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#and one that is STILL a problem
  1. And I’ve detected the first misgendering of my character in the game. Excuse you, I am not ‘His Grace’. Jamel, be ashamed. Unless this is not a bug but a story point. In which case it would still be shame on Jamel, but not on the game. Doesn’t seem like it though.
  2. AAAAH! What just happened? I was just complaining about the misgendering thing and then suddenly an owlbear popped up in the game. And oh no, that servant got critted. I think I’ve mentioned already that I’m not a fan of the crit animation in this game. If someone makes a mod to disable that exploding thing please tell me.
  3. I just got what happened to the servant. It’s still disgusting.
  4. And suddenly Linzi is calling me a him too! What the hell?
  5. I am HERE for Kesten’s undercover adventure! I just like Kesten a lot.
  6. I don’t appreciate that I can’t save Verdrin.
  7. Is this gonna end up as a fight for Ekun between these two women?
  8. The doggy has a name! <3!!
  9. Well, if Kanerah asks me to take nok-nok I can’t say no. Not that would have otherwise, but making Kanerah happy certainly helps.
  10. Oddventure is now my favourite word.
  11. I just read that you can only save Khesten and Jhod if you are lawful. I hate this fucking shit so much. I also read that it’s possible to change your alignment in the tavern, which I’ll go try out right now and fuck character consistency because what the hell. I hate this alignment shit so much.
  12. I have decided to just fuck it and got myself the bag of many tricks. 
  13. Jhod said “Praise Erastil” and Kesten answered “Yeah, hail me.” Kesten, you want to tell me something?
  14. I like the other world, but it’s frustratingly chaotic. That’s the point, I get it, but I already have a horrible sense of direction in real life, I don’t need the game reminding me of it. xD
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[ ♣ ] ~ Her arms are heavy with the soft weight of one of the endearing felines she adores the most. Emilia knows this one since the day it ran at her in the middle of the street. Happy paws, excited little critter with eyes glowing like those were holding thousands upon thousands of stars. Animals are such precious companions to her, they don’t hold maliciousness, there are no tricks or backstabbing. There are no bad feelings, & she could even be the most horrible person in whole Valoran… her pets would still love her in that unconditional manner a Cat or a Dog is perfectly well-known for.

She wonders if her arms are comfortable enough, her voice gentle enough, her actions enough to soothe the discomfort & pain one of her oldest pets feels like the trick of mortality reaches it. He feels so fragile in her arms, like after so many years of steady & gracious movement… he would break on a bad hold. It’s not the first time & won’t probably be the last one of her beloved companions is so weak & sick ;; it won’t be the last time Death’s embrace caresses them with delicacy & slowness.

Emilia won’t usually allow herself to shed tears in front of people if those aren’t part of a greater facade; but in her solitude & with only the soft dull & sad eyes of her little darling, she allows herself to cry for those that mean oh-so-much to her.

There are not glowing stars in his eyes anymore, only a cloudy night that promises solely rain at any unexpected moment…

Time is such a curse when one loves. Be a person, a moment, a situation, or an adored pet. To see the light in their eyes fade & fade night after night, realizing that there’s no enough comfort on words, realizing that things are done in the impossible wish of the clock going backwards.

There are things not even the Queen of Lies can fake or trick. Sooner or later the Wolf & the Lamb will also come for this beautiful treasure in her arms…
…She can only hope when this happens, is the gentle arrow who pierces his tired heart & hopefully so; her dearest could find the way above the clouds… becoming yet another glowing star.

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i’m not saying he wasn’t 100% in the right even before you get to the later stabbing incident, but when a guy calls himself Necrobutcher it’s still a little surprising when what drives him to walk is one bandmate photographing another’s gory suicide.

…admittedly, that feels like a more natural reaction to a shocking sight in 2020 than it did in 1997, but methinks Necrobutcher was still a little less committed to the bit.

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