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#and otps for dresses
lamaery · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“I’ll explain tomorrow,”  “What happens tomorrow?” “You’re feeding me dinner.” “I am?” “And taking me on a walk,” “I am?” “Yes.” “I’m a lucky man.”
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himetsundere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
#mimatoweek . : * ・ ° ☆ . 。 DAY 1: RETRO
Tumblr media
clothes from b&b's latest collection
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perfectlynervousbeard · 2 months ago
Okay yeah, I know we’ve talked about this already but WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BUDDIE FANFICTION WAS EPISODE 4X14 THOUGH???
Let’s run it down, shall we?
Buck is the one who saves Eddie’s life. He crawls under a truck to get to him then bodily lifts him into the truck
Buck is the one to rip open Eddie’s shirt and press bandages to his chest 
THAT WHOLE FUCKING EXCHANGE IN THE TRUCK “Are you hurt?” “Come on, Eds, you’re so close, you just need to hang on” “I need you to hang on” and Buck’s hand right by Eddie’s cheek
“Are you okay, Buckley?” “No.”
Buck an emotional disaster and a half, “You can’t go see Eddie’s son looking like this.”
The entire firefam knowing de-facto, no questions asked that YES Buck was the one who would tell Christopher about Eddie, because of course
Buck and Christopher. “Your dad is tough as nails.” The crying, the hugging, “he’s a fighter”
The next day, Buck is staying over, taking care of Christopher while Eddie is in the hospital
Christopher wakes up Buck (he grabs his foot, ik it’s small, but I’m. Just. Not. Over. It) they have breakfast together “Buck snores LOUUUD” “I think it’s time someone got ready for school” (TOTAL DAD MOMENT) Carla asks Buck if he’s okay going back out there and Buck completely misunderstands her question to mean ‘How are you gonna go out there without your other half?’ and Carla, the saint, has to clarify that she meant she doesn’t want Buck to get shot
Buck recklessly running up a crane because he’s still not over Eddie getting hurt and also Eddie is 99.9% of his impulse control
Buck running into the hospital room “Hey, Buck.” “Hey” shy eye contact like f***ing middle school boyfriends
“He’s doing better than me. I kinda fell apart when I told him you got shot” Translation: EDDIE I WAS CRYING MY EYES OUT AND A TOTAL EMOTIONAL MESS WHEN YOU GOT SHOT
“You were there for him when I couldn't be. That’s what matters.” Translation: You’ve got my kid, I can rest easy. Also thank you, love.
“I think it would have been better if it was me who got shot.” AND EDDIE’S FACE, WOW a facial expression really can be a thousand words: Did you really just say what I think you said you love-struck MORON, you get shot instead of me, I think f***ing not, jesus I leave you alone in your thoughts for one day, Buck, and this is where your self worth is?? I love you, NO
The hospital conversation. I don’t need to break it down we’ve all watched it a gazillion times but I will anyway
Their tones of voice. the sheer intimacy of their tones this whole goddamn conversation
Eddie tells Buck that if he doesn’t make it, Buck will get his kid. WUT
“My attorney said you could refuse” “You know I wouldn’t” “I know you wouldn’t” WUT
“No one will ever fight for Christopher as hard as you. That is what I want for him.” WUT
“You act like you’re expendable. But you’re wrong” WUT THE FUK KINDA WORLD WE LIVING IN RIGHT NOW
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montmartre-parapluie · 2 months ago
Another Shadow and Bone Costume Post...
@orlissa, you really shouldn't GIVE me the chance to assign gowns to characters like this. I get far too into it... @vesperass-anuna, @pia-bartolini, @jomiddlemarch, give me your dress headcanons too!
Right, where to begin!
Tumblr media
1) Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, label Worth & Bobergh, Paris - You nailed it! This is DEFINITELY Alina.
There's a subtlety about that gold/cream that says Sun Summoner, but - in a gentle, refined way. (ALSO - although Alina may not have had a "proper" wedding ceremony in Terrible Beautiful Unsaid Things, I have a sneaking suspicion Aleksander apologises to her by having a gorgeous 'wedding anniversary' celebration ball the next year, where she wears this...)
Tumblr media
2)“Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, made by Worth & Bobergh, Paris
Tumblr media
Genya. This is 100% GENYA. There's a cleanness, elegance and lack of fuss about this that feels very Miss Safin. She's avoiding the 'dressed like a wedding cake look' the Court demands. Plus tell me that colour wouldn't look AMAZING with her red hair. She would look like a Fae Queen, and David would 100% be heart-eying her behind her back.
Tumblr media
3)“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
I don't know what is is about this one - the perky bow on the front? that dash of deep crimson (Heartrender?) red? the gorgeous embroidered flowers with that yellow train?
Tumblr media
But this feels very "Fancy Nina" to me - possibly acting as a Grisha Ambassador to Kerch whilst spying, or something. It's got her irrepressible nature as well as her skills and subtlety there. (AND the bow on the bodice is at just the right height to ahem, "distract" Matthias...
4)“Woman’s Day Dress,” c. 1878–80, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
Another Alina for me, I'm afraid! The colours with the golden flowers and that luxurious black silk are SO 'Darkling Sun Summoner Kefta' it hurts. I love it deeply.
Tumblr media
(and... you just KNOW Alina is probably wearing THIS corset beneath it, which... ahem, Aleksander probably makes this face when thinking about...)
Tumblr media
(Sorry for the unexpected Darklina thirst there, guys - oh who am I kidding, I apologise for nothing)
“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
This feels like "Deliberatively Provocative Nina", to me. The pink, the tantalising low neckline, the outrageous lace and embroidered silk and ribbons? This is all worn to provoke an uneasy 'Fjerdan Women are modest and would never dress shamelessly' lecture from Mathias that you just KNOW is going to end up in a heated make-out session - with the offending dress on the floor.
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thenapmaster · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
More Time Princess fanart, I just need to get out of my system
Tumblr media
I’m almost finished with the story and I was LIVING for the maid disguise scene in The King’s Mistress. Blaisdell was shamelessly flirting and I was screaming👀
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anghraine · 7 months ago
Things I really enjoy about Adora’s fantasy of the future in “Heart”:
while Glimmer’s and Bow’s hairstyles have changed, Catra’s hair has grown back the way it was (though she now wears it in a ponytail). I like the short-haired look, but it was something forced on her in terrible circumstances, and even subconsciously, Adora seems to get that.
she imagines future!Bow with a desperate attempt at a beard. lol
she imagines Glimmer combining a fancy princess dress, her sparkly cloak, and an ... undercut, I think?
she imagines herself with longer, mostly-flowy hair (not on the She-Ra level, but she does have She-Ra hair envy...), a delicate tiara, and a simple She-Ra-themed dress, while Catra is wearing everyday clothes and dodging Glimmer’s attempts to spruce her up.
Adora is on to Glimbow, or really wants it to happen; Bow is wearing a royal cloak and Glimmer’s other earring (apparently wearing an item from the other person is a very big deal in Etherian romantic relationships) and Glimmer leans into him
meanwhile, Catra is wearing Adora’s Rebel pin (I can’t remember if real Catra is doing that)
Catra is carting around a white and gold jacket that matches Adora’s dress, either to put on Adora or to match Adora.
this time, it’s Catra reaching out to her—and indeed, when Catra declares her love, Adora does envision it as Catra physically reaching out for her.
<3 <3 <3
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Tumblr media
A small gift written for my dearest friend, Lea, who I simply cannot thank the stars enough for. Love you, baby @quirky-and-kind.
Tumblr media
When he takes his first few breaths after the performance is over and the theatre is roaring in applause – he looks for you.
He loves the way your face seems to glow from amongst the crowd. How easily he can point out your bright smile and proud eyes that send fluttering shocks to his heart.
He winks cheekily and smiles directly at you– hopes you understand what he’s trying to convey: Even on this stage, I belong to you.
You meet him backstage, stepping into his dressing room and barely shutting the door behind you before he’s already crowding you against it. There’s a sense of urgency when he’s away from you for too long, an easy sort of danger that trespasses into the heady need to possess you, to mark your skin and remind you who it is you belong to.
He presses his lips to your jaw, smiles into the wispy curls at the nape, nuzzles your locks aside to reveal more of your gorgeous neck. His hands on your hips move to knead your ass and upper thighs gently, feeling the way your muscles yield to him.
“Look what you’ve turned me into,” Zen growls, kissing more steadfastly, more purposefully now. “I’m supposed to be focusing when I’m on stage, but how am I supposed to do that when I can't stop thinking about how much I need you?”
“Zen, they might come looking for you, honey. I don’t think we should –“ Voice like warm crackling fire, even with the hesitance behind it.
“Let them,” he nips at your neck and your back arches into him deliciously. “Let them hear the sweet noises you make when I touch you. Don't you want them to know who you belong to?”
A half-hearted laugh gives way to a low moan and you shuffle, flush against his chest, as you undo his pants and smirk at him – tempting and teasing in that uncharacteristic way you save just for him. Your palm rubs up under his shirt, savoring the rougher feel of his hair contrasting your own skin, grasping his hipbones, the strong planes of his abdomen.
Eager hands push yours away and wander under your skirt, slip between lace and skin; velvety warmth and delicious slickness wrap around his digits. He moves carefully as he studies your expression, gazing at him like a honeyed flower, asking to be touched, to be felt, to be drank from.
“Princess,” he begins hoarsely, delighted at your lower lip pinched tightly between your teeth, breath shallow and quick.
You’re weak and boneless, pliant and whimpering to his words and every stroke he makes with his fingers. His other hand runs itself through your hair, fingertips in your scalp and you arch for more.
He loves your innocent eyes and kind smiles, loves how your sweet tongue sliding against his in a fevered kiss makes his cock twitch. Loves how easily you accommodate his needs; the way you silently encourage him to take whatever he wants – the way you enjoy it and ask for more.
Absolutely perfect in every way. More than he could have ever asked for.
“So good,” Zen praises. “You’re so tight around my fingers. All wet for me, angel.”
“Uh – mhm.” Inarticulate noise – dizzy and wrapped in desire as you gasp his name.
“You need me too, don’t you?” Faster, deeper strokes makes you groan into him. “You need me just as much as I need you.”
Two fingers, then three, and your voice is nothing but pleading sighs against his neck. Knuckles pressed firmly, nudging harder, he curls and pumps confidently; knowing you and your body and the movements that make you sing for him.
“Come on, princess. Show me how good I make you feel.”
With a tremble that vibrates all the way into his soul, you obey and reach your high in his cupped hand, flushed cheeks and trembling thighs.
Your lids flutter open and you bury your cheek into his chest, content and shy. “Zen – I…oh my god.”
“Everyone is going to know,” Zen promises, kisses the blooming goosebumps up and down your neck, his possessiveness making you whimper again, still sensitive and aching. “Mine.”
Another kiss to the curve of your mouth. Your collarbones. Your breasts. Mine. Mine. Mine.
Drunk on the novelty of this half-gilded god, you forget every word but the one you whisper back:
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whitedahlia13 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On this day in Stydia history...
Okay, um...maybe orange and blue is not the best. But, you know, um...sometimes there's other things you wouldn't think would be a good combination...end up turning out to be like a perfect combination. You know? Like two people together...who nobody ever thought would be together – ever.
(June 11, 2012)
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