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#and then i thought I’d share them—-

some domestic dadschlatt head canons I felt like sharing:

-Tubbo has an obsession with tapping his horns. Even when he was small, Schlatt always called them his own built in drum kit even if it was just stim tapping.

-Schlatt was taking a degree in engineering before dropping out to raise Tubbo, so he’s actually really good with fixing up his all but small home. Tubbo adopted the interest and frequently you’ll find them together with circuit boards and gifted computer parts just playing with them.

-They live on a council estate and Schlatt met Wilbur at college, both of them great friends. That’s how they both know eachother and they get invited a fuck ton round the sbi family resort.

-Tubbos horns are slightly ingrown and misshapen from a tad neglect, they’re fixing themselves up but Tommy comments on the slightly twisted, wirey look Tubbo has compared to Schlatt. Although he can blame it on growth.

-Philza and Schlatt once had a sledging race when it was snowing one day and Schlatt won. This caused for it to become traditional and so far they’re tying.

-Quackity works at the grubby little cafe on schlatts street and they know eachother pretty well, Tubbo really likes him because Quackity sometimes lets him play on his phone when schlatts busy job finding.

-Since we love Tommy sewing!au I’m gonna say he likes to make little hats for Tubbos horns and forces him to wear them, even if tubbo constantly repeats that he doesn’t need them since his horns can’t feel the cold.

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