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#and it's always condescending
dochaes · 6 days ago
not to vent on main, but i also really, REALLY WISH people would stop treating my spouse & i as a unit on tumblr rpc. like it’s happened before where i’ve unfollowed someone... so they’ve unfollowed orion. you realise you can be indifferent or even uncomfortable with one of us and friendly with the other, right? we’re not the same fucking person. and our marriage isn’t toxic enough for either one of us to give two shits about it if the other is friends with someone the other is uncomfortable around.
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irdeadite · 21 days ago
why is it whenever you get an anon on here about to tell you you're being "problematic" in some inane, dumb way, they always start their asks like:
"hi jst wnted 2 let u kno" like speak ENGLISH, MARY.
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spideyhexx · a month ago
My dad’s first thing he says to me when he comes home is “oh you had a hard day?” in a sarcastic tone because I’ve been home all day and he’s been out during work all day and fuck, sure he did shit more tiring but like yeah my head has been hurting since last night and I barely slept last night and I don’t have shit to do so if that made me have a hard day then it does. He always fucking jokes around with me whenever I don’t want to and it’s always so rude and mocking. Like I can’t be serious around him because sometimes he’ll just make a fucking joke out of it and he mocks me all the time which I fucking hate and to hear my other family members just going “oh just deal with it” LIKE fuck no i don’t wanna continue dealing with it? But I have to because he won’t stop even though I’ve had legit serious conversations with him about that.
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primakira · a month ago
my mom: you're free to do whatever will make you happy!
also my mom: is Disappointed and gives passive-aggressive lectures implying that the choices i want to make are the wrong ones
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medievalraven · a month ago
Do you ever feel like you don’t matter in fandom? Because that’s how I’m feeling right now, despite what people say in the tags, I just don’t think people care all that much to what I put out. I’m not saying the should, but it’s a little disheartening and I’m always weighing whether or not I should leave.
I’ll be honest with you anon, I deeply struggled with that exact feeling you’re describing for a long time and I am so sorry that you feel that way too.  
I think fandom can be this wonderful place - somewhere that’s fun and super collaborative - but it can also be mentally a dangerous place.  It’s so easy to lose yourself or to compare yourself to others in the form of asks or notes or comments or tags or anything. 
But you matter.
Your voice matters, your content matters, you matter.
And I can guarantee that your presence in the fandom would be missed if you were to decide to leave.
There’s no easy answer to how you stop feeling this way - it’s really a personal process, but I can share a few things that helped me get into a better mindset.
I think you need to ask yourself why you don’t think people care?  If there’s a specific response or validation that you’re seeking?  Why is this important?  (Are there certain people you are looking for a response from?)
This is a good starting point to identify what might be the bigger issue.  Personally I would get a lot of nice comments, but never felt worthy of them and/or felt that people were only saying those nice things out of pity.  So a lot of my work centered around seeing the worth in my work and learning to trust that people meant what they said about me/my work.
I think a short break from the fandom and tumblr might be beneficial.  Take the time to detach from the constant stimulation and content and conversations here and focus instead on yourself.  Use this as a chance to remember why you fell in love with the show and even create for the sake of creating, not to share with anyone. 
Or if you find a source of your feelings stem from seeing other blogs on here or other content then take the opportunity to curate your dash and filter/unfollow.  Be selfish and make sure this is a space where you feel safe and valued.
And it’s cliche, I know, but I think it’s important to keep reminding yourself that the most important person to make happy with your work is yourself.  Make the metaphorical cake for yourself and let others opinions be the sprinkles.  The cake is already complete without them, but they just highlight what was already great.
I hope you’re able to feel better about your work and the fandom, anon.  My dms are always open to you (or anyone else) who wants to talk.
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forehead-enthusiast · 2 months ago
omg did i read your mind then 😳 anyway i’m sorry things have been hectic lately, i can kind of relate :( i hope it slows down soon and you get a breather. as for the fights... YES CAUSE CHAOS😌 i hope you’re okay overall though? 💓
yes you did ily telepathic legend 😍😍😍 and it's okay I did it to myself when I decided to take six classes, have a job, volunteer, do my online store stuff, and participate in orgs 🤪 and THANK YOU yeah I got this asshole kicked out of one of my orgs but he doesn't know yet so shhhhhh
and yeah overall I am very tired but good!! But fr what have YOU been up to???
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witchy-tombstone-smile · 2 months ago
I've been told that my insomnia was caused by the fact that "I'm always on my phone". Me reading a book at 3 am while I keep telling myself "just one more chapter :)" determined that's fucking bullshit
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mark-of-daemons · 3 months ago
as someone with adhd i get so sick and tired of people wanting to pretend it’s just solely a positive thing. i get so sick and tired of people trying to say that it’s not a disability and instead instead is a “positive and fun trait!”
it’s not fun. it’s not quirky. it’s not a personality trait. it’s a learning disability. it makes my head a living hell. it makes my life a living hell. it makes functioning an absolute nightmare.
if you want to find something that makes you cute, quirky, and fun to be around go find something else to cling to because adhd is certainly not it
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kaylazer · 4 months ago
thoughts in tag post bc I need to rant about pointless things
#there’s this girl I used to work with who i thought was just like#a work friend#I trained her to be a cashier when she started working at my job and we were cool#but she was always kinda condescending in like..... an envious way#i was at my prime in my Walmart years but also very much anorexic#anyway like she was a huge LOZ fan and one time we were talking about BOTW and I referred to it as ‘Zelda’ like most ppl do#and she was like ‘UMM HIS NAME IS LINK!!!’#and I was like ‘..... I was referring to the series as a whole... it’s not that deep’#and now I’m noticing when I make posts about things in my life she makes like..... retaliation posts about her life#like she sees my posts and is comparing herself to me to make herself feel better#the first time it happened I thought it was just coincidence but now it’s definitely a pattern#like on my birthday I posted cute selfies bc I only ever put on makeup for holidays and shit#and the same day she posted a selfie and her caption was like ‘I don’t need makeup! blue eyes for the win!’#bc like#she’s white and has blue eyes#and I’m an Asian person who may be viewed as prettier than her and I have brown eyes#and like I was wearing a lot of makeup in that picture so it was WAY too close to be a coincidence#and then last night I posted a story of my PS5 controller (thx mom)#and shortly after she made a fb post like ‘don’t mind me playing my PS2 while other people are playing the PS5!’#like there was NO WAY that post wasn’t in retaliation to mine#like yo#chill out#live your own life and don’t try to make yourself feel better lol#do you think I also didn’t play the PS2 when it came out lol#why are you ‘gatekeeping’ playing video games lol#anyway#ppl are weird and do weird things when they’re insecure#I hope you got the approval you were seeking
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cosmic-connor · 6 months ago
Woke up thinking I was in another state taking care of a kid because I had such a vivid fucking dream about it WOW
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