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#and then cover their whole entire face up
dizzydennis · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Super Sonic x Dr. Eggman (Sonic Channel Cover Story) - Part 1
Translator notes: This was a really fun story to translate! Lots of cool action here. My Japanese isn’t perfect and I am still working on perfecting my translations, but I hope you enjoy this story!
From space, radio waves were hijacked by Dr. Eggman as they beamed down his thunderous and echoing voice to radios and TV signals around the world!
“Behold, what happens when I’m able to take the thousands of abandoned gravity cylinders from the Space Colony ARK! Their gravitational pull affect the rotation of the entire space station, but I can redirect them to my will! It’s all-you-can-eat mischief for me!”
This threat came up so suddenly! Frightened by an invisible weapon that floats in the unseen sky, everybody looked upwards with bated breath.
“… if you don’t want me to do you any more harm then the whole planet should surrender to me and the power this station possesses! Ho—ho ho ho ho!”
The entire world was stricken with fear.
The "gravity cylinder" is a device that generates artificial gravity in the shape of a cylinder that emits green light. It has a diameter of 3 meters and a length of about 10 meters.
It was once used to carry heavy cargo to and from the Space Colony ARK, but after the ARK was abandoned… Eggman took a keen interest in them.
Eggman continued speaking while looking at the gravity cylinders from inside his Egg Mobile. He had an intrigued expression on his face as he gazed upon the ring of cylinders he assembled. He enjoyed his creation from a distance in space.
“This is a real blitzkrieg strategy! Secretly setting up my special Black Boxes in such a short period of time was really something! Now… which one shall we play with first?”
That's when Eggman tried to press his device’s activation button.
“What kind of blitzkrieg strategy is that! Too bad you couldn’t get it done before the Chaos Emeralds were revived, huh!?”
When Eggman looked back at that familiar voice, a golden streak of light passed by in an instant. In just a millisecond, a row of gravity cylinders in front of the mad doctor exploded in a furry of fire. Super Sonic floated triumphantly in front of it.
"How’s that!? You want some more, Eggman?"
Sonic, who had transformed into Super Sonic, flew around the space colony at an unbelievable speed. He pierced the inner ring of the gravity cylinders from one end to the other. They were all destroyed in just a few seconds!
Eggman struggled to hide his astonishment.
"Su ... Super Sonic !? It should have taken much longer for the Chaos Emeralds to regain their power ...!?"
"Well, I’ve been pretty busy lately .... Now that your toys are broken, why don’t you just give up and leave instead of making this into a whole thing?”
Sonic urged Eggman to surrender, as they both looked at the number of gravity cylinders around them. ... but Eggman wasn't finished yet.
"Grrrgrrrgrr ... you imbecile! I won’t give in so easily! Get a load of this!"
Eggman then pushed a button after an extravagant stroke of his arm…
The Eclipse Cannon, a giant weapon attached to the Space Colony ARK, slowly began to active above them. It was emitting some kind of signal and was pointed directly towards the planet below.
"Wait! No way ...!"
"I sent my elite robot unit to the main control room of the ARK and it seems like they’ve already taken it over! The power is building and it’s still only at 0.5%, but it should be enough to level a small town!"
Sonic, who switched to an entirely serious demeanor, suddenly received an emergency message on his communicator from Tails. His two-tailed friend was down on the planet.
“This is bad, Sonic! Eggman’s robots that were left unattended all around the world have started rampaging all at once! They’re are way too many of them!
"What's going on, Tai—"
<< Boom! >> >>
Just as Sonic responded to Tails, he received a painful blow as he was knocked into the wreckage of one of the gravity cylinders. It even pulled him back as he regained composure and it floated onward.
"Urgh ...!?"
"Ho Ho Ho Ho! Where are you looking, Sonic!?”
Before Sonic knew what was even happening, Eggman was floating in front of him with a new weapon attached to his Egg Mobile. From the bottom of his pod, a super-heavy iron ball with a diameter of about 5 meters, connected by chains swayed back and forth.
Then, a purple electricity sparked from the Egg Mobile and created a spherical energy field about 100 meters in radius.
“So, you really want me to beat you down that badly, Eggman?”
Despite his banter, Sonic paid close attention to this new threat and confronted Eggman.
"Hmph! ... The wheel of gravity cylinders should be restored before long after I kill you! The Eclipse Cannon can fire from space and I can effortlessly decimate anyone below ... Just watch as this planet falls neatly into my hands as they all wallow in their despair!"
Upon saying that, Eggman increased the energy output into his new weapon and the iron ball began to slowly rotate.
This ultra-heavy iron ball could generate 10Gs of gravitational force with a radius of about 10 meters. It was created by overclocking unique parts of the gravity cylinders. It also moved at super fast speeds due to Eggman’s Black Box technology. He attacked Sonic.
"“The Super Special Gravitational Strike-n-Capture Iron Ball: the Egg Graviton!” It’ll catch you and crush you under unimaginably heavy gravity!”
The final battle between these two was commencing; where gravity was being torn apart against the jet-black canvas of outer space.
(To be continued in part 2…)
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Be My Undoing
Tumblr media
Summary: You can take care of yourself. You don’t need help. You’re confident, assured. Cared about.
You’re everything that he’s not.
And he fucking hates you for that.
So, you're it. You're his next plaything, his next game, and it's his move.
And Ransom intends to win.
Or, where Ransom intends to break you, but he just might end up broken in the process.
Pairing: Ransom x You
Warnings: Ransom being an asshole, kinda stalking but not really, dark-ish, but again not really
Word Count: 1.6k
masterlist / / ao3
When Ransom was eight, their family dog was hit by a car.
He remembered it in vivid detail.
There was his mother, sobbing in the living room with a bottle of wine aside her, and there was his father, trying to comfort his wife and failing. Richard’s arms had wrapped stiffly wrapped around Linda from his spot on the couch as he whispered words into her ear that didn’t do shit, because she’d only continued to cry.
Ransom, from his spot in the doorway, had watched the whole scene unfold.
He remembers the jealousy he felt for that dog. Sure, it was dead, but to have stirred such a reaction from his parents? They were both crying over it now, for God’s sake, as Ransom then saw that even his dear old Dad’s eyes had begun to water too.
As his parents continued to cry over their ever-so-awful loss, the comfort Richard had tried to offer was ultimately rejected by his wife in favor of what the wine bottle had to offer. Ransom watched his Dad take a drag of it after Linda had finished. He’d tried not to gag at the scene.
It was only a fucking dog, he’d thought, his speech already colorful by that age. What’s the big fucking deal?
It was only a retriever, one that had drooled and chewed shoes and had never listened worth a damn during its entire life. Both of his parents had complained about the animal so much when it was alive, so to cry tears over its death?
It didn’t make sense. What had that dog ever done to earn their tears?
Nothing. It had done nothing.
It had only been a fucking pet, and a bad one at that.
And yet his parents cried.
He walked forward then, entering the room. Neither of his parents noticed, too busy they were mourning, but he still approached them because if they were this upset over the dog’s death then he should try comforting them, right? He was their son, after all, they’d want his comfort.
“Mom,” he’d said, his hand intending to set on her arm. But she moved, shifting away from him.
His hand stilled in the air, his breath caught as she sniffled.
His Dad spoke then.
“Not now, Ransom, it’s not a good time.”
He’d waved his hand at him, shooing him away, dismissing him and his comfort. They didn’t need it and they didn’t want it.
They didn’t want him period.
They wanted the fucking dog.
He left then, storming down the hallway towards the staircase. He purposefully knocked over a vase as he went, not caring that their housekeeper saw him do it, not caring that he had done it.
He slammed his bedroom door shut when he reached it, wondering if his parents’ could hear his anger, and then wondering whether or not they’d even care.
His fists were still clenched, and his face was flushed with anger, and yet his eyes were burning too, and he hated it he hated it he hated it.
He buried himself under the covers of his bed, hiding from it all, taking solace in the darkness.
The darkness was a friend, the emptiness of it comforting. He could say anything to it without judgement. He could tell it his secrets and know that it would keep them.
It was because he trusted the darkness, that he’d told it another.
He’d been the one to let the dog off its leash.
And when he’d watched it run onto the road and into traffic, he’d done so with a smile on his face.
The bar was loud, the beer cheap, and the girls cheaper.
One hung on either side of him, two sets of heels warring to play footsie with him under the table. Ransom let them battle it out as he took a drink, pretending to pay attention to the conversation his friends were having without him.
Jake was the loudest of the group, as he always got loud when he drank, and he undoubtedly was drawing attention to the table. Ransom didn’t mind attention, but he took issue to it when it wasn’t drawn on his terms.
Tiring of the bar and the people he called friends, he glanced over at one of the girls.
Christy, her name was, or maybe Cassie. The other girl’s name he didn’t know at all. He referred to them in his mind as the blonde and the brunette.
The blonde smiled at the attention he gave her, playing with the collar of his sweater, her lips close to his ear. At the attention the blonde was getting, the brunette pushed her heel farther up his pant leg, annoyedly clingy.
They were both pathetic.
He knew that if we chose to, either of them would come home with him tonight with no argument. It would be just another fling with a slut, even if the girl didn’t know that at first.
Maybe he’d toy with her for a bit and give her hopes of a relationship and access to his credit cards, and maybe just when that hope had started to take root in the girl’s heart, he’d toss her like yesterday’s garbage as he’d done so often before.
Ransom liked to imagine that she’d cry when he did that, that she’d be upset.
But, begrudgingly, he also knew that eventually she would move on. She’d find another guy with enough money in his bank accounts to satiate her, and that would be all she’d need to quickly forget about the pain he had caused.
There was no challenge in either girl; he could get what he wanted from both with ease, and maybe that was what annoyed him so much.
It wouldn’t be difficult to break either of them.
And Ransom wanted a challenge.
Over the din of the bar, a scuffle was heard.
He quickly pinpoints the source of the to the tables closest to the bar. He turns his attention towards it, earning a whine from the blonde.
And there you are.
You’re arguing with a man—a drunk man, one who looks at least ten years older than you. He’s taller too, and Ransom observes with peaked interest that despite being easily outmatched, you stand tall and look the man in the eye.
He can’t hear the exact parameters of the argument. Instead, he can only watch, and watch he does. He notes your body language as you counter the man, your movements remaining cool and collected despite the drunk’s becoming wild and erratic.
“Oh my God, someone should step in and help her—”
“Shut up,” Ransom snaps at the brunette. By no means does he want anyone to help you. He wants to see what you do to help yourself, he wants to see the lengths of the fight you have in you.
He wants to know how you play.
The man you’re arguing with takes a drunken step closer, getting close to your face. You put space between you, backing away, but it doesn’t like your backing down. It doesn’t look submissive, it looks calculated. You look in control.
Ransom leans forward, enthralled.
The man takes another step closer, one sloppy fist aimed your way, and you take the opportunity that gives you. You’d expected this, and so you cut to the side. His body is already off balanced and so all it takes your hand pressed to the back of his head to make him fall in the direction of your raised knee.
Ransom hears rather than sees the man’s nose break, the crunching sound resonating through the bar despite the odds.
The man screams, cradling his nose from his spot on the floor, and you step back, satisfied and safe. Unrattled.
The somewhat impressed smirk that tugs at Ransom’s lips dies as two girls rush to your side, evidentially concerned. They know you, and they’re apologizing and apologizing that they didn’t see the encounter happen until it was too late to get someone to help. As you’re reassuring them that you’re okay, the manager emerges, and you repeat your assurances before slipping to a booth in the back with your friends.
People care about you, Ransom notes. They care about whether or not you’re okay. You matter enough to your friends that they were worried for you, that they now feel guilt for not helping you with the drunk. They want you to be okay. They want you with them, safe and sound.
Ransom shifts in his seat, glancing at his table.
He doesn’t like what he sees, so he focuses on his drink as he gulps back the cheap beer, his knuckles white around the bottle.
You’re unaware of his stare, and that annoys him even more, that you have caught his attention without trying. You’re magnetic, a force pulling him in, and you aren’t like the girls beside him. You don’t know who he is, or that he even exists, and yet you’re the one he has his eye on.
He watches you smile, laugh, and he fucking hates the ease at which you seem to be, the ease at which you handled yourself with that drunk. You can take care of yourself. You don’t need help. You’re confident, assured. Cared about.
You’re everything that he’s not.
And he fucking hates you for that.
But, he wanted a challenge though, and damn, if the world hasn’t dropped one at his feet.
You’re it. You’re his next plaything, his next game, and it’s his move.
And Ransom intends to win.
A/N: Would y’all be interested in a part two?
Taglist: @fangirllife98 @commonintrest@loki-leufeyson-81 @ajeff855 @rebelfleur22 @bucky-loves-alpine @lovelylokis
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fluffymisha97 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Who do you define ‘home’? What is home really? Chris knows what home is to him. 
Warnings: None, I think. 
Word count: 870 
Tumblr media
Chris finished his interview with Jimmy Fallon. They had discussed his work with ASP, upcoming projects. The entire week he had done several interviews about everything and nothing. He couldn't wait to go home. Despite loving what he did, he still felt overwhelmed and tired at times.
He'd bare been at home for a while now due to some ASP meetings in DC along with the interviews on Fallon among others. He felt like he had traveled the world in less than three days. But now he was finally going home. Home to Dodger. He loved coming back home for many reasons. One, it was home. Two, Dodger. Three, the place where he grew up. Four, his family was there.
It was in the middle of the night when Chris parked in his driveway. Chris dragged his tired body from the car as he finally set eyes on home. He let out a relieved sigh and went inside. Instantly he felt less anxious and at ease. Home was nice and easy like that. No fidgeting with his hands or anything like that due to anxiety issues or a feeling of uneasiness. How he loved that. Or at least if it came, he could handle it because he was home.
Dodger ran at full speed hearing the door open. Chris bent down and greeted his Bubba. It was sight and quite the greeting. Dodger too was home. The best bud in the world on four legs that is. Chris found him a treat and took him outside briefly. After a while, Chris decided it was time to go to bed.
His muscles ached and his brain ached for the soothing and nice thing of being able to sleep in one's own bed. Oh he loved that too. Dodger ran ahead and jumped up in bed where he situated himself by the foot end of the bed. Chris went into the bathroom where he got cleaned up and ready for bed.
Chris undressed down to his boxers and slipped under the covers. He then let out a long and satisfied sigh of content. This beat any hotel no matter how damn fancy they might be. He reached down giving Dodger a few goodnight belly rubs before rolling over to his side. Chris inhaled deeply, the scent of home filling his nostrils. A few deep breaths in and out, finally being able to relax and rewind. ‘Damn, even though it was just one week away from home’, he missed it like crazy.
Chris could hear the soft and light sound of your breathing. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of your head and pulled away shortly after not wanting to wake you up. You stirred in your sleep and was slowly starting to wake up as you became aware of the presence of someone else in the room.
Chris reached over and caressed the side of your face. You melted in his touch. A tender, loving touch that you’d yearned for. Just like he had yearned for you and your touch.
“Did you just get home?"
"Yeah, I didn't mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep."
You rolled over and turned on the bed lamp. After you sat up leaning back against the headboard as did Chris. Your left hand sprawled across his chest where it just laid. Chris would hold your hand or kiss it every other minute. 
"I’m awake now. Want to tell me about your trip?”
So Chris did. He told you about the meetings he went to. Any tiredness fluttered away as he passionately told about the whole thing. Your eyes held nothing but love and admiration for him while he told you about his plans.
A while later, Chris’ exhaustion caught up with him, as he let out a yawn although he did his best to hide it. He suddenly felt bad for waking you up only to unload everything on you and then going to sleep right after.
“I think someone’s getting tired.” 
“Yeah, I guess.” 
You pecked his chin and gave his cheek another peck before moving again. 
"Come here."
You rolled onto your side lifting your arm making room for Chris. He situated himself behind you being the big spoon. One hand firmly across your waist up to your chest where the hand rested comfortably. You reached over and turned off the light. 
“Night, sweetheart.”
There was a moment of silence. Chris pressed a long kiss to the side of your face as he cuddled closer to you.
“I love you.”
“And I you.”
Chris breathed in your scent. You had a sweet scent. It was a scent that he could never see himself outgrow. It was everything you were. Your presence in bed, his kitchen, the living room - his life - was like no other love he'd ever known. You were like no one else. You in his arms was just one of the things that felt like home. A sense of security, love and warmth.
Yes, Chris loved coming home. Because coming home meant coming home to you. Home was you. You were his home. You are his home. Home is you. Period.
Tumblr media
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zuko-always-lies · a day ago
Sozin’s Comet Part 1:
Fire Lord Ozai: When the comet last came, my grandfather, Fire Lord Sozin, used it to wipe out the Air Nomads. Now, I will use its power to end the Earth Kingdom. (Cut to Zuko and the camera slowly zooms in on him. He is shocked as his Father's cruel revelation.) Permanently. (Cut to the front view of Ozai as he grins from ear to ear and walks across the table) From our airships, (Cut to the Earth Kingdom area of the map and the camera slowly zooms out as Ozai's shadow covers the East side of the continent) we will rain fire over their lands. A fire that will destroy everything. (Ozai walks across from one side of the map to middle of it) And out of the ashes, (he opens his arms to the side) a new World will be born. A World in which all the lands are Fire Nation and I am (Cut back to the front view of Ozai as he raises his arms high) the supreme ruler of everything! (the generals burst into applause.) Zuko: (Cut to the sideview of Zuko's scarred eye as he looks down) I wanted to speak out against this horrifying plan. (Cut to an area behind Zuko's head as it slowly zooms in on the back of his head. The generals are still applauding and Ozai basks in the excitement.) But I'm ashamed to say I didn't. (Cut back to present day Zuko) My whole life I struggled to gain my Father's love and acceptance. (Cut to show the whole Gaang looking at Zuko who is sitting on a rock) But once I had it, I realized I lost myself getting there. (Katara raises her hand to her forehead in despair) I forgotten who I was.
(Katara drops down to the ground on her knees. Sokka grabs Suki by the shoulder in an assuring gesture.) Katara: I can't believe this. (shakes her head) Sokka: I always knew that the Fire Lord was a bad guy but his plan is just pure evil. (Suki shakes her head) Aang: What am I going to do? Zuko: I know you're scared. (he stands up and walks towards Aang) And I know that you're not ready to save the World. But if you don't defeat the Fire Lord before the comet comes, (Cut to Zuko who is looking very serious) there won't be a World to save anymore. (Camera slowly zooms in on Aang who looks stunned and blur. Cut to commercial break.) Act II (Scene returns with Aang facing the group.) Aang: Why (points to self) didn't you tell me (turns around and walks off screen) about your Dad's crazy plan sooner? Zuko: (takes a step forward) I didn't think I had to. I assumed that you were still going to fight him before the comet. No one told me you decided to wait! Aang: This is bad. (places both hands on head in despair) This is really, (shakes his head and drops to his knees) really bad. (Cut to a close up of Aang whose face is full of worry and despair)
ATLA’s narrative, the Gaang, and implicitly Zuko unanimously agree that Ozai is the person who bears full responsibility for deciding he wants to set the entire Earth Kingdom on fire.
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gatzilksis-2 · 20 hours ago
A Man To Be Thankful For
A Thanksgiving Special
So I did come through after all! Just needed to get the brain going. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
18+ NSFW (I cannot stress this enough. This a dirty one 😜)
"I don't know. It's like a...a noise."
I sat behind the wheel of my trusty old Dodge Neon. I didn't know the year...or anything else about it. I was definitely not a "car guy".
"Can you make the noise?" asked the voice of my mother through my mounted phone. She was a retired helicopter mechanic. If she knew helicopters, chances were she would know cars.
"I'm not gonna make the noise!" I sighed as the noise started again. It was like a grinding, a dry, uncomfortable sound. "There! Did you hear that?"
"Yeah, but if you don't know what you're looking at, I can't help." Mom's sigh into the phone matched mine. "Just...see if you can find a garage open."
"On Thanksgiving? Fat chance." I changed lanes, scanning each sign for any signs of civilization. For the past couple of hours, the towns on the road to Mom’s had been few and far between.
"There has to be something somewhere. I have to get back to the dinner. You gonna be okay?"
"I guess." Another sigh. "I'll text you."
I saw a sign with a tire on it and left the highway, pulling into the parking lot. The building was small and dirty, and one of the two metal garage doors was open. Someone had to be here.
I stepped up to the garage door. "Hello?"
My voice echoed with the tall ceiling.
A man slid out from under the tan Mercedes in front of me. I only knew this car because my dad used to own one. But as soon as the man was out, my focus was off the car.
He wasn't just a man but a man.
He was my favorite kind of guy, big and burly with a coarse, dark beard and untidy dark brown hair. His face was dirty, making his happy green eyes look all the more intense. The mechanic wore the standard navy jumpsuit, dirty and faded and old, along with ancient, scuffed work boots. Unfortunately, there was no name on the jumpsuit.
"Jesus Christ! You scared the shit outta me, boy!" He yelled as he climbed to his feet, rubbing his head. He caught his breath and leaned to grab a bottle of water from a cluttered wooden table. The jumpsuit stretched over a wide, thick ass. "Something I can help you with?"
His voice was deep and gruff, too, the perfect voice to my ears. I realized I was taking too long to answer. "Car...uh, my car is making a...a noise? Yeah. It's a noise."
I felt my face turn red, and then the heat of embarrassment flashed over my entire body. To make matters worse, the mechanic watched the whole thing. A slow, amused smile found his lips. "You alright?"
"I--It's...I get stress hives and missing Thanksgiving is so horrible and totally not me and I--" I remembered to breathe, itching at my coat, the hoodie under it, and the shirt under that. I was not a fan of the cold. "I think I need to sit down."
"Good idea." He held out a big, sexy hand covered in grease, his nails ruined stubs. "Keys first."
"Thank you." I handed him the keys and sat in a rickety stool with a seat covered in duct tape. The mechanic opened the other garage door and walked out to the Neon. He started it and pulled it into the garage.
I reached for my phone but realized it was in the car. The man got out, and I stood with legs like quivering noodles. I walked to the car and opened the passenger side door, diving inside to grab my--
The inside of my car was filled with a smell, a truly evil odor that was like green, expired meat and old, hot garbage. There was something else in it, too, ironically almost like motor oil.
An erection formed immediately. This sexy bear of a mechanic had dropped a deadly fart in my car. How was I going to do this? I imagined it would take a while to fix. He might fart again. I didn't want to be creepy, but it had been a while since anyone had farted around me.
I suddenly felt very thankful.
I grabbed my phone and took a second to enjoy the smell. Yes, I definitely needed more of that. I straightened up with a smile and walked back to the stool, shedding my coat. I could feel the mechanic looking at me, waiting for me to mention the fart. Not yet...
He lifted the hood and started looking around. I watched him from behind. He was bent over, making his ass look great. "Uh, sucks that you had to work the holiday."
"I don't got my own family, and I can't stand the one I came from," he explained over one broad shoulder.
There was an open dialogue. I got up and joined him at the car. "What's your name?"
He felt the place where it should have been. "Shit. I forgot this one got fucked up. Name's Daniel."
Daniel. A good name, equal parts strong and sexy.
He lifted a hand for me to shake. I did, finding it as warm as I thought it would be and covered in hard calluses. I wanted these hands all over my body. "John."
"Nice to meet you." Daniel's adorable smile faded as his eyes passed over the engine. He released a heavy sigh, seemingly the response of the day. "Unfortunately, there's a lotta damage here. If I can't get anyone else to help out, we're talking midnight at the earliest."
My jaw dropped. The timing was impeccable, because a silent fart just as strong as the car one got right in my mouth. My erection returned to life; his expression gave nothing away.
I closed my mouth and nodded. "Okay. What if someone else comes? What's your normal wage? I'll double it for whoever you can get."
Daniel smiled bigger, and he walked to the office. "That might get someone to come!"
He shut the door behind him, but I followed. I wasn't dumb, but playing dumb really worked for me a lot. I turned the doorknob and entered. Daniel sat back in a surprisingly nice black office chair, feet up on the desk and the phone against his ear. There was another fresh fart hanging around, just as I had hoped.
Daniel continued talking into the phone, not at all concerned with my entrance. "...Yep. Double...I know, but I'm gonna take a lunch when you get here...Sounds good, buddy. See ya in ten...M'bye."
He hung up the phone and stood, the chair creaking. "Good news, pal. That was my buddy Duncan. He's gonna come help out. That'll cut the time down to about nine, if we're lucky."
"Thank you!" I really wanted to hug him, but that would be extremely awkward. Instead, I found another way in. "Did you say you were going to lunch? I haven't eaten all day in preparation for Thanksgiving, know how well that's going."
He laughed, a higher tone than his voice. He was so cute. "Yeah. Um, this place up the road, Stan's Diner. Only place anybody goes besides the Chug. It's open for anyone who doesn't have a dinner, so it might be alright."
What a name. "The Chug is a bar?"
"Yep." Daniel let out a big, sexy burp. "You can ride with me after Ol' Dunc gets here."
"Cool." I smiled, though my smile inside was so much bigger. My plan was working. I didn't care how much time my car took; Daniel was already more important than pleasing my mother at Thanksgiving dinner.
Duncan arrived in exactly ten minutes. He was short and scrawny, the complete opposite of Daniel. The bigger mechanic patted him on the shoulder on our way out. "We'll be back soon, Squeak."
I followed him out to his old, black pick-up truck. Daniel got in and leaned over to unlock the passenger side door. I sat down inside, greeted by yet another fart. This one was the most extreme of all of them, the smell actually somewhat bad, even to a freak like me.
I shut the door. The window was already cracked. Good. Daniel paused, keys in hand, he stared at me, then leaned back. "Okay, I gotta ask. You not have a sense of smell or something? 'Cause I been gassing you all day with no reaction."
I freaked out, but only for a second, only mentally. I'd tried pretending I had no sense of smell before, but it was a very hard lie to maintain. "No. I just don't really care. The place I'm trying to get to is my mom and stepdad's house. That man could stink out a skunk."
"Sounds like a good guy." Daniel grinned and started the engine. My lie passed, and I was off to have lunch (more accurately dinner considering the time) with this incredible man.
I realized what he'd said: he was trying to get a reaction. How sexy of him. "So you were farting on purpose?"
His grin pulled tighter, and he ran a hand over his beard. "Just a thing we do for shits and giggles at the shop. People usually don't say anything, but you're three deep!" Daniel laughed and shifted in his seat. "Oh. Four, now. Duncan can't hang, though. He's not good at farts. That's why we nicknamed him Squeak."
Fart number four was brutal like the last. Daniel cranked down his window, but only a little. So he was that kind of farter, the kind who found great enjoyment in stinking others out. The best kind.
I laughed with him. He turned into a parking lot and cut the engine. The building in front of us looked like a Waffle House, but it was named Stan's Diner. I held the door for him. "Were we sitting together? I mean, if you want privacy--"
"Might be awkward if we don't, considering we're the only ones in here."
So we were.
"Hey, y'all!" shouted a chipper blonde waitress in a Southern accent. "Are you here for the Thanksgiving Platter?"
"Yeah. Two of 'em." Daniel's voice was quieter when he talked to her.
"Right this way!" The woman led us to a booth. "Would you like apple cider?"
"Coffee." "Do you have coffee?"
Our answers merged in a blur, but the waitress nodded. "I'll put on a fresh pot and get your platters together!"
She practically ran from the booth. I tried not to stare at him. "Well she's annoying."
"She's just being nice." But he was smiling. Daniel burped with his mouth closed and sat back.
I drummed on the table, purely to fill the uncomfortable silence. "I guess I might end up eating two Thanksgiving dinners."
"I always eat two dinners." Daniel grinned while I imagined him consuming two massive dinners. His laugh brought me back. "I'm kidding. Fat jokes. I got 'em. It is hot as hell in here, idn't it?"
"I'm always cold."
Daniel undid the velcro of his jumpsuit and shrugged off the top half, tucking it between his back and the booth. He was wearing a white t-shirt underneath with a big stain over a bulging belly. It was grease, but not car grease. It was food grease, a sign of a sloppy eater.
Show it to me, baby.
"If you pull out one o' them Tide-To-Go pens, I'm out." Daniel folded his arms on the table with a smile.
I shook my head out of my horny gaze. "What? Oh. No. That would be my mother. Just one thing on a very long list of irritating things about her."
"And you're going to have dinner with this woman?"
I shrugged. "She's my mom."
"Fair enough."
The coffee arrived. He drank it black, while I put in two cream and two Sweet N' Low. The food came what seemed like seconds later. They were big plates with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and corn, a bowl of sweet potatoes, and a saucer with jellied cranberry sauce.
The waitress left, and an idea formed. "Will you eat my green bean shit and mashed potatoes?"
He'd already started, tearing into the food like a savage. There was already stuff in his beard. His cheeks bulged, full of food. "You don't like mashed potatoes? Un-American! But yeah, I'll eat 'em."
I was still working on my meal when Daniel finished. Mouth still full, he waved over the waitress. "Can I get a second on a' these, please? I ain't worried about the price."
Yes! I could have screamed with joy.
Daniel watched her walk away, slowly leaned forward, and a loud fart thundered across his booth seat for a few long seconds. Daniel dropped his ass and laughed, fanning the stink to me with both hands.
I fanned the air (though not hard), and hardened in my pants. I laughed with him again. "Nice."
Only a few minutes passed before he let another fart rumble fully into his seat. It vibrated the thing, echoing in an epic sound like calling whales. Daniel hid his laughing face then took a breath. "Jesus Almighty. That one actually hurt."
"That was epic," I praised.
"Hell yeah." His smile was so proud. Such a hot, deviously gassy man.
The waitress brought his second Thanksgiving Platter, and he dove in, his shirt already carrying several more potential stains. I checked my phone and groaned. "My mother texted me four times. Whatever. Let's pretend like I'm still driving."
"You're still driving." Mouth packed full, Daniel leaned to release another fart.
A second later, the waitress appeared. She winced at the hanging stench of the mechanic's gas. "Um, here's the check. No rush. Anything else y'all need?"
"No. We're good," I said, and she scurried away.
"Damn. I was gonna ask her about deserts, just keep her in the cloud a little longer." Daniel winked as he stood, grabbing for his wallet. He threw a twenty on the table and fixed his jumpsuit. "We should get back to the shop. Squeak's not really the trustiest wrench in the toolbox."
I nodded and followed him out. We got into the truck, and he lifted his ass to let out another monster fart. The deepness and intensity of it caused further hardness. Good thing I was sitting.
He pulled out of the lot and made a left turn. I looked back at the main road, and Daniel chuckled. "Relax. I gotta run a quick errand."
Daniel pulled into a trailer park, and all I could think of was drugs. I felt bad about it, but I hadn't had many good experiences in trailers.
He pulled up to a gray one and turned off the loud engine. Daniel stared at the trailer for a second, then looked down at his meaty hands to pick at his fingers. "Maybe after eating all that ain't the best time to ask, but..." His untidy, bearded head lifted slowly, one green eye glancing my way. "We don't know each other and you're gonna leave, and you're the only...guy like you I've talked to, so I wanna ask if I can fuck you."
My brain shorted out.
Heart attack.
After Thanksgiving dinner was the absolute best time for that, but I couldn't clue him in on that thought. Not yet.
I found my cool and regained my composure. My nerves built up until I ripped off the Band-Aid. I answered him with a kiss, his lips soft, a little dry, and his whiskers brushing mine.
The kiss held for a second, then he pulled away and threw his door open, grinning bigger than he had all day. "Well, alright then!"
Daniel ran to the door to unlock it, and I came in behind him. Fittingly, his trailer was a complete mess. The hair smelled heavily of body odor and stale farts, and I couldn't have been happier about it.
No offense, but fuck you, Mom.
Daniel's body crashed into mine, lips colliding. Incredibly, the one thing that wasn't sloppy was his kissing. It was like he'd been training for this moment all his life.
I thanked anyone who was listening for velcro and ripped open his jumpsuit. We both fought to get it off. Daniel pulled away, panting. "Fuck. I have to take my boots off. Hold on."
He turned away, ass amazing in black and red basketball shorts. A fart came out less than a foot away from me, loud and deep and spectacular. Daniel giggled as he sat, starting on his boots.
I stood by and watched him, openly rubbing my crotch with a hand. He got the boots off, and the air filled with the stink of his socks. Nearly drooling, I wondered how long he'd been wearing the same pair, how warm they must be.
He flung the socks across the room, leaving him in big, wide bare feet with tufts of hair on each of his toes. I looked up to his smiling face. "Ready?"
We collided again. I pushed off his shirt and stroked his warm, hairy belly with a thumb nail. He pulled off mine and kissed my collarbone. He dropped his shorts, and there was nothing underneath.
Naked Daniel was unbelievably sexy, a huge, hairy man, like a bear turned human. The sexiest human alive, as far as I was concerned. He smelled like pit sweat and ball sweat and manly musk, all of them coming together just to tease me.
His dick wasn't the biggest, but it was thick and so hard it was throbbing, quivering as it waited for a touch. I dropped my pants, revealing my own pulsating situation. Daniel looked at it with a hungry smile.
He grabbed me and pulled me back to his bedroom, an even bigger disaster than his living room and kitchen. He pushed me onto the bed, an aggressive gesture but welcome. He flipped me over and pulled me back, like some mysteriously unseen horror movie creature.
Daniel spit, and callused fingers slid between my ass cheeks and into my body. I gasped in pleasure and let myself relax. The fingers were replaced by his dick, fitting in just right. He began to pound, and I began to scream.
My own dick was so hard between my legs, and I started tugging on it. A bear hand suddenly slapped my hand away from my dick. "Not yet."
He was evil, but he was perfect, even more perfect than I would have guessed.
He pounded, in and out. I was unable to keep a stream of screams, swear words, and moans from escaping. He went harder and harder, hardened palms grasping my hips.
Daniel stopped, released a guttural noise from his mouth, and slowly broke our physical union. Without wasting a second, he flipped me over and collapsed onto his knees. With those rough hands, Daniel guided my dick to his waiting mouth. If he was a good kisser, this was going to be fantastic.
He went up and down, holding it with one hand. Daniel used his tongue to cradle my little guy. I couldn't focus on the specifics, because it was hot and I was screaming again. Daniel released a rolling fart that reached my nose instantly, and I released strings of cum down his throat. He swallowed it like a champ, licked off my head, and let it go with a pop!
He stood without saying a thing. He only grinned as he picked up his shorts. I watched him pull them on with plenty of sadness, seated on the edge of the bed. "'re really freaking good at... everything that just happened."
"So are you. And now that we've had sex..." Daniel walked back to the bed. I smiled up at him. When he was upon me, he turned his ass to me and let a grimy beefer right in my face. The smell was immediate again, horrendous but heavenly.
He stepped away chuckling. I could have laid it all out right there. "I love farts, and yours are some of the best." Simple. Just words...
It wasn't right. I couldn't tell him. As he said, I was leaving. This was all one temporary, contained moment of perfection.
I had to keep the charade going. "Bro, really? You fart on everyone you've had sex with?"
"Yes I do," he said proudly, though his voice was different. It was the tell of a lie. Daniel moved on from his apparent dishonesty too quickly. "We need to get back, or else you really won't be outta here until midnight."
"Now, wouldn't that just suck," I said, heavy on the sarcasm.
Daniel gave me a grin, a glint of mischief in the green of his gaze. He pulled on his jumpsuit and aimed another fart at me. It was louder than the last. "That's what sucks."
I definitely could suck it, but that would give me up right away. I settled for one lone, covert sniff before following the mechanic out of his home and back to his truck. I was completely relaxed, completely happy with the way everything was unfolding.
I wanted to be stuck here on purpose, not even entirely sure where exactly here was. I couldn't stop staring at Daniel, and he kept glancing at me.
Sirens alarmed us out of whatever energy we had flowing. Daniel slowed his truck as the garage came into view.
It was covered in vicious flames, my car ablaze inside. A red fire engine showed up in a second, and I began to laugh. After a second, Daniel started laughing with me. His laugh died first, spotting something in the sudden circus of first responders. "Ah, shit. Duncan's headed this way. You better go talk to the cops."
"Yep. Then call my mom." I put a hand on my stomach, the muscles tight from laughing. "Can I maybe stay with you tonight?"
"You can stay forever if you want!" He responded, smile so adorable. The smile faltered, and he shook his head. "I didn't mean, uh--"
"You're so adorable." I loved that I could finally say it.
"Keep that in mind." Daniel lifted himself from his feet to unleash another deep, grumbling gas monster. It filled the cab in a second, and he settled. "Ah! Had to set the fart trap for Squeak."
Great. Now I would have to talk to the cops with a secret boner.
I was afraid to openly kiss him, touching his arm instead. His arm turned, grasp tightened on my arm, and a lengthy fart popped and rumbled against his seat. "I had more, and I needed someone to hear it."
My boner intensified, and I pushed open my door before it got any worse. Better? Yes, usually, but not when I had to talk to the cops. Daniel's hand slid to mine, and I turned back again. "What?"
"If you choose to stay, you should know my gas is the worst in the mornings."
Damn him. My erection was almost at full mast. I brought back the cool front. "Good to know."
I got out slowly, trying to dillute my stiffness by sheer force of will. I stood and turned back, already missing the confined farts of this amazing man. There was no way I could leave.
He raised an eyebrow at me and leaned to roll down the passenger window. "You good?"
I took a deep breath. His farts drifted outside. "I'll be better when we're back in bed."
Daniel's face lit up with excitement, and I stepped away. Fuck a family Thanksgiving dinner. I had all I needed to be thankful for right here.
Thank you, Dodge Neon, for being a piece of shit. Thank you, mechanic shop, for being open on Thanksgiving. Thank you, Duncan, for somehow blowing up aforementioned piece of shit. Thank you, Stan's Diner, for providing coffee, food, and gas.
Thank you, Daniel, for existing.
This totally ended up being some of my best writing. Should I continue this in the future?
(My Stories for Sale/Your Stories?)
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gokugf · a year ago
wap has thoroughly lodged itself in my brain
#macaroni in a pot......#lily's rap battles#oh OH my GOD i forgot i have a terrible story from today. unrelated to this post but we know how i am#tw self harm#tw in tags#negative#vent posts#///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////#in my russian class today i was vibin or whatever and outta nowhere#my prof sets the laptop that is broadcasting to all the zoom students right beside me. like directly facing me#and i wasnt aware she was doin that so i was minding my business and typing on my laptop and stuff#unaware that my arm was in full view of the camera#and for a whole minute at least my sc*rs were in complete full view of the entire class#like. fresh ones too#i only realized when i kinda turned to the side and noticed the laptop and as i was looking at myself in the screen i just saw all of them#like very noticeably. poor video quality wasn't enough to cover it up for anyone like it was definitely very obvious#bro. bro the way i YANKED my arm back#i havent had time to think abt that and process it yet i think im mortified for life#like FULL VIEW. COMPLETE FULL VIEW for like a whole minute at LEAST!#and people were definitely paying attention bc it was on the prof's zoom and it was during class so ofc they'd be looking#good lord. how inconvenient#anyways thats my story i will be thinking about it for the next several weeks#P.S. i try to tag posts like this as best i can so people can blacklist but if theres another tag youd like me to use just lmk! i dont mind#id much rather know what to tag than have someone accidentally come across it w/o expecting to#or like if there are more warnings i should put that would be more helpful i could def do that too
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secretsofblackthornhall · 2 months ago
From the diary of Tatiana Lightwood. December 27, 1873
I hate Will Herondale.
I hate Will Herondale.
I HATE Will Herondale.
How could I have ever felt anything but loathing for him, with his ridiculous name and his infernal Welsh accent and his preposterous handsome face! Ugh! The horrid monster read my old diary, OUT LOUD at the Institute Christmas party. On the stage, in the ballroom. To the entire Enclave.
Every single entry where I’d written my name as Mrs. Tatiana Herondale. Every bit where I wrote poetry about his absurdly blue eyes, how I shudder now to recall it! How I wish Elise Penhallow had never stopped playing the spinet and given him an opening to start reading OUT LOUD. I wish she was still playing the spinet now and for the rest of eternity and that Will Herondale had been utterly drowned out by the racket.
The HUMILIATION, it is not to be borne. He is a MONSTER. Gideon just stood there like a lummox. Gabriel had the decency to attempt to defend my honor and got his arm broken, which was the least he could do, really.
I suppose it is better that I have discovered Will Herondale’s TRUE NATURE and EVIL INTENT now rather than later. But oh, couldn’t I have found it out in a different way? A whispered cruel comment—an act of brutishness at someone else’s expense—but no. The whole Enclave just standing there gaping at me and whispering, whispering.
Of course Father told me in the carriage on the way home that I had disgraced us all and the good name of Lightwood, too. Gabriel sulked for the entire journey, even though the healing runes must have taken away any pain he was in, so there was no need for him to be so peevish. None of this was about him. Gideon took my hand and said, “Don’t fret, Tati. Everyone will forget about this before you know it.” I looked out the window of the carriage and ignored him. What could he possibly understand about the injury that has been dealt to me? Nothing, for he is a lunkhead.
When we arrived at Chiswick I thought about burning the diary, for I could no longer stand the sight of the thing. Will ruined it. I went up to my room and ripped the pages from the spine, then tore each page to pieces. I looked at the fire, which had plenty of hot coals, but I could not bring myself to consign the remains of the diary to the flames, whether they had disgraced our family name or not. Those pages were full of my fascinating ruminations and ideas and observations—about the London Enclave, about my father’s heroic exploits, about the precise shape of Elise Penhallow’s nose and what it revealed about her terrible character—and I found I did not want to see those words curl and vanish into ash. Instead I stuffed the mutilated pages into my green silk purse and tiptoed down the corridor. I hid them in the old mousehole behind one of my father's paintings of demons doing peculiar things. (I don’t know why he collects them, but then I suppose I have not yet developed a taste for art.) I hurried back to my room and threw the spine and covers of the book into the fire.
I am starting over with a new diary in which I will not mention W.H. at all. Except now. This is the last time.
But I will make him pay. No matter how long I have to wait.
Tumblr media
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chilumi-shipper · 7 days ago
So I read the lamb!girl reader and it was amazing omg, and I wanted to ask if you can do something similar with Albedo, zhongli and kazuha. Please ignore it if you can't! Thank you :D
Little Lamb (2)
Zhongli x Fem!Reader / Childe x Fem!Reader / Albedo x Fem!Reader / Kazuha x Fem!Reader / Thoma x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, Lambgirl!Reader, Dumb and Innocent Reader, Manipulation, Zhongli has Two Cocks, Virgin Reader, Size Kink.
Summary: Genshin men manipulates you into fucking them. Go check out the other boys (Diluc, Kaeya, and Xiao) on part one.
All your life, everyone has looked down on you as an inferior creature, a stupid lamb that was just lucky enough to inherited the blood of an Adeptus.
But Lord Morax had shown you kindness that nobody, not even your own parents, have ever given to you.
As you spend the rest of your eternal life as his lovely little wife pet, you accepted everything... It was such an honor.
An honor to let the renowned Geo Archon use you, your body, in whatever ways he wanted.
As both his cocks vigorously stretched out your small hole, your hands were in his, and you were whimpering, smiling up at him whilst he sends brutal snaps to your hole.
Both of his cocks, red in anger and hard as a rock, inside your pussy broke you apart. Reduced to nothing but a babbling lamb, ears all twitchy and fluffy even when you're fucked dumb.
His little sheep just looked so cute as he shapes your pussy to accommodate him and only him.
It does hurt to have both cocks stuffed inside your cunt, but Morax called you an angel when he shoved his cocks inside you.
You'd give anything to have his approval, he's your everything.
So you, as the bestest lamb wife in the whole world, should do what you can to make sure that your Master gets what he wants.
"M-Master Mowax... T-Thank you for choosing me..." You say, almost screaming as you felt his hand press down on the obvious bulge on your stomach from both his cocks.
He absolutely loved seeing just how small you are compared to him. Yet still being a good girl even when he destroys your pussy.
"Oh, Y/N. You're just my little slut, aren't you?"
"Yes, M-Master..."
If he wants to obliterate you with his gigantic cocks, you will let him with a genuine smile on your face.
You've been getting terrible nightmares lately...
Thankfully, Master Tartaglia is always so smart and helpful! He even said that he'd help you cure your bad dreams streak.
"I-Is it w-working?" You stuttered, eyes flickering in tiredness as his tongue pulled your fifth orgasm out of your cunt.
Childe placed a kiss on your pussy lips, raising his head up before frowning at you. "I don't know, baby..."
He squirmed back on top of you, his naked form looming over your own. He absolutely loved seeing those adorable eyes of yours just get watery as you think that his "cure" didn't manage to help you.
"I'll have bad dreams forever..." He shushed you, forcing the tip of his length between your pussy lips.
"Master won't ever let that happen, baby." He couldn't wait any longer, just shoved his entire cock in, molding your pussy with his size and breaking you apart.
You almost scream, were it not for his hand covering your mouth.
You felt so good, exactly like he thought you would. Squeezing his dick and letting him see those sinfully bouncy tits.
"I'll have to fuck those nightmares out of you, alright?"
"O-Okay, Master."
Oh no! Mr. Albedo is in big trouble!
You accidentally created an aphrodisiac that he drank, now he's gonna die if he doesn't have sex with a very willing lambgirl :(
You don't know how you even made the aphrodisiac, you're pretty sure you were just making some fertilizer for Sucrose's plants.
But then, when you came back, Albedo rushed to you and told you about what happened. Ohhh, you can't believe you just put your teacher's life at risk.
As a good assistant and lamb, it is your duty to help your superior.
"Ahhhh... mhhhhf..." Your toes curl from the pressure of his cock just not being able to fit into your virgin pussy. No matter how hard Albedo pushes it in, you would just scream that it couldn't fit.
"How are you gonna help me of you keep stopping me?" You whimpered, not being able to answer his question. It hurts when he forces it in your small hole.
"I don't know..."
Your toes curl as Albedo forces his tip inside.
"You're the one that did this, Y/N." He said, his cock inching further into your center.
Mewls emit from your mouth as you feel something enter you for the first time.
"You have to pay for your actions..."
As the wandering samurai told you his story, you almost teared up. You pity him, he had nowhere to go before the Crux accepted him, and nobody else to go to when he's alone.
It's so sad :(
Your ears were pressed on your head when you listened to him talking about his past, an obvious frown on your face.
"'Zuha... I'll always be here for you!"
Kazuha is the only one in the Crux besides Captain Beidou that isn't weirder out by your ears and tail or the fact that you can really be so dumb sometimes.
You'd do anything to make your friend happy.
"A-Are you enjoying this?" You asked, eyes slightly watering from the harsh wooden wall against your back.
Your thighs were in his bandaged hands, holding you up as he penetrates your pussy with his hardened cock.
As a loyal lamb to Kazuha, it is your job to make sure that he enjoys himself here in the Crux. So no matter what he does to you, you should always let him do whatever he wants.
He had such a hard time back then, you don't want your best friend feeling so alone.
You may not know what you're doing now but he seems to really like it :D
That must mean you're doing a good job!
"Uhhhg... Y/N." Kazuha hissed, hands gripping your thighs even harder when your walls clamped down on his dick.
His lips landed on yours, and in Inazuma, he said that it means that you're a really good friend! That's so sweet of him!
You've never been to Inazuma before, but maybe Kazuha and you can go there one day. That be supper great.
"Hey... Focus on me, please." You were snapped out of your thoughts when he pounds into you with a hard thrust.
You feel even more confused when you felt liquid flow inside you, like it was coating your insides.
"W-What happened?" You asked oh so innocently, not sure what he just did to your body.
"You just make me so happy, Y/N..." He answered, making you smile despite the slight ache when he moved his hips again.
It makes your heart swell that you're able to make him happy again.
"'Z-Zuha, I love you..." Your voice was so small and cute, saying something so adorably innocent as he dicks you down.
Ever since you were both kids in Mondstadt, he's always been your knight and shining armor. The other kids would always point at you, laugh at you for being weird and different.
Plus your sheep ears, despite them looking just so cute and fluffy, you always think that it has been a curse.
But Thoma made you feel so special, when you met him, he was mesmerized by you. Since then, you've been inseparable!
The heavy looks on you got even worse when he had invited you to Inazuma to visit his father. You both got stuck there and now, you both work for the Kamisato Clan.
Well... Thoma works for the Kamisato Clan, you work for him.
And he's the nicest boss in the entire world!
Thoma even managed to make your job very fun! Like a sneaky spy project that ninjas in the clan do.
On the outside, you would just be his little helper, but on the inside, you're going to be his adorable "cum dump".
Ooh, but don't tell anyone, it's a secret...
You don't know exactly what an adorable "cum dump" does, but Thoma said that it's really important and you mustn't tell anyone.
You bet your fluffy ears you're not gonna be a bad lamb and ruin the job!
Sneaky spy project number one: make him "cum" inside your pussy, whatever that means.
Of course, a job is never easy, that's what you think as you were hovering on top of his naked body, only being able to fit the head of his cock inside your virgin hole.
"Ohhhh, h-how am I supposed to do this again?" You looked back down on Thoma's face for guidance, both your hands in his as you try to widen your hole to accommodate him.
The blond chuckled, hips slightly pushing up to inch into you further, making you groan. "Just put it in, and bounce up and down..." His hands left your own, before landing on your hips and slowly guiding you down.
"B-But it hurts..." You whimpered, feeling the ache of your walls being spread apart for the first time.
"Do you really wanna fail on your first project?" You shook your head, ears pressing against your head in determination.
You're not a weak little lamb, maybe you're a bit stupid, but you will pass your first job ever.
With courage, you plunged down on his entire length, impaling yourself on his hardened cock. Hissing a bit, you managed to finally put all of him inside.
"Y-Yaay, I did it!" You cheered for yourself, smiling so happily before looking down, a very obvious bulge on your tummy from his cock.
Thoma had chuckled once again, enjoying the proud look on your face.
"There's more to it, Y/N..."
Also Requested by: @guoguo-ba
I had to really brain storm to think of ways on how these characters may manipulate you into fucking them (special thanks to my buddy @daddy-diluc for helping me), but I really had fun writing this, I love writing about bimbo reader!
Hope you guys like this, and thank you for requesting! (~ ̄³ ̄)~
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moemoemammon · 5 months ago
A silly lil request for the brothers! He and MC are out shopping when MC picks up two stuffed animals (like little goats for Lucifer, or cats for Satan) and says "look! It's us!" And then makes the stuffed animals kiss with a little smoochy noise <3
Look! It's Us!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
YOU........ have no idea what you do to him.
Lucifer may be the cold, unwavering epitome of perfection, but somehow yoh always manage to crawl under his skin. He's hopelessly vulnerable to you.
So when he takes you on your outing and watches you call for his attention, just for you to press the faces of two stuffed animals together...
You're trying to kill him, aren't you? He's annoyed with how cute you are. You'll be the death of him. He literally has to cover his face because he can't look at you right now.
".....................Hand those to me. I'll buy them, so we can match. Don't stare at me."
It takes him two whole seconds to process what you're implying, and now you've got him acting a fool in public.
The man nearly trips over the display behind him, effectively knocking stuff over and scrambling to pick it all up
He's dropping stuff and cursing for a good couple of minutes before he composes himself and runs his fingers through his hair like none of that ever happened.
But now he's gotta pull you off to the side, because what're you THINKING?! Warn him next time!!!
"What're ya playin' at, huh?? Ya tryin' to get my attention or somethin'?! Cuz if that's it... all ya had to do was say somethin'. If you're lookin' for a kiss, I'll just give ya one, damn it..."
You sent a moe moe kyun beam straight to his heart!! There's no way he could withstand such a devastating attack!
You've practically got this man on his knees from the sheer power of your cuteness. Be proud knowing you've managed to topple the mighty Leviathan. You have bragging rights.
But he somehow collects himself despite being cherry red, and grabs one of the stuffed animals from you. Before you can question it, he presses the toy's face against the one you're holding.
"...aaaAAA I CAN'T STAND IT!! How can one human be so cute?! Your cuteness almost rival's Ruri-chan's!! Do you understand how messed up that is?!?! Take responsibility!! L-Let's buy these!"
Cute things are Satan's weakness, and cute gestures from you are the one thing in this world that can kill him.
So when he turns around to find you pressing two adorable cat plushies together in a kiss, he nearly goes into cardiac arrest
He's gripping his chest and a nearby shelf for dear life, asking you to give him a second to recover. That second turns into minutes and you're honestly wondering if he's ok at this point-
Satan assures you that he is, but there's no way in hell he's leaving without buying the store's entire stock of those kitten plushes. Probably using the toys as an excuse to keep you from noticing how flustered he is ehem ehem-
"Gah... those things are way too dangerous, especially in your hands....Are there more? I'm buying them right away. Three each should be fine, right? No, you're right. We should buy more than that, just in case."
How on EARTH can someone be so DARLING?! There's no one in all the nine circles that could POSSIBLY be as cute as you! Well, aside from himself of course-
He's already cupping your cheeks, and you can't even protest before he's peppering your face in little kisses all over until you're thoroughly coated in vanilla cupcake lip balm.
Seriously, you're going to kill him! You're so cute he could just eat you up!! Of course you'd wanna kiss him, but to think you'd go with such an innocent gesture...!
"MCCCCC!!! You know I can't hold back when you're like this!! I love yooou~!!! But sweetheart, if you wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask~! Come let me love you~!"
That alone made Beel's mouth fall open, the bite of donut he just took now falling out of his mouth
You broke him. He's staring at you, probably making you wonder if you did something weird, but once he snaps back into reality he finds he's not so hungry anymore.
In fact, he's forgotten all about his snack, setting the donuts aside please don't do that in a store and chooses to take the toys from you. Why? To make room for when he leans in and kisses you directly.
"..That's what you wanted, right? A kiss? If you would've told me, I would've done it right away. But... those stuffed animals are cute, so let's buy them. I'll get some for the others, too."
Belphie isn't the type that likes going to cutesy stores like this, but he has to admit that the stuffed animals are super soft.
He picks up a stuffed cow intent on showing it to you, when he spots you with two identical toys, pressing them into a kiss. Boy suddenly finds himself squeezing the hell out of that cow,,,,,,....
Has the nerve to back you against a wall likes he's scary or something, despite that embarrassed look on his face. He's hoping you can't see his blush behind his emo bangs
".....Doing something cute like that to get my attention isn't fair, MC. Let's buy those and go home. I can't kiss you in public, now can I?"
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hellounicorn · 2 months ago
little gift - mafia!wolfstar x reader
Hi!! Don’t ask me why I wrote this, just go w it. Also this gif makes me feral.
(Read first) —> But a little preface is that the ‘deal’ being referred to the whole way through the fic is that your dad fucked up somehow and caused an issue in the company and to protect his life and the life of your whole family, Sirius made a deal with him that he and Remus could have you for an entire week.
I don’t think it’s explicitly explained in the fic but yeah! Hope u enjoy and pls lmk if u did!
Reader is of age!!
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Warnings: smut, mafia!au, mean dom remus, very mean dom sirius, oral(male receiving), doggy style, degradation, pet names, lowkey dubcon, there’s def more so pls lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Moons, come on in!” Sirius beckons, his stern face darting to you, a malicious wink in your direction making you meet his eyes with a pleading starlet underlying within them. “I’ve got a surprise for you,”
You know your dad fucked up. Your dad knew that he’d fucked up. But unfortunately, it had come to the thin line of decision, where the offer on the table was either life or death for the entirety of your kin.
With a heavy breath, your father had chosen the former, knowing what horribly licentious actions it would entail for you, thus sending you off to the mercy of his two bosses, merciless ones, might you add, for the duration of a week to make up for his wrong-doings in the company.
Well, now left was only six days, eight hours, 42 minutes..but who’s counting, right?
And in the time you’ve resided in their mansion of a home as the equivalent of an object, you’d grown fond of having Sirius, him being the one to seal the deal with your father, use you for his pleasure and sometimes yours.
Despite you’d only been there for a little over 12 hours, the raven haired male had utilized the time by trying out almost everything with you, finding this opportunity to be the best time to try out all his toys he’d been wanting to use on you for months on end, ever since your dad first introduced him to you when he’d gotten the job.
“The fuck is it, Pads? I’m still tryna fix the deal that y/l/n fellow screwed up on-” Remus’ storming footsteps towards the room had you curling into yourself atop the silk sheets, afraid of the powerful man and all he could do to you once he’d come to understand the circumstance.
To regain your attention, Sirius snaps his fingers in your direction, signaling for you to keep your gaze on him until the time Remus enters the space, then you were to do the same to him.
“You’re going to like it, trust me!” He shouts, sound traveling to the hallway where the brunette was furiously walking down to get to the room where you and Sirius were, him unexpecting of walking in to see you all dolled up in nothing but a tight piece of expensive lingerie.
“I’d better, Black. Otherwise I’ll- woah,”
And the shock hit him suddenly when he entered the abode, optics immediately falling to how you gave him a barely there ghost of a smile from your place on the bed, shuffling anxiously when you realized he was staring at the fact you were almost entirely naked, minus the thin covering the little piece you were sporting provided.
“What’d I tell you?” Sirius presses his tongue against his cheek, smirking pridefully at the way Remus tilts his head to get a clearer view of you, wanting to ensure this was real life and not just another sexual dream about you in his head. “Isn’t she a beaut?”
Remus’ line of vision travels from the strewn locks of yours splaying across the cotton pillow, down to the exposed curve of your tits poking through the material of the lingerie, then grazing his eyes across your hips and finally down to your swollen pussy, which had clearly already wrecked silly by none other than the man who’d been keeping you as his own for a good few hours.
“Quite,” Remus chuckles under his breath, unwillingly tearing his hungered gaze from you and spinning on his heel to now face Sirius, curious as to what the hell you were doing in their house, that too in such a compromising disposition.
He begins explaining everything to his friend, the deal he’d made with your father, what you were here as for the next week, the vague details mostly, but Remus got the gist and was more than pleased to have his turn with you.
All the while, you were fidgeting with small whimpers falling from your lips, not sure what to expect from Remus and his intensity when it comes to his way of fucking, given that you’d already been through hell and back with Sirius torturing you in the best ways possible.
“Fuckin’ hell mate,” he runs deft fingers through his hazel locks, cock already hardening from the mere thought of having you cunt wrapped around it. “So she’s like..our own personal slut? And we can make her do whatever we want to?”
Remus feels the need to clarify, knowing that if someone pinched him and he woke up back in his bed realizing this was just a figment of his imagination, he’d probably murder someone.
“Right you are, Moony. Y/n has no choice but to listen to what we want.”
And that has Remus, whipping his frame back around, now refacing you and the fixated pout that settled on your lips. “I can see you’ve already had your fun with her, yeah? Her cunt’s throbbing like mad,”
Sirius tuts, shrugging softly as he prides himself on how well he’d gotten you into submission with just a few dotes of disciplinary action. “Guilty. But I couldn’t stop m’self, mate. I mean fucking look at her, we’ve been dreaming of toying around with her for months, I just helped make it become our reality.”
You felt a wave of heat rush through you, abdomen coiling as you felt most exposed by the way two pairs of eyes now pierced into every inch of you, practically ravaging you just from the stare.
“She gonna fucking say something, or just keep staring at us like a needy lil’ puppy? I mean, I’m fine either way,” Remus jests, referring to the fact you’d barely uttered a word since he entered the room, given you were too nervous to say the wrong thing and end up with a punishment to your name.
“You heard him, y/n. Go on, I’m sure that pretty mouth of yours can do wonders when you try,” Sirius runs his tongue over the length of his pearly whites, making you cower into yourself.
Nonetheless, you plucked up enough courage to croak out in a low tone. “Hi, Mr. Lupin,” you addressed the man with a fond grin, unable to conceal the fact you were highly enamored with the two, albeit being their ‘guest’ was quite the toss-up on face value, they both had the capabilities to turn you on with just a flash of a smile.
And right now, you were craving his touch, seeing as Sirius had already left his permanent mark on you, it was only fair that Remus do the same.
“Well hello there, pet. S’nice to see you all prettied up f’me and Mr. Black.”
Your heart swells at the praise, letting out a delicate giggle that resembled that of an angel’s hum, making both Sirius and Remus look at each other with mischievous grins, silently telling each other how fun this was going to be.
“Have her call you ‘daddy’, mate. Hear it from her mouth and you’ll get fucking addicted to it.”
“Noted,” Remus quips, imagining how you’d cry out the formality when he’s stuffing you full with his cum. “And uh, does she flinch a lot? You know I like behaved little girls that stay still while I’m having m’way with them.”
He waits to approach you, loving how twitchy you were just by the anticipation of him coming up to you and giving you that electrification by even laying a finger on you.
Sirius thinks back to about an hour ago, when he’d tied you to the headboard and anchored you down because he thought you were squirming way too much for his liking.
“You pin her down hard enough, then no. But she’s a noisemaker, that’s for sure so you ever need to shut ‘er up, I’ve got the perfect thing for that.”
You furrow your eyebrows at this, lips jutting out in a pout at his accusation that you supposedly were being too loud. “‘M not, daddy! Mr. Lupin didn’t even hear us the whole time, I was being quiet, I swear!”
You defend yourself defiantly, wanting to get the point across that you had stayed silent enough that Remus wasn’t even aware of what was happening in his own house.
Or so you assumed, but your rebut only earned a dark chuckle from Sirius and a slow shake of his head. “Ever heard of a Silencing Charm, little one? Don’t give yourself that much credit, you’re quite a whiny thing, baby.”
This has you shutting up again, pursing your lips in a sneer as Remus makes a comment under his breath about how he don’t expect you to challenge Sirius so soon, considering it would only land you up in more trouble if you did.
“That was enough backtalk for the evening, wouldn’t you think?” Remus folds his arms across his chest, sauntering closer and closer to the bed which you were tucked snugly into, his trail intimidating and his stature practically untouchable.
You retract from your previous confidence, sinking back into submission. “Yes daddy,” you meekly whisper, the lycanthrope remaining displeased.
He touches a finger to his ear, acting as if he’d barely heard what you said and wanted you to repeat such, this time ridding yourself of the scared and innocent act. “Louder,”
“Yes daddy, no more backtalk,” you say again, sole intention on making a good impression for Remus, already guessing he was a harder dominant than Sirius was just by the way he presented himself, and this slightly frightened you, yet spurred you on.
“Such an obedient little girl already. Oh Merlin, I’m gonna have some fun with you, aren’t i?”
“I sure hope so, daddy.”
From behind Remus, Sirius concurs with him, reassuring his friend that you were much akin to a ragdoll that can be tossed around however they damn well pleased, even if you put up a fight at the start.
“Can I have a try? I know I’ll fucking cum on the spot if y/n keeps looking at me with those big puppy dog eyes.” He grunts, hooking a knee under his bum as he sits right next to you, the proximity causing a waft of his cologne to drift into your senses, invading them to make your head spin with the musky scent.
“‘Course you can, mate. Like I said, she’s ours for the week. But also trust me when I say she’s a fighter, but once she gets the message that you’re not there to fuck around and you mean business, then she settles.”
The way that they spoke about you in such a manner that it would have seemed like you were distant from the room and not sitting right there, hearing them speak about you so deplorably. “Hey! I’m right here, y’know!”
You huff, reopening your mouth to voice your discontent further before Remus’ palm is getting pushed against it, eyes narrowing down at you in a look that speaks but a thousand words, one phrase of theirs being for you to ‘shut up’.
“What did I say, pet? We’ve discussed this before.” Sirius chastises, reminding you of the comment he’d made a couple hours back when you were getting most agitated with the degrading tone he spoke to you with.
You sigh in defeat, Remus’ muscled hand prying away from your mouth. “When daddy speaks,” you bite your lip softly, coming to a halt when feeling pleasurable shame dawn upon you to continue the saying.
“Go on,” he snaps, you sigh again to draw a breath.
“When daddy speaks, I turn off m’ears, ‘n turn off my brain.”
“Good girl,”
Remus shoots his eyebrows up, giving an impressed nod and turning his head around to face Sirius. “I like that, Pads. Where’d you get that one?”
Sirius shrugs indifferently, remembering how the heat of the moment produced such a phrase. “Came up with it on the spot couple of hours ago when y/n was trying to defend herself to me, claiming that ‘she wasn’t a slut’. Utter bullshit in my eyes, so I set her straight for that.”
Remus disappointedly shakes his head at you, tutting at hearing that you’d slipped out of place and stepped up to Sirius. “Hm, I see. Anything else I need to know? Wanna make sure I’m doing all the right things to make our little present stays tame.”
You accepted that you were exactly that. A little gift given to the males for their own use, and to keep everyone in your bloodline safe and intact, you knew better than to defy them.
“Well, for starters she cums so fucking fast. Before I can even get something out of her, she’s already begging to cum like a weepy little bitch. Even though I’ve told her time and time again, this pleasure isn’t for her, she’s so hungry for it.”
You flutter your eyes shut, thinking back to how you were hellbent on refusing to let Sirius evoke a reaction from you, yet it was just too good to not want more of his affliction. Your cunt clenches at the thought, thighs magnetizing together discreetly as you slid under the covers to hide it.
“Now baby, you know that’s not right. Little girls are there as holes to make their daddy feel good, it’s almost embarrassing that you enjoy such a thing.”
Remus laughs at how you buried your face under the comforter, on the verge of tears at how they managed to edge you just with their words and how they made you feel so wrong and dirty for almost everything.
“Won’t do it again,” you sob from underneath the blanket, overwhelmed at how the two of them got you so vulnerable in the span of not even a day.
“Always throwing a fit, aren’t you?” Sirius grumbled swears under his breath as he stomps over, tearing back the sheets from above you, and being met with wet cheeks, puffy eyes, and a starved cunt; blazing with arousal.
“Pet, don’t be afraid of us. We’ll only hurt you as much as you want us to, so stop with these little tears of yours now.” He uses the pad of his thumb to flick away the crystallized tears that struck your reddening cheeks. “Because trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bawl your fucking heart out tonight.”
You screw your eyes shut and messily smear away the tears on your face, reopening them soon after to see Remus inches closer to you than he was before, a hand ghosting over the bend of your knee, nudging it such that your thighs parted.
You could hear the wisp of conversation exchanged back and forth between Remus and Sirius, the brunette inquiring what your boundaries were and the other replying that he hadn’t found them yet.
It was as if he was to drag his finger down the space between your legs, because he’d every so slightly tickled your sensitive skin and trailed his hand lower, indifferent to your low whines from his heated touch.
“Daddy,” you softly breathe out, heart beating against the confines of your ribcage that you were almost positive the males could hear it too. “What’re you doing?” Your voice hitches unevenly.
“Shh, don’t speak. You’re gonna like this, trust me.”
And that’s when you felt him fully move your legs apart, his muscled palm holding one of your thighs down so your bruised cunt was revealed to his darkening eyes.
Remus was slightly taken aback at your condition, being able to visibly see how wrecked you were, and if he were even to brush a digit against your folds you’d probably let out an earth-shattering scream.
“Aw, who did that to you, princess?” Comes Sirius’ condescending tease before Remus has the chance to ask it himself. “Who made your pussy all red ‘n purple?”
You couldn’t resist the second onslaught of tears that came about, attempting to hide it from them by shamefully covering your face with your hands, still being able to detect that Sirius was without a doubt egotistically observing what he’d done to you.
“Mate, the fuck did you do to her?” Remus lays his free hand on your lower abdomen, just now noticing the bruises that dotted your fragile skin, and the desire in Sirius’ eyes to create more. “I could give her a slap and the poor thing would crumble. You really used your alone time with her well, yeah?”
“Sure did.” He smirks, watching you tense every time Remus ran his fingers along the array of your marks. “But Rem, it’s your turn to have fun with her. And she clearly wants it, I mean look at her cunt, mate. S’fucking sloppy f’you.”
That’s when you uncovered your face, able to get your tears at bay as you peered up at your dominants, holding back the flinches at Remus’ calloused hand.
“Is that right, baby? Y’wanna be played with? Want daddy to fuck up your little cunt more than it already is?” His tone was that of one you would use when speaking to a toddler, which in his mind, you were utterly brain dead like one, and this was the only way he thought of to be delicate with you.
“Do I have a choice?” You sigh, but nod feverishly when you receive that certain glare from Sirius, the one that never fails to keep you in check. “I meant..yes please, daddy.”
Sirius licks his lips, fed up with your attitude that showed through every time they offered to satiate your needy self. “No. No you don’t have a choice,” he waves Remus away momentarily, taking his spot before you and hooking a hand underneath your chin.
“If you did, then you wouldn’t be here right now. I could very well send you into a cellar and keep you there for days on end until a week’s time is through. And I’m sure this morning you would have taken that option instead. But I didn’t ask you, because I know what’s best for you, and it’s this exactly.”
Your head gets tilted up by his hand traveling down to the length of your neck, gripping it just tight enough that you let out a pained gasp, but not so firm that you couldn’t breath..yet.
“And don’t lie, I know you enjoy it. So unless you want to be treated like the filth you are, then I’d suggest you take what we give you with gratitude and keep your complaints to yourself.”
Sirius’ words struck like lighting, pounding in your ears repeatedly until you were forced to let them sink in, his comment about you liking the pleasurable pain being undeniably true.
Your head goes dizzy at the way he coldly pierced into your soul, nearly giving in to the urge of tossing your arms around his neck and hopping into his lap, apologizing repeatedly until you just couldn’t anymore.
Your response was wordless, in the form of a labored breath and an accepting nod, letting him know your behavior would now improve, especially now that Remus was here and offering to toy around with you.
“Go on,” Sirius says to Remus, who had two eyebrows shooting up, impressed with his friend’s unforgiving persona and seeing the flicker in your eyes turn fuzzy.
“You ready to be good f’us, baby?” Remus takes his spot again, cupping your tear-stricken face in his hands and laying a soft peck to your cheek, followed by a not so kind swat to the very same patch of skin, courtesy of Sirius telling him that you liked that sting.
“Pinky promise,” you pout, relishing in the feeling of his palm coming down on you, almost as strong as Sirius’, but definitely just as impactful.
“Yeah, now she’s acting all cute.” Sirius makes an irritated rotation of his eyes, picking at the inside of his fingernails, seemingly annoyed.
“Just needed some reinforcement on her,” Remus gives you a sympathetic pat of your knee, reminding you that you’d promised to be obedient now, and you’d better do well to remember it.
“Alright now, where were we?” He hums, talking to Sirius over his shoulder as he gave you time to steady your breathing from the fright he’d given you. “Tell me Pads,” he thinks, rapping his fingers against the mattress. “How is she at sucking cock? One of those impulsive gaggers, or can she take it?”
Sirius sucks his teeth, “Couldn’t tell you, mate. I know how much you used to rave on about wanting her dirty mouth put to work by sucking on your cock, thought I’d save that luxury just f’you.”
Remus becomes pleased at this, wanting to be the one to wreck your mouth and have you take down his load without question. “And uh, sweetie. You ever sucked a cock before?”
You widen your eyes, your own hands coming up to your throat and lighting dancing your fingertips on the skin anxiously. “Nuh uh,” you timidly shake your head.
“You wanna?” He snarks, curling his fingers around your wrist and yanking you to his chest with ease, your nostrils intaking his feral aroma as you get pushed to your knees by the man, quivering at the flash where everything occurred with you barely even realizing it.
“Nuh uh!” You squeal, scrambling back away from him on torpid limbs, only to be pulled back into his dark embrace once more. “S’gonna hurt,”
Remus scoffs, taking your hand in his and leading you off the mattress, the limbs beneath you failing you miserably. You come tumbling into his chest as he stabilizes you to the floor, understanding that since you’d gotten fucked raw by Sirius, you had barely moved off your spot.
“Ouchie,” every minor movement had you wincing out, your hands clawing into Remus’ forearm as he drags you to the middle of the room, pushing your shoulders down so you lowered yourself to the ground by his command.
“On your knees, little girl,” he sneers, no longer assisting you in getting you situated before him, ignoring the fact you’d told him you weren’t going to suck him off.
“Hands and knees, actually. I’ve got an idea.” Sirius corrects Remus, giving him a wink to indicate that he knew what he was doing.
“You heard the boss man,” Remus instructs with a shrug, watching you struggle to get in said position, both of the males laughing at your shaky attempt to do so.
You felt so disgraceful being in such a stance, the strewn piece of lingerie accentuating your arse that was wiggling out in front of Sirius’ eyes, flesh bruised and battered from previous ministrations.
“Said I didn’t know how, daddy.” You knit your eyebrows together, pulling out your most disgruntled look you could muster, though it was deemed useless in their eyes.
“And I remember saying that you’re here for our pleasure, so do us a favor and keep your babblin’ mouth shut.”
You barely register what he tells you, too caught up in the way you watched him impatiently tug off his leather belt, the clink of it giving you flashbacks to how Sirius had whipped you mercilessly with his a little while back.
You let out a moan as you come to remember it, immediately flushing in embarrassment when you realize how loud it was.
Sirius makes a remark to Remus, informing him why you were so mesmerized with the sight of his leather belt, and the lycanthrope returned his jest with one of his own about how he oughta use it on you too.
You watch as Remus begins ridding himself of layer after layer, your eyes glued to him in such a fixated way, you don’t even come to notice was Sirius was up to behind you, doing the very same as his friend but he was preparing himself to take you from the back while you receive a firm throat fucking in the front.
You nearly salivate at his exposed cock slapping against his lower abdomen, the muscles of his stomach rippling as the length stuck straight up, the tip red and pulsing, your mouth the only cure.
Normally he would instruct for you to take it in your hands first, get you familiar with the sensation, but given your arms were indisposed, being used as the only thing to hold you up, you could only stare blankly while your throat ran dry.
So he took the liberty of sliding a hand down, pumping the base of his length a few times to get him ready for the cavern of your mouth to choke around him.
“Daddy, I really don’t want to.” You croak as your lower lip wobbles, his size already appearing to be too much for you to handle. “‘M already all achy, and I dunno how-oh!”
And that’s the moment you were cut off of all basic luxuries, such as verbiage and oxygen, Remus thrusting his hips forward once and pushing his cock past the complaining opening of your mouth.
You struggle on your spot, squirming around indefinitely as you feel him immediately reach the back of your throat, his tip prodding angrily at it, eliciting an overwhelmed gag from you.
“That’s it, pet. That’s it, take my cock all the way, and don’t fucking stop.” A switch snapped inside of Remus, urging him to configure his persona into one of predatory captivity, where he was bound to use you until you practically shattered.
The unfamiliarity of your mouth being stuffed full had you letting yourself go limp, allowing the male to maneuver your actions in any way he saw fit; starting out by him dragging his nails across your scalp and gathering your locks between curled digits, scratching at them feverishly.
It was almost bestial, the way he sadistically grinned down at you before commencing a rigorous pace in the cavern of your mouth, your lips suctioning around him as his length obstructed your vocal cords.
Remus finally getting to gauge a reaction from you, he was dwindling in cloud 9 as Sirius watched with a haughty smile on his face, his cock twitching in the restraints of his pants from the view.
You flare your nostrils around his cock, getting in choppy breaths with great difficulty and peeling your waterlogged lashes back to reveal teary eyes to him, looking up at Remus in search of any reprieve.
Uncaring of your slip-up, he knew he could manage to control your actions such that all you needed to do was sit there and hold yourself up and he’d take care of all the hard work for you.
“Making me do everything on my own, aren’t you y/n?” His pearly whites sink into the cushioning flesh of his lips, groaning into air as he bobbed your head up and down his shaft, your whimpers cut off each time and your gags growing alongside. “Fucking useless, you are. I oughta get you a collar I can tug on instead, hm?”
The male puts out the offer, for your locks were slipping through his fingertips and he’d much prefer a concrete method to direct you without you having any way to escape it.
“Your ideas just get better and better, mate,” Sirius chuckles, unbuckling his belt for what could have been the millionth time that night, releasing his cock from the tight confines of his jeans and palming himself to the display. “And I’ve got one more,”
You barely notice Sirius’ next movements, too caught up in the whirlwind of having your throat wrecked beyond belief to see the raven haired male dauntingly strut behind you, kneeling down to where your barely-covered ass came into sight.
“Don’t tense up,” is all he said before gripping your hips bruisingly with his palm, lining himself up with your back entrance. Your eyes widened when you registered what his plans were, making you falter around Remus, who was more than thrilled to observe his friend occupying your second hole whilst he took control of the first.
You attempt to pull yourself off of Remus, wanting to voice your discontent, but you were shushed by him before you even had the chance to move away.
“Just take it baby. We’re not here to help you, doll.” It came out as a heartfelt tone, though it was his contrasted words that had you settling.
You flutter your eyes shut, the tip of Sirius’ cock moving up and down your clenching opening, euphoria striking from your lower abdomen.
You don’t see it, but the two males exchanged a nod, and suddenly you were stuffed to the brim, a simultaneous mix of torturing rapture hitting you all at once when Sirius thrusted in, and Remus returned to his prior potency in your mouth.
“I c-can’t,” you gargle around the brunette’s cock when Sirius began a robust pace, snapping his hips forward and fucking into your cunt like it was his own personal fleshlight.
You feel a hand behind you pressing against your lower back, making you arch into his touch. “Oh you can, bunny.”
Remus finishes for Sirius, gripping onto a nearby desk as stability. “And you fucking will,” A moan ripples through you at this, knowing you were in too deep to retract now.
“Make him stop-” you beg Remus in the form of a choking breath, thought it was cut off by another strangled cry from you.
Remus sighs dramatically, rolling his eyes as if he was over you and your chronic complaining. “We don’t control each other slut, we control you. And if daddy says you’re gonna take it and like it, then you’re going to do that exactly.”
It was as if your small request had frustrations building up further within him, for his intensity picked up by twofold, rendering it impossible for you to sputter out another word.
Your low sound of pleasure at the renewed vigor sent sparking vibrations up Remus’ cock, making his knees nearly buckle from above you.
“See how good you are, you’ve got daddy all breathless f’you,” Remus praises with a wispy laugh of approval, hips stuttering as every passing second had you more and more in practice with what he liked.
“Same thing with me, little one,” Comes Sirius’ raspy groan, pistoning into your cunt with a stabilizing hand to the globe of your ass. “I might even think about cumming in you this time.”
You whine at the prospect, wanting to feel both of them finishing in your holes and proving what they’d know all along; that you are and will be enjoying your stay at their house.
“Only if you’re good though, gotta prove to me you want it,”
And the easiest way to do that was for you to push your bum back on his cock, rocking your hips against him and feeling every vein of his, once again, use your cunt like it was a privilege for you.
“Want it,” you cough out, feeling your overstimulated cunt twitch around the cock pounding into you and the knot intricately tie itself from the grunts and groans the two of them elicited from the goodness of your body.
Remus’ thrusts become madly greedy, taking from you what he needed as Sirius angles himself behind you such that he was now sponging against your deepest spot, seeing as he’d already memorized where your pleasure point was.
“You want it, yeah? Well it looks like it’s your lucky fucking day,”
The grit was the final thing you’d manage to hear before the three of you came to the pleasure of one another. The coil intertwined in your stomach snapping with the final pass of Sirius’ cock inside of you. You worked Remus through his high, lazily suckling on his tip and relishing in the sensation of overstimulation never feeling both so good and so perfectly painful.
The two of them mumbled praises, degradations, everything you could think off all in a jumbled array of broken syllables and pleasured grips to any part of your body they could hold onto.
The room swirled with squelches and cries, all traveling back into your ears and causing your eyes to roll back into your head, the moment being so dirty, so wrong, but so fucking fulfilling.
Time turns to a mere construct, and someway, somehow you were now cockwarming Remus’ softened with your mouth while Sirius prepared a warm washcloth for you to rid you off the mess that both males had left you with.
It was the first time since you’d been brought into their abode that Sirius had provided you with supplemental aftercare, given the moment had been building up to this with Remus and he wanted to save the best for last.
You close your eyes when the heated towel touches your flesh, your cheek melding into Remus’ thigh as you let yourself be taken care of in a romantic way this time.
Given a choice, you’d stay like this all night; Sirius taking away the dregs of cum that stained your body and a comfortable use of your mouth occurring above you. But you knew it could only last so long before you were carried off to bed, tucked in until the next morning’s venture.
You were not allowed slumber without a sultry comment from Remus to Sirius, making another shock of excitement twinge right where it needed to.
“Mate,” he grabs his friend’s attention, giving a suggestive smirk to something else they could try out in the coming week.
“Wouldn’t you agree..that we oughta introduce our little gift to Jamie too, yeah?”
I hate this ending, goodbye and good night<3
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rmverse · a year ago
Shield || jjk
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: security guard!jungkook x bartender!reader ⇢ genre: fluff, romance, smut ⇢ word count: 18.6k ⇢ warnings: unprotected sex, oral sex, rough sex, lots of dirty talk it’s pretty filthy, a brief scene of harassment (it’s not graphic, no touching involved), spanking, hair pulling, jungkook has a big dick, jungkook is the cutest shyest boy to ever exist, reader and jk blush A LOT, jk in a leather jacket that’s about it ⇢ summary: An unfortunate, messy situation involving a drunk asshole not taking no for an answer prompts your boss to hire a new security guard to stay near, just for safe-keeping. When all you were expecting was a guy in his late thirties who couldn’t bother to smile, much less be friendly, you’re pleasantly surprised by the cute, rather shy guy whose job is to keep his eyes on you and protect you for five nights a week.
A/N: I am SOSOSOSO happy with this fic. I had so much fun writing it. This was written in a couple of days where I just sat for straight HOURS writing like,,,,5k words a sitting. I love this with my whole heart and I hope y’all do too. Please, let me know what you think, feedback is, as always, very much appreciated!
Banner was made by the wonderful angel @mikrokosm​ thank you sm baby!!! this looks so much better than the trashy one i made asjsksj
tag list: @sscarletrrose @giadalin @out-of-jams @kookoo-kachoo @teresaisla @wickizer @fakeleaves @el-mc @smol1 @luisafuchs @athenakyle @claude-y 
“I’m so sorry, Hobi,” you apologize for the nth time for the night, tone laced with an immense amount of guilt as you watch Seokjin dab the cloth to the corner of Hoseok’s mouth. Hoseok rolls his eyes and looks up at you with a raised brow.
“Why are-ow,” he hisses and jerks back and Seokjin only murmurs a quick apology before pulling him forward and warning him not to move anymore. “Why are you apologizing? How is this your fault exactly?”
“Well, I mean...” Your words trail off and you huff, crossing your arms and leaning back on a table behind you.
“He’s right, __. It’s not your fault that so many guys that come here are jerks,” Seokjin chips in, leaning away from Hoseok for a second to grab the alcohol to clean the newly formed cut near his mouth.
“Still,” you sigh, shuffling over to Hoseok and placing a hand on his shoulder. He smiles up at you gently, but winces the next second when Jin begins cleaning the cut. You sigh once again. “It wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me.”
“Oh shut up, will you?” Hoseok groans. “I’ll just start going to the gym and bulk up for this shit,” he chuckles and you laugh along.
“Actually,” Jin pipes in, finally done with Hoseok and begins to tidy up, patting Hoseok’s arm as a signal that he could get up. He looks up at you. “That won’t be necessary,” he informs you with a smile. “After the last time this-” he pauses to gesture with his finger towards Hoseok, who’s inspecting the cut on his phone camera, referring to the last time Hoseok had intervened with a drunk customer who was getting too pushy with you and ended up with a similar cut on the other side of his face because the guy was just way bigger than him. “-happened, I talked to Yoongi.” Yoongi was the owner and Jin was close friends with him, and he entrusted Jin with managing the place and keep it under his supervision.
“I told that this was happening way too often and that we might need some help to keep things under control,” he stands up from his seat and Hoseok finally looks up at him inquisitively. “He told me to interview some people and bring someone to keep near the bar, watch over for you two.”
“Oh,” your eyebrows raise in interest. “I mean-”
“That’d be great, actually,” Hoseok is quick to intervene. He turns to you. “I’d be happy to take a beating any day for you, __. But my poor face can only take so much before it breaks,” he’s only half-joking, you’re sure of that.
You shake your head with a sympathetic smile and cup his cheeks gently. “I’m sorry,” you repeat with a pout before looking to Jin with a bright smile. “Thanks, Jin. We could use the help.”
Jin nods and informs you that he already has someone lined up for the job. “I’ll give him a call tomorrow so we can decide on when he would start.”
You go home that night, pout still slightly showing on your lips as you relive the events of the night. It always seemed that the creepy, perverted customers sat on your side of the bar, getting too comfortable and flirting with you through drunken slurs and winks. You could deal with the flirting, you were trained for it. You knew what kind of men walked into the bar, you simply ignored their usual attempts with a smile and poured their drinks, hoping the alcohol would soon enough inhibit their ability to speak and they would leave you alone.
But some were persistent, words much too vulgar for your liking, tone making your skin crawl, looking at you like you were a piece of meat parading around for their own viewing pleasure, some going as far as leaning over the counter and going for a grab at you. Those were the ones who caused situations like these, who caused scenes and fights and occasionally brought bruises to Hoseok’s pretty face before security could handle it.
You at least went to sleep that night slightly comforted by the fact that there would eventually be someone there to keep the situation under control from now on. You didn’t dwell on it too much, figuring he would be like the rest. The other security guys were mostly guys in their late thirties, bulked up and had intimidating faces that could put any riot down. You didn’t care much, just so long as they did their job right and allowed you to do yours right as well, without any disturbances.
Whatever you were expecting when you walked in a couple of nights later for the beginning of your shift, it was not that.
There, talking to Jin, stood a guy. A guy that was, if your eyes weren’t deceiving you, the most attractive person you had seen in a long time, and your job allowed you to see too many faces for your liking every single night.
He was gorgeous.
Adorned in all-black attire, as simple as it might sound, it looked entirely too appealing on him. Long, wavy, dark hair covered his forehead and brushed over his eyes slightly. Black leather jacket thrown over his shoulders, it only hid a little bit of his physique. He was quite tall, and you could quite clearly see that he was built even from where you were stood.
“Ah, __!”
Your name is suddenly being called and the stranger’s eyes are now on you at that same moment. You make eye contact right then and you suddenly feel nervous. You were like that around a lot of people, but especially attractive ones. You’re quick to plaster on a smile and make your way over to the two men, trying hard not to stare too much at the handsome stranger whose gaze is still on you.
Jin places a hand on your shoulder the second you’re at arms distance and smiles at Jungkook. “This here is Jeon Jungkook. And he’s going to be your knight in shining armor, your savior, your-”
“I get it, Seokjin,” you chuckle at Jin’s over-exaggerated introduction and look to Jungkook with a polite smile. Based on Jin’s little show and the events that had occurred earlier this week in this very room, you can honestly guess that this would be the new security guy that Seokjin had informed you would be starting very soon.
“It’s nice to meet you, Jungkook,” you stretch you arm out for a greeting and he takes it in his for a gentle handshake, allowing you to catch a glimpse of tattoos adorning his fist, traveling up his arm where his jacket sleeve rides up slightly with the movement.
“Pleasure’s all mine,” he smiles, a very charming smile at that, and you find yourself shaking his hand for too long to be considered normal before dropping your hand quickly with a chuckle, to which he continues to look at you with a curious look in his eyes.
God, he was cute.
“So, um,” you clear your throat and shift on your feet. “When do you start?”
“Tonight,” he immediately answers, stuffing both hands in the back pockets of his jeans. “Hyung told me that you needed a hand around here and honestly,” he pauses with a chuckle. “I could use the pay.”
“Hobi will be thrilled to have you here tonight,” you half-joke and Jin laughs.
“She means Hoseok,” Jin tells Jungkook and Jungkook nods. “He’s supposed to come around in a bit. Poor guy always takes beatings for our pretty princess here-”
“Hey,” you whine when Jin lifts a hand to ruffle your hair. You push it away with a huff, sensing heat traveling to your cheeks due to being the center of attention at the moment, and it only deepens when you look to Jungkook and he seems to be staring at you, seemingly studying you as you stand there. It goes on for a moment and you can’t even bring yourself to make eye contact with him because you seem to be blushing way too much for a simple first encounter with this guy and look to Jin, who’s staring on amusedly.
Saved by the sound of footsteps coming from behind before a loud greeting fills the room, Hoseok finally making his entrance with a bag swung over his shoulder, strutting over with a pretty smile and a healing cut on his cheek.
“Hello, princess,” Hoseok greets you and swings an arm around your shoulder. There goes that nickname again. Your eyes unintentionally flit up to Jungkook’s and his appear to be glued to Hoseok’s arm placed so casually on your shoulder, and the way you comfortably lean into him.
“Hey,” he directs his speech towards Jungkook with a polite smile, before looking questioningly towards Jin, awaiting a response.
“Jungkook, this is Hoseok,” Jin begins. Hoseok then releases your shoulder from his hold and half leans towards Jungkook with an outstretched arm as Jin continues. “He’ll be working with __. These are the only two pretty faces that you need to worry about, everything else is covered.”
“Oh?” Hoseok pauses with Jungkook’s hand still in his and turns to you with a shocked look, which then morphs into one of relief and happiness. “Oh, you’re Jungkook? Ah, welcome aboard,” Hoseok’s tone is excited and you hold back a chuckle as Jungkook just chuckles and murmurs a couple of  quiet ‘thanks’.
“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Hobi continues and leans back once again, adjusting the strap of his bag over his shoulder. “But, um, I didn’t expect you to be this young.”
“He’s not that young,” Jin quickly interjects, shrugging. "He’s about __’s age I think,” Jin guesses and you both look at each other at the same time with hints of smiles at your lips.
“Plus,” Jin continues and places a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder with a proud smile gracing his lips, resembling a proud father for some reason. “Our Jungkook here has a black belt in Taekwondo!”
Both yours and Hoseok’s gazes fixate on Jungkook, more impressed than anything and for a moment, his confidence seems to falter and he looks at the ground for a second with a shy smile and shifts his feet, adorned in large combat boots that add onto the irony of this tall man acting coy when being praised.
“So not only will he kick anyone’s ass,” Jin jokes. “It’ll be extra fun to watch.”
During the first week of Jungkook working here, you gather a bit of knowledge about him.
You learn that he takes his job seriously. You didn’t know why exactly, but you had kind of sensed that it would be that way since you first met him, and he only proved you right when his first shift arrived and you don’t think you saw his lips twitch up into a smile even once that night. The night passed without a glitch, his eyes gazing over every single drunk body that sat by the bar, or even just simply passed by. 
The following few nights went pretty much the same, albeit a bit slower since it wasn’t terribly busy during weekdays and you had some rare moments to breathe. You couldn’t help it; staring at him. He was just new and you were getting your eyes acquainted with the new handsome guy who happened to be the new security guard who stood in his spot not too far away, adjacent to one of the walls. Hands clasped in front of him, face devoid of any emotion, eyebrows furrowed as he scanned the area.
It went like that for the first week, strictly work, not much interactions but friendly smiles when arriving for work and perhaps exchanging a couple of words before Hoseok would come join you two.
“So,” Seulgi, one of the servers and someone you would consider to be your friend her besides Hoseok, says as she leans against her now closed locker while you put your things away in yours before your shift starts. “New guy’s pretty good, huh?”
“I mean,” you tilt your head a little in thought. “Nothing’s really happened since he started-”
“I meant hot, new guy’s pretty hot,” she starts before you start getting into boring detail about analyzing how he does his job and you immediately chuckle.
“Thought you were hung up on Hoseok?” You tease as you shut your locker and turn to her with a smile and she immediately blushes before scoffing at you.
“Doesn’t mean I’m blind,” she retorts. “Besides, nothing’s happened so far probably because they’re all too busy ogling the new hot security guard, all genders included.”
“Yeah,” you agree with a sigh as you begin to make your way out with her trailing beside you. “He is pretty cute.”
Cute was an understatement. He was mesmerizing. You thought seeing him everyday for two weeks would’ve had you accustomed to his face by now but, again, it’s been two weeks and you still stumble over your words when you manage to bump into him as you step out of the locker room with Seulgi right behind you.
“Shit, sorry. Oh-” Your eyes lock with his and he’s just so close. When have you ever stuttered before? “I-I...Sorry, Jungkook.”
“It’s okay,” his tone is soft and he says it with a smile as he politely steps aside and allows you and your friend to pass by before he begins making his way to the back as well, and you really couldn’t help yourself from looking back at his retreating form down the hall.
“Oh, okay,” Seulgi says in an understanding tone. “I see what it is.”
“You see nothing,” you deadpan and turn to her with a bored glare. “You just stick to trying to get into Hobi’s pants and worry about your own problems-”
“Hey, how dare you- wait! Come back here right now!”
The following week takes a different turn with a switch of events.
Hoseok is usually the one in charge of locking up. After everyone clears out, it’s only you and him that stay till the very last moment as you help each other reorganize drinks back into their places and clean up for what feels like the thousandth time that night.
However, he comes to you before the beginning of your shift in the hallway with a pleading look on his face.
“It’s only for this week, I wouldn’t ask if I really didn’t have to but Namjoon wants us to work on the mixtape so we can have it done by next week and leaving early can buy me an extra hour or two and-”
You cut his rambling off with a chuckle and bring your palms up to pinch at his cheeks, intentionally squeezing firmly.
“On one condition,” you raise your eyebrows and Hoseok already knows that you’ve agreed even if he doesn’t agree to your ‘condition’.
“You let me hear it as soon as it’s done,” you say, very seriously and Hoseok relaxes in your hold before pulling you into a hug.
“Thank you-”
“Oh, sorry.”
You hear a familiar voice once you’re fully enveloped in Hoseok’s arms and you don’t know why you pull away so hastily because nothing was even happening, but you look at Jungkook who stands there like he’s walked in on something that was going on.
“Jungkook,” his name slips out of your lips and you’re beginning to grow accustomed to it. And you like how it sounds coming from you, you’re beginning to realize. You smile awkwardly at him. “We were just...” You trail off, not really knowing what to say, and not really understanding why you were currently trying to explain to the guy who was, so far, nothing but a coworker of yours.
“Ah, it’s fine,” he excuses himself with a smile an says something about wanting to go out back before they were open because he wanted some fresh air. Hoseok shrugs and pats your shoulder and tells you that he needed to speak with Jin about something that you don’t quite focus on because you’re busy watching Jungkook walking away.
The night goes by rather fast, quick work, all smooth sailing so far.
Until he walks in.
Im Jaebum.
He visited quite frequently, every month or so, he would come either by himself or with a friend of his. He hasn’t done anything particularly bad, usually very tame and relaxed in comparison to other drunkards around here, but you knew from people who knew him that he wasn’t a very decent guy. And if that wasn’t anything to go buy, you didn’t feel very comfortable with the way he looked at you or the way he, at times, would lean slightly over the counter and brush a finger over your hand or wrist while he attempted to flirt you up.
You were usually very professional and ignored his attempts because, sadly, he was loaded (all scumbags are) and you weren’t going to deprive yourself of any tips. When you felt he was going too far, you would send Hoseok over to take over his side of the bar and tell him that he was being extra creepy tonight, and Hoseok would nod without hesitation.
Tonight didn’t seem to be looking too good the second you spotted Im Jaebum and not only one, not two, but three other guys who you only assumed to be his close friends with the way they all were laughing loudly together.
You huff and look to Hoseok with a gaze that said you were already done before they even got here, but quickly replace it with a smile as soon as they stand by your side of the bar and you splay both palms against the counter and direct your attention towards them.
“What can I get you tonight?”
You can’t really see it since you haven’t looked his way much this past night, but Jungkook’s eyes are glued on you. Well, not really just you, more so the group of loud, rambunctious men who just piled in a couple of minutes ago and are centered around you. He watches closely, gaze hardening with every passing second because Jungkook knew, he just knew when something didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right how, as his eyes laser focused on all four mean, their eyes seemed to be taking in every little move you made. His eyes flicker over to you and, from his past two weeks of working here and watching you (as discreetly as possible), he now knew how it looked like when you were uncomfortable. Eyes not lifting up once from the counter, lips rubbing together tightly and teeth occasionally pulling and gnawing at your bottom lip, smile not as wide as it usually is when you slide the drinks over to them.
Jungkook is a very attentive man, but that trait seems to have doubled when he started working here - started working with you.
He knew it was coming. Any second now. He could hear their loud laughter and the shameless comments he could catch every now and then when the music was low enough and he strained his hearing hard enough to make sense of them. His blood boiled. He just wanted you to look once his way, only once, and tell him to move. Do something. But you don’t. You continue to work and serve them round after round.
And so he takes it upon himself to take action when one of them reaches across the bar and grips your wrist when you place another drink in front of him. You freeze because he’s leaning forward to whisper something to you, something you know is not going to be in the least bit appropriate and is going to make you want to throw up whatever lunch you had this day. However, he doesn’t get close enough because someone is gripping his shoulder and pulling him back, and all the air that had been caught in your throat at his revolting touch is released in a gasp as you watch none other than Jungkook, face as stoic as ever, pull the smaller man up and off his bar stool.
“Excuse me, sir,” he speaks in a stern voice that you’re hearing for the first time since you met him, an incredible contrast to the soft and gentle tone he usually utters his words around you and everyone else around here.
“Please stay seated behind the bar,” he states. “And hands to yourself.”
You look at Jungkook and, despite maintaining a professional act and keeping his face neutral, his jaw is clenched tight and his nostrils are flaring. The men seem entirely too careless to that fact and they only bust out into laughter, seeming to think they own the place and that this mere inconvenience shouldn’t be enough to deter their fun for the night. One of them even pats Jungkook’s shoulder as he laughs and Jungkook’s tongue is pushing against his cheek, an angry tick of his.
“Ah, it’s all good,” Jaebum now replies with a smile that you can only describe as sleazy. “We’re all friends here, __ knows that. Isn’t that right sweetheart?”
“Yeah, buddy. Run along now, kid,” another man adds.
It happens all at once. Jaebum is once again leaning across the counter in an attempt to get close to you, while one of his friends reaches for Jungkook’s back in an attempt to lead him away from their group. That’s when Jungkook feels it serves right to touch at least one of them, and he chooses the closest target - the one with a hand on his back. Within seconds, Jungkook is stood behind the guy and he’s yelping out in pain as Jungkook twists his arm into position between his shoulder blades.
A fuss was starting to happen and you and Hoseok watched, a couple of bystanders watching as well. Jungkook’s stare pointed towards Jaebum.
“I suggest you leave here or I’ll escort you out myself, sir,” he says, and when Jaebum hesitates only for a second, Jungkook tightens his hold on the guy’s arm and twists it further and the guy grunts out a curse.
“Jesus fuck man, let’s just leave,” one of his other friends groans out, seemingly bored with all the action. “’s not like she’s worth it that much anyways.”
You hear that, and you know Jungkook does because the man he holds groans out in pain before he shoves him towards the door before turning to the rest with an expectant look. After all, Jin did give him permission to kick out anyone who he felt was gonna start up any fuss. Jin wasn’t all that about keep the loaded ones happy and keep your mouth shut type of policy; the place was already doing pretty well on its own, Jin would constantly assure as Yoongi would in turn assure him.
The group is kicked out and everything is back to normal. Hoseok is taking orders, crowd dispersing, drinks are being served and no one is so much as looking your way. All except for one person.
“Hey, are you okay?”
He’s leaning over the counter and speaking loudly so that you can hear him clearly. Despite this occurring many times in your line of work, and despite you constantly assuring yourself that you were used to it, you knew that you were lying to yourself and that there was always this small fear inside of you at the fact that it could happen again, and it left you a bit shaken up every time.
“Yeah,” you quickly nod in reply and shoot him a small smile. “Yeah, I’m good.”
“You sure?” He insists. There’s a look in his eyes. This was his job after all, though you didn’t expect him to be this concerned for your safety. You thought it was just about the general atmosphere and keeping assholes under control. But the way he was looking at you right now told you differently, large doe eyes watching you expectantly for any sign that you’re not feeling well.
Your heart stutters and you gulp.
“I’m okay,” you assure him. “Thank you, Jungkook.”
He only nods at you with a smile and slips away, between the crowd and back at his post where he stands against the wall as before. You continue to look, even as he catches you staring and holds your gaze for a second before shooting you a small smile. You barely catch it, dim lighting and all, but it’s the first of many that you receive from him.
That night, Jungkook stalls. He keeps stalling and stalling, waiting until he knows no one is left but you and Hoseok. He knows that the two of you are usually the last to leave for the night and he’s in the locker room getting his bag, waiting for the right moment just to make sure and feel at ease for the night. 
You and Hoseok are together, he thinks. With the way he’s so incredibly affectionate with you, constantly touching you and hugging you, so playful and comfortable with you. And then tonight, when he saw you two together in the hallway. Sure, you were just hugging, but it could imply that you two might have something going on. 
But what irked Jungkook the most was that Hoseok had made no move to intervene tonight with everything that was happening. Sure, Jungkook had it all under control, and sure it was technically Jungkook’s job to deal with it, but still. He couldn’t imagine himself being on the other side of the bar, standing there with you, and not jumping into action the second you almost dropped one of the drinks because of how uncomfortable you felt with those guys harassing you. You were always so composed, steady hands mixing drinks and handling glasses like they were mere feathers between your fingertips, but it only got slipper and messy when your head wasn’t in the right place. And Jungkook knew that because he watched.
Attentive, he was.
So yes, he waited and waited, and when he walked back out to see you all alone, ready to head back and get your things to call it a night, he’s relieved he stayed back because god - he doesn’t want you going back home alone this late at night. And he knows you don’t go by car because he always sees you walking in, so it’s either the bus or a lonely walk him, and his heart didn’t sit right with either of those.
“Oh, hey,” you greet him when you cross paths. You weren’t expecting him to still be here. Hoseok had long departed and you were behind the bar, cleaning up by yourself for the first time for the rest of the week. “I didn’t know anyone was still here.”
“Yeah, uh,” he stumbles for a moment. “Still here.” He doesn’t bother explaining, his mind can’t seem to conjure up any lies this late at night.
The place is quiet, such a contrast to how it usually is. No music, no drunker chatter, no glasses clinking - the silence was nice and despite the usual party atmosphere this place held, the silence somehow morphed it into a cozy one. Similar to Jungkook now stood in front of you, a complete and polar opposite to the sight you had witnessed merely hours ago. Long gone was the stoic stare and the harsh eyes, replaced with an innocent gaze and the hint of a smile as he stuck his hands in the pocket of his jacket. How he managed to switch and maintain both personas was beyond you.
“Are you going home alone?” He asks after a beat of silence, only realizing that that might have sounded just slightly wrong after he said it. “I mean, it’s really late...” He trails off while explaining, looking at you expectantly.
This is a first for you. It’s the first time that you’re chatting privately with Jungkook, absolutely no one around with nothing to distract you from your usual thoughts.
Tonight really did nothing to help with those thoughts, on the contrary, it only heightened them to the highest of extents. You already knew you were attracted to Jungkook, any person with a pair of eyes could see why that was apparent. But the way he acted tonight, the way he looked into your eyes, as if searching for any sign of discomfort, as if willing to do anything to erase those signs. The way he kept looking over at you, checking, sending smiles your way, somehow reassuring you of his presence - that he was there and that there was nothing to worry about.
And now, standing in front of you with that same look. Concern, worry, he wants your safety. He stayed behind to make sure of that. And that does things to your heart, and to your stomach because in the next second, you feel it flood to the hilt with colorful butterflies. It’s almost nauseating how you feel yourself simultaneously slowly and quickly gravitating towards him, towards the safety and warm that he seems to radiate just by standing there.
You snap out of it.
“Yeah,” you confirm. Your voice is low though, so you clear your throat and look up at him with an assuring smile and try again. “Yeah. I usually leave right on time for the last bus but since I’m closing up tonight, I’m gonna have to walk.”
“I can drive you, if you’d like?” He wastes no time to offer.
“No, really, it’s okay,” you wave it off with a nervous chuckle. “I walk home all the time, it’s no-”
“No, please,” he insists. “I can’t have you walking back home this late at night.”
It didn’t really take much more convincing than that, not like you could’ve argued at all when you could practically feel yourself melting at this short interaction that was taking place, an interaction that you had kinda been hoping for to happen and just now realized how much you wanted it to take place.
So he drives you home and the ride was quiet, not too awkward, but there wasn’t much talking anyways. He resorts to the next best thing and turns on some music to fix it, which you gladly appreciate because you relax into the passenger seat and allow yourself to enjoy the soft tunes after a long night of intense, blaring music that was drilled into your ears.
That was the first night of the week, and you expected it to be the last. However, you are oh so pleasantly surprised when the next day, Jungkook passes by you and Seulgi and greets you with more enthusiasm than usual, as opposed to the small head nod and shy smile he would usually direct towards the both of you.
“Hey, __.”
To which you shyly reply and turn to your friend with a slow puff of air that has her snickering at you.
That night he shows up in front of you the same way he did the night before, not really bothering to try and come up with an excuse as to why he was still here so late for the second time in a row. You’re wiping down the counter when you notice him standing there, bag slung over his shoulder.
“Hey, still here?” You ask once again.
“Yeah,” he shrugs. The thud of his boots is distinct in all the quiet as he steps closer to where you stand. “Are you nearly done?”
The way he asks it sends a shiver down your spine because he spoke it so casually, as if waiting for you to finish up so he can take you home was something he normally did. But you keep your back to him in hopes of him not witnessing your cheeks warming up and bite down a smile.
“Yeah, just a couple of minutes so I can grab my things.”
He waits for you near his car, where he usually parks, leaning against the door with a coy smile on his lips. His heart is racing and he stares at the entrance door excitedly, waiting for your figure to show up. Though something in the back of his mind plagues his thoughts since last night and he really couldn’t wait to figure it out. And when he finally figures out how to ask the question, he blurts it out.
“So, um, do you and Hoseok not usually leave together?”
His question is strange. It’s worded strangely and it’s very much out of nowhere. Your brows furrow in confusion.
“No, not really,” you answer slowly but surely, voice clear over the low hum of the engine. There still wasn’t any music in the car seeing as how you’d just taken off. “I usually leave much earlier than him, but he has this thing this week, so I’m kind of in charge of staying last.” 
You glance quickly at him. His brows are furrowed and his lips are slightly pursed. You don’t know what exactly he’s trying to analyze about your answer-
“I just assumed he would wait for you to finish,” he spoke his words slowly. “You know, so you could leave together.”
You turn to him with a baffled expression, still not comprehending why he would come to that analysis in the first place.
“You know,” he pauses to clear his throat. His grip tightens on the steering wheel. The car slows down as he takes a left turn. “Since you two are, um, together and all...”
His voice gets slightly lower towards the end of the sentence and you catch his eyes flicker over to your side of the car for a quick second to check for your reaction before they once again fixate on the road. His words finally register in your head and realization dawns on your and a million thoughts race through your head.
“Oh,” you let out a sound of understanding before your eyes widen and you’re hastily shaking your head. “Oh, no. No no,” you chuckle nervously. You don’t comprehend how many times you repeat the word no before you finally pause. “We’re not together. Hobi and I are just friends. We’re very close and all that, but there’s nothing like that. At all.”
You can’t help yourself from stressing over that fact, wanting to make it very clear that there was nothing between you and Hoseok. When you sneak a peak towards him, you can the see obvious traces of a smile threatening to break out but he’s biting at his inner cheeks and his lips to hide it, tattooed fingers now drumming against the steering wheel in what looks to you as a happy manner.
“Oh, okay,” he confirms with a nod of his head. “Cool. That’s good.”
He doesn’t realize he added that last part, it just slipped out. God, it felt like he could throw himself out of the car at that exact second if it weren’t for the sound of your shy giggle reaching his ears and elating his entire being. That’s when he allows himself to properly smile and chuckle himself before reaching over and turning on some music, the rest of the ride spent in comfortable silence for that night.
The following day Jungkook comes up to you before your shift and leans against the wall as he casually chats you up, something that hadn’t happened since he first started working here about a month ago. But you indulge him and try not to focus too much on how he seems to drift closer, standing closer to you, looming over your space. His eyes twinkle even in the dim lighting around you. You notice all his details. His smile was to die for. Eyes crinkling up, cheeks forming into a round shape that almost completely erased the usual defined shape of his face, always so sharp and clean cut. 
Later that night you find out what his laugh sounds like in the warmth of his car on the ride home, right after you tell him about that one time Hoseok had been teasing you all night about some old guy that never once parted from the bar, Hoseok designating him by the name of your ‘sugar daddy’. Until it was revealed later that night through a white napkin that was left behind by the man himself, a series of numbers scribbled on it, for the ‘cute boy who serves the best drinks in town ;)’.
He laughed loudly and you immediately took the chance to look, his nose scrunching up and his head thrown back, thankfully at a stop sign. It sounds to boisterous, like music to your ears, making you feel at complete ease as your lips curl up into a smile as well.
You once again mentally compare the image of him in the dim lighting of the bar; chest puffed out, arms crossed, scowl plastered on his face. Tattoos inked into his knuckles and forearms. Long earrings dangling from his ears. Everything suited him so well, with the way his long hair cascaded down his eyes and completed that strong and mysterious vibe he carried with him when he was so focused on doing his job right, not letting his guard down unless your eyes met his. That’s when he would falter for a mere second and he would send a tiny smile your way that had you blushing and turning the other way in a haste.
But the guy sat next to you in his car right now, laughing childishly and humming along to a song he had picked out, was so different. But you liked both sides. 
You liked both sides a lot.
You call Jin one morning with a sore throat, coughing and sneezing, unable to speak a few proper words without feeling like the scratch in your throat would bring you to your death. You inform him that you won’t be able to come in and he assures you that it’s fine and tells you to rest well, drink lots of water and lots of warm tea.
That night, up in your bed, unable to sleep because you can never usually sleep when you get sick, your phone vibrates and the sound of a text arriving brings you to tear your eyes away from your laptop. You’d decided you might as well re-watch the first season of Supernatural.
From: Unknown hey, it’s jungkook :) hope you don’t mind me getting your number from hoseok  [2:13 am]
You spring up from your lying position, and despite the pain and body ache that takes over, a familiar feeling of butterflies once again swarms your tummy and it’s the first nice feeling that you’ve experiences all day/
From: Jungkook ik it’s late and you’re probably asleep but i hope you’re taking care of yourself  [2:13 am]
You nibble on your bottom lip before deciding: to hell with dignity. You open the message only a few seconds later. He was typing, but the three bubbles disappear and you assume it’s because he saw that you had just opened his text when he wasn’t expecting for you to do that so late.
To: Jungkook hi jungkook, thanks for checking up on me :) just a bit tired is all [2:15 am]
From: Jungkook you’re still up ?? are you not feeling well?? [2:15 am]
The text comes nearly seconds after you send yours and you can’t help the smile the takes over your face. You feel stupid smiling at your phone like this but god he’s so sweet it’s killing you.
To: Jungkook a bit restless’s okay. couldn’t buy medicine today so i’ll get some tomorrow and that’ll help me sleep a bit [2:!5 am]
This time he reads your message and waits. You stare at your phone, confused as you watch bubbles disappear and reappear on your phone screen. It’s exactly two minutes before you finally receive one.
From: Jungkook i can drop some off tomorrow at your place [2:17 am]
From: Jungkook if you’re comfortable with that [2:17 am]
From: Jungkook i can leave it at your door and you can just take it when you want [2:17 am]
You’re staring at your phone, shell-shocked, unable to fathom the words that you were reading. They came one after the other, and you could almost imagine him stuttering and spitting out phrases to make you more comfortable with the idea, like he did that first night when he offered to drive you home.
You take a deep breath and type out your response.
To: Jungkook you’d do that? [2:18 am]
His reply is immediate.
From: Jungkook of course [2:18 am]
The following morning, there’s a bag at your doorstep. Medicine, and several tupperwares filled with food. Your heart is melting, your head feels light with all the emotions you’re experiencing as you bring the bag inside, taking notice of a note that’s placed inside the bag.
these are jin-hyung’s recipe so i think they should be good if i followed all the steps right. enjoy and feel better :)
His handwriting suits him, you think. It’s cute.
The next time you see Jungkook, you surprise him, yourself, and Hoseok who happens to be a witness of the hug you envelope him in. It took a lot of pep-talk on your way here, but you managed to psyche yourself up just enough for you to actually go through with it. And, even more surprisingly, he’s only shocked for a moment before he willingly accepts your hug.
“Thanks for the medicine, Jungkook,” you pull away. You’re aware your face is extremely pink and that your voice is slightly shaky and you’re almost one hundred percent sure he could see your heart pumping through your chest, but you don’t really care because his cheeks are pink as well. “And for the food.”
“It was nothing,” he brushes it off with a timid chuckle as you step back and glance at Hoseok who’s trying very hard not to leave his jaw hanging on the floor. “You feel better now though, right?” He makes sure, in the same tone that now sounds familiar to you, laced with slight worry.
“Much,” you nod your head with a smile and his grin is back, bright as ever, full teeth on show.
“That’s all that matters then.”
You’re not responsible for closing up anymore and Hoseok shared his mixtape with you the day that it was finished.
Though you were free to leave earlier once again and could easily catch the bus back home, supposedly going back to your old routine, you step out and are caught by surprise when Jungkook is stood there, leaning on the wall adjacent to the entrance. 
He practically beams at you the moment he sees you and pushes himself off the wall as he shuffles over to you, boots scuffing over the pavement. He practically struts over and he looks like a god damn model with the way the wind ruffles his hair back, tight black turtleneck hugging his figure cozily but hidden due to the large jacket he had thrown on.
“You know I can just take the bus home again, right?” You tease with a smile but you begin to walk beside him nonetheless, making your way to his car. He nudges you with his elbow as you walk and look ahead.
“Just appreciate what I do for you,” he retorts.
The level of comfort and ease in which you both now chat and joke together has magnified over these past weeks, and you find yourself giggling shyly as he opens the passenger door for you to climb in. 
The ride is spent chatting as usual, you and Jungkook exchanging stories about drunkards and incidents occurring throughout the night. He wins tonight’s round with his story about the couple who kept trying to hit on this one guy, assuming they were trying to convince him to go home with them, until the guy’s girlfriend showed up and cursed the two out. You can’t imagine how he could’ve managed to keep a straight face with all of that unfolding in front of him.
You thank him for the ride, bid him farewell and he watches as you make your way up your apartment building, both of you smiling like idiots. Jungkook takes a second to collect himself, leaning his forehead against the steering wheel with a slow exhale of his breath before restarting the engine and driving away.
A week later. A full week of late nights driving you home, texting almost everyday, exchanging brief yet playful conversations at work, you practically feel like a schoolgirl. A schoolgirl who gets to see her cute crush almost everyday. You feel giddy and happy. You’re more active at work and you serve with a smile because you somehow always seem to eventually direct it towards the tall security guard who’s standing relatively near, eyes flickering towards you to throw you a quick wink that has Hoseok wiggling his eyebrows at you without Jungkook noticing.
One late night he parks his car by your apartment building and shuts off the engine, leaning back in his seat and looking at you. You unbuckle your seat belt but remain seated, not making any move to step out of the car just yet.
His fingers, as they usually do, are drumming against the steering wheel, and for a few seconds, that’s the only sound that resonates within the silence.
“So,” he begins. He starts a lot of sentences like that, you notice, but keep that to yourself and just stare at him expectantly. “Tomorrow’s off for you, right?”
“Yes,” you sigh in relief at the thought of not having to deal with people yelling different names of drinks your way. “Thank god for that.”
“Yeah,” he chuckles in agreement. He looks at you for a second and when he sees you looking he looks to the front once again, pursing his lips. “Anything planned?”
“Not really,” you answer with a shrug and continue to look at because you can sense where he was trying to go with this.
“Great, that’s...” He trails off. He huffs, annoyed with himself before he turns to you with pretty, charming eyes and a look that had you shifting in your seat with its intensity. “I can take the day off, too.”
It’s a statement but it sounded like a question all at the same time.
“And-” One hand leaves the steering wheel to ruffle his hair, pushing some strands back and behind his ear. “We can do something. Together.”
“Like a date,” he continues before you could say it, smiling hopefully at you, hoping that he never read any signs wrong. But he didn’t. He couldn’t have because you beam at him in the next second and he grins back, nose scrunch and all.
“I’d love that, Guk.”
Wow, that was the first time you called him anything but his full name and the shorter term never sounded better to his ears. You look so pretty to him. All cooped up in his car, smiling at him so sweetly and fingers twiddling shyly on your lap, eyes awaiting for his next words. You just look so sweet, so innocent in that moment, so captivating that he can’t help but just lean forward across the console and-
“Shit-” Just as he witnesses your eyes beginning to flutter shut once you realize what his intentions were, almost there, so close he was beginning to taste it, he felt himself being tugged back.
Of course he didn’t take his fucking seat-belt off.
A moment of silence is heard before you both start laughing hysterically at the ridiculous situation.
After you two are done, you maneuver freely and lean over to his side since you had bothered to take your seat-belt off and place a kiss right on the corner of his mouth, just shy from it being an actual kiss. Your allow your lips to linger for a second before pulling away, and you could swear he leaned forward just a bit as you did.
“Text me and we’ll pick a time for tomorrow, yeah?” You suggest as you open the passenger seat door. He licks his lips, having been so willing to kiss you at this moment, but he smiles and nods.
“Goodnight, __.”
He looks breathtaking to say the least and you more than appreciate the idea of witnessing him under the sunlight for the first time in months. He’s wearing an over-sized grey sweater, loose black jeans and the signature boots. He looks like a god, leaning back on his hands on the plaid blanket he’d packed with him. 
He nearly loses his breath when he first sees you. God, he knew you were gorgeous but the way you walked over to his car with an almost angelic smile gracing your features - how was he supposed to just not kiss you the second you were in his care? You usually wore jeans to work, but this. Where you trying to torture him? A skirt? 
He takes you on a picnic because, as he claims, I don’t think we’ve ever seen each other in proper sunlight before and I’ve been here for what - two or three months?
He and Jin go way back, he tells you after you find out that the meals and sandwiches he’d prepared had also been advised by Jin. He tells you that he was a family friend and that their parents knew each other very well. Jungkook’s parents didn’t live here, they lived abroad, and Jin’s parents were always after Jin to keep an eye on Jungkook and look after him.
And look after him he did. He introduced him to most his friends; Taehyung, Jimin and even Yoongi. He recommended him for a job at Taehyung’s tattoo shop since Jungkook was such a talented artist and he was responsible for the many designs displayed in Taehyung’s shop. He helped him find a place cheap and comfortable enough to live in. He’s encouraging him to let Taehyung teach him how to tattoo so he can make more money and maybe open up a place on his own. And he recommended him to Yoongi when they were talking about needing someone new around, highly praising him in front of his friend even though Yoongi already knew Jungkook personally.
He told you about it all and you listened carefully, taking it all in, watching the way he fiddled with the dangly piece of jewelry hanging from his ear as he spoke about all his friends, all of them older than him and how they shaped him into the man he is today. His experiences with them. Everything.
“Sorry,” he chuckles bashfully as he picks up a cherry and pops it into his mouth. He looks at you. “I was talking too much.”
“What? No,” you insist. You unconsciously shift closer to him on the blanket and your hand lands on the blanket right next to his as you lean on your side slightly. “I like listening.”
“I’m not much of a talker with new people,” he explains while looking at you. “I haven’t talked to anyone like this in a long time, actually,” he continues. He says that as soon as you feel a hand covering your own, fingers fiddling with yours.
You both look down at your hands and you feel your heart do flips when you flip your palm up beneath his and he intertwines your fingers with his.
“That was really cute,” you blurt out for some reason. Your cheeks are incredibly warm and pink, and so are the tips of your ears, but you can at least blame it on the sun this time, though you doubt that’s how he would analyze it.
You giggle, he chuckles. You both shift closer and closer until his nose is grazing yours. He tilts his head forward just a little and you can feel his lips graze yours. Your thoughts are clouded as you feel his warm breath hitting your face. His eyes are still open, albeit half-lidded, and he holds eye contact so intense it’s almost too much for you to handle. You gulp heavily.
It’s the way you whisper his name that finally brings him to cover your lips with his, mouth gently coaxing yours to move along with his. He kisses you sensually, something you don’t expect from your first kiss, you expect him to be more careful and reserved, but you’re not complaining as he tilts his head slightly to deepen the kiss and lifts a hand to your hair.
He kisses your breath away, mouth moving in a perfect pace, lips pecking yours gently several times before diving in for a deep kiss once again. His nose nudges yours, warmth washing over you as his fingers grip your hair very gently to bring you closer.
You hum in between kisses and he can’t help it. He can’t help but push closer. Your lips tasted heavenly, so sweet, so delicious, so addicting. He wanted more. He licks your lips and you willingly let him in. Tongue licking into your mouth, he increases pressure until you begin to lean back further and further until you’re lying flat against the blanket. Your lips part for a few seconds and Jungkook looks down at you, watches you breathe slightly heavily, hair splayed out beneath you, lips swollen with his kiss. He has half a mind to quickly check your surroundings, thankful that he’d picked a secluded spot behind a large tree, before he plants his mouth on yours once again.
He doesn’t put his weight on top of you and instead leans on one elbow placed strategically near your head, caging you in, leaning over you as he steals endless kisses from your already breathless mouth. His hand, inked with black tattoos, trails down your arm, fingertips subtly brushing over your skin and bringing goosebumps to its surface. It travels down until he reaches your hand that he takes in his larger one, bringing it up to pin it down next to your head, fingers intertwining with yours once again.
You hum into the kiss once again, basking in the way he feels around you. Almost completely covering you with his body, presence looming over yours and hiding you from the world. It feels nice and comforting and hot and sexy all at once. Your other hand itches to move, free from confinement, and you bring it up to his chest, solid yet pliant. Your fingers curl into a grip and you pull him closer to kiss you harder. God, you’ve never felt so much from just a single kiss.
“Mmm-__-” he mumbles in between heavy kisses. His usually mellow voice is deeper now, laced with desire that you’re just now witnessing for the first time. “Mhmph-baby...” He mutters for the second time, unable to hold himself back from biting into your pouty bottom lip when he felt your hand grip his hair for the first time.
The sound of kids, not too close yet not too far away suddenly brings you to your senses as your lips begin to slow down their pace, little by little until his mouth is barely just resting over yours, warm breaths continuing to mix together.
Your eyes peel open to find his already staring at you, studying your face up close for a couple of seconds. Your fingers absentmindedly twirl strands of hair around and around, his thumb strokes your hand that he still grips firmly before you both break out into smiles at how this had transpired. He tenderly pecks your lips twice before sitting up slightly, and you follow along, looking around to see if there was anyone too close nearby, relieved to see only three kids significantly far away from your spot.
You talk more. This time he listens while you speak. You spill all your details from dropping out of college because of too much pressure, too many past-due tuition fees, and not enough control over your life. He listens carefully all the while he appreciates your presence near him for the first time. He scoots closer as you talk about how hard that last year was for you, scoops your hand into his larger one as you rant about how Hoseok had been incredibly supportive in all the time you’ve known him. He plays with your hair and gently leans forward to kiss the top of your head when you tell him about not having a place to stay for a while, and Hoseok had so kindly offered his place for you. You talk and talk and he listens just as you did for him, getting gradually closer to you until he had you wrapped up in his arms once again, lying on the blanket and chatting quietly amongst yourselves, in your own little world.
Hoseok immediately takes notice because you just happen to be stepping out of Jungkook’s car for work after he had offered that he would drive you. As soon as he sees the two of you, his eyes light up as he saunters over with a bright smile.
“Ah, Jungkookie,” he nudges you and you only blush and roll your eyes at him, looking to Jungkook who chuckles but you can see the pink tint to his cheeks.
“Taking care of our princess is something you take very seriously, huh? I can see that,” Hoseok teases and you push him away with a groan as you practically stomp your way inside, only hearing Hoseok’s loud laugh echoing behind you.
The next date he takes you on is a week later and he simply takes you to dinner. You’re happy because after last time, sitting together and just talking, you were looking forward to be with him more. Alone.
He shocks you that night when he actually wears a black button up instead of his usual casual attire. He looked fucking hot. Sleeves rolled up, tattoos on show, hair actually combed back; your knees nearly buckled beneath you when you saw him leaning against his car as he waited for you to come down. He looked like the man of your dreams as he flashed you the biggest grin and opened the passenger door for you, but not before leaning down and planting a kiss on your cheek. 
He looked tall and big, bigger than usual for some reason, or maybe that was just because of the way he had you pressed up against the side of his car after parking by your apartment building after your date. Dinner went smoothly, as you expected. And you knew it would end with a goodnight kiss with the way he kept looking at your lips, stained pink with your favorite lipstick that had now made its way over to his lips that were just as pink and shiny as yours now.
“I really like kissing you,” he murmurs against your lips, repeatedly placing kiss after kiss to your breathless lips. You grab onto his broad shoulders, so large and wide they shielded you from the world behind him, from everything around you.
“You’re so pretty,” he whispers before licking into your mouth and you hum, pleased with his deep, addictive kisses.
You part ways with flushed faces and dumb smiles, hair just slightly ruffled and messy from your embrace.
The next few dates feel like heaven. Being with him, near him, talking to him, it all added something to your life that you never aware you wanted. You never had a constant in your life, someone like this. Someone who would sigh over the phone and ask you why you’re still up so late but continue to entertain you nonetheless despite the scolding. Someone who reaches in the backseat and places a bag in your lap and tells you with a bashful tone that he had gotten you something, and that something turns out to pretty blue key chain in the shape of a cat because you had mentioned one time over the phone how you kept losing your keys and that having one would make them more noticeable. Someone who begins keeping an extra jacket or sweater in his car for you because the weather was getting colder and you haven’t begun wearing jackets yet so he had to do it himself. Someone who brought his charger with him to work because you always forgot to charge your phone and would complain about it on the way home. Someone who took care of you and tended to your needs so carefully.
It’s about a month later and everything was going perfect. He was perfect. You’ve never felt so comfortable, in sync, or safe with anyone before. Countless days and nights of talking on the phone, texting, drives home that some nights turned into later dinners at a nearby 24 hour diner, cute dates that your highschool self would gush and blush about.
It’s a slow night, not much going on. Hoseok was handling most of the drinks tonight though since you could feel a light headache forming and it was beginning to annoy you.
In walked Im Jaebum after months of not stepping foot in here back when Jungkook kicked him and his friends out. Your eyes immediately snap to Jungkook because you know he’s got his eyes on him already, and you’re right when you see his eyes follow Jaebum’s every move and step as he gets closer to the bar. He’s alone tonight, walking slowly but surely towards the bar stool at your end of the bar and plopping down without a word. His usual greasy smile isn’t there, his face is grim and quiet, but you figure that that’s a good thing and you walk over to get his order, and that’s all you get. No wink, no trashy compliment, and you feel slightly relieved at that.
Unfortunately, a small fight between two drunk guys broke out because - yes, you guessed it - one guy was flirting with the other’s girlfriend. Your headache got worse with all the loud music and the shouting and you walked over to Hoseok.
“Do you have some painkillers with you in the back?” You ask in his ear, and he’s quick to nod, looking at you with a worried expression, and you gesture to your head with a wince.
“They’re in the front pocket of my bag. Take some and get some air, I can handle it for a bit,” he ushers you away after you give him a grateful smile.
Jungkook enters once again after taking care of the two guys’ problem, eyes unconsciously seeking yours just because it was practically second nature for him by now. He’s staring at the bar, confused because for the first time, you’re not there, serving drinks with a smile. It’s only Hoseok up there and he scratches his head, pondering on where you would be right now.
Well, you had gone out back for a quick breather after taking some painkillers from where Hoseok had them stashed, enjoying the chilly night air in the ally that one of the backdoors led to. Just as you were about to push off the wall and make your way back inside because it didn’t sit right with you to sit out here while Hoseok did all the work, even though you knew he wouldn’t even mind you heading home right now, the door swings open and out he walks, eyes landing on your figure as if he knew you would be here.
“__,” he says, and the greasy smirk that you had been previously been so glad was nowhere to be seen on his face tonight, had once again made its presence known and you couldn’t be less pleased with that fact.
“What are you doing here?” You immediately question. “This door is for employees only-”
“Why do you think I’m here, __?” He asks as he steps closer and you immediately take a larger step back. This isn’t right. This is making your stomach feel queasy and you really want to leave right this second.
“I don’t know and I don’t wanna know,” you deadpan with a stern tone. “Now, excuse me, I have to go back to work-”
“Wait,” he stretches an arm out and steps sideways before you could reach the door and you immediately back away from him. “You know why I’m here, __. Come on, can we stop playing games?”
“Excuse me?” You ask in a genuinely confused tone. Games? What games? This man doesn’t even know you. Does he really think you’re playing games with him?
“You think I come to this shit place because I just like it here?” He steps closer and you once again step back, looking at the door behind him, mentally planning how you’re about to push him out of the way and make your way back inside. “You I would come here if it weren’t for the hot bartender who’s trying to play hard to get with me?”
“God, you’re such a piece of shit-” 
You’re just about to push him and maybe knee him in the dick before the door behind the two of you to reveal a - a seething Jungkook.
If it weren’t for the fight that had broken out just prior to you leaving, Jungkook would’ve seen Jaebum watch you walk away and get up a couple of minutes later and you wouldn’t have had to exchange a single word with him, but it just so happened that he had been distracted. However, it only took him a couple of minutes to finally notice that the man he’d previously been watching the most the entire night wasn’t in the place he was seated at, and he couldn’t have moved faster as he began his search for you. With each passing second, his breath got heavier, his hands clenched into rock hard fists as if ready to punch the man any second now. He was practically seeing red by the time he reached the back door, his last resort.
“What the fuck are you doing here?”
Jaebum is practically lifted off the ground when Jungkook grabs him by his clothes and pushes him back. You watch, eyes wide, as the usually shy and relaxed guy who blushed everytime Hoseok teased him about him just getting this job to stare at you all night, who was mentally psyching himself up before asking you out for the first time that one night, who twirled strands of your hair around his finger oh so delicately when you would at times stay a couple of minutes in his car to chat, that same guy was growling at the man who appeared to be smaller than him with the way Jungkook was crowding into his space.
For some odd reason, any previous thoughts of Jaebum were completely erased from your mind, wiped out. And all you could think about was your boyfriend. Your boyfriend who you absolutely adored, who was now on the verge of beating up this prick for you, and who looked fucking hot while doing it.
“Do you just go around harassing women? Is that how you waste your worthless time?” Jungkook shakes him as he practically yells those words at him before pushing him aggressively into the cold wall behind him. He stumbles and catches himself before falling.
You’re silent before you look at Jungkook and he looks back at you, fire inside his eyes more tame now as he tries to detect any damage that was done even though he got here before Jaebum could even consider getting close to you. He steps towards you and cups your face, about to say something before he gets interrupted.
“Fuck you, man. And fuck her. I don’t want a stuck up bitch like that anyways-”
Jungkook’s eyes flash at the first word that meets his ears, jaw ticking, brows furrowed in annoyance because clearly just shaking him up a little bit wasn’t enough, and before he could utter another word, Jungkook lands a solid punch to his cheeks that shuts him right up. You gasp in surprise.
“Get the fuck out of here,” Jungkook spits at him. “If I ever see you around here, or around her ever again, I’ll knock your teeth out.”
You reach for his hand and pull him towards the door, and he keeps looking at the guy who’s stumbling away into the alley until the door is finally closed and his eyes travel to you.
“He didn’t touch you, did he? You’re okay? If he did I swear I’ll go back out there and-”
“I’m fine,” you assure and cup his faced between your palms to calm him down. You bring his face close to yours and lock eyes with him. His breathing is a bit heavy and his fists are still clenched, so you release his face in favor of holding them in your smaller ones, unfurling the tight grip and intertwining your fingers with his. Visibly relaxing at being so close to you, he sighs heavily and leans forward a bit more to nudge your nose with his.
“I’m fine,” you repeat once again, voice lower. “And I’m glad you’re here.”
The way you say it, it could be perceived in referring both to the current situation, and just having him here in general. And he knows that.
“I’ll always be here,” he murmurs and can’t help but press a kiss to your lips, one that, for some reason tonight, immediately ignites a fiery fire of need inside you. You don’t know why, it could be because you’ve been wanting this since the first time you tasted his lips, it could be the fact that he was the most attractive man you’d ever laid your eyes one, or it could be because your boyfriend was the sweetest man and he treated you with so much care that your body ached for more of his attention; a different kind of care and attention.
It was almost closing time anyway, you think to yourself as you climbed across the console and situated yourself to straddle him the second he shut off the engine, a position you’d been in before. 
You’ll explain to Hoseok later, you think to yourself, fingers digging into his hair as he kissed down your neck and collarbones, large palms running up and down your back. 
Hoseok will definitely understand the situation, you think to yourself as your head falls back and your eyes flutter shut when he begins to suck and nibble on the column of your neck, mouthing at your throat and covering your skin in heated kisses as his strong arms wrapped around your torso and pressed your smaller frame up against his large one.
“Guk,” you whisper, dazed and breathy. He hums against your skin. Your hips push down, something you very rarely go as far as to do, but you can’t stop yourself. You want this. You want him so bad. He groans into your neck.
“Stop, stop,” you mumble, pushing weakly at his chest, to which he immediately complies. Lips parted, hair ruffled and falling over his eyes in the sexiest way, he looks up at you.
“Do you wanna come upstairs?”
Your apartment is dark but you don’t care enough to turn on any lights as you stumble in, lips locked and bodies intertwined. He pushes you up against the nearest wall, pressing his body up against yours, trapping you against him as he pulls away for a second.
“Where’s your bedroom, baby?” He asks but he’s already once again distracted with planting hot kisses down your neck, hands moving down your body, rough hands gaining confidence as you push closer to him and respond to his subtle touches.
“Down the hall,” you gasp when he bites into your skin. “Door on the left.”
You reach there in record time before he finally loses patience and grips your thighs at the door, signaling you to hold onto him. Muscles tensing, he lifts you up and carries you the rest of the way all the while you feel yourself getting warm at his show of strength.
He places you down on the mattress gently before he slips of his jacket and throws it away somewhere, not bothering to aim where it lands because his eyes are fixated on the way you scoot back on the bed and await for him to join you. And join you, he does, climbing up the bed and over your body, eyes dark and strands of hair cascading down his face, a hungry expression written all over his face. 
He doesn’t kiss you. His arms, you can see them bulging through your peripheral vision, hold him up above you as he stares down at the way you’re sprawled out beneath him. Your shirt is riding up slightly, some bare skin revealed to his dark eyes. Your chest moves up and down with each deep breath you take in.Your dainty hands are fiddling with the hem of his shirt, eyes blinking up at him as you anxiously await his next move.
“Pretty,” he comments and brings one hand to brush back some hair before burying his hand in your hair and gripping firmly to expose your neck to him. You gasp out, enjoying the pressure you feel in your skull and he takes notice, chuckling lowly before kissing down your neck and collarbones.
“I wanna make you feel good, baby,” he groans into your skin. One of his hands goes down to your hip and bunches the shirt up in his palm, and the skin burns in the best way where he brushes against you. His knees gently nudge your legs apart to settle further between your thighs and you willingly allow him more room, hands reaching for his back and scrunching up the material between your fingers.
“Wanna make you moan,” he whispers. Your eyes flutter shut as his fingers gingerly push your shirt further and further up until it reached just below your breasts. The tips of his fingers brush against the bottom of your bra and your arch your back, craving more than the gentle touches he’s currently giving you. He gets the hint and lifts the shirt up until your bra clad breasts are exposed to him and he continues kissing down your collarbone to litter your kisses to the newly exposed skin.
“Yes,” you gasp, giving him the okay.
“Make you scream,” he continues. With a slip of his finger, he brings one of the cups down and takes your nipple into his mouth, lavishing it with attention and running his tongue over it until it hardened completely.
“Yes, Guk,” you whimper. The hand still placed in your hair seems to tighten at the sound of his name.
“Even the sounds you make are pretty,” he chuckles against your breast, hot breath hitting your skin with every word. You flush at his compliments, but you don’t have much time to be shy about it before he pulls away from you to sit up on his knees between your legs. Large palms stroke your thighs, warming them up with his touch. He looks into your eyes as he does this, mouth curled up at one side, the most devilish smile as he reaches for the hem of your pants and fiddles with the button there.
“You sure about this, baby?” He asks, eyes trailing up and down your body hungrily, biting his lip. The sight has you even more excited. “I can be a bit...intense.”
Your core heats at the implications of what that could mean and god you wanna find out. You find yourself nodding eagerly, hips lifting a bit to show your approval.
“I am,” you assure.
Before you knew it, your pants were being tugged off your legs as you sat back against the pillows, legs spread for him. Panties still on, you placed a hand on his when he made a move to remove them as well causing him to look up at you.
“Can you take your shirt off?” You ask a bit shyly, to which he chuckles and shakes his head at you.
You never thought someone could look so sexy taking their shirt off, but the second he reached for his back to tug it off, you knew you were done for. The material slid off so smoothly and effortlessly, caressing the golden skin that was being exposed inch by inch, looking so soft and warm to the touch. It ruffled his hair and got it all messy when it reached his head, before it was completely off and he threw it away. The muscles in his torso rippled with every move he made, sculpted so beautifully you were mesmerized with every little dip and bump his torso had. What caught your eye the most were the several tattoos inked across his right arm and shoulder.
He was absolutely gorgeous.
You took him all in and couldn’t help but reach to touch him, and he leans forward to allow your fingertips to glide across his chest and up his shoulders, while his hands get busy lifting up your own shirt that was still half way up.
You let him take your shirt off in a daze, still entranced with his body because he just seemed so...large. He was pretty buff, you already knew that, but now with the way he was leaning over you and trailing one hand down your abdomen to your panties, staring you down with almost black with lust eyes, he seemed fucking huge.
Arousal gathered in your panties at the thought.
You didn’t really know why. This didn’t usually get you this worked up. Maybe it was the events of tonight, or the events of the past couple of months, of Jeon Jungkook being the most gentlemanly any man could ever be while still having the ability to flip the switch and snap someone in two if he wanted to. 
Or maybe it simply was the fact that you were attracted to him on so many different levels. Aside from the fact that Jungkook appeared to be a man sculpted like gods, from the top of his head all the way down to his toes, the past few months with him had been nothing short of surreal. From the little things that showed how much he looked after you, down to the way he kissed you so lovingly every single time, as if pouring out his emotions to you with the way he did it.
“Fuck,” you pant out when he slips his hand beneath your panties and gathers your wetness on his fingers. You press your lips together as his fingers begin exploring.
“So wet already,” he hums, placing a kiss to your cleavage before hastily making his way down your body. He looks up at you for a beat, removing his hand from your panties before gripping both sides and slowly sliding the material down until they reached your ankles, where you kick them away at once.
Shuffling can be heard as he situates himself between your legs and you spread them open for him. You don’t dare look down as you expose yourself to him, opting to stare up at the white ceiling, but you hear a pleased sound coming from down there before short kisses are being littered all across your inner thighs. You continue to stare up, breathing pace increasing, faster with each second as he kisses and nips at the sensitive skin, getting closer to your growing wetness with each peck.
“How do you like it?” The question is muffled into your skin. He kisses your lips once, gently, as if he was kissing any other more innocent part of you.
“Hmm?” You hum distractedly, looking down questioningly.
“How do you like it, baby?” He repeats the question and kisses your pussy once more, and your breath hitches as he makes eye contact. His tongue slithers out for a swift lick. “Fast? Slow?” He licks a long stripe up your lips and you shutter, fingers already gripping the sheets to ready yourself. “Messy?”
“Jungkook,” you gasp because he’s already licking into you and humming in satisfaction.
“You better tell me before I just go with whatever I want,” he warns jokingly. He shifts slightly and situates himself better, elbows digging into the the mattress. 
"I-I like it fast,” you breathe out because he’s already mouthing at your center. “And m-messy-shit-”
He delivers what you request without hesitation, tongue beginning to lave at your wet hole, creating a kind of friction that you immediately begin to tense up at. You gasp at the ceiling. Tongue wiggling and lapping at every drop of your essence, you think you can hear him breathe you in deeply and it causes more of your wetness to gush out. It’s incredible, you didn’t expect the onslaught of sensations you were currently experiencing to come so fast, but he already has you building up a sweat with the way he stiffens his tongue and pokes at your hole.
“Shit-J-Jungkook I-” you whimper. He hums right into your pussy. Sloppy noises of sucking and licking travel through the air and if anyone were to hear, they would probably be turned off but you feel anything but. The way he opens his mouth and spreads your lips with two sets of fingers either side to open you up for him. The heat of his mouth fully encasing you, sucking and flicking his tongue at your clit. It breaks your voice and your eyes roll back as your back arches.
“Oh god fuck! Jungkook! Jungkook!” His name is repeated several times, broken little cries and small whimpers reaching his ears. His palms are stroking your thighs, moving higher and higher up and past your tummy. “Oh-oh god!”
His palms reach your breasts and he takes them in his hands, kneading and squeezing. Your head digs into the mattress and your back arches into his touch. Sweat beads build at your temples and you feel so hot all over, like you’re going to explode, most of the heat centered at your core where Jungkook is suddenly moving his head side to side, tongue movement switching up. “F-fuck. Fuckfuckfuck-”
Fingers squeeze at your breasts harder. “Take it-hmph-off.” He’s spewing the words into your cunt and you almost don’t hear them but he pats your chest twice, too busy eating you up to focus on taking it off himself. Hastily, with shaky hands. your lift your back and yank the restraining material, sensitive nipples now exposed to his deft fingers.
You look down and whimper weakly at the sight. Hair falling over his face, tongue pressed into your wetness and full lips sucking your clit into his mouth. “Oh god! Like that-”
“Like that?” He repeats and sucks again.
“Yes! Yes yes yes-” You cry out repeatedly.
His tongue stiffens again and he wiggles it inside your pussy. You gasp, choked moan escaping your lips. Shocks of pleasure shoot through you. Your fingers scramble to grip at the messy sheets.
“Ngh-I’m-I’m gonna-”
“Cum.” He says one word. Both hands leave your breasts and shoot down to your ass, gripping the flesh tightly and bring you closer to his mouth, widening it until he covers your entire pussy and sucks noisily, slurping up your wetness.
“Fuck! Fuck Jung-Jungkook I-oh god I’m gonna-oh! Oh don’t stop!” You’re spewing out so many random words, high pitched and sounding the filthiest you’ve ever felt, body buzzing with so much pleasure and ecstasy as you feel your orgasm overtake you. “Don’tstop-please please please Jungkook-” His name is whined out and he enjoys your sounds more than anything, licking you through your orgasm until your body twitches and you weak fingers push at him weakly.
“Guk,” you whimper.
He doesn’t stop.
“Shit Guk,” you whine again and he pulls away. His mouth and chin are soaked, cheeks flushed, hair slightly damp with sweat and strands falling across his face.
“Fuck,” he whispers, staring at you for a second, looking completely fucked out and he hasn’t even pulled his cock out yet. Your chest is heaving and your eyes are droopy and - you look absolutely fuckable.
His movements are a blue in front of your eyes, but you watch hazily as he leans back and slips off his boxers, his eyes never once leaving you. They travel up and down your body, sweaty and flushed, legs spread and exposed for him, and he’s already planning in his head all the different ways he wants to have his ways with you if you let him.
Your gasp can be heard clearly in the quiet of the room, and his eyes shoot up to catch what you’re so surprised about, and true to his assumption, your eyes are glued to his cock that’s now wrapped in his slender fingers. He feels something swell in his core, and he doesn’t know if it’s pride at the way you’re taking him in with a mouth agape and flushed cheeks.
A trickle of wetness, you feel it building up and slipping out as you stare unabashedly.
It’s pretty. You’ve never described a dick as pretty, but it really was. Oh, and it was big. Big would be an understatement, it was huge. It made even his enormous hands look normal sized, even smaller maybe. Long, thick and curved at the tip. That little curve had your pussy clenching, and you’re gulping down a whimper harshly. The sight of him kneeling there is so erotic, and to make things worse, as if he knows your body was a bit too much for you to handle or comprehend, he raises a muscly arm and pushes his hair back from his face and looks at you with the most seductive look you’ve ever been subjected to, cock still in hand as he utters his next words.
“You gonna let me fuck you now, baby?” His voice is a bit hoarse, deeper than before, tone laced with pure desire.
You nod, legs spreading even wider than they already were, bottom lip pulled back beneath your teeth. He chuckles and leans forward, hand abandoning his cock and coming to rest beside your head as he leans over top of your body, face now right above yours.
“Words, baby,” he tells you. The other hand trails up your body, from your thigh, to your abdomen, to your breasts where he grazes his nail against your nipple, and the skin immediately pebbles up at the sultry touch. “You need to tell me what you want,” he squeezes your nipple ever so slightly before he releases it, continuing his path up and resting an open palm over your chest, across your collarbones, fingers laying right at the base of your neck. “What you like.” It’s not really a squeeze, but you feel the smallest bit of pressure there and you immediately gasp, thighs clenching but being blocked by his large build, and he notices your reaction. His hand slithers further up until his fingertips tap at your mouth, eyes locked with yours, eyebrows twitching up and lips curling into a sinister smile. “Just need you to tell me, baby.”
He watches, satisfied as you part your lips for his fingers to enter, and he slithers in two.  Knuckle deep, your flick your tongue over the digits and coat them with your spit as you would his pretty cock, and his cock twitches at the filthy act. You suck and wrap your lips around them, doing the most, and he slides them further inside your mouth, lips parting slightly as his breath got heavy at the sight. You kept looking at him the entire time, eyes blinking up at him to take in his every reaction.
“Jesus, __,” he groans. He slips them out and attacks your mouth with a hungry kiss, hand slipping between your bodies and going straight for your pussy. You squeal into his mouth and his tongue immediately slides in as his now soaked fingers fuck into you.
“Hmph-Jungkook!” His name is muffled as his fingers begin thrusting in and out, not giving you a second to breathe properly, mouth ravishing yours with kisses so deep it felt like he was trying to swallow you whole. Hands reaching for his back and shoulders, hips writhing beneath the strength of his body, your head pushes back and away from his mouth, a string of spit connecting your lips and it only breaks when he licks his lips hungrily at the sight of you.
“Yeah?” He moves his fingers harder and your body jolts. “Like that? Tell me, baby.”
“Yes! Yeah,” you whine. Your body thrashes and your head turns to the side as you gasp and pant. He can’t help it, leaning in and running his nose all across your neck and up to your cheeks, teeth nipping at whatever skin he can reach. He can’t get enough of you and you can hear it in the way he breathes heavily and groans out your name.
“Your pussy’s so wet, baby,” he grunts, going faster and faster. “Will you let me fuck you? Will you let me fuck you hard?” He’s groaning but it also sounds like he’s begging, desperate for you to allow him to take you like he wants.
“Yes! Y-yes! Jung-Jungkook pleaseplease-” Your voice is high and it sounds like you’re squealing and he can’t wait to hear what you sound like when he finally has his cock buried in your cunt. “Jungkook! Ohgod fuck me-”
His fingers leave you and he’s lifting his body up from yours, and you can’t help the whine that leaves you. But he’s situating himself between your thighs once again and looking up at you with a wink, and for a second you’re about to question his intentions when he purses his lips and allows a trail of spit to cover your pussy, and the second it connects with you, you’re moaning out loudly.
“You said you liked it messy,” he explain deviously, knees now placed beneath your ass as he finally begins lining his cock up with your entrance. You’re quick to look down, entranced by the sight of the large head rubbing up and down your wetness mixed with his spit, a shiny sheet now coating the sensitive skin. You press your lips together, head spinning with excitement and slight nervousness because it looks so fucking big now that you see it there.
“If I go too fast,” he warns, tip now slowly pushing in. “Or too rough,” his tone is a bit more breathy now, choked back. “You have to tell me.”
You gasp, nodding hastily, but you can’t imagine ever telling him to stop. Nothing he’s done so far has felt too much for you, and you can’t imagine anything involving him not feeling good for you, especially with the way his cock now feels gliding inside you and slowly making you feel full.
“I don’t wanna hurt you, __,” he grunts, halfway in. He’s biting at his lip, brows furrowed, tonguing pushing against his cheek. He takes a deep breath and looks up at you, hands now gripping your thighs, pausing his hips from moving further. “You have to tell me-”
“Jungkook,” you whine, hips bucking and both your moans resonate into the atmosphere as he buckles over, hands releasing your thighs in favor of holding himself up, fists clenched so tightly his veins started popping as they dug into the mattress either side of your torso. He huffs, dark eyes looking up at you through hooded lids, an almost predatory gaze hiding somewhere in there. He looked intimidating but in the best way possible, and you found yourself rolling your hips again. The furrow in his brows gets deeper.
“I don’t want you to hold back,” you plead. “Fuck me. Hard.” You stress on the last word with a whine. The chuckle that leaves his lips almost sounds dark in a way-
“Fuck,” you heave, breath knocked out of you when he pulls his hips back and thrusts back in, not even all the way, but it still has you struggling to breathe.
“You like it rough?” He grunts through heavy breaths, sliding in further and further until you were completely connected and his abdomen connected with yours.
“Ye-fuck!” You squeal out. Hips pulling back and slamming back in, he watches with ravenous eyes the way you tremble beneath him. He does it again, and again, and again, slowly and pausing between each thrust, but each one just as hard the previous.
“I-I-” You stutter out but can’t manage to formulate a single thought because his pace suddenly picks up and you’re left with no resort but to pant and moan out your pleasure. He’d prepped you so well his cock moved inside you so easily, your wetness coating him so nicely, and he only felt you getting wetter every time he filled you to the brim.
“You want me to fuck you? I’ll fuck you, baby.” He’s sitting back on his haunches, powerful thighs supporting yours, before he sets a brutal pace that brings a loud yelp to escape you, It feels so intense, the way he bucks skillful hips into yours and slams into you so hard it feels like it would border on painful, but it doesn’t. It felt so good. 
He fulfills his promise. Moans, whimpers, squeals, all sorts of pleasured sounds leave your lips repeatedly. His cock reaches so deep inside you one second, and he’s pulling all the way out in the next before once again repeating the motions. “Ngh-Jungkook. Jungkook! Fuck-”
“Oh fuck baby,” he moans loudly and it sounds so beautiful you want to hear it over and over again. You look up at the sweaty man above you, looking like the most sinful vision. His hair is wet now, a couple of strands dripping with sweat, droplets trailing down his temple, some down his jaw and jaw. His neck, god if you could bite it, it looked so thick and delicious, his adam’s apple bobbing when he swallows thickly. His torso looked even more defined, every single muscle straining and pulling to fuck into you with all his might. What looked most beautiful to you were his arms, veins popping, tattoos clear even in the dim lighting of the bedroom. His hands, big as ever, gripped your thighs so tight his knuckles turned white. He gripped them even tighter for leverage and pulled you closer the same time he pushed hard-
“Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck-” your hands scramble to grab onto something, only finding purchase in the soft sheets that did nothing to anchor you against his ruthless movements. “Jungkook! J-Jungkook baby!”
“You sound so fucking pretty baby,” he grunts. He stares down at his cock and the way it splits you open so prettily, your lips spread around him and the sight was so erotic to him, he threw his head back with a prolonged groan before he leaned forward. He grips your thighs and tugs you down on the bed, placing you in the position he wants and your pussy clenches from that simple action alone
“Even you pussy sounds pretty,” he comments, throwing your thighs into the crook of his elbows, anchoring both hands on the mattress and moving so that you body almost bent in half beneath him. “Hear that?” He pulls all the way out and slams back in so hard his hips smack against your ass loudly, The sound your pussy makes when his cock slips all the way in; wet, it’s loud and clear and it brings a flush to your cheeks, though it hardly shows since you were already red with heat. “So wet.”
The new position makes the sensations double, your thighs burning with how far they were spread but you can’t even begin to care with how he begins to furiously drill his cock into you over and over. Body being fucked into the mattress, mewls and screams of agonizing pleasure escape you, completely losing any sense of control you thought you ever had. He looked like sin embodied, bottom lip tugged beneath his teeth, half-lidded eyes, drenched dark hair swinging with every move, sticking to his flushed cheeks.
Your hands shakily reach up to wrap around his neck, one of them pushing some hair back from his face. Fingernails dig into the back of his neck at a particularly deep thrust, eyes rolling back.
“Oh! Oh god! Jung-Jungkookjungkookjungkook-” His name is a repeated mantra along with hoarse cries and wails. The sheets are damp with sweat beneath you, your body being jostled up and down over top of them with harsh movements that Jungkook  doesn’t hold back from anymore.
“Fuck! Your pussy’s so good baby. So wet-” He slows and grinds down against you. Toes curling, back arching, head pushing back into the pillows, your hands slip down his drenched torso across his pecks and settling on his abs, scratching the tensed muscles there as a broken sob leaves your lips.
“Ohgod- oh god- oh fuck! Jungkook please I’m- so good! So fucking good-”
Your desperate rambling excites him and he pushes deeper, and your ears don’t miss the filthy squelch that resonates when grinds his cock into your cunt. You involuntarily clench and he grunts in response. He keeps that way for a couple of seconds, grinding against you, his pubic bone pressing into just the right place to make you see stars.
He slips your thighs down and helps you wrap them around his slender waist before he wastes no time setting the quick pace once again. Hips smacking together loudly, grunts, groans, curses, squeals, they clash together like your bodies do, connected so deeply as he leans down and covers your body completely with his. You look up through hazy vision at his large frame working on top of yours so viciously, blocking everything from around you, not suffocating you but giving you a sense of warmth that has you wrapping your arms around his back and hugging him closely to your body.
Bodies now glued together, his hips swivel as best as they can up into yours, digging so deep, going faster and faster, harder and harder until your moans are quick and chopped up and your hands are slipping down his sweaty, broad back.
“Fuckfuck- Jungkook! Jungkook! Ohgod- oh! Oh!” You cry out. Your legs begin to fall from around him and your feet kick out against the sheets, back arching so high your breasts pressed firmly into his chest. You felt so close to him. His cheek rubs against yours with every thrust, his mouth sucking your earlobe into his mouth and nibbling on it. You turn your head towards him, eyes fluttering shut, taking in every single sliver of pleasure he brought you.
“I’m gonna cum- shit Jungkook pleaseplease- I’m cumming!” You cry out. It’s there. It’s right there. You feel it spreading.
“Fucking-fuck baby. Yeah,” he grunts and pushes harder. You choke on a sob. There are tears in your eyes. “Squeeze my cock. You’re so good. Cum on my cock, baby. That’s it.”
You don’t know if your hands are pulling him closer or pushing him away but he fucks you through it nonetheless, sloppy sounds of his cock drenched in your cum lewd and so loud but you could care less. You’re in heaven. You’re crying out, shouting his name in complete ecstasy and squirming in his hold as he grips your hips so tight they could bruise, pushing in deep and giving you quick shallow thrusts.
“I’m cumming. Fuck I’m cumming, baby,” he groans. His head is hidden in your neck, groaning and grunting into your clammy skin and giving you his all, knees digging into the mattress as he gives three deep thrusts as hard as he can. Your mouth drops open, no sounds coming out, breath cut short. One hand goes to your hair, gripping so tight as he finally lets go, spurts of warm cum filling you up.
The quiet that takes place after is deafening. It’s so loud after all the intensity you had just experienced. Neither of you move an inch away from each other, no, you pull him closer as you feel a drip of his cum leak out. Your hands lazily and gently caress his back. His lips, glued to one spot on your neck, pucker up and continuously place kisses. You’re both sighing dreamily as you relax further into one another and let your bodies relax after so much exertion before he finally lifts his head up just enough to face you.
No words are exchanged but a kiss takes place, slow, sweet, bringing back those butterflies you always have whenever he’s with you and he pulls away with that same shy, stupid smile of his. After all that, he’s still smiling at you like this, and you do nothing but giggle and stroke his hair away from his face.
A while later, after lying together and kissing on each other more, he suggests a shower with an innocent smile that makes you think he really was too tired to try anything else after all that. But you seem to forgot that Jungkook wasn’t this built for nothing and he actually has incredible stamina. Which is why, not even five minutes into the shower, he’s pushing you over the small handle bar and telling you to hold on tight as he spread your legs apart with a nudge of his knees.
He fucks you hard because he knows that’s how you want it. He pulls your hair and tugs you back against his firm chest and whispers the filthiest things in your ear.
“You’re so fucking dirty, baby.”
“You just wanna be fucked hard, huh?”
“Your pussy’s so tight, so warm, perfect for my cock.”
You only ever answer with broken sobs and pitiful moans. The shower is filled with sounds of your bodies colliding together and his harsh grunts that serve to weaken your knees even further until he has to practically hold you up himself. A task he easily does and that makes you even weaker for him.
You cum with hoarse cries, head dropping back against his shoulder as he runs both hands up your front and cups your breasts firmly, hips still slamming against your ass in chase of his own high that he reaches in no time.
He helps you out of the shower with a gentle peck to the tip of your nose as you smile up at him in a daze. He pats you dry with a towel and dabs at your hair to get any excess water out and you continue to stare up at him, entranced.
He looks so pretty. Eyes wide and focused on getting you dry, hair dripping down his face and neck. So different from the man who was just fucking you into next week a couple of minutes ago in the shower. No, this man smiles cutely down at you and giggles when you kiss his chin as he leans down further to dry your thighs. You kiss on his chest, admiring the tattoos scattered from his shoulder and down to his arm and hand. You kiss on him more and he sighs at the feeling, but he doesn’t expect you to push him away to rest his behind against the counter before swiftly dropping down to your knees in front of him.
The bathroom soon fills with his low moans and groans, backed with soft sounds of your mouth working on his cock. He watches closely as you attempt to swallow him down as much as possible, smaller hands working over the rest.
You look up at him through your lashes and watch as his head drops back and exposes the long column of his neck, the sight somehow getting you aroused once again as you feel wetness begin to gather between your legs. You suck harder, pull off and swirl your tongue deliciously around his cock.
“Fuck, that’s it,” he encourages. His hand pets your hair tenderly before he gathers up some strands behind your head to grip. Your mouth looks so good stuffed full of his cock, lips wrapped so prettily around him. He wants to fuck your mouth so bad, but he thinks he’ll save that for a later time so he can give you more time for it. Instead, he leans back and enjoys the show, compliments and praises continuously leaving his lips as you hum against his cock, pleased with his sounds.
He cums down your throat with a long groan of your name and looks down at you with a breathless chuckle as he helps you up to your feet.
He eats you out again. He does it so good this time there are tears in your eyes by the end of it.
He has you ride him, and you do so with vigor, grappling onto his strong and sturdy shoulders for support as you bounce yourself on his cock.
“Shit, shit, shit,” you gasp time and time again. Sweat drips down your back at the effort. Your thighs burn. His eyes look everywhere at you, your face, your neck, your breasts, your dripping cunt. He leans back on his palms and watches with a satisfied smirk as you fuck yourself on his cock.
“That’s a good girl, baby,” he groans. You pause your bouncing and swivel your hips, grinding against him and he throws his head back. Leaning forward, you lick a strip up his neck hungrily, something you’ve been craving to and he grunts loudly.
He’s sitting up and grabbing your ass, fucking up into your hard, three, four times and it’s enough to have you squealing before he lifts your frail body off of him and places you on the mattress with ease.
“Fuck,” he whispers as he situates you. Ass up in the air, face down on the mattress. “I can’t get enough of you,” he groans, grabbing your ass and unable to stop himself from slamming his palm down harshly, an action that has you jolting forward in surprise. “You’re amazing,” he groans as he slides inside of you once again after sitting on his knees behind you. Whimpers fall freely from your lips because he immediately picked up the pace knowing the both of you were too close already. “I could fuck you forever.”
You squeal as another harsh slap lands on your behind.
“Again. More,” you whimper. Fisting the sheets between your palms, tears that were previously held back now escaping your eyes. It was so much. You loved it. “P-please.”
He spanks you again and again and again, as long as you ask for more, he delivers And he fucks you good while doing it, slamming into you so hard he has to keep you steady with his hands. Hips smacking against your ass, cock drilling you into the mattress, battering your cunt so good.
“F-fuck. Fuck J-Jungkook- so good. Sogood. So good oh god please-”
He goes harder. Faster. He spanks you again and more tears fall from your eyes. You bury your face into the mattress and muffle your uncontrollable crescendo of screams and moans into it as your high crashes over you for the nth time this night.
“Oh god, you’re such a good girl,” he breathes almost in disbelief as you cream his cock, coating it with your essence. Eyes glued to his cock still slamming into you. the sight brings him to his release in a couple of seconds as his hips lose their control and become sloppy.
“Shit. Shit! Fuck, __. Oh baby,” he groans and grunts and makes all sorts of noises, once again filling you with his cum as you sniffle and whimper into the mattress, keeping still for him as he comes down from his high.
The shower you two had taken is practically non-existent by now, and you feel sticky again as he gently pulls out and drops onto the mattress with a tired groan.
Both of you were completely burned out by now.
You slowly lift your face from the mattress to look over at him and he’s already staring at you. His cheeks are red. His hair, still damn from the shower, probably coated in sweat now, is sticking to his forehead. He’s breathing hard. He has the biggest smile on his face, two bunny teeth on full show, eyes crinkling, nose scrunching; the whole deal.
“That was nice,” he comments. You giggle.
“That was really nice,” you add lamely, twisting to lay on your side facing him.
He scoots closer and hugs you to him, sneaking his leg between yours until the two of you were pressed together tightly. He’s humming a tune, barely audible, and you trace patterns up and down his back distractedly.
“I really like you Jungkook,” you admit suddenly and you’re already inwardly shaking your head at how stupid that sounded after the intense couple of hours you two had just experienced.
“I think we’ve already established that a long time ago,” he chuckles and pulls back to look down at you. 
“No, I-” you pause and look down at his chest shyly. Your fingers continue tracing his warm back. “I really, really like you, Jungkook.”
He kind of gets what you’re trying to say and that maybe you’re just not ready to actually word it out. But he knows for sure when you look up at him and into his eyes. He knows.
“Well, I really, really like you too, __,” he repeats, smile getting smaller and his eyes more serious. His fingers push back your hair and he gently strokes your cheek and nudges his nose against yours as your eyes flutter shut at the intimate contact.
“I’ll always be here,” he repeats words that he’s said to you before. Words that you know are true. Because he always was and always will be here. Sure, he came for the job, but eventually, he stayed for you. 
You know, he was your knight in shining armor after all.
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witch-hazels-musings · 8 months ago
Yo that reader giving oral content hit so different...thank you for the food 🙏 do you mind writing for the same characters, but this time it’s reader getting the oral? Thank you sm for your service-
^ you know that image of Spongebob leaning against the rock and taking deep breaths? Ya, that’s me after writing these. Oh lawd.
Waves of Pleasure
Warning -> NOTSFW* (18++++) (character gives oral), explicit
Includes: Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao 
Character x FM reader  |  Anthology
Zhongli wants to give you everything he can - the highest stone on the tallest mountain, he will climb to it. The rarest gem at the bottom of the ocean, he’ll dive for it
He’s so thankful for you being here with him that he wants to show you exactly what you mean to him 
The two of you are sitting on the elegant couch in Zhongli’s home. He has been reading a book for some time, while you’ve been looking over some of the commission paperwork for the guild. You found it was easy to finish up these tasks even with him near you. 
The two of you sat close, one of your legs was draped over his and your back rested against large, plush pillows. The window was open and letting in the refreshing spring air, the scent of the ocean shows itself every once in a while. 
Zhongli closes the book in his hands and places it on the table before resting a hand on your leg. You don’t pay much attention to it, instead, you begin to move your leg so he can get up. When, instead, he turns to face you and his hands take possession of the documents in your own. He placed the sheets of paper under his book, returned his attention to you, and locked you in a heated kiss. 
He wants you to be comfortable, so he won’t make you do anything which would cause you distress, or take away from the pleasure he wants to give you - just sit back, and relax. He will take care of everything 
You exhale so much heat as his kisses down your neck and onto your collarbone. You're grabbing at him in an effort to stay upright, but the further he works down your body, the more challenging that becomes. In defeat, you slide your hands down his arms, catching every few inches on the wrinkles of his shirt. 
When he reaches your stomach and slides his hands up your chest, his fingers woven around your shirt, you feel the blood in your veins start to burn and electrify. An encouraging moan leaves your throat and you wonder if maybe you should close the window. 
He likes to make you breathless - the more you struggle to get a breath because of him - because of what he is doing, the more pleasure he will get out of the exchange
He has pushed you up to the armrest, your head resting there in an effort to make you comfortable. Your legs are on either side of him and his head between them. He’s been kissing your thighs for a while now, making sure to cover the entire space. 
The sleeve of your shirt has slipped over your shoulder and everything composed about you is now gone. You are turning into a mess and he is taking so long to relieve the need growing in you. 
You look down at him and he glances back at you. His eyes knock the wind out of your lungs. With unbelievable poise, he closes his eyes and you feel his tongue inside of you. 
It’s starting to become a favorite of his - pleasing you this way
The way your hips move against him, the way your legs wrap around him or shake as you get close and closer - he enjoys them all 
“Ah…” you moan into your hand. You can hear the sound of Liyue’s citizens just below the open window, and you desperately don’t want them to hear your shameful cries. Your hips move on their own, your hands claw at your shirt, and every part of your body just exists as its own component of your spirit. There is no singular you anymore, he’s torn you to pieces with his mouth. 
He removes his tongue from inside of you and replaces it with a finger, you cry at the new sensation and are certain someone heard you. He slips in another and you moan in response.
“Zhongli …” you whine, “someone will hear …” his steady push and pull of his fingers are sending tremors through you. 
“Let them.” You catch his eyes and the danger in them. The inhuman desire lingering just behind the glistening gold. He licks you again, his long tongue working over you, and with the combination of his fingers you don’t have the strength to silence your moans anymore. 
He took you, from the moment he had your lips, he took you. There was nothing but him anymore, and at this moment, you didn’t care how far your voice reached. 
Diluc’s confidence in most things is high. When it comes to solving problems, when it comes to dealing with disputes or issues, when it comes to his business. All of it, he is astute, capable 
You lay on his bed, just the way he imagined you to. This wasn’t one of his dreams or fantasies, this was real, and he didn’t want it to slip away from him. 
Diluc crawled to the empty space next to you, his warmth radiating, his red hair slipping off of his shoulder and following the pull of gravity. The creaking of the bed highlighting the night and sending goosebumps over your skin. 
You shifted in order to be closer to him. Your side flush against his torso, your leg resting against his. Reaching up to his face you felt his skin; running your fingers over his brow, along his cheekbone, across his jaw. You felt completely safe here and it was because of him. 
This, giving you pleasure like this, feeds his confidence to the point where he will feel great pride as you come undone - there is no way he cannot please you this way, he finds it so very rewarding 
He likes to build you up, so he will start slow. He wants you to be agonizing desperate by the time he gets to taste you. First, he will undress you. Every item he removes he leaves a piece of his lips there. He unbuttons your blouse and kisses your now exposed chest. He slips it from your arms and trails his mouth down after it. He removes your pants and connects every bend, every shadow, with his touch. He loves how much of you he can take, and he wants to thank every inch of you for allowing him these pleasures. 
When you are finally in the perfect state of undress, he will slip down to the place you’ve been begging him to go. 
He likes how exposed you are in this position and how much control he has over you - he can take his time, or he can make it quick - it all depends on his mood 
In order to give him a better angle, he placed a pillow under your lower back, not only to increase your comfort, but also allow him to reach more of you. 
There is something about seeing Diluc between your legs. The red burn of his hair and controlled burn of his eyes set your skin on fire. He dominates you with this heat, and you don’t care anymore if you get burned, you just want him. 
He runs his fingers down the sides of your thighs, his hands claiming them for his own as if to make sure you understand no one else can ever see you this way. He won’t allow it. 
Your breathing is shallow and you can’t stop the eager moans spilling from your mouth. They are like drops of water in the vast pool of your desire, and you don’t know how much more that pool can hold. 
When he finally gives you what you’ve been crying for, the sound which escapes your mouth sets him ablaze. 
There is something about pleasing you in this manner that spurs on some feral desire inside him and he cannot stop until it’s been satiated 
He will never be rough and will make sure that you get exactly where you want to go 
Diluc’s tongue is unbelievable. It’s thick and wet, and so hot you feel like you are melting. He licks and thrusts it inside of you and around your clit. It sends wave after wave of pleasure through you, and you feel that pleasure spread from the contact of his mouth. You wonder if you’ll ever be able to breathe normally again because at this moment all the air that fills your lungs is gone in an instant. 
Your whole body is on fire and you’re sure you’ve turned a rosy pink from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. 
When he slips a finger inside of you intensifies the sensation. 
“Diluc!” you scream. You’re in ecstasy and don’t want it to end. He adds another finger and you know you are about to break. Your legs begin to shake, your back arches, your chest heaves. 
Suddenly, he lifts you up, your ass now resting against his chest and with feral eyes, he takes you through your climax. You combust against his mouth. Each pulse, each constriction of your walls provides him with more of you to taste and he eagerly laps it all up. 
When you start to calm back down, he returns to your side and brushes the wet hair from your forehead. 
Xiao has never done something like this - so the first few times you’ll have to be patient and helpful 
All he wanted was to make sure that he didn’t do anything too strange - he may even do a little research on the side to make sure he got all the moves right 
Under the moonlight, you are more ravishing than he could have imagined. The way the white light plays in your hair, the way the darkness highlights your shadows, he finds your body to be the most beautiful landscape he’s ever laid his eyes on. 
He’s spent most of his life conquering the darkness in the world, and he wanted to do the same with the dips and bends of your body. He wanted to take hold of all of them and claim them as his. 
You are laying next to him with your hands up and resting under your head. This position stretches your chest and slightly exposes your stomach. He finds his opening and doesn’t let it slip through his fingers. 
Once he gets used to touching in general he will start to take charge more. He finds it empowering to watch you submit to him, to tremble as he touches you 
“Xiao …” you whimper to him as he kisses along the edge of your pants. You watch as he bites the fabric and slides them down. He makes quick work of them, and soon you are exposing yourself not just to his eyes but the stars themselves. 
He runs his fingers up and down your legs, his nail digging ever so into the skin. He breaths along your abdomen and watches as you become littered with goosebumps. He finds it enjoyable how much a small amount of air can cause such a large reaction. 
Your hands are flush against the floor. You wished there was something to hold onto because you felt like you were falling and there wasn’t any way to catch yourself. The sensation became even worse when he slipped a finger under your underwear and ran it over your ache. 
Your voice is like the flute which once calmed him - he wants to hear that sound over and over again 
You hope the patrons of the inn have all gone to sleep, or maybe there aren’t any other people here besides you and the devious yaksha. It was as if he was trying to show you just how lonely he had become these thousands of years. You just hoped you could handle it all. 
The first time you tried to stifle or cover your moans he grabbed your wrist and with a serious tone said, “Don’t do that.” You knew to never let your voice be hidden from him from that moment onward. So, as his head bobbed between your legs, his tongue worked inside of you, around your folds, you let him hear you. 
You arched your hips so he could get more access. You couldn’t control some of the actions of your body and were unable to stop yourself from digging your fingers in his hair. You just hoped he wouldn't mind the desperate appendages working their way through his ebony locks. 
Every once in a while you felt cool air over you and you knew it had to be coming from him. Only he had the ability to manipulate the wind in such a sinful manner. 
He starts to become possessive of you - unable to let himself stop until he sees you go over the edge, once, twice, any number of times 
You are about to come undone. Your toes curl, your legs start to close in around him. The knot in your stomach is beginning to unravel and you know it’s only a matter of time. 
“Ah-a, Xiao … ” your moans are becoming more erratic and sharp. He continues to use his tongue with incredible expertise. His movements quickening as he can feel you getting closer and closer, and right when you are about to break he brings his thumb to your clit with perfect pressure and like a huge gust of wind, sends you over the edge. 
Your voice sounds into the night and you wonder if the sound reaches the moon.
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chocoenvy · 11 days ago
Playing God (Let's play a game of dissection part 4 Final)
Part one, Part two, Part three
Inspired by this ask that @is-very-sad got.
Notes: IT'S DONE IT'S FINISHED!! Hope it's to all of yall's liking. this is so dark i feel bad, im gonna kiss all of these characters platonically.
anyways i spent so long on this series but i love it so much, i hope you guys like it just as much as I liked writing it :)))
Mega inspiration for this whole series from @sagau-villainau and @nicebonescomrade because of their yummy Tsaritsa content and this post was just too yummy to not use somewhere here.
Warnings!!! (please read!!!):
Trauma, gore, blood, torture (genshin characters receiving), mentioned suicide, cult behaviors, imposter au, toxic behavior, reader is not mentally stable,
3,776 words
The Tsaritsa was ready to freeze the entirety of Teyvat and Hell over. Childe was itching to fight an archon or three, watching their blood fall from their mouths in waves just as you had suffered.
The entire table had erupted with shouts and threats. You knew they weren't directed at you, you knew. But you still trembled in fear, your lips trembling as you tried to find even some warmth in Tartaglia's arms. But there wasn't warmth, there was a raging fire threatening to burn anything in its wake.
You covered your ears and buried your face in your knees. You felt so pathetic.
I hate humans. I hate humans. I hate humans. All of the rifthounds were right to hunt them down, they deserve it. At least the hilichurls were gentle with you even when they were angered. They weren't gentle, humans were never gentle-
"Tartaglia," The Tsartisa's voice boomed, and your heart jumped, "Take their excellency to their room. I don't want them to hear what's about to transpire."
"Of course." Childe said, picking you up in his arms and carefully navigating the icy floor.
You immediately shook your head and pushed against Childe's chest.
"Keep them company in their room as well, Tartaglia."
"Yes, your highness." He responded, grunting at your struggling. He muttered, "Your grace, what's wrong?"
Tears glittered your eyes, the flecks of gold in your eyes had gotten more prominent and were glowing angrily. You pushed against Childe's chest fervently with your arms and legs. Kicking him away.
"Your grace-!" He yelped as you pushed your hand in his face and he finally released you.
You dropped to the floor on your ass. You whined a bit in pain but you ignored it. You stood up as quickly as you could without falling over, breathing heavily at the emotional and physical stress.
Your face was twisted into a glare, a hunger that every Fatui harbinger and the Tsaritsa were all used to glowed golden in your eyes.
A hunger for revenge.
Klee knew something was up. The entirety of Teyvat knew something but refused to say it.
Klee thinks she knows what it is.
It's what Albedo has known this entire time.
When he told Master Jean "Klee is too young to see such carnage, I'll watch over her. Please, don't force her to take part in this."
Master Jean was going to argue but she looked at Klee. Klee's eyes were wide, confused and frightened. Master Jean sighed and relented, leaving Albedo and Klee alone.
Albedo swiftly picked Klee up and carried her to his lab in Dragonspine.
"Mister Albedo?" Klee had whimpered.
He hadn't answered her but she understood why he had said that. It became even more apparent as he kept on pulling her away from the Knights of Favonius' constant searches for the imposter. And when Kaeya also joined them in Dragonspine instead of chasing the "imposter".
"It's finished." Albedo had said one of those days, a wide smile on his face, "We can now go to the ruins of Khaenri'ah, Kaeya, Klee." His teal eyes had turned to her with glee.
Klee couldn't help but smile, "What does that mean Mister Albedo?"
His eyes and smile turned soft, softer than when he tucked her into bed some nights, "It means our god will be safe."
"We just need to find them." Kaeya grinned, a determined gleam in his eyes.
They had returned to Mondstat at the usual time, before they had returned from their chases. But Klee noticed something different about the statue of their god.
She tugged on Albedo's sleeve, stopping him from walking on "Mister Albedo..." Klee muttered and pointed to the statue, "Was the god's statue always like that?"
Albedo furrowed his brows and looked up to the statue. He gasped and stumbled back.
The statue's mouth, that was usually set into a soft smile, was set into a frown, sewn shut, and the lips had cracks running through them.
"What did they do?" Albedo whispered, dread pooling in his stomach.
Had he failed to protect their god?
When the Knights of Favonius had come back it had answered his question.
"We cut of the imposters tongue!" Outrider Amber had all to happily exclaimed, "They died afterwards, most likely from blood loss." The grin on her face made Kaeya want to puke but he kept his composure.
They had failed to protect their god.
All of them had.
None of Teyvat wanted to say it. Nobody wanted to mention how their god's statues were cracked, star-like tears falling from their eyes.
They refused to acknowledge it. Besides, the world was still in working order right?
It all snapped one day when the temperature of Teyvat turned freezing. The icy claws of the fatui snuck into the whole of Teyvat. Their activity had grown tenfold.
The statues of the seven's mouths were sewn shut.
The tongue that Ningguang was keeping as a trophy had turned gold. The veins and dried blood still on it now a sheen golden hue.
You had no comprehendable voice to command with, but the creatures of the abyss, the hilihcurls, rifthounds, even the people of Snezhnaya, felt your will.
Take revenge on the people of Teyvat.
The children of Khaenri'ah, who had thought you were dead, also felt your will. And they were all too happy to uphold it.
"Klee, we have to go." Albedo urged her out of bed one night.
Klee whined, rubbing her eyes, "Why..." She muttered groggily, "Where are we going?"
Albedo's teal eyes were almost glowing in the dark, "To meet their grace."
Klee didn't ask anything else after that. She knew that was important adult stuff, and this was Mister Albedo. She could trust him.
Still, as they snuck out of the Favonius headquarters and out of Mondstat, tears fell from her eyes. She hid behind Albedo as they met up with Kaeya and Dain. And as they boarded their own little boat to Snezhnaya, she kept glued to Albedo. Seeking comfort in the cold night waters.
Klee wasn't sure what happened when they arrived at Snezhnaya, the only words that she understood were "Their grace wants to meet you."
Her heart fluttered at the thought. She wasn't sure if she was worried, excited, or both. Afterall, she'd heard so many people fervently praying. Begging for forgiveness for the sin they'd all committed. Albedo and Kaeya had said they'd failed you.
Klee nervously held onto Albedo's hand as they passed many fatui members. More than Klee had seen in all of her adventures with you when you were a force controlling her and the other vision wielders of Teyvat. Klee wasn't sure she had enough bombs to take care of all of them.
Especially with how big the palace was. Her bombs would only take care of a room or two!
She wanted to say something to Albedo, this seemed like a bad idea. But Albedo was older than her, he must know what he was doing. He also had told Klee to "not say anything in the palace. The fatui are scary so do not say anything unless someone speaks to you first."
Fatui agents led the four of them into a throne room. You, their god, alive in all of your glory, sat on the Tsaritsa's lap on her throne. Klee's breath was stolen and as she looked at you if felt like she had known you for ages. Even before she was born, you knew her and were there.
She was made for you.
You stood up from the Tsaritsa's lap, and she held your hand. The other fatui harbingers stood to the side of the Tsaritsa and you. You descended the stairs with the Tsaritsa, standing before the four of them.
The three adults bowed and Klee rushed to copy their movements.
"Your grace." They said, "We're sorry for not protecting you better, we'll do anything we can to assist you."
You made a motion with your hand and the four of them rose to their feet. Klee desperately held Albedo's hand. He was the only thing stable for Klee in this icy tundra of gods and war.
Then, on your godly face, you smiled softly. Just like the statues had depicted. Soft and loving.
Klee grinned, you're their god! You really are!~
Your eyes caught onto hers and Klee could've sword time stopped right there.
You grinned and crouched in front of her. You waved and she froze but waved back, grinning brighter than any of her bombs.
Tentatively, Klee held out her arms, silentely asking for a hug.
You giggled, a sound that melted everyone's hearts. You did so, wrapping your arms around Klee, picking her up and doing a little spin with her. You plopped her back to the ground, the both of you giggling.
You signed It's nice to meet you Klee. I've missed you.
The Tsaritsa translated for Klee since she didn't understand sign. She grinned and hopped up and down.
"Klee has missed you too your grace! So has Dodoco!" Klee's grin died down and she frowned a bit, her eyes creased in worry, "But uhm... your grace why aren't you talking?"
"Klee-" Albedo hissed but you cut him off with a wave of your hand.
You merely made an X with your fingers and put it over your lips.
"You're mute?" Klee tilted her head to the side.
You nodded.
"Ah, okay! Sorry, Klee didn't know!" Klee smiled, readjusting her backpack straps.
You patted her head and stood up, holding the Tsaritsa's hand. You didn't miss the burning stares from the three children of Khaenri'ah, but you opted to ignore it.
"We heard your call your grace. To take revenge on Teyvat. We'll help you in any way we can." Dainsleif said gravely.
You nodded, your smile not slipping from your face.
"Revenge on Teyvat?" Klee muttered. Albedo heard and looked down to her, "W-what about Qiqi an-and Diona and Sayu?" She sniffled, her hands shaking.
"Their excellency is only taking revenge on those that deserve it." Foul Legacy Childe smiled gently down at Klee.
Kaeya narrowed his eyes, "Aren't we going to help their grace?"
"Of course we are." The Tsaritsa's voice cut through the air, demanding for every soul to listen to her, "But their excellency has said that they will be the one to enact their revenge. They will punish the archons and those that have hurt them."
Your smile didn't fade, gentle, loving, and sharp. Your eyes played the story of your stay in Teyvat, you had endured so much and it hadn't diminished your ability to love. But it had given you the ability to be ruthless.
Teyvat wouldn't be able to take a breath before the end of the era of archons befell them.
Everyday the archons and their people prayed to your statues. They may not verbally admit it, but they knew it was you they had "killed" in Liyue.
You now had the entirety of Teyvat worshiping you and not just your statues. They all knew you were here on Teyvat and your powers grew because of that. You were now connected to every corner of Teyvat, and every living thing on Teyvat. Anything you wanted you could tell where it was. You basically had the power of the interactive map, able to pinpoint anything at anytime.
You didn't want to enact your revenge for your own benefit, though it would be sweet,
It was because you couldn't find Milo anywhere.
With your godly abilities and how long you had spent with him you were sure you could find him. But he was nowhere to be found. Neither was his father, or the abyss mages, or any of the hilichurls.
Your statues had started to crack. Starting from their eyes, following their veins, trailing the entire stone body in gold. The archons were terrified. If your statue broke they were sure all hell would break loose and that would signify the end of the world.
So they gathered together before your statue in Inazuma. It was outside and bigger than possibly any of the statues in the seven nations.
Well, except for Snezhnaya.
You peered down at them from atop your statue, resting on its head. The statue's hands were held to its chest, holding Teyvat closely to your heart. Golden veins ran through the statues hands, threatening to crack open the statue. Tearing your love for Teyvat out of your palms.
An almost insanely calm smile played at your lips as you nonchalantly peered down at them. They had taken the Liyue Qixing and the Knights of Favonius with them as well. Not to mention the leaders of the three tri-commissions were also there.
Everybody you wanted to get your revenge on.
Good thing they gathered in Inazuma too. You carefully stood up, thanks to your growing powers you had also recovered swiftly but you were used to treating your body delicately, I can find whoever did that to Milo.
You looked down at the crowd that hadn't noticed you yet, you couldn't stop smiling. It was peacful. You were about to get revenge for yourself and for your friends.
Your fists clenched and you grit your teeth.
My dead friends.
They could fuck with you however much they wanted but they did fucking nothing. You were the only one with a reason to kill the monsters, you needed to level characters. But you didn't want to level them anymore, and you knew damn well you were the only one that could power up characters.
Milo, the rifthounds, abyss mages, and hilichurls, had no reason to be dead.
You sighed and stretched your arms to the sky, grabbing the stars before hopping down from the statue, the wind craddling your form as you gently landed at the base of the statue where the people were praying. They gasped as you decended and froze up as though the Tsaritsa had already frozen over Teyvat.
Just as they were about to run to you and scream their apologies, the Fatui surrounded them and created a wall blocking you from them.
The Tsaritsa and Foul Legacy Childe took their places beside you, the other harbingers surrounding the gods and their people. The three children of Khaenri'ah stood before you, helping to block those that had wronged you from reaching you.
They shouted their hopes and pleas, some already on their knees for forgiveness, some stood with their weapons drawn.
"You were so worried about gaining forgiveness from your god that you didn't bother to question if there was a nation already forgiven." The Tsaritsa's voice was cold, and the ground was already freezing over, "You were too busy with upholding the image of your god that you didn't care when they stood before you."
Your smile didn't fade as you walked between the fatui and children of Khaenri'ah, standing before those that had wronged you and those that hadn't. Right in front, were the three archons. As soon as you got close to them they threw themselves to their knees. Their hands shaking as they bowed their heads low for you, tears dripping down from their eyes.
"Now they stand before you once again,"
For now, you ignored the three, walking right past them with less than a glance.
"To enact their revenge and give Teyvat the punishments it deserves."
Your eyes locked onto the one you wanted, their pose similar to that of their gods, kneeling and quivering, their head bowed down low. You crouched before them and gently cupped their cheeks, forcing their red eyes to meet with yours flecked with gold.
In one swift motion you had forced her mouth open and grabbed her tongue. With your godly powers, the elements bended to your will with no struggle. The earth gladly created a geo contruct for you, a dull knife, just like the one she had used on you.
Ningguang didn't even struggle as you cut her tongue off. She just cried and whined. The most she did was grip onto your clothes.
If you had done that to her when she was taking your tongue away, she would've kicked you and forced you on the ground.
But you didn't.
You merely smiled and held her tongue in your hand, the red blood pooling everywhere. She gagged and vommitted on the ground, a mixture of blood and vile contents in her stomach. You stepped away from her, dropping the tongue in front of her.
Next, you waltzed over to Hu Tao. You grabbed her hands and examined them, specifically the rings. Her breath had hitched and she shrunk away from you.
You still remembered how she grabbed your arm and hair so roughly. Keeping you from escaping and even cheering as you wished you were dead.
Beforehand, you had unequipped all of their weapons and artifacts. So with your dominant hand, you called upon Hu Tao's weapon, your non-dominant hand still lovingly holding onto her's.
With one swift movement you had taken her hands off. She screamed and fell to her knees. You didn't let her and grabbed a fistful of her hair, handing her off to Foul Legacy Childe. He hanged her by her hair from your statue. You nodded approvingly to which Foul Legacy Childe beamed.
You looked around for a certain light blue-haired adepti, but she wasn't there.
You held up your hand and signed her name.
"Ganyu." The Tsartisa bellowed, "Where is she?"
"She killed herself." Zhongli croaked, his entire form and voice shivering, "She couldn't bare the thought that she had hurt our god."
"An easy way out." The Tsaritsa scowled.
"You don't even deserve to call them your god." Scaramouche's hands twitched with electro, itching to enact his own punishments, "You gave up the privledge of being their acolytes."
You weren't sure if you were upset because you couldn't hurt her now or because you'd never be able to see her again.
Despite everything they were still your children, and you loved them, they just needed to be taught a lesson. One the whole of Teyvat would never forget. That even if your throne was empty, they had no right to defend it for you to such a degree. Especially when you had not told them to do so.
You moved back to the front with the three archons, every person you passed by flinched but didn't move away. They were all expecting punishement, and they wouldn't complain if your loving hand hit them.
As it should be. You smiled, staring down at the three trembling archons kneeling before you.
"There is no question in our grace's authority. Those that refused to accept their divinity and hurt their excellency as though they were a criminal shall be punished accordingly."
You looked back to the Tsaritsa, you could see her fingers twitching eagerly. You nodded and she eagerly grabbed Venti by the collar, viciously ripping his tongue out, turning his entire neck and mouth icy cold. Frozen over with ice. He screamed his hands clawing at her arms, his heart aching at how he couldn't even be punished by you! Instead it was the Tsaritsa, he couldn't even look in your beautiful face, your gold flecked eyes, or stare at your wonderous smile. Instead it was the Tsaritsa's cold and vengeful eyes, her cold hands tearing him apart and then dropping him to the ground.
You then nodded to Scaramouche and Foul Legacy Childe and they did the same to Ei and Zhongli respectively.
Ei knew she should've killed that damned puppet. He was a fucking prototype that should've died. Not end up in the Fatui and definetely not end up with the god's favor, tearing her tongue out with a wicked grin and excited, vengeful electro sparks dancing in his eyes and around his hands. That sent electric shocks throughout her entire body, and as soon as he was done he dropped her and her tongue to the ground.
Foul Legacy Childe didn't hesitate to rip Zhongli's tongue out, and he wished it was your hands, soft and loving, ripping him apart. Not this giant, glorified abyss reject. Not to mention that Zhongli once considered Childe a friend, now their friendship was reduced to dust. Died in the snow, drowned in blood as he ruthlessly tugged his tongue out. No weapons, just his sharp gauntlets that tore his mouth to shreds. He even tore open the sides of his mouth with his claws, creating holes in his mouth. Tears fell down Zhongli's face as he curled in on himself. Incomprehensible noises came from his mouth, begging for forgiveness he may never receive.
They lay twitching before you, coughing up blood. Their tongues were on the ground in front of you. You stared down at them, disgust tugging your lips back in a snarl.
"Their grace has dreamed of torturing you for a long time." The Tsartisa said, blood coating her beautiful form, harshly contrasting her icy appearence, "They imagined ruthlessly slaughtering you in painful ways before killing you. But they realized what was even more painful. Keeping you alive. Loving you before hurting them. The exact treatment you had given them. Though, if you ask me, this is merciful." She sneered down at them.
"And your conduct before our all powerful god is unbecoming. Truly you're just writhing bugs." Scaramouche spat, wiping the red blood on him away with a disgusted snear.
You smiled, not giving away anything, and crouched in front of the archons. They looked up at you, a small glimmer of hope in their eyes as they blubbered something incomprehensible through the tears and blood.
You smile twitched into something unsightly as you raised your hand and brought it into a fist. The veins in the statue's hands errupted and crashed down. The ground, sky, and wind shuddered with your crumbling statue.
Just as your loving smile was gone, so was your love for Teyvat as you stood up away from the archons. Leaving them to writhe in pain.
Your loving Fatui acolytes filled a golden glass full of the gods' blood. They handed it to you, and in front of the whole world you claimed your godly status with the blood sacrifice, downing the cup in one swig. Any and all opositions to your godhood died in that moment. A human could not handle the blood of the gods, a human could barely handle another human's blood. Yet you stood there, blood smeared across your lips, a golden fire in your eyes, and the entire world at your feet playing god.
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anashins · 26 days ago
Everything We Can't Forget
Tumblr media
Title: Everything We Can't Forget
Pairing: Jaehyun x You
Genre: established relationship au, angst, drama, romance, smut
Warnings: pregnancy, abortion & miscarriage that might get mildly descriptive, smut, heavy angst
Word Count: 10k
Summary: When a heartbreaking tragedy strikes your relationship, an icy exterior frosts around your heart and your boyfriend is the main victim of the cold. In times of pain, it’s easier to push people away instead of letting them tear down your walls - until one day, they give up trying. But Jaehyun isn’t one of these people.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun repeatedly fiddled with the keys in his hands, but he couldn't manage to push the right one into the hole, and you chuckled behind him as he then dropped the entire set, the alcohol already clouding your judgement.
“I swear, you're so going to regret making fun of me, y/n!”
Jaehyun still laughed along with you though when he picked the keys up from the ground and finally managed to open the door to his dorm. You both squeezed yourselves through the small frame to the inside, and instinctively, your bodies found each other while Jaehyun shut the door behind him with a kick.
“Yeah? Then make me regret it,” you challenged him.
Your lips connected in a deep and passionate way, your tongues moving in a rhythmic harmony that only fired up the physical attraction between you two, and you ran your hands over his shirt, tracing his abs with your fingers.
Being in your second semester at Seoul National University, you enjoyed your new life to the fullest, attending as many classes as possible, but also partying as much as possible since you had moved out of your parents' homes.
Luckily, you and Jaehyun had been able to stay a couple after getting together in your final year of high school unlike other pairs, and throughout the first two semesters, you had grown to love your boyfriend so much that you knew no man would ever compare to him anymore.
You considered yourself hella lucky.
And he knew.
Jaehyun tasted of alcohol and sweets as you still made out by the door after coming home from his friend's house party, and you two were so needily on heat that you had barely been able to keep your hands to yourselves at the gathering already. You wondered how you had even gotten here on time.
“Jump,” Jaehyun commanded.
Within a second, you had both of your legs wrapped around his waist, his fingers grabbing tightly on your bottom so that you wouldn’t fall. You slung your arms around his neck and grinded your groin against his, luring slight moans out of him that you suffocated with your lips.
Letting your tongue wander along the seam of his mouth, you searched for his tip, and upon finding it, you increased the intensity of your rocking motions, Jaehyun’s growing member pressing hard against you from below.
“In Taeyong’s bed?” Jaehyun muttered between kisses.
“Yeah!” you giggled.
Jaehyun moved with you to his roommate’s bed and placed you onto the mattress. He crawled between your legs, pulling up your dress as he made his way along your thighs with you mewling his name in approval.
“Remember not to be as loud as last time,” Jaehyun warned you playfully. “Otherwise, Ten will go berserk again, because he has classes tomorrow at 8 am and can hear everything through these thin walls.”
“Well, with what I will do to you, Jeong Jaehyun, I won’t be the problem here.”
“We’ll see.”
He leaned down to you and licked your earlobe, nibbling on the skin before he trailed his lips down to your neck and sucked on spots of which he knew you liked it there the most. Eager to finally have him inside you after a whole night of teasing at the party already, you cupped his face and brought his head close to yours, crushing your lips back onto his.
You then ran your hands along his covered chest until you found the area where his shirt was tucked into his jeans, pulling all the fabric out and helping him get rid of the clothing. After having Jaehyun take off your dress as well, you unbuckled his belt and tugged down his jeans along with his boxers.
His dick sprung free and you grabbed a hold of it, having him groan into your ear when you massages hard muscles between your palms.
“Hush! Didn’t you tell me to be quiet?” you laughed.
“Screw that guy Ten!”
Jaehyun’s gaze was filled with pure lust when you angled your body into him so that he was able to unclasp your bra and toss it on the ground. He took one of your nipples into his mouth, causing you to grasp his hair and scratch the back of his head as his tongue wetted your mound with a flick.
“Ohh… yes.”
His fingers played with your other breast, trailing his thumb over the sensitive peak in circular motions and sending shivers all down to your toes in the process. Jaehyun just knew his finger and mouth play way too well.
Getting rid of his jeans and boxers next, he also removed your soaked panties before he withdrew and spread your legs wide in front of his face.
“Are you nuts?” you chided quietly. “You told me to be quiet and now this?!”
You bit into your fist as you let your head fall back onto the pillow. He didn’t want to listen to you, you knew. The flesh on your fist gave in under your teeth as you bit into your skin when you felt Jaehyun’s wet tongue on your nether regions, draping your entrance.
Then, he licked you all up, and instinctively, you closed your thighs around his head, throwing your head aside. If only he knew how much mental strength it took you to hold it all in!
With the tip of his tongue, he dipped into you, then dragged it all along your folds, and you let out a little squeal. Arriving at your most sensitive spot, your boyfriend didn’t think of stopping here as this was where the real fun would actually start.
He rotated softly over your clit, rolling his tongue over it every now and then until the sensitive bundle of nerves was growing and swollen in his mouth. That was when he closed his lips over your clit and started sucking on it.
You bit into your hand even harder, turning and tossing in his roommate's bed and just wishing for the release to come so that you wouldn’t suffer anymore. Your whimpers fell from your pressed closed lips like a never ending melody as you simultaneously sensed a tight feeling coiling up inside you.
But then Jaehyun released you, and you didn’t know whether this was for better or for worse. The answer to your question came right after when he turned your body aside and threw one of your legs over his shoulder.
“This position…!”
His evil grin was answer enough. “What about it?”
He knew you equally hated and loved this position, because it was the one that worked the best for you orgasm-wise. But if you were going to do it this way, you wouldn’t only wake up Ten, but the whole dormitory.
“I hate you,” you grumbled.
“I know,” he chuckled mischievously.
Jaehyun pressed the tip of his dick against your entrance, precum already leaking from its head and coating your folds. He halted for a moment though to put on a condom which he got out of Taeyong’s nightstand.
Deliberately, he then pushed himself into you until he was fully sheathed inside. Giving you a moment to adjust, Jaehyun withdrew shortly and slammed right back into you a second later, causing you to desperately search for hold by his arms.
He gyrated his hips every time your bodies came back together to make sure that each thrust hit you where it felt the most pleasurable, and as he kept pumping away into you, the enjoyable friction between you two only increased. Jaehyun’s one hand was holding onto your bum to angle it perfectly while the other kept your spread leg in place over his shoulder.
You were a withering and whimpering mess under him, and even your hand couldn’t hold your moans back anymore. By all means, you didn’t want to hold it in anymore either. Screw Ten and the entire dormitory even!
“Yesyesyesyes,” you let slip from your lips. “Please, don’t stop!”
With each thrust that penetrated you deep inside, you sensed your orgasm nearing, and whenever he withdrew to only shove himself into you even harder than before, you felt like you would lose your mind, your moans mixing with his and the sounds of your bodies slamming against each other.
Your fingers clenched the sheets to the right and left of you, the fabric rubbing between your fingers before your hips rose up into Jaehyun’s and then, when you felt you had finally overcome the barrier, let yourself fall.
“Fuckfuckfuckfuck… Jaehyun!!”
Your body twisted uncontrollably under his as your orgasm took control over you, and Jaehyun groaned loudly at the same moment as he seemingly came in unison with you - a premier to you, you had to admit.
His chest was sweaty and irregularly heaving up and down as you laid on top of him, listening to the knocks that came from both of the room’s sides.
“It’s 3 in the morning, there are people who have classes tomorrow!” Ten’s voice.
And another one added from the other side, “We know how good you are Jaehyun, shut up already!”
You giggled light-heartedly while Jaehyun pressed a kiss on your forehead.
“Go to sleep, we’re done already!” he yelled back.
“You know that I didn’t mean it right?” you wanted to clarify. “I don’t hate you. I love you of course.”
“Of course you love me. What else?” Jaehyun responded nonchalantly.
“Yeah. What else?”
The moonlight illuminated his face that smiled at you, and even after he had long been asleep with you in his arms, you still admired his presence that had been by your side ever since the last year of high school and for many years more, you hoped.
There was just no better man.
Never in your life had you ever thought that this would happen to you.
Yet, you still stood here, in front of the clinic, reluctant to set a step on the stairs that would bring you inside.
You were trembling all over, not having been able to sleep, let alone to eat, and puking the entire morning because of nervousness. Or because of certain other reasons. At this point, you didn’t know for sure anymore.
When you had called the clinic to make the appointment, you knew that this wasn’t really you. It was only a robot that followed your counsellor’s advice, and because you were running out of time. In another world, this step wouldn’t be necessary. But in your world now, there was no other way.
You just wished that you wouldn’t feel like this though.
So sad and so guilty.
Instinctively, your hands wrapped around your lower abdomen as though you could protect what was inside, yet you knew it was too late. You had made the decision, and there was no way you could have decided differently. You had no other choice.
Always, you had been careful when it came down to protection. But when you had once run out of condoms and still couldn’t keep it in your pants, you thought that this time, it wouldn’t matter. Technically, according to your app, your ovulation was still days away, so you just went through with it.
What could happen, you had thought. You were so naive.
You always assumed you’d know what to do in this kind of situation. But the truth was that life didn’t prepare you for when this happened to you.
You were now in your second year of university with dropping out not being an option as you had no other way to secure your future if you would quit now, and the same applied to your boyfriend. You were aware of the fact that other couples would give anything to be in your shoes right now.
But you just weren’t one of them.
Yet, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you were doing the tiny dot in your stomach wrong. Even though the thought of pressing a human living out of your body scared you to the bones as well as the thought of holding a breathing baby in your arms.
You just weren’t ready to be a parent yet.
“I’m sorry that I’m late.”
Your boyfriend stood in front of you, all sweaty and out of breath as he seemed to have run all the way here.
“I thought your exams-”
“You are more important than exams.” Jaehyun wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close. “How could I ever leave you alone in this situation?”
Your fingertips dug into his back and you shut your eyes closed. “I feel so bad… And I’m so scared.”
“That’s okay. Your controversial feelings are okay,” he tried to calm you down while rocking you in his arms. “It’s okay and normal to feel so scared and lost. We’ve talked about it for so long, y/n. Right now, it’s the best decision for our lives. We can’t provide a child with a secure future if we get one right now. Just because others would take another way doesn’t mean your decision isn’t justifiable.”
“It’s not even done yet, and I already think about what he or she could look like…”
Jaehyun’s hug got even tighter. “Me too. Me too…”
An adoption had also been ruled out by you as childbirth wouldn’t only horrify you and restrain your final year in university, but also keep you tied to an offspring for the rest of your life.
You couldn’t imagine always being with your thoughts by a child that was yours but also… kind of not, because it would never get the chance to be with you. Not a day in your life would pass without you searching for it when you were older. Or even plant the seed in your thought of keeping it after it was born.
But you couldn’t weigh either of these outcomes safely. If you would be able to, you would have perhaps decided differently. Whether your decision now was right, you sure wouldn’t sign that. But for you, it was the best one at this very moment.
“When the time is right…” You barely brought the following words over your lips, but Jaehyun already knew what you wanted to say.
“When the time is right, when we’re settled and on the same page, we will try again. This time then, for real. And we will provide that child with everything it needs, loving it unconditionally, every single day of our lives.”
“That sounds perfect.”
You both entered the abortion clinic together, and while you remained in the waiting room, filing out forms about your sexual and medical history, Jaehyun went to grab a coffee. Coming back, he just made it on time for you to be called to the treatment room.
“I’m here,” Jaehyun then told you, planting a kiss on your forehead. “You’ll be fine.”
You had to change into a hospital gown first only to get checked by the doctor a few minutes later whether you were really pregnant, because, even though the chance was so slim to have false positives on five occasions, they had to make sure officially.
You peed in a cup, then they did an ultrasound, and once they were convinced there truly was something inside of you, you waited again. You didn’t even remember how you spent the waiting time anymore before you got called to another room where another doctor got assigned to you.
Laying down on this other doctor’s table, you had to spread your legs wide, the woman to your left giving you an injection in the crevice of your arm.
“Please breathe normally,” she told you. “If you breathe so heavily, you’ll faint.”
You hadn’t even noticed that you were close to a panic attack, so you tried to gain control over your breathing rhythm and forced your body to behave in a way that would be beneficial to you in this situation.
You felt it hard and cold in your nether regions, slowly pushing inside of you, and your teeth sank into your bottom lip as the woman next to you held your hand. It felt like the worst menstruation cramps in your life to you while they did the procedure, and you were on the verge of crying the entire time.
Within a few minutes of carving and sucking, it was over.
“You’re free to dress now, Miss.”
When you descended from the doctor’s table, you were a whole other person, and your boyfriend knew the moment you returned to the waiting room. He didn’t only see it in the way your shoulders hunched and your steps got sluggish, but also in your eyes.
Those eyes that had once been so lively.
They hadn’t only sucked a life out of you, but also the life out of you.
During the 30 minutes which you had to spend in the waiting room before you were able to leave, silently holding your boyfriend’s hand, you didn’t say a word. Not even when another girl asked you how to fill out the form.
You laid in your dorm’s bed for the next three days, shutting the entire world off, and Jaehyun cancelled all classes just to be with you. You hadn’t expected it to be so hard, even though for weeks, you had weighed all the options.
Why was it then that now, you were longing for a child that hadn’t even seen the light of day?
You were walking around in your dreams, looking for your baby. You wanted to see it once, so you wondered whether you’d see it if you were searching in your dreams. But to no avail. Would you now be forever wandering, trying to get closure?
“I’m sorry,” were the first words that you said after three days, still in bed. “I’m so sorry.”
“To the baby?” Jaehyun asked, nestling up to you from behind.
He had sensed it without you even having to explain, that was how well he knew you.
You nodded. “For that I have brought him or her into this world, barely more than a few layers of tissues and barely bigger than an apple seed, and then taken it out of it again. In such a horrible way even without giving it a chance.”
Jaehyun tightened his embrace around you. He felt what you felt. “I believe he or she knows that if it were possible and how it was supposed to be, we would have kept our little boy or girl.”
Unfortunately, you hadn't been able to bring your daughter or son into this world as you were still a broken person in an environment that was spinning too fast, and you were trying to find your place in it. You were just building yourself back up and didn’t have enough to give to someone else too.
You couldn’t be that glimmer of hope, that role-model or that one person someone always depended on. You did not have the strength to fight for two people together. You couldn’t stand up for it either. Not yet. And the very same applied to your boyfriend.
“If everything would have been in place,” Jaehyun continued, “he or she should have been with us in an eight months time. But for us, it’s not now.”
You hoped that your child, who had never gotten to live, could forgive you as you had not done it because it was the best for you, but for your child as well. After all, great parents were the biggest gift one could receive, and you couldn’t give it to anyone right now.
But no matter how little of an entity it had been, in this short time span, it was wholeheartedly loved. You hoped it would at least hear your thoughts.
You let your tears flow while Jaehyun hugged you warmly from behind. When the time was right, you would be the greatest parents a child could have.
You promised that to the son or daughter you had just decided against.
“It’s nice, isn’t it?”
You walked into the empty living room, already furnituring every corner of the apartment in your imagination. This would be the second home of your very own after you had both graduated from university, and where your first flat together only consisted of one room in a rundown neighborhood, this one was not only bigger, but was also located in an upscale part of the city.
You had saved up and worked hard for a very long time to finally lead the life you had aimed for. Now, it would truly feel like coming home.
“Nice? No,” you disagreed and turned around to Jaehyun. “I love it!”
With your hands thrown in the air, you swirled around, your surroundings mixing together to a white blur. This would be your new home, a home where you would finally settle down and build a family together.
Now, you were ready.
You didn’t regret your abortion, yet it had still taken you about a year and many session with the university’s therapist to finally move on and continue with your life without thinking about how much your current action would affect your child if it would be with you right now.
Jaehyun had put up with all this, and as you came to a stop in front of him, you wondered, like every day, how you deserved to be with someone like him.
You lifted your arms and interlaced your fingers behind his neck, smiling at him while he rested his hands on either side of you.
“I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time,” he then told you.
You tilted your head. “It’s been two years since graduation. There have been many instances where I was happy.”
“Of course.” Jaehyun nodded. “But all this time… I had the feeling that it’s not the life you wanted. I get it… living in a tiny flat with a twenty minute walk to the next bus stop was not always the life you had dreamed of leading. Then, I realized… You weren’t satisfied with your life, because it wouldn’t be the one you wanted to offer to a potential child again. I promised to myself that, if it happens again, this time, we would keep it. And I started saving up quite a sum each month.”
His words touched you. “I really appreciate it. It’s okay though, we minimized the chances by getting an IUD. I’m not pregnant right now and will not be unless we decide for it.”
But that was not what he meant. “Come.”
Jaehyun let go of you, grabbed you by your hand and dragged you along the corridor to a door that led to a room you haven’t inspected yet.
“Another room? I thought we’d only have two?” you questioned. “That’s only what I was able to offer. Or was this sold at a special price?”
“I saw your struggles, your battles… inwardly and outwardly.” He put a hand on the door handle. “And I couldn’t do anything against it except for being by your side. Even then, I always thought it wasn’t enough, because I hadn’t been able to share the physical pain with you, and not even the emotional pain.”
You frowned. “Jaehyun, of course it’s always been enough, because you haven’t been anything but supportive towards me… So what is it? What’s behind this door?”
He pushed down the handle and opened it for you. While you stepped into the mysterious room, Jaehyun continued explaining, “The money I saved up didn’t go to waste. I wanted to be prepared. So… it went into other things such as looking for a flat that had an additional room, something bigger, nicer. This is not an invitation or anything. I just want to show you that this time, we won’t be having the same circumstances. I couldn’t be there for you the way I wanted to be as I lacked the materials, but this time, I will be prepared.”
You couldn’t believe what unfolded in front of your eyes.
You found yourself in a room almost as big as the bedroom, but already painted in a beige colour, and in the very middle of it stood a wooden crib. Approaching it in awe, you let your fingertips glide over the edges of the oval furniture that also already owned a mattress.
You were rendered speechless.
“I know we haven’t really talked about it again.” Jaehyun came closer to you. “And as I said, this sure shouldn’t sound like an invitation, but whatever will happen now, rest assured that I have it all covered.”
“An extra room for a potential baby?” You shifted to him. “I don’t know what to say… First… how dare you!”
“Saw this coming…” he only muttered.
“Not about the savings thing, because it’s your own money for sure, but how dare you go behind my back and just look for apartments with an additional room without consulting with me first! You knew quite well that I wouldn’t be able to afford it,” you scolded him sharply.
“Exactly because of this,” Jaehyun defended himself. “Because you wouldn’t have agreed.”
“I would have paid my fair share if it.”
“No offense, but I earn twice as much as you. I already had a hard time settling with the fact that you were adamant to exactly the half. But for this apartment, I won’t let you. I’m truly sorry that I went behind your back, but otherwise you wouldn’t have agreed.”
You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “I would have paid it back somehow. Or we would have looked in another neighbourhood, there would have been other options-”
“Can you drop the act already, hug me and say what a great boyfriend I am instead of playing pretend, because I see how to try to sup-… oh!”
The next moment, you had your arms wrapped around him and fell back into silence.
All this time, you hadn’t been aware of how Jaehyun felt. That he thought he had failed as well, but not once have you ever thought his acts weren’t enough. Yet again, he exceeded himself.
No man could hold a candle to him.
“Thank you,” you whispered.
Now, your life together could truly start.
You woke up not feeling very well that morning.
From the moment you opened your eyes, you had a feeling that something just wasn’t right. And as you grew able to realize what was wrong with you, you located a sharp, dull pain in your lower abdomen. With sweat already breaking from your forehead, you were wide awake now and sat up, pulling the blanket from your body.
And then, you screamed.
When Jaehyun, who was busy washing up in the bathroom to get ready for work, stormed back into the bedroom, he saw you sitting in a puddle of fresh blood, your face stricken with horror and fright.
He was by your side within seconds, making sure that you were addressable despite the blood loss.
“The baby…” you whispered as you faced your boyfriend, but also looked right through him. “THE BABY!”
You were at the hospital within the next fifteen minutes, and even though Jaehyun was by your side at all times, holding your hand and telling you that everything was going to turn out fine, it was still the longest and hardest minutes in your young life so far.
Arriving at the specific ward, you got referred to a gynecologist right away, your partner having to wait outside.
Silent and with attentive eyes, you watched the doctor putting the gel on your abdomen and then rolled the device over your skin. The ultrasound displayed on the screen next to you looked weird. And it was unbelievably quiet in the room.
That was when you carefully brought over your lips, “The… heartbeat. W-why… why isn’t there a heartbeat? W-why can’t I hear a heartbeat?”
“Misses Jeong, did you have a spotting prior to the heavy bleeding this morning?” the doctor asked you, her eyes focused on the screen as well.
“Only a little. But my gynecologist said that is normal to occur during pregnancies… and then this suddenly happened overnight.”
“Miss…” The gynecologist turned to you, her eyes as soft as her voice, but also full of sympathy. “Please wait outside, I’ll call you in again.”
That moment, you knew that you had miscarried, she wouldn’t even need to call you in for that. Yet, you were still full of hope, putting fears and doubt to the very back of your mind and just talked yourself into mishearing the sounds as you were still in a shock.
There was no way the heavens would let you experience something so seriously, deeply heartbreaking. They wouldn’t let this happen to you, it wasn’t fair to a good person like you who had done nothing wrong in her entire life.
Except for… You gulped.
Your hands were red from all the kneading during the many minutes of waiting, and when the doctor finally called you back in with Jaehyun, you could already read the answer from her face.
“I’m sorry to say this, but I cannot find a fetus.”
“What…” You weren’t sure whether your words were even loud enough for her to hear. “I am nine weeks in. Of course there needs to be a fetus. We could even hear a heartbeat last time, why shouldn’t it be there anymore? Please check again!”
Only a week prior at your gynecologist’s, Jaehyun had held your hand as you both watched the tender outline of your future child and its audible heartbeat filling the room. You had been so happy back then, you thought your heart was going to burst with bliss.
This child was an absolute planned child, and even though it had taken you a whole year to finally conceive again, you were so ready to welcome a baby into your lives.
And now, everything had changed.
“I still have to take your blood to check on the HCG levels, Miss. But I’m sorry to say that you have misc-”
No, you didn’t want to hear it.
So you shut down the entire time the doctor spoke to you in her sympathetic voice that wasn’t able to reach you. When she presented to you the results of the HCG levels later, you also weren’t able to hear her which was why she turned to your boyfriend instead and explained to him that indeed, you weren’t pregnant anymore.
It was the worst day of your life, the most heart-wrenching thing you had to experience.
The entire car ride home, you had your gaze directed to the side window where you watched people enjoying their seemingly unburdened lives outside, and every time you spotted a baby or a young child, you got even sadder as you realized that your own child would never be among them.
At home, Jaehyun placed you on the couch for the time he cleaned the bed and the sheets. When he finally helped you onto the neat bed, you weren’t able to leave it for a long while.
You fell heavily depressed and wept uncontrollably if you weren’t sleeping, writhing or screaming in pain, first on the bed only, then wherever you needed to function: in the bathtub, on the kitchen floor, all while Jaehyun had his arms wrapped around you, refusing to let you go until you had calmed down.
You’d never get to see the child you had anticipated to bring into this world so much. It would always be remembered as an ultrasound picture with a blip on it, its heartbeat audible for you whenever you closed your eyes, yet you had loved it so deeply already.
Perhaps, you then started to think, fate wanted exactly that.
For you to suffer.
On one day, you found yourself sitting in the unfinished nursery, weeping bitterly again while holding onto the wooden bars and imagining the child that would have gotten the chance to lie in there - if only you had been more careful, not that stressed, eaten the right thing for only that crucial chunk of time or simply… wouldn’t have aborted the first one.
“You hungry?” you heard your boyfriend ask from the door.
Since he was home, it must be late in the evening already. You had totally lost track of time as you had gotten here early in the morning after waking up. Or had it been midday already?
“Back then in university,” you started speaking, your voice sounding alien to your ears, “I thought couples with a direct wish to have children took months and years to get pregnant. And out of all these couples, we were blessed with the fact that it had worked without us even actually trying for it. And we got an abortion.”
Jaehyun sucked in a rush of air. “Those people decided to have one. And we decided against one. We’re humans with a free will, nobody can hold it against us. Nobody will.”
“Except for myself.”
He walked around the crib and crouched down on the other side, making eye contact with you. “Don’t do that… Please don’t think like that.”
Your fingers clenched around the bars even tighter. “If… If I hadn’t have the abortion, we would be blessed with a child now. But… but I decided against a baby, because I was so selfish and thought the time and circumstances weren’t right. Our baby now was more developed than the one we have decided against. What gives us the right to decide that we wanted this one but the other not? And now that I want one desperately, I won’t get the chance. This is my punishment for what I’ve done. I know it. Fate refuses to let me experience motherhood.”
Your boyfriend remained quiet for a long time. “It’s not only you, y/n. It’s us. Don’t just burden your own heart with it, because I’m hurting too. But it’s all out of our control, whether someone lives or dies.”
“But we have made this decision for our first baby.”
“Life is never set in stone, we don’t know the future so we can’t always act accordingly. What just happened doesn’t have anything to do with the past. Perhaps, our first child would have lived… but perhaps, the possibility of losing it by the same time would be just as high. The doctor elucidated you about the possibility that losing an embryo and later on fetus within the first three months is high. It’s not your fault from the past, nor from the present.”
But to you, it felt entirely different. There was rarely a moment when you didn’t continue feeling ashamed, hopeless and heartbroken.
“I’m not hungry,” you said dryly, not going into Jaehyun’s statement.
“You haven’t eaten anything in days. You can’t continue like this, y/n. You’ll be harming your body eventually. I even cooked your favorite food again. At least a few spoonfuls, will you?”
“I said I’m not hungry.” You bit into your bottom lip, your boyfriend’s disappointed face totally passing by you. “Please leave me alone again.”
In your world, he didn’t understand you. In your world, he didn’t try to feel what you were feeling. In your world, you were entirely alone with the pain.
Curling up on the floor again, you hugged your knees and stared at the crib from below. You wondered whether this pain would ever subside. Even if not, then that was probably what you deserved for what you had done to your first child.
You were broken in two.
And Jaehyun just didn’t know how to help you.
It was hard for you to not feel resentful about other people’s happiness, being jealous of women who proudly displayed their pregnancy all over social media. It was hard to look around, seeing mothers with their children and not to think,
“Okay, they didn’t abort, neither did they miscarry. What have they done in their young lives to be blessed with a child then, and why was I not good enough?”
You blamed your doctor for not having discovered the possibility of complications sooner, you blamed the glass of wine you drank before knowing you were pregnant, you blamed your boyfriend for…
for just everything.
Over the next couple of weeks, you grew brutally mean to Jaehyun. An icy exterior frosted around your heart, and he was the main victim of the cold.
You were in so much emotional and mental pain that you didn’t know how to verbalize any of it. Partially, because you didn’t want to talk about it, but also because you didn’t know where to start. So you did what was a normal human reaction: you pushed him away.
But the more you built walls, the more your boyfriend did everything to tear them down.
On one day, you found a set of fresh flowers on the dining table. Peonies. Your favorite ones. As you touched one blossom, you smiled for the first time in a very long period. But then, you remembered that if your baby had been born a girl, you would have painted peonies on the walls.
“Do you like them?” Jaehyun asked you.
“Take them away,” was your harsh answer.
On another day, you left the bedroom and noticed a delicious smell that was lingering in the kitchen. Jaehyun had cooked you dinner, but today would mark another month when you had lost the baby, and that date, you usually spent grieving.
“Come eat,” he invited you.
“I’m not hungry,” you brushed him off.
On a weekend, a wedding invitation from Jaehyun’s former roommate Taeyong came in by mail. But you haven’t had any social interaction in months, having totally forgotten how to be a productive member of society.
“You want to go? Otherwise…”
Jaehyun brought you flowers, cooked you your favorite food, never pressured you to go out or to even function properly. He gave you space when you asked, but always made sure that he was there. He didn’t hold any reaction against you, regardless of how harsh or cruel you were to him.
He endured it all.
Letting you cope and grieve, he didn’t try to make it all go away. He didn’t try to fix you. He waited around, waited for you to be ready to pick up your broken pieces and continue living, no matter how long it would take you.
Yet, it still wasn’t enough. Everything he did was never never enough for you.
Though you blamed Jaehyun, him being the one you let it out on, most of all, you blamed yourself. Your sorrow was your punishment you learnt to live with, and a tiny part of you was envious that he wasn’t feeling it just as hard.
“Where are you going?”
You found Jaehyun standing in the living room one day, next to him a suitcase. You thought there was a business trip you had missed that he was joining, but he was still in his house clothes, facing you with a serious expression.
“I’m not going anywhere.” He rolled the suitcase to his front. “This is yours, packed with clothes and toiletries.”
“Okay.” You frowned. “And why?”
“Because you’ll be the one leaving.”
Taken aback, you were also totally confused. “I don’t understand…”
“Listen…” He approached you and cupped your face, looking at you with a gentle expression. “I love you more than anything in the entire world. This is why it hurts so much to know that you currently despise me.”
“I don-” You paused.
Did you still love him? Of course. More than anything in the entire world as well. But your boyfriend was also the person you wanted to see the least of right now. One didn’t exclude the other.
“I know that you love me, too. But at the same time, you can’t look me in the eyes, you can’t touch me and you can’t be near me anymore. I tried to make your life as easy as possible, but… I can’t anymore. It’s okay to be sad and to cry, and to miss our unborn child. I do too. So very badly,” Jaehyun confessed to you. “But I can’t carry both of our weights anymore. I’m tired.”
All of this, you hadn’t been aware of.
Throughout your veil of depression, you hadn’t been able to see that your boyfriend was suffering too. You had hidden yourself behind your icy walls, leaving him to suffer all by himself instead of letting him in and share your pain.
And now, you’d lose him too.
“No, Jaehyun, I-” Tears started flowing down your cheeks. “Don’t leave me alone, please!”
“I’m not leaving you.” He brushed with his thumbs over your skin, wiping away the tears. “I’ll be here. Always. I just want to give you time for yourself in an environment away from here, because this is where I am, where the events took place. How will you be able to move on when everything here reminds you of our past children?”
“I just don’t want to lose you too,” you cried to him.
“You won’t lose me. But if we continue like this…” He held his breath for several seconds. “I don’t know what might happen. We aren’t arguing, we aren’t speaking… we aren't doing anything at all. This is not a relationship, and I won’t be here to only serve as your punching bag. I’m doing this to salvage what we once had.”
“But I can’t do it without you.”
“You must. I’m only a hindrance to you. And I get it. With me, you can’t forget. I was supposed to be the father of the babies, and when you see me, you see the children you never had, am I right? You can’t get over it.”
His light smile was fading into a sorrowful one, and you wondered whether he was right. If you only continued suffering because of him - the person who was supposed to be there for you, who gave his all for your wellbeing...
… to whom you couldn’t return a single ounce of it.
“Where are you sending me to?”
“To your parents’ house.”
He planted a kiss on your forehead - the first intimate touch you had let happen after weeks of shutting yourself off.
The doorbell rang.
“That’s your father.” Jaehyun rolled the suitcase to the door. “You can stay for as long as you want and need. May it be a few days, weeks, months…” He didn’t dare to speak out what followed after months. “If you decide to come back here, I’ll be waiting. The door is always open for you.”
You closed your eyes as he took your cold hands into his warm ones. “Okay.”
“It’s the right decision for us right now. Just please… I don’t want to lose the girl I fell in love with.”
But you long knew that you were an entirely different person again now.
One day, when you suddenly cried in your parents' living room, your dad put a hand on your shoulder and told you, "You've got to be like a stake in the sand: all you can do is stand there and let the waves break over you."
That was the best way in which you could describe what it felt like in the weeks and months following the miscarriage and your physical separation. The waves would break as you cried at night and swallowed it all down in the morning.
Sometimes, they would break when you stood with your mother in the kitchen, preparing the food. Sometimes, they would break when you were playing cards with your father. Sometimes, they would break when you went out with their dog.
They broke whenever and wherever they wanted, and they were unpredictable and different in their size and length.
Between the waves, you tried to pick up the simplest social interactions again like meeting up with friends, going on a run, visiting the cinema or merely talking to your parents. They started off difficult at first, almost robotic, but the more you came back to life, the realer socializing felt again.
The pain wouldn’t go away though. Not for a long while, you knew that. You'd get through each day however you could - wine, TV, work - and the waves would break.
Memories would surface, some people would say insensitive things that they didn’t really mean, others would be endlessly supportive, and the waves would break and break and break until you grew accustomed to them.
Amidst the storms, you totally forgot about Jaehyun.
You also realized that he was the weight, bound to your feet, that would always drag you down whenever you tried to swim to the surface. He had been right. With him by your side, there was no way for you to rise from the ocean of sorrow. With him, you couldn’t move on.
So you left your boyfriend, the father of your children, back on the deep ground. And you scarily grew used to a life without him.
It was the second month at your parents’ house when you suddenly discovered something odd in the garden.
“What’s that?”
Still in your pajamas, as it was early in the morning, you walked to the outside with the dog by your side who was already running towards the spot with a waggly tail. Arriving by it, he sniffled at the flowers. And you did the same.
In a corner of the garden, by the other trees and bushes, you had spotted peonies. It was like they had magically grown overnight, a full bush of pink blossoms, right here where you could see it from your old room.
“Isn’t it thoughtful?” Your father approached you from behind.
“Did you do this?” you asked him, totally touched, but he shook his head.
“Jaehyun stopped by later last night and planted this. It was already late and you were sleeping, so I decided not to wake you up.”
“Jaehyun did this?”
You bit down your tears.
You hadn’t spoken to Jaehyun in two months all while you were here, and he had neither tried to contact you. While you were trying to come back to life, you assumed that the same applied to him.
Dragging him down with your sadness too, you both couldn’t get over the events while being tied down to the other one. It was the right choice for you as individuals for sure. You just wondered whether two puzzle pieces, that had fit perfectly together before but now forged into something new, could fall back together to a unity.
“He’s a great guy,” your father commented. “He must have thought of you and missed you very badly.”
He truly was, and you suddenly felt like a bad person.
“What is it that weighs so heavily on your heart, dear?” he then asked you.
“I- I can’t go back to him, dad,” you stuttered. “I… I can’t do it. When I’m with him, I’m always reminded of the past… of the children we couldn’t have. How am I supposed to move on, to get over it, when everything I see, when I look at him, is the past and not the future?”
The morning wind was chilly, but your father’s consistent reassuring gesture as he put his hand on your shoulder again, gave you a bit of warmth.
“I don’t believe you see the past when you look at him. I believe what makes you so sad is that you saw your future shatter.”
“Sh… shatter?”
It had all happened so fast. So fast that you hadn’t even really had time to bond, connect or feel like this pregnancy was yours. Because of that, the grief felt so different. Almost like you were not grieving the pregnancy, but the dreams and hopes and promises of what that pregnancy meant for your future.
That you were trying to fix what had gone wrong in the past.
“No… We lost our future. He lost his future too.”
It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see Jaehyun. You were avoiding him.
Jaehyun had wanted that baby so badly and you were consumed with doubt. You haven't forgiven yourself for the events, always placing the blame on yourself, and whenever you saw him, you saw all the great things in life you weren’t able to offer to him because you couldn’t even carry out the simplest tasks - such as keeping a baby.
“I took away his opportunity to be a father.”
“Dear... “ Now your father pulled you into an embrace. “Don’t ever think like that. Even Jaehyun doesn’t blame you, so don’t do that as well. Especially not for robbing him of his future. Life is a miracle. It’s all out of our control whether someone lives or dies, and we need to realize how amazing it is how babies are made. Cherish every moment you live and be thankful for every moment you have with your loved ones.”
“He’s right.”
You opened your eyes, wide. As you pulled away from your father and turned around, you encountered your boyfriend, standing in that exact garden he had been to the night before as well.
He smiled at you, gently. “The loss of our child was also a loss of hope, trust and confidence. Mourning felt… useless, futile and endlessly frustrating. We were fighting hard to reestablish peace and equilibrium in our lives. But there was always something that would throw us back into the pit, might it have been a dish, a flower or a song. It felt like trying to dry off while standing under a fountain.”
“Why do you still want to be with me then?” you managed to whisper, wiping a tear from your cheek.
“Because for me, there is no future without you.” He drew closer to you and tucked a strand of your hair that had gotten loose behind your ear. “You haven’t robbed me of anything. We’re all not perfect, and sometimes in life, we make decisions we later on happen to regret. But what we can do is continue walking along our path into a brighter future. And my future is you.”
You tilted your head and snuggled into his palm, relishing the comfort. “But I’m a different person now again. Do you… still want me?”
“I will welcome every person you evolve into with open arms.”
Back then, the abortion had been the right decision for you, and it wasn’t something you could undo. What had happened to your second child was something entirely out of control. If you wanted to move forward, you had to leave the past behind.
And forgive yourself.
Slowly, you nodded. “I want to go home.”
Maybe you'd get pregnant again, but maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you'd have all the time and space you needed for your recovery, but maybe the waves would only grow larger in size.
And when they broke, like a stake in the sand, you'd be weather-beaten, but you'd be standing.
With Jaehyun by your side.
The past events taught you a lesson about building strength in times of strife and unconditional love for your life partner, a lesson about persevering through life's many mishaps more than anything else that had ever come before it, and also an inspiring and courageous lesson about how strong you actually were.
You, and all the other women who went through the same, were resilient.
Your bodies and minds bounced back and became whole again. You became whole again as you learned to be more gentle with yourself and that time really did heal, but the sadness never really went away.
You were not hurting anymore, but would always remember the babies that you never got to hold or kiss goodnight. And that was alright, not to be able to forget. No one expected that from you.
“You coming to bed?” Jaehyun asked you from the other room.
“Yes, be there in a second.”
Pain had shaped you into the person you were now, and instead of shaking it off, you had let it become a part of you that you had turned into something fruitful.
You learned to empathize a lot better than before you had experienced all this. Going through something like a miscarriage opened your eyes to the world around you. You realized bad things happened and you might never know what someone had gone through, or what someone was currently going through.
It taught you to be a little more compassionate with people, because you had no way of knowing if they too were hurting inside, no matter how trivial or heavy the reason might be. Your friend could have had a bad day and didn’t voice it out. That mother in the park could have just lost a child as well. That man at the bar could be going through a separation.
Most of all though, what these losses had also taught you was to appreciate the things that went right in your life.
Like when a year after you had miscarried, you suddenly spotted two stripes on the pregnancy test you only took nonchalantly because you had missed a period, which was very unlikely for your cycle.
When you had screamed that morning in the bathroom, Jaehyun thought that something must have happened as he was close to breaking through the door. What he surely hadn’t expected was you holding a positive test under his nose.
You hadn’t purposely tried. You hadn’t even talked about going for another child yet as, after your physical separation, you were busy finding your way back to each other as a couple. It was very rough at times, and there were instances where you had thought about giving up entirely.
But your past had taught you to not only be gentle with yourself, but also to your boyfriend when things got hard. It taught you that this was exactly what commitment was about - getting through the hard stuff and drudging through the grief sludge together.
Cherishing the man who walked alongside you.
“Here I am!”
You slipped under the covers and nestled up to Jaehyun who quickly switched off the light so that the bedroom was now only illuminated by the city lights and the moon that shone through the window.
“Finally, I have you all to myself.” His fingers slipped under your top, along your flat belly and rested right under your navel. “Six weeks are over now.”
You blinked in confusion. “Six weeks of what?”
“Six weeks of no sex!”
“Have you truly been counting weeks until now?” you chuckled.
Almost proudly, he responded, “I even marked it in my calendar! Why do you think I came home earlier from work than usual?”
“Aha, I see.” You smirked. “So it just wasn’t about my delicious food, huh?”
In his eyes, you could see the Jaehyun from back then in university showing when he got all cheeky and horny. There had been a time when you thought you would never get to see this side of him again as it was incredibly hard for you to rebuild intimacy after you had returned home.
In the beginning, there was no intimacy at all and you had to start from the beginning, overcoming the fear of letting someone so close to you after a trauma as well as getting pregnant again.
When it had finally happened though, you were on the same page again - emotionally, physically, mentally,
Jaehyun kissed your lips, and you giggled light-heartedly as you wrapped your arms around him. Pushing him backwards, you straddled him on his lap with both of your thighs on either side of his.
“You really ready again?” he asked, resting his hands on your waist. “We can still wait, though.”
But you shook your head. “I feel ready.”
“Okay. But tell me immediately when it hurts.”
You bent down to him, your lips capturing his once again as the tips of your hair grazed his shoulders. He ran his hand through your strands, holding your head in place, while the other found its way under your top, crawling up your back.
His touches felt so familiar, yet so new again as you had missed out on them for not only the past six weeks, but months. That was why they probably seemed more intense now as Jaehyun rubbed patterns on your skin, leaving trails that carved themselves into your memory.
With one smooth motion, you removed your top and tossed it aside, but before you were able to close the gap between you and Jaehyun with another kiss, he sat up himself and rose to your field of vision.
Jaehyun made eye contact with you for a long while so that you slightly became embarrassed.
“What is it?” you asked, bashful.
“You’re so beautiful,” he muttered.
He knew exactly how much you were continuously struggling with your body, having a hard time accepting that a bit of more weight was still a part of you now, but he made sure that he took his time telling you exactly the opposite.
Jaehyun’s lips closed around your nipple, and you threw your head back, your mouth agape while you let him suck on your sensitive spot. You hadn’t quite felt like yourself lately, but he made sure that you’d still feel like a desirable woman around him.
When your lips found each other again, Jaehyun promised you, “I won’t let you off so easily tonight, I swear.”
His fingers hooked into the waistband of your panties and you were eagerly fumbling with the hem of his shirt when the romantic atmosphere suddenly got interrupted by a familiar noise.
You both freezed, your gazes turning to the nightstand while sending a quick prayer towards heaven. But then, mere seconds later, the long delayed scream followed from the baby phone,
That was the end of your makeout session.
With a groan, you let go of Jaehyun and reached for your bathrobe, but Jaehyun held you back.
“I’m going,” he offered and arose.
“You sure?” you asked. “You have to work tomorrow.”
“It’s okay.” He winked at you when he stood by the door. “I still need your energy for later. When I come back, you’re completely naked.”
In the child’s room, Jaehyun turned on a dim light and approached his six-week-old daughter who was lying in her crib.
“What is it, honey?” he asked and took her out of the bed. “Are you hungry?” He looked her deeply in the eyes, and she returned his gaze with the same intensity, having stopped crying altogether after her father had lifted her up. “No? Okay. Do you have a tummy ache?... No? Okay. What could it be? Maybe your diapers?... No, they’re still dry.”
Jaehyun cradled her tenderly against his chest, and she let out a chortle which made him smile.
“Ah, I see, you only wanted your daddy to carry you. So let’s walk a bit until you’re asleep again, shall we?”
You hadn’t been able to help yourself and sneaked out to watch them with a smile - your now fiancé and your beloved baby.
All this time, you had thought that a new baby would make up for all the pain, fulfilling your lives after this blessing had slipped through your fingers twice already, working towards this only one future.
But you were wrong.
Your daughter had not been born with a job. It was not her responsibility to fill the void inside of you or be a replacement for her lost siblings. She was not a resolution to hard times, nor the means to end your grief.
Because you weren’t grieving for her. She was not them.
She was your own, little happiness, the result of pure love. When she had first seen the light of day, she didn’t make you whole again. She made your lives perfect as you were already whole.
You would never forget about the babies you weren’t able to have, but you wouldn’t put this weight on your daughter’s shoulder. You would carry it yourself. One day, perhaps, you would tell her about what a miracle she was.
A miracle because, during that certain time in life, she had decided to come into your lives, screaming and determined to make the most out of her parents.
And this time, she was able to stay.
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
invalidating their s/o’s hard work
w/ kita, ushijima, and atsumu!
part 2!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i had a ton of requests to do a part 2 so here it is for you guys!!
i’ve been feeling pretty bleak about my writing lately so i apologize if this isn’t the best, but i hope it’s ok!! all are written in the timeskip :))
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was very organized and his routines were always nothing less than perfect
and while he liked to do those routines on his own, you figured he might appreciate your help once in awhile
so you decided that while he was at work, you’d do some work around the house so that he wouldn’t have to
you organized the kitchen first before moving to the living room, making everything look cute and clean
you finished up in the bedroom, adding little touches here and there that made everything feel a little more homey
and once you were done, you stood back proudly and waited for shinsuke to return home
kita sighs.
today has been even more tiring than usual. not only is he physically exhausted, but he also just feels mentally drained.
even so, he understands that he still has duties at home. he plans to do a little cleaning before going to bed.
when he arrives home, he notices that something is different. you’re on the couch, and when you see him, you walk up to him and tug at his wrist. you lead him into the living room, eagerly showing him all of your progress.
“so, what do you think?” you ask, letting him take it in.
kita cringes. all of the cubbies are rearranged and so is the bookcase. even the pillows on the couch are in a different position.
he was planning to do all of the organizing by himself, and now that you’ve messed it up, he just feels frustrated.
“is this all you did?” he asks, not excited to hear your answer. you shake your head no, taking him into the bedroom, and he pinches the bridge of his nose in irritation. you notice the gesture and freeze, confused.
“what is it?”
he exhales, annoyed at having to explain himself to you.
“i was going to do all of this myself.”
you smile nervously. “yeah, but i just thought—”
“just,” he mutters. “don’t do it again. okay? you’ve done enough.”
your heart sinks, and you feel humiliated. all of the time and effort you put into doing something nice for your boyfriend was all for nothing, and you just feel ashamed.
so when he finally goes to sleep, you get right back to work.
kita wakes up to a crash and a shatter, sitting up in bed, startled. he gets out from under the covers and opens the door to investigate.
he freezes when he sees you sitting on the ground, cradling your hand gently, pieces of broken ceramic around you. his eyes widen in alert, and he rushes over to see you.
“what happened?” he asks, reaching for your hand to inspect it, but you pull away.
“‘s nothing, shin! just, uh. you can go back to bed,” you mutter, trying to scoop up the shards, despite their edges being dangerously sharp.
“stop,” he instructs, holding your arms in his grip, refusing to let go. he forces you to open up your hand, revealing a long cut across your palm. you wince at the cold air, and he sighs. “what were you doing?”
you look away, taking your wrists from his grip and tending back to the mess on the floor. at your stubbornness, he rolls his eyes, grabbing you by your waist and hauling you away from the broken vase.
“but—” you protest, but he cuts you off.
“would you stop? stop avoiding the question, and stop being stubborn. what were you doing?” your face starts to heat up, but you can’t avoid his gaze anymore.
“i was just trying to help.”
he scoffs. “well, look what that did.”
but he pauses when you look up at him, frustrated tears swimming in your eyes. his own widen.
“i spent the whole day trying to do something nice for you and then you didn’t even like it,” you mutter. “i’m just trying to fix it, okay? i’m sorry that i messed up.” you walk past him, and this time, he lets you. you scoop the shards into the trash, trying not to let shinsuke see your embarrassed tears.
but he kneels down beside you anyway, helping you clean the rest of the mess up. and when you’re finished, he doesn’t let you hide away again, tilting your face up. you open your mouth to say something, but he presses a finger to your lips, silencing you.
“thank you. for everything you did today.”
you stare up at him blankly.
“i’m very grateful for you and everything you do for me. i understand i didn’t demonstrate that, and i’m sorry. i love you, okay?”
you’re a little confused by his complete switch in attitude, but you happily let him pull you in anyway, the two of you sitting on the living room floor, with all the time in the world.
Tumblr media
it was pretty rare for wakatoshi to get sick
but recently, he felt like he was beginning to feel a little under the weather
naturally, you wanted to take care of him
so you called in sick for yourself, deciding to stay home with him
you spent the entire morning before he woke up preparing things for him, assuming he’d take the day off
you went out and bought some ingredients for that soup he liked
you got some towels and some medicine to keep him comfortable
and you waited for him to wake up
ushijima exhales, the little gesture feeling slightly uncomfortable. his throat feels scratchy and raw, and his nose is stuffy. he feels a little hot.
nonetheless, he decides it’s nothing too bad, so he gets dressed for the day and prepares to head out.
when he exits the bedroom, he sees you in the kitchen, something on the stove. you look up and see him all dressed, and you quickly step up to him, shaking your head.
“you can’t go out like this, baby,” you mutter, pressing your hand to his forehead. he pushes you off of him, dismissing you.
“i feel fine. i need to get to practice,” he explains, stepping to the side. you jump right back in front of him, and he sighs, patience wearing thin.
“no, you don’t. you’re getting sick, and going to practice with a fever is not going to help anyone,” you try to reason with him, but he just glares at you. “hey,” you try gently. “i’m making your favorite soup, you know? if you just stay home for the day—”
“i don’t need you to smother me, okay? i can take care of myself just fine. stop being bothersome,” he says, pushing you aside and slipping his shoes on.
“but, wait—!” you attempt to stop him, but he’s already gone, slamming the door on his way out. you sigh sadly.
you stare at everything you prepared for him, a hollow feeling in your chest. all you’d wanted to do was take care of him. but he’s gone now, so you slump over on the couch, figuring out what to do with your day.
you’re typing something into your laptop when you hear the door open and close. brows furrowed, you check the time on the screen. 3:24 pm.
confused, you look up to see your boyfriend walking into the living room, a little stutter in his step. his breathing is heavier than usual, and he looks exhausted.
“hi, baby. what are you doing home so early?” you ask, and he wipes at his forehead tiredly.
“didn’t feel good,” he murmurs, and you sigh. you should’ve known this would happen.
“alright, well get some rest,” you respond, turning back to your screen. he stares at you, unsure of what to do. usually, when he gets sick, you follow him into bed and stay there with him until he gets better. but you’re not budging, so he just stumbles into the bedroom, alone.
he tosses and turns in bed, all too warm yet not warm enough, and the feeling is uncomfortable. he can’t sleep without you right next to him. so instead of attempting to fall asleep, he sits up, calling for you.
when you appear in the doorway, he sighs in relief.
“what’s wrong, toshi?”
“don’t feel good,” he mumbles, voice groggy.
you look at him hesitantly, not sure what you want him to do. “i’m sorry, baby.”
he hums, expecting you to sit beside him in bed or come over to check his temperature, but you stand there awkwardly. you start to leave, and he gets frustrated.
“why are you acting like this? i don’t like it,” he explains, and you turn around.
“what do you mean?”
“i don’t like it when you’re so distant. i want you to take care of me like you always do.”
you look at him incredulously. “wakatoshi, i don’t understand what you want. i spend the entire morning getting medicine and towels and food for you and then you say i’m smothering you, but now you don’t like the way i’m acting?”
he stares at you, realization settling in, and he remembers how he brushed you off so harshly just this morning. you were just trying to help.
“just— never mind. it’s nothing,” you mutter, leaving to grab everything he needs.
when you return, you press a towel onto his forehead and leave a bowl of soup on the nightstand with some water and a couple pills. but when you try to leave again, he tugs at your sleeve, silently pleading for you to stay.
you sigh, but get under the covers and snuggle into his side anyway, listening to his breathing.
“i’m sorry. i should’ve listened to you,” he whispers sleepily. “thank you for taking care of me.”
you smile softly, heart swelling. but when you turn to respond, he’s already asleep.
Tumblr media
atsumu always loved your cooking
you would make the most adorable, delicious bentos he’d ever seen
he always appreciated how intricate and detailed you made them look
today you felt like being extra fancy, deciding to make an over-the-top lunch for him
you even bought that super expensive fatty tuna he liked, getting the best kind they had at the store
you put all you had into making a perfect lunch and decided to take it to him at practice
you make sure everything is perfect before packing it up, wrapping a cloth around the bento and tying it up.
on the way to the gym, you stop at the convenience store and pick up a drink for atsumu before continuing on your way.
when you finally get there, you see your boyfriend on the other side of the court, toweling off. you go up to see him.
“hi, tsumu!” you call, and he looks up. he’s obviously quite tired, and he doesn’t grin at you like he usually would.
“hey, look, i should get back to practice,” he says, gesturing to the court. you look up at him.
“right!” you reply, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. “i just wanted to bring you lunch,” you continue, holding the bento out to him.
he stares at it, brows furrowed. “oh. uh, i already ate, so i’m okay,” he explains, eyes distracted. you deflate, feeling a little sad at his obvious disinterest.
“but i worked really hard on it, and—”
“babe, i really have to go. just leave it here or something, ‘kay?” he dismisses you, leaving you alone on the side.
you watch him go, sighing, and place the bento on the bleachers before leaving the way you came.
on the way home, you think about the way he wasn’t even excited to see you. and when you’d expressed how you’d worked hard to make something he liked, he just dismissed you.
you want to chalk it up to the possibility that he’s just been having a bad day or was in a bad mood, but it feels more like he just doesn’t care about your hard work at all. you just figure it’s not worth the effort anymore.
the next day, atsumu decides he’ll come home for lunch. he’s a little tired from practice, but he’s also starving, and craving your cooking. the bento you brought him just yesterday was delicious; he figures he’ll have to tell you about it later.
he steps into the apartment, letting you know that he’s home, and goes to find you in the living room. you’re working on something, he doesn’t know what, and you look up at him.
“hey, tsumu.”
“hi, baby. sooo...” he trails off. “what’s for lunch?”
you stare at him for a little while, and he’s about to say something, but you look in the direction of the kitchen and shrug.
“i’m... not sure. there’s probably leftovers in there or something?” you say, continuing to type, the keys clacking in the otherwise silent room.
atsumu stands in front of you awkwardly, surprised. you’ve always had some sort of project in the kitchen, whether it be lunch or just a snack or dessert. but he figures that having leftovers is good too, so he shrugs it off.
but the day after that, he has instant ramen for lunch. and the day after that, it’s leftovers from dinner again. and the day after that, it’s a prepackaged bowl from the store that you happened to pick up.
when you tell him (again) to find something from the pantry, he sighs, frustrated.
“why don’t you cook anymore?” he asks, helpless. “i miss your bentos.”
at that, you look at him like he’s grown another head. “why would i?”
he looks confused, shifting from one foot to another.
“what do you mean?” he asks quietly.
you scoff at that dryly. “well, the last time i brought you lunch that i spent hours making, you just told me to go home. excuse me for assuming it didn’t mean anything to you,” you mumble bitterly.
atsumu’s eyes widen a little at the revelation, and he feels stupid for not realizing before.
“i just,” you shake your head, looking down. “i don’t see the point in putting time and effort into something if you don’t even end up appreciating it.”
he sighs guiltily, coming around behind you and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i’m sorry, baby. i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” he apologizes quietly. “i know you put a lot of hard work into doing things like that, and i really do appreciate it, okay?”
you’re reluctant to forgive him but nod anyway, letting him nuzzle your neck affectionately.
“how about i make you do the cooking this time instead?”
Tumblr media
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