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#and the shirt of the month is:
very obsessed with how i have been given a most complicated little routine for inserting my boy juice into my body that has enough steps for me to add some aesthetics and flair to the whole situation
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ur-mr-gay · 2 months ago
everything about nft art makes me feel so like. fucking hopeless. lol
#like the amount of people willing to do such an insane amount of damage to the environment for a quick buck#and even if it wasnt harmful to the environment the whole concept is just stupid and harmful#like its just a new kind of art elitism and its sooooo fucking pointless#and the whole way its literally just a pyramid scheme to inflate the value of cryptocurrency....#and how only people who are already well established artists/are wealthy will be able to make any significant money w it.....#and now the whole thing with people like. tokenizing (?) random art that isnt even theirs#so that they can own it and sell it and the original artist might not even be aware that thats happening.......#and you cant even fight this the way that people fought those t shirt bots on twitter last year with disney art#bc if you made a bunch of nfts of disney art yeah that would probably get disney involved and hopefully shut it down but it would be at the#cost of an inhumane amount of energy. so like how do you fight it#idk i hope this dies out soon but if nfts are here to stay i feel like its going to completely decimate online art communities#why even post art online if any random asshole can take it and kind of own it and sell it using an insane amount of pollution#also the concept of like tokenizing things online in general is so fucked up to me#if someone can do it w your art they could do it with like. a picture of your face. or a nude.#like if someone tokenizes something random you post even if they dont make money off of it theyre still like. digitally pissing on it#to claim it. idk it seems so pointless but also insidious to me. i hate all of this#ANYWAYS maybe its just a fad and will be over in a month. i really hope so
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malortsev · 4 months ago
#i’m seeing some. ugly shit on my dash and i can Tell i know it in my heart its not coming from a good place#it's fine to be irked that they only ever target larries but yall should remember LIAM isnt the villain#yeah he's more often than not used to say unpleasant things and he admitted publicly that role was assigned to him a long time ago#he literally admitted that he was told he'd have to do things that would mean he wouldn't always be liked by everyone#and its clear that whatever that meant hasnt really gone away fully#last time he spoke of larries was in a very. lighthearted way. like 'oh larries have always existed. 1d has always had shippers'#and there was NO animosity in his statement. just a fact that larries exist and so do other shippers.#flipping that tone now to say larries are ALWAYS disrespectful is... just contradictory to what he said like a month or so ago#and it only proves that they have a very specific agenda against larries that they pull out on occasion#its not. that shocking... that its  happening after louis wore that shirt and sang that song#like yall can be mad and annoyed and feel everything else u feel i get it its fucking aggravating#but stop placing the blame on liam as if he isnt close to harry or louis and doesnt love them both to pieces <3#this is bigger than him bc he knows how to ignore things. he ignores other things on a regular basis or accepts them for what they are#like ziams who insist bear isnt his kid or that zayn's kid isn't zayn's#theres always been a thing against larries but that isnt LIAM'S fault so stop saying things about Him <3#ALSO. u have to realize he isn't talking about US here on tumblr. when he says larrie is only experience would be twt/instagram/tiktok#and tiktok i've learned is not a good place to be if u want a positive impression of larries#and neither are twt or instagram. thats just a sidenote but yeah stop blaming liam for smth that yall know is bigger than him
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idv-ask-azrael · 8 months ago
A very scared looking girl hid behind a corner as she stared at the demon. Dex had told her she should make friends with the hunters, they weren't all bad, maybe. But, may as well she if he was right or wrong. "...h-hi, I'm t-the alchemist" she said weaklu, not saying her actually name. ((Hi from the mun of @theinvestigator-and-alchemist. Finally worked up the courage to send an ask. A heads-up Penny is very much a coward, so expect a potion to the face if she gets spooked. ))
Tumblr media
Azrael looked at her with a judging look. Not the mean kind of judging. It was by no means hostile, just a wild mix of suspicion, surprise and arrogance for several moments. When the demon finally deemed the survivor adequate for his company, he replied with a handsome smile and a deep bow:
“Bonjour, Mademoiselle, it’s a pleasure to meet you~”
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