#and the shades of red you used here!!
mokutone · 5 months ago
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Guess what my dudes, it’s plague history time 💖 (gets fairly long w/ pictures!!)
I’ve had these ideas on the red plague jinglin around in my smol brain for a whole now so imma put them down. Please note a lot of these are headcanons and my ideas on some of this stuff (while fleshing it out because death and history are some of my fav topics yes I know it’s morbid lol.)
So strap in it’s plague and Lazaret time babyyyyy. There is gonna be a TON of history and writing in here, so I apologize about that lmao. I’m a history buff and this has been bugging me for so long. Also it gets pretty um dark lol. I cannot believe these are some of my interests 💀
The Red Plague
Alrighty to start this off we all know it was based on the Black Death, it’s obvious, no shame in fact it’s awesome to see them branch out on the red plague with how cool the designs are and how they moved away from its base
So as @/dela-png said in her post here the flooded district probably got hit with the plague the most, like in poorer sides of Italy.  
Tumblr media
This is the red cross of plague from Italy in the mid 14th century. Probably was used in Vesuvia in poorer areas to mark infected households
Not everyone wanted to go to the Lazaret not just because of all the other victims BUT I GET INTO THAT LATER 
Plague crosses show what’s been infected and unless you replace the door the cross is never going to leave
If you can afford it sometimes a plague doctor would come to your house to help you (if you were quarantined and no one was allowed inside without a mask)
(sometimes doctors who had a SHREAD of empathy would make house calls for free (Maeve is one of them). House calls can be very dangerous since uhh plague victims don’t want the plague ya feel? Unless they’re really weak doctors can get attacked. Maeve has gotten stabbed by a patient before)
After the plague criminals would most likely hide in cross houses. No one else is going in there anyways 
The flooded district is like a ghost town during the plague, a new house being marked every day
Flooding gets worse due to neglect and the people flee leaving criminals to move into the vacant homes
Public burning of plague infected objects 
A bonfire that never burned out due to the amount of stuff being thrown in 
A lot of the time families didn’t give up their family members possessions and had to lie to keep them safe
Sometimes that didn’t work and the stuff would be burned anyways
Sparked SO MUCH anger and some people are still pissed about it
Most of the things burned are clothing recently worn by the infected, bed sheets, and anything recently touched by the infected (which can be A LOT)
The red cross was used on all infected doors mind you, it was just a lot  more common in poorer parts of town
When the plague got really bad Vesuvia is almost a ghost town 
Lucio’s gladiator fights were one of the only types of entertainment, and there were a TON more fighters due to homelessness and starvation (most are in there for petty crimes like theft)
Most of the plague crosses on doors, meant there was a person with plague in there
Sometimes it just meant the house was infected, usually means the whole family got it 
The Lazaret 
Based on Poveglia Island
Don’t believe me? First pic is Poveglia
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Poveglia Island is famous for being THE MOST haunted island in the WORLD. And guess what it’s fookin HISTORY TIME BABY 
I’m not going to go too in depth about Poveglia here but this video goes very in depth with the history (sorry it’s at 10:25 I can’t get it to go back lol)
So my guess the island had been inhabited before, but either abandoned or the people killed. Might be me reaching but who knows. Even so, the Lazaret WAS used for quarantining victims of the red plague 
Lazaret would become the island with no survivors and known for it so obviously people wouldn’t want to go
Now here’s where things get a little bit darker and juicy 
It’s suspected Valdemar worked on the island to experiment on the dead (stated in the wiki). Just like on Poveglia Island with the mental asylum built on the island in 1922
My guess a lot of the REALLY angry ghosts on the Lazaret are because of Valdemar. If I were tortured to death while having the red plague I’d be pissed too
Lobotomies were performed on Poveglia asylum patients (using HAND DRILLS. While the people were still ALIVE AND AWAKE MIND YOU) and my guess would be Valdemar did something similar. Probably with a handsaw
They enjoyed seeing people in pain and the life drain from their eyes. Those people screamed the loudest. You could always tell when  Valdemar was on the island. One of the reasons no one wanted to send their family members to the island
You can probably still find their machines in the Lazaret they haven’t been back since the plague ended 
I know it’s expected but it’s so awful. There aren’t enough beds, blankets are always tattered and you can hear kids crying all the time it’s a miserable place to die
No showers, and one of the symptoms is a fever so it smelled terrible
Not a lot of food or water, those going to Lucio and the others in the city so some people died of starvation/dehydration if the plague didn’t claim them first 
So many people died per day. Back in ye old days from Bubonic plague on Poveglia it was estimated around 500 per day I’d say maybe a few less on the Lazaret so maybe 300 per day, but this went on for a long time so the numbers would spike with the plague (maybe getting up to 500)
Around ~160,000 people died on Poveglia (numbers are wonky, not many people want to go to the island to check, ya feel?) and there’d probably be more in the Lazaret. Maybe closer in the 200,000s. Even if you refused to go Lucio had his uhh...ways to get you gone. I don’t know how many people would die of the plague uhhh
So we have a range of around maybe ~20ish years of Lucio’s reign and the plague didn’t manifest largey until I’d say 3-4 years into that reign
Tons of time for people to die so maybe close to 300,000 people died (most on the Lazaret). I’d suspect a lot of people from outside of Vesuvia got it and died too
Confirmed to have cremation ovens on the Lazaret. Too many people dying per day means multiple corpses in each oven. Which means mixing of ashes and bone. If they gave families the ashes (most of the time didn’t happen) then they’d be mixed with someone else’s ashes too. 
Sometimes bone and bodies just got buried with lime to help them decay faster
Not many plague doctors on the island if any at all. Most on there are sick themselves 
People working the ovens are suffering with the plague so it’s a never ending cycle
Valdemar will take some corpses from time to time. Most of the people on the island are too weak to protest 
Cremation smells horrible, and it takes a toll on a weak immune system, anyone staying by the ovens is quick out the door in an agonizing way so those beds are usually used for the corpses 
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mannnn before i even STARTED the boo chronicles i got pretty damn deep into The Zukka Graceling AU That No One Asked For™. basically, almost any character who was a bender was a graceling and the non benders were not graced. for those of y’all who have impeccable taste and read graceling, you’ll know what i mean when i say yue is my katsa, and she has the whole katsa arc of realizing what her grace is + liberating herself from her shitty uncle, but, alas, that’s all just groundwork for setting the zukka scene here (sorry, yue)
zuko is graced and azula isn’t, and due to Bad Traumatic Shenanigans when they were young, ozai finds out his son has a grace and that grace is poisoning. ozai thinks he can use this grace to his advantage so instead of handing over his son to the king, ozai destroys zuko’s gold eye and burns half of his face in the process. eventually zuko poisons ozai and runs away from the shame/trauma of patricide and azula finds him two years later b/c she’s like, the dumbass will surely expose his secret without my help and i don’t want ANY of the corrupt kings getting their hands on my graced brother.
over in lienid, sokka and katara are from a long line of sailors, where the first child inherited the ship and the captaincy and the second child became first mate. however, katara is like 1 when they find out she’s graced, and not long after they realize her grace is for predicting weather conditions (yes, katara’s grace is based on that one rando lienid captain from graceling lol). it makes much more sense, w/ her grace, for katara to be captain instead of sokka. and he’s fine with that! it makes sense! she doesn’t mean to cast a shadow on him with the grandeur of her personhood and abilities! 
and FINALLY the fic starts with lady yue showing up at zuko’s shady apothecary with a dying man thrown over her dainty little shoulder. the man’s struggling to breathe and z’s like ‘does the poison have to look like an accident’ and yue’s like ????? no i want u to save him?? z’s like i’m not a healer and yue’s like pls. the locals told me you are the best bet for this man’s survival. z slathers some gunk on the man’s gums and is like, pls leave. yue’s like … u know. my grace [redacted for graceling spoilers]. z’s like idk what that has to do with me
aaaanyway the whole gist of it is, z’s blackmarket poisons get into the wrong hands when azula (who runs the business, z just makes the poinsons) is captured. luckily z is friends with aang, an abandoned graceling b/c the king of sunder couldn’t figure out his grace, and aang works for yue’s council. when the council steps in to help the accidental victims of z’s loose poisons, yue and suki ask katara and sokka to host z on their ship and take him from port to port to heal the ppl he fucked over in the first place. katara hates z on sight b/c kya died from poisoning and katara thinks ppl who makes poison are the scummiest and least respectable of nefarious criminals. s doesn’t trust z but is like … he seems like he’s not evil incarnate? the whole gaang works together to heal ppl and find and save azula and z & s fall in love along the way and z realizes the truth of his grace, blah blah happy ending smooches
Put “📓” or some other version of a book emoji into my inbox and I’ll explain the plot of a fanfiction that I haven’t written but daydream about.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
kirumi tojo - ViVid
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yulivia · a month ago
omg the lineart *tucks hair behind ear* it’s multiplying 😳😳
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this is how this weekend will look in spain... send help please
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Tumblr media
.........okay so maybe i may have gone a liiiiittle too overboard,..,,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The aftereffects of a cruel dilemma.
#code lyoko#yumi ishiyama#digital art#this was unintentional but she looks like she's grabbing her own hands like the others do trying to stop her from falling#and I thought it was really pog so I left it in#also if you notice the shades of her pjs I made it red to mirror her outfit#though I forgot which side was red so f to me I guess#OK SO TAG DISCUSSION TIME FEEL FREE TO IGNORE#So rewatching cl after (looks at clock) four-ish years?? An experience#Also because dang due to every issue I had under the sun a lot of things went way over my head and I mean It#and it's pretty cool and anyways I'll talk about it someday in the future#Today I want to talk about an Important Issue which might have been already answered but here it is anyways#Listen I'm not buy that Yumi fell in the digital sea and straight up died#and yet every time she almost falls in she seems really calm#not entirely calm of course but like I would have expected a little bit more?#maybe it's the we have stuff to do mentality but despite how mature she is#this girl is fourteen#how is she not completely terrified whenever she almost falls back in#as a matter of fact I feel like this whole we might die everyday of our lives mentality was kind of downplayed#it could also be they're just used to it so they don't feel that sort of pressure#but I really wish they could have put it somewhere#cl is pretty dark on its own and I feel like it could have discussed this kind of topic while it was at it#then again I haven't delved into the technical side of the show yet so maybe they mentioned it??#I'm thinking...these kids suffer through a lot of pressure#and of course everyone deals with it in different ways but that would have been#interesting to explore as well right?#I feel like Echoes tried that approach but didn't really go into details?#ANYWAY IM JUST RAMBLING#If anyone wants to discuss this you're really welcome to contact me. Brainrotting is my passion#Thank you for reading if you've come this far <3
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and on a separate yet slightly related note, since @hitsharder is pulling a valentine’s day massacre with a paintball gun at the moment:
like we know that tony’s suit is painted, right, like this isn’t a question.  and i’m here to inform you that tony uses the same paint on steve’s shield that he does on the armor (in the chance you didn’t know that - it’s a whole thing, it’s the dumbest thing i have ever had the displeasure of knowing, they are both so fucking stupid i love them).  so for the last little while i’ve been sifting through paint types to make a decision on what i wanted to claim was the paint system tony uses for both, because it’s important!  probably to no one but me, but it’s important, because a-day gives us a good 3-d representation of how the paint actually looks on the armor in a realistic way and for ages i was like...automotive paint?  it’s got the sparkle some paint types have, right, like it has that...pearlescent sheen you see (especially with the red) a lot on sports cars.  things like mopar stryker red or, hell, mazda’s soul red crystal.
but nah.
tony’s out here using aerospace coating.  i mean it makes sense, right.  planes fly.  iron man flies.  steve’s shield needs to be aerodynamic with the least resistance it can have for maximum efficiency.  not only can you go with any color you like (especially if your name is tony stark), depending on like...what system/company you run with, you can have shit like printed circuit coating, which as much as tony talks about shit like this, that’s a no-brainer.  good for protecting the sensitive electronic bits both in flight and and in a fight.  conductive coating to reduce static.  reflective coatings for high visibility (which when you’re people-sized sharing the sky is important).  coatings for erosion resistance.  basically your one stop shop for making and keeping iron man shiny and pretty, and meant for the wear and tear of flight.
there’s no point to any of this except being a long-winded way of me saying that both tony’s suit and steve’s shield use aerospace paint systems, thanks for coming.
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i guess it kinda makes me sad when i see people draw/edit current kirishima w black hair bc while you could argue that it’s him getting over himself and getting over the idea that he needs to separate himself from his past self to be a good hero/a brave person and that it’s a mask of sorts which are all truths but also i feel like he probably just...likes having stupidly bright red hair. i feel like letting himself be bold and loud and stick out is an accomplishment to him  
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damn Coco really is Kaworu kin
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Your Mother-in-law is wiser than you know.
Fiat currencies come and go, but gold and silver stay valuable.
If some catastrophe happens, and you and your family wake up to realise that you've all been transported to ancient Babylon, or the Persian Empire, or the Roman Republic, or Medieval England, or Ming Dynasty China, your credit cards and your bitcoin and your bank notes with Illuminati symbols on them will be useless.
Gold and silver? Melt them down and sell them, you'll immediately be able to trade with the locals.
It's a smoky day in the postapocalypse. The fires never really stop, but there were a lot of masks thrown away during the pandemic, so most people have gotten used to raking through landfills and sanitizing their finds in the weak red sunlight. But breathing smoke through three layers of paper is draining and so is clearing the toxic soot off your skin when you make it back inside a filtered building.
It's hard to get by - it's Southern California, after all, and it was never meant to support a population this size. The water-deaths that happened in the first three months weren't enough to relieve the barely-functional grid, and power has been down for two years. There's nobody left to clear the cars that ran out of gas on the way out of town, so the only way to leave is on foot, and then where would you go? Nevada and Arizona don't have water either, the 5 is a warzone, and it's a long, long way to Oregon and you might get killed at the border if you make it that far.
Sometimes you dream about taking your bike down to the beach and finding a sailboat bobbing in the surf. You dream that you know how to sail. You dream that you brought enough food for the journey North when you took a day trip to collect clams in the surf. You dream that your friends are with you, and that you push the boat into the waves and make it all the way to Washington with good weather and clear skies and nobody else you love dying.
But you're not at the beach, and there is no boat, and you can't sail anyway. It's a smoky day in the postapocalypse and you've got a cut on your leg that has turned a worrying color.
The Goldline Station closest to your house has become a kind of weekend market. It's hard to walk along the freeways, and dangerous, but the train tracks are pretty clear. If you're lucky, sometimes you can even get on a hand car and ride for a while if what you need isn't at the local station. But you know the drugstore guy is always in the same shaded parking space by the dry fountain.
Drugstore Guy used to work at a drugstore. He figured out what was going on before anyone else at his store did, and filled his truck with everything that would fit, grateful that he'd brought his truck with the camper shell instead of his wife's Prius. He managed to grab enough stock that lots of people around here survived things that people two towns over didn't. He even grabbed the stock of vaccines, and has managed to amass enough in trade that he's still got a refrigerator with full vials. You don't want to know what a TDaP shot costs these days, and are grateful that you had a tetanus shot a month before everything went to shit.
The parking spot never has a lot of customers around it because Drugstore Guy doesn't need volume. What the parking spot DOES always have is three huge dudes with very big guns chatting with their boss, sitting around a big cooler in beat-up beach chairs.
All of them perk up as you ride over. The huge dudes are very still and very hostile, but Drugstore Guy is smiling at you, his eyes crinkled above is brand-new, never-used masks. You hop off your bike and lay it down behind you, the missing kickstand is an embarrassing liability with these men watching you.
"Hey," you say quietly, walking closer. "You got a Z-pak?"
"Sure," says Drugstore Guy. "But I don't think you can afford it. How about some penicillin?"
You shrug. "Allergic."
Drugstore guy nods. "That's rough. I've got penicillin like candy. I don't have many Z-paks."
You shift nervously from foot to foot. The wound on your leg throbs, reminding you of how far an angry red color had spread around it when you put a bandage on it before coming here.
"Z-paks don't last forever," you say. "You got any that are expired? I think I've got enough for that."
He laughs. "They're all expired. I still think you can't afford it." He looks behind you. "People who can buy my stuff don't ride broken bikes."
You shrug again. "It's not broken, I just didn't want to trade for another. Maybe I'm a little lazy, but I'm not cheap."
"Alright," Drugstore Guy says. "What've you got."
You take your backpack off slowly. You know the big guys have seen the revolver you've got holstered against your ribs, but everybody at the market has a gun. You're not worried about them seeing it, you don't want them to think you're going for it. You dig into the pocket that was resting against your sweaty shirt, the safest place to keep anything valuable you're carrying. The plastic container you come up with is about the size of a playing card, and the silver dollar inside of it flashes in the sun. You pass it over for Drugstore Guy to examine.
The look he gives you, with what you can see of his face, can only be described as pitying. "I don't know if you know this, kiddo," he says, "but US Legal Tender really doesn't mean much these days."
You shake your head. The fact that it's a dollar isn't important. "It's silver. It's real. One ounce of silver, more than 99 percent pure."
Drugstore guy looks at the coin in his hand and back to you, and back to the coin. "Even if it is 99 percent pure," he says, "which you can't prove, what the fuck am I supposed to do with silver?"
It's hot and smoky and your leg is burning and his question throws you for a loop.
"It's silver," you say. "You know. Silver."
"Buddy, I can't eat silver," Drugstore guy says. "And neither can anybody else around here. Who would I even spend this with?"
You're sweating, and your head hurts. "I've got gold too," you say. You hadn't planned on blurting it out like that. You didn't want to use it, and had hoped the price wouldn't get that high. "Real gold. 24 karat. A half-ounce bar. It was worth two thousand dollars before."
"Yeah?" Drugstore guy says, "And what's it worth now?"
You laugh, weakly. "A Z-pak, I hope."
"Nope," he says, and holds the silver dollar out for you to take. "What else you got?"
You're swaying a little. You don't take the coin back. "I - I've got some platinum and palladium, but you'd have to meet me-" you stammer.
Drugstore guy is looking at you like he's worried now. Like maybe whatever you've got is catching. "Do I look like I've got a use for platinum or palladium? Do I look like I need to make a bunch of high-end electronics today?"
"It - it's a store of value," you answer. "Precious metals have been used in ancient Babylon and Persia and the Roman republic and in Medieval England and Ming Dynasty China. It's - it's gold."
One of the big guys leans forward on his elbows, looking at you over his sunglasses. He looks a little more sympathetic than is boss does right now. "Do you have any eggs?"
"What?" You say. This whole excursion is beginning to feel more and more surreal.
"Jay's right," Drugstore guy says. "I could let a Z-pak go for two dozen eggs. "Or how about bullets? What caliber is your little pea-shooter there?"
"It's a .38," you say, "I don't - I don't have any eggs. Or bullets to spare." God knows that's true, you've got what's in the gun and you haven't even seen an egg in a year.
"Iodine? Bleach?" Another guard says. "How about hand-sewing needles? Or beeswax?"
"Coffee," you say, out of nowhere. You have four cans in an insulated bin in your garage. "I've got a can of French roast. Still sealed."
"Well now," Drugstore Guy sits back in his chair, cheerful again. "That is worth a Z-Pak. Is it on you?"
Drugstore guy agrees to give you half the first dose from the Z-Pak and to hold onto the silver dollar as collateral while you ride home to get the coffee and bring it back to the market.
You're feeling pretty worn out by the time you make the trade. Drugstore guy passes you the cardboard packet of antibiotics and the dollar coin at the same time.
"Are you all on your own, kid?"
"Maybe," you say, defensive. "Why?"
"Because in spite of the mercenary nature of this exchange I am actually concerned about the well-being of my community and someone who shows up to trade with gold when they've got coffee seems like someone who could use a little help. We have a cookout on Sundays - it's bring what you can, eat if you can't - and there's a few people who meet up at the library on Wednesdays to do a skills exchange. If you've made it this long surely you've got some skills that got you here, and clearly you could stand to learn a few more."
Your mouth drops open behind your mask and all that you can think to say is "How does anyone know what day it is anymore?"
Drugstore Guy beams at you, and hands you a flier. It's not printed, but stamped. There's a map to a park and a promise of free, clean water to all who attend. "You ask. Today's Sunday. Dinner's at six."
All of which is to say, Human Pet Guy, that there is very little you could do that would endear you to me *less* than tell me that I should listen more to my mother in law, who thinks that bigfoot is going to steal her grandchildren, about apocalypse survival scenarios. It is also to say that if you think that a silver dollar is going to be worth much more than a bitcoin in an actual survival situation you are Significantly More Wrong Than You Think.
The thing that metal hoarders don't understand is that while, yes, fiat currency is an arbitrary agreement to exchange paper at an artificially set value *so is the use of metal as a tool of exchange.* The amount that a silver penny was worth in medieval England was arbitrarily set because the *intrinsic* value of precious metals is pretty far removed from most people's daily lives so sometimes a piece of silver is going to be worth a lot less to someone than the twelve loaves of bread that the king had decreed *AND* because in all of the examples you listed counterfeiting was a huge problem in SPITE of being in a relatively high-trust situation, by which I mean that in situations where you have a well-formed society of people who trust one another and a rule of law and courts where people could redress wrongs you STILL had problems trusting the purity of the precious metals you were offered as currency and that isn't something that gets any better when you're dealing with people who are fighting over who gets to be the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.
So yeah this may be an issue of me out-crazying you because I'm not coming at this from a perspective of "fiat currency is good" I'm coming at this from a perspective of "precious metals are actually pretty worthless as a survival strategy if you're anticipating a society in which people will shoot you to take your diesel so start a compost pile, learn how to mend clothes, keep chickens, grow vegetables, and load ammo if that's the society you're worried about."
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elecman108 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 22 of Drawtober and I’ve finally done it. A drawing of mine this month took longer than four hours. This took four and a half hours, and I FORGOT TO FIX THE COLOUR OF THE BACKGROUND SCREENSHOT I EDITED TO BE MORE RED IN TONE. FUCK.
Axel, my favourite pirate man, is 100% comfortable wearing anything feminine because he is not entirely aware of the gender binary that most people know about. So, naturally, I put him in Cia’s outfit from Hyrule Warriors. I was gonna skip the hat, but like, come on. Dorky hat and dorky man match perfectly.
I’m kinda proud that I could match Cia’s leg tattoo design for this, lmao. I put more detail into this than I’ve put into just about anything else I’ve ever drawn, ever.
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erieren · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: eren jaeger x f!reader, very brief armin x reader
content warnings: alcohol consumption, dubcon, oral sex (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, squirting, praise, (light) choking, creampie
summary: your ex boyfriend shows you just how much he still loves you
word count: 7.5k (i’m sorry)
notes: pls ignore the fact that this is like 3 weeks late lol school has been rough recently. not proofread (like always)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Valentine’s Day is just another normal day for lonely souls, but for many others, it’s an opportunity to showcase their love and affection for their special someone. You would be celebrating it with none other than Eren Jaeger if only he hadn’t broken things off with you right before the holidays. New family issues arose and added to his stress from school and sports, and he just needed some time to get everything under control. It’s not like he cared less or didn’t care about you at all; in fact, he was still kind enough to check up on you from time to time. Now nearly two months later, you’re finally going to see him again.
“Y/N, babe, glad you could make it!” Historia greets you, yelling over the ear-splitting music radiating from the speakers inside the frat house. Her face is rosy, nearly matching the hue of her strapless dress she’s wearing despite it being the middle of winter. But the sheen of sweat on her forehead tells you that it doesn’t even matter when there’s a party going on. “Come in, let’s take a shot!”
The blonde excitedly takes you by the arm and drags you through a sea of people until you reach the kitchen where most of your other friends are. Everyone is pretty much dressed in shades of pink and red for the holiday, even Connie did the bare minimum with a red bowtie and sweats, but no shirt.
“Ooh, you look so hot!” Sasha says when her eyes fall on you. “Wanna do a boob luge?”
“I uh–” you stammer, shocked by her offer. She starts wiggling her brows at you while cupping her chest to convince you to do it, but Historia laughs it off to save you from further embarrassment.
“Maybe another time, Sasha. Connie,” she says to the sole male in the room, “pour us some shots!”
“Yes ma’am!”
Just as he reaches for the cherry vodka, Jean saunters into the kitchen. He’s wearing the same thing as Connie, and there’s a few unmistakable lipstick stains on his face and neck. “Sorry for leaving you, Con. I got a bit… distracted,” he slurs, obviously wasted. “Did I miss anything?”
“Y’N’s here, and you’re just in time for shots,” he says while carefully pouring the vodka into shot glasses that are lined up on the counter. Jean walks to you and pulls you into a side hug, and you try to ignore the sweat that glistens on his skin, not wanting to think of what he might have just finished doing.
Everyone starts to gather around Connie when he finishes pouring, and he steps back to let you all grab a glass. Once they’re all claimed, you bring them up and clink them together before downing the vodka. The taste it leaves on your tongue is all but pleasant, but it does make you feel somewhat warmer.
“Oh, just so you know,” Historia lowers her voice to a near whisper, so you lean towards her to hear her better, “Eren’s here. I know you guys kinda broke up, so if you wanna avoid him, just find me.”
“Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.”
Some time and a couple shots later, you find yourself sandwiched between Sasha and Historia. Their bodies are pressed up against yours, but with the amount of people packed in the house like sardines, there isn’t much space to move around. The blaring music and Sasha’s screaming doesn’t help the dull pounding in your head, but your mind is too fuzzy to care.
“Babe, I gotta find the bathroom,” Historia yells, “I’ll find ya in a bit.” She peels herself off of your body before you even have a chance to offer to go with her, already disappearing into the crowd. You turn to face Sasha, and she can already sense your worry for her.
“Oh, she’ll be fine,” she laughs while throwing her arms around your shoulders, “this is the Historia that nearly stabbed a creep with her stilettos after all.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” You recall the time she caused a huge scene at a random party sometime last year. “Hey, let’s go outside.”
Sasha eagerly nods her head in agreement, and you both stumble to the sliding glass door at the opposite end of the room. The mid-February air offers relief to your simmering skin, but you know that in no time you’ll probably get too cold. Looking up at the almost full moon in the clear sky puts you at ease, but the peace is quickly interrupted by a familiar voice.
“Tired of the party already?” You swear you feel your heart stop beating for a second or two. Before turning in the direction it came from, you glance at Sasha who is once again wiggling her eyebrows at you while nudging your side. “Or did you just want to find me?”
“Yeah, I’ve been dying to see you again,” you tease back while finally looking at him. Eren is sitting next to Armin by a fire pit, and you have to stop the smile that creeps onto your lips. He has his hair in the usual low bun, and a pair of pink-tinted heart-shaped glasses adorn his face. The pink crop top he’s wearing has his abs on display, as well as his v-line and… now would be a good time to stop staring at him.
Sasha starts nudging your side with her elbow while motioning for Armin to come over to where you’re standing. “I think we’ll leave you two alone,” she whispers while giving you an awkward wink. Once the two of them head back inside, you’re left with the sounds of crackling flames and the beat of your heart in your ears.
“C’mere and sit,” Eren tilts his head to where Armin previously sat. You do as he says, letting out a sigh in relief as you finally give your legs a break from standing all night long. “Kinda funny how we’re meeting again on Valentine’s Day… You enjoying the single life?”
“You could say that,” you continue to tease him, letting your sickeningly sweet smile show. 
“Ouch. I have feelings, you know, angel. Or should I say cupid?”
Angel. The name he used to call you throughout your relationship rolled off his tongue so casually, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t try to make one of his lame jokes. He notices that your body tenses for a moment, and he awkwardly clears his throat. “Uh, sorry. It just slipped out.”
“It’s fine,” you reassure him. “How have you been?” 
He ponders your question for a moment before answering. “I guess I’ve been doing better. It’s just,” he exaggeratedly exhales, “the family problems haven’t been sorted out completely. You know, my dad actu– sorry. You probably don’t wanna hear it.”
“Is your mom alright?” you ask, changing the subject a little bit.
“Oh, yeah,” he visibly eases into the chair. “I sent her a note and some flowers this morning. She called me on FaceTime crying about how sweet it was.”
“Always the mama’s boy,” you laugh. He finds himself chuckling as well, missing the comfort you bring him. Why did he even break up with you in the first place? If it was this easy for him to get his mind off of things for just a moment, then he should’ve never left you. His heart twists at the memory of leaving you, but it’s forgotten once you start rambling about something that happened earlier that day.
Your body still feels warm. Maybe it's from the alcohol, or the fire, or maybe it’s just from being near him. You glance at him, wondering if he feels cold with his exposed midriff, only to see that he’s already peering at you over the top of his glasses that slid down the bridge of his nose.
“I don’t know if anyone’s said this, but you look beautiful tonight. I mean, you always do.” His gaze flickers down to your chest for a split second, but you really can’t blame him. Historia helped you pick out this top; it’s a red long sleeve with a v-neck that perfectly shows off your cleavage. Paired with a white skirt, it’s a pretty basic look, but Eren couldn’t help but think that you’re the most stunning person in the world.
“Do you want a lollipop?” You don’t even get to answer him because he’s already digging into the pocket of his sweats and pulling out a lollipop in the shape of a heart. 
“Yeah, sure.” He hands it over to you, and the cellophane wrapper crinkles as you tear it off. Eren intently watches as you stick it into your mouth, closing your lips around your lips and god he’s trying not to think of it as something else. He made a promise to himself that he’d refrain from doing anything to you tonight, but you’re already making things so damn hard for him. “Hey, can we go back inside? I’m starting to get a bit cold.”
“Y-yeah,” he chokes out, causing you to raise a brow at him. Standing up, he offers his hand to help you up. Your heels cause you to wobble a bit, so he places his hand on the small of your back to steady your body. It stays there until he leads you back inside and to the kitchen where he perches his sunglasses on the top of his head.
“Hey, Eren?” you call out while he grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. “Do you wanna take a shot with me?”
He feels conflicted; as much as he wants to take one with you, he can’t. “Sorry, angel. I told Armin I’d be the driver tonight.” You start to pout, letting the stick of the lollipop hang out the corner of your mouth. He doesn’t want to disappoint, so he comes up with an idea that would hopefully satiate you. Moving around the kitchen, he gets a clean shot glass and the same cherry vodka from before. 
“Get on the counter,” he demands, and you comply without hesitation. The fabric of your skirt rides up your thighs as you hop up, and you can feel the warmth radiating off Eren’s hand as he places it on the surface next to you. “Open your mouth.”
You’ve got this dazed look in your eyes; the way you’re innocently doing as he says has him gripping the edge of the counter, but he lets go to remove the lollipop from your mouth. A string of saliva connects it to your tongue before he places it into his own mouth.
“Ren, don’t mess up my lip gloss,” you whine when he places his thumb on your bottom lip. He doesn’t say anything in response and instead raises the shot glass above your lips. You instinctively tilt your head back before he can slowly pour it into your awaiting mouth. Some of it splashes off of your tongue and runs out the corner of your mouth, but Eren is quick to wipe it away with his thumb. Once you’ve swallowed all of it, he places the pad of his thumb against your tongue, allowing you to lick up the little bit that almost escaped. You mumble out a lazy “thank you” to him before straightening up.
“Good girl, remembering your manners,” he whispers, the words going straight to the heat between your thighs. All of a sudden, you’re aware of how your position has changed. Eren’s arms cage your body on the counter, but your legs are also spread to welcome him between them. His green eyes look shades darker as he focuses his stare on your lips, or perhaps it was just the way they were hidden behind his long lashes. Your body is on fire, and you’re about to say something until someone interrupts you.
“Oh, Eren! There you are,” Connie calls out. You try to hide behind his broad figure, but there’s no use. “I see Y/N’s here, too. I’ve been looking everywhere for you two, the gang’s upstairs and they wanna play some games.”
“Yeah, we’ll be up in a sec,” Eren responds, not making any effort to move from his position thinking that Connie was just going to leave.
“Don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing some drinks to bring upstairs. Feel free to join us whenever you’re ready,” he says while piling multiple cans of hard seltzers into his arms. After what feels like forever, he finally leaves the kitchen.
“I swear to god, Connie is so dense sometimes,” Eren sighs. He steps back to put some distance between the both of you, cheeks flushing when he looks between your bodies. You wonder what made him so flustered all of a sudden, so you follow his gaze to the growing bulge in his sweatpants. “I’m so sorry, angel, I just–”
“I can take care of it,” you say while pressing your pointer finger to his lips. You wiggle around to try and free yourself from the confinement of his arms, but he holds your waist to keep you still.
He can feel his walls crumbling down as you continue to move around, so eager to help with his problem. “No,” he says sternly.
“Wha– why?” Your voice falters. At this point, the alcohol is definitely getting to you. “I wanna make you feel good, wanna have you to myself.”
“God, Y/N, you can’t just say shit like that,” Eren’s voice strains as it becomes more whiny. He knows better than to cave in now. “Come on, let’s just go upstairs. Everyone’s waiting for us.”
“Fine.” He helps you down from where you sat on the counter and tenderly holds your hand while leading you to the staircase. Curious eyes follow the two of you as you make your way up the stairs slowly, so as to not stumble or trip. Down the hall, there’s some light leaking under one of the doors into the dark hallway, so Eren takes you there. He makes you stand in front of him before he reaches an arm in front of you to knock on the door a couple times. Someone’s footsteps could be heard padding against the carpeted floor, and the door swings open to reveal Jean. On the floor behind him is Connie, Mikasa, Sasha, Armin, and Historia.
“Well the lovebirds finally decided to join us,” he exclaimed while opening the door wider. Eren silently thanks the red LED lights for masking his flushed face. After letting you in, Jean closes the door, drowning out the music from downstairs, and returns to his seat on the floor. Everyone scoots back to make the circle large enough to fit you and Eren. In the center is a stack of Jenga blocks.
“Alright, so you guys know the drill. You gotta do whatever is written on the block you pick. Whoever makes the tower fall has to drink,” Armin explains. “Who’s going first?”
“Whoever had sex last,” Sasha laughs, causing Jean to throw his arms up in defeat.
“Yeah, okay, it was me.” He leans forward to observe the tower before making his decision. With a shaky hand, he successfully pulls out the first block and reads it to himself. “Aw man, we’re really starting off strong.”
“What is it?” Historia eagerly asks.
“Dirty secret,” he says. “Let me think… This one time, I tried cucking someone, but it turned into a threesome.”
A chorus of “ooh’s” breaks out before Jean decides that the game will continue in a clockwise direction which puts Armin in the spotlight. The blond hesitates to choose a block, thinking of the best way to keep the tower balanced. Ultimately, he goes for one on the opposite side that Jean took his from. “Well this is funny. Singles, take a drink!”
Connie excitedly passes two cans to you and Eren, but he doesn’t take it. “Aw, come on, man. You gotta drink, it’s the rule! Look, everyone’s doing it.”
“Nah, Con. It’s fine, he’s taking me home later,” Armin covers for him. “Sasha, go ahead.”
“Imma show you guys how it’s really done.” Without missing a beat, she quickly pulls a block out of the tower. It wobbles a bit, but she smugly smiles once it steadies. “Pick a partner,” she reads aloud, “whoever I pick has to drink when I do. I choose Mikasa!”
Mikasa groans, but there’s a smile on her lips nonetheless. While Connie starts his turn, you feel Eren snake an arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him. “Are you okay?”
“Mhm,” you assure him while resting your head on his shoulder. Glancing around, you see Historia give you a knowing look. “I’m fine,” you mouth to her, and she nods her head in understanding.
“Oh shit,” Connie whispers, showing the block to everyone. “Kiss the person to my right. Well, Mikasa, come to daddy!” He puckers his lips while leaning towards her, but she pushes his head away in disgust. 
“Never say that shit again,” she grimaces, but he manages to land a kiss on her cheek anyway. She quickly chooses a block and steadily removes it from the tower. “Truth or drink.”
“Ooh! I got one,” Historia exclaims. “If you had to make out with someone in the room, who would it be?”
“Definitely not Connie,” she quickly replies, causing him to clutch his chest over his heart in agony. “Honestly, I don’t know. Jean seems like a good kisser. But Y/N,” she pauses and winks at you, “if Eren doesn’t want you, I’ll take you.”
“Hey,” Eren whines, pulling you closer to his side. He doesn’t even try to be subtle about it; none of them even had to be sober to know that you were still into each other. It was just a matter of time until you got back together. 
“No need to get defensive, Jaeger,” Jean snorts. “We all know she’s your girl.”
His girl, you think to yourself. You almost want to skip your turn so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of his arm, but you shrug it off your shoulder and lean towards the center of the circle. Wasting no time, you decide to do what Sasha did and hastily pull one out. “Never have I ever! Alright, who has a good one?”
“Never have I ever had sex with someone in this room,” Armin says, smirking to himself. It takes nearly everyone a second to catch on, but they realize what’s going on when they see that you’re the only one taking a sip of your drink. Eren, however, is left oblivious.
“I bet we can all guess who that was with,” Sasha snickers, nudging Connie’s side in the process.
The game continues around the circle, with everyone except Eren getting even more wasted. Sasha, unsurprisingly, already passed out a couple rounds later. There were a couple close calls by the hands of Jean, and at this point, you’re not even sure how the tower is still standing by the way it tilts to one side; it’s destined to fall any moment now. 
“Come on Historia, you got this,” you encourage. Just as she places her dainty fingers on a block, the whole tower topples over. The blocks fall into a pile and everyone starts to laugh.
“Connie, I swear you blew on it!” she exclaims, refusing to accept defeat.
“And I swear that I didn’t. Drink up!” He cheers and she begrudgingly raises her can to finish its contents. Her face flushes after a little hiccup escapes her lips. 
“I think I’m done drinking for the night,” she admits, crashing to the floor. “My head is killing me.”
“Let’s join the party downstairs then,” Armin suggests. “It doesn’t seem like it died down yet.”
“What about Sasha? We can’t leave her here,” you point out. Historia rolls over Jean’s stretched out legs and tries to rouse her seemingly lifeless figure but to no avail.
Mikasa gets up to stretch her limbs before bending down to pick up Sasha. “I can take her to my place.”
“And I can go with you,” Jean cuts in, earning him a suspicious look. “To make sure nothing happens on the way there, ya know?” Mikasa just shrugs it off while Jean taps away on his phone to order an Uber. When he confirms that there’s one on the way, he helps Mikasa take Sasha downstairs. Meanwhile, you help Armin put away the Jenga blocks as everyone else prepares to go back down as well. You follow Eren out the door, and Connie is the last one to leave, so he turns the LED lights off and shuts the door. 
“Angel,” Eren calls to you after letting Connie pass by in front of him, “how are you feeling?”
“I’m okay, I think,” you giggle while clutching onto his arm. “My mind is all wooo, you know?”
Oh god, he thinks. “Come on. Let’s get you some water.” He pulls you in front of him so that your back is against his chest with one of his arms crossing over your chest to keep you close. He uses his other arm to maneuver through the packs of people to get to the kitchen where he lets go of you to get another bottle of water from the fridge. After untwisting the cap and breaking the seal, he hands the bottle to you. You easily chug nearly the entire bottle in one go, clearing your throat once you finish. “You feel better?”
“Mhm!” you say enthusiastically. “Let’s find Historia. I wanna dance!”
Eren leads you back out of the kitchen, and easily spots Armin leaning on a wall. He approaches him, and sends you off with a pat to your back. “Go wild, party animal.”
Your face crinkles in bewilderment, but he’s already walking away. You wonder where he’s going, but Armin pulls you to the side where Connie and Historia are. “I’ll keep an eye on you. Go have fun.”
“Yeah, Connie, get it!” Historia cheers as he starts throwing it back on you. He’s moving with so much force, you wonder how you haven’t been knocked off your balance yet. But you join the fun and start playfully smacking his ass.
“Oh yeah, Y/N, harder!” he starts exaggeratedly moaning.
Meanwhile, Eren finds a spot on a nearby couch and gets as comfortable as he can with a couple borderline fucking a couple feet away. The saccharine flavor of the long-gone lollipop he took from you still lingers on his tongue, so he washes it away with a gulp of water. His eyes are trained on your body which peeks through the moving bodies around you. He can vaguely see Connie in front of you, and a smile lights up his face upon the sight. 
He mindlessly scrolls through his phone and refreshes his social media feeds, doing anything to keep his mind occupied while he waits for Armin to tire. It’s starting to get late; his eyelids already feel like they’re gradually getting heavier and his body slumps into the couch. His eyes drift to you once again, and what he sees is just enough to keep him awake. 
Historia stands behind you, her hands roaming up and down your sides and rubbing against the fabric of your shirt. Just as she reaches the area under your breasts, they fall back down to your hips. The way your bodies move in time to the music, and he’s in a trance. What he doesn’t expect to see is you reaching for Armin, and him leaning down as if to capture you in a kiss. And when your lips do meet, he feels his body get warmer. It’s not the type where his blood is boiling—no, he doesn’t feel mad at all—instead, the warmth rushes south to his dick. He should be embarrassed, ashamed, that he’s getting turned on by watching his friends dance and kiss, but he can’t bring himself to look away. 
He snaps out of his reverie once he realizes that all four of you are approaching him, and he tries to straighten himself up and hide his half-hard dick for the second time that night. “Connie and I are gonna take Historia home and just crash there tonight since she lives nearby,” Armin says once he’s close enough for him to hear, “you should probably take Y/N home as well.”
“Bye, Armin,” you say in a dreamy tone, sending him and the other two a wave goodbye. “See you soon!” When they walk away, you throw yourself on Eren’s lap, facing him and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He nearly chokes on his own spit and he frantically tries to subtly push you off.
“I had fun today, Ren.” You cut him off, pressing your pointer finger to his lips. “Armin’s a pretty good kisser.”
“Oh. Is he?” he asks, which is followed by a nod of your head. “You ready to go home?”
You scoot closer to him, dragging your cunt over his crotch and squishing your boobs against his chest. He feels even hotter now, and no matter how hard he tries to fight back, the tent in his sweats keeps growing. “Mm, not yet.”
“Why is that?” he attempts to push you off again, this time placing his hands right on your waist. It makes you jolt, rubbing yourself on his clothed cock yet again. “Actually, never mind. We’re leaving now.” He has to force himself to unwrap your arms from him and push you off to the side before abruptly standing up. With a firm grip on your arm, he yanks you up and takes you away from the party. Some people nearby stare as he drags you to the front door.
“Eren,” you whine, “why are we leaving?”
“Because I said so.”
The chilly outside air hits you like a slap in the face, and you wish that you brought a jacket or at least a cardigan. Luckily, Eren’s car was parked not too far down the street, and he made sure to buckle you in before getting in the car himself. With the turn of his key in the ignition, one of The Weeknd’s songs plays on the radio and cold air blasts from the AC.
“We’re gonna wait for the car to heat up first,” Eren says through chattering teeth, turning the temperature knob to the hottest setting. You take a moment to get comfortable, reclining your seat and stretching your legs as much as you can in the limited space you have.
Once he deems the car is warm enough, he shifts gears and slowly pulls away from the curb. His mind wanders off as he begins to drive down familiar roads. There’s still a fair amount of people outside right now, probably going back home from dates. At a stoplight, he glances over to you; your eyes are closed and your head leans against the window. He admires the way the red light casts a soft glow on your face and how your mouth slightly hangs open which fogs up the glass. It takes a second for him to realize that the light turned green because of how enchanted he felt.
When he finally gets to your apartment complex, he parks as close to your building as possible since the parking lot was mostly full. He reaches over the center console and opens the glove box to pull out a visitor parking permit that he never returned to you. After hanging it on his rearview mirror, he tenderly places a hand on your shoulder to wake you.
“Angel,” he whispers, causing you to stir, “wake up. We’re home.”
Eren takes good care of you once you finally make it to your apartment. When you start to feel nauseous, he follows you to the bathroom to make sure you’re alright and even gets you some water to drink. He leaves you alone so that you can change out your clothes for some comfy pajamas, and he respectfully wipes the sweat off your body with a wet rag afterwards. He lays you down on your bed and you almost lose yourself in a dreamlike state until you see him about to close the door and leave.
“Ren,” you softly call out, “don’t go.”
“I can’t stay here,” he responds. You prop yourself up to get a better look at him, but he rushes over and immediately tries to lay you back down. “I can’t.”
“Please stay. It’s already late.”
Using his phone to check the time, he sighs as the numbers read four minutes past eleven. “I’ll sleep on the couch, okay?”
“No,” you state; he’s taken aback. “Sleep with me.” You scoot over on your bed and lift the blanket up to welcome him in.
“I can’t,” he repeats with a strain in his voice. The promise he made to himself echoes inside his head, but the voice silences when he sees your pleading eyes and jutting lip. He just can’t say no to you.
“Give me a couple minutes.”
The next five minutes feel like an eternity while you wait for him to get himself ready for bed. After brushing his teeth with a spare toothbrush he found in your bathroom, he rummages through your closet and conveniently finds one of his hoodies that you kept from him. He slips it on and ditches his pants then goes to turn off the lights. He crawls onto the bed, leaving some space between your body.
“Thanks for taking care of me tonight,” you mumble against your pillow. “You didn’t have to do all that.”
“I wanted to though.”
“Because I care about you.”
The mattress dips as you scoot closer to him. “Yeah, you were always so nice to me.”
“I’m sorry,” the words rush out of his mouth before he can stop them, and you raise your head from your pillow, quirking a brow at him. “I’m sorry for breaking things off with you, right before the holidays, at that–”
His next words get caught in his throat when you suddenly move to straddle his hips. It doesn’t help the fact that your sleep shorts are so thin that he can feel the heat from your cunt burning a hole into his boxers. His dick aches from being blue-balled all night, and he nearly whimpers when you adjust yourself in his lap.
“It’s okay, Ren,” you say nonchalantly. “You asked for some space, and I gave it to you.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you.”
His heart is racing a million miles an hour, and there’s no way you can’t feel his boner. You start to lean closer to his face, but he quickly turns his head to the side. “Alright, that’s enough. You’ve had a lot to drink tonight.”
“But I want you, Eren,” you whisper against his ear.
“I can’t have you,” he says, speaking from his mind. His heart is telling him to just go along with it, but he’s fighting the urge to give in. He can’t take advantage of you in such a vulnerable state. “You’re gonna wake up tomorrow morning and regret it.”
His brain turns to mush when you begin to leave open-mouthed kisses along his neck. When you suck on that one spot along his jaw, he loses it. His hands move with a mind of their own, traveling down your body and resting on the small of your back. The pressure from his hands pushes you against his cock, and he bites back a moan when he continues to grind your hips on him. Little whimpers make their way out of your throat, but Eren needs more. So much for refraining from doing anything to you.
Your manicured hand lightly grips his cheeks, forcing him to look at you as you lean closer to him again. This time, he doesn’t put up a fight. There’s still a tinge of alcohol that he can taste on your lips, but it has mostly been masked by the mint of your toothpaste. The sparks inside of his heart ignite as the kiss deepens, and the fireworks go off much like the first time he kissed you.
“Off,” you say with a tug on his hoodie. He sits up, forcing you to scooch back onto his thighs. Crossing his arms over his torso and gripping the hem of the hoodie, he swiftly removes it, leaving him in just his boxers. “You’re already so hard,” you say in awe while palming him through the fabric. You lower yourself and teasingly lick the fabric along his length, causing him to buck his hips.
“Fuck, baby, get your ass over here,” he says, pulling you up along your bed and turning the both of you over so that he’s hovering on top of you. Instinctively, you wrap your arms around his neck to bring him closer. His eyes are so pretty and even in the low light, you can see the specks of blue and green in his irises. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
With a nod of your head, you try pulling him even closer, but he stays put. “I need to hear you say it. I’m not doing anything until you do.”
“I wanna do this, Ren, I need you so bad.”
The desperation in your voice is wearing his patience thin. He goes in for another kiss and melts into your touch when he feels you undo his bun and tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear. 
“Can I take these off?” he asks with his fingers toying with the waistband of your shorts. Instead of giving him an answer, you go ahead and push off both your shorts and cotton panties. His face heats up, but he helps you take them off completely anyway. 
“I need you here,” you whimper, dragging your fingers down to your pussy and spreading your folds. Eren wastes no time in worshiping your body, leaving kisses down your stomach and up your thighs. His lips gently press against your clit when all of a sudden the feeling of his tongue on you causes your thighs to clench around his head.
A firm grip on your plush thigh forces it back against the bed. “I have to be able to breathe in order to please you,” he chuckles.
“It’s fine.” A glob of spit falls from his mouth and onto your cunt, then he’s back at licking it all up. He moans into it, and the vibrations send shockwaves up your spine, making stars cloud your vision. Reaching between your legs, you move Eren’s long hair out of the way to reveal his beautiful viridian eyes. He even has the audacity to wink at you when your eyes meet, but you can’t be mad when his fingers start prodding at your hole.
“Mmh, fuck,” you gasp when he eases one finger into you. It’s been so long—too long—since you’ve felt his touch. He tears himself away from you and props his chin on his free hand, admiring you with hearts in his eyes as if he isn’t about to add another finger.
“You’re so beautiful,” he exhales right when he curls his fingers, brushing up against that spot he knows all too well. He lives for the whines and whimpers you make, the wordless pleas for him to keep going. And he listens, kissing up your thighs until he reaches your pussy again. This time, he doesn’t keep his eyes off of you. He sees the way your head is thrown back against the pillow and how your back arches every time he hits a deep spot inside of you. “So fucking wet, too. Seems like you really missed me, huh?”
“Yeah, missed you so so so much,” you mindlessly ramble. The pressure in your lower abdomen builds as your orgasm approaches. Eren continues to stimulate your g-spot, and his tongue sloppily flicks your clit, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. “I’m so close, baby, don’t stop.”
I don’t plan on it, he thinks while massaging your thigh with his free hand. He gets so lost in dragging his tongue across your folds that he doesn’t even register the feeling of your wells clenching around him, nor does he hear the warning that you’re about to cum. So when your juices literally squirt onto him, he’s caught by surprise. He lifts his head away from you, keeping his fingers in your pussy, and just stares at your convulsing body. The moan you let out was so dragged out, and only then did he remove his fingers.
“Holy shit, angel.” He gawks at your confused expression. “I didn’t think you had it in you to do that.”
“Do what?” you innocently ask. He motions to his abs and the bed, which are soaked in your arousal. The embarrassment settles in, and you attempt to hide your face with your arms. “Oh my god, Ren, I’m sor–”
“Don’t be sorry,” he cuts you off, pulling your arms away from your head and pinning them to the bed. He kisses you, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. “It was hot.”
“Okay…” you say wearily. For some reason, you start to panic when you see him start to take his boxers off. “Wait!” He raises a brow at you, urging you to continue. “I’m– can we slow down?”
“Yeah, of course we can,” he smiles. “Can I take your shirt off though?”
“Mhm.” You sit up and rest your back against your pillows, allowing him to lift the fabric off your body. Your nipples harden upon being exposed to the air, and Eren carefully climbs over your body, choosing to lay in between your legs so that your chest is directly in front of his face. 
“You really are perfect,” he says with dilated eyes, cupping your tits with his hands. Much like he did to your clit, he presses a kiss onto one of your tits before taking the nipple into his mouth. His fingers toy with the one he isn’t sucking on, pinching it and rolling it. You card your hand through his hair, moaning when he nips at your sensitive skin and when he switches over to the other side. You carefully raise his head, and with your hands cradling his jaw, you guide his lips to yours. When you lightly bite down on his bottom lip and apply some pressure around his neck, he smiles into the kiss. 
“I’m ready,” you moan into his mouth. He pecks your nose before sitting up and pulling your body further down on the bed. 
“Do you have a condom?”
“Fuck me raw,” you blurt before thinking. “Oh! I mean are you clean?”
He laughs at your slip up and begins to take his boxers off. “Yeah. Haven’t had much time to be sleeping around. Not that I wanted to though.”
You’re about to poke fun at him, but the sight of his dick catches you off guard. It’s just as big as you remember, and the tip is wet and flushed a dark pink from leaking this entire time. It keeps you in a trance, and you reach out to wrap your hand around the base, but he stops you by grabbing your wrist.
“I said I wanna make you feel good earlier,” you pout while trying to free yourself from his grasp.
“And you’re gonna do just that, baby. It’s all about you tonight after all.” He taps the head of his dick against your clit a couple times before sliding it between your lips and slicking it up. After circling it around your hole, he slides it in. Even with the prep, the stretch of his cock still hurts as he sheathes himself deeper. Both of you let out a sigh when he bottoms out. “Fuck, were you always this tight?”
“I missed you, Ren.” It’s evident in the way you clench around his cock, sucking him in deeper with every thrust of his hips. His hands find yours and he tenderly intertwines your fingers, making it feel more intimate. 
“God, I love you so much, Y/N,” he grunts. “I never stopped—fuck—never stopped loving you.”
His thrusts grow harder and faster, and he has to bury his face in your neck to conceal his moans. The way his cock feels sliding against your velvety walls is breathtaking; you want more but at the same time, it’s entirely way too much. 
“Right there!” you exclaim after he repositions himself, sitting on the heels of his feet. But he stops to tie his hair back into a bun, secretly enjoying the way you squirm and writhe to get him to move again. 
“Patience, love,” he reminds you while taking a hold of the backs of your thighs. You pull them up to your chest and hold them for him, allowing him to go even deeper, something that was just seemingly impossible. The sound of skin slapping against skin grows louder, but it’s drowned out by your moans. 
“You're taking me so well, as usual.” One of his hands smooths your skin before his fingers land on your clit. The pace at which he rubs it is a perfect contrast to the quick movement of your hips.
But the added stimulation actually makes it too much. “Nngh, s-slow down!”
“Too much for you already?” He feigns pity, watching the way your eyes screw shut. “Come on, you can take it. Right?”
“Mm, shit.” The feeling in your tummy grows and not once does Eren’s pace falter, not even for a second. “Yeah, I can take it, baby.”
“Good girl.” His voice sounds much raspier, and he does end up slowing down his pace, opting to go deeper rather than faster. He looks at where your bodies connect, hypnotized by the way his dick disappears between your folds. “Always so good for me, fuck. Can feel you gripping me.”
His words turn you into a moaning mess, spurring him on even more. “I’m close, angel. But you gotta cum first.”
“Kiss me,” you brokenly plead. He removes your hands from your thighs, allowing him to get close to you. You arch your back, pushing your chest against his as he plants his soft lips on yours once more. When his tongue swipes against your bottom lip, you open up and let him in. It explores wonders within your mouth, only stopping when you begin to suck on it.
Without warning, the coil in your tummy snaps. You’re gasping for air while convulsing and tightening your grip on his cock, and he has to slow his pace to stave off his own orgasm.
“I’m gonna cum,” he pants, thrusts getting sloppy. “Where do you want it?”
“Inside me,” your words slur from the overstimulation. He’s about to ask if you’re sure about it, but he’s already past the point of pulling out.
“I love you, Y/N.” With a couple more thrusts, he buries his cock to the hilt, releasing his cum in hot, thick spurts of white. The hold he has on your hips is tight and his orgasm seems never ending until his body eventually slumps against yours. The sweat makes it feel sticky and rather unpleasant, but you pay it no mind as you come down from your high.
“I love you, too, Eren.”
His chest still heaves with each breath he takes when he pulls out of you. He can’t help but watch as his cum leaks out of your pussy and onto the bed, further soiling your sheets.
“Fuck. Sorry about your sheets,” he says while untucking the corners from under the mattress. “Get up so I can take care of you and put these in the laundry.”
You weakly raise your arms and make grabby hands at him; he has no choice but to lift you up. Using him as support, the two of you make it to the bathroom which is connected to your room. 
“How are your legs?” Eren asks while running a washcloth under warm water. He wrings it out before wiping the sweat and cum off your body.
“Shaky,” you giggle. “Probably gonna be sore in the morning.”
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly. “I’ll make it up–”
You turn his head up to face yours with a touch of your finger on his chin. “Stop saying sorry, baby.” A few seconds of silence pass while he finishes up with cleaning your legs  and moving on to wipe down his own. “Did you really mean it when you said you still love me?”
“Of course.” There’s no hesitation in his answer. “Always have loved you, and I always will.”
“Does that mean you wanna get back together?”
He just chuckles and shrugs it off. “How about we talk about it over breakfast?”
“Sounds good to me.”
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achoonihaachu · 4 months ago
Younger Brothers React to "Feeling" You...
(Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor)
a/n: i'm sorry this took wayyy longer to post than i hoped! school has been kicking my ass even harder now that it's the last few months of this school year... once summer vacation starts, i plan on updating as often as possible! i hope you end up liking this! i think it's a little spicier than the older brothers' version! ;)
warnings: nsfw prompt! read with caution!, not proofread!
Feelings don’t always have to be said. Sometimes you look at the object of your affection and you just know. They’d smile at you with a smile that insinuates something more than a friendly relationship, stares linger, touches heat you up from the inside and burns hotter the longer time goes on...
In all honesty, Satan believes that you’re most likely a saint or one of the angel exchange students.
He was so god awful to you; He threatened you, he tried blackmailing you and he was so close to hurting you and yet you still chose to give him another chance at friendship?
Not to blackmail him in the future, no– You’re just so genuinely good to him and his brothers and he’s so ashamed of how he acted in the earlier days.
He decided to change his ways; He will not stand letting those nasty memories linger in your mind.
Somewhere along the way though, that desperation to change your mind in favor of bettering your friendship turned into something more.
Every pat on the back meant something more as he’d glide his thumb on the blade of your shoulder. The way he’d search for your smiling face in a sea of people– It was obvious, even to a blind man, that Satan was quickly developing feelings.
You weren’t too far behind either; The way he’d stare at you like there was nothing else in the world fueled a flame in the pit of your stomach that’d grow stronger and stronger after each get-together.
He tried keeping his attraction to you under wraps.
You, quite frankly, weren’t doing too well at that.
Your cheeks would grow hot and bloom a shade of pink like watercolor on paper after every lingering touch– He wasn’t blind to the way you’d so blatantly stare at his lips… and yes, he’s aware of the way you’d check him out as he walked away from you.
You’re not as slick as you’d like to believe.
Not when you excuse yourself to use the bathroom after every study session, without fail; He can hear you through the door, you know?
You aren’t exactly quiet. Not that he wants you to be.
You rushed past a gaggle of gossiping succubi as you ran for the school library. Satan had managed to gain access to the forbidden section and though you weren’t allowed to touch anything, you weren’t passing up any opportunity to be alone with the blonde.
You had a growing collection of secretive snapshots of him in your phone, you needed to add to the tally.
Your footsteps were drowned out by the plush carpet in the library; there weren’t many people to begin with so that meant you could openly stare at the fourth-born without fear of being seen by one of his groupies. Perfect. You spot him standing to the side of the librarian’s desk, in front of an ancient-looking door as he toyed with the skeleton key that was definitely centuries older than you at this point. He motioned you to come closer, a hand stuck out and a finger curving in towards his figure in a “come hither” manner. You gulp, a coy smile playing on your lips.
“Now, (MC). Remember that these books here are cursed and many, if not all, of them are dangerous to you and your pretty little human body. Stick by me, alright?” Perhaps it was simply a slip of the tongue but his words had your face burning red like a stop sign. You nudged him, clearing your throat as you feigned excitement to be in a room full of cursed books that could potentially kill you.
The things you do to be with this man.
The forbidden section was just… Really dusty. It was dark, save for the few lanterns scattered about housing eternal flames in their glass interior. Satan mentioned off-handedly that electrical lines weren’t put in this specific area because of a certain cursed book that housed an evil being worse than him and his brothers– It was able to harness electricity. You didn’t want to dwell on it too long— You were already scared shitless.
It wasn’t too big of a reading area, there were really only two different sections and a sofa and coffee table that sat in the middle of the dark room with worn out throw pillows left haphazardly on the floor. You could tell that only the highest of authorities were ever really allowed here; Diavolo seemed to have left behind one of his blood red school jackets on the arm rest of the couch. You’d have to remind him to pick it up some other time.
Satan immediately found himself in a comfortable spot a bit to the middle of the couch, his legs propped up on the rickety old table in front of him. In his arms were a small pile of books that he placed in the small space between him and the armrest.
Just as you were about to sit down beside the blonde, he yelps and yanks you down onto his lap. You gasp and stare at him, eyes wide as saucers, “S-Satan! What the heck?!” You squeak. He, also in a similar state of flustered as you, smiles sheepishly as he tries to compose himself, “I-I apologize about this, (MC). There seems to be some sort of dirt on the couch and I didn't want you sitting on it in case it stains your clothes.” You glance down and there is, in fact, a strange black stain that seemed to be… wet?
You didn’t even want to try finding out what it was.
Too focused on eyeing the black goo like it somehow offended you and your mother, you didn’t realize how tense Satan was. You’ve had cuddle sessions end in you straddling him, sure, but both of you were normally half asleep and delirious by then. Feeling you so close, so prominent in his personal space— He could feel every movement. Every beat of your heart, every warm breath escaping your soft lips. Each throb of your...
He was getting drunk off of you.
You finally realized the position you were in, how you were practically riding him with your clothes on– You tense up above him, squeezing your legs together and accidentally pushing yourself down against his lap.
“I-I’m so sorry, Satan! I’ll sit on the floor!--” He cuts you off as a broken moan cuts the tension.
“No! No… I’m fine…” He breathes out, gripping your waist with languid hands, “I-I couldn’t ask a lady to sit on the floor while I sit on the couch. You can stay right there.” You didn’t know what to think; Did he expect you to believe that lousy excuse? You could feel the smallest of movements as he tries to discreetly roll his hips up against yours. You weren’t aware of how he could feel you on his lap.
You stifle a moan. Surely feigning ignorance was for the best right? Satan was definitely just concerned about your comfort.
“A-Alright! Then… How about we start reading then?”
Asmo believed that you two would be the best of friends… The only way he’d accept otherwise is if you finally accept his advances.
Besides Mammon, only he treated you… decently and he uses that word loosely.
He knows how it came across at first; Every dirty joke, every flirty remark– he was aware that he was kind of flirting with a brick wall.
You weren’t reciprocating at all. >:((
At first, it really pissed him off to see that he was being rejected by a human, of all beings, and that you didn’t even give him any reaction to get off on. No blushing, no spike in heart rate, no lustful aura– nothing!
He was starting to question if you were actually a robot from how deadpan your reactions were to him.
He then saw how much you truly cared; You learnt to love im past his beauty and his sex appeal.
You’d be the first to knock on his door in the morning if you didn’t see him at breakfast. You’d ask to comb his hair whilst he did his skin care routine. You’d laugh at all his silly jokes and take care of him when he was sick…
He felt bad about judging you– He just wasn’t able to comprehend how anyone could even consider rejecting him!
That was until he kind of… eavesdropped on you one night.
He could hear you through the door, every airy whimper, every call of his name, every single sound and feeling exemplified by his sin.
He felt his knees buckle as he pressed the side of his head to the creaky wooden door of your room.
You walked out of your room 20 minutes later, looking as dandy as ever, and he was left speechless. You were busy moaning his name not even half an hour ago and now you’re able to look him in the eye?!
Since that day, he has tried his best to decipher you, almost. He’d stick to you like gum on a sidewalk to get a reading on you.
Did you like him or not?!
He was about to find out soon enough.
Asmo loved monopolizing your time. He loved that he could have all his brothers jealous and he got to spend his days with you. It was a win-win situation. Obviously, complete days out with Asmo came as rarely as a pure white moon in the Devildom— I mean, have you met any of his brothers? You already had your hands full with Mammon alone.
You had to schedule hangouts and tea times to get anything remotely done in the house.
Since Asmo’s birthday was coming up, all the brothers begrudgingly agreed to let him have you for an entire day and to say that the fifth-born was ecstatic would be an understatement. He was absolutely overjoyed. The day started off with an at-home spay session, then you took him to Majolish to buy him an outfit that he absolutely loved, and Asmo felt so loved and so comfortable. It baffled him sometimes; how an ordinary human could get him feeling the way you had him feeling.
You just had that effect on him.
The day was coming to an end and Asmo was starting to pout and insisted that you go too one more place before calling it a day. As you walked past a small flower shop, you two caught a glimpse of the newly opened arcade and Asmo was quick to drag you in, ignoring your cries of protest. It was a quaint little area but it was fun to look at. The flashing lights and the dorky video game playlist that had your ears ringing definitely added to the experience. Asmo insisted that you and him go head to head in a few games that he’d pick out.
Not to brag or anything, you annihilated him.
Every round of every game you played, you’d managed to score over twice what he scored and it left him all pouty.
“Here! I’ll make it up to you! Wanna get our picture taken?” At the mention of pictures, Asmo was already dragging you into an isolated little photobooth at the back of the arcade.The flimsy PVC plastic of the curtain was tinted black and it went all the way to the floor. You and Asmo would be left hidden from the view of the rest of the demons in the arcade.
You didn’t know whether or not to consider it a blessing or a curse.
When you cramped in the photobooth after Asmo sat down, you realized that it was way too small for either of you to take proper pictures, “H-Hey, (MC)! Be careful! You’re messing my hair up!” Asmo yelped as he accidentally hit you in the side. You groaned in response, “I’m sorry, Asmo. I don’t think we’d be able to take photos like this. I’ll go out and wait for you– Woah!”
As you turned to leave, your foot got caught on the fabric of the curtain that was splayed on the floor and you almost fell flat on your face– when you felt a pair of hands grab onto your waist. Asmo was swift in sitting you on his lap and he was actually careful in making sure that you felt comfortable, “Careful, beautiful!” He t’sked as he inspected your hands. You weren’t hurt at all, that’s what mattered.
You were buzzing with adrenaline– I mean, you almost at shit on the linoleum! You didn’t realize how perfect your body fit against Asmo, how your bottom was pressed against his lap– You didn’t even bat an eye at the way Asmo’s hands started shaking as he held your waist. You wiggled your hips against his lap.
Throbbing– It’s all that he could think of.
The beating was right over his quickly hardening… problem. He needed to get you off his lap… But you were so deliciously slotted on top of him. He didn’t want to waste the opportunity but… Oh, his conscience…
Too bad he was a demon from Hell. He jostled you on his lap again, this time spreading your legs to make it so that you were straddling him, “Now, now, (MC). I’m sure you’d be smart to keep your movement to a minimum…”
“I may be your best friend now but I’ve been the Avatar of Lust for longer than that.”
Beel, sweet innocent Beel.
The same Beel you learnt to love over the time you spent in the Devildom was also the same Beel that tried killing you after you and Mammon ate his pudding.
You were over it, quite frankly, but he definitely wasn’t. He felt so bad about almost losing you before he even had the chance to truly know you.
You brought Belphie back. You sacrificed your life for him and his brothers and he was forever in your debt for it.
He, at first, was just glad to know that you loved his family in the same way he did. He loved that you cared more about others than you did yourself and, sure, at times it worried him sick– What would he do if you were in danger and he wasn’t able to protect you?
Then that admiration and platonic love turned into something more when he started bringing you to his Fangol games.
You two weren’t even dating yet! You were simply just… best friends.
You’d normally watch his practices and you’d always cheer him on in your own little way. You kept to yourself and you were his silent little fangirl but during the actual games…
You were always the loudest in the crowd. You’d bring banners, posters, glowsticks, you even got into trouble once for trying to set up a fireworks display in his honor.
You’d show him so much love and you never seemed to tire from trying to make it known that you were always there to support him. It made his heart beat so quickly and it left a weird feeling, like his stomach was housing a dozen rabid butterflies who go feral every time he sees you smile.
He came to the funny realization that he had been in love with you for a long, long time, he just wasn’t aware of it.
He followed you around like a puppy, even more so than he already did.
He was fascinated by you and at the same time… He was starting to get extremely protective.
The guys in his Fangol team could be a little… perverted.
You’d always, without fail, come to his practices and watch patiently. You’d always bring snacks and you’d always shoot him that adorable smile of yours as he walks by on his way to clean up before you two walked home together. Seeing you show him your support motivated him to no end– even as his knees threaten to buckle after a particularly rough set of exercises.
You were just the cure for fatigue that he needed and apparently, he wasn’t the only one gaining that extra boost of energy after seeing you.
Locker room talk was something Beel never engaged in. Sure, he was a demon but even that was pretty low. He’d overhear his teammates talk about pretty succubi they’d have one night stands with, they’d show each other risque photos they take with their partners and all in all, Beel just wasn’t comfortable being a part of that conversation–
That was until you became the topic of interest.
You showed up to one of his practices wearing a uniform that was definitely too tight on you. The skirt you donned on was definitely a few inches shorter than what you’d normally wear and when the wind would pick up, you’d have to keep the fabric down to avoid flashing the whole team. Your shirt seemed a little too tight against your chest, too. When the team was given a 20 minute break, Beel rushed over to pull you into a sweaty bear hug.
“Hey! Beel! You know how I feel about the sweat!” You whined but you didn’t move to pull away; if anything, you only tightened the hug as you wrap your arms around his neck. The ginger hummed in response, smiling into your hair. Neither of you noticed how a few of the other demons stood around behind you, watching.
The rest of the practice went swimmingly, Beel was quick to wrap the match up, itching to go home with you to get dinner started. He walked by you like usual, on his way to the lakers when he heard it, “(MC) looks so hot today. Like fuck, I wish the school uniform was always that short.” Beel grunted and eyed the lower demon that was perving on you. He didn’t want to start a fight about it; Besides, it was true to some extent– You were very pretty regardless of what you were wearing.
As Beel changed out of his Fangol uniform, he heard something else being whispered, “I snapped a pic up her skirt… You know, when she hugged Beel?”
The sixth-born flew into a blinding rage.
You sat on your lonesome for a while, it was quiet and chilly and you were really starting to regret letting Solomon try out the tailoring spell on you. Your clothes weren't doing a good job at keeping you warm at all. Beel was taking longer than usual…
Speak of the devil and he will appear, Beel walks out from the locker room with a murderous glint in his eyes. He stops right in front of you, eyes trained on the ground as he stands motionless, “Hey… Beel? What’s up with you?” You ask tenderly, hand coming up to caress his forearm.
Wordlessly, Beel picks you up like you were made of paper before he sits down and settles you on his lap. His arms wrap tightly around your waist as he buries his face into your neck. How dare those demons do and say those things… They deserved what he did to them.
He was teetering on the edge, so angry he could burst and only kept at bay by your presence. You smelled like home, like comfort– He would’ve let you go eventually when he sensed a passing presence. The lower demons that left unscathed from the locker room incident scamper past in fear, keeping their eyes to themself, afraid of what Beelzebub would do if he caught them even glancing in your general area.
When he felt that you’d be safe, he moved to let you go when he felt you wiggle around on his lap. He would normally just chuckle and pat you on the back but then he felt you clench your legs… Now, that was new.
He felt his breath hitch in his throat, hands frozen in the air as he was left unsure of how to react. He gritted his teeth as he felt your core heat up, the gentle throbbing like a hypnotizing rhythm.
Your body seemed so small in his lap.
The locker room was empty now, anyways. He was starting to get pretty hungry for something only you could give him and he wasn’t patient enough to wait till you got home.
He never thought, in his entire life, that he would ever consider calling a human a friend, much less a lover.
His feelings toward humans have always been a little jaded since… The Fall.
Aside from that, he also never found humans even remotely attractive.
I mean, all you had were a set of limbs to grab you things and walk you places. You didn’t even have wings, or a tail, or even a different form for when you were having trouble with your “human” form.
You were a less cool version of demons.
He kept thinking that even as you tried to find a way to free him from the attic. He was only using you, he’d say as he stares down at your lips hungrily, like a hungry hawk in the desert. He’d note how soft they looked, like a pair of plush cushions from the Celestial Realm.
He’d grit his teeth as he forced himself to get rid of those thoughts about you.
You’re just a dumb human, nothing special about you at all. Sure, you were beautiful but you were a human– He despised humans; He’d say all that as he touched himself to the thought of you.
He must’ve just been desperate. Yes, that’s it. He lost count of how many weeks, years perhaps, it had been since he was locked away in the attic. He hadn’t been able to ogle at many female demons. That’s it.
His bottom lip would bleed from how harshly he was biting down on it after your regular secret meetings with him.
It was never romantic. It wasn’t friendly either. Purely sexual and he was also just using you.
After the whole issue with letting him out, though…
That was when Belphie realized just how badly he fucked your relationship up even before it could blossom.
He tried to be better and through hard work and genuine care for your wellbeing, he became the demon you sought when you had free time.
You’d nap and hangout together. You’d have a blast being in each other’s presence, even if you didn’t do anything together.
He managed to win your heart a second time around; This time though, you fell in love with Belphie without fear of being threatened or hurt.
He kept his temper though.
Belphie was as whiny as ever. You had school work to finish and he was adamant about getting cuddles and having a little nap fest. You refused and now he was being all sulky. “Seriously, Belphie! I’m just about done! Just give me a few more minutes and I’ll join ya, deal?” You say, eyes not leaving the book you were analyzing for one of your upcoming tests. He growls at you, teeth bared as he glares at you grumpily. You didn’t flinch or react.
He was getting really frustrated; You know how the youngest of the family normally gets when they don't receive the attention they demand.
Silent tension fills the air as you busily wrote away in your notebook. The attic had become a sort of sanctuary of yours, to help you get away from the utter chaos that comes with a group of 7 brothers all vying for your attention; At first, it was only really yours after Belphie moved back into his shared bedroom with Beel. Then he finds out that you take naps on your own in the small attic and he has never let a single day pass that you two don’t cuddle in his old bedroom. That leads us back to this moment. Belphie was on the pile of pillows and blankets that he lovingly calls your cuddle spot, he was faced down and you were surprised he hadn’t suffocated just yet.
“(MC). I want to nap and I can’t do it without you. Come here. Now.” His voice was dangerously low as he threatened you. You didn’t really take him seriously, though, with how muffled his voice sounded against the throw pillow smushed up against his face. You simply hummed a “give me 10 more minutes” before you resumed with your scribbling on the notebook.
Belphie groaned inwardly and forced himself to sit up; Well, if you weren’t going to adjust for him… Might as well bother you as you studied.
You felt the seat be pulled away from the desk, your body simply moving along. You look up and stare at Belphie’s looming figure quizzically, “Belphie, I said 5 more minutes–” You were cut off by the seventh born pulling you up to your feet before he plops down on the seat. You cross your arms over your chest with a huff, “You’re being so childish, Belphie.” you sighed before moving to grab your notebook.
Before you could find a new place to study, Belphie pulls you onto his lap by your waist. With your body faced toward the desk, his legs fit perfectly between yours, though you didn’t really have a say with how you get to sit; You legs mved every time he moved his legs. Every inch he spreads his legs, the space between yours would widen and widen.
You gulped, dropping your things on the desk in surprise, “Belphie, w-what is this?!” you asked in surprise as you tense up. Belphie shrugs nonchalantly as he wraps his arms around your figure, his face buried in your neck as he closes his eyes, “You wouldn’t pay attention to me, '' he says simply.
He found it quite amusing; you were as stiff as a rod on his lap. He was about to call you out on your behavior, I mean, you’ve cuddled before! Skinship wasn’t uncommon in your friendship! His felt his throat run dry though, when the muscles in your inner thighs tensed up, almost like you were a tightening coil on his lap. He was suddenly hyper aware of everything around him, his drowsiness from before disappeared in an instance. Looking down, over your figure, he sees how helpless you looked. The position was perfect too.
You were like a little present on his lap he had easy access to. All he had to do was start unwrapping you.
He smirked devilishly to himself. This was going to be fun…
“I’ll make you regret ignoring me earlier. All I wanted were cuddles… I was something else now.”
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fanficsat12am · 5 days ago
how the brothers react to playing with his hair headcanons | Lucifer & Mammon
Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus
He's very skeptical about it the first time you try, his eyes following every movement your hand makes
He's used to Satan and Belphie's pranks at this point and thought that this was another one of them
Despite his weariness, your eyes show no malice, and instead show curiosity and wonderment at his... hair?
He slowly lets his guard down after a few minutes and allows himself to get down to your level
Your hand shoots up to his dark, glossy tuft of hair and lets himself enjoy the feeling of your fingers brushing through his locks, each touch gentle and full of care
After that, it becomes somewhat of a stress reliever for him
Will ask you to play with his hair in busy weeks, pouting whenever you have to leave to do your own work
He tried doing it to himself once while you were out but his attempts were futile and ended with his hair in tangles
" What the hell happened to your hair? It looks like a tornado hit it, Love "
"It seems that I am in desperate need of your touch, MC"
You were laying beside him on the couch one afternoon. Everything was normal, up till you started reaching for his head. He thought nothing of it, until your fingers start dancing around his snow colored hair, treating it as if you're touching fine silk
His face starts going red, the shade rivaling that of Asmo's new Blood Red lipstick
Although he already loves even just the thought of your company, not that he'll ever tell you that your touch is just as valuable to him, if not more
He finds comfort in it from there on out
After a particularly harsh day of working and an earful from the firstborn, he goes to your room tired as hell
Although he doesn't admit it, you already know that he needs some solace from everything
"Shhhhh... It's okay, you're safe here"
"Yer touch is the only heavenly thing is this whole damned Devildom, MC"
AN: kinda wanna try writing so here's my first work!! I really hope ya like this!! I'll do better next time since I'm just trying to see what my style is <3
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eddiemunsonsbaby · 7 days ago
he’s so pretty when he goes down on me.
pairing: eddie munson x female reader.
synopsis: y/n wants eddie to take her virginity, but eddie wants to take things slower.
warnings: virgin!reader, oral sex (reader receiving), lots of fluff and eddie being a soft sexy bf… reader is over the age of 18!
Tumblr media
“i want you to fuck me now, eddie. i’m ready,” i whined against his lips. grinding my hips against his crotch as we made out on his couch. i knew he wanted it too, i could feel his hard cock against my inner thigh.
all of this was still so new to eddie. sure, he’d had sex before. but i was his first real relationship. he still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that eddie “the freak” munson, had landed a real girlfriend. the most beautiful woman from hawkins high as he and his friends would say.
hearing those words come out of my mouth caused him to audibly growl, his boner becoming even harder than it was seconds prior. his fingers dug hard into my thighs, rings leaving pretty marks on my skin.
“baby, as much as i want to fuck you right here until the world stops spinning, i want it to be special for you,” he says, looking into my eyes. i whined like a puppy, pushing my hips forward once again. “but, eddie… i want it so so bad,” i say, trying my best to convince him.
“i can tell,” he smirks, pecking my lips once more as he slides his fingers under my skirt. tracing his fingers along my damp underwear, i bucked my hips into his fingers.
“god you’re a fucking tease, eddie,” i must’ve sounded so pathetic, but i was too horny to give a shit. besides, i knew eddie loved when i got needy for him.
“i didn’t say i wasn’t gonna make you feel good, baby,” he replied, his pretty eyes filled with lust as he squeezed both of my thighs.
“what do you mean?” i ask, but he said nothing. he just flipped us over so i was sitting on the couch. back resting against the fabric as my legs spread before him, looking down at him as he kneels on the floor between my opened thighs. he pushed my skirt up, ensuring he could see all of me.
“i’m gonna make you feel good in other ways, sweetheart,” my breath hitched as he traced his lips along my left thigh, moving them closer to my most intimate place. “do you want me to do that for you?” i nodded my head eagerly. i was shy about this, and the fact that he could see so much of me but i was too needy to care. all i wanted was for him to make me feel good. i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve thought about him doing these things to me.
i kept my eyes on him as he teased my thighs with his lips, feeling them quiver at his gentle touches. i was in complete awe of him.
he looked so pretty.
he hooks his fingers into the sides of my underwear and pulls them off, discarding them somewhere on the floor near him. breath hitching nervously as the air hit my wet skin.
he couldn’t take his eyes off my core, making me feel extremely vulnerable and nervous. i couldn’t tell what he was thinking, until he said, “oh baby, i’m sorry for all of the things i’m about to do to you..” and before i could respond, his face dove between my thighs without a second of hesitation.
i gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, his mouth ravishing every single part of my core. his eagerness took over every inch of his being and i loved it. it felt so good i could feel tears threatening to fall from my eyes. i was a moaning mess.
“oh, eddie. feels so good,” i whimper, fingernails digging into the fabric of his couch as he continues to eat me out. not coming up for a single breath of air. his tongue moves down to my entrance, inserting it inside to collect as much of my arousal as he could. i kept my eyes on him the whole time. i mean, how could i not?
“you… look so pretty, eddie,” i told him through an abundance of moans, biting my lip. i could barely see, but his cheeks became tinted with a light shade of red. i tell him how pretty he is all of the time, and it never fails to make him blush. no matter what he’s doing. “can’t stop lookin’ at you.”
i could feel my stomach tighten and an orgasm begin to approach. as much as i’ve made myself cum in the past to the thought of eddie, this time it felt different. it felt stronger, like i was going to literally explode from the amount of pleasure my body was feeling. he was so gentle yet so eager.
his nose was pressed against my clit, and i guess he felt my walls tighten around his tongue because he immediately went to wrap his lips around my clit once more. this was when i absolutely lost it. i bucked my hips into his face and the knot inside of me unraveled. i cried out and arched my back, losing control of my breathing as the pleasure took control over my frame.
he didn’t stop until every drop of my cum was cleaned up, his chin glistening under his dim trailer lighting. i was too weak to speak in that moment, i just kept looking at him. he smirked at his efforts, knowing he did a damn good job at satisfying his girl.
“i think i just discovered my new favorite drug,” he said as he stood up, hovering his tall body over me. i bit my lip as he rests his forehead against mine, still attempting to catch my breath.
“i don’t know how i’m supposed to resist fucking that pretty cunt of yours for much longer after the little show you just put on for me,” he says, feeling his hot breath against my lips sent shivers down my spine.
“eddie, if you don’t fuck me right now i think i’m going to lose my mind,” i tell him, my legs still spread opened for him. he thought about it for a second, realizing that this was already a special moment. i wanted it, and so did he. we were both in love, every moment we shared together was special. it was perfect timing.
“don’t worry, doll. the only thing you’re about to lose is that little cherry of yours.”
inspired by the song “touch tank” by quinnie <3
tag list: @michaelsbigreddick @twentyfirstcenturyfox @pinkywidow321 @theeternalersi @stinamarie-sunshine @omenhel @fanxxtasygirl @starstar1012 @st4steve @babybluepunch @michivrse @emeraldwitches @iwannagotospaceforever @lady-ziggy-stardust @eddiemvnsonss @uselessqueergirl @samkiszkasbass @endercherries @matya4 (let me know if you’d like to be added!)
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riddlesrose · 20 days ago
“i want a kiss.”
pairings; riddle, vil, azul, silver
it’s not a question, it’s a demand 🗣
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
“really…? here?!”
the preparations for an unbirthday took longer than expected and you’ve been away from riddle all day. lest he be left alone for a single moment, he’s expected somewhere else.
the preparations were not in vain, however, the unbirthday party looked as beautiful as ever. the biggest table, we’re you, trey, rook and riddle were to be seated was in the middle of it all.
surrounded with other tables and decorations, the environment was all around happy. the stack of sweets on your table made your mouth water just looking at them, trey did a wonderful job as always. (with your help as well, of course.)
riddle didn’t seem to be as happy and relieved as you three were, he seemed… disappointed?
cater beat you to him, “riddle, hey, why so sad?”
riddle looked up at cater right away and put on a fake face, trying to make it seem like he was fine, but it more or less looked like he was about to cry, which is not what he was going for.
you placed a hand on cater’s shoulder and ushered him away with trey.
“what’s wrong with mr. housewarden rosehearts?” you teased.
his face contorted at the name.
“i jest, but really, the party looks great, people are happy and-”
he cut you off, “i don’t want it to happen again.”
you felt sympathetic for him, he hasn’t let the guilt go of his overblot… “that wasn’t your fault nor will it happen again, i promise.”
“yeah? you think so?”
“oh, i know so,” a smug smile crossed your face, “i’ll keep you in a good mood, starting now with-” you raised your hand to his chin and moved his face away from yours so his cheek was facing you, and placed a kiss upon it. “starting with that.”
his hand flew up to his cheek, and he flushed like a red rose.
“so easy to tease~”
vil schoenheit
“you deem yourself worthy?”
“i do, yes, now c’mere,” you held out your hand as a way of beckoning him over.
vils violet eyes drifted over to his bed, where you were seated. the canopy that hung over the headboard sparkled in the sun that trickled through the window.
vil schoenheit, the most beautiful man in school and that you’ve ever seen, took your hand as you guided him to sit next to you on his bed. he sat beside you with a brush in hand.
his blonde and lilac hair was done beautifully, he took great care of his hair, appearance and even how he smelt. his face was flawless, spotless. the pale, smooth skin of his face looked too soft for words yet so desirable to touch.
he started to run his lanky fingers through your hair while brushing it into the style of his choosing, “i have a proposition,” his voice was like a sweet flower, so beautiful.
“is that so?” you smiled and tilted your head to the side so that vil could reach the opposite side of your head.
“yes, you let me do some makeup on you and..”
“and?” you turned to him, letting your hair fall in place, how vil styled it.
“no, no and, just let me make you look even more beautiful.” he lead you to his vanity. you agreed.
he worked delicately at your face while avoiding messing up your hair, even though he could re do it.
being so used to it all, you closed your eyes and let him work away and move your face however he deemed he needed.
“part.” you parted your lips, he sounded focused. the pop of the gloss signalled you he was finishing up his job, which was quick, making it a natural look. the gloss was smooth and felt silky. cold and shiny.
rubbing your lips together, spreading it around, you waited for vil to let you know he was fully finished.
he replaced the gloss in his drawer but grabbed a lipstick instead, “not done?”
he leaned closer to his mirror, “touch up,” he mumbled.
the lipstick was a beautiful shade of purple, one you hadn’t seen before, you took a place beside him, looking at yourself in his full length mirror while he applied the purple paste,
“okay, one final thing,” he reached his hand out for you to come closer, as close as comfort let, and pressed his lips against your cheek, leaving a purple kiss mark on your in its place.
“now, you’re done.”
you wore the purple mark around all day. not daring to remove it, ignoring all the looks and questions.
azul ashengrotto
“oho~ a kiss?”
as you sauntered over to where azul was working on some papers, his facade began to fall lose a bit. sure, he’s a confident guy, but not with you. you make his senses all tingly and his heart all soft. he truly can’t get enough of you.
the stack of papers he was working on was pushed aside by you as you sat very close to him in his booth. with your thighs touching, you left no room in between the two of you.
azul turned his torso towards you but leaned back as a blush crept up his neck, towards his ears.
the goosebumps he felt were un real, you were so close to him that you could see them forming. as he leaned back, you leaned forwards slowly, tauntingly.
since he was in the corner booth, there was a curve in the seat. the plush cushions showed a slight purple - blue hue under the lights of the lounge. azul tried to make a break for it, to prevent you from seeing his flustered face but you put an arm beside his head, on the corner of the booth.
‘damn this corner.’ azul couldn’t make up his mind whether he liked this side of you or he’d rather cower in his room right now.
thankfully, your arm stopped him from choosing the ladder, so he stayed in place, watching, waiting.
you stopped mere inches from his own face as you examined his full eyelashes, his beautiful lips and perfectly placed beauty mark, under his bottom lip.
he was becoming more flustered the more you stared at him, impatient too, that he pouted a bit. his bottom lip protruded his top lip and it made him loop impossibly more cute.
“pouting, are we?” you tease.
“am not!” he retorted. he most definitely was not pouting. never in a million years would you catch him pout like a child.
“you’re more likely to see my under water form before that, which you won’t.”
you took a second before replying, “baby-”
“now, if you do not mind-” he was interrupted by the kiss you ever so patiently waited for.
it was short, sweet, but meaningful. it left the second year dorm leader mumbling about his stack of papers with a red face, facing away from you.
his ears gave it away, they were quite the shade of red.
“ ‘m awake, im a…wake…”
“malleus!” you shouted.
“malleus!” lilia copied you and your voice in a joking manner.
“dad, no-” silver cut himself off, he doesn’t usually call lilia his dad, either ‘father’ or just his name.
“awh, silver!~” lilia appeared behind silver in a blink of an eye, basically strangling him from how hard he was hugging him.
you had to peel him off like a banana peel so you five could continue your game.
friday nights are yours, lilias, malleus’, sebeks and silvers night for what lilia calls ‘family bonding’, which is not what it is, it’s more of a diasomnia sleepover. malleus liked the idea of being able to hang around and bond with his house mates so he agreed to host in his room, seeing as it was also the biggest.
“okay silver, your turn,” sebek pushed the dice towards silver. but he didn’t move to grab them.
“silver?” you shook his arm, “you’re sleeping again,”
he awoke slowly, like normal, “huh? sleeping, again? my bad,”
“don’t be sorry!” lilia chirped. “it is actually quite late, anyways so if you’d like to tap out, that’s cool.”
“you looked around for a clock, finding the digital one on malleus’ night stand, reading 12:49am.
“ten to one, it is pretty late,” sebek yawned, followed by silver then you.
“look at my three children, all sleepy and ready for bed,”
“lilia! we are not children,” you laughed, he sounded like a doting father. well, technically he is…
“well, silver’s already asleep again,” sebek pointed out, this time with silver’s head in your lap with your hand running through his hair, which made him fall asleep this time.
“i can get him up, silver, kiss please.”
his eyes opened almost immediately, “ ‘m awake, cmere,” he scrunched up his nose when he realized it was just a wake up tactic and not a for real statement.
“do you want-” you were cut off by silver creeping up and stealing a kiss from you.
“you said you wanted one, don’t,” he yawned, “don’t tease me,” and he fell back into your lap with a soft sigh.
sebek’s face was completely red, he feels as if he shouldn’t have witnessed what he did, malleus was unfazed and lilia looked like a freaking weirdo, he was ready to probably go crazy, his little silver being so impulsive, how crazy.
“lilia you look like you’re going to burst at the seams.” malleus looked over to him and caught a smile behind his hand.
sleep came easy after that, the cot you shared with silver was covered in blankets and pillows as silver liked to have options when he was conscious enough to make decisions, most of the time, however, your stomach or chest was his pillow and he was partially your blanket.
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sanoinc · 6 months ago
Jjk curses x sorcerer reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✦ Sukuna x reader, Choso x reader, Mahito x reader, Toji x Reader, Yuji x reader
You should've known better than to go on a mission regarding the unregistered patchface curse with yuji, alone.
ㅤ— Warnings. AFAB reader, HEAVY NONCON, All characters are 21+ yrs old, cervix fucking, monster fucking, predator/prey play, oral (f. & m. Receiving), choking, noncon cucking? (Yuji is forced to watch it), forced orgasm, gangbang, throat fucking, bully bulge, fear kink, impact play, biting, fingering, mean doms w/sub! Reader, manhandling, overstim, degradation, edging, multiple orgasms, female anal, double penetration, bukkake, creampie, spit kink, sukuna and mahito's hand mouths, mindbreak, forced breeding, cumflation, dacryphilia, cum eating.
ㅤ— WC. 4.5k words of monsterfuckin' 🤠
ㅤ— minors don't interact. This work contains dark content, please heed all the warnings before proceeding.
ㅤ— Note. The most ooc thing abt this is that the curses are actually working together, for once. Oh and, this is carnage! Toji mentioned here and Sukuna's tattoos are not visible to anyone. LET IT SHOW UP IN THE TAGS, I'M REPOSTING FOR THE 3RD TIME PLS
#tags. @festive @chosophilia @iamsorrypapi @shvki
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
Tumblr media
Your lungs burned for air as you ran through the hallway, muttering breathless curses at your naivety. You should've noticed the change in your fellow sorcerer as soon as you entered the abandoned building. A sorcerer fooled by a facade put up by a curse- you scoffed, if only it were that simple. The curse in question is the king of curses and you still can't tell when Sukuna takes over Yuji.
You halted in front of a dead end, one more step and you'd be splatter on the ground- the structure is incomplete and a fall from the fourth floor would be fatal,"You can run," Your friend's baritone but a shade deeper echoes through the halls,"And run," The voice disappears into the night's darkness,"And run." Taking a shaky breath to rattle off the fear in your bones, you steady yourself,"But you can't hide." Crimson red hued orbs were in your field of vision all of a sudden. With a shuddering gasp, you stepped back and the horizon changed- cold air pierced through your entire body as you toppled over the edge of the old building.
If you weren't trained to lose your nerves in dangerous situations like this, you'd have screamed but now your concern was to take minimum damage to your body. But all that was eliminated when sharp talons gripped at your leg. Dark claws dug at the skin of your calf and you bit back a scream,"Can't have you dying so soon, sorcerer." A sickeningly sweet giggle followed the words,"He'd be mad." Wings flapped as the shapeshifting curse lifted you back to the building hallway,"You're our bargaining chip after all." An evil grin stretched across his patchface as he let you go, heterochromatic eyes taunting you to run away.
In any other situation, you'd use your cursed energy but the previous run in with a reincarnated Zenin left a huge drain on it. Scrambling up on your feet, you break into a sprint,"Run mortal, because that's what you do best."
Gritting your teeth when you felt the blood seep down your leg from where Mahito had gripped, you tried for the exit. There's a veil up around the building which means no help is coming and with your cursed energy running low, you're inevitably fucked unless you hide and wait out till the curtain drops,"C'mon out, brat." Footsteps echoed in the silent night,"This cat and mouse chase is useless." Sukuna's voice made you gulp. Your eyes flitted, blinking fast in the dark with baited breath.
"It's not useless." Another voice spoke, calm yet suppressing unbridled chaos,"It's to kill time till help arrives." It's him, the one you encountered before, the one with black eyes,"Found you." A low snarl resonates behind your ear before your back collides with the stone cold wall,"Sorcerer." The first thing you noticed on the man was the dark line on the bridge of his nose. His hand is on your neck, squeezing the life out of your breasts as he lifted you up. The sheer strength told you he's not human- another curse. How many unregistered curses are you gonna meet tonight?
"Don't kill her already, Choso." Mahito chirped from beside you, leaning against the wall with arms crossed over his chest,"Sukuna would appreciate her being alive." The man- Choso, let's you go with a huff. Coughing, you stumble back. You'd rather be anywhere but near them right now so you let your legs carry you away, even if your muscles ached from running,"Ah ah ah!" A voice tutted and soon, you collided with a toned chest,"Caught you, bunny." The prominent scar on the corner of his lips made fear run slick in your veins.
The sight of his blood stained cardigan is enough to make you lose your nerves. Irrational fear has drenched your mind and you know that you're now done for because Gojo had said that if you lose your mind, the fight's over. You back away, wide eyes focused on him with drops of perspiration tickling down your temple till your back hits another wall of muscle,"Nowhere to run now, brat." A familiar hand wraps around your neck- the only difference being the razor sharp claw like dark nails.
You ball your fists and try to conjure up any sort of curse but with your emotions running wild, nothing lit up,"Looks like your powers have forsaken you." Mahito laughs, walking up to you. Snatching your chin, he tilts your face up,"You reek of fear, sorcerer." His cold lips brush against yours ever so slightly,"Delicious fear." A pair of hands grasp your hips, Toji had knelt between your legs while you were entrapped by Mahito,"Hold her still f'me, Sukuna." His aura alone was pure evil and it matched his appearance- huge shoulders matched with dark eyes and red pupils, a malicious smirk topping it off.
His hands are rough as they rip off your skirt, the tear ringing in the empty dark hallway along with Sukuna's chuckle as you squirm under his iron grip,"What's the matter, brat?" His snicker is hot on the shell of your ear,"Don't act like you don't enjoy this, I could smell you from afar," His teeth nips at your ear,"We all can." Choso speaks up, dark eyes trained on your caged form.
A finger prods at your entrance through your panties,"Fuckin' soaking through the panties," You whimper as Toji tears off the flimsy material of your underwear with ease, the raw display of power making fresh wave of arousal wash over your trembling body. Closing your thighs in a pathetic attempt to escape the revived assassin's gaze, you struggle against their hold. Callous fingers wrapped around your knee as Toji lifted your leg over his shoulder,"What a naughty little girl," Mahito holds your chin up, lips barely a breath away from yours as Toji buries his face in your pussy,"Looks like you need daddy's help after all." Any sound from your lips are muffled as the blue haired curse claims your mouth in a bruising kiss.
Sukuna's fingers gripped your uniform blouse, fingers almost teasing in tune as he baited his vessel,"Don't you dare touch her," The curse smirks when the sorcerer growled,"Oh, I'm gonna do more than just touching, brat." Yuji felt as if he was chained in his own body- in Sukuna's domain, it must be some kind of spell because he's usually in control of his body,"I'll kill you."
Sukuna bucked his hips into yours and laughed as you whimpered in Mahito's mouth when you felt the bulge of his hard cock press against your ass through Yuji's pants,"How about a binding vow?" He said in his domain,"I get control of the body, I come out on my terms and she lives." Yuji snarled at the suggestion, he'd do anything to save you but agreeing to this would doom everyone including you,"Suit yourself, brat."
"Please," Your moan broke through their conversation, Yuji's focus back on you,"You taste sweet," Toji's growl had your knees buckling. Sukuna tore your shirt and Mahito's hands unclasped your bra,"What a nice pair of tits you got," His lips descended on one of your nipples, sucking and biting while Sukuna pinched your other one,"Stop fuckin' squirming," Toji grabbed a handful of your ass before smacking it harshly. Tears blurred your vision as the sting echoed through your body. The man groaned against your cunt, tongue diving in with loud slurping that brought embarrassment heating your face,"Fuck fuck... You're s'damn delicious, I can just eat you up." You cried out when he slipped in two thick fingers inside your cunt, pumping them ruthlessly. A warm hand grabbed your chin, turning you to face dark eyes,"You deserve this." Choso glared at the tears staining your cheeks before crashing his mouth on your parted one, teeth biting at your lower lip till you tasted metal.
Toji curled his fingers inside you, snickering to himself when he tore a muffled yelp from your throat,"Found it," Each stroke of his fingertips at your sweet spot left you breathless. Unconsciously your hips bucked forward into his mouth,"So tight even 'round my fingers," His tongue pressed flat on your engorged clit,"Can't wait to have you all stretched out on my cock." A tightness filled your lower abdomen, threatening to snap,"Please, please, stop," Your sobs fell to deaf ears- not exactly. Sukuna's palm on your breast formed a mouth, tongue teasing the hard bud before sharp teeth bit down on it harshly.
"Begging already?" Mahito chuckles at the curse king's taunt,"We haven't even dicked you down yet," Sukuna's other hand remained firmly wrapped around your neck,"I can't fuckin' wait to feel your tight cunt wrapped around my dick," Your back arched against his chest as he bit your shoulder, fangs bruising the bare skin,"No-ah!" Your protest ended up in a high moan as the tight coil in your belly snapped. Wet slurping is heard from between your legs as Toji gulped all your slick,"Did i give you permission to do that?" Wiping at his wet chin with the back of his hand, he looked up at you with dark eyes, frown turning upwards into an evil grin,"Guess daddy will have to teach the brat a lesson or two." Sukuna husks in your ear before pushing you forward into Toji's arms.
Your back soon meets the cold dusty floor of the building as he crawls over you like a panther. Hands parting your knees to settle his hard cock right up on your quivering entrance. The curses chuckled around you when your legs kicked out, fists throwing unfocused punches at the man on top of you,"She's still got some fight left in her," Sukuna gloats,"See that, brat?" His voice echoes in Yuji's mind again,"The girl you love is about to get the fight fucked outta her by Toji Zenin." Jaws clenched, Yuji felt anger bubble up in his soul,"And you'll watch."
"No!" Toji slapped his cock on your clit as you struggled under him, making no effort to hold you down,"Go on, tire yourself out," He slipped the tip inside, grunting at how tight a fit it is,"In the end you're only making it easier for me." Your chest soon burned from flailing your limbs. It might be useless but you won't give them the satisfaction of breaking you so soon. Whatever words your mind had thought of for a snarky comeback, soon died with one forceful roll of Toji's hips. Toes curling from the sudden stretch, you screamed with your head thrown back,"Ah, this might be the tightest- fucking- pussy I've ever had." Sighs turn into grunts as he starts fucking into you, his huge shaft splitting you open,"Oh, look at this," A huge palm splayed over your belly, Toji's eyes hazed with amused lust as he saw the bulge of his cock under your skin. He could feel his length stir inside you, a snicker on his lips as he presses down hard. You yelp with shaking legs and your walls squeezed his cock terribly in response.
Fat tears ricochet as your clammy palms pushed at his strong shoulders,"Go on, little girl," Toji taunts, leering down to lick at your tears, "cry n' scream for daddy." Your numb arm draped over your face, nose tucked under your elbow as you sniffle, "don't you hide that cute face. Let them see all of you." A huge hand wounds around your bicep before wrecking your arm away. Mahito giggles as he holds your wrists down above your head,"Go fuck yourself- mhm!" Toji's palm lands hard on your breasts, blood thirsty orbs drinking in the way they jiggle,"Why would we do that when we can all just fuck you?" Your legs are thrown over his shoulders as he pounds away at your poor cunt,"And your body's honest." Thrashing under their hold when you feel Toji hit that spot again, you hear evil chuckles surround you,"Gripping me like a vice, fuck-"
"Gonna cum 'gain, brat?" Sukuna sneers at your loud moans,"So much fight and now you're gonna cream on a curse's cock." Your mind doesn't even register these jabs because of how good your pussy feels, even though the sting of overstimulation,"Fuckin' whore," Toji pulls out right as your walls begin to clamp down on his length. A disappointed whine escapes your swollen lips before you can stop it. Huge biceps bulge as Toji maneuvers you up by the neck, positioning you on all fours before thrusting in again,"Shit- oh fuckin'," He stumbles upon his words as he feels your walls tighten impossibly around his aching cock,"Fine, daddy's gonna fuck ya' like the little slut you are." He says after taking a few breaths to compose himself.
Your ruined orgasm is still nigh and with how he's ramming his cock against your walls, you know you won't last long. A finger tilts up your chin,"open up." Your disobedience earned you a hard slap on your ass.
"Stop this," Yuji screamed, desperation sinking it's nasty claws in his soul,"I agree to the vow." Tears formed in his eyes as he watched the puppet of carnage use you like a rag doll for his pleasure,"Fine." Sukuna responded.
A leaky cockhead is pressed on your tongue as soon as your mouth fell open in a yelp,"Bite n' I'll tear your throat out." Sharp nails tapped at your air column as Sukuna fisted your neck,"What are you doing? You said you'd stop this if I agreed!" The curse cackled in his domain at his vessel's indignation,"I said she'd live if you agree."
The hand slid up to grab the back of your head, pulling you down on his shaft unceremoniously,"Oh just like that," He sighed bucking into your warm mouth. A garbled moan lifted from your occupied mouth as Toji's rhythm became erratic,"Not that I won't fuck her. This is why you pay my attention to others' words, brat."
The superficial cut on your leg from Mahito's claws burned as meaty hips slapped against yours roughly. Knees scraping against the dirty floor with each hard thrust and the filthy wet sounds made you close your eyes, wishing to be anywhere but here. A brutal slap on your ass send you toppling against Sukuna, his heavy cock slipping further down your throat at the action,"Such a pretty ass you got there, bunny." Another hit had you wailing, choking on the dick in your mouth. Sukuna laughed at your plight, patting your head as if you were a pet,"Falling behind a bit, don't you think?"
"Gambare gambare," His thumb wiped away at the tears collecting in the corner of your eyes before thrusting deep into your mouth,"Use that slutty tongue of yours, brat." Your chest felt like it's on fire from lack of air especially with Toji's thrusts knocking out what little is left in your lungs. You figured the sooner they cum, the sooner they'll be done with you. So, you swiped your tongue across his length, earning a guttural groan from him above you. Fingers clenching in your hair as brought your face midway to fuck your mouth,"This slutty mouth isn't befitting a Grade 1 sorcerer, now is it?"
"Neither is this perfect whore cunt but here we fucking are." Toji slapped the flesh of your ass again before kneading the sore flesh greedily in his sword scarred hands. He leaned down just a bit to reach your clit. Slapping hard on the puffy nub once he found it was enough to push you into another orgasm. Your body jolted as you drenched his cock, crying as the orgasm hit you like a train,"Please," You managed as Sukuna pulled out, fisting his cock tightly with a sadistic grin. Your hands shook from holding your body up,"Fuck fuck 'm s'close," The sorcerer killer grunted like an animal behind you, rutting into you like one,"Gonna take all of daddy's cum like a good girl?"
"Not inside, no-!" Sukuna grabbed your jaw, holding your tongue down with his thumb as he jerked himself, shooting all of his cum in your mouth,"I better see you swallow." He advised, mushing your cheeks together so that you can't spit. And he didn't let go till he heard you gulp,"What? Want me to praise you?" He gave your cheeks a harsh squeeze before letting go.
Toji's hands dug bruises on your waist while he held you close to him, cock hitting your poor walls repeatedly till he was spurting hot ropes of thick cum deep in your pussy,"you can pretend all you want, i can see the fucking mess you're making of yourself." He gloats, fucking his cum deeper in you with a few more sloppy thrusts before throwing you on the ground as he pulled out. Slapping on your cunt so that it clenches up, keeping his cum inside. Toji laughs at the sight of your pussy fluttering, hips squirming away from his attack.
You're roughly turned around, back on the cold floor. Mahito pulled your hips to his after settling in between your parted legs. His cock slipped right in with Toji's and your cum aiding. Strangled sobs wrecked your body but you were too tired to push him away so you just laid there, enduring his violation of your body,"Cry all you want," Mahito's cock enlarged inside you just as soon as your walls had adjusted to his length,"I'm starting to think you're enjoying this." The waves of your previous orgasm hasn't even subsided and Mahito isn't giving you time to recover either. A gleeful giggle tore through his lips when he finally found the outline of his cock on your lower abdomen,"Shhh," He hushed your cries when he pushed down on the bulge harshly, getting off on how your face twisted in pain.
Mahito took your breasts in his hands, thumbs swirling around the nipples till they're painfully erect,"You're so wet, sorcerer," He moans sultry in your ear as he resizes his shaft again till he's hitting your cervix just with a slight thrust. You thrash and cry as he fucks your cervix, ripping another unwilling orgasm from your pliant body,"Aw, it hurts?" He coos, tone full of condescending,"Too bad. You're gonna keep taking it until 'm satisfied." Mahito's grin widened when his eyes landed on Choso, his bulge painfully evident even through his baggy clothes,"C'mon Choso, she killed your brothers."
"You're not allowed to kill her, this is all the revenge you'll be getting," Mahito's hand travelled to your ass while he pulled you on his lap, your hands settling on his shoulders. His hand formed a mouth, tongue licking at the tight ring of muscle, wetting the puckered hole before his fingers plunged inside. Your scream is caught by his mouth as he kissed you, tongue shoving in your mouth to lick at the backtaste of Sukuna's seed. Mahito groaned softly against your lips when he felt how tight your ass is against his fingers,"Choso, take her pussy." He needs to feel your ass around his cock.
"Fuck your brothers' killer like she deserves." Whatever sympathy you saw in Choso's eyes was replaced with rage. Hastily undoing his pants, Choso pulled out his cock. Mahito pulled out from your cunt with a loud squelch, turning your body around with ease. Naked back pressed to his clothed chest, you screamed in pain as he impaled your ass on his cock. The mixture of your and toji's slick acting as lube, helping him slip right in. You're not given any time to adjust as Choso is pumping his cock right into your abused hole.
The way he rolled your nipples in between his fingers and the mismatched thrusts reeked of inexperience,"Please," At this point you're not even sure what you're asking for. Mercy? More? It's too much work to think about that. It's too much to think about anything right now. Your mind's slipping into blank state especially with how full you're feeling, with the two cocks ramming against your insides,"That's right, cumsluts don't need to think," Mahito's voice rang in your ears, breath hot on your shoulder before he bites on the unmarked flesh,"And that's what you are," His cock reshaped inside you, growing larger till it's pressing against Choso's with just the slightest movements,"Our little cumslut."
A hand wrapped snug around your throat,"A powerful sorcerer brought down to her knees by a bunch of curses," Choso growls in your face, thrusting inside you faster. His groans as your walls squeeze him tells you he's never fucked anyone before- he's rough, uncanny, unlike the others, he's coarse and under different circumstances, you'd have felt a bit bad that it's his first experience of intimate matters but now? Now all you can think is of exorcising them, every single one of them. Because if you don't, irrational fear would plague your entirety of days.
"What a joke." Choso's teeth find your neck to leave his mark, breaking the skin to lap hungrily at the red blood seeping through,"At least you make a good toy," Your face is turned to Mahito's, his cold fingers digging under your cheekbones,"Gonna keep us entertained, yeah?" Your eyes roll back as his hand finds your clit, a tongue from a mouth formed on his palm flicking at your clit. Jaw slacking when his tongue spells out his name on your clit, all the while Choso's dick poked the rough patch deep inside your pussy.
A wet globe landed on your tongue in a blurry,"Go 'head, swallow my spit like the good lil' whore you are," Mahito presses his lips to the corner of yours,"Y/n," Your name sounded so seductive on his tongue, almost like a lover's whisper but how can something so cruel sound so sweet. Feeling you gulp against his palm, Choso smirks against your skin,"So you are a whore for curses after all." You whimper in response, trying to blink away the tears dewed on your lashes. Mahito and Choso's thrusts grew sloppier by the second, groans filling your ears in tandem, "Cream on his f'me, y/n," The tongue swipes fast circles on your clit, stimulating the bundle of nerves mercilessly. Choso's leaky cock pressed against your sweet spot snugly as he stilled, voice breaking as he started cumming,"Oh oh fuck," His mouth wrecked uncharted havoc on your shoulder, leaving painful marks behind in its wake. You sob, feeling Choso's hot cum drip down your ruined pussy.
Your breasts pressed to Choso's with your back arching and head lolling on Mahito's shoulder as you came again for what? The fourth? Fifth time that night? You're too tired to do the calculations,"So good for me, you ready for your reward?" You hear mahito over your heavy panting. Choso grunts under his breath as he pulls his sensitive cock out of your spasming pussy. His fingers swipe up at your fluttering cunt, scooping the filthy mixture on his fingertips before shoving his fingers in your drooling mouth,"Clean it up, whore."
You grimace at the taste but swirl your tongue around his fingers, licking them clean. Choso pulls them off with a wet pop, wiping the saliva on your breasts before moving away. Soon your face is pushed against the floor, cheek flush on dirt while Mahito jack hammered his huge cock in your ass like a maniac,"Oh you feel s'fuckin good," His hand remained firm on the back of your neck, holding your body down under his,"Need us to fill up all your holes real nice, huh?"
"Oh you bet she do," Toji's tut registered in your fuzzy brain- you had forgotten about him completely,"Where d'ya want the next load?" Sukuna asks while his hand jerks his cock, you had forgotten about him too,"What's the matter, brat? Too dumb to answer?" You could only moan in response. Mahito's nails dug into your hips as his movements grew sloppy,"Gonna take all of it in, hm?" He breathes in bliss, releasing hot load of cum in your hole. Pulling out his softening dick, mahito watches in awe as his cum sputters down your cheeks, trickling along your thighs when he pulls you up by an unforgiving grip on your hair,"Look at that," His arm wounds around your waist to press on the slight bulge on your tummy. White cum dribbles down your cunt at the pressure, a sob on your lips,"Please, stop-"
"Fuckin' bitch," Mahito grabs your neck, squeezing till your vision spotted all the while his palm pushed down harder on your belly till all the ropes of cum coated your thighs slick,"You should be thanking us for fuckin' ya' s'nice." You scream as his hand travels down to your cunt, plugging his fingers inside your soiled pussy,"Instead you're wasting it all." He forms a mouth on his palm, licking at the mixture with his tongue before pressing his hand over your mouth, the tongue slipping past your wet lips, depositing the tang on your tongue,"You need to be trained."
"We'll take care of that." Toji snickers, evil incarnate while his hand pumped his red angry cock,"By the time we're done with her, she's gonna be a perfect little slut," He slaps your cheek with his cockhead,"All for us." Your eyes squeeze shut as yet another batch of warm cum falls on your face,"You look prettier like this," Toji swipes his thumb over your lips, gathering a bit of his and Sukuna's cum on his fingertip before pushing it inside your mouth,"All covered in cum."
A stifled sob rang through the halfway as you glanced at the dark veil still standing tall in the night air. Sukuna laughed at your hope,"No ones coming to save you," He knelt in front of you, "This is your life now."
"We own you."
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