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#and the far side of both of their faces look off
prettysetterbaby · 8 months ago
— defending you in public (hcs)
Tumblr media
request : hi I hope you’re having a good day! can I get Oikawa, Atsumu, and Suna dealing with a perv that keeps harassing their s/o? like on the train or something? 🥰 - anon
— includes oikawa t., atsumu m., suna r., kageyama t., tendou s., osamu m., and bokuto k.
jj’s note : I read suna and my mind went BRRRR, anyways stay safe out there babes!! I added Bo, Osamu, Tendou & Kageyama bc yolo <333
tw : harassment and gross creepy old men, some violence (full on fighting in Atsumu’s), swearing, female reader, idk it’s a little dramatic but pls be careful!!
Tumblr media
Yeah uh this mf is gonna make the man harassing you look like an utter clown
The story starts with you, minding your business and twirling on your toes as you wait for Oikawa to get finished in the locker rooms
“It’s dangerous for a cute girl like you to be waiting here like that, ya know?”
You couldn’t help but shiver as you notice a shadow towering yours on the glossy tiled hallways of the school
“Oh really?” you murmured, crossing your arms and attempting to walk away, but you were halted as a hand gripped your wrist, stopping you in your tracks so hard that you winced
Everything happened so fast that you still had yet to look this dude in the face, but before he could hold onto you any longer, a door slammed shut behind you two harshly
“The hell-“
The guy, maybe a good 30 years old, turned to your boyfriend with the look of a deer in headlights plastered all over his face
“Oh GOD,” Oikawa rolled his eyes, noticing how scared you looked
You watched silently as he stood eye to eye with your harasser and held back a giggle as he spit right in his face
“You like picking up girls who clearly don’t want anything to do with you, you fucking prick?”
Tooru lovetapped him on his shoulder and laughed in his face as he stumbled back, pulling out his phone with one hand as he gripped your waist with the other
“Look at this douchebag guys! Fucking around with high school girls, how the hell did you even get in here and why do you smell so bad?”
You both watched as he hid his face in his hands, darting out of the doors without another word and far away from your boyfriend’s phone camera
Oikawa placed a kiss on your hand after he stopped recording, holding you a little tighter that night
“You’re staying with me next time, and all of the times after that. I won’t let that happen again, okay?”
Tumblr media
Atsumu, your lovely star athlete boyfriend, is a lot of things
He’s a twin, he’s funny, he’s talented, he’s easy to please, he’s smart
He’s perfect and he makes you feel utterly safe with everything he does, without a doubt
So one day, when he noticed that you were taking a little longer to walk to his house, his leg began bouncing in worry
“Wanna go see if she’s alright?” Osamu proposed, noticing the way his twin was acting and offering a solution
Atsumu stuffed his hands in his pockets, nodding with his bottom lip in between his teeth because he had a bad fucking feeling about this
He was right and he cursed to himself as he noticed you pushed against an alley wall near his house, and although Osamu tried holding him back, it was a lost cause the second he saw the fear in your eyes
Your pleading gaze met him and before you could even whisper a ‘thank god’, he threw a punch to the guys face and sent him falling onto his side
“Yeah? Big man now, huh? Wanna fucking mess with her again?”
Osamu was quick to get you out of the alley, pulling you to the sidewalk as Atsumu grabbed the guy by his collar
“Say you’re fucking sorry before I rock your shit. You have three seconds.”
You watched as he stood up after the man apologized, dusting his hands off of his jeans and hooking his arm around your shoulders
“You’re not doing that anymore.”
His knuckle was swollen, scarped up and a little bloody and he clenched his jaw as you placed a small kiss on it
“Thank you-“
“Don’t do that.” He interrupted, smiling down at you and ruffling your hair a bit. “Don’t apologize for something like that.”
Osamu rolled his eyes, wondering what he should eat after that dramatic mess.
Tumblr media
You two had a routine, catching the train after his practices and laying in Suna’s bed for a few hours after school
So, of course, today went the same as every other time except for the middle aged man standing within strangely close proximity of you two
Yeah, that was definitely out of the ordinary
“C’mere,” Suna mumbled, staring sharply at the man googly eyeing you right in front of him as he pulled you flush against his torso
You didn’t think much of it, instead you went back to your phone, not even noticing the unwanted looks
That was until you heard the sound of a phone camera click near you
The rush of air flowed through your hair as Suna removed himself from behind you, now towering over the man guilty of the picture
Without a word, he gripped the phone out of his hand and slammed it down on the hard floors of the subway, muttering something before seating himself and pulling you into his lap
“What happened?” Your fingers gripped his arms and you could tell he was pissed by the way he was shaking gently
“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” he mumbled in your hair, glaring at the man as he picked up his phone and groaned at the broken screen
A smirk was plastered on Suna’s face as the guy approached him again, shoving the cracked screen in his face
Your cheeks burned as people around you stared at the scene, but you were confident that Suna did it for a good reason
“You better fucking pay for this! What, you just go around destroying people’s phones?”
Suna blinked once, then twice, hugging you closer as he felt you tremble under him at the hostility of the guy
“Only when they take pics of my girlfriends ass.”
You felt Suna brush his fingertips along your thigh, clearly done with this entire situation and your heart swelled at his protectiveness
Eventually, the guy got the hint that he was in the wrong and took a seat, Rin’s eyes never leaving him
Tumblr media
As a couple, you two visit the local gym often regardless of if you do anything there or not
Supportive gf vibes yk? ‼️
Kageyama doesn’t give a shit what you wear out, sure he gets blushy blushy but you don’t tell him what to wear so why would he do that to you?
Might as well show you off tf he’s proud to have such a beautiful partner anyways
But the second you two entered the weight room in your skin tight gym outfit, he felt the eyes on you immediately
He didn’t say anything, instead he set up where he wanted to and got to work
“Can you fill this up for me?” He kissed your cheek, handing you his water bottle before getting back to lifting
So of course, you made your way to the bottle filling fountains minding your own damn business
“I haven’t seen ya here before,” you heard a deeper voice say behind you, making you jump slightly
You turned around, smiling nervously as the bottle began overflowing, heart beating a bit harder in your chest
“Oh, my boyfriend and I actually-“
“Boyfriend?” His eyebrow quirked upward, backing you against the fountain and placing a hand behind you. “Where is he, hm? I don’t see him.”
You swallowed the lump resting in your throat, eyes darting to the door of the lifting room. “Oh, he’s uh... he’s lifting right now.”
Avoiding his gaze, you gently pushed him back off of you before making your way to the room where Kageyama was
He gripped your arm, pulling you towards him again and you almost yelled if it weren’t for your boyfriend removing his hand from you
“Sorry, you were taking long,” he mumbled in your hair, running his hand up and down your arm as you shook in his hold. “I see why now.”
Kags honestly didn’t have to say much, his icy glare was enough to send the guy heading towards the exit because really? He was beyond fucking mad.
“Stay by my side when we’re here. I’m sorry,” he whispered before giving you his spare jacket and setting you on the bench near him
Tumblr media
Tendou has a good heart and is usually very friendly, but when you mess with what’s his?
It’s dangerous, it’s scary and you learned that the hard way
Knowing your boyfriend, he was very spontaneous and enjoyed going to local clubs with you on the weekends
You just dress up all fancy, dance all night, it’s genuinely a good time
Well, usually, but that’s until someone makes a move on you that was very much unwanted
“Hey,” Tendou twirled you on the dance floor one last time, hands remaining on your hips before he pressed a kiss on your lips. “‘M gonna go to the bathroom, wait for me?”
You nodded, smiling as you watched him shimmy his way past the crowd towards the men’s restroom
With a sigh, you found your spot on a barstool, watching dreamily at all of the people moving with the strobe lights
“You look lonely,” a voice sang gently beside you, and at first you assumed it was Tendou just playing a small joke on you so you laughed in response
However, when you stood up and turned, you almost fell into the arms of a stranger
“Oh, I’m sorry,” You backed up, eyeing the man up and down. Definitely intoxicated and you weren’t willing to put up with him
He wasn’t letting up, just your luck. Instead, he slipped a hand in your hair before you pushed him away
The music vibrated the floor beneath you and you found purchase at a nearby table, hand rubbing your neck as you waited for Tendou to come back already
“Please leave me alone,” you spat as the man followed you, gasping as he slumped over your shoulder
The weight was removed quickly and soon, the table shook in front of you
“Better leave them alone, you fucking idiot,” Tendou smiled down at the man pressed against the hardwood. “I don’t like sharing.”
You repressed a giggle as Tendou poured his drink all over the guys face, hugging his arm as you watched the drunk man stumble away with a string of curses following
“You should really carry around a pocketknife or something, next time something like that happens I’m afraid I might go overboard, yknow?”
You only smiled up at him, pressing a kiss to his cheek as a thank you
Tumblr media
Osamu always tried to be rational and he grew up more on the patient side thanks to his ignorant twin brother
Osamu also always loved to treat you to nice restaurant dates where he could indulge in the two things he loved most: food and you
To tag along with that, he disliked when people got in the way of all of that
For example, one time Kita announced an extra practice on a day that they were supposed to have off, which was coincidentally a day that you two had a lunch date
Osamu literally refused to talk to him all day LMFAO
Anyways, on these dates you always dressed nice and there was never a day where people didn’t look at you when you sat down for dinner or something
Because you were so gorgeous babe 😡‼️
The creep in the booth near you thought the same, apparently
“‘Samu,” you whispered towards him, cringing as the guy winked at you for the fifth time. “Can we sit somewhere else?”
“What’s wrong?” He questioned, wiping his mouth gently with a napkin before following your gaze to the guy eyefucking you a good two feet away
Realizing how uncomfortable you were, Osamu gripped your hand under the table and figured that hopefully, the guy would stop
Until the guy whistled. The fucking guy whistled, and that’s when his hands met the table as your boyfriend rose to his feet
“I’m gonna give you one fucking chance,” he murmured, pulling the guy close by his collar. “To cut the staring and whistling at my girl. One chance.”
The small restaurant was silent, eyes all on Osamu as he stalked back to his seat in front of you
He noticed your worried look and sighed, sending you a comforting smile and caressing your cheek
“Stop worrying, pretty face. Just eat your food, yeah?”
You only nodded, heart feeling a lot lighter as you found your comfort in him, giggling as he ate with a pout
Tumblr media
Ok ok Bokuto is a big, buff and talented volleyball player who’s soon graduating, we all know this
BUT HE’S A KID AT HEART 😡 and his fav way to pass some time with you is going to the arcade down the street from the academy
Today was one of those days where he just wanted to pick you up and run away with you and the arcade was your getaway <33
So, you stood on your tiptoes and waited as Bo got some tokens for the both of you to use, of course paying for them all on his own to spoil your cute ass
“What’re you gonna play first, princess? Gonna dominate DDR like always?”
You giggled at his prediction, eyeing the floor pads with colorful arrows because yeah, he was probably right
The bucket of metal was heavy in your hands and it swayed with your arms as you dragged Koutarou towards the game
He spent his precious time picking a song, scrolling and scrolling before he was finally happy, waiting for you to get into your position before starting it
Jumps shook the screen in front of you gently as you competed against each other, and you were almost lost in the music mixed with Bokuto’s giggles
Almost. That was until someone clapped behind you, causing you to stumble and you bent over to catch the railing in front of you
“Woah, look at that ass!” A guy chanted, and you blushed deeply before straightening yourself up and trying your best to ignore the comment
“It’s nice, right?” You stared in disbelief as Bokuto sneered behind you two, placing a hand on your ass. “All mine, sorry, you shouldn’t talk to girls like that though.”
“Oh yeah?” The guy stood up and you trembled as Bokuto pushed you behind him
The tension was so thick in the room and you searched for excuses to leave, but thankfully the guy backed down as he took a good look at Bokuto’s built figure
You let out a breath you didn’t realize you held for so long, leaning against your boyfriend gently
“Sorry about that, beautiful,” he sighed into your hair, placing a kiss on your forehead. “He’s not wrong though ;)”
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yuujilogy · 8 months ago
trouble (gojo satoru x reader)
Tumblr media
REQUEST:  what do you think about fem reader and gojou sensei having a secret relationship like they’d be sneaking late at night to fuck or smth but they have to keep quiet or else the other students will hear esp with them thin ass walls
| PAIRINGS:  satoru gojo x fem!reader
| WARNINGS: smut, explicit, little bit of degradation, little bit of cum play, breeding kink if you squint, exhibitionism, rough, unportected (be safe), grammar errors
| WORD COUNT: 2,745
A/N: OH FAWWK YEA  some gojo spice to make things more interesting!! kinda went off with this one bc c’mon, we all know gojo is freaky and sexy in bed 😳 anyway i hope this is what you expected !! enjoy !!  ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
Satoru pulled you inside of his room as soon as he opened the door after knocking just once. It was almost as if he couldn’t wait anymore, capturing your lips in a feral kiss as he pushed your back against the door to close it, you both moaning into each other’s mouth as his hand groped your ass to press you against him.
It’s not like you minded these kinds of escapades with rough sessions, where Satoru just threw you over the edge over and over again, showing his stamina off and fucking you stupid.
But right now, you were at the dorms of the Tokyo facility at midnight, where the other students and teacher were probably already sleeping soundly not that far from here. When he called you to this room, you thought he wouldn’t actually take the risk of taking you to bed, considering your relationship was still being kept a secret from your professional lives for two reasons: you were both teachers, and the heads above were just assholes who wouldn’t let Satoru−or you−hear the end of this.
Well, turns out this man is still full of surprises even after two years of dating, revealing at least one to you almost every day.
“S-Satoru…” you said between kisses, your hands flying to his hair that was already styled down due to the absence of his blindfold. He pulled away and looked down at you, smirking. Oh, he knew what was coming. “W-We are at the school right now, Gojo. What if they hear?” Your cheeks were already heating up, flustered by the surprising, wet kiss.
Satoru limited himself to let out a low laugh, his free hand caressing your cheek with slender cold fingers before travelling to the side of your neck. You could barely see the brightness of his blue eyes thanks to the moonlight coming through the windows.
“And what about it?” Satoru said indifferently, the hand previously on your ass making its way to your hip, too slowly it was sending chills down your spine. “You scared everyone will hear how I make this pussy mine the whole night?” his hand cupped your centre, making you jump and gasp. “I can already feel how wet you are just from some sloppy kissing, baby. I wonder if I could just slip my cock inside.”
God, you hated to admit it but he was so right. Satoru was always right and knew the right buttons to push at the right moment. You couldn’t help the grinding of your hips against his hand, already throbbing and clenching around nothing, in need of relief. Your hands grabbed the frame of his shoulders, moaning softly as you tried reaching for his lips once again. Yet he didn’t give you the chance to get what you wanted, pulling farther apart from your face. You complained with a huff, frowning, and he kissed your forehead.
“You’re so whiny tonight, baby. Better keep quiet.” He started making his way towards the bed with you, making you fall over your back, positioning himself on top of you. “Because I sure won’t hold back with you this time.”
With ease, he unbuttoned your jeans with one hand before pulling them down along with your panties. Both of his hands gripped your thighs, opening your legs to feel the chill weather hit your centre, feeling way too exposed. You were so sensitive already for some reason, you had to cover your mouth with your own hand when his fingers started rubbing your clit softly, your hips starting to move involuntarily trying to meet his movements.
You don’t know if it’s the fact you must stay quiet regardless of his sweet torture, or if it was the way he overpowered you so easily, but you were so turned on right now.
“So fucking wet already” Satoru groaned under his breath, more to himself than to you, the friction coming to a stop. Uncovering your hand to complain, you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan when two of his fingers entered your warm core. Talk about timing. The sting of being stretched open feeling so good, arching your back as you bit your lip harshly. He knew your body so well and the fact you liked a little bit of pain from time to time. He chuckled. “You’re such a wet mess, Y/N. This dirty pussy is swallowing my fingers so easily.” Satoru brought his face to the exposed skin in your neck to start sucking softly at your sweet spot behind your ear.
It was too much. The risk, Satoru’s fingers and demeanour, and just overall the situation. All of that was making you feel so aware and sensitive, making it harder to control your whimpers.
“F-Fuck, ‘toru. I need-“ your words were interrupted by his fingers increasing their pace and going deeper, hitting the perfect spot inside of you, and, before you could make another sound, Satoru kissed you roughly, swallowing every single noise. He could feel the way you were tightening around his fingers, letting out small cries, and smiled against your lips before pulling away with a string of saliva between you.
“You naughty slut,” his fingers left your insides, looking at his fingers covered with your slick and then back at you. “You thought you were going to cum with only two fingers, didn’t you?” he guided them towards your mouth, which you gladly accepted by sucking them, tasting yourself, without breaking eye contact with him. “Are you that desperate of letting everyone know who makes you feel this good?”
You could only nod, humming around his fingers with pleasure before releasing them with a pop, your lips coated with a mix of your juices and saliva. Gojo pulled away from your body to get rid of his shirt, unbuttoning his pants afterwards and pulling them down, his throbbing hard cock springing free. Your mouth salivated at the sight of him wrapping a hand around his shaft, pumping it a few times while staring at you.
Satoru totally loved this sight: you spread open for him, your tortured wet cunt in display waiting to be ravaged by him. Only him. Just the thought of it made him eager to finally be inside you, his thumb smearing the pre-cum over the tip of his cock as he bit his lip. God, he wanted to ruin you so badly.
“You’re so lucky I can’t wait to fuck you either” Satoru almost growled as he positioned himself again between your legs, his nails digging in the flesh of your legs to spread them further apart, the head of his cock pressing against your entrance. You held back a whimper as your small hands rested against his stomach as he was entering you. “Let’s see how quiet you can be.”
And almost too easily, he slides inside of you with a steady pace, his long hand covering your mouth as he bottoms out with just one thrust. You instinctively want to put your legs together, but Satoru’s hands didn’t let you, his nails digging into your flesh. His long cock was rubbing exactly where it had to, your insides pulsating and clenching around him. The feeling of his hips connecting with yours in such rough manner was too much you couldn’t help the heat in the pit of your stomach from appearing, throwing your head back with a muffled sob before you could even stop it.
Fuck. Satoru could cum from this sight alone, watching you tremble around him as his free hand lifted your shirt to reveal your breasts, squeezing them as you tried your best to stop the moans from coming out. You were sinful. Fuck. Fuck.
“Look at you” He started circling his hips still inside you, rubbing your inside walls deliciously. “Fucking losin’ it over some cock” the way he was degrading you this night, in this exact place where anyone could hear was way more pleasurable than you would like to admit.
Satoru didn’t want to hold back anymore, pulling almost completely out before slamming back roughly, even pushing your body back due to the force of his next thrusts, quick and deep. If it wasn’t for his hand still covering your mouth, you were sure your loud moans would be joining the wet, slapping sounds filling the room. Satoru was actually being nice here, helping you stay quiet as he kept hitting your g-spot repeatedly as he growled lowly at the feeling of your walls clenching around him, knowing he went crazy whenever you did that.
Oh, but he wasn’t going to be nice anymore. His hands grabbed your waist tightly, leaving your mouth suddenly uncovered as you looked up to him through hooded eyes, mouth hanging open, drool starting to run down your chin as you gasped for air instead of making any sounds because, god, you were about to break at any point now. Satoru started controlling your movements, impaling you with his cock however he pleased with his own force, as if you were his fuck toy. You threw your head back, grabbing a pillow and biting it harshly because, lord, have mercy, you were about to scream if he kept fuck you so good.
“Yeah, just like that, baby” He was basically using your body as a toy to pleasure himself, looking down at the part you were connected to each other, biting his lip and letting out a sigh of pleasure as he continued his rough thrusts. The sight of his cock disappearing inside of you was so perfect, your juices coating every inch of himself; you were born to take his cock, nobody but him could pleasure you. “Mm, fuck, I’m making such a mess out of this sloppy cunt. You hearing that? So wet it’s almost pathetic.” Your mind was going blank at this point, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as your legs started shaking around him as the pillow muffled all your cries of pleasure, feeling that familiar heat in your core.
You were close and Satoru knew it. He was fucking you stupid this early into the night and he could go for hours now that he was actually fired up. He wanted to make you struggle a little more, so he decided that throwing away the pillow you were holding onto with dear life was a good idea. Your eyes opened in surprise, no longer being able to hold your moans at the lowest volume, raising higher in tone as his thrusts went by. He wanted to hear you come apart, secretly wanting the rest of his colleagues to hear how you were falling apart in pleasure because of his ministrations to your pussy. One of Satoru’s hands flew to your cheeks, squeezing them roughly to make you look at him, his thrusts slowing down a notch, but still going deep.
“You wanna cum around my cock, baby?” He asked through heavy pants, a smirk never leaving his face as he watched you struggle to form even a word. You whimpered a little louder this time. “C’mon, say it. You can do it. Tell me how much you want me to fill you up.”
“P-Pleawse.. Nghh… Satoru m- Ahh!” You babbled non-sense through your moans, and you knew it, the pleasure being too much for you to handle right now, the grip in your face making it even harder to speak. God, you were actually pathetic, huh? All you needed to do was answer one single question and you would be seeing stars. But Gojo thought that was enough for this one time. Only this one time.
“Please, Satoru” He mocked, ridiculing you and releasing your face to grab your legs once again, spreading them open as you shook uncontrollably and continued with his fast pace. Tears started forming around the corners of your eyes due to the stimulation and how close you were to bursting, your walls pulsating around his cock so badly as he hit your cervix with every thrust. “You’re allowed to cum, baby, don’t hold back.”
And that was all you needed to throw you over the edge, head falling back with a silent sob once again as you squeezed the sheets into your fists. Satoru chuckled lowly, placing a finger over your mouth to remind you to stay quiet but you were far gone, still shaking for the still ongoing orgasm you were having. You bit Satoru’s finger subconsciously to avoid your whining getting louder. It seems he was also a sucker for pain as he was the one to let out a louder than before moan, bending over to get closer to your body, his face mere inches away from yours.
“F-Fuck, baby, I’m gonna fill you up so good.” The way you were squeezing around him was suffocating and the pain he was feeling from your biting was also bringing him closer to his release, his thrusts becoming sloppier and erratic as his free arm helped him for support when he grabbed your face again as you looked at each other. Everything else was a blur except for his cloudy eyes, foreheads pressing together as he kept groaning all the way through his release. You squeezed with the little force left in you, expecting to push him over already. “Ugh, yeah, just like that. Fuck, yes… Fuck, Y/N!”
He captured your lips into a sloppy kiss, muffling his own groans of pleasure as he stilled inside you, painting your walls white with every spurt as you felt him throb inside you, moaning against his mouth as he grinded against you. Satoru was cumming too much you started feeling it dripping out of you with the small movements of his hips. He pulled away from the kiss, panting heavily as you both were coming down from your highs, and smirked, caressing your cheek and pressing another kiss to your lips, softer this time.
“God, baby…” a low chuckle escaped him as he pulled away, pulling out from you as he saw his seed coming out of you. He felt himself throb again at the sight. “We made such a mess.” Satoru gathered some of his cum in his fingers and smearing it in the outside of your walls. You whined hoarsely as you watched him play with his own release with his fingers, his cock still hard for another round.
After all, he was a big fan of sloppy seconds.
“Well, whose fault is that?” You kicked him weakly with your feet, rolling your eyes in annoyance, even if your body was feeling numb. You enjoyed it, of course, but reality was hitting you like a truck right now. It almost seemed as if Satoru made it his goal to actually get you both caught. Oh, girl, if you knew. “You sure are dumb.”
“Oh, c’mon baby, don’t be so mean. There’s no way we were heard.” Satoru pouted, his whole demeanour changing quickly as if he didn’t just fuck you into oblivion a few seconds ago. He opened his mouth to say something else, but the sound of his phone inside of his forgotten jeans interrupted him. “Wait, someone is calling me.” He pressed a kiss in your forehead and stood up quickly, roaming through the room to find his phone to answer it. The light of the screen lighted up his features before bringing it to his ear. “Yeah, my dear director~?”
Oh, no.
“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about, hehe~” Satoru laughed sweetly, scratching the back of his head and sparing you a quick glance before a blush creeped up his face. You frowned. You knew the director Yaga wasn’t just calling to talk with your boyfriend at 1am on a Friday. Hell, he wouldn’t call Satoru at all if he could. “Haha! That’s funny because− What? Y/N?”
Oh, no, no. Please, no.
“I mean, yeah but− Yeah. Yeah, I understand” He let out a loud sigh, closing his eyes in frustration. You swore you could hear Yaga’s loud, angry voice all the way to where you were. “Right. Yeah. Goodbye.” Satoru hung up and gulped harshly when he felt your glare piercing through his thick head. He turned to look at you with a sweet but nervous smile, forgetting the fact he was still fully naked. You could almost see the cold sweat running down his face. “Teehee~, we are in trouble.”
You were actually going to kill him.
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sugawaraxo · 11 months ago
thigh riding hq captains
warnings: pure smut lol, very slight degradation with daichi
characters: daichi sawamura, tetsurō kuroo, toru oikawa, kōtarō bokuto
request: hi omg 🥺 i just started using tumblr again and i love your writing 😚👌 and can i request s/o riding captains thighs because that wud be spicy 🤭
a/n: god bless you for requesting this, it might be my favorite smut i’ve written so far tbh
- typically it isn’t very difficult to get daichi’s attention
- you’re literally his everything so his attention is on you always
- but sometimes he’s just extra busy and fails to give you your daily dose of daichi affection
- most times you just leave him be and wait until he isn’t busy anymore
- but sometimes you’re just so needy and you can’t help it
- and he secretly not so secretly loves it
“daichiii..” you whine at your boyfriend who just chuckles at you in amusement.
“what princess?” he asks, taking a moment to look away from the laptop screen he was focused on to glance at you. he is currently watching game clips from the volleyball team his is supposed to play in the upcoming week. he wants to study their plays so he could have a better understanding of what his team would be up against and how they should set up their offense and defense, but you are making it unnecessarily difficult.
“i want attention.” you huff, sitting up in your spot on the bed next to daichi so you could face him better.
“i’m giving you attention right now.” he laughs. he finds it extremely entertaining when you get like this, all whiny and extra just because he stopped giving you attention for a few minutes.
“but i want more.” you pout and he rolls his eyes at you.
“so needy, hm princess?”
you blush at the nickname. he calls you it twenty four seven, anywhere and everywhere you go but somehow it still never fails to make you feel giddy.
“just give me a few minutes ok? then you can have all the attention you want.” daichi says before giving you a quick peck on the lips.
now it’s your turn to roll your eyes because with daichi, a few minutes is never only a few minutes. especially when it comes to volleyball stuff, and you’re feeling quite impatient. so you decide to take matters into your on hands.
you get up from where you are currently seated and move closer to daichi, sitting so that both of your legs are on either side of his left thigh. he looks at you with a raised eyebrow as if he’s asking what you’re doing, and you just smile at him in response. you slowly start moving your hips, grinding them into the toned muscle of daichi’s thigh and he smirks.
“you’re something else, you know that?” he shakes his head before averting his attention back to his laptop. you continue with your antics, rolling your hips over and over against his thigh, but it’s not giving you the satisfaction that you’re craving. so you lift off of his leg ever so slightly, just enough so that you could pull off the shorts that were seemingly blocking you from receiving the friction that you desperately crave. now you’re just left in a pair of lacey panties and a shirt, tossing your shorts to the side and continuing your little mission. daichi keeps looking at you every so often, watching you use his leg for your own pleasure. if he thought he couldn’t concentrate before, he surely didn’t accommodate for this possibility. you watch his eyes linger on you, scanning your body and then focusing on your face which begins to heat up at his intense gaze.
“desperate little slut.” daichi groans as he watches you eagerly and you moan at his words.
“does it feel good?” he questions.
“hm, so good.” you hum as you continue jutting your hips in slow and smooth circles. you can feel yourself starting to get wet, the liquid pooling in your panties making the friction feel even better. daichi shuts his laptop and tosses it to the side, completely unable to focus on what he was doing anymore. he reaches under your shirt and starts lightly rubbing your sides, something he knows you like very much. you sigh at his touch, still moving your hips with a passion in an attempt to get yourself off. daichi eventually stops caressing your sides and begins lifting up your shirt with you helping him get it off. you aren’t wearing a bra so now your chest is on full display for your boyfriend and he looks like a starved man who’s just been presented a full course meal.
“so perfect.” he mumbles before taking one of your nipples into his mouth, his fingers fondling the other. he works his mouth perfectly, alternating between twirling circles around your nipple with his tongue and sucking and nipping lightly on the bud. you can’t help but let out a string of moans as a wave of pleasure crashes through your body.
“your mouth feels so good.” you compliment daichi and he smiles with a light chuckle.
you slowly start to feel your core get tight and it feels like every part of your body has become ten times more sensitive. your hip movements against daichi’s thigh get a bit more sporadic and he notices, so to help you reach your climax he moves his mouth from your nipples to your neck. your weak spot. as soon as he attaches his mouth to what he had learned is your sweet spot awhile ago, you feel yourself begin to come undone.
“oh god, i’m gonna cum.”
“yeah? be a good girl and cum for me.” daichi’s voice comes out raspy with lust and you can’t take it anymore.
you shiver as your orgasm consumes you. your body shakes slightly as you ride out your high, panting and moaning daichi’s name as you come down. he watches you attentively, his dick now throbbing in his shorts.
“satisfied princess?” he asks as he takes in your exhausted appearance.
“very.” you coo, feeling blissful from your intense climax.
“good, now it’s your turn to satisfy me.” daichi asserts, gesturing to the tent in his pants and you excitedly prepare to get him off too.
- you and kuroo are alike in many ways
- you share a lot of the same interests, morals, and ideals
- but one thing you do NOT share
- is his like for strange low budget sci-fi movies
- you try your best to be interested in the movies because you love kuroo and enjoy spending quality time with him
- but you cannot, for the life of you, get past the cringey special effects and god awful acting
- so most times you just pass out and sleep for an hour or two or just leave the room completely
- and sometimes, you do something that interests you a bit more...
you yawn of boredom at the antagonizingly slow plot of the movie kuroo had put on. but you glance over at him and he’s purely invested in the storyline, eyes stuck to the tv screen as he mindlessly shoves handfuls of popcorn into his mouth and you chuckle to yourself at the sight.
“can you please stop staring at me and laughing? that’s kinda rude you know?” kuroo huffs, still not shifting his attention from the movie, yet highly aware of your gaze.
“sorry, you’re just way more entertaining than what’s going on in this movie.” you admit.
“you’re so lame.” he teases, “the movie is clearly a masterpiece but you’re just not intellectually inclined enough to see that.”
“right. so i’m dumb for not liking it?” you smile amusedly.
“yes, that’s exactly what i’m saying.” kuroo agrees, finally taking a moment to look at you, give you a sarcastic smile, then quickly look back at the tv screen. you laugh lightly at him again. it’s actually kind of cute how excited he gets over these movies, it almost makes it worth sitting through two hours of garbage just to be in his presence. almost.
“you’re such a dork.” you tease back but he doesn’t even hear it because he’s listening closely to what’s taking place on the screen. you roll your eyes and try focusing on the movie too. it actually does grasp your attention for a few minutes but completely loses it when a fight scene that looks like it was recorded with a prehistoric android shows up. you mentally groan, completely bored out of your mind. you’re currently cuddled up against kuroo on the couch, your head resting on his chest and his arm draped over your shoulder, a bowl of popcorn in his other. you decide you may as well just close your eyes and rest for a bit but as soon as you shut them, and idea sparks in your mind.
you release yourself from kuroo’s grasp and reposition yourself so that you’re sitting with your legs around his thigh. he barely even acknowledges your new position and you get slightly offended.
“seriously? is the movie really that good?” you ask, bringing his attention to you. he looks you over, raking your entire body up and down with his eyes slowly.
“yeah it is.” he says bluntly, very obviously trying to hold back a smirk. he knows what he’s doing, trying to rile you up and you’re letting him.
“hey, rude.” you scoff at him with a pout and he just ignores you, pulling you further into his trap. “fine then.” you mumble and begin stripping off your clothes until you’re fully naked and you place yourself back onto his thigh. now he’s looking at you in amusement.
“you’re so fucking hot.” he praises.
“thanks, but don’t look at me. keep watching your movie since it’s so interesting.” you say shortly.
he raises and eyebrow at you and shrugs, looking back to the tv. he likes when you get bratty like that, and you like doing it too because although kuroo is usually dominant as it is, that’s when dominant dominant kuroo comes to play. and you love it. you also know that shrug means trouble for you later.
you push up the fabric of his shorts a little bit so you can have skin to skin contact with his thigh, wanting this to feel as good as it possibly can. kuroo pretends not to notice your actions but you know he’s watching you in his peripheral vision, which gets you going. you drag your hips along his thigh in back in forth motions at a steady and even pace, making sure to moan just loud enough for kuroo to get all hot and bothered. although he’s pretending as though he’s paying you know mind, you know very well he’s seething in his skin. he hates being teased, and that’s exactly what you’re doing.
“such a tease.” he snarks, finally directing his attention to you again.
“really? me? no, i don’t thinks so.” you joke and now he’s the one rolling his eyes at you. 
“you know what happens to bratty girls who interrupt me while i’m watching a movie?” 
you visually swallow at his words, the change in the tone of his voice which was now laced with subtle aggression making your pussy pulse. but you keep up your bratty persona, really wanting to pull the dominant kuroo you’re looking for out of his cave.
“i’m not really interrupting anything, no one said you have to pay attention to me.” you retort still rolling your hips against his thigh and moaning softly every so often. kuroo shakes his head, a smirk beginning to form on his face.
“oh so you wanna be punished?” kuroo grunts and you choose not to reply. you just continue grinding your now dripping cunt against his leg, maintaining eye contact with him as you let out a lewd moan of his name. big mistake. before you can even comprehend what’s happening, you’re flipped onto your back, fingers digging into your hips as kuroo pins you down and hovers above you.
“fine then, so be it.” he continues.
you most definitely CANNOT walk the next morning.
- oikawa is truly amazing at planning dates for the two of you
- like he really just enjoys impressing you and making you swoon, it makes his heart very happy 
- typically you prefer your casual dates where you two just hang out and get ice cream together or something simple like that
- but it is nice to get dressed up every one in awhile and go somewhere fancy, so you’re fairly excited for this date he has planned
- mostly because oikawa says he has a surprise for you, a dress he bought you to wear for this date
- says he saw it and couldn’t not buy it for you because he thought it’d look so sexy on you
- and boy, was he right
“holy shit.” he breathes as you walk out of the bathroom where you had just finished getting dressed up. hair done, makeup on, and the beautiful dress that oikawa bought you hugging you perfectly. 
“you like?” you ask, giving him a little twirl so he could see the back too. he stays quiet, just taking in the sight in front of him. very clearly and obviously in awe.
“toru?” you tilt your head and snap a couple times at your silent boyfriend and he snaps out of his trance. 
“come here.” is all he says and you walk over to his spot on the edge of the bed. he pulls you into his lap with ease and you find yourself straddling him, your dress rising up your thighs a bit. you readjust yourself so that you’re just sitting on one of his legs rather than both in order to relieve some of the tension on the dress. 
“toru, you’re gonna tear the dress.” you giggle at his eagerness.
“sorry, you just look so good. had to get my hands on you.” he confesses as his hands find their way to your ass, caressing it through the fabric. you smile before grabbing him by the tie he’s wearing and giving him a kiss. the kiss was meant to be short and sweet but somehow ended up becoming messy and hot. your fingers are laced in his hair, tugging at it occasionally while his hands continue to massage your ass. you moan into his mouth and he grins before moving his hands up from your ass to your hips.
he guides them skillfully, moving them so that now your hips are gliding against his clothed thigh. you moan at the sudden sensation, and he pulls away from the kiss to look at you.
“i want you the keep riding my thigh like this until you cum, got it?” he directs.
“but toru, our reservation. we’re gonna-“
“shh. the faster you make yourself cum, the quicker we’ll be able to leave.” he asserts and you follow his instructions obediently.
he just leans back on his elbows and watches you, a deep blush across his face. though he comes off like the selfish type, oikawa is the kind of person who gets pleasure just from seeing other people in pleasure. so watching you desperately grind your hips into his leg while moans of his name and other pretty sounds are spilling from your lips is almost enough to make him cum himself. but he manages to keep himself together and continues to watch you circle your hips around his thigh.
“hm, i’m getting close. can you help me?” you ask oikawa, your eyes shut and head thrown back in pleasure.
“mm, how do you want me to help pretty girl?” he responds.
“touch me, please just touch me.” you practically beg and he hums at how cute he thinks you are. he places his thumb on your clit, rubbing small circles on it.
“fuck oikawa.” you moan, now moving your hips on his thigh and his finger. he starts palming himself through his pants to relieve some of the pressure that had built up there and groans at his own touch which sends a chill throughout your body. oikawa’s moans are your favorite thing ever, them alone can get you dripping wet within seconds.
“moan for me again baby, you sound so good.” you say breathlessly and he elicits yet another arousing moan causing you to let out one of your own. he begins moving his thumb faster along your clit, wanting to make you unravel right then and there and he is successful in his pursuit.
“gonna cum.” is all you can muster before a back arching orgasm forces its way through your body and it takes everything in oikawa’s willpower not to be right there along with you.
“jesus.” he mutters, eyes still locked on you as he watches you slowly revive back to your normal self.
“that’s why you bought me this dress huh?” you say once you’re finally able to form coherent sentences again. “just to see me cum in it?” you continue, shaking your head at the realization.
“well would you look at that, if we don’t leave now we’ll definitely miss our reservation so we should probably go.” oikawa dodges the question and all you can do is laugh.
if this was the case, he could buy you new dresses whenever he’d like.
- bokuto and you share a love for thighs
- he’s obsessed with yours
- and you’re equally as obsessed with his
- so ever since you first tried thigh riding with him, he’s been throwing subtle hints for you to do it again
- “damn, my thigh is really cold. wish someone would sit on.”
- “would be a shame if a pretty girl was grinding on my thigh right now huh?”
- “imagine if you rode my thigh again haha, that’d be wild.”
- the only reason why you didn’t give in is because you didn’t want it to be like an everyday thing, you want it to be a bit more special
- but after a bit of waiting, you’re more than ready for it
you have just finished your period so your horny meter is off the charts and it’s always like this. a week without touching and advanced hormone levels, it’s no surprise you feel the way you do. so of course you really want nothing more other than to relieve yourself right now, and you know just the way to do that.
you and bokuto are out on a movie date. you’ve been trying so hard to suppress the desire burning in your core the whole night, but it’s pretty much impossible at this point. so when the movie ends you make it very clear to bokuto what type of mood you’re in as you leave the movie theater.
“when we get to the car, i want you to park it somewhere secluded then we’re hopping into the backseat.” you whisper to him as you leave the building and make your way to the parking lot. he shoots you a look, trying to read whether you’re joking or not. once he sees the deadpan look on your face, he knows you’re serious.
“oh? is my baby horny?” he asks unnecessarily loud. you hit him roughly on the arm as another couple that’s walking by overhears and looks at you weirdly.
“can you say it even louder? i don’t think the entire city heard you.” you snark and he laughs at your embarrassment.
“you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it baby. if you want me to fuck you, just say it with your whole chest.” he shrugs as the two of you reach his car, departing ways so you can get in on the passenger side.
“i don’t want you to fuck me though. i wanna ride your thigh until i’m shaking and cumming all over it.” you smile to him across the car and his face goes red.
“in the car, now.” he orders and you follow. it’s silent for a minute before bokuto pulls out of the parking space.
“is this what you’ve been thinking about all night?” bokuto asks, his hand resting on your thigh while his thumb rubs light circles over the skin which gives you shivers. “i could tell, you seemed like your mind was elsewhere.” he finishes.
“i mean yeah, it’s all i’ve been thinking about for awhile actually.” you admit.
“why didn’t you tell me? you know i’ve hinted to wanting you to do it again like a gazillion times.”
“i know, i know. but it’s not something that i want to make a habit, i want it to be more of a special thing.” you say shyly and he flashes you a quick smile.
“you’re so fucking adorable, what even.” he coos before pulling into a deserted parking lot behind a building that had already closed for the night.
once he’s perfectly positioned into a parking space, he puts the car in park and turns the engine off. then he leans over to kiss you, his hand still tenderly placed on your thigh, the other cupping your chin so he can tilt your head and deepen the kiss. just like you’re obsessed with bokuto’s thighs, you’re obsessed with his kisses. he always kisses you so deeply, with so much passion and it makes you weak. after kissing for a few minutes, the two of you finally pull away to breathe.
“are you ready?” you ask bokuto breathlessly.
“more than ready.” he replies and with that you and him make your way into the backseat. bokuto sits first and then you place yourself on top of one of his thighs. you would be lying if you said you didn’t wear a skirt tonight specifically for this reason, and you’re so glad you made that decision. you also intentionally wore your thinnest pair of panties so that you could get more from your arousal. though this makes it very easy for bokuto to notice that you’re already soaking wet.
“jesus baby, you really are horny huh?” he groans at the feeling on his leg. you nod and look away from him, a little embarrassed at how you’re already so hot and bothered just from thinking about this. bokuto notices and uses his index finger to lift your chin and bring your gaze back to his.
“hey, look at me.” he says softly, “start riding.”
the shift in his tone from the soft one he was just using is alerting, and you obey his demand eagerly. you begin making short strides with your hips, rocking them back and fourth agaist bokuto’s leg while he rubs your thighs in the process. you moan as a shock of arousal shoots itself throughout your body. you steady yourself by holding onto bokuto’s shoulders and continue rocking your hips in quick motions. bokuto’s eyes don’t know where to land. he keeps switching between looking down at your hips as you grind them expertly against his thigh, and looking at your face which would occasionally scrunch up in pleasure as you moan. both making him unbearably hard.
bokuto knows you just ended your period. in turn, he knows that means your nipples are extra sensitive so he reaches under your shirt and unclaspes your bra, tossing it on the seat beside him. he then begins rubbing your already hard nipples between his fingers which earns a breathy moan of his name from you. between the intense feeling of pleasure between your legs and now the added pleasure of having your nipples played with, you know you’re not going to last much longer. so you unbutton bokuto’s pants after noticing how hard he is and grasp his erect member, making long strokes along the shaft before rubbing your thumb around the tip. you want him to cum with you and judging by the noises you’re getting out of him, you’re wish will come true. you continue riding his thigh and stroking his dick, while he continues playing with your nipples and you start to feel yourself get hotter and hotter.
“kiss me.” you say to bokuto and he happily obliges, attaching his lips to yours roughly. now the two of you are moaning into each other’s mouths as you get closer to you’re orgasms, doing everything you can to reach them.
“fuck, i’m almost there.” bokuto moans against you.
“me too.” you moan as well, your movements against bokuto’s thigh becoming more sloppy. your moans are increasing in volume and you know you’re both close.
“shit.” is all bokuto gives to warn you before he’s cumming all over your hand and the sight sends you over. you’re whole body tenses as your orgasm rolls through you, you gripping more tightly onto bokuto’s shoulders at the sensation.
you both give each other a minute to come down, still panting and trying to catch your breaths.
“i’m so in love with you y/n.” bokuto sighs once he’s finally caught his breath and you chuckle at his confession.
“i’m in love with you too kōtarō.”
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theweasleysredhair · 11 months ago
Tease [G.W.]
Character: George Weasley
Word Count: 4110
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Every time George tries to get you alone, something seems to interrupt you and he can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe he just needs to get a bit more creative, or maybe teasing you under the table is enough to get you as worked up and desperate as he is.
WARNING: this is NSFW, 18+, smutty, sexy times, idk how else to say it. george is being a hot cheeky bastard wanting to shag his girlfriend.
Tags: @gracemayhateyou @harrysweasleys @toranyx @theweirdsideofstuff @ickle-ronniekins @levylovegood @wand3ringr0s3 @diary-of-an-onliner
Disclaimer: Gif isn't mine, credit to whoever made it
A/n: idk, george makes me feel things. enjoy and thanks for requesting nonnie! ❤️
Tumblr media
+ + + + +
George was frustrated. In both senses of the word. He had originally thought that inviting you to the Burrow over Christmas was a wonderful idea, and whilst he loved having you around, he felt as though he’d barely even seen you since you’d arrived. And it was beginning to drive him insane.
He loved that you got along with his family so well, that they constantly wanted to be around you but, in his eyes, he’d invited you there to be with him, and the fact you’d probably had around 10 minutes alone over the last week was starting to get to him.
It didn’t help, and he was certain you were doing this on purpose, that you kept wearing his shirts around the Burrow - something you knew turned him on - or that one day you wore a jumper that fell off one shoulder, exposing the area of skin that George wanted to kiss and bite down on. Or, worse, that one day you wore a skirt and knee high socks - Merlin, George thought he felt his heart stop that day.
He’d tried multiple times to get you alone - pulled you into empty rooms in the Burrow to kiss you, locked Fred out of their bedroom and even tried snogging you outside but it had gotten too cold and started snowing. Unfortunately, each time you were alone in a room together, you’d been interrupted fairly quickly by his family coming to ask you something or other, or in the case of locking his twin out, Fred had grabbed a broom and flew up to the window and knocked on there instead, wiggling his eyebrows and wolf whistling at the both of you as he found you underneath your boyfriend (fully clothed, much to George’s dismay).
So to say he was getting desperate would be an understatement.
And as he watched you from across the living room, sat cross legged on one of the couches as you laughed with Ginny, he began thinking of new ways to spend time with you, without the rest of his family barging in.
He thought about locking Fred out again, but this time closing the curtains and the window. He thought about the shed outside, and as much as he’d like to be in those close quarters with you, he knew it was far too cold. All he wanted was to be with you, without everyone else hanging round.
He finally saw his chance when Ginny decided to go off to talk to Hermione about some work she had for the next coming school term, leaving you in the living room with just the twins.
George seized the moment, standing up and walking over to you. He leant down to your ear, his voice low and warm breath hitting the side of your face, “My room, in two minutes.” You felt a shiver down your spine as you watched him walk off towards the stairs, eyes glued to the way his back muscles were moving in the t shirt he was wearing, but not missing the warning look he shot at Fred, who was sat in front of the fire and smirking at his younger twin.
You stood up after a minute, straightening out your sweater before following in the direction of where George had just left, rolling your eyes but laughing all the same when Fred called after you, “Not on my bed, okay?”
“That was one time!” You joked, laughing harder when you heard him spluttering out a horrified, “What?!”
Reaching the top of the stairs, you made the familiar journey to the twins’ room, where George was waiting. No sooner had you pushed the twins’ door open were you suddenly pressed against it, your boyfriend’s lips on yours, kissing you desperately, as if it were the last thing he’d ever do. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling you closer to him as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, making you moan softly as he deepened the kiss, his hands resting on the skin underneath the hem of your sweater.
His fingers ran up your side to the base of your bra, gently stroking along the lace as his eyes widened, him pulling away very slightly, both to catch his breath and ask, “You’re wearing lace for me?”
You shrugged, grinning at him, “Maybe.”
He groaned, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head, “You’re killing me, love.”
He ducked his head to press open mouthed kisses across your neck, talking between each one, “Do you have any idea how difficult it’s been not being as close to you as I want to be? I’ve been going insane.”
“You think you’re the only one?”
His hands ran down your body and round to your bum, giving it a squeeze as he pushed you against the wall. As he trailed up towards your mouth to kiss you properly, he tugged gently at the hem of your sweater.
Just as you had pulled it over your head - George mesmerised by the way your lace bra accentuated your breasts - you heard Molly call up the stairs that food was ready, and for everyone to come down.
George shook his head, grabbing your waist, “I can’t wait any longer, just look what you’ve done to me, love.” He pressed himself against you, and you could feel him hard against where you wanted him, making your breath hitch.
“Let’s just not go,” he mumbled, tracing kisses across your collarbone and down to the tops of your breasts.
You let out a breathy sigh as you ran your hand through his messy hair, “We have to, your mum has made food and honestly I’d love to eat it - I’m hungry and she’s an amazing cook.”
George buried his head into your shoulder,
“I’d rather eat something else to be honest.”
“George!” You playfully swatted at his arm, before pulling away and moving around him to grab the sweater you’d dropped, putting it back on.
As you passed him again, he reached out to grab your hip, “Are you sure we have to go?” You nodded, “Yes! Everyone will be waiting for us.”
“Fine...” He agreed, albeit reluctantly, running a hand through his hair to tidy it a little as he sat on his bed. You stood near the doorway for a couple of minutes, waiting for him to stand up, however he continued to sit there, making you raise an eyebrow and turn to walk out, hoping it would prompt him to follow, “Right, come on then.”
“Give me a minute,” he replied, staring at the floor.
You turned back to him with a frown. “Why- oh!” You realised, “Want me to wait or go?”
George licked his lips, his eyes looking you up and down, “Should probably go darlin’, knowing you’re right next to me looking like you do is enough to keep me hard all night.”
Scoffing out a laugh, you looked at him sympathetically, “We’ll finish this later, I promise.”
You left him in his room, heading down the stairs to where the family usually ate meals, finding most of them already there, bar Ron and Harry, who arrived a few minutes after you, pushing and shoving each other as they laughed at something one of them had said.
You were sat at the end of the table, Fred across from you, an empty seat to your left for George. Molly rushed into the room, placing plates of food down with a wave of her wand, fussing over Harry before heading over to you, “Do you know where George is, dear?”
“I think he’s in his room, Molly. Said he’d be down soon,” you replied with a smile. She placed a plate in front of you and nodded as you thanked her, “That boy is never on time for anything I swear - he’ll be late to even your wedding, just you watch dear!”
Her comment made your cheeks warm, and you ducked your head to hide your smile just as she wandered off to grab a plate for Percy, who was sat at the other end of the table beside Arthur, deep in conversation.
“So, where is my dear younger twin?” Fred asked, shooting you a knowing smirk as he began eating the food on his plate.
“I’m right here,” George announced as he entered the room, finally making his appearance as he took the seat beside you.
“Nice of you to finally join us,” Fred spoke with a knowing grin shot in his twin’s direction.
“Yeah well, I had something to take care of,” George grumbled, sharing a glance with you and rolling his eyes when Fred let out a mocking laugh.
The beginning of the meal went by as normal, the family laughing and joking, you joining in. You’d just placed some more food in your mouth when you felt George’s hand on your thigh, just above your knee - the place he knew got you worked up. You glanced over at him, but his focus was on the conversation going on about a new muggle artefact Arthur had discovered at work.
Thinking it was just a coincidence, you went back to eating, however you suddenly felt his hand slide up your thigh slowly, fingertips squeezing gently, and dancing across the waistband of your trousers. Noticing the small smirk on George’s face, you shook your head a little at him, gesturing discreetly at the rest of his family, but he didn’t seem to be too concerned.
His hand moved down into your underwear, his fingers finding your clit easily - both from practice and from just knowing your body so well - and he gently began tracing circles, making your hips jolt forward and causing you to almost drop your fork.
He gave you a cheeky grin, “Everything okay there, love?” You grit your teeth as you replied, “Everything is just fine.”
His applied a little more pressure, circling faster and making you bite your lip. You swallowed a content sigh so as to not egg him on, and tried to focus on the main conversation, which had moved onto Hogwarts.
“So Y/n,” Molly began, making everyone turn to you, including George, who shot you a half smirk before picking up his pace, making you swallow harshly, “How are your lessons going?”
“They’re going quite well, Molly!” You replied, though your voice was slightly shaky, “I’m enjoying Care of Magical Creatures this year, there’s some interesting-“ you let out a half gasp as George suddenly pushed a finger into you, earning a few looks of concern.
“Are you okay, dear?” Molly asked, “Do you need me to get you anything?”
“Oh no! I’m fine, thank you! I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened there! But as I was saying, there’s some interesting creatures we’re learning about this year, so I’m really excited,” you smiled, hoping no one would be suspicious (nobody seemed to be, even Fred seemed preoccupied and wasn’t paying much attention, which you were thankful for.)
Hermione began talking about her own lessons, and you shot a warning glare over at George, who smiled innocently at you, as if he wasn’t currently fingering you under the table where his family were eating their evening meal. He added a second finger casually, bringing you closer to the edge.
He moved his fingers in and out, smirking to himself as he continuing eating his meal with one hand. He carried on for a couple of minutes and your hips began thrusting slightly towards his hand.
However, just as you clenched around him, he stopped what he was doing for a moment. You glared up at him, raising an eyebrow but he just shot you a lazy half smile, waiting for you to come back down a little before moving again, purposely teasing you.
Thankfully, the food was eaten quickly, meaning George had to stop. You were both grateful for that, and annoyed as you were now even more frustrated than before, as he hadn’t actually let you finish.
Soon after the plates were cleared, Molly ushered you all into the living room to sit down and wait for her to bring you all some hot chocolate. It was a tradition you adored usually, however since you were sat near your hot boyfriend who had now made you extremely sexually frustrated, you couldn’t wait for everyone to just go to bed.
George shared a couch with you, draping a blanket across both of your legs, and making sure you were comfy. You leant your head against his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
A few minutes later, you were all sat around the roaring fire, chatting together over your mugs of hot chocolate. You brought it up to your nose and revelled in the amazing smell, before taking your first sip. You had to admit, if there was one thing you loved about Christmas at the Weasleys, it was Molly’s hot chocolate.
You rested the mug on your knee, however nearly spilled some of your drink when you felt George’s free hand creep under the blanket and across your thigh. You tensed, still on edge from his antics at the dinner table - something that made him smile to himself, knowing you were getting just as worked up as he had been all week.
Placing a hand over his, you halted his actions, trying to push him away just a little, in order to be more decent. Undeterred, George decided to wait a couple of minutes before trying again. He placed his hand on the inside of your thigh, and then left it there, unmoving and right where you wanted him, making you shift uncomfortably.
You quickly drank your hot chocolate and placed it on the side table next to you, before looking over at George and raising an eyebrow at him. He grinned innocently just as he squeezed your inner thigh, making you press you lips together and it taking everything in you not to buck your hips against his hand.
Luckily, Hermione stood up soon after she’d finished her own drink, placing the mug on the table and stretching, “Thank you for the hot chocolate, Mrs Weasley, but I think I’m going to head up to bed. I’ve got a new book that I can’t wait to start!”
And then after Hermione, one by one, you noticed everyone bidding their goodnights and heading up the stairs and further into the burrow, until you realised it was just Molly and Arthur left. And after a while, even they retreated upstairs too - Molly ensuring you knew there was more food left in the kitchen if you wanted it - meaning you and George were finally alone.
“You tease!” You scolded, “Under the bloody table and then under a blanket when your family were literally less than a metre away from us? What were you thinking?”
“Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy it. It excited you, knowing they were there, didn’t it?” He said in a low tone, his eyes flickering down to your lips. You opened your mouth to reply but no words came out, knowing he wasn’t exactly wrong, and he knew it.
George bit his lip and gave one last glance up the stairs before bringing you into a rough kiss, pulling you onto him so you were straddling him on the couch.
It didn’t take long for you both to be breathing heavily, hot breaths hitting your face as he licked down your jaw.
He shifted under you, rolling his hips up into you, making the both of you groan, before you had to pull away a little.
“You sure you want to do it here?” You asked as you glanced up the stairs at where his family had disappeared to moments before.
“We’ve tried everywhere else, and kept being interrupted. Here, everyone is going to sleep. It’s our best chance,” George reasoned, running a finger along the waistband of your trousers.
“What if someone needs something from down here and catches us?” You asked, though you began leaning towards him to bring him into another kiss. He smirked back at you, “Isn’t that part of the fun?”
And you hated to admit it, but he was right. Something about the risk of being caught whilst being fucked by George was definitely appealing, and you looked up at him, biting your lip as you smiled, “I suppose so.”
That was all George needed to bring you back into a hot kiss, swirling his tongue around your mouth as you ground your hips down onto him, making him groan into your mouth. His hands gripped your waist pulling you against him further as one of yours ran through his hair, the other resting on his chest.
“I’ve waited too long for this,” he murmured against your lips, taking a quick breather to grab the hem of your sweater and helping you to pull it off, throwing it on the floor and leaving you in that lacy bra that George had been picturing the entire time he was sat at the table.
You reached round to unclip it but George stopped you, “Keep the bra on... and your knickers while you’re at it, I’m just gonna pull them to one side and fuck you whilst you’re wearing them.”
You moaned at the thought, grinding down onto his hard cock again, making him let out a shuddering breath. Pulling away for a moment, you stood up to take your trousers off, George doing the same. He then pulled off his underwear, his cock springing out, long and hard as he stroked himself a couple of times before sitting back down on the couch, pulling you down onto him again.
You could feel him against the lace of your underwear, and you circled your hips, making him groan against the skin of your neck, where he was pressing wet, open mouthed kisses, occasionally biting and sucking to elicit breathy moans from you.
“Look at you being all desperate for me,” George commented, watching as you kept bucking your hips against him, needy for the friction between your legs.
He reached down into your soaked underwear for the second time that evening, teasing your clit again before bringing his fingers up to his mouth to clean them off. He felt you grinding yourself down onto him and smirked to himself before deciding to move you a little to the right so you were now straddling his thigh, “Reckon you could come just from fucking my thigh, love?”
He jolted his leg a little, the skin of his muscular thigh moving against the material of your underwear and hitting you in just the right spot, making you cry out in pleasure.
“Merlin, you look so wickedly hot right now,” George breathed out, watching as you circled your hips around his thigh, eyes shut, head falling back as gasps fell from your pretty lips. At the back of his mind, he was aware that you couldn’t be much louder if you didn’t want to be caught, but Godric, did George love the sounds you were making.
“I’m close,” you gasped as he squeezed your hips, lifting his thigh a little to add more pressure. “That’s a good girl, I’m right here,” he murmured in your ear. Just a few minutes later, you felt the familiar feeling of pleasure washing over you, leaning your head onto George’s shoulders as he pressed kisses along the side of your neck.
“You looked so pretty coming for me like that, darlin’. Did you enjoy my thigh?” He murmured, sucking on a patch of skin below your ear. You nodded feebly, still seeing stars, and George smiled against your skin. He gave you a couple of minutes to bring your heart rate back to normal, however as soon as he felt your hips moving again, he leaned back with a smug expression and bit his lip, glancing from your dazed eyes to your swollen lips, “Are you ready for more, princess?”
All you could bring yourself to do was nod, finally satisfied from all the teasing he’d done to you over the course of the evening. He kissed you gently, a difference pace from a few moments previous, before thrusting his hips up to meet yours, enjoying the moan that escaped you as he hit your sensitive clit.
You felt him move your underwear to the side, and he lifted you up a little, allowing you slowly sink down onto him, making you both groan, enjoying the feeling of him being inside you again.
“You feel so bloody good, love,” he praised as you started to move up and down on his cock, circling your hips and falling into a rhythm as you rode him, “Taking me so well. My good girl.”
“George,” you breathed out, clutching his shoulders and he grabbed your hips to guide you. His head fell back, heavy breaths leaving his lips as you continued to ride him, both of you getting close - you from all the stimulation and him from his lack of.
You continued moving on him as he pushed his hips up to meet your thrusts. He sat up a little bit, causing him to go deeper, and you had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming out.
“You’re so good to me, love. I’m getting close,” he groaned, leaning forward to press kisses to the tops of your breasts, gently biting at one in order to leave a mark.
“Georgie you feel amazing, I’m-“ you finished your sentence with a groan as you felt him twitch inside of you.
“Come for me, darlin’,” he murmured into your neck, and you let your second orgasm of the night hit you, pleasure flowing through your body as your eyes closed and head fell back, clenching around him and moaning again as you felt George finish inside of you just as you began to come down from the high.
You both stayed there for a moment, the only sounds being the both of your heavy breathing as you tried to steady your heart rate.
And that’s when you heard the sound of the steps creaking and you froze, hands gripping onto George’s shoulders as your heart beat fast for a different reason this time, praying whoever it was wouldn’t find you in the position you were in currently - namely, sat on top of your boyfriend on his couch with him still inside you. You waited with bated breath, eyes shutting in anticipated embarrassment as he pulled the blanket around you in case he had to hide you.
“Will you two be a bit quieter? Some of us are trying to sleep!”
You exhaled at the sound of Fred’s voice hissing down from the top of the stairs, thanking Merlin it wasn’t Molly.
“Please just go back to the room, Fred,” George called back to his twin through gritted teeth.
“I don’t know, I kinda want a glass of water now I’m up...” Fred replied, and you heard him step down onto the next stair tauntingly.
“Fred!” George warned. “Fine, I’m going, I’m going!”
You heard him heading back up the creaky stairs and across to where you knew his room was before opening your eyes to look up at George, letting out a small giggle as he leant his forehead against your shoulder for a moment, before pulling you off of him carefully and standing up to grab a cloth for you, unable to keep himself from laughing too.
“You know he’s never going to let us forget this right?” You grinned in the dark, before grabbing the cloth from him.
“Might as well make it a night to remember then, huh?” George grinned cheekily, leaning against the nearby wall and crossing his arms over his chest. Your eyes wandered down the veins in his lower arms before looking up at him, “What do you mean?”
“I’m thinking, round two, you sat on the kitchen counter, with my head between your legs. What do you say?” George smirked, bringing his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked you over.
You stood up quickly, grabbing his hand, “I say let’s go.”
“Well that didn’t take much convincing,” he followed you into the kitchen with a grin.
“Yeah well,” you replied as you reached the kitchen counter, him grabbing your waist and lifting you up onto it, standing between your legs,
“Right now I’d rather you use that tongue for something other than talking.”
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alrightberries · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
headcanon: when they wake up in the middle of the night and realize you drifted off to the other side of the bed.
➼ genre: fluff. ➼ tw: none
➼ ft. eren, armin, jean, reiner, porco & levi
Tumblr media
eren: eren would be the type to scooch closer to you when you're sleeping. doesn't matter how close or far you are from the edge of the bed, he'll always be the one to adjust bc he doesn't wanna risk waking you up. he'd wrap his arms tightly around your waist, bury his nose into your hair, then fall back asleep. (additionally: he doesn't consider that you're both on the edge of the bed now, so it won't be far fetched to say you'll end up on the floor when you wake up. he's still latched onto you though.)
armin: also the type to scooch closer to you because he doesn't wanna wake you up. unlike eren tho, he actually considers the possibility of waking up on the floor. so if you're on the edge of the bed and about to fall off, he'd discreetly pull on the blanket and slowly inch you closer towards the middle where you're safe. would wrap his arms loosely around you and fall back asleep facing you, even if you're not facing him.
jean: i see him as the type to pull you closer but also scooch towards you. believes in meeting in the middle (of the bed) and would wrap his arm around your waist, slowly pull you closer, and if you wake up he'll kiss your forehead and gently tell you to "go back to sleep, babe." likely to gently turn you around if you're not facing him; he likes falling asleep facing each other, thinks it's more intimate that way.
reiner: he's the type to lift you up when he realizes you've drifted off to the edge of the bed. when i say "lift you up" i don't mean carry you off your feet bridal style, but he'd put his arms underneath your knees and back, gently lift you a couple inches from the bed, then bring you closer to him. only when you're cuddled up to him will he be able to fall back asleep (all that without waking you up; he's a talented cuddler.)
porco: would pull you closer to him, no questions asked. he won't scooch closer like the others— he'd wrap his arm around your waist and pull you towards him, no matter how far you are. you'll likely wake up to the feeling of being gently dragged across the bed, but when your back meets a warm chest followed by a kiss on the cheek and a sleepy "sorry, princess. you were too far away," both you and pock fall back asleep.
levi: in all honesty, levi's not likely to pull you closer. when he wakes up, it's his insomnia keeing him up and he probably won't fall back asleep any time soon. like armin, he'd pull at the blankets to inch you closer towards the middle of the bed. from there, he'd face your general direction and look at you fondly. sometimes he'd play with your hair or interlock your pinkeys, and if he's feeling indulgent, he'd wrap his arm around you and give you a forehead kiss. either way, he'll get up and get dressed shortly after so he can start with work.
Tumblr media
alrightberries © 2020. do not modify or repost.
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neoheros · a year ago
fuckboy! iwaizumi (fem reader but no mention of pronouns!)
Tumblr media
— fuckboy au masterlist !! ♡
you’ve known iwaizumi since you were kids and you forgot when or why the two of you became so close but you both take into account how dull life would be without each other
growing up, you took on the golden girl role— acing tests and topping classes as easy as that
you were the dream student, the darling of every parent and everyone in school made sure you knew that they knew that
iwaizumi on the other hand didn’t really see any prospect in that happening for him
he was already doing his most in the school volleyball club and that was definitely enough in his book
iwa’s the type of guy to hardly show up in class and when he does it most likely has something to do with you
you: omfg if i tell that girl from 2nd year all the pros of spending time with you will you go to school for a full week this time
iwaizumi: no but its cute that you’re trying ❤️
he had a reputation around school and you were well aware of it
as his best friend you had a nagging feeling that you should’ve been stopping him when he shows up with a different girl from the one he told you about last week
but knowing iwa, he was either gonna ignore you or just laugh it off like he usually does
your friends often see you hanging out with him and they’re always trying to warn you that he’s reputable for being a heartbreaker and you’re just like ????
first of all, how could they say those mean things about ur best friend !!!!
and secondly, you already knew that he was a lying uncommitted piece of trouble, you didn’t need to be warned !!
besides, you two have been so close since you could remember, iwaizumi could never dare to do you like that
you’re the only girl he’s kept around for more than a week and even though you’ve told him numerous times that that wasn’t a compliment, it still warmed your heart in a way
iwaizumi: i just got dumped :/ now i have to hit up someone new to spend the night with
you, genuinely amazed: look on the bright side 💫💖👑 i hope it blinds you ✨🧚🏻‍♀️
the truth is that you were completely repulsed by the idea that he could go through women like clothes but you wouldn’t deny that there was a reason behind that
he was basically a 5’10 calvin klein model with the skills to play professional volleyball any day
as far as anyone was concerned, he was just someone who had a lot of free time and numerous trust issues
it was a wonder how you could stand to be around him especially when he’s with other girls like that and you could certainly live better off without the hate you get almost everyday from his ex flings
but in all your years of friendship, you can’t recall a single time iwaizumi wasn’t there for you
if you needed a ride to school, he’d drop whatever whoever he was doing and drive you there, if you forgot to eat a meal that day, he’d swoop in and take you to the nearest mcdonald’s drivethru
you were the only one he trusted and even if he got on your nerves sometimes you can’t say that you didn’t trust him too
the worst thing he ever did to you was give you a mini heart attack when one friday evening he came knocking on your window like a lunatic
you: you’re insane if you think i’m letting you in
iwaizumi: but i brought food
you: aight bet
the minute you opened your window, your heart dropped as soon as he entered, visible bruises and blood on his lips
he had a brown bag of mcdonald’s in his right hand, gently bringing it to your stunned figure with a shy smile, “told you i brought food,”
you put down the bag, immediately grabbing his hand and pulling him into your bathroom where you kept your medicine cabinet
your heart is racing, the sheer amount of blood on his clothes enough to freak you out
you sit him down on the counter, ignoring his reassurance that he was fine and that you didn’t have to go through all this trouble
you bite down on your lower lip hard, trying to stop the tears that prickled
“apparently this girl i was with had a boyfriend and he didn’t really like it when i took her out,” he says, a sheepish smile on his face
you don’t respond, unable to stop your hand from pressing harder on his wounds once you heard the reason why
“ow!” he says, but he lowers back down when he sees your hurt look
“i was really worried,” you tell him, sighing as you dabbed the alcohol covered cotton as light as you can
he’s genuine when he breathes out, an apologetic grin as he says, “i know, i’m sorry.”
for the first time that night, you smile, rolling your eyes at the rarity of a serious moment like this one
you: you look like shit
iwaizumi: you should’ve seen the other guy
you: was he hot 🥺
iwaizumi: why am i friends with you
you finish patching up his face with bandaids, softly amused and grateful that the only ones you had left had hello kittys on them
“all done,” you grin, “next time you get beat up, go to a doctor, or one of your girlfriends, the blood is seriously disgusting.”
iwaizumi laughs, pulling you into a loose hug, “you’re the only girl i know with a medicine cabinet.”
“that’s why i’m the best.” you tell him with a huff, pushing him off as you leave the room.
iwa sighs, and he’s doing his best to ignore the racing of his heart to be that close to you, “you’re not wrong there.”
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dmc-tings · 2 months ago
The four Lord's accidentally hurting their s/o during an argument
Alcina Dimitrescu
You had gone to hangout with her brutish brother, Heisenberg
Without her knowing
She didn't mind, as long as you told her
But it seemed like you made it a POINT to leave without doing so
"Alcina, I'm a grown (man/woman/person) I can go as I please!"
"Oh forgive me for treating you like a child! As your behavior has shown me!"
She stood tall and stiff, arguing with you
And you stood (as tall as you could), glaring at her with defiance
Alcina was sheathing and unsheathing her long claws behind her back
Trying not to slice her beloved's head off
But when you got like this, it was rather difficult
You threw your hands up, in anger
"This is the shit, Heisenberg, is talking about!! You use your height to talk down on everyone!! And it-"
She swung her hand to shut you up
And.... well it did shut you up
Her claws had been out
Slicing your midsection open, effectively gutting you
Before you could hit the ground, the Draculina caught you
And rushed you to her chambers, where the maids started to care for you
She never left your side, holding your hand
Once cleaned, sewn up and bandaged, the chambermaids left your both alone
There she sat for days, for her it felt like months, years... and eternity even
You finally woke up and looked at her
For the first time in almost a century, Alcina let herself be human
Large, fat tears where streaming down her face
Though she made no sound and you couldn't see her eyes
You knew by how hard she tightened her grip on your hand
That she was relieved and desperately sorry
"Im sorry too, you know... I should be more careful about your feelings. And-"
She cut you off
This time with her lips, forgiving you with no words
Angie and Donna Beneviento
On very, very, very rare occasions would you and Donna argue
And this was such a time
You had wanted to go into the village
But Donna, insisted you stay home, just for a bit
This, for whatever reason, pissed you off
"Your so goddamned controlling, Donna! Is it a big fucking problem for me to want to be alone, just for a few hours!?"
She never would say anything back, she didn't have to
The pollen would do it for her
Through narrowed eyes, she made you see the worst
Your angry ranting stopped
You saw your family's deaths replaying
Right. In. Front. Of. You.
Your mother crashing in to a dark river, your brother slashing his arms, bleeding out, and your father going mad, setting the family home on fire, letting himself burn alive
You knew none of this was true, but.... it felt so real...
You fell to your knees, weeping, but making no noise
Letting the tears fall, you sat back pulling your knees to your chest
Donna and Angie both knew it was going a bit too far
"Great!! Now (he/she/they're) broken!" Angie fussed
Donna made the illusion dissappear, feeling bad about what she had done
You were curled up, holding yourself
Angie, was already at your side, uncharacteristically, trying to soothe you
Donna kneeled on front of you, wiping your tears
You all sat like this for hours
Finally, you calmed down
She shushed you, pulling you into her arms
You hugged her and Angie
This is how you all forgave one another
And it always worked
Salvatore Moreau
He never liked it when you got like this...
You could be come so rageful
And it scared and confused him
All he asked was "Darling? Will you help me decide which experiment to send to Mother?"
And you exploded, throwing things and yelling at him
This continued, until you threw a knife in his direction
It just barely missed hitting him
This caused him to explode as well
Like Donna, he rarely argues but that was the last straw
You stopped your rampage to watch his
He finally turned into his MASSIVE other form
And rushed off
You realized that you were to blame for this
So you followed him to the Reservoir
Watching him let out his anger out in the water and surrounding area
Him, not knowing you followed, bashed into some of the rocks
Causing them to fall, on top of you
Luckily, you jumped far enough away, not to get completely covered
You screamed as your leg got caught in the rockfall
Moreau hear it, transformed back and rushed to you
Uncovering the rocks, and pulled you to him
Quickly he made a tourniquet and gently pulled you to safety
"Im sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there, my Precious..."
He continued to whimper apologies to you
You cut him off, "No... im sorry, I shouldn't explode like that..."
You both sat in comfortable silence, knowing that this would happen again
Karl Heisenberg
You both were HEATED
You simply asked him to help you out a bit with some chores
To which he exploded
Throwing harsh and colorful words at you
"Ungrateful lazy bitch." Was hastily thrown at you
To which you retaliated with, "Piece of shit garbage."
Not caring about the floating debris, you tried to leave
Which Heisenberg blocked your way, a bit too aggressive
Not bothering to look at what he did
One of the flying slabs of metal sliced open your arm
Almost cutting it off
Though Karl didn't look at you, but your screech made him whirl around
Anger gone, when he saw your blood pouring out on to the floor
He rushed to your side, ripping his shirt into makeshift bandages
As he was wrapping you up, you started to pass out due to bloodloss
For the first time, in the longest time, Heisenberg felt himself panic
"Y/N! Stay with me, please!! Dont-"
You lost consciousness
He stood up and pulled you into his arms and rushed to Dimitrescu Castle
Kicking the large door in, he demanded that Lady D help
She was about to refuse, but saw the tears streaming down his face
And an eyeful of you bleeding out
She quickly snapped at her chambermaid's to help you
A few hours passed, with Heisenberg pacing outside of the room where you were being cared for
When the door opened he pushed past the maid, to your side
You looked at him, wanting to hit him
But softened up seeing this rugged man crying and apologizing for his outburst
You couldn't get him to shut up
And he held your hand like a life line
You petted his head with your other hand
Once he calmed down, you started to laugh
Karl looked at you like you lost your mind
"What the FUCK are you laughing at!? I almost took your gotdamn arm off!! I-"
"I... i..." You wheezed, " I forgot why we were arguing."
Karl looked up thoughtfully, "Damn. So did i."
He leaned forward and gave you a kiss
"Still... im sorry."
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plainbrunettelbl · a year ago
ABO (A) Amajiki Tamaki x (O) Reader Soft Warm Pillows
Word count: 1019
Warnings: None
Title: ABO (A) Amajiki Tamaki x (O) Reader Soft Warm Pillows
Summary: Tama discovers his happy place. 
Tumblr media
🐙-You and Tama had a nightly ritual.
🐙-Once it was time for curfew and everyone would go back to their dorms you would sneak in to his room. At first he was hesitant to break the rules but one cuddle session quickly changed his mind.
🐙-It had happened by accident after you both were relaxing in his room after school. He was unwinding with a few rounds of playing video games. You knew school took a lot of him mentally so you didn’t mind his lack of attention during the first hour or so after school was out.
🐙-It gave you time to make a nest on his bed. Usually he sat on the floor to play but that day he just sat on the edge of the bed. You wanted to be closer to him even if he couldn’t give you his full attention.
🐙-So you made your nest closer to him rather in its usual spot in the corner were the bed both walls.
🐙-You stacked pillows and adjusted blankets to your liking. He always made sure to get out the extra pillows and blankets he bought you and stored in his closet before he even thought of starting up his console.
🐙-He really was a sweetie pie.
🐙-When you finished your nest and make it to were you could comfortably sit against it without leaning too far back you sighed. You watched your Alpha play a few games before you though to of an idea.
🐙-“Tama?” You asked, hoping you wouldn’t disturb his game.
🐙-He didn’t care about dying when it came to you asking for him. He didn’t even pause the game before turning his head and giving you his full attention. You flushed under his questioning gaze, not expecting him to turn around.
🐙-“Yes, Omega?” He replied, looking over your relaxed frame.
🐙-“I was wondering if you would like to lay back while you played? That way you don’t have to be hunched over.” You offered, eyeing his slumped posture.
🐙-“Oh, sure.” He agreed, leaning himself back onto you. He made sure to take it slow, not wanting to be too heavy and hinder your breathing. He knew he was smaller than some Alphas but that didn’t make him less cautious about crushing your delicate frame.
🐙-He could swear all of his worries left his mind as soon as his head met his chest. It was so soft and warm. He felt safe and content. He tried to get back to his game but it was no use.
🐙-He wanted his full attention on the comfort you were giving him.
🐙-He turned off his game and turned onto his side. His face burrowed more into your chest. His soft breaths warming up your chest. You were still in your bra so it was a tiny bit uncomfortable to be laying so heavily on your chest but you couldn’t bring yourself to pull him away and have the peaceful look on his face vanish.
🐙-“You enjoying yourself, Tama?” You asked, running your hands through his soft hair.
🐙-All you got in response was a pleasured moan and more nuzzling.
🐙-From then on it was his favorite position to cuddle you in. Every time you would crawl into his bed at night he would find himself laying on your chest within seconds.
🐙-That’s why when he did it this particularly night he was startled when he barley laid his head down for a second and you jolted with an audible gasp. He quickly lifted his head.
🐙-“Are you okay, Omega?” He worried, afraid he did something wrong.
🐙-“Yeah.” You gave him a shaky smile before relaxing back into the bed.
🐙-He was quick to place his head on your chest again. He was met with the same reaction.
🐙-“I’m sorry, Tama. My heat must be coming soon. My chest is a little tender. I don’t think we can cuddle like this until after it passes.” You apologized, sad that you wouldn’t get to cuddle with him like you always did.
🐙-He was even sadder. The thought of falling asleep on his cold pillow rather than your warm chest made his Alpha whimper. He knew your comfort came first though.
🐙-“Is there anything I can do to help?” He questioned, still new to the whole relationship thing.
🐙-“No. It will pass on its own. Thank you though.” You pecked his lips before rolling over on your side. Your back facing him. Even though he loved resting on your chest he supposed being your big spoon was his second favorite.
🐙-The next few days or so went the same. You would crawl into bed and turn over and he would latch onto you as much as he could. He missed your warm pillows as each day passed.
🐙-He was mad at himself for thinking such selfish thoughts. You were in pain and he couldn’t stop thinking of doing something that would cause it. He felt bad about it every time the thought of your soft chest entered his mind.
🐙-At one point he had couldn’t take it anymore and when you climbed into bed that night he had stopped you from turning over.
🐙-“Tama?” You asked, turning your head towards his.
🐙-“I was wondering if it would be okay if I slept on your stomach until your chest starts feeling better?” He nervously asked, he hoped he didn’t seem selfish in asking.
🐙-You didn’t have any bad cramps that day so you agreed.
🐙-As soon as his head met the warm softness of your belly he sighed. It wasn’t as good as your chest but it was nearly the same. He started purring instantly. His mind went calm.
🐙-“How are you gonna handle me having pups in the future? Both my chest and stomach will be off limits.” You giggled, lightly scratching his scalp.
🐙-You regretted your words as soon as his first whimper came out. You spent the night trying to reassure your Alpha that you would think of something when the time came.  
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Raise yourselves up (We’re done)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two prompts in one; let’s do this. I tweaked the ideas a bit though.
 It was Bustier who broke the news to Marinette and Chloe, and she did it once again the most inappropriate fashion, “-And so the class feels it would be best if both of you were excluded from the class trip at the end of the year.” She finished. The class was just about to let out and she told the two girls in front of them all.
There were mean snickers and smug looks from the other students. The ones who just avoid the girls’ gazes; Adrien, Juleka, and Rose. The three had decided to stay out of it and just side with the majority. Marinette and Chloe had become best friends after Lila had gotten her hooks into class the year before. She turned all of Marinette’s dearest friends to ex-friends and turned them into bullies. That was fine with Marinette. She was done with two-faced people; done with turn-coats, and cowards. Marinette didn’t need them. Or want them. Chloe at least had the guts to stand on her own two feet and for what she believed in. It was a new year and a new Marinette.
Neither blond nor bluenette blinked.
“That’s fine,” Marinette shrugged. “It will be a relief not to have to fundraise for the trip.”
Chloe smirked, “Ditto. A trip to New York City, completely unfunded by the school, is going to be a lot to pay for.”
“They’ll have plenty of time though,” Marinette hummed. “A little less than a year.” The two girls cast them cool looks, “Good luck!” They chimed as the bell rang.
No one understood why they didn’t react the way they thought. Alya had expected tears from Marinette. Rage from Chloe. Then apologies and promises to do better. In fact, they all did. But they didn’t get it. Instead, they were left wondering why the two girls laughed their way out of the classroom.
It would take them months to realize.
Both girls knew though. Chloe always managed to convince her parents to fund thirty percent of whatever grand trip the class took every year. Marinette managed to put together enough amazing fundraisers to raise sixty percent of the funds needed. Everyone else in class only ever managed to pull together the last ten percent. Barely.
The next day the brand new World Travelers’ Club announced their formation and invited anyone to join. A few members of the class perked up until they heard Marinette and Chloe were the presidents. Instead, the class bashed the club and joked it was the girls’ lame attempt at making friends.
That was the last they heard of the club.
To the rest of the students of Bustier’s class’s credit, they attempted right away to start fundraising plans. However, no one in the class knew just when they should start and no one had any unique ideas; they only had a car cash fundraiser, the usual bake sale, maybe a raffle. Standard stuff they were sure would work. After Marinette, the former class president, and resident bully as far as they were concerned, always started off with those. Never realizing that she only started out with them at the very beginning of the year, and never stopped there. Nor did they realize just how much planning went into each event.
 The class's first event was a car wash in November. It was a poor idea, as the weather had begun to take a turn for the worst and barely any cars showed up. They hosted it at the school figuring people would want to help out school children. Nino played music. And all the friends had a blast. But the kids made a total of 143 dollars a days’ worth of work. They vowed their next fundraiser would be better.
During the two months, Marinette and Chloe and the rest of the World Travelers’ club; Kagami, Claude, Aurore, Marc, Luka, Ondine, and a bunch of other students who always wanted to see the world fundraised like crazy. They decided that their class trip would be to six different places; Los Angeles, Star City, Central City, Metropolis, Gotham, and finally New York City. It would be a tour.  They would spend two weeks in each city, touring and visiting, before moving on to the next. Each city had its own highlights and hotels that need to be arranged and paid for. Marinette did the math; they would need to raise a little less than $35,000 to pay for everything. She made it an even $40,000 to be safe.
Marinette set up a go fund me page an hour later. It wouldn’t be easy but Marinette knew they could do it if they worked hard and fast. (She only half-heartedly glared at Chloe when two grand mysteriously was donated to the club’s go-fund-me five minutes after she announced it the class. She did glare when Jagged and Clara both gave five grand each to their favorite designer and faux-niece. But stopped when Kagami said her mother was also donating $3,000 to the club.)
A week after the club’s formation, they had their first fundraiser. A car wash. Marinette knew it was best to get that one done as soon as possible while the summer heat was still around. It went great. They had it at a local park. Chloe played music off her phone. During the event, they sold ice cream and other cold sweets. Ondine had the great idea of selling full water balloons to children so they could run around. Marc sold quick funny Caricatures of customers. They raised a total of $2752, minus the two hundred for expenses that Chloe and Mariette fronted themselves.
The second fundraiser Bustier’s class held was a bake sale. It was in the middle of December and more or less a last-minute idea. Alya spearheaded the event, remembering how much money they pulled in from the last bake sale. She had the smart idea of doing it during a pep rally. Only to remember at the last minute that Marinette usually supplied all the best goods freely given from the bakery. Or made them herself. It didn’t take a genius to know that Alya nor any of the class would be welcome in the bakery based on the cold looks Tom and Sabine had given Alya last time she went in with her mother. So Alya declared all the kids would make their own goods.
…Four people got food poisoning; one of them was Kim. Most of the baked goods were dry and hard and virtually unappealing. Rose’s sugar cookies sold well but mostly because they were one of the few things that tasted and looked good. The class made a total of 128 bucks. They were lucky they weren’t sued.
The World Travelers’ club’s second fundraiser was actually a pool party at Chloe’s. She had led the entire event. The weather was still hot. They got Luka and his new band My Shadow’s Wonderland to play; Kitty section had sadly broken up due to Lila’s schemes months before. The club members sold tickets to get in. They also sold food: hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, ice cream, and funnel cakes. Kagami sold Balloon which caused her friends to do double-takes. Because Kagami knew how to make balloon animals, what in the world? Marinette and Marc did face paint and temp tattoos. Nearly everyone from school showed up. Even Bustier’s class, though they hadn’t seemed to realize The World travelers’ club was hosting. They earned a total of $3101. Marinette had long since learned the greatest trick of the fundraiser; don’t let make it obvious it’s a fundraiser. Make it fun and people would come.
Their third fundraiser happened two weeks later just at the beginning of October. It was Claude’s idea and he called it; “Can you Arcade it?” No laughed but he thought it was hilarious. They had got permission to use the gym to set up a video Gamers’ paradise. He got this idea when he heard the old arcade had finally shut down after Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone had opted to retire. He got the couple to donate the old game machine for a day to help them out. Claude only had to babysit their pet Parakeet for two weeks while they were out of town. Old arcade games line the walls. New games with TV borrowed from the club members were set up with the new game systems. They sold food and anything they thought a gamer would want. Aurore somehow got the local Taco Bell to sponsor the event so ever twenty minutes or so they had a deal with commercial playing in the background. This fundraiser attracted most parents with younger children; though a good percent was just nostalgic dads who ended up playing the games as much as the kids. $1700 was earned; most of it in quarters.
 Their next fundraiser happened at the end of October and it was a haunted house; or rather a haunted school. They teamed up with a few other clubs to put the event together. They didn’t earn that much money; $300 after it was split between the clubs. However, all the kids had a ton of fun.
When November hit, and the weather turned cold, and everyone wanted everything pumpkin spice. (And Bustier’s class first fundraiser was about to happen) Marinette held did her bake sale. She with the help of the other members of the club made all the sweets; for once she didn’t have to get her parents to donate the baked goods. In additional, Marinette and the gang sold handmade little dolls of Ladybug and Chat Noir and the new miraculous heroes that had replaced the last team. The dolls were a big hit. Such a hit that Chloe got the idea of marketing them online for a much better price. The fundraiser earned about $600 bucks which weren’t bad.
Chloe and Marinette started selling the dolls for $10 bucks each plus shipping and handling. Chloe and Marinette made the dolls. The others took care of the shipping part. The
dolls only cost 2 bucks to make, as they were mostly yarn, so they profited 8. Chloe said that was how the business made money.
By the time December hit, they were had raised more half of their overall target goal.
During the fundraisers, each kid used their own influence via social media to get people to go their Go-Fund-me page. Luka and his band, all of who members of the club anyway, used Youtube and Instagram to promote their bands also asked fans to make a donation. Aurore used her Ladybug site Bugout to ask her fans. Ondine did swim training videos did the same. Marc who did drawing tutorial asked too. They didn’t get a lot from; a dollar here, three there, maybe a five if they were lucky but every bit count.
Their next fundraiser was a raffle in one of the empty unsure ballrooms of Chloe’s hotel, and it happened not long before Christmas break. This was spearheaded by Aurore. The strategy was sound; most people were still rushing to get presents. All they have to do was bid on the item they want. She got local businesses to donate. A fancy dinner from one restaurant, a bouquet of roses, expensive perfumes, a massage chair; a bunch of gift cards of various stores. Chloe got her dad to donate two items a spa day and a luxury Spa weekend. Marc offered art lessons. He also auctioned off some of his portraits. Ondine offered swim lessons. Aurore got offered a meet-and-greet with Ladybug, who even showed up to make an appearance. Kagami offered sword fighting lessons. Luka offers guitar lessons. His bandmate, Naomi, offered drum lessons. Another girl, Bridgette offered piano lessons. Marinette offered her usually big-ticket item; a custom design by MDC. The night was a hit. Once again, Marinette’s item was one of the highest bid items of the night. All in all, the kids brought in a total of $4728.
January came and Bustier’s class decided it was time for another fundraiser. Just as the World’s traveler’s club decided it was time for a break. Though they still sold the dolls; which had brought in $1800 since they had started selling them; Ladybug and her crew apparent had fans all over the world. This meant by the time February hit, they had just over $10,000 left to raise and five months to do it. They would leave at the beginning of June. They already paid for all of their plane tickets and paid for their hotel rooms. All their tours booked and paid for. All reservations made. And then reconfirmed by a rather stern Chloe. Passports were bought.
Bustier’s fundraiser idea was once again headed by Alya, the new class president after Lila decline the role as she would be far too busy. Alya decided a raffle would be perfect. The one they did the year before had been amazing. Again, Alya forgot that Marinette and Chloe handled nearly everything which was why it was such a big hit. Alya had to use the school gym.
“It’s not like I’d ask Chloe,” Alya huffed to her boyfriend. “I’m just glad I won’t have to deal with her or Marinette on our trip.”
“You said it, babe,” Nino leaned back in his desk. “No need for that kind of drama.”
The raffle was their most successful fundraiser so far much to Alya smug face when Marinette and Chloe walked into class on Monday.  All the kids in the class participated and offered their own talents for use; offering lessons or gift cards from their parents' businesses. Their biggest hit was a picture and an autograph from Adrien Agreste.
“We raised over a thousand dollars,” Alya crossed her arms. A satisfied look on her face. She had worked hard. They had all worked hard. “Beat that!”
Marinette and Chloe shared a look before they literally fell to the ground laughing. “I can’t!” Chloe gasped for air. “I can’t breathe!”
Marinette struggled to contain herself, “This! I!” She couldn’t even get out the words. She was laughing so hard.
They didn’t even bother to pay the glares they received any attention. It was just too funny.
For the rest of the week, it was the running joke between them. Every now and then, the other students in the class would “Beat that!” And laughter from the back of the room.
February came and the kids decided in anticipation for Valentine ’s Day. They would do a Date Auction. It was Ondine’s idea and it was a huge success. Surprising considering it, it was supposed to be simple and easy and something to get them back into the fundraiser's mood after a month's breath. Most of the kids now had a strong online following and become popular among the youth of Paris for their awesome parties. So when word spread that the World Travelers’ Club was doing a date auction; a lot of students from school showed up. A lot of students from other schools showed up. One girl traveled from England specifically for Luka.
Marinette, followed by Chloe, Then Luka, then Kagami, then Aurore was the highest auctioned date of the night. Claude and Felix were both a little put out. Marc didn’t mind. Mostly because of the best looking guy at the auction bid on him.
All in all, they raised $2100.
The next fundraiser was in March. The spring warm weather had hit in full. Flowers were blooming. The fundraiser was a carnival Luka planned. Everyone set up carnival booths and games and fun prizes. Live music. They had it in on the school soccer field. A lot of parents with their kids showed up, looking for a family-friendly event to enjoy. Total they raised $2421.
Marinette’s dolls brought in an additional $900. Then it was official they only needed 5,000 more.
Bustier’s class tried another fundraiser; a dance party in the school gymnasium; hosted by Nino. They sold tickets to get in, snacks and drinks. They put off filers everywhere and did everything they could to promote the event. They made $750 dollars. And were proud.
 In April, the World travelers’ club did another bake sale and another car wash and a ping pong tournament was a really big hit for some reason. By the end of April, they had met their goals. All loose ends tied up. All the tickets bought. Permissions slip signed.  Four teachers, who were more than excited to volunteer to spend near all-expense-paid vacation in the most popular cities in the world, would be chaperoning. They were done.
By the first Monday of May, Chloe and Marinette breathed a sigh a relief as the stress had finally left their shoulders. The only thing they had to worry about was packing, and they had a month to do it.
The two girls once again arrived to see the smug grins of the classmates' faces. Bustier’s class had been fundraisers like crazy so much so that even the teacher was looking over her students proudly.
“We’ve raised $5,829,” Lila announced. The Italian girl looked smug as she had done al the work. “Fundraising was hard but we did what we had to.”
“Way better then we did under the last class president,” Alya hissed.
Marinette and Chloe looked at each other again. It was Chloe who spoke, “So you’re not going to New York?”
The question caught everyone off guard.
“What?” Alya hissed. “Of course we’re going to New York!”
Marinette sighed, “No, WE” She pointed between her and Chloe, “And the World Traveler’s club is going to New York and a bunch of other places. We raised over $40,000.” Most of the students turned green.
“$40- $40,000,” Nino stuttered. “What? how?”
“We worked hard, like we always,” Chloe flipped her hair. “That was our goal since September. Its how much it would cost to pay for the entire trip. For every member and required chaperones to go. Why? What was your goal?”
It went quiet. Alya spoke next, “Goal?”
           Again, Chloe and Marinette
“Goal,” Marinette nodded. “The amount you needed to fund the entire trip to New York?”
“We didn’t have a goal,” Rose answered.
The two girls stared at them.
“What airline are you using?” Chloe asked. “How much do the tickets cost?”
No answer.
“What hotel are you staying at?”
No answer.
“Did you get your passports yet?”
“Have you made any reservations?” Marinette asked. “Any down payments?” No answered. Just pale faces.
           Chloe just shook her head, “Did you at least get approval from the school board to clear the trip?”
“We need them to approve it?” Kim asked. “Why it’s our trip?”
“Safety and legal concerns,” Marinette said slowly. “It takes weeks to get approved. Permissions slips have to be signed and turned in. Chaperones found.”
“Miss Bustier’s our chaperone,” Mylene said brightly, and the teacher nodded eagerly.
           Marinette fought the urge to scoff. Bustier couldn’t chaperone a ping pong tournament. “Fine but with a class this size, you need at least two more. Maybe three.”
           Chloe crossed her arms, “How were you getting to New York? What were your plans? Did you book any tours? What were you going to do in New York?”
           No one said a word.
           Marinette smirked, “Good on you, I guess. You must have some killer fundraising ideas with only a month and a half until summer break.” She sighed. “I couldn’t do it myself. Way too much stress. The World Traveler’s club was killing ourselves since September to get everything done.”
“September,” Rose gasped. “Really.” She deflated. “We didn’t start till November, and the car wash was pretty bad.” There were nods.
“Yep,” Chloe said. “I think we did about fifteen or more fundraisers. Little ones and big ones. How many did you guys do?”
           Nino frowned, “Five.”
“We worked really hard, though!” Alix slammed her fist on the desk. “Nothing worked.”
           Marinette and Chloe shared another look.
“Shame,” Marinette said as they glided to their seats.
“Last year, the class did so well,” Chloe smirked. “Wonder what changed?”
“Nothing!” Alya shouted. “We did the same thing we do every year. Bake Sale, car wash, Raffle, Dance Party; everything!
           There were nods.
“It’s not fair!”
“We didn’t do anything wrong.”
           There more shouts and complaints.
           Bustier calmed everyone down, “Now class, let’s not give up hope. Our trip last year was a success. And I know we can pull it off again. What did we do then that we aren’t doing now?”
           The class went silent as they thought up what they were doing wrong. Surprisingly, it was Juleka who answered, “Marinette did most of the organizing,” She whispered, loud enough for everyone to hear; one of the few brave things she did all year. “Her and Chloe come up with all the fundraiser ideas and they plan them out too. They always did; every year.”
“This year they didn’t,” Rose frowned.
           And just like that, it was like that, it was like a balloon burst inside the students.
“They always plan the best fundraisers,” Kim frowned. “And we always met our goals.”
           Lila glared. She didn’t think that when she convinced the class to kick the girls off the trip that they’d be getting rid of anyone who did any real work. However, the glare quickly turned into a frown with a few crocodile tears, “Then we didn’t they help us? We needed them obviously.”
           Before any of the other students could direct their anger to the girls at their betrayal, Nino shrugged, “Because we told them they couldn’t come with us, remember? So they didn’t help out. They told us they wouldn’t. Why should they? It wasn’t their trip.”
           Frustration and rage built inside Alya. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. The class should’ve been headed to a glamorous trip to New York, with Marinette and Chloe left to suffer alone in Paris wishing they had been invited. Where was justice?
“I bet you're happy!” Alya growled at her ex-friend. “Our trip is ruined thanks to you.”
           Marinette smirked, “No. I didn’t do anything. I was and am in no way involved with your class trip. Just like you wanted.”
“You could’ve helped us!” Alix yelled.
“Why?” Chloe asked.
“You made it clear we couldn’t go to New York with you,” Chloe said. “Why would we help you? It’s not like we’re friends with you.”
           Angry eyes and red faces filled the classroom. No one wanted to admit that they got themselves into trouble.
           Alya had to be held back in her chair by Nino, “You could’ve warned me how hard being class president was. Or what we needed to do to go on the trip. But you didn’t care about us. You don’t think about us at all.”
           Marinette leaned back in her seat, an easy smile on her face, with frost in her eyes, “Sweetie, I haven’t thought any of you for months.”
           Before anyone could say anything else. Bustier decided to try to take control again, “Marinette, Chloe; there must be something you can do. Maybe the class can tag along on your trip.”
           Hopeful expressions overtook the students' faces.
           Both girls looked at the teacher like she was stupid.
“Even if that was possible,” Chloe narrowed her eyes. “And it’s not. We had everything booked for months, reservations made. How will they pay for it? We only raised enough for the World Travelers’ Club.”
           It was Adrien who answered, “Can’t you do something?” He said with hopeful eyes. “Our friends are really looking forward to it.”
“No.” Marinette snapped. “They are not my friends. And even if they were, it would take another 40 grand to get everyone in class on the trip. There’s no time to get that type of cash. Even if there was, it would still be weeks to get School board approval. The World Travelers’ leave on the first. There’s nothing to do.”
“We’re not risking our trip for yours,” Chloe and Marinette chimed together, looking very much like the Ice Queens the students had called them behind their backs.
           That was that. Alya and the other students would shoot glares at the two girls, and make mean comments for the next month; mostly about them being selfish. The girls didn’t pay them any mind. Lila tried to join the World Travelers’ club at the last minute, only to be unanimously told to come back in September. Damocles, at the urgency of Lila and Alya, tried to intervene and stop the trip the ground, it wouldn’t be safe. Boy, was he surprised when the school board called him into a meet to speak about his future employment and the rampant bullying and oversight that had been going on in the school.
           Bustier’s class ended up going to Disney World Paris for the weekend, before the end of May. And posted tons of videos, most of which had comments about getting away from bullies and the drama of the class.
           The World Travelers’ Club left on schedule on June 1st. They would return for two months.
           The pictures they posted was the talk of the school. Which was saying something since the school wasn’t even in session. The first pictures were of the grand hotels they stayed at, the amazing strange American food they ate. Carne Asada fries, yum!
           In Los Angelus, the club toured Warner Brothers studios and ran into the cast of the new Star Trek movies. They attended the world premiere of the Joss Weadon Superhero movie. They got all the classic tourist pictures of Los Angeles. Though Marinette and Chloe, when they had explored by themselves, ended up running into the Rock and had a picture of themselves hanging from his biceps as he posed.
           Their next stop was Star City. They toured the local museum, toured Queen Industries, met Oliver Queen himself. Then they even got to meet the Green Arrow.
           Alya nearly broke her phone when she saw Aurore and the superhero.
           After that, the Club went to Central city where they visited Star Labs.  It was Aurore’s idea. It was the most meta-filled city in the world; known for the most outrageous heroes and rogues in the world.
           It didn’t take long for the club to run into the flash, in this case, he was fighting against Captain Cold, Heatwave, and the rest of the rogues.
           The fight wasn’t favoring either side. But the class watched eagerly from where they stood on the sidewalk.
           They had to duck quickly when Captain cold was blasted into the wall next to them.
           Leonard Snart was surprised when a young girl helped him up. He looked and saw a bunch of kids standing there, torn between watching him and watching the fight.
“Are you okay, Mr. Cold?” She asked, with a heavy French accent, her blue eyes big with worry.
“…Fine, kid,” He answered. “Shouldn’t you lot being running off.”
           The bluenette and the blond girl next to her shared a look.
“Can we get a picture?” The Bluenette asked.
           Leonard Snart paused, “…Sure.” There was, in fact, a first time for everything.
           The kids cheered. And each one started scrambled with their phones to get their picture. It wasn’t long before Heatwave showed up to see what was wrong, only to be pulled in by a push blond to take pictures as well.
           That was when the flash Showed up but Aurore quickly pulled him into an interview. Slowly but surely, the rogues and the team flash found themselves entertaining and signing autographs for a bunch of French kids; answering all their questions and telling stories.
           Later when Aurore and the rest posted their pictures, and the interview with the Flash and his rogues, Alya did break her phone. As far as she was concerned life was fair.
           In metropolis, They met Superman, Supergirl, Krypton (the former superboy), and the new Superboy. Superman had heard from the other league members of the French class touring different cities and how great they were.
           They toured the Daily Planet and Aurore got one on one time with Lois Lane. They got to see LexCorp and had a tour given by Lex Luthor himself. Lex had heard about the class from Queen and Wells, the CEOs of Star Labs and Queen industries, and decided one-up his competition in any way he could
           Then the kids' wen to Gotham. The pictures from that trip made half the kids in Bustiers’ class cry. The best pictures were of Marinette sitting in the Batmobile; Batman looking stern next to her. The ones of the club with Bruce Wayne and his kids were pretty epic too.
           Finally, their lasts destination was New York City. And the kids saw everything. They did the entire tourist thing; The statue of liberty, times Square, New York Times. Everything. However, the highlight was the tour of Stark Tower/Industries; led by Tony Stark, with Pepper to manage him.  Because Tony Stark didn’t get one-upped by Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne. Then the kids took a surprise trip to the Avengers compound.
           Marinette and Chloe decided walking into the training room only to see Captain America, Thor, and Bucky Barnes working out with their shirts off was the best part of the entire trip.
           Pictures and videos were taken of each member of the club holding various Avenger weapons. Chloe refused to admit her hand trembled when she was given over Captain America’s shield.
           The funniest video was supposed to be each member of the World Travels’ club struggling to pick up Thor’s hammer. It was pretty funny. Until Marinette lift it like it weighed nothing. Mouths dropped. The Avengers were stunned. Who was this small bluenette worthy of Thor’s hammer?
Then Thor shouted that Marinette would come to Asgard with him.
           Then Tony had to tell Thor that he couldn’t kidnap kids.
           To which Thor said, “What about Peter? Where did he come from?”
“I’m his mentor,” Tony groaned.
           Thor nodded, “Then I shall be the girl’s mentor. The Captain shall train young Chloe. Natasha will have Kagami as they are suited for each other; mostly because they strike fear in hearts everyone. Pepper will get Aurore; as they were meant to rule. Hawkeye will get Claude. The Soldier of Winter will get young Luka. You shall have Peter. The rest will be divided among the rest of the avengers. There. All done.”
           A moment of silence, and then Tony yelled, “That’s not how this works.”
           It was all on video.
           It went viral in an hour.
           Marinette had to portal back to Paris to deal with several different Akumas several different times; most were just about jealousy.
           When the kids returned to Paris. They wasted no time relaying the stories of their adventures.
           When September came and school started. Marinette and Chloe once again walked into class together, with smiles on their faces, only to meet glum looks on the students' faces. They paid no mind as they headed back to their seats in the back.
           Before class could begin, Rose approached them, a hopeful smile on her face, “Marinette, Chloe; we were hoping you’d come with us on your next trip.” Her smile widened “And Marinette, maybe you’d like to be class president again.”
           None of the other students looked happy at the idea but all of them could admit that the World Travelers’ club had been amazing. And if they ever wanted another great trip, they had no choice but to deal with the Ice Queens.
           Marinette and Chloe shared a look and then shot the class cold smirks, “No!”
“We’ll be far too busy,” Chloe smiled, coolness in her tone. “We decided we can no longer want to go on any more class trips. With you.”
“The World Travelers’ club takes a lot of work,” Marinette added.
“Good Luck though,” The two girls chimed together. “You have plenty of time to fundraise though.”
“A little less than a year,” Chloe said. “Our club starts planning in about two weeks. We’ll start fundraising right after. We’re thinking about Japan. Luckily this trip won’t be as expensive as our last.”
“Good luck with your trip though,” Marinette leaned back in her seat. “Who knows? If your lucky, it’ll be as fun as your last one. We know you worked so hard. Earned over $5,000 right?”
“Beat that!” Chloe added.
Then both girls burst into laughter.
Marinette wiped her eyes, “Besides you don’t want us there on your trip.”
“Too much Drama, right?” Chloe offered.
           The bell rang. And the class’ resident ice queens sat in back with smiles on their faces and ice in their eyes.
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fortunexkookie · a year ago
Ruin the Dress... Shirt (M) | JJK
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: What could possibly go wrong during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your brand new boyfriend? Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have even asked. 
✦ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
✦ Genre: Smut / Fluff / New Relationship AU
✦ Word Count: 4.5k
✦ Rating: Explicit / 18+
✦ CW: gratuitous making out and grinding, Jungkook’s abs deserve their own warning, breast/nipple play, fingering, biting, dirty talk, Jungkook cums in his pants, implied oral (female receiving/cunnilingus), Jungkook and Reader are both fucking whipped, alcohol mention, swearing
✦ A/N: This drabble is for a prompt list I was accepting requests from. The prompt was:  50. "Oh God, are those abs real? Can I touch?” “I don’t know. I feel objectified now.” -with Jungkook, first date and you spill your wine on his shirt so he takes it off, cute fluffy maybe?
Tumblr media
“Well, here it is. Apartment 109. Or was it 108? Shit.” You stare at the stainless steel plaque beside the door and chew your bottom lip. An anxious whine forms in your throat as your fist hands in the air, poised and ready to strike the door. “Should I know? I should knock, right? What if it’s the wrong apartment? Let’s just knock.”
It’s not until a low chuckle carries over from the other side of the door that you realize how thin the walls must be. Fate must’ve decided that your face hadn’t heated up enough from that thought alone because then you hear a very pleased Jungkook hum an amused sound.
“Ahh, she’s so cute.”
Cute? Did your cheeks just get hotter? Your cheeks definitely just got hotter. You retract your hand in favor of running your fingers through your hair. Of course he thinks you’re cute — why else would he have grinned like such a dork when you finally asked him out? He barely remembered to say ‘yes,’ leaving you hanging for far longer than you were comfortable with. Not even the obvious way his eyes lit up could ease the explosion of anxiety you felt before he gave you your answer. So… it’s nice to hear him say it, especially when he thinks you’re not listening.
The door swings inward without warning, making you jump. The bottle of wine you brought for dinner slips from your grasp. You grimace and fumble for it, fully expecting the bottle to hit the ground and shatter despite your ‘best’ efforts, but the red tide never comes. Instead of closing around the neck of the bottle, your fingers caress the back of a strikingly familiar, tattooed hand. The tattooed hand leads to a tattooed wrist, which leads to a muscled, tattooed forearm that is only visible because he has his sleeves rolled up. Help?
You swallow the butterflies clogging up your throat as you follow that arm upward, toward his face. A sweet smile and a faint blush graces his features as he stands to the side, pulling the wine bottle from your grip as he holds the door open for you. He glances down at himself, drawing your attention to the fitted dress shirt and pants he’s chosen for your date, before letting his eyes settle back on you. You would be relieved that you wore something nice but looking at him has fully interrupted your inner monologue. It’s for the best because even though he’s looking at you as if he’s waiting to hear what you think, you’re not thinking. No thoughts, head empty, and you can’t risk saying what you’re feeling.
“You know the door was unlocked, right?” Jungkook drags his bottom lip through his teeth, humming another amused sound as he cocks his head to the side. “Oh, and apartment 108 belongs to about eight cats more than the complex allows and their human manservant. But come to think of it, Jaebum could probably use the moral support.”
So not only did he know you were listening to him, but he heard you too. Deciding to chalk that up as a win as long as he still thinks you’re cute, you let out a nervous giggle and enter his apartment, carefully brushing past him. As soon as you do, a mouthwatering, savory aroma hits you. The embarrassment you thought you’d outside in the hallway comes flooding back to you when your stomach lets out an angry grumble. Any hope you had that Jungkook didn’t hear it vanishes the moment his nose scrunches up, crinkling the corners of his eyes as he smiles.
“Sorry,” you say, folding your arms across your waist as if you could cage another hungry rumble. “I didn’t eat much today, haha.”
The nervous laugh makes him smile even wider, soft gaze twinkling in the light. “I always appreciate a healthy appetite. Doubly so ‘cause I’ve been slaving away over this meal for you. Speaking of which,” he says, voice worriedly rising an octave as he shuts the door and darts past you, towards the source of the smell. “Gotta check the oven!”
You follow him into the kitchen and find that he has dressed the table in his dining room with a lacy white cloth. A small trio of ornate lanterns cast a warm glow across the tabletop, drawing your gaze towards the black plates and red cloth napkins he has put out. Everything sets the stage for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but it’s the vase filled with your favorite flowers that has your heart skipping beats. While you two haven’t been dating for very long at all, Jungkook has been in your circle of friends for quite a while. How many months ago could you have mentioned those flowers to him in some off-handed comment, and how many months has he taken special care to remember them?
“You can set your things down somewhere and have a seat if you want,” Jungkook says, pulling a large pan out of the oven. “I just gotta finish one or two things up, and then I’ll be right over.”
Most of your attempts at smalltalk are brushed aside while you wait for him to wrap things up in the kitchen, but you don’t take it personally. The way he tongues his cheek and squints as he focuses on plating your dinner more than makes up for it. Jungkook ladles three strips of different sauces across the plate and then uses the corner of a spare napkin to tidy up the display, making you smile. Nervousness still gnaws at your mind, making your palms sweat and hands tremble, but he’s trying so hard that you can’t help feeling a little bit better.
Jungkook makes multiple trips back to the table, carrying two plates, two wine glasses filled with cold water, and two more empty ones from the kitchen. Upon his final return, he has the bottle you brought over clutched in one hand and a corkscrew in the other. After slicing the foil off the neck of the bottle, he bores into the cork and wrenches it out with a loud pop.
“I hope you like everything,” Jungkook says, filling the empty glasses with a modest pour before taking a seat across from you. He cocks his head to the side and avoids meeting your gaze as his voice cracks, belying the air of confidence he had while setting the table. “I m-mean, I know you told me what you like, but I’ve never made this before. I hope it came out alright.”
Jungkook swallows hard enough to make his Adam’s apple bob and focuses his gaze on your mouth as you lift your fork. Before it can pass through your lips, you pause and quirk a brow at him. He stares for a moment, jaw slack, before finally catching your drift. Breaking into a goofy smile, he hangs his head and starts poking and prodding at the food on his own plate.
"Sorry, Y/N. Just kinda of exci-"
“Mmm!” You cut him off with a throaty moan and toss your head back, slinking down in your chair as your entire body relaxes. Jungkook quickly bounces his gaze back up to your face and lets out that familiar high-pitched laugh you’ve fallen for. Once you have his attention, you slam your hand back down on the table. As soon as you swallow, you ask in a tone that’s deadly serious, “so are you just naturally good at everything you do or something?”
Jungkook dips his head down to rest his chin on his palm before sliding the tops of his fingers over his ear, but it’s not enough to hide the blush creeping up his neck. “No,” he mumbles, glancing up and down from your face to the table and then back again. No matter how hard he tries holding it back, a pleased expression plays across his face. “I just try really, really hard… especially when I’m afraid I’ll mess something up.”
“I get scared sometimes too,” you admit, pausing to chew on your bottom lip. Jungkook stares at your mouth again, fixating on the way you drag the tender flesh between your teeth as his own lips part. The way his eyes darken isn’t lost on you — in fact, it causes a spike of adrenaline so intense that you’re forced to set your fork back down. It clatters against the plate, forcing you to speak over it. “But I think there are some things you don’t need to worry about getting wrong.”
Jungkook lets his hand fall from his face, covering the one you’ve left splayed across the table and loosely curling his fingers to cradle your palm. The heat radiating off of him complicates things, making it difficult to focus on anything other than what his touch would feel like in other, more intimate places. Barely managing to steer your thoughts clear of that tantalizing road, you flip your wrist over and stroke your thumb across the back of his own, and then you slip away. His smile falters at the loss, which he tries hiding by rolling his neck and tugging at the collar of his shirt.
The butterflies in your stomach waltz to the fluttering beat of your heart. You reach for your glass in an attempt to both calm them down and dampen the arid desert of your mouth but encounter a brand new problem along the way. Between your nerves and excitement, your hands are shaky really, really badly. Hope flickers like a lightbulb in your gut — if you’re lucky he won’t notice how you’re trembling — but in the end, it doesn’t matter. In your haste to grab the stem of the glass, you knock the entire thing over.
“Oh fuck!” Jungkook jumps up onto his feet and quickly fixes your glass in an attempt to stop any more of the wine from pouring out onto the table.
But it’s too late. A sea of red has already flown across the space, dousing the table cloth, drowning his dinner plate, and splattering across his periwinkle dress shirt. Your hands, no longer trembling, fly upwards to cover your mouth, muffling your panic.
This is it. His shirt, his dinner, your chances — you are the one who messed things up. Your heart drops. “I am so, so sorry.”
But just as tears of frustration and disappointment sting your eyes, Jungkook’s mirthful laughter cuts through the shadow of upset like a beacon, driving back all those worried thoughts flooding your mind. He blots the wine off the table and his shirt with a napkin, stopping any from dripping down onto the floor below, and then maneuvers around the table to cup your chin. He smiles down at you, eyes every bit as gentle and kind as before.
“Hey, Y/N,” he says, waiting until your eyes stop flicking back down to the stain on his shirt. He wants your full attention. “There’s no use crying over spilled wine. I can always buy more stuff, but I can’t buy back any moments when I’ve made you feel bad.”
“But you worked so hard and now your shirt is ruined,” you whine. Did your voice just crack? Your voice definitely just cracked. “I hope you can get the stain out.”
He leans back against the table, daring your gaze to dip back down to notice how the edge digs into his muscled thighs, and strokes your jawline with his thumb. “Mm, it’s alright. I can sit closer now. We can share some things off your plate and have more room for dessert later. My favorite.”
“Dessert?” You swallow hard as you wonder what he has prepared, burying down enough guilt to let curiosity take its place.
“Mhm. Worked hard on that too.” Jungkook leans down, letting the heat of his breath fan across your neck as he lowers his voice. “Besides, I think you just wanted to get me out of this shirt.”
Deciding to leave you flabbergasted and sputtering, he rises to his full stature and makes quick work of undoing his buttons as he backs away. The light dusting of color across his cheeks betrays the smirk tugging at this lips. His blush deepens when you fail to look away, but he doesn’t move out of view either, tentatively giving you a show that neither of you asked for. Your jaw drops, hanging slack as your gaze rakes over his body.
“Oh god, are those abs real?”
It’s not until Jungkook exhales a breathy laugh that you realize you were thinking out loud. Can you even blame yourself? He has the audacity to hide all of that under his baggy wardrobe, and then he doesn’t even warn you? Hoping you can play off your mortification with a joke, you lift your hands, palms facing towards him, and wiggle your fingers. “Can I touch?”
Jungkook scrunches up his shoulders and hangs his head for a moment, giving the hem of his shirt a playful tug as it flutters open. Blowing it back, he rests his hands on his hips. “I don’t know. I feel objectified now.”
You turn your head away and force a laugh as you let your hands fall, but he catches them before you can fully pull away. Stepping closer, he presses your palms flat against his abdomen. The taut muscles flex beneath your fingertips as he hisses through his teeth. “Ahh! Your hands are so cold.”
Has your mouth ever been so dry? Has your face ever been so hot? Has your underwear ever been so-
It impossible to keep your eyes off of him now that you’re touching him. You want it too badly — want to see all the things your hands feel… want to feel all the things your eyes see. A traitorous sigh escapes your lips. “Wow.”
Jungkook glides his palm towards one of your wrists and latches on, gently tugging you to your feet and encouraging you to slide your hands up his torso as you rise. Before you know it, you're face-to-face. With your hips a hair's breadth away from his, this is the closest you've ever been to him. Not even your hugs have come this close. If that fact isn't lost on you, then it's definitely not lost on him. His breath hitches in his throat, and you're near enough to watch his pupils dilate, swallowing those chocolate brown irises almost entirely in black.
You slip your hand from his grasp and slide it up his arm, slipping your fingers farther underneath his shirt until they're resting against his bare skin once again. As much as you wish you could admit that it was driven purely out of the need to feel more of him, you can't ignore the way your legs are shaking — you needed to steady yourself. He exhales a shaky breath as you let your other hand trail back downward, making it seem as if you're pulling the air from his lungs with your touch.
"Do you like it?" Jungkook watches you through heavy-lidded eyes, tongue darting out to trace a quick path across his lips. You bounce your gaze back and forth between his eyes and jump when his hands find your hips without warning, engulfing them in his warmth.
"Do I like what," you ask, voice sounding weak and breathy to your own ears.
Jungkook continues staring at your mouth long after you've finished talking, making you rub your thighs together in search of friction. He feels it, ,feels the way your hips shift under his touch, and he meets that need with his own. The weight of his cock, even through his dress pants, rests heavy against you. He tilts his head and leans in, letting his mouth hover inches away from your own as if he's daring you to close the distance.
"The way my body feels."
The hand you have resting on his shoulder flies upward to cup the back of his neck and then slides into his hair. You let your fingers tangle in those dark locks and then curl, pulling on them even as you drag him towards your mouth. Jungkook moans as you capture his lips between your own, gifting you both pretty whimpers and low growls with the ebb and flow of your greedy mouth. His grip on you tightens into a bruising hold, fingers digging into your hips as he grinds himself against you. Each sound you pull from his throat is the same confession: you're the sweetest thing he's ever tasted.
Jungkook lingers where you leave him when you finally break away. His eyes remain closed as if he's chasing some dream trapped behind them, and his shiny, kiss-swollen lips stay parted. Another soft whimper escapes him, transforming into a sigh as his eyelashes flutter.
"Was that your answer?"
"Y-yes." You're panting, struggling to catch your breath even when all you want is for him to steal it away again. "I like it. I like how you feel."
He rolls his shoulders back, letting go of your hips long enough to shrug his dress shirt off completely. Draping it over the back of his chair, he asks, "do you want to feel more?"
You meekly nod, unable to form words as your eyes travel across his chiseled form. Jungkook wraps an arm around your waist, pressing a hand flat against the small of your back as he coaxes you forward. Before you're pressed flush against him, he bends his knees and hooks his hands under your thighs, lifting you up. With your legs wrapped around his narrow waist and his strong arms supporting your weight, you let your hips down to gyrate against him.
"Oh fuck," Jungkook groans, burying his face in your neck so he can nip at a sliver of exposed skin. The thin whine that escapes you draws a dark chuckle out of him. His breath fans out across your neck, hot and heady, and he follows it up by laving his tongue over the bruise he just created.
You don't remember him carrying you into another room — you're too focused on his mouth as he drags it along the column of your throat — but suddenly he's seated on the couch. Large hands hold you fast against him as you hike up your skirt and straddle his lap, kneading at the curve of your ass. He catches your bottom lip between his teeth, eagerly sucking on it before licking into your mouth.Your tongue glides against his as you roll your hips forward, eager to feel his cock pressed against your aching core.
Jungkook breaks the kiss with a needy whimper, gasping for air as he paws at your thighs, inadvertently thrusting upward in search of your clothed heat. Licking his lips, he throws his head back and stares down the bridge of his nose at you. When you lean back in to chase his mouth, he stops you.
"Y/N, wait," he says, screwing his eyes shut while his fingers restlessly tap along the outside of your thighs. "I like you."
A smile tugs at your lips, cutting through the veil of desire he's left you with. "I like you too, handsome."
"No, I mean I really, really like you. I, fuck, I want you so fucking bad." Jungkook exhales a shaky breath and gives your hips a firm squeeze. "Imagined you like this... with me... for so long. But I want you too, all of you, and I meant what I said earlier. I just don't want to mess this up."
"I’m ok-kay with this, but w-we can g-go slow," you say, dipping down to drag his earlobe through your teeth as you caress his chest. He hisses, lifting his hips off the couch as if he could fuck himself up into you. Kissing your way back up to his mouth, you grind back down against him. "I can feel you plenty j-just like this if anything else is too fast for you."
“Not too fast for me at all.” Jungkook whines as your lips pass over his own and shakes his head. Hands flying upward, he tangles his fingers in your hair so that he can pull you closer and kiss you deeper. Shifting underneath, he lays back on the couch and positions you over him, guiding your hips with the palm on your ass.
As your tongue traces a short path along his bottom lip, Jungkook trails his hands along your back, working his fingers underneath your blouse to set your skin alight with his desperate, adoring touches. He pauses when his thumbs rest just over your ribs, stroking small circles along your sides as if asking permission. Arching off of him, you clasp a hand over one of his and drag it towards your chest. Instead of slipping his hand underneath your bra, he pulls the cups down, immediately kneading at the soft mounds.
Jungkook tweaks the hardened peaks of your nipples between his fingers while you roll your hips forward, grinding up and down his hard cock. He moans for you every time you rock against him, and while you never imagined that he'd be so vocal, you wouldn't trade those pretty sounds for anything. It makes you flush, makes your panties cling even tighter to your folds as your slick soaks through them. Does he want you to know what you're doing to him so badly? Does he know what he is doing to you? He bucks up against you as if to answer.
You moan into his mouth, growing needier and needier the longer you're on top of him. He never stops roaming your body, making you believe he wants to explore every inch of skin you're willing to bare to him. He loves the way your body feels, loves the way you melt into his touch, and he tells you as much, whispering the words in between kisses as if they're pleasured sighs you're not meant to hear.
A low growl reverberates in his chest as he gives your ass a possessive squeeze, and then he lets his hand slip even lower. Jungkook caresses the tops of your thighs with teasing strokes and then slides his hand between them, whimpering as his fingertips graze the outline of your cunt.
"Fuck, Y/N, I can feel how wet you are just like this," he hisses, digging his fingers into the meat of your thighs to keep himself from pushing things too far too fast. All it does is make you writhe against him, seeking out the direct contact his cock can't provide. He obliges, swiping his middle and ring fingers over your soaked panties to rub circles against your clit through the thin material. "Forget dinner and dessert — I want to eat you out instead."
"Please," you whine, clawing down his chest until your nails scrape over his nipples, making him gasp. You mimic the pattern he's set on your clit, and then pinch the hardened peaks between your thumb and forefinger, needing more from him. "Please, please, please touch me. I want you so badly, Jungkook, please."
You crash your mouth against his just as he tugs your panties to the side. Long, dexterous fingers part your folds, teasing at your hole before plunging deep inside you one at a time. After dragging his bottom lip through your teeth, you quickly abandon his mouth favor of licking, sucking, and biting his neck, drawing the neediest sounds out of him as pretty bruises blossom in your wake.
"So fucking tight," he says, marveling at the way your walls clamp down around him. You grind down against his shaft harder, easily making up for the loss of touch at your clit with your own movements now that he's stretching your cunt out with his fingers.
Letting your lips brush against the shell of his ear, you whimper. "Want you to fuck me, Jungkook. Want your cock inside me. Want to feel you cum in me."
Fisting your hair in his free hand, Jungkook roughly drags your mouth back to his and moans against you, struggling to set and keep a rhythm to the kiss as his hips rise to meet yours. Each thrust becomes increasingly desperate, matching the sounds he's making as you squeeze around his fingers, until finally breaking away. "Fuck," he whines, brows furrowed and teeth bared while he keeps his forehead pressed against yours.
There's a moment when it looks as if he's searching your eyes, but it's not until he throws his head back to stare at the ceiling instead that you begin to realize what for. Jungkook swallows thickly and licks his lips, pressing them into a thin line. As soon as he slides his fingers out of you, you sit up.
You don't need to ask him what just happened. You don't even need to feel the new wet spot on his pants to know — it's in the deep shade of red tinting his cheeks and the way he refuses to look back at you, afraid of the judgement or disappointment he might find there.
He doesn't pretend it didn't happen. He doesn't get angry or defensive. He doesn't apologize. All he says is —
"You're so fucking beautiful, and sweet, and smart, and funny, and I just like you so fucking much, Y/N."
If you could ignore the ache between your thighs long enough, his confession and the reason for it might make your heart ache too. You're not disappointed — not even a little bit — and you want him to see that, so you lean back down and pepper open-mouth kisses up from his chest to his jaw. "Do you have any idea how hot you are?"
Knitting his brows together, he finally meets your gaze again. "Hmm?"
"You're so fucking sexy, and you make me feel so powerful," you confess, making him break into a shy grin.
"Powerful?" Jungkook quirks a brow at you, reaching down to thumb at the outsides of your thighs.
"Mhm." You capture his bottom lip between yours, coaxing him into kissing you back before pulling away again. "You just wanted me so badly that you couldn't help yourself. So fucking hot."
Jungkook exhales a breathy laugh, thoughtfully chewing his bottom lip before teasing, "I don't know, Y/N. First, you ruin my shirt, then you make me ruin my pants. I think you just want me naked."
You click your tongue against your teeth, feigning disappointment. "You're finally onto me," you say, maneuvering to climb off of him. "Off with them then. Chop, chop!"
Jungkook stops you before you can get away, using the heel of his palm to coax you forward. "Do I get something for being so understanding of your attempts to ruin all of my dinner plans?"
It's a little absurd — the way the butterflies return so quickly when he had his fingers inside your cunt moments before. But his voice is low, his eyes are dark, and he's massaging your inner thighs with deadly intent.
"What d-do you want," you ask, breath catching in your throat as he slides his hands over the curve of your ass and drags you forward.
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you for reading! I know it was a lot shorter than some of my usual stuff, but I’m hoping these drabbles will pull me out of the slump I’ve been in. If you liked the fic, please let me know by reblogging or sending an ask. I keep anon on if you’re shy. <3
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kybabi · 5 months ago
making their s/o sleep on the couch after a fight
w/ oikawa, iwaizumi, and atsumu!
(a/n: whewww this prompt hurts🙂i took some inspo from @doingitforbokuto (who is an amazing writer btw) !! pls go check them out💞 edit: OH AND BUB @luvbub HER SERIES IS AMAZING
ALSO NOTE: this fic mentions the reader being picked up by the character! it’s a little bit of a touchy subject BUT i just wanna remind y’all that our boys are strong asf and would have absolutely no problem hauling you over their shoulder :’))
anyways i hope i did this prompt justice :) all are written in the timeskip!)
Tumblr media
the whole fight started when you came home two hours after you’d promised to
you’d spent those hours with a coworker doing some extra work, as he needed some assistance and you were there
but oikawa was upset; you’d spent time he’d been planning to have with you with someone else
“babe, i had to! he needed help, and—”
“what, so now i’m just not important to you anymore?”
you didn’t think he’d be so mad, but from the looks of it, he was far more hurt than you’d expected
“tooru, i already told you i was sorry!” you yell again, frustration leaking into your tone.
“yeah, well, i don’t care. you should’ve told me.”
“i didn’t have time, okay? work was busy, and i didn’t have a minute to call you!” you explain, and he rolls his eyes. “can you stop being petty for two seconds?”
he glares at you, heading toward the bedroom.
“hey! you can’t just leave while i’m talking to you!” you shout after him, and he turns around.
“you know what? since you obviously don’t give a fuck about our time together, why don’t you just take the couch?” he spits, slamming the door in your face and locking it.
you jump back, stunned, and try the knob, even though it’s locked. you hopelessly try to open the door, but there’s no response.
“tooru?” you ask weakly. “w-we can talk about this, okay? just,” you try, hand on the wood. “just open the door. please?”
no response.
you knock on it twice, hoping maybe he’ll come to his senses and let you in so the two of you can talk, but you’re met by silence on his side.
instead, you walk over to the couch and lie down, pulling the thin blanket over your figure. it’s cold and scratchy, and you hate it.
you don’t understand what you did wrong. you didn’t mean to upset him; you really truly had to stay for work. it’s not like you wanted to be away from him.
tears pool in your eyes, stinging hotly, and you shut your eyes tightly, burying your face into the cushion. the sensitivity brought out by your fight leaves you feeling vulnerable, and you hate it.
tooru huffs, irritation in the gesture, and gets into bed, violently pulling the covers up to his chin. he shuts his eyes and prepares to fall asleep.
but something is poking at his chest, and he can’t ignore it. it feels like something is wrong.
truthfully, oikawa knows he overreacted. he knows you would never lie to him and that you wanted to spend time together just as much as he did.
but when he heard that you’d been spending it with some man he doesn’t even know, he got angry, and he took it out on you. and now both of you are even further away from each other than before.
his pride makes him want to shut his eyes and force himself to sleep, but he’s missed you all day. the only thing both of you did together was fight, and he would rather do anything than fall asleep mad at you.
so, he musters up all the willpower he has, and gets out of bed, pulling open the door gently. his eyes find you on the couch.
you’re sniffling softly, curled up in a little ball, and his chest squeezes painfully.
he approaches you silently and crawls onto the couch behind you, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you in.
“‘m sorry, baby,” he mumbles, barely audible, and buries his face into your neck. “i shouldn’t have gotten so angry at you.”
you turn around to see him, eyes puffy and red, and he noses at your cheek softly. “i didn’t mean to stay so late, i just—”
“i know,” he whispers, effectively cutting you off. he holds you like this for a little while, and you let him kiss you gently. “come back to bed with me, okay?” he asks, and you nod eagerly.
“thank you, tooru.”
Tumblr media
honestly, the fight itself really was kind of dumb
he didn’t text you the entire day and you had no idea where he was
and when he came home, you bombarded him with questions, to which he became irritated with
“hajime, you can’t just go out and cut off all communication for the entire day! do you even know how much you stressed me out?”
“this isn’t even about you, okay? i had some things to do!”
you were getting on his nerves, and he really just needed some peace and quiet
“i understand if you don’t wanna tell me about what you did, but you could’ve at LEAST called me and told me you were okay!”
iwaizumi scoffs, rolling his eyes.
“look, i think i’m capable of taking care of myself. i don’t need you to smother me every time you don’t trust me!”
you gape at him, disbelieving. “of course i trust you, hajime! all i asked was that you would let me know if you were okay!”
“and i’m telling you that you were worried for literally no reason!” he yells, fists clenched.
“is it SO HARD for you to just listen to me?!” you plead, stepping up and getting in his face in an attempt to make him do so.
but it’s getting to be all too much for him, so he turns on his heel and walks away, right into the bedroom.
“hajime, what the fuck—?!”
“you know what? i don’t wanna put up with your bullshit tonight. sleep on the couch for all i care!” he shouts, shutting the door immediately after and leaving you on the other side.
you stare at the wood, baffled, and start to panic.
“hajime, no! just... just come out, okay? we don’t even have to fight, i just,” you plead, desperate.
but it’s obvious that he’s angry with you and that he doesn’t want anything to do with you tonight. “never mind,” you mumble, defeated. you figure one night on the sofa isn’t all that bad, right?
but when you finally settle onto the couch, making futile attempts to make yourself comfortable, you realize it’s a lot harder than it looks.
the couch is cold and you’ve never felt more alone, and involuntary tears start to sting at the back of your eyes. you curl into yourself, cursing you and your stupid sensitivity.
iwaizumi regrets it the second he slams the door. something ugly and bitter pools at the bottom of his stomach and he feels sick.
he goes and sits on the edge of the bed, head resting in his hands.
he realizes that you were right; he should’ve texted you at least once today. you must have been scared out of your mind, and you were only trying to make sure he was safe.
he didn’t mean to get so mad at you. and he definitely didn’t mean to shut you out like that.
once he’s completely cooled off, guilt being the only thing remaining, he stands up and walks over to the door. when he presses his ear to the wood he can hear you sobbing quietly, and his heart breaks at the sound.
he slowly opens the door and sees you on the couch, shivering from the cold air, hiccuping softly. he sighs and pads over to you, coming up behind you and sitting down. you stiffen at his presence, but he rubs a hand over your back, and you relax.
he leans down over you and presses a kiss to the sensitive spot behind your ear, a silent apology in the gesture. you turn to look at him, and you’re surprised to see how soft his expression is; how great the contrast is from his mood from earlier.
“i’m sorry for yelling at you,” he mumbles, burying his face in your chest to hide. “and for making you sleep out here. i shouldn’t have shut you out like that.”
you exhale shakily, forcing him to stop hiding from you, and the look in his eyes is genuine.
“i’m sorry for not being understanding,” you murmur regretfully, and he nods, kissing you softly.
“so, does this mean you’ll come back to bed with me?” he asks, hopeful. you giggle.
“only if you cuddle me.”
Tumblr media
well... to put it frankly, atsumu was jealous
he came to your work to surprise you only to see that you were having dinner with some random guy in the break room
the entire ride home was silent and you couldn’t understand why atsumu was so mad
but when you got home, he started going off about how your coworker was giving him bad vibes
“are you just completely oblivious? he was totally into you!”
“oh my god, tsumu. not every man i talk to wants to date me!”
and it went on like this for a while until he finally snapped
“you should’ve seen the way he was looking at you! like you hung the damn moon,” he sneers, bitter.
“atsumu, why the hell are you so pissed? why can’t you just trust me?!” you reply angrily. he scoffs, rolling his eyes.
“this isn’t about trust, y/n. this is about you letting guys think they have a chance with you and not doing anything about it!” he yells, and you laugh incredulously.
“seriously? god, you’re such a pain sometimes! why does it matter if other people are into me?! i don’t care about them!”
the jealousy simmering in atsumu’s gut crawls up his throat, tasting sour.
“yeah? well if i’m such a pain, why don’t you go date him instead?” he shouts, livid.
“are you seriously that insecure?!” you gape, astounded. at that, he scoffs, turning on his heel and storming into the bedroom.
“you know what? fuck this. if you hate me so much, don’t bother spending the night in my bed!” he spits venomously, before slamming the door loudly.
“fine! i’m better off without you anyway!” you blurt angrily, frustrated tears brimming hot behind your eyes.
you stomp over to the couch and throw yourself onto it, rolling onto your side and stuffing your face into the cushion there. you want to yell and scream and kick and there’s just so much anger inside you that you feel like you’re going to explode.
but instead, the only things escaping you are heavy sobs, wracking your body and making it hard to breathe. it feels like everything is going wrong and you don’t know how to fix it.
so for the time being, you wrap your arms around your waist and attempt to wait it out.
atsumu buries his face in his pillow, helplessly trying to ignore the hot tears pricking at his eyes.
he forces himself to take deep breaths, in and out, and tries to cool off a little.
but the longer he sits there, the more his head begins to clear, and the easier it is for him to be overcome with guilt.
now that everything has calmed down, atsumu can’t believe the things he said to you. he’d really lost his temper for no reason at all, separating the two of you even further.
he paws at his eyes, trying to wipe away the regret and the shame he’s feeling, but it’s futile. he still feels just as terrible, maybe even worse.
when the guilt gets so bad that he just can’t bear it anymore, he stands up.
he opens the door quietly, and makes his way over to the couch, where you seem to be in a similar state. you’re sobbing into the couch, the sounds muffled by the fabric, and atsumu has never felt so bad in his life.
he sits down on the side that isn’t occupied, afraid to speak.
“hey,” is all he manages to utter, uncharacteristically quiet, and you look up, sniffling.
the two of you exchange glances awkwardly, and atsumu hates himself for making it this way. so he does the only thing he knows how, and opens his arms hesitantly, praying you’ll accept the offering.
your lip begins to quiver, eyes filling up all over again, and you dash into his lap, clutching onto him tightly.
his eyes widen, and he wraps his arms around you, keeping you flush against his chest.
“i’m so sorry, baby,” he whispers, chest stinging at the sight of you sobbing into his shirt. “i let myself lose my temper and i took it out on you when it wasn’t your fault.”
your breathing starts to slow down and you begin to relax against him, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
“please come to bed with me?” he asks, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. you nod, but don’t make any move to get off him. “come on, baby,” he coaxes, but you don’t budge.
he sighs, nudging at you gently.
“alright. looks like we’re doing this the hard way, then,” he shrugs, hauling you up and carrying you away. you squeal, protesting, but he ignores you.
“tsumu, stop!” you yell, laughing.
“never,” he whispers.
Tumblr media
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volleychumps · 11 months ago
hey hey hey i love you & your work 🥺🥺💕 can i request hc or scenario (up to you, love) of akaashi, ushijima, & tsukki being cramped on a busy subway train with the girl they like and having to like be v close & trying to give each other room but there IS NO ROOM and ! there’s a pervert feeling her up and they see she’s Very Uncomfy and save her from it? thanks ily 💓💓 congrats on 3k
Thank you for 3.4k! Have some fwuffy scenarios you guys seem to like protective boyos tehe 
Protecting their Crush on a Subway w/ Akaashi, Ushijima, and Tsukishima
Warning(s): depictions of harassment 
He knew you rode this train. 
It was an evident fact that stood out in his mind when he would board after a grueling practice, instantly seeing you in the same spot at the same time of the day after your own club activities, either immersed in a book or your playlist, a light tune in your throat. Akaashi would make sure to always sit on the other side, risking a glance at two at you from the other side of the subway train, always keeping a distance- yet always keeping you in sight. 
And it was evident that the setter had no intentions on acting on any blooming feelings he felt emerging from your small giggles reserved for yourself, or even the tasteful choice of book of the day you flipped through. He was satiated from his distance, hands tucked away in the warmth of his pockets as he watched you hurriedly tuck your novel away and get off at your stop. 
Until the day came where the distance was closed. Harshly. 
He wondered where you were as the sun set and the train conductor was making their final calls, the subway growing unbearably cramped- a fact he noticed as soon as he realized your absence- not being able to handle the small quirk to the corner of his lips when you stumble on out of breath just as the final call was being heard. 
Blue-green eyes watch from a peripheral view as you bite your lip at the sight of your seat being taken, looking around kind of lost before your eyes fell on his school uniform. Akaashi tilts his head, scooting just enough towards the person next to him to make room that had your eyes brightening at the motion. 
 Your grateful smile had both corners of his lips quirking up now, and you sit graciously in the seat next to him while whispering a small thank you, now not having to stand up and hold onto one of the rails. He simply nods, looking down at his own book but not really paying attention to it, noticing a bit too late that your leg was pressed tightly up against his. He feels the blush emerge before he can stop it, but keeps his eyes on the inked words. 
But his leg wasn’t the only one yours was pressed against. 
He feels you stiffen mere minutes after the train began to move, and his blue eyes drifted to his left to break the ice and talk to you-
and he wished they had sooner. 
Akaashi’s eyes narrow at the sight of a dirty hand inching towards your thigh, exposed from the skirt of your school uniform. You were quiet and reserved at school (one of Akaashi’s favorite traits), and was most likely not the type to speak up when an incident like this was happening. And he wasn’t either. 
Until now. 
He casts a glance to your face to see you near tears, face flushed in embarrassment as you internally struggle with the choice of making a scene, prompting Akaashi to shut his book with a sharp clap, feeling your trembling increase as the hand slides up further. You feel his breath tickle your ear as you look at him slightly, watery eyes blinking in confusion. 
“Excuse me, L/N-san.” 
Your eyes widen a little bit when Akaashi’s arm wraps around your waist, reaching behind you to snatch the other side tightly, pulling you into his side snugly so far away from the perv next to you that your leg is almost on top of his. Akaashi ignores the thump in his ears and heat in his cheeks as he rests your head on his shoulder, lifting his head slightly to shoot a venomous glare at your perpetrator over your head. 
The old man laughs nervously, deciding it was a good time to get off as the train came to a stop, nodding once to Akaashi before making a hasty exit. 
Akaashi sighs, narrowing his eyes further when he saw all the extra space, signaling that the old bag had been pressing up to you on purpose. He lets go of your waist immediately, not surprised you scrambled off him as fast as you did. 
“I’m sorry for acting rashly, I-” 
“Thank you!” You bow deeply, now having the room to do so as the volume of the train car had lessened drastically. “A-Akaashi-san, right? I see you around school sometimes so don’t freak out, I know you’re a gentleman! How do I make it-?” 
You tilt your head, and Akaashi hums, content look on his face as he opens his book back up. 
“You missed your stop.” 
“You...know my...?” 
“Will you allow me to walk you home when my stop comes?” Akaashi rushes out, internally beating up for his mistake before a warm smile crosses your face, the setter relaxing at the sight of it as you nod once. 
“I’d like that.” 
“Very well.” Akaashi clears his throat as you shift a bit closer to him despite the distance you could easily put between the two of you. 
“What are you reading?” 
Akaashi feels his lips curl again, anger fading away as he tilts the book in your direction to explain, legs touching one another voluntarily-
suddenly glad the distance had been closed. 
He always stood two hand rails down from you. 
The train ride home had always been a rather cramped one, but the regulars on this train were the same people who knew that the certain railing you were holding was yours at this time of the day. And Ushijima’s railing was his. 
Two away. 
Ushijima saw the way your face lit up when you talked to Tendou, the kind smile gracing your features enough to make a foreign feeling bump around in his chest as he stood off to the side awkwardly. Tendou had flicked your forehead, and you had pouted in his direction with the most adorable eyes-
“Are you just going to let your friend bully me?” 
And then you had taken his arm, sticking your tongue out at Tendou as you pretended to begin to pull him in another direction. 
“Just for being an ass, I’m stealing your one and only Ushijima~” 
But the funny thing? He found himself wanting to go in the direction you had wanted him to, your small hand wrapped around his bicep as the wing spiker tried to translate just what he was feeling. 
And when you let go, he blinked. And blinked some more as you giggled and waved as you walked off, suddenly wishing Tendou hadn’t interfered as the redhead places a curse on you from afar. 
He glances at you, hand loosely holding onto the holder above your head, eyes cast downward. You probably didn’t know you were on the same train, seeing that you never looked at your surroundings much due to your focus on your phone. 
But he suddenly wished you looked around you before you left yourself vulnerable to the person who wasn’t a regular on the train. 
Ushijima’s glances turn to a full on-stare at what was happening, eyes hardening at the sight of some geezer approaching you from behind, resting his front against you as you freeze. The brunette boy watches as your face contorts to one of fear, the phone screen turning off and stopping it’s illumination on your face. 
And then you glanced around for help, instantly locking eyes with him. 
Ushijima moved hastily, maneuvering around the oblivious passengers before stopping to tilt his head intimidatingly at the man pressed up behind you. 
Two handrails away. 
“Y/N, there you are. I was starting to think you missed the train because I didn’t see you.”
Ushijima smoothly steps between your harasser, taking his place and ignoring the slight stumbling of the pervert, keeping a respectful distance from you before his hands rest on the same handrail. Olive eyes peer down at you, his worry for you winning against the anger in his head. 
He glances behind you, eyes narrowing down into a glare as the old perv whistles and looks in every direction except his, Ushijima’s height and pissed-off expression now very apparent. 
“Something you needed, sir?” The words come out lacking any form of respect, and the geezer only shakes his head no hastily before making an excuse to go to the other side of the train car, leaving as the train comes to it’s next stop. 
Ushijima doesn’t take his eyes off of him until he’s out the doors, huffing through his nose with a shake of his head before glancing down at you, seeing a slight quiver to your shoulders before sighing. He goes to move away, wanting to give you much-needed space-
but your hand grabbed the side of his school jacket before he could take a single step. 
Olive eyes widen at the tear that slipped your eye as you looked up at him, tremble in your voice. 
“Could you...stay there?” 
And the thump was back in his chest, Ushijima merely nodding once as you relax your grip on the side of his jacket, facing forward again as you hastily wipe at your eyes. 
“Um, sorry to ask, but could we maybe ride the train together going forward-?” 
You turn again at his abrupt response, the kind smile filling your face in relief as Ushijima finds himself giving a content one back, tightening his grip on the railing-
now no longer two rails away. 
He preferred to stand. 
Lesser chance that people would have to be so close to him, easier to mind his own business, his height giving him an innocent view of...
You who sat with one leg crossed over the other as you absent-mindedly stared at the outside flashing by with the speed of the train, lost in your thoughts as the tall blonde who held the railing a few feet away could watch as you entered your head- void of reality. He would watch as a book lay-half open in your lap, your thumb holding your place as you watch the world from outside the train window flit by.
Tsukishima liked how lost you got. 
Like the day you had bumped into him, the blonde already pissed about getting to school late before now having deal with disheveled you, jacket hanging halfway off your body and still pulling a shoe on. You had looked up at him with a doe-eyed expression, apologizing profusely as Tsukishima remained indifferent, this close to snapping before- 
“Here! Take this, you’re late too so you probably didn’t get to eat anything-” 
And then a pastry was shoved into his hands before you were running off into the entrance, waving backwards before turning around slightly, the blonde boy bewildered as a wide grin passed your face- 
“See you around!” 
Tsukishima found himself wanting to do the same as well, unwrapping the pastry that was much too sweet for the morning-
still chewing on it as he mildly walked up to the entrance you had darted off in, now not annoyed at the fact that he had been late in the first place as sugar coated his tongue. 
Tsukishima kept you in his line of sight, immersed in his phone while knowing if you had caught him it would probably be translated as some creepy action, but you never had looked away from the outside. He wondered what would happen in the case that you did, knowing he surely wouldn’t be trying to get your attention- 
And he suddenly wished you would look away to notice the odd man oh-so-casually gripping the railing that was in front of your seat, stepping in front of you with no good-intentions behind his smirk. 
Tsukishima loses his grip on the railing above as the man begins to talk you up, you flinching at the sound of the voice in surprise before innocently peering up at him with that same doe-eyed expression-
the look on your face a bit too familiar with the blonde as the man nears even closer, a look of uncomfort passing over your face as it looks like you’re kindly telling him that you’re still a high-schooler.
Tsukishima feels his jaw clench when the stranger grabs a few strands of your hair, rubbing it between his fingers as you flinch away, his hand darting out to grab your face-
“Oji-chan, that’s not a very nice way to touch a girl, is it?” 
The smile on Tsukishima’s face was feigned so-obviously, golden-brown eyes spinning in a dangerous glint as he tilts his head, smile straining as he raises his voice. 
“If I didn’t know any better, it would be harrassment if that girl didn’t like it- oh! Is she crying?” Tsukishima clicks his tongue as the onlookers begin to take their phones out, whispering amongst themselves in judgement as the perpetrator stumbles over his words. 
He casts a glare to the blonde as Tsukishima’s grin only widens, scoffing before getting off the train as it comes to it’s next stop. Tsukishima ignores the applause when the perverted man steps off, merely stepping in front of you and gripping the railing above as you look up at him with eyes brimmed with tears. 
The grin fades as Tsukishima sighs, collapsing in the now-open seat next to you before looking straight ahead, voice now it’s signature monotone as he sits his bag next to him. 
“Oi. You can cry. I won’t judge you. Much.” 
And he doesn’t stop you as you lean your head on his shoulder and let your tears of relief slip freely down your cheeks, the blonde shooting glares at anyone sending you pitiful looks until your stop comes. You wipe away your tears hastily, looking behind you in confusion when Tsukishima grabs his bag to get up with you. 
“Are you dense? I’m walking you home.” Tsukishima glares at you, daring you to comment on it before grabbing your forearm and dragging you off the train, your sniffling filling his ears as he begins to walk out of the station. 
“Hm?” You manage out after directing him to where your house is, the blonde still three steps in front of you as his hold on your forearm tightens just a little more. 
“Wait for me after school. You’re riding with me from now on.” 
“Okay? Goodnight.” 
Tsukishima turns on his heel, wishing he could hear your door open to ensure you get in okay before your voice makes him stop mid-step. 
“T-Thank you! I’ll be waiting after school...Tsukishima-Kun.” 
The blonde glances behind him, lips curling up into a smirk at the sight of a pretty smile now filling your face in the moonlight. 
“You won’t get lost when you’re with me, idiot. Let me see you go in before I change my mind.” 
General Works: @takemetovalhalla @savemesteeb @kasandrafaye @dreebbles @yams046 @aprettyfruit @therestless101 @dai-tsukki-desu @lifeisntjustblackandwhite @curiouslilbeast @wisepandaslimeland @deadontheinsidebut @lmkjimin @h0ngh0ngh0ng @theworldupthere @itz-tooru @orangegiraffe7
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kitashinsvks · 8 months ago
Omg that Suna and Kita angst you wrote really broke my heart 😔😭😭😭 especially Kita's like omg. If it is not too much could you please make the same with Oikawa and Ushijima? Thank you so much!!! 💕💕💕
hewo! thank you so much <33 ofc it’s not too much! thank you for requesting this, I had a lot fun!
he makes you feel insecure
Pairings: Oikawa x Reader, Ushijima x Reader
Warnings: none except it’s still kinda angsty 
request here!!
hmyi masterlist
Tumblr media
-        We all know that Oikawa is a charmer
-        Mans has the all the girls falling for his smile
-        Yet, he chose you.
-        His fangirls seem to not accept that fact.
-        Oikawa reassures you
-        But sometimes his fans and his remarks go a little too far.
You should’ve known dating the school’s heartthrob had its drawbacks. Well, you knew that. But Oikawa never made you feel like the relationship is forced, and you couldn’t be more thankful for his actions.
But lately you have been noticing that he keeps flaking out on you. You thought nothing about it because you believe that the both of you don’t always need to be attached to the hip.
“Oi, (Y/N). Have you seen Shittykawa?” Iwaizumi asked, the two other third years in tow. You shook your head slightly. “No, I thought he was with you.” You said, walking alongside the boys.
“Oh? I think that’s him.” Hanamaki pointed to the area where there are a flock of girls swarming over the brunette setter.
Iwaizumi’s brow twitched. He can never understand how his childhood friend can still keep this playboy persona when he is already with you. You held out a hand, stopping Iwaizumi from possibly beating up your boyfriend for his idiotic ways.
The four of you walked closer, Oikawa still not taking notice of you and your approach, still giving his attention to the girls around him. You stayed behind the other third years, not wanting to make your presence known. You never wanted to admit it, but some of his fangirls rubbed off you in a bad way. Especially the touchy ones. Oikawa, however did nothing as one of his fangirls ran her fingers on your boyfriend’s arm.
“Oikawa-senpai. Please accept my confession.”
The four of you froze as Oikawa smiled at the girl. “If only I wasn’t with (Y/N)-chan then maybe-” You didn’t want to hear anymore. You walked the other way, not wanting to hear his next words.
“You piece of shit.” Iwaizumi snarled, as he saw you walk away and saw Oikawa wave at the girl who confessed.
“Ah, Iwa-chan! What brings you here?” Oikawa asked smiling at the spiker. He looked over to Hanamaki and Matsukawa, smiling in acknowledgment.
“Have you seen (Y/N)-chan? I promised I would walk her home today.”
The two said nothing as Iwaizumi gripped his collar.
“Now, now, Iwa-chan. I know I am irresistible but-”
“Will you shut up, Trashykawa?” Oikawa tilted his head to the side in confusion, not knowing why he was the target of his best friend’s rage.
“Did something happen to (Y/N)-chan?”
“Yeah, you.” Matsukawa finally talked. His arms crossed, an expressionless look on his face.
“She overheard your exchange with that junior. You would accept but you were already with (Y/N)?” Hanamaki recalled. “What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?” Oikawa’s heart dropped at the thought of you misunderstanding his words.
“I- Where is she?” Oikawa asks, worried. Iwaizumi clicks his tongue, shaking his head in disappointment.
“If your head wasn’t high in your wannabe fuckboy personality, you would realize she walked away the moment you saw us approach you.” That was all it took for Oikawa to take off running to hopefully catch you.
You were cooped up in your room, staring at the mirror. You recalled on how different you looked compared to the girl he was talking to a while ago.
‘What am I, compared to her?’ You thought bitterly. Tears built up in your eyes, you smiled and laughed at the mirror then blinked, letting the tears slide down your cheeks.
Your thoughts went into an overdrive as you kept thinking on how his fangirls could treat him better. He definitely can get any girl he wanted, so why did he settle with you? He confessed first, but why does it seem that he wants nothing to do with you?
Your thoughts were interrupted as you hear the click of your door open, your boyfriend carrying a plastic bag filled with food and he was breathing heavily, as if he ran all the way to your house. Which he probably did.
Wiping your eyes and clearing your throat, you turned to him and gave him a smile. “Ah, Tooru. What are you doing he-” you were cut off as he strides to where you and slots his lips on yours.
You couldn’t contain the sob that you let out, pulling away and pushing him away from you.
“Oikawa, I think- what are you doing.”
“I know you heard, my baby. But it wasn’t what it looked like.” You scoffed, trying to keep a straight face. You realize how you look, you turned to face Oikawa. His eyes begging you to listen to what he has to say.
“Baby, please just listen to me.” You stopped struggling in his arms. Once Oikawa notices that, he leads the both of you to your bed, hugging you close to his chest.
“I’m sorry. It really wasn’t what it looked like.”
“’Kawa, I’m sorry to interrupt you. But is it okay if I talk?” You asked. You felt Oikawa nod and you slightly pulled away.
“I think we should end this.” You said, Oikawa’s eyes widened at your statement.
“Let me explain.” You quietly said, he nodded and you began.
“I think you deserve better. You’re surrounded by all these people who are far more talented and prettier than me. You deserve someone who you can be proud to be seen with.” You explained simply, tears falling down your blanket as you looked down.
Oikawa lifted your chin up with his finger, making you look into his eyes that turned glossy.
“I wish you can see the way I see you, baby.” He whispered, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
“No, (Y/N). You don’t understand.” His voice got louder, clearer. “I rejected that girl because she isn’t you. I told her that if I wasn’t with you then I still wouldn’t accept because I want no one else but you.” He said, cupping his hands on your face and running his thumb under your eyes, wiping the tears away.
“I know that I may seem like a flirt, but I know I can never look at anyone the same way I look at you.” You sniffed as he pressed another kiss on your forehead.
“I disagree with your earlier statement, there is no one better for me than you. I love you.” Your heart clenched at those three words, having not been said in your relationship before.
“I love you, so much. I don’t want this to end.”
“So, please.”
“I love you too, Oikawa.” You said, Oikawa’s eyes lit up. He pulled you against his chest once more. You could feel the fast beating of his heart against his chest due to your retaliation. You know that he can probably feel yours as well.
“I’m sorry for being insecure.” You apologized. Oikawa shushed you by squishing your cheeks together with one hand.
“Don’t you dare apologize. This isn’t your fault. I’ll wash off every insecurity you have.” He pecked your lips.
“I love you.”
“Probably not as much as I do, (Y/N)-chan- ow! (Y/N)-chan, don’t pinch me. I’m sorry!”
Tumblr media
-        You know that Ushijima’s top priority is volleyball.
-        You know that
-        He doesn’t really understand sentimental feelings but he feels different about you
-        You know that he sees you at the same light as you see him
-        But Coach Washijo wasn’t satisfied with the practice held.
-        Causing Ushijima not to be satisfied as well.
The Shiratorizawa Volleyball team was beat. The practice was far more intense than the previous ones. Coach Washijo was still not satisfied, almost making Goshiki cry from the overwhelming criticisms he gave to the freshman.
When practice ended, the whole team let out a sigh in relief. They did their cool off stretches and headed to the showers. You were waiting outside the clubroom, waiting for your boyfriend to come out so you can walk with him to the cafeteria by the dorms.
Shirabu and Goshiki walked out, bickering about how Goshiki’s receives were sloppy. When they saw you, Shirabu gave you a nod and the latter gave you an excited wave. He held so much respect for you since you were the person who he idolizes’ S/O. You smiled back before bidding them a safe trip, and sending a quick text to Ushijima, stating that you were outside waiting for him.
A few minutes pass and you saw the coach leave the gym, he nodded at you in acknowledgment as you bowed in respect. There was still no sign of your boyfriend.
“(Y/N)-san!” Tendou greeted you in a hug, you hugged back as you were pulled into a new one by Semi.
“Is Ushijima coming out soon?” You asked as you pulled away from Semi. The aforementioned looked at Tendou who cheekily shook his head.
“Our volleyball-freak decided to practice his serves more for today.” You frowned, knowing that he plans on overworking himself once more. Tendou notices your frown and patted your back.
“You could go there yourself and pull your brute of a boyfriend away from his balls-” “Tendou, please rethink that statement.” “I believe there is nothing wrong with my statement, Semi-semi.” Semi’s face turned red in embarrassment before yelling at Tendou who began walking away, he looked back and turned to you before putting his thumbs up. “Go get Wakatoshi-kun!” and walked away with a fuming Semi in tow.
You went inside the gymnasium, jumping at the sound of your boyfriend hitting the volleyball straight to the ground.
“Toshi…” You called out. His focused gaze broke off as he turned to you in slight surprise.
“What are you doing here?” He genuinely asked, picking up another volleyball. You don’t get to reply as you hear another groundbreaking thud hit the floor as the volleyball bounced off.
“I was wondering if we can go to the cafeteria together? You should eat, you’ve been practicing since morning.” Ushijima’s brows furrowed at that thought. You frowned noticing the conflicted look that your boyfriend gave you.
“I need to practice, though.” He bluntly said.
“Yes, but you also need to rest. You’ve been practicing since the morning, Toshi.” You explained, he walked over to the basket and grabbed another volleyball, your heart deflating a bit as you realized he was not going to listen to you.
“My love, I am aware of that. However, nationals are coming up and I need to be on my very best.”
“Yes, I am aware of that. But you shouldn’t strain yourself that much, Toshi. You need to rest.”
He bounces a volleyball, effectively ignoring your words once more. At this point the loud thuds seem to mock you. You’re starting to get annoyed at the shoes squeaking against the gym floor and the ball that hits the ground.
“Coach was not satisfied in our practice today. I need to improve.”
“Yes, but-”
“(Y/N), kindly leave. You are being a distraction.” Your already down mood went even lower as Ushijima said those words, you know he was blunt. You know that he doesn’t mean it like that, but those thoughts leave your mind as tears build up in your eyes.
You nodded, not having the strength to continue this conversation.
“I think I should go.” You said quietly, but loud enough for Ushijima to hear you.
Ushijima who was too engrossed in practicing his serves did not notice the shift in your mood. Only sending you a small nod in acknowledgement.
You swallowed the lump in your throat before leaving the gym. As soon as you left, you saw Tendou and Semi by the door once more. You wanted to ask if they forgot something in the gym, but you knew it was not the case when the both of them gave you a sad smile.
Then it clicked, they heard the exchange between the two of you.
“Aw, doll. Don’t cry.” Semi patted your back as you hugged the both of them.
“Wakatoshi-kun is ju-”
“Stressed. I know.” You said, cutting off Tendou. The aforementioned patted your head before leading you to your dorms, after ensuring you are fine, they left telling you to text them if you needed. You thanked them before locking yourself in your room.
You let the tears slip out. You knew that Ushijima prioritized volleyball. You knew that you come second to volleyball. You supported him all through the way, attending his games. Cheering for him and being there for him in general. You didn’t understand how after all of that, he still called you a distraction.
Not wanting to think more about this, you closed your eyes and fell asleep with a heavy heart.
When you woke up, you tuned your phone and scrolled through new notifications before opening your texts.
’I am done with practice.’
‘I am texting you to see if you are still awake and are available to go eat with me.’
‘It seems that you are asleep. Good night.’
The heaviness in your body returned as you trudged yourself to go get ready for school, wanting to be there early before Ushijima picks you up. You were not ready to talk about it and you don’t need to pretend you are fine this early in the morning.
You sat down at your desk, taking out one of your novels and reading to pass time. Your phone vibrated once more, you looked at the preview and the heavy weight on your shoulders kept getting heavier as your boyfriend keeps texting you as if nothing is wrong.
‘Good morning. It seems like you have already gone to your classroom, are you available in accompanying me to lunch later?’ You ignored the message, the teacher coming in as if on cue and starting the lessons, effectively pushing the thought of Ushijima out.
Lunch time rolled by quickly, you didn’t even notice the mop of red hair peering at you from the classroom. You pulled your bento on your table, saying your thanks and digging in.
“(Y/N).” Your blood ran cold at the familiar deep voice that you fell in love with.
“O-Oh. Ushijima, what brings you here?” You asked, pretending to be fine, the way he stares at you makes you figure out that he knows you have been avoiding him.
“I have sent you a message asking if you were available to accompany me, did you not receive it?” He asked, standing in front of your desk.
“I have.” You quietly answered, not wanting to look at your boyfriend.
“Then why have you not responded?” He was genuinely confused at your actions. You swallowed the lump that was slowly building up in your throat.
“I didn’t want to get in your way.” You answered in the same quiet voice that you held in the previous response.
Ushijima’s brows furrow at your response, his hand shooting out to hold yours albeit a bit awkwardly.
“Is something wrong, my love?”
Your eyes turned glossy at his pet name. Ushijima’s eyes widen slightly in alert as droplets of tears fall into your hand.
“Toshi, I know that volleyball is your priority. I know and I respect that. I admire you for having so much passion for that sport.” You started, looking straight to his eyes. By now, your classroom was empty, courtesy of Tendou and Semi shooing your classmates out so you can talk.
“But,” your voice turned softer as you spoke. You wanted to continue, but you shook your head causing Ushijima to frown at your actions.
“Please let me share the burden, my love.” Ushijima urged you softly to speak out, that was the slight push you needed before letting out a sob.
“I guess I’m just hurt that you called me a distraction yesterday.” You finished off, looking down on your lap once more.
Ushijima’s hand tightened around yours as he moved your table, your knees touching.
“I apologize to have offended you, (Y/N).” You shook your head and wiped your tears.
“Toshi, it’s fine. I get it, you were stressed.”
“That does not give me a reason to say those things to you, my love.” He said, pulling you so that both of his hands were holding to your arms as your hands hang limply by your sides. You still did not want to look at your boyfriend, knowing that he probably would not understand why you were acting that way.
“My love, please look at me.” You shook your head, he pulled you to his chest. His hand cradling the back of your head as his other holds you by your waist.
“I’m sorry.” You nodded. he pulled your face so he can see your eyes, internally beating himself up as he saw the tears that streamed down your cheeks.
“I will do better.” He promises and you just pull him back to the hug. He pulled away once you have calmed down a bit and dragged you out of the classroom.
“Toshi, wait- my bento.”
“Tendou will take care of it.” You looked back and saw Tendou waving while munching on your food.
“Where are we going?”
“Somewhere to eat. It seems that you are available right now.”
“What about classes?”
“Semi has volunteered to take down notes for you. I am going to make it up to you.” You wanted to say more, but you know you cannot convince your boyfriend otherwise once he sets his mind into one thing.
You pulled on his hand, stopping him in his tracks. With a small smile, you pecked him on the cheek. His face visibly relaxing at your gesture.
“Lead the way, Toshi.”
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jobean12-blog · a year ago
Pitching a Tent
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,568
Summary: You and the team go on a camping trip together and you get stuck sharing a tent with Bucky. 
Author’s Note: This is for @aesthetical-bucky 1k challenge and the continuation of the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk drabbles and the super fun prompt sent in below. For the challenge I had the prompt- enemies to friends/lovers: camping trip and you’re forced to share a tent with (Bucky) and then the smutty prompt- “are you wearing underwear?” Congratulations my beautiful love! Thank you all for reading and much love always! ❤❤❤
Tumblr media
Warning: Fun teasing, flirting, fluffy fun, implied sexy times ;)
Tumblr media
The tent pole pops out of the fabric and nearly takes your eye out. Letting go a string of curses you flail around in a huff. “Having some trouble, doll?” Bucky taunts, standing over you with a smirk. With a frustrated groan you stand, poking him in the chest. “Are you offering to help or just enjoying my suffering.” He picks up one of the poles and bops you on the head, “nope, definitely not gonna help,” and walks off with a laugh.
You grit your teeth, ready to stab him with the pointy end but Clint’s boots block your way. “Hey kid, need some help.” Looking up you frown, but it quickly turns into a smile when he gives you his own goofy grin. “That would be great thanks! Bucky basically came over here to make fun of me then left.”
Clint’s grin only grew, his eyes twinkling with something you can’t quite place. “What?” you ask, watching as he starts picking up the pieces of the tent. “Nothing. You two are oblivious is all. Hand me that pole, please.” You hand it over with a raised brow, blowing out a raspberry before saying, “if by oblivious you mean he’s an asshole then yea.”
With a shake of his head Clint continues building the tent, doing it far more quickly and efficiently than you ever could. “Wow,” you say, standing back and looking over the perfectly balanced tent. “Thanks, Clint! At least someone was nice enough to help me!” You shout the last words in Bucky’s direction, his head swinging your way. “Well it’s a good thing. You would have never been able to do it yourself.”
Clint can no longer contain his laughter as it rings out over the campground. “Oh man, so funny,” he mutters as he walks away. You narrow your eyes at Bucky, sticking out your tongue. He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and does the same back, your face scrunching up in shock. “UGH!” you say, not noticing when Steve leans over in Clint’s ear, whispering something that makes them both grin deviously.
The rest of the day goes by peacefully and you enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the woods. You manage to avoid Bucky for most of it. After dinner you head down to the lake to cool off with a swim. Ridding yourself of your clothes you walk into the refreshing water wearing only your underwear and bra, sighing at how good it feels.
You’re so caught up in the relaxation of your surroundings that you don’t hear Bucky quietly enter the water. It isn’t until he has his hands at your sides, tickling you and effectively scaring the life out of you that you know anyone is there. You scream loud enough to draw over Nat and Clint, the two of them going from terrified to annoyed. “I’m gonna drown the both of you if you don’t cut this shit out!” Nat yells over the water then stomps off, Clint hot on her heels.
“Nat’s not gonna be able to drown you because I’m gonna do it first,” you shout, trying your best to push Bucky under the water. It’s no use of course as he laughs and easily holds you back. “Nice try doll, but you might want to work on your take down a bit.” With that he dunks you one more time and strides out of the lake. You seethe, watching as the water drips down over his neck and chest. You don’t know if you’re angrier at the fact that he managed to scare you or that you’re staring because he looks so damn delicious.
Darkness finally descends on the campground and you and the rest of the team are huddled around the campfire, roasting marshmallows while Tony complains. “You should have let me buy a camper. Then we could have done this and gone to bed in style.” Steve throws a marshmallow at his head, tsking as he says, “that defeats the purpose Tony!” You laugh while trying to unstick your fingers from the marshmallow on your smore, finally deciding to just lick it off. You feel someone staring and look up to see Bucky’s eyes on you. His jaw is clenched, and he looks almost angry, so you just chalk it up to him being his usual jerky self. Throwing him a smirk you lick your lips.
It’s after midnight when everyone finally shuffles off to their tents. Nat and Clint, Tony and Pepper, Steve and Sam and then you and Bucky are left glaring at each other. “Oh, hell no, Barnes, you can sleep outside,” you say, going into the only empty tent left and starting to zip it closed. He barges through, “no way y/n. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”
You look down at the sleeping bag and although it’s giant there is only one. “Then you have to sleep outside the sleeping bag!” You stomp your foot with authority, and he laughs. “We’ll see about that.” Huffing and puffing you get yourself ready for bed, all the while very aware of Bucky’s closeness.
Once you’re under the cover and comfortable you sneak a glance his way just as he’s taking off his shirt. He starts to take off his pants and you screech, “what are you doing Barnes?” Giving you a cocky smile, he replies, “what does it look like, baby, getting ready for bed.” His pants are off in a second and he’s now standing in his boxer briefs.
You swallow hard and try to look away but can’t seem to bring yourself to. He lays down next to you, above the covers as promised and grabs his book. “Sleep tight, doll.” You mumble goodnight and turn over with a sigh. You’re not sure how much time passes before you start shivering but you can’t seem to stop.
“Are you cold, y/n?” You were hoping he was asleep already. “No, I’m fine,” you lie, curling into yourself. The next thing you know he’s getting into the sleeping bag and pulling you into his chest. At first you protest, pushing away from him with a grunt. “No thanks, Buck.” He doesn’t listen, tightening his hold on you and whispering into your neck, “don’t fight me, doll. You can’t freeze all night. Your feet are like ice.”
Giving in you go limp in his arms, finding it hard to fall asleep now that his warm body is so close to yours. You wiggle around to get comfortable and you hear his breath hitch, the low rumble of a growl vibrating through his chest. Ignoring him you cuddle closer, the feel of his hardness against your ass making you stifle a moan. You finally relax, the comfort of his strong body lulling you into a peaceful sleep.
When you wake up the next morning, Bucky’s arms are still curled around you and your legs are tangled together. “Morning baby,” he murmurs, stretching his arms. You do the same, your oversized shirt riding up above your bum. Bucky immediately stills, his thigh brushing against your bare skin. “Are you wearing underwear?”
His question is barely audible over your heavy breathing, the air thick with tension as he runs his metal arm up your thigh. “Um. They were still wet last night after my swim in the lake, so I didn’t wear any to bed.” He rolls you over, caging you under him and between his arms. “Are you telling me you’ve been without underwear this whole time?”
You shake your head yes, unable to speak now that his thigh is nudging between your legs. “Fuck,” he growls before leaning down to kiss you. The very moment your lips brush to his you hear the zipper of your tent. Bucky jumps off you and throws the cover over your bodies. “Morning you two!” You hear Sam’s chipper voice before you see him poke his head into the tent. “Hurry and get up, Tony’s hungry and is already starting to yell about taking everyone out to eat. We have to get breakfast ready and we need all hands-on deck.”
He smiles, waiting for your reply. “Yea, yea, we’re coming Sam, get out!” Bucky throws a sock at his face which works better than expected as Sam wrinkles his nose in disgust and quickly leaves. “Fucking hell, he has the worst timing.” You giggle then blurt out, “but I thought you couldn’t stand me.” Bucky quickly moves back to you, taking you into his arms.
“Quite the opposite doll. I really like you a lot. It’s just easier for me to be a pain in your ass than actually tell you. I didn’t think you could ever feel the same way.” You straddle his waist, winding your arms around his neck. “Well, you’re wrong. I do like you. A lot.” His thumb brushes against your cheek and he leans in for another kiss only to be interrupted once again by Sam yelling outside your tent.
“Don’t make me come in there again! Hurry your asses up.” Bucky rests his forehead to yours and sighs, “I guess we have to go help with breakfast.” You tuck some hair behind his ear. “Yea, I guess,” you reply with a light laugh, then perk up, asking, “hey, so what are you doing later?” His grip on your waist tightens and he gives you a heated look. “You.”
@aesthetical-bucky @auro-ora @azurika-writes @book-dragon-13 @buckys-broody-muffin @bugsbucky @emilylyoness @eurynome827 @imgaril-lindru @ikaris-whore @itsunclebucky @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @kaosera @loricameback @littledarlinhavefaithinme @littleredstarfish @mushyjellybeans @marvelgirl7 @marvelandotherfandomimagines @nano--raptor @randomfandompenguin @scarletsoldierrr @sallycanwait68 @the-wayward-robot​ @softpeachbarnes​ @yansi1923​ @hiddles-rose​ @hawksmagnolia​ @hailmary-yramliah​
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thebibliosphere · 11 months ago
Not to rehash my trauma on main, but I’m just going to remind everyone suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and other misc illnesses that doctors file under “anxiety” like they’re playing scratch off lottery tickets to get their b12 levels checked, because although I survived my ordeal last year, I cannot convey to you the amount of damage that was done both physically and mentally from being allowed to be so ill for so long without adequate medical care.
My condition was discovered with mere hours to spare, and I will be forever grateful to the hematology team who fucking rallied to make sure I lived. But I will likely always be resentful of the doctors too who looked at all my symptoms, told me I had ghosts in my veins, and tried putting me on anti-psychotics instead. And then when I refused that treatment, labelled me a “difficult patient” so going forward any doctor checking my file over the next decade and a half would see that little marker and go “ah, not worth my time.”
It took until I was literally so symptomatic the poor PCP who saw me the day I staggered into his office thought I had late stage cancer, and he threw me at every specialist possible because this was a problem beyond diet, exercise and a prescription for “shut up and go away” pills. And while yes, I have recovered in major, fantastic and amazing ways (I got belly fat y’all!) I’m still also dealing with the fallout.
Physically, I’ve made my peace with the pain. The fatigue. Knowing I’ll be on treatment for the rest of my life. But mentally? Oh god, mentally I don’t even know if I have the words to tell you anymore. And not because it was harrowing, even though it was, but because my pernicious anemia was allowed to advance to such a state where I was experiencing early onset dementia. And while to many, especially my friends who knew me before, it seems like I’m back... Mentally there’s pieces of me missing. Whole years are gone. The memory of friends, jobs I’ve worked on, things I have written. Names. Faces. And words. So many words. I find myself staring frequently at Word documents, head tilted to the side as I try to parse what’s wrong, to bring back the words forever poised on the tip of my proverbial tongue but are swallowed by grief instead.
And it’s so fucking frustrating. It’s so frustrating because I know, I know what I was capable of if I go back far enough and look at all the things I’ve done. But that person isn’t me anymore. I’ve got a ghost in my head, and it’s the person I used to be and sometimes I think I can hear her wailing because it’s not fair. It’s so unfair it hurts and I swear if I could give this pain away I’d break it off in pieces like poison and feed it to all the people who said “it’s nothing, you’re fine, stop exaggerating, take your anxiety pills and go away.”
And then sometimes I will remember the right words and the sun will come out and I remember vaguely the person I used to be. Though mostly I don’t. But I write the words I have down anyway, because some words is better than none. Even when it hurts. 
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punani · a year ago
a man of god
Tumblr media
requested: yes
summary: you’ve always been a good girl– attending mass regularly, never been touched by yourself or another, and the way that you dress? a naive innocence radiates off of you. even a man of god can’t help himself, not that he puts any effort into refraining from forbidden fruit. 
pairing: priest!ransom drysdale x reader
warnings: religious elements, nsfw smut, corruption kink, abuse of power, fingering, oral (m receiving), degradation kink, feather light dub-con (unintentional, but just in case), it’s lengthy ;)
your entire life, you’ve always been labeled as the good girl– the kind that anyone could bring home to their parents and receive automatic approval
this was all speculation of course because your parents did not allow you to date during your teen years, and even now you were as much of a virgin as before
you always sit in the same pew with your family, not in the front– but close enough that waiting for communion is brief and observing the alter boys and pastors does not strain the eyes
however, one person– ransom drysdale, your church’s priest, was an enigma to you 
he wasn’t like other priests you’ve interacted with before– both directly and indirectly
ransom was young, charming, and seemed to wrap everyone around his finger whenever he spoke
he’s an enigma because for a man of god, he seems like a sly wolf in an innocent sheep’s clothing 
you wouldn’t be too far off in the long run
it starts off with your almost shocking obliviousness
though you would pay attention to certain differences he took to the approach of preaching, you missed the other things
like his eyes drifting up and down your body as he walked down the aisle and spoke
or how he’d hold your hand a little longer, letting his touch linger as he saw you and your family out of the church doors like he did everyone else
you missed the way that ransom would smirk, hum in appreciation, and lick his lips in an almost thirst like way at the innocence you exuded
you knew nothing, and he was going to put himself in the perfect position to be the one– the only one to get inside that little cunt sitting pretty in cotton panties that probably have an embroidered flower on the front
he gets hard at the thought of ripping them off before he’s splitting you open on his cock
next came the confessionals
ransom would sit on the other side of the screen, legs splayed as he sat in the chair comfortably– he has the beginnings of a smirk on his face when he sees you sit down on the opposite side..the side where he can see you
‘forgive me father, for i have sinned’
ransom cocks his head slightly, taking in the sight of your head bowed and your soft hands sitting in the skirt of your lap
you look so sweet, so pure, so adorable like a good girl should and ransom needs to shift in his chair when his cock stirs in his pants
he listens to your voice, taking in your confession 
priest!ransom hums in response to what you’re saying, a dark part of him thoroughly enjoying how remorseful you sound
the real fun doesn’t begin until you confess to the sinful thoughts you’ve been having lately 
he softly clears his throat to cover up a small groan at the sound of you talking about how you’ve had thoughts about touching yourself even though you don’t know how
‘have you let anyone touch you, my child?’
‘n-no father drysdale’
he discreetly leans closer to the thin screen without you noticing, paying attention to the way your thighs seem to press together underneath the fabric of your clothing
‘anything else to confess, my child?’
when you say no, ransom would tell you to meet him in the priest’s study to receive your penance...further telling you that such a sinful girl like yourself needs to do extra work to make up for her sins
of course, not wanting to cause any trouble or thinking of any malicious intent, you softly agree– not even knowing that you just made a deal with the devil wrapped up in authentic priest attire
when you step past the threshold of his study and he closes the door behind you? 
well, the wolf wanted to play with his food for just a little bit
he would taunt you, ask as to what you think your punishment should be for not being a good girl 
the way that he spoke has something blooming in the depths of your stomach, and you innocently cross your legs while sitting in the chair across from the desk he’s currently leaning on 
he towers over you in such a domineering way that it causes you to unintentionally shrink in on yourself from how you felt underneath his gaze
‘you know what i think, angel?’
there’s a shift in the room and the timbre of his voice as he addressed you that way shot straight to your core and you’re looking up at him in anticipation
however, your eyes flicker from his blue ones down to his hands that are now undoing his belt, the clanking metal echoing throughout the humbly sized room
‘i think that we’re going to start your penance with you on your knees– showing proper worship’
he leaves no room for argument and your knees find the worn-in carpeted ground, you wince as you feel the beginnings of a dull pain in your knees but you look up expectantly, waiting for your designated number of prayers
however, ransom is leaning up off of the desk and he’s pushing his pants and what you could only assume are his briefs down his legs– just enough so his cock springs free
your eyes widen as you take in the sight of it: thick, a vein running along the underside, throbbing tip all red venturing onto a purple and angry, and overall it intimidates you
‘fa-father drysdale, i–i don’t think i follow’
‘you will, angel. come and have a taste’
your body moves on its own accord and ransom has to stop himself from moaning in appreciation at the sight of you crawling toward him on all fours; the distance is short but it’s enough to have his dick jump
he lazily strokes himself before telling you to be a good girl and open your mouth
though you’ve never seen one before, a voice in your mind tells you that his cock is beautiful
when you stick your tongue out, still promptly sat back on your haunches, ransom slaps his dick against your tongue
the feeling is weird but you get an indescribable feeling to taste more of the salty substance that grazed your taste buds
he tells you to spit on his dick and take him into your hand
ransom grunts at the feeling of your soft fingers wrapping around him, your thumb not able to touch the tips of your other digits because of his girth
he swears he got harder just at the sight of that alone as well 
‘do i need to tell you to suck, or are you actually useful’
he says it without thinking after a few minutes of you overthinking what you were supposed to be doing– hesitantly stroking him as you lick the tip ever so often
virgins are fun, but scared ones are so fucking boring
that’s the thought that runs through ransom’s mind as your eyes grow big and you try to figure out how he was supposed to fit in your mouth 
something in the back of your mind knows this is wrong, but another part of you questions as to how wrong it could really be if a man of god simply wants to help better your path in life
this is your penance. this is your penance. this is your penance. 
you open your mouth wider, looking up at him as you did so to gauge his reaction and see if you were doing what he was expecting of you
his face remained impassive, and something buried within you wishes for some sort of acknowledgement or praise because you want to be a good girl
for your parents or for something more devilish? your thoughts cease there when you’re, for the first time ever, feeling the weight of a cock on your tongue
ransom finally lets out a delicious sounding groan at the feeling of your small, warm mouth enveloping his cock
he’s barely in touching the soft part on the roof of your mouth before you’re already gagging 
he huffs through his nose when you give up and take him out of your mouth, wiping some spit from the corner of your mouth as you continue to stroke him with your hand
ransom thinks about what it would be like to fuck your pure little throat when you take him back into your mouth once again, only to pull off of him when that same feeling of gagging came back
‘put me back in your mouth, and fucking keep me there’
the profanity makes your heart race and you’re nodding, muttering an apology as you begin to wrap your lips around him again
‘yeah...that’s it’
he mumbles under his breath, his hips jutting out on their own accord when he feels your tongue wiggle along the underside of his shaft as you try to manage the weight of him 
you start gagging again, but priest!ransom is quick to place his hands on the back of your head
he pushes himself further down your throat, relishing in the feeling of your throat constricting against his length and your hands flying out to grasp his strong thighs 
you don’t know if you do it to stop him from invading your throat even further or to stabilize yourself, but you do know that tears well up in your eyes as ransom begins to rut into your mouth
he doesn’t care that you’re slobbering all over him or that you’re gagging or that regulating your breathing is growing difficult
instead, he just holds your head and starts to thrust his cock into your mouth, seeming to forget or perhaps no longer give a shit about your lack of experience
ransom only gives you reprieve when it sounds like you’re teetering on the edge of passing out, but as soon as you take in that gasp of air– he’s back down your throat and wanting to chase his own release
‘such a slut, on your knees without a fight’
‘god, i could fuck this little throat all damn day’
‘take my cock, fucking take it’
‘this is what you need, i’m what you need’
the obscenities leaving his mouth have you whimpering around his shaft, shocked at both the crude language he was using and the effect it had on your body
the sounds that bounce off the walls include your wet mouth taking his cock over and over and over and ransom’s belt buckle jingling as he thrusts his hips
‘such a pretty little angel, i bet that pussy’s even better than this’
when you look up at his face, his eyes are shut and his lips are slightly parted as he lets out breathy pants in time with the tip of his dick invading your esophagus
he doesn’t give you much of a warning or an option when he blows his load
‘i’m gonna fill this pretty little throat up, maybe even paint that pretty face too’
‘bet you’d like that huh? want my cum all over you right?’
‘imagine what your poor parents would say about their daughter being a whore on her knees for the pastor’
‘want me to bless you with my load, angel? s’okay i already know you want it’
ransom’s grunting and one of his hands reaches down to cup your throat– fingers splaying against the skin of your neck, smirking when he can feel himself slither down your throat and retreat at his will
he’s thrusting into your mouth roughly, chasing that release he knows is right on the cusp from the feeling of the coil tightening in his lower stomach
you’re gagging, tears running down your face with a pink glaze in your eyes, and you even have some snot dribbling out of your nose
you look so fucked, so perfect, so ready for him to defile you and he can’t control himself anymore
it all serves to make him swell in the confines of your mouth and throat and ransom doesn’t let you pull off of him
in fact, he holds one hand firmly on the back of your head while the hand on your throat grabs your jaw and he’s pulling you down onto his shaft till your nose presses against that small tuft patch of hair at the base
you feel like you’re going to throw up, but before anything can come up– ransom’s shooting ropes and ropes down your throat
‘yeah, fuck yeah, swallow it bitch’
you squeeze your eyes tight and do your best to swallow even though you cough and some spills from the side of your mouth as ransom jerks your head to help prolong his high
just when you think it’s about to be over, ransom pulls out of your mouth with a lewd pop and he’s letting the aftershocks paint your face– his cum shooting across your nose briefly before he’s sighing with a deep feeling of content
you fall to the side heaving and coughing when he finally releases you 
your throat burns and you’re desperately trying to catch your breath as ransom tucks himself back into his pants
eventually, he tosses you a napkin to wipe your face before he’s squatting down to where you lay on the floor and he’s taking your chin into his hand so that you could properly look at him through teary eyes
he makes sure to take his thumb and scoop some left over fluid by the side of your mouth before he’s pushing the digit back into your mouth, and he has to calm himself from getting hard again when you absentmindedly suck on it
‘a-am i forgiven, father drysdale?’
the sound of your raw and raspy voice has him giving you a sly smile
‘i have so much to teach you, angel. your penance has only begun’
"second part”
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bratkook · a year ago
deep six. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
It's like a stranger had a key, came inside of my mind and moved all my things around. He didn't know snakes can hear the prey, can't try to break the psyche down.
part two
pairing: biker!jk x reader genre: smut, light angst warnings: infidelity, dirty talk, unprotected sex (don’t do this), oral (f receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, creampie, cum eating, pussy slapping, choking, spanking, and really sweet loving biker gang jungkook, word count: 10.7k+ author’s note: this is based off a request a sweet anon sent me! i added what i could, i hope i did it justice and you enjoy it uwu 
There were many rules Jungkook had to follow when he joined Deep Six, but the main three were simple.
One: Blind loyalty is demanded. Two: Respect other members. Three: Never get involved with a Cobra.
Jungkook was not a rule breaker, loyal to the club in its entirety, always respecting all of the members even when some of them seemed determined to get under his skin, but he was struggling pretty hard with rule number three.
Sure you were currently bouncing on top of him like your life depended on it, your hair pushed off your face and the prettiest pout on your lips as you moaned about how big his cock was, but you weren’t technically a Cobra.
Your boyfriend was.
Minho wasn’t just a member of the Cobras he was the god damn leader of them. Jungkook just had to go and fall for the leader’s girlfriend.
The first time he had run into you at a convenience store he should’ve known you were trouble when he pulled up and saw the two lone bikes parked at the corner. There were no riders near by but he recognized the bikes, recognized the tacky cobra sticker plastered to the side of one of them.
You were all smiles and laughs when you both reached for the same pack of sour straws, your eyes locking onto the silver hoop on his lip, seeing the charming smile spreading across his own face.
Jungkook saw the switch on your face instantly when your eyes trailed down his body and landed on the jacket he wore, a patch showcasing a tombstone with the words Deep Six surrounding it. You knew what he was and you knew the consequences if you were caught talking to him so you turned around and walked away as if you hadn’t just interacted, leaving him standing alone in the aisle with the candy in his palm.
It wasn’t until he left the store that he saw you again, this time on the back of one of the Davidson Dynas that were parked in front, a Cobra jacket that looked far too big on your shoulders. Minho was barking orders at the person beside him, not giving you any attention as you wrapped your arms around him and nuzzled into his back, your gaze locked onto Jungkook.
Minho was a piece of shit, a power hungry leader that thrived on violence, parading you around like you were this trophy to obtain and it irritated Jungkook to no ends.
That alone should have been a giant red flag that was waving in his face, the words stay away printed in bold on it but not only did Jungkook decide he was in fact color blind, he also decided that he couldn’t read. So that red flag might as well be a welcome home banner, complete with an escorted drive directly into your pussy.
“My pretty baby,” Jungkook sighs, his large palm trailing up from your hip until he has a handful of your tits in them, his fingers toying with the silver bar through your nipple. He ruts his hips up with yours, smirking when your moans raise in pitch, your body hunching forward so you can rest your hands on his chest, “you gotta be quiet, can’t let anyone know what a dirty girl you are.”
“Trying.” You gasp out, a choked moan escaping you when he pistons his hips up in a precise motion. “Feels too good Guk.”
Your whines are like music to his ears, he needed to hear more of them, he didn’t care if he had to slap a hand over your mouth to muffle them, he just needed to hear how much you craved him.
He releases your boob, wrapping his arm around you and flipping the both of you over so he could be fully in control. His arms hook under your knees, pushing them both towards your chest, bending you practically in half but with the way this angle has you seeing stars you have no complaints.
“Fuck,” you keen, desperately seeking purchase with your hands on his back, “right there.”
Your eyes lock onto the bold number six on his right arm, right by his shoulder, a visual reminder of who he was. Someone you definitely should not be under right now. So you shut your eyes, feeling Jungkook dip his head down until his nose was nudging against yours with every thrust.
“Yeah, feel good?” He grunts out, his own eyes slipping shut when you clamp down on his length at his question.
“Mhm.” A squeal escapes you followed with a laugh when his lips find your neck with playful nips against your skin.
The fluid motion of his hips has you nearing your release again, the two of you had been rolling around for a while now, having cum twice already but Jungkook’s stamina was unmatched. His hair stuck to his forehead, the lip ring hooked around his bottom lip glimmered with saliva when his tongue ran over it, his face screwed up from his nearing release.
“You close baby?” Jungkook mumbles out, dropping your legs to let you wrap them around him.
“Yes.” You gasp out, crossing your ankles and urging him closer, rutting your hips against his desperately, “J-jungkook oh my–“ a loud moan escapes you, Jungkook having to finally slap his palm over your mouth to muffle them when your climax hits.
He watches on in awe as your eyes roll back, your body tensing up for a moment until your whole body vibrated at your orgasm. Jungkook could watch you cum all day, the soft mewls against his palm, your back arched up with your nipples grazing his chest.
Jungkook thrusts into you sloppily now, three orgasms was usually your tapping point so his release was his main focus now. The softest grunts meeting your ears, turning into whines of your name until he was cumming too, your heels pushing him further into you as he filled you up. He knew he couldn’t claim you openly so stuffing you full was his next best option, you were his in this aspect, he knew this much.
The warm feeling of his cum oozing out of you as he pulled out made you moan, Jungkook panting as he leaned back on his haunches, the tattoos on his thighs bulging out at the action. His eyes locked onto the white drips coming out of your pussy, landing on the bed sheets and soaking into the fabric and he smiles.
“I made a mess of you.” He chuckles, crawling back over you to plant kisses on your lips, feeling the smile on them as you kiss back.
“You know I love it messy.” You tease, gently biting his lip and laughing when he groans once more.
“Careful, you know you can’t handle another one.” He kisses the pout off of your lips, knowing he was right.
You had run into Jungkook two hours ago at the same convenience store you met him in, having been on a beer run for your boyfriends club but that clearly wasn’t your priority anymore. Instead you were cuddled up on a bed inside of Deep Six’s club house, the sound of his brothers roaming around and laughing in the main room being heard.
This had become a dangerous game, the two of you sneaking around for around eight months now it was a shock you hadn’t been caught. You knew if Minho ever found out you were unfaithful, with a 6 of all people, it would not be pretty for anyone.
“How am I gonna head out?” You whisper, your fingers trailing on his arm, tracing the number six before moving onto the other bold tattoos while it was draped across your stomach.
Jungkook wants to tell you the brothers currently occupying the club house knew of you but he had a feeling that would make you uncomfortable so instead he just hums in thought, his eyes roaming the small room you were in and seeing the window that lead to the back of the clubhouse.
“You in the mood to scale down a building?”
No, you weren’t but you really had no other choice so you begrudgingly get up to get dressed, ready to sneak out of a window like you were a teenager.
“Do you have a kink for getting your ass beat to a pulp?” Yoongi asks with a laugh when Jungkook finally emerges from the room, no one by his side, in the process of slipping his shirt back on. All very incriminating evidence.
You were most likely back at the same convenience store you were at earlier, finally grabbing the beer your boyfriend had asked you to get, your hair a little messier, your panties a little stickier but Minho would be none the wiser
“Shut up.” He grumbles as he hunkers down onto an empty chair surrounding the poker table they were all around. His eyes stay locked on the abundance of colored chips, ignoring the stares of everyone sat at the table.
Yoongi just laughs again as he collects his chips, “Seems like it, you know every time you fuck her you’re only digging your grave a little deeper.”
Jungkook just shrugs, opening up a can of beer and taking a sip, “I mean, I’m already six feet deep, whats a few more?”
Tumblr media
“Minho stop.” You giggle out, a fake smile on your face as you playfully swat at his back. His meaty fingers are pressed into your skin, pushing you closer to him as he kisses your neck, a disgusting display of affection he always did to try to claim you whenever you were out in public.
Your neck feels wet from his saliva and you’re fighting hard not to grimace, knowing other members of The Cobras had their eyes on you. Its not until the fingers on your back push a little too hard, a wince leaving your mouth, that the fake smile falls off your face.
Minho doesn’t notice, no he doesn’t even care, his hands move down from your back to firmly grab your ass over your skirt. As much as you loved your relationship with Minho in the beginning, he had changed drastically after he became leader. He always had a short temper but it increased, constantly yelling at you for any little thing, tearing you down one moment and then smothering you with love the next to make up for it.
He didn’t love you though. You were convinced Song Minho was incapable of love.
The club always voiced how they were a family but this didn’t feel like a family, you wished you could leave it all but when you had gotten with Minho your family cut ties with you. Minho was the only person you have, the only person you could talk to besides whatever girls the other members brought around. You couldn’t confide in them though, you knew if you ever let anything slip about Jungkook to them they’d be the first to rat you out, being front row to watch you burn at the stake in an effort to prove their loyalty to the club.
You had no one.
Well no one except Seulgi, a member of a neighboring club that ran together with the Cobras. The Vagos were extremely violent in nature so it was no shock they got along so well with Minho’s club.
But Seulgi, she was a jar of honey. Overflowing with sweetness and love and always welcoming you in whenever the two clubs got together. She wasn’t a members girlfriend, no she was ranked pretty high up, wearing her full patch on her back with pride.
Besides her the only other person you could confide in was Jungkook. You hadn’t planned to get involved with him but he was everywhere, constantly running into him when you were out on runs and as much as you knew you shouldn’t speak to him you couldn’t help yourself. It started off entirely friendly, you knew he was a 6 and he knew you belonged to a Cobra but somewhere along the way a kiss was shared between you and then another and another, your hands coming into play until your clothes were shed, the two of you coming undone with shared gasps and moans.
There was instantly talk about how this couldn’t happened again but never how it was a mistake because it wasn’t, being with Jungkook had been the first time in a long time that things just felt right and it pained you to not be able to pursue it the way you wanted to.
“I told you they’d be coming.” A gruff voice breaks you out of your daze, it belonged to a member, a cigarette in his hand as he stared off at the approaching bikes. The loud rumble catching everyones attention, members of different clubs all stopping what they were doing to stare at the newcomers.
Of course they’d come, they always came. Every three months every neighboring club gathered together in a neutral space, it was a way the leaders decided to keep things amicable. Deep Six was not a violent club, their leader was level headed, which could not be said about many others, so they were the first to agree to these gatherings.
Your eyes zone in on the Kawasaki Vulcan that belonged to Jungkook, his all black ensemble blending in with his bike, the bright red and white of his patch standing out between it all.
Before Jungkook can find your stare Hoseok calls his attention when they hop off their bikes, “C’mon, Seokjin’s calling us over.” He nudges his shoulder, having to drag Jungkook away from his spot to actually follow him towards their awaiting group.
Your eyes follow him, seeing his friend wrap his arm around him and jostle him around while they laugh obnoxiously. Their club had such a positive aura surrounding them, nothing compared to the Cobras.
“Hey, Y/N. I asked you a question.” Minho’s gravely voice breaks your train of thought, his mouth now detached from your skin but his fingers were still gripping onto your ass.
“Sorry,” you murmur quietly, staring down at his disapproving face, “what did you ask me Minho?”
He frowns at you, his head tilting curiously before he turns around to try to see who or what you were staring at but all hes met with is the empty bikes Deep Six had left behind.
“You ready to see some chaos go down?” He asks once more, an evil glint in his eyes as he stares at you and it makes your blood run cold. Had he found out about you and Jungkook?
The grin on his face widens, his fingers finally releasing their grip and coming to rest on your hips instead, “Daejung saw an Angel in our territory last week, fucker with orange hair, we think he might have been trying to sling on our side of town so we need to set him straight.”
Your body relaxes when you realize Deep Six was not the target of interest for the night, instead another sucker would fall victim to his antics, it didn’t even matter if what he said was true or not because once Minho had his mind set there was no changing it.
“Are you serious?” You fake interest, your eyes looking behind him to try to find the club of interest but they were no where to be found.
“Dead serious, gonna go speak to their stupid leader in a bit. If that fucker denies anything I’ll take them all down.”
You can only stare at his admission, he wasn’t bluffing and you knew this. Minho would absolutely make head rolls if he believed a line had been crossed and the rest of the club members would blindly follow in his path.
“Well lets hope it goes in your favor.” Its the safest response you can muster, and he buys it, a proud smile spreading across his face. You look away from him almost instantly, your head craning to the side, your eyes lighting up when you spot Seulgi stood a good few feet away with her own members. 
Minho knew of your friendship, encouraged it even to keep the peace with The Vagos so when he sees your staring he pats your butt in what he thinks is a sweet motion, “Go hang with your friend, just don’t stray too far.” Its an order rather than a suggestion but you take it, giving him a tight lipped smile and detaching yourself from his grasp.
When Seulgi spots you approaching she beams at you, meeting you halfway and greeting you with an embrace. The both of you rock side to side as you laugh like giddy children, it had been a few weeks since you had last seen each other, her busy role with the club preventing you two from being able to gossip but you were here now and she wanted to know all the dirt.
“Are you meeting up with him tonight?” She whispers into your ear, pulling back with a devious smirk on her soft face. Seulgi was the only person that openly knew about you and Jungkook, one hundred percent supporting your antics because she knew everything about you and Minho’s relationship.
“Yeah,” you breathe out subtly turning your head and spotting Deep Six huddled together with the Thunderbirds on their side of the lot, “he got here not too long ago.”
She hums in thought, “Am I your ticket into pound town?” 
A harsh shove is sent her way and she cackles, her black hair flying around from the force of your push. “Shut the fuck up.” You snap with a laugh, shyly looking down onto the tarmac, “But yes.” You quietly admit, dodging the punch she throws your way in retaliation.
“Fucking skank!” She jokes looking you over when you go back to staring at Jungkook as he talks to his brothers. You knew you were free to ogle him right now, knowing Minho and his members were too busy scheming how they’d make the Angels pay to focus on where your eyes wandered.
“Why don’t you leave shit for brains and just get with him Y/N?”
Her words make you frown, she knew Minho was horrible, a tainted individual who viewed you more as a prized possession than a human being, never even referring to you as his girlfriend. Just his.
You shake the thought out of your head, “I can’t Seulgi, it’s not that easy. Minho would have my head and his on a platter before I could count to three.” The both of you start to slowly walk away from both groups, the guise of Seulgi having to speak to other clubs being your saving grace of wandering off. “Besides, I don’t want to do things irrationally, what if we’re not even on the same page.”
She grunts, knocking her hip into yours, “You’re joking right? Jungkook is enamored by you.”
A snort leaves you as you laugh, “More like enamored by my pussy.”
“Okay, not wrong, but hes also totally into everything else too. Like you’re fine ass-” she takes it a step further by delivering a swift slap onto your ass, the motions causing your skirt to fly up a bit and you squeal, “personality.” She finishes with a wink, that same evil laughter sounding off when she sees your shocked expression.
“Damn you minx, if you wanna feel me up you gotta buy me dinner first.”
Your words don’t register in her mind, instead her eyes widen when she spots Jungkook finally looking your way, a curious look on his face that breaks out into a smile when he realizes its you. “The number one fan club member of your pussy has just spotted you, what’s your move?”
The both of you have frozen in your spot, stuck a few feet ahead of where Deep Six stood with their friends. Your eyes meet his and you smile back, “Simple, chaos.”
Seulgi just frowns at that, not quite understanding what you meant but when you turn to face your own club, a good distance away she follows. Minho was currently marching to the far east side of the lot, his angry minions stomping behind him as they beelined towards Hells Angels, no doubt about to wreak havoc like he had promised you.
With him now fully occupied you were free to do as you pleased for the rest of the night. If Minho was able to make heads roll he’d be too high on adrenaline to notice or care that you were gone, the perfect scenario for you.
“Smart girl. I’ll text you if he comes looking.” Seulgi promises, giving your shoulder a subtle squeeze and nodding at Jungkook before she continues on to speak to other clubs.
When shes a good distance away you motion with your head for Jungkook to follow you the way you usually did. You walk back the way you came, passing the plethora of bikes that belonged to his club and continuing on walking with a purpose as you went to leave the heart of the meet up. 
Jungkook lingers a few feet behind you, keeping enough of a distance to not raise suspicion. His eyes rake down your body as you walk, your hips swinging side to side, the tiny skirt you had on exposing the expanse of your legs. The hem of it nearly reveals the bottom of your ass but he has no complaints, enjoying the view that he knew was meant for him. He had explicitly asked you to wear this skirt, loving how the pleated black and red garment looked on you, plus it was easy access and he always loved that.
Like routine he hops back onto his bike, not bothering to tell his members where he was going because they already knew. When you hear the familiar rumble of the Vulcan your heart rate speeds up, a pep in your step as you hurry up, desperate to get away from prying eyes before Jungkook’s bike passes you.
He gives you another minute, pretending to busy himself on the bike before he kicks off and takes off in your direction. By now you’re passed the majority of the clubs, everyones eyes now focused on the brawl happening on the east side as Minho no doubts pounds someone onto the ground so they don’t see when Jungkook slows down beside you.
You turn to face him, your hand resting on your waist as you jut your hip out in faux confusion, “Looks like you need a ride, where are you headed?” He teases, scooting forward in his seat and patting behind him, an extra helmet outstretched in his hand that you take.
“Where ever you are.” You wink, slipping the bulky helmet on and hopping onto the back of his bike. Your feet rest comfortably against the bike, your arms wrapping around Jungkook’s waist, your eyes glued onto the same red and white patch on his bike. The way it took up the entire back of his leather jacket differed greatly from the tiny half patch you wore on the side of your own, a clear way of showcasing the ranks in the club.
He waits for you to grip onto him before he once again takes off, smiling when he feels your fingers tighten their hold when he accelerates, a deep laugh leaving him as you giggle.
The meet up was relatively close to Deep Six’s clubhouse so when Jungkook speeds past the normal exit for it you look on in confusion, “Wait,” you shout out, hoping he can hear your voice, “where are we going?”
It proves to be unsuccessful, your voice mixing in with the rumble of his engine and the wind flapping around the two of you so you just shrug and enjoy the ride.
Its not until Jungkook pulls off the freeway and enters a very residential looking area that your confusion deepens. You hadn’t been on this side of town in years, it was too far into Deep Six territory for you to be accidentally caught in by one of your own.
Jungkook must sense your confusion because he speaks up, “I brought you to mine,” he shouts over the engine once the light turns green, making a right turn onto a quaint looking street, “sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.”
It doesn’t but its definitely not something he’s done before, you were used to fooling around behind buildings, in his clubhouse and other scandalous locations. Going to his own house felt very domestic, as if you were in an actual relationship and this was the norm. It makes you feel warm inside so you bask in it, pretending for a moment that thats what this actually was.
“No, it’s fine.” You shout back, squeezing your arms around him in reassurance just as he pulls into his driveway.
The engine gets cut off and you’re met with pure silence, all of the lights on the block are shut off, Jungkook’s sleek bike being a stark contrast to the minivans and sedans in the neighbors driveways.
“I don’t know if you blend in too well here.” You joke as you slide the helmet off, handing it to Jungkook as you hop off. He rolls his eyes at you with a smile, hooking the helmets to the side and messing your hair up further with his hand.
“Im the neighborhood bad boy, someones gotta do it.” He winks, taking your hand in his and leading you up to his front porch.
When he opens the front door he makes a grand, dorky gesture with his hand, bending over slightly and not standing up until you walk in with a laugh. The interior is very much him, black and greys with an industrial feel to it, touches of him littered everywhere in forms of photos with his friends and family.
“You want a tour?” He asks, shutting the door and coming to stand behind you with his hands on your hips, his fingers toying with the waistband of your skirt.
“Can we start at the bedroom?” You mumble, tilting your head to the side as he noses his way to your neck, his soft lips pressing into your skin until he reaches your jaw.
“If we start there we’ll never leave.” He teases, his palms trailing down until they reach your thighs, dipping underneath the skirt and inching up slowly. His ears tune into the way your breath hitches when his fingers reach the edge of your underwear, your head lolling back with a sigh.
“I’m not against that.”
He smirks against your skin, his hand giving your pussy a quick slap, your hips rutting back onto his at it, “Fucking menace.” He growls, nipping your skin and pulling away from you, “Let’s go.”
Before you have a chance to follow him he hauls you up, his arms lifting you up and over until your stomach rested on his shoulders, your ass in the air with your skirt flipped up. “Guk!” You shout with a laugh, yelping when his large hands deliver a sharp slap onto your ass next, the added sting of the rings he wears spreading to your core.
He chuckles when you jut your ass out for more, continuing to walk down the hallway and into his bedroom. It was uncharted territory so when he flips you up right you’re not sure what you expect but it sure as hell isn’t the photo you spot on his night stand.
You wobble momentarily when he sets you down, your eyes squinting at the photo in the dim light. Its a small black picture frame, holding a photo that you remember him taking of the two of you a few months ago. He had draped his giant leather jacket on top of you, the patch on the arm being shown with the way you have your arms thrown around him the both of you smiling as big as you could when he snapped the photo.
“Oh.” He looks almost embarrassed, going to try to turn the photo around or face down for you not to see it but you stop him.
“No,” you smile, picking it up in your grasp, your thumbs rubbing the top of the glass softly, “this is really cute Jungkook.”
He blanks at that, he hadn’t thought you’d ever see his bedroom at all, stupidly forgetting about the picture he had framed up of the two of you until now.
“Is it?” He wonders, half expecting you to laugh at him, tease him for framing up a photo when you two were just casually sleeping together. All he knew was his own feelings and for him this had passed casual, he had fallen for you somewhere along the way and it seemed destined to end in heartbreak but the way you’re staring at the photo makes him think otherwise.
“Yeah, it is.” You set the frame down delicately, turning to look at him with the sweetest smile on your lips, “Now can you please fuck me.”
And just like that the switch is flipped, the telltale look he wore when he was up to no good coming out as he stares at you, a smirk spreading across his face. “Of course I can.”
He swoops in on you like a predator, his hands grabbing your hips and lifting you up with ease as his lips find yours. This kiss exchanged was messy, the both of you riled up like you always were, desperate to feel each other but his lips felt like home. The way they captured yours, gentle in a way that made you notice how much he cared for you.
Your legs wrap around his waist with the added height, a surprised squeal passing between your kisses when his hands grip your ass to hold you up.
“I love this skirt.” He groans, his fingers digging into your flesh as he backs you up into the wall, grinding his hips into yours.
Your head drops back, hitting the wall with a dull thud but you laugh it off, moaning when his lips move on to your neck, “I know you do, you’re always such a horn dog whenever I wear it.”
He doesn’t deny it, he knew it was true, something about this dainty piece of clothing did something to his cock, made it have a mind of his own.
Jungkook hums when your fingers tangle into his hair once he starts sucking on your neck, a decent sized hickey right underneath your ear, something you would no doubt scold him for in an hour or so but he doesn’t care.
“You love when I’m a horn dog don’t pretend.” He laughs, pulling away from your neck with a final flick of his tongue, admiring the work of art in forms of purple on your skin.
“Hm, I do.” You admit, biting your lip as you smile down at him in the way he knew best. He could tell what dirty thoughts were crossing your mind, the raunchy flashbacks of memories involving this same skirt no doubt making you wet and when one hand trails from your ass to your core, his fingers feel the obvious sign that you love the horn dog he is.
“Wanna get a taste before I fuck you.” He groans, his fingers circling your clit on top of your underwear, the material of your skirt rippling up from the motions. Your hands clutch his shoulders as he starts to kneel down, your legs dropping from around his waist to stand you up as he takes his place on the floor.
Both of his hands slide up and down your thighs, the softness of your skin making him hum as he leans his cheek against them, his chin reaching the hem of your skirt when he looks up at you with a smirk.
Your hands brace the wall behind you when he starts to tug your skirt up, already knowing Jungkook possessed the skill to have you collapsing on top of him if you didn’t prepare yourself. He just chuckles as his fingers hook into your underwear, swiftly tugging them down your legs and letting you step out of them, your pussy now on full display for him to admire.
“Such a pretty pussy.” He marvels, holding the hem of your skirt up and you know to grab it, losing your full leverage on the wall as you hold it up against your stomach to give him easy access.
“It’s all for you.” You hum, smiling when he presses a kiss to your inner thighs, his eyebrows raising in interest at your statement as he proceeds to suck another hickey into your skin. 
Jungkook clings on to that statement, staring at the blooming bruise on your thigh, covered in a sheen of his saliva.
Its all for him.
When you jut your hips out impatiently Jungkook frowns, staring up at you with a scowl as his hand comes back down to swat at your core, his fingers swiping over your clit, earning a gasp from you.
“Sorry.” You breathe out, only half meaning it and from the look on his face he knows this. His tongue prods at his cheek as he thinks of what hes going to do to you, his eyes staring up at you in a way that fills you with anticipation.
He ignores your teasing apology, giving you a shake of his head before easing in with gentle licks and kisses to your mound. The teasing touches have you desperate to rut against him but you don’t want to test your luck tonight so you stay still, your fingers clutching onto the fabric of your skirt as you fight the urge.
His nose nudges against your clit, his hands planted firmly high up on your thighs, and when he takes a deep inhale of you your skin breaks out into goosebumps. A soft gasp leaving your lips when he groans at your scent, not an ounce of embarrassment flowing through either of you because you know Jungkook is absolutely shameless when it comes to eating you out.
“Wanna live between your legs.” He mumbles out before he digs in, his wet tongue slipping between your folds, the tip of it curling up until it flicks against your clit.
“Shit Jungkook.” You sigh, your back resting against the wall at the feeling. You weren’t opposed to him living between your legs, the way the cold metal of his rings feels against your skin combined with his warm tongue is sending your mind into overdrive.
The three large rings he has on his middle three fingers, individual gold letters spelling out the word six, make their way down your thighs, coming down to circle your entrance as his mouth latches around your clit. The messy slurping has you keening, your hips giving in and rutting against his face when the tip of his index finger teasingly dips into your entrance.
“Don’t tease.” You whine when he pulls his finger back out, your right leg swinging out to hook over his shoulder in determination, tugging him even closer to you. He pulls away from you with a laugh, caged between your leg and your pussy, not exactly a bad spot to be in his opinion.
“Sorry baby.” He apologizes, letting your leg yank him back into you. This time his finger fully slides in, slipping into your heat with no resistance thanks to the way you’re dripping for him. The cold band of his ring is felt at your entrance when he buries himself knuckle deep inside of you, a tiny shiver racking through your body at the feeling.
“Fuck, more Guk please.”
He hums against your slit, his tongue swirling around the swollen nub with precision while he slips in a second finger, the letters S and I being knuckle deep inside of your cunt, being spread apart in a scissoring motion that has you moaning out.
Whatever you wanted you’d get, his long fingers pumping into you with purpose, the thumping wet sound blending in with his shameless slurping and your moans.
He feels your knees start to wobble from the pleasure, his free arm pressing across your hips to hold you against the wall with as much support as he could provide but its enough for you, feeling comfortable enough to begin grinding onto his face with no restraints.
Its clear whatever fear you had about possibly falling over was long gone from your mind, your fingers now tangled in his long locks, yanking and tugging as your head dropped back, the roll of your hips aiding you in finding the perfect rhythm to having to nearing your release.
Jungkook lets you seek your own pleasure out, sticking his tongue out for you to use any way you wanted, his fingers continuing to thrust in you in a way that had you gasping out his name.
“More.” You plead, keeping his face pressed against you, feeling rather than hearing him hum against your pussy. He can feel the way your walls clamp around him, fluttering against his fingers and he knew you were close, knowing your pussy like the back of his hand, so he slips his third finger in, giving you more and more until you’re crying out his name like its a song.
He chuckles at the way you suck him in, three fingers sheathed knuckle deep in your cunt and you can’t get enough of him. A small laugh leaves you when you feel him wiggle them inside experimentally, the edges of the letters that spell out six digging into your skin slightly. It serves as a reminder of what you shouldn’t be doing, only resulting in more of your arousal gushing out of you.
When he falls into a steady rhythm once more you know you’re done for, the both of you working in tandem as you feel the pressure spark in your stomach, “Fuck, don’t stop Guk.”
He doesn’t think he could, not with the way you’re breathily calling out his name, not having to muffle your moans and cries of pleasure like you always did and he revels in it, his own cock aching and no doubt making a sticky mess in his jeans.
“Oh my god, fu–“ you gasp out when you reach your climax, your walls clamping around his fingers as he rubs against your g-spot. The hand in his hair gives a final yank as white spots your vision, his mouth continuing to suck on your clit when your hips stop rolling against his face. Your entire mind goes blank, the only thought swirling around being Jungkook and Jungkook only.
He feels your legs give out before you even realize it, a breathy statement of I got you flowing through his lips. He’s slipping his fingers out of you quickly to be able to catch your boneless body as you slide down the wall with a laugh. Your skirt falls back down to fully cover you as you crumble onto the floor, Jungkook’s hands cradling your sides to ensure you were okay, a giddy smile on his own face at just making you fall over from your orgasm.
“Im calling this my lucky skirt.” You pant out, your fingers pushing your hair off of your forehead with a huff.
Jungkook smiles at you, his eyes drinking you in as you sat there trying to compose yourself. His fingers stayed on your sides, gently caressing your skin as you catch your breath.
“Its my lucky skirt too.” He hums, biting his lip when he eyes the edge of your skirt, knowing your pussy lay exposed and dripping underneath it.
“This was fun,” you sigh, trying your best to stand up on your slightly weak legs, a cunning smile on your face when you see his eyes widen out in the doe like way that preserved his innocence, “we should do it again.”
You’re only teasing and he knows this, standing up as quickly as he could when you move towards his bedroom door, “Oh no you don’t.”
His large arms wrap around you from behind, a scream mixed with a laugh of his name reaching his ears as he once again proves his strength by lifting you up and away from the door.
You land on the bed with a huff, Jungkook caging his arms around you as he holds himself up above you, a smirk on his face as he stares you down, “My pretty baby asked me to fuck her, did she change her mind?”
“You know I’m just teasing you,” you mumble out, your hand trailing from his shoulder, running over the used leather of his jacket and onto his chest, snaking onto his stomach until you reach his jeans. He eyes you inquisitively, his brows coming together when he feels the path your hands take. Its not until your hands cup his cock over the dark denim that a small chuckle leaves him, “I always want your cock Jungkook.”
His eyes slip shut when you give his bulge a soft squeeze, your fingers gently trailing around his girth, “Hm, what am I supposed to do about that.”
He bends forward and nips at your nose, a gentle graze of his teeth that make you scrunch it up, “You can fuck me until I’m satisfied,” he rolls his hips into your palm at your words, “for tonight.”
“Like I said, you’re a menace.” He rasps out, pushing himself off of you as you sit up. 
It was clear you were a menace, with the way you slip off the leather jacket you have on, the thin white cropped tank you have being the next to go. The intense look in your eyes pierces through him, your mouth dropping open slightly in faux shock when your bras straps slide down your shoulders as you unhook it, the dark red lace cups fall onto your lap, revealing your pert chest to him.
Jungkook licks his lips over when he spots the way the silver bars through your nipples glimmer in the dim lighting, all hes picturing is how much more they’d shine if they were covered in a sheen of his saliva.
His eyebrow cocks up as he slides out of his own jacket, the heavy material landing on the floor in a heap, joining your clothing that you had tossed over as well. You rest back onto your arms as you watch him undress, not missing how his eyes are still glued onto your tits, even when his black shirt covers his face as he pulls it off when his eyes are revealed once more its as if they never lost sight of their target.
Its not like you mind, it gave you more time to take his body in. The dark tendrils of ink that covered his body being out in the open, a mixture of tattoos dedicated to the club blending in with the ones he got solely for himself. The broad expanse of his chest is amplified with the wingspan of the owl he has inked on it, two skulls tucked underneath each wing in shades of black and grey. The very tip of the right wing just reaches the dark 6 on his shoulder, the muscles in his arm bulging out when he goes to start unbuttoning his jeans after toeing out of his black converse.
“What?” He questions, finally looking into your eyes and catching your lingering gaze as he tugs his jeans off of his toned legs, exposing the double headed wolf on his left thigh and the script that lined his right thigh.
“Nothing,” you sigh, lifting your knees up and resting your now bare feet onto his mattress, “just admiring the goods.”
He juts his chest out, smiling when you push yourself up, shifting your weight to rest with your knees underneath you, your thighs spread apart as your fingers tug on the waistband of his black briefs. His hands match your motions, hooking into the band of your skirt and tugging it down in unison with his briefs.
“Wanna take my time with you.” He breathes out, shutting his eyes briefly when his cock springs free, his pulsing length dripping beads of cum from the tip.
Your small hand wraps around him when you shimmy out of your skirt, your fingers barely touching as you give him a gentle squeeze. The soft groan he lets out makes you wish you had more time, time to explore each others bodies for as long as you wanted, not having to fool around on borrowed time with the thought of getting caught lingering in the back of your mind.
“Guk, we can’t.” The dejected tone in your voice brings him back to reality, to where you actually were and what you were doing.
Your hand stayed wrapped around his cock, the twist of your wrist as you pumped your palm down, swirling over his mushroom head as you came back up before repeating the motions making him shudder. The pleasure clouded his thinking for a moment, had him believing this wasn’t a dirty secret.
He had stored the idea of Minho deep into his mind, wrapped up neatly and shoved into a corner, forgetting the inside was stuffed with a mixture of dynamite and serpents ready to strike, the bomb just ticking down ready to blow up in his face in case the venom wasn’t enough.
“Hm, is my baby in a hurry now?” He hums, placing his hands on your hips, a soft groan leaving him when the fluttering touch of your tugging on his length speeds up.
“We can take our time next time, promise.” Its an empty sense of reassurance but Jungkook won’t hold it against you, he knows if it was up to both of you next time would always be a given.
“Okay,” he murmurs out when your lips press against his in a gentle kiss, not at all matching the tormenting way your hand glides down his cock, “if we gotta be quick tell me how you want it.”
Your lips linger on his for another moment, savoring the the soft feeling that can be attributed to the cherry chapstick he always coated on them, the cool metal of his lip ring pushing into your top lip. 
“Like this,” you pull back with a soft smack, licking your lips over with a smirk when he lets out a small whine at the loss of contact. As you turn yourself around on his bed, your knees sinking into his mattress when you bend forward, your palms catch you as you arch your back for him.
Your ass juts out into the air, your head turning to look back at him with a smile and a small wiggle of your hips and Jungkook is done for. He’s a weak man, he wore the badge of being the number one fanclub member for your pussy with honor, so this point of view has him groaning. The expanse of his palms reach forward until he has a handful of your ass in them, the gold rings pressing against your soft skin as he kneads them, his eyes following the curve of your ass until they meet your pussy, drenched in a sheen of your arousal that coats your inner thighs.
“Love your ass,” the deep gravel in his voice has you biting your lip as he palms your flesh, his fingers trailing down until they reach your cunt, dipping into your wetness as he trails up your slit, hearing the hitch in your breathing once his index finger nudges against your clit, “love your pussy too.” He groans out, shuffling his weight onto the bed behind you, not missing how you arch further for him, nearly resting on your elbows as you bow your head forward in anticipation.
His left hand lazily pumps his length when he slots his knees in between yours, gently pushing them further apart as he slides closer to you. The tip of his cock peaks out every time he slides back down, the head an angry shade of red, an inch away from your pussy and you can sense it, your walls clamping down around nothing.
“Love everything about you.” He slips out just as he circles his cock around your entrance, a soft whine reaching his ears at the teasing he enjoys putting you through. A gentle push back of your hips is enough for him to slip the head of his cock through, the warmth of your walls enveloping the first inch of his length and urging him forward. The slow stretch of his cock comes as a delicious burn that you welcome, it never mattered how well Jungkook prepared you beforehand, taking him in always caught you by surprise.
Jungkook can’t look away, his eyes glued to the way you pull him in, letting him sink in until he was to the hilt. His hips were flushed against yours as he panted due to the small flutters of your velvety walls pulsing around him, your body begging for moremoremore, and Jungkook wants to give you that, his palms soothing over your ass once more before rearing back and delivering a sharp slap onto your right cheek. 
Once more the added sting of his rings smart your skin, your walls tightening around him further and causing the both of you to groan out. Jungkook curses under his breath as he inches back, slowly rolling his hips into you with more fluidity each time until he’s pulling nearly all the way out, snapping forward with a smack of your skin connecting at the force.
“Shit, Guk.” You gasp out, your fingers curling around his dark sheets, yanking and crinkling the material with each deliberate thrust of his hips. He watches on from behind you, eyes trailing up the curve of your spine and onto your exposed neck, your head hung forward as you buried your face into his bed, the smell of Jungkook invading your senses.
“Such a dirty girl,” he grunts out, his hand delivering another smack onto the opposite cheek, your body jumping at the impact, a lewd moan of his name causing his eyes to shut. “letting me fuck you like this.”
You cry out as he fucks you with purpose, his fingers digging into your skin as he pistons his hips into you, his cock always reaching the best spots inside of you that had you feeling sparks, “I love it,” you admit with a sigh, turning your head over to rest your cheek on his sheets, the soft glide of the material being felt as you were jostled forward.
“Tell me though,” Jungkook grunts, almost breathless as he continued to fuck the both of you into a state of desperation, “is my pretty baby this dirty for anyone else?”
You were a panting mess on his sheets, the sweat clinging to your skin, growing slick with the passing time. The wet, sloppy sounds of his cock splitting you open filled the air like it belonged there, momentarily making you forget about the question Jungkook asked.
A hum mixed in with laughter breaks your delirious state, the humor in his voice making your cheeks tinge in embarrassment due to how drunk his cock made you feel, “No, just you.”
Its an honest confession, the only person who got you this riled up and messy was always Jungkook. Only Jungkook. The evidence being shown in the mess coating your thighs, dripping down your leg and staining the sheets beneath you.
Jungkook groans at your admission, watching the way your ass jiggles with each roll of his hips, the taut muscles in his thighs beginning to burn from exertion but the obscene sounds coming from where you two connected kept him going. He needed to see you though, wanted to see your face all fucked out as he made you fall apart the way he knew best.
“Baby,” he practically whined, his hand reaching forward to splay across your back, a gentle rub of his palm making you hum in question, “wanna see you.”
Your head raises up from his sheets, craning around to see the look on his face, the tiny pout on his lips as he ruts into you, eyes sparkling when they make contact with you, “Okay,” you smile, biting your lip as he pulled out of you, his cock covered in your essence.
His hands help you flip yourself over, tugging your hips down when you laid flat on your back, your thighs falling open for him. His palms roam up your skin, resting on the back of your knees, his cock finding its spot inside your heat once more. 
With a whine, your hips raise off the bed slightly as he thick cock filled you up, the curve of his length just shy of kissing your cervix from this position. The two of you gasped in unison when he bottomed out, tightening around him as he nudged your g-spot with each thrust.
“Love your cock.” You slurred out, your hands making grabby motions for him, making him release his hold on your knees to reach forward and intertwine his fingers with yours, resting them by your head.
“I know you do.” Biting his lip he watches as your eyes roll back when he angled his thrusts to fuck you just right, the soft mewls reaching his ears showing him he’d reach the correct spot inside of you. The feeling of his large hand leaving one of your own and wrapping around your throat has your eyes widening up, your mouth dropping open in a sigh when he gives a delicious squeeze. The way his palm enveloped your neck, wrapping around it with ease has you keening, your brows pinching together.
“Such a beautiful little whore,” he grunts out when you open your eyes, meeting his. Taking note of the look in your eyes, how you seem to be looking through him, your mind drifting away from the pleasure of it all, “you’re all mine tho right?”
He delivers a harsh thrust at the question, his voice tight with his oncoming orgasm, he needed to hear you claim him.
When you zone in on his face, the edges of everything else blur out until all you see is him, his long hair pushed off his face, grunts escaping his swollen lips as he fucks you, his thick brows coming together in pleasure as he stares down at you in adoration.
“Yours.” Is all you can mumble out but its enough for him, a smile gracing his face as he leans forward to kiss the tip of your nose.
“Wanna see you cum for me again baby, can you do that for me?” His fingers loosen their hold of your throat, his thumb rubbing your skin as he waits for a response, feeling the gulp as you swallow and nod.
“Yes, please Guk.” You whine out, your hand landing on top of his own on your throat, a gentle squeeze being pressed into it as a way to get him to continue.
“Thats my good girl.” He coos, his hips snapping into your as he starts to pick up his pace, determined to get the two of you to your release. Every time he pulled his cock back he could see the way you were creaming it, making a mess of it. You let him ruin you time and time again, allowing him to make you a whimpering mess underneath him and Jungkook didn’t take it lightly.
The moans filling the air seemed to never stop, soft pleas of keep going, praises from him about how perfect you were, the almost accidental slip of his tongue in a confession that he saves by pressing his lips to yours. Messier than the last, your lips knocking together from the force of his thrusts, the two of you panting into each others mouths as you feel your orgasm approaching.
“I can feel you squeezing me baby,” he groans, the way you’re pouting at him making him look at you with endearment, “you gonna cum for me? hm?”
Your hands scramble up to cup his face, holding it right above yours as you try and fail to vocalize a response, settling in with a nod of your head, you don’t bring him in for a kiss, your eyes just locking onto his as he stares down at you.
His brows are furrowed together, the lust and adoration clouding his eyes as he sees the way you’re falling apart underneath him. Your skin is covered in a sheen of sweat, your heart is pulsing underneath his grip on your throat, your legs wrapping around him in a desperate attempt to pull him closer.
He would never get tired of this.
With a final squeeze of your throat and a few more thrusts, his pelvis rubbing against your clit just right, you’re gasping, his eyes widening in awe the same way they always did when your orgasm washes over you. The cold bars of your nipple piercings press against his chest as you arch your back, his own body shivering at the contact and the way you tighten around his length.
“Fuck,” you finally gasp out when he releases your throat fully, a desperate cry of his name following suit when he begins to piston into you, his hips snapping in to yours as Jungkook searches for his own release.
Your hands remain on his face as you mewl from the sharp sting of pleasure spreading throughout your body but the way he’s looking down at you, his hair falling around his face as he grunts your name, you deal with the overstimulation.
“You’re so good to me,” he cries out, shutting his eyes and bowing his head forward to press a kiss to your forehead, “I just–“ he starts, being cut off by his own moan as his orgasm begins to creep up on him.
You shush him with a smile, pressing a soft kiss against his lips, “I know Guk, cum for me please.” You plead, squeezing yourself around his length in pulses that have him gasping, nodding his head in confirmation, “I’m yours Jungkook, show me I’m yours.”
Thats the tipping point for him, his hips rocking into yours sloppily, his mouth finding yours in another desperate kiss as he falls over the edge. A guttural moan is passed between you as he cums, thrusting into you deeper as he fills you up, thick ropes of warm cum stuffing you to the brim just the way you loved.
He sighs against your lips, pressing another kiss to them and separating with a light smack. “You’re mine?” He asks gently, seeing the way your cheeks tint up, a tiny grin lifting up your lips.
“Yes.” You breathe out, shutting your eyes when he slips out of you. His cum spills out of you as he slides down your body, looking up at you when you crane your neck in interest to where he was going.
He doesn’t stop until he’s settled between your legs once more, his tongue sticking out and collecting the thick drips of cum sliding down your ass before they hit the sheets.
Your eyes widen at the action, lifting yourself up onto your elbows to watch him properly as he holds your thighs open, his tongue collecting the cum around your pussy, dipping in slightly with a moan to clean up the mess he made.
“Jungkook,” You groan, your hand reaching down to rake through his hair in a caring manner, “‘m sensitive.”
“I know baby.” He mumbles against your skin, kissing his way up your body once he deemed you clean enough. Your thighs fall apart once again as he slides back up, slotting perfectly between them as he pecks your mouth, a mixture of his cum and yours hitting your tongue but you smile through it.
The room spun around you as his arms wrapped underneath you, tilting you over until you were on your side, the two of you giggling like school kids as you readjusted yourselves, ending up with your head on Jungkook’s chest and his hand trailing up and down your side as you bask in the silence for a little while; the thought of borrowed time slipping out of your mind entirely as you enjoy this moment.
“Are you really mine?” He whispers, his eyes staring straight ahead at the dark screen of the tv that was mounted to the wall across his bed, the shadowed silhouettes of you two cuddled up on the bed staring back at him.
“You know I am Jungkook.”
He frowns at that, not aware that you turned your head to look up at him, being able to see the pout on his face “Not when you’re Minho’s.” You knew he had a point so you look back down, your hand drawing circles on his stomach.
“Do you really like me like that?” You ask softly and it baffles him, how the usual confident way you held yourself was missing in your question. Gone was the Y/N that stomped around with an aura of independence around her and instead laid a Y/N that sounded so unsure of herself, as if you couldn’t actually believe that someone like Jungkook could harbor feelings for you.
“Of course I do and I know I’m not supposed to but I can’t help how I feel Y/N.”
Let the stupid rules be damned, his brothers knew of his dilemma, sympathized with him because of it so he was tired of feeling ashamed because his heart had chosen you.
You nuzzle further into his chest, not wanting to stare at him as he starts to rake his fingers through your hair, “I do too.” You confess, feeling the way his chest tightens as he holds his breath to stop himself from making a noise of excitement.
“Just–“ he starts again, “tell me you want to leave him and I’ll make it happen.”
You whip your head around at his empty threat, eyes wide as you look at the dumb smile on his face at your reaction, “Don’t tell me Deep Six turned a new leaf and dabbles in murder now.”
“No one said anything about murder you little snake.” He teases, his fingers gently jabbing your sides again. “But I’m serious, if you want out, not just for me, we can help you.”
You continue to stare at him, your curious eyes trying to dive deeper in to his own, wanting to see if he was telling the truth. But Jungkook had nothing but love in his, his words were factual and you knew he would do whatever you asked of him, “Just say the word.” He continues.
As he says that the rhythmic vibration of your phone on the floor sounds off and your heart runs cold at the realization of what it was. The only other person who kept your phone from running dry was Jungkook and considering he was laid right next to you, you knew whatever was waiting for you on your device would be trouble.
Jungkook watches on as you scramble out of bed, your legs nearly giving out on you from being so weak but he holds his teasing remark when he notices how flustered you are.
When you pick the device up you see messages from Seulgi, a simple text just stating chaos, before an abundance of messages from Minho flood your phone, the screen filling up with his contact name when he starts to call. His name shines up at you, your hand tossing the device a foot away from you as you turn over to stare at Jungkook with worry written all over your face, “I want out.”
Jungkook nods once, sitting up on his bed as he starts to reach for his discarded clothing. Slipping back into his clothing he tugs the leather jacket on and fishes his own phone out of his pocket, immediately dialing the number of Seokjin, the leader of the club.
If you wanted out then maybe it was time for Deep Six to turn a new leaf.
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milfdindjarin · 4 months ago
Whitewashing Clones and Fetts
having now been vaguely involved in star wars fandom for the last few months it has become increasingly obvious that many people don't know how to draw clones (or any Māori characters for that matter) without wildly whitewashing them. I don't want to assume that everyone is aware that a lot of the things they're drawing are racist, many artists just seem to be uneducated and change how they draw the characters when kindly called out on it, so I figure the best way to address the problem is to make a masterpost of things artists should be avoiding, or adding in when making art of these characters (made with loads of help from Lucky @transfetts, who did all of the art for this post!
Should go without saying that this all applies to the Bad Batch, since the show isn't too far away. Just because canon has come up with excuses for whitewashing the characters, that doesn't make it fine for you to whitewash them too. Please actively try to make them look more accurate to how Temuera Morrison looks when you draw them.
1. Hair
One of the key issues is the way that people often draw the hair for the clones. remember, they are all Māori! this means their hair is not going to be naturally straight! in some instances, straight hair can be okay but only if there is a specific reason for it, eg. it was straightened artificially for a purpose like a costume or disguise. one of the two worst offenders for the hair being the wrong texture is the classic flat top and when the hair is tied up in a manbun style. the clone wars might have their hair sticking straight up but that doesn't make it okay for you to draw it that way. Temuera Morrison has curly hair, when his hair is short there should be clear lumps showing it is curly. The drawing just below has some examples from Lucky, first of the mistake most people make is having the hair sticking straight up, and a couple of examples of better methods of drawing that style and the tied up style! the key to accuracy is just making the hair lumpy, and ideally adding a few little curls sticking out for longer styles
Tumblr media
Long hair should also not be straight, rather it should be relatively curly. Curly does not just mean giving it a few waves! There's a huge difference between making the hair vaguely wavy and making it truly curly
Tumblr media
2. General Face Shape
The Clone Wars biggest crime is the way they fucked up the clones face shape. if you look at the gif linked below, you can see just how much they thinned out the clones faces and lengthened their chins. the best advice if you're struggling with the face shape is start off tracing Temuera Morrison! when in doubt, go straight to the source.
3. Lightening
I know everyone has talked about this but it always needs reminding that the clones are not white. stop lightening their skin. again, just copy Temuera Morrison! same goes for the eyes, the clone wars drastically lightened their eyes, the eyes should generally be a much darker brown. There is nothing inherently wrong with giving a clone blue eyes for plot reasons, but it is something that seems to happen far too much. Generally, stop looking for excuses to lighten their eyes. There's already too many clones with light eyes.
4. Nose Shapes
Please look at the examples from Lucky below, Morrison has a much wider nose than the clones do in the animated shows. When drawing them both face on and side on, it needs to be clear that the nose hasn't been thinned and lengthened like in the shows. This goes along with the face shape, Māori features are typically wide rather than long and thin, please stop white washing these features.
Tumblr media
5. Moko
It has been super awesome seeing people incorporating the practice of inking the skin into clone and Mandalorian culture in their art! This is something I 100% support, but there a few things that should be noted in doing this. The most important is to never copy someone else's moko directly. moko is a sacred practice of carving our ancestors into our skin, each is individual and should never be directly copied. absolutely take inspiration from other people's moko! but please never come up with it directly. I would urge you to spend some time researching different designs, and spend the time designing something that is individual to the clone or Mando you are drawing. Even better would be to have an explanation of the meanings of the designs you have come up with along with the art! If this sounds too difficult I would recommend sticking with using mando'a for moko instead of traditional designs, although I personally think mando'a is the best thing to incorporate anyway.
The other important thing is not to refer to moko as tattoos, they are very much not the same thing. I would recommend doing a bit of googling to see the methods traditionally used for moko to help understand this.
TLDR: when in doubt, just use Temuera Morrison (or one of the actors of the younger clones) as a reference, rather than the Clone Wars models. just because the animated shows whitewashed the characters, that doesn't make it okay for you to do it.
In an ideal world, if we as fans can reject the whitewashing done by Disney, the people designing the characters would follow suit and start representing Māori more accurately. At the very least, actively portraying clones without whitewashing them will make people of colour feel far more welcome and comfortable interacting with clone artists.
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obscure-imagines · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(*horror genre/smut warning*)
-where do I even start with this dude
-he’s highly intelligent, so boy isn’t going to fall for you easily
-in fact, he will aggressively attempt not to fall for you
-What if you get put in a heart game together or he has to kill you, or maybe you’ll just die- it’s a dangerous world out there
-no, he wouldn’t WANT to like you
-but fuck, every time you’re in the room his eyes are drawn to you
-Trust issue baby
-Opening up to you? not any time soon, that’s for sure :)
-it would take ages for him to even approach you
-he might not, boy has control of himself
-no, talking to him would either be on you to make happen, or accidental
-maybe you somehow end up at a game together
-and you approach him, sticking to his side for most of the game, one taste of you is all it takes
-he can’t just ignore you anymore
-especially since you’re around all the time (The Beach is an odd place, and you’re looking all cute in your beach outfit-)
-he likes to be on his game, 100% of the time
-and being with you is a distraction
-he kind of hates it, but he’s addicted to you too
-the first night you end up cuddling, after a trying game where you weren’t sure if you both made it out alive, Chishiya admits to himself he can’t live without you
-with you asleep, curled up in his arms, he knows he has to make the best of whatever time you both have left
-boy low key sucks at the idea of a relationship though
-thinks of them like a game
-and winning- well, winning is the end goal eh? ;)
-kind of a little nympho tbh
-quickie king
-hates pda, in fact, probably wont even let people know you’re dating, it’s a weakness, it means people can use you against him-
-play with his hair
-he’ll pretend to hate it, but he secretly loves it when your fingers are threading through his strands
-he’s pretty intense
-pretty needy, if he wants something, he’s going to get it: even if it’s your attention, or a kiss
-yeah, baby boy needs some kisses
-and cuddles
-and hugs
-he’ll pretend not to enjoy them as much as he does, but let’s be real, touch starved honey likes being held
-he watches himself fall deeper and deeper in love with you and it sucks because he’s terrified you’ll die/be hurt, but it also pushes him to want to win even more
-keeps you close at all times because you’re the most important thing in the world to him
-you’d be the good angel on his shoulder, and if you’re lucky he’ll listen to you... sometimes, but he’s still a dick head
-it’s kill or be killed, he tries to drill that into your brain
-the type to cup your face and look into your eyes before every game, doesn’t need to TELL YOU he loves you, you can both feel it
-low key, probably will take FOREVER to say ‘i love you’ for the first time, because saying it makes it real
-He almost pays more attention to your visa than his own
-very protective of you
-hates it whenever Niragi is around
-low key keeps note of people who piss him off in regard to you, maybe some guy was rude to you, or tried to dance with you at The Beach, regardless, Chishiya will remember and bide his time to get revenge
-is he ever not planning something?
-boy plans super far in advance, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, he’ll talk with you about all the moving pieces in his mind
-philosophical talks about the game and why you were both chosen etc...
-oddly enough, lots of cuddles, play with his fingers, show him affection
-cute boy brings you little gifs he finds, a flower that reminded him of you, chocolates, etc... 
-he’s actually a pretty great boyfriend because he views everything as a game, like, he wants to be WINNING the boyfriend game fam
-lets get into some fun smutty stuff
-real talk, boy gives me some lazy pillow princess vibes
-but he’s also pretty intense
-I think he’d favour balanced positions
-so spooning sex where he can have his arms around you
-he’ll let you ride it, in fact, loves to watch you ride him
-big watcher boy, loves having something pretty to look at
-mirrors could be fun
-he’s really down for most things
-not hella verbal, can dirty talk but prefers not to
-down for some good old fashioned choking, but won’t ever go too hard on you
-he’s a good switch, that’s my opinion on it
-but any control you have, you have because he’s giving it to you, so don’t forget that
-because all it would take is one sassy remark and he could flip you from behind on top, to being on your back, with your wrists pinned to your chest
-tease boy
-likes to make you shiver
-likes to make you beg for it
-wants you to be whining for him
-lazy, but Chishiya does enjoy power
-home made sex toys anyone? i mean, leave it to this dude to find a vibrator that works during the legit semi apocalypse (or whatever u want to even call the mess that is shadow Tokyo and The Games)
-if you’re super nice, he might let you wear his fun hoodies
-someone, ANYONE, mark this man’s neck up
-low key, as i’ve said, would want to keep your relationship pretty secret, so if you mark up his neck- boy is going to have some explaining to do
-maybe you can bring out the super dom Chishiya
-like... mad Chishiya? are we ready for him? I think not. 
-those collarbones- if you even tease and nip at them a little, man is going to grab your hair roughly, fight me on this
-finding lots of places to secretly hug and talk and kiss
-it’s hard for him sometimes to not stand next to you at meetings, because he wants to hold your hand : (
-soft boy
-get used to the sass master
-he’s.... well, he lies, he gaslights, he’s that kind of dude, but with you he sticks to white lies, catch him telling one and he’ll be impressed
-i’m not going to lie and say this would be sunshine and rainbows
-The Game makes trust difficult, especially because the heart games can be so brutal
-but once you both trust each other, fully, this is a power couple
-Chishiya has that confidence-
-honestly? good luck to all us Chishiya simps tbh
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sweeterthanthis · 3 months ago
Look, Don’t Touch
Tumblr media
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, voyeurism, exhibitionism, praise kink, vaginal sex, public sex (they’re in a sex club), slight bicep choking, masturbation. This is literal porn without plot. 18+.
A/N: Written for @whisperlullaby’s 700 follower challenge!
I have to thank @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog for helping me with the kinks for this one! I hope you like it Becca! I’ve gifted you with three of our fictional daddies for this one. Even though two of them only play a small role. I wonder if you can figure out who they are 👀
Tumblr media
“Look at them. Can’t keep their eyes off that little pussy swallowing up my dick.” He purred, catching the shell of your ear between his teeth, your knees trembling as you tried to remain upright on his lap. “Bet they’d do anything to switch places with me right now, do anything to have such a pretty little slut at their mercy.”
You watched as they stroked their cocks, the hunger they felt for you obvious in the way that they stared. They were fixated as they looked you over, your cunt clenching around Andy’s girth, letting him know just how much you were enjoying yourself. Your eyes glazed over, the blur of the two bodies standing just feet away from you fading slightly.
“Do you think they’ve ever had a girl as precious as you, Sweetheart?” He didn’t want an answer, you knew that. And you couldn’t have given one if you tried, garbled whimpers catching in your throat as he rutted up into your soaking wet heat. “I bet they haven’t. Wanna know how I know?”
All you could do was nod your head before letting it fall back on his shoulder, his open mouth breathing against your cheek.
“I know they haven’t, because my girl is one of a kind. So fuckin’ sexy, body to die for. And this right here,” he reached his arm around your waist, snaking it down over your belly and between your thighs, “this pussy is the sweetest little hole I’ve ever fucked.”
“Andy, fuck.”
He’d always been full of praise for you. In and out of the bedroom. But this? This was something entirely new.
When he’d suggested bringing you to the most prominent sex club in Boston, you hadn’t for a second thought it’d end up like this. The black, velvet couch he leant back into while he fucked you was a far cry from the soft, cotton sheets of your bed.
You had no idea that you liked being watched, liked having him show you off like you were his favourite possession. Yet here you were, grinding down on his perfect length while the two mysterious strangers in front of you enjoyed every second of it.
You watched through half-lidded eyes as the brunette ran the tip of his thumb across his slit, collecting up the pearly drops that glinted in the low light and smearing them down his erection; his steely blue eyes searing into you.
“And these,” Andy reached with both hands to cup your breasts, rolling your nipples around in his fingertips and releasing them with a soft pinch, “I just know wanna get their mouth on these, Sweetheart.”
Your feet braced against his knees, warmth filling your belly, you rose up, sliding back down onto him and winding your hips from side to side. You wanted to put on a show, you wanted them to want you. Knowing you were safe in Andy’s arms, that nobody was going to touch you without his express permission - and he’d never give it - was liberating.
“That’s it,” he encouraged proudly, “show them just how much you love riding my dick. Show them how you work that body.”
You settled your hands on his shoulders behind you, his lips brushing against the top of your spine, fucking down onto him over and over; desperate cries ringing out over the music gently thrumming from the speakers.
Your eyes flitted to the blonde, his muscular biceps straining beneath the confines of his short sleeved, black t-shirt. You could see by the look on his face that he was trying to remain composed, holding himself back from speaking by biting down on his bottom lip. You kept your eyes locked to his sapphire blues, rolling your hips back and forth, Andy’s cock dragging delightfully against your slick, pulsing walls.
“Look at my pretty girl, showing herself off like this. Fuck, that’s it. Show ‘em what’s mine. You wanna talk to ‘em, Sweetheart? Go on, tell them how stretched out you are for me.”
You hesitated, your movements halting for a moment, heart pounding in your chest at the situation unfolding around you.
Bringing your hands forward to rest them on Andy’s knees, you arched your back, smirking slightly at the satisfied grunt that vibrated against your skin as Andy chased it with his mouth.
“He fuckin’ you good, Honey?”
Your heart stuttered, butterflies erupting in your stomach as the blonde spoke. In your new position, you took in the sight of his thick girth, the way his sun kissed hand wrapped around it and tugged slowly. You couldn’t help but wonder how they’d feel on your skin. They looked rough, calloused like working man’s hands, marred with the evidence of manual labour.
Andy’s hips jutted up into you, cock nudging at your g-spot and eliciting a deep moan from your lips. “Answer him, Sweetheart.”
“Y-yes. So good. Always fucks me so good.”
Bouncing back against Andy’s cock, the new angle causing him to hit all the deepest spots inside you, you looked to the brunette.
The way his cheeks reddened made you smile, he was cute. One gloved hand tucked into his jean pocket, and the other lazily stroking himself. He was shy, and it made you want to hear his voice; made you want to tease him.
“Do you like watching me, Sir?”
His hand stilled, pink lips parting a little, and his eyes pupils swallowing the mesmerising blue of his iris’.
You kept your movements slow, enjoying the way his stare travelled, neck craning slightly to take in the sight of your ass backing up on Andy’s lap.
“Y-yes. Don’t stop, Doll.”
It wasn’t a lot, and it certainly wasn’t the kind of praise that your boyfriend was worshipping you with, but the way he looked utterly enraptured by you filled you with exhilaration. You were at the height of pleasure, completely overwhelmed by the tension between the four of you as you took Andy deep inside over and over.
“God, just look at them. Lookin’ like they wanna eat you, Sweetheart.” The mere thought of it had your eyes rolling back, a deep, desperate cry flying from your throat at the image his words conjured in your head. Andy’s fingers pinched at your waist, pulling you from the sordid fantasy swirling in your mind. “Don’t go gettin’ any ideas now, I don’t share.”
One firm bicep wrapped itself around your neck, yanking you back against his chest. One hand rubbing at your clit and forcing you to stay in place while he fucked your squelching cunt with such ferocity, you could barely breathe.
“Come for me, pretty girl. Show them how good I make you feel.” Andy rasped, his breaths ragged as he pounded into you. “Squeeze my dick with that perfect, little cunt. C’mon.”
A sharp slap to your clit had you squirming, bursting at the seams as you chased your release, a tidal wave of ecstasy crashing over your fucked out body -- toes curling, every muscle in your body tensing up and revelling in the bliss that he pulled from you.
“Fuck, that’s good pussy. My pussy. Gonna fill it up, make it all messy. Be dripping down those soft thighs all night, won’t it?”
Andy didn’t relent, continuing his insistent pace, bringing you to the brink of another orgasm in no time. The two pairs of eyes on you grew wilder, their own movements nearing them to the edge of their own climax. Lustful grunts rang out, reverberating through your body, pushing you closer and closer to heaven.
“Keep those eyes open for me.” He breathed, kissing the column of your throat possessively, another show of ownership. “Look what you do to them, about to come all over themselves just from watching you fall apart on my lap.”
Obeying him, his bicep fixing your gaze in their direction, you marvelled at them; cocks swollen and leaking, balls drawing up as they whimpered and grunted through their pleasure. You’d never felt so desired, so utterly coveted.
You couldn’t hide your glee when they erupted. The blonde panting and shooting his load into his palm, chest heaving and a heavy growl emitting from him. You licked your lips at the sight of the pearly liquid in his hand, eyes flitting to the brunette and pussy fluttering at the sight of him; teeth clenched, high-pitched whimpers making your knees quiver.
“Fuck, got all three of us coming for you. Aren’t you a lucky girl?” Andy smirked, his thrusts staggering, one guttural growl letting you know he was right there, filling you up and painting the walls of your overworked pussy with his hot, sticky come.
Your eyes flutter closed, your body collapsing against the soft planes of his chest; allowing him to use your cunt to milk himself dry until he was spent.
You let the atmosphere in the room soothe you, the faint smell of sex heavy in the air, limbs twitching as you came down from your euphoric high. When you opened your eyes again, the two men were gone; leaving you to revel in the afterglow of your obscene acts with Andy.
“So proud of you, Sweetheart. My precious, sweet thing.” He praised, stroking a stray tendril of hair away from your sweat-slicked forehead. He peppered your temple with sweet kisses, hands caressing your ribcage tenderly. “Gonna have to show you off more often.”
Tumblr media
A/N: Did you guess them? 👀 Love you Becca! 🖤
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