#and then i didnt do ANY for a month
oceancracker · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
chapter 5: Cheapshots
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ars0nism · a month ago
unstoppable force (gay people) vs immovable object ("run away with me" but it never actually happens trope)
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southpauz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Black History Month Art Challenge
Day 24: Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock
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gisrp · a month ago
˛ ⠀ * ⠀ hello   angels   !   consider   this   a   masterlist   of   underused   faceclaims   of   color   .    everyone   on   this   list   will   be   over   the   age   of   twenty   years   old   and   have   a   following   count   higher   then   150k   .    if   you   find   this   helpful   in   any   way   please   like   and   share   !!
Tumblr media
chloe   scantlebury   (   23   )
ngc1961   (   20   /   21   )
jihoonkm   (   20   )
oanhdaqueen   (   24   )
lena_helenabusch   (   22   )
aiyanaalewis   (   24   )
naswyn   (   20   )
shanbrii   (   22   )
amanda   khamkaew   (   23   )
fiona   barron   (   22   )
meilani   kalei   (   21   )
eden   fines   (   24   )
zarruecos   (   23   )
ellis   iyayi   (   22   )
bbyg6rl   (   22   )
kanaan._   (   20   )
jarline   (   21   )
angelnyan   (   23   )
deaven   booker   (   25   )
6kenza   (   20   )
iffat.marash   (   google   has   her   around   27   but   unconfirmed   )
khelan   hajo   (   25   )
glowprincesss   (   24   )
tennessee   thresher   (   21   )
cameron   valentina   (   unconfirmed   )
hugo   d   almonte   (   26   )
curlyfrysfeed   (   25   )
chey_maya   (   22   )
naswyn   (   20   )
lame.cobain   (   20   )
kendra   bailey   (   24   )
hhelenanguyen   (   20   )
nxshaya   (   28   )
jetamoure   (   unconfirmed   )
neelam   gill   (   26   )
ocean   lewis   (   22   )
looseunicorns   (   24   )
brian   whittaker   (   22   )
jaylene   joy   (   26   )
lordenzo__   (   22   )
holly   lim   (   20   )
iamsamiira    (   20   )
scarfxce.xo    (   23   )
jordyn   woods   (   24   )
dojahenshaw   (   22   )
_aicha_faye   (   22   )
maretamee   (   20   )
joanna   pincerato   (   24   )
kalin   white   (   27   )
mariama   diallo   (   28   )
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conflitdecanard · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Used a sketch from 2019 and finally ! FINALLY ! drew Pix for mermay !!
She is a sardine ! :D I added some doodles  too whoo !
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batarangsoundsdumb · a year ago
batman fancast 😍😍
alfred pennyworth - danny devito 😍
Tumblr media
bruce wayne - robert pattinson (my beloved)💞
Tumblr media
dick grayson - lil huddy 🥰🤩
Tumblr media
jason todd - james charles 💞
Tumblr media
tim drake - rico suave 😎
Tumblr media
damian wayne - mason ramsey (but only if he dies his hair brown like ian wayne :-)
Tumblr media
commissioner gordon - chris evans 🥵💗
Tumblr media
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transzeldas · 5 months ago
I get why people dislike Botw Zelda but I also like don't
I mean of your abusive dad that constantly called you a failure assigned the guy who he is constantly comparing you too as you gaurd and all he did was stare silently at you and report your actions to your dad/do everything your dad tells him to do you'd hate that guy too!
Zelda is blinded by her abuse to see Link as just another tool her dad is using to stifle her and everyone in the country is probably comparing her to him! No wonder the girl is angry and taking it out on him
That doesn't make it right of course, Link is also trapped in this same fucked up system but she doesn't know that
The moment she realizes "Hey wait... If he's special like me... Does that mean he was treated like me?" (After she reaches out to him) she instantly knows she had been a bitch
Like idk she's one of the few Zelda's that get to be Zelda and have a personality and I love that for her
I get it when I first watched the memories I really disliked her too bc I was thinking exclusively from Link's pov but the more I thought about her pov I realized that shes just a girl is in a abusive situation and is lashing out at anyone who gets too close
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agent37 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
best ship? idk, but im pretty fond of triremes
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littlx-songbxrd · 4 months ago
"Thomas just needs to tell Alastair how much he cares for him so they can be together"
No Thomas needs to adress the bag of trauma he keeps holding on to like its dear life and stop striking Alastair with it.
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bandaidfingers · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I don’t even know what to say about this one except that I spent way too much time on it lol
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cluelesslesbian · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Angels & Demon WIP 👀
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thislandisyourlandfill · 12 days ago
I cannot suck this man's dick or fuck him i will not do that to him I will NOT do that to him
#stop cuz how the fuck am i supposed to deal with the fact that we both like openly are into each other and are both abstinent and too deep#into recovery to easily integrate our day to day lives in any actual way#like ok neither of us date traditionally. neither of us has time or energy to hang out outside of work for real rn. neither of us has had#sex in literally months and months. and this is all SO FINE AND NORMAL#but how am i supposed to deal with the fact that this is the case and also the fact that disclosing my dissociative disorder to him seemed#to only escalate the situation and the last time we worked together he was telling me how much mamas love him and how many tips he was#gonna make flirting with all the moms and the way that when i left he seemed so bummed i was leaving and then when i told him to have fun#with the milfs he looked at me like this 😏#I THINK HES STARTED TALKING TO ME UNDER HIS BREATH WHEN WE'RE NEAR EACH OTHER WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING ME IN ANY OTHER WAY CUZ HES FIGURED OUT#THAT I CAN HEAR WHATS SAYING UNDER HIS BREATH A LOT OF THE TIME. JESUS CHRIST#hes batshit insane i think hes been STUDYING ME AND HE CALLED ME BABY AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE A HOT MIN LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO HES START#ED TALKING TO ME IN THIS DEEP ASS LOW VOICE AGAIN HE IS SO HOT AND I CANT EVEN FUCK HIM CUZ IM NOT SUPPOSED TO OR WHATEVER#CUZ I LIKE AND RESPECT HIS STUPID LITTLE FUCKED UP VEINY PATRICK BATETWINK ASS AND HES BEEN DELIBERATELY ABSTINENT FOR A YEAR AND A HALF#do sny of yall KNOW what its like for a repressed abstinent recovering degenerate man to openly stare at you like he wants to eat you#and you can do NOTHING about it. AAAAAA#HES GOING TO GIVE ME A TATTOO SOON JESUS CHRIST. I THINK WE'RE BOTH TAKING A BREAK FROM GOING TO BARS AND IF THE NEXT TIME WE SEE EACH OTHE#R OUTSIDE OF WORK IS WHEN WE MEET UP SO HE CAN GIVE ME A TATTOO . OH THAT WONT BE DOABLE AT ALL I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE IN CONTROL OF MYSE#LF AROUND 👓 WITH A TATTOO GUN TOUCHING ME WITH HIS HANDS AND SHIT. OH NO I REALLY DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH AT ALL ACTUALLY OH JESUS FUCK#ok anyway thx everyone for joining me on this adventure to process this part of the past 2 weeks#❤❤#did log
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eliotlime · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Annual Redraw
2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017
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existentialintrovert · a year ago
the fact that jack manifold loosing his last canon life and getting a glitch where he falls out of the world into a dark, endless void before coming back actually fits with the lore about the afterlife that was established today with ghostbur is so fucking funny to me man
#this man died and his game glitched the canon into existance by chucking him into the void. the power this man holds#dream smp#if you dont follow him btw: he is no longer dead. he speedran his own resurrection using pure anger and now has all 3 canon lives back#this is what happens when you don't give people a script and they write their own character. he and niki are forcing themselves back into#the main story by any means necessary and honestly i've gotta rate it#big up mr manifold#actually wrote something#ghostbur#jack manifold#l'manberg lads stay winning. i mean#not canonically sure but in terms of the og lmanbergians somehow still being some of the most interesting characters on the whole#smp despite how many times 3 of them are ignored in arcs and how many peope have joined since they were established#they stay winning#i do love that theyre being more vocal about wanting to be in the story more now though#cause you could definitely tell that theyd been largely pushed aside. not on purpose but still#i mean wilbur even pointed it out like just after he stopped writing on one of nikis streams. saying he got caught up in the idea of like#eret as a villain so disregarded the character and like they didnt wanna power up pogtopia too quick so had niki stay with manberg#which caused her character to get ignored a bit more#and obviously jack disappeared for like a month or something and then was suddenly back during the 16th war#but the fact theyre actually using those elements which didnt strictly come from the canon but arguably off stream stuff#and making it part of their characters is cool#like niki and jacks villain/vengence arcs are about being ignored#which works so well. like especially considering jack disappeared for a bit cause the canon side of that literally could just be#that he was pushed out of any form of power and abandoned by pogtopia when schlatt came along#to the point where he established his own area close enough to lmanberg to maintain allegiance but also far enough to have independence#im gonna stop ranting in the tags now idk why i always do this
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warmthpdf · 8 months ago
if i don’t write down all my thoughts about surviving this summer sometime soon i think i will explode !
#'surviving' to begin with feels like such a strong word to apply to this summer but survival is SO intensely woven into how i've been living#how ive been living these past few months has been based around just surviving the next hour the next day the next week#and not being sure if i was able to do that or if doing that was worth it#for the first time in years i didnt wanna wake up. but for the first time in years i also wanted to live authentically and unabashedly#theres a lot i want to say about that? probably not all of it on tumblr. i feel like im already sharing way too much#but my point is that despite nothing life altering or world shattering or something that could be 'big trauma' this was something i survived#and i want to feel a little proud of that#and i think to be proud of that i have to put that into words and really really look at it as if this was someone else#to feel validated in my own survival i have to ?? view it as if its someone else. bc i think im the one exception to deserving to heal ig#but it helps to put things in perspective#im rly holding back a lot of feelings rn i think and i need an outlettttt#gonna journal tomorrow night i think#sleepover on monday. a lot of feelings about that :') first day back at college on wednesday. seeing the big group of friends on friday#things are happening and im trying to hold my life in my hands again and say its enough to keep living for#mine#thats all ! its 4am nini#sorry my tags are so. like this lmaooooo i forget other people might actually SEE what i post#im not a writer by any means but ppl on my uquiz have said my writing is very nice :') so thats been encouraging me to ramble more i think#okay GOODNIGHTGOODNIGHT
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james-is-confused-about-art · 2 months ago
Literally can not stop drawing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ lil polly sprite and calculester bc theyre also pretty rad
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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seraphcastiel · a month ago
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agent37 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
:?? < hi?
:33 < *ac wonders the identity of this chat furend*
;33 < *and is definitely not trying to get them to tell through subtle rping ;33*
You can call me Hal, if you'd like, Miss AC.
:33 < ok! :33
:33 < why are you glasses?
... Because.
:PP > *ac thinks thats a dumb reason*
30/30 (!!!)
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reineydraws · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I posted 163 times in 2021
152 posts created (93%)
11 posts reblogged (7%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.1 posts.
I added 483 tags in 2021
#naruto - 58 posts
#naruto fanart - 57 posts
#kakashi hatake - 52 posts
#bnha - 48 posts
#kakashi - 47 posts
#mha - 45 posts
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#mha fanart - 44 posts
#boku no hero academia - 44 posts
#my hero academia - 43 posts
Longest Tag: 123 characters
#it was either post it rough or post it when i find motivation which honestly might have been never so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
My Top Posts in 2021
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this is all i want at the end of all the todoroki family drama
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this is tooru's favourite sweater and he does this every. time.
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buhlonde · a day ago
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