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#and now is like
orsuliyaa minute ago
Can we talk about how cool is Awu who is noble by birth, but yet she so doesn鈥檛 care less about all of that & happily willing to follow XQ to war. When he gave her the horsie I think that was the best 馃巵 she ever received (among all the jewels 馃拵.. even Daddy Emperor said she had all). I don鈥檛 think Wanru will react the same way
No! We are not talking about the terrifying vision that is Xiao Qi/Xie Wanru! Not ever again! Although for all that we know Wanru might have appreciated such a present... if that horse came from a celebrated bloodline, that is. And she certainly wouldn't have run with it only to arrive at "I'm following you to war on my spiffy new ride."
To be fair, Awu's train of thought is entirely too logical. I mean, what would you think if your husband was going to war and then gave you a warhorse five minutes after announcing his plans? A white warhorse, no less! Okay, I'm not sure that its coat being white has any bearing on well, anything, but it's still a pretty meaningful gift with a highly suspicious timing.
Regarding Awu's readiness to follow Xiao Qi wherever he may go, she has never lacked courage nor, I think, a certain thirst for adventure. Okay, the truth it she would have been totally wasted on gilded halls and harem politics, had she become Potato's or even Zitan's Crown Princess. Or perhaps not precisely wasted, but ultimately unhappy and unfulfilled. Let it be noted that I'm not sure she'd have done well living in total obscurity after a sucessful elopement either; even as resilient as she is, at the end of the day Awu is a princess. The Princess, even. Suffering privation and hardship is fine, more than fine... provided it's for a good cause and preferably temporarily. Living entirely without servants, on the other hand, not so much. With Xiao Qi she gets to have both servants and adventure, the lucky, lucky girl!
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inkykeiji4 minutes ago
Hi there! Has the plot of dreamers disease (sadkeigo) been shared before? I just realized I know nothing of it and I didn't know if it was intentional (has never been discussed before) or if I just missed it. Is it in the touya-nii universe or a complete diferent one with a different reader?
hello hello!!!! it hasn鈥檛, which is intentional; the only thing i鈥檝e shared is that it centers around a major character death (and i鈥檝e shared that purely because, even tho it鈥檒l very clearly be stated in the warnings, i don鈥檛 want anyone to get hurt or go into it without knowing!!)
but it鈥檚 a completely different universe with a completely different reader!!!! it鈥檒l be my first keigo-centric piece on my blog as in it鈥檚 an AU that focuses entirely on him!!! i鈥檝e been working on it since OCTOBER and have about 2/3rds of it handwritten in various notebooks but it kept getting pushed back by other stuff :( hopefully it鈥檒l finally be posted soon tho!!!!
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reminded6 minutes ago
i鈥檓 at the point of lockdown where i miss parties :( just want to be drunk in someone鈥檚 bathtub again
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superbellsubways21 minutes ago
鈥淲hy do you draw Zote cute?鈥 Because Zote is cute, obviously!! (PS always glad to find more people on here who like that little rude man.)
He is both ugly and cute to me lolol
and yea I caved in and became a full on zote fan and I don't regret it very much (tho I still feel a lil embarassed bc of it) its nice to meet others that feel the same way towards this character
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nixtevs-hugo-boss30 minutes ago
I lied to u all. hugo actually had Leg Lengthening Surgery, so now just 1 (one) of his legs is abnormally long
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these pics are almost exactly 2 months apart, and even tho i know he looks absolutely ridiculous in both pictures, it鈥檚 nice to see him happily using his newly fixed up leg now and isn鈥檛 all hunched up like a squashed soda can
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genderabolitionist31 minutes ago
I'm talking about Twitter and you're talking about random Tumblr reblogs (which to a point I'm not a huge fan of either because it's a passive action and bare minimum involvement in what is required to erase racism from American social justice movements). I specifically called out some of the rabid comments while you're lying about this outrage being about quiet reblogging. Just admit you're not interested in constructive criticism of call-out culture caring more about looking good than real accountability. No, the women adding receipts aren't the performative ones,nobody said so, you're exaggerating for some pathetic reason and could've saved us all the time trying to break through your apathy.
i鈥檓 not on twitter and you never once mentioned twitter in any of the previous messages.
so how the fuck would i have known you鈥檙e talking about twitter? YOU NEVER SAID TWITTER.
but even so? where are the rabid comments? i鈥檓 not on the website so i can鈥檛 account for shit i鈥檓 literally not aware is happening. radfem-suggestions reblog also had nothing to do with twitter specifically. this entire conversation was on tumblr, about tumblr. and instagram.
so let鈥檚 do it your way. i turned my submissions on, please submit screenshots of the rabid comments you called out.
not because i don鈥檛 believe you, i鈥檓 sure they exist. but considering that you鈥檙e on tumblr, and we鈥檙e on tumblr, and not twitter..............................................none of what i said applies to the circumstances YOU鈥橰E DESCRIBING on a SEPARATE PLATFORM THAN THE ONE WE鈥橰E DISCUSSING.
so please submit those rabid comments so i can post them and tag them as vanessavokeyradfem so we can take accountability for the things that are being said about her that have NOTHING to do with her racist, misogynistic behavior.
and after that, please actually come to me OFF anon. because as much hand wringing that you鈥檙e doing whereever you are...................................you鈥檙e feeding into the same 鈥渘o true accountability鈥 shit you鈥檙e starting.
say it with your face, give me receipts, keep it moving. you can submit the screenshots anonymously if you sign out first.
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dumbassacademia39 minutes ago
i'm sorry you're feeling bad, but congrats on getting vaccinated! <3
Ahh sorry for the slow response but thank you so much聽
Actually thank you to everyone who messaged wishing for me to get well! I鈥檓 good! That first day was really rough but by the next day was mostly fine I was just exhausted and after that I was pretty much fine聽
Now my only real problem is that I started rewatching Rick and morty as a comfort thing and now I can鈥檛 stop聽
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pocketramblr39 minutes ago
My mind always goes back to the one question Who would I want more as a parent (or would hate the least) Endeavor or all for one And I'm.... Look I'd rather have potato guy as a das than endeavor aight Don't care he's a mass murderer my dad was a drug dealer nor a big difference xd
lol yeah its like the banality of evil thing because on the one hand, AfO has just objectively done more horrifically evil things than Enji has and just is a worse person.
but like if you were his kids its like eh ok maybe you have a single parent and a lack of quirk but thats about it. Enji鈥檚 your dad? no matter which experience you get, you鈥檙e going to need so much therapy and closure that you just will Never Get because bringing your abuser to face legal consequences is not for the good of society at large. woo!
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dee-the-witch43 minutes ago
If I would get cent for every time guy I used to crush on came back to my life and confessed to me he used to love me back then and still does and he would like to get it together while I'm in actually serious relationship first time in my life...
I would have two cents, which is not much but it's still weird it happened twice
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crystalkleure46 minutes ago
I have multiple broken teeth due to the fact that my wisdom teeth came in sideways and have progressively been pushing all of my other teeth together more and more until they crack due to a combination of the pressure and a fucked up dental procedure I had years ago [when I was a minor and had no say in whether or not it happened, my mom was the one who signed off on it and I STILL actually don鈥檛 even know exactly what the fuck they did to my fucking teeth] so I am in horrible pain but can鈥檛 afford to go to the dentist, and even if I could, my mother will not take me or even allow me to go myself if there is any way she can possibly stop me.
My coping tactic of choice today is going to be to think really hard about anime and shitpost on Tumblr dot com.
#There are just straight-up chunks missing out of several of my teeth. I have literally been spitting out Fragments Of Tooth.#One of my molars has been pushed completely sideways and is now burying itself in the floor of my mouth under my tongue#I think it's about to expose the root#And my mother has the fun and healthy tendency of going into Extreme and Aggressive Denial about Any Problem Whatsoever#Like she'll literally just vehemently gaslight everyone around her and insist that The Problem isn't even real#Other people are simply overreacting or deliberately trying to make her life harder don't you know!#There are rotting holes in the floor walls and ceiling of this house and she keeps just stacking furniture on them or painting over them#And then insisting They Don't Exist and Violently Shooting The Messenger when someone tries to tell her those problems aren't solved#This killed her cat. He was sick for months and I tried to tell her she needed to take him to the vet.#She refused; said he'd be fine; and then ripped into me about acting so ~holier than thou~ because I...was worried about him#She acted like I was shaming her and turned Not Taking Him To The Vet into a way to make some kind of point to me about how --#-- She Was Right And I Was Wrong and there is nothing wrong and I was just being a melodramatic little bitch.#That animal that I loved suffered for months and then died.#She's trying to make the same fucking thing happen to me. I say I want to go to the doctor because my horrible health is getting --#-- intolerable and I guess I'll just open a GoFundMe or something; and she won't even let me out of the house or let me use the phone.#Trying to prove to me that I'll be fine and I'm just being a hypochondriac who enjoys making life more difficult for her bc I'm evil.#Yeah I don't know what to do. I have visible gaping holes in my teeth. You can SEE the fucked up wisdom teeth and the sideways molar too.#I am in so much pain#.It speaks
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365text47 minutes ago
real talk who else cried to the聽鈥渃hicken soup for the ... soul鈥 series when u were younger
#annie.txt#i was thinking about this bc i was internal monologuing in the prev post's tags about buying a digital keyboard for myself#and remembered how my dad wanted to buy one for me a few years back but i said it was fine bc 1) i wouldn't have time or space rly to use it#while in college u feel#and also 2) i didn't realize the tech (esp in recent years) has gotten so much better ?? for weighted keyboards !! it's like a real piano ??#but then i was thinking about how if i wanted to buy it now i'd probs buy it for myself since i'm working full time#and i thought about how it'd be nice if i could have my parents still buy it for me still bc it is kinda $$$#but then i thought about how that really wasn't necessary bc again i work full time now (albeit i just started but still i make enough that#i can do it for myself and not have to ask my parents to shell out that money for me u feel)#but then i thought about how my parents always want to buy me gifts / birthday presents bc that's how my hashtag asian parents show me love#through food and attempts at purchasing me useful things#like jackets#or a 'better mattress'#even if i don't need or necessarily want them LOL#and then i got sad bc i realized they don't have many opportunities in the future to really buy me stuff or show me love in that way#and now im all teary eyed bc the idea of aging parents and#them passing away just gets me every time....#familial themes makes me cry the most consistently in media too lol#but anyways all that's to say is that it reminded me of chicken soup for the soul books bc i used to sob to those#bc man those stories are sO SAD#also unrelated to how i got here but interestingly tangential: i read those books at my piano teacher's house HAHA
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howtosingit48 minutes ago
I love that TK is like the polar opposite of anybody meeting his bf鈥檚 parents. He was legit so thrilled and excited, 鈥渄ying to meet them鈥 and I鈥檝e been married for a couple of years and I鈥檓 still nervous as hell when my in laws come around LMAO.
TK Strand is a charmer and a little shit and he totally knew that he would get Carlos鈥檚 parents to love him in, like, ten seconds flat once he met them (which, sure, isn鈥檛 exactly what happened, but to be fair he didn鈥檛 have all of the necessary information to anticipate that outcome). I bet he鈥檚 come to realize that most people find him irresistably cute, and he plays that card whenever he possibly can 馃槄
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