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#and the complicated history that im into
odjnsons · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mcu meme ► 2/7 relationships ► Tony Stark & James “Rhodey” Rhodes “You wanna do this whole ‘lone gunslinger’ act and it’s unnecessary. You don’t have to do this alone.”
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unicyclehippo · 2 years ago
matt: incredible detailed descriptions of the world that rly embed the listener in the world, intricate complications of history for the universe & between characters, heart rending emotive speeches that move people to tears
matt; “breastplate”
Tumblr media
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pocmuzings · a year ago
"if u only “ like “ white fcs u ARE racist like literally it is that simple." i'm not baiting but i'm having a hard time seeing the simplicity in your claim. maybe some others too who are anxious to speak up, i don't know. i am not neurotypical so perhaps something is being lost between the lines here.
ok its not actually that simple , per se , i can admit that was a Simplification of a very long-winded answer , but long story short : i do think you’re a racist or hold very racist ideals and microaggressions towards people of colour if you ‘ just so happen ‘ to only like / rp / portray / want to play white people . 
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tomhollandwritings · 3 years ago
single ~ t.h.
Tumblr media
synopsis: the reader and tom have a complicated history, but no matter what happens they always seem to find their way back to one another. 
word count: 2.4k+
based on the request: tom holland one with the song single by the neighbourhood?? like where ur younger than him? 💞💞 i love ur writings so much!!
a/n: i literally had a full draft for this and then started again from scratch bc i was so unsatisfied w it. im actually still so unsatisfied w this one too, it’s kind of jumbled and all over the place but i hope you enjoy anyways. (oh btw i fucking LOVE THIS SONG and i love the nbhd, literally my fav band so thank u sm for requesting xoxox)
listen to the song here if you’d like!
The hustle and bustle your cozy house party had created around you left a warm feeling of contentedness and accomplishment in the bottom of your stomach. It had been your friend Sara’s idea to throw a small party on the quiet Friday night, using the celebration of the first day of spring as her excuse. After prodding at you all week, you had finally agreed to let her use your small London apartment as her hosting place. Despite the fact that you were itching with annoyance because of the amount of people that had shown up was extremely far off from your friend’s estimate of guests. The place was full, not so much that it was stuffy, but people were still slipping in the door every few minutes with a bottle of wine or flowers to signify spring’s soft beginnings.
“You will never believe who just walked in.” Sara’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts as she came walking into the kitchen and you looked up, still swirling your wine around in the glass absentmindedly. You look at her expectantly, eyebrows raised. The answer she gave was something you had never expected. “Tom Holland.” She exclaimed. Her voice was hushed, as though she didn't want him to hear her, as she put down yet another cheap bottle of chardonnay onto your counter.
It almost felt as your heart had stopped for a moment as you processed her words. You’d known Tom for a while, and the two of you had a somewhat tumultuous past. To explain your history to anyone felt pointless, so everyone in your life had no one idea that the two of you had ever been involved. Your history was so complex that you didn’t have the energy to explain why you knew the Spiderman superstar.
Your immediate reaction was anger, the knowledge that Tom had shown up at your small apartment knowing full well what the consequences of that action were.
“Tom Holland… like the Spiderman guy?” You asked, trying your best to play dumb.
“Yes,” Sara whacked you in the arm lightly. “he’s so good looking.”
You nodded slightly, taking another gulp of your wine.
“You should go say hi.” She hinted at you, pouring herself another drink.
“What for?” You scoffed, failing miserably to hide your disdain.
“Because you’re the hostess.” Sara scolded. “Don’t be rude.”
You sighed loudly before downing the rest of your wine.
You stepped into the crowded living room to see what appeared to be a sort of mob forming near your front door. Stretching up onto your tiptoes, you still could barely make out the familiar face of the boy, despite even wearing heels. You began to push your way through the crowd, huffing quietly before clearing your throat and doing your best to play nice hostess.
“Hi,” you said cheerily, just sweet enough to sound real but fake enough to know you were pissed. “welcome, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m Y/N.”
Tom looked over at you in surprise, his eyes widening as he shamelessly scanned your body.
“Y/N,” he said. “hi.”
The crowd around Tom began to disperse and you reached out as if to shake his hand. He grabbed onto yours gently and you dragged him out of your apartment and into the hallway in one swift movement before shutting the door gently behind you.
“What the fuck, Tom,” You interrupted harshly, pulling your hand away from his. “are you fucking serious right now?”
“I had to see you.” He admits, wincing at your anger.
“What for?” You asked incredulously.
“You know what.” He replies, his demeanour softening.
“I’m having a party.” Was all you said as you took in his soft expression, trying to push down the feelings that were bubbling back up inside of you. 
He was wearing dark jeans and a white t-shirt with a blazer over it, his signature silver necklaces hanging down over his shirt. His hair looked disheveled, different from the slicked back style you’d grown used to since he’d been away on a press tour. You could feel his scent lingering around you and the familiarity was enough to make you cry.
“I know, but…”
“You left.” You said. “You left me. You have no right to just show up at my apartment.”
“I know.” He repeated. “I’m sorry.”
I don't know if we should be alone together
I still got a crush, that's obvious
If nobody's around, what's stopping us?
Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes momentarily to drink in his presence. You weren’t sure if there was even a need for Tom to apologize at all, or if you should apologize. All you really knew was that you missed him. You had missed him so much it was unbearable. You opened your eyes again, now stinging with tears.
“I have to get back inside.” You said quietly.
“Y/N,” he murmured, reaching out to run his warm fingers down your arm.
“Tom, thank you for the apology but…” He watched you with sad eyes. “I have to go inside, okay? Can we talk about this later?”
Tom’s expression relaxed slightly at your hopeful words, nodding eagerly.
“Sure. Okay.”
You nodded again, squeezing his arm quickly before turning around and slipping back into your apartment, trying to swallow the lump in your throat.
Despite the drama the party continued, and people loved Tom. He was sitting on the arm of your couch, a glass of whiskey in one hand and people surrounding him as he told silly stories about things that had happened to him on his press tour, during filming, in his daily life.
You did your best to ignore the fact that he was there, making yourself busy by speaking with a few friends at the entrance to your kitchen. You could feel Tom’s eyes on you occasionally as you spoke with your friends, and it took everything in you not to glance back over at him.
I don't think that we should be around each other
When you're in the room, you get my eyes
You open your mouth, I'm hypnotized
Tom couldn’t push your voice out of the corner of his mind, despite all the people surrounding him and speaking. He kept glancing over at you, nodding occasionally to keep your guests engaged as he watched you talk.
You threw your head back laughing, a glass of what he assumed was your favourite red wine in your left hand. His heart ached at the familiar sound, remembering when he used to make you laugh like that. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from you. To say you looked beautiful was an understatement. Your outfit was so simple, a white t-shirt tucked lazily into a jean skirt that he recognized as one he had bought you the year before. You had a loose cardigan draped over your body and were wearing tights and a pair of adorable little kitten heels that made him smile. 
He could still hear the voices speaking around him and he was suddenly wildly aware of the condensation from his drink stinging his palm with its coldness as he held onto it tighter, returning himself to his conversation. 
Despite your somewhat distracting job of hosting a growing house party, you were physically unable to get Tom out of the corner of your eye. No matter where in the room you moved, you always felt the need to keep him in your sight and keep his voice in your range of hearing. You could hear girls laughing around him at minuscule things he said, most not even jokes, and smiled to yourself at Tom’s probable distaste towards their desperation. 
You glanced up at him to find his eyes already burning into you, and your chest sizzled with excitement. He threw you a small wink, using his amazing way of making you feel like the only person he cared to see in the entire world to his advantage. 
You felt as though you were staring at him with literal hearts popping out of your eyes and twirling around your head like a cartoon. Tom was picking up on this, a small smile gracing his handsome face as he stared at you. 
You blinked, feeling your face flush as you realized how silly you must look. He chuckled softly to himself, causing you to smile against your will, looking down into your wine glass. Tom felt himself puff up unintentionally, proud of himself for getting a smile out of you for what felt like the first time in years.
  I can make you laugh until you cry
You know you got all my attention
You know you got all mine
By the time 1 o’clock rolled around, people were slowly but surely filing their way out of your place and leaving half full glasses of liquor in different places around your apartment. 
Even Sara had left, and you began to collect the endless amount of garbage and paper plates with half eaten grapes and cheese slices on them while stifling a yawn. 
“Need some help?” His familiar voice rang out as he came following you through the hallway, picking up pieces of trash and empty glasses that you had missed along the way. You felt unbelievably excited that he had stayed, having expected him to leave a few hours before. 
As you threw your collection into the garbage in the kitchen, Tom came in the doorway holding an impressive amount of glasses.
 “Jesus, Tom,” You let out a small laugh, walking over to take a few of the fragile glasses out of his hands. Your fingers brushed and his fingertips lingered on yours as his eyes scanned your face. “impressive.” You added softly. 
“I’ve always been good with my hands,” he said cheekily. “you knew that.” 
You looked over at him with wide eyes, feeling your face on fire. “Tom!” You hissed, a smirk painted on his face. 
“Sorry,” he laughed. “you walked into that one.” 
You sighed in defeat, carefully putting the glasses down in the sink to be dealt with later before turning around to face him and leaning against the counter, arms crossed. 
“Y/N…” He started softly. 
At some point during the night he had slipped his blazer off and his lean arms were sun kissed, muscles seeming to bulge every time he moved. You were watching him, almost drooling. “I was going to…” He looked up and saw your face, mouth slightly open. “Are you okay?”
“What? Yeah, of course.” You respond quickly, swallowing hard. He steps closer to you, watching you with curiosity. 
“Are you sure?” He didn’t believe you. You nod fervently again, wishing your cheeks and chest weren't burning so obviously. 
Tom reached out slowly and you watch him, breathing hard. He pressed his cool fingers against your warm cheek and you relished in the feeling of it. 
“I’ve missed you.” You murmur. “So much, Tom.”
“I’ve missed you so much more.” He says, stroking your hot cheek with his thumb tenderly. You were breathing hard, hot air catching in your throat as Tom watched you. 
“What were you going to say?” You asked quietly. 
“I was just going to say how sorry I am.” He replies, his voice barely above a whisper. You found yourself subconsciously pressing your cheek into his palm. “I know I shouldn’t have left things the way I did, I just… I didn’t know what else to do.” 
“I know.” You said quietly. 
As you looked at the boy in front of you, the one you’d been so infatuated with for so long, it was as though everything was forgiven, as if nothing had happened at all. 
All you could think, all you could bring yourself to think was that you felt so happy that he was in front of you again and you never wanted him to go. 
Before you could help yourself you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close to you forcefully, clinging to him. Tom responded immediately, his arms enveloping you tightly and large hands running slowly down your back. 
"Baby," I can't help but call her that
Even though I shouldn't say it
She was my baby girlI might never get her back
But I don't mind being patient, yeah
“Baby,” he whispered, lips moving against the skin of your neck where his face was pressed. The warmth of the familiar nickname mixed with his whiskey-tinted breath mingled deliciously on your skin. 
“Yes?” You delicately traced the growing hairs along the nap of his neck, twirling them between your fingers. 
“I’d wait forever for you.” He breathed. You felt your heart swell. 
“You don’t have to wait at all.” Your voice was hushed now, heavy with the threat of tears. 
You could feel the problems you shared melting away, pooling at your feet. His hot tears burned on your neck, singeing your skin, and you pulled him impossibly closer to you. 
“M’in love with you.” Tom mumbled, sniffling before he pulled back slightly to look at you. 
The heat from your cheeks seem to have transferred to his, his face now dotted with redness and streaked with tears. You reached up with both hands to wipe the tears away gently with your thumbs. 
“I’m so in love with you.” You said finally as his eyes scanned your face desperately. They were twinkling, and a grin was growing on his face as he ran his hands down to your hips, squeezing them. He leaned in, giving you the gentlest and most intimate kiss you’d ever had, and it made it feel as though your whole body was on fire. 
“You have no idea,” he murmured in between soft and fervent kisses pressed to your lips, “I’ve waited to hear you say that to me.” 
His hands were tangled in your hair and you giggled softly against his lips, running your hands down his torso, feeling his lean figure as he pushed closer to you.
He kissed you once more and you let out a soft noise of disappointment as he pulled away, pressing his hands against the counter on either side of you.
“We have to finish cleaning the kitchen, remember?” He teased quietly, pinching the skin of your waist gently. You squealed and grabbed his hand tightly. 
“Quit it,” you said softly, his touch causing you to shiver. He laughed softly. “Besides,” you said as he ran his hands around to the small of your back, pulling you against him and kissing you again as you began walking him backwards towards your bedroom. “the kitchen can wait.” 
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illumiru · a month ago
dickroy is good bc it has the specific flavor of angst that i love and it's probably the only dick mlm ship i actually care about
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sinnamonrolle · a year ago
[ the little moments ] ♡ Mammon
1 - That moment when Mammon made you ramen.
✿ part of a series now! ✿
❀  gender neutral reader  ❀
[Mammon: im in the kitchen]
[Mammon: are u hungry?]
It was nearing 3 am when the buzzing of your D.D.D. brought you away from the complicated mess of Devildom history. Words were starting to blur, but after catching the white whisp of Mammon’s hair in his profile picture, you rubbed your eyes in an effort to read his messages. 
[You: now that you’ve mentioned it, yeah]
Three dots briefly popped up before two more texts came your way.
[Mammon: okay!]
[Mammon: ill whip up my special cup ramen!!]
Before you knew it, you were smiling at the screen. Trust Mammon to brighten up your day. Although, you were a little concerned that he was still up at 3 AM, not that you had any right to speak because you were up as well. You had an inkling though.
[You: :o thank you mammon]
[You: youre too sweet]
He sent a smiling demon sticker, and you could almost hear the pride in his voice in his text.
[Mammon: ill bring it up in a bit, so just sit tight]
You looked back to your history textbook, a thick volume opened to a page on a minor riot the old royals had attempted. The only thing you could remember was that it didn’t end very successfully. Diavolo, with the help of his seven rulers, easily squashed the rebellion within two weeks. It had paragraphs more detailing the roles of each ruler and the list of punishment each rioter was subjected to.
While the history of the brothers intrigued you, it didn’t stick for very long in your exhausted mind. And the text was ridiculously tiny, straining your eyesight. There was no way you were going to get anything else done tonight.
You went back to your D.D.D., the screen blaring against the soft lighting of your room. Mammon’s profile picture grinned back at you, his eyes teasing, and his smirk playful. His orange sunglasses sat snuggly on his face, and with his fingers against his chin, he looked like a dork. He was your dork, though. Your handsome dork. You wouldn’t have him any other way.
Your eyes lingered on the last message he sent.
ill bring it up in a bit, so just sit tight
Your heart ached.
There was no warning, no prelude, just the sudden throb of something warm through your chest, reverberating in all the empty places just right. Your heart hurt, and you felt the pangs crawl through the rest of your body. Goosebumps broke your skin, and for a moment, you forgot how to breathe.
You clutched your phone, closing your eyes to steady yourself. Your heart ached again, rippling outwards, but this time, you knew why.
It was love, for Pete’s sake, it was love and adoration and gratefulness. It was all of those feelings and more, so much more that your body could only hurt in the aftershocks of your love, and before you knew it, there was a familiar stinging in your nose and a tightness in your throat.
[You: its okay im coming down]
The hallway was colder than your room. The lights left a trail to the kitchen and you wished you were there when Mammon woke up, so that the first thing he saw wouldn’t have to be the dark. You wished you could hold his hand, so that you could tell him you’ll always be there with him. You wished you could hug him, so that he could feel every inch of love from you.
Your eyes were blurring now, but for entirely different reasons. But your tears didn’t stop you from fumbling down the stairs, missing more steps than you ever had the courage to skip. Out of the corner of your eyes, you could see the glinting eyes of the little demons that roamed the shadows. One yellow demon, horns curved in the same shape as Mammon, you noted, flickered into the light when you almost tripped over your feet.
“I thought I told you to sit tight.” Mammon caught you as you stumbled to the bottom of the staircase, his hands resting firmly on your shoulders to steady you. There was a slight pout to his lips. “The ramen isn’t ready yet. I was gonna bring it up to ya.”
You looked at him. It was one of those rare moments where he decided to forgo his sunglasses, leaving his face bare to the world—leaving himself vulnerable to the world.
This time, there were no tinted lenses to hide the dark circles lining his eyes, heavy and telling of the many nights he spent without sleep as nightmares haunted his dreams. But his eyes—his eyes were beautiful. They reminded you of the dawn sky, the cool blue melting into the warm rays of the sun. They were still so bright despite having seen so much, and you wanted to cry, to tell him how beautiful he was. The youthfulness of his face was a lie. His face, flawless in its features and unbelieveably smooth, does not tell of the scars littered across his body. He was wonderful, and so so brave.
“H-hey, why ya cryin’?” His perfect brows furrowed, and his hands hesitated beside your face before wiping away your tears, his thumb rough and calloused. “Do you not like ramen? Is that it? You just had to tell me, ya know—”
“That’s not it,” you said, fighting the tense ball in your throat. There was so much you wanted to say, so much that you needed to say, but you didn’t even know how to put it in words. You just had to say something, anything to him, so that he knew. “I just, I came down because I want—there’s something I want to tell you.”
“What is it?” Mammon brushed your cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. His hand was as soft as his voice.
You brushed away the hair that fell in front of his eyes, gently, like you were afraid anything rougher would break him. You wanted to say that you thought he was the bravest out of all of his brothers, that he fought a war thousands of years ago and he was still fighting another war, but this time in his mind, that he deserved so much more love and affection than you could ever give him, that he should take a break one day from being his brothers’ anchor, that he didn’t have to be afraid to love someone else again, that being vulnerable wasn’t a bad thing, that you loved each and every side of him as a demon, as a fallen angel, as a being, that you wanted to protect him from all the hard things in life for as long as you live, that you wanted him to see how amazing he was like how you saw him, that you enjoyed his company and how he always brought a smile to your face, that you loved when he acted like a dork, that you appreciated his thoughtfulness and how he brought you ramen at 3 am, that you wanted him to be happy, happier and happier, for the rest of eternity.
But you didn’t. You didn’t, or maybe you couldn’t, so you gave him the biggest smile you could make, dripping with your love, and told him, promised him, reminded him,
“I love you so much, Mammon.”
Words weren’t enough. But they’ll have to be, for now.
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kingjasnah · 6 months ago
top trivia on hoid's coppermind complication cause everytime I try to fact check something i get absolutely floored here we go:
Tumblr media
it's still funny that someone with a lot of time and energy spent on disguises just....becomes a lightweaver and can do it all without the massive disguise kit im certain he carts around the cosmere
Tumblr media
this.......makes sense now. get fucked thaidakar
Tumblr media
so this is from secret history but my theory is someone ASKED. enough people asked if the bastard energy he exudes is REAL that sanderson was like 😔 ok time to make a fun joke abt this
and my favorite:
Tumblr media
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justiceleaque · 3 years ago
hey if its possible could u like? summarize the preboot -> new 52 -> rebirth transition in simple terms for me?? im sorry to ask this but im just getting into comics and i dont get it like. at all. ive tried reading wikipedia and comicvine and stuff but its just going over my head completely. thank you!!
k listen up
we have pre-flashpoint continuity. that’s the main dcu continuity up until 2011. heroes are established, they have families and relationships and all that good stuff but it’s all getting too complicated for new readers. there’s too much history for a new peeper to jump in and understand without putting in the work required so DC decides to help with that
flashpoint happens and after certain events, everyone gets rebooted into what we call the new 52. established heroes are generally younger now and don’t have the families or bonds they did before. certain characters are re-written or omitted altogether. the dcu storyline and events start anew as if nothing happened before
a few years before the new 52 stopped, an event called convergence happens. brainiac decides to pick certain words from different universes and pit them against each other for survival. that works out approximately as well as you think it does (it doesn’t), and pre-flashpoint clark kent and lois lane end up finding shelter in the new 52 universe (it’s implied their pre-flashpoint earth is gone now)
that means that we now have new 52 superman AND pre-flashpoint superman hanging around at the same time, same place
that’s cool
it isn’t
well it’s cool for me, DC doesn’t like it though
pre-flashpoint clark doesn’t make his presence known. lois is pregnant and gives birth to their son, so he sticks with his family or saves the day away from the spotlight
i would too can you imagine batman all up in my business like “why are there two of you. i can barely deal with one of you”
shit happens and new 52 superman dies. note: i’m sad
that brings us into rebirth. rebirth is the new 52 continuing, but DC is now trying to fix things. it’s not a reboot, it’s just a new era
the clark that’s left (pre-flashpoint one) is more or less forced to make his presence known because the world needs a superman (and Bald McRichman also known as lex luthor to a few select briefly tries to become superman too. sit your ass down)
at some point pre-flashpoint and n52 clark become one
don’t question it
there are other things going on right now that i’m not even aware of because i’m lazy but that’s the main gist of it all. i hope it helps even a little bit. not following the events when they happened was hell for some people, but i was lucky to be there when every fuckery unfolded before my very eyes
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worstloki · 3 months ago
The thing about sambucky is it's weird hearing racism is bad from the studio that keeps casting white actors for originally poc characters.
good aspects of the show don’t get rid of the bad ones. diagetically it’s handling racism well in my opinion but marvel still sucks, it just means they can try and make a good show if they put the effort in. that the content and comics both have convoluted history with presenting racism doesn’t help and that many of the ethnic changes aren’t addressed is getting old. 
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heytherestilinski · 7 months ago
hey! i’m usually one to sit back and quietly enjoy people’s content, but there was an aspect of heat waves that i found confusing. i thought i’d ask! anyway, is “being gay” a thing in the heat waves universe? i know some stories have characters exist in a world where being LGBTQ+ is the norm and, until a recent chapter, i though heat waves was apart of this. dream mentions a message that says, “is george... y’know,” which threw me off bc “being gay” is never mentioned. thank you so much!
hellooo this is a pretty interesting ask :) kinda funny but i see where the miscommunication is in that scene, lemme grab some lines: 
Am I the only one that thinks George is…y’know, they wrote, he looks like he’s melting.
Dream remembers the darkness. He can nearly smell the burning candle wax.
So you just wanted to watch, his mind echoes—
so with the “george is...y’know” it’s supposed to mean the commenter thought in the video that george was “turned on” instead of angry like the previous commenters were saying. which is why the implication sends dream back to the memory of george “saying” he was turned on/the whole melting thing as well. not “george” lol though i can see where that mixup is!
in another sense though i wanna answer some other similar asks i’ve had about their sexualities in the fic. i don’t think the heat waves universe handles being LGBTQ+ any differently than the real universe - but the main characters are very close and transparent with those that they love, so it does paint a safe little bubble for them. dream isn’t surprised he’s having feelings for a guy, he’s surprised that it’s george. sapnap isn’t surprised about either, implying he knows dream’s sexuality and is unfazed by it. neither dream nor george have that “oh, he couldn’t like me because he’s straight” conflict - i personally don’t find that very compelling in writing, story-arcs that center around internal homophobia or a “big gay freakout” can eliminate room for other more intricate, unique forms of struggle. it’s more about the having feelings for someone that you value to an extremely high degree instead of learning/grappling with a newfound sexuality. 
i don’t think there would ever be a moment between the three main characters where their sexualities are treated as a big deal. they’re all very emotion and experience oriented - labels are not important to them. which is why “being gay” isn’t mentioned, it’s implied dream has had feelings for guys before, dream’s mom doesn’t bat an eye at his confession about george, and so on and so forth. outside of their knitted community, the universe is like ours - complicated, and often lacking in support for the LGBTQ+. but as with most things in heat waves, the character’s dynamics and history make the readers only concerned with their warm, cozy little corner of the world.
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alexxphoenix42 · 3 years ago
New enemies to friends to lovers list? Recently read "How to Sleep with your Enemy in One Semester" and it was fabulous so anything like that :)
Hey friend, perhaps something here is new for you …
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers - Part 2
Up To Speed by prettysailorsoldier, 13k, explicit. Teenlock. John doesn’t know what he did to deserve this, but,whatever it takes to atone for it, he is more than willing to try, because, ifhe has to spend one more second with Sherlock Holmes, he might spontaneouslycombust. Or strangle him. He’s currently undecided.
Different Tastesby DemonicSymphony, 5 k, explicit, Sherlock and John own competing restaurantsacross the street from one another. With a history of flying puddings andaltercations in their past… It’s up to Mycroft to meddle. Sweet and sexy!
Roommates are for little people by alexxphoenix42,69 k, explicit. John was looking forward to seeing his friends back at uni, buta new year brings new complications, not the least of which is a dorm room withonly one bed, and a stroppy roommate with an utterly spectacular arse. God,John doesn’t need the headache.
Signed in Love by Jberry, 8 k,explicit.  Three Continents Watson meetsDeaf Sign Language Interpreter Sherlock Holmes at a medical conference. Theyclash, mostly due to John being trash. Years later, fate throws them togetheragain.
How to Sleep with YourEnemy in One Semester by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for, 9 k, mature. Visiting professors JohnWatson and Sherlock Holmes are longtime academic rivals — and now unwillingoffice mates — at a prestigious American university. When their tense argumentsgive way to an undercurrent of mutual attraction, their war of wits turns intosomething more personal.
Guilty Until Proven Innocent by VincentMeoblinn,17 k, mature. Sherlock is hunting for Moriarty’s last remaining operative, anex-military doctor and sniper named John Watson. When he finds him he isconfused to learn that he is overwhelmed with guilt and determined to punishhimself with solitude.
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arofili · 3 years ago
Tolkien: the Silvan language died out when the Sindar elves came to rule over them, and the Silvan and Sindarin elves became mostly Sindar
Me, clinging on to my headcanons about the Silvan languages in both Lothlorien & Mirkwood, constantly thinking about the complicated politics between Silvan & Sindarin elves and how that plays into Tauriel & Thranduil’s relationship but also in how Galadriel & Celeborn came to rule Lothlorien and also in Amroth & Nimrodel’s tragedy, wondering about the colonialism inherent in Tolkien's works and how the Silvan people truly felt about their Sindarin/Noldorin leaders and refusing to believe they abandoned their entire culture: I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you
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milfygerard · 4 months ago
ok i don't want this to come off as mean or dismissive because i rewlly appreciate how willing the mcr fandom is when it comes to dischssing antisemitism, as most fanbases are happy to push it to the side but uh. the way ppl are discussing this shirt thing is making me feel kind of uncomfortable. ive already discussed this in a few discord chats so ill add that bc im too tired to make a long post, and will probably elaborate later. I just felt like as the Resident Jew i should say something becaus i havent seen any jewish fans speak on this yet
on the "callout" style itself
Tumblr media
[DESCRIPTION: discord chat screenshot by user doctor worm but evil//barry "all the people trying to call out the new mcr shirt obviously mean well but honestly this all makes me more uncomfortable than anything. its just like a lot of well meaning goyische ppl taling about things they don't totally understand and calling it a fight against antisemitism. This isnt the iron cross fuckup mcr ran into the seal of solomon is a real and pretty common thing that has its own complicated history within and outside of judaism. Im glad people are discussing antisemitism because it usually goes overlooked in most fandoms but its just obvious no one really quote unquote gets antisemitism and is just winging it"]
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shewhotellsstories · 5 months ago
I’ve seen you in the anti-bryke tag. And I’m just wondering, what’s with that? The tag in general. I hope I don’t come across disrespectful because I’m vaguely aware of how Bryke didn’t handle aspects in the Avatar franchise.
But I’m just confused. Did something specific happen or? Is it just an overall things built up and comes under the head of the anti-bryke tag?
I’m not being disrespectful I’m just confused
No worries, I don’t feel disrespected at all. I am just gonna preface this by saying ATLA wasn’t on my radar until May 2020. If anyone who was around when the old laws were written circa 2005-2008 feel free to weigh in. 
I don’t think anything’s happened recently, but here are some of the issues some people have with Bryke that I’m aware of. 
I’ve seen some South Asian fans say that they’re not comfortable with the way Bryke portrayed the faiths they drew inspiration from. Some people have expressed discomfort over mixing cultures that have a complicated history with eachother. 
I remember someone bringing up that the show filters mythologies from other countries through a white or western lens, here’s an article about that:
Some native fans have expressed discomfort over how the comics handled issues like preserving traditions and animal pelts. And the treatment characters like Hama and Jet got.  
I’m never gonna watch the video, but I know there’s some lingering resentment over Bryke getting involved in the shipping wars. Something about setting aside time in a panel discussion to make fun of fan art from Zutara shippers. Not a great look when you remember some of the fans were kids or teens at the time. I’m glad I missed out on the drama in real time, but from what I’ve heard it just got really nasty.  
The Legend of Korra seems to be a sore spot for a lot of people. Some people have gripes with how the Gaang were portrayed. And some people don’t like the way Korra was treated. I myself have noticed they have a lot of weird notions about motherhood and childless women that feed into some sexist stereotypes. 
I could be missing some stuff, because I haven’t even been here for a full year yet. Usually when I’ve got criticisms or critiques of something I anti tag it to be safe. It’s mostly a courtesy thing. I think that there are things in ATLA and TLOK that were progressive and hold up really well. I really enjoyed watching it last spring. But there are also frustrating things that remind us that these shows were very much written by two white men who didn’t understand certain things as much as they thought they did. 
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sineala · 2 years ago
I wanted to ask about Cpt Marvel, since we got some new info. What is her relationship with Steve and Tony in the comics? With whom she's closer? And what are your hopes for A4 and their interactions in the movies?
Currently my hope for Captain Marvel in the MCU is that we get to see her punching some Skrulls to the dulcet strains of “Head Like a Hole.” (I just want the soundtrack to be every song I ever liked on the alternative rock station in, like, 1998, plus maybe some Sleater-Kinney. I don’t think this is unreasonable, Marvel.) I want to wait and see how her solo movie is before really having any A4 hopes. Mostly my thoughts are “eeeee” and “should I wear my Ms. Marvel t-shirt or my Warbird t-shirt with my Captain Marvel hoodie to the first possible showing?”
As for the comics, I am putting lots of panels under the Read More.
The first thing you should probably be aware of is that Carol’s relationship with the Avengers in general was kind of rocky at the start and she had some terrible things happen to her in the 80s (mind control + rape + creepy alien pregnancy and childbirth, and then getting her powers stolen by Rogue and then getting dropped off the Golden Gate Bridge and left to die and, surprise, she has amnesia)  and basically the Avengers didn’t care (I told you it was terrible) and she told them to fuck off and she went to space. But they’ve patched things up a lot since then.
If Steve/Tony/Thor was the classic Avengers triumvirate, Steve/Tony/Carol is pretty much the new Avengers triumvirate, I think is the best way I can put it. All three of them are experienced heroes and good leaders who work well together on and off the field. They’re a good team, and any Avengers run where they’re all on the team is probably going to be worth checking out.
Carol’s relationship with Steve these days is generally a good one. He’s Captain America. So like most Avengers do, Carol looks to him for advice and support, and occasionally some armed-forces trash talk. You can see both of these things in Avengers: Endless Wartime:
Tumblr media
I’m really fond of this moment back in in New Avengers v1 #15 when Carol comes to Steve for reassurance after House of M. Steve gives great hugs:
Tumblr media
That panel was the first thing I thought of when you asked about Steve and Carol, honestly. I love it so much.
Steve is also the one who urged her to take Captain Marvel as a codename, here in Captain Marvel v7 #1:
Tumblr media
So, yeah, she’s close enough with Steve that she does not hesitate to go to him with problems, concerns, and so on. I think it’s a really nice friendship. Camaraderie between fellow soldiers, I would say is a part of it. Steve doesn’t so much go to her with his problems in return, but that’s mostly because Steve likes to deal with his problems by (a) punching and (b) sulking.
Tony’s relationship with Carol is a little bit more complicated, both because of their shared history of alcoholism and because being Tony Stark’s friend usually means you will be called upon to prevent him from doing something stupid to himself. Probably a lot.
If you’re interested in Tony’s relationship with Carol, an absolute must-read is Busiek’s Iron Man run (IM v3 #1-25). Carol – at this time going by the name Warbird – has recently lost her Binary-level powers and has begun drinking to cope, at which point she starts failing hard at superheroing and gets kicked off the Avengers.
So in IM v3 #7 Tony starts trying to help her, because he figures, hey, he’s been there. He ends up revealing his secret identity just because he thinks he can help her:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
However, this is also one of those times when wearing the armor is killing Tony, and, slightly later on, in IM v3 #12, Carol is called on to help him because he’s being an idiot flying around nearly killing himself:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then she gives him a pep talk once he’s better:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look how great they are! Aren’t they great?
It takes her a while to actually stop drinking – rock-bottom is her drunkenly drop-kicking Tony through an airplane in IM v3 #24 and putting an entire plane of civilians in danger:
Tumblr media
So then in #25 she decides she’d really like to stop drinking, and Tony gets her to go to AA with him:
Tumblr media
It’s really an excellent arc for both of them and I highly recommend it. I was under the impression that Tony is Carol’s AA sponsor, but now that I am looking I can’t find on-panel confirmation of that. If anyone knows of any, that would be great.
After Civil War, when Steve is dead, Carol is basically Tony’s one remaining actual friend, and she helps run the Mighty Avengers (the official team) with him and also provides a lot of moral support, as in Avengers/Invaders #2 here, when Tony is essentially attempting not to have a breakdown because he has to deal with a time-traveling Steve from WWII while his Steve is dead and he blames himself:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Man, I love Avengers/Invaders.
More recently in Tony and Carol’s relationship, there was Civil War II, which… yeah. Rhodey died and Carol and Tony were both sad and Carol was in favor of profiling and Tony wasn’t and Carol punched Tony into a coma and the only issue you should read is the tie-in where Justin Trudeau hugs Tony gently and tells him it’s all going to be okay. (Yes, it’s a real issue. Civil War II Choosing Sides #5.)
Tumblr media
Okay, okay, if you’re here for Tony and Carol’s relationship, you should also read Invincible Iron Man v3 #14 – there are too many panels for me to post but the wiki has a good summary – which is about Tony and Carol both ending up at the same AA meeting accidentally and having a nice long talk about feelings. It’s probably my favorite issue in Bendis’ entire IM run.
Steve and Tony and Carol are all on the main Avengers team right now but… not much has happened and it’s really too soon to tell what the team dynamic there is like, I would say.
There’s also the recent Life of Captain Marvel #1 for some quality Carol & Tony (and Carol & Steve) content; again, you should really just read the whole thing.
Tumblr media
Steve’s got her! And then Tony takes her to the lab, and then they have a heart-to-heart:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Man, I wish Margaret Stohl wrote Iron Man.
In answer to your question, I guess you could say she’s closer to Tony? But Tony and Steve do handle their friendships with others differently, generally speaking; the way Tony and Carol are friends is the way Tony is friends with a lot of his friends, with a heaping helping of emotional vulnerability and large amounts of feelings and/or tears. The way Steve and Carol are friends is the way Steve is friends with a lot of his friends, which doesn’t so much involve that kind of vulnerability, although Steve will be there in a heartbeat if one of his friends needs him. You can definitely see that. It’s just a different kind of friendship style, I would say.
(And of course, the way Steve and Tony are friends with each other is something terrifyingly intense and intimate that neither of them are with anyone else, period, but this is not My Steve/Tony Shipping Manifesto so I will leave it there.)
Also if you ever read Ultimates, Tony and Carol date in that universe. Unlike basically everyone else Ults Tony ever dates, she doesn’t want him dead, so that’s a big plus. (She’s not a superhero in Ults; she’s with SHIELD.)
Anyway, I hope that was what you wanted to know! Carol & Steve & Tony are THE BEST.
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brainstatic · 3 years ago
ive seen a lot of leftists recently cautioning ppl on the racist history of gun control im the us, which is definitely valid. so i was womdering if you had any ideas to help ensure that any gun control we passed wouldnt have any racial consequences. i cant think of anything other than greater oversight of law enforcement and an eventual reducing of police arms
The people saying this are ignoring the fact that the Second Amendment itself was made in part to arm slave patrols. They’re basing the whole “racist history of gun control” on one California law passed in response to the Black Panthers, but the reality is far more complicated than that.
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alexxphoenix42 · 3 years ago
Do you have any new enemies to lovers??
Okay, nonny, let’s see  …
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers
Up To Speed by prettysailorsoldier, 13k, explicit. Teenlock. John doesn’t know what he did to deserve this, but,whatever it takes to atone for it, he is more than willing to try, because, ifhe has to spend one more second with Sherlock Holmes, he might spontaneouslycombust. Or strangle him. He’s currently undecided.
Different Tastesby DemonicSymphony, 5 k, explicit, Sherlock and John own competing restaurantsacross the street from one another. With a history of flying puddings andaltercations in their past… It’s up to Mycroft to meddle. Sweet and sexy!
Roommates are for little people by alexxphoenix42,69 k, explicit. John was looking forward to seeing his friends back at uni, buta new year brings new complications, not the least of which is a dorm room withonly one bed, and a stroppy roommate with an utterly spectacular arse. God,John doesn’t need the headache.
Signed in Love by Jberry, 8 k,explicit.  Three Continents Watson meetsDeaf Sign Language Interpreter Sherlock Holmes at a medical conference. Theyclash, mostly due to John being trash. Years later, fate throws them togetheragain.
How to Sleep with YourEnemy in One Semester by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for, 9 k, mature. Visiting professors JohnWatson and Sherlock Holmes are longtime academic rivals — and now unwillingoffice mates — at a prestigious American university. When their tense argumentsgive way to an undercurrent of mutual attraction, their war of wits turns intosomething more personal.
Guilty Until Proven Innocent by VincentMeoblinn,17 k, mature. Sherlock is hunting for Moriarty’s last remaining operative, anex-military doctor and sniper named John Watson. When he finds him he isconfused to learn that he is overwhelmed with guilt and determined to punishhimself with solitude.
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