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#and season 3 episode 1’s out
beacon-lamp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
with hermitcraft season 7 slowly coming to an end, i figured it was time to consolidate all of the Informative Posts about hermitcraft that i and some of the other members of hermitblr have made over the last several months.
if you enjoy:
minecraft youtube content, but want to see more traditional vanilla minecraft gameplay like building and redstone
fun, lighthearted interactions between genuine friends including Elaborate pranks, collaborating on massive projects, light roleplay, proximity voice chat mod
weekly 20 - 40 minute long youtube videos and consistent upload schedules
chill grind stream weekends where CCs interact with chat and each other
an entire youtube channel dedicated to weekly 20-minute recap videos on what all the hermits have been up to so you don’t have to piece it together from the posts on your dash/timeline
insanely talented people who have been doing mcyt for nearly, if not more than, a decade and essentially built minecraft youtube from the ground up
give hermitcraft a try!  
you will find all of the information you will Ever Need below the cut.  it’s Very Long so view it on desktop.
and if you ever have any more questions, just shoot me an ask :)
what is hermitcraft?
the Basics: what, who, where, how
more details on the Basics
bonus: the historical impact many hermitcraft members have had on mcyt
where do i even start watching?
start with grian.
good mix of Incredible builds and fun server shenanigans.  instigator of many server-wide events.  interacts with many other hermits.  generally entertaining to watch.  but zero redstone knowledge.
check out hermitcraft recap.
great way to be introduced to other hermits and learn what everyone’s up to.  if you find what a hermit’s been working on interesting, go watch their video and maybe give them a like and subscribe.
official hermitcraft website with links to every member’s channel
more information on every hermit’s attributes and general vibes
do hermits every stream?
short answer: yes, most do!  but these streams are mostly chill grinding or buildling streams.  and you don’t have to watch the streams to be caught up on content.  check the official hermitcraft website for each member’s twitch links.
long answer that covers most of the hermits
what do they do on hermitcraft?
let’s start with some examples of their incredible builds.
hermit cribs: some of the megabases in s7
goodtimeswithscar’s s7 magical village with shaders
stressmonster’s bakery and ren’s star wars world
they have a shopping district where hermits can set up shops and sell items and resources that other hermits can buy with diamonds.  here’s season 7 shopping district set on a mooshroom island:
some of the most advanced redstone you’ve ever seen
if you’re more into the technical side of minecraft, you can be rest assured that hermitcraft has some of the Biggest Brains in redstone.
tangotek: a fucking madlad.  Singled-handedly created the minigame Decked Out.  im Begging you to watch his tutorial video on how to play.  currently finishing up his Among Us but in minecraft minigame. all of this was built Entirely in survival vanilla minecraft.  get this man to 1M subscribers.
mumbo jumbo: the man himself.  built a 128 x 128 block industrial district in both season 6 and 7 packed to the Brim with mechanical farms.  half the brain behind the masterpiece of engineering that was Sahara in season 6.  currently working on Pacific, the sequel to Sahara, in season 7.
iskall85: the other half of the brain behind Sahara and working on Pacific with mumbo in season 7.  also has an industrial district like mumbo’s in season 7.
xisuma: built an automatic potion brewer in the second half of season 7.  this thing churns out potions by the Shulker Box.  can also turn a shulker box full of potions into splash potions and extend duration all with a press of a button.
impulseSV: incredible example of form + function.  farms are scattered throughout his base.  he has a farm for nearly every farmable resource in vanilla minecraft.
etho: the pioneer of some of the most widely used redstone mechanisms to date.  content isn’t super redstone-focused.  mostly does compact modules that serve a specific function.
zedaph: makes strange contraptions.  he’s basically if grian knew how to redstone.  impeccable vibes and fairly underrated.
bdoubleo100: he occassionally does this segment called “redstone with bdubs” and it’s the only redstone i understand so that’s why he’s here.
what about roleplay?  and lore?  
yeah they have Plenty of that too.  
it generally comes in the form of self-contained storylines that involve most members on the server and take place over the course of several weeks in multiple videos.  it’s fairly light roleplay, if that’s not your thing.  but the plotlines also have a Massive Potential to be angsty and whatnot if you really look into it, which a lot of people also do.
here’s a more in-depth look into the Major Plotlines over the last 2 seasons (season 6 and 7).  huge spoiler warning though.
um also there’s this post that highlights how truly cursed hermitcraft can be if you dig deep enough hahaha.
so do the hermits only make hermitcraft content?
nope!!  many of them are involved in other mcyt content as well and are friends with other prominent members of the mcyt community!!  
mcc9 blue bats video essay: the time the hermit team won the whole damn competition.  a wonderfully made video worth Every second of your time.  especially if you don’t typically watch the hermit teams.
falsesymmetry: mcc10 ace and mcc’s First Back-to-Back Winner
lord grian dreamslayer: that time grian Popped Off, killing dream, tubbo, and fundy in mcc9 survival games
Vault Hunters
a modded minecraft server coded entirely by iskall85′s team.  all the content is streamed live on twitch.  
current members are: Iskall85, AntonioAsh, Stressmonster101, HBomb94, CaptainSparklez, Fundy, CaptainPuffy, 5UP and Tubbo
more info on the series 
3rd Life SMP
hardcore minecraft server with a twist that started on 4/20/21.  all content is posted to each member’s respective youtube channels.
every member has 3 lives, as indicated by the color of their name: green for 3 lives left, yellow for 2, red for 1.  if they lose all three lives, they can only spectate the world (like in hardcore mode).  the series ends when all members have lost all three lives.
the twist: once a member is on their 3rd and final life, as indicated by a red name, they are Hostile and their goal is to take the lives of the remaining players.
the members (hermits are italicized): BdoubleO100, bigbst4tz2, Etho, GoodTimesWithScar, Grian, impulseSV, InTheLittleWood, Renthedog, Skizzleman, Smajor1995, Smallishbeans, SolidarityGaming, Tango, ZombieCleo
the tumblr tag for 3rd Life is “#3rdLife”, “#3rdLifeSMP” and “#3LSMP” if you wanna see more content, as it’s Not supposed to be cross-tagged with “#hermitcraft”.
do you have any free serotonin to spare?
here’s a bunch of posts that’ll make you smile
scar’s friendship with a bunch of the hermits
grian, false, cleo, bdubs, iskall: why they deserve so much respect
same post as above but with an addition about ren
small hermit things that give you serotonin
why you should watch tfc
if you’ve made it this far you are Contractually Obligated* to watch one (1) hermitcraft episode and reblog this post.
*for legal reason, this is a joke.  you’re not contractually obligated but consider this: Please. i spent way too much time on this.
shoutout to everyone who’s posts i’ve linked and anyone who has helped answer a question about hermitcraft.  this all started because i was frustrated that people were writing the hermits off as cannon fodder in mcc and im genuinely so glad that many of you have given hermitcraft a shot.
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Hi all, I was going to share my Doctor Who comics, but I got a bit carried away so enjoy! I’m only sharing links to my own files, websites, and files I have permission to share, so this will certainly have gaps. Feel free to contact me for any recommendations, suggestions, requests, or anything you’d like to add ❤️
The Library (has every episode of Modern Doctor Who, Classic Doctor Who, the TV movie, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Class)
Classic Doctor Who Again (this is out of order but some of the reconstructed animations are in here too)
Mini Episodes, Prequels, Lockdown, Extras and More
Scream of the Shalka Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
The Curse of Fatal Death
Some Doctor Who Confidentials
The Peter Cushing Films
The Infinity Quest
Dreamland (unfortunately this is only available to people in the UK but you can use a VPN too)
All the audio dramas here come from Big Finish on Spotify, but I highly suggest supporting Big Finish directly when you can, as they are a smaller company that relies more heavily on audience contributions. There’s also more free stuff on their website that isn’t included below.
The First 50 Main Range
Short Trips Volume 1 and 2
8th Doctor main range in order up to Zagreus, and first season with Lucie Miller (if you are just getting into the audios I would suggest starting here)
Charlotte Pollard Further Adventures (Series 1)
4th Doctor Adventures (Series 1)
The Lost Stories (4th and 6th Doctors)
Destiny of the Doctor
Unit: Dominion (highly suggest this, great plot twists and characters, it is 4 hours long though)
UNIT (assorted)
The Stageplays
Bernice Summerfield
Counter-Measures (series 1 and 2)
I, Davros
The Davros Mission
Iris Wildthyme (assorted)
Jago & Litefoot
The Companion Chronicles (series 2)
Graceless (Series 1-3)
Dalek Empire
Fan Audios (these are amazing too)
The Soundtrack
My Personal Collection (right now it’s mostly full of wilderness years stuff, but I’m always editing it)
This website has a lot of the newer stuff and is fairly safe
This website also has a lot of new stuff, but is a little less safe
This website has all of the magazines and most Titan comics. No clue how safe it is though.
Would highly suggest the fan comics High and Dry by Valc0, and The Ten Doctors by Rich Morris
Here’s my collection of pretty much every major novel series. In truth I don’t actually know what sort of stuff I have, but there’s around 500 novels in here
All of these are in my collection already, but here’s another link just in case: EDAs VNAs PDAs
My collection only has a few of the target novelizations, but there are more here
Some (older) Doctor Who magazines
Official Scripts
Big Finish Transcript Archive
Here’s just a link to AO3’s Doctor Who stuff because I can
Big Finish Trigger Warning Chart
The Big Finish Podcast
A list of everything included in Doctor Who’s canon
The Wiki
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spnprideweek · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hey there friends!! we’d like to introduce you to spnprideweek! this is a fan-led event to celebrate queer stories and characters in supernatural! it will run from june 13 to june 19. here are our prompts for each day with some ideas to get you started:
day 1: coming out / flags — coming out is pretty self explanatory, and can be as taken as literal as you’d like! what’s their story? how did the people around them react? are they coming out in terms of sexuality or gender or both? etc etc. flags is also up to interpretation, you can use the flag colors from different pride flags, explore red flags, play flag football—entirely up to you! [sunday, june 13]
day 2: mlm / pride — men loving men refers to any relationships that are between men or any characters that are mlm. pride is another open-ended prompt: what does ‘pride’ mean to you? what does it mean to these characters/how do they show pride? or, if you desire, this prompt can broadly refer to being proud or taking pride in something! [monday, june 14]
day 3: trans / acceptance — trans is a prompt specific to work about non-binary, genderfluid, and trans characters and/or their relationships. acceptance might refer to self-acceptance journeys or even coming out stories. again, quite open ended! [tuesday, june 15]
day 4: wlw / supporting characters — women loving women can showcase the awesome queer women on supernatural and their growth as characters, their relationships with others, or anything else you’d like to showcase. you can also show some love to the supporting characters not explored fully by the show. one episode wonders? one season stars? flesh them out or highlight their scenes! remember that you are of course welcome to use these characters for any other prompts as well! [wednesday, june 16]
day 5: found family / fun — found family: who are the important people that surround your character(s)? how do they support each other? how did they become family? you can easily tie this prompt into fun, or just run with ‘fun’ on its own and explore what your character(s) might do to let loose ! [thursday, june 17]
day 6: aroace / queer poc — day six allows creators to make content surrounding aromantic or asexual characters! you can combine this with queer poc if you so desire (e.g max banes, kaia nieves, whoever else you headcanon), but the second prompt is geared specifically towards queer poc characters and/or their relationships! [friday, june 18]
this day runs adjacent to @spnpocweek 's creator weekend (18th-20th) which will be boosting content from poc and about poc characters or relationships! be sure to check it out!
day 7: free space / free space [saturday, june 19]
* the ideas listed above are just to get you brainstorming! feel free to be as creative and interpretive of the prompts as you would like!
two prompts are provided for each day for flexibility's sake. feel free to combine them or choose whichever ones suit your fancy!!
you do not have to participate in every day of this event.
headcanons and canon are both welcome!
in addition to the prompts listed above, this entire week our blog will be open for you tell us your queer or gender-related stories! these can range from personal anecdotes to how the show and/or its characters helped with your coming out or understanding yourself, or anything else that you feel comfortable sharing. we’ll be posting these all week, so feel free to send us an ask (either on anon or off), submission, or tag us in your posts!
remember to use our tag #spnprideweek and/or tag us @/spnprideweek to make sure we see it and can reblog!
NO wincest or incest of any kind will be accepted. NO rpf ships or nsfw works will be reblogged on the spnprideweek blog, since this event is open to minors.
Thanks for your understanding, and if you have any questions, be sure to send us an ask!
& finally — check out @transnaturalweek from the 22nd-28th of this month!! in collaboration with those at transnaturalweek, you are able to resubmit any content made from spnprideweek to transnaturalweek by tagging them in your work on the appropriate/corresponding days of their event!
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katsidhe · 5 months ago
Top 5 Sam flinches.
7) 12.03. Mary hugs Sam and tells her sons she’s leaving. Sam watches her all the way up to the door, but he still flinches resoundingly when it shuts.
Tumblr media
6) 12.09. Sam, alone in his cell, as the metal door slams shut on his isolation: iconic. Wonderful. Season 12 gets rights for this, for the horrible nervous tension that Sam carries in confinement. (it occurs to me that I could probably do a top five Door Flinches tbh.)
Tumblr media
5) 13.21. AAAAAAH. The only reason I’m ranking this so low is because it doesn’t have a ton of psychological subtlety, especially not compared to the lovely scene that follows, which is relatively flinch-free (Sam is twitchy around Lucifer, as usual, but there aren’t big flinches that stand out). But its purpose isn’t subtlety: it’s a jumpscare, and a fantastic one. It’s made all the better for how intentional Lucifer was with it: the flashlight, the waiting in the dark. And Sam and I both got fucking terrified. 13.21 My Beloved. 
Tumblr media
4) 14.18. Dean smashes an entire wooden chair. This has been a quietly building scene--both Sam and Cas have been trying to placate Dean. Then Rowena reveals Mary is gone for good, and I love how deliberate the focus is here on the violence of Deans wrath and grief. There is real fear in Sam’s eyes. It’s not of Dean directly, per se--not that Dean will hit him with a chair, but it is of Dean’s mood, of what violence he will channel his devastation into. Of what shape this newest pain will be. He’s right to be afraid, because that anger will be directed at Jack.
Tumblr media
3) 13.18. Another Dean flinch, but this one is anger specifically at Sam. Sam’s just explained that there’s no archangel grace left for another portal, that he used it all to heal Gabriel. He could barely get the words out through the horrible silence--there’s no music, nothing to blunt the tension of Dean’s anger. Dean’s outburst and Sam’s flinch, when they come, are abrupt and deafening. Notice how here, Sam ducks his head down and looks away, how he’s trying to deflect, how he’s trying to breathe deep and not react.
Tumblr media
2) 15.20. it’s the Toaster Flinch (tm) of myth and legend. Sam and isolation: the loneliness of him and his toaster and the way every tendon in his neck spasms when it goes off. He’s the only living person for miles and miles, he’s mired in his mind, and he can’t help these nervous, visceral physical reactions. The space here is what gets me: it’s framed so deliberately even though there isn’t a specific narrative reason for Sam to react to a toaster, not like Lucifer or Dean or a threat--just the piled on years and years of reasons, of grief and trauma and his vicious and inescapable hypersensitivity. 
Tumblr media
1) 7.01-7.02 are SO FULL of Sam flinches that I couldn’t choose only one. There’s one every few minutes. The mark of an S-tier episode. Actually, Season 7 in general is a treasure trove, and I wanted to add ones from 7.15 and 7.17, but I’m trying to restrain myself at least a little bit here.
I love the way that, fresh out of a hallucination, he reacts to Dean not by pushing or hitting him, but quickly pulling back, hovering one hand over Dean’s arm and pushing his other against the wall for support. Like he’s wary of resisting or fighting even before he’s realized it’s Dean.
Tumblr media
This one is just. Really really nice. Similar thing, where he pulls away and quickly stops. He’s hearing Lucifer’s voice and Dean’s.
Tumblr media
UGH THIS ONE THOUGH. It’s my favorite. It’s so violent but understated. The way Sam’s eyes flick automatically to his hands, and then the way his face settles into something both hurt and reproachful, how his mouth tightens into this very nearly chastising little line. The way that it’s an intentional and obvious trick, it’s a form of mockery that Sam is very very used to but still can’t help but react to. It’s clearly a sick shared joke. The mutual understanding unspoken here, the history, drives me absolutely bonkers. It’s imprinted on the back of my eyelids.
Tumblr media
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alinastarkhov · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE CLONE WARS APPRECIATION WEEK | (1/27) favorite dynamic “ When I was out there, alone, all I had was your training and the lessons you taught me. And because of you, I did survive. And not only that– I was able to lead others to survive as well. ” – Wookie Hunt, season 3 episode 22
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bigassheart · a year ago
I’ve seen a couple posts about how everyone was wildly out of character and totally inconsistent this season and I’m just like... were you guys paying attention? 
1. Luther
Arguably the biggest shift in character between the two seasons, but it makes sense. Luther spent a year fending for himself and thinking his entire family was dead. 
This is the first time in his life that he had to hold down a job and actually live on his own. It was literally his first time living out in the world among anyone other than his family, and you can see in his reactions with the other characters from that life (the boss, his landlord, those kids that idolize him, and the waitress) that it has really mellowed him out. It has allowed him to be more normal, despite being very much not normal. You can see the way he’s so much more comfortable in his skin. Literally the only times he looks uncomfortable is when he’s fighting people, shirt off and body on full display. He’s still not comfortable with that, but he’s not trying to hide under huge overcoats anymore. He has people in his life who accept him for being a little weird, but really do treat him normal. 
So is he a little less uptight and mission focused? Yeah. Because he can finally see another life, and it’s the life that he honestly did want in season 1 but felt like he couldn’t have because he was number 1 and he had a responsibility to his dad, his family, and the academy to be the leader. Having a year on his own frees him of all that. 
But he also spent all that time thinking his family was dead and feeling so guilty about it. You can see in his very first interaction with Vanya, where he suddenly feels that responsibility again. He brings a gun, not knowing what’s going to happen and, despite what he told Five, he absolutely does still have that lingering feeling of responsibility. But then he sees Vanya and she’s not a threat and everything he has been holding in for the last year comes out. Because he does feel guilty as hell for what he did to Vanya, but also for the fact that his actions pushed her into causing the apocalypse. He spent a year with the knowledge that he did that and thinking that his family was dead because of his actions. 
He’s willing to listen now because he spent a year living in a world where his actions killed his whole family. And now he finds out that that didn’t happen and he has a second chance. Of course he’s going to take it! 
2. Diego
In the first season, Diego finally admitted that he wanted to be close to his family and that he cared about them and wouldn’t leave them again. He confronted the guilt about leaving, which he had previously denied. He realized the difference between revenge and honoring someone’s memory. But despite all that, he never confronted the reason why he, a grown-ass-man, wandered around the city as a leather clad, mask wearing vigilante. 
So when we see Diego show up in 1963, that’s still who he is. He wants to be that hero and he finds an answer for how to be that hero in the first several minutes that he’s there. So he takes it. I mean, what else is he going to do? His family is gone. Maybe they’ll show up again. Maybe this is it. Either way, he’s on his own like he was before, so he’s got a duty to be the hero he has chosen to be. 
And then he meets his dad again. Everyone keeps telling him he has daddy issues, and they’re right. He absolutely has daddy issues. He’s still trying to simultaneously prove that he’s good enough for his dad, but also doesn’t need Daddy’s approval. Except he does need it. He still desperately craves it and he feels gutted when his dad denies him that approval, even falling back into the stutter he had as a kid. 
Now, despite the way we joke, Diego is not dumb. He is so observant and he makes some of the most poignant statements about his siblings and the way they see the world. He sees the people around them and he understands them, but he has never been able to completely turn that gift inwards and see those same things in himself. In this season, Lila breaks through all that and he finally sees himself in her at the end. 
“Do you know how hard it is to trust people when your whole childhood was bullshit manipulation? Then why would you do that to me?”  
Diego sees himself in Lila, in her failure to break away from her mother despite the fact that he knows she wants to. In the final episode, he sees that she is just like the rest of the siblings, but she doesn’t have to be. None of them have to be stuck with their daddy issues, because they have each other. They can support and care for each other. It’s the last step of the growth he started in season 1, moving beyond his tendency to define his life and his family through their father. 
3. Allison
Throughout season 1, Allison struggled with whether or not to use her powers, but it was all centered around getting back to her daughter. When she appears in 1961, that motivation is effectively removed. She thinks everyone else is dead. She thinks that she is stranded in the past and that she will never get back. She finds a group of people to support her and before long... she finds her voice again. 
It’s no coincidence that Allison’s first spoken words in the series come right after she gives Ray that pamphlet with a bunch of added notes. She finds her voice in the civil rights movement. She finds her power there. She finds a way to help change the world, to change reality, and she does it without her powers. 
This is something she struggled with through the entirety of season 1, feeling inadequate for using her powers to get what she wanted, not knowing if anything was real or earned. Now she has the chance to earn everything without those powers and she is thriving. 
And then she is forced to use her powers again. It all turns out fine, but now she’s showing off and experiencing all over again how good it feels to have power. She spent two years in a world where she was denied equal treatment, where she could be arrested and assaulted for any reason those with more power came up with. And now she feels that power... She doesn’t have to wait for people to give her respect. She can demand it. But the pain is still there, and it’s not enough to just be respected, because these people have hurt her. They almost killed her husband. They have used their power to cause pain to her and all those who look like her time and time again and now it’s time to understand what it’s like to be powerless, to be hurt and to be unable to stop it and... 
And it’s scary. It’s scary to have that much power, to see how you could become the kind of person who uses your power to hurt others. And she knows that her power has hurt people she loves and suddenly she’s right back where she started. 
Only not entirely. 
She doesn’t shy away from her powers in the final fight. She is obviously still finding that balance and I would expect this struggle to continue for her in future seasons. Power can be addicting and Allison’s power is so strong. She knows the danger there, but she also knows that sometimes it’s needed despite the danger. 
4. Klaus
Klaus is an addict. He finds obsessions to bury himself in to avoid dealing with reality. In season 1, he buried himself in drugs and booze. When he shows up in the 60′s, he finds a new drug to bury himself in: adoration. 
Klaus is so impulsive and it’s not difficult to connect the dots of how one thing leads to another until suddenly everything is out of his control. Honestly, that’s the story of Klaus’s life, no matter where he goes. And then something changes. He gets tired of his cult and leaves. Except... that’s not really the reason. 
After all this time, Dave is still the love of his life, and he knows he has an opportunity. He knows where Dave will be at this one time and he knows exactly what he has to change to keep Dave alive. 
He also knows that Ben is going to have thoughts about this. 
I know some people were disappointed that there wasn’t more Klaus and Ben bonding this season, but it makes sense that there is tension there. I think a lot of that tension comes from Ben’s circumstances, which I’ll discuss later, but Klaus is also not responding to that tension well. 
They are fighting more than ever (not that they ever didn’t fight in season 1, where they spent much of their time being snarky to each other and Ben literally punching Klaus in the face for being an asshole), but the fighting is about something new this season. Ben wants his own life and Klaus is not in a position to give Ben what he really wants. We also learn that he has been carrying around this guilt for the last 17 years about forcing Ben to stick around as a ghost. He forced this half-life on his brother and now that it’s not enough for Ben, Klaus doesn’t want to deal with it. So he avoids and deflects and snarks and we see the toll on their relationship. We see it in the way he tries to deal with his plans around Dave entirely on his own. He focuses so much into that last ditch effort. He’s already in such a low place before this, so when that fails, we see him snap. We see him give up and crumble. And Ben falls back to his old role, trying to save Klaus from himself. 
But the tension isn’t gone and Klaus’s guilt isn’t gone. We see it again when Klaus finally agrees to let Ben possess him. Klaus has always been afraid of his powers and being possessed is just as terrifying a thought as being surrounded by the dead. And yet he gives Ben that chance. It’s the last good thing he can do at that point. 
I do wish we had gotten more closure for Klaus and Ben’s story. I think Vanya’s reveal could have been given a little more time, but that’s not really a problem with inconsistent characterization, so we’ll save that for another post. 
5. Five
OK, who would argue that Five was out of character or inconsistent? He’s obsessed with stopping the apocalypse, is willing to cross a lot of lines to save his family, and constantly frustrated by his family’s failure to go along with his plans. This is textbook Five. 
What I loved about this season was that we got to see Five finally meeting his father again. They interact as two adults, not as a child trying to find away to become his own person, frustrated by a lack of trust from his father. It allows Reggie to see Five in a different light and to actually provide advice in a constructive way, something he has almost never been able to do when viewing them as his children. But despite outward appearances and despite the fact that Five is a grown man, he still sees his father the same way he always has. He doesn’t register Reggie’s advice as advice. He hears that he’s striving beyond his abilities and that maybe he can only travel in seconds. He hears his father telling him he can’t handle time travel. That’s why he doesn’t try to actually take the very good advice until the very end.  
An old dog can still occasionally learn a new trick and Five proves that true. 
6. Ben
As I mentioned earlier, Ben is chaffing at his ghosthood. Maybe it’s because Klaus has been sober enough to keep Ben around solidly for 3 years. Maybe it’s because Ben is no longer spending all his time trying to keep Klaus alive and sober. Or maybe it’s the fact that he has finally found someone that he actually wants to spend time with. Whatever the reason, Ben wants to be alive this season. 
Again, as I mentioned, that’s causing some tension. Ben doesn’t want to be tied to Klaus, but Klaus is ignoring that because he feels so guilty about it. Ben doesn’t want to admit that he was too scared to go into the light on his own, so they’re at a bit of a standstill. 
And then Ben gets the opportunity to be alive again, if only for a while. And in a lot of ways, it’s wonderful! But it’s not the same as being truly alive. 
So when the time comes, when he’s faced with that light again... he’s not afraid. He knows that it’s time to move on. He knows this isn’t where he should be, but he also got the chance to be there for his family. He misses them, but he got to talk to Diego and Vanya. He got to save Vanya. He got to save Allison and Diego and Klaus and Luther and Five and the whole world! So while he would have stayed, he’s not sad about leaving anymore, and he’s not afraid. 
7. Vanya
OK, she was a little out of character because... you know. She had amnesia. 
But aside from erasing her past, the amnesia allowed us to see Vanya without the anger and resentment that plagued her for all of season one. Vanya was always someone who was kind and loving, someone who cares enough to leave peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches out for a missing brother for years. Someone who knows the pain of not being seen and who will always take the time to truly see other people. She’s someone who wants to love and to be loved and to protect those she loves. 
That was all here, with or without the memories. And as soon as the memories came back, so did the guilt and fear about what she had done, what she had become, terrified of what was inside her in a way that she was not when her powers first surfaced. But Ben is used to being afraid of what’s inside of him. He knows she’s not a monster and is the perfect person to explain that to her. And this time around, she has experienced the love and care and attention of her siblings (and Sissy) to back up those words. That’s how she finally accepts them as truth, how she finally accepts her power as a part of her. 
Overall, there are things that I wish this season spent more time with, but there was nothing that I felt was out of character or wildly inconsistent. The characters still struggled with all the baggage from their shitty childhood, their fear of their powers, and the guilt in their past. Some struggled in new ways this season and some continued old struggles that had never fully been resolved. The season felt very different than the first, but it still felt like the Umbrella Academy. It was a good mix of new and old and a good mix of feel-good moments we have all been waiting for and frustrating and sad moments that just come with having a complicated family. I loved this season. And now, I’m going to go re-watch every episode. 
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gibbiihughes · 3 years ago
100% Impressed with the season 2 finale of Sonic Boom.
The developers definitely stepped up their game with the finale compared to the plots of some of the previous episodes. The sound was well picked, Shadow's voice improved, the plot wasn't too childish and was extremely dynamic and involved with previous characters and events. I enjoyed the references to past episodes and the references that popped up from other sources. And most importantly: The action was entirely outstanding! Please keep this up!!! Great job!
Did anyone else get a strong sense that the writers/developers played Sonic Forces before animating this finale? Damn, we've been getting some good Sonic stuff lately. And I LOVE IT!
Tumblr media
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themultiverseofmarvel · 9 days ago
Ranking Every Episode Of Marvel Studios' 'What If...?'
(updated weekly, be sure to check back next week!)
Only three episodes remain of Marvel Studios' What If...? Here is a little sneak peek of what is to come...
Here is every episode of What If...? ranked so far...
#6: What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark
Tumblr media
While it was great to hear Michael B. Jordan and Andy Serkis reprise their roles of Killmonger and Ulysses Klau, this felt like a story we really didn’t need to see. It’s the only episode of the show so far where I was genuinely bored at times, and it ultimately seemed pointless and ended up feeling like a more convoluted way for Erik Killmonger to achieve the same as what he did in Black Panther. Just when What If…? needed to step things up a gear, this episode actually held it back.
#5: What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?
Tumblr media
Although the episode had some fun action sequences, this episode really didn’t have much going for it. But perhaps that might have been by design? It was always going to be jarring seeing characters we know and love in animated form, but this episode was basically a retread of something we'd seen before and had some wildly inconsistent voice acting. It felt like it was just introducing us to the What If...? concept.
Not terrible, but it wasn't the best start.
#4: What If... the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
Tumblr media
The key to writing a good murder mystery is giving viewers just enough clues so that they can try and play along. Whilst this episode was fun (and pretty good to be fair) the payoff was slightly underwhelming because it came out of nowhere.
#3: What If... Zombies?!
Tumblr media
Marvel Zombies is something that I, along with many others, have been hoping to see on the screen for many years. Whilst it's not entirely accurate to the comic book version, the 5th episode of What If...? was a fun and surprisingly heartwarming entry to the series. We got to see Hope van Dyne be the Avengers leader she should have been from the start, we got to see characters like Kurt actually get something to do, and we got to see a Futurama-esque version of Scott Lang, which was particularly silly.
This was one of the most gruesome entries of the MCU so far and left us with a twist that I hope we get to revisit in Season 2.
#2: What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?
Tumblr media
How good was it to hear Chadwick Boseman's voice again? After the slightly underwhelming first episode, What If...?'s second instalment provided us with a fun adventure, giving us a version of T'Challa we hadn't seen before, whilst also giving us fresh takes of The Collector and Thanos. We're still waiting to see what will happen after that finale with Ego and Star-Lord. Fingers crossed we'll find out what happens before the end of Season 1!
#1: What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?
Tumblr media
This was the first truly great episode of What If...? and the darkest thing Marvel Studios have ever done, with Benedict Cumberbatch delivering his best performance in the MCU to date. Watching this, it's hard not to wish that Marvel and Disney would take risks as bold as this in their feature films and it proved that they can deliver more mature and darker content alongside the sillier entries such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.
Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. We only have to wait until February to find out.
What's been your favourite episode of What If...? so far? Let us know!
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pearlcaddy · 6 months ago
16 reasons why the “I Got the Music” studio scene is my favorite underrated Jukebox scene
1. Luke memorized what Julie said and quotes it as if it’s fact. He respects her musical knowledge, and immediately concedes that his understanding of the industry is out-of-date, and that she knows more than him. I love it. 
But also! The fact that he looks at her and does that nod. He’s being a lil shit, but he’s also paying homage to her, he’s making it an inside joke, he wants her approval I am screaming already and we’re on point one
Tumblr media
2. I’m not going to include the smiles because we all have them memorized and I’m limited on gifs, but here‘s this beautiful set if you want some joy for your day. I just adore how soft and “early stages of crush” it is. Their microexpressions here are masterful.
3. Julie directs the “Should we try this again?” specifically at Luke, and he  answers her directly, rather than addressing the whole band. They’ve already become the parents of the band and I love it.
Tumblr media
4. Julie wants to hear the Sunset Curve songs immediately, and Luke wants to show them to her immediately because he is puppy and he craves her musical approval and they’re in love and they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together
Tumblr media
5. Again, in the vein of “they’ve become the parents of the band,” the way Luke quirks his head in Julie’s direction has me soft. @sanssssastark​​​ has pointed out that it’s got a lot of “Can you believe our son?” energy and I’m very here for their dynamic.
Tumblr media
6. He dog-eared the ones that he thinks she would slay??? To quote @xxprettylittletimebombxx​​​, picture “Luke spending his sleepless nights going through each and every song, thinking about how to transpose them for Julie's voice and how they can add in piano solos here and there.” Also, you should definitely picture Alex and Reggie watching him doing this like “... so do we tell him that he’s gone on this girl yet, or are we still waiting for him to figure that out?”
7. Julie’s whole attitude here when she thinks she’s about to score hot gossip about Luke’s love life. I’m especially soft for how it parallels Luke reacting to Nick in “Edge of Great.” Both Julie and Luke immediately jump to the classic high school “I am going to make fun of the idea of you having a crush. I am not deflecting at all. No, I am being super casual.” I love them; they’re such dorks.
Tumblr media
8. The way Luke blinks as he dwells for just a wee second on the fact that Julie has thought about whether or not he’s a romantic. I can’t find a gif of it, nor can I make gifs, so you’ll just have to go to 13:25 in the episode and appreciate it there.
9. Julie blatantly checks him out when he goes to get his guitar and I appreciate her honesty. She knows what she’s about.
Tumblr media
10. I've said it before and I'll say it again: “Do you approve of my guitar playing, Julie? Are you impressed, Julie? Do you love me, Julie?” They’ve spent the whole weekend writing songs, but this is Luke’s first time really showing her Sunset Curve’s music, and he’s desperate for her approval. And then he gets her approval, because she does love his music, but she loves his music because she’s already heard it because she grew up with Trevor Wilson’s music. So basically, he’s being a shy puppy here because he wants her approval more than anything, and he’s about to get it in the worst possible way. Thanks, I hate it.
Tumblr media
11. He continues to be a puppy who craves her approval and I can’t stand it. He’s also about to get his heart ripped out of his chest by this Trevor reveal so let’s just enjoy him being an innocent puppy while we can.
Tumblr media
12. Once again, I’m struggling to find the right gif, but the way Luke says, “Julie... what were his other hits?” makes me soft for two reasons. One, he knows that she knows. He continues to demonstrate how much he respects and trusts her musical knowledge.
And two, to quote @sanssssastark​​, it’s the way “he grips his guitar strap like a life line while the awful realization washes over him and he clearly already knows, but he has to ask her. So he says, ‘Julie’ to get her attention because she knows and he needs her to tell him all the while pleading with his eyes that the next words out of her mouth aren't what he's already sure they'll be, but if they are, at least he's going to hear it from her.”
13. “Luke introduced you to rock.” I can’t fully unpack that right now because I won’t be able to stop screaming about it, but the sheer soulmatism destroys me. Luke’s music is fundamental to who Julie is as a musician and, by the end of the season, Julie’s music will become so fundamental to Luke that he’d rather be erased from existence than make music without her and I really have to stop talking about this or I will go completely feral.
14. There are a lot of emotions going into this dart throw, but this specific shot comes immediately after “Luke introduced you to rock,” so I read part of his fury here as driven by the fact that he was denied his musical connection to Julie for years.
Tumblr media
15. Without question, Julie immediately accepts that Luke wrote her favorite songs and created music that is foundational to her as a musician. She takes a moment to adjust to the news, but she never doubts it, even though she’s known Trevor Wilson for years. Maybe her instant belief in Luke is on them being soulmates, maybe it’s on their musical connection. Maybe as soon as she knows that Trevor’s music was actually Luke’s, all the knowledge she has about Luke as a songwriter and musician slots into those songs, and they come into focus in a different way. “Oh right, of course Luke wrote those songs. Especially ‘My Name is Luke’—I always thought that was weird.”
16. How soft Luke’s voice is when he asks Julie, “Where does he live?” Luke is so angry by this point that he just threw a dart into her wall, but he’s very gentle the instant he turns to her. He’s being vulnerable with her and showing how hurt he is, and so she tells him where Trevor lives even though she knows that’s a mistake because she gets how much this hurts and ugh I need to lie down.
In conclusion: they’re soulmates, and this scene has so much great Jukebox content and we should be screaming about it more.
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skamenglishsubs · a month ago
Subtext and Culture, Young Royals, Season 1, Episode 4
Episode 4 picks up maybe a week or two after episode 3 ends, and we're attending Erik's funeral.
Tumblr media
Culture: Close relatives to the deceased wear white ties, not to be confused with the dress code white tie, which is something completely different.
Culture: In the funeral liturgy of the Church of Sweden, the priest pours a handful of earth on the coffin, and intones "Av jord är du kommen. Jord skall du åter varda." - From the earth you came and to the earth you shall return. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Culture: The green berets marks these soldiers as members of Livgardet, providing a royal guard of honour, as they have since they were formed in 1521, making them one of the world's oldest military units still in existence. They wear an insignia of the current monarch on their berets, and it's too blurry to make out, but it's definitely not the real-world one, so it could be something made up for Queen Kristina.
The blue board with numbers on it denotes which psalms were sung during the service, according to the hymnal of the Church of Sweden. They sang 289 - "God's love is like the shore and like the grass", 297 - "Lovely is the Earth", and 256 - "Don't be afraid".
Culture: The two honour guards at the back are wearing Carolean uniforms from the late 1600's. They were the fighting force that made Sweden an empire, for a brief century.
As the TV broadcast later shows, the funeral takes place in Johanneskyrkan in Stockholm, which is just a random church, and not where a royal funeral would actually be held. The real deal would happen in Riddarholmskyrkan, where all of Sweden's monarchs of old are buried.
Subtext: The business of the royal family doesn't stop, and with Erik dead, Wilhelm has to take over all of his duties and essentially learn how to run the business, because he's going to take over one day.
Subtext: Be straight, have kids, keep the royal family going across the ages. Only Wilhelm can do it now that Erik is dead. No pressure, though!
Tumblr media
Subtext: The idea that you can simply pay to get ahead is completely natural for the upper-class kids at Hillerska, they don't see anything wrong with it. Linda is absolutely not upper-class though, so to her, the idea is horrible, and she thought she had taught Simon the values of her class, and is shocked he has adopted an upper-class value instead.
Subtext: August is an insecure, jealous little bitch, #1.
Cinematography: We've moved forward in time and it's now probably in the middle of November. The weather is appropriately gloomy for Erik's memorial service, all the leaves have dropped from the trees, and it looks nothing like the happier times at the beginning of the school year.
Wilhelm is also wearing a more formal suit matching the mood, and if you look carefully, you can see that he has started wearing Erik's watch. (A GANT Cleveland, btw. I don't think anyone upper-class would be caught dead wearing something as cheap as that, but I guess the production didn't have unlimited budget. May I suggest this lovely Hublot for the next season instead? It would really make a statement, and it's a steal at $70k!)
Culture: The paper with the speech features some sort of coat of arms, presumably the one for this fictional royal house, and it looks vaguely like the real Swedish coat of arms.
We should also all be happy that Wilhelm stopped reading his prepared speech, because it was a bland, politically correct, emotionally empty product of the PR machine of the royal family.
Subtext: Growing up knowing of your future inheritance must affect you pretty strongly. It's good that Erik and Wilhelm were able to joke about it, but it must sting a little to think of yourself as "the spare", wondering if your parents conceived you because they wanted to, or because they needed to.
Subtext: At this point, Wilhelm has decided to go all-in on being the best crown prince he can be, which means he has resigned himself to his fate, which in turn is why he's breaking up with Simon moments later. August is of course overjoyed at seeing this new Wilhelm.
Tumblr media
Subtext: Since Wilhelm has now been elevated to crown prince, all the staff is aware that he's now the future king of Sweden, so they're upping the formality when talking to him.
Subtext: Only when the headmistress breaks the formality by addressing him by his name...
Subtext: ...does he break down, and go for the hug he so desperately needs.
Subtext: And to further reinforce how Wilhelm is now even more trapped than before, he picks up the frog prince snow globe again.
Culture: The bodyguards don't work for the royal family, they work for the government, protecting people in the interest of national security. They don't take orders from Wilhelm, or the queen, so they're not going to leave him alone, no matter how much he screams at them.
The subs and dubs are inconsistent here, btw: In the original audio, Malin says "Ja, jag är hemskt ledsen", and the regular English subtitles say "Yes, I'm very sorry", but in the English dub and the English CC subtitles, Malin says "No, I'm terribly sorry". Even though she says "yes" in the original, she's actually not going to leave him alone, because they both move to follow him anyway.
Subtext: Simon moves his dad over into a semi-prone position to ensure he doesn't choke to death in case he throws up while passed out. This whole sad scene also tells us that this isn't the first time Simon has had to do this for his dad, and he's also incredibly disappointed, because for all his dad's talk about seeing his family again and getting back on his feet, he's still an alcoholic.
Tumblr media
Blink and you miss it: Felice tries to help herself along to an orgasm since August isn't exactly doing it for her, but since he's an insecure jealous little bitch, he doesn't let her.
Subtext: August is an insecure, jealous little bitch, #3.
Blink and you miss it: Madison asks Felice if having sex with August felt "royal", a throwback to their discussion in episode 1.
Subtext: August is actually admitting that a lot of the students at school are abusing drugs to improve their performance.
Tumblr media
Lost in translation: Sara actually says "Jag vill inte att vi ska vara ovänner", which means that she doesn't want to be "not-friends". The negation has to be flipped in English because there's no good way to translate ovän, but that makes it lose some of the meaning.
Subtext: Madison saying what's on everyone's mind again!
Subtext: August is an insecure, jealous little bitch, #4. It's almost like it's the theme of the episode!
Subtext: For all his faults, Micke's greatest fear is that Simon is going to go down the same path as him, become an alcoholic or a drug addict, which is why he's always asking if Simon is using himself, just like he asked about the booze for the initiation party.
Tumblr media
Subtext: Alexander doesn't have a key, because he's not part of the Society. He's basically their errand boy, and I don't even know why he puts up with it. Come on Alexander, you can do so much better than hanging around these assholes! Be free!
Subtext: Be straight, have kids, keep the royal family going across the ages. No pressure, though!
Culture: Yeah, why isn't Nils here? In an earlier scene, August grabs Vincent while he's playing chess with Nils, and rudely excludes Nils. What was that about?
Oh, have I talked about nicknames yet? You have probably picked up that characters switch between using other character's real names and their nicknames. Everyone knows these nicknames, because they are formed according to rules. Generally, for male names, the name is phonetically simplified and gets an "e" at the end. So we get Wilhelm - Wille, Simon - Simme, Nils - Nisse, Mikael - Micke, Alexander - Alex, Per - Pelle, Kristian - Krille.
Culture: And here comes the explanation, Nils isn't noble, so he's excluded from this, even though he is a popular third-year student and best friends with Vincent and August. He has money, but no title, no land, no heritage; he's nouveau riche. If Forest Ridge is Slytherin in general, this is the secret muggle-hating pureblood deatheater cabal at the heart of it, and they don't accept just anyone with money.
Tumblr media
Culture: Although being noble doesn't confer any government privileges any longer, their titles are historically protected by law. The nobility is linked to the royalty, because if the monarchy should fall, if the country abandons it, the country might also decide that nobility is bullshit as well, and remove the title protection. If everyone is noble, no-one is noble, and the members of this little club would get really sad.
Subtext: This is a bit of nice foreshadowing for the future plot, but they actually mean it. They're professing their loyalty to Wilhelm, because he's going to be the future king of Sweden, he's going to outrank them all one day, and being close to him is going to be valuable.
Culture: The king of Belgium is King Filip.
Subtext: This will pop up later, and it's equal parts jealousy, and equal parts the fact that August thinks he'd take it more seriously, that he'd do a better "job" of protecting the monarchy than Wilhelm. Meanwhile, Wilhelm didn't ask for this, he doesn't want the duty and the scrutiny, and would actually happily swap with August if he could.
Tumblr media
Cinematography: Although Simon is looking straight at the camera here, he actually isn't breaking the fourth wall. We're simply seeing him from Wilhelm's perspective, just like we've seen him before when they kissed for the first time.
Subtext: The first thing Simon does is to check Wilhelm's pupils, and this tells us that this is something he's done before, probably when taking care of his dad. This scene also heartbreakingly mirrors the earlier scene with Simon and his dad with Simon coming to the rescue in both cases. He's given up on his dad, but he's clearly afraid that Wilhelm might go down the same path and that he's gonna have to rescue him again and again.
Subtext: This scene mirrors an earlier scene in the episode when Simon asks Wilhelm how he's doing just after Erik's memorial at school. Back then, Wilhelm is cold, lies that "he's ok", and breaks up with Simon. This time though, he says that "he's better", because he is with Simon, which is what he actually wanted the whole time.
Culture: Is August doing something illegal here? Yes! Is it because it's child pornography? No, because if it was, Netflix wouldn't be allowed to distribute the show! The reason this is illegal is because it's revenge porn, which was made illegal in Sweden as late as 2018. Only a few countries have made this illegal so far, because it used to be very difficult to produce. Now that everyone has a high-definition recording device in their pockets, it's easier to make, and therefore becomes a bigger problem in society.
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akamarulover · 5 months ago
Winter 2021 anime
It has been a while since I wrote one of these reviews! But this season was SO good I wanted to talk about these series. There was so much good stuff that I ended up dropping some shows I want to revisit later. So here’s all the anime I completed in the 2021 Winter season.
Sk8 the Infinity
Tumblr media
My favorite anime of the season. One of my favorites in a while. The staff working on it is just stellar (Director: Free!, Banana Fish) (Scriptwriter: Code Geass) (OST: Initial D) and produced by Studio Bones (MP100, FMA) no less! I cannot stress enough how good the OST is.
It’s about Skateboarding! Specifically, secret underground, no rules brawls in the “S” arena. Reki (innovative, artistic, engineer, talented, cheerful, sweet, best boy supreme) is a skater through every cell in his body. He meets Langa (cute, Canadian, snowboarder, angel), who recently moved to Japan after losing his father. Reki quickly pulls Langa into his world of skating and the two face the trials and tribulations of the S arena, and the colorful cast that inhabit it. 
The energy of the show is captivating and funny and a bit nostalgic. The skating tricks (and fails) are cool, and funny, and ridiculous, and an absolute blast to watch. The characters are charming and well rounded, and the story resonated with me in a very personal, motivating way.  I can’t recommend this enough! 
Wonder Egg Priority
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNINGS (sexual assault, abuse, self harm, suicide. If you need to know about certain warnings please make sure to look them up before starting)
Don’t let the pretty colors and cute girls fool you! This is a psychological horror magical girl series! With a similar look and production quality to any Kyoani series. After the suicide of her best friend, Nagase receives the ability to traverse dreams in the hopes of saving her friend. In those dreams, she and the girls she helps must confront their greatest fears and traumas. The enemies she and other “egg” owners face are grounded in reality, but twisted into grotesque forms.
The series absolutely does not shy away from heavy topics. The girls themselves represent a variety of personal internal struggles as well. Including a trans girl and wlw. Very good but very heavy anime.
Tumblr media
Horimiya is simply romance done well. The characters are charming and likeable and funny. The cast is colorful and well designed with good dynamics. The main couple is established very early on, so there’s not a lot of pre-relationship drama antics. Rather, Horimiya explores the growing relationship between Hori and Miyamura. There are plenty of side characters though, that do go through the pre-relationship fumbles and bumbling if that is your jam. The side characters are also great and often become the focus of an episode.
Kemono Jihen
Tumblr media
Cryptid kids solving mysteries! The character designs are amazingly well done. The color palette of the series is a visual joy to look at. Their powers are really cool and interesting. And the personalities hold together the show well.
Cells at Work: Black
Tumblr media
It’s Cells at Work, but edgy! All the same fun shenanigans and random facts and character designs of cells at work, except this time the body is actively dying nearly every episode! These cells have to save their host body from fun things like Carbon Monoxide poisoning, ulcers, and erectile dysfunction, oh my!
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Tumblr media
I tend to be a bit wary of the highly oversaturated isekai genre by now. But this one actually caught my interest visually and with its characters. IMO it presents those tired tropes in a thoughtful way. It does explore a lot of the more unpleasant aspects of isekai genre (CONTENT WARNINGS). But the way it’s presented still feels organic and usually interesting. Also the main voice actor, Sugita Tomokazu, carries the show.
Rudeus was a very much worthless loser in his past life. So once he is reborn, literally as an infant, he decides to start from scratch and work hard at bettering himself. He still has much growing to do, however, and he does make bad decisions often. But he learns to be reliable when it counts, and hopefully will grow past his problematic shortcomings in time. 
Skate Leading Stars
Tumblr media
Aka the other worse skating anime this season. It did have a strong opening episode, which is the main reason I kept with the series as long as I did. The main 3 characters have a strong and interesting dynamic. Their backstories are interesting and the drama and dynamics between them all was compelling. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast was not so much.
Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Tumblr media
A bit of a misnomer, since it’s not finishing quite yet with its split cour. I’ve been a fan of the series from the start, and I really enjoy where it has headed. Despite being in a new studio, I think they still adapted the story well, which is what matters most. I got used to the updated character designs pretty quickly too. Eren you’re one crazy bitch I love it. Can’t wait for the actual end.
Doctor Stone: Stone Wars
Tumblr media
I liked season 2 even more than I did the first! Senku has really grown on me a lot as a character. Even more characters were introduced. Established characters grew their relationships and developed. The inventions were fun (and factual). I enjoyed this season a whole lot! I can’t wait for more.
Cells At Work
Tumblr media
The original, also airing! The season ended up being pretty short, only 8 episodes, which was disappointing. I didn’t feel a lot of the same charm that season 1 had either. It was still good, and I would watch another season absolutely. But I was left wanting a bit more.
True Cooking Master Boy
Tumblr media
Not much to say other than the same fun cooking buffoonery. If you enjoy food wars, or want to watch food wars but without the fanservice, this is it. 
CONTINUING SERIES (from last season)
Tumblr media
The anime had a strong opening arc that I really enjoyed. However a lot of this season was kind of a dud for me. Everything up through where the demon Mahito was included, was great. Nothing special, just typical shounen with cool powers and a high budget anime. But I enjoyed it. 
Except, not really. I did not enjoy the school battles arc. I do not like any of the second years, or third years, or other schools. I only care about what the main 3, plus Gojo and Nanami and Sukuna were up to. I think the series is strongest when it is not at the school. The high school part of it really drags it down.
The mission they went on right after in the final episodes was fantastic. It really reminded me where the series shines. Which is in its demon investigations.
Black Clover
Tumblr media
This is another hit or miss series. When it’s bad, I gotta skip episodes. I don’t care for filler and for a good handful of the cast. But when it does decide to step up, its great! The fights are engaging and visually stunning. The powers are interesting when they’re utilized well. The demon form in Asta is always such an interesting part of the story. The magic visuals overall are great.
Osomatsu San 3rd Season
Tumblr media
Same show its always been. You should know by now if you like it or not. Some of my favorite gags and episodes ended up being in this season. 
Pokemon Journeys
Tumblr media
I was falling a bit behind, but I did completely catch up recently because Gou has been snagging some pretty sweet catches. I love the Grookey he straight up stole from Team Rocket. And he got a hella sweet legendary. What a good kid! He’s so cute and I’m so proud of him! Also Ash just evolved his Sirfetch’d which is  one of my favss. I hope Leon comes back soon.
The Promised Neverland season 2
Once I heard from manga readers it totally derailed itself, I dropped out. I plan on picking up the manga. I didn’t want to be spoiled by a lackluster adaptation.
Otherside Picnic
I want to revisit this one. I kinda replaced it with Wonder Egg Priority, which was like a similar but better version of the story.
Not gonna lie, I totally forgot about it. Nothing major made me drop it. I just didn’t have enough interest to remember it lmao.
Re-Zero season 2
The haremy crap got too much for me. All the appeal of the first season is totally gone. The story wasn’t interesting and the new characters were bad.
That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime season 2
I never actually picked up season 2 to begin with. I finished season 1 and it was good enough. But i wasn’t interested enough to continue the story.
And that wraps it up. Winter season was packed, and there was a lot of good stuff to watch. Spring will have a hard time measuring up, but I don’t expect it to. I dropped or skipped out on some series that in a less hype season, I probably would have watched. Not a bad problem to have haha.
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oviids · 10 months ago
pls share some of your spn fic recs 🥺🥺
ok, a few things first:
followers and mutuals who do not have supernatural brainworms, kindly avert your eyes
i don’t normally rec or even read much fanfic any more but this is a CRISIS ok (cont.)
there is so. much. content for deancas out there and i have incredibly high standards, several ancient ao3 bookmarks, can speedread, and want to spare you guys the experience of wading through it all.
i also have a section for spn femslash since I was pretty into that back in the day (sadly a lot less fan content for this :/)
I don’t really like au’s or pure smut (I honestly usually just skim or skip those scenes) so if you’re mainly looking for that kind of thing this probably won’t be very helpful to you. jsyk.
i’m not great at describing stuff but i’ll do my best, i’ll also try and add tw’s when neccesary.
i wil try and keep updating this with any other decent fics i find, feel free to rec stuff too since i’m like 7 years behind.(edit 1/25/21) this is getting looooong so i’m going to start making another list on my spn blog rather than update this one
(edit 1/3/21) since this has gotten pretty long i’ve added rating/approximate word counts and marked my particular favorites with an asterisk.
Dean/Cas fic:
So Says The Sword*** - explicit/85k. FUCK its travel where dean is not pulled out of hell by cas and says yes to becoming the michael sword. honestly could serve as an alternative to actually watching the show, if you want to get into dean/cas without actually doing that to yourself.
Fata morgana.*  - teen/6k, pst s9 finale. very bela centric and i love it, she finds cas looking for dean in hell.
Redemption Road -misc/600+k. an incredibly long fic from a collaborative writing group back in the day. canon divergent from the end of s6 on, has a cool take on godstiel and the leviathans, as well as the lovecratian mythos connection. ngl when i reread it i only made it about 28% in but imo the casual reader can actually stop around there, the rest concerns a lovecraftian apocalypse that is still good (i think i don’t remember it very well) but not required to enjoy the first half. if you prefer i have an ebook version i can send you on gdrive.
Someone Who's Feeling For Me* - mature/45k, s12. they run into lisa braeden and dean thinks cas is into her while cas thinks dean still likes her. treats lisa way better than the show ever did and the miscommunication is pretty funny rather than annoying.
a turn of the earth - mature/95k. time travel fic where cas from s10 keeps showing up in deans life from a few years before s1 to right before the hellhounds take his soul.  slow burn, good character study, and at one point cas punches the dad in the face and it rules.
On the Wings of War - teen/85k, canon divergent s5. dean accidentally becomes the Horseman of War. plays fun, fast and loose with biblical lore, michael has some rights.
Named - mature/95k, alternate s5. EXTREMELY blasphemous in a fun sexy way. manages to predict metatron almost to a T. there’s one major character death and its literally jesus christ, everyone is very sad about it and it sets the rest of the story rolling. an alternate interpretation of cas’ mission to raise dean from hell which had me on the floor. ngl its kind of misogynistic at points, but its from 2010 and tracks with late oughts-2010 spn (sorry anna the author did you dirty here:/).
The Girlfriend Experience - explicit/15k. uhhh i don’t normally rec or even read smutty stuff unless someone i know is specifically asking for it but this has stuff like sam trying to be a good ally and dean thinking holding hands with cas is ‘kinda gay :/’ minutes after having gay sex with him.
i crippled your heart a hundred times - explicit/19k, s8. cas confesses his feelings and dean spends a long time getting his head out of his ass about it. truly hits different after the actual confession, despite being written six years early it feels like its actually what could have gone down more or less if the writers weren’t talentless demons who hate us.
My Roots Take Flight** - mature/125k. reverse au where cas is a hunter and dean’s an angel...OR IS IT???? an alternate retelling of s4. tw for briefly being set in a psychiatric hospital/the hospital being mentioned somewhat frequently throughout the fic, plus more references to torture in hell and heaven than usual.
The One Thing You Can't Lose* - teen/ know those posts about how cas is a super-strong super-tough ancient warrior but he just lets dean tug him around because he likes it? thats it thats the fic.
Hands, From Which All Things Are Built - teen/14k, post s8′s ‘goodbye stranger.’ cas is on the run with the angel tablet but keeps in touch with sam and dean by text, he and dean still manage to be terrible at Actual communication.
Autrement, Danger - or, The Account of an Exceedingly Long Day - mature/30k, post s11. a monster that takes the appearance of your soulmate leads to some wild miscommunications and dealing with years of repression, also dean gets to see cas’ true form which is always cool. tw for non-graphic mentions of underage sexual assault/sex work.
Down to Agincourt - mature/explicit/900++++k, endverse continuation. endverse!cas survives his encounter with lucifer and discovers another time-displaced dean from s7. i’ve only read the two of four parts but its really good, veeeeery slow burn, has a lot of fun oc’s and takes a rather surprising but (imo) entertaining and intriguing turn into Hellenic history and mythology. usual tw’s for endverse/endverse!cas but nothing graphic, it’s actually pretty light-hearted (relatively speaking of course).
Nothing Equals the Splendor** - explicit/8k, THEE finale fix it fic you’ve been waiting for! posits that the entire final episode was just a (very bad and lame) djinn’s vision.
like moses and batman and james dean - explicit/31k, post s8. explores dean’s trauma and internalized homophoba from his technically canon experience with sex work and its impact on his relationship with cas. the sex work itself isn’t really shown in any detail but it’s still a relatively heavy fic.
Crazy Diamonds - explicit/25k, s4/alternate s14. fresh-out-of-hell dean and dean from 10 years in the future are displaced from time and sent to each other’s present.
where the weeds take root - explicit/30k. au where the men of letters kick them out of the bunker and they accidentally move out into the country, get over their codependence and semi retire. featuring chicken coop building, sam volunteering at a dog shelter, gardening, and blissfully mundane domesticity.
punch like bone - teen/2k, s5. dean has Emotions when he sees his cas after his time in the endverse.
No Resting Place - teen/6k. djinn dream fic, switches back and forth between cas’ dream of being married to dean and retired from hunting to the aftermath when he wakes up. tw for brief mention of suicide since, y’know, djinn dream.
any port in a storm - mature/52k. post s8 finale. cas and dean have to pose as a couple going through a rough patch for a case and actually deal with their emotional baggage, cas struggles with being human and metatron is up to stuff.
all this and heaven too* - explicit/7k. in the author’s own words ‘...a love letter to every trans person who ever projected onto Dean Winchester.’ absolutely unzipped me emotionally and theologically, its just. so good. tw for very brief mentions of internalized transphobia/dysphoria.
Because it is* - mature/6k, finale fix it. killing chuck does not bring back anyone back and the winchesters spend a very long time dealing with what they’ve lost, cas and dean SOMEHOW still manage to have signifigant communication issues even after the confession. tw for suicidal thoughts/brief attempt.
Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit* - teen/4k, s6. when cas fell for dean it automatically soulbonded/angel married them, shenanigans ensue when dean finds out during the angel’s civil war. funny and actually written back when s6 was airing so cas is still (or at least pretending to be) kind of an OP asshole which is fun.
Rinse, Repeat - teen/3k, s8. angsty character study of cas as he’s reprogrammed and trained to kill dean. not really dean/cas since its just cas’ pov of canon events but its beautifully written and ends with him snapping out of it through the power of love (also now a canon event!).
Emergence - explicit/59k, canon divergent after s11. dean meets a hunter he only recognizes as their friend claire novak’s missing father, but soon realizes he might be the answer behind the mysterious void in his memories and feelings (aka everyone’s memories of cas are completely wiped away for three years).
Cuckoo And Nest - explicit/10k, early established relationship/character study, cas tries to figure out how he fits into dean’s life and space in the bunker.
Build a Home* - teen/20k, canon divergent s12. sam and eileen are cute and turn the bunker into men of letters/hunters hq and everyone but cas moves in, mutual miscommunication issues and pining ensues.
Down in the River - teen/5k, early s8, cas prays to dean in purgatory while sam and dean try to figure out a way to get him out.
Teaching Poetry to Fish* - mature/52k, ?? BC through the entire series/canon divergent s14 and 15. retelling of crucial scenes throughout the shows timeline from cas’ pov, feat. actual fish and poetry.
the minor fall, the major lift - gen/4k, post confession/finale fixit. dean goes into the empty to save cas and runs into several old friends (and enemies).
With the Kisses of His Mouth* - teen/3k, gen later seasons. dean and cas keep kissing by accident.
Remaining Grace - explicit/109k, alternate s6. au where cas asks dean for help with raphael and dean, of course, does. tw for temporary major character death/semi-graphic depictions of alcohol withdrawal.
The face of heaven.* - teen/10k, au, dean is a regular guy and cas is a fallen star (think ‘stardust’, kinda).
Stories Are Made of Mistakes*  - teen/5k. newly human cas has trouble getting used to a human body and humanity in general, but still figures out that he and dean are A Thing before dean does.
Hurry Up And Wait - mature/21k, canon divergent s12. a fairyland and quite possibly LOTR related case comes up and dean goes full fanboy, mary is introduced to the wonders of the peter jackson adaptions, many references and comparisons (including between cas and dean’s ‘friendship’ and arwen/aragon). also charle is still alive and has just been doing fairy stuff this whole time.
There Are Many Things - explicit/28k, s9. cas is extremely lonely/touch-starved and trying to figure out this whole human thing, as well as where he and dean stand after being kicked out of the bunker.
It's A Long Life to Always Be Longing - teen/40k, post s11 finale. amara helps dean by putting him in a magical coma so he can finally get some much needed rest and show him possible futures for him, sam and cas. meanwhile sam and cas go on a roadtrip (or several) to find componets for a spell to wake dean up. really good sam and cas friendship, they actually talk about their shared lucifer trauma and stuff.
Non-Photo Blue - gen/2k, s4/5/alternate s5. fifty moments from cas’ memories of dean.
Tall Grass - explicit/57k, canon divergent post series. cas becomes the ultimate plant dad. feat the wayward sisters gang, cathartic character growth, fun oc’s, domesticity, and lots of actual botanical info-dumping.
on vessels - no rating/gen/2k. established dean/cas, cas tells dean about how he used to imagine what it would be like to have him as his vessel.
search for tomorrow on every shore* - teen/11k, post-finale (extremely derogatory). some angels in jack’s new heaven act out and dean gets temporarily resurrected in 2003 and runs into his younger self.
Architecture of the Minotaur’s Heart - explicit/45k, very canon divergent post s1. dean’s new house seems to have a life and mind of its own, while in his dreams he sees glimpses of a world and apocalypse that never came to be and an angel that looks strangely like his mysterious neighbor, cas. loosely inspired by the book house of leaves (which i highly recommend for fans of weird horror).
The Distance Of The Setting Sun - explicit/17k, post s5. established dean/cas relationship, team free will finally takes advantage of cas’ abilities to go on vacation around the world.
diamond star halo - teen/5k, s11. dean lets cas use him as a temporary vessel while he recovers from rowena’s spell, sam is a long-suffering third-wheel.
Make Known - teen/16k, s6/7. dean struggles to understand how cas could have become his enemy and whether he ever truly knew him in the first place.
blunt little instrument* - mature/1.4k, post finale. dean finally confronts his father in heaven, very cathartic.
my heart a compass*** - teen/10k, post confession. the empty forces cas to re-experience his most regretted moments while dean tries to snap him out of it and bring him home.
A Crash Course in Someone Else's History - teen/11k, s6. cas from the very start of s4 is brought forward in time by s6!cas to distract the brothers from his and crowley’s plans.
The Cuckoo Father - mature/8k, s7 au. the woman who found cas in the river post-leviathans does not marry him bc he was sent to her by god or whatever, but actually identifies him as jimmy novak and sends him back to claire and amelia.
The Dead Dean Clause* - teen/5k, post alt s5 ending. team free will celebrates surviving taking down lucifer by getting blitzed, cas lies to a cop and gets an impromptu driving lesson. title/description sound dark i know but it’s actually very funny and light.
Suck It, Judy Garland - mature/20k, s12 (after the ‘i love you...i love all of you’ episode). cas and sam have to pretend to be a couple for a case and dean is NOT happy about it.
By Daylight and In Dream - teen/16k, s5. pre-dean/cas, dean invites cas to use his dreams to hide from the other angels. tw for very brief mention of a memory/dream of alastair sexually assaulting dean.
The Five People You Meet in Heaven - mature/22k, post-canon. an actually happy (if sometimes bittersweet) heaven endgame written several years ago, though some details are rather eerily similar to the show’s ending.
heaven is a place on earth* - teen/2k. dean’s pov of some of the times cas left him behind throughout the show, and one alternate ending where he finally gets to stay.
I Cleanse The Mirror - teen/20k, alternate s6. dean’s body is stolen by an ancient elemental and his soul has to hitch a ride in cas’ vessel.
an exploration of gender; angelic*** - mature/4k. *oscar isaac voice* lets get into angel gender politics!! aka cas is trans.
Zenith - explicit/33k, s9. after 9x06 an angry witch curses cas with the ability to see supernatural beings and human souls.
La cucina. - gen/3k, alt s9. dean goes wild helping a newly-human cas find out what kinds of food he likes, or the early s9 domesticity we deserved!
Dean Winchester, Cocksucker at Rest***** - teen/7k, post-finale. john and mary finally come over for dinner and john reacts to dean/cas in a rather predictable fashion. SOOOOOOOOO good omg, its so funny and a little sad and very very cathartic. part of a series that has a few other really good short fics.
The Way You Didn't Go - teen/5k, s15. coda to 15.09, dean has nightmares about the moc!cas timeline.
On Drowning - teen/28k. dean saves cas after he nearly drowns, they both try and deal with the physical/mental fallout (aka the fic where thee iconic “you only touch me when you think I’m dead or dying” originates). tw for realistic depictions of drowning/triage/misc medical information.
The Thirty-Six Questions That Lead to Love* - mature/13k. claire has dean and cas pretend to be her gay dads for a case and they play the titular 36 question game, get mistaken for swingers, and birdwatch, among other things.
Assorted F/F stuff:
Deep Breaths* - mary/ellen, au where mary said no to azazel’s deal and let john stay dead, still becomes a milf.
Like Rebel Diamonds - krissy/claire, they become hunter gf’s on the hunt for cas to kick his ass for taking jimmy. not-so-stealth dean/cas as well.
To Ash and Bone - anna/ruby, same author as the previous fic (p much all of her stuff is good from what i recall). au where ruby is a witch and helps anna when she’s cursed.
Holy Clockwork Angels - jo/ruby, STEAMPUNK au with very cool worldbuiilding.
At Day's End - jo/anna (my fucking KINGDOM for more jo/anna content, the dean/cas parallels are allllll there), au where they are both at the camp in the endverse and gfs.
these posts - ok so not actually a fic but i’m now obsessed with this hannah/meg dynamic.
Tagelied - mary/ellen, the true story of how ellen got into hunting before angels interfered.
Hell's Bells** - meg/abaddon, alternate s8/9 where meg survives crowley’s attack with sam’s help and teams up with abaddon (who she has a sk year old crush on) to take back hell.
The Ecstasy of the Rose - anna/ruby, anna travels back in time to escape heaven and becomes a signifigant part of ruby’s old human life.
Angel Underground - anna/jo, kind of an urban fantasy au with a very intriguing premise (sadly its very short, i’d love to see more if this ‘verse).
Clover, Flame - billie/mary, billie was always the reaper that showed up to take mary after her death(s) over the years.
Drag Me To Heaven - anna/ruby, a variant on the ‘last night on earth’ thing with dean.
Come Home* - jo/anna, canon-divergent au where anna is the new waitress at the roadhouse and helps jo set up a (probably not really) haunted house for halloween.
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unproduciblesmackdown · a year ago
spinel 🤝 winston: having one (1) name and one (1) gun
lmaoooooo Yeah making connections for the ages with the same joke recycled without limits cuz i think it’s funny…..One Name. One Gun. One Life. One Dream.
#peak ''why is everyone so stupid'' lore that every gem's Name is just...their Rock Type. like a damn pokemon#ooh we all have full spectrum of emotion & don't know what that is & also aren't supposed to even tho we are...Ok Stupid#we made a toy she's fully sentient & loves you sure hope nothing bad happens lol like. invent fucking wiisports bowling idiots....#''no need to think about the consequences of your having interiority'' another handshake emoji :/#i was walking Ancient Beagle around the yard while internally monologuing about how winston is Done Wrong and so denied Personness thus far#i got indignant and worked up all over again lmao i h8 this. he's been here 3 seasons stop making him Not Count / odd 1 out#give him the acknowledgment the respect the consideration the appreciation both Meta-ly and In Series....#let his Feelings have existence and consequence and make ppl think about him on terms of him just being his own person same as any other cha#give him relationships acknowledge an inherent capacity / Worthiness there ffs....god benston would be so good. ugh#the Themes and complementary similarities n contrasts....the two brushed off / written off / ignored / dismissed Financial Analysts get 2 Se#and also kiss#and give winston a gun too b/c it'd be funny. no explanation. just like Give Us A Musical Episode With No Explanation / Justification#nothingunrealistic1#*get 2 See & Appreciate each other#i am also stupid & will never stop cutting myself off in the tags...tho this was also just [desktop format]'s fault too
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hunxi-guilai · 6 months ago
Hihi! I've noticed some CQL fic recently about class conflict / revolution of the working class against an elite class of cultivators. This idea is intriguing and I think I've seen it executed well, but I also know that cultivator's practices are tied deeply to religion + Daoism so it seems like cultivators are generally pretty well respected in society. Class definitely comes forward as a theme in CQL though, and non-cultivators (e.g. Dafan Wens) clearly do suffer from the war in CQL. 1/2
2/2 I guess I'm wondering to what extent the idea of non-cultivators leading a class revolution feels like a more modern take vs smth that might conceivably happen in a historical Chinese setting. (Based on what happens with Xie Lian in the TGCF novel I feel like a class revolt might happen in MXTX's xianxia worlds at least). I know this is complex but I'd love to hear your thoughts if you're interested in this topic and care to share them. Thanks for your wonderful blog! sorry this is so longgg
hooooooo okay, okay where to begin with this
so first of all, I’m going to link you to @pumpkinpaix’s most excellent meta on class dynamics in MDZS, because she carries this fandom on her goddamn back and holds the brain cell that I certainly do not have
secondly, I’m going to re-link this post on the ahistoricity of cql, because it is, in fact, very important to me that people do not try to read CQL as a historical text in any way, shape, or form
thirdly, so, okay. before we talk about class or class conflict or the revolution of the proletariat or whatever, I want to point out that this story is 架空 jiakong -- it’s built on thin air. I make jokes about the inconsistency of the worldbuilding all the time, but I’m also a Cosmere fan with unrealistic standards for worldbuilding and at the end of the day they’re jokes. But to try and read class conflict into CQL is premised on the assumption that there’s like, a system in place that is premised on the oppression of the working class and a functional economy that keeps this society running. What is this economy? Who is this working class? Hell if I know! They pay each other with rocks spray-painted a shiny gold and we don’t question it.
oh, we can theorize all day about feudal systems of taxation and protection, or guess at the going price of evil-warding talismans, but at the end of the day, neither the author nor the showrunners felt the need to build an extensively detailed class system into this world. and why should they? that’s not the focus of the story; just the general strokes of a nebulously-familiar setting will suffice.
this isn’t to say class isn’t a major theme in CQL, since it’s literally like, the crux of Jin Guangyao’s character (again, please read that meta by @pumpkinpaix, it’s so good), but like. to talk about class conflict and revolution? feels like we need to get much further in the weeds about, like, economic structural inequality built into the fabric of this society. and to me, that feels like fumbling around in the dark, because there isn’t?? really??? a historical??? analog???? to cultivators????
look, this is xianxia. this is a fundamentally fantastic text. cultivators as a class (hah) of people amalgamate this strange chimera of Daoist priest and warrior-mercenary and landed gentry and wandering scholar that is very much a staple of the wuxia / xianxia genres, but not particularly applicable to history. so the idea of a “working class rebelling against an elite class of cultivators” simply does not have a handy historical analogue to point at because cultivators--in the form of this structured, organized, jianghu sect hierarchy--did not exist???
(honestly, the closest counterpart I can think of is--hilariously--season 1 of The Legend of Korra, which attempts to deal with the societal inequality of benders and non-benders. but like. does Korra handle that well? anyway)
and before anyone tries to make the argument that the cultivational sects map onto the imperial government--they do not. They simply Do Not. If you think so, then you have not confronted the Bureaucratic Majesty/Nightmare of imperial Chinese government. 
here’s the thing about most wuxia / xianxia / Chinese period dramas as a whole--they’re never actually about the “common people.” Your main character is always going to be the member of some elite class, or marry into the elite class, or have Magical Powers Conferred Upon Them and thereby become elite. The genre is simply uninterested in the dynamics of class beyond its effects on a character’s backstory. The reality of it is simply that working class life in ancient China rarely gets made into 50-episode dramas. At the very least, I’ve never seen one.
if we want to look at peasant rebellions in Chinese history, they are often about changing the people in positions of power rather than the systems that impose said power. The dynastic system lasted for millennia because every time there was a successful uprising, the people who led that revolution proceeded to put themselves in the positions of power in that very same system, and the one time the revolution led to a systemic change in governance--
I will never be paid enough to talk about 20th century Chinese history, but if you’re looking for historical analogues of class revolution, you’re welcome to confront the bloody wasteland that is 20th century China
class in ancient China is complicated; class in dynastic China is complicated; class in 20th century China is (hoo buddy) complicated; class in 21st century China is (yells) complicated. Which is a roundabout way of getting to your question of:
I guess I'm wondering to what extent the idea of non-cultivators leading a class revolution feels like a more modern take vs smth that might conceivably happen in a historical Chinese setting.
Not only does this feel like a modern take, this feels like a very Western take; I don’t think Western concepts of class awareness and conflict map easily across national and cultural borders, but I don’t have the requisite knowledge to give you a more nuanced understanding of how or why exactly. That... would be the subject of a dissertation, not a tumblr post.
You did bring up TGCF, and I do want to point out that the fall of Xianle is also... not a product of class conflict, necessarily speaking. It’s the product of 1) a refugee crisis, 2) multiple natural disasters, 3) the literal hand of fate. I think MXTX incorporates themes of class into her works, but her books tend to be much more focused on the development of an individual character in the face of hardship and opposition, rather than the role of an individual in society and the individual’s obligation to contribute to said society. I could write several hundred words on Xie Lian and his relationship to “the greater good,” but that belongs in a wholly different meta and a complete separate blog. I think it’s quite important that, again and again, we see that the ‘happy ending’ MXTX bestows upon her main characters is not “and then they get into politics and reform society to bring the greatest good to all!” but rather “and then they live in a house with the love of their life in quiet, domestic bliss, away from the politics that caused them so much pain and suffering.” To me, that indicates the author’s interest in personal and emotional development of characters rather than commenting on class conflict/class revolution in ahistorical fantasy China as a whole.
Again! I’m not trying to be prescriptive. I’m not saying that people can’t flesh out the worldbuilding and create incredible works of transformative fanwork that speculate on the nature of class conflict and revolution in a fantasy society. If that’s your speed, all the power to you! That sounds like a truly terrifying amount of thought and research, godspeed.
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steveyockey · 5 months ago
Can you explain the eras of spn to me I’m newish and don’t understand which seasons correlate to which writers 😔
“eras” refers to who was showrunner for that season! quick hit breakdown of how this works out
kripke era: seasons 1-5
the show was kripke’s brainchild and as such the kripke era demonstrates the most fealty to a united vision, for good and ill. on a very literal level, the first three seasons of supernatural were shot on 35mm film, which gives much of the era its distinct grainy look. you can check out kripke’s original pitch to get an idea on the sort of tone he was aiming for as well as observe the self-seriousness of his approach that would ultimately lend to the show’s soap operatic feel. supernatural at its rawest and edgiest.
gamble era: seasons 6-7
gamble wrote for the show since season 1 at a spry 21 and was picked to take the reins after kripke’s finale because why not keep making money if you’re making money and already signed six-year contracts with your actors. a decent writer who was not equipped to manage an entire arc, but it would have been hard for anyone to figure out what happens after the apocalypse. more recently reappraised in particular for godstiel, but ben edlund is the one who really managed to salvage that with tmwwbk.
carver era: seasons 8-11
carver wrote for the show from season 3 to season 5, left to go do his own show, and then came back to showrun 8-11. 8 seems to have largely benefitted from ben edlund's influence, but edlund left at the end of 8 to go write for a failed kripke joint so 9-11 are pure carver. 9 is a tough hit and 10 doesn't really walk it off, but 11's standalone episodes more than make up for a mediocre arc, signaling the shift from supernatural The Show to supernatural The Live Action Battle Among The Writers For What Story We're Telling.
dabb era: seasons 12-15
dabb got on this train in season 4 and stayed on for the remainder of the ride. the sitcomification of supernatural. they're planted in the bunker. the orange lighting has taken over. they have a teenage infant son to look after who is also the antichrist. the specific stylings of individual writers has never been more apparent, again, for good and ill. as an anon maj got a while back said, anything that happens here is "a small price to pay for jack and dadstiel."
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fredzina · 8 months ago
Dean Winchester has ADHD and here's why
Before I get into this I would like to preface that I'm not a psychologist nor have I actually taken a psychology course (although I tried but apparently I'm not allowed to take 11 courses a semester). Point being, all of what I'm about to talk about is from my own research, and my friends' experiences with ADHD. I also have not been properly diagnosed with ADHD or any type of neurodivergency yet but I will try my best to be a good advocate and ally.
First thing I need to get out of the way. ADHD is a developmental disorder and it often manifests during childhood. There are three types of ADHD, predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-implusive, and combined ADHD. I will mostly be talking about predominantly hyperactive ADHD. However, ADHD manifests differently for different people, and there is a discrepancy between afab and amab and how ADHD shows. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities
Okay now into why Dean Winchester has ADHD!
One of the most common symptoms of ADHD is restlessness and fidgeting. From the very beginning we can see that Dean fits into this category. Luckily for him, life on the road allows him to get out a lot of the restless energy and need to move. But it wasn't always like that. For example in season 1, episode 18, Something Wicked this Way Comes, Dean talks about himself as a kid and says. “It was the third night in this crap motel room and I was climbing the walls. I had to get some air.” he describes going against John's orders because he physically could not stay inside the motel anymore.
Another example of this is in season 2, episode 7, The Usual Suspects. We can see as Dean tried to wait for Sam but quickly gets bored and begins to make noises before quickly getting up and leaving
Yet another example in season 5, episode 21, Two Minutes to Midnight. During the montage where Sam and Dean are watching the surveillance footage Dean is shown to have gotten up and paced around the room, all while Sam has barely moved. There's other examples of this when Dean has to wait for something, he quickly gets bored and will typically fidget to some extent.
Sensory processing
People with ADHD often struggles with sensory processing, Dean himself exhibits some of these traits through physical sensibility. One of the most recurring examples of this is his love for good water pressure. The first time he made a remark on it being in Season 1's Bugs. He also exhibits having an oral fixation in the earlier seasons, specifically season 1 (god I love season 1 Dean). His oral fixation can still be seen in later seasons it's just not as noticable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean also exhibits having happy stims
Exhibit A:
Tumblr media
Exhibit B:
Tumblr media
For those of you who don't know what stimming is, it refers to self-stimulation and usually involves repetitive sounds and/or motions, such as hand flapping. Everyone stims, it's just more common place for neroudivergent people.
Easily Distracted
While yes, Dean can very easily maintain focus while on a hunt, he is also, just as.essily distracted. At multiple points throughout the series we can see Dean wandering off and looking at things in people's houses, getting distracted by photographs, food, etc.
Getting distracted by a rubber band
Tumblr media
Regarding Dean also shows a lot of Dean getting easily distracted, which could have easily been part of the spell but I also think it was partially his ADHD
Tumblr media
Views of the World in Black and White
A less commonly known symptom of ADHD is viewing the world in Black and White, Good and Evil, etc. This is pretty prevalent in Dean's character, in particular season 7 episode 3, The Girl Next Door. Despite Sam vouching for Amy and saying she's not evil, Dean still goes and.kills her. While I'm not defending his actions here it shows that he struggles with the concept of a grey area, and this is shown throughout all 15 seasons.
Impulsive actions
Ah yes, what would Dean Winchester be without his reckless and impulsive decision making? It should come as no surprise to any fan of Supernatural that Dean is often prone to impulsive decision making, whether it be from suddenly yanking down his pants and yelling "Pudding" to saying yes to Michael. Dean's always had a problem with making impulsive decisions, and it tends to come back and bite him in the ass.
Some other specific examples of his impulsive decision making: telling Cassie about the life after only knowing her for two weeks (also their relationship and his attachment to her is another aspect of ADHD which I will touch on later), midnight drives in Baby, going to a Jayhawks game on a whim, leaving in the middle of the night to go somewhere, making a demon deal, the list goes on really.
Executive Dysfunction
Executive dysfunction is a very common trait of ADHD, and while it may not be super noticable Dean does exhibit some traits of it. Part of why this particular symptom may not appear a lot is because of their lifestyle, with constantly being on the move, up until they got the bunker, they didn't have very many belongings to make a mess. However, one of the first examples of this is in season 2 episode 15, Tall Tales, Sam is shown to be nagging Dean about the mess he's made and the food and socks lying around everywhere. And while Dean normally keeps a clean room, there are times where he seems to lack the executive function to keep it clean
Tumblr media
Poor Emotional Regulation
Another big shocker, I know. It is very common for those who have ADHD to have poor emotional regulation. This is shown quite often in the case of Dean, from his fits of anger that lead to physical altercations, emotional outlashes, to the destruction of several innocent lamps.
Tumblr media
He is also shown to have frequent mood swings and a constantly changing sense of self. It's also no secret that Dean has a low self-esteem which is another common trait of ADHD.
One of the most harmful traits of ADHD that can manifest is substance abuse. This is shown in abundance as Dean's go to coping mechanism as seen with his alcoholism. Adults with ADHD are also 14% more likely to try and commit suicide, which sadly, has happened on more than one occasion on the show with Dean.
Another symptom of ADHD is dwelling on emotions and the past. Dean is commonly shown to be dwelling on his past mistakes and guilt, which I mean, it's understandable.
He also seems to suffer from RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria). This is a common trait in ADHD but is less commonly talked about. RSD essentially means that you are more prone to being affected by other people's perceptions of you and use it as a reflection of yourself. This is commonly shown with Dean and how he is constantly trying to appease his father and Sam. It's also part of his codependency issues and why he pushes people away.
Hyperfixations and Focus
A common trait of ADHD is the inability to focus on things that do not interest the person; on the flip side is the ability to hyper focus, or 'fixate' on things that are of great interest to them. In Dean's case this extends to his music, his car, cowboys, movies, and tv shows such as Dr. Sexy and Scooby Doo. In things that he has an interest in not only does he show over excitement to it but also extensive knowledge of the subject. Such as:
"Because I swore part of what makes Dr. Sexy sexy is the fact that he wears cowboy boots, not tennis shoes!"
Another example being in season 14, episode 4 Mint Condition, and his extensive knowledge of the hatchet man movies. Or literally anytime cowboys are mentioned
There are literally so many examples about his knowledge of cowboys lol
While Dean was quite the "lady's man" in earlier seasons he had very few meaningful relationships throughout the series. While part.of that is no doubt due to the life they led, some of it was caused by his symptoms of ADHD and Dean's unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Cassie- as I mentioned earlier, Dean's decision to tell Cassie about the life is part of what caused this relationship to fail. Another factor was probably because of how quickly and strongly Dean latched onto her emotionally, had he not felt like he loved her he would have never told her about the life.
Lisa- Dean's inability to rely on Lisa and feeling like he was the sole caretaker of their family was part of what led to the downfall of that relationship
Both of these issues stem from symptoms of adhd, in particular RSD.
Another example is his relationship with Cas, he is constantly pushing Cas away and hurting him by lashing out in fear of rejection. His emotional outbursts and impulsiveness has caused more than a few bumps in their relationship. The same can be said for Sam as well as his other friendships.
In conclusion...
Dean has ADHD. While I don't mean to make this seem all doom and gloom there are negative aspects of ADHD that aren't as often discussed that I wanted to talk about in this post. I also tried to highlight some of the positives. Either way I love Dean Winchester.
Tumblr media
But now it is 11 at night and I need to start my homework that is due tomorrow, please wish me luck lmao (also I know I didn't cover everything but I didn't want to make this too long)
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myhumanweakness · 5 months ago
Destiel and “Sammy knows” further confirmed
Prepare for another one of my long rambles. 
The 15.20 script that just came out:
Tumblr media
This is completely paralleled with (15.09)
Tumblr media
One of the main points in Chuck’s memory he showed Sam in 15.09 was Dean giving up fighting. And Sam points out that after Dean lost Cas he’s been different. And Dean flat out admits that after he lost Cas in a horrific way, he has mentally, emotionally, and physically given up. Hm... does that sound familiar? Season 13 is calling. 
At first, the real Sam is so shocked about Dean giving up and refutes it, but ultimately he believes it, leading to TFW’s plan to trap Chuck failing. At the end of 15.09 Sam even admits to Dean [and Cas] that he still believes Chuck’s version of reality would come to fruition if Cas took the mark. So, as a good brother, one of the reasons Sam didn’t trap Chuck was because he saw what it did to Dean- which ultimately led to the brother’s demise because they were no longer working at full capacity/cohesively. 
I mean... they literally get turned into vampires because Dean gave up after losing Cas. That’s literally what that ENTIRE sequence of events said. 
Anyway, in the 15.09 scene, Dean says “He’s not,” with bitterness and anger. Look at Dean’s face while he’s driving. But, in the parallel, the script from 15.20 explicitly says that Dean is calm. It’s the same dialogue. Same sentiment. If Cas were here, he would heal ____. But the line in 15.20 is different. 
That “He’s not” is almost a nod from Dean like: Yeah, Sam. Cas isn’t here. That’s why you need to let me go. 
Don’t forget, Dean still thinks Heaven is a compartmentalized paradise where you live your best memories/life as you always it to be. And that would be a surefire way for Dean to be reunited with Cas. No way in hell Dean’s eternal paradise in Heaven didn’t include the second most important person in the world to him. 
So, taking that knowledge into account, those TWO LINES that didn’t make it into 15.20 basically outright say: 
1. Sam is aware that Cas is part of what Dean needs to be fulfilled/truly happy, and he also loves his brother/knows Dean enough to let him go and allow him to experience his Heaven/peace, which he knows includes Cas. 
2. Dean gave up in the end, in part, because Cas was gone, and in his mind, his only hope to see Cas again would be in death. That and the possibility of Sam being able to live his life were the two most important positives Dean saw in dying. Essentially, (and I don’t like saying this), Dean passively committed s**cide. 
3. The weird, shitty ending Chuck showed Sam in 15.09- you know... the one Sam fought so hard to avoid- ultimately came to fruition anyway. The team got broken up. Dean gave up (even though Sam was so sure the-brother-who-raised-him never would). Why did that happen? Why did it happen in the first place. OH! That’s right! Because Dean lost Cas. 
4. That parallel between the two episodes confirms- WITHOUT A DOUBT- that Dean loves Cas too. 
Thanks for coming to my TED talk. 
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