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#and later she's talking to them and just drops it in conversation like 'hey how come you two never told me you're siblings!'
reyeswritings · 3 months ago
Rules | 1.03: Earth Kills
Tumblr media
summary: The rebellious daughter of Marcus Kane gets sent down to the ground with 99 other teenage criminals and a fake guard on her eighteenth birthday, deciding to take charge of the camp along with the two people she never thought she'd get along with after her previous experience with authority and the privileged.
pairings: John Murphy x Kane!OC, Bellamy Blake x Kane!OC (slowburn)
warnings: swearing, violence, suggestive comments
𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵
"Ella, truth or dare." Jasper asks, turning to said girl with a teasing smirk.
She removes her gaze from the book in her hand and gives him a sceptical look "Truth."
There's a small snort heard from John, who was sitting below her, in front of the couch "Lame." 
Jasper shakes his head "Quiet, Murphy. This is even better."
Gabriella narrows her eyes between the boy and Monty, who was sitting on a chair next to the table and doing homework with a knowing smirk.
"Whatever, just spit it out." she rolled her eyes as she rested her book back in her lap.
"Who's the last guy you hooked up with?" 
Monty and Jasper saw John glare at the latter and snickered quietly. 
"Why are you so interested in my sex life Jasper? Got anything you want to tell me?"
The boy made a tutting noise "Not your turn yet, Ella."
She huffed "Wick."
"Finally. The sexual tension between you two was really making me uncomfortable." Jasper said with an impressed look.
"There's something called a one night stand, Jas. Maybe you should try it sometimes-- oh nevermind." 
Monty chuckled at her words making her turn her attention to him "Amused, Monty?"
She closed her book and sat up "It's my turn. So Monty, truth or dare?"
"Truth." he replied instantly but regretted it once he saw the mischievous look in her eyes.
"When are you gonna stop pinning after Harper and actually make a move?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Hey, I made a move."
Jasper snorted "Leaving a plant in front of her door, without a note, doesn't count."
"Oh, Green. You've got it bad." Murphy teased him with a small smirk.
"You're the one to talk." Monty shot back, making Gabriella look down at John with a curious look "What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing. He's just being an idiot." he said, nervously running his fingers through his hair.
Jasper gave him a wink "Whatever helps you sleep at night."
Being locked up in solitary for a year, with no human contact except for the guards who brought her food and the ability to attend three Earth Skills classes a month before they got sent to the ground, didn't do Gabriella Kane any good. No human contact made her easily go back to being the same girl she was after her mother's death. She was cold, emotionless, she didn't care about anyone but herself and she refused to listen to anyone. That changed when she met John Murphy, it was like something inside of her cracked open and she finally found someone who understood her. She was finally able to smile and be happy again. They were close enough that only he was able to see that side of her, the one that showed actual emotion. And that went both ways.
So of course he was the only person to notice how different she acted now. She's been throwing herself into work and ordering people around in order to build the wall quicker. She was sending out hunting trips along with Bellamy. That was the only thing they didn't fight about. They knew what had to be done to survive, so they put their differences aside to keep the camp safe.
Jasper's condition didn't change at all and it made her even more anxious. Wells didn't let her stay in the dropship while Clarke was trying to fix him up and it took everything in her not to snap at him. 
"You have to stop doing that?"
"Doing what?" Gabriella asked, not looking up from the small replica of the camp on the table in front of her.
Murphy rolled his eyes, not buying her obliviousness and put a hand on her shoulder "Throwing your head into work instead of facing a problem head on."
Of course he knew what she was doing, she's been doing that even before being sent to the ground. She'd stuff her head into a book and shut out the world around her. It wasn't always bad but she mostly did it when something was bothering her.
"I am dealing with the problem head on. I'm trying to figure out how to control the camp before everything falls apart."
"That's not the thing making you anxious. Bellamy is dealing with the way everything's divided, there's something else bothering you." Murphy pressed.
"Maybe I just don't want to let Bellamy do everything around here." she snapped.
His expression softened as he took the blonde's behavior in "Listen, Ellie. I know it's been awhile since we actually talked but you can trust me. You do still trust me don't you?"
"Of course I do." she sighed sadly "It's just-- everything that happened to Jasper is messing with my head. And the fact that they won't let me see him is just making everything worse, especially when the only thing that let's me know he's alive is hearing his screams every five minutes."
Before she knew it, he pulled her into his chest and pulled her face into his shoulder "Jasper will be fine."
"How do you know?" she asked, her voice cracking as she wrapped her arms around his torso.
"Call it a hunch." he shrugged, pressing a light kiss to her forehead.
After her little breakdown, Gabriella went to sleep and felt a lot better once she woke up. She got out of her tent to see everyone was already doing something and realized she must've slept in.
She walked around camp seeing if everyone was doing what they were supposed to but stopped once she spotted her best friend and a few other teenagers throwing weapons at a tree in the corner of camp. 
"Doing a good job boys." she praised, sitting on a log next to the weapons.
"Men, Ellie, men." Murphy corrected with a cocky smirk.
"Keep telling yourself that, John."
Murphy clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth "I love it when you talk dirty to me, Queenie."
Gabriella chuckled at the new nickname, glad that he was back to his usual self and not walking on eggshells around her like most people would if she broke down like that in front of them.
John picked up another knife and chucked it into the tree but it fell straight on the floor and Gabriella tried her hardest not to laugh at the look on his face. The boy glared at her, seeing her amused expression "You do it then if you think it's so easy. Come on."
"Fine." she rolled her eyes and pulled her knife out of the waistband of her shorts before getting into position. She lifted her arm up, turned her arm in the right degree and threw the knife into the target that was drawn on the tree.
"Now, that's how it's done." Bellamy said with a small smirk, eyeing the blonde with a flirtatious look.
The Blake boy only received a deadpan look from the female and a glare from Murphy.
"We searched a half-mile in all directions. No sign of Trina or Pascal." Atom said walking out of the woods with Jones and Mbege following behind him.
"Visit your special tree when you were out there?" Murphy couldn't help but mock, remembering Bellamy's pissed off expression after he caught one of his boys making out with his little sister. Then he remembered how hilarious it was to see Atom hanging off a three and couldn't stop the small chuckle that escaped his mouth.
"Atom took his punishment. Let it go."
"Could be grounders." Atom suggested, clearly uncomfortable with talking about taking Octavia Blake's virginity right in front of her overprotective older brother.
"Yeah, or they could be in pound town." Murphy suggested playfully, picking his knife up again "Lot of that going around recently."
"Maybe not enough." Bellamy shrugged and threw his axe at the tree while eyeing Gabriella with a coy smirk that she rolled her eyes at and ignored him again.
"Look, Bellamy, Ella, people are scared. And that dying kid he's not helping the morale around here." Atom said, ignoring Murphy's taunting.
Gabriella couldn't help but tense at the mention of Jasper and she turned to glare at Atom "Morale will go up when we get more food. That's exactly why you're going hunting later."
"And what do we say when they ask about Trina and Pascal?" Jones asked, looking beaten the two leaders.
"Now? Nothing?" Bellamy said nonchalantly "It's possible they're just lost. We'll keep an eye out for them when we go hunting."
The female Kane turned towards him "Gather up the hunting team and be back before dawn. We don't need any more people missing."
"You're not going?"
"And what? Leave the princess in charge? Not a chance." she responded, picking her knife up, putting it into the pocket of her jacket and walking to the dropship.
She was gonna go see how Jasper was doing, even if she had to stab Wells with a knife to get in. But just as she was about to start climbing onto the second level of the dropship, Jasper let out a haunting scream that was even worse than the ones before. 
Gabriella climbed quicker and threw the drop open "What the hell are you doing?! You're gonna kill him!"
"She's trying to save his life." Finn defended quickly.
"She can't."
Gabriella turned around to see the Blake siblings climbing up.
"Back off." Wells told him, trying to appear tough in front of Clarke but failing miserably once he received an unimpressed look from Bellamy.
"We didn't drag him through Miles of woods just to let him die." Clarke glared up at Bellamy.
"Kid's a goner." Bellamy huffed "If you can't see that, you're deluded. He's making people crazy."
"Well I'm sorry if Jasper's life is such an inconvenience to you, but down here every life matters! Especially his since I'm gonna give this camp hell if you hurt a hair on his head!" Gabriella snapped at him.
"Take a look at him, Gabriella! He's a lost cause."
Gabriella drowned out the rest of the conversation as she stared down at the barely breathing body of one of her closest friends. She snapped out of it when she felt a hand on her shoulder "Ella, I've spent my whole life watching my mother heal people. If I say there's hope, there's hope."
"I'll believe it when I see it, Clarke." she responded coldly making the other blonde drop her hand back to the floor.
"This isn't about hope, it's about guts." Bellamy cut in "You don't have the guts to make the hard choices. I do. He's been like this for three days. If he's not better by tomorrow, I'll kill him myself."
"You really wanna test me right now, Blake?! Because you might be bigger and stronger but I'm a hell of a lot angrier! So if you even lay a finger on him I will kill you." Gabriella glared.
"I'm just saying, Bambi. Don't give yourself false hope or you'll end up getting hurt." Bellamy said sternly before turning to his sister "Octavia, let's go."
"I'm staying here." the brunette said, not looking away from Jasper except to give Gabriella reassuring smile which she returned half-heartedly.
"Power-hungry, self-serving jackass. He doesn't care about anyone but himself." Monty said bitterly before flashing Octavia an apologetic look "No offense."
The girl only shook her head, knowing what he was saying was only half true. Bellamy really hadn't cared about anyone but her for a while.
"Bellamy is all that." started Finn "But he also happens to be right."
Sam scoffed "Why don't you do us all a favour and leave then Spacewalker? Go ahead and join Bellamy, Murphy and their rabid dogs. It's not like you're helping here anyway."
"Yeah what he said." Monty pointed at the blond awkwardly.
"I think I like girls."
All three pairs of eyes snapped to Gabriella who was looking at the ceiling from her place on the couch.
"What?" Jasper choked out "That was not the plan, you were supposed to end up with--"
"...too." she added, still looking up "I like both. At least I think so."
Monty grinned "That's great!"
"Yeah! We completely support you! Now we have someone to actually talk about girls since Johnny here only ever talks about--"
Said boy interrupted him by slapping the back of his head "Shut up."
"Wait, you like someone? Why haven't you said anything?" Gabriella asked curiously.
"I don't like anyone." Murphy rolled his eyes and sat next to her, pulling her into his side by wrapping his hand around her shoulders "You know I support you though, always."
"What even made you realize it?" 
Gabriella shrugged at Monty's question "I don't know. I guess I just realized I don't really mind the gender I get with."
Jasper hummed "Nice."
Gabriella looked up from Jasper to see Clarke and Wells entering the second level of the dropship.
"So, uh--  Finn, Sam, Wells and I are going to look for some herbs to help Jasper heal faster." Clarke started sceptically "You got everything in control here?"
"Yeah. Of course." she nodded confidently.
"You're gonna take care of him right?" Clarke asked receiving a nod from Gabriella but it was obviously not enough for Wells.
"How can we trust you, you won't let Murphy or someone else come in and kill him?" 
"Well I hope not, I mean I am kind of a bitch." Gabriella said with a blank expression on her face.
When she receives a pointed look from Clarke she deadpans "Do you want me to pinky swear?"
Clarke let out a sigh and nodded to herself before heading down to the main level, Wells following her with a confused look "You're trusting her alone with him?"
"She's not gonna be alone. Octavia and Monty are up there too." she hesitated before adding "And for your information I do trust her."
It's been two hours of silence. Monty was working on contacting the Ark, Octavia looking at him with curiosity sparkling in her eyes and Gabriella trying to do something for fun. She and Monty had an unspoken understanding so both of them understood each other's priorities. Monty wanted the Ark to come down and wanted to do everything in his power to help while Gabriella didn't want anything to do with helping.
"So and my brother?"
Gabriella tore her eyes away from Jasper as soon as the words left Octavia's mouth "What?"
"I'm just gonna say it because no one else will and because you obviously don't see it." the younger Blake sibling started bluntly "Murphy follows you around like a lovesick puppy and you and my brother look like you're about to jump each other's bones any second."
The blonde took a deep breath "Ever since we met John has been my best friend. Yeah we flirted, but it was always our way to joke around..."
"But do you want it to be more?" Octavia asked curiously.
"Of course she does." Monty scoffed "Have you seen the way they look at each other? I thought that after a year of you two not seeing each other that the tension and obliviousness would disappear but you still don't see it."
Gabriella glared at him "You're saying it like he has feelings for me or something."
Monty stared at her in disbelief "Are you serious? Octavia is she being serious?"
Octavia chuckled at the interaction. It was obvious the two had a close sibling relationship, it wasn't as strong as Jasper and Monty's but she could see they cared about each other a lot.
"And my brother is--"
"--completely unable to take a hint?" Gabi cut her off with a snort "Doesn't take no for an answer? Thinks that 'no' means 'yes' and that 'never gonna happen' means 'take me back to your tent I'm yours'? Figured."
Monty and Octavia shared a look before bursting out laughing with Gabriella following behind.
Their moment was interrupted when most of the delinquents went rushing into the dropship panicked, most of them screaming and crying.
"What the hell is going on?!" Gabriella demanded.
"Air got thick, everybody's skin started burning." a girl, she believed was called Monroe, said.
"Guys my brother is out there." Octavia panicked and Gabriella put a reassuring hand on her back "Bellamy can handle himself. He'll be fine."
The blonde quickly got up and made sure everyone was inside before closing the dropship door. She told the kids that weren't injured to get on the third level while she got Octavia to help her with the kids on the bottom level. There weren't any dead delinquents in the dropship but judging by the number of teenagers that were inside right now, Gabriella was sure some of them were stuck outside. She hoped they found appropriate shelter because whatever that fog was, was obviously very deadly.
Once she was sure everyone was settled, she flopped down on the hammock next to John "You sure the fog didn't get to you?"
"Don't worry about me." he said with a half-smile "How's Jordan doing?"
"Clarke, Finn, Wells and Sam should be here with the stuff to fix him up soon. So I think he should be okay." 
"I told you. That kid lived through getting speared in the chest. He's not going down easily." John said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder "Now get some sleep. I'll wake you up when the fog goes away."
Once they were sure the fog was gone, Gabriella opened the dropship and about an hour later, the hunting group was back accompanied by the group that went to get the plants for Jasper.
Gabriella watched as Octavia lifted the sheet to reveal Atom's dead body and ran away sobbing. The blonde felt sympathy for the younger girl, she never had a life but once she finally had one, the guy she has feelings for gets killed.
So against her better judgment, she ran after the brunette to the back of the dropship and let her break down into her arms. She watches Octavia Blake get through the first of many losses she'll receive on the ground.
"Thanks, Ella." Octavia sniffed "You're not half as bad as my brother says you are."
"I am, you just haven't done anything to piss me off, shortie." she ruffled her hair.
Octavia smiled and whipped off some of her tears "I'll go check up on Jasper, see how he's doing."
Gabriella was about to tell her she's gonna go with her, until she looked over her shoulder to see Clarke standing there with a nervous look on her face "I'll catch up with you in a bit."
The two blondes watched as Octavia walked away before facing each other.
"Yes, Clarke?" Gabriella asked, crossing her arms over her chest defensively.
Clarke cleared her throat "Now that I came face to face with the truth about what my mother really did, I think it's time I tell you the truth."
"The truth? The truth about what?" 
"I had a crush on you." Clarke blurted out before she could back down. She let out a sigh when she saw the confused look on her ex-best friend's face "I had a crush on you and Wells found out. I thought he was gonna tell you so I distanced myself, too afraid I'll lose you the hard way."
The female Kane watched her carefully for a few seconds before a genuine smile appeared on her face "You had a crush on me?"
"Of course I did." Clarke chuckled to herself "Who wouldn't?"
Gabriella chuckled softly, her grin growing "I was your bisexual awakening."
"Shut up." Clarke rolled her eyes but couldn't hide the blush that rose to her pale cheeks.
"So you didn't hate me?" Gabriella asked the fellow blonde.
Clarke's smile dropped "Of course not. You were one of the most important people in my life. You still are. And I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make our friendship the way it used to be. Because I need you, Ella. Especially down here."
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violetarks · 4 months ago
Bloodline: Hero Names
Anime: My Hero Academia
Word Count: 4145
Tumblr media
"Yeah, okay, Dad." I huff into the phone, sitting in between Kirishima and Ojiro on the train, "I'll be home right after school."
I looked at my friends. Mina sat beside Ojiro and talked about the festival. Kirishima had halted his conversation with me when Dad called, so he was chatting — well, trying to — with Bakugou.
He refused to sit next to me again after what happened last time.
It's fine, I didn't need a heart anyway.
Dad voice rose from my phone. It sounds shaky and unsure. "Don't worry, it's just about your uncle." He tells me, and I feel my heart drop.
I haven't talked about my uncle since I was a First Year in Middle School. For some reason, my parents refused to say his name, so I couldn't refer to him with his name anymore.
Maybe it had something to do with Middle School, but I would never know. It wasn't his fault.
I never pushed further, only to ask if he was okay. They told me that he was fine where he was.
What confused me more was the fact that my mother was really close to her siblings. Aunt Yori was younger than her and so was Uncle, but he was younger by a lot. In fact, he's only a few years older than me.
It was a personal matter for my mother, but she did tell me that Uncle was only related to her and Aunt Yori by half-blood. I knew he was somehow 'different' by the way he acted and such, but Uncle was still a big influence on my life just like Aunt Yori.
When Aunt Yori couldn't train me, Uncle would teach me a few things as he had a very similar quirk to me. His one seemed more 'advanced' then Aunt Yori's and mine.
But we shut him out a long time ago.
So why did Dad want to talk about him?
I clear my throat, "R—Right. I'll be quick to get home, Dad."
Dad hangs up and I put my phone in my pocket. I turn my head to the boy beside me. "So, Kirishima, what were we talking about?" I ask as he looks to me.
He rubs the back of his neck and chuckles, "Y'know you can just call me 'Eijiro', right?"
I widen my eyes. "Wait, really?"
"Yeah, of course." He says to me, tilting his head down, "I mean, we're practically best friends by now, even though it's only been a few months." His red eyes land on me again and he's waving his hands. "Well, you don't need to call me 'Eijiro', it's just a little option you have..."
I place my hands on my lap and give him a smile. "Okay, Eijiro, then you can call me 'Y/N'." I tell him.
As we continue to talk, Bakugou makes noises and clicking sounds to tell us that he's irritated by our loud conversation. Or maybe he just wanted to remind us that he was sitting there.
At school, it seemed to be somewhat better. Nobody looked like they were holding grudges against our classmates.
Except for Hitoshi.
When he saw me walk in the school gates with Bakugou, Kirishima, Mina and Ojiro, he seemed to like glaring at a certain spiky-haired blonde. But he did greet me as we passed.
He gave a 'hey Kitten'.
Ojiro looked as if he was about to vomit. Mina glared at the guy. Kirishima gave a polite nod with a wary look. Bakugou flat out ignored him but growled a little bit.
I said 'morning, 'Toshi'.
Some upperclassmen were whispering about us First Years. I heard a few 'I heard that girl went crazy in her final match' and 'that guy went pretty harsh on that last girl he fought, she was trying so hard'.
Needless to say, I hated the talk.
There's two sides of attention. The good and the bad. Usually, I was on the bad side.
I stepped a bit closer to Mina, arm brushing against hers. It's a little habit I've made for myself, that I'd stand just a little closer to someone I trust a lot when I was nervous.
"Hey! I saw your fight!" A Second Year comes up and says to Bakugou and me, making the group stop, "Damn dude, you really knocked her to the ground, huh? You sure gave her a run for her money!"
I clench my jaw and look to the ground. The Second Year wasn't even talking to me. I'm taking a step back from the student, Bakugou beside me turning his head to look at me over his shoulder.
He then glares back at the Second Year.
"I'd like to see you do that now, bastard." Bakugou scowls, hands in his pockets as he steps closer to thea student, "Stop fucking bothering us and actually try to become a hero. There's a reason why all the shitty media was on the First Year Stage yesterday, idiot."
With that, Bakugou begins to walk away. Kirishima apologises for his behaviour before following after him.
"Man, Bakugou sure tore that guy a new one." Mina pointed out.
Ojiro nods his head and chuckles, "Yeah, usually he'd just curse at them once and walk away. I guess not this time."
I stare at the spiky blonde hair, moving a bit away from Mina to make some space. "Yeah. It's different."
When we got to homeroom, Bakugou was quiet at his desk with that annoyed expression as Kirishima, Mina, Ojiro and I talked with our classmates about the festival.
"It's different when they broadcast the matches on TV after all, huh?" Mina claimed, pointing to herself, "So many people talked to me on my way here!"
Kirishima joined in, "Yeah, me too!"
On my right, Hagakure stated, "People were staring at me, too. It was kind of embarrassing!"
Ojiro smiled awkwardly and pointed out, "Isn't that normal for you, Hagakure?"
I smiled at them before Sero came up behind Kirishima and I. He pointed to himself and groaned, "I had some Elementary Schoolers suddenly tell me 'don't worry about it'."
Tsu looked up at him. "Don't worry about it!" She teased with an indifferent look on her face.
Sero yelled in agony.
I looked over to see Bakugou staring out the window. He hasn't said anything since that Second Year stopped us.
Walking over, I tap his desk and chime, "You had some other people ask you about the festival, didn't you?"
He glares at me. "So what?"
"You've become quite popular, Bakugou." I chuckle, crossing my arms as I stare down at him, "If your personality wasn't so rough, I'd say you'd be an image of braveness for some people."
Bakugou stands up and yells at me, "Shut the Hell up, you cheerleader dumbass!"
I giggle at his words before flicking his forehead, walking away to my chair, "You're one to talk, Bombshell."
The door slides open. "Good morning." Mr Aizawa says to us, walking to the pedestal.
We all sit in our chairs, greeting him back.
Tsu speaks up, finger on her cheek, "Mr Aizawa, your bandages are gone. I'm glad."
Mr Aizawa scratches underneath his eye with his pinkie. "The old lady went overboard with her treatment." He claims, looking annoyed. I bet he had a fun time cringing at the injuries.
I see a scar under his eye. It's surprising, he had his whole face wrapped up and only came out of it with that small scar. Weird.
"More importantly, we're having a special Hero Informatics class today." Mr Aizawa informs us, making my blood run cold. What was this special class for? How come he didn't tell us any sooner?
My heart paces up.
"Code names." Mr Aizawa says, making me widen my eyes, "You'll be coming up with hero names."
I let out a breath, thanking God it wasn't anything too serious. The class stands up in joy, calling out their thanks.
Mr Aizawa glares at us, eyes glowing red. It's enough to make us all sit down in our seats and pretend nothing was happening.
A couple minutes after explaining how we become assets to Pros, Mr Aizawa announces that he has the results for offers from the Sports Festival.
They blink up on the board.
Todoroki: 4123
Bakugou: 3556
L/N: 371
Tokoyami: 360
Iida: 301
Kamonari: 272
Yaoyorozu: 108
Kirishima: 68
Uraraka: 20
Sero: 14
I'm in third, like the results for the Sports Festival. As I read through them, I see that only 10 of us got offers, which means the 11 of the rest got none.
"In other years, it's been more spread out, but all eyes were on these two this year." Mr Aizawa claims. It really showed how we compared to the top two boys.
I raise a brow and say, "Todoroki's first and Bakugou's second?"
Kirishima beside me points out, "It's the opposite of their placement in the Sports Festival."
Sero behind me points out his hand and tells us, "Some people are too scared to ask for a guy who had to be restrained on the podium."
Bakugou turns his head to us, band up like he was about to activate his quirk. "What're the Pros scared of?" He yells out.
I wave him off so he could shut up. Mr Aizawa leans against the pedestal and gives us a stern look. "Keeping these results in mind, whether or not anyone asled for you, you will all be participating in internships with Pros."
"Yeah." Mr Aizawa nods at Midoriya, "At the USJ, you already got to experience combat with real villains, but it will still be meaningful training for you to see Pros at work firsthand." He tilts his head down at us.
Sato in the back gasps, "So that explains the hero names!"
Uraraka next to him, holds up her fists excitedly. "Things are suddenly getting a lot more fun!" She chimes.
Mr Aizawa lifts his chin as he speaks to us. "Well, those hero names are still temporary, but if you're not serious about it—"
"You'll have Hell to pay later!" A voice shouts as the door opens again. Heels click against the floor as we turn our heads. "Because a lot of hero names used by students become recognised by society, and they end up becoming professional hero names!"
"Midnight!" We all cheer as she stands beside Mr Aizawa.
He tiredly speaks, "Well, that's how it is. So Midnight will be making sure your names are okay." He leans down and picks up his sleeping bag. "I can't do stuff like that."
I lean back in the blue chair as our homeroom teacher goes on, "When you give yourself a name, you get a more concrete image of what you want to be like in the future and you can get closer to it."
My hands are folded on my lap. They suddenly tighten their grip on my skirt.
"This means what it means when they say, 'names and nature do often agree'." Mr Aizawa claims, "Like 'All Might' for example."
Jirou hands me some whiteboards and markers. I collect one of each, handing it back behind me to Sero.
We are given a few minutes to come up with a name. Mr Aizawa is wrapped in his sleeping back, snoozing off against the wall.
I twirl the marker in between my fingers, staring at the blank board.
My hero name.
Aunt Yori and I talked about it before. She used to train me because of our quirks. After she left, Dad took on helping me with physical combat and Hitoshi helped me on how to better control my quirk. He did his best, even though he didn't have a similar one.
I can't recall how many times I created a wooden cat figure from all those training sessions in my backyard.
I remember asking Aunt Yori how she got her hero name. She said that 'Sorceress' seems magical, like from a fantasy novel. She said that she wanted to remind people that miracles could still happen, like how the princess or prince gets saved, how the power of good prevails, how people are always there for you.
She wanted for people to see her face, remember her name and think 'I will be fine, she is saving me. Sorceress will do what she can'.
I slowly draw against the whiteboard.
I just want to make her proud.
When I pick up my marker from the board, I breathe in and out. This will be my name. I've thought about it for years, even through a time where I thought being a hero was impossible.
"Okay, let's start presenting names starting with those who are ready." Midnight calls as Aizawa lays asleep against the wall.
First up is Aoyama, who holds a proud smile on his face as he holds up his card. "Here I go..." He says, "Shining Hero: 'I can not stop twinkling'!"
Oh my.
Midnight helps him make some changes to shorten it up. Next Mina goes with her name 'Alien Queen', to which Midnight warns her not to use. Mina walks back to her seat with a disappointed expression.
"Rainy Season Hero: 'Froppy'." Tsu says, holding her board. When Midnight applauds her, we all let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't too hard making a name.
A few people go next. Kirishima's name is 'Red Riot', which pays homage to Crimson Riot. He told me once that he looked up to the chivalrous hero a lot in Middle School.
"If you're bearing a name you admire, it'll come with that much more pressure." Midnight informs Kiri, holding a serious expression as she spoke.
I feel my heart speed up a bit. I knew that from the start. Taking up the a hero name related to Aunt Yori meant a lot to me and the people who look up to her. So I need to be ready for that.
Jirou's name is 'Earphone Jack'  whilst Shoji's one is 'Tentacole'. Sero picked out the name 'Cellophane' and Ojiro picked 'Tailman'.
As soon as I knew it, it was my turn.
I walked up to the pedestal, I hold the board to my chest as I tap my foot on the floor. I gulp before looking up to the class.
"I don't know if you guys remember, but there was a hero who died six years ago." I tell them, looking at the wood of the pedestal, "The villain who killed her is still unknown, but I don't think that because of it, she should be forgotten."
When I look to Midnight, she's tilting her head down a little with her eyes on me. She wears a sympathetic smile.
I turn back to the class and take a deep breath in as I hold up my whiteboard, "I'm going to be the new Transmutation Hero: Alchemist, in honour of Sorceress. I'll do my best to uphold her image."
Midnight places a hand on my shoulder and asks, "She was your aunt. I remember that she used to boast about you when we'd team up, which happened quite frequently. She was close with a lot of heroes you see today."
I slowly nod my head and stare down at my hands. "I didn't know she did talked about me to other Pros."
The next few people go, Kirishima and I non-stop laughing at Bakugou's names. He just didn't know how to pick names, huh?
"Now that everyone's decided on their hero names, we'll go back to talking about the internships." Aizawa tells us, awake from his nap as the sleeping bag hands from his waist. Midnight stood beside him, stretching her arms out.
"They'll last for a week. As for where you'll have them, those who had offers from pros will be given your own lists, so you can choose from those yourself." He informs us, holding a stack of papers.
We all get our papers as the bell rings. Beside me, Kirishima say, "I want to fight crime in urban areas!"
I look to him and state, "I hope the internships aren't too far from home. I only know how to take the train from home to school and back." I rub the back of my neck as Aizawa informs us to hand them in before the weekend.
After School . . .
Kirishima and I waited by the door for Bakugou, Kaminari and Mina so we could all go home together. We discussed our internships.
"You got 371 offers, Y/N!" Kirishima points out, lifted shoulders, "Who are some agencies that scouted for you?"
I look at my paper in my hand and scan through it as quickly as I could. "W—Well... There's Mt Lady's agency, Kamui Woods Agency, uh..." I squint at the writing, feeling my heart speed up as I tried to pick out the most popular ones. "Oh! There's Edgeshot Agency, but that's a two hour train ride away."
"So, you have a whole lot of offers!" Kirishima says to me. The others have caught up and we're walking down the hall now.
I shrug my shoulders and stare at the floor. "Well, most of them are just asking for me because of my relationship with Sorceress." I point out.
It didn't hurt to have offers because of Aunt Yori. In fact, I'm kind of grateful. She's helping me even without being here.
"Have you one picked yet?" He asks, looking down to me as I held onto my satchel.
I stuff the paper in my bag as I walked beside him and Mina. "Well, my father's agency was the first I got interesred in." I admit, holding my phone in my hand.
Kirishima gasps with a wide smile, "Cessation Hero Agency! Your dad actually gave me an offer as well, I was super flattered." He has pink cheeks as if somewhat proud and flushed at the action.
I rub the back of my head as I chuckle, "Yeah, I actually think you've made a good impression on him. I'm pretty sure my dad likes you, Eijiro."
That makes him eyes sparkle, telling me how excited he was to hear that.
"You did a better job than Bakugou, I'll tell you that." I scoff, seeing the said boy show an angered look in the corner of my eye.
"Why would I want your dad to like me anyways, cheerleader moron?" He asks me, making me roll my eyes.
I look to him and state, "Because if you don't, we won't be able to hang out." I see him face burn red as he points at me.
Bakugou scowls, "How fucking desperate would I be to have to hang out with you?"
As we step outside, I shrug my shoulders and answer, "I don't know. You're the one with the desperation, Bakugou."
He goes on and on, shouting swears at me and flipping me off.
A few moments later, we're on the train and I'm standing. It was pretty packed today, so Mina and Bakugou were the only ones sitting down today. Kirishima, Kaminari and I were standing.
Kirishima and Kaminari, who were taller than me, were able to hold onto the handles from the roof with ease. But I was cramped in between them and felt uncomfortable reaching for the handle. I didn't want me chest or rear to collide with any of them, that would've been very awkward.
"Y/N, you can just hold onto my jacket if you want." Kirishima says to me. I look up to the spiky-haired boy, who wears an innocent smile as he look over his shoulder at me.
I gently grasp the back of his blazer with one hand, the other laying on his back to make sure I wasn't pushed forward too much. "Thanks, Eijiro." I hum, making sure my grip wasn't too harsh.
"No problem." Kirishima retorts.
Mina wiggles her brows at me. "Ooh, going passed Last Name base, are you?" She teases us, "I didn't think you could move so fast, Kirishima!"
I raise my eyebrows at her before I feel my grasp tightening on Kirishima's blazer. Our body's sway as the train stops for a second and starts again. Kirishima is now turning around, my hand still clenching the back of his jacket.
As my arm loops around his waist, Kiri widens his eyes at Mina and says, "No, it's not like that! We're friends, y'know? I—I say that you guys can call me 'Eijiro', but you just never do!"
Kaminari is laughing along with Mina at us. The electric blonde is dying right behind me, teasing Kiri and I about being 'super duper close'. As Kirishima goes to defuse the idea, I feel my hand tighten its grip on his jacket.
My eyes trail to Bakugou. His red gaze is switching between Kirishima and I. He scoffs, "You two are fucking idiots."
I want to say something back, but perhaps he's right.
I lift my head up and look to Kirishima, my head so close to leaning on his chest. He turns his gaze to look down to me and as soon as I know it, we're both red in the face and pulling away from each other.
"Sorry! I didn't—"
"No, no, no, it was me, I'm sorry—"
We shut up after interrupting each other. Immediately, I take my hands off of him and take the smallest step away from Kirishima, holding onto my bag.
It's a few silent seconds of Kirishima and I looking away from each other, to the window, the floor, anywhere. Mina and Kaminari's laughing has reduced to small chuckles.
Before I can blink again, I feel my arm being tugged and my body now sitting on something.
I look up to Bakugou standing in front of me, a large frown in his face. He's crossing his arms over my chest as he takes my spot in between Kirishima and Kaminari.
"There, now I don't need to watch your fucking pathetic ass scene in front of me." Bakugou scowls, glaring at Kirishima and I.
I hold my bag in between my legs and stare at the floor. "Uh... okay, thanks, I guess..." I say to him.
He squints at me before turning his body away from me. I see him eyes turn to Kirishima for a while. It's like the two of them are in an intense staring contest that Kiri doesn't know about.
But that doesn't stop Kirishima from talking to me.
"Y'know, your hero name is pretty nice, Y/N." He says to me, trying to ease off the awkwardness. He gives a nervous smile.
I retort, "Heh, thanks. I really like your one too, Red Riot." I send him a grin to calm Kiri down.
I glance at Bakugou, who is already glaring holes into my head. "What about you, Bakugou? Have you come up with your own hero name?" I ask him, trying to come off as innocent and not brutally making fun of him.
Bakugou growls lowly, "Shut the Hell up, dumbass! Everybody else is just too fucking scared to accept my great ideas!" He begins to let off little explosions at his palms, threatening to hurt me just a small bit.
I roll my eyes and place my hand on my chin. "Maybe you're just too crazy, Bakugou. You aren't exactly a 'star student' at UA, if you haven't already noticed it." I inform Bakugou, tilting my head to the side with a smirk.
It only irks him on. He places a hand on the window beside my head, his other palm in front of me. It's emitting heat from his skin. He's clenching his jaw tightly, eyes squinting again at me.
"You wanna say that again, dumbass?" He growls at me.
Does he like being this close or...?
I smile at him and slightly lean forward. I tease, "I said, 'you're just—"
The train stops abruptly, my hands going to the chair to stop my shifting. But Bakugou's hand drops, landing on top of mine so he can balance himself from moving.
I feel my cheeks grow hotter as Bakugou's eyes stare into mine. His draw is slightly dropped, lips parted as his hand shakes against mine. His cheeks are slightly red. He looks as if he wants to say something, but he's not.
Bakugou then takes a breath in.
"Um... it's our stop guys." Kirishima tells us.
Bakugou immediately lifts himself up, not sparing me another glance. As he leaves, Kirishima helps me and and leads me through the crowd, saying 'goodbye' to Mina and Kaminari.
Bakugou is walking in front of us with slouched shoulders, staring at the floor. Kirishima pats my shoulder and sighs, "It's okay. He always ignores people like this."
"Yeah. He does."
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Tumblr media
Day 5—Hayride!
My entire Flufftober series is on AO3 here.
Read below the cut, or here on AO3!
Simon Snow is staring at me.
That's not unusual for him. He's always staring at me when we're at Watford. At meals, in classes, from across our room. (I say staring, but it's really more like glaring.) No, what's unusual is that he's here at all. He never leaves Watford during the school year, except to spend the winter holidays with the Wellbeloves or with Bunce. Yet here he is on a random Saturday night in October, at a random farm about an hour away from Watford, waiting in line for the same hayride as me.
I at least have a reason to be here. I came along with Daphne to help her watch the children while they run amok doing all the Halloween-themed children's activities set up on the farm. Snow is…. by himself?
"Simon!" A familiar voice calls from behind me, and then someone brushes past me in a blur of purple and burnt sage. Of course Bunce is here. Snow doesn't go anywhere without his sidekick. Still, I wouldn’t put it past Snow to have followed me here solely to accuse me of plotting something evil.
The hayride pulls up and the previous crowd gets off, and those in the queue shuffle forward to take their turn. Daphne goes first, and the kids settle in around her. When I climb up into the wagon, there is only one seat left. As luck would have it, that seat is right next to Simon fucking Snow.
Snow glares at me as I make my way over to him and Bunce, and squints at me suspiciously when I sit down on the hay bale beside him. (Hay is not comfortable to sit on, despite appearances. I can feel it poking my arse even through my jeans.)
"What are you doing here?" Snow asks.
I curl my lip at him. "Helping my stepmother with the children, obviously.” I gesture to the other side of the wagon, where Daphne is shifting the baby so that one of the twins can sit on her lap.
He frowns, looking between me and them. "Since when do you have siblings?"
"Well, my oldest sister is six, but her birthday's coming up soon, so that makes it just about seven years."
"You never told me you had siblings," he says.
"You never asked," I say. "What are you doing here?"
“What’s it to you?”
Bunce leans forward and cuts in, saying, "Simon's never been on a hayride. Or been pumpkin picking. So we're catching him up!"
Oh. I feel a little twinge of guilt. Sometimes I forget that while Snow may be the Chosen One, practically worshipped by the world of mages, in possession of unparalleled amounts of raw power, he's missed out on so much of normal life. (Not Normal normal. Just… well. Regular normal.)
"Alright then," I say. "Since it's your first, I won't throw you out of the wagon this time." 
"Oh, fuck off, Baz. Go sit somewhere else."
"I'm afraid you're stuck beside me for now, Snow. We share a room at Watford. I'm sure we can share a hay bale for twenty minutes without killing each other."
Daphne catches my eye over the top of the baby's head, and winks at me. I roll my eyes, and she smiles wider.
Daphne knows about my feelings for Snow. She figured it out the summer after sixth year when she saw the inside cover of one of my school notebooks, where I’d pasted Snow's class photo. She's been cheering me on ever since. (She's a lovely woman.) I didn't have the heart to tell her just how deeply Snow hates me. She thinks it's merely political, but it's not. The animosity between me and Snow has always been personal.
The wagon lurches as the horses start moving, pulling us along a path around the edge of the property. The trail has been lit up along the sides with warm lights and Halloween decorations. 
The wagon hits a particularly large bump, and the sudden movement launches Snow into me. His shoulder hits mine, his elbow slams into my side, and one of his hands falls straight into my lap as he throws his arms out to regain his balance.
I gasp. 
He pulls his hand back like I’d burned it.
"Oh shit, I didn't, oh Merlin. I'm sorry." A few of the parents in the wagon shoot him disapproving looks at his language, one of them covering the ears of her son. "Sorry, so sorry," Snow says again, louder.
"It's fine," I say. Though I most certainly am not fine. Simon Snow just grabbed my crotch. On a hayride full of other people. (This is not at all how I imagined it would go when Snow put his hands down there for the first time.)
"Oh my god, Baz," he says, and then points at my crotch. "Baz, you're—" I look down, just to be sure I haven't developed an inopportune tent in my trousers. (I haven't.)
"Spit it out, Snow," I bark. 
"Baz, you're wearing jeans!"
Merlin's beard. "Yes, and? We're sitting on a pile of horse food. What did you expect me to wear, a three-piece velvet suit?"
"No," he says. "But, but—" 
"Simon, look at this!" Bunce grabs his arm, pointing at something in the opposite direction, and he turns away from me. 
I look away, too, watching the lights bob past us as we move. This is going to be the longest hayride in the history of hayrides.
By the time the hayride ends, I'm wound as tight as one of Bunce's hairbands. Every little bump and jostle had sent me crashing into Snow, or him into me. My skin feels like it's on fire, and Daphne won't stop giving me knowing looks.
"I'm going to take the kids to Maccies," she says as we climb off the wagon. "I'll come back for you a little later, okay?"
"No, I can come with you now," I start, but she shakes her head.
"He wants to talk to you," she says quietly, flicking her eyes over my shoulder in Snow's direction. "He just told his friend to wait for him by the entrance."
I turn, and she's right. Bunce is walking back toward the car park, but Snow is still standing by the hayride, leaning up against the fence, staring at me again. 
Daphne gives my shoulder an encouraging pat before ushering the kids to the car. I take a deep breath to steady myself before walking over to Snow.
"Hey," I say.
"Hey, Baz," he says. Then nods toward the hayride. "Want to ride with me? Penny said she didn't want to go again, but I want to go one more time before we head back to Watford."
If I were the one asking Simon to go on a hayride with me, he'd accuse me of plotting. As it is, I'm a bit suspicious, but Snow seems sincere enough.
"Alright," I say.
His mouth drops open. He clearly wasn’t expecting me to say yes. Part of me is pleased at having caught him off guard. 
"Seriously? You’re actually gonna go on the hayride with me?" 
"I don't see why not," I say. "Unless you're plotting to kill me on it."
He knits his eyebrows together in indignation, growling a little. Then he pauses, looking very confused for a few beats, before his face relaxes and he laughs.
"That was a joke," he declares. "I don't think I've ever heard you tell a joke before."
"I can be quite funny,” I say. "You must not have been paying attention.”
"That’s not true. I'm always paying attention to you."
I turn away to hide the blush spreading across my cheeks.
"Come on, then, Snow. Let's take another hayride."
We end up going on two more hayrides together. The first one we spend talking a little bit. Nothing too interesting—mostly about school and my siblings—but since it’s an actual conversation during which neither of us is trying to expose or murder or provoke the other, it’s quite a lot of progress for us. 
During the second hayride, we mostly sit in silence, though it’s a comfortable silence for once. I end up sitting on the floor in the corner of the wagon, and he ends up to my left side and a little bit in front of me. At some point on the ride, when a bump sends him reeling backward, he stays there, a portion of his back pressed to a sliver of my chest.
I consider sliding my arm a few inches to the side… it would be so easy to slip my arm around him. But I don’t. 
When the last ride ends, Daphne and Bunce are standing by the edge of the car park, chatting with each other. I worry a little bit about what they’re saying, if they’re talking about us. (I hope not. Daphne knows far too much about me.)
Snow gets off the wagon first, and holds a hand out to help me down. I don't need his help, of course, but I take his hand anyway. (Any excuse to touch him.) I expect him to let go once we're both on solid ground, but he doesn't. 
He's looking at me the way he does when he's spoiling for a fight. Even in the dim light, his eyes are full of heat. It's intense, and I want to look away, but I can't.
"Simon, I—"
"Shh," he says. "Just… I want to try something."
"You've tried a lot of new things today already," I say.
"I said shhhhh."
"Don't tell me what to do, Snow."
He clamps a hand over my mouth. "Stop talking. Don't be difficult."
I'm a bit overwhelmed by his hand on my face and how close he’s now standing, so I just nod. He nods back. 
"Okay then," he says. "Wait a minute. You called me Simon."
"I did no such thing."
His eyes widen, and he grins at me, all sunshine and smugness. "You did! Just now."
"I promise you, I didn't. Now, whatever you're going to do, please get on with it, because I—"
He cuts me off with a kiss. I've barely enough time to register what's happening before he pulls away. I gape at him and feel my hand drift up to touch my lips.
Simon frowns, thinking hard about something, then looks at my lips, where I've still got my hand on them. I let my hand drop, and he catches it.
"Yeah," he says, nodding. "I think—yeah. Baz, can I kiss you again?"
"Simon," I say. "You don't have to ask."
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