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#and now in bed

Mermaid Pieck 🧜🏻‍♀️🌚

She got that huge scar on her side, making it difficult to swin for a long time but at the moment there is a camera around ? She immediately become a submarine vogue model lmao

It was fun trying on new things with her, the green shadow turned out great and i was with pleasantly surprised abt it tbh ahah :’) It’s @stuckinacrystal who kinda dared me for another mermaid art so if there’s any complains to do, go bother her 👀 😌😌

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Got asked by a student today how to study (which was honestly a high point of my day, ngl). The irony of that, of course, is that I’ve been spending all my time last week alternating between working on teaching things and focusing on one (1) class project, which means that I’m behind on all my other work and have not yet touched the three articles + reflection on my pedagogy due in 13 hours yet…oops.

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well I just finished wandersong,

before playing i literally said I was getting the vibes it would destroy me emotionally but I still had no fucking clue what I was in for. just wow

im boo boo the fool. and also maybe crying in bed. at 1am

@journeyofstoryandsong thank you so goddamn much for this rec I think this game mightve changed my life

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Um, uh, one last thing before I’m going to bed..

About Inktober n’ stuff.

The point is… I LOVE autumn. I ADORE October. I’M IN LOVE with ink. I give a fuck what going on with all that book or what ever. I’ll draw with ink whole month, and I don’t care how you will call it.

But I have a question…

I used to draw a full art every two days. (I tried to draw every day, but I couldn’t finish any just during one day, and i never did more than 12 arts per Inktober). I can show you some of my old art if you want, but that not the point.

What do you want me to draw?

Maybe I should draw something easier, smaller but post it everyday, or stick to my old scheme of full arts?

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Hey, nonnie, first of all, I’m so sorry it took me so long, work started again last week and it’s just exhausting atm. I really hope you’ll enjoy this one, I ididn’t really know how to start at first and  din’t know if it really hits the topic you requested, but I tried!!n I just realized Jumin doesn’t really catch Mcs attention but he does try it i guess. 

Nothing in common

  • You hadn’t been in the RFA for a very long time now
  • After the first party you tried spending a lot of time with your new friends, trying to get to know them better and also to bond a little more with them. The only person who didn’t really have time was Jumin.
  • :(

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