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#and there was a lot of good analysis on it

Okay gonna read more of my country music book so I can argue with both the shitty classist leftists who have never actually listened to the genre and know nothing abt its radical history AND with the no true Scotsman ‘being a redneck is woke actually’ leftists who flat out deny that racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. IS part of redneck culture now and the popular political views HAVE changed since the dust bowl migration.

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Isn’t as innocent as people like to believe. He has a bad temper problem and had to go to anger management therapy.

Does that mean he’s perfect at controlling his anger? No. Yeah, he channels it into protective instinct, but he still has the anger and it can still come out even without the boys involved. Ik it’s not his fault he has a temper problem but again, its still there.
He can also be a lil overprotective too, not to the extent of Beakley (with how Webby had never left the mansion all her life), but definitely overprotective, which again while it’s understandable, it can also be a problem. I mean Beakley’s is understandable since it’s implied she lost someone she loved too and that webby is the light of her life, but people tend to overlook that and just call her a bad parent.

Being overprotective to a bad degree doesn’t make you a bad parent, it just makes you human - someone who makes mistakes, even as a parent.

So Donald isn’t as innocent as people make out, nor is he the perfect parent to the triplets.

He’s a good dad with a good heart, and he was broken up by losing his sister, and doesn’t wanna lose more. But he isn’t the ‘innocent angel twin’ or ‘perfect dad’ that the fandom likes to believe either.

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you know what, I think the November 5th hysteria was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time because my god ???? it unlocked something in my brain and kicked it into gear and I’ve actually gotten so much shit done for my thesis and my buddies my pals I am Shooketh at the progress I’ve made

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Erets stream though…

I watched erets vod because i was skimming for that dream content, and jeez, the scene in the throne room? That was intense. You could feel the tension while dream was speaking

Dream casually diminishing erets power, picking apart his character and reminding him of his place in the smp, in dreams smp. The phrasing, the ultimatum, basically backing eret into a corner saying ‘you have no power without me, isnt that right? So you wouldnt want to cross me, right?’.

God, even the visual of eret, decked out in his armour, in a castle that he built, upon his throne and wearing a crown, being belittled and spoken down to by someone looking up at him

Like honestly, if you say dream cant roleplay, whats wrong with you?

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i know it’s been a few hours since i made the posts but i think what i was trying to say on some level was like, let kids be angry at a public education system which p often aims to turn them into docile workers and citizens with an unquestioning obedience to authority. don’t sit on your high horse post-public education and tell them all the wonderful independent thinking they’re ‘actually’ learning, when you are not in the classroom with them, you do not know what kind of teachers they have or what kind of things they are in fact being taught. let them have anger and criticism of authority figures who they see as too controlling of, quite literally, their personal thoughts and interpretations of things like literature, bcos honestly the ability to even think criticism towards an authority figure was one of the most important lessons i ever learned, and it was not part of the standard curriculum in my high school.

#i continue to have opinions on this narrative actually, #but like. i've rambled before abt creating deliberately contrary media analysis purely out of spite, #and yeah that's a weird hobby to have! but it started bcos my teachers told me there was One True Way to interpret any book we read in class, #and i was actively punished for deviating from that One True Way EVEN when i had EVIDENCE, #i was lucky enough to have contact with imo the only good english teacher in my high school, #she never taught me she was in charge of the writing club i was in, #and she actually taught us REAL literary criticism bcos she was also teaching us how to write, #also her husband was a subversive type of history teacher and i was in his classes and i learned from him, #but he was again one of those 'do not tell the principal i am teaching you this' teachers, #i was incredibly lucky to learn this and to be so stubborn and spiteful that it stuck even when i was punished for it, #a lot of kids DON'T get what i get, #so when they go online and complain abt their teachers' narrow definitions of symbols or w/e, #i am so so fucking pleased for them, #i am so fucking happy that they HAVE that anger and that criticism, #i hope they hold onto it, #they do NOT need to be told from someone with zero context on their experience, #that they shouldn't be complaining and that their teacher is actually right and actually helping them, #you don't fucking know that. and even if you did know that? fuck off. let kids be angry., #they don't have much control over their lives of COURSE they're angry
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wait ok I reblogged this post the other day and tagged it with something like “it’s moments like these that make me wonder about zuko’s perception of his uncle” and after turning it over in my head for a bit i still can’t come to a solid conclusion

because zuko clearly loves iroh, of course he does and for good reason.  but also we never really see him reconcile with the fact that iroh was also a highly competent and revered general with a renowned military career who perpetuated the very same imperialistic regime that the two of them end up on the run from for the bulk of season 2 and ultimately turn against/ work to dismantle in season 3.  in the post I linked above zuko explicitly mentions his uncle when sokka comments how “war seems to run in the family” in the context that Iroh’s not like that- and yet to us as the audience he undeniably is

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