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Sleepy Time With His Babies | Ennoshita, Akaashi
Pairings: Ennoshita X Reader (female), Akaashi X Reader (female) 
Genre: sleepy, domestic, goodnessss mwah 
Author’s Note: Get fed 
Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Atsumu, Osamu // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Kita, Kuroo // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Iwaizumi, Sakusa // Sleepy Time With Their Babies | Kenma, Bokuto
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose 💛💛
Light rain
This was the sound that had managed to lull the two of you fast asleep
It was so peaceful
One summer afternoon, the two of you slipped out just before the storm into the sunroom
As the storm brewed closer and closer until it broke open all around, the two of you witnessed the rain consume everything
You laid top of Chikara, laid in between his legs, your feet dangling off the small couch alongside his
He let your head as drowsiness washed over you, letting the storm lull you to sleep first 
his mind showed him vague images of the scenario happening in the novel he was reading, letting a mini movie play in his mind as his hands brushed through your hair, your breath hot and tickling his chest 
but the longer the read, the more his eyes moved over the printed words on the page while the storm sounded in his ears, the warmth you emitted from your body made the images in his mind hazy 
his eyes slowly got heavier and heavier 
his arm already getting tired from holding the book up 
light rumbles in the distance soothed his mind from the white noise of the rain  
the weight of your body on top of his was a different kind of soothing as he slowly fell into the pit of sleep, his eyes no longer being able to stay open while you slept soundly, readjusting yourself every now and then 
he let his head fall back into the arm of the couch, an arm draped over your back 
the book fell to the floor with a thud to the ground as it fell out of his other hand
Your bodies melted together as mother nature watched while the two of you slept in her peaceful shower to earth, watering her plants, maintaining life 
as he breathed, your body rose on top of his with his arm slung over your back 
life was so peaceful, sleep had never been so rejuvenating 
two years 
it had been just a few weeks over two years to be exact - since the two of you brought home your baby boy 
clouds that let light rain drizzle down all over the city as you walked close to Chikara, your body pressed into his side, his arm around your waist as he held the umbrella, not letting rain hit the three of your faces as his dream was now reality 
he had a family 
it was small, the house was small but he had you two 
no money or anything could replace the two of you like money could material objects like clothes or a house 
and now here was his little family before him 
You and your son laid still beside him as half your body was cuddled into him while the back of the couch cuddled you from behind 
and now that the couch in the sun room got an upgrade, it was even longer and wider to fit and hold you guys snuggly 
Your leg was draped over his, your hand resting on his chest, hand gripping onto his shirt while on the other side of him, sleeping comfily beside him was S/N
the little boy was out like a light, his hair the same as his own 
a smile pulled onto his lips seeing his little boy’s mouth wide open but thankfully there was no drool 
but he was already years old 
it felt like just yesterday when the two of you carried S/N home 
he rubbed his hands on you two’s shoulders, giving them a squeeze as he turned his head, pressing a kiss to both of your heads 
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​ 💛💛
The night was still
Not a single car drove by the house or in the neighborhood
Nothing could be heard and it was soothing
Keiji’s body slowly woke as he felt the urge to use the bathroom
He groggily sat up, his eyes just barely cracked up as he tried to sit up but alas, he was stuck
It was like he was tied down to the bed but really, it was just you
“Y/N,” his voice was meek as he turned behind him
He couldn’t see you at all in the darkness but he could feel you
“I need to use the bathroom,” to which you groaned
“Please let go, I’ll come right back.” And with a deep breath from you, tickling his lower back with your hot breath
“Y/N, let me go.” He put more effort into his sleepy voice, his arm shaking you gently more awake
You reminded him of Bokuto back at Fukurodani who clung onto him like a child would a teddy bear
But alas, you let him go
And he kept his word
The bed shifted and creaked beneath his weight as he returned to bed
his hands warm from the water as he unintentionally brushed his fingertips to your forearm, making goosebumps rise on your arm
You raised your arm as he slid beneath the covers, getting comfy in his warm spot as he left it, only dropping your arm onto him when he was still
And that’s when he felt you again
But this time you buried your face into his back, your head also sharing his pillow, as you wrapped your arm around his waist, the bottom hem of his shirt trapped in your hand as you hugged him from behind
He placed his hand on the back of yours, your hand loosening but just enough so he could slide his fingers in between yours
The sound of your two slow breaths filled the room, switching back snd forth from breathing synchronously and asynchronously
The two of you fell into deep slumber once again in a matter of moments as if he didn’t even wake to use the bathroom in the first place
And it was the best sleep the two of you got in a long time
But the sight was also funny considering the two of you had a king sized bed but you the two of you only took up enough space that fit a twin sized bed
His eyes cracked open just before he was about to knock out to the feeling of your body moving against his as you repositioned the pillow clamped between your legs
A dim golden light of the old steer lamps outside along the streets shone through the sheer curtains of the bedroom, faintly illuminating the outline of your body
Only when he could feel your body relaxing back to sleep did Akaashi let himself sleep
His lips were mere centimeters away from your exposed upper back from the noodle strap maternity summer night gown
And now it was his turn to have his face buried in your back, his arm resting on your waist, hand on your belly, now with your hand on top of his
As exhausted or tired as he was, he made sure to stay awake, only falling asleep until you were fast asleep first
Even if he wanted to sleep first, he couldn’t bring himself to now that he had developed this little habit
Same with how he played with his fingers and hands back in Fukurodani, but instead of his hands now, he played with his wedding ring and your fingers
And soon, he could play with his little girl or little boy’s fingers
And he couldn’t wait
Your hair tickled his face, filling his nose with your natural scent as well as the shampoo and conditioner you used
There was something so calming about just knowing you were with him - whether it was your scent, your touch, something that reminded him of you
It was just lovely
Especially since people talked about their lives exploding with color and fireworks going off when they met “the one” but with you, it felt so beautifully different for Akaashi
It was like there was a calming stillness that waved off stressed and obstacles in life that didn’t allow them to grow any bigger than they were
Instead of new colors being seen in his eyes when you came into his life, the two of you were able to find these new colors together
But all in all, life still felt the same but more beautiful in a different aspect
And to him, that aspect was you and it always would be
Soon, Akaashi’s life would only get more beautiful from here on out when your little girl or boy would be born from the love the two of you had for each other
“I can’t wait to meet you…” Akaashi whispered in his head, his heart doing a little flip when he felt the baby move beneath his palm on your belly
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Origin Day // platonic 501st! Reader
Tw: alcohol use
It’s my 21st birthday and I want to go clubbing with the 501st
Tumblr media
“Wait, isn’t twenty-one like a big deal for civvies?” Fives asked, watching you wrench a bolt tighter on the sliding door of a gunship in the large hangar of the Coruscant GAR barracks. Most clone troopers genuinely didn’t understand the sensationalized idea of birthdays (or as most people in the galaxy called them: Origin Days). The closest they had was when they were let out of the growth chambers. You shrugged, giving the wrench one last pull before wiping the sweat off your forehead.
“On some planets.” You hummed, “For some species. Depends on when the government deems your species old enough to drink alcohol.”
“So you can enlist in the military, but can’t go for a drink.” Echo asked, eye brows furrowing while Fives muttered something about that being bullshit.
You gave the gunship one last appraisal before deciding you had done all you could do. If they wanted those dents out, high command would have to sanction heavy equipment. Finally, you looked back to the Arc trooper duo.
“Which is why you’ve never seen me in 79’s.”
“Civie laws make no sense.” Fives stated bluntly, kicking himself off the crate he’d be lounging on. “So are you doing anything?”
“Well, my childhood friends live on a different planet, and my academy friends are all deployed at the moment.” You voice was strained as you stretched your arms over your head, “Aside from getting those AT-RT’s back in working order? Not unless you two have any brilliant ideas.”
Over your head, the two Arc troopers shared a look. They did in fact have an idea-though ‘brilliant’ was a little bit generous.
“Don’t you two have an early call time tomorrow?” You yelled over the thumping music, subconsciously tugging at your outfit (you had forgotten how exposing civvie clothes felt compared to your military uniforms).
79’s was busier than usual according to Echo who was walking in front of you to part the crowd. Fives was behind you, guiding you with a warm hand on the small of your back.
“Yeah, but you don’t.” Fives answered with a smile in his voice. In front of you Echo nodded.
“We’ll manage.” He paused, pulling you in front of him and pointing to a back corner, “Besides, I doubt it’ll be that much of a problem.”
You eyes followed his finger to find an unexpected sight. Half of the 501st was gathered around a corner booth, even Captain Rex who rarely ever ventured to the club scene.
Fives and Echo watched your expression carefully, relieved when you broke into a laugh and your hands flew to your mouth.
“It’s not much but-“ Echo started in with something cheesy, but you cut him off, taking both his and Fives hands as you pulled them towards the corner.
“It’s perfect.” You promised. And it was. For some the party had already started: Hardcase and Jesse were clutching long necked bottles while they teased Tup. Kix and Rex were chatting over swirling low ball glasses of whiskey. And to your surprise, Dogma even come, even if he was just clutching a glass of water like a life preserver.
When they finally caught sight of you, you could hear their whoops and hollers over the music.
“Hey!” “There she is!” “Wooooo, (Y/N)!”
Amongst other greetings were chorused as you were pulled into the fold. Echo passed you off to Jesse who through an arm around your shoulders, easily pulling you to his side while Hardcase clapped a hand onto your back. Tup simply offered you a kind smile. They were all laughing and it was contagious.
Rex didn’t get up, but he did raise his glass to you with a nod and a smile. Dogma, who looked like he didn’t truly want to be there, at least managed a smile, even if it was a bit forced. You appreciated his presence, nonetheless. Kix slid out of the booth, fingers dipping into a pocket on his belt and producing a medium sized, clear gel capped pill before planing it in your hand. You took it, a little hesitantly, but looked up at him in confusion.
“It’s a hydration supplement. You’re gonna wanna take that if you want to function tomorrow.” He promised with a wink, offering the untouched glass of water. You followed his instructions and then the party really started.
While Kix had been being the responsible one, Hardcase had snuck off and had returning with a tray of nine shots that glowed a not-so-subtle neon blue. Because that’s what you should do- drink things that glow.
After placing them on the table, everyone took one of the tiny glasses (or in Dogma’s case was bullied into taking one), and looked to Rex expectantly.
“Well, Captain, aren’t you going to give a toast?” Fives chided, holding his shot up. Rex rose an eye brow, but mirrored the action.
“Alright. We’re very lucky to celebrate together tonight and even luckier to call (Y/N) our friend. Let’s drink to the 501st, to the Republic, and to many more years for (Y/N).” He announced very seriously and sincerely, locking eyes with you. It was almost enough to make you misty eyed- had Hardcase not immediately yelled.
“Hell yeah, I’ll drink to that! To (Y/N)!!” He shouted, and before you could changed your mind to raised the glass to your friends and threw it back. Surprisingly, the glowing liquor was sweet, a flavor you couldn’t quite place, but it did leave a burning trail down your throat. You coughed, at first, before shivering when the alcohol settled into your belly. The boys laughed at your expression.
“Well, if you’re not gonna drink it,” Hardcase shrugged, plucking the tiny glass out of Dogma’s hand and putting it in yours, “the birthday girl should.”
It was going to be a night.
And it was.
There were a couple of shots thrust into your hands periodically through the night that sustained the bubbly warmth moving through you blood. Between the shots, Fives and Echo did a good job of convincing random soldiers to buy you drinks. There was dancing and laughter, enough to last a lifetime.
Rex was the first to leave, handing you a glass of water and reminding you to pace yourself before looking sternly at Fives and Echo, “You two makes sure she gets home safe, that’s an order.”
Dogma was next, slipping out shortly after Rex. But not before you convinced to dance with you. It was stiff and awkward, but you managed to get him to laugh before the song was up. After Hardcase loudly boo-ed him for ‘wussing’ out, he wished you a happy Origin Day and reminded you of the call time for the next day.
That was when Jesse delivered you a fruity little umbrella drink, and coincidentally that was when night became a little fuzzy.
Fives, Echo, Jesse, Hardcase, Tup, and Kix took turns dancing with you, trading you around. Jesse even scared some shiny off when they tried to ease into your dance, getting a little too handsy for his taste. At one point, Jesse and Hardcase had you hoisted onto their shoulders as Tup waited ready to catch you if they dropped you. Before you knew it, the bartender was calling last call.
Then there were flashes of the journey home. Stumbling out of 79’s with the rest of the late night crowd, not being able to flag a taxi big enough for seven, deciding to walk, getting distracted by greasy street food, tripping over your own feet bad enough that Kix had to patch up your scraped up knees, and winding up at the Clone barracks being carried on Echo’s back, fast asleep. The only thing you remembered from the barracks was passing a group of clones in black and red armor, and one of them muttering, ‘regs...’ in disdain. By the time they realized they forgot to take you home, they were too tired to remedy it.
And that’s how you woke up in Hardcase’s bunk, with the said solider crashing on top of Tup in the bunk below you. Fives and Echo were slumped against each other, sitting on the floor. Kix was the only one where he was supposed to be and he was sleeping very soundly. Jesse was nowhere to be found.
None of you made it to call on time.
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janghoefett · 6 months ago
Couple thots about the boys’ preferences that are on my mind today. Boba, Din, Jango, AKA The Trifecta. 18+ only. F!reader.
Boba’s a fan of nudes. If you are hesitant about giving them out, rest assured that they are safe with Boba Fett. No one else is going to see them. If you want them deleted, he’ll do it no questions asked. He really appreciates them because he’s away for weeks at a time; of course he likes pics of his girl to inspire those moments when he gets a bit of rest. He thinks you’re the most beautiful sight in all the galaxy.
Boba loves to hear you moan. He likes to hear every little noise you make when he’s inside of you, whether it be panting, squeaking, begging... It’s something about knowing he can bring pleasure. He’s so used to hurting people that he forgets he can love as well, not to mention that hearing your praises feeds his ego.
He has a bit of a thing for size. He might not be tall, but he’s built like a tank. He likes to feel physically in charge and he’s going to handle you in a way that makes you feel small and dainty, even if you are not. He’s on the dominant side. We know this already.
Boobs. Boobs boobs boobs. Please let this man have 24/7 access to some titties. He’s obsessed with yours; he loves to knead them, he loves to lay his head on them, he loves the way you relax when they’re being touched. It’s a win-win. Just let him squeeze one and he will calm down.
Din has a thing for seeing you in all your domestic glory. Hear me out: you’re lounging around the crest in a cute, comfy little set. Nothing fancy. Maybe you’re even wearing socks. Maybe you’re wearing a sweater with just your panties or maybe you have a comfortable bralette showing under one of his shirts. Din is going to be all over you. Of course he would never say no to you dressing up for him, but seeing you comfortable and in your most natural state makes him feral. To Din, it’s more intimate to see you let your guard down in front of him than if you were to put on something extravagant for him to simply rip off. It’s something about that trust and intimacy you have with each other. 
Din likes to watch. He’s good at watching; he’s been watching and observing all his life. It gives him knowledge, allow him to see things from a different perspective. If you let him film one of your sessions, you’d better believe he’ll watch it back and get even harder at just the sight of you. He’s not sure if this is a fantasy or if he’d actually let it happen... but Din kind of wants to share you. If Boba, let’s say, were to come over and absolutely wreck your shit in front of Din? He might really enjoy that more than he should.
Jango has a thing for innocence. Not necessarily innocence in the sense of virginity, but kindness and warmth. Sometimes Jango has to remind himself he’s not a machine, that he’s not only a mercenary. He has seen so much injustice, so much death. When you’re that soft and that sweet and you look at him with those eyes… he busts just a lil bit.
He’s possessive. It’s sometimes an annoyance to you, but Jango has a terrible time trying to get you to understand how he feels. You know that the man would walk over fire for you, of course, but he doesn’t think you know that. Shh. He’s suspicious of other people and he’s very paranoid about your safety, so Jango is a little overbearing in that sense. However, at the end of the day, you do love him for the way he cares.
In the same vein, Jango wants everyone to know you’re his. Let’s be honest: the man has a bit of an ego. He likes to flaunt you, he likes to take you out, he likes you to scream his name. You might as well get his name tattooed, honestly, so that everyone will know you’re the girl of the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy...
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httpjeon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis. you find yourself on izo huen, home to the sehebon. luckily for you, you've arrived at an interesting time.
Tumblr media
pairing. taehyung/reader genre. angst, fluff, smut au. alien!au wordcount. 16,580 contents. Huge Dick Tae, cocky!tae, soft!tae, protective!tae, lowkey possessive!tae, human!kink, slight harrassment, dom/sub themes, size kink, size difference, sensitivity kink?, orgasm kink?, cunt slapping, breath play, dry humping, cunnilingus, fingering, cumflation, belly bulging, lowkey consent kink, unrealistic sex but it’s aliens what do u expect, lots of mention of humanity note. tae just wants to learn human things ):
Tumblr media
blog masterlist. made of stardust masterlist.
Tumblr media
© httpjeon 2020. do not repost, modify, or translate.
Tumblr media
It had been a little over a half a year since your move to the Vela System of the Fanet IV Galaxy courtesy of the Interplanetary Relations Commission had begun. You were still adjusting to your new environment, Izo Huen being a vastly different place compared to Earth in terms of culture and climate.
"So, to wrap up the events of this past week," you shifted in your chair, staring into the lens of the camera you used to send reports to your superiors, "I met with the head of the Embassy for a dinner in order to meet the head of Izo Huen's military. The only way I can describe the whole interaction is...tense. Warrior Sehebon are truly another level of terrifying. Horrible burns across their bodies correlate with the information we had about their rituals. They wear the burns with pride, however ― a mark of bravery I suppose. The middle of the week was rather uneventful," you shifted in your seat, leaning over just out of frame to take a sip of your water. You stared at the arched ceiling, thinking of anything that could come to mind of importance to note. Outside your window, you could see people walking through the streets, laughing and chatting with one another.
"Oh!" you sat up straight again, "The monthly market came back once again. This time it was mostly vendors from Liana. They had the most amazing fruits I'd ever seen ― nothing like Earths. They were delicious too, so sweet. I wish I could send some back for everyone to be able to taste. You know," your gaze shifted out your window again, to the people bustling about, "Things got really hectic here in Fia recently, I don't know what it is. They're hanging banners up and there seems to have been an extreme increase in population of the city. I'm not completely sure what's going on."
After ending your weekly log and sending it to your fellow researchers on Earth, you downed the rest of your water and groaned. Izo Huen was sweltering hot, the two suns that hung in the sky upping the temperature past comfortable.
You couldn't wait for night to come, the freezing cold giving you a wonderful excuse to cuddle under the wool blankets.You decided to take a bath to pass the time, as it would be night in just a few hours. Plus, you desperately wanted to wash the days grime off your body.
By the time you woke up the next day, you were acutely aware of how incredibly loud it was outside. Shouts and cheers emanated from just outside your window. So with sleep-filled eyes you hurriedly dressed yourself and rushed out to see what the fuss was all about.When you stepped out of the door, you were shocked by the incredible crowd of people filling the streets.
Banners and streamers, even balloons, decorated every inch that could be covered. The alphabet was one you hadn't yet learned to decipher so the meanings were completely lost on you.
"Excuse me?" you asked a nearby woman. She was much taller than you ― a key trait in both men and women of their race. She turned and looked down at you with surprise in her eyes, "What's going on?"
"It's the pre-celebration," she answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
She turned her back to you once again and quickly disappeared into the crowd and you sighed. Sehebon citizens were still getting used to their planet being visited by other races outside their own solar system ― they were the newest planet to be opened for visits by the Interplanetary Commission.
It unfortunately resulted in some of the citizens to hold ill feelings towards those entering their cities.
Sighing, you decided to follow the flow of the crowd to appease your own rabid curiosity. A lot of the cultural information on Sehebon had yet to be discovered or disclosed, as a race that held their own traditions close to their hearts.
You were surprised that the place everyone was flocking to was the massive Colosseum that was centered in the very middle of the city. Larger than any stadium found on Earth, you'd never had the opportunity to find out what it was for.
In your excitement to get through the crowd of large Sehebon, you stumbled over your own feet and hit the ground hard ― knocking the air out of you. The crowd didn't wait, stepping over you and for a second you were scared you would be literally crushed under a stampede.
However, strong hands grabbed your arms and lifted you up, grabbing your wrist and dragging you out of the crowd. You stumbled trying to catch up, with his large steps while trying not to end up slammed into unsuspecting people.
The person tugging you pulled you out of the crowd and rounding the stone walls until you realized the amount of people had dissipated. You had the opportunity to look at the person who had helped you ― a male Sehebon finding a safe spot for you and finally slowing down.
"I...thank you," you muttered when he didn't say anything, his back still facing you.
"You're a human right?" he asked, finally turning to you. You choked on your own spit at the sight of him ― black hair hanging over two pretty dark eyes. He was tall, probably a little above average for his race and he was absolutely gorgeous, "I heard there was one staying in Fia but...damn."
"Uh...I'm an advocate for the Interplanetary Commission," you sputtered out, unable to break your gaze away from his face. He had tanned skin, smooth as could be with a jaw so sharp it could cut glass, "I'm from Earth, yes. My name is _____."
"Incredible," he moved closer, having to lean down to look at you how he wanted. You could feel his breath on your face and you could see the way he had one mono-lid and one double ― which was absolutely adorable, "My name is Taehyung...you know, you're so...small."
"I-I'm actually quite average," you refuted, glancing away under the power of his gaze.
"Maybe by human standards but..." he straightened up, looking around, "You should be careful. You can get hurt easily, you're lucky I saw you fall and bothered to help you."
"Bothered..." you whispered with a soft scoff. You could still feel his eyes on you, burning into you as if he was analyzing every inch of you, "Hey, so what's going on anyway?"
"You don't know?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow when you shook your head.
"I asked someone and she just said it was a pre-celebration," you shrugged.
"Yeah sort of," Taehyung gnawed at the inside of his cheek, jaw cocking to one side at the action, "It's gonna be our lottery in a few days so we come to the stadium to get our tickets."
"Wait...lottery? Like a money thing?" you asked, "You guys have that?"
"What?" Taehyung shook his head, staring at you like you were stupid and you suddenly felt embarrassed.
"O-On Earth we have this thing called a lottery and...you scratch these little papers and you can win money," you explained, hoping to help him make sense of you assumption.
"Huh, that's interesting," he actually did seem interested and maybe a little impressed, making you feel weirdly proud, "But no, that's not what we have. Once a year the government holds a lottery here in Fia, in the stadium. You draw and if your number is picked you gotta fight."
His words made you blank out.
They had to fight?
"What the hell?" you sputtered before you could stop yourself and Taehyung cocked his head to the side.
"Have you not read any of the banners and information sheets floating around?" he asked, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets, "They put them up to inform new visitors of what's going on, you know."
"I..." you cleared your throat, suddenly feeling embarrassed again, "Can't read the alphabet."
Taehyung went quiet for a minute before he snorted, beginning to laugh way too much for the simple problem you had. Your cheeks burned as he held his stomach, no doubt aching from how hard he was laughing.
"Oh my gosh!" he choked, wiping under his eyes, "Y-You're illiterate!"
"I am not illiterate!" you gasped, ears beginning to burn now at his accusation, "I-I just haven't had a need to read the alphabet! Since we speak the same language, you know?!"
"Okay, okay," he sniffled, finally calming down from his outburst. He looked down at you and cooed, placing his hand on your head, "Aw, don't-don't pout, I'm sorry. You're so cute!"
"St-Stop making fun of me!" you whined, petulantly stomping your foot which just made him coo more at you, calling you cute.
"I'm not making fun of you!" he argued, standing at his full height again, making you look up, "Isn't it only natural that I find the small little human girl cute? You're so...small."
"So you keep saying," you mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest, "Are you going to go into the stadium?"
"Yeah, probably a little while later," he shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets, "It'll calm down soon enough and it'll be less hectic. You're welcome to wait with me, if you'd like."
"I might as well," you sighed, leaning back so you rested your shoulder against the wall, "I'll probably literally be killed if I try to go in there at this point."
"Probably," he agreed, looking away from you when you squinted up to glare at him, "Say..." He looked back at you, head cocked to the side curiously, "Is it true Earth has a lot of oceans? And only one Sun?"
"Eh? Yeah, that's right," you nodded, making him hum, "You've never been to Earth?"
"Nah, can't afford to make that trip," he sighed, sliding down the side of the wall to sit on the ground, "I read about it when the news that we'd be open for visits from them, though. Here sit," he tugged your hand until you were finally sitting beside him.
"About this...fight," his head lulled to the side as he gazed at your through his lashes, "What...why do you guys do it? How's it work?"
"Well," he rested his hands on his bent knees, head resting against the wall behind him again, "You know majority of our planet is uninhabitable right?"
"Yeah, dominated by deadly deserts that will kill even Sehebon," you replied mechanically, having studied their landscape immensely on your voyage from Earth.
"Then you also know there's only a few, select places suitable for us to live," you nodded and he continued, "We have three cities on Izu Huen, Fia our capitol, Veles, and Holis. That isn't a lot of room for an entire planet to live, right? We have to stay within the habitable zone and fit every person on the planet in the cities. Excluding those that have the means to move to Vimoldara, that is. That's a lot of people, isn't it?"
"Wait," you sat up straighter, jaw dropping open, "You mean, it's a form of population control?"
"That and," his gaze turned much darker, sending a chill up your spine, "It's a chance for us to show each other how strong we are. That we're the best and we deserve to live, we offer more. Those who lose are killed and only the winner can stand."
"That's..." you cleared your throat uncomfortably, "That's scary."
"Not for us," Taehyung shrugged, casting a sideways glance your way, "It's a celebration. We're all excited and ready to do it. We get to make our families and ancestors proud as we fight."
You hummed, still weary of the lottery but kept the rest of your opinions to yourself. You and Taehyung dissolved into talking about things he was curious about on Earth, deciding it would be worth it to travel there simply after hearing what a cheeseburger was.
The suns began to set when Taehyung stood, helping you to your feet.
"We should be able to get in easily now," you followed him to the large entrance that you'd been unable to see past when you had first approached.
With the smaller influx of people, you could see fully inside the stadium. There were banners and decorations strewn about everywhere, a wash of white, red and black colors seeming to be the theme. In the very center of the stadium was a booth with a man standing inside, handing things out to the people in line.
"I hope he doesn't think I'm here to pick a lottery," you mumbled to yourself as you stood in line with Taehyung. He was still holding onto your hand as you waited, large fingers wrapping completely around your wrist, making the size difference more apparent.
He really was right when he said you were small. But his hand was so warm and comforting against your skin that it made you feel...cute.
"Nah, they won't assume a foreigner is here to participate," he said, not breaking his gaze from the booth.
By the time you reached the booth, the suns were down to just peeking over the horizon and the moon was, instead, shining large in the sky. The temperature was dropping and you couldn't help but move closer to Taehyung for warmth. You weren’t dressed to be out at night, you’d only anticipated spending the daytime hours out.
"Thank you," he said, tucking a slip of paper into his pocket after folding it up. The man behind the booth nodded, waving the next person forwards.
He began to walk when he paused, looking down at you with wide eyes. You scrambled to detach yourself from his side, not realizing just how close you were to him. However, you were quickly brought back when he pulled you flush against him again with a small smile.
"You humans are so fragile," he breathed, beginning walk, keeping you tucked into his side. Your face was burning with embarrassment but you also felt a strange sense of pride flowing through you at the prospect of such a good looking man treating you like he was.
"I-It just gets really cold here, you know?" you mumbled, trying to defend yourself albeit weakly.
His chest vibrated with his laughter, tightening his hold around your shoulders, "I guess if you're not used to it. You live around here?"
"Uh yeah," you pointed in the general direction of where you were staying, "I live down this road a ways."
"Alright, I'll walk you there," he offered, though he left no option to refuse.
You both fell silent as you walked, every once in a while another person would pass and stare at the two of you. Their eyes followed you even as you passed, turning back to stare at you and you began to feel strange about it.
"Why is everyone looking at us like that?" you asked suddenly, making him look down. The moonlight cast a soft glow on his face causing the shadow of his lashes to dust his cheeks.
"Probably because you're a human and you're with me," he answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world, "It's not exactly common for Sehebon and foreigners to be together yet."
You swallowed thickly, cheeks burning for the thousandth time that day it seemed.
It wasn't long before you reached the stoop of your house and you dislodged yourself from Taehyung, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep in the warmth you now missed.
"Um thanks for walking me home," you said, shrugging your shoulders self-consciously as his eyes scanned over your body.
"It was my pleasure," he leaned closer to you, "Hey, why don't you come to the celebration in a couple days, hm?"
"You mean the fighting?" you asked, feeling uneasy at the invitation. He nodded eagerly, eyes bright in excitement, "Taehyung, I do understand it's an important practice for you...it's your culture. But humans and Earth...it's punishable to kill someone. It's against the law. We find the concept of death scary...you know?"
His head cocked to the side, brows furrowed and the excitement in his eyes gone, "You're scared to die? And you don't like to see others die?"
"Exactly, it's...it's a very negative thing for humans," you attempted to explain while trying not to upset him.
"You know being invited to a fight is a very special thing," he muttered with a frown, leaning close to you so his nose was touching yours. Your eyes grew wide at the fire burning in his eyes and you swallowed nervously, "It's very offensive to reject an invitation to a fight. I want to show you how good I am, how well I can fight. I want you to be proud of me. Impressed by me."
Your mouth grew dry at his words and the way he uttered them, deep voice dark and no hint of the gentleness he had spoken with before. You attempted to move back but found your back pressed against the door. He loomed over you, leaning on his forearms above your head ― caging you in. Strangely, the only thing you could think of was how good he smelled; like the fruits you'd eaten a couple days ago.
"I-I'm sorry, Taehyung," you whispered, licking your lips in an effort to rid yourself of your nerves, "I just...Y-You don't need to kill someone t-to impress me, you know?"
"Then how can I?" he squinted, "I find you fascinating. A cute little human girl, smart and charming. I want to...what is it you humans call it...court you?"
You wanted to smile at the sound of the outdated term he used. But it was stopped by his confession, of what he thought of you.
"W-Well...you're trying to court a human girl..." you spoke slowly, meeting his eyes in faux confidence even though your heart was beating a mile a minute, "Why don't you try...a human method?"
"A human method," he gnawed on the inside of his cheek ― apparently a habit he had while thinking, "What are human methods?"
"Well um..." you noticed that with his body covering yours like it was, you weren't affected by the cold and that your trembles were no doubt excitement, "Like...dates. Do you guys have dates?"
"Usually an invitation to fight for someone to see is sufficient enough to begin a relationship," he explained, making you sigh. He frowned at the sound and leaned closer to you to meet your gaze, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it."
"F-For humans usually a man will ask a woman on a date," you explained simply, "Like...you would ask to take me to see a movie or take me to dinner."
"A dinner," he repeated, seeming to mull it over for a moment before nodding. The dark look was gone and he smiled the cutest boxy smile you'd ever seen in your life, "Then I'd like to take you to dinner, _____."
"I'd like that, Taehyung," you smiled, feeling your cheeks burn under his soft gaze.
"After my fight, to celebrate my win I'll take you."
"Alright, Taehyung, I look forward to it," after what seemed like an eternity, his eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes, he finally stood up straight. The cold immediately began to sink into your bones and he stepped back off your stoop.
"See you soon, cutie," he waved, twiddling his fingers before spinning on his heel and walking in the direction you both had just came from.
You opened your front door, slipping inside and relaxing once the warmth hit you. Leaning back against the door, you pressed your hand to your chest and sighed.
"Not how I expected my day to turn out," you mumbled, taking a seat at your chair in front of the camera, turning it on so the red light blinked indicating recording, "I know it hasn't been a week yet but I've found something interesting. I met a man named Taehyung and he told that they're about to begin a planet-wide lottery. Everyone draws a number and they're picked to fight. It's a...form of population control and some kind of cultural flex on each other to show who is the toughest and bravest. The fights are set to take place in a few days and I was invited but...I had to decline. The prospect of watching it was just too much for me to consider so I apologize for that."
You went quiet for a second, deciding to leave out the fact that the invitation was an attempt to ask you out. You greeted the people who would be watched goodbye and shut off the camera, turning to your computer monitor and hurriedly sending the video before shutting everything down.
The city was quiet for the next few days, everyone packed into the stadium. You would frequently hear the thunderous roar of the crowd but ultimately did your best to block out the prospect of the death no doubt going on.
You laid on your bed, reading a book you'd read several times already but lacked the means to acquire a new one. You wouldn't be able to read the books in an alphabet you couldn't read. Though you could take the time to learn but, you were in no mood to study.
As expected, you found yourself thinking of Taehyung. He was charming, no doubt, and you were surprised by how much you ultimately enjoyed his company. It was quick that he decided he wanted to date you, by human standards anyway, but Sehebon were very fast-moving people as more than half their race were warriors who could be killed in the blink of an eye. No doubt a cause for Taehyung's rush to be with you.
You couldn't deny the complete attraction you had for him; he was incredibly good looking and had the cutest smile. His voice was hypnotic, smooth as whiskey and as deep as the ocean. Dating someone of a completely different species wasn't the strangest thing by far ― plenty of humans had counterparts from different races. Dating a Sehebon, on the other hand, was different since the brand new introduction of their race to humans.
There was no fear that Taehyung would bring you any harm or have ill intentions, there was just a lot of confusion about him. You didn't exactly know much about who he was as a person rather than his race.
The date would no doubt clear things up and open doors for you.
Remembering the fact you would be going on a date with him set butterflies off in your tummy and you bit your lip to hold back the gleeful grin that threatened to spread across your face.
Tumblr media
It was a full week before the streets became the same again. The population of Fia went back to normal as visitors from other cities left and went back home. The banners were taken down from around your street and before long everything seemed to have returned to the way it was.
Unfortunately, you were running out of food so you needed to go food shopping. As the suns were beginning to set, with the temperature steadily dropping, is when you decided to go shopping.
You slid a sweater on to keep you warm before stepping out the door. It was still a little warm but you knew you'd be grateful for your choice later.
In the past, you'd made the mistake of forgoing something warm and had to quite literally run home before you froze to death.
You carried a bag, an effect from when you lived on Earth and refused to use plastic bags in fear they'd end up in the oceans. When you first presented the bag at the local grocers, the cashier had looked at you like you were stupid ― making you feel just a tad self-conscious.
Fortunately, they'd now grown used to your practice and barely batted an eye in response when you brought.
The shop wasn't busy during that time of day and you were thankful to be able to navigate the aisles without having to avoid the giant Sehebon people that easily blocked your shelf access. You packed your bag with things you were vaguely familiar with. There was a lot of food you didn't dare try ― you couldn't read what it said or it was just gross looking.
Unfortunately, however, the shelves were so damn tall that you sometimes had to scale them to actually reach the things you needed. Standing on your tippy-toes using one of the shelves to grab a simple box of noodles ― something you were very pleased to find on Izo Huen.
You chose a lot of fruits and vegetables ― trusting them more than their alien-meats. You were basically the alien version of a vegetarian at that point.
When you stepped outside, you were immediately grateful of the sweater you wore. The cold still seemed to seep in a bit but it was tolerable despite the light shivers that took you. Carrying your bag, you hummed a tune to yourself as you navigated the darkening streets. The lamps were lit to illuminate your way but there were no other people in sight, making you feel calm.
"Hey, you a human?" scratch that, there were people.
You paused, looking into an alleyway separating two residential streets. A small group of young men were smoking cigarettes. Part of you wondered if they were cigarettes or some Izo Huen-version.
"Yes I'm a human," you replied, pulling your bag off your shoulder to hold it in front of you.
"You want a hit?" one of them asked you, offering you what he was smoking off of.
"N-No thank you," you backed away slightly to get away from the smoke emanating off the burning end, "I really should be getting home...I have things to put away."
You turned to walk away but a hand aggressively gripped your arm to stop you, startling a gasp out of you.
"Hey, that hurts," you mumbled, attempting to tug your arm free but he tugged you closer to him, "Let go!"
Before he had the chance to speak, a hand was violently wrapped around his throat and slammed him back. He pulled you with him slightly, knocking you to the ground as the man was pinned to the wall. Looking up, you could see Taehyung leaning close to him ― whispering something that had the man's eyes widening.
"Do you understand?" Taehyung growled, loud enough for you to hear. The man nodded so hard you were sure he was going to give himself a headache. Taehyung held him still for several more seconds, looking over him to make sure he was telling the truth.
When the man was dropped, he took off down the alleyway with his friends following, none of them daring to look back.
"Are you alright?" he asked, crouching down to where you were sitting on the ground. He cupped your cheek ever so softly, thumb grazing beneath your eye, "I didn't mean for you to get knocked down."
"It's alright," you muttered, using his shoulders to pull yourself back to your feet. He remained crouched for a moment, just gazing up at you silently, "W-What is it?"
"You should be more careful, _____," he said, picking up the bag of groceries you had dropped, tucking some of the things that had been knocked out back in where they belonged, "Didn't I tell you that you could get hurt?"
"W-Well yes but that was different― "
"It wasn't," he snapped, moving close to you once again. Fingers hooked beneath your chin to make you look at him, "Don't you understand how much people want you? How they look at you when you walk around?"
"N-No..." you blinked as you tried to recall any staring while you were on your own.
"Everyone finds you alluring here, _____," Taehyung's voice dropped and he stepped even closer so your foreheads were just barely touching, "The cute little human girl. And I'd be very disappointed if I had to kill someone for hurting you."
You were speechless, lost staring in the fiery blaze within his eyes. He held your gaze for several seconds before stepping back and smiling.
"I'll walk you home, I was on my way to see you anyway," you sputtered in shock as he tugged your hand in the direction of your home ― his rapid change of demeanor no doubt going to give you whiplash.
Your feet pounded the pavement as you struggled to keep up with his large strides. You were running out of breath and stamina, though he appeared unaffected.
"T-Tae...can you s-slow down?" he halted in his tracks so suddenly that you fully ran into his back.
"What did you call me?" he looked over his shoulder, staring sharply down at you.
"I-I..." you pulled yourself away from his back and stuttered, "I called you Tae. I'm sorry i-it just slipped out...h-humans like to make n-nicknames, you know?"
He was quiet for a second before he turned around completely, cocking his head to the side.
"Say it again," he commanded.
"Uh...T-Tae?" the name sounded more awkward than it had before coming out of your mouth.
"Hmm," he made a noise akin to a moan, rolling his head back in response before looking down and smirking, "I like that. You're the only one allowed to call me that, yeah?"
"A-Alright," your heart was racing from the way he had reacted to the nickname but you didn't get to dwell on it long before he was tugging you along once again.
You stood on your stoop again, looking at Taehyung, a small smile on his lips as he watched you. He held your bag of groceries out for you and you had to hold back a gasp when your hand brushed his.
"Shit, your hands are freezing!" he gasped, taking one of your hands in his and bringing them closer to him.
"U-Uh yeah it's...pretty cold," your words came out a whisper, reveling in how warm his hands were against yours.
"Poor thing," your eyes widened as he pulled your hand up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against your fingers.
"T-Tae," the nickname had his eyes flicking up and he hummed, pressing another kiss against them.
"Did you like that?" he dropped your hand from his lips but continued to hold it, smiling at you, "I read in a book about common human practices for courting and it said a kiss to the hand will make her heart flutter. Did it work?"
"I..." you swallowed thickly, nodding your head ever so slightly, "I-It was nice, Tae..."
The two of you fell quiet, his hand enveloping yours and his soft gaze fixated on you. Your groceries hung in his free hand and he slowly reached out to hand them to you once again. Once the bag was in your hands, he released your hand from his hold and shoved his own into his pockets. He stepped backwards off the stoop but continued to stare at you, bottom lip tucked in his mouth.
Your eyes danced over his body ― never really looking him over that much besides his face. He had a black button-up tucked into tight fitting jeans and boots that made him even taller than he already was. It surprised you how thick his thighs were but how small his waist was ― it's like he was sculpted by actual gods.
"Well," he smirked, no doubt having caught you staring, "See you around, cutie."
"Hey, Tae wait!" you called before you could stop yourself.
He halted immediately, turning to look at you once again, "You alright?"
"I just..." he jogged back to the stoop, stepping up and moving close to yours.
He cupped your chin between his fingers and made you look up at him.
"You can tell me, sweetheart," his brows were drawn together in concern.
The pet name causing a shiver to go down your spine, "What is it?"
"C-Can...Would you...like to stay for a while?" your cheeks were on fire and you couldn't meet his gaze after whispering the words.
Taehyung's eyes softened and his lips quirked up, running his thumb over your lips for a split second ― so light you almost missed it. He stood up straighter, removing his fingers from your face. You found yourself missing the touch and your heart was pounding at the possible rejection you could face.
"Were you nervous to ask me that, baby?" your core lit on fire at the new pet name and you held in a whimper, "I'd love to stay with you."
"O-Okay..." you reached behind you, turning the knob and pushing the door open.
Warmth hit you from the inside and you scurried out of Taehyung's view as fast as you could to the kitchen. You could hear him walking, the sound of his boots on the floor seeming deafening in the silence of the house. Leaning against the counter, you took a few deep breaths to steady yourself.
You began putting your groceries away in their designated places, noticing that Taehyung's footsteps had gone silent.
"This place given to you by your job?" he asked suddenly, making you jump.
"Um...yeah," you cleared your throat, "It's nothing special but it's cozy."
"It's nice," he muttered before falling silent.
You placed the box of noodles in your cabinet, steeling yourself before moving to the living room. Your brain nearly short-circuited at the sight before you.
Taehyung sat on your couch, legs spread wide and arms stretched out on the back of the couch. His head was tilted back, exposing beautiful expanse of throat. The way he sat was so confident and commanding that you had to clench your thighs together to control yourself.
"Um...are you okay?" you whispered, stepping forward as he lifted his head to look at you.
"I'm perfect," he responded, scooting to the side to allow you to sit beside him, "I think I've figured out a place to take you on our date."
"Oh?" you'd nearly forgotten about the date, "So you're ready to take me?"
"I'm thinking tomorrow, if that's okay," he looked down at you and you smiled.
"I'd love that," your gaze fell to your thighs, noticing the size difference between his and yours ― reminding you of how large he was.
Flicking your eyes up, you were frozen by the sharpness in his own as he stared at you. As you kept his gaze, you felt one of his hands find its way to your thigh and you bit your lip to keep from outright whimpering at the feeling.
"You're so soft," he muttered, shifting to turn more towards you, "And absolutely breathtaking..."
His lips drew closer to yours, his hair brushing your nose as he dipped down. When he pressed them completely, his hand tightened around your thigh. You whimpered, seeming to set Taehyung off as he cupped the back of your head with his free hand ― deepening the kiss.
Your hands clutched at the front of his shirt, losing yourself in the feeling of his lips and hands on you. The hand on your thigh traveled up, grazing your hip, drifting up your stomach and over your breasts before wrapping around your throat. You gasped at the feeling, lips parting from Taehyung's just slightly before you surged back forward to reconnect them.
He groaned against your lips, giving your neck the lightest squeeze before he released you and reached lower to cup your breast through your sweater. You arched your back into the muffled touch but he didn't linger for long because his hand was diving between your legs.
Your jeans impeded you from feeling his touch properly and you whimpered, grinding your hips forward in hopes to remedy the problem. You reached down, holding his hand against your core as you whimpered into his lips.
"Do you want me to touch you, pretty baby?" he asked, kiss parting until your lips just barely brushed his.
"P-Please Tae," you whimpered, feeling your eyes sting with tears of desperation ― having never wanted to be touched so badly in your life.
Taehyung didn't reconnect the kiss, instead he tilted your head back to press his lips to your neck. His long fingers unbuttoned your jeans and hurriedly tugged them off your hips until you finally reached down to pull them off completely, tossing them away.
The way you cried out when his hand cupped you again, this time through your panties, was nothing less than lewd. He tugged your thighs open further, one of them resting across his own, leaving you completely open to his fingers.
"Sound so pretty," he mumbled, teeth grazing your neck where he continued to mouth at you.
You wrapped one hand around his wrist, dragging his fingers up ever so slightly until you were able to push them past the band of your panties. He immediately took over, fingers diving between your folds to find just how wet you were for him. He groaned, pulling away from your neck to meet your gaze, his lips open just slightly as he brushed against your clit. Your hips twitched and you found yourself clinging to his arm as you whined.
"So sensitive, little one," he whispered, wrapping his free hand around your thigh to pull you even closer to him until you were completely in his lap with your back tucked to his chest.
"Tae..." you whispered, eyes fluttering closed when he began to press kisses to your shoulder ― the sweater not allowing you to feel it properly but enjoying it nonetheless.
"Yeah baby?" he cooed, resting his chin on your shoulder to watch his hand move beneath the fabric of your panties.
"C-Can..." you trailed off, feeling your cheeks burn and he tsked.
"Tell me what you want and I'll do it, baby," he assured, fingers now running across your folds without dipping between ― teasing you.
"Can you...take them off?" you asked, turning your head slightly to meet his gaze.
"If that's what you want," he pulled his hand out of your panties and you whimpered at the loss, making him chuckle, "So needy, huh?"
His thumbs hooked into the band and he pushed them down your thighs. You pulled your legs up to help him take them off ― tossing them off somewhere else to join your jeans. He gripped your knees, roughly tugging them open until your cunt was completely exposed to him ― glistening in the dim light and flushed swollen with your arousal.
"Fuck, babygirl..." he breathed, reaching down to run his fingertips through your parted folds, "Such a pretty little pussy, hm?"
Deep in your mind, you wondered where he learned such delicious dirty talk from ― seeing as he didn't even know the proper word for courting. The thought was completely wiped from your mind, however, when he used two fingers to spread your folds open. Your hole clenched around nothing and Taehyung let out a choked groan.
"St-Stop staring!" you whined, snapping your thighs closed around his hand.
Taehyung growled, wrapping his hand around your throat again and pulling the back of your head against his chest. You whimpered, eyes flicking up to briefly catch his glare. His jaw was set, glaring down at you with a gaze that made you feel incredible small.
"Spread your fucking legs," he ordered, tone making your eyes flutter slightly. When you hesitated to do as he said, he leaned closer until his mouth brushed your ear, "I said...spread your legs."
You whimpered, bottom lip trembling as you pouted, slowly opening your legs back up. Too slow for his liking, he jerked one open and pinned the other down until you were just as exposed as before. His hand cupped your entire core, middle finger sliding between the folds.
"That's more like it," he sighed, finally releasing your neck, "You better act right, baby, or else I'll have to punish you."
His words made you tremble, thighs twitching ever so slightly. He raised a brow at your reaction, an almost detached look coming across his face.
"Would you like that? To be punished?" when you only whimpered, he smirked, "I see...how would you like it, hm? To be choked until your lungs burn for air? Or maybe if I spanked your little cunt?"
"Tae..." you felt your hole clench, sending a gush of arousal to meet his fingers.
"Oh?" he chuckled, making you cheeks burn, "You'd like to be slapped, huh?"
Before you could even think up a reply from your foggy brain, a sharp pain right against your clit had you crying out. Your eyes found his face but he was watching as he smacked your cunt again. His fingers ran over your folds to soothe the sting and he laughed.
"Interesting..." he hummed, middle finger circling around your clit. Your eyes fluttered and your hips arched into the touch more.
His index and ring fingers spread your folds, his middle finger swirling over the hardened bud until you were moaning. He pulled the hood back, exposing it even more to his sensitive touches. Your eyes rolled back in your head and you choked out his name.
"Does that feel good?" he asked, pressing a kiss to your shoulder, "Does it feel nice to have your little clit touched?"
"Y-Yes!" you squeaked, reaching down to take hold of his wrist. Your body was practically vibrating as you trembled beneath the almost too much stimulation. Suddenly, his touch was gone and you were left still trembling with the remnants of his fingers lingering.
"It's alright," he cooed, wrapping one of his arms around you to hold you tighter against him, "I've got you, little one."
"Please, Tae," you begged, burying your face into his arm, thighs trembling still spread.
"What is it?" he asked, voice soft as silk.
"Your...Your fingers," you canted your hips up ever so slightly and he hummed.
"Want my fingers inside?" he asked, although he already knew before you nodded.
He hummed, two fingers finding your spasming entrance, coating them in your juices. You held your breath as he finally sunk them inside you, stretching you deliciously even though you were plenty wet enough. His fingers were big, filling you up nice and deep. Gasping against Taehyung's arm, you mindlessly ground your hips up as he slowly pulled them out. You didn't get to mourn their loss for long because he was quickly pushing them back in ― slick sounds accompanying the movement.
"You're so fucking tight," he muttered, "So small...Shit, how long has it been since you've been fucked, pretty girl?"
"Ah-Never..." you gasped, hand circling around his wrist as you squirmed.
His fingers paused, halfway inside and you whined, "You've never been with somebody?"
"N-No, Tae," you whined, using your hand on his wrist to push his fingers back inside, "J-Just you...only you!"
He cursed under his breath, wrapping his arm tighter around you before he began to finger fuck you wholeheartedly. The sounds pouring from your lips only spurred him on, your cunt tight like a vice around just two of his fingers.
"This little cunt won't ever be able to take my cock, sweetheart," he growled, crooking his fingers up to nail that little spot that made you sob, "I'm gonna be too big for you."
"W-Want it a-anyway, Tae," you cried, nails digging into his wrist. Tears welled up in your eyes, trickling down your cheeks as your body was sent into overload.
"Yeah? Want me to fuck you open until you can't take anymore?" he groaned, "Watch your virgin cunt get stuffed full of a cock you simply can't handle...have you make those pretty noises while you cream all over me..."
His words seemed more self-indulgent than aimed at you but you whined and nodded anyway. His palm ground against your clit as his fingers filled you up so nice and you found yourself teetering on the edge.
"I-I'm gonna cum," you panted, thighs twitching erratically in response to your pleasure."Go ahead, cum for me," he commanded, groaning alongside you as you tightened up around his fingers.
"Tae! 'S so good..." you slurred, eyes closed as you buried your face in his arm to ride out the pleasure he was giving you.
"Coming so prettily, little one," he whispered into your ear, fingers beginning to slow as your orgasm died down, "You're such a good girl."
"Ah...Tae," you whimpered as he pulled his fingers from your still-clenching pussy, sensitivity hitting you like a brick wall. Your thighs clenched shut, trembling uncontrollably in the aftermath of the most pleasure you'd ever received.
Taehyung slid his cum-soaked fingers into his mouth, eyes rolling back at the taste of you on his tongue. His arm still held you tight as you continued to whimper against him.
"Taste so so good," he whispered, mostly to himself.
Once his digits were clean, he glanced down at you. It was clear you were still a bit overwhelmed and he cooed, shifting you in his lap until you were facing him. He pulled you into a hug and couldn't hold back a chuckle.
"Humans are so fragile," he whispered, "So overwhelmed...even that was too much for you, huh?"
You didn't respond, simply tucking your face away in his neck. You let your weight drop fully on his lap but froze immediately. You hadn't realized while you were being touched, how hard Taehyung's cock was against you but with a clear mind you could.
He was fucking big.
He chuckled darkly, lips finding your neck as he slowly made you grind against his covered length, "I told you, babygirl, I'm too big for your little pussy."
When you whined and tightened your grip on him, wanting to avoid the painful overstimulation, he simply chuckled. He let you cling to him and lay with him until your eyes fluttered shut ― sleep quickly and eagerly overcoming you.
Just as you sunk into darkness, you felt him press the softest of kisses against your forehead.
"My cute little human," he whispered, voice fading out as you finally fell asleep.
Tumblr media
When you woke up, you were tucked cozily in your bed beneath your wool comforter. The sun was up and you groaned, kicking the blankets off as you grew warmer with every passing second.
You had on your sweater from yesterday and a pair of panties you hadn't been wearing. Looking beside you, you found the bed empty and sighed.
Despite yourself, you found yourself feeling disappointed he hadn't stayed the night. He had shown you such a sweet, caring side before you fell asleep. It had made your heart flutter, how he treated you so delicately yet used such a sharp tongue to fluster you.
"He's such a strange dude," you muttered, staring at the ceiling as you spread starfish on your bed.
There was a dull ache between your legs, reminding you of the night before. Feeling your cheeks flush, you sat up straight and hurriedly crawled out of bed intending to take a cold shower.
Drying your hair with a towel, you hunted around your closet for a cute outfit for the date. Briefly, you wondered if he was still planning to take you out. Excitement thrummed through your veins, a giddy smile lighting up your face and making your cheeks ache.
After choosing your outfit, you took a seat in front of the vanity you had set up. You had found a mirror at the monthly market a few ones back and decided it was the best purchase ever. You hadn't known mirrors were scarce on Izo Huen for whatever reason until you desperately needed one.
Deciding to leave your hair down, too lazy to try and make anything of it, you mindlessly spun around in your chair.
A strange feeling bubbled up in your chest that made your heart race. Leaning your head back against the back of the chair, you ran your hands over your face with a groan.
"I actually miss him," you scoffed, leaning forward to rest your head on your vanity counter, "What is wrong with me?"
The day seemed to drag on longer than any other as you waited for Taehyung to arrive. The heat hadn't even bothered you, your mind too muddled with thoughts of your date. You wondered if he would hold your hand and where he planned to take you.
As the sun finally sunk beneath the horizon, you were more antsy and began to pace your living room. Every once in a while, you'd glance out your window in hopes a passing man would be Taehyung. Unfortunately, you were mistaken every time.
Before long, you began to realize that he simply wasn't going to show up. You changed into your pajamas, rejection burning in your veins before sitting on your bed. The streetlights and the moon cast a decent glow around you.
Your feelings were hurt. You’d been stood up by an alien.
Your heart ached and you felt your eyes sting with unshed tears. You flopped over, covering your face with a pillow before screaming into it.
"What a jerk!" you shouted in the material.
By the time you went to sleep, your simmering anger gave way to pitiful dejection. Your eyes were wet with tears as you closed them.
Tumblr media
He was polluting your mind, everywhere you went you found yourself hoping that he'd turn up around the next corner. You’d hoped he would come knocking on your door with a sheepish smile, apologizing.
Though as the days passed and you had seen neither hide nor hair of him, the prospect of an apology made you angry. You didn't want his stupid apology anymore.
A week lapsed and it was time, once again, for your weekly log.
Sitting in front of the camera, you sighed, "The...friend I had made seems to have disappeared. It's weird, I was perfectly content by myself but once he showed up and vanished ― it's made me lonely," you gnawed on your bottom lip before sighing, disappointment becoming a common feeling in your life by then, “Maybe I need to make some friends but...I can't explain it; the Sehebon are such a strange race that it feels like it's going to be really difficult to make friends. There's really nothing eventful that happened worth logging besides my own problems so...I'll sign off."
A couple clicks on your computer had the log sent. You'd be getting paid again soon, perhaps you'd be able to go out and find something to do for yourself. Maybe you'd hit the jackpot and find someone who would want to be your friend.
It felt childish, the need for friendship you had. But with Taehyung's absence, your loneliness was at an all time high.
It was beginning to get dark and you decided to say 'fuck it' and get dressed. You'd find something to do ― you hadn't really checked out nearly all the districts of Fia and you knew there were some popular places to hang out.
It was a long walk to the area they dubbed the Social District. The second you stepped onto the rowdy street, you were blown away by the flashing lights and heavy bass emanating from the various buildings.
They had their own clubs.
You suddenly felt out of place and awkward, weaving through the giant people blocking the streets as they talked with friends. It seemed like no one saw you, as if you were just invisible to them. You moved to the sidewalk, being able to squeeze by the people and avoid the large crowd that filled the street.
You slipped into a pub ― judging by the tables and bar. You couldn't read the sign but you still walked in anyway. It wasn't very crowded, a few tables still open. The vibe inside was much cooler and calmer and you felt yourself begin to relax.
Walking up the bar, you took a seat, grabbing a menu without thinking about it.
"God dammit," you muttered, staring at the alphabet you still couldn't read.
"Can I help you?" the tender asked, moving to stand in front of you.
"Uh...I can't read this," you admitted, feeling your cheeks burn.
"That's alright, what do you like?" she pulled the menu from your hands and looked over it herself.
"Do you have any good alcohol?" you slumped against the counter, chin resting in your hand.
She regarded you with furrowed brows, closing the menu, "You do know alcohol is poisonous, right?"
"Wait what?" your head snapped up and the woman laughed.
"Alcohol is poisonous to us. We don't drink it," she placed the menu back where you got it and smiled, "We have some Soda."
"You do?" you perked up at that, not tasting soda since you'd left Earth. You watched eagerly as she filled a glass with brown liquid, placing it in front of you.
"It's not...Earth's soda but it's basically the same," she smiled, "It's got seltzer and sugary syrup in it."
You thanked her before she was whisked away to take care of another customer, leaving you by yourself. You sipped out of the straw, sighing at the taste. It was slightly off compared to the soda you were used to but bubbling seltzer had you smiling.
"_____?" you jumped at the sound of your name, choking on your drink and erupting into a fit of coughing. A hand carefully patted your back until you calmed down, "Are you alright? I didn't mean to scare you."
"I-It's fine," you choked out, clearing your throat and swallowing a few times to rid the feeling. Your eyes flicked up to meet Taehyung's and you felt a frown fall over your face before you realized it, "Taehyung."
His brows furrowed at your using his full name but he didn't say anything, "I uh...didn't know you came around here."
"It's my first time," you muttered, turning back to sip on your drink. When you didn't offer another opening for a conversation he let out a sigh and slid up next to you between the vacant seat beside you. You didn't have any choice but to interact, seeing at he wasn't going to back off.
"I'm sorry I missed our...date," the word still sounded foreign on his tongue, "I had urgent business to attend to in Holis."
"You don't owe me anything Taehyung," you muttered, failing to mask the hurt in your voice.
He sighed again, "I had to go visit a friend of mine, he was stranded and couldn't get home on his own. I promise that's all it was, _____."
You sighed, feeling your hurt and anger soften. Turning to look at him, you opened your mouth to reply but were interrupted.
“Whoa, is this the little human?” a loud voice from behind you made you jump. Twisting around, you saw a large man with biceps so big his t-shirt was stretched taut, “Oh you are a cutie!”
“U-Um...hello,” you greeted timidly.
"Uh yeah," Taehyung smiled, placing his hand on your shoulder, "This is _____. And _____ this is Wonho."
"N-Nice to meet you," you held out your hand, gasping when he leaned down and pressed a kiss against your knuckles.
"It's my pleasure," you could hear Taehyung let out a long sigh, "Bartender, I'll take a Blue Ice please. I gotta take a leak," he muttered the last part to himself, fingers lingering on your shoulder before he disappeared.
"You drinking a soda?" Wonho asked, peering into your glass, "Mind if I have a sip?"
"I guess not," you shrugged, watching him wrap his hand around the glass and bring it to his lips.
He was good looking, you couldn't deny. He had cute ears that stuck out just slightly and pretty teeth as he grinned at you. You found yourself comparing him to Taehyung ― deducing Taehyung definitely set your heart racing the second you looked at him.
"You know," Wonho placed your glass back down in front of you, "I was surprised to hear Taehyung was fooling around with a little human. I never thought he'd be the type."
"What do you mean?" you asked, brows furrowing as you mindlessly stirred your drink with your straw.
"Well I just can't believe he's actually giving in to it," Wonho said, pulling out a menu to look over it.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," you muttered, quite blunt.
He seemed surprised, chuckling and waving his hand, "Just the whole human kink that's going on. You know, since humans have started coming here it's become like a game to see who can actually manage to bang one. Can't believe Taehyung managed to snag one."
Your eyes drifted to your glass, the ice melting in your soda ― watering it down. A human kink?
"So...I'm just a conquest?" you whispered, though you were sure Wonho didn't hear as he was ordering a drink.
So many things bubbled up inside you; anger, humiliation, shame. Humiliation at the fact you'd been used, shame over the fact you fell for it and were so close to giving in, and anger of the audacity he had to do such a thing to you. Tears stung your eyes and you bit your lip to hold them back.
"Oh man, that looks delicious," Taehyung groaned, grabbing his tall glass of blue drink and taking a sip.
"I'm leaving," you muttered, sliding off your stool and moving to walk away.
You were stopped by a hand grabbing your elbow. Taehyung stared at you, brows drawn together.
"You just got here," he muttered, obviously confused by your sudden change.
You scoffed, "I'm going home, Taehyung."
You snatched your arm out of his grip and stormed out the doors and onto the busy streets. You could vaguely hear your name being shouted but it was quickly covered by the noisiness of the people. Crossing your arms over your chest, you weaved through the bodies. Tears were burning your eyes but you held them back.
"Hey a human!" you heard someone shout but you didn't stop, "Why don't you come party?"
'The whole human kink.' Wonho's words echoed in your mind, making it harder to fight your tears. 'It's become a game to see who can bang one."
By the time you reached your front door, your jaw was aching with keeping your tears in. Slamming the door behind you, you immediately burst into tears ― bringing your hands up to cover your eyes with your sleeves. Sniffling, you dropped onto your couch and let your sobs out freely.
Hugging one of your throw pillows, you attempted to calm yourself down. Just as you were about to drift off to sleep, eyes fluttering against your will, there was a series of sharp knocks against your door. You didn't move, silently waiting to see if they'd go away.
Unfortunately, the knocks became harsher and more frantic. Deciding that they weren't going to go away, you stood up and dragged your feet to the door.
You already had a feeling who it was and you weren't wrong ― Taehyung standing on the other side. His fist was raised like he was going to knock again and his hair was a complete wreck. His shirt clung to him with sweat and his breathing was a little heavy.
"What do you want Taehyung?" you muttered, crossing your arms around yourself.
"You've been crying," he whispered, moving to step forward but stopped when you moved back, "I knew you were upset. What's the matter, sweetheart?"
"Don't!" you snapped, turning on your heel and storming into your house.
"What?" Taehyung whispered, closing the door gently behind him.
"Don't call me that," you said, keeping your back to him so he wouldn't see your tears.
It felt so nice to have him call you pet names so gently. But you remembered it was just a ruse to lure you in ― and it was so hard not to fall.
"Why not? I thought you liked being called that?" he sounded so confused and you could imagine he looked akin to a kicked puppy.
"Because it's not fair!" you shouted, finally turning around, "You can't just play those games with me because I'm a human, Taehyung!"
"I really...What are you talking about?" his voice was so soft, so gentle. He took a couple steps towards you, hands outstretched, "I'm not playing any games."
"Oh yeah?" you scoffed, wiping away a few stray tears from your cheeks, "Wonho told me about your disgusting kink! You don't care about me, you just wanted to be able to say you fucked a human!"
"Wh―" he stumbled over his words, irises desperately scanning over you, "That's not...true."
You scoffed, shaking your head., "You're so unfair, Taehyung." he cocked his head to the side curiously, "You made me like you and I trusted you. But you just...you really aren't any different from men on Earth, huh?"
"What do you mean? Of course I'm different!" he argued, his own eyes growing glassy, "I never lied to you, _____. I promise!"
"You just wanted to use me as a conquest, something to brag about," you breathing stuttered as you sobbed, "And I almost fell for it!"
"Would you listen to me?!" he snapped, suddenly moving and pinning you against the wall.
He was caging you in, scent overwhelming you and making more tears fall from your eyes. You refused to meet his gaze, even though you could feel his eyes burning into you. You sniffled, staring down at your cardigan sleeves that were functioning as sweater paws.
"I never once intended to use you like that," Taehyung growled, voice giving away his frustration, "Everything I have said and done for you is real and not because you're a human. I don't want you as a...a...conquest," the word sounded foreign on his tongue, "And I certainly am not like your pathetic human men on Earth. I am better in every single way."
"Stop calling me that!" he snapped, making you jump, "I-I want you to call me Tae!"
"I don't think..." you shook your head.
"Why won't you believe me?" he sighed, voice going soft, "Is it really so easy to lose trust in me when I haven't even done anything? You heard my friend say some stupid nonsense a-and you're suddenly convinced I'm evil!"
When he put it like that, you felt silly. Your own insecurities caught up with you and you shifted awkwardly in your place against the wall. You sheepishly looked up to find him staring at you, eyes dark beneath his long bangs. They were damp from sweat and you swallowed thickly at how good he looked.
"I'm sorry Tae..." you mumbled, nibbling on your lip beneath his glare, "I just...I really like you and I don't want you to―
"Listen to me," he tilted your head up, making you look at him directly. His eyes were much softer now and your eyes felt hot once more, "I have no intention of hurting you. You can trust me, _____. I promise."
It felt like all self-control slipped through your fingers as you suddenly surged forward to press your lips against his. Standing on you tippy-toes, you wrapped your arms around his neck. He eagerly kissed you back, arms wrapping around you ― teeth nipping at your bottom lip to make you whine.
One of his hands traveled lower, cupping your ass and pulling you closer to him. You could feel his length hardened in his jeans ― and it was just as big as you remembered. It made you whimper, feeling him so hard against you. You squeaked when the floor was suddenly pulled out from beneath you and you found yourself pressed against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist, his weight supporting you.
You whined when his lips found your neck, trailing his lips over the sensitive skin beneath your ear. He smirked at the feeling of you shuddering against him.
"Are you wet for me, baby?" he asked against your skin. You whimpered and nodded, feeling your pussy clench and gush into your panties, "Do you want me to touch you? Tell me."
"Yes please, Tae," you begged, blushing when he chuckled at your desperation.
The wall was pulled out from behind you and you scrambled to hold onto him around his shoulders, "I got you," he reassured, turning to walk through the open doorway of your bedroom.
You were deposited onto your mattress, making you bounce slightly on it. Taehyung was covering your body once more, however, as he met your lips for another kiss. Resting his weight on one forearm beside your head, he used the other to push your shirt up.
Getting the hint, you pulled your cardigan off and tossed it off the side of the bed before tugging your shirt off as well. Taehyung groaned, his lips kissing the swell of your breast above your bra. His fingers trailed over your bra ― cupping you and sighing softly.
You were surprised by your own boldness as you reached behind you and unclipped your bra. Before you could tug it off, however, Taehyung pinned your arms above your head and growled.
"Why are you so eager?" he asked, making your blush further.
"I-I just want you to touch me..." you confessed, lashes fluttering when he leaned down to brush his lips against your lips once more.
"There's no rush, little one," he cooed, "I'm not going anywhere until I've made you cum for me."
You clenched your thighs with a whimper at the pressure in your core. He pulled off your bra, finally, tossing it away and sitting back to admire your body. You were laid out beneath him, breasts heaving in your arousal.
His head dipped down and you held your breath as he enveloped a perked nipple into his mouth. Your hands flew up to clutch at his hair, back arching. His teeth grazed the bud, and groaned at the way you whined.
"Fuck, you're so responsive to everything I do," he gasped, pulling his lips away from your nipple. His fingers found it and brushed his thumb nail over and you choked out a sob, "I love it so much..."
"T-Tae please!" you whined, arching your hips up.
"Alright, baby," he cooed, flicking the button of your jeans open and tugging them down. Your panties went with them but neither of you cared, "Look at that. So wet."
"Please touch me, Tae," you begged, spreading your legs wider around him.
"You ever been eaten out, sweetheart?" he asked, watching the way your breath stuttered at his question. When you didn't answer, he gave your cunt a swift smack. You cried out, clutching at the blankets desperately, "I asked you a question."
"N-No I've never― " you were cut off by his fingers sliding over your clit softly.
"Do you want to?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Yes, yes please, Tae!" you gasped, eyes wide when he shifted down the bed until his head was positioned over your core.
"So pretty, baby," he sighed, spreading your folds open to expose the pretty wet hole that clenched desperately around nothing.
Your mouth fell open, a stuttered breath escaping you when his tongue slid over your entrance up to your clit. He hummed, licking his lips to chase the taste. He looked like he was in heaven, swirling his tongue over your bud and chuckling when your whole body trembled.
"Love how you react to me," he whispered, mostly to himself. He tongued at your hole to taste your juices once more before dragging up to your clit once again, "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you."
"Tae!" you cried, tugging his hair harshly though he didn't seem to mind.
His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking the bud into his mouth. You keened, eyes rolling back into your head at the stimulation. You nearly screamed when you were suddenly filled with two long fingers.
"Fuck!" you cried, back arching. You abandoned your hold on his hand to wrap your hands beneath your knees ― keeping yourself open for him.
"Good girl," he praised, making you smile down at him.
He pressed a kiss against your thigh before diving down to take your clit into his mouth again. His fingers stretched you open, catching your g-spot every chance he got. He reached so deep inside you with just his fingers and you suddenly remembered how big his dick was. Just the thought of it had your walls clenching around his fingers. He groaned in response, the vibrations against your clit making your thighs twitch.
"A-Another finger, Tae, please," you begged, voice not above a whisper.
"Can you handle that, sweetheart? Your little cunt’s already stretched around two," he teased, his index finger beginning to nudge against your entrance.
"N-Need it," you gasped, "Need to take it for you cock."
His fingers froze and you felt him exhale sharply against your core ― as if the air had been punched out of him. Glancing down, you saw his jaw was clenched and his brows were furrowed.
"Don't say things like that, little girl," he growled, finally pushing the third finger into you, "Don't make promises you can't keep."
"Tae I― " your words died on your tongue when he enveloped your clit once again.
You felt stuffed with his fingers, the digits making your entrance stretch deliciously. You lost your grip on your knees and let them fall open once again. Taehyung's tongue danced over the sensitive nerves, eyes closed as he relished in having your cunt wrapped around his fingers. You were gushing, coating the digits in your juices and he couldn't wait to have them in his mouth.
"W-Wanna cum, Tae," you gasped, reaching above you to grip desperately at the pillow.
He reached up, pulling on one of your hands until you released the material. You felt your walls clench tight when he urged you to put your hands on his head.
He wanted you to pull at his hair.
Not one to reject such an offer, you tangled both your hands in the soft locks as he began to fuck you with his fingers eagerly. The wet noises were obscene, mixed with your moans made an incredible melody for Taehyung.
The fact he was the only one who had ever had you like that made his cock throb. His hips moved mindlessly against the bed beneath him to get some stimulation. His cock hurt in the confines of his jeans but he didn't dare try to pull it out.
Suddenly, your walls clenched tight and the grip on his hair began to sting the harder you pulled. Sobbing out his name, your entire body began to quake beneath him. The pleasure was overwhelming and you snapped your thighs closed around his head. He didn't pull away, however, keeping his lips attached to the throbbing bud through your orgasm ― milking every spectacular second until you were whimpering from overstimulation.
He gasped as he pulled away, sitting back on his heels before pulling his fingers out of you. He spread your folds, groaning at the way you gaped slightly from being stretched open. Sliding his soaked fingers into his mouth, his whole body trembled and he reached down to palm himself through his jeans.
The feeling of a smaller hand covering his had his eyes snapping open. He pulled his fingers out and stared down at you as you shyly palmed him through the material. He groaned, head falling back.
"C-Can I..." you trailed off, not quite sure what you were asking.
"I...I don't know..." he bit his lip, apprehensive.
"Please Tae?" you pouted, looking up at him through your lashes.
"Shit, alright," he whispered, switching your positions. He scooted up until his back rested against your headboard, shoving your pillows aside to make room for himself, "Come here. Sit on my lap, pretty girl."
Your hands were trembling as you did what you were asked, swinging your leg over his lap until you were straddling him. As you pressed your full weight on him, he tossed his head back in a groan. The pressure of you sitting on him felt spectacular.
Gripping his shoulders, you suddenly felt shy with his eyes on you. He gazed at your body on top of him like you were a goddess, hands drifting up your sides and cupping your breasts. Thumbing your nipples, he smiled crookedly when you shivered at the feeling. He cupped your cheeks, finally, and pulled you down for a soft kiss.
"Go ahead and grind on me, baby," he cooed, gripping your hips to urge you to move.
The first grind against him had him releasing the most beautiful moan that you felt yourself gush in response. His head leaned back against the headboard, watching through lidded eyes the way your cunt ground against his cock through his jeans. He wishes he could take it out and feel your wetness drip all over him ― to feel you cream against him as you came. He swallowed the urge down and continued to guide you.
"D-Does it feel good?" you asked, biting your lip as you watched his jaw tense as he held back his moans.
"So good, babygirl," he groaned, feeling his heart stutter when you proudly grinned down at him, "You're so fucking cute."
"D-Don't call me cute when I'm doing this," you hissed, narrowing your eyes at him.
"Doing what?" his head rolled against his shoulder and he smirked at you, "Go on and say it."
"No..." You whispered, clutching his shirt. Leaning forward, you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close.
"Why so shy, little one?" he chuckled, kissing your temple and trailing his hand up your back before cupping the back of your head, "Grinding your wet little cunt against me like this...wanting to make me cum. And you want to act shy?"
You whimpered, gasping into his ear so prettily that he shuddered. He felt his orgasm coming and he groaned through clenched teeth.
"Close..." he whispered, fingers digging into the soft skin of your waist while he other clenched in your hand, "You're gonna make me cum, baby."
"Please cum, Tae," you begged, gasping when he wrenched your face out from where you were hiding in his neck.
"You want my cum?" he panted, mouth falling open as you fastened your pace. You nodded as best you could with his hand in your hair, "How about you cum first for me?"
Your eyes fluttered, realizing with his words how close you were to another orgasm. You leaned forward, pressing your lips against him. He hummed in response, smiling in the kiss when you started trembling in his lap.
You pulled away from the kiss and tossed you head back as you cried out his name, gushing against his jeans. Taehyung cursed, his own hips stuttering beneath you.
By the time you came down, you realized how wet his jeans were beneath you. You whined, falling off the side of his lap. He still sat up, chest heaving as he caught his breath. With his eyes closed, he didn't see you cupping his softening length through the wet material. He hissed, brushing your hand off of him.
"I-Is that all your..."
"I should get home," he interrupted. You frowned, watching him stand up and shift uncomfortably.
"Can't you stay?" you asked, finding yourself not wanting him to leave.
"Sorry, baby," he leaned down and pressed a kiss against your forehead, "Maybe another time." With a final, departing kiss, he turned and stepped out of the door. He paused, however, and looked back at you, "Be ready tomorrow, 8PM. I'll take you for dinner."
You were left alone on the bed with a little smile on your lips ― the promise of seeing him tomorrow making you giddy.
Tumblr media
You felt apprehensive when 8PM rolled around and there was no sign of him ― the time blinking on the screen of your computer. You sat on your desk chair, watching the moments tick by.
It was nearing 8:30 when there were a series of knocks on your door. You jumped to your feet and raced to the door, pulling it open to see Taehyung with a guilty smile and a handful of flowers.
"Sorry I'm late I uh..." he cleared his throat and held the flowers over to you, "I had to go a bit out of my way to get these."
"Oh Tae..." you smiled, taking them from his hands and bringing them up to your nose to smell, "They're beautiful."
"They're imported from Liana," he smiled, shrugging sheepishly.
"How'd you think of this?" You asked, motioning for him to enter your home as you went to your kitchen to put the flowers in water.
"Well..." he cleared his throat, "I just...I've been reading about human dates and just human things like that, you know?"
"You've been studying for our date?" you giggled, putting the flowers on your counter before turning to him. He looked shy, keeping his eyes averted from you, "I really appreciate it, Tae."
"Really?" his eyes lit up and he grinned his adorable smile.
"I think it was very thoughtful," you led him back to the door and out into the cool night.
"There's this place I really like around my place," he suddenly explained, taking your hand in his as he helped you down from the stoop, "I like to go there with some friends. I think you'll like it!"
"I'm sure I'll like anything, Tae," you admitted, smiling when he squeezed your hand in response.
The two of you made simple talk as you made your way to the restaurant. You hadn't had the opportunity to go to one in the time you'd lived on Izo Huen.
It was a simple, small building with an Open sign in English. You grinned, bouncing inside tugging Taehyung by his hand excitedly.
"Pick a seat, little one," Taehyung cooed, nudging your back.
It was set up exactly like a restaurant on Earth and you slid yourself into a booth, grinning. Taehyung took the spot across from you, lounging back as he looked at the menu. You followed his lead and opened the menu yourself. Eyes wide, you realized you were able to read everything.
"Hey...It's in English!" you muttered, eyes scanning over the words. They were translated underneath into what Taehyung could understand ― the characters and symbols lost on you.
"Yeah it's the only place around here that does it," he shrugged, "I figured you might enjoy that."
"You're..." you grinned, shaking you head, "You're so thoughtful, Tae. I really appreciate it."
He shrugged, though you could see that his ears were tinged red.
You both ordered drinks and food, the atmosphere dissolving into one of calm company. You both chatted idly about anything ― Taehyung asking a lot of questions about Earth and him trying to teach you the different characters for his alphabet. He gave up when you just couldn't get a hang of it ― teasingly calling you illiterate and cooing when you pouted.
"Hey Tae," you muttered, picking at the salad you had ordered. He hummed, mouth full of some type of steak ― though the meat was of a consistency that made your stomach turn, "How did you learn to speak so...casually?"
"What do you mean?" he asked, sipping his soda.
"You know..." you blushed, realizing the question wasn't really something to ask over the dinner table, "When you talk you use a lot of slang terms. Like...in bed," You whispered the last word and picked at your salad again.
"Oh," Taehyung chuckled, "See, I have a friend who has been to Earth a few times. He has a lot of...interesting material that he let me read. And he kind of taught me some popular slang on Earth."
"You didn't have to go to so much effort, Taehyung," you whispered, although you were grinning. Your heart fluttered in your chest nonetheless.
"I wanted to," he suddenly set a hard gaze on you, "I want you to like me and I want you to feel comfortable around me. I want to be good for you."
"Tae..." you reached across the table and cupped his hand in yours, "I already like you very much. You make me feel comfortable and you make me feel very happy."
He grinned, looking away from you shyly but squeezed your hand tightly.
The walk home was peaceful, you found yourself wrapping your arms around one of Taehyung's ― wanting to be close to him. He didn't seem to mind in the slightest, squeezing your hand tightly and staring down at you with sparkling eyes. It felt like he looked at you like you hung up the moon ― it made you feel fluttery inside.
"Do you want to come inside, Tae?" you asked, opening your front door.
He hesitated for just a moment before stepping inside. He kicked his boots off along with you, watching as you tucked both of them away in the corner. You went to your bedroom to change into something comfortable ― settling on some pajama pants and an oversized sweater. When you walked back out, Taehyung was sitting at your desk looking at your computer.
"What's this?" he gestured to your setup with your camera.
"It's where I record the logs needed to send back to Earth," you explained, "I update my superiors every week on things that are happening. When I learn something new about the culture or something interesting happens."
"Interesting," he muttered, sitting there for a moment before standing up and navigated over to your couch.
You dropped into the seat beside him and molded yourself against his side. He wrapped his arm around you and pressed a kiss against the top of your head. The silence was comfortable and you rested your head on his chest ― listening to his heartbeat.
"Hey Tae?" he hummed, looking down at you when you looked up at him, "Can I have a kiss?"
His gaze softened and he quickly leaned down to press his lips against yours. He went to pull away but you followed him, pulling him into a deep kiss making him moan. Swinging your leg over his lap, you straddled him boldly. He seemed surprised by it but didn't say anything, just moving his lips against yours.
"Tae," you whispered against his lips, "I want to touch you, please?"
"_____― " he pulled away from the kiss, pushing you back slightly by your shoulders.
"You keep saying I can't handle it, but I can!" you argued, pouting at being pushed back.
"I don't want to hurt you, _____," his brows came together in a deep furrow, "It wasn't just talk when I said you couldn't handle it. It's too much, you're too...small."
"It turns you on though doesn't it?" you teased, noticing how he was growing hard beneath you, "Can't we at least try, Tae?"
"I-I..." his head fell back when you ground against him, "Fuck, we can try."
You held in a squeal of joy when he scooped you up in his arms and carried you to the bedroom. He dropped you on the bed and stripped his shirt off.
It was the first time seeing him naked and you sat up to admire his body. He was fit, as you expected. His stomach was flat with a small trail of hair leading beneath his jeans. On his shoulders were patches embedded in his skin that reflected off the dim light of your bedroom.
"What..." you sat up on your knees, brushing your fingers over them. It felt like normal skin, and you hummed in wonder.
"They're...light-sensitive patches that we just...never evolved out of," he explained, "They were useful for survival when we dominated the deserts. Now they're just...here."
"Interesting," you muttered, trailing your hand down his chest and stomach to the button on his jeans.
Before you could flick it open, however, he grabbed your wrist and pinned you back to the bed. His gaze was dark, making you shiver underneath it. He smelled wonderful and you reached up with your free hand to brush his bangs out of his eyes.
"You've got another thing coming if you think you'll get anywhere near my cock before I think you're good and ready, little one," he growled, making your thighs clench at the sound.
You whined when he rushed to discard your clothes, not wasting a single second in getting you bare for him. He palmed himself through his jeans as he looked down at you, licking his lips.
"So pretty," he whispered, smoothing his hand down your body. Smirking, he pinched one of your nipples to hear the way you whined, "Spread your legs for me."
You hurriedly did as you were told, shame and inhibitions thrown out the window. You felt nervous under his gaze but with every compliment and soft touch ― you began to feel better. Mouth falling open, you gasped when his fingertips brushed against your folds.
"You're so wet," he mumbled, more to himself, "Are you always so wet, baby?"
"Y-You're the only one ― "
"I know that but when you touch yourself, pretty baby," he glanced up when you tensed, "I know you do. Tell me do you get this wet?"
"O-Only when I think of you," you admitted before you could think twice about it. You felt your cheeks burn at your own admission but Taehyung cursed and grunted as he squeezed his cock.
"You're such a good girl," he praised, fingertips trailing up your body again. Goosebumps ignited across your skin and you arched your back to get more of the feeling of his touch.
His fingers eagerly dipped back between your thighs to find your entrance. You whimpered when he immediately slipped a single digit inside. It felt nice but unfulfilling.
He pulled his finger out and circled it over your clit ― using your own juices to lubricate the movement. You hummed, eyes fluttering as he circled the bud several times. When your thighs began to tense, he pushed his finger back inside.
He continued the teasing until you were whining beneath him. Suddenly he pressed his thumb against the bud, circling and pressing against it relentlessly.
"I'm gonna cum!" you warned, your eyes squeezing shut.
"Go ahead, pretty baby," he urged, not pausing in his torture of your clit.
You came quickly, arching and trembling on the bed. Your cunt was empty, gushing and clenching around nothing. His touches on your clit slowed until they stopped all together.
You figured he'd give you a moment to recover but, he was suddenly sliding two fingers inside you. You were so wet from your orgasm, your cum slicking down his fingers and onto the bed. You sobbed, grinding your hips into his touch. He didn't try touching your clit or your spot, showing that much mercy. Instead, he leaned down to envelop a perked nipple in his mouth while he scissored his fingers, stretching you a bit more.
You hummed, cupping the back of his head to keep him in place. He didn't seem to mind, beginning to fuck his two fingers into you faster.
"A-Another, please," you requested, whimpered when he immediately did so.
There was a slight, tiny burn that immediately gave way to pleasure. His palm pressed against your clit ― still so sensitive that it made you tremble. As he fucked you with his fingers, he switched to give your other breast attention.
Your hips jerked with his every movement, following the pace he'd set. Every time he brushed your g-spot and you whined, he would laugh.
He took so much enjoyment in your pleasure it was almost baffling. You were always sure that men would be selfish and unsatisfying in bed but Taehyung was nothing but attentive.
Perhaps he was right; he was better than any human man.
"Cum again for me," he purred, swiping his tongue along your chest before meeting your neck.
The feeling of his fingers and teeth on your neck had you inching closer to the edge of the abyss.
"T-Tae, please," you whined, grinding your hips down, "T-Touch me, please."
He hummed, moving his thumb to press against your clit. The simple touch set you off and you were coming once again beneath him. Your body was on fire, sweat sticking to you and making you pant. It crested beautifully and faded out into trembles and whines.
He didn't remove his fingers, instead beginning to nudge a fourth into you ― his pinky finger. His eyes met yours, keeping his eyes on your face as he stretched you further than he had before. The width of his hand was bordering on painful but you found it highly enjoyable. His thumb continued to circle your clit even as you sobbed in overstimulation. Your spasming walls eagerly accepted the new stretch and you found yourself relaxing into it.
He was quickly going to send you to another orgasm but before you could fall off the edge again, he removed his thumb. You whined, grinding your hips to chase the feeling. His eyes drifted down to where his fingers were buried into you, smoothing two of his fingers from his free hand over your folds.
"Stretched so wide," he muttered, scooping up some of your cum on the digits and popping them in his mouth. Your walls squeezed his fingers in response to his display.
He suddenly pulled his fingers out and you cried out at being empty so fast. Your walls weren't able to close properly and you closed your thighs at the feeling.
Instead of stopping you, Taehyung stepped off the bed. Your mouth went dry when he unbuttoned his jeans and began to shuffle them down his thighs.
You realized he wasn't wearing underwear when his cock popped free ― flushed incredibly red at the head and leaking precum down the shaft. He visibly shuddered when his cock was free from its confines and he quickly wrapped his hand around himself ― giving himself a few good squeezes.
He was just as big as you thought. His fingers didn't meet when wrapped around the girth. He was wider than his four fingers and so long that you found yourself whimpering at the thought of him drilling into you that deep.
"You still think you can take me, little one?" he asked, crawling on the bed to kneel in front of you still clenched thighs.
"Y-Yeah...want it," you let your legs fall open, showing him your flushed and swollen cunt.
Her cursed, tapping the fat head of his cock against your cunt. You whimpered when you saw just how big it was compared to your own pussy. He was surely going to rip you in half but damn if you wouldn't enjoy every second.
His precum mixed with your cum as he slid his shaft between your folds, getting the underside of him nice and wet. You whimpered, feeling him grinding against your clit bringing you close to the orgasm you'd been denied.
Before you could fall into it, he positioned his tip at your entrance. Prodding ever so slightly, he sighed at the feeling of your heat against him. You spread your legs wider for him as he began to press inside.
You cried out, clutching the sheets beneath you as he stretched you wide open. The head of him was so thick, bordering on painful. You reached out to stop him from going any further, gritting your teeth at the feeling.
"You're okay," he whispered, shifting back so he pulled out of you.
You breathed heavily, relaxing once more as he circled your clit with his thumb. As your eyes fluttered, he began to press back inside. You whined as he pushed past what he had been, thumb not letting up on your clit. You walls spasmed around him, making him groan as you began to tremble.
The head of him popped inside and you cried out as you were sent over the edge. Taehyung's body fell over yours, catching himself on his hands beside your head. You sobbed, tears filling your eyes at the pleasure of being stretched as you were.
Taehyung's mouth fell open as he felt you cum around the head of his cock. When you calmed down to just little sniffles and whimpers, he leaned down to press his lips against your neck.
"You okay, baby?" he whispered. You nodded, reaching up to cup his cheeks and pull him into a soft kiss.
He took that as his cue to sink further into you. The flare on the head of his cock was the thickest part of him and it felt much easier for the rest of him to slide in. He nudged your cervix and when you flinched at the pain, he pulled back slightly.
"Look at that," he chuckled looking between your bodies. Following his gaze, your eyes widened, "You can't even fit all of me inside you, little one."
He was right, you'd only managed to fit half his cock inside you. Your walls clenched around him at that.
"Feels so good, Tae," you whispered, feeling his cock twitch against your walls.
He grinned, moving his hips gently, sinking in as far as he comfortably could before pulling back out. Although he wasn't able to fit in you completely, he still found himself groaning against you
"Such a tight little cunt," he growled, nipping at your jaw, "Took me so well, like a good girl."
You began to grind your hips up as he sunk into you and he growled. Sitting back on his heels, he soothed his hand over your body to soothe you.
You cursed loudly when he snapped his hips much harder into you ― testing how much you could take. When you gushed and spasmed around him, he took that as a sign to keep going. You moaned so beautifully for him, body reacting like a dream to his every touch and movement.
Cunt stretched wide and stuffed full of cock, you couldn't even think of anything else. You felt drunk, dizzy and lightheaded. Taehyung cooed when you slurred out his name, swiping his thumb over your bottom lip to collect some drool there.
"You're so cute," he grinned, breaking out into a moan when you clenched him tight, "All you can think about is my cock, huh?"
"'S so good..." you whispered, the words coming out almost breathlessly.
"I know, baby," he replied, licking his lips as he moved to his cock pounding you open wider than you should have been able to take, "You're gushing and squeezing me so nice. Are you gonna cum? Can you cum for me?"
You swallowed and nodded, whining when he hit your cervix. It hurt but it blended in with the pleasure. Mindlessly, you reached down to find your clit ― intent on sending yourself over the edge.
"No, no baby," he cooed, brushing your fingers away, "You'll cum without touching your pretty clit, yeah?"
"C-Can't," you sobbed, tears leaking out of the corner of your eyes.
"I think you can," he muttered, smoothing his hand over your lower stomach. "Fuck, look at that, babygirl."
You lazily followed his gaze to where his hand laid. Your cunt clenched at the sight of your stomach bulging every time he sunk in ― his cock literally molding you around it. You gasped, your high bubbling in your stomach.
"Wanna cum!" you cried, attempting to reach down and circle your clit again only to be stopped once more.
"I said no, little one," he snapped, pinning your hands above your head as he loomed above you, "You can do it. Cum for me."
Your body went still, focusing on the feeling of his cock filling you and stretching you. His cock was so big that he didn't even have to try to reach any good spots within you.
Astoundingly, you shrieked as your orgasm finally washed over you. Taehyung cursed in your ear, fucking you ruthlessly through the high. Distantly, you felt wetness splatter between your thighs and coat both of you. You chanted his name as you squirmed and writhed at the overwhelming pleasure.
"Shit, I'm― " Taehyung's warning was cut off by a groan.
His weight fell on you fully and he hid his face in your neck as he came. You hugged him against you, still trembling as he pumped his hot cum into you. There was so much, his cock keeping his cum plugged inside you. You gasped and twitched as you felt your stomach bloat over so slightly. You walls clenched around him, the idea of him filling you so much sending you into another quiet orgasm.
It was less spectacular than the others, but still left you gasping of air. Taehyung groaned in your ear as he felt you cum around his sensitive cock once again ― forcing a couple more spurts out of him to add.
It seemed like forever until his body finally relaxed. He continued to hold you, pressing kisses against any place he possibly could.
"That was...nice..." you muttered, making him laugh as he rolled off of you.
Your mouth fell open as he pulled his cock out ― it ached, there was no denying it. There was a gush of his cum, so much of it that it formed of pool beneath you. Your cheeks felt hot as Taehyung watched his cum pour out of your abused hole.
"Who knew my little human girl could take so much?" he teased, enjoyed the way you squirmed in embarrassment, "Want to take a shower?"
"Only if you will with me," you offered with a tired voice, watching his face morph into an expression of confusion.
"Is that some type of human thing?" he asked, sitting up and stretching his muscles.
"Apparently so," you whispered.
"Hey..." he paused from getting off of the bed. "You...you'll be here a while, right?"
"What do you mean?" you asked, clenching your thighs shut as you felt your core begin to burn and ache as you came back to yourself.
"Like...you won't have to go back to Earth any time, right?" his voice sounded small, almost fragile.
"I'll stay as long as I want to," you reassured, leaning over to kiss him but freezing before you could.
"What is it?" he asked, frowning.
"I'm just really fucking sore," you mumbled, flushing when he burst out laughing.
"Ah, my cute little human," he cooed, kissing your nose.
Tumblr media
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balmasedas · 12 months ago
dearly departed. /
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine).
PAIRING: din djarin x force sensitive!f-reader.
SUMMARY: au of 2x8 where reader exists instead of grogu (i'm sorry, baby).
WARNINGS: very slight description of torture, violence and blood. major angst.
One day felt like a year.
A week onboard the light cruiser was hell and Moff Gideon was proven to be worse than the devil.
You’d barely slept and hunger constantly gripped your belly. You didn’t felt the urge to scream or to even beg for help, those instincts were long dead by now.
They were fascinated. A real Jedi or, at the very least, a live one, still yet to be properly trained (if you managed to survive this). So it wasn’t a surprise that because of their evil nature and in the name of “curiosity” you were obliged to use the Force until you fainted, over and over again. 
It was a tragedy. In search of what would’ve been your home, you had found one with Din Djarin; and now the memories you'd learned to cherish seemed so far away in time that you started to doubt your mind.
Din sat against a rock; while you rested your back against his chest and between his legs. Just the two of you, the sound of the crackling fire and endless stars above your heads. You felt so little and yet, at the same time, that there was nothing that could stop you from conquering the entire galaxy.
“You got this.” his modulated voice came out lower than usual. 
“Sh!” you silenced him with a half-smile. Your hand was extended, just a couple of meters away a small rock floated in the air, slowly approaching you. You’d tried it at least a dozen times and this one, you decided, would be the last. 
Silence crept over you both. Too expectant to breathe for a few seconds. 
You were certain, so confident. Then, fear invaded you. Your hand started to shake and so did the rock. You could feel yourself slowly losing control, anticipating a seemingly inevitable failure. You didn’t trust your power, having always been relegated to abandoning your true identity for your own (and everyone’s) safety. 
Luckily, Din did have hope in you, and although he respected your wishes of quietness during this moment, it didn’t mean he couldn’t try to ease your mind through other means. After all, the Mandalorian felt more comfortable with actions than he felt with words. 
So he snuck his hand beneath your hair and softly rubbed his thumb behind your ear, a soothing caress he often offered when you needed comfort.
It wasn’t a revelation that then, and only then, you felt enough peace to stabilize the Force and finally close your hand around the object.
“Oh!” both your eyes and mouth were wide open. You half turned towards Din — you were drunk in elation, still not wanting to miss the warmness of his body. “I got it!” you burst. You met his visor, but you could sense his eyes on you. 
“What did I say?” he spoke. “You got this.”
You got this. 
You got this.
“I got this,” you mumbled, trying to hold on to comforting words carefully sheltered in your head.
You had been a prisoner of your own body for over a week now. Traveling only from your cell to the room you were currently held and vice versa. Having to extend your arm obediently when you were told so and use your powers as well. 
Truth be told, there was nothing else you could do, except trying to keep your mind busy and start processing the facts: there were no (nor there would be) allies to your cause. You were alone and whatever the remains of the Empire had in store for you was still yet to be revealed. 
Din would come for you, you were sure of that, but some hopeless part of your now broken soul was unsure he’d make it in time.
The door from your cell opened. A couple of troopers marched towards you. Between them, the man in the white coat you’d regularly seen since your arrival. He introduced himself by squeezing your arm, it was supposed to be gentle. 
He wouldn't have done the same if you weren't cuffed and strapped into a stretcher. You thought about breaking free. Your hands around his neck, fear instead of the cockiness his eyes currently harbored. 
The urge was sharp and violent and you enjoyed it while it lasted.
“How are you doing?” Like shit. You remained impassible. 
He opened a case he’d been carrying and laid out the contents on a tray next to the bed. You knew what it was, you wish you didn’t. Needles of different sizes, scalpers, and syringes. 
You winced when he took a needle and fitted it into a large syringe.
He smiled at you. "Be a good girl and stay still, will you?"
Fuck you. “Okay.” Even though you complied, both troopers were ordered to hold you down.
As usual, every movement from that moment was processed in slow motion. The doctor hovering the needle just a few millimeters over your skin, then, the hard cold steel piercing it. First a pinch; as it went deeper, burn; then ache. You wanted to trash but you couldn’t. 
Your vision swam, and your head went thick. “It’s done.” was the last thing you heard before you blacked out. 
“Are you seeing anything? Or are they supposed to see you?” Din queried, looking around.
You were sitting on top of the Seeing stone, drowned in confusion just like him. Still, you couldn’t help but giggle at his obvious deduction from the name of the place where you currently were.
“Yes, I-” you trailed off and furrowed your brows as you watched him thoroughly inspecting the rock. He was quiet, his thoughts were loud. Or maybe you just knew him too well by then. “… I see you” you tilted your head, reformulating your sentence into a question, “Are you searching for an interrupter, Din?”
He straightened his body and immediately backed away from it “No,” he was quick to deny. You kept your eyes fixated on him, and then a ghost of a smile appeared on your face. Finally, he corrected himself after a defeated sigh, “Yes.” he confessed.
You chuckled. You could’ve kissed him by then, if only you had the chance. 
“I wish Ahsoka Tano would’ve told me more, but that’s not how it works.” 
The Force seemed to be much more complex than you originally thought. And the Jedi you met in Corvus day’s ago should’ve cleared many things —instead, she baffled you, even more, shifting her entire demeanor when she sensed your connection with the Mandalorian. 
Now, you were supposed to make contact with another Jedi without knowing how. 
Din didn’t answer. He had left the previous planet just as frustrated as you, if not more. 
“Well, look at the bright side—” you were cut by the sound of a ship circling the area. Both of you were immediately alarmed by its presence. Din ran to the edge of the mountain and followed it closely with his eyes. An attack craft was no good news. As much as he wished to complete the mission, there was no way he’d risk your safety. Both of you could come back later, he assumed.
He called your name, walking backward. “Time’s up, we gotta go.” he stopped abruptly when he finally turned around and saw you. He’d never seen anything of similar nature. 
Your eyes were shut, strands of your hair floated like feathers in the breeze. Some kind of force shield had been erected around you. He screamed for you again. “Hey! Snap out of it, we gotta get out of here.” but wherever your mind was, it was far away from Tython now.
He even tried to pass through the force shield only to be violently expelled from it.
He grunted. The floor beneath him was hard, the realization he made hit harder: there was no way he could reach you. 
His desperation only could grow when he spotted an unknown subject leaving the craft. “Dank Farrik!” he cursed. His hands were closed in tight fists, his gaze lingered on you. Leaving you was his last preference, he’d promised you he’d never do it until you were safe but it became the only viable option. 
He had no power to interfere in whatever was happening to you up there, but he could take care of the problem on the bottom of that mountain.
Din pulled his blaster from the holder. “I’ll see if I can buy you some time.” he doubted you could hear him, but still he tried. “Can you please hurry up?” there was hesitation in his movement, his steps were slow and uncertain. Walking away from you had never felt so wrong, and yet he had no other choice if he wanted to protect you.
He would later learn that fear, desolation, and regret were very possible and present emotions in him as he could only stand and see the dark troopers taking you away. 
The first thing you noticed when you woke up was your handcuffs.
The second thing was the light reflecting off them. 
Your glance flickered from the Dark saber to Moff Gideon and then to the person he was talking to. 
Until that moment, you weren’t sure if you were awake or hallucinating. But then everything became so real. His armor, his voice. As exhausted as you were, you took your time to caress Din with your eyes. 
He was alive. Whole. Here.
You were in a dream.
He, on the other hand, sensed that his nightmare was far from over. 
“You can keep it, I just want her,” he assured. The object of dispute between Moff Gideon and Bo-Katan had never sparked any interest in him. You were his only priority and his original quest had been long forgotten by then. 
The Moff stood in silence, seemingly analyzing the proposal.
“Very well, I already got what I wanted from her.” he addressed. “All I wanted was to study her blood. You see, the girl is extremely gifted. And has been a blast with rare properties that have the potential to bring order to the galaxy.” 
Din anchored his attention on you. All this talking did nothing but disturb him even more. You were so close and so far. Shut up, he wanted to say. 
Instead, he remained quiet. 
“I see your bond with her.” Din heard it before. Did he also believe what you both had it was dangerous? He didn’t wish or care to know. “Take her. But you will leave my ship immediately and we will go separate ways.”
If Din nodded, you missed it. He took cautious steps towards you. Your heart started to race in anticipation. You could already taste a decent glass of water, the sun kissing your skin, and the end of what was once an endless agony. 
You extended your hand for him to take it. He was only a meter away. 
It seemed so easy.
It would’ve been so easy.
But Moff Gideon bared only greed and darkness in his soul. He surrendered to no one, let alone a Mandalorian.
“No!” your scream ripped through your throat when you saw the Dark saber hovering over Din’s head. He was quick enough to block the hit and the ones that followed after, but the Moff was insatiable and they both disappeared into the hall.
You tugged at the cuffs, trying to get them off but it was impossible. Not when they were neutralizing your power. You were too weak to run, yet you still launched yourself at the door. 
Your legs instantly gave in. You let out a hard groan but didn't stop to recover from the blow. You instantly laid your body on a side and with the own weight of your arms you started dragging yourself on the floor. 
You had no visuals on Gideon and Din, still, the sound of the black saber colliding against beskar outside the room brought you some sense of calm.
They were still fighting, there was still time.
You just had to crawl a little bit more.
But the hallway seemed miles away, you were tired and you'd barely reached the doorframe when all fell silent.
"D–" your voice died before finishing the sentence. The thought of calling him and not receiving an answer infested your mind like a parasite. You wouldn’t survive that memory. 
A rush of adrenaline took over your body, you started moving once again. Frightened, but not hopeless —not yet. 
If Din hadn’t... If Din—
You would make sure to make Gideon pay. Maybe not with your mind, maybe with your own bare hands.
But your revenge would have to wait a few more minutes because someone blocked your path before you could reach the hallway.
Your eyes fixed over the boots in your line of vision. Where those his? You should’ve paid more attention to his clothes. If you did, you wouldn’t be trembling in fear. If you did, you would’ve instantly knew it was him, instead of waiting until he kneeled and reached for you.
He whispered your name. So loving and familiar. So soft it almost went unnoticed. 
Your lips pursed into a tight line, your eyes were filled to the brim with tears. You didn’t want to cry. But your heart felt heavy and all that pain you had accumulated those days had to go somewhere.
It was inevitable to break down. To weep and shake as your thoughts bounced between what could've happened and what didn't.
Din seemed to sense this when he asserted, "I'm here." He quickly took care of the cuffs. You find relief around your wrist, but the pressure didn't seem to budge on your chest. “I’m here.” 
There, on the cold surface of that cell, he hugged you for all the days he couldn’t.
One arm went around your back, his other hand rested against your head, fitting you against his body. You buried your face against his chest. He drew his fingers along the curve of your neck.
The well-known gesture felt completely different. Whereas before the calming effects of it were exclusively destined to you, it seemed that now it was he who needed it the most. He needed to make sure you were there. That you were real, alive, and well.
You vocalized your thoughts once you found the strength to do so, "I thought I lost you."
Din’s arms tightened around you, solid and warm. His heart would’ve broken right there if it weren’t filled with happiness. Your voice was the same. It was home. "No. I'm too stubborn to leave you." had you had the strength to chuckle, you would have. 
You slowly raised your head and, for the first time, observed past his shoulder. You immediately regretted your decision. In the hallway, Moff Gideon laid against the wall, now in shackles, looking straight into your eyes. There was a smirk plastered on his face. 
Din side-glanced the floor. The handcuffs, from which he had freed you, started to shake. Your back, once hunched and languid, was now rigid under his embrace. 
“No,” he muttered. He separated and took your face between his hands. “Look at me.” you ignored him and focused on the man behind him. Gideon’s brow furrowed, his cockiness slowly fading away —the air in his lungs too. "Cyar’ika.” the whisper came out as a plead. His helmet blocked your vision now, his gloved thumbs slid over your cheeks. You blinked the lashes that framed your eyes. They would’ve looked innocent on anyone else. “Don’t. He can’t hurt you no more.” his voice was gentle and reassuring. You believed him. 
He wouldn't hurt you, but he could –and would– hurt Din if given the chance. 
That terrified you, and it was something you couldn't forgive or forget.
Din was waiting for an answer, so you gave him one, “Alright.” Moff Gideon would just have to wait.
You both stared at each other for a moment. You hoped your answer was convincing enough to buy Din's calm. It did, cause he dropped the subject and moved into another, seconds later, “Can you walk?” he asked.
You placed your palm on the floor and held Din's with your other hand. Your legs responded –slowly but steady, you got on your feet.
The Mandalorian held you by the waist, watching with caution until he was sure you could stand by yourself, "We have to go to the bridge" he announced. His voice was low enough to maintain what he was saying between you. “Moff Gideon will go to the front, I’ll stay behind, you can follow me.” you couldn’t tell if it was a proposition or an order. 
“It’s ok. You said it yourself, he can’t hurt me.” Din tittered and shook his head.
“It’s not you who I’m worried about”.
You’d felt at ease once you met the familiar faces that had come to your rescue. Cara didn’t hesitate to hug you when she saw you, while Fennec limited herself to a comradely nod from afar.
Koska and Bo-Katan had been a completely different story. They didn’t take it lightly when they saw Din in possession of the Darksaber. You glanced at Moff Gideon, his victorious grin made much sense then —he knew of the traditions and what gave power to the saber. He also appreciated how Bo-Katan was as obsessed as him with it —purposely sinking his finger in her wounded pride. 
Although Din had yielded, his peace offering was unwelcomed, as well as his intentions to give her the saber. The last thing you needed was internal conflicts, but you were willing to fight anyone if you had to protect the person you'd care about the most.
The rising tension was —luckily or not— shut down by the alarms going off and then Fennec reporting a breach in the ray shields of the ship.
Moff Gideon, with a disgusting proudness in his voice, announced the dark troopers.
Lines formed between your eyebrows, "Dark troopers?"
Fennec took care of your confusion. "Problems." Her answer was vague, but you could deduce from it, at least, the essential: you'd have to fight against them —inhuman killing machines that doubled your size. The chances of winning were minimal, but you couldn't have gotten this far only to surrender.
You approached the screens and took a seat in front of them. The dark troopers kept coming. Din had trouble fighting with one earlier, and now you were six against too many. Five if they didn't count you. You were still weak, no powers, no Force —you were utterly useless.
Someone softly squeezed your shoulder. You looked up and your eyes met with beskar. "I'm gonna get you out of here." He could try. His words had always given you security. You assumed it was your damaged spirit that doubted them for the first time.
You fixed your eyes on the screen again, Din went to the front among the others. The dark troopers marched towards the bridge. They were getting closer and closer and all you could do was prepare yourself and wait.
"Seal the blast doors!" Fennec commanded Koska.
You looked at the cameras.
They were there.
The two dark troopers in the front started pounding on the door. The material they were made of was resistant, but not indestructible. It was only a matter of minutes before they could get through it.
"You have an impressive fireteam protecting you," Moff Gideon spoke. His voice exuberated confidence. He appreciated his upper hand in the situation and wasn't shy about it. "But I think we all know after a valuable stand, everyone in this room will be dead, but me and the girl."
Din didn't turn to look at you. Gideon's statement probably sent him the same eerie sensation as it did to you.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. The thought of him speaking so lightly of your friends' death almost made you puke.
If only you could've hurt him. You had the will, but not the power.
The alarm went off a second time. All of you looked at your right, throughout the windows: A ship flew past the cruiser. Closer monitoring allowed you to identify it as a lone X-wing fighter. Just one. Cara whispered something about being saved, her voice dripping with sarcasm. 
"Incoming craft, identify yourself." Bo-Katan solicited. Radio silence.
The dark troopers outside stopped pounding at the door. You looked at the cameras outside the bridge. They made a half-way turn on their place and armed themselves. 
Everyone was too baffled to be relieved about it. Everyone but you.
Your eyes were glued to the screen. The hooded figure that disembarked was just a visual confirmation of what you had sensed as soon as the craft had landed in the docking bay. 
There was no more such thing as uneasiness. The air felt lighter —in it, an invisible string pulling you towards the unknown subject.
No. Not unknown. You knew what and who it was —long before he'd displayed his lightsaber. You knew why he was here, as well as his intentions. You just didn't want to acknowledge the consequences of his presence —and what it meant for you. 
You turned around and searched for the Mandalorian, only to find Moff Gideon on his feet and pointing a blaster at Bo Katan.
He fired at her, four or five times, you didn't exactly count —it was enough to knock her out of the way.
There was nothing between you and him now. Whereas he'd expressed before the possibilities of keeping you alive for further studies about the Force, it wasn't a viable option anymore. He would rather kill you than let the Jedi get his hands on you.
You had no way to defend yourself. So you looked at him in the eyes and held your breath, resigned, once again, to a destiny written by foreign hands. 
You waited for the shots but they never came. Instead, the air was knocked out of your chest as you were thrown to the floor by someone. You winced at the harsh contact. At least you didn't have a hole in your body. You had closed your eyes by instinct, blinking felt such a waste of energy by then.
You focused on Din's helmet while he frantically inspected your body for any wounds.
"Are you ok?" he asked.
No, you were not. You were numb, expressionless, stunned, motionless. You felt your throat closing up. To speak would mean abandoning the shelter of your conscious, where you still believed to have more time with him. 
But you didn’t, and Din needed to be aware of this.
Tears welled up in your eyes before you whispered, “It’s time.” 
His posture stiffened above you. Though it was never a serious conversation, he’d recalled both of you touching the subject very on the surface. Always in a light, joking manner. “Oh, what will you do when I’m gone?” you’d ask. Din would follow with a snicker and tease you for the sake of your dynamic. “Get a good night of rest.” Truth be told, you could’ve never fathom to properly rest far from each other.
You wished, or rather begged with your eyes, for him to say something, anything —but he chose silence. Was his nightmare the same as yours? Or had he come to accept, long before you did, your true path? 
He took you gently by the hands and helped you get up. He guided you to the front, slow and steady. 
“Open the door,” the bridge was noiseless. No answer whatsoever to his request. Din insisted, “I said, open the door.”
Fennec raised an eyebrow, aiming at the entrance. “Are you crazy?” all the dark troopers were destroyed, but you couldn’t blame the group for their wariness. It had been a long day, a long journey, too many enemies in your path to trust so easily the person waiting on the other side.
You walked past by Gideon, who laid unconscious on the floor. His attempt to kill you felt so far away in time. Now, you faced something worse and more dreadful than death itself. 
Din ignored the verbal protests and pressed the button himself. The blast doors opened. The green glow of the lightsaber was visible before his body. Everyone waited as he entered the bridge. The sick, anxious feeling in your gut only increased when he withdrew his lightsaber. The memories of your time on the seeing stone came back altogether. You recalled his face, he was in your dream, he was the one who had reached out and —oh, you wished you could retract your cry for help.
“Are you a Jedi?” Din found the courage to ask. 
Yes, he is. You knew his identity before he could tell you so. Luke Skywalker.
“I am,” he confirmed and then looked at you. He reached out a hand, you squeezed Din’s. “Come, please.” you trusted this stranger as if you had known him all your life. The Jedi wasn’t the problem, it was the man standing next to you. 
“She doesn’t want to go with you.” Din’s authoritative tone and firm stand made it clear that he shared the same wishes as you. 
But Luke knew better than to give in to the whims of your hearts. If only they were reason enough to rebel against him, “She is strong with the Force. But talent without training is nothing. I will give my life to protect her, but she will not be safe until she masters her abilities.” 
Your fingers lingered over Din’s as you broke the grip on his hand and took a step forward. For a moment, you considered the option of leaving everything behind without looking back. To spare the pain of goodbye seemed the happiest ending you could get. 
Then you remembered how uncertain and unpleasant the future could be. Very few souls in the galaxy could survive regret, an ‘I should’ve’ was more gut-wrenching than any blast to your chest.
So you turned around and face him one more time. You offered a tremulous smile, drops wet the corner of your lips. 
He, as always, tried to offer some peace of mind you couldn’t find by yourself. “I’ll see you again. I promise.” you hated the bleakness that tainted his voice. Still, you found yourself wordless, nodding at his words. 
You extended your hand, the tip of your fingers brushed his helmet. It was cold, lifeless, so much different from what was inside of it and who you had learned to know. Din’s hand went up and reached for yours, for a moment you thought he’d push it away. Instead, he put it on the helmet and slowly removed it. 
What in the past was deemed unlikely, was now a solid dream.
You lingered on the coffee eyes that studied yours, on the small crease between them above the line of his bold nose. His hair —you wanted to jump in his arms and run your fingers through that hair. Your eyes wandered over his mouth, following its curve and pout, as if he was just about to speak. You wanted to crush your mouth against his lips. 
So you did.
Time stopped in a collision of senses when your lips met his. Your heart pounded in your chest as your knees got weaker. You could only focus on how soft he felt against your mouth, in how addictively he invaded your senses. 
There was raw emotion in the way his fingers closed behind your neck, in how he squeezed you against his body. With your eyes closed, you weren’t sure if your mind had tricked you into a perfect present. 
But then you opened them again and he was there. Closer than ever. 
“We will meet again.” your voice quavered in a whisper. You threw your head back just to take a full picture of his handsome face. Tears fell over his cheeks, you brushed them away with your thumbs. “Someday, somewhere, we’ll get to be together.” you lowered a hand and placed it on his chest. “Until then, keep me here, ok?” 
This time, Din draped both of his arms around your frame and met your lips halfway. It was short, intense, and everything that needed to be said was said with it, “I’ll wait for you as long as I have to, ner runi”. 
You stole him one last kiss before you let him go. 
There was nothing said between you and Luke as you left the bridge side by side. More tears cascaded through your face the further you walked away. You knew this was the way it should be, but never would it hurt so bad. The Mandalorian was supposed to be only an eventuality and ended up being half of your heart. 
You reached the elevator and turned around. It took a massive amount of bravery to look at a loved one in the eyes as you parted ways, so you gathered every cell full of courage in your body and looked at Din. 
You were still crying, so was he. But you had made peace with the past, the present, and the future — both of you knew, one way or another, you were destined to each other, whatever the odds you’d have to face. 
The elevator doors were closing. Your smile grew wider and wider as you realized, not too late, just in time, “I love you, Din Djarin.” he didn’t have to say it back for you to know he felt it too. 
You had promised to find him as soon as you could and you intended to keep your word.
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He Noticed You
Tumblr media
A/n: Okay a couple things. This was inspired by some personal things. If you need help dealing with mental health issues, please reach out to someone you trust. You are not alone in this fight. The Suicide hotline is  800-273-8255. Please seek guidance if you need it. With that being said, enjoy.
Warnings: Talks about depression, trauma, allusions to suicide (please don’t read if you are worried. Its better to take precautions.)
The stars were brighter on this planet. They didn’t change much, one consistency that existed in the chaotic life of being with a Mandalorian, but, maybe due to the lack of people, the stars weren’t outperformed by streetlamps or urban light. You couldn’t name any of the local constellations -you had never been to this part of the Outer Rim before. It didn’t matter. The stars still served their purpose of distracting you from sleep. 
You could state that you weren’t tired, and you weren’t lying. Exactly. You weren’t tired because you were more afraid of the monsters that lurked in your dreams than you were of getting sleep. You could go another few hours without sleep; it certainly wasn’t the first time. You were only worried about your companion, Din, noticing. For a man who couldn’t make breakfast without waking the entire galaxy, his bounty hunter instincts still allowed him to notice incremental changes in your habit. 
If you skipped a meal, he would make sure that you ate more than he did at the next one.
If you didn’t sleep, he would place the softest blanket in Crest on your lap, lowering the temperature enough that you had little choice than to use the cloth, slowly resting your eyes until they didn’t open. 
If you forgot to take a shower, he would pull out the fanciest soaps he had bought in one of the many markets you had visited to lure you into the refresher. 
He noticed you. 
You didn’t think this time would be any different, hearing the commotion come from Razor Crest as if he had told the Child to bang on the pots again. You turned your head towards the ramp that extended from the ship to the grass where you were laying. You saw the shadow of the bounty hunter as he frantically searched for something. It must have been important to him as he tugged on his gloved hands in frustration, a habit you had recently realized. 
He ran outside, throwing his head to each side as if he had seen trouble approaching. You didn’t even have time to make a sound as he connected a boot with your side, tripping, somehow tumbling right next to you, staring up at the sky as if the action had been intentional. He groaned, extending his shoulders back to stretch his back -you were going to have to take it easy on him tomorrow.  
“What’s wrong, Mando?” You didn’t want to use his real name in fear that whatever he was searching the area for was listening in, “Is someone here? Should I be worried?”
You sat up, preparing your muscles to be used quickly if needed. 
Din pulled you down. 
With one hand, he plucked the stray grass out of your hair as he took his time in responding. 
“You weren’t there,” He replied; concern drifted into his voice as if he expected you to have vanished like an apparition at dawn, “You’re usually there and you just weren’t and I just thought…”
He trailed off, but you didn’t have any issues in connected the thoughts that consumed his mind. Something stubborn in you wanted him to vocalize it. You knew it would fester if you didn’t address it exactly. 
“What?” You asked, taking the hand resting in between the two of you, rubbing his thumb in a sign of comfort. 
“What?” He echoed as if he had been a lost traveler, roaming through his mind’s expanse.
“What did you think?” 
“I thought you had done something,” He said it so softly that if a whisper of wind had blown, it would have carried his words off without you hearing, “I know...I know you have been through things. I know that you don’t eat sometimes and I know that sometimes you don’t sleep. I know I’m not in a great place to judge you about that but I just thought…”
“Maybe I wasn’t going to be here tomorrow?” You supplemented, knowing all too well that you had the exact thoughts about yourself at times. 
“You’re not entirely wrong,” You shifted your body so you were laying on your side, facing him, “Sometimes I feel like that. But then I think about what I have to lose. You. The Kid. The Crest even.  I can’t.”
The starlight seemed to illuminate the beskar so that Din look ethereal, an angel sent by whoever was in charge of fate. You forced down the urge to run. He wasn’t going to hurt you. You weren’t going to hurt him. 
“I’m sorry,” He mumbled, bringing your combined hands up to his head that was tilted down almost as if he was one of those princes of forgotten stories kissing their damsel’s hand. 
“Me too,” You didn’t know if you seeking his forgiveness for shutting him out of your mind or the way you tainted his soul. 
You were silent, seeking comfort in each other’s presence, staring at the sky. The stars twinkled. Occasionally a spaceship drifted into sight, moving in a straight line across the sky before vanishing completely. There didn’t seem to many forms of life on the planet except for a stray frog that had escaped the gremlin’s reaches. You loved the Child, but you couldn’t deal with another round of food poisoning due to the ingestion of anything that fit inside his mouth. How he managed to fit creatures that were twice his size in his stomach was beyond your imagination. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Din,” You sighed, meeting the T-visor of his helmet, “I know you. You would have tried to do everything in your power to protect me -which isn’t a bad thing- but I’m not the one who needs it right now. I’ve been dealing with this shit for years. The little one. He needs you. You’ve been entrusted to take care of him,”
“So?” He asked with innocence. 
He was insane if he thought he could take care of a child and the trauma you had altogether. 
“So I know that you can’t make the same promises with me. I get it. I do. So I’m not going to force you to take on another person’s baggage,”
“What if I want to help you?”
You wanted to shake the man in front of you. You wanted to tell him to run far away. You wanted to tell him to leave you here on this peaceful planet so he wasn’t tempted to help you. 
“Din, you know how it is. I can’t force you to take on my trauma,”
“You’re not forcing me if I want to do it. You’re not forcing me if I already care about you. You’re not forcing me to do anything,”
“Din,” You forgot how stubborn this man was. 
He repeated your name with the same amount of caring exasperation as if one of you couldn’t believe the other.
“Promise me,” You stared at where you thought his eyes were, “Promise me that you’ll back out if it gets too much for you,” You brought his hand to your chest, laying it above your heart, “It’s a dark and broken place here. Promise me that you won’t be stubborn. Promise me you won’t break yourself because of me. I can’t have that, Din. I won’t,”
He let out a heavy breath.
“You’re making me promise something impossible,” He placed a palm over your mouth when you opened it to reply, “But I will on one condition: you find me when things get bad. You and the little terror, you’re my cyare’se. I won’t have you in pain if I can help it. Okay?”
You let a small smile spread across your face. 
Din wasn’t going to fix everything. Somethings only you could do. But it would be much easier knowing that you had each other’s support. 
“Ni kar’tayl gar darasuum, Sweet Girl,”
“What does that mean?”
He shuffled slightly to tuck you into his embrace, flooding your body with warmth, heating the coldest parts of your soul. 
“It means that you are beloved,”
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Vencuyanir Ch. 20 - The Ponds
Summary: There is an accident. Elana and Mando talk about what happened.
Words: 5.7k
Warnings: descriptions of drowning, mentions of child death, implied past child abuse, themes of death and discussion of it (this chapter is heavier than usual, please be careful if you're uncomfortable)
Soft warnings: NOTHING HAPPENS pls dont get mad at me, a Lot of crumbs, a lot of feels, you might yell at me for the last paragraph, lets play "are they crushing on each other already or not"
Notes: Hi hello!! Sorry for the wait, I hit a minor writing block for a bit, but I'm hoping to update on Star Wars Day again haha. So May 4th will probably have our last chapter on Sorgan, and then we are off! Thank you so much for all your nice words and support for this story, it means the world to me!! Estela (@over300books)​ has been a champ again and again and she is the most supportive person ever. Thank you so much baby!!
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Tumblr media
A few days later, Elana was sitting in the sun, watching how Bean played at the side of the ponds, chasing a frog. Careful when keeping an eye on him, so he would not accidentally fall in, she conversed with Omera and Leri as they were working on unshelling some of the krill for dinner. There were only two medium sized baskets for the villagers this time, the rest being prepared to be sold and exchanged for different food. There was not much of a harvest from two of the ponds, those being the ones the AT-ST fell into, but the rest was enough that they could sell to the town in bulk.
Her fingers stained blue, it was an easy thing now to gently peel the shells off the soft animals, to clean them properly so only the meat would remain. With the threat of the raiders gone, it was much easier to have variety in food; mushrooms and various plants were able to be gathered in the forest, and hunting for game started again. Every few days, one of the hunters were able to bring back larger animals, and even when they tasted foreign, it was much better to have only krill again.
They were talking about various things, letting the conversation flow, jumping from one topic to another and making jokes, sharing anecdotes and everything in between. Leri was miming some of the trouble Caben and Stoke had gotten into when they were younger, Omera sharing some of the more recent gossip as well.
Carefully placing the krill into the basket, Elana tried to avoid some of the more nosy questions, such as those centred on Mando and her.
The sun was shining and the breeze was slightly cool, the soft sounds of the pond soothing as frogs ribbited and the water lapped at the shore. Elana could hear the children playing in the distance as they called out countdowns, the hide and seek session in full flow. It had been quiet since the raid happened, and even if she did not expect for it to stay peaceful for long, Elana could not help but to let her guard down.
The basket at her side filled with more and more krill bodies, shells piling up in the one designated for the waste, the slight fishy smell of the animals already not registering to her anymore.
"Well, Hannah told me that Winta and Marya have been trying to sneak a look at Mando's guns," Leri was saying, "They are too curious for their own good."
Omera sighed. "I had hoped that she would never be interested in things like that," she said wryly, mouth set in a firm line, "Growing up without knowing any violence is the best possible way."
Elana nodded in agreement as she thought about Omera's words, eyes on the little krill she was currently prying the shells off.
"With the raiders, it's only natural that she wants to learn," Leri said, fixing Omera with a raised brow, "I've heard her saying that she wants to be a ranger when she grows up."
The older woman just set her jaw, steel behind her eyes. "I have brought her here so she would not know of violence," she said, voice quiet.
Leri reached out, and patted at Omera's hand. "She just wants to be like you," her voice was gentle, "You're a wicked shot and her greatest inspiration."
Elana gave the two of them a little smile. "Leri is right," she said, a soft quirk of her lips accompanying her words, "You cannot protect her forever, the galaxy finds a way. You can only prepare her for the eventuality."
Omera huffed, giving her a slight look. "Here I thought you two wanted to cheer me up," she said, and Leri laughed in responde.
"We are, dear Mera," the redhead said. "We complimented you and your child in the same breath, I mean I would be pretty happy if that happened."
Elana snorted loudly at the confident tone in Leri's voice, and Omera smiled as well, shaking her head as she chuckled.
"I'll get you!" Elana could hear Sebby yell in the distance, and the subsequent shriek was clearly Jennie, followed by loud laughter. There was a loud scuffle, before little feet were suddenly headed their way.
Leri and Omera did not even look as they pulled the baskets out of the way, seconds before three kids shot around the corner, the chase having begun.
"Careful," Leri told them half-heartedly, but they had already disappeared behind another corner before she even finished.
The redhead scoffed. "Stars, I wish I had that much energy."
"You're still young, darling," Elana teased, a mischievous smile on her face, "spry as a grasshopper."
"Nah," she said, "My knees crack like krill krispies in the morning."
Omera snorted, hiding her amused smile in her sleeve as she finished up the last few krills. "If you would do less complaining and more preparing said krill, we would have been done half an hour ago."
Leri gasped dramatically, before looking at her krill pile, inspecting the content while Elana and Omera exchanged a look.
"Well, I'll be damned," Leri admitted after a quick glance into the basket, "You're not wrong, but I reserve the right to complain."
"You do yours," Omera said, before she folded her hands in her lap, closing her eyes and holding her face into the sun. "I'll take a break, if you don't mind."
"Of course we do," Leri said while she tossed a few krills into Elana's basket, winking at her.
Elana tossed them right back, a smile on her face. "What are you, five?"
"Five minutes away from kicking your ass," Leri grumbled, "All that Mando training won't help if I get my hands on you."
She stifled a laugh. "Tell that to Cara and maybe it will be more interesting."
Leri cackled, leaning her hands on her thighs. "Oh, trust me, if I tell her that it would be a whole different ending—"
It was as if a switch had flipped, something catching her attention. Elana suddenly felt… uneasy.
There was something off, like ice cold water down her back, engulfing her in an unforgiving embrace.
Her heart started to race, but she did not know why. There was this distinct hard lump right on top of her chest, making it difficult to breathe.
Omera's voice reached her as if through a cotton wall, and she struggled to inhale, as if something was cutting off her airways.
Something was wrong.
Something was wrong.
"Elana," she could hear Leri say, and she felt a touch on her arm, "Elana?"
She shook it off, and stood up, ignoring the startled calls of Leri and Omera as her legs took her towards the outskirts of the village, something prompting her to run.
Something was wrong.
Her feet pounded on the soft damp earth as she raced to the edge of one of the ponds, where the children were playing tag, laughing and chasing behind each other.
There was one very important person missing though. A little green child was nowhere in sight.
"Winta!" Elana snapped, heart sinking when she could not spot him anywhere.
The little girl skidded to a halt, a few paces away from her, a confused frown on her face.
"Yeah?" Winta asked, before she started to look around as well, clearly coming to the same realisation as Elana when she saw her face.
"Where is Bean?" Elana's voice shook, she felt like she was suffocating, the blind panic in her chest grasping her heart in a vice grip.
"Bean?" Winta started to call, head whipping around to the other children, who had started to look as well, their eyes wide as the air grew frantic.
Elana’s eyes settled onto the pond next to her. The deep one, where the AT-ST has been.
There was a stream of air rising from below, a path of bubbles in the water right next to the walkway.
Oh, no.
Elana jumped into the pond without a second thought, diving down blind, the cold water shocking her entire body but she did not even register as her arms stretched out to below.
Trying to see in the muddy water was futile, but she still tried to open her eyes, ignoring the way they stung when the water touched it, her vision blurry. Her fingers were outstretched, patting down the sides of the pond as she dived downwards, towards where she knew Bean was.
The bond was getting fuzzy, alarms blaring in her head and she could not feel Bean, she could not feel him anywhere below, her hands are not finding him—
Fingers brushing against a familiar robe, they grasped the fabric, the little body under it not moving.
Her heart skipped a beat.
Elana did not waste time and shot up through the pond, using her legs to propel herself upwards as she clutched the little bundle to her chest. Breaking through the surface with a gasp, she quickly swam towards the shore where a little crowd drew near, ignoring that the pond water was still in her eyes— Or were it her tears? She could not tell.
There was shouting. When she looked up, she could only see grim faces through her blurred sight.
"—him to me," Elana could hear someone saying as she arrived at the edge, "Elana, give him to me now."
It was Omera.
Her eyes were wide, mouth set into a firm line as her arms stretched towards her, and Elana numbly passed the little, too still bundle to her without a second thought.
The woman lifted his head and listened to his breath and checked on his pulse before she began to strip the little child of the robe with fast and efficient fingers, movements frantic, until his torso was free. It was not rising and falling as usual, it was still, too still—
Omera placed two fingers on his chest, and started to pump in a fast, regular rhythm, the little body beneath her hand jolting under the movement.
But Bean was still not moving, his eyes closed, pond water running down his face, his fuzzy white hair clinging to his head.
Lowering her mouth to the child's, Omera breathed into him, before continuing to pump.
"—lana," someone said, and it barely came through the roaring in her ears, "Ela—"
She tore her gaze away from Omera and Bean, looking upwards; Mando had his hand outstretched to her, his helmet a blank mask as usual, but there was an urgency in his frame she could not help but take note of.
Elana looked at him blankly, not comprehending, her wet hair clinging to her face, water running into her eyes as she blinked them away.
"Come here," she could hear him say now, and she moved, unable to take her eyes away from him now until she was close enough, moving on autopilot. Her mind was blank.
She could not think.
She did not really register as he pulled her out of the pond, the water rushing down her frame as he did so. Elana just felt the water weighing down her clothes, her hair clinging everywhere, her eyes blurring so much she could barely see.
Elana looked back to the child and the woman a few paces away from her.
Omera was flushed in exhaustion, her brows drawn together as she continued to pump, breathe, pump, breathe.
Bean was still not moving, his little body absorbing the impact again and again, but not receiving.
The bond was still there.
That was the only thing Elana clung to right now.
There were hands on her shoulders, but she did not register them until he gently shook her, startling her.
"—breathe, Elana," Mando was telling her, voice quiet but not less firm, "Breathe."
Elana took in a shuddering breath as she realised that she was holding it, the air streaming in her lungs as she slumped into herself, the tension holding her up vanishing as if strings had been cut.
Bean was still not moving.
She did not realise that she was crying until she shook so much Mando had to hold onto her.
Her mind was rushing, going in every direction at once, her chest was tight, her lungs felt like they were too full and too empty at the same time, she could feel her heartbeat in her temple, and all the time, she was holding onto that tiny silver bond that was still left.
Don't, Elana thought as she stared at the little body just in front of her, Don't, please.
Omera growled in frustration, and she looked up, meeting Elana's eyes, not stopping her movements against the child's body.
They were wide and Elana could see the fear in them, but Omera just squared her jaw again and continued, a concentrated frown between her brows.
Elana closed her eyes, trembling, mind blank except for the roaring in her head, the almost painful hold of Mando grounding her. She prayed as hard as she could, not knowing to whom, not knowing who would even listen, but she did not want to feel that little bond give out.
She did not know if she would survive that.
Bean looked so small, so helpless lying in the damp grass, not moving at all, just… there.
If it were not for a tiny spark left in her mind, she would think he was… he was…
Suddenly, Bean twitched. Omera jerked upright, a cautiously hopeful look making its way onto her face as she breathed into the child once more.
Elana tried to move forwards, but Mando’s hold on her was too firm, and only when she jerked harder, she could feel him letting go of her, his hands disappearing as if he was not aware how tightly his palm had been on her shoulder. She scrambled forwards, coming to a halt right next to Omera. Her eyes were fixed on the little one as she felt the spark of their bond growing stronger again, and stronger—
His little body curled, and he started to cough.
"Stars," Omera exhaled in relief, shoulders slumping in exhaustion as Bean violently coughed out the water in his lungs, his tiny frame shaking under the strain. The woman patted him on the back, helping him along, before looking at Elana, eyes bright with tears.
"He's alright," she told her, and Elana took it as a sign to take Bean, holding him as tightly as she dared as he coughed and cried, the sound coming out raspy and rough. Mando was silent behind her, but she could feel him hovering, leaning close to get a look at the little child as well.
"You're okay, sweetpea," Elana whispered to him, pressing kisses against his head as she shook, heart never been so light when she heard how he was breathing, moving, making sounds, being alive, "Oh, you scared me."
Omera got closer and engulfed her and Bean in a hug, wiping her own tears away as she smiled, a hand firmly on Elana's shoulder as she squeezed her. Elana took a shuddering breath, unable to stop crying as she held Bean tightly against her chest, taking comfort in Omera's embrace.
The little child was crying so hard his voice gave out, still coughing as he whimpered into her shirt.
"Thank you," she whispered, burying her face in the other woman's shirt, feeling how she was trembling as well. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Bean was alright.
Bean was alright.
There was a somber air over the village, despite the happy ending.
Elana figured that this was not the first time something like this had happened.
Hannah had looked over Bean, checking in on his airways and searched for any indication of if they needed to travel to the main town for medical attention. Even if Elana could feel how there was nothing wrong or threatening his health over the bond, she was still an anxious mess, constantly hovering around the child.
The old woman had declared Bean healthy, but they should be careful for the night to see if he would develop a fever, hammering in the advice that they should check if he is breathing every few hours in the night.
Mando had urged her to get dry again, offering her towels and laying out clean loose clothes for her, giving her privacy while he watched over Bean. She did not need to check on them to know that he was holding the child tightly, letting him sit against his chest to watch their surroundings.
It was not a conventional way of holding him, but then again, Bean and Mando were not very conventional as well.
While she dried her hair the best she could, fingers still shaky, she could hear how Mando was gently talking to the little one, voice too low for her to make out any words.
It was heartbreaking to hear how Bean wheezed, the sounds that came out of his throat rough and feeble, and the little child was very quiet the whole evening, clinging to Elana's shirt and observing his surroundings.
Winta came into their hut and brought the blue toy Bean liked so much, telling him how he could lend it for the night with a slight wobble in her voice. The girl was apparently just as shaken as everyone else was, dried tear tracks on her cheeks as she offered Bean a little smile.
Sitting on the porch of the barn, Elana was careful in keeping the ponds out of Bean's sight, figuring he would be scared, and he was more than fine with it, resting his cheek against her chest as his ears drooped low, his claws tightly wrought around her finger. She could feel his heartbeat against her palm, fluttering quickly like a little bird's.
At some point, Cara came over, gently tracing a finger over Bean's ear. "He okay?" Her voice was soft.
Elana gave her a little smile that did not reach her eyes. "I think so," she replied, looking down at the child, "He’s tough."
Bean said nothing to that, just made some laboured huffs.
Cara snorted, a smile on her face as she sat down right next to Elana. "He seems tough," she commented, "I don't think you or Mando have anything to be worried about."
She nodded thoughtfully, heaving a sigh, thumb rubbing across his little shoulder blades.
"Speaking of which, you know where he is?"
"He was talking to Omera and some of the village Elders," Cara said, "They've been talking for a while now."
Elana turned her head towards the shock trooper, frowning. "About what?"
"Don't know," Cara said, "Probably making plans in case you have to travel to the town."
She looked down to Bean, whose eyes were half shut, looking close to falling asleep. Elana could not blame him, he had to be exhausted.
"I don't think he will need it," Elana whispered, sending out a wave of warmth to the child, "He feels fine to me."
Cara was silent for a second. "Well, depending on what species he is, we don't exactly know," she said carefully, "It's best to be prepared."
"It is," Elana agreed, too tired to get into details of how Bean did not feel off in any way to her. If his condition got worse, she would know.
"Have you eaten anything?" The shock trooper's voice was soft.
Elana shook her head.
Cara hummed once, before she stood up. "I'll get you some soup," she said, "and a bit of meat for Bean?"
Her smile was brittle as she shot Cara a thankful nod. "You're the best," Elana whispered.
"Tell me something I don't know," she joked with an easy smile, eyes still concerned.
Watching the soldier go along the way, Elana heaved a sigh, closing her eyes to soak in some of the sun, taking comfort in the warmth it had to offer. The village was quiet, none of the usual chatter and laughter of the children going on, like a stifling blanket had been placed over them all.
Elana wanted it to stop.
She wanted it to become like before again, where it felt safe. She wanted the noises back and to see Winta and Marya skipping down the road, demanding time with Bean.
She did not want to feel as if something did happen, instead of almost.
But she could not control the mood, no less than she could control what had happened earlier.
Bean mumbled something, shifting in her arms, ears hanging low. Elana gently smoothed a hand over the back of his head, thumb tracing across his skin.
"How are you doing?" Elana whispered. He was quiet at first, before purring a low note, voice raspy. She smiled at that, blinking fast as she pressed a kiss against his forehead.
"I know you're tired," she told him, giving him another kiss, "We will just eat something, and then you can sleep, okay? You can't go to bed hungry, or you will wake up all grumpy."
Bean made a quiet patu.
After a few more minutes of them sitting there, Elana talking to him every now and then to keep him more or less awake, Cara returned, Omera at her side. Carrying a plate and a few sticks with roasted meat in their hands, they settled down around her, only soft smiles and gentle words being exchanged.
Elana had already thanked Omera before, but she did again, squeezing her hand tightly.
Bean stayed away from the more liquid food.
She tried not to think about the implications too much and handed him the sticks. He just gnawed on the meat, taking nothing but small bites.
Elana had only seen him this quiet and scared when she had first gotten him, way back on Arvala-7.
His large eyes were constantly fixed on the ground, and every now and then, he would grip her so tightly it hurt, claws digging into her skin as he settled into her.
She never let him out of her sight even once that evening.
Elana gently traced her thumb over Bean's little cheek, listening to the rattling in his lungs with an aching heart.
He had always been small. Much smaller than human babies were, easy to carry and easy to hide.
But right now, he seemed tiny. So, so, unbelievably tiny.
Her throat hurt when she tried to swallow, and Elana forced the tears that threatened to escape down, unwilling to cry again.
Smoothing the soft blue blanket over him, she stood up to get her water bottle, careful not to disturb the child. Elana ignored the way her knees almost buckled, the way she swayed on the spot as she unscrewed the lid, bringing the neck of the bottle to her lips with shaky hands. Stars, she was tired. She just wanted to sleep, but she could not. Not when she had to constantly reassure herself that Bean was fine, he was alive, he was not—
Elana almost slammed the bottle down on the table, fingers curling into fists as she took a deep, shuddering breath, trying to get herself under control.
Not again. Not again, she could not cry about this again.
"Hey," a voice sounded right behind her, soft and low, and Elana choked on her sob, "Hey, deep breaths."
Mando did not touch her, but she could feel how his hand almost brushed at her shoulders. Elana turned around, looking up at him, feeling her vision swim. His armour was gone, taken off for the day, his helmet the only beskar remaining.
"I—" she tried to say, but her face crumbled instead of pressing out the words she wanted to.
This time, his hand settled onto her, his fingers firm as they dug in. "Hey, listen to me," he said quietly, his voice more of a comfort than she would have expected. Elana hiccuped, wiping the tears away that had started to spill, her already tender skin protesting the rough treatment that came with every pass.
"Bean is safe now," Mando said, another hand settling onto her other shoulder. "He is safe, and he will survive, and that's the most important thing."
"But he—" Elana tried to choke out, "But— he almost—"
"Exactly," he murmured, "almost. Nothing happened in the end. Bean’s fine."
Chest hurting from the pressure, she looked down, vision blurring, unable to stop her shoulders from shaking now. "Too close," she whimpered, voice wrecked, "that was too close, if I hadn't— if I hadn't felt that—"
Mando hushed her, a warm glove setting at the side of her head, taking half a step closer.
"Calm down," he said quietly, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear as he stood directly in front of her, "Elana, calm down."
Elana did not think when she bridged the last distance between them and buried her face in his chest, an ugly jagged sound tearing itself out of her throat. Fingers grasping into the duraweave fabric of his shirt with no armour to separate them, she just cried into him as a rattling sob shook her frame. A hand hesitantly settled on her back, and although slightly clumsy, his touch was firm.
"Easy," Mando murmured, his arms coming up slow as he held her, as if unsure if she would push him away. "Bean’s okay, you’re okay. Nothing happened."
"I was so scared," Elana whispered, voice so thick she did not know if he would understand her.
His hold tightened around her. "I was too," he whispered back, an almost imperceptible tremble in his voice.
Elana could feel the bottom of his helmet brush against the top of her hair, and she could feel the slight coarseness of his shirt’s fabric, smell the soap the villagers gave them and the sun it had been dried in. She burrowed herself into his hold even more, trying not to completely fall apart.
"I wouldn't know what to do," she confessed and shook her head helplessly, "I wouldn't—"
"I know," Mando murmured, a hand brushing over her hair carefully, the touch comforting, "I know."
Elana did not know how long they stood there like this.
She tried to stop crying several times, never quite succeeding in getting herself under control, but Mando did not seem to mind too much, the way he held her hesitant, but he never pushed Elana away. Only when she pulled back, swaying from exhaustion, his arms retreated back to his sides. Her limbs ached and her head hurt, eyes sore from the strain.
"Could you pass me some water?" Elana asked, voice hoarse, barely above a whisper, "I don't think I can right now."
He hummed once. "Of course," he replied, and then, "Sit down."
She did not have the energy to fight that statement, so she did as he said. Dropping down onto the ground, she leaned against the side of the hut, thighs trembling and hands shaking hard. When she pressed her palms on her eyes, trying to get rid of some pressure, it hurt so much she wanted to cry again.
Mando lowered himself next to her with a low groan, before he passed her the water bottle she had since the encampment.
"You know," Elana started to say, voice raspy and thick, "back on Arvala-7, Bean was the quietest child I had ever taken care of."
Mando was quiet, just tilting his head to let her know he was listening.
"He— He was quiet. So quiet," she whispered, fingers curling tightly around the bottle as she took a sip. "The Niktos were mostly indifferent to him, but there were a few that were rougher around the edges."
"You think they hurt him?" Mando asked, but it was not really a question. His voice was too even for that, his tone too calm.
Elana sniffled, tucking her sleeve under her fingers to wipe the stray tear away. "They were not exactly babysitters," was what she chose to say. "My presence was probably for the best."
Mando hummed, not saying anything.
So Elana continued. "He was small and quiet and flinched when you moved too fast," she told him, voice growing steadier with every word even as she trembled, "It was concerning how fast he latched himself on me. He would not go anywhere without me at first, and it took a long time until he got more confident being on his own."
He shifted slightly beside her, and she could see how he curled his hands in his lap.
"As long as I am there, he is calm," Elana continued, "and as long as he is there, I am calm, too."
"The bond you have, right?" Mando murmured.
She choked out a laugh. "You must think I'm crazy."
"I talked to Kuiil," he said, "He told me a few stories."
Elana did not turn her head towards him even as she wanted to, because she was suddenly self conscious about how puffy her face must be. "I wonder what he is doing now," she whispered.
Mando was silent for a while. "He has his blurrgs," he then said.
"We did not have the best goodbye," Elana could not help but remark, and Mando grew still next to her.
"I'm sorry," he said, voice low.
"I hope you are," she replied back, but there was no bite in her words, "And what is in the past stays there."
Mando shifted once more. "I have a lot to make up on." His modulator could not hide the audible regret.
"You do," Elana said, and she turned her head towards him, shooting him a weak little smile. "I hope you stay around to do so."
"That's our deal," Mando said, "I haven't forgotten."
Elana hummed. "The past distracts from the future," she quoted, "I believe that hanging on to what has been done won't do anything right now."
He tilted his head. "You're not angry anymore?"
Elana chuckled, the sound weak in her throat. "Stars, I am," she said, "But that doesn't help me, does it?"
He huffed once. "I suppose that's right," he said, voice gentle.
"I'm sorry for my behaviour as well," Elana admitted, "I wasn't always fair to you."
Mando scoffed. "You had no reason to be."
She gave him a little shrug. "Still."
A beat passed.
"Thank you," he said quietly, and his words carried more meaning than what was said.
Elana managed a small smile, feeling a clump in her throat as she blinked fast, a startling wave of affection passing over her, eyes roaming over the beskar helmet that reflected the low light.
"Thank you," she replied, just as quiet, meeting his gaze through the visor, "For everything."
He shook his head, "I did nothing for you to be thankful for," Mando murmured, looking away from her, "I made many mistakes."
Gathering her courage, she reached out, and tapped him lightly on the forearm. "More reason to keep to our deal, then," she said with a small smile, eyes soft.
He nodded, his visor fixed on her face.
"It's late," he said, "You should get some sleep."
"It is," she agreed quietly, straining her ears to listen to the little child's laboured breath.
Mando tilted his head slightly, the soft dim light reflecting in his helmet. "I'm glad nothing happened today."
Elana swallowed thickly, looking away. "I am too."
"He's tough," he continued, "I don't think that you will have to worry too much about him."
"Problem is that I'm always worried about Bean," Elana muttered, picking at a thread on her sleeve.
"That's probably a good thing, to be honest," Mando said, and the tone he said those words in made her smile involuntarily.
A comfortable beat passed between them.
Then, "You should sleep. You look exhausted."
Elana huffed. "Thanks," she said, listening to the regular wheezing breath the little child gave. "Can you… I— I don't know, talk to me?"
She felt foolish the second the words left her mouth, but deep down, she knew that he would not be anything less than understanding.
He was silent for a moment. She took a sip from the water, the cold liquid soothing.
"What do you want to hear?" Mando asked, voice gentle.
"Anything," she replied, "anything you'd like."
"Okay," he whispered, before clearing his throat, starting to speak. Elana did not really listen to his words, just to his voice, the way it was soothing and comforting, the distinct diction and slight differences in how he pronounced certain words, a gentle ebb and flow she let herself get lost in.
He talked about stars. Of how he almost steered a ship into a star once due to a miscalculation in a ship with a broken navi computer. About how he disliked travelling through nebulas but it was often worth the sight. Of how he thought about the differences of each planet's constellations, of how people would grow up with completely different skies at night.
He talked about how he liked to watch the stars sometimes, without the helmet, if he was alone.
Elana did not tell him that she knew that already, remembering the night before the raid.
Mando talked about a lot, his words a bit unsure sometimes, as if he was not used to speaking this much. But she did not mind.
At some point, she fell asleep against his shoulder, exhausted from the day. And the only time she woke again was on her own mattress, the slightly laboured breath of the little child against her chest, a warm blanket over her shoulders.
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lacuna- part 2
technically i only missed thursday in my timezone by like 2 hours which means soMEWHERE this is done on time. as always a massive thanks to ellie for their encouragement and yelling, i rly did not think this one was gonna happen but then i sat down and whacked out 3k soooooo
word count: 4.7k
warnings: swears, overuse of italics, that poetic smutty goodness bc writing graphic stuff is not in my skillset, my lowkey hunter/prey k*nk plays a part don’t judge me, a purely STOOPID amount of cameos and name drops, 18+ only no babies thanks
Tumblr media
Your back hurts. Eight hours running every maneuver under the sun and you’re praying for just five spare minutes to run to medical and ask if they can crack your whole spine like a glow stick.
It had been a little more difficult to find the rebels than you’d initially thought. Stealing a forgotten hopper from the back of Ran’s hangar -you’d only had to tweak it a little to make it capable of longer distances- was about as far ahead as you’d planned. You’d landed on some unnamed, hardly populated moon with next to no idea what to do next. At least it hadn’t taken long for a supply drop crew to come through, and one mention of your old information ring on Corellia had you on board and flying to the base on Yavin IV. 
In binders. But it was a start.
You’d spent days in one little room, the same officers in and out, asking the same questions over and over. They hadn’t told you a thing, and you had been certain they were planning to drop you back where the crew found you. Until a woman in a flight suit stood in your doorway, asking exactly how much flight experience you had. They put you in the barracks that night, the bunk opposite yours was empty at the time but clearly lived in. You’d only hoped your roommate would be more welcoming than the criminals you used to spend your time with.
“I hope I don’t see you coming for my track time.” Her voice is loud and clear over the buzz of the hangar, and you can’t keep the smile off your face despite the ache deep in your bones.
“Maybe I am, you finally gonna do something about it?”
Shara launches herself at you, boisterous laugh echoing off the ships. You’re steadily climbing the ranks in training, the years of experience already under your belt make you more confident in the cockpit than the other new recruits and you’re not afraid to pull a stunt or two. The flawless dead drop recovery had earned your favour with some of the qualified pilots. Although it was definitely what had landed you with patrol duty on top of your usual drills in the first place. 
“I talked to Draven.” She says, and your stomach flips. You’re leaps and bounds ahead of the other recruits, for sure, but nobody seems to want to sign off on your training. Always something about required hours or simulation times or more drills. You’re starting to get the feeling that no one in command wants you in the air at all. 
“I told you I would!” 
“I know, I know. But look, if I ask it’s more like an endorsement.”
“He said he’d think about it, which in command language means no-”
“Tell me there’s a but.” 
“But,” She grins, “He told me if you get this next info grab done, he’ll put in a good word with my commanders. And my commanders know I’m not going in the air next week unless you’re at my nine o’clock.”
Shara had been far more welcoming than the mercs you were used to back at Ran’s station. She was the same woman who’d rocked up to your little isolation room and asked about your skills. Over the moon to find out you were already in for flight training, she’d spent most of your first night recounting every little bit of drama between the other pilots and by the morning, you knew who was dating who, who wasn’t at all happy about it, which crews were rivals, and which held the fastest course runs. Green Squadron, she’d told you proudly. You were relatively vague about your journey to the base, only mentioning that you’d run with some rebels on your home planet and made a few detours on your way. Something about the look in her eye had made you wonder if she already knew. But she hadn’t dwelled on it, instead moving on to complain about how the dating pools are pitiful unless you were willing to wait until the next time her current boyfriend was around to set you up with one of his friends. A Pathfinder, she’d shrugged nonchalantly although her eyes lit up, fine enough to pass the time and strong enough to manhandle you a little, if that’s what you’re into. 
You’d quietly told her you weren’t interested, eyes slipping over to the old blanket bundled on your pillow, and she understood immediately. Offered you an arm around your shoulders and an attentive ear as you sighed heavily, only telling her that you’d likely never see him again. He’d gone home, and you didn’t even know where that was for him. 
It’s been several months since you first met her, but she never fails to make you feel like you’ve been here for years. Like you’ve shared a bedroom for years, been best friends for years. Even now, she looks at you like she knows you backwards and forwards and inside out. Truth be told, she kind of does. 
“Hell, someone came here last week having never left his planet before and they put him on the training roster. You’ve logged more flight time than any recruit I’ve ever seen and we didn’t even have to teach you in the first place. I know you’re Draven’s golden girl, but he can’t keep you on the ground forever, kid.”
“You can’t call me ‘kid’, I’m older than you.” You laugh, shoving her shoulder with your own.
“Bitch, don’t ruin my rousing, inspirational speech.” She winks, pressing a kiss to your temple before she waves at a commander calling her name and makes her way to her ship.
The datapad under your arm beeps a reminder to pack for your intel grab. It shouldn’t be a long trip, Draven had assured you, simply an in and out: information for protection and transport to the base. Protection and transport optional. He makes the hard decisions, you’ve learned during your time running the smaller missions for intelligence. The more important runs get given to rebels like Cassian Andor, like the group of mercs you’d seen filing into the command room a few days ago. It was an odd combination, seeing people like that somewhere like this, and you shouldn’t have stared but you couldn’t help yourself. Weapons strapped to every empty space on each body, armour and clothes on a number of species from all across the galaxy. One of them had looked jarringly like you, although you hadn’t really gotten a good look at their face before they’d disappeared. 
Just this mission, and you’d be in the air next week. Hopefully. It’s enough to get your feet moving towards the barracks to pack. 
You only need the basics, a couple of changes of clothes and some medkit refills. Just in case. Except there’s still an empty space when you zip it shut, sitting heavy between your neatly folded shirts and the top of the bag, and you keep looking at your blanket. It gets cold in hyperspace, a voice in the back of your mind pipes up, and you decide that’s good enough reason as any to fold it in alongside your supplies. It smells solidly of the clean soap of your bedsheets, his scent- Din’s scent, a mix of metal and warmth- had faded months ago. You still hold it to your nose for a moment, just to check, before it too gets folded and laid in the bag.
Din isn’t overly fond of Nevarro. It’s not an unbearable heat, the dry plains are to thank for that, but he’s not a fan of days where the wind picks up and carries the sulphur of the lava fields under the lip of his helmet. The covert had welcomed him back, more or less with open arms. He hadn’t let them go without a cut of his pay from Ran, always sending something back to the foundlings, so at least he hadn’t totally abandoned them. The Armourer had decided he should be their beroya, their bounty hunter, and within days he found himself tracking a quarry in a system he’d never heard of. It was easy, really, to take the skills he’d garnered all his life and apply them to this. Paz had laughed with the familiarity of an old friend and told him that if a skinny thing like Din was their beroya, they were all fucked. So at least no one was angry that he’d left them.
The guild rep slides a puck across the table, metal scraping stone, and the blue hologram flickers. The human man staring back at him is unassuming, but the notes suggest otherwise. A former senator’s assistant, with strong connections to both the Empire and the Rebellion. Din nods, flicking the puck off and tucking it into his pocket without another word. 
His loyalty is to the covert, to the Mandalorians. It always has been and it always will be. This is the way. But one mention has his mind surging back to thoughts of you. Everything in his life seems to. Every time he sets foot on the Crest all he can see is you, bent double with your head in an access panel and a greasy rag tucked into the back of your pants. He’d see the sun and remember how you always used to turn your face to it, just for a moment, whenever the team ran jobs planetside. You’d never told him where you came from, but Ran had let bits and pieces slip over the years. In the looming shadow of the Razor Crest, Din wonders if you ever made it off the station. If you decided to drop everything and find the rebellion, the way you said you would when you were half asleep on his chest, your mind fucked out and hazy. He hopes you did. 
The tracking fob brings him to a semi populated planet, somewhere near the border of the Unknown Regions. Vast swathes of land and water are completely uncolonised, left to nature, only a few cities over the whole planet. The bounty is evidently in possession of some brains, having chosen a mid-sized city to get lost in, and Din is almost disappointed that he knows it won’t take long. Wishes he’d picked a different puck, a little further away. 
He stays vigilant, but pays no mind to the beeping of the fob on his belt. He can steal a moment, he thinks, to take in the area. To live the life of some extravagant explorer in his mind while he does a little recon. The last thing he expects to see when he walks into that little cantina, is you.
Din spins on his heel and is out of the door almost as soon as he enters, slipping down the alley to the side of the building to catch his breath. You don’t notice.
His mind is reeling, echoes of the vows he swore as a child and the Armourer’s words swirl in his ears. His loyalty is to the covert. His loyalty is to the covert. His loyalty is to the covert. But he only sees you. The way you always had time for him back on the station, you told the others where they could shove it but always gave him a smile. You went above and beyond to help him without complaint when he asked, only ever got snippy with him when someone else had pissed you off first. He still remembers the way you felt in his hands, how you sounded, how you tasted. This is not the place to remember, there’ll be time for that later, although his body needs another minute to be completely convinced. 
All he feels is guilt, once the blood comes back up to his brain. Guilt over the covert, over his vows and his creed and his people. But what’s more convincing is the guilt he has over you. Over how he just walked away, left you sleeping, and took the ship you’d spent months working on. Even if you were the one who told him to take it. 
You’re beautiful, still. Of course you are, you always have been to him.
You notice when he walks in this time. 
The sunlight streaming in from a window catches on his visor and your heart jumps into your throat. You don’t know if he’s spotted you yet, as he takes a seat at a table by the door angled away from you. Logically, you’d say it could be any Mandalorian. But you spent countless hours studying the way he moves, you had to know his gait to know if walking around a corner would get you killed or not. You could recognise his footsteps anywhere. 
The untrained eye would think him relaxed, as relaxed as a man in head to toe armour can be, but you know better. There’s a tension in his shoulders, the same he used to get when Xi’an made another move on him with that grating giggle. His hand sits on his thigh, fingers splayed, ready to find the smooth contours of his blaster at any moment. Ever the soldier, never quite at ease. Until that night, it seemed. 
He leaves before you’re even done with your drink, sitting there for barely five minutes when he throws a couple of credits on the table for a drink he didn’t buy and stalks out. You sigh and down the rest of your drink, hoping it’ll quell the nausea rising in your stomach. It doesn’t, but you follow him out all the same. 
You were right behind him, weaving through the slowly emptying streets as the sun sets, but now he’s nowhere to be found. Until you feel a set of eyes land heavily on your shoulders. You turn, slowly, and catch a glimpse of where he ducked into a narrow alley. The city’s full of them, but you’re sure he hadn’t been there when you passed it. 
A long moment passes when you’re swallowed by the shadow between buildings, a moment where he just watches you. You can’t deny you’re watching him too, carefully surveying his armour for new nicks and scrapes.
“What are you doing here?” He breaks the silence, the tension, first. You shrug.
“Working, you?”
Din holds a small round disk in his palm, arm stretching out towards you as the holo flickers to life and you’re faced with- you’re faced with your contact.
And that’s when a really, really bad idea starts to take shape.
“You want to- what?” Even the staticky crackle of the helmet doesn’t cloak Din’s confusion. You sigh heavily, hands sitting on your hips.
“Look, I need this intel and you need a payday. It’s the information we’re after, not the guy. Protection was only a negotiation tactic.” You shrug, kicking a boot in the soil at your feet. It would be risky, proposing this type of deal to a bounty hunter. Especially a bounty hunter probably hired by the other side. But this is Din.
“That’s harsh.” He says, tone clipped. Like he’s worried you’ll go back on your word as easily as you’re prepared to double back on the Rebellion’s promise to the target. Like he doesn’t know you at all.
“That's war. Once I get the information from him he’s useless to us. That’s where you come in and scoop him up on his way to my ship.”
“What about your commander?” 
You don’t know why he’s suddenly worried about the repercussions you know you won’t face when you get back. Your orders aren’t necessarily to get the drive and bring the guy back to Yavin IV. Your orders are to get the drive, and any other useful tidbits he might have. You’re sure General Draven has no intentions of protecting him even if you did bring him back to base.
“I can handle my commander.” You leave it at that, expression hard. It’s not necessary. Maybe you’re not Draven’s best, but you work hard in the job you didn’t ask for, you’ve yet to bring him a bad tip, and he’s got a hell of a soft spot for you. You could probably go back empty handed with only a vague excuse of the deal going bad and not even get a slap on the wrist from him.
Din is definitely not convinced. His helmet is tilted to the side ever so slightly, and you can feel the weight of his gaze. 
“All they want is the information. No one’s going to bat an eye if I come back without him. Even if they do, a scrappy little thing like me isn’t going to win a fight with a Mandalorian bounty hunter. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”
You’re back at the cantina the next day, at the same table, sipping the same drink. Just waiting. Din had wanted to find the guy last night, shake him down for the datastick and freeze him as soon as possible, but you know that any word of any bounty hunter in the city and he’ll vanish. He might be playing both sides of the war, but this guy definitely isn’t stupid. 
The meeting window is closing by the time he slides into the booth opposite you. You weren’t given a name, and you’re sure he wasn’t given yours. Only a vague description, a table number, and a time window for him to show. 
“Is this seat taken?” He asks lowly, refusing to meet your eyes. 
“I was just leaving, think I might catch the last of the sun up on the ridge. It’s all yours.” You reply confidently. The man seems satisfied, and slides a datastick across the table so fast you almost don’t catch it. You rise from your seat slowly, making sure he watches you slip a bit of paper under your empty glass. The docking bay number, and a time. That’s all he needs. You don’t hang around any longer, and leave him alone in the booth. All you can do now is pray the plan works.
The hood of your informant’s cloak is pushed off of his head by the wind that whips this empty corner of the docking bays. You raise your hand from where you’re sitting, just inside your ship, to catch his attention and he turns towards you, but he doesn’t get far.
Din appears silently, stealthily, behind him in the waning sunlight. You’re not even sure where he could have been hiding, but you can feel the confidence even at your distance. This is what he was trained to do, what he was raised for. And it looks good on him. You can’t help but study the hard outline of his arm, tense in his suit, as he brings the butt of his blaster down hard on his bounty’s head. Unconscious in one swing, you shouldn’t find it as attractive as you do. Din doesn’t make a sound when he hauls the man over his shoulder, lifting him apparently effortlessly and carrying him towards the Crest. You watch them disappear into the hull, listen out for the telltale hiss of the carbonite chamber, and try to calm your suddenly thundering pulse. He strides out confidently, straight towards you. All hunter, all Mandalorian. It’s hot.
“Get what you needed?” He asks as he steps onto the loading ramp. You get to your feet slowly, and pat the pocket on your left hip. 
“You find your people?” You ask in kind when he takes another step towards you, backing you further into the belly of the ship. It’s all so familiar, even if it's only played out once before. Although, if you’re speaking for yourself, he’s taken you a hundred times in your memory since. He nods, obviously stalling before he makes his decision. It’s a big one, bigger than before, you’re sure. If he’s found his people, you’re not sure you can convince him to part with his helmet again. And you really, really need him to kiss you right now. 
“And the rebellion?”
“That’s who it’s for.” Your reply is soft, and you only realise you’ve hit the panel on the wall when the boarding ramp starts to raise. With the sun already set and the sky quickly darkening, you won’t be able to see an inch in front of your face once it closes.
“Good, that's good.”
And then the ramp locks up, and he’s on you. Breathlessly, desperately, his helmet hits the ground with a clang but he doesn’t even break away from you to try and see where it landed. Din swallows you whole, inhaling your every breath, stripping the both of you until there’s no more barriers. No worn leather on your shoulders, no cold beskar on his chest. Just you and him pressed so close together it would take a Mudhorn to pull you apart. His lips haven’t left yours once.
There’s something in this kiss, something different to the last time. Your memory is soft and maybe a little rose tinted, but you’re sure he was softer. This is all tongue and teeth and hands, but you don’t mind. You like it. You like the way he’s taken control and backed you up towards the pull out bunk. It’s not meant for any more than short naps in lightspeed, and somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder if you’ll break it, but then he moves from your lips to your neck and you can’t find it in yourself to care.
You lose yourself in him completely. Every touch, every kiss, every lick, has you begging him. For what, you’re not sure. You just need more. Of him. Of his skin under your hands and his moans in your ears and his taste on your tongue. You’re not sure you’ve ever needed anything as desperately as you need him to take you. Claim you. Maybe it’s a little primitive, but you can’t stop thinking about the way he took the bounty. One fell swoop of his arm and the man was down. Only Din could do something like that, only a warrior from a league of warriors. Their stories are legend, and you have one panting into your mouth. 
Gods above, he wants to drown in you. In everything, anything, you’ll give him. Nothing is worth being denied this- denied you. He licks a hot stripe up your throat and revels in your choked gasp, he could give it all up if it meant he would hear that for the rest of time. He won’t though, he knows that, somewhere in his heart of hearts. You have loyalties and he has loyalties and none of them are to each other, not really. Maybe that’s why he holds you a little tighter than before. Because the last time was just that, or at least you’d both been under the impression that it was. A chance meeting, an accident. He’s not foolish enough to believe in accident and coincidence anymore. 
Din really thought he was ready, to throw himself back into the covert, to give them everything. And he is. But he doesn’t want to share you with anyone. In every crowd he is the exception, he is the stand out. Faceless. Nameless. Mandalorian. But you know his name, you know him. You know how to anticipate his movements in a fight, you know how best to talk him down after a bad job. You know him. Din Djarin has not been known for a very long time. Until you, until now. You’re barely coming down, bodies panting, sweating, but still wanting. You find an anchor in his hair as he kisses down your body to disappear between your thighs again.
“Just stay until I’m asleep, please?” You whisper afterwards, voice hoarse. Din picks his head up from where he’s buried it into your neck, his body half covering your own, shielding you from the chill of the night. He pulls the old blanket at the foot of the bed up and around you both. Promises you. And he does.
Din wakes just before sunrise, the world outside of the cockpit that kind of grey-blue that only seems to exist right before dawn. You’ve shifted in your sleep curling into his chest almost completely, knees drawn up tight against your body. He slips the pillow he was resting on into your arms in his place when he eases himself from the scratchy sheet. Watching the way you inhale his smell from it, curling around it with a contented sigh, is almost enough to convince him to stay. Almost. But he has bounties and you have a mission and soon enough real life will have to take over. Still, he allows himself this quiet moment while he dresses, to pretend. 
He didn’t dress you this time. 
You wake up cold and alone and even though you knew this would happen, it still makes your heart ache somewhere deep in your chest. But the pillow you’ve wrapped yourself around smells like he does. You scrabble around in the sheets until you find the rough crochet of your blanket, lifting the wool to your nose and smelling nothing but Din. 
“Where’s the informant?” Draven asks the question before you even get a chance to hand over the stick.
“Got jumped by a bounty hunter.” You reply calmly, fishing around in the pocket of your jacket for the datastick. You’re on time, with the intel. He can’t complain. 
“And you couldn’t handle a bounty-”
“A Mandalorian bounty hunter. I wasn’t about to get in the middle of that.”
From his seat, General Draven can see the not-quite-faded mark just below your jawline. But it’s not his place to decide how you do your job, only that it gets done. A responsibility that won’t fall to him come the morning. He stands when the door behind you slides open, gestures to his now open seat, and makes his way across the room to glare at a chart. You’re expecting anyone except the man who takes his place in front of you.
“Congratulations Lieutenant.” Bail Organa grins, and you’re sure there’s protocol somewhere for how you should react. But you’re confused. 
“Sir, I don’t rank?”
“Draven put in the paperwork before you left. Lieutenant Bey made a compelling argument, and she was right. You’re a good spy but you shine in the air. That’s where we need you. You’ll meet with Green Squadron first thing tomorrow.” He leans back in the chair to watch you try and reign in the buzzing in your veins. You’re so preoccupied with trying to keep your feet on the ground that you almost miss your squadron assignment.
“I can always ask him to reassign you-” 
“No! I- thank you sir.” You should apologise for interrupting him, but you’re sure that the only sound you’ll make is an excited squeal. This is it. This is what you’ve worked so hard for, it feels like your whole life has been leading up to the moment Senator Bail Organa hands you the Lieutenant badge.
“You remind me of my daughter,” He muses as you stare at it in awe, “She’s ten years old, and already far too big for any room. Make her proud, Lieutenant. You’re Dismissed.”
You leave with the new stripes stuck proudly to your flight suit and a huge grin, desperate to find Shara and tell her the news. Even though she probably already knows, you want to be the one to share it with her. You spot her tucked in the front row of a small crowd around a transport, scruffy and exhausted looking soldiers piling out every which way. Until one man looks up to search the welcoming party, a face you recognise from the fuzzy holo she’d shown you late one night. 
Your smile only grows when Shara throws herself into Kes’ arms, their happiness palpable as they cling to each other. And you’re happy. Really, you are. It’s just that watching them revel in one another’s company makes somewhere deep inside you ache. Like there’s something missing.
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borathae · a year ago
Tumblr media
"You are both stupidly in love with each other. Emphasis on stupid. Well you know what they say? Love is blind and in your case that means you are both too dumb to realise that your feelings for each other may actually be reciprocated.
Alternatively: You have a crush on the cute Taekwondo captain Jeon Jungkook , who just so happens to have feelings for you too, not that he would ever be brave enough to tell you that..."
~ Requested by a lovely anonie ~
Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 
Genre: Fluff, Friends to Lovers!AU, Mutual Pining, Two Idiots in Love
Wordcount: 4.1k
a/n: This was so supposed to be a drabble, but I got carried away in the story so you’re getting a cute, little scenario instead 🥺 I hope you like it hehe 💜
~ To Index~
Tumblr media
Sighing loudly you sit down on an empty seat in the back of the bus. You thought this day would never end, so finally being able to sit down and drive home feels like heaven to you. 
You put your headphones in and press play on your music, feeling much happier the instance your favourite song starts playing. Exactly what you needed. Smiling, you close your eyes and rest your head on the window, enjoying the steady vibrations of the driving bus. It almost feels like your head is getting a massage.  
"Is that seat taken?" someone asks, only to be ignored by you. You didn't do so on purpose, your music is just far too loud to hear anything else. 
Only when the person taps your shoulder do you flinch up, staring at them with big eyes. Your heart speeds up at the sight, your hands become clammy. It is him. Jeon Jungkook. He is looking at you, grinning shyly with his cheeks pink and his dark brown hair slightly tousled in the front. 
“Y-yeah?” you ask, removing your earphones with shaking fingers.
"Is that seat taken?" he asks quietly, fumbling with the handle of his gym bag as if he is just as nervous as you. 
"No of course not, take a seat", you say, practically throwing your backbag to the ground to make space for him. 
"Thanks", he mumbles and sits down, not letting go of his sports bag. His leg twitches up and down nervously, his eyes stare at the pole in front of him and his cheeks are almost cherry red by now. 
You can't say you aren't any better off than him. Your heart is going crazy in your chest and your mouth feels terribly dry all of a sudden. 
There are so many empty seats on that bus and Jungkook still chose to sit with you. Somehow this thought makes you happy and giddy. 
Jungkook is a boy from one of your lectures. He is the captain of the taekwondo club, lead singer in an amateur, indie band, your neighbor from next door and a total heartthrob of girls and boys alike.
He is tall with broad shoulders and a waist so tiny you sometimes think he secretly wears corsets. Not that you see his waist often, most of the times he hides his body in oversized clothes, three sizes too big for him and yet they seem to fit him perfectly. Not only because he looks amazing in them, but also because they fit his personality so well. Jungkook is relaxation personified, he doesn't let stress get to him and the pressure of getting good grades seems to just magically bounce off of him. Not that this means that his grades are bad, on the contrary, you have never seen him study before and yet he always seems to get the highest score. It earned him a few angry looks from jealous students already, but Jungkook doesn't seem to mind. He is confident and yet never comes of as narcissistic. He likes to help people. He doesn't do so in obvious ways, it's in the little things. He holds a door open for someone whose hands are stuffed with books and papers without even expecting a thank you from them, he quietly drinks a wrong cup of coffee just so the cafeteria staff doesn't feel bad for getting his order wrong, or even just asking if someone was okay when they seem sad that day is so typical him. Jungkook is the total package, handsome, funny and with a heart of gold. It was only natural for you that you slowly started to grow fond of him.
"Did I miss something today?" Jungkook asks suddenly, looking at you with curious eyes. 
"Not really, the professor just revised last week's topic for a good three quarters of the lesson and then she showed us pictures of famous female painters", you tell him, letting your eyes travel over his face, hoping he wouldn’t notice it. 
There isn’t even any particular reason why you are so fond of him. There are lots of nice guys on campus, handsome ones too and yet something about Jungkook captured your heart. Jungkook is different than the other guys on campus, in the way he gives himself and in the way he views life. He smiles at the simplest of things, finding joy in them and he does so honestly with little galaxies twinkling in his beautiful eyes. Where others might not even have looked twice he takes time to really see, where others might have listened to answer he did so to understand and where others might have sat down just to relax he did so to study life. He enchanted you, by simply being himself so unapologetically he captured you in the sweetest ways a human can.
Jungkook lets out a groan of annoyance, letting his shoulders sag. 
"Oh what a bother, I would have loved to look at pretty paintings", he whines, making you chuckle quietly. 
He looks really cute when he is pretending to be mad, he always get that little pout on his lips and his voice becomes just slightly higher in pitch. Not that you would ever tell him that, no that would mean having to gather up the courage to actually confess your stupid crush to him. 
"I can borrow you my notes if you want", you say instead, already reaching for your bag but Jungkook stops you. 
He wants to grab your hand, flinching back the moment his skin touches yours and wincing in pain. 
"What just happened? Did I hurt you?" you gasp. 
"No you didn't I'm just stupid", he chuckles nervously, pulling his hand back, "I hurt my hand at practice today, it's nothing." 
"You sure? Let me take a look, maybe I can help" you reach for his hand before you can even realise what you are doing. And once you do, it is already too late to pull back, your fingers are wrapped around his wrist and Jungkook is looking at you with burning cheeks.
This is the first time you are holding his hand like this. It is so warm and soft, resting there in your hand with his fingers slightly shaking and a sheen layer of sweat on his reddened palm. 
"Uhm", you clear your throat, "where does it hurt?"
"Just everywhere to be honest", Jungkook confesses, watching you with sparkling eyes. Who would have thought that nearly breaking his hand on a wooden board would have its advantages. He can't believe this is actually happening, your fingers on his skin, so gentle and tingly. They feel even better than he could have imagined them to feel. 
"Does it hurt here?" you ask and gently trace down his fingers. 
His hand twitches closed, his heartbeat speeding up in his wrists where your fingers are pressing down on it. 
"A little yeah", Jungkook mumbles, melting in your hands. 
“God I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I thought I could help", your murmur, quickly pulling your hand away and hiding it between your legs. 
"No it's okay it didn't hurt at all, it is just. I think I have a splinter in my finger and it hurts really bad", Jungkook lies in hopes you would hold his hand again. He moves it closer to you on the seat, watching you from the corners of his eyes. 
"Really? Do you want me to check it out?" you ask, hand still between your legs. 
"You would do that? I would be so grateful for it. You know it hurts really, really bad." 
Jungkooks hand is so close to touching the side of your leg he can actually feel your body heat against his skin. 
"Wait, let me see if I can get it out", you say and quickly grab his hand before your brain can tell you this is a bad idea. 
Jungkooks heart does somersaults in his chest, for a moment he seems to forget how breathing works. 
You narrow your eyes, trying to concentrate on locating the alleged splinter and not on his terribly soft palms. If only Jungkook could hear your heartbeat. 
"On which finger is the splinter? I can't see it anywhere", you ask, holding each of his fingers one by one to inspect it thoroughly.
He has really pretty spirals as his fingerprints, the one on his pinky finger is slightly different than the rest. A little scar goes straight through it, making you wonder what must have happened to him which left it there. 
"Uhm", Jungkook swallows nervously. His mind goes blank. Which finger would be the most believable? The thumb wouldn't make any sense, neither would the pinky finger. The pointer finger seems to be the logical choice, but then you are currently looking at it. He can't say it now, you will realise that he is lying. 
"Oh wait here it is-", you pull him out of his thoughts, "no nevermind it was just a shadow", you mumble, starting to blush. Jungkook must think you are a total idiot for not being able to find a simple splinter in his finger.
"Maybe it's already gone? I can't feel it anymore", Jungkook starts to feel really bad for letting you on like that.
“You can't?” you mumble mindlessly as you can’t help but become greedy. You put your fingers on his palm, not even knowing what exactly this is going to be. You just know that you don’t want to let go of him. “God your palm feels so hot, are you sure you don’t want to put some ice on it?” you ask in an attempt to explain your doing, letting your finger travel down his sensitive skin. 
"Oh tickles", Jungkook giggles, closing his fingers around your hand in reflex. 
It feels as if the earth stands still for a moment. As if everyone just stopped in time and you and Jungkook are the only ones still existing. You look up, your eyes meet his'. He is holding you and it feels so good. 
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to tickle you", you murmur, not wanting to pull your hand away. 
"It's okay I don't mind", he whispers, thumb brushing over your skin slightly. 
He has the prettiest of eyes, it really does look like he has two little galaxies in them. You can't seem to look away, even if you tried you couldn't. He has totally enchanted you like a beautiful leaf dancing in the wind or the sunlight on an autumn evening would.
You both giggle, looking to the ground shyly.
“Sorry”, you mumble at the same time, not quite daring to look back at the other and yet your hands stay connected in a shy grasp.
“Woah” Jungkook suddenly blurts out.
“What is it?” you gasp.
Jungkook moves his hand up with your palm still pressed to his’. “You have really small hands”, he giggles.
“Really?” you hide your mouth behind your other hand, wanting to squeal.
“Yeah, it looks so small in my palm”, he smiles, sparkling eyes drinking in the way your hands seems to fit so perfectly together. Like two puzzles pieces they create the sweetest artwork of innocent fondness.
“Maybe yours are just massive”, you retort shyly, hoping he wouldn’t take it as an insult.
Jungkook laughs, corner of his eye crinkling cutely and cute bunny teeth showing. Wow, your heart really did a somersault in your chest at that.
“Yeah, maybe mine are just massive”, he chuckles, pulling back now that he feels nervous again. His hand doesn’t hurt anymore, your touches healed it like magic, leaving a tingling swarm of butterflies in his stomach instead.
Tumblr media
You were so absorbed in each other that you nearly missed your bus stop if the driver hadn’t announced it a second time and the bus hadn’t stopped so abruptly.
“What? We are here already?” you gasp, surprised that thirty minutes seemed to have passed in mere seconds.
“Seems like it”, Jungkook sounds just as surprised as you, getting up from his seat and waiting for you to join him so he could leave the bus with you next to him.
Tumblr media
Jungkook leads the way, turning on his heels to face you, now walking backwards. He smiles, head tilting to the side.
“Did I ever tell you about the time I fell asleep and missed the bus stop?” he asks.
“No you didn’t”, you giggle.
“Yeah”, Jungkook turns to the front again to join you, “it was last month when you were sick with the flu. I was so tired from practice that I literally fell asleep on the bus and only woke up again when the bus driver shook me awake at the final stop.”
“Oh no and what did you do then?” you ask, far too invested in such a normal story. But it is Jungkooks story and there is nothing more captivating to you than hearing him talk.
“I had to take a taxi home, it was such a bother”, Jungkook chuckles before shrugging his shoulders, “oh well, it was my fault anyways so I shouldn’t even complain.”
“No it’s fine, you can complain as much as you want”, you reassure him, earning a shy lopsided grin from him.
“Thanks”, he falls silent and takes a deep breath before he gasps loudly, looking back at you with big eyes, “you can complain too if you want!” he blurts out. The last thing he wants you to believe is that the only reason he likes to talk to you is so that he can complain about his boring life.
“Yeah, thank you, I’ll remember that”, you murmur, cheeks heating up.
Jungkook nods happily and turns his attention to the road ahead afterwards. 
You and Jungkook don’t live in the most luxurious neighborhoods of the city. The streets can be a little dirty sometimes, especially when it rains and the bumpy asphalt roads turn into wild rivers. The cats and the dogs here aren’t to be touched here, unless you want five different kind of exotic illnesses bothering you. Not that this stops you or Jungkook from volunteering in the only pet shelter in this area every Saturday afternoon. And the houses weren’t the most modern either, their colourful plastering brittle and the wooden shutters rotten. But as two struggling students, who lived off cheap convenience store food and the occasional home cooked meal if one of the many old ladies felt pity on you and brought something over, the neighborhood was perfect. 
Besides it was safe here at night, mostly elderly people and small families lived here. You were a community here, helping each other out or meeting in front of the little convenience store to have a barbeque together when the nights became warmer again.
You greet Mister Park, doing his daily ritual of sweeping the pavement in front of his house, and pass the corner next, looking up to see if his wife is hanging up the laundry as she always does on Wednesdays.
“Good evening Misses Park”, Jungkook calls the elderly lady, waving happily.
She looks down, black curls bouncing with the movement. She smiles brightly, showing off her golden front tooth.
“Good evening dear. Gosh look at you two, you look lovely tonight”, she singsongs in her typical manner. You are pretty sure that she is in the firm belief that you and Jungkook are a couple, given how she always gushes about you being so adorable together. You have never corrected her on it and neither has Jungkook, which honestly made your heart flutter like crazy.
“Thank you very much Missis Park. You look lovely too, I love that dress”, you call up to her, making her giggle shyly.
“Oh thank you my dear”, she gushes, stroking down her bright yellow dress with her small hands.
Misses Park returns to her laundry after a moment of gazing at the two of you a little longer and the two of you continue your journey home. Maybe it is just in your imagination, but somehow it feels like Jungkook got closer to you, your shoulders are nearly touching and your fingers are so close to brushing together. Did he maybe want to show Misses Park “how cute of a couple” you and him were? Is that why he broke the distance between the two of you? One sneaky glance to the side and your assumptions prove to be true. Jungkook is looking at you, head slightly lowered and a shy smile on his lips. You reciprocate it, making his eyes light up in happiness. Gosh if only you weren’t so shy, otherwise you would reach out for his hand now, hold it tightly and feel him close.
“Misses Park is really nice wouldn’t you say?” Jungkook says, eyes still glued to your face.
“Yes she is one lovely lady”, you agree with a nod.
“Last week she gave me a big basket filled with side dishes. “for you and your lady”, she told me”, Jungkook laughs, shaking his head, “I don’t know what lady she was referring to”, he laughs harder as he gets just that tiny bit closer to you, face literally spilling over the anticipation of what you would answer. Your hand brushes his’, both your hearts speeding up at the touch.
“Weird, I have no idea either who she was talking about”, you say, breaking into laughter as well to cover up your nervousness.
“Yeah, totally weird”, Jungkook agrees, scratching the back of his neck nervously.
“Totally”, you chuckle, looking to the side to avoid eye contact.
“Yeah”, Jungkook says, falling quiet afterwards. He was so sure that you would get the memo, now he looks like a fool for bringing up “a lady”. What if you think that he has a girlfriend now? Oh god what has he done?
You and Jungkook pass the convenience store, both taking a quick look inside to see if Miss Lee is still working hard. She is, swiping the floors with vigor, having her back turned to you. She is a lovely lady, unmarried, in her forties and with a brown little poodle called Snickers always by her side. She is the backbone of the community, without her your summer barbeques would be impossible and many struggling students like you and Jungkook wouldn’t even have a place to shop at.
You break your eyes away from Miss Lee to look at Jungkook instead. He grew suspiciously quiet next to you, as if something was bothering his pretty mind.
“Why did you miss class today?” you ask, wanting to spark conversation again just so to get him out of his thoughts.
Jungkook blinks, looking at you.
“I had two practice sessions. You know with the competition coming up we have to train really hard”, he explains, pointing at his gym bag.
“So you’re participating? You got in?” you squeak in excitement.
Jungkook nods, smiling proudly.
“Yeah we got in.”
“Congrats, that’s so cool wow”, you squeal, giving his arm a gentle pad. He wanted this so badly, the competition was topic number one in all of his conversations for the last three weeks and seeing him succeed makes you so incredibly proud.
“Thank you”, Jungkook starts fumbling with his sports bag, growing nervous at what he is about to say, “uhm… are you going to come watch again?” he asks, heart racing in anticipation of what you will say.
It became a regular thing for the two of you to support the other in their hobbies. Ever so often Jungkook could spot you in the audience at one of his late night jam sessions. It always makes him sing just that much better. In return he loves to cheer for you when you were having one of your contemporary dance performances. It really makes your heart flutter, seeing him in the first row with his sparkling does eyes glued to you. Of course you also always visit his Taekwondo competitions, holding up a big sign with Jungkooks name on it and cheering loudly. It even gained you a nickname from his teammates. “Human Happy Pill”, because it made Jungkook smile so brightly. They honestly found it adorable how stupidly in love Jungkook was with you and madly frustrating that the poor guy couldn’t seem to realise how stupidly in love you were with him too.
Jungkook holds his breath, eyes glued to your face. Hopefully you will say yes, even if that would mean having to travel 300 miles to another city.
“Of course I will come!” you blurt out, clearing your throat afterwards, “I mean, if that’s what you want”, you mumble shyly.
“Yes!” Jungkook face turns beet red in embarrassment because of his loud answer, “I mean, yes that would be really cool”, he says quietly.
“Then I’ll come”, you can’t stop yourself from giggling in excitement. Once you’re home you are going to start painting a pretty sign for him. Maybe you’ll finally use the purple marker, which you had saved for a special occasion. Maybe you will even write “Will you be my boyfriend?” in a really tiny font on the poster, so that Jungkook notices it once the competition is finished and he comes over to take a good look at the sign. He always does so, with the biggest, most beautiful smiles you have ever seen.
You shake your head. No. You won’t do that. What if he sees it and gets weirded out by it? This would be so embarrassing.
 Your apartment block is just a few streets away from the convenience store, the walk takes nothing more than ten minutes and then you can already see the pink building in its full glory. With heavy hearts you walk up the stairs, sad that your night soon has to end.
Jungkook lives quite literally opposite of you, the stairs the only things separating your building from his’. You had put a little flower pot right in the middle of them a few months ago and ever since then you so often watched Jungkook water the blue flowers secretly whenever he thought you weren’t home. He looked totally endearing doing so, in his pink pajama bottoms with little bunnies on them and his oversized t-shirt which so often left him shivering in the cold.
“We’re here”, Jungkook says, standing on one side of the flower pot with a small pout on his lips.
“Yep, we’re here”, you say, standing on the other side of the flower pot with sagging shoulders.
You really don’t want this night to be over, you had just grown so comfortable with him. You don’t feel so nervous anymore and now this all has to end again.
“It, it-“, Jungkook looks away, nose red in shyness, “-it was nice talking to you again.”
Your heart flutters.
“Yes, I think so too”, you answer giddily.
You look at each other one last time, waiting for the other to make the first move and invite the other in for a cup of cocoa. Neither you nor Jungkook however dare to take that faithful step, too scared to ruin what you have by wanting more than friendship.
“Okay so, I’ll see you soon?” Jungkook asks finally after a moment of awkward silence.
“Yes, I’ll see you soon”, you answer, wishing that “soon” will come as quickly as possible.
Jungkook turns his back to you to get to his door. So do you, both of you unlocking your apartments at the same time. You both get inside and turn around for one last look.
Jungkook smiles, “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight”, you say, smiling just as brightly.
You have your door half-closed already when Jungkook suddenly calls your name.
“Yes?” you ask, peeking your head out of the door.
“I found a really yummy recipe for pancakes today and I wanted to make them for breakfast tomorrow.”
“Oh that’s cool, I love pancakes.”
Jungkook blushes lowering his head, “Do you maybe want to come over and try some?”
You were so close to squealing in excitement, biting down on your tongue in the last moment. Instead you nod your head vigorously.
“Really? That-“, you squeal quietly, “-would be really nice.”
“Cool, cool. Then we’ll see us at breakfast tomorrow?” Jungkook grins, eyes sparkling.
“Yep”, you say, chest bursting in happiness.
Jungkook lets his eyes travel over your face one last time and then he closes the door. Already dancing in giddiness you close the door as well, screaming loudly once you are in the safety of your own four walls, breaking into a full on happy dance through the entire apartment. You are going to see him for a breakfast date tomorrow!
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mandalore-s · 11 months ago
The door — Darth Vader x fem OC
WARNINGS: burned vader, smut, fingering, thigh riding, death, the OC is a nightsister.
ALSO: It is not corrected, I will fix it as quickly possible.
Tumblr media
Vader gracefully guided Annika's steps in the planet's hall. The music sounded at a fast pace and the two moved perfectly. After a few more steps, the noise stopped and a new song started, this time, slower and more melancholy.
Vader ran a hand around Annika's neck, making her body shiver, he realized the effect it was transmitted and decided to continue. His hands went around her arms until Vader reached her waist, where he landed with a firm grip. The girl's body reacted, arching slightly in front of Vader. With the soft rhythm of the melody echoing throughout the room, Annika rested her head on Vader's chest, feeling her soft breath enter her ears. Little hands of hers slid down her back and found lightly on Annika cloak and left this time on her chest. Vader tugged at the girl's chin, making her face the same.
“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" —His robotic voice from Vader filled her ears making her smile. “You look beautiful, as always."
His gloved hands traveled and caressed every possible part of the girl's body discreetly so that no one would notice. A slow sigh was found in Annika's mouth.
“As much as I'm enjoying this ... stop. They will notice.” —Annika spoke, placing her hands in Vader's. The size difference was noticeable.
“No one would dare face me." —Vader whispered behind the mask, caressing the girl's neck making her close her eyes taking advantage of the situation. "And I don't care. There is only one person I care about here and she is not complaining about my...touches.” —He continued to caress her all over her body, discreetly placing one of his hands between Annika's thighs, which made her open her eyes and look at the Lord in fright.
"Don't pretend you didn't like it. I felt your heart racing. Besides, that dress..— Vader continued to lift her hand while the other slightly squeezed her neck. Annika's legs closed slightly against his hands while he massaged torture-related parts, never getting where she wanted to.
“Easy. They will notice.” —Vader spoke using her words against the same. "Besides... you are in the same rooms as me tonight.” —Vader removed his hand between her legs, leaving the hall and Annika without structures, then following the Dark Lord longing for more.
When Annika entered the rooms, Vader was standing facing the planet's horizon.
"It is not cool to do that to a girl, Lord Vader." —Annika spoke hoarsely emphasizing his name making him slowly turn to Annika in the dark of the starlit room.
Vader robotic breath filled the room and he slowly walked over to face the girl. His gloves went around Annika's bare arms making her shiver.
“There are many things I would like to do with you."—Vader said slowly as he ran his hands over the non-tissue parts of her body.
“And what is stopping you?"
“Perhaps...the noises that will come out of your mouth if I start. We don't want to attract attention, do we, Annika?” —A soft squeeze from the Force ran through the girl's breasts and a slight moan left her mouth. Annika remembered a night before where she had stayed under him...that night. Darth Vader knew every point on her body that yearned for him. She wondered what he would be able to do with her pressed against a wall and all of her armor pressing her body against it.
"I am impressed by your imagination, little witch.”—Vader pulled the girl's heels by the Force making her as low as possible next to Lord. His gloved hand grabbed her chin and stared at her.
"This is your fault." —Annika crashed into the wall when Vader took steps toward her, running his hands over the girl's waist and belly. “Damn it. I would like to kiss you right now.”
Vader froze. He remembered their first day in his chamber.
"You know this is impossible.” —He continued to stroke the girl's thighs and she looked at him maliciously. His familiar hands green with magic and the room closed in a perfect chamber for him. For both. A smile broke out on her face.
“Keep telling yourself that. “ —She motioned silently to take off her helmet and he left her. Her hands came up to reveal his scarred face. "I'm afraid you have to get down, Lord Vader."
“Do I?” —The Sith Lord placed her on the wall, wrapping his arms around her waist and ass, leaving her at his height. He pressured the bodies to take his breath away. Annika's heavy breath beat against his face, but he wouldn't be the first to kiss.
And it didn't take another second.
Annika's lips clasped with his as the Lord walked his hands over every strip of naked girl's request he reached. Annika moaned into his mouth making him let out a slow breath. Their tongues explored each moment and second. Vader was at the girl's mercy and enjoyed the best sensations with her. Annika's hands went to the Lord's cloak and unbuttoned it and dropped to the cold floor. Vader walked away.
“What?” —She looked meaningless with a red face. Vader put two fingers in her mouth making her run her tongue around. His circular, wet fingers massaged Annika's breasts while her mouths were glued together. "Vader...” —He motioned for her to be quiet.
“Are you excited to know that someone can come here anytime?" —The Lord said as she moved with her touches.
“It excites me more to know that anyone who interrupts us you would kill."—Annika spoke purringly.
“The fact that I am the greatest evil in the galaxy makes you like this..." —Vader took his hand to the place Annika wanted and a soft moan escaped her lips. She was already wet before she even entered the room. Vader took his hand away and Annika protested. The Lord's tongue passed over the girl's neck and the entire length of her collarbone, face and neck. Her hand tightened on her body. "Yeah...I was right.”
Her legs were slung around Vader's waist, she tried to move as much as possible trying to create more contact with all that armor. Her thighs pressed against him.
Vader reached the girl's lips again suggesting her tongue and gently removing her dress. He let her out of his grips to throw the fabric on the floor, revealing her breasts and her anguish for feeling more of him. Vader certifies the Force to place it pressed against the wall again.
“No...No, I want you. I want your hands around me. I want your whole body to press against mine. Squeezing me. I don't want you to use your tricks on me.” —Annika spoke and he obeyed.
Vader exerting the Force to tighten her clit and her breasts at the same time. The girl moaned loudly and her eyes closed but the Lord stopped.
“Without using tricks." —He said putting his hand on the girl’s throat and squeezing. He knew she loved it when he did that. “Or should I continue?"
“Y-yes..." —Annika closed her eyes, taking advantage of every sensation he gave, clutching her chest in vain. Her thighs moved around him. Vader ran his fingers down her breasts, belly until he reached her tender spot. Fingers her back and forth movements are shallow.
“Hmm...” —Vader grunted. "I think my fingers will do a better job."
“Vader... I wanted to try something.” —He paid attention to her words and the sweet sound of. Annika held on to the metallic arm he had won during the Clone Wars. She takes the gloves in his mouth and removed them. Vader moaned softly. "Use it.” —Annika lowered her arm and the cold metal in the middle of her thighs resulted in a groan. Vader stroked slowly, surprised by the attitude.
Vader introduced himself when he updated his metallic arm to feel the sensations as if it were the arm he had lost. Without the gloves... it would be an interesting experience.
The metal traveled slowly down her clit before descending further. The cold in contact with his skin made one grumble with pleasure.
“I'm surprised..." —He said, touching her slowly. "I didn't know you were open to that kind of...experience. Particularly I wouldn't have thought of that...”—He whispered in her ear. "But I'm happy to know that I turn you on enough to want each part of me to touch you in different ways."
The Lord's breath tickle her exposed skin. A hoarse cry of pleasure escaped the girl's mouth when Vader discovered another sensitive spot on her body. A sigh left his mouth.
"Vader...” —Her thighs tightened around the metallic arm. The Sith inserted a metallic finger gently and slowly into her. She moaned obscenely almost loud enough. Fuck.
“Take...off...the other...g-glove...P-please.” —She whispered between her moans. And fuck, she was really into it. Once again, he obeyed her: The other metallic hand reached her throat, putting a slight pressure on the area. Her eyes were closed enjoying him. The hand marked her throat and the same hand left her neck and was tightening hers waist and belly.
Vader was no longer moving his hands. She rides on the metallic arm with all the armor suffocating her against the wall. Pornography Illegal. He thought.
“Fuck...come to bed. I can finish your fantasies after. I have another idea on my mind” —Vader said and she opened her eyes, slowly. The feeling of his hands letting off her body made the girl feeling incomplete. He held her naked body tightly while effortlessly carrying her to the huge bed.
Vader reached his helmet with the Force and put it back on, leaving her confused. But she didn’t asked.
“Here is the thing.” —Vader placed her on top of him, with the legs on each side wrapped around his spine. His hands travelled in her body. His robotic breath was driving her insane. “You will ride...my arm. Break it if you need. I don’t care.”
“Vader...Your voice...robotic...makes me feel so much things.” —She said moving in his thighs in a slow back and forth motion. And he felt it. He still had his thighs and he was feeling it. And she knew it.
“Why don’t you tell me?” —The robotic voice again. The robotic breathing. Her heart could explode in any moment. But she didn’t stopped her moves in his thigh. Tease.
“I have to...a lot of self control every day while you're surrounded by powerful and influential people. The way you talk and act...even the way you kill...Once I saw you...”
“Hmm?” —It was like a praise for his ears. He wanted more. His hands tightened her back making her tighter on his thighs as she moved torturously.
“Chocking someone to death...it was...I shouldn’t felt that way...b-but...” —She moaned loudly and his hands covered her mouth. “So…breathtaking.”
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He was so hard.
Vader’s fingers reached her clit stimulating the movements she was doing, while her other hand covered her mouth. His breathe was driving her. All that she could think was about his breath and his hands.
“Fuck…you’re soaked…Better, than.” —Without warning, Vader straightened up on the bed quickly. The Sith pulled his back together so she was sitting better on his lap. He bent her legs until she was comfortable in that position. Two metal fingers penetrated her and she almost scremed with her eyes closed. By the Force, he sensed that it wasn’t a scream of pain.
Two fingers inside her while the other hand gently massaged her breasts and scratched her waist and spine. She was riding smoothly, getting ready until it was good for her.
And then she did it.
Her breasts pressed against the cold metal of the armor's chest made her move a little faster. The heavy metal breath of him was to close of her ears. Groans escaped her mouth profanely and she bit her lip to try to contain the noises. But Vader didn’t liked it.
“I want to hear. Fuck, I don’t care. Anyone who interrupts us is going to die. Let..Let…—He ran his fingers inside her mouth. “Them out.”
“…You liked it, hm? Knowing that I can throw my lightsaber out the door and decapitate anyone who crosses it…”
She moved faster and stronger against his fingers.
“That’s it.” —Vader thought how good was having a metal arm. Metal fingers. The way she was using his parts for her own pleasure and the way he was feeling it, every movement. Vader wanted to be stuck in that sensation for life. “You could break my whole body and I would reassemble it every time to have you like this.”
His other arm reached around the neck behind her back and was scratching heavily without caring if it was hurting her or not. He didn’t care. The fingers inside her supposed to hurt but it wasn’t. Starts, thanks it wasn’t hurting. His breath behind the helmet was gradually failing. It was too much for him. “Y-you okay?” —She said moaning.
“More than.” —He strongly pressured her clit with the Force, while playing with the rest of the body. She screamed.
“Vader!” —She was losing her energy and so he decided to help.
“Hm…relax.” —Her chest rose and fell very fast and he smoothed her inside his fingers. Then he started to move. “That’s it…I got you.”
And, fuck. He wanted to have his arm broken by her. All the weight of her body deposited on his fingers. Her head fell on the armor's shoulders and she pressed her body painfully against his. The sensation of the breathing and his movements breathing against her was intoxicating. Her breasts accompanied the robotic breathing of the armor. “Vader…” —A robotic groan escaped his helmet and another from her mouth. “Don’t…it’s too much for me…” —The fact that she was saying about his moan made him crazy. Stars. He was feeling her so good under his fingers.
Vader stimulated her with the Force and he knew she was coming. He violently plucked her hair pleasantly by the neck and made her face him.
“Open your eyes.” —Eyes and mouth half closed looking him, the helmet. She was breathing hard and moaning low. Her best look. “Keep them open, I want you looking at me when you cum.”
With final moves on her part and her head propped up on Vader's hands, looking at the helmet, she came looking at him. He couldn’t stop a slow, heavy groan leaving his throat.
“D-don’t move. Please.” —She asked, felling on his fingers. “J-just a little bit…” —She said moving very slowly against his fingers and reaching for Vader’s other hand, guiding to squeeze her breasts. “Feels so…good.”
“Good girl.”
She slowly came out of his fingers and sat down between his thighs, throwing him behind the bed and laying on top of the armor. It took minutes for her to compose herself and be able to return to normal breathing.
“Darth Vader.” —His name was in her mouth. “How can still be so excited listening to the sound of your breath?”
“It makes you more excited to know that I put my gloves…over your cum? That I'm going to walk around there and nobody will know that you were riding so dirty on me?”
Her legs were rubbing against his thighs. Then, in a quick movement he put her under him and pressed half the weight of the armor on her, she moaned looking at him.
“You like it, hm? Being so tight against me.” —He whispered close to her ear. And she was already wet for Vader again. “I'm flattered” —His gloved hands passed close to her tender spot.
“We…have all night…don’t we?” —She asked in a whisper.
“We do. But, not now…just get some rest.I need to kill who's listening behind the door.”
“Wait, WHAT?” —She spoke while he left the bed. Vader walked silently through the door and opened it, revealing a curious look from several employees, now in fear. It only took a gentle movement of his hand to break the necks of the employees. And then, the door was closed again.
“You did know they were here all this time?”
“Didn't you say it would excite you to know that I would kill anyone who came through that door?”
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andromedasstarship · a year ago
faceless, nameless - the prologue
Tumblr media
gif credit - @kylos 
pairing - kylo ren x reader 
warnings - canon-typical star wars violence, depictions of death/violence, fighting (verbal + physical), loosely implied physical intimacy (really up for interpretation here), angst, tension, implied mild love triangle, kylo ren betrays you 
summary - For four years, Kylo Ren considered you to be many things: his right hand, his confidant, an irreplaceable strategist, a friend and most importantly his equal. It all ended when he left you with a blaster shot to the stomach on a near deserted planet. On the brink of death, a rather dashing Resistance Pilot stumbled upon you, saving your life.  
Donning a mask to hide your identity, you’ve grown to become the most fearsome Resistance fighter they have; bewildering the First Order as to how you always seem to ruin their plans and avoid capture. Kylo Ren is a different man from when he left you two years ago, so how will he react when he accidentally finds you alive and well in Poe’s memories?
masterlist // series masterlist // read it on ao3 here 
next chapter 
the prologue - the sun 
On Starkiller Base, there were plenty of rumors as to why Kylo Ren kept you around. Some said it was because of your extensive training in hundreds of different languages, both spoken and signed. Others were sure it was due to your diplomatic upbringing that came with countless connections and near endless wealth. Or, maybe it was due to your more than adequate ability in battle that served him the most. Even some people thought you were a kept woman, who only existed as a way for Kylo Ren to blow off steam behind closed doors. Your favorite rumor was that you were actually a high-ranking Resistance spy who was tasked with infiltrating the First Order at the highest level and that Kylo Ren had become weak because of you. Had it not made you laugh so much the first time you heard it, Kylo would’ve crushed the windpipe of the lowly officer who created the elaborate lie. 
Of course, there were some truths in all the rumors, but none of them exciting. You were in fact trained in hundreds of languages and that training was a product of your diplomatic upbringing. You were exceptionally trained in various forms of combat, but that was something that came after you met Kylo; he had always been afraid of you not being able to properly defend yourself. You were most certainly not a kept woman, not that you and Kylo weren’t intimate, but certainly not in the type of dynamic people thought. You absolutely were not a Resistance spy, but even though neither of you said it aloud, Kylo Ren was definitely weak for you. 
How it actually happened is quite boring. The two of you met when Kylo had just turned 24, still more Ben Solo than Kylo Ren. You were recently 23 at the time, head of a diplomatic welcoming committee that met with Kylo as part of his first official diplomatic endeavor as ‘Kylo Ren’ the soon to be Commander of the entire First Order. He quickly became enamored with you and the way you commanded a team full of older men who clearly didn’t approve of your position- whether it was due to your age or gender he didn’t know- but still treated you with respect; in short, you radiated a confidence and power he desired. For you, it was quite the opposite, Kylo Ren still wasn’t sure of himself and at times still acted like the awkward lanky Jedi boy who had never spoken to a girl outside of school purposes. He was a fresh and welcomed change from all the annoyingly rich and cocky men you met with on a daily basis. 
Him and his team stayed on your home planet for nearly three months. Countless delegates from various planets flocked there for balls, meetings, conferences, and more. Your connections ran deep and you directly aided in the First Order’s successes during those three months. For the first few weeks, you and Kylo skirted around the obvious pull between the two of you. He wasn’t exactly sure how to ‘woo’ a girl, nor was he even sure if he was allowed to. His lack of action caused you to regularly doubt if he also felt the spark, or if it was completely one sided on your end. Weeks of longing gazes and accidental brushes of fingertips finally came to an end when the two of you were sitting on your private balcony, overlooking the well kept grounds, discussing the conference that had just ended. It was a roaring success for your planet as well as the First Order, both of you securing mining resources at an exceptional locked rate for a minimum of fifty basic years. You made the first move, he was irresistible under the moonlight, closing the space between you on your bench and pressing your lips directly on his. In his hesitation you thought you had completely misread the past month, but it was only a moment later that his hands found purchase in your hair, pulling you closer. The two of you were nearly inseparable for the rest of his trip. 
It was difficult, when he finally had to return to his new master and some massive ship that would be lightyears away from you. Unspoken promises were made the night before he left, declarations of love and devotion made behind closed doors. He was still far from truly becoming Kylo Ren, had copious amounts of training to finish before he would see himself be fitting for someone like you. If he was nothing else, Kylo was desperate for loyalty and when you watched his ship leave you had no doubts he would come back. 
And he did, nearly an entire standard year later. You almost didn’t recognize him when he stepped off his personal ship. All broad shoulders and shrouded in layers of black, with that intimidating mask covering his face. He was proving to be quite the warrior, the tales of him and the Knights he commanded reaching the farest edges of the galaxy. When the welcoming festivities had ended and he removed his mask in the privacy of your room, you found a mature face that had lost the softness you once knew. It was no matter to you, flinging yourself into his arms and vowing to never let go. 
This time, when he left, you went with him of course. Kylo had been shocked when Snoke approved it, but Snoke, ever the manipulator, knew the growing attachment between the two of you would inevitably prove to be valuable in controlling Kylo Ren. 
Moving into a giant spaceship wasn’t easy for you. The dark, cold and everlasting expanse of space was a sharp contrast to your warm ocean planet. You missed the sun on your face and your people, but when you vowed to never let him go, you meant it. As time went on, you grew accustomed to the ship and then eventually Starkiller- which was an entirely different battle, that piece of ice had you complaining for months-, and soon enough you couldn’t imagine a life not in space. 
Most of your days were monotonous, not that you minded. From the first day you stepped foot onto base, Kylo began training you himself. He never wanted you to feel as hopeless and afraid as he did when he woke up to his uncle ready to kill him in his sleep. So he trained you, and he trained you hard. You could wield a lightsaber well enough, as he argued that should anything ever happen to him- a thought you hated entertaining-, his saber would be the best weapon you had available. You were smaller than him, so close combat was a challenge but you learned to use your size and agility as an advantage. What you specialized in, was the staff. It allowed you to give a larger opponent at a safe range until it was possible to take them down. Kylo had a special one created just for you, with double edged electrical ends that you could easily turn on or off. It was rare that he actually let you on a battlefield with him, but when he did you were unstoppable. Not that you minded, you quite enjoyed working behind the scenes, forming battle plans and leading diplomatic endeavors for the First Order. 
Other than Snoke, no one out ranked you, not even Ren; a fact he had been extremely particular about after a visiting diplomat made the excuse of outright ignoring and belittling your presence in a meeting. You were equals in everything, even going as far as taking on the ‘Ren’ moniker. 
Among First Order subordinates, you were fairly well liked, and not just because it was unspoken that anyone who thought badly of you would probably die at Ren’s hand. The people actually liked you. Ren was cold, you were warm. When he was sharp, you were soft. It worked well, his ability to command troops and fuel the fires of war was complimented perfectly by your ability to talk nearly anyone to your side. 
You never wavered in your support for him, ever loyal by his side no matter what he did or who he killed or how many villages he burned to the ground. You stood next to him, never behind, when new planets presented themselves as potential allies. You watched from above when he burned villages, that dared aid the Resistance, to the ground. You cleaned and healed every single wound he received from Snoke’s brutal training. You held him together when the pull to the light made him feel weak and undeserving. 
Anyone could see that you were the sun that Kylo Ren revolved around.  
So, when he came back to Starkiller on that fateful day, covered in blood- your blood-, announcing that you were dead- and he was the one who killed you-, and that your name was never to be uttered on his base or by any First Order subordinate ever again, no one knew what to do. 
 a/n - hi!!! im so excited for this story, ive never written star wars before and my lore knowledge isnt the best ill admit, so please excuse any minor bits of pieces i may get wrong! comments/likes/reblogs always appreciated. if you wanna be added to the taglist, just ask and ill make one! :D 
no permission is given to copy or republish my writing on any other platform or account. if you see this story outside of my blog or my ao3 it is stolen work. i do not own nor claim to own star wars or any of the character involved in it. 
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hooneybaek · a year ago
Tumblr media
THE SUN, THE MOON, THE STARS | Byun Baekhyun x reader
Genre: Best friends to lovers AU, angst, some fluff, v v small amount of smut (i mean nearly non-existent, but def there)
Warnings: Horrible coping mechanisms (lots of drinking ((small mention of underage drinking)), making out/sex with strangers), possible trigger for depression, assault
Baekhyun holds the sun, the moon, and the stars in his eyes. How could he ever expect you not to love him?
Word Count: 8,439
Did you know the closest star to Earth is the sun?
94.376 million miles apart. That’s equivalent to traveling the circumference of the earth 3,790 times, travelling from one side of Asia to the other 78,646 times, running the Boston marathon 3,629,846 times.
The closest star to the Earth is the sun, a sad lonely world with its closest friend lightyears away, but not for you. You need only open your eyes at 12:04am on a Saturday night at age fourteen and it’s right there, hovering above you, a blazing fire of magnificence that breathes every bit of light there is into your soul. The dimples in his cheeks filled with the fiery chasms that brighten the earth, eyes sparkling with billions of galaxies.
“Let’s run away.” He would whisper after kicking his shoes off, flopping onto the other side of the bed. His voice smooth like the honey you used to mix into tea when you were sick (he healed you just the same), filling your arms with goosebumps, longing to hear more. He’d turn to face you and every time, even in the darkness of your room, you could see it.
Starlight found you in Baekhyun’s eyes.
“Corona Borealis…” you whispered nonchalantly, and his eyebrows scrunched up in that cute way they always did when he was confused. “The Northern Crown.”
A smile fixed itself onto your cheeks, but he was already launching into a story about his mom yelling at him for his grades, accustomed to the random thoughts that you spurted out with no regards to its relevance. You hardly listened. Seven beautiful stars that showed the crown in his eyes. If only you could stare at them through a telescope, dissect their structure, find your way into their stories, and make a home for yourself. Would he ever have room for you?
He stared at the ceiling while he spoke, constellations flowing from his lips in a way that lit up the whole room, your eyes transfixed on him and only him, each glimmer of light more beautiful than the next. He never noticed that you weren’t listening, never attempted to shake you back to reality. That was the magic of his existence, how rare he was. Someone who was just pleased with your company, never expecting more than your presence.
You met him when you were eight, back when stars only existed in the sky. Your days before him were filled with silence, eyes fixed on the ground, no one paying attention to the rich girl who seemed to think she was better than everyone. It wasn’t true, but who were you to change their minds? You never cared what people thought, never wanted to befriend anyone, or show them you were different. Well- not until you found yourself face first in a sandbox, a group of girls shoving you down, pulling your hair - “you think you’re better than us, huh?”. It was only then that you wished for a friend. Wished you had someone who cared enough to help. Someone who loved you enough to worry.
Tears rolled down your sand coated cheeks, bile in your throat, fear in your belly. You wanted to disappear.
“Get off her!”
Baekhyun’s voice was still shrill then, shoving the girls off one at a time until they all ran away, a beacon of hope you never saw coming. He dusted off your shoulders, patted your back while you sputtered and coughed, let you cry until your fathers’ voice rang in your mind like a shrill alarm. ‘An heiress never cries’. The words echoed through you over and over until you found the strength to pull your knees up to your chest and lower your head, forever trying to make yourself smaller, hiding from the world.
“Hey, it’s okay.” He spoke softly, stroking your hair. Chills ran down your spine. No one had ever touched you like that, with such sincerity. Not even your parents. You found the courage to look up at him and found yourself breathless once again but for a different reason.
His eyes.
He wiped your cheeks with gentle fingers, dusted more sand off your forehead, but you couldn’t look away from his eyes. “It’s okay, they’re gone now.” His gentle voice soothing the wrinkles in your forehead.
“Aquarius.” You mumbled and he tilted his head to the side.
“My mom told me I’m a Capricorn I think.” He replied, but you shook your head.
“The water bearer. It’s a constellation.” His eyebrows scrunched together, and a smile found your cheeks. When he returned it, your felt butterflies in your stomach.
You had never seen stars in anyone else, not before him and not after. You spent your entire childhood by his side, clinging to him despite all of life’s obstacles, like the time he broke his wrist while riding his bike down a hill; or, when he got into a fight in middle school and you got yourself suspended for punching the other guy in the face (you didn’t even know why they were fighting). He was your favorite lifeline, the only friend you ever wanted… The only love you ever needed.
You always wondered if he would ever see you like that. If he would see you at all. The way he smiled at you was not the way you smiled at him. Did he get chills when his hand brushed against yours while walking down the hall? Did he fall asleep with a smile on his face at just the memory of you laughing, matching the dopey one you fell asleep with when you thought of him? As the years went on, he constantly drilled the notion into your head that you were just friends. You would only ever be friends.
“You need to go out with someone other than me, people think we’re dating. You don’t have any other friends.”
It was your seventeenth birthday. He woke you up with a strawberry cupcake and his sunshine smile. You could not have asked for anything more. Minus the talk of going to your first party without him, of course. It made your stomach churn with anxiety. It was your birthday, why should you spend it with anyone other than him?
He was all you would ever want, never asking for more than a lifetime of studying his eyes and hearing him laugh, but he obviously had different ideas.
“I’m not always going to be here, you know.”
His words caused a panic to rise in your chest, head snapping to face him so quickly that it took you several minutes to adjust to his frame. He only met your gaze for a few moments before letting his eyes trail down to his twiddling fingers.
“Why wouldn’t you always be here?” You asked incredulously and he laughed.
“That’s how life works. We’ll be friends through high school, maybe some college, but then we’ll meet people we really like. You’ll get married; I’ll get married. We’ll have kids. Then we’ll just be an old memory. Pictures in scrap books. You know?”
You shook your head ‘no’ immediately, afraid to speak for fear that you would scream at him. How could he be so stupid? So blind? Of course, you knew he would find someone since you weren’t the one he wanted, but how could he think that you would ever love anyone but him? How could he ever imagine a life where you weren’t there when you couldn’t even think about it without tears filling your eyes?
He smiled as you shook your head and reached his hand out, smoothing down the side of your hair. You leaned into his touch and watched him sigh, eyes glimmering, heart racing. He let you sit like that for probably too long, the love in your chest swelling with each second. He let you look into his galaxies, chest beating so erratically that you feared he would hear it.
Sagitta. It was right there. Five stars that made up an arrow, aimed right at you. Only you. It made your lip tremble. Tear filled eyes, pin cushion heart.
When he pulled his hand back, it was replaced with cold regret, but at least you were used to it. He cleared his throat and laid back on the bed beside you, staring up at the ceiling. As if he didn’t just rip your heart in half. You wished you could be so nonchalant with someone’s feelings.
“It’s normal to go to a party on your birthday. I think you should go. Chanyeol will be there, so you’ll have someone to talk to.”
Your lip jutted out in annoyance, dread filling your senses as your gaze dropped to the floor. You’d spent every birthday for nine years with Baekhyun, but now he wanted you to do it alone. It was frustrating, having an ever-constant that suddenly didn’t want to be that constant. He sat back up and hooked a finger under your chin, tilting your head back up to face him. His sweet smile. Sun kissed skin. Messy hair.
He ruined you.
Hours later, you found yourself in a too crowded house with too loud music, on edge the second you walked in the door. Your chest ached with anxiousness, nerves on fire. You wanted to break down, shrink into the size of an ant and sneak out, but you couldn’t leave, not when you had just arrived. You could only imagine Baekhyun’s disappointment if you bailed so early, so you had to try.
Chanyeol was dancing with some girl across the room, no attention paid to the birthday girl who sat unattended. Lonely. You scratched the back of your neck, annoyance dripping off you in waves. You wished Baekhyun was there.
Someone shoved a red cup into your hand and told you to drink. It looked like tea, smelled like metal. You looked up at the girl in front of you and she smiled.
“It’ll make it a little better” That look, as if she knew your thoughts better than you did. It took you twenty minutes to drink the entire thing, rusty and lukewarm, bile lurching up your throat with nearly each sip. Took you twenty more to build up the courage to ask for another.
After three cups you could smile even though you were scared. After five, you were on a table, dancing to music you didn’t know the words to, forgetting the reality of your life. It felt like no one could touch you, no one could hurt you. Your father’s sternness didn’t exist up in the clouds of that night. The cold your mother put off couldn’t touch you when you danced on the mountain tops. Baekhyun held you too tight, too long, loved you too hard there. Sometimes you still chase that feeling.
The party died down a few hours later, people pouring out the front door and finding rides home or walking. You texted Baekhyun to come pick you up and laid back in the front yard alone, though it didn’t really feel that way. The grass around you was wet, fingers winding around the blades as you stared at the sky. Shooting stars, silky clouds pressed against the backdrop of a black night. You loved it. The way it looked so close, like you could hold it. Taste it. Heaven felt like it could be real, fingertips away, and you stretched your hand out to touch it. Stars dripped down your arms, the moon painted your skin. You wanted to climb up and be with them so much, find yourself a home amongst them.
It wasn’t much later that Baekhyun laid down beside you, your head instinctively turning towards him, a magnet you could never resist.
“What kind of stars do you see tonight?”
You had no answer because the stars in the sky didn’t matter anymore. As quickly as your love built for them, it completely extinguished when he was there. Instead, it was the stars in his eyes that you wanted to discover. He turned to you after your silence stretched too long and you smiled.
“Coma Berenices. Berenice’s Hair.”
He smiled back and the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach when you were little returned in full force, for the thousandth time since you had met him. It had been years since that first day. Years since you fell in love with him. But Baekhyun was Baekhyun, a clueless boy who hauled your drunk body off the ground and into his car, ignoring the way you kissed his cheek when he lifted you into his arms. Ignoring how you made him hold your hand the entire way home and fiddled with his fingers because he had the nicest hands. Ignored the tears in your eyes when he refused to stay after he helped you into bed.
“Happy birthday.” he whispered against your cheek while you held onto his shirt, begged him to stay one more time. He smiled and pulled your hands away before climbing out of your window.
It was a never-ending cycle that you decided you were okay with because at least he was there. At least you got to see his constellations. Even though you felt cold at night without his hand in yours, without his smile. You could handle anything, as long as he never left.
Age twenty-four came to you like the encore of your favorite play, sprawled out in the grass while you looked up at the stars and wished to live among them. You couldn’t really recall those childish days anymore, the times when Baekhyun treated you gently, held your feelings with sweetness, sincerity. You just remembered the way it made you feel.
Life had changed for him. His heart changed. He grew cold, severe. Sternness sprouted in his voice when you wanted to spend time with him, shutting down your feelings without an ounce of compassion. All too harsh and direct, making his point entirely too clear. You didn’t know what inside of him snapped, but he stopped knocking on your bedroom window. He stopped sneaking in with strawberry cupcakes on your birthday. He stopped answering your calls at 2am when you were scared and couldn’t sleep. It was like the world started rotating in reverse. One day he was hugging you tight while you cried over a failed exam, and the next he was avoiding your texts. Declining your calls.
You still clung to him, refused to leave his side regardless of his feelings because you had to see him. You had to hear his laugh. How could you live without the only sun you ever loved? You met him after class, followed him down the hall and made him speak to you. Showed up at his house. Helped him study. That was as close as he let you stay anymore. Rarely did he call you first, even more rare did he come out when you asked him to, but still. It was enough. It had to be. For years you played that game. Tiptoed on his boundaries in silence, praying he would let you stay with him forever.
You sighed at the racing thoughts and closed your eyes, tried to remember the last time he let you see the galaxies inside of him. Time had been so rough with Baekhyun and it was frustrating to know that he held milky way’s so close for you to discover, but never let you glance at them anymore.
Footsteps neared your head and you looked up, eyes meeting the annoyed face you had been thinking about. He wasn’t smiling. Wasn’t happy at all. So why did he look so pretty? Why was your heart beating so fast, like it meant anything that he was there? It’s not like he came to your rescue every time you called because he liked you. He was just a good friend.
“How am I ever gonna have a chance with Yuna if you keep calling me away from every date I have with her?”
Hearing her name had your eyes rolling without thought, the whiskey that settled in your stomach churning uncomfortably. Yuna was Baekhyun’s latest muse. She helped him produce a song once and he was head over heels. Took her on dates, called her late at night. It made you sick. Like you weren’t ever there for him. Like you weren’t even an option. You could help him work on songs, help him write lyrics. You’d done it before when you were kids, before he acted like you were nothing.
He crouched down above your head and you quickly took note that Baekhyun looked so small in a beanie. As if you hadn’t noticed that before, marked in your mile-long list of things that you loved about him. His ears poked out, like the point of a hat like that wasn’t to tuck your ears in and keep them warm. His glasses perched on his nose. You smiled a little, content to see him, even if he was angry. Even if he didn’t want to be there (didn’t want you).
He rolled his eyes and let out a deep sigh, moving to stand in front of you. He held his hands out and you grabbed them, letting him haul you off the ground. The world spun and his hands were on your hips for just a few seconds to steady you before he pulled them away.
Shivers ran down your spine, eyes darting to meet his. Your bones ached at the sweetness he still held in them, whether it was for you or not. Eyebrows raised in concern, your hands resting on his chest.
“Stop drinking all of the time if you can’t even get a taxi to take you home.” He grumbled, pulling your dress down and dusting grass off your back. His voice rang through your ears dripping with the honey that healed you, and every part of you felt so warm with him just inches away. Like you were coming home for the first time in years.
“Baek,” you vied for his attention, fingers gripping his shirt lightly. He looked at you with those anger filled eyes and you smiled. “like me instead.”
He looked a little confused, head tipping just a little to the left and you immediately felt the fall. The fall you had been falling since you were eight years old and found your first friend. The fall you fell when you woke up on your seventeenth birthday, not to your parents, but to the sweetest eyes of the sweetest boy on earth. The fall you would be falling forever because he was your star. Your galaxy.
Your chest felt heavy. Heart racing. Short breaths coming out like choppy waves while you stared into his eyes and swallowed down your fear.
Aquila. Ten stars that made up an eagle, the eagle that bore Zeus’ lightning bolts. It was the push of courage and strength you needed.
“Love me instead.” You continued and the glimmer in his eyes – the shooting stars you watched form behind them, it was enough to have you leaning forward and pressing your lips against his.
Whiskey. Whiskey was your favorite. You’d never felt it before, but whiskey ran through your veins like lava and pushed you up up up on your tippy toes, your chest melting into his like a puzzle piece. His eyes widened in surprise while your hands wrapped around the base of his neck. You felt your heartbeat in your ears, felt the butterflies in your throat crawling out with happiness, begging to be set free. For the first time in years, it felt possible. Like you could explode with all the excitement you had been building up over time.
His soft lips spread slightly, and the taste of cinnamon escaped. You breathed it in, let some of those butterflies sneak into the world before you pressed your lips into his again. Everything was perfect for those few seconds, your body against his, your dreams finally coming true as you could see the constellations inside of him and actually understand why they were there. It was what you always wanted.
When his hands slid up to your shoulders, you leaned into him a little more, naively thinking he was pulling you closer. As if he felt the same way you did.
He pushed you away instead.
You stumbled back; eyes wide open to see him. The smile faded from your cheeks, the hollow emptiness settling in your soul where your happiness had previously resided. His lips were a little red from your lipstick and his eyes were even more confused. Angry. His cheeks looked pale, fixing his glasses back and staring at you incredulously.
“What are you doing?” He barked out and you stared at him, not sure what to say. You were embarrassed, sure, but when he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, you were shattered.
The butterflies in your throat screamed in pain, dried and cracking wings, sliding back down to your stomach where they belonged.
Baekhyun sighed and rubbed his face with his hands before taking a deep breath.
You felt tears fill your eyes when his hardened gaze found you again, shame eating you alive as he stepped forward and grabbed your wrist. His touch wasn’t gentle. Wasn’t loving. It wasn’t what you wanted at all.
“You’re drunk, let’s go home.” He said turning, but you ripped away from him, devastation reaching its peak. He looked at you and you wanted to collapse. Wanted to turn into a black hole that sucked everything too close right up and destroyed it with you. Sobering tears ran down your cheeks and with each second that passed, your anger grew.
“Why don’t you love me?” You started, ignoring the growing nervousness in his face. “Yuna is pretty and nice, but why not me? I’ve taken care of you since we were kids- I’ve loved you since we were kids. Doesn’t that matter?”
He looked scared. A crack in the façade of his usual indifference, a heart-breaking apologetic look that he only allowed you a second to see before his usual mask of annoyance returned. You could have screamed. Why wasn’t he being honest with you? Why was he hiding his feelings, covering them up and putting on a show, as if you didn’t know him better than anyone?
“You sound silly right now ____, you drank too much.” He said sighing, a hand coming up to rub his cheek, as if this was the most unsettling thing to ever happen to him.
You stared at him and thought about how it would have felt if he had just kissed you back. If he had lifted you off the ground, let you into his little world, showed you his map of stars and explained every single one of their stories. It was a dream.
Resentment settled inside your bones. Frustration. Betrayal. You nodded your head and grabbed your jacket off the ground, turning to walk away.
“Wait-” He gripped your elbow and you seethed at his touch, snatching away from him unabashedly.
“It’s not silly,” you cried out, tears filling you up and pouring down the sides of your face. He stayed quiet; eyes unsure how to process your emotions any more than you could. “But don’t worry.” You wiped at your cheeks harshly, ridding yourself of the useless tears that you cried over a boy who would never reciprocate your feelings. “I won’t come between you and Yuna anymore. I won’t bother you at all. I’m sorry I bothered you so much.”
You walked away from him and he didn’t come after you. He didn’t call your name. Didn’t hold your hand the rest of the day like he did when you were eight and felt scared and alone after a bunch of girls ganged up on you. You felt so alone walking home. And you couldn’t see the stars anymore.
You didn’t really care to look up and see them ever again.
Baekhyun didn’t call at all in the following days. You’d heard from Chanyeol that he and Yuna had made it official and you cried, hot tears that stung so ugly down your cheeks. It made you feel so stupid. How could you have clung to someone who cared so little about you for so long? The thought alone was devastating, but you knew it was only a partial truth. Baekhyun was your friend. He cared about you, and you knew that, but you could only handle friendship for so long. He could not have been that blind.
You laid in bed and thought over and over where you went wrong. Sure, you kissed him. You did, but was it really such a bad thing? He had to know how you felt. You never dated other guys. Called him when you were alone or sad. Made him dinner. Watched movies with him. You only ever wanted him. Was it that big of a shock?
His mother was the one who called you later that week to let you know about his enlistment. It shook you to the core, dissolved the foundation you had built to keep yourself grounded. Keep you safe. You waited for a call and text. A fucking email.
His mother called one more time, on the day he was scheduled to leave.
‘Please come say goodbye. You know he’ll miss you.’
You laid in silence for hours, staring at the ceiling, senseless tears rolling down the sides of your face. Should you stay? Should you go? The questioning mind you hated so much would not shut off no matter how much you begged for darkness to take over, and it all led you back to one thought: What if you never got to see him again?
You sprinted from the bus stop like your life depended on it, checking the time on your phone continually, as if a bomb would go off if you were late. There were people everywhere, wishing their loved one’s farewell, ignoring the frenzy you were in as you shoved through the crowd desperately. His mother had sent you a text with a vague location, but your mind was in shambles, no coherent thoughts, just absolute panic. You had to see him. You had to say goodbye.
When you spotted him, your blood froze over. You forgot how to breathe. Everything around you went silent. Your heart no longer raced. He smiled and looked at the people around him, spoke words you couldn’t hear, but knew they were making everyone laugh. He was always making everyone laugh. You stood away and watched, unsure of how to face him. How to look into his eyes when he was mad at you, just like you were mad at him. You had never been mad at him like that.
You watched him kiss Yuna on the cheek and almost walked away but felt cemented to the ground. He hugged his mom for a long time, let her pat his back and hold him for far longer than he was used to. When he pulled back, he was nodding at her, wiping her cheeks, an ever-diligent son who loved his mom more than anything. The light in his eyes when he looked at her; it was on that same long list of things you loved him for. Butterfly wings mending, you felt them flutter again in your stomach for the first time in a week.
They all waved at him as he walked away, time catching up too quickly. He walked towards you through the crowd, leaving everyone else and it felt like a movie. The crowd closed behind him as he walked closer, life moving in double time as you contemplated how to speak, how to think. How to tell him he had to come back because your heart was his.
It was at the exact moment that your instinct to run kicked in that he stopped in front of you. Six feet away, backpack slung over his shoulder, hat fixed on his head. You couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t stand the sight of his eyes, so inquisitive, so accusing. Like you didn’t belong there. You didn’t smile. Didn’t move. When he stepped forward, you let out a shuddering sigh. He shifted uncomfortably, hands in his pockets while you twisted your fingers so tight that your skin turned red. Flashbacks flew past your eyes, your hands on his neck, the taste of cinnamon.
You shook away the thoughts and took a deep breath.
“I just came to say goodbye.” You said dimly and he nodded, turning his gaze away, as if he couldn’t stand the sight of you. It broke your heart. Made you want to melt into the ground and disappear entirely. Instead, you built up every ounce of courage you had left and swallowed down the tears that begged to escape.
You blinked once. Twice. The sight of his face growing more and more blurry with the sadness you tried and failed to dry out. You cleared your throat and raised your hand into the air, gaze dropping to his shirt as you no longer had the courage to see his resentment anymore.
“Bye… Baekhyun.” You whispered, and his head turned towards you.
You looked up to meet his eyes once more and watched him soften. Watched him crumple from head to toe in the same way you did, like a curtain falling to reveal the show behind it. It took everything you had not to break. Not to collapse on the ground and beg him to run away with you, beg him to stay. His eyes searched your face for far too long before he swallowed hard, nodding a few times.
When he walked away, brushing past you without a word, your arms moved involuntarily, wrapping around his waist without fear or contempt. Your fingers gripped into his shirt too tight, clinging to him as if he would disappear if you let go. As if it were the last time you would ever see him.
He froze. Breathing uneven. Unsure. You sobbed into his shirt and he let you. He let you hold him and cry, and you were so grateful. So happy you could hold him one more time.
“Please be safe.” You whispered, voice thick with sadness.
He didn’t move. Didn’t shove you back. Didn’t force you to let go or reject your heart. Just let you hold him like that, let you sob freely despite everything that had happened.
He was your home. Your safety. Your anchor to reality. You had always felt that way, but he didn’t reciprocate those feelings anymore. Never letting you get too close, too comfortable.
After some time passed, he turned and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You only cried harder. The smell of his cologne, the skin of his neck, the feel of his fingers pressed into your back. You took the time to memorize it all, the sinking realization that it would be the longest amount of time you would have ever spent without him hitting you like a truck.
You felt his lips press against the top of your head and gripped his shirt even tighter, too scared to accept the finality of his goodbye. But just like that, his hands were wrapping around your arms, peeling you off like Velcro. He didn’t speak. Didn’t linger. Just walked away without so much as a glance back.
You felt the tug on your heart so severely that it took your breath away, tethered to a boy who left you alone and in pieces on the sidewalk. A boy who would never want you the way you wanted him.
You squatted down on the cool pavement; palm pressed to your chest until your heart settled enough for you to take a deep breath. Then came the crash. You disintegrated in that crowd of people, muscles alone pulling you up off the ground and walking you back towards the bus stop. Empty eyes cried the entire way home, and it was instinct alone that got you there. Common sense. If it were up to your heart, you’d probably still be sitting on that sidewalk waiting for him to come back and hug you again.
Baekhyun leaving hurt bad enough. What hurt worse were the weeks that passed by without a phone call. Without a letter. Your friends talked about the letters and texts they received like it was nothing, they got one every week, some of them twice a week. It never bothered you before, having the same friends as him, but it did then. It made you realize how alone you actually were without him.
Months passed by in an instant and you woke up every day thinking that it would get easier. That you would be able to get out of bed without feeling so hollow. So empty. That the ache in your chest would have to fade eventually, but it didn’t. Instead, each day that passed widened the hole in your heart.
You were sat in a restaurant, finger sliding through the condensation on your glass of beer while your friends talked about some story Baekhyun had wrote them about that week, and it set your chest on fire. Had your heart racing with betrayal. Your annoyance reached it’s threshold and you didn’t even feel the anger-filled tears coming to try to stop them.
“Why isn’t he writing me?” You asked thoughtlessly, tears trailing down your face. You half expected them not to hear you, and if they did, you expected them to ignore you. It didn’t work out either way you had imagined. They all stopped to look at you, eyes soft and concerned, full of pity, like you were some kind of fragile doll. It made you feel sick. Sehun opened his mouth to speak and you just as quickly cut him off.
“Forget it.” You said with rough hands wiping the tears from your cheeks. You couldn’t bear hearing the cover ups. The explanations. The apologies. You couldn’t even bear their sympathetic glances. You downed the rest of your beer, threw money on the table, and walked out without another word. It was the most you could manage.
Nothing felt good anymore. Nothing made you smile at things the way he did. Nothing made you laugh like he did. Nothing filled you up at all, made you feel complete. It was more than frustrating – it was crippling. How could he consume so much of your life and expect you not to fall in love with him? How could you not love him? He was Baekhyun. His eyes held the entire galaxy. How couldn’t you fall in love?
Time was not kind, not for you. You found yourself in bars kissing other men, pretending it was him that you were pressed against. His hands on your waist, his lips on yours. You acted like you could get butterflies in your stomach for anyone other than him. On good nights, you could almost hear his soft laughter in your ear, cinnamon breath, and gentle hands. On bad nights, you tangled your hands in their hair, dug your nails into their shoulder, let them wrap their hand around your throat, bite your lip, rip your stockings.
Both ways never felt right.
He came home to visit after four months, and you tried to be surprised that he didn’t call. Feigned shock when he didn’t come to find you, locked away in your apartment with both fear and wishful thinking. In all honesty though, you expected it. You felt his goodbye the last time you saw him and knew then that he wouldn’t come to find you. He wouldn’t ever seek you out again. That fact was devastating at first.
Six months passed though, and it wasn’t as complicated. Wasn’t as damaging.
Eight months passed and you could wake up in the morning without a weight on your chest. Could go to work and come home without seeing him in every street, every building, every face that you took home at night.
Life became easier. Your friends stopped mentioning him every time you got together, stopped bringing up their phone calls and letters. You could go out for drinks and laugh and didn’t feel the need to find company in a strangers’ arms just so you could feel something. Anything.
You could laugh at their stories, eat until your belly was full, talk about work and life and music.
Life became easier.
Until it wasn’t. Until you found yourself in the middle of your favorite restaurant and Yuna walked in.
She sat herself down at the head of the table and talked with everyone like she fit there. As if she was more welcome than you were. They poured her drinks, ordered her food, made sure she felt included while simultaneously pushing you over the edge.
“Baekhyun comes home in a few months you know.” She spoke to everyone, and they all shared their understanding, listening to her with purpose. “Don’t tell him I said anything, but…” You felt Sehun’s eyes combing your face and you downed another shot, eyes fixed on the table.
“I think he’s going to propose.”
You slammed your glass back down and everyone looked towards you for a moment. You didn’t return the glances. Didn’t care to excuse your outburst at all really. It was amazing, how easy that pain settled back in after nearly a year of avoidance. How it crept into the vessels of your heart and calcified your blood into shards of glass that ripped you from the inside out.
They all turned back to her, wishing her well and sharing their excitement for them. You only felt slightly betrayed, emptier than you previously thought possible as the remaining bit of hope you had unknowingly latched onto bled out while you downed one more shot.
You got up without a word, put your money on the table, and ignored their stares as you walked out. Walking home you felt the cold air seeping into your bones and wanted to feel nothing. You wanted your heart to stop beating for someone who would never love you, wanted it to stop beating entirely if you had no other choice. You stopped in another bar and it was only so long before your head felt fuzzy. Before you had your hands on someone’s shoulders, your back pressed up against a wall while their lips moved from your cheek to your neck, to your collar bone.
“Come home with me.” He said, voice rough and deep.
Normally you said no, pushing them away and going home alone, dreaming of the person your heart really wanted.
But he had eyes like Baekhyun’s. He smelled like cinnamon and you weren’t ready to leave him yet.
It was all too fast and too rough, him pressing you into his paper-thin mattress, pulling your hair, biting your lip. It wasn’t the gentle caresses or the soft kisses that Yuna probably got, and that thought alone had you asking for more. And he gave it to you. Hand gripping your cheeks, harsh words whispered into your ear. It was so different from what your heart wanted. So different from what you always dreamed about.
He finished after too long and you immediately got dressed, walking out the door without a word. He didn’t even try to stop you.
The following months passed by in a blur. You avoided everyone, spending more time at work and less time thinking, rejecting every phone call, every text. It was better that way. You weren’t someone who people could understand easily. Even the person who was closest to you on earth left you alone, so why would you keep anyone else around? You didn’t need any more loss. Didn’t need any more devastation.
When the empty feeling settled in your chest, you decided you preferred that over pain and loneliness. It was easier to feel nothing at all. On the weekends you drank until you forgot. Drank until Baekhyun’s face wasn’t the only thing you saw when you made out with someone. Until you didn’t smell cinnamon on their lips. Pretended that the stars at night didn’t remind you that once upon a time, you saw constellations in his eyes.
You drank until you half dragged yourself home, stumbling every 10 feet, laughing out loud like you had something to laugh at, when really the only thing listening was the wind brushing past you. It comforted you to know that even if were alone, the wind still caressed your cheeks, told you that it would be okay, even if it really wouldn’t.
You were almost to your apartment when you walked into some restaurant to eat before you slept, tired of the constant hangovers at work as much as your coworkers probably were. The bell above your head rang and you smiled at the sound, eyes half shut as you looked around for a table to sit at.
You straightened up at the sound of your name, vision adjusting to the room. Chanyeol. Sehun. The rest of your friends that you had been avoiding for months. They all stared at you like you were some ticking time bomb and you instantly frowned.
Of course, you would pick this restaurant. All you had done for months was dodge their calls, their texts, and there they all were, staring at you with sad eyes that made you want to crack. You could’ve stopped at the one on the corner, or the one that was right beside the bar you were at, but no. You chose that restaurant, of all places.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on you and you ran a hand through your tousled hair, smoothing out your clothes and smiling a little. No one spoke. No one smiled back. You noticed Yuna at the end of the table and chuckled a little at the thought that maybe they replaced you with her.
The empty seat to her right didn’t register until Baekhyun walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing the hat you got him for his birthday two years before.
He was smiling for a second until he saw you, and it quickly disappeared.
‘How did we get here?’
He said your name and you ran. Gone was that empty feeling you were so happy to have. The hurt that surged through your chest was enough to take your breath away. You rubbed at your eyes with dry hands and tried to keep it together. Tried to hold back the sobs that fought their way out of your throat. Tried to claw your way back to that empty feeling you worked so hard for.
“____, wait!”
You ran, begging God to swallow you into the earth, hide you away from the misery that was awaiting. Instead, you tripped on the sidewalk and fell, feeling as pathetic as you probably looked.
He was at your side in seconds.
“Are you okay?” He asked and you slapped his hand away when he offered it for help.
You attempted to pull yourself back up but stumbled again. That time, his hands wrapped around your waist, keeping you upright and pressed against him. The warmth of his sweater, the smell of his cologne. It was all too much.
You shoved him away and stumbled back down the sidewalk towards your apartment. When he started to walk beside you, you stopped and looked at him.
“Leave me alone.” You said and he stared at you for too long. The hurt expression he wore was surely a figment of your imagination, and you laughed at the thought that he might have been hurt by you. As you walked away, you shoved him to the side again, praying he would get the hint and leave you alone.
You could feel him trailing behind you in silence. Could feel his gaze fixed on the back of your head and goosebumps broke out up and down your arms. You hated everything about it. Hated that he could make you feel that way after so long, when you had convinced yourself that you hated him; convinced yourself that you didn’t belong to anyone but you.
You walked up the two flights of stairs in your building and bit your lip, begging him in silence to leave. To go and never come see you again. It was what you wanted, what you needed, but those butterflies you thought you had buried so long before were wiggling out of their graves and swimming up your throat for air. You were miserable.
“____,” His voice saying your name, the voice you had missed so much, it had your head whipping towards him with such severity, you would have thought he would be scared. Instead he looked calm. Worried. You missed his eyes so much. His voice. “Let me inside, you’re bleeding.”
He pointed to your knee and you didn’t bother looking, the sting of an open wound apparent. Instead you stared at him. He was thinner since you last saw him, hair growing longer since he had cut it, tucked under his hat. Sunshine skin, starry eyes. Tall and handsome. Baekhyun.
“Open the door.” He said and you did. Why did you? Why did you not feel angry anymore? Resentment replaced with longing as you pressed the buttons on the keypad. You felt the loneliness seeping through your pores as you kicked off your shoes and tried to hold onto the tiny shreds of strength you had left, but it was hard. Your heart ached for him, and he was right there. And you just wanted him to touch you.
He walked straight to your kitchen and pulled out your first aid kit, somehow unsurprised that he remembered where it was. He fit so perfectly there, like the only place he should have ever been was in your kitchen cleaning you up and making you better. With his back turned to you, he called your name again, going through all the supplies inside of the box. You walked up beside him and watched him pull out gauze, alcohol, a bandage.
It was too quick, him turning and wrapping his arms around your waist, catching you off guard as he picked you up and placed you on the counter in front of him. You gasped at his touch, chest against chest, but it was gone just as quick.
He immediately started his work on cleaning the wound on your knee and the look of concentration on his face made your heart constrict. Tears filled your eyes and you wanted so badly to make him leave. Overwhelming thoughts about how this would end with you crying and him leaving filled you up and the emptiness that hollowed out your bones at just the idea of it made you shiver.
“I heard you’re going to propose.” You said mindlessly and he paused, not looking at you. “To Yuna.” You continued, lip quivering at the sound of her name falling from your own lips. “You’re going to propose to Yuna?”
The last part sounded like an accusation and he didn’t ever look up at you, eyes fixed on your knee, as if all of the words he was supposed to say were written on a script with the blood that dripped out.
It wasn’t fair. He would leave there without you, but your heart would still go with him. After all that time, you felt just as small as you did the day you kissed him. It wasn’t fair.
“I’m happy.” You said, a lie falling from your lips like the tears that fell down your cheeks. He looked up and you wiped them away, missing the deep frown that formed on his features as you sniffled like a child, crying over something that would never be yours.
“Are you?” He asked. You couldn’t reply, eyes blurry with sadness, choked with the lump in your throat. He pressed a band-aid onto your knee and stood up, eyes fixed back onto yours. It was too quiet. Too real.
You looked at him for a long time. Memorized the things you hadn’t seen in so long. His puffy cheeks. The freckle under his eye. The way his eyebrow twitched sometimes when he was upset, nose scrunching slightly before he fixed his expression to what he wanted you to see, pulling back that same curtain he’d been keeping up in front of you since high school. It left you in pieces.
Your eyebrows scrunched together as you looked at him and you wanted to wrap yourself around him and never let go. But you didn’t. You stared at him on that kitchen counter and cried out the words your heart forced you to say.
“I’m happy if you’re happy.” You said, a partial truth. The tears wouldn’t stop falling and he didn’t say anything, just watched you cry in silence. When he reached his hand up, fingers brushing across your cheek and resting on your neck while his thumb brushed the tears away, you let out another sob and restrained yourself from clinging to him. Begging him to stay. You leaned into his touch and for a second, he looked almost as devastated as you.
“I just want you to be happy.” You said softly.
He was quiet like that for a few minutes, hand lingering on your cheek before pulling it away.
The room felt twenty degrees cooler without his skin pressed to yours and that only made you cry harder.
“I’m sorry.” He said too gently. Too sincerely.
And then he was gone.
You sobbed into your hands for a long time before you calmed down enough to hop off the counter. You walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, peeling your clothes off in your too silent apartment that felt too empty. You sat on the shower floor, hot water slapping you, and promised not to let him in again. Promised that this only happened because you were drunk - everything bad happens when you’re drunk. The alcohol made you lonely, you were truly just fine. Being alone was something you were growing accustomed to, something you had accustomed to. You promised to not let him touch you ever again. It was annoying the way that idea stung in your chest, but eventually the sting faded, and everything went dark, hot water turning to cold.
Feeling nothing was feeling safe (and you felt so safe).
click here for part II
A/N I am giving myself PTSD with posting a 2 part fic, but guess what y’all - I ALREADY HAVE PART 2 FINISHED (someone clap for me, it’s seriously an accomplishment ok). I was going to post this as one big fic, but it just seemed a lot simpler to read it in 2 parts bc it is nearly 20,000 words. Which is def a big one lolol. I hope you guys LOVE and I will be posting part 2 in a day or 2 after seeing how this one sits with ppl (i’ll be posting part 2 regardless, I just don’t want to upload at the same time). Love you all so much, this is something I have been working on for a YEAR and i needed it out of my system. Baekhyun is my ult and writing angst for him was a challenge, bc he is literally like my actual sunshine on a rainy day. I hope you guys love this as much as I do <3<3<3 Please reblog, like, send me a message!! I love hearing from you all!! I’m going to try to go through my requests today and get some finished, we shall see! Have the best day!!
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levitatingbiscuits · 8 months ago
star wars/atla crossover prompt: after his death obi-wan is reborn in atla
There were few things worse, to Obi-Wan, than leaving something half-done. Thankfully, for Jedi, “unfinished business” was hardly a concern; after death they still had an eternity to keep working for the good of the galaxy. 
When Vader’s saber cut through him, Obi-Wan was not afraid. 
But then he opened his eyes and found himself in a pile of baby lemurs and began to get worried.
I have a bad feeling about this...
Obi-Wan spent the majority of his second childhood--baby lemurhood?--worrying about Luke.
He hadn’t been able to bring himself to take Luke on as a padawan learner. He’d wanted to give the galaxy’s last hope a long and peaceful childhood, and thankfully Luke had gotten it. He was a young adult by the time the empire came, still naive and wide-eyed when his father had lost a limb and gotten married at the same age. 
Seeing Luke like that, so happy with the family his grandmother had been bought by, sometimes made Obi-Wan shamefully wish they’d left Vader on Tatooine the first time they met him. It was selfish and it was cruel, but then again, so was Vader.
Even so, Luke had gotten next to no training from him. He’d anticipated being around to guide the boy, even after death. He wanted, more than anything, to atone for his mistakes with the father by teaching the son to be better. That would not happen now.
He allowed himself to wallow until he was large enough, relatively speaking, to fend for himself. He hadn’t relished being carried about by a protective mother lemur and squashed by his... siblings, he supposed he should call them, and though he was grateful he wasn’t eager to adopt the typical lemur lifestyle. 
Now that he could come and go as he wished, Obi-Wan set out to explore this new planet. His new wings quickly became essential, as his surroundings were built as though for an avian race, or at least one that could fly. He quickly came to the conclusion that it must have been a temple, though one long abandoned.
And then he found the first body, bones stripped bare but otherwise undisturbed, and reconsidered.
He thinks that, if Sidious had left the Jedi temple in ruins rather than making it into his palace, it might have become something like this. 
The irony did not escape him.
Obi-Wan stayed in the ruins of another monastic order that had been eradicated, because he didn’t know where else to go. 
The Force felt strange here, as if it had taken a different color or a different shape, but its embrace was as familiar and as comforting as ever, its commands just as clear. And it told him that he must stay there.
Obi-Wan set about learning about this lost culture, as he hoped Luke would with his own. He found murals and statues and even a moldering scroll or two. The sect here seemed to have made a martial art out of Force use itself, rather than relying on lightsabers. They could move things without touching them, float, even fly with the assistance of gliders. Obi-Wan tried as many of the techniques as he could, with allowances for his inconvenient size and physiology, and some of them worked well enough. Even here, on a far-flung planet he’d never heard of, the Force still provided.
One day, children’s voices shattered the silence, and for a moment Obi-Wan feared that he was hearing the echoes of the massacre they had endured, just as he had when he saw the footage of his former padawan slaughtering the younglings. But no--these were present and excited, and when he crept up on them to watch, only one of them looked to be a survivor of the massacre--the other two had hair.
After a bit of a mishap with the older boy chasing him around the ruins in an attempt to eat him, which had devolved into hysterical cries about “air bending monkeys” after Obi-Wan had sent his club flying with the Force, the younger boy picked him up and laughingly explained that he was a flying lemur and “don’t be silly, Sokka, lemurs can’t airbend!”
Was that what they called the Force here?
Well. Obi-Wan supposed he could keep that ability under wraps, for now. He would have also been a bit perturbed to see a tooka-sized animal using the Force like a Jedi master, especially when he was young.
And then the boy found the body of his old master, which looked far too old for that to make sense to Obi-Wan, and flew into a rage unlike anything Obi-Wan had seen before, even when training the Chosen One himself.
He hopped on the girl’s shoulders when she tried to comfort him, even so, and projected kindness and safety and understanding to the child until he sank back down to the ground. The boy fell into her arms, and Obi-Wan hopped into his lap and let him hug him as he cried.
The girl, in her kindness and her maturity, almost reminded him of Padme as a child queen--but there was old hurt and rage there, lingering under the surface, that felt like Anakin had whenever he spoke of his mother.
But the boy... despite clearly being another Chosen One, in some capacity, he reminded him of Luke. His innocence, his grief, his idealism--all brought to mind the boy he’d left behind too soon.
And maybe, Obi-Wan thought, as he heard the boy speak of being the last of his order, felt his loss and his guilt and his anguish in the Force as if it was his own, he reminds me a little of myself, too.
In which the lemur really can airbend... in a manner of speaking. It sure looks like he’s airbending when he uses the Force, anyway. And he’s pretty helpful in teaching Sokka swordplay, too.
Inspired by that scrapped plot thread where they were gonna make Momo monk Gyatso’s reincarnation. I actually always really liked the idea. I thought it was touching and an interesting nod to the Air Nomad’s clear Buddhist roots, not to mention that line about Aang’s love for his people getting reincarnated into new love. Obi-Wan can’t really teach a padawan when he can’t talk but it’s still a lot easier than weathering Anakin’s terrible teens.
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zombryz · 10 months ago
chile, I want my guts DESTROYED by Broly or Whis. Ik saying Whis is a stretch, but idk, he's so fine to meeee. thank you 🥰
Hi Anon! I’m sort of a Whis girl myself (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵) please enjoy this lovely Whis one shot ~
Tumblr media
TW: smut, and some fluff ✧
Lord Beerus’ planet was honestly really pretty. It was concealed within a nebula and it appeared to be upside down although when you were within it you were always right side up. Strange, but beautiful. There was an enormous tree growing in the center which at the base held Lord Beerus’ castle. Every morning you would take in all its glory with your daily meditation ritual that Piccolo taught you. You have been here for going on four months now. Because you were human you had no need for training, but Goku and Vegeta insisted on you coming along to cook meals and to keep them company. The Saiyan’s would be so lost without you. You had originally rolled your eyes at the invitation but you couldn’t pass up traveling through the galaxy. Lord Beerus and his attendant, Whis, didn’t seem to mind. They were always in the mood for a good meal. It was also a perk having a destroyer on your side, imagine if someone on earth had looked at you the wrong way. Gods, not even luck would be able to help them. It had grown a bit lonely though, your daily routine consisted of; waking up, meditating, watching Goku and Vegeta train with Whis, prepare breakfast, go back to meditation, watch them train some more, cook lunch, talk to Lord Beerus when/if he woke up, sometimes watch godtube with Lord Beerus, cook dinner, go to sleep, repeat. Your routine was becoming tiresome and you ached for a change.
This morning you had been meditating, your regular schedule, you looked down to see Goku and Vegeta going head to head with Whis. Obviously, Whis had dodged every single attack made by the pair of Saiyans. Your hands were on top of your knees while you were sitting in a criss-cross position. You had lifted one eye up to watch them train. The Saiyans hadn’t interested you as much as Whis did. He was so smooth and had such a calming presence. You felt as though nothing could penetrate his defenses. Vegeta once told you that Whis was the one to train Lord Beerus and so that piqued your interest. While watching them train you had usually fixed your eyes on either Goku or Vegeta, but this time you couldn’t take your eyes off of Whis. Something about him was so elegant and intoxicating. He must’ve felt your peering eyes because in the midst of taking on four fists to the face he looked up at you, making eye contact causing you to immediately close both of your eyes. Shit, you’d been caught peeping. You hoped with his many talents that he couldn’t read minds, that would be embarrassing to explain to him the dirty things you had been thinking at that moment. 
Finally, it was dinner time. You had cooked up a large enough meal for your makeshift-god family. You made mountains of ramen, it all looked and smelled so delicious. The spices filling up the room causing your mouth to water. You grabbed one bowl for yourself and let them all dig in. 
“Thank you, Y/N,” Whis looked at you with sincerity in his eyes. He held direct eye contact for a moment. This was a different look for him, usually, he stuffs his face and would give thanks after. 
“You’re welcome, Whis,” you replied, giving a gentle smile. This interaction caused your heart to thump in your chest. He had singled you out before you were nothing more than the cook. If you were being honest with yourself you didn’t even know if he knew your name. 
After dinner, you found yourself in your bedroom, one of the many rooms in the palace. This always confused you because Beerus didn’t seem to be one for having guests over. You had just gotten out of your nightly shower patting your hair dry with a secondary towel. When you walk out of the bathroom that was attached to your bedroom, you see none other than the Angel himself, Whis. You froze, your first thought was that maybe you were seeing things. Why was Whis in your bedroom? He was standing there with his scepter in his right hand while his left hand was behind his back. There was a moment of silence before he began to speak. 
“I am not supposed to be doing this but after the way you looked at me today it confirmed it,” he trailed off at the end. You weren’t really following. 
“Whis, what are you talking about?” You questioned, raising a brow in confusion. He seemed a little nervous himself and you were glad you weren’t the only one having a mini panic attack. 
“I have felt attracted to you for a while now, Y/N. Today, when you looked at me during training your body language had confirmed that you feel the same.” He said this time sounding more confident than before. Your heart started racing, you thought this was just some silly crush but now an Angel was standing in your bedroom confessing how he feels about you. Your face was turning rosy when you realized you hadn’t responded to him yet. 
“Oh, um. Y-Yeah. I’m sorry if that complicates things for you. I didn’t even think Angels were capable of liking mortals.” You finally answered, unsure of where this was going to go. You were beginning to feel the weight of this whole conversation, not even thinking about the fact that you were still in only a towel. Angels definitely didn’t understand social cues, otherwise, this would be way more awkward. 
Without responding Whis hammered his scepter to the ground ordering it to undress you. Your towel dropped to the ground and you had no intention of covering yourself. Your cheeks had become completely red now, you were standing in front of the angel completely naked with your hair still dripping wet. Whis leaned his scepter against the wall and started undressing, removing his long black cuirass first and then his maroon robe not long after. Still in shock, you watched him remove every bit of clothing he had on until you were both standing nude and at each other’s disposal. Standing in silence you felt that this was oddly romantic, his eyes wandered down your body appreciating every part, every curve of it with a hunger in his eyes that you had never seen before. You returned the favor by letting your eyes trail down his body, starting with his perfectly chiseled jaw, just under was his glowing blue halo that fell at his collarbone, his arm muscles looked like they had been crafted by the gods themselves. His chest was perfectly swole and slender. His torso ended in a beautiful v-shape. He was standing with both hands behind his back, allowing you to take in his glory. When your eyes went lower you realized that he was already as hard as a rock. His dick was big and long and a lighter shade of blue than the rest of his skin. It looked so supple in the moonlight, his tip was a brighter pink and it had an iridescent glow of pre-cum at its tip. You wanted so badly to get on your knees, sucking off the Angel right where he stood. Your body tingles at the thought causing you to shiver.
Whis lifted two fingers and motioned for you to come to him, without even having to move your body you were flying to him through the air using his abilities. The space between you was very limited now and this caused your breathing to quicken. He towered over you and you couldn’t help but want to be dominated by him. Whis on the other hand was calm and eager. You stepped closer to him, that’s when you noticed his halo was preventing you from getting any closer. To fix the issue, you stepped underneath and into his halo so that now he shared his space with you. The halo was now wrapped around the both of you causing you to be forced closer together. Chests now touching, you looked up to see his face illuminated by both the moonlight sneaking in through the window and his halo that was humming a low buzzing noise next to both sides of your faces. The feeling was euphoric. He made one last gentle look at you before his eyes turned needy, he leaned down to kiss you. It was passionate and fiery, both of his hands came out from behind his back to grab and cup your face. His tongue wanting to explore your mouth so you slightly opened yours allowing him entrance. A moan escaped your lips sending him into a fury. His kisses became sloppy and hungry. His hands traveled down to your breasts, toying with your already hard nipples. He slightly pinched at your nipples before grabbing a fistful of your breasts causing him to inhale deeply. Growing impatient he reached down to pick you up so that you would be closer to him. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you to your bed. Halo still around you both it was the most intimate you had ever felt with anyone. It was as though you were tied to each other, causing an unbreakable bond. Whis slowly laid you on the bed, you were already soaking wet and ready for him. This time you grew impatient and reached for his cock, once you had him in your hands you lined him up to your entrance making sure to slide him up and down to gather your wetness. Whis kissed you between moans, the moment he slid in you both inhaled deeply feeling the pleasure of him inside of you, your lips still pressed together. With a few more pumps you grew comfortable with his size, you wanted him to quicken his pace. 
“Whis, faster. P-please,” you breathily mewled in his ear, he didn’t hesitate. He began thrusting into you harder and faster causing you to throw your head back in pleasure which only caused him to fall closer to you because of the halo. As he continued fucking you he snaked his hands up to your breasts, with his halo it was difficult but he needed you in his mouth. He leaned down slightly, bending his body enough to grab one of your breasts. He began flicking his tongue over your sensitive skin, you were quite literally in heaven. With his free hand, he began circling your clit with his thumb. Gods, this felt so good. You bucked your hips into him desperate for release.
You wanted to make him feel good too, you motioned for him to switch places. With a quick shift you were straddling him, his cock still deep inside your walls. You moved slightly as you got comfortable in the new position. His halo created the perfect closeness you needed to ride out your orgasm. Whis sat up and kissed down your neck and collarbone. He planted sloppy kisses all over your face. He kissed the tip of your nose and forehead, causing you to smile while you bounced on top of him. This reaction made him smile sweetly in return. You continued to grind against him, he lifted his lower body slightly to give you a greater closeness than you had before. While you were riding him he wrapped his arms around you holding you down on his cock shoving his length entirely inside you, holding you still while he thrust into you this time. A loud moan came from the back of your throat causing him to quicken his speed. You were reaching for release and god was he giving it to you, he kept massaging your breasts with one hand while holding you tightly in the other. You rode out your climax, clamping around him, milking his cock, not worried about if anyone else in the palace could hear your moans of pleasure. Whis wasn’t far behind, he quickened his speed steading out his thrusts so that he could come. He held you down on his cock shoving in and out of you while you bounced on top of him. His cock hitting the end of your walls each time. With his eyes closed, he threw his head back causing you to be pulled into the nook of his neck and shoulder. You planted kisses on the sides of his neck as you rest your head on him while he came hard inside of you. He felt so good. Without getting off of him, he remained inside of you, you could feel his warm cum spilling out from the sides of your walls and down your legs but you didn’t care. You were both panting, you were still laid against him quite comfortably where you were. You were in a hugging position and never wanted to move out of this spot. After a minute or two you sat up, still straddling him you took both of your hands and cupped them around his temples, pushing his tall, white hair down while you reached up to kiss him on the forehead. After the kiss, you pressed your forehead against his. He was your angel and you never wanted to leave this halo.
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primasveraas-writing · 12 months ago
And In Darkness, I Stand- Chapter 4
Kallus' leg is never quite the same after Bahryn. But then again, neither is he.
1  2 3 4 5
4. Yavin IV
“Captain Kallus.”
Kallus turns the best he can, gripping the handle of his cane as he does. Zeb is making his way over, his tall frame parting the flow of traffic in the hall.
“Kal,” Zeb amends with a smile, brushing a hand against the small of Kallus’ back. “Congratulations.”
“Thank you,” Kallus nods, and grimaces. “I don't suppose I can use my position to get out of physical therapy?”
“No. I’ll still carry you there myself if I have to.”
Heat flames across Kallus’ cheek, but there’s nothing he can say to defend himself. His daily routine has been centered around his recovery for weeks, despite his protestations. On his first day back, he reported to Command for an extra few hours rather than going to the medbay, which caused a small uproar among the likes of Hera and Zeb. The resulting situation was a lecture from Zeb and the entire medical staff, as well as a warning from Command as to where his priorities should lie.
But aside from the initial excitement, Kallus has settled in quite well. He has his own post and a small command to his name. He’s been forgiven by the Rebels in an official capacity, and has learned when to ignore the snide comments made by his less-forgiving compatriots. For the most part, his job is normal and steady- he’s in the company of fellow spies most of the time, but everyone on Yavin is well acquainted with danger, regardless of their roles within the Rebellion. He nearly fits in.
It would be better if he were not so limited by his physical ability. He cannot stand on his leg unsupported, so he has been using a cane constantly, save for a few small excursions across his quarters, which, so far, have been painful and short-lived.
Suddenly, Kallus is bad at keeping himself out of trouble, between his efforts to heal and his apparently lacking self-care habits. This is yet another change he attributes to rebel influence, but he rather likes it, even if he is adjusting to this new life slowly.
“You’re improving and you’re not going to stop now,” Zeb growls. He may as well be threatening Kallus, who minds this fact very little. His hand tightens on his cane.
“I know,” Kallus breathes, and drops his gaze. His next step forward is slightly unsteady, but he’s overly aware of Zeb watching him closely and that his friend is fully prepared to catch him should he trip.
Kallus hasn’t fallen in weeks. He can make it all the way across base without needing to rest now. The medics say the fracture is largely healed, and he thinks he must have made some kind of progress over the last few weeks.
“Are you coming with me?” Kallus tries not to sound too hopeful or excited; Zeb usually accompanies him to the medcenter for checkups and therapy, if only to ensure that Kallus himself actually attends.
“Of course.” Zeb glances at him. “‘Til you say you don’t want me there.”
“I do,” Kallus affirms, too quickly, and tries to discern if he’s blushing again. His face still feels hot.
They make their way down to the medcenter, where the staff greets him and Zeb both by name. The journey takes longer than he’d like, and Kallus tries not to count how many people pass him. It’s mid-afternoon by then, and his leg has started to twinge, although he turns away from Zeb and bites the inside of his cheek to get through the moments of pain.
Zeb steadies him as he strips off his jacket and boots, clutching Kallus’ left elbow. Kallus shoots him a grateful smile. He wobbles on one leg, unsteady, and he knows he will not fall.
It’s not Zeb who asks, but a nurse. Cida Amada, who was one of the first people he got to know during his stay in the medcenter. She barely looks old enough to have such responsibility, with her shy smiles and soft tones, but she and Kallus took a liking to each other. They made each other cry, he lost in frustration and agony, and she hurt after discovering his tendency to yell and swear when in crippling pain. Yet once he had apologized, their relationship improved, and Amada became his primary caretaker, which most predominantly includes cajoling him into showing up for his appointments.
She and Zeb seem to adore each other for this fact. Kallus can only pretend he hates it so much.
He nods, his mouth suddenly dry, and she reaches out to take his hand. He lets her, and Cida smiles at him, not meeting his eyes for more than a few seconds.
“It’ll feel better later even if it’s uncomfortable right now, Alexsandr. How have the last few rotations been?”
She is gentle and kind. Forgiving, too, which is the strangest of offerings he’s even been gifted in his life. Kallus mostly expected to be dead by now, rather than guided through a half-stocked medbay by a medic exclusively trained by war doctors. Cida genuinely likes him, too, which is odd. Both Hera and Zeb had to assure him of this fact, though Kallus is sure she wouldn’t be capable of pretending otherwise. He first had doubts about the girl’s abilities as a liar since she apologized for taking a blood sample from him. She is too good to lie, which, he supposes, is why he’s a former Imperial-turned-spy, and she is a rebel war doctor.
Cida stretches his legs and guides him through a few exercises that should be simple but prove exceedingly difficult for Kallus. He has to touch his toes. Climb stairs. Walk 2 meters with support on either side. He grits his teeth and sweats through it, mumbling curses that Cida and Zeb pretend not to hear when he inevitably falters.
His hands shake for an hour afterward. Kallus showers and lies on his bunk, exhausted.
His leg feels better than it did before.
 Had he stayed with the Empire, Kallus would have received higher quality medical care.
He might not be stuck with a limp and a cane. 
First, he would have needed to swallow his damned pride and ask for treatment, and then the initial break would not have affected him for the rest of his life. The Imperial meddroids would have returned him to normal in a matter of days, if not weeks, and Thrawn would have never rebroken the leg, even if Kallus had pursued life as Fulcrum. The Empire is equipped with better resources and better training.
But he didn’t ask for help, not upon his return from Bahryn nor any of the painful days after. Konstantine didn’t even look up at him. If anyone noticed he was uncomfortable or weaker, they politely looked away and saved that topic of discussion for when his back was turned. Kallus was alone in caring for himself, and it was thus unimportant to everyone in the Empire, including him. He adopted the same attitude regarding his own health.
Hera had caught him when he collapsed, after Atollon. Cida cried when he cried because she hated seeing him in pain. Zeb has been there for him in more ways than he can count.
Sometimes, Zeb calls him Alex. He hasn’t had that nickname since he was a little boy- his parents never bothered with it and he had few friends by the time he entered the Imperial Academy.
Zeb is the only one, in his entire life, who has called him Kal.
That’s yet another thing they share. Kallus has gleamed that Zeb never fully revealed the truth of what happened on Bahryn, even to the rest of the Ghost crew.
He does not know what would be enough to repay the Rebels. They have so little, yet they give to him, in time and effort and supplies and trust. It would be more just if these things were diverted to another, not to a formal Imperial, but they will not let him refuse their generosity.
Kallus would give his life for these people. For Zeb and the Spectres, certainly, but for those he does not know, too. For the ones who hurl dirty looks and harsh words at him in the mess and hallways, for Cida, for the other Fulcrums, for every rebel on Yavin and the galaxy beyond.
His life would not be enough, when they are the very people who have given it back to him. Kallus’ life is marred and stained and broken. He can offer the rebels service and secrets and loyalty, and he will do all he can to see them to victory. 
He wonders about that, too. He would be more confident about winning the war were he still an Imperial agent. He is a man of facts and logic, and he knows that the odds are against the rebels to prevail over the Empire.
But he believes in the rebels. Kallus believes in their cause and their people. That alone has carried them further than Kallus ever predicted.
He would give his life for them without thinking. He gives his hope and keeps his doubt and his cynicism, heavy as they are, so that they do not burden those like Pica and Leia Organa and Ezra Bridger.
Even as a rebel, being a spy still demands a certain mindset of coldness and hardness. Kallus is learning mercy, and he is learning how mercy does and doesn’t fit into his role. Draven has told him more than once that they serve the cause of the Rebellion, not its people.
Kallus is not sure he agrees. Draven has the end of the war in sight, and that is what grants Kallus peace of mind while the familiarity of Draven’s words nags at him.
Draven has also told Kallus that he is still useful, despite his leg. The General had looked at Kallus with pity while he had said it. Kallus will prove him wrong, and his heart sings with a small amount of pride with the knowledge of the difference he has made already under and to Draven’s command.
Kallus is trying to be good in his new role. He is also trying to become someone worthy of the friendship and care that the rebels have shown him.
He wants to be accepted by them. He wants to be their friend.
The use of his full first name startles him, nearly as much as the alarm in Zeb’s voice does. Zeb is staring at him from across the hangar, Hera by his size. The droid, Chopper, makes some obscene noise that Kallus can only assume is scolding.
The trio is at his side quickly, and Kallus grunts as he loads the shipment onto the shuttle.
“I can do that,” Hera says. She sounds mildly scandalized, and she takes the box from his hands. Chopper wags his mechanical arm at Kallus, and emits a horrifying cackle at the indignation on his face.
“No cane?” Zeb sounds surprised, but Kallus has had a good few days. He’s permitted not to use it for short amounts of time, given that his leg doesn’t start hurting. He and Cida are hoping that this will become the norm, that he will only need his cane some days. Kallus has floated the idea of field missions once or twice already, but he’ll push for more unsupervised walking first.
“Not for a while.” It’s nearly strange not to have the cane in his hand, but he’s been making good use of his free hands for a while. Then: “General, I assure you I am very capable of doing that.”
Kallus tries to take the next box from Hera, who passes to Zeb. In turn, he holds the box over their heads, then sets it in the shuttle.
“You could hurt yourself,” Hera chides. “Let us help you.”
“Lifting a few crates will hardly send me into critical condition,” Kallus protests, but the words are weakened when Hera glares at him. Chopper laughs again. “My leg is injured, not my arms.”
“No extra weight,” Zeb reminds him, taking another box from Hera. “Don’t strain yourself.”
“It’s just-”
“We’re happy to help,” Hera interrupts. She exchanges a look with Zeb, and Kallus bites back a retort. He’s perfectly capable.
The next time he sees Cida, Kallus is sure to mention lightening the restrictions on his carrying weight. She’s willing to negotiate, at the very least, and they argue until it’s agreed that Kallus can lift, but not carry, a few kilos. He’s sure to complain very little for the rest of the session, and the nurse sends him away with a smile at the end of the day.
She tells him he’s making progress; a statement constantly echoed by Zeb. Physical therapy becomes easier and less frequent; he’s fully adjusted to using his cane, although he has started to go many days without it. At first, it’s painful- he can only endure the day without his cane if he stays in Command, but then weeks pass and he can move around base on his own. He’s outfitted with temporary mechanical braces, and he goes on his first field mission as a rebel.
The days are not bad, and the initial mission goes smoothly, as do all the ones after that.
When night falls after he returns, Kallus can barely stand, and the pain reduces him mostly immobile.
Cida worms this fact out of him after he spends two rotations chasing down a rogue informant. He had been late to see her, and stiff and quiet during their appointment.
“You’ll make it worse,” she warns him. His leg has been swelling, too. “Too much at once will only hurt you.”
“I’m useful out there,” Kallus insists, staring at his injured leg. It would be a waste if he remained on base all the time. “If I can get stronger, then I can fight.”
Cida sighs, her eyes full of worry. Kallus looks away, his heart poisoned with guilt. “If you keep doing this, you may last a few months or a cycle. After that, you could spend the rest of your life walking with pain and assistance.”
He nods once. That’s as much time as he needs, regardless of what follows.
Kallus has greater potential than what his leg allows. He could be one of the best ground fighters on base, if his body worked right.
 “Does your leg hurt?”
Kallus grunts. “My leg always hurts.” He shifts, moving his lower body as little as possible, but Zeb moves into his full view a moment later.
“You shoulda said something on way back-”
“I’m fine, Zeb.”
“Your cane-”
“It hurts with or without the cane,” Kallus snaps, then averts his eyes. Zeb’s ears flatten, and Kallus’ stomach flips.
“Are you gonna use it now?” Zeb asks quietly. They still don’t look at each other.
Kallus reaches for the offending object and thumps it against the ground. “Yes,” he mutters. That’s the only reason he got here, in some dirty corner of the base. The cane saw him back from the medbay and into the spot where he had chosen to sulk.
Apparently, the covert location wasn’t quite private enough. That, or Zeb knows him too well, because he seems to have sought Kallus out with ease. But here he is, sitting on the floor with Kallus and watching the rest of the Rebellion walk by, totally oblivious to their discussion.
“Today is a bad day,” Kallus says. That’s how he measures time- in good days and bad ones. “I’ve been having a lot of those, recently.”
“You’ve been working hard.”
“I want to go back to normal,” Kallus mutters, rolling his eyes. “I’m sick of being weak. I’m tired.” He smiles at Zeb, his lips thin and pursed. “I’m done.”
“Alex.” Zeb is imploring.”How could you think you’re weak?”
“Because I can’t walk down the damned hallway!” Kallus scoffs. “Because I have gone through all this suffering and I am not better! And all I wish is that it would end!”
“That makes you weak, does it?”
“It doesn’t make me strong, Garazeb. Not the way you think I am.”
The Lasat next to him snorts. “Kal, I have seen you walk through hell and back-”
“That doesn’t make-”
“- I know how strong you are,” Zeb finishes, talking over him. “Do you trust me?”
Kallus blanches, his heart pounding. “Of course.”
“Then believe me when I say you’re strong.”
“I’ve never seen it that way.”
The words are nearly inaudible. It’s a shamefaced confession, and Zeb stares at him with wide eyes, taking both of Alexsandr’s hands in his.
“Just because I survived doesn’t mean I’m a martyr, Zeb. Or some inspiration to look up to.”
“That’s half of one of the many reasons I care for you,” Zeb whispers, his voice so, so low. “Not because you’ve managed to survive, but because of how determined you are. It’s the stupid face you make when you’re concentrating and the way your voice gets all high when you tell me about how fine and capable you are.” Zeb chuckles, and Kallus is very acutely aware that Zeb is sitting so close to him that their thighs are touching. “You’ve always been so damn stubborn.”
“You like that about me?” Some alarmed voice in Alexsandr’s head warns him that this is barely tangential to the topic at hand.
“Yeah.” Zeb’s ears twitch, and he drops his eyes from Kallus’ wondrous stare. “Even if it pisses me off.”
“I know it does.”
“Yeah,” Zeb growls, then he deflates as he sighs. “I’ve always known that about you. Even when you were trying to kill me.” He gestures to Kallus, to his brace and cane. “Seeing you recover is another way you’re proving this to me. Your absurd relentlessness. And your strength.” He glowers at Kallus when he says the last word, as if daring him to object. “You’ve always had that.”
“Someone better would have handled it with grace.”
“Maybe.” Zeb shrugs. “You’re tough, not a saint.”
“Thank you, Garazeb.”
Zeb rolls his eyes, shoving against Kallus’ shoulder gently. “Whatever.” He clears his throat. “Maybe all this made you stronger. I don’t care if you get back to normal, or whatever you’ve dreamed up for yourself. I only want you to be happy with where you were.”
“And go to physical therapy.”
“I don’t want you to be in pain.”
Zeb grins. “By the way, if you didn’t want the hurt from your serious injury to go away, then you’re twice as big of an idiot as I thought you were. I have no idea what else you expected.”
“I expected for it to last a few weeks. Not the rest of my life.”
“There’s nothing wrong with wishing for that.” Zeb looks up at the trees, and Kallus thinks of a burning world, razed to the ground by the Empire. Zeb didn’t come away from Lasan unscathed, he knows. “Whatever happens though, here you are, Kal. Even if all you’ve done is survive.”
Alexsandr reaches out for Zeb’s hand, and his friend takes it. Zeb’s words are muddled with affection and friendship and respect. The person Zeb describes sounds like someone Kallus can appreciate. Somebody with an iron will and a conviction for the right kind of things. Somebody worthy of love
 That night, Kallus cannot rest. He wanders the halls, on a dreadfully familiar path- the one Zeb takes him on when Kallus has to stretch out his leg. His feet carry him into the cool night air, his cane thumping against the stone after every uneven step.
Kallus searches for privacy, but he cannot make it far outside the base. There are still lights blinking from the hangars and a quiet bustle of nightlife shows that the base is still busy, but Kallus staggers along as far as he can and settles on a log under the cover of some trees.
“Can’t sleep?”
Alexsandr jumps, then he squints in the dark. Some 30 feet away is Kanan Jarrus, sitting on the forest floor with his legs folded beneath him. He appears to be meditating; his shoulder pauldrons and mask are off, and he sounds relaxed.
“I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Kallus calls. He fumbles with his cane and readies himself to stand; he’s still slightly out of breath and now he has nowhere to go.
“No.” Kanan stands instead and approaches Kallus, nimbly stepping over branches and rocks. Kallus stares up at the blind Jedi, then averts his gaze when Kanan takes a seat next to him.
They sit together in silence. Kallus doesn’t mind the company very much; he fiddles with his hands and does his best to ignore the aching in his leg.
“It’s lonely, isn’t it?” Kanan says finally. He turns to Kallus expectantly.
Kallus gives a nervous chuckle. “What is?”
“Healing.” Kanan opens his hands as if he’s referring to the whole jungle, instead. “Even with the people who love you at your side.”
Kallus opens his mouth to protest- he’s not sure who loves him, even if a few people come to mind- but the depth of Kanan’s words hit him a moment later.
“I don’t-” Kallus struggles for the right words. “I don’t believe I’m alone.”
Kanan nods slowly. “I had Hera with me every step of the way. She’s the most understanding, caring person I know.” Then, Kanan shrugs. “But it was impossible for her to understand what it was like, no matter how hard she tried. It was lonely.”
“Yes,” Kallus says slowly, exhaling.  “Even- even-”
“Zeb doesn’t understand?” He can hear the humor in Kanan’s voice, although Kallus cannot piece together why Kanan would be amused. “I think that’d be impossible unless he’d been through it, too.”
“Do you know anyone who did?”
Kanan shakes his head. “Not quite.” He smiles, and again, Kallus can’t comprehend why. “I had to find solace in other places.”
“Do you think you’re on the other side?”
“Of recovery?” Kallus inclines his head. “Yes. It’s different now.” Kanan’s smile becomes wistful. “But there’s no going back.”
“You made it through.”
“I did. And you will too. In time.”
“I want it to be over.” The confession falls from Kallus’ lips before he can help it. “I’m so tired of being in pain.”
“I know.”
“I don’t think it will ever pass.”
“And if it doesn’t?”
“Then…” Kallus sighs. “Then I move forward with it, anyway.”
There’s no other choice. He will stay with the rebels until the end, and he will do so however he can. He could lose his leg tonight or he could wake up entirely healed tomorrow morning. Either way, there will be little change to his plans.
“I thought you’d say that.” Kanan rests his hand on Kallus’ knee. “It gets easier.”
“I know.” It has already. Maybe Zeb is right. Maybe he is strong because of what he has survived, and maybe there’s truth to Kanan’s words, too. 
“I think you’ll find someone who makes it less lonely. I believe you’ll find yourself on the other side.”
Kallus bows his head in acknowledgment, suddenly exhausted. “Zeb will be yours again, once we get back from Lothal.” Kanan’s seriousness disappears, and Kallus knows the moment has passed. He can’t help that the corners of his lips are quirking up, and Kanan seems to both know and enjoy this fact.
“You leave soon?” The thought is bittersweet; the Lothal rebels returning home again, and Zeb will leave his side.
“Three rotations.” Kanan answers. His tone has become heavy again, but the Jedi does not sound afraid.
“I wish you luck.”
The earliest sign of civilization is a healed femur.
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izlaria · 11 months ago
Someone you like (part 1)
This work is inspired by the animatic called Someone you like by honestlyprettychill. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to do all of the povs showcased in the video, but I just really loved the idea that Lance would eventually come to like Pidge, a romance born from  years of friendship. Friends to lovers is my jam.
I’m posting this on tumblr in case I never finish it, because I just wanted to share what I’ve written so far. I might upload the whole thing to AO3 later.
I made some changes to the video’s initial idea, because I wanted to follow canon ages and I didn’t want a 14-year-old to fall for a 12-year-old. At that time, it’s a pretty big difference in development. So I wanted to establish the basis for Lance to eventually romanticize their first encounter, despite not having been attracted to young Katie.
Spanish to English translations at the end.
14 years old
The truth was that Lance went to Space Camp because Veronica could be a little pest. She knew their parents wouldn’t let her go alone and so had enticed her younger brother with the promise of travel and foreign girls and no parental supervision.
Veronica had obviously left out the fact that they were essentially going to school on steroids for a month, smack in the middle of their summer break. Cool as Miami might seem, Lance wasn’t exactly excited for all the extra work the camp would entail.
“No es un acampamiento,” his sister repeated for what felt like the thousandth time. He wasn’t listening anymore. “Tú sabes que el campo de explotación espacial no está muy desenvuelto en Cuba. Si realmente quieres trabajar con eso, entonces simplemente cállate y no insultes a nadie.”
“¿Cuando he insultado a alguien?” he shot back, defensive. Veronica didn’t dignify that with an answer.
As much as Lance might like to think himself very smooth, there were still times when he stumbled over his words, especially in English. More than once he’d meant to pay someone a compliment and had accidentally started an argument of some kind.
Veronica looked impatiently at her watch. “Mira, tengo una reunión con mi orientador. Y tú tienes por lo menos dos artículos para leer para las clases de mañana, ¿por qué no vas a la biblioteca para trabajar un poco? Prometo comprarte una hamburguesa después.”
Lance pouted at her, arms crossed over his chest. “Me debes más que una hamburguesa y lo sabes, Ronie.”
His sister snickered, but it was as much of an acknowledgement as he was going to get. Veronica pressed a quick kiss to his hair, already turning to go into the main building.
“¡Gracias, hermanito! ¡No te arrepentirás!”
In all honesty, Lance wasn’t as irritated as he made Veronica believe. He knew that a summer program in Miami was a really good opportunity, especially if he wanted to get into the Garrison in the following years. It was just difficult.
He was diligent and studious, but not as naturally gifted as some of the other kids. Besides, he hadn’t been to the US in a couple years, since his parents had mostly settled down in the family farm, which meant he still had to fall back into his English, a task made even more frustrating by the xenophobic comments from one of the boys in his AP geometry class.
The teacher had put an end to it right away, but the words stuck with Lance, for some reason.
With how much humanity had progressed in terms of technology, one would think they would be able to get past petty rivalry between nationalities and usually that was true, but the influx of foreigners following the establishment of the Galaxy Garrison in the US desert still annoyed some people, despite its existence as a multinational center for space exploration. It irritated Lance to no end, especially when so many of these scientific advances came from international collaboration.
If only he could shrug off the inadequacy that now grew in his chest.
Straight ahead, there was a path that led to a green area in the middle of the campus. The other students had taken to calling it the Woods, though it was more of a middle-sized park, with benches and picnic tables where anyone from the Institute could go to relax. That’s where Lance went, mind too full to really focus on homework.
He wondered if people would react that same way if he ever made it into the Garrison. He didn’t know how Veronica dealt with it all, especially when she was alone in Arizona most of the time. Barely a week had passed and Lance already missed his parents, the tenderness of home-cooked food and well-intended lectures.
No, he had to believe that Billy Underwood was an exception. The other kids hadn’t joined in on his taunts, even if no one had moved to defend Lance. It was still too early to make conclusions on his colleagues, especially when everyone had seemed so charmed by him before then.
Lance was so lost in thought that he didn’t realize he had been standing in front of one of the benches until a new voice broke through the peace of the park.
“Are you just gonna stand there?”
The words were somewhat harsh, but when Lance lowered his eyes to their source the girl winced, grimacing. She seemed to have spoken impulsively.
“Hmm, yeah.” Lance blinked at her for a moment, before finally sitting down on the bench. He made sure to leave space between him and the girl, not wanting to make the situation even more awkward.
“I didn’t mean to snap at you,” the girl said after a moment of silence. She looked at him sideways and her brown eyes seemed almost golden in the sunlight. There were freckles spread across the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks, and the green ribbon in her hair swayed in the wind. It was a soft sight, a contrast to the steeliness of her posture and gaze.
“It’s fine,” Lance hurried to assure her. She looked young, but so did he, and talking to complete strangers never failed to make him nervous. “Nothing like a little girl yelling at me to bring me back to earth.”
He gave her his best grin, the one reserved for first impressions and fancy parties. It was supposed to project confidence and kindness, even though Luis said he ended up looking a bit smug.
“I didn’t yell,” the girl pointed out with a light frown. Then her eyes shifted into a more calculating look. “You’re a bit of a goofball, aren’t you?”
“I prefer the term good-humored,” he replied jokingly.
She continued to stare. Lance got the feeling that the girl did this a lot. She had an untamed intelligence to her that Lance couldn’t completely understand. It was the sort of air that teachers sometimes carried, as if they could see something deeper in you if they looked long enough.
“It didn’t seem like you were feeling all that good-humored just now.” She tilted her head to the side, letting the words hang between them.
“Yeah, I suppose that’s true,” Lance found himself saying.
“Do you… want to talk about it?” She looked so doubtful that it almost made Lance laugh. The feeling, however, was overcome by the relief of finally having someone who would listen.
He had spent the week trying and failing to explain to Veronica what was truly making him feel down. She was too busy or too happy for Lance to tell her the truth, especially when it left him so vulnerable. After all, Veronica had taken to her work on the Institute like a fish to water. Lance was supposed to be more adaptable than this.
With the rest of his family away in Cuba, he felt unbearably lonely.
“Yes! Thank you!” Lance shifted in the bench to face the girl. She was taken aback by his enthusiasm, but didn’t move away. “There’s this cabrón in my class, who thought it was a good idea to mess with me, just ‘cause I said fábrica instead of factory in our first day here. He hasn’t really left me alone since…” he whined. “I speak two languages but somehow I’m the uneducated ass here!”
The girl nodded, eyes downcast. “I know what you mean.”
“You do?” He eyed the fairness of her skin and the almost ginger of her hair. “Sorry, but you look white.”
Lance’s comment must have taken her by surprise, because she actually laughed.
“I am white. I’m also Italian.” She rolled her eyes, but there was amusement in the tug of her lips. “I can be both.”
“That’s true.” Lance grinned sheepishly. It was good that she wasn’t offended by his lack of filter. “You don’t have much of an accent, though.”
“Neither do you,” the girl bit back, no real animosity in her tone.
He shrugged. “My family spent a lot of time in the US when I was younger. It used to be second nature to me. Now, I keep feeling like I have to hold back the instinct to roll my R’s.”
“I get that. My parents moved here right after I was born, but we used to speak Italian in the house.” There was a pause here, something that she couldn’t bring herself to say. “I think it’s cool that you can speak Spanish. It’s useful.”
“Yeah?” Lance sat up straight, feeling suddenly boastful.
“Sure!” she continued, encouraged by his interest. “The Bouman Aeronautics Research Institute really values multiculturalism! It is a hob of different nationalities and perspectives, created to foster new minds from around the world! Or that’s what my brother says, at least, and he is rarely wrong.” She gave him a smirk that quickly shifted into a grimace. “Don’t tell him I said that or he will never let me forget it.”
“Older brother?” At her nod, Lance smiled. “I got older siblings too. Sort of the reason I’m here in the first place, actually. One of them was accepted as a researcher and she tricked me into applying too.”
“Same, actually.” She seemed startled for a moment, pulling out her cellphone. “Freak, I have to go! I completely lost track of time while reading.” She got up to go, collecting the book she’d apparently put down to talk to him. It was a thick volume with numbers on the cover, but it didn’t look like math.
Another green ribbon fluttered to the ground, having escaped the pages of the book. Lance bent down to pick it up.
“Here.” He stretched it out to the girl. “Wouldn’t want to lose its pair,” he said with a wink.
“Thanks for reminding me!” She grabbed the ribbon hurriedly, then paused, turning back to Lance. “And for the conversation, I guess.”
Lance grinned at her. She was a little awkward but in an endearing way, like she wasn’t used to having the attention of others on her. Given she empathized with his circumstances in the Institute, it wasn’t that big of a leap to assume that she had trouble making friends.
“Bye bye, Italian girl.” He waved, glad that he could spend these few minutes with her.
“Farewell, Spanish boy.”
Lance meant to correct her about his nationality, but she took out running, clearly late for something. He laughed at the way she stumbled across the uneven ground, careless like a little kid. It was a strange juxtaposition: the thoughtfulness of her earlier words and the childishness of her smile now.
He settled back into the bench, feeling much more content than he’d been earlier. It was nice to talk to people outside of class, for a change.
And, well, Italian girl was pretty. A bit young-looking for him, but he thought guys her age should be tripping over their feet for a chance to talk to her.
“Hey, you’re Lance, right?” A boy had approached while Lance observed the girl disappear from sight. He was tall and robust, with shortly cropped hair, but his expression was friendly. “You’re in my Analytics class.”
It took Lance a second to place him. Analytics was one of the classes Lance struggled with the most, so he hadn’t had as much opportunity to joke around there.
“And you’re Hunk!” Lance snapped his fingers, smiling. “Sit down, man! What can I do for ya?”
“No es un acampamiento.Tú sabes que el campo de explotación espacial no está muy desenvuelto en Cuba. Si realmente quieres trabajar con eso, entonces simplemente cállate y no insultes a nadie.” - “It’s not a camp. You know that the field of space exploration is not very well developped in Cuba. If you really do want to work in this area, then simply shut up and don’t insult anyone.”
“¿Cuando he insultado a alguien?” - “When have I insulted anyone?”
“Mira, tengo una reunión con mi orientador. Y tú tienes por lo menos dos artículos para leer para las clases de mañana, ¿por qué no vas a la biblioteca para trabajar un poco? Prometo comprarte una hamburguesa después.” - “Look, I have a meeting with my coordinator. And you have at least two articles to read for tomorrow’s classes. Why don’t you go work for a bit in the library? I promise to buy you a burger later.”
“Me debes más que una hamburguesa y lo sabes, Ronie.” - “You owe me more than a burger and you know it, Ronie.”
“¡Gracias, hermanito! ¡No te arrepentirás!” - “Thank you, little brother! You won’t regret it!”
Cabrón - Bastard
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bots-basket · 9 months ago
Safety in numbers #4
{ This chapter is kinda long- 030 }
Balan been searching around the entire theatre for the little visitor after he had sent those gentlemen on their way. But so far he had no such luck. Where could have she gone? The only place he hadn't looked was in the wonderworld.. but she shouldn't have been able to enter it without his permission. Still- He should at least head to the Bout tunnels and look anyways. When he first approached the hidden tunnel opening- he realized it wasn't too hidden. Somehow the whole doorway was wide open! Practically anyone could get into it now! This riled up much concern with the magical maestro as he headed into the Bout portal, now a little more desperate to find the missing child. Judging by the way she acted before, She Was in no way ready for wonderworld just yet.. Not even close. But finding her would prove to be much more difficult than Balan realized.
After closing the bout tunnel behind him, he began to travel in-between the different mindscapes connected to the wonderworld- hoping to reach the isle of tims. Since She probably couldn't enter any of the mindscapes by herself, she should have been sent to the isle of tims... At least that's what he predicted. But then again, she did enter the wonderworld by herself.. so whos to say she couldn't enter the mindscapes aswell? That's when something Odd started to happen. Passing through the bout tunnel in Jose's mindscape- the colors had begun to fade into a gloomy purplish color- and it was much darker than it used to be inside. Wait.. what's happened? the colors faintly remind him of Lance's- But it didn't make sense for Lance to bother with the bout tunnels considering how he uses them to travel aswell. What reason would he mess with them now? Either way, If Balan's guard wasn't up- it definitely was up now. At the exit of the bout tunnel, The usual entryway was blocked off. but unlike usual it was blocked off COMPLTELY by strange black crystals. Despite the eerie atmosphere of the bout tunnel Balan didn't pay the entryway much nevermind, assuming that this was all in-fact a Lance 'prank' Afterall. He focusing his power- he conjured up and Energy Ball and threw it at the entryway like how he'd usually do to get past Lance's barriers.. Except the unusual happened. The barrier didn't break- It didn't even scratch. Balan raised an eye ride before attempting it again, but a little more powerful this time. He got the exact same results. Before he could attempt a third Blast however, That's when things got exponentially worse for him.
Suddenly More Black Crystals Shot up from the sides of the bout tunnel- along with some from the main crystal as they headed straight for Balan. Although slightly startled by the development he bobbed and weaved out of the way of the advancing crystals. Had he.. Angered it?! how is this even possible?! Either way it's going to be troublesome getting out of this tunnel.. ----- Meanwhile -----
Lance had arrived at the scene from once the purple smoke had originated. The area had been disturbed by multiple people as there was many footprints in the dirt- but other than that there was nothing else out of the ordinary. Nothing broken, nothing missing. He Created a few extra Negati to examine everything a little more closely as he oversaw the operation. But the real reason he didn't look himself was because his mind was too preoccupied.. How did he not sense this many people enter the mindscape? It would be one thing if just one person slipped through his fingers- but a whole group? First that girl, and now whoever left these footprints. Something about that just doesn't add up. A Hissing squad of Negati brought him out of his thoughts. They had all collectively circled around something on the ground. They were hissing at it but made no attempt to get close to it.
Lance floated down and walked over to get a closer look at the object that was making them so upset. gently picking it up with one of his hair tentacles, he saw that it was some sort of tiny capsule. there was a little bit of purple power inside, but it was too small to do anything. Yet it was still upsetting the Negati to the point where they hissed at their master when he went to touch the power with his dainty fingers. apparently whatever this was.. it was dangerous. He should keep hold of this just incase. He dropped the capsule into one of his mini negtai portals, and his Negtai calmed down once it was gone. There was no sign of a weapon that made that Bang sound earlier- so Lance deduced that whoever was here before had taken it with them. At least most of the excitement was over.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" !!
The Sound of the girl's scream rang throughout the mindscape as the Negati master made no Haste to head towards the sound As quickly as possible. For some strange reason he couldn't access a bout tunnel.. so he had to make it there on his own accord... He just hoped he wasn't too late.
------- Rosie nearly fell over from shock as a Gigantic Wolf creature was staring down at her with a menacing look in its eyes. The Negati that were once chasing her had tried to defend the child, but were easily swatted away and dispersed back to their realm by the wolf... Leaving Rosie alone to fend for herself. Rosie actually liked dogs, but something about this one in particular really rattled her.. especially with it's pure purple eyes Staring down at her with obvious malicious intent.. Oh if only she hadn't accidently run into it- But with whatever those little black floaty things chasing her, Of course she wasn't paying attention! Rosie frantically glanced around for any means of escape as The Wolf Crept closer to her bearing it's toothy fangs. Looks like the only was out was back from once she came.. With her hands gripping onto the glowing mindcores in her hoodie pockets, She made a break for it. The wolf didn't hesitate to give chase as she tried to return to the road. But that wasn't meant to be as the edges of the ground broke off and separated! Now Rosie and the beast were ontop of some sort of floating island- Making her absolutely trapped with the creature. Taking advantage of the girl's discombobulation from the ascent into the air- The Wolf jumped infront of her, Knocking her over with the sheer force of the landing. The Little mindcores in her pockets tumbled out from the fall and laid right before the trembling child.. too tired and frightened to move and grab them. The sight of the looming figure of the wolf kept her stuck in place..
Lance had just made it over to where they were when he saw the scene before him. What was going on!? He immediately raised his arm to form an engery link- commanding the mindscaper to cease their attacks- but something was wrong. He.. He couldn't get through to them!? No matter how hard he tried, the Negati master couldn't reach or hear the Mindscaper, let alone command them. He couldn't stop him.
The Wolf gave a Loud toothy Snarl as it stood over the girl and the little glowing orbs, Each pulsing a brighter glow as every second passed.. The girl shut her eyes tightly as she knew what was going to happen next.. "NO!" Lance desperately called as he Dove towards the two, sending his hair tentacles to attempt to pull the girl out of the way of the out-of control hound. No- no no no no NO!
He wouldn't make it in time-! ..... ..... .....
Suddenly Lance felt a bit of his power leave him that very moment...
As if like clockwork, A Bright Flash soon covered the entire area for a split second, And then the next thing to be seen was the Wolf monster slamming into the ground away from the child.
As Lance turned to see what could've been responsible for sending the wolf flying.. He saw a Large pantherlike being rivaling the size of the wolf itself standing over Rosie in a protective manner.
It was completely made out of energy.. and had a galaxy aesthetic to it.. except that it was completely light green aside from some purple embroidery highlights that looked similar to that of Lance himself. But the most defining feature, was the mindcore in it's chest, now glowing a steady green color a little darker than it's entire body.
" .... Bass..?"
Rosie looked up to the feline and quietly whispered his name.. before she completely passed out.
The Energy Feline's eyes softened a little as it looked down to the girl, before completely doing a 180 and becoming silted When he turned to the wolf getting back up. His fur stood on end as it hissed at the wolf with great passion..
Looks like there's gonna be a fight.
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starlightkenobi · a year ago
Can you do an Anakin one shot where you two have been life long friends and you both realize you’re in love with each other? Smut is totally acceptable lol! I absolutely love your writing!!
hell yeah! (watching season 6 ep 6 of tcw for those immaculate anakin vibes while writing this 🥴) and i may have gone down a “wanting to suck anakin skywalkers dick” train of thought and couldnt stop thinking about it so this happened
also anakin calls the reader baby a lot in this cause im feeling some type of way after seeing that anakin baby video,,, anakins bitches gc you know what im talking about
Just Friends // Anakin x Reader
rating: explicit
warnings: oral (giving), dom anakin, praise kink, use of the names master/kitten
Tumblr media
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
Three loud knocks on the door to your quarters startled you awake. That is, it would have startled you awake if you were able to fall asleep in the first place. It was pretty common for you to struggle with sleeping, but some nights were better than others. Tonight was not one of those nights. Although you didn’t want to admit it, you were relieved for the sudden knock at your door because you knew exactly who was behind it.
Not caring that you were only in an over sized t-shirt that stretched past mid thigh and covered your underwear, you made your way to the door as quickly as you could without stumbling in the dark. Once you opened it, you were greeted by a familiar sight, Anakin, his face red and his eyes puffy, both from crying and from sleep deprivation. Tear tracks stained his face that you could see glistening in the moonlight. Without hesitation, you wrapped your arms around him tightly. Anakin immediately returned the display of affection, his body trembling.
“It’s okay, it’s okay now. I’m here. I’ve got you.” You pulled away, rubbing your hands up and down his sides in a comforting motion. He didn’t even need to ask to come in. This exact event had happened so many times that the second you took his hand in your own, he just followed you inside.
You and Anakin had been friends since you were both very young, just children training as padawans. You grew up together, and as the years passed, you became inseparable. You had always been very close, but as you both became adults, you began to do things that some (especially the council) would consider odd for “just friends” to be doing. One of these things was Anakin’s late night visits. He always struggled with nightmares ever since he was a little boy. As his best friend, of course you knew this. But as he got older, instead of going away, they got worse. More gruesome. So, to combat his sleeplessness and fear, he would stop by your quarters so that you could hold him and comfort him, and he would fall asleep peacefully in your bed.
Still holding his hand, you guided him to your bed through the darkness, pulling back the covers and sitting down. You slid over, leaving a spot for him to curl up next to you. He eagerly took the opportunity, sliding into bed and into your open arms. You were safe, shelter from the storm that was his constant nightmares. Even in his own bed, he never felt at home, not until he was in yours. 
Anakin knew what this meant, he wasn’t stupid. But he was also in denial. He was trying to deny it, at least. However, tonight was different. Anakin had a dream about losing you tonight. He was used to having these types of dreams, where you would die and he would stand by helpless. But tonight, it was him who killed you. He was especially shaken up about this one, and immediately rushed to your aid.
Now, here he was, nuzzling into your neck and holding you against him. More like crushing you, afraid that if he didn’t, you would disappear and leave him. You would be lying if you said that Anakin wasn’t your only safe place too, so it was actually comforting feeling him crush you in his arms. You moved one of your hands free, tangling it in his hair and massaging his scalp gently. Anakin had a thing for you playing with his hair, it always managed to soothe him. Occasionally it would cause a very specific problem, one that Anakin would have to take care of himself in the morning. You pretended not to notice for his sake, but you noticed every time. It didn’t necessarily bother you, in fact, it caused a very specific problem of your own. But you were also in a similar state of wanting to deny any “more than just friends” feelings that you had.
Tonight though, Anakin was tired of denying. He was feeling extremely bold. So, brought his head back from the crook of your neck, now face to face with you. You gave him a puzzled look. Usually in these scenarios, he would just pass out in your arms and sleep like a baby after some “friendly” cuddling. 
It was now his turn to lace his fingers through your hair, combing through the strands gently. Even in the dark room, only dimly lit by the moon from outside your window, your eyes shown. He moved his other hand that had been gripping your waist to your cheek, brushing the soft skin with his thumb. “You’re so beautiful...” He murmured, almost in awe. As if he had known it all this time, but this was the first time that he was truly admitting it to himself.
“Anakin...” You didn’t know what else to say. You waited for him to do something, to make a move while he brought his face closer to yours. Tentatively, he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. Your mouth hung agape, completely at a loss for words. You felt like you had been waiting for this for an eternity, but now that it was happening, you were stunned. He pulled away, leaving the ball in your court. He was waiting for you to give him some sort of sign that it was okay for him to continue. You knew that he was waiting for your permission, but you didn’t know what to say. You wanted everything from him, his lips, his hands, his cock, you just didn’t know how to form the right words to ask him for it. Panicking, you blurted out the only thing that you knew for certain, the only thing that felt right. “I love you!” It was true, you did love him more than anything in the galaxy, and finally being able to admit it to both him and yourself was a feeling of relief unparalleled. He understood what you meant, immediately knew what you wanted. He always knew. 
His lips crashed against yours, his hand gripping your hair and pulling you towards him with such ferocity that you were left breathless. He growled against your mouth before pulling away to kiss his way down your neck. “I love you. I love you. So much.” He kissed the words into your skin, and you couldn’t help but moan as he decided to leave deep purple marks on your neck. You could have scolded him, pushed him off so that he wouldn’t leave obvious marks that everyone would be able to notice, but you didn’t care. You wanted him to mark you up. You wanted to belong to him.
He moved you like a ragdoll, rolling you over so that you were on your back and he could tower above you. His hands traveled up and down your sides, your shirt riding up and exposing your bare thighs to him. “Is this alright, love?” He knew that this was what you wanted, but he needed to ask your permission before he took this any further.
Enthusiastically, you nodded. “More than alright.” Your voice was breathy and eager.
Anakin hummed a response deep in his throat that made you shiver. “That’s my good girl.”
You knew thay you were in for it now. You had seen this dominant persona in Anakin before, whether he was placing his hand on the small of your back in a public setting or rushing in to “save you” from a group of droids, even though you totally had it covered. In general, Anakin Skywalker was just a very protective and dominant person. This however, was on another level, a level that you were pleasantly surprised and extremely turned on by.
Anakin grabbed the hem of your shirt, letting you lean forward so that he could tug it off of you. “My good girl.” His tone was so deep and dominant that it sent chills through your body. Anakin noticed, chuckling. “Awww, baby...I haven’t even touched you yet and you’re already trembling for me.” A smirk tugged at his lips and he ran his hands over your now bare chest. He reached your breasts, pinching each nipple between his fingers. You mewled, your sensitive nipples sending shockwaves of pleasure through your body.
It was here that you realized how overdressed Anakin was. Impatient, you reached towards him, making a grabby hands motion until you could stretch far enough to claw at his clothes. “Alright, baby. I know.” His hands left your body, making you whine. “Be patient, baby.” Slowly, to make sure that he was teasing you, he undressed himself. Every time you reached out to touch him, he smacked your hand away and told you to wait.
“Anakin...” You groaned, staring at his bulge with wide eyes. You could have sworn you were drooling.
“You want it that bad, huh baby?” He traced his fingers over the outline of his bulge, letting out a shaky breath at the feeling of finally getting some friction.
“Please Ani...” You moaned as you spoke, dreaming about being able to hold his cock, to make him feel good, to feel him inside of you.
Anakin chuckled, slowly pulling down his boxers and letting his erection spring free. If you weren’t drooling before, you sure as hell were now. All of a sudden, the thought of having him burried in your cunt left your mind. You wanted him in your mouth. You wanted to feel the weight of him on your tongue. You wanted to make him feel good after everything he’d already been through tonight.
Anakin noticed you staring, but he didn’t mind. He thought it was adorable. “Darling, you’re gonna have to tell me what you want.” Anakin’s erection bobbed as he moved to crawl back on top of you.
You cleared your throat, desperate but still anxious to tell him what you wanted. Trying to speak, you opened your mouth but no words came out, leading to you just staring at his cock with your mouth agape. Anakin lips formed a soft smile, the kind he gave whenever he wanted to reassure you that everything would turn out alright, and that he was here for you. Anakin’s smiles always seemed to have that affect on you, whether it was intended or not. “It’s alright, baby. You know that I’ll give you whatever you need.” His hand moved over to your face, brushing the hair out of your eyes gently.
Finally, feeling reassured and a little more confident, you stuttered out a response. “I w-want...to make you feel good. I want your cock in my mouth. Let me taste you Ani, please.”
Anakin smirked, surprised at first by your filthy mouth, but still definitely very pleased. “Of course, baby.” Anakin cooed, rolling you both over so that you were now straddling him. Slowly, you slid you way down his body, your hands tracing over his toned chest until they rested on his thighs. Your tongue darted over your lips, already almost moaning at the thought of having his cock resting on your tongue.
Tentatively, you took his cock in your hand, realizing how huge he was in comparison. Your thumb swiped over the head, gathering the precum onto your finger and bringing your hand back down to the base. Anakin immediately groaned at the contact, his fists tangling in the sheets impatiently. Now you realized how much power you had over this situation. Smirking, you ran your tongue up his entire length, never breaking eye contact with him.
“Don’t tease me, baby girl. I don’t think you’ll like the consequences.” Anakin growled, warning you. You giggled at the prospect of that, fantasizing what he might to do you. Now, you were feeling bold. Ready to test the boundaries a little bit.
“Is that a promise, master?” You giggled, eager to see how far you could push him.
Anakin’s hand immediately reached down to tangle in your hair forcefully. “Keep it up kitten, and I’ll be sure to fuck that smart mouth of yours.” Fuck, you felt your pussy clench and you moaned at his words. “You like that, huh baby? You like being my little kitten?” Anakin’s voice was low in his throat and so damn dominant that you couldn’t help but whine. He chuckled, nodding at the confirmation to his own theory. “You do...you love being master’s little kitten.” He paused, giving your hair a sharp tug. “But if you want to be master’s good kitten, you’re going to have to suck me off, alright baby?”
You nodded, giving a little “Mhm!” in affirmation. Already, you were wrapping your lips around the head of his cock. Anakin moaned immediately at the feeling of your warm mouth.
“That’s it...good girl, just like that.” He kept his hand in your hair, helping you ease down onto his length until you couldn’t take anymore, your hands wrapping around the rest. “Good kitten. That’s perfect, you’re doing so good for me.” Anakin groaned as you eased yourself up and down his length. You gagged a little when he hit the back of your throat, but you quickly got used to his size.
Anakin guided you through it, his hands stroking your hair and giving you praise along the way. “Perfect...suck a little, kitten. Just like that, ugh yes, that’s it.” He was quickly losing control, thrusting his hips up so that you could take him deeper. The moans that were filling the room were heavenly, you couldn’t imagine anything hotter if you tried. You were dripping now, most likely soaking through your underwear. You moaned around his length, sending vibrations that caused him to release an almost feral growl.
Anakin was almost fucking your throat at this point, and you dug your nails into his thighs to ground yourself. “Ugh, fuck! Look at me, kitten.” Your eyes, previously closed, snapped up to his. A single tear slid down your cheek, most likely due to you surpressing the urge to gag around him. “You’re gorgeous, kitten. Such a beautiful baby. How did I get so lucky...fuck.” His eyes shone a deep blue that flickered in the moonlight, and his mouth hung agape while he groaned in pleasure and praised you. “Keep going darling, I...” He trailed off, but he didn’t even need to finish his sentence, you knew what he was going to say.
Shakily, Anakin pulled you off of his length by your hair, using his free hand to stroke himself. He was babbling a string of praises while your mouth hung open, waiting for his release to land on your tongue. “So perfect baby, you’re so perfect, I love you so much...fuck!” Strands of hot cum landed on your tongue and around your mouth, and you moaned as a pang of arousal shot through you. As his cum filled your mouth, you realized just how badly you were craving to be touched.
You closed your mouth, savoring the taste of something so entirely him. Swallowing, your eyes trailed over his heaving chest to meet his. Anakin moaned, feeling another tinky spike of post orgasm pleasure as he saw you swallowing his seed. His hand stroked through your hair gently, comforting you. “That was perfect, kitten. You’re so good to me.” You smiled, basking in the praise, but wiggled your hips impatiently as you were now craving some kind of release.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Come up here, baby. It’s your turn.”
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punkrock-writer · a year ago
Space Cowboy- Part 1
Having a Very Bad Time at Disney World
Pairing- Din Djarin x F!OC
Warnings- Swearing. A lot of bad words. Mild Violence. 
A/N- The response to this fic is overwhelming I woke up and wanted to cry, thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged and followed me. And thank you to everyone who went to AO3 and left kudos and comments ily. This introduces my OC Sedona. She's a little rough around the edges but I hope you like her. Feel free to message me or comment if you like it or hate it, I like talking to people. Thank you again. 
Prologue AO3 Wattpad 
Tumblr media
The musty, thick, Florida humidity did little to stop her body from practically vibrating as she gazed up at the sight before her. The grand entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge stood proudly, casting an arch shaped shadow that she stepped into to get a better look. Faux sandstone and waving flags beckoned her into the park, and she gladly followed with a face splitting smile. She had been saving for this trip for what felt like a life time; overtime had finally payed off, and she couldn't wait to spend an entire week in "the happiest place on earth"...
Or so she thought.
Sedona smiled as the butterflies fluttered in her stomach, gazing up at the Millennium Falcon was like a dream. The ship was massive, and fit snugly within the surrounding attraction. She wouldn't consider her self a 'super fan'- she doesn't know the names of the planets in a galaxy far far away, and she definitely couldn't name all of the different space races- but the beauty of the universe awakened the child that was buried deep in her soul. Nostalgia and adult money were a deadly combination.
It didn't help that the casting department knew how to cast the perfect eye candy to keep a grown woman entertained.
She dragged herself away from the massive ship. Though she told her self she wasn't obsessed, she still unconsciously decided to carve an entire day out of a week long trip just to roam around Batuu. She took as deep a breath as she could of the hot air, just beginning to get used to the uncomfortable way her hair curled and clung to the sweat on her neck. The air smelled like an amusement park, little kids vomit, sweat, and caramel corn. She walked leisurely, her sandals dragging on the pavement as she passed stalls and a makeshift cantina, making her way under another gigantic arch. Voices and music filled her ears, she let her guard down, allowing herself to completely absorb the atmosphere.
If she hadn't been gazing up at the architecture of the buildings surrounding her, she would've been able to react quicker.
An insanely bright blue light flashed in her face followed by a high pitched whine, similar to your grandpas weird old camera.
Startled she took quick steps back, her vision foggy as she struggled to clear the blotches that stayed behind when the light went away. But when she can see the sight before her fills her with confusion and anger.
"What the hell is this Men in Black Comic-Con, who are you?" Holding her tongue had never been her strong-suit.
There was a tall, old, white man in a black suit and sunglasses. Typing something into an iPad, not paying any mind to the girl he just attempted to blind. She made the move to step toward him when his head moved away from her, looking upwards and to the left.
"So this is the one" he wasn't even looking at anyone, and then she noticed the tiny bluetooth device in his ear. Her brow furrowed deeper, her mouth set in a frown. Her hand lifted and mouth opened simultaneously but before she could yell at him further, an object was thrust in her outstretched hand.
That's when her head split open.
Her empty hand instantly flew to her forehead, eyes squinting shut as she tried to control her breathing. It literally felt like her skull was cracking down the middle, lights danced underneath her eyelids, she curled into herself in the middle of the Disney World street.
"Mother fuck" she spat out the words, cracking one eye open to look for the man, but he had disappeared. Leaving her with a migraine and gadget that looked like the worst dildo in the world.
The growl that ripped through her throat was inhuman. One hand still covered her left eye as she charged in the direction she thought the man could've gone. Most likely looking like the angriest bitch in the entire park. Her fist clenched around the metal piece that was in her right hand, swinging it as her flip flops smacked against the cement. She didn't know where the hell he went but she was going to find the prick an-
"Miss are you okay?" A timid female voice flitted from her left side. She spun quickly, another wave of pain crashed over her, she couldn't fathom how she looked right now to the poor mother and her young child. A fist covering her left eye as her face contorted into a snarl, her other hand clutching some kind of metal object. Her chest heaving and leaning awkwardly into her left side.
"I'm fine" she grumbled, before marching further on her war path. She missed the way the mother quickly bundled the child into her arms, rushing into the opposite direction as quick as she could.
Sedona attempted her murderous trek for as long as she could. Searching the park for the mysterious business man who had fucked with her relaxing vacation. But sooner than she would've liked the pain overwhelmed her. Begrudgingly she boarded a Disney bus and made her way back to her hotel room. The device had been tossed into her purse, not wanting to get rid of it, so she could beat the man with it when she found him.
Yet another shuddering wave of pain ripped through her as she flung open the door to her room. Quickly shutting and locking it behind her, the first thing she did was pull her hair from its ponytail. Her hair, damp and curly from sweat hung to her shoulders, she ran both hand through it, taking a deep breath of the air conditioning. The next to go was her purse, which she unceremoniously flung onto the bed as she stomped forward. Her flip flops were kicked off at the end of her bed. Peeling the sage green sundress off her sweaty body, she rifled through her suitcase.
Nothing good ever happens when I wear a fucking dress.
Satisfied with her choice of pajamas she shuffled into the bathroom. Pausing for a moment to glare into the mirror. Taking in the mess of a girl who couldn't even keep her eyes all the way open. She pivoted to the shower, praying the cold water would do some kind of good for the aggressive pounding behind her eyes.
She stayed in the shower till she was shivering. The headache only diminishing slightly, and the gaudy scent of the hotel toiletries didn't really help. Grappling two thin towels from the rack above the toilet she rolled her hair into one atop her head, the other she quickly dried herself off. She didn't really want to spend much longer in the dampness, wanting a nap much more.
Her pajama choice was simple, a men's 3XL Big and Tall black T-shirt, and a pair of Mandalorian printed MeUndies. No, no, she definitely wasn't a super fan. She exited the bathroom, bee-lining for her massive suitcase that was perched on the bed. Plopping down she hauled it into her lap, searching through the many pockets for the one containing her emergency first aid kit, and she sighed in relief when she finally found the bottle of Advil. As she unscrewed the top she glanced at her purse, a strange blue light emitted from within it.
She reached over her suitcase, grabbing her purse and setting it into the bag on her lap. She couldn't help the eye roll as she pulled the device from the depths. It was a simple looking thing. A long pill shape, with an indented seam running the entire edge, and one small thumb-print size button in the middle. The button pulsated it's annoying blue light slowly, beckoning someone to press it.
"I don't have the energy for this shit" she grumbled. Maybe it was the headache making her loopy, but she placed her thumb over the indentation, without much of a hesitation.
And of course it started to vibrate.
She would've laughed if the vibration wasn't followed by the entire outer seam of the device growing brighter with the same blue light.
"Travel begins in 5 seconds. Please gather all items needed for travel"
Sedona's eyes grew wide as her brow furrowed in confusion. The mechanical voice didn't give her much time to think.
This can't be real.
Panic rose in her throat, her eyes searched the device, flipping it in her hands as it began to grow brighter and brighter.
On instinct she gathered both of her bags closer to her chest. The massive suitcase not really yielding much.
Her breathing grew quicker, matching the aggressive buzzing of the device in her hand.
And suddenly she is falling. Rapid descent lifts the towel from her head, and she can feel wind rushing past her face. She squeezed her eyes shut, but she could still tell that she was falling through and insanely bright blue tunnel. Faster and faster until.
Her knees are folded underneath her, taking the entire collective weight of her body and both of her bags that fall on top of her. She swears she hears a pop, and can feel a burning pain rip up her knees to the top her thighs.
She deeply inhales, slamming her hands onto whatever metal floor is in front of her.
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mrsaugustwalker · 8 months ago
Marvel in Chronological Order, Mommah has opinions.
Captain America I: Steve just is the arch type hero. Chris and Seb look ridiculously good in uniforms. Hugo Weaving will never not be a great actor. Steve in the present is the perfect scene to kick off the Avenger Recruiting Process.
Captain Marvel: I like almost everything about this film, except the main arc, which is just badly executed. The premise of the arc is good, but falls flat. The Skrull being framed is such a strong point as is Fury coming into his role. Goose and Monica are my favs in this film.
Iron Man I: It is fucking Eery how real this film is. This shit could just happen in real life. RDJ just IS Tony Stark. Other than that I just don't find this film all too engaging but that is just my taste.
Iron Man II: Good for building Tony into an Avenger, easing him into the suit more comfortably, but I find him kind of a prat in this film. This is also probably the film in which I like Natasha the best. Justin Hammer has ADHD.
Thor I: There is so much to say about this film! Like Josh Dallas is utterly unrecognisable as Fandral. Thor looks different in civi than in his asgardian clothes, it is weird. Loki has kicked puppy face 80% of this film. SLEIPNIR!!!! Loki's fucken firstborn! Odin will never not win worst father of the year award. Gods I love Loki!
Avengers I: The more often I see this film the firmer I believe Loki was not in 100% control of his own mind. Tony's nicknames are never getting old. Neither does Mjolnir vs The Shield. Bruce is a peach and I will always defend him. 'I am a big fan of how you turn into an enormous green rage monster' TONY NO! Avengers perform better under pressure. Also Steve facing anything tachy is adorable.
Thor II: Loki's hair! His prison outfit! Odin is still an asshole who should not be allowed near anyone ever. How did Frigg not file for divorce yet. The theory is interesting, but not worked out in the execution all the way. Loki has an impulse control issue and I adore him. Also yay for Christopher Eccleston.
Iron Man III: PTSD Central, this is Tony speaking. IMHO the plot is a little disjointed and not very engaging. It is Tony/Rhodey/Pepper and their character arcs that make this film engaging. Tony is still a bit of an asshole.
Captain America II: Another of those realistic scenario MCU films. So many great lines! On Your Left. Bucky is so dogged and it breaks my heart. Seb looks great with longer hair tho. I love how Steve just never gives up. Maybe a bit foolish but such a Steve thing. Sam bringing all the best moments!
Guardians of the Galaxy I: A wicked good film and so fucking funny. The soundtrack is of course outstanding and the characters are some of the best in the MCU, IMHO. They are misfits thrown together and that works so well! Gamora is one of my fav MCU ladies and Peper Quill never does not crack me up. We Are Groot. Even when he's blue Lee Pace affects me!
Guardians of the Galaxy II: Misfits finding each other part 2. Found family will always be one of my favourite tropes. Drax' nipples, y'all. Rocket is a comfirmed Trash Panda. Did the guy's name 'Ego' not ring any alarmbells??? Peter and Gamora are such a ship, especially because they are the slowest of burns. I love baby Groot! Drax really has a weird way of flirting. YONDO IS MARY POPPINS BYE.
Avengers II: I immensely enjoy Paul Bethany's voice. The party at Stark's is 100. Thor's outfit! Steve already being worthy-ish. Rhodey just wants to belong! I already adore Wanda!!! Oh hey Smeagol! I just can't seperate Andy Serkis from Smeagol lmao. Oh Clint's family, so wholesome!!! That doctor/scientist woman is sooooo beautiful. NO NOT PIETRO!!!! Yes, I do prefer Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Pietro.
Antman I: Scott is such a mood, like 100% of the time. He is up there with the science bro's when it comes to intelligence, but he is just such a dweeb and I love it. He handles social interaction with all the grace of juggling hot potatoes and half of this film I am just going 'Scott no'. Evangeline Lily is so beautiful in this film! Yay for the Sameo! And we'll not tell Steve, we promise. I adore the way Marvel normalises differently constructed families. I love Scott's daughter!
Captain America III: Team Steve, all the way!!! Wanda and Vision are such a ship. Vision looks oddly good in civi clothes. POOR FUCKING BUCKY!!! Did I just see it correctly, was Zemo watching a Dutch newscast??? Vision awkwardly flirting with Wanda, oh gods hold me! Oh Scott, oh you awkward darling. PETER IS SUCH A BEB. Protecc him! He can't shut his mouth to save his ass, can he? STEVE HE IS A KID, HE CAREFUL WITH HIM. Sam's 'I hate you' to Bucky is so telling. 'Give me back my Rhodey' Tony's best line up till that point! RHODES NO, NOT RHODES.
Black Panther: You will be missed, Chadwick Boseman. The real MVP's are Nakia and M'Baku. T'Challa is a true one for throwing open Wakanda. Third World Countries all around it need so much help and Wakanda can absolutely do it. Why is Andy Serkis sexy in this film. Erik in that denim jacket hurts my soul, it looks so good. Battle Rhino's fuck yeah! Shuri is annoying, where even are her flaws?
Doctor Strange: I feel this film is more about Stephen's character arc than a plot otherwise. The villains are very undetailed and Stephen deals with them rather quickly. Not that I mind the character centric films, but this is one that stands out as obvious. I can't really unsee Ben as Sherlock, which makes it a bit harder for me to stay focussed on the film. I also keep forgetting Mads Mikkels plays a MCU villain. Wong is awesome!
Thor III: Arguably the best Thor film. At least Loki is afforded some dignity. Though not enough by far. I love his outfits in this film. Thor does look better with short hair. JEFF GOLDBLUM FUCK YEAH. Also all hands in the air for Korg. The soundtrack of this film is amazing! I love Thor in Strange's place, such a dolt. HELA IS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY, ESPECIALLY BC SHE HAS THE SAME COLOUR SCHEME AS LOKI. Lokispawn opportunity wasted, such a shame. Also Thor being the odd one out gives me such a illigitimate son feeling. In myth he is not even Frigg's son. IMPLICATIONS BRUCE HAS A BIGGER DONG THAN TONY, I SEE IT. Also, Loki redeemed, fuck yeah!
Antman II: Oh more Dork Scott, yay! He is such a good dad! Also yay for child petname paralels. Scott dreaming about young Hope is adorbs. Janet is also a very beautiful woman. The plot feels, to me,a bit all over the place between recovering Janet and the Ghost-girl thing and the FBI also mixing in.
Infinity War: I DON'T WIKE IT!!! How dare they kill Loki in the first fucking five minutes. 'The Sun Will Shine on us Again' without payoff, fuck this entire film. Vision and Wanda are OTP!!! Stephen and Tony were definitely flirting. Tony's commentary is 100. Why is Thor calling Rocket a Rabbit, he does not look remotely like one and I am pretty sure Thor knows what a rabbit is! Gamora's death never not hurts. Bucky spinning Rocket around, fuck yeah! Mr Stark, I don't feel so good. Bucky calling out for Steve before he faded. I DON'T WIKE THIS FILM!
Endgame: I really don't like this one. So many misses in characterisation. The plot is intrinsically sound, but everything around it is just BLEH. I hate what they did to Thor, like they just stripped him of his dignity. I don't like BruceHulk, he's just odd. And I L O A T H E Steve's end. Like the fuck, that is 100% not Steve and you know it. I absolutely do not mind him passing on the shield to Sam, let a fellow retire, but leaving behind Bucky to let him do his healing alone? Changing the life Peggy had? N O! Also Carol Ex Machina, puhlease. Things I did like were Nebula slowly softening up. Morgan being an absolute bean. Rhodes, just the entirety of him. Scott getting called Regular sized man. The emotion between Nat and Clint! Clint being an absolute family man!!! Frigg knows. SAM GETTING THE SHIELD.
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