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#and now the weather

Here comes the first mini adventure I prepared as a prologue. Even if I’d like my campaign to be something progressive I prepared a really quick one shot for all of us to get acquainted with the game (even if it wasn’t quick and we have to finish it next week).

Here comes Shûuto’s Sword, players are in a small Fire Clan island looking for a mysterious legendary hero’s tomb.

Shûuto was a hero who rised on his time to fight for people in times of spiritual unbalance. It’s said that he fought with great courage and died defeating a fearful spirit on an island. He was buried with great honor on the island’s tallest mountain with all his belongings.

With time the story became a forgotten legend and people on the Island no longer know who Shûuto is and where is his tomb. What they know is that the mountain seems to be haunted and nobody dares climb it in fear the island spirit might get angry. For every time someone starts hiking, the island seems to rumble in disaprovement.

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spotify :: track listing : 

1. the sweetest kill - broken social scene (I thought you were the sweetest kill | Did I even know? | And all the time we thought we did | Was it just for show?) 2. after hours - the weeknd (Thought I almost died in my dream again | Fightin’ for my life, I couldn’t breathe again | I’m fallin’ in too deep | Without you, don’t wanna sleep | ‘Cause my heart belongs to you | I’ll risk it all for you) 3. church - aly & aj (Too many nights and there’s no end | I’m hellbent, the reckless one | Too many nights I justified | All my casualties of love | For all the times I can’t reverse | For all the places where it hurts | I need a little church) 4. gospel - the national (I got two armfuls of magazines for you, I’ll bring 'em over | So hang your holiday rainbow lights in the garden | Hang your holiday rainbow lights in the garden | And I’ll, I’ll bring a nice icy drink to you | Let me come over, I can waste your time, I’m bored | Invite me to the war, every night of the summer) 5. the origin of love - hedwig & the angry inch (The last time i saw you we had just split in two | He was looking at me, i was looking at you | You had a way so familiar i could not recognize | Cause you had blood on your face | And i had blood in my eyes | But i swear by your expression | That the pain down in your soul was the same | As the one down in mine) 6. back in my body - maggie rogers (And all along the highway, there’s a tiny whispering sound | Saying I could find you in the dark of any town | But all that I am hearing in the poem of my mind | Are silent twisted words finding their way in every line) 7. love it if we made it - the 1975 (The war has been incited and guess what? | You’re all invited | And you’re famous | Modernity has failed us | And I’d love it if we made it) 8. forever young - alphaville (It’s so hard to get old without a cause | I don’t want to perish like a fading horse | Youth’s like diamonds in the sun | And diamonds are forever) 9. the book of love - the magnetic fields (The book of love is long and boring | And written very long ago | It’s full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes | And things we’re all too young to know | But I, I love it when you give me things | And you, you ought to give me wedding rings)

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spotify :: 

1. the beginning after the end - stars (Will we wake in the morning And know what it was all for? | Up in our bedroom after the war) 2. neighborhood #1 - arcade fire (And if the snow buries my, my neighborhood | And if my parents are crying | Then I’ll dig a tunnel from my window to yours) 3. king of carrot flowers pt. 1 - neutral milk hotel (And your mom would stick a fork right into daddy’s shoulder | And dad would throw the garbage all across the floor | As we would lay and learn what each other’s bodies were for) 4. so much it hurts - niki and the dove (What a fool was I to think that we were safe | From the thieves in the temple | And I go out by myself dancing | And when I come home late, I don’t wanna go to bed | I just sit there by the phone – dead silent) 5. saturdays - twin shadow feat. HAIM (This might be the last fight | Every rope could fall right under her feet | And sink into the ocean | This will be your lost dreamWhen you open your eyes it’s like | Nothing’s real) 6. smoke signals - phoebe bridgers (I went with you up to | The place you grew up in | We spent a week in the cold | Just long enough to | “Walden” it with you) 7. i wish i was the moon - neko case (Last night I dreamt I’d forgotten my name | ‘Cause I sold my soul | But I woke just the same | I’m so lonely | I wish I was the moon tonight) 8. slow show - the national (You know I dreamed about you | For twenty-nine years before I saw you | You know I dreamed about you | I missed you for, for twenty-nine years) 9. feel the lightning - dan deacon (I’m having visions, infinite visions | Of something new | You feel it changing, slowly the changing | About to break through) 10. help i’m alive - metric (Help I’m alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer | Hard to be soft | Tough to be tender) 11. lover’s spit - broken social scene (All these people drinking lover’s spit | They sit around and clean their face with it | And they listen to teeth to learn how to quit | Tied to a night they never metYou know it’s time | That we grow old and do some shit) 12. you said something | pj harvey (We lean against railings | Describing the colors | And the smells of our homelands | Acting like lovers) 13. us - regina spektor (We wear our scarves just like a noose | But not 'cause we want eternal sleep | And though our parts are slightly used | New ones are slave labor you can keepWe’re living in a den of thieves | Rummaging for answers in the pages | And it’s contagious) 14. in your eyes - peter gabriel (Love, I don’t like to see so much pain | So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away | I get so tired of working so hard for our survival | I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive) 15. someday you will be loved - death cab for cutie (And the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams | Just a series of blurs like I never occurred | Someday you will be loved)

Bonus Tracks: Sprawl II - Arcade Fire, Baby We’ll Be Fine - The National, Blinding Lights - The Weeknd, Breathing Underwater - Metric

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