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#and living in 2 places doesnt help i dont have half my clothes
simpsiren · 10 months ago
about the roommate
park seonghwa x reader
main masterlist
Tumblr media
description. you talk about your weird relationship with the roommate you’ve been with for so long yet still dont know much about
genre. roommates au, fluff, seonghwa hinting at reader that they like them
warnings. nonee
a/n. hihii so i wanted to try writing for ateez since ive been doing a lot of nct ff already. its my first time so i doubt that it’ll be accurate but i got the idea from this post by @darling-akaashi so i hope it will be decent. i never thought that it would be this long but oh well HAHA enjoyy :D
Tumblr media
how did you even become roommates with someone like him? you dont even know. all you knew was that you were finding someone to share the apartment rent with and it just so happens that your friend at college, wooyoung, has a friend who was looking for an apartment.
and now here you are. a year and a half of sharing an apartment with seonghwa yet the two of you are in your separate rooms. the only interaction you ever made today was at breakfast where seonghwa cooked for you scrambled eggs and toasted bread.
there’s wasn’t much you knew about him at first. but as you slowly but surely try to accomplish your mission of getting to know seonghwa (since you didn’t like being awkward with people all the time), you start to learn a thing or two about him.
you were glad that after a year and a half of staying with him, you got to know more about him, despite the fact that the interaction between the two of you still needed some work.
Tumblr media
[ONE] : he’s a clean freak.
you were feeling tired from a long day of school and all you thought of doing while walking home was to sit on the couch and resume your anime marathon.
you unlock your door to find seonghwa mopping the floor. you nod your head slowly as you close the door and take off your shoes before taking any step further.
“didnt you mop the floor yesterday?” you ask, placing your keys on the kitchen counter along with your bag on the chair of the dining table.
“yeah.” was all you heard from seonghwa as you pour yourself a glass of grape juice. “you dont have to mop again-“
“its a habit.” seonghwa replies simply. with your cup in hand, you make your way to the living room, where seonghwa is currently mopping. you take a seat on the couch and grab the controller to turn on the tv. “hey wanna watch attack on titans with me?” seonghwa was mopping the floor in between the couch you’re sitting on and the coffee table and stops in front of you, raising an eyebrow.
“i dont watch anime?” you furrow your eyebrows and frown. “come on its fun! stop your cleaning and at least watch one episode.” you grab seonghwa’s arm and pull him down to sit next to you, making him flinch a little and quickly placing the mop beside the couch.
“how am i suppose to watch when i dont know what happened before?” you roll your eyes.
“if you find this episode good then you can watch it from the start in your free time.”
seonghwa sighs and and stands up, walking away to keep the mop before taking a seat beside you again and getting comfortable. “this better be worth it. im suppose to clean the toilet right now.”
“that can wait.” you nudge your arm into his chest, making him let out another long sigh before watching the show silently.
it was a saturday morning as you went to sleep at 4am. hence, making you wake up at 11am in the morning. however, you have always been laying around in your bed for about an hour or so before getting out of your room. when the clock striked 12, you thought that it would be a good idea to get out of your room and have lunch. gathering up all your energy, you brought yourself out of bed and lazily walk out of your room.
as you walked down the hallway, the first thing you saw was seonghwa cleaning the counter top of the kitchen. you clicked your tongue and walked over to where seonghwa was.
“did you make lunch yet?”
seonghwa looks up at you and shakes his head. “its a saturday so im spring cleaning the house.” you rolled your eyes and shake your head.
“you do that every single day!” you whine. seonghwa raises his eyebrow. “i like to keep the house neat unlike you.” you let out a soft ‘tsk’.
you have to admit, you were not a clean person at all. the only reason why the apartment is clean is because of seonghwa’s habit of being well organised and meticulous. basically everything in the apartment but your room is squeaky clean. although you see seonghwa staring at your room and looked like he’s holding back the strong urge to clean it for you, he doesn’t really do anything about the fact that you are the complete opposite of him. you dont know why but you only shrug it off.
“ill help you today, alright? then you can quickly cook something up for us. im hella hungry right now.”
seonghwa lifts his head up from the table and scoffs with a slight smile. you furrow your eyebrows and frown. “what’s that face for, huh?”
“this is the first time you offered to help. id say thank you but i know you’re only doing it because we both know im the only one that can cook.” seonghwa says confidently. you purse your lips and nodded your head.
“you’re right. but i’ll still help. so, what should i do?” seonghwa tosses the cloth that he was using to clean the kitchen counter. you took a step back as you quickly got a hold of it.
“wash it and wipe the bookshelf.” you let out a long sigh before flashing him a bright smile and headed over to the bookshelf. while you were wiping the sides of the bookshelf, you could have sworn that you saw seonghwa looking at you with a smile and a light blush of pink on his cheeks. you pretended not to notice though, and shrug it off.
Tumblr media
[TWO] : he’s a great cook.
you still remember the first day you came to the apartment. the first thing you see your new roommate doing was cleaning. like intense cleaning. it was late at night and you didn’t bother to even greet the stranger since you felt awkward and wanted to rest for the night.
however, at about two in the morning, you were laying down in your room when you felt the need to have a night snack. you stepped out of your room and went to the kitchen. the whole apartment was dark except for the dimly lit lamp at the kitchen. you jumped a little when you hear seonghwa’s voice coming from the living room.
“y/n?” you turn around to see seonghwa chilling on the couch with his phone. the living room was completely dark and you could only see his face from the light illuminating from his phone.
“i was just getting a snack to eat.” you said as you opened the fridge to look for something to eat. unfortunately, there wasnt anything that looked like it would fill your midnight appetite. you hear seonghwa standing up from the couch at the back and walking towards you. you tilted your head to the back and see seonghwa standing behinf you. you tale a step back.
“i can cook something if you want.”
“no no its fine i just need a simple snack.” seonghwa kept quiet for a moment as you went back to the fridge to look for food again, as if something might magically pop up. but of course nothing did.
“well i didnt think of getting any snacks when i moved in. ill make something.” seonghwa walks over to the fridge and nudges your arm, making you move to the kitcen counter and leaning your hip against it as you watch seonghwa get to work.
you were looking through your phone, distracted when you heard the noise of two bowls being olaced on the table. you lift your head up and noticed that seonghwa made yoghurt with cherries and raspberries. it wasnt your idea of a midnight snack but at this point, anything could go in your stomach.
“thanks.” you whisper softly as you drag the bowl near to you. seonghwa only hums in response as the two of you take a bite at the same time. your mouth gapes open as your head slowly tilts up from your bowl to look at seonghwa. he was casually eating when his raises an eyebrow at your weird expression.
“how.. how does this taste so good? what did you do it? did you poison it?!” seonghwa blinks at you a few times and shakes his head slowly. your forehead creases as you look at him suspiciously. “i never really liked yoghurt but holy shit.” you quickly take another bite.
“i think you’re just hungry. it tastes fine to me.” seonghwa says in a monotoned lazy manner and grabs the bowl and taking a seat at the dining table. you purse your lips into a straight line and grab your bowl as well and walking down the hallway to your room. before you open your door to go in, you quickly turn your head to the dining table.
“thanks for the yoghurt! ill wash the bowl later.” seonghwa doesnt react, keeping his eyes on his phone. you gave a weird look before heading inside. you sigh.
he’s going to be hard to talk to.
“its your birthday, right?” your jumped in your seat when seonghwa suddenly appeared beside you on the couch. “uhuh.. how’d you know?” you say softly, nodding your head.
“wooyoung told me. lll make you a cake or something. anything you want to eat?” you blink at him a few times, your mouth still gaping open as you were shocked about a few things. 1. he talking to you in a more open matter and 2. he actually want to make you something for your birthday.
“make me mac and cheese, please! i love the way you cook it!” you smiled brightly. seonghwa smiled back and coughed, only to return to his monotoned face. you laugh softly. you found it cute somehow.
“i wouldn’t have allowed it since its unhealthy but since its your birthday-”
“thank you!” you leaned in to hug seonghwa. the didnt hug you back, so you quickly pulled away. you noticed him blushing again, this time it was more obvious. you shook it off, despite knowing you felt butterflies in your stomach. “ill go out to get groceries then.” seonghwa stands up from the couch and heads inside his room to get ready.
you smiled to yourself constantly as you waited for seonghwa to finish making the mac and cheese. you sigh in satisfaction as the smell of the delicious food fills the air in the apartment. you tapped your feet excitedly as you had your eyes glued onto seonghwa with the pan in his hands. your face lit up the moment the starts walking towards you. you clap your hands as he places it down on the dining table.
“fuck it smells and looks to good.” you moan out. seonghwa lets out a soft laugh, making you blush just from hearing him do that. “if i made this any other day, i would’ve asked you to pay for the groceries.” you roll your eyes.
“come on dont be rude to me.” you grab a fork and spoon, bringing your plate near the pan and cutting out a slice for yourself. “thanks for the mac and cheese.” seonghwa only nods his head and took a slice for himself before the two of you ate together slowly, indulging the savoury and amazing taste of one of seonghwa’s best dishes he has ever made dor you.
you appreciated times like thae with seonghwa. alrhough not much interaction was made during meal times, you really felt that he cared for you. making meals you like on special occasions, and he’s always asking you what you want to eat, despite the fact that he might not be comfortable with the idea, he doesn’t fail to whip up a great meal. you liked that about seonghwa.
Tumblr media
[THREE] : he’s a great listener.
you basically the worse day that day. for some reason, everything just had to go wrong. the only thing you felt the whole day were anger and sadness, more so towards anger. it was late at night yet you were still fuming in anger, only wanting to let it all out the moment you stepped into the apartment.
you unlocked the door and dropped your bag beside you and slammed the door shut. of course the piercing sound of the door made seonghwa lift his head up in an instant. you notice him laying down on the couch with his phone and usual.
stomping over to the kitchen, you pour yourself a glass of cold water. you chugged the whole cup of water fast and forcefully place the cup on the counter. you clearly felt seonghwa’s eyes on you. you look up from your cup and notice him looking shocked, his mouth gaping open slightly.
“what?” you said, running your hand through your hair in frustration.
“you okay...?” you hear seonghwa ask. “does it look like im okay? today felt as if i entered a shit hole.” you huff. you made your way over to the couch, leaving your empty cup on the counter.
“move your ass.” you hiss at seonghwa. he raises an eyebrow and gets up from his laying position, proceeding to sit up and let you take a seat beside him.
you sit down and let your body sink into the couch, laying your head back as you sigh to calm yourself down. “what happened?” seonghwa whispers, putting away his phone and turning his attention to you.
you purse your lips into a thin line and slowly looked up at him. his eyes were filled with concern and his voice was gentle too. he hasn’t been this concerned about you before.
“apparently i got my best friend to dress up all cute and fancy so that she can have a date with my boyfriend behind my back.” you scoff in disbelief, shaking your head. you see seonghwa licking his lips nervously as he nodded his head.
“a shit show if you ask me. i saw him waiting for her in front of the shop i was working at.” you grab the pillow behind you and hug it close to your chest with you digging your face into it. “just how cruel can people get?” your voice was muffled but you knew seonghwa heard you loud and clear. you felt his hand resting on your back, patting it gently.
“its fine. rant all you want.” you took a deep breath and slammed the pillow onto your lap. you felt that it made seonghwa jump a little but he never fails to keep his composure in check. you could never be like him.
the night, all you did was talk, cried and screamed your heart out. and seonghwa was there to just listen to you. he didn’t react much, but he did nod a few times hear and there to let you know that he understood what you were saying. he wasnt so affectionate that he would hug you when you cried, but it felt good to just have him sit there with you while you let out all your anger and frustration. you figured that having him as your listener was his way of showing comfort for you.
it was 4am. you and seonghwa have been drinking since 2am. why? you had a bad day and you felt rhe need to destress with some alcohol. seonghwa wouldn’t have allowed you to get drunk but he was apparently having a bad day too and felt like he wanted to get a little drunk to forget everything that day.
“dont you know how fucking stupid that is? it only happens to me. why?!” you groan as you take down another shot. seonghwa fills up your cup again.
“just forget them. they’re being idiots.” seonghwa whispers. you gap your mouth open and roll your eyes. “how can i forgot something like that?!” you shout angrily, slamming your hand on the table. seonghwa laughs in a lazy manner.
“you’re cute when you’re mad.”
“excuse me?” you tilt your head to the side, wondering if you heard seonghwa’s words clearly.
“nothing.” you shrug it off and shake your head.
“by the way..” you started off. seonghwa lifts his head up from the table and lets out a ‘hm?’
“why arent you telling me why you’re drinking? you don’t normally do this. you dont even let me drink unless its a special occasion. i rarely see you drunk.”
seonghwa raises both his eyebrows and sigh. “i had a bad day. but yours sounds worse so ill let you do all the ranting.” seonghwa starts playing with his shot glass, circling his index finger around its rim.
you clicked your tongue. “but its always been about me. you cook me my favourite meals, you do all the cleaning and you’re always here for me when im pissed. i feel bad about it..” you quickly glance at seonghwa. its the blushing again. you started to accept the fact that you had an effect on him, instead of avoiding the fact that he might have feelings for you.
“i guess im always doing those things because...” he leans forward over the table, getting close to your face. you start to grow nervous and your heart started beating quickly. you held a fist to your chest, breathing slowly to calm you down, but it failed. its the first time you’ve seem seonghwa like this. he looked... hot?
“do you know the answer?” seonghwa asks, tilting his head to the side as you watch his eyes glaze over you whole face as if he’s admiring every inch of it.
“no?” your breathing stopped for a moment when seonghwa gets even closer. this time, your noses were touching. seonghwa chuckles lowly. why did that sound so good all of a sudden?
“i know that you know. i wonder why you’re shying away.” seonghwa’s lips immediately connected with yours. you blinked your eyes rapidly as you tried to process the situation. you couldn’t hold back. his lips felt great against yours. its like all the worries that have been piling up in you have been washed away from a simple kiss.
who knew you’d get this close to your mysterious roommate? its a drastic start to a good relationship nonetheless.
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night-triumphantt · a year ago
OTP ask game w Kiara and Felix
I was tagged by: @masonsfreckles​ and it took me so long But it was so fun
I’m gonna tag: @bobbymckenzie​ @agentnatesewell​ @raleiighcarrera​ @sewellnathaniel​ ummm sorry if u’ve already been tagged I know a lot of people have XD also if you want to do it consider yourself tagged
Tumblr media
Who’s more likely to raise their voice?
I don’t think either one is likely to raise their voices in an argument/disagreement (maybe if the disagreement is about the others safety tho, then u might get some more heated arguments from them)
Who threatens to leave but never actually does?
In a non-joking way, neither one, theyre both too soft to seriously threaten that even in an argument
Who actually keeps their word and leaves?
Who trashes the house?
Theyre both probs kinda messy, Kiara is definitely an orginised mess kind of person, like yea theres a mess on the desk but she knows where every paper is loll.
but in the context of an argument, i don’t think either one is likely to trash the house loll
How often do they disagree/argue?
Not super often
Who apologizes first?
I dont think either one stays upset at the other for that long, Kiara doesnt really hold onto anger that long and I cant imagine Felix does either. So just, whoever gets to say it first?
Who is on top/bottom?
depends on the mood i think loll
Who has the strangest desires?
Who is dominant in bed?
Is head ever in the question?
If so, who is better at performing it?
They’re both kindaaa inexperienced
Ever had sex in public?
Almost had sex in the back of her car one time and then M caught them so now Kiaras never gonna do that again lolll (This scenario was 100% bc of one ask that Mishka answered, sorry Kiara XDD)
Who is more experienced of the two?
prrrobbably Felix tbh, kiaras one and only long term bf before that was bobby and well... Also she’s not the type for one night stands
Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’
They’re lovers for sure lol
How long do they usually last?
a normal amount
Rough or soft?
Is protection used?
Yea Kiara’s not tryina bring a kid into the chaos that is her life right now
Does it get boring?
Where is the strangest place they’d have sex?
strangest, ig would be the almost mentioned earlier XD
Where did they not have sex?
probably would never have sex at work, probably
Does it ever get boring?
Do they plan on having children/or have children?
Kiara goes back and forth on if she wants kids though she def doesn’t want them now, Felix wouldn’t mind but Also he probably hasn’t thought abt it
If so how many?
If they decide to, probably 2
Who likes to cuddle?
BOTH, also like, casual intimacy always, holding hands, laying heads on laps, or legs over laps, hands resting on a thigh, w/e
Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate places?
Felix probably
How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable?
Kiara will stay however long it is until Felix inevitably wants to do something, though, if they can keep each other occupied w talking then quite a while
What is their favorite non-sexual activity?
Anything they can do together tbh, Kiaras favorite pastime is showing him things he’s never gotten to experience before
Where is their favorite place to cuddle?
the couch or the bed, more comfy
Who snores?
Do they share a bed or sleep separately?
share! He doesn’t need to sleep as much but that doesn’t stop em
What do they wear to bed?
Felix wears a t-shirt Nd shorts Nd Kiara wears something v similar tho, she probably swaps out her shirt for his cuz she’s a notorious clothes thief
Are either of them insomniacs
does it count if he doesn’t sleep? Lol
Fr tho Kiaras got adhd she gonna stay up sometimes
do they cozy up together or lay far apart?
cozy!! Well, it starts out that way then they both end up starfishes, but still close, like one arm just flopped over the other person, they work around each others starfish
Can sleeping pills be found by the bed?
Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side?
Kinda said it before but they start out arms around each other Nd then end up a bit more separated, well, not separated just not hugging or w/e anymore loll
Who wakes up with bed hair?
Who wakes up first?
well Felix doesn’t need as much sleep so probably him, also kiaras not a morning person she’d much rather sleep in
Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other?
Kiara would do it if she thought he’d enjoy it, & I think Felix would try to return the favor, as for how it turned out that’s a different story
What is their favorite sleeping position?
They don’t care as long as they’re next to each other
Do they set an alarm each night?
Kiara has to set several or she will sleep in
Who has nightmares?
I feel like both, Kiara def still has nightmares abt Murphy (among other things) and honestly Felix might still have some abt his past, it clearly still bothers him
Can a television be found in their room?
nah it’s in the living room
Who has ridiculous dreams?
Who sprawls our and takes up most of the bed?
Felix makes the biggest starfish but it’s fine cuz Kiaras just face down w an arm and leg flopped over him
you know what why don’t i just
Tumblr media
Yea, that’s how they end up loll
Who makes the bed?
If it gets made, Kiara
What time is bedtime?
Kiara tries to sleep at 11, success rate varies, and Felix doesn’t have to sleep, so whenever he wants
Night time rituals?
Not really, tho kiaras def the kind to be very talkative when she gets tired so they’ll 100% be talking til Kiara passes out, she does not remember when she passed out though
Who is the grumpiest when they wake up?
Kiara is not a morning person, so on work days, Kiara, but her favorite days are when she just gets to wake up whenever, then she’s delightful in the mornings
Who is the busiest?
probably Kiara, just cuz 2 jobs
What are their jobs?
Kiara- human liaison for agency/detective
Felix- Agent for the agency
Who takes in the highest income?
I’m not sure tbh, Felix? idk how much the agency pays
Are any of them unemployed?
Who takes the most sick days?
Kiara cuz Felix can’t get sick
Who sucks up to their boss?
well Rebecca is Felix’s boss and I don’t feel like he sucks up to her even if he respects her a lot
Kiara’s got a good relationship w the captain but she doesn’t suck up
Who is more likely to turn up late to work
to work? Probably Felix, Kiara tries very hard not to
Who stresses the most?
They both stress abt each other’s safety tho I think Felix probably has a bit more to stress abt cuz Kiara is human and also can be impulsive sometimes
Do they enjoy their occupations?
Sometimes yes sometimes no
Who does the washing?
they’re both terrible, they’ll wait til it HAS to be done then do it
Who takes out the trash?
Who does the ironing?
I don’t think they own a lot of things that need it
Who does the cooking?
Kiara, Felix would try to help tho and that’s always fun, he’d do it if he knew how
Who’s more likely to burn the house down while trying?
Who is messier?
they’re both a little bit messy, Felix is a bit messier tho
Who leaves dirty clothes on the floor?
Felix lol, sometimes Kiara
Who leaves the toilet paper roll empty?
Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere?
Kiara, Felix doesn’t like to drive so he’s not usually the one to use them,
Kiara has a hanger for them by the door but always forgets to use it
Who answers the telephone?
No landline so n/a
Who mows the lawn?
no lawn so, no mowing, also Kiara would never the lawn would be terribly overgrown
Who does the vaccuuming?
Lol a roomba, jkjk I imagine Kiara would as long as she gets to blast music while doing it
Who does groceries?
both, it’s a lil adventure, they get to hang out together, that’s how they see it anyway
Who takes the longest to shower?
Kiara cuz she spends half the time just chillin under the water
Who spends the longest in the bathroom?
both take a little while, gotta put time into looking good ;P
Is money a problem?
How many cars do they own?
Just the one
What’s their song?
You know it’s Finesse by Bruno Mars (*see also* Hearts don’t break around here by Ed Sheeran :P)
Do they live in the city or the country?
is Wayhaven a city? Idk
Do they own their home or rent?
Kiara’s renting that apartment and Felix is living in the warehouse but I don’t think he owns it
Do they enjoy their surroundings?
Wayhaven is very pretty but they also both enjoy visiting the city for more of that lively atmosphere
What do they do when they’re away from each other?
Miss each other cuz they’re nerds, loll jk, I mean yes but also they get other stuff done, they totally text each other randomly throughout the day about whatever is happening/ if something reminded them of the other
Where did they meet for the first time?
Technically, outside the abandoned building, formally, introduced by Kiara’s mom at the precinct
Who spends the most money when out shopping?
depends, Kiara likes to buy expensive things if they’re good quality but Felix might buy more in just quantity
Who’s more likely to flash their assets?
Any mental health issues?
Just the Adhd my dude
Who finds it most amusing when the other trips over?
both as long as the other is ok lolll
Who’s terrified of bugs?
Who kills the spiders around the house?
I imagine Felix wouldn’t want to kill them so in that case they’d both attempt to just catch/release them, Kiara more cuz she’s respecting Felix’s wishes
Do they have any fears for the future?
they both worry about each others safety, dangerous line of work theyre in,
Their favorite place?
Kiara’s apartment cuz no ones gonna bother them there loll
Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner?
Who pays the bills?
they don’t have shared bills ... yet. Lol
Who’s the tallest?
Felix, he may be 5’7” but Kiara is only 5’1”, so smol
Who’s more likely to randomly hop in the shower w the other?
after Kiara has introduced the idea? Either, it’s probably not something that would have occurred to Felix before that loll
Who wanders around in their underwear?
Kiara might while getting ready cuz, I mean she lives alone
Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio?
they’re both beltin their hearts out
What do they tease each other about?
it’d probably be easier to list what they don’t tease each other about loll
Who’s more likely to cringe at the others fashion sense?
look, I’m not acknowledging the waistcoat and you can’t make me so neither
Who crushed first?
hmmm Kiara, Felix started out as interest in a new person then quickly got into a crush, Kiara was immediately crushing
Any alcohol or substance problems?
Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3 am?
Felix can’t get drunk and Kiara doesnt really drink so neither
Who swears most?
Kiara by a little
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iconsumeheadcanons · a year ago
persona characters autism headcanons!
hi im autistic and i started my day with sun so now im !!!!!!!!! some of these headcanons are from elsewhere on tumbr, but i dont know where :(((  so i am hoping someone out there knows that n that everybody knows that i love them <3
(also go check out mollypaup and i think hypeswap if you havent already! they post some good stuff autism+adhd hc too!!! i think.. oh! and thieves-in-the-palace!!!)
there was some artwork from someone on tublr..where they pointed out that he doesnt really talk outside the metaverse so--hes hyperverbal as joker and just near nonverbal as akiren
he stims ALL THE TIME. that phone thing, the pencil thing, the little tappy tap of his foot, pulling at his bangs when hes embarrassed/smug. someone get him a fidget spinner. he’ll prob learn to do tricks with it
he probably sucks at focusing in class, like i know its just the game design but hes always surprised out of his daily “star out the window at the nearby office building” when his teachers ask him questions
mona mentions when the pt is at Wilton for the first time (after they run into shido) that joker eats like shit, and that could have multiple causes at the start of the story of course, but when i first played i thought that joker was a picky eater and that the variety (and amount of food) at the buffet would be an Ordeal...
tho mona makes that comment bc joker looked pale after having a little ptsd moment from shidos voice, but i didnt know that the first time i played
maybe when joker makes a face at ryuji putting so much ginger in his gyudon? joker probably does not like pickled ginger lol
his favortive foods are all spicy, which is why the curry he makes for his friends is always ‘overly spicy’, and why kasumi makes him a curry bento and joker kept going “...?” .... “....?!”
overly reflective glasses have been a great plus for him bc now he never has to make real eye contact every again!
mona Soft. play with Ann hair. maybe Braid. nice
puns (Gorou the Goroumet)
he has so many options to be straight up rude sometimes in game. he probably no clue on his own, which is why he defaults to Not Talking. people probably mention his constant scary face, which is just him being nonexpressive, squinting at all the fucking bright lights, and Tired
executive function who? we do everything last minute folks
high pain tolerance, which is why he was the kid that was always climbing trees in elementary school to get basketballs unstuck from the branches
his sixth sense lets him see treasure and possible places to climb/crawl bc 1. Shiny? Steal it. Steal it Now. and 2. Could i fit in that? Time to Find Out
probalby a bit of a klepto too oops. he’ll return it tho!! but he has to do it dramatically or he’ll die
cant sit properly to save his life
smells and touch are Great, they can keep him grounded when his brain goes off to police or dead rivals or guilt or
if a friend hung out with him and gave him total reigns of the agenda, he would choose to nap on the floor while his friend does something off to the side quietly
hyperfocuses on handy tasks (i.e. lockpicks, coffee brewing, cleaning, his part time jobs) and some things like movies and books. everything else is a tossup
his (normal) navigation app is his most used app bc he still doesnt know where hes going, even though he only goes to the same few places in the city
hates being sweaty, literally cannot stand it. probably double exhausted during the summer
but Needs Compression so hes often Struggling
paraphrase from p5d “i have no motor skills so i cant play rhythm games :(” need i say more? (i will regardless)
echolalia all the time, from anime, memes, the PT
those headphones she wears all the time? noise cancelling ear protectors babey
only talks about her interests, “normal” talking is Not Easy, but she is still communicative w others despite her worries. shes not “hard to understand” at all but she feels the anxiety nonetheless
only talks informally, cannot talk ‘politely’ with out imitating someone around her
shes had meltdowns and anxiety attacks in game :( i relate so hard
Technology. thats it
def had an egypt phase that pops up every few months. probably came from yu-gi-oh
has Immune to Bright Lights buff.  joker is very jealous
“Time to make like a tree and leave!” and 30 other iterations
video game metaphors are the only ones that makes sense to her
probably relates hard to robot characters in anime for their general androgyny and confusion about human emotions and connections
probably gets told that shes “too smart to be on the spectrum” by teachers >:( she fails their classes on purpose
wakaba’s autistic too that just how it is
the Connection that she establishes with Joker is so Warm. my life goals include adopting an older brother like futaba has lsdkfjslkfj
also eater of 5 foods only, i mean, she brings cup ramen to the beach. i just really admire her...
hides in small spaces for comfort
doesnt she have like uhhhhh hyperthymesia or something like that?
his entire social link is learning how humans work, which i relate
talks seriously all the time
“sarcasm? who is that? are you saying I was sarcastic?”
cant remember to take care of his body, and madarame did not help with that either
lot of uncomfortable staring, hes overdoing the eye contact thingy
infodumps all the time, doesnt know hes doing it
needs a lot of support even if he doesnt think he deserves it. no one ever complains about helping him out tho
visual stims my friends
he didnt know that you could look up pictures on the internet but he does know you can stream live videos of waterfalls and fluffy animales!!
I am certainly in the mood
for something salty today.
he and joker are scared of math. numbers do not interact
Yusuke, futaba, and akiren are a trio and i know this bc their first day of non-thievery interacts is Akiren clearing Futabas room w/o permission, futaba hyperfocusing on destroying medjed, and yusuke rearranging futabas figurines so they are more visually appealing
morgana is a support friend for all of them bc igor knows they need it
yes, he mostly wears gray semi formal clothes bc parents tell him to, no, he will not changes this
Schedule or Death
“sorry, could you repeat that?” “huh? oh yeah, i was saying that--” “yeah that’d be cool.”
cats, fishing, he just likes to be quiet. you can literally spend a day at the beach just to think if you want, and that is what yu want
has a lot of scripts for things (of which he shares with nanako!) but if he runs out he just stops talking..
inaba is a godsend bc its so fucking quiet and warm
he Yearns to hold his friends hands, but he shies away from a lot of touch (excepting yosuke, teddie, and nanako)
Cooking and Cleaning makes the world better. he and joker vibe together with this
unlike akiren, he strong arms any executive dysfunction into Be Productive or Else. his punishment is feeling the pure anxiety of having to make up for ‘lost time’. (another symptom of his workaholic parents)
writes everything down, notes are very neat, has pages dedicated for bad doodles when hes not feeling his usual Super Classroom Focus
Cannot handle secondhand embarrassment (most often caused by yosuke) and will quietly slip away to random cats or origami folding
hungry, crunch crunch folks. probably needs chewelry bc he used to chew on his shirt collars when he was younger.
cleans up after everyone in the food court, constantly worries about them accidently hurting themselves. likely spends half of group conversations watching peoples hands
he canonically eats expired food, nanako plz help your brother
really clumsy, but people only notice after they decide that he is a cool person
video games are too chaotic for him
exhausted every night from the pure amount of masking he does, if a friend spends the night (or is like yosuke) they will know his more comfortable weirdo self (tho everyone knows hes a weirdo eventually)
hyperempathetic, sometimes just understands animals and children better than peeople his age or older
her jokes
she and souji get in ‘trouble’ together, she and joker commit crimes together
she and chie have to coordinate outfits, its important
actually understands metaphors, but does not understand people
like me, had no clue that creepy kid was flirting with her
she is very angry when she has meltdowns that might involve slamming doors and shouting. her parents call these ‘tantrums’ and ‘unfitting for a polite daughter’ but really thats because her meltdowns tend to be caused by arguments w her family after a long day of school and TV world traipsing
the metronome meme, except hers goes between Loudest Person in the Room to Quietest Pin Drop in the Planet. she is completely unaware of this
her atmosphere brightens when chie appears. that is not only the lesbian energy within her, but also because chie is like her Favorite Person
Cannot wear Pants. No (tho she wants to try it! but she puts them on and her soul instantly squashes)
happy flappy lesbian! watch out!
the pouty face. all the time lskdfjlasdkf
hes really snappy sometimes and i love that for him. he and akechi should fight just to see what would happen (please read Bang Bang Shoot Shoot on AO3)
“do not touch me or my hat, thank you”
no one has ever seen him shutdown and no one ever will (except for his grandpa)(and kanji)(and rise)
probably likes certain food textures and will stand for nothing less, probably feels embarrassed about his preferences with friends
constantly jumps between ‘everybody hates me so i should act like them so they dont hate me’ to ‘i refuse to be anything but very comfortable as myself, and i dont care that im making you upset sir’
he and souji are the king and queen of subtle stims, but for unhappy reasons :(
does not make jokes. cannot joke around. understand? yes, do? no.
loose clothes are the only good clothes, but all tags and obtrusive seams will be obliterated by kanji tatsumi
not very empathetic so he probably comes off as an asshole to strangers (like when he throws away his classmates confession letters without reading them) but he tries so hard to sound comforting when his buds are struggling.
his understanding of others emotions/reactions come from his learning as a detective, which seems cold+clinical to others, especially compared to souji, whos completely unexpressive but very introverted people person
big personality!! very people-oriented!! koromaru and her are buddies!! when shes having a real bad time, shes very quiet and expressions turn off
interrupts herself in the middle of conversations all the time. no one knows where shes coming from. her brains is thousands of km ahead of her body
bouncey legs, swingin arms, twirlly skirt, little somersaults! when will she stop? never!
very obvious music stims with her hands and arms! people are like “oh there she goes! happy as usual!” shes listening to minatos heavy metal playlist
switches from exhausted to excited within milliseconds. no one can predict, not even her
SEES has to ask her for context all the time cuz she’ll just continue shit from 2 weeks ago without warning
professionals will assume shes very childish bc of how chipper she is, but she is beyond mature for her age and only feels comfortable enough to have serious conversations if a person has proved themself able to handle it
collects every little thing. her room is a mess and she has to get rid of most of it every time she moves :(
hates cleaning! smells bad, feels bad hhhhhgggg
dont let mitsuru-senpai see her bedroom
gets lost in the middle of conversations with others bc shes thinking about a story connected to one(1) word that was said earlier
 no sense of time and place, she just sees her friends and goes “ah, this is the right place, then” but junpei and akihiko are also lost so now theyre all screwed
no talkies, no walkies
his story in the movies is him literally learning how to function around people he cares for
doesnt get jokes, expressions, body language, empathy, subtlety, metaphors, physical contact, or eye contact. aigis is probably the only person he truly understands right away
he is still nice to people because he doesnt see a reason not to be, but also he has very limited energy so only his senpai and old people get his most polite-kindnesses
cannot describe feelings for the life of him. the team wont know hes injured or sick until hes passed out
everything is too loud, time to drown it out with my loud ass music
rocking and chewing stims, ryoji is the first person to point him out for these subtle stims (not accusingly of course, just general pure curiosity and love for the uniqueness of humanity)
likes to cover his face with whatever is available, lives like a bat in a dark dry cave
will wear anything that has pockets and his blue/gray/black palette
sleepy at all times bc he never has much energy
when he was younger he probably needed a lot of support, especially after his parents died, because he wouldnt communicate like a neurotypical and would shutdown for hours in the middle of school without warning. probably missed a lot of lessons and field trips out of pure overstimulation
eating at all times. no preference, just whatevers closest
his meltdowns probalby include humming whining noises and curling up in a ball, which makes people want to touch him, but that is the LAST thing he wants. put a blanket on him! play some music! do not talk and do not expect him to speak
aigis is the only person who can touch him normally bc her hands are cold and he likes cold
never nude, feels mmmmmmmmm without clothes and probalby wears a full robe in the hotsprings
will not do things that take more than one step w/o someone else walking him thru it, which Same
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reeesea · a year ago
Something Sweet: Part Three
~sweet beginnings~
one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven ~ eight ~ nine
pairing: minsung, jisung/minho
warning: mild language 
words: 2.5k ish
summary: sweet beginnings and small apartments, also Seungmin baby shows up 
a/n: Im honestly just proud of myself for posting a third chapter woo!! lemme know if you read and enjoyed <3
also the spacing got wack trying to do the text convos, so hope the bold and non bold isn't too gross to look at. Minho and Jisung
Minho wakes up to the sun streaming in through the thinly veiled curtains over his window. Thankfully he woke up to a minimal headache in spite of having gone out to the bar and an impromptu concert the night before. Rolling over in his small twin sized bed he reached for his phone to check the time and any potentially important notifications. 
9:26 am 
[ 2 new messages from Rich Boy Han Jisung ]
Minho finds himself smiling at the new messages from the boy that had stumbled upon him last night. 
2:25 am
Youre right I do hear it all the time
but it sounds pretty sweet coming from you ;} 
I'll tell J.One you thought he was amazing
9:28 am
Careful Han, your cockiness is showing
Jisungs’s cocky demeanor does nothing but make him more endearing to the older, but something gave Minho the impression that the boy already knew this. Not expecting a reply from the other this early in the morning, Minho stretched out of bed and made his way out of his small bedroom and quietly to the shared bathroom. Not a small feat in the old apartment shared by him and his roommates. Creaky floorboards, squeaky doors, and over all close proximity to each other makes being quietly courteous in the morning a frequent challenge for the boys. 
The living room at the end of the small hallway was turned into a shared bedroom for Minho's two roommates. Felix’s mattress had gotten a bed frame from some trading website a few months back when he moved in. The makeshift wall of hung shower curtains and a fold out screen gave the boys the illusion of privacy between their respective sides of the room. Even though more times than not, Minho has come home to find the lanky brunette curled up in Felix's bed instead of on his designated couch. 
Climbing over the piles of the boys’ clothes, Minho makes it to the bathroom without disturbing the other two. The two were still passed out from working their night shifts, draped over each other on the freckled boy’s bed. Neither showed signs of awakening any time in the morning hours. Minho showered quickly and changed in order to make his way out of the apartment and on his way to the studio to practice his Saturday away
Minho would have thought that the both of them would have remained in their university dorms for the summer, if they weren’t able to find apartments on their own. But, at some point after he had graduated, he had gained himself plus two of his underclassmen as roommates. He really couldn't complain though, it all made sense as all three of them were a part of the same dance studio, barely a block away, and all had reasons to be saving money. Paying a fraction of rent really helped with all that had to be saved in order to pay for school, studio fees, living, breathing, and most importantly audition fees. 
As the summer had set in, so had the wave of audition opportunities for companies and crews. Felix had mentioned needing to prepare a video audition last week for a few entertainment companies in the area. Hyunjin was busy trying to save up his money to pay for the upcoming semesters at school to graduate like Minho had. 
Entering the practice room and being welcomed by the distinctive scent of a dance studio was enough to bring Minho back to reality. Since graduating, he had been stuck in his thoughts about what to do with his future a lot. His childhood dreams of getting into the prestigious Yellow Wood Dance Academy seemed to slip farther away from him with every passing year. His audition tapes each year during university were almost always sent back, along with a ‘We are sorry to inform you…’
 It’s not like Minho couldn't keep applying, but with every year the rejection stung a little bit more, and he wasn't sure if he would be able to take another blow. No matter how confident Minho acted about his looks, when it came to dancing his ego was glass fragile. His passion for dance sometimes felt like the only thing that kept him standing, but it had been a while since he had felt rewarded for his dedication. Even when his practically broken dream haunted him a little too much, focusing back to his craft really gave him a better grasp on reality. Making his way to the front of the room to plug in his phone to pick music, a new notification popped up. 
[Rich Boy Han Jisung]
dw dw its all fake i assure you, all just a ploy to get you to like me
What you up to on this fineee saturday mornin??
Hmmm wouldnt you like to know 
i only tell boys i like so...
Minho smiled in spite of himself. Even over text the sparkly eyed boy was able to pull out and dust off his genuine smile. It had definitely been a while since Minho had found himself freely smiling, but here comes Han Jisung crash landing into his life, running amuck. After spending a moment debating whether or not just to tell the younger of his activities anyway, he came to the conclusion that mentioning dance would only result in more questions, and Minho really wasn't feeling like spilling his passions and dreams with the other already.
Haha i am only even more motivated now >:D
Dont strain yourself too much with that, 
im just enjoying my saturday before my shift later.
Queuing up some music Minho migrated to the middle of the room to casually freestyle and warm up for the day. Allowing the music to flood his ears, movements to take over his limbs, and only his feet to remind him of where he was, Minho’s mind went blank as he began to relax and give up control of his body to the steady beats of the song.
By the time Minho wrapped up his practice and was  heading home the sun was already starting to settle on the lower half of the sky. Surprisingly the day had passed him by quickly. Spending the whole day grinding out a routine he had been recently working to perfect was not usually an overall fun time, but Minho found that he was able to keep his practice productive and enjoyable. 
His smile throughout the day certainly had nothing to do with his breaks to text to Jisung. The casual banter between them felt natural, and the light conversation made him feel lighter on his feet as he moved across the floor. Even with the flirty nature of their introduction, their conversation never steered far from how anyone would expect two close friends to interact. Minho found himself smiling more throughout the day as he checked Jisung’s messages throughout the morning and afternoon. 
12:25 pm
Also for the record my capacity to flirt is honestly quite unimpressive 
I hope you aren’t talking to me for my stage charisma and charm 
To sweep you off you feet, i may be a disappointment
Usually i'm just awkward, cant flirt, doesnt leave the house, Jisung
You almost tripped over your feet walking into the bar last night
Dw im not sure id want you to sweep me off my feet with that balance
You wound me ;--;
 By talking to Jisung, he had somehow managed to satisfy all of Minho’s previous curiosities while sparking new ones. Even with Minho generally avoiding giving away his own personal interests and dreams, Jisung didn't hold those same reservations and filled their conversation with “fun facts” and lively stories. Jisung’s lively play by play of the bickering taking place between his group mates, now officially introduced as Chan and Changbin, had Minho giggling on the floor of the practice room. The way Jisung described everything brought it to life in ways that he hadn’t expected from a casual text conversation. The boy was definitely a great storyteller even just over type, and Minho found himself wondering if he would get to hear his endless stories in person.
[Rich Boy Han Jisung]
3:36 pm
Youre one interesting man Lee Minho
Han, you know almost nothing about me
On the contrary I feel like I know a good amount
Youre name is Lee Minho
You work at the fancy restaurant Menu 98
You used to work at the bar we were at last night
You have a really beautiful smile
Are you quite done
Definitely not but if i start going off about how stunning your eyes are 
you might block me
Which would be a shame please dont
What happened to awkward Jisung who cant flirt huh?
Minho returned to the small apartment to find Felix attempting to cook some ramen in the microscopic kitchen and Hyunjin sprawled across the couch watching some variety show. Felix was probably fueling up in order to spend the night gaming the weekend away before his work overtook his weekdays again. Hyunjin barely looked to be conscious but still managed to wave a greeting to Minho as he walked into the room. 
“How’d practice go?” 
“Pretty well. Finally was able to clean up that middle section I’ve been messing up.” Minho hurried into the other room to shower once again before heading to the restaurant for his evening shift. 
“Oh glad to hear it.” Felix’s voice filtered in from his place by the stove that was shoved in a corner of the room, along with a fridge and a sink that barely classified it as a kitchen unit. None of the three were complaining, the stove heated up their ramen water and the fridge kept their milk cold, what more could they ask for?
“WAIT, did you talk to that guy at the bar last night???” Hyunjin’s loud voice carried from the couch through their thin walls allowing Minho to clearly hear even if his bedroom door was closed. 
“Which one, Jinnie?? You gotta be more clear than that.” Minho had actually stacked up a few numbers from his night and received atleast ten free drinks from other patrons. Not too bad for the first night out, but of course the only phone number he had bothered messaging happened to be the one he had been texting all day.
“You know the one, the rapper one you left to go see perform.” Minho of course knew, but he wasn't gonna admit it to his roommate so easily, and just hummed in response eliciting a groan from the younger. 
“If you haven’t, you so should. 3racha is all everyone from the bar is talking about. Their concert must have been a big deal or something.” 
“WHAT, 3RACHA? You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Felix, apparently a fan, shuffles in with his ramen in hand to accompany the loud outburst.
“Hyung! One of them gave you their number?? They’re literally like the next big thing in the music scene. Which one of them was it?”  
J.One, Han Jisung, the cute pink hoodie guy
“His name is Jisung I’m pretty sure.” Minho was very sure. “I didnt know they were such a big deal” 
“J.One gave you his number? Damn hyung, you don't even know. They’ve been performing locally for years but their fan base has grown a ton in the last year. There’s rumors that they've signed with a company and are going to come out with something soon.” Felix continued spouting off information on the group to them, as Minho continued his routine of preparing for work at Menu 98. 
[Rich Boy Han Jisung]
4:35 pm
Looks like my roommate is a fan of you guys
We’re not talking the tall beautiful bartender from last night right
No that was Hyunjin, Felix is the fan
Ah atleast ill be on the good side of one of ur roomies
Yeah tall boy was pretty, but something about him made me think he didnt like me
I think it was his face, and his height
Most tall pretty boys dont take too well to a squirrel boy being in their territory ya know. 
Whats not to like about a cute squirrel boy
Im sure he likes you and youre over thinking
If his two roommates like you, he’ll have to like you by association
Did Lee Minho just admit to liking me 
Wow the development, less than 24 hours 
We love to see it
Your ridiculous
I said nothing of the sort
Sure sure hyung
Gtg now, dinner shifts starting
Have fun at work!!!!
(wait can i call you hyung???)
Minho left him on read as he walked into the restaurant, already bustling with waiters and the changing of shifts for the dinner crowd. ‘Less than 24 hours’ and Minho was already admitting indirectly that he liked the boy he had only just properly met the night before. Stranger things have happened he supposed. Minho continued to surprise himself with this one though. He was not one to seek out friendships or relationships. Anything more than the very occasional one night stand, was practically void from Minho’s social life. Other than the people he had met through dance and his roommates, there were very few others that Minho had chosen to form any kind of relationship with. Even his co-workers were mostly just faces and names he had to remember in order to do his job well. 
Well, expect Seungmin.
“You look awfully happy today, who spiked your coffee this morning?” Seungmin had been a newly inserted character in Minho’s life but they became fast friends after a few too many late night shifts without proper caffeination. 
Seungmin had been a newly hired host at Menu 98, just the average polite university student with enough experience to get hired. When Minho met him they exchanged the basic pleasantries and thought that would be the end of that, until one fated closing shift. A certain, tipsy, entitled, rich, high class asshole of a customer had held up Minho’s section for much of the night. Minho found himself being bossed around and verbally berated throughout the night, trying to serve the women who appeared to never be satisfied with the food or service Minho was offering. By the end of the night, she was their last customer and Minho saw her to the front to pay. His customer service smile, strained and barely holding up, and the woman’s complaints, even while paying, had him wanting to drop all his pleasantries and curse her out as she waltzed out the door.
    “What an absolute fucking pain in the ass of a woman”
Minho hadn’t thought he had said his thoughts aloud, but looked up to catch Seungmin, who had let the words come out in hushed tones as he held a sickening polite smile on his face. After that point the two had bonded over various pain in the ass customers and a mutual love for sarcastic backhanded insults. Minho's relationship with Seungmin was probably the closest thing to a friendship that the older had experienced in a while. 
“No spiked coffee, sadly” 
“Well something’s making your usual sad bitch face smile, so it's gotta be good. Hmm...Meet someone?” Seungmin’s signature puppy eyes were on full display, but not without the signature  mischievous glint they always held. 
“Well wouldn't you like to know Seungmo~ but me and my usually flawlessly beautiful face got to go charm our way into some extra tips.” Minho gave the boy a gentle pat on his head, that was met with a stubborn pout forming at the younger’s lips.
“You definitely met someone, you usually don't have this much self-confidence so early into the evening.” Minho did nothing but giggle at his comment and made his way to the back room to begin his shift. 
one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven ~ eight ~ nine
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fandomsthatareweird · 5 months ago
okay i gotta rant somewhere and like ill do it here
so i am a dm, i run 2 campaigns, working on a monster of the week campaign as well and i and currently in 3 campaigns, with 2 different dms. this regards another campaign i played in over 2 months ago at this point with a totally seperate dm
she is my friend, was my roommate and my dm. Me and my brother joined, it was my first campaign and the most i knew about dnd was videos and my brothers chaotic as all hell stories of their adventures so i created my character for chaos, to create and thrive in it. She was an old lady bard who did the clasical bard things untill her whole party died and she retired. I loved her and like 5ish months in i finally fleshed out her story (still dont have her legit apearance in any form but ehhhh)
after a couple sessions after figuring out her past and such i realized my character would not tolerate the situation she was in. She was with an irrational warvet who would rather kill something to stop it rather than run away from it(basically how he partied died or vary similar), a furry who is dragonborn who never uses magic, and a rouge who doesnt rouge while the other 3 characters she actually was somewhat okay with. ALSO like a whole other party of npcs that were also there cause???? REASONS???? so i knew she would feel safe. she knew that these people, if in the same situation, would all be killed like her last party or would kill her or someone that actually matttered, so she started to leave.
I should havev told my dm this but i didnt. TELL YOUR DM WHEN YOU ARE DIPPING OUT OF A PARTY THAT IS STUPID ON MY PART! DONT PULL A ME. anyways after the session where i ignored the plot and just ran around the town stocking up, my dm asked me if i didnt like the plot (i made the ploit to a point but also yes i didnt like it. i dint tell her that but anyways) i told her what was happening and such we planned what was going to happen the next session and went from there. she said i could voice another character in that session untill my new characters that we divesed to join the campaign. they were going too join at the ball because I knew what my one character would be doing and how he would get into the party basically.
so the next session i waited.... and waited..... and waited..... and then nothing.... The character i was supposed to voice didnt even show up. at the end one of the characters wanted to talk to them but the dm cut her off cause the session should be ending (like 4-5 hours is normal for that campaign). i begged but she didnt listen then later realized that i sat for 4 hours when i could have been working on homework all because i was waiting for something that never happened. I sorta got mad but eh.
later the dm informs me that the character that left he campaign? yeah the one i loved with every little bit of my heart? that i loved more than my own rl mother? that character. is basically her puppet now, she was an npc that i will no longer be able to play in the campaign. AND YOU TELL ME THAT WEEKS AFTER SHE LAFT THE CAMPAIGN???? WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO USE MY CHARACTER???? YOU DONT KNOW HER IN THE FUCKING SLIGHTEST!! I told her she could not use her unless i was playing her, she said no so harriet essecially is dead but in the worst fucking form.
I was so pissed i took it out on the players, always reduing her broodyness to being a charadcter they dont care enough about. they never cared. they claimed it was cause she wasnt interesting but IM SORRY YOU CAN TALK TO HER ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BUT HER PAST! Some people are like that! im like that! i really identified with this character because of that! I left the server because i needed to cool off and i was pissed now at everything.
I would rejoin the server when my characters rejoined. easy, that was in like 4 session about, easy. 4 weeks and ill be back, cool!
3 sessions and 1 one on one session past and they finish the one thing that should have taken them 1 session. Okay fine, 3 more session then, its fine. that 3 more weeks okay.
2 session later and they finish the next plot thing that should have taken one session. okay fine 3 more weeks until i can rejoin. this is multiplying by this point and i am getting annoyed.
2 sessions later and i have been informed that it will take 3 mroe sessions until i can join in. At this point i should hhave rejoined. ITS BEEN 2 GODS DAMNED MONTHS!!!! I get that they took a break cause things after spring break was crazy but I have been waiting to play my characters!
by session 2 without me i was already wuestioning if i wanted to be back. i felt force to change to a more serious, less chaotic, more caring for others character as my previous one didnt fit in any form. i was threated to not even be able to have my 2nd character to join for the first bit cause they would be together too much. IM SORRY THESE CHARACTERS HAVE HOMO UNTERTONES EVEN THO ONE IS PAN AND THE OTHER IS ACE! THEY CANT BE SEPERATE! she also asked what they would do in situations like if my main character's father was i trouble and he demanded my character still left, would he go? no of course not he values his father and if his father was in danger hed help in any way he could. what if he really insited. hed stay but liek really insited. FINE I DONT FUCKING KNOW WHAT YOU WANT SURE YEAH I GUESS IF HE REALLY INSITED HE WOULD LEAVE SURE FINE WHY NOT!
my brother has brought up how this campaig has felt more like a dm telling us a story and we just happen to be there. the campaign isnt even going to finish before she goes off into a mission (that would make it about a year of dnd and then a year and a half of her away if we are even interested in rebooting the campaig in the first place!). She has too much character things to go through before then. Im sorry not everyone wants their character's backstory to be touched on. Haleswell and everett dont need that. they have a simple one that easily could be revealed without a whole session dedicated to their lives. Harriet i would have like some of it touched cause like that was a HUGE part of why she was like she was. She didnt want attachments to people cause she grew too close to people 30 years ago and saw them die and it messed her up really bad. could have easily been touched really quickly in one session or at least hinted at at some point.
Anyways, she is nice and my friend but it sucks cause she puts too much detail in shit that doesnt need it. yes tell me the potion shop doesnt have the potions on display, i dont need to know the dude is a halfling with brown hair and blue eyes with nice clothes and the shop looks like a hat but sorta like a mushroom type of a deal with the hat. IF I ASK FOR IT THEN TELL ME!!!! I dont need to know this now. If you spend mroe time telling me what the place looks like than the actual time i spend shoping there THEN SHUT UP!!! I dont need to know information that isnt going to be relevant. its cause iw ant everyone to imagine the place exactly how i imagine it BITCH MY PLAYERS WENT TO THE SAME AREA AND LEGIT I SAW THE PLACE AS SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO WHAT I THOUGHT OF WHEN IT WAS GONE INTO BY THE OTHER CAMPAIGN AND THATS FIN!!!!!!!!!
Anyways i have told her multiple times the campaign is boring. she focuses on things that dont matter and makes the sessions longer for no reason. i know not everyone is the same but she didnt leave any freedom for the players in any sort, to even letting the players use one use items that were basically like wish to revive an npc that died (which doesnt really have a personality in any form besides younger character to mesh with adopted npc and new child character.). I was pissed at learning that she didnt let there be concequences to those actions in any form and adviced she make that character a warlock now to persephone (like bad one not the cutesy one that is normally portrayed).
tldr: jained campaign, character didnt fit with campaign, left camapign and made a new characters to join later, learned that og character is now an npc, waited for my character to rejoin but it kept being pushed off, told the dm that she has the power to bend the world at her will and make things happen, didnt take that advice. question of the day: should i even rejoin even tho i really love these characters i am going to play or should i just dip dip?
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djpurple3 · a year ago
new au? me?? my au??? fantasy/monster au??? u kno it bby
Well.. i was trying to do homework, got on a roll, realised i was doing the homework wrong, and instead of starting over.... I proceeded to sketch out designs for one of my old dusty ancient au's instead. Aptly called Monster!Deceit AU (at this point).
ok ok side note bc i go on a Big Ramble below the cut it gets angsty quick. WARNINGS for: briefly mentioned/alluded to homophobia/transphobia, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and intentions.
also @leiasolo77​ @broadwaytheanimatedseries​ @merlybird500​ @magpiemorality​ idk if you want a little smth to read but yeah hi here’s a Thing. Also legit if u just wanna look at the pictures and not read that’s Chill and Legit too.
Dolian (Deceit) is a naga (half snake half man dude) and he was cursed to be one when he was young. Now he is roughly 3 hundred years old.
here’s a nifty chart i drew in a lecture 2 days ago! [virgil’s not there bc he’s the same size as Roman and i started from Dee and worked to the left so i ran out of space by the time i realised]
Tumblr media
Gooonna put the rest under the cut bc i got a lotta thoughts
His oldest friend is Patton, who is a harpy. Patton is older by roughly a century and was the one who found Dolian after the naga fled from his home town. Patton is quite the songbird, and very good at magic. He has wonderful hearing but terrible eyesight.
His other oldest friend is a dwarf called Logan. Logan is older than the other two (he refuses to say how much older, but he’s known Patton for most of Patton’s life too). He is an excellent excavator/tinkerer/stonemason and built Dolian the home the naga lives in in the cave at the top of the mountain. He's a grumpy and impatient bastard, but secretly a loyal and quietly loving friend.
The three humans in this AU are Roman, Virgil and Thomas. They have similar stories. The town they all herald from is a cruel, cruel place and they dont welcome anyone who isnt exactly what they would call "normal". This is what Dolian faced when he tried to come out as a boy centuries ago, and got him cursed. This is what countless queer people faced across the years.
For some it got too much. There was an old story, told through the generations. The tale of a monster, a beast who lived In The Cave At The Top Of The Mountain, who killed any who stepped into its lair. For some, it sounded like an end. When Roman was young, he ran away, up the mountain, to find the beast and let it kill him - because it’d be better than life in the village. He’d heard story after story of ‘people like him’ doing this. And he figured out the reason why the hard way. Well, he never returned, so everyone assumed the beast had done its job. Maybe four or five years later, Virgil ran away up the mountain too. Remembering the boisterous boy clothed in red who was like him, who was his friend, who had been pushed to the edge, and how he had the right idea, he followed Roman’s footsteps. He didn’t return either. The legend of the beast grew.
Now, twenty-ish years later, armed with a broken flashlight and rumors, Thomas (all of fifteen years old) goes up the mountain, looking for anything better than how he’d been treated all his life down there. He finds the beast. Dolian doesn’t kill him. He... uh, immediately adopts him instead.
It turns out that’s what happened to Roman, and to Virgil, and to every other kid who’d passed through Dolian’s cave at some point or other. Some would stay. Some would keep going through the tunnel Logan had excavated to the nearest Big City. Thomas came up the mountain to die, and instead got the family he’d always wanted. Roman and Virgil are 30 and 26 (ish) and are very good friends. They’ve known each other since childhood and have lived with Dolian in his cave for twenty-odd years. They might also be in love but neither is willing to open that can of worms just yet.
That’s most the story but yeah Dee’s still struggling with self worth even so far on because imagine every story you hear about yourself involves being a bloodthirsty monster and everyone who seeks you out wants you to kill them? hmmmm yeah not good. And it turns out that Dee has stayed up his mountain the whole time and has never left!! bc he’s under the assumption it’s what he deserves!!! so they all go on a big adventure together, all six of them, and Dee and Thomas are both seeing the world for the first time and it’s CUTE and everyone gets a HAPPY ENDING
dont ask me where Remus is because bro i came up with this idea shortly after Deceit was introduced like a year ago so bro who knows. Remus is:
either another kid who comes along later (who turns out to be some baby cousin of Roman’s)
someone they meet In The Big City. (Perhaps an Older cousin of Roman’s. I like the related-to-Roman thing alright)
like a fae or merman of some kind. ( i think this is my favourite option)
--- --- ---
Here’s some sketches of me trying to figure out how on earth i want Patton to work. I know harpies generally have wings instead of arms but that reminds me of The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl too much for comfort so
Tumblr media
feathery boi!
And here we have a more finalised Logan (not perfect though. I realised Forgot his prosthetic leg after i inked this and im very mad at myself). But yeah!! dwarves with long hair and carefully braided beards! there are 2 things Logan takes pride of and it’s his beard and his work. He’s often carrying tools and his belt is full of useful knick-knacks. (im not good at drawing facial hair or braids be patient w/ me)
Tumblr media
logan’s great, man. it doesnt sound like he loves you but he will shower you in little trinket-y gifts fairly regularly and give you the gift of his Time, and Dolian and Patton are very good at reading between the lines for affection like this, and appreciate him dearly. he likes to be paid in praise.
and... i felt like drawing this scene out. Sometimes when a new kid (in this case, Thomas) comes along, it triggers some nasty flashbacks for Dolian, and Patton’s always there to help him through it. (Patton’s Wing Hugs are one of Dolian’s favourite things in the world. There’s nothing more warm or secure. Dolian knows that Patton deeply cares about him and will never hurt him.).
Tumblr media
this sure makes it sound like moceit doesnt it huh
this is a story ive been chipping away at for yonks but it still means a lot to me im very attached to it. thoughts?
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afterhoursfic · a year ago
[1/2] [noncon ~21 yr old jask] jasksier walking down the street, he's been disowned by his rich family, makes lives in a shady part of town with the money he makes at a barmaid (what the fuck is that word in modern english i legit dont remember ive read so much fic😂) Geralt works in the mafia under Vesemir, he's his second-hand man, and sees Jaskier walking alone at night, humming something under his breath. Loves his carefree innocence and wants to /ruin it/. omg i love the guns kink so much😂
2/2Pullshim into an alley, cigarette in his mouth, presses gun to small of Jaskier's back "stay still or ill shoot you." Rips his clothes off, fucks him however you'd like (i imagine hard, rough, and not too painless), and then shoves a gun inside him (which is probably equally painful, if not more), just for funsies, doesnt care that his cum's gonna fuck with his gun's upkeep. "Is that loaded?" "Keep talking and youll find out" afterwards, geralt lets him go and jask asks "was it loaded" "yes."
Warning: non con, gun kink
Hope you like it, and no worries barman/barmaid or barista I believe is the modern term anyway so you’re good XD
It was bordering 2 am and he was very quickly losing interest in whatever deal he was supposed to be making with the fucker now 20 minutes late,. He had only stayed out so long so he could watch as the main street filtered out with people in various drunken stages, from the poor sods acting as chaperones to the ones who couldn't keep their liquor down and threw it all up on the pavement, it was interesting in its own weird way watching as other people went about their lives none the wiser as to the sort of dealings that went on in the dark.
With that thought, he deemed the meeting important enough to wait until he finished his cigarette, after that he would go home, get pleasantly buzzed on whiskey and maybe even hire some company for the evening and let Vesemir deal with the fallout tomorrow. Not that he expected a bollocking, he was punctual as always and if their clients weren't of a similar mind then it wasn't worth the business.
Eyes still watching the dwindling nightlife he caught sight of a boy leaving one of the clubs, a boy being what he was for he could barely be legal, and his eyes caught on the embroidered shirt he wore and the dark denim jeans that looked as if they'd been tailored to accentuate his ass. It was clear the boy came from money and he briefly wondered whether there may be a job in trying to blackmail the boy's parents, he half expected a car to come and pick him up given the late hour but instead, the boy wrapped his arms around himself before he ventured away from the road and down an alley he knew to be a shortcut into dingier part of town, the part where most people didn't bother to hide most of their dealings, and curiosity piqued, he followed.
He kept his distance for a while, his ears barely catching the tune the boy was whistling as he kicked a rock when he walked, the cliche sign of someone down on their luck if he'd ever seen it. It was apparent the boy had been through some sort of hardship, his clothes were tailored, his hair artfully styled and even 10 paces back he could smell the expensive cologne he was wearing, and yet the boy was out long after dark when mummy and daddy would worry after their protege and he was heading towards trouble in this neighborhood. He had been through hardship, yes, but there was an innocence to him from the way he kicked at the rock like a child to how he hummed a familiar tune and he found that he wanted.
Wanted to ruin the kids' boyish innocence and leave him broken and ravaged on the roadside and so, cigarette hanging loosely from his lips, he pulled the gun from his waistband and picked up his pace until he was able to reach forward with his free hand and grab his hair to pull him deeper into the alley whilst he lifted the gun to press against his temple as he leaned forward to whisper in the boy's ear "Don't scream, I'd hate to ruin that pretty face of yours"
Shoving the boy into the nearest wall he kicked his legs apart to make space for himself before pushing up behind him so there was nowhere for him to go, he pressed against the boys back and forced him harshly into the wall before he slowly ground his growing erection to press against the boys' ass, taking far too much enjoyment from the small whimper he heard from the boy before he tried to turn his head to face him.
"Just take my money, I don't-"
"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to go out after dark little bird"
"Please, just let-"
"I don't think you're in any place to be making demands" Gun still fixed to the boys' temple he began pawing at the front of his shirt to try and loosen the buttons but after it took far too long to undo just the first one he grabbed at the almost silk like material and using his teeth to help get a grip on the material, managed to rip it off the boy's chest before he leaned forward to kiss and nip his teeth at his throat, feeling his dick twitch as he heard the boy panting in small uneven breaths as he bit his bottom lip as if trying to keep back the noises he wanted to make.
Shirt gone, he let his free hand trail across his chest to tug harshly at a nipple, pulling and pinching it between his fingers until the boy let out a pained cry which only caused him to shove the barrel of his gun under the boy's chin with the whispered command to be quiet, earning another whimper, before he moved to the other nipple to give it the same treatment.
Once the boy's nipples were red and hard under his hand he pulled away just far enough to tug at the waistband of his jeans to pull them along with his underwear down to his ankles, effectively trapping his legs before once again moving to stand between them, forcing the boy to press against the cold, brick wall as his still clothed dick now strained at the denim to press in the crease of the boys bare ass.
When he brought two fingers up to the boy's mouth, at first he resisted, the boy's mouth remaining firmly closed even as he tried to force it open, a feat much harder one handed so instead he moved those fingers to rub against the boy's hole, dry, pressing one of them in just barely but enough that he felt the boy clench tightly against the intrusion, soft pleas to stop falling from his lips.
"I'm fucking you one way or the other, depends how easy you want to make it on yourself" With that, he pulled his fingers away from the boy's hole and back in front of his mouth "Last chance"
He couldn't help but growl into the boy's neck as he felt a wet tongue begin to lick at the tips of his fingers, only he didn't have time to wait for the boy to kitten lick his fingers, hell he didn't want to wait so instead just shoved them straight down the boy's throat, letting out a small moan as he felt the boy gag around them and try to get any control back. He didn't let him, he just fucked his fingers into his mouth three, four, five times before pulling them out before he crouched down behind the boy, and using the gun, moved one of his ass cheeks to the side so that he could get a view of his hole before spitting on it, chuckling as he heard the boy moan and watched his hole clench and unclench at the warm spit before he stood back up and unceremoniously pushed the first finger in, he wasn't a brute after all.
As he began fucking the boy with one finger, quickly making it two, he trailed the barrel of his gun along the boy's stomach, side, across his neck, chuckling as he felt his muscles clench and small shivers pass through him whilst he began to suck a series of dark hickies onto the boy's neck.
Just as soon as he'd started, he was pulling his fingers out and in a quick movement had his dick out and slicked with spit before the tip was pressed against the boy's hole, taking far too much enjoyment at the way he felt it clench against him, already awaiting that tight heat as he began to push in, whatever protest the boy may have tried to make died on his lips and instead became a pained cry which was quickly muffled by shoving his face into the wall, as he pushed even deeper, all but grinding his teeth to try and keep control, to drag it out as long as possible as the boy whimpered around his cock.
When he was fully seated in the boy he pulled back a little just to watch as he pulled about halfway out before quickly thrusting back in, letting out a growl at the pained whimper from the boy as he began to pick up his pace and really fuck into the boy.
He had been reduced to somewhat animalistic grunts as he fucked into the boy with fervor, made better by every cry and whimper and pained groan that seemed to come out of the boy every other thrust that made him just want to fuck harder, to get deeper until the boy was nothing more than a simpering mess around his cock.
It was on one thrust that had caused the boy to shout that had him stop, pressing him close to the wall so he could breathe in his ear, gun teasing under his chin "Thought I told you to keep quiet"
"I'm sorry, I pro-" With the boy's mouth open he quickly shoved the tip of his gun past his lips, all but feeling the boys distress as his whole body clenched in fear, his hole now had a death grip on his cock as he carried on fucking into him causing him to groan as he tried to fuck even harder into him as he neared his release "Best be good little bird, wouldn't want to see you get hurt"
He could practically hear the scowl from the boy at that, he knew the irony of course, the promise not to hurt him with a gun in his mouth whilst he fucked his ass with no lube and little prep, he just didn't care and ignored whatever attempts the boy tried to make to get his mouth off the gun and instead forced it just a little bit deeper as his thrusts started to become uneven and desperate as he neared the edge of his release.
It was when he moved his thumb to take the safety off of the gun still in the boy's mouth, causing the boy to panic and try to squirm and thrash to get out of his hold that caused him to clench even tighter on his cock that he finally came with a long groan, letting the boy's movement milk as much come from his cock as he slowly rode out the aftershocks until they were standing there, the boy tense in his arms as he leisurely began to fuck the tip of his gun in his mouth just for something to do.
He ventured his free hand down to the boy's half hard dick and with a smirk on his face and a warning to keep quiet, he both pulled out of the boy's hole and took the gun out of his mouth.
"That thing isn't loaded is it?" He doesn't give an answer as with his free hand he pushed between the boy's shoulder blades to keep him fixed to the wall whilst he began to toy the edge of his gun at the boy's rim, feeling him tense up even more if that were possible "Is it loaded? Please don't, I don't want-"
"Keep talking and you'll find out" He then pushed the barrel past the boy's rim, just a bit thicker than his own dick, and into his hole, already slick with spit from the boy's mouth, but given the pained hiss and the small grunts with every little twist of the wrist, it was a lot to take. He angled the gun just a little as he began to thrust it a little deeper into the boy and it was when his breath hitched he knew he'd found the boys prostate and did his best to abuse it.
A part of him lamented the loss of his gun, already his come was starting to leak out the boy's hole even with the gun in him and he didn't want to think what inside the barrel would look like, but in his business guns were as easy to come by as candy so he didn't mourn too long as he watched the boy slowly get harder as he was fucked by his gun, unable to stop himself from burying his face into the boy's neck to hear every breathless pant and barely held moan.
"You like being fucked by my gun? Such a dirty bitch, you'll get off to anything that's fucking you" With that, he wrapped a hand around the boy's dick and stroked in time with the thrusts of his gun "Beg for me to let you come, tell me how good it is to get fucked by my gun little bird" When there was no answer he tightened his grip around the boys cock until he cried out in pain "I said beg" his voice was deeper, darker, one that brooked no argument and he smiled just a little into the boy's neck when he felt him relax just a little in defeat.
"Please, please let me come" The words were strained but his orders were followed at least so slowly he began to stroke the boys cock again "Your gun feels so good in me, I'm such a slut and your gun fills me so well" again the words are monotonous and only being said because the boy had to but it still does the job and he's sure that even then if he hadn't come already, those words would have done it.
Instead, he doubled down his efforts, stroking the boys cock furiously whilst rubbing the barrel of the gun on his prostate until the boy is shaking against him as he comes. It's only when he's stopped shaking that he pulls the gun out, wiping the edge of it against the boy's side as he leaned to whisper in his ear "To answer your question little bird"
He quickly pointed the gun deep into the alley and fired, laughing when he felt the boy jolt in his arms at the loud bang that left behind a deafening silence. Without wasting much more time he tucked his dick back into his pants and his gun back into his waistband before turning to the boy, still frozen where he was left against the wall, not even daring to breathe,
"You should be more careful out there little bird, next person may not be as nice as me" With that he gave a light smack to the boy's ass, and seemed to finally get him into motion and scramble to put what on what was left of his clothes, not bothering to spare him a glance as he pulled out and lit a cigarette before he turned back into the alley to head back towards the club.
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oh-aew · a year ago
okay since im rewatching 2gether, might as well make my reaction public lol
tine trying to be a supportive boyfriend by asking wat if something is troublig and wat’s himbo self being like “nah fam im good” god i love this dumbass
also tine not knowing how to talk about his feelings is so relatable help
honestly i would’ve LOVED to see sarawat at least one (1) question
tine’s smile while wat drinks..... Sir I Am In Love With You
also his blush..... Sir I Am More In Love With You Than I Was Before
“is the lyric about smile or happiness?” “don’t cheat” wat saw through his bullshit right there KSJFHKS
i wonder what’s in those glasses because it doesn’t quite look like coke but it obviously isn’t beer,,,,
ohhhhh “a friend from high school” ... explains tine’s reaction we see in the teaser when he introduces pam as his highschool friend
also explains why tine thought sarawat made that video for her instead of him. wat is in his high school clothes and tine probably thought it was before he saw him (when in fact it was probably recorded the same day lmao sarawat hopeless romantic)
tine: one more game! [spins the coin and supposedly falls on heads] wat!
sarawat: no one can talk to me if i fall asleep
i’m trying not to look at bright’s jiggly butt why is ass so fat fOR
it doesnt add the points here if i dont write something else so intro time yeet
yknow what . we need more earn and more pear in these two last episodes . i need my wlw rep and i need it Now
“personal space is important even for couples” still cant believe man was the owner of their braincell in this scene
tine giving all of type’s info away to wat so wat can give it to man who tine knows will use to pester him until he becomes his boyfriend...... say it with me: tine mantype shipper
“how did you know?” “i prayed to god” literally the funniest part ever
manboss: im not going good luck wat: you’re so full of bullshit
i will just say that pink is tine’s best colour. i need him in every soft pink thing u can find. it accentuates his skin colour so perfectly and we are Here for it honeyyyy
sarawat being a savage (rachet booty nasty) we stan
bro get over him oh my god he’s taken and happy with wat LEAVEEEEEE
and man pestering type begins Now ksjfh
i’m like 100000000% sure that the only thing in that whole backpack is a pencil and half of an eraser
im also sure type saw him buy the book since u literally can see him from where man and that girl are and
hold up the waiter looks like a guy from whyru,,,,,,,,,,
i need someone to write a fic about tine being an astronomy lover and wat falling in love with him because of the joy in his eyes when he talks about the stars and interesting facts about the universe and new discoveries of galaxies and other things that wat doesnt really care about but he listens to either way because he’s too in love to shut off his brain
okay back to the episode sorry i just really had to say this
wat really said “don’t take advantage of me when i’m sleeping” when they haven’t even kissed.......... no words, completely speechless
tine probably thought he was being real sneaky right there lmao boy he fell asleep 2 seconds ago
god green really appears for 2 seconds and yet he steals the show KSFJHKFJFS he really was about to beat the person in front of him’s ass for not walking faster im crying i love him
wat looks so offended by his offer it’s so funny jhfksjhgj still MIL GET THE FUCK OUT
them running around is so funny when u know they had to do that like 20 times and were tired as fuck KSJFHKSHFS
omg the bracelet truly isnt there at the start of the scene :-(
“nuisance tree” lemme just cry a bit
the music stopping here......... they truly played with our feelings there huh
the reactions are so kdrama outro i cant breathe KJHFJSFKJS
“well, you left him” IM GOING TO STEP ON YOU
bracelet where r u :-(
“it was here a second ago” it wasn’t im an obsessed bitch and noticed just as the scene there started
he looks so worried:-( tine baby
“i can make you a new one” “but i want the old one” why do i feel like that has more than one meaning,,,
half of the times wat touches tine’s head his hands are dirty as fuck lmaoooooo
is- is someone wearing a marihuana dress??????
manbosss again and he has a book
type is the teepakorn brother that can lie and will lie meanwhile tine can’t lie for a living
dim really made up a whole spirit just for wat to be with tine lmao i cant breathe (unless the pine tree spirit is an actual thing and he just used it for this specific thing lmao)
“that senior is me” “and who did you go with?” “that was a long time ago” “it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me” “green, drop it!” i love them KSFJHFSJHF
green and wats faces i cant bREATHE these are the faces of people who know this is all fake
my guess is that he had two papers that were the same number just incase they didnt get the same number but then somehow mf MIL had to come in and ruin it
i dont know who chose to make bright wear this much brown but it honestly fits him so well
coffee for his soon to be boyfie
man: loving u is kind of bothering? type: o_o man
he’s still reading the book kjshfsf WAIT HES SO CUTE
“you gotta miss me if i don’t show up one day” “just back off. i’m leaving. do not follow me. give me some time to miss you” okay tsundere ass bitch
type’s so rich he’d rather spend money on getting his tire fixed than get it fixed by man for free i hate rich people
he’s also too rich to care to check if his doors were locked i-
“for me?” “do you see anyone else?” bitch ass tsundere
type: smiles, realises he just did that, eyes cutely go o_o
type looks so cute in that scene for no reason im going to eat ur cheeks if u dont stop being a cutie
aaaaaand of course theyre not paired up
dude of course he is youre creepy and also trying to break his relationship apart only because u dont have the decency to see that you dont have a place in his heart whatsoever
dim honey........ jskhsjf
“the spirit doesnt like it when you pray with your eyes opened” did literally no one notice how nonsense that was? KSFJHSJ
he looks so cute im gonna cry like actually cry
weak ass blankets they gave them i swear
if u cuddled then u wouldnt have been cold but noooooo ur big puppy boyfriend has trust issues
baby:-((((((((((( i will cover u with a blanket and give u lots of kithes and hugs
tine having his phone die at an important moment and also having no sense of direction whatsoever is so relatable lmaooooo
thank god for the rain because otherwise sarawat wouldnt have ran the way tine actually went lmao i wouldve beaten dims ass if mil was the one who found him
this scene hurts so much:-(( his throwing the grass like that in complete defeat??????? the flashback to him saying that bad things seem to happen to them lately makes my heart break
the soft touches:-((((( please im gonna Cry
dnotsaysorrydontsaysorrydonsaysorrydontsayHE SAID SORRY FFS
baby :’((((((
“i prayed for something but i havent redeemed that prayer yet” “what did you ask for?” “it’s if i got to see you again, i would show you the video i made. it’s the song your smile you are so curious about” BITCHHHHHHHHH
he’s all shy i cant breathe he cant even look at the screen skjfhksh
oh so it was on the same day sksjhj forgot about that
tine is all blushy im gonna sob i love these two
im trying not to scream and tines reaction to wat telling him he went to every scrubb concert just to look for him
their smiles after he said it tho.......... my heart hURTS
wat: the wish only drew us to cross paths again. us being together is because of something else, tine: what then? wat: shout out to my homies for being there for me since day one i love u bros
boss’s whistle after he tells them that he only said he would kiss him until he dropped lmaoooooo
“his name is tine. [with the softest voice ever] what a cute name”
manboss looking at each other like this bitch is so gone for this random dude but we’re gonna support him because we’re the only friends he has
wat was probably wishing the pool had water in it so he could throw both of them into it at that moment KJSFHJSFHF
“he’s the one i like” “shiiiiiit” same dim, same
fan dee nAAAAAA
his ass was so gone he was gonna make his ig username lovetine i literally cant believe him
boss having the braincell in this scene i love it
“but earn has a boyfriend” LIES. SO MANY LIES. ITS A GIRL. SHES A WHOLE LESBIAN.
boss once again being the owner of the braincell...... im starting to think he owns it half of the time
“you get it now? us being together is not a coincidence. it’s because of us” WAT YOU SMOOTH FUCKER 3
wait,,,,, tine’s little head tilt,,,,,,, SIR I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU
the stars!!!!!!!!! theyre there!!!!!!
“i think nothing bad is going to happen anymore” honey you got a big storm coming
it ended :’(((((( my beautiful boys i love this episode and drama so much i swear
lets watch the next episode teaser
i dont think tine is gonna lsiten to pam saying that but if he does,,, baby pls dont overthink okay he loves u and wont leave u for anyone in the world
phukong dont come back to him he knows that u like him and will play with ur feelings
type is gonna have to choose between im guessing either a boy interested in him from work or man and im gonna vote for him going with man lets hope i win
im so glad that the episode comes out today because i Need to know more
okay thats it if anyone read all of this first of all sorry kjshkfj and second of all thank u ,, u didnt have to but u did and ily for that okay bye
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kissmejuyeon · 9 months ago
hey Sara! 🌸🐇
this might be a personal or difficult question, so if you don't want to reply, that's totally fine!! 💕
i went to a school where i was lowkey taught that uni is the only option after graduation, that anything else isn't as "good" and we weren't even taught abt anything other than uni either. no one ever mentioned apprenticeships or voluntary years, let alone spoke positively of them. it honestly installed in me this fear of being seen as lesser if i don't go to uni and now it's been almost 4 years since my graduation and I'm still struggling with the inferiority feeling of not feeling like uni is the right place for me. i think i want to do an apprenticeship, but by now i feel almost too scared to start anything in fear of not managing.
did you deal with this kind of thing in your schooling/ upbringing as well? and how did you get over those feelings? :( if you have even the tiniest advice, id be super grateful 💙
Hey love!!! Happy new Year <3
I can totally relate to what you’re feeling!! I def had those same feelings and thoughts, and i am not gonna lie, it took me a while to figure out what i want to do, and how i stopped focusing on what other wanted of me. but i’m going to try to explain my thoughts, so please bare with me.
i had to put this in “keep reading” cause i word vomited lmao
I was lucky that i grew up in a family that always thought me, that i do everything in life for myself. I should always focus on what I want to do. BUT, i had extended family and a few friends that always talked about uni and doing something in life that is “not working in retail” (just an example) All they “wanted” me to do is make money. 
My dad never finished high school and my mom started two apprenticeships that she never finished. I always knew i wanted to do more than what my parents did. And i don’t mean it a mean or bad way. (i hope you know what i mean) 
i was a “gifted” kid in school, and good grades came easy to me, until i finished 10th grade and i started my A-level. Then i hit rock bottom. I actually never planed to do my A-level, but i had no idea what to do with my life in year 10, so i decided to go to school for 3 more years, so i have a little more time to figure stuff out. (Spoiler: i didn’t) When i decided to do my A-level (In germany you need it to even go to uni) i thought uhMm maybe i should go to uni because many people around me where starting to talk about it and made me feel that my decision of never going to uni was me planing on becoming “nothing”. Which is totally stupid. Not going to uni does NOT mean you’ll never become anything!
by the i finished my A-level, which i barely passed, i still had no idea of what i wanted to. the only thing i knew was, that i wanted to do something that brings me happiness and joy! And the only time i found happiness and joy was in books (and one direction lmao). So i started to think about the idea, that i could start working in a bookstore. But at that time, my friends already started Uni (med school, law etc.) and others went to go abroad to study. And i felt like i was worth less. But i also knew that going to uni would only further the descend of my mental health. So i really focused on working in a bookstore and do an apprenticeship as a bookseller. 
Through a friend i got the opportunity of working in a bookstore (I applied before but i was sadly rejected). After the first day of work, i knew, this is what i wanted to do with my life. My mom always pushed me into applying for apprenticeships that i didnt wanna do, which i told her i didnt want, but it only caused many fights between us. but tbh ... i didnt care. i wanted to do what i wanted to do! So i focused on my carreer in the bokstore. i stopped focusing on what other people want to do in their lives, but rather focus on what I want to do. 
so i worked at the bookstore for 2 years, then started my apprenticeship, then i worked for 4 months as a bookseller and now i’m the deputy manager of the store that i did my apprenticeship at. now i know i only got to this place and position because i stopped focusing on what other people wanted.
end of my biography but i feel like it needed to explain this to validate my points lmao
and heres what i can tell you, do what you want to do!!! if you dont want to go to uni, do not go. is there something that brings you joy? clothes? books? try working with something that you like, and figure out what you wanna do that way.
Other people think they help you when they try to push uni, grad school etc. into your life, cause they think that whats best for you. but you are the only one who knows whats best for you!
in bookseller school, half my class was people who dropped out of uni to start working. not going to uni or dropping out of uni doesnt make you any less amazing or capable of reaching your dreams. 
the sad thing is, we need money to survive in this world, so you need to make money one way or another. and people always promote the narrative of figuring out what you want to do immediately. which is fuckign bullocks. you can start over and over again of you need to. if you start a job but after a few months you realize, its something you dont want to do, quit and find another job. Starting over and trying out jobs is nothing bad! 
but i think the first step you need to to, is to realize that what you do in life, is for you and only you!!! 
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thedankfaerie · a year ago
i am posting this here because i am tired of burdening my boyfriend with my feelings. this is a little nsfw. and this is my call for help. i dont know who to talk to anymore about this.
i need someone to hear what i feel
or at least, a free space to say what i feel 
im in a low place. i feel so awful about myself and my body and i hate this feeling. i hate that this time last year, i was so happy about the way i looked. i was working this awful job that had me so overworked and overtired and poorly treated that i skipped meals and slept through meals regularly... i lost so much weight from stress in just a year and was the skinniest i had ever been. mentally, i was not in a good place being exploited by my managers... but my self esteem re: my body was at a new level i never knew could exist for me.
last year, i felt powerful and confident about my body, and i expressed that through sexuality. i was fucking my ex that i still liked (i grew out of wanting him back, but he never did, and it was nice to have the upper hand). i was also fucking an old fwb that i stayed friends with, that was also recently single, so we reunited again at the perfect time. i was also seeing this one guy (now my boyfriend) so if ever i got tired of the sex i at least was able to calm down and settle down with someone who genuinely wanted to know me. of course, i ended up catching feelings for this guy, and cut off the other two to pursue something more serious (we are now dating and are moving in together next month!) anyways, it was so nice to be wanted. to feel... i guess sexy? sex is empowering. and it shouldn’t be taboo to say that as a woman, or anyone really. i dont want to give off the message that a woman’s validation is fueled by men’s desire - but hey, don’t you feel flattered when someone thinks you’re attractive? desire and lust aren’t everything... but they matter. and they have an impact on how you feel about yourself, whether or not you believe me when i say that is up to you. 
 and i hate that i would gladly put myself through the stress that i did just to feel happy about my body. before the summer ended, i finally had enough and i quit my shitty job. i was jobless for a month, but was able to enjoy the rest of the summer with my new ‘skinny’ body - last year i took my first bikini picture ... a 2 piece! i have never done that. i still think about how happy i was that summer to look and feel good about myself. 
i have struggled with self esteem issues since highschool. i always felt like i was too big. i used to follow all these blogs of pretty people and try to copy their poses to feel pretty and i used to spend hours after school trying on short dresses and clothes to stare at my body in the mirror. i used to starve myself to the point of literally wanting to faint on the daily, until finally i admitted it to one of my teachers. she respectfully asked if i wanted to speak with the school guidance counsellor, and i declined. but she encouraged me to speak up to at least a friend, so i did, and it helped, and for a long time, i was okay. after i graduated that teacher still checked up on me for a few years every now and again.
4th year university was when i realized how much i had let myself go. i was the heaviest i had ever been, it was my graduating year, i was looking for a job and was always worried about my grades. every time i was stressed or every time i needed to study i bought pad thai and bubble tea. a ritual. i didnt realize how much that had caught up to me until i saw old pictures of myself. at this point, i started my (shitty) job, straight out of graduation.
i actively avoided scales, i didn’t like looking at the number because it just made me upset. and i already felt upset looking in the mirror, i didn’t need something else to make me upset. but i did. and i was 20 pounds heavier than i was in highschool - the heaviest i had ever been.
i cried.
i didnt do much about it. i was too busy. my first job out of uni was a brand new daycare and i was head teacher of a toddler class - also i was the only staff on floor since there were not as many kids. there was nobody to train me, at all. i had to teach myself everything. i had no time. 
a little while before starting the job, i met this guy. he was so hot, but such a dick - we had a “thing” but it was so toxic. he started off interested in me, but i turned him down. his attitude changed and he started being a douche, but we became friends because we were seeing each other so often. i didn’t have a car yet. he was driving me everywhere. he lived 5 minutes away. he was the type of friend that would text me “im outside, lets go out”. we hung out as friends at first, we would have “study dates”, until we started hooking up. we acted like a thing but he denied we were ever one - but got mad at me whenever i tried to look elsewhere. but i guess in that time, it was nice to be wanted, especially by someone so attractive. 
but again, a year in that shithole job went by fast. i would stay late after work. i would come in on weekends. i was expected to not only help new kids transition, but train new partners. and given that my supers refused to support me, i watched a lot of people quit due to pressure. i had to keep retraining. and kids kept coming. that never stopped. i can honestly say my class wasn’t settled until december, and i started in september. everyday it was ‘its fine, it will get better’. 
a year in that shithole, with 0 support, and i lost all the weight i gained - and more. i was the skinniest i had ever been. even in highschool. i looked at old pictures of myself from when i started the job at my heaviest. i couldnt believe that was me. and i was so happy looking at myself in the mirror. for once! 
after i quit that job, i started another job that i hoped would be a happy ending.
and it wasn’t. it stressed me out just as much. i also moved out by this point, a month after i started this job. my hours are whack. 7-9, 11:30-6. i woke up early and got home late. i never had free time. my last shift at my old job was 7-3:30 and i had the whole day to myself. im someone that needs social interaction and alone time, and by the time i got home i was so tired, i would just cook, clean, shower, and go to bed. and that was my life. sometimes i would get so tired that i couldn’t cook, i just went and ate out. i tried to make personal time with my friends after work but by the time i reached their house, it was late, and places were closed. and id have to leave early anyways because i had work early the next day... so fast food was the only way to make this work. on top of this, this was the most difficult class that i had ever had. the kids behaviours’ were so difficult and i couldn’t handle it. i would cry in my car 3x a week. i would cry 4 minutes before my shift starts in the washroom and walk out and pretend i was okay. i would have my boyfriend come over as much as i could just so i could cry in his arms. i couldnt leave this job because i had just moved out and having a consistent rent payment was a huge responsibility for me. as well, if you know anything about ECEs in canada, just know we make shit pay. but this job pays me better than most ECE jobs... by a landslide. AND gives me benefits, which is so hard to find. i am still at this job - i was at my breaking point at the time covid started, so i was rejoicing when we closed for covid. i havent worked since march, but i needed that time off so desperately. 
with that being said, i gained the weight back.
not everything, but i definitely could tell i was packing on some pounds.
cue covid.
i havent worked since march. i fell back into a lazy routine of ordering fast food. lying in bed. resting. just enjoying NOT dealing with my difficult class. 
but i gained it all back. and i think im back at my heaviest weight. i picked up all my summer clothes from last year from my moms... half of them dont fit me. my favourite pair of shorts won’t close. i just sat and cried in a mess of clothes on my floor in front of the mirror. this was last week.
im trying to tell myself, ‘you’re in the middle of a global pandemic, go easy on yourself’... but do you know what it’s like to finally get what you’re chasing, and have it be taken away from you? i finally had a taste of what it was like to look AND feel good about myself. something ive wanted since i was a teenager...and it’s gone. it’s my fault and i accept that, so please don’t tell me i did this to myself. i know i did. but i can still be upset about it. i look in the mirror and i try to suck my stomach in and pretend nothing changed but its not the same. i see old pictures of myself, especially that bikini pic. ironically, i captioned it “i will never have the confidence to take a bikini pic again”... and here we are. i look at the clothes i wore last year and remember how fucking good i felt wearing them. i try putting them back on and seeing my stomach bulging and my arms looking fat and my love handles, something i didn’t see last year. and i just take them off and opt to wear something frumpier that doesnt hug my figure.
i try to tell people about how i feel but i cant take those ‘love yourself and all your flaws’ campaigns seriously. i dont think i can listen to another ‘you have to just keep faking it until you make it and if u just tell urself ur beautiful u will feel beautiful!’
because if you’re me, you know you cant kid yourself. if you’re me you can’t ‘love every flaw’. you fixate on them. and you let them define you. and if youre me, flaws are all you see.
i hate myself for getting back to this point. 
i have a very supportive boyfriend that knows about all this, who is trying to actively get me to go on runs with him. we are trying to go for walks more and be out and about. he reminds me of little things, like if we are getting bubbletea he will suggest i go with less sugar. he is trying, we are trying. and i appreciate him so much.
today i complained in my car about this to my boyfriend, again. for the millionth time. and he still was supportive. but i just feel like i cant keep doing this to him. he said something today, which i think was him trying to give me a reality check to show me that i cant just wish i could starve myself and overwork myself to lose weight and call it a day... but it stung. he said “i don’t want to be with someone that’s not healthy. i have standards too” and i realized then he deserves so much better than to fucking babysit my complaining ass. i am 24. and i shouldnt be putting this on him. he is an adult with problems just as real as mine and i shouldnt be burdening him with this anymore. 
im scared to talk to him about how that comment made me feel, because he’s so right, and he has every right to leave me. i would honestly. the amount that i worry and fixate on all my flaws and complain and have crying breakdowns about this is not fucking normal. and it shouldnt be his problem. i just want him to be with someone that doesnt give him this baggage. he met me in my ‘prime’ days when i just started getting my skinny body last year. when we finally started dating, we were super sexually active. and i mean, having sex like 15 times a week. im not kidding. now we havent had sex in almost an entire month. i dont feel sexy anymore and its impacting my sex drive.. he tries to start it with me and i just can’t because i feel like he is probably repulsed by my body. this is a huge huge huge problem, seeing as sex was a huge part of our relationship (we are very emotionally in tune with one another, but sex was a great addon because we both love it so much). i hate the way i look without clothes on. i cant bring myself to do it because it makes me feel like shit about myself.
but we are moving in together next month. and that is a huge step. and i am worried that i will never change, and he’s going to feel like he’s stuck with me because he’s moving 40 minutes away from his hometown to live with me. i almost want us to break up so he can be with someone with less baggage but i also love him and i want to be better for him and for us. 
someone please help me. 
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finn-2187 · a year ago
alright here it is, the basics of my au plus art.... under the cut so you dont have to see it if you dont want to
k so first off this au take place during like the end of rebels through a few years post ROTJ. also a everybody lives au so its more happy. 
ok so basically the oc i made for the au is this boy right here:
Tumblr media
he is the son of kallus and zeb ok. hes half human half lasat and he is a himbo and he likes to pick people up when he hugs them. he loves his dads and his friends.
well thats him as an adult, but for most of this au he is going to be in this little group here as a child:
Tumblr media
left to right: ben solo (13), poe dameron (14), my oc who doesnt have a name yet if anyone wants to help out w that (14), finn skywalker (12), rey skywalker(9).yes i changed all thier birth years basically and no i do not give a shit. also poe has bleached tips because my little brother whos the same age does too and if theres a latine character i will project my family onto them and thats that on that.
so basically wedge antilles and luke skywalker got married becasue idk if you have noticed but wedgeluke is my favorite ship and so it has to be in every au.... so theyre married and they adopt 2 kids and those kids are rey and finn they rescue both of them from stormtrooper recruiting ppl so yeah. ben is emo, but he is an alright kid. r*ylo is non existent bc they're cousins. finnpoe will happen when they get a bit older like in their early 20s. poe has his old backstory with his awesome x wing mom back so luke and wedge are his godparents. here take some art of wedge and luke w rey in modern clothes. why? becasue i wanted to draw it:
Tumblr media
they all grow up togetehr in the end of the rebellion and the emergence of the new republic and they all live together becasue i mean i dont think anyone wants to just fuck off onto whatever planet and be alone w/o thier friends after all this, with the exception of a few things like zeb and kallus went to lira san but came back to raise thier son with a bunch of other kids around his age bc i mean its probably better for him and zeb reads parenting books so he is concerned with that type of thing. and ben will go to lukes school but yeah. anyways the rebels crew and the OT crew and ya know what the R1 crew too are friends and try to give advice to the kids and stuff. me and my friend talked abt teen!finnpoe and like poe and my oc going around asking the adults how they got together and the couples are like. han/leia, wedge/luke, hera/kanan, zeb/kallus, sabine/my friends lady mandalorian oc, ezra/tristan...... like none of these couples knew how to flirt or anything they were all disasters so no one has any advice ad force ghost anakin is like have you tried floating a pear but poe doesnt have the force so like uncle lando drops in to give advice but its not age appropriate so the other adults r like bro stop. anyways. this au im gonna make connect to my other idea which was that instead of worsipping darth vader, ben looks up to anakin and sees how even after going to the dark side he was able to redeem himself and be good so even tho he is being pulled to the dark he looks to anakin for support so he can try to be like him, hes still gonna turn evil but he will turn good again in the end but that happens later so all thats importnant for this little au here is that ben likes to listen to my chemical romance. finn and rey are the best siblings and rey looks up to her older brother sm and he is always trying to look out for her. theyre both force sensitive so theyre both training to be jedi too. ok that might be everything so far but if i think of more ill reblog this post and add on. if you read this i love you omg and i hope you like my oc and my au even tho its purely self indulgent and i changed basically everything just to have this sappy cutesy au
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After having a very rough life that makes her want to risk it all at the age of 12. Elaina receives a call from her older brother begging for help with his new born daughter. After watching the fiasco Ari and Aaliyah, her little sisters started in Crenshaw and knowing they needed to lay low for a long time. They head to a Freeridge California and meet a little beat up boy named Cesar. After awhile they start to rebuild the never put together family that she's always wanted but what happens when his older brother finally gets out of jail?
Show some love if you like it! I do not own on my block or any of its characters. I only own my own ocs. I also dont own the pictures. If you don't like the book don't read it and I'm always welcome to nice criticism but if your an ass you will be removed. I also dont speak spanish so I'm gonna do the best I can.
Driving to get to my new house in Freeridge was tiring as hell with my mija in the car. Dont get me wrong I know this is the first time we've got to spend time together in awhile but, I also know the girls hyped her up on candy and soda from the way she practically vibrating and jumping in her purple and black car seat. Fortunately she crashed from her sugar high about 40 minutes back and I would be able to carry her big head into the house.
Tapping my hand in the steering wheel, I pull through tagged up streets until I arrive at my new house in Freeridge, California. There were little trees and bushes blocking all edges of the house at the end of the street giving it a very good privacy setting. Its walls a off white concrete with beige tiles on the roof. There was a big yard big enough to store some of the cars Juju and I like to work on, a small garage and a doggie house for my dog Cerberus. As my eyes roam the house I let out the sigh that seems to have been on the tip of my tongue since I left my old home in Crenshaw.
I notice there were no lights on in the house and that I will have to get black out curtains, considering the amount of windows there were. It wont be good when I have to drink my self to sleep only to be woken up by the sun wanting to show how much holier it is than I. The houses off white cemented walls shined in the fading sunlight the light reflecting off the windows giving it a warm and cozy look thankfully along with the sun going down so is the famous unforgivable heat.
Stepping out of the car was a little more challenging than I thought it was going to be considering how my skin wanted to mend into the car seat. So, after I finally was able to surgically remove myself I was able to start walking up to the reinforced door one of the first things I noticed.
'That was probably one of Vin's ideas.' A bitter smile came at the thought....missing mi familia. I honestly don't even know where he is right now. 'I'll find you when it's safe again.' Already knowing the words were lies before they even left his mouth.
The second thing I notice was the cameras discreetly pointing at every angle surronding my house. So if a lizard crossed my yard I would know about it. I opened the door and propped it open with one of door stopper that was right next to it. Not even bothering to look further inside Going back to the car and I pull out mi hija without waking her while also grabbing whatever else we needed to spend one night in an empty house.
Quickly grabbing my silver .9mm from the glove department, I place it in my waist band of my black yoga shorts and start walking in the house and once fully inside, I put Nena and the bags down in the living room on the deep brown wooden floors before rubbing her hair. Glancing at her mixed cream skin with crazy black curly hair I secretly admire her beauty. 'She deserves this fresh start more than any of us. ' I quietly think to myself continuing to take in her peaceful sleeping face that looked so much like her fathers.
She has such an innocent face but, that's just what lures you in about her. She has such a devilish smile when you get past her angelic eyes.
Rubbing her hair once more I walk out and grab a few more bags before placing those bags around her as well. I go back and lock the door before going through her night bag and pulling out her pajamas.
Picking her up to wake her only causes her to start groaning and whining as she lazily opens her eyes and gives me a sweet soft kiss.
"We have to change your clothes before you go back to sleep Nena." I say quietly to the 3 year old.
"Tía" she said with her quiet rarely used voice it coming out soft and toddlerish. Her tired eyes trying to close despite my best efforts. God this girl could try to sleep through anything!
"You cant call me that anymore mija." I said to her softly with my soothing voice while looking into her deep amber eyes. My mother always said that I had the voice capable of putting anyone to sleep. I remember when I was 4 she told me one night that she wanted me to sing for her every night to chase away the nightmares. Unfortunately the next morning I found her overdosed in the tub covered in urine and throw up.
"Yes mama." She said starting to get a little excited but still in her sleep haze.
"I love you mama." Nena said burying her head into my shoulder. Secretly trying to go back to sleep from what I could tell by the way she started to slump into my arms.
"I love you too Nena. We have to get you changed before you go back to sleep plum."I said chuckling to the half asleep toddler before looking away and turning to my phone when I hear the gun shot notification. Clicking my phone on. I see a blaring picture of Nena and *Bang!!* another new text message. This one from the moving company. [ We will arrive Tomorrow at 7 am] Alright. Not that bad and there's really nothing I could do about that right now.
Scrolling to my other messages I see one from Abuela.
[ We are 30 minutes out. She is in a mood driving us all loco.] Chuckling when I finished reading.
'She just lost her sister, nana.' I thought to myself. Before shaking my head to get rid of the thoughts of her. Putting down Nena on the floor unconsciously bringing up old unwanted memories of before the beginning of all of this bullshit.
*Flashback 2 years ago*
Sitting here with my hands bruised, slashed, and bleeding all over the place from the street fights I've had that past week. The dark purple and yellow bruises seeming to do a puzzle the way they fit on top of each other.
Kissing my teeth and looking far out of space while throwing my head back, and letting out a small scream while standing up to let out my frustrations. Today was not a good day, but it seems like bad days are the only days I'm allowed to have anymore honestly. Turning my head around to fully take in my shitty surronding of an abandoned apartment building with dried blood on the walls, broken glass bottles everywhere, and dirty couches and mattresses. The whole place stunk of mold, anemone, and shit. A scoff escapes me.
'What am I even doing here?' I think to myself but in reality I already know why I was not home..... trying to get too fucked up to remember anything. This is not where I am supposed to be doing that though. I pry through the existing migraine to get to the depressing things I'm forced to call my thoughts. While pulling out my phone to check to see if I have recieved any messages, nope but it is 02:30.
'I should probably go home.' Although, as soon as that thought went though my head it was already gone. My mind being too filled with the existing numbness and static to absorb anymore thoughts of home.
Not now.... 'Theres no one there to return to anymore.'
Walking though the trashed old and moldy apartment building somewhere in NY blood territory if the tagged up place was anything to go by I stepped out side. Looking around I notice the tagged up neighborhood and my 2014 purple and black Dodge Charger. Stepping in the car with a groan I start the car and look at my phone again to connect the bluetooth and start playing Leroyce -Forever before I take off toward a destination not really caring where as long as it's not here.
Opening my glove department I pull out a blunt and light it before coming to a stop. 'Got to get off the road soon dont want to get pulled over again.' I sigh, even though I look older than it I am still only 10. One that really is tired of this worlds sandeces 'I really dont want to call Vin to tell the officer to let me go if I get caught.' I add another sigh to my day as I pull into a parking space and turning off the car. I continue to smoke my blunt while listening to the music letting it vibe though me. 'I haven't eaten in 3 days' I think with, yeah you guessed it another sigh not particularly having an appetite or craving anything to eat.
Putting out the roach that was left while also making sure my silver glock is by my side, I get out of the car and walk to the nearest store. Walking up to the 711 I open the door and notice there were three young chicos in the candy isle and an Arabian at the register. Going to the bakery isle I grab two banana nut muffins before going to grab a beer and some chips.
"Can I get a black and mild wood tip?" I asked as I walked up to the Arabian girl at the register. Her big brown eyes first going to my holstered gun before looking into my hazel green eyes. Looking like she was having a debate with herself on whether or not to ask for an armored mixed girls Id. Flipping her fake blonde hair it seems like she made the decision that she doesnt care about my life.
"That will be 9.34."
Placing a 10 on the counter I walk away leaving the change. Going straight back to my car rolling another one and, staring off into space letting my mind wonder into the depths that would only bring and leave more scars. The only thing that brings me back is the sound of my ringer going off. Looking at the screen I see a picture of my hermano Vin and I on the screen. My long curly black hair pushed to the side my eyes closed and a bright smile on my full lips showing off my pearly whites. Vins tattoed arms wrapped around his hermanita as tight as possible knowing that would be the last time we would see each other for awhile.... and it's already been 8 months. "Qué?" I demanded. As soon as I picked up the phone.
"Te necesito." His deep voice says hesitantly over the phone.' you need me?'
"Por qué?"
"We can't speak about it on the phone. I need you to come to me." His gravely deep voice demanded on the phone. Not really giving me a choice in the matter in my head.
But now, what could be so important that you cant tell me over the phone. Well the only way I was going to find out was by going to him.
"I'm in New York right now, get my location and set it to the nearest airport. Make sure you keep the cops from my route I dont want any problems. Order me a private jet and set it to where ever you are."
" Thank you Elaina."
Humming, then ending the conversation. I recieve the route not even a minute later. Taking care of my family is a full time job that I didnt even sign up for....but without them I would have given up a long time ago. I sighed pulling out of the parking lot finally lightin the blunt.
'This finna be some bullshit.Well at least I get to go to London.'
Hearing a truck pull up outside the house. Walking to the door I peek out the bullet proof window to see Abuela's black truck outside. The short mexican lady is cursing my hermanitas the hell out I notice with a small smile. Knowing them they probably deserve it. Shaking my head I start making my way to the door unlocking the door and stepping onto the second brick step.
"THATS YOUR MOTHERFUCKING EXCUSE FOR GETTING ALL THAT SHIT ON MY SEATS!?" oooh car problems...... Walking right back inside grabbing Nena who found her toy bag and was currently sleeping on a stuffed animal. But she was already dressed in her pajamas so imma just count it as a win-win situation. I already did what I needed to do which was open the door.
"Sissy save us!!!!" I hear both my other twin sisters yell. No. You fucked up her truck. You did this to a crazy Mob grandma.
"Let's go find somewhere to sleep Nena." Walking off not listening to the distressing calls of "Sissy!" from all three my sisters now.
I end up picking the empty master bedroom mentally cursing my brother for not having furniture arrive before his family did. 'Pendejo.'
Laying down on the carpet floor while putting white headphones in my ears and using a giant panda stuff animal as a pillow I pull an already asleep Nena over me and, put her head on my chest before closing my eyes.
I stayed like that for hours my insomnia not letting me sleep and my mind never truly letting me rest. I sit, wait, and listen to my sisters and grandma put away the little things they had before going to sleep. Well at least two of them do.
Looking up to my door as I hear the door click open. My younger sister Juju is there with a burning blunt and bottle of Hennessy...... our sleep medicine.
She's wearing a faded purple spaghetti strap crop top and black pajamas shorts. Most of her tattoos being shown off due to the lack of clothes. Pushing a deeply asleep toddler off of me and onto the panda. I watched her wrap her arms around the toy before turning and grabbing my phone.
After making sure my bebé was still fully asleep, something I honestly dont know why I even questioned, I stand up.
Following my younger sister outside to the back yard we hop on the concrete railing facing opposite of each other with the bottle between us and pop it open. Taking out my phone I start to play Say yes by Floetry. Before I really start to look around the back yard. Cerberus was going to have the time of his life fucking shit up back here. He will be arriving tomorrow along with the furniture, he doesn't do well with long road trips at all so we decided to just drug him and put him on a plane along with the rest of the stuff.
"I thought Vin said he would be here?" Her raspy tired voice said drawing me out of my thoughts and making me turn towards her. Big puppy dog hazel eyes that had dark circles from lack of sleep and brown curly hair made her look like a sun goddess. Her light carmel skin basically glowing in the moon and pool light. Out of all of my siblings I connected with sisters the most. Maybe because I went through a lot of bull shit with them? Maybe because they shared the womb at the same time with me? Either way I'm happy for it considering how much the world seems to hates my guts its good to have sisters that actually care if I die or not.
"You know why he can't come here." I said hitting the blunt. Knowingly about to start an unwanted argument.
"Wouldn't you say to protect his girls he would actually be here with us?Not there trying to get himself killed?!"She asked irritated and worried.
"Hm." Taking the bottle she chugs down the liquor with no regrets. Before handing it to me when she is done, I do the same thing until I feel somewhat alright.
"What school are we going to go to? Will you do football?" Now why would I be thinking about doing football? This ain't my home.
"We will be going to sign up for school soon I guess and no I'm not doing football."
" You might be able to start a new life, have friends, find love." She continued. Her mind filled with nothing but romance, roses, and bullets. She already knew that we shouldnt really get attached to anyone out here. It was far to dangerous to get anyone evolved in our lives but right now on this railing she can dream.
"Are you listing out Liyah's to-do list or mine?" I said laughing and fully feeling the effects of the alcohol. Not wanting to be the one to state the facts.
"All of ours fool!" She says laughing. Her smile showing off her small dimples. The smile slowly going away putting her head on my shoulder before shaking it.
"After everything that's been going on we deserve it.........How did we get here hermana?" Sighing I dont answer, knowing that question was more towards the Angels than to me.
"This isn't fair, for him to send us to one place while hes halfway around the world." She continues with a slight whimper in her voice. Taking another sip out of the bottle before passing it and lighting a black and mild.
"He's trying his best." Those soft spoken words could've been yelled at the poor girl with how quickly she quieted down.
Looking over at her down casted head.
"Yeah he is trying his best....but, his best could be with us there to help." She said damn near sobbing. The medicine is working.
"You know why we cant do that Juju. Come on." I said picking her up from the railing and stumbling back into the room after I placed her next to Nena before turning around and locking the door. Poor girl was already asleep when I turned back around.
What could I expect though after everything that's been going on. Quickly checking my phone for the time to see 02:45. I finally lay down next to them and let the alcohol in my system drag me into Morpheus's arms.
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spidercrimes · a year ago
if it's not too much to write, how about All even numbers for the OC asks for either character of your choice! or both if you're feelin wild whatever works : ]
wheezes this took so long but im finally done holy shit
2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them?
Echo doesn’t have any official titles, and isn’t really planning on getting any, unless Champion of Sune counts?
4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory with them? Did they know both parents?
Echo has a very good relationship with her moms! To their knowledge, things were a bit tense after leaving Ivydome, but plenty of letters and visiting when they could helped with smoothing over their relationship. A good memory would be when her moms taught Echo how to bake! They can really only bake cupcakes and cookies but theyre like. Hella good ones. They dont really have any bad memories with/of their parents, since like. They will forcibly forget or repress anything that upsets them, as long as it only affected them. If the memory is something bad that affected others it will linger for however long Echo deems necessary(read: an extremely long time)
6. What were they like at school? Did they enjoy it? Did they finish? What level of higher education did they reach? What subjects did they enjoy? Which did they hate?
They were there and graduated fantasy high school what more do you want from them jkdxxjndk.  They started working at the local sweets shop after school, so no higher level of education here! They like history a bit, but that’s about it tbh!
8. Did they have pets as a child? Do they have pets as an adult? Do they like animals?
Yes! Echo had a pet cat back at Ivydome with her moms, and before the campaign she didn’t really have the money to keep another, so they settled for feeding and playing with the stray cats in Summervale.
10. Do they like children? Do children like them? Do they have or want any children? What would they be like as a parent? Or as a godparent/babysitter/ect?
Hmmm, Echo doesn’t mind children?? but there’s only so long they can be around them before she gets overwhelmed. Children like them well enough since Echo is always up for playing songs or messing around with cantrips. Echo would be the fun parent/godparent/babysitter, but. Please dont make them look after children they dont want any.
12. What is their favourite food?
Give my child spicy noodles or give him death
14. Do they have any specific memories of food/a restaurant/meal?
Their first cake made without supervision was. A disaster to put it lightly since someone was feeling ambitious.(it turned out like rubber and after that he was too flustered n frustrated to focus so everything else turned out badly too) So they dont bother with that anymore! Cake mistakes who i dont know her sdkjjkdbs. So half the time they pass by anything with some type of airy sponge cake they cringe lololol
16. Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it?
She had a rock and shiny things collection back at Summervale! They’re mostly for decoration, although some with certain textures are used for stimming. Some rocks are kept on shelves, but most are stored in cool jars to save space
18. What’s their favourite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else
Echo is a sucker for romance novels and fun, upbeat music! Idk if video games, films, or video games exist in-universe, but if they did, they’d like dramas and baking shows, rpgs, and more character focused games like nitw
20. Do they like musicals? Music in general? What do they do when they’re favourite song comes?
They love music, and they’d like musicals too! They will grab their lute and play along if their favorite song came on, and if nobody was around then maybe they’d sing too. Maybe. 
22. What are their favourite insults to use? What do they insult people for? Or do they prefer to bitch behind someone’s back?
tbh their go-to insult is calling someone a prick or a bastard, and it’s usually for whenever someone’s done something particularly scummy. Or if someone is just. The Absolute Worst. It’s a leftover habit from when they used to live in Ivydome, but Echo usually sticks to talking shit when the target is. Very far away/not in the area.
24. What is their sleeping pattern like? Do they snore? What do they like to sleep on? A soft or hard mattress?
They try and get around six hours, to varying success, and to their knowledge they dont snore! Echo loves soft things and would prefer to sleep on a soft mattress with So Many blankets and pillows and maybe a cuddle buddy
26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions?
Fun fact echo does a tounge blep when she’s happy!! They tend to do lil happy claps and bounce up and down in place when they’re really excited, but when it’s a more calm-type of happy he purrs loudly and smiles a lot more than usual! 
28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?
He’s claustrophobic and is terrified of being alone again or having to leave people behind even when the situation calls for it. So like. He aint copin too well after the last session! They get very flustered and panicked and freeze when theyre scared
30. Do they exercise? Regularly? Or only when forced? What do they act like pre-work out and post-work out?
Does going on champion quests and running from his problems count as exercise or???
32. What do they dress like? What sorta shops do they buy clothes from? Do they wear the fashion that they like? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear makeup? What’s their hair like?
Crop tops with long sleeves, shorts, and boots make up most of their wardrobe and they love it. Theyd go to like the fantasy equivalent of marshalls i think? Somewhere with good deals and a lot of options. Overlarge shirts, tank top crop tops, and more shorts make up their pjs. They dont really wear makeup, mostly bc they touch their face a lot and it feels weird the whole time, but they wouldnt be opposed to wear a lil bit every now and then! Their hair is floofy and a bit of a controlled mess since they cut it themselves
34. What is their body type? How tall are they? Do they like their body?
Echo is 5’9”/ 175.26 cm! Theyre on the average side i think? Like theyre not super skinny but not fat either so just. Avergae. And yeah, Echo likes their body, theyre so bright! And their horns are so cute and having a tail is very handy and claw maintenance can be a bit of a pain but like. Aesthetic am i right folks
36. What are they good at? What hobbies do they like? Can they sing?
Hes good at playing the lute and generally being very cute and giving out good vibes, and he likes baking and playing music! They can sing, but really only do that when theyre playing their lute ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
38. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?
Echo admires passion and creativity the most, and dont let anyone from the party know but he wishes he could be just. A bit smarter and know what to say + ask. Theyd also really like to be able to make a decent genoise sponge too like theyre not picky
40. Do they like energy drinks? Coffee? Sugary food? Or can they naturally stay awake and alert?
Theyre a tea drinker all the way, and arent the biggest fan of sweet things. He used to use more tart or mellow flavors when baking. They def arent alert after being tired for a while, and will space out a bit
42. What are their goals? What would they sacrifice anything for? What is their secret ambition?
No secret ambitions here, Echo is an open book(unless they roll high on deception dvdjxb)! Becoming Sune’s champion, making a decent sponge cake, and protecting his friends with his life/in any way they can are all their current goals. Echo doesn’t care too much if they get hurt, so physical well-being and maybe mental are things they wouldn't mind sacrificing, but as a whole they don’t really want to think about what they’d have to give up. He’ll burn that bridge when he gets to it. 
44. What is their favourite season? Type of weather? Are they good in the cold or the heat? What weather do they complain in the most?
If its cold, wet, or humid echo is not a happy camper lol. They prefer summer and the beginning of fall the most, and sunny days with lots of puffy white clouds are the best! They think its fun watching the clouds shadows on the ground. They’re better in hot weather than cold, since clothes for that type of weather are easier to dress for and they dont have to account for their tail or horns as much
46. Do they make a good first impression? Does their first impression reflect them accurately? How do they introduce themselves?
God i hope they make a good first impression im dying over here xjkxdk but honestly it depends! They try to make a good first impression and i think they usually do? But if theyve just finished with a job w the gang or theyre just. So tired they wont really introduce themselves at all.  Its pretty accurate of how they are, and their go-to greeting is “I’m Echo Barquiel, a pleasure to meet you dearie~” 
48. Do they enjoy any parties? If so what kind? Do they organise the party or just turn up? How do they act? What if they didn’t want to go but were dragged along by a friend?
In theory they’d like parties but being around so many people with that much noise for an unknown amount of time would not be. Ideal so smaller get-togethers with friends would be the most enjoyable! Echo doesnt really have the uh, space to host anything so theyd just turn up to other’s parties. Theyd be in a constant state of switching between ‘holy shit im so gay’ and ‘oh my god theres so many people/internal screaming’. If they were dragged to a party, theyd mingle for a leelte bit before stepping out
50. If they could only take one bag of stuff somewhere with them: what would they pack? What do they consider their essentials?
A bedroll, waterskin, food supplies, rope, knives, a lute, matches, money- yknow regular survival stuff!
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dimpledsatan · 2 years ago
Broken pt.2
Tumblr media
This is Wooyoungs side story of Hearts Awakened (Mafia au). Triggers: drugs\poisons, dark topics, breaking mentally A/N: boom. part 2. might do a part 3 but its pretty much is San?
Scanning over the food he took a bite. They wouldnt kill him, they needed him, but he could see them watching his every move, like he would strike. Not yet. He doesnt have that freedom. Once he has somewhat free rein he will search for a way. However he wasnt supervised when in the poison room. Was he? He didnt look for any cameras when he was shoved inside the first time. He scoured through his mind, trying to think through if there had been any cameras. He pursed his lips, finishing his food. There had to be, how would they know if he was doing what he was doing? They didnt just trust him right off the back. Not with a room full of poisons and probably plenty more in other rooms.
He will find a way, work long enough, get his hands dirty for them, gain their trust only to turn around and stab them in the back with it. Maybe dipping it in one of the poisons hes learning. He stands up only to be grabbed by the arm and jerked down the stairs, stumbling. He yelped once he steps into the room only to step in puddles of water. Alarms went off in his head and he jumped onto somewhat safe ground. He looked around before he felt himself being stripped of his shirt and pants, half naked, then placed on a table and strapped down. His breathing spiked, fear swallowing him. Why was he being strapped down. What was that sound? Where-
A muffled scream left his lips in surprised when something was shoved in his mouth. “Bite down when it hurts, because its going to.” His eyes grew wide. So the sound was- The slight magnetic sound caused him to squirm in panic. Wooyoung’s eyes watered, fear obvious as he looked down at himself the best he could before his face was covered.
Unable to see anything his heart rate picked up, fear shooting through his body again. “Calm down.” Was all the voice had said. He opened his mouth to retort, even if it would sound muffled and unintelligent with the tube against his mouth except all that left his lips was a muffled broken scream, biting down as he was instructed when he felt electricity shoot through his veins. “Hat teh huck?!” He bit down hard before he screamed around the tube again, tears sliding down his cheeks as he clenched his fists, yelping at the next jolt of electricity, drool sliding down his chin as he felt his hair being yanked back, a whimper echoing around his ears. He sobbed, trembling as he felt something sharp prick his skin, shaking as he felt his eyesight blur again.
Wooyoung sniffled, body shaking from the aftershocks of the electricity even after he heard it shut off. He felt the bag being jerked off, eyes recovering from the glare of the light as he was unbuckled and forced to his feet. Being practically dragged up the stairs and shoved into another room, half tossed on the bed, something soft landing next to him as he continued to shake from the aftershocks of what they had just done.
Am i going to die?
He closed his eyes when the door slammed shut, locking in him in that room, cold and wet, the worse thoughts sliding through his head.
Am i alone here? Will i die here? Will i escape? Will someone rescue me soon? How long with this go on? This torture? The physical pain, the poisoning. Are they going to kill me once i get the poisons written down? Will they trust me enough to let me work upstairs? All these poisons, i could use them so easily if they trust me…
He bit his lip, letting himself succumb to sleep, still shaking as he passed out.
The next time he woke up it was dark outside and he was shivering, now from the cold. Slowly sitting up he took the shirt, dressing himself slowly. Looking down at his arms he noticed the purple bruise forming on his arm. Wooyoung closed his eyes, his head feeling slightly fuzzy as he laid back down, closing his eyes and taking a breath. Is that going to happen every day? Did i misbehave? Did i do something wrong? Did i not write down enough poisons? He covered his face, sniffling softly. Where did he go wrong, where was he? How did he get here?
He swung his legs over the bed, biting his lip as he looked to the side, a bottle of water placed on the side. He narrowed his eyes. They have tortured him, probably poisoned his food and who knows what else they’ll do next time...and they still give him water? He rubbed his face, wincing at the feeling when he bent his elbow. “That hurts.” He whispered, voice cracking as he looked back at the water bottle.
They obviously wanted him alive, what poison were they using, and what was the antidote? Is that what they put in his food? Poison him during the torture and then put the antidote in his food, slowly making him insane? But what poison can do that? He took the water carefully, most of the poisons he had done were deadly in gas form. He felt tears run down his face, sniffling when he felt the snot.
Was he their trained robot? Doing as they want until theyre done with him? He finished getting dressed. Small jolts still going through his body, ghosts of the pain and torture. He stood up and wobbled towards the table, staring at the wood. “How long is this going to go for? Is someone looking for me?” He whispered. “How long has it been since i passed out?” He remembered being dragged out around lunch time, so maybe it was past dinner? Looking farther down he noticed the plate of food. “This is my dinner?” He murmured, walking closer to it before sitting down and staring at it.
“I need to stay here, learn all of the poisons i can. Do all i can.” He rubbed his face, lips quirking. “I can handle the torture, i dont care if i go crazy.” He whispered, eating the food and looking up at the door when it opened. “Finish your food. You need to finish the poisons. The faster you finish the short the periods will be.” The male said and Wooyoung nodded in understanding, shoveling the rest of his food in his mouth he stood up, walking the best he could behind the male and into the room he was first in.
I wont sleep, ill finish all of these poisons tonight.
He moved towards the table and sat back down, tugging the book closer when the door shut. Wooyoung glanced to the side before getting to work, listing down multiple poisons, gases, liquids, powders. Wooyoung studied them all, made them happy with how fast he was getting everything listed.
-2 years later-
Wooyoung watched, eyes cold as he watched the highest ‘ranking’ male choke on his own vomit. “Trusting me was your first mistake.” His giggle did not match the words, the situation, or the coldness in his eyes. The countless hours of torture, for two whole years, boiled down to this moment. This person was his last target. He had poisoned and killed everyone else in the house, ending their pathetic lives. “You trusted me, watched me as i lost my mind.” A grin formed on his lips before he turned around, walking out the front door, flinching at the setting sun. How long ad it been since he saw sun?
It does matter, what he wanted for two years is finally his.
F r e e d o m
He grinned up at the darkening sky and took a deep breath.
Turning down an alleyway He came face to face with masked figures. One shorter then the other, long hair cascading down her back, hats on both figures, covering their eyes and the masks covering their mouths and noses. Chains covered their body.
“Right on time. How does Hwa get these perfect?” He heard one speak. Was that...was that a girls voice? “Not sure.” It was curt but the other voice was definitely a guy. Wooyoung narrowed his eyes cautiously. “Dont worry about us Wooyoung.” His eyes whipping towards the shorter figure. “What are you going to do now? Now that you’re free?” Wooyoung took a breath before watching the two and opening his mouth.
“I have nothing to do with my life but im going to push forward. For revenge.”
A grin formed under the mask on both figures. “You want revenge?” One voice spoke, the taller one. Wooyoung nodded, surprisingly in control of his actions. “We can help you get it~” He took a step forward. “My sanity?” He giggled quietly once he saw one figure nod. “Join us, you can use all that knowledge in your unhinged head of yours, and kill everyone we need to, everyone you need for revenge...we will help you.” 
Wooyoung nodded, follwoing the two figures as they went down the alleyway. Towards somewhere he can use these skills, this knowledge of countless poisons. 
Once infront of He watched the figures open the door. “Welcome to your new home Jung Wooyoung. Welcome to ATEEZ, Our family.” He walked inside once he watched the two figures get inside, closing the door behind him. Looking infront of him Wooyoung watched as the two figures took off the hats and the masks. 
The one figure took off his hair and shook his head, sliding a hand through his hair. “Jesus.” He mumbled before taking off the mask and turning towards Wooyoung. “Im San. Im going to be training you in ATEEZ.” His attention went back to the shorter, the girl smiling widely towards him once she took the mask down. “I’m Y/n!” She walked closer, holding a hand out and he looked at it for a second before taking it. 
“Your family now Wooyoung. Our family.”
He jolted when another voice joined the conversation, a taller male showing up in casual clothes and smiled. “Im Seonghwa. San here told me about you. Welcome to ATEEZ. Welcome to your road of revenge. But, you have to help us jobs for now. You’ll enjoy it.” He spoke, voice smooth. “We will have you train with San, learn from Y/n. She will teach you how to do everything else.” He hummed and Wooyoung nodded.
“Thank you.”
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vitrei · 2 years ago
jascnbrody said:
god i hate the way hope county looks. like i Dont because its pretty but also it just Doesnt look.. like an actual County? theres no like residential area. like theres Houses but like not enough for everyone thats There. kyrat is kinda like this too but at least it has like.. cities. i dnt mind walking irl. i think its rlly nice and relaxing n its like. a shame my town doesnt have like.. more sidewalks bc the roads here are like all on hills?? so you cant walk beside the road. and like at the bottom of the hills are like either woods or parking lots full of people. we Do have a really long walking trail tho theyve been working on it for like years it like.. loops thru the whole city.
i feel like jason breaks over half the guns he uses. and the ones he doesnt break he just like Throws at people once they run out of ammo like he cannot be assed. to take care of a gun, ever, in his life. hes just not that kind of person. and yeah like ammo is Everywhere.. in Every home. i can. Kind of ignore the gun thing but at the same time i ts like.. a huge stretch. like they have these guns apparently and only j uses them?? and they cost like thousands but j gets them Free? and theyre like brought in for pirate/privateer use but they still just use aks.. and the shop has the guns. are pirates trading in their special guns for like chips??? why dont they Use em. also yeah js phone is in a perpetual state of being 2 minutes from death.
i Like.. the art on it. for the skill animals. i like that you get like a dot for each relic you find like its got Charm.. its just too many little thing it doesnt look good as a whole. and yeah like j himself. he couldnt come up w anything. like not even a goofy idea just "uhhhhhh" and yeah. yeah. adolf wolfli. thats exactly how vaas should paint like.. if he had more time. hed cover a wall with that sort of Long Big, even, intricate art. but he moves around too much doing work. like his murals just look like.. something he just did really fast like an overblown doodle.
i watch a lot of comedy shows. and ill keep em running all day. bc i dnt have to focus as much and i wont have to find something new to watch on like yt until the series is over. but movies i either watch just str8 up garbage or i watch smthn serious. also yeah like th e reason i havent watched iasip is bc of how i watch tv shows and like i Kno thats its like.. more serious. like i tried to watch an ep of iasip like the first ep the same way i watch other shows and i retained nothing it was like i didnt even see it.
yeah same like i had a flip phone when i was younger that had like. 20 minutes on it and i got it when my parents took me to stay in atlanta for a couple days while we did a lil art project w one of my dads friends. and it was meant to be like only for special occasions but i used it to text..................... i sent like 10 texts then my minutes were gonehfjh. . i dnt dislike social media but youve really got to balance it.. like ive had social anxiety for like years and i really cant speak up for shit but ive been online for years making friends and shit this way and like. none of it helped me like Actually talk to people like i had a job for One Year and im already like way more comfortable actually talking to people like............ idk balance is key. but you dont even like Need social media like unless you run a business and even then it doesnt have to be for U.
the first two fallout games.. covered a really large span honestly. like the entirety of the west coastline and relatively deep into the country. then 3 came out and its just like a slice of virginia.. and like its meant to be. bigger than it is. but they had technical limitations. and i Wish. like Now that they could like... make a mix of fo classic and modern like be like. dragon age inq like its got a decent few places you can go and theyre pretty expansive. and you dont even have to go to like. any other like plane like its all on earth so you could have more like places to go... but i dont think bethesda is going to try to do anything lmao like they dont even wanna impliment shit thats like. Important. and have Always been important to fallout. they dont even want to write dialogue anymore its so fucked.
yeah. like they pushed it too far hes just. unreal. hes a charicature. like i only feel sorry so far as this happening to Real People is awful. and like yeah like sam is like... like hes got motives hes got personality hes got chemistry w j. like he Works really well. hes Helpful and hes coming from a position of like.. knowing more than j and you can just trust him. hes Rounded out hes complete. hes got an impact on J.
as far as j knos hes listed out everything his mom needs to kno.. the Bare minimum. j like wouldnt kno what to say to his mom until like 5 years later after Slowly talking abt it w vaas. bc like he Doesnt think he just does what he wants and he decides on things w like a coin toss of like how much effort vs how fun itll be for Him. and like thank god citra didnt spend more than a total of an hr around j bc like........... shed want to kill him lmao like she could boss dennis around easy but js gonna hit her w that "i dont wanna do that tho :/" once and shes gonna reconsider.
yeah like the only people i feel ok w them calling j a baby is like People i Kno. bc w other people its like uwu precious angel can do no wrong and its likeashfasl it FEELS like an exageration but people really do say that shit!! word for word!! jason rly is the middle ground of homer simpson and spongebob just with like a knife. and god yeah like nothing abt vaas screams that hes Fit like.. you KNO he doesnt work out. he cant be assed. all his muscle he gets from just like.. the various work he does. around the camps. and even then he just gets pirates to do it while he watches and like yeah eats snacks and shit. vaas doesnt lift weights he doesnt even Have weights. hes probably Never lifted weights. and like fanon wants vaas to be this like supre masculine dude when hes like........ hes just not... and they only want that so he can be the yaoi top to j like ! what ! even if you dont think vaas is like 5'6-5'8 hes still just like.. not that kind of person. hes not even big in the game like muscular wise. hes a Drug addict that looks like he gets 1 hr of sleep every like 5 days. like please just think abt him as he actually is instead of how ur horny brain wants him to act. and ill admit im like Defensive on that shit in fics but its like. . . i Dont want for the characters to be Wrong when i Read them. and in fanfics where its important its like.. you can see it all thru the fic.
also god same. like theres certain things i really wish i could like... ignore. in canons. bc theres people that can just take smthn and totally ignore canon and like i Kinda Wish that was me. but also not like............ at a certain point ur just making ur own thing without. like. actually Making ur own thing. and that i like... hate. like i put more thought into j and fc3 than i like Need To but im not like... . rewriting the game. and if there was a bckstory i wouldnt wanna rewrite it.. and lik e if i was gonna want to rewrite a whole game but keep the chars then i just like.. wouldnt.. think abt it like if im that upset over a story then its outta my mind.
a nd like.. like i can like. just the chars. and not care much for the story its like a fine line between like.. like i can only imagine that rewriting the story means the whole thing is like Offensively bad to you. is infinite warfare the one that goes into space and has like.. worm-like aliens
yea hope county is more like. a town-themed theme park than an actual place Where Humans Live. all the infrastructure is abandoned, too, the only cars around belong to either the cult or to You. like how is everyone getting supplies? how are the supermarkets stocked? what about schools? where are the children? theres 1 water plant and its only there for plot reasons. what about electricity. what about trash, who picks up all the trash? they really should just have taken a real town and condensed everything down like gta5 did. like i buy los santos + surroundings as a real place. hope county feels so phony. like when you tell people to design an entire town it really starts to show how little most people know about how civilization and infrastructure work. they really underestimate how much labor and how many people it takes to keep an average american town running. that couldve been so interesting, it couldve actually been edens gates downfall, being unable to take control of the infrastructure, or not having enough laborers to keep the farms running, etc. like they couldve made a Point there. but they didnt
kyrat i kinda buy bc its isolated. mountain communities really do get all their supplies from the valley below and dont have their own factories n such, and im ready to accept that theres stuff going on behind the scenes. also im very biased and ill forgive 4 for all the flaws that i cant see past in 5 bc im just so Angry at 5 in general
yea hes incredibly wasteful. he doesnt know what things cost. he never learned to treasure or preserve anything, bc he always figured he could just buy more. hes definitely thrown away clothes before bc he didnt feel like doing laundry. and i cant even really blame him bc hes never punished for that behavior. bc yea apparently guns + literally infinite ammo are just readily available at any time. so like, its not like hes ever encouraged to frugal. he does just fine. so hes not even really doing anything wrong. which is almost more infuriating
its absurd how much stronger you are than every single other person on the island, like youre carrying an entire armory, that you dont need. you could finish the entire game w/ one handgun if you play it careful, just by virtue of being the main character in an fps. like its comical
i literally (figuratively.) lose sleep over this like did he only just buy a new phone? how long has he had it? who brings a phone when they go skydiving? where did he keep it? also i wanna see the 200 blurry photos he took of like. lizards that vaas no doubt had to scroll past
he makes different kinds of art depending on his state of mind. imo at least part of his drug use is him self-medicating for adhd, and when he can actually focus he either 1. messes w/ technology, like, all the tvs? or 2. makes detailed intricate art that he keeps in like a locked box. most of the time though he just feels like moving, or like doing nothing, depending on what drugs hes on. (sidenote here, thats another thing i really hate about the fandom, people writing about drug use who clearly have no experience w/ it, and apparently cant even be bothered to read a wikipedia article. like if you dont get it just leave that part out of your writing altogether.) he can get very quiet and introverted and lose time while drawing, and hes never shown anyone that side of himself before, maybe not even citra. if theres anything hes self-conscious about, its his art. the murals i see more as like, a way of making himself at home. his room is like my favorite place in the entire game, its probably the only location they got (almost) entirely right (9/10 not enough wind chimes). its so comfy but it could have more personality still
i binge-watched all of iasip once like two years ago? over the course of a couple days. and i really only remember a couple of moments? but yea. its too touching and sincere to have on in the background like the simpsons or most youtubers, but its too stupid and loud and definitely too funny to take seriously in either a fandomy/shippy kind of way or an Appreciating Great Art way. so. idk. i just cant get into it the same way other people can. idk. its a weird show
christ ive been on social media for more than half of my life now like. ive had social media for longer than i Havent. god i dont like that thought at all
the only 2 video game maps i really like other than fc3 are gta5 and horizon zero dawn. i dont even know why. like what i like about gta5 is just the variety and how close it is to reality, like how theres irl landmarks to recognize, but i couldnt say what it is that hzd does right in my opinion that other games dont. i talk a lot about video games for someone who doesnt know jack shit about them but like. yea i really dont know. i wouldnt wanna be tasked w/ designing an open world.
whenever i think of fo1 & 2 i get them all mixed up with i have no mouth and i must scream. they have a very similar vibe to me. about equally depressing also
i dont even wanna imagine what dudebro gamers have thought or said about some of the shit in fc3 in private (or even on twitter) like.. i lose a year off my life every time i hear a straight person talk anyway but like. this game in particular? like the text itself is bad enough. just sssssshut up
yea hes eventually gonna grow to understand, but only bc vaas pointed it out to him. and by then itll really be too late.
what does citra evn like want w/ him. anything he could do for you to be helpful is undercut by how unpredictable and simply annoying he is. id rather just have a bunch of regular normal underlings that dont have any sorta special skills but also arent gonna give me any migraines. theres just no way hes worth it
itll never cease to amaze me how fandom will turn literally anybody into a precious uwu cinnamon roll, i mean people on this site literally say that shit about actual real life serial killers, so like...... yea............. im no sociologist and i dont know what exactly it is about fandom that makes ants nest in your brain. but god do i hate it
vaas is definitely a manlet. i dont care how tall he is in absolute numbers, he has Short energy and thats that. he looks pretty much exactly like michael mando in my head, except smaller, and less healthy. and a bit more tan. oh also his eyes are brown. not yellow not golden not amber not honey, just brown. theyre completely normal. ok. theres litcherally nothing wrong w/ having normal eyes. Why can we as a society not move past the eyes thing. its so lame. just let people have brown eyes. its fine. Oh and another thing i hate is when people write about how perfect his teeth are like............ at that point its really just starting to sound like a weird joke. if youre willing to bend canon that far why are you even calling it fanfiction anymore. like i dont get it. What are you doing. why are you like this. if you dont like vaas being an ill-functioning drug addict who makes terrible decisions, just make an oc. and dont even get me STARTED on all these tropes about Smell. if your version of him showers, changes his clothes, cleans his fingernails, brushes his teeth more than twice a week? just make a fucking oc. ofc im biased bc i have awful taste in men and Disgusting And Angry is exactly my type. like i cant empathize w/ people who somehow find him attractive but are still put off by the thought of him having shitty hygiene, or being completely useless most hours of the day due to drugs, or his breath probably smelling like asahi and curry. but like. if youre not into that just write about someone else? like what do you even want. why are you here
i kinda get using an open world game as a basis for your ocs/your original story, at least for a while, but doesnt that get stifling? like if you really cant find anything you like 100% of, just write your own thing. writing is like free. just do it, you dont have to be good at it. if i actually started to rewrite fc3 id just end up getting frustrated like half a page in bc theres just so much to change that id have to make it its own thing, and like. its so much easier to just write my own story w/ my own characters thatre only vaguely related to the media that inspired me. idk its just weird to me that theres people out there who are creative but they only ever write fanfiction and dont have ocs like i dont know who id even BE without ocs
yea infinite warfare is the space one. its bad. its redeemed by a couple of extremely Tender moments between the 6'3 main character and his robot “friend” but other than that its probably the most boring piece of media ever made
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babybluepeaches · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Permission {a killmonger fic} prompt: you plan on finishing off a drug deal that was left in limbo by one of your worst clients. what you don’t plan on is having a quickie with his friend in the process. story + smut. enjoy! ……
2:43pm. You clock a text. Sender: Gerrell. Message: “Hey Queen 👑 Omw, got the stacks.” This nigga Gerrell has been giving you the run around for months. You were sick of him and his flimsy promises. Nevertheless, money is money. You reply telling his dumbass to come through. You sat up and stretched, getting ready to put on your clothes. Heavy footsteps thudded on the other side of your door and you warily take off your bonnet and smoothed your edges. “Bitch, how did you get here?” you mumble to yourself, wrangling your locs into a wig cap and dawning your silky black wave wig. “Here” meaning living in a, albeit relatively cozy, trap house. How did your spot become THE trap house? How did you become the dangerous drug dealer on the block? Definitely not what you expected out of yourself as a kid, but desperate times call for boss lady measures. You had this hussle to thank for paying off your student loans. After you dawn your intimidating cat eye and signature leather jacket, you grabbed your strap off the night stand and left your private den. As per the norm, you pass by a whole lot of random niggas, and a whole lot of niggas who work for you. Your underlings nod their heads in respect as you enter, each mumbling variations of “wassup sis?” “yo big sis” as you pass. Before you go out you mumble “Gerrell” to them, and peek out your shaded window. Most of them respond with a groan, a few others eye each other wickedly, little to your knowledge. When the car pulls up you eye your niggas and pull out your gun. They hussle to either get lost, shoo their customers out the back, or go to the door to wait for ole Gerrell. You nod at the ones waiting, preparing to open the door and intimidate this nigga into giving you what he owes you. One more glance outside and you notice.. Oh hell nah you know this nigga didn’t bring back up. Peering in the car you spot a muscled arm and tight chest. You know this nigga Gerrell is not tryna pull up on you and pull one over on you. You been into this game too long to not take the third presence as a threat. You tell Gerrell to come up to the porch while you sneak out the back to do some interrogation of your own on this mystery dude. ….. “Damn Gerrell I swear if we late again.” “Nah nah brother chill! We gonna be right on time, the thotties are gonna be there man I promise.” Gerrell wipes his beard nervously in that way where Erik could tell he was all talk. Sighing and resting his arm on the car window, he looks out. Can’t believe I let this nigga drag me around all day again. Erik Stevens had just got back from Wakanda, or as he’s been telling everyone else, “Uganda”. And he just wanted to smoke. Chill. He didn’t want anyone to know what really went down, not yet. He still had a lot of pain to unpack and he didn’t need his homies knowing he had African royal blood, especially not Wakandan royal blood. Which is probably why he’s letting his childhood friend convince him hes gonna have a nice, normal time tonight. He needed to believe that lie at least for today. “So uh, I gotta stop by somewhere first.” Psych. Erik rolled his eyes. “Nigga where?” “I gotta pick up the gas.” Erik almost jumped out of his seatbelt. “Nigga! You said you already had that shit.” “I know, I know. But my plug is quick as hell E dont worry it’ll be 10 minutes tops.” Even though he was looking at the road Erik’s glare bore through him, causing nervous chuckling and more (empty) promises. Erik and Gerrell drive way into the city to get to the hood. Erik couldn’t help the nagging annoyance from not bringing any of his weapons, at the time it was his way of trying to convince himself he was relaxing tonight. “Dumb as shit,” he mumbled under his breath. “Whatchu say brother?” “Nun’ man, nun’” Erik said, sighing as he eye’d the neighborhood. Gerrell finally came to a stop and flashed Erik a smile. “Aight I’ll be right back,” noting Erik’s annoyed demeanor he added a “Promise!” to that fib, as he jumped out the whip. Erik rolled his eyes and shifted his attention out the window, and a few moments later it was stolen again by a hard tapping sound on his opposite side. ….. Hustling to the car, you can finally see Gerrell’s back up up close. Black tank top, low cut on the arms, exposing some of his ripped torso. Lots of little round scars beaded his arms and chest. What kinda prison yard did Gerrell find this dude? His locs where braided up tightly on his head and damn he looked pissed. Must hate Gerrell as much as I do. Glaring at him, you pull out your gun and tap it on the window while you hold it in a defensive position. Mystery dude’s head snaps up as do his hands, you couldn’t tell if it was a fight or fear response, but judging from his face he was surprised to see you there. “Open the window,” you tap on the glass again. He complies and puts his hands up again, this time in a more submissive gesture. He takes in your gun with his eyes, then shamelessly drinks in your appearance, licking his lips, then eyes back to the gun. “‘Sup ma.” He says calmly. “I ain’t ‘cha ma. Open the door”. He nods and pops the lock on his other side.
You never take your aim off him as you go around and get in the other seat of the car. “So what was the plan?” you say, slamming the car door behind you. “You sneak in after he gives us the money and rob us? Or, don’t tell me, he doesnt have the money does he?” You prop yourself up on your elbow and give the stranger and amused smile. The barrell of your gun hasn’t left his presence. The stranger, to your surprise, let’s out an exasperated laugh. “Yo, Gerrell owe you money lil jawn?” His lips pulled back to reveal his gold capped bottom fangs, the hypnotic sight of it had you lost for a mintute. “Yeah,” you push your gun softly into the skin of his neck. “Gerrell owes me money. Gerrell owes this ‘lil jawn’ 3k.” “3k?! Just for some tree?” You let out a hardy laugh. “Tree? That’s what this nigga told you he was on?” you laugh again, “Try cocaine.” “Damn shawty you slinging cocaine? For who?“ he seems intrigued, almost giddy at this idea, which pisses you off. “For me nigga, wassup? You got a problem?” you glare into his eyes. “Nah no problems! Look, my bad. I just… don’t usually meet up with plugs like you.” He offers one of the hands he held up at your defense to shake. “E,“ he said, referring to himself you assume. You eye his gesture and don’t move to meet it. “J” you reply, your fake go to. “Look E, I don’t give a fuck whether you this niggas body guard, his partner in crime, or his baby daddy. I don’t trust you any more than I trust Gerrell,” you get in his face a little bit more, trying not to notice how good he smelled, “and I’m gonna keep you right here until his dumb ass gets back. Got me?” “Yeah,” he said, seemingly more preoccupied with your lips than the threats you were dishing out, “I got ‘chu,” he breathes. “Good,” you say, lingering in the closeness. There was definitely tension blooming. You were almost pressed against him, hell, your gun was pressed against him. His lust filled gaze seemed to accept it, and even welcome the position you had him in. He breaks the heated silence with a low voice, “Since I don’t want to set you off, you let me know what I got permission to do, ight?” There was definitely a double entandre in that “do”. You actually weren’t mad at it, and the longer you stared at each other, you found it harder to deny yourself the experience of what this could turn into. You take a second to take in this “E”, really take him in. He was obviously attractive, but you’ve done plenty of deals with attractive guys. It was his demeanor and energy that really had you feeling wild. He seemed aware, yet unafraid of the situation. Like he was enthralled with the danger. This was someone who was seduced by a power struggle. And I don’t mind giving him one. “Ight,” you reply. Finally settling into your wreckless decision, you swing one leg over to straddle him in the passenger seat. His eyebrows nearly flew into his hairline and his mouth dropped open momentarily. You press the gun into his throat and say, “Kiss me.”
You swore you saw him smile before his lips met yours. The kiss was warm. It felt like he was sucking on your aura, tasting all your desire for him. You moan at him sucking on your tongue, and grab his palm with your free hand and place it on your hips, prompting him to feel you up. His hands were eager to lift the edge of your top up to slide inside. Just when you started to let go of your inhibitions, his hands pause right under your breasts. “Wait” “What?” you reply in an impatient tone. “What about Gerrell?” he asked warily. “He’ll either come back when he forks over my money,” you trace Erik’s collarbone and lean in, “or he’ll stay in there until I come get him.” “Mmm. So you got it like that huh?” he eyes you hungrily. “Yeah,” you rock your hips on his lap, keeping the gun pressed to his neck, “I got it like that.” “And you want me?” his thumbs grazing your nipples under your shirt. “Mhm,” you rock your hips steadily and slide your tongue into his mouth, which he gladly accepts. Fucking randoms wasn’t your thing, but fuck it, this nigga was fine. You both knew it, and you both knew what was about to go down. “Shit, I got permission?” He asks as you break the kiss. His large hand smoothly paws your thigh. You bite your lip. “Mmm. Yeah.” “That’s wassup.” He wastes no time slipping his hand into your panties, you suppress a yelp of surprise and throw your head back instead. “Almost lost your grip,” he quipped with an amused smile, eluding to your hands visibly weaker hold on your piece. With half lidded eyes you press the metal into his skin harder and he just laughs. Who the fuck does he think he is? I’m gonna- Your thoughts are interrupted by him rubbing circles into your clit. You moan and look him in the eyes, attempting to keep your hard demeanor. His returning look is full of lust and a hint of challenge. You knew this was about to be some wild shit. You roll your hips and begin fucking his fingers. His mouth hangs open watching you move, high off the sensation. “I want you, now,” you said. He nods furiously before removing his fingers from you and pulls out a condom.You let him put it on before your slide on to him. You gasp at his girth, especially in this position. He chuckles and fixes his mouth to make a cocky comment, but before he can get it out you drag your gun down to his chest and say “Shut up,” as you start slowly riding him. He moans out a “Yes ma'am,” as his golden canines bite down on his lip. You’re putting in work on this nigga, trying to hide how lost you were getting when he guided your hips with his hands and angeled himself farther into the already deep penetration. His phones vibration interrupts your panting and heavy breaths. And again. buzz, buzz, buzz “You better not check that shit,” you lift your hips all the way up and down, saying into his ear, “it’s my time now.” He groans and you feel his dick twitch inside of you at your demands, now you’re the one laughing. You pull back to look at him and his expression is caught between ecstasy and animalistic. “You ‘bout to make a nigga cum, talking all that shit,” his ember eyes find yours and burn intensely. His mouth is half open and you slide two of your fingers inside. “Suck,” you tell him. He obeys, his long tongue curling around your fingers. You moan in response, pussy tightening around him. He’s smiling wickedly, before you could wonder why, he started fucking up into you hard. You grip his studded chest as his hips drove into you relentlessly. You actually start to tear up. Fuck, fuck, fuck You’re seeing stars. “I’m bout to cum J, you wit me?” he asks as he grabs your hip to keep plowing away. You let out a high pitched moan that you can’t help and nod wordlessly. Every time he pulled your hips down and his dick curved up into your sweet spot. Eventually you start chanting “yes” to encourage him you were close. When he sensed you were on the edge of orgasm, he quickly started patting your clit with 3 fingers. This had you immediately gushing all over him as you both came. You clenching his shoulder with your gun to his chest, and him gripping your hips for dear life. He let you ride out your orgasm, coming down from the insane high while he watched. Eventually he said, “Erik”. “Huh?” “That’s my name, real one.” You raised your eyebrows, “Hmm,” you regard him, “Erik.” You put down the gun and offer your hand. “Y/N.” He nods and shakes it, repeating your name, following up with “Dope”. You shimmy off his lap into the drivers seat to let him resituate himself. You pull down the visor mirror to look at yourself, checking your appearance after that impromptu fuck session. Grabbing your jacket, you pop a prerolled blunt out of the pocket and into your mouth. You light it, letting it hang over your full lips. Fixing your hair in the mirror you take a few hits, having mastered this particular multitask a long time ago. Erik shamelessly stares at how the light hits your half naked frame, and how it highlighted your smoke clouds. Ripping his eyes away from you he checks his, once again, buzzing phone. 12 new messages. Sender: Gerrell. Erik groans and checks his unread texts. Message: “E I think Imma need some back up you mind??” “Erik!! Erik please” “It got a little sticky in here E imma need-” Erik stops reading right there and groans. “What?” you say, passing Erik the preroll. He snatches that shit fast as hell, you wonder why until he’s mumbling “Gerrell” around the blunt. He passes you his phone so you can skim. Your anger levels hit unbelievably new heights reading how he was in fact trying to use Erik for back up. You hiss and put on your jacket. “Gimme my piece,” you demand from Erik. He obliges. “Aye you forgot your shirt,” Erik says, blowing out a smoke cloud and holding up your tube top. “Fuck a shirt nigga, I need my money,” you say as you kick open the car door and jog up to your crib with your gun in hand. Erik took the open door as an invitation inside and follows behind you.
You and Erik hustle up the porch and you bust in the front door. “Gerrell!” your voice is on fire, you’re on fire. The sound returning your call was a pathetic yelp coming from the back room. You and Erik look at each other before running back there. You open the door to reveal 5 or 6 of your underlings absolutely fucking Gerrell up. The nigga is naked, tied to a chair. You look at your goons expectantly for explanation. “Aw wassup boss,” one of them turns around seeming at least half guilty. You note he has on a different jacket. Glancing around you can tell they took this nigga Gerrell’s whole look. Hell, they’d probably shave off his fade and wear that too if they could. “What the hell y'all doing? Where’s the money?” you glare wildly at them. “Sis this nigga ain’t got shit,” one replies shaking his head. “We made some extra deals with him on the side, he ain’t paid us back, so we took his shit. You get it right big sis?” another responds. You sigh, “Yeah I get it,” you also are smh-ing at Gerell’s pathetic ass. Welts all over, just in his underwear shaking like a leaf. “L-look I’m sorry J, I’m so sorry please dont hit me. Your boys took my gold Nike high tops!” he exclaims sobbing. “Nigga shut up,” you say while rubbing your temples, “I’m not tryna gun yo dumbass down Gerrell. Just get out of my house.” Gerrell looks up hopefully and smiles. “Girl you aint gonna regret this I swear I-” “Stop. We’ll be on a payment plan from now on. Stop paying and Imma have people driving by ya house, got me?” “Y-yeah I got you J.” “Good. By the way, we keeping your car.” “W-wh-but you can’t do tha-” You hold up your hand to stop him from speaking as your boys untie him from the chair. Erik puts down his phone after a minute or so of tapping and grabs Gerrell by the ear. “I got the uber, c'mon. Dumbass nigga,” he mumbles, pulling Gerrell along followed by ouch! ouch! Before Erik parts, he slips a scrap of paper into your jacket pocket. Later you discover it has his number on it, followed by “E”. You usually throw these offers away, but maybe not this time.
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demonsaint · 2 years ago
Family drama below the cut. Also, I’m not on good terms with my mother, so this is a forewarning that I don’t have good things to say.
When my brother had alcohol poisoning, I had let my dad know, and he told my sister about it. It had happened early in the morning, so I didn’t contact too many people about it. My mother was the last one to know, late into that same day, but in the evening, and she only knew because she had called me to check up on us. Inevitably I had to tell her about it, and she had the audacity to ask why she was the absolute last one to know about these things. I fucking snapped.
This was the woman who tore our family apart. She turned my brother and I against our dad, using alcohol as her excuse, and proceeded to turn our dad’s entire family against him. When he couldn’t take it anymore and left because nobody was on his side except for his own mother, my mom saw it as an excuse to not be at the house as often, too. She would come home later and later, until she was spending all but the time it took to get ready for work in the morning and the time it took to dress up when she got off of work so that she could go to her new redneck boyfriend’s house, just being gone. I wouldn’t see her for weeks at a time, until she decided to stop by the house with groceries and pet food. She wouldn’t even buy cleaning supplies when the house was infested with fruit flies that were breeding in cat piss because one of our cats was sick and couldn’t make it to the litter box, and mom wasn’t doing a damn thing to help her or bring her to the vet. She would just come home after work, scream about how dirty the house was, then leave for her boyfriend’s house. Everything in her closet steadily vanished to her boyfriend’s house over time. She was practically moved out before we’d even been re-contacted by our older sister, who had a husband and was going to have children soon, and our dad, who found out what was happening and was trying to help us out of the situation but couldn’t because our grandma could only support so many people.
My dogs, cats, brother, and I all had to live in this house for months. We had no money to our name, no jobs or means of transportation to get to a job, and the smell of the house stuck to our clothes, making it impossible to walk out and get a job anyways. We had no IDs or driver’s licenses, even though I was eighteen and my brother was sixteen, and we didn’t even know what a social security card was. It was constantly eighty degrees in the house because mom wouldn’t let us turn the AC any lower, wanting to save on electricity despite the fact that the house was being foreclosed upon and we soon wouldn’t have any place to live anyways. She made us stick the cats on the back porch because of the pissing issue, despite the fact that the one with the problem needed veterinary attention and that sort of neglect was the reason it was happening. And we obeyed because she was mom, and she conditioned us to obey. It felt awful. I’m just glad our sister visited and saw this mess and let us bring the cats back inside, because if it weren’t for her, it might have stayed that way until the huge old tree in our backyard fell and crashed onto the back porch they’d been staying on. If it weren’t for my sister, we wouldn’t have really seen the full extent of what was wrong.
Even walking outside of the house felt like something we weren’t allowed to do, like some big act of rebellion, because our mother had always told us to stay inside. But the situation was so hopeless that my brother and I did do it, trying to find jobs or just to do something that wasn’t being trapped in that prison without any guidance or means of actual escape. And when one of my mom’s clients, from when she’d been working as an agent of Healthy Start: Healthy Families saw us, took a photo, and passed it on to mom? Mom pretended that she was proud of us, that she’s the one who got us to do it, despite the fact that we were five steps away from just killing ourselves but didn’t because our pets needed us and we had to stick together.
And when that tree did fall in that awful and powerful rainstorm that I still believe was a hurricane, but couldn’t confirm because we didn’t even have a connected television, the first thing that mom asked when I told her that a tree fell on the house was if her TV was okay.
Our current roommate, who had even been our best friend way back then, had gotten the chance to visit the house once, and he was appalled by the lack of care and the sheer neglect we were subjected to. We had a cleaning party and made some spaghetti together, and he sent my mother a massive text about things we needed when he saw the situation we were in. When he was gone, the first thing my mother did was bring in ten bottles of fucking tile cleaner and proceeded to scream at us about how fucking embarrassing it was to get a text like that. My brother fucking snapped at her about how she didn’t fucking care and was too busy sucking on her boyfriend’s chode to help or care about us, and she had a wide-eyed, angry, embarrassed face and swore that that weekend we were going out and by the end of the day that we would have a job.
When that Saturday rolled around, she spent maybe an hour driving us around to local job places, none of which were hiring, before stopping at Burger King to have lunch with our sister before leaving us back at the house again. She wasn’t willing to give us any transportation to said jobs if we were to take them and wouldn’t take us beyond the local area, and then she just fucked off again, so when our half-brother/stepbrother comes in with golden promises about getting us out of that situation? We fucking took it.
I spent a full week at the end of our stay at that house with the pressure that I had to adopt out our pets and send them to a shelter, and I was completely alone because my brother left for the week to test the waters at our stepbrother’s house; Our stepbrother who had offered us a chance to learn about life, get licenses, jobs, graduate high school, and graduate college with no debt, and get independent. It was the only chance we had. Only the licenses, my own job, and my brother’s completed high school education came to fruition, but the only reason we were able to get out of that situation at all was because our stepbrother (who is a verbally abusive prick, but we didn’t know that until we were already living with him) took us in for nine months. Mom didn’t even fucking care and only visited twice within that time, but wanted to act like she was still our mom. In that week that I was alone, I mean I was completely alone. Hell it might have been two weeks but I can’t remember because of the isolation, and my dad only visited once because he was trying to work things out with our grandma, who he was living with, to be able to take in the dogs.
We were able to adopt out one of our cats, but nobody took the sick cat to the vet until a week after I was taken to my stepbrother’s house over a hundred miles away, and I only learned that she’d been put down a week after her actual death. I still mourn for her and the horrible treatment we’d been subjected to, and the treatment she had been subjected to while it was all happening. I wish I had stood up to mom sooner because then maybe I could have been there for my baby girl. I wish things hadn’t been so fucked because she was my first cat ever, and she had to be put down because she had feline leukemia and was steadily dying. I wish I could have been there for my baby to say goodbye.
So my brother and I get shipped off to a town we don’t know to live with the strangers that are my stepbrother, his wife, and their kids, and we’re constantly screamed at by said stepbrother and mistreated and a whole bunch of other shit is going on and they want to pretend that they’re the victims, and my mother knows all of this because we told her but she doesn’t visit and she doesn’t even try to talk about it.
Years later, we’re on our own and independent, and she has the FUCKING AUDACITY TO ASK WHY WE NEVER TELL HER THESE THINGS.
So I fucking SNAP. I’ve told her multiple times about why I don’t call her or talk to her first, how I felt about that whole situation, and remind her again, and she just goes “WOW, OKAY” and tries to justify it or pretend it didn’t happen. I told her exactly why and how she'd broken our trust and she didn't want to hear it, always trying to push off the blame onto someone else or ignore it or change the subject and I cut her right off with how she wants to ignore that it happened, deflect the conversation, deny that it happened, and pretend that she did everything she could to keep the family together when she tore it apart.
She doesn’t deserve to be called my mom.
She then tried to call my brother while he was resting off his post-poisoning hangover. I had to block her number from his phone (with his permission) and call her from my phone. Another argument. She tried to deny what I was saying about the "old house" and I told her I honestly fucking hate her and can't do this anymore, and I kept ranting and had no idea when she had hung up. 
I sent my mom a text after the call. I told her I couldn't pretend everything was okay anymore, it felt like my mom had died and been replaced by someone else, and if she found her, to tell her merry christmas and that I miss her. I haven't blocked her number yet. I got no response.
Eventually I get a call from her husband and find out more on just what the fuck she is really like nowadays. An angry drunk, tried to stab him with a spoon, has assaulted him before, how he's tried to change her for 2 years and is on the verge of a divorce, and I told him all about the old house and her abandonment of us. We come away from the conversation with a little more understanding and I feel almost nothing for my mom anymore but a jaded and bitter opinion of her, and a deep-seated outrage. 
My dad came to visit on the 29th, and in the middle of his visit, I got another call from mom's husband, and he needed to know my mom's sister's number, because guess what? Mom was holding a pistol to her head. I heard her screaming at him in the background to "shut the phone off, this is between you, and me" and when he told her she needed help he got an "I don't need help!" So I gave him my aunt's number and told him he needs to follow through on that "I'll call that police" threat that he's been making for a while now, because otherwise she'll never "change" like she promises and will think she'll keep getting away with it.
At this point, she should be detained because she's a danger to other people, and herself. My sis and aunt held an intervention, mom was drunk as hell in the morning and was sobbing about how "nobody listens to me" and "everybody hates me", and my sister is just that kind of shoulder-to-cry-on person despite the fact that she hates mom, too, and she supposedly promised she'd stop drinking and get help.
Growing up, my sister had it far worse than me from the start, and she swears that if mom does start drinking again, she'll cut her out of her life, too. Me, I'm just sitting on the sidelines. Unless mom wants to drive three hours, I won't see her, and I've already cut almost every tie with her already. I miss when she used to be more responsible but turns out, she was always a shithead. She has her head so far up her ass we can't pull it back out. Mom kept a freakin diary about how much she hated my sister. All three of us were neglected, but with me and bro, it was in such a way that we didn't realize it until we were left behind for months in the house that was being foreclosed upon with our pets.
I’m just so fucking tired.
Whenever I do dream, while it might contain other things, I keep having dreams about me screaming at my mom. This post was brought on because I had a dream where mom tries to show up to talk to me and she ends up saying the things that I should be screaming at her, so I start screaming at her and tell her to fuck off. In this variation, it was at a family gathering at my workplace, and for some reason, dad had adopted out the dogs to her, but she brought them along and was dumping them off with us. I was running after her to beat the shit out of her before I woke up.
I really wish I could have a good dream since that argument I had with her and the she-held-a-gun-to-her-head thing. There were other components to my dream that just screamed horror/adventure but the whole mom thing stands out more, and I guess it’s because I’m still not over it.
I don’t think I’ll ever be.
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captain039 · 3 years ago
Sugar daddy
Harry X reader
Not kingsman btw but abit of daddy hart cause who doesnt love that ;)
Warnings: light smut, sugar daddy Hart
You never knew what you were getting yourself into when you applied for a sugar daddy but you didnt really have anywhere to go your parents both dead. Om maybe there was other ways but uh lets just say you were curious. You looked online stumbling upon a gorgeous man Harry Hart his hair was perfectly swept to the side he wore an excellent tailored suit and his profile was exfremly handsome even with his slight wrinklew. God damn you though as you read his profile holy hell he was amazing. You sent him an interest email and he instantly replied.
Dear Y/N,
How lovely of you to message i would be more then happy to be your sugar daddy though i dont like that name you may call me Harry or Mr. Hart what ever suits you. I would like to meet you at 1pm tomorrow at frosts cafe on kale street.
Sincerely Harry hart
Holy hell you had gotten your first one. You were so nervous thag night picking out what to wear. You decided to go with some black skinny jeans a nice plain red top and a black leather jacket you aplied little make up only mascara and some lip gloss. You started to get nervous walking to the cafe and gripped your handbag tightly oh my gosh you were actually doing this. You walked in looking around and saw a man drinking some tea elegantly in a sharp suit . He looked up as if feeling your presences and smiled. Holy hell the smile made you week at the knees. He walked forward gracefully grabbing your hand kissing it gently.
“Pleasure to meet you Y/N” he said. You smiled back heat filling you cheeks. He led you back to the table and offered you a menu. You declined nicely but he insisted so you went with your favourite drink.
“So what brings you to this side?” Harry asked you didnt know how to answer.
“Curious?” He asked and you nodded as he smiled.
“No need to be ashamed dear” he said. You didnt know you could go any redder as you two talked. He explained how everything would work and you nodded.
“Would you like to get your stufd now?” He asked and you nodded he led you to a Bentley continental it was a shiney black as he held the door open and you smiled sliding into the leather seat. He drove you to your small apartment and he followed you. You were embarrased as you opened the door you had barley nothing. You packed everything and came back out.
“Im ready” you said and he nodded holding his arm out to you. You took it he was like a prince as he led you back to the car. He took you out of the city he said he lived rural you didnt mind though. He pulled inti a drive way and finally you nade it to the beautiful log cabbin it was two storys high with lushes green trees arouns it you stared in awe as you got out and he led you to the door.
“You will be sleeping in my bed if you dont mind i like to keep my things, close” he said making a shiver run diwn your spin. He led you to his room and it was magnificent a walk in wardrobe and bathroom attached a big king sized bed with red silk sheets amazing wood furniture and a lovely red and brown carpet on the ground. He had a TV hanging on the wall and a big window to the left of his bed over veiwing the green forest.
It was amazing you had no words aa you sat down on the small leather couch placing your bag down.
“Now tou can use anything you like i shall buy more stuff when your more settled in” Harry said standing in front of you.
“Thank you Mr. Hart” you said and something darkened in his eyes but it quickly went away.
“Right i only have 3 rules
1. Dont leave with out my permission
2. You must be ready by 8 im the morning
And 3. Listen to me” he said and you nodded.
“And i will not force you into anything if you dont want it” he said and you nodded again something dark in his tone.
“Right ill leave you to get ready and you may explore the house ill be in my office” Harry said and walked out with elegant strides. You sat down trying to take it all in you could get use to thus but you didnt kniw what was comimg.
When nightime came you too had dinner and went to bed. Harry showered firstly as you lay awkwardly in the bed right on the edge. Harey came out with only a towel around his waist and you couldnt help but stare at his toned chest and abs still gleaming with water. Holy hell he ws a god. You looked away quickly thiughts racing through your mind. You felt the bed dip as he leaid down and turned the lamp off.
“Goodnight Mr. Hart” you said quieyly.
“Goodnight Y/N” he said.
You fell asleel but woke up sweaty and panting oh my god that dream Harry was giving it tk you good as you screamed his name into the night. You blushed sitting up looking at the male next to you. You sighed and tries to go back to sleep when movement happened next to you. You froze as arms came around your body pulling you to a hard naked chest. You felt something hard poke your thigh and you realised he was hard. You went to move away but it made a small noise come out of him. You frize again as a hit mouth oressed to your neck. He was half asleep rubbing up against you. He sucked at your neck. He started to rub against you harder short breaths coming out his mouth till he finally came. He didnt move though nust held you tighter as he fell back asleep. You were shocked but some how gor back to sleep. When you woke up you were greeted with the smell of eggs and bacon you frowned and looked at the time 8:30 you practically jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs seeing Harry in a gown cooking. He turned to you and smiled.
“I new you didnt get much sleep last night so i decided to leave you” He said placing breakfast on the table. He pulled a chaur out for you and you smiled sitting down on it. He handed you dome toasted bread and the cripsy bacon and eggs. You ate happily it was the best meal you have had in awhile.
Harry told you to get dressed saying you were going to go shopping with him you were nervous though extremly nervous as he took you around the ma buying exspensive clothing aaying it was no problem. He also led you to a lingerie store he waited outside while yyou picked some. You picked plan tan ones a black pair and a white pair and a red pair with lace around them. You were embarrassed to buy the last pair. When you both got home he let you watch TV for the rest of the day you thought he was really nice a real gentleman and not the normal i just want you for your body.
Thats how it went for the next few weeks he would take you out places for dinner spoil you rotten and at night he didnt do anything though he would rub against you not that you minded haha what. You found yourself liking the man even more feelings started sprouting in your body and you blushed at the thought. You couldnt be falling for him could you?
It was a monday morning and you were going to tell him you siked yourself up as he took you out to breakfast you wore a nice plain bpue dress that went to your knees it was a flowy dress which you liked. He had your hand in his arm like a prince as he pulled a chair out for you. You thanked him and you too ordered you didnt want to spend all his money ever so you got the cheapest thing most times. Your food and drinks came as you nervously jogged your leg up and down.
“Whats the matter dear?” He asked and you opened your mouth but closed it again.
“Harry i-” you stopped trying to think of the words. You sighes and jyst blurted it.
“I think im falling for you” you said extremely quickly his face was shocked and your stomach sank.
“Im sorry i shouldnt of said-” you were cut of by a sweet kiss making you melt. He pulled back as you were still dazed.
“Me too” he said and you smiled. You too spent the day together his arn around your shoulder as you walked through a beautiful garden park. He took you out to lunch and a fancy dinner and then you finally went home. You two cuddled on the coucb watching a movie as he stroked your hair. You looked up at him wanting to kiss him and he had the same idea as he kissed you passionately. You two started to make out both of your hands exploring each other in bliss. He took you to his bedroom as he stripped you of your clothes kissinf every inch of your skin. You ran you hands over his amazing body as made love too you. Your mind was in cloud nine as he whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear gently caressing you. As the bliss ended sweetly you cuddled up to his chest as he put a protective arm around you. You were falling asleep when you heard faint words.
“I love you” he said quietly and you smiled falling into a dreamless sleep
Tumblr media
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snappeajams · a year ago
tagged by @lostnoise​ ty!!
1. do you prefer writing with a black pen or a blue pen? black pens, because in english they always asked us to use blue. and english was awful for me so no blue :p
2. would you prefer to live in the country or in the city? city, i lived in the bumheck middle of nowhere for 18 years and hated it.
3. if you could learn a new skill, what would it be? oooh, i really want to get better at the guitar, or learn to sword fight.
4. do you drink your tea/coffee with sugar? Yes, but very very little.
5. what was your favorite book as a child? I dont remember having a favorite book? but my dad had this whole story written out and he’d use that to tell me bedtime stories. it was so cool.
6. do you prefer baths or showers? Showers, i am get anxious in baths? i feel weird just sitting there.
7. if you could be a mythical creature, which one would you be? d-r-a-g-o-n-s. in my dads stories that i mentioned above? there was an elf that was a half-ling and could turn into a dragon.
8. paper or electronic books? I dont read much? but definitely paper.
9. what is your favorite item of clothing? a ramones t-shirt my dad bought me on a business trip once. (its the rocket to russia album)
10. do you like your name? would you like to change it? I friggin hate my name, i wanna change it so bad but i dont know to what.
11. who is a mentor to you? i um.. dont have one?
12. would you like to be famous? if so, what for? I don’t know if I want to be famous, i’m very private person, but i guess if i had to maybe like a jenna/julien type of deal? like his aries kitchen series.
13. are you a restless sleeper? Very Much Yesss, I’m move so much.
14. do you consider yourself to be a romantic person? no... i’ve never had the opportunity to be?
15. which element best represents you? I’d say fire. maybe?
16. who do you want to be closer to? probably a couple of people? i dont talk to many people? but physically? my best friend i miss her a lot.
17. do you miss someone at the moment? my best friend, audi and alex and thier dogs, and my pops.
18. tell us about an early childhood memory. a lot of my childhood wasn’t the greatest? so i dont remember a lot of it? but i guess the bedtime stories my dad would tell
19. what is the strangest thing you have eaten? fried kool-aid with powdered sugar from the south carolina state fair.
20. what are you most thankful for? um.. being able to have a place to sleep/and food?
21. do you like spicy food? ohhhhh yes, its all i grew up on. audi’s ma is chinese and she cooked the best food all the time. and gave me sooo much.
22. have you ever met someone famous? Not that i remember
23. do you keep a diary or journal? i’ve tried several times, but i stop pretty fast, because i have nothing to say or the way i write starts to piss me off.
24. do you prefer to use pen or pencil? Mechanical pencils
25. what is your star sign? Aries babbey.
26. do you like your cereal crunchy or soggy? Crunchy? um... i know that maybe the crunch would be hard on some peeps teeth, but not in my house.(crunchy)
27. what would you want your legacy to be? i dont tend to think that far ahead.
28. do you like reading? What was the last book you read? i wish i did? its really hard for me to find a book that will hold my attention, and audio books are not a fun time for me because some sounds/voices i cant handle like that.
29. how do you show someone you love them? im definitely more of physical/small gestures kinda person. i’ll buy/make them little gifts, or offer cuddles (if they’re cool with touch) that type of stuff
30. do you like ice in your drinks? very little if at all, i only drink water, hot tea/coffee, and i dont like iced tea/coffee at all so.
31. what are you afraid of? um... nothing really that i can think of
32. what is your favorite scent? im very sensitive to smells, but i really like this sandlewood body wash i have.
33. do you address older people by their name or surname? soooo... i grew up in the south-south. so it was always yes ma’am, no sir, mr. smith, ms. jones. like even if someone was like call me betty or whatever it was weird to do that. but i’m slowly getting away from that since i moved away.
34. if money was not a factor, how would you live your life? I’d really like to help people, not sure in what capacity but yeah.
35. do you prefer swimming in pools or the ocean? i did grow up about 40 mins from the ocean and would go there all the time. the water was gross and i wish the waves had been better, i’ve always wanted to surf proper. so ocean i guess.
36. what would you do if you found $50 in the ground? probably see if someone comes back for it? prob give it toward food or something for someone
37. have you ever seen a shooting star? did you make a wish? okay so audi’s house was prefect for star gazing and we’d do it all the time and we saw a couple over the years, and got torn up by misquitos.
38. what is one thing you would want to teach your children? dont want kids, but i’ll prob be a godparent eventually so just to be happy and comfortable with themselves.
39. if you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? I have several but the next one I want to get the doom symbol with my pop’s birthday (probably in roman numeral cause that look best) and whenever he passes his death date. a little morbid but ive always wanted that cause its his fav game.
40. what can you hear now? animal crossing, netflix (hannibal) and my smuckers pb&j wrapper lol (strawberry ofc)
41. where do you feel the safest? uh... my room sometimes?
42. what is one thing you want to overcome/conquer? a lot i dont wanna talk about.
43. if you could travel back to any era, what would it be? the 70s/80s to go to some concerts i guess
44. what is your most used emoji? im on pc so i have no clue, but the shaka sign 
45. describe yourself using one word. sarcastic
46. what do you regret the most? there was a girl and we didnt have a lot of time together because i was leaving and i hurt her i think, i apologized later but that doesnt make it okay so yeah i hope shes doing okay.
47. last movie you saw? I watched the new animated Scoob! movie. i loved itt, scooby doo is my shit always.
tagging: i dont know i dont wanna bother folks, if you see this and it catches your fancy :)
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