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#and sorry if ive just said 5 paragraphs of stuff u already know
vampireqrow6 months ago
hey so I agree with a lot of the stuff in your post about the transphobia involved in the origin of the pansexual label, but I just have one question: what are the actual impacts of people with good intentions calling themselves pan? If you don't hate pansexuals and consider them bi, why type up a paragraphs long manifesto on the harms of the origin of the label if it means the same thing in the way that most non transphobic people (your audience) use it? a lot of identities can be used in transphobic ways (like bi and lesbian and anything really) and plenty of valid identities from problematic roots and evolve over time as people use them differently (queer, transsexual). so how is a person with good intentions using a not-perfect label in a way you don't like a threat to the community? if someone is using the label pan transphobically, wouldn't their bigotry exist independently? if pan people do not act in transphobic ways besides using the label pansexual, realistically what is changing if they call themselves bi beyond holier-than-thou aesthetic activism? plus, a blog on the internet isn't going to get everyone to stop identifying as pansexual, especially considering multiple prominent celebrities ID as pan. so why spend all that energy quibbling on semantics because some bi people use a slightly different word when you could be worrying about Literally anything else? just feels like you want to find something to argue about lol. extremely disappointed that I had to break a mutual
im going to respond to each thing you bring up chronologically- im not trying to nitpick or prioritize certain things you say ill just forget things if i go out of order and i dont want to miss something important. ALSO! i will be typing less formally (like keysmashes and shortening words n stuff) in this response than my og post bc its 1am as im starting to type this so im tired but i want to be clear that i am like. taking this seriously and im not like. mocking u in anyway if it could read that way?? i hope not but just in case anyways here it goes!
in terms of actual impact people with good intentions identifying as pan: honestly im not聽 sure the full scope of the impact this has, so ill only be speaking to what ive personally seen which might not be all. but like... id argue my younger self has good intentionals iding as pan. i wanted to support trans people, even if i didnt understand a lot of the nuance involved. as a result of this, i developed a sense of superiority over other bisexuals and a mentality that bisexuality was a primitive and lesser sexuality. that mentality is harmful, and although im not sure if it affected bisexuals around me (of which there are many most of my friends are bi ajfjfjf) its still a harmful mentality and can easily hurt people even if i specifically didnt. also using it even with good intentions, which i know many people have, still spreads and further normalizes a label that imo can not be separated from its transphobic origins. this effect is not as extreme as other forms of transphobia and biphobia by A LONG SHOT. the bi community faces a lot of other issues but that doesnt mean this one isnt worth addressing if that makes sense?
if i dont hate pansexuals: ik this is part of a larger point which i will adress but i specified this in my post bc i see a lot of other posts that are negative towards pansexuality have "i hate pan ppl" somewhere in it or a close equivalent. i do not shame these ppl for their anger, i just wanted to be clear i think a lot of pan ppl are bi ppl with good intentions choosing a label they dont fully understand based on a misunderstanding of bisexuality.
why write a paragraphs long manifesto on the harms of pansexuals origin: ok 馃槶馃槶 the real reason here is that im literally just bad at summarizing. like thats literally it. i also like talking, its a bad combination. plus ive been thinking abt this for like. over a year im not even kidding and just like i have a lot of thoughts and figured if i was going to bother making my own post instead of rbing someone elses that i might as well get everything i wanted to say off my chest. ALSO BTW i literally got an ask like a week ago that was several paragraphs long asking me to explain my thoughts on why pan was harmful and some other stuff so like. this is partially responding to that and partially just me wanting to air my grievances ? idk if thats the right expression 馃様馃様
why write the post if my audience of people who identify as pan arent doing it in a transphobic way ? again sorry i didnt really understand the phrasing so i hope this is a vaguely correct summary!! um but like... again imo i think pan cant be separated from its transphobia and like. again imo iding as pan is like. a transphobic action/choice? obviously one transphobic thing does mean someone necessarily is like officially a Transphobe (it CAN be depending on the action but i dont think that applies here) but that doesnt mean there arent problems with what they did. this is like very complicated, but like. someone doing something harmful without the knowlege that its harmful doesnt make that person a bigot by any means it just means they didnt know. and i feel thats the case here? a lot of ppl (myself included until recently) know next to nothing abt pansexualitys origins so a trans inclusve sexuality might seem like a safe and good bet just because they dont know too much abt it, and like? i cant hate those people cause that was me for 5+ years and djgjfjdj you just dont know what you dont know!
basically i think iding with a transphobic label is inherently a singular transphobic action that doesnt make the person transphobic by itself, but is still a transphobic instance.
a lot of identities can be used in transphobic ways like bi, lesbian, etc.: this is true and a point i attempted to make on my original post, but i might not have clear enough. my issue with pan is specifically that it is a transphobic response to a preexisting identity. lesbian isnt an attempted trans inclusive indentity that replaced an identity that already existed (which have many trans ppl identifying with the og label). transphobes can use whatever labels they want, but transphobes using a label vs a label having a transphobic origin is very different. bigots use inclusive and supporting language for their bigotry all the time but language that originated with that bigotry is worse.
many valid identities stem from problemstic origins (like transsexual and queer) but the words evolve: ok my paraphrasing is a little weird there. anyways. the thing here is that. those are slurs. reclaimed slurs that can be empowering to many people, yes, but slurs nonetheless. reclaiming a slur is taking a harmful word and wearing it as a badge of pride. first off, pansexual is not a slur (ur not implying that in anyway just. saying) and it isnt being reclaimed when people dont treat it as having harmful origins. transsexual is the way some people identify but ppl acknowlege its a slur and originates from transphobia. ppl love to act like queer isnt a slur, which is an issue in and of itself, but just. factually it has historically and is currently being used against ppl with the intent to hurt them. pansexual isnt on the same level as these and other words like the f slur, d slur, etc. pansexual originates from trans and biphobia WITHIN the community and not outside of it, and most pansexuals dont see themselves as reclaiming the title because they dont think anythings wrong with it in the first place. and reclaiming it just seems unnecessary considering its history? theres no empowerment from using pan as a label as opposed to queer or transsexual, and it just divides the bisexual community for no reason.
how is a person using a not-perfect label a threat to the community? ok i dont think its a threat but still an issue if that difference makes sense? id like to reiterate a few things ive said before, but for me personally, it made me look down on bisexuals and see them as lesser, and it made people around me see pan as the "trans inclusive" sexuality as opposed to bisexuality, and basically its usage just leads to further biphobia. is this the worst of biphobia? no!!! but its still biphobia and why not attempt to target and minimize that? i have no way to singlehandedly stop biphobia, but my post might get through to my friends who id as pan and that small thing is better than nothing.
if someone used the pan label in a transphobic way, wouldnt that bigotry be different from people using it not transphobically?: someone claiming all bi ppl are transphobic and only pan is the acceptable label is obviously a lot worse than someone iding as pan and saying bi/pan solidarity but again, the second isnt not an issue because the first one is a bigger issue, its just a smaller issue in comparison. i wouldnt say the bigotry is different, one is just worse than the other, but it still has the same problems.
if pan people dont do anything transphobic other than id as pan then what changes with iding as bi over pan other holier-than-thou activism: its just one less person using a transphobic label? which isnt that big but it might lead to their friends stopping iding as pan and cause fewer people around them to see bi as a transphobic identity. which is small scale stuff, i wont try to blow it out of proportion, but thats still a step in the right direction and hopefully more people follow with it. its not terribly huge or lifechanging but something small that may only affect the people close to you is still something rather than nothing.
a blog the internet isnt going to get people to stop iding as pan: oh absolutely not. honestly i expected to get unfollowed/blocked more than change peoples minds regarding the pan label (im surprised i only lost two followers so far honestly) but again, someone literally asked me to do this and i wanted to be clear on my stance on the label, since in the past ive been supportive of it. im not expecting the post to get more than five likes, its more directed to my followers rather than the internet as a whole. im not expecting a large impact, im hoping to change the minds of my followers and friends who id as and support the pan label. thats it. if something bigger comes from it- great! but thats not what im aiming to do.
prev point + many prominent celebrities id as pan: the first name that comes to mind is someone im not a fan of for separate reasons but thats irrelevant. i mean im repeating myself a bit but some celebrities in the past validated and made me feel excited abt my identity as a pan person when they came out, and it justified the label to me, even when i had doubts. i have never interacted with a celebrity and do not plan to change their minds abt their identity. again, my post was for my friends and followers and maybe who ever was scrolling through the biphobia tag and decided to read my post.
why spend that much energy worrying abt the pan label instead of something else: ive spent waaaaay more energy thinking abt a singular meme i didnt like regarding my favourite rwby character so like. maybe i just overreact to things lol. maybe i have a lot of energy and since i cant talk my friends ears off abt my favourite fruits or the different voting methods i learned in my math class or what would dreams taste like, then i gotta put my energy into something. idk. i have a lot of energy and honestly? this didnt take that much. but i felt it weighing on me as my friends talked positively abt the pan label, when i felt guilty for the superiority i felt over my bi friends INCLUDING my best friend and favourite person in the world so like. i spent enough energy worrying abt it, and like. in hindsight since its been over 12 hours since posting it, im thinking abt it less. i was more worried abt feeling dishonest with my friends than actually worrying abt pansexuality, but i figured i owed them an explanation for why my feelings around it had changed.
just feels like you want to find something to argue about: okay i DO love arguing but im not pulling this out of my ass for fun. its in response to posts ive seen on my dash, asks i recieved abt pansexuality, and my way of letting people know my views have changed and why since i know at least some people are curious.
i am sorry to lose a mutual as well, and i genuinely hope things go well for you, but uh yeah thats that.
again, if people have further questions im willing to answer them i just might take a while bc i have school and other stuff 2 do but uhhh yea sorry if im clogging ur dash sjfjfkkf
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jooheongif3 years ago
it's theory anon,hi!!how are YOU?i'm really good rn thanks:)) thank you for your kindness again,i'm really happy i could somehow help to help you feel even a tiny bit better and hope you're doing well now,too(and it's ok to not rest on your day off but it's also ok to do so if that's what you feel is right for you atm!).about the mf(ilm), i thought the same thing, it felt like a parallel universe type of story!i also really love plotlines about friendship, (again cont.i'll try to be briefer!)
(i鈥檓 so sorry i wrote a rly long reply so i鈥檓 gonna put this under read more !!)
2. friendship is beautiful and i feel oftentimes underappreciated(but not mx!there they go again being amazing) so i love the concept. personally i like not knowing what exactly the producers were thinking because having my own interpretation of something and seeing other ppl have their own fills me with wonder,like,that's art!so many people think so many different things and no one's wrong i love it!!your thoughts about them appreciating everything they've done so far,you're absolutely right(cont) 3. i hope they are able to bc everything's so hectic for the.i get lost just looking at their official schedule,i don't know how they do it but i also hope they are aware of all these things bc those are all mindblowingly huge accomplishments in my opinion and i just want them to feel like their hard work is worth it,yknow?(is this comprehensible?)and i know they feel pressure because as you said the business is nasty but yea i hope at the end of the day they can feel like (cont.???again 4. everything they've put so much of themselves into is worth it,i love their energy and fierce determination and i just don't want them to lose it but maybe as you said feel less pressured..but then the only way would realistically be to make sure they get awarded in the Real World so we're all doing our best in the system&hating it as you said:/ they just mean so much to so many people i want them to feel that too!i try to contain myself but here i go again! sorry it's so long AND i have more(con 5. also!thank you for your big reply and sharing your thoughts i mostly just agreed with (but you're right so what else can i do),i don't have mbb friends to vent to and fanperson(is there a gender neutral term for fanboy/fangirl?) over mx with and this is really nice and fulfilling(again,if i'm boring you,you can just delete the messages and not reply!) so THANKS!it's great to strive to be a better person but i feel like one(you) should also acknowledge the good things they're already doing(cont?) 6. you showed such pure kindness and really melted someone's(my) heart and that's a Big Deal!djkghddgwe can agree that we both inspired each other :') also please i feel like you're such a wonderful soul and you really deserve every bit of gratitude and appreciation i managed to express(i feel a lot moreprobably) so!yeah!reminder that you're lovely and deserve to be appreciated and i'm also very,very happy you're here!you made my day brighter for the 2nd time now wow!thanks! i hope you and(cont.:() 7. your gorgeous heart are taking good care and enjoying your day/night! and this cb!i really like it i haven't had time to listen to the entire album but jealousy!is a bop honestly it's my type of jam and the choreo is stunning and so are their voices!iwas so skeptical about the lyrics(they could've been like hero or stuck and those made me a bit >:/ honestly) but i really should've known they wouldn't fail me in any way ever!i can't wait to hear the rest of the songs i hope you enjoy them too!bye
hi theory anon, it's nice to hear from u again ! firstly, i am so sorry for the slow reply to this ! but im rly glad to know that u are doing good :-) i'm doing ok too thank u !! how are u ? kfjjfdsjfdf sorry that u had to read my tags but thank u for saying that !! i just feel so guilty when i do nothing bc im absolutely terrified of time passing too quickly ? just the thought of letting a few minutes go to waste is overwhelming ? even though i know it's not rational to think like this but ??? theres just this constant feeling that im running out of time so i try to get rid of it by always doing smth ?? and feel bad when i dont ? idk ?? but anyway im working on it and ill be ok ! sorry..not to be dramatic and tmi and all that kjdfdj istg this blog gives me too much freedom to say...too much :( (hope the internet folks that collect metadata never read the garbage i write bc..yikes they aren't gonna hav the best time) anyway..yea. what a paragraph to start off this reply :( sorry for the honesty and saying so much all the time btw :( not that being honest is necessarily a bad thing but ! idk every time i write smth i suddenly feel extra self conscious and feel like deleting it bc im rly embarrassed and always end up having big regret later when i reread anything ive typed up !! but i just keep writing them anyway bc...idk ?? i'd rly hate it if someone got discouraged from sharing their thoughts/worries/feelings which i think is a rly important human thing :( so 聽yea im rly embarrassed w anything i write but i'll keep doing it anyway bc i'm all for that kind of stuff and sometimes i know its not easy and it takes someone a lot to share that and its a good thing and i dont ever want anyone to feel discouraged from doing that ! anyway i just felt like i rly needed to say all of this..but pls dont feel obliged to reply to this mess !! anyway back to mx ! you are right :( i also hope mx feel like what they've done is worth smth w/e their definition or standard of that is :( like.. all of the hard work they've put into being mx it certainly means so much to fans but i hope all the hard work they've put into being mx also means smth to them at the end of the day and they are happy w what they're doing and what they've achieved so far :( and yes we'd love mx to always be rewarded in the real world :( though we love them and we want to get them a win, i know that everyone has their commitments, means and different circumstances and we can only do so much :( but even if u think its just a small contribution, everything adds up and counts and i know that all mbb hav contributed in some way in helping them get another win for this cb ! there are some mbb who can't buy albums or streaming passes and things and i hope they don't feel bad for this :( even if all you can do is watch the mv once or twice, even if you could only vote, i hope you know that it all counts and matters !! abt mx's schedule, i get tired just by looking at their weekly one idk how they can even put up w it all ?? after this they'll hav their japanese album and things and then they'll have their concerts and on top of all that apparently [some of them are also studying] ????? they are so hardworking :( HOW do they do it !! just..thinking abt their schedule is overwhelming !!! also pls dont think that you're boring me or anything like that :( im so thankful for any msg i receive and the fact that u actually took the time to type out smth to send to me ?? im so grateful ?? u are never boring !! honestly even if u sent me a stainless steel dishwasher manual w the page length of like..23 bibles, i'd still love u for it and i'd prob read all of it :( btw thank u sm for saying all those kind things !!! receiving kindness for the 3rd time is rly !!!!!!! and once again i've done nothing to deserve it :( i dont even know what i can say to you that will ever be enough to thank u again or to top what u hav already said ! if there was like a...maslows hierarchy of kindness of smth, ur at the very top of that triangle and anything i say will never be as kind as what you have said !! for you, i can agree that we both inspired each other :-) but really thank u so much from the bottom of my heart :( i hope you know how kind and lovely u are too ! if nobody told u this today, i wanted to say that im rly grateful to know u and i'm happy that you're here !! thank u again for being so kind and thoughtful and for making me smile !! :( same, i havent properly listened to the whole album either bc ive just been letting it stream in the background (but i dont count that as a proper listen unless i listen w headphones tbh) ill give it a good listen one day ! also im a repeat 1 kind of garbage person until i feel the need to listen to a new song ?? and rn jealousy to me is a song that gets better w every listen ??? shes too powerful atm :( one day ill listen to another song but today is not that day ! Actually.....I think jealousy is my fav mx song ???? before this cb i didnt hav a fav bc i couldnt pick the song i liked most out of blue moon/blind/fighter/incomparable. i was just gonna base it off the one w the most play count out of those 4 but now i know its jealousy ! what are ur fav mx songs ?? btw i know im always saying that anything mx releases is always a masterpiece no matter what, but in all seriousness its ok if u didn't like smth they released. i don't think it makes u any less of a mbb if u didn't enjoy a certain release or if u only liked one aspect of a thing but not so much the rest of the thing. anyway not to sound so...stale and commonplace but for lack of a better word/sentence, at the end of the day your own reactions and feelings to a piece of art like's all just subjective isnt it ?? not liking that thing doesnt mean that its not a masterpiece or its any less of a masterpiece to someone else either so !! it's ok !! anyway this is rly....ive written a lot and its all over the place and incoherent probably :( i'm sorry !! feel free to reply whenever u feel like it, or no pressure on never replying at all btw ! also feel free to disagree w anything i say ! thank u sm for talking to me abt mx bc ive also got no mbb friends so !!! thank you :( theres so many times where i rly want to start a conversation w someone but im too scared and also i've got no clue abt how to initiate conversation ! and the times when i do manage to...i get stuck on how to keep the conversation going ? but when i figure smth out then im coming for u @ friendship !! i hope u had a good weekend and that you got some rest and that ur doing ok wherever u are !! until next time, take care 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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woodzmi4 years ago
Hey there! I've been following u for a bit and I know you live in aus, and I'm moving to Sydney for school in about two weeks. Do you have any advice for living there? I've never been so tbh im a bit !!!
hey! wow dude thats awesome congrats and good luck w the move!!! hm, well of i dont know the specifics of your situation, and i still live at home so im afraid i dont have much by way of detailed advice but-聽
i reckon on the whole, if you鈥檝e lived in an urban space esp in the west you鈥檒l have a good grasp on how life goes here, although sydney is a fair bit smaller than most major cities i think.聽
two of the main things which might need some聽鈥榞etting used to鈥 are probably culture and prices. the first one is pretty easy, itll just take some time perhaps to get used to vernacular and all, but fortunately sydney is pretty chill, v safe and on the whole friendly so in that regard youll be fine! again depending on where youre from holidays will be a funny experience, esp christmas like not to be That Stereotype but put on ur santa hat and turn the bbq on. also, bit off topic but i swear ads here are getting so nonsensical i can barely tell what product is being sold.the prices thing- now i dont know where youre from, but i know most places are Way cheaper than sydney, so depending on your financial situation (aka are you getting a stipend, working, etc) i think its wise to set up a good budget and keep your money sorted, not just for stuff like rent (if you arent staying in student housing) and groceries etc, but also for going out bc food and drink and generally entertaining yourself are expensive af in this town bud, sorry about it. this also makes the nightlife here a bit of a damper bc ur out ur tryna have fun u go to the bar and bam its $17 for a cocktail so u settle for a $8 glass of cider instead and spill half of it before ur at ur table. 聽(protip: if ur looking for cheap drinks go to Star Bar, do not go to Scary Canary bc they have garbage drinks im tellin u right now)
i鈥檓 trying to think of more advice but im coming up blank sorry!! just a few tips maybe? if u like movies please im beg dont waste ya $$ at event or hoyts cinemas, if you can, go to the Newtown Dendy Cinema, get a membership there, the tickets are cheaper anyways but with a membership you get a discounted ticket price on mondays, and a student discount on wednesdays, plus they often show some of the more independent films that the big cinema chains wont (e.g im pretty sure they were the only chain showing moonlight here...can u believe??)
also, if you didnt already know about it, download the TripAdvisor app onto your phone, the icon is a little orange train thingy, idk if this is just an aussie thing or everywhere has it and im being embarrassing but its a public transport timetabling app which is great for giving you realtime ETAs on your trains and buses and all. i suppose it functions like google maps on the public transport setting but its easier and cleaner in setup. if youre staying in the city public transport is alright, you can probably walk most places, or take a bus, but buses are sometimes late bc of innercity traffic, and because of detours due to this dumbass light rail they are building. if youre going to be staying in the suburbs, and particularly if you鈥檒l need to catch buses to and from rather than trains, its a really great habit to form to keep on top of those times and when you have to leave/be home by bc obv buses usually come every 20-30 mins so esp if youre out at night missing one could be a bit sucky. that being said though, ive always found it quite safe and reassuring to wait at a city bus stop in the late hours, just try and find one close to a landmark so ya not just chillin on a random street at 1AM ofc.
oh! last thing, weather- not sure what the climate is like for you, sydney鈥檚 a bit weird in the summer, and i have to say, this year has been hotter than most. it did just lowkey flood yesterday though, so what do i know. esp if youre coming from somewhere cool just try and be aware of stuff like hydrating and eating on time and all those basic things to avoid ??? heatstroke or something ?? idk man sorry im pretty used to this bs by now lmao. sunscreen when u go out my guy it is a Must if youre prone to burning, just in case. i went to the beach 2 weeks ago on a rainy day and still got a bad tan so...just a tip.聽
final thing- if someone wants to take u to bondi in the summertime tell them u aint falling for it, and demand they take u to a real, good, not-sardine-packed nightmare聽
sorry this is probably unnecessarily long and i know i dont really say anything specific but if you have any more particular questions feel free to shoot em at me and ill try my best to answer them!!聽
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mingishoe4 months ago
hellooo! im SO sorry i havent been active these past few days ive had family staying over 馃拃 BUTTTT a longer chapter of promise you say??? LUNA ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??? alSO i reread park enterprise for the i kid you not 40th time. i SWEAR when i have a kid that will be their bedtime story 馃槫 ALSOOO i kNOWwWwW i keep telling you this but PROMISE 馃槴馃槴馃槴馃槴 IS SO 馃槴馃槴馃槴 like i dont even have words to express how good it is, normally i wouldn鈥檛 really love slow burn stuff but THIs i just think there is so much going on that i dont get bored anYWAYS like i said before my family visited and im a little *aggressively plays sweater weather* if yk what i mean and a lot of them dont know that and i live with my roommate? fwb? idk me and my roommate are fuck buddies so? its a whole thing but anyways yeah my cousin almost spilled the beans so ive been stressing over that ALL weekend 馃槞馃槂 but how have you been 馃槱
No it鈥檚 totally okay!! But yes馃槱馃槱 I鈥檓 thinking maybe 2ishk??? Idk but the gang at the studio,, flirting,,, some awkward conversations mHmHhm馃槱 and yeah馃槶馃槶 I didn鈥檛 even realise it was slow burn until like I saw my Masterlist and was like wElP 21 chapters and no Seonghwa x y/n smut yet馃槶馃槶 AGDKSVJS but yeah
Ahh I鈥檓 sorry :(( I know that鈥檚 like the absolute worst feeling of being like on edge and not being able to relax the whole time but I鈥檝e been okay!
I mean I鈥檓 a lil bit stressed bc one of my old friends (like kindergarten old like we were 5 years old) like confessed his feelings to me and I was kinda like 馃榾 bc I鈥檓 like basically a lesbian like my ratio is 95% girls and no one but a few people know that so Im kinda stressed bc idk what to do馃槶 like I already knew but it鈥檚 one thing having that assumption but when they actually tell you it鈥檚 like a lil too real馃槶 like I saw him on Friday,, we were hanging out with some of my friends and he made it awkward馃槶 like I鈥檓 not typically an awkward person around my friends but he made it weird and I was sitting there like 馃槓 a lot of the time but then we played some cumbia music and started dancing but he can鈥檛 dance bc of a medical problem so I felt bad but like also I鈥檓 gonna dance idc馃槶馃槶 and like I was wearing a skirt and I could literally feel him staring so I was a lil uncomfortable 馃槶馃槶 but then once he left he texted me and was like 鈥淚 need to tell you something personal鈥 and I was like okay??? And then he asked me if I was still at my friends house and I was like yeah? Then he was like nvm I鈥檒l tell you tomorrow and I was like 馃槓馃槓 bc they don鈥檛 care like馃槶馃槶 and then the next morning (I stayed the night so) we were all around my phone like waiting for him to tell me what he wanted to tell me and then he sent this whole paragraph saying like how he鈥檚 glad we鈥檙e friends and then he was like I know ur not the same of how u were when we were kids but I really like you and like stuff like that and then talked about how my friends talked to him AND馃き馃榾 I didn鈥檛 know what to say bc I didn鈥檛 wanna straight up he like oh sorry I don鈥檛 feel the same way yk?? So I just- I feel so bad but I just completely ignored it and was like oH wHaT fRieNdS馃槓馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 AND THEN I DIDNT RESPOND TO HIM ALL DAY YESTERDAY AND THEN TODAY HE TRIED TO ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT RESIDENT EVIL LIKE SIR MIND YOUR BUSINESS 馃槶馃槶
Anyways I needed to get that off my chest sorry馃槶馃槶馃槶
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