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#and then she says ''I really am going to miss you Adora''
horde-princess · a year ago
ive hinted at this idea before but i just, i always believed catradora’s reconciliation was going to be about them finding their way back to the dynamic they had as kids.
in Promise when adora called octavia a “dumbface” just to throw her lot in with catra. the essence of the promise itself, “as long as we have each other.” in 5x03 when catra misses dinner and adora’s like “okay then i am, too!” even with scars still fresh on her face. its like... when they were just kids... when things were simple between them before shadow weaver got in their heads...... love was just, if you’re hurting, then i’m hurting too. where you go, i go. isnt that all love really is anyway ?
we see this theme again when adora jumps off the ledge after catra with no idea if she’d survive. when catra jumps into fire for her, when she decides to sacrifice herself alongside her. idk why the gravity of catras words in 5x12 is just now hitting me where she was like “i made a promise to adora a long time ago that i’d look out for her and it’s time i made good on it.” i think i used to read it as them saying they’d always protect each other, but really it was more about just.. being with each other. catra choosing to stand by adora’s side, to either live or die with her.. it was their promise. “nothing really bad can happen as long as we have each other.” adora had never given up on it and now catra’s faith was restored in it too. and it was finally fulfilled when their kiss saved the world.
this is what i was talking about when i said she-ra sends a message that lesbian love is pure and innocent because their love story is inextricably linked to their childhood. their romance literally is their childhood dynamic!!!! THIS SHOW IS SO IMPORTANT
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mustloveshera · 2 years ago
hey here’s a horrible thought
so catra let adora fall and fought her and stuff, she’s like, Committed to this, right, no going back now, she doesn’t care anymore, fuck it
and she really thinks she’ll be happy if she “beats” adora, if she finally proves everyone wrong, if she's finally strong
but let’s say there’s a battle and catra (somehow, doesn’t matter) is convinced that adora is dead (spoiler: she’s not, but shh) 
there’s a pause, she’s dead silent and still, and then she laughs, because she won, right, she won, she’s second best to no one, but that laugh--”hey adora”--just devolves into crying--”it’s not because i like you”--that devolves into screaming--”i really am going to miss you”--that she looks so confused by, like, what is going on, i won i was supposed to finally feel happy
and catra has never felt quite as powerless as she does then
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spiribia · a year ago
cannot get over that part in promise when catra leaves adora dangling off the edge and the last thing she says to her is ‘i really am going to miss you.’ what kind of final triumphant villain parting line is that... this is your dramatic exit and the turning point where you establish yourself as truly evil and leave her to die and youre just saying Im going to miss you?  youre just gay
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akari-hope · 5 months ago
I’ve seen a number of people confidently call Catra a legitimate mass-murderer & I’m genuinely wondering- where’s the evidence? Like, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we see her evacuating Salineas without physically harming anyone? (Obviously she helps Hordak destroy it & that’s horrific, but citing that as evidence of her being a mass-murderer seems like a massive reach. Am I missing something? (Also, do you personally blame her for Angella’s death? I’m conflicted there.)
i've been mulling this one over, and honestly i'm coming down on the side of "no" for a couple reasons.
like you said, we don't actually see civilians die. that's a trend in the entire show to my knowledge (though it's been a hot second since I watched the whole thing, so if someone wants to correct me then by all means). destroying homes certainly isn't GOOD, but it's a far cry from straight up murder. and if we're going with the argument of she's killed SOLDIERS has adora for that matter. and glimmer. and even bow. it's a war. excusing killing bc one side is "good" doesn't really cut it for me. imo, people should either condemn both or accept that it's the situation at hand. but i think it's wrong to act like catra is somehow the worse offender in that regard.
as for angella, i don't blame catra. i never did, and tbh it surprised me when i found out people did. and yeah, maybe i'm biased there. i understand catra extremely well, and while i don't AGREE with her actions, i understand why she opened the portal, and i honestly could see myself doing the same in her situation; she was NOT in a stable mental place, and fucked if anyone would be making good decisions in her place. i was never really attached to angella, and to me she made her choice - a very clearheaded and noble one. so her "death" wasn't really emotional for me. also, iirc, she's not technically dead. trapped, yes, and maybe that's worse to some people. but i think the crew said at one point that the end of season 5 was originally going to include angella coming back (if someone has a reference for that, please do share). so, technically Not Dead. i could see catra blaming herself for it and feeling guilty! i think her nightmares in season 4 pretty much confirm that. i can see how people are saying that catra is to blame bc she caused the situation, though unwittingly. but as far as me, i don't blame catra for that. i blame her for many things, but not that.
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Something I feel is missing from this Catradora top/bottom discourse is how much Catra loves Adora and wants to protect her and make her happy. (This is my fault as much as anyone’s, as I originally didn’t think to include it in my thesis statement lol. Being a top myself, this felt so obvious that it didn’t occur to my dumb ass to explain it.) A quick note: none of what I say here is meant to imply that Adora is a bottom, I’m convinced that they are both tops.
Much of what's been said by the top Catra faction (me included) revolves around her competitiveness and desire to dominate Adora (or at least not be dominated), which kinda crosses over into the dom/sub stuff and plays just as well into the power bottom headcanon. But I think this protector/caretaker instinct is a huge distinction that really signals Catra is a natural top and would want to play that role with Adora.
A lot of people seem to think Adora is the sole giver and caretaker of the relationship, and that is simply not true. Catra has been shielding Adora from the worst of her Shadow Weaver trauma for years, knowing it would upset her/make her feel guilty. She protected Adora early in season 1 by lying about her whereabouts and then about her being She-Ra, to her own detriment (after Adora betrayed her and left her to be punished for her actions, no less). Catra loves making Adora laugh, and tries to care for her by getting her to relax. Catra threw Adora a party to celebrate her accomplishments because she wanted her to have fun and feel appreciated, and to me that felt like a top-aligned grand gesture.
Catra is often painted as a very selfish character and I don’t think that’s really fair. She only cares about herself and Adora, but that’s because Adora is the only person who has ever cared for her. Catra may not give a crap about anyone else, but prior to their falling out she was ride or die for Adora. She wants Adora to be happy, and she wants to be the cause of that happiness, which in my opinion is one of the true marks of a top.
Now, Catra knows that their relationship is viewed as unequal by literally everyone (even by Adora, as she proved with that tactless “sure you did” remark in the ruins), and this bothers her. A lot. It’s not her fault that Adora is bigger and stronger than her, or that Shadow Weaver favoring Adora gives Adora a higher status and an ability to protect Catra that Catra cannot reciprocate. Catra wants to be respected as an equal partner. She wants to be able to protect and care for Adora the way Adora does for her. It was no coincidence that she made that comment about how Adora had never had much faith in her right after she saved Adora from falling to her death.
In my opinion a large part of Catra’s indignation/stubbornness in Thaymor came from her finally getting to be the one saving Adora and then being shot down by Adora of all people, told what she was doing was wrong. Like, that was a huge slap in the face for this girl who wants to be Adora’s knight in shining armor and is used to being relegated to the damsel role, by no fault of her own. Didn’t y’all see the way Catra busted out of Bow’s net by sheer power of will because she saw Adora get kidnapped (in her view) by a princess?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Total power move befitting of a hero/savior going to rescue her girl, am I right?
Of course, Adora feels the same way about Catra (minus the insecurities, since she is the more powerful one in the relationship, deservedly or not). When their relationship is not in shambles and they’re loyal to each other, both will prioritize the other over herself. Both just want to protect and care for the other and make her happy. And that, more than anything, is why they are both tops. :D
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themsbiandiaries · a year ago
[spop s4 spoilers] when catra & glimmer get out of the spaceship and reunite with adora
Shadow Weaver: How good to see you back safe and sound, your majesty. We must disc--
Glimmer: Oh, Shadow Weaver. Thanks for reminding me. Guards! Arrest this traitor.
Catra: *smirks* *sees Adora* *stops smirking*
Glimmer: Adora. I'm... first things first, I guess. I'm so, so sorry. Catra... she told me everything. I didn't know. I didn't know what you'd gone through. I'm sorry for the things I said. I shouldn't have let Shadow Weaver manipulate me so much. I'm sorry for all of the other things too. Ugh. I'm so, so--
Adora: *looks at Catra in confusion, then back at Glimmer* I... It's okay, Glimmer. It really hurt me, but you couldn't have known. I should've tried to explain. There's so much to tell you, so much that you've missed, Glimmer. I'm--
Glimmer: No. Don't blame yourself. It was my fault.
Micah: *runs onto the scene yelling Glimmer's name*
Glimmer: ... oh my god.
Glimmer: OH MY GOD.
*reunion commences, Glimmer and Micah exit stage*
Adora: *turns to Catra, feeling... relief? she didn't know that Catra had survived the destruction of the Fright Zone. She takes a step towards her.*
Adora: ...
Scorpia: *bursts onto the scene carrying a stack of boxes, sees Catra and Adora, proceeds to stumble and drop them all and crash onto the floor into a disaster pile*
Scorpia: Uh... hi gals! Woah, it's Catra! I knew you were still alive! Oh, I'm so happy-- c'mere, let me give you a hu--
Catra: Scorpia.
Catra: ...
Catra: You were right. I was a bad friend to you. I'm sorry.
Scorpia: Oh. Wow. Yeah... that thing. Yeah. You were.
Catra: I might not be able to make it up to you, but... still. It might not mean much when I say this, but your friendship did mean a lot to me. I just realized it too late.
Scorpia: ... I forgive you, wildcat.
Catra: ... what?
Scorpia: *grins* It felt horrible, the way you treated me, but if you're trying to be better, I'm not going to hold that against you. That's not the kind of friend I am. Want a hug?
Catra: *trying to hold back tears* ... fine. If you HAVE to. Ouch, watch out for my ribs...
Adora: *processes how beaten-up Catra looks* ... anyway. I - *we* - didn't know that you survived... Catra. *tries to fight back tears*
Adora: Bow told us what happened to Glimmer, but he hadn't seen you anywhere.
Scorpia: Oh, yeah. *grins* She was going pretty crazy.
Adora: Hey! *blushes*
Scorpia: I told her not to worry, though. And here we are!
Catra: ... *looks away, ashamed and laden with guilt*
Adora: ... let's get you patched up, shall we? You look like you're in pretty bad shape.
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legal-graffiti · a year ago
Hey you know this art by Molly?
Tumblr media
That made me sad, which means it's my turn to make YOU sad. (SHOUTOUT to the ONLY GOOD BETA i've ever had, @catrxdora ✨)
“You know what Glimmer told me today?” Catra says to the mural. “She told me that I was her best friend. Bow and Adora weren’t there. She just said it.”
Angella stays unmoving where she is depicted, watching over Bright Moon always. Catra’s hands still tremble as if she were really here. She used to avoid this hallway.
With Adora, Entrapta, and Scorpia, she had the chance to look them in the eyes, and apologize, and make things right. Not so with Angella. Even now, she stares at the line where the wall meets the ground. She can’t look up.
“But I took you away from her.” Catra feels so small. And with every second she spends under the width of Angella’s wings, she grows smaller. “All I ever had… All Adora had, before she knew you, was Shadow Weaver. I wish I had you then, too.” It sounds selfish when she hears herself. Idiotic. Hypocritical.
Perfuma said that talking things through aloud would make her feel lighter. All she feels instead is the growing weight in her chest. It wasn’t as if Catra hadn’t been aware that she was the catalyst of destruction. She didn’t have a right to this grief.
“I’ll never know who you really were. Even though they tell me about you all the time.” As if I wasn’t the one who made you disappear. “Adora and Bow and Glimmer- they miss you everyday. I don’t even know what I’ve taken from them,” she murmurs in a soft rasp. It's easy to imagine how much happier everyone would be if Angella was still here. How much happier they would be if Catra never existed. It aches like the world is ending all over again.
“The Rebellion kept going because of you,” Catra mumbles. “Glimmer is a brave and wise queen because of you. Adora is alive because of you. This world wouldn’t be right without her.” She lets out a shuddering breath. “I know this world isn’t right without you.”
Catra finally looks up. “I’m the reason you’re gone. And I don’t think… I don’t think I’ll leave anything like that behind. Not like you did.” When Catra thinks of what she’s done, all she remembers is hurling insults at Scorpia or betraying Entrapta. When she pushed Adora away at Thaymor, she had come to Bright Moon instead. It was inevitable that she would end up alone, but Catra doesn’t know if that’s changed.
Angella is all radiance in her mural. There’s a shimmer to her wings, a glint in her hair. But as much as Catra wants to beg for forgiveness, Angella isn’t here.
“This was supposed to be your happy ending, too.” She forces her eyes shut as if that’ll keep her from crying. “You were always meant to be here.” She wraps her arms around herself and her nails dig into her skin there. “I took them away from you too, didn’t I?”
Angella looks sad in Catra’s mind. She is never angry when Catra pictures her, only sad. As if Angella wonders why Catra separated her family forever, when she should know that pain better than anyone else.
“I’m sorry,” she cries, suddenly breathless. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Nobody answers.
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dreamquackity · 11 months ago
season four of she-ra rated by catradora content
the coronation: okay so... rightfully. there’s nothing i should be appraising here. adora and catra didn’t interact or bring each other up at all. but bro... catra’s new outfit... the best character of season four. i’m kidding but also she is so hot. catra seems to be dealing w the portal incident by framing it as a victory, since the rebellion was hurt by it. but also who cares. who fucking cares man. her arc this episode was about her deciding to make hordak her little bitch and design a new sexy outfit. that adora did NOT talk about nor seem visually affected by >:( yes, this entire season will be measured by how much i think it was a missed opportunity that adora did not get to thirst. jk but also am i? 500000000/10 for catra’s new look, 0/10 for official catradora stuff
the valley of the lost: god...... this episode. i know it’s like one of the few catradora moments we have this season already but it makes me LIVID that adora said that flirty ass line and catra never even got to hear it. anyway, let’s begin properly. double trouble seeks catra out and says they’re gonna be her new best friend. catra says “oh, yeah? i’m done with best friends”, making it official that she and adora broke up 😔 like friend broke up oh my god 😔 KFKSKDKD like we been knew but i think it is so dramatic and funny of catra to announce that she’s never having a best friend again because adora broke her heart 😔💔 i mean i know it’s also like sad but let’s keep it light ok uwu anyway. sigh. double trouble! auditions for catra! by pretending to be her in battle! which is great for them, but not for me and my hang ups about adora bringing back a flirty line catra said to her in season one and winking and then catra doesn’t hear or see ANY of it. sigh. let’s go through the scene. adora sees who she thinks is catra run in and say “hey! careful with the goods”, pouncing on adora and taking her down. adora tosses dt!catra into the walkway above and they get a cut on their face. not sure whether this is meant to signify adora pulling less of her punches around catra or double trouble just not being as agile as catra is in combat. it’s probably the latter because when you think about it, throwing catra away is much more of a defensive tactic than an offensive one. anyway! double trouble still does a more or less good job fighting adora as catra. huntara calls adora over and is like hi adora! could you stop fighting ur gf for one fucking second? we need you to do literally anything else. and adora (who has NO IDEA she’s not fighting her ACTUAL gf) is like :( wait no what really?? ok :( one sec tho lemme pull off this super cool sexy farewell thing before i stop fighting catra i’ve been practicing it for years u kno kinda been working up to doing this bit. and then she. grabs dt!catra after stopping them from running away, and grabs this trap thingy to trap them against the side of this wall. “i got something more important to do :) it was fun distracting you though ;)” and she actually WINKS and she looks SO PROUD of her damn self but it means pretty much NOTHING because that’s not ACTUALLY catra :( wtf :( the worst thing about this whole situation is that adora clearly wanted to do her whole super strong super powered thing and then go BACK to catra and like.... gloat or something.... flirt some more.... kiss her.... i don’t know. but dt!catra is gone because they’re good at getting out of tight spots, and adora is like “how did she get out of that? :( i wanted to see more of her tf....” anyway double trouble, scorpia, and catra are escaping in a skiff after this. catra thinks double trouble did marvelously. “i grew up with adora, and you fooled her” well catra. i’m very sorry. but if i were adora seeing you in that new look for the first time, i wouldn’t be checking to see if u were ooc. i would be.... hm idk.... flirting with you as hard as possible? like i know i complained that we never got a proper reaction from adora re catra’s new outfit, but i think we could interpret this scene as a lapse in adora’s morals <3 like she gave catra such a hard stare the last time they saw each other, and the next time they saw each other (after this) adora glared at her too, but somehow this time she’s all 👅👅👅👅👅it was fun distracting you ;) ;) ;) like ok. slow down there horn dog. “if you can do that, we can do anything. this is gonna be fun...” catra :( perhaps you would have more fun :( if you suggestively fought with adora :( yourself? :( 8/10
flutterina: catra’s having bad dreams :( her mistakes and past actions are haunting her and the guilt is messing her up so bad :( so what am i choosing to focus on? the fact that adora was in her dream :) dream!adora looks Angry and dream!catra is scared and backing away :( a quick callback to when adora gave catra an angry Look when she destroyed the portal, and catra looked scared for a second before her face hardened back to something equally pissed off looking. so this dream obviously tells us that the thought of adora genuinely just hating and being pissed off at catra... hurts and scares her. because we all know that she loves adora and just wants adora to love her back! but.... ya lmao. dream!adora asks “why did you do it?!” reminiscent of what she said last season, but angrier this time. and we all know that catra doesn’t really know why. sometimes things torture you so bad and you do stuff that you can’t come up with sound or logical reasons for. u would rather keep running or keep deflecting, and so catra deflects dream!adora’s questions by waking up. i wonder if catra dreams about adora more than what we’re shown in this scene. i also REALLY wanna know if adora dreams of catra. i want more :( why this season gotta be the fucking break up season bro :( like i KNOW they’re thinking of each other. gimme the content :( for now, let’s skip ahead to💔 their only real interaction this season💔 holy fuck. stay strong u guys. stay strong me. i think it’s very offensive of she-ra to not give me a catradora heavy season every season? like yeah this season is good but god at what cost? they should’ve known i was going to do an evaluation? :/ that i was gonna rate each ep out of ten according to how much catradora content there was? :/ the fuck bros. ,,,,anyway, let’s get to the actual scene. catra’s walking around w an ipad and scorpia is talking to her. catra looks like. v serious and :| and >:/ BUT when scorpia asks about she-ra catra becomes >:) and >:D “she-ra was in elberon, which means she’s nearby.” “do you think she’ll try some secret attack? :0” “;D oh i’m counting on it ;)” fucking god catra can you just flirt normally??? like be horny in a normal way??????? u can just ask adora out on a date. have u tried that? i know she blocked u for nearly destroying the world but adora’s a hoe ❤️ she would’ve said yes ❤️ u don’t need to kidnap a town as an excuse to see her ❤️ yes i know she did it to plant flutterina!DT into the rebellion as a spy but shhhhh ❤️ we finally get to the most GORGEOUS “hey adora”,,, ever because it’s the only hey adora of this season 💔 i looked back and we did not get a ‘hey adora’ last ep. honestly, adora should’ve figured it wasn’t catra JUST from the lack of greeting. catra is fucking POLITE ok :( anyway. it’s so homophobic that we only got ONE “hey adora” in THAT LOOK but..... it’s okay. because it’s such a good one. catra’s hand is propping her face up and she just looks so pretty.... the way she SAYS the hey adora too like bros... how we holding up? bad? she’s posing and lounging so prettily... “took you long enough to show up” HHHHH why does she sound like a gf who’s a little :/ that her gf showed up late for their date.... bro....... must she SMILE that prettily..... also adora’s reaction... she goes :0 and her EYES get this like ‘oh wow’ look for a Moment right before she remembers she’s supposed to be mad when she sees catra then she’s like >:( CATRA >:( and like. let’s dissect that look for a moment? it’s almost like AWE but why??? why would she be at all surprised to see catra??? catra is IN the horde like. she got happy for a moment until she remembered she’s meant to be mad. good bye <3 i will now be passing away <3 “seriously. i thought i’d have to kidnap another town to get your attention” TO GET. YOUR ATTENTION. HHHHH HELP THEY’RE GAY...... BRO WHY.............. THE GAYNESS UNMATCHED..... anyway catra continues like OH RIGHT u were at a PARTY feeling SPECIAL and adora.... oof oh fuck she COLD she was like skip the SPEECH i’m done playing your GAMES and she like reminds catra of the portal and they just... oof this really IS the breakup season it’s so brutal bros :( can’t they just kiss :( like nooooo don’t stare at each other angrily you’re so sexy aha OK BUT... at the end after catra runs away and adora’s getting hugged by flutterina and everyone’s cheering for her... she lets her ‘catra BAD’ and ‘yay haha rebellion for the win! :)’ facade drop for a moment... and she gets this really sad look on her face that makes u think.... and the next scene we see catra sitting on the ledge of where she and adora used to sit together? and she looks real upset too???? they hate being enemies. 9/10
pulse: in this ep adora fucking SHUSHED spinnerella and netossa while they were bickering and like... ok wow. rude :/ adora straight up was like ok HAHA WOW we GET IT ur HAPPY y’all have WIVES and iiiiiii don’t HAVE a GIRLFRIEND because my crush is EVIL :( on the other hand, we find out that catra is meeting up regularly with double trouble to get intel. it’s very funny because she’s like yeah yeah WHATEVER what can u tell me about SHE-RA >:( like girl? u are not subtle ❤️ catra literally met double trouble and said let’s be friends with benefits ❤️ the benefits? you spy on adora and tell me everything about what she does ❤️ was she pretty today ❤️ haha jk she’s pretty everyday ❤️ here’s some bitcoin for your troubles ❤️ AND THEN the next time double trouble facetimes catra they transform into bow and glimmer to roast them and catra is at most unamused and annoyed but BUT when double trouble pretends to be she-ra catra’s like HAHAHAHDJSJDJSJD OMG,,,, INSPIRED FAM,,,, SO FUNNY TOP PEAK COMEDY,,,, ABSOLUTE LEGEND,,,,,, SHOW ME SHE-RA AGAIN,,,,, u know that thing where you find people who you’re attracted to way funnier than they actually are? ya :-) apparently catra doesn’t even need the Actual she-ra/adora to lose her shit. she just needs to see a physical representation of her and it’s suddenly Peak Comedy. someone once pointed out that this moment was the last time catra was happy all season and... can we take a fucking second to cry about that. haha 💔 anyway double trouble is happy that they finally cracked the code to making catra go from ARGH >:( to HAHAHAHAHAH :D so they give her she-ra intel as a treat ❤️ “she-ra’s going back out to destroy the bot that hurt her friend” “ugh 🙄 typical heroic adora plan” shut up bitch u dream of her lips on yours!!!!!! 7/10
protocol: no rights for white boys ❤️ 0/10
princess scorpia: well, nothing! but since i’m scouring i might as well say the line where catra says “you don’t need a princess in your life telling you what to do!” to hordak she’s actually talking about her and adora haha i mean duh :-) anyway since i’m here can i talk about how hot catra is again this season. i’m madly in love did y’all see her from behind? even her back view is beautiful i am going to combust <3 2/10
mer-mysteries: what a great episode! 0/10
boys’ night out: catra gets banned from doing war crimes because hordak wants to do the war crimes all by himself and this is a real bummer because there’s an even SMALLER chance she’ll bump into adora now :( jk ik she was avoiding her this season because the guilt was eating her alive haha :-) also glimmer and adora fought and we all know that ‘but the rebellion’s in a worse place than ever since you showed up’ is like a very :( line but when u think about it it’s true because adora joining the rebellion pissed catra off so much she became an antagonistic force driving most of the conflict in the series up to this point in the story JFJDDJDJDJ like imagine if they brought catra up in this convo ‘i’m doing my BEST glimmer :(‘ ‘ok but what can we do about your terrible taste in evil women????? was ur catgirl gf ex really worth it????? did she hit that different???? did the catgirl ***** slap that hard????’ 1.5/10
hero: man mara is so hot! 0/10
fractures: scorpia said catra’s name in front of adora... ‘shadow weaver! and at bright moon! everything is making so much sense about why catra’s been acting the way she has’ and adora’s reaction is so interesting.... she goes from this ‘catra....’ look to this ‘catra >:(‘ look and like it’s interesting to see catra’s psyche explained to adora like this and it’s clearly something that makes adora feel bad but then she remembers the bad stuff catra did and forces herself to focus on that. 5/10 for that alone lmao
beast island: bow being very upset and annoyed and disappointed in glimmer is a fun little parallel to how adora has felt about catra’s descent into the darkness. you feel doubly upset and doubly betrayed when someone you’re in love with goes against what you stand for, and the goodness you know they’re capable of but aren’t showing. 1/10
destiny part 1: ‘i’ll be happy when the rebellion and she-ra are gone for good!!!’ are u sure about that catra :/ 1/10
destiny part 2: catra gets into a huge fight with some dude and right after she sort of collects herself after barely beating him she hears “hey, catra” and she completely freezes up. she’s been so proactive with avoiding adora all season... and the moment in 4x03 nearly doesn’t count because she was acting specifically to get double trouble snuck into the rebellion. aside from a necessary interaction in which she was far away and removed from adora anyway.... where she was far enough away to smile and laugh and manipulate the situation.... she hasn’t wanted to see adora at all, clearly. and having this happen now, right after one of her worst fights, right after she thought she was going to win... “no. you can’t do this. you can’t come in and take this from me now.” “woah, i knew this would get a rise out of you, but still, you really are obsessed, aren’t you, kitten?” and catra’s standing there like 👁👄👁 until double trouble reveals themself and says stuff that :( hurts :( i am not going to repeat until i get to anything catradora relevant because i don’t wanna be bummed out ok hoes 😔 anyway double trouble becomes adora again and is like “didn’t need you... left you” and puts catra’s hand on adora’s cheek...... and then shoves catra???? rude :( 7/10
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nmzuka · a year ago
so I mentioned a Hordak and Catra interaction being in my head.... would be post series (Entrapda and Adora also come up ffff) let’s see if I can articulate it into words this is just.. very rambling and not well structured (cause I am not a writer in the slightest) but hopefully it comes across alright hhhhh
so basic setup is Catra and Hordak being sent off to do some kind of mission (cleanup perhaps??) post finale (where and why? who knows! this is just the setup that came to mind)
one night they get talkin about idk redemption/trying to fit in with the others... idk what would prompt the comment (maybe Hordak is talking about how he tries to be polite and such to the other princesses?) but thought of Catra saying “even though they (referring to the other princesses) talk about you behind your back? 
“Do they?” Hordak asks, raising a brow Catra bites her tongue and there is a pause before Hordak continues “No, it does not effect me. The princesses are not obligated to forgive me, nor do I expect them to. But I know who I am now, more then ever. I have changed, I have apologized, and I am helping repair Etheria out of the guilt I feel for destroying it. Not to gain the approval of the princesses. They can see me for who I am now, or not, that is their choice. I cannot change that”
maybe they exchange a few more words after that maybe not idk but also pictured Hordak getting a call from Entrapta. She’s all excited to hear from him 
“How are you? How’s the mission going??” “Everything is fine. I believe we could finish things here in a day perhaps two” Entrapta smiles but her brow furrows in a worried expression “is Catra there?” His expression sours but he nods “Can I talk to her for a moment? privately?...” He frowns, clearly not pleased, but doesn’t protest as he silently hands the communicator screen to Catra, stands, and walks away. Once he seems out of earshot Catra looks down at the screen “what? “Is Hordak ok? Is he taking care of himself??” “what?! Why are you asking me?” Entrapta looks rather sheepish “because... he won’t always tell me if he’s unwell... I know he doesn’t want me to worry but...” she pulls her mask down to cover her face Catra looks in Hordak’s direction (his body language clearly reads his irritation but he’s trying to appear occupied with something) “he seems fine to me”
Entrapta lifts her mask and is about to say something else when another voice comes in from off screen “is that Catra?” Adora appears on screen “Catra!” “Hey Adora, remind me why I had to be the one on this mission?” Adora smiles apologetically “you were the best suited for it. It’s going ok tho right?” “I guess... Hordak says we should be done in a couple of days” “That’s good!... I miss you” Catra bristle then blushes “I miss you too” Adora’s attention is caught by someone off screen then “oh ok, sorry Catra I gotta go. I’ll see you in a couple days! I love you”  She tosses the communication screen back to Entrapta (I just picture her with a face like :T as she’s been sitting there awkwardly listening to their conversation the whole time)  Catra sighs “I’ll look out for Hordak alright? and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself”  Entrapta beams “Thanks Catra!”
“Hordak!” Catra calls to him “come say goodnight to your girlfriend” He walks back over, his gait ridged, eyes narrowed, and his cheeks and ears flushed red. He doesn’t break his gaze from Catra as he snatches the communicator from her. His expression only softens when he looks back to the screen. Entrapta is also blushing from Catra’s comment “I’ll call you tomorrow ok? to see how things are going?” “I look forward to it” She smiles “ok, well... goodnight” “goodnight, Starlight” (gosh I really hope spacebatisluvd doesn’t mind me using that nickname for her its just... its literally perfect and it makes me all soft thinking of him calling her that ghghghgh)
anyway hang up communicator and they probably just sit there in silence for a moment before Hordak says “what did you two talk about?” “not much honestly” he furrows his brow and balls his fists in his lap, clearly not satisfied with that answer “did you talk about me?” “why do you two have to put me in the middle of your relationship?!” a moment of silence before she continues with a huff “she asked me if you were taking care of yourself”  He looks almost hurt “she doesn’t trust me...” “No! She’s worried about you! She doesn’t want you to get hurt” she snaps. His expression changes to one of more confusion/surprise and he gentle touches the crystal at his neck “ugh can we just... get to sleep The sooner we get this mission done the sooner we can go home” she lays down with his back to him signalling the end of the conversation. Hordak silently agrees as he too lays down.
aaaand scene ffffff again just... random little blips of scenes that pop into my head hhhh not enough to do much with I don’t think since I am not a writer but too much for me to want to comic I think... I just... wanted to share tho cause it wouldn’t leave my head. (will I add more tho?? maybe cause did think of an additional thing based after this so... we’ll see hghggh)
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curiousscientistkae · 2 years ago
Glimadora where one of them is sick and the other has to take care of her please? 💕
(part of this idea was given to me by @swordlesbian-she-ra) 
In the Horde, you are not allowed to show weakness. There is no room for it. You have to be tough. Sure, they will make sure you don’t die during training and patch you up if needed but you are still to train no matter what. Even if you have a broken bone, you must find something to do even if it is doing work with technology. There is zero room for it. A soldier mustn't show they are ill-fit for battle.
But Adora is not a soldier of the Horde anymore. She has not been for a while now, yet she still forgets that. Waking up this morning, she felt her body aching and her throat dry. There is a slight pounding in her head. Of all the things to attack her, a common cold has come down on her hard.
She sits up. Bad idea. A wave of lightheadedness sweeps over her and for a moment the world spins. Great. She is suppose to train with Glimmer and Bow today. She can’t miss that. The mentality of always working no matter what kicks in. She begins to get dressed and is just about to slip on her jacket when there is a knock on the door, followed by Glimmer’s voice.
“Hey, Adora. Can I come in?”
“Yeah,” Adora says. Her voice, however, comes out hoarse. She coughs, trying to clear it.
Glimmer opens the door. “I was wondering if you were okay? You slept through breakfast and-” She stops.
Glimmer looks over the other girl. Shoulders hunched, some color gone in her face, and tiredness in her eyes. She also seems to struggle to stand. “You don’t look so good.”
“I’m fine. Don’t worry. This is nothing!” Adora says.
Glimmer sees right through her and teleports next to Adora. A hand quickly lands on Adora’s forehead.
“Hey! What are you doing?” Adora asks.
“You never had someone check to see if you have a fever? Which, you do. You’re warm. Why are you even up right now?”
“I’m fine, Glimmer. Just a cold.”
“You’ve been pushing yourself a lot lately and it caught up with you. You need to lay down and rest.”
“I’ve never had to rest before, I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not.” Glimmer grabs each of Adora’s arms and teleports with her to her bed. “You are staying in bed today. And if you dare fight me, so help me, I am going to tie you down.”
Adora struggles out of Glimmer’s grasp but finds her strength sapped. She only manages to pry one arm free but Glimmer seems to have let go of that one. “Let go of me.”
“Not until you promise to stay and rest. This isn’t the Horde, Adora. You can let other people take care of you and can rest. Stay here and I will bring you something to eat, alright?”
Adora sighs. She as a feeling fighting with Glimmer will be pointless. Both girls can dig their heels into the earth when they want to. Adora rather not deal with that right now. Once Glimmer lets go of her, she flops down on her bed.
“I’ll be right back, okay?” Glimmer says.
Adora only gives a small nod before she watches Glimmer disappear in front of her. So she lies there. Staring at the ceiling. Glimmer is right. She should rest. At the same time she just hates laying around all day doing nothing. She has to do something. Maybe she can ask Glimmer if there is anything she can do or if she must take in her bed.
After a little while, Glimmer reappears at the foot of her bed. A steaming bowl is in her hands. Adora sits up, slowly, as Glimmer sits down.
“Here. Have some soup. It will help. My mom use to make me it all the time when I was young.”
Adora takes the bowl from Glimmer’s hands and starts to take small sips from it. Whatever is in it, it already is making her feel better. “Taste great.”
“Good...You really don’t like to be bed bound, huh?”
“No, I don’t. Whenever you got sick back at the Horde unless you were straight up dying, you had to do something. Which I was going to ask you. Maybe that something wasn’t fighting but we would be told to work on tech or read some manuals or do test and what not. Is there is something like that I or we can do? I really don’t want to lay here all day.”
“That is something I can agree with. And if there is anything you need just tell me and I will get it for you. But first, finish that soup.”
“Yes, your highness,” Adora teases.
Glimmer lightly hits her with a pillow. “Don’t make me regret taking care of you.”
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sevens-evan · 12 months ago
glimbow just because I loved your other lil drabbles-- 17 or 18?
17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au
also anon i love you for requesting glimbow writing them makes me so fucking happy. this isn’t Exactly what the prompt would suggest but i hope you like it anyway
It’s too hot in the house. Bow stumbles out the front door onto the porch, the cool night air outside stinging against his overheated skin. He isn’t out of breath, but he gasps anyway, enjoying the way it burns in his lungs. Once the pleasant burn has faded, he wanders forwards, feet dragging slightly with every step, until he’s leaning against the porch railing. He isn’t that drunk. He can still walk—mostly—and that’s better than he had done at a lot of parties in college.
“Uh, hi.” The voice is coming from in front of him, and Bow has to take a moment to process that information before he raises his head.
Before him, on the gravel path that connects the driveway to the front door of the house, is an angel.
Well, probably not an angel. She doesn’t seem to have wings, but she could be hiding them somewhere, Bow doesn’t know. She is sparkling, which Bow is pretty sure is an angel thing to do, not a human thing. And she’s really, really pretty.
“Hi,” Bow says. “You’re, uh, hi. I’m Bow.”
“Hi, Bow,” the angel says, an amused half-smile on her face. “I’m Glimmer. Do you know whose party this is?”
“Mine,” Bow says. He leans further over the railing, trying to figure out if she puts something in her hair to make it sparkle or if it just does that naturally. “Yeah, me an’—mean—me and Adora moved in yesterday. Housewarming party.” He tries for his usual charming smile, but judging by the way Glimmer’s eyebrows drift upwards skeptically, he misses the mark.
“Okay, well,” she says, “I live next door, and I was just coming over to tell you guys to quiet down. I have work in the morning.”
“Oh.” Bow tries to straighten up, but falls forward again, leaning heavily on the railing. “Uh, yeah, we can kick people out. What time is it?”
“One in the morning,” Glimmer says. Bow winces. He hadn’t realized it was that late.
“Shit,” he mumbles. “Yeah, we’ll kick ‘em out. I’m a good neighbor, I promise.”
“Uh huh.” Glimmer doesn’t impressed.
“I am!” Bow points a finger at her, though he isn’t sure how accurate it is, given that she’s a little blurry and his arms feel like half-cooked spaghetti. “I’ll make—I’ll make you cookies. Apology cookies. ‘Cause I’m sorry.” Glimmer laughs, and Bow’s heart flips over backwards.
“Tell you what,” she says, “if you even remember meeting me tomorrow, and make me cookies, I’ll forgive you.”
“Deal,” Bow says. He sticks his hand out, and Glimmer steps forward to shake on it. Bow’s really glad he washed his hands after spilling orange juice on himself earlier. “I make really good cookies. You won’t reger—regret this.” Glimmer shakes her head and drops his hand.
“We’ll see,” she says. “Just turn off the music, alright?”
“You got it.” Glimmer starts to walk away. “See you!” Bow calls after her, hoping for another glimpse of her face, but she just waves over her shoulder. Bow watches her leave until it starts to get a little creepy, then he turns and walks slowly back into the house—
—and straight into Adora.
“Hey, Bow,” Adora says, a little too loud. “Where’d you go?”
“Outside,” Bow says. “Listen, we have to stop the party, okay?”
“Stop it? But it just started!” Adora waves her arms expansively, and Bow ducks to avoid getting hit.
“The neighbor complained,” Bow says. Adora scoffs loudly, rolling her eyes.
“Screw the neighbor,” she says. God, I wish. “We do what we want!”
“She has work in the morning,” Bow says. “She was really pretty.” Adora gets a look on her face.
“Aw, so we’re stopping because you have a crush?” she says. Bow pouts.
“She was so pretty, Adora.” He widens his eyes, tapping into the sad, pleading face that always works on his best friend.
“Ugh, fine,” Adora says. “Only ‘cause I’m the best wingman ever.”
“You totally are,” Bow says, following Adora as she walks over to shut off the speakers set up in the living room. “I’m gonna make her cookies. She’s gonna love it.” Adora says something in response, but Bow isn’t paying attention anymore. He’s wandering away into the kitchen, looking for a sticky note to write on. He wants to make sure he remembers Glimmer in the morning.
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she-ra-shitposting · 6 months ago
I never hated catra but watching a video about "why catra matters" on YouTube really gave me a whole new understanding of her arc. Season 3 and 4 being close to a mental breakdown or spiral, sorry if I am using the wrong terms, is something I missed on my first viewing and really adds a lot of detph
She's absolutely spiralling during S3 and 4, I mean fuck she was choked to almost death twice and sent to the desert to die and has been abandoned by almost everyone and just wants to prove that she's good at being a Force Captain despite her entire life being told she isn't and won't be, and no matter how much she gets done, the small failure is what everyone latches onto.
After learning Shadow Weaver still chose Adora in S2, she spiralled hard and then after the portal she though that was it, Adora hates her now and she's going to take down Etheria even if she loses herself in the process, to once and for all prove that she Can. Which is also why Catra and Adora couldn't really come face to face in S4.
People say Catra is just evil but at the end of S4 she's downright suicidal (I mean she was when she pulled the lever too but even more so now) and literally asked Glimmer to kill her. Double Trouble says that Catra didn't want to win, not really, just wanted to prove herself.
We may only see the physical effects of her breakdown in S4, but it starts in S2 if you really look. Catra just wants approval.
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mustloveshera · 2 years ago
Title: weakness Series: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)  Pairing: Catra/Adora Word count: 635 Summary: Catra has won, but she's never felt more powerless. Based on this idea that I wrote earlier. Warnings: See AO3 notes. Angsty. Notes: AO3 link
Adora is gone.
There’s a moment of absolute silence on the battlefield, when everyone seems to be staring where She-Ra once stood. 
Laughter bubbles out of Catra’s mouth, light and easy, but when she swallows, she can only taste bile.
“Yuck.  I think the worst part of being sick is this gross taste in my mouth.”
“If you take the medicine, you’ll feel better.”  
“Nope, not happening! That stuff tastes even worse! I’ll be fine!”
“Catra, just drink it!”
“Bleh. Look, see, I drank it!”
“But you’re not—”
“So, are you saying you’re not as tough as I am?”
“As if! Give it to me.”
From what sounds like a million miles away, Catra hears voices cry out. She doesn’t look to where they’re coming from. She just keeps laughing as the battle rages around her—lasers and cannons and explosions and shouts.
“Wow, so much for beating me, huh, Princess of Power?” Catra asks, advancing towards the pile of ash. “Can’t do much like this. I guess I win.”
She startles when she feels a weight on her shoulder. So much of her life has been spent living in fear, and even now, she can’t help but panic at the unexpected contact. She whips around, finding herself staring at Lohni.
“Well, I guess—that’s that, right?” Lonnie asks, lips curled into a smirk. “They won’t put up much of a fight now. And your promotion is in the bag.” But everything is wrong. Her voice is wrong, too high-pitched and uneven. Her smile is wrong. The way she’s trying to keep her hands steady is wrong. It’s all wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
Catra stares at her, blinking furiously when her vision gets blurry. Lonnie pulls away, her smile crumbling. When Catra tries to look at Adora—at the pile of ashes—she can barely make out anything. Her face feels wet.
“I wonder what I could’ve been if I’d gotten rid of you sooner.”
Ashes. That’s it?
Catra’s knees buckle. As soon as she hits the ground, she clenches her fists, letting her claws pierce her skin. She can’t feel the sharp pain she’d been hoping for—the only thing she can feel is this horrible taste in her mouth that she can’t get rid of no matter how many times she swallows. It takes a few moments before she registers the feeling of blood sliding down her palms onto the ground.
“Catra! Are you okay?” Catra doesn’t even need to look, doesn’t want to, but she can hear Scorpia shuffling around beside her. “Catra—”
“Bye, Adora! I really am going to—
I didn’t want you to—
I really am going to—
Come back—
Miss you—”
“Nonononononono—" Catra can’t say it enough times. “No—!”
Nothing changes. There’s still just a pile of ash in front of her. That’s all that’s left. Catra is so strong now and nothing she does now will make any difference and she hates it more than she’s ever hated anything.
“Catra, we need to get out of here. This isn’t a safe—”
“No!” Catra shrieks, crawling forward to scoop up the ashes into her trembling hands. The blood seeps into the ashes and drips down onto the ground.
How can this be all that’s left? Adora is—Adora was—
“Are you ever going to let it go? That was one time!”
“I know, but it’s always funny!”
Catra screams, tears streaming down her face, as Scorpia hauls her up and carries her away. She doesn’t unclench her fists, trying to keep the ashes from slipping out, but they’re running too fast, and by the time they’re out of sight of the battle, the only thing that’s left in her hands is her own blood.
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curiousscientistkae · 2 years ago
Jock/Nerd/Band Geek Glimmadora
(eh why not i came up with some stuff not a lot cause of work and sickness (dont be like me kids stay home when you’re ill) but people seem to like this idea so why not. And I am just saying this just cause, but I know someone asked me if they could write about this and yeah go ahead but you do whatever you dont have to take anything from me if you see this post i dont give a shit)
I don’t know football potions. Like I know names but other than quarterback I don’t know what they do. But like Adora would be on the offensive line (if that’s the right word). 
I like to see Glimmer as a trumpet player. She def would be a low brass at least.
They met when they both happened to be practicing at the same time. Adora had thrown a ball to hard or miss a ball, something, at it hit Glimmer. Adora ran off to get the ball back and make sure Glimmer was okay.
Once they start dating it becomes nice that sometimes their practices overlap with each other so during their breaks and what not they quickly spend time before going back to work. 
Before the Friday night games, they will do everything in their power, even if that means sneaking away from the team/band for a moment, to give each other a good luck kiss. Glimmer wishing Adora and the team don’t lose and Adora hoping that Glimmer doesn’t fall flat on her face during the show.
Adora can’t really get to see Glimmer do the show during half-time or preshow so to make up for it, she goes to see Glimmer when she has competitions.
Both the football team and marching band very much so highkey supportive of the two. They also tease the fuck out of them. 
Adora trying to teach Glimmer about football positions and what not and Glimmer trying to teach Adora to read sheet music. Adora also has stolen Glimmer’s instrument to try and play it (tho Glimmer has nearly killed her when she nearly dropped it).
 Adora once got hurt during a game and had to be pulled. Glimmer was ready to fight the other football team for it. She does, of course, help Adora be nursed back to health and Adora uses it as an excuse to try and see at least one of Glimmer’s shows.
Idfk what else tbh yall can add stuff or whatever idk. But enjoy some random au stuff
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marahoping · a year ago
"Catra doesn't really understand that Adora didn't abandon her but is instead focused on the greater good of humanity. A lot of Catra's actions come from this feeling of betrayal, and that's something a lot of other people have experienced, so they can relate to her," Michalka explains. "She truly feels like, 'I have lost a friend and what am I fighting for now?' And I think people have realized that Catra is truly suffering. She is a sad girl. She's lost all the people that said they would be there for her. She didn't really accept kindness when it was given to her. At the start of the season, she's lost Adora, she's lost Scorpia, she's lost arguably Double Trouble, and now she's sitting there going, 'OK, who do I have? I don't have anyone to fight for. So at this point, I gotta just hit the ground running.'"
It would seem like Catra and Adora have hit a point of no return, but the 29-year-old actress doesn't feel all is lost, even if life and death are at stake, because the pair went through so much growing up together as best friends.
"Catra turned out to be a lot more capable of darkness than Adora ever expected, so Adora now has this issue with trust. And I do believe that their friendship was built on unconditional love when they were kids," she says. "Now, they are entering adulthood and they have no idea who the other one really is, and we're going to have to see them mend that." "This whole show centers around friendship and people trying to relate to one another," she continues. "You have the Best Friend Squad, which has been an incredible friendship on television for young kids to witness, and then you have the friendship between Scorpia and Catra, which Catra has now kind of left aside. She didn't really grab it when she could have and now she's lost that. So, Catra really has to realize what's important to her and what should put as a priority. At this point, she's really, really missing her friend, and she's gonna have to build that relationship up again from ground zero."
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perfectlynormalcatra · 23 days ago
Do you think about how s1 - s4 Catra isn't willing to admit she has feelings unless she's using it against other people. in Flutterina when she says "You're good enough at hurting your friends without my help" immediately followed by using electrocution and saying "I got the idea from shadow weaver" when she tells glimmer "you think she's not going to leave you behind too?" In Promise when she goes from "Pfsh I don't miss you! Get over yourself!" to "Bye Adora. I really am going to miss you." besides the fact that she's a gayass cat, she doesn't choose to say that for any reason besides knowing it will hurt adora. bitch you have problems we ain't even ever heard of
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