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kumkvattikvintetti · 12 days ago
Had planned to post something (visual) about the LotR dvd extras my friend and I have been watching for the past two months, but now that I have the dvd boxes at my place for a few days before returning them to another friend, my lousy usb dvd player is apparently not able to play the discs.
So you have to just believe my word when I say that Miranda Otto is exquisite and I love her.
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coldmorte · a month ago
Howdy! I hate when awesome people feel down so just popping in to tell you that you are awesome (don't ever forget that, write it down or something, idc 😝), and that my favourite moment is the one where Dutch adds Arthur to his drawing of him. That melted my little, cold, black heart 💖
I got a lil gift too, heh
Tumblr media
Bye bye 🖤
I got this right before I went to bed last night, and I would be a liar if I didn’t say it made me tear up a little bit. This is legitimately so sweet, thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺
I spent the weekend out in the countryside taking it easy and doing some hobbies I enjoy, so that certainly helped! Also, I did a little planning and writing for some future work here, which I currently look forward to finishing!!! I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, I can assure you that 😁
Nonetheless, YOU melted MY heart with your lovely words. I do believe there is a genuinely romantic and tender side to Dutch, and it doesn’t get enough attention! Sometimes, I feel guilty about the way I sexualize him a lot because he is so so sooooo much more than that. Sure, that can be fun and all, but it’s those softer moments that I love best (by far). It makes me happy to hear that one of them is what stands out to you!! ❤️🖤
Also, I have to give credit to @arthur-boah again because I cannot possibly thank her enough for bringing one of those journal drawings to life!!! 💜💜💜
Tumblr media
Lastly, YOU ARE AWESOME for such a splendid message. I have a special folder where I keep all the nice things people send for when I need cheering up 🥰 I think the picture you shared will serve as a good reminder for me!!!
(PS - have one for yourself in return!)
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void-kissed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Do you think that this world has a place for us..?”
Tag list (use this form to be added to it!): @softskiesahead​ | @dragonsmooch​ | @thatslikesometaldude​ | @lilacslovers​ | @beeon​ | @setzale​ | @candyforthebrain​​ | @elf-and-a-heart​​
I remember really liking the idea of making this render, but trying to get the lighting to work well was a much more difficult task than anticipated. ..and the posing to try and make it look like we’re holding hands. A lot of it was tricky, really. Hopefully it’s still alright, though ^-^
Reblogs would be appreciated, but are by no means required! There is also another picture under the readmore, if you’re curious~
Here is a close-up of the above picture, just so you can see the expressions a bit better:
Tumblr media
(Fun fact, the very centre of the full render is where Luna and Adri are holding hands.
..Please ignore the fact that Luna’s hair is clipping through the ground.)
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flowerflamestars · 7 months ago
your heart, as it was then, will be on fire Snippet
“Monster blood in my veins, Archeron, didn’t you say it? If I lose sight, if I lose my way, if I ever hurt you- promise me you’ll bury that knife in my chest.”   “Are you planning,” Nesta hissed, acid over the tempo of her heart, “On having some kind of break down, because”-   Eris laughed, as falsely hollow as his eyes. “On the contrary, I want forever. I want what I told you I wanted- this life a dance that never ends, a match by my side, not temperance or balance or softness. I want to run beneath the moon with you, and know the death of the year is coming. I want to be in step. I want an eternity so long and tangled and difficult I never grow cruel in boredom or see my father’s face in the mirror.”   No snarl in the words, no growl of faery power- the more he felt, the truer Eris spoke, the quieter he became, whispered words burning in the air.   Nesta tipped her head back, and looked full on the Lord of Autumn. “When you told me that, it was a marriage proposal.”   His mouth twisted, a flash of white. “Surely you know.”   Nesta knew. Nesta knew it the second he’d run, run out of a forest at his youngest brother’s behest. When he’d healed Emerie’s wings. When he’d painted her face in Beron’s blood and stood unflinching as she called monsters of legend from beneath the ground, out into the sky.   “No,” Nesta lied, light, lovely, “Tell me.”   He swallowed, a true, unhidden tell. “You must know. It could only be by your hand. Only you, were I lost. You, who would know truly. You- who- Nesta Archeron, it must be you, because that heart you wouldn’t hesitate to carve out bloody is already yours.”
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kuiinncedes · a month ago
me every weekend: do some work this weekend!!!
me every weekend: does literally absolutely nothing
#and like yeah i don't have to be productive but hhfglhdjhkgdkjfh i just#fuckin watched four episodes of glee this weekend with gleewatch lmao that's the extent of my productivity#and it's not productive at all lmao#on that note tho s6 really slaps lowkey#but maybe it's also watching with people#anyway#just really wanna read some angsty/hurt/comfort fanfic but everything i can think of to reread i've already reread to death 😂#lmao lowkey highkey just in the mood to read jaslco fanfic tho..... which is almost guaranteed to be angsty lol#and i haven't reread any in a While#and i'm crying over jaslco tonight apparently lol sorry if u follow my main 😂#really i Should do internship work but i don't want to 😭#i want to go to sleep bc i'm tired bc i'm on my computer all day lmao but like#sleep is so annoyinggggg i don't want to have to sleep 😂#anyway i'm just whining dsklhgfj might read some jaslco fanfic mightttt read the next super long fucking chapter of this#super long ja/tp multichap i'm readinggg might try to get my shit together and do some work but probably not#jeanne talks#alsoooo unrelated but my school hasn't sent me my fucking housing contract yet#they said they would be sent out through like the beginning of august but it's still stressful bc#returning students aren't guaranteed campus housing and i just don't want to have to look for off campus housinggggg#my dad also wants me to apply to be a residential advisor which isn't a bad idea bc you get free room and board#but that's just idk i just don't want to bc i wasn't even on campus last year it's already gonna be stressful for me to go be on campus#let alone have to be an ra idk i don't think it's super high stress of a job but still#and i would have to go on campus august 9 for training or whatever and that adds the layer of#having to tell my internship which i've Barely started actual work for#that i have to leave at the beginning of august instead of the end#which wouldn't be that big of a deal bc i Could do it remotely but still lkasdhflgjsflj#fuck i mean it would be stupid not to apply for free room and board but fucking still idk i'm just stressed about it lol#and the application has some short 'essay' answers that are like about like conflict resolution and shit you have to do as an ra lol#but like i haven't done anything for a year my memory of anything before that doesn't exist lmao how am i suposed to answer these questions#that i wasn't even good at answering before the pandemic
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nanncydrew · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no no no no no no because like.....
#ok it's a few episodes into s3 right?#and nancy and tamura are having a little flirtationship and it's...going well?#they figure out pretty quick there's not really anything concretely romantic there so they have more of a buddy cop vibe#- platonic on the inside but seemingly not so much from the outside (because they banter! and i like their banter so i want it to stay) -#but know who doesn't like their banter? mop top; correct#he's feeling kind of aimless after coming back to town and finding that nancy's apparently found herself a new boy friday#(and the fact that it's tamura of all people is REALLY getting to him...that and...something else about it...he can't put his finger on it)#meanwhile nancy is....actually doing ok? or at least better than she was afraid she would be doing#maybe she is kind of avoiding dealing with her ace-related feelings by throwing herself into her work#(the supernatural work.....not the waitressing....obviously)#but that can't hurt anyone but her right?#and honestly she does really enjoy spending time with tamura; they get along better than she ever expected and they end up getting close#(like first-name-basis kind of close)#and now in the dwindling time they spend together ace keeps noticing her bringing tamura up#(at one point ace says something disbelieving about a case and nancy laughs like 'now you sound like abe' and ace is like ❗'...abe?'❗)#basically nancy finds out that friendship isn't a bad way to cope with unrequited ('unrequited') feelings#meanwhile ace is constantly SEETHING just under the surface with professional and personal jealousy#and he doesn't catch on until like halfway through the season and he ends up snapping at her like 'why don't you ask your boyfriend?'#and nancy's like '...? i don't have one?' and suddenly rethinking a LOT of things#nd
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sarah-yyy · 9 months ago
had a really HMMMMM day at work and need to unwind, does anyone have fic recs? preferably something soft!!
#lmao long tag rant SORRY#this mortgage broker who i have a Terrible working relationship with (the last two matters we've worked on together were UGH) came to-#-the office to see bossman today which was. fine. it's cool. he can come see whoever tf he wants to see#as long as he doesn't try to interact with me i will just pretend he is invisible and get on with my day#but does he do that? no he does not#he deliberately comes and initiates a conversation with me and it was Apparent to literally every single person in the office that i#1) did not want to speak to him 2) was three seconds away from snapping at him#BUT he is old and was friends with bossman in school so i swallowed down all my irritation and pretended that i was super busy#so that i didn't have to talk to him and my colleague bless her was trying very hard to steer him away from my desk but he just#didn't get the hint and then asked me?????? to look at him when he is talking to me???????????? tf?????????#then he made a stupid comment about how women are so petty just because he told me off a few weeks ago i won't even entertain him now#and how i should let bygones be bygones because people say all sorts of things when they're stressed!#like i didn't have to stress cry in the office the last time i spoke to him on the phone!!! over something that was REALLY STUPID!!!!#so i just gave up and looked at him and went 'well unfortunately for you nathan i hold grudges until i DIE'#and then i picked up the phone to call a client and kept the conversation up until that asshole left the office#honestly what an asshole everything about him is irritating#there is only TWO people that i actively dislike because i generally don't care about conveyancing enough to be upset over files#the first one is that lawyer who kept yelling at me until i started bawling in the office that i still refuse to talk to#and the second one is this asshole mortgage broker /o\#old white men are The Worst to deal with i can't wait for all of them to die out of this profession#sarah talks about herself#work stories
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fudgeroach · 7 months ago
sometimes i think about how the borderlands 2 vault hunters apparently just went their seperate ways after the game was done and never spoke to each other again despite going on a huge ass world saving quest together and it makes me so unfathomably upset
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pcachlovc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"From what I’m seeing, the world hardly needs any more HELP destroying itself. It’s done a fine enough job by itself - ” The red-clad young woman folds her hands behind her back, a particular curve to her lip as she surveys their surroundings. “ - That makes our existence rather a bit POINTLESS, don’t you think?”  
@cascadingsorrows​ liked for a starter !
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formashimataichi · 8 months ago
This may just be me projecting, but one of the things I noticed in the latest chapter was how it feels like Taichi has influenced Chihaya’s etiquette as a player and in general her increased cognizance of the people around her. And obviously, this is something we’ve seen start to manifest in her since he left the club, and she had to think hard on what kind of leader he was, how he encouraged the underclassmen, how he shaped the flow of a game, etc. But it’s also something that stuck out to me in what Chihaya said to Arata when she met him before the fourth match began, and she asked him if he was okay, only to go back on the words and say she doesn’t like it when she’s asked that. I feel like that’s something she may really have become aware of since Taichi left the club and she began to realize just how much had gone unnoticed before her eyes, because she thought she and Taichi were “okay”. 
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