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#and jasper and harper and lincoln and diyoza
freckled-forests · 12 months ago
Listen To Me
Abby and Kane and Lincoln and Lexa (the real one) and Jaha and Wells and Charlotte and Monty and Harper and Jasper and Mia and Luna and Diyoza and Shaw all of the other 100 kids and the people who died in the Culling and BELLAMY BLAKE are all out there in an afterlife that is in no way connected to this group of aliens who uploaded the rest of humanity into their Culture Collection Database and when Beachkru finally all die natural deaths, that is when they will all TRULY be reunited with their loved ones
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float-me-now · 11 months ago
Hey there! For the t100 asks about the show being over, how about 16, 17 & 40? I'm still too annoyed to write any meta about it, but maybe after Halloween is over for me since my family does a big yard display (usually a party too but not this year BOOOOOO). Interested in hearing what you have to say!
Hi! Oh, I feel you, I already wrote a 40-something-points meta-rant about this season. Shame for the party, but I hope your Halloween will be great anyway :) So, let's get into the asks!
16. What was the saddest death of the series?
Oh boy. I don't know if I can name just one, and I have to divide that in two categories. The people whose deaths I hated the most because I liked the characters so much were Roan, McCreary and Kane. The saddest as in 'most dramatic and impactful' to me were Sinclair (ugghh poor Raven don't even get me started on that) Lincoln (maybe the most heroic one), Monty and Harper, Jasper (seeing the once happy and cheerful boy commit suicide was ughh) and Diyoza's death. Honorable mention for Tor Lemkin and Bellamy Blake (whose death was more shitty than sad honestly)!
17. What was the happiest moment of the series?
Hmm that may sound banal maybe, but I think it is in the pilot, when Octavia touches the ground, yells "we're back bitches" and everyone smiles and starts running around. I don't really know how to explain that but to me that moment is pure freedom and joy! A similar one is in the season 3 pilot, with them singing in the Rover and Octavia running with Helios alongside them. Raven and Murphy playing soccer on Eligius IV is also a pretty beautiful moment (Murphy shouting and Raven's laugh, wow), and Monty hugging Murphy in season 4 when he went back for him is a close one too.
40. Do you have any headcanons about what happens to the surviving characters after the final scene?
This is a tricky question to me because my fantasy is really poor in terms of imagining stories and such, and about that finale of all things... but I'll try!
I can see Levitt being terrible at camping because he grew up on a place where everything was about technology, and Octavia has to teach him everything about earth skills (he learns fast but I can also see Indra scoffing and facepalming in the background when he fails lmao).
Since I'm so pissed because we rarely see our characters have like a “positive closure” with their dead loved ones, here goes: Echo and Hope tell stories about the time they spent on Skyring with Gabriel, and a lot of them are hilarious because Gabriel was a super nice person and very fun too. Jordan would remember the time he spent with Monty and Harper, Hope and Octavia tell stories about how cool and loving Diyoza was because they want her to be remembered as a good person and not a terrorist while Echo, Raven and Murphy remember Bellamy on the ring, how he was always there for them and he was always optimistic about going back to the ground. Clarke tells them about the time she spent alone with Madi, how she became her daughter.
Jackson and Murphy become friends after Eric realises that Murphy feels really bad about Abby and that it wasn’t his fault she died.
They also mourn Kane, since stupid season 7 forgot him
Miller finally forgives himself for the things he did in the bunker, and becomes close with Octavia and Jordan, also because he can see a bit of Monty and Harper in him.
Echo takes up the hobby of creating small jewellery for her friends and they love it.
Murphy and Raven bicker like all the time, they spend a lot of time together (especially because Murphy wants to be useful and help around and Raven knows he needs this, so she gives him tasks). She also teaches him how to craft basic stuff and she’s super proud of him. They're Picasso's number one fans.
Hope also likes Picasso and takes her for long strolls with Jordan, Clarke and Gaia (yay for team short blond hair). Echo spends hours petting her and making braids in her fur.
Gaia finally manages to teach Clarke some meditation to find peace.
Miller and Jackson get officially married with a grounder ceremony officiated by Gaia. 
Also, they find the Rover, which has miraculously survived, Raven fixes it and they can go explore the place and go on long trips.
Thank you so much for your ask and your interest, I’m surely reading that meta when you write it! :D
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earthlyholland · a year ago
“we survived”
bellamy’s dead. madi’s dead. emori’s basically dead. diyoza’s dead. finn. lexa. abby. lincoln. wells. jaha. charlotte. jasper. monty. harper. gabriel. roan. luna. josephine. russell. gina. anya. every child at mount weather. maya.
if you want to call this surviving, go ahead, but it looks a whole lot like drowning to me.
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earthkrufan · 5 months ago
Missed Opportunities
What missed opportunities do you think would’ve made The 100 even better? Here’s my list: 
Marper should’ve had two sons. The writers could’ve paralleled Monty & Jasper as well as the Blakes. Then since Monty exposed himself to radiation to get the oxygenator & Harper was getting sick before Praimfaya, one kid could’ve been born with a mutation like Emori. This could’ve allowed us to explore Emori & her childhood more as we saw her & Marpers son deal with being amongst the grounders who likely still had an animosity for those with mutations.
Lincoln died to save the grounder prisoners in Arkadia but we never saw them again. Was his sacrifice worth it? It would’ve been more tragic if Octavia had to kill one of them during the Dark Year.
Jaspers depression was deeper than Maya, which could’ve been highlighted more. He was already traumatized by the war with the grounders. Then Maya died in his arms during the honeymoon phase of their relationship due to three of his closest friends. He watched as a civilization died out & had survivors guilt because he believed he could’ve saved everyone. Then when he returned to Arkadia, his parents never made it to Earth. It’s not just Maya, it’s everything.
Octavia & Clarke should’ve worked together in s5. If Clarke worked to keep Octavia on the throne, it would’ve kept Madi off it. Clarktavia would’ve been the best.  
Monty killed his mom to save Octavia & I wish he mentioned this to her in s5. Also I know Monty & Octavia were never best friends but since Monty felt like he didn’t do enough to save Jasper, it would’ve been nice to see him try harder to help Octavia heal by offering her empathy.
The 100 introduced a whole new solar system that we could’ve explored more. I wish we saw more of all the planets. I wish we learned more about what happened to the other Eligius missions, like the ones that went to Nakara & Etherea. The CW missed out big time with The 100 universe & not making any spinoffs.
Roan mentions that he was the eldest son of Nia, so who were his siblings?
I wish the show acknowledged that doing better is about more then just being morally right. You need to be smart otherwise you’ll still needlessly get innocents killed. If your actions still get tons of people killed, how moral are you really being? I wish our characters had smarter plans in s6 & s7, maybe then they would’ve achieved their goals with less deaths & less Transcending. If we had a s8 that would've been the perfect time to explore this. The aliens are far more advanced then humanity & have been at there genocidal ways for a long time. Without an intelligent plan, the human race won’t be able to save anyone.
Spacekru should’ve learned about the Dark Year on-screen.
Since Madi dreamt of the commanders in s5 it would've been crazy if they talked to her during the 125 years she was in cryo. The writers could've highlighted the trauma that comes with using a child as Heda.
Octavia hated Jaha since he floated her mother & I think it would’ve been cool to have a sad parallel where a child in the bunker hated Octavia because she sent their parent to the pits & they died.
Ravens story in s6 should’ve been to fix the City of Light instead of just being angry. With the COL back the Primes would still get to be immortal, their followers would keep their Gods, the nightbloods would no longer have to sacrifice themselves to the Primes & they could even kill the host bodies as justice.
The theme of s6 was face your demons so more characters should’ve done that. Raven & Murphy started a civil war. Murphy & Emori worked with McCreary. Bellamy poisoned Octavia, staged a coup against her, & left her for dead. Kane worked with McCreary too & betrayed Wonkru.
The writers missed some chances to add character depth. Bellamy regressed in s6 but why? Here’s my explanation: with the loss of Earth after being unable to make peace in the valley, with Marper dead, Kane incapacitated, Octavia lost, & then Clarke ‘killed’, Bellamy felt he couldn’t save his loved ones so he started to falter on doing better. With Murphy, why did he think he would go to hell? What about Raven in s7? Raven focused on Hatch but she should’ve reflected on all her actions that she once viewed as black & white. Torturing Lincoln was grey. Working with Clarke to do the Ring of Fire was grey. Withholding meds from Adria was grey. Starting a civil war was grey. Raven has been grey since s1 but viewed her actions as black & white. Then what about Clarke in the final season? Clarke was driven to save Madi, her friends, & the human race as she wanted to stop Cadogans war. Yet she is reduced to her love of Madi. With Clarke in the finale the writers should’ve highlighted the complexity of humanity & that someone can have multiple reasons for their actions at the same time.  
When the Primes killed Clarke they should’ve said Clarke was guilty & her friends wouldn’t miss her. It would’ve been more tragic. Josephine could’ve even lied & told them Clarke chose to give up her body because her friends were better off without her & she could save someones life instead of taking it.
What was Spacekru like on the ring? What hardships did Clarke & Madi face in the valley? It would’ve been nice to have flashbacks. 
When Octavia was off doing her Anomaly stuff Miller, Niylah, & Jackson should joined her & Diyoza too.
Bellamy should’ve offered Octavia empathy more in s5 but she would refuse to open up since it was too painful. When she refused to open up, Bell could send Harper to investigate Wonkru. This kills two birds with one stone; Bell shows he actually cares about Octavia & Harper gets more to do.
Clarke took a lot of crap from a lot of people & I wish she just ripped into them once for their mistakes. Like when Murphy called her out for the fact that Titus tortured him, Clarke should’ve been like: “well maybe you & Emori shouldn’t have been robbing people on the roads to Polis”. When Monty called her out for playing God, I wish she called him out & was like: “so do you wanna tell these people why there are a couple hundred less spots in Arkadia, cause I don’t see you telling people the truth about that”. If I was Clarke I’d be like if your gonna hold me accountable imma hold you accountable. 
The Octavia deleted scene where she said she should’ve never been born in s6 should’ve been kept in. The Echo deleted scene in s7 where she said she doesn’t know who she is because Queen Nia made her a killer also should’ve been kept in.
The Earth should’ve been dead when we revisited it but The 100 should’ve ended with our characters working to terraform the wasteland like Monty wanted to do.
I have a couple more missed opportunities that I’ll probably post about later but this list is long enough. I love The 100; it’s one of my favorite shows of all time but it’s cool to wonder what if they took the story in a different direction. The show is made by humans & can be flawed at times so theres also always room to improve.
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boomheda · 4 months ago
Top Ten the 100 Characters Post S7
Honestly we may have already done this, and i think most people have departed the fandom but in case anyone has any more the 100 feelings they want to get out - here’s a tag game!
List your top 10 the 100 characters!
Tagging but feel free to ignore: @johnmurphysreddit​ @awesomenell65​ @blodreina-noumou​ @bombshellsandbluebells​ @murphystartedthefire​ @dylanobrienisbatman​ @rosealie​ @willexxmercer​ @ohhsoadorkable​ @aproblematicpanda​ @laufire​ @linctavia​ and you reading this if you wanna do it!
Under the cut because it might get long!
1. John Murphy- definitely had one of my favourite story arcs from s1-7. Something so wonderful that he went from the anrgy, bitter, lonely kid who lashed out to a man who found love and his own family (while still being sort of a bitch!! love that!!!). (bonus that S7 showed him becoming the champion for defenseless kids he never had)
Tumblr media
2. Echo Kom Spacekru - again i think she had one of the best journeys from s2 where we meet her in mount weather, clanless and alone, saved by bellamy (then helps him kill a guy!) to s3 & 4 where she is Azgeda, working for her people to s5-7 where she has her spacekru family. I dislike a lot about s7 but the way it rounded out Echo’s story? Excellent.
Tumblr media
3. Emori Kom Spacekru- My top three all have things in common and that is- i really liked almost all of their story. Again meeting Emori as a reject of her own society, the lonely girl in the desert who puts a knife to Murphy’s throat (!) and being able to watch her go to the stars and grow into herself and make her own family just !!!!!!!!!!!!!! warms my heart.
Tumblr media
4. Octavia Blake- WHAT A JOURNEY THE GIRL UNDER THE FLOOR HAD?!?!?! Blake, one of the 100, Indra’s second, Lincoln’s love, Skairipa, Skaikru’s champion, Osleya, Blodreina, Auntie O. The variety she gave me for seven seasons!!!
Tumblr media
5. Raven Reyes- If im honest her and Octavia are probably tied?? and if you asked me tomorrow she would probably be 4th or higher lol. She is ONLY this low because as the show went on it became clear they weren’t 100% sure what to do with her until they needed someone to do something really smart at the end of the season. Light of my life to be honest- so many standout moments and as much as what they continued to do to her on this show was often poorly written and gross, I was so happy she made it to the end. “I don’t choose pain, I choose life.”
Tumblr media
6. Monty Green- I am ignoring the s7 reveal that shit all over his ending. Monty’s journey to “The Angry Pacifist“ is one of my favourite things. His exhuastion with war and violence after everything he’s endured makes perfect sense and his endings is one of my favourite’s in the series (if they *had* to go that way). Nothing but respect for Monty “ If a war is the only way to have the last survivable land on Earth, then maybe we don't deserve it.” Green.
Tumblr media
7. Jasper Jordan- his ending remains i hate that’s how it ended for him. I also hate a lot of the fan reaction to him but I Love Jasper Jordan. I always found him one of the most...human characters? You see him in s1 trying to fit in and maybe acting like a bit of an ass to impress people (like a teenager would like everyone calm down lol, also it plays into the idea of the early days where it was like children almost playing at war until the reality of it all came) Then s2 he takes on the protector role!!!! And its impossible not to feel for him, he just wants a way to save everyone, to save Maya. And again i think his feelings afterwards are totally realistic (people want realistic reactions to loss and trauma on tv and film until they get them in a way that isn’t just a Stoic Jaw Clench apparently) What happened to Jasper remains one of the most heart destorying moment for me, from the beginning the 100 told us “This isn’t a show where you can save everyone” and still i thought maybe, for Jasper, they would.
Tumblr media
8. Charmaine Diyoza- I honestly didn’t think a character introduced so late in the game would have a hold on me but damn she’s neat. Another lesson on prespectives for sure lol. Her antagonist role in s5 was great...tho even then! Not the Big Bad! (Two serpents one garden really ignores all the other people that fucked shit up that season lol) Her mission with Octavia s6 made a storyline im sure i wouldn’t have taken much notice of one of the highlights of the season and see them go on this domestic journey together in s7? and honestly her and the bad bitches kru were one of the best things about season 7. Even her death just....was the right way for her to go (not a sentence i say a lot for this show) it was so well done (am i sad she wasn’t on the beach? yes! but im not mad at how it ended for her)
Tumblr media
9. Luna Kom Floukru- another tragic one tbh. I found her so compelling, she has all this power to kill and she made a choice to say no- which btw is “doing better” lmao. Then she’s dragged back into everything and loses the life she’s managed to build and decides the world is cruel so she will be too. I have a half baked post somewhere about Luna and Jasper’s stories having similarities- the main difference being that Jasper internalises all his pain against himself while Luna externalises it and directs her violence towards the world around her.
Tumblr media
10. Lincoln Kom Trikru- i just found his “between two worlds” thing really interesting, he never fit in with his own people because he didn’t want to kill, he couldn’t make a home with the sky people either. Kind heart and a badass what more could you want. and again- hate his ending.
Tumblr media
Honourable mentions: Indra Kom Trikru and Finn Collins
“I love these characters but the narrative didn’t do a lot for them” mentions: Harper Macintyre, Gaia Kom Trikru, Anya Kom Trikru, Josie Lightbourne, Niylah 
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lovelybeautifulpretty · 3 months ago
Emori, Echo and Octavia for the ship ask game?
Tumblr media
MURPHY: They. Are. Everthing!!! From their very first meeting, through all their ups and downs to how far they've come. Their journey was one of the things I loved most about this show! Also they have the most romantic lines <333
Murphy + Raven: the best OT3 there is imo!! Love how protective they all are over each other (though it's still Murphy/Emori >>>>>> Murphy/Emori/Raven for me)
Raven: these two have so much in common, so it's no wonder they get along so well! Plus, I absolutely loove it when they get excited over technic stuff together
Harper: what can I say? This beautifully written fanfic made me quite fond of them ^^
Tumblr media
Raven: they just have this deep and unspoken connection, this understanding! Would be no wonder if something happened between them on the ring, sometimes they just feel like ex lovers with some lingering feelings to me
Bellamy: their first meeting = brutal & mesmerizing! Excellent build up from enemies to allies to lovers! Would have been even better if something happened between them while the grounder/skaikru conflict was still a thing (the tension!!)
Bellamy + Raven: could have been soo good!
Hope: they were quite touching and messy at times and I loved them for it
and I also enjoyed her dynamic with Emori & Octavia even though I don't really see it in a romantic light.
Tumblr media
LINCOLN: my first love on this hell show!! I'm a sucker for forbidden love stories and back then they were it! Also love how you can still feel him in Octavia's narrative even after his death
DIYOZA: always quite liked & enjoyed them and by the last season I was surprised by how much I actually loved them. They felt very married raising Hope together and no one can convince me otherwise
Niylah: the bits we got of them were beautiful (wish there were more!!) Oh and I absolutely love the headcanon that they hooked up in the bunker
Ilian: there never was love between them, not really, but their short time together still touched me, however messy and heart-wrenching it could get
Maya: only one(?) episode and still I was very touched & heartbroken! For strangers they understood each other very well, the girl under the floor & the girl trapped inside a mountain
Levitt: him falling so strongly & so quickly in love with Octavia was very believable & very relatable imo xDD
Jasper: became fond of them upon rewatch, but still mostly see it as an one-sided crush from Jasper's side xD
Oh, you also need to know that my love for Octavia/Lincoln & Octavia/Diyoza became so tangled, it's even hard for myself to say which one I love more xDD. But it's definitely Octavia/Lincoln & Octavia/Diyoza >>>>>>>>> all other Octavia ships for me!!
Send me a character and I'll list all the people I ship them with in order
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Best Hamilton Lyrics for The 100 Characters
 The Hundred
Clarke -  “Do you know how hard it is to lead?”
Bellamy - “I made every mistake  and felt the shame rise in me. And even now  I lie awake.” 
Raven -  “All I have’s my honor, a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits, and my top-notch brain.” 
Octavia -  “Hamilton doesn’t hesitate. He exhibits no restraint. He takes and he takes and he takes.” 
Murphy -  “He will do what it takes to survive.”
Monty - “We’ll get a little place in Harlem and we’ll figure it out”  
Jasper - “We want our leaders to save the day, but we don’t get a say in what they trade away”
Miller - “Your lieutenant when there’s a reckoning to be reckoned.”
Harper - “Best of wives and best of women.”  
Finn -  “We dream of a brand new start, but we dream in the dark for the most part.”
Wells -  “You could have done so much more if you only had time.”
Indra - “How can I keep leading when the people i’m leading keep retreating?”
Echo -  “Looking to the world like a man on a mission.” 
Emori - “And if there’s a reason he seems to thrive when so few survive.”
Gaia - “God help and forgive me. I wanna build something’s that gonna outlive me.”
Lincoln - “What if this bullet is my legacy?”
Roan - “I am either gonna die in the battlefield in glory or-”
Lexa - “I scream in the face of this mass mutiny: Are these the men with which I am to defend America?”
Ark Adults
Kane - “In New York, you can be a new man.”
Abby - “The doctor turned around so he could have deniability”
Jaha - “He has something to prove. He has nothing to lose.”
Madi - “When I was seventeen a hurricane destroyed my town. I didn’t drown. I couldn’t seem to die.”
Hope -  “I was to young and blind to see”
Jordan -  “Thomas, we are engaged in a battle for our nation’s very soul.”
Gabriel - “Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.”
Maya - “Raise a glass to freedom”
Diyoza- “Now I’m the villain in your history”
Russell - “You say our love is draining and you can’t go on. You’ll be the one complaining when I am gone. And no, don’t change the subject. Cuz you’re my favorite subject. My sweet submissive subject. My loyal, royal subject. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.”
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thelittlefanpire · a year ago
Tumblr media
in peace, in love, in the final journey: a blessing for Bellamy Blake
by thelittlefanpire
The 100 | Bellamy Blake | Canon Compliant | Angst | Rated G
*7x13 spoilers and post-canon dreams*
Bellamy took his last breath on the hard floor of the Primes’ palace. There was a hand pressing down on his chest but he didn’t know who it belonged to. He only knew that it didn’t belong to her. Clarke had run into the closing green light of the Anomaly as fast as she could, leaving him to die right there—all alone.
But there wasn’t time to take that all in. There wasn’t time for a parting word from anyone who was left to speak over his body. And there wasn’t time for his life to flash before his eyes before the darkness bloomed and his eyes closed. He was met with a bright, white light. It surrounded him, pressing down on the bullet hole in his heart, and filling it with its light. Time, space, and his very existence seemed to cease.
As quickly as he died, Bellamy was immediately sitting upright in a golden field. Long stalks of wheat blew against an unfelt wind. As he blinked, the wheat stilled and he felt warm but comfortable. He looked down and saw that his long Disciple robes were removed, leaving him only in a white t-shirt and pants. There were no bloodstains on his chest, he noticed when he looked over himself, and then his eyes darted back up and around wildly at his surroundings.
The field stretched on as far as his eyes could see. Gold rolled on and on in every direction. The sky above him appeared to reflect the ground below, bathing him in a strange gilded light. The light caught on two blurry figures in the distance that came into focus as they moved toward him from the west. Bellamy stood up and watched them carefully. He felt nothing but peace as they approached.
With arms slung over the others’ shoulders, Monty Green and Jasper Jordan smiled brightly as they skipped right up to him. The long, lanky young man from his past and the old man who got his happy ending.
“Welcome to the Other Side!” Jasper’s voice echoed loudly around the field and he raised his arms wide. Bellamy’s eyebrows shot up into his curls, but he accepted it, and the hug the duo engulfed him in. It felt solid, bringing him more into this unknown world.
“You did the best you could, Bellamy,” Monty whispered in his ear. The finality of his words hit the very core of Bellamy’s soul. He was dead.
“This is it?” Bellamy questioned. He began to remember his last moments. Pleading with Clarke and trying to convince her that he could protect Madi—that he could save them. All mankind. “Transcendence?”
The aloof pair stared blankly at him and neither one seemed to have an answer to his questions. Monty slowly pointed out into the field and Bellamy followed his hand until he spotted Harper McIntyre. She was gazing at something with the loveliest smile on her face. Bellamy looked, but couldn’t see what she saw.
He wanted to shout and get her attention, but there was movement behind Monty and Jasper. Three men were walking across the field in his direction. His mouth fell open in surprise, but he knew each of their distinct strides like the back of his hand.
The guilt...the resentment...the regret...he felt none of the things he expected to feel at the sight of them. Marcus Kane smiled, Thelonious Jaha nodded, and Charles Pike placed his hand on Bellamy’s shoulder.
”We’re so proud of you, son,” Kane said with Jaha and Pike at his sides. They were the men Bellamy had followed. The men that were like fathers to him, the only ones he had ever known. And now they were welcoming him into something that felt like home. Bellamy smiled at them all.
They stood silently, letting the wind blow through the grass. The others stared off into that place Bellamy couldn’t see yet.
“So, you didn’t even kiss her?” Roan kom Azgeda’s slow voice teased from somewhere behind him and he turned to see him with Lexa kom Trikru, who was chuckling at the inside joke. The two Grounders walked up to him. Roan burst into laughter at Bellamy’s confused eyes and Lexa wore a knowing smirk until the laughter quieted.
In the golden field, farther off in the distance, the soft brown curls of the woman he once loved bounced in step with her quick advance. Bellamy left the others and rushed towards her.
“I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve—“ Gina Martin placed a single finger over his lips to silence him. She shook her head and gave him a watery smile.
“I told you not to be a hero. And you went and became the bravest damn one I’ve ever seen.”
”Is this real?” He rested his forehead on hers. She was warm and soft and still so full of light.
“It is.”
Bellamy sighed and pulled away from her when he felt another presence. Lincoln kom Trikru was standing still, not taking his eyes off the place Harper was staring at before. The tattoos along his back, neck, and torso stood out against his tan skin. He was relaxed in his stance but looked like he was ready to spar at any moment.
“If death has no cost, life has no worth,” he repeated the words he had spoken to Skaikru long ago. The words Lincoln and Bellamy had learned from the cold, cruel ground. And he asked Bellamy, “Was it worth it?”
Bellamy didn’t know what his death cost the ones he left behind, but his life had been worth it, hadn’t it?
Aurora Blake suddenly stumbled up the hill. Bellamy ran to his mother, reached out his hand to steady her, but she swatted his helping hand away. “You don’t have to protect anyone anymore. It’s not your responsibility.”
She smoothed down his shirt and patted his chest, leaving her hand to rest on his heart. It was still beating with the gaping hole that ached at the thought of all the weight he carried and how he was now finally able to lay it all down.
More and more people started to crowd the golden field around him. Shaw and Diyoza were with the prisoners of Eligius, who were finally free. His last friend and the Bardo Conductor, Doucette, held out his arms to him. The people from the Ark, the Grounders, and the ones from other worlds altogether that Bellamy hardly knew came together in that field of gold. Bellamy saw Finn, Fox, Atom, and Charlotte. So many of his Delinquents were here.
He searched for one more face in the crowd and landed on his dark features. Wells Jaha. He was walking away from him. Walking slowly to that edge of the unknown, beyond what Bellamy could comprehend.
“What do we do here?” Bellamy called to him. Wells’ back tensed and straightened. Bellamy felt the hairs on his own neck stand up at the words he felt were forming in Wells’ mouth.
“Whatever the hell you want,” Wells smirked and continued walking to the edge of the field.
Bellamy rolled his eyes and went to turn back to Gina and the others, but his eyes caught on something in the beyond. A force so strong pulled him to where Wells stood. He could see it now. The Earth, in all her glory, laid beyond the fields of gold.
The blue and green swirled brightly until Bellamy zeroed in on the ground. He first heard the familiar heartbeat of the sister who grew from under the floor, led an underground people, and found her redemption and reconciliation. Her face fell at the sight of who all had landed on earth and who hadn’t, causing her sorrow to fill to the brim. Bellamy could hear the crumbling of her soul and he wanted to gather up all the pieces, but he couldn’t. She wasn’t his responsibility.
Then he could feel the tenacious warrior who continued to fight for what she believed in. That resolve sat deep in her bones. Thankfully, she was surrounded by the ones who cared so deeply for her. It was the best he could hope for.
And finally, he saw a gold figure, one to rival the fields around him, and whose shoulders were hunched. The blonde of the princess’ crown hung low as she stood in heartbreaking awe of their old world. She was still bearing it all for her people, but Bellamy couldn’t be there for her anymore. She made sure of that.
He now understood what the others were looking at—their loved ones. Harper was watching over Jordan, Lincoln had his eyes on Octavia, and Wells was following his best friend.
“You’ll wait for her with me?” Wells asked him.
“Yeah,” Bellamy said, turning to look at the young man who stood beside him in the field of gold and then back down at the ground beyond to the broken half of his soul. “I think I will. She’ll need forgiveness and I can give her that.”
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timelessphoenix · a year ago
I want the grownups to come back and help clean this mess
Gimme Kane, gimme Abby, gimme Sinclair, gimme Jaha, gimme Nick "I'm the Best Dad In the World" Miller, gimme Diyoza, and even frickin Pike
Only adult left is Indra
They've lost so much. These poor kids lost so much. I wish the grownups could come back and lift the weight off their shoulders
I want all the kids back too
I want Bellamy Blake, I want Monty Green, I want Jasper Jordan, I want Harper Mcintyre, I want Wells Jaha, I want Maya Vie, I want Lincoln kom Trikru, I want Gabriel Santiago, I want Zeke Shaw
I want Bryan, Fox, Monroe, Roma, Atom
While I'm at it, I want Roan, I want Lexa, I want Luna, I want Ilian, I want Nyko, I want even frickin Titus
I miss them so much.
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12-altunivkru · a year ago
The 100 Characters x Top Priorities
Clarke | Jaha: save the human race
Bellamy | Kane | Lincoln: save whoever we can save today
Octavia | Miller | Lexa | Harper: save our people
Raven | Monty | Jasper | Gabriel | Luna: save whoever deserves to be saved
Murphy | Abby | Hope: save who we care about
Echo | Diyoza | Indra: save who we need to save
Emori | Nylah | Jordan: save the majority
Gaia | Jackson: save who we believe in
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earthkrufan · 6 months ago
Why I Don’t Hate Clarke Even At The End Of The 100:
Clarke was supposed to symbolize the downfalls of tribalism but I just don’t think the story was told effectively. Clarke more accurately symbolized the duality of the human race. We are complex, we can have many different reasons for our actions at the same time, & we can be both altruistic & motivated by our selfish love.
Clarke is an underdog to me. She tries but constantly fails; even when she wins, she always loses. Clarke was also suicidal for seasons & hated herself but still kept going. When the universe beat Clarke down & she was seen as unworthy of Transcendence, she still went on with Picasso. Clarkes resilience is amazing; honestly I’d have given up so long ago if I was her. 
Clarke strived for peace even at her lowest & worst. Yet she wasn’t afraid to make the hard calls when someone had to. She also learned the hard lesson that some people aren’t worth making peace with if innocents will still die.  
Clarke felt the weight of the traumatic things she did & took full responsibility for the choices that were made, even when others aided her. 
Clarke would sacrifice her friends, family, & people for the greater good but she would sacrifice herself too. She treats herself the exact same way she treats her friends.
Clarkes called selfish all the time but all the characters have had moments of selfishness. Our characters have all constantly fought for THEIR friends or THEIR people. Why is Clarke bad for this when the logic for other characters is simply, of course they would fight for their loved ones; it would be cruel not to.
Clarkes friends also aided her in tons of her “selfish" choices or acted the same. The Ring of Fire was committed by Clarke with Bell, Finn, Raven, & Jasper. Clarke killed the Mountain Men with Bellamy & Monty. Clarke created the list but Raven told her to & Bell added her name. Plus the list was created because Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Miller, & Bryan blew up the hydro-generator & condemned 100s to die in Praimfaya. Clarke was aided in the nightblood tests by Roan, Miller, Abby, & Jackson while Raven voiced her distaste she still let it happen. Clarke stole the bunker but only after Roan & Indra refused the peaceful solution she offered & instead chose violence with the conclave. Clarke stole the bunker but Jaha, Miller, & Murphy aided her. Clarke chose Madi in s5 & aided McCreary but Murphy, Emori, & Kane worked with him too. Clarke killed to save Madi but Bell killed to save Clarke & Octavia in s6 & s7 but fans don’t care about that. Raven criticized Clarke for firing the first shot in s5 but then made the first shot in s6. Raven, Echo, & Hope all killed to save their selfish loves in s7. In the end Diyoza said, “doing the right thing the wrong way is still wrong”. However did she become a saint? No. She still bit someones throat out & scooped out his eye so she could return to her family. Clarke killed Disciples in the finale but Octavia & Levitt let her. Octavia simply said, “it’s what we do”.
Clarke fought to save her child, her friends, & the human race. She told Bell she would not help Cadogan start his war. Clarke was on the right side of history & her body count this season was around the same as Ravens. 
Clarke was called out for killing Cadogan, acting on revenge, & the genocide at Mount Weather but the Aliens commit genocide all the time for no reason other than because they can. Yet the human race chose Transcendence & the Aliens. Seems like the human race is fine with their crimes but somehow Clarke is supposed to be worse. Then when it comes to revenge we've seen Murphy, Bellamy, Lincoln, Octavia, Echo, & Hope all act on their desire for vengeance too.  
Clarke killed Cadogan but what else could she have done? Cadogan spent the last 1000 years preparing his entire society for The Last War, he abandoned his wife, son, & daughter for it, & he just came back from torturing a child, all to Transcend. What could Clarke have possibly said to him to save the human race without violence? She could’ve tried to knock him out but thats still violence. She would still have a hatred for Cadogan & so her actions would still be deemed vengeful, especially if she hit him a few extra times in her grief. The fact that Clarke killed Cadogan in & of itself doesn’t condemn the human race, it’s her motives. Clarke fails as soon as she enters the test before doing anything. Clarke couldn’t bullshit the aliens since they could feel what she felt. Lets say Octavia went in & killed Cadogan instead, it would’ve been fine. Octavia would’ve acted in defense of the human race in the same way it was fine when Indra killed Sheidheda in full view of the aliens in order to stop the war. In the end, I don’t hate Clarke for killing Cadogan since to me he was irredeemable, there was no non-violent way to win, & Clarkes actions cleared a path for Raven to enter the test.
Clarke also made the correct choice to shoot Bellamy. Bell made Madi commander & caused her 3 seasons of trauma. Madi was almost assassinated by Octavia. She felt Becca burn alive. Sheidheda almost killed her. Then in the end Cadogan tortured her until she was locked into her body. Bell never even apologized. Plus in s7 alone Bell sold out his friends to Cadogan repeatedly & he wanted to start a war which would’ve caused the human race to fail the test & die out. Clarke had no reason to trust him but still gave him a chance as she begged him to stop. This to me shows a difference between Bellamy & Clarke. When Bell stood in front of Clarke & begged her to let him open the bunker to save Octavia, Clarke listened. When Bell told Clarke, “we are not sacrificing my sister. I don't care how crazy she is.”, Clarke compromised & they went after Cooper. However both times Clarke asked Bell to return the favor with Madi, he didn’t.
Clarke is also condemned for her relationship with Madi. Yet she’s human, she was left behind for 6 years & Madi was all she had. Madi was constantly in danger, danger that was not only around her but specifically targeting her. Yet when Bell did the same to save Octavia, it endeared fans to him.
Clarke is such a double edge sword character. If she fights for the greater good, she’s bad for undervaluing her own people. If she fights for her own people, she’s selfish & bad for disregarding the greater good. If she tries to balance both, in the end one side loses & she’s still the bad guy.
Clarke is flawed but her flaws make her interesting. This is another double edge sword situation where if she had no flaws she’d be criticized as a Mary Sue but with her flaws, flaws that are present in all the other characters, she gets tons of hate.
Clarke made some choices I didn’t agree with in the final season but even then I understand. Plus there was nothing that bad. Clarke attacked Russell but in the end chaos was inevitable as either the Prime believers or the Children of Gabriel would be pissed. I didn’t agree with the decision but in the end her choice is a neutral one. Clarke broke Ravens helmet & I didn’t like that but Clarkes damned no matter what. If she broke after killing Bell, she’s an over obsessed mom. If she holds it in & compartmentalizes, fans will call her an emotionless psycho. I also saw another fan point out a similarity between Diyoza & Clarke, which is that Diyoza destroyed Octavias helmet in 7x02 because her & Hope needed Octavia. Plus she didn’t wanna bring the chaos of the human race back to their slice of heaven. Clarke acts in a similar way. She sees a chance for her family to have peace & takes it. I didn’t agree with the choice, as I thought it was naive but it wasn’t the death sentence fans make it out to be. Clarke left the human race on Sanctum but they know how to survive there; it’s not a death sentence. I don’t see how it’s even in the same ballpark as when Bell threw away Ravens radio & caused the culling.
In the end Clarke must be meant to be viewed at least somewhat sympathetically since the other characters came back for her.
Clarke also lost all her close loved ones: Jake, Wells, Finn, Lexa, Abby, & Madi as well as tons of her friends like Jasper, Roan, Monty, Harper, & Bellamy.
Clarke is underrated & gets so much hate, which only makes me love her more. Clarke showed at the end of the series that at her worst, she’s no different from the other characters.
Then again maybe I’m just biased because I love Clarke, I’ll admit that. 
PS: This is not by any means a judgment of the other characters. I don’t care that our characters were flawed or made some bloody choices in the heat of battle under such intense & insane circumstances. Character flaws make interesting characters & thats all I want from my tv shows. 
I guess in the end the haters lost, cause Clarke lived!
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johnmurphyisqueer · 7 months ago
My friend (who has never seen the 100) Rating The 100 Characters
Bellamy: 3/10 “Uhm. I would not trust him with my drink and he looks like he's from the bottom of a severe pit. 3/10”
Clarke: 8/10 “ Awww. She's cute. 8/10 ”
Octavia: 2/10 “Ew. She looks homophobic And a pick me girl 2/10 ”
Monty: 1/10 
Raven: 10/10 “Yes. 10/10. I love her”
Echo: 8/10 “She looks a bit old. 8/10″
Murphy: 9/10 “ Loving the beard. It's like Edward from Twilight except he's not creepy. Looks like he's punk and that's awesome. 9/10 “
Finn: n/a “ Ew. A himbo” When asked for number rating: “He doesn't deserve one, That himbo”
Jasper: 2/10 “ Ew. He looks like Spencer but if you you out all the chaotic energy” After asked for a number rating: “2/10 for the nostalgia”
Emori: 5/10 “Eugh Why did they suddenly get all ugly?”
Diyoza: 3/10 “EW”
ALIE: 6/10 “ Hmmmm. Meh. 6/10″
Harper: 5/10 “Also meh. Most of these ppl look like they'd be in Riverdale. 5/10″
Wells: 7/10 “Mmmmmmm..7/10″
Lincoln: 5/10 “ Eugh. 5/10″
Hope: 11/10 “ Oooh “
Roan: 12/10 “ Love the scars. Love the fit. Uuhhh...12/10″
Gabriel: 9/10 “ Kinda looks like Fammin from Good Omens. 9/10″
Indra: 13/10 “ Then step on me 13/10″
Luna: 15/10 “Love her. 15/10″
Cage: 4/10 “Why tf is his mouth so long?? Docked points for long lips”
Pike: 7/10 (note from me: WHAT THE HECK WHAT SDLKJFDSLJKD) She said she’d end it on a high note because i told her he’d be the last one. i forgot this last person
Josephine: 6/10 “Her forehead is big. Meh”
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Thank you for writing The Price of Peace. I've mentioned before that it is one of my favorites and it is a wonderful one to go back to now more than ever. For me at least I found season 7 to be such a train wreck that was out of step with the previous seasons it is easy to completely ignore. Let's be real, in general the fandom has produced better writing and more consistent story telling anyway. Thanks for being one of those.
Thank you so much, love. That means so much to me, you have no idea. <3 <3 <3
I was thinking about The Price of Peace today, and I was trying to figure out why that fic in particular means so much to me. It’s when I truly met all of you - when I started getting involved in Discord servers and meeting writing friends. I remember stressing over the ending at the time, trying to figure out what would fit the epic journey they went on.
People start to light them, the flames flickering on the dark wood. Pulling the sketches out of her jacket, Clarke looks at the first face.
Her father.
She hands it to her mom, who hesitates before it. Then Wells. Jaha. Gina. Jasper. Monty. Harper. Lexa. Lincoln.
Face after face is placed in the box. Even faces she didn’t know. Diyoza’s father, who the woman told Clarke about over drinks one night, describing every detail of his face with tears in her eyes. Indra’s husband, lost in a war before Clarke ever set foot on the earth.
Clarke picks up a few boxes and steps out to the sea. Setting them down into the waves, she watches as the light from the fire flickers off their faces.
They all fought for it. They were the price. The price too high and too painful. But the price nonetheless.
The price of peace.
Clarke stands with the water up to her thigh, Bellamy joining her. Raven and Murphy and Miller and Octavia. Everyone.
Clearing her throat, Clarke says, “In peace may you leave this shore.”
“In love may you find the next.” Bellamy continues, his words catching.
Raven blinks a few tears. “Safe passage on your travels.”
“Until our final journey to the ground.” Murphy recites.
Octavia squeezes Miller’s hand. “May we meet again.”
Clarke, and others, murmur, “May we meet again.”
Others say their own words. Clarke hears Shaw give a prayer, Indra whisper words in Trig.
It’s an outpour of love in many ways, and a goodbye in one.
Reaching out, Bellamy grabs Clarke’s hand as they watch the boxes with their loved ones drift away, still able to see the lights on the water. The two face the people they love, mourning in ways they were never given on the ground.
“Still okay?” Bellamy asks, his words rough.
“Yeah. You?”
“Yeah. I’m home.” He states, leaning closer. “We’re home.”
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facelessfrey · a year ago
I woke up mad and have been mad all day so let’s discuss the disrespectful absurdity that was Bellamy’s death on the 100 some more. 
JRoth’s tweet really pissed me off a lot. Ultimately, he’s not wrong when he says the 100 has always been a dark show about hard choices and what people would do to survive. It’s just that I don’t think any of that played into Bellamy’s death at all. I’ve been thinking about all of the other major character deaths across the seasons and how, even the ones I hated and have massive issues with, still somehow seem more respectful to the characters than what he did to Bellamy. Keep reading for the rant:
Season 1 - Wells (and to an extent Charlotte)
Wells - Wells is a bit of a tricky one since it happened so fast and I know there are people still upset about it. But it set the tone for the show, the tone that JRoth is so proud of and referencing for Bellamy’s death. But I think you can get away with a shock value death in season one to kick things off. They also set up the situation fairly well, playing up just how harsh things are on the ark, that most of their parents had been floated. I can understand how Charlotte, who is just a child, reached that conclusion, especially with Bellamy’s maybe misguided advice (although that’s clearly not what he meant). I also don’t know that there was really a place for another presumably male lead in season one alongside Bellamy and Finn. So I get it. But also, Wells still had a chance to repair things with Clarke before he was killed. She discovered the truth and knew that he lied to protect her. He didn’t die with her hating him. It was a truncated arc, but it was something. 
Charlotte - And arguably, Charlotte’s death kind of needed to happen. There wasn’t really any way for her to continue on with them after what she’d done and at least it was her choice, however tragic it all was. 
Season 2 - Finn and Maya
Finn - As with Wells, Finn’s death is something I think you can get away with and can be viewed as edgy in an early season. It’s upping the stakes and reminding you that this is a show that will put these characters in impossible situations. And they still had a male lead left in Bellamy, plus Murphy and Jasper and even a character like Miller were rising in the ranks and there to fill in the gaps. Plus a whole host of new characters. Killing Finn was a gutsy move but one I could respect. They took him down a dark path and instead of absolving him for it because he was a main character, they made him pay for it. But unlike Bellamy, Finn realized what he did was wrong. He couldn’t live with the guilt. He couldn’t live with the way Clarke was looking at him. He knew the truce with the Grounders was important and he knew he was the key. He made the choice to give himself up. He had agency. He got to have one last escape attempt with his friends, say his goodbyes to everyone. And even still, they let him die with some amount of dignity rather than being tortured to death. And Clarke killing him worked in a way her killing Bellamy doesn’t. What he did was directly tied to her. Only she could forgive him in those final moments. There were multiple episodes of build up to this death, it was the story of the whole episode it happened in. It was expected but also a bold move for the show. 
Maya - This was a death about hard choices and survival. The audience had grown to like Maya throughout the season, seeing her stand up for what was right and going against her own people. She didn’t deserve the end she got. But Clarke and Bellamy and Monty were put in an impossible situation and it was either the lives of all their friends and family or death in a very inhumane way because the mountain never would have stopped. And the way it was set up, with us and them watching Raven and Abby being drilled into, the choice was painful but clear. And it had been building to this moment for an entire season. 
Season 3 - Lexa and Lincoln
Lexa - Lexa had arguably one of the most controversial deaths on the show. And I know there were behind the scenes reasons for it with the actress having another show to film. I don’t know how much availability she would have had. I don’t know how necessary it was to remove her from the narrative. I don’t want to get into it I will just assume for these purposes, that she had to be killed off. And I’ve always said with respect to Lexa, that I didn’t mind that they killed her off, it was how they did it. But compared to Bellamy’s death, even her controversial one feels less disrespectful to the character. It may be worse due to lesbian death tropes and that’s a larger issue, but in terms of the show story, I don’t think it was as bad. First of all, she was only a character for a season and a half. Second, her death directly affected the plot that had been hinted at all season and carried out in a major way through the rest of it. Now I hate that she died immediately after having sex by a stray bullet from a guy who should not have been holding a gun in the first place. I hate it. I would have much rather she went down fighting or stepping in front of a bullet for Clarke or something. But at least she got to finally resolve things with Clarke. They reconciled. They said they loved each other. She knew was was going to die at the end and she got to have her final moments with Clarke. Clarke got to do the whole may we meet again speech. Despite the issues, it was a beautiful moment. 
Lincoln - This death has always been the one that pissed me off the most. Again I know there were behind the scenes issues and he also had another show. Again I don’t know how much filming availability he would have or how necessary his death was. Again, let’s assume it was because people can’t just go off somewhere else for a new start on this show. But I still always hated how he went out, being executed in the mud. He should have gone down fighting at the very least. However, even more at the very least, because that’s what we’re getting into here, Lincoln did die because he was defending his people. That’s the bare minimum here but at least he had that. He was true to himself. I hated that he didn’t really get a final moment with Octavia, but hey, at least she was present. Extremely low bar but still, better than Bellamy’s death from a writing perspective. 
Season 4 - Jasper (Roan, Illian, Luna)
Jasper - Jasper’s is a sad tale. He spent two seasons basically completely depressed after the events of season two. There really wasn’t anywhere else to take his character at that point, so I understood and was ready for him to go. It made sense as an end for his character and he got to go out on his own terms and not take the spot in the bunker of someone who truly wanted to live. He got to have his final moments with Monty. It was a good end for him. 
Roan, Illian and Luna - I wouldn’t call them major characters per say, perhaps Roan and Luna but we got to know all of them fairly well. They were expendable characters for the most part but they at least got to die fighting for their people and that’s a respectable way to go out. 
Season 5 - Jaha, Monty and Harper
Jaha - Jaha was a character who did go down a sort of cult path. It probably would have been easy to kill him off in season 3 as a result of that. And if it had been a high stakes, last resort, have to kill Jaha to get to ALIE to save everyone, I could have respected that. But they didn’t. They let him survive that. They let him see the error of his ways. He spent season four determined to save his people from what he helped to unleash. He didn’t do it in the right way but even then, finally, in season 5, he was redeemed a bit, helping to maintain the peace in the bunker and helping Octavia gain control. And he had Octavia and Marcus and Abby there at his end. It was fitting. He got to say his goodbyes. 
Monty and Harper - I was very sad to say goodbye to them but they went out on their own terms. They got probably the happiest ending out of anyone on this show. They got to live their lives how they chose and be together and having a son. And they did all of that while finding a way to give their friends, their family, their people a fresh start. And they got to say goodbye, albeit through video, but it was touching and lovely. 
Season 6 - Shaw, Kane and Abby
Shaw - Shaw was another one that was killed off because he had another show, which is fine. It sucked for Raven and it was sad the character only got one season. Although considering the seasons that followed, I think he should count himself lucky really. But again, he died helping out his friends and Raven. It was a sacrifice and he knew what he was doing. 
Kane - Again, another person who had other commitments. And they did some weird body swap stuff to extend his time a little longer. But I loved that they had actual Kane there at the end anyway to say goodbye to Abby even if it wasn’t really him that she was seeing. It was a nice touch, and a better way to say goodbye to the character. He also chose to let go. It was on his terms and he got his goodbye with Abby. And there were good parallels to floating both men she loved. 
Abby - I’m not fond of the way they killed off Abby since she was basically dead once they took over her body. So that was unfortunate. But at least prior to the body swapping, she did have that last scene with Clarke where they kind of reconciled. And if I recall, she had some last moments with Jackson and Raven too. And those matter. 
Season 7 - Diyoza and Bellamy
Diyoza - By season seven, I’m honestly kind of over major character deaths. I don’t really want them. I just want to see these characters that I love survive all of the trauma of the show and find peace, but I understand that I’m never going to get that. It’s fine. I was sad to see Diyoza go, but her sacrificing herself for her daughter, for the people who became her family, kind of “for all mankind” to use a phrase I hate now, was a fitting way for her to go out since she was introduced to us as a terrorist. And she got to say her goodbyes. This is clearly an important theme for me. 
Bellamy - And then we circle back to my rage. Bellamy kind of took the path of Finn in a way, or perhaps his season 3 arc, which he didn’t really pay for so much. Not the way Finn did anyway because all of a sudden Blood must not have Blood. Plus, Pike was the rightful scapegoat for all of that. But this season saw Bellamy get caught up in yet another man’s bullshit idea of what was right. That was frustrating enough, but I guess it was somewhat in character. It’s just all the more frustrating because the Second Dawn/Shepherd nonsense is just that, nonsense. His sudden anti grounder status in season 3 were motivations that made at least some sense. He’d been fighting them since day one basically. They betrayed them at Mount Weather, which meant they had to kill everyone there, which meant he lost Clarke. And then Echo’s betrayal killed his three episode girlfriend, Gina. Plus Pike was a man he’d respected on the arc. The motivations always felt fairly thin to me since Gina was so minor, but overall, they make sense. 
This season has been all over the place. The storylines have been mostly nonsensical. The nature of the different timelines meant that there were many episodes where we had to backtrack to fill in gaps, which meant the story was basically at a standstill for the whole middle of the season. We have zero sympathy for Bill and his cult followers. They’re not interesting. The Mount Weather people were brutal and doing terrible things, but I understood their need to survive. These Second Dawn people don’t have that same motivation. They’re fine. And so much of it is driven by the flame, which Bill wants for selfish reasons along with the stupid key code. He wants to know if there’s any of his daughter in there, which goes against all his teachings and what he’s trying to suck Bellamy into. And all of that is really just to set up a spinoff no one is going to want to watch at this point anyway after all of this. It’s kind of insulting. 
And we see all of this Bellamy development in one episode late in the season and then he just betrays all his friends and family. He only shows the slightest hint of questioning. He just flat out tells Echo she doesn’t matter more than the cult. He doesn’t even have a scene with just his sister. He gets one good scene with Clarke but then is like “eh torture her it’s fine”. And then we get to this episode, where he barely interacts with his friends that he’s with. They spend most of the episode rolling their eyes at him and mocking his clothing choices. They set up the stupid sketchbook in a rushed little scene with Madi and Clarke just so in the last thirty seconds Sheidheda, who my god should be dead now (Indra I’m looking at you), can say “hey check out that book”. And Bellamy picks up this book that we’ve seen like once or twice earlier in the season that was fairly inconsequential then. We don’t even fully understand what’s in it that’s so crucial that Bellamy can’t show Bill. And that’s what Clark shoots him for? Really? And shoots to kill? Which was highly unnecessary to get her hands on that book. And then she didn’t even take the stupid book in the first place. 
So Bellamy Blake, main male lead of the series, hero and leader to his people, gets murdered by his closest most trusted friend, his person, without getting to realize that the cult stuff was bullshit, without getting any chance to redeem himself, for a book that really doesn’t even seem to matter. And he dies alone. None of his family or friends are around. No one is reciting the may we meet again speech. He never got a final scene to reconcile with his sister. He never had any real final moments with anyone else. He just disappeared in the first five minutes of the premier, showed up eleven episodes later, a brainwashed cult follower and that’s how he died. That’s frankly bullshit. And a massive disservice to his character, to Clarke’s character, to the show. And the fact that they barely had Clarke try and shake him out of his brainwashing. The fact that his friends just mocked him instead of trying to help him. It’s just not what this show was built on. It’s not. It’s one absurdity after another. It’s insulting. 
And the fact that every other character I’ve listed here at least got something, some kind of minor positive to their passing but Bellamy got none of those things?! Not fighting for a cause or a people the audience is rooting for or siding with. And no final goodbyes with the people he loves. Even Clarke only did her crying once she went through the stupid portal. I’m just mad. I should feel devastated by his death, but at least feel like he died for something. He died for nothing and that’s the saddest part of it all.  
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the100tagawards · 11 months ago
The 100 Tag Awards Results
Hi everyone! First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for participating and taking the survey. Secondly, thank you for your patience. I had never done something like this before and it turned out that asking so many fill in the blank questions was quite more work than I anticipated and took me a lot longer to filter through and figure out how to present the info. Hopefully you’ll feel the answers are presented well enough to understand. 
Without further ado, here are the results: 
Section One: Multiple Choice Questions
First Season Watched Live: 
1st Place: Season 7
Tied for 2nd Place: Season 1 and Season 5
Favorite Season of the 100:
1st Place: Season 3
2nd Place: Season 2
Season that Dropped the Ball:
1st Place: Season 7
2nd Place: Season 3
Favorite Lever Pull: 
1st Place: Season 2 - Killing everyone inside Mount Weather
2nd Place: Destroying the City of Light
Best Villain and Villain Arc: 
1st Place: Josephine Lightborne
2nd Place: Octavia
Favorite Twisted Moment:
1st Place: Clarke mercy-killing Finn
Tied for 2nd: Bellamy’s Death and Diyoza sacrificing herself to the bioweapon to save her daughter and others
Favorite Earth Location:
1st Place: Polis Tower
Tied for 2nd: Shadow Valley and the Delinquents Camp
Favorite Planet
1st Place: Earth
2nd Place: Sanctum
Favorite Space Ship or Vessel: 
1st Place: The Arc
Tied 2nd Place: Eligius IV and Polaris
Most Impactful Betrayal
1st Place: Lexa betraying Clarke at the mountain
2nd Place: Bellamy in season 7
Biggest Flirt
1st Place: Murphy
Tied for 2nd Place: Raven and Bellamy
Class Clown
1st Place: Murphy
2nd Place: Jasper Jordan
Most Athletic
1st Place: Octavia 
2nd Place: Echo
Most likely to be on Catfish
1st Place: Octavia
Tied for 2nd place: Jasper and Jordan
1st Place: Jasper
2nd Place: Murphy
Never Single
Tied for 1st: Miller and Bellamy
2nd Place: Octavia
Best Dancer
1st Place: Clarke
2nd Place: Raven
Most Gullible
1st Place: Jordan Green
Tied for 2nd Place: Monty and Bellamy
Most Opinionated:
1st Place: Clarke
2nd Place: Raven 
Most likely to put something off till tomorrow
1st Place: Murphy
2nd Place: Jasper
Most Likely to be Instagram Famous
1st Place: Lexa
2nd Place: Octavia
Most Likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize
1st Place: Raven
2nd Place: Monty
Most likely to have their own talk show
1st Place: Murphy
Tied for 2nd Place: Emori and Roan
Best Laugh
1st Place: Bellamy
2nd Place: Raven
Shout out to those who answered: “Who laughs on this show” and “Do they ever get to?”
Best Smile
1st Place: Bellamy
2nd Place: Octavia
Most Likely to Never Change
1st Place: Clarke
2nd Place: Indra
Most Changed
1st Place: Octavia
2nd Place: Murphy
Favorite Bellarke Moment
1st Place: The CPR Scene in 6x10
2nd Place: The hug in “Human Trials”
Favorite Clexa Moment
1st Place: Their First Kiss
2nd Place: When Lexa swore fealty to Clarke
Favorite Marper Moment
1st Place: Their Video at the end of S5, showing they lived happily together
2nd Place: Specifically, the pregnancy part of their video. 
Favorite Memori Moment
1st Place: Their relationship in Season 7
2nd Place: the million small moments throughout the entire show 
Note: 2nd place answer is both specific and non-specific. Other than focusing on season 7, the favorite moments for Memori were varied and encompassed their entire relationship.
Favorite Becho Moment
1st Place: Season 7 Flashback
2nd Place: being happy on the Ring
Favorite OT3 
1st Place: Raven, Emori, Murphy
2nd Place: Jasper, Monty, Raven
Favorite OTP Not Mentioned in Previous Questions
1st Place: Octavia and Lincoln
2nd Place: Murphy and Raven
Section Two: Favorite Moments
Next section is focused on favorite moments of various characters. I ended up just writing out the trends I saw for each of these. So most answers are summarized and not direct quotes of answers
Favorite Clarke Moments:
Her Season 2 Arc--escaping Mt. Weather with Anya; when she pulled the lever. When she stayed on Earth to save her friends. Insisting on finding a better way in 6x11. Kept fighting, kept bearing the burden. Being unable to shoot Bellamy in season 4. Entering the City of light in Season 3. Killing the panther. Prioritizing her friends and keeping her humanity. Her immaculate bi representation. Her arc as Wanheda. Her relationship with Madi especially in Shadow Valley
Favorite Bellamy Moments:
His Season 2 Arc; being an inside Man at Mt. Weather and pulling the lever with Clarke. Going against Clarke and him saving Clarke in season 5. Season 1 Bellamy. 
Favorite Lexa Moments:
When she changed to Blood Must Not Have Blood and said that Love is not a weakness; standing up to her people and fighting for a better society. Sneaking intel from Jaha and Kane in the cell. Bowing to Clarke. The fight with Roan. Throwing the Azgeda Ambassador over the balcony. “I will always be with you” 
Favorite Octavia Moments:
Stopping the Last War, learning to fight with Indra, winning the Conclave, telling Jaha she’s not hiding anymore, her peaceful time on skyring, being able to admit she was wrong--making mistakes but never giving up, killing Pike, understanding why Clarke had to kill her brother, 
Favorite Raven Reyes Moments:
Getting spacekru to the ring, her journey with her physical pain and deciding life was worth living even if it was painful, bringing herself back to life in the lab to get rid of Allie in her mind, all her sciency scenes, fixing the drop ship in season 1, hacking into the city of light, finally understanding Clarke’s choices, 
Favorite John Murphy Moments:
Staying behind with Raven and the prisoners, saving the kids in 7x5, his relationship with Emori especially his love for her and dying with her, being in the desert with Jaha, showing that people can change and become better people, reaching a breaking point in the bunker, saving Clarke and Bellamy during the red sun, being the Cockroach King
Favorite Nate Miller Moments:
His relationship with Jackson (kissing him, telling him he loves him);  stealing things from the guard in 6x11; saving everyone from the bomb, being hilarious, interacting with his dad
Favorite Monty Green Moments:
Killing his mom to save O, the algae garden on the ground, finally having peace. When he said "If a war is the only way to have the last survivable land on earth then maybe we don't deserve it" in Season 5. Saving everyone, Striving for better and Having influence on their decision after he died, When he said he ate a pine cone because it told him to, his entire arc
Favorite Harper Moments:
Being happy with monty, making gardens with monty, having a fresh attitude, knowing there are some things worth living for, being constantly horny for monty, her in season 3
Favorite Echo Moments:
Her origin story, refusing to turn in the defectors, taking care of Hope, Stabbing the mechanic in season 5, being who she wanted to be not who she was groomed to be, her arc in season 7, her arc in season 6
Favorite Lincoln Moments:
Helping and sacrificing himself for Octavia and others, His relationship with Octavia, showing that just because someone is different doesn’t make them bad, Coming back from being a reaper, his fine ass, Realizing peace is possible and fighting for peace
Favorite Jasper Moments:
Real and unromanticized mental health issues being depicted with his character, his happiness in various moments, pranking Clarke with the foam, his entire friendship with monty, leading the delinquents against Mount Weather, finding earth terrible but beautiful
Favorite Finn Collins Moment
Taking the fall for Raven as spacewalker, his death (turning himself in, saying thanks princes after Clarke stabs him
Favorite Gabriel Santiago Moment
Him and Josephine, Eating everything in season 7, his death, protecting madi from shedheida, first meeting Octavia
Favorite Emori Moments:
Her on the Ring, being Kaylee Prime, flying and landing the rocket, staying with the reactor, her entire character arc
Favorite Hope Moments:
Living with O on Skyring, getting together with Jordan, her scene with Dev
Favorite Jordan Green Moments:
Introducing himself to Clarke and Bellamy the first time, getting together with Hope at the end, coming up with a plan to save everyone with Raven
Favorite King Roan Moments:
Fighting Lexa, Being loyal to Lexa and not his mother, Fighting Luna, kidnapping Clarke, being brave
Favorite Madi Moments: 
Stabbing Sheidheda/Russell, Her leadership and actions as commander, her input to Clarke and Bellamy about the other. 
Favorite Wells Jaha Moments:
Taking the blame for Clarke’s fathers death to protect her relationship with her mom.  Being the only reasonable one on the ground in season 1 
Favorite Becca Moments: 
Her arc with creating and dispersing nightblood. Always trying to fix her mistakes. Causing the apocalypse because she was bored
Favorite Gaia Moments:
Her interactions with Madi, helping train her and helping her speak to commanders. Trying to kill blodreina. Her interactions with Indra. Showing to fight for what you believe in. Killing that guy from Bardo. 
Favorite Josephine Moments:
Literally all the mindspace scenes, Her love for Gabriel, Being a great villain, dancing in her room, pretending to be Clarke, when Bellamy speaks to Josephine in Trigedasleng and interacting with bellamy in the cave. Trying to kill Clarke. 
Favorite Abby Griffin Moments: 
Abby and Kane (the final goodbye, telling him she can’t be in the bunker). Abby and Raven’s relationship and redemption arc. Abby and Clarke (when Abby was a good mom or sacrificed to save Clarke and Madi). Telling off Russell. Her season 1 arc.
Favorite Marcus Kane Moments: 
His emotional death scene, That he died to save everyone and Indra stating the travelers passage afterward. Being a father figure and leader, especially to the delinquents and specifically to the Blakes. His ability to be diplomatic, becoming the ambassador, trying to stop Pike. 
Favorite Thelonious Jaha Moments:
His final death scene with Octavia, trying to give her advice on how to be leader and to take care of Ethan. Him coming to earth (the baby, the rocket). His relationship with murphy. 
Favorite Indra Moments:
Indra’s mentorship/scenes with Octavia and her partnership with Kane, helping him escape the bunker and arena. Taking command. Realizing love isn’t weakness. The final episode. Killing Sheidheda. 
Favorite Charmaine Diyoza Moments:
Her sacrifice to save her daughter and everyone else. Being a mom in general. Her wit and connection to the earth. Her redemption arc, fighting so hard to become better. Being stranded on skyring.  
Anyone Additional Not Already Mentioned
Luna - bringing a new perspective to things, her love for raven, and during the conclave Picasso the dog - A good boy Maya - a sweetheart Dev - brief appearance but impactful  Sheidheda - showcasing more grounder culture Anya - realizing an alliance was needed Ontari - her chaotic presence   Jackson - helping Madi in S7
Section Three: Shout outs to bloggers in the100 tag on Tumblr!
Please note, there was no actual consensus on these and the least amount of responses. So I am simply listing out all those named specifically for each category.
Favorite Fan Fiction Writer
pawprinter, coeurdeastronaute, The prose of night, chasethewindandtouchthesky, asroarke, kombellarke, The-infamous-w, Burninghoneyatdusk
Favorite Gif Creator
Clarkgriffon, skaikru-100
Favorite Picture Editor
Catherineavery, thesuperiorblake
Funniest Blogger
Robsheens, CommanderOswald, Incorrectthe100quotes, incorrect bellarke
Mx Congeniality
Nataskaar, Beliza
Chillest Blogger
Shialablunt, Sometimesrosy, thesuperiorblake
Thirstiest Blogger
Everyone in the tag
Hardest stan
Johnmurphyisbisexual, Changingthefairy_tale, blodreina-noumou
Best The100 Themed tumblr url
Johnmurphysass, Osleyakomwonkru, Icantlostyoutoo, bellarke, Raccoonhearteyes
Unbreakable Duo
Johnmurphysreddit and rosyrosalie
Most chaotic
Most off topic
Most Likely to Actually Survive the Apocalypse 
Sometimesrosy, clarkgriffon, thesuperiorblake
Well, if you made it through that--thank you! Again, thank you so much for your patience. I hope that you enjoyed seeing everyones answers and I hope that I’ll see you all still in the 100 tag rewatching the show sometime. :) 
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