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#and smiling a lot like this
emeraldcasa month ago
john in lebanon is shown as this fake, smiley, soft spoken version of what we'd seen before but that doesn't stop him from pulling dean aside and asking him and only him why he doesn't have a family. he was there all of a few hours but he knew he knew that dean was still dean and all the smiling in the world couldn't disguise the fact that john knew he hadn't stamped that shit out
#I haven't stopped thinking about this ep since I saw it bc even tho I see a lot of ppl talking about how he was an idealised version of John#that dean conjured up I don't completely agree. i mean he's smiling and gentle but imo it's in this deeply unsettling way because I can#see through it to the real him and the second he gets a chance he's on deans case. and he's heard about cas and about Jack and I think from#the way dean talks about them he's pieced it together. he hears that dean is living in a bunker with a male angel he's known for a decade#and raising a child with him and he hears how dean has never rlly had any serious relationship with a woman and alarm bells are screaming i#his head so he takes dean to one side - a fully grown man he doesn't even know - and he tries to make him feel small. he tries to make him#hate himself just like he used to - with implications and the things he doesn't say and the 'I thought you'd have a normal life'#except this time it doesn't work on dean. it doesn't work anymore bc he knows what he wants (cas) even if he doesn't think he can have it#and he tells him softly but firmly 'I have a family' because he does! and he knows he does and he's outgrown johns words#and he still craves his approval but he doesn't need it the way he used to#he's a father himself now and he's becoming ok with who he is#and he has a family#he HAS a family#spn#14x13#lebanon#supernatural#spn lebanon#obvs this is all my opinion but as much as I think that ep was shite I also think that there's a lot to dissect in the way dean is treated
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milfbosspsmp4 months ago
Tumblr media
I'll do the same as you / I'll try and hold it up / Soon I hope or as soon as I'm old enough
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knox-enden21 days ago
Imagine an AU where Tubbo, Tommy, and Ranboo are all sent back to the past, where they meet teenage Schlatt, Wilbur, and Techno.
The beginnings of Schlatt and Wilbur's adventures, where Schlatt, still Schlatt, is just an edgy teenager while Wilbur, still Wilbur, is also just as edgy of a teenager.
Tubbo and Tommy trying to figure out what happened between the two teenagers, and how their fallout began, and how their lives had begun to spiral.
And then the water rises.
Ranboo, however, is left with the same socially awkward man Ranboo knows, except also teenage version.
Techno is farming potatoes to beat his rival Squid Kid. Ranboo realizes that Techno hasn't changed a bit, just leaned more towards Anarchy now.
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tarydarrington3 months ago
the thing that's fucking me up so much is just that.
essek loved him. like, we knew essek loved him, but now we know essek loved him.
the inability to make eye contact, the dunamancy gem, the showboating, the conversation on the ninth floor, pulling caleb out from under the tower, dragging him away from eadwulf - he really did canonically love him for all of that
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wrightaboutthat13 days ago
I have to wonder how Franziska felt when she first saw Phoenix draw a genuine, beautiful smile out of her brother. Did she experience this serene, overjoyed feeling because her brother was finally happy? Did she experience jealousy towards That Man, as he bested her once again? Did she experience pain because it was something so severely overdue? Or a confusing mixture of everything?
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