth at his insistence, his hands pushing up to the small of your back. Blue eyes stay on deep browns as his warm palm settles in the center of your back, holding you in his orbit. You start to rub his chest, feeling the bulk, the muscles of him— the thick. Your index finger drifts; drifts towards the open buttons of his shirt, playing with them; eyes settling on the sliver of skin and dark hair showing through.
A knuckle pushes just underneath your chin, pressing, pressing, pressing until your head, more importantly your mouth, is tilted up to his. Your eyelids instantly— instinctively— droop, lips part in wait, in want; in need. Hooded blue eyes gaze back at you, a hint of a smile on his lips.
“May I?”
Shudders ripple down your spine as reddened lips brush along yours, “Please.” It’s desperate— the way you ask.
Steve licks into you with his tongue, groaning a little when he sucks your top lip into his mouth. He pulls you in, right up against his hard body, your hands sliding over his shoulders and wrapping around his neck. This mouth is skilled— tongue slipping along your bottom lip and caressing your own. Not too rough, not too gentle, just enough to make you melt into him; to make you go a little limp in his arms.
He nibbles on your bottom lip, pulling softly until he lets go, letting it snap back to your face. A giggle bubbles up, filling the air surrounding you and you swear you feel his dick twitch.
“Feel better?”
You smile sweetly, pulling out of his grasp and sauntering towards your abandoned phone. Tapping into the short text stream with him, you snap your eyes back to him when his phone chimes seconds later. You watch as he digs it out of his pocket and another grin cracks his face as his cash app alerts him to the fifteen hundred deposited into his account.
“Does that answer your question?”
Those pretty white teeth of his dig into his bottom lip, trying and failing to hide the grin that’s been brought upon by your quick wit. He pulls his jacket off of his shoulders, tossing it over the back of the couch before ticking his head towards the bedroom, “Bed please.”
You do not hesitate. You pass by each other as you move towards the bedroom, him towards the ice bucket, plucking it from the table in the center of the room and turning on his heel to follow you. You toss your eyes over your shoulder as you flounce, hips switching again, heels clink, clink, clinking against the marble floor.
The lights of the bedroom rise automatically from the sudden motion in the room. You feel weightless as you fall onto the mattress hands first, crawling into the center of the king bed. His footsteps continue to sound as he enters behind you, setting the champagne bucket at the end of the bed as you prop against the headboard, drawing your legs up, swaying them back and forth slowly.
Steve keeps his eyes on you as he starts to pull on his cufflinks, unclipping the double knotted, sterling silver Tiffany & Co. accessories to free his arms. He rolls his sleeves up his forearms, revealing hair and thick veins— more flexing muscles. Blue eyes bounce between the task at hand and you, that soft smile pulling at the corners of his lips never wavering, never leaving. Foreplay at its best.
Once his forearms are free of the constricting material around them, he grabs the champagne bottle by the neck and plucks out a crystal flute, dropping his eyes from yours as he pours another glass. He moves around the side of the bed, champagne bottle in hand as he sits next to you, handing over the full glass. Lifting it to your lips, you snap your eyes to him when he tuts quickly, wagging that thick index finger back and forth.
Your mouth drops open, eyes go large as you watch him take a swig, right from the bottle. He then leans over you, pushing his index finger into your chin again, tilting your head up towards his. Warm, pink lips crowd your open mouth, his eyes closing gently, the cool, bubbly liquid slipping from his mouth right into yours. You sound— sweet, tiny, pitiful— as you swallow his offering, him kissing you quick after, not giving you time to reel from the intimacy of it.
He’s gone again, just as quickly as he came, heading back to the end of the bed. He knees onto the edge, large palms sliding over your bent knees, fingertips slipping down your calves, gripping and groping as they go. He drops one hand— right to his pants— sends his eyes back to yours as he pops the shiny button and unzips them at a snail's pace. Steve lets his pants hang open as he slides his hands down your thighs, all the way down to the juncture of your hips and legs, pushing his thumbs into the creases.
Steve pushes forward, forcing your legs open as he settles in, resting that hard, lean, strapping body on yours— kissing you again. Deep this time. Bruising. Tongue kneading yours, smacking and sucking your lips into his wet mouth. Moans, both his and yours, thrum and vibrate in your chests and throats. Your muscles clench again.
Lips and mouth are on the move— down your chin, nuzzling into the soft, sensitive crook of your neck. He licks, slow, before sucking the skin, finding that one little pesky spot that makes your hips jut up into his quick. He’s hard, and that makes you whimper again. You hold the champagne flute up high in your right hand, trying not to spill the contents as your hips start to roll, free hand wrapping around and digging into his thick bicep— but you aren’t so lucky. A few drops dribble from the glass and onto your chest, slipping down between your cleavage.
You shiver when his hot tongue slides between your tits to collect the cold droplets, his hands prying the silk material of your bra down. There’s a sound, a grunt, that cultivates deep in his throat at the sight of you, bare and wanton— nipples thick and perky. He slips his hands behind your back to unhook your bra, tossing it without a care to the floor once you’re free.
He inhales sharp, a hiss slipping through his teeth, “Fuck, these are beautiful.”
Your back arches up into his hands as he grabs your tits, squeezing gently, him moaning all the while. He thumbs your nipples before taking one into his warm mouth, tongue flicking and swirling, teeth grabbing. Your body jerks up into him, hips and chest, mouth falls open before your face twists in pleasure. He gives your other breast the same attention— kissing, licking, sucking before he ventures on, his fingers digging underneath the thin band of your tights and pulling gently.
Reddened lips follow his fingers, down your waist, down your hips, down your thighs, calves, ankles, toes until you’re free of the sheer garment. You sip on the bubbly champagne as his hot tongue pushes up the inside of your calf. Sweet kisses are pressed against the subtle curve of your knee, blue eyes through long, dark eyelashes on yours the whole while. Deep, stormy eyes— the kind of eyes that make you wanna think they’re only for you; aroused by you and you alone.
He draws that red bottom lip between his teeth, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, eyes twinkling with a bit of mischief as he nuzzles into your thigh. His fingers curl around the strings of your thong as his eyes dip quickly. You close your eyes and take another sip of your drink when he starts to pull, a soft smile of your own spreading on your face as he exposes you.
There’s fingers— suddenly. Softly. Rubbing. A low hum vibrating in his throat as he touches you. A soft moan slips from between your lips as your hips start to roll, meeting each pass of his digits. Your slick already; clit hypersensitive, almost pained from going so long without. His touch is experienced, slow and deliberate as he presses soft, warm kisses against your thigh, rubbing his bearded cheek against the delicate skin.
The tips of his fingers start to drift. Down, down, down, away from your nub and to your slit where he rubs— caresses— gently. Then they’re pushing, his fingers, index and middle, sinking into you deep, pulling a sharp gasp from you.
He smiles wide before pushing out a breath, “That’s a tight fit, honey baby.” he purrs before blowing softly onto your hot, wet cunt, “It’s been a while, huh?” his voice soft, fingers pumping slowly, “Yeah, it’s been a while. Look at you squeezing down on me, baby.”
Your body jerks when Steve presses his lips to your pussy. He hums as he kisses you again and again and again, before he flattens his tongue against your clit, rubbing gently. He sucks you into his mouth, his eyes closing, eyelashes spreading over his cheeks. Your thin fingers thread into his long, blonde hair, gripping and tugging as your hooded eyes watch his head bob left and right, up and down while he devours you.
Heat blooms in your chest and stomach as you take another sip of champagne and it settles in your belly. You rest your heavy head against the headboard, licking your lips as uncontrolled moans spill from your mouth. Another sharp gasp fills the room as a third finger slips into your eager body. You can’t stop the laughter that bubbles up in your chest, and the satisfied groan that follows.
“Is this what you wanted, baby?”
His voice is as smooth as silk, the deepness of it rattling your fragile bones, “This isn’t all that I wanted, but this is a good start, Mr. Rog—” you pant, words cut off as you lift your hips when he starts to hit that little spot, “Ah, fuck.”
“Mmmm,” he purrs again, “I know this isn’t all you wanted, greedy girl.” Greedy girl. Your cunt clenches at the words, “Oooh,” he smiles as sitting up a little when he feels you tighten, “You like that? Are you Daddy’s greedy girl?”
The champagne flute slips from your fingers, the liquid spilling over your chest and stomach, pooling in your belly button, “Uh oh,” he coos, slipping his tongue up your body, sucking up the spill with his lips as he goes, “Responsive little thing.”
He pulls his fingers from you, leaving you empty, causing a frustrated, childish grunt to rumble through your chest. Steve tuts at you again, although smiling all the while as he starts to work himself out of his shirt. You bite down into your bottom lip as you watch him, more and more of his buttery, tanned, smooth skin coming into view.
His chest is wide, thick with conditioned muscles. Dark hair is splashed across the pallet of his pecs, the little happy trail spreading out across his lower stomach. There’s a deep v carved into his hips— hard abs and biceps flex as he moves. His weight leaves the mattress as he stands and shoves his fingers into his pants, pushing them down sturdy, hairy thighs. Your eyes instantly fall to the dick print in his black Armani stretch boxer briefs. Fuck.
You slip your hand down your side, over your hip and right between your sticky folds, hissing gently as you start to rub yourself, impatient and needy.
“Good girl.” he praises, making your heart sing.
He drops his hand to his dick, squeezing himself as he smirks at you. What a fucking tease— but nonetheless, your pussy clenches around absolutely nothing from just the sight of him. Those fingers of his push underneath the stretchy band of his boxers and start to tug, slowly, slowly, slowly, exposing more and more of his wiry, dark hair and skin. You drag in a deep breath when his cock finally springs free, an impressive girth bouncing as the material pushes over it.
He steps out of his boxers and starts to stroke himself, long, slow drags of his hand up and down his shaft as he watches you dip your fingers into your pussy. You tilt your hips upward as you pump your fingers, the heel of your palm pressing against your clit. Your mouth falls open, your eyes flutter, air chokes up in your throat as you fuck yourself for him, enjoying his hungry eyes on all of you.
But when he’s had enough, he’s had enough. He falls onto his knees, his weight dipping into the mattress and inches towards you, pulling your hand away. His fingers replace yours, rubbing your clit, pushing through your folds, teasing your slit quickly before he slides his hands underneath your butt and pulls you down the bed. His fingers dance over your knees before he pushes them apart and your legs fall open, pussy on full display.
Steve falls over you, hands on either side of your head, as he leans downs and captures your lips again, kissing you sweetly. There’s a sharp taste on his lips and tongue— it's you. You lean into his kiss, deepening it with your tongue as you push your hips upward, shivering when the tip of his cock glances over your clit. Shivers wrack your body again, prompting him to laugh, “Okay greedy girl, okay.”
He pulls back, rolling his shoulders as he slips his fingers between your breasts. You reach for him too— raking your fingers down his chest and stomach as he starts to push at your opening. You grip his side, digging your nails into his thick skin as the head of his cock breaks into you. He slides, agonizingly slow, his long fingers wrapping around your throat as he disappears into you, his own mouth dropping open as you envelope him.
“Fuck,” he groans, letting his head fall as he pushes a breath out of his mouth, his grip around your neck tightening slightly, “You fit me like a glove, honey.”
You push your hips, urging him to move as you wrap your small hand around his wrist and push it up his long arm, stroking gently, “Come on, baby.” You murmur, using your head to push away from the mattress slightly.
“What’s that, honey?” he asks, “Tell me, baby. Use your words.”
You mewl, husky, hips still pushing up into his, “God— fuck me, Steve. Please.”
You push your hips down into the mattress, his dick drawing out of you just slightly. You thrust back up, pushing him back in, deep, before you pull back again— over and over and over. He watches the connection, watching himself disappear and then reappear as he squeezes your throat, a steady, gentle pressure. You keep a hold of his large wrist, gasping and whimpering as you fuck up onto him.
“That’s right, doll,” he whispers, “You fuck my dick, baby. I should be paying you, shouldn’t I?”
You roll your shoulders, moaning loud, “Please,” you beg— nearly cry, “Please, fuck me. Please!”
He thrusts into you hard— biting off the words in your throat. You squeak when he fucks into you again, your tits bouncing with the force.
“Is that what you want?” he asks, thrusting into you a third time, “Hmm? Is that what you want, honey?”
You nod quickly, your face breaking, a long, strangled noise spilling out of you as he pushes his hips into yours. He sets a bruising pace after the first teasing thrusts. Hard, fast pumps of his hips into yours, skin against skin, the sound bouncing off the walls. Wet, choked sounds squeak out from you as he keeps a hold of your throat, your small hands still wrapped around his wrist and forearm. You swallow hard, the pressure from his hand making it slightly difficult but the sheer power— or the restraint he shows despite his obvious strength— makes you want to melt into the mattress.
Steve leans down, licking into your mouth with his tongue as he fucks. He kisses you hard, releasing with a loud smack before he grabs your face and chin, squeezing your cheeks as he shakes your head back and forth gently, “Does that feel good, baby?” he taunts, his red, full lips brushing along yours, “Come on sweetness, don’t go all quiet on me now.”
“S’good,” you grunt, slamming your eyes closed, “Fu— ah! Fuck!”
“That’s right, girl. This is exactly what you needed.”
You’re hoisted up, right up into his lap, your legs curling around his sides. Not missing a beat, you start to bounce and rock freely, throwing your head back as you hang on to his broad shoulders. His large hand wraps around your throat again, but his fingers creep up over your chin, the tips pushing into your mouth. You hum as you suck on them, sucking the salt of your slick right off the pads of his fingers.
Your wet muscles squeak with each push of his cock. Quick, hot spurts of precum dribbling into you as his hips thrust to meet yours. His free hand grips your hips, hefty fingers pushing into your skin, helping you move. Your nipples brush along his chest, the gentle sensation sending flashes of heat and electricity through your body— shudders racing down your spine. The hand around your waist snakes up your back, his fingers playing with the ends of your braids.
He pulls gently, then backs off, mouth agape and eyes wide as they search your face, seemingly asking permission. He tugs again and you let him— your head falling back as your tongue pushes down the length of the index and middle fingers still shoved in your mouth. Your scalp prickles with pain as he pulls harder, craning your head back further, exposing your neck. A screech explodes from your lips when his pearly whites sink into the crook of your neck before he sucks hard, pulling blood to the surface.
Faltering hips, wet smacks, damp skin to damp skin— it’s all so filthy. So crude— but exactly what you’ve needed. His hands leave your hair, leave your mouth; one wraps around your throat and the other thumbs your nipple. He keeps his eyes on you as he hisses, his hips pushing, fingers tweaking, hand tightening to push you closer and closer towards a release. Your pitch heightens, your grunts and cries shaky and desperate as he eggs you on.
“You gonna come for me, sugar?” he asks sweetly, kissing you quick and hard, “It’s okay baby, you can let go. You’ve earned it, sweet girl. You’ve been such a good girl.”
A broken moan chokes in your throat. He ruts harder and faster, each thrust pushing deeper, touching that sweet, vulnerable spot until—
Red hot is the orgasm that ripples through you. You wail as it blooms across your flesh, your toes curling and fingers digging into his shoulders. He grabs your hips as you come, guiding you down onto his cock, and then helping you rock back and forth to drain every last drop of your release. His grip around your waist tightens, his own grunts growing louder before a burst of heat swells in your cunt.
Steve punctuates his spurts with deep, sharp thrusts, hissing and groaning with each one until he’s spent. He murmurs sweet nothings into your neck, hot breath sticking to your damp skin. Your limbs turn to liquid, your head fuzzy and warm as he guides you down to the mattress. He slips out of you, strings of silk following, trickling down your hot, trembly cunt. Sweet, soft lips press against your chest and stomach, over your hips and down your legs as large hands massage your thighs and calves.
A calm washes through you as your eyes grow heavy, your breaths getting deeper and longer as you melt into the soft mattress. You feel Steve moving around, crawling back up to where you are. A long arm slips over your stomach, pulls you close, right into his warm chest and stomach. His beard and lips brush over your temple and cheek, soft fingertips run up and down your arm, pretty epithets lulling you into a gentle sleep.
You’re just as sweet as sugar, honey baby. Such a good girl.
You roll your shoulders as you shift, eyes fluttering as you start to wake. It takes a few long seconds before your eyes adjust, the room lights having long since dimmed. The moon is high in the jet black sky as bright stars smatter across the canvas. You're still cocooned underneath a heavy arm and crushed against a burly chest, a soft smile spreading on your face as he snores gently.
3:12am flashes on the digital clock on the nightstand as you feel him roll away from you in his sleep, rolling over onto his side, exposing his wide back. Your fingers instantly glance over his smooth skin, skimming down his spine before they curl over his bicep. You should have been sated, but there’s another pull— deep in your belly; still eager, still wanting. Closing the distance between your bodies, you push your bare breasts into his back as you slide your hand underneath the sheets and down his chest and stomach.
You push up onto your elbow and thread your fingers into his dirty blonde hair as your other fingers brush over his soft cock. You wrap your small hand around him and stroke him gently, right from his stomach to the tip of his pretty dick, your palm sweeping over his cockhead and slit. Another smile tugs at the corners of your mouth as he stirs after a few minutes but doesn’t fully wake; just pushes his hips languidly into your hand.
His deep breathing soon turns shallow and choppy, soft moans scratching at the back of his throat but he never opens his eyes. Warm droplets of precum bubble from his slit and you brush the pads of your fingers over the wetness, dragging it back down his quickly hardening shaft. You rile him up, make his cock rigid and angry before you pull on his hip, rolling him over onto his back.
You throw your leg over his body and settle on top of him, ass up, lips mere inches from his hot sex. In one fell swoop, you follow your hand down his cock with your mouth, his hips jerking softly from the wet warmth surrounding him. Humming, you flatten your tongue along him, the tip tracing the thick vein that runs the length of his shaft. You bob your head up and down, sucking and swirling your tongue over his tip, teasing his slit as more drops of salt-sweet cum dribble on your tongue.
Steve’s hands slither up your thighs, grab your ass and squeeze as you suck him off, his hips jutting upward into your velvet mouth. Your mouth goes slack, your eyes fluttering when he slips two fingers into your wet cunt. He fingers you slow, his thumb pressing against your asshole as you start to writhe, rolling your hips against his hard abs to massage your clit.
You pull off of him, your hand still moving up and down, squeezing him as you pucker your lips— letting them gently brush against his cock. His hips rock up into your hand, his moans growing louder by the minute, deep gasps and sighs making his chest tighten underneath your body.
“Goddamn, baby,” his voice low and groggy from sleep.
Your muscles clench around his fingers as they delve and prod, his thumb pushing and circling your warm rim. A hot breath and a quick groan push out between your teeth, his dick jumping in your hand as the air tickles his skin. You swallow him again, taking every inch, relaxing your throat to accommodate him as you bury your face in the dark blonde hair at his groin.
Steve curls his fingers, lightly scratching at your insides, making you clamp down on them, squeezing them tight; holding them in.
Steve shifts underneath you, sucking in a sharp breath, “Get up here, baby. I wanna taste you.”
The sound of his voice rattles through you. His words still slurred with sleep, voice husky. You oblige, wanting his beard between your legs once more, sweeping along the inside of your thighs. You clamor up to him, straddling his face, your thighs closing in on either side of his head. Steve flattens his head on the pillow underneath him and opens his mouth, pushing his tongue out in anticipation of you.
You push your hips forward, rolling your cunt over his lips and tongue. Your head falls back, jaw goes slack as you start to ride his face, his tongue pushing through your sticky, puffy folds with ease. A wet noise fills the room— both his tongue and lips smacking and sucking on your messy flesh. Your hand finds his cock again, your fingers fondling his tip and that pulsing vein.
A chorus of whimpers and whines, quick gasps and deep growls roll through your chest as you grab his hair, pulling his face— if it’s possible— even closer to your cunt. Steve's face is flushed red in the moonlight. He balls the sheets in his hands as he flicks the tip of his tongue against you before he sucks your folds and clit into his mouth, his head shaking gently back and forth. He only releases you to drag in quick, wet breaths before closing back in on you, humming and moaning.
A soft burn spreads through your thighs as you canter your hips, using his chin and nose, along with his tongue and mouth to cop a feel. You’re close again, hips jerking with unexpectancy, your core also starting to burn as your body strains with its need.
Steve isn’t done with you yet. He rearranges you quickly, lifting you right off of him. Your knees sink into the mattress as he grabs your wrists and flattens your hands flat on the headboard.
He fucks into you from behind, not wasting a second in setting a brisk pace. He holds your hips in his hands, fingers digging into your skin as you drop your head, your braids swinging. Your tits bounce with his thrusts, your head knocking into the velvet headboard as you hold yourself up against it. Steve’s hips and balls slap against your ass as he gruffly pulls you back into him. A hand curls around your hip and travels up to your tits, grabbing your nipple between his index finger and thumb to tweak and pull and roll the thick nub.
You’re panting again, cursing and howling as your stomach tightens and your heart leaps, heat rippling through you. A quick sweat pops up on your brow, goosebumps prickle up along your body as your toes start to curl again. Steve’s hips are relentless, driving, driving, driving hard, his girth filling every inch that you have to offer. His fingers start to prod your asshole again, pushing gently against your rim as it constricts and relaxes.
It doesn’t take much. The soft pads of his fingers against your rim, and one, two, three more  strokes of his hips and you’re gone. Your mind going blank as your orgasm rushes. Steve fucks you right through it, dropping a hand to your clit as it jumps with the contractions of your cunt. He teases it— your clit— slapping and rubbing quick circles as your walls squeeze around him, finally coaxing him to come again.
You decide that you like the way it feels when he comes inside of you. His silk ribbons coating your squeaky muscles. You collapse against the mattress after your release washes through you. Steve falls beside you, rolling over onto his back and flattening his hand in the middle of his chest as he catches his breath.
“Gettin’ your money’s worth, huh?”
You dissolve into laughter, pushing your face into the blankets as you lay on your stomach, “I am a shrewd businesswoman, Mr. Rogers.”
“You don’t hear me complaining, do you?”
“It’s a financial risk, for sure,” you reiterate, hands shoved into the pockets of your slim fit pants, your suit jacket open, “But I assure you, we can turn this company around. Carter & Danvers hasn’t had an acquisition fail in over thirty years. I will personally oversee this transition through— until it’s turning a profit.”
All eyes are on you in the boardroom as Hank Prym, CEO and pain in the ass that just won’t sign the goddamn contract, of Lang & Prym Inc. stares back at you, fingers threaded over his lips. For whatever reason, he doesn’t trust you or anything that you have to say, despite the fact that within six months— or less— his company will have to file bankruptcy. Natasha Romanov, CFO of Lang & Prym, sits to his left, green eyes sliding between his and yours. Her delicate fingers play with the pen between them, rolling it slowly as she tosses her short, red hair.
“Mr. Prym,” she starts, “We have to do something. We aren’t going to last much longer without their help. I crunched the numbers for you multiple times.”
He shakes his head slowly, his dark eyes glancing off towards the windows, “We have time, right?”
“We do,” Natasha nods, “But—“
“I’m not ready to sign yet. Not yet,” he stands, and everyone else placed around the table follows his lead. He moves around the table and up to where you are, extending his hand and shaking yours gently, “You’re good, but I’m just not ready yet.”
You smile softly, tapping the back of his hand with your free one, “That’s alright, this is tough, I realize that.”
“I’m glad they sent you instead of that Wade Wilson,” he chuckles, “How long are you in town for?”
“Indefinitely. Until you sign with us, Mr. Prym, I’m a Los Angelean.”
“Well,” he starts, taking a step towards the door, “Have Natasha show you around town. She knows this little taco place that’s to die for.”
You toss your eyes towards Natasha as she approaches and wink, “I’ll take her up on that. She’s already given me a tip or two about the lays of the land.”
You shake hands with the rest of the board members as they exit the room, finally leaving you and the smirking redhead alone. There may be a little underlying tension between you and her, you aren’t entirely sure yet, but you know that her eyes tend to linger on your frame just a tad longer than they should— not that you mind the extra attention, especially from someone as effortlessly attractive as she is.
Her arms are crossed over her chest as she sits on the edge of the mahogany table. A tight, black pencil skirt accentuates her shapely hips and long legs. A red satin blouse, unbuttoned strategically to show off her soft, pretty, full breasts.
“You’re looking a little more lively today.” Her silk smooth voice floats towards you, making you smile, “You gave my pal a call, eh?”
A devilish smile curls on your lips as you push your hands back into your pockets, “He was worth every fucking cent.”
“Glad to hear it.” She winks, and pushes away from the table, her manicured fingers reaching for your tie. She steps in close as she drags her hand down the length of the skinny tie, her big eyes following, “Maybe the three of us can get dinner sometime, hmm?”
You wiggle your eyebrows, “You just name the time and place, Ms. Romanov.”
She hums approvingly before smoothing down your tie and turning on her heel, clicking out of the boardroom with her file folders in hand.
You plop down in the chair behind your open laptop, exiting out of your powerpoint and bringing up your email. You work for a while, but your mind drifts, back to the night before, back to one Steve Rogers. Broad shoulders, smooth skin, sweet, pretty mouth… soon, the thoughts keep you from working. Soon, you’re leaning back in your chair, your fingers playing with your bottom lip as you sway gently back and forth.
You slide your phone out of your pocket and thumb through your messages, landing on his number. Tapping the screen, you stand and bring it to your ear as you take a few steps towards the windows, your eyes scanning over the city as the phone rings.
“Back so soon?”
You can’t help the smile that spreads on your face as his warm voice fills your ears, “You make it hard to stay away, I must admit. How are you, I’m not disturbing you am I? I mean, you’re probably a busy man.”
He laughs, a warm, deep laugh and your body tightens “I do take breaks, you know.” You giggle, a sudden nervous energy filling you, which is strange. You usually have no problem asking for things you want, “Don’t get all shy on me now, girl.”
“God,” you scoff, tittering again, rolling your eyes playfully.
“Come on, I thought we were passed all this? Do I need to come over there and help you relax again?”
Muscles you weren’t even sure you had, clench tight, “Are you free tonight, Mr. Rogers?”
“You know, I like that. All that Mr. Rogers stuff,” You hear him moving around, then a deep exhale, “I wish I were, doll, but I’ve got a date. Dinner and a function.”
You click your tongue, your shoulders dropping as a quick flash of disappointment washes through you. It doesn’t last long, the disappointment— hell, you make deals for a living, “I’ll double whatever she’s paying you.”
“Oooh,” he purrs, “Jealous, baby?”
“Not jealous,” you point out, “I just don’t like to wait, and I don’t like to lose. It’s not in my nature.”
“That’s very flattering, but I can’t do that. I have a reputation in this city.”
“Yeah,” you laugh, “I’m sure you do.”
“I do! I can’t cancel on such short notice.”
“Then meet me for dessert.”
“Are you trying to kill me?” He laughs earnestly, “Listen, I’m good, but I’m not that good.”
You cover your face with your hand, laughing again, “Oh my god,” you sigh, “Well, fuck. I’ll get with Natasha and see if she can recommend another option for the evening...”
You hear him shuffle through the phone again, another deep sigh pushing out of his nose. He’s quiet for a beat as you tap your index finger against the edge of your phone, a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth.
“Let me get back to you a little later tonight, alright? You and Ms. Romanov behave over there.”
“I told you I was shrewd.”
“You sure did. Wait up for me, babe.”
You smile big, sinking your teeth into your bottom lip, “Will do.”
His knock sounds through the hotel room, making you tear your eyes from your laptop. You finish your email before pushing away from the small table and padding towards the door, your lace, burgundy kimono flailing with the air. You pull open the door and step to the side instinctively as Steve traipses through the threshold. You let it close with a soft click before you lean against it, crossing your legs and tilting your head as you find two crystal blue eyes on you.
The two of you blink at each other, eyes traveling over one anothers frames. He shrugs out of his black velvet jacket and tosses it over the back of the couch before he starts on his cufflinks. You watch in silence as he rolls up his sleeves, one by one, exposing his forearms just how you like— all veins and hair. His biceps bulge in the white button down, chest rippling underneath his black vest. He keeps flipping his eyes towards you, peeking through those lashes as he smiles.
He beckons you with his index finger and without hesitation, you’re moving towards him, pushing away from the door with your hands. Once you’re within range, he reaches for you, wrapping his long arm around your waist to pull you into him. Laughter bubbles up in your chest as you crash against him, his lips capturing yours in a flurry of kisses.
His hands push over your ass, squeezing your flesh before his palms push up and down your hips, “You look beautiful.” He says softly, his eyes drifting down your matching burgundy and navy bra and panties
You toss your braids over your shoulder before placing your hands back on his chest, “Thank you. How was your dinner?”
“Filling,” he smiles, “But I left room for dessert.”
“Well,” you start, pulling out of his grasp and moving back towards the table, “Hopefully you like chocolate.”
You spin on the balls of your feet to face him again, holding up a small plate with a large piece of chocolate cake. You smile as he laughs, shoving his hands in his pockets as he steps up to you, leaning down just a tad to take a whiff of the freshly baked German chocolate cake. He opens his mouth, flicking those big blue eyes up to yours again, waiting patiently. You pluck the fork that’s dug into the spongy cake and cut off a small piece before placing it at his lips.
He takes it slowly, keeping his eyes on you as he slides his tongue along the bottom of the fork, sucking the cake into his mouth. He chews it carefully, closing his eyes as he hums in satisfaction, licking his lips, “That is good.”
You pop a piece into your mouth, agreeing with his sentiments, “Mmhmm, this is really good.”
Cutting off another piece, you slide it into your mouth, closing your eyes and moaning again. You feel his gaze, drifting down your chest and stomach, down your legs and then back up again. It feels nice— having his full attention. You don’t intend to go without it for the rest of your stay in L.A. While waiting for him, you came up with the perfect solution— your greatest deal yet.
With a gentle flutter, your eyes are open again, finding his staring back into yours. A flush of red seeps into his cheeks and lips, down his neck as his eyes drop to your chest quickly.
“Something the matter?” You ask coolly.
He shakes his head slowly, sucking his teeth, “Rethinking my decision to have dinner, that’s all.”
A smile quirks onto your lips, “A man has to eat, Mr. Rogers.”
“I can survive on chocolate cake and champagne.”
“Not for too long; unless…” your words drift away with ease as you step away from him again, grabbing your phone and heading towards the bedroom.
The soft click of his Christian Loubotin slip ons against the marble floor greets your ears as he follows. You point the fork towards your champagne glass still sitting on the table but keep walking, passing through the threshold of the sprawling bedroom and plopping onto the equally big bed. He enters moments later, hands full of a champagne glass and bottle. The mattress dips with his weight as he sits on the edge, right next to you, where he watches you chew on another piece of the rich cake intently, his gaze only leaving to top off the bubbly, golden liquid.
Steve waits until you pause to pass the square champagne flute your way, thick fingers brushing along your thin, manicured ones. That strong gaze stays on you as you sip, a lopsided grin pinching his cheek, slow blinks until you hand the flute back and cut into the cake once more.
“Well, what?”
He clears his throat at your sudden aloof demeanor, “Don’t be coy, tell me what you’re thinking.”
“I’m not sure I know what you mean.”
He laughs, “Maybe a spanking will help rejog your memory.”
You cut your eyes towards him, inhaling sharply at the notion, “Do you charge extra for that?”
“Only for naughty girls.”
“Let me grab my purse, then.”
You throw your legs over the side of the bed to stand playfully, but he catches your calf with his palm and gently rearranges you on the bed. He takes the fork from your fingers and digs it into the half eaten cake before bringing it to your lips.
“Answer me, please.”
You accept his offering slowly as your body constricts at the firm tone of his voice. You bat your eyes while you chew before slipping your hand down his wrist and forearm, stroking gently, “I was just thinking that you could possibly survive off of chocolate and champagne if that someone indulging you is also offering other vital nutrients.”
His eyes squint as he goes for another piece of cake, this time eating the bite himself, “Ah,” he says after a minute or two, his eyes towards the ceiling as he works it over in his mind, “You’re saying you’d also like to be my dinner.”
“Precisely. I mean, it doesn’t really make sense to leave one restaurant after the main course just to go to another for dessert.”
“It is timely; and, as you know, my time is extremely valuable.” He nods slowly, “My clients are a demanding bunch.”
You smile, “And don’t like to share.”
Steve pushes in close, brushing his lips against yours just to tease. He drops his face and nuzzles into you, the soft hair of his beard caressing the sensitive flesh of your neck before his lips start to nip and nibble.
“So you are jealous.”
The husky fullness of his voice sends a targeted missile to your core— your heart skipping a beat as the air freezes in your lungs. The feeling sinks right to your bones. A devilish hand slips along your bare stomach and around your hip to squeeze, before pulling you closer. A pink, velvet tongue presses against the juncture of your neck and shoulder, sliding up to your ear before he plants gentle, gentle kisses.
“How are we going to solve this problem?” He whispers, teeth nibbling at your earlobe.
“Mmm,” you hum, “Maybe we should talk when you aren’t so full. I’m a woman of class— I don’t eat leftovers.” Your sentence ends in a whisper as you lean up and get right next to his ear.
His chuckle is deep, vibrating through you. He takes a breath, his chest puffing up, straining his shirt and vest before he pushes it out slowly, “I still have two hands and a mouth.”
“I don’t know where those have been either.”
“Well then why don’t you give me a bath? That way you can be assured I’m clean.” He stands, extending his hand towards you, “Maybe I can work up a second appetite.”
Steve whisks you into the bathroom, only dropping your hand to start the bath. You lean against the long counter, crossing your legs as you watch him undress. He takes his time of course, flicking those eyes up at you every now and again as he sheds the rest of his Tom Ford suit, taking the time to fold it up and set it aside. Your eyes can’t help but drift, down that chest and hard stomach, over the smattering of coarse, dark blonde hair at his lower stomach, right to his thick, long cock.
“I usually make clients pay before letting them ogle me,” he winks, “You’re getting a freebie. Come.” He beckons again, curling his index finger towards you.
“Oh?” you purr, pushing away from the counter and sauntering to him, “Why am I so lucky to get such a perk?”
Steve inhales deep again as he slides his hands underneath your kimono at the shoulders, pushing it right off, “I like you.”
“You barely know me.”
He spins you around, fingers unhooking your bra before he crushes his chest to your back, “I have a feeling that’s going to change.” He whispers, pressing his cheek against yours as he stares at you through the mirror.
He pushes his hands over your hips, fingers curling around the strings of your thong, slipping it down your thighs. He bends to lift each leg, pulling the undergarment from you and tossing it atop his pile of clothes. A large hand encases yours and moves you to the edge of the tub, keeping a tight hold as you step into the hot water.
“My phone, please?” you ask sweetly as you settle down, resting your back against the porcelain.
Steve disappears momentarily only to return with your phone and another flute of champagne. He sits the items on the edge of the tub and slips into the opposite end, grabbing your feet and placing them against his chest. He lifts your right leg and starts pressing his thumbs into the bottom of your foot, rubbing firm circles, smiling slowly when you moan. Grabbing your phone, you thumb through your music before Prince fills the bathroom.
“I thought I was supposed to give you a bath?”
“We’ll get to that,” he says easily, lifting your toes to his lips, kissing them softly, “I want to hear this plan of yours.”
You pull your foot from his grasp and reach for your loofah and shower gel before pulling on his wrist to get him to move towards you. Steve slides between your legs as you separate them, wrapping them around his waist as he lays against your chest. You dip the loofah into the water, letting it soak it up before you squeeze it over his chest. A smile and a laugh bubble from you when you start to wash his chest as low groans rumble through his chest.
You push him up to sweep the soap over his shoulders and back, admiring the smooth canvas of tanned skin. He relaxes easy, muscles cooling and calming under your fingers, his breaths getting deep and long. The length of his body captivates you as you push the sudsy loofah over his bicep and down his arm, not able to reach his wrist without straining.
“You alright back there?”
“Shut up,” another giggle pushes through your lips, “You know, my legs are forty four inches from hip to toe, so that means you have eighty eight inches wrapped around you right now and you’re still longer than I am.” You kiss the tiny spot just underneath his ear, “Your mama fed you well.”
“She was a good woman, my mama. Hell of a cook.”
He sighs deeply as he runs his hands up and down your legs, “She died, a few years ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
He shrugs, “That’s the meaning of life, right? You live, you love, you lose. I was lucky to have been able to take care of her until the end, some people don’t get that.” He tips his head up to yours, his eyes searching your face, “But that’s enough about me. How was your day?”
“Long,” you smile, anchoring your left hand in the middle of his chest as you continue to push the loofah around his body, “I couldn’t close my deal, so it looks like I’ll be in Los Angeles indefinitely.”
“We’re not that bad, you’ll fit right in.”
“You’re not a Los Angelean,” you tease, poking him gently, “I can hear that Brooklyn in you, no matter how hard you try to hide it.”
His laughter fills the bathroom, making you smile wide. It’s a nice sound, his laugh. It’s also nice knowing you can pull such a genuine response from him— the slight distance he’s worked so hard to build over the years slowly starting to slip away.
“I miss New York sometimes. I haven’t been back since—” he cuts the words off, but you know what he was going to say. He clears his throat, visibly catching himself slipping and tenses, trying to regain his control, “I’m sure this news has something to do with you wanting to be my dinner and dessert?”
“Yes, so,” you start, clearing your throat as well, “If it isn’t obvious, I quite enjoyed my night with you, and I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact that I hate to share.”
“Only child, huh?”
“Shush,” you slap at him, “I don’t want to have to wait my turn for you, and I’m much too active, if you catch my drift, to go days between having you.”
He nods slowly, “I’m with you.”
“I’ll have business dinners and such, actually I’m attending a polo match on Saturday and I um, well, I’d like you to be… mine… while I’m here. Be at my every beck and call.” You click your tongue, “You know, like an employee of sorts.”
You peer at the side of his face as he sucks his teeth, nodding slowly, hands still dragging along and squeezing your legs, “That’s an idea, isn’t it?” he turns his head towards you, “You’re a very attractive woman, you could have anybody you want, for free. Ms. Romanov to start.”
“She talks about me?” you gasp, giggling a little, biting your lip, “But I can’t flaunt her around the way I want to, we’re technically working together, imagine if HR gets a whiff. No, I’d like a professional, although if you don’t mind, we could invite Ms. Romanov over to play every now and again.”
“Whew,” Steve chuckles, pecking your lips quickly, “I like the sound of that. Well, if you’re talking indefinitely, it’s gonna cost ya.”
You nod, “Of course. We’re both business people, we can work this out.”
He pulls in another breath, blinking towards the opposite walls, “That sounds lovely, and I’m flattered but,”
“Steve,” you whine, “Come on, you’re not even thinking about it.”
“I have dates lined up already.”
“Cancel them.”
“I can’t do that,” you scoff, “I can’t! Once you head back to New York, I’ll be the one dealing with a horde of angry women— if they’ll even want to see me again!”
“Okay,” you cut him off, “I’ll let you finish out your week. How’s that? Then, starting Saturday, you’re mine until my deal is closed.”
“That could be a month, or more.”
“It could be a day,” you shrug, “Name your price, I’ll pay it either way.” He grows silent, “The uncertainty makes you the real winner here.”
You walk your fingers up and down his chest, nuzzling against his cheek and wet beard as he thinks it over, “Let’s do some math,” you say after a while, grabbing your phone, “You charge fifteen hundred a night, right?”
“Yeah, but you want twenty four hours a day, and you want to show me off like some boy-toy,” he smiles, wiggling his eyebrows, “Price goes up.”
“Say it.”
He knocks his head around a few times, “Twelve thousand a week.”
“Fifteen hundred times seven is ten thousand and change, and even so, that alludes to you having a date every night of the week— which I doubt. Try again.”
“Fine, nine.”
“Five thousand a week,” you counter, “And I’ll pop for dinner on nights I don’t have a business engagement.”
“Eight thousand and I won’t charge you for threesomes with Ms. Romanov, which, I can easily talk her into.”
You laugh, “That’s not fair, we’ll both be enjoying those threesomes with Natasha. Six thousand, threesomes included,” you wink playfully, “You can stay here while I’m at work, and you can use up my thousand dollars a day per diem. The hotel has a spa, a gym, a world renowned five star chef in the twenty four hour restaurant— you can book a masseuse everyday for god sakes.”
Steve sucks his teeth, “Seventy five hundred.”
“Sixty five hundred.”
He smiles, “Seven thousand. You pay upfront, every Monday, and no refunds— no matter when your deal closes.”
You grab your phone, flipping over to your cash app. His phone vibrates in his pant pocket as you turn the face towards him, the seventy five hundred dollar transaction still lighting up the screen.
“A tip?” he asks, raising his eyebrows at the extra money.
“For humoring me. We got a deal, Mr. Rogers?”
He stands, water falling off his body as he steps out and grabs one of the fluffy, white towels, “Let’s fuck on it.”
You smile wide.
“You know,” he starts, wrapping your shoulders with the towel as you stand, “I would have stayed for five.”
You wiggle your eyebrows, “I would have paid twelve.”
It’s been a little over a week since your deal with Steve was struck, and the two of you have fallen into quite a lovely little routine. You’ve already gotten used to falling asleep on his chest, his long arms wrapped around your middle. Waking up at random times in the night to find him rutting into you softly, his warm breath on the back of your neck, hot lips pressed against your shoulder, fingers digging into your hips.
The two of you get along well— having dinner together every night, laughing and talking aimlessly whether it’s down in the restaurant or curled up on the couch, you in Steve’s lap as a random show plays in the distance (not that you’re ever paying attention to it). He’s a charmer, becoming an instant hit with the businessmen and women at the polo match and business dinner you were invited to. He looks good on your arm, and you like having him there.
Waking up with Steve is also fun. You currently stand in the bathroom, brushing your teeth as CNN plays in the embedded TV in the long mirror. There’s a shift in the reflection of the bed, Steve rolling over and letting out a deep sigh as he drifts back to sleep. Blinking back towards yourself, you glance down at your phone, tapping it to illuminate the time. You’ve got a few minutes to spare.
You rinse your mouth quickly and pad back into the bedroom, pulling the white sheets away from his naked body. The mattress dips under your knees as you climb onto it and place your hands on his thighs, raking your painted fingernails down his flesh. You knead the muscles, squeezing gently as you massage each thigh, working your way up from his knees. Within minutes, he’s growing, cock twitching before towering up, the light from the bathroom helping cast its shadow over his stomach.
There’s a quick sound from him, a half grunt, half moan, and you can’t help but smile— you’ve learned he’s a light sleeper. You sink your warm mouth over the head of his cock, your tongue swishing and teasing his slit. He gasps, and it sends a quick shiver down your spine, your pussy constricting as you push down his length, taking him all in.
You only bob your head a few times before his hips start to join in, pushing up into your mouth gently. Soft little moans choke up in his throat. Breaths hitching before he squeaks, his body twitching with each pass of your tongue. Hums vibrate through his throat and chest as he licks his lips and sinks his teeth into his bottom lip— a deep red flushing through his fair skin.
Each tiny sound from him, long hisses, desperate pants, quick, sharp whines as you work him over, sends jolts through your own body, your pussy wet and achy, stomach tight. But you have an early Zoom meeting, and time is slipping away. You reach for his hands and place them on your head as you slow down, giving him a clear signal.
He slips one of his hands down your cheek, rubbing his thumb gently against your skin to get you to peek up at him. You nod quickly, and not a second goes by before he grabs a handful of your braids and fucks hard up into your awaiting mouth. You moan with him as he forces your head down with his hands, his hard, long cock slipping down your throat.
Tears slip out of the corners of your eyes and down your cheeks, spit and cum bubbling out of your mouth as he fucks your face. Steve leans up to watch you take him, his hips still grinding hard.
“Tha’s right, baby,” he slurs, pushing out heavy breaths, “You take my cock so good, baby. That’s s’good, sugar. That mouth is so fucking pretty around my cock.”
Your heart leaps in your chest at his praise, the stroking of your ego making your body clench. You keep your nails dug into his thighs as he fucks into your messy mouth, lips flushed red, swollen and slippery. Steve whines loud, his octave high, the sound bitten off and broken as he slams his head back on the pillow, his mouth falling open. His hips pulse as he nearly cries, your scalp burning as he grips your head and hair.
You fight the urge to touch yourself, wanting to keep the delicious ache with you throughout the day. Steve lifts his head to make eye contact with you again, his face strained and broken as he whimpers, “Fuck, I’m gonna co— ,” he groans, loud and drawn-out, “That mouth is perfect. Ugh, I’m gonna paint that pretty mouth with my cum, baby— ah!”
He freezes suddenly and then pushes his hips upward, pushing his rigid cock deep before he spills, your warm, rough, pink tongue helping to coax him. He slams his head back down on the pillow, chest and muscles tense hard as each pass of his orgasm grows stronger, his spurts long and hot.
When his hips stop thrusting, he softens into the mattress, his limbs damn near liquid. His eyes flutter as he drags in deep, ragged, audible breaths, each one shaky and wet. You clean him up with your tongue, bobbing your head again, gripping his hips as filthy little noises and sweet cries squeak out of his throat. His body jerking and jutting. Once you’re finished, you kiss his tummy and smile before pushing off the bed.
“Where you goin’?” he mumbles, reaching for you as move back into the bathroom, “Hey, come’re”
You spin around to wink at him before closing the door a little to finish getting ready for your day.
“That’s not fair,” he shouts, making you giggle, “Fuck.”
One Zoom meeting turns into two, turns into three and beyond. You jot down notes, shaking your head slightly in agreement as you grab your phone, calculating a few numbers before you recite them for the rest of the group. It’s kind of amazing how you all deal with millions of dollars like it’s absolutely nothing.
You’ve had your nose so stuck in your laptop and phone all morning, you haven’t had a chance to pay any attention to the tall blonde traipsing around the place, shooting you little looks and quick smiles as you work, in hopes to garner a glance. It hasn’t worked so far; until now that is, as he saunters out of the bedroom after his trip to the gym and a late shower, chest bare, grey sweats hanging low on his lips.
Water still beads on his shoulders, a few strays slipping down his pecs into the dark hair that covers his chest. You cut your eyes towards him and slide them with him as he moves into the dining area, watching as he bends over to pluck a bottle of water out of the mini fridge. He stands back tall, rolling his broad shoulders a bit before he tips his head and guzzles the cool liquid, Adam's apple bobbing.
“Hello? You still with us?”
You snap your eyes back towards your laptop, a smirking Natasha Romanov staring back at you, “Sorry, I think my, uh, connection got a little wonky,” you lie, sending your eyes quickly back towards the chuckling Steve, “What were you saying, Ms. Romanov?”
“Scott Lang, our other CEO is flying in next week from Chicago, he wants to set a meeting with you but was wondering if you could carve out sometime to call him beforehand. He just wants a run down of the numbers you’re proposing.”
“Sure, I’ll pencil him into my schedule later today, if that’s okay? Around three?”
Natasha taps on your phone, “Perfect, looks like he’s free. Mr. Prym also would like to see you and Mr. Parker again to go over the construction plans of the possible new building.”
“Okay,” you nod, turning your attention to your phone to text Peter, “I’ll get back to you whenever Peter shoots me his schedule. He’s kinda busy though, so it might not be until next week.”
“That’s alright.” she answers absentmindedly, “Clint? Do you have anything for her?”
“Nope, I’m good I think.” The short blonde says.
“Nick? Wanda?”
After a chorus of no’s, you all say your goodbyes before you end the call, returning to your notebook, forgetting all about the burly man stalking towards you. Your phone buzzes, and you grab it up, skimming over Peter’s text message before you respond quickly, setting up a quick call with him for the following day and asking him to share his calendar with you. A soft ding sounds from your computer and you’re immediately turning back towards it, bouncing slightly when a weight pushes into the couch next to you.
The taps of the keys on your keyboard are followed by the swoosh of your outbound email before you grab your pen and start scribbling again. A constantly buzzing phone, more taps, more swooshes, and your gentle, random hums are all sounds you’re used to; not so much your sudden roomie. He’s bored and slightly annoyed by your snubs all morning— also wanting a little payback for your shenanigans so early in the morning.
You haven’t even noticed that he’s now completely naked.
You lean up a little, squinting as you study the growth chart on your screen, your fingers playing with your bottom lip as your mind crunches the information. A gasp fills your chest as you’re lifted from your spot and settled right onto his lap. Before you can protest, he shimmies the short shorts covering your lower half down your thighs and over your knees, and pushes your white satin panties to the side.
Steve sweeps your box braids over your shoulder as the head of his cock pushes through your folds. You feel his eyes on the side of your face, that soft beard brushing against your jaw as he rocks his hips slowly, teasing your clit and opening with his dick. He grazes his fingers over your thighs before he cups your hot sex in his palm and uses his fingers to spread you open.
With a firm press, he slips inside of you, pushing until he bottoms out. He wiggles his hips, just so you can feel him moving inside of you before he grabs your laptop and places it back in your lap, “Don’t let me disturb you.”
You squirm on top of him, your hips rolling slightly as he starts to play with your clit, rubbing slow circles against your soft, wet skin. Your mind is blank as you stare at the computer screen, breath light and choppy, body tightening around his rigid cock. You want him to move, to thrust up into you real nice and slow while he thumbs and pulls at your nipple, breathing hot, hushed words into your ear. Trying to coax him, you wiggle again, pushing down onto him but he doesn’t relent— he just turns on the tv and settles back into the couch, throwing his arm over the back like you’re not even sitting on his dick right now.
He continues to rub your clit lazily, keeping his eyes on Sports Center as your body tenses every now and again, tiny, needy moans vibrating your vocal chords. You try to focus on the numbers and emails in front of you, but your mind is mush— a dull ache throbbing in the pit of your stomach, your teased clit starting to sting from his gentle pressure.
Natasha’s name flashes across your laptop, sending a sudden strike of fear through you, heart dropping to your feet, “Steve—”
“Answer it,” he says gently, “I’ll be quiet.”
“She’ll see you!” You hiss.
He just chuckles in return, “Not if you stay still, she won’t. Answer it.”
Your fingers tremble over the mouse pad, the arrow hovering over the accept button. Steve reaches around and taps the button before relaxing back into the couch, sinking lower into it as Natasha’s smiling face pops up on your screen.
“Hi,” she greets happily, her chin in her palm, a pair of red, thick rimmed glasses over her eyes, “Are you busy?”
“Um,” you start, clearing your throat as your voice quivers, “Not, um, not really. What’s, uh, what’s—” you grunt when Steve finally thrusts into you.
Natasha’s eyes squint as she tilts her head, “You okay?”
Smiling quickly, you nod, “Yeah, sorry. What’s up? Does Mr. Prym need something else from me?”
“Oh, no, this isn’t work related.” She laughs lightly, “We’ve missed each other in the office this past week, I was just wondering if you were doing okay, see how L.A. is treating you.”
Steve shifts underneath you, pushing his hips hard. You tense hard, muscles quivering around him as you dig your nails into his thigh, trying to muffle the squeak that rises in your throat.
“It’s great,” you strain— high pitched and shaky, “It’s um, I l-like it here.”
“Have you seen Steve lately?”
Your eyes widen when Steve snakes his free hand up to your chest, grabbing a handful of your left tit. You turn the laptop away from you quickly as Steve leans up, resting his chin on your shoulder, another deep rumble of laughter falling from his lips.
He centers the screen on the two of you again, kissing your shoulder as Natasha feins shock, “She’s seen quite a bit of me lately.”
Embarrassment flushes through you— heat rising in your cheeks, but Steve rolls his hips slowly and jossles you on his lap and you can’t help but sound, a wet little whimper as he thumbs your nipple underneath your shirt, “S-Steve.”
“It’s okay honey,” he whispers, kissing your jaw, his eyes cutting back towards the laptop as Natasha leans back in her chair, teeth dug into her bottom lip as a pretty pink blush blooms across her cheeks, “Little Natasha has a voyeur kink,” he pushes his mouth right next to your ear, his octave dropping, “She loves watching me fuck pretty girls like you,” he lifts your top up, exposing your see-through bra as he turns his attention back to the screen, “Don’t you, baby?”
“Are you fucking her right now?” Natasha breathes, her voice thick and deep, “I wanna see.”
Steve sets the laptop on the glass table in front of you, pushing it back until your lower halves are exposed— his cock rooted deep in your cunt. You hear Natasha groan, watch as she starts to drag the pads of her fingers across her chest as she sways gently back and forth in her swivel chair.
“Does she feel good, Steve?” She asks.
“Oh,” Steve purrs, lifting your bra slowly so your tits fall out one by one, bouncing softly, “She is so tight, Nat. So warm. You’d fall in love with this pussy.”
You fall back against his chest, turning your head slightly to nuzzle into the side of his face as he gropes your tits in his massive hands, squeezing hard as he pinches your nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. Languid thrusts start to push you up and down, the fingers on your pussy spreading you open for Natasha as she stands, wiggling her hips to hike her skirt up.
She sits back in her chair and lifts her left leg, resting her foot against the edge of her desk. Her thin fingers push through her slick, wet folds as she watches Steve fuck you slow, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. You open your eyes just enough to watch her unbutton her blouse, slipping her hand in to pull her left breast out, exposing her pierced, pink nipple.
“Oh, fuck,” you groan quick, before hissing as Steve pushes in and out, humming soft as he starts to let it go to his head, “You’ve been hiding those from me.”
“You can see them in person soon,” she purrs, her head falling back on the chair as she pushes two fingers into her cunt, “I can’t wait to feel your tongue on my tits.”
You tense at her words, Steve cursing as your muscles squeeze around him. He bites down on your shoulder as he starts to fuck into you faster. He rolls your nipples in his fingers as the sound of your skin slapping against his gets louder— sharper. Natasha blinks slowly through hooded eyes, her sweet mouth falling open as her hips buck, one hand slapping at her reddened clit and puffy, slick folds, the other pumping in her slit.
A shudder races up your spine— hips jerk unexpectedly, digging down into Steve’s, “Sugar’s getting close, Nat,” he breathes, sliding his hand back to your clit, “God, I wish you could feel how tight she’s squeezing me. Hear how wet she is?”
You should be embarrassed; how spread open you are, the wet, filthy squeaks and squishes of your cunt as he ruts into you. But watching Natasha as she fucks herself to you, hearing her mewl and curse, her fair, smooth skin blushing red while she loses herself. It’s all obscene. Sleazy; but that’s why you like it.
“Oh, make her come, Steve,” Natasha groans, her tongue slipping out to lick at her nipple, “I want to see that pussy quiver.”
Steve wraps his arm around your middle, holding you tight, breathing into your ear as his hips go into overdrive. He fucks into you fast and hard, bouncing you on his lap. He shoves his fingers into your mouth, hissing and groaning as you suck them. The sweet whimpers and whines of Natasha make you shiver, the sight of her hips thrashing and the sun glinting off of the diamond studded bar nipple rings accenting her perfect tits, send you right over the edge.
You throw your head back as your orgasm blooms, spreading through your veins like fire. You whail as you slam your eyes shut, Steve dropping his wet fingers to slap your cunt, teasing your clit as it jumps with contractions.
“Oh, God, yes,” Natasha pants, her fingers rubbing quick, hard circles against her clit, hips pulsing, “Yeah, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna... come, baby— you’re so fucking perfect, sweet girl.”
“You are perfect, honey,” Steve moans into your ear as wave after wave of your orgasm washes over you, “That tight pussy feels so good around me. So sweet— that’s why I call you honey.” He wraps his fingers around your neck, “You want me to come in her, Nat? Huh? You wanna see my hot cum spilling out of her?”
“Yes!” She cries, hunched over as she thrashes her hand back and forth, her mouth hanging, “Yes, Steve.”
As if on cue, he grunts deep, his cock jumping as he starts to spurt. He keeps a tight grip around your neck as he fucks hard with each spit, the hot ribbons coating your slick muscles. He pulls out of you unceremoniously, cantering your hips to give Natasha the full view of his silk dribbling out of you, your spasming, tight cunt pushing it out.
Natasha comes hard, her moans growing louder and higher as the coil finally snaps. Her tits tremble with the aftershocks, her hips jutting upward randomly as she creams. Her fingers slow as her eyes close, her head tilts back and resting against the back of her swivel chair as she licks her lips. Deep, smooth breathes swelling her chest as her hips come to rest.
Steve kisses you deep— tongue pushing into your wet warmth to massage the roof of your mouth. He sucks on your top lip, smacks on you loud as he palms your thighs before kneading gently. Smiling against his lips, you let your body go limp; melt right into his burly chest and stomach, his cock resting against your balmy, used, sticky cunt.
“Goodness, me,” Natasha purrs, a sated, soft smile on her lips, “That was sweet. We really need to get together now.” She laughs.
You giggle, pushing your fingers into Steve’s hair, “Steve let me work threesomes into his base price, so you’re welcome any time, babe.”
“Oh, he did, did he? That’s not fair Steven Grant, you nickel and dime the shit out of me.”
Steve shrugs, “What can I say, she’s a better business woman than you.”
“I can see that. I hate to come and run, but I need to freshen up. I have a meeting with Hank in a half hour. Maybe we can all have dinner Friday night?”
“I’ll make reservations. The restaurant in the hotel is fabulous.”
She winks, her lips curled in a smile, “Text me.”
The connection ends and you fall back into Steve’s chest, brushing your cheek against his, “Now that your debauchery has ended, can I get back to work now?” you laugh.
“Nope,” he answers quickly, slapping your laptop shut and lifting you with him as he stands, “It’s lunch time.”
“Steve,” you laugh, wrapping your arms around his neck as he carries you back into the bedroom, “I have so much to do. I’m waiting for the architect to call me back, I have a presentation I have to put together—”
“Numbers to crunch, businesses to buy, blah, blah, blah,” he drops you onto the mattress and grabs the menu from the nightstand before plopping down next to you, “They got sushi today, yummy.”
Work becomes an afterthought. You and Steve lay in your nakedness, eating slowly as you stare at each other, rogue fingers reaching out and sliding along hips and arms and tummies. Lingering blue eyes skip along your face and body, his deep laugh rattling every bone, every muscle, every vein you possess. He opens up a little more, talking aimlessly about he and Natasha’s friendship, how they met through his friend, and fellow escort Bucky Barnes.
“Bucky,” you lay on your back, leg bent at the knee as it sways back and forth slowly, Steve curled around you, “Even his name is kinky.”
He nuzzles into your neck, exhaling deep as he rests his eyes. His long arm is slung over your chest, legs tangled with yours, “He’s a good guy. I might let you meet him one day.”
“I don’t want him stealing you away from me.”
The words hang over you like a cloud. You blink slowly up at the ceiling as they, the words, swirl around you, filling your chest and head. Maybe you’re thinking too much into it, putting too much weight on them. He probably says this to all of his clients while in a post sex haze. You’re being silly, you don’t even know this man… but you want to.
That scares you.
After only a week, you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. What started out as just needing some company every now and again, has turned into looking forward to seeing him after work. Not being able to wait until you're across a dinner table from him, being squeezed against his body while in the tub, not wanting to pry yourself out of his arms in the morning. There was a time where you thought nothing of work— buying, selling, making money, climbing the corporate ladder— you ate and breathed your work.
All you want to do is eat sushi and nap the days away, with Steven Grant Rogers wrapped around you like a blanket.
Steve glances over his shoulder at your sleeping body as he sits on the edge of the bed. He stands slowly, running his hand through his hair as he moves towards the double doors and out onto the balcony. Night is falling over L.A., the sky dark as the moon and stars start to shine through. He leans over the concrete columns as he thumbs through his phone, casting his eyes out over the streets as he taps on a name.
“Steve,” a deep voice says, “Shit, I thought you died, man. Where have you been?”
“Sorry Buck, I’ve been with a client all week.”
“All week? Wow, big spender.”
“She’s from New York, in town on business.”
“That sounds fuckin’ awesome. Where are you?”
“The Waldorf Astoria, Presidential suite.” Steve turns, tilting his head as he watches you sleep.
“Oh, shit! You lucky bastard!”
Steve continues to stare at you, blinking slowly as you roll over onto your side, “You know, she hasn’t been out on the balcony once since she’s been here,” He says absentmindedly, nibbling on his bottom lip, “She’s afraid of heights.”
“O-kay?” Bucky chuckles as he draws out the word, slightly confused, “Why do you sound so sad? What’s going on?”
“I’m breaking rule number one.” Steve answers softly, dropping his head.
“Steve,” Bucky warns, his octave dropping.
“I don’t want her to go.” Steve answers softly, “I’m— fuck, I think I’m falling for her, Buck.”
Your phone vibrates softly against the couch, illuminating in the darkness as a text from Natasha slides in.
Good news! Hank’s ready to sign the deal first thing tomorrow morning!
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spinster-sisters · a year ago
Thank you. KHJ.
TW: Dom!Jong, Sub!Reader, this isnt exacly a Mafia au its more like it just hints at unlawful buisness practices, i honestly dont know what to put here to describe this, Dollification? perhaps? I dont know if im usuing that correctly, a lot of posessiveness, unprotected sex, general dirty talk stuff the usual, despite the tags its actually kinda sweet (perhaps i just have a fucked up perception of sweet.)
WC: 2.8k
"Well, Hongjoong it seems you have beaten me again,"
The older man spoke from across the velvet table, placing his cards on the surface. You couldn't help feeling smug on behalf of your lover. You stood up from the corner you were sitting in and made your way over to the table falling into Hongjoongs lap now that the game was over.
"Sorry, I guess I'm just lucky," Hingjoong spoke in a mild tone but his wide wicked smile was enough to show everyone what they already knew. Hongjoong doesn't need luck, he's just that good.
You had been seeing him for quite a while. You started out as a waitress in this very Casino that Hongjoong owned. Nobody really knows exactly what he and his friends do for a living or the legality of it but the Casino was more of Hongjoongs personal side project than an actual job. While it made a lot of money he only ever took up ownership of it because he won it in a game against the original owner.
You had been taken with the man from the moment you laid eyes on him. He radiated confidence and power in every step he took and he had the looks to match. He was absolutely stunning. How your relationship got started wasn't exactly clear but after being his personal waitress for months you ended up in his office with your clothes hanging off the back of the couch.
"How about another game?" The older man asks with a grin. Hongjoong only chuckles. The older man had been eyeing your creepily all night and you looked to Hongjoong, hoping he would understand your discomfort. Your boyfriend meets your eyes for only a moment before looking back at the man.
"No offense sir but you're all out of chips," your boyfriend replies. As he spoke one hand came to rest on your thigh kneading it slightly in his grasp.
"I wasn't thinking about chips. How about something a little more valuable?" He sleazy man asks leaning forward onto the green velvet. Hongjoong was visibly intrigued, the higher the stakes the more fun it is. He raised an eyebrow in a way that says 'im listening.'
"My hotel chain against her," the man replied pointing a crooked finger at you.
You expected a hard no or a "get the hell out of my casino." But one never came. Your head snapped up to your boyfriend's face and to your disbelief, he was smiling. He was still gripping your leg as tightly as before but his hand was inching up the bare expanse of your leg. Hongjoong only waited a moment before responding.
"Let's play,"
You felt your gut drop through the floor as the game began you felt your hands start to shake in your lap, you knew better than to talk during a game but you wanted to scream at Hongjoong for putting you through this. It's not like you weren't confident in his abilities, of course, you were. But that isn't the only factor in card games like these, at a certain point it is simply luck of the draw, and while Hongjoong certain was lucky today could always be the day that luck would fail.
The game was nearing its conclusion and you could feel your palms sweating endlessly. The dealer spoke for the final time,
You watched in fear as the dealer began distributing cards to the two men. You were squirming helplessly in your spot on Hongjoongs lap, enough so that he had to pull you against his chest to keep you still. After looking at his cards your boyfriend placed a reassuring kiss on your temple but your nerves weren't settled, just what the man sitting across the table had in mind for you, you didn't know and you didn't want to. You didn't understand the game well enough to draw any conclusions so instead, you just watched as the game unfolded.
In true expert fashion, Hongjoong held the perfect poker face, not revealing anything in expression or body language. But the old man was all too telling, though his face did not betray him, his body was telling the story of utter confidence. Fuck.
“Reveal your cards,” he told the man. He sat up straighter with a smug smile before revealing his impressive hand on the table. Indeed, you didn't know much about the game, but you knew that your odds were slim right now.
“Come on Hongjoong, show us your cards. Not everyone can win all the time.” The greasy man poked at Hongjoong. You didn't dare look at Hongjoongs face, you didn't know what you would do if he looked upset. Slowly Hongjoong pulled the hand resting on you from your body and used it to reveal his cards. It took a moment for the room to react.
“Wipe that stupid smile off your face Hongjoong! You cheated and I know it!” The older man slammed his fist on the table making you jump, Hongjoong remained composed. Relife at the realization that your love won flooded through you as the younger man waved over an assistant, who sprung into action bringing over a stack of papers.
“Calm down sir. we both know I didn't cheat, I don't need to cheat to win. Now I believe we agreed that the ownership of your hotels now belongs to me?” the papers were placed in front of the man she stared in abject horror at them.
“There is no way I am signing these!” he cried out.
“I think you will find that you are. Trust me, sir, I am not the kind of man you want to get on the wrong side of.” Your boyfriend spoke, reclining back into his chair and pulling you with him. The man gauped wildly at Hongjoong before begrudgingly signing the papers and sliding them across to him. He lifted you from his lap before standing himself. Motioning for his assistant to take the papers Hoongjong turned to the man one final time.
“What's so funny!” you snapped, glaring in his direction. He was lounging against the kitchen counter.
“Make an offer like that again and I ruin you even more than I already have.”
You stomped into the kitchen later that night. You could hear Hongjoongs calm footsteps behind you, but you ignore him and swing the fridge open at took a swig from a bottle of water. You were practically slamming the door closed when you heard your boyfriend's amused chuckle.
“You are doll face,” He said through a giggle, “Getting so worked up over nothing.” Your glare hardened.
“Oh, so you think risking your girlfriend in a bet against a disgusting old man is nothing?” you threw back, taking another swig from your water.
“It's not a risk if I knew I was going to win.” He replied calmly, resting his head on his hand.
“So you were cheating?” you replied with disdain.
“Nope,” he replied, popping the “p” in emphasis, “As I said, I don’t need to cheat to win.” Your anger was only rising with each of his careless words.
‘Why would you even say that?” he asked almost childishly. You were stunned. He took your hand that was braced against the counter and led it to his lips. They placed fluttering kisses from the tips of your fingers to your wrist. His other hand began to gently cradle your hip.
“God Damn it Hongjoong! Do I really mean that little to you? Am I really just another bargaining chip? All you care about is yourself and I am over it!” You were screaming now. It wasn't your intention but you were so fucking mad. You dared to meet your boyfriend's eyes, expecting the same nonchalant look he always carried, but instead his bemused smile had dropped into a deep frown.
In a start he pushed off the counter and rounded on you, you stubbled backward onto the marble and his arms came around to cage you against the cool surface.
"You are the most perfect thing in my life, baby doll. Can't you see that?" He continued barely above a whisper.
All too quickly his hands went from slow and steady movement to feverish, like he couldn't touch enough of you. His lips were crawling up your arm and shoulder to your neck. He wasn't kissing to make marks, instead, it was quick pecks to every inch of your skin and you instinctively allowed him more room. All your anger was forgotten as his hands roamed you freely.
From where they began on your hip they had moved from your lower back to your butt, around to your tummy, and up to your chest each time taking care to caress every inch of you. You had become putty in his grasp, practically melting into the cool countertop, your eyes already glazed over and releasing soft noises.
"There she is, my little doll," Hongjoong mumbled with a quiet chuckle after observing your flushed face. His free hand reached up to cup your jaw, pulling your lolling head back to meet his eyes.
"You are still unhappy with me dolly?" He asked with a deceivingly innocent look in his gaze.
"No," you mumbled, wanting to feel the gentle pressure of his lips on you again. Hongjoong giggled freely at your wanton face.
"No," he mumbled, "my little doll doesn't know how to be upset with me does she?"
You shook your head no. How could you be mad when you could still feel the buzzing from everywhere his hands had touched. You had always bent so easily to his will and this time was no different, but you trusted him completely so it was easy to let go.
Two hands gripped your thighs suddenly. You let out a small yelp only to silence yourself, good dolls don't speak unless spoken to. His fingers dug into the flesh for a moment before cupping your thighs and nudging you up onto the counter. You followed through and pushed yourself up, spreading your legs enough so that Hongjoong could slip between them.
He was still kneading your upper thighs when he connected your lips. Hongjoong has such perfect lips and he knew how to kiss you exactly how you wanted. He was guiding you gently through the motions of the kiss, taking his time from pecking you gently to a slow precise kiss to pushing past your lips and exploring your mouth freely, all the while inching further up your legs till his hands were beneath the hem of your dress playing with the waistline of your underwear. In one quick pinch on the soft skin, he signaled for you to lift your hips enough to pull them off.
"Your already so wet baby doll," he hummed into your lips while his finger brushed your folds. "Always so ready for me. Always so good."
Your bottom was now connected to the cold counter but your body was heating faster than you could feel it. Two of his fingers gently prodded into you, slipping into your hole with ease. His firm grip on your leg kept you grounded as your hands reached out to his biceps holding on for dear life. Hongjoong had always enjoyed playing with your cunt as much as you enjoyed feeling it, he loved how silky your walls were and how they wrapped around his fingers so perfectly. He slowly pushed in and out of you at his own leisure, occasionally scissoring you open in preparation.
"You feel so nice down here dolly, so warm and wet. Almost like you were made for me" his breath fanned over your face as he spoke as he was still so close to you. His eyes were drinking in every tiny shift in your expression, your eyes were shut tight but you nodded frantically.
"Awe, you're so sweet. Wanna tell me something? Go ahead," Hongjoong cooed.
"All yours," feel past your lips in a quiet moan.
"I know doll, my most prized possession." You opened your eyes to beam at him and he gave an affectionate smile in return. His hand suddenly pulled out if you're almost bringing a whine past your lips but you held it in. You could not stop the pained expression as he was watching your face so closely.
"Don't worry doll your gonna be filled up soon." He chuckled as he spoke, pulling away from you enough to unzip his frighteningly expensive suit pants and pull his length from his boxers. Despite the sight being familiar, you blushed madly, remembering all of the times he fucked you before brought you anticipation to a new height and you could feel more wetness seep out of you onto the counter.
Hongjoong bunched your dress up around your hips and quickly pulled you to the edge of the counter and into his strong arms. Your hands came to rest in fists on his chest. One of his hands came down to grip his dick, pumping himself a few times spreading precut down his length.
"Ready to take it like a good doll?" He asked smirking at your expectant face.
"I am," you mumbled with a small nod. To focused on the desire for him to fill you up to say more. It took little else for him to thrust into you completely. There was a stretch, as there always was, but the gentle pain was only a reminder of your purpose. To take all he was willing to give you.
Hongjoong never restrained himself with you as there was no need. It only took a moment for him to build up a rapid pace and you wouldn't have it any other way. He was gripping your hips tightly keeping your body flush against his thrusts. You were twitching around him already from the stimulation he had already given you and your gasping breathes match his own soft grunts of exertion perfectly.
"Does my baby doll like it when I use her like this?" He spoke through his deep breaths. You squealed in both embarrassment and affirmation.
"This is what you love, to be used however I want, whenever I want. You really are the perfect doll." He huffed, angling his hips in just the right way to have you panting open-mouthed. Your eyes and lips were glossy with tears and saliva but you didn't care, and to Hongjoong you never have looked more beautiful than you did right at that moment. With a groan he reattached himself to your neck, pecking up and down your jugular showering you in praise.
He was pounding into you relentlessly. Hongjoong always took such good care of you, but in times like this, he allowed himself to be selfish, to use your little cunt as much as he pleased, each time forcing himself deeper and deeper into you. At times like these, he recklessly chased his own high as much as it brought you closer to your own but right now he honestly couldn't care less if you came, you would take it anyway and thank him afterward like a good girl. You could feel each thrust with deadly precision as he railed into you. It was hard to keep quiet with this kind of treatment, because as selfish as it was it still felt so good and every stroke reminded you that you were his.
Your head was positively spinning and you could feel your stomach tighten. Clearly, Hongjoong felt it as well.
"You gonna come dolly? It's ok, I'm getting there as well. Gonna fill you up so well, and you're going to take it so well aren't you." His pace was uneven as he spoke through his grunts. Your walls were clinging to him so perfectly as if you were destined for this.
"Yes, I will! I'll be good, I promise," your hands were clinging a little too tight to his shirt for you much money it cost but just as your sentence concluded you felt yourself snap. You bit your lip to keep your noises contained as waves of pleasure crashed through you and it was only a few more moments for your pulsing walls to pull Hongjoong's orgasm from him. He continued thrusting madly as each movement ripped more pleasure through your body and his cum was shooting into you in ropes keeping you full. It wasn't until Hongjoong felt the pain of overestimation himself that he pulled out.
With barely a moment to catch his breath and adjust himself, he had already sprung into action. You collapsed onto the counter without his support and you could feel his cum dripping out of you as you lay without the strength to move. A few moments of panting later Hongjoong returned to his place between your legs with a damp cloth to clean you up.
He chuckled breathily between your legs and looked up.
As he worked you twitched and mewled with every gentle movement between your oversensitive legs. At one particular stroke of the towel directly over your clit you cried out.
"Sorry baby, I know it hurts but what kind of man would I be if I didn't take care of my things," he asked flashing a million-dollar smile. As he finished his work he looked up to meet your eyes.
"Now, what do we say?" he asked.
"Thank you,"
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jaekaicx · a year ago
so ive had this idea for an amphibia fangame for a lil while now-
(LONG post)
its based around the idea that sometime after anne got sent back to earth, she decides to sneak out one night to visit sasha and marcys bedrooms and poke through their stuff. this causes a bunch of memories to come back to anne through flashbacks while she tries to process everything thats happened and her feelings abt their friendship.
i was thinking itd be mostly a visual novel type thing. maybe with a few small choices, but the story would be mostly linear. thered be around 3 main story beats: a prologue bit w/ anne sneaking out of her house, marcys bedroom, and sashas bedroom. also one of the main mechanics would be looking at one of their bedrooms and clicking on random objects of importance and triggering a flashback sequence.
it came from the idea that anne will probably try to just shove all her emotions down and try to ignore her feelings abt true colors and everything that went down then. especially with what we saw in the sneak peek, anne will probably try to hide her emotions and bottle them up, which is obviously not healthy. so eventually shes gonna have to work through her emptional baggage and try to process everything.
i havent thought through EVERYTHING just yet, just some more major plot points and maybe one or two ideas for flashbacks. nothing too solid yet. but heres a bit more detailed runthrough of the plot
summary - prologue
so it would start off with anne at home. she and her mom are talking outside annes room. her moms concerned abt how annes been handling everything that happened in amphibia but anne keeps brushing everything off. her mom tries to get her to open up, but she keeps dismissing her and eventually shuts herself in her room. after taking a bit to cool off and think anne decides that shes gonna take the night to just ride off her emotions and stop repressing them for once. she also makes an impulsive decision to sneak out and check out marcy and sashas rooms.
anne goes to gather her stuff in her room, and just as shes about to climb out the window, sprig walks in to check on her. hes still rly concerned abt his big sis but he knows he cant stop her. he tries to go with anne, but she tells him she needs to do this on her own. so, sprig lets her go and tries to cover for her while shes gone.
so at this point i’ll probably give the player the choice of whose house to visit first. it doesnt rly impact the story or whatever, but i guess it might have a small emotional impact depending on whose house u choose to go to first??
(quick note: after this bit, there arent too many specific details for the plot and stuff like that. its largely just an overall idea of how the plot is gonna go. and even then, there isnt much to it. i didnt think that far ahead yet, which is why there isnt as much refinement yet. so far i just have general ideas for how annes gonna get to the bedrooms, with a couple of vague flashback ideas. just keep that in mind; this whole thing is still being thought over and planned as im typing this out)
summary - sasha
with sasha, annes still rly conflicted abt how she feels abt her. of course shes still rly hurt by being backstabbed by her twice and swordfighting her as many times. but as much as she hates sasha she cant bring herself to fully give up on sash. she hates her guts but deep down shes still willing to give sash another chance.
there may or may not be a small sequence where anne has to sneak into sashas house, but eventually she works her way into sashas room. im not entirely sure abt the details of sashas house n her family yet. im probably gonna wait for info from s3 until i solidify anything, but for now i do know that sashas family has a big house n theyre probably rich.
so anne goes into sashas room and its been left pretty much untouched ever since annes birthday, save for the few times someone came in to dust things off. again, dont rly have all the details for sashas room, but it kind of has a vibe of controlled chaos, with organized clutter and a bit of a touch of a rebellious teen girl. one detail i do want to have is a calendar opened up to the month the trio disappeared, with annes birthday circled and highlighted so much that its impossible to miss.
the calendar itself might include a flashback. im thinking of also having a varsity jacket and some old stuffed animal be different “artifacts” that trigger their own memories. there’ll be a bunch more, but those are the only ideas i have so far fjsbndnd
summary - marcy
ok so i want to be rly mean about marcys segment: this is going off the theory that marcys parents moved away while the trio was in amphibia.
anne doesnt know this yet tho, so shes in for quite a surprise when she turns onto marcys street to find a realtor sign on the front lawn. the clues are all there: an empty driveway, sign on the lawn, an overall empty vibe coming from the house. but it doesnt completely register at first. its not til anne actually comes up close does she notice the sign.
anne tries to deny it, and decides to prove to herself that “no marcys parents wouldnt do this. theyre not that cruel. im just gonna check marcys room myself.” the front doors locked, so she just goes over to marcys window and climbs in.
but its completely empty.
ok not totally empty, but a lot of marcys furniture and stuff is gone, except for a few stray toys and other “junk.” the home guys (idk what theyre called????) are still kind of in the process of cleaning everything out, so theres still some stuff left here and there around the house. but its still way too empty. and its yet another gut punch for anne.
anne searches the rest of the house a bit more, hoping that shes just hallucinating. but no, marcys parents are really gone. she tried to deny it before, but now she has more of an idea of how shitty the wu parents are. so anne decides to just mope around in marcys old room, checking out the stuff their parents left behind.
maybe she finds an old blanket marcy liked when he was rly young. or an old rubiks cube from marcys vast collection. a cnc figurine, some cards, a pride flag, and old diary? a couple of other old toys, an old report card or two, or maybe even some stray clothes. whatever anne finds, its all thats left of marcy, at least in LA.
it really doesnt leave anne in that much of a better emotional position. she already felt conflicted enough about what happened in true colors and what she found out abt marcy. but seeing even a small glimpse of what marcy was dealing with, it just makes her more confused. marcy was such a sweet kid! theres no way they couldve done anything wrong. yet here anne was, betrayed by both of her childhood friends.
only now is anne really taking the time to process the fact that marcy essentially kidnapped her and sasha with the calamity box. he didnt mean to do it, and theres no way they couldve known the box would actually work, but it doesnt completely excuse marcy. his actions still hurt anne and sash, and while they meant the best of intentions, it didnt rly come through that way.
and now marcy was dead. stabbed in the back by the newt king.
and now annes curled up in an empty bedroom, wrapped up in one of marcys old blankets, trying to wrap her head around her feelings about marcy while reminiscing in the past.
summary - extras/epilogue??
i kind of like the idea that anne ends up drifting off in which ever bedroom ended up being the second one she visited. she slowly comes back to consciousness, with her surroundings feeling somewhat familiar, only to wake up in horror bc “OH SHIT I FORGOT TO GO BACK HOME” im not completely sold on the idea tho bc it feels a bit abrupt and like too much of a tone shift?? idk it doesnt feel exactly right
but anyways, im also playing around with the idea of a small epilogue scene with the calamity trio hanging out in annes room, a good amount of time after amphibia ended. dont know what theyre doing in there, but theyre just chilling and feeling a bit nostalgic i guess.
but uh yeah thats pretty much what ive got for the overall idea. it doesnt feel too out of reach, but somethjng like this would definitely be ambitious. i could mayyyybe handle writing out the vn and drawing the character sprites, but i have no idea how to code a vn or draw detailed backgrounds, both of which would be pretty important to this fangame fjsndj. so i might consider having help with this.
THIS ISNT ANY SORT OF PROMISE OR WHATEVER. id rly love to follow through and make this fangame a thing, but im not making any guarantees. i have no idea if i’ll actually follow through, but i would definitely love to.
who knows. maybe in like a couple years this might actually become a thing. but for now i have no idea
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bridgyrose · a year ago
“Wait, you’re serious?” Ruby smiled a bit after finding out about Penny. “I thought I was going to be alone.”
Penny nodded nervously. “Normally I’d keep it a secret, but since you’re here anyway, its not like I can hide it.” 
“Dont worry, your secret’s safe with me.” 
“Thank you.” Penny sat down as she waited for her own appointment. “You’re going into robotics, right?” 
“Yeah.” Ruby started pulling her notepad out of her bag. “I’ve made a few rough sketches… well.. I guess sketches are a bit kind to call it. More like poked holes in the paper to make an outlined design.” 
Penny smiled and took the notepad to look at them before feeling where the holes were. “You know you could probably find something that’s easier to use for drafting your sketches.” 
“Normally I’d just use the voice input of a computer, but mine had a slight mishap with a fish tank a couple weeks ago.” 
“Well, if you need a new one, I’m sure we can get the school to provide one for you. And I’m sure Weiss-” 
Ruby frowned a little. “Weiss?” 
“Yeah. Her uncle is the headmaster. She could convince him to allow you a replacement laptop if it’s easier.” 
“I can do things on my own. I dont need help.” 
Penny watched as Ruby put her notepad away. “Right. That’s what the schools are supposed to do though, right? Help the Veiled as they need by offering guides, equipment, and programs to find a soulmate.” 
Ruby sighed. “Maybe I dont want the help and maybe I dont want to find my soulmate.” 
“But what if your soulmate wants to find you?” 
Ruby looked at Penny for a moment, hesitating. “Why do you care?” 
Penny shrugged. “Just a question.” 
Ruby sighed and grabbed her pack, digging through it again, still trying to keep up the lie that she couldnt see while around Penny. “Sorry, I guess I’m just a little on edge about things. Apparently Weiss is my soulmate. I wasnt exactly fond of the fact that she continued to try to push it.” 
“I guess that’s understandable. Although, I’m sure she just wants you to be happy.” 
“And I’m happy being by myself. Hell, the only reason I’m here is because my mom wants me to find my soulmate. Now that I have, I just want to spend the rest of my schooling by myself so I can focus on my classes.” 
Penny nodded a bit as she listened to Ruby. “You could always give her a chance though. Weiss just means well.” 
“You’ve… you’ve talked to Weiss about all of this before, havent you?” 
Penny hesitated for a moment as she realized what she said. “W-well… I mean, I’m just guessing-” 
Ruby pulled her white cane out of her bag and started walking off. “I’ll just reschedule my appointment. If all you’re going to do is try to convince me to go with her, I’m done here.” 
Penny sighed as she watched Ruby walk off, feeling a bit disappointed in herself. “There you go Pen, making things worse…”
Ruby grumbled a bit to herself as her vision started fading again. She quickly pulled out her scroll and started putting the school’s address back into it, making sure to put the sound up so she could hear the directions. “Great… I have two soulmates and both of them keep being weird about it…” She sighed as she heard her scroll start to ring once more. She looked at the name just as her vision faded, smiling a bit as she answered. “Jaune. Long time no talk.” 
“Hey Rubes, how’s everything going in Atlas?” asked Jaune. 
“Things… arent going so great.” 
“Want to talk about it?” 
“I...I dont even know where to start.” Ruby sighed and used her cane to find a bench so she could sit down and talk. “I get why my mom wanted me to come here but… I’m not so sure it’s the right choice.” 
“Dont worry, I’m sure things will start looking up for you soon.” Jaune smiled a bit. “We all miss you. Things arent quite the same without our little goofball to keep things sane.” 
Ruby chuckled a little bit at the thought of Jaune missing her. “Is Nora not keeping you busy enough?” 
“...right… you havent heard.” 
“Heard what?” 
Jaune sighed. “Nora and Ren moved back to Mistral.”
“Oh… When did that happen?” 
“The beginning of the school year.” 
“Oh. So I guess you’re alone then…” 
“Not completely. I did meet Pyrrha the other day.” Jaune’s voice started to sound a bit flustered as he thought about her. “I cant believe I finally met my soulmate. What about you? Figured out who yours is?” 
Ruby rolled her eyes a bit. “Unfortunately.” 
“So, what are you going to do about it?” 
“I’m… I’m not sure. They both seem to be acting weird about the whole soulmate thing and… I dont know, maybe Yang is right and this is all a phase and everything will finally click with me.” 
“Look, Rubes, you are who you are. Who cares if everyone else thinks it’s a phase? I mean, your family isnt exactly reliable on figuring out who you are. I know they all finally came around to you being trans, and they’ll come around to you not wanting to be in a relationship. Let them think it’s a phase until they realize that it’s really you. Then they’ll have to accept it. But you’re going to have to explain more on this “both soulmates” thing. You have two of them?” 
Ruby nodded. “Yeah, I do. Although, I’m not sure one of them realizes it yet.” 
Jaune paused for a moment. “Why not tell me what you know about them? You know, just to get things out in the air.” 
“Is that the real reason?” 
“Alright, maybe I’m a little interested in seeing who could possibly end up literally bringing sight to your world.” 
Ruby smiled a bit. “How about I get back to my dorm, and then I can tell you all about them.” 
“That’s more like the Ruby I know.” Jaune kicked back in his chair, leaning it as far as he could. “And then the real gossip can begin.” 
“Only if you tell me about this Pyrrha girl.” 
Weiss slumped onto her desk. “Well, we royally screwed that one up.” 
Penny hugged Weiss from behind. “It’s not the end of the world. We can still try to get to know her.” 
“You said she doesnt want to do anything with soulmates. Which means, she wants nothing to do with me.” 
“Maybe you could go talk to her and apologize.” 
Weiss sighed and sat up a bit. “Right… apologize. That’s… that’s not going to fix this.” 
“But it’s a start,” Penny replied. She pulled away from Weiss for a moment, smiling at her. “It might not fix anything, but it’ll at least let her know that you want to try to figure things out. She might not want to do anything about soulmates right now, but that doesnt mean we can just be her friends.” 
Weiss nodded, listening to everything Penny was saying. “Okay, you have a bit of a point. I’ll go talk to her tomorrow after classes end and start apologizing.” 
Penny kissed her. “Everything will work out for you.” 
“I know. I’m just worried I’ll be rejected.” 
“So what if you are? You still have me.”
Weiss smiled and pressed into Penny. “You’re right. I still have you.” 
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mojwisungie · a year ago
imgn | Restart (enemy to lover! jisung)
req (from: anon) ➥ :  hi, i really like your writings and! if its ok, can i request a jisung x reader enemies to lovers headcannon? jisung is always teasing and trying to beat the reader at everything and one day he was teasing her and she had enough of it that shouted at him and cried infront of alot of students, and this shocks everybody since the reader is always calm and soft spoken:( the ending can be up to you!💚
☄︎ with: park jisung ☄︎ lou.note: omg. i did not intend to write so much for this like idk i got carried away and i think its too long 😶 added the bonus part for context lol enjoy !!
Tumblr media
your life is pretty sweet
honestly, you dont think of changing any aspect of it
youre good in school too
you have decent grades, great friends
but there is one thing that bothers you often
actually, one person
and its park jisung
and its not that you arent nice or something, bc everyone practically treats you as a friend actually 
and you dont hate him, bc thats such a strong word
but you dont exactly like him either
he pushes all your buttons
and usually you’d laugh it off
youre used to joking around with people and youre not that sensitive
but jisung... man does that boy have the  a u d a c i t y
you havent talked to him even once before he teased you for having a lower grade than him
so when he did that, you only smiled since it really wasnt that much of an insult to you
but then it got more frequent 
he would often poke at you for doing the most basic things
you get a score a point lower than his again? you’ll hear his snarky remark about it the second he knows about it
you got elected as an officer in the class? of course he’ll say youre such a darling
you dropped a pen? there will be a quiet under-the-breath “clumsy” as soon as you pick it up
he also has this weird habit of scoffing whenever you outdo him
bc he scoffed when you perfected that presentation in dance class AND when you also got a higher grade than him on another
all these mockery is always rewarded by only an eye roll for you
since causing a scene isnt like you so you often
and somehow in some way, you hope he’ll back off
but one particular day, you were really having not such a good time
you were almost late bc you almost forgot your due project
which caused you to walk back to your house and also caused you to miss the bus so you had to walk
the moment you enter the class, jisung’s eyes is already on you
you actually prayed for him to shut it bc you’d usually hear something from him the moment you step in the class
you thought you were safe
but when you sat on your seat, he said, “you look worse today y/n, and thats not nice bc you look awful everyday, dont you thi-”
you startle him as you loudly tell him to shut up
followed with “i dont know what ive done for you to make fun of me everyday, cant you just leave me alone?!”
you didnt know you were crying until one tear fell on your cheek
some of your friends tried to help calm you down immediately and ask if you were okay, while some tried to confront jisung if he has any problem with you
he couldnt answer them he’s so shocked to see you cry
before he could apologize, your teacher enters the class prompting you to wipe the tears away and tell your friends that youre fine
from the way that you look, everyone knows you arent but lets you be as the class starts
the day goes by surprisingly well for you after that
what you didnt know was everyone was trying to not let jisung get close to you bc he might make you cry again
but jisung feels so guilty :( he wants to say sorry before this day ends
or else it might be too late for him to tell you the truth
so at dismissal, he waits for you by the gates bc he knows you stay in the library for a few before going home
on your way out, he tries to stop you and says
“hi y/n, uhm, i-im sorry for today, i didnt know you were going to cry.. actually i didnt know i was going too far with the teasi-”
you cut him off saying “oh uhm, its fine. dont worry about it. i know you dont like me so-”
“what? no, its not that i dont like you! i actually- uh- i mean-”
you dont really know whats he’s pointing so you wait for him to find the right words to tell you
a few more seconds pass and he goes
“i dont dont like you... i actually like you. its just someone told me that maybe if i tease you, we’d grow close and it was partially true because you'd only notice me when i do so.”
he continues with “i know it’s too much for me to ask since ive hurt you, and im really sorry for doing that but i hope you could give me a chance. i hope we could...restart?”
seeing the incomprehensible look (for jisung) on your face, he stutters with saying how its totally fine if you dont want to and he’d be okay to distance himself from you
but you answer him with
“sure. i’d love to restart with you.”
and from then on, it would only be love from him to you
you know who actually told jisung to tease his crush?
chenle. he’s his bestfriend who told him to do it so he’ll have a chance with you
the moment he heads home, he doesnt go to his house, he goes marching to chenle’s
he greets his friend with a punch on the arm
chenle shouts in pain and asks “what the hell is that for?!”
so jisung answers him “your dumb plan made them cry! and i had to say sorry and tell them how i really feel about them all in one day”
and chenle bites back with “you mean my smart idea made you confess and have a chance with her? youre welcome”
they talk about what happened for a while until jisung asks him if knows what good gift he should give you
so expect to receive a cute (and kinda expensive) necklace the next day lol
also expect for more adorable gifts and heart-melting moments as you and jisung get together for the years that’ll come
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sweater-daddiesdumbdork · a year ago
Sweet, Spice and Hot Water Is Always Nice
Summary- 7.6k Mike (renamed from Me-Playing It Cool) x You. Mike is struggling to get a story line down for his script, and you were sent home from work. You just LOVE when Aunt Flo comes to visit (insert sarcasm), and Mike has a suggestion to make you feel better. Warnings- Period Sex (it isnt overly graphic though) Male receiving Oral, Fingering, One mention of blood. Thigh Riding cause its a mood. That is about it. A mild argument. Oh swear or two, cause ya know me. And I know, another holiday fic with him, but Holidays are my favorite, and I just love these two. 
A/N- Fall themed Moodboard added to this was made by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor​. Thank you so much, I loved it, and I hope you like the fluffiness it caused. 
Tumblr media
“Okay Brian, you want this rom com to deliver.” Mike cracked his knuckles and let his fingers lower over the keys, starting to type out the main character's opening scene, picturing the actress Brian described as standing just behind him, sitting at your kitchen table your grandmother gave you, picking at plates of food. 
Ally, I could have told you it wasn't going to work out with
Rick two months ago. - Daisy sighs. 
Why? - Ally gives a clueless look at her sister across the table. 
You love meat, you hate cyclists. - Daisy says flippant. 
His hand came up to rub at his face, trying to think ahead as the two blondes faded away from the table, and he was sitting there pondering at the theme of the script he was supposed to be writing. Single woman worried about the amount of men she has been with, and was set on finding the ONE. The man who made all her dreams come true. Of course the man was supposed to be a playboy across the hall. 
“Fucking fantastic.” Mike groaned, finding the whole theme of the story kind of stupid. “What woman would worry about that?” 
Setting back to trying to type, he heard the door unlock, your footsteps snapping against the tile of the hallway floor leading into the kitchen. Pushing back his chair, he twisted it to face the kitchen with a confused look on his face. You tossed your purse and keys on the counter, and bracing a hand against the counter, you leaned down to yank off your heels to fall to the flat of your feet with a sigh. Using the side of your foot, you pushed them aside so no one would trip over them. “I know- I know… I'm home early Mike. I promise to be quiet.” 
Mike just shook his head to disregard what you had said. “I don't care that you’re home so early, I'm just trying to figure out why you're home early?” 
You stand there for a moment staring at him, then you give a sniffle that was so out of character, it worried him. Holding out his hands to you, he made a come motion. “Come on baby, now you're starting to scare me a bit.” Which entices you to make your way to him, and stand between his legs while his hands slide up and down the back of your thighs. “You left for work just a couple hours ago?” 
Your hands come to smooth over his head, sighing at how good the softness of his slightly grown out buzz cut felt, and you could see the worry lines depending between his eyebrows, always deeper on the left side, his eyes having lost their usual mirth and teasing when they looked at you. “I haven't felt good all morning, and the boss sent me home. The boss caught me puking in my trashcan and wouldnt take no for an answer.”
Mike let his fingers sink in lightly while pulling you into his lap, your hands sliding to lock around his neck. “Well why were you puking? This morning you seemed fine.” His brows furrowed as a worried thought niggled his mind, and blossomed into a full panicked look as it really settled in. “Wait, your not-?” his eyes widened in his panic, and you scoffed at him. 
“No so you don't have to worry Mike. Although it's great to see you panic if we should have been.” You snapped a bit although you knew you would have matched that panic as well, and he softened a bit, smoothing his hands along your lower back. 
“Sorry baby, you said puking and my mind went away with it.” Apologizing, he tilted his head a bit. “So, You going to put me out of my misery and tell me? Or do I have to keep making dumb ass assumptions?” 
You were still a bit irritated with his earlier remark, but were you really mad at Mike? Or were you just feeling like shit and everything was irritating you? You glanced back at his genuinely worried face, you softened to him for how worried he was. “I started to get cramps today, and they just ache badly today.” you sniffled a bit again, and Mike pulled you in closer for a hug, and you settled in against his chest. “And I feel terrible for coming into your space when you're working.” You said softly, and Mike shrugged, the movement making you pull back. 
“I could care less, you're not feeling good and this is home first, office second. Besides, I just started it. Not like I have any story yet to get down. Just an idea.” He turned his chair with you in his lap, and moved his finger over the keyboard to wake the laptop back up. You gave a slight chuckle seeing he literally had two whole lines.
“What have you been doing all morning?” You snicker a bit and he picks up Brians notes laying right next to them. 
“I have been trying to think of how to get this shit into something decent. Listen to this- Ally is a woman who has many ex-boyfriends who turned out to be losers. Now she believes that she can't find a good guy. But when she runs into one of her exes who is now a 'Prince Charming', she decides to look up all of her exes to see if any of them have changed for the better. When she has trouble locating them, she asks her neighbor Colin, who sleeps with a different woman every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid talking to them, to help her.” He tossed it back down to the table. “Like anyone cares how many people someone slept with.”
You wrinkled your nose, and you knew you shouldn't say anything. Because you honestly had to agree with him, but that dark little voice in the back of your mind that seemed to always be there when you weren't feeling good poked at you. “Well some people, it does matter Mike.” You push to stand, and go around the counter to search out your midol from your purse. Grabbing the bag, you started to paw through the contents while Mike twisted his office chair to look at you. You could see this slight furrow in his brow as he went over what you had said. 
“Did it matter to you, when we talked about it ourselves Y/N? Cause you were pretty chill.” he asked, and you could see from the corner of your eye as you snatched your bottle that he was leaning forward in his chair, the curious look on his face was seriously wondering if you did or not. In that moment you just wanted to snap at him, he should know that you didn't nor ever would care who was a part of his past. Since it was just the past. 
“If I had cared, Mike, would I have asked you for your number on that first date? Of course I didn't give two shits about who you dated or fooled around with.” You retorted, shaking out a couple pills and popping them dry before screwing the cap back on and ditching the bottle back in your bag. Going to the fridge, you sought out water, which all were left were bottles half gone. Groaning, you dropped your head. “You haven't been to the store yet Mike?” you snapped as you shut the door, taking one of the bottles anyways. You weren't drinking tap water, that was for damn sure. 
“I was going to go this afternoon before you get home.” He brushed off your irritation in favor of your earlier comment, more keen to go back to the conversation you two were having before. “Did someone like say something about me before you even met up with me? Because we certainly didn't talk about our dating history for a while.” 
You leaned against the counter for a moment, rubbing at your face for a moment. “Why do you put everything off to the last minute Mike? You always do this, and then I’m left either having to nag you, beg you, and just end up doing it myself.” You grumbled, and ignored his question. “Can you go now please? So the water will be chilled by tonight.” you left him at his computer, going to crash on the couch and grab the remote. But Mike wasn't far behind, following you to the couch. 
“I will later, but I’m curious if someone said something to you? Like a warning?” He flopped down on the other end, his arm slinging along the back and looking at you intently. 
You flicked through stations and rolled your eyes. ‘Fuck Mike, it was so long ago, drop it. It doesn't matter who told me what before we even met. We're together, aren't we? I make my own decisions about someone.” 
“But someone did say something.” He pushed you once more, and you clench your hand around the remote hearing him keep on going. 
“Fucking hell Mike, you really wanna know. It's not exactly like you were dating anyone during that time. Mallory told me all about how you two would fool around and that maybe I needed un-fucking-winding. So she set us up. But you already knew that.” You toss the remote at him, and push off the couch. “Then I really liked you, so we made it work. But right this second, if you follow me to the bedroom, I will kick your ass out to the couch for the rest of the week.” you snapped, and left him there to brood, going into the bedroom with a sharp slam of the door. 
Mike winced when he heard the door slam, feeling bad now that he pushed for something that really didn't matter. That first hook up was two years ago, and you two had been together ever since. It just nagged at him in a way that he was shocked at, thinking that someone might have said “hey he's a player, be careful.” Maybe you were right, a small part of him might have cared? Not so much that he or you slept with a few people, but that anyone would actually care. 
Mike waited a few moments for things to cool down, he knew he shouldnt have pushed on such a stupid matter, cause it honestly didnt matter to him what anyone might have said. It was a stupid fight, and Mike wanted to make it up to you, apologize for upsetting you when you were already feeling so awful. Listening, he could hear you in the bedroom, opening drawers and snapping them shut then it went quiet. Pushing up from the couch, he approached the bedroom, and knocked on the door to ease it open. You were laying on the bed, a heating pad plugged in where your phone usually was. You had it resting on your stomach, and had your other arm slung over your face to block out the light. 
“I mean it Mike, you come in here looking to argue, I will scratch those blue eyes of yours out and leave you a blind man.” You threatened him, which he tried not to chuckle at, but a tiny one burst out while he went to stretch on the bed next to you, sliding his hands under your shirt to rub your back. 
“Im sorry Y/N, I was being kind of an ass.” He said, and you snorted a bit in agreement. Mike could feel the knots in your back loosen a little as you relaxed into his hand, and he pulled in closer to you. “Is it really bad this time?” he looked at the time, it had only been twenty minutes since you had taken your painkillers, still hadn't had a proper chance to kick in for you yet. 
You stretched a bit and pressed yourself back hard enough for him to know you wanted more pressure in his touch, which he did, digging in his fingers. You sighed a bit into your pillow. “It's messing me up this time Mike, not going to lie.” You twisted your head to glance over your shoulder, and your look softened a bit when you saw how concerned he did look. So you twisted to lay on your back and look up at him. “I'm sorry to Mike, I came in looking for a fight because of how I was feeling. Your script will be good, and people who do care probably have boring sex lives.” You joked a bit while lifting a hand to let the back of your fingers brush against the rasp of his beard. It made you tingle to feel it, and his hand slipped along your waist and over your belly where the heating pad didn't cover.  
“You know there are other ways to help you.” Mike started, looming over you slightly and you wrinkled your nose, knowing what he was talking about. It always made you feel a little guilty though, like it was something he had to do, not that he wanted to do. All in your head, you knew, but the thought still had manifested there after that time he ended up being late on a deadline cause of a weekend of him taking care of you. 
You shrugged a bit and shook your head. “You don't have to do anything, you should probably get back to your script. Brian’s going to want to see it in a few days.” You brushed it off, but Mike wasn't about to be deterred, because he knew how much better you felt afterwards, and he enjoyed making you feel good immensely. 
“I know I don't have to “do anything”, but how about I want to?” He pushed up off the bed, and reached down to grasp your hands and ease you up into a sitting position, making you groan and pull off the heating pad, being sure to click it off. Mike gave you what he hoped would be a promising grin to get you in the mood. “Fuck that script, I rather have some dirty sex… in the bed?” He questioned, and you gripped his hands tighter, pulling yourself up. 
“You're not going to leave me in peace to wither and die are you?” You scoffed as you side stepped him to grab a couple towels, and draped them over your arm. “Shower, mess be minimal, and the hot water will help my back.” Mike came up behind and ran his hands along your sides, while kissing on your neck, making you sigh a bit in appreciation. That rasp of beard followed by soft velvet lips always did something, even now your toes were curling up the more he did it. 
Getting in the bathroom, he reached and grabbed the towels from you, tossing them on the bathroom counter. “Absolutely not going to let you wither and die, you know how much work it would be to find another awesome girlfriend like you?” He cupped your face, dragging you into a kiss while you grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off when he pulled away, he mimicked you and pulled your top off over your head and discarding them wherever they happened to land. 
“Ooh I like being awesome. How awesome am I Mike?” You wiggled your brows at him, and reached behind you to unclasp your bra, which Mike eagerly drew off you when you got it unclasped and cupped your breasts, massage them lightly, thinking about what to say. Thumbs circled around your sensitive nipples and you took a slight inhale that Mike happened to hear, causing him to do it a little harder the next time around. “You're always so sensitive right now, I absolutely love it.” Mike admitted while massaging his palms into the globes, you ended up arching into his touch and dropped your hands to his pants to start working open his belt. 
“You didn't answer me, pain in the ass.” You tugged the belt open and popped open the button, sure to watch him as you pressed your hands under the boxer band and wrapped fingers around his cock. You felt him twitch in your hand, a hitch in his breath as his normally bright blue eyes darkened. “Am I distracting you a little too much?” 
He took a deep breath as you sunk to the floor, Mike's hand falling to the bathroom counter, his knuckles turning white while he gripped the counter at the anticipation. “Here I thought I was supposed to make you feel better?” Seeing you kneeling, giving him that sultry fuck look from under your lashes while darts of your tongue teased your lips. A tug on his jeans dragged them down further so you could pull his cock out, giving measured firm strokes and breaking eye contact to look at his erection instead, sliding a thumb around his head and dragging your thumb back to your lips to suck your fingertip.
“You are making me feel better. Well actually, hand me a towel?” you arched up to bring your face closer to him, your free hand held out while Mike handed you a towel in which you put under your knees to get comfy. “See you helped me.” Giving a teasing wink, you twist your head to give him a trailing lick of your tongue along the underside of his cock and spit to lube him in your hands. A kiss of your lips to the tip made him shudder com watching the sinfully sweet act, and then you spread your lips to lower your mouth on him and suck with a moan. Already he was cursing above you under his breath as he did his best to not look away. 
“Fuck baby” Mike grunted, and you widened your mouth to draw him in further, fluttering your tongue around him while rubbing your hands against the front of his thighs till you circled fingers around the base, pumping him where your mouth couldnt take him yet. You relished the taste and heaviness on your tongue, lips drawing him in further to leave a wet trail on his cock when you bobbed your head faster. Heavy breaths flared your nostrils while you hummed your satisfaction till he hit the back of your throat. His hips rocked to meet your bobbing head until you gagged around his girth. “Just a bit more baby.” Mike grunted as his hands went to cup your face, fingers digging in your cheeks. Mike's head tipped back, and your gaze rolled upwards to see his adam's apple bobbing up and down, the muscles in his torso tighten, and where your hands grasped his thighs to hold on while he face-fucked you, kept flexing. “Fuck… FUCK…” He pulled you off him, his hips stuttering to a stop and his cock weeped with desire to shoot his load. The thick white dribble looked too tempting to you. Your tongue tip curled out and you darted back in close to give a kitten lick to the tip, cleaning the drool and precum off and maybe just to tease him slightly, knowing how close he was. 
“God your a fucking little brat.” He hissed at your antics, stepping away and leaning down to grasp your upper arms, and bring you back up while kicking off his pants and boxers fast as he could, making you giggle at how strained he sounded. 
“Get out of those clothes.” He instructed as he reached in the shower to start the water and stumbled in. You were tugging your pants off, and getting ready as you heard him swear in the shower. “Fucking water.” You open the curtain to see him drenched already, trying to wiggle the knobs to the proper temperature. 
“Well why did you already get in Mike?” you ask, putting your hand in the water to make sure it wasn't too cold, when he reached out to wrap an arm around your waist and drag you in with him making you squeal as the water was still adjusting to temperature. Mike backed you up against the showers wall, his hands rubbing your hips while kissing your lips with a hunger that made your head spin, and your hands grasped the back of his neck and head to hold on. 
Pulling away from your mouth, and working his lips against your neck, you tilted your head back into the stream to feel the warmth wash over your sore body twitch a groan. The hot water had already started to fog up the small space. “I was hoping the cold water would cool me off, I want…” Lap of his tongue moved over your jawline. “... to be…” his hand swept down your stomach and cupped your mound between your clenched thighs to stroke your folds. “... inside you when I cum.”
You pulled away a bit to look at him, biting at your lip which caused his eyes to drop down too, wanting to pull at it because of the way you teased yourself . But your words brought him back to you. “It really doesn't bother you Mike? That I'm on my period?” That bit of self doubt starting to come back to the front of your mind, bringing along guilt that maybe he didn’t enjoy this like you did.
He gave a roll of his eyes and nipped at your lips, sliding his tongue over that bottom lip before pulling it from your teasing teeth, laying his own mark on you to cover your bite from before. “We’ve done this many times Baby. Only boys would care about such a thing, good thing I’m not a boy.” He surged to claim all your senses, his fingers spreading your folds to start touching you in a way that would drive you crazy. 
You kareened when you felt his fingers start to tease you, his hand planting on the wall as his upper body leaned in closer, eyes staring into yours while rubbing from your clit to your entrance, watching as your breathing picked up and your eyes turned into a needing glaze. “Ahh, just like that, huh baby. Fuck I love how sensitive you get during this time.” He wasn't wrong, everything felt amplified, his fingers felt thicker as he started to pump one into you, your core was hotter, your arousal seeping down your thigh to mix with the hot water. 
It wasn't long till your thighs were spreading further for him, and you rocked slightly to meet his fingers plunging back into you, his strokes making you clench tightly around him, as well as grasp his biceps to keep yourself from losing your balance. Mike loved watching your jaw drop as you were fluttering around his thick fingers, sobbing out when Mike twisted his palm slightly to grind the heel of his hand against your clit. “Mike! Oh too much.” you tried pushing him away while moving your hips faster, but he was too solid and was driven to have you come all on his palm. Mike nudged his nose against your jaw to tip your head back, licking the running water  streaming down your neck with a low timbre voice making his demands. “Come on baby, this is just the first one.” 
Just the first one. Fuck
You dug in your fingers while you rode out your orgasm that crashed over you, Mike slowing his pumps down so you could come down from your high, tilting his head to give you an open mouthed kiss. And he started again to bring you up, his fingers sliding in your sensitive pussy, his thumb sweeping around your clit slowly. “Mike,” you whined softly against his mouth, your forehead pressed against his. His fingers knew just where to touch you. He was able to go much deeper than your own fingers could ever reach. Mike thrummed you again, nudging his nose against yours to have you focus on him. “You're going to come for me once more Pretty Girl, I love how you flood my hand, riding my fingers with that greedy pussy of yours.” His tongue licked over your lips, and greedily you sucked on his tongue rocking harder to meet his fingers faster. Your second orgasm is coming fast, as sensitive as you were. “Ahhh good girl, I'm going to add another cause you're taking me so well.” Mike bit at your lip teasing as your eyes widened, a third finger stretched you, and he smirked, still holding your gaze. “Squeezing so tight baby, you should make yourself cum now Babe.” 
You started falling apart once more and Mike let his chest press against yours and your arms locked around his neck, burying your face in his shoulder as he feathered kisses up and down your neck. “Did I tell you yet I love you?” His erection pressed against your stomach, still hard and demanding as when your mouth had been wrapped around it and you rubbed yourself against it, purring in his ear. “Show me Mike.” Your toes curled as remains of your orgasm raced up your spine, any pain you had been in before was replaced with fluttering clenching muscles, and languid pleasure seeping in your system. 
Mike's hands fell to the back of your thighs, and he slipped your legs up to swing around his waist, and position yourself to take him. “I'm glad you finally accepted this suggestion.” Mike let go of your thighs once you were holding onto him, and he pressed his cock through your folds, feeling your wet heat welcoming to accept him. You nodded in a rush, blinking out the water pelting over you. 
“Yes, Fuck Mike you feel so good, its driving me insane.” You tried pressing yourself on him, and when he pressed in against your sensitive channel, clenching around him as he worked himself into your pussy. “Yes, oh yes.” stiffening against him when he thrusted to bury himself in, rutting against you to make you cry out as he started slow, letting you appreciate the hard drag through you. It wasn’t long though when Mike started to pound himself into you, and your bouncing breasts moved in his face. He freed a hand to massage them, almost on the verge of a blissed pain how his teeth sucked in the curve, and the lash of his tongue dragging over your pebbled flesh till he could pull on it. Stretch the nerves to quiver and mess with your rational thought, till all you could focus on his mouth, hot and wetter then even the steam of water pouring from above, the feeling of Mike's cock driving in harder and harder, sure that you felt him almost kiss your womb, fighting the urge to cum already. Your hands scrambled for purchase against his back, which clenched under your nails digging in, flexing and tightening with each pounding thrust trying to lay claim to your orgasm. 
“I can feel you, you want to, your body is trying to.” He moaned into your breasts his face was buried against, his scruff rough between your cleavage. You back bounced off the tile of the bathroom wall at these words, you wanted to deny him, keep feeling him driving back the pain, and keeping you on the edge of pleasure. But it was all so overwhelming, and you caved, cumming again to flood his cock with your arousal, clenching around him. “God your so fucking tight around me. Trying to get me to cum in you.” Mike grunted, and you just squeezed him more, wanting it, so badly to feel filled with him. 
“Course I want it, don't you dare pull out.” You cried, flexing around him again as his balls slapped against you and you tighten your legs around him to keep him with you. His grunts became more feral, his tongue marking your skin while he chased water droplets like a man dying of thirst, and you saw nothing but sparks filled your vision while he groaned into your ear that he too was close. You whined as you gave one last demanding squeeze, your own demand that he fill you, which he did. Happily shooting himself to fill you, spreading himself deeper and both of you ended blissed around each other
You lean into him, taking deep breaths against his shoulder while his arm slings around your waist. “Okay, I got you babes. We really do need to get a mat for this tub though. Almost slipped a few times.” You giggle into his neck before straightening, unlocking your legs from around his waist to lower to a stand, careful cause it was slippery. Reaching down, you flick the water back to the facet, and Mike cranks both the knobs off, the last of the water rushing down the drain. Pulling back the curtain, Mike stepped out, and grabbed the last towel on the counter and handed it to you, which after you two stepped out you started rubbing your body down to dry. 
He grasped the one you had used for your knees earlier, rubbing it over his head, and whisking across his body, but he was done quick and had yanked on his boxers. You immediately reached down and grabbed his tee from earlier, slipping it on and went to the counter to brush out your hair before it dried in a mess. Knowing you would come out when you were ready, Mike went and stretched out on the bed, leaning against the headboard and flicked on the tv, flipping channels until you came out all dressed for a day in bed. Moving around the bed, you tumbled into your side of the mattress. 
You curl up against Mike's side, and he hands the remote over so his arm can circle around your shoulders and let his fingertips brush along the soft part of your upper arm. “Feeling any better Babes?” He tilted his head to look down at you while you focused on the tv, and you hummed, tilting up to put a thank you on his lips. “Much, all relaxed and sated, thank you Handsome.” Mike couldn't deny that made his chest swell a bit, proud and pleased his girl was now feeling better. He dropped a kiss to the top of your head as you finally stopped at the beginning of Con Air. 
“Nicholas Cage?” Mike mused as he looked up, and you tugged the blankets over the two of you while you twisted, leaning your back against Mike's chest, and your head on his shoulder. 
“Damn straight Mike, Cage, Malkovich, and Buscemi? Doesn't get better.” your love of 90’s movies didn't bypass Mike, so he wasn't surprised. It didn't take long though till you had passed out, within the first 15 minutes of it, and Mike stayed for a while before it was apparent you were really passed out. He eased away, and shifted you enough so you were comfy against the pillows. Going to put his clothes back on, he looked in the shower and went under the sink looking for a quick spray to wipe down the shower with. Running a cloth over the wall, and using the shower head, he rinsed away any bloody traces that might have been left behind. Mike didn't want you happening across it, and having to deal with it yourself. Once he was satisfied, he took care of everything and flicked the lights off to go back in the room, seeing you still sound asleep and relaxed.
Mike went over to your side of the bed to grab the heating pad you discarded earlier and put it on low. Laying it against your lower back as you rolled to hug a pillow against your chest. Snapping the blankets up around you as he started to leave the room, he turned the tv down a few notches, and eased the door almost to a shut. 
Mike knew he probably should work on his script, you were right earlier that Brian would be wanting to see it soon, but he bypassed his computer. Grabbing his wallet and phone, he stuffed them in his back pocket. At the kitchen counter he scribbled a quick note, should you wake up. He didn't want to set your phone off and wake you up by sending a message to it. ~went to go pick up that water, message if you need anything baby. XO Mike.~ 
Leaving the apartment, when he hit the street his hands found their way into his pockets, and he whistled happily. Sure he might have gotten jack shit done for work so far, but he spent his morning loving on his girl, and if that isn't life goals, damned if Mike knew what would actually be better. Reaching the local shop the two of you used near the apartment. The door’s bell jingled when he pushed it open, the clerk lifting her head to see who was coming in and gave a grin seeing him. “Hey Mike, wondering if I was seeing you today.” 
Mike grabbed a hand basket, winking at the clerk. “Of course MissThompson, my day wouldn't be complete without you.” he flirted with the older woman, making her chuckle a bit as he went down the first aisle. He grabbed a few things you two typically needed, a loaf of that specialty bread for toast that you liked, a tin of bbq pringles he liked snacking on when watching a game, a bar of chocolate you swore up and down you required during this time, he was also sure to grab a couple gallons of water to bring home. Wandering back towards the counter, Miss Thompson cleared her newspaper off the counter for him to set his stuff down. 
“Did you see the fall stuff Mike? I think Y/N would really like them.” She pointed at a small display table nearby, which was covered with a few pumpkin trinkets, some homemade baked goods, and candles. Mike wandered over, and started picking through the items. “She would like them wouldn't she, and she's been having a rough day.” He mused outloud and Miss Thompson tutted in sympathy. Glancing over the stuff, he picked up a few different candle holders, a box of autumn tinted macaroons, and some pumpkin pastries that he knew would remind you of home. Bringing it up to the counter, Miss Thompson gave an approving smile and was quick to ring it up for Mike. “I think she’s gonna appreciate it all.” 
“She does love fall, always going on about home this time of year.” Mike stated as he took out his card and gave it a swipe, his stuff was bagged, and he juggled the bag in one arm and the water in the other. “Probably see you tomorrow.” 
“You know I will be here.” Miss Thompson offered as Mike worked the door open, and headed home. Once he arrived back at the apartment, he was quiet while slipping off his sneakers, and dropping off his arm loads at the kitchen counter where his note went untouched. Scooping it up and crumpling to shoot into the basket, he paused long enough to make sure he made it, giving a fist pump when it landed inside. Quietly he went down the hall, and pushed the door open a bit to see you were still sleeping. You looked soft in your sleep, relaxed and peaceful. You had rolled once more in your sleep, your arm holding the heating pad to your stomach. 
Leaving you in peace, he went back out to take care of what he purchased, sure to put one of the jugs of water in the fridge. Then he spread the ornaments around the coffee table, and set the desserts out on a tray, leaving them on the coffee table as well. Thinking about what else he could do to surprise you, he left the apartment once more to go down to the storage unit in the basement of the apartment complex, just knowing you had to have some of your treasured halloween decorations, stored away in a bright orange bin with a jack o'lantern drawn on the front. Once he saw the tote and pulled it down, he popped it open to double check, and sure enough you had it packed with lights, halloween trinkets, more candle holders, and foam pumpkins. Securing the lid, he brought it up to the apartment, and set it down. 
Unpopping the top, he started to pull out the lights, and untangle them. Looking around at just where to hang them, already he was picturing how you had it set up last year, and grinned to himself, knowing exactly how he wanted it to look for you. 
Several hours later, you stretched out with a yawn, turning to grab your phone and see it was later in the afternoon. Pushing up to a sit and rubbing at your eyes as you push off the bed, You headed to use the bathroom. Once finished, You came out several moments later, now sporting shorts and a warm sweater just looking for the coziness of the soft material. You pulled your hands into the sleeves, grasping the cuffs in your fingertips to play with the soft material while you left the bedroom. Before you even entered the kitchen, you could hear the clickity clack of Mike's keys on his laptop, and you smiled to yourself. From the rate the keys were clicking, he must have figured out a storyline. 
Stepping into the kitchen, you stalled as your eyes roamed over the orange and purple lit up apartment, Mike had hung up your halloween lights around the tv, and living room, along the counter and bookshelves were orange pumpkins glowing, one corner by the door was a scarecrow and your foam pumpkins, like it was the front porch you didn't have yet. On the TV was paused on a Harry Potter movie, and you took a step further into the room, hovering your hand over one of the candle light holders, enjoying the heat for a second before moving on. “Mike, this is… wow, I didn't think you really cared if I decorated or not.” 
Hearing you he spun his chair away from his laptop, holding his hand out and when you went to him, he tugged you into his lap, circling around your waist. “I wanted you to wake up to something I knew you loved. Plus you've been too busy at work to decorate.” He kissed your shoulder and rested his chin on it while you slid your fingers gently up and down the back of his neck. 
“You are right Mike, I do love it, Thank You.” you hummed lightly and wrapped your arms around his neck to give him a hug, pulling in close. “And all those new pumpkins? Where did they come from?” You slid off his lap and went to go look closer at the new additions, tweaking them just a bit to put them where you wanted them, biting your lip excitedly. Mike was sure to save his work, and closed the laptop. Following you into the living room, he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Miss Thompson insisted you would like them. Want me to throw a pizza in the oven and we crash on the couch to watch a few halloween movies?” 
You twisted in his arms, and grasped his face, tilting up to kiss his lips with a teasing nip. “Yes, please. Anything I can do to help?” you fall back to the flat of your feet, and Mike leads you into the kitchen. “Bring us a couple drinks out to the living room, and as soon as I get this in the oven, I will be out to join you.” You grab a couple beers from the fridge, and make your way while Mike is turning on the oven and flipping the box to read the directions to himself. Entering the living room once more, you set the beers on a couple coasters, and fall onto the couch. In front of you were all sorts of sweet treats. You leaned forward, grabbing a pie when your empty stomach started to rumble, your teeth sank into the delicate pastry as you leaned your head back, moaning softly at the flaked crust and sweet filling with the taste of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. The spices tickle your taste buds, and the sweetness soothed it away. 
Tumblr media
Mike came around the back of the couch, seeing you slowly chewing and giving that satisfied moan, moving to fall down next to you, arching a brow. “That better than the shower?” he teased you, and your eyes sprang open, shaking your head. 
“This just tastes good.” You grinned as you leaned forward to set it down and moved to straddle his lap, dipping for kisses against his lips, where your tongue slid along the seam of his lips till you could work past them, rolling your tongue against his, and he was caught unaware at how you would taste. A mix of your usual sweetness and the desert danced on his tongue, and his hands moved to grasp the back of your hair, to hold you in place, effectively take your kiss as his own. “You taste and feel good.” you pulled enough away to say before he closed the slight space to claim you all over again, strokes of his tongue teasing you.
Your hips started grinding, shifting yourself enough to straddle just one of his thighs while your hands slid along his shoulders, and you started to arch a bit more, a bit faster, harder as you pushed down. Mike's hands fell to your hips, helping you along by guiding you up and down. He pushed forward a bit to draw himself in closer, pulling his mouth from yours and muttering. “That's it pretty girl, make yourself cum again.” you nodded slightly and he pulled you down on his flexing thigh, making you toss your head back when it made your clit throb and your breathing come out in a rush. “Again Sir…” 
“Sir?” Mike pulled back, his blue eyes twinkling at you while he watched you pick up speed, chasing your end. Your fingers curled, clutching at his shirt and digging into his shoulders. 
“It slipped out Mike, I'm so close now.” your voice high pitched whine. You needed that rush, so close that you could taste that pleasure almost. Your movements started stuttering as your own muscles ached and Mike was quick to take over, picking up the speed you had before and you started chanting. “Yes, yesyesyesyes, fuck please.” 
One of Mikes hands snaked up to grasp the back of your head, tilting your head back and he pressed his face against your neck, chaining kisses and nips while whispering. “Come on Pretty Girl, I need you to come now.” Behind you the oven started alarming and the sense of urgency overcame you, to just rock on his thigh, your knee brushing against his hard on in his pants, and you were cumming for him, whimpering as you rode it out and you went slack, Mike loosening his hard grips and rubbing your back as he slid you off his thigh. “I gotta go check that pizza.” 
You nodded as he pushed off the couch, grabbing at his crotch to try and give himself some room, making you hide your face on the couch and giggle. You heard the squeak of the oven door and a soft “Shit” from Mike as a clang of a pizza pan went on top of the stove. “Babe, it's a bit crispy, but not terrible.” You wriggled to pull yourself up to kneel on the couch, leaning against the back to watch him in the kitchen look for the pizza cutter in a drawer. 
“Not a big deal. Crispy pizza is worth that orgasm.” You couldn't hide the grin as Mike was quick to slice the pizza into slices, and slide a couple on each plate while grasping the paper towels to tuck under his arm. 
“You can start the movie, and fuck you were about to make me blow my load in my jeans watching you. And that ‘Sir’? We still have to discuss that.” He sauntered back into the living room, while you were searching for the remote on the coffee table. Sure to hit play, he waited till you were comfy, and set your plate on your lap. You grasp the first piece, working on taking the crust off and rip off a bite size piece. Your eyes went from the screen to Mike. 
“It just… happened in the moment Mike. Why, did you like it?” You popped your bite in your mouth, and Mike tilted his head, pondering it a moment. 
“You caught me by surprise, but I wouldn't mind hearing it again.” He stated, and you grinned, wiggling brows. 
“Just wait till the day I call you Daddy.” 
Mike groaned, tilting his head back against the couch with a groan. “Your gonna be the death of me Y/N.” 
You snorted while tucking up your legs, and smirking at him. “I can think of worst ways to go.” 
You cuddled up closer, laughing before you took another bite of your food, and Mike pulled you in closer, both of you turning your attention to the movie for the rest of the evening. 
Tumblr media
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babyveeandlittleprince · a year ago
Roman involuntarily going into littlespace because he's repressing it, cgs comfort him that its ok to be little
so on saturday roman became upset by something, and usually he can cope. but the thing is, in the last few weeks he has been repressing his littlespace A LOT because he felt like he just got his adult life back, and he throws himself 100% into things
he threw himself into littlespace at first and now he threw himself into adult life and ignored his age dreaming. even when he wanted to he forced himself to keep being grownup - or in his teen headspace if he needed to get out frustration
but this time he couldnt actually help it, he accidentally started feeling really little to cope with his negative emotions. it wasnt even that bad what happened, but its the stick that broke the camels back yknow - basically he had to feed vee at snacktime and she got messy and roman complained she was gross then ppl on the blog called him mean for saying it
so roman was suddenly little, and went to sit with his family bc he didnt want to be alone but he still hid being little. he just stayed silent, even while internally he just kept thinking i want daddy i want my daddy i wanna be held i want mommy to say its all okay
then vee fell asleep in mamas lap and logan took her up to bed, and when he returned to the living room with patton and roman he jokingly asked "so i take it snacktime went well going by the applesauce all over her clothes?"
and romans face immediately crumpled and he started crying
it was so sudden and unexpected and out of character, the caregivers were frozen for a moment as roman desperately hid his face in his hands and folded into himself on the couch
when roman cries its very quiet too, so even though he was close to sobbing he bit his lip hard so he didnt make a sound and was just sniffling and tiny whimpers kept escaping
the caregivers hearts broke a little
logan immediately crouched in front of ro asking "roman what happened? why are you upset sweetheart?"
meanwhile patton jumped up from his chair and quickly scooched over on the couch to be right next to ro and put an arm around him "honey, can you tell us what you need?"
and at that roman just whimpered "daddy" in his super little voice, strained from holding back his cries
"oh little prince" patton cooed sounding heartbroken, he wiggled his free arm under romans legs and shuffled him into his lap in seconds. "shh, it's okay, daddys got you baby"
roman tensed and logan gave patton a stern look at the nickname slip, and patton hurriedly apologized - its just natural for him to use that word
usually roman is a tad insecure about the fact that hes taller than patton when hes in psttons lap bc hes worried it looks weird, but he didnt have the energy to worry this time and just lets his daddy cradle his head to his shoulder and rock him as romans cries got harder to hold back. it felt such a relief to finally be little and let his daddy take care of him, but it was v overwhelming since it was basically involuntary
logan swiftly joined them on the couch, pressing himself right up against patton and rubbing his hand firmly over romans back and shushing him gently and reassuring "good boy. it's okay, let it out. its okay to cry little one" because he knows how embarrassed roman gets about crying, especially when little
but then roman choked through his tears "n-not sposed to be - be l-little!" then sniffled and whimperd again and buried a sob in pattons shoukder
and logan calmly managed to coax him to talk about why, in the same way he coaxed vee into evaluating why she thought diapers werent for her in labd. lots of gentle prodding into why roman answers the way he does, why is he supposed to be big, why is being little bad
patton knew to stay quiet during this process, just squeezing roman to encourage him to answer, and kissing his wet cheek when he says something that makes pattons heart ache
then eventually logan got roman to admit that hes been forcing himself to be bigger because he thought he should be big to not bother the caregivers and to help look after vee and so he is "more of a real grownup" when hes with his friends
the thing is once you manage to break into that well of emotion that romans been repressing, he cant stop it from flowing. so once they reached that conclusion roman just kepts rambling (all while little and stumbling over his words)
"i i been tryna be a big big boy and big brother for vee vee cos shes a baby and needs a big brother... b-but i dont wanna be that big all the time, its too big, i wanna be a little big brother again. too much big"
then patton sighed "oh sweetheart, we know youve been much more grownup recently but we thought it's because you wanted to be big"
" i do!" roman argued loudly, more tears building "b-but little too a-and... and i dunno" he finished in a sob, and patton quickly pulled him closer to his chest and rocked him
logan realised roman is too little to have such a complex discussion about tricky emotions, so he promised that the following day they would all have a big grownup talk about how to help roman find a better balance.
"but for tonight" logan whispered, leaning down and kissing romans head and cupping his jaw gently and looking at him gently "mommy and daddy are going to take care of our sweet little prince. how does that sound, little one?"
romans lip wobbled and he nodded and launched himself into mommy lap to give him a tight hug
so that night logan and patton gave their full attention to taking care of roman and helping him be extra little - they watched disney movies and held their little prince and encouraged his headspace, singing along to the songs and poking roman playfully to get him to giggle and sing along too but much quieter than usual.
patton even reminded roman when to go use the potty, not because roman would ever have an accident but because its another way of showing roman that daddy is taking care of him and to reinforce that younger headspace that ro so clearly needed that night
they were all squished onto the one couch - its big enough for them to spread out but logan and patton sat shoulder to shoulder, with roman laid across pattons lap and his head on logans shoulder. with daddy letting roman play with his fingers as a fidget and logan scritching his nails gently at the base of romans neck which makes him sleepy
and every once in a while, logan would lean down and kiss romans temple so gentle, seemingly randomly but actually its that logan kept thinking about how little he knows about romans mental state recently. and whenever he thought "god i wish i knew what was going on in his head", he would lean down and kiss it in the hopes it plants the thought in romans mind that his parents love him
roman was actually very low energy - usually his littlespace is defined by playfulness and loudness and running and jumping and dancing, but on that specific night he was very quiet, very sleepy, and very very cuddly. he really just needed to feel protected because it was such a vulnerable state for him, being involuntarily little, so just letting his caregivers take full control and take care of him and look after him was exactly what he needed
he would never ever say this to anyone and the caregivers agreed to not tell vee or anyone else, but i think they actually had snacks at one point and roman was just so muted and sleepy and clingy that he didnt wanna let go of daddys hand to get some popcorn even though when patton asked roman admitted he was hungry... so logan offered to feed him, and roman very shyly accepted and let logan put lil pieces of popcorn in his mouth
he thought it was embarrassing, but it actually gave him more energy both because popcorn is yummy and because he found it fun and got kindve giggly - to which patton of course told him he was adorable
after the first movie though vee actually woke up from her nap regressed and the caregivers took it in turns looking after her while the other stayed and cuddled roman extra tight
but soon vee was put in bed for good for the night - roman actually got a little upset again because he assumed since mommy was putting the baby to bed, that meant it was romans bedtime too and he would have to be all alone in his room.
but then logan returned to the living room with the baby monitor in hand and immediately asked "so what movie next, sweetheart?"
bedtime be damned, the caregivers stayed up watching disney films with their little one until he fell asleep snuggled in his mommys lap
just imagine those really gentle vibes when you fall asleep on the couch as a kid and your parent gently wakes you up and leads you up to bed. Exactly like that, patton very gently woke roman up once the credits were rolling like an hour after roman dropped off to sleep
"mmh... daddy.. wha?" roman mumbled sleepily
and patton smiled, happy that roman was still letting himself be little. and of course in that moment he decided there was no way roman was going to sleep alone that night.
"c'mon honey, up up"
roman whined as logan helped push him off his lap and stand up
"i know sweetie. but you can sleep in my bed tonight, isn't that exciting?"
as soon as roman heard that it gave him more motivation to let his daddy hold his hand and carefully lead him upstairs to pattons room while roman is just blinking sleepily and letting his cg take full control and take care of him
logan helps to set up romans njghtlight in pattons room while patton helps roman brush his teeth, and then gives roman one last hug and big soft kiss on his head. "we can talk about it when youre big, but i promise you can be little for as long as you want, ok?"
roman sighed sleepily "ok mommy"
"good night little one, i love you" another forehead kiss
"love you mommy"
and then logan went off to his own bed while patton got him and roman settled in his bed for the night. logan honestly knew he wasnt the best person to take care of roman overnight because he really isnt a cuddly sleeper but roman really is, so he trusted pstton to be the primary caregiver and cuddle roman in bed
meanwhile logan kept vees baby monitor in his room which isnt how it usually goes. usually its in patton room bc patton is a light sleeper and likes to be the one to take care of his baby if she wakes up in the night, but logan took on that job for that night so that patton could focus fully on roman
the next day roman was still little but in the playful bouncy way again almost instantly! then when he grew up later in the day the three of them had a serious talk about how to help roman feel better about his littlespace/grownup life balance
logan broke it down into exact hours for roman - they realised that there was 20-25 hours every week where roman had to be grownup for various commitments and responsibilitiea. and the other 148 hours? (ish bc i cant remember the maths lol) logan and patton assured roman he could be little for all of those other hours if he really wanted to be and they would be completely okay with it
and seeing it broken down into numbers and basic stuff really helped roman , he is still going to struggle a little with letting himself be extra little when he needs it, and itll be tricky for him to find a good balance of little vs big because he gets so invested in one headspace so easily, but its backed up by those numbers and by the knowledge that his caregivers really do love to take care of him
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wasithard · a year ago
my self esteem is through the roof right now (thank you @vinylpaperclip​) i’m just gonna post the whole “australian!annabeth” fic here even though i think its wildly out of character based on the fact that annabeth is absolutely a self-insert for myself but who cares!!!!! 
in case it isnt clear footy = football and in this case is referring to the great game of rugby league. i apologise in advance for the ending which is just....a whole lot of cheese. enjoy!
She really did bring a footy jersey all the way with her to England, even though it was going to be seen by exactly zero other people as she watched the game by herself in her room.
But hey, it feels like home, and from the excited text she gets from her brothers in response to the photo she sends them of her in it lets her know that she made them smile, which makes it worth it.
They’re halfway into the first half, Blues up by 2, when her phone dings.
 Dumbass: are you around i’m bored
You: watching the footy you may join me but no talking this is important
Dumbass: if it’s australian football it’s not important but sure
When she opens the door for him a few minutes later Percy squints at her.
“Are you wearing a jersey? Did you bring a jersey all the way here?” He sounds incredulous.
“Gotta support the boys!” She says in reply, turning around and racing back to her bed and her laptop so she doesn’t miss anymore game time.
Annabeth hears Percy shut the door before he joins her, poking her in the side to get her to make room for him on the bed. She shuffles over and he settles in beside her, stretching an arm behind her as she sinks into his side.
“Oh, it’s rugby league. That’s acceptable at least.”
“What did you think I was watching?” She asks him, eyes not leaving the screen.
“I thought you were going to make me sit through your country’s sorry excuse for soccer.”
“You know what, I’m not even going to try and defend us on that one.”
He chuckles, “Good.”
They fall into a silence and Annabeth is wholly focused on the game. She fills Percy in on the importance of this game, the long, intense rivalry of the teams, who her favourite and least favourite players are. For his part, he seems to actually care, or does a good job of pretending.
At half time he raises his eyebrows, “This is actually pretty entertaining.”
“Well duh,” she says, turning to face him, “We’re world number 1s and this is an all-stars match.”
“I don’t know about world number ones,” he says. The smile on his face tells her he’s just trying to rile her up, but she can’t help herself.
“We literally won the World Cup last year.”
“Home ground advantage. Doesn’t count.”
She’s smiling as she shakes her head, “Shut up.”
“Make me.” He says, and she doesn’t miss the way his eyes flick to her lips for the briefest of seconds.
It sends butterflies shooting through her stomach, and she’s suddenly very much aware of all the places he’s touching her. She loves it, this game they’ve been playing for the past couple of weeks, dancing around each other. She only loves it, she thinks, because she knows he feels the same.
There’s no mystery about either of their feelings for each other, the question is only when they’ll crack and act on them.
Not right now, she thinks to herself, I haven’t waited this long for our first kiss not to be romantic.
She grabs a pillow from her other side and whacks his face with it, laughing at the exclamation she gets out of him.
He grabs her and smothers her with it. She manages to blindly locate his armpit and starts tickling him there. Maybe not the most graceful way of getting him off of her, but it works.
“Did you just tickle me?!”
“Yes and if you try to do it back I can’t promise that I won’t draw blood.” She states simply, getting up from the bed and walking to the kitchenette. “Hungry?” She asks.
“Surely you know the answer to that.”
She rolls her eyes but she’s smiling, “I’ve only got snacks. Do you want chips or bread?”
He rolls onto his back, his head hanging off the side of the bed as he watches her, “Will that bread have Vegemite on it?”
“You know it will!” Her voice is cheery from inside a cupboard as she brings out her 1kg tub of Vegemite.
“Have I told you how happy I am that you recognise the sheer deliciousness of Vegemite?” She says, passing him a plate with two slices of Vegemite-lathered bread as she returns to the bed.
“Yes, many times.”
“Well, I’m telling you again. I’m so glad you have taste, unlike everyone else in this country who thinks Marmite is edible.”
“It’s a gift.” He says, grinning through a mouthful of bread. She scrunches her nose in disgust and fetches her laptop from the end of her bed.
“Perfect timing,” she mutters as the game restarts for the second half. They settle into their comfortable silence again, the only sounds the voices of the commentators, their mouths chewing the bread and Annabeth’s occasional gasps and muttered curses.
He takes their plates when they’re done and puts them on the floor next to the bed. They rearrange themselves so that she’s leaning against him again and this time his arm rests around her waist, hand laying on her hip.
It starts as nothing, but at some point his hand finds his way under the thick, blue cotton of her jersey and onto the smooth warmth of her skin underneath.
She hears her own sharp intake of breath and wishes her body wouldn’t be so obvious about the effect Percy has on her. He sounds genuinely worried when he says, “Sorry, should I–”
“No! No, you’re fine.” She says, glancing at him in reassurance, “It’s nice.”
Nice, she thinks, ugh. But she refocuses on the game, his hand a weight burning into her side.
They sit a few more minutes until he rubs his thumb slowly upwards along her stomach, and Annabeth thinks she might die. Involuntarily, she inhales again.
She can hear a small smile in Percy’s voice when he asks, “You ok?”
She doesn’t trust her voice so she nods and hums the affirmative, but her breathing is shallow.
“Ok,” he says, and brings his head down to rest on her shoulder, lips brushing the top of her back. She fights the urge to tense her body in anticipation and instead turns on him. He jerks back in surprise.
“Actually, you’re being distracting. I’m going to need to you stop this until the game is over.”
He raises an eyebrow, a smirk curling his lips. “I’m distracting am I?”
“Yep,” she says, turning back around, “I already said it, not saying it again.”
“What about what I’m doing is distracting you, ‘Beth?” He asks, bringing his head back down to near her shoulder.
“I’m not talking about this while there’s a game on, unfortunately.”
“Ok I’ll just chill here then.”
“Unfortunately, you can’t do that either.”
“Should I leave then?”
She huffs in frustration, “Percy!” She turns towards him, mouth open to berate him but the words get stuck in her throat at the way he is positively beaming at her. She hates him for it. She falls a little more in love with him for it.
She exhales, deflating. “Why now?” She asks.
He tilts his head, “What do you mean?”
“I mean,” she turns her body so that she’s fully facing him now, the game momentarily forgotten. “Why now of all times to be so forward?”
She can see his brain thinking, oh ok so we’re actually talking about this now, as he blinks a few times. “Why not?”
She thinks about spitting some more banter about how she’s in the middle of a very important rugby game and it’s actually quite rude of him to interrupt her with this but decides instead to try and be honest, to let herself be vulnerable. Because if one thing has become clear to her over the months she’s been living in England, is that she can trust this man in front of her. He’s listened to her talk about architecture and Australian politics just as intently as he’s listened to her tell him about her parents and step-family and her attempts to start living a life for herself instead of a life to try and please the people around her.
Her voice is small when she responds. “Why me?” 
She’s staring at him with an openness that scares her a little bit, but she feels a bit better when she sees his entire body soften.
Percy’s gaze searches hers for a moment, the expression on his face as if he’s asking, are you joking? 
He shakes his head a little in disbelief, “Because, Annabeth, how could I know you and not be desperately in love with you?”
A sound falls out of her, like she’s released a weight she’s been holding for years. She hesitates for one last moment before both of her hands reach out and grab his shirt, pulling him close and capturing his lips with hers, because she has to. 
His words are ones she’s been wishing to hear for years, a suggestion of a romance she’s been blindly, naively hoping she’ll find one day. She kisses him with the force of twenty-two years of yearning for someone to see her and love her as she is; she kisses him with the relief of finally finding it.
His arms come around her and hug her closer to him and her hands slide up his chest and around his neck, pulling herself into his lap so that they are flush against each other. She’s not sure how long they’re kissing, but when she eventually pulls back they’re both out of breath. Her hair is hanging around them both like a curtain, enclosing them in their own world where they are totally lost in this moment, in each other. His eyes are sparkling up at her and there’s a beautiful redness to his cheeks that make his eyes shine even brighter. She brings her hands up to cup his face, thumbs tracing his cheeks, and he just stares and stares until she closes the space between them again with one more long, searing kiss. One that she feels deep in her belly.
He rolls them over so they’re lying next to each other on the bed when they break apart again, and she keeps one hand resting on his face as they just look at each other, entranced.
An eruption of cheers from the tinny laptop speakers snaps her out of her daze. She bolts upright and checks the score – it’s full time and the Blues have won the game. She shouts with joy, shuts the laptop and tosses it to the end of the bed before falling back down next to him.
“I guess I’ve won twice today.” She says, shuffling closer so that her nose brushes his.
“Well, congratulations,” He says, “What’s the prize?”
She smiles slowly, her lips taking time to break apart and expose her grinning teeth. His eyes follow the movement, and his soft exhale as her smile grows bigger fills her chest with a golden warmth.
“He’s right here,” is all she says before leaning in again.
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pastanest · a year ago
<— masterlist for previous/next chapters —>
warning: references to injuries sustained through torture
Tumblr media
Dont Say Goodbye - Chapter Eight: Please.
Snow crunched beneath your boots as you trudged through the woods, following the frozen stream in the hopes of it leading you to a town of some kind. Behind you, Bear panted happily, his harness attached to a crate that was packed with blankets, surrounding your little girl. You tucked her in as best you could, but if you didnt found a house soon, you knew it was only a matter of time before she got sick. Bundled up in her little arms was an even smaller thing, the little king himself; only his ears were poking out of the blankets that he was buried under. Your little girl’s ears were tucked under a wooly hat, her hands shielded with a pair of mittens that were far too big of her, and she was wearing as many layers of clothing as you could put on her, including your coat. You wrapped your arms around yourself in an attempt to hold onto the very little warmth you had left in you, but it didnt change anything.
Minutes passed before Boss appeared, bounding through the snow. If it werent for his black eyes and nose, he would have blended in completely. You smiled at the sight of him, and the dead rabbit that he had in his mouth. Bending down, you scratched behind his ears.
“Good boy, Boss!” You praised him, and he turned around on the spot, then ran a few paces ahead of you, and turned around again.
“What have you found?” You frowned at him, but followed him nonetheless, knowing his methods of communication like the back of your hand.
The four of you followed him through the leafless trees, across the thick ice over the stream, until Boss led you to a street. But not just a street, a street with houses. You gasped at the sight.
Heading over to one of the houses, you instructed Boss to stay outside with the others while you cleared it, and he followed your orders as he always did. You cleared the house as quickly as you could before bringing your family inside, but Boss immediately ran back into the woods, and you sighed. Though he was most likely doing something useful, you couldnt help worrying about him, but there was no way to stop him from acting on instinct. Picking up the dead rabbit he left on the doorstep, you closed the front door of the house and set your family up in one of the upstairs rooms at the back of the house. With only windows facing the yard, any light in that room wouldnt shine onto the street and attract the dead. Just as you thought about firewood, there was a scratch against the front door. You took your knife out and edged your way down the stairs, carefully opening the door, only to find nobody there. But on the doorstep was a small pile of decently large sticks.
Boss spent the entire night running back and forth from the woods to the house, leaving more firewood on the doorstep for you to collect, in order to keep the fire going all night, to keep your daughter warm. It wasnt until the sun rose and began to melt the snow that Boss finally followed you back inside the house and let himself rest, curled up in front of the door of the room you barricaded himself inside, so that he was the first to hear of any danger.
Heavy eyelids force their way open and you squint, but there’s very little light around you. The pounding in your head reminds you of the last memory you have: your head getting slammed against a tree trunk. The heat gathering at a particular place on the side of your head alerts you to definite bleeding, many years ago that was your only way of knowing when the beatings had opened a wound that you couldnt see, it was a feeling you once knew well. Lifting your head takes every bit of strength you have, the rope binding you to the chair you’re sitting on prevents you from even trying to free yourself. Hooded eyes search the shadows, trying to figure out where you are, but it isnt familiar at all. The most you can makeout is the walls, they’re made of wood, and the windows have been blacked out somehow. A voice reaches out to you from the shadows, a voice you had hoped you would never hear again.
“Miss me, sweetheart?”
The petname he uses makes your blood run cold, and as he steps out of the shadows with a sickening smile on his face, you feel your entire body freeze. Even if you werent tied to a chair, you know you wouldnt be able to move right now; fear binds better than rope. Though the room is very dimly lit, your terrified eyes recognise every line of the face you had tried so hard to forget. But his face doesnt matter, and neither does his name. He doesnt deserve to be remembered as anything more than the monster that tortured you. Hanging your head, you fix your gaze on your lap, not giving him the satisfaction of looking at him for a second longer, but part of you cant help wondering if you’re slipping back into the fear of meeting his eyes. The most you have been able to insult his memory all these years has been by remembering as a faceless, nameless thing. Not a man. If he knew that’s how you remembered him, you dread to think what he would do to you.
“Did you really think you could run from me forever?” He asks, laughing at you coldly.
Everything within you screams to argue with him, tell him that you stopped running from him long ago because as much as this might be news to him, the world is a whole lot bigger and more dangerous than he is. You’ve been taking care of your own family, navigating a small part of the world without any help, and in all that time he barely crossed your mind, because he didnt deserve to. You want to tell him, but your mouth refuses to open, and you can feel your mind retreating into itself.
During the final years of your time trapped with this monster, your mind had learnt how to disappear and leave you a numb shell whenever he lost his temper, so that you didnt feel the fear, and you only dealt with the pain afterwards. Whenever his hands were on you, you were numb, vacant. And right now, you can feel your mind trying to escape as it did then. The ferocity, the fighting spirit you had regained, evaporates like it never existed in the first place, and you wonder if you ever actually left your old apartment.
“I’ll be honest, you had me lost for a while. Took a long time to find you, I started thinking maybe you’d found a good hiding place and died there instead of doing anything to survive, because you dont know how.” He mocks you, the person he remembers you as.
And just like before, you have nothing to say, no urge to do anything at all.
“It was totally by chance that I saw you yesterday, getting on the back of some asshole’s bike. I followed you back, found the place you’d hidden yourself away in, and then I saw something I just couldnt believe! My whore of a girlfriend, swinging what I assume is her daughter, with the same asshole she rode back to her hidey hole with! That kid isnt a baby either, is she? You really tried to leave me and immediately fucked some brainless redneck?!” He raises his voice, getting angrier with every word, and something clicks.
Like a switch turning back on deep within you, you abruptly come back to yourself, and you lift your head, smirking at him.
“You made a fatal mistake in what you just said.” You tell him, voice more confident than he has ever heard it, and the flash of shock across his face is testament to that.
“And what was that?” He questions sarcastically, acting like you dont have a leg to stand on, because you never did before.
But when you smile at him, you can see how unnerved he is. “You reminded me of the person that made me who I am today, and the person that reminded me of who I could still be. The guy you saw me with, do you want to know his name?” You tilt your head to the side.
He scoffs, shaking his head and laughing. “I dont care what his name is.”
You grin at him. “Oh, but you do. I found my way back to Daryl Dixon, sweetheart.”
He isnt quick enough to compose himself, and you witness an unforgettable sight: his eyes widening in panic.
“I told you all about him when we first met, and you knew he was your biggest threat, that’s why you took me away, isnt it? You knew that if he was nearby, you didnt stand a chance!” You laugh at him, humiliating him beyond your wildest dreams.
He starts pacing, and your years of trauma prove useful in perfectly dissecting his body language; you know for a fact he didnt bother to move you very far. Wherever you are, he got you here on foot, he didnt have time to plan a more distant location and a vehicle, he had to grab you at the first opportunity he had, and he didnt count on a certain someone being in your midst.
When your laughter stops, a smirk settles back on your face. “That is a one man army, equipped with the best tracking skill I’ve ever known as well as years of fighting experience, coming straight for you, a guy who’s only ever punched things that dont fight back. Daryl Dixon is coming, and he knows exactly what you did, there is absolutely nothing that will stop him from killing you once he gets here.”
He looks over at you, and you lock eyes with him, holding his gaze with fire in your eyes.
“But I dont want my man to have all the fun, so why dont you let me out of these ropes? Im not afraid of you anymore, try me.” You tilt your nose up at him, without realising Daryl’s mannerisms have started rubbing off on you.
When your eyes leave his, you spot your knife on the floor, and you make a mental note of it, so that as soon as Daryl gets here, you can be of use. Unfortunately, by taking your eyes off of your captor, you give him the space to become enraged all over again, and he runs at you, smacking you hard across the face, sending you and your chair hurtling to the floor.
In the forest, the crossbowman is running along the trail as the blood soaked dog follows the scent. Daryl could spend the time to track the trail himself, but when he happens to have a dog who would probably track your scent to the ends of the earth, he’s far more inclined to trust the latter. Glancing down at the trail, he can only see one set of tracks, meaning that you werent walking with this asshole, and you werent being dragged either. Daryl’s blood boils in his veins at the thought of that prick carrying you, and he knows you never would’ve let him do that while you were conscious. Not only were you taken by him, but you were going to have to wake up somewhere with him, too. A crossbow would be a merciful end for him, and Daryl isnt about to give him that.
The trail ends at a small wooden shack in the middle of the woods. Daryl looks at Boss, putting a finger to his lips to signal for the dog to be quiet, and for the first time, Boss actually does as Daryl tells him. Crouching down, the pair scout a full circle around the small building, checking the number of exits and weak points. With the windows blacked out by some cardboard or something stuck to them, it’s difficult for Daryl to figure out your exact location within the building. He stills his movements, listening carefully, and when he hears you cry out in pain, he pinpoints the sound as coming from the back of the small building, which means they should come from the front in order to ambush him. The sounds you’re making from within the wooden walls assure Daryl there’s no time to waste, and he and Boss are quick to round the building.
Looking down at the dog, Daryl nods. “You get her, I’ll get him.”
And even though the animal cant reply, somehow Daryl knows that he understands.
Not wanting to waste another second, Daryl kicks down the front door. You squint at the light streaming in, and you hear the sound of a crossbow firing before you can see anything. The monster cries out, falling to the floor, and something chews at knotted ropes on the back of your chair. Recognising his growls, you smile, happy tears filling your eyes at your two boys coming to rescue you.
“Boss!” You cry, and then your arms are freed from their restraints.
Boss runs to stand in front of you protectively as you crawl away from the ropes, your body in too much pain for you to stand. With your vision finally clear, you see your wonderful Daryl standing over your broken captor, who’s yelling out and clutching his leg, which has been rightfully impaled.
“Thought I wouldnt come lookin’ for ‘er?” Daryl growls, bending down to grab your abuser by his collar. “I will always find ‘er, you hear me? You took ‘er from me, thought ya broke her, but she came right back. She’s stronger’n you’ll ever be, and she could take you out herself, but I aint lettin’ you near ‘er to do that.” Without hesitation, Daryl lets go of him with one hand to punch him in the jaw, and then he does it again, and again, and again.
“Daryl.” You choke out, your split lip stinging like a bitch.
Looking over his shoulder at you, Daryl’s cold gaze immediately softens, and you gesture to your knife a few feet away. You’d originally imagined you could use it, but you dont have the strength right now, and Daryl’s right; getting close to that asshole after what he’s done to you will only put you more at risk. A mess of a man crumbles to the floor as Daryl strides across the room and picks up your knife. The storm crosses the room once more, and a harsh kick hurtles into your abuser’s chest. And in one swift movement, Daryl crouches down and slices the monster’s gut open. A puddle of blood begins to pool beneath him, and Daryl walks back over to you, helping you to your feet as he wipes your knife on his jeans and passes it back to you.
“Le’s go home.” Daryl says, and you nod, sighing with relief.
The two of you head for the door, one of Daryl’s arms around your waist to hold you up and one of yours around his shoulders. The relief that floods through you at the thought of this finally being over brings a beaming grin to your face, despite the bruises that surround it. But that bliss is short lived. Before you can even register what is going on, something pushes Daryl, and the two of you are sent hurtling to the floor as a single gunshot sounds. Recovering from the shock, you start shaking Daryl’s shoulders, your entire body trembling as you check him for bullet wounds, your breathing shallow.
“Im alright, didnt get me.” Daryl assures you as he sits up, both of your gazes drifting to the door of the shack.
And in the middle of the doorway lies a bloody dog, but the blood isnt just that of a walker’s anymore.
“No...NO!” You scream, forgetting your injuries as you desperately scramble over to him, trying to put pressure on the wound, but there’s already so much blood.
Your eyes dart around, eventually landing on the image of your abuser, lying in a pool of his own blood, with a gun in his hands that you had forgotten he had. Tears fill your wild eyes. He would never aim that gun at you, killing you would only ever be an accident to him, he wanted you alive to torture you, so you werent the target. Boss must have seen him point the gun at Daryl, and he jumped on Daryl to get him out of the way. He took a bullet for the man that helped him save you. It’s hard to breathe, your chest feels like it’s being crushed as Boss’s chest heaves against your hands. The wound is in his abdomen, and you know that he wont make it back to the prison, all the way back to Hershel, for surgery. Your loyal companion’s eyes meet yours, but he no longer has the strength to lift his head. Daryl falls to his knees beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as he silently comes to the same conclusions.
“Boss, please, please dont go! Not like this!” You sob, endless tears streaming from your eyes as you beg him to fight this, but there’s nothing any of you can do.
And for the first time in years, Boss smiles at you. His eyes are no longer serious and focussed, but at peace, and exhausted. You take his head in your hands, scratching behind his ears one last time.
“Y-You were the best boy in the whole world! Thank you for e-everything. I’ll never forget you, I love you, Boss.” You choke out, your throat feeling like it’s closing.
The reality of saying goodbye to your best friend shatters you, and you turn to Daryl, clutching his vest and sobbing into his chest. Boss’s eyes move to Daryl, too, and as Daryl looks down at the dog that he knows has kept you safe in your years without him, he knows exactly what Boss is asking of him.
Look after her for me.
And without hesitation, Daryl nods down at him, sealing the promise by patting the dog’s side gently as his eyes close, and his heaving chest slows, until it stops.
The agony of your loss tears through you, transforming every thought into one that causes further pain. With an arm around Daryl’s shoulder and one his arms around your back, you’re only just able to walk, you cant even carry your best friend. He’s over Daryl’s shoulder, and you cant bring yourself to look at Daryl out of fear of seeing the lifeless body of your loyal companion, the one who protected your daughter better than you ever could, and protected you in the same way. He was gone. In seconds, everything he ever was, everything he ever did, became a memory. He became part of the past, and it wasnt possible for him to go beyond that now. The weight of your heart sinking further and further below the earth crushes you, and you feel the ground swallow you up. The shell of you limps beside Daryl, while the real you curls up into a ball in the deepest corner of your mind.
It isnt until you get back to the prison that it hits you. The entirety of Rick’s group is waiting behind the gate, with your daughter holding Carol’s hand at the very front. She smiles at the sight of you, but you break at the sight of her. The gate opens, and you collapse to your knees, falling from Daryl’s side. Everyone runs out of the gate, taking out the walkers that you hadnt even registered, and then your little girl crashes into you. Your arms wrap around her, but you’ve never felt weaker in your life.
“Mama, I missed you so much! What happened? Are you okay? Where’s Boss?”
She has so many questions, and for the first time in her four years of existence, you dont have the strength to answer them. The gasps that echo around you as the group closes in and sees what- who Daryl is holding, sends you further into the abyss.
It takes you a long time to register Aurora being picked up by Daryl, and Rick and Maggie helping you back to your feet. When you lift your gaze and your vision momentarily clears, you lock onto the sight of Glenn walking ahead of you, carrying the body of your best friend up the prison field.
“NO! LEAVE HIM, LEAVE HIM!” You cry out, hysterically fighting against Rick as he wraps his arms around you from behind, and you collapse again, but this time he’s there before you reach the ground. You still feel yourself sink back there.
A groan from behind you reaches you from within the mental chasm you’ve lost yourself to, and you frown, wondering why you can hear the sound of a walker when you didnt even notice the walkers from earlier. Looking over your shoulder, you find your answer. He’s stumbling through the trees with his organs still spilling from his slashed stomach, reaching out for you with the hands you’d never forget, the hands that held the gun. A blood curdling scream erupts from your throat, and the last sound you hear is a crossbow firing before your vision fades to black.
explanation for this chapter title: again with the theme of each chapter title sounding like it’s said in conversation with the title of the series:
“Dont say goodbye.”
to begin with, the ‘please’ is sarcastic, both from the reader and Daryl when faced with the abuser. saying ‘oh, PLEASE’ like they dont even want to waste their breaths on him, and they dont. it’s the confidence in them getting away from him like he wasnt even a challenge. in the end, the ‘please’ turns into a desperate plea for Boss not to say goodbye.
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001 zukka, if youd like.
hi! okay, first ask, thank you for asking.
when I started shipping it if I did: ...im going to be completely honest, im new to atla, but not new to tumblr. i actually had a large tumblr that i made when i was fourteen that was dedicated to hetalia. but over the years i got bored of it, so i stopped updating it, i only looked at the blogs i followed and then one day, someone reblogged some zukka fanart, and i loved it. i knew nothing of the characters, but from the looks of each of them and how it followed the classic red-blue gays and representation that i craved as a young lesbian i decided to give it a watch, still in love with a ship i knew nothing about, so imagine my whiplash that i got when they were two people who weren't even friends until the final season, but i never got discoaurged because of all the tension and the parellels and how if either of them were female-male i definitely felt that zukka would be canon and have so much more hype.
my thoughts: im not the best at describing why i love them, but ill try. i love zukka for a lot of reasons, but mostly because... for me relationships are a partnership, you both get benefits from it where you can rely on eachother, where there is a mutual understanding between each other to the point where you know exactly what your lover needs to hear... and sometimes, no matter the mood your in, they are the only ones who can truly make you happy, and thats what i get from zukka. sokka is very much the older sibling, he goes so underappreciated for so long that when piandao tells him he should be proud of who he is and what he can do... he just doesn't believe him. now, this isnt the fault of katara, aang or anyone else, maybe a little bit hakodas fault i mean he literally left a kid with such high expectations of himself to protect the village by himself with what limited training that he had. even when they listen to his ideas, some of which are very much right but have failed to no fault of sokka like walking because appa is too noticable, katara or someone else pokes fun to these ideas for failing miserable, which they may mean in jest, but can still really hurt, so he needs someone to encourage him that sure, maybe this idea has failed, but its just a learning experience. zuko... my god he has trauma. zuko was this sweet and kind and passionate kid born into an environment where he didnt belong and he was abused for everything that he was. ursa while was a safe haven didnt do enough to protect him, as she too was powerless. his sister turned from this sweet and kind sister to someone who quickly realised that being that way makes it impossible to survive so she began to tease and taunt and turn into a mirror of their abuser. while id like to think lu ten was there for the both of them, iroh and lu ten where getting ready for the siege so they were rather busy... and azulon actively wished that ozai kill him, and ozai, fucking ozai man, is there anything else left to be said? once ursa left... everything when down and he was burned and banished for his wish to protect his people. iroh... for all my love of iroh, he doesnt understand zukos intentions or actions, he thinks hes lost his way but... he doesnt see that zuko doesnt want to hunt the avatar, he doesnt want to stay at the tea shop, what he wants is to be home. hes not safe in the watertribes, not safe in the earth kingdom and while he isnt truly safe at home, its his nostalgia(?) and how everything hes used to is at home, its where his mother memory lives... its where his the remnants of his past relationship with azula and where his baby sister is... its as safe as a home they could get. he knows people doesnt like him and he while isnt okay with it, nothing matters more than getting home. which isnt a good reason for his literally capturing of a twelve year olds, fourteen year old and fifteen year olds, but... it is for him, hes sixteen, still a kid, like the one hes chasing and he doesnt realize that the home he hopes for isnt what he thinks it is, at least not anymore. that his father doesnt love him, that his sister is no longer the sweet kid that she used to be and she too was abused, that his mum is no longer around anymore and he doesnt have a happy life or a happy family. he repeatedly doesnt listen to iroh because iroh doesnt get it. iroh grew up loved and cherished and praise while zuko doesnt, he grows up hated with no chance of change, he... is very much an asshole and doesnt listen to anyone, but hes trying in season 3. and then... the boiling rock happens. my god, its... like my favourite episodes. sokka feels like he has to go alone because he felt like he failed, its his responsiblity, it was his mistake despite the fact that it wasnt, that there were many, many adults who it the fault could fall onto, and the fact that the odds were stacked against them completely, but sokka being who he is, still feels responsible, but wants to go alone. except, zuko wont let him, he understands sokka, because thats what hes felt like his whole life. hes
always felt like a failure, not being able to protect his sister, not being able to protect himself so he knows what sokka is going to do, and, forces himself onto the journey. its awkward, at first, because of course it is i mean this is the guy who was chasing you for half a year and was inadvertidely responsible to two of your closest friends deaths/near-deaths. but once they get past this awkwardness, the banter very much starts when they land. and zuko. zuko who never asked for someones opinion, looks to sokka for guidance and listens and encourages sokka. for me boiling rock is peak sokka for how well he plans. sokka is able to express himself and talk and give advice and when his plan fails, zuko is there to help him through it and see it with a different perspective, and they just... the trust, its there. its already there despite how much it shouldnt be. it just works so well and then sokka defends zuko to hakoda and finally hakoda tells him what he should of and... its up from there. they are just there for each other and its... wonderful. they are both absolutely miserable people but... they make each other happy. it happens so fastly too and its just absolutely wonderful.
What makes me happy about them: honestly, i just wrote what makes me happy about them and how much i love them in the above question.
What makes me sad about them: god. how complicated it will be in the actual universe and how they will have to spend most of their lives seperate from each other. ive mentioned before that im a romantic at heart and it hurts, because despite how realistic it will be to have them seperated for most of their early religion, i mean... zuko will have to stay in the firenation despite how much it isnt home for him anymore and sokka is able to move from the southern watertribe to the northern air temple and to the firenation... so id like to think that when izumi comes around, the soon travel together, as by the time izumi is around, things are getting settled and zuko doesnt need such a close eye on everything.
things done in fanfic that annoys me: listen... i dont have anything that really annoys me, except when they play into babified(?) versions of each other, (zuko beng too soft-boy and sokka... being to "daddy" if thats the correct word.) but what bothers me is the lack of sokka-comfort, all of them have trauma. sokka, too. i love zuko. hes... just my favourite/comfort character and someone who i relate to so much, hes just... ive never related to someone more than zuko, but zukka is a more mutual relationship than anything, and i wish we had more fics dealing with sokkas trauma too.
things I look for in fanfic:
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: okay, okay, okay, for zuko, i have many, i just think zuko and sokka both have extreme pretty boy privilege, and while zuko doesnt realize the effortless charm and how pretty he is, sokka most definitely does and uses it to his advantage. so... maiko, jinko, (platonic/relationship) zutara, jetko and sukka. listen. i love yue and sokkas relationship, but they had such a short time together that i could never really ship them. i think sokka mourns her and it is very valid for doing so but i always felt that he mourned his friend and what their relationship could of grown into. also i am a diehard yueki fan.
My happily ever after for them: that they grow hold together, and are able to see their children, (yes, i said children, as in izumi, varrick and senna with trans!zuko) grow and change the world and have their own families.
who is the big spoon/little spoon: dude. dude i dont know. i want them both to be held. i want both little spoon zukka and big spoon zukka. weighted blanket zukka. all zukka sleeping positions. i like to think that like me the both of them cannot stay still while they sleep, they wake up in each others arms but end up at the foot of the bed or something.
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: god... everything, picnics, roadtrips, reading together, stargazing, sharing letters... just as long as they are their together everything is their favourite activity as they spent most of their youth and twenties and possibliy early thirties separate from each other.
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As It Should Be - Part 10
Tumblr media
Masterlist Summary:   There are many things Mo Summers was okay with but dying? That was a   whole different story. Expecially if she wakes up alone, in an area and   time she isnt familiar with. And dont even get her started on being a   ghost. Just a moment ago she was eating hotdogs with her best friends. Oh how her life changed.
Also on wattpad <-- if you prefer to read longer stories on there
I would read it on wattpad. Don’t know how long the story gonna be
It has been a couple weeks since Flynn learned about the existence of ghosts. Most days for Mo, were spent hanging out with Leila and Willie at the beach or with the boys and Julie. Leila and Willie became really good friends with her and the three of them had a couple deeptalks. Willie had met a new ghost that he really liked, so they spent a lot of time together. Mo was surprised that her two new friends weren't dating, they sometimes seemed like a couple.
Since Julie joined the band, Mo didn't see that much of Luke. He was constantly writing lyrics with the living girl and Mo knew better than to disturb him.
On a quiet afternoon, Alex and our girl were alone in the studio. “Mo you can't keep ditching the subject when I want to talk to you about it.” Alex told the girl for what felt like the fifth time that week “And it actually kinda hurts, that you won't tell me who your crush is. And don't tell me you don't have one. The look you had on your face told me otherwise.” 
After the little heart to heart talk Mo and Alex had on the piano, there was no way she could deny it now. Alex kept asking her to finally answer his question, but Mo always changed the subject or walked away. She knew that it was childish, yet she was afraid of his reaction. It was clear that the moment Alex found out that she liked their best friend, he would try to bring them together and Mo really didn't want to embarrass herself.
Groaning, the girl put her book away and turned to the boy, who was sitting with her in the attic. “Okay, but promise me that you won't do anything about it. Pinky promise?” The boy nodded eagerly, linking their pinkies. 
“It's Luke…” Mo scratched her neck. Alex laughed. “What are you laughing at? This isn't funny.”
“Molly, Reggie and I know. If you really think about it, it's pretty obvious. Luke is just too dumb to notice. But for your information, we think it's, like, really cute and we also think that Luke likes you too.” He smiled at her, a reassuring look in his eyes.
For a moment Mo forgot how to breath, her chest tightening. “Obvious? Huh? I- What do you mean he likes me back?”
“How can you be good at school but so stupid when it comes to life?” the girl shrugged “It's the way you look at him, your whole face brightens up. He looks at you the same and second of all he calls you Molls, no one else does that. Your opinion also is the most important to him. Reggie and I could tell him yes but if you said no, he wouldn't do it. Also he is so touchy with you.”
She interrupted “He’s touchy with everyone.”
Alex gave her an unamused look, “I mean, he doesn’t pull Reggie in by his waist, or lets me sleep on his chest. So yeah, he is touchy with you.” 
“Well, I'm not gonna do anything about my silly little crush. I don’t wanna ruin our friendship you know? I rather have him as just a friend than not at all.” A weight lifted off her shoulders, she told someone, maybe now she could get over him.
“Yeah...thanks for telling me, now I can fangirl.” 
“Fangirl? Is that another word from your ghost friend?”
Alex agreed, then shot up like he had a fire under his ass. “I'm supposed to meet him this afternoon! Sorry Mo, I gotta leave right now. Love you” the boy ruffled her hair and poofed out, leaving her alone. 
It was still pretty early in the afternoon, meaning that Julie was still at school. Mo didn’t know where Reggie was but everybody needed some alone time for themselves here and there. They had started this night ritual that just the two of them went for a little walk and talked about whatever, just to be updated with the other's life.
She thought about what she should do. She didn't feel like reading right now, maybe she could go into the city for a bit, just move her legs a little. Or she could go ‘shopping’ and get inspired and then sew a new dress or a beanie for Luke.
As if he sensed that the girl was thinking of him, he appeared in the studio. 
“Hello? Someone home?” he yelled through the room.
“Me!” came back from above, her head poking over the railing.
“Molls! Come down.” and so she did.
“I missed you.” strong arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her up slightly. Mo instantly relaxed, the smell of lavender and wood calming her down.
Giggling she answered “I wasn't the one who roamed around god knows where. I stayed here most of the time.” 
Luke only stuck his tongue out at the girl, looking down at her, his hands resting on her hips. 
“So what were you planning on doing right now? And is there space for a second person?”
“Oh, THE Luke Patterson wants to spend time with a peasant like me? I’m so honoured.”
He only pouted, which made the girl smile. “I was just trying to decide what to do. Probably a walk through the city, visit the museum and get inspired.” 
Without another word, Luke took Mo's hand and poofed them out of the studio.
They walked through the museum, his hand never leaving hers. Mo couldn't complain, her stomach was doing flips, Alex’ words ringing in the back of her mind. Luke had a really interesting view on the meaning of some paintings, still, he took it very seriously. 
“Okay, Molls, that just looks like a foot. No meaning behind it. There cannot be.” They stared at a painting from Picasso. She tilted her head, scanning the painting a bit more. 
“Yep, you're right, can’t see anything else now that you've said it.” They stood there a while longer, just looking at the foot painting. 
“Thank you” she blurted out.
Luke turned to her, eyes narrowed in confusion “Thank you for what?”
“For coming to the museum with me.” he squeezed her hand “Always.”
Mo loved moments like these but sadly they always went by way too quickly.
“I think we should get back. Julie should be out of school and I want to show her some lyrics I came up with.” 
She felt a pang in her chest, her smile somewhat falling. “Yeah, yeah of course.” she smiled again. It wasn't a fake smile, it was just not as bright as before.
Reggie was back from his personal adventures, cleaning up the studio when the other two ghosts arrived.
“Hey man! Is Julie back yet?” Reggie glanced at Mo, who was staring at the floor trying not to get jealous. Their still intertwined hands not getting unnoticed. 
“Yeah she is, she said she is coming over in five.”
“Oh sick!” Luke walked over to his couch, plopping down on it. Mos hand felt cold, missing his warmth.
Reggie and Mo had one of their silent talks, that they did since they were about five years old. It alway annoyed the others because even if they tried their best, they had no clue what was going on. The two just look at eachother. He wanted to know what's up and Mo told him she would tell him later. With that, the boy was happy.
“Guys! We have a gig!” Julie walked into the room, a piece of paper clutched in her right hand.
“We do?” Reggie turned around and took the paper out of her hand. The ghosts all assembled next to the piano. Julie was watering the many plants in the studio.
“We’re playing a school dance? Sweet!”
“It's not exactly the strip.” Luke said, the disappointment dripped from his words.
“Be a bit more happy about it! It's a gig! That was how Sunset Curve started.” Mo ruffled his hair. Luke fixed it as soon as her hand left his head.
“And you're not exactly alive, so you should be happy we have our first gig.” The girl gave Reggie a thankful look.
“I wasn't in love with the idea at first either, but as Mo said, it's a great way to start and who knows maybe it's a great way for us to build a following, right?”
“Yeah. Yeah. When Mo was our manager, she told us that we need to play wherever we can, whenever we can.”
“I’m sorry, was? When did I get fired?”
“Sorry Mo. You're not really up to date with all the new technology…” Julie tried to explain but Mo waved her off. “No, no. No need to explain yourself, I get it.”
“Anyways, you're all right. Lets rock those kids’ faces off and then play the clubs.” 
“And then record a single that gets a billion streams?” All that Julie got back as a response were three confused faces.
“I don't know what that is, but hopefully it gets us a manager and a tour.” 
You had a manager, Mo thought to herself. It wasn't like she didn't understand that she was too old for this and it would take her ages to figure everything out. Still, she was disappointed. It was one of the ways she felt included in the band, like they needed her.
“Then we release a bunch of hit albums.”
“Put out a country album that does surprisingly well.” Luke rolled his eyes while the girls chuckled. “I shred on the banjo, so…”
Julie answered “Then I'll learn how to fiddle.” They did a ghost fist bump.
Luke was hyped up now, his depressed expression vanished from his face. “And then before we know it, we’re being inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame!”
Reggie chimed in, waving a finger around to make a statement “But one of us isn't there. Because we had a blowout in 2032. My money’s on Alex. He’s so sensitive.”
“What are we waiting for? Let’s get rehearsing!”
“I would say the drummer?”
“Where is he anyways?” Julie said at the same time as Mo, high fiving. Or what would be a high five if Mo’s hand could touch Julie’s.
“Oh, I know this one! He's out with his ghost friend.”
Luke thought for a moment “Okay, then we get rehearsing without him.”
Everybody agreed and got ready. Mo wanted to go to the attic but a hand on her wrist stopped her. “Where are you going?” His eyes stared right into hers. 
“The attic?”
“But we're rehearsing.” 
“Okay? I'm not in the band Luke.”
Shock washed over his face. “Of course you are! And because of that, you have to stay. No arguments. Now plant that sexy ass of yours down on the couch and give us feedback!” He didn't notice his little slip up.
The girl huffed, also not noticing the comment and sat down on the couch. 
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bahrlee · a year ago
Suck the Blood From my Wound - Beok AU
Another warning for this one. Nothing really gory again, but it was hard to write bc of how intense it gets :^|
🦇🦇🦇Chapter 26: Butterfly Effect🦇🦇🦇
Appearently they needed to close up the wound. He didnt like the connotation that they were going to do it themselves---that is, Queenie and Mini. Maybe they had some kind of strange healing ability, but if they didnt, the implication of live surgery being taken place in his home made him rather uneasy. 
   "What, we're just gonna sew it up no problem. We had to do this a lot for rogue vampire allies back in the day when the wolves were hanging round." Mini shrugged. "Dooks injury isnt even as bad as some of the ones I've seen."
   Dook was awake, and still couldnt really do anything but lay there, like a Roman citizen buried in the ashes of mount vesuvius. It usually wasnt so obvious when he dissociated, but it was very clear he was drifting far away from his own mind. It was his way to cope, his catharsis, to let his mind indulge in the sweet release of amnesia and disembodiment. He was next to him, touching him softly and concerningly hoping he wasnt too lost in whatever world he was in.
   He stayed mostly turned to his side, away from him, so he couldnt see the way he looked while he coped, his eyes fluttering around in fear and confusion, unable to process what just happened to him, but Beach knew what was happening and was able to see what was happening.
   "If we get him right now, he probably wont feel a thing." Mini told him. She held up the needle she wanted to use.
   "No Mini, bad idea. The pain might cause him to wake up and scream. The last thing we need are policemen coming to the house seeing a vampire bleeding out as we're holding him down and poking him." Queenie explained.
   "We're gonna have to hold him down and poke him either way." Rebuddled. "Might as well get him when hes staying this still."
   This talk was already riling him up. "Why cant we take him to like…. A doctor or something?" He asked, confused.
   They turned to him as if he asked a stupid question.
   "Hes a vampire. Doctors will sense that hes dead and begin to question things." Mini said harshly. 
   "If you want, you can leave the premise. Thisll be harsh and you dont seem like the person who would want to see this." Queenie suggested. Her hair was falling into her face. 
   "We could use the help though…." Mini said.
   "He'll cry, and then faint." 
   "He'll get used to it."
   "I guess. But hes already queasy at the thought of it happening---" 
   "Can you two shut up?" Dook blurted.
   They turned to look at him, eyes wide, almost completely forgetting he knew how to talk. "Wh-what makes you think I'm gonna allow you to touch me?" He sat up, defensive.
   "Dook…" Beach put a hand on his shoulder.
   "Dook, you dont understand, you're losing a lot of blood and you dont have much in you in the first place---" Queenie was interrupted by an ornery whine, then followed by her sigh. 
   "Dont let them touch me…." Dook pleaded to Beach, glaring at the two women who were looking back at him inquisitivey. He wrapped himself around Beachs arm timidly. Beach did nothing but stroke the top of his head. Concerned with the sickly look in his eyes and the slowness of his breath, with his weak way of speaking paining him. He couldnt force Dook to do this, but he couldnt stop the girls from doing this. Dook would scream and cry and kick and toss, but it had to be done. Like a kid needing to take their tylenol, only this time it was a grown man, a deadly wound, and a needle.
  "No, you wont do it…." Dook said, curling up into a ball and hiding himself in Beachs arms. 
   Mini grunted, and Queenie gave a frustrated sigh. They looked at each other, then at Beach, who gave a shrug, lost on what to do. He was still catching himself up to speed on everything---it still hadn't settled in yet. He just kept cradling Dook, who looked like he was once again falling asleep. He guessed the blood loss made him slip in and out of consciousness.
   "I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to do it then." Queenie huffed.
   "Or we can do it right now, while hes unconcious, so he won't---"
   The was a sudden, blood curdling scream from what could only be assumed was the bathroom. It caused Dook to jolt awake and for Beach to tense up, screaming like that always putting him on edge. Queenie and Mini got up and rushed out of the room fearfully, and frustratingly. Moments later he could hear the sloshing of water and Mitzi hyperventalating, struggling, and crying along with the reassuring words or her aunts. Dook was awake, but he kept his eyes fastened shut, still curled up, but his body tense. 
   About 10 minutes later, the noise died down, and Dook drifted back to sleep, so he slowly slipped him off of his lap, and decided to go check on exactly what happened with Mitzi. He peered inside, Mini automatically looking at him, worried and solemn, and then back at Mitzi, who was hugging Queenie, shaking with her tears. He stepped into the bathroom, and the floor was covered in water from the splashing.
   "What happened?" He asked. 
   "We dont really know. She just woke up from what Im guessing was a nightmare." Queenie said, patting the back of her head.
   "Oh, okay…." He sighed. There was green tendrils of blood floating throughout the water like paint from a brush dipped into a cup of water to clean it off. Mitzis eyes drifted up to him from over Queenies shoulders. He could see the fatigue, and the confusion ridden deep within her that was going to take awhile to go away. 
   She lifted up her webbed hand, and in a breathtaking gesture of friendship, stuck up her middle finger.Beach roled his eyes. Of course she was angry at him. He was pretty used to that by now, these people being angry at him. He was the annoying mortal side character with no powers but stuck to the magical protagonists side for comic relief and conflict, not the yearning human protagonist, not the Bella Swan or Sookie Stackhouse. He never thought of himself that way, but this really stuck it in his mind that he was a terrible person to lead a story.
   "I'm sorry." He said. 
   The two women turned to him, Mitzi quickly hiding her inappropriate symbol so they wouldnt catch her.
   "Sorry for what?" Queenie asked.
   "I told you I'd make sure she wouldnt get hurt. Now, here she is. I failed." 
   "How were you supposed to stop this from happening?" 
   "By not dealing with this in the first place."
   "You couldnt have guessed he had that  
 in him coat pocket---"
   He didnt mean to interrupt Mini, but he felt an urge to deprecate himself. "I promised to take care of her."
   "We know you did, but you did the best you could. We shouldve done a better job at keeping her out of harm's way in the first place." She assured him. 
   "Just accept the apology, okay?" He groaned, tired of people excusing him like this. His fault was laid out, easy to see with the naked eye, and usually people should jump right in and place the blame this way. Why wasnt that happening? 
   They looked at each other again. "Apology…. Accepted?" Mini answered. 
   Mitzi started fidgeting in Queenies arms. "What dear, whats---" 
   She pushed Queenie away from her and sunk into the water until her face was completely submerged, crossing her arms over her chest, as if she were dead. Her aunts just glumly stared into the bathtub, lost on what to do and how to help her. 
   Beach took one last look at her, and with his heart like lead, he turned and walked away.
   It took 24 hours of finding the right supplies, and Dook bickering with the women until he was eventually held down, Beach on one side and Queenie on another with his arms and legs grappled, so that Mini could perform a bit of ametuare patchwork on him. Dook began screaming bloody murder almost as soon at the needle hit his skin, Beach having to use his hand holding down his leg and put it over his mouth, and then using his leg to hold down Dooks. He kept flinching with every body part he was able to still move, Mini cursing under her breath and growing increasingly ffrustrated. After awhile the screaming succumbed into crying, and coughing.
   "Oh god, did I do something wrong?" Mitzi questioned, when Dook coughed up a little blood.
   "Keep going." Queenie said.
   Beach began stroking a finger acrossed Dooks forehead, whispering to him assuring words, trying to quiet his pitiful sobs. Seeing Dook in such a state was upsetting him much more than he realized. He was so focused on keeping Dook calm that he wasnt realizing he was tending up himself. Dook cries, the girls concerned bickering, the blood, it was all becoming so much. 
   He suddenly let go of Dook, began pacing, and hyperventilating, unmasking for a moment to pull on his hair, wafted with a sudden panic he was all too familiar with. 
   "Beach, are you okay?" Queenie asked, handling both sides of Dook as he struggled to find words to explain what was happening. 
   Dook bit her arm, causing her to flinch away. "Ow!"
   She flicked him on the forhead. 
   Mini grunted, her progress slow. "Give him something to bite on or something, I cant get this done with him squirming everywhere! And what's up with him?!" 
   Queenie was too concerned with Beaches growing anxiety to really care at the moment. She soon left Dooks side and decided to pull him out of the room and away from the chaos upstairs and inside the house. She took him to the backyard, where he began the next phase of this attack, the shaking and tears. His least favorite phase. He was holding his hands over his ears, his lungs on fire, his heart pounding in his chest, not wanting to hear Queenie as she tried to speak to him. He turned away.
   "Hey, hey, Beach. Please, look at me." She turned his face back to hers. "Take a deep breath in, and out. Slowly." 
   He did as she told him, prying his hands from the sides of his head, and crossing them acrossed his body. All the tears rushed down his face, and he sobbed a little bit, hating every single circumstance he was in right now. Dooks condition, having one of these shutdowns in front of someone he didnt know too well, the noises, the abnormality of the whole situation, he was frustrated. Queenie bringing him out here reminded him too many times of when teachers brought him out into the halls for losing his voice during class, and asking him why, only causing him to sink into himself more.
   Queenie took his arm and checked his pulse, Beach feeling humiliated. "You had a panic attack, I guess. This is a very stressful situation."
   Beach was looking in the general direction of the floor, unenthused, and unwilling to acknowledge what happened. 
   But even though he was all those things, he let Queenie give him a hug. He needed one. He hadn't had one in awhile, mostly for the fact he wasnt a hugger. She reminded him of a calmer, more rational Roxy. Which, right now he wanted the calm and rational. He loved Roxy but she wouldnt have known what to do in this situation like Queenie.
   "Minis probably going to get mamed if I dont go back inside there. Are you gonna stay out here for awhile?" She asked.
   He nodded. 
   She gave him one last squeeze on his arm. "Dont be too long. Its gonna storm soon." She said, going back inside afterwards. He slumped to the ground, putting his head between his knees. There, he just sat like a ragdoll, eyes fastened shut like if he kept them closed then everything didnt exist. He didnt want to go back inside, but he was worried about Dook, and knew he needed to go back in there and keep him safe. This situation oddly mirrored the time they had to put the family dog down. He had to step outside for a moment for a breather, the thought of his best friend having to leave him suddenly hitting him, causing all the ache and sorrow to hit him like a bus. He knew deep down they didnt, but at the time he thought that his mother and father and siblings were chuckling and snickering about his anxious state from inside the room, as if he were overreacting. It was even worse this time, because this wasnt an old dog, it was his possible boyfriend, who wasnt peacefully slipping out but wriggling and writhing in pain, trying to be saved. He wanted to do his part to try and save him, but he felt like he wasnt strong enough to stay in there by his side.
   Thunder pounded from above. It sounded like a bomb goin off, and it caused him to jump. Just like that, he went back a phase in the panic attack and felt the hyper-awareness and spiralling overcome him again. He placed the back porch again, naming good things in his head, breathing like how Queenie told him to. After awhile, he eased back down, rain starting to settle in. With anger and a feeling of inconvenience, He took one last bitter look at the inside of his brain, and went back inside.
   "Sorry Beach, we had to knock him out." Mini said.
   They were on the ground, there being some sort of angry, apprehensive struggle from Dook. He saw bitemarks up and down Minis arms, green dyed to the side of Dooks mouth, his hea slaying to the side. Both of them looked disheveled and tired, as if giving Dook stitches was an equivalent to giving a cat a bath. They put him back into bed, cleaned up his face, and left him there to rest, to sleep off his confused fear and anguish. He decided to leave the room too, and check up on Mitzi  instead. She was awake, but she wasnt talking to anybody, eyes lost, hands caressing the spots the self burned her arms. It was either that, or crying, and his heart was heavy for her. Where as Dook was at first depressed, and now was panicking, she was only  depressed, and even more, defeated. He peaked in there, hoping not to get another grimace for her. Thankfully, he didnt, and got a half-grin and a wave, which was a start. He felt just as enthused about conversing as she did---which was not in the slightest---so he let her be.
   "Poor girl…." He said to Queenie. "Will she be okay? She seems traumatized."
   Queenie sighed, a hand to her chin. "I dont know for sure." She said. "Shes a lot like when Mini and I found her since her---well I dont know if I should be telling you this…. But remember when I said she was captured by 'creepy' fishermen?"
   He nodded, not liking where this story was going.
   "It was the day her parents died. She turned into a human and wandered to shore, they went to go look for her, and no party came back. Her parents were found dead, and she was found missing, and from what weve gathered, since she was 3 until she was 9, was that shes been… molested by these fishermen. She doesnt talk about it. It causes her to basically do what you just did earlier today. Very sad." Queenie explained.
   "Oh…. That's really…."
   "Yeah, I know. It's a very tough situation."
   "Howd you find her?" He asked.
   "We crashed his boat for meal time. She was on it. As soon as she hit the water, she turned, and Mini recognized her as her long lost neice." She looked over to the bathroom door, which hid Mitzi, sulking and crying in disbelief in the tub. He felt an urge to get her some sour patch kids. It wouldn't do much, probably, but it was worth a shot, using something of that familiarity to bring her back to. 
   That moment was hitting a little differently now---it was probably very hard for her to trust men, especially men older than her. It explained why she tackled him, and why she was so silent in the car, and how much that gesture of giving her a handful of sour patch kids on her way home meant to her. It was strange to have this perspective fully in front of him to use on deciphering this whole ordeal and the many angles, twists and turns it had. He wondered how god was up there, if he was having a good time deconstructing the conductors copy of this situation, and of all the other situations simultaneously going on in the world at the same time. 
   "Just give her some time to grieve." Queenie suggested. "Some time to think. You like having time to yourself, right?"
   He thought he did. He definitely did before. So much so he went the length to move away from familiarity to be alone. He didnt count on being lonely, though, just alone. But he shouldve guessed after awhile, being alone would turn itself into being lonely, some way, somehow. "Sometimes."
   "Sometimes, yeah. If not…. Then I'm going to be very afraid for her. Trauma takes time, but part of me feels like she wont be pulled out of this one." Queenie sighed, hopeless.
   He remembered how stiff and soulless "I think she needs our comfort. I have an idea."
   "What is it?"
   He went all the way to the nearest convenience store for sour patch kids. Queenie and Mini were very confused as to what he had planned, but they reluctantly trusted him, intrigued as to what he was going to do. They knew so little about her life above---it wasnt appearent to them how much she liked the taste of artificial fruit flavorings.
   "Hey Mitzi." He sounded like his father awkwardly coming into his room without knocking to console him about a matter he didnt know the full story of. He really didnt know the full story, he didnt know the details of what if was like living that life for that long, but he was gonna try to create some sort of safe environment for her. 
   She looked up at him like a sleepy dog, tired and pitiful. Then, she saw the item in his hand and sat up from the rim she was leaning on. It caused him to laugh a little, the fact she always perked up at the sound of him opening a bag of candy in even the worst of times. He layed down a towel and sat next to her, back against the tub, pouring some out into his hands and placing them into hers. She ate them in silence, eyes darting to him and then away from him, head down and her hair wet, matted and frizzy, straight, and stuck to her face, and her mouth was turned down, sometimes quivering. It was a completely valid way to look. It was hard to look pretty, or badass when you're sad and in pain. 
   "I think I'm gonna stay in the sea for awhile after this." Mitzi said.
   Beach turned to her, shocked to hear her speak. "Yeah?" 
   She held out her hand for more sour patch kids, like she was an arcade game, or vending machine, with candy as the currency, that you had to feed her in order to play the game, only this time it was hearing her words. He put another handful in her palm, sneaking one for himself.
   "I love coming up here, but I think I need some time in the sea. This was stressful." She began to vent, continuing to shove her mouth with sour patch kids, trying to stop herself from spilling too much of how she was feeling. After finishing her second handful, she rested her head on the rim of the tub on top of her arms, looking disgruntled, and in disbelief. "I once knew the land better than the sea. And I liked it more. But after this, I just need to be off of this land."
   "You do what you want. It's no fair this happened to you." He reminded her. "Are you hurting, at all?"
   She shook her head. "Maybe a little sore, but not very painful. But I'm homesick." Her head hung to one side. "I didnt think I'd miss home this much. ever."
   That sentence stung Beach a little bit. "My bathtub not the Ritz for you?"
   She rolled her eyes, smiling a little bigger than what hes seen in awhile. "No, not really. Its cramped. And the light is buzzing. Why dont you get that fixed? I hate it."
   He giggled, glad to see her coming around. "Sorry, having a house is expensive enough, I cant fix shit. You really think I know how to fix shit?" 
   "You know, you're right."
   "Hey, you said it yourself."
   The smiled and laughed, Mitzi resting back into her sulking self after that moment, but still able to talk. She sounded tired, and strained, like her voice was weakened by the screaming she did when she first woke up. Now that she pointed out the humming of the bathroom light, he couldnt unhear it. 
   "Queenie probably always told you already, did she?" She asked.
   "Dont play dumb, the fisherman." 
   He inhaled. "Oh. Right."
   "He had a daughter, she liked to sneak me and the other girls candy all the time. It was miserable there, but it was a good moment when shed come in with gummy bears, or….sour patch kids, of course…." grimming grimly. "I try to focus on the good that happened. Not the serious and traumatizing things. Part of me wants to…. Explore the trauma too? Maybe if I understand it better, it's less scary. I think. I dont know."
   "I get it. The more you understand something, the less scary it seems." 
   She held our her hand for more. He poured some into her hands, straight from the bag.
   More silence. Bathroom light buzzing. the faint rumble of the thunder outside. Beach had so many questions filtering through his head, some he felt were important, some he felt were incompetent, but he didnt ask a single one.
   "So much of my life is connected to land, and i guess it was hard for me to give that up, you know? But now, I feel like that's okay. I should distance myself from here for awhile." She rambled, not really talking to him, but out loud in general, "I'm tired of all of this. I just wanna go home."
   "You deserve it."
   "Oh wait," she realized. I wouldnt be seeing you then."
   "So?" He shrugged. "You do what you need to do. I've been kind of a shit friend, anyways. Honestly I need a break myself."
   "What about Dook then?" She imposed.
   To that he just looked at her awkwardly, and cluelessly, hoping that if he did come up with something to say that it wasn't stupid. "Uh…. Listen, Mitzi. This whole thing is so difficult and confusing, and I feel like shit for basically insinuating the whole thing, and Dook wasnt happy with me before Rolfe almost killed him, so when he recovers, we'll see. If he decides fo stay with me, you wont mind, right?"
   Mitzi thought for a moment, uncertainly chewing on a sour patch kid. "Not really my choice. I know that now. But…. Either way I dont think I'd mind. Hell have to leave you at some point, unless you turn into a vampire which I dont think will happen, but whatever. You're the adult, you and Dook make the decisions. I'm done trying to prevent you two from going out and stuff, it just worked so well the last time didnt it?" She said with sarcastic, bitter tone, gesturing to her healing arms.
   "Hey, at least you always kept your promises." He told her. He rested his head on his knee. "I, on the other hand, just kept lying, and hurting everyone, and causing things to happen. I'm the reason everyone got hurt. If I was just…. Honest from the beginning and never shook hands with you, this all could've been prevented."
   Mitzi looked at him pitifully. "You really put yourself down, dont you."
   "I wanna be held accountable when I have to. And I feel like lots of this is my fault. Nobody is being openly angry with me right now, and its confusing me." Beach vented. He never felt a need to be yelled at, but the guilt hurt less when he had consequences. It made his mind spin and his mouth pile on apologies. And nobody was scolding him, or yelling at him, or telling him that it was his fault for at least something out of everything that has happened. "I'm sorry." Sorry number one. He kept a checklist in his head when this started to happen. "I shouldve protected you like I said I would."
   She raised a hand and put it on his shoulder. "Nobody could've know Rolfe had salt hidden away somewhere."
   "He still wouldve hurt you." He sighed. He saw her roll her eyes in his perifrial vision. 
   She listed her hand off of him. "Thanks for the apology, anyways. Really says something you were willing to screw so many things over for Dook. You really liked him that much."
   He nodded. "I regret it a lot. I shouldve remembered how things can snowball. Dook probably doesnt even care that much about me anymore, especially not after this. I'm trying not to let Rolfes whole spiel about…. How many partners Dook has had in the past get to me, but…."
   "Ah. Perhaps Rolfe enjoys a good stereotype." She suggested. "I've heard him call Dook a Floozy, and even worse words. Dont know why hes stereotypes like that, but oh well probably the clothes."
   He kept his mouth shut.
   "At this point, I'm just putting everything that happened behind me. I wanna move on. And go home. You can do what you want." She said. "When I do, know that I'll be back. And you better be happy. And honest."
   He nodded. "I promise. For real this time."
   He held out his hand. She gave him a hug. He accepted and hugged her back, happy to have some sort of embrace. The guilt was still there, but the fact she cared, made it a lot less painful.
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oreochaniiee · a year ago
❝Next Time❞ || l.flx
☆ fluff 
summary: Prom is just around the corner and so is y/n’s birthday, felix wants to ask y/n to be his girlfriend but will it be too late...
warnings: none, just fuff. 
author-note:  this is my first short story on this account, but not the first in my life. I hope you enjoy this mini story, of friends to lovers. (p.s requests are open! pls send me some or dm me!)
felix p.o.v
 Should I feel this way, with my own best friend? I don’t even know how she feels about me. I’m afraid to tell her my feelings, she may feel disgusted, or worse...push me away. Pulling my attention away from the cold glass classroom window, i shift my attention to y/n, watching carefully how she notes down key information the teacher has said. The way she bites her bottom lip in concentration, how she squints her eyes and how she doesn’t give mind to the ruckus being created around her. If i could and i would, give the world to her. shes the best.
 The bell rings, and students start to pack their stationary into their bags. Before i turn to leave y/n calls me. “Felix~ wanna go get lunch with me?” I gulp nervously and shook my head, allowing her to go first in front of me.
We walked down the hallway, chattering, make out sessions happening around us. Slowly Y/n stopped walking when she saw a poster on the board. A prom poster to be specific. Y/n clapped her hands and jumped in joy, “Lix! do you see this proms coming up oooh im so excited!” “Who are you..going to go with?” A small blush crept up to my cheeks when the thought of me asking my best friend to go to prom with me. “Hm i don’t really know yet, we’ll just have to see.” She replied confidently. At this time I really wanted her to consider going with me. “Well..you and-” Being interrupted at this time was very bad timing. very bad. Channie hyung had jumped onto my back ruffling my hair “Whats happening, mate?” Chan asked in english his strong Australian accent hitting y/n off, i also replied in english. “Nah, we just checking out this prom poster” “Ah, i see” Chan secretly wiggled his eyebrows at me, me hitting his shoulder playfully.
Chan hyung knows about my feeling he’s the only person i’ve told. Always telling me to open up to y/n, and let her know, but it isnt that easy.
After school we both went our separate ways, i told her i was tired and wanted to go straight home but i actually went shopping. Deciding what to give to y/n as a birthday present. My eyes set on a pretty silver jewelry set, yes! thats what i’ll give her..its kinda expensive but worth it! 
(two days before y/n’s birthday) 
Everyone had been secretly planning for y/n’s 17th birthday, y/n is super nosy always poking her nose in our business. trying to find out if we are throwing her a party or not. Ah! shes cute even without trying! Some thoughts have been roaming my mind ever since i bought Y/n’s birthday present. I decided i should go to chan for some advice and that’s exactly what i did. 
Chan stared and me with open eyes and mouth parted. “You- you want to what!?” .. “yes you heard correctly, i want to ask y/n to be my girlfriend on her birthday.” Chan closes his mouth and puts on a stern face, looking at me which was kinda scary i gulped. But gradually it turned into a big smile he gave me a hug and some advice on what to do. Like be confident, let her know its what you really want or something like getting on one knee and propos-
“Wait, what? i’m not going to marry her channie!” My cheeks turn rosy pink as the thought of Felix and Y/n walking down the isle. “Yeah. but you might as well no?” I shake my head and sit on the bed burying my face in my hands. “I just-just want it to go well. What if she rejects me hyung?” Chan sighs and crouches in front of me and reassures me “Then she doesn’t know what shes missing out on..” 
Tumblr media
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themrmalice · a year ago
Monstrous Annihilation
By Malice
Narrated on YouTube by The Disciple: https://youtu.be/AdOfj8w99Bs
    A new development in foreign signals allowed Prometheus to triangulate a specified region in space, from which the signals could be emanating from. Though the region is distant from our position, investigation is required. The emanation is from a desolate and dead planet. One which died long ago. It has been given a new name since its destruction, Mortuus Est. The signals all seem to have been routed back to this planet. Forgotten. It's an estimated 40 minutes of hyperflight to get to the solar system alone, extra 5 to make it to the planet.
    The yaw of my pod and the invisible, intangible tug of the air around me shattered perception, only to awaken my senses in a system alien to me.When my vision corrected, I could see the system in its entirety, with my target being a colourful dot slowly rotating as it grew in size. A blue planet, presumably an ocean. Normally these expeditions are carried out by singular Derelicts, but this one had 4 others alongside me. My name is Daniel, the 4 others are Tristan, Alex, Aimee, and Asia. They insisted on going along with me, refusing all my pleas to go alone. I mentioned to them the Moloch incident, where a full crew of Derelicts had perished from unknown causes. The only salvage that remained were a few metal scraps and a coat presumably belonging to the captain, the coat was fully intact when it was found. An odd patch was seen on the right shoulder. Despite these tales, they again insisted on joining me.
    Descent began, the marble grew bigger as we darted with incredible speed none of us could feel. The atmosphere was in view now, decimated, slowly rotating as a thick sluggish cloud over the entirety of the sphere. It was also in this moment that I realized this was no Ocean Planet. Rather, it had a singular continent. I joined the comms channel to find 2 of my fellows conversing, and interjected “Hey, I thought we were going to an Ocean Planet. Anyone else see the continental mass?” Tristan, one of the people conversing previously, chimed in, “Yeah I thought so too. It's clear that it’s our landing spot, my navigation terminal has projected our pattern. We will be landing on the southernmost….half-peninsula? Whatever that means.” Alex, another convsering party, also joined in, “Half-Peninsula? You’re making this shit up now.” Immediately Tristan began barking back, and their previous banter was resumed. I turned off my comms and began reviewing the briefing. A simple directive was stamped on the cover, Investigate the Lamia Signals’ Source, Of course, an assumption was made for this planet. We believe the source is on this planet, I was sent in more or less to check. Our impact time was approximately 12:00, and sundown was at 22:00, leaving a good 10 hours until sundown. Along with this, a warning, reading:
Do not under any circumstances: 
Interact with any passive lifeforms if any are present
Engage with hostile lifeforms unless you are at risk
Remain/Return outside after sundown. Shelter until sunrise.
As we approached and broke the Atmospheric Boundaries, more of the planet was seen. We could make out details now, seeing a vast ocean with limitless wreckage underneath the wake, some of which piled high enough to poke out as towers. None too high of course. We were now circling the planet so we could slow down to an adequate speed before hitting the ground. My pod was getting warmer, to the point where I could hear the hiss of the ventilation struggle to spew out the now scorching air. As we hurled ourselves towards the other end of the planet, the sun grew dim, and the vast stretch of ocean was now obfuscated by a choking darkness. We would land on the continent, something I was unaware of, and we would have a few hours before sundown. The light now skewered through the skies, illuminating the silhouette of the planet, a half circle gleam, and the black canvas was now being painted with dots of blue, dark green, and grey. I received a warning from the computer, notifying me of the impact. I braced, holding onto handlebars conveniently placed by my sides. 
    Soon, the continent was in sight, and before I could make out details the canvas was no longer below me, and was now in front of me. I slammed into the ground, such force was not enough to halt my movement, as my pod was made to sustain such an impact. A circular cabin, with a detached rotary sphere encapsulating it. I began to roll along the ground at rapid pace. Hitting a number of rocks and flattening numerous scraps of metal. Eventually I pulled on the handlebars, which jutted up quickly, the “brakes” you could call them. Flat pillars shot out of the rotary sphere, and began impaling the ground until eventually I slowed to a halt. My cabin had remained upright according to gravity so only flashes of my surroundings could be seen inside. Before me was a massive stretch of ocean tinted greenish blue. Opaque and Pearlescent hues were dotted throughout its form, and below me was green grass that had seemingly regrown. 10 hours until sundown. The door had released, but not opened, only a puff of pressurized air began filling my cabin. I took this as a sign that my door either dented or was being held shut, so I used the emergency evac procedure. Pulling a lever that was to my upper left, it clanged down, and the hatch above me shot upwards, blasting through the rotary section of my pod. I climbed out and watched as the hatch sailed through the air, eventually plummeting into the ground with an audible slam. I looked up and joined the Comms. “I have landed, anyone else?” I only got a response from Tristan, Alex, and Aimee. Not Asia. I used the Emergency channel to attempt contact, “Asia do you read me?” no words came from my headset. Tristan had apparently landed nearby, Alex was closer to the water, and Aimee unfortunately had a miscalculation and landed in the water. Not too far, but pressurized release was proving difficult for her. “My cabin is filling with water, I need help!” she yelled, Alex was the first to respond, “Im on my way, I saw where you landed.” Tristan spoke too “I see you Daniel, to your right!” I looked and saw him standing there, a portly figure who wore his weight well. Also easily recognized by his modified helmet, which had welded parts sticking out from most ends. I ran to him, “Lets go, we gotta get Aimee out of there!” He nodded and we were off. 
    Just down the peninsula that I had landed on was the beach, and i could see Alex running along it to a small alcove with bubbles spewing in vast amounts from beneath the surface. Me and Tristan started down a hill, moving in a stilted run that ensured balance. When I again saw Alex, she was already diving into the water, eager to rescue Aimee. I hopped in as well. The pod was still there, stamped to the ground she would have rolled on. Half of her pod was shredded, likely from atmospheric interference. I swam up to Alex, with Tristan in tow. Tristan grabbed his Plasma cutter and began to saw away the upper section of the Rotary, which eventually blasted out, allowing a clean escape. Aimee was ready as soon as we got her out, she swam faster than I’ve ever seen her swim to the beach. We all followed. 
    On the beach, Aimee began to express her gratitude, Alex checked her for any wounds, and Tristan was running over a scan of her pod to see what would have happened. “Nothings out of the ordinary, maybe it was just-” Immediately Aimee shot back “I know what it was! A fucking meteorite slashed through the rotary, it disabled half of it and made the other half immediately spike!” I tuned in “Calm down Aimee, nothing we can do now.” With an angry look she remained quiet. The other two looked at me too, “Look, Asia isnt responding to Comms, we need to find her, right now.” Alex asked, “How long till sundown?” “10 hours, we have time.” I responded. Tristan jutted in, “Hey, I have an idea. Daniel, you and Alex look for Asia, me and Aimee will stay here to find a place we can shelter in. Remember what the debrief said?” Though I knew the warning, I was also aware of the dangers of splitting up. Alex and I are derelict combat personnel, trained to handle ourselves in the event of hostile alien encounters. Tristan is a technician, trained to understand the past 100 years of technology. Aimee is an informational observant, trained to have a keen eye on the slightest of details. Unfortunately, Asia is our data tracker, she’s the one who would know where the signals are coming from exactly, and how to decrypt them. If Alex and I leave, we would be perfectly safe, but Tristan and Aimee would not be. 
         I emphasized this, and stated to them that we should remain in a group, “We would be much safer if all of us tried to find her.” Alex nodded in agreement, the other two followed suit. I pulled out a scanner and began searching for the frequency that S.O.S. Signals are commonly sent on. Very quickly it latched onto the signal, pinning her location as North by NorthEast from our location, round 40 miles from here. We gazed towards a vast mountain landscape, swimming valleys and massive geometric pillars skewered through the ground. A chunk of the tectonic plates stuck upwards out of the ocean, the maw of which hung all the way down to the tormented landscape. We would have to hike through 40 miles of crackled canyons, shifted plates that slashed through the landscape like paper, and gouged out mountains that look as if a creature of incredible size had rampaged through them. Not to mention indigenes, which we have been both relieved and warned of. We quickly set off, anxious to arrive at Asia’s coordinates. 
    The initial few miles were rather tame, the most difficult objects being a slight rise or hill. We discussed plans as we trekked through here, eventually concluding that when we are approximately 2 hours from nightfall, we should hunt for a cave or alcove. We have been warned to avoid cave systems, valley trenches, and most importantly any and all possible buildings that could be radiating the Lamia Signals. Yes, we were told that this planet has the possibility of previous if not current sentient presence, though the way we were told struck me as odd. There was not a single mention in our briefs and the only time we heard was the night before we jumped, our commander approached us in our living quarters and individually told us, dodging most of our questions and remaining vague. Clearly he could not confirm nor deny the current or previous presence of alien sentience, something that still remains enigmatic and terrifying to think about.  We have still never encountered alien sentience! I believe thats what is fueling the councils interest in the Lamia Signals. 
    We, of course, were cautious with every step. Again, the Daytime indigenes arent anything frightening or even hostile from what we’ve observed. Nothing of great size either, the largest we saw was merely a spider, though its pigment was a little too familiar. No, its the Nighttime Indigenes we were heavily warned about. To the point where we were equipped with Military Class weaponry. Normally, Derelicts will carry a Plasma Pistol, sometimes a Rifle, and even rarer a High Energy Point Sniper. But we were sent in with a Pistol, a Super Heated Knife to act as a secondary sidearm, a Rifle and a Flak Shotgun. We are armed to fight pirates at this point, so why did they give us all this to defend ourselves against Indigenes? These questions constantly streamed through my mind, as this artillery is meant more for usage against Humanoid Threats, not alien creatures.
         At least we can take comfort that it would take a plated quadruped the size of a small building to take us down, but even then, the hefty warning alongside this weaponry, what could we encounter that couldnt be stopped in its tracks by this loadout? We received very minimal detail about the planet, the most detail we received is that ancient structures are beneath the ocean, visible even outside the atmosphere! But, along with that, came the order to never go beneath the waves. They stated there was only one continent, and that we need to investigate the signal. The signal was positioned somewhere in labyrinthian ruins of similar ancient origin. And that we should never remain in the ruins for longer than 4 hours! It's ridiculous, why is this the most hostile yet harmless planet we have been sent to? You cant be too careful, I guess, look at the incident at Station Lamia Prime for example. Whatever Anomaly was there it was able to survive a kinetic railgun blast, something we use to wipe planets out of existence! Some say it remains standing, acting as a relay of sorts for the Lamia Signals. But this planet is where they found the most odd form of encryption, direction, and most importantly, the way it sends the messages. Normally, with each anomalous point we find in the Lamia Line, we also find a pathway leading all the way back to a separate place. Each point acts as a relay, with the most signals sent to Station Lamia Prime. This place is the only one without a line leading away from it, but numerous leading out. We received a signal that would haunt a cryptologists nightmares, walls and walls of text all of it without any start or end. We didnt receive it from a relay, we received it from here. This planet. Dubbed PAL - 05.
         Alex’s voice rang in my ears, tearing me back to reality. She warned me of an upcoming obstruction, I only now realized she had run ahead of everyone. “There’s something you’ll want to see! Trust me, I have no idea how to cross it!” I looked at her and shouted “What exactly is it?” She was silent initially, then spoke again, saying “It’s hard to describe, but somebody really wanted to move a mountain!” My heart stopped, “You’re joking, right Alex?” No response. I jogged ahead alongside the others, and before my very eyes I saw a most peculiar sight. Enormous chains were hooked into the side of the mountain we have been climbing on, and it seemingly shifted! Causing a massive chasm to form between us and it. There was no bottom I could see. None of us breathed a word for a good while, horrified, as this couldn’t be natural phenomena! No anomalous reports came back that informed us of this! Luckily, one of us was able to break the silence, Aimee. “Perhaps we should follow the chasm, towards the chains.” The chains were off to our left, and the chasm stretched quite far, but had a clear point where we could hop across. I nodded, and so did they. We began our expedition swiftly, each step we took more was revealed. The chains themselves were absolutely massive, dwarfing vehicles with one link, and on the edge of the horizon, just below the chains, we saw large rectangular structures. The metal of the chains was rusted, brown and black chips were tearing up and down the links and appears to have frozen them in place. No end to them was found for a few minutes, until we eventually saw that they were attached to numerous circles, each decreasing in size and, in turn, decreasing the chains in size. The ends were barely visible through a scarlet veil that decorated the entirety of the ground below. Before long we were able to hop across. 
    Initially, we viewed it as a minor set back, nothing terrible of course. We walked in absolute silence, glaring at the chains’ ends. I heard Tristan whisper to himself, “Pinpricks.” I did not think anything of it at the time until moments later, Alex whispered to herself “Pins and Needles.” I spoke “Hold up everyone, lets check up, how is everyone feeling?” In an almost desperate tone Aimee said, “Right now?!” I retaliated, “Yes, I heard you two whisper something, what was it?” I said pointing at Alex and Tristan. Tristan went first, “The entirety of my calves are tingly, like when your circulation is cut off or restricted. You know, pinpricks.” Alex went next, “Same here, but its my shoulders.” I looked at Aimee, who, evidently, was uncomfortable. Eventually, we all grew silent, and began glaring at the chains once more. “Do you want to investigate?” Aimee immediately shot back “I’m not going anywhere near that!” Tristan was willing, and Alex was with Aimee. Me and Tristan decided to look deeper. 
    The first step forward sent chills down my spine and the second repeated that. I hesitated, and so did Tristan. As we continued walking, the sounds beneath our feet changed with the hue of the foliage. Going from a light crumble of dead grass to an almost juicy tinge of mud, this only exacerbated as we stepped further into the scarlet, which only intensified the closer we got to the chains. When we were close enough to point out details, I saw Tristan stop for a moment. I asked him, “You alright?” He nodded and said “Swear to god I heard something.” as he said this his vision slowly turned towards me. I felt his fear. A few more steps, and we were ankle deep in an unrecognizable filth. Lifting our feet was difficult, so we basically had to waddle towards the ends. I looked behind at my trail, and shivered when I noticed that my trails had fine lines running through them. Not simple lines that appear on the surface, but indentations. The sounds of our steps became increasingly disgusting, becoming more guttural the further we went. The chain was in arms reach, and we lowered ourselves as far as we were willing to go. Without thinking, and seemingly without volition, my arm began to extend towards the chains. Before I could notice, I held one of the two chains. I looked over and saw Tristan, in the exact same pose, looking at me the exact same way, and holding the chain. We both blinked took our turns readjusting ourselves before we asked the question we both have been wondering, “Do we pull?”. Tristan nodded. We stood with both hands on each chain turned around, and in what felt so natural to do, pulled the chains out from the mess. That guttural sound blared from behind us as a gust of trapped air gulped to the surface, my stomach turned, but I kept pulling. The sounds grew louder as we pulled and quickly snapped into silence when we reached the grass. I dropped the chain beside me, I watched the ground and heard Tristan whinge and recoil. I looked behind me to see two arms connected to a headless torso, patches of skin remained with the edges flayed, and around the wrists was a layer of skin, sewn to the arms and the chains. No legs, no lower half, just the torso and no head. Organs were strewn in a line towards a gaping hole that closed. Once again, I saw those lined indentations, this time following the circumference of the hole. We all hacked and heaved, horrified and on the verge of vomit. Me and Tristan ran up to join the other two.
    “What the fuck is that!?” Wheezed Alex, Aimee was further ahead, curled and holding her stomach. I stifled my breath to hesitate vomiting and eventually I was able to gasp out “I have no … idea. Lets move, lets get out of here.” We each gathered ourselves long enough to walk out of the valley the body was in. I never considered this, but the ground around the chains, it was levelled. Flat. The region ahead of the mountain, was torn and cataclysmic, as if the mountain ran into it, against the chains’ pull. We stopped just a few miles away from it, and we were halfway to Asia. We rested, 5 hours till sundown. Gasping for air we found a small plateau and sat upon it, sitting opposite each other. We all took time to adjust and calm down. Aimee said “I can’t believe what we just saw, who would do something like that? Attempt to actually pull an entire mountain? That ridiculous!” I did not mention the fact that the valley was levelled and flat. Haven’t the faintest Idea why. “I made a log already about it, lets just get to Asia. The sooner we find her, the sooner we find the transmitter, and the sooner we can get off this place.” I said. Alex looked at me with a dead serious expression, “I am more scared to go further into this place. I saw a large assortment of ruined geometric shapes in the distance, towards Asia, and its very clear now what it is. Take a look if you have to.” I stood up and looked towards her location, and sure enough, I saw cracked and torn pavement in lines, and large ruins in sorted fashion alongside the pavement. “Yeah, i dont know about you Daniel but that is not something I want to walk into now. I’ve seen a lot, alright, I saw Lamia Prime get blown to shreds and reassemble behind my back, I’ve been on the Lamia case since I started being a Derelict with 4 completed missions under my belt. This is too much even for me.” she said. I knew her history, all of us have 4 missions and 4 years of the Lamia case under our belts. We’ve all seen what she has seen. But she’s right, this is more than we are ready to deal with. “I’m not leaving without Asia, we get her, and we call for Evac. Sound good?” I asked. Alex nodded, visibly tired. Tristan nodded, but Aimee was contemplating. “Do you guys think you can carry on without me? I’m not able to deal with this stuff, I’m meant to take notes on what we see, and I have seen more than enough. Think I can wait for Evac?” I looked at her, then at Alex. Tristan interjected, “You’re going to leave Asia? What if we dont succeed? You’re just going to go back to Prometheus with that weight on your shoulders?” Aimee exhaled sharply, and fell silent, hanging her head. “If you want to stay then stay, we wasted enough time. We need to book it to Asia before Nightfall.” I began walking, Alex followed behind me, and behind her Tristan followed. Aimee stayed.
    The first 5 miles were easy, but we were already approaching the outskirts of the ruins. Each of us were tense, we pulled out our weapons and held them, safety off. Another hour passed, we’re down to 3 and a half hours to find Asia and call for Evac. We saw large posts of metal impaling the ground with a hunk of broken metal and electronics dangling from the top. Ancient pavement that crunched and crackled beneath our feet lead all the way into the ruins. 3 hours left, and we were just under 10 miles from Asia’s position. It was clear where she was just by the path of recent destruction her pod made. Smoke billowed from a building further down the paved road from us. We could have ran, but our caution was far too crippling. Anticipating an event that won't come to pass. 
    It took us 2 hours to walk through the ruins. Something eerily familiar about them, and all of us reporting hearing voices over comms that did not belong to any of us. The only person who did not report was Aimee, presumably off comms and trying to contact Evac. Asia landed in a building that was now around the corner from us. Quite a large building, in the back were exploded canisters of extreme proportions, we only saw them because the right side of the building was completely decimated. As we rounded the corner, we heard a chilling sound over comms that made us stop in our tracks. An eerie moan was heard, one which crackled over a broken frequency. With eyes widened we each looked at one another, brought our weapons closer to our chests, and proceeded even slower than before. Alex peeked around the broken wall, saying she sees the pod. As we approached she held up her hand and said, “I wouldn’t go near it though.” I asked why just as I joined her side. The pod was absolutely shredded, with a viscous red liquid seeping from its cracks. Beneath it a membranous mass congealed and held it in place. The mass was pinkish, with pustules the size of a human skull filled with a mysterious yellow-green substance. From the side of the Pod we saw a lanky, feminine arm sticking out, holding on by the strands of tendon to the, now very clear, pilot of said pod. Asia was dead, and in her outstretched arm was the Data Tracker. 
    We approached slowly, and as we did I heard Tristan begin to whimper, choking back tears. I wanted to tell him to let it out, but that would make more noise than we are willing to allow. I saw the pod up close, and through the pod I saw Asia’s face. A horrific sight, truly. The membrane beneath her had crawled up to her body, encompassing it. Her face had a solid substance, with many holes drilling into her skull. None were bleeding. I could see tendrils of this wood-like material under the skin on the side of the infected area. One of the only untouched places being her right eye which gazed a million miles ahead of her without life. Tristan began to break when he saw it, I heard it convulsing and heaving. With one foot almost on the membrane, I stretched forward to grab the Data Tracker. It was no ordinary Data Tracker, it was the “Asia Special”, she modified it heavily, jerry-rigging range extenders and tons of buttons to the sides and the front. She even gave it a Touch Screen and an Analog Panel. A gifted Technician, absolutely. I handed it to Tristan, the only other one of us who knew how it functions. He pressed a few buttons to turn it on, and clasped it in both hands as he gazed at Asia. I asked him, “Is it working?” no response. Alex grabbed it from him slowly and calmly, she didn’t want to disturb him. I looked at it and immediately recognized Asia’s special symbol for Lamia Signals. It was in a peculiar place, just down the road. I told Tristan to take as long as he needs, only for him to speak immediately, “She was really the best.” I hung my head and said, “Yeah. We need to finish this, the Transmitter is right down the-” Tristan cut me off, “Do you think we will get out of this, man?” I looked at him, his face had tears streaming down and his face was red. “Yeah, why wouldn’t we?” Tristan solemnly looked up, a look of fear and desperation as he reached for his Communication Relay and handed it to me. As he did, he said “We havent had a single contact since we landed. Nobody can hear us.” My heart sunk. “Well when they notice this signal is off the map im sure they’ll send someone-” He cut me off again, “You know what happened to the others right? I didn’t think it was my time yet. Not yet.” I was confused, and before I could ask he said, “Go on without me, I’m going to need a bit. I’ll catch up.” I nodded, and just as I turned around I heard him whispering to himself “Flos Vale.” A dead tongue, I doubt he could translate it for me. Alex and I started for the Signal Transmitter, she was still silent. I could tell she was disturbed.
    We pressed forward until we got to the ruins, rubble piled onto the base floor of what used to be a building. The back corner was cleared of the rubble and had a hole leading down. We were on top of the signal, so all we had to do was jump. I turned on my flashlight and started forward, only to realize Alex wasnt with me. I looked behind me, nobody, so I went back onto the streets to see her standing. Arms lowered with her gun at her side. She looked, defeated almost. I walked to her and asked her what was wrong. Without a word, she pointed up to the top of a large building, once called a Skyscraper. When I looked, I felt exactly what she did. The same membranous mass from Asia’s pod, growing in a huge spread on the side of a building. Pustules the size of a person, and within was something swimming. Only when my eyes followed it did I understand her despair. The spread was ongoing, hostile, and above all else, powerful. We walked forward to find a huge trench, stretching past the plateaus we came from and reaching to a sea of complete red. Underneath, a spongy substance was poking through the waves, and what we saw only deepened our fear. Arms, human arms! Legs, Torsos, faceless heads, all detached and all dysmorphic. I pointed directly across the trench. Frozen people posed in terror, covered in the wood-like substance. One humanoids head was blown out, with shards of that substance peeled apart, revealing a hollow center. Made my skin crawl, as the holes themselves were patternized. Seeing them peeled like that only twisted my stomach. 
    I put my hand on Alex’s shoulder, I said “It will be alright. We’ll get out of here. C’mon, lets destroy that Transmitter.” I turned and began walking, but she did not move. She didnt make a sound, and just stood there, plasterfaced. Her eyes were further up, gazing into the sky. I asked her, “Hey, you coming? C’mon, snap out of it.” She finally spoke, “I can’t do this Daniel,” She said in an exasperated and dead tone, “I just can’t. This used to be a human settlement, but i fear it was more than that. So many lives, so many people. This is one, imagine what’s under the water elsewhere.” I tried to reason with her, “Its bad, yes, absolutely, but the end of our mission is right here! We can go for it! We can do it! When Prometheus sees the Transmission has ended-” she interrupted me, “They didn’t notice the end of the Transmission for the others, Daniel. Did they save the Moloch?” She looked at me this time, and I could see utter defeat behind her eyes. I couldn’t speak, no matter how hard I tried, “Did they?” she asked again. I tried to formulate an answer “W-well no but-” she started again, “They didn’t save the Moloch, they have tried again and again to destroy Lamia Prime despite the accounts of living personnel aboard, they arent trying Daniel. They aren’t.” I looked at her, and in the most inspiring tone I could muster, I said “ That’s true, but we have 4 years, 4 fucking years of experience in dealing with Lamia Anomalies, they can’t afford to get rid of us!” Her gaze turned outwards again. I continued, “We have seen more than most Derelicts can say! We have survived through so damn much! What makes you think we can’t get out of this!” She remained silent this time. A moment passed and she spoke once more, “Continue the mission. If completing it means you can get out of here.” I snapped back, “You’ve seen everything Alex!” She quickly responded with “I’ve seen enough.” She quickly pulled the tip of her rifle to her mouth and said “Flos Vale”. Before I could react, she fired. Splatters of red cascaded my helmet as shock filled my lungs. I fell to my knees and began heaving, choking down vomit as my mind whirled in terror. Alex, I’ve known her for years, her and I have gone through so much as a Team and she just, she just gives up! Gives in to the temptation! 
    My heart pounded, and my mind raced. I had 30 minutes until sundown, and my mind fixated immediately on that. I pulled myself up, stammering, I was disoriented and nauseous but I needed to finish this! I clicked my comms and spoke, my voice was tearing and cracking, high pitched whines streamed through my throat, “Guys? Tristan? Aimee? Alex just, she just killed herself! We need to regroup, where is everyone!” A few seconds pass. Sounding like a scared child I clicked again, “Guys?” Emergency Channel, nothing, All Frequencies, nothing, I even used a dead format of radio waves to attempt to reach anyone! Nothing! Nobody was there! I still had Tristan’s comm relay, I turned it on, no contacts. I pulled out Asia’s Data Tracker and fiddled with it for a while trying to find the signals of Tristan and Aimee. Nothing. Just the damned Lamia Signal. I heaved once more, utter terror and fear filled me. I used the last of my strength to walk towards the building housing the Transmitter, I reached the hole. 20 minutes left till Sundown. Looks like I’m staying with the Transmitter tonight. 
    I hopped down, my whole body lethargic and my mind barely functioning. I looked forward and saw an empty room. “The Tracker said it was right here! It fucking said it was right here! Where is it!? Where is the Transmitter!?” I began to panic, my anger rose, thinking this was all for nothing! “No! It was all for nothing! First Asia, then Tristan, Alex, Aimee, I lost everyone for nothing!” I began to break down, moving in sporadic ways, screaming at the top of my lungs in distress. I threw the Data Tracker forward, only for it to bounce off something and slam back into me. I pointed my flashlight forward, and there was nothing, but I heard a disgusting oozing sound with an odd, wet, undulating noise. I moved forward and looked down. What I saw churned my stomach and tormented my mind. A giant egg-like membrane that wrapped around something, the same pustules as before but this time, I could nearly make out what was swimming within. Against all impulses, I lept down, my feet landing in the sticky membrane that coated the ground and walls of another floor. This one had a hole leading into what seemed to be an aqueduct. My gaze quickly fell on the egg, which stood at my height and looked to have something inside the whole thing, not just its pustules. Within the yellow-green slime of the pustules was something far beyond disgusting, it looked to be chunks of someones brain! Brain matter continually moving around, tethered to something in the center. I grabbed my Flak Shotgun, and aimed it at the center of the mass. My whole body hesitated at first, but all inhibitions were gone in a single moment. I fired, shouting angrily as I did so. It burst open as the pressurized contents spewed out. The pustules, god knows what the fluid inside is, but what came from the egg, slipping between the torn membrane was a headless body without a lower half, no hands, and where the head would be, a mass of tangled strings leading into the spinal column was there instead. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I took a deep breath, lifted my visor hoping this stuff did not secrete a gaseous toxin, and hurled. Instinctively, my body breathed in, and I noticed that there was breathable oxygen on this planet. But, how!? Hardly the first thought I had, as many more immediately shot through me, what was this thing!? How is it transmitting a signal?!
As the body flopped to the ground with a loud splat and along with it a previous snack from my stomach, a rumbling from beneath the ground began. I turned around to see the sky was black, with only a bit of light shining through. The quaking became harsher and harsher, building voracity, I knew the nighttime indigenes were going to be coming out soon, so I readied my gun and prepared myself. As I backed myself into the corner next to the opening into the aqueduct, I noticed the membrane on the ground was undulating and gurgling, spewing up tissue from what i can only assume the dead human on the ground. And as it undulated, tiny tendrils of incredible length shot out from its edges and began enveloping my feet and weaving into the walls! I darted for the aqueduct, which was musty and smelled of rusted copper. I began sprinting with my flashlight aimed with my rifle down the corridor. From behind the quaking started to cause me to stumble, and when I looked behind the membrane was growing rapidly, enveloping the walls and the ceiling! I ran, bolting down the corridor as fast as possible, until I saw a hole leading upwards! I swiftly climbed the rubble to find myself in the building we found Asia in! Tristan’s body was already consumed entirely by the mass, with pustules already forming on his person!
I sprinted for the outside to see exactly why they told us to not be outside at night! This membrane grows rapidly at night! To the extent that the entire block was already half taken over, with the way we entered being ripped by unknown forces. When i saw the tendrils coming for me again, I ran deeper into this section of the city, I saw no hills or mountains, only ruins! My chest began to burn as I gasped for air. I fell on my hands and knees trying to get a full lung. In this moment almost perfect clarity was in my grasp, i looked back to see the overgrowth slowing to a halt. Gasping, I lay down in momentary relief and gather myself. Before I could recoordinate, though, I heard someone. It was Aimee, over comms! “Daniel?” she said, “Aimee! Oh my god where have you been!?” I shouted back in joy. She spoke again, “Daniel?” I clicked again, “Yes, Aimee, Yes! I’m here, where are you!?” Again, “Daniel?” was all I heard. Same tone, same pitch, same everything. Like it was on repeat. Down the street I heard Alex’s voice shout out “Daniel!”, I didn’t shout back, I was dumbstruck! From behind me I heard Tristan repeat what the others said, and quickly Aimee spoke again, immediately followed by Alex, then again by Tristan, this repeated over and over in my head, soon, more voices joined in the choir! Hundreds, all intelligible, talking, whispering, yelling, I couldn’t understand any of it! I panicked and ran forward, trying to escape these sounds but my running only increased their volume! I was pleading, “Make it stop!” I shouted to nobody, “Please stop!” Desperate and tired I pounded forward begging for it all to go away! 
I saw the edge of the street, my reflexes failed me so I essentially tripped myself, slamming the front of my skull into the pavement and skidding slightly forward to see the water before me. My ears rang, and finally, I got the silence i begged for. I looked at the crashing crimson waves, and in this moment, I felt at peace. This moment was shattered, swiftly, as I heard the sound of crackling pavement and tearing rocks behind me. I turned around, the voices slowly came back to me increasing in volume with each second! The Tendrils became a wave, sticking into and slicing through buildings as it pursued me. I stood still. Watching as it moved. Everything was in slow motion for a while and, fully conscious, I grabbed my pistol, and aimed it at the side of my head. Above me was the moon, a glaring ball of ashes and dust, with a small red spot specked on its face. I felt the resistance of the trigger, and fired, just as dozens of tiny tendrils impaled my body.
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