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#and then she Gets It

hot take time:

i LOVE that katara is a pro at waterbending

i love her for it and i just think it’s so badass that she mastered it so fast—but i think, considering how we saw her struggle with it at the start, it would’ve been realistic to still struggle with it even after getting a master.

i’m not saying she should’ve been on par with how zuko struggles with his firebending, but i just think it would’ve been very interesting to see her waterbending skills develop over the course of the three books instead of her just mastering it in the first one, you know?

none of this is to say that katara doesn’t continue improving since she mastered waterbending…because she did keep improving and ingrained moves from the other nations into her bending as well.

like…for example: the breath of life move she used during sozins comet (i feel like it originates from both the air nomads and the fire nation? maybe it’s just fanon that it came from the air nomads first, but it explains how aang is able to just vibe at the poles with no parkas. i’m just not entirely sure where it comes from).

i just think seeing katara struggle with her waterbending, even after getting a master, would have made the pay off of her being a master more interesting (rewarding?) to watch.

i know people love that she’s a waterbending prodigy and i love it, too, don’t get me wrong. it’s just—not everyone is a prodigy, you know? not everyone just ‘gets it’ from the start. i feel as if zuko is really the only person we see struggle with his bending ability for the entirety of the show (in terms of not being a master! zuko is a good firebender in his own right! he is!).

toph, aang, and katara are all bending prodigies; i would even argue that suki and sokka are prodigies, too. like sokka had no problem fighting against his master after…what? a week of training…a few days, at the very least? and suki, as we already know, is good at hand to hand combat and with her katana, too. she’s no master, she said that herself, but she’s still clearly good at it and doesn’t struggle with it. in fact, when we see her at the boiling rock, she can keep up with ty lee, a whole ass chi blocker—which says enough to me, honestly, about suki’s abilities. i mean, suki is such a badass, and i think she deserves more appreciation! but that’s another post for another day!!!

also, yeah—aang did struggle with earth at first. but as soon as he learned to face things head on? he was good at it. and, he struggled with fire, too, right…but as soon as he learned that fire is life and not destruction? yeah…he was good at that, too. was he a master of earth or fire at the end? no, but that doesn’t mean he was still struggling with it at the end. but i’m like, 100% sure that if aang had more time to master all of the elements, he would have done it. (he was a natural with water, so i don’t even feel the need to mention it. especially since, you know, if he was more diligent like katara when he had lessons with pakku, he would’ve been a master already.)

what was my point?

oh yeah.

katara is a strong, compassionate, kind, and stubborn character. i see myself in her (no i’m not saying that to be arrogant or conceited or anything) but the part where i don’t see myself in her is how she just…‘gets it’ as soon as she has someone to teach her. a lot of people just…aren’t like that, you know? and if she struggled with bending, you know she wouldn’t give up on it, and i just think it would’ve been very inspiring to see that, you know? it would’ve sent the message that—even if something is hard to achieve, it doesn’t mean you should give up on it. it would’ve sent the message that…if it’s important to you, if it means something to you, you shouldn’t give up on it, no matter what. well, that’s the message i think it would send……i also just would’ve loved to have seen that while watching atla. i…think it would’ve helped me a lot….that’s all….

tldr: i think seeing katara become a waterbending master gradually over the course of the three books would have been a good thing to see! i think seeing her struggle with waterbending, even after getting a master, would have been such an important part of her character arc. like her bending is obviously important to her, and seeing her deal with struggling with it—how it might affect her self esteem, her self image, etc etc—would have been a huge deal to the people who aren’t prodigies, aren’t gifted, etc. it would also make her character even more interesting, imo!

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OH SO YOURE SWINGING RIGHT FOR THE GAY BRAIN HUH!!! fuck like. i love margaret so much but hildred does have permanent residence in my head. i think about this she/themlet bird jock who saw a 7 foot tall fallen angel at a bar and decided she was going to climb them like a tree. not gonna die with their arms bound, got a tattoo just for the hell of it, has an undercut, i just. many thoughts head margaret but i think ive gotta say hildred

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Wedding Meme

Got tagged by @palepinkycat. Thank you so much! 


On image search type in:

(Oc Name) + Wedding Dress/Suit

(Oc Name) + Wedding Ring

(Oc Name) + Wedding Bouquet

I’ll be looking at Amarra for this. It was really fun to do though I am a little sad that there were like zero suit results for this. So a dress it is for Amarra. I also tried to avoid white as I like the HC that white is unlucky in Sith culture because it is the color of bones and so represents death rather than red which is like blood, fire, passion and life.


I’ll tag @kyber-heart​, @gothwarlocks​, @swtorpadawan​, @darth-bagel​ (only if you want to of course) and anyone else that would like to do this

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I yearn for the worldbuilding skills of George Lucas

#so says Indy#obviously there are other people who are really good at it e.g. JRR Tolkein but I was never able to get into LotR#I tried but I think I don't like high fantasy#writing angst#sort of lol#there's... George RR Martin but that's also high fantasy so I'm not in a rush to try GoT though I THINK he wrote sci-fi before that#and JK Rowling but the world is very#there's a lot to it but it's also all in Britain kind of thing#and when she tried to expand on it she just sort of did 'it's Britain but in another country'#which you see a lot in fanfiction where someone tries to write a property from a country they don't live in#Valve is good at worldbuilding in a similar way#they have a very big world but in a very specific context#they have this huge planet-spanning conflict but there's not really a sense of what's happening outside of what they tell you about#it's not mentioned how they got from New Mexico to Europe or indeed how the rest of the world is doing#like where are the locals why is everyone in Half-Life someone who used to work at Black Mesa#are we supposed to infer the Combine sent everyone in the world to Europe? why?  is some Russia-adjacent place the best place to keep people#but I already know the reasons things aren't explained in Half-Life is because the writers don't know and are going to figure it out later#when they deem it important#so maybe the world will get bigger later idk#check back in 13 years#anyway tldr of the best worldbuilding I can think of I like George Lucas's the best
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cute webcomic about a lesbian mage trying to win the heart of a demon queen: good!

cute webcomic casually introduces a trans princess in its second season and this is treated as normal, with no one making a big deal about her gender: also good!

trans princess immediately falls for the protagonist and becomes The Other Woman in a love triangle thats pointless bc we already spent an entire season building up the main romance so theres obviously no way the princess has a chance and also this primes the audience to hate her because she’s getting in the way of the Main Lesbian Ship: not great!

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first good chance I get im taking away my off-tumblr friends privileges of using she/her for me. I have been too generous for far too long

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Today’s jpop oshi of the day is nao of nao from mameshiba no taigun

Most edgy jpop stans are wary of the group at first due to their more mainstream appeal and the fact that they work with more mainstream figures (…kurochan), but that always falls apart when they actually listen to their music and realize that it’s good alsjdhshshd

I feel like I have to give some more facts cause honestly this group is kind of wild sometimes

Nao is a lot of peoples faves cause she’s a hot delinquent who got in an underage drinking scandal after debut lol but the group responded by making the pv for their song flash a reenactment of the photos that were leaked complete with the other members dressed as the men nao was out drinking with

They got shit online for an award show stunt they pulled where when the winner (who was. Not them alajshshd) was announced a member named miyuki jumped in the air and fell over and then the other members carried her offstage. That went over like a lead balloon

They also got shit for wearing costumes inspired by girl gang uniforms but that’s a side effect of their being more mainstream if they were underground like most idols with their sound no one would care

Anyway they just released their first major label album and it’s really good so listen to mamejor my guys

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