#and then goes and digs him up <3
dokidreaming · a month ago
Tumblr media
LBH finds the plant body
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giratinace · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
If you can tell me what episode this kurama cel is from ill send you like 5 dollars on paypal its driving me fucking insane but i have to go to bed. Im half joking
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letterfromvienna · a month ago
Pain Point (Matt Murdock/f!Reader)
Tumblr media
You dig your fingers into his side and hit a bruise. His hips jerk against you and he groans; you can’t tell if it’s a noise of pain or pleasure.
“I knew you were a glutton for punishment,” you quip, trying not to sound breathless, “but I didn’t realize it went this far.”
“Again,” he gasps, and that answers the question of pain or pleasure. “More.”
Rating: E/18+ only (@ minors: scram)
WC: 2.4k words
Tags/warnings: F!reader; graphic description of blood/bruises; whump; hurt/comfort; pain kink/masochism; frottage; sleepy/midnight sex; Matt is a glutton for punishment
A/N: 2021 is redeemed by the Daredevil fandom arising from the deep like a goddamn kraken. I wrote the first draft of this months ago, inspired by a post from @pastafossa (the Great and Powerful, to whom I bow down as the Queen of Matt), and [SPOILERS] finally inspired me finish it <3
The noise outside the apartment doesn’t bother you, nor does the light. You’ve learned to fall asleep through both. No, it takes more than that to wake you up—it takes something strange. Suspicious. The kind of featherlight scrape or subtle thunk that sends you scrambling for the knife Matt keeps under his bible in the bedside table.
A noise like that.
“Matt?” you jolt upright in bed and fumble for the right-hand side of the mattress. Your hands land on nothing but crumpled sheets. “Matthew?”
From the other room, the dull thud that woke you up is followed by a softer sound, like something was dropped on the carpet. You give up searching the sheets for signs of Matt and grope for the hidden knife. You’ve never used it and you barely know how, but he insisted on keeping it there anyway.
Just in case, he said. I don’t want you to need it, but you might one day.
That one day is suddenly feeling like now.
Your hand curls around the blade, too big for your hand, made as it is for Matt’s. You’re preparing to slip out of bed and hide when a familiar voice makes you freeze.
“In here,” the voice groans, and then you hear another thunk.
Oh, shit.
Your legs get tangled in the sheets in your haste to get out of bed. The knife goes back in the drawer and you stumble barefooted and half-clothed out of the bedroom. The sliding door opens to reveal a roughly human-shaped mass of black stumbling down the hallway towards you.
Uh oh.
“Matt?” You hit the light switch on the wall and rush to his side. The sight of his wounds make your fingertips tingle. “Jesus Christ,” you murmur.
“Hey,” Matt chides. He’s teasing, but his voice is strained.
It’s amazing that he’s managing sarcasm in his state. Blood drips down from his ribs and catches the neon light from outside. He smells like sweat and copper and cold night air, masking the smells of aftershave and unscented detergent that you normally associate with him. You sling his left arm over your shoulder and try to help him limp towards the couch, but he turns into your arms instead.
“Matt?” You blink in confusion as he slowly backs you against the wall of the hallway.
In the low yellow light of the foyer, he looms over you, his shadow covering you completely. For a split second, you forget it’s Matt Murdock in front of you, the goodhearted man with full lips and gentle hands that you love so much. The man in front of you is not Matt, not quite. This man is half-Devil.
The realization makes you shiver and it has nothing to do with your half-dressed state.
He doesn’t stop crowding into your space until your back is flat against the wall and his chest is inches from yours. Gently, you rest a hand over his heart, feel his pulse rabbiting under your fingers. Pushing lightly, you try to lead him to the couch again, but he’s resolute.
He drops his head to the crook of your neck, pressing his nose to your pulse point. A gasp shudders out of you.
“Matt, sweetheart,” you whisper, “what are you doing?”
All he manages in response is a grunt and a ghostlike brush of his lips against your neck. His hands find your waist, shaking a little as they pull you closer.
“Need you,” he rasps, his voice low and ragged.
“What?” It comes out high-pitched and disbelieving.
“I need you,” he repeats, and one of his hands finds your face and tilts your chin up to face him. He leans in and his mouth brushes against yours, a light touch that’s just tangible enough to reveal that his lower lip is split. You taste his blood in your mouth and try to pull away in concern but he responds by kissing the side of your mouth, your cheek, your jaw instead. His wounded lip leaves a smear of blood across your face. You’re too distracted by his touch and his smell and the heat of his body wrapping around you like a thick fog to complain.
You scramble for purchase on his body, your hands slipping on the slick black material of his clothes. There are rips in the fabric across his broad back and your left hand makes contact with hot, sticky blood when you trail it down his side.
“Matt, stop,” you command, trying to push him off. “You’re bleeding. You need to lay down. Let me get the first aid kit.”
He shakes his head and pushes into you harder. This time, his hips press towards you, and you can feel the growing hardness in his pants against your lower belly. Despite your concern, heat flares inside you at the contact. It burns even brighter when he accidentally ruts against you and a shuddering gasp escapes him.
“Thought—thought about you all the way back,” he stutters. “I l-left without saying goodbye. Should’ve woken you up. Fuck. Wanted you all night.”
Briefly, you consider the absolute absurdity of this situation. Matt woke up in the middle of the night and went out in search of criminals to beat up and returned to you battered and bruised, but he still has the energy to pin you up against the wall of his apartment and rasp in your ear about how much he wants you. You try to keep a level head but desire is rolling off him in waves and it makes your knees go weak.
You dig your fingers into his side and hit a bruise. His hips jerk against you and he groans; you can’t tell if it’s a noise of pain or pleasure.
“I knew you were a glutton for punishment,” you quip, trying not to sound breathless, “but I didn’t realize it went this far.”
“Again,” he gasps, and that answers the question of pain or pleasure. “More.”
You press down again and it elicits the same reaction: a groan tears from the pit of his stomach and his jerks his hips into you. He at least has the presence of mind to move his leg, though, and he shoves your legs apart with his knee and slots it between your thighs. Your breath catches as you feel the rough material of his trousers through the thin cotton of your underwear.
Then his hands drop to your hips, gripping your waist, rolling your body against his. The gasp that it pulls from you is inhuman. It’s high-pitched and breathy and so needy, but you can’t really be blamed, not with the rough denim of his pants rubbing you like that and the hard length of his dick pressed against your belly. His neediness feeds into yours and you let yourself sink into the rough, wild rhythm that he sets.
Your head falls back against the wall and he’s on you like a predator on prey. He presses his nose to your neck and inhales your scent before licking a hot stripe over your pulse.
“Fuck,” he murmurs. “You smell like me.”
“Yeah,” you snort. You’re trying to be snarky but it’s not working, not with the way you rock your hips desperately on his thigh. “I’ve been sleeping in your bed.”
“Oh, God.” Briefly, he loses his rhythm, the movement of his leg jerking as he considers that. “I like it when you’re in my bed.”
“You like it when you fuck me in your bed,” you shoot back.
He shakes his head and you feel the motion against your neck. Wanting to see his face, you reach up and pull the mask off. It drops to the floor and you feel his hair sweaty and damp against your temple as he moves up to kiss your jaw and your cheek and eventually your mouth. The metallic tang of blood taints the kiss and you have to keep from kissing him too hard and hurting him more.
Then again, he might like that.
“I like it when you’re in my bed all the time,” he corrects, rocking his leg between your thighs. “I like you in my bed and in my clothes.”
“Nnh.” You let out a gasping little moan at that, the mean way he works you with his leg and the sweet twist to his words. “Matt— oh, God, Matt— what are we doing?”
“I’m gonna make you come. Consider it my apology for leaving you alone.”
Your eyes fall shut as his hand sneaks between your thighs. His hands are dirty, so he doesn’t pull your panties aside, but that doesn’t stop him from pressing his thick fingers to your sex over the fabric.
“You’re so wet,” he observes. He sounds as breathless as you feel.
You nod, eyes still screwed shut. If you’re honest, it’s mortifying: he’s the needy one, grinding fully-clothed against you like a horny teenager, but you’re the one falling apart. It’s the want in his voice that’s getting you; it’s the way his voice is torn ragged by it, words coming out staccato and labored.
He presses his fingers against the wet spot in your panties and drags his fingers up until he’s brushing his fingertips over your clit. Your hips jerk into his hand and he lets out a soft huff of laughter.
“If I knew you wanted me this much, I would’ve come back sooner,” he says, pressing down more firmly.
“Or—” you grunt, reaching forwards to palm him through his pants, “—you might’ve considered not leaving in the first place.”
The noise he makes is so satisfying. It’s halfway between a grunt and a gasp, the kind of noise he makes when he’s badly injured and you’re stitching him up. Scrabbling at the fastening of his trousers, you shove them down just enough to slip your hands below his waistband. There’s a wet spot at the front of his briefs and you grin as he bucks his hips into your touch.
“Now who’s needy?”
“Oh, God,” he gasps, and presses you harder against the wall.
Like this, there’s no room for air between you. Your arms are trapped between each other’s bodies, his hand still rubbing firm circles against your clit as you slowly free his cock from the confines of his clothing. He starts to rock his body into your touch, fucking your hand even as he does his best to fuck you over your panties. The smell of your arousal is overwhelming and heady and it’s jumbling all his other senses. The only other things that he can focus on are the soft warmth of your hand around his length and the shuddery little breaths you take against his ear.
“Want you to come for me,” he instructs. The authority in his voice is compromised by the raw thread of need weaving through it. “Need you to come,” he corrects.
You don’t reply, but you take your hand off him for just a moment and bring it up to your mouth. He tilts his head and tracks the motion as you suck your fingers into your mouth, dragging your tongue around them and tasting him.
When you drop your hand back down, it’s slicker and warmer than before and his breath comes sharp and fast.
“Are you gonna come for me?” you tease, working your hand along his cock.
He moans, struck briefly wordless by the way you flipped the situation on him. When he gathers his wits, his hand is back between your legs, pressing down hard on your sex just like you like it. It makes your legs shudder and he grins, all too pleased that he knows your body just as well as you do.
You sneak your free hand around his back, brushing over that bruise you located earlier. Just your fingers ghosting over the pain point makes Matt groan and rut his hips into your hand.
“Please— no, n-no— I want you to come first,” he chokes out.
You hum and nestle your face in his neck. His skin tastes like copper and salt when you flick your tongue over it.
“Come for me first, Matt, and then I promise I’ll come for you.”
You press down with one hand and twist your other fist. Matt howls. His body bows in your arms and he spills all over your hand with a choked grunt. His chest heaves and his abs tighten under the thick layer of black fabric, still tensing as you keep the pressure on the deep bruise on his back. Ducking your head, you nestle into the crook where his neck meets his shoulder and murmur praise against his skin.
Let go, Matt. I’ve got you. Let it out, sweetheart.
He catches his breath in ragged gasps. One of his hands is still trapped between your thighs; the other, clenched in a fist on the wall beside your head. He tilts his chin as he pants and tries to recalibrate and figure out which way is up.
“You didn’t come,” he rasps.
You hum against his neck.
“I want to make you come,” he insists, stubborn as ever.
Sighing, you brush your lips over his jaw. Your breath ruffles with the still-damp curls at the nape of his neck. You’d hoped an orgasm would make him a little more pliant.
“We can finish this later,” you murmur, wiping your hand on your shirt.
His heartbeat picks up again in his chest, even after it had finally started to slow, and he grabs eagerly at your hips.
“After you let me patch you up,” you add.
He sulks even as he lets you sneak loose of his hold and head into the living room. He follows behind you, wincing uncomfortably as he tucks himself back into his now-ruined jeans. As he lowers himself stiffly onto the couch, you crawl up beside him and open the first aid kit in your lap.
“Have I ever told you that you’re stubborn?” he asks.
You grab his chin and tilt it towards the neon light coming through the windows. The flashing pinks and purples make his blood glint unnatural colors.
“It’s just like looking in a mirror,” you reply.
“Yeah,” he huffs, tilting his head into your hand. “I guess it is.”
His casual tone makes you pause. You stop dabbing at his wounds for a moment. “So, are we just not going to talk about that? The fact that you just…”
Matt hisses when you resume cleaning the cut across his cheek. He shakes his head.
“You know, the fact that you… when I poked your bruise…”
He lays a finger over his lips. “Shhh.”
“Hm.” You grab his chin again and tilt his face to inspect the opposite side. “We’re gonna have to talk about it at some point.”
“Terrible timing. Can’t you see I’m grievously wounded?” He raises his eyebrows in that signature sad, pouty face.
“Drama queen,” you mutter under your breath, reaching for a bandaid.
He leans into you and rests his knee on top of yours. His fingertips dance over your bare thighs. Now he’s using the pouty face for a completely different reason, the bastard.
You stick a bandage on his cheekbone. “You’re so lucky I like you.”
He spares you a rare smile that toes the line between sweet and shit-eating.
“I know.”
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animexsmut · 9 days ago
This is for my jjk brainrot XD couldn’t get him out of my mind<3
Tumblr media
***Mean Toji fucks you***
Warnings: rough sex, spit, degradation, dumbification, choking, passing out, really mean toji doesn’t care about you at all
You’re pressed against the mattress, his large frame preventing you from running away. The scar on his lips stretch to form a grin on his face. His big hands holding your ankles next to your head, your pussy offered on a gold platter for him. His long and hard thrusts hit your cervix every time. You tried to tell him it hurted but he just hushed you and told you you’d get used to it. Now it’s a little better, still hurts but you slowly feel pleasure building inside you.
“-Open” he commands
He spits in your mouth, droplet spreading on your cheeks and in your eyes. You close them, trying to get rid of the burning sensation. His large palms now tightening your hair above your head, leaving one of your ankle.
“-Open your eyes, stupid.”
You try but it’s too painful. His other hand now leaves your other ankle and he slaps your wet cheeks.
“-I said: Open.”
You do as your told, tears leaving your pretty eyes because it just burns a lot. He never stopped drilling inside you, not even a second. Each time his hips hit yours, you’re pressed even more against the bed.
“-Fuck you’re so tight I could almost stay.”
He made it clear before you undressed your self: he won’t stay. It’s a one time thing and you know it but he’s fucking you so good you wished otherwise.
“-W-What can I d-do..?”
You babble, trying your hardest not to get attached to him.
“-For me to stay..? Oh nothing, stupid little thing.”
You know it, deep inside tho, you imagine coming home from work and him waiting for you every day. Your little kids running around, your shared house…
“-Forget about it... I’ll fuck you too sleep and you’ll wake up with nothing beside you.”
You cry even more now. Not sure if it’s because of the constant friction of his tip with your cervix or the fact that you’ll never be fuck like this again.
“-Pleasee” you cry out.
He can’t hear that shit anymore. One of his hand is now on your mouth while the other squeezes your neck.
“-I like you better this way.”
Your nails dig in his forearm as his cock fucks every braincells out of you. The angle is a lot too handle, you can feel every detail of his dick, from the fat tip to the veins alongside.
“-Yeahh… Take it just like the slut you are… Yeahh perfect.”
His heavy balls hit your ass, lewd noise filling the room. You concentrate on your breathing but your vision is soon white. Your airway is completely block with his hand on your throat. You can hear him laugh, like this is just a game for him. Your body slowly goes numb, your hands falling alongside your body. Legs staying there because of the strength of his pace. With half lidded eyes, you watch him spit on your face once more before trapping your nose with his thumb and index, his hand still on your mouth. This way, you quickly lack oxygen. Just before you completely loose consciousness, you feel your body spasming and shaking. You cum just like this, tightening his cock between your walls. Your moans are muffled right away by his hands. The orgasm took every strength left in you and you pass out below him.
You wake up. With no surprise, the other side of the bed is cold. You remember what happened little by little and you look down your body. You can see your inner thighs cover in cum, you trace back up just to see it’s actually the left over of his seed. The rest is burried deep inside of you, drooling out. Your body is so sore. You’re lucky he didn’t kill you. You turn around and see a little note left on the pillow.
“-Kinda liked you. In a month be back same place we met. You should wash yourself now xx”
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inkskinned · 8 days ago
the disney reboot of pokemon would kill pikachu dead. they'd make a live action movie with ash a white kid that has to find a new home bc his mom is moving in with mr. mime & he's assigned a "new pokemon" now that pikachu is super dead. the replacement pikachu is some hyper-marketable bugeyed wide-audience weird cgi disney-exclusive pokemon called Cashcow that can talk but only in 6 funny-strange catch phrases. also they would have their 75th first gay character who is a cringe-worthy ho-oh cosplayer with 1 line. they would consider the anime the "extended universe" and say it's noncanonical anymore and have 45 disney-plus offshoot series like life inside the pokeball (paw patrol knockoff) and how jesse and james save the world (middle school AU) and THE CAUGHT ONES (gritty young-adult-and-older series that shows pokemon as a form of animal fighting which actually ends up being weirdly watchable) and at first we'd all be like, so mad that pikachu is dead. but then as time goes on everyone knows pikachu is just dead now, he's super dead. and there'd be merch like where's pikachu and 6 hour long youtube deep dives about how pikachu isn't really dead and the actors would all hint pikachu isn't really dead and they'd wink-wink about it in interviews and tell you that if you just stay a loyal fan you might get a chance to see pikachu again! and the stores would all sell pikachu merch for 1 month only (they would rename june Pikachu Pride Month and skirt the rainbow problem completely) and rake in a whole shitload of cash and come out with 3 more movies with cashcow and ash until we're super sure pikachu is just dead now, super dead, even though there's after-credits hinty-scenes about it all the fucking time. and then BEST CASE SCENARIO 5 years later in some weird videogame/disney parks/apple store partnership (that you will have to pay for both subscriptions to access) disney will release a 1-night only exclusive twitch stream cryptically called WHO'S THAT POKEMON and they'd bring back pikachu but literally everyone would miss the big reveal so the rest of the pokeverse (that's what they call it now) would just have to reference the fact they un-killed pikachu, clumsily bringing him back into the 8th movie as ash's partner but only seen onscreen for 23 entire runtime minutes. worst case scenario actually isn't that pikachu is super dead (because that would mean that they fucking stuck to their own narrative for goddamn once) but instead we get a spinoff in "I CHOOSE YOU: pikachu reborn" that just completely ruins pikachu as a character like whomever writes it only glances at a picture of a pikachu through a fogged mirror and reads that they are mouse pokemon and writes the most insipid, boring shit that just makes you anxious for the time Before All This when you could watch pokemon on your parent's couch on a tv that is 11 inches across and shaped like a box so you dig out all your old collector items and you look at them and think about how in one of the shows called "GeNETics" (a weird sci-fi prequel about professor oak as a kid) it's hinted strongly that pokemon are earth animals that we had to genetically modify to keep up with the increased demands of our environment brought on by climate change and how that show preaches a call to action that never arises which felt weirdly on-the-nose coming from a corporation that could afford to fix what you cannot and you'll remember how you used to have the email of your childhood best friend and how you can't get in contact with her anymore and think about your neighbor's kids ask for cashcow plushies and don't even know who pikachu is and how the macy's day parade now has 3 different balloons for pokemon and you recognize none of them and how the other day when you looked in the mirror you noticed that you're hair has a few more greys than you remembered and how the time is always running out, never waiting. oh and they'll open a whole new kingdom in the park for pokemon. gotta catch em all.
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ushijimascumbucket · 3 months ago
hiiii i loved your headcanons on unconventional things bnha boys find attractive, they raised my confidence, especially todoroki's and kirishima's, i was wondering if you could do the same for the big three and shiratorizawa?
i’m going to do shiratorizawa first bc i haven’t met the big three yet in the anime so when i do i will get to it!!
class 1A class 1A p2
ushijima is the least shallow person you will ever meet, if he loves you he loves you for who you are, no matter what u look like
lucky for him, he also happens to love what you look like
and one thing he can never understand your dislike for it your chubby tummy
he loves your tummy!!!
he so confused when you tell him you hate it
“but why? it’s nice”
even if you list a thousand reasons, he’s still going to be looking at you like 🤨🤨🤨🤨 (lovingly tho)
whenever you two cuddle, if he’s tired and wants to be comforted he won’t say anything, he’ll just come over to where you are and lie his head on your belly
he looks so at peace with the world, eyes closed as he nuzzles into the fat
it’s so warm and soft, it’s like his own personal hot water bottle
he’ll say “it’s there to protect the uterus y/n, you want your uterus to be unsafe?”
he is such a feeder too, like he wants you eating and he wants you eating good, so if u have a little chub who cares??¿?¿ he thinks u look ‘healthy’, and that’s all that matters to him
whenever he’s about to go down on you (which is often bc feminism) he’ll start at kissing your mouth, trail down from the boobies to the tummy, and now he knows you don’t like it, he’ll linger there, smoothing over the skin with his big hands, kissing and softly nipping at it
he will cum on it and lick it off you
you know what i’m uncrossing that
he will cum on it and lick it off you!
he thinks ur so gorgeous, he just wants you to feel as loved as he does <3
scars :p
he likes em
doesn’t care what they’re from, he loves the skin no matter what
if it is from sh, he will be very supportive and he won’t push you into talking about anything
he doesn’t think ur skin is ‘ruined’ , he thinks you’re amazing for coming out the other end
you will not get any weird comments about ur appearance in general from tendou, he knows what it’s like to b made fun of for how he looks, he would never make unwarranted comments about your appearance.
he will say stuff like “you look so gorgeous”or “you’re glowing” but he won’t comment on your body really at all.
the only time he’ll directly comment on how you look is if you ask him “what do you think of my ___” or “how do i look in this ___”
that’s the only time he will tell you what he thinks about your body, because if you don’t ask for his opinion, he has no place to tell you about it unwarranted
more feminism ! we love to see it
nothing gets me randier than a man that knows how to shut the fuck up
but no yeah tendou loves you yes he does
two words. hip. dips.
if you have hip dips, semi wants to fuck you. it’s out of my hands i don’t make the rules.
something about them, the love handles thag often go with them, he wants to bite them. he just does
just like sero, ass man for life, loves all ass, particularly yours
if you complain about them he will eat you out and not let you cum until you compliment urself, which is really embarrassing for u but anything for the nut 🔥‼️
makes him happy so ur not truly complaining
he grabs at them as he ruts into u, fingers digging into the soft flesh
loves the shape, the curve,,,
ughhhhh he goes MENTAL if u wear tight skirts, he will grab ur hips and tell u not to go out and just stay with him for the night
grabs your hips to move past you or move you somewhere, he does it because he knows it makes u flustered
he’s an asshole, but he’s cute
he really likes chubby cheeks
like girls with round faces, he just thinks it’s really adorable
this goes with out saying, he will very much kiss ur cheeks
smothers you with them
he cannot help it!!!!
he loves when you smile and the apples of ur cheeks r really full, thinks it’s so so cute he just wants to stare at u forever
if u catch him on his bullshit he will b very embarrassed but you do look happy when he shows he care so he doesn’t really mind
pinches ur cheeks when u annoy him, again its loving
doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t like them, he just thinks you look so kind and sweet and pretty
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sakusins · 10 days ago
hello tee. nanami most definitely loves being on the receiving end of praising while he absolutely rocks your world. he will stutter and stammer, cock twitching inside of you whenever you tell him his cock feels good, that only he can make you feel this way, and it’s almost always guaranteed him pounding into you harder than before. you think he’s rough now? he goes harder when you tell him such sweet yet lewd things. anyway….yeah. nanami with a praise kink<3
u got me fucked w this :,)
Tumblr media
tags: afab! reader, praise, unprotected sex, creampie
Tumblr media
there’s a slight pause in nanami’s movements when he hears your words, and you’ve noticed it happens every time you whisper sweet ones, the kind that are trickled with honey against his ears as his hips snap into yours. his breath hitches a little, and he lets out a soft groan into your neck.
“you feel so good, ken,” you gasp, clutching tightly at his roots and tugging them as his pelvis snaps, cock driving deeper into your walls. your eyes flutter shut, mouth agape as your head sinks further against the pillow under you, and nanami feels his cock twitch at the sight, a strangled grunt pulled from his lips when you squeeze around him. “your cock feels so good,” you whisper, looking up at him with hooded eyes, a small grin on your face at the way his eyes close and his jaw clenches, breath ragged as he pants.
you know exactly what you do to him, what kind of a frenzy those sweet little words send him into, how desperate he is to drive you to your high, and follow suit. it makes him pound into you helplessly, leaves his cock aching to cum and make you gush around him. he takes a moment to collect himself before his forehead is pressed against yours, sweat collecting on his skin as his nose brushes against yours.
“yeah?” he breathes, groaning as your hands roam over his chest and glide over to his back. your touch feels hot, sets his skin aflame, and nanami’s thrusts turn just a little sharper, go just a little deeper, hit the spot that makes you mewl just a little louder. “love when i fuck you like this?” and just as he questions you, his swollen tip kisses the spot that makes you sees stars. he always curves into you so perfectly, it leaves your head spinning at how full he always manages to make you feel.
you whine, and nanami’s skin is slapping against yours as he hammers into you, pace faster, rougher than just a few moments ago. he grunts into your neck, pressing hot kisses to the skin as you moan, and it all but turns into a muffled sob when his hand roams between your bodies to rub circles onto your clit, pleasure jolting through your spine with each thrust.
“y-yeah, like that ken,” you cry, nails digging into his back, kissing the skin with angry, red crescent marks that tell him he’s fucking you just right, “only you make me feel like this,” you pant against his ear, “only you,” you repeat.
“f-fuck,” he stutters, voice cracking as he groans. he helplessly ruts into you, cock almost slipping out fully before sliding into your folds again and again and again. nanami likes to hear the soft praises you whisper into his skin.
he likes the way you remind him that he’s the one who gets you to melt under his touch, that even after he comes home from a long day, and even when he’s too busy, you find the wait worth it. he likes coming home to you, he likes feeling you caged under his figure, and he likes drawing those soft, lust hazed words right from your pretty lips. and he loves knowing they’re only ever whispered against his ear, with your chest flush against his, so close, he can feel your nipples graze and the rhythm of your heart as it pounds against him.
your hips angle up, meeting him halfway as his angle down, and he sinks into you just a little deeper, making you both moan into each other’s lips. he pulls you into a kiss, and even as your lips are occupied by his, he can still almost hear the whispers of encouragement from your tongue as it glides against his.
“gonna cum,” you whine, legs wrapping around his waist and keeping him close to your figure as he mercilessly drives his cock into you, “y-you’re gonna make me cum, ken.” his once steady pace is now sloppy as his orgasm approaches him—and he can tell you’re close too, with the way your head is thrown back against the pillow, gasping with each snap of his hips.
the ache of his cock and the heaviness of his balls makes his head spin with need, he needs to hear more, needs you to push him past the precipice and into his high. nanami doesn’t usually think he needs validation, but then you open your mouth, whisper about how no one can make you cum like he does, how no one ever makes you feel so good, how you’ve never wanted someone else so bad. and something about the way you cling to him, like he’s the last string to your lifeline, it makes him crave even more.
his thumb circles over your clit a few more times as he whispers, “then cum for me,” making your orgasm crash over you intensely. it hits you blindingly, back arching off the mattress and walls spasming around his cock, and he lets out a strangled groan from how tightly you squeeze around him.
“k-kento,” you whimper, “fuck—so good, kento. always make me feel so good.” and with a few more harsh thrusts, he’s following you too, fucking his load into you as he cums hard with a low groan, thick ropes of his cum painting your walls. your fingers tug the strands of blonde hair under them as he fucks you both through your highs, and you let out a soft whimper as your legs shake from the sensitivity.
your breaths mingle as you both finish, and your bodies sink into the mattress in a heap of limbs. he presses kisses along your skin, wherever they can reach. there’s a soft smile on your face as you kiss his forehead, stroking weakly through his sweaty locks.
“was that okay?” he asks softly, feeling the soft swirls of your fingertip as it traces over the skin of his back.
“that was more than okay,” you murmur, and his cock jumps just a little once more at your words.
Tumblr media
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1ovehanamaki · 4 months ago
tokyo revengers characters | what they do when you say 'i love you' for the first time
with g/n reader
warning: swearing, suggestive ish? making out idk, hint of manga spoilers?? if you've only seen the anime or you're only up to chapter 100 i wouldn't read some of these idk, tokyo revengers brainrot <3
takemichi: you two were coming back from chifuyu's pet shop, talking about possibly getting a pet together. he's talking about how chifuyu works really hard to take care of the shop with kazutora and you nod while listening, squeezing his hand a little. "and i'd love to get a pet with you y/n, whenever you want to!" "takemichi i love you," you blurted. he's stunned. he stares at you and he gets very flustered and red and he goes "are you serious??? like really you mean it???" and when you say yes he's absolutely delighted and he hugs you tight and tells you he loves you so so much. (he spins with you in his arms and you both fall over,,,,, but he refuses to let you bring it up)
mikey: you're tracing one of his tattoos as you lay on him. there's no words exchanged between the two of you but the silence is comfortable and you hum a bit. you find yourself staring at him and he glances at you. out of the blue you go "i love you." he doesn't react at first but then gives you a small smile. honestly you think you might've messed up especially since you had said it on instinct. but he's actually very happy to hear you say that and he lets you know by kissing your temple and holding you close. "i love you too," mikey quietly grumbled to which you found yourself smiling like an idiot.
draken: you were making dinner for the two of you and he had back-hugged you, asking how your day was. he told you he was going to shower and as he exited you went, "'mkay, i love you." he looks back at you and smiles at you so fucking lovingly. he adores you and the fact that you just told him you love him makes him really happy. he finds it cute how you blink at him after you realize what you just said but he hugs you tight and then pulls away to kiss your forehead and he tells you how much he loves you too and i just. (newest chapter took me out y'all)
mitsuya: you're looking through his designs, watching him work. you stare at him, and when he asks why you're looking at him the way you are, you respond with, "i love you so much." falls in love with you again. LIKE he's been in love with you for the past several months that you guys have been dating, finding himself loving you more every day that passes by. he stops his work, walks over, and kisses you. kisses you long and slow and passionately to let you know that he loves you too. when he pulls away, he holds your face close to his and breathlessly goes "i love you too."
hakkai: your cheek is smooshed against his back as he rides his motorcycle towards his place. he talks about how yuzuha has been asking to see you again. you listen to him speak and tap his back. "hakkai?" "hm?" "i love you." and he's taken aback and shocked. he doesn't know how to respond, despite the fact that he loves you and that you guys have been dating for several months. you ask if it was okay to say that and nods, realizing you probably can't see him shaking his head. "It's okay, i was just a little shocked. but i love you too okay? i always will." you hug him slightly tighter and smile, turning to give his back a quick endearing peck.
nahoya (smiley): you're watching him make you a bowl of ramen and he can feel you staring. "like what you see? ;D" he asks, watching you roll your eyes. "no you loser," you tell him. "i was just thinking about how much i love you but okay-" you realize he's just staring at you and you tilt your head at him a bit. "...what happened..." he snickers and sets your bowl in front of you, tilting your chin up with a finger. "you just told me you loved me." and he kisses you, turning to do the dishes. you flush and dig into your ramen to avoid talking to your boyfriend, but it burns your tongue and you have to sit there in embarrassment. (nahoya thinks u are very cute tho)
souya (angry): he's telling you about his day and how he wishes kids wouldn't think he's scary because he seems to be angry all the time. you're combing your fingers through his hair, nodding and verbally communicating with him to let him know you're listening intently. when he stops for a moment, you decide to speak. "well i hope you know that even though people might be intimidated by you, i love you okay?" you didn't even think about it much until souya looked up at you in shock and confusion. it finally clicks and your eyes widen and you start to profusely apologize. was it too early??? you two had been dating for a month and you weren't sure if it was too soon or not. "y/n don't be sorry," souya tells you, sitting up and taking your hand. "i love you too." you're relieved and you pull him into a hug. you nuzzle his neck as he smiles and rubs your back.
kazutora: you were in the car with him and on the way to your place so he could drop you off. you stare at him as he drives, making him glance over at you. " what's up babe?" he questions, reaching his hand over to hold yours. "you're just. pretty," you tell him, squeezing his hand and bringing it up to put his hand against your cheek. he smiles and gently squeezes your hand. once the two of you reach your place, he walks you up to the door and you hug him tightly, burying your face in his neck. "i love you kazu," you quietly say, nervous about his response. he pulls you closer and kisses the top of your head. "i love you too. so so much y/n, i hope you know that." and you pull away, smiling at your boyfriend as he leans in to kiss you one more time before he has to leave.
peh-yan: you're holding his hand as he leads you towards the amusement park. he's talking about how he wants to buy you cotton candy, take you up on the ferris wheel, and win you a big teddy bear. ryohei stops to look at the big teddy bears hanging up in the booth, asking you which one you want. you're too caught up in him to realize that he was even asking you something. "babe?" ryohei says, waving at you. "everything okay?" you nod, grinning before going, "yeah, i just love you a lot." he?? LITERALLY FUCKING TACKLES YOU. "RYO WHAT THE HELL" but he's too happy to even care and he hugs you tight. "i love you so so much y/n you don't even know." (EVERYBODY SHUTUP I LOV HIM)
pah-chin: pah is too busy arguing with peh-yan about something while you're making instant ramen for the three of you plus the kawata twins. ryohei had made the mistake of jokingly asking you to break up with haruki and dat him instead in which haruki got upset, nahoya doubled over laughing, and souya just sat there and watched. you march over to the bickering boys and you take your boyfriend's shoulders. "baby, i love you and i will never leave you okay? i would never do that to you." and everyone is just. silent. you realize what you've just said and you start feeling your face get hot. you watch as your boyfriend starts tearing up and nahoya starts laughing at him again. he hugs you tight and you hug him back, smiling. "i love you too y/n thank you so much" (souya and ryohei r just standing there pls)
chifuyu: you're watching chifuyu play around with peke j, a little stick with a feather dangling hovered above peke j's head. he's making noises as he plays with the cat, laughing and cooing the cat's name. as you watch, you laugh along with your boyfriend, going to lay on your stomach beside him. you rest your chin on your hand, your boyfriend giving you a quick 'hi angel' before going back to pet peke j. peke j purrsand you smile as chifuyu takes his phone out to take pictures. he's recording a video of peke j playing with a plushie the two of you gifted him and you watch chifuyu's eyes swell as he coos at the cat again. you crawl over to him and cup his face in your hands, smiling. "y/n?" "hm?" "what are you-" "i love you :)" and you kiss him and run with peke j following you out of curiosity. "y/N COME BACK."
baji: "babe we're gonna be late!" baji hollers as you pull on a hoodie. "and do you have a hair tie for me??" you hurry out to the front door, throwing your wrist out at your boyfriend since he makes you carry his supply of hair ties. "you're in such a rush keisuke, it's just boba with the guys," you tell him, adjusting your hoodie string. "i know but i told them we'd meet them there an hour ago-" "AN HOUR AGO??? KEI-" "I KNOW I KNOW CMON" he pulls you outside and you quickly lock the door, turning and taking his hand. "jeez it's raining," your boyfriend mutters, squeezing your hands. "let's go." "y/n hold o-" and you're running with him to the boba place a couple blocks away. the two of you are drenched and breathless as you guys run under the overhang of the boba shop and you realize your boyfriend didn't even tie his hair up. he's huffing and puffing, bent over with his hands on his knees. he looks up at you and goes "y/n we could've grabbed the umbrella....! y/n?" and you're staring at him. "god i love you so much," you mutter, going up to him. he???? grins and interrupts your sentence by kissing you.
muto: it's one of those days where the two of you are just at home, cuddling at home. he has his arms around you, watching you scroll through your phone. you decide to open up your snapchat, bringing your phone up so you can take a picture with him. "noo" he grumbles lowly, covering his face with his arm. "please my love?" you say, looking at him. "....... ok" you grin and hold your phone up from your lap again to take a picture. you take a series of them; the two of you smiling, him kissing your head, you sitting up more to kiss his cheek in one. as you're looking through them, you set the one of you two smiling as your lockscreen and the one of him kissing your head as your homescreen. while you stare at your homescreen, you feel your boyfriend hug you closer and you smile and look up at him. "i love you," you say, watching him smile a bit and kiss you really quick. "i love you too y/n"
rindou: he had asked you to help him dye his hair and you agreed even though you ended up having to buy him the bleach and dye smh but anyways. you get back home from work andyour boyfriend grins at you. "thank you for buying everything :D" "...mhm" and you both start setting up. he sits in a chair in the bathroom and you start bleaching his hair. "you know what you're doing princess?" "yeah i got it!" he??? smiles and hums. you're working around and you end uo standing in front of him, standing in between his open legs and you feel him looking at you. "yes?" "look at me princess" you step away and look down at your boyfriend, tilting your head. all he does is smile at you and you smile back, leaning down to kiss him. "i love you you loser," you laugh, reaching to continue bleaching his hair. "no no hold on look at me again-" you sigh and look at him again. "yes?" "i love you too :)" he puckers up for a kiss and you lean down to kiss him again.
ran: you're braiding his hair, listening to him talk about his day. he hums as you run your fingers though his hair before starting to braid it. "y/n?" "hm??" "can you undo my hair and run your fingers through it again?" "mhm!" and you do as he says, humming along to some random melody. he's looking back at you, smiling once you make eye contact with him. "pretty," he says out of nowhere. "stop ittt smh" "IM SERIOUS" and he gives you a little pout. you smile and kiss him, playing with his hair a little. "you make me really happy you know that?" you tell him, smiling. "i love you so much." ran stares at you, laughing and sitting up to hug you. "i love you too my sweet angel <3"
shinichiro: you ordered you and your boyfriend some lunch and you were going to his shop to see if he was free to eat with you. luckily for you he was! and he was also alone in the shop. and minutes later he has you sitting on the main counter, kissing you long and hard. the two of you are making out and you find yourself breathless as he pulls you closer to him by the hips. he mutters under his breath about how pretty you look and sound and you giggle, running a hand through his hair. "i love you," you tell him quietly, pressing your forehead against his. he smiles and kisses you, pulling away to reply with an "i love you too" before going back to kiss you again. (im in lovewith him so bad hello)
akashi: he was picking you up to take you on a date to get boba and go shopping. senju has been calling you about how he refused to bring her along and you laugh and explain it's a date only for her to say that you two better bring her along next time. when the two of you get to the boba shop, you insist on paying and you two quite literally race to give the cashier your card and the cashier is just like.. 'um' and unfortunately you lose the race and he pays. when you guys are drinking your boba, he gives you a smug smile and you pout. "boo that was unfair," you tell him, quickly nudging him. "c'mon you baby, i asked you out on the date," he says, grasping your hand. "...fine... you're lucky i love yo-" you stop and he looks at you. "hm?? what was that? i'm lucky you what?" "i said you're lucky i love you smh" and he quickly kisses you before putting an arm around your waist. "i love you too cutie <3" (SHUT UP I LOV WEHIM TOTOOOO)
wakasa: you came home from work, knowing very well your boyfriend was probably sleeping since you get home so late. you change into comfortable clothes and you lay in bed next to him with the lights still on, trying not to wake him. he ends up turning to wrap his arms around you, mumbling. you don't speak but you tangle your legs with his and smile to yourself. "welcome home baby," wakasa mumbles, rubbing your back. "tired from work?" you sigh and go, "yeah, aren't you tired?" "mhm, just wanted to wait for you." you get up on an arm and lean to kiss him, smiling. "well i'm back, let's go to bed." your boyfriend nods in agreement, reaching over to turn off the light. the two of you cling onto each other and he sighs in content. "goodnight angel," he tells you, kissing your head. "goodnight baby, i love you," you decide to reply with, earning a chuckle from him and a little, "love you too, pretty."
inui: he’s generally a nonchalant guy who doesn’t seem to show a lot of emotion, but around you he definitely smiles a lot more and he loves seeing you when you’re happy. you spent the night at his place and woke up earlier than you wanted so you decided to make breakfast for you and your lovely boyfriend :D you bring his breakfast to him, and you look at him for a bit as a he breathes softly. you tap his arm in which he automatically wakes up, blinking at you. “good morning,” he says, yawning shortly after. “what’s that smell?” you smile and lift your legs onto the bed so you’re sitting up next to him. “i made you breakfast ^^ eat up~” he smiles and kisses your cheek, watching you laugh at the tickle of his lips. he starts eating while you rest your head on his shoulder, taking note on how warm he is. it’s silent but it’s a very comfortable silence that sits in the room, so you go “i love you inui” while he’s taking a bite to see what he’ll say in response. he swallows, puts everything down, takes your hand, and says “i love you even more y/n, remember that okay?” (I MISS HIM SO BAD LIKE i just miss seeing him thats all lllike if i could read tokyo rev for the first time again i would)
kokonoi: you were wearing one of his hoodies and he had told you that he bought you the same one so you two could match, which sparked the little argument. “the entire point of me wearing your hoodie is because it’s yours hajime,” you argue, crossing your arms and hiding yourself in the hoodie he left behind at your place. “it smells like you and it reminds me of you which is why i wear it.” hajime sighs and sits next to your scrunched up form on his bed, wrapping his arm around. “c’mon y/n, forgive me, i didn’t think about that before,” he reasons, rubbing your back a bit. “you can have as many of my hoodies as you want, i just want to know that you’ll be okay.” you silently look to the side at him and he smiles a little. “look at me babe,” he continues, taking your hand. you unscrunch and look at him, watching as he gently squeezes your hand. “i love you a lot did you know that?” you confess, playing with the rings on his hand. “i’ve never told you that before... but i don’t know if you feel the same.” he frowns a bit, bringing your hand up to kiss it. “i do,” hajime assures you, rubbing the too of your hand with his thumb. “i love you so much okay?” you nod and climb over him so that you’re straddling him and you hug him tight while nodding.
naoto: he's busy doing work at his desk and you're reading a book in bed. you realize how late it's getting and the two of you have to be up early to get ready and have brunch with takemichi and hina. you set your book to the side and get up, clad in your boyfriend's soft button up (which was very warm because you just took it out of the dryer but anyways). "i'll be in bed soon y/n," naoto tells you, not moving at all as you continue walking over to him. "you know you won't for a while," you sigh, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you look at what he's working on. "i have to finish this report so i don't have to do it later." you pout, running a hand through his har. "did you forget about our double date tomorrow?" naoto puts his pen down and huffs while looking up at you. "no... but i wanna get this done before then." another sigh slips past your lips as you cup his face, noticing the bags under his eyes. "i love you so much naoto, but you really need to rest okay? i know you're really tired, let's sleep." all of a sudden, your boyfriend is smiling, putting his hands on your waist to maneuver you to sit in his lap. your heart races as he gently holds you, leaning in. he kisses you and you wrap your arms around his neck. "i love you too angel," he mumbles when the two of you pull away, smiling while getting up so that the two of you can go to bed.
ending note: if u read this far THANK YOU AND I LOV U <3 i hope u all enjoyed reading this, especially since i've grown to love so many of the characters <3 feel free to drop by my inbox with questions, comments, or maybe some requests :) i've also edited this multiple times to add people HAHA
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kisakunt · 4 months ago
kazutora is a pretty young thing
minors do not interact go play outside, hes touch starved & obsessed, nsfw, kazu<3, idfk bro sex, a little overstim
Tumblr media
touch starved!kazutora who gets so pathetically hard over you so easily. he feels disgusting, skin crawling at how his mouth dries at how good your hair smells, at the way his fists clench when your tits brush against his back when you pass by him, at how he finds himself in his bed every night stroking himself and thinking about you, remembering you, looking at you. he spits in the palm of his hand and pretends the wetness is your cunt, and he cries when he cums because he just wants to be good for you.
touch starved!kazutora who goes home and watches porn every time your hand grazes him. he always tries to enjoy the videos, to get off or to get you off his brain, but it doesn’t matter. he gets mad when the moans don’t sound like your voice, practically turned off when he sees the girls face because all he wants is you.
touch starved!kazutora who is ridiculously sensitive. tears pool in his eyes as your thumb rubs his precum over his tip, he sobs into your mouth whenever you suck on his tongue.
touch starved!kazutora who whines the first time you palm him over his pants. you feel so much better than his own hand and you’re not even fucking doing anything. he bucks his hips up into you and pleads for you you to do more.
touch starved!kazutora who cums almost the second you wrap your lips around his cock. he’s been imagining about you like this for so long, deft fingers wrapped properly around his shaft, excitement heavy in your eyes as you trail your tongue along the vein you’d told him looked so pretty beforehand. he’s embarrassed, apologizing as his fingers dig into your hair and his hands hold you in place, still hard cock twitching in your mouth after you swallow everything he gives you.
touch starved!kazutora who paces himself the first time he fucks you. he feels like a virgin again, damn well may be, as you clench around him. he starts slow, building up a rhythm, pausing occasionally as he speeds up to gulp against your throat and make sure he doesn’t cum too quick. he wants you to feel good, too, so he rubs at your clit and connects his mouth with your breasts. but it’s too much— you’re too much under him like this, moaning his name, moving your hips to meet his. and then he’s fucking you how he wants, lifting your leg higher, hilting himself in you hard, groaning in tune with your cunt. “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m so fucking sorry,” and he’s filling you up, fucking his cum into you, sobbing into your skin because it’s too good.
touch starved!kazutora who begs. it starts off subtle, little whimpers of ‘please’ and ‘fuck- ‘s good’ filling the air before it develops. he’s telling you how badly he needs it, begging you not to stop. not to stop touching him, kissing him, fucking him.
touch starved!kazutora who asks you to ride him because the feeling of your walls clenching around him makes him feel like he’s unable to function. he’s every synonym for pussy drunk, dumb off of the sounds your cunt is making on his cock.
touch starved!kazutora whose eyes roll back when you sink yourself onto his cock. he’s so vocal you couldn’t be insecure if you tried. his hands grip the sheets on the bed before they desperately attempt to lift for your hips as he cries.
touch starved!kazutora who overstimulates himself when he fucks you. his body feels broken and he’s telling you over and over “‘s too much!” but he’s the one who isn’t stopping. a mix of his sweat and tears falls on your forehead, melding with your own. he’s cum so many times and it’s not enough— nothing will be enough when he finally has you where he wants you.
Tumblr media
tags: @twkhoosha (this is kiiiinda dom reader? idk adjacent), @waskasa , @bajitheestallion
this is so fucking mediocre idnc
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kshira · 4 months ago
ft. mikey, draken, mitsuya, kazutora, hanma, ran, rindou, sanzu
tw. fem!reader, fingering, cursing, manhandling, f!oral, slight somnophilia, exhibitionism, choking, jealous boyo, light undertones of possessiveness, dom! w/ sub! reader
an. request on how they’re possessive but i’ve made disgustingly sweet and cute(?) but also like hot and stuff <3
Tumblr media
ミ mikey
mikey thoughts haunted him for awhile now, tainted with images he wished he could shake off but alas the mind never is that simple. he waited in your shared bedroom, his hands held his face but those faded eyes never closed—staring into an abyss. your soft footsteps pulled him from sorrow, soft hands touching his face—mikey looks up, a gentler tow on his face from earlier. his hands wrap around your fingers pulling you on the bed with him, he reaches for your face pulling it to his lips and crashing it against his own. between lips locked mikey mumbles something but you can’t decipher it and honestly it’s the least of your concerns when he begins to undo your bra, pulling you down on the bed as he hovers on top of you, shirt pulled off and fingers hooked on your pants. “i don’t like the way they look at you” he whispers, rolling your bottom clothing off, matching himself with you—he becomes bare. “they’re my men but you’re mine” he murmurs, spreading your legs with his hands ghosting over the flesh and nimble fingers sinking in your warm hole. you gasp feeling his two digits sink deep and hard curling against your spongy walls. “i chose them to be by my side but you picked me to be yours” he looks into your eyes, searching for something; anything. you’ve felt this before, the overbearing but tender words he spoke—he’s possessive over you. it’s not vindictive or vile, there is serenity played in his words, mikey places his cold lips on your neck stomach warming as his fingers plunge deeper in your sopping cunt. “you’re mine until you say so” he whimpers, shivering as he feels your legs begin to twitch within his grasp—shaking as your vision clouds white and you cream all over his finger “but i hope that’s a thought that never crosses your mind.” you cry, tears pricking your vision as the orgasm rushes through your bones and mikey pulls his fingers from your cunt, lips catching every salty tear that escapes from your eyes and his lips devouring the moans you exhale for him. he aligns himself with your cunt, gripping your chin with his fingers—wrapping tightly as he pulls you into another melt worthy kiss while his cock sinks inside of you “i have everything i’ve ever wanted but this life would be meaningless without you” mikey stops the tears from shedding, prolonging his possessive side as he pumps inside you but the way he moves; it tells you everything.
ミ draken
“what’s on your neck?” draken pulls the hairs from your neck inspecting the rather darker color adorned on your neck, he feels his gut hit hot when you swat his hand away saying it’s a burn mark from your straightener. draken rakes his eyes over your neck again and then that’s when the anger settles in his stomach, running hotter as thoughts run ragged through his mind. it comes and goes—this feeling, you’re his and just the mere thought of another person touching you; drives draken into a dark husk of himself. he doesn’t admit fault at first gripping your face to make you look at his dark pulsing eyes—lips trailing against the hot skin on your neck. his body is like clockwork pushing you against the wall, not even bothering to make it to the bedroom; he has to have you now. “nobody can have you” draken’s deep voice fans over your lips, rough fingers jerking down your bottoms as he lazily hikes a leg over his hip “you’re mine.” his cock is already out, mean and angry as it runs over your slick folds—collecting enough of your juices while his mouth devours your own. “you’re all fucking mine” he groans, feeling your smaller hands grip against his biceps, nails digging into the flesh biting against the tender skin. maybe it’s the way you beg for him now, the teasing taunt against your emotions or the way he’s so possessive over you and needs to know that you’re real and you’re his. draken sinks in, pushing you harder against the wall while he pumps inside you—your body melting under his touch and so vulnerable for him. his hands grip harder against you, marks visible to wandering eyes or just for him—he nestles in your neck soaking the skin with his lips as he fucks you harder until white blurs his own vision, your hips match his grinds back with brutal force until he starts to unravel taking your orgasm with him, his hot seed paints your walls, dripping down your thighs as you cream around him. draken glances down at the mess between your legs and flickers his orbs back in your eyes “you’ll always be mine, i don’t want you to ever forget that.”
ミ mitsuya
mitsuya sat comfortably in a chair facing the changing rooms, hand holding his precious face while he watched you emerge from the curtain twirling around presenting your next outfit, he smiled—genuinely as your smile sprung back spreading when he sent you a wink. his attention was set all on you until other eyes started to watched you, an unsettling feeling ate at his spine; jealousy was triggered and within the anger building up—something else was. after you were happy with the clothing you vanished back behind the dressing room removing the clothing and glancing at the mirror as your body became bare. a hand outstretched over your mouth, cupping the gasp that left your lips as your boyfriend stood behind you now—eyes set distant while the curtain closed, leaving just the two of you in the tiny room. “they look at you like they want you” mitsuya snarls behind you, cupping your breast and pressing your back hard against him. “don’t they know you’re fucking mine?” he rolls his fingers over your skin, claiming your body as his while you watch everything from the mirror. his eyes are carnal, spreading his lips on your shoulder, leaving open mouth kisses while his hands linger back up to your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers. he shifts behind you, pulling his cock out and feeling the warmth slap behind your back, nimble digits ripping your last clothing off to your ankles. you arch behind him, wiggling your ass on his dick and mitsuya chuckles, aligning himself with your hole—once he’s sunk balls deep in, your head throws back, eyes crossing at the stretch. mitsuya grips your hips, rutting into you—teeth gritted as he thinks about all those people staring at you— you’re fucking his. mitsuya grabs your chin forcing you to shake your eyes open till you’re faced with the mirror, a view of your trembling body taking all of him, he whispers voice coated in a taunt “watch me fuck what’s mine.”
ミ kazutora
it’s the oblivious side of kazutora that didn’t notice lingering hands on your waist, lips curled into smiles as they whispered in your ear and your eyes flickering to your boyfriend then back to the person—smiling and agreeing with them. he didn’t understand why his body started moving on its own, shoving you onto the couch when your keys unlocked the door to your house, and why he couldn’t stop kissing you. needy and hungrily as his fingers undressed you, shoving his face in your cunt the moment your panties slid off your ankles, he needed to taste you. kazutora tongue shoved inside your hole, fingers digging at the insides of your thighs—groaning and growling when your fingers grip his hair to guide him across your folds. “this pussy is mine, yeah?” he murmurs from your cunt, juices dripping from his face while he waits for your answer. head nodding frantically, just wanting him back between your legs and kazutora smirks twirling his tongue against your clit. your back arches, the leather from the couch gripping your back while you cry and whine feeling his tongue glide over your warm hole. he pulls away, eyes dazed and covered in black, kazutora fingers wipe the slick from his chin and pops the digits in your mouth “pussy always be mine, you got that princess?”
ミ hanma
hanma has been throwing a fit for awhile now, the man child he seldomly acts like is in full force tonight. raging and throwing items around the house as you walk in to see the chaos, he invited you to one of his meetings but he didn’t think his men would have hands and eyes all on you—why he’s acting like this he can’t wrap his mind around it. you watch from a distance as he runs his hands through his hair, shaking the anger off but rebuilding when he gets the chance to think. your mind on the other hand is clear as you walk up to him and wrap your arms around him, hugging him tightly. hanma freezes, looking down to see your smaller frame cling to his body—squeezing him for all he’s worth. he melts completely in your hold, all repercussions can come in the morning as tonight is about you. hanma lays you down neatly on the bed, your lips kissing away the pain from his chest. “you’re my everything, the thought—” hanma shutters thinking about earlier but you’re there to erase those ill mannered thoughts as you palm at his crotch, spreading your legs and pulling him between them. “they’ll never have you” he whispers, engulfing your lips in his mouth as he tosses his briefs aside and without a second thought more he sinks inside your slick hole. he whines at the warmth, throwing his head back as you roll your hips and hanma looks at you again—smirking as you hump against him “fuck me like you own me.”
ミ ran
you see shadows flicker against the dimly lit alleyway, your body pressed against the cold brick wall as you watch your boyfriend step ahead of you to address the people bothering you tonight, you can still feel their slimy hands touching you. one call and ran was there without another word, listening to your voice frantically explaining people were bothering you—that’s all you had a chance to say before ran appeared minutes later. the lamppost gave grey images of his hands raising up then slamming back down on objects, his larger footsteps padding back to you. “all done pretty girl” he smiles, fixing his tie and straightening his posture, winking as you rub his red knuckles. “nobody messes with whats mine” ran lingers his eyes across the empty streets, rolling on his heels he leans you against the wall slapping a hand beside your head “now i’m gonna fuck whats mine.” you can’t help but roll your eyes at his words but ran just seemed so possessive tonight and it’d be a lie if you didn’t willingly hike your dress up to his wanted hands, lips crashing against one another while he hooked his fingers on your panties and rolled them down. the mess between your legs already dripping down when pulls his cock out meeting it with your slit. two strokes in deep within your hole and all the background noise is his moans of your name not the outside voices talking across the street or cars honking in close distance. ran cradles your face with his hand while the other keeps leverage on your leg pumping inside you. he’s needy, greedy actually when your orgasm is close, the clench of your cunt is a tell all but ran stops his thrusts, slowing down until the visions of white are no more, “you’re not gonna cum here, only i see that angel.”
ミ rindou
rindou hands build around your shoulders, lingering as they lace around your throat—squeezing lightly. his body hovers over you, tired eyes watching contently as he thrusts inside you, cock ramming against your gummy walls as your bellowing moans vibrate his ears. “fuck—take it all baby” he groans, feeling your cunt squeeze him; milking his cock dry when he pounds harder. rindou snaps his eyes away from your soaking pussy to set a gaze on your blown out pupils, squinting when he feels you wither under him, legs twitching against his hips—you’re close to unraveling under him; moaning and pleading his name. rindou smiles when you call his name, not his brother or his boss; just him. “pussy gonna take my cum? m’gonna fill you up baby” rindou squeezes harder on your throat, the dry cough exhaling through your lungs as you cream around him, eyes crossing when rindou spills his load inside you, painting your walls. once he eases from his pleasure, rindou releases his hold on your throat, listening to your hoarse voice rebuttal sweet words. rindou crawls behind you, rubbing your throat with his fingers— he sighs, feeling that he took it too far, he just wanted to fuck you until you knew he was yours. rindou leans over gazing into your eyes, tears swell painting his reddened cheeks “i’m so scared to lose you, don’t ever leave—kay?”
ミ sanzu
sanzu crawls under the sheets with you, watching your body sleep soundly, puffs of air sweetly flow from your lips. “you’re all mine, right?” he asks, stirring you from your sleep and your words of reassurance make him smile. “you know i’d do anything for you angel” he hums, slipping his hands down your shorts, fingers finding your clit and rubbing small circles on it. he coos you when you moan quietly, rubbing your ass against him when sanzu swipes just a little faster “i hate when they look at you, disgusting people thinking they can talk to you whenever.” you meekly question his antics but the feeling of his long slender fingers finding their way inside your hole is a little distractive. “that one ex of yours.. remember how they’d bother you and make you cry? well you don’t have to worry about that anymore” he groans in your neck, feeling your cunt clench around him. you don’t know what he’s saying now, something about something—what was it again? sanzu doesn’t remember the day either, just wants to remember what’s his and only his. he feels how close you are, whimpering into the pillow when he digs deeper inside your velvet walls, feeling a sheen liquid coat his fingers “that’s right angel, cum on my fingers.” your head rolls back on his chest, gazing up at sanzu you see him soften at your fatigued eyes looking back at him, he kisses your hair before pulling the covers over both of your bodies. he snuggles harder against your back, larger arms wrapping around you. a cold liquid rolls on your body from him, is it tears or blood? you’ll never know with sanzu.
Tumblr media
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ezrasbirdie · 2 months ago
something new [plus size fem reader]
Tumblr media
summary: Marcus goes on his first date since Teresa left him. It does not go as he imagines.
rating: T [this is literally just fluff, but Marcus is a little insecure]
pairing: marcus pike x plus size fem!reader
word count: ~1.5k
note: this is just a little something that's been living in my head since the Red (Taylor's Version) release. Begin Again is one of my favorite songs by her, and it just screamed Marcus Pike. Also, Marcus Pike meet-cutes, are just everything I need. and i'm just really into writing big girls meeting cute boys. i hope it doesn't get repetitive, lol, because i have something planned for almost everyone at this point. anyway, shoutout to @starlightmornings for checking it over bc she's lovely. <3
masterlist | read on ao3
Marcus arrives at the café twenty minutes early. He’s always early, obsessively so, even more when he’s nervous. And this, of course, is the most nervous he’s been in months.
It’s his first date since Teresa.
Worse, it’s a blind date. The picture his friend had sent him showed a pretty blonde—a big smile and brown eyes. She didn’t look a thing like Teresa. He goes into the café with eight minutes to spare, thanking the woman who holds the door open for him.
“No problem,” she says, flashing a bright smile.
“Marcus?” Someone behind him says.
“Hi! Allison?” He asks. She nods.
“Did you order?” She asks.
“No, I—”
“Could you get me a latte?”
“--Oh. Sure,” he says as she settles herself into the nearest empty table, digging through her purse and pulling out her phone. He frowns as she immediately starts typing and tries to chalk it up to nerves on her end, turning to the growing line at the counter.
The woman who held the door for him stands in front of him. She pulls off a blue scarf and shakes it with enough vigor that it hits him squarely in the face. She turns around at his surprised “oomph!”
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” She says. “I’m a total klutz.”
He chuckles. “No, no, it’s okay. I was standing a little close.”
She pushes her glasses up her nose, opening her mouth to say something else, but the cashier asks for her order. She smiles apologetically and turns around. Marcus looks back at his date, whose nose remains buried in her phone.
“I’ll have a pumpkin cream cold brew, please. Large,” she says.
“Pumpkin cream, eh?” Marcus teases as the cashier rings her up, and she turns to look at him.
“And what are you ordering?” She asks. Her tone is sassy, but her eyes twinkle. “Black coffee?”
Marcus laughs and steps to the counter.
“I’ll take the pumpkin cold brew, too. And a medium latte,” he adds hastily, almost forgetting about his date. The woman takes her cold brew and nods at him.
“Have fun on your date.”
“Right,” he says. “You, too.”
She quirks her lips, and he feels blood rush into his cheeks.
But the cashier grabs his attention, and she moves away before Marcus can say another word. He takes his drinks and walks back to Allison, setting them on the table.
“Thanks,” she says, not looking up from her phone. Marcus clears his throat.
“Work?” He asks, attempting to engage her in conversation. She sets her phone down and rolls her eyes.
“Yes,” she says. “It’s crazy.”
“What do you do?” He asks.
“Oh? What’s that like?”
She looks at him like he’s an idiot. Marcus taps his fingers against the table nervously as she launches into a marketing for beginners speech as he nods politely, trying to give this a shot.
You’re not trying to eavesdrop, but it’s impossible not to. You chose a table next to them before you saw where he was sitting. The blonde talks so loudly you can hear her right through your noise-cancelling headphones. You resolve, instead, to see how this date plays out.
He’s handsome. Dark brown hair and a patchy beard with a sweet smile and soft eyes. And she’s gorgeous. Svelte and dressed in expensive-looking corporate clothes. You’ve never seen anyone more different from yourself, you think, glancing down at your overalls and slip-ons.
He’s still wrapped in his jacket. Neither of them seems super comfortable. You keep your eyes on your laptop screen.
She talks a lot about herself, and when he gets some time to talk, she answers with mostly “uh huh”.
She leaves after twenty minutes, citing an emergency at work. He tells her it was nice to meet her, and she answers with another “uh huh,” and leaves. He sits back down, looking a little out of it. His disappointed expression tugs at you.
Don’t say it.
Don’t say it out loud.
It’s not your business. It’s not funny. No one thinks you’re funny.
You say it anyway.
“That went poorly.”
Marcus looks around for the voice.
The pumpkin cold brew girl.
He wants to be offended. Upset. Irritated. He wants to tell her to mind her own business. But she has that little quirk on her lips again, and he realizes she’s teasing him.
“Yeah,” he sighs. “It did.”
“How’s the cold brew?” She asks.
“It’s actually really good,” Marcus admits.
“Imagine!” She quips. “So...just getting back out there, huh?”
Marcus frowns. “You could tell?”
“Just…let’s say I have a long and storied bad first date history.”
“Yeah?” He asks. She’s easy to talk to.
“Yeah! One time this guy brought me to Subway for ‘dinner’ and tried to give me a shoulder rub while we were in line—after I’d told him I had a new tattoo that was still healing in the exact same spot. Hurt like hell,” she laughs. Marcus swallows and wonders what the tattoo is of, and remembers a time when he might ask with a flirty smile. Her smile falters at his silence.
“Sorry,” she says, embarrassed. “You didn’t ask for all that.”
“No, no—sorry,” he says quickly, “I just—what’s the tattoo of?”
If you didn’t know better, you’d think this handsome stranger was flirting with you. With you.
Handsome strangers don’t flirt with fat girls in coffee shops. You know that. But, like, what if he is? No harm in flirting back.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You ask, grinning.
“I would, actually.”
He picks his coffee up and walks to your table.
“Can I sit?” He asks softly.
She likes Casablanca.
“You’re funny,” she says. The butterflies in his stomach are unexpected, but welcome. Her eyes sparkle and she asks him questions about his job.
Teresa didn’t think he was very funny.
She finishes her coffee, and he swirls the dregs of his, letting the ice melt and lingering far longer than he might.
“Well,” she sighs.
“Do you need to get going?” He asks. She bites her lip.
“Not really,” she says.
Maybe he should just do it.
“Do you want to get dinner?”
The diner you end up at has a wide selection of greasy food you’re too nervous to eat. What is this? A date? You like him.
It’s been, like, four hours, but you like him.
His name is Marcus Pike, and he works for the FBI. He moved here a few months ago and mentioned an ex-fiancé. He likes old movies and watching basketball, but he’s terrible at playing. His worst date happened right in front of you. He likes your overalls.
But what is this?
Does he just need someone to talk to? He’s new in town—maybe he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Maybe he thought he had to ask you to eat with him.
Because it can’t be a date.
This doesn’t happen to you. Gorgeous, vulnerable men do not approach you in coffee shops. Gorgeous men who have their lives together, who aren’t complete disasters. This doesn’t happen to girls with round tummies and chubby cheeks and thighs that spread like soft dough when they sit down.
He notices you’ve gotten quiet.
“Is everything okay?” He asks when the waitress brings your burgers out. You pick at yours, taking a small bite, thinking. You might as well tell him. What’s the worst that can happen? You never see him again?
Well, yeah. But you hadn’t gotten too attached yet.
“I just don’t know what’s going on, exactly?” You say.
He frowns. “What do you mean?”
“I mean, like, this,” you say, gesturing unhelpfully. “Are we hanging out? Or did you just want to hook up? Because, look, I’m not really into that—”
“Whoa, hey, wait,” he says, and you brace yourself for the “you seem nice, but you’re not my type” that usually came after these kinds of interactions. “I just want to get to know you better. I don’t meet a lot of beautiful women willing to go to a second location.”
You raise your eyebrows.
“Sorry! FBI humor,” he cringes, and you can’t help but grin.
“Beautiful, huh?” You ask.
“Beautiful,” he murmurs.
“Okay,” you say. “Cool.”
“Eat before it gets cold,” he says, gesturing to your food. You nibble a bit more, finally giving in because he’s right—it’s amazing.
“So I guess to answer your question,” he says, “it’s a date.”
You smile.
Marcus walks her to her apartment. “I live just down the street. I’m at that coffee shop all the time,” she explains.
He gives her his number. She pushes her purple frames up her nose.
He saves her number under Glasses. She lets him hug her, and he presses into her soft body. She felt safe.
Marcus walks away, wondering if tomorrow is too soon to text. Hell, if an hour is too soon. He scolds himself, telling himself that going too fast is what broke his last relationship.
But Teresa never felt right. After eight months, he’s ready to start something new. He looks back at her building to see her turn on a light and pick up a black cat from the window, and smiles.
He likes cats.
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takasluv · 28 days ago
so I saw this thirst hereee & I moaned jesus fuck decided to take it one (1) step further :)
Tumblr media
“what happened, baby?” ken grunts, fingers digging into the back of your thighs, imprinting memories for tomorrow when you wake up. “I thought you had so much to fuckin’ say.”
you love getting under draken’s skin, a favored pastime if you will; and whether he’ll admit it or not, he loves entertaining it. It’s just another part of your personality and he wouldn’t love you if you didn’t. but sometimes, you take it too far.
so you can’t really ask yourself how you ended up here, mating pressed into your shared mattress, draken digging for gold as he batters your pussy sore. your anklet dangles in your ear with every stroke he delivers and it’s starting to sound like background noise with how your eyes are losing focus.
you talked shit and got dealt with. today was the wrong day to get mouthy with draken; but you don’t care, you’re always the exception—except for when you’re not.
“I think it’s funny,” you chuckled, rising from the counter you were rested against as draken put the lug nuts back on a driver front tire, “how you don’t fucking listen to me sometimes.”
draken’s setting his ratchet down slowly, standing to full height, before he heaves out a “huh?” when he faces you. his hands are wiped on a towel as he shoves them in his pocket and stands chest to chest with you. (or as much as he can.)
“you’re not fucking listening to me!” you prod at his chest with every word, emphasizing your very clear point. “I’m not as important as your stupid fucking bikes.”
he grips your cheeks between his fingers, fingertips digging into them as your lips puff into a pout. “watch your fuckin’ mouth.” It’s sharp and demanding in its utterance.
there’s something dark behind draken’s eyes, a warning per se. but when have you ever been one to listen to his warnings? “the fuck are you gonna do about it?”
you visibly watch the shift in his eyes, from the deep black-brown to a complete obsidian black before they close. his breath fans over your face as you stare up at him, meek and servile in his hold. “okay.”
that’s all he says—all he offers you—before he slowly loses grip on your face and goes back to finishing off his work. you feel your heart beat again almost a full minute later and you’re looking down at draken’s hunched figure every few minutes or so, waiting for him to say or do something.
that something now has you whining and mewling for him to slow down, please! but for once, draken’s not listening. instead, he’s pressing your knees into your chest, tits squished beneath your kneecaps, driving home the lesson he wants to teach you.
“ke-ken, too much!,” you cry, fingers biting into his shoulderblades.
“think about this the next time you fuckin’ talk to me like that.”
as you cream on his dick once again, draken feels his resolve breaking. he planned to stick this out until you went completely dumb on his cock, glazed eyes and spit slicked chin. the tears on your cheeks let him know he was one step away though; he could concede his torture with you crying in a puddle of your own slick instead.
It’s when he fucks rivulets of his cum into your warm, soaked pussy that your eyes finally get cloudy, hearts dancing in your irises as he looks down at you. you look so fucked out, it’s almost endearing to him.
“atta fuckin’ girl.” he moans, slipping out of you, coated in your mixed arousals. “y’did so good for me.”
there’s a delicate kiss to your temple as draken starts piecing you back together, warm rag cleaning up the mess in between your thighs.
“just watch your mouth next time, yeah?” he mumbles, sliding from between your legs. “mhm..” you hum, docile and filled with a reminder.
Tumblr media
@ohayopumpum <3
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hayakeiji · 4 months ago
novice | bokuto kōtarō
pairing: fem!reader x virgin!bokuto kōtarō
word count: 614
warnings: 18+ content. minors do not interact. edging, unprotected sex, creampie, implied overstimulation. let me know if i missed any!!
author's note: happy birthday u big big sweet man. <3
minors dni.
Tumblr media
Bokuto’s breath stutters as he slips his cock into you, pushing deeper at an agonizingly slow pace.
“C-can’t go too fast, might cum…”
He sucks in his breath, bottom lip sandwiched between his teeth as he concentrates on holding back. It takes everything for him not to cum right then and there, with the way you look sprawled out beneath him, how you whimper with the slightest rock of his hips and your cunt squeezes around him, wetter and warmer than his fist.
“C’mon Bo, deeper, harder, please…”
He can’t resist your charms, not when you beg him in that voice, pussy sucking him in deeper the more his movements falter.
He begins to rock his hips, the uneven rhythm indicative of his lack of experience. You can’t blame him though; anything is sure to feel good to him if he’s never been touched like this before.
“Baby, is that good? you like that?”
You can tell he’s trying, his hands roaming your body as he thrusts to pinch at your nipples or rub at your clit messily. Though he’s clumsy in his movements, the sheer size of his cock makes up for it. You know he’ll learn to know what you like and how to touch you, but for now just the feeling of being stuffed full is enough to bring you close to the edge.
Unfortunately, it’s at those moments, right when you’re teetering on the brink of euphoria, that he switches his rhythm or removes his hand from your clit. With all that buildup wasted, your cunt aches for release.
“Did'ja cum yet baby?” he manages to grunt between thrusts, nervous that he’s not making it enjoyable for you.
Little does he know that his unintentional sloppiness has you even more needy for him, and each time he’s edged you has only burned him and this moment deeper into your memory.
“N-no, not yet. please let me cum, wanna cum so bad Bo.”
Your voice is whinier than you anticipate, and Bokuto picks up on the hint of desperation as you beg.
“Show me how you like it, okay?” he takes your hand with his and squeezes, letting you take the lead.
Singling out his thumb, you guide his thick fingers to your core, showing him how to tease your clit as he fucks you. Meanwhile, your heels dig into his ass, pulling him closer as you urge, “Deeper, deeper! Ah, just like that!”
Your back arches under his touch and he grins, watching as your face goes blank and hazy, drinking in the pleasure of his cock nudging against your most sensitive spot as the pressure of his thumb against your clit builds.
“Fuck, g’na cum, oh- fuck!”
All the tension in your body suddenly rushes to your core, where Bokuto is still buried deep inside you. While your body and mind go slack, you clench around him, pussy pulsing as you come down from your high. It goes on longer than you’re used to, and through the sound of ringing in your ears, you hear Bokuto groan from above you, unable to hold off his own climax.
Your legs tighten around his torso, and he flops on top of you as you cum together, an intertwined mess of sweaty limbs and whispered feels so good, love you s’ much.
When he finally pulls out, he stops for a moment to admire the mess between your legs, his release mixed with your own. Already he can feel the blood rushing back to his softening cock, and he mounts you again, pushing your legs back despite your whines that it’s too much.
“Shh, baby. I'm not done with you yet.”
Tumblr media
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shinsotired · 2 months ago
Tokyo Revengers - Sex Positions
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takemichi x Reader, Mikey x Reader, Draken x Reader, Mitsuya x Reader, Baji x Reader, Chifuyu x Reader, Kokonoi x Reader, Ran x Reader x Rindo, Hanma x Reader
Reader Type: AFAB, Gender Neutral. Neutral pet names used (baby, sugar, peach, etc)
Rating: M/E+
Word Count: ~1.2
Warnings: 18+, vaginal sex, anal sex, condom usage, unsafe sex, cumming inside, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, double penetration, degradation, praise kink, public sex, oral sex (giving and receiving), bondage (light), choking (light), impregnation mention, scratching/biting, ball-gag usage, outdoor sex, exhibitionism, rough sex (ig??? not really that descriptive), sugar baby mention
Notes: um...hi...welcome to my tr brianrot lol. Send horny thoughts if you wish, may make a part two with more characters. @/Hawksward and @/Dabi-hates-fish helped me out with this one <3 Everyone is of adult age.
Tumblr media
(couldn't be bothered to make character headers. RIP)
Takemichi Hanagaki
Man only knows missionary. You cannot tell me that Takavanillamichi wants to do anything besides that. Which is valid if that’s what you’re into. At least he’s considerate, though sometimes gets a little too excited and cums too soon. At least he’ll make sure you get off too, with or without his dick. Will only wear a condom after protesting and pouting,
“Mitchy,” you whine as he thrusts into you like an overzealous rabbit. The old futon you’re on is creaking horribly and you’re almost sure it will break if he goes any faster. The wood frame gives in as soon as you’re both cumming, causing a loud bang and an angry yell from your neighbors.
Manjiro Sano (Mikey)
Everyone’s favorite tortured soul is aroace. No romantic feelings, no sexual attraction, but he is the best cuddle bug in all of Japan. Prefers to be the little spoon so just treat him like your favorite teddy bear. Hold him tight and close to help heal those deep wounds of his.
You buried your face into his short black hair, inhaling the gentle coconut scent of his shampoo. Mikey let out a content sigh as his fingers intertwined with yours in front of his waist. You easily drifted to sleep, knowing there wasn’t a safer place in the world than in a bed with Manjiro Sano.
Ken Ryuguji (Draken)
Not to beat a dead horse but Draken just loves watching you on top of him. Cowgirl man through and through. You do all the work until you beg him to move, and he’ll have you screaming in seconds. Will want to cum inside you and how can you tell that face no? Luckily he has a clean bill of health because his loyalty knows no bounds.
“That’s it, pretty baby,” Draken cooed as you bounced on top of him, finding the perfect angle to have his head hitting that perfect spot inside you. “You gonna cum or you need some help?” Your soft whimper and nod of your head have his fingers digging into the flesh of your hips as he thrusts upwards in a way that has you crying out.
Tumblr media
Takashi Mitsuya
Ah yes, the very cuddly ‘scoop me up’ position. Mitsuya always calls you over to help him babysit his little sisters. As soon as the two sweet girls are asleep, your innocent couch cuddles turn into something much more heated. He’s laying behind you while he thrusts into you, half-naked bodies obscured by a thin blanket. Better keep quiet so you don’t wake anyone up. Master at slipping a condom on without anyone noticing.
Your teeth sink into your lip at Mitsuya’s nearly silent thrusts. Thankfully the movie you were watching is just loud enough to obscure the small squeaks that hitch in your throat as he reaches around to rub your clit in tight circles. He whispers into your ear and you can hear the smirk on his face, “better stay quiet, peach, don’t wanna wake anyone up.”
Baji Keisuke
I live in a fantasy world where Baji never dies and makes it to adulthood. Which is great because he is the embodiment of chaos. His favorite position is bending you over a counter in a public bathroom, wrecking you after he caught some guy checking you out. Luckily the sight of him defending your honor gets you going. Also, no condom because he doesn’t want his swimmies to be contained by any means.
“Fuck baby, you’re squeezin’ me so tight.” He pants between rough rolls of his hips. The edge of the counter is digging into your thighs as you drool like a helpless idiot at the thrill of someone walking in and catching you. The sound of the doorknob turning has you cumming all over his dick as he yells for the intruder to kindly fuck off.
Chifuyu Matsuno
Chifuyu loves nothing more than just eating you out for hours on end, and you reciprocating? Even better. Sixty-nine is his preference, with you on top of course. Those light novels didn’t just teach him to be a smooth talker, his friends call him the pussy whisperer by how quick he can make you cum with his tongue. You licking him like a lollipop is just icing on the cake.
His tongue was deep inside of you as you rutted your hips against his face, your moans muffled by being thoroughly stuffed with his cock. Chifuyu’s grunts as you teased his tip reverberated against you, the vibrations enough to make you cum for a third time while he hadn’t even cum once. “Fuyu,” you panted as you took him out your mouth, “No more, can’t take anymore-”
Tumblr media
Kokonoi Hajime
Chest down, ass up, and hands tied behind your back is the way Koko loves to find his favorite sugar baby the most. This modified leapfrog position is a bit hard to get into solo, but you’ve found ways to manage so that you could surprise the man that gives you everything you want. And he has nothing but praise for what a good little slut you are. And yes he does wear a condom because he fully knows how much babies cost and there is only room in his life for one (and that’s you).
“Fuck, Haji- so big!” You cry as he slams into you on repeat. His hand is in your hair, holding your face to the bed to restrict your movements even more. You were such a good little sugar getting into position for him, so sweet that he just had to reward you by dicking you down the best way he knew how: until you’re overstimulated and in tears.
Haitani Brothers
They share everything. Even holes. So you can’t just date Ran and not Rindo, or date Rindo and not Ran. They’re a package deal, after all, so then of course the sadistic duo would only find pleasure in torturing you together. Any position that involved double penetration, because here there’s no brother left behind. Oh and no condoms. They have a bet going on who can get you knocked up first. Mean as hell but they have great aftercare to make up for it.
“I don’t know what hole is more fucked out, your pussy or your ass.” Ran said with a sadistic grin as he pounded into your tight asshole from behind, Rindo underneath you pumping into an already cum-filled pussy. A ball gag was fastened around your head, drool dripping down your chin and onto the younger brother. You couldn’t remember how many orgasms you had had, the only thing you could think about was the one about to break from their scratching nails and biting teeth.
Shuji Hanma
Hanma loves to fuck you from behind while you’re shoved against a wall. Any wall really but preferably one in a dark alley with broken street lights. Condoms are a hassle but he does have a top-notch pull-out game. Just don’t make too much noise or someone might come searching for the person moaning and crying in the dark.
The brick began to scratch your face and hands as Hanma thrust into you, his tattooed hands hoisting you up so you were on the balls of your feet. You were biting your lip until it threatened to bleed as the alley was filled with the low grunts of Hanma enjoying the best pussy he’s ever had. His hand on the back of your throat to keep you steady, depriving your body of oxygen and proper blood flow until he loosened his grip enough to give you a rush that had you cumming fast and hard.
Tumblr media
If you want more then let me know! I like doing these in between working on long fics because sometimes I just need a break lol. I'm going to be updating my tag list form soon to include TR since it's not on there as of yet.
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miyuqs · 8 months ago
for the first time - ps
summary: in which sunghoon has to figure out how to properly express his feelings for you
genre: highschool!au, fluff?, angst?, poetry? idk
pairing: sunghoon x reader
word count: 4185
warnings: some metaphorical violence? some kissing lol but nothing too suggestive
note: I LITERALLY WROTE THIS IN MY SPANISH CLASS LAST WEEK AND KINDA TRIED A NEW WRITING STYLE AND DIDN'T REALLY EDIT I'M SORRY IF THIS IS SO BAD OMFG ackkk also, i hope this somewhat makes up for not updating sonder in a while LMFAO also also i snuck some song titles from b:c in so try and find them :P anyways i hope it makes u hate and love hoon all at the same time, i'm gonna go pretend it doesn’t exist ever again <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon doesn’t like having feelings for other people.
Park Sunghoon would much rather spend his waking hours figure skating, shopping, or playing with his dog than thinking about another person.
And that’s why, when Park Sunghoon sees you for the first time, he resents you. He resents how his heart skips a beat when the afternoon breeze pushes your hair out of your face. He resents that when he makes eye contact with you, a plethora of new feelings fills his chest and makes him want to explode. He resents Jake Sim for introducing you to him. 
Park Sunghoon isn’t curious about other people.
He prefers to focus on himself.
So the first time Jake hears your name fall from Sunghoon’s lips in the form of a question, he’s beyond surprised. 
Sunghoon resents you for making him want to know more about you. 
When Jake starts inviting you to eat lunch with his friend group, Sunghoon can’t tell whether he should be grateful or slam Jake’s head into the table. Perhaps he should be grateful. He never talked much in the first place, and now that you were around, he had something else to stare at rather than his own hands. Or perhaps he should slam Jake’s head into the table. The more he admired your existence, the more he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do with the infatuation blooming in his heart.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Park Sunghoon is not mean.
He can’t even kill a fly without Lee Heeseung having to do it for him.
So when he gives you the cold shoulder, refuses to acknowledge you whenever you’re around him, doesn’t laugh when you say something funny even though everyone else does, and walks away from you whenever you try to talk to him, you can’t understand why. No one understands why. Sure, he usually took a while to warm up to people, but he never rejected anyone new in the friend group.
Sunghoon took an instant liking to Jay Park. They started hanging out by themselves just the week after they first met. Sunghoon looks up to Lee Heeseung more than anyone. He wants to dance and sing as well as he does. Sunghoon has been friends with Jake his entire life. There is no one he trusts more than him. 
Sunghoon treats you like you’re an inconvenience.
You attempt to text him and ask him if he has a problem with you.
Park Sunghoon blocks your phone number.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
The first time you hang out with him outside of school is at a cafe.
Jake had to beg you to go with them, his incentive being that he would pay for your drink and buy you any pastry of your choice. The idea of a free tea and cheese roll was too enticing to pass up.
Sunghoon likes how you look today, but he won’t admit it. Or maybe he does in the way he lightly pushes Jake out of the way and quietly hands the cashier his debit card to pay for your order instead. Behind you, Jay and Heeseung whisper to each other. Jake knows exactly what Sunghoon is thinking. You don’t understand what his motive is.
Park Sunghoon is an enigma.
After he pays for your order, he goes right back to ignoring you. 
Jay cracks a joke and you throw your head back as you laugh, hand coming up to cover your face. Sunghoon doesn’t laugh. He's too busy processing the sound of yours. Remembering it. Turning it into his favorite song. He thinks you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen in his entire life. He stops himself from telling you this out loud. 
While you’re caught up in laughter, Jake watches Sunghoon’s face. Jake only ever sees this type of expression on Sunghoon’s face when he accompanies him to the ice rink. Jake sees a certain sparkle in Sunghoon’s eyes that he only ever sees when Sunghoon perfectly lands a triple axel.
Jake can tell that Sunghoon is falling in love. 
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Park Sunghoon doesn’t understand his feelings until he steps foot in the rink.
Understanding begins to sprout in his head when he lands a jump, and wishes you were there to have seen it happen. He wants to impress you. Understanding begins to blossom when he forgets his next move because you take priority in his mind over his routine. Sunghoon has never let anything get in the way of his art before. The occurrence is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Sunghoon has never found himself skating for anyone else other than himself before. 
For the first time, Sunghoon imagines what it would be like if someone else was on the ice with him. He imagines his hands grazing your waist. He imagines what it would feel like for his palms to press into your back if he were to lift you. He imagines you in front of him, moving in sync with him as he glides across the rink. 
His coach doesn't think she's ever seen him move so passionately.
Understanding is in full bloom.
Sunghoon never leaves the rink until he’s finished his routine perfectly. Full rotations on every jump. Spins as fast as he can physically muster. Just how he likes it. 
He leaves the rink that night earlier than usual. 
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Silence is only as deadly as one wants it to be.
You think Sunghoon wants you dead.
When you go to Jake's house for the first time, you are the second to arrive after Sunghoon.
Jake announces that he'll be back in five minutes. When he leaves the room, the atmosphere becomes a weight.
Speaking feels illegal. The only way to test the limit of the law is to break it.
"How long are you going to treat me like this?"
Sunghoon makes eye contact with you for the second time ever. Sharp eyes. Closed mouth. Hands gripping his phone tighter.
"I don't know what you're talking about." 
⊱ ────────── ⊰
When Jake wants to go ice skating, you don't refuse. Neither does Sunghoon. 
You are the only one unaware of Sunghoon's talent.
As you lace up your skates, Sunghoon is already stepping out onto the ice. This is the only place that feels more like home to him than home. 
Jake stands next to you, leaning over the edge of the rink. He watches your face as you watch Sunghoon. Your eyes fixate on him, watching. Admiring. Astonished. The rink becomes blurs of bright lights and colors around him. His allure is disrespectful to the beauty of the ice. He draws attention to him and only him.
Ice flares up when he runs the sides of his blades into the ice. He places his clammy hand on the edge of the rink. Head thrown back. Mouth agape. Heavy breathing. Sticky hair against his forehead. 
Gracefulness exists in the form of Park Sunghoon. 
You think he’s most beautiful when he’s in his element. He thinks you’re most beautiful when you exist.
He knows you’re watching him. This is what he wanted. He looks over to you and Jake.
You make eye contact for the third time.
Sunghoon smiles at you for the first time.
The first time Sunghoon touches you is when he takes your hand to help you onto the ice. You dig your toe pick into the ground as you push yourself forward. Sunghoon lets you hold onto his forearm, even if his heart is threatening to rip itself out of his chest. He doesn’t mind how slow you two move. He decides he enjoys skating with you more than setting a new personal best score.
You mumble about how it’s unfair how talented he is. Shades of pink bloom on his cheeks. He mumbles that it’s unfair how attractive you are. You fall on the ice for the first time that night.
Sunghoon laughs. He hasn’t laughed this hard in such a long time. The good kind of painful laughter. He knows in the future, he’ll think about this moment randomly and smile.
You spend the next ten seconds engraving his laughter into your memory instead of picking yourself up. You think that this moment is rare. 
Although, you wish for it not to be.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Handling feelings is a difficult task.
Sunghoon realizes this at midnight when he and his ceiling come face to face. He has never once found silence to be uncomfortable, and yet he wishes that your voice was around to fill his bedroom. 
He unblocks your number.
Park Sunghoon calls you for the first time.
You don't understand why you didn't ignore his call. You convince yourself that you picked up the phone in case he needed something important. At midnight.
Sunghoon isn’t curious about other people.
Jake told you so.
And yet, Sunghoon asks you what your favorite flower is. Your favorite color. Your taste in music. Your favorite songs. Your favorite movies. Your favorite candle scent. Your go-to meal at restaurants. Your birthday. What your family is like. 
Sunghoon asks you if you believe in love at first sight.
“I don’t know… Do you?” Your voice is laced with caution. There’s a long silence after your words, anticipation growing thicker in the air. Your ceiling feels like it could collapse at any given moment. You can’t see Sunghoon on the other end of the phone when he runs his fingers through his hair. You can’t see the rise and fall of his chest when he takes a deep breath and searches his scattered brain for the right answer.
“Ever since recently, yes.” You can’t see when Sunghoon closes his eyes and sinks his teeth into the plush of his bottom lip. You wish you could take your own answer back. Tell him that you do believe. Sunghoon can’t see you when you pull your blanket over your head. 
“What made you start believing?” 
You know the answer. He knows the answer as well. Your words are an open invitation to profess.
Silence is only as deadly as one wants it to be, and you conclude that Sunghoon wants to kill you tonight.
Sleep takes you in her arms before she takes Sunghoon. He calls out your name, his answer is an empty bedroom. 
He doesn’t hang up the phone.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
The contrast between the gentleness by which he calls out your name and the harshness by which he disregards you is agonizing.
You’re not unintelligent. You’re fast to understand concepts, fast to convert thoughts to words. Quick-witted.
But Sunghoon has no algorithm to him. Now, he won’t even look at you.
Jake asks if you’ve been in a fight with him recently. Questions. Prodding. When you look at Sunghoon, he’s staring at his hands again. Fingers dancing with each other. You wonder if you should tell Jake about the phone call. You decide against it.
“No. Isn’t he usually like this?”
Jake doesn’t want you to think Sunghoon despises you. You know he doesn’t. Jake knows he doesn’t. Jay and Heeseung know he doesn't.
Sunghoon is the only one still trying to convince himself that he does.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
When Jake invites you to his house for the second time, you’re the second to arrive after Sunghoon. He doesn’t bother to look up from his phone to greet you. 
“I’ll be back, I’m gonna let Jay and Heeseung in.” Jake stands up to leave the room. He gives you a remorseful glance before he exits.
Heavy air. Deadly silence. Law-breaking.
“Do you have a problem with me or what?” The words leave your lips before you have the opportunity to contemplate them. Sunghoon’s lips are tight. The grip on his phone is tighter. He stares at you with apologetic eyes. His gaze contrasts his agreement.
“Yeah. I do.”
Jay and Heeseung’s presence lifts the room. You’re grateful. 
When the movie plays, neither you nor Sunghoon are focused on it. Sitting on the floor. He scoots closer to you. Caution shooting through his fingertips. He places his hand over yours. His knee bumps into yours. Your mouth parts, then closes again. No protest. You close the gap. Your head falls on his shoulder.
He holds onto your hand like if he lets go, he’ll lose you.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Today, you wonder if Sunghoon is just a character you’ve made up in your mind. Someone to fulfill the romantic fantasies from your daydreams. He never felt real in the first place. His existence is inconsistent. Perhaps you have him mixed up with someone else.
Today, Sunghoon walks past you like you don’t exist.
Jake watches you intently. Sharp features. Lost eyes. Pursed lips. He cannot tell if you’re angrier about Sunghoon ignoring you, or the seeming casualness of it all. He treats you like he doesn’t spend movie nights at Jake’s house holding on to you like his life depends on it. Or like he’s capable of falling asleep without knowing you’re on the other end of his phone. 
You figure it’ll be harder to fall out of love than to fall in love. Still, it’ll be of less difficulty than trying to play Sunghoon’s game.
When you get home that day, Sunghoon attempts to call you. Your fingers hover over the green button. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. The phone rings out until the silence of your room deafens it.
This is the first time you block Sunghoon’s phone number.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Sunghoon looks for you with desperation. 
While he isn’t supposed to be curious about other people, he asks Jake where you are.
“Eating lunch with some other friends, I think.” Jake states plainly. He’s a terrible liar, but he knows you’re tired of Sunghoon. You want to stop inconveniencing him. Sunghoon doesn’t understand how to handle his feelings. You’re tired of waiting for him to figure out how, though he wishes you were patient enough for him to learn.
Distance holds your relationship at gunpoint. The pads of her fingers rest on the trigger. You command her to pull it.
She’s never been one to listen well.
Sunghoon hates looking like a lost puppy. Racing across campus. Scanning eyes. Searching. Soft drizzles of raindrops hit the concrete. Rain is more susceptible to hitting you when you’re moving through it rather than standing still.
When Sunghoon finds you, he’s drenched. He finds you eating lunch alone. An unwelcoming bench. Umbrella propped. Away from everyone else. He forces himself to walk up to you. To take your hands and pull you onto your feet. 
Sunghoon hugs you for the first time.
It’s not ideal. His body is cold when it presses against yours. But when his arms wrap around your waist, you can’t help but feel safe. 
You shouldn’t. It doesn’t feel right.
Sunghoon lets apologies fall from his lips. Begs for you to come back. His voice is starting to get irritating.
You tilt your head up to press your lips against his. He smiles against your mouth. Hands resting on your waist. Playing with the hem of your shirt. Slipping under. Feeling the bareness of your back. Fingers tangled in his hair. Dancing on the nape of his neck. Cupping his jaw. A pitter-patter of rain. You concur that his problem is that he can’t spend a day without you.
You and Sunghoon’s first kiss isn’t ideal. In fact, it shouldn’t have even happened. 
But it does.
You want it to happen again.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Jake knows you well enough to know when you’re hiding something from him.
When you talk about Sunghoon like he’s a hindrance instead of working on physics homework, his suspicions grow. Jake has always been an observant kid. He thinks you talk about Sunghoon just a bit too much. He doesn’t wish to upset you. He just doesn’t think you know what you’re talking about.
“What happened between you?”
Jake knows you well enough to know when you’re lying straight to his face.
“You’re falling for him, aren’t you?”
Your intelligence is comparable to Jake’s. You study and ace tests together. However, he's always been just one step ahead. And in this moment, nothing occupies your mind except for the remembrance of the feeling of Sunghoon’s lips pressed against your own, cold rain against your back, wet hair entangled between your fingers. He tasted like vanilla.
A shiver runs down your spine.
“I don’t want to.”
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Nothing is allowed to take priority in Sunghoon’s life over skating.
He refuses to talk to anyone days before he has to compete. Days are spent on schoolwork. Nights are spent on the ice. Preparing. Working. Elegance earns its definition under the blades of Sunghoon's skates. 
Sunghoon has listened to You Are The Reason so often that although Heeseung is the one with perfect pitch, he swears he can name the notes of every piano chord composed.
When Sunghoon takes breaks, he lays in the middle of the rink, legs straight, arms spread. He wishes he could hear your voice again. He watches the entrance of the rink, hoping that you’ll walk in with Jake. 
You never appear.
For the first time, Sunghoon finds difficulty in recentering his focus. He is still imagining your waist under his hands, whether it be as he molds his lips against yours or guides you along the ice.
He thinks if he falls one more time, the ice might leave a bruise on his knees.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Jake drags you to the arena fiercely. He doesn’t tell you why. Running up stairs. Choosing a few seats.
It isn’t until you see Sunghoon stepping onto the ice that you understand why you’re there. To watch. You know what Jake wants. For admiration to sneak her hands around your throat. To encase you. Trap you in. 
Sunghoon looks like he’s searching for something. Realization doesn’t hit until he locks eyes with you. Turning his head away quickly. A tingly feeling in his stomach. He’ll just have to apologize later for disappearing again.
He takes home another silver medal.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Three soft knocks on your front door.
Sunghoon decides he can’t find his focus anywhere except in your arms.
Doors swing open, your mouth is on his before you can barely process what’s happening. Feet moving instinctively. Carrying you to your room. Swollen lips and clashing teeth. His fingertips find their home in the small of your back. Pulling you closer. He’s feverishly warm.
“Stop leaving me.” It leaves your lips as a whisper. His chest rumbles with a groan of approval. Whether or not he keeps his word is the only thought on your mind. 
His head is on your lap. Watching a movie that neither of you are really watching. He traces shapes into your thighs. Fingers playing with his hair. Timid air, an atmosphere begging to be shattered.
“What are we... doing?” Your question is genuine. Park Sunghoon is a puzzle you’re getting tired of trying to solve. He has no strategy. No algorithm. No handbook or instructions. 
Sunghoon responds by pulling your head down to him. A soft, longing kiss. You wonder who, between the both of you, will go insane first. 
This is the first time Sunghoon falls asleep in a bed that isn’t his own.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
“We’re going to be late for school.” You remark, attempting to peel yourself from the sheets.
He pulls you down. Arms wrapped around your waist. A tender kiss pressed to your shoulder. He has you drunk on his touch. Too dazed to think straight.
“Let’s just stay here for a bit.” Just a moment longer. Sunghoon doesn’t want to let go. As soon as he leaves, he doesn’t know the next time he’ll be back. He pulls you in tighter. He believes that losing this moment might really just kill him. He wants to imprint himself into your skin. Sunghoon wants to be remembered.
It’s never like you to skip class without a good reason. Diligence is paired with your name often. ‘A bit’ turns into too long. Regret doesn’t even breathe in your head. You’ll just have to make up an excuse to Jake later.
You cook breakfast for the first time in too long. A whiff of coffee floods your nose. His voice fills every hallway, every room, everywhere it's never been  before. Home hasn't felt this much like home for a while now. 
When he leaves, he also leaves his ghost. Blurry memories forever linger in your room. The indent in your mattress. His scent on your sheets. Visions of his figure sitting on the edge of your bed.
You want him back as soon as he’s gone.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
You know what it’s like to miss someone. Even if you don’t want to. Especially if you don’t want to.
You curse yourself for doing so. For not wanting to go back to sleeping without your back pressed against his chest. You wonder if you have this much of an impact on him as he has on you.
You don’t even think you’re supposed to feel this way about him.
It’s wrong how inconsistent he is. Irritating and confusing.
But when he exists, he does so beautifully. He’s captivating. You would trade anything if it just meant one more minute with him.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Jake Sim is criminally observant.
Even in a bustling cafe, he can tell Sunghoon is playing with his fingers more than usual. His drink is getting cold. He avoids Jake’s eyes. Small sounds come from Heeseung’s phone. Jay adjusts the chain dangling from his neck. 
Sunghoon smells waiting in the air. They want him to speak. To say it. To hear the words come from him. Jay crosses his arms. Heeseung places his phone face down on the table. Sunghoon looks up. Jake raises an eyebrow at him.
“I think I’m in love.”
Sunghoon takes a sip from his drink right after. Jake smiles. Jay rolls his eyes and pulls his phone out of his pocket. Heeseung nods silently. Jake runs his fingers through his hair. He assumes it’s his turn to respond.
“We know.”
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Sunghoon understands what nervousness is.
 The last time you were at this cafe, Sunghoon undeniably fell in love with you, although he could spend hours denying it. Or at least trying to. He knows better now. Having feelings for you isn’t wrong. Admiration isn’t wrong. Making room in his life for someone other than himself isn’t wrong. It isn’t weak. It isn’t deadly.
Falling in love with you isn’t wrong.
He searches with timid eyes. Darting back and forth from his phone to the door of the cafe.
When you walk in, Sunghoon swears his heart stops for a moment.
You see him and your stomach twists. Jake said you were meeting him today. Lies. You want to turn to leave. Step out and immediately call Jake and ask him what he was thinking. Locked eyes. Sunghoon motions for you to sit down across from him. Compliance.
There’s a drink waiting for you on the table, the same one you ordered last time. The same one he paid for. Twice now. You try to convince yourself that the label on your cup is more interesting than Sunghoon’s face.
His hand travels to his nape. He has trouble finding your eyes. Gaze cast to the side.
Waiting. This time, you don’t want to be the first to speak.
Sunghoon breaks the silence for the first time.
“You’ve unraveled me in ways I could’ve never imagined.”
He doesn’t play with his fingers anymore. He reaches out and takes your hand in his. Staring. Silently asking you to look at him. Eyes following his.
A smirk growing on your lips. Playful, cocky eyes. “Are you thanking me?” 
“Would it be wrong to thank you for teaching me what falling in love is like?”
Suddenly, the air is so much thicker. His gaze is worrisome. Had he said too much? It didn’t matter. There was no going back now.
“I love you.” Words you never thought you’d hear fall from his lips. 
A smirk turns into a smile. A smile he swears is designed just for him. One filled with comfort. Safety. Security. 
“Stay with me.” You almost plead. Your hand squeezes his.
⊱ ────────── ⊰
Park Sunghoon still doesn’t understand feelings sometimes.
He would still rather figure skate, go shopping, and play with his dog rather than think about another person. He still dislikes being curious about other people.
But still, he finds himself searching for you everywhere. During lunch on campus. When Jake wants to hang out. In the audience at his competitions. 
When he makes eye contact with you before he steps out onto the rink, he finds himself falling in love with the butterflies in his stomach. When he skates, he searches for your body under his fingertips between the piano chords of his compositions. 
Park Sunghoon is a gold medalist that night.
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ushijimascumbucket · 2 months ago
warnings: size kink, face sitting, L bombs, dirty talk, slightly rough? not even tho, cockwarming, fluffiness
this is for my tall girlies that got rejected by their crush in school bc they were too tall. go fuck yourself gus i hope you die. now there will be some short girl slander here so if ur short and sensitive i recommend you do not read. I’ll repeat myself, no short girl behaviour in my replies por favor.
Tumblr media
man this dude LOVES tall girls
I may be bias but man look at this dude
i think he would just generally want someone closer to his height, he doesn’t get off to his s/o being smaller than him at all
if anything, if they were too much smaller it might ick him out a bit, he would feel a bit creepy being enormous and having a tiny little gf
He thinks tall girls have a certain elegance, even if you don’t see it, he thinks your beauty is ethereal and unmatched
which is why when you get insecure because your only a little bit (if at all) shorter than him, he makes sure to show you he doesn’t mind in the easiest way possible: ploughing the doubt from your mind
“Toshi- Toshi, ahhhhhh!” You cry as he hooks your beautiful legs over his shoulders and continues to rut into you like a man possessed. He grips your calves, staring down at the way your long body ricochets with every thrust. Your arms are splayed against the mattress and your fingers grip the sheets, face scrunched up with overwhelming stimulation. He watched as his cock is completely swallowed by your puffy pussy, cream surrounding the base every time he moves. Giving a chaste kiss to your calve, Ushijima tilts his head back in a groan, fucking you hard but sensually.
“See? Isn’t this...” he grunted,”Isn’t this better for me? If you were any smaller, I’d break you.”
Pussy pulsing, the back of your head digs into your pillow and you moan like a little bitch. His hips work against you, the piston of him thick cock making you twitch, you were close. Effortlessly he hits your g-spot, which has you clenching around him.
He groans.
“You’re so tight, still got a little pussy, mmh.”
Now his thrusts were getting faster and messier, stoping the grind and now just ploughing your wet little hole.
“Toshi-!” you pleaded,”i’m gonna cum!”
“Me too, Y/N, C’mere.”
he pushes your legs back down either side of his waist and bends over your shaking body. He puts one elbow either side of your head, hips still sloppily fucking you. One hand reaches to hold your face and he goes down to kiss you. You whimper in his mouth and he shoves his tongue lovingly down your throat. He moans deep and stutters his hips to a stop, cock nestled deep inside of you, and he cums. You sob into his sweet kiss and cum with him as he stuffs you full of his thick semen. He pants, pulling away from your mouth only for a second where he gives you another impassioned kiss. Forehead to forehead, you breathe together, a warm quiet filling the room.
“I love you Y/N.”
“I love you Toshi.”
mmm wants u to have his babies
something about tall women makes him want to breed
and you have such good child bearing hips, he can’t help but stare as you walk
He thinks ur kids would be such good athletes <3
your long big sexy thighs drive him wild you don’t even know, u cannot fathom the magnitude that this man wants to bite them
i do think he would also date short girls too, and maybe he did in the past
so when you see photos of him with his ex who is tiny ur like ‘oh :(’ cuz ur literally nothing like her
when he sees you scrolling thru her ig he asks you what ur doing
ur like ‘nothing :/‘ he’s like ‘😗 this shit won’t fly’
after enough questioning ur like ‘well it’s just... she’s a lot smaller than you... and me... and idk... i just didn’t know you were into that’
oho u gonna be walking funny tomorrow
He has you on your stomach, ass in the air for him, pounding you from the back. holding ur arms to keep you as close to him as possible, yanking you back against his heavy thrusts.
“Who’s my girl? Who am I fucking right now?”
he half groans half laughs, fingers digging into your soft skin.
“That’s right baby, you’re my girl, my pretty little girl. She’s old news you got that?”
Instantly you nod against the squeaking bed. He loves the sound you let out every time he fills you completely, he revels in the sight of your long back arched for him.
“Good girl.”
Nearly drenched, your wet cunt leaves a little slick on his balls, weeping down your thighs. He reaches underneath and rubs your clit in tight circles, groaning as he feels your cunt tighten and pulse.
“Yeah, yeah,” he says breathily, voice becoming gruffer,”Ohh yeah, you like that? You like this?”
He gave it a slight slap, and you jolted a little, whimpers escaping your smushed lips.
“You’re my girl now yeah? Wouldn’t change you, wouldn’t, You’re-You’re perfect. Wanna breed you, make perfect little babies.”
You turn you bleary eyes to look back at him, and you give him a dumb little smile. His heart melts and his cock throbs, and his speed increases with vigor. The pump of his cock inside of you is driving you insane, drool dampening the sheets. You’re so lost in the feeling of him inside you filling you to the brim, you forget why you were so upset to begin with.
“Ohhh baby i’m close,” growls, hands now wrapping around the base of your waist, pushing you into the bed so he can pound you like a machine.
“Gonna fill you with my cum baby, gonna breed your pussy, don’t you want that?”
“Yes, yes Kou, please,” you cry, and it doesn’t take much more for him to release his fat load inside your spasming walls with a surprisingly high moan.
Pushed over the edge with the feeling of his cum, you scream, cumming as he still fucks it back into you. As you come down you expect him to let up, but he doesn’t, he just keeping whining and fucking you like he was before.
“Kou, what, what are-“ you can harley for a sentence, overstimulated and disoriented.
“Gotta- hnghhh- make sure it takes, breed you one more time. Ok? You can do that for me can’t you?”
You have little choice but to take it.
doesn’t give a shit hes shorter than you
like not at all
like not at ALL at all
before u guys were dating he jacked off the the thought of your perfect body, those long ass legs, those thighs
oh my god he loves ur thighs
sorry but why is hinata one of them dudes that like begs you sit on his face? like can he chill? he’s so intense about it LMAO
ur like i will crush ur skull and hes like i’m willing to risk that
and when you sit on it you just hover cuz you don’t want him to literally die, but he’s like “when i say sit i mean SIT ma i got a thick skull”
doesn’t care that ur ‘bigger’ than him, knows ur a whiny girl at heart
just wants to take care of you n make u cream, not much to ask is it?
“You’re like two inches from my face, sit down.”
You squeak as he yanks your hips into his face, mouth finally connecting with what he’s been waiting for all day, hell, all his life.
“Shoyo! Shoyo, I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna- fuuuuck,” you breathe out as he starts suckling on your precious clit.
“Stop worrying Y/N, I got you, see?” he squeezes your thighs, showing he can hold you up.
“I-I don’t know, i’m kinda heavy...” You glance down at your boyfriend. His head looks small in comparison to your thighs, and you feel guilty even though he begged you to let him do this. Your guilt is eased somewhat by the look of stifling intensity on his face. His warm brown eyes stare into yours, you found it so flustering before? but now you can’t look away. His soft orange hair is tousled and mussed, framing his face, yet somehow he still makes you weak, even from underneath you.
“It’s nothing, really, I’ve got you. Let me make you feel good. Please?”
You wait a moment, then nod, and he dives right back in. Shaky hands reach forward to the bed frame steadying yourself as he tongues your wet folds. He groans into you at the taste, making you exhale at the vibration.
He licks your whole labia happily, flat lick all over that make you squirm. His dick was hard as anything, pulsing uncontrollably in his boxers. The tip had been dribbling pre the second you gave him a good look at his favourite girls pussy.
He makes you fall apart on top of him over and over until your knees buckle and you do actually end up nearly crushing him if it weren’t for those enormous arms of his holding you steady.
He’s done when he says he is, so, obviously, you’re in for a long night.
power couple alert ‼️‼️
imagine u two tall ass hotties strutting around hand in hand like it’s nobodies business!
in his eyes, you are the most stunning person he’s ever seen so he can’t fathom how you could possibly dislike your height
over the years of being together, he’s really boosted your confidence, you don’t even question his opinion of you anymore, you know he thinks ur fine as fuck
the amount of scrappy doo looking fan girls he had to deal with on a daily basis, only to come home to you
you, the perfect, gorgeous, ever soothing presence, you’re like his own personal stress reliever
especially when he’s let it all out inside you, and is holding you close after a particularly gruelling day
He panted from behind you, holding you close against his chest. You were both on your side, his cock plugging you full of his warm release. A kiss to your shoulder, he lay basking in the heat you radiate, inside and out. You smile into the black of your room, feeling the rise and fall of his chest on your back.
“Had a hard day,” he murmured,”Couldn’t wait to see you.”
Your sleepy smile widen.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. Had some fan girls come up to me today after practice. They wouldn’t leave me alone, I just wanted to get back to you.”
You reached for his hand that was draped loosely around your waist. tenderly you took it and sighed.
“Well that just makes me burn with jealousy doesn’t it?” you yawned and closed your eyes.
He laughed softly and kissed your shoulder again.
“Oh I know. I’m so disloyal, you better keep me on a leash.”
“Not a bad idea. I know what you’re like. Can’t keep you away from those short girls.”
“mhm. You know they’re my favourite.”
shuffling even closer, he breathed in you’re scent, giving your hand a soft squeeze.
“Love you forever.”
“Love you, you dog.”
He laughed one more time, before you both settled into a peaceful sleep.
homeboy is not the tallest guy out there, but boy oh boy, does he love tall girls
when he first saw you, he just knew he had to have you
he knows you could be a bit insecure having a boyfriend that isn’t much much bigger than you
so he tries to soothe you, make you feel little, make you feel like how other girls get to
there’s something about him, all muscle, his intensity, his confidence, it makes you melt and quiver beneath him
he loves taking control, making you his tiny baby that he knows you are, knows you want to be
It doesn’t hurt that he’s hung like a fucking horse either
“Aw, am I too big? Is my little girl too small for me? I’ll make it fit, don’t worry.”
he bullies his way further inside as you whine and grab at his built shoulder. He loves the sting of your nail in his back, almost as much as he loves your tight little pussy sucking him in bit by bit.
You’re sat on the kitchen counter, legs encircling his waist the whole way round. His fingers dig deep into your sides to keep you from squirming or wriggling away. He continues to push in, inch by inch as you clench your teeth at the stretch, until you’re full to the brim with him, cunt drooling on his throbbing erection.
“Fuck, so tight...” he mutters, more to himself than you. He’ll never get used to how good you feel, it’s always brand new.
You let out jagged breaths as he waits for you to adjust, burying your face in the small of his neck.
“You ok sweetheart?”
He’s desperate to move, but he needs to make sure you’re alright first.
“Yes, hajime... please,” you say, it comes out muffled with how you’re pressing your face into his neck.
He smiles softly.
“Are you feeling shy, pretty? That’s ok, do you want me to be gentle?”
You shake your head.
“Just tired hajime. P-Please move, you can go hard.”
He groaned as you tightened on him, like an invitation.
“Oh, such a good girl. Gonna give it to you good yeah?”
You inhaled as he drew back his hips, only his hips remaining inside you. Before you could do anything else, he slammed back into you, knocking you back with the force of it.
“Hajime!” you choked, eyes rolling back as he fucked you, good and deep. In his lower abdomen you could feel his tight, huge muscles jerking at the strain against you and your brain went fuzzy as he ground against that soft spot inside you.
Drilling your tiny hole, he growled at the hug of you pillowy walls, the wetness of the as his ears were filled with fwop fwop fwop.
“God, fuck, I love you,” he rasped, putting his full body weight into the sloppy impassioned thrusts.
“I-I love you so much, don’t stop hajime,” a breathy whisper was all you could muster, you felt like you had no control of the way you clung to him, his fat cock turning you to goo.
The two of you moan into the night like so many other, and melt into the feeling of being together. It’s really unfathomable the luxury you provide for each other, a love truly unmatched.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! if u enjoyed, reblogs are appreciated !
masterlist (again)
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fyodorslave · 3 months ago
JJK| How they make you cum
nsfw, fem! reader || all characters are aged-up || minors dni
gojo, getou, megumi, itadori, nanami, maki, nobara, inumaki, noritshi, yuuta, choso, todo, mai, naoya, toji
Tumblr media
he loves the way your legs are shaking around his waist as he shoves himself into you. Your moans getting louder each time he thrusts harder makes him feel like a fucking god. The way your tits bounce with each move, the way you grip the sheets, the way you bite your lip to control your moans makes him delirious. He loses himself in the way you look so defeated and desperate underneath him, each whine telling him to slow down makes him want to go even harder until you've become undone for him. He tenderly kisses the tears spilling from the corner of your eyes, leaving delicate pecks along your jaw- a complete contradiction to the way his balls are slapping against your ass as he ruthlessly pounds in and out of you. He fucks you through your orgasm, not letting you have a break; holds out until you can both cum together before going at it another round. He doesn't care how much he's overstimulated you, he'll ignore your mewls and continue until his legs give out. It's his pussy after all, he can do whatever he wants.
It's just so convenient. It doesn't matter where you are, home, in public, around friends; it's just so easy for them to fuck their fingers in you. It's almost embarrassing how you fail to keep your composure as they thrust two fingers inside of you underneath the table. They smile, to others it may seem to be sincere, but you know they're asking if your embarrassed by the way your becoming a mess in public. They love the way you stifle a moan when they start rubbing your clit with their thumb just as your about to answer a question. They feel so fucking powerful seeing you look so helpless and at their mercy. If anyone asks why you look so pale, they'd pout with fake concern and ask if your alright while fucking a third finger into you. They're so used to playing with you in such cruel ways like this, they know exactly when your about to cum- being quick to kiss your lips, swallowing your moans and hiding your fucked out expression; laughing when you release all over their fingers. They'd wipe your slick on their pants and rest their arms on your shoulders; continuing conversations as if they didn't fuck you under the table.
He goes down on you for his own pleasure, he's craving for it every chance he gets. His fingertips dig into your thighs, leaving bruises as he pushes your legs opens for him to get easy access to suck on your clit. He curls his tongue deeper into your hole, smirking up at you as he lazily rubs circles on your clit with his thumb. The bottom half of his face is cover in your slick by the way he relentlessly sinks his face into you- attempting to go deeper. It's almost euphoric for him. He pulls back as you cum, breaking eye contact with you to look at the mess you made for him. He's so fucking elated. He dives back in, praising you for how good you taste, nose bumping against your clit with each move. He loves looking up at you and seeing you arch your back, thrusting your hips further into his mouth, moaning his name- telling him to go harder. His muffled curse words vibrate against your cunt as he fucks you faster with his tongue, pushing your thighs out further. He hasn't loved you more. He's satisfied that he's made you cum 3 times without putting his cock in. He's so fucking proud of himself
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whirlybirbs · 7 months ago
“no, you don’t understand.” with loki & fake!wife pls? <3
Tumblr media
FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE  |  blunder #1
summary: yeah. it goes about as well as mobius thought it would.
pairing: loki / f!reader
a/n: someone get mobius a fucking drink. but also, oo? some plot in the drabble? interesting of me to do...... very interesting..... hmmmmmmmmm, anywho....... this drabble's gif is by @caatws from this lovely little set!
First mission in the field is a disaster.
In all fairness, not your fault.
"We gathered enough temporal aura to know that this is our Loki Variant."
"Where he is, another disruption in the timeline will follow — Doc, your Variant seems to mirror the Loki Variant's branching. It's... weird. We've gotta be prepared to move fast when this happens."
This development, of course, stokes enough pride in Loki that he spends his entire time in 1985 going on and on and on and on about knowing the other him and wolf ears and blah, blah, blah.
Yeah — so, y'know. Off to a great start.
And while, for a moment, the others seem to be coaxed into trust by his wicked silver-tongue, you can't help but roll your eyes and wonder when he's going to be finished.
You stand there, in your jacket and slacks with your heels digging into the mud, wondering when he'll shut up long enough for Mobius or maybe Hunter B-15 to point out the obvious tells of his. Or maybe it's only you that's picked up on them.
(He has a habit of dipping his voice when he lies. He winds a tale, drags you along, and uses his voice to do it.)
"Are you done?" you finally call out, causing Mobius, Hunter B-15, and the others to stare at you in the door way of the tent, "That was cute, but I'm freezing. The Variant isn't here."
"How would you know, bug?" Loki spits with a bitter scowl.
"Hey," Mobius snaps sternly at the nickname, "Play nice."
"If he's anything like you," you mumble, "He'd hate for you to be right."
And that's when the spectrometers begin to go off again. This time, it isn't a warning about approaching Red Line, but a new branch signature.
"There it is. Like clockwork."
"Prune this branch," says Hunter B-15 as everyone begins to move; her hand is pressed to her earpiece, "We've gotta move. We've got a new one. This one is in New York. 1999. Analysts are saying it's her."
Your brow furrows and you race to push past Loki and match Mobius' strides.
"Is this...?"
"You," he nods, "Yeah. I want everyone's heads on a swivel."
"Surely the human is not nearly as dangerous as you're insinuating—"
You hear the charge go off, and as you step through the fogged glass of the Time Portal, 1984 melts away into the blaring chorus of a Britney Spear's song.
Loki is horribly confused.
What in the Nine Realms...?
Almost immediately your eyes light up with recognition. The black carpet, dotted with neon squiggles... The swinging lights, the clamor of voices, the constant sound of wheels on a laminate floor.
Hit me, baby, one more time!
It's Roller Kingdom.
You laugh out loud.
Fucking Roller Kingdom.
Loki watches your face split into the biggest smile he's ever seen in the rainbow lights of this... place.
"Oh my god."
A gaggle of girls weave past you and the Time Variance Hunters, carrying off a pile of cheesy fries and you nearly buckle at the knees. Oh my god is right. You'd kill a man for a plate of those again.
"Where are we?" asks Loki, nose curled.
"I spent... everyday after school in middle-school here."
"It's important to you?" asks Mobius, stepping forward.
"You don't even understand," you gush, "It was my favorite place in the world."
Loki narrows his eyes. His dark brows are furrowed tightly when you turn around as if you're looking for something. You gently urge him to the side as the Hunters watch — and you immediately gravitate to the pillar by the side of the roller rink.
"This place burns down in a week."
Mobius's expression is just as confused as yours.
"Why was I—?"
You don't get to finish that sentence.
You watch a child no old than five, out of control on wheels, promptly deck Loki in the center of the carpeted area.
You slap your hand over your mouth.
He doubles over and places his hands on his knees as the kid picks himself up, mumbles an apology and skates away — and much to Loki's chagrin, the Hunters begin to laugh. Mobius, too, hides a snicker into a curled fist.
Meanwhile, you just grin.
"Shut up." It's an octave higher.
"How'd that feel?"
"Please," he grunts, "Shut up."
You step down from the raised section of the dining area and pat Loki on the back as you pass him. He coughs, swallows a groan of pain, and tries desperately to pull himself together.
Hunter B-15 raises her spectrometer. "We're approaching the Red Line. Let's start to move. E-10, set the charges."
"How're the Gods of Mischief?" you ask as sidle up next to the God, "That looked rough."
Loki gives you a look that could kill and all you do is laugh. He tugs his belt, exhales tightly and pushes his shoulders back.
Mobius cues up the Time Portal, and back to the TVA you go.
Time Criminal-less.
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plxviofiles · 8 days ago
I'll take care (of you)
Tumblr media
#wanda maximoff x fem!spiderman!reader, extreme fluff <3
WARNINGS: a few suggestive jokes, swearing, mentions of a bad injury, I'm alive 😨
→ spending time with your girlfriend proves to be harder than you think. stairs and obnoxious brothers are truly so unnecessary.
! word count: 1.6K
A/N: omg...I'm.....alive. WOW. ANYWAYS this was requested! my motivation and energy has been on the low, so I'm working on my requests and my ideas slowly. I literally just spent the whole of today playing 'just dance' so u can imagine what's going on in my mind rn it's just white noise <3. I watched the sound of music and I love it, it's my childhood, so don't question my music choices. I kinda forgot what else I referenced, I gotta go, and this wasn't nearly proofread enough (I'm sorry 😭), so on that note...enjoy! also forgot to mention that r's personality is based on andrew's peter but r has tobey's natural wrist webs ✌
Tumblr media
you brushed away the stray strands of hair that covered your eyesight and huffed as you run up to your girlfriend's apartment.
you look around catiously before using your webs to pull you up bit by bit using the fire escape, feeling your body's energy declining with each swing and pull.
but this was for her. you'd do anything for her, no matter what the cost, be it your energy, or even your life.
expelling those thoughts from your mind, you cringe when you realise that the room you arrived at was the girl's twin and not herself.
you scrambled when you noticed your mask was in view from your bag, and you knocked gingerly on the windowsill, waiting nervously in succession.
"pietro? pietro?" you whispered loudly, knocking louder on the windowsill more and more the next few knocks.
the blond troublemaker opened the window with a confused face turning to a teasing one quickly, “sestra? Is that you?”
"of course, it's me!" you shouted quietly at him.
pietro crossed his arms, "prove it."
you checked to see if he was being for real, and you snickered, stabbing your fingers in the air like you were playing a keyboard, deciding to quote yours and his favorite vine, "is there anything better than pussy? yes! a really good book."
pietro tried not to laugh and he pretended to inspect you, clearing his throat, "gay, nerdy, funny, and absurd. IT IS YOU!"
you rolled your eyes playfully at the boy, fingers digging into your backpack as you throw a can of soda to him, " 'sestra' - stop calling me that. also, no telling on me okay? where's wanda?"
pietro feigned a dramatic gasp, looking at the soda can with appreciation at the same time, "you think I can be bribed so easily with a soda? and, I thought you were here to see me? damn, I should've known you're only my best friend because you like my sister."
you scoffed at his words, lifting up a toy lightsaber he had and swinging it around for fun, meanwhile stealing one of the nuggets that lay in a plate on his desk, "how much?"
pietro grinned, "a hundred."
you narrowed your eyes, "twenty."
pietro shook his head, "forty. last offer."
you hesitated for a second before reaching for your wallet, grumbling quietly as pietro chuckled, pressing forty dollars onto his hand, "there goes tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and dinner."
"don't be so dramatic," he teased lightheartedly, sneaking the money back into your bag when you turned around, touching random lights he hung around his room. he just loved being a pain in the ass.
"so...now that you have your money," you said, clasping your hands together, "can I know where wanda is now?"
"fine!" he raised his arms in surrender, gesturing wildly and flopping onto his bed, putting his hands behind his head, "she's in her room."
you blinked and grabbed a pillow, being careful of your strength and swatting him with it.
"OW!" he covered his head with his arms, jerking whenever you hit him, "what's this attack for?"
"you could've just told me she was in her room," you put the pillow down, satisfied, "in the first place!"
"I'm sorry," he winked annoyingly, "didn't cross my mind."
"what's wrong with your eye?" you teased him, laughing under your breath and exiting the room when you heard an offended 'hey!'
you looked up and down the hallway and tiptoed to wanda's room, shimmying along the walls like you were a secret agent. (which, technically, you were...minus the agent)
"what are you doing?"
your girlfriend's amused words rung with her accent and scared you out of your wits, and you yelped, clutching your shirt.
"god, angel, you scared me," you whined, walking up to wanda and pouting.
"sorry," she had the decency to appear sheepish about the scare, combing your hair back with her silky hands and placing a kiss on your jawline, "hello, my love. how did you get up here without using the front door?"
she was already aware of your little shenanigans with pietro, since she could probably hear the both of you from miles away if she had to.
you blushed instantly at her touch and wanda laughed, a bright and lively sound.
you bit your lip nervously, "fire escape."
wanda nodded, pretending as though she believed you, "mhm, twenty flights of stairs? without getting bored or tired and giving up halfway?"
you nodded vigorously, "yes, yes, and yes, twenty."
you shifted in your space, not maintaining the eye contact.
wanda raised an eyebrow at you, and you almost melt into the ground, groaning, "okay, okay, you know how I got up here!"
she laughed once more, and you shield your face with your hands, peeking at her face.
a loud yawn is heard from the living room and you freeze in your tracks, not noticing wanda creeping into her room, and she dragged you in, stumbling after her.
"that was close," you stated the obvious and wanda shook her head at your words, pulling the clip that was binding the curtains and letting it drape on her window, "welcome to my humble abode."
you looked around the room cautiously, as if anything could jump at you at any second (a result of the multiple times your spider senses went off, you suppose), running your fingers along the bed frame she had. her room's color palette literally just consisted of red and black.
you stopped in front of wanda, suddenly realising that she was watching you with a smile, and you looked away, a pink flush making itself known on your features, "rings....flashing lights....uh.....funkos."
wanda cackled at your awkwardness, and you grinned at her laugh. she always called it ugly, but you found it more adorable than anything else.
"okay, okay, look I have a magic trick," you alerted your girlfriend who waved her hand for you to continue, "watch me."
you webbed the closest thing to the top of your bag and whipped it out from your bag.
wanda covered her mouth, her body shaking from her laughter. it was your spider mask that came out.
"yeah...definitely not that," you joked, throwing it behind you and webbing the top of your bag again, and whipping it out.
wanda's face lightened up and she basically jumped up. it was a bouquet of flowers that were....very....beaten up.
wanda gave you a knowing look, but took the flowers and smelled them, a warm smile shining at you.
"they were- they were..nice. I promise they were," you reasoned, mentally slapping yourself for not taking better care of them.
"no, no, I love them," wanda genuinely squealed, kissing the corner of your lips, "thank you. truly."
she moved to hug you and you accepted it joyfully before suddenly wincing painfully, "OW! fuck."
wanda pulled back with a surprised expression, apologising profusely and you shook your head, "don't worry, wands, it's my fault."
wanda's expression became firm, "show me."
"wanda, I-"
you slowly and reluctantly lifted your shirt, showing a very horrible gash wound, wanda's heightened breathing could be detected.
"I- I'm okay, I'm fine. I'll disinfect it, bandage it up later, it's no big deal," you reassured her.
she warily touched the gash with a gentleness that was only familiar to you because of her. you shivered at the contact.
"you need to be more careful spidergirl," wanda softly whispered, fingers dancing from the gash to around your neck, "there's only one of you."
"I know," you mumbled dazedly as she repeatedly placed quick kisses on your lips.
"you are eighteen going on nineteen," wanda sung a song from your favorite musical, only with different lyrics, and you smiled lovingly at your lover, "baby, it's time to think."
"better beware, be canny and careful, baby, you're on the brink," your hands mould easily into hers and she guided you into a slow waltz.
even though no music was playing, wanda's voice entranced you, your movements romantic and slow.
"you need someone, older and wiser, telling you what to do," wanda's words caused you to chuckle, burying your face into her shoulder.
"I am nineteen going on twenty, I'll take care of you," you lifted your face and wanda leaned her forehead on yours affectionately.
"totally unprepared am I, to face a world of woes," you caroled, "I need someone older and wiser, to tell me what to do."
wanda giggled endearingly, and you finished the song with a soft melody, "you are nineteen going on twenty, can you take care of me?"
wanda's nose bumped against your own, and you sighed fondly, "I'd love to."
"good, you're the only thing keeping me alive," you muttered, her arms wrapping around you securely before capturing your lips in a intimate and satyric manner, causing you to relax in her embrace.
"you're- you're good at that," you vocalized, making wanda snap out of her trance and giggle, "god, you're adorable."
"really? I know a list of people who would object," you chortled, kissing her knuckes languidly.
wanda exhaled laggardly, "well, those people certaintly haven't met my y/n."
"my?" you teased and it was time for wanda to blush, "shut up."
"oh, but you love my silver tongue," you bantered further, and she scoffed pushing your face away, "you're incorrigible."
"I'm glad you're aware," you used your webs to grab the towel you kept in her closet for whenever you came over, "can I stay at yours tonight?"
wanda grinned, "I wasn't going to let you go home anyway."
"you're hopeless," you widened your eyes jokingly, and wanda stuck her tongue at you, "go shower, stinky."
"ouch, that hurt," you said, pressing a hand on your heart, "right here."
wanda used her powers to slap a pillow onto your face and you quickly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door, "calm down, witchy!"
wanda stared at the door with a fondness, eyes shut tightly.
"how lucky am I to have you around, my awkward, loveable, friendly neighbourhood spider-woman."
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neozhoen · 2 months ago
{02:47 AM}
Genre : smut
Warnings : Nsfw content(Strictly mdni),wet dreams,fingering,curse words, smut smut.
Startled by your sudden whimpers,your husband turned around to check up on you if you were having any difficulties sleeping. He faced you and in order to comfort you,he hugged your waist from behind only to realise that your whimpers were the side effect of nothing but your dream.Your wet,wet dream. He kept his head on the crook of your neck, listening to your lewd moans from so close got his erection to start rising.
He slowly moved one of his hands downwards from your waist to your pussy.slowly rubbing your clit,he started. Whatever you were dreaming of was making you feel horny and hornier. Meanwhile in reality,your moans literally caused your exhausted husband who worked hard all day and just wanted to sleep tonight peacefully to start wanting to rail you.
His fingers played with your clit for a while before sinking inside your hole. He slid two fingers right inside your sensitive pussy,fingering at a slow pace until he decided that he wanted you awake.
Your moans started to get more loud from both the pleasure that you were getting in your dreams and reality. Suddenly Jaehyun's fingers started to do their work roughly and hit your g-spot as he curled his fingers against it causing you to flick your eyes open.
"Oh my!Fuck,Jae-", you moaned at the pleasure as he smirked on your face.your hand started to grab his hair by tilting a little towards him. His fingers were merciless on your cunt and the volume of your moans went higher and higher.
"I can fuck you better than the me who was fucking you in your dreams",he said exhaustedly with his deep voice against your ears.
"When did I say that it was you who was fucking me in my dreams?",you teased him back in between your breathless moans,instantly watching his eyes get darker as his fingers stopped digging and started to curl themselves up inside your sensitive cunt and you almost screamed in pain.
"Shouldn't have said that,slut", he said before pulling out his fingers and slamming his cock inside without any further notice.
"You like it when I'm rough,don't you?",he asked you in-between the heavy punishment which you were getting.
"I like it however your give it to me,daddy",you surrendered breathlessly because you had succeeded in getting what you dreamt of anyways.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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