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fuck it. it’s been a really emotional week. Someone take me on a date

volunteers encouraged

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eeep this is really so sweet 🥺thank you babes, i love you !!! x

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Throwing out a few new voice lines here because it hurts my kokoro
All of these belong to Omen

“I will kill that Omen. I will take his memories. I will remember.”

“It helps me focus! …Oh, what do you care?”

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Girl, you drive me crazy…

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can you guys recommend some ateez accounts on here that are really sweet, and they don’t have to only be writing accounts

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WIP Wednesday

No one tagged me (which is 100% fine, I promise!! ily all!), but I’ve absolutely killed a glass and a half of wine and I’m a little pleased with this Adam… thing I’m editing.



I’m tagging literally anyone who sees this and please so tag me if you’d like to share!

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Hornè hours: NON-CON and DUB-CON WARNING

Keigo convincing his innocent/goodie-to-shoes darling to smoke weed or drink with him. Only he doesn’t. Once you’re super drugged up, he has sex with you. Because you were to nervous sober and you were kidnapped and you were scared. 

Keigo comforting you and wiping your tears away, telling you how good you are for him. Telling you he just wants to show you how much he loves you. You’re to dopped up to do anything 🥺💖💝💗💞💞💕

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Yes,I am in a love triangle.

One between me, carbon dioxide and oxygen

Feels good to be wanted.

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its the liminal space between Christmas and New Years so that means it’s time for the annual ‘tell me about the big bang’ reread and cry about 'this is what it feels like to be human: slowly you thaw’

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Self care, purpose, breakthrough

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Love how yelling at each other is a form of communication in this household

Just….. “aaaaaaaaaa”ing at my stepdad. He gets it

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@flickerfreaker​ said: The fact that Zhongli is older than a lot of existence in Teyvat gives him tendency to take a lot of people under his wing (Xiao, Ganyu, Salt god people) but this also prevents him to see others as equal as he is (except Guizhong). He tends to think he knows what’s best for them, hence often forcing decision that’s not to their liking but for their best interest.


Exactly as I have said ! It is not strange that a god of all beings, has, well, a god complex. Zhongli is (was) literally a god. People prayed to them, people looked to them for guidance and advice each year. Liyue is a religious place that cherishes their god. Rex Lapis has always been God. The Geo Archon. One can not suddenly unlearn 6,000+ years of livelihood in a night, or even a day, or even a millennia, especially without help nor guidance.

As the eldest of the Seven in general, and as god, who does Zhongli have to look to for help and guidance ?

No one, for they are god.

Guizhong was all there ever was for Zhongli. The only person who tried to show them another side of life, that offered them that path at all. But this is far from a blame game. Rex Lapis is god. Why would they ever turn to anyone else in the first place ? They do not expect it and they do not look for it, for their is no higher being than themselves on the mortal plain and thus the “food chain” ends with them.

That is not to say they look to their adepti as lesser beings personally, but logically they are.  Rex Lapis themselves is considered so much greater that they cannot afford to appear anything less than right and just and strong and godly. They cannot disappoint those who have looked to them for millennium by faltering. 

What would their people, both mortal and not, think of them if their god themselves turned to them for guidance ? Surely their capabilities would come into question if nothing else. They could lose the hope of their people, the faith, and the love ━ and Zhongli has already lost so much. To lose Liyue, to lose their adepti, it as if to lose Guizhong all over again. It is to lose their very life. Without them ? Rex Lapis, Morax, the Prime of Adepti, the God of Commerce, the God of Contracts, the God of War, and the Groundbreaker ; every rendition of the Geo Archon is nothing without the faith to back it up. For what is a god without their subjects ? Nothing.

Their decision to stepdown is, inherently, selfish. It is the most human thing Zhongli has ever done, for it is at least partially for themselves. It is not for Rex Lapis or Morax or whatever, it is for Zhongli, the Wangsheng Funeral Parlors consultant. 

They knew what they wanted but not how to obtain it, but like a god, they merely took it anyway as gods are prone to do. They did not ask anyone’s opinion for it was unnecessary to them, for they are god. Why does god have to ask anyone to do anything? They did not think of people as individuals, but rather as a whole. Both humanity and adepti would benefit from both god and adepti alike stepping aside. It is merely the truth.

Rex Lapis did not consider the feelings of their adepti. Or if they had, they were disregarded because as the last act of their god, surely they would follow as they had done many times before. They would understand. They would have to, and even if not understand, they would accept. It is inevitable, they have no choice.

For Rex Lapis is the Geo Archon. Rex Lapis is their god. 

━ and I don’t necessarily mean that in a sinister way. I mean it in an entirely logical way. A god is god and god gets their way. It is really simple. What is a lesser being to a god ?

Zhongli on the other hand … Zhongli - the being attempting to be human with human feelings - understands individuals. Finally has time to recognize people as individuals. They understand even in the name of “greater good” that people will be hurt by Rex Lapis’ absence. Even worse, those who know their prior identity could feel betrayed, upset at them … they can only do their best to rebuild those bridges as they go, for at the end of it all, all they really want is to feel as though those bridges could be crossed in the first place rather than the gaping abyss between a God and their Subjects.

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