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#and its fucked up
asexual-of-diamonds · 2 hours ago
why is everyone having healthcare even a question everyone should have free healthcare what the fuck is this shit that i'm learning i will gladly argue why it is a good idea good lord
@queerblackcloud wanna talk about how fucked we are? (:
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theabbystabby · 2 hours ago
In case you aren't aware, the Pokemon card scalping is so bad that Target and Walmart have suspended carrying cards until further notice because when new packs release hoards of people show up to get them in a very Black Friday fashion. If you're a normal, casual collector and are lucky enough to have a nearby card shop you might still be able to get your hands on choice cards. But if you don't, you're currently shit out of luck outside of buying them online. And that's fucked up. I'm at a loss for words.
Apparently rich Youtubers are buying absurd amounts of cards (starting with Logan Paul who bought 2 MILLION USD worth of them) and people are following in their footsteps.
I know they're just paper but I love the art so much and occasionally like to treat myself to a little pack or two. But above all, they essentially ruined and stole from children who collect/play the game. How selfish can you be??
So, in closing, if you're a Pokemon card scalper/insanely rich Youtuber following this trend: I hate you.
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magyk-cheddar · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
ID: a digital drawing of beetle, marwick and septimus asleep in bed in that order. marwick is hugging septimus and beetle has one hand on marwicks arm and another on septimus' head /end ID
Here have some gays
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prugihunt · 7 hours ago
Today is 17th of May. In exactly a month i will finish uni and then exactly in 2 months im flying to München!!!
The wave of happiness is so unreal, like almost im dreaming
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80hdean · 12 hours ago
the way in which i realized that maybe
m a y b e
part of the reason I got into spn when i did, and why i can’t get away from it now, is a funny and messed up way of dealing with my own fucking mega fucked family situation, and i’ve been processing it via a dean perspective vs a sam perspective
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ofdreamsanddoodles · 17 hours ago
rudy finishing his body & omniman attacking the city happening on the same day is so funny. imagine having your teammate, who you’ve known for at least two years and previously thought was a robot, just came into headquarters like “oh yeah i helped dangerous criminals get out of an extremely high tech prison because i stole your dna to build myself a body since i was a human this entire time but i needed a new one to live my Best Life” and then that’s like. not even the worst thing that happened that day
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spixi · 19 hours ago
scheduelling emails to be sent at like 1am to add to the idea that im not vibing when i really passed out at 8pm because of the exhaustion of being alive
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lobotomycas · 22 hours ago
YEAH AS OF LIKE. A WEEK AND A HALF AGO? I watched the show and was like oh that was neat :) I like the three heist guys :) ik there's a series about them :) and then I read the books and they rewrote my brain I think! like I am not the same person I was before that! holy shit!
#a large part of the reason is that I wanted to know what that grisha was talking about when he was abt to say something#abt jesper and then jesper knockdc him out. I didn't make the connection which in hindsight was very obv skdhfkfnkf and was very intrigued#but I was also pspspsps'ed in by disabled cane user kaz and ALSO show kanej was extremely compelling#then book kanej is specifically what changed me as a person. I am SO obsessed with them. deeply in love.#I think if I had to choose a character from the 6 that I straight up have a massive crush on its nina. I'm a little in love with her I thin#she likes matthias so he can stay. I'm fond of him but he's not my fave#AND WYLAN MY DEARLY BELOVED..... AND WESPER. MY DEARLY BELOVED. HE'S SO GOOD THEY'RE SO GOOD#I'm just infodumping in the tags here skndkfnfkfnfn#I normally am not a fan of the trope where like. everyone in a group like that is in a relationship w someone else in the group#I just find it unnecessary yknow. we all know I'm not a romantic jdkfnfkfj but I liked how that was written! diff types of relationships ig#kanej my beloved. they are so fucked in the head and they love each other so much. It's About The Healing Process#they ARE each others endgame and like rlly we know that barely into the first book. neither of them are as impartial as they think they are#but. because of The Atrocities and The Tragedies. they can't manage a relationship. and is their relationship ever going to look normal?#when it stabilizes? I doubt it tbh I think it'll make sense but they kinda want different things and are gonna end up in different places.#kaz will stay in ketterdam while inej will go out to sea. but. they're it for each other anyways. and that's So Much. To Me#it's abt what makes sense To Them... finding comfort in each other finding a home in each other. learning to live and love without fear#inej adores kaz and kaz practically worships her it's sooooo they're soooooo. the show was insane for placing her up on that balcony#so that kaz would look up at her above him after she saved his life. insanity inducing scene.#none of these tags have a point I'm just rambling immmmgmgmgmhnn lomnve them#poetsocieties#ask#also omg hello haven't talked to u in a while :^)#just followed ur soc blog!#also also also I love jesper so so much it's unreal. in the show he's a cutie and clearly has hidden depths tm but in the books. I LOVE him#he's more?? simple?? than kaz or inej?? as in no atrocities happened to him and the tragedy was admittedly. basic. but it still affects#him every day he still made some major life choices bc of it to protect himself bc colm asked and he's trying and look where it got him.#but he's still trying. he wants to be enough and he doesn't want to endanger himself even tho he'd be HEALTHIER if he did.#matthias voice there are many kinds of illness#but! he doesn't! and it's his choice and okay he's not where he thought he'd be by now but he's okay!#holy shit he has a bf and a lil found family and his dad still loves him etc etc he's happy! he's zowa he's blessed!
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