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#and it’s in a spot that only their partner would be able to see it
xsugarysweetsx · 18 hours ago
omegaverse au + office au with boss!levi and secretary reader?with Levi sublty courting reader by scenting her chair , getter her lunch, taker her him etc, until they become mates
A/N: OOOOO an ABO one! I hope I do this right! also please be easy on me, I haven't done scenting just yet and I've read that the scent glands are on the wrists, tips of the nose, neck and cheeks, if I am wrong please someone correct and inform me! Thank you<3
Warnings; language
Pleas enjoy~🍰
Tumblr media
{modern au}
"Now from last year's statistics, we can definitely see a sharp turn upwards with our sales and…." Levi Ackerman, CEO of his company was currently in a meeting with his joint partner. However, he was a bit…distracted. Instead, he watched as yet another intern flirted with his secretary, Y/F/N.
Another Beta, or even an alpha hitting on her. She really couldn’t help it, she was smart, beautiful, kind and an omega. You gave off a sweet alluring smell that made anyone turn heads. However, he did have to bump up security however. The last time he tried to make a compromise with some company their CEO tried to force himself on to you. He made sure to deal with the neared alpha personally.
“Anything else to add Levi?” his partner asked
"No. You about covered it, Mr.Smith" Levi said almost bored gathering his papers and belongings "Thank you all for coming, I'll see you all again in a few months, any questions please reach out to me or Erwin" he dismissed them as they start to exit the meeting room.
Walking towards you he takes a deep breath of your scent. It was his favorite. This had initially started when he had interviewed you. You were a bit shy to be around him but at the same time, you were persistent to get the job. You were punctual, detailed, educated, well-mannered, and...very alluring. You had a soft vanilla and caramel smell that was like a drug to Levi. You had all the other omegas out of the area so he was able to make his way down to the parking lot and home. After that, he had started getting attached.
Like now He came behind your desk and had asked you to go and pick up a package from the front lobby. As you left he talked with the interns with a glare and a strong lemon and mint smell. A smell that only came about when he was pissed off.
"You know I can always contact your schools and see if you can work somewhere else"
"O-oh no sir, really we'll stop causing any trouble-"
"Then stay away from Y/N, she's already gotten a mate and it's certainly not you," he said sternly as he squatted down acting as if he had dropped something to scent your chair. Making it an obvious hot spot to back off.
Typically when he was around you he had a lavender & tea mix. You'd be lying if you said it wasn't pleasant. And oh gods how your omega ached for him. His aura gave off strength, and comfort, his scent was addictive and you'd be lying if you said you didn't want to be his mate. However...he may have one already having his status and all. Despite what you thought, he still did things a mate would do. Bring you lunch, secretly protect you, secretly claim you as his, etc, etc.
"Mr.Ackerman there wasn't a package in the lobby," you tell him getting off the elevator
"Oh, there wasn't? Hm, may come tomorrow, sorry about that," he said simply walking back to his own office as if he didn't do anything. Sitting down you were enveloped in his scent and you were in heaven. It felt like a warm blanket draped over your form and your omega just wanted to jump on him and bask in his scent. Sometimes you really wanted to tell Levi how you felt.
"You should just tell him ya know" looking up you see Mikasa. She was an alpha and despite her being an alpha men practically throw themselves at her
"*sigh* you know if I could I would but-"
"He purposely scented your chair. I can smell it from my desk" she said scrunching her nose
"well, maybe he just brushed against it" you had always wanted it to be true but you always doubted it to keep your feelings from getting hurt. Oh well...maybe one-day things would change. Maybe he'd look at you with the same gaze you do.
The next day you had come to your desk, not in the best of moods. It was very rainy that day, and your car decided to break down. You had to take the train to get to work and it had started pouring heavily and you ended up soaked. You luckily had some flats at work to change into but other than that you were wet and in the AC.
You put your head down just for a second, trying not to break down from the day so far. Levi then called you
"Yes?" you ask
"come to my office please" he ended the intercome. Getting up from your seat you try and look your best as you open his door with a sigh
"You needed me sir?" you ask a bit embarrassed by your appearance. He smelled your scent which was rain with burned-out candle. It was your smell when you weren't feeling the best.
"Did you get caught in the rain?" he asked
"Y-yeah I did" you blushed to the question "I-I'm sorry I look like a mess I-"
"Take the day off," he said "grab your things I'll give you a ride," he said as he stood up and grabbed his keys
"B-but sir I can't I-I have papers and phone calls and clients to-"
"But nothing. This is my company and if I say you get the day off, that's final," he said as he motioned towards the elevator. This was an argument you couldn't win so you just went with it. Being in the elevator with him down 10 floors felt like years. Even though there was space in the elevator you both stood close by. Everyone could see it except for you two could see you both longed for the same fate. To be each other's mate.
"Y/N..." he called your attention
"Yes sir?" you asked feeling your legs become weak to the way he called your name
"I..." he looked like he was hesitating to say what was on his mind. As the elevator dinged he simply said "..just call me Levi. Alright?"
"O-oh alright" yes, you were expecting something else but you wouldn't force it. You followed him to his car and of course, it fit him perfectly. In black, sleek, high end. Another thing you loved about him, he was wealthy and knew it but he never boasted about it. You got in and adjusted yourself while he was putting something away in the backseat. You reach for your seatbelt and turn to buckle in only to come within inches of his face. Your noses slightly grazing each other, your scents filling the air. Both of your pupils are blown bigger in the heat of the moment. You could feel the pull between you both, just meer second from your lips connecting.
"U-uhm...exkiss-excuse me! Sorry, excuse me!" you said quickly sitting much too tense in the passenger seat. Your heart was beating out of your chest, you were sure he may heart it. Not to mention your face was as red as a beet.
You damn idiot why did you just stay there?? Ugh, now she thinks you're a creep...good going moron. he scolded himself
Minding his own business, he quietly drove you down the busy street of the city you lived in. People commuting as best as they could in the rain. The silence was heavy but not uncomfortable. You weren't too far from work, about a 20-minute drive, 10 if there was no traffic. He pulled up in front of your condo complex and parked the car. Just as you were getting your things you groan and face his way quickly.
"Sir-Levi? Could you maybe go around the block?" you ask
"Why? Is there something wrong?" he asked looking out your window
"You see the guy there in the grey suit talking to the lobby man?" looking over your shoulder he sees the man. He looked snobby and like he had his head in his ass most of the time. "he um...he's been trying to get me to go out with him and I agreed one time and he wanted to bond on the same night. Now every time he sees me he always tries to convince me. He even tries to scent me and I hate how he smells" you explained
Levi couldn't describe the amount of rage he felt to know that. Tapping the steering wheel a couple of times he takes his blazer off and hands it to you
"Do you trust me?" he asks and you nod "Look I have a plan but I'll have to scent you. I promise I'll try and keep it light but enough to have him back off"
You thought on it for a second and sighed knowing this was a bit over the top. You normally scented those who wanted to be your mate or who you wanted to bond with....but at this can work "a-alright. Let's do it."
Levi's hand came to cup your jaw and bring your neck closer to his nose. He would scent you and himself to make things more convincing. He nudges his nose against your scent gland just under your ear on the side of your neck. While he rubbed your wrist against his cheek and neck. Small gasps leave your lips as his own brush against your skin. Before you knew it, you were drenched in his smell, dazed and drunk from so many feelings.
"Come on, I'll walk you," he said getting out of his car and opening your door for you. He keeps his hand on your lower back guiding you to the door
"Hey Y/N! I tried calling you last night but yo-" he stopped right away after the scent hit his nose, making it scrunch up "Damn what the hell is that smell?!" he asked, Levi had the same reaction with his scent, it was cigars and cheap cologne. He could see why you didn't like it.
"W-well you tried calling at 2 am...I'm asleep, and well it's..his scent. And I like how it smells" you said standing your ground
"The hell? It smells like my grandma, he couldn't be an alpha if he even tried!"
"Actually," Levi butted in "You're the only one faking it, beta. Unlike you, I know when I'm being rejected, and frankly, she didn't reject my scenting or proposal to be my mate so back up before I make you" Levi sneered making him retreat as he muttered a few curses like an upset child. You let out a breath you weren't aware was being held. He walked you up to the elevator, overthinking what he had said
"Look what I said about the whole mating thing, I'm sorry I just had to get him to leave. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable" he said as you waited on the elevator to come down
"Don't apologize, I really do owe you one. I don't think I'll be seeing him anytime soon" there was silence...the type where everyone knew there was something that was wanted to be said
"Levi?" "Y/N?"
You both said in sync
"You first," he said
Well, it was now or never huh "....Levi I have feelings for you!" you said in a rush "a-and I know I'm just your secretary, and you probably already have interest in someone but I get...all weird when I'm around you a-and your scent makes me feel like a teenager but I...know it wouldn't interest you," you said sadly as the doors open and you get inside the elevator "I'm sorry sir and thank you for the day off," you said unconsciously stepping inside ready to go home and cry out your heart.
Before you knew it you were against the wall with Levi looking deep into your eyes "I knew you were an idiot before but you can't be this slow"
"Be my mate Y/N." he said bluntly "I do have an interest in someone. I have interest in you. You make my day brighter every time you come into the office. I secretly scent your things, have anonymous flowers sent to you, all of those was me." his hands lower down to your waist and hold you close to him "please...if you say you feel the same be my mate."
"I…I…" after so much you really just couldn’t help yourself and bring his lips yours in a yearning kiss. After so long you finally were able to feel what you have been wanting to for so long. Only separating when the door dinged open to your floor. Levi had to get back to the office so he walked you down to your door hand in hand.
He smiles to himself. Wow...he had a mate and she felt the exact way he did. You use your keys and get the door open before he leaves you both share a few more kisses. If he could stay he would but there was always the weekend
" and I...a date," he said between kisses "got it?" he asked finally pulling away from you. You nod your head with a bite to your lip
"Levi?" you ask and he stops before leaving
"What is it?" he asked
"can you...scent this for me?" you ask giving him the blazer he smirked at you as he took the blazer and made sure it had enough scent to last you the whole night. With one last kiss, he bid you good afternoon and went back to work a happy alpha. Everyone was wondering why he was taking things so lightly.
If only they knew the bliss of finally having your mate.
might make a part 2 if asked
I hope you enjoyed!
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indieslasher · a day ago
Hi! Can I please request nsfw headcanons for Safin from No Time To Die?
not gonna lie. i got carried away 🥴 i regret nothing though. safin is hot. thank you for the request! :)
authors note:: 18+ content ahead. safin being a gentle dom. i tried to stay as canon to his character as i could. i know others write him differently, but this is my spin on it. trigger warning(s):: mentions of knives, name carving.
— lyutsifer safin nsfw headcanons.  
Tumblr media
let’s get this out of the way. safin is possessive. he is very selfish when it comes to you. he would carve his name into you if it meant marking you as his.
safin is a soft dom, but not a laid back dom. he’s going to mark your body in every which way when you two make love. he also refers to your intimate moments as making love, instead of just saying sex. he especially loves using his teeth to leave little and big lovebites across your thighs and shoulders.
safin’s favorite position is missionary, as cliche as it is, he loves seeing your face and the expressions you make when he’s pounding into you. he will fondle your chest and stomach as he makes love to you, often times they will leave marks afterwards.
he’s 50% vanilla and 50% one nasty man. he’s not downright nasty, but he can get down and dirty with you if you consent. his favorite thing to do is have you ride his face and use him as your personal vibrator. he’s gonna make you scream n’ cream!
his more notable kinks are wax play, blindfolds and gags, and very light rope play. he wants you to be able to move around if you’re in a spot that’s uncomfortable, but he doesn’t want you to have full control of your body unless he gives you the green light. he’s very keen on asserting his dominance in the bed, while being respectful of your boundaries.
safin will never force you to partake in his kinks if they make you uncomfortable. but he’ll also try and convince you to try it, only once, because you can’t say you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it. but he’s also just fine with plain old vanilla.
one of safin’s darker fantasies is vouyerism and being caught by his guards. or his enemies being bound and forced to watch as he makes love to his blossom. he will never act on this fantasy for several reasons, mainly your body is only for him to see and explore. not for the eyes or pleasure of his guards or enemies. but one can dream.
big. on. praise. praise him! tell him how good he makes you feel, how good of a partner he is. tell him he’s handsome! he will do the same for you. he loves praising you in his rich, velvety voice. telling you that you take him so well, you make him feel something that he has never felt before, that you’re his sun and moon. he will praise you almost the entire time you two make love. he wants you to feel good emotionally as well as physically. he wants you to be relaxed and comfortable.
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djdangerlove · 7 days ago
I feel like Hen and Chimney have matching tattoos that they got one night after drunk karaoke and no one else knows about it but them.
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opalesense · 6 months ago
How would the genshin Bois, zhongli, childe, diluc and kaeya react to a fem traveller stuck in a wall after a harsh battle, they'll help her get out right?...right?
a sight to behold
Tumblr media
zhongli, childe, diluc, kaeya & f!reader (NSFW-ish)
1.9k words • ~13 min. read
warnings: just a lot of teasing & dirty thoughts
notes: i was practically rubbing my hands together with evil intentions when i saw this request but i’ll spare the graphic details for another time, otherwise this will be extremely long!! also i wrote them separately here BUT i wouldn’t be opposed if someone requested them to be grouped together instead... anyway, i hope you enjoy this!! >:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE WIDELY FEARED PRIMO GEOVISHAP was certainly a sight to behold from above. You quickly understood why so many people often avoided interacting with this beast – it was intimidating even while it slept soundly, its loud snores echoing throughout the cavern despite being so far down. As you stood on the platform above its sleeping form, you studied its details, noticing the element it possessed and strategizing your combat plan quickly, thankful that you could manipulate an element that targetted its weakness. Once you made up your mind, you let out a huff as you took a leap of faith down, letting your glider save you at the last second before you could actually make contact with the ground.
 Your companion followed behind swiftly, the two of you moving gently around the walls of the cavern, careful not to wake the beast from its slumber. In a low whisper, you began to describe your strategy to your partner, but alas, the beast suddenly awoke and interrupted your planning with a ear splitting roar.
 Without a second thought, the two of you dashed to the creature, loosely following the details of the plan you had based on what you were able to say before you got interrupted. The battle was fine at first, but you soon realized how out of sync the two of you became as the fight progressed. Your elemental reactions were getting poorly timed, and it was difficult to keep an eye on each other’s movements with the beast constantly thrashing about and blocking communication.
 In normal circumstances, the two of you excelled in combat together without needing any other support. Maybe it was bad luck, or maybe you bit off more than you could chew this time, but you noticed you were getting knocked around easier than usual. Things were obviously not going your way and you had to think of a solution fast.
 But before you knew it, your distraction with your own thoughts got the best of you. One single swipe of the geovishap’s tail sent you flying across the cavern towards the opposite wall then tumbling on the ragged, rocky edges of floor, certainly leaving cuts and bruises for later. To make matters worse, one more aggressive roar from the beast shook the walls of cavern enough to send chunks of rock tumbling down towards your injured body. Unable to form coherent thoughts, you knew you didn’t have the strength to escape the avalanche. Instead, all you could do was lay there, helpless and bracing for impact, praying to the Archons that you can be saved.
Tumblr media
 Zhongli made quick work of the beast, using his shield to deliver an extremely effective counter attack and finishing it once and for all. The creature wailed in pain in its dying moments before disintegrating into dust. He expected to see your face on the other side but alas, you were nowhere to be seen.
 “[Y/N]?” his face tensed as he tried to think of where you could have disappeared to. As his eyes darted around the cavern, he immediately noticed a tiny speck of color amongst the rocks on the wall that resembled your clothing. He quickly sprinted towards you, lifting some of the boulders off of you effortlessly using his geo manipulation.
 He began to subconsciously slow down once he saw the way you were displayed in front of him. Your legs were propped up slightly from the rocks underneath you that caved in from the impact. The way your hips curved up caused your skirt to fold back onto you, leaving you completely exposed under his gaze.
 Ungodly thoughts began to race across Zhongli’s mind. He couldn’t help but slowly undress you in his mind, thinking about all the things he could do to you in this moment of vulnerability.
You poor thing... If only we were not in such a potential dire circumstance of life or death, what would stop me from keeping these rocks on top of you, grabbing those hips, and pressing myself against you? It would be the perfect opportunity to keep you still while I have my way with you... Perhaps I should check to see if you’re okay first, and maybe I can trap you with these rocks myself instead. Certainly I could even lift you in a better position for a better fit...
“Stay with me, [Y/N],” Zhongli snapped out of his fantasy and continued to lift the boulders off of you, wondering if he should really go through with his urges. “You will be okay...”
Tumblr media
 Childe had noticed you fly across the cavern in the corner of his eye, and watching you land on the floor at such a fierce impact only fueled him to keep fighting. In a fit of a rage and frustration, he summoned his dual blades and quickly turned the tides of the battle towards his favor. He didn’t even need to watch the beast die to know it was dead within seconds, and after his final blow he quickly dashed towards where you landed only to find out you had been crushed by more rocks.
 He let out another yell of frustration, grabbing the boulders one by one and pushing them off of you. “[Y/N]? Can you hear me?”
 “I’m fine, just get these off of me!” you managed to call out from underneath the pile. Relieved that you were alive and well, he managed to push most of the boulders off but hesitated once he got a good look at the way you were laid out in front of him.
 With your legs dangling off the edge of the pile, your ass was comedically exposed towards him, the rest of your upper half still trapped within the remains of the avalanche. Funnily enough, the hem of your skirt had even got trapped above your hips that you were completely exposed, causing Childe to grin evilly.
 “Well, well, well,” he slowly walked over to you and placed a gloved hand on your bare cheek, still slightly out of breath from the heavy lifting. He gave a gentle squeeze, eliciting a gasp from you. “Is this my reward for helping you? If so, I’ll gladly take it now...”
 “Did you forget that I’m stuck? What if I’m badly injured?!”
 “In that case, I’m sure I can make all the pain go away and replace it with pleasure instead,” he gave one final squeeze and chuckled before walking away to grab another boulder. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding... But once you’re out, don’t expect all this help to come for free, you know.”
Tumblr media
 Diluc watched you tumble across the floor with panicked eyes, immediately worrying about your safety but not letting that distract him from the task at hand. In the heat of the moment under the influence of rage and anxiety, he summoned his pyro manipulation to set his claymore ablaze and deliver multiple final blows to the creature, smashing its figure into bits. The beast cried in its final moments and when he was sure it was dead, he dropped his sword as he sprinted towards you.
 Pure panic settled in once he saw you had been crushed underneath the pile of rocks. He pushed himself to run faster, feeling tears form in the corners of his eyes but ignoring it. He didn’t want to lose you – not this easily.
 “[Y/N]!” he called out once he reached the site, “Can you hear me?”
 “I’m here, Diluc. I’m fine,” you reassured him. He deeply sighed in relief as he began to push the boulders off of you. Thank Barbatos you were alive and well! He shook the thought of you being fatally injured away from the forefront of his mind to focus on getting you out of this mess, using his strength to his advantage. But after a few rocks were pushed off of you, his eyes widened at the sight of you, a sight he will never forget.
 While your legs and upper body were still trapped underneath the pile, the first thing Diluc revealed was your ass, exposed by your skirt that was coincidentally trapped above your hips. Your thighs were pinned together, rubbing gently as you squirmed in the rubbish, trying to wiggle your way out. Or at least, he wanted to believe you were wiggling for the sole purpose of getting out, and not to tease him.
 With a nervous gulp, he averted his eyes away from you and resumed his work on the boulders. His mind couldn’t help but drift away into sinful corners, though. He envisioned the way he could firmly grab your thighs, pull down your underwear and...
 “Don’t scare me like that again,” he took a more lighthearted tone to cover up his urges, “I thought you were surely dead.”
Tumblr media
 After briefly witnessing you get thrown across the cavern, Kaeya managed to finally stab the beast in such a precise weakness point, making it wail in pain until it slowly withered away in its dying moments. He took no time at all to rush over to you, sprinting faster once he saw that you had been crushed by an avalanche.
 “[Y/N], talk to me,” he subtly asked for reassurance that you were still alive as he began to analyze the situation and pinpoint exactly where you were in all this rubbish.
 “I’m okay,” you weakly muttered with a grin, glad that he had come to your rescue, “Just a little bruised, that’s all.”
 Following the trail of your voice, he put his mind to work. He started to strategically push certain rocks so that others would naturally fall off of you without him needing to lift too much. After awhile, he began to spot one of your arms, then your other arm, and with each rock tumbling down he soon revealed the full picture.
 Or at least, a fraction of the full picture.
 He was relieved to see that you had wrapped your arms around your head for protection before the crash, avoiding what would have been an extremely dangerous injury. With your entire body from the chest down still trapped, you felt the need to stretch out your arms in the newly freed space and take a deep breath, glad to finally have some fresh air. “Good morning,” you joked on your bed of rocks.
 Even though he certainly felt some relief, he couldn’t fight the urge to tease you as he cooed over the sight of you so helpless underneath him. With an evil smirk, he pulled out one of the rocks that was supporting your neck, leaving your head hanging off the edge and eliciting a gasp from you. Before you could protest, he propped himself up against the wall with one arm, his body hovering over you and his crotch just inches away from your face.
 “Look at that pretty mouth of yours... You tempt me even in the most dire situations, sweetheart,” he let his free hand run slender fingers across your scalp, slowly massaging you. “Now that I think about it, I do deserve a prize for saving you, don’t I?”
 “Quit running your mouth and just help me get out of here,” you scolded him jokingly. He laughed and shook his head dismissively as he walked away to get back to work, fighting that strong urge to use your throat in such a vulnerable state.
 “If you say so, sweetheart. Maybe some other time.”
Tumblr media
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prelovednikaidou · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
his new wife; toji fushiguro [04]
Genre: angst
a/n: tell me what u think abt this chapter. Word count: 3.2k. THIS IS NOT THE ENDING. WE HAVE ONE MORE PART LEFT. 😭
part one ; part two ; part three
update: part five
Tumblr media
It was bustling with women inside the packed waiting room. Sounds of cries and whines smell of talcum powder and milk, the waiting area for new mothers were full of people.
She sat far by the corner, holding her tiny ultrasound as she knew no tiredness. This baby was growing inside her. There was a life in her. A warm smile bloomed on her face but it soon faded bit by bit when a young couple took their seats in front of her.
The woman shouldn't be any older than her. Her stomach was already so big, it was scary how she was still able to walk around like that. But it wasn't a wonder when Toji's wife watched the man beside her.
"Slowly, slowly. Do you want to stretch your legs a bit?" He asked but it wasn't a question when he was already kneeling on the floor, took off his wife's flat shoes as he rubbed the sore spots between her joints.
Toji's wife watched the couple and the red bottom heels on her feet have never felt this painful. Somehow, she had the urge to hide her feet from people. She felt like she was missing something.
She knew what she was lacking but she couldn't say it. How could she when almost all new mothers in this waiting room were accompanied by their partners except her?
She didn't dare to look up from her phone when she could feel the stares she received from her sides. Her eyes were glued on her phone screen, she was trying so hard to appear busy but she had been scrolling on the same tab over and over again.
It was humiliating.
And she had never felt this lonely in her whole life as an adult. When being pregnant is a part of adulthood, it was as if she was given a bike to ride when she wasn't taught how. Her husband should be with her but how could she say anything?
"Excuse me, may I sit here?"
She faced her side and another mother with a bulging tummy was waiting for her response. Toji's wife felt incredibly unwell - sick to her stomach because he was supposed to sit there. He was supposed to be a reason she could deny her request.
But what had become that Toji's wife only nodded as her eyes stared at her high heels, "Sure, there isn't anyone to sit there, to begin with."
Perhaps it was due to hormones, it was funny how she shed a few tears just because the seat beside her was empty. Truly funny.
She had been hanging around the kids' department for a while. Looking at the rows of tiny cute clothes, the chubby small pair of shoes, the soft beddings, and bottles. The bright colors, the cute prints, she loved it. she loved it so much yet she couldn't buy it.
she didn't have the luxury like the other parents in this section. She didn't have the luxury to choose. When she touched the soft fabric under her fingertips, her breath became so shaky that she wanted the whole to swallow her whole.
Just swallow her out so she didn't have to crumble in front of anyone. Just do anything to her so she could rest.
The tiny shoes in her hands were a reminder that there wouldn't be any footsteps left because they would never be worn in the first place.
Tumblr media
"Fushiguro-san, can you rub my feet?"
Toji was already exhausted, his temple hadn't stopped throbbing for the past few hours and his head was in a terrible headache that he wanted to break and see what was inside his skull.
And now he had to listen to this?
He stood tall on his imposing figure, nearing his bed where his wife was left looking at him. He finally sat by the foot of the bed, he cast his focus on her stretched legs and her feet did seem a little swollen.
But when he rested his hands on his lap, he continued to look at those tiny feet and a wave of nostalgia hit him.
This wasn't the first he encountered a scene like this. When mamaguro was pregnant with Megumi, he did most of the work. As if she was handicapped. But now?
"You said it yourself that you wanted to be a mother. This is one of them. Isn't it? So cherish this feeling while you still can."
"Just rub them a little, I feel uncomfortable because I walked so far today." She softened her voice, eyes blinked so adorably as she was asking a favor but her husband remained stoic.
"Why should I?"
"Because I'm in pain."
Toji let out a chuckle. He loosened his tie, maintaining eye contact with his wife. If it were to be any other husband, they would surely succumb and commit to this small favor after such a reaction but Toji didn't.
"You wouldn't be if you'd listen to me. It was you who brought this up and I didn't say anything about playing along with it."
She just wanted to re-create what she saw in the clinic. The scene where the husband would massage his wife's feet while he talked to her, hands casually rubbed her tummy - it felt funny how she said recreate.
Was carrying a child in her body is just acting?
Yet somehow, she didn't care. She stretched her legs to his way and Toji felt like lately, she had been so clingy to the point he almost mistook her for someone else.
It's only for 2 months, just give in.
So he did. He took her small foot into his hands, a rough palm ran over her sole before he used his middle knuckle to press between her big toe and index toe.
It was crazy but she knew he'd do it. And what was even crazier is she didn't feel like she was afraid of anything anymore. She had lost so much that mere anger of her neglectful husband didn't mean anything.
"I went to the store today. There's a big sale going on. Maybe because it's nearing December, most stores are doing their End Year Sale. We should go out at the weekend, how about that? Megumi told me earlier that his class will do a simple class gathering. I should prepare some food, right?"
Toji didn't reply, only continued to massage her feet. The quicker he did it, the sooner he would get this done. He wanted to soak in a warm bath and sleep right now. He didn't have time to do this little chatty.
He thought she would shut her mouth because that was the usual when she understood that he didn't want to engage in the conversation but she didn't.
She began to scroll down her phone, before she continued, "Don't you think lately Megumi has been gaining weight? Hahahha... he's already cute but now look at his cheeks. Someone might take a bite because it's so chubby. I think I know what I'm gonna cook for his class."
He didn’t reply, switching her foot, and placed it on his lap, the massage routine he was following actually had long ended. But he just couldn't let go of this thin ankle, rubbing the joints, and listened to her talk about her day.
This brought him back to the times where he first married her. She was very talkative, bubbly, and energetic. Like a baby bird. Yet after her youth faded along the passing years, the vibrancy she had became dim and he found it hard to hear her voice.
While dandelions may grow on the grass and withstand the harsh weather - it will inevitably wilt after being stepped over and over again.
Tumblr media
Megumi thought that she would neglect him, now that she had another son she can dote to. How wrong was he, she became a lot more gentle - she was like how she first entered his family. It made the loneliness he felt when he was in the crib disappeared in a snap.
Kisses on his forehead, holding hands as she walked him to his school gate, lengthy notes on his lunch box - she was warm. So warm that he wanted to cry, pray to God that he was thankful that she was back.
It felt like he had the whole world in his palms when she hugged him before he went to bed, lips curled into a smile that he wanted to keep as a picture - she was actually alive, and content.
Mom is happy. Mom will stay in this house. Mom will continue to cook delicious snacks and Gumi can continue to watch her. Gumi hopes Mom will give Gumi a boy so Gumi can share toys and cars. Gumi likes Mom. Mom is good and pretty. (22/12/2010)
The small kid quickly closed his book, stuffing it under his bed with his face flushed after being flustered at his father's voice. Toji's wife peeped from the door, brows arched a little as she questioned,
"Why aren't you dressed? We're leaving. If you get any late I will leave you behind." She teased.
"Urgh... okay, okay. You're always like this..."
Today, they were going to the shopping mall together because she said that she wanted to buy him a few new clothes, now that he had grown taller... and a little bigger. Whenever someone mentioned his weight, he'd get very upset and defensive but he stopped feeling that way when she hugged him a lot now.
He didn't know what fluffy and squishy mean, but it definitely meant something good because whenever she said it, Megumi would be hugged warmly and it put him in a good mood. Obviously, it has a good meaning.
But that wasn't the only reason why he was excited. Today was his special day. Despite not celebrating with a huge birthday party as he did every year, he felt today was a little special.
"So where are we going?"
She held his hand, walking around the kid's section as she touched the tiny clothes and Megumi's face twisted into a scowl. He brushed her hand away - this was supposed to be his day.
Why was he here, looking around a place where he didn't belong to. He felt like she was showing off about her unborn child. Pouting a little, he thought to himself that he regretted writing down about wanting a brother.
"You bring me here to look things for your kid? I don't want to follow. I want to go home."
She felt like she was bonding with him but it seemed like she thought wrong, he still didn't like her. No matter how much she kept telling herself that she wasn't going to get hurt by his words, it still got away from how she felt.
She kneeled down to his height as she hold to his shoulders, "I'm sorry, it's just that I keep thinking how cute Megumi was as a baby." She touched his cheek, "Sadly I wasn't around when that happened. So I can only imagine you in this. Cute right?"
She attempted to gain his trust again but his eyes sharpened at her words. He scoffed as he replied,
"Why are you happy to see me in that shirt?"
She felt things were going south.
"Only my mom saw me when I wore that. Are you saying that you wanted to be in my house when my mom was around?"
My mom. Her eyes teared up a little as she tried to avoid this conflict.
"That's not what I mean-"
"So you don't want me to be with my mom? You want my dad even when mom was alive? You're so selfish." He pushed her hands away, watching how her face changed and the embarrassment clouded her face when his voice raised into a shout.
A few people began to look to their ways and she felt anxiety rising in her chest.
No, no, I don't mean it like that. Why do you hate me so much?
"You want my dad, me, and that baby in your stomach. Just choose one. Of course, you want that baby, right? You said you love me but look at you now. You're thinking of a way to replace me." He couldn't stop it. He couldn't stop it even when she was already crying in front of him.
Almost like the fear, the anger that was bubbling inside him burst - he couldn't stop his mouth from running off words that he didn't mean. He couldn't stop himself even when everyone began to watch them.
"No wonder you are so kind to me these days. Is this a parting gift before you steal dad from me? Like how you did to mom? I don't think you're this kind to treat me like this. If you want to kick me out then you shouldn't act as you think of me like I'm your son."
How did a simple stroll around a baby's clothing store turn into this? How did a simple boy who was hugging her last night spew daggers that aimed at her heart?
"But I'm not worried about anything because I'm sure that will not like your kid. I know I'm right because dad said he only has one kid and it's me."
And why couldn't she be angry at him? She should be disciplining him, telling him that he was disrespecting her. But why couldn't she step up for her own pride?
Because she wasn't his mother.
She wasn't his mother to scold him, to correct him. Even touching an inch of skin, she was merely a guest. She was loving him with her little experience as a mother but he didn't feel loved at all.
Because she wasn't his mother.
Her eyes were blinded by tears and her chest hurt so much, adrenaline was pumping her blood faster - it felt like her heart was skipping a beat as her step-son continued to degrade her existence in the public.
Honey, please stop and take pity on me. Don't do this to me, Gumi. I can't say anything when you look like it hurt you too.
She simply wanted to show him how he could have matching suits with her unborn son, how her child would have a big brother to look up to.
"Gumi, no... I don't mean it like that, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, let's go home." Her hand reached out but Megumi was already taking a step back, staggering on his feet before he turned around and dashed away from her.
Her parents kept saying that people would keep talking and everything was going to be alright. But why was it only the chatters of people around her became louder and nothing had become alright?
Why did it take her a couple of minutes to access that Megumi had disappeared before her when she felt like the world was turning black?
Her legs were shaky as her head was dizzy and the sharp thumping against her ribs was telling her that her body couldn't handle the stress.
"Gumi! Gumi!" She screamed, frantically searching around as everyone avoided her, parting a sea for her to break through - the public only knew to record but not a single person offered her guidance on where Megumi had wandered off.
Among the whispers, she could hear how people called her a 'homewrecker, a 'slut', a 'cheater', perhaps from the gist they got from Megumi's words.
But she wasn't a cheater. She wasn't a homewrecker. She wasn't a slut.
Because if she was all above that, she didn't have to work this hard. She didn't have to put her pride into a gamble.
How was she a cheater when her own husband didn't acknowledge her existence before and after marriage?
How was she a homewrecker when she never knew there was a home, to begin with?
How was she a slut when her husband slept with her only to call out to another woman's name?
Was this love? Was this really a love when it had been so long since she felt loved? Was this love when she began to doubt if she met the right person at the wrong time?
Was this love when she couldn't see herself as a person anymore?
Because if it was, then let this love ended here.
Tumblr media
Somewhere out there, there was a street clown who began to twist the balloons in his hands into shapes, and she saw the familiar hairstyle among the crowd.
There were blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, white balloons and in each passing minute, one by one - the balloons kept on getting bigger. Megumi watched the whole thing without a tint of amusement.
She should be here in a minute, right? He sighed. He knew that he was going over-board and he should apologize sooner but why was he feeling restless for no reason? He began to look around him again and thought,
'This isn't too far. What's taking her so long?'
As he watched the clown did his job, among the tied balloons, one of them - which was a white balloon, had its knot loosened and it began to slip away from the other balloons.
Megumi stood up, hesitant to grab the balloon as he watched it flew higher and higher - growing larger and larger, nearing the flaring heat of the Sun.
The clown saw that Megumi almost tripped on his foot. But Megumi was too busy looking at the white balloon so the clown shouted, "Look out!"
Almost like he was in a daze, the balloon popped when it had reached the highest point, and all he heard after that were the horrific screams, the boundless sounds of honking, and the flowing stream of vehicles stopped.
"Damn, this hurts so much-" He cursed a little and noticed that everyone began to surround the main road in front of the shopping complex.
He thought it was stupid for people to make a crowd like that so he stayed around the clown's stall a little longer and the soft lyrics echoed from the speaker made him think of her.
I just want you close, where you can stay forever.
He stood up and began his pace to where he left off. He shouldn't be like this. She had done her very best to become his mother. Though she was a replacement.
You can be sure, That it will only get better.
She never once raised her hands on him unless to pet his head or his cheeks. She never raised her voice at him unless when she was a little excited to tell him how proud she was.
You and me together, through the days and nights.
He wasn't angry at her. He was simply scared. He was scared of all the love she offered to him would vanish. He even wished for her to be the evil stepmother.
I don't worry cause, Everything's gonna be alright.
However, he had already got a taste of how warm her love was. How being loved by her made him believe that a mother was what completed a child. And if he were to lose her, that he would lose himself again.
So why did it feel like someone stabbed him in his chest, twisting the knife deeply and tore a hole as he saw the familiar curls sprawled on the ground?
Why did he feel like his blood ran cold and his heart stopped pumping when he saw a piece of the torn bracelet he worked all night working on wasn't tied around the wrist of its owner?
He said that he hated her. But he found himself looking forward to her sweet kisses, her soft voice in each time she called to him, her soft fragrance in her hugs.
Was this the hate he swore to keep when he couldn't stop crying to her name and there wasn't an answer?
Was this a hatred when he couldn't stop holding her cold hand and her fingers didn't curl to return his affection?
Was this a hatred when the thought of her leaving him forever made his whole body shook in fright?
Was this a hatred when he was screaming to all his might, for God to take him along so he accompanies her in the cold grave?
Was this a hatred when he couldn't stop his tears and regretted his whole life like a sinner?
Was this a hatred when he knew that he lost everything because of himself and this was a sin he had to redeem for his whole life?
"M-mom... please, I- I'm so sorry... please... Mom, don't do this to me. Mom," The paramedics tried their best to separate him from his mother but when they saw a slight movement from the victim, their arms fall to their sides.
It was too pitiful. A mother who was hanging by a thread and a child who just couldn't let go. Megumi's face was a mess, strings of snort and tears, his face got closer to her.
He saw his father's figure was entering the circle but he didn't care. He looked desperately for a point in her to keep her eyes awake but using her last strength, she closed his eyes with her palm.
She didn't want him to remember this sight of her. She didn't want him to grow up and blame himself. Because he was only a child. Even if he wasn't from her womb, she was the person who had fed him with her own hand.
She was the person who cleaned his bottom when he was unwell. She was the one who treated his fear on rainy days and now he could count the raindrops.
It was true that she didn't share an ounce of blood with him, but who could have blamed her? She couldn't help but love him because he was the only chance for her to fulfill this greed as a family.
Megumi really wanted to see her for the last time but this was her request and soon, Toji appeared by her side, his messy appearance wasn't his usual.
As her breath was shaky, the paramedics wanted to urge more but judging from the heavy bleeding, she knew that she couldn't be saved anymore.
So for her step-son, she whispered a simple wish, a wish that wasn't really appreciated every year because she was only a chess piece inside the huge board of the Fushiguro family.
"Mommy loves dearest Gumi the most."
And when her hearing was blocked - her head felt like cracking open as everything rushed there and her hazy eyes began to lose their sight. Only with the rough shadow of a tall man, she knew that was her husband.
Even during death, he didn't hold her close because everything was a reminder of her to him. So when he inched his head closer to her, he wanted her to close her eyes and rest, so she could delay whatever disaster that might come.
But in one breath, she only whispered, "At last, I chose my child over everything."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @ladyalicevii @valoruzky @selenelle @sleepyamaya @missroro @jeankirschteinsbabymama @i-weiliz-i @alientee @iliveforjin @obsessivesoul @baji-keisukes-wife @the-amaranthine @rafzaha @pros-posts @kristinecharmm @luviewoo @redsparko​ @yumekos-gamble​
Tumblr media
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xiaowhore · a month ago
he lends you his clothes when...
includes: luke, marius, artem & vyn !
pronouns: she/her (fem reader)
a/n: i told myself i wouldn't write for tot... genshin has enough men to handle... but here i am anyways. hope you guys like this <3
Tumblr media
itʼs raining and you donʼt have an umbrella
you weren't the forgetful type, but in your haste to get to work on time, you didnʼt bother checking the weather forecast — a grave mistake youʼve come to regret later that afternoon, left with no choice but to wait for the rainfall to cease. it was by pure coincidence for you to come across luke, seemingly in the same predicament as you if his troubled expression was anything to go by.
“i can run to the conveniece store to buy an umbrella and hurry back here to get you,” he offered, undoubtedly putting your comfort over his own once again. you shook your head, tugging on his green jacket. “letʼs just go together. iʼm pretty sure this is big enough to cover both of us.”
needless to say, no, it was not big enough to cover two fully grown adults. by the time you reached the convenience store, youʼre soaked to the bone and constantly sneezing. (luke quickly covers you with his jacket in a panic, catching a glimpse of your skin beneath your drenched blouse. he couldnʼt look at you properly until you changed in dry clothes.)
Tumblr media
you feel cold at an evening gala
it wasn't often for you to attend fancy events like these, but you couldn't really turn down marius's invitation. not when he started sulking and pouting in his pursuits to coax you into going. anyone with a heart wouldn't be able to reject that face; it certainly wasn't just your soft spot for him, definitely not.
formal attire was a necessity, and marius took it upon himself to provide you a dress. a dress that you had no complaints with, for the most part: it was extravagant, perhaps too extravagant for you, and you blended in well with the celebrities and prominent figures in attendance. but it wasn't designed to protect you from cold temperatures, thus it was inevitable you'd be shivering when you took a short breather at the balcony.
marius laughed when he saw you struggling to keep yourself warm, rubbing your hands together. you'd feel insulted if he hadn't shrugged off his suit jacket and wordlessly placed it on your bare shoulders, engaging you in casual conversation as if he didn't do anything out of the ordinary. you were too flustered that you lost the chance to give it back, knowing this could start some bizarre rumor about you being the pax ceo's girlfriend.
still, you chose to keep your lips sealed, relishing in the lingering warmth enveloping your body. (at the very least, your face wasn't cold anymore.)
Tumblr media
you don't have spare clothes for a spontaneous business trip
you were never supposed to go with artem; you may be partners, but you both had your own share of individual duties... yet one thing had led to another, and suddenly you were thrust into a situation where you had to visit artem's client as soon as humanly possible. of course, that meant you had zero preparation done — no spare clothes or toiletries packed, not even a charger for your phone.
you were lucky enough that a room at artem's hotel was available, but that's where your luck stopped, it seemed. all clothing stores were already closed at this late hour, and you couldn't exactly sleep comfortably in your work clothes; you'd also still need them for the next day, or at least until you purchase new clothes to wear.
artem clearly didn't have anything your size, but he offered a shirt and a pair of sweatpants that you could only hope would fit you. in the end, it hung loosely on your smaller frame, but it was a far better choice than your work clothes. as an act of gratitude, you knocked on his door, planning to thank him and bidding him good night before returning to your own hotel room.
artem was definitely not prepared to see you at his door, in the darkest hours of the evening, wearing his clothes, and innocently talking about something he couldn't hear over the sound of his erratic heartbeat.
by the time you finished talking and left to get some rest, artem sank on his bed, still processing what occurred moments prior. (he couldnʼt be any more grateful you had separate rooms.)
Tumblr media
you're waiting for him to finish working
aside from his job as a psychiatrist, vyn was also known to be a visiting professor at stellis university. you'd know this since you attended his lectures under the guise of his “teaching assistant,” though you don't actually contribute much even if vyn had told you your mere presence was a reassurance that “assisted” him enough.
“wait for me here, i need to speak to another professor for a moment,” he informed with a gentle smile, planning to take you to a small date after ending his lecture. you nodded understandingly, patiently standing by the hallway, when he paused for a second before turning back towards you and shrugging off his coat. “i apologize, could you carry this for the meantime?”
“of course.” you took the piece of clothing into your arms, oblivious to the reason why vyn needed you to hold on to it, but you had no reason to refuse. seeing you didn't mind doing a favor for him, he smiled again, turning on his heel to finally start walking towards the faculty office.
you might be oblivious to the curious stares pinned at your back whenever you came to his lectures, but vyn was surely not. maybe he was too aware of it, to the point that he could recognize the glint of romantic interest in other men's eyes when they look at you.
he needed to show you were already taken, somehow.
“isn't that professor richter's girlfriend?” “no way... that professor richter?” “she's carrying his lab coat. of course she'd be his girlfriend! i saw him staring at her a lot during lectures, too!”
(oh. vyn didn't want you to notice that... oh well.)
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tartaglias-bunny · 4 months ago
Saw you were looking for asks 👀 How does childe, diluc, and kaeya feel about their so wanting to cock warm? Whether that be with their nethers or mouth? How do they feel about it calming their partner to just have their cock down their throat?
ooooh okay I SEE YOU
❀ ཻུ۪۪┊cockwarming; part 2; drabbles
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ cockwarming, oral, some degradation, light humiliation (kind of) & some light face fucking
✿ characters: 
kaeya, childe, diluc, albedo, 
Tumblr media
kaeya doesn’t mind at all, you want him to plunge his cock deep inside your folds? you don’t even need to ask him twice
the catch? you have to do it yourself
before you can sink down on his fat cock he makes you warm it up with that cute mouth of yours
he likes to play a little game with you where he’ll have you take him all the way in and just stay still and just watch as you try your best not to choke on his dick; you just look so cute with your saliva dribbling down your chin and his member lodged in between your parted lips
it takes a lot of concentration to keep yourself from choking around his dick -to stop yourself from pulling away and swallowing the excess saliva that’s accumulated in your mouth - but kaeya makes sure to pay back the favor ten fold
the second the game is over and you’ve managed to keep yourself from choking around his dick for whatever amount of time he chooses, he’ll allow you to sit down in his lap -with his cock nestled in between the juncture of your hips instead
he’ll praise you for being such an obedient little slut for him and allows you to cum all over him -rolling your swollen clit in between his thumb and forefinger with a slight bounce of his hips
in times like this kaeya really likes to edge himself because he knows you won’t be able to last long with his cock idly resting inside your cunt, the way the tip shifts around your inner walls only makes you want to squirm around in his lap even more -wanting to feel the head ram against that pleasurable spot deep inside you, to feel that same wave of euphoria that robbed you of your senses
Tumblr media
childe isn’t as sadistic as kaeya, but he’s definitely just as eager; you want him to shove his fat cock into your pretty little mouth to keep it warm for him? say less. his pants are probably down as soon as you finish your sentence 
he likes to tease you about it too, “ i didn’ t know you were so eager to have my cock inside of you ojou-chan ∼” 
“how do you think the others would feel if they found out the Honorary Knight was so hungry for a fatui harbinger’s cock?” 
i feel like childe goes both ways, he’s either really mean or he’s super sweet
if he’s not teasing or degrading you, he’s giving you words of praise for being able to fit all of him in your mouth, one of his hands will be rubbing the back of your head to either reward you for taking him in all the way or to encourage you to take him in even further 
if you want to cockwarm him with your cunt instead, he’s a little less degrading -being inside of your pussy is more intimate to him than being inside of your mouth; his hands tend to wander a lot and they’re either busy playing with your clit or toying with your breasts
his mouth is usually attached to the side of your neck, suckling at the soft flesh as he leaves his mark or playfully biting on your ear
Tumblr media
diluc i think prefers to give oral than receive it, i’m not sure why but i just feel like oral makes him flustered if he’s on the receiving end -he probably cums faster than usual and just seems like the type to prioritize your pleasure over his
he likes it when you keep his cock warm for him, the feeling of your warm wet walls clamped tightly around his semi hard erection is somewhat relaxing to him -therapeutic almost
he definitely likes to nestle his face into the side of your neck and just take in your scent, enjoying the warmth that radiates from your body whilst you do the same - just enjoying each other’s presence and being one together 
if you’re cockwarming him i think he prefers if you guys are cuddling or spooning, he just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you and keep you close
he wants to be able to feel your body against his because there’s something about your presence that makes him feel safe and secure -because in this life, you’re what matters to him the most -and you can’t help but feel the same way 
Tumblr media
albedo is normally really busy with all his experiments, so if you want to cockwarm him he prefers it if you use your pussy over your mouth because it’s just much more convenient for him (he likes to be able to use your shoulder as a chin rest while he does his work) 
he’s an alchemist so he loves to experiment with you -he definitely likes to test your patience when you’re cockwarming him, to see how long you can last before you beg him to just bend you over his desk and slam his cock in and out of you 
on the rare occasions that he lets you keep his dick warm with your mouth, he likes to see how long you can last with his cock balls deep into your throat -sometimes he gets a little impatient when it’s in your mouth because its just so wet and warm and the way your throat constricts around his cock makes it twitch in excitement -making him a little too sensitive to the warmth that envelops his erection 
cockwarming with your mouth slowly turns into face fucking, but you don’t complain, albedo’s cum always tastes sweet anyways
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amalthea-000 · 4 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex ⅲ ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst, fluff, arguments and what nots
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to, harsh words about the way you dressed but v light (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! kuroo, ushijima x f!reader
wc: 1376 words
note: again, please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first!  i never thought this would peak ur interest but here ya go part three !! thank you so much! love lots!! i changed it to ushi because i felt like it, sorry it took so long. please read a/n at the end :))  for: @agaashii @arrogantsonofabiscuit @kurooisdbest and anonyabe 🥰❣️
s/o to the love of my life : @haztory​ , for helping me, <3
| masterlist | pt. 1 with miya twins | pt 2. suna & iwa |
Tumblr media
° kuroo testurou:
- you never have to worry about the way you dressed or act around kuroo. with him, you were comfortable being yourself and so is he, to you. this is something you treasured about your relationship.
“kitten, i’ll meet you at the party later! wear something pretty!” 
you’re kuroo’s plus one at a charity event the association is throwing. you spent hours getting ready, it’s been awhile since you got all dolled up for a party, mostly because you were focusing on your chosen career. you weren’t big on lavish dresses and sparkly cosmetics but you did your best to look grand for your boyfriend.
you park the car outside the venue, kuroo wasn’t able to join due to prior engagements he had at work, and you were totally fine with meeting him here, earlier he was pouting, reasoning he wanted to make a grand entrance with his gorgeous partner, you chuckle at his silliness. you were walking up the decorated stairs when you saw him, less cheerful than before, his face wore scowl and his mind far, you tried to get his attention, waving and calling his name, at the third try he finally looks up.
“you’re late, where were you?“ 
no greeting? “hello, to you too.” you were surprised at how he apprached you, you dismiss this because you don’t want to spoil the evening with an argument with him, you figured something must’ve happened at work that didn’t go well. kuroo takes a good look at you, mistaking it as him checking you out. you were about to tease him when he made a sour face and said, “out of all the outfits you own?” what was that supposed to mean?, you scoffed at him but he cut you off- “anyway, we don’t have time to change let’s go.” you starting to get pretty annoyed but you didn’t wan to spoil the night with pointless fight with an upset kuroo. 
the party was really fun, you’ve ment some of kuroo’s co-workers before, even saw kenma. but kuroo’s voice kept ringing in your head and he was acting weird this evening, “so, mind telling what’s with your comment earlier?” you asked, he looked at you from the driver’s seat, “what do you mean?” he knew about it, but didn’t want a discussion right now because he definitely know how it would turn out, he heard you sigh, “look, tetsu i did my best to dress up for you ok? can’t you apprec—?” he gave you a sarcastic laugh, 
“really? that’s your best? when I was with aika, she knew how to present herself,” your hear dropped “and she certainly wouldn’t pick that.” he exagerrated the last word, pointing a finger at you. what. the. fuck. to say you were offended was an understatement, you were seething but more so, your heart broke at your boyfriends’ words. your arguments never got to a point where you two would insult each other. “i don’t know what happened at work but don’t fucking pin your sour mood on me just because something didn’t go your way at work.” you spat
as soon as kuroo realized his words, color drained from his face, he couldn’t look at you but he could hear your shallow breaths. “kit—” it was your turn to cut him off “don’t even, kuroo,” you take a deep breath “’cuz, i might punch you right now.” luckily, you arrived at your shared apartment, you got out and slam the car door, leaving a shocked kuroo in the car. 
you still slept in the same bed that night but as soon as kuroo woke up, you were gone, he figured you just went to the bathroom, he waits but to still no sign of you, he rubs the sleep of his eyes and walked around the apartment calling out your nickname but only his voice echoed back. it took him a minute but as soon as he’s aware, his heart sank at the pit of his stomach.  
all he could do was stare at the wall, you deserve this, a little voice in his head said but hope started to bubble when he saw a note with your handwriting stapled on the fridge
“we’ll talk about what happened when we’ve both calmed down, kuroo.“ 
he winced at the cold use of his last name, he’d truly messed up, nevertheless this was a silver lining, isn't it? you’ll come back, right? 
° ushijima wakatoshi:
- you were aware of ushijima's lovelife or lack there of. he was quite inexperienced but ushijima had his little ways to show you his love. like they say, it's always the little things, and every efforthe did, never failed to make your heart flutter or make you a flustered mess.
it was off season and both of you were stuck together, not that you're complaining, in fact, you've been waiting for this juncture. the thought of domesticity with ushijima, like actually waking up beside him, tending to his little garden in the backyard and stargazing picnics that he secretly enjoys, tickles your heart, partnered with a lovesick smile on your face.
like any other couple, you've had your share of arguments and disagreements, surprisingly most of the time, ushijima tries to understand your side and you're able to communicate properly. unfortunately right now, tension is high in your household, you can't remember when it started but you knew that it was about telling him to relax with you when all week he's been working out in his makeshift gym. "stop it, y/n. i don't want to do that with you" his deadpan tone still rings in your head and each time it sends a pang to your heart.
you brushed that off, wanting to understand that he was still getting used to staying home during off season. but everyone has a limit
ushijima has been “struggling” to adjust all week, his mind & body has been so used to training and volleyball that it didn't cross his mind that he’d brushed you off with cold words. adjusting wasn’t the only thing plaguing his mind but also your relationship, being with you is very different, you were more attentive, independent, more caring and you weren’t afraid to tell him what you think, while he appreciated that, it was all new to him, almost overwhelming. the friction between the both of you these past days was quite obvious but he fails to percieve the reason why. 
so, what does he do? he calls tendou. he was the only one he trusted, aside from you, and maybe he can give an insight on what is happening right now.
when you finished folding the remaining garments from the dryer, you tried to call out for ushi to help you carry some of them but he wasn’t responding, after the third try, you made your way to the living room but you heard him talking to someone, “ah, must be satori.” you mumble, you were about to walk away when, “.... y/n is very different from rena. she needs constant communication, it is quite confusing....” your face fell at the conversation he’s having with his friend, “.. i guess rena and i have some similarities.. ” did he prefer her over you? was that it? you’re heart couldn’t take it, so you step back but you hit something. 
the sound caught ushijima’s attention, when he looked behind, he saw you with an expression that made his heart twist, before he can say anything you beat him to it, “really wakatoshi?” you shoot him a sharp glare “love, you misunders-” you scoff at him, “i think it’s quite clear what you mean, love” mocking the nickname, he tried to reach for you but you step back, “don’t.” you were quick to walk away and lock yourself in the bedroom, you layed on yourside of the bed, aggresively wiping your tears. you actually fell asleep, even though it was eleven in the morning, the weight of the situation was rather tiring.
ushijima sighed and let you be, but there was an undeniable sting in his chest, “you okay, waka-chan? that was rough” tendou was still on the line, “i need your help, satori.”
Tumblr media
hello guys! cliffhangers, come get yer cliffhangers! anyway, part 2? or open ending?? wahh!! as u can see i have a soft spot for captains huhu but yeah just wanted to get this out. again like i always say vv subpar haha i’ve been mia due to really bad anxiety and stuff but i’m getting better haha i hope you guyys are doing okay! pls tell me about it, i love interacting with ya’ll! anyway i hope u like this! wahh and sorry if you don’t!! hydrate and sanitize muah <3 -khlara 
ps. it’s like 4 in the morning, i will edit this i promise huhu :(( i’m trying something new huhu, anyway 3 more parts with other hq men to go and they are drafted get ready!!
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit @gayerthanthee @iiishaa @dai-tsukki-desu @kerokenma @edimeow​
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witch-hazels-musings · 7 months ago
waking up next to them
The first one got a LOT of love and some nice person asked for some other genshin husbands 
One day I’ll write for the beautiful Dainsleif - until thennn
I added Zhongli in his place, because I’m trash.
Includes: Albedo, Kaeya, Zhongli 
Warnings -> NOTSFW* (foreplay & other touching)
*Character X FM Reader*  |   Anthology   |  Part 1
Synopsis: waking up next to them and how quickly things can turn
Too many times Albedo would work through the night, spending his entire day in the labs doing research, taking notes
There were times you’d find him passed out in a random spot in the lab. Once he was leaning over one of the counters, another time he was whipped out in a chair, his head dripping between his legs
In fact, you’d practically had to beg him, or get someone to carry him to bed if you expected him to be there in the morning
It was such a pleasure to wake up next to him on these rare occasions. Being able to see his face slowly appear under the light of the rising sun, his hair unkempt, the braid undone and falling against his neck
You couldn’t get enough of his sleeping face no matter where you found him; most people didn’t know that Albedo smiled when he slept, but you did 
Albedo shifted, the motion pulling him from his sleep. He looked a bit confused, his eyes looking over the room, his head turning until it came to a stop in your direction. 
“Hello,” you smiled at him, his expression still finding its way into the waking world. It melted your heart as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stretched in an effort to wake up. 
“How did I get here?” he asked, a yawn stretching his face. 
“I had one of the knights carry you here. We found you passed out in the labs.” you brushed some of the loose hairs away from his face. 
“How long have I been sleeping?” 
“Mmm, not sure. At least five hours.” You sit up and let your legs dangle off of the bed. You’re sure he will want to get back to his research as soon as possible. 
“Hmm …” 
Standing, you made your way to the dresser, looking through the clothes in an effort to figure out what to wear for the day. Your hair moves suddenly and you turn at the sensation. You’re surprised when you see Albedo standing behind you, his fingers messing with the hem of your shirt. 
“Albedo?” you ask, curious.
“Do you always wear this to bed?” he pulled at the fabric, stretching it and rubbing it between his fingers. 
“Yeah, mostly.” you started to feel the embarrassment on your face. His fingers were so close to your hips, a place he hadn’t touched in a while.
“It’s soft,” his fingers drifted down to your underwear. His nails grazed your skin as they ran along the edge of the fabric. When his eyes connected with yours you felt your heart skip a beat. 
“Where did you get it?” one of his hands slipped underneath your shirt.
“I don’t know, I’ve always had it …” the flush of your skin sending shivers through you. 
He asked you question after question, and each time he put his hands somewhere else. He pulled you away from the dresser so he could walk behind you, his eyes piercing even if you couldn’t see them. It drove you crazy the way he looked at you like one of his research specimens. Poking you, touching you, tasting you, all so he can see just how far you’ll go. 
After several frustrating minutes you snap. You turn to him, grab his head in your hands and kiss him. Within seconds his hands grip onto your hips and pulls you closer, enjoying the frustration he’s caused. The two of you stumble back to the bed and topple into the sheets. Albedo hovers over you, a smile on his face. 
“You didn’t last as long as I thought you would,” he smirks. 
“Screw you,” you bite back, but your bite is weak and worthless, just the way he planned. In desperation you pull him closer to you, his breath warming each location his lips touch. He moves painfully slow, making deliberate choices about where to run his fingers, where to place his lips, how much pressure to use for the leg resting between yours. He gets great enjoyment from watching you squirm under him. You know full well he expects you to be specific about what you want from him. Otherwise, he will do whatever he wants, and if that’s the case, you won’t be able to stand his pace.  
“Albedo,” you whine out his name, the heat inside of you radiates on his left. 
“I won’t know unless you tell me…” his voice is dangerous and wicked as he whispers against your ear.
Kaeya LOVESSsss sleeping next to you - he will do it any chance he can get 
He’d make sure that he caught up on all that missed time if he ever had to sleep away from you, or work late nights for the knights 
Most of the time you’d have a hard time getting a good look at his face, sense he enjoyed spooning you or keeping you in his arms throughout the night
If you ever did catch his sleeping face you’d hardly know it was Kaeya
His normally confident appearance was gone, and even still he was beautiful. There was something about the way his mouth looked when he was completely relaxed, you were able to get an entirely different perspective on just how lovely he was - and how much he trusted your closeness 
The sound of chirping birds and footsteps on cobblestone woke you up. When you looked to the window there was a bird singing away, indifferent to your desire to keep sleeping. Rubbing your hands against your face you noticed there was something heavy resting over your waist. Shifting, you could feel the body of another flush against you, the heavy scent of dried fruit and spices surrounding you.
Without looking you knew it was Kaeya. When did he get into bed, you wondered. Well, whenever he did, he made sure to leave absolutely no space between the two of you. His arm stretched over your waist, his other hand tucked underneath your head, and his chest pressed against your back. Your hair moved against the back of your neck as you felt a hot release of air. Even when he was asleep he managed to give you shivers.
You had a few things to take care of today so you reluctantly attempted to slip out from his arms. Reaching for the edge of the bed, you readied yourself to pull away from Kaeya’s grasp. You only made it a few inches before being pulled back into his arms. This time though your back was against the bed and your face was extremely close to the sleeping knight. 
You gave it another valiant attempt, only to be unsuccessful. 
Third time's the charm … nope. 
You were getting frustrated until you heard a soft chuckle escape the lips of your sleeping partner. 
“Kaeya, are you awake?” you huff. 
“Nope,” he responds, his face unmoving. 
“Mhm ... I have to get up.” You try to wiggle out from under him for a fourth time but he tightens his arms around you harder than before. 
“Spend some time with me…” his tone is childish and he pouts his lip at you. 
“I will later, but right now, I gotta get up.” 
“Fine,” his eyes flutter open and he releases you from his hold. “Can you grab me the watch over on the table there first?” He points behind him, and you see the requested item laying on his bedside table. 
Narrowing your eyes, you reach over his body extending your arm out toward the watch. You never make it. 
Kaeya grabs your vulnerable body and turns you over so he can lay on top of you, capturing your mouth with his. His chest presses against yours while his hands explore your body as if they were determined to lay claim to every inch. Pulling away from your mouth he makes quick work moving down to your chest. You feel the weight of his lips and the sharpness of his teeth on the sensitive skin below your throat, and you dig your hands into his sapphire hair at the sensation.
Your moans fill the air as his hands play a dangerous game in the space between your legs. It’s unbelievably unfair how he can turn you into a yearning mess, how he can make your hips move on their own as they beg him you up with those devilish fingers.
“You’re going to be late,” he murmurs over your nipples, his lips so close. 
“mmhm,” is all you can manage to get out before he makes you worthless under his touch. 
Imagine imagine IMAGINE waking up next to him - *heart explosion sound*
Zhongli’s sleeping face, ugh - his eyelashes, his relaxed jaw, the way the light plays off of his hair that’s fallen in his face
He doesn’t sleep with a shirt on so you get to look at his chest with total abandon, you see it rise and fall, you get to hear the soft breath leaving his slightly opened mouth
seeing his exposed back, just within reach. His shoulders relaxed and the muscles accentuated - how do you keep your hands away from that ???
He’d get a huge kick out of your reaction when he catches you staring at him, his eyes lighting up
As you look at Zhongli’s restful expression, you can’t help but be amazed at how someone as dashing as him could have settled for you. In your eyes his beauty is unparalleled - frustratingly so. 
Your eyes drift down from his face and onto his neck, then his collar bone, his chest slowly rising and falling under his breath. He is like a painting, and as hard as you’d like to reach out and stroke the paper, you’d be afraid of disturbing it’s beauty. Letting out a sigh you look back up at his face and find him looking back at you. 
“Oh…!” you exclaim, the blood rushing to your face. 
“Morning,” his voice is deep, as it always was in the morning. He gave you a gentle smile which reached his eyes. 
In sheer embarrassment, and the inability to look at him, you covered your face, “good morning,” you responded behind your makeshift barrier. 
“You were looking at me,” was he closer? You didn’t dare lower your hands. 
“Sorry ...” 
“It’s fine. You are welcome to look at me.” you felt his fingers work their way around yours and with barely any strength he pulled them away from your face, “as long as I can look at you.” There was something dangerous hidden behind his eyes, and good lord it knocked the wind out of you. 
With a jolt you sit up, your heart pounding and the blood in your veins on fire. Every inch of your body burned. The bed shifted underneath you and you felt the warmth of Zhongli’s fingers shift your hair from your neck. His touch was unbelievable. 
He didn’t say a word, he just kissed the sensitive space behind your ear. He let out a quiet hum and it’s shockwave ran the length of your spine. 
“Zhongli …” you breathe, tightening your grip onto the sheets pooled around your waist. His elegant fingers worked their way under your shirt and with ease it was gone, tossed to the floor with abandon. 
With the removal of your shirt, he had left your upper half completely exposed. A hand slid along your heaving ribcage before cupping your breast, his fingers stretching enveloping it. His lips trailed down the side of your neck and along the curve of your shoulder; blanketing you in his kisses. 
The pace of your breaths made it impossible for enough oxygen to make it to the parts of your brain needed for logic. You felt like a complete fool, completely and utterly at his mercy. 
In desperate effort to grasp back to reality you turned your head toward him, your face flushed and eyes lustful. He chuckled at the sight of you. 
“This is a nice morning, let’s appreciate it together.” he whispered against your lips before taking them, and your sanity.
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minyfic · a month ago
lipstick on my satin sheets - MYG | M
Tumblr media
↣ you don’t know his name, you don’t have an image of him in your mind, all you can recall is the deep, inviting drawl that seems to hypnotize you whenever you’re speaking under the cover of darkness; the frenzy is what drives you to seek out the man behind the enticing voice, even if it goes against the rules.
read another social experiment here ⚘
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: smut, fluff, s2l
word count: 4.8K
warnings/tags: college au, social experiment, strong language, hate to the color fuchsia, sensory deprivation, explicit smut- LOTS of dirty talk, heavy petting, finger sucking, breast kink, praise kink, hickeys, body worship, hair pulling, spanking, ear kissing/licking, handjob, fingering, grinding
a/n: inspired by Yoongi’s voice that has me in a trance every time I hear him speak
Smoothing down your sweaty palms over your jeans, you rush down the hallway and take the vacant seat at the end of the row, only to perk up and jog to the opposite end when you spot Jimin who points to the empty spot next to him.
You’re avoiding his curious eyes, sucking your lips in as you settle down next to him. Smiling at the girl who sits opposite you, the way you do every Saturday, you pat Jimin’s knee and wait for the coordinator to exit the office that’s behind the frosted door to your left.
As expected, Jimin nudges you with his shoulder, black hair brushing your cheek as he whispers.
“Fuchsia? I don’t think I have ever seen you wear fuchsia lipstick before.”
Who would know you better than your best friend?
Probably your mother. But no, she might think that you’re trying something new, a brighter shade of pink on your lips.
Jimin, your best friend, would argue that fuchsia is a color you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, you would never reach for it or even spot the color on the shelf in the drugstore, let alone buy and wear it.
You just smile and go with your mother’s reasoning, which earns a quizzical look from him.
He mumbles your name exasperatedly, clearly judging your choice of lipstick.
“I know your partner won’t be able to see you in there but that doesn’t mean you should start wearing hideous colors and take advantage of that.”
You shrug, fidgeting with the hem of your beige blouse, “I think it looks cool.”
“Is it glow in the dark? Because you know that might be against the ru-“
You’re unable to fight the laughter that fills the muted hallway, covering your mouth with your palm when you see a few of the other students glaring at you.
“No! It’s not,” you whisper-shout, taking a quiet breath of relief when Jimin leans back in his chair, a sign that he dropped the subject of your lipstick shade choice. But the warning glance he sends your way gives you the idea that it’s going to be included in your conversation after the session.
And like every other Saturday, you can tell he’s just as anxious as you. You want to affirm that everything will go smoothly but you know that it’s against the rules of the experiment to discuss the sessions with ANYONE. No one should know what goes on behind those four walls. Well, you assume that the room has four walls, and that it’s not some circular space with two chairs placed in the center.
But that’s the whole point. You see nothing, feel nothing, except for the chair and warm air as you sit down and wait for your partner from College B to enter after your nerves have thoroughly eaten up at you.
This whole thing was Jimin’s idea. He saw a pamphlet laying on the ground as you were strolling through the quad one busy afternoon and decided that he should drag you into this ‘social experiment’ that the psychology majors were conducting for five Saturdays running from August into September. You thought it might be a refreshing experience after a gruelling exam season, a little fun.
But it’s causing you more pain and exhaustion than anything else.
You’re from College A, college names are not to be shared to prevent students from tracking down their partners, which will tamper with the results. You know your partner is from College B. That’s all you know about him and maybe that he’s really sweet and kind and enjoys listening to music, he has a toy poodle and lives with his roommate who has also signed up for this agonizing experiment.
Agonizing? Why?
Agonizing because you’re unable to get your partner’s voice, words, laugh out of your head. You dream of a faceless man who doesn’t go beyond a voice floating around you.
You know so much, yet so little about each other. How does one skip around the important details that may reveal your identity? It’s easier than you thought because you run through the words in your head a million times before they’re spoken. And he does the same.
When you were a little girl, the darkness was something you feared, like most kids. But as you grew older, you knew that it wasn’t the dark that you were afraid of, but rather what lurked in the darkness. Over fifteen years later, and you still sleep with the lamp on. Maybe the unmentioned fear was also one of the reasons why you gave in to Jimin, you want to overcome the unease whenever you’re shrouded by darkness.
But, these past three sessions have caused more agitation to bubble to the surface. Because you think you might be in love with the man whose name you may never know. Next Saturday will be the last session and it scares the hell out of you that this faceless person occupies a large fraction of your mind and is creeping into your heart too. You know he feels the same, at least, from what he tells you.
The darkness makes you feel confident, which is ironic.
Confident in what you say to him.
You wonder what he’s like outside of the darkness, when his voice is out in the open, under your gaze. Would his words remain unchanged?
That’s the spiral you go down every night after the first session. Agonizing.
That’s the reason for your fuchsia lipstick.
For a fleeting moment last week, he held your hand and it felt like you finally found the last piece to your puzzle.
The puzzle you’ve been struggling to complete for years.
You haven’t slept a wink last night conjuring up a plan to figure out who the man, with the alluring voice and heart-stirring personality, may be.
It might be dumb, but you’re hoping to leave a mark on his cheek by kissi—
“Good afternoon, Students.”
The coordinator, Mrs. Kang clasps her palms and stands at the end of the hallway, demanding everyone’s attention.
“I hope you’ve all had a good week,” she begins, eyes disappearing into slits as she smiles, you notice Jimin straighten his posture from the corner of your eye, “we’ve done things a little different this week, which would be next week’s procedure as well. Colleges B and C have their students waiting in the respective rooms, unlike the past Saturdays where you were the ones who had to wait.”
Her laugh does absolutely nothing to calm your nerves that seem to skyrocket after hearing her last statement.
You’re not accustomed to entering the room with him already waiting for you. It’s the opposite way around. How would you act this time? It’s going to be so awkward.
“Let’s go through the rules.”
You’re too overwrought to listen to the sprightly woman as she rushes through the points that you’ve read and heard a thousand times.
Everything will be fine. You’ll just laugh off the edginess like the previous sessions. It won’t be weird. You know that you’re overreacting. Perhaps you’re a bit more nervous than before because you have a plan for today.
“One more thing, you’re allowed to touch one another. A student emailed me last night just to query the rules of physical contact during the session.”
Bless that student. Not like he needed to ask the coordinator before he actually touched you. Warmth fills your cheeks.
“Remember, you leave via the east wing, and they exit through the west.”
Bless her for that piece of information.
“Alright students, I hope you all have fun,” she holds up a bony finger, “all rules taken into consideration.”
She nods to the student at the end of the row, and they shuffle down the opposite end of the hallway. Each of you watch with eager eyes as they disappear around the corner.
One by one, the students walk, some skip and jog, to the end of the hallway, impatient to meet their nameless friends.
You wonder what it must be like for each of them, you wonder if they’ve also developed a similar bond to the one you and your partner share. You’re blushing, bile rising in your throat when you realize that you’re going to be meeting him after a week. You try to keep the frustrating thought that you won’t see his varying facial expressions, his smile, his frown, the crinkle in his eyes as he speaks, out of your mind.
Tumblr media
Jimin’s hold on your hand lingers as he shoots you an encouraging smile.
“See you later.”
You wave him off, taking a deep breath. It’s your turn next.
As you’re padding down the brightly lit hallway, you wonder how the results for the sessions are recorded. Is there a speaker in the room? Is there some kind one-way window? Like the ones they have in police stations? But that would require light to work. With technology these days, anything is possible.
What is the aim of the experiment? What are they testing?
Before you know it, you reach room 106, and Yeji, one of the psychology majors, asks you to spin around and enter the room backward. She smiles when she realizes that you didn’t really need to be instructed. She shoots you a thumbs up and holds the door open.
“After an hour, you’ll hear three knocks. Your partner would need to turn his chair around as you exit the room. Be careful of your step.”
“Got it.”
You take four steps backward before she closes the door and you’re met with pitch black.
It’s funny how the majority of this social experiment is based on trust. Trust between the test subjects and the conductors of the experiment.
The darkness manages to steal your breath away, each time. You can’t even see your own hand or make out any shape or outline in front of you. It smells floral in the room, like roses and as you spin around, the familiar scent of his cologne drowns out any other smell.
Two steps forward and you grasp onto the back of the chair, hands fighting with the air as you sit down with a huff.
The low chuckle from beside you sends a thrill down your spine.
“Hey,” you reply shyly, eyes shut despite being surrounded by black even if you keep them open, unable to keep the goofy grin off your face.
“How have you been?”
The raspy voice asks. You tuck your hair behind your ear, folding one leg over the other to get comfortable.
“Okay. Been busy with assignments and stuff. What about you?”
He sighs, and you can hear shuffling. It sounds like he’s adjusting his jacket, or it could be cargo pants.
“Tired. I…Work has been tiring.”
You nod like an idiot, knowing he can’t see you.
“Ah. I’m…sorry. Work has been pretty shitty for me too.”
“I think we deserve a break from all the stress, what do you think?”
You giggle, brushing your hair over your shoulder as you lean back in the plastic chair that seems a bit unsteady against the flooring.
“Yeah. We deserve a vacation. A road trip, to a beachy town.”
“You like the beach?”
“Mhm,” you nod again, one nod away from slapping yourself, fingers curling around the armrest, “love it. My friends and I take any chance we can get to visit the beach. Just to sit and watch the waves.”
“Oh,” he laughs, “I thought you might be the competitive type when you visit the beach. You know, the ones who sport bikinis and beat their friends at volleyball.”
“Me in a bikini?”
Your cheeks heat, wanting to tease him about imagining you in a bikini. But this isn’t a normal situation. He doesn’t even know what you look like.
You hear him suck a breath in, then he’s rushing to fill the silence.
“I heard the slowed and reverb version you told me about.”
“I like the original better.”
You scoff, “really? I felt like you could hear the background vocals better.”
“Maybe. But I don’t really enjoy listening to slowed and reverb songs.”
“I respect that.”
“I only listened to it because you suggested.”
The goofy smile is back, ankles crossing and uncrossing, “yeah?”
“Yeah,” he responds with a playful lilt to his gruff voice.
That feeling returns. The one where you just want to jump his bones and stick your tongue down his throat.
“Slowed and reverb songs either get you depressed or horny,” you chuckle, only acknowledging your choice of words after you hear his throaty laugh.
“How do you feel when you listen to that song slowed and reverbed?”
You cock an eyebrow, wondering if you should lie or be honest. You go for the latter.
He’s quiet for a while and you think you may have crossed the line. But the next thing he says makes you feel a tiny bit appreciative of the fact that he can’t see the way you’re clenching your thighs together.
“I’ll think of you the next time I listen to it…I’m always thinking of you. Your voice.”
You gulp, air rushing through your nostrils, “me too.”
“Why is life so fucking hard?!”
You hear a small banging sound, and you think he must’ve stomped his foot on the floor, you chuckle at his small tantrum.
Your mouth clamps shut when you feel a hand reach for yours.
“The last time I felt like time flew and I didn’t have enough time to tell you this. I also didn’t have the balls,” he mumbles the last part, heat from his palm spreading to the back of your hand, heart pounding in your chest.
He continues after taking in a shuddering breath, a smile graces your lips when you realize that he’s just as nervous as you.
“I’ve never met anyone like you. Even if we’ve only met like four times now and I didn’t even…really…fuck…meet you.”
You open your mouth to tell him that you understand but he cuts you off.
“And I have no idea what these fuckers are up to. If this is some kind of dating experiment or if they put something in the air…But I know that I feel for you. And it’s like…we just click. I want you to know that the conversations we’ve had in those three hours replay in my head.”
A frustrated groan leaves your lips because you so badly want to see the sincerity in his eyes just as you’re hearing it in his tone. His voice has you weak in the knees, stomach twisting, heart fluttering in your chest.
You flip his hand over and press your palm to his, slowly letting your fingers lock.
“I feel the same way.”
Deciding to put your plan into action, you lean forward, and you think your nose meets his hair, the scent of coconut drowns out his cologne. You nose through the strands to reach his ear, then move a bit to the side to land a noisy kiss on his cheek, knowing that a bright pink stain will be left in its wake, just as you’ve schemed.
You gasp a bit when you feel a finger poke your forehead, travelling down the slope of your nose, to your cupid’s bow, tugging on your bottom lip to land on your chin.
“I think about you all the time. What you would look like. What you would feel like.”
His fingers trace the line of your jaw, and you’re stock still, relishing in his warm touch, syrupy voice a little louder in your ears now that you feel him move closer to you, heart beating thunderously, blood rushing to your ears.
“Me too,” is all you can say, especially when his fingers return to your lips.
“Your lips are so soft.”
In response, you part your lips a bit and he takes it as an invitation to let them slide into your mouth and he moans. He moans and you think the cogs are going loose in your brain.
You want to hear more of his moans, so you swirl your tongue around the digits, and he draws little circles on the wet muscle, muttering a low ‘fuck’ when he withdraws his fingers and your teeth catch on the tips.
Your hands slide along his shoulders tentatively, feeling the cool material of his jacket, his broad shoulders, as you reach the curves of his neck. One hand mimics his action of gliding from his forehead down the slope of his nose. You attempt to envision the shape, the size and you skim his cupid’s bow, imagining the pretty dip in the center that molds his lips which feel like petals under your touch.
His thumb rubs across your cheek, and you can feel his breath waft over your face, breath hitching when his nose touches yours.
“Can I kiss you?”
You nod, and you might kick yourself, but you think he felt the movement because his lips meet yours in a searing kiss, lips moving over yours languidly. The sensation of his hands cupping your face, low moans rumbling into your mouth, wet mouth pressed to yours, has you feeling like you’re about to combust, but nothing can prepare you for the hot licks of his tongue. Your whines and whimpers are swallowed by his hungry mouth.
When you pull away, lungs straining for air, he grabs your hips and lifts you onto his lap, hands just as ravenous as yours, feeling every inch of your skin.
You salivate at the thought of his toned chest being flush against yours, muscular arms wrapping around you, holding you close. You’re lightheaded, dizzy, feeling like your heart might fly away.
“Do you have any idea what you do to me? You’re driving me crazy.”
“No,” your arms encircle his neck, leaning down to mouth at the skin below his ear, “you drive me crazy.”
His words get caught in his throat when your tongue wets the shell of his ear, teeth nipping at his earlobe, lips soothing the burn.
“Shit,” he rasps, one hand rubbing your inner thigh while the other massages your scalp, “you smell so fucking good. Feel so fucking good.”
You lick your lips and tilt his head to repeat your ministrations on his other ear, warm cheeks pressed together as your tongue dips into his ear, breath kissing the wet flesh, swollen lips and tongue sucking lewdly on the heated skin.
The tug between your legs becomes a nagging ache when he tugs on your hair and tilts your head up, lips gliding down the column of your neck, resting between your collarbones.
“I want to cover your pretty skin in my marks,” his palm rests on your lower back, right above your ass, “can I do that? It’s fine if—”
“Yes. Yes, please,” your neck begins to ache from the angle, and you urge him on by squeezing his nape, “do it.”
He mouths at your neck, and it isn’t long before you feel the sting of his teeth tugging on your skin, lips suckling harshly, moans filling the balmy air.
“You sound so sweet,” his tightens his hold on your hair and speaks against your lips, “I want to hear more of you.”
“Touch me,” you get off his lap to stand between his knees, guiding his hands to your ass cheeks, “you can touch me.”
The low, husky chuckle has your panties soaked in an instant, resting your hand on his shoulder for support as he kneads the meat of your ass.
“Want me to touch you? Hmm?”
One of his hands slide under the material of your cheesecloth blouse, dexterous fingers pulling the cups of your bra to rest under your boobs.
“Fuck,” he whispers, thumb and forefinger twisting your erect nipple, palm cupping the flesh, “so fucking sexy. Better than I imagined.”
You throw your head back when he pulls you closer, chin pressing into your stomach as he smacks your ass and rolls your pebbled nipple between his fingers. You’re trying, desperately, to imagine the smirk you hear in his voice as he stares up at you.
“What else do you want me to do to you?”
“I want…I want you touch me.”
“I am touching you,” he laughs, pulling your abused nipple then moving to the other, applying more pressure on the bud.
“Mhmm,” you bite your lip when his hand travels further down between the globes of your ass, spreading your legs a bit for his access, wanting nothing more than to feel his fingers in the drenched spot at the apex of your thighs.
“I’ll take my time with you. Marking every inch of your body until I’m satisfied, then fuck you until you’re all sweaty for me. Fuck you however I want, wherever I want.”
You fall forward when he cups your pussy through the denim material, both hands resting on his shoulders now, rutting your hips for more of his touch. His words have you searching for friction, wanting him to touch you there.
“Would you like that? Me fucking you on the bed, on my couch, on my kitchen floor, on the table, bent over the counter.”
“Yes,” you whine, panting now that he’s applying more pressure on your core.
“You’re fucking soaked for me. I can feel it, even through this thick material,” he growls, making fast work of unbuttoning your jeans and pulling down the zipper.
A thought crosses your mind and your eyes snap open to be met with the darkness, reality pouring in. Your fingers curl around his wrists to stop him, hearing a small, surprised sound from him that makes you giggle a bit.
“What if they can see us or hear us?”
“Then we’ll give them a nice show, yeah?”
He pulls you down onto his lap, spreading his legs so you’re comfortable, you rest your palm on his chest, nosing along his sharp jawline.
“Unless you don’t want to? It’s understandable.”
“No,” you bend down to kiss his lips but end up kissing the tip of his nose, “I want to.”
“Yeah,” you grin, feeling his arm slither around your waist, fingers tracing the hem of your jeans.
“Let’s continue,” he drawls, fingers dipping into your jeans and panties, kicking your legs open as you hold on to his shoulders, eyes scrunching shut when he parts your sticky folds.
He hums, the sound reverberating off the walls as he circles your clit with his thumb, index and ring finger prodding at your slit, gathering your juices to spread all over your swollen folds.
“So fucking wet. You like this, don’t you? Me making you feel good. A stranger, in the dark, with nothing but my body and words to hold on to.”
“Yes,” your hips buck involuntarily when he starts to flick your clit from side to side, more of your slick pools and he’s quick to collect it on the calloused pads of his fingers.
“You smell so good,” his forehead rests against your cheek, hot breath causing you to shiver, panting as he sinks his index finger into you, “bet you taste even better.”
“Fuck,” you mewl, rolling your hips into his palm as he sinks his middle finger into your heat, both his digits massaging your quivering walls.
“I want to taste you so bad. I know you’d love my tongue on your pussy, working you up until you’re filling my mouth then having you begging for me to stop. I know I won’t get enough of your sweet cunt.”
“Fa-Faster,” whines break from your chest, burying your face in his neck as you grind into his hand, feeling the beginnings of your high twist and knot in your abdomen.
His long fingers hook into your pussy, finding that sweet spot that has you trembling in his hold with ease, dragging along your ridged walls.
Your hand slips from his chest and rests on his crotch, you gasp when you feel his massive erection straining in the soft material of his pants.
Stilling your hips while his fingers continue to stretch you open, you reach into his pants and tug at his heavy cock, smearing the precum along his shaft, twisting your palm with each upstroke, his groans adding to your arousal.
“Fuck, your hand feels so good,” you envisage his parted lips, eyes closed, head thrown back as he fucks into your fist, hand laying limp in your panties.
“You feel so good,” you moan, relishing in the sounds he’s making, guttural and raw, “want to take your cock in my mouth.”
“Fuck,” he grits out, chasing his high, “want your pretty lips around my fat cock.”
“Want to choke on your cock,” you whisper, teeth piercing into the skin of his neck.
With the way his cock twitches in your palm, moans becoming louder, you can tell he’s close. You retract your hand from inside his pants and throw your leg over his lap, straddling him, both his hands gripping your ass, catching up on the idea as you position your throbbing pussy over his cock.
Breaths mingling, foreheads pressed together, you chase your highs, moaning into each other’s mouths as you grind against his cock, meeting each glide, clit pulsating with each press of his thick length, hole clenching uncontrollably.
You wrap your arms around his shoulders and pull him in for a passionate kiss, moaning unabashedly, hips knocking against each other as you cum, shuddering in pleasure.
He whimpers against your mouth, trying to catch his breath just as you’re doing the same.
“That did nothing to help,” he pants, head hitting your shoulder.
Your fingers card through the soft strands of his hair, perplexed.
“Now I want you more than ever.”
Before you can answer, three knocks interrupt the tender moment and you squirm off his lap, adjusting your clothes and rushing out the door in panic.
Yeji is surprised when she sees you, eyes wide when she takes in your dishevelled state. You try to rush past her, but she grabs your arm. Your eyes are glued to the floor as she informs you that you were the last ones.
Thanking her, you sprint down the hallway, palm on your chest, heart still racing from earlier as you all but leap down the stairs to make it to the east wing in time.
In time, to hopefully see him.
To spot the pink mark on his cheek.
Things went…a lot differently than you expected and you’re not mad at all. You hide behind the stairwell wall when you see a guy wearing a pink and white tie-dye shirt, leaning against the wall near the exit.
Your throat is dry, cool air filling your lungs, palm on your hip as you try to take in the oxygen your lungs are screaming for.
Your lips sting and your fingers reach up to brush the swollen flesh, a giddy smile splitting your face. But the heart-breaking thought that you still don’t have a face or name to the voice causes the corners of your mouth to sag.
You hope that’ll change. Any minute now.
The guy with the pink shirt yells at someone who’s out of your line of sight, laughing like a mad man.
“What the fuck happened to you?!”
Your eyebrows furrow, waiting for that person to emerge. A guy with a green jacket, whose back is facing you, waddles to the other guy, shoving him as he laughs hysterically.
“Shut the fuck up, Hobi.”
Your breath hitches. You would recognize that voice anywhere, in a heartbeat.
“I’m probably the only one from our college who’s making progress.”
You narrow your eyes to get a better view from where you’re standing, seeing him rub his face with the heel of his palm.
That voice is the one that rings in your head when you’re falling asleep. The same voice you hear when you wake up. And in between.
But you’re still unsure if it’s him.
Heart beginning to pick up the pace again, you panic when they start to walk toward the exit.
Adrenalin surging through your veins, you bolt in their direction and grab green jacket guy’s arm. The sight that greets you is a very grumpy man, scowl and piercing eyes causing you to drop his hand.
When he turns fully, his friend stopping at the sliding door to watch, you see the pink smudge not only on his cheek, but all over his face and neck, darker patches on his neck.
Pouty lips, cat-like eyes, sandy blond hair, pale skin, much taller than you, long, bony fingers, and a toned build.
That’s what you need to ingrain in your memory.
You’re even more hypnotized by the hazy look in his eyes.
He takes a step forward, scowl morphing into a smile as he scans your face, gaze lingering on your neck, biting on his bottom lip as his eyes rake down your figure. His scent begins to cloud your mind for the second time tonight.
“You’re more beautiful than I imagined.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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The Shield
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Word Count: 5595
Warnings: !FATWS SPOILERS!, Cursing, John Walker, Emotions, Character Death, Mentions of Blood, I know people had a hard time with that last scene so please take caution because it is in this part! GIF at end is the ending scene, so be careful when you get towards the bottom! I feel like I’m forgetting some, so just know this one’s a bit more than the others.
A/N: Here it is, folks! The Part we’ve all been waiting for! It’s the longest one I’ve written so far but so much happened and I couldn’t find a better spot to end it than where the episode ended. Thank you all for being patient with me today. I know I didn’t get this out as quickly as I would’ve the past few weeks, but you guys are so awesome! Seriously! I love that you understand I do have a life and work comes first! Thank you, thank you!
This Part is a doozy, guys, and…I’m sorry? But not really. I’m SUPER excited to see where this is gonna go, especially considering Episode 5 is supposed to be the real tear jerker. I can’t believe there’s only two more episodes! I’ve grown so attached to these characters just in the past month! I’m so glad I’m able to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you guys, too! You’re honestly the best!
I’ll be doing more One Shots this week, so look for those on the Masterlist. I’m still taking requests for them, so if there’s anything you want explored about the reader and her relationships that you don’t think will be explored in this Series, just ask and I’ll try to add it to the One Shot list.
As always, this isn’t beta’d so please excuse any mistakes! Thank you for reading, be kind to yourself and others, enjoy this part and stay tuned!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I couldn’t decide on which GIF to use because there are so many good ones! Thank you Tumblr Creators!)
“Doll…hey. Doll. C’mon, sweetheart. We gotta get moving.”
You cracked your eyes open begrudgingly, squinting up to see Bucky’s amused grin, head tilted and eyes soft. “Huh?”
He chuckled as you rubbed your eyes, confusion lifting an eyebrow. “The funeral. Zemo said we’ve gotta go if we’re gonna make it in time.”
“Wait, but…huh?”
Sniggering again at your reaction, he held up your phone. “You passed out in the middle of a chapter, sleepyhead.” He teased lightly, grabbing your hand and gently pulling you to sit upright. “It’s almost been an hour.”
You huffed tiredly, stretching and placing your feet on the floor, taking back the phone he held out to you. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”
“You haven’t been sleeping well.” He stated, like it should’ve been obvious. “How’s your arm feeling?”
“Better than earlier. It’s just sore. That’s all.”
He studied your features for any hint of a lie. Not finding one, he nodded, holding out his hand. “Okay. But tell me if it starts bothering you.”
You placed your hand in his, marveling for a split second at how big his hands were compared to yours - something you noticed every time but still it never ceased to astound you. He tugged you up, and you looked up to meet his worried eyes, remembering his question.
“I will, Buck. Promise.”
He nodded, tilting his head towards the door. “C’mon, cuddle bug. We don’t wanna miss this.”
A groan passed your lips, but you nodded and followed Bucky out into the main room, where Sam chuckled at you from his spot at the table. “Sleeping beauty has finally awoken.”
You flipped Sam off groggily. “Are we going or not?”
“Do you wanna wake up s’more first?”
“No.” You answered the one armed brunette. “I’ll just splash some water on my face or something. I’ll be fine by the time we get there. Where’s-”
“Looking for me?”
Zemo strolled out, now dressed in that coat of his, that smug smirk on his lips. You scowled. “I wish I wasn’t.”
Sam stood up, standing subconsciously between you and Zemo. “Let’s head out.”
You nodded in agreement, shooting the Baron one more glare, before following him out the door and into the city, Bucky right besides you, shoulders brushing as if you weren’t ignoring him just hours prior.
The walk was mostly silent, a few jests between Bucky and Sam plus a couple comments from Zemo here and there. You talked about strategy, with Sam bringing up the fact that he wanted to try convincing Karli to step down. Zemo didn’t look pleased with the arrangement, but both you and Bucky relented, agreeing to let Sam at least try.
It wasn’t until you were close to your destination according to Zemo that anything exciting happened.
“Karli Morgenthau is too dangerous for you guys to be pulling this shit!”
Hell. No. 
The moment the voice registered in your brain, your jaw tightened, your teeth starting to grind together as you held back the very not nice things you wanted to say. 
“Ah! How’d you find us now?” Bucky called out, tucking you into his side protectively, and a little possessively you noted, as Walker and Hoskins came down the steps, the two groups nearing each other.
You were relieved when the subject of Zemo escaping jail went by relatively quickly, Walker latching onto the fact that you were going to talk to Karli instead of focusing on the escaped fugitive in front of him.
You very nearly punched him when he ran in front of you after Sam told him the plan, making the four of you stop in your tracks, but Bucky’s arm tightened around your shoulders, holding you in place next to him.
“You’re gonna let him do this?” Walker questioned Bucky in disbelief, self righteous judgement practically dripping from your tone. “You’re gonna let your partner walk into a room with a super soldier alone?”
Bucky’s jaw ticked. “He’s dealt with worse. And he’s not my partner.”
“And you?” Walker narrowed his eyes towards you. “I expected more from you; the last original Avenger.”
You snorted, shaking your head. He obviously didn’t know how chaotic the Avengers were. What Sam was proposing? You’d seen it a million times with Steve alone. Not considering Nat, Clint, Thor, even Bruce and Tony. All of them willing to try to negotiate before running in, bullets raining and hell rising. “First, I’m not the last original. I’m technically not even an original. Second, I trust Sam with my life and I’m standing by his decision. He’s my brother. As a soldier, I would’ve thought you understood that.”
Before he could respond, Sam stepped around Bucky. You saw the reluctance in Walker’s eyes as he admitted a temporary defeat once Hoskins agreed with Sam. The fact that he was so unwilling to try to save more lives - including Karli’s - made the truth that he wasn’t, and would never, be your Captain harden deeper into your heart.
Ignoring Walker’s confusion as you followed the little girl Zemo befriended - which was weird, you’d admit, but it was getting you closer to Karli - Bucky’s arm slipped from your shoulders, hand sliding across your back and skimming down your arm to grip your hand. Even through your jacket, you felt goosebumps erupt along his fingers’ trail.
You finally came to your destination and you let out a small breath. If everything went smoothly, this mission could finally be over and you could go home and take a bath, get take out, get out a bottle of wine, watch TV, and just relax.
What a dream.
“Hey.” You stopped Sam before he could go through the entrance of where the girl said Karli was, holding his forearm. “You want me to come with you?”
He shook his head. “I think it’ll be better if I go alone.”
You nodded, letting go without any hesitance. “Okay. Be careful.”
“Always.” And despite all you’ve been through, no matter how many times he’s followed Steve’s lead in doing something stupid, you knew he meant it. You nodded again, before he disappeared around the corner.
You leaned back against the wall, Bucky once again wrapping an arm around your shoulder now that you weren’t walking - he liked having mobility on the move, hence the reason he held your hand instead - leaning besides you and pulling you against his chest.
Ten minutes. You tried looking at Bucky’s watch, which was on the wrist of the arm around you. He noticed and turned his wrist slightly, bending his elbow more, which brought you even closer to him, showing you the time.
Giving a small sigh, you nodded slightly and dropped your head back against his bicep, your hands shoving in your pockets, one of your feet coming up to rest against the wall. Bucky shifted to your other side so he could stand in front of the doors to where Karli and Sam were, pulling you against his back, arms wrapping around your shoulders tightly.
It was a long ten minutes. You kept eyeing Walker, and you couldn’t help the anger burning through you as he held the shield in his hands. That damn shield. It wasn’t his. It would never be his. And he would never understand it. The fact that the shield didn’t make Captain America. The shield isn’t what made Steve a good man. Not even the Serum did. He already was one. Steve made the shield what it was, not the other way around.
But then you remembered a conversation you had, years ago, and your eyes flitted up to Bucky’s hardened face, the brunette staring intensely at the ground.
You didn’t get it. You were confused. You knew how important Barnes - Bucky - was to Steve. But apparently you didn’t understand it quite yet.
You watched from the entrance of the hallway, leaning against the wall, as Bucky went under once more.
Steve stood there for a moment longer, before turning and walking towards you. “Why’d you do it?”
He raised an eyebrow at you while you turned to walk with him down the hall. “Do what?”
“Give up the shield. And don’t say it doesn’t belong to you. It does. Howard gave it to you. You’re the reason it’s…a symbol.”
He hummed. “And what exactly is it a symbol for, honey?”
You scoffed. “Uh, freedom? Justice? Resilience? The defense of the whole life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness thing?”
He stopped, facing you with a strange expression on his face, thoughtful. “I dropped it because I can’t be that anymore. Not right now. People don’t have the same beliefs they used to have. How can I stand up for freedom and let the Sokovia Accords track every person they deem a threat, just like HYDRA tried doing? How can I be a symbol for justice and let Bucky take the fall for something that he wasn’t in control of? I can’t. And until the world is ready to change…I can’t be Captain America.”
And suddenly, it seemed to click. Steve gave up the shield for Bucky because the world wasn’t ready to admit it was wrong. Just like Sam gave up the shield for himself and his family because the world wasn’t ready for the truth that would come with him becoming Captain America.
God…when did a metal circle become so complicated?
“What’s goin’ on in that pretty lil’ head’a yours?” His whisper in your ear startled you out of your thoughts, his nose brushing against your temple tenderly as he placed a chaste kiss on your cheek.
You looked up at him and shook your head. Of all the things Steve gave up, he never gave up Bucky. And it used to confuse you, but you understood then. His blue eyes sparkling with curiosity and slight concern, his fingers tracing patterns along your collarbone with a barely-there touch that was so light it didn’t seem to exist. You finally understood. Not just Steve’s decision, but Sam’s too. And maybe you didn’t understand it fully, and that was okay, because you weren’t them, so you never would, but you understood a little bit.
“Nothing.” You shook your head, keeping your voice down so the others couldn’t hear, the conversation being a private one, “I’m just waiting for this to be over.”
He hummed, nodding in agreement, setting his chin on your head. “Me too.”
Walker started pacing the room about half way through, getting too antsy for your liking. “Shhh.” Bucky mumbled under his breath, feeling you tense as Walker started talking. “It hasn’t been ten minutes, John. Just sit tight.”
“Don’t do that. Don’t patronize me.”
“He knows what he’s doing.” Bucky stated confidently, straightening slightly from his leaning position, arms falling from your form. The two of you exchanged glances as Walker checked the clock over on the far wall, blocked from your view.
“I’m going in.” Walker strode across the room, heading for the entrance, no doubt willing to steam roll anything - anyone - in his way.
Bucky stopped him with a hand on his chest. You glanced back and forth between the two as Walker spoke, arms crossed tightly over your chest. “Buck…we promised him ten minutes.” You reminded him, seeing his resolve crumble a bit. You could guess he was thinking of the nightmares. The people he couldn’t save. The blood he already considered on his hands.
Walker used his moment of hesitation, shoving past him roughly. “I’m not waiting.”
You followed after him, you and Bucky arguing with him and Hoskins about giving Sam more time, but it was too late.
“Karli Morgenthau! You’re under arrest!”
“Fuck.” You hissed out when you saw Sam’s panicked expression, looking at you confused. Walker was flown across the room when Karli punched him, Bucky shoving Hoskins out of the way to run after her.
You threw your hands up. “I tried, Sam! C’mon!”
You and Sam ran over to some stairs, turning corners and trying to remember what the building looked like from outside to cut her off, but you only ran into Bucky again. 
“I wish we had the layout or something.” You grumbled. “We were that close-”
“We’re not done yet, doll.” Nodding, you followed the boys out, Bucky pausing every so often to try to hear anything. “I’ve got gunshots.” At that, the three of you took off towards the sound, Bucky leading the way.
Just around the corner from where Bucky heard the gunshots, you thought you saw a couple people slip around another bend. Noticing you had stopped, Bucky backtracked. “You okay?’
“Yeah.” Deciding it wasn’t worth the pursuit, you turned to him and nodded towards the doorway Sam already went through. He gave you a look, but nodded and the two of you jogged into the room.
You sighed heavily, seeing Zemo knocked out on the floor, Walker standing over him and broken vials that were previously full of, what you assumed was, the Serum. Hoskins ran in right after you, meaning no one but Walker and Zemo knew what happened. Meaning you would probably never get the full, true story.
What fun it is to work with manipulators and liars.
“I don’t like him.” Bucky grumbled, the two of you walking up to the place you were staying in, Bucky holding the door open for you.
“I know you don’t, Buck. I don’t either.” You had asked Bucky to go with you to get some fresh air once you got back, Zemo having woken up a few minutes after and Walker and Hoskins had to make a call or something official like the good soldiers they were. “He’s hiding something.”
“You think?” Bucky scoffed, giving you a look.
You rolled your eyes. “I mean…I don’t know. When we found him and Zemo…my gut twisted.”
He nodded in understanding, his face twisting into a scowl. “Yeah. Mine did too.”
You stopped him before you could walk through the door to the main room. “Do me a favor?” He nodded again with a little hum. Catching his chin between your fingers, your free hand moved to smooth out the creases between his brow. “Stop brooding so much. It makes me worried.”
His tongue darted out to wet his lips, features softening slightly. “Are you really gonna leave in the morning? I know you’ve had a lot of people telling you to take a break, and it’s selfish for me to ask you to stay, but…I dunno if I can finish this without you.”
“I-” You sighed, ducking your head as you thought of a response, before looking up in his wide eyes, begging for you to stick around longer. “Let’s just finish the day and see what happens next. Okay?”
He bit his lip, nodding slightly. You gave him a smile, before tugging on his hand. “I need a drink.”
He chuckled at that. “That I can fix, doll.” He, again, opened the door for you, and the two of you walked in.
“What a gentleman. Straight outta the 40’s.” You joked, making him roll his eyes.
He took off his jacket, heading to the kitchen, while you sat on the opposite side of the island. “Somethin’s not right about Walker.”
Sam gave you two an amused look. “You don’t say.”
“Well, I know a crazy when I see one.” He opened the lid of the bottle he grabbed, starting to pour two glasses of whiskey for the both of you. “Because I am crazy.”
You rolled your eyes as Sam responded, “can’t argue with that.”
“You shouldn’t have given him the shield.”
Giving Bucky a disapproving look over the rim of your glass, you sipped your drink, narrowing your eyes when he ignored you. “I didn’t give him the shield.”
“Well Steve definitely didn’t.”
Your glass slammed down on the counter. Why did he have to bring this up right now? Seriously? You were just having a nice conversation about places you wanted to visit while taking a walk outside. Why was he suddenly snapping?
Before you could scold him, the doors burst open, making your head whip over as Walker stormed in, “ordering” you to hand over Zemo.
You stayed sitting, leaning on the counter and facing the opposite wall as Sam told him off, giving an amused snicker as you sipped your drink. Bucky sat besides you, facing Walker, and you recognized from the angle he was positioning himself that he was blocking you from Walker’s view, whether intentional or not.
You raised an eyebrow, turning in interest when Walker put down the shield, knowing Sam wasn’t about to fight the man. What an ego the blonde had.
Before anything could happen, however, a spear pierced through the air, lodging in the pillar next to Walker’s head.
Your frustration with Bucky’s comment flew out of your head as Ayo and a few other Dora Milaje walked in. Bucky sat up straighter and you stood up, leaning ever so slightly against his arm.
You nearly facepalmed, a sound of complete disbelief leaving you as Walker introduced himself. Sam looked over at you two, an entertained, slightly incredulous smile on his face.
Sam tried warning him. He really did. But Walker, you’ve come to find, was an arrogant, egotistical narcissist who only wanted to win and would do whatever it takes to do so. Even when there wasn’t really a winner. At least, not in that situation. It seemed that Walker liked ignoring the gray area in the world, which wasn’t good. Not in the least.
Which is why you couldn’t really feel sorry for the man. You saw it coming as soon as he told them they didn’t have jurisdiction. And the moment he touched Ayo?
You put your chin on Bucky’s shoulder - who had stood up from his spot - watching the Dora Milaje kick Walker’s ass, wincing and cringing mockingly at the right moments, making Bucky smirk at you.
“We should do something.” Sam said, although he didn’t look thrilled about the prospect.
Bucky crossed his arms. “Looking strong, John!”
You gave a slight snort, not wanting to encourage anything, but unable to hold in your amusement. Bucky winked at you, clinking his cup of whiskey with your own, before taking a gulp.
You huffed and stepped back at Sam’s tone. “C’mon, Buck.”
“Fine.” Bucky grunted. “But ‘M not happy about it.”
Soon, the three of you, plus Walker and Hoskins, were all occupied with a member of the Dora Milaje. You knew you couldn’t take them; they were on a higher level that Natasha, and you could barely beat her. But you weren’t necessarily trying to win.
It was a strange fight, knowing that no one - except Walker, probably - actually wanted to hurt anyone. Of course, that didn’t stop one of them from exploiting your injured shoulder that she spotted rather quickly. The hits were quick and precise, the tip of her spear cutting along the graze, hitting the spot just perfect enough to reopen it. The stitches that had been placed only a couple days ago ripped, making you wince and clutch your now bleeding shoulder.
“Oh fuck.” You groaned. “You were always good with those things.”
She gave you an almost apologetic look, before she looked over to Ayo, who stepped through the room towards the bathroom where Zemo had locked himself in during the chaos.
When you caught sight of the shoulder thing she did to Bucky, his metallic arm now laying on the floor, his eyes wide and his stance stunned, your jaw nearly dropped. You guessed it made sense that they had a way to do that, but, still. None of you were expecting it.
“Did you know they could do that?” Sam asked once they started leaving, Bucky picking up his arm and connecting it to his shoulder.
“No.” The arm whirred as he swung it, getting it back to normal.
You couldn’t help the little giggle that left you, making Bucky raise an eyebrow at you. You tried holding in more laughs, but they just kept coming. “She-she...she disarmed you!”
Bucky rolled his eyes as you chortled, holding your stomach and bending over. “Ha ha. Very funny.”
“Oh come on!” You straightened and wiped your eyes. “That was good! Wasn’t it, Sammy?”
Sammy chuckled and nodded. “I’ll admit, it was pretty good. This, however, is not.”
Your laughter died as Sam made his way over to the bathroom, the light air that came with your cackles dissipating as quickly as it came.
“I can’t believe he pulled an El Chapo.”
You stared at the drain that was uncovered - large enough for Zemo to slip inside and escape. He did it. The son of a bitch finally did it. It took him long enough. You would’ve betted against him days ago.
“I can.” Bucky turned and grabbed your hand. “Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up.”
“I thought you told them.”
Bucky looked up from wrapping your shoulder, an eyebrow raised. “What?”
“I thought you told them. The Dora Milaje. Wakanda. T’Challa. I thought you told them about Zemo.”
He leaned back with a sigh. “It was kinda a last minute decision. You know that. You were there.”
You nodded. “I do. But I also know what they’ve done for you. Shuri and Ayo. I was there for that, too. And you know what he did to them. To their country. Their king.”
“I know, I know. I almost died several times because of it.”
Your eyebrows pinched in confusion. “So why-”
“I thought it’d be quick. I thought, maybe, I could do it without them finding out and then we could get to Karli and they wouldn’t be disappointed. Win win.”
Your cheek caught between your teeth as you thought. “You could’ve just asked-”
He shook his head. “They would’ve said no. You know that.”
“Okay. Fine. Yes. I know that. But…but giving them a warning would’ve been better than this.” He hung his head, closing his eyes. “Bucky. Hey,” hooking a finger under his chin, you tilted his head back up to look at you. “I know it’s been hard for you. Everything has. And I’m sorry I dragged you into this. I shouldn’t have let you come along. You should be healing, and it’s my fault you’re not.” He opened his mouth, face scrunching up in disagreement, but you shook your head. “It’s true. I just…I didn’t know it would come this far.” You gnawed on your bottom lip studying those captivating eyes, before sighing. “Which is why I’m not leaving.”
He perked up, those pretty eyes going wide, jaw slackening. “You-you’re not?!”
You shook your head. As much as you wanted to run away, you couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. “It wouldn’t be fair to you or Sam. I promised to help, and I brought you into it. So I’m gonna stay.
“Are you, uh…are you sure? You don’t hafta if you don’t wanna, doll. I know I kinda pushed you earlier, but-”
“I’m sure Buck.” You nodded firmly. “Just…do something for me?”
“I dunno if I can promise not brooding, sweetheart.”
You giggled at his words. “Not that. Just…stop giving Sam a hard time. About the shield. Please.”
His soft features hardened and he scowled. “If he didn’t give it up-”
“He thought it was going to the museum. I told you about that, remember? I told you we’d go when I got back.”
Giving a slight nod, he sighed. “We never did.”
“We will. But, I’m serious, Buck. Please. It’s not his fault. He did exactly what Steve did.” At Bucky’s confused look, you pursed your lips, looking down at his hands, starting to play with his fingers. “Remember how I was thinking during those ten minutes we had?” He nodded. “I was thinking about how Steve gave the shield back to Tony. After saving you. In Siberia. You remember that?” Another nod was given, so you continued. “It was for you, James. Because you made him realize that he didn’t want to be the face of a country that preached one thing, but did another. And that’s what Sam did. He did it for his family. For himself. Because no one wants to fight for a country that goes against your personal beliefs, no matter what they say.”
“I-I don’t understand.” Bucky’s eyes squinted, his brow creasing as he tried processing what you were telling him.
“That’s okay. Not everyone will. Really only they can understand their own reasoning. But you have to try to understand that he did what he thought was best for himself. For Steve. For the shield. And I know - dammit do I know - that it’s the last thing left of him. But it is just metal. Isn’t it? Steve’s the reason it is what it is. No one else. And no one is going to change that.”
Bucky took a breath, glossy, worried eyes meeting yours. “Walker’s going to ruin it. I know he is. I can feel it. Everything Steve worked for. I don’t care about Captain America. I care about the kid from Brooklyn who wanted to make a difference, no matter how little he was. I trusted him. I followed him through bullets and blood, with only that shield between us and them. He was home on a battlefield in Italy across the ocean from New York. And that shield was the welcome mat. It doesn’t matter what it says, what it looks like…but it protected my home when I couldn’t. But now? I feel like it’s tearing my home down. Pulling out the bricks. And it hurts. It was never about the shield, Y/N. It was always about the man it protected when I couldn’t be there for him. And now?”
Gathering him in your arms as he trailed off, you gave a couple little sniffles, pressing your face in his hair, nails scratching the nape of his neck lightly. “I’ll be your welcome mat, Buckaroo.” You offered.
He shook his head, pulling away to hold your face between his hands. “No, sweetheart. You’re not the welcome mat. You’re the new bricks replacing the old. You’re…you’re my home, now, doll.”
You swallowed thickly, unable to handle the rush of emotions that just poured through you, the sudden change in topic making you feel more vulnerable than you’d like. You leaned forwards, placing a gentle kiss to the corner of his mouth, feeling him go lax in your arms. “And you’re mine.” You murmured softly, before getting up and heading out for the room, unable to stay any longer. You still had a mission to do. One that became even more desperate with Zemo loose, Walker unhinged, and Karli being so close.
There was a silent agreement to not bring up your conversation. Not yet, at least. Sam had eyed you both when you came out of the room, saying you were ready to get moving, but he didn’t say anything either.
None of you really knew where you were going, only what you had to do. Find Zemo and get to Karli before Walker could. Both of which were a lot easier said than done.
Until Sam got a call from Sarah, who told him Karli contacted her personally and threatened her and her sons. She left a contact number for Sam, evidently wanting to meet. His phone dinged not a minute after he texted the number.
“She said come alone.”
“Well that’s not happening.” You opposed, crossing your arms.
Bucky nodded with your sentence. “We’re coming with you.”
Sam didn’t say anything against it, the three of you exchanging glances, before heading out to the location, changing into your tactical suits along the way.
Karli didn’t seem to mind you and Bucky tagging along, and you understood why the moment she mentioned not killing Sam because he wasn’t hiding behind a shield. It was a distraction. They were going after Walker.
It was confirmed only moments later when Sharon contacted Sam. “Looks like he found them, or maybe they found him.”
As soon as Sam announced that it was Walker, you jumped into action, Sam disabling Karli for just the right amount of time for you to get a head start. “I’ll send you the location. Go.” He told Bucky, who nodded and took off in his super soldier sprint. “You hitching a ride?”
You rolled your eyes at his slight tease. “I hate this so much.” You grumbled, catching his hand as he took off in the air with his bird costume. He held onto you tightly, like the millions of times you’d done this before, although it didn’t make you any less dizzy, traveling that fast, that high, with only his hold keeping you from dropping. “You’re lucky I trust you so much!”
He gave a small chuckle at your shout over the wind. “We’re landing! Brace yourself!” You followed his order, just in time for him to break through the glass ceiling of the building Walker was in. The both of you landed on a platform on the staircase just as a Flag Smasher was thrown through double glass doors, down the stairs, and into a power box. Your eyes went wide as Walker strolled down the steps, oozing a confidence that made you nervous. The moment Walker stopped the Flag Smasher - the Super Soldier - from hitting him with the pipe, you knew even before he twisted it like a pretzel.
“Sam.” You breathed out. You couldn’t even do anything, only watching as the Flag Smasher got up from being thrown again, and running down a hall.
“What’d you do?”
“They got Lemar.” Was the only reply he gave, brushing past you and Sam. You gave Sam a look, but he just jerked his head down the hall, in the direction the Flag Smasher went and the way Walker started heading. You nodded, willing to drop it for now to save someone’s life, but you were so bringing it up once this was done.
Jogging into the room, you should’ve expected the ambush in the room, but, to be honest, they didn’t take as much advantage as they could’ve, so it wasn’t too difficult of a fight. You had trained with Steve millions of times before, so you knew how to go against a Super Soldier. Granted, your Cap wasn’t trying to kill you while training, but it was better than nothing.
You protected your shoulder, knowing that was your weak point, while trying to disguise it so whoever you were fighting wouldn’t realize your Achilles’ Heel. Something you often found while dealing with Steve, and even Bucky, was that Super Soldiers, as quick as they were, tended to favor the super strength side of their enhancements. This made it easier for you to dodge the attacks, knowing most of your blows wouldn’t do much.
Knowing you wouldn’t be able to stay on the defensive for long, you decided to try to get an advantage over them. Disarming them and taking their knife was easy enough. A small advantage, yeah, but now you had a weapon, and you could work with that.
You weren’t exactly sure when Bucky joined the fight, but he did, immediately coming over to you when you body kicked your opponent, helping you up. “That was a Steve move.” Your eyes caught sight of the Flag Smasher behind him and you shoved his shoulder down, throwing your knife, making it land solidly in the man’s shoulder. Bucky looked up at you from his crouch, impressed. “And that was a me move.”
You shrugged. “I’m a visual learner.”
You, Sam, and Bucky were about to go for another round with the guys when a sickening crack sounded behind you, and you whipped around. 
Hoskins was against a split pillar, a crimson streak running down his forehead, head lolling to the side, lips red and cracked. The fight stopped as Walker rushed over to his friend, but you knew there was no way he survived. A punch from a Super Soldier? That hard?
Eyeing the Flag Smashers, you turned to Sam and Bucky when they started dispersing, Karli running out as well. They nodded towards you and the three of you took off after her, not wanting to let her get away again and, for you, at least, wanting to give Walker some time.
You weren’t expecting his grief to turn into such raw hatred. 
Running up to the city square, you didn’t actually see it happen. Just the aftermath. Which was good, considering you nearly threw up just seeing that.
You heard the change in Bucky’s breathing, barely recognizing the way he stepped in front of you, only realizing you stepped closer when you felt his sleeve against your palms, fingers tightly wrapped around his forearm. A choked sound came from somewhere, but you didn’t know it was you, even as Bucky reached his arm around to hold your waist, keeping you behind his shoulder. 
Tears leaked down your face silently, eyes unable to look away as Walker straightened, sliding the shield on his arm, too nonchalantly for someone who just murdered another in front of a crowd full of people, cameras pointed towards him.
The shield. That piece of metal you had been wondering so deeply about the past couple of weeks. The link to the first person you’d ever loved. Ruined. Tarnished. Stained.
You could barely breathe, your throat clenching so tightly it was a wonder you were able to get anything out at all.
Tumblr media
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rxnswhxre · 7 days ago
You Fall Into Subspace With Them
Summary: Reaction to you slipping into subspace with them!
Character(s): Draken, Baji, and Kazutora!
Genre: Smut and fluff! 18+ MDNI!!!
Warnings: Gn reader, subspace, smut, and that’s pretty much it! 
Word count: 951
Tumblr media
Draken is obviously a very dominant person, both inside and outside of the bedroom.
Naturally, you two have had your fair shares of sexual encounters.
You began to grow comfortable with him rather quickly.
He always pays attention to your wants and needs.
Making sure that you got everything that you needed and more.
And also careful to not hurt you.
So when you fell into subspace, he didn’t really think much of it.
He knows a fair amount of information on the topic.
And he’s gonna take care of you all the same.
Draken kept his eyes on you the whole time, he always did. He loved how your face would contort in absolute pleasure, begging for more without even saying it. But something in your demeanor changed, you had a hazy and glossed over look in your eyes. He knew instantly what was going on. Slowing his pace with a soft smile growing on his lips, he leaned down to pepper a few soft kisses along your neck.
“Did you float off baby?” He already knew the answer. He could tell by the way your speech became so incoherent, and how you clinged to him so tightly. You were so vulnerable like this. Unable to think straight. The way he was brushing your sweet spot so gently sent your poor brain into a frenzy, only able to respond with soft whimpers and small nods. But deep down you knew that you were safe, and that Draken would take care of you.
“Shh, shh, baby, I've got you alright? I’m gonna take good care of you.” Reaching up, he took hold of one of your hands resting beside your head, a silent and gentle reminder that you were safe and sound with him. He kept one hand in your hand, and the other on your hip, slowly rocking into you, making sure not to take it too far, he didn’t want to hurt you in this state.  
With a few more thrusts, you began to clench around him, tears of pure pleasure forming in the corners of your hazy eyes. You were so close, oh so close, and he knew it. 
“It’s alright baby, cum for me.”
Tumblr media
You and Baji have been exclusive many times. 
Usually pretty wild considering his personality, but a good time no less.
As comfortable as you are with him, you’ve never gone into subspace with him.
It’s not that you don’t trust him, you just,,, haven’t.
So when you go into subspace for the first time, he’s a little lost. 
Afraid that he might have hurt you or something, so he immediately stops. 
Afterwards, you had to sit him down and explain to him what happened.
He picked up on it quickly and encouraged you to fall into subspace around him more often, because you would always be safe with him.
So the more it happened, the better he knew how to handle it.
Looking down at you, he could see it in your eyes, you were beginning to slip. He knew that  look all too well. He admired how comfortable you were with him, how easily you would give yourself up to him, how much you trusted him.
“You’re slipping aren’t you?” He smiled down at you, tightening the grip on your hips just a little more and slowing his pace only a little. Rolling his hips into you, grazing that spot that made you see stars. 
Your body began to tense under him, making him lean down to press a longing kiss to your lips.
“Relax for me doll, it’s okay, I promise.”
You were making such a mess around him, bed completely soiled beneath you two. You were growing so close to that sweet release that you’ve been craving.
“Kei- m’ gonna c-cum!”
Leaning down to connect his lips to your neck, biting softly, he chuckles.
“Then cum, I know you can do it for me.”
Tumblr media
Kazutora is always dominant in bed, so he’s used to having a submissive partner. 
Meaning that he’s also used to people slipping into subspace.
So when you slip in front of him, he knows exactly what to do.
Ho loves when it happens, it shows that you do fully trust him.
You’re just so cute to him like this!
Today was different, he had you on top, hands on your hips guiding your every move. But he made sure to keep a close eye on you, especially in this new position. He wanted to be safe, just in case you slipped. Which you did, and pretty quickly.
It was hard not to. Especially with the way he was holding you, and praising you, telling you just how good you were doing and how cute you looked. But most importantly, the look in his eyes sent you over the edge, he was staring at you with so much admiration.
“You’re so pretty like this, taking all of me.” He says gently to you, massaging small circles into your hips. Urging you to continue. “Feel so good around me.”
Tears began to fill your eyes, it was all too much to handle, you almost couldn’t take it. He could tell that you wanted him closer, so he sat up with you still in his lap. Slowly bouncing you on his cock, he leaned in to press a kiss to your trembling lips.
“I’m right here pretty, you’re okay” His hips beginning to match yours in pace, he wanted you to fall over the edge for him, to make a mess for him and only him.
“T-tora please!”
“You’re so close aren’t you? You can do it pretty, give it to me, let go for me.”
A/n: This was super fun to write, so I hope you enjoy!
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ventisehe · 4 months ago
crying on their wedding day, or not / genshin impact / part two
this is the second part of crying on their wedding day. i didn’t add dainsleif and baizhu because i don’t have enough creative juice to squeeze them in. 
requested by: @bakuhoe-is-my-bakubro
includes: venti, kaeya, xingqiu, scaramouche, razor, albedo, chongyun, xiao, kazuha
warning: unedited, not proofread, different variation of not seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony, written before kazuha was released
part one
            Although his wings that have soared through the vast open azure skies was as ancient as the winds that swept ever so delicately through the lands that made up Teyvat, although his curious viridescent hues have become quiet witnesses to numbers of renowned and untold tales of mortals across nations, no matter the countless years he devoted trying to cognize the mortals and their atypical behaviors, Barbatos – or Venti, as he refers to himself now – can never truly understand how so many human beings can stay in one place with one person.
                            Before he had even come to be the Anemo Archon, all that Venti knew was how to heed the call of the wind. To him, it was confounding how mortals do not have the similar urgency as he to follow the winds. Even when he had taken the form of his dearest friend, Himmel, and has elapsed through myriad of seasons and centuries, still he soared gently in the air, lyre in his possession as he sung melodies of his own composition and strummed symphonies for those who yearn to hear his voice, and with his braids billowing in his travel to a destination even he cannot tell yet.
            One has made an attempt - and unfortunately, a fruitless one - to make sense to him why some has gone against the heed of the wind, a very peculiar decision in the eyes of someone like him. His form nothing but a mere wisp at that time, nothing but a small creature with little understanding, and he remembered he was seated on the shoulder of his companion as they perched by the edge of a mountain, legs dangling and kicking gently back and forth. They basked in the caress of the wilting warmth as the sun bid its farewell.
                      Himmel was humming a tune with the corners of his mouth curving up and his eyes closed, and Venti's small frame thrummed with delight at the euphony he made.
                And in the serene quiet, his dear friend spoke, "Someday, you'll find yourself wanting to stay somewhere. For something, or for someone. You don't understand now, but when you come to love one thing, you'll always want to be close to their side." Himmel turned to him, a subdued smile etched across his features, and upon catching sight of the sincerity and fervor Himmel in his bright eyes, Venti cannot help but mirror his sentiments and reciprocate his smile the best he can with the body he manifested in.
     "When that day comes, you'll understand why many choose to . . . stay." Venti tilted his head to the side, and Himmel let out a small chuckle once he catches on the puzzlement that he displayed in his actions. "Don't look at me like that. I know you're curious about the whole marriage thing. Who knows, maybe someday you'll find yourself a nice fellow wisp and - "
            All it took for Himmel to cut his statement short and burst out in laughter was how Venti prodded against his neck as a feeble attempt to make him quiet down.
               And as Himmel has predicted, Venti - in time - did understood.
                        Venti was able to perceive the reasonings of mortals to turn their heads away from the beckon of the wind, to live a peaceful and quaint life, some alone, and some with their spouses. Himmel had done his absolute best to explain to him the wanders which are humans, and gleefully watched as Venti attentively listened to every word he spoke.
      However, at the end of the day, Venti was still a free spirit. He can never be tied down to one place, much more to another living being. He will always find himself favoring the whisper of the winds in Teyvat, adrift and letting himself go adrift.
            It was after he had witnessed the life in Himmel's eyes leave, heard his last breath, the whisper of the triumph of Mondstadt in achieving freedom, and his final request as he stroked Venti's quivering figure - A sad smile has been painted upon Himmel's brims as he gazed at the smaller entity weeping under his touch, "I ask only for one last favor from you, my dearest friend. Look after Mondstadt, after our people, for me, and never let everything we've sacrificed go for naught."
                          Venti was still a free spirit, but with what happened to Himmel, he longed to understand how he saw the world. It seemed he understood it differently than he did. And thus, he took the form of his beloved friend, and ventured closer than he had before to mortals.
      The day he found a place in The Seven, the fateful he became the Anemo Archon, Venti has not once missed an event with his people. He celebrated with them in festivities, cried with them in their sorrows, aided them in battles against transgressors or wars within their own mind. He laughed with them, ate with them, drank with them, and his love for his people grew everyday.
          But still, he can never stay for too long.
                      Venti tried to, he really did, for his friends, as his last gift before he lets go of the pain of losing him. But cannot force himself to remain in one place if his heart kept searching for places to explore, people to meet, discover the secrets of Teyvat.
    Hopelessness was beginning to gnaw inside him as hundred of years has passed, and he has already traveled through long distances and saw generation after generation of his people in Mondstadt, and yet nothing he has yet to fulfill his own promise to hos friend.
           Perhaps this was the way it was supposed to be. Maybe only mortals are giving the ability to be content and stay, but the Anemo Archon was forever to be appearing and disappearing - always, always stringing along with the wind.
                      And Venti believed that thought of his, and it stuck to him throughout many more years in Teyvat.
       Not even a dust of faith was left in the ruins of what he now thought of as a vanquished promise, marring Venti with a wound in his heart, and a doubt in his standing as an Archon. However, it was through this belief that took him by surprise when he met a rather strange woman at the last day of the Windblume Festival, and in Stormterror’s Lair, no less.
                    The Honorary Knight, and their odd traveling companion have long been gone after they bid him farewell and a safe travel in his return to his abode – or whatever dwelling was the closest he could denote as home – leaving Venti by himself to reminisce in the ruins of where Old Mondstadt once stood.
                                        The heavens were a color of black dotted with stars and the moon. The wind has grown softer, as though to accompany him in this lonesome hour, leaving chaste kisses against his pallid skin. From afar, the City of Mondstadt remains lit with lanterns and plethora of flowers. Even in this distance, he can oversee the joy that exuded from the people as they celebrated the remaining hours of the festival and take in the fragrance of the flowers friends and partners exchanged with one another. It was a beautiful sight to behold if one sits in such a desolate and dark place, in the very tower that he had confronted Stormterror – no, it was Dvalin now, Stormterror has perished along with the danger of the past.
                                        But a presence – curious, sorrowful – has intervened in the quiet evening Venti thought he had saved for himself. He stood up from the platform where he has previously perched upon and took off to take a gander in the Lair, and it did not take a moment longer for him to spot a figure nearby. There, standing on top of a boulder clad in a crestfallen expression was a lone woman. She was casting her gaze around Old Mondstadt, and the breeze blew her tears away,
            Venti had never seen her before. He had met every family, every person, in Old Mondstadt, and the same was to be said to the generation that followed after them. He knew them well, recalled their quirks and appearances, and this woman has no resemblance to any of them. Has she come from another nation?
                                   Venti made it his point to glide down and noiselessly land behind her, but it seems his efforts have failed him for this stranger spoke the second his feet made contact with the ground.
        "I wonder how this place used to be." You stated, and Venti was unsure whether you have felt his presence or you were speaking to yourself.
   “So, this is Old Mondstadt.” She stated in a murmur. Her voice was laced with awe, but with evidence of forlornity. “I heard rumors about what happened here, and-and the thing with Stormterror too. Archon, I wish someone would tell me the real story of the City of Freedom. Back in my home, we’re not even allowed to learn much about the Archons of other nations. It’d be foolish to just trust rumors.”
                                  There was something about her that piqued his interest. He did not know what it was. Maybe it was the way she talked about Mondstadt, her interest in the history of his city and his people, the sincere sorrow she felt for what the fallen tyrant of Mondstadt had had done to his former subjects, and how he had forced their hands to rebellion to protect their nation.
                            Venti spoke before he can stop to think. “If you’d like, I can retell the story of how Old Mondstadt came to be. I’m well versed in the history of this city, so rest assured everything you’ll hear is the truth.” He carved a smile to his lips. “And I am a Bard, so you have no need to worry about me chatting your ear off. All it takes is an audience and my lyre to get me started. Of course, a private performance will cost you, but since you’re new in the city, I suppose I can – ”
                                  His breath was taken away when the stranger turned to face him, and his words withered from his tongue. Ever seen a speechless bard? It was a sight people will scarcely see.
                Could he ever compose a song to even come close to the lovely view that was before his eyes? Gleaming curious pair of eyes, a smile so eager to listen, hair flitting with the wind as his heartbeat raced –
             Venti was used to captivating his audience with his songs and stories. However, this time, it was he who was captivated, and when he took out his lyre and played a sweet tune to sing the story of his beloved city, with this gorgeous woman listening to him with bright and shining eyes, Venti knew then that he wanted to play for her every song he knew, every story he saw and heard, to the end of time.
                            You told him your name after his song, and you came all the way from the isolated nation of Inazuma. It took him by surprise how you have confidence in him to reveal to him your identity and place of birth. Surely, not everyone will trust a stranger who has appeared out of nowhere who offered to sing them a song. But then again, Venti trusted you as quickly as you trusted him, and now it was his turn to listen as you confide in him.
  You have escaped from your home nation and survived out in the seas under the heat of the sun and threat of starvation for days until a compassionate Captain from Liyue, and her crew found you and delivered you to safety. And it was after your recovery that you fled to Mondstadt, the opposite of the nation you were born in.
                     Venti found himself sitting down in front of you as you told him your story, sight never leaving your frame as he did so. You were no Bard, and you were no storyteller, but he cannot tell the time or noticed the sun has set as you regaled him with story of Inazuma and your life after and before your escape. He was enchanted with the way you spoke, how you looked about Old Mondstadt with saddened awe, the fervidness in your voice – Have I found myself a rival? Thought Venti, eyes softening as you went on about your admiration for the affability and generosity his people have shown you.
                                                          When you left that day, you promised to come back and when you do, you shall ask him to sing to you more of his songs. At first, Venti was hesitant to believe your promise, but to his relief and happiness, when he saw you in the same place in the ruins undoubtedly waiting for him with your eyes closed and relishing in the wind that rushed past you. Venti always came to Stormterror’s Lair to oversee what remained of his old home, but for once, his sights were held torn and you have all his attention.
                   Seeing you keep your promise of return made his day, but when you whipped your head to face him with a smile, waving a hand as you asked him to sit with you, Venti knew that his heart desired yours. Was it a wise decision to fall for someone you've only just met? Certainly not, but he was an Archon who had too much time but too little for those who he holds dear. He cannot afford to be unsure when his time with you was limited.
     So, he decided – when the day is right and the wind is quiet, he shall make his feelings for you known.
            It became a routine for the two of you to meet in Stormterror’s Lair and share your stories with one another, Venti always telling his in songs, as a Bard would. There was never a dull moment between the two of you, and every story told in the ruins were to be fascinated of. And soon, it wasn't just stories. Soon, he was finding out more about you, knowing you better until he couldn't get you out of his head.
                  It became a routine for the two of you to meet in Stormterror’s Lair and share your stories with one another. Venti always told his in the form of songs, as a Bard would, you will always applaud him after, to which he would respond with a melodramatic bow. There was never a dull moment between the two of you, and every story spoke in the ruins and the silence of the night was to be fascinated of.  He was learning more about you, knowing you better, until he couldn’t get you out of his mind when his head falls against his pillow.
    Venti cherished these times he had with you. He knew it won't be long until you were gone. He knew his fate as an Archon – seeing loved ones perish and more to come, and the cycle continued.
                                           He hasn't even told you about his identity.
                          Venti was grateful for the Traveler for pushing him to tell you about his feelings and his standing in Teyvat, but he was still uncertain. What would you say if he confessed to you? What will you say if he admits to being the Anemo Archon? Will things change between the two of you? Will you leave? Venti can’t think about that.
                                                                       Venti grew worried when you didn’t come to Stormterror’s Lair one day, and then another, and his concern grew as days turned to weeks. Everyday he found himself visiting Stormterror’s Lair in hopes of seeing you waiting for him again, but he was always left disappointed. You did not mention going on an adventure or a commission, so his worry was warranted. Were you safe or were you simply sick of him?
                 When the day you finally appeared in the Lair, relief washed over Venti and he practically jumped off the broken tower he frequently resided and made haste towards you. But his footsteps faltered when he found no traces of a smile on your face. He can see the relief and joy, but the smile was absent. From that, Venti’s own beam wilted as he walked over to you with reluctant steps.
      When he came close to you, he opened his mouth to ask how you have faired for the past weeks and question your abrupt disappearance when you said something that took him by surprise.
                                    “I know who you are.”
          It felt like his entire world has stopped for a moment as he stared at you with disbelief smearing his countenance. How ever did you discover the truth? Certainly, he had similarities with his statues, but none of his people nor visitors from outside ever pieced the puzzle together.
                            He averted his gaze, ashamed. Why was he wallowing in shame? Or perhaps was this regret of not telling you sooner? Did you feel betrayed? Will you cast him away?
                      “But how . . . ”
                                            “The man at the Tavern told me, Master Diluc.” You answered. “I was telling him about you, and I guess he thought I already knew of you being the . . . Anemo Archon.”
           “Is that why you were gone for weeks?” Venti questioned, and when you nodded in response, he winced. He can’t help but think of the worse – She’ll leave me.
                          Venti looked away. “Ah, I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, it is hard to believe someone like me is an Archon.” He laughed out, but the humor was nonexistent in his statement. “So, how do you feel about that?”
                      Venti let out a gasp when you threw yourself to him and enveloped him in a tight hug. Venti froze at your actions and waited for you to withdraw, but when you did not, he slowly accepted your embrace with gratefulness. He didn’t know what you do this, but he was more than happy to reciprocate your actions before he lets you go.
        It won’t matter, anyway. He’ll hear the winds calling for him somewhere soon. Maybe letting you go now would hurt less in the long run.
                    “Are you not . . . angry?” Venti asked as he closed his eyes and rested his chin on your shoulder.
                                    “Oh Archons, no, Venti. I could never hate you.” You assured him in a whisper and from the brokenness on your voice, Venti knew you were crying. “Those times you told me about Barbatos . . . all the stories about his past . . . everything he had gone through . . . ” You murmured, tone lowering. “ . . . you must have been so hurt and lonely.”
                                              He didn’t know why your words shot through him. He can feel tears streaming down his cheeks as memories of his past and the continuous pain of loss and regret caught up with him. Finally, after thousands of years, his false smile was shattered.
          How pathetic. He thought. An Archon weeping in front of a mortal that he is in love with. Could things get any worse?
                  Your hand stroked his hair, comforting him as he cried against your shoulder and in your arms.
                          “I was . . . ” He breathed out, choking as he tightened his grip around you. “ . . . it never stops hurting . . . I keep seeing Himmel, and everyone, and – ”
                He couldn’t finish what he was saying and just relished in the comfort of your arms, breathing in your scent.
                                    “I don’t understand what you’ve been going through these thousands of years, and I never will, but it’s okay now, Venti.” You whispered in his ear, and he can detect the compassion and love lacing your voice. His heart hammered against his chest. “You have me. You don’t have to pretend everything is okay. I’m here for you. I want you to be Venti and Barbatos with me, I want all of you.”
             He couldn’t believe his ears. Did he hear you correctly? You want him?
                    Venti gently retracted himself from you, but his arms remained at your sides. “You still want me, even after I kept this from you?”
         “I want you, Venti.” You clasped your hands over his shoulders, firmly looking into his eyes. “I’m not going anywhere anymore. I’m staying here, with you.”
                 And so, you stayed, and so did he – it was the first time he stayed, and he will never regret it.
One would think that as a renowned Bard in Mondstadt, Venti would push for a grand wedding where all people of Mondstadt are invited to wine and dine together as bards banded together to regale everyone with their music, and as the Archon who values freedom above everything else, a big part of him wanted to. But he thought of you and what you wanted. It took some time for him to deliberate over how selfish it would be for him to make you uncomfortable in your wedding day and agree a small wedding would be a much better option considering how sacred and intimate marriage is.
However, knowing you cannot simply have the Anemo Archon go against his belief, and of course because of your love for him, you have secretly devised a plan with Jean and Kaeya to invite all the citizens of Mondstadt to your reception to celebrate this joyous occasion for the two of you. There was more than enough food and drinks to feast, courtesy of Master Diluc, and you’re sure Venti will be over the moon with this surprise. 
Venti had no family, and those he did consider as family were long gone, just a memory from the past. Even though it is unusual for a groom not to have a best man in his wedding day, Venti claimed he was fine without a best man. He had no doubts in marrying you. When he proposed to you, there was no touch of regret or doubt. Albeit reluctantly, you were in a mutual agreement in that matter, as well. Until, of course, an unexpected tribute arrived offering his services.
Venti was not the least nervous when the day of your wedding came. He did not waste time when he woke up and immediately got to work on his appearance. Jean was kind enough to have his wedding suit tailored for him, an early wedding gift, as she says.
Venti knew of the rule that a groom mustn’t see his bride in her wedding gown until the time she walks on the aisle. But he was just so thrilled for this day that he forgot all about it. And even if he did remember it, who in the world would stop him from seeing you? He has no best man to stop him anyway -
Venti almost choked to death when a hand came to grasp him by his the back of his collar, and he blubbered pathetically as he was thrown off balance and was dragged back to the altar.
“Who are - Master Diluc? What are you doing?”
Diluc let out a huff as he continued dragging Venti away from your house. “Stopping you from upsetting your bride. I’m sure you know that you shouldn’t see your bride in her gown before the wedding?”
“But Master Diluc, as much as I appreciate what you’re doing, you’re not in any position to - ”
“Actually, I am in a position where I’m allowed to stop you from making a mess of your wedding.” Said Diluc. “I’m your best man, after all.”
Venti couldn’t put to words how touched he was, and more so when you revealed to him after the wedding that Diluc has offered to be his best man by his own volition. As thanks, the next time Venti visited the tavern to drink, he paid for a single bottle of wine once. It wasn’t exactly ideal but considering how he had no original plan to pay Diluc for any of the drinks he will consume, this was as good as it gets.
When the doors opened to reveal you in your pretty white wedding dress, Venti swooned, and a large joyous smile stretched across his lips.
A gentle breeze swept in the altar and Venti felt his feet leave the ground briefly, floating in the air as he excitedly watched you walk down the aisle, and it took Diluc’s hand pulling him down by the back of his suit to stop him from floating up above the cathedral.
“My, my, if I knew any better, I would have thought the Archons have taken favor on me and blessed me with a beautiful bride.” Venti said once you join him in the altar and took your hands in his own. “You look beautiful, darling. I might just write another song about you.”
You shook your head, pink tinting your cheeks. “Haven’t you written enough songs about me?”
Venti inched his face close to you, his large smile altering to a soft smile. “There aren’t enough songs to tell you how much I adore you.”
The wedding went on, and when the two of you kissed, only one thing entered in Venti’s mind - I found my reason to stay, Himmel. I just hope you can see this.
The wind blew gently.
                      Kaeya did not know what to feel when his brother has made it clear once and for all that he wanted nothing to do with him. His dismissive remarks, his heated glares, his cold and aloof treatment – he had known Diluc for so long, and his memories with him in their childhood never grew old in his mind, so it pained him to have his once bright-eyed sibling who aspired to be part of the Knight acting as though they were strangers. No, strangers would have been merciful. He acted as if the bond they had never meant anything to him, and casting him aside and seeing him under the light of contempt was the easiest decision he has ever made.
                                               Even you were not spared from the same fate. The three of you become inseparable the day you and Kaeya were introduced to each other. You’ve done everything together, and it would be a strange sight to see one missing from the group.
                When Diluc has cut ties with Kaeya, you suffered the same fate as he. You poor, poor thing – you tried your best to patch the friendship he no longer wanted to be part of, and Kaeya did not waste time running to your side and picking up the pieces Diluc shattered. It was not an easy feat for both of you to lose Diluc – he lost a brother, and you lost a good friend.
                                 But it was because of your fall out with him that you and he become closer than ever, closer than before, if that could even be possible. The two of you support one another and you go to each other when things get difficult.
             Kaeya will never admit it, and he would rather die than do, but he has loved you for many years. The moment Diluc pulled him into an unknown house, claiming that he wanted to meet someone important to him, and his eyes landed on your form with the sunrays kissing your skin, a wide smile stretching across your face, and a fake sword in your hand, his heart was taken.
                            You were one of the reasons he wanted to become a Knight. Diluc admitted his want to become a Knight, and you expressed the same sentiment, and of course, hearing his friend and brother say so, he became inclined of joining the Knights. I’ll get good training. He thought back then as stared at you, blushing as you braided Diluc’s hair. Then, I’ll be able to protect ( Your Name ).
        Now that Diluc no longer wanted to be in contact with you than more than is necessary, Kaeya grew to be more protective over you. He knew you can handle yourself as you were a Knight yourself and wields a Vision, too, but his heart clenches at the thought of you getting hurt when he could have easily had your back, like he always did.
                                                 Kaeya didn’t knowif you had feelings for him, or for anyone, for that matter. Many times he thought of confessing to you just to rip the band aid off, but he couldn’t. He’ll keep his feelings to himself and continue being the Cavalry Captain that everyone adored, and your own personal protector.
   But it was getting harder and harder to hide his feeling. Everyday he was always under the threat of falling deeper in love with you. Everyday, you always give him more reasons to love you. Waiting for him to come home after taking too long in his work, taking care of him after a nasty battle or when he’s drunk, always checking up on him even if your schedule was hectic, offering him help if you deem the responsibility given to him is too much. How much longer can he pretend that he wasn’t thinking of you everyday and every night?
                                He was pulled back from his train of thoughts when he felt a soft material doused in alcohol perch on the wound blemishing his skin. “Ah, be gentle, ( Your Name ),” Whined Kaeya, stilling himself to refrain from moving and delaying your nurse on his cuts.
                          “We wouldn’t be in this situation if you had only been careful fighting those Abyss Mages.” You reprimanded with a stern glare. “Think of this as your punishment from me. Now, hold still.”
                      “I was fighting Abyss Mages and came back with small wounds. How am I not careful?”
       “You can be more careful.” Quipped you, and finding your chance, you pressed the cotton again his skin, causing the Cavalry Captain to hiss in pain.
                      “Ow, ow, ow – I said be gentle!”
                                         “Oh, you can fight Abyss Mages but can’t handle getting your wounds treated? What a baby.”
                        Kaeya pouted while you pulled away from him. “My dearest ( Your Name ) doesn’t love me anymore.” He cooed. “Tell me, what can I do to make it up to you, hmm?”
                                      You shook your head and placed your hand over his head, beaming. His heart leaped in his chest. “Stop being reckless.” You responded. “You’re the most important person to me, Kaeya. I don’t want to lose you too.”
             Days and days he spent thinking of what you said. He never truly knew how he important he was to you. The thought of that had him sleeping and dreaming of you and your smiles, how the days will be if you loved him the same way he loved you, and the fateful day you owned his heart.
   He had to thank Diluc for introducing him to you. He couldn’t imagine being in a world where he has no one to lean on when he lost the only family he had. You became his rock, someone he could lean on and trust. His friend who he loved more than he should have, the woman he wished to see in his arms someday.
                     But it will never be. He has to protect you. He is always in danger and he doesn’t want to hurt you more if he died and you two are in a relationship. And he had seen firsthand how affected you were when Diluc no longer wanted to be friends with you. He won’t let you go through the same pain if your relationship didn’t work. He loved you too much to let you suffer again.
                                  Kaeya didn’t think he would be able to thank Diluc again after their fall out but he was mistaken.
                            He didn’t know the full story of what had happened the night he got shitfaced drunk in the tavern but woke up the next day to learn he has revealed his feelings for you in front of his brother, and the latter had casually mentioned it to you when you dropped by the tavern to escort him back home.
                      Regret and frustration welled up inside of him and he spent ten minutes walking back in you guest room, trying to explain himself and perhaps even jest about having feels for you but his preparation was all futile when you opened the door just as he was about to.
               Before he can speak, you beat him to it.
        “The next time you get drunk like that, you’re sleeping on the couch.” You chastised, shaking your head and proceeding to turn your back to him to return downstairs. “Freshen up, and head down. I already cooked you breakfast, so hurry up before it gets cold.”
                                              Kaeya stared blankly at the spot you previously stood before smiling. He rushed over to the staircase and looked down to watch you descend the steps. “I won’t keep you long, love.”
                            His smile broadened when he saw redness rush to your cheeks.
Kaeya proposed to you in a way you expected him to propose to you. A fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant where he ordered a fancy bottle of wine and placed the fancy ring he bought into your glass. It was only because you knew him well that you have no accidentally imbibed the accessory. 
Upon receiving your answer to his proposal, the first thing Kaeya did the day after is hunt down for a best man. As a popular and charming Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, he thought it would be an easy task finding himself a best man but that notion gradually wilted as the date for your wedding approaches, he has yet to find someone to take the position.
In his pursuit for a best man, Kaeya came to realize something. His relationships with others aren’t exactly intimate. They drink and laugh together, but none of them really knew him. Kaeya couldn’t go to them with his personal problems or have their shoulders ready for him to cry on. They were good friends, but not people he would let inside his heart and vulnerability.
There were only two people who knew him behind the title of Cavalry Captain - you, and of course, his estranged brother, Diluc.
The very thought of Diluc sent a shiver down his spine. Diluc hated him and ( Your Name ). He pushed them away, treated them horridly, like they had been nothing to him but strangers with bad memories. Why would he want him to be his best man?
He remembered one day in Angel’s Share, he asked Venti if he could stand as his best man in the wedding and he swore he heard a glass dropping from behind the counter but when he turned, he saw Diluc wiping a wine glass with a blank expression. When Kaeya faced Venti once again, the excitement of being asked of such honorable position has withered and the Bard kindly declined before telling him to ask Diluc to be his best man. He did not.
Who cares about best man? The only thing important to me right now is marrying ( Your Name ).
But when the day of his wedding dawned, Kaeya was in a panic. Behind his charm was a man with a dark past, dark memories, and dark thoughts. He began doubting his ability to give you the life you deserve, began feeling insecurities he thought he had set aside.
He tried his best to remain calm, and for the most part, it worked. Everyone did not find something amiss when Kaeya was interacting with them before the wedding, but someone did, and that someone took him by his arm and dragged him a far and secluded corner after excusing him from who he was conversing with.
“Stop fidgeting with your tie, it’s beginning to bother me.”
Kaeya let out a huff. “Master Diluc, what a . . . surprise that you’re here.”
“You sent me an invitation.” The red head retaliated.
Kaeya had indeed sent him an invitation but he had no recollection of this or whatsoever. He was too wasted to remember.
“The Cavalry Captain losing his cool. Now this is a wedding just waiting to be ruined.”
It was almost like magic how the anxiety that has been eating him up vanished at his brother’s taunt. Kaeya glared at Diluc, opening his mouth to retaliate but before he can even let a single word move past his lips, Diluc turned his back to him and returned to the cathedral, leaving Kaeya in disbelief.
He let out a huff as he stared at his brother’s retreating form. “Bastard still knows me best.”
Kaeya has taken the reins over his emotions again, and he was sure he can keep his composure when you enter through the doors. But he was thoroughly mistaken as he swallowed the lump in his throat when his sight landed on you.
It felt like a dream. How can someone like you love him? In all his flaws, mistakes, and faults, how did you see him as someone you can lean on? Someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?
Surely, he must be dreaming. He’ll wake up in his bed any moment now and realize that everything had been the foolishness of his mind -
Except you continued making your way down aisle, and then you were in front of him with a veil covering your flushed face, and then he was slipping his hands in yours. This was real. You love him.
You leaned forward to him, nose brushing against his. “You look very dashing today, Kaeya.”
Kaeya chuckled. “And you look splendid today, Mrs. Alberich - oh, don’t go shy on me now.”
His smile broadened at the sight of your reddening cheeks. If it wasn’t for the priest speaking right now, he would have flipped over your veil and kiss you.
But there is plenty of time to do that. Kaeya will make sure of that.
          The youngest of the Guhua Clan will rarely be seen without a novel in hand. Everyday, Xingqiu will be seen with his friends with a book near him, always different from yesterday. He had read many novels and heard stories from storytellers, but one story he will never get tired of was his story with you.
       Although it may not seem like it, Xingqiu was a hopeless romantic, and he has always imagined seeking a woman to make his bride. However, it will always be something he can only imagine. As a heir of the Guhua Clan, he has responsibilities to keep and adhere, and he has willingly accepted this. Being given the freedom to choose his bride is something he cannot afford. When his father has informed him about offering him to a daughter of another prestigious clan, he has voiced his discontentment and disinclination to the arrangement but has nonetheless followed.
                  What a horror it would have been if he had followed through with the tiny voice inside his head saying to run away because if he did, he would have missed the chance of laying eyes on you and experiencing what many romance novels he read called – a heart skipping a beat.
           It was a tiring charade of formalities and display of pristine etiquette. All Xingqiu wanted was to retreat to a secluded area and continue immersing himself in the book he has picked up from the local library. With how often he reads, the novels in his own house he has already read, twice.
                                And so, he did. He kindly excused himself from the dinner between the families, making up a lie about feeling unwell and needing rest, and hurried over in the fields near his place. It is not exactly rude for him to skip dinner. It is not exactly ideal for his bride-to-be to be late in an important occasion like this so why shouldn’t he exhibit the same treatment as they did to him?
                    When he came to the spot be frequented, he caught sight of an unfamiliar figure from afar. A girl around his age sat on the bench under the tree, in the same spot he always occupied. She wore clothes similar to the families of the clan his family are negotiating with, so it didn’t take long for Xingqiu to learn this girl was related to them. He just didn’t know what her standing was with them.
 She was beautiful, he will admit, but it was the book in her hand that caught his attention. Thus, he approached her, adorning a friendly mask as to not scare her away. It is rather uncomfortable meeting strangers in the dark of the night and somewhere far from civilization.
           “Her hair billowed as she stood by the precipice, golden hues dimming in the dying light as she was left disappointed for yet another century. Her tears stung her skin and her throat tightened, but another century is simply common for someone like her. She will wait for his return, even if every mountain has eroded and all that was left of her was hope.” He recited a line from the novel as he took even ambles towards the girl, and he did not falter as she turned to face him. He offered her a smile and bowed with the elegance that his family taught. “Apologies for my disruption, my liege, but I can’t help but be thrilled to see someone with such incredible taste for literature. Not many are fond of historical fiction. Well, in my case, not many are into literature.”
                                        Her eyes appraised him with wonder as she perfected her posture. “That’s one of the lines in the book. My, even I haven’t memorized a single phrase from any of the books in my collections.” She remarked.
                                “I like to memorize a line or two from all the books I’ve read. It feels like a part of them will always be with me even if my memories fade in time.” Xingqiu gestured to the vacant spot beside her. “May I sit next to you?”
     She let out a laugh, to which sent shivers down Xingqiu’s spine. “You may. It’s not everyday I get to speak with someone with the same interests as me.”
                      He gladly seated himself beside her and immediately, he was greeted with the fragrance of flowers.
                    The girl extended her hand to him, smilingly softly at him. “My name is ( Your Name ),” She introduced herself. “You’re probably thinking you haven’t seen me around in Liyue, and you’re right. My family is here to meet with the Guhua Clan.”
                                                      Xingqiu took her hand and pressed a chaste kiss on the back. “Glad to make your acquaintance, my lady. My name is Xingqiu from the Guhua Clan.”
      Her eyebrows raised in acknowledgment. “Is that so?” She mused. “Then, I must show my sincerest gratitude for letting my family into – ”
               “Ah, there’s no need for that,” Dismissed Xingqiu as he shook his head. “We’re far from the dinner they’re sharing together. No need to be so formal with me.”
          Her smile brightened. “I have a feeling we’re going to get along splendidly, Xingqiu.”
                        Upon returning together to his house and finding an excuse as to why Xingqiu had been outside did he and ( Your Name ) learn that it was them who were destined to be married when they are of age. The disappointment of meeting his soon-to-be bride has dissipated at the revelation, leaving him filled with utmost joy and pride as to having you as his, and from the shy and gleeful smile that wandered to your lips, Xingqiu can tell you think the same with him.
It was to be expected that the two of you will have a luxurious and grand wedding. With the two of you coming from wealthy families, it was no surprise. If you have insisted for a small wedding consisting only of close relatives and friends, your parents will fear some other elite clans will perceive this as them losing power and money and will take advantage of them or simply cut ties with them. You and Xingqiu had no other choice but to respect their requests. Although Xingqiu was secretly relieved you agreed to a big wedding. For him, you deserved only the best of the best, and in this case, larger is better.
Both families came to an agreement that it would be for the best if the two of you are not to see each other for the week before your wedding day. You found nothing wrong with this arrangement. Xingqiu, however, was the opposite of you.
Many times he tried to sneak out of his house to visit you in secret but Chongyun has thwarted this attempts many times. When he goes to adventures with the Traveler, he find himself missing you in mere hours. How can he survive a whole week without communicating with you?
Oh, how foolish of him. He was now allowed to visit you but he can, however, write letters to you.
For the whole week, Xingqiu will be writing to you without ceasing. You’ll have a difficult time keeping up with his letters but you’ll always find time to respond to him. After all, you missed him just as much as he missed you.
Xingqiu woke up before the sun can call for him. He walked around in his room, breathing in and out as he tried to soothe his joy. Chongyun, who was tasked to look after Xingqiu for the whole week, woke up from the sound of his footsteps. When he stepped inside his best friend’s room, Xingqiu held Chongyun’s hands and twirled him around, startling the half-asleep Cryo user.
“I’m getting married to ( Your Name ) today!”
“I know, Xingqiu. I’ve been stopping you from visiting her the whole week.”
Your wedding was held in a beautiful garden where cherry blossoms flutter and the wind was gentle and cool.
Xingqiu always held his composure in any situations and circumstances he encountered. But he was going to admit that seeing you in your wedding dress with the cherry blossoms kissing your skin and tresses every now and then had him malfunctioning.
It took a worse turn when you finally stood before him, expectantly looking at him. A compliment, a playful jest, a seductive remark - but there was none of that.
Xingqiu stared at you, eyes shining with admiration and his lips parted in pleasant surprise.
“Xingqiu, earth to Xingqiu,” You whispered. “You there?”
It was only after you spoke that Xingqiu snapped out of his stupor.
“Get yourself together, Xingqiu.” Stated Chongyun beside him in a whisper.
It took him a while to find him bearings but when he did, Xingqiu smiled at you and pressed a kiss on your forehead.
“Beautiful, just like the first time I saw you.”
            Scaramouche has dedicated his entire life to seeing through what his majesty, the Tsaritsa, desired. His life shall be nothing but a pawn for her to use in her schemes and may her will be done through him and her subjects. If she must dispose of him to make success of her endeavor, Scaramouche will gladly surrender before her eyes and bare his neck for her to cut. He will do anything she commands without a second thought, and anyone who dares get in his way will face the wrath of an incensed Harbinger.                
         It was all about the Tsaritsa. His entire his existence is for his majesty. It was all he ever believed in when the honor of being the sixth Harbingers was crowned over him. With that said, Scaramouche can never bring himself to admit his resolve has been altered upon his discreet visitation to the City of Freedom to conduct a more intimate investigation over the meteorites and the impact it had on the people of Mondstadt.
                      His skull was throbbing, his thoughts scattered, and frustration was beginning to settle inside of him. Scaramouche has just dispatched his soldiers to continue their research on the meteors after his failed attempt to eliminate the traveler. He was left alone in the tranquility of the night, with the remnants of the astrologist’s escape glittering beneath his eyes, mocking him.
     “I should have acted quicker. The Traveler will continue foiling The Tsaritsa’s plans.” Mumbled Scaramouche to himself. “No matter. There will be another chance in the future to finish off the hero of Mondstadt, and I’m sure it’ll come sooner than I expect. I must prepare for that time. I can’t make this mistake again.”
                  A curious hum that echoed behind him had him stiffening in his place and drawing out his weapon from thin air. “Are you interested about the meteors too?” A voice asked.
          Scaramouche turned around, and he found a woman standing behind him a few meters away. She has a beauty that he favors, a smile so gentle that it thawed a bit of ice in his heart, but a scowl made its way to his countenance. She’s taller than me.
  She didn’t look particularly like anyone he would have any interest in knowing, and when she has introduced herself to him after he supplied her with no answer, Scaramouche predicted correctly. She was merely an ordinary folk in any ordinary city with no Vision or any skillset that could benefit him in anything.
                                                    “I must get going.” Curtly stated Scaramouche and he turned around without even bidding goodbye to the woman.
                          “So soon?” You asked. “I thought we could at least talk what’s been happening – about the meteors, the stars.”
              Scaramouche frowned at the mention of the latter and he spun back around to meet your gaze. “The stars? What about the stars?”
                                        You smiled a secret smile. “The stars . . . they’re fake.”
         Scaramouche stared at you with wonder and amusement in his dark hues. He has always believed in that notion, and only a handful came to agree with him. Now, here a lady stands before him, with nothing in particular to offer him, speaking of the truth many has rejected.
                      He examined you from head to toe, evaluating your form before beckoning you to come over to him, saying, “Perhaps I can spare some time to talk.”
                  What was supposed to be a conversation within an hour or so has extended for a day, and when you requested to accompany him back to ship docked in Liyue Harbor to continue your conversation (it surprised him but has nonetheless allowed you to tag along) about the meteors and the stars, it dragged on for weeks.
     But Scaramouche would be lying if he said that was all you discussed about. There was only so much information they can relate to the subject that has intertwined their fates that it did not take long for the two of you to stray from it to favor a more civil conversation. He learned of your mundane life back in Mondstadt where you were merely another dot in the bustle of the city and he managed to extract from you valuable material regarding the Honorary Knight (in truth, you have willingly told him everything you knew about the Hero of Mondstadt and this he was very pleased with). He learned about your family, your work, your past, and your ambition to adventure throughout the lands of Teyvat even without a Vision.
                He thought it was foolish of you to believe you can ever get out of your city without a Vision. There were too many enemies that a simple adventurer like you could easily be overwhelmed with. Not to mention the Fatuis that he and his fellow Harbingers has placed all throughout Teyvat. The thought of you getting hurt, especially by his own soldiers . . . it did not sit right with him.
                                 Arriving at Liyue Harbor, Scaramouche proposed that you come with him. It is no secret that anyone who do not possess a Vision cannot survive if they were ever to embark on a journey. Hearing your desire for an adventure, Scaramouche has come to decide that as gratitude for your pleasant company and for your compliance in giving him information about the renowned traveler, he shall take you along in his voyage, showing you the grandest landscapes, granting your every need and desires, all the while keeping you at his side where he was certain you were safe.
    It was all to thank you, nothing else. It wasn’t because Scaramouche knew he would find himself missing you and the comfort you bring when you leave, nor was it because he was fond of you. Yes, yes, all just to show his gratitude.
              As his soldiers watched as Scaramouche led you aboard in ship with his hand interlocked with yours, they thought the same thing – Scaramouche is never the one to show gratitude to anyone. You had him smitten.
How you were able to fall in love with Scaramouche in such a short period of time is fascinating. Especially with his horrid personality.
But he was different with you. He was gentle, caring, and never raised his voice. The insults remained but there was no venom behind them. It took you quite some time to get used to his belittling remarks but it didn’t evade your perception how Scaramouche begun lessening his insults, opting for a more playful jab instead.
He proposed to you over at dinner. He had just come back from an expedition and came home to a table filled with your cooking. As the two of you are exchanging your stories of what went with your lives when you two were separated, Scaramouche placed his chopsticks away, looked at you straight in the eyes and said, “Marry me.”
How can you say no to such a romantic proposal?
Actually, you made him redo his proposal before you accepted but nobody else has to know about that.
There was no best man for Scaramouche in your wedding. The man was feared by everyone, and his fellow Harbingers hated him. Childe did insist on being his best man at one point but he almost ended up being fried by a lightning bolt. Apparently, the 11th Harbinger pestered him for a whole week trying to convince him to let him be the best man so his actions were justified - just a little bit.
You have to give it to Scaramouche. Regardless of his busy schedule and the current predicament in Inazuma, he managed to find time and opportunity to plan your wedding and marry you without having to worry about the Electro Archon and her subjects.
Scaramouche scoffed at the tradition of not being able to see you on the very day of your wedding. What good would it be? You were going to be his wife, and he wanted to see his wife. He saw himself above tradition, and visited you first thing in the morning at the day of the wedding.
It was no question Scaramouche was an authoritative man but he was more so as he prepared himself for the wedding.
His maids ran about in the room, providing everything he needed and wanted. Scaramouche was not known for being compassionate, but this was the first time they’ve been on the receiving end of his wrath. Normally, he would ignore their existence and not even bother to call them by their names but today, he was different. He acted worse than when he comes home after a failed mission.
The maids knew he was beyond frustrated with the wedding. So, they called to ask for your help.
“Scaramouche, you’re scaring the maids.” You cooed as you came up behind him and placed your hands on his shoulders.
Scaramouche let out a scoff, but you felt his frame soften. He sat before a mirror, and he gazed at your reflection as he placed a hand over one of yours. “Even they weren’t so terrible with their jobs . . . ”
“You’re making things so hard for them. And for yourself too.” You stated. “Marrying me shouldn’t be hard, should it?”
That statement set Scaramouche right, and when you left to carry on with your own preparation and the maids returned to their duties, he was more civil with them. If that’s what you want, then he can endure it.
The hour has finally arrived. Scaramouche has faced many dangers in his life, but it was only now he felt restless. What is taking you so long? He thought you wanted to marry him. Then what’s warranting your late arrival?
At that thought, you finally appeared by the end of the aisle, holding a bouquet in your hands. Everyone in the venue gaped at your beauty, and Scaramouche was thankful you had everyone gazing at you. He didn’t want them to see the dumbfounded and poorly hidden lovestruck expression that crossed his mien for a moment.
But a sense of pride also touched him. 
That’s my bride.
When the ceremony begins, you and Scaramouche were seated side by side. You smiled brightly at him when you sat, but he didn’t any indication that he saw your smile and continued giving his undivided attention on the person conducting your wedding. You pouted heavily at this but said nothing and followed his actions. However, your smile returned when you felt his fingers hooking with yours. It was a small improvement, but it was intimate and loving.
Scaramouche didn’t cry in your wedding but when his arms held you tightly to his chest when evening came and two of you lied down on your shared bed, it was enough for you to know he loved you as much as you loved him.
Maybe more so.
   Razor rarely experience human interaction, and if he did, it would be abrupt and depending on how the communication was being dealt by both parties, it would either be Razor who parts from them first out of wariness or lacking knowledge of being social or the other would, most of the time for the reason they find it disturbing a human could act so much like a wolf. The humans Razor constantly encounter are the hunters from Springvale and due to their bellowing voices and violence against his Lupicals, he has limited his ventures to Mondstadt unless something calls for an emergency.
        Other than the man who gave him his name, Razor only knew a handful of people – six of them being the Traveler, Traveler’s companion, Bennett, Klee, her big brother Albedo, and the woman he sees as his mentor, Lisa. He can only ever let his guard down when around them, though he was still a wee bit cautious of Albedo whenever Klee drags him to his camp.
                          He didn’t think he could meet anyone else who can consider a Lupical. That was until he met you. You were taking a peaceful stroll around Wolvendom – Archons know why you chose the most avoided place in Mondstadt to walk through – at the same time he was hunting down boars for his Lupicals.
  There was no rescuing or danger involved when he met you. It was a simple encounter, to which Razor was pleasantly surprised with. In almost all occasions, when he is meeting a fellow human being, it would be under rather unusual circumstances. He met the Traveler and her floating friend when they were being attacked by slimes. He met Lisa when she has painted the skies dark as she was singlehandedly fending herself off from a mob of Hilichurls. He met Klee when she was using her bombs to fish. He met Albedo in the middle of a chaotic experiment to which resulted in an evacuation. He met Bennett when he was hanging upside down from a tree when he tried to take an apple from a high branch, and the tree was up in flames.
                   To say, meeting you normally was a breath of fresh air.
      The two of you hit it off almost immediately, or so that is what it seems to you. Although you consider Razor a good friend even in just the few days you have met, he was still very careful of you. He had been deceived by humans before and it may be a little unfair to you since he trusted the Traveler and Bennett almost in an instant, he must first know you are trustworthy.
  And indeed, you’ve proven yourself as such. Perhaps, more so than the Traveler. You have done everything to show him you have no ill intentions against him and his Lupicals – helped him in hunting for sustenance for his family even if you have to knowledge in hunting, helping him broaden his vocabulary, helping him read and write – but it was your sacrifice to protect them that made him truly open himself up to you.
             An Abyss Mage has appeared out of nowhere and has wreaked havoc in their residence. Razor can feel his heart thundering as he raced through Wolvendom along with a few of his Lupicals who he had gone out with to hunt. Upon arriving at their home, Razor has anticipated to see the grass painted with red and wounded wolves whimpering in pain as others try to battle against the Abyss Mage. But to his relief, such image was not implemented into reality. Instead, he found his Lupicals sleeping soundly in their den, and the remains of the Abyss Mage has slowly evaporated in thin air. As the particles gradually disappeared, they made way for your presence to be revealed.
           Razor let out a gasp when he laid eyes on you. Bruised, bleeding, exhausted, but smiling as you happily waved at him with the hand clutching your weapon.
                              You happily advanced towards him, tittering. Razor reached out to take your hand, and reluctantly asked of your welfare. Now he understood why humans ask how one is fairing when they are clearly unwell – they do not know what else to say.
                      “Why would you do that?” Razor questioned as he brought you far from his den to tend to your wounds without waking his family. “You are hurt now.”
    “I can’t let an Abyss Mage hurt your Lupical.” You answered firmly, the smile you wore dissipating as you gazed into his eyes. “I might not be as strong as the Honorary Knight or Acting Grand Master Jean, but I fought well.”
               What was this odd sensation he was feeling? This strong urge to protect you, to take you in his arms and never let you go – what was this? He has never felt like this before. So light, so . . . flustered. He thought this feeling would be gone after a few days, but months has passed and since then, the feeling became more prominent, stronger. All the time he could never get enough of you and there will always be that lingering trickle of pain in his chest when you have to leave for the day. Razor knew you would come back the day after when the night has gone, but it never stopped that little ache.
                          Razor understood that he lacked understanding of feelings, so he confided to Bennett about it. Bennett was almost as clueless as Razor about feelings – almost – but he did know when someone was taking a liking of someone in a more amorous manner. He has filled Razor about exactly what he was feeling for you, and not the kind of feeling that he has for him and the Traveler, but the kind of liking he would have towards a . . . girlfriend? (Bennett had to explain to him the meaning behind girlfriend and it was no easy task).
            “Liking someone like a girlfriend . . . ” Razor muttered, scrunching his face in puzzlement. “ . . . like a mate?”
                                 Bennett flushed at the word but nodded. “Yes, like a mate.”
                                                Bennett tried his best to help Razor confess to you, and this is where disaster happened. Since Razor is mostly uneducated in terms of romantic feelings, he did not feel any anxiety crawling up to him when he decided to admit his feelings to you. The problem is that he has decided to confess in a wrong time and in a difficult situation.
       “You should confess to her after you’ve saved her from danger!” Exclaimed Bennett, beaming at Razor.
                   The latter tilted his head to the side. “Razor doesn’t . . . get it.”
    “Well, in the books I’ve read, the guys confess to the girls they like in a dangerous time. I don’t know how that’s safe, but it works. But since we don’t want to hurt ( Your Name ), you’ll save her before confessing!”
                    Bless his innocent heart, Razor trusted Bennett’s word without a smidge of doubt. His opportunity to admit his feelings came when the two of you saw Reckless Pallad being surrounded by Hilichurls getting ready to pounce on him. The thing is you too knew your way around a battlefield and have efficiently begun fighting off the Hilichurls. Razor watched as you made quick work of rescuing Reckless Pallad and he didn’t even notice himself beginning to pout in disappointment until you were right in front of him again, worriedly gazing at him.
             “Razor, what’s wrong?” You questioned, appraising him. “You’re not injured, are you?”
                                     He shook his head. “Razor not injured.” He confirmed.
        “Well, that’s good, but why aren’t you moving? We need to save that man.”
                            “Razor wanted to confess to ( Your Name ) by saving her.”
       Razor explained the plan of his confession he conspired with Bennett, how he would save you from danger and tell you his everlasting love that he didn’t notice the redness tinting your cheeks and the wide smile stretching across your face.
           Razor only took note of the phenomenon occurring on your features when he has finished elaborating his scheme. He narrowed his eyes curiously. “Your face is all . . . red. Sick?” He asked.
                                                                         Razor didn’t have a chance to further speculate just exactly was ailing you before you took hold of his face and softly placed your lips against him, catching him off guard.
                                      There was a blossom in his chest when you kissed him – this is love, right? Razor decided there and then he liked this feeling of love.
                      Needless to say, Reckless Pallad was left alone for the Traveler to save. Again.
Razor had no idea what weddings were. He has never heard of such thing before. The first time he did learn about it was when he was hanging out with you and the Traveler. The latter mentioned that you and him are invited in a wedding. Razor tilted his head in confusion but when he turned to ask you what it was, he froze. Your eyes were shimmering with joy and excitement. Razor liked seeing you like that.
So when you were preoccupied, Razor asked the Traveler what a wedding was. Perhaps a wedding was some sort of food that he can find in the wild?
After Traveler has explained what weddings are and the concept of marriage as well, Razor did not waste time trying to propose to you. Since he had no money to buy a very expensive ring, he asked Bennett for help to find materials so he can make one of his own. In the end, they had Wagner help them form a ring. It wasn’t exactly the best looking but when Razor showed it to you and asked for your hand in marriage (Traveler helped him with his proposal speech and had to explain that asking for your hand doesn’t mean literal), and he saw the pure joy on your face, he thought it was pretty enough for you.
Razor didn’t know you were happy mostly because he proposed to you but you didn’t tell him. He looked so proud with the ring.
Your wedding was small and only a very few people were invited. Klee insisted on being one of the flower girls and Razor almost agreed until she began spouting about bombs which will detonate in the air and will explode with flowers. Albedo advised Razor not to make her one of the flower girls because Klee, for sure, will bring flower bombs (it will explode with flowers, but the explosion is still there).
Razor chose Bennett as his best man. That was supposed to be a good thing but when the two of those pair up together, they can tend to cause a lot of chaos, unintentionally.
At the day of the wedding, nearly all the invitees refuse to enter the cathedral as they claim there was danger inside. When Kaeya and Jean came to inspect this danger they speak of, both wielded their weapons once seeing a pack of wolves huddled at the front, just before the altar, with Bennett and Razor telling them to behave.
You had to explain to Razor why it was dangerous and made people uncomfortable when there are wolves present in the cathedral. Although Razor was understandably disappointed by this, he conceded and brought his Lupicals back to Wolvendom. To make it up to him, you promised a private celebration will be held in Wolvendom with nobody else but you, him, Bennett, and of course, his Lupicals.
Razor didn’t know why Bennett seemed more nervous than him when the two of them were standing by the altar. 
“I’m going to ruin your wedding, Razor! Aren’t you worried?”
“ . . . but you not ruining anything . . . ?”
When you finally arrived in the cathedral, Razor felt excitement surge in his body and he can hardly stop himself from squirming on his seat. 
But he wasn’t smiling. These emotions . . . he was having a hard time comprehending them. It was good, it was nice, but it was overwhelmingly so.
He could have cried, and he almost did but when you were before him, smiling at him, he couldn’t help but smile back.
His beautiful wife, his Lupical.
Bennett was the one who cried in your wedding.
                It was always a fascinating sight to see a traveler meandering through Dragonspine without minding the sheer cold or flawlessly fending themselves off from the enemies lurking around. Even Albedo has some degree of difficult in navigating his way back to his camp without the Fatui spotting him or tailing him. But it was more fascinating to see a young woman standing in the middle of a freezing lake with nothing but her trousers and her brassiere.
                            It was a peculiar meeting, yes, but out of the ordinary people and matters has always endeared him.
    Albedo brought you to his camp as quickly as he can and asked Timaeus to hand you a cup of warm tea and a blanket. After thanking him for his kindness and consuming half of the beverage generously given to you, you introduced yourself.
             You were an adventurer who came all the way from Liyue to embark on a journey to discover the harshness and secrets that laid within Dragonspine, a mountain many do not dare set foot further in. Other than the mentioned reasons, training was a top priority of yours. You claim one cannot go further in their adventure while being comfortable in their current, and he completely agrees with your statement. When Albedo questioned why you had been in the middle of a lake in Dragonspine, you answered that being able to withstand the cold was just part of your training and seeing as he had caught you shivering to close to death, it was not going well.
                            Albedo didn’t think he would see you again after you parted from him, but he was surprised when the next day he found you waiting for him in his camp, a smile on your face as you stand proudly and wave at him.
   Something about you piqued his interest, if his interest was somehow related to how his heart accelerated whenever you come close to him to offer help with his experiment, or when his face grows hot if you offer him a compliment. He thought it was your way of showing him your gratefulness for taking care of you yesterday, so he allowed your presence in his camp, around him. Albedo didn’t expect you to visit again the next day, and the day after that, and so on and so forth. But he can’t say he disliked your frequent visitations, or your presence that always seem to be following him everywhere he went. He very much liked your company and thoroughly enjoyed listening about your adventures and everything you came across in your adventure. They were a good distraction from his experiments. Everything about you set his mind in ease.
             It wasn’t long until the two of you are spending more time together alone. No experiments, no work in mind. It just the two of you keeping one another company and sharing stories about your days, and making banters here and there – whether it be in a walk under the moon, or sharing a meal in Good Hunter, or while he paints somewhere in Dragonspine.
                 Although Albedo was not well versed in the complexity of romance and has deemed relationships to be rather tedious to uphold, but he was knowledgeable enough to know that in the process of his growing friendship with you, he has caught feelings for you.
  This has certainly brought difficulty in his relationship with you. Albedo, although never verbally admitting so, has always thought of feelings as a nuisance. In a relationship, in his own observation, disadvantages trump over advantages. He had seen the irrationality that love has caused, the stupidity. His observation led him to one conclusion – other than being friends with people, relationships is not for him.
           You have put him in a challenging situation. It would have been easy to cut ties with you if you haven’t successfully infiltrated his walls and snaked your way in his heart. The very thought of pushing you away was repulsive to him. Seeing the hurt cross your features – it will haunt him for the rest of his life.
                      The interest he had for you was not interest at all. It was the beginning of love. He should have been more alert, and this wouldn’t have happened.
                                 What if you returned his feelings and your relationship did not work? There was no way your friendship could be salvaged. Isn’t it much better to remain as friends than risk ruining any chance of keeping you in his life?
  No, no, that would be insanely idiotic. It will eat him up. Thus, he treated his feelings for you like an experiment. Dipping carefully, testing the waters – confessing to you.
        He can construct a confession that will perfectly enunciate his feelings for you while emphasizing your freedom to reject him and his desire to remain good friends with you. Surely, you didn’t reciprocate his feelings. All he needed is for you to let him down, and he will hope you can still see him the same way after.
            All his preparations, however, were thrown out of the window when you beat him to confessing.
   Albedo had no idea how struck his expression must have been with puzzlement, anxiety and flatter as he attentively listens to every word that leaves your lips. His heart pounded at everything you were saying – everything he adored about you, you adored about him. Being unable to speak his mind felt foreign to him. After you finished your confession, a beautiful red hue coloring your cheeks as you looked into his eyes with hopefully eyes, all he can do his open his mouth a smidge, and close, and then open again. He must have resembled a goldfish at that time.
                      Albedo couldn’t believe it. You loved him, and here he was expecting to be rejected and thinking relationships were a waste of time.
                                          He was in a dilemma now. Accept your feelings as his heart desired to, or gently reject you for practicality? Having a lover would complicate his life and he will risk so many things that he were used to just to be able to keep his relationship with you fruitful. Was he ready for something like that?
           This was the first time Albedo has listened to his heart. He still remembered how he cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours, muffling the gasp that tumbled out of you.
                                Albedo might be a stranger to romance but he is an Alchemist and risks are part of his job, and risking coming out of his comfort to be with you was something you deserve, and maybe something he deserved as well.
You knew Albedo was going to propose to you. He was always immersed in his experiments and research that you took the responsibility of tidying up his lab. It did not take long for you to find a small black box nestled in the back inside a drawer filled with haphazardly thrown papers and used pens.
Albedo knew that you knew he was going to propose to you. The two of you were taking a peaceful stroll around Dragonspine and after a heartfelt speech, he knelt down to one knee, he curiously watched as you malfunctioned right in front of him, trying to elect which route of surprise should you take before displaying a less then satisfactory theatrics of surprise.
Nonetheless, the two of you are still happy.
You and Albedo agreed that the two of you will have a small and private wedding. Klee, however, did not. She was less than thrilled to hear about that and went on a whole spiel of the reasons why you should have the biggest and most fun wedding ever, as she said.
“ - then where will a really, really tall wedding cake and Klee is going to make a bomb that will explode in the skies where it will burst out many pretty flower petals - ”
Jean promised the two of you that she will keep an eye on her at the day of the wedding.
Albedo is adamant on two things - a small wedding, and having no best man, and the latter had two reasons. Although he is highly respected in Mondstadt, there was no one he could ask to be best man, and the second reason is that he loves you and is certain that marrying you is something he wants. No doubts. He didn’t need a best man helping him in something he didn’t need help with.
Albedo was also not someone to conform to the ritual of not seeing the bride on the day of the wedding until the very ceremony, but for you, he begrudgingly followed.
On the day of the wedding, Albedo prepared himself without the help of anyone. He prepared his own clothes and had Klee braid his hair (it was a wee bit sloppy and Albedo fixed them when she had her back turned to him and gave her all the credit).
The man reached for the door to visit you but he let out a sigh when he realized that he cannot. He made a promise that today, the first time he’ll see you is when you walk down the aisle. He has to keep his promise. Not to mention Klee blocked his way and reminded him of that (tried to block).
Albedo was a patient man. Patience was nothing new to him. His research and experiments needed patience or they will ultimately fail. It came to the point where being impatient made him uncomfortable. That’s exactly what was happening when he was standing at the altar. Nobody, not even the observant Kaeya himself, can tell Albedo was beginning to lose his patience.
The day had been a little too long. He wanted to see you already. It didn’t matter if the ceremony would take a while before he can kiss you and call you his wife. He just wanted to see you again.
Albedo turned away the moment you stepped inside the cathedral. You were far from repulsive or ugly (and he can never think of you like that), but he had to cast his gaze somewhere but on you. He knew you’ll be beautiful in your wedding dress, but seeing you now with your adorable and shy smile, with Cecilia flowers in your hands, and your eyes fixated on him and only him - Albedo nearly lost his composure.
This time he was sure Kaeya saw it.
“Waah, big sister ( Your Name ) looks soooo pretty!” Klee cooed loudly, causing the guests to let out a few chuckles of amusement.
His impatience was beginning to pierce through him. The moment you faced him, Albedo did not waste time grabbing your hands, and once he did, you saw him visibly soften, as though a huge burden was lifted from his shoulders.
“What happened to you?” You asked, giggling.
Albedo returned your smile. “I’m just very happy to see you.”
The fervor that he exuded when he kissed you certainly supported his statement.
    Chongyun was known for two things – being an exorcist and having a type of condition that needed his keen observation and awareness.
       He has always disliked his condition. Whenever his Yang energy overwhelms, he must immediately consume an icy treat to be able to soothe his nerves. But it seems he can be thankful for it for this one time. If it wasn’t for his congenital positivity, he wouldn’t have stumbled across you, and your hundred homemade ice cream you smuggled out of your own home.
                      Chongyun had been hurrying to meet his friend at that day. He had just finished an exorcism somewhere in Qingce Village and was rushing to where he and Xingqiu usually meet in Liyue. He was already running late, and who knows what Xingqiu will do if he was late again. He let out a pained yelp when he crashed against your form when he made a sharp turn, and his Yang energy has never been in a more unstable state than when he saw you seated on the ground, groaning in pain, with peculiar looking containers littering the floor around you.
                   Chongyun had profusely apologized for his actions and assisted you in gathering all the belongings he had knocked off your possession. He felt the coldness in the small containers you once held and wondered what was inside. He hasn’t seen anything like this before. He knew his Yang energy was starting to ooze out of him but he underestimated its manifestation until you placed your hand over his forehead. He pulled back away instantly, startled by your actions, to which you immediately apologized.
        “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” He repeated, light blue hair bobbing with his movements as he bowed his head over to you again and again, mortification palpable on his features. “I-I didn’t mean to run – ”
                        “No, no, I should be the one apologizing! I wasn’t looking where I was going and I put my hand on you all of a sudden – ” You were about to continue spewing apologies and explanations when you froze, concern etching across his face. “ - oh, hey, you’re really, really red. Are you okay?”
                  Even when it had been years since his encounter with you, he still gets embarrassed when he remembered that, and you and Xingqiu tease him about it.
                                           He explained to you then about his condition and when you offered him a container you owned containing ice cream you made, that’s when your friendship begun. When the two of you snuck out to a secluded area in Liyue Harbor to gorge on the tons of ice cream you have once again brought out of your house despite your mother’s warnings did he know it would be a friendship that will last long. His only regret was that he introduced you to Xingqiu, and now he must endure double the teasing.
                       One thing he appreciated about you was how ready you were whenever you were with him. You made it your point to know what can cause his condition to act up and soothe him by your words, and always having ice cream with you. And the best part was that the ice cream you give him is always homemade, made by you. His popsicles could never compete to your masterpiece.
    He never really thought of you as someone he would be romantically interested in. Sure, there were instances when his Yang energy would flare up because of having you by his side, when your smile brought upon his own, when his heart raced when you held his hand as the two of you were returning from a commission, when he gazed at you with adoration when you took care of him and fed him cold noodles when he was having a fever (he refused to eat hot noodles even in his illness). Surely, all friends do that with one another, right? And feeling this odd sensation in his chest was normal, right?
                      When he confided in Xingqiu with this, the boy laughed at his cluelessness. It wasn’t surprising. Chongyun did not have a lot of friends so distinguishing friendship and romance was not easy for him. The Hydro Vision holder filled him in with everything he has to know about relationships, and he used some pretty unconventional ways like giving him a too descriptive image of how a man and woman would kiss, and other explicit doings of adults.
         But it did bring light one thing – Chongyun liked you, and of course how he handled such revelation was, simply put, disastrous.
                                      His entire body felt hot, and he was stammering to the point even the ever so eloquent Xingqiu cannot understand him. Normally, when things get like this, he’ll rush over to your place and request for some of your delicious ice cream but seeing as you were somehow part of the reason for this, he had to rely on Xingqiu to take care of him.
                      After learning about his feelings for you, Chongyun have never been more uneasy around you, which was odd, and he was sure you’ve noticed, and yet has never dropped any comment about it.
                     He was always nervous around you. Blushing whenever you come close to him, jumping when you take his hand in his, stammering whenever you praise him for anything, feeling the need to run away if you ask him about how he was fairing – he has lost count just how many popsicles he has eaten just to keep his cool. He has stopped asking ice cream from you and declined any offer from you because he thought accepting your homemade ice creams could lead him to falling deeper in love with you until he couldn’t move on anymore.
             Chongyun didn’t notice your growing impatience. He was so immersed in his own feelings that he didn’t take into consideration how you felt whenever he flinched away from your touch and rejected your treats.
   It took Xingqiu for the growing tension between the two of you to alleviate. He made an elaborate plan to get the two of you together in an isolated place (a broom closet) and has made a claim not to let any of you go until the two of you have confessed your feelings with each other.
                      “Just tell me what’s wrong with you, Chongyun! Why are you acting so weird around me?” You asked him but he refused to answer you just as he refused to look at you.
      You let out a sigh as you reached out to take his hand but when he pulled away from your touch, that was the last straw.
               “If you don’t want to be friends with me anymore, just say so.”
          Alarmed, Chongyun faced you, stuttering. “No! Of course, I want to be friends with you - I mean, I don’t want to be friends - wait, that sounded wrong, and so bad - ”
   Your brows burrowed together in question. “You want to be friends but you don’t want to be friends?”
   Chongyun groaned as he buried his face on his hands. It’s now or never.
                “I like you, ( Your Name ).”
           The silence that followed was deafening for Chongyun. He removed his hands from his face and prepared himself to apologize and beg to continue being friends when he felt hands cup his face, and your lips pressing against his. It was a good thing you had ice cream on you even after he avoided you for weeks. He almost fainted in your arms if it wasn’t for you shoving a finger in his mouth with a scoop of ice cream. 
                                   It was one of the few times Chongyun was grateful for Xingqiu’s interest in romantic tropes because if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have left that room with a blushing but happy face with you.
      Xingqiu smirked as the two of you exited the room, hand in hand and redness coating your cheeks. “Well, well, well, look who - ”
                    “Shut up, Xingqiu,” You and Chongyun chorused. The two of you looked at each other out of surprise and then burst out laughing, all the while the Hydro Vision user stood by the side, sighing.
         “Now, I have to deal with these two’s teasing.”
When Chongyun realized he was ready to propose to you after years of being together, he asked Xingqiu to propose to you on his behalf.
His best friend nearly destroyed his book from whacking the Cryo user for thinking such an inane idea could work. Not only was it not romantic, it was also inappropriate. Xingqiu had to reprimand him for an entire hour proposing that idea but being a good best friend that he is despite his mischievous streak, he vowed to help the man propose to you.
It was no easy task and there were times where Chongyun held himself back and risking yet another proposal plan. He was thankful Xingqiu was well versed with romance and everything entailed with it and knew more ways to help him. After a countless of delays, Chongyun managed to get down on one knee one fine evening by the trails leading to Liyue Harbor, spew out affirmation of his love for you in stammers, and asked for your hand in marriage.
When you accepted his proposal and adorned your finger with the ring, Chongyun discreetly showed a thumbs up to a nearby bush. About three hands popped out from the leaves, offering the same action.
Xingqiu let out a sigh as Xiangling and Xinyan giggled. “Finally.” He breathed out. “Now, time for me to be his best man.”
Of course, Chongyun chose him as his best man. Who else would be a better choice than him? 
Chongyun is firm about Xingqiu being his best man but sometimes he can be a little bit . . . pushy, especially when it comes to something he believes in.
There was a tradition where he cannot see you for a whole week until the ceremony. Chongyun was mildly bothered by this arrangement but nonetheless, since you agree with it, he will respect your wishes and do the same. Xingqiu has over and over again tried to persuade him to visit you at home, and he made some interesting points why he should. He almost convinced him a few times but in the end, he refused to be lured in his trap and stopped the temptation of breaking his promise.
He missed you dearly, yes, and his patience will surely be rewarded soon.
Chongyun, as expected, was freaking out at the day of wedding. Marriage is a huge step for the both of you. You’re not going to regret marrying him, will you? What if this marriage didn’t work? He’ll lose you for you.
Xingqiu had to guide him away from the altar and to a corner for privacy. Other than you, Xingqiu was a person who had been when his condition start acting up and how it worked.
After successfully cooling him down with a popsicle, Xingqiu consoled Chongyun. “I don’t know what you’re thinking about back there but you have nothing to worry about. ( Your Name ) loves you.”
“What if it doesn’t work between us?”
“It will. I’ve seen how you two are. You’re perfect for each other. I think you already know that, and ( Your Name ) does too. Why would she accept your proposal if she didn’t think the two of you wouldn’t prosper together?”
Chongyun murmured. “Pity?”
If Xingqiu had a book with at that moment, he would have smacked Chongyun again.
Once his condition has subsided, Chongyun returned to the altar and Xingqiu stood behind him, waiting.
The moment you arrived, Chongyun can feel himself heating up and his heart pounding against his chest. It felt like his condition was acting up but he wasn’t feeling nauseous or at the edge of fainting. It was a pleasant sort of warmth, the warmth he felt when he first met you.
No. It was the same warmth that travels through his body whenever he sees you, but this time, it was stronger to the point he it almost felt like his condition.
Your smile immediately disappeared when you saw Chongyun flushed red and his eyes averting from yours.
Worry encapsulated you. “Is your condition acting up?” You asked in a whisper.
Chongyun blinked, puzzled. “What?”
Discreetly taking a gander at the audience completely unaware of your interaction, you slipped your hand under your dress and showed Chongyun was a small ice cream container.
“I brought this with me just in case.”
Chongyun decided he made the best decision of his life to marry you.
He took your hands in his and pressed a small kiss on top of one.
“Thank you, love.”
After the wedding, Chongyun immediately visited the comfort room. You tried to follow him but Xingqiu told you there was nothing to worry about, and he was right.
When he entered the comfort room, Chongyun locked the door behind him and headed straight to the sink to splash some water on his face.
One won’t be able to tell Chongyun was crying from the water streaming down his face.
He looked up at the mirror, staring at his reflection as he let out a small, and content sigh.
“I’m married. I’m married to her.” Chongyun tried to hold back his smile, but he failed. “She’s my . . . wife.”
And did it sound nice to call you his wife.
              It was his duties to Rex Lapis, to the thriving land of Liyue, that kept Xiao grounded and his mind temporarily fleeting away from the karmic debts that weighed on his shoulders. If it had not been for the responsibilities laid down on him, he was sure to have succumb to the consequences of his bloodshed from the past long ago. It was the reason behind his creation, to serve the people of Liyue and protect them from any transgressors or anything that could potentially lead to their destruction, and it was all he knew. His existence was all for Liyue, and to seek out the desires of Rex Lapis and accomplish them no matter how difficult and by what means.
    Day and night he oversees every part of Liyue and hears every call of his name and seeks refuge in Wangshu Inn. It was a cycle that has never changed ever since the gruesome war between gods has taken place in Teyvat, and all was same until that night when he heard a cry for help from a distant place, and rescued a strange maiden from the peril she found herself in.
                          Love at first sight disgusted him the most. He can understand, to some degree, that mortals can fall in love with people they have built a caring and trusting relationship with but falling in love with someone who one has no dust of knowledge of their identity was simply unwise and incomprehensible. And yet there he was, leaping from the precipice of a soaring mountain and securing the mortal in the middle of her fall.
               Xiao had no clue why it felt like time has stopped and they have gently floated in the air as he took a gander at the woman in his arms. Scratches littered her features, and twigs adorned her mop of hair, but she still shone brighter than the stars and moon behind her.
   He did not let her speak to him after he has placed her safely on solid ground and he quickly took his leave without even a glance back.
                          When he had painted the lands of Teyvat red with the other Yakshas, he did not blink an eye or feel a bead of sweat trail on the side of his face. But that woman has caused his chest to flutter, and he always find himself thinking back to the day he had saved her. If he had been like any other mortal which has sleep as a necessity, he would find himself thinking of you every morning and every night, longing for another chance to meet you again. What has she done to him? He already has to carry the burden of his sins, and now he must endure this painful curse she casted on him?
              But it didn’t matter now. She was already long gone, for all he knows, and he doesn’t even know her name.
    Xiao already came to accept that she was merely going to fleet away from his mind, a distant memory that his heart will ache every time he remembers her. He had many regrets in his lifetime, and this leaving her behind without knowing her name is one of them.
                                    But it seems to him that Rex Lapis has taken favor of him and has graced his undeserving existence. Xiao had just exterminated a Hilichurl camp getting increasingly close to Wangshu Inn when his ears preened and his pupils dilated – that voice, the same voice that he never thought he’d hear again, was calling out for him again. He did not find the time to dispose of the monsters in a more appropriate location where they will no longer continue their venture towards the inn, and quickly made his way to where he heard her.
           When he arrived, it did not take long for him to spot her standing perfectly still in front of him, hands behind her back. His eyes dilated as he took in her familiar form. Her tresses were no longer matted with twigs and mud, the scratches that once marred her skin no longer present, and a smile has replaced the cowering fear that adorned her visage before.
                   Xiao ignored the increasing heartbeat that drummed against his chest and surveyed the area with a flick of his spear. “There’s no danger.” He remarked after assessing the parameter, his mask dissipating into the night as he returned his gaze back at her.
       She rubbed her arm as she averted her eyes from him. “I spent months trying to find you again.” The mortal woman murmured. “When all has failed, I thought back to that night you saved me, and I called – and you came.”
                                         Xiao did not speak another word, but he was afraid that you can hear how loud his heart was racing. He needed to ignore his selfishness, he needed to leave. “If you’re not in any danger, then I’ll be leaving.”
  He turned around to do as he said, but his eyes widened when he felt your hand around his wrist.
                “Wait, please,” She pleaded, and when he looked over his shoulder, any resolve of leaving her again vanished. She was looking at him with hopeful and vibrant orbs. How can he ever let her down when she’s looking at him like that?
      Xiao let out a sigh and turned back around to meet her properly, but her hand never left him. Were you afraid he might disappear as quickly as he did like last time?
                                    “Don’t go.”
                   “Why not?” Xiao questioned. “If you know anything about an Adeptus, then you understand my duties.”
              She bit her lip as he withdrew her hold. Xiao missed the warmth she gave him already. “I know that but . . . ” She trailed off. “ . . . can I . . . at least know your name?”
                                                Xiao did not give her an answer.
            “Even if we never meet again, I want to at least know the name of man who saved me.” She mumbled softly. “But I’m afraid if I ever know your name, I’ll never get to think of any other man but you.”
                                                    Xiao appraised you, taking in her apprehensive frame. A mortal has fallen in love with an Adeptus? This was preposterous. He saved her months ago, and back then they shared little time together. Too little to gain feelings for him.
    But still, he found himself relenting to your wishes.
                                     “Xiao,” He answered. “My name is Xiao.”
            Don’t look for another man. I’m here. I’m staying.
                   That’s how he met his first and last love, ( Your Name ).
Xiao has lived in Teyvat for thousands of years and is knowledgeable of the culture of mortals, one of them being marriage. He had witnessed humans bounding themselves to another, promising to cherish them, protect them, to love them. For Xiao, marriage is something far from disgusting. Although he cannot understand the need for them to be together under an oath, it was undeniable that many great things and opportunities birthed from them.
However, no matter how beautiful it is for them, it will never stop perplexing Xiao. How is it that one can look at another and know that they’re the one? Are they not afraid to be betrayed? Are humans so willing to have themselves get hurt and offer forgiveness for the sake of love? It’s confusing for him.
Not until you came along that it made sense. Every argument, every disagreement, sleepless nights, every sincere apology, every countless forgiveness, every embrace, every kiss - is this what mortals feel? If so, he’ll endure all the hardships of love if it means staying by your side, and he knew that you feel the same.
Unfortunately, Xiao is not one for marriage.
Not that he does not love you - oh Archons, because he did, deeply so - but the consequences of your relationship always hang in front of him.
 It’s already a risk to let you in his heart and love someone as sinful as him, but the thought of you bearing his karmic debt terrified him.
What happens if the two of you are bound together, and under a contract that Rex Lapis will surely oversee? Will the demons that torment him sink their teeth on your pure and innocent soul? Will he see the life in your eyes wither as you strive to remain with him? And what if you try to break the contract to escape karma? Will the both of you suffer in karma and the wrath of the rock?
Xiao can’t do that to you. This is one way he can guarantee your safety. It hurts him to know he cannot marry you, and it hurt more when he saw the disappointment and pain in your eyes when he explained himself. But keeping you safe is his top priority. He deserved this punishment, he can’t put it over your shoulders too.
But that didn’t stop Xiao from imagining how your wedding could have been if things we’re a little different.
A small wedding in a place of your choice with only a handful of close friends and families. You’ll wear a gorgeous dress and walk up to where he is with the same smile you wore when he met you for the second time.
As you stand before him, Xiao could only imagine the happiness and contentment he would feel at that time. 
He’ll hold you close, hear you laugh, and then he’ll press his lips against yours, sealing you to a promise that everything that he is, and everything that he has, is yours.
He’ll find himself retreating somewhere private. He didn’t want you to see him vulnerable, weak, as he cried for the first time in his life, and for the greatest reason.
He could have a chance of happiness, but he can’t.
It was all a dream.
A dream he will never achieve, a dream of yours that he can never grant.
“Xiao, you’re still awake?”
The man looked away from the moon and looked over his shoulder to see you standing by the threshold leading to the terrace. You were tired, and yet you woke up to tend to him. 
“You know I don’t need sleep.”
“But you always lie next to me. What’s wrong? Something bothering you?”
Xiao did not respond, and you didn’t push any further. He adored it how you know when to prod to a subject or not. You know him so well.
After a moment of silence, you walked over to him and sat  beside him on the railing. You looked up at the moon, and Xiao slowly placed his head over your shoulder.
He felt at peace.
Xiao closed his eyes, dreaming of a day that will never come when he can marry you without anything holding him back.
                        Kazuha can no longer remember how long it has been since he was on the run from the shogunate. The Electro Archon and her subjects are on the hunt for Visions of every single person residing in the walls of Inazuma, and he was one of the few who refused to have their Visions confiscated from them. It seems exiling him from his homeland was no longer sufficient and the said Archon has ordered for every so-called transgressor that they banished to be apprehended and have their Visions forcefully taken from them. It was only his luck that Beidou, and the crew she captained, has taken him under their wing and he has been sailing the seas with them since then.
            Has it been months? Days? Or perhaps weeks? Being away from land with nothing but the ocean to take in and his mind seemingly always preoccupied with his doubts and worries has him losing track of time.
   In all honesty, he doesn’t remember the last time he stepped on dry land. Perhaps they did, but it was not a memory that has fleeted a long time ago. All he can think about was Inazuma, the threat of being having his Vision taken, and his past he buried deep within the back of his mind.
            Beidou must have taken notice of his continuous lackluster attitude and has set sail for Liyue for him to take a break from the seas. This, of course, he appreciated though he insisted Beidou that she did not have to dock just for him to clear his mind.
          Back at that time Beidou claimed she knew what is best for him and she should put his trust on him, and with the lack of reasons to refute her statement, Kazuha merely let out a sigh and agreed to land in Liyue.
                         He has never been to Liyue, or to put it more accurately, he has never stepped foot in in the few times the Crux made their return on Liyue. It wasn’t because he hated it there, but he felt more comfortable and more at home inside the ship. The furthest he has gone was on the docks to help the crew load supplies in their next sail. But now Beidou has encouraged him to leave the ship and explore, and implied being forbidden to come aboard if he refused to do as she says.
       When Beidou said she knows what is best for him, maybe she was right. He must admit, even if he was still longing to return to his homeland, Liyue had many sights and delicacies to offer. But the best and most beautiful sight he saw was up on a rooftop when he was resting from hours of mindless meandering in the streets.
                                                              He played with a green leaf that fluttered over to him after it has been carried away by the wind from its tree, and he pressed his lips against it to whistle a melody. The tune was buried under the bustle of the city night but it seems that one picked it up from the terrace just below him.
                    Kazuha saw a girl around his age walk out to the terrace, head moving left and right, as though looking for something. Kazuha did not think much of this behavior assuming she was searching for something else, and he tore his eyes away from her and nonchalantly continued to whistle against the leaf.
                                           “So, that was you who was making that beautiful sound.”
                Kazuha casted his gaze down to see the girl on the terrace looking up at him as she leaned against the railing with her arms crossed, a gleeful smile present on her brims. He pulled the leaf from his lips as he regarded her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to – ”          
          She shook her head, chuckling. “No, no, it’s fine. You can stay there.” She assured, and Kazuha eased on his spot. She stared at the leaf in his hand. “I didn’t know you can make a tune using a leaf.”
                      Kazuha flashed her a small smile. “It’s something only a few can do. It’s pretty hard to master.”
                     “And you’re one of those few.” She remarked. Silence prevailed between the two until she spoke again. “Can you play something for me?”
      Kazuha was bewildered by her request. It wasn’t common to find a foreigner sitting on the rooftop of her household. One would think that their first reaction should be an accusation of trespassing and a demand for identification, but no. This girl was different, you were different.
                    Kazuha did not question your request, just as you have not questioned him of his place on your rooftop. Instead, he granted your wish. He pressed the leaf against his lips and blew, a tune of his own composition sounding in the air.
      He watched in awe as you raised both your hands to your chest and white particles formed above your palm, creating a shape until it formed and bloomed into an elegant wooden lyre. Without saying anything else, you strum the strings along with his tune, and the people of Liyue beneath their feet are unaware of the small haven the two of them created together.
               Kazuha is more than grateful for Beidou for pushing him to go to Liyue. Ever since that night, he has made constant visits to your house. Early in the morning – that’s when Beidou would barge into the barracks and force them out of their beds – he would always be the one out of the door to finish his tasks and leave immediately to visit you, a prominent smile over his face. The crew, of course, has pestered him to tell him of the reason for his constant leaving and he could only let out a sigh of relief when Beidou shooed them away from him and asked them to return to their work. She winked at him right after and whispered, “Go and hurry to your girlfriend.” To which he denied with a shy grumble before making haste to Liyue.
                               Liyue was brighter than the isolationist Inazuma has become, and one of the reasons Kazuha thought this was you. The Crux was like a family to him, and Beidou was like an older sister to him, but you – he has never felt more soothed than in your presence. You felt like home, and it has been so long since he had felt like he was at home. Seeing you smile, hearing you laugh, seeing how you nod attentively as he talked, your arms embracing him when he opened up to you about his past, the music you played together in perfect harmony even without practice – it was all so surreal.
        Kazuha didn’t have to tell you about his growing feelings for you. He knew that you knew.
  It started with a shy kiss, and then a longer one, and the two of you found solace in each other’s arms. There was no music playing, and there were no stories shared – just him with his arms around your figure and lips connected with yours. None of you dare say it but your days together were slowly coming to an end, and it won’t be long until the day comes when he has to set sail to visit neighboring nations.
                  But Kazuha will always come back to you, that he promises.
After a few years of frequent visiting and writing letters to one another, Kazuha has finally decided that it was time for him to propose to you. Beidou - being the supportive big sister she is to him - upon hearing of his plan, gathered her crew to help Kazuha in his objective. Everything from food, drinks, location (they chose the ship), and atmosphere, they provided. As thanks for their dedication and help, they only ask an invitation to his wedding, to which Kazuha replied will surely come even if they did not help.
The crew claimed that they shall be far away as possible from the ship so that the two of you can have your privacy, but Kazuha, and definitely you, as well, heard loud cheering from a short distance followed by a shushing Beidou when you accepted his proposal.
“I thought they said they’d be at Wanmin Restaurant - ”
“To be honest, I didn’t really believe them.”
Unlike the other boys who were hesitant of not seeing the bride for a week until the wedding, Kazuha was actually the one to push this tradition. He disliked it as much as the other boys, but Kazuha loved being able to give you his all. Not being able to see you for a week is a sure way for him to crave for your presence, and once the two of you see each other again, he’ll pour out every love and care for you then.
You were dismayed by this whole arrangement but since it is important to Kazuha, you respected it.
The crew fought for the spot of best man, but in the end, all of them got to be best man. Kazuha did not have the heart to choose one from the crew, so he had to explain to you beforehand that the almost the entire male crew of The Crux are going to be standing with him at the ceremony.
It wasn’t a common occurrence in a wedding but you allowed it. The crew was like his family to him, and if it’s going to make him happy to have them as his best men, who are you to go against it?
At the day of the wedding, Beidou was the one to fret over Kazuha’s appearance. The Anemo user tried to calm her down but after she continually tried to fix his hair for the wedding, he just sighed and allowed her.
“I can’t believe you’re going to be married in just a few hours.” Beidou remarked in the quiet after a while. “To think you were just a teenager when we met you, and our little teenager is a big man now.”
“Nothing’s going to change. I’ll just be married.” Kazuha tried to ease her worries but he knew as well there are going to be major changes. One of being concerning his frequent endeavors with the crew. Once he gets married with you, he’d want to be with you always, to settle with you. But he was so used to the sea, to be living with the crew in a ship. Can he really get used to this coming change?
Beidou let out a sigh. She placed a hand over his head, patting him gently. She would have ruffled his hair but that would waste her effort on making it as presentable as she can.
“Things are going to change, Kazuha.” Stated Beidou, beaming. “And it’s not all bad. Trust me.”
Kazuha nodded, but he was still uneasy. He was ready to give himself to you, but at the same time, he wasn’t ready to leave the crew. 
This thought haunted him even in the time of the ceremony. He should be focusing on the wedding but he couldn’t. 
He needed to talk to you about this. You need to know what’s bothering him.
Was it possible to feel dread for the future while also looking forward to it?
Because it felt like a gust of wind billowed his direction when his eyes landed on you. Beautiful, you’re beautiful. What else can he say? 
Was he really going to marry you? Whatever did you see in him? He was a banished Ronin from Inazuma. There must be some other man more worthy of you.
But you loved him, nobody else.
“Stop gawking at me like that. You’re making me embarrassed.” You murmured, cheeks flushed. He didn’t even notice you standing before him until you spoke.
Kazuha closed his parted lips as he turned away from you. “I . . . uh . . . ” He swallowed. “You look beautiful, ( Your Name ).”
“At least look at me when you say that, Kazu-kun.”
 He looked at you, breathing in before speaking. “You look very, very . . . uh, pretty.”
You laughed a little. “You look very, very handsome, Kazuha.”
You took his hands in yours and gazed into his eyes, smiling. “Things are going to change once we get married.”
A pang of uneasiness struck Kazuha.
But what you said next shocked him.
“After this, I can finally be part of the crew and join you on your adventures in the sea!”
Kazuha gawked at you again, blinking.
Everyone invited to his wedding gasped when Kazuha suddenly kissed you out of nowhere in the middle of the ceremony.
Beidou, and the rest of the crew, however, cheered loudly for the two of you.
After the wedding, Kazuha snuck away from the reception for a while. He found a tree from a short distance and sat on the branch, breathing in the cool evening air.
He caught a fluttering leaf and smiled as he gazed at it and recalled how the two of you met.
Things will change, and soon, he’ll be adventuring with his wife in the vast ocean. Oh, he has so many things to show you.
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How to write a character with glasses
A guide for anyone wanting to write characters with glasses, but doesn’t know how yet.
 Different types of visual impairment
Near-sighted – not being able to see stuff in the distance
Far-sighted – not being able to see stuff up close
Presbyopia – easier in German: Altersweitsichtigkeit = elderly far-sightedness, not being able to read small print when you’re older, sometimes end up being far- and near-sighted at the same time
Astigmatism – light is not focused evenly on the retina, results in distorted and blurry vision
it’s also pretty normal to have different prescriptions for both eyes, one being stronger/weaker than the other one
 Different types of visual aids
Eyeglasses with actual glasses – easier to break, so more dangerous, can be grinded and polished differently than other material
Plastic glasses – lighter than the real glass, not that easy to get damaged
Reading glasses – only needed for reading and driving
Monocle – old-fashioned aesthetic
Bifocals – glasses that correct presbyopia, bottom is seeing closer, top for seeing in the distance
Contact lenses – different types (post about it coming soon)
 How to write it?
think about what kind of visual impairment does your character have?
what are they able to see?
can they see basically everything, but cannot read correctly?
can they see enough to get by, but cannot read and drive and get headaches without their glasses?
can they only see blurred images and colours?
do not change it halfway through the story! Choose their impairment and then stick with it.
what are situations where the glasses could hinder them?
are they doing a lot of sport, are they getting into fights, situations where they don’t want to wear them for aesthetic reasons?
can they not do something because of their impairment? (joining security forces, driving big trucks, etc.)
are they annoyed that they have to wear them? Are they only wearing contact lenses or are they just avoiding wearing anything even though they can’t see everything?
you don’t have to make a big deal out of your character wearing glasses, but it does play a big part in your character’s life
remember to put in a few references about it here and there throughout the story
things to consider
glasses fog up
through temperature changes
while going outside or coming in
while sweating
glasses need to be adjusted
they will never stay where they are supposed to be
especially when moving around and keeping your head down
the character will need to adjust them from time to time and push them up again
glasses need to be cleaned a lot
everything will make them dirty
best option are specific cleaners
if you don’t have them handy a shirt will have to do, but it needs to be the right material, synthetic stuff is not working
people with glasses will ask their friends for their shirts if they have to
sunglasses, swim goggles and 3D glasses are impractical
3D glasses need to be over the glasses and it can be tricky to get it right
sunglasses need the right prescription and then you would have to change glasses every time you enter a building
there are clips that go over the normal glasses, but they have to be exact to look fine
swim goggles can also be with prescription, but you would also have to get your glasses as soon as you’re out of the water to take the goggles off and still see enough
there are also special glasses for other sports (it’s not great to do sports with real glasses, because if they break it can severely damage your eyes)
times where you have to take the glasses off
when showering
when going to bed
when putting on shirts with a tight neckline
glasses are expensive
some insurances pay for them, a lot don’t
the worse the eyesight the more expensive they get
glasses and frames are two different things and get sold separately (you can have really expensive glasses in a cheap frame or vice versa)
you also need a spare pair of glasses, if you lose yours or they get damaged (often this is just an old pair, where the prescription is no longer strong enough)
more things to consider
a new partner cannot just take the glasses and throw them to the side, when the fun starts, if it leaves the character without being able to see properly, there needs to be some more trust there
people will take the glasses and put them on, yelling ‘OMG you’re really blind!’ and then ask you how they look like, especially funny when you really can’t see them
people asking ‘how many fingers can you see?’
light hits differently, which means you see light differently and also, it’s hard to take good pictures with glasses
rain is a nightmare, it’s like driving through rain without a windshield wiper
having to be careful on roller coasters and other stuff, because they can and will fly off
especially with astigmatism it’s hard to drive at night
going to the hair dresser can be annoying when they take your glasses off and then ask you if that’s the right length to cut it and you can’t see it
you cannot lie in bed (except on the back) without the glasses pressing uncomfortable in your face
mascara definitely will end up on the glasses and getting that cleaned is a nightmare
wearing hats, beanies, giant headphones and even facemasks can be extra annoying, because the arms of the frame will get in the way
you can get headaches from not wearing your glasses, from the pressure of the frame of the glasses and from wearing new and therefore glasses with a stronger prescription
small children love glasses, as soon as they can grab stuff, they will yank them off your face if you let them get close enough
kids will tease you about them, but after middle school it’s not really a thing anymore (mostly and as adults it’s really nothing special)
glasses have blind spots on the sides and top and bottom, so you sometimes have to move your head more
Blind without glasses and dropped glasses
I actually only have sharp vision for a distance of 10 cm, which means I would not get home save if I had to cross a street to get to my building without glasses
but I very rarely lose my glasses
so, the trope of someone not being able to see without them is correct in some cases, but it’s definitely not hilarious and there are not often situations where they are just without glasses and fumbling around
Being smart
people wearing glasses can be just as dumb as everyone else
try not to make the only one wearing glasses be the smart kid
The Cure
often found in fantasy books, people will somehow get cured from needing glasses
getting some superpowers that eradicate their visual impairment and ‘fixing’ them
The Makeover scene
I love makeover scenes just like everybody else does
but: it’s not really cool to see the ‘ugly duckling’ suddenly becoming a beautiful swan by throwing away their glasses
and it’s impractical, if they just put them away and it was established that they can’t really see that well without them it’s just stupid to leave them at home
if they get new and cooler glasses, the person giving them to them would have needed to know their exact prescription, glasses are expensive and it takes time before they are ready
if they wear contact lenses from now on, they would also need to know the prescription and if they have never worn contact lenses before it will take some time to get used to putting them in and wearing them
Finally… please write characters with glasses. This sounds like a lot of hassle, but for most people it’s the most normal thing in the world. Studies show that soon half the world population will need glasses and I still didn’t really have a cool girl with glasses as a role model in literature when I grew up. It’s just another form of representation and I hope I can help you with this post to create some cool characters!
If you like my blog and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee! 🥰
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jimidol · 3 months ago
crazy over you | two: nothing more
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: rockstar!jungkook x fem reader
⏤ genre: rockstar au, band au, friends with benefits, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: M
⏤ warnings: mention of sex, mention of nudity, swearing, pet names, tattooed!jungkook, dom!jungkook, praising, oc and jungkook are needy, jungkook keeps leaving kisses on oc, choking, a bit of fingering, a bit of handjob, a very innocent spank, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, morning sex, slow sex (is it even a thing?), creampie, oc avoids jungkook, and both oc and jungkook are nervous
⏤ words: 4,048
⏤ summary: after a year of being friends with benefits with jungkook, you decide to put an end to it and to start looking for love. only problem: jungkook is falling for you.
⏤ author’s note: to be completely honest, i absolutely love working on this series. it’s just so so simple and everything just comes very naturally but thank god, i didn't post anything yesterday because the end was a mess 😅 i guess from now on the drama is going to start, it’ll be more angsty but i look forward to it. i hope you like this part ❤️ 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
As you slowly wake up, you feel a warm presence behind you which is something totally new to you.
For the past two years, you’ve been living alone which means that you also sleep alone. Nobody is ever sleeping with you unless you’re doing some sleepovers with your friends. But for sure, you know it isn’t the case at all at the moment. Sohee, your best friend would have already yelled at you.
The bed beneath you doesn’t feel at all like yours, it’s a lot comfier. The bed sheets are softer than yours. The bed is also much bigger than yours. It basically feels like you’re sleeping at a fancy hotel, one you could never afford unless you’re with Jungkook.
This bed reminds you of the time you joined him in Tokyo for a weekend. They were giving two shows as well as some interviews. Since you never got to visit Japan, you went with the boys for the weekend. You visited parts of the city with Jungkook and some of the boys, they showed you all the small spots they love about the city.  
Useless to say that it was also a torrid weekend for you and him. A lot of sex in his dressing room, hotel room, and even in some unconventional places.
Your eyes take in the light in which the room is immersed. This is not your room at all. This is Jungkook’s bedroom.
You turn around to see him. In this massive bed, it seems like he’s so far away from you as he isn’t close to you. There’s a distance between the two of you which makes you smile because you know that he purposely put that distance. He respects you way too much, and he wouldn’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.
The man behind you is still sleeping, you turn again before closing your eyes to remember what happened last night.  
After the sex, he put “Enola Holmes” but you instantly fell asleep with your naked body pressed against his, your head against his chest. His heartbeat was the little melody that rocked you to sleep. This was a first-time thing for you, you usually make sure to never fall asleep in his place, you always leave before it happens.
But maybe, yesterday was just too much for you. Emotionally, it was more than draining. Plus, you spent most of the afternoon with his dick inside you. Your body was just too tired of the entire day.
You hear your mother’s words again, and your head remembers the last thing you thought before falling asleep. Maybe it’s time to end whatever is going on between you and Jungkook. But are you really willing to do it? Do you really want to end this?
Between you and Jungkook, there’s a massive physical attraction. One that started this whole friends with benefits thing, but damn, he’s very good in bed. With just one glance, he can make you come, something nobody ever managed to do before him.
If you end this and start looking for love, will your future partner be able to give you as much pleasure as Jungkook? In the end, even if you fall in love with someone, sex is an important part of the equation, especially if you want to start a family. How would you do it if your partner can’t even make you orgasm?
A deep sigh leaves your lips because all this thinking is tiring you a lot.
Suddenly, the bed moves behind you. A big hand wraps around your waist while a mouth presses a gentle kiss on your shoulder, and a naked body snuggles up against yours. Instantly, your eyes close to savor this precise moment.
Both of you snuggle together for a little while, just enjoying the closeness of your bodies together. Waking up with someone that isn’t Sohee, and with arms wrapped around you is something you never did much before. Maybe this will happen more frequently when you’ll find love.
Jungkook would be lying if he said he’s not enjoying this moment with you. This is something he’d love to repeat in the future although he knows this is a one-time thing. Friends doing this shit is definitely weird.
“Good morning, babe,” he whispers with his hoarse morning voice before pressing a sweet kiss on your neck.
Goosebumps rise all over your skin because this is a beautiful way to wake up. Damn, if he was your boyfriend, you wouldn’t mind waking up every day to this. But he’s just your closest friend. Nothing more.
Jungkook feels your shivers under his hand, a smirk growing on his face because it really feels like a victory to already manage to make you feel good this early in the morning.    
“Morning, Kook,” you whisper as you try to hold back a moan.
Naturally, your back arches, pushing your ass back to meet his crotch which makes him groan against your skin. In a matter of seconds, you sense his member getting harder against your ass. It looks like the little beast is also waking up.
“Looks like someone else is saying good morning,” you say with a smile growing on your face.
Slowly, you open your eyes before your hand goes to his head, your fingers running through his hair.
“Your body does wonders to mine, Yn,” he presses another kiss on your neck but this time, you don’t hold back any moan. You just let it out which causes Jungkook to be proud. He just loves when your body reacts to his actions.
His hand trails down on your body, caressing every part of your body with his cold fingers. Little moans escape your mouth as his fingers get closer and closer to your bundle of nerves. His name rolls out of your tongue in between moans. By the time his fingers reach your clit, you’re already wet.
“Someone else is already all turned on,” he whispers in your ear before licking and nibbling it. “Tell me what you want, babe.”
The simple fact that he asks you what you want is a big turn-on. Men tend to forget that during an intimate moment it isn’t all about themselves and their pleasure. It’s about two people trying to give and have pleasure. But Jungkook never forgets that. He gives as much as he takes.
Your back arches a bit more, rubbing your ass more against his semi-hard cock. A deep growl echoing against your ear.
“You,” is actually the first word that crosses your mind. “You inside me with your hand on my neck,” you clarify.
The choking is something you absolutely adore, especially with Jungkook. He does it so well, it’s never too much. Just the perfect pressure.
Your eyes shut close when his free hand finds its way to your neck, his wonderful and delicate tattooed fingers wrapping around your throat. This feels wonderful, as always, and it gets you wetter. A deep moan leaves your mouth at the feeling of his fingers around your throat.
“I’d give anything to see the way you look with my hand around that pretty neck of yours, babe.” He whispers in the shell of your ear, his deep voice emphasizing the word ‘babe’.
With your eyes closed, you can perfectly picture the way his hand fits on you. Your mind still goes to the moments he fucks you in front of a mirror in his dressing rooms. The way he looks behind you, the way your breasts bounce because of his thrusts, the way his tattooed hand fits around your neck, and what your face looks like when you’re receiving so much pleasure.
Jungkook can imagine it too, causing chills to run through his skin.
While his hand caresses your neck, the other one does wonders to your clit, making you moan in the process. The torture is exquisite, nothing feels as good as having his hands on you. His hand works harder on your core to make you wetter. The man is already desperate to give you what you want. Him inside you.
Once he feels you’re wet enough, his fingers leave your pussy alone to pull your leg up a bit, this way will be easier for him to push his cock inside you. His lips keep peppering the back of your neck with kisses. Your hand goes behind to stroke his cock a bit before rubbing it for a little while against your soaked core.
“Shit, babe,” he groans against your skin.
You bite your lower lip because damn, it’s fucking hot to wake up to this. At this stage, your mom’s words are far forgotten, you always forget the world around you when Jungkook is around you. That’s the beauty of being around him.
As you feel him growing harder in your hand, you decide to push his length in your heated core. Your pussy sucks him all in, his head stretching you open as he goes further inside you. “You always feel amazing,” he hisses once he bottoms up. Small moans and whimpers leave the two of you as you both enjoy feeling your bodies connected.
As always, Jungkook doesn’t move for some seconds, giving your body the time to adjust to him. Since yesterday you spent most of the day with his massive dick inside you, your body is already stretched. You don’t need any time to adjust.
“Move, Kook,” you give him a small slap on his ass to urge him.
You need him, in ways you can even express.
The man doesn’t need to be told twice before he starts thrusting into you very slowly and deeply with his hand still around your throat. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fills the room.
Jungkook takes all his time, he isn’t rushing anything because he knows that you adore it when he goes slow but deep. His lips stay on your shoulder, pressing soft kisses when he’s not moaning. His other hand holds your leg up while he rolls his hips in a way that you absolutely adore.
Slowly, your moans grow louder, letting him know that this torture is working perfectly. The hand on your neck and his dick deep inside you are the perfect combos to make you come in a snap.
Everything is always perfect with him because he knows you perfectly.
None of you speak, only enjoying this torrid moment. While you’re lost in your bliss, you can’t help but wonder if this is going to be the last time with Jungkook. This wonderful sex is going to end because you want to build something with someone else. Something that he can’t give you because he’s only your friend.
The man behind you feels that he’s slowly losing you, that you’re losing yourself further in the pleasure that only him can give you. So, he lightly tightens his hand around your throat to help you reach your orgasm faster.
“Fuck,” you swear as his fingers wrap tighter around your neck.
This is more than bliss for you, you could just come right now because of his hand but you don’t want to let go of your orgasm. You want to let it grow immensely until it becomes too overwhelming for you. You want this orgasm to be like an explosion of fireworks inside you.
“You take me so well,” he whispers before bringing your face closer to his to press his lips against yours. Your walls clench around him causing his cock to twitch inside you. A guttural groan leaves his pretty lips, a groan that you happily swallow.  
Wanting to bring him closer to the edge, you start moving your hips in circles while he keeps thrusting into you at a very slow and torturous pace. His lips leave yours, his eyes close shut, and moans keep flooding out of his mouth.    
“Keep doing that, babe,” he pants.  
His cock goes deeper inside you, filling you up fully and hitting all the right spots which cause the pleasure to grow stronger within you. Your moans get louder and louder, it feels good to be railed by Jungkook this early in the morning. For sure, his neighbors are going to complain about the tremendous noise that he makes every time he comes back home.  
He groans deeply against your ear, your orgasm building stronger and stronger. You know that in a matter of seconds, you’ll be coming undone, and Jungkook senses it too. Your hips never stop moving in tandem with his but as you get closer to your high, your walls squeeze him harder.
As he gets lost in the euphoria of the moment, he starts thrusting more harshly. Both of you are chasing your own orgasm while bringing the other closer to the edge. It doesn’t take you too much time to be fiercely hit by that overwhelming wave of pleasure, making you come undone around his massive cock.
“Jungkook, fuck!” You cry with ecstasy, your hips stopping completely to move but the man behind you never stops moving.
“Can I come inside?” You simply nod, barely able to make a proper sentence in the middle of this euphoric state.  
Both his hands move to your hips, gripping them tightly as he releases his thick load inside you. A lewd moan escapes your mouth when he pumps his hot cum inside you, pushing it as deep as possible inside you.
For a little while, both of you stay in this position, his hands still holding you tight against him while his cock stays inside you. None of you wants to break this moment but you have to since he has to leave for rehearsal.
Tumblr media
For the past two days, you’ve been trying to tell Jungkook that you want to end everything but you never found the words nor the courage to say it. When you find yourself in situations like these, you tend to not think rationally. So, you’ve been acting totally weird for the past two days.
When you left his apartment saturday, you invented some shitty excuse to not go to the Devil Lovers’ show the same night. So, obviously, none of you had sex before and after his show. And yesterday, you pretended that your sister needed you at night to avoid going to their second show.
Jungkook isn’t stupid, and he clearly understood that something is going on. As your friend, he feels that there’s something wrong with you but since he respects you, he’s just giving you the space you need. But it’s clearly driving him crazy. The last two shows have been a complete disaster because he wasn’t in a good mood.
jk 🔥: are you free tonight?
As you enter the building where you work, you receive the notification of Jungkook’s message. Your eyes quickly scan the message before your heart starts pounding extremely fast, already nervous at the thought of telling him that you want to stop everything.
Today is the day, you can feel it. Today is the day you’re going to end whatever is going on between you and Jungkook which scares you a lot.
Since you’re distracted looking down at your phone, you don’t notice the man coming in your direction. The man is looking around him, searching for something. The two of you bump into each other, your frail body being slightly thrown back. Your phone instantly falls onto the floor, and you try as much as possible to not fall. It’d be an awful way to start a monday.    
“I’m so sorry,” the man says as he catches your arm to help you balance yourself.
Thankfully, you don’t fall as the man puts all of his strength on his hand to help you out. Your first reflex is to grab your phone on the floor. Firstly, because you don’t want people to see that you’re texting the Jeon Jungkook. And secondly, because you’re scared that it might be broken.
Your heart still pounds fastly but as you grab your phone, you notice that everything is fine. Your phone seems completely good. A sigh of relief escapes your lips before you stand up in front of the man that hit you fiercely.
“Are you okay?” He asks with concern.
As your eyes slowly lay on the man in front of you, you slowly take in his beauty. Never before have you ever seen a man so beautiful. His beauty seems out of this world. His dark hair is pushed back, exposing his forehead to everyone. He’s wearing a black suit that makes him look majestic.
You’ve never seen anyone as pretty as him. Well, that’s what you think until Jungkook’s face crosses your mind.
Jungkook’s beauty is really unique, especially when he’s not the rockstar. You always find him prettier behind closed doors, but he’s also very attractive when he’s on stage. Everything about him is attractive, you’re the first one to admit it.
But the man in front of you is really hot, you won’t deny it.
“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” you answer with a small smile. “I hope I didn’t hurt you too.”
He gives you a small smile too. “No, don’t worry about me.” His eyes look around him again. “I’ve been trying to find my way in this massive building but I’m just lost.”
You still remember the first day you entered here, you got lost too. Thank god, you found a person who helped you out. This building is massive, a lot of companies are located here and there are elevators everywhere. If you don’t know exactly where you need to go to reach a certain company, you’ll be totally lost.  
“I totally understand,” you say, your smile growing on your face. “Where do you need to go?”
“I need to go to CK Corp, it’s my first day.”
Your eyes widen at his words. Choi Kwan Corporation known as CK Corp is exactly where you’re working. So the man in front of you must be the new joiner, Song Yejun. The one that is going to work with you.
“I work at CK Corp,” you tell him. “My name is Yn.”
“I’m Song Yejun.” He greets you.
So the new joiner is hot as hell. This is for sure going to be hard to work with someone that looks this good. He’s going to be a source of constant distraction for you, you know that for sure. Good-looking guys always distract you but you never worked directly with them. So this is going to be something completely new to you.    
“Nice to meet you!” You say before you show him where the company is located in this massive building.
The two of you head to the office, and you try as much as possible to avoid looking at him. You don’t want him to think that you’re some kind of weirdo which as a matter of fact, you are, but scaring the new joiner on his first day isn’t exactly a good idea.
As it was already planned long before you bumped into him, you spent the day explaining everything to him and making sure that he understands the basic things of CK Corp. You’re so busy that you completely forget the text of Jungkook. He doesn’t send you any other messages because he knows how slow you can be to reply but this lack of answer gets him nervous.
During your lunch break, you scroll through your instagram feed, your ears listening to the conversation between your coworkers. Suddenly, a post of the Devil Lovers pops up, reminding you of the damn message. As you read it again, you feel your hands get sweaty. You need to tell him the truth, ignoring him eternally isn’t an option. He’s before anything else one of your closest friends, and losing him for some silly thing would be stupid.
yn: yes, after work, i’m all free
You put your phone down on the table before joining the very animated conversion between your coworkers. From time to time, you can’t help but notice that Yejun throws some innocent glances at you while he talks about himself to his new colleagues. To be completely honest, you feel flattered that such a handsome man keeps looking at you.
In the last couple of hours, you’ve had the opportunity to discover a bit more of him. He seems very nice and polite, something you don’t find very often. Beyond his looks, he truly seems like a good person, and so far, you’re thankful that he’s your coworker. Hopefully, in some days, you’ll really start working on the several projects you have together, and you’ll be able to see his true performances at work. All you hope is that he’s as good in accounting as he looks.  
Your phone buzzes, letting you know that Jungkook has replied.
jk 🔥: seven at your place?
yn: perfect
As you put your phone down again, you focus on your colleagues. You speak and laugh with them to avoid thinking about the serious conversation you’re going to have tonight with Jungkook. His reaction scares the hell out of you. What if he doesn’t want to stop?  
Tumblr media
You’re sitting on your couch, watching a documentary that you chose some minutes ago to calm you but it clearly isn’t working. Your foot is nervously tapping on the floor, a huge knot is forming on your stomach, and your mind keeps thinking about this damn meeting with Jungkook.
The doorbell cut short all your worries. Jungkook is finally here.
Your heartbeat increases exponentially, your heart almost leaving your chest with the strength of his beats. You never thought you’d be this nervous to end this sex pact with him. When everything started, you thought that things would naturally end but it’s far from being the case.
When you open the door of your apartment, you see him walking towards you. He’s wearing a cap, hiding his hair and a part of his handsome face. He’s wearing a long black coat over a grey shirt and black skinny jeans. As usual, he’s wearing his black boots. Damn, if you weren’t going to end things now, you’d let this man fuck you against your front door.
A smile appears on his face when he sees you, warmth spreading on your heart as you see it.
“Hey,” he says when he reaches you.
“Hi, Kook!” You smile at him.
He presses a gentle kiss on your cheek, starting to make you regret everything. Your body craves more than just this kiss. You want him to kiss every single part of your body, making you feel good as he only manages to do.
Fuck, this is going to be hard.  
After you let him in, you close the door behind you. Jungkook has been spending a lot of time in your apartment for the past year. This place feels like a second home to him but he wonders if it’s not the last time he’s going to put a foot here. You’ve been acting so weird and being so distant lately that he doesn’t know anything anymore.
“How are you?” To say that you’re nervous is an understatement, your hands are literally shaking.
Jungkooks doesn’t want to turn around the reason that got him here. Small talks aren’t for him, that’s simply not how he is. He always goes straight to the point.
“I’ve been dead worried about you for the past two days,” he starts saying. “I know you’ve been ignoring me.”
You never imagined that he’d just bring the topic straight away. So you swallow thickly, nervousness reaching its peak inside your stomach. At this point, you feel like you’re about to pass out or throw up.  
“Did something happen to you? Did I say or do something wrong?”
Guilty takes over you as he raises those two questions but you shake your head to let him know that it isn’t the case. You pass a hand on your face as you try to gather the small courage left in you to finally tell him what’s going on.
“We need to end our sexual activities.”
Jungkook swears that he felt his heart break at that moment.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dilf ft omi
warning: mention of death (not a major character), omi gets topped, edging, teasing, breeding kink, daddy kink, slight dacryphilia, breeding kink with pregnancy mentioned, light cockwarming, fluff lmao, lightly edited
a/n: i’m v nervous posting this idk why i think it’s cos it’s the first official collab piece i’ve posted but it’s omi and i love him!! thank you @kaijime for letting me a part of the dilf collab!!!!!!
Tumblr media
She looks so pretty choking on his cock, tears streaming down her face as she struggles to take all of him in her mouth. Kiyoomi watches her with hooded eyes, chest rising and falling as he pants, her wet mouth sucking on him expertly. His balls start to tighten, his belly clenches and a sweet groan slips out his swollen lips.
“Y-y/n..” His voice shakes, “I’m going to cum, sweetheart-” Omi grips her hair, ready to pull her lips off his throbbing cock.
With a pop, she releases his cock, her fingers scraping his sensitive thighs. She’s breathless, a beautiful mess. His eyes narrow when she gives him that sly grin and a bat of her eyes. “Can we try something new?”
Maybe it’s the way her fingers are nearly making him whimper from stroking his thighs, or the way her new engagement ring glimmers in the low light. Maybe it’s because Akari is staying with his parents for the long weekend, and they’re finally alone together. Or maybe it’s just y/n. Kiyoomi knows he’d do anything for her, and she’s aware of it too. So with a slow nod, he relaxes his grip of her hair, and settles back against the pillows. She gives him that grin, the one he fell in love with when he first met her, the one that always meant mischief. Y/n kitten licks his leaking tip, making him shudder under her.
Insecurity seeps in into Omi, he’s not used to being taken care of this way. Everything he does is for his daughter, and now for y/n. Yet he pushes past the anxiety of the unknown, knowing that he trusts her with his heart. Her small hands gently tug and pull at his heavy balls, bringing out a choked moan from Kiyoomi. That orgasm that was seemingly dying down was slowly coming back as she licked up his cock. He’s thanking the gods for everything that led to this moment, memories of choices that twisted and turned that eventually led to him meeting y/n.
“Omi…” Her voice is low, sweet. Her hand cupping his cheek forces him to look at her. He’s unamused with her making him cum too soon, but she sees past his half-hearted glare. “D’ya remember that night you made me cum so much, I passed out?”
“Omi…” Her voice is low, sweet. Her hand cupping his cheek forces him to look at her. He’s unamused with her making him cum too soon, but she sees past his half-hearted glare. “D’ya remember that night you made me cum so much, I passed out?”
He watches her shocked for a moment, not knowing where she’s going with this. A small smirk grows across his face when he grabs her hips, forcing her to stay seated on his lap. He can feel the heat of her cunt smearing her slick all over his muscular thigh, and the memory of that makes his cock twitch.
When he met y/n, an overqualified intern playing with Akari, she enchanted him. His daughter, in many ways, is like Kiyoomi. Stubborn, blunt, a head full of dark, messy curls. In other ways, she isn’t. Akari is funny, brave, charming. Everyone loves her, yet she keeps them at a distance with a strong attachment to her papa only. So imagine Kiyoomi’s surprise to see Akari so easily accept another person, especially since Akari was always the one to threaten him if he ever were to think about remarrying. Kiyoomi can remember the way his cheeks burned when y/n looked up from Akari, catching his stare with that grin of hers.
Yet the irony wasn’t lost on him when all those who told him he needed to start dating again, that he needed to move on from Akari’s mother passing away and find someone, disapproved of y/n. She was too young. Too young to be a mother, too young to be his partner. Yet he ignored their envious warnings and asked her out...a little awkwardly.
He’d found out that they’ve worked together before, she’s the Senior Intern for the medical unit in the Olympics and had multiple times treated Sakusa and the team with their minor injuries. He blushed again when he introduced himself and y/n replied with an “I know.” But she smiled, that same smile, and he felt that ball of anxiety wither away when he asked her to dinner. So that night she’s referencing, was their first date and much to her surprise he wasn’t always blushing and nervous.
“Yes,” he chuckles, “I do.” Kiyoomi’s hand snakes to the back of her neck and he pulls her in close. His tongue sneaks past her lips, his heart swelling when y/n happily accepts him in her. They pull away panting, a thin line of saliva connecting their swollen lips. “Does my little bunny want daddy to do that again? Make you cum so hard you’re crying, begging for more?” He trails his lips down her jaw, his hand gripping her neck tightening a bit.
“No, but I’d love to do that to you,” her voice is light, playful. Her words take a moment to sink in, and when they do, Kiyoomi looks up at her surprised.
This time it’s her lips tracing his pulse points, nipping at his skin and soothing over the fresh bruise with her hot tongue. Y/n nibbles at his earlobe before she whispers, “Can your little bunny take care of daddy? You said we can try something new. Please? Since it’s such a special night for us...”
Kiyoomi Sakusa does not like change. He’s hated it since he was a child, he hated it worse when Akari’s mother passed from childbirth and left him to take in parenthood as a single father. Yet maybe it’s the way she’s grinding her sweet cunt against his sensitive, growing cock. Or maybe it’s that mischievous smile she’s giving him, or the way her fingers tug at his loose curls as she presses her bare breasts against his flushed chest.
Whatever the case, he nods again.
Confusion furrows his brows when she hops off him to dig through their luggage, her giggling bringing forth a smile on his lips. A smile that’s wiped off when she shows him the very cuffs that he’s used plenty of times with her.
“Y/n…” He half-heartedly warns, yet he still lets her adjust his position on the bed and cuff his wrists to the bed posts. “What’re you planning?”
She snorts, running her hands up and down his thighs to massage the tension out of them. “Don’t worry about it, daddy. Just sit back and enjoy.”
So with hesitation, he does. Or he would be if it weren’t for y/n building up his orgasm for 20 minutes without ever letting him be pushed past the edge. His wrists tug on the cuffs, somewhere deep in the back of his mind he knows he can get out of these. He can get out and flip her onto her back and make her his. He can… and yet…
One hand is stroking his cock painfully slow, while the other massages his heavy balls. She’s straddling his hips to keep them from bucking up into her fist, and that stupid grin is back on her face. Kiyoomi knows he can get out of those cuffs. But why would he want to when that comfort zone he’s been pushed out of seems less fun now?
“Please,” he gasps out again when she denies him from cumming for a fourth time. “I need to cum, y/n!”
“Yeah? Daddy wants to cum?” She coos.
“Yes princess,” He speaks through gritted teeth now, trying to hold back a groan. “Fuck! Baby, lemme cum in that pretty pussy of yours. This cock is yours, please!”
She squeezes him teasingly as she contemplates his answer. He’s been ready to cum forever now, he can feel it on his tongue how close he’s been. His body shivers with another failed orgasm, his painfully hard cock twitches in her hand. Kiyoomi is past desperation.
As she sinks down onto him, both of them moaning in relief as she struggles to bottom out, all he can think about is her. How grateful he is to have met her almost two years ago, how glad he is that his daughter adores her, how he’s beyond deliriously happy for not listening to anyone who said she was too young. Her youth brought back something that had been lost on Omi years ago, despite him pushing thirty-five and her barely past twenty-two. He forgot how to live. Kiyoomi focused so much of his energy embracing the heavy responsibility of being a single dad, he forgot what it was like to not live in fear of the unknown.
So when she rolls her hips against his, slow and deliberate, he mutters thank you’s. Omi wants to hold her hips, wants to help her bounce on his cock and bring her to cum over and over again, but his wrists tug again and he groans. Her laugh is teasing, light. She picks up the pace, just enough to make him pant and moan under her.
“Yes,” he breathes out. “Just like that- fuck! So good to me, so good to me!”
Y/n grins, knowing that when they first met he used to be so hesitant in giving praise. Pride rises in her chest as she sinks back down, his cock perfectly filling her up and nudging her g-spot with ease. She leans in close, tiny gasps escaping her as he rolls his hips up against hers. Chest to chest, lips desperately chasing after the other. She knows he’s close, she can tell from the way his eyes are glazing over and how his hips start to stutter against hers.
“Close?” She gasps out, smiling again when he can only wordlessly nod through his moans. Her hands steady on his shoulders, fingernails digging into his skin as she ignores her own orgasm sneaking up on her.
Before when they first started dating, Omi cummed quietly almost like he was afraid of being seen in such an intimate way. It made y/n wonder how the hell he was ever able to become a day from how shy he seemed sometimes. Now she understands his hesitancy, his fear of plunging into the unknown. They both found each other moving in different directions in life, yet somehow made it work. He supported her career, she supported his. It helped they both traveled together to the same building, with him being in the Olympics team and her working for the Olympics. Yet as she fell for Kiyoomi, she fell for his daughter too. The two of them schemed, they played, they laughed. Y/n made sure to always see Akari before she left each date, always made sure to kiss her goodnight. It was Akari who asked Kiyoomi when she’d start living with them forever.
So Kiyoomi went ring shopping, he made plans for Akari to spend a weekend with his grandparents, and he took y/n to dinner. They went to the restaurant from their first date, he laughed when she recalled memories of him awkwardly searching for her down the hallways of the olympic training center. He nearly didn’t ask her, the familiar edges of anxiety were creeping back in and he felt himself getting choked by it. Yet at some point in the night, as they strolled down the streets lit by yellow lamps, y/n asked about Akari and how she was doing. She looked up at him, eyes sparkling from the lamps and stars, and he knew.
So he asked. And she said yes.
Now in the Kinnotake Tonosawa Ryokan to celebrate their new engagement, Kiyoomi cums loudly for the nth time. His whines and groans break when he feels y/n’s cunt clench around his cock. Her moans are muffled into his kiss, the sound of the handcuffs against the bed frame make him whine into her mouth. The sting of tears in his eyes, the burn of his wrists, the pain of cumming over and over, was overwhelming for him yet he found himself craving more.
“Please,” Omi moans. “Wanna hold you, princess.”
“I’m c-close,” she whines into his neck, her hips desperately bucking into his as she tries to chase her high.
“Please bunny,” Kiyoomi’s soft voice brings her eyes back to his. “Please.”
Her legs shake as she slides off him, his throbbing cock heavy from its own weight lays on his belly in wait. Omi watches her stumble for the key, a tired smile on his face grows when he sees his cum dripping down from between her thighs. Her face warms when she unlocks the cuffs, feeling his gaze heavy on hers.
“You’re staring,” she lets out a nervous laugh.
“Your tits look great,” he laughs when she smacks him. “You look beautiful, y/n.” His wrists now released, she massages the irritated skin and gently kisses them.
“You’re beautiful,” y/n sighs when his hands caress her body. “You got one more in you? Can daddy cum in me one more time?”
He answers her with a kiss. Omi feels y/n slide her hands up to pin his wrists down, and breaks the kiss with a laugh when she intertwines her fingers. They both giggle, not knowing if they’re laughing from the adrenaline or the pure joy of knowing they’re soon going to be spending the rest of their lives together. He squeezes her hands, thumb gently soothing over her skin when she starts again. Kiyoomi finds solace in her body, the warm squeeze of her cunt, the feeling of her heart beating against his. He hisses when he feels his balls tighten one final time, a fleeting thought of her swollen with his child pushes him past the edge.
Her hips falter when she feels him take back control, his hands quick to grip her hips as he fucks up into her. His pelvis and the scruff of his curls brushing against her clit along with him relentlessly hitting her sensitive spot, makes her scream out. Y/n cums hard on his cock, her body trembles on top of his and he lets her ride out her orgasm. The two of them pant together, trying to catch their breaths as they hold each other tightly. The smell of sex and sweat fills the room, neither of them caring though when they sweetly kiss the other.
“Y/n Sakusa,” y/n mutters against his lips.
“Hm?” He hums, his hands gently massaging her ass and every so often cheekily he squeezes her.
“Testing it out, is all.” She laughs. “How’d you like it?”
Kiyoomi gazes up at her, a faint smile toying on his lips. “Sounds like it was always supposed to be that way.”
She grins, he falls deeper in love. “Cheesy, so cheesy. Omi post-orgasm is always so cute and romantic, wish he can always be that way.”
“Fuck, please. Always make me cum, I welcome it.” He laughs at her giggling, cheeks hurting from how happy he feels.
“I love you, horny bastard.” She nuzzles her nose against his, lips ghosting across his own.
“I love you too,” Omi whispers back, before clearing his throat. “I liked it… by the way.”
He feels her sly grin growing and he rolls his eyes when she speaks, “Oh really? So you’re gonna let me be in control forever from now on? Make you my little play thing?”
“Careful, little girl.” Kiyoomi’s eyes darken, “I have you all to myself for the next two nights.”
“You have me all to yourself for the rest of your life, dummy.” She corrects him and nuzzles into his neck, ignoring his pleas to get them both cleaned up. “Just ten more minutes, Omi. I like feeling you inside me.”
He glances at her, knowing all too well how much she’d much rather sleep than clean up only to complain about the stickiness later. Yet he finds himself staring at her, taking in all of her features just like he did when he first saw her. With a sigh, a mixture of contentment and relenting to her wishes, he holds her close to keep her warm, his fingers tracing her ring.
Tumblr media
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gucciwins · 26 days ago
Do I Know You?
of all the places to be recognized you did not think cherry pit at a harry styles concert would be one of them - especially by the man himself.
Word Count: 7011
A/N: hello friends! i had been wanting to write famous mc for a while and then i finally got the idea. in this story, harry is the rockstar we know and love. y/n belmonte is a famous actress known for her roles in the the queen's gambit and the hit drama new amsterdam. i gave her a last name and her father is mexican-american and her mother is english. truly something sweet filled with fluff. if you got any questions i'll be happy to answer them
you'll have to let me know if you wish to see more of them <3
please do let me know what you thought of the story and please reblog <3333
love on tour series //
Tumblr media
St. Paul, Minnesota
Being in Minnesota was fun. You were visiting your best friend taking a well-deserved break. You had just finished filming a Netflix show that had lots of buzz around yet did not have a release date and had attended the Emmys. As award season had come to a close, you decided visiting your favorite person would be an excellent way to celebrate. Especially since free days were becoming rarer and rarer. You were thankful for the role in The Queen's Gambit and its direction for your career, but it was always lovely to enjoy time with loved ones.
Naomi had let you stay in her guest bedroom, letting you know to stay for as long as you wish, but you wouldn't last longer than five days. You didn't like intruding on Naomi and Sarai, Naomi's partner. They both assured you that it was no problem, but you begged to differ.
On your second day, Sarai surprised you with enchiladas just like your grandma had made. Their family was from Acapulco, Mexico, just like your grandparents. Naomi always liked to say she was meant to bring you all together, and she had.
That wasn't the only surprise you had come to learn she had for you as she said to dress nice and be ready at eight. You were even more shocked to hear that Sarahi would not be joining you. They informed you they had to meet with their cohort to go over a project they were handed.
You had a limited selection of clothes from your suitcase and clothes you had left over the years. After getting out your favorite pieces, you dressed in black flares that made your ass look amazing. You paired it with a silk cami, a mint color that matched your nails. You paired it with your favorite pair of red leather boots that were always packed first in your suitcase. They're a few years old, but you treasured them too much to say goodbye. They were the only classy shoes you packed because you swore you could pair them with anything, and thus far, you have.
You debated the most about doing your makeup, not being able to make up your mind before deciding to go with mascara and red lipstick. Looking in the mirror, you felt hot and knew you looked great. Being in the public eye, you learned to spot all your insecurities before the world could and owned them. The scar running up your thigh was always an attention grabber until the story of how you got it was exposed, and then no one seemed to care about a bicycle accident that happened at the age of twelve.
Grabbing your wallet and phone, you headed out to the living room where Naomi was sitting on her couch scrolling through on her phone, Sarai having left already.
"You don't mind carrying my wallet, do you?" You asked.
"Course not, give it here."
Naomi, nosy as always, opens up the wallet and takes a look inside as you grab some water before you have to head out. She's quiet, so you peek over and see her standing with the wallet still in hand.
"I'm in your wallet." She states, showing you a photo of last December of her standing arms raised as she stood in the center of the ice rink.
"You have been since that time you gave me a photo of you that was taken during team pictures for Tennis in ninth grade."
Naomi nods, remembering how she had given one to you and her parents then hiding them away. "Yeah, I don't know. Nice to know you keep me close."
"Always do, only one person I call my best friend."
Naomi shakes her body out, pocketing the wallet into her pink cross-body bag. "Alright, enough being a sap. We've got to go."
Tumblr media
In the car, Namoi decides against music and instead decides to interrogate you on your next project. For the first time in a long time, you didn't have anything definitive lined up. You filmed and auditioned like crazy the past few years, so your manager, Viola, was giving you a much-needed break. She loved to remind you to relax and enjoy it all, and thanks to her, you had. Viola has always had your best interest in mind since she met you at age seventeen.
"Viola said I'm a free bird for a few weeks, months she had said, but I'll surely have an interview or two pop up soon."
"Does that mean you'll be staying with me?"
You laugh, "Nice try, but someone is busy with her dissertation, and I'd be a distraction."
"A pretty one at least."
"Gee, thanks." You reply sarcastically.
"What will you do?"
You shrug, "Life has a funny way of working things out, so I'm not worried."
Naomi looks over at you, confused, "I've never seen you so mellow."
"It is because life is good, and I'm here with you. Being with you reminds me of home."
"New York?" You don't answer, so she keeps going, "Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans?"
Naomi frowns, "London?"
"I had not stayed for longer than a week but those four months. It felt like it could be home, or well, I could make it home."
"Do you think it has to do with your parents?"
You look over at Naomi, who's focused on the road, making a right turn into a busy street filled with traffic. "Yeah, it does."
Neither of you continues the conversation as you finally see the destination in front of you.
The Xcel Energy Center.
Naomi had brought you to an arena where hundreds of cars and many people walked towards what you assumed was the entrance. There were two entries to the parking, and she picked the one that said VIP.
She rolls down her window and leans in to look at the name tag on the security. "Hi, Jason." She greets confidently.
"Miss you a VIP member?"
"No, but I can be." The man frowns. "I got royalty in the car." She gestures her head to you. God. Of course, she's playing the famous card.
You lean closer, "Hello Jason, good evening."
The man's eyes widened, and that's when you get a good look; he couldn't be older than 25. "Shit! Sorry--you're! Oh my goodness! I love you. You're my hall pass."
Naomi is biting back a laugh, and you smack her thigh to silence her. "Very flattering, Jason. Thank you. See, I wasn't aware I was coming to the show, or I would have called ahead to make an arrangement; if it's not possible, you can direct us to the available parking lot. I believe it's close to show time."
"No worries, Miss Belmonte. You follow straight ahead of the cones, and Connor will meet you at an entrance. Do you happen to know where you'll be sitting?"
You look at Naomi, waiting for her to answer. "Cherry pit."
"Very well. We'll have bracelets ready for you and someone to direct you in." Jason offers kindly.
"Thank you so much, sorry for the bother. You've been an angel." The young man blushes but doesn't look away. "Could I offer you a photo?" You suggest, genuinely thankful for his help.
His smile falters, "I would love that, but I'm on the job, Miss Belmonte."
You smile, admiring the man and following their protocols. You think for a minute before reaching into the glove box where you know Sarai keeps extra purple index cards for some reason. There is a pen right beside it. You write a thank you, folding it in half and handing it to him.
"Thank you, Jason. I'll never forget your generosity."
"Same here, my niece looks up to you. She thinks you're a real-life princess."
"Do send her my love then."
Jason nods, stepping back, and Naomi continues to a parking lot where few cars are parked.
"You amaze me." Naomi states. You laugh, not sure how to respond. "You handled that with some much grace even after I abused your fame card."
"As long as you don't do it again," You chastise her as you've done many times before.
"We'll see," she chuckles, "come on, Miss Hall Pass."
You roll your eyes, slip out of the car and see a man waving at you. You both offer your wrists where he puts on the wristbands after he checks Naomi's tickets. He nods, asking you to follow him in. There's loud chatter, and you can hear "Olivia" being played through the arena. Conner walks you down the steps to the entrance, where he bids you a good time.
"I can't believe you surprised me with a Harry Styles show."
Naomi grins, throwing her arm over your shoulder walking you towards a side of a stage that looks empty. "I know, I'm the best."
"Yeah, everyone looks amazing. There are so many boas." You marvel at how there are people dressed as if they were about to walk the runway.
"Do you think he'll show tits tonight?" Naomi giggles, thinking back to your reaction to her sending you a photo of his Las Vegas outfit in which he was dressed in a pink fringe vest showing off his toned body.
"A girl can dream," you joke.
"I'll never understand how you've never run into him again." Naomi shakes her head, "The one person who should be your friend and isn't."
"Wow, thanks. That's totally why I became famous."
"It's why I stuck around being your friend." She quips back.
You scoff, "jerk."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Let's bet you get recognized tonight?"
You nod because you're confident it won't be happening, "Sure, what do you want?"
"Christmas in London."
"New Year in Italy."
"Damn, that's good. I hope I lose."
You laugh, causing a few heads to turn to look at you, and you duck, not liking eyes on you. "Ah, Miss Introvert makes her appearance."
"Leave me alone, you stinker."
Naomi laughs at you, pulling you in for a hug so you can hide properly, "Think on the bright side, no one cares about you because compared to Harry Styles, you're like a nobody all over again."
"That felt like a backhanded compliment."
She shrugs, "Take it as you please."
There are loud cheers suddenly filling the arena, causing you both to look over at the stage when it's only a box in the middle of the runway being taken under the stage.
Naomi stares at it as you untangle yourself from her hold. "You've heard the box theories."
"Only a hundred times because you don't shut up about it."
"Come on, I think it's cool. I want to see how he gets in and if he's uncomfortable or if someone's spun him around a few times. Like I can't imagine it to be comfortable."
"Alright, for Christmas, I'll get you one of those boxes, and we'll roll you around."
"Would you really?"
"Christ, you're a weird one."
You settle down swaying and singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody.
"When did you even score these tickets?"
"Two years ago," she answered nonchalantly.
You gasp, "what?"
"Yeah, remember how he postponed it because he wanted to film two movies well then."
"Wow, I love you."
"I know."
The lights go out, and the cheers are deafening. A poem starts being read, and you can see the band coming out setting up. The female band members are in orange, and the men are in blue/green shade. You let out a loud cheer letting it get lost with the thousands of other people's yells.
Here's to a night to remember.
Tumblr media
It has truly blown away how amazing Harry sounds. You had been dying to hear his new album live since it came out in 2019. Each song has a different intro making it feel like a whole new song. The band matches his energy, and you can tell how much he thrives on it.
Harry constantly blows kisses out into the crowd, smiles at posters, and responds to a few with an exaggerated reaction. The intro to Sunflower Vol. 6 with Niji had to be your favorite. You could see how Harry and the crowd loved the beat as the cheers only got louder.
You had not stopped dancing and singing along since he came out. You could hear how horse Naomi's voice had become due to shouting out the lyrics.
Harry had not been wrong when he had said you might be getting lots of ass tonight, but you weren't complaining; it wasn't a bad view. He was so effortlessly himself on the stage that you felt his presence no matter where you stood.
This had to be one if not the best concert you have ever attended.
After Sunflower, Harry takes a moment to take in the crowd; he spots a poster reading, "Should I text him?" He proceeds to go on a long tangent about double texting, thumbs upping means they replied last, and finishing off by saying, "trash, trash, trash." That erupts lots of cheers.
No, you did not think you would ever hear Harry Styles be giving relationship advice to a sold-out arena, but damn, does this man continue to surprise you.
The concert continues, Cherry making you swoon; it is one of your favorites on the album because you were a sucker for sad songs. Lights Up easily becomes your favorite song he performs. He sings the song with his whole heart, and the crowd does the same. Singing "do you know who you are" in an arena of people knowing you're doing what you love with amazing people in your life, you happily sing back. You really understand what people mean when they say Harry makes you feel part of something bigger, makes you remember the importance of embracing who you are one hundred percent.
It's after Lights Up that he begins walking around closer to your side. He smiles at your section before doing a double-take; he grabs more of the cord and steps closer, causing the fans around you to start cheering louder as he's showered with bouquets of flowers.
Harry has stopped walking, and you feel as if he was staring right back at you. You're four rows back from the barricade but now he has the eyes of a hawk not missing anything, just like he spotted the Green Bay Packers fan earlier in the show.
"Do I know you?" Harry speaks into the microphone.
You foolishly turn around before looking back at him before pointing to yourself. He laughs. "Yes, you."
"Don't think so." You shout back, hoping he can hear you.
That wasn't the truth, but it didn't feel like a lie. See, many moons ago, when Harry was still in One Direction, and you were booking Indie films and minor roles for prominent directors, you both happened to be attending the same event a mutual friend invited you to attend. Harry approached you and chatted with you for a long time, sharing a drink of apple cider until he was whisked away.
You didn't know he tried to find you again later in the night or that he asked everyone who attended if they had seen you or knew who you were, but no one seemed to recognize her name. It wasn't until his sister, Gemma, mentioned watching a show named "New Amsterdam'' did he find you again. You were a semi-regular surgeon and were so positively received by the audience that it seemed you were coming back as a regular. Then after finally finding out your name, he fell down the rabbit hole of your IMDB, and well ever since 2018, it's like he always had an out for you.
Harry watched your newest horror thriller film Ready or Not and Love and Monsters, where you had a small role but captured his attention every time you were on the screen. He had watched countless interviews and learned how you had worked with Dylan O'Brien before in a film named First Time, sharing how Dylan gave you lots of advice and managed to be a friend through your growing career. Maybe he was biased, but he thought you were an outstanding actress, each role you made your own. Acting alongside Tom Hanks and being the person to stand out. Don't even get him started in your role in The Queen's Gambit; he could discuss it all day and night.
Well, Harry can proudly be called your fanboy.
Harry had that party in 2015 flash through his mind, and he was hoping you remembered him as well. He'd known he would recognize you in any crowd; he just didn't expect it to be in Minnesota.
He steps closer and narrows his eyes. "May 2015."
You gasp, and it stuns his fans. Not that he knows you, but that he stated a date that they could maybe pinpoint. You doubted it as you don't remember documenting the night or making conversation with anyone other than Harry.
"Yeah," you smile, nodding. "Thought you wouldn't remember."
"I remember a lot in the big head of mine." He jokes. You laugh. "Any requests?" He's smiling at you, waiting to see what you'd say.
You think about it, "Medicine!"
He smirks. "Did you say canyon moon?" The crowd cheers for medicine, and a few yell, asking for to be so lonely, "well, we will be doing Canyon Moon. This is for you." Harry sends you a wink before strutting away to get ready.
"Did Harry Styles recognize you?" Naomi asks, not believing that happened.
"From six years ago."
"Holy shit. What is your life?!"
You laugh because that did not feel real. Naomi spins you around as you happily dance and sing along to a song now dedicated to you. You're trying your best to ignore the glances and the few cameras being pointed at you. You see the recognition in many girls around you, and with no security, you hope they stay respectful.
"Think you might have to get away," Naomi grimaces.
You sigh, still dancing along to the song, "yeah."
"I'll just slip out and wait in the car. You finish the show." You tell her, not wanting to take this experience away from her.
Naomi pouts, "You're too good of a person. We'll leave before the encore. Got like two songs left."
You nod, knowing she has a point, enjoy the last bit and worry leaving in a while everyone is distracted cheering for an encore they knew was coming.
After finishing crying to Fine Line, swaying with your best friend to a song that brings you so much comfort, you make your way towards the exit where you entered, knowing it'd be the easiest way out. Naomi links your hands together and pulls you forward, staying close to the barricade when a hand sticks out, landing on your elbow stopping you. You startle bumping into Naomi, not recognizing the man. Naomi is ready to rip him a new one when he lifts a pass up. "Love on Tour: Manager."
You let out a sigh, instantly relaxing. "I'm Jeff." He introduces himself.
"I'm Y/N, and this is Naomi."
Jeff smiles, "I know who you are. Think most people do. The cameras put you on the screens."
"Oh," you feel your face flush.
"If you need to leave, we can get you out backstage, but you can also watch from here with me if you'd like to. I've got fancy one-of-a-kind lanyards."
You look at Naomi but know the choice is in your hands, and well, you're hesitating. "I've got it on good authority that someone wants to meet you." Jeff offers.
You nod, letting him hand over a pass, slipping it over your head going over to a side entrance where the security enables you to pass through. You thank him before greeting Jeff in a handshake, and he seems taken back at the gesture before shaking your hand.
"Can I just say I'm a fan of your work? You were incredible in Queen's Gambit. My wife adores the show and you." Jeff tells you as you stand next to him.
You grin at him. "Thank you, means a lot to hear that. Send her my best, will you? If you want, we can send her a message or sign something." You offer.
"You're kind, thank you."
Naomi finally speaks up, still on edge, "Listen, Jeff, don't go taking advantage of her."
"Course not. I understand how much H values his privacy. I imagine it's the same for you."
You nod, "She means well; she's very protective. We've been friends since the sixth grade."
"I understand friendship," He squeezes your arm in assurance. "I feel like I've known Harry all my life. I'd never try to jeopardize your privacy. But you are at a concert for one of the most in-demand artists of the time."
You giggle, "That I am."
You turn back on stage as Harry starts singing Sign of the Times, and the note changes make you feel as if you're hearing it for the time. You sing along, loving that Jeff sings as well. You had not expected to be here but wouldn't change this moment for anything.
Harry introduces his band, Elin, Ny Oh, Niji, Pauli, Mitch, and Sarah. Jeff laughed as he heard you scream the loudest for Sarah out of the other members. You know he makes a mental note of that. Harry begins having the audience riff off with him. He's walking around going from side to side, seeing who can sing it louder. Harry goes back to where you were initially standing to seek you out but doesn't find you. He asks for the house lights and nothing. He frowns, and you catch that on the screens before he moves down, finding a fan dressed as a banana.
He begins singing "she's dressed as a banana" in a beat that fits so well with what the band is playing. That truly is impressive. The crowd singing it with him just as loudly. You're sure that catchy tune will be stuck in your head for a long time.
"He was looking for you," Jeff yells over the intro to the song.
"Was not." You state.
"He was. I know him well. Also, you were the only one he interacted with within the area."
You hum, "Never thought he'd spot me in a crowd."
"Are you kidding? He'd find you in the crowd of time square. He's got a crush on you." Jeff lets slip.
"You don't say," you smirk.
"Please don't tell him I told you."
"Secret is safe with me."
You dance singing back the lyrics when Jeff looks over at you, "Well,"
"Well, what?" Not amused, he interrupted your singing to watermelon sugar.
"You fancy him?"
"Honestly, he's a dream. We clicked all those years ago, so maybe it's still there."
Jeff nods, liking your response, beginning to dance when you see someone else going crazy for his moves, and you start cheering them on. You come to learn his name is Tommy, and he's also part of Harry's team. After kiwi, Jeff ushered you backstage, taking you into a communal area where everyone meets after to celebrate with a drink.
And now you wait.
Tumblr media
The band comes in full of chatter; Pauli has a bi pride flag resting on his shoulders. Sarah has her hand resting around Mitch's waist. Elin and Ny Oh were laughing with each other as they all stepped in Jeff at your side.
You wave hello to everyone, holding your breath as you feel all of their eyes on you. Turning to the side to look at Jeff, he does nothing but laugh, "Friends, this is Y/N Belmonte and her friend Naomi. Y/N and Naomi, this is Sarah Jones' band." You all let out a laugh, instantly thankful for Jeff's joke to break the ice.
"A pleasure to meet you all. You were incredible out there." You grin at them, hoping someone will say something.
"Thank you," Mitch replies, and it instantly relaxes you.
"Someone's favorite is the drummer," Jeff teases as they wait for Harry to make his way inside as he had to remove his mic pack and also took a moment to himself after.
You feel your face flush, "my grandma liked playing the drums, and I was rubbish. I'm great on piano, but I just have so much respect for the drums. Not that you all aren't amazing, it's just personal." You defend.
"No worries, I respect that," Niji replies, offering a fist pump.
"So are we okay to take photos with you? We're big fans, and I think Queen's Gambit is always playing in our tour bus." Elin tells you.
"Oh, and the thriller about hide and seek," Pauli informs you.
"Thank you, of course, we can."
After getting photos with everyone, make sure to get them on your phone as well, knowing you'd have to share on your close friends' list about how great the concert was and how lucky you were to meet the band. By the time Harry comes in, everyone is chatting as if we've known each other for months. You learn how funny and intelligent Pauli and Niji are. Ny Oh tells you about life on tour. Elin shares how she's having the best time and offers to show you some tunes on the guitar.
"Jeff-she's gone again. I couldn't even-" he stops in his tracks as he sees you standing with Mitch and Sarah, their phone in hand as they were showing you photos of their baby. "How are you here?"
"Oh, my best friend Naomi bought us tickets. Very nice of her. She said something about Ticketmaster sucking." You laugh thinking back to her story about how she got online early and even had Sarai helping her.
"No backstage. I looked for you in the crowd. I didn't see you."
Jeff gives you an I told you, so look from the side, and you bite back a smile.
"Oh, that's what you were looking for. Thought you lost a contact lens." Naomi teases.
"Jeff was kind enough to offer us to exit backstage if we needed a way out and also said it was okay if we stayed." You smile at Harry's confused but elated face. "Said you might want to meet. Got a good manager in your hands."
Harry nods, his voice soft, "can I hug you?"
You grin and nod, in two strides, he's in front of you, bringing you wrapping his arms around you, and you do the same, resting them on his waist. He's holding you tight as if he won't be letting go any time soon.
He squeezes you tightly two more times before letting you go but leaving a hand resting on your back. "You should introduce yourself with your full name. I only had your name to go by."
You frown, "I used my first name with Jeff, and he knew not to sound conceited or anything."
"No, six years ago. You left, and I never found you that night. I only had your name to go by."
Your eyes widen in surprise, "Well, shit. I didn't know that."
"Yeah, I didn't know who to ask."
You're aware everyone is tuned in with your conversation with Harry but don't mind. "Could have asked Harry Lambert. He invited me to the event."
"Who?" Harry asks, not sure if he heard you correctly.
"Your stylist, Harry Lambert. He helped style me a lot when I was starting out. He said to call him if I ever needed him, and it was thanks to him, I found Gabbi. She's amazing and the reason I dress so well." You gesture down to your outfit.
"Holy shit, six degrees of separation."
"I mean, I asked everyone at that event about you, but Lambert had left early. Why did you leave?"
You shrugged. "Didn't know anyone other than Lambert, and we had a conversation, but you literally bounced from person to person, so I assumed you wouldn't circle back and left."
Harry nods, "Sounds like past me; I'm better at staying in one place now."
"Right, well, fancy a drink again?"
"Ginger ale or sparkling water?"
You don't even ask why he remembers, "Water is fine."
"Alright, you had your moment. I'd like an introduction." Naomi walks over after he hands you your drink.
You chuckle, "Right. Naomi, meet Harry Styles. Harry, meet my best friend, Naomi Hart."
"Pleasure, Harry. I'm a big fan. That was a hell of a performance." She offers her hand to him, and he happily shakes it back.
"Thank you! It means so much. Have you been to a show before?"
Naomi nods eagerly. "Yes, we were in London both nights as a graduation gift for me and my partner and your final show in LA."
"Ah," he smirks, "big fans then."
"Oh yeah, want to know something about Y/N. She always cries to fine line."
You elbow her in her side, "shut up before I make him blocklist you."
Harry frowns, "Wouldn't dare."
"Fine, I'll block you from all my events," you falsely threaten.
"Quite rude of you to say. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for me."
"Actually for me- I could have spent my days off at home with-"
Naomi interrupts, "Please, you don't know what's home?"
You're aware everyone is still watching and frown, "hey- that's not nice."
"Sorry, babe, but you are a little lost."
You can't help but nod because it's true.
"Thank you for bringing her today; I'm a big fan." Harry addresses you both.
"Are you?" You're genuinely surprised.
"Of course. You're amazing. You're acting breathtaking."
"Well, I'm excited to see your film as well. Florence is a good friend, and she speaks highly of you."
"Thank you. Next year if you can believe it."
Release dates may be far, but they come quickly; you've learned, "you nervous about that?"
He nods, "just a bit; it will be different from Dunkirk."
"Sure as a male lead. I'd assume so."
"Do you sing?" Mitch asks, changing the conversation, "sorry, it's just that you said you play the piano."
"You do?" Harry's eyes widened in amazement.
"I can carry a tune," you offer, looking at Mitch and grin at him.
"Carry a tune, my ass." Naomi scoffs. "She's on the soundtrack of Coco. Singing in Spanish and English, and she composed a lot for things like The Greatest Showman and even a new Marvel film." She tells them proudly.
"Alright, stop talking before we have to make them sign NDA's," you joke.
"We'd be glad to," Harry replies.
"You're fine. Most of the info is available online anyways."
"Hmmm…why don't you perform?" Pauli asks.
"I like acting; it's where I'm meant to be. Learning new roles and also most of my directors let me learn from them. Always give me constant feedback. Think the end goal is one day directing my own kind of movies or shows that allow people to feel something, something to connect to."
"That's remarkable," Jeff tells you.
"Yeah, I'm proud of what I've done. Sure, I might not have lots of awards, but I love what I do, and I can proudly stand behind each work that has come out."
Everyone is staring at you, and you grow nervous. "Did I say something wrong?"
"No," Harry assures you.
Sarah answers for everyone, "it's nice to see you sticking to your values."
"Well, of course, I know it's harder to address when in the public eye, but I try my best to be honest because sure they might not know me, but they are a part of me just as I am of them."
"That's really insightful. Thank you. I—I'm going to think about that more." Harry tells you, giving your hip a comforting squeeze.
You nod. Everyone quickly falls into chatter after a moment, and you're relieved, glad the attention has shifted well not everyone one's as you feel Harry's on you as you take a drink of the water. Naomi is chatting with Pauli, who's showing Naomi their outfit doing a small spin.
"This must be nice to experience each night; it feels like family."
Harry agrees, "They are. Everyone is important. Especially since we spend so many days on the road together away from those we love."
You both grow quiet, enjoying the laughter and chatter that everyone fills in the room.
"When Naomi said you didn't have a home, is that true?"
You sigh. "You don't have to answer." He assures you.
"Know anywhere more private we can chat?"
Harry nods, taking your hand in his leading you down hallway after hallway before arriving at the stairs leading to a luxury suite. You can see workers taking down the set; there are so many people out there.
"Wow, I've never seen it being taken down."
"Yeah. Build it each day only to take it down and do it again the following day."
"The 360 stage is great. Honestly felt your presence the whole time."
"Just what I like to hear." He laughs.
Harry takes a seat, and you follow, sitting right next to him, knowing he's waiting for you. You take a moment to gather your thoughts before deciding that, yes, you do want to share this with him.
"I lost my parents when I was eight. A drunk driver hit them when they were on their way to pick me up from school. I lived in England all my life, specifically Brighton. My father was born in the US, and his parents still lived in California. They moved from Mexico with a Visa, and they had a hard upbringing here, but they fought to give my dad the best they could. He fell in love and followed my mother across the world. I knew what death meant when they passed, but I didn't understand that I wouldn't see them anymore. That morning having breakfast together would be the last memory I'd ever have with them." You stop and take a breath when you feel Harry take your hand in his.
"So at eight, I was uprooted from my life and moved to California to be raised by my grandparents. They were mourning the loss of a son and a daughter-in-law, but they told me that I was the miracle that helped them keep moving forward. They taught me Spanish, and I picked up Italian from my neighbor. I lost them in 2016. My grandma had a heart condition, and after she passed away, two weeks later, my grandpa passed away."
You're no longer fighting back your tears; it's been a while since you've shared the story. Honestly, you can't remember the last time you spoke about this, but it feels good. Not as heavy.
"My abuelo said he was sorry to leave me alone but assured me I was in good hands and that I surrounded myself with great people that would look out for me. Grown, the limited series I did for HBO, won me an Emmy, and it was based partially around my life and how I had to grow up alone building a found family as I went through life. It's very little, but it's my story to the world on my own terms if you know me. The screenwriter and director are two who have worked with me closely since I came into this crazy world and honored a bit of me in the best way they could."
Harry has tears running down his face, and you reach your free hand up to wipe them away, hating that you made him sad. "After losing them, I wasn't sure what to do. Naomi was in Minnesota, and well after they passed, I moved in with her. I had the house, but it wasn't the same, and as much as I love Naomi, she's got someone else she calls home. I finished filming in London a week before the Emmys, and it's the safest I've felt. I just don't have many people to call family in London."
Harry reaches a hand to rest on your cheek, and you let out a deep sigh letting yourself relax in his hold. "You got me. I know we just met or well reunited, but let me in, and I promise I'll never leave your side. Let me help you see London as home again.
You nod, letting his words sink in, "I'm a wanderer who's looking for a place to call home."
"Song lyrics?"
"No, it's a saying I always said to Naomi."
He hums, "Might just have to write a song together."
"Not anytime soon."
"I'm patient." He promises. "Thank you for sharing that with me. Clearly, it wasn't easy, but I'm proud of how far you've come and can't wait to continue to see you grow."
"Thank you for listening. It's been a while since I've told anyone. I'm sorry if it was too much."
He shakes his head, "no apologies, love."
You nod; Harry leans back in the seat, letting his hand drop that was resting on your face on your lap. You're quick to catch it before he can remove it playing with his rings. You fall into a comfortable conversation talking about what stood out the most from the show, and you tell him about favorite places to eat in Minnesota. He shares that he loves that you accidentally matched. He makes you take a photo on his phone so that he can send it off to his sister to make her jealous. He takes a lot, an excuse to hold you close, not that you mind.
His phone rings with a phone call he is quick to ignore, then three chimes follow. He sighs, "I need to get on the road."
"Right," you don't move to get up, and neither does Harry.
"Alright, if we exchange numbers?"
"Be disappointed if we don't. I want those photos we took." You remind him.
You swap phones inputting your name as Belmonte 2015 💛
He smirks as he sees your name, and you laugh at how simple his contact name is: H 🕺
"Thank you for sharing with me."
"Well, next time, you owe me a life story." You declare.
He sounds smug, "next time?"
"Sure, told you my life story. Means you're part of my life forever. And I liked spending time with you."
"Yeah, I did too," he goes silent. "Felt like a date."
"Sneaky, Styles."
"I deserve to be asked out properly, don't you think?"
Harry nods, "well, of course."
"Good, so," you urge him on.
"Will you let me take you on a date?" His voice wavering, not sure if you'd accept even though you told him to ask you.
You nod. "Yeah, six years late, but yes."
"You liked me too?" He asks, bewildered.
You grin, "I laughed at your jokes, batted my eyes at you. I flirted and think you were too busy being Mr. Popular to notice."
"Maybe, but god, you made me nervous and relaxed at the same time. I've never felt that way again until tonight when I saw you in the crowd."
"Well, I can't wait to see where life takes us."
As you make your way down the now empty hallways, you saunter, trying to extend your time together as much as possible. He asks about your favorite song to karaoke to, you ask about his go-to meal on the road. Going back and forth with questions. Not stopping until you're back in the room you were in earlier, except now only three people sit there, Naomi, Jeff, and Tommy.
"Did you fuck?" Naomi asks bluntly.
"Fuck Omie, and you ask why I don't take others anywhere."
"To be fair, I'm a lot to handle."
"No, we didn't," Harry answers, not wanting her to ask again.
You see her sitting next to more than a few items that have bunnies and Harry's face on them. Naomi follows your gaze, her smile widening. "I went shopping." She gloats.
"I see they found a way to get you to behave."
"Well, of course. Lots are for Sarai and me mostly; you can claim something you like as yours. We'll count this as your payment for staying at my apartment for free."
You laugh, not at all upset that she used your card; God knows there is so much money on there and if she wanted to use it by all means.
"Why am I not surprised?"
"You did leave it with me, and I know to use it for emergencies. Clearly, it was one."
"Jeff, you made our new friend pay?" Harry asks.
"She insisted."
"I did," Naomi agrees. "This one would have thrown a fit if not." Gesturing to you with a point of thumb.
"Geez, don't need to call me out, but she's right. You're all a hard-working team, not the only paychecks it'll be going to."
Harry knows he can't argue with that.
Naomi brings the topic back to them, "So anything interesting happen up there you'd like to share?"
Harry happily replies, "we will be going on a date."
"That's great, but we got to go," Jeff responds, leaving no room for argument.
Harry nods, not hiding his sadness as he brings you in for a hug. Your arms go around his waist; it truly felt like a reunion of a few months and not years.
He was not ready to say goodbye so soon when he got an idea.
"Say what you doing Friday?"
You pull away to look up at him, a bit shocked and a bit nervous about what he might ask you. "Not sure; I got a free schedule for some time."
Harry smirks; he brings a hand up, gently caressing your cheek with his thumb. "You like Chicago?"
And well… that's a story for another time.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading, any kind of feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
would you like to read more on harry and y/n? let me know
i love you
chicago part two
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ijustsinhere · 4 months ago
Some more personal Heisenberg headcanons [smut edition]
As stated in a prior headcanon list, Karl has an oral fixation and that translates very much into a keen interest in going down on you. He loves the taste of you, enjoys working you to wildness with his tongue, and quite often he’ll pin you down to keep going even after you’ve cum.
Big into overstimulation. The man has fun with edging now and then too, but primarily he likes to make you cum so hard and as much as possible until you’re fit to throw in the towel because you’ve just had too much. He’s a smug bastard and he loves being able to smirk at you, lips slick from your orgasms, so you can see how proud of himself he is that he can wreck you completely.
Part of his tendency towards giving as far as providing you orgasms goes from his control issues. He likes having as much as possible, so it’s more about that than about being a selfless lover, though getting to feel fond of you will make him enjoy getting you off as much out of care as it is control. Just the same, he likes cumming too much to deny himself release either, especially since getting laid doesn’t happen as often as he might prefer, so he’s definitely keen to get off too. 
Like I mentioned in a past list, time and trust allows for Karl to switch from coming off as an outright dom to much more of a balanced switch. There’s a sort of release all on its own for him to surrender control to you willingly, for it to be his choice rather than something taken from him. Sex with him becomes a great deal more even on the ‘who tops’ front once he allows himself that relaxation in your relationship, though generally he does still have a bit of a preference for leaning towards topping more often. Old habits die hard.
Only had about a handful of partners prior to you and it was all casual, emotionless fucking. He knows his shit when it comes to sex, but he’s not had nearly as much of it as he would prefer until you come along.
If you swallow his cum when you give him head, he will praise the hell out of you. Letting him cum on you or spitting it out is all fine, but swallowing what he gives you is a good way to ensure that he enjoys his orgasm even more. Plus, he just appreciates it and it makes him wanna praise you for being so enthusiastic about his pleasure.
Speaking of praise, Karl tends to be a chatty as hell during sex, so he’s a fan of dirty talk. It can range from just being descriptive, to teasing, to full of praise, to degrading (which, sorry, but I won’t write that personally); depending on what he knows you like. He doesn’t mind if you’re the type to moan/scream or sigh/whimper as long as you let him know in some capacity that you’re enjoying yourself. If you can dirty talk right back at him, though, he will be thrilled.
Pet names for days during sex. Of course, as stated by Neil Newbon, there’s Buttercup, but other nicknames get tossed around by him. Pet, Pup, Sweetheart, Sweetcheeks, Darlin’, Doll, Dollface, all sorts of things of that nature. They may have been patronizing names when you first met, but they do become terms used to show fondness. Your name, though, is what he ends up calling out when he’ll cum. Endearments are well and good, but your name is what he prefers most of all when his walls are down and he loves hearing his name on your lips too. (He has a soft spot for you calling him ‘Heis’ now and then, though his preference is Karl.)
He’s never against a little punishment and it usually comes in two ways: spanking your ass until it’s sore or edging you to the point of madness. He’ll leave you hanging for hours, even days if he feels inclined, whether to prove a point or to ensure that you cum so hard in the long run that you can barely walk after everything. Regardless of the method, he’s going to make sure that you’re all right once all is said and done. And with that being said..
Aftercare. Even if he wasn’t especially intense or rough, Karl does focus a lot on aftercare. He’s strong as hell, way more than someone without his abilities, and he’s mindful of that. That last thing he wants is to genuinely hurt you, so he always checks to ensure that you’re all right once you’ve both cum, calmed down, and caught your breath.
Likes to smoke after sex, but if you’re not a fan he’s either gonna keep turning his head to keep the smoke away from you or he’ll wait until you’ve had a good enough post-sex pillow talk/cuddle session before he gets up to go light one.
A fan of hair pulling, but he actually prefers it when you pull his. He can handle a little hurt with his sex and to him it’s a huge compliment if you dig your fingers in and tug while he’s fucking you, especially if it’s when he’s going down. This also extends to his facial or chest hair. Run your fingers through them and pull. He’ll never mind.
Enjoys anal, whether giving or receiving. He’s glad to fuck your ass as often as you’re keen on it, but he loves it when you fuck his. Hell, stimulating his prostate while giving him head will make him cuss up a storm in the best way.
He also enjoys external methods of fucking. He’s always down to fuck your thighs or tits, rub his dick against what’s between your legs, and he damn sure likes seeing his cum spilling out on you just as much as watching it drip out of one of your holes.
Absolutely builds fucking machines/toys to use on you. He’s made them for himself before, but having you as a test subject just brings out his creativity and desire to tinker when he can dedicate time to more frivolous builds like that. If he found out that you’d used toys in the past, he’s gonna grill you for info about what they were like and how they functioned if you don’t have one handy just so he can try to make something better. 
His control over metal definitely comes out during sex every so often, either so he can bind you in some way or so he can utilize it to better make you cum. (If you’ve got any sort of intimate piercing, he’s gonna do very fun things with it/them.)
He can lean more towards intense or sometimes rough when it comes to fucking, but the more he cares for you, the more prone to softness he can get. He shows that part of him by holding your hand while he’s inside you or fucking you slow and deep. His favorite way to fuck you like that is from behind, both of you on your sides so he can touch and stroke your body, kiss your neck. He also relishes eye contact during a slightly softer screw.
Groans, grunts, growls, huffs, and as stated, dirty talk all come out of him. Karl is generally loud as hell during sex.
Likes it sometimes when you play hard to get. The thrill of the chase kinda does it for him, so if you play coy and dart away all devious like when he’s trying to get some tail, he’s gonna have a blast trying to finally get his hands on you. It’s fun when you make him work for it.
Literally does not care how many partners you’ve had or haven’t had. If you’ve had boat loads of lovers, a small few, or none at all, it’s no skin off his nose. If he’s in to you, the amount of experience you’ve had won’t change his interest at all.
He’s got scars fucking everywhere, so he would absolutely not mind you scratching him during sex. Shit, if you dragged your nails down his back hard enough that the marks linger or even scar, he’s gonna be smug as fuck about it. 
Doesn’t really care much about sexy undergarments. Sure, he can find them hot and enjoy the view, but he thinks you’re sexier in casual underwear. He’ll take seeing you in something cotton and comfortable over anything silky or fancy. 
Hickies for days. He’ll leave them on you and he damn sure likes when you leave them on him. Better yet, full on bite marks. Yes, fucking, please.
Sometimes he wants you to leave his cum inside you for a little while. It gets him heated and ready to go again later knowing that you’ve wandered around with his cum dripping into your underwear for a little bit.
Stamina for days, but he doesn’t have the quickest refractory period. Suits him just fine, because that allows him to either cuddle the fuck out of you or get his ass back to work. 
He’s packing pretty well. Length is pretty much on the average size, but he’s thick as holy hell and he will stretch you something fierce.
Really appreciates a good massage since he’s almost always some level of stiff and sore, but he can only enjoy it for so long before he’s gonna wanna jump you, especially if you use massage oil to really get his muscles slick during the kneading. 
He has a shower that he uses to bathe on average, but his seldom-used bath tub sees more use with you around, because he finds that he loves a good post-sex soak with you. Karl is an aftermath cuddle fiend (don’t ever point that out or he’ll get salty about it) and as nice as to do it in bed just so he can more easily fall asleep after, he likes getting you all warm and soapy in the come down. 
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obeymefictionwriting · a month ago
Hey, I am really sorry to bother you but I have this request roaming in my mind for quite a while now(don't know if the requests are open or not).
How would the brothers and undateables react to finding out that Cerebres (sorry if the spelling is wrong), the three headed dog of hell has a soft spot for mc abd turns into a literal puppy around them.
Just so you know, it is just a request and please don't think that you are under any obligation to write this.
Hiiii and sorry for late answer! Thanks for the request, it's really fun ^^
Tbh, he is a bit annoyed. He used to think only he was the one to tame Cerberus but a weak human?
(don't worry, it's his pride talking, he doesn't really mean it)
After getting over his initial shock, he feels pride again but for another reason.
Now he is proud that his partner turned out to be as strong as himself.
"You know, MC, Cerberus rarely displays such affection to anyone but me. You indeed are special".
Is slightly worried whether Cerberus remains the same good guardian dog after seeing him literally play fetch with you for an hour.
Decides to hold an experiment and hints about a new treasure in the presence of Mammon.
Is glad to see Cerberus remaining the same remorseless creature in regards to anyone but him and you.
*poor Mammon tho*
"How did ya do dat??"
Like, what the heck happened?!
For a second, he was really thinking you'd both die with Cerberus rushing towards you...
And then this damned dog fell on its back and demanded belly scratches!
"You got me SICK WORRIED MC"
Starts thinking about hitting a treasury with Cerberus being on your side.
"MC, I have an idea..."
No really, he is super proud of you (and also a bit afraid now)
He honestly thought Cerberus would listen to Lucifer only and he is both amazed and scared of seeing this huge-ass dog turning into an absolute puppy near you.
“MC, what did you do to him?”
He is also secretly proud to see you bossing Cerberus around like that.
Levi appreciates power as much as Lucifer does so he knows only strong-willed people could tame the hell dog like that.
“Can you ask him to stay calm so I can pet him?”
*best experience #2 in his life*
(first one involved Ruri-chan, duh)
That’s interesting. A human being can tame a hell hound just like that?
“MC, what kind of special powers do you have?”
Immediatly starts thinking about how to get Lucifer through his now-tamed Cerberus.
Enjoys watching you play with Cerberus and giving him high-quality belly rubs.
However, he will never change his mind that cats are superior.
“Can we leave this dog alone and go to cat cafe finally?”
He is terrified by Cerberus but seeing this dog running towards you... Asmo will do anything to protect his love!
He is about to go into full demon mode when the dog stops and... starts rolling on its back?
“Aw, look at it, MC! Even Cerberus can’t resist your charm!”
Surprisingly, Asmo is really bold about bonding with Cerberus.
He’d carefully sit down and be like “MC, you think I can also pet him?”
Asmo will squeal with happiness when Cerberus allows petting him.
“Awwww he is so CUTE!”
“MC, you really shouldn’t be walking in there, Cerberus might be...”
Nani? What?
He was literally about to protect you with his own body but... there is no need to?
“This is really cute”
Beel is a big goof ball so seeing something cute makes him happy instantly.
“Can I pet it too?”
“AW look, I can fit my whole head in his mouth!”
“Okay, it’s better if you play with him and I just watch”.
He is basically Satan #2 when he sees how much Cerberus likes you
The Anti-Lucifer league is in full action now.
Though he tries to act like he doesn’t care, deep down he is impressed and proud.
Who would have thought that you are able to tame Cerberus?
“Nah, you play with it. I have better things to do”.
Though he is dying of curiosity to play with Cerberus too, he will never show it.
On the other hand... it could be another weapon against Lucifer!
He is really worried when you take him down to the basement to show “something cool”.
Like, he is 1000% ready to protect you but who knows what might happen?...
When he sees Cerberus rushing towards you, he is about to destroy it but then...
He is overflowing with joy because not every day you can see Cerberus acting like a total puppy!
“I bet Lucifer will die laughing when he hears about that!”
(spoiler: Lucifer will be furious)
“MC, are you sure you don’t need my assistance?”
Is prepared to guard you with his life.
If you didn’t stop him, Cerberus would... never mind.
In fact, you’ve never seen Barbatos so... scary. On the other hand, you can be 100% sure your life is never at risk with him being around.
“Ah what a twist”
He prefers to observe you and Cerberus from the distance but is ready to jump in case abything goes wrong.
/sigh “MC, you never cease to surprise me”
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writingquestionsanswered · 2 months ago
Do you have any tips on identifying plot holes during revisions?
10 Tips for Identifying Plot Holes
1) Create a "Big Picture" Overview of Your Story
Whether you use a scene list, chapter by chapter summary, timeline, flow chart of events, or some combination of the above, having a "big picture" overview of your story allows you to see all the smaller parts and how they fit together. Not only can it help you spot problems as you're creating it, it also gives you something to follow as you're revising to help make sure everything makes sense.
2) Create a List of Plot Points and Subplot Points
Make a list of your story's plot points and subplot points. Once again, not only can the creation of this list help you spot potential problems, it will also be a crucial tool during the revision process as well as helpful for the next exercise.
3) Follow the Chain of Cause and Effect
Good continuity in your story means having a tight relationship between cause and effect. For each plot point and subplot point, you should be able to ask "why did this happen" and answer "because this other thing happened." You should also be able to look at each plot point or subplot point and say, "Because this happened, this next thing happens."
4) Look at Character Choices
Since stories are ultimately about people who want something trying to get that thing, plot points and subplot point are often the result of character choices and actions. So, for every choice a character makes or action they take, ask why? Did that choice make sense for that character's personality, situation, and back story? Did it make sense for that particular moment?
5) Make Sure Subplots Are Tied Up
Make a list of your subplots and make sure they're all tied up by the end. Pay attention to how and when they branched back into the story and what they accomplished.
6) Create Character/Setting Continuity Tables
Create a table of important characteristics like hair color, eye color, current age, birthday, etc. and when you're reading through your story, any time a detail like that comes up, check it in the table to make sure you've got it right. You can do the same thing for setting details.
7) Create a Technical Detail Checklist
For every technical detail you include in your story, whether that's the moon being out and in a certain phase in a particular scene, the amount of time it takes to travel a particular distance, how a particular weapon works, the ingredients of a particular spell or potion, the types of berries your character forages, an historical garment or costume... put it in a checklist. Then, when you're revising and you get to that item, double-check the details you've included in the actual story against your research (or look them up again), and check them off when you're sure they're accurate.
8) Create a "Things That Need Reviewing" Checklist
You can do the same while you're writing/editing for general things you want to double-check, like maybe you recall your character mentioning something about their childhood home in a chapter, and now they're saying something else about it and you want to go back later and make sure the two things are coherent.
9) Review Your Manuscript with Fresh Eyes
When you've been with your WIP for weeks or months or years, it becomes tough to see mistakes that would be obvious to anyone else. If you can, try stepping away from your manuscript for a few days or weeks so that you can come back to it with fresh eyes. Another trick you can use (especially if you can't step away for long or at all) is to change the font style and/or color in your manuscript. This can trick your brain into feeling like it's seeing everything for the first time. Reading it out loud or trying to to visualize it like a movie can also help.
10) Get Feedback from Other People
If you plan on posting or publishing your story anyway, it's crucial to get critical eyes on your story during your revision process. Critique groups, writing groups, critique partners, beta readers, and editors are all great ways to get feedback on your story before publication. These folks can help you spot problems, like plot holes and continuity errors, before you share, query, or publish your story.
I hope that helps!
Have a writing question? My inbox is always open!
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